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Name: 20190920_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 20, 2019
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For my whole life, I didn't know if I even really existed.
But I do.
And people are starting to notice.
You think this is funny?
Is this a joke to you?
Murray, one small thing.
When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker?
I understand the criminals are running the asylum, and that they want to have a blood feast on us, like they had in Communist China, 60-plus million, and Soviet Russia, 50-plus million, and Hitler, 40-plus million, total dead, including 20 million Germans!
If you want to be part of this blood feast, you're invited to dinner, but on the table, like a suckling hog!
October 4th.
Mark your calendars.
That's the date we're all told by Hollywood and the corporate media.
That Joaquin Phoenix's greatest role, it won at Venice in France.
The Joker.
It's coming out.
And the critics that have seen it in the screenings, they say that the mere mortals
I can't even understand the plot because it's so sophisticated.
It's so incredible.
Well, let me give you a spoiler alert.
There's nothing sophisticated about the film.
I've been given a full synopsis by contacts I have inside that vampire kingdom known as L.A.
and it matches with the leaks and reviews I've seen.
I'm about to tell you exactly what happens in the movie and why it's being put out now and what its real message is to the public.
You know why they call him the Joker?
Because it's a big joke to them that they're poisoning your water supply, and that your children are deformed and get cancer when they're ten years old.
Because it's a big joke to the New World Order, all the things they're doing to you, and how childlike you are.
And here we...
Modern psychology and psychiatry is a new priesthood.
It's only been around 200 years or so.
But from my research, Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and others have the best take on psychology as a lens, a thought system to see the world through.
But it doesn't mean it's God, doesn't mean it has all the answers.
And Hollywood and the entire psychological system
has admittedly been used for more than 70 years to shape the minds and attitudes of not just the people in America, but the people of the world.
You know, they're schemers.
Schemers trying to control their little worlds.
Carl Jung talked about archetypes.
And the Joker is in the tarot deck.
It's also in a deck of bicycle playing cards.
Well, who is the Joker in archetype?
He's a clown.
He's a servant of the king.
But he's allowed to speak his mind and entertain, but also play tricks.
This town needs an enema.
The exaggerated red lips and smiling teeth are not the smile of a friend.
No, it's the smile of a great white shark coming out of the water and attacking its prey.
It's the smile of a lion or a tiger when it pulls back its lips to bite into you or your wife or your child.
It's the leering face of a pack of wild wolves chasing you through the woods.
So at a primitive level,
The Joker is a man-beast.
He is possessed.
He is filled with a demonic intelligence that only the wild can give him, because he's let himself go of any inhibition.
The Joker is a human that has given himself over to the knowledge of evil, that has empowered himself to do things others will not do.
Wait till they get a load of me.
At least that's what your run-of-the-mill devil worshipper or Luciferian or Aleister Crowleyite will tell you.
The truth is the Joker is a loser.
People that buy into the archetype end up destroying themselves and a bunch of other people usually along the way with them.
But in the DC Universe the last 70 years, he's Arthur Fleck.
Now, the filmmakers tell you over and over again, this is not the Joker of comic books.
Oh no, this is entirely new and something really deep and special.
Well, the truth is, the original Joker is an archetype of a very evil, wicked person who only cares about themselves and wants to overthrow God's existing order and create a hell on earth that he controls.
We saw that during the French Revolution, which was admittedly carried out by Luciferians who wanted to overthrow civilization and even the family and set up hell on earth with themselves in charge.
Oh, and many of those pushing the French Revolution and other similar communist revolutions that came out of it in many cases would dress up when they went out to commit murders like clowns.
And that's really the true genius of the original comic book creators and people that made them popular like Stan Lee.
They understood that they could take already existing characters that were real in the world and then take them and exaggerate them.
Put them on paper and on the big screen.
Just as Greek gods were simply a hyped-up version of traits that the Greeks saw in people, Hollywood has done the same thing today.
And now, folks, it's time for Who Do You Trust?
Hubba hubba hubba!
Money, money, money!
Who do you trust?
Now let's get into the new Joker film itself.
This individual lives with his mommy in her basement.
He has Tourette's Syndrome and laughs and makes weird noises at inopportune times and gets beat up.
He's disempowered.
His life is hellish.
The critics tell him that he sucks.
Well, isn't this Hollywood itself, down 40% at the box office, collapsing, every other person's a comic?
No one actually wants to work or raise a family.
So this is that, again, archetype of the communist, or of the Jacobin, of the French Revolution, that none of us are going to work, none of us are going to get jobs, and the only way we're going to ever be successful is if we overthrow the big corrupt system that is Gotham.
And we go out and show them that we can be more evil than the system itself.
That we can mastermind and engineer and organize all these other people to carry out crimes.
But like a sick, twisted Robin of Loxley or Robin Hood, they do it to people, in many cases, that actually deserve it.
Because the stagnant system needs to be burned down and rebuilt.
And who better to do it than...
If you go back to the original days of the DC Universe, with the Joker in the 50s and 60s, we see someone who really enjoys poisoning the population, putting things into the water, the food, or cosmetics, or air, that only when you come into contact with both of them does it actually hurt or kill you.
What is it?
Love that Joker.
You don't look happy.
He's been using brand X. Joker brand.
I get a gram, a gram, and a gram.
Now, I wonder where all those famous writers, the comic books, got an idea like that.
Because back at the time, in the 40s and 50s, it was a big debate about how the Soviets and the Nazis put fluoride in the water to dumb people down, lower their fertility, and make them more easily manageable.
And so that's why the joke is on you!
And that's why it's gonna continue going on week after week.
Month after month, year after year, the joke's on you.
What's scary?
Somebody in some clown makeup?
Because that can get your attention!
That freaks you out at a primitive level!
Nightmares out of your subconscious!
But you're not afraid of some gentlemanly, middle-aged man who sits there talking with a sweet, calm voice, but tremulating with power and dark ghosts of death!
When they write in Ecoscience, the National Science Czar's own government policy book, how they're poisoning your water supply, how they'll take all children at birth and raise them in government dormitories and do medical experiments on them, and how they'll bring in Total Charity and put implants in your body to control every facet.
You know what's funny?
Even though this book's free online at major university websites, you little bastards out there are gonna go watch your TV and your movies and you're gonna sit there and laugh at me right now and not check any of it out.
Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
I always ask that of all
Hollywood would love for you to believe that this is some new angle they've come up with, but no, it's not.
It's the angle they're obsessed with.
It's why they can't come up with new ideas, because they don't want to.
It means saving the lives of our kids.
People want to do the right thing.
Republicans, Democrats, gun owners, non-gun owners alike.
I think we're naive to think that we can just maintain the status quo.
Beto knows what he's doing.
He's sitting there telling you that, oh, a man just walked up to me.
It's a total lie.
And said, oh, I'm going to turn in my AR-15 so people don't get hurt.
That's selling the idea.
That if you own a gun, you're responsible for what criminals do with a gun.
That is such a fraud.
It's so anti-American.
Now, you can always tell on Beto's lying.
His lips are moving.
Or his brains thinking.
The man's a total fraud.
His father-in-law's worth $28 billion, a big anti-American globalist, gave a billion dollars to Beto's wife.
The guy wrote papers fantasizing about killing children, running them over with cars.
He got arrested for a hit-and-run.
He got arrested for burglary.
The man isn't allowed to own a gun.
He is a deranged criminal.
But of course, deranged criminals want your guns.
They're now turning their guns and are facing five years in jail in New Zealand, even though the man that shot those people wasn't from New Zealand and got the guns illegally.
The globalists want to have a revolution against America, and they want us disarmed before they do it.
1776 could commence again at any time, because they're losing their information war.
Against us, because we're telling the truth.
And so now, Beto is making his move with others, and he has to be rebuked.
He has to be exposed.
And the way to do it is not be intimidated about your Second Amendment, and let them know that you're fully aware of what they're trying to do.
Beto's campaign says, if you want to prove you're not a bad person, turn your guns in.
Hey, Beto, you turn your guns in.
It's a campaign slogan where he says, turn them in, to show you're good.
Lay down your arms, you damn brats!
Hands up!
Come out!
And we'll take you away to the gulag.
They're literally trying to disarm us.
They openly say they want to put conservatives in forced labor camps.
They openly say they want to kill us.
They openly say they want to destroy us because we support Trump or America.
We've got to stand up and say no.
And you've got to fund those that are fighting.
Because we're pro-Second Amendment, we're under massive attack.
Hack attack, lawsuits, you name it.
But you can help us stand against this and spread the word on the street against these bullies with a great shirt like Beto Nye, available at Infowarshore.com.
Whether it's supplements or a Betsy Ross flag, or a water filter, or a book or a film,
These are products that are great, that you need, and shopping with us helps us continue to fight for all of our basic freedoms.
Thank you for your support.
Hell yes!
We're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.
And it is very hard to think about this.
Now we come here not as conquerors, but as liberators to return control of this city to the people.
I'll get more into Joker in a moment, but first let's go back to Dark Knight Rises with Bane and his whole French Revolution outfit, and Fire Rises, and we're bringing down society, and oh, it's so edgy!
I went and saw the movie and said, it's a communist Jacobin French Revolution push!
What the left wants.
And then later I read a review where the director, after he'd been out a few months, said that was the whole point.
This is incredibly transparent.
The French Revolution, in mainline history books, was carried out by the Illuminati, set up by Adam Weishaupt, in Germany.
That was their model.
They tried to hijack our revolution.
George Washington wrote a bunch of letters that are in the National Archives.
Here's one on screen, talking about how this Luciferian cult of devil worshippers was trying to hijack our revolution.
At first, Thomas Jefferson thought they were good, went over there, and they almost killed him.
If you want to understand the new Joker film,
understand Charlie Manson in the late 1960s going and killing Sharon Tate and cutting a baby out of her womb and then trying to blame it on black people to trigger a race war and he said he wanted a race war and that he had worked with the CIA and it turned out he had worked with them in MKUltra.
Show head Theodore Kaczynski the Unabomber
That's LA Times, Associated Press, Washington Post.
We're supposed to forget all of this.
And now Hollywood admits they're trying to cause a civil war by confiscating firearms, by creating racial tension, by staging events like Jesse Smollett got caught doing, and hundreds of others where they've been caught, and still hundreds of others where they have still gotten away with it.
The system wants you to be a victim.
They want to glorify people that are seen as victims.
They want to glorify mental illness and are creating new ones all the time.
You see the Joker, he has Tourette's Syndrome.
He's a loser.
He lives in his mommy's basement.
And when you read the WikiLeaks from Hillary Clinton, she's talking trash about how her supporters live in their mother's basements, are all baristas, and want more money from her, but she can't deliver it to them, but she's got to lie to them.
And that's what this film is all about.
90% of the college educations are worthless.
They're designed to be worthless.
You're going and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for something where the job and the industry doesn't exist.
But then they tell you, oh, the conservatives have stopped us, the nationalists, the capitalists, from bringing in this utopia where you're going to have jobs managing everything.
But because they haven't gone along with this,
The managed economy, the carbon taxes, the social workers running everybody's families.
We're going to have to have a violent overthrow and a tearing down of civilization to be able to carry this out.
And then, then we'll have the utopia.
What we should be doing is shunning these people.
Shunning, shaming these people is a statement of moral indignation that these people are not fit for polite society.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
This quote around free speech wing and the free speech party was never
It was never a mission of the company.
It was never a descriptor of the company that we gave ourselves.
It was a joke.
On Twitter, if you clicked on the hashtag, NYC terrorist attack, which is, quote, trending, marked with a red button saying, quote, live, the top tweet links to an InfoWars story with the headline, Imam, I warned de Blasio about New York City terror.
He was too busy bashing Trump.
This is a real-time example of when we talk about this information being weaponized.
How quickly can you act, and what's your responsibility to set the record straight?
The system self-corrected.
That shouldn't be the first tweet you see anymore.
It should be a USA article the last time I checked.
But you saw this?
USA Today.
At lunch, I did.
And I also saw the system correct it.
I know that we don't exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now, to put it lightly.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
Well, Facebook believes it's so dangerous that you can be banned from using the platform, Facebook, just for sharing its content, unless you simultaneously denounce it.
It's not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose.
We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party.
We have to level them.
Because if there are survivors, if there are people who weathered this storm, they will do it again.
They will take this as confirmation that, hey, it just pays to ride the waves.
Look at me, I've made it through.
And so up and down the ticket, federal, state, local offices, the country has to repudiate this.
They don't get to escape accountability.
That's all of our job, to hold them accountable for the rest of their lives.
That's so entertaining.
Same thing we heard from Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao.
But all it created was a nightmare for the general public that killed hundreds of millions of people and started giant wars.
But you see, that's the whole point of this priesthood, the priest of power.
George Orwell, Eric Blair, who actually worked for MI6 before that OSS, worked in the Ministry of Truth for real at BBC.
wrote 1984 about the real world they were going to build.
He is O'Brien and Winston in the book.
He wrote essays admitting it.
And O'Brien tells you, Winston, we're here to trample people and be trampled.
We're here to make society ugly.
We're here to end the family and tear down everything and finally just kill all humans on Earth.
We are the post-human movement.
We are Satan.
We kill, steal, and destroy.
And now you turn on NBC.
Look at the London Guardian.
It's everywhere.
The post-human world.
How ugly humans are.
How bad we are.
So the very people telling the dumbed-down, poisoned, brainwashed masses who went into debt for worthless educations, that it's all the fault of Christians and nationalistic conservatives, and that they've got to overthrow things to have a future.
That is the very Hollywood, megabank, Chi-Com-backed and owned system pumping cultural poison into this nation to cause a massive collapse of civilization, like they call for in Clardon Piven Strategies, to then usher in their system of total control and authoritarianism.
And that's the model.
And that's why you see all the films about race war and death and destruction and the downtrodden going out and conducting mass shootings and mass killings.
And all the studies show that
Mass shootings are literally triggered when the media hypes them up and mentally ill people on medications that on the inserts admit they cause people to commit suicide or murder others.
But oh, they've all been given liability protection.
This is an admitted plan by ultra-rich running multinational corporations allied with the EU, the Chai Koms, and radical Islam and others on record to destabilize the Western world in the Renaissance and overthrow it and bring in this tyranny.
All in the name of human empowerment.
They are the bullies.
The Joker is the bully.
The power structure in the system is laughing at everyone and dangling in front of them the promise of something great, and free health care, and free school, and free money, and free jobs, and free housing, and free everything if you'll just sign on to their revolution.
But in the end, all you get is death and destruction.
Here's the good news.
These Jokers would have you believe they're the most powerful card in the deck.
But when you know they're the Joker, when you know they're scammers, when you know that they're trying to enslave you by creating a crisis they control, and then a solution that they offer with the Igalian dialectic, they have no more power.
Because the truth is, ladies and gentlemen, the Ace of Spades is knowledge and historical understanding and a good, loving heart towards others, but also the will to stand against these bullies, these Jokers, and let them know you're not going to submit to them.
All they are is a scarecrow, ladies and gentlemen.
Trying to keep you from taking your destiny of being a free human being.
And they put all these sad, pathetic people into these systems and suck their future and suck their dreams away.
And then offer them fiery communist revolution as a way to be empowered.
And every time the fools that do this end up being the first who are killed by their masters.
The Joker wants to destroy Gotham, bring it down, teach them a lesson.
Well, Bill Maher's up there saying, crash the economy to teach Americans not to support Trump.
The private fellow reserve is trying to crash the economy to teach us Americans that populism and loving our country is not good.
It's incredible what real world terrorists, real world jokers and banes these individuals are.
And Hollywood thinks you're so stupid, they're throwing it on your face and saying, oh, it's so complex, you can't understand it.
I was watching Bird Box for 10 minutes and could see it was some signal over the cell phones making people kill themselves, just like the Kingsmen.
They're telling you what they're doing to you.
They're telling you how they're poisoning the water.
They're telling you how they're dumbing you down.
I want to be clear.
Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor.
I wish him and the directors no harm.
But they're just carrying out an agenda, a replay of the same thing that we're shown over and over and over again.
The truth is it's not cool to be a violent revolutionary trying to overthrow families and overthrow culture and overthrow society so you can build something ugly on top of it and then act like you're actually a rebel.
You don't have to kill.
You don't have to become satanic to have power.
You don't have to go out and do horrible things to be somebody and show the world, show the bullies, that you're not going to put up with it.
But that's what the left does.
They teach their minions in the colleges, while they're giving them worthless degrees, that you're all victims.
And then when there's nobody really victimizing them, they go, oh, well, there's microaggressions.
So you've got to go out and take over society.
You've got to brainwash people's children.
You've got to get control of education so that these evils don't happen to you anymore.
And really, you're just a bunch of idiots following the Joker and his operation.
Well, the age of the Joker is coming to an end.
But Hollywood sees the Joker as their identity.
And that's why they put him up there and celebrate him.
Because that's their archetype.
The conman.
The scam artist.
The pedophile.
The serial killer.
The Hitler.
The Stalin.
The Mao.
You can take the ace of spades in your hand anytime you want.
Start being a straight and strong and truthful person.
And standing up to build a better, safer, good community.
And rediscovering the values that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.
They are in control of this country now.
They funded Mao to kill over 60 million.
David Rockefeller wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times bragging about it, how much he loved Mao.
They brag about how they funded Hitler.
They brag about how they funded eugenics.
They brag about how they funded Lenin and Stalin, who killed tens of millions.
Giant sports stadiums.
Hundreds and hundreds of sports stadiums, filled with hundreds of thousands of people per stadiums.
Think of that equivalent.
That's a lot more evil than somebody in a movie like, I'm afraid the commissioner's going to be killed.
All this crap real evils all around you and it's in fine suits with perfectly cut hair with people trained at Ivy League schools how to lie to you and how to use Programming and how to control you it's time to wake up and get involved and stop letting them laugh at you stop
Stop letting them sit there and sneer.
Oh, the police in black uniforms and the cameras.
And the CPS in England and Texas and other major countries and states.
Openly saying they're going to put cameras in new parents' homes.
Guilty until proven innocent.
And Homeland Security and NORTHCOM and the military are now for the American people.
And the DHS reports say it's no longer for Al-Qaeda.
Now you tell me if that isn't a joke.
There's nothing you people won't take!
There's no amount of abuse that you don't love.
There's no amount of slavery that you won't take!
They even... I remember Hillary Clinton a decade ago was asked on television what her favorite book was, and she said 1984.
And you know why she said 1984?
Because that's what they're planning to do to you.
All this hustle.
He wrote Brave New World in 1933.
About a THX 1138 drug nightmare with shaved heads and CPS raising all the kids in dormitories.
He came out in 62 and he said, this was actually our plan.
My brother runs the UN UNESCO.
We're really gonna do this to you early in the next century.
It's all real.
They all brag.
It's so funny to them what they're doing to you.
They enjoy it.
They like it.
And they like hearing about how they're doing it.
We are in an information war.
Our objective is to destroy the false narrative by reminding as many people as possible to think for themselves and question everything.
We were effective, and so they tried to destroy us.
Alex Jones' YouTube channel posted a video that was seen by 2.3 million subscribers.
Alex Jones obviously is a well-known conspiracy theorist whose brand is bullying.
This stuff is not speech, it's incitement, harassment, defamation.
This is a real-time example of when we talk about this information being weaponized.
We survived, but we were wounded.
Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, all of them pulled or froze Jones' accounts on the grounds that his views are too dangerous to be heard publicly.
InfoWars just lost their war on info.
Obviously what he spews is hate and it's abhorrent.
We have crossed the Rubicon and there is no turning back.
We must push through to victory.
And so now more than ever, we need your support.
Our products at Infowarsstore.com are like war bonds.
Make a purchase today and support the fight.
There is now open talk of repealing the Second Amendment.
The NRA is being designated as a terrorist organization.
People are being arrested for personal opinions they post online.
We will continue to question everything and fight until the end.
So go to Infowarsstore.com and keep the fight alive.
I mean you must be a threat if they call you out by name.
They didn't call out Fox News by name.
They didn't call out anyone else by name.
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