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Name: 20191004_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 4, 2019
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In this audio clip, Alex Jones discusses various topics including political systems in China, trade relations with China, recent events involving AOC, population control, vaccines, historical methods of population control, Atlantis, freedom of speech and censorship, ruling class elites throughout history, climate change, survivalist gear, partial birth abortions, the use of aborted babies for energy sources in hospitals, child sexual abuse, allergies and viral cancer, corruption in politics, and the sale at InfowarsStore.com.

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If you look at what happened in Tiananmen Square back in 1989, thousands were shot dead and run over by army tanks there in the college area when they simply came out and said, we want to be able to vote, we want to be able to have representative government.
In 1986, the
President, the chairman of the Communist Party, by the name of Hu Yaobang, who is sympathetic to the students' debate and democracy movement at that level, was stripped of his position and put under house arrest.
And when that happened,
China came into a relatively repressive period when all the debate had to go underground, and which caused a lot of tension.
And that built up till the 1989, spring of 1989, when Hu Yaobang unexpectedly died of a heart attack.
And that, as you all remember, was the event that triggered Tiananmen Square demonstrations.
Those days, as a 21-year-old student leader, marching on the street of Beijing and occupying Tiananmen Square, we not only had the support of the Chinese people, we had the support from all over the world, particularly in the democratic countries.
Clearly, you felt we were fighting for the same as you had fought for and lived by.
It felt like history was on our side and victory would be ours soon.
On June 4th, 1989, the Chinese Communist Party sent in tanks and troops to massacre the people it claimed to represent.
In order to save its own skin, the Communist Party brutally suppressed freedom of expression and crushed all dissents.
It has continued to rule since then at the barrel of guns, using fear and lies.
The People's Republic of China is not a republic, neither is North Korea.
It is a Politburo Central Committee dictatorship of the grandchildren and the children of the people who overthrew and took over China in its weakened position from the Japanese at the end of World War II and leftist in America and major foundations
Back to that, so the robber barons would have a country with hundreds of millions of slaves.
To be able to leverage out the rest of the world economy.
And now it is the China century, according to the anti-American globalist at the Council on Foreign Relations.
Will the 21st century be the American century, or will it be the Chinese century?
The Chinese are moving up fast, there's no doubt about that.
I was there just about a month ago, and the change in 25 years, because it was 25 years ago that I was first there,
It is extraordinary.
What would be the consequences, in your opinion, if Trump were to confront China on trade?
One can expect that people like myself and those leading Americans who for eight administrations have pursued a common policy will continue to believe in those principles and will continue to advocate them.
But we're beginning to see signs that the fabric of how we finessed it is beginning to fray.
So I actually think it's possible not just an economic confrontation with China, but also a political and strategic confrontation in ways that if you had had me on the show one or two years ago, I would not have predicted.
This relationship has deteriorated significantly in a short amount of time.
The folks in Hong Kong said when they build this bridge that took five years, biggest bridge in the world, the mainland here will be used to bring in tanks and troops.
And the bridge hadn't even been completed two months when tanks and armored vehicles and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of troops per week began pouring in a few months ago.
Again, it got completed, what, six months ago?
They began pouring in right after that, and they've been pouring in hundreds of thousands every week since then.
No one knows the full number, but it's reportedly over a million.
Because very few leave back to the mainland.
They've been massing troops there.
Look around us.
The societies that have made the most spectacular progress in the shortest period of time are not the most rigidly organized, nor even the richest in natural resources.
Broadcasting worldwide on this Friday edition.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we're going to be here for the next four hours.
Last night, my phone began blowing up at a level that I've never seen before.
And that was everybody freaking out about a woman in New York at a AOC event saying that we need to kill the babies.
We need to get rid of the babies for the earth.
And then she went on to add, we need to eat the babies.
Now the minute I saw it, I said this is a 100 level troll.
This is the highest level troll because the woman did a great job doing it and what she said is what they're actually pushing.
But the way she laid it out, it would explode.
And then because it was fake, the media would then attack it and say nobody wants to kill the babies.
That then opens it up to the fact that Bernie Sanders has been running around
Saying that we need to get rid of the babies in the third world to save the earth, particularly the brown babies.
And we are keeping babies alive and selling their organs.
And all these Democrats are saying too many kids are killing the earth.
And this is their real policy.
But the big takeaway is that AOC was nodding her head while a woman was speaking.
And agreeing with her and then not decrying it.
So that is the big, giant takeaway.
But the troll carried out by the LaRouche organization was expertly executed.
Now you can say what you want about the LaRouche group, they're always being demonized.
And I don't agree with some of their solutions, but their analysis of how the global government works...
And their analysis of how British eugenics became the world policy?
And how Hitler was a spinoff of that?
That's totally true.
I separately studied history before I ever even ran into the LaRouche work.
I've been on air a few years and found the analysis of how the world works was just quotes and documents and statements.
I mean, a lot of Ronald Reagan's views were formed by Leonard LaRouche.
He would fly many times weekly to meet with Reagan in his first few years in office.
And then so would the CIA director.
Of course, LaRouche had been in the OSS and then in the CIA in Europe.
And so LaRouche had been inside the globalist system and was obviously fighting it.
He got put in prison for not paying a credit card statement on time in his organization.
I mean, I've experienced the same type of stuff they're trying to do to me to put me in prison.
So it's usually a good sign when somebody's political, the system's trying to put them in prison if the system's corrupt.
But I don't want to go off down a LaRouchian rabbit trail here.
That's who went down, I'm going to play the clip in a moment.
She just got up and basically mirrored back on them what they're saying and it goes on for two and a half minutes and then they finally come and take the mic away from her.
I've gone and watched much of the town hall she was having.
They were letting other people talk about 30 seconds.
They let her go and go because they liked what she was saying and then she sounded so distraught.
They're like, oh, it's okay, because they're like, oh, our propagandists work too good on her.
Because AOC and Beto, they're all just following a rule of 12 years, 11 years.
It's all going to be ending now.
It's seven years, six years.
Now, if we don't pass carbon taxes in three months, we're all dead.
And that's what Greta Thunberg was saying through her mentally ill autistic haze.
Very, very sad.
And so this woman was expertly mirroring, you know, the German accent the whole nine yards.
She did a great job.
You know, she ought to get an Academy Award because she acted just as hysterical, just as stupid as these Soros-funded puppets are.
We're gonna go to break and come back and get into the raw clip of that and then Rob Dews put together a very excellent piece.
You need to go to band.video or newswars.com to find it.
We've been having DDoS attacks for about a month straight every day and it started at 7 a.m.
And we've got everything on cache servers, so articles that were already up are already up, but we're not able to get into InfoWars because there's millions of visitors a second that aren't real.
And so the cache system is up, but InfoWars is basically down.
I mean, that's just the daily occurrence here of the attacks.
I'm not going to list them all.
You know about it.
You see what happens.
It's now happening to President Trump.
It's happening to the Republican Party.
It's happening to the NRA.
Because they sit there and let big tech do all this, and big tech and the globalists and the stay-behind networks that Obama and Hillary left in charge are doing all this, and they're directing it, and they have congressional hearings bragging they're directing it all.
By saying we're Russian agents, they're able to use the power of the CIA against us.
Of course, they're actually globalist agents, and their big weakness is that they're against this country's existence, so they spin it.
That we're the foreign powers and we're the bad guys, which of course is completely asinine.
But that's the type of thing that's going on.
So this was a perfect troll.
And it just makes me feel happy to be alive.
You know, there's other smart people out there doing smart things.
And, you know, I've said the way to defeat the globalists is what we did three years ago.
All of our listeners going into Democrat events and bringing up that they want to confiscate our guns, that they want to kill babies after they're born, partial birth abortion, post-birth abortion, and that Bill Clinton's a rapist, and all the other issues.
We just take over their events and show that they're giant frauds, or that Hillary ruined Libyan, you know, Africa, and is a war criminal.
Well, Elizabeth Warren's being shouted down everywhere, in airports, town halls.
AOC is being trolled.
The squad is being basically legally and lawfully hunted by the truth everywhere they go.
Just everyone, you listening, check the newspaper, check the local candidates' websites, members of Congress that are globalists, presidential candidates.
Go to their district.
Go to D.C.
If they're in your district, go confront them.
Dominate them.
This is how we are going to defeat them.
This is how we are going to stop them, is with human action and then putting it in cyberspace.
Triggering a mass movement against them.
The Joker that I went and saw last night was exactly what I was told from those that read the script.
It's meant to cause mass leftist French Revolution riots, killing of anybody that's middle class, and killing the police, and overthrowing civilization, and a release of in-cell mass mental illness.
So it is designed to cause mass shootings.
It's not that people are hyping it's going to cause mass shootings.
And then that's going to cause mass shootings.
It's designed to cause the breakdown of society.
I told you that I sent a representative to Sundance this year.
They did not even hide the fact that they are being funded to trigger overthrow of the America and the breakdown of civilization.
Pure poison.
So, we're going to be breaking all that down today as well.
But they're openly saying, kill babies.
And Rob Dew stayed up late last night to band on video.
To put the video together, AOC's modest proposal, going back to Swift, writing, well we got too many Irish, let's just eat their babies.
And the British actually thought it was real at first and said, well, maybe we should eat the babies.
Because the Irish were seen as subhuman.
So shock video AOC nods at woman saying start eating babies to save the earth.
You scroll down at newswars.com.
We have the boil down that we put together and then we have the raw video as well.
It needs to go viral.
It's at newswars.com.
We can't post it to infowars.com.
That's why I've created backup sites like newswars and prisonplanet.com and you know Paul's got his summit.news.
Because there's so many attacks and so many things and so many lawsuits and so many everything.
We've got to do this to just continue on to 2020 and to help leapfrog past their censorship.
And continue fighting.
And again, they've banned InfoWars.com on Twitter, on Facebook.
You get slapped down for that.
You can even get banned.
Not Banned.Video, not Summit.News, it's Paul's site, and not things like NewsWars.com.
So again, that's the real power here.
They're fighting to keep your information getting out.
They're fighting from keeping all this amazingly truthful, high-quality produced videos and articles from getting out.
But you can override them.
So please,
On your Twitter, on your Facebook, on your email, on your text messages, your word of mouth, release the info war!
It's not going to be easy.
They're not going to give us our freedom back.
We've got to take it back.
I'm counting on you to do it.
I need you to step up now at newswars.com with this AOC praises eating babies.
It's Friday, ladies and gentlemen.
Already October 4, 2019.
Hard to believe we're about to be in the year 2020.
And the quickening that's happening
The informational, societal, cultural, spiritual singularities that happened during times of massive change, historically, is here.
We're in a major sea change, a major global realignment.
And the old order had a plan to try to have the end of history.
They had a plan to stop quickenings.
They had a plan to stop human rebellion.
To their plan to take free will.
And that's what this whole technocracy, whole world government system is.
Not science and mathematics, technology, machinery, to empower humanity, but to end humanity.
The final revolution.
We're putting together a special report with Bernie Sanders talking about killing the brown babies and all the other Democrats talking about how they want to forcibly reduce our population and Fox News saying don't have children they're bad for the planet and hospitals heating themselves with the bodies of dead babies and baby parts being sold and babies being kept alive and then a woman gets up and says okay well you say we're all dead in 11 years AOC
Other fearmongers compete and say it's 11, it's 10, it's 9, it's 8, it's 7.
We're down to 7 years and 2, 3 months and we don't pass a carbon tax now.
We're all dead!
Run for the hills!
Just total hoax on its face.
You get a woman up there.
I'm going to cover it in the next segment.
I have several special reports I'm going to get to.
I don't have time on this one.
And the woman gets up there and says what they're saying, but because she didn't mean it, now they're saying it's a hoax.
No, she's just saying back at them, through satire, through Jonathan Swift's 1729 essay, A Modest
Because they were starving people to death on purpose to control their population.
That was in the newspapers at the time.
So he said, well, hell, since you're starving the Irish out with your taxes and regulations in Ireland, why don't we just eat their babies?
Let's just go one more step.
So that's all the folks over at LaRouche did.
And so now, they're going to have to defend saying, oh, we don't want to eat babies, we just want to kill them and then take their organs, which is just as bad.
In fact, that's absorbing someone, robbing them of their life, so you have life.
That's eating a baby.
Taking a baby's organ after it's born or before it's born, it's the same thing.
But taking their organ, killing it so you can live, is the same thing as eating something.
In fact, it's even more intimate, isn't it?
Your stomach takes alien stuff in, takes what it wants, craps out the rest.
When you take a kidney, or a liver, or a heart, you're really 100% taking it on, aren't you?
It's the most intimate thing.
More intimate than sex.
More intimate than even giving birth, in a way.
So, they're eating babies.
That's coming up next segment.
And then, boy oh boy, Tom Papert's done a great job.
It's over at nationalfile.com.
We just posted it to newswars.com.
We can't post it to infowars.com because the site's effectively down right now.
You can still go there and click the links to watch the live shows and the videos.
For now, who knows how long?
Nancy Pelosi's son was executive at a gas company that did business in Ukraine, but has now been indicted
For securities fraud.
Company co-founded by Nancy Pelosi's son.
Charged with securities fraud.
That's some big news you didn't hear about.
So that's coming up.
And then Islamic convert kills four colleagues in rampage at Paris HQ report.
I'm going to make a truthful observation about myself here, because I know you're doing it too, probably.
You know, I've really dropped the ball and let them break my will.
We probably have 10 articles a day about Islamists killing people in Europe.
Running over with cars, stabbing, shooting, bombing.
Then a bunch of articles about raping little kids and kidnapping them.
Pooping in pools.
Just all the regular stuff.
Sexually mutilating little girls.
And I just don't even cover it anymore because I just can't handle it.
It almost feels like I'm tattletailing.
You know, like... Because I don't like Muslims or whatever.
No, it's not that I don't like Muslims.
I don't like Islam.
And the cult.
And what it is or what it became.
And the fact that it wants to conquer me.
But it just kind of becomes like a, you know, sick thing.
Okay, whatever, just... Alright, you stab a bunch of cops and people screaming Allah Akbar and none of that's in the national news.
You have to go to the police reports.
It's like every day some black person stages a race attack on themselves and the media says white people did it.
As soon as it turns out it's staged and they're charged, you never hear it was black on white.
You just hear, oh, this person made up this crime.
I mean, it's just the media is so damn evil.
We're going to go to break though and come back with all the news.
There's so much today and I want to open the phones up in your calls.
And I really have a frustration like three or four hours isn't enough.
So I'm going to come in tomorrow and I'm going to do a commercial free show.
Let's say five to eight.
Five to eight.
I'm going to go live for three hours.
And then I'm gonna come back Sunday 4 to 6 like I always do, but I just have to come in more.
Because I've got, I've been going through the hundreds of articles last few days I didn't get to, and I mean there's just so much happening I'm gonna, so I'm gonna do that too, but first I'm gonna get into this eye-opening moment of this woman saying let's eat babies that just firestormed everywhere last night.
And then so I call some writers, I go, hey, you gonna post that?
They go, oh yeah, we're trying, we can't.
And again, it's knowing that every day the hackers hit us.
Every damn day trying to shut us down.
And the Hillary Clinton law firms trying to shut us down.
You know, I just want them off our back.
I don't feel sorry for myself.
I just want to beat them.
Because they're such criminals.
They're so evil.
They're so out of control.
And they want to dominate me and my family.
And they want to dominate you.
They want to usurp us.
They have a desire to run our lives.
And we don't have a desire to run their lives, we just want them off our backs.
And listen, that's why I want you to go wild and spread InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and band out video to everybody.
Put it on your barn, put it on your car, call and talk radio, C-SPAN go screaming at Hillary Clinton.
I don't care.
I want to beat these people.
Also, we need funds and we make it real easy.
for you to support us.
We have great supplements, great products, great protein bars, great coffee, great fluoride-free toothpaste, great water filtration, air filtration, and it's all 50% off, store-wide, free shipping, double-paid three-at-points.
A lot of these products are so low, we're not even making money on them, because we're just so busy.
We just did this sale, and it's an insane sale.
So, the world was blown away.
They were shocked by a woman in New York
And an AOC fear-mongering event about you've got to do what she says with all her Rothschild and Rockefeller and Soros funding to establish a global carbon tax that's paid to the Chicago mercantile, the London mercantile, and the Frankfurt mercantile, which are owned by private brokerage firms owned by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, with sub-brokerage firms owned by Barack Obama,
Al Gore and a handful of other top Democrats.
When you see all this hysteria, they want to put a tax on carbon and track and trace it for total control.
They can shut down any civilization, any country, any company, any individual they want with it, but they also get all the money and the power.
So AOC's up there saying we've only got months to pass the carbon tax and her new green deal
It's basically communism.
A little bankrupt us in a year.
Tax cow farts.
Hook bags on cows.
Shove tubes up their rear ends.
I mean, I mention this because this is totally insane.
But they've known that if you put something out totally insane, people tend to accept it because it must be reasonable because it makes no sense.
You wouldn't be saying something so wild and so crazy unless it was true.
That's why Joseph Goebbels famously said that
You must tell a lie so big and so ridiculous, then people will believe it.
And so we'll take them to newswars.com.
It's where our article is posted.
That's what we're going to put on screen.
Shock video, AOC nods as woman says, start eating babies to save the earth.
And it's a very important article because if you scroll down to the article, you'll see a video report.
That Rob Dew stayed up all last night to put together, titled, These People Are Demented, A Modest Proposal, AOC Edition.
And that's very important because Jonathan Swift, an author and
Literary master in 1729 wrote a essay titled, A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People, and then it goes on to talk about how it's beneficial to take them and to eat them as a food supply.
Now, Bernie Sanders says kill the poor children in the womb to save the earth.
And we see the United Nations and all these groups saying that humans are inherently bad and we're keeping babies alive again to harvest their organs and then killing them so they can get a higher price on the organs.
That is beyond eating them.
That's totally using them up.
And so we're already doing
What he proposed is outlandish satire.
But it triggered a debate about the dehumanization of Irish children being allowed to starve to death in England and in Ireland because they were seen as subhuman.
And this is where a lot of the modern liberalism came from, of we should take care of everybody and not treat people like garbage.
In India, people that are seen as
Lower caste are seen as subhuman still.
People in China are.
This is something that goes on all around the world.
It's the West that tried to stop it.
So we're always told how bad we are and how we're evil and racist because in the West we actually care about not trying to be like that.
Around the rest of the world it's still very barbarous.
Africa still has slavery in four countries.
Black on black slavery.
And I only raised that, not to even put those poor people down, but to point out, we're the best.
The West.
We invented freedom.
And we invented women being empowered.
And we invented not judging somebody off what color they were, or what their background was, but off what they stood for.
And it revolutionized things.
It's much better to have generals that came up through merit, than instead of being fifth generation, they're little spoiled brats to rich people.
But then you go to the extreme of, oh, well, just because somebody's another color, we put them in charge.
Not because of merit, but because they're a different color.
That's another form of royalty, where not just because you're a British royal, you're put in charge, but because you're black, you're put in charge.
And so you see how you replace one form of classism with another form of classism.
And communism creates absolute nightmares and destruction.
Western Christian Renaissance created the modern liberalism that did make us strong.
Now we have modern leftism that's hijacked it, that's created a nightmare system.
Big difference between leftist and liberals.
Now liberals today are leftist, so liberal is a horrible term and a horrible people.
And the Prager University does an excellent job.
Leftist versus liberals.
The difference between leftist and liberals.
Huge difference.
Leftists are satanic, narcissists obsessed with themselves, absolutely selfish to the max.
They want to control every facet of your life.
That's not liberal.
Liberal is England 250 years ago.
Saying we're outlawing slavery and we'll wage war on anybody that has slavery.
Leftism is not liberalism.
Excellent report.
But let me start getting to these pieces of information.
Let's go ahead and roll the raw video of the woman in New York talking to AOC that's gone totally viral last night.
Here it is.
May you raise your hands please?
But we're not going to be here for much longer because of the climate crisis.
We only have a few months left.
I love that you support the Green Deal, but getting rid of fossil fuels is not going to solve the problem fast enough.
A Swedish professor is saying we can eat dead people, but that's not fast enough.
I think your next campaign slogan has to be this.
We got to start eating babies.
We don't have enough time.
There's too much CO2!
All of you, you're pollutants!
She's projecting back on the left what they're actually doing, but it is a little loose group doing it.
Now remember, in Washington State, they now are saying they're going to take dead bodies, process them into fertilizer, and put it on crops to make you eat your own kind.
And it's about training you to be degraded.
Training you to not guard human life.
Training you that you have no freedom.
Getting past these taboos that have been set up, because when you don't have those taboos, you have a nightmare system.
Don't have sex with children.
Treat the dead with respect.
Treat old people with respect.
Don't target the weak.
Because any system that starts doing that, descends into hell immediately.
And now scientists are saying at the UN, cannibalism is the way to save the Earth.
In fact, they just put it on screen.
Of all these UN scientists, scientists suggest climate change could pave the way for cannibalism.
So, this is being pushed everywhere.
In a big way.
And so we have to be honest about what they're doing.
When we come back, we'll play the full clip and analyze it and then get into AOC's modest proposal.
It's posted at newswars.com as the second video, shock video, AOC nods.
This woman says, start eating babies to save the planet.
You can get it from newswars.com.
And if you go to band.video, you can find the raw report and share it, which needs to be seen.
Because, I should have said this from the start of the hour, we have all these Democrats
On video saying kill babies and the rest of it actually agreeing with her.
So that that's why it's so bombshell.
I probably should have gotten to the why the video is so important, but I didn't believe the most powerful for last.
So, if you go back to the time of Egypt, and it's in the Egyptian Chronicles, the Pharaohs from time to time would order a percentage of the slaves killed when they thought their numbers got too high.
In fact, the Metallica song we were just playing...
Creeping Death is about Exodus in the Bible that tells that story of Moses and archaeologists have now dug up the Egyptian hieroglyphs where they talk about ordering the firstborn sons of different tribes they controlled killed.
That's always a way to prove your dominance is to kill
The first born males of any tribe you've conquered.
The Romans would just kill all the males down to about age 12.
Some of their writings say this tribe's particularly mean.
These Visigoths kill their boys down to 8.
You ought to go read those.
Julius Caesar wrote letters back to Rome about it.
You can read those.
Those are public.
Just type in Julius Caesar's letters to the Senate.
But today they put fluoride in that double hurts boys, four times as bad for black males, and look at the studies, and they put them on Ritalin and they teach them to be effeminate or to have sex changes.
Every firstborn son in Egypt will die from the firstborn son of Pharaoh who sits on the throne, the firstborn son of the female slave who is at the hand of the male, and the firstborn of the cattle as well.
Yeah, that's the response to the killing of the firstborn Israelite children.
And of course, it will be the elite children that die.
That's the way the world works.
History doesn't rhyme, it repeats.
And so those that have God's countenance, those that have God's blessing passed on by Christ to the Gentiles,
We'll have the angel of death pass over us.
But those who do not will die.
The children will die.
And not at our hands.
Because the Pharaoh, the god of this world, is killing the children.
And has a hunger for them.
And so God will send the final plague.
And you look at the Hollywood people.
Way higher rates of cancer for their kids and all these elitists.
Most of their kids commit suicide.
They're cursed, already cursed.
The real judgment hasn't come.
So there's a powerful video up on NewsWars.com and Vandot Video that I've been telling you about where Robb Dew, I texted him at 10.30 and I said, hey, tomorrow
He's a great researcher.
I said, can you get the videos of Democrats telling us they want to kill babies up to age three and that they're parasites and, you know, heat babies and use the baby parts to burn in incinerators to heat hospitals?
I mean, they don't need to do that.
They just do it to have the idea that we use them as fuel.
We suck them up.
It's a vampiric ritual.
And so do did it.
These people are demented, a modest proposal, AOC edition.
The reason I just keep harping on that is I want that to get out.
I want people to see that.
I want them to understand that it's not just this woman getting up and saying it.
They are really doing it.
This is who they are.
Every culture goes into a decadent cycle and starts killing babies.
Starts eating babies.
And that's why Jonathan Swift, 300 years ago,
Well, Malthus was running around at the same time, Sir Malthus, saying we need to kill the young of the poor.
But the Christians, he said, won't let us kill them outright by the sword.
So we need to crowd them in to tiny Warren buildings.
Hundreds to, you know, 300 square foot rooms so they kill each other with their diseases, with their pestilence.
Go read what Malthus said!
You think all this stuff's new?
It's not new.
Plato, 2,300 years ago, wrote his Republic and said, kill the poor.
Only let the elites breed.
Put the poor in areas with disease till they die.
He didn't write the allegory of the cave to free people.
He said we need to project things on walls of fake reality and keep them chained in pits as children, and then we could mind control them.
And the CIA later did that.
Children, from birth, in facilities, raised up, drugged, electroshocked, programmed, until they could do anything they want with them.
We're following Plato's plan to rebuild Atlantis.
But Atlantis was real.
He knew all about it.
These people aren't playing games.
You think he put everything in the book?
No, folks.
There was a city with free energy and flying ships is what he called them.
It blew up.
The sky was dark for years.
The planet was cold.
It's all there.
Giant explosion.
Who knows what it was?
But the point is, is we've been here before.
Don't let them
Tell you any different.
Civilization's been here before.
Not as prolific.
Not as distributed.
And they're going back to where it's not evenly distributed again.
Breakaway civilization.
And you know, I saw a Tim Pool video.
He's a smart journalist, but he's smart enough to play along with the system.
So he doesn't get completely banned.
Oh, he's a liberal.
Yeah, right.
Maybe a classical liberal, but he like made fun of me in the video and I did an Alex Jones notation that I think the cell towers are in a mutatis where we live with interdimensional demons.
No, I said the cell towers are giving us cancer and I showed you mainstream news.
Then I said the elite establishment
Believes they're interfacing with off-world entities inter-dimensionally.
And Joe Rogan has guests on, professors, saying universities have been doing those studies for 40 years.
He had those professors on after I went on and exposed it.
I'm not the one saying I'm communicating with inter-dimensional stuff.
They're the ones that say they are.
But see, it's all a funny joke.
Oh, he says the frogs are turning gay, ha ha ha, and inter-dimensional demons in the cell towers.
I didn't say that.
I showed Mainline Science about the cell towers, the 3G, the 4G, the 5G, on record giving you cancer.
They got signs up around them now admitting it.
There's a larger plan to exterminate us.
It's all over the news.
And a lot of people can't handle the truth.
So they only want to tell part of the story, or they make fun of me as a way to get the story out there.
That's fine.
I'm a big boy.
I can handle it.
The truth is, every culture gets taken over by evil, and every culture believes they're sacrificing children to a dark entity that gives them power if they kill children.
That's a historic fact.
And just because Joe Rogan and Tim Poole can't handle it is fine.
I like Joe.
And I told Joe, I said, they're going to start demonetizing you, I'd say in about a year.
And then, even when you submit to them, they're gonna take you over.
Because by the time you submit, you'll be discredited and hated.
And then you'll be a slave and it won't matter.
You must challenge the censorship now!
Before it's too late!
And then we can back them off.
I told him that in his office.
Six months ago to his face.
And now he came out.
They're demonetizing him and said, it's all about power.
I even follow their rules and they are demonetizing me.
That's right, Joe, because they don't like you having millions of people that tune in when you snap your fingers.
They want all
And if you become their puppet, it won't be you anymore that actually talks to people, will it?
You'll just be their mouthpiece.
You'll just be a speaker.
Like you plug into the wall.
Will Joe wake up before it's too late?
Or will he watch the fumes of his reach dissipated until when they ban him, he has no more power left?
Or would he resist them now?
Joe's a nice microcosm.
He wants to leave L.A.
He knows it's killing his family.
He wants to say what he wants to say.
He's already bowed to them so much.
But because he's his own person,
And little glimpses of truth come out, and guests come on, and Joe opposes the censorship and the authoritarianism.
It's not enough to tell us how great the New York Times is, Joe, and have their little operatives on that can barely talk.
They want you to die.
Because you're smart, and you're strong.
And they won't feel dominant until you are dead.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I've really been spending most of the hour talking about why the globalists want to slowly poison you, dumb you down, turn you into a slave before they kill you.
And in the process of killing you, suck all the money out of you with medical treatments they know won't save you.
And it's because it's the nature of ruling class predatory elites in every civilization since the dawn of time.
Only Christianity
Sought to take us off of that course.
And it's been basically abandoned now as well.
And so what we've done over and over again is happening again.
And I've said I'll get to both these reports, but our special report showing all these Democrats openly saying, let's kill babies and let's harvest them, which is eat them.
When you sell their blood, and sell their livers, and sell their kidneys, and sell their skin, and sell their collagen, and sell their hearts, it's next level eating something.
It's way more intimate.
So I will, as a focus laser beam, hit that in the next segment.
And I think we need to open the phones up, even though I have more news than there is stars in the sky that we can see.
I think we should open the phones up specifically on
The war on babies, the war on children, which is the war on the instinct to love ourselves and love humanity and have a future.
It's a war on a human future.
And they cut right to the chase.
Teach us to hate children.
Teach us children are bad.
Teach us kill children.
See them as a commodity.
See them as a turkey at the grocery store.
And then we can factory farm all of humanity the way we factory farm all the animals.
You know, I'm not what you call an animal rights activist.
Because I know that movement is a eugenics-run, Peter Singer, animal liberation front, eugenics front, where they want to control the legitimate movement to treat animals more humanely.
Because we have empathy, we want to treat ourselves well.
So it's a very evil movement because it's controlled, just like the environmental movements run by a post-humanist exterminist group that could care less about the Earth and want to be able to cover up all the real environmental crises that they're helping trigger with fake carbon dioxide controls which allows them planetary dominance.
They just want to be God.
They believe once they achieve this AI power, they can just make new worlds, you know, and I mean, flick of the wrist that this is, this is just a big terrestrial sandbox laboratory.
Or laboratory, tomato-tomata.
Schedule, schedule.
I just want people to have a debate about the real world, the scientific elite, the breakaway civilization.
That's everything.
You look at things through that perspective, and then everything is absolutely crystal clear.
But if you don't look at it through that lens, then nothing makes sense.
And the establishment will say, oh, you look into that lens to make sense out of it.
Well, that's actually true.
The globalists are OCD control freaks on average.
Psychotic, in general.
At least sociopathic on the spectrum.
And they want a lens to control things, so there's so much chaos, they create an evil predatory nexus, or grid, which then they project onto the world.
So it doesn't always go the way they want, but still they're projecting that authoritarian predatory grid onto things, trying to make the universe make sense.
So I'm pointing at how things make sense that are going on because the rich and the ultra-powerful have combined forces to bring in this global government post-human system because they want life extension, they want control of things, they claim they're trying to stop World War 4 that'll destroy us, but really they're the ones adding fuel to it because they're psychotics.
So there's the conscious things they're doing and the subconscious things they're doing.
But absolutely I'm trying to bring order to this and figure out what's going on.
And then I found the ruling class that's trying to bring order by getting rid of all freedom and ending the planet as we know it.
Ruling classes throughout history have always gotten inbred and become psychotic.
That's just a genetic fact of inbreeding.
Detached from reality, detached from their slaves beneath them.
And they always try to figure out a way to get their servant class, their diplomatic class, their warrior class to go down and cull the slaves.
Kill them.
And they also do that because once they get their own minions to go out and kill others, well now their own minions will dehumanize themselves.
Once they cross those bridges.
And so that's why AOC and Bernie Sanders and all of them are like, we need to have the third world, abort their children.
We need to depopulate the planet.
Humans are inherently bad.
You need to pay us carbon taxes, those of you that live.
We'll be the priest class that organizes everything and manages everything because you're inherently bad, but we'll teach you how to live.
We'll decide what resources you can have.
We're all gonna have big jets and huge helicopters and giant palaces and eat caviar and hamburgers and steaks.
You just don't get
Heating in your home.
And by the way, your house is gonna be 250 square feet.
And by the way, if you want a universal income, you gotta be sterilized.
So that's all it is, is making slavery fashionable.
Making it cool.
Making it have a spree decor.
And so, it's in the news that AOC was up in New York State
And a woman from the LaRouche group, who's aware of eugenics, gets up and says, during the meeting, that, hey, you're not acting fast enough.
The earth's gonna end in just a few years.
We've got to kill
The babies, we've got to eat them, which again is Jonathan Swift's modest proposal from 1729, when Malthus, Malthusians, where that term comes from, was going around saying, let's kill the Irish.
Let's put them in big cages, put them in apartments with their disease in the winter and let them all die.
He said, cram the poor into these areas.
And so Swift said, hey, how about we just eat the Irish babies?
And some people thought it was serious.
So that's what they're doing.
So the media's trying to spin this that AOC, you know, didn't agree with it.
No, she nods.
She says, well, don't worry.
We don't have to go that far.
We're going to fix it.
She wants to terrorize you into submitting to her.
And she sees that, oh, we've overdone it with this woman.
You know, she's really panicked.
Because if you're telling them the world's going to end in seven years, 11 years, 12 years, you know, they keep lowering the number because they want to get that hysteria going.
Well, they're trying to spin it.
Well, nobody really wants to do that.
This was a hoax.
Well, we're going to show you a video where a bunch of Democrats that we've interviewed and talked to have actually said this, because this is their worldview.
Because again, if they can teach you to hate yourself and hate your babies, then they've got you where they want you.
They cut right to the chase to cut off our life force, to cut off our survival instinct.
So here's what actually happened in New York.
Get rid of the babies.
Distraught woman in AOC Town Hall urges eating babies to fight climate change.
Here it is.
We don't have enough time, there's too much CO2!
All of you, you know you're pollutant!
Too much CO2!
We have to start now, please!
You are so great, I'm so happy that you're really supporting the nuclear deal, but it's not enough.
You know, even if we would bomb Russia, we still have too many people, too much pollution.
So we have to get rid of the babies, that's a big problem.
Just stopping having babies, that's not enough!
We need to eat the babies and this is very serious.
Please give a response.
No, thank you, thank you.
We'll go ahead.
No, we'll go ahead.
No, no, no.
Thank you.
So I think... This is mind control.
So one of the things that's very important to us is that we need to treat the climate crisis with the urgency that it does present.
Luckily, we have more than a few months.
We do need to hit
She just winked at her.
That's right.
Give AOC full power, she'll save you.
Wait, we're never beyond hope?
She said that in just a few months if we don't act, then the time runs out, we're all dead.
Those are quotes.
For, again, your message of hope for all the work that you do and what you stand for in the government right now.
I, myself... Thank you for your message of hope.
We're all dead in 12 years and Beto goes, no it's 11, so she says 10 and now they're saying 7.
Now they're saying you've got three months.
We pull the quote up, AOC says we have months to act.
Greta Thunberg, months to act.
Now, so we have time, I'm going to go to break and then I'll play AOC's modest proposal.
I'm going to show you Democrats actually saying kill babies to save the earth.
And every person listening needs to go to Band.Video and get it, and send it out on their email list, and their text message, and by word of mouth, or put it on your own YouTube or Twitter.
Alex Jones isn't on this.
And so it's not going to get hit by the censors.
More and more you notice at Band.Video, and you notice at NewsWorks.com, most of the stuff does not have Alex Jones on it.
Yes, the system fears me.
Yes, they're banning everybody else now.
But we can just hopscotch.
Jump from rock to rock across the stream of tyranny with new websites, new systems, and that is up to you.
We build the sites, we create the content, the powerful truth.
Please, this is your mission.
Please accept it.
Step up to the plate.
Ram it down their throats.
You already got Trump elected.
Populists are winning all over.
We're beginning to turn the tide, but the enemy's launching their counteroffensive.
Now is the time.
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It all has to end, and your purchase makes the show possible.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, this report is extremely powerful.
It's done in the voice of Jonathan Swift 300 years ago.
A modest proposal to eat children of the poor, the Irish children, and it breaks it all down.
Then I'm going to open the phones up and get your specific take on this and how serious this attack on humanity has gotten and how do we counter it.
And then we're going to have a guest on who writes for the Epoch Times.
Who has broken the huge report at nationalfile.com.
We're good to go.
So if your local TV or radio station isn't picking it up, you really should because people want the truth and the truth is very, very, very popular.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, you can find all those details at InfoWars.com.
We're on the satellite, radio and TV.
Just pick it up.
It's there.
We just want you to carry the broadcast.
That is our mission, is to counter the globalist.
And that's a great place where big tech can't step in and be able to censor is on those local radio and TV stations.
And those should all become centers of communication and resistance to the globalist as well.
Now again, this report is up on Band.Video.
It's up at NewsWars.com.
It is absolutely essential that this get out to everyone you know.
This is AOC and her modest proposal dealing with the fact people say, oh, well, this woman was just joking, you know, to show satire.
Well, exactly.
But the satire is mirroring real life, which shows exactly what these individuals are up to.
So here it is.
These people are demented.
A modest proposal.
It's key.
Please get it out.
Welcome to Master Lib Tom Theater.
Today's selection is a modest proposal by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
We only have a few months left!
I love that you support the Green Deal, but getting rid of fossil fuel is not going to solve the problem fast enough.
A Swedish professor is saying we can eat dead people, but that's not fast enough.
So I think your next campaign slogan has to be this.
We've got to start eating babies.
We don't have enough time.
There's too much CO2.
All of you, you know you're pollutant.
Too much CO2.
We have to start now, please.
You are so great.
I'm so happy that you're really supporting the nuclear deal, but it's not enough.
You know, even if we would bomb Russia, we still have too many people, too much pollution.
So we have to get rid of the babies.
That's a big problem.
Just stopping having babies is not enough.
It's a woman's body and she should not be forced to carry anything inside of it.
It wouldn't make her keep a tapeworm.
That has a heartbeat.
So you're comparing a baby to a tapeworm?
A fetus is a parasite, sweetie.
That is not what a fetus looks like, okay?
It's a group of cells at 12 weeks.
You think that it is the white man's duty to fix everybody's problems, right?
How many did you adopt?
How many did I adopt?
I kill my kids.
I kill my kids.
I think?
We need to eat the babies!
And this is very serious!
Please give a response!
No, thank you, thank you.
We'll go ahead.
No, we'll go ahead.
No, no, no.
Thank you.
So, I think...
Yeah, no, so one of the things that's very important to us is that we need to treat the climate crisis with the urgency that it does present.
So we have to get rid of the babies.
That's a big problem.
All the babies.
That's a big... All the babies.
That's a big...
That's pretty evil of you, sir.
Yeah, I am.
And I hope and pray that you... Well, that's what you do to babies, huh?
I love it.
You love it, huh?
Yeah, I do.
I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
Oh, I'd never go to Christ.
I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
No, I don't go to Christ.
Yeah, you... I don't listen to Christ.
You will have a darkened heart, sir.
I do have a darkened heart, yeah.
You have a darkened heart.
I do, I do.
Very, very much so.
And you will stand before God in judgment day?
Yes, I will.
Every day.
You will stand before God in judgment day?
Yes, I will.
Every day.
All of the babies that you have to kill?
I love it.
I love it.
Yeah, keep tearing the babies apart.
Yeah, I will.
Keep tearing the babies apart.
I will.
Yeah, I still pay to kill babies, though.
Oh, yeah.
How do you get your abortions paid for?
I pay for them.
How many do you pay for them?
Upwards of 50.
So when do we cut off abortions?
At what week?
I think at three years old is when we should.
I also had my first abortion at the Seattle Planned Parenthood.
State lawmakers approved a law permitting abortion in the state for any reason until the 24th week of pregnancy and then up until birth.
If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen.
The infant would be delivered.
The infant would be kept comfortable.
The infant would be resuscitated, if that's what the mother and the family desired.
And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.
Are you for third trimester abortions?
My answer to you is that that should be a decision that the woman makes.
There's scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult.
Is it okay to still have children?
How do you justify the decision to allow Planned Parenthood to rent in this city for free?
Parcel birth abortion, eight-and-a-half-month-old babies.
My guts, my spirit sees a baby who got killed and its brain sucked out by some asshole, and then they make a joke out of it.
These are abortion doctors with third trimester babies that were about to be born.
Defiling them, making jokes about them, that they're having a fight.
I love it!
God bless abortions and God bless abortion!
Until you try it.
Thank you for joining us on Master Libtard Theatre.
Well, there you go.
And I'm glad you, I told about that at 10.30 last night, stayed up and did that.
But we're going to put a serious version out, too, that just shows the clips of them saying that, because there's Sanders saying, kill the brown babies, abort them to save the earth, too.
We're going to add that in there, and we're going to have one by the end of the show that's just the clips out there.
As you can see, this woman was just mirroring what they're pushing and what they're doing.
Aborted babies incinerated to eat in UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, Big Bilderberg Group Company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So, enjoy the flavor!
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death penalties and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
...is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way.
The scoops are on their way.
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We gotta stop them!
That is our secret move, Soylent Green.
Soylent Green is people!
They'll be breeding us like cattle for food.
We've been here for much longer because of the climate crisis.
We only have a few months left.
I love that you support the Green Deal, but getting rid of fossil fuels is not going to solve the problem fast enough.
A Swedish professor is saying we can eat dead people, but that's not fast enough.
So I think your next campaign slogan has to be this.
We've got to start eating babies.
We don't have enough time.
There's too much CO2.
All of you, you know you're pollutant.
Too much CO2.
We have to start now.
You are so great.
I'm so happy that you're really supporting the nuclear deal, but it's not enough.
You know, even if we would bomb Russia, we still have too many people, too much pollution.
So we have to get rid of the babies.
That's a big problem.
Just stopping having babies is not enough.
We need to eat the babies and this is very serious.
Please give a response.
No, thank you.
Thank you.
We'll go ahead.
No, we'll go ahead.
No, no, no.
Thank you.
So I think.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, I look at hundreds of
As well, you're informed, you're involved, you care.
And you know, I always see the photos of these arrested child molesters.
And they all look like a cross between Brian Stelter and Adam Schiff.
But you know, who's the real clowns?
Like, if you're in a park, and you see a creepy looking dude walking around,
And then you're not surprised 20 minutes later when you look over and he's jerking off behind a tree, looking at your kids.
You know, that happened to me like 15 years ago.
There's a lot of perverts in the world.
Document Cam shot police.
And if you're a TV viewer, you can see this.
I mean, this is what these guys look like.
This is a Catholic priest right here.
Got arrested reportedly for diddling a bunch of little boys.
He looks weak, he looks pathetic.
Now, no one would let their kids get anywhere near anybody that looks like that.
I mean, if you took one look at that guy, you'd say, that guy's a child molester.
But Drag Queen Storytime all over the country has convicted pedophiles at it, with little kids riding horsies, and the mothers push their kids in, the kids cry.
And this is all just a sick, satanic fetish.
And then now in different areas of the country,
Like Wichita, Kansas, the news is like, don't run background checks.
It's discriminatory.
Let the drag queens sit with your children.
And they put the kids on TV with convicted killers.
You're saying, why would they do this?
Because if you can take your kids to actually a satanic clown event,
We convicted pedophiles, and the men are dressed like demons and monsters, and actually do these weird shark mouths.
They go, ah, ah, little kids.
Hi, children.
We can show you the videos.
Whether it's Texas or New York or everywhere, it's to say, hello, bring me the children, ah!
And then the kids stand together, and the men go, ah, ah, exert, perfect.
They found the shots.
And of course, once the children submit, now they've been prepared.
And then local news in Houston goes, ah, we've got him young, gotta get him young.
And the host laughs.
That's how it all is, ladies and gentlemen.
So let's go back to this guy here.
Unsupervised, accused preach, priest, teach, counsel, foster children.
That's right, that's AP.
Priests that have been accused of assaulting people, moved to other areas, end up supervising children.
Man, this is the thing, just move them around.
But again, would you put your child, if you're a TV viewer, I'm asking you folks, would you, if you showed up somewhere at a daycare and this guy
Total Krapozoid was there.
You would not have your children there.
But see, if they can put it on TV to show men actually in war paint, in goblin outfits, then it's all about getting you to not have your defenses.
Let's go back to it.
Nearly 1,700 priests and other clergy members of the Roman Catholic Church considered credibly accused of child sexual abuse.
We're living under the radar with little or no oversight from regulator authorities or law enforcement decades after the first wave of church abuse scandals.
Royal U.S.
Diocese, AP reports.
And so people busted before they got let off because it's so embarrassing.
I mean, they reported in Pennsylvania 3,000 plus priests confessed.
To the police that they would have satanic orgies with little children, raping them, and giving them the sacrament, which the sacrament is HIV, into their bodies.
They would actually tell them in satanic ceremonies.
I'm not kidding, folks.
This is in the news.
You want to go read it?
And when your kid gets HIV, you still don't say anything because that's embarrassing, right?
You turn your kids over, they closed up the church, they had a satanic ritual and gave your kid a deadly disease.
Hail Satan, right?
It's trendy.
But imagine, then even after this, they get busted, it continues on, because hey, demons gotta eat.
Oh, but don't worry, here's another one.
The Smoking Gun.
Ohio police hunt for Speedo-clad pervert haunting Kent State Sorority House.
Oh my gosh, somebody in a Speedo's running around outside sorority houses being a pervert, so there's a big manhunt for him.
But when men dress like this in clown outfits and kids sit in their laps, then it's okay.
Here's another one.
Hepatitis A outbreaks flare up across the U.S.
Oh, the more you get vaccinated, the more you get it.
Haha, liberal!
But, anyways, just thought I'd bring that up for you right there.
Just to remember that's going on.
Just turn off your instincts.
Turn your children over to known pedophiles.
It's liberal.
Do it, or we might have to take your children away.
If you want to know why allergies are getting so bad, our bodies are fighting for their lives.
Most cancer is viral.
That's a medical fact.
It's just not popularly known.
And when they contaminate vaccines, which all vaccines are contaminated with other things from the environment, when your body creates an autoimmune response to the attenuated pathogen, be it viral or bacterial, when they put a dead virus or a dead bacteria in you,
Well, they've now learned there's all sorts of other little miniature viruses and miniature bacterium even to that bacteria and even to that virus, micro viruses, micro plasms from the bacteria.
And then there's even things in there.
So it's just as above, so below.
I'm going to hit this next hour.
The story's up on InfoWars.com.
We've gotten the site.
We're able to post back to it.
It's up on NewsWars.com.
It's from Mike Adams from NaturalNews.com.
Medical horror.
Genetic sequencing of common vaccine finds entire male human genome from aborted human baby.
A complete individual genome with abnormal modified genes.
560 genes linked to the cancer.
So again, they give you an entire humanoid, it's not human, replicant genome filled with cancer viruses.
Isn't that sweet?
You know, my dad listens to the show, he sends me text messages when I do that, and he goes, son, it sounds evil.
Hey dad, I'm doing that on purpose.
Because that's pure evil what they're doing, and maybe people will get upset about it.
But they won't.
I just want people, when they're dying, to spend their last months warning other people so they won't die.
Because no one's going to take this serious until your child, or your wife, or you die early.
And I'm not trying to sound mean about this.
I know why people can't deal with all this.
I know why.
Because to admit they're doing this to us is incredibly evil.
We have to do something about it.
My dad is an oral surgeon and dentist.
He still has his license, but he's retired.
20 years ago, he heard me talking about fluoride.
And he said, son, you need calcium fluoride.
It's good for your teeth.
You're full of crap.
I brought in literature from scientists that got fluoridation done in Canada.
Dentists saying, I thought it was calcium fluoride.
It's not.
It's toxic acid fluoride with other toxins.
Toxic waste they dump in the water.
This is insane.
This is horrible.
This lowers IQ.
It gives you cancer.
My dad came back to me.
He goes, you're right.
I can't believe it.
I thought it was medical grade fluoride.
Dentists don't know this.
Now it's all been over the news, because my dad thinks the other dentists are like him.
They're like, well, we wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't good.
Even though he grew up, was in UT when he was in high school, planned to, got told a bunch of eugenics stuff, he still projected himself onto what he was doing.
So I'm going to cover this after our guest leaves us, because
We have an Epoch Times writer who's also written notes from Breitbart and a bunch of others.
Really powerful report on Nancy Pelosi's son and Ukraine and the gas company.
And there's an indictment for securities fraud.
You didn't hear about that?
Yeah, we're gonna go deep down the rabbit hole on that.
But a lot of people are saying, well...
You know, I'm sure it's coming out that Schiff probably just made all this up.
The whistleblower's made up, like the transcript he read.
And Pelosi now says, well, even that transcript's real.
So they're desperate to protect Schiff.
So they've moved on to other things.
Oh, he asked China for help.
He threatened China.
Said, I know you bought off our government.
Maybe you should investigate that.
Well, the idea that he can't investigate crime?
Give me a break.
So CNN says Trump's normalizing his crime.
No, you guys have been normalizing your crime.
I'm trying to act like investigating it's a crime.
So Trump's calling your bluff.
You don't just set the parameters of reality anymore with your gaslighting.
So that's coming up as well.
It's huge, but I'm not trying to demoralize everybody here.
Getting into all these hardcore issues.
I'm telling you that major medical firms and testing companies
Going in and doing the spectrometer, electron chemical test, and the electron microscope test, and all the rest of them, and it's a fact!
That they are putting chemical and biological weapons into the vaccines, and if you think 10,000% plus increase in pediatric cancer is bad, son, ladies and gentlemen, it's gonna be, I mean, you'll have half the kids dead by five.
So, roll them up and get ready to die!
There'll be lots of fundraisers for all the dead kids and lots of, you know, 10Ks to raise money and find the cure.
Find the cure!
Don't shoot them up with cancer viruses!
So I can laugh all day about this because the truth is I'm going to start raging and tump this table over and, you know, go after people.
So I'm not going to do that.
But this is the reality.
This is where we are.
This is what we're dealing with.
And I'll cover this after that guest leaves us.
Stories up on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
I suggest everybody focus on this.
The product also contains residual
Components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein and trace quantities of neomycin and bovine calf serum from MRC-5 media.
Vaccines are routinely formulated with aborted human fetal cells known as MRC-5 and NW-W138.
The CDC openly lists some of the vaccines that use the human cells including
And it goes through them all.
The HEP, AB, MMRV, Virovix, Chickenpox, FDA-published vaccine.
It goes into what this major lab found.
Talk about dangerous.
Adams has a top-rated lab.
It took him six years to build it.
Millions of dollars.
He's got scientists in it.
Fetal cell line was found to belong to a male fetus.
This is what's in it.
Entire human genome in the vaccine.
The cell line presents itself in such a way that it's likely to be very old, thus consistent with a declared line of the 1960s that has the cancer viruses in it.
The fetal human DNA represented in this vaccine is a complete individual genome.
That is the genome DNA of chromosomes of the individual present in the vaccine.
The human genome.
I mean, this is going to make people allergic to humans.
Allergic to themselves.
Oh, I'm sure of it now.
We don't have long to wait.
And I'm not a sadistic person, but all these yuppies and trendies and people that think this is all funny, you're all going to be dead very soon.
This is a mass psychotic takeover.
We already knew all this, but just to have to know that they're using whole human genomes piggybacked with a bunch of cancer viruses in the tissue, so it nests in your cells.
God, how are they going to get away with like everybody has cancer?
It'll be too scary to admit it.
Everyone has Stockholm Syndrome, so we'll just go to the doctors.
And the cancer doctors, of course, will all be fabulously paid off to cover it up.
But then it's going to become really obvious when none of them are giving their kids vaccines.
It's already happening.
And none of the rich people do.
So they'll tie it to your food cards, entertainment rations in the future.
You're not going to be able to get on the internet, play video games, anything if you don't have your shots.
So people will be so addicted, they're going to do it.
And then it'll be obvious you're killing yourself, but it'll be okay.
They'll give you a bottle of stuff, you know, that you take for a week and you just die before the cancer kills you.
The AP reports that there are pedophiles all over the US, both convicted and non-convicted, put back with children on purpose.
And nobody's gonna do anything.
Because we're Satanists now, I guess.
I mean, I guess when you accept all this, you should become a Satanist.
You know, I shouldn't be sarcastic.
We're going to fight it.
We're going to say no, but we've got to break with these people completely and we've got to spread the word.
We've got to fight back and we've got to just face the reality of what's happened and unfolded here.
Whatever you do, just share the articles because we're going to keep ramming it down their throats.
We're not going to stop.
But just imagine, this is why they want us off air.
Because others will just read AP like it's no big deal that child molesters are keeping your kids secretly.
Or that, you know, they're injecting you with huge loads of cancer viruses with the entire human genome to make sure it delivers the weapon system.
Oh, of course.
Of course that's why they do it, yeah.
The bigger threat for me, though, is not just de-platforming, it's algorithmic manipulation.
I'll give you an example.
Right now, on Google, you could search Paul Joseph Watson YouTube, what would you expect to come up as the top result?
I don't know, you have many followers on YouTube.
My YouTube channel, 1.6 million subscribers.
1.6 million subscribers.
You would expect the first result to be my YouTube channel.
The first result is a person doing an impression of me, who has about 200,000 subscribers, a video that has about 30,000 views.
You don't even get to the result for my YouTube channel until the bottom of the page.
Okay, so Sundar Pichai, however you say his name, testified in front of Congress they don't manipulate the algorithm for partisan purposes.
Complete and utter lie.
Of course it's a lie.
He's lying in front of Congress.
You've got videos on YouTube.
Mark Dice is another conservative commentator on YouTube.
You can put in the exact title in quotations for a video that he produced a couple years back about Michelle Obama.
Two million views or whatever, you have to go to page 30 on the search results of YouTube to find that exact video.
Videos appear before that that are completely unrelated to Michelle Obama or anything to do with that.
Oh, we can talk about Google manipulation.
I mean, that's the most obvious thing and the reason for this is simple.
Human beings are lazy.
So when they go to Google, they want Google to spit out the fastest result.
They probably don't even look past the first four things that it hits.
The first four links that come up when you Google something, you are more inclined to hit those.
I can't think of a last time I've hit the second page of Google, right?
So Google understands it's obviously human beings are lazy.
They want information as fast as possible.
So what they're purposely doing is giving you false information about someone or distorted information about someone.
If you Google me, the stuff that comes up is hideous.
I do so much work for Black America, talking about actual issues that are happening, like the illiteracy rates that people are going through, I testified in front of Congress, and yet nasty, disgusting articles that have been written about me by leftist, racist journalists will be the first thing that come up, as if, and we know for a fact, that CNN is not being watched.
We know for a fact that their viewership is down, that people are no longer paying attention after they got caught with this Russian hoax, and yet all of their stuff will hit the top of the page every single time.
But Sundar Pichai goes before Congress and lies, and lies right to Trump's face, and Trump puts up with it, and so do we, and now they're censoring Trump presidential ads, and it's all confirmed!
They've set a precedent, and you know, I really like Paul, and I really like Candace, and I've tried to explain to them and everybody else that I've been used as the beta test, so going back two years ago before the official ban, they made info wars with an Alex Jones search about page four.
And then on all the other big search engines, they're doing that now too.
But then they only put the negative stuff up top.
But now I can put in whole InfoWars headlines and click web search.
They're unsearchable.
Well, then I went, let me check Breitbart.
Totally unsearchable.
Then I checked a bunch of others.
Like, can't we find it?
Totally unsearchable.
And then Breitbart and people don't even do articles about that.
They just start
Debating whether they're really being censored or not.
I mean, I really sometimes wonder what's wrong with people.
Because it's far worse than everybody knows.
The admissions are, but everyone just kind of incrementally, a few years later, figures out what's going on when the battle plan is all out in the open.
We have a special guest joining us, but I gotta tell you, Trump's not paying for me to run these ads.
I'm running these ads to analyze them.
We're going to come back with the intro.
Then I'm going to play, uh, Dems want to steal the election.
Trump's telling the truth.
And then right after that, this new ad they're running, just since yesterday, Drain the Swamp.
I mean, these are powerful.
There's another one, also, Stop the Madness.
I'm going to play these, because Trump's really getting hardcore, and that's what we need.
And we're not going to override these extremists by playing Patty King and by pulling back.
They put cancer viruses knowingly from SV40 and a bunch of other deadly cell lines in vaccines.
And then...
They wrap it around a bunch of human DNA for whatever weaponized reason, but they don't need to be doing this.
This isn't even part of the process.
They're adding it.
And that's up on Infowars.com right now.
So if you want to live, you might want to figure out that we're not playing games.
I'm just telling you.
This is life and death.
It is simply antithetical to our constitutional democracy to use impeachment to overturn an election on partisan grounds.
I think it has traumatic impact on the confidence that the American people have in government.
The effect of impeachment is to overturn the popular will of the voters as expressed in a national election.
Their hatred of the president exceeds their caring about this country and its people.
It would trample upon the choice made by the people through the electoral process and do great harm.
The people elected the president, they still support him.
We have no right to overturn the considered judgment of the American people.
But what the American people are saying loudly, clearly, is let's get on with the business of the American people.
Impeachment of a president is an undoing of a national election.
It violates the independence of the presidency, and it usurps the people's voice.
They are ripping asunder our votes.
They are telling us that our votes don't count, and that the election must be set aside.
Send a message through the ballot box.
That's what we do in this democracy.
I'm concerned that if we don't impeach this president, he will get re-elected.
They couldn't defeat him.
So now the swamp's trying to take him out.
First, the Mueller investigation.
Now Ukraine.
Politics at its worst.
President Trump is changing things.
Renegotiating bad trade deals.
Securing our border.
Creating six million new jobs.
It isn't pretty.
The swamp hates it.
But Mr. Nice Guy won't cut it.
It takes a tough guy to change Washington.
It takes Donald Trump.
I'm Donald Trump, and I approve this message.
Millions are dying a year, but oh, oh, mass shootings.
The numbers vary.
300, 400, maybe.
But real school shootings, real shootings at churches, it's not even 300.
It's still terrible, but they're making it the end of the world.
They're making it the biggest thing that the planet has ever seen.
And it's all of our fault, and something's got to be done right now.
Well, there's always been murderers, there's always been killers, and they know that.
And they've put the general public on psychotropic drugs that on the drug insert,
He causes people to go out and do this.
It's affected my family so bad.
It has changed our lives.
That was the reaction from the family of a husband and wife killed by a drunk driver in Salem.
Today, they were in court as the driver, who was in this country illegally, pleaded guilty.
Helen, the illegal alien shot the poor woman in San Francisco in the back!
The jury found him not guilty!
But he'd been found guilty of a gun crime, so he was sent to prison for that, and the appellate court said no, let him go, even though he'd been deported five times and committed a bunch of other crimes.
A state appeals court has overturned a conviction against the man who shot and killed Kate Steinle on San Francisco's Pier 14 back in 2015.
Jose Garcia Zarate was acquitted of murder and manslaughter in the case, but found guilty of possessing a firearm as a felon.
Tonight, that conviction has been tossed out.
They can't even put a guy in jail for shooting a woman in cold blood in the back when he's an illegal alien.
That's a virtue signal.
You've said that the president is fueling hate in this country.
Are you suggesting that he bears responsibility for what we just saw in El Paso?
I am, because he does.
Someone who describes Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals, who has sought to ban all Muslims, all people of one religion, from traveling to the United States, or who calls Nazis and white supremacists very fine people.
I was one of the gun-owning Americans that heard your speech and heard what you had to say regarding, hell yes, we're gonna take your AR-15s and your AK-47s.
Let's be respectful, let's be respectful.
Well, I am here to say, hell no, you're not.
This is my baby, purchased under the 1994 gun ban.
Please tell me your views.
That that's his baby, he needs help.
We should be working with law enforcement right now to make sure that we protect people against people who don't, are not capable of knowing what to do with a gun because they're either mentally imbalanced and or because they have a criminal record.
Anyway, we've got one more question.
Hope he doesn't come looking for me.
Before we do, I'm gonna make sure this weapon will never be able to take a life.
And people have always said,
There's so many of them out there.
If you ask now, there's one less.
And then, of course, they're gonna come for all the others.
After that, they want those all registered.
This is an exact formula they followed.
So everybody's thinking, oh, they're not gonna get it.
Oh, they don't have the votes.
The media's hyping up mass shootings.
And the Sandy Hook group connected to it's putting out videos of mass shootings, the name of stopping them.
But all the studies show hyping up mass shootings puts ideas in mentally ill people's heads, like the antifa monsters in Ohio and Texas.
And when they go out and kill people, they say, oh, it's a white male!
It's white terrorism!
It's the biggest threat!
They know what they're doing.
And ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
When it rains, it pours around here.
This happens with any technology.
Because we've got a lot of really fancy equipment.
You know, stuff happens on Fox News.
I talk to people over at Fox News, and they say, they'll have like three studios for one show.
Because things are constantly breaking.
That's why we have backup studios.
We may have to go in one of the others.
We had Infowars getting attacked today.
And then we had, I mean, like three different pieces of equipment go out in here today.
So it's just all hell breaking loose.
And then just now my earpiece broke.
So, it's the gremlins are, it's just how the universe works.
Sometimes you'll have more problems in a day than you'll have in six months.
Kind of like this week has been that?
I don't know, but there's a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world and our next guest is the expert on what's happening in Ukraine and these huge developments unfolding and the fact that Nancy Pelosi's son, that's right ladies and gentlemen, Nancy Pelosi's son is implicated in the gas company over there.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, Patrick Howley is an amazing investigative journalist.
Patrick Howley is an investigative reporter who writes for the Epoch Times and hosts a Sunday night show, Patriot Soapbox.
He is also the founder of Big League Politics and covered the Hillary Clinton campaign for Breitbart in 2016.
He's on Twitter at Howley Reporter.
And Patrick, I want to just try to give you the floor for the rest of the hour to walk through all of this because there's the big breaking news at nationalfile.com.
I think so.
Thank you.
Well, it's great to see you, Alex.
I knew as soon as this impeachment thing started happening that this was a deflection, because that's the Democrat David Brock playbook.
They want to deflect from the things that they themselves do.
When they were found to have been colluding with the Russians on Uranium One, selling them 20% of our capability to build nuclear weapons, they had to deflect and create a media spectacle for years about Trump being a stooge of Russia.
So I knew there was something going on with Ukraine, and I knew it was bigger than just Joe Biden, because Joe Biden's not that powerful in their world.
They would throw him under the bus in two seconds.
It turns out Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry are both integrally involved in this.
Nancy Pelosi's son, Paul Pelosi Jr., as I discovered, was on the management team of two companies.
He was on the board of this oil group and the related company NRG Lab.
And it turns out that NRG Lab and VisOil was doing business in Ukraine.
They stated this themselves.
They said artists are actively involved in promoting the clean technology of VisOil group of companies and NRG Lab.
For example, Mika Newton helped to secure the rights to build a plant for the production of SH boxes in Ukraine.
That's one of their products.
Mika Newton is a singer in Ukraine.
And it turns out that her lifestyle was being funded by this woman named Anna Schell, who is the benefactor of Paul Pelosi's company.
So they were grooming this woman who represented Ukraine on the European version of American Idol, and she was used as the broker, the go-between, between Paul Pelosi's company and the Ukrainian government to get the permit to do business there.
Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi was leading a congressional delegation to Ukraine in 2015.
Paul Pelosi was in Ukraine in 2017 under the guise of, you know, working on some kind of youth soccer partnership with the government.
And then when he was on the Ukrainian TV station, they pulled his clip down and deleted it because they didn't want people to know he was there.
They have scrubbed almost all of the evidence of these companies off of the Internet permanently.
But this company based in Singapore is a big player.
Paul Pelosi was on the board and this is all coming out now.
And the good news is we're going to play that video that I want people to see right on the other side of this next break.
We've got that loaded in our little trusty computer in there right now.
But people can see the video at nationalfile.com.
We've also posted it at infowars.com.
And I keep harping on that because all the censorship, all the blocking, everything is to stop the world from learning things exactly like this.
They want to shut up you, Alex, because you've been on the forefront of these issues for a long time.
And the general premise that all of us know to be true is that there are a group of elites who go around the world and enrich themselves at the expense of the people who vote them into office, at the expense of the people in these nations who are being totally co-opted and destroyed by a globalist plot.
And meanwhile, these people are using the government as a business ploy to enrich themselves.
And so you have John Kerry's stepson, Chris Hines, of the Hines ketchup fortune.
And he was business partners with Hunter Biden when Hunter Biden was doing his own deal in Ukraine.
And now he's implicated in this.
So you have the Pelosi's implicated.
You have the Kerry's implicated.
You have the Clinton's implicated.
And actually, Alex, I will break this news right here on the show exclusively.
Right after Trump got elected, I have found this.
John Kerry, in one of his final acts as Secretary of State,
Quietly put out a notice of funding looking for a contractor to create a network of social media activists in the Ukraine.
This was right before Nancy Pelosi's son went over to the Ukraine on his business trip.
This was as Hunter Biden and John Kerry's stepson were involved in this deal.
And John Kerry was looking for someone to, quote, build a network of civic activists throughout Ukraine.
They were obsessed with controlling the politics of Ukraine under the last president, Poroshenko.
And then when Poroshenko got, you know, replaced by Zelensky, they didn't see that coming.
Zelensky's pro-Trump.
And so they all freaked out, including the Ukrainian embassy here in the United States, which was working with John Brennan on Operation Crossfire Hurricane to try to target President Trump during the election.
Well, when you think about this, they've used Ukraine as a giant cash machine for so long.
They thought Hillary would get in, that this scam would go on forever.
And then now when Trump starts investigating it rightfully, because it deals with U.S.
interests, they try to act like he's a criminal.
Then they kind of took the bait, in my view, now that it implicates them so bad.
They're trying to change the subject.
Well, he talked to the Chinese.
Well, he talked to the
Well of course he was unwinding all the corruption that they'd set up and saying this isn't going to be that way anymore at the WTO or China or anywhere or the EU or NATO.
It's over.
Screwing us over and having politicians sell us out for kickbacks is over.
That's what the president should do.
It makes me go from loving Trump to being really committed to Trump that he's got the swamp this pissed and has really been cutting their tentacles off worldwide where they get all their money.
It's incredible and keep in mind too that when John Brennan and Obama were running Crossfire Hurricane, they were colluding with countries all over the world.
You had McCain sending somebody over to the United Kingdom to get the Christopher Steele dossier, which was based on Kremlin intelligence.
You had Australian intelligence being tagged in on it.
You had intelligence capabilities all over the world and then you had shadow diplomacy.
So when Trump got into office and went over there on a state trip to Germany, Obama was in Germany at the same time meeting with Angela Merkel and convincing Merkel to spy on Trump and to give them more of these recordings and more of this intelligence from the German intel agencies so that they could sabotage President Trump while he was in office.
That is treason.
That's the definition of treason.
So these people were colluding all over the world, including Obama himself, to try to sabotage the sitting Commander-in-Chief.
And so now they're trying to deflect from that and create a phony invented hoax.
And we know it's a hoax because when President Trump threw them for a loop and released the transcript, they still went ahead and went with the David Brock scripted talking point that he was trying to cover up the transcript.
So the machinery of their psyop went forward, even though Trump had thrown it for a loop.
They're incapable of responding to real world events because all of these things are scripted in advance.
That's absolutely right, and when we come back, I've got a clip of Nancy Pelosi, where she's saying that the fake Schiff transcript he read in the committee's real.
And so as you're stating, they're not just following scripts, they're having total mental breakdowns, and their information is always days, weeks, or years behind.
The wheels have truly come off, but they're not stopping.
And then we have the
Soccer team ad with her son that you were talking about that they don't want anybody to see.
We'll play that as well on the other side with investigative journalist Patrick Howley who's with the Epoch Times and the other great folks at nationalfile.com.
He really is.
And I think he's abusing the powers of that office.
If former CIA Director John Brennan had half a brain, which he doesn't, he would disappear.
Instead, you can find the admitted Communist Party voter walking the tightrope of sedition as he tweets for more deep state whistleblowers to come forward.
As if it wasn't becoming obvious that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff's knowledge of the whistleblower complaint a month before it was filed stinks of more deep state manufacturer manure.
These pawns of globalism can't even do an investigation without corrupting it.
And then there's Chairman Mao superfan John Brennan.
BizPak Review reports Rush Limbaugh made the jarring declaration that Obama's CIA director John Brennan traveled to the Ukraine back in the time period around 2016 under a fake passport so it wouldn't be known that he had gone.
And he was arranging data on the dossier and all of the other dirt that they were trying to amass.
Insiders and observers alike have speculated that the likeliest progenitor of the Russia hoax, if not in fact Obama, was Brennan, who was able to use the immense power and resources of the CIA, as well as foreign intelligence assets, to create and build a deep state plot aimed at taking down President Donald Trump.
But in a bunch of cases CIA employees are acting as kind of political operatives.
That's my read on it.
Oh, and it's getting worse and worse as time goes on.
Just look at the whistleblower complaint, and I use the word whistleblower in quotation marks here.
It looks like a legal document.
It doesn't look like a whistleblower complaint, and that leads me to believe that this whistleblower that we keep talking about is just the face of an entire group that's at the CIA that's pushing this thing forward.
These people who run the CIA, almost all of them are holdovers from the Obama administration.
Now, they're there for 20, 30, 35 years, and they know that they can outweigh this President.
So what advice would you give to this President as he deals with the CIA?
If I could give the President advice, I would say to turn to the Senate, turn to the Senate Majority Leader, and ask for an investigation of the CIA.
We need hearings on the CIA, and reform in the CIA, because this is not the way this whistleblower system is supposed to work.
So you'd be afraid of them if you were Trump?
Oh yeah.
This is a continuation of the John Brennan, James Comey efforts in 2016.
James Clapper.
Yeah, Clapper, the whole group, all of whom are under investigation by Barr and Durham.
And I find the timing of this somewhat suspicious.
It's clear to me that this agent or officer and his lawyers, Democratic-connected lawyers,
Worked with the House Intelligence Committee.
Is that the natural default if you're a CIA officer?
You go to the Democratic lawyers?
And the Democratic staff of the Intel Committee?
Well, in the era of Trump, apparently it is.
Because we have seen this working together with the Democratic Party, the previous administration, to prevent him from becoming President.
And now we see it as a move against the President.
Americans are desperate for someone to pay the fiddler before decent Americans are forced to drop what they're doing and descend on Washington, D.C.
What better candidate than John Brennan to be ripped from his home by a SWAT team to face the will of the country that he has arrogantly circumvented for years?
John Bowne reporting.
So he got us a bunch of dirty...
Globalists inside the system dug in that are just sabotaging the working of government and trying to say the president talks to foreign leaders that's corrupt and then they've done everything
They say Trump's done.
It's just crazy how dirty they are and how obvious it is.
Patrick Owley writes for Epoch Times.
He's written a very powerful article for a national site that is very, very exciting that he and Tom Papert and others are writing for.
I read their stories every day.
Tom Papert co-hosts the show here weeknights.
Firepower with Will Johnson 7 to 9 p.m.
Central at Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
It's available on radio and TV.
Satellites for stations that would like to pick it up.
Getting back to Patrick, I wanted to air that little special report because I wanted to ask you.
It looks like Brennan is like the shadow government player.
He still has his national security clearance.
Trump ordered it taken, but the deep state defied the president.
He still has it.
Is that accurate?
Brennan is really the chief operative.
I always believed that Barack Obama was overseeing these operations.
However, Brennan is the chief operative.
And Brennan's protege is Peter Strzok.
Peter Strzok was the hatchet man.
So Peter Strzok was charged with carrying out all of these activities.
However, Peter Strzok messed up, of course, because he was having an affair with Lisa Page and he was putting a lot of stuff on text message.
And if you're in the deep state, you should not be putting a lot of stuff on text message.
So this thing can be unraveled now.
Well, we know that John Brennan was going around the world, including to Ukraine with a secret passport, a fake passport, in order to dig up dirt on President Donald Trump, which is treason, which is, you know, it opens the CIA up to so many different kinds of things that Attorney General Barr could wage against them right now.
The point of the matter is, these people are hoaxers.
They not only fake the news, but they now fake world events.
And they truly believe that there are enough low-information people out there who are not watching the Alex Jones Show, who are not educating themselves, that if they just put the spectacle of an impeachment hearing on television, people will think it's really serious, because the spectacle of it is so overwhelming.
We have to break them down with facts.
And the fact of the matter is, Adam Schiff lied in front of Congress.
Nancy Pelosi lied about Adam Schiff lying in front of Congress, and all of these people were using Ukraine as their own personal gravy train, because it's one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and they were getting millions of dollars for themselves and their families.
You know, it goes back to Karl Rove saying, we control history now, we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want.
And we know that was a neocon slash democrat operation, all those illusional wars.
But it really shows their thinking.
And as you said, they're betting on everybody being low informational voters and just getting away with all this.
But it seems like the hoaxes are getting bigger because they're not working anymore.
And so they just hope if they get bigger and bigger, somehow they can swallow reality.
It's absolute desperation.
And if you look at the stuff that you and I both know that they could really be facing some charges for, including human trafficking all over the world, including, you know, these placeholder cases like the late Jeffrey Epstein, the NXIVM sex cult, which was sex trafficking in little kids from Guatemala and Mexico, where they were grooming the kids at daycare centers, performing mind control experiments on them, bringing them into this country.
I mean, this is sick, sick stuff.
Human slavery is the big issue of our time, and they don't want that to be exposed, and so they're desperate to try to shift the narrative to anything else that they possibly can, including the fact that the President had a very pleasant phone call with a foreign leader, who's helping us, by the way, with economic things and military things, and it's good to have allies, by the way.
They're trying to ruin our alliances around the world, because they're about global destabilization to deflect from their own criminality.
And so we're seeing that.
And by the way, there are parents as we speak, Alex, at the state capitol in Sacramento right now protesting against Child Protective Services, alleging that since the Clinton administration, Child Protective Services has been human trafficking little kids for profit by taking kids out of their homes from their parents in the middle of the night and then putting them into the foster care system, which is child prostitution.
And the Trump administration told me today that they're now taking open reports from whistleblowers, real whistleblowers,
I know, it's incredible and I love your energy and how you're so fired up.
We've got to get you on more often because, I mean, the epic times, the work that's going on over at National File and
Big Tech is so desperate, they're so criminal to be trying to cover this up.
All these people that may not have the child trafficking on their hands, or may not be involved in all this, by helping suppress this information coming out, they're doing it.
And I remember at the time, the Clintons and DynCorp.
I don't know.
The average person just can't even imagine it.
And the fact that the Democratic Party is helping the Chi-Cons bring in the fentanyl, they're helping do the child trafficking, but it's so evil, they believe it's quote, too evil to fail.
Kind of like the infiltration of the Catholic Church by these sex cults.
And now it's an AP today that there's all these sex criminals that didn't get in trouble.
They're now being turned loose again on children.
That's in AP today.
I mean, it's just, do you have what it takes to handle the truth, folks?
I think you do, but this is serious.
All right, folks, Alex Jones here, back live.
Dr. Nick Baggage, always informative, is going to be hosting the fourth hour ahead of the War Room with Owen Schroer.
Of course, I do the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
We're living in just incredible times, and you really can't
Accentuate enough just how incredible the times are.
I can get really negative looking at all this, but it's because corruption has been breeding under the surface for a long time.
And it's a system I call too evil to fail.
So going back to Patrick Howley, who is a very prolific, well-respected investigative journalist, you follow him on
Twitter at Howley Reporter.
And you can find his work at the Epoch Times and other great publications.
You know, just take the Epoch Times.
I know it's only been around since the early 2000s.
And then once we're getting into multimedia, it's one of the top 10 video platforms in the world for a news outlet, just because they cover real stuff.
And they've been proven right on basically everything.
So I'm glad he writes for them.
I'm glad he writes for the National Wire and the work they're doing.
I got a few clips I want to play, but what would you call this period of time we're in, A, and B, what would you say the real position of Trump is right now?
You know, I mean, I know we've got the upper hand in many ways because we're not corrupt like they are, and all over the world people are waking up and it's a season of political revival and cultural revival, but they're also just so damn nasty and crazy and arrogant that it's just, you can feel, I think, the palpable arrogance and insanity of these people who've just been kind of asleep at the switch, stealing billions, and the world going towards destruction.
And all these authoritarian regimes disrespecting us, and then now those authoritarian regimes are funding them in the hopes they can remove Trump.
Don't those regimes know you can't put the genie back in the bottle?
I mean, this collision course we're going down, I don't think can be changed.
Now, what's going to happen in the collision of these two forces is going to be epic, and I'm not sure exactly how that's going to unfold, but I don't think there's any doubt that these arrogant SOBs are going to be on the bad end of it.
What do you think?
I think this is a time of awakening and I think it's a new enlightenment because we have been under the rule of criminals and this story proves it.
Nancy Pelosi was putting herself on an advertisement for her son's firm so that he could send it around as a commercial to the rest of the world and get money for himself.
These people were just using their position in the government
We're good.
It keeps us at each other's throats here at our levels, in the middle classes and the lower classes, instead of coming together and looking upward and saying, those are the people who we both have a gripe with, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and we should be going against them.
That's how we free ourselves.
That's how we free our minds.
That's how we free our society.
Because the people in church don't really have much of an ideology.
Their ideology is self.
It's just an atheistic worship of themselves and they truly believe that they're much better than us.
They have contempt for us and for all humanity and we don't need to accept this in the short time that we're here on this planet.
And so right now I think we're in the middle of the revolution of ideas and we're gonna win because we're on the side of good and they're on the side of evil.
Well I agree with you on that to a point.
But a lot of them actually just don't not care about us.
They absolutely hate us.
And these so-called establishments fall all the time.
That's why they're trying to build a real technocracy to keep their whole edifice propped up.
And you see a movie like The Joker that I saw last night.
It's all about killing the police, killing the local people, having an anarchy, a French Revolution type.
And that's all being funded by the shy comms and the globalists.
And it's in the WikiLeaks.
They want cultural divide.
They want cultural implosion.
And so you go see it, it's advertised as avant-garde, as cutting-edge, as anti-establishment.
It couldn't be more establishment.
Yes, absolutely.
Same with Antifa.
Antifa is doing the bidding of the CIA and the establishment.
Antifa is the enforcement wing of Jeff Bezos and Amazon.
They're doing the bidding of the left-wing corporations.
The left-wing corporations and the left-wing government have merged, really.
And so the government does the bidding of the corporations, and the corporations kind of streamline our society.
And we're looking at a fascist totalitarianism that is bigger than just the apparatus of the left or the apparatus of the right.
The Republican Party is choosing to be the quisling party, kind of like the right tendency in Russia during Stalin, but the agenda is all being driven by these Democrats, and these Democrats are globalist criminals.
I think that is very much on display now.
And so it's just a question of numbers.
Can their hoaxes, can their fake impeachment proceedings get out to more people with their mainstream media apparatus than our truth?
And that's why they're using Silicon Valley banning and censorship and everything else.
But, you know, they can't stop you.
They can't stop me.
They can't stop any of us because they can't stop the free flow of information.
People are too smart now.
Well, if you look at Pelosi, or her family, or Biden, or Hillary, they're all these rotting, psychotic edifices, like the portrait of Dorian Gray.
I mean, you do judge a book by its cover, and everything they touch is turning to pure crap.
I wonder what their death throes are going to look like.
Yeah, no, it's very interesting.
And they have never really been able to normalize what it is that they do.
And so that's why they're trying to do that now.
You see Drag Queen Story Hour and these other things, and you see sort of the normalization of pedophilia with this James Gunn guy in Hollywood saying, oh, it's okay that he was coming out in favor of pedophilia, because they know that they're exposed.
After WikiLeaks, after the work that we've done, they're exposed about what their agenda, what their ideology really is.
They torture children.
They subject children to horrible human experiments.
I guess that's the whole thing of their, start over, sorry, but I guess that's the thing of their selfishness.
There's nothing more selfish than wrecking a child.
And, you know, the Fox News just fired a guy for talking about Malik, the deity of, you know, the pagan deity of child sacrifice.
Well, look at what was going on at the NXIVM sex cult, where they were doing satanic rituals.
Look at these children that they were human trafficking with fake visas into this country.
We are the abolitionists.
They're the pro-slavery media.
That's the paradigm.
And everything in politics right now is about human trafficking.
The wall, you know, everything having to do with all of these issues, all this division.
It's all about the fact that they don't want to be exposed, that they're running massive human trafficking rings.
They don't want to be exposed for their criminality, greasing money from foreign governments all over the world, using their positions here in the U.S.
They're selling this country for themselves and they think they're going to be saved.
Well, they're not going to be saved because radical Muslims aren't going to, you know, they're not too impressed by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.
I'll put it that way.
Radical communists in China are not too impressed with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.
It's the quislings who give up their own country who actually are resented the most by the communists and the Muslims.
Well, you said it.
We've got to get you back on a more routine basis.
I know you come on some of the other shows.
You've been on mine four or five times.
But I've been reading your stuff for five, six years.
But Patrick Howley, one of the best investigative journalists out there, has some of the most courage.
At Howley Reporter on Twitter.
And again, join us again next week just for your big picture about what you think Trump ought to do and all these other big stories you're working on.
Because I know you're working on a lot of other big stories.
So thank you so much for joining us.
You're a legend, Alex.
Thank you so much.
I'll be back soon.
No, you are, my friend.
Listen, I really appreciate the listeners and everybody helping us have this show.
And I'll just be honest with the viewers, getting up here and asking you to support us, for me personally, is like nails on a chalkboard sometimes.
But we won't be here.
For all the fun we have, if you don't support us.
I mean, it's really that simple.
And, you know, a big part of me never wants to do this show again.
I'll just be honest with you.
You think I want to sit here and read a major scientific testing firm out of Italy also confirmed in the U.S.
that they're putting hundreds of cancer viruses inside human genetic code and injecting it to kill you and your family?
I mean, that's mainstream news.
It's confirmed.
And it's like, oh, big deal.
Oh, but, you know, five people died from vaping.
We got to ban it.
No, that's just the government taking it over.
So these things are too evil to fail is what it is.
They've committed crimes so massive that they just think they can get away with it.
But here's the problem.
The evil will grow till everything collapses.
Almost all the nuclear reactors are supposed to be shut down after 30 years.
They're like 45 years old.
They're almost all leaking.
No one cares.
The executives are crazy.
It's a craziness where...
Nero finally committed suicide.
He was a child molester, tortured people to death.
He was into all this bad stuff.
And then he finally just killed himself.
Well, they're going to do it with all of us.
They'll just probably just detonate an antimatter bomb and go, I love you, Satan!
You know, I mean, actually, globalists have written white papers where they say things.
It's in my film Endgame where they go, you know, we're going to go on willing and ruling.
And the biggest thing we want to do is probably just blow the whole planet up.
And it's all this weird satanic lyrics and poetry about, oh, the pleasure of killing humans forever and vaporizing, oh, I'll be most powerful when I kill everyone.
I mean, careful you don't stare into the abyss unless you become the abyss.
I have to sit here and deal with all this, just like you do.
And people that don't know this is all going on, people that are living in denial about it, doesn't mean it's not going on.
It is.
It's all going on.
So if you want to support us, the big sale's about to end.
And welcome to InfoWars.
And this is Dr. Nick Begich on this Friday, October 4th, coming to you from Anchorage, Alaska.
You know, thinking about what's going on in the world today and in the last segment, you know, when you just really look at the web, the matrix of
And I want to talk a little bit about it.
You know, today I'm thinking, what do I want to cover?
There's like too many things and there's never enough time.
And when you look around the world right now and what's happening, it flashes me back to
The Watergate era, you know, in the same kind of things, you know, we had a corrupt Central Intelligence Agency, an FBI that had been working at the behest of, at that time, the Nixon administration, which, you know, had engineered the break-in at the Watergate and a number of other things.
But what we never got was the, you know, was the full scope and story of what happened there.
And the reason we didn't was because of the chain of events that occurred after.
And I've talked about this before.
And that was at the time when my dad was in the Congress and Hale Boggs was the majority leader.
A couple weeks before Watergate broke and the second election of Richard Nixon, the majority leader disappeared off the face of the earth.
And my father was with him.
And, you know, what was going on then in terms of the deep state has always happened, and it was alluded to in the last segment, is the idea that bureaucracies, the things underneath government, they last forever.
You know, I mean, politicians do come and go.
And when the CIA or the FBI or other security agencies or the military branches get up in front of the president,
Or the Executive, or the Committee, or what have you.
In most cases, they will refer to it off-camera, out of the public specter, as the Dog and Pony Show.
Because these bureaucrats are going to present what they want to feed the politician to create an outcome.
It is the most corrupt thing you've ever seen and I've watched it in motion.
I'm a third generation in government from the state, local, national levels and this is the way it flows.
So when you look at what's going on in Ukraine right now and the scramble at the very top of the political parties because there's a level of corruption that exists there that we can't even fathom.
And we've legitimized it in lots of different ways.
And let me give you a few.
The idea of contracts.
People winning all these foreign contracts.
People who are related or closely associated with organizations begin to benefit by those relationships.
Why would you expect it to be any different than that?
That's the same way as it is in every network of people.
The problem is when they're serving the public's interest, it shouldn't be allowed.
This is the difference, okay?
It shouldn't be allowed to be able to individually profit by their activity.
This is why after Watergate, we had like Freedom of Information Act, which is largely gutted, and I could tell you why.
We have public reporting of campaign contributions, which is largely corrupted, and I can tell you why.
And we're going to get into that in the next segment.
Because, you know, when you think about what has bred the situation we're in,
It's the game playing of words and the creation of a narrative to suck in the American will and drive us like a herd of lemming off the cliff of insanity that we're seeing break out by our technocracy in the 21st century today.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
We're going to be right back after these brief messages and you're listening to the InfoWars.
And welcome back.
And in the last segment, I started to talk a little bit more about the deep state and I want to make it relevant from both personal perspective.
You know, I'm 61 in a couple of months.
And so a little bit of perspective, I think age and experience does matter, especially when you start to apply multi generational view of the world, which we kind of lose in the way our family structures are fractured today.
But, you know, at least in my family, it's relatively intact, at least among some of us, to try and stretch that knowledge forward into the next generation.
Watergate is the same contextual narrative that we have today.
Only the difference is we have a technocracy that is so, so powerful, aligned with media and global corporations that our opportunity to be heard as individuals is quickly becoming diminished.
The most banned network in the world, and here we are talking, and banned.videos, a great place now where you can see archival material from all of the posts in this network by just a simple search.
But even getting to that location,
You'll find is being interfered with online.
At least I have in the last week or so.
But check out band.videos because this is like really the best of the best and pass it on to people.
So at least we're beyond the sensors for a while.
But I say that with a lot of emphasis on the for a while because the objective of these networks now is to control speech.
And control the reality creation that happens with the control of the word, the spoken word, and ultimately also the written word when you consider most of that's digitized today.
But going back again, historically, what happened?
We got the Freedom of Information Act, which did a couple of things that need to be changed in the 21st century.
It exempted private corporations from the Freedom of Information Act, which meant all government contractors, which now, if you look at our government structure, to hide the bureaucracy is through contractors that are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act of 1976, which came out of Watergate.
All right, we need to go back, revisit the act, and have whistleblowing apply to private sector so we can find out what's going on within these organizations and people can be protected.
And when companies particularly go against the public good and the public will and civil liberties such as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and freedom of the press by restraining and constraining the very tools of the 21st century,
That is a human rights violation, ladies and gentlemen.
To silence speech is a human rights violation.
A fundamental violation to who we are as created human beings.
And the Freedom of Information Act needs to be revised so that we can catch people doing things that are against yours and my interests.
You know, because this is the problem.
Transparency on cameras need to shift the other direction.
Into government offices.
So we can see what's going on.
It's the public's business.
We ought to be able to look in and see what's happening there.
And we're not.
We're not permitted.
In fact, we're given sound bites and bits and scraps of information that are pretty meaningless unless somebody goes out to aggregate, which is what InfoWars does, what Drudge does, and a number of others out there do.
And it's a threat.
It's not like you're creating news.
You're gathering the news and re-reporting it and gathering real information and reporting it.
And the implication of that is somehow that's disruptive to the social order.
Well, let me say this about free speech.
It will always be disruptive to social orders, whether you're demonstrating in Hong Kong right now, and thank God you can still, or in the U.S.
You know, doing the things that you do to be heard.
But here's the point.
Should this happen within the context of violence?
I don't think so.
But what do you have when people start shutting down your ability to have a discourse, a conversation that matters?
And that's where we are in the United States.
Polarized to the point where the discourse is ended.
And that is a dangerous place to be, and that is not American, not foundational, and not fundamental to who we are.
And it's part of the technocracy's goal to divide and conquer the human soul and the human spirit by dividing us so violently on an emotional thrust and disengaging the intellect.
Because as you start to disassemble and break down the debate and the arguments with facts, you come to very different conclusions.
So going back to the CIA and FBI, they have a lot to hide because they've been the tools of political leadership in a way that has allowed them to fester, to stay within these bureaucracies, buried within those structures, to really push the public agenda, which is not
I say again is not their role.
In fact, there are laws specifically forbidding federal employees from participating in those kinds of policy action or trying to weigh in on regulation or weigh in on the law.
They're there to do what they're told, and that is not how it functions.
Too much of that is the other way around.
So what Donald Trump is doing in disrupting the deep state is he has to reach down deep within these infrastructures and dislodge old thinking.
And in doing so, you reveal the abuses.
And in finding those abuses, you need to hold people accountable that have been in collusion in what is a real conspiracy under the law to take away this republic.
From those of us who are citizens here that represent that republic.
And that's what we're losing in all of this right now.
Is, first of all, the word games in creating a narrative that they control and inflaming the public to engage only the emotional side of our character to the expense of our intellect.
This is not going to get us there.
There are real solutions, there are real problems, but the deep state does need to unravel, and the security agencies have been a part and party.
I'm asking Ukraine, Russia, China, everybody, to start blowing the whistle on corruption.
It's the right thing, because that's in the human being's interest, no matter what country you live in, in the world.
Particularly the third world, where it's still transacted in brown paper bags.
And our government
And through them, every one of us as citizens participate in that as our government hands out black bags of money all over the world to gather influence and outcomes and blackmails people and kidnaps people and tortures people.
And I think Donald Trump is trying to get to the bottom of what allowed this government to reflect the American people in this way globally.
What has given them the authority to act in this way globally?
As felons.
All of those are felonious actions if you committed them.
If you did them.
Either in the United States or abroad.
But not our government, which represents who we are fundamentally.
I don't think so.
And that's why I'm glad someone is disrupting the deep state.
And I hope it continues.
Check it out.
All of my stuff is there.
All of the other guys is there.
Alex's stuff.
And it's important to pass that on to others, because that's the way this information gets out there.
You know, when I think about
The possibilities, too.
And this is where I remain the eternal optimist in all of this.
And I joke about it.
I say I have a pathology, you know, and it's called a pathological optimist, because I just can't give up.
And I won't give up.
And I think that's the character of those that listen to this network and who we are.
And I volunteer my time once a week, come on, do this with the guys, because it's important to me.
Uh, and I think it's important that we all support this network in some fashion.
Um, however, we can even just passing it on to others.
It's a great way to start coming back in the next segment.
I want to break down the alternatives possibilities.
The government's always like to get into the solution side of the equation.
There are some and some of them we're doing right here in Alaska, and it's kind of the big experiment, if you will, on who owns this country.
Is it you or is it me in this?
Our last one of our historic Republican governors called this the owner state and I'm going to get into the owner state Wally Hickel's legacy to Alaska in the next segment.
This is Dr. Nick Begich and we'll be right back after these messages.
And welcome back this October 4th 2019 and it's a Friday afternoon in my part of the world approaching that anyway and you know when we were talking in the last segment about
Sort of what's changed and what's under attack.
Fundamental free speech is under attack.
And we all know that if we're tuned into this network.
But the idea of assembly.
Think about this in the 21st century.
The town square as it was 250 years ago is way different today.
We're in the town square right now on the digital
Doorway of how we function.
You know, I mean, this is the digital town square, so it is our right to assemble here and have this conversation no matter how we're dialing into.
But the idea that those that control the airwaves, which are public airwaves in the way we used to perceive them.
Are now telling us whose voices get heard and how those voices are channeled through that network.
It's manipulated.
This is a fundamental affront to our right of assembly, our right of free speech, you know, our right to redress even our government in this town square.
Because a lot of the conversations that happen throughout the internet is about our governments, no matter where we live, whether it's the United States, Canada, Great Britain, or wherever you're listening around the world.
The fact is, our governments
In cooperation with Globalist and the World Monetary Fund and others have manipulated our governments and thrown a cultural context on it.
And this is done through what we are calling the deep state and what others call the bureaucracies that exist beyond the political leadership.
That have an agenda, that go to the same meetings, that cooperate with each other.
In the Congress, there's not a congressional office that doesn't have a deep insider embedded in it.
Right out of the gate.
You almost have them assigned when you arrive, unless you're smart enough to resist.
So you actually invite them in, and then they direct your show.
So much of the agenda is directed by staff, and then under that is whole systems of bureaucracy.
And in some places, even the legislators are developed out of those bureaucracies and then elected to office and even manipulated at a deeper and more fundamental basis.
But the idea of.
Biden's son picking up $50,000 a month for a consulting gig?
Come on, folks.
You believe that?
This is a way it also plays out.
There are a lot of ways this plays out.
And this is where, again, how do you police this in a way that's rational and reasonable?
I think public disclosure is part of it.
Let the public decide what's corrupt.
You know, but let's find out the fact for sure.
I think we're entitled to that.
And the Freedom of Information Act does not go far enough.
And the idea of keeping track of campaign contributes, because back in the Nixon era, for those who don't remember, money was being literally handed off in bags, you know, an envelope.
Hey, you know, here's the dough, you know, and it's and it happened then.
And so they created all these rules and regulations and committees.
And think about it.
Now we have cool.
We have bribery by committee because the same effect is there.
You know, the big contributors get the access.
The big contributors have lunch.
The big contributors win the game.
And the big contributors then do these side deals like book publishing.
You know, I was in the book business, OK, for a long time.
And here's how here's how some of that plays out.
Look at who was on these boards of these big book publishers and look how these boards interact with other corporate shells.
And then you'll find out that this is one of the games like the Bernie Sanders millions from his bestselling book.
Why do you get that opportunity?
Now, you know, a lot of these bestselling books don't sell.
You know, Newt Gingrich got a huge advance for his book, but it only sold 10,000 copies and the rest were shredded up and sold as a refuse to a toilet paper company.
A lot of people don't remember that, but that's what happened.
So big money goes in these advances.
But then when you look at the margins on book publishing today and book sales and then track that in actual numbers, a lot of it doesn't make any economic sense at all.
It's like the poker game at the Watergate, you know, there in Washington, D.C., where a lot of congressmen are seen coming and going.
A friendly game of poker with a group of lobbyists.
Except the congressman always wins.
Isn't that odd?
He always wins.
You know, lobbyists will fold on the full house, you know, and the law and the congressman will have a pair of twos and he'll always win.
Is that bribery or is that a good poker player?
Jeez, you know, it would take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out.
So take a look at where people's money comes from and how it flows and you learn a lot about them.
And I think that's part of the whole transparency thing.
That's why disclosure is required and then people can judge that.
You know, did they come in impoverished and go out billionaires, you know, like, you know, chasing a bunch of lawsuits out of the governor's office in Arkansas on their way to the presidency with not two nickels to rub together?
Running billion dollar foundations, in fact, you know, and watch Obama.
He'll do the same.
But look at the deals that are made up behind the scenes.
You got to ask the question.
Why shouldn't the standing executive take control of his administration and order the investigation of criminal activities by the previous group in power?
That's called accountability, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why political power shifts from one party to the other, so you can find out what's going on.
That's why there's supposed to be a two-party system, not a one-globalist system, with two parties masquerading underneath that, which is why Donald Trump beat 16 other Republicans from the establishment, which is why you see this mob approach to a lot of this stuff.
But look at where these people come from.
They're from the inside.
Uh, to tell us what's good for us.
And this is the problem.
They're shutting down our ability to have a conversation.
And the truth of the matter is, in today's day and age, you don't even have to escape the town square.
All you do is change the channel, turn off the electronic feed, you know?
You don't have to tolerate anything.
You don't have to accept anything.
But somebody wants to tell you what to think is a problem, and we need to think for ourselves.
We need to elevate who we are.
We need to begin a discourse that's based on a good sense.
So we got to keep pumping the information out through all the channels that are available to us so we can talk about that.
You know, there's other ways to operate in government.
You know, here in Alaska, I was talking about the owner state, and that was Wally Hickel's vision.
And what he said is that a lot of the public resource that we hold in common, which, you know, which is what is true, he looked at because he was a business guy, a very successful business guy here.
And he said, hey, that's the balance sheet.
That's where real wealth is stored.
It's not on your P&L, the money in, the money out, your profit loss statement.
As businesses are operating, this is a cash flow, you know, how the cash comes in and how the cash goes out and how we're sold on how our government operates, right?
It's on the taxes in and the revenues out and we all fight over the tax and revenues out.
But the balance sheet, the assets of the nation.
Are what's been hijacked for 250 years.
And that's what we need to talk about because that's the bigger context of the charade of the deep state is to hijack the assets for that smaller and smaller 1000 families that control this planet's economies.
And this is the danger sign, ladies and gentlemen, because eluding of our national treasuries is what's been happening for 250 years in this country and for millennium in Europe.
We're going to be right back after a few brief messages.
This is Dr. Nick Begich, shaking down the deep state.
It's time for a change.
All right, welcome back.
Nick Begich from Alaska today.
You know what, I want to talk about, again, the balance sheet versus a P&L statement, how that all ties in.
Again, from practical experience, and there's a couple places that this makes sense.
When you think about the national resources, you know, there was a period of time, the railroad barons, where they were given these huge right-of-ways through the country.
And then they were given a mile of property, right, on both sides of the railroad.
So they controlled everything that
The grain elevators, everything.
So they just screwed all the farmers all over the country, tapped all the profits and all the labor of these people like slaves, and the railroad barons.
That's why they called them railroad barons, you know, and these are the these are the guys that really object to the income tax because they were screwing everybody, you know, and there were a lot of things going on, you know, but it was again the looting of
You know, of the national resources.
You can even go back further.
You know, you can go back to the Revolutionary War and the story of the Continentals.
You know, we paid everybody in Continentals.
And there's an old saying, it's not worth the Continental because after the war, after the Revolution, they weren't worth anything.
Well, then a bunch of insiders, speculators, went around and bought them all up for a nickel and 10 cents on the dollar from all these veterans who had risked their lives and had legs chopped off and everything fighting the British.
Bottom all up.
And then the executive branch some years later, like 20 years later, you know, as part of this ploy when they were buying all these up, borrowed some money from France and gold, and then they redeemed them all at 100 cents on the dollar.
And speculators on the backs of the revolutionary heroes
Stripped out the wealth once again, you know?
And so, I mean, even when you think about the blood of our fallen, stripped out the wealth from them just like so much cattle being bled before the slaughter, you know?
I mean, give me a break, ladies and gentlemen.
But here, in the rest of our world, that we need to remember, what's the balance sheet represented by in the United States and how do they used to operate with the balance sheet?
Well, it was land, primarily, natural resources and land.
And there was a process by which any citizen, any American, with an equal right to be an American, you know, that's all of us,
Had the right to go out and stake four corners and later survey it and work it for seven years.
And he could get a homestead, 160 acres of what was public land and made a private land based on the effort that person put in.
He had to build a home and make it work, you know, which meant you had to be an entrepreneur and you had to do all kinds of things to make that work.
But you had the chance.
You had an axe and you had the will.
You could go do
And they had homesteading.
They reduced it down to five acres.
I mean, 160-acre homesteads you could still get in Alaska in the 1960s.
That's in my lifetime, ladies and gentlemen.
We're still living in that generation, thankfully.
And, you know, into the early 70s, we could get five-acre homesites.
From the federal government on public lands that wasn't national parks or preserves.
Although there's a big question mark about that story for another day.
But when you look at the balance sheet of the nation, which is the resources we hold in common, this is a big number, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, who gets to exploit those resources under what conditions today?
These are multinational companies and global companies that are doing that.
Now in Alaska, we have 18% of the entire land mass of the United States.
And we have about 700,000 people that live here.
Okay, so we're like a suburb of Dallas or maybe Austin, you know.
We're a small population spread over this massive region that is the literal treasury of the nation.
And it's being looted right now by multinational corporations with an advantage.
Well, they have shut down the ability of most individuals to prospect in the richest parts of our state because they locked them up under a section called D2 in the Lands Acts of the 1980s and tied up 104 million acres of public land that's now out of possibility of ever being advanced for development.
And a lot of this holds strategic minerals that we know that we import predominantly from out of the country.
But still with the public lands that are left in Alaska with our state land, we created under what Wally Hickel visualized was an owner state, a way of looking at it that was different.
We want to make those resources produce something.
So in Alaska, we later under another Republican governor,
They formed the Alaska Permanent Fund, which is a fund that took 25% of all the oil wealth and put it in this sovereign wealth fund, this wealth fund of the states called the Permanent Fund, which now has somewhere around 60, 70 billion dollars, and it fluctuates a bit.
It's invested in a lot of different things.
But, you know, compared to what Norway did, which is keep their resources and develop that part of the balance sheet by contracting the work out,
To Shell and to others in their areas where they owned oil and gas off their shores.
And by doing so, what they did is they kept the wealth internalized.
And they have hundreds of billions in Norway.
So if you took the national wealth and managed it just a bit differently, like what Norway has done, and what Alaska has partially done, I don't think completely enough,
But if you manage those resources, they throw off a lot of money.
And here in Alaska, for instance, we don't have a state income tax.
We don't have a state sales tax.
We don't have a state property tax.
We have some state excise tax, you know, like on gasoline and this kind of thing.
And cigarettes and alcohol and so on.
But as far as income, no, no.
Some cities have a little bit of a sales tax.
Cities have some property taxes.
Boroughs, because we don't have counties here, we have boroughs, they have some forms of property taxes generally.
But the point I'm making is
Government is supported here essentially out of taxes on our natural resources and revenue streams derived from our natural resources.
And part of that money is reinvested then in a fund that is a fund that offsets the cost to government.
It also throws off, yesterday in Alaska, $1,606 per person was distributed out of the excess of our earnings.
Let me say that again.
We have a government in Alaska.
Our state government runs by its revenue streams from its natural resources and its land base as opposed to taxing you or me, actually, because I live here.
But this is the point.
There's enough here.
If it's not stolen and looted,
For the wrong purposes.
And there's a way to allocate for those that are willing to put their back into it some of those public lands and to go back to that again.
There's good reason for that.
Other countries should be doing this.
This is a way to transfer resources in a rational way to individuals who are willing to do the work and develop something and make something and create something.
And that's the way it was done here for several hundred years.
And unfortunately, they quit.
And there's really room to not quit.
There may be some other ways to look at that in the 21st century.
And I think we should, because the government should not control all of the resources in the way that it does.
Those that we hold in common ought to produce for us an optimum value.
And Alaska's state constitution actually requires that Alaska's natural resources optimize value for the residents that live here.
And we also in Alaska have the most powerful personal privacy provision of any state constitution in the United States.
In fact, the U.S.
Constitution doesn't have as strong a language of privacy as what Alaska has.
And these are important things because this is the last frontier in so many different ways.
And we can learn a lot from what we've experienced here because we learned from 200 years of America existing before there were statehood here.
And got to observe and hopefully not make the same mistakes as other states have made.
But the globalists are here too.
And they've been here for a long time.
And they would like to loot this little island in the remote outback of the planet.
They would like to take this resource and put it in their pockets at the expense of most Americans.
And this is a problem for you, for me, and for the rest of the world.
Because it's a globalist.
That have destroyed the very fiber of freedom in the human soul.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back to InfoWars.
And it's a pleasure to be here today and working with the team down in Austin to make all this possible from my home in Anchorage, Alaska.
You know, when I think about all this stuff and I ask people, you know, send me notes every once in a while.
I always appreciate that.
If it's a note for the network, send it to the network.
If you have something personally for me that you want me to think about, I appreciate that.
I don't take callers, I haven't yet, and mainly because there's just never enough time to even cover what I want to cover in an hour a week.
So, earthpulse.com, that's my website.
You're welcome to go there.
Earthpulse, E-A-R-T-H-P-U-L-S-E, earthpulse.com.
I almost always forget to mention it, and people say, you gotta mention your website, so there it is.
Now that's out of the way, I want to go back into the topics because some of the feedback I've gotten that people appreciate is the angle of solution, because that's really where we have the rubber meets the road.
We all get upset about all different things for all different reasons, but how do we solve it?
You know, what are the things that we could be doing differently?
When I think about
The balance sheet of the nation.
First of all, thinking about the balance sheet of the nation, that's a good start.
You start to think about what we own in common and how are those resources producing for us in the most efficient way.
And actually, people don't see it in the big mainstream nationals, but Donald Trump has been opening up the North Slope of Alaska to oil exploration and leasing.
This is fundamentally critical to Alaskans and to the nation to be energy independent and hydrocarbons are where it's at right now and where it's going to be for quite some time.
And the association of hydrocarbons with climate change
I would argue another day how deep that association is and actually how much of a fallacy that is.
But I don't want to go there today.
I don't have enough time.
I want to continue this discussion about the deep state and where it starts.
Because where I started, when I started looking at government, where did I want to serve?
Because that's how I approached it.
And I decided I would work in public education back
Now, 30 years ago.
And when I did, I worked for 10 years, for a decade.
And during that decade, I worked in the Anchorage School District, which educates about 40% of Alaska's kids.
I became president at 26 of the Alaska Anchorage Council of Education, and we later affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers and the Alaska Federation of Teachers.
And then I was elected statewide president a couple of times and vice president of political affairs a couple of times.
On the state level.
And I got involved in all aspects of public education in lots of different ways.
And after 10 years, my conclusion, and the only president of a nationally recognized statewide teachers union, I decided that the only real solution for public education was, in fact, parental choice.
What some people call vouchers.
But vouchers got kind of a bad name.
So today I'm going to change the narrative and let's call that parental choice.
All right.
Because I think that's more accurate as to what it is.
It's about the right of parents to choose whether the state feeds the data into your kid's brain or you do.
And fundamentally, I think this is our right as parents to control the data feed in our kid's head, starting with the allocation of public funds so we can decide how those funds are spent.
Now, the first argument I always heard was religious objection.
Now, this is a fertilizer, commonly called BS, argument because
Federal funds flow in the form of student loans to Georgetown University, which is a Catholic university.
Brigham Young, which is a Mormon university.
Baylor, which is a Baptist university.
And nobody gets in the way of student loan programs feeding those institutions that have a religious slant.
No matter how you want to argue about how they project it in the world.
But that's the point is parental choice.
Give the grant to a parent and ask them where will you spend your money, and the game will become competitive.
And then the data feed into kids' heads becomes different.
Now think about this from this standpoint.
And again, speaking as someone who represented teachers around Alaska, and a lot of teachers will get very angry because I'm saying this,
But the fact is, teachers would do a better job without the bureaucracy restraining them in the way that it does.
Because there's a lot of really good, gifted teachers, and I was fortunate enough to have many of them.
And what I can say about that is, in Anchorage, Alaska,
Around $12,000 a year in public money goes to the operating budget for kids.
Now, that doesn't include the capital budget for buildings.
It doesn't include the special ed budget for special needs kids, or transportation budgets, or student nutrition budgets.
Just the core is about $12,000 per kid.
And in a high school class in Anchorage, there's 30 kids to a classroom, which breaks out to $360,000 per classroom for a nine-month school year.
And I would ask everyone in Anchorage, are you getting your money's worth?
And I would ring the bell for anyone that says yes to that.
Because you're not.
You're not getting $360,000 worth of value out of each classroom.
Maybe you are in the way the money spreads around the community and rolls over three or four times, but it's pretty inefficiently done.
That same money, I think, would go a lot further distance and you could still allocate
An additional allocation for special needs kids because, I mean, you do need to serve that community of interest.
They need that.
You could still have a student nutrition program where in Alaska and Anchorage, 25-30% of the kids in elementary are on a free or reduced lunch because they're in poverty, for God's sake.
You know, can we still meet that challenge?
I think we probably can, actually.
And the transportation challenge in Anchorage, you could damn near put four kids in a taxi cab and do it for less expense than how many kids are actually transported on buses in our communities.
The point I'm making is that once again, a lot of money is spent in a monopolistic situation that deals with the beginning of what begins.
A free democratic republic like ours, which is an educated public.
But when there's a monopoly on what the data feed is, we have a fundamental problem.
And this is where it starts.
So reform and education is supposed to be a platform playing for the Republican Party.
And they've run our legislature and our state government for years.
And they haven't put one bill forward.
So is it real or is it BS?
I think it's BS, and I'm calling BS on all of this, because every one of these people won't take the challenge, won't do it, won't give parents that fundamental right back to educate their kids.
And this is where the power is, ladies and gentlemen, because look what's happening with the generation we see right now.
The entitlement generation where everybody wins a trophy.
Give me a break.
Because as soon as they realize it isn't the way that it works, it's going to be way too late in their evolution and development as young people who are going to inherit this republic.
So education is foundational, fundamental.
And public education is not something that goes back to the founding fathers, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a phenomena of the last century in the 1920s and 30s is where that got formulated and created and it happened.
From the bottom up, primarily from the poor wanting a chance for the next generation.
And so they built the schools.
They funded the schools.
They were one-room schoolhouses before that.
The very first institutions in Alaska of government were school districts when it was all federalized and there was no source of revenue to create schools.
It was that, and it was a fish tax that paid for it, a 3% fish tax that paid for that.
Again, natural resource driven.
You know, we used to drive all of our revenues to run this country from import and export taxes.
Guess what?
We're generating a lot of money now in order to protect our industries and you know and I think there's a balance in all of this and the balance has been out of balance for too long because the globalists are deconstructing every civil society no matter where you live in the world and they're doing it wherever you're listening to this broadcast right now in a cultural context for you whether you're
Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew, doesn't matter.
Muslim doesn't matter.
They give you a narrative that will fit your cultural context as they loot your nation.
Because that's what's happening.
That thousand families that own it all, want it all.
And it doesn't have to be that way.
And I'm not talking about
A disproportionate anything.
I'm talking about transparency and how government really works.
It should serve us all, not the elites, not the globalists.
Our governments are being hijacked.
It's time to take them back.
Take them back with the power of information and pass on theinfowars.com.
That's where the information is.
That's where the revolution begins.
Remember, you're the tip of the sphere.
Have a great weekend.
This has been Dr. Nick Begich signing off on this Friday afternoon.
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People want to do the right thing.
Republicans, Democrats, gun owners, non-gun owners alike.
I think we're naive to think that we can just maintain the status quo.
Beto knows what he's doing.
He's sitting there telling you that, oh, a man just walked up to me.
It's a total lie.
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That's selling the idea.
That if you own a gun, you're responsible for what criminals do with a gun.
That is such a fraud.
It's so anti-American.
Now you can always tell on Beto's lying, his lips are moving.
Or his brain's thinking.
The man's a total fraud.
His father-in-law's worth $28 billion, a big anti-American globalist, gave a billion dollars to Beto's wife.
The guy wrote papers fantasizing about killing children, running them over with cars.
He got arrested for a hit-and-run.
He got arrested for burglary.
The man isn't allowed to own a gun.
He is a deranged criminal.
But of course, deranged criminals want your guns.
They're now turning their guns and are facing five years in jail in New Zealand, even though the man that shot those people wasn't from New Zealand and got the guns illegally.
The globalists want to have a revolution against America, and they want us disarmed before they do it.
1776 could commence again at any time, because they're losing their information war.
Against us, because we're telling the truth.
And so now, Beto is making his move with others, and he has to be rebuked.
He has to be exposed.
And the way to do it is not be intimidated about your Second Amendment, and let them know that you're fully aware of what they're trying to do.
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Hands up!
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Um... Bill Gates and his father, who ran Planned Parenthood, are right.
We need to dumb down, sterilize, and abort as many people as we can.
We need to put as much fluoride in the water of those that are born to dumb them down as much as possible so they're more easily managed.
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Truth is Satan's good.
Alright, thanks for watching.
And thank you Bill Gates for all you do.
Thanks for those mosquitoes.
Thanks for 5G.
Thanks for the chemtrails.