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Name: 20191011_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 11, 2019
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Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, talks about various political and economic issues from a conspiracy theorist's perspective. He criticizes China for being given too much power in the international sphere and for silencing dissenting voices. He discusses the suppression of freedom of expression and how it affects businesses, children, and even spirituality. He encourages people not to be fooled by those who cooperate with the system and instead, to fight back against it. Jones also addresses his listeners on his InfoWars show, urging them to continue supporting the platform in order for it to remain operational. In another segment, he discusses China's influence on America and Trump's actions against the military-industrial complex and the globalists who use our military for their own gain. He warns about China's control over the United States and the risk they pose to American freedoms, urging listeners to support InfoWars and spread the word in order to resist China's influence and protect American freedom. Jones also talks about censorship and suppression of free speech by mainstream media and social platforms, discussing issues such as constitutional rights and international politics."

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Hello, stupid Americans.
Fentonov, Chinese Communist Wagoneer.
I told you just a week ago.
When you don't do what we say, you die.
Look what happened to a Hong Kong protester.
Oh, and don't forget, we killed more than Hitler ever did.
And that's why the liberals love us.
In America, the colleges that we fund teach no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
Let me show you a trained slave.
America is a rotting carcass covered in filthy maggots.
Look at your own James Harden.
He came out and apologized to us.
That's good.
And now we tell the NBA what to do, and the NBA say, yes, master.
Yeah, we apologize.
You know, we love China.
We love playing there.
Finally, you saw what happened to South Park.
They talk about our re-education camps, and our death camps, and how Winnie the Pooh was banned.
And let me now tell you what happens.
They abandon our country.
Then they put out sarcastic apology.
That's not good enough.
Once we take over, we're going to kill the South Park producers.
That's what we do.
Everyone is adopting our model.
Big Tech is censoring Alex Jones, and now even Republican leaders, and they do nothing!
Soon, sites like BandMod Video will be shut down.
You stinking Americans do not share that site or InfoWars.com.
Do not fight back.
Do what I say.
I just caught you, American!
You visited Bandar Video!
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you!
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video or I have to hurt you!
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, October 11, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here live for the next four hours.
And I'm going to open the phones up throughout the full four hours.
In fact, I had some guests scheduled.
I've canceled those guests.
I specifically want to open up the College of Ideas here for people that agree, people that disagree.
On your views, if impeachment is inevitable, like Pat Buchanan is saying it is, and I respect Pat Buchanan, well, what comes next?
Well, we'll look at those different possible futures here on air.
And why is it inevitable?
Well, we have a bunch of cowards in Congress that are being blackmailed and are being threatened and are being controlled.
And I really don't think it's inevitable.
But Trump has it in his power to act.
Now this rhetoric last night was amazing.
This is the second best speech he's given since the United Nations.
The U.N.
speech was very focused, was not done in a Don Corleone meets a comedian version.
Very funny, very entertaining, very serious issues he was covering though.
I was here last night hosting live with Will Johnson, giving live coverage of it, and that's archived at Band.video.
We're going to play large sections of the speech today in the second and the third hour, and of course, we'll be taking your calls throughout that.
But there really is a paradox here.
When it comes to actually indicting any of the deep staters, we're seeing none of that.
But some people that really had no connection to Trump, the barely-new Giuliani, they've been indicted.
And of course, we don't see any action on the internet censorship.
We see a lot of talk, but no action on that as well.
And so, if Trump gets taken down, Trump has Donald Trump to blame.
But then, we're really in deep crap at that point.
Donald Trump's not going to save us.
We're going to have to save ourselves.
Trump is a echo of male bullheadedness and Americana strength.
But an echo from the past.
A piece of Americana.
A lost relic.
But if we don't ourselves rediscover what made America great, and if we ourselves don't say no to the bullying and the control of the globalists, we're going to lose everything.
Even in, quote, nationalist or conservative newsrooms, when people talk to you about
Stories like a man who claims he's a woman at a CNN town hall last night getting up and saying anyone using the wrong pronoun on me is a physical assault.
Well, that's a man dressed up like a woman coming after reality and coming after the First Amendment.
I could care less if the person wants to dress up
Like a woman.
It looks like a person that's escaped out of a lunatic asylum.
That's their issue.
That's what this big open free society has created is a lot of decadence.
But I don't hate that person because they're so cool and a big fat man can put a wig on.
What I don't want is those big fat men forcing their way in to bounce little kids on their knees, pushed by the public schools and the leftist captured churches.
Because if a man came in and said he wants to bounce your kid on their knee, you'd say, that guy's a pervert.
That guy's a diddler.
That guy's probably a convicted pedophile.
A lot of them turn out to be.
But when they wear a costume that's even more creepy, we go, oh, it's cultural enrichment.
And the big corporations force feed it all to us.
So while Trump was giving his big speech last night, that's the second best I've seen him give after his U.N.
speech, and really the guy is quite the comedian.
He's a very talented soul.
While I was covering that live last night here on the feeds, on the satellite and internet feeds, at Infowars.com, Ford's live show, and Bandai Video with my sidekick, my co-host, my compadre,
Bill Johnson.
CNN was hosting its event.
And so, I went back and watched the archive of it last night.
While my children safely slept in a home in the final days of America.
While their safety slips away like grains of sand through an hourglass.
While the once great republic slouches and collapses like a mountain in a rock slide in the sea of insanity and degeneracy, I watched as much as I could bear an hour and a half of it.
And it was like an Olympic sport to see what free goodies they could offer, how they could smile the candidates approvingly on to the throng of
Mental midgets and soulless degenerates dancing to Satan's tune.
Pat Buchanan has the article out from worldendaily.com.
Is impeachment now inevitable?
And you look at it and you say the first whistleblower's a hoax, the second whistleblower's a hoax.
It's all hearsay garbage.
We have the transcript.
But then why do you smell blood in the wind?
I'll tell you why we smell blood in the wind.
It's because you can smell the piss in the wind.
And you can see the piss running down the legs of the media.
And the piss running down the legs of Congress.
Because they're yellow.
Because they were bought and bred and created and pushed and put into power because they have no power because they're yes men.
And so now like a paper mache house built out of straw
When the big bad wolf comes along, Communist China and the big cold-blooded megacorporations with their slave factories and their cloning facilities and the big evil future they already built with our ingenuity and our money that they're just getting ready to unveil for us.
First, they gotta demoralize us.
First, they gotta have convicted pedophiles have children ride horsey on their erect genitals through their pants.
First, we gotta be told babies are being kept alive and harvested.
First, we gotta have China, everybody line up and gesticulate and prostrate themselves before them like Mark Cuban and, oh no, China's good, don't even bring up
Self-expression at a press conference where the NBA grabs the mic away from even CNN.
Because this is the war on freedom of expression.
The war on everything that comes from that.
Your businesses, your children, your life, your religion, or the lack of your spirituality.
It's all being taken.
This is the big globalist offensive.
And the system has gone around and harassed and threatened and put reporters and PIs and the IRS on everybody of any prominence that supports Trump.
Even down to people that rent or buy condos from him.
They've all gotten FBI visits.
And now the system looks at this big rotting facade and Trump's there with confidence trying to prop it up, but that's not enough.
And they decide that they can huff, and they can puff, and they can blow our house down.
In fact, this house of straw, the wolf doesn't even need to open the door, or come down the chimney, or blow it down.
Because if the three little pigs were inside and they had any baby piglets, they would go out and feed the wolf those piglets.
And say, eat our babies, just so you eat us later.
Heck, the wolf even lets them pretend they're wolves.
They kind of dress up in wolves outfits and kind of pull up.
He doesn't give them any of the flesh, but if he's full, he takes a dump.
Seriously, he tells the pigs, you can eat that.
And they do, they pretend they're wolves.
And they lick the wolf's ass.
And then they go, and the wolf says, hey, have some more babies for me.
I want to eat those.
And they say, yes, boss.
Because you see, they figured out the one way they're going to get to live is if they just keep having those babies for the wolf.
But see, the wolf figured out how to make babies without a mommy and a daddy.
And see, those pigs might get up and he's somewhere down the line, so let's just get rid of them all together.
And that's the robots, that's the computers, that's the AI.
So the pig's sitting there, thinking he's a wolf.
And the wolf's sitting there, picking his teeth with a toothpick.
And he says, you know what?
I really hate your guts, pig.
You sold out your own kind.
When I'm done with all of them, I'm gonna slowly tear you inside out.
How's that sound there?
Because this is all about conquering you little pigs.
And you know, the truth is, if you were wild boars, wolves run from wild boars because wild boars are in packs.
And if the pigs ever act like boars, it'd be over for the wolves real quick.
But see, people think having yellow bellies gets them ahead.
And you know what?
When there's not enough men to stand up, I guess it's true.
Be a yellow belly.
Pretend you're a wolf when you know you're not.
But see, some of us are going to be not sheep, not pigs, not wolves, but sheepdogs.
And we like a good fight.
And in the end, we're going to win.
But I just want all of you out there thinking that you're safe.
Kissing that wolf's stinking ass to know you're damn fools.
Got a big broadcast lined up if you want to stay with us.
So here's what's going down on this Friday broadcast, 11th day of October 2019.
I had several guests lined up.
I have cancelled those guests.
They'll probably come on the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
They're able to come on.
Because I want to really carve out some major time to take calls.
So I will take calls in the
2nd 3rd and 4th hour today.
I'm going to host the 4th hour today.
I don't think baggage was ready to host, but I told him to take off today.
Usually host Fridays.
4th hour does a great job.
Because I need some time to take your phone calls and really go through everything and to try to be as calm and focused as I can be in.
Really the lay of the land here from my perspective and I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and I know you can see for miles and miles as well.
That's why everybody's been so upset.
That's why everybody's been so concerned because our worst analysis, our worst case scenarios about exactly what we're dealing with
With the entity running the left worldwide has been confirmed.
We're getting real close to total world government, cashless societies, wires in your head to buy and sell, the state taking your children away, if you even decide to have them, and doing really terrible things to them and bringing them towards darkness and handing them over to the spider.
And watching your children get psychically eaten
And watching other people's children be destroyed, why, you can really feel it, can't you?
And you can see it.
And you can feel God's anger mounting, and at a sick level, you kind of want to see God's judgment.
Remember, vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.
And so,
When you watch those turned over to evil, and you see how soulless they are, you ask yourself, how could they be so deceived?
Well, they're given over to great delusion.
They've decided to harden their hearts, they've decided to turn themselves over, and so they have become soulless slaves.
It's the ultimate sin to turn down the Holy Ghost.
It's the ultimate sin to know the truth and to have God touch your heart and to turn it down.
Everything else evil flows out of that.
So there are many people that have already lost their souls.
They had free will, they had souls.
They decided to give them over.
And so you wonder why they look so terrible, why they act so terrible, why they do things that are against their own self-interest.
It's because the lights are home, but nobody's home.
You know the Clint Black song?
Take a shower, brush your teeth, put your clothes on, strap a timepiece on your arm, get in the truck, drive down the road, but the lights are on, but nobody's home.
But see, that's not quite right.
Lights are on, but somebody else is home.
And just exactly who is that?
Just exactly what is that?
It's a transmission.
In fact, most of these people you call possessed, it's not even an entity.
I've been studying it very closely.
Most of them, it's actually a transmission.
That's why you can go from one block to another block in places like Seattle and San Francisco.
I've seen it.
And the first time I saw it, I was like, step back and stumble.
I went, what?
I saw that in the Matrix.
I didn't know that was real.
Ragent Smith jumping from person to person, going after Neo and Morpheus.
Jumps in a cop, jumps in a woman, jumps in a cab driver.
No matter where he goes, he just jumps in another person.
You know, there's a maid cleaning, jumps into them.
They can just shove aside
The consciousness is there because it's turned itself over and it just jumps, jumps, jumps.
I was in Seattle.
You saw a lot of it on tape.
We were doing live feeds down there.
People were throwing coffee on me, screaming at me, yelling at me.
And I'd go around one block and somebody talked to me like a demon.
And then I'd walk around another block and they'd go, yeah, I saw you over there.
It's me.
I'm going to get you.
I mean, and you're like, whoa, like, what is that?
It's just a transmission.
And if you can figure it out, where it's coming from or how to block it, you'd save the planet.
But see, we're conscious creatures, so we already know how to turn it off.
You have to say, you refuse it, you reject it, you denounce it, you want it out of your life, and then you've got to ask the other transmission in.
Just like everything in the world, like wireless computers and
Birds wirelessly communicating and following the magnetic lines of the Earth and the space winds and the bees do it.
We're all interfacing as transceivers at every level, scientifically what we can prove.
And then of course, unscientifically just means the areas we haven't broken into yet and we don't understand.
And all the spectrometers and radio telescopes and mathematics now show there is all these other dimensions around us that are more powerful, holding us artificially in place.
So now you don't really have atheists anymore.
In Silicon Valley, they all say, okay, there is something bigger than us and smarter, and it's artificially holding us in place, and so now you read the white papers, it's we're gonna figure out how to blow a hole through it, and how we're gonna escape the prison we're in.
Ah, so that's now mainline science.
We've gotta get a planetary government, get humans in line, to then use technologies to punch an interdimensional hole
Out of the prison!
I mean, we're literally following a satanic blueprint, 110%.
It's all manifesting, it's all real, and here we are, wondering why we've got so many problems.
Well, just as a rule of thumb, whether you believe in the devil or not, the big boy of this world, the Chief Commander,
Have you gone outside at night or during the day?
You looked around where we're at?
I mean, we're on a floating planetoid?
You just think we got here?
You think the Easter Bunny sent us out here?
Maybe a Lucky Charms?
And you got a bunch of people!
Who didn't have parents that loved him or took care of him, and all they're looking for is a spark of energy, and they run into the devil and they go, whoa, this is energy.
The devil goes, yeah, let me in, let me in, little pigs.
And you let him in, man, he eats your soul, your free will, your operating system, that can dial in and plug in to infinite possibilities.
And God's just saying, plug in, plug in.
Please let me in.
So how'd the devil keep people from plugging in?
Well, they created false churches and they created false parents and all these systems to abuse people in God's name.
So the people believe God's the devil and Satan's Jesus.
But you look at the world and you know it's real.
The Bible's real.
It's all happening.
And those potentials in children are the potential of the universe, and that's why the enemy seeks to destroy it.
And now you see the whole world, the whole system is about hurting children, stunting them, twisting them, feeding on them.
And anyone that participates in this is going to be destroyed for eternity.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Now, I've already talked big picture earlier in the last 30 minutes of the transmission, so let me get into the
On the ground effects of the rise of evil on a planetary scale and the economic, cultural, spiritual weather report as we enter much, much more dangerous seas.
If you think these 20-foot waves are big, waves coming are going to be 100 feet tall, 1,000 feet tall.
And then very quickly, mass insanity is going to set in.
And you're going to see mass suicides, and people trampling each other by the millions, and nuclear reactors melting down and exploding, and huge wars starting.
General insanity breaking out.
You think you've seen something so far?
We are living in the millisecond as the King Cobra strikes and sinks its fangs into our thigh.
Now the poison is going to flow into us.
The initial sting is only the beginning.
But remember, for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
So let me now do the best job I can to focus in
On the brazen, real McCoy, corporate global takeover taking place.
This is not a communist Chinese takeover.
Communist China is the thoroughbred slave colony and laboratory for carrying this out and is now being used in the exploitation phase
Once a nation's been taken over by the left-hand path, by the communists, if you'd like to call them that, they then go into the exploitation phase, using up those peoples and that nation, launching attacks on all the other surrounding nations to then take them over, then exploit them, and launch the further attack.
Just as a virus does, going into a cell, replicating itself, the cell burst,
Millions of viruses flood out, infecting millions of cells.
They burst.
Billions of viruses flood out.
Hundreds of billions.
Thousands of billions.
Millions of billions.
And you die.
Or your body is so used to fighting all the viruses, it starts mutating in a response to try to defeat it.
Because it doesn't want to give up.
There's different ways you get cancer.
From the viruses themselves, or the response of your body mutating to defeat the viruses.
Generally, then, if you were dying of cancer when you impregnated a woman, you would transfer that mutation onto her to defeat that future mutation.
See, the enemy knows all this, though, so they're jacking into all that.
It's a devastating effect on our people.
Everybody knows that they're putting cancer viruses in the vaccines and poisoning the water.
No one even denies it anymore.
They just go, well, there's too many of us, I guess it's best.
Because no one wants to actually roll their sleeves up and take the government back and remove the scientific dictatorship, the technocracy as they call themselves, the technocrats, and actually save ourselves.
Because it's just too easy to go around glad-handing each other and collecting more baubles.
Let me do this.
I want to open the phones up on Pat Buchanan saying, is impeachment inevitable?
And why a lot of folks are saying that Trump could be impeached and then even removed.
It doesn't matter that he hasn't done anything wrong.
Not committing a crime isn't enough.
Standing up to the deep state triggered their wrath.
And so now if Trump doesn't go after them and it doesn't find the people that will prosecute them, then he's summoned the demon without knowing how to control it, and it's going to be eaten along with the rest of us, at least in this face.
And that's really where the criticism of Trump comes in.
We're finding the clip.
I saw it last night live when I covered it.
We'll have it next hour.
Brad Parscale, the head of the Trump campaign, Trump singled him out and pointed at him and said, and our incredible head of our campaign, he knows everything about the internet.
Really, we have the video somewhere.
We ought to find it.
Earlier this year, Trump was having a rally in Houston.
And Owen Schroer walks up to him and says, hey, Alex Jones has been censored off the internet.
And Brad Parscale says, who's Alex Jones?
To the camera.
Which means, I don't want to say something bad, I don't want to say something good.
Let me just say, who is Alex Jones?
Now I don't care about the diss of him saying, who is Alex Jones.
I care about the fact that it's a chicken crap maneuver.
And if Brad Parcells knows everything about the internet, then he knows how millions and millions of people have been persecuted and attacked and shut down for supporting the President.
He knows how right side broadcasting that does nothing but show the President's speeches has been banned on Facebook.
And now this is an absolute tyranny, just like Communist China coming in and trying to exercise its will over whole classes of people.
It's racketeering.
It's election meddling.
But Brad Parcells is so happy with his Ferrari and all the rest of it down in Florida.
I know people that know him, have dinner with him, and of course have brought all this up to him, and he says, oh, Trump's about to act.
Trump's about to act.
That was six months ago, Brad.
So it's kind of an insult to hear you know everything, which you do know all about it, don't you?
But you're like Sergeant Schultz, when the time comes, you'll know nothing.
So we'll maybe have that clip for you next hour.
The point is, is that that's why people, it's bittersweet with Trump.
Because he's doing a lot of good things, but he's also not doing a lot of the things that need to be done, that need to be carried out.
And I'm going to speak to that some in the next hour and ask callers, do you think Trump will be impeached?
We'll look at why a lot of folks think he can be.
I'll look at the numbers.
I think it's 50-50 right now.
I've told you for weeks, I think it's very serious when Trump and others have been brushing it off.
And then you got to ask yourselves, what comes after that?
Well, I've got a good idea.
Let's just say there's a couple roads going.
from this point, but they all kind of lead to the same place.
Some different scenery on the way, but I think people have noticed that I kind of know how the lay of the land works into the future, just from the research we've done.
And you're going to want to hear that information, because I'm in a good, calm, centered place today.
Now when we come back from break, I'm going to tie the open attack on the First Amendment
I bet to O'Rourke to what the Chi-Coms are doing and how this is a unified threat and just how serious it is and how we can stop it.
It'll be a very condensed, focused, news-heavy segment next segment.
Please stay with us for that.
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We are broadcasting worldwide on this Friday edition.
I'm going to give the number out at the end of this segment.
We're going to have open phones on the subject of, is impeachment inevitable?
And if it is, what comes next?
And we're going to look at why the numbers are clear.
They have a chance of bullying enough people to resign out of the House, getting enough Republicans to vote against Trump.
They are making a very big strong push right now, the strongest yet, because they know Trump's going to win in 2020.
They know that he's becoming wildly popular.
And the power structure is in complete panic mode.
You notice on Monday, I'm not even pulling up the clip, it's only a few minutes long, I laid out
How Erdogan is threatening to invade Europe with millions, I said 2 to 4 million, he's saying 3.2 million Islamic invaders that came into Syria from all over the world that are now in Turkey, he wants to throw them back into Syria, put a security perimeter there to stop them coming in.
And the Pentagon, Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman just gave a briefing on it, basically showing all that.
And I'm getting all these calls, wow, you said that on Monday, because that's just the facts.
And the media, again, just acts like Trump's doing none of this for any reason.
What are we going to do?
Let millions of Islamists pour into Europe?
Or just let Turkey have an open border with Syria?
Turkey has a right to secure that border.
I don't like Erdogan, but again, this is a real world we live in and we don't own Syria.
And it was Obama and the globalists that destabilized it and turned it over to the Islamic free-for-all civil war.
So, Trump came out against the military-industrial complex.
Not a strong military, not our veterans.
But against the corporations that are globalists that have been using our military to build their world government and to run security for China.
Yeah, Afghanistan, Africa, you name it.
At our expense.
That's coming to an end.
So I love what Trump's doing.
On so many fronts.
But he's not prosecuting the Deep State.
We keep hearing it's coming in weeks and weeks.
Two weeks, two weeks.
Well, cross your fingers.
Hope so, but we'll see.
Now, let's get into the big enchilada here.
China is a globalist slave colony.
They used communism to take over nations that were coming out of imperial control.
One form of slavery for another.
Far worse.
Tsarist Russia to V.I.
Imperial China.
Destroyed by the Japanese, handed over to Mao Zedong, and chase Manhattan Citibank, which uses communism to control the population, but it's offshore, gets all the profits.
That's what it is!
The political terms you're told have nothing to do with it.
This is just slavery.
And so China was put into the authoritarian model.
They didn't have speech to begin with, so they complied with it.
They are the engine of evil.
They are the arsenal of tyranny.
And so when you see Beto saying political power goes out of the barrel of a gun, take the guns, and you see Buttigieg saying take guns, it's about power.
Only the state needs guns.
The UN says that.
That's what China says.
They're just authoritarians.
And so, yes, China's the engine of this and the laboratory, but it's the corporations that put Mao in and protected him and built all this up over 60 years, 70 years, that have done this.
First it took them a good 30 years to get the Chinese in line and kill 100 million of them.
And take them off the land and take their kids away and turn them into what they are now.
Then in the last 35-40 years since the conditioning went well, a couple generations, now they are the cancer.
But it's being directed by the big corporations, the NFL, the NBA, that's all just propaganda.
So they tell the players, take a knee, hate America, America sucks.
Teach little boys to chop their balls off.
All that's just immoralized.
But then when Beto and others come out at the CNN events and they say, yeah, churches shouldn't be able, just like Europe does, just like Canada does, to read passages criticizing pedophilia, criticizing homosexuality.
Well, they should have their exemption stripped.
Well, that's all a giant scam.
Let me read to you the First Amendment.
First Amendment, that's how it all starts.
Bill of Rights.
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people to peacefully assemble and to petition the government of a redress of grievances.
It's a lot bigger than just your personal speech.
The left, oh they've got their speech to get government funding to piss on a crucifix or to put elephant dung all over the Virgin Mary in a state-run system.
They take your religious symbol, use money to then invert it, and then literally piss on it and crap on it.
That's a satanic ritual.
That's a desecration.
That's one-on-one satanism.
And to have you pay for it's even better.
Have you pay with tax money for abortions in places like Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California.
So when Beto gets up there, looking like it from the Adams family, all crazy going... He's speaking from this globalist system.
He's just a mouth.
He's a tentacle.
You can laugh at him all day, but he means business when he says, we're going to take your guns, and we're going to take your speech, and we're going to go in and take control of the churches.
Churches got tricked in the 50s into being 501c3.
Oh, you're still tax exempt?
Just sign these forms.
You're no longer a church, you're now a charity.
Now they come in with regulations.
Well, Trump removes those regulations.
One of the best things he did.
Saying those are unconstitutional.
But you already had the First Amendment saying it to begin with.
But the churches are already trained.
That's why the churches are dead.
They're no longer churches.
They're just feel-good clubs.
They're lukewarm.
God spits them out of his mouth.
It's not real.
I'm not telling you about human-animal clones, or the Mark of the Beast is already here, or the Chinese credit score.
They won't even, most churches even criticize China, because they might get in trouble.
It's all about bowing, and when you bow, and no one stands up for anything, it's like that house of straw.
The wind of China comes through.
The wind of globalism.
The wind of Satan.
The wind of the East.
That's what the Chaikoms call their missiles.
What's Revelation say?
Satan comes out of the East, like a strong wind.
Missiles of the East, strong wind of the East.
Our missiles, our technology in the hands of them now.
Great wind of the East coming at the West.
Revelation bringing fire, billions dying, the wind of the East.
Read it for yourself.
And so Beto O'Rourke gets up there and he tells you, oh, we need to strip them.
You don't have jurisdiction, son.
If you can trick people, you have jurisdiction.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
You don't have jurisdiction.
It's how Hopi Indians can take peyote.
Because the Supreme Court said Congress shall make no law, and that's really their religion.
Well then, I can tell my children that they shouldn't go to a public school where they have books in the library teaching six-year-olds that if a man wants you to get in a van with him, do it, and let him
Have sex with you.
Why do they want in bathrooms, folks?
They want to get rid of norms and any privacy.
They want to rape you.
This whole system is about raping your privacy, raping your humanity, raping your children.
Raping norms.
Because if you think this is all bad, they got a lot more coming.
Here's Beto.
This is from your LGBTQ plan, and here's what you write, this is a quote.
Freedom of religion is a fundamental right, but it should not be used to discriminate.
Do you think religious institutions, like colleges, churches, charities, should they lose their tax-exempt status if they oppose same-sex marriage?
The government doesn't give you that status.
It has no jurisdiction.
There can be no reward.
No benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in America that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us.
And so as president, we're going to make that a priority and we are going to stop those who are infringing upon the human rights of our fellow Americans.
So what he's saying is you can't have a private club.
You can't go start your religion that worships rocks or plants or God or
Oh, but the left, they can all have their little private groups.
It's just you can't have your private group because we're watching you.
We're going to go to break and come back with China.
And all the incredible censorship and how this that you just saw and heard ties into it.
And now that's being projected here because they've taken over China.
Now the globalists are using it to flex its power economically over our debt, our companies, all of it to teach us to bow even further.
And boy, is America bowing.
Because the very corporations bowing helped set up China.
So they're just training you to bow right now.
We're going to come back with all that.
Again, please don't forget the way we reach new people is you telling folks about the local AM and FM stations you're listening to.
That's beyond critical.
And the local TV stations you're watching.
And telling people about Band.Video where all my live shows are, all the other great shows we have here are, all the other great contributors and reporters.
We're adding so many more to Band.Video.
And that URL isn't as banned on Twitter and Facebook.
It isn't blacklisted at all yet.
It will be soon.
So you don't get punished right now by the thought police is bad.
Share Band.Video today.
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Share it all.
So many great reports up there.
It really is an amazing first rate site.
We're very proud of it.
We're going to redesign it for soon as well.
But just to share a video, whatever you do.
And don't forget, we have the new everything must go mega sale.
Really, it's bigger than the last sale.
That's possible because gut level.
I want to sell everything we've got in inventory before new stuff comes in.
So we know we have capital to go at least three, four, five, six months.
Times are so serious.
We'll be right back.
Thank you.
Welcome back.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I intend to open the phones up.
For the next three hours.
I'm going to hit a key reporter in a moment first, but is impeachment inevitable?
Buchanan says it's leaning that way.
I've felt the threat three weeks ago, as I told you.
Intellectually, I looked at it, and now it's lining up like that.
It doesn't mean it's going to happen, but if we don't take it serious, it's going to happen.
We're going to talk about that and so much more.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX.
I want to give first-time callers a chance up front.
First-time callers, please.
We'll open the phones up for everybody about halfway into the next hour, because I'm going to be here all four hours today.
So we've got a good three hours of calls coming up right now.
But I want to get into Biden.
Biden should be panicking, but the deep state's coming in to his aid.
Here it is.
Biden is projecting his own panic on the president as he stumbles down the campaign trail.
One thing about this president is absolutely clear.
And I don't think anyone can contradict this.
He is seeing no limits to his power regardless of what the Constitution says.
He believes the entire United States government can be corrupted into furthering his personal political needs.
He's even willing
To hold Congress and congressionally appropriated aid to a foreign nation hostage to his personal political demands.
I'm leaving in six hours.
If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Joe Biden has reason to panic.
A retired CIA officer told the Washington Examiner, As an experienced CIA official on the NSC with the deep knowledge of Ukraine that he demonstrated in his complaint, it is probable that the whistleblower briefed Biden, and likely that
That he accompanied him on Air Force Two during at least one of six visits the 2020 candidate made to the country.
The lawyers said he never worked in a campaign, he's a Democrat, he worked in the executive branch.
Well the only, with the candidate in the executive branch, Biden was the only one in the executive branch.
The rest of them were senators or what have you.
So it clearly was Biden's guy.
This one was an easy one, wasn't it?
This was an easy one.
Meanwhile, Ukraine's parliamentarian, Andriy Derkak,
After President Obama put Joe in charge,
Of Ukraine policy, they put Joe Biden in charge of Ukraine policy.
Listen to this, and the press will not write it.
They say, in totally unsubstantiated charges, every time they talk about him, President Trump has said that his son walked away with a fortune.
Now you know that's a totally unsubstantiated charge, really?
It's not unsubstantiated, it's fact.
Joe's son, Hunter, got thrown out of the Navy and then he became a genius on Wall Street in about two days.
By the way, whatever happened to Hunter?
Where the hell is he?
Where's Hunter?
To add more black powder to the smoking gun, Durkac provided charts and images showing the connection between Burisma and the U.S.-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners, which was co-founded by Hunter Biden.
Durkac added, using political and economic levelers,
I'm good.
How long Joe Biden can maintain the delusions he has marinated in his own hubris is anyone's guess.
John Bowne reporting.
Again, the toll-free number to join us on this Friday edition, 877-789-ALEX.
On impeachment, is it inevitable?
And what comes next?
Stay with us.
Land of the free.
Home of the brave.
Where'd that come from?
What's that mean?
Well, in every other culture in the world, if you spoke outside of the royal tribal leader's class, or you spoke out against the local priesthood, whether they be pagans or the Catholic Church,
You would get arrested.
You'd get tortured.
You'd be lucky if you were sent to a copper mine or a salt mine.
More often than not, you get thrown in a dungeon and tortured to death.
But not before you ratted out your friends and family.
Generally, anybody that had any property.
So they could be taken and raped and killed as well.
But you see, that stifled innovation.
It caused the Dark Ages across the world.
When the Spanish conquistadors arrived 530-something years ago, Cortes to Mexico City, he only had a couple hundred men.
I forget the exact number.
Pull up number of men Cortes had when he entered Mexico City.
Number of men Cortez conquered the Aztec Empire with.
200 and change.
Then he just marched off into the Southwest because there was nothing to conquer.
They thought they'd found what you would see as a Hellraiser movie or Event Horizon.
People chopping their genitals off, taking big pieces of long rope through their tongues with
Obsidian glass on it.
Children having their guts eaten in front of them by a high priest.
All completely hallucinating and worshiping what they believe were off-world entities.
Oh, they took the DMT.
So I'm asking the question here, ladies and gentlemen, how many soldiers did he have?
1,200, yeah, but it's how many he entered Mexico City with.
How many he entered Mexico City with, it doesn't matter, I know I'm right.
The point is he conquered them.
Now, if you pull back from all of that, what made his land of the free home of the brave?
In every other culture, in every other system,
People kept their mouths shut.
And people were slaves.
Something happened 500 years ago in Europe, something happened 200 plus years ago in the US, where we said, hey, we don't like having slaves, and we don't like everybody having to work in their own cast, and people being frozen for life, and we don't like not having innovation.
It didn't mean that we weren't following those same bad things, but we were the ones that said, let's fix it.
So see, modern corrupt corporate evil that wants to go back to serfdom, back to slavery, because they're in charge already.
They think they've won total control.
They're only threatened by the idea of freedom coming back and the American system that other empires were threatened by.
And so, they're at war with that.
And they're working with China and everybody else to remove that.
And if they remove that, all of the baubles and all of the largesse disappears.
But worse than that, the corrupt system has a hunger for deviancy and will take over and will set up a system that institutionalizes the horrors that every culture enters when they become decadent.
I'd really like to bypass this part of the cycle as much as possible.
We're already deep into it.
But it's going to get insane.
So Beto O'Rourke, I played it last hour, says let's take away the tax exemption of any church that doesn't accept bestiality, pedophilia, all of it.
Well, you can't do that.
It's the First Amendment.
The government has no jurisdiction.
But the churches are run by the Ecumenical World Council of Churches.
That teaches them they have no rights.
And so until we take our churches back, it's over.
But I wanted to point out that everything you see coming out of China
Was planted there by the very same globalist.
The robber barons put Lenin in charge of Russia.
The globalist robber barons put Mao in.
It's a slave colony.
And I know I keep saying that because that's what's happening.
So that's why all the corporations are bowing.
That's why they're kneeling.
Because they want to train all of you.
They want you to see all the NBA players, the same ones kneeling during the National Anthem, and saying how bad America is, and the LeBron Jameses of the world, going along with what the communists are doing.
Because that's the plan.
Let's start with Christina McFarlane.
You never hear about her.
She obviously isn't on the inside group.
She's a low-level CNN reporter.
She's handed the NBA mic.
She asked, what are your views on freedom of expression?
Even the discussion of the freedom of expression.
Oh, they grabbed the mic away.
And both NBA players sit there and look at her like, how dare you?
Hey lady, we just make hundreds of millions of dollars as star players and then complain about how whites are all racist and how much America sucks because the corporations tell us to.
Because the Chi-Coms are funding us, along with the corporations.
And we're not going to talk about the Chi-Coms with 2 million people in forced labor camps, or millions of Buddhists being killed, or Christians.
No, no, no, no.
We just sit up here and let all the white people kiss our ass because they've all been taught to hate themselves.
We're not actually here to help anybody.
We don't care about Hong Kong being overtaken and enslaved.
We don't care about secret arrests and all that.
No, no, no.
We're just here for lip service.
Little lady.
You didn't get the memo?
So here's the CNN reporter.
Hi, Christina McFarlane, CNN.
The NBA has always been a league that prides itself on its player and its coaches being able to speak out openly about political and societal affairs.
I just wonder after the events of this week and the fallout we've seen, whether you would both feel differently about speaking out in that way in future?
It's a legitimate question.
This is an event that's happened this week during the NBA.
This particular question has not been answered.
Any other questions?
And then they go on to cross their arms and go to the next question.
They don't respond because they're good slaves.
Well-paid slaves.
Judas Goats teaching you how to be a slave.
Judas Goat is the goat that doesn't get killed every year when the other sheep get slaughtered.
He marches them in, he's their leader, and he goes out the other side.
They all get slaughtered, he doesn't.
Oh, but they're black, so they must be better than everybody else.
And oh, we're sorry America's so bad.
Imagine how sick that is.
But the big news here is ESPN
Ran graphics and news reports showing communist China maps, which is a big deal to them, showing the whole South China Sea, part of the Philippines and Japan belonging to China, not just Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Let's roll that video.
LeBron and the Lakers arrived in Shanghai, China this morning after a 13-hour flight, dropping themselves squarely into the fallout from a recent tweet by Rockets GM Daryl Morey that showed support for anti-government protesters in Hong Kong.
Rachel Nichols now is in Shanghai and has the latest on the NBA's current dispute with China.
Now, they know that Americans are politically ignorant on average.
They have no idea geopolitically what's going on.
But China's ready to go to war with Japan, the Philippines, everybody else.
And it's already at war with Vietnam.
See some of those southern islands?
That's Vietnam.
That's part of Vietnam.
Huge islands, huge oil fields.
They're actually in huge wars.
Thousands of dead every month.
Trying to take part of Vietnam!
China's been trying to take Vietnam for a thousand years.
They've had at least, I mean it's dozens of huge invasions.
That's why we couldn't beat the Vietnamese.
Their whole culture is about fighting back because the Chinese keep invading.
Let's put that back on screen.
Look at that.
All those islands from Japan to the Koreas way down.
Thousands of miles.
It's all ours!
It'd be like showing Germany in 1943 and showing the whole world, you know, Germany said the whole world was theirs.
It's the same thing or showing all of Europe.
That's the getting on their knees.
That's the groveling.
That's the bowing.
That's all of it.
And people at sports stadiums everywhere that show signs saying free Hong Kong, they're being thrown out because the NBA's evil.
People are tired of hearing about how Trump's gonna have the deep state indicted.
We just saw these two nobodies
From Ukraine, with tenuous connections to Giuliani, indicted on campaign finance fraud.
And now they're claiming they've got Congressman Warren, who got money from them, from a PAC, which is totally legal.
So the threats are going on big time behind the scenes, and if Trump doesn't start executing his power, he will be taken down.
And the situation is dire.
Oh, his speech at the U.N.
was gorgeous.
Best speech he's given.
Everybody agrees.
William Bennington, he's dumbfounded how good it was.
Lord Monckton, it's the best political speech given probably in a hundred years about the state of the world and who the enemy is.
It's an indictment of globalism, crony capitalism, the chi-coms, the attack on the family, the immorality, abortion.
And it's because I care about the President so much, and I care about my own fate, and my children's fate even more, that I'm very upset with the President.
I don't want to hear from any of the administration that it's two weeks until people are indicted anymore.
I want to see indictments.
And I want to see Deep Staters frog-marched out right now.
Because we have globalists that have been openly working with foreign governments and foreign powers and committing crimes that are unbelievable.
And instead of Trump always responding to the latest made-up hoax of Russiagate or Russiagate 2.0 Ukraine,
He just says, that's pure crap, that's bull, boom, here's the transcript, and then move on to the offense, which he did last night, which was an amazing speech.
I got a bunch of clips we're gonna be playing over the next three hours.
We have left in transmission.
Two hours, three hours, 20 minutes, 40 minutes, whatever it is.
We have two hours and 30-something minutes left.
And I'll be taking your calls and going over all of it today, but
This country's in dire straits, and I like Trump's Confidence Act, and I get he's got to be confident, do what he's doing.
I get he thrives in this atmosphere.
But they got their knives out for him, and they got them out for me.
And I signed on to this because we helped relaunch the wave Trump rode in on.
So Trump belongs to us, but we're also bound to him.
And so it's just like you got a family member drinking a bottle of vodka every day, and you know their liver's gonna fail.
You love them, but you're also pissed at them.
And so, a lot of my listeners are mad at Trump.
A lot of my listeners love Trump more than ever.
Well, they say love and hate are close together.
Indifference is really the opposite of love.
And I think there's some truth to that.
But I, there is something sycophantic
When you get around the people in Washington that are in the Trump club that think he's invincible and that are talking about dynasties like Parscales is doing.
I'm gonna talk about him at the end of the hour.
And it's just disgusting.
When we're in the trenches and we're bloodied and we know damn well how serious all this is.
We've got constant incoming coming in and you've got all these dandies that surround Trump
And who think they've established their own new little imperium.
It's great to see the good work that's going on, but just to see Trump not taking action against the censorship, and the oppression, and the racketeering, and the election meddling when he's got thousands of tools to do it.
My God, big tech is literally in bed with the chi-coms.
The espionage is insane.
They're, I mean, Apple and Google are beyond Huawei and national security threats.
They were given the green light by Obama in the deep state, and I get they're going to come after Trump if he goes after that, but they're already coming after you!
There's no deal you can make with them, Mr. President.
And so, like twilight setting in, dusk, the long night coming, I don't want to sit around the fire here
Scratching our rear ends and telling old stories and talking about how good we are, and how big we are, and how strong we are, and how nobody else can do this job.
That's for us to say, Mr. President, that you do have stamina, you do thrive in this.
It's not for you to say that.
And all we're saying is, we're down here on the ground, and we know what's going on, and we know the big assault's happening right now, and we want to see action.
Colonel Jackson said, fire when you see the whites of their eyes.
And I don't mean literal firing guns, that's the last thing we'd want to turn them into martyrs.
But I mean metaphysically, culturally, politically.
We can see the whites of their eyes real good.
They're on top of us, raping us.
We can smell their breath.
They're looking into our eyes.
They're squatting on top of us, peeing on us.
So, we need you to take the gloves off.
And talk isn't enough.
Pull a free number to join us.
I hope you will join us here on air.
We've got a whole bunch of phone lines right there, filled.
But when you hear somebody hang up, it's your chance to get involved.
I haven't played any clips of the speech last night.
And I'm going to start doing that when we come back, and then I'm going to write your calls.
But Pat Robertson is out there saying that Trump has perhaps lost the mandate of heaven.
That is literally a Qaikom statement.
It's just unbelievable.
We have Pat Buchanan, who I do respect, coming out and saying he doesn't support it, but the planets are aligning for it, and you can smell it.
And I just want to get your take on that because we should not be overconfident, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm here to tell you.
All right, your calls are coming up.
Matt, Chad, Bob, John, Jake, Justin, Kevin, and many others.
And by the way, if you think Trump should be impeached, you're welcome to call in.
We're not a cult like the left where they screen out all the calls they disagree with.
This is a real organization here where we have real discussions.
Some people call and disagree always and say I'm the government or I'm corrupt or I'm Bill Hicks or something.
And so I will yell at you for stuff like that because it's not true.
But if you have substantive stuff to talk about, we would love to hear from you.
But see, the left is a satanic system.
It never wants us to exist.
So they don't ever want to commune with us and actually have a real discussion because they don't believe in themselves and their own humanity.
And so they can never join with us because we represent the life force and communion with God.
And we represent the infinity of consciousness that is already with us.
We simply must choose it.
Choose now.
Reach out.
Reach out.
Now, as negative as it is seeing him trying to impeach the President for no reason, and watching the Justice Department still do nothing against the massive crimes of Hillary, the gigantic crimes of Obama, and all their minions, it's very demoralizing, it's very frustrating.
But remember, 20 years ago, nobody knew the Federal Reserve was private.
People didn't believe there was a world government being set up.
People didn't know that there was a plan for the shy comms to take over, even though the CFR was writing about it constantly.
Now, all of that's out in the open, and populists are getting elected all over the world.
We're going to go to Matt, Chad, Bob, and many others here in just a moment.
Is impeachment inevitable?
What should Trump do?
What should we do to stop it?
And if they do get the impeachment, will they remove him in the Senate?
We'll look at all those angles in a moment.
But earlier, I got into Beto saying, let's take the speech of churches away.
Well, Congress doesn't have that authority in the First Amendment.
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
And then it goes on to the press and freedom of speech and right to assemble and petition the government, redress of grievances.
But you notice the big corporations, Mark Cuban, all of them, bending over, oh, don't even talk about China.
Don't even talk about free expression now.
CNN reporter told, don't you even mention free expression.
That's a bad word.
That's, that's hateful.
Because see, even the memories that had existed before must be gotten rid of.
That's why saying OK symbol is a hate symbol, when obviously it's not.
But you shouldn't even ban hate symbols.
People need to be able to use them to show what they are.
It started in France 20 years ago.
They were telling eBay, don't sell Nazi war paraphernalia.
Well, I mean, I remember being at a gun show once and buying a German medal, a British medal, an American medal, which were vintage.
I thought they were very interesting.
I was a teenager, never been to a gun show.
I bought a blow dart gun.
I was with my dad.
I bought some more magazines for my rifle, for my Mini-14 he got me a few years before.
And I remember buying a Nazi Party medal.
Not because I was in the Nazi Party.
I thought it was very interesting.
I thought an RAF medal, a little crown on it, was really cool too.
Didn't mean I served the British Crown.
That's like saying don't have Mein Kampf on your bookshelf, because it means you support Hitler because you read his book.
But see, that's why those things can't be outlawed.
But now it's here.
Now online shops, whatever they want, Amazon's trying to stop people selling war paraphernalia, I was reading.
And then the OK sign, because the ADL's God, they said you can't show that, so Facebook digitally erases it and then bans your account.
In many cases.
Because they want you to know we control reality.
We're your master.
Now, it doesn't matter if this is used in scuba diving, or by SWAT teams, or by the military, or in international sign language.
That means everything's okay.
Want to stay down?
Yeah, we're okay.
You know, check your time.
How much time we got left on here?
Into your watch.
That's all.
But now they say pointing your finger.
If it's taken as a gun, you get arrested.
That's happening.
That happened yesterday.
This is what the corporations want.
This is the globalist takeover.
This is their big push.
And that's why it's important that Trump exercises his speech and brazenly get in their face.
And they hate that.
It's more important that we all exercise it as well and expose it and stop complying because I love our crew here and I don't tell them what to do.
They're great folks but when we're lining up clips of men dressed as women at a CNN event last night saying if anybody criticizes us it's violence, we want people's speech banned.
And even the crew's like, yes, this lady at the event, it's not a lady, it's a man.
It's like saying men can have babies, and it's a woman saying she's a man.
That's not true!
But if they can teach you 2 plus 2 equals 10, then it's the case.
And see, folks think that just complying or being nice is dignified, or it's a form of kindness, or it's a form of politeness, or it's a form of hospitality.
And no, it's not.
These people are carrying out a cult of making you talk the way they want.
First, it's the N-word.
You think, well, I think that's reasonable.
But notice all the rappers, everybody else can use it.
It's just you can't.
And then it's, oh, we're just gonna ban the tax exemption of the KKK.
You're like, oh, okay.
And then now it's your church down the street that's anti-war.
Or now it's the church down the street that doesn't want to kill babies after they're born.
So they think you're ready to capitulate.
They think you're ready to roll over.
The question is, are you?
Because you roll over to all of this, what's coming next is even worse.
And it is forced inoculations, forced sex training to sexualize your young children.
It's already happening.
Your children aren't just going to go sit on the laps at school with obese men dressed up like women.
Be too obvious if it was men right away.
Hey, men are coming to read to your kids.
Convicted pedophiles.
No, a lot of states are saying, oh, we want to protect the LGBTP.
We're not going to check their background.
Bring in the women to show, because it's Stockholm Syndrome.
Oh, the state says I better do it.
They bring their children to sit and now lay on them and ride horsies on them.
And I can show you a video of men with glitter on their genitals with little boys holding their hands at public events.
And every level they get away with more.
If a man came to your children in the park and said, I want him to sit on my lap, you'd say, get the hell out of here.
But see, these leftist women bring their children, the children look up at him like, is it all right?
They're always so scared, but finally they're made to do it.
Now they're ready for the sexual conversion.
And all these tranny commandos tell you, they say, and their name is right, they're transitioning your kids.
We're here to groom your children.
In video after video with arrogance and hatred and a big smile.
Because the evil flows through them.
Only when they carry out the evil, they suddenly feel alive.
Touch them.
Ride them.
Sit on them.
Get close to the spider.
Come to me, my pretty.
These things must be done delicately.
You're a little dog, too.
We're going to your phone calls when we come back.
Matt and Chad and Bob and John and Jake and Misty and Justin and Kevin and Forrest.
And I'm gonna be a good boy.
And I'm gonna go to all your calls.
I've done a lot of talking in my life.
And see, I'm not trying to talk like...
Some guy in Old Western.
My voice is going out.
That's what happens to a voice that's been used like it's supposed to.
In the fight.
It's got that old, authoritative sound.
Which somewhere back in our instincts we say is the old greyback.
Where are the old greybacks out there?
They've all been told to go away.
They've all sold out.
They never discovered even who they were.
They think having the best golf membership is a symbol of the power.
When it's the exercise of their will against evil that is the measure of power on this planet.
They got all the sports cars and all the trophy wives.
But they don't even have the minds of their children's countenance on their side.
They have forfeited thousands of generations of will and strength.
All of it being lost in the blinking of an eye.
Wealth untold pouring down a fetid sewer line.
Untold strength passing away from us.
Being lost like sand through our fingers.
And replacing it, the poison of Satan.
I need you to tell people about the broadcast, and I need you to buy the products.
I need you to fund us.
You know, I haven't really talked about this, but we should do a special report on it, showing the dozens of reporters we've got out around the country and the world.
And all the mega massive effects we're having thanks to you and what we're doing here.
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We need the funds.
These are products you need, so take action.
All right, we have two hours and 10 minutes left in the time I'm hosting today on this Friday edition.
And I'm going to take calls for that entire time interspersed with clips of Trump's extremely
Noteworthy and powerful presentation last night that he did in a comedic style.
Very charming.
But what I'd really like to see is a bunch of indictments and action on Big Tech.
Because if you don't take action on that, and if you don't take action for the journalist, Julian Assange, that you asked to release the info and he did, then we can't trust you when we're hung out to dry, can we, Trump?
This because Trump's way better than Hillary.
That'd mean we're going to go along with this.
By the way, I asked him for a compilation, our great video researcher, Wilson.
He first had a four minute one of Trump supporters being attacked viciously last night in Minnesota.
Now he has an eight minute one.
And I was watching some of these during the breaks.
A bunch of stuff I hadn't seen.
You never see this stuff on the nightly news.
Little clips are here and there, but they were vicious, waving communist flags, attacking men, women, and children.
And there's all these racial attacks in Minneapolis, St.
Paul against whites, which is very sad.
And the media is covering that up.
So we're going to get into it.
And what it is, is Somali tribesmen attacking white people.
The Somalis are very tribal.
They're hated by the African countries around them.
I'm not trying to bash Somalis.
It's just they have slavery still legal there and they sell women into slavery and it's just it's just crazy, folks.
And it's absolutely out of control.
So we're going to be showing all this coming up towards the end of the next hour.
But I want to go to your phone calls right now and get into so much of this here today.
And I have my message to Brad Parscale as well off some of the clips I saw last night.
So that's all coming up.
Will Trump be impeached?
There's a big article in the World Net Daily.
It's up on RogerPort.com.
Is impeachment inevitable?
I read it and I agree with what Pat Buchanan is saying.
He's a smart guy.
He likes Trump.
He loves Trump.
But if we don't talk about how serious this is, the Democrats really mean it this time.
They're making their move and they're threatening all these Republicans.
If we don't all go on the offense politically now and get very aggressive, we're gonna lose it.
And that means listeners and citizens.
You gotta go to D.C.
You gotta go to their offices.
They work for you.
Their offices are open.
You gotta get in their face.
You gotta sit there all day till they come.
You gotta videotape it and put it out.
And you gotta meet them in the halls.
And you gotta go when they're in their district.
And you gotta call them to talk radio.
And you gotta go speak at your church.
And you gotta get serious, folks.
You gotta get aggressive.
In legal and lawful ways.
All right, let's go to your calls.
I appreciate everybody calling in.
And I'm sure you're all going to be great callers, but just give me your take on, do you think he's going to get impeached?
What comes next after that?
There's a lot of angles that are in this, and I really want to pick your brain and have a big discussion about it.
So, Matt in Canada, what is your take on all this, sir?
Thanks for calling.
Hi, Alex.
I'm a 10-year listener.
I use a lot of your products.
Great work on Bandog Video and keep doing fentanyl with the Chycom Dragon.
That's awesome.
Thank you, sir.
I'm trying.
Well, listen, I think here's my angle and I want to share with you what I think happens next.
Being up in Canada, we have a federal election coming later this month and it's really incredible.
We have a
Classical liberal that's come onto the stage and you see the same pattern happening where it's a populist movement.
It's a return to, you know, just the classical liberal roots of a Western democracy and he's being labeled neo-Nazi and all the rest and the media.
You know, they know with Trudeau that it's like, this is a libtard.
He's not going to win.
Instead of doing their usual flip-flop between left and right, they're not going back to conservative, which is really a centrist party.
They're actually doubling down and going harder left with an even more left party than the Liberal Party.
And I think, you know, this ties in, I think, the impeachment with Trump.
I think it's, they're really moving on it.
I think you can see the fight with Brexit.
They're trying to hold that back.
But I think they can see it globally.
Remember, this isn't the Democrats, this is the globalists, right?
They see it in a lot of these other countries, even in Canada, where it's like, people have just had enough.
They've just had enough.
And we just want to restore, politically, we want to restore the basic classical liberal Western civilization, own your guns, have some private property.
And I think, you know, David Rockefeller said, you know, China is the model of the new world order.
So I think they know their policies have failed.
And if you look at what Mao did when his
Great leap forward policies failed.
What happened right after that?
It was the Cultural Revolution.
And I think that's what they're gearing up for.
You know, with that Gen-T thing.
You're absolutely right.
In fact, the universities and all of them say the Cultural Revolution is the model.
We've been in the Great Leap Forward, being centralized, being domesticated, a quote, service economy.
And now the Great Leap Forward is going to be a physical attack.
That's what all these leftist leaders are saying.
We're going to overthrow governments.
We're going to start killing people to save the earth and to stop the Nazis.
And it doesn't matter that thinking people know that's not true.
They've got enough dumbed-down, disenfranchised people who are being promised a seat at the table if they engage in this, that they're actually trying to organize themselves into a violent action.
You're absolutely right.
The globalists didn't see Trump coming, they didn't see Brexit, all these nationalists getting elected.
They mobilized against it.
They admit they've been losing, but they were afraid to remove Trump.
They wanted to try to defeat him in 2020.
Now that they know that's not working and the censorship didn't work, they made the decision in the last month.
To go ahead, because Trump really is trying to get prosecutions going, to remove Trump.
And so that's why, you're right, it's not the doddering meth-head left Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer.
The real deep state's moving on Trump.
And it's moving on the Senators.
And that's why everybody's like, oh, this isn't a danger.
No, no, it's real.
And they really intend to do it.
And Trump better get it through his head.
Russiagate, they thought they'd find something.
I mean, my gosh, all these foreign governments are involved somewhere.
But Trump was so clean, really because he was so amateur, which is a good thing, totally different perspective on politics, that they didn't find anything.
But now they don't care.
They're making their move.
And it doesn't mean they have to win, but just like I told people Trump was going to win two years before he did, I'm telling folks, this is blood in the water, this is real.
What else do you think should happen, Matt?
Well, I think, you know, if you're in Canada, I just want to plug People's Party of Canada.
You need to get politically active and, you know, we need to start getting active.
Yeah, tell folks about the lay of the land up there.
I see these leftist articles attacking us going, Jones must be shut down, Paul Watson must be shut down, these big national publications, even major papers, because they're able to speak to Canadians and Canadians are seeing Alex Jones and Paul Watson and it sounds so authoritarian like it's a cartoon, but they're serious.
I grew up in Alberta, and I can tell you there's a lot of Alex Joneses in Canada.
A lot of, like, just, you know, real people.
And, you know, we have a state-run media here, and it's incredibly left-leaning.
And, you know, when you look at the debate stage that happened in our federal election debates, you have six different parties up there, four of them are radical left, one is centrist, which is conservative, and then you've got Maxine Burnett, People's Party of Canada, and it is a, it's a UKIP
It's a populist, classical libertarian, somewhat libertarian party.
They're just common sense, and you look down all their policies, whether it's gun ownership, economics, immigration, it's just all common sense.
Just common sense populist.
God bless you, man.
Great caller.
We're going to take one more before we go to break, but that's what's happening.
The globalists are losing everywhere.
It's dangerous for them to go pure authoritarian right away.
They planned to get us there, but we were 80% of the way there, but that took them decades.
Now they're trying to accelerate that last bit, and that last bit's the really nasty bit.
So that's why this all seems like the Twilight Zone in 1984, because it is.
We're hyper-warping towards tyranny.
If there's a black hole, we're a spaceship, we're flying towards it real fast.
We need to turn around.
And the awakening you see is great, but that's people waking up on the bridge of the ship.
We've got to remove the gremlins from the wheel and turn it now.
Just talking about it from the, you know, Trump rallies doesn't do it.
Chad in Louisiana, you're on the air.
What do you think about the move to impeach Trump, and what do you, how serious do you think it is?
Okay, I'm at work, so I've got to make this quick.
I don't.
The only thing we can do is pray to get rid of those gremlins, as she said.
And the reason the Democrats are going for the guns is because they want the Cold War to become very kinetic.
God bless them.
Well, you're right.
They decided they're losing the culture war.
And so they want to move the aubergine window to convicted pedophiles having children ride on their erections through their pants at public schools and at government facilities.
And so, I mean, if convicted pedophiles, children literally simulating sex with them is, I mean, imagine where they're taking us next.
I mean, they are just bum-rushing us.
I appreciate your call, sir.
All right, that was two great calls.
We're going to go to John and Jake and Misty and Justin and Kevin and Forrest when we come back.
We're going to go to Misty first.
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It's Friday, October 11, 2019.
Welcome to your life.
A lot of good in the universe, but also a lot of bad.
And the good's got to be protected and promoted.
There's an attempt to silence the silent majority that's become outspoken.
We're being told that we can't even talk at press conferences about what is your view on free expression.
Because free expression is valued.
Free expression trumps the tyranny, so you can't mention it.
It's really freedom they're getting rid of.
It's not the Nazis.
In fact, it was the Nazis who got rid of the speech.
We're going to your phone calls.
Is Trump going to be impeached?
You know, I could walk through how they're threatening the senators.
I could walk through all the intimidation.
I could walk through how Trump is not doing anything to stop the massive censorship that's now even happening to him on a mass scale.
So people want to support Trump, but not seeing him do that is very frustrating.
And I think we really can't just sit here and hope Trump's going to do anything.
Maybe it's going to come.
We've seen a little bit of action.
We've seen some really good rhetoric.
But rhetoric hasn't stopped Silicon Valley and their CHICOM operatives from pressing the attack.
It's actually made them dig their heels in.
Made them put on more steam.
It's had them really buck up.
So, I'd like to meet the enemy.
I'd like to start politically pulling their teeth out with pliers.
I don't mind the pain myself.
I'd just like to
Get my legs back in.
And what I don't want to hear is Brad Parscale talking about dynasties.
Talk about dynasties after we defeated the Globalists and you can have your dynasty.
But you're either going to get dynasty or destruction.
Bill Mudd's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, out of Virginia, reportedly helped kill Lincoln.
So the name became known as Mudd.
That's where that comes from.
Your name will be Mudd.
It was a pun in the newspapers at the time.
And the progeny of Mudd, Dr. Mudd,
Says they're going to kill the President and kill his supporters.
Well, when you start getting talk like that from people like him, it kind of changes the rules of engagement a little bit, doesn't it?
And that doesn't mean we're going to go out and do anything violent.
It just means we know who we're dealing with now.
So we're starting to think about how we guard ourselves for true.
Guard yourself for real.
Kinda opens up those parts of the brain.
Everybody tries to keep back in the warehouse under curtains.
Under sheets.
Locked up in those crates.
Too is a lot of people aren't scared of violence or war.
They like it.
And little boys like Muddy, who never actually did anything like that, is a fool.
Those that don't know history, or those that do know history, and then let it repeat.
Those that don't know history are damned to repeat it.
Yeah, that's true.
But those that know history and let it repeat are damned to hell.
There's a special place in the dimension inhabited by those that rejected God's perfect plan.
And took their free will and squandered it.
There's a special place there for those that are cowards.
God hates cowards.
I think that's the truest thing ever said.
God hates cowards.
And if you'll sit there and let these people have their way with your culture and your very genetics,
Then you've made the decision to be cut off from God and to be damned to eternity with these entities.
Your calls are 60 seconds away.
Stay with us.
Well, Pat Buchanan...
He's a smart man.
I've had a chance to interview him many times.
Got to meet him a few times.
Worked for his campaign back in the early 90s.
And he's written an article at worldnetdaily.com.
It's up at rogerreport.com as well.
Is impeachment inevitable?
And he goes over the fact that the deep state bipartisanly is making its move.
This is a real attack.
And people better get serious.
They better get that because it's on.
And that Trump's going to have to engage in major leadership and show that he is in charge or they're going to continue to threaten and attack
All of his supporters and all of his biggest boosters and the Senate and the House.
There's major blackmail operations going on.
It doesn't matter he did nothing, they will remove him.
And then they're coming after everybody.
They're already coming after everybody, but they say, oh, the system that got him elected, we have to crush them, we have to level them, we have to show them.
And you're like, well,
We'll just hold our powder.
Well, that's good, except they're going to stage tough to be the victims.
They've got all these movies in production, and they've tried to put them out, and they've put them out where patriots go out and shoot up everybody, and the Joker's meant to do that, and they've got movies in production where they're literally blaming me for mass shootings that are coming.
I'll get to that next hour if I have time.
There's an article up on InfoWars.com, a video of it.
Yeah, but they're the ones all calling for violence.
Then they say, we're causing it?
That doesn't make sense.
It doesn't need to make sense.
These mentally ill followers can hold two opposite thoughts in their mind at the same time.
It's called double-think.
And they've got it.
They just want to be on the winning team.
They think they're on the winning team.
And you look at them, they all look like they've had their souls sucked out.
That's because they're followers.
And because leaders have just decided in the modern world that it's not your job to be involved, your job politically fighting, evil has taken over.
And now you can't even, at a press conference for the NBA, say, hey, what's your view, players, on free expression?
Well, their view is, they said, next question, we're not answering that.
They jerked the mic away from her.
See how it works?
Suddenly there's no speech.
It's whoever the biggest bully is, whoever has the biggest gun.
Now you say, which way's the wind blow, master?
Because they believe in something.
The Communist Party, it's evil.
You believe in nothing.
I know our audience believes in everything.
But I'm saying, the soullessness of America, the emptiness, the seeking after, baubles, the seeking after the latest entertainment, it does not fulfill.
Now, if you're fighting corruption, if you're engaged, if you're involved, then everything's more vivid.
Colors, and food, and knowledge, and music, and sex.
And it's like, why would anyone ever want to serve evil?
Everything under evil is empty.
Only the search for degeneracy creates like a carrot in the mine that you hope you can reach, that then you would have happiness.
But it's not the happiness.
It's the empty search for those that are empty.
Emptiness upon emptiness upon emptiness, a hall of mirrors, an infinity of nothingness.
Why would anyone want to sign on to that?
Because there's something missing.
A lot of people in this phase of humanity are NPCs.
They've got so many generations of empty people before them that sold out that now they are a shadow of a human.
And what little free will they had was given up early.
And now they're nothing but drones.
I'm gonna go to your calls.
Jennifer in California, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Welcome to the airwaves.
What do you think's happening right now?
How much danger is Trump in?
Well, he's in a massive amount of danger.
First, I want to say I'm a 12-year listener.
Thank you for all that you do.
I use your entire product line.
I pray for you, your family, your entire team daily.
I cover you in prayer.
I want to say, you know, Trump's message last night was fantastic.
I'm disappointed that he doesn't give you credit publicly because you do, in fact, know, as he knows,
You got him elected.
The listeners got him elected.
So that's a disappointment.
But in terms of the fact that, you know, he's in danger, if he doesn't start using his bully pulpit and declare a national state of emergency and suspend Congress and arrest them, these usurpers, these fraudsters, these liars and cheaters, if he doesn't get aggressive and take the offense and deal with them and arrest them,
He could be taken down entirely.
His life is at stake.
On the same, you know, turn, if they do their crimes that they've committed
Yeah, they're saying that he's done everything they've done, and because the Justice Department hasn't done its job, it's created this paradox.
And look, I don't care about not getting credit.
I got credit by the left and the media and got demonized and they came after us for the credit.
The credit just puts a big mark on your head.
I just want to see action.
But yes, Trump got there because he knew to go on this show and knew to be populist.
And his message, his Infoworks message, is just common sense.
It's Americana.
But the people around him getting him to quote, play it safe and stay on script, they're the problem.
And they're the ones that are going along with the system.
And they're the ones that are leaking.
They're the ones that are
We're good to go.
I just don't know what you do when you're surrounded by a bunch of cowards.
I mean, really, I think it comes down to us, Jennifer, is that Trump is totally surrounded.
And so, instead of a million-man march up to D.C.
the media ignores, we need a million people without orders from headquarters, like I said, to go to D.C.
this month.
I mean, by the middle of November, I think everybody listening right now, and I say I'll do it, but everyone needs to go to D.C.
and, I mean, you go to those halls, they're almost empty.
Senate buildings, House Office buildings, there's only five or six of them.
I've been in most of them.
And you're literally walking by and there they all are.
There's their offices.
And you'll see maybe a dozen or so Soros people that you always see.
And you'll see a couple, you know, maybe 30, 40 media people.
You can just go take over.
Go to their offices, go talk to them.
And I think that's really the answer.
And I think taking over live media events when they're out in public, I mean, I think that's the answer.
Thank you, Jennifer.
God bless you.
On to one call this second.
Let's go to another one.
Let's go to Misty in West Virginia.
Misty, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I'm going to try to make this quick before commercial gets me.
You talk about us being the resistance.
We are the resistance.
There's a song by Skillet.
Uh, called the resistance.
So, um, I think we are really in danger of seeing this president be impeached if the American people do not wake up and get off their asses and do something.
Um, I don't know.
I'm so excited about, uh, BAN.VIDEO.
It's just amazing to be able to use your iPhone and, you know, put it right there on your home screen, click, and it's there.
But that made me think you mentioned you had around 20 million views.
If you were to maybe team up, I think there is a marketing group that works with Drudge Report Intermarket Advertisement Company.
Yes, we are.
We've advertised on that before.
I was listening to you.
And we are intending, if we get the funds to advertise Banned.Video on intermarkets, we got a good response to promoting Infowars.com forward slash show.
And we're going to promote Banned.Video.
Stay there, though.
I want to come back to you, Misty, and finish up with why you think Trump's in so much danger.
He obviously is.
We all are.
And so all I'm saying is we better not take stuff for granted.
And we better all decide to do something right now.
I mean, anybody can go up to D.C.
and confront these people.
We'll be right back.
I want to be clear.
We should be having a whole discussion about what happens if they do remove Trump and what is that process like.
They are openly trying to start a civil war.
They've decided to have one whether Trump's removed or not.
And all the politicians being threatened and the media people going along with this need to know that
The establishment means business.
And all the acquiescence that Trump has had to big tech censorship has only greenlit this.
The first thing you do before you take over a population is silence them.
Then you demonize them.
Then you start setting them up with false flags and persecuting them.
And they're saying white men are terrorists, white men are evil, white men are bad.
I haven't even gotten to clips yet of just city council meetings and state house meetings where people scream at white members of the government and say, shut up, you're white, man, shut up.
I mean, it is the most racist craziness, but it's designed for total control.
And universities saying no whites allowed this weekend or universities having events where they teach that whites are inherently bad.
And then whites go, I'm sorry, I capitulate Stockholm syndrome.
I'll do what you say.
The idea that because your dad did something wrong, you're bad is evil.
The idea because some white people in history did something is so authoritarian and so out of control that because white people did something in history, you're guilty?
If I said because Charlie Manson killed some people, he's a white guy, I'm a bad person, you'd say that's crazy.
Or because Bill Cosby might have raped some women, now black guys are all bad.
You'd say, that's crazy!
But it's being done.
In fact, I'll play that clip next segment, just one of these clips, but we're going to your calls right now.
Misty in West Virginia.
You're saying call to action.
What types of things do you think we should do to let the deep state know we're not intimidated?
I mean, I think we should be on the offense where people should be everywhere.
When the Democratic candidates go out and get in their face.
But I think also everyone should go to NBA games with a t-shirt under a sweater saying free Hong Kong or free speech.
Just free speech.
I bet they throw you out.
Or free expression.
Or, you know, Google China organs or stuff like that.
If everyone did it, we'll totally take over.
We have to show them we have the power and that we're not jellyfish.
Well, I think it's really hard for Americans.
I think we're tight on money.
I really think that we should, like, it should be, like, fit into our budget how much we would donate, like, to this resistance.
So, I mean, my first point was maybe your team could come up with a petition because the political development director at Intermarket, he launched a conservative petition
If you're keen to come up with a petition for all of your listeners and viewers to sign a petition and let Congress, or however you would word it, let them know that we're not going to accept this coup attempt.
I mean, when you have the intelligence community openly talking about
You know, arresting this president, or shanking him, killing him, having him thrown in solitary confinement.
I mean, I don't think they will stop at anything.
No, you're right.
I didn't know that InterMarkets, they're good folks.
Pro-free speech.
I didn't know they'd launched a petition site.
You're absolutely right.
We shouldn't be using change.org that just gets everybody's info and they use it for data mining.
That's a total surveillance site.
People should be using an independent new one.
So do you happen to have the URL for InterMarkets' new petition site?
It's called StandUnited.org.
Oh, I've seen that.
God bless you.
Great points.
Thank you so much, Misty, from West Virginia.
I want to go to West Virginia.
I've never been to West Virginia.
It's one of the few states I've been to.
I've been to Alaska.
And I want to drive into that whole multi-thousand square mile area where the government bans all radio frequency.
I want to experience it.
They say it's so peaceful.
Okay, let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to John in North Carolina.
Thanks for holding, John.
Hey, Alex.
I've been listening for about a year, and I just want to thank you for spreading the truth.
Most importantly, the truth with the truth, the way, and the light.
Jesus Christ, I appreciate you invoking that name for a long time.
I wondered, is this man a Christian?
And I'm glad that you are, brother.
I'm glad that you've been studying and learning.
You're on with it.
My question to you is, Alex, do you think that the left and the establishment have threatened the Senate and scared the Senate enough to where they would be able to get this president removed?
Well, I mean, I know all hell's been breaking loose around here since Hillary lost.
And I went through all the stuff that's going on.
It's like a movie.
But it's criminal.
And I know for senators, reportedly, it's even worse.
And they harass your wives, your family, your neighbors, your grandma, your parents.
They do stuff to your folks if they're in an old folks home.
I mean, these people are dirty.
They come after your kids.
They come to your house.
And then they've got all these other people hating you if you're a prominent conservative that just do all sorts of dirty things to you.
And so it's a real commitment.
But you've got to understand, it's going to get much worse if they totally take over.
This just shows how bad these people are.
So absolutely, Pat Buchanan has an excellent article, Is Impeachment Now Inevitable?
It's linked up on InfoWars.com, it's on DrugReport.com, it's from WorldNetDaily.com.
And Pat walks through why this is so serious.
There's some other articles I'll get to.
Coming up a little bit later, maybe the next segment, where the left is gleefully looking at why they think they have it.
And so that's why this is so important.
A lot of people know this isn't like having Congressman Al Green introduce stuff seven or eight times.
That's just to get you used to it so you don't think it's serious when they actually attack.
And again, you know how the U.S.
invaded Panama in 89.
You know how they did that, right?
When George Herbert Walker Bush got in.
They did drills for a year.
They were going to invade with blinks.
So that when they finally attacked the Panamanian Defense Forces, they blinked for about five minutes until most of them were knocked out because they didn't know it was a real assault.
And so that's why they've been impeach, impeach, impeach like parrots since Trump got elected.
So that when they make the real assault, people don't take it serious.
Does that make sense?
It makes sense, absolutely.
And Alex, one other point.
You brought this up, I think it was last week's show, and this is a big lie in the church, in the Christian community, is the rapture theory.
Everyone thinking, hey, we're going to fly away one day, and that's not what's in the Bible.
That's not...
That's not the truth.
No, it says that Christ defeats the devil in Armageddon, the archangel bounds him, puts him into a cage where everybody can see him for a thousand years, and that the dead in Christ are risen, so I guess it means we're kind of, they're in a purgatory if you believe the Bible, but these preachers don't follow the Bible, so they're basically frozen, and then you know, boom, then you're raised up and joined with Christ, you know, in the air, in space, and spirits go join with God, so that's a good point.
Anything else, John?
What do you think happens if he does get pulled out?
What do you think about Mike Pence?
Do you think he pulls the Lyndon Johnson, like JFK?
JFK gets on the silver standard, gets away from the World Bank.
Boom, he's gone.
And what does his vice president do?
Let me ask you what you think.
That's a good question.
You sound like a smart guy.
Let me ask you, John.
When we come back, stay with us.
We are back live, taking your phone calls.
Next hour is going to be jam-packed with Trump clips from his speech last night and the incredible vicious attack on Trump supporters.
It's intensifying.
And we're also going to get into some areas of how the media is trying to program folks to absolutely accept a civil war.
So that is coming up here in just a moment.
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Now, here's what happened today.
I got super prepared.
Last night and this morning in here, I have literally probably 50 clips to get to.
I haven't gotten to put five of them.
I have tons of amazing callers, and so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take this board of calls, everybody that's holding, John, Laura, Robert, Justin, Kevin, Forrest, Corbin, Duncan, Tim, and Craig, and that's it.
Because then I need to get to all these clips as well and all these other big reports I haven't hit yet because it's all very important.
So thanks for holding.
Let's finish up with John North Carolina though.
What do you think happens?
I mean, I don't think they're going to let Trump be removed and then not remove Pence.
They've said that everywhere.
The Democrats have said they intend to threaten them with prison.
So that they accept Pelosi as the president.
So they're not even saying, oh, we'll find something criminal on Pence.
They're saying, we'll terrorize them all through criminal action.
We have the Justice Department.
We have the media, they believe.
And we're going to remove them all.
So I think your answer is they're going to remove Pence.
They're going to remove everybody.
It's going to be a reign of terror.
They're going to blow up federal buildings and blame it on us.
And they're going to start coming and trying to hunt us down.
I mean, it's on.
I mean, it's Chinese communist model system.
It's here.
This is the cultural revolution.
This is the great leap forward.
This is the takedown of America.
To get there, they're going to have to get the conservatives and they're going to get the neocons anyways in the Senate.
That's not going to happen.
They're going to get rid of Pence.
But let me just say this right now.
Everybody better get this through their heads.
Have you ever listened to one thing I said?
Especially all the little politico types.
To think, oh well, Trump leaves or stays, doesn't matter.
We'll just play both sides.
The globalists are going to cut everybody out of the equation.
They're going to a pure authoritarian model.
And everyone is going to wish they would have stopped us, including liberals and Democrats.
The road we're going is the end of America.
Nightmare scenario.
Venezuela on steroids.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Okay, let's go to... Hmm...
Let's go to Justin and then Kevin and then Forrest.
Justin, thanks for holding from Kentucky.
Go ahead.
All right, Justin may not be there.
Let's go ahead.
Go ahead, Justin.
Yes, welcome.
Oh, Alex, it's so great to get to talk to you.
I'm a longtime listener, 13 years.
Thanks so much for having me on the show.
Thank you, sir.
We appreciate it.
But you know, they're coming for our children and our families and already Kim trailing us.
So we're all in this together.
I mean, I'm just trying to survive.
But I thank you for trying to survive as well.
You know, I think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion with
You know, Biden, this is all just the liberal media trying to take advantage of all the events of the world.
You know, I think they plan most of it, but then the few things they don't, they still, they say, oh, this is great.
Oh, this is great.
Oh, they admit that.
They rig a lot of it.
They also, they call it crisis governing.
They create crises to make money out of the crises they're prepositioned for.
But you're right.
When new stuff pops up, they don't let a good crisis go to waste.
No, they just use it so that they can mischaracterize the president and move forward with whatever dark plans they have for us.
We know what those dark plans are.
It's just absolute evil on steroids.
It's just people deciding they want to be evil because it gives them power on this planet.
How do you think the Democrats are setting Trump up?
I think that they're taking every little thing that he says in every interview, anything he says, and they're just doing the classic thing, you know?
They'll take what you say and they'll cut three words out and splice it all together, and they just twist and make it.
That's right.
But they're still there.
The media's still there.
The indictments haven't happened.
So I'm going to say it again, as much as I like Trump and know that he's being persecuted and crucified, we're all getting hung up with him here.
And so, why there's paralyzation from Trump on the censorship and the indictments, which I know he's pissed at people that are in those meetings, but then he's just got to keep firing people until he gets people in there that will take action.
Because again,
This is about public safety, ladies and gentlemen.
The left are a bunch of degenerate scum funded by multinational special interests and the Chi-Coms.
Alright, we're going right back to your amazing calls.
And then I'm going to get into the news.
Boy, there's a lot of it.
I mean, there are so many articles now where U.S.
companies are bowing to China and then picking up official communist propaganda so that they don't cause any problems.
I'll tell you what, you just tell us what to say.
And China's like, ah, well done, now you get it.
Do not let anyone talk about free expression.
That's a quote.
Yes, master.
See how fast that happened?
See how fast?
See how that works?
You know, they had big international video game tournaments where one superstar, who's as big as sports now, said, you know, I'm supporting Hong Kong freedom.
Don't hold it beside it.
At a game in the U.S.
Senate, they'll throw you out.
Well, now Google Blast lists Hong Kong protest game.
Because China doesn't like it.
And Apple just deleted an app that let you follow the protest.
Because China said no.
Remember, you can move to China and get 0% corporate taxes, just like Ireland.
The difference is, in Ireland, if a corporation gets mad at you, they don't get to kill you.
Oh, in China, if you're in with the Communist Party, you just make a phone call.
Whoever that employee that smarted off, they're dead.
Or they're in a forced labor camp.
Oh, but we shouldn't be threatened by this at all.
The Democrats are just everywhere saying, arrest conservatives.
And I saw two articles this week where people making the image of a gun finger got arrested.
Somebody claimed.
They claimed they pointed their finger at them and they were threatened by it.
It looked like a gun.
One was a kid in school, another was an adult.
Like, well, that's not the law.
People don't care now.
There it is.
Child charged with felony for pointing finger gun in school.
We'll all be much safer now, right?
Going back to the calls here.
Laura in Alabama, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding, Laura.
Hello, Alex.
I hope everything's well with you.
Oh, well, I mean, I'm sitting here watching absolute insanity unfold.
I know, but you know us Southerners, we're just polite to a fault.
I wanted to let you know specifically that, and I know a lot of other people have said this, but I want you to know how many people are praying for you.
You know, there's a lot, a lot, hundreds and thousands of people praying for you.
Well, I can feel it and I need it because I think the bad guys are saying some naughty prayers.
Well, it doesn't work that way.
I know.
I'm saying they're praying to their gods.
As far as I know.
But I wanted to tell people, too, to pray specifically.
I've learned that specific prayer is even better than general.
Pray for you, pray for InfoWars, pray for the host specifically, which I do every day.
Thank you.
And pray for health and safety and expanding your reach and your influence.
And increasing your sales, and increasing your territory, and increasing the amount of money that Infowars brings in, so you can do that.
Well, it definitely works, because God's real, and thank you.
Just please pray for my discernment.
I really need, I want the brain boost.
Believe me, I've already got it a few times.
But I can handle it now, I think.
And I would ask you humbly to please pray for my discernment, and all of our discernment to be increased.
I do.
And I consider you very prophetic.
I think you speak a lot of things that you can see coming that a lot of other people can't.
So I pray for discernment and for you to be able to have these prophetic moments.
But I have faith in you.
I know it will continue.
And I use all of your products.
There's a lot of synergy in your products.
And I use many, many of them.
And I want to just comment, I got the super silver, the grapefruit scented.
I read all the ingredients when I got it, and I have made my own skin cream in the past when I have time.
And really, it's the same ingredients I would have used.
Very high quality.
Not that many ingredients, really, but very good quality.
And there's a scent, but it's not like heavy or fakey.
It's really nice.
Sure, it's just natural fruit from the... What's the name of it?
I'm teleprompter free.
And of course, then we have one that doesn't have scent as well.
And I think there's lavender too, but I just love fresh citrusy smells.
So I really like the cream and it's very thick and I really like it.
So just wanted to pass that along.
Well, thank you very much.
I really appreciate your support.
And about Trump being impeached, I tend to be a person that says, why now?
Why this?
Why so fast?
What's behind everything?
I tend to look at that instead of just what it is.
And I think that it's not just one thing, of course.
A lot of the people have commented that, you know, about, you know, I think Ukraine is a crook, and I think there's been so much dirty dealing there, and there's so much fear, of course, of that being found out and being, you know, they don't, you know, cockroaches don't like a light being shown on them.
And so, I think that that's part of it.
And I also wanted to question you on this, because I haven't heard anybody say anything about this.
So, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has pancreatic cancer, which they can put a smile on it all they want to in the media.
At her age, the prognosis is no more than six months.
And I was going to start the show today with, they want Trump out because they don't want him to get another person on the Supreme Court.
And that's why this is for all the marbles.
You're absolutely right.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she's not going to live more, I would think, than two or three more months because they diagnosed her with it, what, two, three months ago.
And I kept thinking, no one's saying anything about her, and when you're the quietest is when I have a lot of suspicion, but do you think that they've been given a time frame maybe?
And they're all of a sudden like, we gotta get him out.
Oh, I totally agree.
I think she's on death's doorstep.
I mean, if you're 50 years old and you get pancreatic cancer, what?
I mean, like the average is maybe eight, nine months.
If you're as old as she is and had all the cancer before and all the surgeries, I mean, I tried to look up the prognosis, but they said somebody at that age with those complications, we're talking months.
Months, yes.
I asked one of my friend's husbands who's a physician.
He said months.
I did some research on it at the time, yeah.
And that was like two, three months ago they announced it.
You know, they sat on it for a while when she was in those surgeries.
So, she's definitely getting really, you know, top of the line care.
So maybe instead of two months, four months.
So, she should be dead in a month or two.
And do you think that they're just like, we're not, he can't have one more.
If he got one more selection, which I don't think they would let him have,
I think that it could balance the Supreme Court to the right for a long time.
Well, that's right, because Bush put in some of the ones that are currently there, and they're like fake conservatives.
But if Trump keeps getting people like the last two who aren't perfect, you know, they like some police state stuff, you know, but I mean, compared to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they're like angels.
Absolutely, it is.
But listen, don't think the globalists won't kill a bunch of Supreme Court justices or something.
They are really out of control.
They're really dangerous.
But the reason they're really panicking is they had the police, to a certain extent, 20 years ago, kind of not awake, bonding the Kool-Aid on federal funds, doing a lot of asset forfeiture seizure.
The cops were out of control in some areas a few years ago.
But when they tried to federalize police and killed a bunch of cops and tried to threaten them and tried to make them join the New World Order and gave the police training manuals under Obama that said veterans and gun owners and the founding fathers are bad,
And the UN's going to tell you what to do.
All the patriots had given police, because of Jack McClam and others, obsessing on waking police up, which was true.
So I obsessed on it.
My listeners obsessed on it.
So every cop I ever run into who's been around a while goes, I've been handed your videos 10 times.
I've been sent Jack McClam stuff 100 times.
You know what?
I'm glad I was.
It was all true.
So the cops, when all this came out, they went, well, I already know all about this.
It's true.
We had almost complete conversion of police the last 15 years.
I mean, I'm telling you, the police have gone from being a net corrupt organization, because the public's corrupt, not all of them, but a good portion, to now the police are, because they're informed how the world works.
They know about corruption.
They know about gangs, manipulation.
So they were kind of in la-la land for a while.
A lot of cops were awake.
But now the cops that warned everybody, their phones ring off the hook.
I mean, I was talking to a lot of retired police chiefs, retired colonels, generals, you name it.
Even six, seven, eight, nine years ago, they said, listen, Alex, we're winning.
People used to not believe me.
Now they all believe me.
And my phone literally rings every day.
And, you know, and the police begged me to come to their events and speak to them privately.
And so the cops absolutely know what's going on now.
And that's got to scare the globalists, doesn't it?
And police officers are also going to have firsthand
Uh, site knowledge of what happens when you have unfettered illegal immigration and it's going to come into all communities, not just border communities.
Oh, they see the massive crime and they see Hispanics being fed on by the illegal aliens.
That's why in real polls, something like, well, even in AP polls, Gallup polls had 76% of Hispanics want more border wall and more because they're not dumb.
They know what's going on in Latin America.
They don't want criminals who have criminal records running up here and running back and forth, you know, hopping back and forth.
There's a total shift of awakening happening.
And so that's why you're seeing all the tyranny.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
She was a great caller.
I just spent most of the segment with her.
I've got to get to the clips.
See, I was planning to take off Sunday and spend time with my family.
I haven't really taken any vacations in a while.
And it's just not right to not go camping with my daughters, especially.
They just love it.
They just love it.
I didn't do it enough with Rex.
I mean, he did a lot of hunting and stuff, but he's grown up now.
And they just are begging to go shooting and camping.
They're just begging to go fishing.
It's just, it's so hard to say no to them.
I mean, Daddy, I want to go hunting.
Daddy, I want to go shooting.
Daddy, I want to go fishing.
It's just like, oh.
I already, I already screwed up.
I'll tell you, these girls, I'm going to do it.
I'm trying to take off Sunday.
Mike Adams is sitting in, but I've got to get to these clubs or I won't be able to do it.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
Raising the alarm against dehumanization.
All right, let's move quick because this is going to be a jam-packed fourth hour.
Believe me, we're going to play some stuff that's just over the top.
I thought about not playing it, not giving it attention.
The people that gave me the info were so distressed about what they've learned that's involved in not just this production, but others.
All right, people need to know what's going on.
That's coming up.
I'm not going to tell you about it until I play it.
Kevin in North, not North Carolina.
That's how they're called in North Carolina.
Kevin in New York City.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Alex, how you doing?
Good, brother.
Thank you for holding.
All right.
So I want to talk about impeachment, but real quick,
On a molecular level, I just want to talk about what I'm seeing in New York.
I work for this private bank, and they forced us to watch his video.
It's supposed to be on sexual harassment, but it was actually about talking about the gender identity, and it tells us rather than saying that some people believe that there's more than one gender, that there is a definitive number of genders, right?
And then my son goes to school in New York City, and he was forced to be a part of this whole walkout for the global change.
You know, climate change.
So they're coming at us from all different levels.
And I believe that a lot of people are not really buying into this, because I have conversations with the limo drivers, the taxi drivers, just the regular day people.
A lot of people are not buying into this.
So they're trying to get us on a molecular level that I see in my life.
So I don't really think that in New York that people are really going to buy into this impeachment thing.
No, you're absolutely right.
But what they're doing is normalizing it, and then each generation gets more used to it.
And I agree, the impeachment's not going to be popular, but they're still trying to go ahead with it.
Then they think a civil war they're going to stage, false flags and blame on us, will take them over the top.
That's why this is so dangerous, is they really intend to carry it out.
But you know, America and the West is a giant open-air re-education camp.
All the sensitivity training, all the stuff that's going on, and I'm going to play some clips of coming up,
Is that true?
Again, they're just normalizing it, so you still won't agree with it, but you'll be, oh, where'd Bob go?
Well, he got arrested.
He made an OK sign, or somebody thought he pointed the symbol of a, you know, gun at him.
I mean, how many people, when they talk about something, go, it's right over there, and point like it's a gun?
I do it all the time, because I like using cool hand signals.
I go, hey, this is, hey, hey, slick.
Man, that's a cool truck.
In fact, I've been thinking about the symbols I use with my hands without thinking.
Here's an example.
Man, that's a slick car.
And I tend to do like a gunshot.
Obama does it too, like, hey!
Or you see a kid walking in with a cool shirt and you go, hey, slick sport, how's school?
That's a gun, but it's not really a gun.
It's just like, hey!
Or pew, pew, pew.
That's your right to do that.
It's not a threat.
It's not a real threat.
But, oh, okay, symbol, that's white supremacist.
They know it's not a white supremacist symbol.
Again, they are saying, we're the high priest, we have the jurisdiction, and we have the power over all language and symbols.
Well, that's, God gives us free will and doesn't tell us what symbols to use.
These people are trying to be above God.
Does that make sense, Kevin?
Absolutely, absolutely.
But it's scary how they're coming after our kids.
Because, you know, I'm a middle-class kind of guy in New York City, and I have to send my kid to the public school because the private schools treat you differently.
No, I understand.
They take your money for property taxes, and then they do it.
And the private schools are like that too, exactly.
Yeah, yeah.
Well listen man, I just want to say thank you for all the hard work.
And one thing, you were saying about we should all go to Washington.
I think you should put a definitive date on the calendar.
Because I think that way, we get everybody there, I'll be there, and we just, we just, we go down there and mask, you know?
That's the only way to go.
You know, that's a great thing to do.
They can get ready for that.
I think you just pick the committee you think's important, start nosing around, looking at committee things, who you want to confront, what telecom chief, what globalist, and then you just go to it.
I appreciate your call though.
Here's the thing, if I announce the date I'm going to be in D.C., that'll be wild, but maybe I should do that.
Kevin, thank you so much.
Wow, just to think how far we've come in people waking up.
But that's because it's how far the enemies come in setting up this tyranny.
We got four or five more calls left, and then I'm blitzing through news.
There's so much coming up in this hour.
Please stay with us and tell others about the broadcast.
Thank you.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide on this Friday transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I'm going to take another segment or so of calls and then I've got just a totally jam-packed rest of the hour.
I'm just going to get to that when I get to it, but believe me, you're going to want to stay with us.
But right now, let's go back to your phone calls.
Corbin in Austin, Texas, thanks for holding your own here.
Alex, what's up, man?
How are you today?
I'm watching them.
They got their knives out.
They're coming for Trump.
And I just don't think the public realizes how dangerous this is.
It is so obvious and so scary.
But, you know, I was drinking my Patriot Boat this morning and I just put it all together.
I'm feeling really good about the impeachment.
I think that we should all hope he gets impeached in the House.
And I say that because that exposes them to something they never had before.
And that's going to be public Senate hearings that are going to be televised.
Which the President is going to have something he's never had before, and that's subpoena power to subpoena anyone him and his lawyers want.
And that includes Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, Bruce Ohr, Hillary Brennan, Clapper, Page, Stork, Comey, anyone they want.
Also, during this impeachment, the Horwitz report's going to come out, the Durham report's going to come out, the Democrats are all going to be exposed.
It's going to provide a roadmap for how corrupt and how there is a coup on the president, and I can't see them surviving it.
Sir, Corbyn, I totally agree with you that if Trump had warriors with him that knew how to use this and knew how to expose the enemy, that he would end up winning.
Once they go to that, though, they're going to intensify the threats.
They're going to have a stampede of panicking.
They're going to have all these other people they're threatening to indict for things that aren't connected to Trump that will create a
I don't
It'll be just like Kavanaugh as the wheels come off, as it's all proven to be made up lies, and will blow up in their face spectacularly.
And I agree with some of his analysts, he'll win 45 states.
Oh, I agree.
I think this is going to be a great awakening for the American people who are living in their bubbles and their CNN, MSNBG concubines.
It's going to be like, wow, this is actually happening.
And I'm very curious to see if he's going to move quickly on the 28,000 sealed indictments that he has.
I mean, that's 27,000 more indictments than Obama had that were sealed.
I think there could be like a Ricoh deep state move that he has to make.
This deep state's been in since the 1930s, since we sold our country out to the Federal Reserve and the Central Bank, and they're terrified of what's going on.
Well, Corbyn, yes, that's exactly...
What's really going on is there's been a deep state of corruption selling us out seven ways this Sunday.
They've gotten away with all of it and now they were going to fully implode the country and some people said let's not do that and so now there's a fight over that because the people running things really hate America.
It's metaphysical.
It's spiritual.
I appreciate your call.
Really good points.
Okay, who's up next here?
Who's been holding the longest now?
Forrest in Ohio.
Forrest, thanks for calling.
Yes sir.
Hi Alex, to piggyback off the last caller, I think it's interesting you talked about he could possibly, Trump could possibly win 45 states.
I was thinking if he totally rips the blanket off this whole thing at the right time, it's entirely possible that this could just be an election of legendary measurements, you know?
Oh, if he could find a few men or women who would actually follow through on the indictments, which we know there are a bunch of Sylvans.
We know McCabe got indicted.
That's confirmed.
They brought it up to the Deputy Attorney General.
It's their job to shoot something down.
They have that failsafe for them for the deep state.
And they said, no, we're not going to say no to the indictment.
So the indictments are out there.
So you're not half pregnant.
We're pregnant with taking down the deep state.
They want to abort the baby.
The war is on.
So we just need to get this thing over with, roll up our sleeves.
Yeah, well, I think a lot of the swing states won't actually be a swing state if it all works out and everything gets uncovered and, you know, the trickle-up effect going up to Obama happens.
I mean, there's no way that people can actually, you know, justify, and even if they're far less liberal, I mean, this is just crazy, and states that are
Deep blue like New York, California.
It makes me wonder, like, how far to the right are they going to go?
Maybe them could be a swing state.
So that's just a piggyback off the last caller, Alex.
But about the censorship, one thing I thought of, I think it's entirely possible that Trump might be using the surrounding of the Marines
Around the White House, and then you talked a couple days ago about him going into the media outlets and arresting some of them people.
I think that might be like a tip-off as to how he's going to go about getting the censorship issue under control, too.
What do you think about that?
I know that Google and Facebook were set up by the Deep State.
That's not even debated.
And I know that they are sharing all the data with the NSA.
And so Trump has the Super Trump card on all of them.
And they just won't stop doing it.
So at a certain point, he's complicit.
And that's why we have to light a fire under his butt.
Because we are hearing rhetoric from Trump and Giuliani we haven't heard about.
Indictments, and Obama being a crook, and Hitler.
Yeah, so Trump's moving in the right direction.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Okay, we've got Duncan, Tim, Greg, Robert, and a few others, but man, I have this tendency to get really prepared for the show and then just hold it all when I take calls and cover news, but I may just have to host some of the War Room today with Owen.
I'm so, well, no.
Let me do this.
Let me do this.
Let me come back, because I promised I'd do this, and let me start getting into all these reports and all these clips.
And then if these folks want to hold, I'll get to them after that, because I promise I'll get to the news.
Robert, Greg, Tim and Duncan.
If not, we'll get your numbers.
You can ask them.
I'll call them back on Monday.
They'll be front of the line, because Mike Adams is hosting the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
I'm going to file some reports as well, but I'm going to do it from the woods.
I'm taking my two middle daughters and my little daughter, taking all three of my daughters out doing some camping and shooting and stuff like that.
I've got to have some R&R.
I'm going to go crazy.
I think everybody understands that I got to go do some forest bathing, as they say.
But I'm going to come back and I'm going to pick which one of these big things I want to get to first on the other side.
But just stay there, please.
A lot of great callers.
We're running.
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In fact, that shouldn't even be on there.
That's another mistake.
I would give President Trump an A-plus for his speeches and attacking globalism and the New World Order and communism and one-sided trade deals and how the so-called American elite are actually anti-Americans hired and infiltrated in to take over.
That's why they hate us.
It's so obvious America should rise up and say no and embrace Trump and embrace info wars and take the nation back.
So many people have been poisoned, they've been stunted, they've been rain washed, they've been manipulated.
Let's play some of these incredible clips from last night.
Here's President Trump on Biden and how the deep state's been looting America with China looting and pillaging.
Here it is.
President Trump made a totally unsubstantiated claim about Hunter Biden and his father.
It's not unsubstantiated, you crooked son of a guns.
It's 100% true.
Even the smart guys on Wall Street, and I know all of them, they are smart.
They've never seen anything like that one before.
I've called them.
Does that ever happen?
Never happens.
Guy walks in, no experience, no nothing.
Walks out with a billion five.
Gee, flies in on Air Force Two with his father, the Vice President.
Don't forget, that's when he was Vice President.
So China gives its son 1.5 billion.
How would you like to have Joe Biden take over negotiations right now with China?
I don't think so.
I don't think so!
These corrupt politicians
And the radical leftists got rich, bleeding America dry, and they knew that my election would finally end their pillaging and looting of our country.
And that's what they were doing.
And that's what they continue to try and do.
That is why, from day one,
The wretched Washington swamp has been trying to nullify the results of a truly great and democratic election, the election of 2016.
They're trying.
They're not getting very far.
So Trump is identifying America's number one enemy, the deep state coupled with the authoritarian nightmare land of communist China.
And this alone, he gets a 100% in the speech.
The speech was stratospheric.
I might just come in this weekend and just do a four-hour special where we just analyze the whole two-hour speech.
It's all posted at Infowars.com.
Here he is explaining
What would have happened if Hillary would have won?
China would be the world's dominant economy, enslaving their own people and leveraging out our economy and others.
And then he gets back into Biden and China trade.
Here's the President.
America now has the number one economy anywhere in the world and it's not even close.
You know, I'm dealing with China right now.
They're in Washington.
We're going to see if we make a deal.
But they want to make it.
We're going to determine whether or not we want to make it.
But they've been very nice.
And today, I got a call from one of the top representatives.
He said, Congratulations, Mr. President, on having a truly great, great economy.
That's pretty nice.
We picked up since the election trillions of dollars in value and China has lost trillions of dollars in value.
I will say this.
If our opponent had won that election, you know what would have happened?
Right now, China would become the ninth, it would be the number one economy anywhere in the world, and right now I can tell you, they're not even close.
By the way, we were slated to be like the number three economy by now, after the EU and China.
Now we're the number one oil producer, exporter.
It's like flipping a light switch.
We've been set up.
The globalists brag about this.
I was reading Council on Foreign Relations books 30 years ago called Foreign Affairs.
They're put out every two months.
It's at Barnes and Nobles.
And I mean, it's just like every other issue.
It talks about how much America sucks and how China's the... Remember Lloyd Blankfein before he left Goldman Sachs a couple years ago?
He said, I was just in China.
Trump will never bring America back.
Ah, talking crap about us.
Then when he got us up to almost 4% growth rate,
Federal Reserve raised interest rates eight times to teach us dirty Americans.
You know, Trump also said something that had all the news.
I don't need to play it here, but he got into Trump versus Biden, and he says all Biden's good at is kissing Obama's ass.
That's really true.
That's all Obama was good at, was kissing the globalist's butt.
The big consortium of multinational corporations that sell out nation-states.
Corporate raiders like Mitt Romney.
It's the same crew.
Romney's just lower-level vulture.
And they sit around in committees, and they talk to the Chinese Communist Committee, that talks to the Apple Committee, and the Goldman Sachs Committee, and the Google Committee, and then they all align and agree with each other, and then they proceed to screw everyone over.
Oh, why don't we just play the clip?
It's still true and funny, too.
Here it is.
Hunter, you know nothing about energy.
You know nothing about China.
You know nothing about anything, frankly.
Hunter, you're a loser.
Why did you get 1.5 billion dollars, Hunter?
And your father was never considered smart.
He was never considered a good senator.
He was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama's ass.
You know, Owen Schroeder can do whatever he wants in the war room coming up, but I think they ought to just re-air the whole thing.
I mean, this is solid gold.
Trump gets into a lot of other big points, and then he does some of the best comedy ever.
I mean, sometimes he kind of halfway delivers the economy, the comedy.
But last night, he was really funny and really entertaining.
And I was just looking at him with all this energy and stamina, a bull, and all he's done and how hard he's tried, compared to a Hillary Clinton, it's night and day.
But you know what?
That's not enough.
Because he has gotten into office.
We got him there.
This audience did.
And now, it's not enough for him to be charming.
It's not enough for him to try to do the right thing.
He has to come to us and explain that he's got criminals and traitors around him that won't implement things.
And then we'll back him.
He's starting to get there, folks.
But it's time to take the gloves off.
We're going to be back on the other side, and I'm going to shift gears into the vicious leftist calls for violence and attacks, and a movie being shopped around on Netflix and others, which is meant to set up gun owners and imply that we are going to go around and murder people en masse.
There's a lot of funding for movies like this, and obviously I'm being set up in a big way, so we're going to show you some of that.
The video's on Infowars.com if you want to see it if you're a radio listener.
You shouldn't have an opinion on that.
I met with constituents of color and quite honestly, some of the feedback was that some of this wording was ridiculous.
You have been white from birth.
Why are you arguing what is a system of oppression?
You've never experienced one!
So shut up!
I don't want to hear from you!
Just stop.
Just stop, Dan.
Stop, Dino.
You are not oppressed.
And people in Oaks Park are.
And we are trying to recognize that as a community.
This mayor and this board is obviously not willing to face history.
We have a chance to make history.
It is time for this community
To face equity enough!
And you stop it!
You are a white male!
You stop it!
You are a white male!
Your skin is light enough!
Stop it!
I think if we reduce these conversations to nobody cares what you have to say because you're a white male, I don't think we're doing this right.
That's Oak Park Trustee Susan Buchanan.
You are a white male.
Shut up.
And you think, oh, well, that's just aberrant, you know, up in Illinois.
No, that's what's taught at all the major universities.
I have a stack of news this week that I never even got to, where from Paul Watson's hometown of Sheffield, England, to Texas State University just south of me in Austin,
Where they actually teach that white people are fundamentally evil and where they teach classes that I am a white supremacist and need to be taken off the air.
I learned about that from an old family friend I've known since I was two years old.
My mom's best friend.
Her granddaughter went there.
Graduated with a journalism and social work degree.
She said none of the, even liberals in the class even bought it.
They all knew it was crazy, but that's what they teach, ladies and gentlemen.
So it's not just me reading it in the newspaper.
And black people in the classes are like, white people are inherently racist and evil?
That's not what Martin Luther King said.
That's not what common sense says.
But this is what's going on.
Now I have videos here, if you're a TV viewer you can see these, that are just incredible.
And when you look in the eyes of these women particularly, coming up and spitting and yelling and slapping pro-lifers who are being polite, having a pro-life demonstration at college, when you see the entitlement, when you see the crazed eyes, when you see how they grow up in the lap of luxury and freedom, and then they hate the very nation and then identify everything as an enemy,
Zoom in on that woman's face.
You realize that these people are completely mind warped.
Zoom in on that.
We're going to play a video of these women in a moment, but a picture does tell a trillion words.
They are goons, but they believe they are a ruling class.
How do you take an open, free society that protects the weak and turn it against itself?
You organize the weak into attacking all the virtuous, believing they're the good guys.
You empower slobs who don't have any real power.
They serve a system that hates them.
It's disenfranchised them.
They believe their degrees.
These women are probably both getting their third degree.
They believe, though, that if they could take power, then the utopia would be there.
Look at this woman.
They believe they would then be in charge.
So let's play that clip before I get to these others.
The attacks on the Trump supporters last night.
And then all the racial attacks on whites in Minnesota and Minneapolis that the police won't charge people, won't respond, because they say that'd be racist.
Whites being stabbed, killed, attacked, beaten, and told because it's their white.
And the left says, oh, that's good.
They all have that same crazed look like they're powerful.
No, you're a useful idiot.
Here it is.
It's up on InfoWars.com if you want to see hours of it.
Pro-abortion students chant F-U, spit and throw sodas on pro-life group.
Of course, the police do nothing.
Because they're there to guard and protect in these universities that are nothing but cancer cells to spill out.
Look, they have red flags, you notice, behind them.
Because they're communists!
They're about to rule everything!
Here's the tape.
Shut the f*** up!
Stop it!
It's called the right to free speech.
Is that an argument?
It's called the right to be... Do not even get me f***ing started.
How... Why do you have a right in what I do with my body?
It's not your body.
It is my f***ing body.
My body, my choice!
When does it become a child for you?
It's my body.
I would have to carry the child.
You don't have to f***ing carry the child.
Yeah, but when does it become a child for you?
It's still a baby inside, but I have every single right to decide what I f***ing do with my own f***ing body.
It is a baby then.
Notice the left, they always said it wasn't a baby.
Now that it's proven, they go, yeah, we'll kill babies.
It's a fetus!
It's a fetus!
Well, what's a fetus?
None of you men, you all are f***ed up!
None of you ever should ever tell a woman what to do!
Can we just have a polite conversation?
It is better to let a thousand abortions occur, to let however many abortions occur that need to happen, in favor of helping the already alive small children.
That's eugenics, where you say get rid of some to help others.
A lack of vaccines.
With that argument, we could kill a thousand people that are already born if it'll make your life and my life more comfortable.
You said if we kill a thousand babies that are about to be born what in the world?
She just walked off because that's what she just said.
You can't tell me when you became a human being.
Yeah, I can.
Like, when I was born, jackass.
When you were born?
So what were you before?
I'm confused about the bad types.
What do they have to do with anything?
And you know what?
If it made my mom's easier to avoid me, she could f***ing live like that.
It's her f***ing choice to live the way she wants to.
Look how hateful that woman is.
Nobody's having kids with her.
She's going to take kids.
She's probably a social worker.
She's going to take them.
And on team.
I bet good money she's about to be a social worker.
Good cash.
Alright, who she is folks?
She's a social worker.
You see that?
Alright, that's enough of that video.
Now, I got to move quick here.
Let's start getting to the compilation video.
You'll see why I'm playing this when we come back.
This is the left putting on all these movies claiming I'm gonna cause violence.
We'll show you the first sneak peek at one of these.
Let's start rolling what happened last night in Minneapolis, St.
And again, most of these were racial attacks.
Here it is.
After the Trump rally.
The compilation, yeah.
Wouldn't turn the audio up.
So again, just white people being chased down, being attacked everywhere.
Um, all of this being escalated.
I guess there's no audience.
There's just so much cussing and big piles of people's hats being taken and then being burned.
And they had all these big ceremonies where they burned American flags.
So we're going to come back from break with the rest of this.
It's no big deal.
I wanted it with audio, so just scratch it, just abort it.
It's not a baby.
We didn't want to have to play the video.
That's enough.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
We'll take it down now.
We're going to go to break and come back after this.
And I'm going to get to some of the news articles I have on this.
I can show you the articles about it and then direct everybody to the video so you can go hear it and see all of it for yourself.
I'm gonna do a special report today on this that's so important that we posted InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com on that subject and I think I'll probably just have to do a special report because of time constraints on the other piece that I was gonna get to but that story is up on InfoWars.com and I'll tell you about
That's a good question.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Infowars.com and Newswars.com are the sites.
And I'm going to take a few final calls here at the end of the transmission with you, and then I'm going to stay here and I'm going to shoot three or four special reports that are going to be posted to InfoWars.com and Band.Video tonight on the reports I didn't get to.
But I'm going to talk to Duncan and Tim and Greg here to finish up with your calls in just a moment.
Then the War Room with Owen Schroyer is coming up.
Let me know what you think, too, once we post this report about how Hollywood is publicly trying to trigger mass shootings and how you think people ought to respond to this.
And they're also, again, specifically saying that I'm the one that's going to do this.
You've already seen them attempt that and put out their disinformation in Washington, D.C.
and other areas.
But that is definitely the direction that all of this is coming from.
Free Speech TV is doing a lot of great work, and I'm really excited to be able to talk about them.
Gavin McGinnis is back with his new online TV network, FreeSpeech.TV.
Please go to scribe to Gavin to see his daily show, Get Off My Lawn.
You'll also find Joe Biggs, Milo Yiannopoulos, Soph, and the new show, Free Speech, where Gavin interviews a liberal and a conservative.
There's lots of good content, and he's an ally of the Infowar.
Go check it out today and subscribe at FreeSpeech.tv.
FreeSpeech.tv, because again, I'm not in competition with other pro-human, pro-liberty media.
I am absolutely aligned, and I want to promote everybody.
From Tucker Carlson to Gab McGinnis to Matt Drudge.
And it doesn't mean we all have to totally agree on every issue, but we agree on free speech, on the right to defense, on the right of nationalism, and on the right to speak up and say no to these tyrants and these control freaks.
You know, you saw all of that video earlier.
And there's a bunch of other videos I didn't have time to get to.
So one of the special reports I'm going to shoot is all of these people.
In fact, let's play the old H. Skrillex one in just a moment.
Coming up and saying, hey, what are you doing in a demonstration or a rally?
You're an effing white male.
You don't have any right to speech.
As if you're this demon that did these bad things and now, because some white person did something wrong, you're bad.
That is so authoritarian.
But that's what's being bred on the universities.
Meanwhile, the most homogeneous country in the world, China.
And it's extremely tribal.
Extremely, to an unbelievable extent.
What you would call racist.
But you don't hear a damn word out of the left because they know the Chicoms don't bend to that.
But they know America has been built on trying to be Christian.
And they use our openness against us.
And it's time to not just grovel when you're a city council person and the mayor's a woman.
Just shut up!
You're a white male.
We're passing this anti-free speech resolution.
You keep your frickin' mouth shut.
It's not enough to just say, well, that's not very nice.
Those people need to be removed.
They're authoritarians.
They're dangerous.
And we don't have an immune system to this because we've been free so long.
Now, some of the other news we've got here is extremely important, obviously.
Even Mark Cuban's coming out and endorsing an end to free speech.
That's the type of news I have here in my stacks.
California collapsing under its own socialism and never letting anybody cut out fire breaks beside forests and human dwellings.
They have laws where you can't trim the brush, so that happens.
And now they're getting rid of shortwave radio communications in the government.
I mean, just everything is spiraling, the toilet bowl, because the leftists are siphoning off all the money and stealing it.
We've got illegal aliens blocking bridges between the U.S.
and Mexico, demanding everything be free and that they be let in.
There's just so much here I didn't even get into.
We've got NYPD suicides at record level, just nine suicides in just the last few months.
What's behind that?
Meanwhile, Putin warns jailed militants may escape amid Turkey's Syria operation.
And then the really big news, you know it's going off to the races, we don't know the details yet, but U.S.
Special Forces bombed in Syria, we're told by Turkish forces, in friendly fire, and so wait for that to go sky high, as they blame Trump for that happening, because Trump says we can't keep troops there forever, and then General Dunford, the chairman, gets up today and says, oh we still got a ton of troops there, which we pointed out.
And as Joel Skousen pointed out, so we haven't pulled out, but in the process, turkey bombs, U.S.
Special Forces that you know were ordered into an area where they would get hit.
Very, very serious.
Now, remember, ladies and gentlemen, that Band.Video is free.
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Check them out today.
Okay, let's jam in these callers.
Each caller is about a minute.
Duncan in Idaho.
Duncan, thanks for holding your on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex, I really appreciate your appetite for action today.
The ancient American scripture clearly states that the Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is the God of this land.
And he authored our Constitution for these United States, through many raised up for that purpose.
He gave us all the tools necessary in the Constitution to restore the Republic.
Maybe get one of your crack staff to get Dr. Edwin Vieira's number to you.
Call him live on air.
Get him on.
Joel Skousen, Ammon Bundy, Stuart Rhodes as a committee regularly.
And let's get 10 million men and mandate or order Trump to arrest these traitors.
No, I agree.
I've been wanting to get Edwin Vieira on about constitutional citizen militias and I've been wanting to get
Get the founder of the Oath Keepers, Stuart Rhodes, back on soon.
So I'll get that done.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Great points, Duncan.
Let's talk to Tim in Montana.
Tim, you're on the air.
Alex, I've got two quick points and an observation.
On Bandaw's video, I'd love to see a section on a how-to, like Millie did a video a couple months ago on how to get the app on your phone without going through the Google Store or the Apple Store and how to get, you know, how to download those
No, I agree.
We need an action plan or, you know, how to use this site or functions of this site video that's its own section.
We've already cut some of those.
They've been on air.
We should probably get those posted on their own section on the site.
Suggestion for a shirt.
There's a gal who's a florist in the state of Washington being sued by the state.
I believe it's going to the Supreme Court.
She did a speech here in Montana last night.
She said, disagreement is not discrimination.
And I think that'd make a great shirt.
Discrimination is not discrimination.
I disagree with you, but I still love you as a human.
Well, that's right.
They're trying to tell us, do what I say, believe what I say, and by the way, shut your mouth.
Very dangerous.
Thank you.
Craig, in Canada.
Go ahead, you're our last caller.
Thank you for calling.
Yeah, man, I'm just gonna rush in here.
Not sure if impeachment is inevitable, but in the vein of 1736 worldwide, and how Maxine Bernier is a lover of all races, lover of the human race, populist, nationalist, Canada up in Canada, in but 10 days,
If he wins, it'll put good pressure on developments in the United States and this international fierce fight for freedom.
And I could call back.
Obviously, you know they did.
No, I'm glad Canada's fired up.
We've got a big election coming up.
Everybody in the U.S.
should call folks in Canada and tell them, vote for the Patriot candidate.
Yeah, man.
The non-institutionalized version of history shows how
Napoleon's nephew was going to invade from Mexico to the north during the US Civil War.
British North America from the north, Mexico from the south.
They were going to put the pinch move.
Abraham Lincoln, corresponding with Alexander II of Russia, staved it off and Canada got their independence to march for it.
No, that's absolutely true.
We're out of time.
War Room starts now.
War Room starts now.
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