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Name: 20190923_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 23, 2019
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In this episode of InfoWars broadcast, Alex Jones discusses climate change predictions, geopolitical tensions, public education, vaccine exemptions, and various products available on his website. He criticizes politicians and media figures for using fear-based messaging to push their climate change agendas and encourages homeschooling as an alternative to government-controlled public school systems. Jones also comments on escalating rhetoric between the left and right in America, highlighting former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld's statement of executing President Trump for treason and discusses President Trump's phone call with the Ukrainian President. He promotes various products available on his website, including Sunny Bay heating wraps and pillows for pain relief, as well as InfoWars Super Silver Cream for skin care.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is September 23rd, 2019.
I'm your Alex Jones host and we are here attempting
To cover the news and chronicle what's unfolding and what we're about to witness here.
But the news we're going to be covering is really staggering.
But it's not staggering when you realize that these people have been preying on us for a long time and have a plan.
And that they are.
Ready to carry it out.
So we are here on this live Monday edition.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I'm going to air a Paul Harvey report that we put some images to.
It's from like the 1970s and 1980s.
And then we are going to come back.
Children as young as six are being given compulsory self-touching lessons by the pedophile government.
That's all coming up at first this.
Hello, Americans, I'm Paul Harvey.
If I were the devil.
If I were the prince of darkness, I'd want to engulf the whole world in darkness.
And I'd have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population, but I wouldn't be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree.
So I set about however necessary to take over the United States.
President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by the shooting.
I'd subvert the churches first.
I'd begin with a campaign of whispers.
With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve.
Do as you please.
To the young, I would whisper that the Bible is a myth.
I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around.
I would confide that what's bad is good and what's good is square.
And the old I would teach to pray after me.
Our father, witch art in Washington.
And then I'd get organized.
I'd educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull or non-interesting.
I'd threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa.
I'd peddle narcotics to whom I could.
I'd sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction.
I'd tranquilize the rest with pills.
If I were the devil, I'd soon have families at war with themselves, churches at war with themselves, and nations at war with themselves, until each in its turn was consumed.
And with promises of higher ratings, I'd have mesmerizing media fanning the flames.
The President of the United States is racist.
If I were the devil, I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, but neglect the disciplined emotions
Let those run wild.
Within a decade, I'd have prisons overflowing, I'd have judges promoting pornography.
Soon I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse, and then from the houses of Congress.
And in his own churches, I would substitute psychology for religion.
I would lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls and church money.
If I were the devil, I'd take from those who have and give to those who wanted until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious.
I would caution against extremes.
I'm here to warn people!
You keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
In hard work, in patriotism, in moral conduct, I would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned, that swinging is more fun, that what you see on TV is the way to be.
And thus I could undress you in public, and I could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure.
In other words, if I were the devil, I'd just keep right on doing what he's doing.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is September 23rd, 2019 on this Monday edition.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And we have Andrew Pollack, the father that lost one of his children at the tragic events last February 14th in Florida, where the police stood down and let the massacre take place.
Well, he said that Bloomberg and the anti-gunners don't speak for him.
Andrew Pollack, a man with a lot of courage, will be joining us at the bottom of the hour.
Now I remember listening to Rush Limbaugh when I was just one year out of high school.
And I remember listening to him when I was at work during the breaks.
And I remember going and looking up the things he was talking about and finding out they were true and being amazed.
And he would play the audio
Of Jocelyn Elders over and over again saying, what you do with the kindergartners, that's how she speaks, is you reach down and you help them masturbate.
And then she went to Congress and talked about it.
But that was pre-internet, really.
And I spent an hour and a half this morning, obsessively,
Trying to find it.
I found one edited version.
It's like a joke video of her saying it, but it's a bunch of cuts.
But it is her saying it.
But there's transcripts.
She's on record.
And people say, where did that come from?
The main thing is we need to reach down and touch their peepees.
Touch their wee-wees.
It's actually really sick audio.
We're going to play it.
I don't apologize.
Why would the government want to do that?
Because if they can get their pedophile teachers to be able to touch your children's genitals, they can get away with anything.
I mean, that's kind of planting the flag.
In ancient Japan and also in ancient Europe, feudal Europe, feudal Japan, there would be an act of pissing on you to humiliate you sometimes.
Or sometimes they'd just chop your head off for talking back.
Feudal Europe, feudal Japan, both of it.
But when they can put their hands on your daughter's vagina or your little son's penis.
Sorry to use those terms, it's what's happened to your kids.
If they can do that, they can do anything, and they are.
And the headline on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com for this live show, where you can email it out and text it out and share it, is it's official.
The left supports pedophilia worldwide.
And they're coming after your children with vaccines they're going to put in them, GMO.
It's official, Levinson doors pedophilia worldwide.
And, you know, just last week, San Diego State University, we have photos and videos of the curriculum in the class says pedophilia is just a sexual preference and opposing it is not homophobic.
But pedophobic.
No, they're now saying pedophobic.
And it's going to be stunning and brave.
Vice and HBO and Salon and the New York Times are coming out and endorsing pedophilia.
A wrecking of child's innocence of their bodies.
Destroying their futures.
I mean, all the evidence shows sexually abused children have massive problems, way statistically higher suicide, and then ruined lives and they pass it on.
In many cases, about half the cases.
They think love is having sex with a small child.
This is a sick cancer.
We have cancer.
Now, why do I raise that today?
Well, because children as young as six are being given compulsory self-touching lessons that critics say are sexualizing youngsters.
Oh, critics!
That's the Daily Mail.
And that's in England, Australia, and the U.S.
and Canada are all announcing it.
So it's, you know, sleepy time after lunch where you lay down for half the hour and then you read a story after, you know, and the kids lay down on little mats.
Well now, like Jocelyn Elder said, that's a quote, it's compulsory.
The teachers are going to help.
And some teachers are quitting.
Oh, that's the plan.
Then it's only going to be pedos or their fellow travelers.
And some parents are saying, my kids are being taken out of school.
Oh, England's saying, oh no, your kids are going to go to mosque as part of compulsory nationwide, and we're going to touch their genitals.
We're going to plant the flag.
So this is directly from the classroom of your TV viewer.
That's what they're teaching.
All about me.
The state wants to put their hands on your children's junk and teach them
Total pedophilia.
The final frontier is getting your kids.
Maybe we'll have somebody like Caitlyn Jenner come out and tell us it's stunning and brave.
We're gonna go to break with this key report.
We're gonna come back and break it all down.
Please stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
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But more importantly, invest in yourself and your family's well-being.
We have a father who lost his daughter at the Parkland attacks by an individual who'd said 40 plus times he was gonna shoot and attack people.
And the police have been called 40 plus times, nothing was done.
And then the media went and lied and said that I said no one died there.
And in my name, put that hurtful information out.
Pretty sick, isn't it?
No, I said the police stood down.
The question is why?
Well, we've got
This poor girl's father's got a lot of courage joining us, Andrew Pollack, next segment.
Let me just do this, because what happens is I get ready for the show at home and here and then end up hitting like, you know, 15 stories out of 150 on the show, but I just want to be very clear with the viewers and listeners.
Things are much crazier than we can even explain, and I think you know that, you see that in your own community.
There is a separation of people happening towards good or towards evil, just like the Bible says.
And I just cannot hammer it enough that evil is going completely insane right now.
I have a stack of articles and videos we're going to cover at the bottom of the next hour when the
Savannah Hernandez, I say that because she does like five jobs here, produces, she goes out on the street, writes articles, just does everything.
She went out in Austin to the big climate hysteria last Friday.
The article was up on InfoWars.com, and I've had it reposted.
And then now the climate deniers, and they're all given scripts to follow, they call us climate deniers.
That's a totally truthful statement.
Go ahead, bring it on over.
Thank you for bringing me articles and documents right now.
Continuing, getting back to what I was saying.
They tell us that it's global freezing.
And then they tell us that it's global warming.
And then they tell us it's our fault.
And they tell us that any type of climate change is evil.
But that if we pay carbon taxes to these central banks and these private families and let them micromanage our lives, but China and India are exempt, and that if we have a post-industrial world, then we'll be good people.
I mean, this is the most ridiculous, out-of-control,
Garbage the world's ever seen and Breitbart put together 40 plus examples We're gonna be covering when she joins us of how they said the world was gonna end or dire consequences And it didn't and they know it's not at least not the way they're saying And so that's coming up at the bottom of the hour because now we have video Of these fearmongers
Running around saying the world has seven years left, and then admitting, well, we're just doing this to scare people.
Well, we know you're doing it to scare people, but to have them on tape, the leaders of the Austin Fairmongering, which are following their orders directly from the Chicago Mercantile and others.
And it's getting more intense, it's getting more insane, and these people are getting more hateful and more vicious than ever, telling everyone to F off that questions them in any way.
This is a revolution against the West, a revolution against our industries, a revolution against civilization, publicly funded by the Saudi Arabians and the Chai Koms and a few others.
And you ask, why is that?
And it's on record.
Why are the CHAICOMS in Saudi Arabia funding movements that go after fossil fuels?
Because they're never going to stop the fossil fuels in Saudi Arabia or China.
They're never going to stop using them or producing them.
They just want the rich, powerful West to curtail them so we can't compete and then pay these multinational financial scammers money on every gallon of oil or gasoline that we use and then every other facet of carbon on the planet.
This is crippling feudalism.
But regardless of that, it's all one-sided where Europe, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia make the cuts and no one else does.
Not Mexico.
Not Brazil.
Not China.
Not Russia.
Not India.
Not Nigeria.
No one but us.
I'll cover that at the bottom of the next hour.
And then again, I'll also get into this.
The fact that all over the world, the UNESCO system of the UN, that is the UN, that's global governance, United Nations, Cultural Educational Organization, that gets all the countries to sign on treaties.
It standardizes the global policies.
They want pedophilia legalized.
NAMBLA is on their steering board as an NGO, North American Man-Boy Love Association.
And in Hollywood and all the propaganda's aim is to teach you that your children
Are emancipated from you at birth.
Well, they don't know how to defend themselves.
They don't know how to make decisions.
So the state and all these groups can swoop in and convince your five-year-old to have sex, to take deadly vaccines, to eat GMO, to be sterilized.
Because if they can do this and go after the young when they're weak, and have men shake their asses in front of their faces, and have the children ride horsey on the men's erections,
Through their pants.
They can do anything.
They're cutting our power.
They're coming after our children.
This is all a plan.
That's why Jocelyn Elders in 1993, Bill Clinton's Surgeon General, said,
We're going to teach compulsory masturbation.
Quote, we're going to reach down to the kindergartners and teach them how.
The kindergarten teachers will be transformed into sexualization high priests of Satanism to molest your children.
But that was back when he fired her for saying that.
Surgeon General Force resigned by White House over saying, reach down.
When she saw she goes,
Because someone, you see, like when Vice and Salon are on articles, they talk about the bravery of the pedophiles and how they love children.
They cut to some bald-headed guy with a mullet drooling over a four-year-old dancing in a little scantily clad outfit and he's just drooling and there's no bottom to these people.
And parents will probably go to the school and say, well,
I guess it's okay.
And the next it'll be, well, your five-year-old, because that's what they have in the school libraries now, is stories of five, six, seven, eight-year-olds when they got molested, how fun it is.
See, and this isn't a joke.
Just like keeping the babies alive after they're born.
And we're all just going to bow down to it and worship it and turn our guns and, uh, no, we're not.
Polarizing this event, the murder of these kids.
You're talking about gun control.
I just had to listen to you and Governor Scott talk about gun control.
Gun control is a big issue.
No one in America is going to come together on gun control, Chris.
We're here.
You didn't say one thing about fixing it.
The American people, we could get together on school safety.
But when you polarize it, this event, and every other media, we don't care about gun control right now.
That's a big issue in the country, and you're not going to get everyone together on it.
We're going to get everyone together on fixing our schools.
And I just listened to you.
So I just listened to you.
You didn't talk.
You didn't mention one question to Governor Scott about what are we going to do about the security for our children?
How are we going to do that?
But you're just talking about gun control, which is going to just give you more ratings than every other media event.
I want to know, our kids are going to school in Kentucky on Monday.
How are those kids safe?
How about bringing that up to the media?
How about bringing that up to Governor Scott?
Not about guns.
It's not about guns now.
Today, it's not about guns.
It's about the safety in our schools.
And that's what you asked Governor Scott about, and I got to listen to that at my house.
My kid, my kid's not here because the schools weren't safe.
That's the main thing.
You go into a courthouse, the judge is safe.
The stenographer's not worried someone's coming in with a gun because they can't get in with a gun.
The American people, we just want our schools safe.
We don't want to talk about guns right now.
And we are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Parkland First Responder says he was given stand down order.
I could have saved lives.
Remember that?
Coral Springs Police upset at some Bowerd deputies for not entering school.
You know, we had three different students on.
In the
And of course, Andrew Pollack joins us right now.
He lost his 18-year-old daughter on that fateful day.
I couldn't even imagine that.
I have a 15-year-old daughter, an 11-year-old daughter, and a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter.
And what he's saying is absolutely true.
What about the safety?
What about the stand-down?
What about the maniacs like Cruz, who 40-plus times had the police called on him, saying, I'm going to kill people at the school?
What about these antifa nuts, both in Texas and
Of course, in Ohio, who said, we're in the occult, we want to kill people.
I mean, how are they not getting arrested?
I really appreciate Andrew Pollack coming on.
I could ask a lot of questions.
He's at Andrew Pollack, F-L on Twitter.
If you'd like to reach out and talk to him, at Andrew Pollack, P-O-L-L-A-C-K, F-L.
But I'd like to give him the floor in this segment and the next, so he can actually, as someone who really is a victim of this horror, talk about what he thinks really should be done.
Thanks for coming on with us.
Oh, thanks for having me on, Alex.
I mean, it's unspeakable what you've gone through, what others have gone through.
We see it being politicized.
People like Beto O'Rourke, blaming 100 million gun owners.
You've got the floor.
What would you like to say about this?
Well, I'm doing this to honor my daughter, Alex.
You know, people ask me all the time, how do you have the strength?
I have the strength because my daughter's not here with me anymore.
And she would want everybody in this country to know the truth.
Of behind what happened and all the failures.
So that's what gives me this energy to go on day in and day out.
And she would want every parent to know the truth, not what the mainstream media wants everyone to make it out to be.
And which they silenced me on my book tour within, you know, I was in New York and DC.
I wasn't on one mainstream liberal channel.
None of them would have me on.
And everything in my book is true.
We got everything from the school district.
Everything firsthand from interviews from people that work for the school district and from depositions in my civil case.
So I'm here to tell parents, you know, if you really want to know what happened in Parkland and what's going on in these school districts across the country, you should buy my book, Why Meadow Died.
Everything in there is factual.
And it lays it out because the policies in place in Broward are throughout the whole country, okay?
It's not just in Broward, Alex.
The governor of California just made a law now.
Gavin Newsom signed a law that it's illegal to suspend disruptive kids or expel them in a classroom.
I don't know what parent in their right mind would think that would create a safe environment, but those policies started in Broward.
And it created a culture of leniency throughout the whole school district.
You know, there's multiple failures, you know, the Sheriff's Department, the mental health, the FBI.
But when you dig into these policies, I put it on parents now.
I dealt with politicians over the last year, and I became good friends with them, including the president.
If the president could wave a wand and make every school safe, he would want to do it.
But it's out of his control when it comes to
Local levels and school boards.
They're gonna do what they want.
So that's why this book's important.
It's on the parents.
It's your responsibility, mom and dad, where you put your child in school.
And that's the bottom line, you know?
You've written a book that details what caused this and the fact that it's happening more and that they've got ways to basically you know really cut this back to almost nothing and you lay it out with all the facts and then the fact that you were censored by the system and blackballed is incredible so everyone watching and I'm talking about Joe Rogan that tunes in a lot I'm talking about people with some of the biggest shows in the world they all need... TI can find out about school shootings he should have you on
His podcast.
I'm on that.
They're going to air that Thursday.
I mean, we need to get your message out.
And the big news is they're trying to put in a blockade of what really happened to your daughter.
And we've got to ask the question, why is that?
Why did they stand down?
Why do they stand down so many places?
Recap getting into the book, Why Meadow Died, The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter, and Endangered America's Students.
We'll walk through it next segment, but literally this book can and will save lives.
I mean, NAMBLA is putting books in public schools now about adults having sex with kids.
I literally covered this earlier.
Well, but I know they're trying to keep your book from getting into schools.
This book needs to be everywhere and every parent that has kids in school needs to read this.
And you know what?
Teachers need to step up for themselves.
Grow a spine.
That's what I tell all the teachers out there that write me, that are out there, because they're just to blame.
We're good to go.
And speak up for your profession.
Because teachers are getting abused left and right in the school districts across the country.
What teacher in their right mind is going to want to teach in California when they have no recourse of a kid that can do anything they want in their classroom?
So, teachers, it's on them also.
Some of these policies that I looked into, Alex, that are very
That were incredible.
There's a state law, as you know, that allowed Cruz to commit crimes and get out because he had a Hispanic last name.
He wasn't even Hispanic.
So he, you know, they had this liberal policy of letting the criminals out of jail because they have a larger plan to disintegrate society.
Well, they just don't, uh, they believe in, uh, lack discipline policies and ending the school to prison pipeline, which, uh, just creates a chaotic environment.
In these school districts, when you don't hold kids accountable, any kid, regardless, I don't care what color a kid is, they need to be held accountable, okay?
That's right.
Stay right there, sir.
Andrew Pollack, we're going to walk through your book and the climate that is creating this everywhere, then the media hypes it up, then a lot of these nuts are on these serotonin drugs.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
I think so.
His daughter survived with his two sons.
And I'm told that the Thought Police didn't want Andrew Pollack to come on, but his son, Huck, is a listener and got him on the show.
So, shout out to Huck.
Andrew, during that short break, you were letting them have it.
Please repeat what you were saying during the break.
Well, you know, I wasn't political before I got into this.
But then once I started learning about all these policies brought on by Democrats and how the Democrats in Broward refused to accept any responsibility about these policies, I just started despising them.
And it gives me more
It drives me more to expose them for what they are.
But pushing an agenda before my daughter was even buried, they pushed their gun control agenda.
Even the superintendent of Broward County, a Democrat, the sheriff, a Democrat, we all know he was removed for his failed policies.
But they were pushing an agenda and they thought that Mr. Pollack was just going to let everything go and brush it under the rug.
But I'm not an agenda guy.
My daughter was murdered.
I'm just going to tell you the facts.
I wanted to know how I dropped my daughter off at that school, who failed her, and what policies were in place that led to this.
And that's how I came to my conclusion on my book.
And that's why I despise Democrats.
And it's all laid out in there.
If they would have just came to me, these Democrats, at Brown, and said, you know, we understand these mistakes we made.
And we're going to fix it, Mr. Pollack.
We're never going to let it happen again.
We apologize.
We're going to make the adjustments.
I would have been okay with it.
But they don't know the meaning of the word responsibility.
And I'm going to hold them all accountable.
I've been doing it.
We removed the sheriff, the deputy that hid outside and let my daughter get shot nine times and murdered.
He's been brought up on felony charges.
So that's good.
The school board, because we happened to get a great governor elected of Florida, a Republican governor, may I say, Ron DeSantis, he dropped a grand jury investigation into the school board in Broward, which meant a lot to me, because it's all about accountability.
And with this book, Why Meadow Died,
I want parents and grandparents, like I'm telling you, you're responsible where you drive your kids.
You take them to the school bus, they go to the school.
You take them to the school that you choose to.
So if these policies are in place, there's a good chance your kid's not going to get shot, but you could be putting them next to a kid on those psychotropics, like you talk about.
You could put them next to a kid that's committing multiple crimes per school year, selling drugs,
You know, and why put your kid in an environment like that when, if you read my book, which I call now is like a manual into what happened in Broward, and throughout the whole country, like I said, it's a law now in California, you can't arrest, you can't expel or suspend disruptive kids.
It's called the Promise Program.
Yeah, that's what they call it in Broward, Alex, Promise.
But it goes by other names throughout the whole country.
And you know what?
Uh, what's going on now with this Democrat platformers?
So I met with the President Alex after this, uh, in the Oval Office and we discussed school safety and he put together a commission.
We're good.
But they give disruptive kids who are also emotionally, you know, emotionally unstable, they give them more rights.
So this is what's going on.
And the platform for Democrats for 2020, one of them is to bring back those Obama policies and put them in schools, more schools throughout the country.
So that's why I'm out here fighting, you know, hey parents,
It doesn't matter what your affiliation is now with a party.
You want your kids in an environment where the teacher can't suspend a kid, or it's okay for the kid to sell drugs, or it's okay for the kid to talk back to the teacher, tell him to go F themselves, or worse, you know?
And that's what's going on, and mainstream media doesn't want to push it.
They don't want to tell you the truth.
You know, they gave those kids, which accomplished zero in Florida, okay?
All those kids that march for Our Lives kids, the only thing they accomplished was getting media attention.
That was the only thing they did.
We got the bill passed in Florida, me and another father.
We made it so teachers are able to be armed in schools.
We made, there was more money for mental health, some red flag laws that some people approve of.
And do what, you know, some people don't.
So, Florida's much safer because of what some of the parents got done.
Nothing to do with what the media wants you to make out that these March for Our Lives kids, who are on a bus tour, are making noise.
That's all they did.
Can you speak to how they took four drama students, whose parents are anti-gun liberals, and then made them the whole face?
Because I know, not just you, but I saw some of the other parents say that CNN had town halls.
I think it was you particularly, though.
But then they would try to get you to write your questions before, and they were basically censoring out, or trying to censor out, parents who weren't going with this anti-Second Amendment agenda.
Well, I don't know enough about it, Alex, to speak about it.
I try to stay away.
You know what I mean?
CNN, I don't know, you gotta do CNN Live.
You know, that's it.
You can't go where they're gonna tape you on CNN where they could edit you.
But, you know, I'm here to talk to any parent.
I don't really care.
Even if you're a Democrat, I'll try and talk some sense into you.
But, other than that, I don't really know.
I know those kids
One kid came out of it and he helped us, Cameron Caskey.
But these other kids, they're not interested in fixing anything.
All they're interested in is pushing an anti-gun agenda.
And that's not the solution.
The solution is when people make threats,
No matter what age, they need to be arrested when they threaten people's lives and charged with a felony.
We need to take it serious.
We need to take mental illness serious.
When someone's of, you know, a danger to themselves and others, they need to be committed.
You know what I mean?
If they're that much of a danger, commit them and have them evaluated so these things go on their background check.
This way background checks work.
Democrats are pushing background checks, but a background check only works if you enforce laws that are in place.
And this isn't common sense.
This is just common sense, what I'm saying.
Some of these people don't get it, you know?
What good is a background check?
The killer that killed my daughter would have passed the background check.
He passed the background check.
He brought his gun legally.
So nothing that the Democrats are pushing for right now
Would make a difference in these mass shootings where my daughter was killed.
Or, you know, it's the same thing with the Dayton shooter.
The Dayton, Ohio shooter threatened people's lives.
He had a rapist never arrested.
My daughter's a murderer.
They had to frisk him every morning before school.
They never told the parents.
I put that in.
That's in the book.
No backpack.
He wasn't allowed with a backpack in Broward County.
They allowed four misdemeanors per school year without ever meeting law enforcement.
So all these things in Broward, and they're still going on.
The same people are running Broward.
But this fall, it was 2,000 less students enrolled in Broward County.
Charter schools you can't get in.
Private schools you can't get in.
And the public school system just keeps deteriorating under people like this Robert Ronci, who's the superintendent.
And, like I said, parents, read my manual.
Don't put your children in an unsafe environment like I did.
I gotta live with it.
You have no excuse now.
Read my book, Why Meadow Died, and learn the facts.
Well, I gotta tell you, you're a very articulate stand-up guy.
And I imagine your sons are pretty amazing people.
I imagine their mom's an amazing person.
And I just cannot imagine losing a daughter and then knowing the police stood down.
Again, the book by Andrew Pollack is a manual on how to stop this across the country and to implement what President Trump has done, removing Obama's directives.
But it's still being carried out, as he said.
Why Meadow died.
Everybody should get the book.
And I would tweet it out, but they took me off Twitter.
And the big thing was last year, the final thing was the stand down of the police.
And they lied and said that I said nobody died and then took me off the internet over it.
With you, as you said earlier, they have literally had a blackout on you on mainstream media.
It's just incredible.
And they did, you know, what's important to find out.
We did get some accountability.
We removed the sheriff.
Ron DeSantis, his first week in office, removed the sheriff.
And one deputy's been charged with felonies that didn't go in the building.
And I think three or four also were terminated.
That's certainly good.
Andrew, stay right there.
Do a little bit more with us.
We appreciate you being here.
I want to talk about
Because we've all now seen the photos and the witnesses.
I mean, they just stood there for like 15 minutes.
What the hell kind of cowards are these?
You want to be a school safety officer and then you sit on your fat ass while some psycho kills people?
We'll be right back.
I don't want to inject myself into this story, but we were just talking during the break.
Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter, Meadow, last Valentine's Day.
That makes it rough, even more rough.
They're in Parkland when the police stood down the Coward County Sheriff's Department there and tried to cover it up.
But I was telling Mr. Pollack that he will get the calls and the stories.
You know, father of the Parkland shooting goes on Sandy Hook Denier's show.
That's what they do, is attack the messenger.
We're going to be taking action this week against one of the media outlets that said I lost a suit over a book saying no one died at Sandy Hook.
I didn't write the book.
I'm not in the book.
It's a total fake story.
And they use that to then do all sorts of stuff to my companies, to my sponsors, and everything.
So we are filing suit on a major company Thursday, guaranteed.
Robert Barnes is going to be here in studio.
We're filing suit on somebody else Wednesday.
I'm not litigious.
But I gotta stand up for myself at this point, when they're writing 100% fake stuff.
Let me tell you, I've experienced what Trump's experienced on a smaller scale.
A lot of this stuff is 100% fake.
And you'd think, okay, they don't lie that bad.
No, yes, they do.
Or they try to blackball you.
So, Andrew Pollack, we appreciate you being here.
Please come back again.
We got about four minutes in this short segment.
What other key points would you like to add to folks?
Well, parents f*** it at kids.
And they're really the first line of defense.
They know if there's disruptive kids.
They knew this kid was going to be the shooter, you know.
It took them about eight months in middle school from the teacher taking certain notes.
They said he wanted... If you can imagine, they have notes from him in middle school that said he wanted to kill.
He was interested in the Civil War because there was so much killing going on.
He would shoot kids, uh, pretend with his pencil all the time.
They had to tie his vest down.
Uh, security had to walk him from class to class.
Okay, uh, he couldn't walk by himself.
And he was so, he said he wanted to kill when he was in middle school, but they still allowed him to go to the high school.
They were just hoping this happened.
I mean, I gotta say it, the way they stood down, the way 40 plus times he said he was gonna kill people, the way the FBI was called, I mean, they had to know this was gonna happen.
Well, they did, but they were following these liberal policies that they didn't, that's really what they were doing, man.
Everything was policy, not political correctness.
No kid, you know, this kid was labeled special needs, so he had more rights than anyone else.
God forbid you, you know, they talk, like I said, these background checks only work if they arrest them.
He trespassed at the school after he said he was gonna shoot the school up, and no one did anything.
Yeah, so it's pretty sad.
I gotta live with it.
And that's what this book is.
I don't want any other parent to have to deal with what I got through.
Oh, you were telling me that the books sold out most of the time.
I know why.
I'm going to read this.
I can't even find a copy anywhere, Alex.
It's crazy.
But people should order it, and then when it's being printed right now, you were telling me, and they'll get it, because I want to buy a bunch and promote this, because you are a father.
You went through this.
The anti-gunners want to use these deaths to take all our guns.
Instead of stopping it, they know they're hyping it.
They know they're helping trigger it.
And I think we need to go on a major offensive.
Why Meadow died at Amazon.com.
Get it right now.
Oh, they're great, man.
Two different ones.
So proud of both of them, what they did for their advocacy and school safety.
And they're by my side.
They're my generals.
You know, anything I need, they're there for me.
My son, Hunter, I'm so proud of him.
He worked all summer in D.C.
with Senator Scott up in D.C.
helping him and interning.
My other son, the one to my left in that picture is Huck.
He's a listener of the show.
He's doing finance in Boca Raton.
He's interested in the stock market and Bitcoin and trading and really smart kids.
And they didn't deserve this.
You know, it's one thing for a father to have to live with losing their daughter.
But you know, you also feel for your sons.
Andrew Pollack, we're going to talk to you again soon.
God bless you.
We really appreciate you.
We'll be right back, folks.
I gotta tell you, if you just joined us, we'll post it later, the video and the audio, to InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Andrew Pollack is an impressive dad.
Lost his daughter at Parkland.
And it makes me really mad that last February, thousands of publications, every newspaper basically, and every cable show and news program, 60 Minutes, Dateline, NBC, all of them said that I said no one died at Parkland.
When we had not one, not two, but three students on, and showed video of the news getting interviews, but people shot cell phone footage of what the news was getting interviews of students, saying the police stood down for 15 minutes, they were all standing around, they did nothing, the school resource office were begging for help, wouldn't come in, while this psycho that the police have been called on 44 times, walked around shooting people.
Think about that.
And then they turn around and say that I said nobody died, so all those parents hate me.
That father had been told that stuff, but his sons set him straight.
That's sick.
And they tell him, oh, you know, the media, oh, don't go on his show.
So people don't hear about how the school's been made, these areas to come kill people, and how they're protecting under Democrat policies these actions.
They know exactly what they're doing, but thank God for DrugsReport.com.
Because they took me off YouTube and everywhere last February with that lie that drugs link to the two videos of what I and Ellen really said about the police stand down.
He got 14 million views on two videos together.
And they had to put it back up and said, Bloomberg said, it was a mistake.
We talked to YouTube.
Employees inside did this and there was a mutiny.
Well, they just cooked up some new lies and took me off the air on the internet a few months later.
But I warned everybody then.
I said, they're coming for you.
And what happened last week?
They came out and said, we're going after the NRA's banking.
We're going after their credit card processors.
We're going to find out who's the NRA members.
We're going to come after them.
We've listed the NRA as a terror group.
That was two weeks ago.
And now everybody's calling me and I'm seeing articles everywhere.
We first broke this last week.
What happened to Caitlin Bennett and Millie Weaver on their Facebooks?
Photos from a year and a half ago of them in a shooting range, shooting legal firearms, illegal range.
And they said this is part of a criminal terrorist organization.
Then if you do it again, you'll be banned.
Think about that.
So one of my friends that has a big Facebook yesterday, put up a video without my name on it, of me at the rain shooting with my son yesterday morning, and Facebook shadow banned it, where you can see it on his phone, but not on any other computer.
So you think you're posting it, but no one's seeing it.
That's AI control.
And then meanwhile, Facebook, Google, Apple go after all their competition like Gab and others and try to shut down their servers, shut down their companies.
They sick, sleeping giants, three million Democrats on them with threats, death threats to companies.
I mean, I mean, this stuff is just what the left does is incredible.
It's an information takeover.
It's far beyond censorship.
It's organized criminal racketeering.
And there's a big article out, and I'm going to hit all the other news, from Gateway Pundit, that Drudge links to.
Seems like every couple days I see it on there, and I'm probably missing most of the links, but I'm on Drudge hours a day.
It's like Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
But I gotta say it, Drudge Report is better than Infowars.
The way it's all laid out nice and clean.
It's simplicity.
Is the complexity.
And the Internet's going back to that.
We're redesigning InfoWars.
I'm not gonna rip off Drudge, but it's gonna be a lot cleaner.
Just like Summit.News, Paul's new site.
And there's Gateway Pundit, and I like Jim Hoff.
We should have him on and talk about this, but he's saying, what happened to Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter?
America needs them now more than ever.
And they go on to say basically 90% of it's mainstream news.
Well, that's not even true.
You know, I would ask, what happened to Trump?
And I'm not saying Trump isn't great on fighting the fentanyl and the open borders and the deindustrialization and the shut off of our coal and a lot of other stuff, but Trump's done very little other than support the states doing antitrust, but by then they'll steal the 2020 and reverse it all.
I mean, we need action now.
And we keep hearing from Trump, he's taking tough action.
Well, let's see it last year.
Two years ago, man.
I mean, I don't know even what Jim Hoff's really getting at here.
Because, I mean, that sounds like media matters.
You know, telling Drudge what Drudge needs to do.
I mean, I think we all need to do more.
We all need to build our own video platforms, our own audio platforms.
We've done it.
And everybody needs to support those.
Instead, I'll tell you what goes on with conservative media.
I'm not talking about Jim Hoft.
There's going to be a big announcement tomorrow.
Even bigger ones on Wednesday and Thursdays.
I was going to file a suit a couple weeks ago.
We had it all set up.
Barnes wanted to wait and see how the Attorney General's file their suits so that it lines up with theirs if it's being directed by the White House, which it is.
So we'll be more successful.
And so we're going to file one suit on Wednesday, another suit on Thursday.
Barnes gets in tonight to defend the First Amendment at a critical time.
You pull back from all of this and you see other major sites out there and you learn about the infighting and the inside baseball and how I was talking to an individual yesterday about the censorship on a major platform and how they were going to expose some of the inside workings of that tomorrow.
They go, oh, hey, but listen, um, we're going to publish this here and they just don't want you to really link to their thing.
Why don't you just do your own thing?
And I'm like, okay, yeah, that's fine.
But I said, how much of the conversation with these people was about me?
Well, it was quite a bit.
That's why we're going to lose this thing.
Is that
I'm not doing this to be the biggest talk show host or to be the most successful.
I'm doing this because they're teaching kindergartners how to masturbate and the teachers are starting to grab their genitals.
That's pedophilia.
That's them planting the flag that we own your kids.
And the 5G is killing people.
It's in the studies that it gives you cancer.
Thank God Switzerland's protesting.
The government is involved in a global governance compact.
Even NBC now says a global governance director of climate control.
This isn't air conditioning in your house.
This isn't central heating and cooling.
And it's so far gone, there's this whole breakaway civilization.
And it's playing God.
And Trump's the president now.
And he damn well knows about all this.
I know all about it.
My dad got invited to join it when he was in high school at UT, Plan 2, didn't join it.
At least the first time around.
But the point is, is that this is real, folks, okay?
We are in a primitive, frozen level.
New iPhones come out, that's about it.
40-year-old technology.
They've got cures for everything already, okay?
And there's a breakaway civilization, the future isn't evenly distributed, and they're so disconnected from us now, the ruling scientific class, that they're now telling us, oh, by the way, we're about to get rid of all of you for the Earth, and they're moving forward with it.
So I'm just guessing Matt Drudge is a little pissed about that, probably, like I am.
Because Trump started the right direction, we're gonna release the secret medical stuff, we're gonna release the secret technology, new patents and things, to cause a new renaissance.
But it hasn't happened, and we're bogged down instead.
And I'm angry, I'm upset.
Because there's a whole nother real world out there that humanity built that's been stolen from us!
We'll be right back.
Now, Savannah Hernandez is gonna be with us for the next two segments, starting next segment.
We're gonna play a really wild report.
Not just around the country, but here in Austin.
First it was, the world's gonna end in 12 years.
Then Beto said 11 after, you know, to outdo AOC.
And then that moved on to seven years.
And this is the talking points.
And then the woman who's one of the organizers admits, oh, we're just scaring people.
Yeah, honey, we know.
And that's why you target elementary school students and scare the daylights out of them.
They teach them penguins are dying.
They teach them that they can't swim, that the polar bears can't swim.
They hunt on the ice flows.
They're not drowning.
Polar bear numbers are five times what they were in the 50s.
But some middle school girls commit suicide because they're taught the earth is so bad.
So that is all coming up next segment.
In fact, here's a clip of what we're going to be breaking down.
Not 12 years.
How many years would you say?
If I was to give a number approximation, I would probably say between four and five years.
Four and five years until what happens?
Or seven years.
But until things just start to fall apart.
Now, the Democrats want society to fall apart.
That's why they don't discipline kids in school.
It's why they're shipping in all the fentanyl.
It's why they say the homeless can camp in your yard.
Because if you read the Cloward-Piven plan and others, it's to collapse society.
That's why Sanders is saying you deserve health care free, housing free, car free, don't have to work.
They're all saying it because they want you to think that's how you get ahead, is begging for freebies, putting them in power.
All you're going to get is a forced labor camp, like Venezuela right now.
These people are so dumb, they won't know if they're successful in a few years, why they're starving to death.
And how good they at it.
They have no memories.
Now she's coming up next segment, but first,
There's been a phenomenon that I've noticed with my crew and people in other organizations and people that are activists and just the general public with people that are concerned and involved and are empathetic and connected to God.
Instead of people getting really excited that world government's coming out in the open, the pedophilia is out in the open, brain chips are out in the open, the anti-human, post-human agenda out in the open, Epstein, you know, out in the open, fluoride brain damaging you by design out in the open,
You can read the books written by Obama's science czar 45 years ago.
People before just thought, oh, it's not true.
It's scaring people.
And a lot of folks are getting depressed.
I thought people would get excited when it all came out, we were proven right, because then we can build opposition to this and stop it.
But I guess some folks are so spectator-ish, not my crew, but others, that
They think, oh my God, if it's all real, I better just not care.
Or what are you going to do about it?
Because more and more, it's like, okay, yeah, pedophiles run things.
What are you going to do?
Well, they're going to put a social score in and start taking everything you got if you don't let them bugger your kids.
And a lot of you are going to go, well, I'll let them do that then.
I mean, there is just a people rebel in being domesticated.
And I never thought of myself as a tough, rugged guy.
It's just instinctive to me to stand up for myself, but so many people think you get ahead by groveling.
That was in the past.
Things are now at the collapse level by design.
You're gonna get run over being a chicken neck.
And so everybody needs to not make it work, but make it exciting.
Get in shape, get healthy, get focused, get engaged, get involved.
Say no to the power structure.
And really take action.
There are a lot of ways to do that, but you know what?
I'm going to be the leader I've been.
I'm going to show you in the next few weeks and months what leadership is.
I'm going to pull some legal, lawful stunts, and I'm going to show you what you should do.
Everybody's saying Bill Clinton's a rapist to his face, that chain reaction.
They want us off the air because they fear the chain reaction.
To quote something like Total Recall, activate the reactor.
And the reactor is your soul, your mind, you being set into motion.
The thoughts, the ideas, the systems, the understanding, setting it in motion.
Hit the dominoes.
Set it in motion.
We're going to do it.
We've set the dominoes in motion so many times.
And they don't want the blowback of killing me right away because they know that'll set some major stuff in motion.
We're in a critical fight right now.
We should all be extremely honored to be here.
I'm extremely honored to be here.
Now, I'm going to get to this more later, but let's just mention this now.
What incredible footage came out on Friday.
It was not in any mainstream news in the West that I saw.
It was in Sky Television in England, Saturday.
Finally, it's the London Guardian today, and a few U.S.
But, Infowars.com on Saturday,
Shocking footage leaked from inside Chinese re-education torture camps, a million-man camp, and they're taking 600 people out to be executed.
That's what it is.
You might want to get that article and get it out to folks, because empathy shows you need to be upset by that.
But that time, finally, The Guardian today, China footage reveals hundreds of blindfolded and shackled prisoners being led to their deaths, I should add.
World's leading greenhouse gas emitter, China, refuses to make any carbon tax cuts and won't allow protest.
And that's only to shut us down.
Meanwhile, this footage, dramatic footage, captures major Russian-China war games involving 120,000 troops.
Basically practicing a war with India is what it really is, even though Russia's working with India some.
This is where the major flashpoints are between India, Pakistan, China, and the proxy war.
Let's roll that video with audio.
Radio listeners need to go to InfoWars.com.
DrudgeReport.com is linked to it on the right-hand side.
Dramatic footage captures major Russia-China war games.
You'll want to see this.
It looks like something out of Armageddon.
Here it is.
Look at those helicopters.
Look at those jets.
Look at all that.
And that is what you'd imagine Armageddon would look like, ladies and gentlemen.
There's all this footage again at DrudgeReport.com on the right-hand side.
The senselessness of humanity fighting with itself, but that's the nature of it because there are always groups that want power.
And there is a race towards quantum computing that's already here, a race towards AI, turning over our whole systems to a post-human system where humans are taken out of the control of civilization.
And we're the globalists that program it.
Are they only ones that have power?
Why are we going to let this be built?
Why are we going along with this?
We shouldn't.
We're going to come back and get into their plan to cut off the west carbon and how we stop it and how they're getting even more hysterical and ridiculous.
We have a lot of shocking footage.
Some of the cars being blocked and people doing half-naked dances in front of families.
We're going to show it all and how the left, again, is just flaunting its degeneracy.
Please don't forget that I like to do things a little bit different.
We are bringing Black Friday two months early, and it's going to be a week-long, store-wide free shipping, double Patriot points, and 50% off all preparedness, water filters, air filters, storable food.
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Get your purchases in today.
These are products that help you and your family and help fight for freedom.
Most of our crew here is actually out in the field or on air.
And so we've got a real blind spot here.
And this is not a negative thing I'm talking about on air.
It's something listeners need to understand and know.
Because you're just as important a part of the team as anybody here.
This is not a
Spectator sport fighting globalism.
I was talking to Savannah Hernandez sitting right next to me here in studio of your radio listener, and she was like, have you seen Will Johnson's report when he went up to Chicago for the climate anti-human carbon tax, shut down American industry but not Chinese industry, extravaganza?
And I said, no.
I mean, he went hours live.
I saw some of it.
She said, he's got all of them saying, cut the human population, abort the babies,
She's like, I'll find out the report.
It's on InfoWars.
There's like three of them from him.
And then she's like, oh, yeah, the report you're about to play is powerful, but I've got this report.
And she starts telling me all this crazy stuff she's got.
And the good news is people figured this out now.
So Breitbart and Daily Caller and others, by the way, you're all welcome.
In fact, you're even welcome to cover up the InfoWars logo and put your own thing on it.
I don't care.
You see, I want to just beat these people.
They are getting Millie Weaver and Caitlyn Bennett and Savannah Hernandez clips.
And they are editing down like hour-long streams they do, and these things are getting 2 million, 5 million, 10 million views, and it's awesome.
That's all I care about.
And so I'm literally telling Daily Caller, I'm telling the Gateway Pundit, I'm telling you all, just as long as you get their names right, and our buginfowars.com's on there, if you're afraid of getting censored because the bug's on there, cover it up.
We don't care.
They're saying they want to kill all the babies.
They're killing babies after they're born.
Now, Daily Caller's pretty good about wanting to spread their info, like with their Daily Caller News Foundation, and so is Breitbart.
It's getting better about it.
Some of the other folks, not so much.
I mean, we try to promote people and put, like, four paragraphs.
They threaten to sue us.
We're going to lose the whole country and the whole world like this.
So, I can't watch everything they're producing.
There's so much of it.
And we're trying to get more crew that can watch it and boil it down.
I was in a meeting this morning with David Knight saying, your show's awesome, three hours every morning, but we can't put all the clips up on InfoWars.
We've got to get the very best parts and promote those.
But I'm asking listeners, go into David Knight's show, find the best parts, put it together yourself, make a YouTube channel.
Or go into my show and do it.
Or go into the reports Savannah's putting out.
They're just out there, and a lot of times they do cut the reports down.
We're going to play one in a moment.
But it's just sensational stuff.
You think the stuff the left used to say was crazy?
We got reporters in Europe, in England, in California, in Ohio, in Texas.
I mean, I'm putting a lot of money out here, and I'm not bitching.
We're kicking ass with our crew and your support.
It's just that there's major frustration around here because
They're blocking us everywhere.
It's all so sensational.
What we've got to do is just put the clips concisely together, and then get them out to everybody.
And Drudge has really helped get a lot of the stuff out.
But, while I'm ranting here, Savannah will play these clips coming up next segment that you've got, that others have gotten as well.
I mean, some of the stuff I saw on Breitbart this morning, with the left blocking traffic and screaming and yelling at people's cars.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Definitely Alex.
And Owen was the one that told me to go to this climate protest at the capital of Austin.
And of course we know that this is in response to the UN Climate Summit, which is actually happening today, which is why they're blocking traffic in DC, in New York, all over the country right now.
And I went
And again, we talk about this all the time, how they're attacking our children, how they're trying to scare our kids into being the ones that are promoting climate change, that are pushing climate change.
So going there really put that into perspective and opened my eyes to the fact that that was really happening.
My first report was titled, Students Admit Climate Change Indoctrination at Schools.
I wanted to find out who's teaching kids about climate change, where is this all starting at?
And so I went and I asked them.
You know, when did you first learn about this?
And of course they all said, oh, well, the first time I learned about this was at school, was in the sixth grade.
My science teacher made me watch documentaries about how the ice caps are melting.
And so we see that this, of course, starts at school.
They're using the kids to push this narrative.
And then I even interviewed several other people.
They said that this is a fear-based movement.
We want to scare people.
That's the big takeaway, as you get them to say, the world's gonna end in seven years, but really we're just trying to scare people.
Well, we know that, but they're going in and brainwashing, traumatizing kids, and then marching them out of school saying, be our puppets.
I mean, this is the state-run system literally kidnapping the kids.
Right, and I think over the weekend, Scott Pressler actually, he went and picked up 50 tons of trash in Skid Row in Los Angeles.
Meanwhile, Democrats, or many of our 2020 presidential Democrats, were at a steak fry in Iowa.
You know, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, all of those candidates who are telling us don't eat steak, cows are contributing to climate change, the climate crisis, they were at a steak fry this past week.
They're all flying around on private jets because it's not about stopping eating steak.
It's about taking control of steak and everything else to put a tax on it they control.
We're not allowed to fly in planes.
We're not allowed to eat certain things.
We can't have our guns.
And again, even going into that, last week we saw that Sandy Hook commercial that they put out.
Again, targeting our children, trying to scare kids.
Terrorizing them.
So that's what all of these movements are about.
We have all of these scientists and... And from Hitler to Mao, authoritarians always target kids.
They get them while they're young, while they're not protected to brainwash them.
Right, and I was even talking to Owen and I was telling him that when I was younger, I was terrified of climate change, of the fact that we were all going to drown to death.
Because I think you all remember in 2012, the world was supposed to end.
They even came out with movies about it.
So I was terrified that we were all going to drown to death.
And now that's being shown with our kids here today.
They're all marching out of school.
They are so afraid that we're going to burn to death, we're going to drown to death.
And I think that was exemplified this past weekend.
Greta Thunberg has come forward, and she's the advocate for all of this.
And a lot of the other kids
That we're there, we're saying she was their inspiration.
And we're showing some of the footage of them dropping, blocking traffic.
I mean, it's just, it's like a mental institution had its doors blown off and they escaped.
Do you like how they're littering in that video, Alex?
They're climate activists and they're throwing confetti on the street.
So how is that supposed to help the earth?
Well it's all how they have the moral high ground, and then they're going to dictate to us how to live.
This is just a cult of control freaks, but really they're just the mindless cannon fodder, mainly government workers and welfare folks, that just spill out on the street demanding free stuff.
Right, and of course everyone, too, uses the argument, well, we need to trust scientists.
Scientists are the ones telling us that this is happening.
This is facts because science told us.
Well, these are the same scientists that have been proven wrong over the past 50 years.
They've come out and said, ice caps are melting, polar bears are dying, penguins are dying.
We're all going to burn to death.
And we even have this article here by Breitbart.
Climate experts are 0 to 41 with their doomsday prediction.
In fact, I've got that article, too.
Let's do this.
Let's go over some of those and play a report.
When we come back, but why don't you just start now getting into some of the things they said that never came true.
Read some of the Breitbart points they make.
I mean, Al Gore said that by 2017 the ice caps would be completely melted.
They're bigger than ever.
Right, so back in 1975 there was a dire famine forecast.
Everyone was supposed to disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1989.
Ice age by 2000.
America subject to water rationing by 1974 and food rationing by 1980.
Another ice age by 2020 or 2030.
So I guess we only have one year left really Alex, not 10 to 12.
New ice age by 2070.
Space satellites showed
By 2022, I said it wrong.
Climate genius Al Gore says ice-free Arctic by 2013.
He said in 10 years, in 2003.
That's right.
Ozone depletion, planet cooling, acid rain, no one in sight 30-year cooling trend, but now apparently it's getting hotter, regional droughts, temperature in DC will hit record high, rising sea levels, everything's supposed to be underwater apparently by 2019.
That is New York City.
It's about 1966, oil gone in 10 years.
Remember all the peak oil crap?
Meanwhile, with the biggest export in the world, they're finding tons of it every day.
The old oil wells are filling back up with oil.
No one knows where it's coming from.
Right, so we have all of these studies that are supposed to say that basically we shouldn't be here, we should all be dead, we should all be underwater.
Well, how come none of that has happened yet?
And every single time you ask these clients... Let's talk about why they're doing it.
They don't know.
So they can be the saviors and take full control of society and regulate and tax everything under the sun, but they're all exempt from it.
And we're going to play your powerful report.
Where they admit they're fear-mongering and scaring children on purpose to brainwash them.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
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Get into some more of those points before we get to your report of the excellent Breitbart article, 41 times they totally lied.
We're only halfway through here.
We have, let's see, back in the 2000s.
Children will know what snow is.
Famine in 10 years if we don't give up eating fish, meat, and dairy.
Britain will be Siberia by 2024.
Arctic will be ice-free by 2018.
So we're a year ahead of that.
Climate genius Al Gore predicts ice-free Arctic by 2013.
UK Prime Minister says 50 days to save the planet from catastrophe.
Al Gore moves 2013 prediction of ice-free Arctic to 2014.
And then it's moved to 2015, only 500 days before climate chaos.
That was back in 2014.
1968, overpopulation will spread worldwide.
1970, world will use up all its natural resources.
1966, oil gone in 10 years.
1972, oil depleted in 20 years.
1977, Department of Energy says oil will peak in the 90s.
That's what you mentioned earlier Alex.
1980, peak oil in 2000s. 1996,
And by the way, I got offered money by so-called sponsors if I would just push peak oil and all this.
And the Saudis are the funders of that because they don't want us doing exploration here, just like China is one of the big funders of carbon taxes, because they're not going to participate.
Well, if their energy is three times cheaper than ours, what's going to happen?
Everybody's going to move their industry.
It's sick.
Right, Alex.
And okay, so we have what?
I think six more left.
We're supposed to have super hurricanes.
That was in 2006.
2005, Manhattan underwater by 2015.
In the 70s, urban citizens will require gas masks.
Nitrogen buildup will make all land unusable.
Decaying pollution will kill all the fish.
In 1970, killer bees.
So that's the 41
We're good to go.
Well, and I was telling you this over the break that I was so scared when I was younger.
I would cry myself to sleep at night because I was terrified that the Arctic or whatever was going to end up melting.
We were all going to flood.
No one was going to be able to live anywhere because the whole entire Earth would be flooded.
And that's what I heard when I was a young kid.
And now we're seeing videos of other children being used for this climate crisis.
You've seen the video clips of them crying about how we're all going to die.
We're all going to burn to death.
We're all going to drown to death.
So this is something that's been happening for years.
And they'll show a penguin on an ice floe.
That's where they hunt.
They'll show a polar bear on an ice floe.
That's where they hunt.
These things get smaller in the summer, bigger in the winter.
They're literally terrorizing people.
And I know parents who say their daughters go to public school and come back crying because we're killing all the bunny rabbits.
Exactly, and National Geographic actually had to come out and admit, they took a picture of this starving polar bear, they said it was because of climate change, and then they had to come out and admit, actually, the polar bear wasn't dying because of climate change, that was actually fake.
So they've had to come out and admit this so many times before, and again, the climate activists tried to say, well scientists said, and if you dispute science,
You're crazy, obviously.
But the science shows there's five times the polar bears there were 60, 70 years ago.
Let's start getting your report right now.
This is critical.
It's up on Infowars.com right now with this headline that we'll show you as we go to break.
I think that the part of it that is generational is that
Millennials and people and, you know, Gen Z and all these folks that come after us are looking up and we're like, the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change.
And so if we are going to confront any of these challenges, whether it's challenges to the economy or a system of health care or public education or confronting climate change before it is too late within the 10 years that we have left to us to act,
Then the single greatest mechanism that humankind has ever devised to call forth the power of the people, a democracy, must be fixed.
So politicians have said that we have a matter of years left to be on the planet.
What do you think about that?
Do you think that projection is accurate?
Do you think we have less than 10 to 12 years?
Um, I think that projection is accurate.
The one that I've heard the most often is, um, that we have 80 years until, if we don't do anything to stop it, in 80 years there could be a mass extinction event, and we only really reasonably have 10 to 12 years to stop it.
Um, I would say that that's probably accurate.
Oh yeah, much less.
How much less?
Not 12 years.
How many years would you say?
If I was to give a number approximation, I would probably say between four and five years.
Four and five years until what happens?
Or seven years.
But until things just start to fall apart.
And we cut down forests and crops.
I think we have less time than that, but you've got to understand, politicians will have a seat at the table of survival because of the deals that they make right now.
How many years left do you think you have?
Well, it depends on where you're at.
If you're in Detroit, where it does not get very warm, you know, the seasons are... I would say you have 100 to 200 years left.
If you live in Canada, like you might have, you know, you might have
I don't
I think it's a possibility.
I think some organizations are starting to help us make changes, but it's a lot slower than we would like it to be.
I feel, I think it's a possibility too.
I know that already there are people who are dying from results of climate change around the world and I think that if the patterns continue that it's totally plausible that 10 or 12 years that that could just be something that's like a mass killer of people.
I really don't know.
I don't think I know enough on the matter.
I don't know what studies have been done or anything.
We're gonna go to the break and come back more with these idiots and they admit they're trying to scare people when we come back.
But look at these headlines!
World's leading greenhouse gas emitter, China, taps out of global climate change, bans all protests, and has cut zero carbon.
That's only for you, stupid Americans!
Meanwhile in England, members of the government saying eating meat should be banned like smoking, says top barrister.
He calls for a new crime of ecocide.
Ha ha!
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live broadcasting worldwide.
We have Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief, a really smart guy to give us his view on the geopolitical machinations with Iran, Saudi Arabia, the carbon taxes, globalism, all in the next segment.
But Savannah Hernandez, InfoWars.com, intrepid reporter, was going through a report she filed in Austin, Texas, where they say the world ends in seven years.
We're really doing it just to scare people.
The video's up on InfoWars.com.
Please spread it.
Like any key intel, because they're brainwashing these kids and terrorizing them.
Let's go back to that report.
I don't know what I could say really.
I know Beto O'Rourke came forward, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they said we had about 10 to 12 years to fix things before.
I'm not sure if like either we all die or if it's irreversible.
What do you guys think about all of those comments?
I think it's like that amount of time until it's irreversible but once it's irreversible like we're kind of done for.
There's nothing else we can do.
It's kind of scare tactics sometimes but
You kind of have to scare people to jump start them to do anything about it because like she said there is data to back it up about the way things are headed.
I mean it is about fear and whether it's happening whether these things whether those things are going to happen in a matter of years or a matter of millions of years it's going to happen eventually so if we can scare people into making a difference now and save that for even later then
What would you say to the people who say that climate change activists are just really extreme or overly exaggerated, saying that we're either going to burn to death or that the earth is going to flood?
What would you say to that?
I think that honestly, yes, there are some extremes in climate change, but I think that we need those extremes because we have such, especially in politicians, no one's really doing anything.
So I think we have to have those extremes to have something happen.
A lot of the times I've read news stories about how climate activists are over-exaggerated by saying we're either going to burn up or I guess drown to death.
What do you guys think about those claims?
What do you guys think about those news stories that try to debunk climate change?
Well, I think we have to pay attention to scientists.
Science tells us that this is a real issue, and we need to pay attention and take action.
There's no over-exaggeration.
Many of our biggest cities are in low-lying areas that would be completely flooded if the sea level rose even just a few feet, and it will if we do nothing.
Um, honestly, I'm not sure.
I think it would be more plausible for it to be a bit more slow and a bit less, um, understated than us just burning to death, but we will die.
I'm sure of it.
Well, folks, we heard a lot of facts and statistics today, and, well, f*** it.
We're gonna die.
This has been Savannah Hernandez with Action 7 News.
These people are a death cult, and they just hand over their whole lives to people.
You have in 2003, Al Gore says, all the coastlines, everything will be flooded by 2013.
And then none of it happens.
The ice caps will all be melted.
None of it happens.
Then Obama buys a $14 million mansion right on the water in Martha's Vineyard.
And these people, you go to them and you go, here's hundreds of times they lied.
They go, I don't want to see that.
It's all true.
We're all dead.
They just like to get into hysteria and then shine over their power to some world government where China puts out all this dirty energy.
Ours is clean, and you talk to them and they just go, shut up racist.
Right, and those two women actually that said, oh, this is a fear-based movement, we need to scare people into taking action.
I actually brought up the famine forecast from 1975.
I said, this didn't actually happen.
Do you think it's right to scare children using these statistics, these facts?
And they were saying, well, we need to scare people into taking action.
We need to be extreme about it because if we're not, if we don't scare people, if we don't invoke fear into people, no one's going to do anything.
So, as we can see, the scientists are using a lot of fake statistics.
They're just trying to scare us into following what they want.
And in closing, where do you, as they get more hysterical, I'm going to ask Joel this coming up, people aren't believing it anymore.
What's, I mean, they're just going crazy.
Right, and I think that goes into all of our politicians.
You know, they get so extreme that people just start waking up to it, and that's what we can hope for this as well, is that people just start waking up to it and realizing that it's not as extreme as all these fake scientists and all these fake statistics are making it seem.
In fact, it's the opposite of what they're saying.
We need carbon dioxide really bad.
Well, your report's up on newswars.com.
Can't wait to see what you do next.
You're popping in on all the shows.
We're developing a whole show for you if you'll do it.
Savannah Hernandez, she's awesome.
We'll be back with Joel Skousen.
Stay with us.
Well, Joel Skousen is a former marine aviator, Vietnam-era.
He's an author.
He's one of the top recognized experts on safe places around the world, not just the U.S.
And he's also authored a lot of best-selling books on that subject.
We sell the books and a boil-down film of it, Strategic Relocation, the book and the film, at infowarestore.com.
His main site's World Affairs Brief.
World Affairs Brief.
I don't know.
All the major geopolitical movements taking place.
Looks like Bibi Netanyahu is going to be taken out of power with this new coalition government.
He's hanging on by his fingernails, but the word is he's about to be gone.
What does all this symbolize?
Why are the Democrats going so insane?
What are they going to pull out of their hat?
They usually pull a false flag.
There's just so much to cover here today with Joel Skousen.
So let's dive in first to the flashpoint in the Strait of Hormuz and in the Middle East with what's really going on.
Because we've seen freighters grabbed.
We've seen sanctions increased.
We've seen cruise missiles blow up.
Again, these are all refineries.
We have the rebels take credit, but then the U.S.
says it was fired out of Iran.
Well, Joel Skousen is an expert on a lot of these, so he can bring his wide range of knowledge together and give us his best approximation of exactly what's going on here.
Joel, thanks for joining us.
Thank you very much, Alex.
The attack on the refinery in Saudi Arabia was a very, very sophisticated false flag.
I believe they piggybacked on top of a Houthi drone attack, but the damage to the various spherical gas containment tanks could not have been done by any of the weapons that they claim Iran has or have showcased as exploded ordnance, which there's no proof that they were exploded ordnance from that area.
What you have here, you have 14 spherical tanks that were hit in exactly the same place on every single tank.
I mean, that is super precision.
And none of those tanks exploded, Alex.
I know of no weapons other than depleted uranium rounds that can enter a tank and not explode it.
And in order to even do that, because a depleted uranium round will create a tremendous amount of heat and sparks.
And they would have ignited the gas too, unless those tanks were empty and purged before that.
In other words, the only fires that you see here, and they only lasted a few hours instead of days at a normal refinery fire, those were where pipeline areas were hit, probably by the Houthi drone attacks with explosive warheads.
But what's interesting is the spherical tanks that were hit, supposedly full of gas, should have exploded even if you hit with a direct round.
But it certainly couldn't have been hit with a cruise missile, which has an explosive warhead, couldn't have been hit with any kind of missile with an explosive warhead and not exploded.
Even if the tanks were empty, those tanks themselves would have exploded with an explosive warhead.
So it had to be depleted uranium rounds.
That means either the U.S., Russia or China
provided the ammunition for that attack, and Israel is the most likely candidate for having done that false flag attack.
There's another piece of evidence, too.
The U.S.
says that Iran did this.
And you've got a picture up there right now of those tanks that were not exploded.
They all have a hole in it about, you know, a foot in diameter.
But no explosion.
I mean, this is impossible with today's ordinance unless those tanks were empty.
But in any case,
If those attacks came from Iran, they would have had to overfly all the U.S.
naval assets in the Persian Gulf that have Aegis radars.
Kuwait and Bahrain have major long-range radar.
The U.S.
has produced no radar tapes showing those assets, missiles, cruise missiles, or drones coming from Iran.
And the reason they can't show the radar tapes is they don't exist.
And there's no way that the U.S.
could have missed that attack coming, which means that they could have warned Saudi Arabia.
The entire purpose of these U.S.
assets, or one of the three purposes, is to safeguard Saudi Arabia's oil supply.
And so what I'm saying is that there's no way it could have come from Iran.
I think it had to be special weapons.
Those tanks had to be empty, which means that Saudi Arabia had to be part of the collusion
Of letting their own oil refinery go down.
And it's not going to be down for six months or a year.
They now say it's going to be back up and operational in a year.
I mean, I'm sorry, in a month.
And that's because you see those holes in those tanks have already been cut out.
They're re welding planks into those tanks can be operational within a couple of weeks.
And the rest of the refinery just has holes in very, very little destruction.
This refinery can be up and running in a month.
So this was not
I think so.
So, I mean, what was it done by then?
Like an armor-piercing larger round?
No, armor-piercing is explosive as well.
This had to be depleted uranium.
And the tank had to be empty.
That's what I'm saying.
Well, you're right.
I mean, a lot of armor-piercing does have the incendiary inside of it.
A little explosive, yeah.
So let me ask you this.
What about all the photos that are identified and look similar to Iranian drones?
Are you saying a third-party country like Israel would actually cook up even the fake drones that look Iranian?
No, no.
The Iranians are supplying drones to the Houthis, and so the Houthis claim credit for this.
They were using Iranian drones, so it's just like the U.S.
supplying weapons to everyone around the world, and someone doesn't attack with U.S.
You blame the United States?
Well, indirectly, for supplying the weapons.
And we've proven, and I've had the information in the World Affairs Brief from Dilyana Getansheva, the Bulgarian journalist, documenting how all of these weapons depots in ISIS are U.S.
weapons, and you can trace their serial numbers back to U.S.
Oh, absolutely.
Obama let them all in.
And of course, you and I, back three years ago, two years ago, when there were all these attacks, we said it was false flags.
Because the ISIS and Al-Qaeda folks, al-Nusra, shot videos celebrating because they wanted to be rock stars back home.
But our media blamed Assad.
It later came out that, indeed, those were false flags.
And then we got internal documents that Google sought to censor myself and Dr. Ron Paul.
I don't know if you saw this, Skousen.
Some of your stuff was mentioned too in the reports.
That's why they wanted us off air.
Because they were worried when there were future false flags that we would question it.
You know, we have good reason to question.
As I say, there's just no way that Iran could have done this without the U.S.
tracking and warning Saudi Arabia.
How come the defense system was shut down?
They've got Hawk missile bases around the... Explain that to people, because they've got missile systems.
Even 30-year-old systems should be able to shoot these down.
They have advanced systems, correct?
That's correct.
They have advanced systems, they have Hawk systems, they have French systems, which aren't that good, but they are still, you know, usable for these things.
I mean, there was nothing shot at any of these
I don't know.
Well, I mean, it's probably a 20mm, even a 20mm depleted uranium round would make a foothold in a tank like that.
But it's not an explosive warhead.
An explosive warhead would have torn that tank completely to pieces.
There wouldn't have been anything left of those tanks with any kind of explosive warhead.
Again, I'm not a military guy, but if I was going to be shooting oil tanks, I would use an incendiary round or an armor piercing that goes through and explodes.
I mean, any regular explosive round, not even armor-piercing, would have gone through those tanks.
I mean, those tanks have 3-inch steel walls on it.
Anything can penetrate that, especially an explosive bullet.
Well, let's talk about geopolitics.
Let's talk about why Trump's not attacking Iran.
Does he know he's being set up?
Because what you said is actually what I believe happened, is that this is like another Bay of Pigs attempt to set Trump up.
Let's talk about it.
I don't think there's any doubt that we're in a major crossroads in human destiny.
There's so many incredible developments happening.
Evil's really coming out of the closet right now.
We'll talk about that next segment with Joel Scowls and the editor of WorldDefersBreathe.com.
And we're also going to get into some of the other societal decay that's taking place.
But when I looked at this, you had the Israeli election coming up.
You've got Trump saying he wants to meet with the Iranian leaders and try to end the sanctions and have a peace deal.
You know, they've been sabotaging his attempted peace deals with North Korea as well.
And I know that you have shadow diplomacy by Obama and Hillary in the deep state, and then they have their own deep state in Iran, and some evidence shows the CIA helped put them in in 79.
So I'm thinking, are they doing this with plausible deniability, using the rebels as cover to say, to embarrass Trump and to get him to strike for some setup?
Or would it be another place like Israel or factions of Israel wanting something for an election?
They're tracking an attack that already comes in from the rebels, who we know have attacked Riyadh with missiles and things before, so they piggyback on it.
I mean, I agree with Joel Scalza, but he was a Marine Corps aviator in Vietnam.
He knows about these weapons systems.
These do look more sophisticated, more targeted.
They're very precise, kind of like the Star Wars analogy.
They look at the sand crawler, and I've never seen sand people hit something this big.
And Obi-Wan Kenobi says, we were only meant to think
They hit this Imperial Stormtroopers that only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.
So there's your cheesy Star Wars analogy.
So I think that is the big telltale here.
I agree with him.
We have the aerial photos.
It's very precision.
And why was there a stand down?
But then Iran.
I mean, I wouldn't trust those Moodles as far as I could throw them either.
They've been under sanctions a long time.
They have been grabbing ships in the Strait of Hormuz.
So, Joel, I mean, of all those competing theories, I think what comes out of it here is we're not getting the full story.
And I think that Trump is holding back because I think he realizes this could be like Bay of Pigs to embarrass Kennedy, or this could be like 1979 with the Delta Force failed raid into Iran for the hostages as well.
What do you think?
Well, I don't think Trump has a great deal of understanding about the false intelligence he's getting from the agencies.
The mainstream media, including Fox News, continues to push home that you've got to believe our intelligence professionals.
We've got to believe them.
And Trump seems to believe them.
But in spite of the false intelligence that he's getting, because of his previous campaign promises to end the war in Afghanistan and get out of these foreign wars, he is very reluctant to do this.
You know, the intelligence community or the National Security Agency is supposed to give him options.
And he's rejecting all the options except for sanctions.
That's the only thing.
He says, let's increase sanctions, which clearly showed I'm not going to attack right now.
Now, they keep throwing other false flag attacks.
I mean, the shoot down of the drone was a provocation.
The bigger provocation initially on Iran was sending a P-8 with 35 crew members into Iranian territory and get him to shoot down American soldiers.
That would have brought war.
And Iran said, no, we're going to shoot the drone down, which was there to photograph the P-8 and its destruction.
They shot down the drone and left the P-8 alone.
And Trump appreciated that, the fact that they didn't do that.
You know, I don't like the Mullahs, I don't like Iranians' restriction of liberty on people, but Iran is not the biggest terrorist sponsor in the world.
The United States' deep state is, along with Israel and Saudi Arabia.
And it's important to notice that the mainstream media continues to hype and bring out this paradigm, or I'm not saying paradigm, but this
The standard story, for example, every time you hear about Iran, you hear the standard response, the biggest sponsor of terror in the world.
It's just impossible.
Iran is, in fact, sponsoring all of the fighters against U.S.-backed terror.
And that's why the globalists want to take down Iran.
And let's explain that.
That's the whole project going on for decades with Saudi Arabia, with the Mujahideen, starting the fight with Russia.
I mean, give people some background on that, because that's an admitted fact.
When Trump was on the campaign, he's saying Hillary and Obama are the founders of ISIS.
They really are.
Yeah, but he didn't understand what I'm saying.
He only meant by the Iran agreement that they were, or no, by
What he meant by ISIS in Syria, by being permissive, by not allowing us to go in and attack, that they allowed ISIS to grow.
That's what Trump meant.
And that is stupid.
It was a direct creation.
The U.S.
deep state took 50% of the U.S.-backed terrorists in Syria and said, you're now called ISIS.
It was just a name change.
We'll give you a priority on weapons.
They had three big weapons depot established in the last... Sure, that's all admitted fact, and Senator Paul and Senator Cruz did talk about that though.
But expanding on that then, what do you expect to happen next, seeing all these things develop?
Well, the globalists are not going to back down from fighting Iran, because as I said, Iran is the only direct opponent, other than the Russians in Syria, which aren't doing very much right now.
But Iran is the only direct opponent of the U.S.-backed war on terror.
And it's not just Syrian-backed rebels, which there is no difference between those.
There are no moderates in Syria.
They're all just like ISIS, and that's why you can separate.
They call them by different names.
But I'm convinced that Israel trains most of those terrorist leaders.
They are the best at infiltrating Arab and Muslim countries.
They use Israeli Arabs that are part of Israel, bring them into the IDF, and train them to run terrorism and other things.
So the normal terrorists around Syria and Iraq, etc., don't know that they're being run by the United States, other than the fact that their weapons depots are full of U.S.
Well, let's expand on that, because you can pull up UPI and AP reports from the mid-90s.
Admitting that one Israeli government founded Hamas is a counterbalance to Hezbollah.
And so explain to people, because the main move in doing all this is to drive a fissure and cause a civil war between Shiite and Sunni, and then use the threat of terror as a pretext for Western expansion in the Middle East.
Well, first of all, I want to correct one answer.
It's not that Israel creates Hamas or that they created Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, but they did help fund it.
And that's just like the globalists helping to fund and allow Russia and China to steal military technology.
It's not that they control them.
It's not that they're running those two countries.
I'm not saying they command the whole thing, but that was the headline was at its very
So it's all through subterfuge.
I mean, that's why the U.S.
Deep State, when they're funneling weapons to Syria, they use cutouts, they use weapons dealers, they use Silkway Airline under diplomatic cover to bring in these weapons, and they go through several, several chains of command and
Until they get to the rebels themselves.
And the rebels, of course, think we just stole this stuff from the Americans.
They don't really know that their operations are being run at the highest level.
Sure, and remember a few years ago, ISIS even had to put videos out saying, we don't really work with the West, don't believe that, because they were so upset about you, myself, Ron Paul, and others exposing that.
Yeah, I mean, it was so obvious.
You know, all those orange jumpsuits, where did they get those?
The 100 Toyota trucks that came from US requisition orders, where did they get those?
I mean, this is clearly
A U.S.
And no terrorist organization that's trying to control the world goes around to... Well, let's talk about this when we come back.
Because what does the system really think of Trump?
Who do you think he really is?
What do you think is coming next?
With Joel Scalzen.
Stay with us.
Joel Scalzen of WorldAffairsBrief.com is our guest.
Be sure to check it out.
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We're good.
As I see it being our main opposition.
But of course we have the globalists here running us in a moment.
And all the footage coming out of their torture camps and the rest of it.
And you know really how we're seeing Chinese style censorship come here to America.
But first let's let's hear from this little piece that triggers leftist.
Here it is.
Ministry of Truth brings you
The Chinese Communist Century.
Produced by the CFR.
The Chai Kong Dragon sends it all.
Here he is.
We are working with Silicon Valley to make you behave yourself.
Once we have full control, we send you to re-education camp like we do our people when they talk back to the party.
Whatever you do, do not visit Band.Video.
Band.Video is evil Americans whom Silicon Valley is teaching to shut up, like China do.
I just caught you, American!
You visited Bandar Video!
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you!
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video, or I have to hurt you!
Ha ha, Joe Scouser's always so serious.
Hey Joe, what do you think of that?
I'm glad to see you come up with Band.Video.
There's got to be some alternative to YouTube that allows the truth to come out without being censored.
Well, you're welcome to have a dial in and a channel on it.
We're going to expand it to folks that do great work like you do to be providers.
And so anything goes as long as we know the folks are good and have a great history like you do.
Getting back to the serious issues, though.
Part of me wants to keep supporting Trump at every level, because a lot of the good things he's doing, the globals clearly are upset at him, and don't run him, and I think that's the main issue they have with him, and he's fighting the fentanyl, and he's, you know, trying to help the border some, Second Amendment, he's been a lot better than Hillary, but not standing up to the censorship yet, he keeps promising he is, and just letting all of this happen
Shifting gears into Trump and just the state of the country right now and 2020 and what you think's coming next year, because things are already crazy.
Well, Trump continues to baffle his globalist advisors.
He doesn't have the background that I want him to have about the deep state and about controlling terror.
He doesn't know when he's being lied to.
But he does have these instincts which occasionally, you know,
Want to take out of Afghanistan or take the troops out of Afghanistan?
Scheduled a terror attack during those negotiations when they're so close to getting 5,000 troops more out of Afghanistan.
But the Taliban, people have to understand, and I cover this in the World Affairs Brief, is composed of a lot of separate groups, none of which are controlled by a central hierarchy.
And so it's very, very easy for the U.S., with their Israeli-trained ISIS people, to infiltrate one of those groups and pull off a terrorist attack, and then to claim credit for it in the name of the Taliban.
And the Taliban isn't going to disavow that necessarily because they are made up of very disparate groups.
But I just think it's like the Iranians capturing a tanker that is flagged in Japan when Prime Minister Abe was there negotiating peace with Iran.
That's just impossible to happen.
Nobody in their right mind would do that.
And so these are false flag attacks that are happening to sabotage.
But Donald Trump doesn't know any of that.
He doesn't ever see any of that.
He's only guided by those instincts, and they are normally turned around eventually by another false flag.
I'm frankly surprised, Alex, that this terror...
This false flag attack on or this piggyback false flag attack on the Arabian oil didn't get Trump to attack, but it didn't.
And I'm pleased with that.
But I'm afraid I don't have any confidence in him doing anything consistently that is going to stop the deep state.
Now, the one thing that is positive is that he did not pick a globalist for the new national security advisor.
Robert O'Brien is not a good conservative in the sense that he doesn't know about the deep state.
He's a people pleaser like Mitt Romney, but he is a faithful Mormon.
He doesn't have any vices.
He doesn't have a corruption thing, which is on the mark that everybody in the deep state has to be corrupt to a high degree in order to have blackmail on them.
So he isn't deep state.
But unfortunately, he's not going to do anything but take, I mean, he's going to be a believer in the false intelligence that comes from all the CIA briefings, just like Mitt Romney would be.
But at least he's not knowing deep state.
So he's not going to be pushing Donald Trump into doing something like John Bolton would have done.
And I think that's what Trump said.
Trump said, I'm sick of hearing what Bolton has to say.
He has terrible ideas.
And was basically trying to bully Trump.
That's what I'm told.
So Trump's gotten somebody that'll do what he says instead of being the deep state neocons puppets.
The system's got to be frustrated with Trump right now.
Obviously unable to remove him.
The Russiagate's falling apart.
This new Ukraine thing blew back onto them.
But they're not going to give up.
No, absolutely not.
They're not going to give up on the attack on Iran.
You're going to see more false flags.
I think what they're looking for, the next false flag, though, has to be enough to hurt American civilians or military.
And I think that's what will tip Trump over the edge on that.
Trump is, unfortunately, using tariffs in his war with China on this.
You know, tariffs are a mixed bag.
They really end up... In fact, he's compromised a lot on the tariffs.
You know, Big Silicon Valley complained about the tariffs on computers as we backed off on those particular tariffs.
In fact, one of the most conservative U.S.
Senators was Senator Mike Lee from Utah.
In the past three or four months, he's been bought out by big tech in Silicon Valley, offering unlimited green cards for people from India and
You know, not taking on Google in terms of censorship.
I'm very, very saddened with what's happened to Mike Lee.
Rand Paul seems to be the only one who seems to be holding the line.
It's really amazing when we read the Google documents that came out last year.
Anybody can pull these up.
Google paid grip to delist InfoWars.
But when you read the documents, it says
And by the way, in some of these, you're mentioned that, well, he has Ron Paul on and he's covering this and they're, you know, and then these people are talking about how these are false flags.
And they're so upset that we're just here pointing out that a lot of this stuff ends up to be staged.
And it really shows how the power structure is not all powerful.
They thought Hillary was going to be in, Trump got in, but I think that's a fluke.
If Trump doesn't take major action against election fraud and other issues, I think they're going to steal the election from Trump, and then I think they're going to really pull something big to try to sew up the country and shut down the populist movement that got Trump in.
What do you think?
Well, that's been my philosophy all along.
They've got to get rid of Trump.
But you know, it's interesting that Hillary says, you know, the election was stolen from me.
But in fact, Trump won in spite of the Democratic
Process of stealing votes by the kinds of registrations that they do and the computerized vote switching that goes on.
There's been not a single example of computerized vote switching in favor of Donald Trump.
It's only been in favor of Hillary.
And it's still going on.
It came out in that Southern race.
It was a primary for the Republicans when they switched a vote for the conservatives.
Oh, it's just constant.
It's constant.
And he got it on video.
And so, you know, they said, well, we can fix this.
Well, yeah, look, you don't fix it.
This is not a computer error.
Computers can't make these kinds of errors.
So it's being pre-programmed in.
We'll be right back with Joe Scott on worldfirstbrief.com.
I want to shift gears into moral decline with him.
Remember Jocelyn Elder saying, reach down to the children, help them play with their weenies.
Well, I'm not kidding.
That's now happening in schools.
What do we do about this at this point?
There's got to be a line in the sand.
These people need to be indicted.
Alright, Joe Skousen, worldfirstbrief.com is our guest.
You go to drugreport.com.
Trump the invincible!
And you've got the Washington Post saying his reaction to the whole Ukraine situation, saying they better watch out that all the dirt's on their side, shows that he thinks he's invincible.
I wouldn't call it invincibility.
I mean, it's the Clintons that helped overthrow that place and cause with Obama, the Civil War.
It's the State Department.
It's George Soros.
And they're the ones that gave their families all these sweetheart deals, like Joe Biden's son.
He's the one.
And so, like Trump said, I'm not going to be recorded on the phone telling somebody to do something or we'll do sanctions.
This is all lies.
And the whistleblowers, third party, didn't hear this themselves.
So it's more of this Kavanaugh stuff where they know people aren't buying into this Kavanaugh.
And now two more of the women came out, as you know, Joel, last week and said, we were never even contacted.
I never even knew Kavanaugh.
This is just made up.
So they're so reckless now.
They just don't seem to care.
It's like they've gone crazy.
What do you think is really going on here?
And what do you make of the Washington Post trying to say Trump thinks he's invincible?
Why should he even buy into this, like the whole fake Russiagate thing?
I mean, I think that's the right response to say this is ridiculous crap.
What do you think?
Well, it is dangerous to flatter Donald Trump.
He's very subject to flattery.
When you tell him that he's invincible, he loves it.
He'd love to believe that.
But what it does, it's an attempt to make him less careful so that he makes even more mistakes.
I think that's what they're trying to lure him into.
But, you know, the Democrats are so over the top in these just literally insane proposals, giving benefits to everyone, free education, free medical care, Medicare for all, $93 trillion for this and that.
Climate change.
I just had I was nauseous almost listening to those high school students that your girl interviewed how stupid they are just parroting things without any facts talking about we're going to die and that those cities are going to flood.
I mean.
It's just ridiculous.
And it's not going to happen any more than the melting of the ice caps revelations.
And when you tell them Obama just bought a house on the beach, or that all Al Gore's predictions were lies, or that they make money off the carbon tax, they go, shut up!
That's right-wing lies when it's all admitted fact.
But, you know, we're suffering.
And this is one of the long-term problems that I really worry about.
You know, the public education propaganda is finally coming home to roost.
I mean, when conservative Brigham Young University has 30% of students vote for Hillary Clinton in the last election, that was unheard of in the days when I went to Brigham Young University.
And that shows how, you know, it's having its impact.
These millennials are coming into college, they're bringing these idiotic ideas, and they're just repeating and parroting what's being told.
50% say that they support communism.
Yeah, and they really don't know, you know, anything about the history of communism.
They've been shielded from the history of Joseph Stalin and all of those.
And we're dealing with a more sophisticated form of socialism called Fabian socialism.
We have private property.
They tell you you're free, but we control you.
You know, we have regulations for everything.
And that's why Britain wanted out of the EU and why they're not letting them out of the EU.
They keep sabotaging them.
But in the long term, my geopolitical view is that, you know, the big threat, everything's going to still keep going more or less fat, dumb and happy for the West until this big World War III comes with Russia and China.
That was my next question.
You just read my mind.
Uh, is linked to our article that has the dramatic footage.
Dramatic footage captures major Russia-China war games involving over 120,000 K soldiers.
What do you make of India going into Kashmir and the situation in Hong Kong and Taiwan?
I mean, are these not proxy wars?
Well, yes and no.
For example, Hong Kong is a Tiananmen Square waiting to happen, but China is so worried about, you know, coming up with another bashing Tiananmen Square where they kill thousands of people, and they tried to cover it up.
You know, China said there was no man standing in front of the tank, there was nobody killed at Tiananmen Square, just an outright lie.
But they're desperate.
They know because of
You know, frontline documentary on Tiananmen Square and things that the word is out.
They really did kill a lot of people.
They've got a lot of troops stationed around Hong Kong.
And Hong Kong protesters are not backing down with the puppet government in Hong Kong giving in and saying that... What is that?
Well, they're saying that they're going to not now extradite people to the mainland without charges.
The extradition law has been, but you know, they could bring it right back up immediately.
They want a permanent guarantee there's going to be no extradition.
They put in prison and arrested some of the old grandfatherly type people that are in the protests.
I mean, we see people fighting for freedom in the East, but then...
I don't know.
And now they spray paint on the walls in Austin.
China is going to defeat Trump.
And even the Washington Post says, you know, gee, please crush Trump.
I mean, that's the words.
Defeat him.
Crush him.
I mean, these people are crazy.
Well, they've been propagandized.
They just don't have any basis of knowledge for this stuff that they're saying.
They're pro-socialist because they don't understand the concept of hidden victims.
Socialism always had a hidden victim.
Regulations always have hidden victims.
Well yeah, where's all the free money going to come from people who don't want to work?
And so it's very serious.
But I think the major threat to us, the globalists are smart enough to keep everyone pretty fat, dumb and happy.
That's why there's not going to be a collapse of the economy.
There's going to be perhaps a correction in the stock market, which is overblown to help bring down Trump in the next election.
But the big problem comes in World War Three when we're going to absorb a nuclear first strike.
Our military is going to be decapitated and our leaders are going to come out of their bunkers and say,
We didn't know this was happening, but the only way we can defend ourselves now is to join in a militarized global government with taxing power and all the things that Britain doesn't want out of the EU.
Just like World War I and World War II were engineered to bring in the League of Nations and UN.
That is their plan.
We'll talk about that again at a future date with Joel Skousen here.
I meant to get to this, but let's cover it briefly now.
As you know, Jocelyn Elders famously, as the Surgeon General, got fired for saying, we're going to help the children, the teachers are going to masturbate the children.
I hate to talk about that on air, but this is going on.
A Daily Mail article, children as young as six are to be given compulsory self-touching lessons by the schools, and now they're bringing it to the U.S.
I mean, this pedophile takeover is out in the open.
Why are they pushing it so hard now?
It's everywhere.
Well, it's a matter of adjusting people to it.
You know, first you tolerate something and now you, you know, have to.
The problem, Alex, the bottom line is you've got to get your kids out of the public schools.
Public schools are controlled by the government.
They're going to get more and more of this transgender education, this pro-gay education.
You just simply got to get your kids out.
And, you know, California is shutting down the vaccine exemptions.
And you simply have to say, I'm sorry, we're not dealing with this anymore.
There's no way and you should never try to improve the public schools.
You don't try to improve an inherently evil institution.
It just keeps people in there longer.
People need to get their kids out of public schools, either through private or homeschooling education.
And I know it's a great sacrifice.
I homeschool all, my wife and I, all of our six children.
It can be done.
They're very intelligent professionals now, and so I encourage people to do that.
But there's no solution to this except getting out of the public education system.
Well, if you read the history books, and if you read the Bible, this happens over and over again before it collapsed.
The system comes to have sex with and kill the children.
It is a demonic lust, and it's very real.
Thank you, Joe Skousen.
Thank you, Alex.
And people get a free sample issue by emailing me at editor at worldaffairsbrief.com.
All right.
Thank you.
I'm going to hit a few more stories that have broken that I haven't had time to get to.
And then we have Charles Salente taking over at about 10 after or so.
But I'm gonna do a few more segments because I got a few clips, a few things I haven't hit that are really, really important.
That's right.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Haven't done specials this big since last Christmas, so I want to thank you all for your support.
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Coming up, we've got the video.
Two teens charged after man 59 dies from knockout game attack at county fair.
Innocent man sucker punched in the head, later dies in trauma ward.
And of course, it's almost all black on white, but nobody ever will tell you that.
Hell, not even in full war sometimes.
It's just very sad how they're pushing the race war.
Also, GOP challenger Bill Weld, Trump committed treason and therefore must be executed.
Yes, this is the latest super escalation we're going to get to here in just a moment.
And the formula for gun confiscation, civil war.
That's another key special report.
That's all up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Speaking of those articles, let's get to the Bill Weld story right now.
GOP challenger Bill Weld, Trump committed treason and therefore must be executed.
Media doesn't push back on appalling statement.
GOP primary challenger and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who's a Democrat, in reality but not in name, accused President Trump of committing treason during a phone call with the Ukrainian president, adding that the required punishment is death.
Hillary sold us out to China and Russia and everything else.
That's just fine.
But when Trump tries to expose Hillary, the punishment's death, even though it's not even true.
Talk about pressure from a foreign country to intervene, within control of the U.S.
That's not just undermining democratic institutions.
This is treason, well said on MSNBC's Morning Joe.
And that clip is coming up next segment.
We're going to get Gerald Cilente's take on that.
We're going to play that video.
Next segment, it's up on Infowars.com.
Host Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, whose father did engineer mass murder worldwide and bragged about it in several books, Mr. Brzezinski made no attempt to push back against Weld's outrageous statement calling for the execution of a sitting U.S.
Weld then stated that Trump could possibly escape execution if he works out a plea deal, presumably with congressional Democrats and neighbor Trumpers.
So they're now openly threatening to kill the President.
The penalty under the Constitution is removal from office.
That might look like
Pretty good alternative to the president if he could work out a plea deal.
Scarborough Brzezinski and the other guest panel then launched into a discussion about the legal framework of handing down a death sentence to President Trump.
The only penalty for treason is death.
It's spelled out in the statute.
Weld said the left is accusing Trump of wrongdoing for asking the Ukraine government to get to the bottom of shady dealings involving Joe Biden's son.
Hunter, the treason is exposing their treason.
Biden has admitted to threatening to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees if the Ukraine government did not fire a prosecutor.
That's right, looking into his son's lucrative deals with an energy company called Bersam and Holdings.
And then it goes on.
So they've done all this, but Trump's the man that's guilty of treason.
We'll play that clip.
When we come back and get to this.
Two teens charged after man 39 dies from knockout game attack at county fair.
And again, there's so many knockout game deaths.
Every day I see one.
Every day there's videos of white people being beaten up, women, men, by large groups of young black males.
Now again, that's a racist group of black males.
Doesn't mean even a minority, a large minority of blacks are like that.
But there are some racist black people.
And you see it all over the news where these groups say, let's go out and attack whites.
They're inherently bad.
That's this anti-white atmosphere the left has created that's just terrible.
And then the media, once the attacks happen, try to cover them up or never say it's racially focused or biased.
I meant to get to this last Friday, and I meant to get to it Sunday.
I've just been so busy I haven't gotten to it.
We have a compilation of videos, a very small portion of them, of blacks attacking whites.
And then T.I., the rapper, when I was on his show, it was supposed to air this Thursday, last week in L.A., he just brought up some video of a little white kid beating up a black kid, and I don't like watching the footage.
I wouldn't like seeing a white kid beat up like that, or anybody.
But he says this shows the epidemic of
Well, I don't like violence, but we have the statistics, so I'm going to put a report together.
If it's not today, it'll be tomorrow, that I'm going to actually shoot, where I can lay all this out.
You know what?
I'll tape it right when I hand over to Salente, that way we have it for tomorrow, so we can add all this together in one big shebang for you, because I'm going to show you the statistics, I'm going to show you the videos, I'm going to show it to you all, and then ask TI, really TI?
Because the reality is it's open season on white people, and that's what the crime statistics show, and it's very, very dangerous.
It's going to have a backlash that I don't want.
Stay with us.
So I've been asking, what is peak leftist insanity trying to bully and dominate civilization?
Now they're in the news pushing what Jocelyn Elders did as the Surgeon General under Clinton.
Have the state teach your five-year-old in kindergarten how to masturbate.
England's already doing it.
That's in the news.
But now...
Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld has come out and said execute President Trump for treason because he investigated supposedly Hillary and Biden's corruption over in Ukraine.
Which is something Trump says he didn't even do.
He didn't demand that you do this or I'll cut funding.
It was actually Biden that admits he did that.
So you wonder where they're going next.
They're getting ready to try to kill the President.
And he thinks he's invincible.
He thinks he can handle all this.
He thinks it's under control.
I don't think it is.
These people need to start getting in trouble for their bullying, their attacks, their censorship, and what they've been doing to this country.
Saying MS-13's all God's children.
Telling people to flood the border.
Telling people to kill Border Patrol.
All the attacks on ICE facilities.
The attacks on Trump supporters.
The attack on Congressman Scalise, where this leftist tried to kill the entire conservative coalition of Congress, and then CNN said the guy was a hero!
Go to their houses, terrorize them!
Maxine Waters and all of them say.
So here is Governor Weld, really escalating the situation.
This is the GOP.
This is the pincer attack that Trump's under because he dares stand up for the people.
And all we're saying is, Trump, take the gloves off.
Here it is.
Obviously, cancelling primaries undermines democratic institutions and democratic elections, but that's far from the deepest-dye crime that the President has committed here.
He's now acknowledged that in a single phone call, right after he suspended $250 million of military aid to Ukraine, he called up the President of Ukraine and pressed him eight times to investigate Joe Biden, who the President thinks is going to be running against him.
Talk about pressuring a foreign country to interfere with and control a U.S.
It couldn't be clearer.
And that's not just undermining democratic institutions.
That is treason.
It's treason, pure and simple.
And the penalty for treason under the U.S.
Code is death.
That's the only penalty.
The penalty is death!
So, Trump talks to this guy, talks about the corruption, which you're supposed to do, exposing it, and that's the big crime.
But they're trying to go, oh, but he offered him something or threatened him.
But Joe Biden admits he did that, so everything they're saying about Trump, they're projecting.
But let's play this clip as we go to Gerald Solente, because it's very important.
And Drudge has, this is his top headline, that Trump has been very cocky about all this.
And I get why he is, it's a fraud.
But you can't be cocky unless you take action against these crooks.
I mean, all the lies about Kavanaugh, the lies about me, the lies about everybody, it just gets worse and worse and worse.
Here is NBC reporting on Trump and the fact that does, is he convinced of his invincibility?
Because he doesn't need the internet.
He doesn't need talk radio that's being shut down.
He doesn't need all of us to help him get elected anymore.
Because he's not taking action against the censorship yet.
Here it is.
The president's whistleblower strategy.
A Twitter defense.
Trump did nothing wrong.
And a Twitter attack.
Repeatedly fueling unsupported allegations against political rival Joe Biden.
The president posted claims, including an edited video alleging Biden used influence in Ukraine to help his son Hunter's business interests there.
But no evidence of wrongdoing was found.
The tactic hit a nerve for Biden.
Trump's doing this because he knows I'll beat him like a drum.
And he's using the abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me.
The president also tried to deflect attention by branding the secret whistleblower complaint, Ukraine Witch Hunt.
The allegation centers on a July call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky.
The Washington Post and New York Times report that Mr. Trump urged Ukraine to look into the Biden family, according to people briefed on the call, who also said the president did not discuss U.S.
military aid to Ukraine.
NBC News did not confirm the reporting.
Congress has not seen the intelligence officer's complaint.
Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein sent a letter to Attorney General Barr Friday, demanding the whistleblower report be shared with key committees.
In Iowa, a frustrated Biden called the president's actions outrageous.
Why is he on the phone with a foreign leader, trying to intimidate a foreign leader, if that's what happened?
But some Republican senators dismiss the complaint as partisan.
You're never going to see the attack stop.
It looks to me like another deep state attack.
Well, that's exactly what it is.
So confidence, arrogance...
Unless we see them go after the Deep State and these impending indictments that are reportedly already handed down against McCabe and others, it's only going to encourage these people more.
So if I'm angry at Trump, it's because he's not taking enough action and we're all in this together.
I totally support the President, I just am sitting here in the boiling hot water that he's also sitting in, and I'm saying that we're dealing with a pack of out-of-control criminals.
And notice they say unsubstantiated.
It's totally substantiated about Ukraine.
Hillary paid for the fake dossier out of there!
Biden's son went and took over the big $4 billion gas company and got a bunch of money.
So, by the way, here's that supposedly unsubstantiated edited montage.
These are the same people that say Carpe Donctum edited Biden groping himself.
That's, deceptively, that he doctored it.
It's not doctored when I show a Chinese dragon named Fentanyl telling us communism's good.
It's called a joke!
So, this is not doctored though.
This is what they've already reported.
This is known about Ukraine.
Here it is.
Wait a second.
Not one single credible outlet has given any credibility to his assertion.
Not one single one.
That or ABC News investigation this morning into Joe Biden's son Hunter and questions about money he made from foreign business dealings while his father was vice president.
You have a big story tonight on the New York Times website.
Tomorrow, page one of the print edition.
Was Hunter Biden
Profiting off his dad's work as vice president and did Joe Biden allow it?
We're talking about millions of dollars in at least two countries.
We have Joe Biden as vice president having intervened to sort of force the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who happened to have an open case looking into a company, a Ukrainian gas company that was employing Joe Biden's son.
There's no reason to pay Hunter Biden $50,000 a month.
Hunter Biden worked for a natural gas company in Ukraine, which is totally fair game.
Did the Vice President's son use his dad's influence to make money somewhere in the world?
That's totally fair game.
Potential conflict of interest there that I think Joe Biden will have to answer for.
Hunter Biden's work with the company reportedly sparked concern among State Department officials.
But was it right for Hunter Biden to take a job like that in Ukraine while his father was engaged in diplomacy there?
There is a story here.
We've told some of it.
There's more to be told.
I'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars.
I said, you're not getting a billion.
I'm going to be leaving here.
I think it was, what, six hours?
I look at it, I said, I'm leaving in six hours.
If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
If the prosecutor's not fired, if the prosecutor's not fired, if the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
So that was smoking gun proof in the last month where they're undermining Biden for Elizabeth Warren because they know he's had another stroke, they gotta get rid of him.
And so Trump's like, you're saying I'm threatening people to fire folks or go after
Biden or I'm going to cut aid?
That's exactly what you did and bragged at the CFR because you guys buy and sell U.S.
power and U.S.
You do it publicly.
You're mad I'm here and not doing that anymore.
So you're blaming me.
Here's a video showing it.
And they call that edited.
Well, edited for brevity, but those are all little pieces of interviews, whole segments where they documented this, but only because they want to have their cake and eat it too.
They want to burn Biden to get rid of him for Elizabeth Warren, but then they also want to burn Trump with the same recycled crap, but there's no evidence of it.
And the big news is the president's being spied on.
Geraldo Salente takes over on the other side.
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Hello, hello, hello.
Hope you like the show.
Great being here on the Alex Jones Show on InfoWars.
I want to pick up on a couple of things that Alex was talking about that I heard.
I was waiting to go on the air.
And about racism in America.
What a racist nation.
I mean, we're so racist in this country that there's no way, no way that we would ever elect a black president.
Could not happen.
In America, the racist nation.
No way in America could we have a Secretary of State like Condoleezza Rice.
Or a black woman.
And a murderous one at that.
Yeah, just like the murderous Obama.
The Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner.
Yeah, I want to get rid of that guy Qaddafi.
I want him out of there!
I don't care who you kill!
I don't care if you destroy the most prosperous nation in the world!
I don't care what you do, I want him out!
And we'll turn it into a hellhole.
Like I did.
No black man would ever say that!
How about Condoleezza Rice on the bush?
That mushroom cloud you see?
Yeah, that mushroom cloud.
What color is she?
How about Colin Powell, huh?
And you know what goes through the colon?
A lot of crap.
Yeah, and it comes out right out of his mouth as he holds up that little vial of colon crap to the United Nations.
And says it's proof that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.
Don't forget ties to Al Qaeda.
What color is he?
America, the racist nation?
No way, no way would we ever have a black Supreme Court judge.
Could not happen.
Hey, who are those people running for Presidente in the Presidential Reality Show?
Cory Booker?
Kamala Harris?
Aren't you still both in office?
They can never have those kind of offices!
Not in racist America!
How about Eric Holder?
Yeah, hold this, you slimy, low-life piece of garbage!
As Attorney General under Obama!
Too big to fail.
Remember that one?
Oh, you forgot, huh?
The banks were too big to fail and they were too big to jail.
And now what is he doing?
Oh, that black cat's working for a white shoe firm over there.
One of the biggest Wall Street legal firms that keeps giving us the shaft when they want to protect their investor interests.
Covington Burling.
That's right.
America's not a racist nation.
Are there racists in America?
Of course there are.
Are there imbeciles, low life, and dirty pieces of garbage in America?
And they come in all races, creeds, colors, and gender.
And all you have to do is begin
With the dumb-o craps and the repulsive kins.
And work your way down the line.
Low-lifes everywhere.
Morons, imbeciles, cowards, freaks, and fools.
We are not a racist nation.
We elected Barack Obama.
Good and bad comes in all races, creeds, colors, and genders.
I'm tired of this baloney.
And, moving on, what else do we have here?
Well, what Alex was also talking about.
This is the major news.
Financial Time.
This paper costs me a lot of money every day.
I want to buy it for good news.
I've got to find out because I have to forecast trends.
So I need the current events forming future trends that have detail, facts, and information that can help me look ahead.
What's the major story?
Trump hits back over pressing Ukraine to hurt Biden campaign.
This is totally worthless information.
Trump says Biden came up on call.
Wall Street Journal.
From the paper of record, the New York Times front page,
Trump cited Biden and call new pressure to impeach.
This is totally worthless in propaganda.
You will learn nothing from this information.
I study all day long reading the current events forming future trends.
This is as worthless as the, what, three years that went on that the Russians hacked into the American
election system and hacked into the DNC.
And Hillary Clinton didn't lose because she's a disgusting human being like her husband.
No, it had nothing to do with her deals with Wall Street.
Oh, like her slimy, slick, willy husband who killed the Glass-Steagall Act.
And Eric Holder, this was also under the Clinton administration.
When they did that,
Plus covering up for Clinton and on and on.
That's not why she lost.
The Russians did it, I tell ya!
And we'll really be stupid, ignorant fools and believe what they found.
They spent $100,000 in Facebook.
$100,000 in social media.
That's chump change.
What are they, what, a $4.5 billion campaign?
$2.5 billion, some ridiculous number like that.
Chump change.
Big company spends $100,000 in social marketing on all the websites and all the different platforms.
Adds up to nothing.
You're a small-time loser.
But let's make it a big story so you don't know what's going to happen.
So you can't see the current events forming future trends.
Get caught up in the stupidity and then start talking about it with your friends.
I was at a dinner.
A couple of nights ago for a foundation kind of thing, you know, it was different people.
And I'm talking to these two gentlemen and we start talking about economics and politics.
And then after that, these are guys, you know, my age, a little younger.
They spent over a half hour talking about sports.
I mean, I liked sports when I was a kid.
But this isn't my life.
And this isn't important to me.
The important issues are gone.
And that's what you're seeing here.
All this talk about impeachment adds up to zero.
And by the way, if the election were held today, and remember, the Trends Journal, my magazine, was the first magazine to call Trump a winner in May of 2016.
Trump would win today.
This stuff doesn't mean anything other than the people in the media.
Be right back.
Hello, hello, hello.
We hope you like the show.
Glad you're back.
Great being here.
So, that was about it on the, um, what's going on with this stupid impeachment stuff.
Just a waste of time and our money.
You know what these dumbo craps and repulsive kids forget?
Whether it's down from the state level, city level, up to the top of the federal government.
Two words.
Public servants.
Do what we tell you.
Don't tell us what to do.
On a couple of notes.
Do you know what Saturday was?
September 21st?
International Peace Day.
But don't tell anybody.
Because the news hardly reported it at all.
Oh, and you know what United Nations International Peace Day big motive was this year?
Climate change.
Climate change?
What are you worried about climate change for?
They're poisoning us right now.
You have to wait for climate to change.
You'll be dead by then.
The crap that they're throwing in our food and the water and the air.
In the earth?
The drug company's killing us?
You're worried about climate change?
So, barely reported.
And as you well know, I launched Occupy Peace.
I was just thinking, oh, here it is, out of here.
The Times Journal Magazine, Occupy Peace.
So if you want to put your money where your heart is, Occupy Peace.
Want war?
Let the people vote.
I want a referendum on each state ballot.
And when the United States decides to go to war, we the people will tell them how to vote because we pay for the war with our money and our lives.
Again, International Peace Day.
Peace doesn't count in this country.
It just came out with a study recently.
Pew Research.
Pew Research Center poll suggests that both the general public and U.S.
veterans agree things in Afghanistan were not handled well.
Oh, it's only, what, 18 years we're going on?
It's just about that now.
I think next month.
In a survey conducted, 59% of the public and 58% of the vets
Said that, when considering cost versus benefits, the Afghan war was, quote, not worth fighting.
Not worth fighting.
Only about 2,500 American troops were killed.
Hundreds of thousands wounded or suffering mentally from being there.
Post-traumatic stress syndrome and other things.
We only have
There's about 22 veterans, military veterans, committing suicide each day.
But let's not talk about peace.
We got impeachment to talk about.
Impeachment's a lot more important than waging wars, spending trillions to kill millions, and only a track record of losses, of which Congress is in violation.
Of the Constitution.
I believe it's Article 1, Clause 8.
And only Congress has the right to vote to go to war.
Which they have not done since World War II.
And given the power to El Presidente.
And the guy we got in there now, he says he's locked and loaded.
Well, he's loaded full of baloney.
Because let me tell you, in our new Trends Journal now, by the way, it's a weekly.
The New Trends Journal coming out tomorrow, the weekly.
The reason why back in June 20th to be exact, when Trump announced that he was not going to retaliate against Iran after Iran shot down that drone
It cost about $200 million.
Yeah, that drone that they said was over their land and America said it was in international territory.
The reason he didn't strike is very simple.
It would be the beginning of World War III.
The Middle East will be blown apart and it will spread.
Iran is not Libya.
It's not Syria.
It's not Afghanistan.
It's not Yemen.
These are the Iranians.
Love them.
Hate them.
Care less.
These are the Persians.
They've been around a long time and they're not going anywhere.
And now they have sophisticated weaponry.
And by the way, that strike
Drone strike on the oil fields and refinery.
Largest refinery in the world in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest oil fields.
There's absolutely no proof that Iran had anything to do with it.
The Houthis, Yemen, are saying they did it.
But the American media is selling the lie without providing one shred of evidence.
Just like the low-life, slimy, prostitute media, without any evidence, took us to war in Iraq.
Just like the slimy, low-life prostitutes, you know, the media whores, men and women, who get paid by their government and corporate pimps to put out the lies that they're saying.
Just like they didn't provide one shred of evidence that Russia hacked into the DNC, but that's our conclusion.
That's what we believe.
Try that and go in a court.
The same thing with Iran and the strike, the drone strike, against Saudi Arabia.
Not one shred of evidence.
But yet, the entire American media
He's blaming the Saudis for doing it.
Let me see if I can find this here.
Again, I'm saying why Trump called off that drone strike.
Because if he did attack Iran back in June following the drone strike, the Straits of Hormuz
Would have been Pearl Harbor 2.0.
The American Navy would be a bloodbath.
That's why they didn't attack.
The hatefulness that continues is nonstop.
There's a major story today, feature, top news story in Yahoo.
This is the headline.
Why did Iran attack Saudi Arabia's oil industry?
Here's what's going on.
Not one fact, but in a day of people reading everything in their hand, only reading headlines, and living by soundbites, the people buy the soundbite.
Why did Iran attack Saudi's oil industry?
Here's what's going on.
A total fabrication.
And this comes from Stratfor.
And you know who they are.
You know?
Google them up.
And then you understand part of whatever you want to believe.
As I see it, very closely knit to the military, intelligence,
Industrial Complex.
We'll be back in just a few.
And remember, support InfoWars.
I do.
Put your money where your heart and mind is.
Keep the truth flowing.
We'll be right back.
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Going back to the war front.
And again, not a peep from El Prestitute Days about International Peace Day on Saturday.
Tiny peep.
Not even.
Just a beep.
It was gone.
Google it up and you'll see.
The United States drone strike just killed eight people in Afghanistan.
They say they were Isis's.
Last week,
Over 30 civilians were killed.
Oh, it was a mistake.
Talk about that drone strike in Saudi Arabia.
Oh, that's all the news.
Why them Iranians, they did it even though we don't have any proof.
Why they hit that?
We got to stop this from happening.
Hardly a peep about the Saudi slaughter of some 100,000 Yemenis.
Some 14 million.
And starvation.
The worst humanitarian crisis on the planet.
Well, we're not going to talk about that, Salenti.
Because the prince, our friend, the crown prince over there in Saudi Arabia, he started that war back in 2015.
Launched from the USA, I remember it.
The guy on TV from DC.
The foreign minister, the Saudi foreign minister, announcing the war.
The Obama administration and the Trump administration supporting it.
And selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of weaponry to slaughter these people.
But we won't talk about that.
That doesn't count.
We'll only talk about them drone strikes.
The Iranians did it.
The hypocrisy is astounding.
And it just keeps getting worse.
We had our Secretary of State, Pompous Pompeo, saying that it was the world's responsibility to unite in a global coalition to confront Iran, declaring, quote, the Iranians are an evil force in the region.
Evil force in the region.
How about the Saudis being the evil force in the region?
The Arab League, or the Arab Little League.
Yeah, they're the ones that want to get rid of Libya.
I was on China Today with this jerk, this arrogant little boy, who's Al Jazeera's Washington Bureau Chief.
You could Google this up.
Go back, 2011.
The United States is ready to invade or destroy Libya.
And he's making the case for it with a very arrogant English attitude and voice.
And I call this guy out at the end of it.
And I said, listen, you want to go to Libya, send your money, send yourself, send your wife and send your kids or shut your mouth.
Well, this very, very uptight cat, he lost it completely.
And then we're going off the air.
This is China Today and he's still ranting.
When you call them out, they fall out.
We're destroying the world and destroying our nation.
Occupy peace.
Bring the troops home.
Secure the homeland.
Put them to work rebuilding our third world infrastructure.
Give them skills rather than a mission to kill.
Because the construction industry and other industry are dying for them.
So they don't have to die in war.
And again, for what they say, war not worth it.
Force Congress to vote to go to war, which they have not done since World War II, and have a referendum on each state ballot, where we, the people, will tell them how to vote.
Because we pay for the war with our money and our lives.
Pompeo went on, the whole world understands, that's the quote, that Iran is totally at fault
And solely to blame for what he described as, quote, state on state act of war.
Hey, this is a lot of garbage, Secretary of State.
That I have to pay these clowns to put out this crap is disgusting.
Saudi Arabia is responsible.
Get this in your head, Pompeo.
They destroyed Yemen.
The Yemenis are saying this is payback.
You get out and we'll stop.
You have no right being here.
By the way, the Saudi gang began the war against the Houthis going back to 1934 when the gang took power.
And they lost back then and they're losing now.
But Prince said the war would be over shortly.
That was back in 2015.
State-on-state active war.
He said Iran is behaving that way for 40 years.
What do you got?
Alzheimer's disease at a young age?
What'd you forget?
You forgot Pompeo?
The war that the United States launched with Iraq against Iran?
It killed over a million Iranians back in the 1980s.
Oh, you forgot!
That other low-life, piece of garbage, little dirt-lying slimeball, Donald Rumsfeld, giving Saddam Hussein those golden spurs right at the outset of the war.
Oh, who was there 40 years ago?
It is disgusting that this is happening.
That the people aren't fighting back in this country.
We will not elevate to a higher level as a nation until we are in a state of peace.
Because with peace comes prosperity.
It comes with joy.
It comes with a good time, rockin' and a-rollin', boppin' and a-reelin'.
You can't do it in a state of war and terror.
We need peace.
And we the people can make it happen.
But I promise I won't talk about it again because, hey, the international media doesn't talk about International Peace Day.
Why should I?
So thank you for tuning in.
Be back next week.
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You see, I've decided to try to join Bill Gates.
Try to start thinking like him.
Worldwide, he directed genetically engineered mosquitoes to bite us and give us diseases.
But he said it was in the name of helping people.
Just like he funded the projects of these, quote, sterilized male mosquitoes that would go out in Brazil and cause the other mosquito populations to implode.
But now, they mutated and the numbers exploded!
And suddenly, the mosquitoes are making people much sicker.
Oh, it wasn't a mistake.
None of it was.
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Thanks for the chemtrails.
A gentleman just walked up to me in his picture line.
He says, I have an AR-15, and I will turn this in if it means saving the lives of our kids.
People want to do the right thing.
Republicans, Democrats, gun owners, non-gun owners alike.
I think we're naive to think that we can just maintain the status quo.
Beto knows what he's doing.
He's sitting there telling you that, oh, a man just walked up to me, it's a total lie, and said, oh, I'm going to turn in my AR-15 so people don't get hurt.
That's selling the idea that if you own a gun, you're responsible for what criminals do with a gun.
That is such a fraud.
It's so anti-American.
Now, you can always tell when Beto's lying, his lips are moving.
Or his brain's thinking.
The man's a total fraud.
His father-in-law's worth $28 billion, a big anti-American globalist, gave a billion dollars to Beto's wife.
The guy wrote papers fantasizing about killing children, running them over with cars.
He got arrested for a hit-and-run.
He got arrested for burglary.
The man isn't allowed to own a gun.
He is a deranged criminal.
But of course, deranged criminals want your guns.
They're now turning their guns and are facing five years in jail in New Zealand, even though the man that shot those people wasn't from New Zealand and got the guns illegally.
The globalists want to have a revolution against America, and they want us disarmed before they do it.
1776 could commence again at any time, because they're losing their information war.
Against us, because we're telling the truth.
And so now, Beto is making his move with others, and he has to be rebuked.
He has to be exposed.
And the way to do it is not be intimidated about your Second Amendment, and let them know that you're fully aware of what they're trying to do.
Beto's campaign says, if you want to prove you're not a bad person, turn your guns in.
Hey, Beto, you turn your guns in.
It's a campaign slogan where he says, turn them in to show you're good.
Lay down your arms!
Hands up!
Come out!
And we'll take you away to the gulag.
They're literally trying to disarm us.
They openly say they want to put conservatives in forced labor camps.
They openly say they want to kill us.
They openly say they want to destroy us because we support Trump or America.
You've got to stand up and say no.
And you've got to fund those that are fighting.
Because we're pro-Second Amendment, we're under massive attack.
Hack attack, lawsuits, you name it.
But you can help us stand against this and spread the word on the street against these bullies with a great shirt like Beto Nye, available at Infowarshore.com.
But whether it's supplements or a Betsy Ross flag or a water filter or a book or a film,
These are products that are great, that you need, and shopping with us helps us continue to fight for all of our basic freedoms.
Thank you for your support.
Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47... And it is very hard to think about this.