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Name: 20191010_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 10, 2019
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The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics including globalist control over corporations like NBA and Blizzard, the decline of America, the impeachment push by Democrats, Fox News' position on President Trump, child trafficking linked to Child Protective Services, upcoming indictments against deep state figures, censorship attempts by big tech companies, and the influence of China in Hollywood. The show promotes InfoWars products during a super sale and encourages listeners to share their content on Band.Video. Alex Jones also shares reports from Infowars about Joe Biden receiving money from Burisma Group, race-baiting in sports, transgender rights, and the importance of protecting childhood.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It is Thursday, October 10th, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Now, I'm going to be co-hosting with Will Johnson tonight from 7 past 9 o'clock.
During firepower at Infowars.com forward slash show covering the live Minneapolis, Minnesota rally that Trump is going to be holding.
I'll talk more about that in a moment.
As you know, the mayor is trying to keep the president from being able to speak and that ties into a key point we'll hit in a second.
First off, the corporate media is very breathless.
CBS News last night ran a story saying, read the second complaint of the second whistleblower.
And when I read it, the story is that it's not a story.
It's just stunning how they recycle the same thin air.
As if it's a giant porterhouse steak perfectly cooked on your plate with a side of mashed potatoes and carrots.
It is a complete mirage.
It simply says, oh, that the person had knowledge of someone who simply was listening to, again, the same phone call.
So more hearsay off of the hearsay when we have the transcript of what the president said.
They're also hoaxing saying that Mike Pence was involved in bad stuff.
He's trying to release his transcript.
But here's why this fraud is still successful.
It still makes the Republicans get on the defensive and start responding to the Democrats like they're the authority, like they're the boss up on high as they fire up this fake impeachment inquiry.
And again, the impeachment's real.
They're moving forward, but it's not even through the lawful procedures.
It's done through an exploratory committee.
Of an impeachment inquiry, so they don't have to do the investigation, would be process.
Again, unprecedented criminal activity.
They've made a conscious decision to engage in classical fraud, classical criminal activities at every level.
Now, let's shift gears into why I'm getting into Minnesota and the Trump probably tonight being so important.
There are articles out every single day.
So many reports that I really have gotten to a shelf-shocked point and hardly ever cover it.
Where major universities in Europe, in England, in Canada, and in the US, and as far away as Australia,
This is all a globalized standard system are telling white students that they have to go to mandatory classes and mandatory film screenings to learn how white people are inherently evil and how basically all sex is rape and just incredibly divisive systems.
And I've seen three articles just this week from England and the U.S.
where major universities are having anti-racism events, but then saying that white people can't come to those.
Paul Watson has an article today about Sheffield, England, actually where he's from, and the college there locally engaging in this.
They say it's not enough to be anti-racism, you've got to be
You know, quote, actively out there engaging all forms of it.
Well, that means whiteness, America, the West, culture, any of that is evil.
Any of that is bad.
Take Sweden.
They've announced they're going to ban all teaching in colleges and in primary school of Swedish culture and their history because Sweden itself existing and once being a homogeneous Viking culture is evil.
So again, this is a global corporate system to erase any identity in the West so that the new technocracy backed up by the chi-coms can take over.
And that ties into the mayor of Minneapolis saying Trump is a white supremacist.
He shouldn't be allowed to come into Minnesota.
Or Minneapolis.
Again, it's all about barring people's speech, barring their action, using a global social credit score to totally control people.
And that's why this is so dangerous.
They're consciously doing this and they're training our children and others that they have no rights.
And we can laugh at this as adults, but in just another generation, this will be in place if we do not stand up and say no to all of it.
Tom Papert's coming up.
Huge breaking news at InfoWars.com.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show!
I am Tom Pappert filling in for Alex today while he is out on a very important mission.
I just want to recap on a quick programming note.
Alex Jones will be live tonight on Firepower where I'm usually co-hosting with Will Johnson.
That's 7 p.m.
We're good to go.
All throughout the world.
It's now common practice anytime a right-wing populist conservative wants to speak on a college campus or speak in a city at all, they ratchet up security costs to make the event unviable.
This results, of course, in the venue canceling the event.
The people have to find a new venue.
It may be the guests, the people who have bought tickets can't find the new venue.
The event may go on.
It may go from 3,000 people to 150.
This happens constantly throughout the United States, but it has never happened before to an American politician, let alone
A sitting president of the United States like Donald J. Trump.
Unprecedented what's happening and it will be fascinating to see exactly what happens.
So again, make sure you tune in tonight for Firepower at 7 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We've seen over this last week a complete capitulation on behalf of corporate America to the communist Chinese.
And this is something the viewers of this broadcast have known about for 10 or more years, especially over the past two years.
Nobody has been more on point on this subject than Alex Jones.
And again, just to recap,
This week we saw the NBA offer a complete capitulation.
We've seen Blizzard, a video game company, banning popular streamers because they had the audacity to hope and pray and endorse a free, democratic Hong Kong that respects human liberty.
We've seen, I just saw a report about a hotel that reportedly fired an employee because they had the audacity to like a Twitter post about Hong Kong.
This is, I would say, unprecedented.
But if you've been following along, you know that Alex Jones was banned over a year ago because he was a threat to the Chinese Communist World Order.
As Alex Jones frequently says, the Communist Chinese own our movies!
They own the majority of Hollywood production studios.
The ones they don't own though, it doesn't even matter.
Because in order for a movie to get into China, China only accepts a handful of movies a year.
And in order for a movie to get into China,
They have to toad the Chinese Communist line.
So we have a special message from Fentanyl the Chaicom Dragon.
Let's go ahead and air that about how the NBA is capitulating and how it is serving our master Xi Jinping.
Let's air that video.
Hello, stupid Americans.
Fentonov, Chinese Communist, waggled here.
I told you just a week ago.
When you don't do what we say, you die.
Look what happened to a Hong Kong protester.
Oh, and don't forget, we killed more than Hitler ever did.
And that's why the liberals love us.
In America, the colleges that we fund teach no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
Let me show you a trained slave.
America is a rotting carcass.
Covered in filthy maggots.
Look at your own James Harden.
He came out and apologized to us.
That's good.
And now we tell the NBA what to do, and the NBA say, yes, master.
Yeah, we apologize.
You know, we love China.
We love playing here.
Finally, you saw what happened to South Park.
They talk about our re-education camps, and our death camps, and how Winnie the Pooh was banned.
And let me now tell you what happens.
They abandon our country.
Then they put out sarcastic apology.
That's not good enough.
Once we take over, we're going to kill the South Park producers.
That's what we do.
Everyone is adopting our model.
Big Tech is censoring Alex Jones, and now even Republican leaders, and they do nothing!
Soon, sites like Bandot Video will be shut down.
You stinking Americans, do not share that site, or Infowars.com.
Do not fight back.
Do what I say.
I just caught you, American!
You visited Band.Video!
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you!
Do what CNN says and do not visit Band.Video, or I have to hurt your eyes!
That, of course, was Fentanyl the Chaikon Dragon.
You can view the whole series on Band.Video.
But, folks, let me tell you, every single joke in that video is absolutely spot on.
I don't know.
And what's more important, the point that Alex brings up constantly, is this is the model that the globalists want to bring to the United States.
You know, there was this great fantasy before I was alive and when Alex Jones was a very young man, that by trading freely with the communist Chinese, we would export our ideology of democracy and human liberty and peace.
And now, oh, four or five decades later, let's take a look and see what's happened.
It's the exact
They have exported collectivism to our shores along with their cheap Chinese manufactured goods.
They have exported totalitarianism and censorship to our shores.
The big tech companies are now doing the bidding of the communist Chinese and now it's again beyond that.
The NBA, mass media, we have Hollywood all in the pocket of the communist Chinese.
When we come back we're going to have a clip
From two NBA analysts, where they admit exactly the depravity that they are undergoing.
I mean, it's unprecedented.
They admit this is all about getting to 600 million Chinese viewers.
It has nothing to do with caring about social justice, or caring about liberty, or caring about anything else.
Their only goal, their only consideration, is getting the communist Chinese money.
It's a sick, sick system.
And not only that, we've got an article from NewsWars.com.
Pro Hong Kong Sixers fan has been booted from a Philadelphia NBA game for supporting the fight in Hong Kong.
Sam Watts and his wife brought signs which read, Free Hong Kong and Free HK to Tuesday night's game between the Sixers.
And the Zhengzhou Lung Lions of the Chinese Basketball Association, according to Wokx, he lived in Hong Kong for two years and supports the anti-government movement.
He says, we were just sitting in our seats near the Chinese bench and they've been ejected.
There's no pretense anymore that the NBA is not a political organization.
It's a political organization, all right, but it's a political organization for the communist Chinese.
You know, meanwhile, we had the NFL a few years ago.
They had their kneeling scandal, where there were athletes were kneeling because of police brutality here in the United States.
And they tried to shut that down.
And as a result, they were lambasted by the leftists.
But if you shut down free expression, if you do that for the benefit of the Chinese Communist Party, then you're richly rewarded, my friends.
Don't go away.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
I'm guest host Tom Pappard filling in for Alex.
We'll be right back after this short break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm, of course, Tom Pappard filling in for Alex, who will be back tonight at 7 p.m.
guest hosting on Firepower with Will Johnson.
So in the last segment, we saw Fentanyl the Qycom Dragon tell us exactly how things are going to be if we want to survive in the new glorious Chinese world order.
You may think that Fentanyl was exaggerating, but no!
In fact, the NBA analysts on popular TV shows are admitting exactly what Fentanyl the Chaicom Dragon and, of course, Alex Jones have been saying for years.
Let's go ahead and go to clip 8.
The NBA is strangling on its own hypocrisy.
They've branded themselves as the social justice league, the most progressive league, when we care about all the everything.
And Daryl Morey has tweeted out supportive democracy.
That's something that I think most Americans have a consensus on.
We believe in democracy.
And we don't believe in communism and repressive government.
And so I don't think
The NBA needs to be more honest about what it is.
It's a business.
A cold-hearted business.
And there's a ton of money to be made in China.
That's why every NBA player runs his ass over to China two or three times every summer to get the bag.
The NBA's been over there getting the bag.
That's one of the reasons why NBA salaries have escalated to such a high level.
And so, the problem that people are having is like, the NBA, Steve Kerr, Greg Popovich, LeBron James, nobody wants to visit the White House, everybody's very critical of the American government, but here we have a communist, repressive government that human rights violations out the yin yang.
Well, Daryl Moyer, innocent little tweet here, and no one can stand by him for business purposes.
So quit faking the funk.
There's no faking the funk.
Pause that for just a second.
Pause that for just one second.
So now he lays it out.
The NBA is being hypocritical.
They're the Social Justice Association of Basketball, is what they are.
And now that their bottom line is being affected because you can criticize President Donald Trump, you can criticize the United States government, you can refuse to go to the White House.
There are no negative repercussions.
Most Americans are adult enough, unfortunately in my opinion, to continue to watch basketball and other sports ball teams regardless of whether or not they support the same president they support.
However, when it comes to the Chinese empire, the Communist Party will shut you down.
You've seen the viral videos of
Them tearing down banners, tearing down posters, painting over signs, anything they can do to spite the NBA because they are refusing, in their minds, to go along with the collectivist narrative.
Let's go back to that clip and see the pushback from a man who also admits it's all about the almighty yen.
Let's go back to the clip.
There's no fake in the funk, one.
There's no fake in the funk, one.
And two, I understand what you're speaking of.
Well, when we take a stand, as far as in America, Steve Kerr, Greg Popovich, LeBron, whoever it is, myself, you, whoever it is, that's in our backyard.
This is not our backyard, that's one.
No, that's where you get your money from.
Two is that 600 million people watching Chinese, that's over in China, that's watching NBA basketball.
600 million.
Wait, 200 million more than America.
So now what you're doing is, you're biting them hands, they're feeding you.
So, first of all, stay away from that.
Stay away from it.
Because if you're so gung-ho, your name will be with Steve Kerr and Greg Popovich when it comes to what's in America.
Do you tweet a lot of those things?
Alright, let's end that clip right there.
That is brutal honesty from NBA analysts.
These people are very popular when it comes to sports entertainment and sports analysis programming.
And both of them, one criticizing and the other endorsing, admit
This whole scandal over China is about courting the Communist Chinese so you can get their money.
It's a disgusting state of affairs in the United States where you have virtually every single corporation, I guess South Park excluded, saying whatever the Chinese Communist Party wants is our bottom line.
You can't talk about homosexuality, you can't talk about organ transplants, you can't talk about disappearances, you can't talk about surveillance, you can't talk about human freedom, democracy, liberty, anything, because that goes against our new communist Chinese paymasters, brought to you of course by the Deep State, who for decades have been betting that the Chinese would be the new force for the 21st century.
And only now, under President Trump, with tariffs, with everything else he's trying to do to bring China in line, only now are they starting to struggle.
There have been numerous reports that they may finally have an inflation.
They may finally have a recession.
Only in the age of President Trump.
And meanwhile, these people hate President Trump.
I'm beginning to wonder, and I think it's not too far-fetched, whether or not these professional sporting events, whether or not they loathe President Trump,
Because of their love of the communist Chinese dollar.
In communist China, they don't like President Trump.
They don't like the NBA now either.
It's really an unprecedented series of events where you have virtually every single major American company coming out in support of the Chinese communist empire over human liberty.
That's what this is.
It's not
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So please, InfoWarsStore.com.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Make sure to stay tuned.
We'll have Patrick Howley, reporter at Epoch Times and National File, right after this break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Tom Pappert filling in for Alex Jones who will be back tonight for Firepower.
My guest for this segment and the next is Patrick Howley.
He's a reporter for Epic Times, reporter for my website National File, formerly at Daily Caller and Breitbart.
This man was the most drudged reporter in 2016 and I believe he's the only reporter to
Beyond Drudge Report on four different websites.
So, Patrick, you have been on top of what's going on with the Ukraine situation, with the impeachment push, all of this insanity we're seeing from the left.
And just yesterday, we saw presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, call for President Trump to be impeached.
To you, what does this mean?
Is Joe Biden scared?
I think Joe Biden's terrified because Joe Biden has a very big problem with the Ukraine situation.
Joe Biden might very well be prosecuted.
And that's, you know, up to Attorney General Barr.
But I mean, it's obvious.
It's obvious that, you know, he engaged in illegal activity overseas.
And I believe he committed treason.
A lot of people believe that he committed treason.
I don't necessarily predict in this 2D world that we're going to see people getting convicted for treason necessarily.
But the corruption here is just so overwhelming.
That it's obvious he could be prosecuted.
Now let's quickly play that clip because I want to hear.
Again, I think I heard fear in Biden's voice when he was on television saying we need to impeach President Trump.
So let's go ahead and play clip 6.
We'll have Patrick give his thoughts.
President Trump has indicted himself.
By obstructing justice, refusing to comply with the congressional inquiry, he's already convicted himself.
In full view of the world and the American people, Donald Trump has violated his oath of office, betrayed this nation, and committed impeachable acts.
To preserve our Constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached.
That's not only because of what he's done.
To answer whether he has committed acts of sufficient to warrant impeachment is obvious.
He believes he can and will get away with anything he does.
We all laughed when he said he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it.
It's no joke.
He's shooting holes in the Constitution.
And we can not let him get away with it.
Now Patrick, there are so many levels of irony to that.
The fact that he says President Trump thinks he can get away with anything.
I mean, we've seen the video where it certainly sounds like Joe Biden engaged in quid pro quo.
If you give me the firing of this man, I will give you lots and lots of money.
But can you just break down for us some of the hypocrisy of Biden's call for impeachment?
Well, what was his son doing on the board of a Ukrainian gas company to begin with?
Hunter Biden is not exactly an expert in the energy industry.
He's a crack-smoking black sheep son who has never accomplished anything in his life.
He was placed on that board so that Joe Biden could fleece money and enrich himself, as he did all over the world, just as he did in China.
That's what these Democrats do.
I was the one who broke the story that Nancy Pelosi's son
Was on the board of a company doing energy business in Ukraine.
All of these people, these Democrats, are using their positions in the government to enrich themselves.
That is the swamp that President Trump is fighting against.
And the important thing to remember is these people largely do not have an ideology.
They are atheistic worshippers of themselves and their money and their pocketbooks and their bank accounts.
That's what drives them.
That's what motivates them.
And so that's why they get into these massively influential positions and instead of doing anything to help the people, instead of doing anything to help this horrible situation that we're in, they are just going around and enriching themselves and lining their pocketbooks.
It's absolutely disgusting and it needs to be stopped.
Now, Patrick, let's talk about some of these almost incestual relationships that the leftists have.
Of course, you did break on nationalfile.com the insane news that Nancy Pelosi may be embroiled in this as well, as her son worked, or was an executive, rather, for an energy company that did business in Ukraine.
But I also remember, maybe over a year ago now,
You were one of the reporters who broke the news about Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, the same son who received this $50,000, I've seen some reports it was $150,000 a month job from a Ukrainian energy company.
You were the one who talked about him hitting on and having a relationship with his brother's widow.
How are these people, where is the morality of these people or is there any?
Well, talk about bloodlines.
Hunter Biden had an Ashley Madison profile, and when I found this, and I brought it to his attention, he said through a spokesperson that the Russians, because they hated him, because he was on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, the Russians created a fake Ashley Madison profile for him.
I pointed out that this thing was based at Georgetown University, so, you know, that's where he was teaching at the time, or, you know, quote-unquote, teaching.
You know, it was obviously his, but he was blaming it on the Russians.
That's what these people do.
They use the political circumstances in order to absolve their own criminality and their own wrongdoing, and they spend all of their political capital just covering up their own crimes.
These people can't get anything done to save Social Security.
These people can't fix immigration.
These people can't do anything because they spend all their political capital just trying to not get prosecuted.
I think you're right about that, Patrick.
So there's an article up at newswars.com.
The headline is, Ukrainian president insists Trump did nothing wrong.
There was no blackmail.
I'm wondering, how long do you predict?
You've been following these people, the swamp.
You're in the swamp now, coming to us from Washington, D.C.
I hope that you're doing alright there.
Can you tell us exactly how long is this scandal, that never was, going to go on when you have the Ukrainian president saying there was nothing wrong, you have Vice President Mike Pence saying there was nothing wrong, Donald J. Trump saying there was nothing wrong, every congressional Republican, about the only one who is still saying, or maybe two, who are still saying that President Trump acted improperly is
Of course, Shifty Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, the 79-year-old wunderkind.
How long do we have to put up with this when you have the Ukrainian president issuing statement after statement that nothing happened?
Tom, it's so important to have independent media like this show because their PSYOP is exposed, their PSYOP is discredited, and so now everyone is laughing at them.
The entire country is looking at this and laughing at them.
The President has released the transcript of the phone call.
Adam Schiff has perjured himself in front of Congress.
I mean, these people are just lying.
They're using the apparatus of the mainstream media to lie.
I hope it goes on.
I hope it goes on because it is exposing their lying mainstream media apparatus once and for all, just like with Brett Kavanaugh.
This whole thing is going to go down.
And President Donald Trump is gaining.
He's raising a record amount of money.
The campaign is just ecstatic that this is going on because Nancy Pelosi is never going to hold a vote.
You know why?
Jenny Beth Martin is agitating right now.
The Tea Party is sending people to every single congressional district office of every single lawmaker, Republican and Democrat.
There is no way that these Democrats in swing districts are going to go ahead and put their vote down for impeachment on the record.
It's not going to happen because they're going to get voted out and Trump's going to take back the House.
And of course that brings us to President Trump's letter that he sent Nancy Pelosi just recently, where he laid out exactly how crooked this system is, where it's impeachment, but it's not impeachment.
It gives Democrats the right to do whatever they want and ignore evidence that they don't like.
Or Republicans have no subpoena power.
They are essentially the slave to the Democrat Party, which is unprecedented.
In the next segment, though, I want to ask you about Fox News, our competitor, the former conservative stalwart.
Which is now they've got Napolitano saying Trump is going to be impeached and arrested.
They have a new poll that they're pushing saying that Republican support for impeachment is on the rise.
It seems totally fictitious to me and when we come back in the next segment I want to get your thoughts on this.
Because it seems as though without the alternative media, without NewsWars.com, InfoWars.com, The Alex Jones Show, Band.Video, Firepower, The Epoch Times, National File, all of these fantastic publications and shows, the American people would be left with absolutely nowhere to go.
I think that, in my view, these people are being exposed as
Voices for the Uniparty.
So you're watching the Alex Jones Show.
I am Tom Papert filling in for Alex.
Remember, Alex will be back tonight at 7 p.m.
Do not miss Firepower.
He's going to have President Trump's rally all night from 7 until 9 and maybe a little after.
When we come back, we'll have Patrick Halle to talk about the demise of Fox News.
Don't go away.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm, of course, Tom Paffert, filling in for Alex.
Remember, I am encouraging everyone to watch Firepower Tonight with Alex Jones, co-hosting with Will Johnson.
They're going to be discussing the Trump rally.
My guest for the rest of this segment is Patrick Howley.
Patrick, of course, reporter for Epoch Times, National File, formerly Daily Caller, formerly Breitbart, fantastic investigative reporter, one of the few real journalists who is still out there making waves.
And Patrick, what I want to discuss in this segment, at least to start,
Is the situation that is ongoing over at Fox News.
We've seen President Trump, either late last night or early this morning, come out and say Fox News is failing.
They're going down the tubes.
But oh well, I'm president.
And we've seen Fox News pushing a poll, which I haven't had time to look into the numbers yet, but I am highly suspicious, saying that 41% of Republicans want President Trump to be impeached.
Can you talk about the demise of this once popular conservative network?
Well, I was in the Fox News Green Room just the other day, Tom, even though I wasn't on the network because I'm not allowed to be on the network.
I won't say what I was doing in the Green Room.
I was doing a little opposition research.
I happen to love Tucker Carlson.
I think he's the best person on television by far and up there with Rush Limbaugh in terms of somebody who I really respect and I respect their point of view.
Aside from him, Fox News is a travesty.
The lobbyist, the Fox News lobbyist in Washington, D.C.
is a former Joe Biden aide.
Donna Brazile is basically running the show.
It's ridiculous.
The Murdoch Sons have turned this into a globalist network and it just goes to show, it proves that these big corporations are on the same side.
I mean, these are leftist, globalist corporations.
And even though they have a conservative primetime lineup,
They certainly don't support the nationalist agenda that President Donald Trump supports, and so that's why they're beginning to turn on him.
It is so important for independent media outside of Fox News to rally right now, and to support Trump as much as we can, because Fox News is not going to carry the ship.
I think you are absolutely right about that.
I often say Fox News has maybe two hours total of good programming a day.
Sean Hannity tries his best, but you can tell that the producers there have beaten that man down.
There's rumors that he is not going to renew his contract in 2022, so maybe half of his show is good.
Same with Laura Ingram.
You can tell she's trying her best, but she already had one attempt to get her off the air by attacking her advertiser, so maybe half of her show is good, but Tucker is one of the few
People out there who is completely on point alongside Alex Jones and, as you said, Rush Limbaugh.
I wonder, and I think you've talked about this publicly, but I understand if you don't want to go into detail, Fox News has repeatedly put the kibosh on stories that you have written.
They have, in a way, stolen from you.
Can you talk about some of the behavior that you have witnessed firsthand from Fox News?
Are you comfortable with that?
Fox News is a completely vindictive enterprise that for years has ripped off my work.
They won't have me on anymore.
They because, you know, they don't know what I'm going to say.
And everything has to be scripted and it has to go through the Koch brother, you know, sausage factory.
But they take my work.
They talk about it on the air constantly.
And I'm happy they do.
But very, very rarely do they ever cite it.
And in fact, sometimes they will outright lie and say that some other publication did it.
It is ridiculous.
Everybody who works in this business knows that Fox News is a vindictive operation.
If you're on their bad list, they stomp on you as much as they possibly can.
They rub it in your face.
They are bad, bad people to other people in the business.
You know, you are really on to something there, and I just have to say for some background info, when Alex called me to host the show, he said, have on whoever you want, it'll be a great show, anyone you want.
And so I thought, let's get Patrick, let's get some other folks, and let's have a fun show.
Now, in Fox News, it doesn't happen that way.
You and I have a colleague, or former colleague at least, Patrick,
We're good.
Stay tuned because we're going to do the same thing to you.
We're going to tell you that you might appear, you might not.
It's a really disgusting thing that's happened to Fox News.
Tucker is having to fight for every single segment he airs.
Every single guest he brings on has to go through 15 different levels of screening.
So Patrick...
Later on in the show, we're going to be talking about the situation in Turkey and what's happening with the withdrawal.
I think you and I are both very pleased to see the troops finally starting to remove from Middle Eastern sandboxes.
But of course, there's a report today saying that Turkey's dictator is really what he is.
Erdogan is threatening to send Syrian refugees to Europe.
And Patrick, I'm sure you know, as well as the viewers, he's been threatening this for years.
Anytime this little dictator of Turkey wants to get his way, he goes out and he says, well, if you don't let me have what I want, then we're going to send millions of Syrian quote-unquote refugees into the European Union and we will destroy the European Union with mass migration.
So now he is saying if any NATO allies try to label what he is doing to the Kurds and what he is doing in Syria as an occupation, he will release the migrants.
I almost wonder if this is not a brilliant move on behalf of President Trump because he's been threatening this for years and it has yet to happen.
Can you share your thoughts on what President Trump's withdrawal, what is the move behind the move, so to speak?
Trump is shaking the global power structure.
You mentioned Turkey being a NATO ally, whatever that means.
It means basically if Turkey gets attacked, then the United States has to, you know, go and defend Turkey, even though these people don't pay us a whole lot of money.
The fact that Trump is standing up to the war machine is the most significant part of his presidency.
It is the area in which he's having the most impact.
He's kept us out of a big Iraq-style war with Iran.
As soon as another president gets in there, we're going to be in Iran in two seconds.
Everybody knows that.
Because the entire political class, the system, they need their billions of dollars.
They need their trillion dollars from the taxpayers to hand out to defense contractors for another long, pointless war like we had in Iraq.
They need to confuse people.
They need to break this country.
China, by the way, loves these endless wars.
They want America to go over to the Middle East and spend all of our treasure and all of our lives and all of our humanity over there.
It's absolutely ridiculous.
And you want to talk about Fox News.
This just goes to show that there's really no such thing as conservative or liberal, because the conservative agenda, they would have you think, is about going over there and starting constant war in the Middle East, right?
That's national security.
That's John McCain.
That's the Republican Party.
The right versus left paradigm is nonsense.
There's a war machine, there's a swamp, there are bad people who profiteer off of horrible things, human trafficking, human slavery, okay?
And those people are in charge, and the real people, the decent people in this world, need to stand up to it.
I think that that is a perfect description of what's happening.
It's the Uniparty in this country.
There is no left versus right.
There is human liberty versus tyranny.
That's what it comes down to.
So Patrick, we've got about two and a half minutes left.
Tell us some of the stories that keep, or where people should keep an eye out on, and obviously we don't want to spoil anything, but tell us maybe some of the stories you've got coming down the line and where to find them.
I'm paying attention to the Tea Party protests today at every single lawmaker's office.
I think the impeachment effort by the Democrats is circling the drain.
I'm going to stay on that.
I'm also going to stay on Child Protective Services, which has a financial incentive, thanks to the Clintons, to go around and take kids out of their homes, put them into the foster care system where they're exposed to human trafficking.
And I just got off the phone with a state senator in Arizona who's now championing that issue and saying that he believes CPS is linked to human trafficking.
So, big progress on that front.
And Patrick, tell us, where can people follow you on social media?
Where can they read your articles?
Follow me at Howley Reporter.
Howley Reporter, all one word, on Twitter.
And I put the articles out there.
I write for the Epoch Times.
And writing for you people is really the great joy of my life.
And I'm very grateful to be on the show and to be able to get these articles out there.
Well, Patrick, thank you so much for coming on.
You, Alex Jones, said it, and I agree.
You are a legend in this field.
You have been breaking news.
You are, in many, many ways, responsible for getting President Trump elected.
Some other time, we can go into the long story of how you completely destroyed the narrative and forced Breitbart to become a pro-Trump publication.
A lot of people don't know this.
Before Patrick Halle, Breitbart was squarely in the corner of Senator Ted Cruz, who's running for president in 2016.
Patrick is truly a national treasure, and Patrick, I want to say one more time, thank you so much for appearing on this broadcast.
You're the man, Tom.
Keep going.
Thank you, Patrick.
So you are watching the Alex Jones Show.
When we come back in the next hour, in the next hour, maybe not right when we come back, we're going to have two clips from Alex Jones that we will be airing, so do not
Go away.
When we come back, Alex will be here delivering some remarks.
We also, I also want to remind you one more time, tune into Firepower tonight, because we are going to have Alex Jones live in studio, manning shotgun for the Trump rally.
Coming up in the rest of the show, we're going to have Louie Huey, who is going to talk about social media censorship, as well as Drag Queen Story Hour.
Later on in the show, I'll have Will Johnson there in the studio in Austin, Texas.
So, you are watching the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Papert.
We'll be right back after this break.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this October 10th, 2019 Thursday edition.
I am Alex Jones, your host, and I'm going to be here with you today for just a few segments because Tom Pappert, the co-host, firepower, Will Johnson, weeknights 7 to 9 p.m.
Syndicated via radio and TV right here from this network and of course syndicated everybody via the internet at Band.Video is going to be hosting and I just really want him to host the show because he does such a really in-depth great job breaking down world events and I think he's somebody that really needs a big platform.
He is ready for a marquee
National broadcast and that's what we're doing with firepower with he and Will Johnson So look forward to him coming up here in about 15 minutes at the start of segment three.
He'll be in studio.
I left the Screens off here in the news set today.
So I thought it looks really interesting and I Was already thinking about when I came in really trying to strip away all the distractions and cut right to the heart of the matter
of just how historic the times are.
And so they hadn't turned the screens on yet, and I said, leave those off, at least for the first few segments, because I think it is archetypally a lot of things.
It's kind of like 2001 Space Odyssey, like the monolith, but turned on its side.
It's also a symbol of what happens if they take us and other independent media off the air.
But again, it's a symbol of stripping everything away.
But I'll move away from that discussion and give you a prelude of what I'll be covering in the next segment.
We've heard a lot of talk
About indictments coming soon and Trump's going to move against the deep state and the indictments are just a few months away.
Well, I haven't seen.
Rudolph Giuliani.
Make statements that are that strong until recently, and he made more of those statements on Fox News just the other night.
So I thought I would get into that when we come back.
Fireworks in October, Giuliani says Biden, Clinton, Obama to be exposed within weeks.
That's the intel, the information I have, and that's also sources that we have, and that's why the deep state is moving so quickly to try to block all this out.
It's why they're panicking so hard right now.
It's why they're trying to brand Trump as a criminal and basically have an unconstitutional coup against him with these hoax whistleblowers, is because Trump doesn't have any other choice.
Hillary and the corrupt deep state that have been selling this country out forever wouldn't just go away.
They want to continue their control.
They believe that America is their prey, like a lion that's killed a gazelle, and by God, they're going to finish that meal.
And after getting away with their crimes for so long, they believe they're politically bulletproof, and they believe that Trump, as they've said, is an anomaly.
Of course, Trump's not an anomaly.
While the arrogant globalists were congratulating themselves and patting each other on the back, we were building a populist, nationalist, anti-globalist movement.
We got very, very serious about it and pointed out that the CFR and other globalist groups were maneuvering China into a dominant power position and that they were going to then export that tyranny here to the United States through the corporations that basically set up China as a slave colony.
So I'm going to first define why China is so important in this system and how we were the first to really point this out from the opposition.
The globalists have been admitting it in their own white papers for a long time.
Then we're going to get into Trump calling up the Marines, coming indictments and so much more today right here on the Alex Jones Show with yours truly Alex Jones and then Tom Papert from his TV studios in Wichita, Kansas and the TV station that he runs that also carries the show live.
Please stay with us.
We'll be right back.
I have harped and harped and just really endlessly talked about Communist China.
For 22 years or so of my 25 year tenure on air.
And that's because it became very apparent
By the mid-1990s, that the CFR and other globalist groups were not playing games.
They were de-industrializing the U.S.
on purpose.
They were demoralizing us by design.
And they were strategically moving industry and rare earth minerals and all the other components of civilization to China and then making them exempt from global regulations and taxes.
They then put them on the WTO and let them basically violate all the rules that everybody else had to follow.
So they've been set up as a globalist slave colony of 1,400,000,000 people to strategically form major corporations to take over the planet.
So I want to be clear.
Communist China is a criminal, multinational network ruling over the poor people of China who are smart and hard-working, but because they have had such a huge population for 6,000 years, they have very low value in human life, and the people have been basically slaves and serfs in that entire history.
So the communists
We're just a new form of feudalism and serfdom taking over in 1949 from the Chinese emperors who had had a similar form of slavery over them.
But it's the multinational corporations about 150 years ago, the robber barons, that figured out how to deploy communism against areas of Europe that were freeing their serfs and Russia that was freeing its serfs.
They can then hype the serfs up and say, well, don't just be free.
Overthrow your czars.
Overthrow your kaisers.
Which czar just means king in Russian.
Kaiser, again, just means king in German.
And so it's not that the feudal kings were good, it's that they were being replaced with something that was totally godless, anti-family, and didn't even want a middle class or any merchants to exist, but wanted total centralized control.
And it was the British oligarchs and the American oligarchs that were funding the 1917 Revolution.
So at the end of World War II, when the United States saved China from Japan and their invasion that killed millions,
Our evil globalist government put Mao Zedong into power.
That's all declassified.
That's all public.
And so when you see what's happening in China today, it's totally critical.
To understanding that the corporations want censorship, the Fortune 100.
They want to get rid of the American system of big middle class.
They want slave labor.
They like Communist China.
They're not being dictated to by Communist China.
They put the Chai Koms in power.
And the Chai Koms carried out eugenics operations against their own people.
One-child policies, organ harvesting, putting millions in camps, killing Christians, killing Buddhists.
They believe that it'll finally be the communist experiment that works, but it's not even a communist system.
No, ladies and gentlemen, it is a tyrannical, just kleptocracy that uses up the population as total slaves.
But as the world awakens to this, it's beyond critical to not just make China the bad guy.
The people aren't bad.
It's the ruling class there put in by the globalists that have hijacked us.
They just haven't been able to break our traditions of private property and religious freedom and right to self-defense.
Because we already had those traditions and had defeated the British crown in the 1780s.
We had fought for our freedom.
The Chinese never had freedom, so that's why they were so easily subverted and turned into an engine of absolute abject corruption and evil.
We'll be talking more about that today, but when you decry the Chi-Coms, decry the major corporations that virtue signal and push racial division and kneeling during the national anthem, and America was never great, it'll never be great, and no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
And remember that the same sickness that took over Russia that's taken over China is trying to fully take over here and preaching the exact same stuff.
All Democrat candidates sound just like Mao Zedong.
And they say political power goes out of the barrel of a gun.
And Buttigieg says we're going to take your guns because it's about government having power over you.
So see, they're moving in for the kill.
And so this is not just a question about policy.
This is a question about power.
Now let's shift gears back to the United States.
Rudolph Giuliani, Trump's consigliore as they call him, has come out on Fox News and said, look, very soon they're all about to be exposed.
And of course, the Justice Department was told there was an indictment of McCabe and it went up to the deputy head, AG, and they said, please shoot this down.
And they said, no, that was almost a month ago.
So we should see the public announcement of these indictments and what Giuliani had to say on Fox is in line with that.
This needs to happen.
It has to happen.
Trump must get on the offense or the deep state will only be more emboldened to illegally remove him from office via this whole ongoing coup attempt we're witnessing.
For years, Obama had a pay for play operation in his administration that is disgusting.
And one of the reasons they're fighting so hard
If Biden comes out, so does Clinton come out.
And about three others.
This goes right to the top of the Obama administration.
And the administration is saying, I didn't have scandals.
It'll be the most scandal ridden administration in our history.
Obama didn't care about ethics.
He didn't care, otherwise it wouldn't have happened.
That's right.
A vice president should have been stopped from doing this by a president who had the slightest bit of integrity, but a Chicago Paul like Obama paid for play eight times, millions of dollars for your vice president and hundreds of millions for your secretary of state.
Oh, what a foundation.
This was all... He just bought the offices.
Joe, how confident are you that in the next couple weeks we're going to know a lot more from Horowitz, Durham, and the rest?
This is going to be a bang-bang couple of weeks.
Now I want to hit one more big story before we go to break and Tom Papert takes over.
And that's this report that's up on Infowars.com where some reporters went out to California and said, hey, have you heard?
New York has outlawed the term illegal alien.
That's in federal law.
They're illegal.
They're an alien to our country.
That's just the law.
That's what they call you in Mexico as a foreign alien.
And so we've thought about flying an airplane above New York, you know, saying deport illegal aliens, just because it's our right to say it.
It's the First Amendment.
New York and this thought control, mind control board they've created
...does not have the right to say that, and we need to fight that and litigate that out, and they need to be reprimanded.
They need to get in trouble for what they're doing, but they're expanding the censorship we've seen on the Maoist-style universities to everywhere else, and bowing to it is only going to intensify
I don't know.
That the term illegal alien should be outlawed there as well.
Remember, they just passed a law last year in California that if you use the wrong pronoun for all these imaginary different sexual preferences, that you can be arrested.
I mean, this is incredible fascism.
So New York, they're recently trying to make it finable if you use the word illegal alien.
Do you think that that's right?
Yes, I actually do agree with that in a certain way because New York is very diverse, and it's not only one race or one ethnicity.
That's a dehumanizing term, in my opinion.
Like, in my Chicano Studies class, we had a whole discussion about it, and I think it's used to put down people, to dehumanize them, to make them seem a lot less than they really are, and I think it should actually never be used.
Some people say it's like a racist term.
What do you think about that?
I just personally think it's wrong.
If I wouldn't want it said to me, I wouldn't want to say it to anybody else.
It has that, like, weight to it for me.
So I think it goes with the same words like the n-word and stuff like that.
It carries that same effect to Hispanic people, at least in my case, at least.
It really is mind-blowing that we've gotten to this point.
A lot of people think, oh, they're just well-meaning liberals.
They don't understand.
The same corporations that set up China and the Communists are setting this up.
It's the same systems in Europe, the same systems in Canada, Australia.
This is an admitted UNESCO-UN plan.
To feminize the men, to sterilize the population, to dumb us down.
We are having war literally waged against us.
And until we wake up to the fact that this is conscious and on purpose, we don't have a prayer of fixing it.
But when we do admit it's conscious,
And we have a right to say no to it.
People have courage and we can defeat this very quickly because this globalism system is absolutely tyrannical.
It's a bunch of corporations above the law who are tax exempt, who don't even pay taxes, who are all trying to get us to end fight with each other on race and religion while their command base is communist China, the most racist, homogeneous nation on the planet.
And speaking of that, later we've got a special report coming up on China that you're not going to want to miss.
And as I said, Tom Pappert, who is a very smart individual, is going to be taking over the latest breaking news.
Your phone calls, special guests, and so much more on the other side of this live global transmission on October 10th, 2019.
Please stay with us and spread the word because you are the modern Paul Reveres.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here.
We're about to go back live to Tom Papert.
I just wanted to file a quick report here concerning Paul Joseph Watson's article at newswars.com where Facebook is now banning the OK symbol.
Now again, that seems like it's silly.
It doesn't make any sense.
They're just idiots that are basically part of a moral panic.
It was the Fabian Socialist Plan, and George Orwell wrote about this.
He was at their highest levels of their leadership, to set up a system where they could arbitrarily go in and start removing language.
And that they, as the high priest of language, would then decide who could use that language.
And so this is about AI computers saying, okay, you can't have Alex Jones's photo.
Are you?
And then they're always going to be adding more things.
They're saying Donald Trump is a white supremacist symbol.
They're saying red hats and making America great is evil.
They're saying America existing, remember nationalism itself is bad.
This is all meant on erasing the nation and identity and you being able to even use basic communication.
So yes, it's racist to say white free day at major colleges.
Yes, it's racist to say whites have to go to re-education.
We taught their bad.
America and the West is now an open air re-education camp.
That's not a word I use to make it sound bad.
That's what it is.
Obama created documents where they told the army, prepare to put Americans in camps for quote, re-education.
And they used the term re-education in official army.mil documents.
That's why elements of US intelligence revolted.
Picked up our information on how to reboot the country, boosted it, and we got Trump in.
Because the other system would be total tyranny.
There is no option here.
These people aren't playing games.
They're not backing down.
They're not going away until we say no.
Every time you acquiesce to them, every time you battle them, every time you use the language they say to use,
They are breaking your will and setting themselves up as the controllers, setting themselves up as the arbiters, setting themselves up as the priesthood that rule over everyone.
It's time to realize these are conscious authoritarians with a scientific plan.
Limbaugh always calls them environmentalist wackos.
They're not wackos.
They're dominant megabanks that want to tax and control all carbon on the planet and track and trace it.
They're coming for your kids.
They're coming for your guns.
They're coming for your religious freedoms.
They're coming for the ability for you even to live.
They're coming with forced inoculations.
Google is now nothing but a giant big pharma company.
It's on.
They're allied with the chi-coms.
They mean business.
They think we're weak.
They don't respect us.
Well, you know what?
I respect you.
You know what?
They were arrogant just a few years ago.
They're scared now, and they should be, because they're never getting away with this.
They think their tyranny is so big that it can't fail.
They think it's so over the top, we won't be able to face the reality of how bad it is, and it'll be blindsided.
Well, we're not blindsided because of you taking action, because you spreading the word, because you praying to God every day, and because of you financially supporting InfoWars.
Back to Tom Papert and his critical report and so much more.
I'll be back in live tonight with Will Johnson for live coverage of the giant Trump event.
I'm here taking care of some key business.
Sorry about the background noise.
Now back to the live transmission in the ATX.
Break your conditioning, refuse to submit, and be free!
Reinvent America!
Relaunch the republic before it's too late!
The world is counting on you!
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
That was a special report from Alex Jones, who is out of the studio today on an important, important mission that shall not be disclosed.
But I want to go in depth on Facebook removing this OK hand sign as a form of hate speech.
This, you know, a couple of months ago, Paul Joseph Watson on Summit.News covered me being banned from Facebook because, again, this
It's terrible, isn't it?
Are you frightened for the viewers, or for the listeners, I should say?
I'm doing the dreaded sign.
Now, this comes not that long after the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, designated the OK hand symbol as a form of hate speech.
And as we know, ADL seems to rule the world when it comes to this type of thing.
So this article is from nationalfile.com.
And again, this just happened not that long before Facebook and Instagram decided to ban it.
ADL officially designates OK sign as a hate symbol.
And of course began this ADL designated hate sign, the OK symbol, in 2017 as an online troll campaign to trick the media into believing it was racist.
Despite believing, despite knowing, I should say, that the entire thing was made up to incense the liberal media, which the ADL admitted years ago.
They admitted, you know, they're trying to troll us.
We can't just bow to the trolls.
So no, this hate symbol is not actually a hate symbol.
So despite knowing this,
The ADL declared the OK sign to be an unironically racist symbol and included it in its hate symbol database.
This is what they had to say.
Some white supremacists themselves soon also participated in such trolling tactics, lending an actual credence to those who labeled the trolling gesture as racist in nature.
By 2019, at least some white supremacists seem to have abandoned the ironic or satiric intent behind the original trolling campaign and used the symbol as a sincere expression of white supremacy.
So there you have it.
The ADL has confirmed it.
They are the fount of truth.
They are the language police, as Alex explained.
Now we have Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram following the ADL in lockstep.
Even though they say they do not map to the S.B.L.C., the A.D.L., they say that they have their own brain when it comes to banning things for hate speech.
They say they make their own decisions.
This casts a little bit of doubt on that, I think.
So this is a very important article today.
It's up at InfoWars.com by Paul Joseph Watts and Alex just referenced it.
Instagram to remove photos of OK hand sign as hate speech.
Users could be banned for something as simple as this.
Nobody take a screenshot!
Radio listeners, do not ever put your index and thumb finger together and put the middle ring and pinky out.
You are a hateful person if you do.
Instagram will begin removing photos of people displaying the OK hand sign and possibly banning users who do so under the company's new hate speech rules.
According to Instagram, we remove photos of hate speech or symbols like swastikas or white power hand signs, states the company's report function.
This is exactly what Alex describes.
They're testing.
They're constantly testing to see what we will buckle to.
There are already words that are completely fine to say in any company.
For instance, if you're a car enthusiast, you may refer to a transmission as a tranny.
But if you say that on Facebook, even in that context,
You will get banned.
So now that we have an entire generation of people who are afraid to say certain words.
There's the T word, the R word, the F word.
So many words.
And I don't mean the four letter expletive we can't say on television.
I could say this one on television, but because of my Facebook programming, I won't.
You see, just as Alex said, I have buckled to these language police officers, the new priests of knowledge over Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter.
And I am supplicating myself before them.
And it's one of the reasons I think everybody respects Alex Jones.
He refused to do exactly that.
When we come back, we're going to have another person who has been deplatformed almost to the extent of Alex.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Tom Paffer, filling in for Alex today.
Remember, I'm going to keep reminding you, Alex will be live on Firepower tonight, 7 p.m.
Make sure to watch for the Trump rally.
My guest for the next two segments is Louie Huey.
He is host of the popular podcast Major League Liberty.
He's a Colorado Proud Boy and activist.
He has been
Perhaps better than anyone else, exposing drag queen story time and drag time for children events happening in Colorado.
But Louis has also, to a very large extent, been deplatformed almost as badly as Alex Jones.
He's still allowed to have a couple little holdout social media networks, but he has been completely taken off Facebook and that avalanche started again because of this evil white power hate sign.
Radio listeners, you know what it is.
Be very afraid.
Never do that.
Never do that.
So, Louie, welcome to the show.
Thank you, Tom.
Good to see you again, my friend.
It's great to have you here.
So, if you've missed the news, the new breaking news for the day is that Instagram, of course, a subsidiary of Facebook owned by Mark Zuckerberg, is going to ban you for doing that vile white supremacist hate sign that most people refer to as the OK symbol.
Now, you have been completely deplatformed from Facebook, and the original reason was because you did this, but can you talk about this, I mean, I don't even know what to call it, this tyrannical thought and language policing that you've experienced and that those users, those few people who are still on Facebook are experiencing.
What is your thought on this latest move?
Well, I think what the ADL and the SPLC are doing is more of the same of what they've been doing for the past couple years.
What they're doing, like Alex says, is policing our language and our thoughts.
And so now what they're going to do is they're going to go after signs like this or even saying illegal alien.
They're going to use that against us to shut down conservative speech.
They're not actually, this is not racist.
This does not mean white power, but it gives them the excuse to shut us down.
And that's exactly what they did.
Now, you can have Barack Obama or some leftists out there doing this same signal right here, but they're going to be just fine and no one bats an eye about it.
But since I'm a conservative and I'm a libertarian activist and a Colorado Proud Boy, they want to shut me down immediately.
And as soon as I was on my way out to Portland last month, well now two months ago, that's when they shut me down.
They used that as the excuse.
They said that I belong to a criminal organization.
I've never broken any laws.
I haven't hurt anybody.
I just use my voice.
And I don't threaten anyone.
I've never called for harm.
I've never called for anything like that.
But just throwing this up right there is enough for you to be banned for life from Facebook.
They didn't even give me a warning.
I can't even get my baby pictures back.
I've appealed probably 30 times to Facebook to look into my suspension and permanent banning.
No response.
It's been two and a half months.
They won't give me anything.
I feel like Laura Loomer, man.
I want to go to Silicon Valley and go talk to Facebook headquarters, but you know that's not going to work because they're not going to give us an explanation either.
They're just going to continue banning all of us.
I see my friends list on Twitter and YouTube just going down and down and down and down.
Everyone's being banned.
Everyone's being silenced.
And it's for reasons like this.
That's it.
That's all it takes now.
It's absurd.
We are living in this dystopian future.
It's, you know, we used to hear Alex Jones saying it's going to be here.
It's here now.
It's actually here.
It's actually quite frightening.
I know you are completely on point there with everything you just said.
Now, you have been, of course, deplatformed from Facebook, and the reason is because you are associated with the Colorado Proud Boys, who Facebook considers to be a violent gang and group of thugs or something along those lines.
But I want to unpack this a little bit because it's an example of how Facebook uses
I don't know.
Regardless, the Washington Post, or whatever publication it was, I believe the Post, you can correct me if I'm wrong, but the Post kept their original article up and instead they put out a second article, which is now on screen that folks can see.
They never retracted, they never corrected, they just put out a second article.
So then, organizations like Facebook, we've seen major banks do it, what they do is they cite the original Washington Post article and pretend that the other one never exists.
I've seen other publications do this, the Miami New Times has done it.
It just seems to be this new way to abuse language to pretend like the Part 2 to the article never existed.
So, can you talk about how this abuse of language, how on earth do they justify this, and what are the real ramifications that it has for people like you?
Well, first of all, it's very dangerous what's going on right now because the people that read the New York Times or Washington Post or any of these leftist rags out there, they truly believe what they're being told.
And if you say the lie enough, they really think that it's going to stick and for some reason it's sticking.
So that's why, yeah, like this, they're saying that this is a hate signal.
It's not.
But poor brainwashed Marxists out there and liberals believe it.
They eat it up and then they use it in the streets as justification to hurt us.
Now, the SPLC and the Washington Post, they don't want to retract their statements.
They're just going to double down and double down and keep hammering away, like Alex Jones would say, and just keep saying the same lie over and over and over again.
I'm not a hateful person, but what has happened now is I have leftist groups, Redneck Revolt, Antifa, all these Marxists, they come to my house now.
They slashed my tires, they threatened my life, and I have no way of defending myself because I'm deplatformed.
So now we have people chasing us down in the streets, following us home, causing violence in our neighborhoods, like they did here in Aurora just a couple weeks ago.
And it's getting out of control.
This is how dangerous the situation is that we're living in here.
I'm actually in the process of moving.
So if I sound a little echoey right now, it's because there's nothing left in my condo.
But this is dangerous.
And honestly,
This future landscape and the political landscape, I'm nervous, man, because this is getting real.
The Cold Civil War is on right now.
And anyone on the fence that doesn't think that it's coming, it's here.
It's already here.
They're ratcheting people up.
They're driving.
They're driving leftists into a state of utter hysteria, and again, people like you cannot defend themselves.
Now, Louie, we're getting ready to go to a break here in a couple minutes, but if you can, just very quickly, and then we'll talk about it in the next segment, talk about some of the drag queen events that you have been showing up at.
It's the reason why they're slashing your tires and they're going to your house, because they must defend the drag queens!
Drag queens have a right
To have a four or five or six year old boy sit on their lap regardless of whether or not they might have a criminal history.
That is their right!
And you are a Nazi for trying to stop their right.
Tell us about a couple of these events in two minutes.
So once a month here in Denver, Colorado, at Mile High Comics, which is the largest comic book store in North America, they host a once a month all ages children's drag show.
Boys 4 to 9 years old are dressing in women's lingerie for dollars and tips.
And they're saying it's love is love.
And they're calling me and my boys Nazis.
And that they say that we're out there to harass the children?
No, we're there using our First Amendment right to peacefully assemble and use our words and say this is wrong.
No matter how you dress it, it's not cute and cuddly, it's pedophilia.
You are grooming our children.
You are taking away mothers and fathers.
You're destroying the family unit.
It's out of control.
And so last Sunday, I was going to go cover it with me and my Proud Boys again, and they knew I was going to be there, and they slashed my tires, so I was not allowed to be there.
But I still had about 15 of my Proud Boys show up, so I'm sure they weren't too happy about that.
This is disgusting.
There was also another Children's Drag Time story hour in Northern Colorado where we actually found out that two of the transgender drag queens, whatever you want to call them, that were reading to the children were actually convicted pedophiles and the active prostitutes on Colfax.
And they didn't do any background checks, but it's perfectly fine for you to bring your children to these evil events.
We're here, man.
This Marxist revolution is here, and if we don't start doing something, we need more guys out there.
We need more people out there.
It's disgusting.
Stop doing things to our children, man.
I don't care what you do in your bedroom consenting adults, but when you're involving children, that's pedophilia, and that is evil and wrong, and it's gotta stop.
It's disgusting.
It is truly disgusting, and I commend you for being brave enough to do that.
I mean, you have a child, and I assume when you're doing this, you're thinking, what if somebody brainwashed your child into wearing girls' clothes?
I mean, this isn't just girls' clothes.
We're not talking a little My Little Pony sweatshirt.
We're talking, you get a six-year-old boy dressed like he's a woman of the night.
Uh, down in the bad part of town soliciting Johns.
It's truly disgusting.
When we come back, I want to hear more about this.
We're going to talk more about the insanity of drag queen events that are happening in Colorado.
What is being done to peacefully, lawfully, politically oppose them, and how you can get in touch with Louie, who is, again, he's been unpersoned.
He's one of the verboten people.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Papert, filling in for Alex.
Stay tuned.
We'll be back after this short commercial break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Again, I am Tom Papert filling in for Alex who will be back tonight for Firepower.
He's going to guest host with Will Johnson, where I normally am, and they're going to be covering the Trump rally.
This Trump rally is bound to be insane because of the local city government trying to make sure Trump can't have a rally by ratcheting up
We're good to go.
Louis, you were just talking a moment ago about your tires being slashed by these people.
I wonder if you can unpack this for a little bit, because this is an event that happens where they get four to nine-year-old little boys, little young children, dressing up like sluts, wearing God knows what.
I don't know what these people, these children's parents must be thinking.
They're sick, demented human beings.
But they go and they parade and they dance in their underwear and they do it for money.
They do it for tips.
Young boys dancing for tips.
This is the type of degeneracy that you only used to see in backward parts of Afghanistan and now it's in Denver, Colorado at the Mile High Comic Club or at the comic book store.
So tell us, you go to this every month.
You were telling me the other day that you had these people come out.
You saw essentially the people who slashed your tires, correct?
Yes, I did.
I saw it in my neighborhood.
So I went out there to my car.
I tried to put in reverse and back up.
I didn't see my tires yet.
The car wouldn't go anywhere.
And sure enough, I get out of the car, look around, all four of my tires have been slashed.
And the reason why they did this is because it's the same reason why they banned me off of Facebook.
Because I counter the fake news.
I'm out there with a phone, cameras, and a crew, and my Proud Boys, and we're exposing all the evil filth going on in the world out there.
And they don't want me doing that.
They want the general populace coming home being brainwashed, dumb, and deaf.
And you'll listen to what they have to say.
Otherwise, we're gonna ban you just like we banned Alex Jones, Louie Huey, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, and all the rest of us.
That's why they slashed my tires.
Because they don't want me out there.
They think I'm a threat.
Now, if they have nothing to hide,
Then why are they doing that?
You were telling me about you tried to go into this event to see exactly what happens, which seems to be, I mean, if they have nothing to hide, why wouldn't they let you in?
So talk a little bit about what happened when you tried to just go see what was happening in this drag queen child event.
Well, after the first time that I went there, the leader of the whole thing, Chuck, I can't remember his last name, but he goes by the name of Betty Pages now.
He said, you know what?
We're not in here causing pedophilia.
We're not harming children.
If you want to come and see what's going on our show, if you promise to not be unruly, we'll let you in.
And myself, my podcast, Major League Liberty, Logan, Anki from my Colorado Proud Boys, we said, yes, we want to come in there and film it and see what's going on.
We'll be peaceful.
That's fine.
And they said, no, we're not going to let you in there and you can't film.
What are you hiding?
Why can't I come in there and film?
I'm just a citizen journalist.
I'm not there to harass children like they say in the news and they tell the other reporters out there.
They say that I'm coming to harass the children.
I'm there to save the children, honestly, and that's what they don't want me to do.
They don't want me to show the rest of the world what's really going on.
They just want to say love is love.
Love is love.
That's their new thing.
And love is love and love has no age.
It's disgusting.
It's pedophilia being shoved in the face of everyday Americans.
Now, do we have any idea what actually happens in these events other than the fact that there's five-year-old boys wearing adult women's clothing?
I mean, are there videos?
Is there anything publicly available?
Or is this completely cameras off, closed, standing room only type of event?
That's what they want it to be.
No videos at all.
They don't want any coverage.
There has been a few that have been leaked, but Facebook and YouTube shut that down as soon as it goes out.
And algorithms won't even let anybody see it.
There are, I mean, if you search hard enough on YouTube, you might be able to find a couple, but they're going to have seven views, and it's going to be buried under 20 pages of search results, and you're not going to find it.
And when YouTube does find it, it's gone.
Truly, truly disgusting.
So talk a little bit more about these two people who I believe you said were convicted pedophiles who are doing the drag queen story time.
This is something, it's an epidemic.
It's happened in Texas, it's happened all over the country.
In fact, in Wichita, Kansas, where I'm broadcasting from right now,
We had a big scandal because they said it was anti-LGBT to do a criminal background check on these so-called drag queens.
So they wouldn't do it.
They wouldn't do the background check.
We don't have any right to know because that's anti-LGBT.
So talk a little bit about this separate event that you were mentioning in the last segment.
So yeah, it was a library up in, I believe, Windsor, Colorado, up northern of Denver, and they were doing just a one-time event, as far as I know, but we actually exposed it.
I want to say a special thanks to David Huntwork.
He leads a Patriot group out here in Colorado.
I think it's MAGA Trump Colorado.
And they actually exposed two actual known prostitutes from Colfax, a transgender drag queen, whatever.
But both of them have been charged with sex crimes against children.
There was no background check performed, which means either they're willingly doing this and knowingly fully doing this, or they're lying and they just, they're okay with it.
I mean, you see AOC out there the other day saying we need to abolish prisons and
This is getting out of control.
The leftists, can you imagine this?
All they stand for is lawlessness.
And they're taking our children.
The state actually owns our children now.
And they're pushing convicted sex offenders on our children.
And they're dancing around in clothes, teaching our kids how to twerk.
It's just out of control.
People need to start standing up against this.
I can't be the only guy.
We need some help out here.
You're right.
All across the country, people need to, again, legally, lawfully, peacefully, politically stand up against this.
And if you have these events happening, it is your right to stand on the sidewalk on public property and say that you disagree with what's happening.
That needs to be happening all across the country, exactly what you're doing.
So, Louie, I want to definitely hear in a couple minutes, we're going to have you say with a few places people can still find you, but briefly, you also had a run-in with
I am.
About a year ago, I held a rally at the Denver Capitol building called the Internet Rally Censorship of Conservatives.
We were rallying against that.
And there was about 40 Antifa that showed up.
And they were on the street down there on Broadway in downtown Denver yelling all these hateful things about how I'm a white supremacist, I'm a Nazi, and I hate LGBTQs and minorities.
Well, I'm a minority.
I'm Hispanic.
I'm not a white supremacist.
Anyways, seven Antifa members that day were in fact arrested because they split open four of my friends' heads with metal batons and attacked police officers.
It was a complete media blackout.
The only thing Colorado media said was that we held a hate rally at the Capitol.
Not a mention of the fact that seven little Marxists went to jail because they were attacking police officers and my friends with metal batons.
I mean, split their heads open!
Not a mention of it on the news.
No, it was an insane event.
See, I had never faced Antifa before and I didn't realize that if you antagonize them, I mean, the violence happened before I was ever there, but everybody else was just saying, yeah, America, stop the censorship, put Alex Jones back on Facebook, and I was there saying that Antifa is the paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party, which is completely true in my view, but they were not happy about that.
And at one point in that event, the police got everybody together and said if there is one more incident of violence that
By the way, Antifa was causing, I did not see a single Proud Boy or security person there from our side being violent, but if there is one more violent incident then the rally was going to be called off.
I mean, we had Antifa, the police gave us an escort out of the area, Antifa was embedded in there.
It was like demons, these people would get out of their car because police stopped traffic and these people get out of their car.
Screw you, Nazi scum!
Screw you!
And then you walk down the street and it's like the demon jumped to another body because another person in another car two blocks away just picks up where that person left off.
Nazi scum, you have to die!
Get out of my city!
Denver doesn't want you!
It was almost
It's almost unfathomable to see everything Alex Jones talks about being proven exactly 100% correct with my own eyes.
It was disturbing.
So, Louie, where can people still find you?
I know you still have some social media.
Please tell folks where they can watch what you're doing, where they can watch Major League Liberty, and where they can support you legally, lawfully, politically, peacefully, when it comes to standing up against this degeneracy from the left.
Well, my podcast, Major League Liberty, you can still find us on Facebook.
We're running on fumes because we started late in 2016, right when those algorithms really started hitting.
So they never really let us grow that much.
When we first started, we'd hit a million views in like five minutes.
Now we're lucky to get 2,000 views.
But you can still find my podcast on Facebook, Major League Liberty.
You can find me and my podcast on Twitter.
I'm at RealLouieHuey.
We're also on YouTube.
We're on Mines.
We're on Gab.
We're on Parler.
And we're on MeWe.
And we're not going anywhere.
I love that you're still willing to fight against the scum, even after everything they've done to you.
The threats of violence, the actual violence, the destruction of property.
You are a fighter, my friend.
Thank you for being out there.
I'm not going anywhere, but yep, you see what I deal with on a day-to-day basis.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not scared of you.
I'm scared of the New World Order, but not Antifa.
Thanks, Tom.
That's exactly right.
Thank you, Louie.
Everyone, you're watching the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Tom Pappert.
In the next segment, we're going to have, or maybe next hour, we're going to have Will Johnson, my co-host for Firepower.
He's going to be hosting with Alex tonight, covering the Trump rally.
We're going to give you a taste of what Firepower is all about and talk about the news of the day.
Once again, I'm Tom Pappert.
Stay tuned.
We'll be right back after this break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Pampert filling in for Alex today.
Typically, you can find me on Firepower with Will Johnson every single weekday night from 7 until 9 p.m.
Today, it'll be Alex with Will Johnson.
And Will, of course, is our guest for the next two segments.
Thank you so much, Will, for coming in early today.
I know how it is.
We do this night show and then all of a sudden somebody's telling you to get there early.
So thanks for coming on.
I really appreciate it.
No problem, Tom.
I'm happy to be here.
So Will, before I want to talk about Firepower and kind of what we're doing every single night.
It's a little bit different format.
We run lots of clips, have some phenomenal interviews.
It's been a great pleasure to do that with you, but there's a new story.
It's on nationalfile.com as well as infowars.com.
It's about a British college, and now the Sheffield University Student Union has banned white students from participating in anti-racism meetings.
The idea is that only what they call BME, Black and Minority Ethnic students, will be allowed to attend the meetings and share their views about how to turn Sheffield SU from being non-racist to actively anti-racist.
What is the logic here, Will?
I mean, can you wrap your brain around this?
It makes no sense to me.
I'm trying to wrap my brain around what you just said.
You know, it kind of reminds me when BLM had their event, and there was white people there, and there was white people in the front of the line, and they told the white people to get in the back.
They said because it's not for them, but yet you still have white people participating.
This is ridiculous.
Why in the world would they have this, such a meeting, if they're not going to include the people that they say are the problem?
That's exactly right.
I mean, it makes no sense whatsoever.
I mean, you would think that the white student should be the first one to be there.
This is the same college, Will.
We saw another article that was on National File earlier this week.
They're forcing all students to attend climate change seminars so that way they can learn.
I guess they're going to be lectured to by Greta Thunberg.
So, to recap, we have white people not allowed at the anti-racism meetings and all students are going to be forced to attend meetings or classes
On climate change.
I mean, Will, I know that you've got children that are getting ready to go to college in college.
What are you doing and what can viewers do to inoculate their children against this type of globalist claptrap?
You know, one thing a lot of parents have been doing have been homeschooling.
I know it's kind of different, but you can even do college from home now.
So it's a completely different environment.
That's the only way you can protect your children, the youth, from getting brainwashed by these socialist liberals that have taken over the universities.
And you know, it's obvious that the universities have an agenda.
They have this agenda to change everyone's mind so when they become older and they go out into society, that they will have this mindset
To believe a certain narrative.
And the best way to get around all that is to homeschool your children, and then you have leftists that get upset with you if you want to homeschool your children because, oh, you're not allowing us to indoctrinate your children?
You're bad!
We want to indoctrinate them so they'll have a certain belief instead of encouraging people to think for themselves.
And then they have the audacity, the nerve, they constantly say that we're teaching children to think for themselves, and yet they turn around and indoctrinate them.
It's insane, really.
It truly is, and Will, I'm so glad you brought that up, because I think that is the best way to fight back against this type of brainwashing, is to have a good 12 years of telling your children, or not just telling, but teaching and instilling good values, Christian values, American values.
So that way, if they do, if they want to become a doctor or a dentist or anything that you have to go to a university for, they have years behind them.
It's not going to be erased in four short years.
I mean, this is obviously the Sheffield Student Union story.
It's part of this whole narrative that white people are the worst on earth.
You and I, I mean, I think that we're proof that there is no animosity, there is no racial hatred, or maybe there is, you know, there's what, 50 guys in the KKK somewhere off in Alabama or something like that.
But, for the most part, there is no racial animosity on this show.
We host a show every single night together that we do together.
We take turns asking questions.
We do a phone call.
We do meetings.
It's a wonderful experience.
So, can you just give the... People are tired of hearing me talk about it.
Tell people a little bit about Firepower, if you could.
You know what?
Firepower is something that the left would hate to see when they see it.
Because they can't stand the fact that you being a white male and I'm being a black male, and we both support President Trump.
For them, that is the number one no-no.
I mean, you already got two strikes against you because you're a white male.
And then, well, you're a male, you're white, and then I guess the other strike is you're straight.
I'm assuming you're straight.
And then you're a Trump supporter.
You know, I guess I shouldn't assume, but... Well, did you just assume my gender, Will?
But you know what?
Firepower is something that we have hundreds of thousands of people that love what we're doing, Tom.
And I'm so thankful, and it's a blessing to be here, to have this platform with you, and to reach so many people and talk about the different issues that actually matter.
Not stuff that, you know, we feel that we should be pushing on to people.
We're talking about what the left is doing.
And you know, I have this whole thing, like, I like to trigger liberals.
And when I speak about
The things that's going on in the world, the crazy stuff.
Nine times out of ten, you can guarantee that there's a progressive liberal behind it that's actually pushing the agenda.
The same thing which you just talked about with the university.
With them, you know, wanting to exclude white people from, you know, teaching about racism and white supremacy instead of including the people that they say the problem so we can have the open discussion.
See, you and I have open discussion every single night.
And we want to get to the same goal, to wake up people to realize what has been happening in this country.
And we need more and more people to realize that we, you and I, we're not going to sit idly by and say nothing.
You know, and you have more and more people waking up and saying more.
So firepower is for us to get on fire for God.
And to get on fire for this country.
And yes, because President Trump is our president.
President Trump is our president.
He is.
We have to get on fire for our president because they are trying to impeach him.
For what?
Because he's done positive things?
Look at the black unemployment.
Lowest ever in the history of this country.
Same thing with the Latino employment.
More women are working now than the past 60 years.
So that, to them, is a major problem.
He's standing up for America.
They can't stand the fact that we have a president that will do so much
So they have to go after him.
So that's what firepower is about for us to show our support and our love for this country.
And I don't care how many times I get the left send me these hateful messages.
Actually, when I don't get the messages, I think, OK, I need to pick up my game because they're not getting ticked off by me doing my job.
So that's that's what firepower is about for us to be on fire for this country and on fire for God.
And you know, Will, it is truly, it's a fantastic show, and I'm so glad we have InfoWare Store sponsoring us, because it's really someplace you can go.
We run lots of clips, and then we have an hour, usually, of fantastic interviews, and it's a good way to kind of recap your day.
We are extremely energetic, but at the same time, we know how to have some fun on that broadcast.
On Friday, we typically take callers on the second hour.
It's been a ton of fun doing that show with you, and I'm so glad you were able to come here today and talk about it.
So, we're getting ready to go out to break here in about a minute, but Will, when we come back, I want to get into the topic of impeachment, because of course last night we aired the clip on our show.
We aired it again this morning.
Of Joe Biden saying it is time to impeach President Trump and that he is shooting holes in the Constitution.
All this absolute insanity when really, I mean, it's beyond projection.
It's what they're doing, yes, but it's also what they want to do.
They want to tear apart the Constitution.
Every single Democrat wants to take away our guns.
Every single Democrat wants to take away our First Amendment rights.
I also want to talk a little bit about what's happening on the China front, where we have virtually every American corporation walking in lockstep against the American people for the Communist Chinese.
So again, thank you, Will, for joining me.
You'll be back for the next segment.
Everyone at home, you are watching and listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Tom Pampert, filling in for Alex today.
And another reminder,
Alex will be in studio so you will get to see Alex live and listen to him live today.
He will be co-hosting with Will Johnson tonight on Firepower.
That's 7pm for this absolutely fantastic and kind of insane
We'll be right back.
America is coming back!
People in California have been suffering too long from under the Democratic Party.
People are still being censored.
The shadow banning's taking place.
Why is Google trying to change the outcome of the 2020 election?
Get the f*** out of here.
You're approaching me?
Trump supposed to be racist.
Why he treating us all nice like that?
You know, I'm gonna give you a hug because I appreciate you.
If he's not your president, then you're an illegal resident!
If you're pro-American, if you're pro-Trump, then that goes against their community standards.
I like triggering liberal.
And I like triggering them with facts.
I mean, I'm serious.
You know, it's becoming an issue.
Why do you put illegals ahead of Americans?
Time to go.
Just because you have some idiot that went out there and did this horrific crime, doesn't mean law-abiding citizens should be penalized for it.
That was of course the promo for Firepower where you can find me and Will every single weekday night from 7 until 9, except for tonight where you'll find Alex Jones there with Will and they'll be covering the insane Trump rally that's going to be ongoing later tonight.
So Will,
We, last night, you unearthed a clip.
One thing I love about Will Johnson, folks, is he watches CNN so you don't have to.
You must be getting some great supplements from InfoWars store not to have high blood pressure and heart problems from doing that because I can barely stand to watch the Communist News Network.
But let's play clip 7 about Simone Sanders openly lying on CNN and defending Schiff and trying to get President Trump impeached.
Let's roll that clip.
Vice President Biden stood in Wilmington, Delaware, and he said if Donald Trump refused to cooperate and obstructed the investigation that Congress has as their constitutional duty, it would be a tragedy of his own making, and those actions would very necessarily lead to impeachment proceedings.
Well, the last 15 days, Brooke, have been a remarkable time in our American political history.
I mean, from the whistleblower complaint being made public, to the revelations that Trump specifically reached out to Ukraine and on a call with a foreign government, asked him to investigate his political opponent for his own personal political gain.
In just the last 24 hours, Donald Trump asserting that he is not beholden to our Constitution and obstructing the investigation of Congress by not allowing an ambassador to participate.
As Vice President Biden noted today, Donald Trump stood on the White House lawn and asked Ukraine as well as China to investigate his political opponent.
It has been made very clear.
Vice President Biden said today that Donald Trump has betrayed our country, his oath of office, and he has committed impeachable acts.
Total and complete insanity.
So Will, can you unpack what they just said and the significance of Symone Sanders saying it?
You know what, with her saying it is kind of ironic because she was one of the main ones that was talking about how white people, specifically white males, are the problem and now she's working on Joe Biden's campaign.
I mean, I don't know how anyone would take her serious from anything that she has to say.
One hand she hates white people, then on the next hand she's trying to get one elected.
But you know what?
The Democrats are done with Joe Biden.
And for her to sit there on CNN, the criminal news network, and sit there and say that Trump, President Trump,
They reached out to China and Ukraine for political help against Joe Biden when everyone knows that there's no way that Joe Biden can beat President Trump.
It's just not possible.
And they know this.
They're using Joe Biden right now as a pawn.
They're throwing Joe Biden under the bus just so they can bring up this whole scandal
That happened, yes, under the Obama administration.
You know how they always say that the Obama administration is 100% scandal-free?
Well, it's just a total lie!
This took place under what Joe Biden did and his son, this took place under Obama, the Obama administration.
But we don't have to get into that, what the IRS was doing.
But anyways, on a side note,
They are at President Trump, and now they're going after Rudy Giuliani.
All because of impeachment, because Rudy Giuliani, you know, he talked to some people in Ukraine, and now there's two people, to my understanding, that have been indicted for campaign fraudulent charges or something like that to the matter.
My question, Tom, is how come we haven't seen anyone on the left
Fireworks in October.
Giuliani says Biden, Clinton, Obama will be exposed within weeks.
So you know, if he has the goods on him, they have to shut him down before he releases anything.
So they're trying to shut him up.
That's exactly what it is.
How do we not recognize this as the American people?
I don't get it.
Well, I think you're really onto something there, and I think that probably explains why the Biden campaign sent that letter out just a couple weeks ago instructing, I mean ordering, like they are the dictator, the czar.
The Biden campaign is already ruling the country.
They ordered every single news outlet to stop having Rudy Giuliani, the lawyer for the president, the man who was mayor of New York during 9-11, the greatest terrorist attack that's ever struck on American soil,
They ordered these networks to stop having him on television and then of course we saw the viewers who saw the first and second hour saw Rudy Giuliani saying that yes there will be fireworks there will be indictments this is going to go to the top of the Obama administration and I certainly hope so because well I think you agree with me Americans are getting sick and
And tired of the Democrats getting away with anything they want.
We now know, we've known for years that Clinton had a pay-for-play situation happening with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.
People know because of Patrick Halley's reporting on nationalfile.com that Nancy Pelosi's son was working at one of these energy companies that did massive business in Ukraine.
People now know because of President Trump and Ukraine and that wonderful release transcript that Joe Biden and his son likely had a pay-for-play situation happening there.
So, Will, in our last minute, let's talk about where can people find, of course, firepower, where can people follow you on social media?
You know what, you can go to, if you go to Twitter, it's at firepowernews, at firepowernews on Twitter.
Check the messages there every single day and you can also go to firepowernews.com.
You know, we put all of our videos, everything, communication goes right through there.
You know what, Tom, it's a real honor and a pleasure that you're on this firepower
Travel train with me.
So we've got to do everything we can.
I love this country.
I love being a free black man I love being a free American most of all and of course I love to say this that we have to get on our knees on a day-to-day basis and say in the name of Jesus Thank you Lord for for bringing us President Trump.
Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers Thanks Tom for having me on with you
Absolutely, Will.
Thank you so much for coming on, and remember folks, you can catch Will tonight, 7 p.m.
on Firepower.
He'll be there with Alex Jones.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Paffert.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Tom Pappert, your guest host today.
Remember, you can catch Alex, you can still see him live.
It's very rare when he takes a day when he's on an important mission out there, but he can still make it back to the studio.
But he will be back tonight at 7 p.m.
as a guest co-host with Will Johnson on Firepower for the Trump rally.
That's 7 p.m.
Watch it at Band.Video.
I want to return to something that we talked about briefly when Patrick Halley was on with us earlier in the show.
That is Turkey.
He's really the dictator.
They had a faux military uprising a couple years ago.
Many will remember this in Turkey, where it was allegedly a coup against Erdogan.
And he was able to crush this coup.
There were videos in Turkey where it looked like there was absolutely no violence, no nothing.
It was a lot of fireworks, a lot of pomp and circumstance.
And afterwards, Erdogan took essentially complete control of the country, and it is now a Muslim theocracy.
It goes much deeper than that.
I mean, longtime viewers of Alex Jones will remember a few years ago when Turkey started threatening the European Union and saying that Turkey had to do, or the European Union had to do, the bidding of Turkey.
Turkey wanted to be in the Union, Turkey wanted to be in the Eurozone, Turkey wants all the privileges that come with being part of the European Union.
And if the European Union would not do exactly what Turkey wanted, well, the country
Erdogan threatened to unleash millions and millions of so-called Syrian refugees onto the European people.
This is after Europe has struggled with bringing in millions that came as a result of the so-called Syrian Civil War, where they say that pro-democracy forces were trying to depose Assad.
Of course, this all really goes back to the Hillary Clinton Department of State.
Where we had multiple Middle Eastern countries, Libya, Egypt, others, be destabilized and destroyed with the express purpose, I mean likely purpose, of flooding Europe with immigrants.
Everybody remembers Gaddafi, the former ruler of Libya, saying that Europe needs Gaddafi and if Gaddafi were to go away, the floodgates from Africa would be opened and Europe would be overrun with
Well, that's exactly what happened.
Hillary Clinton sought to the death of Gaddafi, and now Europe has been flooded with immigrants, except for those who were commandeered and taken in, somewhat, by Turkey.
Well, now Turkey is doing it again, because President Trump removed troops from a small section.
It was about 50 troops.
Everybody is blowing this way out of proportion.
President Trump removed 50 troops from northern Syria.
The Democrats and the Warhawks and the Republican Party, the Uniparty, is saying that Trump betrayed the Kurds and left them to die.
I mean, despite the fact that we now have training video of what appear to be the Kurds training Antifa, despite the fact that the Kurds themselves are no wonderful peachy people as President Trump will often remind us,
They're saying that he has abandoned the Kurds.
And because he has left, he has withdrawn.
Finally, some troops are coming home from the Middle East because of this.
Turkey has taken it upon itself to invade with what they're calling a peacekeeping force and terrorist fighting force.
They're invading northern Syria.
There have been reports of citizens, of bystanders, innocent people being killed by the Turks.
There have been reports that the Kurdish forces are being totally overrun.
And now,
As world leaders are coming out to condemn Turkey for doing this, Turkey is once again threatening the European Union, threatening the West with another migrant crisis.
It was reported first by Reuters early today, Turkey's Eragon threatens to send Syrian refugees to Europe.
And InfoWars as well has a phenomenal article about this by Paul Joseph Watson.
President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday Ankara will send the 3.6 million Syrian refugees in Turkey to Europe if European countries label the country's military incursion in Syria as an occupation.
Quote, we will open the gates and send 3.6 million refugees your way, Erdogan said in a speech to lawmakers from his AK party.
This, to me, this had to end sooner or later.
I think that the world owes President Trump a massive thank you because president or dictator, whatever this guy's title is now, Erdogan has been holding this over the heads of the West for five years almost.
3.6 million Syrians.
Of course, many of them are not even Syrian.
Many of them are just coming from Africa, some sub-Saharan Africa.
Everybody wants to get into Europe because it is the welfare capital of the world.
I mean, the facts are simple behind this.
Somebody can work in a country like Syria their entire life.
Maybe they'll make $20,000 over the course of a lifetime of working.
Or they can move to Germany, they can move to Sweden, they can move to France, they can get on public benefits, some public benefits, by the way, that are not even available to the citizens of those respective countries and they're exclusively meant for these so-called refugees.
They can get on these public benefits, they can get on welfare, in other words, and they can make more money sitting on their hind end in one year than they can make working over the course of an entire lifetime in a country like Syria.
So, Aragon has been threatening the Western world with this for several years now and President Trump is finally essentially making them do it or shut up about it.
I think that it's a move that's needed to be made for some time now and I hope that President Trump will now continue to withdraw troops from the Middle East.
There's no good reason for our men and women to be in Afghanistan.
There's no good reason for our men and women to be in Iraq or any of these sandbox countries where they're fighting for poppy fields and oil.
And as President Trump recently said, and Patrick Howey said earlier on this broadcast, nobody is happier about the situation in the Middle East than the Chinese.
Afghanistan has been called for decades the graveyard of empires.
It is largely how the Soviet Union fell.
The Soviet Union spent years embroiled in a costly conflict in Afghanistan and it bankrupted the Soviet Union.
Now how many millions, billions, trillions of dollars has the United States spent in the same exact quagmire?
So not only is President Trump starting to withdraw our troops from these pointless, ceaseless, endless wars, not only is President Trump doing that, he is forcing Turkey to finally play its card.
I think that it's a phenomenal, phenomenal event.
There's another article up on NewsWars.com.
Rand Paul is, of course, supporting this move by President Trump.
He says, Neocons want to keep starting endless wars and conflicts that go back hundreds of years.
Rand Paul is, of course, responding to Lindsey Graham and the other Neocons, the other Warhawks who claim to be Republican.
Paul tore apart Senator Lindsey Graham and Representative Liz Cheney again, labeling them the Neocon War Caucus as they continue their attacks on Trump following Turkey's assault on Kurdish forces in Syria.
Senator Rand Paul noted that though they want a war, the Neocons are not sure who they want to side with.
He added that the conflicts they want to continue date back centuries and that their positions make zero sense.
Paul also noted that Trump is the first president for many years to realize that endless military involvement weakens the country.
Liz Cheney, who has previously accused Paul of putting terrorists first, has called Trump's Syria move a catastrophic mistake, while Graham has said Trump's decision could put the nation at risk and is the biggest mistake of his presidency.
And again,
We're talking about 50 soldiers here.
We're talking about 50 men and women.
We have troops all over Afghanistan, all over Iraq, all over the Middle East.
And what do we get from it?
We get dead soldiers.
That's what it comes down to.
So I am proud that Rand Paul is doing this.
I'm impressed Rand Paul is doing this.
Rand Paul, by the way, many will remember that before John McCain's death, Senator One Vote, as President Trump routinely calls him,
He accused Rand Paul of doing the bidding of the Russians.
So when it comes to war, if Rand Paul is on your side, I think it's generally a good sign.
So bravo, President Trump.
Thank you so much for doing this.
In the next segment, we're going to talk a little bit about Kamala Harris and her faltering campaign.
It's getting rather pathetic these days.
We're going to read from an email that was sent out that
I think so.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Pappert filling in for Alex today.
He will be back in studio though tonight at 7 p.m.
I have in front of me a bombshell from InfoWars.com.
As many have suspected, there is more to this story with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden than first appearance would indicate.
The title, the headline, bombshell.
Ukrainian MP says Joe Biden paid $900,000 by firm Hunter Biden works for.
That is absolutely unprecedented.
Let's just read a little bit from this article.
You can read the full thing at InfoWarsandNewsWars.com.
Ukraine's parliamentarian Andrei Derkic, who was heading a criminal case on interference in the 2016 US elections, revealed on Wednesday that former Vice President Joe Biden was funneled $900,000 for lobbying activities by Burisma Group, where his son Hunter Biden has sat on the board of directors since 2014.
Durkis provided charts and images showing the connection between Burisma and U.S.-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners, which of course was co-founded by Hunter Biden.
Quote, this was the transfer of Burisma Group's funds for lobbying activities, as investigators believe, personally to Joe Biden through a lobbying company.
Funds in the amount of $900,000 were transferred to the U.S.-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners, which according to open sources, in particular the New York Times, is affiliated with Byman.
Biden, the payment reference was payment for consultative services.
Andrew Biden and Rosemont Seneca co-founder Devin Archer, who is Burisma's independent director, were also paid big bucks by the Ukrainian gas company, according to Dirkic.
According to documents, Burisma paid no less than $16.5 million to former Polish President, who became an independent director of Burisma Holdings in 2014, Aleksandr Kwasniewski.
Now this is an actual quote from this investigator.
Going on.
Alan Apter, Burisma Independent Director, Devin Archer and Hunter Biden, who joined Burisma Board of Directors in 2014.
Continuing, Turkish added, using political and economic levelers of influencing Ukrainian authorities and manipulating the issue of providing financial aid to Ukraine, Joe Biden actively assisted in closing criminal cases into the activity of former Ukrainian Ecology Minister Mykola Solzhenitsyn, who is the founder and owner of Prisma Group.
We all knew there was more to this story.
I thought perhaps National File got to the bottom of it when we learned that Nancy Pelosi's son, Paul Pelosi Jr., was also perhaps involved in a Ukrainian scandal, having been the executive of an energy company that did extensive business in Ukraine.
Now we know it goes even deeper.
I think Rudy Giuliani
May have been dead on the money when he said that this is going to end with the top levels of the Obama administration.
We all have seen the video where Joe Biden says, and I told them, if they don't believe me, call my boss, call Obama, see what he says.
It's all coming out, folks.
This explains why the Democrats are so worried.
This explains why yesterday,
Joe Biden called for President Trump to be impeached.
And of course, the Democrat play here is they're going to say that all of this is meaningless because it came from President Donald Trump asking, in the words of Adam Shifty Schiff, asking for Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political opponents.
And it is the job of Infowarriors to get out the real side
Of what's happened here.
It's the job of the viewers of this broadcast to share the links, to share the articles, to get on the street and holler at the top of your lungs and tell the truth about what's really happening.
Because we've seen virtually every single Democrat candidate.
I mean, this gives you an idea.
This isn't evidence, but this gives you an idea to how complicit the Democrat Party really is.
We saw Cory Booker say, if you want to get to Biden, you got to go through me, Spartacus.
I guess he's going to fight, going to get in the arena for Joe Biden, going to defend him by any means necessary.
We saw Kamala Harris refuse to even answer a question.
And now Kamala Harris, I mean, the woman, I don't know what's going on with her.
I don't know if Tulsi Gabbard threw her off her game and now the campaign's just going to go away into nowheresville.
I don't know what the deal is, but.
Just yesterday, she sent out an embarrassingly cringy political email asking for money.
And folks, I just want to read a little bit from this because this is reminiscent.
A lot of folks remember Hillary Clinton getting out there and saying, I don't know who made Pokemon Go, but we need Pokemon Go to the polls!
It just still makes me cringe just thinking about it.
So this is Kamala Harris's email.
It was titled, y'all heard of TikTok?
The story's available at nationalfile.com.
Here's how the email starts.
Hi, y'all.
Shelby here.
Kamala's digital director.
I am a human of the internet.
I spend a lot of time on Twitter reading the president's chaotic tweets.
And when I need a break, there's this Instagram account of Scandinavian furniture that I go to look at to calm down.
All right.
What a thinly veiled and pathetic attempt at courting the younger generations.
This is
Stunningly pathetic.
Stunningly just sad and pathetic the way that they desperately try to reach out to people, but it gets so much better.
I mean, first of all, I would be shocked if this Shelby person actually exists.
It's probably a fictitious person they created for the purpose of their fundraising email.
Second of all, I guess this is how young people talk.
You know, Alex Jones is one of the most popular internet memes in the existence of the internet, and it's not because he says, Hi y'all, Alex here.
There's no fundraising email coming from InfoWars saying, Hi y'all, Michael here, Alex's digital director.
This is such a, this is the politics of the early 2000s and the 1990s and 1980s where you could assume that your audience is stupid.
And any little attempt at an olive branch of reaching out to the younger generation will be met with thunderous applause.
That's just not how it works anymore in the age of Alex Jones, in the age of President Trump.
It just doesn't work that way anymore.
So she goes on, finally Shelby refers to TikTok, the new social network built on short viral videos that yes, is extremely popular with teenagers and Generation Z, the Zoomers.
Shelby goes on, my new favorite app is this app called TikTok.
I literally watch it every night.
Now, I'm guessing the viewers of this broadcast, you probably have children out there.
How many of your children say, yeah, I'm watching TikTok, dad.
Just, it's not the way any of this works.
So she goes on.
There's an account on there run by an English farmer who records his chickens and ducks running out of the barn each morning.
He calls it early morning rush hour.
It's the best.
So we did some research at National File, and it turns out that there is an actual account like that, but it's been extensively profiled by the likes of BuzzFeed, which calls into question whether or not, again, this Shelby person exists, and whether or not she actually uses TikTok.
I seriously doubt either.
This Shelby person drops all pretense of being a totally woke 17 year old and begs the recipient for money.
Because you see, while Kamala Harris refuses to defend Joe Biden on television, in email she's desperately afraid of the threat posed by Joe Biden's campaign.
Let me tell you Kamala, I don't think she's your biggest threat.
I don't think your campaign has a snowball's chance.
In hell.
I think that locking up black men for small amounts of marijuana, I think that refusing to let people go when you were basically required to because they were serving a life or even a death sentence and other evidence, I don't think you're going to have a very good time.
Especially considering Tulsi Gabbard will be in the next Democratic debate.
So it immediately changes tone though.
TikTok aside, I wanted to read you in on some big digital news in the fight for 2020.
Joe Biden's Iowa campaign is dropping a whopping six million ad spend in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.
Email goes on to beg for money and say that the Kamala's campaign is in dire trouble if they cannot get help.
This is just an insight into the Democrat campaign.
I love obtaining these fundraising emails.
In fact, I subscribe to several of them and they think I'm a wonderful newsletter recipient because I click every single time, but it's just to see what type of pathetic verbiage they might put in there.
So, just a quick reminder as we wrap up this hour of the broadcast, you can catch Alex Jones tonight at 7 p.m.
Central Standard Time on Firepower.
He's a Penn State standout, former two-times pro bowler for all team for the Kansas City Chiefs.
He now spends retirement raising his daughter and sits on the board of Motivational Edge, a nonprofit that uses creative arts and music as therapy for young people.
You can find him at themotivationaledge.com.
And he'll be coming up in the next segment guest hosting the fourth hour.
I want to remind everybody it's the everything must go sale on InfoWarsStore.com.
It is so vital that you help fund the info war going into next year.
These products will not last.
These sales cannot last.
This may be the biggest sale Alex has ever done and it is going to go away as soon as products sell out.
There's no guarantee these products will be back before the end of the year.
So I've been Tom Pappert.
Welcome back.
I am Larry Johnson, former Penn State, former Kansas City Chief, hosting the fourth hour Alex Jones Show.
And if I told you I would go on from playing in the National Football League
To actually being and appearing on Alex Jones Show, I would pretty much told you, yeah, right.
So yeah, right.
I pray to told you like about time because since I've always been outspoken, I've always spoken my mind.
So I like to thank Alex Jones personally for allowing me this opportunity.
So let's get right into it.
This happened to be a lot of situation, especially when it comes to racism and race baiting.
And now used to be in politics, used to be in fashion lines.
Now we're seeing it.
in the sports arena.
So Penn State, if you want to bring that clip up, Penn State alums call black players out for having dreadlocks and saying it's not what he's used to dealing with when he was an alumni.
Now somebody like me
Who has been in that generation of when Joe Paterno played and we couldn't have facial hair.
We couldn't have dreadlocks.
We had to show up 15 minutes before everything, you know, obviously kids get younger and younger today and the generations change, but it's still it was still good rules that we live by.
But the one thing I don't understand is how would you let children or that let teenagers or players
Take photoshoots of these type of letters and put them out knowing it was going to be a race baiting situation.
I think the coach should have really took control of that and not actually let those things get out because I don't think it shows the right.
It doesn't show the right example of how players should deal with racism.
Yes, we got to know that this this generation is going to see a lot more racism than it did in the 50s, 40s and 30s.
But at the same time, this isn't the 50s, 40s and 30s where black players weren't allowed to, you know, stay at the same hotel when they travel during games.
I think we got to be really smart and responsible when it comes to race baiting situations.
And it's almost the same exact thing that happened to Sherman.
When they used a he's supposed to have a shake handshake shook his hand he didn't shake his hand he did shake his hand and now you see the video of he apologizing that he did shake his hand.
I think we really have to understand what we are living in and as far as the climate of what the agenda is when they try to push these race baiting situations.
You're trying to get us at odds at each other using any every other tactic
To show that racism is livin' well.
We know racism is livin' well, and they're using these situations, especially in the sports arena, to fuel the fire.
Now, when I grew up, we played with anybody.
You know, black, white, red, blue, green.
We used sports to bring people together, bring people into the stadiums where they usually wouldn't sit next to them for four or five hours and cheer and all that.
That's what sports was for.
Now you're starting to see a global stage of attacking
Each other through sports and using every other little thing to make it a reality show where we have to show that we are different.
We know we are different.
We understand we were different.
We all come from different backgrounds walks of life, but these things such as sports should be the catalyst to bring us all together.
If you can bring up that Richard Sermon article that he ended up having to apologize.
We have that.
Yeah, say that he was annoyed with Baker Manfield's handshake snub, but when the video shows, it shows that he actually shook hands.
With Baker, so I don't know why he would come out, admit, knowing that would just be video footage, admit that he lied, knowing that this was what was going to be the whole point of this whole segment was to push racism in all these in all these little sports events.
I think it's stupid.
I think it's childish and irresponsible, especially in this climate where we're really trying to push people together and recognize each other's differences and move to a whole new goal.
I think, you know, going forward, we need to do a lot better with unleashing these things.
Coming back, we're going to talk about more.
This is the fourth hour and I'm hosting guest host of Alex Jones.
We'll be right back soon.
All right, we almost are back.
I want to open up with, I know, a controversial issue that a lot of people are scared to talk about.
I would say
The whole Jonathan Van Ness, the Queer Eye guy who came out and said he was HIV positive.
And I do feel for him as far as his situation goes where he was molested as a young man by a church leader.
And these type of incidents happen in this community and it's very, very heartbreaking.
It is very brave of him to be coming out and say he is a sexual abuse survivor and it did happen with a religious member.
But I think at the same time we have to, if we are followers of God, followers of Christ, followers of Yeshua, we have to judge a man by his fruits.
Now this video that you're going to see is actually Jonathan Fanness mocking and making fun of our Lord and Savior who did die on the cross for our sins.
I think we really have to understand
What the point of what we're trying to do here as far as bring people back into a spiritual or biblical responsibility and when it comes to that you cannot be a follower of God and try to be the friend of the world at the same time and I think if you see when you see this clip you'll see it's as much as disgusting as it as it looks and as disgusting as it sounds and it's something that it really
Angers my heart because if anybody wants to defend any other religion you have you well what you want to you can you can do whatever you want but when it comes to Christianity in this country you can always see the attack on it day in and day out it doesn't in the music industry Hollywood does it and now do you see someone that we want to feel sorry for I feel remorse for you see him attacking a biblical character that we all
O-R lives, O-R sins, O-R redemption and salvation to.
If you can bring that clip up.
I'm done with what you're doing.
With pomade and a color corrector.
Put a little bit on your cheekies.
A little on your cheeks.
It's so crazy everyone thinks we're together.
Yeah, it's crazy.
It's crazy.
But like, what are we?
Once like you guys, this guy's giving me a pedicure.
Thank you so much.
You're hot.
Is there an ice rink around here?
I wanna skate.
Look at my gorgeous little hands in these Balenciaga gladiators.
Now if you're not angered by that segment, if you're not angered, then I would think you would be a lukewarm Christian in a lot of books.
And I think you have to be a little bit upset that someone
You want to feel remorse for someone you want to feel sorry for someone you want to come to an aid and say hey everything is okay but when you see these type of behaviors day in and day out over across the board as being rewarded how can you feel sorry for someone like this that laughs and mocks being a sexual abuse survivor being someone who proudly walks around and dresses cannot allow
This to be put out in the media for everybody to see and wants to be felt sorry for and wants to feel like, oh, I need a second chance and then say, oh, I could want you guys vote for this person.
Once you buy a vote for this person, if you're not looking at the political aspect and where we're going in our future, especially when it comes to religion.
They were in a lot of trouble if this is just a stepping stone.
Of making fun of biblical characters where, mind you, no one makes fun of Muslims in the media.
No one makes fun of Allah.
No one makes fun of the Prophet Muhammad.
Everybody kind of makes fun of Catholic religions or whatever, but I think they kind of just take that on the chin.
Well, if you're a real follower of God and follower of the Most High Sun, you have to be disappointed.
And what you're seeing, and this is going to continue day in and day out, where they're going to use the LGBT community to bring down Christianity, to make fun of all us so-called Christians in this country and say that we are the weird ones.
We're the crazy ones for standing up.
We're the ones that take this way too serious.
And this is the type of behavior that you don't want to see.
This is the type of behavior that you don't want to reward, but this society rewards it and expects us to sit by and not say anything.
Most people get bullied for being able to come out and speak about these topics.
This is what's wrong in the society right now.
Not only just me that's upset, but I have the ability to talk about these subjects.
Most people don't have the ability to talk about this stuff.
They get bullied, harassed, lose their jobs, lose opportunities.
To be able to want to talk about the love they have for God, want to talk about the Most High Son and what it did for them in their life and their struggle.
I recently turned my life back over to God.
I know what the type of work He has done in my life.
And so you can't be a friend of the world and enjoy comments, enjoy videos, and feel sorry and feel bad that you can't speak out against this behavior because it's disgusting behavior.
That it's always Christians that is the ones that take the downfall in this country when it comes to them speaking about something that they love.
Now let's switch a little bit.
It's almost the same topic, but now we have
There was a CNN article that came out which was a disturbing rise in hate crimes against the transgender community.
And I think killing anybody or harming anyone that you don't know their situation, I think it's always wrong.
You don't want to come out in trash, beat up, harass, and
Do anything, do any physical harm to anybody that doesn't deserve it, who hasn't done anything against you.
What you should do is give these people encouragement.
And I think this whole rise of hate crimes, I think it's always been there.
But I think there's a lot of things they're not telling you and being responsible about this situation in this community.
A lot of these crimes may have come from
The transgender of men going to female who are not being completely honest when they go meet heterosexual partners.
That they're waiting and they're accepting who they are, but they're not telling those who they are dating that they're transgender.
And I think by doing that, you put yourselves by holding in, not saying that you're holding on to a lie, but you're basically holding in truth
Of who you really are, and you're not giving that other person time to really swallow it and bring that in to if they want to accept it or not.
Not everyone is accepting to this behavior.
Not everyone thinks this behavior is normal.
So you cannot necessarily go into these situations, the social situations, thinking that everybody's going to be okay with you being transgender.
So you set yourself up for all these violent attacks when you're not being honest.
Now when you come out, you obviously got to put yourself in a community where you're not going to be harmed.
I'm sorry, but this is the reality of the world, that people are not going to be open to this behavior, probably for a while now.
It's going to be these type of incidents that go on.
There's incidents like this of people who still get bullied, being a different type of person,
Being bullied for being smart.
There is ways people being bullied for being who they are.
We get that.
We get that information.
But you have to understand the responsibility of bringing it all out on the table.
And I think the media does a poor job of doing that.
The media wants to make this a civil rights issue.
It's not a civil rights issue.
I wake up every day black.
I have no choice but to be black.
Well, you have the ability whenever, when you want to, to change from one sex to another and one sex back again.
You can do whatever you want to do outside of your race.
So this is a choice issue.
This is not necessarily a civil rights issue.
And I think in the media, we are trying to ignite a war of this being a civil rights issue where all transgendered and people of the LGBTQ community are under attack.
They're not under attack.
As far as I'm seeing, you get and do whatever you want.
You shut down businesses.
You get people fired.
You get people bullied and harassed into silence.
I don't think necessarily things are going wrong for you.
I think things are going right for you where you want them to go.
But I think you're trying to engineer a war that doesn't need to be, and it's done on the surface of lies underneath of it.
Welcome back.
I'm the host of the fourth hour.
This is your host Larry Johnson for the Alex Jones Show.
And we're going to stay on the transgendered
Subject matter.
It's a tough subject matter, really.
When you get Drag Queen Storytime and you get a lot of children being, I don't want to say indoctrinated, but you see them kind of conditioning to understand that this type of behavior does link up there with mental illness because a lot of these, not a lot of these, but most of these
Transgendered drag queen storytime situations always have pedophilia attached to them.
And I think it's becoming a thing where we have to protect our children, especially what they understand and what they don't understand.
And this society has started to, day by day, sexualize children.
You see it in the media.
You see them in the movies.
They come out with movies.
They come out commercials.
Now they have
The old show that Bill Cosby used to do, who the kids say the darndest things.
Now they got a new host, which is Tiffany Haddish.
And if you see that commercial, you basically see young children being subjected to adult humor.
And they're talking about a lot of sexual innuendos.
And if it's funny, then everybody comes to laugh at it.
But the real
The real culprit behind it is to get kids used to talking and sounding like that and appear more mature to adults to kind of open up this type of behavior.
And being that it's the behavior that you really don't understand why they have to put it around children.
And you just see more and more in the media, more and more pushed in your face.
And if you feel like there's nothing you can do about it, but there's a lot you can do about it.
You can protest, you can
You can make some noise in your own communities when these situations come to your town or come to your city and come to your local libraries because you're not alone.
You're not the only ones who think this is uncallful and weird.
It's for the children.
We're not doing it because we dislike anybody or hate anybody.
We're doing this because children deserve their own childhood.
Children deserve to live and make these decisions themselves.
Children deserve
To not be sexualized and go through a sexual education and not know who they are, not know what their times tables, not know how to make a proper sentence structure, or how to write paragraphs, or how to get along with each other.
I think we need to stop this sexualization of children.
It's all on social media, Instagram, Twitter, and we think it's cute.
Yeah, everybody has an attractive kid when they're a parent.
But do you think that's the image you really want to see?
You really want to see
These type of behaviors where adults, adults that are looking at your child sexually.
Did we just not learn from Chris Hansen when they literally did a whole show on men trying to bait young children to sleep with them?
I feel like we haven't, we just laughed at that show and thought it was funny every time the guys got caught.
But these things is real.
Children are getting sex trafficked.
Not never found children are
Are being hurt mentally, emotionally, physically.
And this is where we are right now in this society.
And we're giving awards and praises and shows and sneaker deals to this type of behavior.
It is only going to open up the door for pedophilia to piggyback off the rights, the rights and human rights issues of the LGBTQ community.
It is a rabbit hole that will have no ending.
Because now people are marrying dogs, people say they get to marry their clock, people get to marry whoever they want to now.
Now it's become, I'm sexually attracted to children, sexually attracted to infants.
And it's going to be a thing where, I'm sorry to say, it's going to be a parent who's going to show up to school and say a teacher sexually assaulted him, and you go to jail for impeding on somebody else's rights.
When it becomes a, this is my preference issue.
This is where we're heading.
So get ready for it.
We're heading into a world where you're not going to be able to stand up for your child.
Larry Nassar was just the tip of the iceberg.
Because the next Larry Nassar is not going to get the life in prison.
He's going to go to either a mental hospital for two, three weeks, or he's going to get a slap on the wrist and say, just don't do it to this child.
Then we got to be careful when it comes to
The authenticity of who's transgender and who's not transgender because you know there's a gender going on.
And it's always with the prized possessions or the prized people in the, let's say, the YouTube arena.
The latest story is with Trisha.
Trisha Paytas.
I want to say if I say her name right.
I'm sorry if I'm not saying her name right.
Trisha Paytas says she's 1,000% transgender in her controversial video.
I think this is how easy it is.
Now it's always the select ones they want you
To have it push this agenda.
So when they bring this type of person out and say, hey, I'm transgender, now you get people bullied.
Now there's people being banned from bullying her.
This is where our freedom of speech is slowly, slowly getting, getting tied down.
We're not going to be able to talk about and say things about why, when people come out and say very, very either hurtful or very, very, you know, opinionated things.
I might not be able to have this show in a little bit.
Because a lot of people won't be able to critique the authenticity of what people say when they come out and do these things.
And it's always with prize possession people in the social media world.
It's never just anybody from down the street who went through these type of hard issues and went through these identity crises and they come out.
It's with people who have 4.9 million followers on YouTube.
People with social media push.
That's telling me, all right, come out and do this.
So a lot of people coming out here not thinking what she's saying is authentic because people are being killed, bullied, and harassed.
But you have to start judging people
Buy their fruit.
You have to look at some type of discernment.
Don't look at it as, well, I'm just jumping on her because I'm taking away her freedom to do whatever she wants.
Yeah, she can have any type of freedom to do whatever she wants, be whoever she wants to be, paint herself a unicorn, or walk through the streets naked if she wants to.
But you have to understand the responsibility when it comes to children, teenagers, young adults,
Because these are the kids on this generation are going to suffer more because they don't know who they are or who they want to be and they always follow what they see on TV.
So what she's saying and what she's saying is not 100% authentic.
You're just exposing another agenda that we can't take this community seriously.
Now is the term that I even know that there was a term in this in this community called cotton sealing.
Where a transgendered male to female feels dismissed when a lesbian doesn't want to be in a romantic relationship with this newly formed woman.
I mean, you see them at odds with each other.
We, as a country and as a world, are slowly, slowly dividing ourselves up in these miniature subgroups just to cause more and more distance from each other, to cause more and more grief,
And we all getting away from the mold, the whole message of these are the last days.
If you sitting in your lukewarm church and you're not hearing the real message because you don't want to atone for your sins or don't want to wake up to what's going on around you, these are the last days.
We better start taking ourselves out of the traditions of man and woman and out of the society and start putting them on something that's going to do some good for our children and for ourselves and for our families.
We'll be right back.
All right, welcome back.
I'm going to pick up where I left off, especially when it comes to the last days.
I don't want to scare anybody thinking that we got to go out there and
Poured food and water.
We're not there yet.
We're not there yet, but we really start have to understand where we're at.
As far as the attack on not only our children, but attack on the family structure.
And I'm speaking as a father.
Fathers, there's an attack on us.
It's to separate us from our homes so we are not allowed to raise our children the way we want to raise our children with the family values that our forefathers raised us with.
They want us separated.
They want us
Out in the street, they want us arrested.
They want us dead.
They want the state to come in and teach our children what they should know.
And if you haven't seen or heard already, they already got the gay BCs circulating.
They already are trying to teach the children Satanism in cute coloring books.
This is where we're at right now in the society, in this generation.
This is the last generation.
So we really have to be vigilant.
Because like it says, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, waiting for somebody to devour.
And we have to understand the tricks, devices, and schemes that he will use to trick us into thinking that we're doing something right when we're actually doing something wrong and toxic that's setting our family structure up to fall.
And it's starting to already kind of hit home, especially for those who have had injuries, those who have come off surgeries,
Those who weren't able to to get healthy without medication.
And so you see the Sesame Street that are bringing on a new character where is getting you having you okay with children that are dealing with addiction crisis in the homes.
And if you see this clip, I mean, you've got to understand where we're at right now.
It's not children loving each other anymore or children knowing the ABCs or 1, 2, 3s or counting.
It's a little bit more added on to it now where we're trying to get children used to parents being addicted to painkillers, to opioids.
Excuse me.
I think this is very, very dangerous to want to get our kids used to this behavior.
Instead of going out to the Sackler families and the families of pharmaceutical companies who actually push these opioids in front of parents to help in the midst of, in the guise of them getting better, you're getting them used to just having kids, getting taken away from their parents because their parents are addicts now.
I haven't seen many, no one go to jail yet.
I've seen people get fines.
Now you take a billion dollar company and you hit them with a hundred million dollar fine, that's peanuts to them.
That's a parking ticket to you and I. And kids are still are going to want to need to be taught to keep them away from certain areas that you don't want them to get involved with.
You got the gay BCs, you got Drag Queen Storytime, you got parents on opioid addictions.
Where does this leave our children?
How do we protect our children?
Fathers can't protect their children anymore.
Mothers in hospitals over addictions or vice versa.
We're opening up our children to be taught by the state and taught in a way that are going to go right into the same behaviors that you don't want them to go through that the society is pushing.
They're pushing alcoholism younger and younger.
They're pushing party mentality younger and younger.
They had that movie, Good Boys, where those kids were 10, 11 years old, but they're watching porn
They're trying to go to parties.
They're partying with young adults, all adults, and being looked at as adults.
This is prime Satanism 101.
It's to go after the children.
Satan wants your children.
Because they are the most purest form of living creatures on this earth when they're born.
If you get to the children,
Your society pretty much sets itself up.
Kids throwing up devil horns and thinking it's a gang sign when it's the devil horns.
They see their artists do it.
They see their athletes now doing it.
And no one is teaching these kids what these secret societies are pushing to the children.
They're not telling you the truth.
So most people don't even know the Church of Satan, they had just became a 5310C.
They just became a charity, a non-profit.
They're knocking down Ten Commandment structures and building a Baphomet structure.
This is going on around you.
This is going on in the Bible Belt States.
This war is real.
So I want everybody to stop thinking about the President.
Stop thinking about politics.
Stop thinking about the government.
Stop thinking about your favorite sports teams.
You are going to get robbed blind spiritually if you do not wake up to the trick schemes and vices the enemy is trying to throw at you to get you away from your children.
For them to be raised by the music industry, the media in Hollywood, to get them used to hearing terms like fallen angel, fell from heaven, my dark side.
All of this is Luciferian doctrines that have been pushed onto this world ever since the monument was built.
This is their plan.
This is the coming times.
And we have to start staying vigilant parents.
We have to keep our religious leaders in the church honest with us.
We can't hear any more air tickling of everything is going to be all right.
Everything is going to be all right once you find out and figure out what we up against.
Some of you, I hate to say it, lukewarm Christians think that you can just go up to church
Repent of your sins and then go sit back and watch a TV program that mocks God.
Steve Buscemi has a TV show of them mocking God.
They have a show called Lucifer.
They have occult symbolism in all of your children's music, music videos, and TV shows.
Who do you think is raising your children right now?
Not the value of the Most High?
Not the commandments of God?
This is troubling times, and they may not tell you, but I'm going to tell you.
I have lived enough of this life being a demon.
Being spiritually conflicted.
Thinking it was okay to run around, drink, be drunk, be in clubs, and show up at church.
I thought that behavior was okay.
That's the behavior I grew up with.
Thinking I didn't have to change.
I could just say sorry and everything would be okay.
And most of y'all are going to be shocked thinking that this is the way to do it.
It's not.
You have to be able to be an enemy of this world and get your family structure together and be ready to go to war.
Because once you start doing that, the enemy is going to test you even harder.
They're going to go after your kids.
They're going to go after your wife.
They're going to go after your husband.
They're going to go after your father, your mother, your aunt and uncles.
It doesn't get no realer than this.
This spiritual war has been brewing to this point.
And they want to use their favorite sports stars, your favorite actors and comedians, your favorite music and musicians to do it.
And then lie to you and tell you that it's all love.
That you should tolerate everything.
And once you see it in your face all the time of this type of behavior from transgenderism to to bullying, to race baiting,
It's gonna come a time where it's all gonna blow up in their face.
Where will you be?
What side will you be on?
Because I know the Most High only protects the righteous and protects his own.
So don't think you're not the only ones out here scratching, surviving, trying to get over scared that one day you say something on Twitter or say something on Instagram or social media or Facebook that everybody's gonna come after you.
That's good!
All right.
Welcome back for the last segment.
And I'd like to thank everybody for hanging in there.
This is my first.
It's actually my first host in this show.
And I'd like to thank Alex Jones and everybody at InfoWars for kind of reeling me in and encouraging me to get me to do this.
I really, really appreciate it.
I spent most of the time after I left the football game
Trying to re-evaluate what I wanted to do.
Obviously, leaving a game like that, I loved football.
I grew up with football.
My dad's a football coach.
My brother played with me all, you know, all the way up to college.
So, we pretty much are a sports football family, and I never knew what I wanted to do after football.
And, uh, I kind of got into one of these sunken places where I was out all the time, drinking, not showing up.
The things I'm supposed to show up to and pretty much had a lot of depressive anxiety issues.
And I think comes with football too.
Last seven, eight months, I really turned my life over to God and he really changed everything that's going on in my life right now.
I've literally have not had a hard day.
Since then.
I've had some stumbles, but I have not had a hard day yet.
Getting on my knees and praying and thinking every single day that he didn't leave me in darkness, that he didn't leave me where he found me.
Them days where I was four, five, six o'clock in the morning with a bottle of Jack Daniels in my hand.
Not knowing what day it was.
I think all of us have been through a rock bottom stage in our life, and I think you need those times.
To really check your spirit and see who you really are.
And even when you feel like you're down and out, you gotta understand that your guardian angels have been there the whole time, waiting for that moment that you will come and turn yourself back to God.
As somebody who was really out there all types of hours of the night with the demons and... Trust me, when you start seeing shadows near the corner of your eyes and you hear things you ain't supposed to be hearing,
It scares you.
Because then you know that hell is real.
Then you know this spiritual war is real.
And the moment you turn yourself back over, you see how clear this war is to you.
You see it through the eyes of your children.
You see it through the eyes of your friends.
You see people changing around you.
Once you change who you are, you start losing friends.
You start losing relationships.
And most of it's for the better.
Because God don't take anything away from you that he going to replace with something more and more better.
And what I do in my off time, I sit on a board called the Motivational Edge.
You can look at that website.
It's the motivationaledge.org.
What I basically do is I help young children who are artistic, who come from all walks of life.
Most of them are foster homes, homeless shelters, juvenile detention centers.
We help all.
They come to our campus.
We teach them anything and everything they want to know that's artistic.
But mostly we just give them the love and support that they wasn't able to get when they're youth.
We do everything and anything for these kids to make it.
And to stay close to people who really want to see them do good.
We keep them away from drugs, we keep them away from toxic behavior, toxic parents if we have to.
I think that's what we should be doing.
You find honor, find glory, find salvation in helping children, because they need it the most.
And I've been blessed
Through my Twitter, you can find me on 2LarryJohnson7 on Twitter, where I've been blessed to actually go through some of my DMs and actually be able to speak for a lot of, not just athletes, but a lot of people who actually say they suffer from some type of mental disorder.
And just give them encouragement.
And I've always said my road to recovery has been through therapy and admitting, one, you have a problem.
Two, knowing that it was some type of childhood trauma, something that you can't get over.
And being able to go to therapy first, just so you get used to talking to somebody, understanding where you're at in your life and your walk.
And then from there, go right to God.
Get on your knees, repent, be re-submerged, or be baptized if you haven't been baptized before.
And really,
Walk that life.
And you will see a lot of the darkness that happens in your life is all spiritual, spiritual related.
It's all demonic.
And this is what this world is really trying to place upon our children.
Where they feel that they can't make it.
They have to be rich by 21.
They have to be popular on social media.
These are the type of vices
And tricks that they want our children to adapt to, to learn from.
To begin to change their behavior away from what we've been through.
Most of us grew up not around social media.
We actually went outside and talked to each other.
I think we, the society wants us on the app for us to date.
They want us on the app to have sex.
They want us on the app to be around each other.
I think that's
That's very toxic because we open ourselves up to people who are not really spiritual at right with themselves.
And it's a tricky situation.
It's dangerous to be around people who are not spiritually grounded and it rubs off on you.
It rubs off on your children, rubs off on your family and friends.
We have to be very, very careful about these situations.
There's nothing wrong with saying this, that you are depressed and all that.
Parents, we need to start being a little bit more aware of what our children are watching and seeing and how they react.
We gotta stop.
Where we grew up, you could just tease them a little bit and we thought it was okay.
We gotta understand that the teasing days are pretty much over.
We gotta start listening to what we want our children to be.
Listen to what they actually say.
I remember I couldn't go on dates, but I was getting teased for not going on them by my parents.
And it stuck a little bit, because it felt like you've got to keep doing more.
And you have to understand that the enemy, our adversaries, they wear suits too.
They want us divided.
And they will use anything and everything to do it.
Education, welfare, debt, poverty, healthcare.
We have to come out of this world.
So we can be renewed.
I know it's tough to do.
I know.
I know your favorite TV shows, it's your favorite TV show.
But when you look at this spiritual life through new eyes, you start seeing a lot of occultic symbolism.
You start seeing the double speak.
You start seeing the images and the meaning behind the images.
And we all ingest these things subconsciously.
We think it's just, oh okay, it's just,
We laugh at when a devil walks across the TV screen.
We laugh at that.
But when our children are watching these shows, it goes in their mind subconsciously and they subliminally swallow that in and then they listen to it in their music.
So they think this is how the way to walk to walk to darkness.
We got to keep them in the light.
Everything you hear.
On media, everything you listen to, it has a double meaning to it.
We just gotta be more educated.
We can no longer just sit in the house and say, well, I'm not in the clubs, I'm not drinking, so I should be fine.
Well, you know, I don't watch or listen to anything that has the devil on it, so why should it matter?
We have to take care of each other.
I know everybody knows somebody who's listening to music that's gonna push them over the edge.
We all know a friend that's watching TV shows or certain things they're addicted to that they shouldn't be watching because they're sensitive to that material.
This is why we have all these shootouts in schools.
That's why kids travel down Walmarts and just unleash revenge.
We all are in this together.
We have to be visual.
So in closing, I'd really like to thank everybody for checking me out.
The first time I'm co-hosting, I'd like to thank Alex Jones for having me on.
You know?
Because it's not easy.
It's not easy out here.
And the more you speak out, the more trouble comes.
The more you try to do right and change the way you are and change who you are around, it's going to test you.
It's going to test you to bring you back in.
To that system.
It's gonna bring you back into the dark.
You know when you about to hit redemption.
You know when you about to hit into the light.
It's because it gets harder and harder.
It becomes unbearable.
But if you just hold on for one more day, one more hour, one more minute.
Trust me.
It's all going to prepare you.
For you to see what's really going on.
Stay vigilant.
Stay on top of everything?
Because we're all going to be in this together.
In the next two minutes, I am asking you very respectfully for your attention.
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A gentleman just walked up to me in his picture line.
He says, I have an AR-15 and I will turn this in.
It means saving the lives of our kids.
People want to do the right thing.
Republicans, Democrats, gun owners, non-gun owners alike.
I think we're naive to think that we can just maintain the status quo.
Beto knows what he's doing.
He's sitting there telling you that, oh, a man just walked up to me.
It's a total lie.
And said, oh, I'm going to turn in my AR-15 so people don't get hurt.
That's selling the idea.
That if you own a gun, you're responsible for what criminals do with a gun.
That is such a fraud.
It's so anti-American.
Now you can always tell on Beto's lying, his lips are moving.
Or his brains thinking.
The man's a total fraud.
His father-in-law's worth $28 billion, a big anti-American globalist, gave a billion dollars to Beto's wife.
The guy wrote papers fantasizing about killing children, running them over with cars.
He got arrested for a hit-and-run.
He got arrested for burglary.
The man isn't allowed to own a gun.
He is a deranged criminal.
But of course, deranged criminals want your guns.
They're now turning their guns and are facing five years in jail in New Zealand, even though the man that shot those people wasn't from New Zealand and got the guns illegally.
The globalists want to have a revolution against America, and they want us disarmed before they do it.
1776 could commence again at any time, because they're losing their information war.
Against us, because we're telling the truth.
And so now, Beto is making his move with others, and he has to be rebuked.
He has to be exposed.
And the way to do it is not be intimidated about your Second Amendment, and let them know that you're fully aware of what they're trying to do.
Beto's campaign says, if you want to prove you're not a bad person, turn your guns in.
Hey, Beto, you turn your guns in.
It's a campaign slogan where he says, turn them in to show you're good.
Lay down your arms!
Hands up!
Come out!
And we'll take you away to the gulag.
They're literally trying to disarm us.
They openly say they want to put conservatives in forced labor camps.
They openly say they want to kill us.
They openly say they want to destroy us because we support Trump or America.
We've got to stand up and say no.
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Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47... And it is very hard to think about this.
Um... Bill Gates and his father, who ran Planned Parenthood, are right.
We need to dumb down, sterilize, and abort as many people as we can.
We need to put as much fluoride in the water of those that are born to dumb them down as much as possible so they're more easily managed.
You see, I've decided to try to join Bill Gates and try to start thinking like him.
Worldwide, he directed genetically-engineered mosquitos to bite us and give us diseases.
But he said it was in the name of helping people.
Just like he funded the projects of these, quote, sterilized male mosquitos that would go out in Brazil and cause the other mosquito populations to implode.
But now, they mutated and the numbers exploded!
And suddenly, the mosquitos are making people much sicker.
It wasn't a mosaic, none of it was!
Not malarious?
Of course, transmitted by mosquitoes.
I brought some here.
There's no reason only poor people should have the experience.
Let me tell you, except 5G, 4G, 3G, it's killing us all.
We deserve to die.
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And do not spread the articles and videos.
Just give up and submit.
Give your children over to Billy Boy.
Truth is Satan's good.
Alright, thanks for watching.
And thank you Bill Gates for all you do.
Thanks for those mosquitoes.
Thanks for 5G.
Thanks for the chemtrails.