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Name: 20191001_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 1, 2019
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The Alex Jones Show covers global politics, recent events in Hong Kong, health supplements, spiritual warfare, and conspiracy theories through interviews with guests. The show promotes products from InfoWarsStore.com and encourages listeners to support against globalists and tyranny. Recent news topics include Chinese military presence in Hong Kong, anti-homeless boulders in San Francisco, a frustrated Brexit voter, and Kamala Harris' call for Trump's Twitter account ban.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide.
We are live on this October 1st, 2019 global transmission.
There are times in history when the whole world goes crazy.
In fact, that's when you get world wars.
That's when you get plagues.
That's when you get volcanic eruptions.
Historians from ancient Japan to ancient Europe to ancient Mesoamerica all notice that just everything seems to come at once.
You can be way out in the middle of the countryside bowhunting, and there could be a crossroads, a highway, and no cars come by for an hour.
And then suddenly, from all four directions, cars come, and you notice these weird, weird patterns.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, Tiananmen Square 2.0 is now taking place in Hong Kong, right off the coast of Mainland China.
Hong Kong has descended into bloodshed and anarchy.
We're rolling, if you're a TV viewer, dramatic footage.
Just hours ago, linked up at DrudgeReport.com from Summit.News, Paul Watson's article of a protester being shot by what looks like a .357 Magnum by a police officer.
At point blank range, he shoots the man from about half a foot away, effectively point blank range, and then backs away.
The man collapses, and they're not telling us if he lived or died, but he looks like he is dead.
And then it appears that other folks are also being shot.
Then there is the dramatic footage of a Moloff cocktail being thrown.
In fact, let's slow that down three times speed because people need to see this.
This is who the left backs, the communist Chinese who built the giant bridge, took five years into Hong Kong.
Hong Kong's where most people ran from Mao Zedong 70 years ago.
And they're celebrating the Chinese communist takeover that was backed by the Carnegie and Ford and Rockefeller foundations.
They are celebrating the Western-backed communist takeover of China 70 years ago today.
The October Revolution.
So 70 years ago, today in Asia, that's tomorrow here, as the day starts there, they are celebrating this, ladies and gentlemen, their 70th anniversary by police shooting people in the chest with .357 Magnums.
You know, notice they won't let you see the Christ Church footage, because that footage is very questionable.
But they will let you see this because it's just a mere anti-communist protester being shot in the chest who was protesting the Extradition Act where they can be taken out of Hong Kong, no charges, and disappeared and their organs taken.
China has quietly doubled trip levels in Hong Kong in the last few days.
We said look for explosions today, both literal and figurative, and it's now unfolding.
I'll be covering it all live.
Paul Joseph Watson that traveled with our team there last month, he is going to be hosting the fourth hour, also be popping in with us.
And we're going to have Greg Reese, who traveled to Hong Kong with Savannah Hernandez and crew.
Gregory's is going to be in the studio to talk about this and more.
He shot a detailed eight-minute report that I tell you is turning heads.
It's very good.
I had a national TV host tell me, wow, this is powerful.
Thanks for producing it.
No, thanks to Gregory's for producing it.
It's a little six-minute report, or I mean, eight and a half minute report.
It's titled
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
It's at Band.Video, one of the featured videos.
It's also on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
But as I was saying, ladies and gentlemen, continuing here,
We're going to be laying it all down.
We're going to be breaking it all down today.
The huge moves towards impeachment of the president.
It's really a coup.
The huge things that have unfolded there.
Joker coming into theaters this weekend with the Pentagon warning it can trigger mass shootings and more.
It's all coming up today on this Live Tuesday worldwide broadcast.
And remember, this is not a spectator sport.
This is a listener and viewer participant.
Hong Kong has descended into a war zone.
People are dying.
People have been shot.
There have been Molov cocktails being thrown back in response.
Things are escalating very, very quickly.
And if you look at what happened in Tiananmen Square back in 1989, thousands were shot dead and run over by army tanks.
I don't know.
Of the people who overthrew and took over China in its weakened position from the Japanese at the end of World War II and leftist in America and major foundations backed that so the robber barons would have a country with hundreds of millions of slaves to be able to leverage out the rest of the world economy.
And now it is the China century, according to the anti-American globalist at the Council on Foreign Relations, but not so quick
Well, this time in Hong Kong, the people are the children and grandchildren of those that fled Mao Zedong.
And so, you can statistically look it up.
Higher IQs.
Incredibly more wealthy on average.
And, of course, way more successful.
And they are fighting back.
The children and grandchildren of those that fled Mao are fighting back in the streets.
In fact, even some of the people that fled Mao seven years ago, there's even 85, 90 year olds out there battling because they're passing laws that they can be disappeared to China and have their organs harvested for no reason.
And they have face scanning cameras up everywhere.
They've turned it into a quote smart city, which even
Leftist publications are in the news today saying smart cities are nightmares.
Here's a Daily Beast article.
Smart cities are creating a mass surveillance nightmare.
Toronto's battling becoming a smart city.
Austin is welcoming it because Google's moved here.
A smart city just means you're totally surveilled, totally controlled.
Totally abused.
And so the people are demonstrating and protesting that and we're rolling for TV viewers, radio listeners, the videos on InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, DrudgeReport.com is linked to it on the right hand side.
Video, riot cop shoots Hong Kong protester in the chest with live round.
And when you see the shocking video, viewer discretion advised, the police officer shoots him right in the chest.
And then, protesters, it's so dramatic, throw them all off, cocktails back, hitting the very officer, who clearly, again, that's a .357 Magnum revolver.
That's what the Chinese military police carry.
And they're in plain clothes and in riot gear, and they are killing a lot of people, reportedly, not just the man that got caught on tape.
The police and government are now controlled by the Chinese communists, that's why they're making their move.
They had a lease deal that they weren't supposed to be there for a couple more decades.
But that doesn't matter now.
They're just taking control of it.
And the folks in Hong Kong said when they build this bridge that took five years, biggest bridge in the world, from the mainland here, it will be used to bring in tanks and troops.
And the bridge hadn't even been completed two months!
When tanks and armored vehicles and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of troops per week began pouring in a few months ago.
Again, it got completed, what, six months ago?
They began pouring in right after that.
And they've been pouring in hundreds of thousands every week since then.
No one knows the full number, but it's reportedly over a million.
Because very few leave back to the mainland.
They've been massing troops there.
Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, the big news, DrudgeReport.com, let's pull it up.
And I agree it is big news because it's symbolic, it's emblematic, like flies constantly landing on Obama and Hillary.
Reporters scramble after mouse falls from White House ceiling.
So they say that a picture tells a thousand words, well video
of the rat falling from the ceiling and then the brethren rats, the corporate establishment repeaters, I mean you talk about dim bulbs, that's mainstream media, they all run over and freak out about the rat falling.
Well you know there's some other rats that are falling from the ceilings.
Dramatic, huge developments that I cannot hype up enough are coming out.
Now, everything you're gonna hear, you heard from Roger Stone, and from Lee Stranahan, and from, let's give credit when it's due, Oliver Stone and HBO three years ago.
I mean, this is all completely known and vetted.
It's not about Hunter getting 50,000 a month.
It's about Hunter transferring b-b-b-b-b-b-b-billions
Four billion a year goes through it, at least, from that one company, and there's a whole bunch of them, and now it's coming out.
Why are the deep states so upset?
Any war zone, in any big wealthy country like Ukraine, the crossroads between Europe and Russia, and all that oil and gas, and all the produce going back and forth, and all the weapons going back and forth, when you are able to control that, you can siphon off up to half of an economy, it's estimated.
I mean, Ukrainians are smart.
They have incredible industry.
They should be super rich.
They're being robbed.
And some estimates are 45% of their wealth is siphoned off by the Russians on one end.
Let's not lie.
They've been doing that for a while.
But mainly Europe and the U.S.
are much better than the Russians.
And then when the West tried to, a few years ago, fully take away even eastern Ukraine that the Russians control, well, that's when the Russians got pissed.
They're like, you're not going to take our gas lines and everything coming out of Russia.
So now it's come out in the news.
Must read Ukraine.
Story is massive.
Involves billions in IMF and U.S.
funds looted and lost by a bank connected to the very holdings with the Bidens and this board of directors with the neocons on it, not just Democrats.
So just like they've looted America, they've been looting Ukraine.
And of course, Schiff is linked to all of it.
That's why you're like, why does Schiff fight so hard?
Why is he so criminal?
Why do the Democrats fight like the devil and lie and tell these hoaxes?
Because they're all crooks.
Nancy Pelosi, her daughter, all of them are involved.
One company's $4 billion a year.
In money coming through it, you add all these companies up, ladies and gentlemen, it's hundreds of billions being siphoned off in the last six, seven years.
I mean, since Obama got control of that about a year into his administration, that ongoing civil war, they've looted the thing.
When everybody's busy in a civil war, they're robbing and stealing and getting all the infrastructure, which is why they want one here.
That's the UN plan.
Giant race war.
Break the country up.
That's what we've been being maneuvered.
People look at the left and they say, why are they trying to cause a race war and a sex war?
And why are they trying to shut off the industry?
And why is it all one-sided but China has no regulations but we have thousands?
And why are they giving out worthless degrees?
And why are they getting rid of spelling and arithmetic in school and just handing out grades?
And why are they teaching the families bad?
And why are they getting rid of Christianity?
Why are they getting rid of
Because we're being prepared to fall.
You're like, it doesn't make sense.
Why would the Democrats want to bring the country down?
They run it.
They own it.
They live here.
Because they're bought and paid for.
They're not running it.
They're front people.
And if Republicans don't get that quickly, and if conservatives and Christians and people that just want to have a country, if you don't all get that real fast,
If this isn't business as usual, we're going to lose the entire giant shooting match.
This is a point in history where America's going to fall.
And let me tell you, there's going to be nowhere to run from this worldwide panopticonic system.
The globalists have a spiritual score to settle, and the American model must fall.
It must be destroyed.
Now, there are a lot of reports that break this down.
On the Joker and how they're planning mass shootings.
On what really happened at Vegas and that mass shooting.
On how Satanism is the operating system of this and total proof.
All of it is at Band.Video right now.
Now I know you're already awake and I salute you.
Your job, Paul Revere, no matter if you're a man, a woman, black or white, Hispanic, no matter where you live in the world, is to wake people up.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to lay out
The attempted coup against the President and against the election of 2016 by the Deep State, by a bipartisan group of criminals, and why I believe they have a chance to impeach and remove the President.
I know it takes two-thirds of the Senate, but if you look at the massive resignations of Republicans across the board, that is death threats, that is harassment, that is blackmail, but more often it's payoffs.
These people are almost all, I've been looking at the cases,
Going and being given massive jobs, millions a year with different globalist companies.
So they're just cashing in.
And you notice most of them are moderate sellout Republicans.
So they are really paving the way here with election fraud to put a bunch of Democrats in as well.
So this country is fighting for its life right now.
I think everybody understands that and knows that.
And we're going to lay out
How we can stop these people and the different angles that can be approached concerning that and also how they're going to be countering us.
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Here's what I'm going to do with the time left, the six minutes left in this segment.
This is a shorter segment because I need to play all these clips and really lay this out.
I'm going to do it next segment and really try to come out of the gates on fire here because this is really important.
Again, the crossroads we're at.
I think everybody realizes that.
But let me just spend the time I have in this segment to mention some of the other news we're going to be covering today.
Paul Watson is going to be hosting the fourth hour.
He was in Hong Kong.
He'll be able to speak a lot
We're good.
This is an example of what it's like to live under the big tech tyranny because Hong Kong is now under the control of the shy comms.
We're going to be laying all of that out.
We're going to be laying out the audio in leaked audio.
Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook against critics, competitors, and Elizabeth Warren.
This is a fake leak.
This is a total diversion.
A 101 spy tactic.
And I can tell you that by understanding what Zuckerberg's real plans are and who's really behind Zuckerberg.
So we're going to be laying that out later in the next hour.
Another reason Greg Reese is going to be joining us is
Greg put together a very powerful eight and a half minute special report what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and it really shows you the fact that there is a cover-up of what really happened conclusively and that all evidence points towards a Saudi civil war that spilt over into the United States.
Then you saw martial law in
Saudi Arabia and the people that carried out the Vegas attacks were killed, tortured to death and killed.
And then the rest of the leadership was locked up for what they did.
And by the way, I don't just need to know Greg Reese's reports right.
I got that.
From my own research analysis that was then seconded by the people that actually pull the triggers in the FBI and CIA.
Not the leftists that are up on top that work against this country, but the people that actually do the work and who are on average very patriotic and know what's happening and are the biggest problem the globalists have.
And so not this next segment, but the next segment after that, I'm going to write a note down
That I'm going to talk about solutions in segment five of this hour, because I really was cogitating, meditating, thinking about it last night and this morning, and I've got some real aces in the hole that I want to talk about on air, ways we can stop the attempt to overthrow the country, cause a civil war, and then loot us, like the globalists did, proto-globalists,
In China, when they controlled it for 200 years and broke the country up, and the way they've broken up Ukraine and have been controlling it for 10 years, and the way they've broken up other nations like Mexico, and they used the lawlessness and the breakdown.
The multinationals are behind it.
And even confessions of an economic hitman, John Perkins, went public about it.
He would be sent in to try to buy the governments off if they wouldn't.
Then they'd send in the drug gangs, the drug cartels, and then even the military after that.
So it's a very sophisticated system.
Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote about it in his Technotronic Era book and several others.
Carol Quigley wrote about it in Tragedy and Hope.
He also wrote about it in the Anglo-American Establishment.
By the way, we sell several of his books at Infowarsstore.com.
Carol Quigley.
So if you want to actually go read them, say all this, and then go, wow, Jones didn't figure all this out.
They confessed to it.
It'll kind of lose some of my magic allure, because, I mean, I go out on the street now, I get mobbed.
Going, how do you know you're psychic, you?
How do you always, everything you say comes true?
I'm telling you stuff that's already true.
Now, I am psychic and so are you.
I mean, plenty of times in my life, I mean, I know when something's going to happen, I know when something's going on, I know when a girlfriend's cheating on me.
We all know when something's a scam and when it isn't.
We just need to go with our gut, go with our spirit.
99% of the political stuff I know, I know because it was known before Jeffrey Epstein ever got busted for pedophilia 12 years ago, that he ran stuff for...
Bill Gates and David Rockefeller.
I mean, he ran their eugenics club in New York City, and that was in the news, saying how great he was.
They're like, how did you know?
Are you secret contacts?
I knew it from their own PR.
99% of it is them bragging.
I mean, people like Richard Perle brag how many millions they've killed.
If Trump were caught on a video camera snorting cocaine in the White House, maybe with one of his children, there was at least a chance he'd be impeached.
If he's not a legitimately elected president in your mind, there are tools that Congress has.
I don't see how that wouldn't be an impeachable offense.
That tweet fits the Republican definition of an impeachable offense more fully than what Bill Clinton was actually impeached for.
Impeachment is very difficult.
Grounds for impeachment.
It's an impeachable offense.
Perhaps impeachable offense is impeachment the appropriate remedy.
Something for the Congress like impeachment.
All that may be impeachable.
That's an impeachable offense.
Is that an impeachable offense?
Is that an impeachable offense to you?
He's much more vulnerable to impeachment.
A potential ingredient of impeachment.
Where do you see an impeachable offense?
It is grounds for impeachment.
Potentially criminal or even impeachable.
Grounds for impeachment or does that not go far enough in your view?
Let's talk about impeachment.
Is it impeachable?
100% is impeachable.
Very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.
Grounds for impeachment.
Tipping point.
Talk of impeachment reaches a fever pitch on Capitol Hill.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi under growing pressure from her own party.
Here we go again.
That's a newsbusters piece where they put together in a minute and a half some of what's been said in the last three years from the day he got elected.
They said don't seat his delegates, impeach him before he even gets an office.
And then impeach him, remove him from office.
For Russia!
Why they'd all seen the proof, the cables, the videos of Trump being pissed on.
Oh, but we're all supposed to forget about all of that, aren't we?
You know what it's like to watch a House Armed Services Committee, the committee, probably the most important committee in the House,
Or the Senate Intelligence Committee and watch creepy House members and Senators call you a Russian agent like it's a fact.
You don't get to face your accuser?
You don't get called to the hearing?
You just get all your sponsors taken away and your merchant account credit taken away and you get kicked off almost all the internet and people throw hot coffee on you and spit on you.
Because they're the good leftists.
They're the same people that beat up old people randomly on walkers.
And beat women over the head with Mexican flags and the media praises it.
That's what this has come to.
In Kavanaugh, they had nine women come out and say he raped them.
And what, three or four of them said they were told the lie and they lied?
They've been indicted?
Other women said
Because you can't get women to lie once they see the indictments.
So, well, I was never told.
They just used my name.
Two women, just the last month, just say, I never met the guy.
Another woman comes out and says, yeah, he was never on a boat.
It was somebody else raped me.
That's four women saying it's not true that they lied or got it wrong.
And then two women saying that they were never
So out of nine women, four and two, that's six.
And there's three more.
Blasey Ford still says it.
But her lawyer says they did it to Kurt Kavanaugh, because, you know, he's a bad guy.
And the other two women have gotten wishy-washy.
So there's really one woman still saying it.
But she didn't say it 40 years ago.
She says it now.
And so it's not going to stop.
They're just going to bring forward more and more.
Remember what they did?
Oh, breathlessly yesterday, he pro quo, he quid pro quo to the Australian leader, the Australian president.
And then it turns out it was completely legal and lawful.
The attorney general asked Trump to reach out and they want to help.
They want to expose the criminal activity of the deep state.
You see, how you spy on a president or a member of Congress is you get a foreign government to do it, because we're in what I call the InfoPoll 9 system.
That's the name of the EU spy system.
It's all the same.
It's a global NSA that Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, and the UK, and Germany, and maybe France, they go in and out of it.
Interpol's involved.
They all have access to the NSA database and the grids and getting onto your phone or getting onto your computer and doing all of this.
But you see, it's illegal to do it without the proper warrants.
And so they would have foreign governments spy and listen, and then they would parallel construct, think that they'd found some dirt,
And they would then go back and say, hey, look at this.
Then they go get a warrant and try to find it.
And then almost in every case, it was just totally made up, like the latest whistleblower.
It's not even a leaker.
It's someone that didn't even hear it secondhand.
They heard it thirdhand.
And then, of course, it wasn't true.
That's why the identity must be protected.
Oh, she can't face your accuser.
And the president can't even use telephones to talk to world leaders in a diplomatic way, which is historically secret.
So you can have a real discussion, you know, like with your psychologist, or your priest, or your husband, or your wife, or your mom, or your dad, or your neighbor.
No privacy for the president.
So we can just make up more crap.
And every time it's a lie, but they don't care because Trump's crime
Was the fact that he got elected because Hillary was supposed to win and then cover up everything and keep the fun going and then they'd nominate somebody else for the deep state.
As it went, Bush Senior, the Clintons, then the power was handed to W, then the power was handed to Obama and the Clintons again, and it was supposed to go back to Hillary forever and ever.
They would then bring forward one of the Bush kids or somebody.
Or Chelsea.
They admit this.
And just have a new royalty where these two families maintain control and then bring in an occasional Obama or somebody to sit in for them.
But see, that all just got stopped, didn't it?
The continued sell-out of America.
All this treason.
And so now all the crimes they committed in broad daylight with Biden on TV saying, oh, they were investigating us.
I just said fire him or I'll keep a billion dollars back.
And you know what?
They fired him.
Son of a bitch.
Yeah, Hillary, I went in and blew up Libya.
Millions have died now, totaling Africa from it.
I came, I saw he died.
Hey, Madeleine Albright, half a million kids died once you tripled sanctions on Iraq.
Well, we think it's a good price to pay.
We're proud of it.
We don't deny it.
Openly celebrating the evil on 60 Minutes, on Dateline NBC, on C-SPAN, at the CFR.
That's called crapping on you and rubbing it in.
With a very painful bristle brush.
It's like rubbing crap in with a cactus.
Don't feel too good.
It's like raping you with a cactus.
Story is massive.
Involves billions of IMF and U.S.
funds looted and lost by a bank connected to the holding company with the Bidens.
And if you think Junior got 50 grand a month, they transferred billions to these boards of directors.
People like Mittens Romney.
He's up to his eyeballs in it.
So now you know why they're so scared.
Excellent article from GatewayPundit.com.
Breaking it down.
And Rush Limbaugh's come out and points out what's now breaking.
John Brennan traveled to Ukraine with fake passport to research Trump.
And hell, then there's audio of Schiff, Congressman Little Adam Schiff, on the phone with the same prankers that got McCain, remember?
We are calling up from Ukraine with dirt on Trump.
Good, give it to me right now.
Well, the truth is we just punked you, dumb bitch, ah!
Because they're saying that's illegal to dig for dirt, which it's not.
Opposition research.
But then we've got them all on tape doing what they say Trump did, but he didn't!
We'll play those clips when we come back and look at some solutions.
But we're going to get into the meat and potatoes of this.
That's why they're so panicked.
That's why they're going to try to take Trump out now because they know.
It's not just he's not from their club.
He's really going after them.
The indictments are already there.
It's the end of their whole world if Trump doesn't go.
Yeah, it turns out Trump's for real, folks.
Turns out he's got huevos as big as basketballs.
Do you?
Are you involved?
Because this is the big fight for America.
So continuing, ladies and gentlemen, the establishment is cornered.
Bipartisanly, they have sold the country out to China.
They've sold the country out to other third world nations where they went and set up deals to transfer our industry.
Same thing happened to Western Europe.
Same thing happened to the UK.
Paul Watson grew up in Sheffield.
His dad worked at the steel plant as a manager, making fine cutlery, knives, you name it.
Sheffield, British Steel was based there.
They were told, like 15 years ago, oh, because of carbon, you're not allowed to have a steel mill here.
Carbon dioxide's poisonous, even though plants breathe it.
And they shipped it to India with no controls.
And went, uh-huh-huh-huh.
So that's how this works.
This is real economic war.
Because they want you on welfare.
They want you poor so they can dictate how you live.
That's in all the textbooks, all the admissions.
I mean, you can read mainline books that social workers are taught from, that UT teaches.
I've shown them on air, where it says families are bad, they destroy the ability to have unity of the state and allegiance to the state, and then must be eradicated.
They're from a barbarous bygone era.
That's a quote.
They're barbarous.
They're just barbarous.
Family is barbarous.
And you read this stuff, I was reading this stuff 20 years ago, and I'm like, we gotta warn people.
Once people know about this, they'll get upset and want to do something.
But see, now we're to the point where this is all out in the open.
What are you gonna do?
Because now they're implementing it on everyone.
What was going on in the colleges and government institutions is now like,
A cell reprogrammed by a virus.
You know, viruses go into a cell, reprogram the cell with RNA, controlling the DNA, and make the cell mass-produce the virus.
You can watch under an electron microscope, a cell will burst open and millions of viruses just pour out.
And you're like, well, why would a virus do that?
Let's say for Ebola, that'll kill its host.
It doesn't care.
It doesn't have a brain.
It's not alive.
RNA is like silicon.
It's technically not alive.
It reproduces, but it's not alive.
As above, so below.
Nothing new in the universe.
Viruses are silicon.
Did you know that?
They're basically... They're like robots.
Think about that.
But that's an allegory.
Let me get back to what I'm breaking down here.
You're like, why would they want to wreck society?
Because that's what they do.
Why does a serial killer grab a kid out of the backyard and take him and torture him to death?
You wouldn't want to hear a kid begging for mommy for five seconds.
They love it.
And they quote, use them up.
Until their eyes go dim.
Sometimes they can get three weeks of good torture on a child.
Now a country, they can get even more!
Look at John Brennan, document cam shot, please.
You watch video of him when he's strutting around and walking around.
He is an American-hating, Communist Party member, USA.
He then joined, it's confirmed, the Wahhabi Order.
That's Al Qaeda.
This man hates you.
Look at that demon.
Obama loves him.
Hillary loves him.
He, it's now being reported, traveled to Ukraine.
This is mainstream news.
Limbaugh broke it.
To research Trump.
Of course, they all did with their opposition research.
Because Trump is on to the fact of billions and billions and billions and billions of IMF World Bank money.
He already knew that!
Soros never pays for anything.
He gets IMF World Bank money.
Keeps part of it.
And then finances the open borders.
Finances the debit cards the invaders are given.
He controls USAID until Trump pulled us out of that treaty with the UN.
The UN controlled our borders.
Controlled who could come in.
Controlled who was a refugee until two years ago.
Took Trump almost a year to do it.
He did it!
That's why they're pissed.
Because he's going through turning off all their power.
And remember, you can pull the articles up.
Soros calls for a $100 billion investment in Ukraine.
Soros calls for...
A Marshall Plan for Ukraine.
Type that in.
And then he asked for first $40 billion, then $100 billion a year that he would administer.
And then he's the banker that pays the money out to thousands of operatives who were told where to go invest, what to sign up for, and then you just get money in the bank.
You think these people sell the country out for nothing?
They spent now, it's $45 million.
It was $37 million.
It's $45 million on the Steele dossier.
Democrats, some Republicans, Jeb Bush involved, passing it around, passing the dossier around, adding all their lies, and adding a few lies that maybe took them an hour to come up with?
Oh, I get a million for that!
Oh, I get a half million for that!
Their wives and husbands of government employees that wrote it were the contractors being paid between a half million and a million apiece to piss in the bowl.
To make it up.
And then he's in a hotel, the hookers pee on him, that's why I say that.
They just make it up.
I get a million for the hooker lie, well I get a half million for this lie.
And Brennan goes over there with a fake passport to try to make something up on Trump and Russia trying to get Ukrainians they own already to testify to it and they couldn't even do it.
Yeah, Member Soros went on Fareed Zarqari and said, I got the $5 billion from the State Department and I overthrew Ukraine.
And the word is they probably only spent a billion doing it.
He kept the rest and paid it to his faithful people.
He's the super spy that doles out all the cash.
So let's go to Limbaugh talking about this right now and our good buddy John Brennan.
The first thing that happened, John Brennan.
Now John Brennan's hands are as dirty as Obama's in this whole thing.
John Brennan, probably a forgotten, traveled to Ukraine back in the time period around 2016 under a fake passport so it wouldn't be known that he had gone.
And he was arranging data on the dossier and all of the other dirt that they were trying to amass.
Ukraine is a... Not Russia.
Ukraine is the center of the universe of all this.
Now, over the weekend, John Brennan, Obama's director of CIA, a man who voted for the Communist Party candidate for president in 1976,
John Brennan, among the radical leftists who personally, viscerally despise Donald Trump, signaled everybody in the deep state to attack the president.
Here's the tweet.
A reminder to federal officials.
There's no limit on the number of individuals who can use the whistleblower statute.
If you think you were involved in unlawful activity as a result of a directive from Mr. Trump or someone doing his bidding, now is the time to report it.
And that's all they're doing.
And then what the whistleblower says, who's in secret, and Trump's bad to want to know who's accuser is, that's the Constitution.
Then they're telling everybody else, hey, you'll be heroes.
You'll all get jobs.
We'll all pay you off.
Do you have any idea how much money these women coming out and saying Kavanaugh raped them and getting?
It's huge amounts.
The ones even that have been indicted have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on GoFundMe's.
It's insane.
Look at how CNN gave McCabe a job, and how they're all raising millions on these GoFundMes.
These people are a pack of crooks, and they don't know what to do because Judgment Day is here.
Now, when we come back, I'm gonna play a couple clips.
Remember, John McCain got fooled with fake Russians calling up famous prankers.
Same thing happened to Schiff, and here's Schiff on the phone doing exactly what he claims Trump did, but Trump didn't do it!
They're trying to confuse everybody with, oh, and then he talked to the Australian leader at the behest of the Justice Department.
Yes, there are criminal investigations openly into what Comey and Obama and Hillary and McCabe did.
Yes, yes, we're coming after you.
What, do you think we're playing games?
We don't want to sell out to the shy comms of Ukraine.
We don't want your money.
We want our guns, our children, our country, our property.
We want you off our ass.
I'd give everything I got to see your asses in prison.
That's what I want.
I want you dealt with.
And I'll die trying.
You understand that?
I love it.
And your will will never surpass that of the Republic.
You devil-worshipping trash!
You will be bound and sent to hell!
And you know it!
And you will not take any more of us with you!
You are damned, Hades!
Now, don't forget I need funds to carry out this war!
We have giant specials!
They're about to end!
Storewide free shipping!
Double patriot points!
50% off!
So, Trump is moving against the Deep State.
He's caught them in incredible crimes.
They're scared that he's actually got prosecutors ready to go after him.
McCabe has been indicted.
And all hell's breaking loose.
So I want to warn listeners.
Everybody thinks this is all a joke because Trump's done nothing wrong.
Think again.
They're making their move.
And I said I'd get the solutions in the last segment, but I'm behind.
I'll do that next segment.
A bunch of other news, but I want to finish up here.
Anybody can pull up McCain being pranked by the famous online prankers that pose as Russians.
Well, the same group called up, remember, last year, Schiff, the head of the Intelligence Committee in the House, and they pranked him.
And here he is doing, you know, what he claims is illegal for Trump to do.
And by the way, Trump better be asking about corruption over anybody.
What's not allowed is to say, you've got to do this or I'll hold back money.
That's corruption.
You don't do that over a telephone.
You go to Congress and you say, if they don't do this, then we hold back the money.
And then it's out in the open and Congress decides they agree with the president.
That's a moral thing.
You just do stuff out in the open.
People always ask me, why do you sell this private stuff on the air?
Man, you'll hear my secrets on air that I won't say in private.
My wife listens sometimes and she goes, my God, you don't tell me these things.
Well, this is my confessional here on air.
And that's the only power I've got, folks, is that I'm willing to really tell it like it is.
And that's why they constantly attack him for words and say, oh, he's not real, or he's, or somebody else is controlling him.
Anybody who's been listening to this show a long time knows I'm not even in control of myself sometimes.
Nobody calls the shots but me on this show.
And nobody calls the shots in the White House with the President, and that's why they hate him.
They don't want you to be a sovereign.
They don't want the President to be a sovereign.
They don't want me to be a sovereign.
Where we live our lives, we're straightforward, we're who we are, and that's how it works.
That's a great society to live in, isn't it?
You're always going to have some corruption over here or over there, but it's not tolerated.
It's got to hide out.
Instead of up there
Beatin' its chest, tellin' us all day that we gotta bow down to it.
That's not a free country, and that's not a place I wanna live.
Well, guess what?
There's nowhere to run to.
If there was a new world that was freer, I'd leave.
We gotta stay and fight, folks.
Because America has the power, the cultural history, and the globalists want that power.
And if they get the Ring of Mordor, cause America's the ring, Katy bar the door.
Let's go ahead and play Chef.
Here he is.
What we have seen in that call record is a president of the United States use the full weight of his office to manufacture dirt on his opponent and interfere in our election.
The chef himself was caught trying to speak to Ukrainian officials who he thought had dirt on Trump.
You have recordings of both Sovchak and Buseva where they're discussing the compromising material on Mr. Trump.
Well, obviously we would welcome a chance to get copies of those recordings.
It is illegal, improper, a violation of oath, a violation of his duty to defend our elections, our Constitution, for the President to merely ask for foreign interference.
So there you go, doing exactly what he says Trump did, but Trump didn't do.
Because, like Trump said two weeks ago when this broke, he goes, everything I'm doing is being recorded by 17 agencies and foreign governments are tapped in, and they spin it and lie about it all.
He goes, I say nothing over the telephone.
And Rolando Rivera last night explained it perfectly.
Trump was going down a State Department checklist he was given.
In the transcript, you can see it.
The question, the answer.
He's got all these calls to make, he's working his butt off, and he's going over the checklist.
I mean, I've said to Trump, and before you ask how my wife is, sir, I know you're going down a checklist.
I appreciate you, I'm going to support you as long as you support the Republic.
You don't need to call and pat me on the head.
Well, I know Alex, we're going to be talking a lot more, I really appreciate you.
I'm like, Mr. President, we don't have to go down the checklist.
They're coming after you, you need to move against them.
You've got to control the Justice Department, you've got to go after them or they're going to kill you.
That's what I tell Trump.
They go, very interesting, just one moment, come back, tell me more about that.
I mean, listen, we're not playing games here, okay?
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
Hello, Congresswoman Omar, we're with the NRA.
We just wanted to ask you, you have stated that the worst day in American history was some people did something.
Kim was founded after 9-11.
Because they recognize that some people did something?
For you to insinuate that I meant something else is wrong.
Can you tell me what an assault weapon looks like?
What is one?
Can you tell me about the assault weapons that killed and targeted Latinos that you are contributing to an environment of hate?
Thank you guys!
Do you agree with Beto O'Rourke that the government should confiscate people's firearms?
I'm not sure he said that.
Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
You voted in support of a universal background check bill.
Can you tell us how that would have prevented any of the recent tragic shootings in this country?
Don't bother me.
Honestly, it's been hard.
Taking guns away from law-abiding Americans will only make it harder for them to protect and defend themselves.
No one is advocating in taking guns from people who need to use it for hunting, who want to exercise their Second Amendment rights.
Do you agree with Beto O'Rourke that the government should confiscate our guns?
Do you think that taking the guns of law-abiding citizens will make people any safer?
Thank you folks.
Happy day.
Do you support the universal background check law?
Do you want to keep law-abiding citizens defenseless and unable to defend themselves and protect their homes and families?
What we are advocating for is making sure that people don't have access to commit mass murder.
And that's what you guys are advocating for.
And that's where we differ.
Way to go squad!
Now the NRA put that video out over the weekend and I just saw it on Twitter with 3 million views.
And then I wasn't even looking and I saw it again on Twitter with 8 million views and I went and checked it wasn't the same upload.
So I'm not looking and that's what 11 million views.
That's the internet.
For Trump to play that to 11 million people on TV
Or for the NRA to do it, it would probably cost a million dollars.
But one lady reporter from the NRA goes and spends a few hours knowing what committees they're in and when they're going to come out.
She asked him those questions, and it's got 11 million views, and that was Sunday night.
It was the second video I saw the same upload.
I saw it again on a Facebook link that was sent to me with a half million views this morning.
And that's when I decided to tell them, hey, get that ready for a segment I'm going to do on solutions.
I'm going to say this again.
When I get on an airplane and I go up to one of those committee hearings and I confront the head of Google or the head of Facebook, or I confront Marco Rubio not standing up against censorship,
It's one of the top stories in the country.
When I went to bullhorn the White House, just so happened Jack Dorsey was there at the exact same time.
I was not told.
You know, the White House called me and said, who told you that?
We don't mind, but you know, who told you?
That meeting was not announced and I said, I just happened to be there.
I was going to go the next day I was in D.C., but I literally am sitting there.
And I said, get the check, we gotta go down, we gotta go to the White House.
And they're like, what's going on?
You can ask my secretary.
I go, we're leaving, we're going to the White House now.
I just, I've learned my gut.
It's in full command now.
And the more I just go with it, victory, victory, victory, victory.
But the point I'm getting at is, if you're a TV viewer, it's not just Alex Jones that can get on a airplane and go up there.
Did you see if you're a TV viewer, radio listeners?
What's the name of that NRA ad?
I think it's NRA takes on the four horsemen or something.
The squad is coming for your guns is the name of the video.
Let's have somebody repost that to m4wars.com and newswars.com and then we're going to play a compilation coming up of listeners going out and saying Bill Clinton's a rapist and other things during the last campaign three years ago that they admit was a total game changer.
If you want solutions, it's what you just saw.
An NRA reporter guaranteed she went outside two committees, spent a couple hours, asked them questions, and exposed what monsters they are.
A little bit of video editing.
Maybe $2,000, $3,000 went into that production.
If you count the cost of equipment, microphone, just everything.
A couple thousand bucks.
11 million plus viewers.
I mean, who knows what it is?
That's just what I came across.
That's why they want the NRA silenced off the internet.
It's why they want Rudolph Giuliani now, a letter from Biden, saying he's not allowed to be on any show!
And they're now responding by not booking him on most shows!
First it's, don't have Alex Jones on.
Then, oh, don't have Roger Stone on.
Then it's, oh, now what does the lady polling at 1% Kamala Harris, she wants Trump taken off Twitter.
By the way, that'd be great, because then he'd start promoting Telegram, or Gab, or launch his own thing.
I mean, Twitter's not complex technology.
You just need a big crowd.
Why doesn't one of Trump's sons launch the damn thing?
I mean, Trump has been so nice to these industries.
He's met with them.
He's asked them to stop.
And they go, oh sir, we're all for you.
We're not doing anything.
Meanwhile, they're funding the opposition research against him.
The lies.
They're funding Nadler's investigations.
It's in the news.
And Trump just sits there and takes it.
I mean, at least he's going after Obama and Hillary and Comey and McCabe.
I mean, he's going after the head of the snake.
But the heart of the Hydra.
It's Silicon Valley, and the CHICOM funding, and the espionage, and the globalist activity.
But I get it.
He's got to remove the deep state operatives inside the government first.
Because there's all these people that hail, and that give allegiance, like gang members, like Mexican Mafia or Hell's Angels, to the deep state.
Brennan's still calling shots.
Comey's still calling shots.
Hillary's still calling shots.
That's why I've got to be destroyed and taken off air is because I'm uppity.
I get in their face.
I don't go along with their agenda.
I don't bow down to them.
And they want you all scared so you don't think you can go get on a plane or a bus and go to D.C.
and take the children with you.
Teach them.
That's what mommy and daddy should do is go get in people's face in front of their kids.
They taught parents to all be, you know, groveling and, you know, over here all scared of everybody.
And go into their offices and bring a camera!
And your video will be the next viral video.
The most viral videos aren't even edited well.
They just are real.
Because they're going to take your kids away from you spiritually, physically, economically.
They're going to take everything you've got if you don't put their skin in the game.
God likes that when you put your children on the line.
Go teach them what it's really all about.
Go up there to D.C.
with a camera and just go and ask questions.
They don't like questions.
They like one-sided deals.
No leftists will debate.
No leftists will go on Fox or my show or anything.
They can't do it.
They sit up there in their committee hearings and they lie about all of us.
They lie about you.
And then they hope nobody's ever there.
I've sat in the committees and they, well, they're lying about me.
They go, Jones is here spreading his conspiracy theories.
There he is!
It's not even lost on them that they're talking about me and I'm not in the committee hearing and I don't get to face my accuser.
They're in the red scare.
They got to face their accusers.
The left is worse than anything they've ever accused us of being.
They're monsters.
They have no bottom.
They're fully committed.
And so if you want to beat them, go to the committees.
Look who's going to be speaking.
Look what's going on.
There's a land grab going on.
Look at that hearing.
If you don't like what the Federal Reserve's doing, go to a hearing the Federal Reserve's going to be at.
Expose them as being private and raising interest rates eight times on us, never on Obama.
For every hearing, you can take them over, legally and lawfully.
There'll be banks of cameras.
When the politician walks by, yell at them that they're a traitor!
You look at those videos of the NRA video, the halls are empty.
Those snakes come out of their holes.
They're slithering down the hall and they can't believe there's a reporter there even asking.
They see me and they can't believe it!
Marco Rubio got so pissed when I just confronted him and he blew up like a fool that he sent feds after me that day.
I'm not going to tell the story yet.
He thinks that scared me?
He's the one that needs to be scared of his own criminal actions.
I'm not scared of you, son.
Or anybody like you.
You got it?
People like me founded this country.
Not you.
You don't have any will.
You're owned by other men.
I'm owned by no one but God.
And the solution's whistleblowers.
Whistleblowers in government.
It's time for real whistleblowers to come forward and burn down the left.
Alright, let me get back into solutions.
You saw that clip, Bill Clinton's a rapist.
We're putting together a whole bunch of clips we're going to have for you tomorrow with action that you took in the 2016 campaign against these globalists.
And again, you just saw that video of you tuned in earlier of the NRA sends down a reporter.
She has her list of questions.
She's going to show how they're coming for your guns, how they want to ban them all.
She's going to show how they run like rats.
Can you imagine what you can do with your own camera?
And by the way, one of the producers, Matt, had a great idea.
A lot of you don't have a YouTube channel, or you don't have a Facebook, or you don't have the skills to edit stuff, which you don't even need to do.
Just go with the camera to their local event, when they have it in the district, when they're speaking at the local church or whatever, or go to D.C.
But no excuses, take action.
And have your issue and your research you're gonna raise.
Just like Schiff, everywhere he goes, people come up politely and they say, you know, you've been caught lying, you've been caught selling out this country, you've been caught trying to get dirt on Trump, and then now you say it's illegal for him to try to get dirt on you.
But just going out and videotaping and confronting them is the answer.
And we're gonna create a new email, it's being created right now.
Action at InfoWars.com.
Just one word, action.
In fact, I'm told it was just set up, so it's done now.
Action at InfoWars.com.
We've got show tips at InfoWars.com and we go through them, thousands a day.
And CC it to all of them, but action at InfoWars.com.
Please, listeners, only send stuff if it's confrontations or breaking news or things that is about action.
And the video you shoot, if it's already produced, you want us to know about it and play it, send it to us.
If it's raw footage and you put it in Dropbox or whatever, send it to us with a description with your name and your number.
Because we're going to call you first before we open it.
Technically, it's better for you just to have it posted already somewhere.
But I understand a lot of you aren't technical.
I'm not that technical sometimes, depending on the system.
So, we want to be able to help you get this information out because we're all in this together.
But I'm just telling you, Rolling Thunder's great patriots and we love them.
And they'd said, hey, we don't even need Rolling Thunder anymore.
We got Trump in office.
Now that they hear they're trying to remove Trump, Rolling Thunder's saying it's more important than ever we be here.
The minute you think you've won is when the attack comes.
You think we've won?
This country is in a civil war.
Getting Trump in initiated the full enemy attack.
Now is the war, people!
I've been telling you that since before the election and on the night of it.
Boy, I just got chills.
I mean, it's on, people!
We're in the war now!
You heard the president say it, it's true!
The energy levels.
Try not to blow up and start getting angry on air.
I'm just, these people, I'm so tired of them.
I know you're tired of them, but it's going to take hard, focused work.
At least on my part and your part.
But I mean, it's so easy to get on an airplane or get on a bus or drive up to D.C.
or to go find out on their campaign websites where these turds are going to be.
Or if you've got a good congressman or woman, go to the event, shake their hand and say, I appreciate you and I'm praying for you.
And then pray for them.
And donate to them and tell people about them because they're fighting election fraud and death threats.
You know, you've seen a whole bunch of Republicans indicted around the country, just like Benjamin Netanyahu's wife was, for having dinners at her house for heads of state and giving the tab to the government.
Whether you like Netanyahu or not, that's a setup.
Well, it's like the congressman in California.
Notice they all got indicted for their wife buying movie tickets or plane tickets, where he'd fly to Hawaii for a political event and then fly his kids with him.
And they said, oh, we feel like that's not a campaign thing, that's a fraud.
I mean, that's the type of stuff they're indicting all these people for.
So the ones they can threaten are getting paid off and retiring or flipping to Democrats.
But other ones who don't sell out, they are going over everything they do with a fine-tooth comb
And you know, a lot of people, they plant child pornography on them, and the Democrats come to them and they go, you know, we found this child porn.
If you join us, it'll all go away.
It's not a problem.
We're going to take care of it for you.
You know, I got one of those calls.
Oh, we know about the child porn on your servers.
It's going to be all right.
You know, the bad guys know about it, but if you just, they want to work with you on this.
I'm like, I'm going on air right now.
Again, but most people, what?
I'm not looking.
It's okay.
We know you didn't look at it.
You're going to work for us now, though, or you're going to go to jail.
Most of these people in Congress crap their britches, run up the white flag, and the globalists go, it's okay.
We got you an $800,000 a year job with a five-year contract right now.
Just retire, go have fun with your family.
They go, okay, that child porn wasn't mine.
We know it wasn't yours.
And then once you quit and take their money, then they drop back by and they go, we want you to lobby for us.
Well, I'm done.
Hey, listen, buddy, we kill people.
We got you.
We own you now.
Now you're going to do what we say or we're going to kill you.
How about that pretty wife of yours?
We got a whole database on your mistress.
We know all about it.
How about that little son of yours?
I heard that's a rough area next door to you.
Somebody might hurt your son someday.
And everybody just rolls over and shows their bellies to him.
Oh God, don't hurt me.
Where did America go?
Because America, you know why America was the greatest?
Everybody feared us and admired us because we were strong.
And if somebody tried to push somebody around, they got their ass killed or the person died trying.
And so people always ask why people are so polite in Texas and out and out west in places.
Because in the old days, folks, if you were rude to somebody, they'd kill you just like that.
We didn't have mafia in the South in places, because nobody put up with stuff like that.
If you went to somebody's house and tried to shake them down of their business, they'd pull a revolver out and shoot you dead the minute they did it.
Both my grandfathers were just average Texan types.
They'd kill somebody like that if they pushed them around.
They would kill you in one second.
No games.
No jokes.
You gonna die.
Where did that go?
Where did that spirit go?
It created wealth and power because we weren't corrupt.
We had problems.
But nothing compared to what it is now.
And people weren't proud of corruption.
And now look at who we are.
It's time to reclaim our former greatness.
It's time to be men again.
And it's time to let all this scum know we're calling that bluff.
Full speed!
Ramming speed!
Let's go!
I love Elvis.
Who knew he did hard rock, but he did these Elvis.
Evil Elvis.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And a real badass is with us, Greg Reese.
All this crew is amazing.
I love each and every one of them.
They've all got different specialties and gifts.
Greg did a great job with Savannah Hernandez and the rest of our crew in Hong Kong.
And then he just knocks it out of the park.
Well, you all see his reports there on air.
There's so many good ones.
Sometimes we don't get to all of them, but they're posted at Band.Video.
And then, of course, you repost them on Twitter and Facebook and other places.
And the great thing about it is if it's not Alex Jones on them, they don't get censored as much, especially more and more.
We're just putting Band.Video.
As the URL, and I'm telling the crew, leave InfoWars off.
They still kind of like to put it on there, but then that gets it blocked and censored.
But these videos reach millions when you share them.
So we're going to get into Vegas, a very, very sad subject, but a keyhole into a larger world, and the fact that we've pretty much solved it.
We know there's a cover-up, and we know from the police and the eyewitnesses what really happened, and the police know there's a cover-up.
And you'll see that in this report we're going to air next segment.
I've been contacted the day after it happened by the FBI that was on scene, a hostage rescue team, and that's the military folks.
And since then, I've been contacted by others.
I had to sign a nondisclosure.
I can't get in to what I know.
Because of the nondisclosure, but I'll just tell you it adds a lot of weight to Greg's report.
It's clear it's a Saudi civil war.
And we know what happened after that.
But this was two years ago today.
Also, I didn't just get contacted by the FBI because they wanted to give me info.
I was also investigated because I just happened to say if I was looking at Deep State, I would stage an attack on a rock concert or a big event, say at 10 p.m.
I meant that hypothetical.
They did, the FBI did want to know.
I said, you already got all my phone calls and everything, you know I just said that.
I just, I say a lot of stuff comes true.
So, I did get investigated for Vegas as well.
And then, which, you did investigate somebody if they said something like that today.
It's kind of like I can throw, you know, a dart bullseye if I don't try from 30 feet away.
I mean, I don't know how I do it.
If I try, I can't do it.
But we all know how that stuff works.
And I'm not trying to throw that out there to act all mysterious.
This is a mysterious planet.
We're mysterious.
We're a lot better than AI.
Stop letting them tell you you're crap.
You may have a hunchback and a hooked nose, if you've got a brain that loves God, you're beautiful.
It's not about how you physically look.
It's about what's in your heart.
But I'm ranting.
I wanted to first get you here and roll some of this crazy b-roll of people getting shot in the chest and killed and mauled off cocktails.
A war zone is what they're calling it in Hong Kong on the 70th anniversary of Mao Zedong taking over China and making all those people his slaves.
What a tragedy.
Tim has squared 2.0, Gregory.
And it was like slow motion.
It seems like it's happening in slow motion.
You know, they keep slowly increasing the violence.
The next thing you know, they announce they're gonna kill someone.
And then a couple days later, they shoot someone.
It's almost as if the world is being, you know, they're seeing how much we're gonna accept.
You know, just an offer and acceptance kind of situation.
Last night, I asked you to come on the show because you said something really deep.
And you remember what that was?
You talked about the mask coming off and then just there, which it's like a, we've reached a time now where it's all just going to come out.
I thought of this a year ago, a year ago or so it hit me and it was right, no, it was no, not a year ago.
It was around the time that the Vegas massacre happened when I kind of started seeing something different than I've seen for the past 10 years.
And I thought the only way they're going to beat Trump or even have a chance of beating Trump
Is to take the mask off completely and basically run on a platform of evil, you know, like good versus evil, which at the time seemed kind of crazy.
But now we're kind of there and that's what we're seeing.
We're seeing and we're seeing a lot more people than I think we'd want to see coming out or so it seems with the media that support this type of darkness.
I mean, I remember seeing mainstream media support NAMLA and stuff 10 years ago.
I couldn't believe it.
I knew they were into it.
Now it's everywhere.
And it's like, oh, and moms and dads are bad, and we're going to teach your five-year-old to cut their balls off.
I mean, this stuff's like Hellraiser level.
That article we just saw, I think it said 6,000 injuries or deaths from hormone blockers.
And I, it blew my mind.
It made me think, like, how, if there's 6,000 on record, and I think it was just in one location.
Usually, like, one out of ten gets reported.
Then how many people are being given hormone blockers?
I mean, yeah, it's all just, it's just an evil versus good place we're in right now.
The mask is off.
The apocalypse.
And I was reading, you know, as we said three weeks ago with that special report,
We put out a more polished report about two weeks ago that incels are run by the globalists, programmed by the media and the cults.
They're all on serotonin reuptake inhibitor mass murder pills.
The insert says it's a mass murder pill.
It's what it is.
And they're all don't have girls and love Satan.
It's all the same people.
And they're Antifa.
And they're going out and shooting people to get our guns.
They admit that's the plan.
And the actor, Joaquin Phoenix, shame on him.
I don't know.
And then we'll be blamed instantly when incels activate in the next few weeks and kill people.
And then the Hollywood scum will just revel in what they've done to us.
All programmed, all prepared.
It'll be their people doing it, and they'll love it.
It appears almost like that's their only weapon that they have are the sleeping masses.
The only weapon they still have left is the fact that they have still a big part of the population that's brainwashed, that's asleep, and that can be programmed and triggered and persuaded.
Because what we've been seeing in the past two years, it's ridiculous some of the lies they're trying to... They would only work on a...
Sleeping mess.
I agree.
Let's start rolling some of that crazy B-roll, sad B-roll from China.
And you were just in Hong Kong, what, a month ago?
About a month ago, yeah.
When I say China, it's being absorbed.
It basically is China now.
And now the police are shooting people in the chest at point-blank range.
What do you make of this?
Well, it's difficult to see.
A month ago, I remember the conversation that we were having was what's going to happen October 1st.
And just like a script in a horror movie, it was just days before October 1st, they announced they're going to kill someone.
October 1st comes, someone gets shot.
I mean, at this point, I don't think there's any argument that what's going to happen, it's going to be China claiming Hong Kong and shutting this whole thing down.
And they're waving American flags, they're wearing Guy Fawkes masks.
I mean, they really don't want to be—and they have a treaty that China's not supposed to take over.
And I was just talking about brainwashed people and using them as a weapon, and what I noticed in Hong Kong was the opposite of that.
I noticed a, not a woke populace, but an actually awakened, attentive, self-aware population that was united, that seemed to see through lies.
They were alive, they were authentic.
Alive and authentic, exactly.
That was the feeling I got.
And we have some of that here in this country, but this country is stricken with a disease of sleepiness.
And they are fighting the technocracy and the very same beast we're fighting.
They're fighting the same world government.
I think we're in a day and age where we're all together.
It's almost like the world, in one sense, in America, everyone in America is getting, knows what's happening.
They know that there is an awakening, that there is a dark side and a good side.
It's just that half the population has been tricked into thinking that the dark side is somehow the people, and that the people are somehow the establishment.
Well, you've got a lot of followers that are in trances that just go along.
There are a lot of people that decide to serve evil.
All right, InfoWars reporter Greg Reese is here.
We're going to go to his special report that you can see if you're a radio listener and share.
TV viewers will obviously see it right now at summit.news, where Paul Watson's linked to it, at infowars.com, at newswars.com.
But the best place to find it is band.video.
But you wanted to tell everybody's story.
Well, you know, when I was researching the Las Vegas massacre, I kept thinking, you know, I started watching InfoWars back in 2004, but then I took a few years of a break from politics and all that stuff, and it was the Las Vegas massacre that
Kind of brought my attention back to saying there's something really big happening, and I need to pay attention to it.
And there was only one source to go to, and that was back to InfoWars.
And it wasn't just me, it was a few of my friends.
I remember we were talking to each other, and it's like, time to go back to InfoWars.
And here I am now, serving with the crew.
So it was an emotional experience on many levels doing the Las Vegas Project.
And notice, they don't want to discuss it.
They don't want people to talk about it.
They want it just to disappear and go away.
Well, it's posted right now.
I don't know.
Yes, sir.
We need folks to buy the products at InfoWarsTore.com.
We're going to have to end this big mega special.
Black Friday came two months early.
We're going to run it through this weekend, but it's got to stop.
A lot of stuff's about to sell out.
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At InfoWarsTore.com we can fund the operation and you know you're fighting for liberty and freedom and exposing the deep state while getting great products.
Now here is the report that they hope you don't see and hope you don't share.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas until now.
Famously what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and that apparently applies to the Mandalay Bay shooting as much as anything else.
Within two hours of the Las Vegas massacre, authorities announced that 64-year-old Steven Paddock had acted as the lone gunman, officially making it the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in the history of the United States.
But two years later, there are still many questions with no answers.
Videos from the event show no muzzle flash from Paddock's window on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
Photographs show that Paddock's windows were intact during the shooting.
Police inside the room after the shooting said there was no broken window.
After the shooting, a man staying at the Mandalay Bay called 9-1-1 and reported an explosion and glass falling down from above.
9-1-1, emergency.
Brown 15968.
Do you need police, fire, or medical?
Okay, and I just heard what sounded like an explosion above me and then glass coming down around me, you know, right outside the window.
Later that night, BBC television showed one window being broken.
By the next morning, there were two broken windows.
Several witnesses claimed there were multiple shooters.
It sounded like there were a dozen shooters.
It sounded like more than one machine gun.
The New York, New York Excalibur shooting was right outside.
It wasn't inside.
It was outside.
We saw the muzzle flashes.
I'm waiting for somebody to come through that entrance because it sounds like they're on the ground.
I knew we were getting gunshots that were closer to us than where they originally started and that's when we knew we had to run.
We all started running and they came in.
There's a shooter in front of Hollywood right now.
Multiple shooters.
Multiple shooters.
It has to be.
There was also shooting going on inside of the Mandalay Bay.
Claims of multiple shooters can also be heard on security and police comms.
There's a shooter at the front desk of New York.
And two shots were fired inside Casino Floor.
It sounds like it's confirmed there are at least two shooters with fully automatic weapons.
Now I'm getting information of an active shooter at Tropicana.
There's an advised bomb squad to deal with the issue over there at Luxor.
Reference the 445 device.
MSD advised now there's an active shooter at the Tropicana.
Active shooter at Tropicana.
In one video, we see what looks like a weapon firing from a window six floors above Paddock's room in The Four Seasons, which is owned by Bill Gates and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.
There also appears to be muzzle flashes coming from the sky on both sides of the Mandalay Bay, precisely where flight radar places three helicopters that turned off their transponders minutes before the shooting began while hovering in position overlooking the Route 91 Harvest Festival.
He's flying in a helicopter.
Do you think he's in a helicopter?
Yes, not a doubt in my mind that there was shooting coming from the helicopter.
In room 32135, Paddock's hard drive was suspiciously missing from his laptop.
There were several pairs of gloves, mobile phones, and multiple hotel room keys used just 30 minutes before the shooting, including smart keys available only to hotel staff.
At first, police said they witnessed Paddock kill himself.
And then, they claim they found him dead after the breach.
And for some unknown reason, his time of death was marked at noon the following day.
Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos was supposedly shot in the leg by Paddock six minutes before he began his attack.
And yet, it took law enforcement 72 minutes to get into Paddock's hotel room.
Body cam footage shows a hotel security guard directing police to the 32nd floor
And less than 10 minutes later, directing other officers to the 29th floor.
When the police finally get to Paddock's floor, hotel security seems strangely casual.
One strolls down the hallway with his back to Paddock's room and points behind him to room 135.
And they then stand calmly in the hallway with their attention fixed on the police.
Hotel security manager George Umstadt was later found hiding in a hotel room and detained by police.
And several key officers were never even questioned.
Campos claimed he went to UMC Quick Care for treatment, but the facility stated they had no record of this.
He then left the country and returned only to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, owned by MGM.
MGM was granted a restraining order weeks after the shooting to prevent them from destroying evidence.
I can only think of two possible scenarios here.
One, completely implausible.
That the Mandalay was a co-conspirator in this, which is nonsense.
Or number two, there's some kind of hostility or a trust gap developing between law enforcement and the Mandalay.
Nothing else makes sense, Tucker.
There's no other way to square that circle.
One theory suggests it was Saudi Arabia.
Just three months before the Las Vegas massacre, moderate Mohammed bin Salman, known as MBS, was made the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and was met that same day with President Trump's personal show of support.
This created a civil war between MBS and his hardliner cousin, Al-Waleed Bin Talal, co-owner of the Four Seasons, which resides on floors 35 through 39 of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
The theory suggests there was a failed assassination attempt against MBS at the Tropicana Hotel that night.
And that the massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Festival was a savage message of warning to President Trump.
Steven Paddock was a pilot, and according to this theory, a gunrunner for Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.
This would explain Paddock's wealth and access to the service elevators at the Mandalay Bay.
And when the assassination attempt failed, Paddock became Talal's sacrificial lamb rather than his getaway pilot.
The prince had Saudi military helicopters in the area at the time.
Four weeks after the Las Vegas shooting, MBS had his cousin Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and ten other princes arrested on corruption and money laundering charges.
We don't know if this theory is correct, but a year later, the case was closed.
And we are told there is nothing to the story but the 64-year-old lone gunman with no motive, Steven Pak.
That report only had a little bit left on it, but it's powerful.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
And you're very humble, you know, you say, oh, we don't really solve it.
What I was told by the FBI the day after it happened, all came out and was dead on, and that was the actual FBI on the ground.
And it was a huge cover-up, that's admitted.
Greg, you should probably do a part two on that because there's so much more.
I mean, you tried to do it for brevity, but hundreds of witnesses, police, seeing the shots, other people shot in other areas, the helicopters flying around with flashes on them.
I mean, this was an attempt to kill the Crown Prince, because they knew he was becoming the Crown Prince, and then we moved against Saudi Arabia and the other faction once this happened.
Yeah, absolutely.
And you're right, as I was going through it, I realized you could do like a two-hour documentary on it, because almost each piece of the puzzle, you know, really needs to be sort of unwrapped and looked into, because when you do that, it's obvious what happened.
But we're not supposed to question this.
Just like all these new false flags that we're going to cover coming up in the next segments, all these people that get caught staging racial attacks on themselves, New York Times removes race context after black girl admits faking hate crime, Jussie Smollett part two, and now Smollett's mad he's being compared to her.
The Smollett case never gets boring.
The Smollett case is, if anything, proof that there are people amongst us in this country that have lost their minds and they're living in some other type of reality other than being honest and transparent and having integrity and honor.
Well, speaking of that, we're going to talk to Larry Johnson, former NFL player, but a really smart talk show host in the making.
We love getting him on.
We've invited him to co-host sometime.
We're going to talk about huge 300-pound men playing rugby against women half their size because they're trans.
And now a transgender man gives birth, loses court battle to be registered as father.
It's a woman with a mustache that had a baby.
You're not a man.
So just stop it.
We don't hate you either, okay?
But you are crazy.
So that's what's going on here.
Just, you're crazy.
Okay, you want to be a man?
Fine, you're not really one.
It's like men coming in and saying, give me a pap smear, and the guy's gotta, you know... Let's play some more of this B-roll though, because we've got to remember, the people are valiantly fighting back against laws that will secretly arrest them and take them out of Hong Kong.
And there's a war zone going right there, and McBrain compiled this boil-down of B-roll footage.
All right.
That dramatic video is on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
DrugsReport.com is linked to Paul Sipe.
Summit.News, they're on the right-hand side.
I mean, you can see them all off cocktails after the police shoot the man.
And I've got to say, the protesters only escalate force, I've noticed, when the Chi-Com occupiers do.
Yeah, you know, and I also saw that the police, not only are they spraying him with blue dye to identify him, but then once they do identify him, it seems what they do is they like to pick, find one alone, and then gang up on him, just like we saw the police doing in France, just like we see Antifa doing here in America.
In fact, let's back that B-roll up.
Some viewers may not have seen it, but viewer discretion is advised.
Here's one of the shots, slow motion, of the guy getting shot in the chest.
I mean, this is just unbelievable what's going on.
Yeah it is, absolutely.
It wasn't just probably days ago where people were probably thinking there's no way they're going to go for another Tiananmen Square.
Well they're asking if that guy's dead.
It looks like he shot him just the top of the carotid artery.
He knew what he was doing.
He shot him right at the top of the heart.
That's not good.
That's like an assassination almost.
And it's kind of creepy to me that the headline isn't, you know, protester killed.
The headline is protester shot.
I'd give it about a 90% chance he's dead.
357 Magnum, point-blank range, right at the top of the heart.
I would think so.
That's like a rifle round.
And that's a warning.
Yeah, like you said, they said, we're gonna start killing people.
So, they're going for it.
They're going for it.
The whole world's watching, and it seems like China's gonna just roll in there with another Tiananmen Square.
For their 7th anniversary!
That's what Mao did.
He rolled in, took over China.
They killed 100 million people.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, I'm here live broadcasting worldwide on AM and FM TV stations, blasting out on our own platforms at Band.Video, Infowars.com, Ford's last show.
Paul Watson has his great site, Summit.News, that also syndicates a lot of our work.
That's linked up on DredgeReport.com right now with the war zone that is Hong Kong on the 7th anniversary of the Chinese Communists seizing control of China.
Well, I saw
A few months ago, Larry Johnson, a well-known, very successful pro bowler, NFL guy, because I'm not even a big guy that follows the NFL these days, I'm so busy with news, I used to be a big fan, but I just can't get excited about sports when they're literally trying to sexualize and brain damage our children and, you know, killing babies after they're born.
But even I know who this guy is.
But then when I had him on, he's really a smart cookie, and I said it could be a great talk show host in the making.
So Larry Johnson rides shotgun with us.
We got one of our great reporters, also Gregory's with us as well.
You can follow Larry Johnson on Twitter at 2, the number 2, just the number 2, LarryJohnson7, TheMotivationalEdge.org.
And he's a Penn State standout.
He's a former two-time pro bowler and pro team for Kansas City Chiefs.
He now spends retirement
Raising his daughter and sits on the board of the Motivational Edge, a nonprofit that uses creative arts and music as therapy for young adults.
And now that he's, like you said last time, got a daughter, he's fighting the corruption of our children that is openly going on with this coming out of NAMBLA.
But I don't want to just get into that with him today.
I want to get into the, because I know he talks about this.
The politicization of the NFL, and the getting on the knee, and all of this, and America sucks, and now the seats are half empty, overall ratings are down like 40%, and even the most diehard fans just can't take it anymore.
People cannot stand being beat over the head.
By Hollywood, by the NFL, everything's been, you send your kids to college, they get brainwashed, and then most of the degrees are worthless.
So I want to get his take as a former pro bowler, and as I guess you'd call him a Christian and a conservative, I don't know, I mean, what do you call him?
So just a common sense guy on why he thinks this is happening.
Last time I had him on, he was being criticized for saying, hey, drag queen story time, grown men, no background checks, wearing clown makeup, kids sitting in their laps.
Now they ride horsey on them.
I mean, this is... The men say, shake your booty and stick their butt in kids' faces.
I mean, if somebody took a kid to a topless bar to do that, they'd go to prison, and they should.
If somebody walked up to you in a park doing that to your kid, they'd get their neck broken.
But this is happening everywhere.
So, he got criticized for saying, hey, leave our kids alone.
Well, I think the guy deserves a medal, so we should first ask him, what happened since you came on this show or since you spoke out?
Because I know you were, quote, getting some heat.
In my experience, like Kanye West,
I don't bring him up because he's black, and you happen to be black.
It's just because, you know, he's very prominent and famous.
He was the number one hip-hop guy.
Hadn't been that in years when he supported Trump and went public in the last few years.
That put him back on top, in my view.
Now he's getting criticized for admitting he's a Christian.
Leftists are walking out of his events that are sold out, by the way.
So what I'm getting at is...
No matter what color you are, it's not just the right thing to do.
I think you go through some criticism for standing up for what's right.
But in the end, it resonates with more people and you become even more successful if you can make it through the initial bullying.
I'm kind of ranting here.
I've thrown out a lot of points.
So thanks for joining us.
What do you want to tackle first?
All right, we can tackle the whole Kanye West thing.
I think from a spiritual level, we have to judge a man by his fruits.
Now, he can't say he's a Christian without repenting the words and the sentences saying that he sold his soul to the devil and the price is cheap.
That comes out of his mouth.
He has not yet stepped to the forefront and said, well,
I renounce what I said, I renounce what I do as far as selling the mischief and sin that he sends in the behavior.
His last song was, I'm a sick F, I'm a sick F. He has not came out and condoned that.
He condoned it every time he sings that song.
His wife has openly said that she dabbled in mediums and witchcraft.
You cannot be a full-fledged Christian without actually understanding where it comes from as far as how to follow.
And then his father-in-law launched the whole
Uh, transsexual sterilizer self-movement.
Exactly, and also it shows up in his Yeezy Boosters fashion line, where you have the androgynous role, where you don't know if it's a guy or a girl now.
I think that's, you have to really judge a man by the things he's done so far, and none of that sounds like he's following God.
Well, I mean, I agree with you overall.
Maybe he's going in the right direction, but regardless, I'm glad I asked the question, because you just knocked it out of the park.
I mean, like you said, if anybody watches and listens and see what goes on in this world, why does all these musicians all of a sudden want to go into Sunday worship?
Snoop did it with a gospel album.
Justin Bieber's trying to do it with Hillsong.
And you have to see what's really moving, the dark energy is moving, is trying to take over, not only take over your minds, now they're going after the church.
And most people don't understand the pagan ideologies behind the Catholic Church and promoting this behavior.
You're sending all these so-called Christians, these lukewarm Christians, right into hell.
I get what you're saying.
It's kind of like all these conservatives are now becoming more and more leftist.
They're not even conservatives anymore.
You're just saying Kanye's really just going after another market.
It's basically another market.
It's just another stream of, how many people can we fool?
And let's go after the people in the church.
So it's basically church services are primarily a concert nowadays.
Let's do 45 minutes of preaching, soft preaching.
Let's not tell them that the world is coming to an end.
Let's not preach about Revelation.
Let's give them something that'll tickle their ears and just throw Kanye on there and just it'll get you reminding yourself that you're not even in church, that you're at a concert.
Well, let's raise that and then get into all the current day things that are happening.
With the AI, with the computers, the globalists say they're replacing humans.
That's now mainline news.
And so the very people taking over say they're building a post-human world.
That's exactly what the Bible said 2,000 years ago.
That's really got to get people's attention.
One world government can't buy or sell unless you politically do what the ruler of the world wants.
I mean, we can really see this unfolding.
And then I go to churches.
Different churches.
I hear none of this now.
It's like a rock concert.
It's all feel-good.
And then they should be warning people that this is really happening.
How can you defend yourself against the devil if you don't know his tricks?
You have to have a playbook.
Yes, the Bible is our playbook.
But you have to know the other side's playbook as well.
And most Christians just go into church and say, I'll repent of my sins, walk out, sin again, and don't even know they're watching.
They're watching pro TV programming that is nothing but witchcraft and mocking God and mocking his son.
Well, let's talk about that because we see Madonna and all these others.
I mean, they openly do occult ceremonies at the Super Bowl and other big teams.
They admit it's occultic.
What is that about?
It's another form of ritual.
Like they said, this is the devil's playground.
It's all about showing worship to him.
This has been his schtick since Genesis.
He's always wanted to be worshipped.
So he's gonna put his hands in everything he can, in every performance, to let you know that he's the one who's running this world.
And this is the way we are.
This is the greatest falling away.
And a lot of people are waking up to it now, but also there's a lot of people who are asleep to it, who just think this is all crazy talk, which is insane to me, because they put it so far in your face, how can you not see it?
You know, I want to think we're winning so bad that I get excited and think, oh, Kanye's waking up.
This is great.
But then you come in and go, no, he's actually taking it over.
And that's what's happened to the churches.
And unfortunately, I think you're absolutely right.
Kanye may not know that, or he may know that, but he's tried to come out and start rebuking his father-in-law and all this other stuff.
But it's just crazy.
You can't just come out and rebuke family members.
We live in a generation of curses.
You have to rebuke Satan.
You have to rebuke idol worship.
You have to do a lot of rebuking in your timeline since you touched that microphone.
That's a lot of rebuking that has to go on before you can come in and say, oh, I'm a follower of Christ, I'm a Christian, and you just want to rap about anything.
You can't blaspheme God's name that way, and He doesn't forget about it either.
Well, you're right.
And, you know, that's basically how it goes.
I mean, I myself swerve into worldliness.
I love God at the same time, but I do see your point about that.
I mean, I guess we'd have to talk to Kanye.
He almost came in studio once.
I never really talked about this, but then his security people said it wasn't safe.
And his security people are like, well, you don't have snipers on the roof, do you?
You're not gonna... We're like, oh yeah, we got snipers on the roof.
They're like, you do?
We're like, no, that's a joke.
But sometime I'll get to talk to Kanye and hopefully get that one way or the other understood.
But we'll see what happens.
When we come back, I want to get your take, sir, on...
What do you think is about to happen to Trump?
What do you think is going on with the deep state?
We'll also get Greg Reese's take on all this and more.
Larry Johnson, former two-time NFL Pro Bowler, but the reason I admire him is his courage to speak up.
We'll be right back.
Larry Johnson, former two-time Pro Bowler, is our guest, but most importantly, he's a father,
And he cares about his daughter's future and he can see the open assault on reality.
I got a bunch of political issues I want to get into with you, Mr. Johnson, but the first thing I want to bring up is this.
I put out a video over the weekend titled, Learn Who Sold Their Soul to the Devil.
And it's Bob Dylan, it's Katy Perry, it's almost all these people will tell you, I sold my soul to Satan, Satan's real.
Growing up, I knew a bunch of rich people because I grew up in the richest county in Texas.
I mean, my dad owned a bunch of dental clinics and stuff and was well-to-do, but we lived in the poor area, you know, in a five-bedroom house.
And, I mean, these people had helicopters, jets, everything, and most of them were into the occult.
And I mean really into the occult.
They tried to recruit me.
I never got into it.
But I got taken to a few things.
You know, by, wow, this hot girl that's a senior in high school and I'm only, you know, a freshman really likes me.
Well, no, that's not.
I was being recruited into it.
And I would get out of it.
I mean, a couple times I left through the woods at night from big places and literally went on the highway back before cell phones and, you know, I had to walk home 10 miles.
I grew up in Maryland so it was pretty much a Baptist household so going to Baptist Christian
You know, it was the same.
I didn't really pay any attention to most of it.
Like, we were young.
You had to go to church every single Sunday.
And no matter how old you were, you were supposed to always go every Sunday.
And then I kind of stopped once I started planning to leave because, obviously, my habits of going out, drinking, you know, chasing girls, my mind wasn't on those things, wasn't on, you know, getting reacquainted with God.
And just so it happened, the reason why I'm bucking the system now is because I reached my rock bottom.
I returned my life back over to God.
And understood a lot of more understanding and knowledge that has come from my sons and turning my life back over to them.
And so when I see what goes on now, it's kind of hard for me not to see it.
I mean, they pretty much brag about it.
They brag about the rituals.
They brag about, you know, they make TV shows like the Eyes Wide Shut.
That's what that Mad Singer is all about.
They throw it on your face and softly push it, but they will be basically watching the entertainment
Actually, they did launch a new NBC show about Jack Parsons.
I think it's NBC and Aleister Crowley.
Actually, Aleister Crowley has a show now.
So we're already here.
We're basically already here.
We're worshipping where they come from.
When I was in the league, I never saw any of that.
I was spiritually blind at the time, but I didn't know that the diamond sign I was throwing up in the end zone was the Illuminati Pyramid sign.
It was attached to Sean Carter, which is Jay-Z, and you and I, as far as me being
I saw the whole Baphomet worship and the devil whores.
I never saw that when I was with them.
I just think the last five years, things have changed so drastically that it's all they talk about now as if they can't get out of that system.
It's what they're trapped to represent.
Why do you think they're externalizing the hierarchy or throwing it in our face, coming from behind the closed doors now and just absolutely rolling out?
I think the minds are already gone.
I think people already turned into zombies.
Anybody who speaks out or even inches that that's what I've done.
I got a lot of bullying comments and death threats by me mentioning sacrifices and just point out little things that come with devil horns and the black and white masonic colors.
I've pointed these things out and people it really goes right over their head.
I think we're at the time where
People who aren't waking up to it will never wake up to it.
I think it's too many of them and it's too few of us to even turn things around right now.
They're making their money out of everything.
So basically, they're the ones that's winning right now, but we all know that what happens in the end.
It seems like that the people that are asleep
Like you were saying, as we're going through this, it seems like the same energy that is making us wake up more is causing these people to go crazier and further into darkness.
It's sad to see.
I used to have a lot of hope that we'd see a lot of people wake up.
Uh, now it seems like... Oh, I used to go to Democrat events 10 years ago, and people weren't going, ah, the devil, ah, kill you.
And I thought, well, they're just doing that to me.
We send in reporters who don't even have InfoWars signs, and they're like, how are you doing today?
I want to kill children up to age 3 and have sex with them.
I mean, and you're like, these people are literally possessed.
I don't see them waking up short of any major apocalypse.
So people are either getting more evil or more awake.
I mean, do you agree to that?
I think they're going.
It's a steady process, but like I said, it's too few of us and there's a lot more of them.
I think we also live in this social media world where we bully every time someone wants to speak the truth.
If it's going against their beliefs or their system, you see the whole crowd really crucify you of what you believe and it makes certain people go back in the shell and not come out anymore.
I think that's what kind of taints the awakening is that people are being bullied.
And not a lot of people have, you know, the time to look for another job if they're bullied into being fired or they're harassed into leaving their job.
The economy is not doing that well for people who just leave their jobs and follow their dreams anymore.
So the spiritual energy right now is overly, wombly keeping a lot of people quiet.
You're right, and again, I'm not up here on some high horse like a perfect preacher that tells you he's Mr. Goody Two-Shoes and he's, you know, out with hookers every night.
But, I mean, I really care about justice and I want to be a better person.
But I'm just here to tell people the devil's real and it's making its move and in the final equation it wants to hurt children, it wants to take them to hell, it wants to take people away from God and destroy them.
It's that simple.
So that's why more and more people say, man, your show is like a
Old-fashioned church revival?
I can't help it!
World government's here!
Satanists are coming out of the woodwork!
I mean, this is real!
I mean, if we would have taken it back to the Footloose, I mean, we should have been the pastor.
We should have went in there and told them not to have that dance.
Because that's where it starts.
It starts small, and then the more people accept this behavior, it's going after the children because the children are the most purest energy that's walking around on this planet.
If they get to the children, all hope is lost.
Because Satan knows, and the Kingdom of Darkness knows, the one thing that the
Exactly, and they know that if we start hurting children in mass, which we're really doing, that's when God will destroy us.
And Satan wants to get everybody destroyed.
I mean, the devil knows what he's doing.
I mean, he's been doing this for centuries.
He's been working on this plan ever since he fell from heaven.
I think because he knows human nature, he will attract himself to every single person who wants to rise to this world fast and quick and make money, and he'll use anybody and everybody to do it.
Satan doesn't discriminate.
Well, if you read the Greek and the Latin with
And the Hebrew translations of Paul, he says, talks about out of the cosmos that comes this enemy fallen, these powers of the air coming to destroy us.
I mean, we're on a planet, it's fallen, it's here, it wants to kill us.
It's unbelievable, folks, and it's building a world government with computers to track everything we do and cut our food off if we don't turn our kids over to them.
That's going to be the payment in the future for food, is to let them have your children.
Larry Johnson's here.
And riding shotgun, Greg Reese is with us.
Listen folks, the devil knows how to turn you off.
You go to these mainline churches and it's all feel good, or they're all telling you how bad you are all day, but there's no mission.
There's no Holy Spirit in those churches.
And so, all I'm going to tell you is, I've seen it, I've been there, ran into it when I was young, ran into it getting involved in media.
You can't
Swing a stick in the dark in Hollywood, not run into devil worshipers.
I mean, that's what they do.
And then other people I knew that weren't into that, they said, oh yeah, that's going on.
And then they just try to hide out and stay away from it all.
And that's why most people left Hollywood, people like Gene Hackman and people like, I mean, there's so many up, Clint Eastwood.
I know people that know those guys, know them well.
And a bunch of other big, they will not get anywhere near it.
They can't stand it.
And it's like the joke in The Lost Boys, where they wrote it in, where the old man at the house goes, yeah, it's the problem with this town.
Too many damn vampires.
The allegory is a vampire.
These people don't live forever.
But the spirit in them is really old.
And what's it want to do?
What's Dracula bring his brides?
What is Bram Stoker putting in these books?
Well, who is Prince Charles?
Who's that whole bloodline?
Literally, the House of Dracula.
That's their main bloodline.
They're not even a German royal house.
And the more you study this, and now it's out in the open, now the occult's out in the open, now they have movies like Hail Satan where they're trying to get the Democratic Party to officially adopt Satanism.
This isn't some way to freak Christians out.
They first tell you there is no God,
The Satan's greatest trick is to convince you he doesn't exist.
And then, once they've got you, and I'm telling you, almost all these atheists are either people that have been convinced to believe it because they think they're elitist and smart, but the controllers above them know exactly what they're doing.
So Larry Johnson on Twitter at 2LarryJohnson7, if people want to follow, you're great work.
I think the bottom line here is, is that this is a spiritual battle.
That's really all that matters.
But if we hide out in the churches and don't go out and warn people,
Then the blood is on our hands and when we're before God, God's going to say, I don't know you.
And the message out of these churches that are government controlled is don't get involved, hide out, don't speak out about what's happening.
Well, those aren't churches anymore.
And that's why Satan has taken those over.
Can you comment on that line of reasoning?
I think so.
It starts with prosperity preaching.
Everybody doesn't want to get their soul saved.
Everybody wants a couple of dollars in their bank account.
I think that is the problem of where it all comes from.
The great fallen away, the apostasy in the church.
Everyone wants to hear a feel-good message.
Like they say, evil comes in the name of love.
If you speak out against something that somebody likes, oh, you're evil.
Or you speak out against something that, oh, you're not with what we're doing.
They want to get you to love everything and you think that it's not,
We're good.
Larry A. Johnson, you literally just gave us the key to everything and I'm not
I'm not kissing your ass here.
I mean this.
I'm gonna be serious.
They tell you, be open, be inclusive, let everything in.
Well, you just opened the door to the most evil stuff in the world, and now that's what the UN says.
Hey, love NAMBLA.
You know, mothers bringing their kids to these men, a lot of them convicted child molesters, to bounce on their knee and to tell them, you could be a boy, you could be a girl, to try to steal their innocence.
This is an evil sacrament.
Kids on national TV with convicted murderers.
That's on screen right now.
They chopped up another man, talking about how they like to take Rohibinol and Ketamine, which the children take to pass out when men gang rape them.
Okay, so again, you say, oh just be nice, be open, you've just opened the door to everything in the universe.
What you've said is, I have no borders, I have no walls.
And the artwork of these people that have shows with little children that dance at pedo bars, that's what these gay bars are now, is, we're showing some of the art, is all about zombie kids, dead kids, enslaved kids, murdered kids.
And again, now they go to the Drag Queen Storytime that just started two years ago worldwide and now they, I'm not going to show the video, they ride on their erections under their pants and the men now come out at public events in Austin with glitter on their genitals and the children hug them and pose with them openly flaunting the pedophilia.
This is a satanic ritual.
I would say the transgender thing is a perfect example of a satanic ritual because what the devil is doing is the devil is doing two things.
He's trying to destroy God and he's trying to replace God and that's exactly what we're seeing in this whole bizarre transgenderism.
It's like trying to convince us that by cutting off a male's genitals and sewing together some type of
Fake plastic surgery, female genitals, somehow you're doing something that's equal to God, and at the same time... It's a mutilation ritual!
At the same time, you're destroying a person.
Not only a person, but this...
The youth right now are so wishy-washy.
Like, you look at the celebrities that are promoting these transgender clothing lines now.
Now, even the lines having their skull and crossbones on them.
They have pyramids on them.
Celine Dion had a whole line that had New World Order or Order on them.
Like, this is what they want the children to be.
They want them to accept all of this nasty behavior as if there's no punishment for it.
And it says in the Bible, those who have made one of these little ones stumble should deserve a head, a millstone drawn around their neck and drown in the ocean.
This is out of Yeshua's mouth.
This is out of God's only son's mouth that says his behavior, that's going to happen.
And the children on all these things are very scared at first, the newscasts admit, and the mothers force them in.
And then on the local newscast in Houston, they said, got to get them while they're young.
And the man and the woman go,
On Houston TV, I mean, they're just flaunting it.
And it turned out two convicted child rapists of a six and eight year old, they'd both kidnapped children and brutally raped them, were running it.
And that's trauma.
That's trauma.
Excuse me, that's traumatizing these kids.
You mean convicted child rapists running events where your kids are taken to libraries and they ride on them?
You mean that's bad?
I mean pushing these kids towards them is putting them in a state of traumatic abuse where they're probably going to then just start splitting their personalities.
And the mothers say, oh we want to give them this experience.
Well why don't you go show them a car wreck and dead people then?
Why don't you, I mean, why don't you take them to the slaughterhouse then and show, you know, BS, man, you're abusing your children, you sick, leftist, devil worshippers.
Great point, Greg, sorry.
Well, yeah, I mean, that's what we're seeing, and we're seeing, and we're seeing acceptance of it, which is absolutely insane to me.
And I grew up with this too, I grew up with, luckily I grew up with a lot of faith in God and a belief in the devil, but at the same time, the pop culture that I was into, I could clearly see it and feel it.
Trying to convince me that it's all fake and at the same time that it's all fun and it's all a joke.
It's fake, it's not real, but let's do it!
How'd you like to have sex with these hot chicks, you know?
That's exactly what it takes.
And I mean, I'll never forget, man.
I was like 14.
This girl was like a high school senior.
Beauty queen.
Whole nine yards.
And these friends take me over there to get her at this mansion.
And I walk in to get her.
I look like I was, you know, 17 or whatever that goes.
Hope you have fun having sex with my daughter.
I know I sure do.
It's crazy.
And then, you know, I'm not going to even get into the rest of it.
These people are unbelievable.
That's the offer.
That was the offer right there.
The father saying that.
I mean, it's insane.
Oh, believe me.
There's a lot more I haven't told you.
I mean, I just, I just, it's unbelievable.
I mean, and again, you've been at the top of the NFL, made tens of millions of dollars.
Explain to people that at the end of the day, unless you have God, all that's empty and that money is only really a tool to help people, right?
That's all it should be for.
It should be only a tool to help those who don't have anything.
But like me, I got lost in the sauce too, and I thought it was to be at clubs till 5 o'clock in the morning, drink till you can't drink no more, sleep with whatever girl you have, if it's more the merrier.
And that's what my life was.
And yeah, they say money is the root of all evil.
It is, because you will never be satisfied, and enough is never enough.
And if you don't have God in your life, Yah in your life, then you're going to go down a road where you're not going to be able to come back from, and it's going to take you in your best times, in your best days, the hardest time to fight back out and turn yourself back over.
And let me guess, wasn't there that point with the 100th woman or whatever, where it was totally empty all of a sudden?
Like, you're done.
Like, you're tapped out.
You don't give your soul away to the guys that you worship, which is money, sex, fame, that's... But the devil didn't get you.
You turned back.
When did the Holy Spirit reach out to you?
We'll ask that question on the other side.
Stay with us.
Remember, while we're up here talking as men, we can barely pull away from the devil.
They're coming after your kids right now!
Well, we're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And, you know, I'm not up here telling you how to live your life or what to do, and none of us are perfect.
But I'm here to tell you that the worldly system only wants to destroy you.
In fact, can we cue up that Bob Dylan clip from 60 Minutes where he says he sold his soul to the devil?
There's a longer clip he did, I think for VH1 we played.
It's in a report we put out, Learn Who Sold Their Souls to Satan.
It's up on Band.Video.
Where he explains that this famous blues singer said he went to these crossroads that was Mississippi and sold his soul to the devil like a voodoo ritual and that's exactly what he then said he went and he did.
Let's go ahead and play that clip.
Still out here doing these songs you know you're still on tour.
I do but I don't take it for granted.
Why do you still do it?
Why are you still out here?
Well it goes back to the
And those guys all brag to people that the devil's real.
And it happens in Hollywood.
And I'm like, look, I know you're trying to freak me out because I'm a Christian.
No, no son, this is real.
And it's crazy, it's wild.
I've seen incredible stuff just on the periphery of this.
And we just go back to that.
I was going to have our guest on today about in sports, men saying they're women competing against other women.
And I saw this particular photograph two weeks ago of this giant 300 pound man
Running over women in a women's rugby and it was a joke!
It was like Conan!
It's a giant white dude running over women.
And that's not even the photo, it's a guy even bigger.
But yeah, I mean this is a... And then now suddenly these men are winning all the cycling.
They're winning all the track meets in Texas and Connecticut.
And I see there's a Connecticut state champion and it's a black dude!
You know, or in Texas, oh a state champion, it's a white dude!
And yeah, there's the photo.
Look at how huge that dude is!
And then you read about, well, this guy couldn't win in men's cycling, so now he wins in women's.
And then this, transgender man who gave birth loses court battle to be registered as the father.
And it's a man, it's a woman that takes hormones to have a mustache, instead of being bearded lady at the
At the freak show, you know, at the circus now, he goes, he gets pregnant.
It's a she.
So the woman that says he's a man gets pregnant.
And then, oh, oh, a man had a baby.
Men can have babies.
And then Castro, the Democrat candidate, he goes, well, we have an epidemic of trans women not being able to have abortions.
And that's saying men having abortions that they're now women.
This is insane.
And again, court cases where nurses are fired in the UK because a man comes in and says, do a pap smear on my cervix.
That'd be like saying, do a surgery on my uterus.
You don't have a uterus.
You don't have a vagina.
You don't have a cervix.
And I know everybody knows this, but we're supposed to play along or we get demonized and blacklisted.
What do you say to that, Larry A. Johnson, to Tom Probowler speaking out?
No, it's disgusting.
It's disgusting behavior.
And if you look at it, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
They have already had women, men, in women's sports.
You just didn't see them because men are looking at the TV screen.
They look at WWE.
They look at the female boxing.
You look at all these sports where women are being pushed to being androgynous.
You don't know who you're looking at.
You think you're looking at women.
You are looking at men, actually.
If you investigate some of those athletes that are in women's sports, you can make the case that some of them are men.
And they don't do a whole team.
They maybe do one or two where you can't really identify it.
But if you speak out and say, that looks like a man a little bit, you're going to get bombarded with a lot of hate and say you're discriminating and blah, blah, blah.
I could care less.
You can tell by the anatomy of what a man and a woman are supposed to look like.
And by the way, go back to that photo.
That dude looks like a 7 foot tall Frankenstein playing little girls!
Exactly, but this is just, this is just a taste of, this is just in your face.
They have already had this going on.
By the way, Larry, you always impress me because you remind me of stuff I've forgotten about.
It came out in the 70s and 80s that the Soviets would basically kill people if they didn't win at powerlifting.
So they started having hermaphrodites take steroids who had both.
We're at testosterone and sometimes they would do surgeries, it came out.
So a man would volunteer to go in and beat people.
So of course the Russians were winning.
And then who was the South African guy?
He still competes.
He's like one of the top runners in the world.
But he's, quote, a woman.
And then it turned out that he's really a hermaphrodite.
So you're right, that's happened.
How do these men
Go into these sports and dominate these women and ruin their careers in swimming, in cycling.
I mean, the men are winning!
Of course they're winning!
This is going to ruin women's sports!
This is so abusive to let men come over and take over women's sports!
It's almost like, you know, the people that are doing it are talking about fighting the patriarchy, fighting the patriarchy, and all they're doing is they're giving more power and more imbalance between the sexes.
It's men invading women in the name of women.
Absolutely, and it's crazy, and it's amazing how many... I'd like to know how many women are really falling for it, but if you pay attention to the media, it seems like you can't really be a good woman unless you go along with this.
Well, here's an example.
They first take men away from women, families fall apart, it's all an admittedly classified plan.
And then now, they just take reality away from us and tell us that men are women, and then we've all just got to buy into this cult.
Again, and now, some men identify as children, so they're saying, oh, I can have sex with your kids because I'm a child.
And what they're not talking about is when a lot of 50% or more in these cases of men trying to be women, women trying to be men, the suicide rate is
It's out the roof of guys get to a point where they're like, I don't want to do this anymore, and they commit suicide.
They don't talk about those stats.
They will never talk about the stats because as far as they pushing this agenda, the only way you're going to see gender equality in pay is when they bring men into women's sports.
I don't want to be funny about it, but I think that's what you're going to see.
You're not going to see men getting paid like millionaires when they go into women's sports to be portrayed as women.
That's when you're going to see gender equality when it comes to pay.
This is mass mental illness, but as you said, if they can get you to accept a 6'7 man competing against women's basketball, then the sky's the limit.
You'll accept anything, and that's basically what we are accepting.
It's scary, and I can't believe we're actually seeing it, but we're seeing it.
And that's exactly what we're being offered, is this most insane thing in the world to accept.
And you're right, if you accept this... Well, both my daughters used to be in swimming.
One of them was the best in Austin, out of 1,100 girls in her age, at freestyle.
And she wanted to get out of it and quit when she was like 12.
But the point is, she was the fastest in the city.
My oldest daughter.
But I mean, now in Austin they have boys as girls competing.
There's like six or seven of them out here.
Have I had my kids at that?
My girls aren't gonna compete against a dude.
They're out.
People should boycott this now and say no.
That would shut it down.
But as our guest said, we're capitulating so it's gonna get worse.
Where's it going next, Larry A. Johnson?
I think it's to professional sports.
We're going to see NBA, the NBA and WNBA folding.
I'm just going to see a male who's going to be portrayed as a woman, wants to be a kicker in the NFL and next to quarterback.
This is where it's heading.
It's going to head that way.
You already have men being cheat leaders.
The next step is to put them in professional sports.
And they do it.
It's not that it's an agenda that we are hating on.
It is because it's a demonic energy behind that is to play God and to always confuse the sexism where anybody can be and do whatever they want as if there's no judgment ever going to come to place on this earth.
And you're talking about surveillance and nothing being private.
If women can't have their areas and men can't have theirs and men can't have men-only organizations and women have women-only, they're going after that.
If we all can't have our own groups, our own things, they're stealing our identity and our culture and our humanity.
This is a total conquering if you can get rid of the sexism, get rid of God's system that works and is good and bases our families on it.
Larry A. Johnson, I'm really impressed with your courage, everything.
We've got to get you an external microphone.
I'm begging you to come back routinely and to please host the 4th Hour or I'd love to work with you.
You're amazing.
God bless you and people should find out more at themotivationaledge.org.
We ought to have you come to town and speak to a group of folks.
I'm really impressed and God bless you.
Thank you.
And I'm impressed with your new video about what happens in Vegas.
Stays in Vegas is a banned video.
And I want to ask listeners again, their new way to get you is to have people bear false witness against Trump, against Kavanaugh.
It's a big national news story out about me with false witness.
I'm not going to even dignify it right now.
Total lies, total evil.
You know, saying that I would lie about things on purpose on air to hurt people.
Again, saying I'm a fraud.
You know the truth.
Please support us under this attack.
Just like Trump's under attack, we're under just as much, folks, at our level.
Storewide free shipping, 50% off all the supplements and preparedness goods, and double Patriot points for your next order.
That's the biggest sale we can do.
Haven't done it since Christmas.
We need your financial support.
You know they're trying to shut us down.
We're supposed to already be off the air.
We're still here.
But whatever you do, you're word of mouth.
Now, Paul Watson's coming up in the fourth hour from Summit.News, and he's loaded for bear.
Again, Larry A. Johnson is anointed, and thank God for him.
Just praise God for all of you.
Alright folks, Paul Joseph Watson's taking over.
I was just talking to him during the break.
He's going to cover mass revolt against eco-fascism in Holland, the dramatic video.
We've got loaded in there, next segment, where the truck drivers, people are taking over the roads.
Same thing's happened with the Yellow Vest in France.
Now Macron sounds like a right-winger.
Now Trudeau's trying to sound like a right-winger, cut taxes.
He's been exposed and more blackface.
These people are beatable.
We just have to get off the fence and take action, roll up our sleeves.
I didn't even get into all the false flags that the left's being caught doing.
You know that now, just 20 years ago, FBI statistics were half of rape reports were fake.
Doesn't mean rape isn't real, doesn't mean it's terrible.
Now some reports are 80% are fake.
And I'm going to get to that tomorrow.
I ran out of time.
Jussie Smollett triggered after being compared with sixth grade hoaxer who said white people cut off her dreadlocks.
The New York Times retracted the story but didn't say it was white on black anymore.
Folks, I love black people.
I love everybody.
But it's 10 to 1 whites being attacked because the media promotes that whites deserve it.
I grew up in Dallas, Texas.
Racist ass black people beating the daylights out of me.
But a lot of black folks were nice.
I'm not a racist.
I don't hate black people because I grew up around a bunch of racist black people.
Because a lot of black folks aren't like that.
But I mean, I hear black people talking about, oh, all they've been through.
Give me a break.
You might have been pushed around or at the cop street, you're wrong, or not get the right job.
Yeah, there's racists out there.
But did you really get attacked, you know, 50, 100 times by mean-ass racist black people?
No, you didn't.
And any black folks that are honest will tell you that, that there's some of the most racist people are black people.
I love everybody!
I don't want to abort black babies, and that's the litmus test.
You talk to these leftists like T.I., he's like, oh, abortion, I don't want to hear about, you know, 35 million dead black people.
I do!
Not because I'm a goody two-shoes either, man.
Those are children!
And if you fear God, you don't hurt those damn children.
But I'll tell you this, I'm not going to sit here and I'm a racist all day from black people that are lining up to kill their babies.
Greg, you want to comment on that?
Well, you know, it's interesting.
We've been programmed into thinking that simply by just pointing out facts about other people's culture, other people's, you know, statistics, about other types of people.
We're all a bunch of different types of people.
We're trained to think that just by pointing those facts out makes us a racist.
That somehow it's racist to just simply make observations.
Hey, I enjoyed being politicized by racist black people and stuff, because I got tough and mean.
And they started going to the hospital, and so did the rednecks who started fights with me.
I like my brain damage.
I think it was all God's plan.
I've got a lot more aggressive.
Head injury can make you more aggressive.
I am more aggressive because of all those fights.
It was all in God's plan.
I'm telling you, God works in mysterious ways.
I can relate to that.
God has taught me some of my greatest lessons by beating me up a little bit.
Putting me through some suffering.
That's the way to learn, at least for me.
Well I've been ranting and stuff because, I mean I don't just say this, the energy level, everybody can feel it, I mean the energy level on the planet is just like right now.
Everyone, I was just talking to a friend yesterday and he was saying it, people that are non-political that never cared about politics, everyone's getting political now.
Everyone's becoming aware that there's some very, very serious important stuff happening everywhere in the world and then others are falling deeper asleep and
A lot of our audience and a lot of us and a lot of other people are rising up to the occasion and trying to do as much as we can, trying to take advantage of the fact that we're awake so that we won't fail.
Paul Joseph Watson is taking over right now.
I'm not even going to address this latest thing, but they are false witnessing against me in the media.
Again, none of it's true.
And I forgive those that have obviously been paid to lie about me.
In fact, we know they've been paid to lie about me.
I forgive those people.
I don't forgive the people running it, but I forgive those poor people that have been put into those positions.
Paul Watson takes over right now.
We are live on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, where we have more climate change hypocrisy and the global revolt against eco-fascism accelerating this time in Holland.
You find Leonardo DiCaprio and Harrison Ford up on the back of the
Saints now, basically they're saying she's a religious figure, Greta Thunberg.
You have Harrison Ford getting up and supporting her, amplifying her propaganda, saying that young climate change activists represent a moral army.
This is the actor Harrison Ford.
The same guy who bragged about flying his private jet to pick up a cheeseburger
Up the coast on the west coast of America, literally saying that climate change activists represent a moral army while flying his jet to pick up a cheeseburger.
The same guy who has a giant collection of classic cars and planes in his garage, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also amplified Greta Thunberg's alarmist climate change rhetoric.
The same guy who literally has a garage full of tanks,
He's also part of this moral army, apparently, as is Leonardo DiCaprio, who is also up lecturing us again today about all this.
The guy who literally vacations on giant yachts owned by multi-billionaire oil sheiks.
The same guy who flies private jet to collect environmental awards.
These are the vanguards of the moral army of the climate change movement.
And we see a massive backlash against that in Holland, which I'm going to get into.
But of course they've started this perfect system, as the left always does, by creating poster children, literal poster children in the case of Greta Thunberg, and you can't criticise them.
People who have said Greta Thunberg has a mental illness, which by her own admission she does,
Asperger's autism is a neurological disorder.
She uses that to push her propaganda to elicit sympathy.
If you get up and say that, you're either censured, publicly shamed, or banned outright.
Of course, I had a video up on YouTube about Greta Thunberg a few weeks ago.
Got almost a million views.
It was taken down for bullying and harassment, because basically the worst thing I did in that video was compare her style to Children of the Corn, which is what Laura Ingraham actually did last week on Fox News.
They took down the video, it had almost a million views.
I appealed it, no response over two weeks later.
Again, you can't criticise the denizens of the climate change alarmist movement because they've been deified as literal saints in the case of Greta Thunberg.
They exploit children as human shields for their agenda and then say that those people are beyond question.
They ban and cancel culture people who dare challenge them.
We saw the same thing with David Hogg after the Parkland shooting at the start of this year.
YouTube videos being banned left, right and centre for anyone who called out David Hogg.
Of course, if you're a 16-year-old Conservative kid wearing a MAGA hat and smirking, then it's fair game for the media to ruin their entire life.
Then it's fine to criticise teenagers' children, because they're on the wrong side, of course.
Last week we had Avi Yemeni banned by Twitter.
Banned completely for saying that Greta is being exploited by the people around her.
We had Fox News apologizing because Michael Knowles called her mentally ill.
Again, even though she calls herself mentally ill and makes that foundation of her platform, Asperger's is a neurological disorder.
It's a mental illness, but you can't say that, otherwise you'll be silenced.
And then you have the effect of this.
Which we see with these mass walkouts and kids on camera literally crying thinking the world's going to end in 12 years because AOC told them it would.
They're traumatizing an entire generation of young people.
We have now in the UK specifically psychologists coming out and reporting this new phenomenon of climate anxiety or eco-anxiety.
Children are literally being told that everyone's going to be dead in 12 years.
Their insane parents are dragging them to protest and telling them that all the polar bears are going to die, even though their population is exploding in vast numbers all the time.
And it's all abject nonsense.
In fact, last week,
One of the head authors of the IPCC report, Miles Allen, actually called out Greta Thunberg.
You know, she gets up in front of Congress and says, don't listen to me, listen to the scientists.
Well, this guy is a scientist and he said she was being alarmist.
This 1.5 degree warming by 2040, even if that's going to happen or not, given that the main driver of the climate is the sun, even he says that that's alarmist.
And again,
These are many of the same people who fear-mongered about a new Ice Age in the 70s.
They told us that overpopulation would lead to mass starvation.
None of it happened, so why should we believe them now?
And then of course you have the hypocrisy of it, which I just touched upon with Harrison Ford, the guy who takes private jets to pick up cheeseburgers, saying that Greta Thunberg is part of the moral army.
She did the PR stunt, of course, a few weeks ago of taking a yacht to New York,
What she didn't tell you is that six of her crew members then flew back from New York to Germany on planes belching carbon dioxide, that evil substance which is going to kill everyone in 12 years.
She's piling around with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the guy who literally has a garage full of muscle cars and tanks.
He's part of the moral army.
She's piling around with Leonardo DiCaprio, the dude who takes private jets to collect environmental awards.
The dude who flies dozens of people out to view his climate change documentary.
He's part of the moral army as well, apparently, as is Prince Harry, who amplified Greta's message.
The dude who took four private jet trips in the space of 11 days.
Was he doing it to save the planet?
No, he was doing it because he wanted to go party at Elton John's mansion.
He's part of the moral army.
But you know, I'm here washing out my jam jars, recycling bottles, taking a handful of commercial plane trips a year.
But I'm bad.
I need to be lectured.
Of course, when Greta Thunberg filed her complaint with the United Nations against five countries for climate change crimes against humanity, the top polluters in the world, China number one and India number three, were not even on the list.
Then you have the plastic waste issue.
Which many of us actually agree is a real issue, unlike global warming.
90% of plastic waste polluting the Earth's oceans comes from Asia and Africa.
Why is she not addressing them?
Why did she specifically leave out China and India from that list of five countries which she complained to the UN about?
Of course, we have the top ten rivers in the world that produce the most pollution.
Eight are in Asia and two are in Africa.
None are in the West, but of course we're being lectured that we have to live in pods, we have to eat bugs to save the planet, and we have to have zero children.
And in fact many of these traumatized kids, these climate change protests, are actually now vowing to do exactly that and have no children whatsoever.
Of course she's being coached by a vast array of advisors.
If you say that then you get censored as well.
Climate activist Louisa Marie Neubauer, who is the youth ambassador of the One Foundation, who funds the One Foundation, well imagine my shock, it's George Soros.
The same guy who has invested in all the carbon trading systems that make all the money off of this.
And what is the effect?
Not just a generation of traumatised children,
Climate alarmists have for years, over 10 years now, openly called for cancelling democracy to fight global warming.
They've openly called for ending nation-states because a few of those nation-states, the United States included, do not sign on to the UN Paris Climate Accord.
They openly push for population control.
They openly push for not having children in the West while we're literally dying out.
So they can import their wage slaves from the third world to replace us.
And they openly push for puritanical censorship.
And literally, in some cases, putting dissidents in the same category as Holocaust deniers.
And of course, they own and run all the carbon trading systems that make the vast profits from all this hysteria.
We're going to get into the revolt against all that in the next segment in Holland.
We'll be back.
We're live on the fourth hour of the show.
We're going to get into the mass revolt against eco-fascism in Holland, but something that ties into that was this poster by somebody who lived in the Soviet Union, and it really gets to the core of how they beat down people with this constant reassertion of these same tropes over and over again in terms of clown world, in terms of global warming, where we have these fantastical alarmist mantras continually reinforced
And using children as the poster child to push them.
And then if you oppose that, then you're a terrible person because you're criticizing, you're bullying a child.
And this is what they do in terms of all manner of issues.
I just tweeted, they want to make our lives intolerable and ultimately unlivable.
And that's exactly the case with this social credit score system that's being introduced into the West on the model of communist China.
And it is about
Stopping you from being able to hold certain opinions, not just because you'll get shouted down, you'll get defamed, but because they will literally try to make your life unlivable, intolerable.
That is a truly evil system, as I posted, and it has many hallmarks of the Soviet system.
This is what somebody who lived in the Soviet Union said, in the context of our modern clown world times,
He said the purpose of official Soviet propaganda, and this of course would hold true for any totalitarian society, which I believe we're truly entering into at this point, was not to persuade or convince.
Now, bear in mind, they failed to do that in terms of global warming alarmism.
In America, I think the latest poll was 38% believe that it's man-made, so the majority don't, or at least don't want to express an opinion on it.
That number in the United Kingdom, I think, was about 51.
So even in the United Kingdom, where we get this more than you guys in America, almost half of the population aren't buying it.
But they're not trying to persuade or convince people, they're trying to beat them down and just make them accept it
And just make them not challenge it.
So it was to humiliate people into silence and meek submissiveness by causing them to realize their utter helplessness against, and thus inevitably their partial complicity in,
That's the whole idea of learned helplessness.
In a state of pretend acquiescence to, and worse, forced vocal support of, the openly fraudulent and relentlessly assertive inverted alternative reality,
Who's ceaseless pressure gradually corroded and deadened one's spirit, crippled one psychologically, caused one to become cynically apathetic and inwardly ashamed of oneself because of one's total impotence to resist being a part, no matter how small, of that self-perpetuating irreality of infinite, all-out gaslighting.
That is to say, just the kind of person, a broken, defeated, dully obedient liar, the regime found it easiest to control.
And that really gets to the heart of why many people are becoming nihilistic and morally relativistic towards a lot of this clown world propaganda that's ceaselessly forced down our throats through the mainstream media on a daily basis.
That is from somebody who lived in the Soviet Union, where they had a very similar system, just with different politics.
But there is a revolt against all this, and at the moment, as of today, it's happening in the Netherlands.
Top story up on Summit.News.
Dutch farmers in mass revolt against green fascism.
They're going off the model of the yellow vests in France.
Of course, one of the primary reasons the Yellow Vest protests started was because of resentment amongst the rural populations in France for this gas tax rise that the French government continually was raising and wanted to raise even more.
They kind of backed down on that and the Yellow Vest protests subsided, although they're probably going to come back roaring at some point, but now the torch has been handed to people in Holland
Where thousands of Dutch farmers descended on the Netherlands capital, The Hague, to protest against onerous environmental restrictions that threaten their livelihoods.
These are cattle farmers mainly who are being told by their government that they're going to have to slash production of meat in line with reducing, in this context, nitrogen emissions.
Those same restrictions will not be applied to the aviation industry.
So again, always the front line of this, the people who it targets first, are working people and especially people in the rural areas and they're not having any of it.
The demonstrations were sparked
After the coalition government proposed that Dutch livestock farming should be slashed to meet commitments on reducing nitrogen emissions, farmers travel to The Hague in their tractors causing tailbacks in excess.
Get this, of 620 miles and huge traffic jams around and in the city.
So they're using their tractors to cause massive disruption in The Hague.
They're using them to demolish fences that have been put up by the government, as you can see in some of these videos.
And it's all under the hashtag BorenProtest, which has gone viral, which has trended on Twitter today.
The protests appear to have widespread support from the Dutch population.
There was one poll here that claimed 89% of Dutch people support the farmers.
They're all giving them thumbs up as they ride by in their tractors, as you can see from some of these clips.
Protesters are angry that the same restrictions they may be hit with in the name of stopping climate change will not apply to the aviation industry.
And there's an explainer
Which is in this article, What's the Protest About?
They no longer want to be painted as environmental polluters who must change as a result of the nitrogen crisis, while other polluting industries such as aviation are left untouched.
The Commission has recommended for farms near nature reserves to be bought out, so they're literally talking about requisitioning people's farms and livelihoods, or otherwise changed to be more environmentally friendly.
The Commission has also suggested lowering the speed limit on regional and national roads.
The farmers protesting in The Hague today are also demanding a clear long-term agricultural policy in the long term.
They are angry.
They're causing absolute mayhem.
And of course, it's very reminiscent of the early days of the Yellow Vest movement in France, which is also partly a rural backlash to environmental taxes.
So again, despite the global propaganda offensive, notice that this global propaganda offensive, led by the likes of the puppet Greta Thunberg, coincides with giant protest movements in major European countries against eco-fascism.
Meanwhile on YouTube, they're now putting a little propaganda box underneath all videos related to global warming.
I found this quite by accident today.
When a Jordan Peterson video popped up where he was talking about climate change, they insert a box below every video about global warming telling you that it is completely true that CO2 causes temperature increases, despite the fact that for about 30 plus years after the Second World War, when industrial production was peaking and accelerating all over the globe,
Global temperatures went down as CO2 emissions went up, therefore proving once again that the sun is the main driver of the climate.
But they don't want you to know that, so they put a little box at the end of all these climate change videos telling you the official consensus and demanding complete compliance.
And by the way, if you criticize Greta Thunberg, if you refer to her as having a mental illness, even though she admittedly does in her own words and uses that to her effect, to boost, to amplify her own message, your video will get taken down, will get banned.
Meanwhile, all the entities that own the carbon trading systems, all the investments, all the investors in those are giant transnational corporations and banks like HSBC, JP Morgan, Chase and Citibank.
They don't want you to know that.
They want you to think it's all this 16-year-old girl pushing it.
We're back live in the fourth hour.
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Now there's an article up on No Trick Zone which I tweeted earlier on the subject of climate change and Greta Thunberg because Greta Thunberg lives in Sweden, of course.
The headline is
Protesting warmth, Greta's home Sweden is three degrees colder today than nearly all of the last 9,000 years.
Talked about this before the break, of course.
We have numerous warm periods and cold periods in human history, long before the Industrial Revolution, long before the heightened release of CO2 emissions.
For the 35 years after the Second World War, when production was increasing, when CO2 emissions were increasing, global temperatures went down to the point where Newsweek, Time Magazine and others, all these big scientists, were saying, we're going to enter into a new mini ice age, we're going to enter into a new devastating cooling period, something must be done.
It of course turned out to be complete bunk, because the sun is the main driver of the climate.
And now that sun activity has declined, based on 1990s levels, those temperature increases, the alarmist increases that they promised would happen, are not manifesting, so they're just doubling down on the propaganda even more, and saying that now record cooling is also evidence of global warming.
Oh, but you can't say weather is indicative of climate change, apart from when that weather lines up with our beliefs, and then it is indicative of climate change.
Funny how that works, isn't it?
But in Sweden,
Where the great Saint Greta Thunberg hails from, they're literally ringing church bells and calling her the new Jesus in Sweden now.
According to peer-reviewed science, Sweden was at least three degrees warmer than it is today, about 6,000 to 9,000 years ago, when CO2 concentrations lingered around 20, around 2.65 parts per million.
At 410 parts per million, CO2, 21st century Sweden, is colder now than almost any time in the last 9,000 years.
So with CO2 concentration at almost double what it's ever been at its maximum, temperatures are colder than at any time in the last 9,000 years because there is no direct correlation.
We had vineyards in northern England growing wine as recently as a few hundred years ago,
We had the same thing in all these numerous countries that were in the Northern Hemisphere.
In fact, there's a graph which shows that 1 to 2 degrees warmer climate in medieval times supported wine vineyards in numerous Northern Hemisphere countries.
Sweden is colder than it ever was in the last 9,000 years.
They're not going to tell you that.
They're just going to bleat on about polar bears dying off, even though they have record populations.
They're going to put a 16-year-old up on the stage to cry.
Because they want your tax dollars.
That's exactly what happened in France.
It's exactly what happened in Holland.
And now they're finally rebelling against it.
It is the biggest scam of modern times.
And of course, it's being dutifully carried by a media which lies to you on a daily basis.
And on that subject headline,
New York Times removes race context after black girl admits faking hate crime.
We had yet another fake hate crime come to light just a couple of days after it was initially mass reported by the media.
And of course what they do every time, the initial stories reported on a widespread basis.
It's everywhere.
You had Rashida Tlaib retweeting about this, commenting on this.
You had numerous other lawmakers commenting on it.
They have a giant hysterical moment, a frothing hissy fit over it, when it turns out to be complete nonsense, then it's in the back of the newspaper, then it's buried at the bottom of the news website, and they quietly move on.
But the New York Times did something even worse.
After a 12-year-old African-American girl I've met, she lied about a group of white boys cussing off her dreadlocks, the New York Times decided to strip the fact that the accused were white,
From its follow-up headline, and in fact they did the same thing from their sub-headline too, the global mainstream media as well as lawmakers like Rashida Tlaib amplified Amari Allen's falsehood after she claimed that three white male classmates had pinned her down, called her nappy and ugly and cut her hair.
It of course never happened.
That didn't stop her from creating a lucrative GoFundMe.
And of course in the culture it launched yet another volley of resentment towards young white men.
In the vast majority of these media reports, and I looked at several of them including BBC, ABC News and others, the fact that the boys were white was included in the headline because this was a race-baiting narrative.
It subsequently emerged that Alan had faked the entire story with her grandparents today apologising to those falsely accused.
However, in the media reports that carried the update to the story, the fact that the entire narrative was predicated on the incident being a racist hate crime was stripped from the story.
So they had two headlines.
The first one, September 27th, Black Virginia girl says white classmates cut her dreadlocks on playground.
And then in the sub-headline, it also mentions three white students.
But then in the update to the story, which probably got about 1 20th of the traffic,
It says, Virginia Girl Recants Story of Boys Cutting Off Her Dreadlocks.
So they deliberately excised out the word white, again to try and hide the fact that they tried to run this race-baiting hoax.
The media seems very keen to obscure the fact that they helped inflate yet another race-hate hoax that turned out to be nothing but hot air.
Chris Menehan over at Information Liberation commented on this, the most noteworthy part of this story,
Is this girl allegedly getting a bit of her hair cut off made international news while the murder of John Weed was ignored, which of course was a black on white crime, but they're not too interested in talking about that when it crops up.
Election blacklist.
YouTube buries viral video of Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.
We've talked about this many times before.
Up until Crowder complained about it last week.
YouTube, which of course is owned by Google, had literally broken their own search engine to bury not just me but a bunch of other conservative commentators to the point where you could put in Crowder, change my mind.
Of course he has several viral videos on that, probably over a dozen now with millions and millions of views.
Not one of those videos would come up in the search engine.
You could put in my name, not one of my videos would come up in the YouTube search engine.
You could put in my name and YouTube into Google and my YouTube channel would not be on, never mind the first page of results, the first 20 pages of results.
In fact, it wasn't on there at all.
After Crowder complained about it, they tried to swap some of that back.
And now, for example, my videos do appear, Crowder's videos do appear, others don't, and it kind of depends what country you're in.
But they had a Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight video with 15 million views.
It went completely viral at the time.
It's now buried beneath about 15 mainstream media reports on Hillary Clinton that are almost overwhelmingly positive.
And they're doing this more and more.
It is election meddling.
We'll be back.
So the reason we create a banned video, which is exploding in popularity right now, is of course because Alex Jones was banned, but also because of this algorithmic manipulation.
Dr Robert Epstein has done the studies.
It can literally shift millions of votes on election day depending on which search result is ranked higher than the other and they do the same for videos.
In fact there are some videos, I think there was a Mark Dice video about Michelle Obama, you could literally search for the exact title of the video and it's a very specific title and it's buried on like page six.
But any public figure now
All videos are buried beneath the wall of mainstream media propaganda.
They've literally broken their own search engine to shadow ban, to bury, to censor content.
That's why we created Band.Video.
That's why you need to bookmark it for all the great content that's not just censored, but the Daily Show and everything else.
Band.Video should be a multiple-time daily visit, and you need to bookmark that website right now.
Because, you know,
Before they reinstated the search on YouTube, which they have for some people in some countries, you know, I would get messages from people saying, oh, wonder why you stopped making videos?
I don't see them anymore.
And it's because of the algorithm manipulation.
It's also because they literally unsubscribe hundreds of people from your account every time you upload a video, randomly.
You also have the demonetization scandal on YouTube which disincentivizes smaller channels from creating channels from creating content in the first place.
They do everything in their power to screw over the people who built their platform.
That disincentivizes people from using it in the first place now that it's no longer YouTube to the point where every video
that I upload to YouTube is automatically demonetized until, magically, a third-party giant corporation like Warner Brothers or someone like that claims copyright and then they get all the money from the video.
So it's pretty odd, isn't it?
All my content is not family-friendly, but as soon as Warner Brothers is getting the money from it, then it suddenly becomes family-friendly and it's monetized.
But you know, we had this hysteria over Russians buying a few thousand dollars worth of Facebook ads and stuff like that.
They called that election meddling.
But the biggest corporation in terms of tech, big tech on the planet, literally gaming and breaking their own search engine to bury certain viewpoints, that's not election meddling at all.
Well it is, and we're going to continue to call it out on a daily basis.
Of course, you've seen the video out of Hong Kong by now, probably.
It was up on the Georgia Report top link a few hours ago.
Riot cop shoots Hong Kong protester in chest with live round.
Now notice that one of those videos has been removed at least, but there's another angle of it from Twitter which shows one of these riot cops shooting him in the chest.
There you see it right now on screen.
Now, it has to be said that these protesters, and I was in Hong Kong last month, or at the end of August,
They do go up to riot cops and literally attack them with sticks and try and cause harm.
Is that a justified response?
Is China massing troops in Hong Kong for a brutal crackdown once this escalates, which it clearly is?
Yes, they are.
Do the protesters have legitimate grievances that haven't been met?
Yes, they do.
So the question of who's responsible for starting the violence, they both are.
I mean, I was there, I saw it.
What would happen
They would have a peaceful march, then a lot of the peaceful protesters, mainly the older protesters, would go home.
Then the more radical elements would sit in and wait for the riot cops to face them down.
The riot cops would hold up a banner saying we're about to tear gas you, we're about to rubber bullet you.
Then the protesters would start throwing objects, throwing bricks.
Then the police would charge, would fire rubber bullets, would fire tear gas at the protesters.
So it's really tit-for-tat.
But when you've got literally people being shot at point-blank range in the chest with pistols, that is a new level of escalation altogether.
And it's something that we predicted on this day of October 1st, because of course China had their big 70th anniversary celebration of the founding of the People's Republic, and they wanted a show of force to show who's boss.
And that's exactly what happened today, thankfully.
From recent latest reports, this protester is in a stable condition in hospital.
Alejandro Alvarez tweets, I just covered some of the ugliest violence I've ever witnessed as a journalist.
China's big anniversary proved as explosive in Hong Kong as a lot of people here feared.
We told you this would happen like a month ago.
This was going to be the most violent day and it was.
He said, I was smack in the middle of it.
This will be hard to sum up.
And basically it's the most violence they've seen since these protests began and we predicted it would happen on October 1st as it exactly did.
Chinese troops massing in Hong Kong for potential total breakdown in order.
They lied about this when it happened.
Remember when those tanks were seen rolling through the streets of Hong Kong?
When those troops were seen disembarking from those ships?
They claimed it was a routine rotation.
Well now, according to Reuters, Chinese military personnel in Hong Kong doubled last month to 12,000 with many of the reinforcements arriving in late August.
So yes, it was a reinforcement.
It wasn't a routine rotation.
China has now assembled its largest ever active force of People's Liberation Army, PLA troops and other anti-riot personnel and equipment in Hong Kong.
And according to Alexander Neil,
He says it's an ominous sign that a crackdown could be around the corner, as we've been predicting too.
He said they do seem to have an active contingency plan to deal with something like a total breakdown in order by the Hong Kong police.
I think it would take something like that or some other worst case scenario for them to deploy.
But they're clearly more ready than before and are leaving nothing to chance.
Of course, you saw the videos put out by the PLA, Chinese government, where they literally had
Soldiers with machine guns mowing down protesters.
So if that's what they've got in mind, today is going to look like a cakewalk in comparison to the bloody Tiananmen 2.0 crackdown which could be coming in future weeks.
God forbid that happens.
Meanwhile, San Francisco residents install anti-homeless boulders on sidewalk
A group of residents in San Francisco have installed anti-homeless boulders on the sidewalk in a seemingly vain effort to reduce spiraling drug dealing and criminality in their neighborhood.
They raised $2,000 to fund the two dozen boulders which are intended to stop homeless people camping out along their block.
Basically, they've got a spiraling problem with people shooting up, with violent crime, with trash.
We see this in numerous cities, most notably Los Angeles, because the police
are basically being told that they shouldn't apprehend them, shouldn't stop them doing drug deals, shouldn't stop them from doing drugs on the streets.
The government hands out millions of free needles every single year to the junkies, exacerbating the problem.
So now some of the residents have tried to step in.
One of them said the drug dealing has definitely gotten worse in the past two years.
So they tried to put these boulders on the streets to get rid of the campers, the drug dealers, but they just ended up camping in between the boulders.
And then an artist, Danielle Baskin, began trying to sell the boulders on Craigslist for free.
That ad was removed.
But again, it hasn't worked.
Some of the boulders were pushed into the road.
The city had to come along and hoist them back onto the pavement.
So whatever these San Francisco residents tried to do, desperately, in a bid to stop rampant
Homelessness, drug dealing, criminality right outside their own homes appears to be very vain indeed.
People have been wondering whether there would be civil unrest in the UK over the complete failure to carry out Brexit, the will of the people, the biggest democratic mandate in British election history.
Well, we may have seen a sign of that today.
Leave voter frustrated by Brexit pours petrol over himself outside Parliament
What appears to be a protestor frustrated by Brexit poured petrol on himself outside Parliament before being arrested by police.
There was a We Voted Leave sign right next to the scene of this arrest, so you can only suspect that this was a frustrated Brexit voter who is so desperate that he could have planned to set himself on fire to protest the fact
That we've failed to leave the EU and it doesn't even look like we're going to leave the EU by October 31st.
Again, just as we predicted, because in every other country where they tried to get away from the EU, where they tried to get out of a treaty, the EU simply ignored the result, made them vote over and over again because it's a bureaucratic dictatorial tyranny, which is why we voted to leave in the first place.
Kamala Harris wants Donald Trump to be banned from Twitter.
Because we had the big freak-out over his Civil War tweet, claiming that Trump was threatening a civil war.
He wasn't threatening a civil war.
He was quoting somebody else who said that what the Democrats had done had created a civil war-like fracture in the country.
That's completely true.
But now Kamala Harris has demanded that Twitter ban President Trump because his words could result in harm to other people.
Of course, Twitter's not going to ban Trump.
In fact, they came out with a statement last year where they said, quote, blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate.
So the only people who are immune from it are world leaders.
He is not going to be blocked.
That's going to wrap it up for the show.
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People want to do the right thing.
Republicans, Democrats, gun owners, non-gun owners alike.
I think we're naive to think that we can just maintain the status quo.
Beto knows what he's doing.
He's sitting there telling you that, oh, a man just walked up to me.
It's a total lie.
And said, oh, I'm going to turn in my AR-15 so people don't get hurt.
That's selling the idea.
That if you own a gun, you're responsible for what criminals do with a gun.
That is such a fraud.
It's so anti-American.
Now you can always tell on Beto's lying, his lips are moving.
Or his brain's thinking.
The man's a total fraud.
His father-in-law's worth $28 billion, a big anti-American globalist, gave a billion dollars to Beto's wife.
The guy wrote papers fantasizing about killing children, running them over with cars.
He got arrested for a hit-and-run.
He got arrested for burglary.
The man isn't allowed to own a gun.
He is a deranged criminal.
But of course, deranged criminals want your guns.
They're now turning their guns and are facing five years in jail in New Zealand, even though the man that shot those people wasn't from New Zealand and got the guns illegally.
The globalists want to have a revolution against America, and they want us disarmed before they do it.
1776 could commence again at any time, because they're losing their information war.
Against us, because we're telling the truth.
And so now, Beto is making his move with others, and he has to be rebuked.
He has to be exposed.
And the way to do it is not be intimidated about your Second Amendment, and let them know that you're fully aware of what they're trying to do.
Beto's campaign says, if you want to prove you're not a bad person, turn your guns in.
Hey, Beto, you turn your guns in.
It's a campaign slogan where he says, turn them in to show you're good.
Lay down your arms, you devil!
Hands up!
Come out!
And we'll take you away to the gulag.
They're literally trying to disarm us.
They openly say they want to put conservatives in forced labor camps.
They openly say they want to kill us.
They openly say they want to destroy us because we support Trump or America.
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Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
And it is very hard to think about this.
Um... Bill Gates and his father, who ran Planned Parenthood, are right.
We need to dumb down, sterilize, and abort as many people as we can.
We need to put as much fluoride in the water of those that are born to dumb them down as much as possible so they're more easily managed.
You see, I've decided to try to join Bill Gates and try to start thinking like him.
Worldwide, he directed genetically engineered mosquitoes to bite us and give us diseases.
But he said it was in the name of helping people.
Just like he funded the projects of these, quote, sterilized male mosquitoes that would go out in Brazil and cause the other mosquito populations to implode, but now they mutated and the numbers exploded!
And suddenly the mosquitoes are making people much sicker.
Oh, it wasn't a mosaic, none of it was!
Now, I'm hilarious.
Of course, transmitted by mosquitoes.
I brought some here.
There's no reason only poor people should have the experience.
Let me tell you, except 5G, 4G, 3G, it's killing us all.
We deserve to die.
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And do not spread the articles and videos.
Just give up and submit.
Give your children over to Billy Boy.
Truth is Satan's good.
Alright, thanks for watching.
And thank you Bill Gates for all you do.
Thanks for those mosquitoes.
Thanks for 5G.
Thanks for the chemtrails.