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Name: 20190926_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 26, 2019
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Alex Jones discusses impeachment proceedings against President Trump and highlights how Democrats are using it as a weapon against him. He criticizes misinformation spread by Democratic Party figures such as Adam Schiff, while also discussing an ongoing investigation into corruption in Ukraine. The show features interviews with guests who share their insights on these subjects and promotes various products available at InfowarsLife.com to support the organization's operations. Additionally, a Black Friday sale is mentioned offering significant discounts on all products.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Thank you gentlemen.
I want to congratulate the Democrats on the rollout of their latest information warfare operation against the president and their extraordinary ability to once again enlist the mainstream media in their campaign.
This operation began with media reports from the prime instigators of the Russia collusion hoax.
That a whistleblower is claiming President Trump made nefarious promise to a foreign leader.
The release transcript of that call has already debunked that central assertion.
But that didn't matter.
The Democrats simply moved the goalposts and began claiming that there doesn't need to be a quid pro quo.
For this conversation to serve as the basis for impeaching the President.
Speaker Pelosi went further when asked earlier if she would put brakes on impeachment if the transcript turned out to be benign.
She responded, quote, so there you go.
If the whistleblower operation doesn't work out, the Democrats and their media... We have candidates, quote, we have many candidates for impeachable offenses.
That was her quote.
So there you go.
If the whistleblower operation doesn't work out, the Democrats and their media assets can always drum up something else.
And what other information has come to light since the original false report of a promise being made?
We've learned the following.
The complaint relied on hearsay evidence provided by the whistleblower.
The Inspector General did not know the contents of the phone call at issue.
The inspector general found the whistleblower displayed arguable political bias against Trump.
The Department of Justice investigated the complaint and determined no action was warranted.
The Ukrainian president denies being pressured by President Trump.
So once again, this supposed scandal ends up being nothing like what we were told.
And once again, the Democrats, their media mouthpieces, and a cabal of leakers are ginning up a fake story with no regard to the monumental damage they're causing to our public institutions and to trust in government.
And without acknowledging all the false stories they propagated in the past,
Including countless allegations that Trump campaign colluded with Russia to hack the 2016 election.
We're supposed to forget about all those stories, but believe this one.
In short, what we have with this storyline is another still dossier.
I'll note here that in the Democrats' mania to overturn the 2016 elections, everything they touch gets hopelessly politicized.
With the Russia hoax, it was our intelligence agencies which were turned into a political weapon to attack the President.
And now today, the whistleblower process is the casualty.
Until about a week ago, the need to protect that process was a primary bipartisan concern of this committee.
But if the Democrats were really concerned with defending that process, they would have pursued this matter with a quiet, sober inquiry, as we do for all whistleblowers.
But that would have been useless for them.
They don't want answers.
They want a public spectacle, entreated to an unending parade of press releases, press conferences, and fake news stories.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and Devin Nunes knocked it out of the park.
But this third attempt at coup is live.
It's very serious.
We're going to be covering it here today with former Congressman Bob Barr and others.
It is September 26, 2019.
I am your host, Alex Jones, on this global live Thursday transmission.
This is one hell of an historic week.
That devastating speech Trump delivered inside the world government temple in New York, the UN building created by the Rockefellers for their private corporate world government, was unbelievable.
And now this whole whistleblower hoax, steel dossier, part two, is insane.
They come out saying we have a smoking gun.
Where he says, you'll get this for that.
I will give you money if you'd rehire this prosecutor to go after Joe Biden.
None of that's true.
Now they say, well, the White House didn't release this data right away.
So that's obstruction of justice when it's clearly executive privilege and nothing wrong was done.
It's all a way to change the subject off of the incredible crimes of the Democrats and the fact that they are crapping their pants
With a distraction here because Biden and Hillary and Soros and Obama have used Ukraine since the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s as a proxy warfare ground and up to five billion dollars a year gets pumped into it in the name of taking the country over from the Russians.
It's been a contested battlefield zone for 500 years.
Russia started, obviously, in eastern Ukraine about 550 years ago.
And so you've had Protestant and Catholic battling over it.
You've had the Nazis and the Russians battling over it.
And so it's a long-term proxy war.
And it's a place where neocons and Democrats go and where they make hundreds of millions of dollars apiece.
And that's what Joe Biden's son was doing.
And again, they hide it in plain view.
Criminals flaunt something to make you think it's not illegal.
Like if you catch a guy on top of your wife having sex with her and he just goes, oh, you didn't see this.
You know, nothing to see here.
It's gaslighting.
Or hey, she loves it.
By the way, you abused her.
Change the subject.
Well that's what they've done here.
And Biden went on C-SPAN and said they had a prosecutor investigating us for what we were doing.
So I just said I'll hold up a billion dollars and they fired the prosecutor.
Trump is saying, wow this is incredible to see him say that on TV.
That's wild.
Well of course he should be saying that to him.
And so the idea that the crime is talking about a crime someone bragged about on TV.
It's amazing.
It'd be like if Biden barbecued a child on national television.
And then ate the child.
And then Trump said, hey, I think that's terrible.
Let's call 911.
That becomes this great evil.
And then they come out and say, oh, well, you're colluding with foreign powers during an election.
That's what the Democrats have done in Ukraine with the Russians, all of it.
But all of that is trumped, pun intended, by the President being his separate branch of government.
And as long as we support him, he can do whatever he wants.
But that's not, quote, election meddling.
That's going after corruption.
Just like whistleblowing is protected if the government's committing a crime.
But if it's found that it wasn't a crime, well then the whistleblowing is leaking.
So this shows, this is really their third attempt at the coup.
And they brought forward the attempts to get impeachment proceedings going six or seven times, as you know, with Al Green from Texas.
But this is the fourth time in history that they've initiated an impeachment process.
Two presidents have been impeached, but in our 240-plus year history, this is the fourth time it's been done.
And so, this has been initiated.
And you're like, well, but it's totally hollow.
They're trying to impeach Trump for what Biden did.
Everybody's pointing that out.
A whole segment on that yesterday that we titled, Congress, because it's Republicans too, are trying to impeach Trump for what Biden did.
Jake Lloyd simultaneously posted a video to Infowars, one of our reporters, that was, Democrats are going after Trump for what Biden did.
And then I saw that similar headline everywhere because it's totally transparent.
Everyone sees the exact same thing.
It's not even objective.
It's just there, like a blue sky, or this cup I'm holding is white and black.
I mean, you can look at it.
I'm wearing a light green shirt.
Anybody watching me knows that.
I've got a blue background behind me.
I'm wearing a black baseball cap.
I mean, it's just prima facie, which in Latin means on its face.
On its face.
On its face.
So this is just an amazing time to be alive, because they're really going for broke, and they're desperate, and they're scared.
I think?
Of any major level.
They are death-threatening everyone.
They are private-eyeing everyone.
They are sabotaging.
They've got their grassroots Democrats physically attacking everybody, shooting people, breaking ribs, throwing coffee on people.
Homeowners associations come after me.
Even when no car is parked in my parking lot, and you're allowed to have a car parked there, they just give me fines.
Other neighbors get no fines, I get $500 fines.
I mean, it's at every level they're trying to enforce their will on us.
We come back, I'm going to chronicle the great job that Matt and the rest of the crew got together when Schumer said, we've got six ways from Sonny to get after you in the intelligence community.
And then Pelosi admitting that she didn't even read the transcript when she went and filed impeachment proceedings.
And just the whole background.
And then again, in case you missed it, we should be playing it basically on a loop.
Joe Biden a year ago on
National TV saying he's the one that said pro quo with Ukraine.
I mean, just total, again, prima facie.
You can't handle the truth.
I got a few good men just confessing on TV, and then that's hung around Trump's neck.
It's just incredible.
I'm seeing a lot of talk out there that, oh, well, Trump's confident this has backfired in 3D chess and all the rest of it.
That remains to be seen.
Because if they can get the votes in the House, which they say they've got right now, there are some cowardly senators up there, the Republicans only have, what, three extra senators, that there's a good chance they're not just going to impeach him in the House.
That's the indictment.
They'll have a kangaroo trial in the Senate, and like Pelosi said today, I've got the clip coming up,
She says, hey, we got a whole bunch of stuff, it won't matter.
Oh yeah, they're gonna have women come forward and say that he raped them.
It's gonna all happen at once.
They've got every major lawyer ever worked for him, has either been indicted or sued or is about to be indicted, and they're telling the lawyers, you make up stuff that Trump did at all these properties he has, he has a lawyer to every property, hundreds of them, and you say Trump told you to commit crime, or you're going to jail for your tax evasion, or whatever they've done, just like with Cohen in New York.
So that's how this is working.
And believe me, I've gotten the calls that if I'll just turn against Trump, and if I'll just come out against the Second Amendment, that I'll be left alone, and all the rest of it.
And I've told these people, shove it up your globalist assholes.
Delay that.
Delay that.
I just, at some points, I just have to tell it like it is.
Literally, shove it up your you-know-where.
I will never sell out this country.
I will never bend to your will.
And you just keep pushing it too far, you guys are gonna really have some problems, and you know it.
They have been taking our restraint as weakness, and that is not what's happening.
We're winning politically worldwide.
Nationalism, populism, and Christianity is being reborn ahead of the real challenges we're about to face, and it's just one hell of a time to be alive.
We're gonna go to break, come back with it all.
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America's fighting for its life, but we're fighting
This is definitely a frontline report, and as Congressman Devin Nunes said in the committee hearing this morning, this is an information war by the deep state to take out the 45th president of the United States.
And it doesn't matter the president did nothing wrong.
It doesn't matter that he did something good.
These criminals are protecting themselves, and they're desperate.
And the average American sees President Trump's confidence
Well, he's got it all handled.
Well, he's got to do that around his own governmental people to project confidence, and that's important.
But those of us in the trenches need to know how serious this is, and we need to be calling those Republican senators, especially, and letting them know that we see right through this.
Because let me tell you, they get President Trump out of there, they've said they're cracking down on all the nationalists, all the patriots, all the veterans, all the gun owners.
This is a globalist takeover of the country.
And Trump was a speed bump on that road if he isn't successful and if we're not successful.
So this is the real battle.
Getting Trump in signaled the start of the real war.
As I said on election night three years ago,
And now all hell's breaking loose.
I'm going to get to these clips in a moment, but I want to just take some time here.
I see the headlines.
Oh, 4D chess, 3D chess, 5D chess.
Trump raised $5 million off online donations yesterday.
He raised $38 million out in California when I just so happened to be there last week.
And all these other big announcements that, yeah, yeah, the grassroots is awake.
A lot of Americans get it, but the entrenched bureaucracy doesn't care.
Here's another example.
Their attacks on Infowars have crippled a lot of what we're doing, even though we've expanded in its face.
And we've had some major success.
They don't want our talking points out there.
They don't want us challenging all this.
They don't want all these great guests like former Congressman Bob Barr, who actually started the impeachment against Clinton, who's joining us next hour.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is going to be with us as well.
Or Lee Stranahan, that's really been central in exposing what really happened with Ukraine and Hillary and Biden.
He'll be on in the fourth hour.
They don't want this happening here.
And that's why I'm asking listeners to remember that, hey, it's great that Trump has outraged Democrats two to one.
That's wonderful.
Yeah, he's going to win the election.
There isn't massive election fraud.
And if they don't remove him, that's why they're trying to remove him in the next year.
You're not supposed to do that in an election year, are you?
They don't care.
Like, well, they won't get the votes of the Senate.
Let me tell you something.
What I've experienced the last three years since Trump was in office, a lot of it I'm not supposed to get into on air, and I understand why.
Because it lets people know what's been affected, what hasn't been.
But, yes, people come to your house.
Yes, people threaten your family.
Yes, people do things you see in movies like the mafia, the horse head in the bed.
Let's just say it's in that constellation.
Now, my type of family finds that very entertaining.
But the point is, is that a lot of people crap their britches and none at that.
Most folks aren't what you call good old boys.
The globalists are scaring a lot of people right now and there's a thing behind the scenes going on.
So I'm going to warn everybody.
You better be concerned and you better be upset.
And I'm not saying that to scare you, I'm saying it to motivate you.
Like if your house is on fire and your neighbor's banging on the door saying, get up, your house is on fire.
It's not the scary, it's to get you moving.
I don't know what to say here, but if you're not getting chills, there's something wrong with you.
Because they are getting ready, they've already indicted McCabe.
That's the way the Justice Department works, is they wouldn't say no to a prosecution with the Deputy Attorney General if it hadn't been done.
You've seen the leader of the Republicans in the House, McCarthy, come out two weeks ago and say no.
He is indicted and it's going to come out.
He said that on Fox.
He's indicted!
First time in history an FBI director has been indicted.
He is indicted.
It is sealed.
And that's why you're seeing all this because when that card falls, when that domino falls, the whole thing comes down.
And so that's why they're so upset.
That's why they're going so crazy.
Now, if they take Trump out, we're going to keep on fighting.
But they're going to stage false flags.
They're going to come for the guns and try to start a civil war.
We've got to keep Trump in position.
Or you can run the white flag up, and I guess get your sons ready to have their genitals chopped off, or try to flee the country.
I mean, I've got news articles here where they're going to start fitting U.S.
troops with brain chips.
I mean, it's all here.
World government's here.
The post-human future's here.
It's all over the news that all the devices in your house are communicating with audible, sub-audible, and high-frequency sound.
I mean, we're not in the past.
We're in the future.
It's just, it's not been evenly distributed.
So the average person doesn't know what's been set up.
But it's all being introduced now.
Next year, they're gonna have kiosks and malls where you go sign up to then have a quick, quote, easy procedure to have 14 wires put in your brain.
You go see movies, it's everywhere.
People with chips in their brain.
They're getting everyone ready.
This is the rollout.
Your iPhone's not gonna work in a couple years unless you got it.
Remember I told you years ago it'd be face scan or the new iPhone wouldn't work.
Now it's only face scan.
Now they got cameras that track you everywhere with that.
This is a takeover.
By a bunch of mad scientists that use national security secrecy to be able to build their own breakaway civilization and siphon off all of our wealth to build this advanced group.
And now they're the point of saying it's time for you all to die and to go away and we're going to break away because we are the enlightened, we are the informed, we are the gods.
China's new super camera can instantly pinpoint specific targets among tens of thousands of people.
They're telling folks in China, if they get caught using a walkie-talkie, they get executed.
That was in the news today.
No authorized communication.
That is it wired through the internet that they don't control.
So when you hear about intelligence agencies, that's just mad scientists set up groups with a license to kill and spy above the law, setting up their breakaway civilization.
Remember what Chuckie Schumer said when the president was president-elect.
Remember what he said.
Here it is.
But he's taking these shots, this antagonism is taunting to the intelligence community.
Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
So, even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he's being really dumb to do this.
What do you think the intelligence community would do if they were murdered?
I don't know, but from what I am told, they are very upset with how he has treated them and talked about them.
And we need the intelligence community.
We don't know what's going... Look at the Russian hacking!
Without the intelligence community, we wouldn't have discovered.
Oh, all that made up?
You mean the leftist from the Carnegie and Ford and Rockefeller Foundation that just fill the tops of it?
Bunch of chicken-neck weakling scumbags that line their pockets with all their inside knowledge and businesses and go put dictators in around the world and set up torture camps.
And then all these blue-blood Ivy League people literally spend years at these torture camps.
They do it themselves.
They love torturing the children particularly.
And they've got the military goes out and grabs all the people for him and takes them back to the spider holes where, you know, these intelligence community and professionals rape children.
Yeah, that's what they do.
But when he talks about the professionals, that's the vampires.
That have our military go out and bring people back to the spider holes to be fed on by the pedophile networks run by Jeffrey Epstein and other scumbags.
Just take one look at Schumer.
You talk about a devil-worshipping piece of trash.
That man's your enemy.
The threat is real.
It's the globalists.
That tingle of fear running up your spine is your spirit recognizing it.
But the media tells you.
The media.
They tell you that it's the Christians, that it's Trump, that it's Alex Jones that gives you that concern.
We're the ones that are going to hurt you.
But everybody knows, at the end of the day, the chi-coms, the left, the globalists, are ruthless anti-human scum.
And it even came out on NPR last week, thousands of children kidnapped, tortured, including sexually, by leftists in the CIA following Skinnerian psychology in MKUltra.
So when I'm earlier talking about these intelligence professionals that run things at the top, that's who we're dealing with on the left side, particularly.
Because they believe we're all animals, we have no rights, that they're gods ruling over us.
Now, they're making their move.
This is only the fourth time in history that impeachment proceedings have begun.
This isn't Al Green on the floor calling for a vote.
This is Pelosi, the Speaker, initiating it.
And she can do that as the Speaker of the House.
So, formal impeachment investigation or the beginning of impeachment for the fourth time in history has begun on a giant hoax.
You're like, why would they do a hoax again like Russiagate?
Because the whole media will report on it and pull the oxygen out of the room of all of their corruption and their open collusion and what they did with Ukraine and quid pro quo.
That's why they do this.
That's why they carry this out.
What they mean to terrorize Trump's support base and his support in the Senate and the House.
And they have the votes, they believe now, to impeach him in the House.
That is the indictment.
Then they will have the trial in the Senate.
And you better believe those Democrats that are on the fence that didn't vote against Kavanaugh, they're getting even more pressure than the Republicans.
And if they think they've got the votes, it doesn't matter if there's no evidence, it doesn't matter if it's a hoax, just like Balazi-Ford, and all that fake garbage, and all these women coming forward and saying, I never even met the guy, they just used my name and then threatened me that they'd destroy me if I spoke out, but I don't care, I'm tired of the lies!
Two women last week!
Saying, I've been threatened, but I'm not gonna be part of this, I never met Kavanaugh, this is wrong!
That's who we're dealing with, and if you think they're gonna stop now, they're never gonna stop.
Because this country has cancer.
We killed 60 million innocent babies, and we're under judgment.
Now, we can always seek God's face and repent, and we can get a reprieve.
That's what history shows, not just the Bible.
But if we don't get on our knees, and then put it into action in the streets,
And calling Congress and everything else we can do.
It's going to get 100 times worse.
America braces for impeachment.
Dems speed it up.
Senators fret.
Trump trial.
What's the trial going to be like with the president in there?
And so here's what's going to happen.
Nixon got scared of the fact that he would have to face a trial, so he left.
He was run off.
Trump's not going to be run off.
That's why he's defiant is the word.
And I'm all in with Trump.
I wish he would have acted stronger earlier.
He couldn't get the Justice Department to do anything.
They're a bunch of cowards.
A bunch of back scratchers at the top.
He got some of the Clinton people out.
And so now they're going to go after him the one way they can do it constitutionally.
And boy, you know that stock market's going to nosedive and the left is going to absolutely just have a field day when this nation panics because they want to run this country into the ground and break this nation so that everyone's dependent on them so they can bring in their universal basic income with all the strings attached and complete our journey into serfdom.
It's judgment.
And Trump really was the attempt at reprieve.
But just like I told you, Trump was going to win.
Those of you out there arrogantly saying this is going to go nowhere, I think you're wrong, respectfully.
Because I can look at the beady eyes of these people and how they're behaving, and I've experienced the threats, and most people would not continue on.
Most people buckle.
Here's a microcosm of that.
A month and a half ago, when hundreds of people went to Mitch McConnell's little house in Kentucky and said, we're gonna kill you, Turtle.
We're gonna stab you in the heart.
You're gonna die, Turtle.
No one was arrested for terroristic threats.
And Twitter and Facebook sent people there.
And when Mitch McConnell on his Twitter pointed it out and said it's wrong that Twitter lets these people operate and do this, Twitter froze his account and said, bitch, you do that one more time, we're taking your Twitter.
And McConnell took it down.
McConnell stuck his tail between his legs like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.
That tells you where we're at.
Twitter tells the leader of the Senate, hey listen, bitch, we're going to send people to your house saying they're going to kill you and you're not going to complain about it.
You say you don't like what we're doing?
How about we slap you upside your face?
And Trump sits there and takes it too.
So you know what?
The globalists see us as a bunch of wimps.
Trump's not backing down himself.
He thinks he can weather the storm and that he thinks if he gets in an impeachment, he'll be found not guilty.
They're not going to let Trump get in that position on the floor of the Senate and then not have him removed.
They will twist arms until those cowards do what they're told.
So we've got to start asking, what are we going to do to push back?
Because let me tell you, they produced this Joker film to get leftists with Tourette's Syndrome and OCD to go out and shoot up movie theaters next week.
And the Pentagon's even come out and said they're getting chatter, it's going to happen.
And we'll say, hey, Hollywood did this and they're on the drugs that make you do it.
Oh, look, they're Antifa guys in black trench coats.
It won't matter.
It'll be your fault and my fault until they come for all the semi-autos.
And then they're going to stage false flags and say gun owners killed cops, and then we go into a civil war.
And at that point, I guess all the Hollywood and Democrats and all the wannabe tough guys, I guess all the fake tough guys are going to have to meet.
The crazy brave.
And that's what they've been wanting.
They're psychopaths that have never been caught.
They're psychopaths that never get in trouble.
And they're just getting wilder and more reckless and more crazy.
Begging you to catch them.
Begging you to stop them.
But we don't.
I promise I'll play all the clips when we come back.
And then we've got a former congressman that wants the impeachment on.
Bill Clinton, Bob Barr joining us, Robert Barnes will be in studio, and we're going to open the phones up as well when Barnes is in here, and for Barr, I promise.
Specifically on this.
You think I'm wrong?
But I can feel the danger.
I can feel the enemy.
And I can see it.
And I can tell you, this is the third coup attempt on Trump.
The third coup attempt.
And what do they say about the third?
They say it's the charm.
And there's a war on language and culture and everything else and it's sick.
The ADL has now said that the international sign of OK, the sign of scuba diving, the sign of delicious food, is now white supremacist.
Everything is going to be banned.
Everything is going to be evil because you've got to be taught you're bad no matter what until you hit your knees to the ADL.
Until you hit your knees to the left and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Until you kneel before the New World Order!
And our crime is not wanting to kill the unborn and the born.
Our crime is not wanting to sell the country out to the GICOMS.
Our crime was wanting to be free!
And we're gonna be taught by the Richard N. Haas CFR ruling class OCD Ivy League white shoe boys that there are rulers, there are masters, they'll show us, dirty Americans!
Well, they promised to get even.
They've had two other failed coup attempts.
But Chuckie Schumer told us of their stay-behind networks, their globalist traitors, most of them on the Chi-Com payroll.
The Chi-Com spies openly run in Congress.
Well, they've got ways to get even with someone that tries to actually be an American president.
You see, America's been captured, like China was 200 years ago by the West.
This time we've been captured by traitors inside our government, working with China.
Here is the traitor.
But he's taking these shots, this antagonism is taunting to the intelligence community.
Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
So, even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he's being really dumb to do this.
What do you think the intelligence community would do if they were mobilized?
I don't know, but from what I am told, they are very upset with how he has treated them and talked about them.
And we need the intelligence community.
We don't know what's going... Look at the Russian hacking.
Without the intelligence community, we wouldn't have discovered.
They wouldn't have discovered that Hillary lost the election.
The Russians had nothing to do with it.
So that hunchback monkey,
We're good to go.
20 seconds of a 35-minute talk.
Totally legal, totally lawful.
Then he says, hey, do us a favor, buy your weapons from us.
That's what presidents openly go to countries and stand on the stage and say, please buy our F-15s.
Please buy our missile systems.
Please buy our tanks.
Please buy our guns.
Please buy our munitions.
Please buy our computer programs.
Please buy our food.
Please buy our oil.
And that's what Trump does, is he goes around like a president.
What do presidents do?
They rep a company.
That's what he's doing.
And so for kicking ass, he doesn't get an award.
He gets a bunch of traitors that hate this country saying, remove it.
For several months, we have been investigating in our committees and litigating in the courts.
Pause and back that up again.
She's a literal painted skeleton crip keeper.
Bombed out of her brain on all sorts of reported psychotropic drugs she takes.
She can barely talk most of the time.
With a bunch of American flags behind her when she works against this country.
Telling you all the things she's doing and that she's working as hard as she can to remove Trump.
And finally they've got a reason.
But she said before that she'd never even read the transcript that showed Trump did nothing.
Sorry, let's go back to her.
For the past several months, we have been investigating in our committees and litigating in the courts so the House can gather all the relevant facts and consider whether to exercise its full Article 1 powers, including a constitutional power of the utmost gravity, approval of articles of impeachment.
And this week, the President has admitted to asking the President of Ukraine to take actions which would benefit him politically.
The actions of the Trump presidency revealed a dishonorable fact of the President's betrayal of his oath of office.
Betrayal of a national... Oh, stop right there.
She can't even get it out through those horse-like teeth of hers.
That's a total lie.
Just look at the New York Times headline yesterday, where they put quotes around it.
Do us a favor.
Help me out.
And then they connect that to some separate conversation part 15 minutes later.
He's like, do us a favor, help us out, buy these weapons from the U.S.
She just sits up there and lies because she knows that there's no real electoral process in San Francisco.
The Democrats stole that place a long time ago.
Any blue city doesn't have real elections, let me tell you.
It's been proven.
They are the criminals.
They're the ruthless people that took the nation over.
And along comes Trump pig-headedly, in a beautiful fashion, not bowing to them and they don't know what to do.
Did she just make one of the biggest political mistakes in her history?
Michael Schneider asked that question at InfoWars.com.
They also wrote an article showing they've got the votes in the House to start the impeachment and they are going to do it.
They're going to do it unless
Trump can get those indictments rolling because they're trying to head him off at the pass right now.
Let's go back to Skeletor.
...of our elections.
Therefore, today, I'm announcing the House of Representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry.
By the way, back this up again ten seconds.
Notice they couldn't do the whole Russia stole the election.
That's been proven to be a fraud.
Their proof is the Steele dossier, you said so.
That the FBI Democrats paid for.
Group of angry Democrats.
And so they're just back, oh look, he talked to a president and just mentioned Joe Biden's corruption.
Wow, did you see him on TV saying he controls Ukraine with a billion dollars?
Biden said that!
He's a public figure.
He's a criminal pissing on our face.
And then by alchemy, Trump's the bad guy.
And he's the one meddling in the election.
This should outrage anyone that loves truth or logic.
But the left doesn't care.
Because if you go to one of the left's events, they're either criminal, devil worshipper types that know what they're doing and are evil, or they're mental patients.
That's it.
The devils and their little minions.
They're victims.
They're zombies.
They're vassals.
Continue with her, please.
Therefore, today, I'm announcing the House of Representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry.
Oh boy.
I'm directing our six committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella.
Six committees?
An impeachment inquiry.
The President must be held accountable.
No one is above the law.
I hit pause again.
No one is above the law.
I thought that's what we put Trump in for.
We elected him, which, you know it, you're scared.
And all your fake polls and everything can't stop that.
You've openly tried to crash the economy.
You've admitted you're doing that to stop America coming back.
What a group of criminals!
And if America doesn't say no to this, if America doesn't put pressure legally and lawfully on these scumbags, if Americans don't all go get in their cars and not go demonstrate at the Washington Monument where they ignore you, but go into the halls of Congress.
It's your house.
They're not royalty.
And go into their offices and you tell them and you let them know.
And when they're in their districts, you look everywhere they're going to give speeches and you go get in their face!
And say, listen here, traitor!
You want to bully us into submission?
You're the crook!
Because if you don't do that, ladies and gentlemen, this country is rapidly going down the tubes.
I can't listen anymore to her.
Let's play clip 13.
Pelosi admits she hasn't read the Ukraine transcript.
She said this right before she went out and gave a speech.
And Schumer says it doesn't matter what the transcript shows.
That was just the hoax to get it out there like the Steele dossier.
Here it is.
I haven't seen it, so I've just come from our own meeting.
But the transcript is... The fact is that the President of the United States, in breach of his constitutional responsibilities, has asked the foreign government to help him in his political campaign, at the expense of our national security.
Ladies and gentlemen, Serving Evil is rough on you.
She can hardly talk, she's on so many drugs.
Biden's just a good guy.
They're on a bunch of meth, they're on a bunch of painkillers.
Serving Evil's horrible.
And it's a bunch of withered crones that sold us out to GG Pain.
And we can't just get rid of them politically?
We are getting rid of them.
We're flushing them down the toilet.
Even if they remove Trump, it's the beginning of the end for them.
Even if the Supreme Court becomes a dictatorship in England and tries to ignore the Parliament, the Prime Minister, the Queen, they're never going to stay in the EU now.
Once the debate starts, once the rebellion starts against the globalists, it never ends.
We're going to win.
But these zombies are going to go kicking and screaming.
We'll come back with more.
Robert Barnes in the studio.
I'm going to play Devin Nunes' opening statement.
I played about four minutes of it earlier.
It's about eight minutes long.
That's coming up.
But first, just please understand, Trump raised $5 million yesterday.
That's great.
His problem isn't raising money.
His problem is they're going to try to impeach him.
But I'm glad grassroots gave him $5 million yesterday.
That's a nice show of support.
I'd like to raise
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In fact, they said I could say it.
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Look, Trump is really smart.
He sets the globalist up.
He plants things on them that they leak.
And he does know how to attack these false accusations.
But he's up against an organized crime syndicate using U.S.
intelligence operatives to harass and death-threat people in the House and Senate.
Until they impeach him.
And that's why this is so dangerous.
John Bowne put a report together.
We don't have time to air it all.
Robert Barnes is coming in.
I want to air.
Devin Nunes' opening statement that we played part of.
Start of the next segment.
But it said, Trump plays 3D chess with impeachment lunacy.
We need to give John Bowne his own channel, by the way, on Band.Video.
He does so many of these, so he has his own channel starting today there.
He's our own reporter, but we're just adding all these sub-channels for the reporters at Band.Video.
But yeah, he's really a counter-puncher.
And Trump has always said that, but without us getting upset and getting involved, it doesn't matter he did nothing wrong, they're still going to remove him.
They have to.
They're a bunch of criminals that sold out to China, so they're all going to go to prison if Trump ever gets full control and is able to prosecute them.
Now Trump's 3D chest is that he believes in truth, he believes in justice, and he believes in courage, and he believes good can overpower evil.
And he's supremely confident.
Well, it's his job to be confident, and I'm confident too.
But I'm confident, but I also work like hell to support the awakening and to hit the enemy where it hurts.
So here's part of that report.
President who believes he's above the law.
Pursuing the leader of another nation to investigate a political opponent to help win his election is not the conduct of an American president.
The allegations that blocked hundreds of millions of dollars, that he blocked hundreds of millions of dollars in congressionally approved aid to another country as an allegation, unless he agreed to smear a political opponent, is not the conduct of an American president.
Before the wave of confusion surrounding the obvious corruption between Biden and son, and a phone call President Trump made to the Ukrainian president to inquire on that corruption before the U.S.
handed over $400 million to a historically corrupt nation, the Socialist Democrat's princess, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was whining that the bigger national scandal wasn't that the president wasn't impeached,
It was that the Democratic Party wasn't impeaching the president.
And now, Pelosi and Schumer's true boss has made her satisfaction known.
I think that we all, you know, many of us, especially from districts that are experiencing the brunt of the president's decisions, have been feeling a sense of urgency around this.
But I think the development around the whistleblower, I think these developments are exactly, you know, where we need to be going.
Biden and company are wading into the contempt quicksand because now Joe Biden and his son who had zero expertise on oil and natural gas and somehow got billions in deals from the Ukraine and China will collectively fumble over their story as they already have from the start.
The China investigation will ultimately involve the nephew of no less than Boston gangster Whitey Bulger and John Kerry's stepson.
I can hear the destruction of evidence now in the Obama camp, as those transcripts between Biden and the Ukrainian officials seem to accidentally disappear.
These two investigations will continue to waste even more taxpayer dollars and insult more of our collective intelligence.
The one investigation looking into President Trump's phone call with the Ukrainian president back in July, which could turn out to be a royal flush for the Trump administration.
I spoke to a senior administration official a short time ago who said that the White House is not just releasing the transcript of this July 25th phone call tomorrow.
They'll be releasing other documents, including a look at what the inspector general at the intelligence community found about the whistleblower who started this whole thing.
And the other investigation inspecting Joe Biden's public braggadocio, that he protected Hunter from a Ukrainian corruption investigation.
I'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars.
I said, you're not getting a billion.
I'm gonna be leaving here, I think it was what, six hours?
I looked, I said, I'm leaving in six hours.
If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Got fired.
Not to mention, a corrupt Obama ambassador refused visas to Ukrainian officials to enter the U.S.
who had evidence of the Obama administration's misconduct.
Again, the full report is excellent.
It's at Bandot Video.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Going back about 10 years ago, I began to say, if you're watching or listening to this transmission, you are the resistance to Obama and his attempt to sign us over to the CHICOMs, open the borders to radical Islam, and de-industrialize the country.
He was really finishing up that job.
And I said, if you're watching or listening, you are the resistance.
We are the rebels.
Trump is the rebel trying to get our country back.
When the left says they are the resistance, no, no, they are the resistance to the populism and to the people.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is with us riding shotgun the next two hours as we go into hour number two and three.
And then we're going to be joined next hour by the man who is a member of Congress and who spearheaded the impeachment against Bill Clinton.
He will be joining us, Bob Barr, also formerly with the CIA, but not in the whole leftist arm of it.
So he'll be able to speak to the so-called intelligence community that Schumer says is trying to take Trump out.
This is coup attempt number three in my view.
They're even saying that on the national news.
They say they don't care if there's no evidence there.
They've got other reasons to.
And so they're going forward for only the fourth time in history with the initiation of impeachment.
And that's what this is.
They don't want people to think it's a big deal.
So conservatives don't get upset and don't give Trump $5 million a day, which has been happening, and that's great.
Ladies and gentlemen, what you need to do is call the Senate, call Congress, call Talk Radio, call Neocons.
The National Review and others are stabbing Trump in the back.
The Neocons say they probably got the votes of the Senate to deep-six Trump.
They indict in the House, they try in the Senate.
There's headlines at DrugsReport.com, we're linked to it on Infowars.com, that some of the Senators are dreading the trial of Trump.
They're really making their move.
They've been trying to stop him even before he got elected.
So this is a very epic time to be alive, and believe me, they get him out of there, all hell's gonna break loose.
We'll talk to Robert Barnes about that, but please don't forget, we're not getting the support like Trump's getting when we are communicating with the populace to you, and we have been under massive attack, as you know, as all other nationalist, conservative, libertarian media has been.
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But I gotta tell ya, more than money to Trump, we need money.
And word of mouth.
Trump needs prayers, he needs phone calls, he needs legislatures called, Congress called.
Go to DC for your vacation.
Or this weekend go.
I mean, knock on their doors.
Go to their events when they're back in the district.
Get in their face right now.
I want to go to Congressman Nunes in the Intelligence Committee this morning.
He's the ranking Republican.
When he goes after them and their attempt to witch hunt the president, he lays it out beautifully in seven minutes.
We're going to hear about five of it now.
Come back with Robert Barnes for the balance of the show today.
Lee Strahan, who's been on the front lines of exposing
The money laundering operation by the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Bidens in Ukraine.
He is going to be hosting the fourth hour today as well.
You will get the most in-depth analysis.
Make no mistake, this is the most devastating, serious, focused move yet.
It's very serious because they said they're going to go out with impeachment no matter what.
Pelosi and Schumer have said it and they are going to remove him.
Here is, if they can, here's Nunes.
I want to congratulate the Democrats on the rollout of their latest information warfare operation against the President and their extraordinary ability to once again enlist the mainstream media in their campaign.
This operation began with media reports from the prime instigators of the Russia collusion hoax.
That a whistleblower is claiming President Trump made nefarious promise to a foreign leader
The release transcript of that call has already debunked that central assertion.
But that didn't matter.
The Democrats simply moved the goalposts and began claiming that there doesn't need to be a quid pro quo for this conversation to serve as the basis for impeaching the President.
Speaker Pelosi went further when asked earlier if she would put brakes on impeachment if the transcript turned out to be benign.
She responded, quote, so there you go.
If the whistleblower operation doesn't work out, the Democrats and their media... We have candidates, quote, we have many candidates for impeachable offensives.
That was her quote.
So there you go.
If the whistleblower operation doesn't work out, the Democrats and their media assets can always drum up something else.
And what other information has come to light since the original false report of a promise being made?
We've learned the following.
The complaint relied on hearsay evidence provided by the whistleblower.
The Inspector General did not know the contents of the phone call at issue.
The Inspector General found the whistleblower displayed arguable political bias against Trump.
The Department of Justice investigated the complaint and determined no action was warranted.
The Ukrainian president denies being pressured by President Trump.
So once again, this supposed scandal ends up being nothing like what we were told.
And once again, the Democrats, their media mouthpieces, and a cabal of leakers are ginning up a fake story with no regard to the monumental damage they're causing to our public institutions and to trust in government.
And without acknowledging all the false stories they propagated in the past, including countless allegations that Trump campaign colluded with Russia to hack the 2016 election.
We're supposed to forget about all those stories, but believe this one.
In short, what we have with this storyline is another still dossier.
I'll note here that in the Democrats' mania to overturn the 2016 elections, everything they touch gets hopelessly politicized.
With the Russia hoax, it was our intelligence agencies which were turned into a political weapon to attack the President.
And now today, the whistleblower process is the casualty.
Until about a week ago, the need to protect that process was a primary bipartisan concern of this committee.
But if the Democrats were really concerned with defending that process, they would have pursued this matter with a quiet, sober inquiry, as we do for all whistleblowers.
But that would have been useless for them.
They don't want answers.
They want a public spectacle.
And so we've been treated to an unending parade of press releases, press conferences, and fake news stories.
This hearing itself is another example.
Whistleblower inquiries should not be held in public at all.
As our Senate counterparts, both Democrats and Republicans, obviously understand, their hearing with Mr. McGuire is behind closed doors.
But again, that only makes sense when your goal is to get information, not to create a media frenzy.
The current hysteria has something else in common with the Russia hoax.
Back then, they accused the Trump campaign of colluding with Russians when the Democrats themselves were colluding with Russians and preparing the Steele dossier.
Today, they accuse the President of pressuring Ukrainians to take actions that would help himself or hurt his political opponents.
And yet there are numerous examples of Democrats doing the exact same thing.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are not watching the fourth time in history they've tried to impeach somebody.
We are watching a deep state coup against our nation.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is here.
There is huge breaking news.
I told you yesterday that that board that Biden's son was on was connected to Republicans and Democrats.
More's coming out.
Turns out it was a CIA front with Mitt Romney involved with it, of course, and neocons.
Now you know why they're so scared.
Now you know why Mitt Romney just came out against Trump for impeachment.
Mitt Romney is a criminal.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes arrived with a shotgun with us now for the next two hours or so.
Bob Barr, that impeached Bill Clinton, is going to be on with us to give us his expert take.
I saw him on Fox yesterday.
He thinks the Democrats don't have the nerve to actually carry out the House indictment and the Senate trial.
And I tend to agree with him in the past, but there are powerful corporate forces and foreign forces that are really threatening and blackmailing Democrats as well.
It's not just Republicans that are getting threatened to take action.
That's why they're so desperate.
It's why they're so wild-eyed.
Impeachment has officially begun.
In the House.
They've instructed all six committees, just like with Nixon, to do this.
Mitt Romney, advisor, sits on board of directors of the company run by Joe Biden's son.
We're going to be breaking that down with Robert Barnes right now.
I'm categorizing this as the third coup attempt.
They admit they're trying to remove him.
It doesn't matter that the declassified transcript shows that Trump did nothing wrong.
They've said they don't care.
They're just getting the process going, that they're going to try to remove him before the election, which in any other time in history, you know, they tried to get Nixon after he got reelected.
You don't do this before.
It'll be seen as talk about election meddling.
Barnes, this just smacks of total desperation.
What do you think?
Well, it's a combination of two things.
You have the Democratic Party establishment who, if they were satisfied with their Democratic candidates for president, would not be pursuing this agenda at all.
But the other factor, as revealed in the article today by American Thinker, is that what Trump stumbled onto in Ukrainian corruption is, in fact, deep state corruption.
Not just the Democratic Party establishment's role in that, but you get into this and what you have is a key board member,
Of the same company that was the board member company, this gentleman right here, of the same company that was funneling money to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden's family in Ukraine, this guy was one of the key board of directors.
And who is he?
He's a key Romney National Security Advisor and has a long legacy of ties, affiliations, and associations with the CIA.
Listen to that wasp name!
Call for her!
Oh, exactly.
Kofi Black.
I mean, he was former vice chair of Blackwater, right?
I mean, this guy has long-standing ties to the CIA, deeply embedded within the Republican neocon political establishment, and he was the actual, also one of the board members of that company.
So what you had was Joe Biden was seeding cash and laundering money out of the Ukrainian political system.
Through what looks now like a deep state front operation.
And so what Trump was going to be exposing with the help of the Ukrainian president wasn't just democratic corruption of the Biden family and the Obama administration, but was also deep state collusion and corruption and improper interference with a foreign government trying to impair its election, being in bed with neo-Nazis, as Trump talks about in his transcript.
When the Deep State read and reviewed this transcript and saw what Trump was talking about, this was a direct threat to their political power.
Because in here, he talks about, hey, I know that the former ambassador to your country was a bad person in bed with bad people.
What he's talking about is what Oliver Stone documented in the film Ukraine on Fire, which was that the U.S.
government was in bed with actual neo-Nazis and those who have a long legacy of Nazis.
And by the way, we said that, and I've been sued by Georgetown for saying that the Democrats funded Nazis.
It's in Oliver Stone's HBO show.
Oh, exactly.
It's documented in great detail in that movie.
In fact, it's not even a publicly disputed controversy.
Our biggest involvement with actual Nazis, aside from Operation Paperclip and other activities, was our deeply embedded role with Ukrainian Nazis dating back to the 1940s.
They're trying to impeach him for doing his job.
They're trying to impeach him for actually doing what he was elected to do.
For cleaning up American...
It makes me like Trump even more.
It's like every transcript that gets released, it's awesome!
Oh, no doubt about it.
I mean, this is a confirmation because what you had was Zelensky trying to elicit from Trump whether Trump was sincere.
And he was sending cues and using cue words to trigger certain conversations and discussions.
So like, for example, Zelensky first brings up that he got rid of his ambassador to the U.S.
because he understood that that ambassador was actually part of this sort of deep state collusion and corruption undermining democracy both in Ukraine and the U.S.
And I hope people realize how bombshell this is.
The president...
Just says, wow, did you see Biden on TV saying he threatened to take a billion dollars away from you if you didn't fire a prosecutor under the last president?
And then he moves on, because the guy's saying, we are corrupt, it's terrible, a swamp.
Trump's like, yeah, I saw this, I saw that.
And then he needs to be impeached for that?
It's like saying he needs to be impeached for brushing his teeth.
I mean, really, what they want to impeach him for is for challenging and contesting deep state power.
That's why they're so scared.
This is a deep state coup, even more than it is a Democratic Party establishment attempt to undermine and overturn the 2016 election.
It's neocons hate Trump just as much.
The reason why they're terrified, the reason why this reached a state that didn't make sense once the transcript was released, because a president doing his job is not a crime, a president investigating Democratic Party crimes is not a crime,
These are actually doing what he's supposed to be doing, what he was elected to do.
The reason why they're going nuts about this is because this would undermine and reveal and unveil deep state corruption and collusion, including with the Democratic Party, including with foreign government.
And this is everything that I've harped on, that you've harped on, that Lee Stranahan's harped on, that Roger Stone harped on.
I mean, we've written literally probably a hundred articles on this.
Until I told the crew, stop reporting on it a year ago, no one cares.
Well, I guess it was delayed action.
We've covered every facet of this and gotten the intel of the White House.
We've gotten stuff to Trump saying, do something about this.
Now they're acting like it's illegal to care about our government overthrowing Ukraine and stealing millions of dollars for Democrats and Republicans.
Trump deserves a frickin' medal.
No doubt.
In fact, this would be like the late 1970s MK Ultra Frank Church hearings in terms of the degree of corruption and collusion it would reveal.
And it would implicate high-ranking Democrats.
It would implicate high-ranking political establishment figures.
It would implicate the Obama administration.
But primarily and principally, it would implicate the deep state.
It would expose deep state operatives.
It would expose ex-CIA spooks.
It would expose CIA-tied allies who are undermining foreign governments, who are corrupting foreign governments.
And in the process, undermining and corrupting our own government.
And this was the president saying he was committed, and verbalizing his commitment, no matter where the investigation led.
And that's what terrified— That's exactly what an anti-corrupt person would say is, we're going to fight corruption with you.
And this is not only this deep state coup, part two, the impeachment disguised and masked as nothing more than a deep state coup, part two, is really being directed at two people.
It's being directed at President Trump.
So they're satisfied even if they don't get the full conviction in the Senate.
They just want to terrify everybody within the administration to not going through with what President Trump is talking about doing in the investigation into corruption and collusion of the deep state, the Democratic Party elites and establishment.
Number one, and number two, they want to scare and terrify the President of Ukraine.
They want to show, hey, look what we can do to the President of the United States when he talks about investigating our corruption and collusion involved in Ukraine.
Imagine what we can do to you.
And by the way, Implo Wars and Zero Hedge, it turns out, were reporting this in 2014.
Oh, exactly.
I mean, this has been, this is confirmation the entire- That's pre-Trump.
It is.
This is the deep state operatives who've been acting independently and above the law and above the president that President Trump was elected to clean up, to change, because the American public was tired of these, was fatigued with these- So let me ask you this.
What do you expect them to do next?
How serious is this?
And what should we, the people, do?
Because this is just unbelievable.
They're trying to impeach Trump for what Biden did.
They think we're so dumb that they think if the whole media colludes against the people and Trump that we're going to buy this.
I don't see this dog hunting, but they're still going to try it.
So what's going to happen?
The wonderful Lena DeRay taking us in here.
Robert Barnes is our guest.
We have Bob Barr, who started the impeachment against Bill Clinton, joining us next hour.
But he's joining us for two segments, so we'll continue with calls after he leaves us at the bottom of the next hour.
I'm going to open the phones up.
Next segment, we'll be taking your calls, and then right through hour number three, some into hour number four.
Lee Stranahan's going to be here as well, expert on Ukraine, syndicated talk show host, and of course, syndicated columnist and investigative reporter.
I want to just give you the number to join us specifically on Deep State Coup Number 3.
We can go over the last two they tried.
But this one, they're really serious.
Pelosi said, we don't even care if this isn't true.
Once we get it rolling, we're going to get the votes and we're going to impeach him.
Well, we're going to look at, can they do that?
What will unfold out of that?
I've got some key clips I want to play here in a moment that show the main deception.
But first, the number to join us is 877-789-ALEX.
Long-time callers, first-time callers, you agree with us you shouldn't be impeached?
You agree you should be?
Well, that's an entertaining show.
I want to open the phones up just to people that hate me or Trump.
Specifically, your questions for Robert Barnes or myself or your statements on impeachment and what you think about this situation and what we can do to the Democrats that's legal and lawful for all the lies they've been caught in.
And because we've lowered our attention spans and lowered our memories scientifically, that's been done by television and smartphones and culture, they're getting shorter and shorter.
It's like people are waking up every day to a new hoax and by the time that's proven to be a hoax, they move to the next and again.
We filed suit on the Young Turks for lies yesterday.
We're going to go ahead and file some new suits.
We decided about a month from now, we're going to file some new ones that will tell you about next hour.
But decided to warn them one more time today on air and officially send letters again to News Corp, to the Wall Street Journal.
In their publications all over the country, they said I lost a lawsuit in Sandy Hook for writing a book attacking the children and people.
And I didn't ever do that.
I didn't write the book.
I'm not in the book.
And they said we don't care.
We're going to keep putting this in the front page of newspapers.
It's very damaging.
And we're just going to give them one more chance at dinner, we decided.
We're suing Young Turks, Mother Jones.
And this other Democrat woman running for Congress in Massachusetts, because she said, I said, kill the Sandy Hook kids.
And then when they put that out, I got taken off Roku, where we were going to number one.
We're number one on cloud TV right now.
Number one.
And so they literally have people go, he's saying kill children and they take me off stuff.
And they go, yay, we got him.
So I don't want to have to sue you, but I'm really suing these people.
And we're going to send one more registered letter, more calls to News Corp and say, listen,
I didn't write this damn book and I didn't say this about these kids.
Stop it!
But see, they don't care.
They're on a mission to shut down their competition.
Robert Barnes is here.
We'll talk about that next hour.
877-789-ALEX is the number.
Barnes, you're on fire as usual.
Really knowledgeable on these subjects.
Talk about the process of trying to impeach him.
I don't
I mean, they decided to go all out because he's really going after them, hallelujah.
He's taking my advice, the best defense is an offense, but that means a real offense.
He's really trying to drain the damn swamp, and I just can't believe we're in such an epic moment here.
Well, I mean, the political observers who looked at this initially and originally thought it did not make sense for the Democrats to pursue impeachment, given various polling and focus group surveys had shown back to 2017 that, in fact,
Impeachment was unpopular, that impeachment would rally Trump's face.
We're already seeing that in the massive fundraising that Trump is able to do based on this.
So people were like, why is this happening?
But now stories and news and intel is coming out that make clear that this is really a deep state operation.
This is a deep state demanding their Democratic Party elites and allies pursue it.
This isn't the regular snot-nosed Democrat meth heads, Nancy and AOC.
This is the real teeth of the deep states now, trying to use Democrats as their front.
Now, it's daddy.
You know, it's just a little tongue it puts out.
The big spider's coming out.
That's what this is all about.
That's why today on Predicted, a political betting market, there is now a 60% chance, according to the political gamblers, that impeachment will occur.
That President Trump will be impeached according to political gamblers and bettors and estimators.
And that's because people are realizing this is a deep state operation and that this is an intel apparatus operation.
Going back to Chuck Schumer's statement that the intelligence agencies would continue to wage war on Trump if he tried to expose the corruption of the Obama administration and its infiltration of our law enforcement apparatus, our hierarchy, our intelligence apparatus and the rest.
So that's what this is all about.
This is about
If he exposed what Hunter Biden was doing, Hunter Biden was like Clinton in the 90s, was embedded with deep state operatives.
It's the reason why the Starr investigation never really went anywhere, focused on Monica Lewinsky and not the deep corruption in Arkansas, because Trump tied that deep corruption, because Clinton tied that deep corruption to the deep state operatives here because what Trump was just trying to do was protect and do his job of exposing corruption.
But in the process, he would be exposing deep state corruption, deep state collusion with foreign governments.
Showing a head of state, yes, I know about how the neo-Nazis overthrew your government with Obama.
Yes, I know about Hunter Biden and his corruption.
When the deep state, as you said yesterday, saw that, they literally took a giant dump in their drawers.
And you look at the whistleblower complaints coming out today, and people who are looking at it are saying this feels like a prefabricated hit job.
This is a, it looks like a lawyer prepared it, it looks like it's all based on third-party information, which means this person did not first-hand receive or review or hear any of this.
Well then it's a total third party, it's just a made-up thing.
Well that means there's only one, who is a third party who has access to a wide range of information?
Who is a third party?
It's all these former intelligence heads that kept a security clearance.
It's a deep state hit.
It shows that this was... It's probably Brennan or Clapper themselves.
They could be involved at any level.
Or it could be Comey, for God's sake.
It's somebody connected to it.
And then Trump can't prosecute Comey because he's the whistleblower.
I mean, there's stories today that the whistleblower has ties to... I felt disturbance in the force the last time.
I felt it was in the presence of my old master.
I mean, it's the real Star Wars finale movie coming out now.
The Emperor is back and the Emperor is the Deep State and the Deep State wants to take over its policies around the world and doesn't want the elected president to be able to independently run his own country that he was elected to run.
And that's what this is really about.
And the question is, are these loons really going to do it?
I mean, because... Well, I think they have to.
Their loyalties, as Schumer said, he does whatever the intelligence apparatus tells him to do because he's terrified of what they would do to him if, in fact, he did anything different.
So that's how they're going to... That's the reason why Pelosi, who knows this will be damaging to the Democratic Party congressional prospects in 2020,
We're good to go.
Not because he did anything wrong, but because what he did was the right thing to do.
The more right he did something, the more likely he was going to be fired.
The more he showed he was a Boy Scout.
I mean, this is like, people forget, Nixon wasn't taken out for the bad things he did.
Nixon was taken out because he decided to not allow the deep state to continue to run the FBI after Hoover died.
He passed over Mark Felt.
And it was Mark Felt, who was the actual quote-unquote deep throat,
And Mark Felt ran COINTELPRO, was a criminal, had engaged in criminal activities for 30 years, was the deep state operative within the FBI, and because Nixon took them out, that's when Mark Felt made sure he took Nixon out.
And so the same thing is happening now, except Trump has done nothing wrong ever in any of this.
Let's be clear, you see why Robert Barnes is awesome?
Because I know all this stuff, but he can pull it together better and quicker than I can.
And the guy even talks more than I do.
He's awesome.
When we come back, though, I want listeners to have a chance to speak here, and I'm gonna play some more key clips I haven't gotten to yet that are just gonna blow you away, literally.
But first, I wanna explain something.
I told you Trump was going to get elected.
I could feel it.
I could see it.
They're going to try to impeach him.
And I think they've got a good shot at it, but let me explain something.
What comes after that is going to destroy them.
So, God works in mysterious ways, but some rough times are ahead, ladies and gentlemen, so get ready.
I told everybody yesterday, you better take this serious.
And let me tell you, because this isn't the Democrats, the snot noses.
This is the real corruption at the bottom of it.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is it.
The Deep State's already tried to remove Trump twice, but they wanted to use Democrat puppets.
Now they're really going for him, even though it doesn't make political sense for the Democrats, because it's bigger than that.
It's about the New World Order.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, break it down.
So what's happening is the Deep State operatives are the ones driving the impeachment effort.
This is why the political gamblers and the political betting markets are saying now that Trump will be impeached.
That's what's happening.
Trump will be impeached and will go to the Senate for a trial.
It's because what Trump is exposing is deep state corruption and deep state collusion and using the Ukrainian government that Hunter Biden and the Biden family was in bed with deep state operatives that are still acting within the intelligence community.
Connected to Mitt Romney, the Bushes, all of them.
The entire neocon political establishment.
So the neocons, the deep state, the shadow government with the Democrats making their move in an election year.
This is incredible.
But Trump's done nothing wrong.
He's got the people on his side.
And they think they can repeat 1974 again with Richard Nixon.
This is a different world.
And the people are awake and they know.
You put all these ingredients together, it is explosive and the deep state is really overplaying their hand, allying themselves with the communist China and others in America's darkest hour.
They may end up winning the battle against Trump, but they will lose the war.
This is going to be a Pyrrhic victory for them.
No doubt.
The key is the president still has his backers and supporters.
They are the ultimate firewall.
They are the ultimate protection.
They are the ultimate castle wall against these deep state invaders against our democratic institutions.
And so it depends on the audience.
It depends on the American people to continue to get the voice out, the news out, the information out.
But this also explains the degree of censorship and suppression that's taken place over the last two years.
They're trying to make it impossible for the president to rally his own audience.
And now they're taking their shot.
Now they want the president cut off from his people.
They want them cut off from him.
And now they're making their move.
You can feel it.
You can see it.
And you saw him in that UN speech against the New World Order, against globalism, against socialism, against communism, against gun control, against the attack on our children, throw down the gauntlet against the Chai Koms, stealing our intellectual property.
He is going to be even stronger now as he fights for his life.
He's the real deal.
He really stood in for us.
He really stepped into the arena.
The heir to the lungs of the Trump revolution is the InfoWars audience, is the American people, is the Trump base, and that is why they've worked so hard to try to isolate and separate Trump from his base, both hearing his base and being able to reach his base with all the censorship and suppression that took on, with big tech companies that have long-standing deep alliances.
And make no mistake,
They were built by the shadow government, by the deep state.
Make no mistake, they get Trump out, there's going to be a reign of terror against Nunes, against Paul, against Jordan, against us.
And a lot of people are going to cut bait and roll over.
I'm not rolling over.
We're winning.
We started this fight.
We got Trump in.
We haven't even begun to fight.
We will never surrender!
The American freedom and American liberty depends on the American public rallying to the President's side now.
I feel good.
This is a deep fight.
We're making them come out and pull something super dangerous.
They're willing to take the biggest possible risk to put this high-profile impeachment case publicly on high profile simply to prevent the President from exposing deep state corruption and collusion with the Democratic Party political establishment and elites, particularly as it's related to Ukraine and these Ukrainian money laundering operations and trafficking operations.
That's incredible.
They're doing this out of pure desperation, but the planets are aligned on both sides.
This is the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.
I mean, this is going to be explosive.
No doubt.
The war is on.
The war is on.
They got their false flags are lined up.
Just watch your six, folks.
This is it.
This is it, boys.
Let's go to these clips.
Here's Adam Schiff, the head of the committee, deceives Congress about whistleblower complaint, gets called out on it, and then admits he was lying, but tries to make a joke out of it.
What a sack of garbage.
Here it is.
This is the essence of what the president communicates.
We've been very good to your country.
Very good.
No other country has done as much as we have.
But you know what?
I don't see much reciprocity here.
I hear what you want.
I have a favor I want from you, though.
And I'm going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good.
I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent.
Understand lots of it.
On this and on that, I'm going to put you in touch with people, and not just any people, I'm going to put you in touch with Attorney General of the United States, my Attorney General, Bill Barr.
He's got the whole weight of the American law enforcement behind him.
And I'm going to put you in touch with Rudy.
You're going to love him, trust me.
You know what I'm asking, and so I'm only going to say this a few more times, in a few more ways.
And by the way, don't call me again.
I'll call you when you've done what I asked.
This is, in sum and character, what the President was trying to communicate with the President of Ukraine.
It would be funny if it wasn't such a graphic betrayal of the President's oath of office.
But as it does represent a real betrayal, there's nothing the President says here that is in America's interest, after all.
It is instead the most consequential
Now, Matt, who does a really great job of getting these clubs together, before the show he said, will you please just leave with this?
And I said, yeah, I will.
But then I saw the Nunes clip and I had to play that.
But I should have started the whole show out with that.
I mean, the bombshell nature of him making up a fake transcript, making it sound like the colloquialisms of the nomenclature of Trump, saying that's what he said.
And then later, minutes later, the Republicans get to respond and say, you just lied.
And then he sweeps it under the rug.
He's a freaking criminal, man.
He runs the committee giving the world fake quotes.
Liable in lies that he's allowed to get away with because he's saying them inside the halls of Congress.
And if Elizabeth Warren is able to get away with it, in the Covington case, she's saying politicians should be able to do what Schiff just did.
Let's go ahead now and play when he gets called on it a few minutes later, but of course the news won't carry that.
Here it is.
My summary of the President's call was meant to be at least part in parity.
The fact that that's not clear is a separate problem in and of itself.
Of course, the President never said, if you don't understand me, I'm going to say it seven more times.
My point is, that's the message that the Ukraine President was receiving, in not so many words.
Look at how disingenuous Schiff's eyes are.
He just contradicted himself.
He said, oh, I was really doing a parody.
And by the way, guys, you did great.
I'm always telling you shorter clubs, but in that case, find it later.
Let's do it long.
I want to play the congressman calling him out, and then he backs off.
But, I mean, the whole thing was fake quotes.
But then he tries to act like when he backs off, only part of it was fake.
The guy is a damn liar to our face, and he's trying to remove our great president!
I mean, this is outrageous!
Listeners should be going to D.C.
peacefully and lawfully to mob his office.
That guy is a disgrace!
Well, what he did there is, first he starts out with a lot of lies and libel.
He gets exposed for those lies and libels.
And then he says, oh, I was just doing a parody, which makes no sense.
Why is he doing a parody as the House Intelligence Committee chairman?
And by the way, what's up with his eyes?
Did you see how he, how demented he looks?
And none of them can talk either.
Have you noticed Pelosi sounds like she's got a mouth full of marbles, so does Biden?
Well, I mean, they don't have Clinton's ability to lie on command and lie on demand.
They don't have that capacity.
These are the mid-tier politicians on the Democratic side.
Fine, we're going to break.
I promise we're going to your calls.
Bob Barr's popping in for two segments.
But we're going to get to all your calls.
We'll take some of the next segment.
And my head is just...
I mean, if America doesn't reject this, if we're unable to defeat this, it's because we killed 60 million babies, and we deserve it.
And I want to beat these people.
I've got four children, and I want to turn it around.
But, you know, come on.
My hat's off to the New World Order.
I mean, you guys have really screwed this country up.
I mean, it's like Nunes says.
He goes, man, I got to hand it to you.
This level of BS.
Nunes could hardly, for a few minutes, yeah, he couldn't talk.
He would just kind of go...
What the hell?
I mean, this is just a gigantic hoax.
Oh, completely.
I mean, this is something that Nunes never did when he was running the committee chairman whatsoever.
He never did these kind of lies and libels and started off a committee hearing where he completely fabricated a transcript that doesn't exist because the transcript directly contradicts.
In fact, there's your headline.
Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee fabricates fake Trump transcript to the world, and then it's nothing now!
Because they haven't gotten in trouble!
So they just quadruple and quadruple, and then it's just exponential lie universe.
It's Nazi-style lie scale.
It's lying on such a scale that the lie is so big, nobody will actually believe it.
It's like Hitler said, if you're gonna tell it, tell it huge.
Right, because the bigger you tell it, the more believed it is.
It's like I saw Loch Ness Monster, he was flying a spaceship this morning, and he was eating little...
It's over-the-top that people believe it must be true because it's over-the-top.
But then when the Democrats are talking to their constituents, they're like, we piss on America, we hate the babies, we love Chycom.
Please spread the word about the live show, your calls, the Congress from the start of the impeachment on Bill Clinton joins us.
Bob Barr and so much more.
Hour number three.
Stay with us.
Oh my goodness.
We are witnessing the sabotage of our recovery in our country.
Nick, Mike, Thaddeus, Johnny, Adam, Chris, Lee, Jesse, Charles.
We'll get to all of you before this hour is over.
We're going to detail briefly the history of impeachment some and what it really means versus removal by the Senate.
No one's ever actually been removed.
But right now we're taking some of your calls ahead of Bob Barr popping in.
We'll continue with calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Thaddeus in Arizona.
Thaddeus, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hi Alex, hi Mr. Barnes.
I don't know if this is constitutional, if you could do this, but could we be proactive?
In other words, McConnell, President Trump, maybe some of the key congressional people, they ask for time on national news.
They get on the air, they lay out the fact that we're under attack by the Chinese, the Democrats have been taken over by the Chinese.
And we're going to nip this impeachment right in the bud.
McConnell's going to call for a trial vote before the papers are sent over from the House, before they have a chance to start pressuring these senators.
He's found not guilty.
And then McConnell just says, anything you say is going to be—anything you send over is going to be covered by this resolution.
He's the commander-in-chief.
He's got the full support of the Senate.
And we're going to authorize him to use extraordinary majors.
To start sending U.S.
Marshals in and arresting these people for treason?
Well, I've got to say this.
I'm not an authoritarian, but it's not authoritarianism when foreign governments in a combine, a combination of evil elements, is openly trying to overthrow your country, spy on everyone, silence the people, and then derail the economy, which the Democrats and the deep state admit they're doing.
So we are entering the phase where Lincoln started having to arrest people.
I mean, we just really are.
Or we're just going to let the chi-coms and the deep state run us into the ground.
Well, and it's useful to remember, when Lincoln did try to clean up government and tried to create a really new government after the end of the Civil War, he was taken out.
They tried to take out Andrew Johnson that night.
The Secretary of War tried to take over.
So that's another impeachment when this all went down.
I mean, all those efforts were, they first tried to assassinate Andrew Johnson before they tried to impeach Andrew Johnson.
So the people forget that that night there were three attempts.
Booth's attempt, Booth was just the tip of the spear of a secretary of war, was the likely person that historians target.
They were trying to get everybody.
And the secretary of war would have become president, because they were going to take out the top three people and the secretary of war was next in line.
So that's why there were multiple assassination efforts that historians cover up.
And folks, we're now in that zone, so the caller, we're not being
There's a reason why political betting markets are today saying that it is more likely than not that President Trump will be impeached and face a removal trial.
Because there's an establishment alignment.
People realize now with the disclosure of the whistleblower report and the disclosure of who Hunter Biden was serving with on that board in the Ukrainian company receiving that laundered cash that it was mostly a deep state front group for politically corrupting the government.
And that Trump isn't going to sell out to them.
And we're kicking China's ass and they're just pissed.
Thaddeus, any other points?
No, I just think that we need to be proactive and I think the President needs to execute
They are.
They're heavily involved.
They're bragging about it.
They're funding Hollywood race war films.
I mean, it's public!
Well, it's time for Trump to issue a Paul Revere call to his followers to hear the call and to galley up in order to defeat this deep state coup.
No, I agree.
Everybody needs to take an emergency vacation in Congress.
I mean, I go to Congress all the time and confront the head of Google, head of Facebook, to their face.
And it's all over the news.
And like, no one's there and everyone grovels around them.
Go down there as citizens, be focused, be polite, but be serious.
I mean, I'm telling you.
The head of the Judiciary Committee, with reading fake quotes on the air, and saying Trump said all these things?
A complete fabrication.
He needs to be sanctioned for that.
Oh, absolutely.
What he did was false.
What he did was a violation of Congressional rules.
What he did is far worse than what he got in Nunes.
We've got Bob Barr that started the impeachment on Clinton here with us.
He can lay all this out for us perfectly on the other side.
And he was in the CIA.
He can tell us about the deep state.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
Well, former Congressman Bob Barr rides shotgun.
Myself, Alex Jones, and Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, LibertyGuard.org.
A good conservative member of Congress from Georgia who helped get the impeachment of Bill Clinton kicked off.
I'm not going to go over all of his background.
I don't
is an expert on impeachment like no other.
So how does impeachment work?
Obviously, that's the indictment, I guess, in the House, and I guess the Senate would remove.
I see a lot of the neocon deep state aligned with the Democrats wanting to remove Trump.
We've seen nothing in this unclassified transcript.
We've got another third-party whistleblower who wasn't even there.
We've got the head of the committee, Schiff,
Reading fake transcripts later and being called out on it and saying, well, no one thought that was really real.
I mean, I'm seeing desperation, insanity.
Bob Barr, thanks for joining us.
What would you call the climate we're in right now?
I would call the climate that we're in right now a dramatic example of climate change, to be honest with you.
If you look back, Alex, when you look at the impeachment effort in which we engaged back in 1998 against President Clinton, it was very focused.
It was very professional.
It was very fact-based.
And what we came up with after extensive hearings in the Judiciary Committee were very specific
And expanding on that, we literally
C. Pelosi and her impeachment announcement yesterday say, it doesn't matter, there's nothing there.
We'll just continue on, we'll have six committees.
This is a literal convening six committees to witch hunt.
Well, it's very similar to, of course, what she said a number of years ago with regard to the health care plan.
Well, let's pass it and then we'll see what's in it.
That's what they're trying to do here.
Well, let's impeach and then we'll see what basis there might be for it.
Even in Pelosi's announcement a couple of days ago, though, Alex, they can't quite get it right.
The speaker says, well, we're going to have an impeachment inquiry.
Well, an impeachment inquiry, as you know, and how we handled it back in 1998, is a formal document called an inquiry of impeachment.
It is filed in the House as an open resolution.
It is voted on, and then that sets the parameters for an impeachment inquiry.
We're good to go.
I know you're the expert and are right about that, but what about the fact that we see some Republicans coming out even encouraging this?
I mean, it's made Trump's approval rating go up, but they really do appear to think that they're going to get the ball rolling somehow, wound the president using the term impeachment, and then remove him.
Well, you're always going to have some of those people in the Republican Party.
It's unfortunate, but we do.
We even had some back in the 1998 impeachment inquiry and impeachment process in the House.
We had some squishy Republicans who were wringing their hands, thinking, well, maybe we shouldn't go forward with the impeachment of Clinton.
Well, maybe if he just apologizes, you know, we'll all forgive and forget and go home.
So you're always going to have a few of those.
We have Mitt Romney out there.
But I truly believe that the vast majority of Republicans and indeed the vast majority of the American people
Are going to look at all of this for what it is, simply the Democratic Party, like the boy in the old ace of stable, just falling wolf all the time.
And people are going to get tired of it, which does not mean that they will not actually take a vote for impeachment.
They could very well.
But the term and the process itself now, Alex, has become so political, it doesn't have the meaning or, as they say in Washington, the gravitas that it really should.
Bob Marr, of course, ran the impeachment against Bill Clinton and we had clear-cut things there, but we've never had a president actually removed.
Nixon was driven from office, obviously.
We've had cases where the House, again, basically indicts, but then the Senate doesn't remove.
What would that look like, though?
Because they're not giving up.
And they just keep pushing.
Obviously, somewhere in the future, they think they're going to find something that will get them to vote.
Something there.
But you're right.
Coming in and then misfiring, lying about what's in memos.
I don't know if you saw the chairman of the committee, Schiff, make up what was in the memo and read from a fake memo and then only later admit it was fake.
I mean, this just seems like total insane mental illness.
And quite frankly, it's very frightening to me because I've never seen government act like this, even in third world countries a lot of times.
I have not either.
What we've seen both in the SHIFT Committee and the Judiciary Committee under Chairman Nadler, for example, a couple of weeks ago when the Judiciary Committee passed a resolution beginning an inquiry or an investigation or whatever they called it at the time.
That resolution, if you look at it carefully, violates House rules.
It isn't even consistent with the rules of the House.
So, neither of these committees, nor any of the other committees, really know what they're doing, or maybe they do, and they do it anyway, breaking the rules of the House, for example.
But it bears no legitimate resemblance whatsoever to an impeachable offense, violations of law.
I mean, for heaven's sake, Alex, you look at the memo that the Intelligence Community Inspector General sent to the Director of National Intelligence that got this ball rolling with this so-called whistleblower.
And the inspector general for the intelligence community makes this conclusion that this is an urgent matter and he never even listened to or read the transcript of the phone call.
He was operating on second and third hand hearsay and never even looked at the evidence himself.
Why are they so hysterical?
I mean, Trump's trying to get the economy back.
He's building up the military.
He's trying to stabilize the dollar.
We're a net exporter of energy.
I mean, I think he's been a great president so far.
Why is the system so freaked out, in your view?
Because he is not the system.
He is fighting the system.
He's fighting the establishment.
He's getting things done by going around the establishment.
And that's what upsets so many of these people in government, whether they are second or third or even near top-tier officials in our government.
He's not going to them, asking their permission.
He's not doing things the way they are used to be doing.
So are you saying he's actually really trying to be the chief executive and do what he thinks is best?
He is serving as the chief executive.
He's making decisions.
He's being thwarted, of course, by the courts and also by these so-called deep state operatives that just don't like a president doing things.
Let me ask you this question, and then Bob Barnes is going to pop in with his legal questions.
I know you're both experts in law.
But briefly, what do you think Trump should do?
And then when we come back, what should we do to try to back this off?
Because it's so dangerous and it's getting more hysterical.
It is getting more hysterical.
I mean, the so-called whistleblower says, oh, this implicates the Attorney General.
All the Attorney General has to do, if anything with this, is the President said in the conversation with the Ukrainian President, there is corruption in your country.
We saw evidence of that in the 2016 elections.
Our Attorney General is the person to look into that.
So I'm going to have him call you and talk about this, how to resolve it.
You know, instead of the Democrats coming up and saying, thank you, Mr. Trump, for doing what needs done, we're going to impeach him.
We'll talk about that with former Congressman Bob Barr of LibertyGuard.org.
Helps expose the TSA on their own constitutional actions.
And also BobBarr.org.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is here.
He'll have some questions as well straight ahead.
But I gotta tell you, I got four children.
And the attacks on the press, the attacks on everybody by these people, and how they're getting crazier and crazier, really, really concerns me.
And I'm wondering, how much of this can we put up with?
I mean, what's the recourse?
Yeah, we see President Trump dismantling
The globalist, neocon, leftist model of America taking a back seat and transferring our technology to China and other authoritarian regimes.
We see Trump defending the Second Amendment, decrying communism and socialism.
It was like Ronald Reagan meets George Washington.
Beautiful speech at the U.N.
We're not talking about that.
We're talking about the hysterical moves to impeach the president that we can say, well, they're doing it wrong and they don't have any evidence.
But as Pelosi said, we're just opening up these open-ended witch hunts, six committees that will be all over the news to find something.
Former Congressman Bob Barr, who headed up the impeachment on Clinton, did it properly.
Let me ask you this question, what would you do if you were, I mean obviously you could probably talk to the President, people listen to you, I know the White House tunes in here some, what would you say to the President about what you think he should do to counter and respond to this?
Because there has to be some repercussions, are there any repercussions other than what voters do to this hysterical, out of control, lying Democrat Congress and the media?
To some extent, and not to be flippant about it, what the President should do is to give the Democrats as much rope as they want.
I think the longer they proceed down this path of just this scattershot approach, going after everything the President says, finding an impeachable offense behind every act that the President takes,
Moving forward with this so-called whistleblower report, which is so full of holes that no serious prosecutor would ever give it any credibility.
All of that, I think, is having an effect.
Aside from those squishy Republicans, we've got to watch out for them.
Mitt Romney's out there.
All of this is going to have an effect that ultimately, I think, will rebound to the president's advantage.
His advice, or my advice to him, he certainly wouldn't ask me, would be to keep pressing ahead.
Do not become defensive about this nonsense.
Continue to uncover the corruption, whether it's in the Ukraine or in any other country.
Do what needs to be done to protect America.
That's exactly what he's doing, and he needs to make sure, and people around him need to make sure, they don't get hurt.
I also, by the way, I have to tell you, I was not particularly impressed with the witness before the House Intelligence Committee today.
I don't know the gentleman, but I was not terribly impressed with the way that proceeded.
Yeah, the acting head of National Intelligence.
Robert Barnes, you, last night we were at dinner, and we just filed suit on Young Turks and Mother Jones for lying about us, we have to do it, that's why you're here in town.
And you were saying, no, I think he needs to be confident, move forward, don't get deterred on his mission, exactly what this other smart gentleman just said, Bob Barr.
And I'm like, but we've got Deep State, some of the corrupt elements that are also neocon honing in, and that's why I just, and usually my gut's right, I'm really concerned for Trump, and I'm usually pretty confident.
I just can't help the feeling, now that sounds kind of squishy itself, but just at a gut level, how frothing they are, and how it never stops, and how they've been proven wrong over and over again, and then they never get in trouble.
I just feel like something has to be done to them.
Well, I mean, we talked yesterday about the possibility that this implicated deep state actors involved in Ukrainian corruption.
And Mitt Romney's advisor.
And we didn't know the scope or severity of it until today.
And what was in the OIG report that ultimately was disclosed in part today, the memorandum, what was disclosed in the whistleblower complaint, what was disclosed about the degree and the severity and the scope.
We're good to go.
That they would be unveiling and revealing the scope and severity of corruption and collusion of deep state operatives in various foreign government operations.
That Ukraine is sort of the tip of the spear that reveals the scope and the scale of Obama administration corruption.
So we know a lot of these power players have been doing dirty stuff there for a long time, Bob Barr.
And so I'm not trying to think this is more dangerous than it is, but we are seeing some other players here coming in and putting pressure on Trump.
Are you concerned about that?
It's always something to be concerned about and one has to maintain one's defensives at the same time as one is on the offense, doing what needs to be done, such as the regulatory reforms and making sure that our allies overseas pay their fair share to make sure that we continue to push back against Iran's terrorist efforts.
We need to continue to do that.
But the president needs to defend against these attacks without being defensive.
And there are some things that can be done, Alex.
For example, there are still in many of the different departments of the administration of the government, there still are Obama holdovers.
A number of positions, key positions, including a lot of them that don't require Senate confirmation that still have not been filled by people who are loyal to this administration.
And that's one of Trump's biggest failures is because he points people that say they're going to do the right thing.
They betray him and bring in, like you said, Obama, Hillary people, Soros people.
What would you do?
Because, I mean, the president would listen to you.
You're highly respected.
Who do you think would be somebody that could be trusted to be brought in to actually go through and chop heads off?
Well, I've actually been very impressed with Bill Barr, my namesake.
He and I don't agree on everything.
I have a little different view of some privacy matters, for example, than he does.
But in terms of getting a handle on his department and making sure that it does the right thing for both the law and for this president, I've been very impressed with him.
Couldn't somebody like Whitaker be like a corruption czar, too?
I don't know Whitaker.
I know him by reputation as a fellow former U.S.
I was very impressed with him during his short tenure.
What you need, you need people who have backbone, who know the law.
I tell you, even though he's not a lawyer, I was very impressed with Corey Lewandowski and his appearance last week.
That's the sort of personality we need in positions.
Not that he, as I say, he's not a lawyer.
Sure, but it's that type of getting on the offense and tearing them up.
He stood his ground.
He did not allow them to push him around.
And he said what needed to be said.
That was missing today.
You can't go up to the Hill with an adverse opposition Congress
And be defensive and try and think through every single thing that you're saying.
Yeah, flounder around.
You need to know what you're saying, you need to be firm, and we just didn't see that happen today.
There were so many times this morning where I wanted to reach into the TV screen.
That acting director needs to be removed, I agree.
He did not come off well.
Well, we really appreciate your time, we really appreciate the work you've been doing.
In just 20 seconds left, gut level, Trump gets re-elected, we turn the country around.
Are you gut level feeling good though?
I do, and I also know that if we don't, I don't know that we can ever regain it.
But the more the Democrats do what they did today and what they've been doing for months on end, the better Trump turns out.
I agree.
Thank you so much, former Congressman Barr.
Thank you so much.
The websites are LibertyGuard.org and BobBarr.org.
Great sites.
Check them out.
Thank you for the time, sir.
We'll be back with your phone calls, I promise, with Robert Barnes.
Straight ahead, I'm Alex Jones.
Check it out.
Welcome back.
Robert Barnes is my guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're going right to your phone calls, ladies and gentlemen.
And then I'm going to play some more clips from Trump's speech a couple days ago that we haven't gotten to that's just so important because really what the Democrats are doing is distracting us from the positive things that are happening.
And I agree with you a day ago thinking this is going to blow up in their face.
And I agree with
Bob Barr as well, except, as you're now saying, the deep state is really threatened, and if they don't start getting in some trouble, they're just so arrogant they want control where presidents are these kept creatures that they dominate, that they run.
And that's been the problem because they've been bought off by the CHICOMS and others.
These people are literally anti-American spies brokering our demise.
And they are the number one enemy of this country.
I mean, they're just a bunch of entitled scum.
Trump needs to double down on deep state corruption and collusion and investigating it in Ukraine, wherever it leads.
Trump needs to double down on preventing the Chai Kom model from becoming the world's model of economic, social, and cultural power.
Trump needs to double down on the degree to which big tech is trying to censor and suppress voices and speech and prevent his audience from being heard and his audience from hearing him.
And Trump needs to double down on deep state investigation and prosecution in the case of Andrew McCabe and others.
Attorney General Barr needs to deliver.
He first delivered by preventing Robert Mueller from continuing to run amok.
The deep state has now found their backup plan, which is the Democratic House, and the Democratic House acting as their front operation for this impeachment effort that really is about protecting their own institutional corruption and interest and prerogatives against the president's elected political power.
We're good.
But on top of that, and in addition to it, they need to meaningfully, thoroughly, completely make sure the Deep State starts to face real consequence for their corruption and collusion with a meaningful prosecution and indictment of Andrew McCabe.
There's already been a referral to prosecute him from the Inspector General, the Obama-appointed Inspector General of the Department of Justice.
There's already been a referral from the U.S.
Attorney in Washington, D.C.
There's already been approval from the criminal section chief of the Department of Justice entirely, the number two to William Barr.
Barr has approved it.
It's time to indict.
It's time that there be consequences for the criminal activities and the illicit actions of these high-ranking Obama Administration appointees who corrupted the Department of Justice, corrupted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, corrupted the National Security Agency,
Corrupted our intelligence apparatus.
Corrupted our Five Eyes relationships in the UK and Australia to try to do a political hit job and spy operation on President Trump and those aligned and allied with President Trump.
And this is now Deep State Coup Part 2.
The Deep State through the Democratic House trying to take out the President, scare the President, terrorize the President, intimidate the President, threaten the President, obstruct justice on their own accord by preventing a full meaningful investigation into their corruption and collusion with Democratic Party.
That's incredible.
They're going for broke and we've got to raise the alarm.
It's why they've been shutting everybody down ahead of this.
They don't want to let him have the election.
I'm guaranteeing you folks, like I told you, that he would win and we were right about that and so much other things.
I can see it in their eyes.
Even if it's destructive, even though it ends up destroying them in the process.
The Chi-Coms, the EU, the globalists are funding all of this from the outside.
They don't care if the Democrats end up destroying themselves.
That's even better.
They're wrecking the country.
This is 21st century warfare.
Fifth generational warfare.
Sixth generational warfare.
And it's happening.
And we have to recognize it and go back to choosing a side.
Are we for America or globalism?
And it's old primitive systems that defend you against
Fifth dimensional warfare.
Fifth generational warfare.
That confuse and manipulate and amalgamate.
You just choose a side.
You back it to the hill.
That defeats the enemy.
It's so simple.
We know Trump's for real.
We know the globalists are pure evil.
And folks, better get serious and better get aggressive because there's so many men out there.
I'm not blaming you if you want to play golf.
Watch the football games.
But you better spend some real time getting in politicians' faces and acting like a man.
You better spend some time going to city council and school board.
You better spend some time running for office.
We're gonna lose it all!
Okay, and the globalists are pure evil.
It's not like just some new system's taking us over.
They are the worst control freaks ever.
Let's go to phone calls.
Rest of the hour.
Then I'm going to go into the next hour, 15 minutes, to take all these calls, and then we've got an expert on Ukraine coming on, who's going to take over Lee Stranahan.
Let's talk to Laura, who's been holding the longest here.
Let's talk to Laura in Alabama, then Lee in Texas.
Laura, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Thank you so much for all you do for all of us.
I would like to
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I mean, we've got all these great products, but that's how we fund ourselves, so thank you.
And look, if Hillary
If he hadn't had 30-something lawsuits filed on us, we'd have had plenty of money.
But this is a war.
We've gotten 20-something of them thrown out, thanks to Barnes and some of the other great lawyers.
But it's been one hell of a war.
And I'm not a victim.
We expected all of this.
It's just we need the financial support, and then we'll continue on without backing down.
But Laura, you wanted to get into why they're attacking Trump so much.
So I think it's all tied into the speed as well.
I think it's all tied into the speech he gave at the United Nations.
So the speed is, because here's Nancy Pelosi doddering around for two and a half years, not bringing in charges against President Trump.
And then all of a sudden, before even information is released, done in such an incredible speed, it doesn't even make sense.
She, you know, brings these impeachment charges or is attempting to.
My thinking is, and I want to know what you guys think, I think that it's because he walked into the UN, which I think the globalists think of as their house, their place, their domain.
He walked in and he had a message of strength, individualism.
Individualism and coming to countries, as well as individualism itself, telling these other leaders to lift up their own people, lift up their own economies, their own countries.
It's not collectivism, and that's what the globalists want.
They want collectivism.
They want the U.S.
to just follow their lead.
And Obama spent eight years essentially demoting us on the world stage, apologizing, demoting.
And I think they want America to kind of take a back seat now and kind of fade back.
And Trump is like, uh-uh, that's not happening.
And I think when he walked in and said the words he said, at that point they were like, move.
I want to get Bob's take on that, but we're starting a show every other weekend, and soon it'll be every weekend, that some of our best callers, and so please give us your name and number if you'd like to be, you know, every week, every couple weeks, whenever you want to do it, one of those co-hosts with us.
We're going to start syndicating it on the TV and the radio satellites very, very soon.
I've only done one edition of it, but we're going to start it soon and have guest hosts every week.
But Laura, incredibly good points.
Love your voice as well.
Very soothing, but you're absolutely on target.
They were like a...
Beehive that was already kind of buzzing and upset.
But as soon as he gave that speech, they went into hysteria because the real issues are being brought out.
And if people ever start talking about how foreign unelected bodies run us, it's game over.
So Laura, please call again.
Great points.
No doubt about it.
The President's continued commitment to doing what he was elected to do to challenge deep state corruption and collusion involving various foreign governments and foreign operations and using those foreign governments and infiltrating those foreign governments and operations to undermine American democracy and undermine American elections is why this is here.
This is solely because the President is keeping his word and the President is doing his job that they are threatening now to impeach him, threatening now to remove him, threatening now to take him out.
And threatening everyone around him.
Don't forget that.
Thank you so much, Laura.
Amazing caller.
Greg, Lee, Chris, Adam, Nick, Jesse, Charles.
We're getting to all of you.
And Lee Stranahan's coming up.
Infowars.com forward slash show or band.videos where you find all the feeds and share them.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is riding shotgun with us.
We're going back to your calls.
Into the next hour, we're going to play a few more of these Trump clips from that amazing speech.
But there's another big article that we'll be talking about more on The War Room today, and then with Will Johnson and Tom Papert on Firepower tonight at 7 o'clock Central.
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He's saying kill children.
And they had Democrats say that.
I've sued one of them, and that's how they took me off.
No proof.
Just, he's saying on your platform, kill children.
Total lies.
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Very dangerous.
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Well, and a lot of our listeners, I'm not kissing their butt, it's true, know more than I do about a lot of subjects, but you know we're going to be out there fighting like vicious piranhas.
I mean, we're just constantly just, just, just, believe me, this didn't work for us.
We know how able the globalists are.
We're ready to fight.
But you gotta keep us in the game, so I thank you.
Okay, who's been holding the longest now?
Is it Lee?
Then we'll go to Charles, and then we'll go to Nick and Greg.
Charles, thanks for holding.
You're awesome from St.
Welcome, sir.
Hey, boss.
How you doing?
I'm doing all right, man.
We're hanging in there, but it's getting crazy.
Yeah, I know how it is.
Hey, I just want to tell you, I'm really glad you're going after the Young Turks and everything, man.
I'm really glad about that.
Sir, I have to.
I mean, when people say you're basically a child pornographer, or they say you're saying kill kids, you gotta sue them.
You ain't lying.
I think it's a good thing you're doing it.
I do love the products, the B12.
I'm a truck driver, so you know I love the Turbo Force.
And then I take on top of it, Brain Force.
It makes me stay alert all day.
My one question is, where do you guys think this is gonna go after this?
If they actually are able to impeach Trump, don't they realize that the American people are still going to vote Trump in?
That's another good point.
I'm still going to vote for Trump.
I don't care what they do.
How does that work legally?
So legally, the impeachment process is the first process.
But wouldn't that impeach this election?
He could just run again.
Oh, I mean, there's no question.
I mean, if they try to remove him, that wouldn't prevent him from running for president.
So it doesn't prevent the election, even if they try to successfully remove him.
I hadn't thought of that.
They could nullify this election and he just gets elected again.
Right, exactly.
Ooh, we should start that movement.
If you impeach, we re-elect.
Oh yeah, no doubt about it.
I love the callers.
Please continue, sir.
I agree.
You know, we'll re-elect no matter what.
What should the hashtag be?
I mean, something to the effect of, they can't really remove him.
If they remove, we re-elect, he's right back into power.
There's got to be a short, like, re-elect no matter what?
Something like that.
The removal doesn't stop re-election.
Legally, it doesn't preclude it whatsoever.
So it's up to the people to continue to maintain and sustain their support of the president because it's the true fuel for the Trump revolution.
It's the true firewall against the deep state efforts.
Anything else, Lee?
Uh, this is Charles.
I'm sorry, Charles.
I'm brain dead today.
I said go to Lee, they went to Charles.
I'm all over the map.
Sorry, Charles.
It's Charles, Louisiana.
Next is Lee.
I apologize.
Hey, I just wanted to give a shout out to my brother.
He's a big InfoWars listener.
We've been listening to you guys for 15 years.
That's Gary at Warner Truck Driving.
Well, that's awesome, brother.
Let me ask you this at a gut level.
Yeah, what's up?
Can you believe, Charles and St.
Louis, how crazy they are, though, and that they won't stop, and how much they get caught lying now?
I mean, I can't even believe it now.
I think they're trying to start a war, but they don't realize, you know, they keep trying to take our guns away, you know.
I kind of built up, I don't know what happened, I have this whole, like, cash that's, like, nowhere, but somewhere.
I dare them to take my guns, come take them.
They keep on doing this shit.
They keep on doing it.
Pardon my French.
They keep on doing this stuff.
They don't realize the American people ain't going to go for it.
No, I agree.
They're honest to God, true blood Americans.
The military, the soldiers, our police officers, our firemen.
We ain't going for it.
That's right.
They've tried to weaken the country, but they haven't done it.
They've neutralized some people and taken them out of the game, but they're still a hardcore group of Americans that are huge and that are really a silent majority that aren't putting up with it.
Thank you, Charles.
Okay, now Lee in Texas.
Lee, I'm starting to get the names wrong.
Go ahead, Lee.
Hey, that's all right, man.
How are y'all doing today?
Good, brother.
So what do you think's really going on here?
Well, first of all, and what Charles said, how about hashtag RemoveReelect?
Short, sweet, to the point.
Hashtag RemoveReelect?
There we go.
Hey, first I want to tell you, man, how much your products have changed my life.
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I know silver works, so what would gold do?
Yeah, you found it.
The tip of the spear.
That means we're pretty ragtag here, but the truth overrides a big mountain of lies.
Robert Barnes riding shotgun with his Lee Stranahan, tagging over in about 15 minutes, but I want to get to your calls.
We're going to go to Lee, then we're going to go to Chris, then Greg's a vet, ex-police officer, says this is going to start a civil war.
I think that's what they're trying to do.
Talk to him in about five minutes.
But Lee in Texas, interesting about the atomic gold.
Now, let's get into your view on this impeachment hysteria.
I think they have no choice but to impeach.
I think you're dealing with a criminal syndicate whose back is against the wall.
They know heads are gonna roll if Trump's able to stay in office and actually execute justice.
I mean, I think that's it, Bob, like you've been saying.
It doesn't make sense, it's reckless, it's crazy, but that's what criminals do when they're cornered.
No doubt about it.
It is the only way that they can threaten both the President of the United States, different people in the administration who would be interested in actually meaningfully investigating this.
They're trying to send a message, if you really indict McCabe, if you really investigate- We can defeat you.
Or at a minimum, we'll try to remove you, we'll try to threaten, we'll try to get people fired, we'll try to get people removed.
So this is about them enforcing their will?
It's maintaining their leverages and levers of power against the president's elected power.
It is proof that the deep state is real and exists.
And it's really amazing that Trump hasn't backed down and has done so much good.
I mean, we actually got a good president that's battling.
This is crazy.
Well yeah, he has a fearless backbone and that is critical and essential, but he himself, by himself, cannot sustain and maintain his power.
His power comes from the people, it comes from the public.
He's gotta go after Silicon Valley, which he said he'd do in this speech at the UN, he better do it.
Anything else, Lee?
Justice be done, may the heavens fall.
That's a good point, thank you sir, God bless you.
Alright, Chris in Chicago, then Greg and others.
Chris, you're on the air, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, I don't disrespect with the previous guest, but
I'm sorry, but Attorney General Barr, I think, is the reason he was confirmed so easily and no one was raising hell about it, is I think he's there to put the knife into Trump, to be honest with you.
Another point is, you know, Paul Craig Roberts and you guys were covering this back in 2014, and it was always interesting to me why Ukraine was such a big deal, but I think essentially
Everybody in the deep state has benefited financially from that.
Sure, they always use a war zone, proxy zone to line pockets.
Oh, no doubt about that.
And I understand the concern about Attorney General Barr.
The Attorney General Barr's association and affiliation with establishment political interests goes back many decades.
And that's why there was concern by some... He's there to protect the deep state by not going to war with Trump.
That's the smart third rail.
I mean, I agree with you, but the crazy deep state thinks they can beat everybody.
Go ahead and finish your point, then I'm going to get...
No, but I mean, Ukraine, you look back at all that article by Paul Craig Robertson, it's great, I was just reading it again, the looting of Ukraine has begun, they talked, you know, Victoria Nuland phone call, you know, all this stuff that we don't
Can't remember last week, we're not going to remember 2014, but it's all been there.
And the whole phone call that got intercepted, screw the EU, screw Russia.
We ought to get Roberts back on, he was dead on about that.
Oh, no doubt about it.
I mean, you look at Attorney General Barr, he may in fact be sincere, we're going to find out.
That's why he needs to take action against Hadrian McCabe, to show his authenticity.
Because I think when he came in, he viewed what the Deep State was doing was dangerous to the Republic, dangerous to democracy, dangerous... He doesn't have an institutional problem with their apparatus.
He has a problem with their particular ideological power-enriching approach that they currently have that's reckless and dangerous for the United States and for the world.
And so we'll see if he takes meaningful action, because now he will be presented with a direct, clear, clean opportunity to do so.
And so if he does so, then he can help change the equation.
Trump needs to double down.
Barr needs to double down.
They need to continue to make the fight.
And they need their audience, their base, to continue to provide the key viable.
The threat is the out-of-control globalist left.
And even the old establishment's got to know that now.
And all we're saying is, stabilize the country.
Stop it.
This is insane.
Final point.
Go ahead, Chris.
Yes, sir.
Romney is the right in the false left-right paradigm.
And, you know, I think they're like, if this guy goes down, we're done.
And one other note, real quick.
These guys will burn Joe Biden, that fool, that idiot, that babbling, nonsensical twit.
They will burn him down quicker than anything if they can get to Trump this way.
I mean, this is how desperate they've gotten.
Exactly, because this will destroy him.
And it even ties to Obama and others.
They're playing with fire.
Great points.
Thank you so much.
We'll be back with a few more calls with Greg, Nick, Adam, and Jesse.
And then Lee Stranahan takes over for a deep look at the Ukraine looting.
Stay with us.
We can see for miles and miles and miles.
I want to tell the establishment that.
Once people are awake to globalism and corporate corruption and how these inside deals work, the naivete of America that we've had since the 50s is gone.
And we didn't have the naivete 240 years ago, that's why we created the country.
So, the season of awakening, all of the world's here, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
In fact, you could try to go with it and survive, but you're not going to.
So fill your hand, as they say.
You're going to lose.
And you can see the rotting edifice of the establishment.
It's frightening, knowing how reckless they are.
Greg in Texas, a former veteran and police officer, this is the beginning of a civil war.
And I think that's what they want.
I think they realize they have to wreck the West to get control.
China's sitting back funding it, along with others.
Where do you see all this going?
I think Civil War, they've already kicked it off.
This just shows it right here.
They've already gone hot without firing a bullet.
It's already been done legalese-wise.
They've gone after you.
They've gone after us through social media.
You can see it all around the country.
Portland and wherever, they attack us.
You're making some good points, but just back off your phone a little bit for me.
He's a little muffled.
I apologize.
No, no, no, it's okay.
Are you kidding?
My phone sounds like crap.
Let me just say this.
I used to bash cops when they were bad, and I still do, but I always noticed it went viral, and I didn't realize until later that Google was taking stuff that wasn't even true about police and putting it out.
Not that police are perfect and the government's got a lot of problems, but
Well, I've seen that used against police.
Social media cut off for us.
You say certain things on social media and they just cut you off.
Oh, exactly.
It's AI controlling.
You can't say anything positive to rebut, just like you've always been saying.
And then you look at Congress that does nothing to help us, and now you see what they're doing to attack full stream.
It's going, this is the hot phase without even firing a bullet.
Exactly, it's total information takeover.
I'm going to go back to you in a minute, Greg McBarnes.
We call it censorship, but it's a bunch of cartels that spy on us actively now in text messages.
It won't let me send all these things they think are politically incorrect.
It's not even politically incorrect stuff, but it's down to like
Microaggression level stuff.
They're putting in the algorithm for all communication to be controlled right now, and it's all organized, and it's pure evil, and as the caller says, Congress is doing nothing.
Well, it's very much information control and it's thought control.
So, I mean, that's ultimately the objective and the goal.
That's what suppression and censorship of information and expansion is all about.
And they're trying to scare people and terrorize people into not sharing their own information, not sharing their own intel, to be afraid of who's spying on them.
Frequently the point and purpose of spying isn't necessarily to gain intelligence and information, as it is to intimidate, to coerce, and to threaten people into not sharing information, into not supporting InfoWars, into not being part of their local community, of being afraid to talk about what they believe, to share what they believe, to express what they believe.
It's sort of the panopticon come to real life through modern technology.
Big tech has allowed sort of old science fiction theories to become everyday modern-day reality because they're able to control, cabin, direct, and channel what people say, what people think, but most importantly what people feel free to say, what people feel free to share, what people feel free to support.
So it's basically self-censorship is what they want to induce through this culture of suppression.
Psychologically, if you bring something in with an ambient background until it goes to a boil, people will adopt it.
They will consciously not be aware of it, but they will adapt to being slaves.
Oh yeah, when I was at Yale I did a long study on Hollywood culture and mainstream culture and why they try to demonize both African American culture
Jump to more calls.
Thank you.
Greg, anything else?
Yes, sir.
You know, you can see it with the Congress, with making up their own version of reality with Ukrainian calls.
You know, they say what they do.
The ship is made up of fake transcripts.
Completely fake transcripts.
A fake conversation that never occurred.
That the mainstream media is repeating.
So where is that going, Greg?
They've already fired the first shot with the war.
They don't care what the outcome is.
They have already decided they are going to remove Trump, in my belief.
Instead, look at the first civil war.
They fired the first shots without even firing a shot in the first civil war.
And here's the deal.
Trump's just the drawbridge to get to us.
They blow him out of the way, it's God Almighty.
Exactly right.
Now, I love all your products, guys.
I love it.
I love what you're doing.
Mr. Barnes, Mr. Jones, I love what you guys do.
You fight for us.
I take, as also a disabled vet, I love the bodies.
It's taking me off some pain stuff.
And I love that stuff to death with the bodies.
My wife uses products as well.
The knockout for nighttime relief.
It's amazing stuff.
I really do love it.
If I if I have to hook up the happy's intravenously to get through this, the coming events, I'm going to have to do it.
Well, God bless you.
The thing about DNA Force 2 is it's been proven it can regrow nerves and do things.
The problem is if you've had injuries, it'll hurt worse while it's healing for about a month.
That's something you can actually make claims on, the PQQ, the CoQ10.
We're out of time, Greg.
God bless you and thanks for the support.
Without you, we wouldn't be here and we really appreciate you out there.
I'll get all these great callers.
I want to get to all of them.
We're almost out of time.
Who's been holding longest now?
Nick in Michigan, then Jesse and Adam.
Go ahead, Jesse.
Jesse, go ahead in Tennessee.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, good afternoon.
Thank you so much for just being consistent and being strong and being a voice.
We're in this together, brother.
Thank you.
And I just want to give you a shout out.
I'm really enjoying my super blue toothpaste.
I've been ordering it every month for about three or four months now, and I got the whole family using it.
Great product.
It's concentrated.
It doesn't have any fillers in it.
Oh, it makes your mouth fresh all day long.
Like chewing gum.
Thank you.
Most of his face is just silicate.
It's a bunch of sand.
We don't have that.
Yeah, I know it.
Anyways, I'm calling in reference to this so-called bleaker, or as pencil-neck Adam Schiff wants to call him, whistleblower.
I just think it's strange, the whole Kellyanne Conway thing, the Conways in general, and then her husband, who's bad-mouthing the President all the time.
It's odd to me that you have someone like her working for the President that's so close to him.
I don't know.
I don't think you can quote serve two masters like that and I'm just telling you I mean I don't trust Conway at all.
I'll just say that.
You want to comment on that?
I mean there's no question that her husband has caused substantial problems for her.
There's undermined her political career.
I mean there are stories in DC that she during the campaign did not say
Conway is a moron!
Yes, I mean, she's a politically skilled propagandist, but her degree of commitment to Trump is deeply in question.
Thank you, Jesse.
Adam, Nick, we've got a huge guest coming on, an expert on Ukraine.
Both of you guys are about this.
I'm going to ask Stranahan to take your calls, if you wish.
And I really respect you callers, but I got to a lot of them, I can't get to you.
But I'll be back tomorrow, Lord willing, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
You've got the War Room coming up with Owen Schroer in 45 minutes.
Then you've got Firepower 7 to 9 with Will Johnson and Tom Pappard doing a great job.
Band.Video is where you can find the live shows and our archives.
We're adding more and more reports and more and more.
Mike Adams is adding his reports.
We're going to have hundreds of contributors very, very soon at Band.Video.
We're building out the infrastructure and taking the money you give us to build that infrastructure.
So thank you all.
Barnes, you've done a great job spending so much time with us and getting that lawsuit filed on the Young Turks.
Thanks to the great crew.
But coming up is Lee Stranahan, and I think you'll probably want to take those calls as well.
So he'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hey there, everybody.
How you doing?
My name is Lee Stranahan.
I am an investigative reporter, and I host a radio show called Fault Lines with Nixon and Stranahan that you can find on my Periscope or on my Twitter.
My Twitter, by the way, is at Stranahan.
I want to make sure I got a lot of stuff to tell you.
I will tell the InfoWars audience right now, this is a story I've been working on for about three years, about the fake Russiagate story, and specifically about the collusion of the Democrats, traitorous Republicans like John McCain,
The Deep State.
When I say the Deep State, I want to define who I mean.
The CIA, like the whistleblower we had.
It's not really a whistleblower.
We'll talk about that in a second.
But this is a story I've been working on for about three years, so it's very, very interesting to see the cover-up going on right now.
But I want to make sure we get to the callers who have been so patiently holding.
Let's start by going to Nick in Michigan.
Hey Nick, how you doing?
I appreciate you guys taking my call.
Basic about it, maybe not even say anything new, but just my perspective.
I can't really compare what Trump's going through right now to John Kennedy.
By 1963, with all the enemies he'd kind of crossed at that point, all the big oil figures, CIA, etc., etc., across the world that he had crossed and made enemies with.
And looking at the next election, maybe it's almost the same thing, that he had garnered a level of
Popularity that he was gonna win the election without, you know, any opposition, really.
So, going the same route they went with what they did.
But now, seeing what we're seeing, maybe this is all the Democrats slash deep state can do, is go this route.
Like, I know Trump, like John F. Kennedy, had a level of momentum behind him going into the election that's almost unstoppable in a way, if you look at it.
And, um, I don't know, it's just my take of this that there is something to do.
Hey Nick, I gotta tell you, I think that is a very astute take.
Let me, I was actually thinking, it's very funny you mentioned that.
If you believe in coincidences, and I don't, but if you believe in coincidences, I was just thinking about this exact point as I was getting ready for the show about an hour ago.
I will tell you.
I do not think our republic has been in as great danger from the deep state and specifically the CIA and now the elements that are still loyal in the CIA to John Brennan, and I'll talk about him in a second, as we have been since prior to the JFK assassination.
If you know the history of that, Nick, and it sounds like you do, but for people who may not be as familiar with it,
JFK warned about the dangers of the CIA about a month in the New York Times.
A report came out that JFK was very worried about the CIA and that happened a month before he was taken out in Dallas.
So I actually think you make an excellent point and thanks a lot for the call.
Let me talk about, I'm going to talk about some of that stuff in just a second.
Let's go to a final call.
Thanks so much for holding by the way.
Adam in Florida, go ahead, you're on.
Thanks for taking my call, Lee.
I just wanted three really quick points.
First off, there's a story by ABC that was kind of, I think it came out in July.
About kind of how he snubbed a reporter about his implications, you know, with China having his vice presidency bought out for $1.5 billion and his dealings with his son in Ukraine.
Did you see that report?
Because I was so surprised that they actually did some honest reporting and it was really provocative and I'm surprised I haven't really seen it being pushed more by people on, you know, Trump's, you know, side or whatever.
And then, you know, I have a couple other real quick things.
Well, I've seen a number of those reports.
Let me talk about your general point, then let me let you hit it real quick on the next point, because I have a lot of material to cover, Adam.
I want to make sure I'm able to get to it all.
But yes, let me talk about the general point.
People need to understand they are being
Fed a massive misinformation and disinformation campaign by people trying to cover up this coup that all centers around Ukraine.
It centers about the fake Russiagate narrative.
And I'm going to explain the details, the deep background on that in a second.
But here's the key.
Exactly what you said.
You can find the truth out there.
In fact, one of the stories I'm going to bring up right away is from a source called Politico, you may have heard of.
Politico is a mainstream, you know, mainstream political publication.
It is not a red-pilled political publication at all.
And the reporters who worked on the story I'm going to talk about, Ken Vogel, he works in New York Times now, he's on the left.
But, the story I'm about to point everybody to came out in January 2017, before the inauguration.
The story is called, Ukraine Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire.
You're seeing it right now.
I urge every American to look at this article.
There's some BS in it.
But this is a well-reported article, and you wouldn't expect it coming from Politico or Ken Vogel or David Stern.
Now, by the way, here's just an interesting trivia thing before I get to the rest of your call, Nick.
Adam, forgive me.
Before I get to the rest of your call, here's an interesting trivia thing.
My radio co-host, Garland, did a search this morning for Ken Vogel Ukraine.
He got a different result on Google than on DuckDuckGo.
You're familiar with DuckDuckGo.
On Google, the top search result that he got said, Ken Vogel under fire for repeating Ukraine lies or something like that.
On DuckDuckGo, it showed that article from Politico.
So isn't it very, very interesting the way the new cyber information war continues against us?
Hey, but I want to make sure you get to your point.
Adam, what else you got?
I only got a couple minutes left in this segment.
Well, this is the main point.
I've seen kind of with the transcript coming out now with no illicit quid pro quo, they are now dissecting Trump's words as if it was Bible and, you know, a manuscript.
And they are going through and looking for, as Judge Napolitano said, code words.
And you'll also see Adam Schiff, House Intel, saying that he—it reads like a mafia boss shakedown.
So now you're going to see an emerging talking point in the media that Trump's talking in code words.
You're going to see Michael Cohen invoked like he's some kind of truth teller when he's a lying piece of trash.
And how Trump, oh he talks in code.
You just gotta understand, when he says you look at your tie, it's nice.
You know, yeah, I know exactly what he said.
So it's garbage and I'm not gonna hear it.
And Napolitano, I don't know what, why he's mad he didn't get his little Supreme Court nomination.
But that guy has turned to the dark side.
I unfollowed Judge Napolitano last night after exactly what you're saying.
Adam, let me ask you, let me just ask you one question before we go to break here.
Is Donald Trump known for his subtlety?
Just ask yourself that question.
Donald Trump, one of the reasons people love Donald Trump is that he's blunt, right?
If he doesn't like you, you know it, right?
If you work for him and he doesn't like you.
This idea that Donald Trump suddenly develops subtle code words rather than if he wanted
Look, I want you to investigate Biden, which you should, by the way.
In fact, I'll tell you the big problem, and you hinted at it, and we'll get to it after the break here.
The problem is, Trump is surrounded by traitors.
He's starting to realize it.
You saw it today.
I'm going to go into the history after we get to the break here, and I'm going to talk about the history of traitors and the history that they're not telling you.
That's coming up right after the break here on InfoWars.
Stay tuned, everybody.
Hey there, everybody.
How are you doing?
Good afternoon.
We come to you on a very, very important day, I would say.
As you know,
So-called whistleblower report.
It is not a whistleblower report.
This is what I call the deep state report.
We got breaking headlines, by the way, just in the past hour or so.
The New York Times and others are reporting
That we now know who the whistleblower is.
We don't have a name, but it's a CIA agent who was in the White House.
And this is very, very important.
Donald Trump said earlier today he thinks the person who did it is the equivalent of a spy.
And in fact, let's go over this.
Yes, in fact, they are a spy because they work for the CIA.
But they're also a spy because they gave the contents of a privileged phone call with a world leader
And wrote up, and it looks to me like if this report, I'm sure you guys have looked at the report on this, this report looks like it was written by a committee to me.
It's a very detailed report with a lot of footnotes and what I want to talk to you about, and by the way I'm just going to do a quick plug here, I'm going to mention that I have a website populist.tv and we have a free newsletter that you can sign up for over there.
I'm going to start doing a podcast about this DNC Ukraine story.
I'm going to keep the episodes
to 5 or 15 minutes and you can sign up for free for that because this is a very big story.
Now, let me talk about the way crime works in general and the way criminals hide their tracks, right?
One common technique, if you're like, let's say accused of murder, is you start to lie about the timeline.
In other words, that the police know that the murder happened at 1230, right?
You want to make sure that you say you were somewhere else at 1230.
Maybe you can say, oh, you know, I was at home.
I didn't get there till 1245.
Now, in just that way, I'm going to expose for you the lies in the timeline in this deep state report, the so-called whistleblower report.
Now, one of the things that this is about, it's very clear what's been going on.
Is that they're trying to cover up the DNC Ukrainian election interference and collusion.
And I pointed to an article from Politico that came out in January 2017.
And that article has a lot of the essentials that I'm going to tell you about.
Now, this is very significant because this article came out again, mainstream source, not a Trump supporter source at all.
And it was a well-reported story that interviewed key people and discussed the Ukrainian
DNC collusion and interference in the 2016 election.
Now, the guy you see right there, that's Petro Poroshenko.
Who is Petro Poroshenko?
He is the former leader of the Ukraine, and he was not elected.
He was installed, basically.
He was put into place.
They may have had a sham kangaroo election somewhere in the middle there.
But you remember back in 2013 and 2014,
If you were watching the news at all, you heard about the marvelous uprising in Ukraine where the citizens were all getting together.
It was like an Occupy Wall Street style protest.
It was called the Madan, right?
And it was in Kiev, Ukraine.
And it was people rising up against corruption, right?
And supposedly what they were worried about
Was how Poroshenko might go with, not Poroshenko, forgive me, Yanukovych at the time.
Viktor Yanukovych was the leader of Ukraine.
And everyone got together.
Now, a few things they didn't tell you.
That entire spectacle was funded by billionaire Hillary Clinton donor George Soros.
He's got a NGO, a non-government organization, called International Renaissance.
And they don't hide that this is George Soros.
If you go to the International Renaissance website, you'll see they make reference to George Soros right
On the front page of the website.
So there's no question that International Renaissance was behind this.
And let me mention one other billionaire oligarch like Soros, but you may not have heard of him.
This is a guy named Victor Pinchuk.
Victor Pinchuk shows that Victor Pinchuk is the billionaire
We're good to go.
He donated $35 million, I'm going to say that again, $35 million to the Clinton Foundation.
And so between Pinchuk and Soros, who gave I think about $8 million in 2015 directly to a pro-Hillary PAC, right?
Directly to Hillary.
Between Pinchuk and Soros, these two billionaires were funding, along with the Clinton State Department,
Because they set this whole thing up when she came in in 2012.
They funded the Madone coup.
Now this was, make no mistake about it, this was a coup.
And if you want to really learn a lot about this, I'm going to recommend a film called Ukraine on Fire.
There's a sequel coming out next week called Revealing Ukraine that I'm in.
But watch this film Ukraine on Fire.
Now I'm going to be honest with you.
I didn't know anything about this Ukraine stuff at all until I started investigating this story.
I didn't realize how the wool had been pulled over my eyes.
I thought, okay, well, people, it's a standard uprising.
But if you're an InfoWars watcher, you probably heard of the idea of color revolutions, right?
They did the orange revolution, and Soros is a master at this, okay?
Now, and Ukraine on Fire lays out everything.
Now, it's important to note, by the way, one of the main people, the point man, in fact, on Ukraine was none other than Joe Biden.
In fact, Obama sort of let Joe Biden handle it.
And one of the reasons is that Joe Biden, and this may or may not shock you, but Joe Biden has deep connections with a Russian oligarch.
No, it's not Putin.
You've been lied to about Putin.
This is a guy named Khodorkovsky.
And the thing I want to point you to is a Senate resolution called Senate Resolution 322.
If you know anything about secret societies, it's easy enough to find.
Because 322, of course, is coincidentally the secret number of the Skull and Bones Society.
But Senate Resolution 322
In 2006 is a you can look it up on the Congress's website.
It's about Khodorkovsky.
Now, who is Khodorkovsky?
During the 90s after the fall of the Soviet Union, Khodorkovsky made billions and he bought a bank.
We're good to go.
Because MENETIP was used for money laundering.
Now, if you look up Senate Resolution 322, what you'll find is that bill was sponsored by none other than Joe Biden.
In fact, he's the only sponsor for it.
So Biden backed Khodorkovsky.
And Khodorkovsky has links with Soros.
And I'm going to talk about another link here to the Open World Leadership Center.
Just remember that name for a little bit.
We'll talk about it after the break.
Here's what's fascinating about this bill, Senate Resolution 322, is the co-sponsors.
It's not just that Joe Biden is the sponsor.
This bill had two co-sponsors.
Now remember, this is 2006.
Do you want to guess who the two co-sponsors are?
Do you want to see how your government has been subverted by people like this guy, Khodorkovsky, by people like Biden?
The two co-sponsors were Barack Obama and John McCain.
And again, don't take my word for it.
Go look it up.
You'll see.
The two co-sponsors in 2006 were the two people who ran for president in 2008.
In other words, no matter who you voted for in 2008, you were essentially voting for a pro-Khodorkovsky person.
Now, this is important because Khodorkovsky was jailed by Vladimir Putin because the guy was trying to buy the government.
And Putin was trying to put a stop to the mess that these oligarchs made.
Russia in the 1990s was a disaster.
People were starving.
And it's all due to the Clinton administration and people like Larry Summers.
You may remember him.
Larry Summers was the Treasury Secretary and he was the point guy on Russia, former president of Harvard.
By the way, close friend of Jeffrey Epstein, just coincidentally.
So all of this in the 1990s led to that Madan coup.
And right after the break, I'm going to get into more of the timeline and the shocking truth that you can look up for yourself, you can't possibly deny it, but that the deep state and the media do not want you to know.
We've got more coming up right after this break.
You're watching InfoWars.
My name's Lee Stranahan.
Hey there, everyone again.
I want to thank Alex Jones and everyone here at InfoWars again for having me on this historic day, I would say, when this fake whistleblower report came out.
We're talking about that and some of the hidden history that the media is hiding from you.
But I'm going to urge you, by the way, don't take my word on any of this.
Look everything up for yourself and you're going to be shocked that it's all right there in the open and yet no one's talking about it.
Now before we went to break, I was talking about some of the history of Russia in the 1990s after the fall of communism.
And what happened was, again, I'm no fan of communism, so I was glad to see that, but I, like a lot of Americans, wasn't paying any attention to Russia in the 1990s.
I knew that there was, you know, the mafia and all that stuff going on.
I knew that there were oligarchs.
Remember, this is all pre-Putin.
It's important to understand.
But this was also the Clinton era, don't forget.
This is when Yeltsin was in charge, Bill Clinton was president, and leading Russia policy was a guy named Larry Summers.
Now, Larry Summers, you know, Alex has been on the Jeffrey Epstein story for about a decade now.
Larry Summers is a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein.
In fact, he donated millions of dollars to Harvard.
They were introduced through his attorney, Alan Dershowitz.
And Larry Summers is a key figure here.
And that story that they just brought up, the Harvard boys do Russia.
If you want to really understand how under the Clinton administration, people like Larry Summers, people like Bill Clinton, were fleecing Russia, trying to steal their oil assets, this is a great article to read.
Now, the reason this is significant
Is because, as you're going to see in a second, a lot of the same players from this era in the 90s in Russia, don't forget, Larry Summers was also the Treasury Secretary under Obama, are key figures here.
And let me mention one other key figure, since we're talking about history.
A guy you may not have heard of, but you may.
He was Bill Clinton's roommate at Oxford, and his name is Strobe Talbot.
Strobe like strobe light.
I didn't name him, but that's who he is.
Strobe Talbot, again, he was Bill Clinton's Oxford roommate, and he was an expert in Russia at the time.
In fact, when Bill Clinton went to Communist Russia, Strobe Talbot's the guy who helped him prepare to go.
Now, Strobe Talbot is going to be very, very important here in just a minute, because I'm going to tie in everything I'm telling you, the Ukraine stuff, with the 2016 election interference.
And Strobe Talbot, let me mention this right now, because it's going to come up.
It's not just a guy who went to school with Clinton.
He's not just a guy who was behind Russia policy under Bill Clinton.
Strobe Talbot was one of three State Department employees in the Obama administration, because he was brought back into state under Obama.
Three employees, Strobe Talbot, Victoria Nuland, and Jonathan Weiner, were all briefed by Christopher Steele on that fake Steele dossier, which I'm here to tell you, because I have sources in Ukraine, that Steele dossier was created in Ukraine.
And the way that happened was they asked people, and this is people related to Soros, related to this international renaissance, they were brought in to create a fake dossier.
In fact, people in Ukraine were told, basically,
And I'll give you the name.
Nobody's talking about this.
Vasily Filipchuk.
Vasily Filipchuk is the Ukrainian politician who wrote a lot of the fake parts, most of it's fake, of the Steele dossier.
And Strobe Talbot, Bill Clinton's college roommate, and one of his closest friends, by the way, was one of three people, along with Victoria Nuland and Jonathan Weiner, and I'll talk about them in a second,
Who were briefed by Christopher Steele during the election.
Now, why?
So what happened here?
During the 90s, a lot of people were making a lot of money.
Larry Summers and his associates.
In fact, there's a guy you can look up who was at Harvard, Jonathan Hay, H-A-Y, who was convicted of basically taking advantage of his position to make a ton of money in Russia, taking advantage of his government position.
This is corruption at the highest level.
Now, I talked about that guy, Khodorkovsky, who was backed by Biden, right?
Backed by Biden, backed by Obama, and backed by McCain in Senate Resolution 322.
He's a big factor here because you've got to understand, Khodorkovsky, if you look up his history, he's connected to both Bill Clinton and the Bush family.
In fact, you've heard of the Carlyle Group, probably.
That's the big sort of very secretive, oil-connected cartel.
The Carlyle Group, Khodorkovsky was on the board of the Carlyle Group.
And which, along with George H.W.
Bush, you can find a picture of him and George W. Bush.
So this is a guy who was basically trying to sell Russia's oil assets illegally to the United States.
Then something happened to put a stop to all of that, and Vladimir Putin came in.
And Vladimir Putin, when they put him in, the oligarchs put him in position, they thought, like Yeltsin, he was going to be a puppet.
Instead, and I gotta tell you, and I want a full disclosure, I work for Radio Sputnik.
I don't work for Radio Sputnik because I say this, but because I do, it's Russian funded, Russian government funded.
But, go look this up.
Putin, one of the reasons they hate him,
He is in favor of, for instance, pro-family, he's pro-Christianity, all the things that were gone during the Soviet Union era and that were also gone in the 90s when these oligarchs were ruling Russia.
So there's a lot of reasons they're trying to go after Putin, but the big reason is he stopped Larry Summers, he stopped Bill Clinton, he stopped Soros, all of these guys, from stealing assets from Russia.
They were trying to steal the oil assets.
Now, let's go to 2013, right?
Now, Hillary Clinton's in place.
Bill Clinton's wife, Hillary Clinton, is in place.
She sets up a program, and you can look it up, called Civil Society 2.0.
Civil Society 2.0 was a way of training activists, and it caused two things to happen.
Number one, the Arab Spring.
Number two, this Madan coup in Ukraine that started in 2013 and ended in February 2014.
This whole Madan coup was a setup by Soros and the Clintons and the Clinton State Department and a woman named Victoria Newland.
Now again, I mentioned her.
She was being updated by Christopher Steele.
Christopher Steele got his start at the State Department.
Remember, former British agent.
Then, he's hooked up through a guy named Jonathan Weiner, State Department official, worked for John Kerry for a long time.
He is hooked up with the State Department and Victoria Nuland.
And both Victoria Nuland and Jonathan Weiner have admitted on video, you can find it out there, it's in the papers, but it's hardly reported, that they were being updated by Christopher Steele during the 2016 election.
This is where they created Russiagate.
This is where they did it.
And one of the ways they did it was with a Ukrainian-American operative.
And that's what that Politico story is about.
A woman named Alexandra Chalupa.
Now, that's a name you're going to start to hear quite a bit about.
Because people like Mark Meadows are on to Chalupa.
And so is Barr, because they started to investigate.
And she's admitted, she's out there saying she's the one responsible for Paul Manafort going down.
You see, Chalupa hated Manafort.
Back to 2015, she hated Manafort.
And in 2015, before Trump even announced, she was trying to get Manafort.
Now, you gotta mention one thing about Manafort.
And this is a lie perpetrated by the media.
Manafort's not pro-Russia.
Manafort was actually trying to get the Ukraine to get closer to the EU and not Russia.
So, why?
Alexander Chalupa was going after him is a mystery, but here's what we know.
Alexander Chalupa worked in the Clinton White House.
She was a Democratic operative for about 12 years.
No one's denying any of this.
And she went to the Ukrainian embassy in the spring of 2016 before the hack even happened at the DNC.
And she told them, I want dirt on Trump.
She told them.
Don't coordinate with the Trump campaign.
And she told him, and this is really significant, she also told him that the Democrats plan to have hearings about Trump and Russia through Marcy Kapor, the Ohio Congresswoman, right before the election.
So this entire Trump-Russia, Russiagate narrative was ginned up by Democrats.
And part of the reason is they wanted to hide what they did in Ukraine.
What I'm getting at here is the Hunter Biden aspect of this, while true and while significant, is not the most significant thing.
The most significant thing is that the U.S.
overthrew the democratically elected government, then using the people we put in power, our government, your tax dollars, they tried to throw the election
And take Trump out.
Again, do me a favor.
Go to populist.tv.
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