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Name: 20190920_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 20, 2019
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In a recent episode of "The Alex Jones Show," Alex interviews Dave Weiss from the Flat Earth Podcast, discussing his journey from debunking to believing in flat earth theories. The conversation covers pre-programmed responses for disproving them, proofs for their belief, and speculations about weather manipulation and circumnavigation. Alex also talks about Facebook censoring free speech and promoting globalist agendas.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday.
We're broadcasting worldwide.
I am driving back to the office right now.
The only time I could get in to see a dentist was today at this time, and it took a little bit longer, so I am driving in to the office right now, and I should be in there by about 15 after or so.
We, again, are going to have Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli in studio.
We're going to have a big debate about science.
And about the nature of reality coming up.
We also have some other special guests on today.
And I'm going to have some special guests visit towards the end of the show that I'm not going to announce until that happens.
And some big surprises.
We're obviously going to get into the new fake scandal with Ukraine, which Trump has a total right to contact foreign leaders and find out about traitors in our government.
The whistleblower is all fake.
Didn't even have firsthand knowledge of it.
The big story is Trump's being spied on.
That's why we've got to continue to support President Trump.
Under the unprecedented attack he's under, but that doesn't mean we're in a cult and, you know, support him on things that we don't agree with or aren't unconstitutional.
That said, InfoWars is literally the pro-America, anti-globalist beacon of truth, and our reporters and our crew and the guests we have on and the callers we have so many times end up breaking the news before anybody else does, and it scares the hell out of me because
People ask what scares me.
What scares me is not winning and letting these globalists win.
And that so many times it's InfoWars or my reporters or our crew that get the interview or get the video that changes the whole paradigm and absolutely exposes what's going on.
My main mission
He's to become obsolete and then still just promote Americana and be regular news reporters.
But we are hardcore folks that take the bull by the horns, that hit the barbed wire, and deliver over and over and over and over again.
And so I just, again, want to tell the listeners that without your support, spreading the word, without your prayer, we're going to be taken off the air the next, I don't know, I can push this another 15, 16 months.
But there's no way to go half speed.
There's no way to just have layoffs.
The way the infrastructure works is we're already lean and mean.
We go 110 percent of the election.
And we hope that we'll get the funds in to go after that.
But I'm expending all backup resources and selling inventory that we won't have in the future.
We're holding stuff back for people that have things on auto ship.
At least two orders out in the future, so that's secure.
But man, I'm going to tell you, this is crunch time.
This is it.
We've been under massive censorship, massive attack on so many levels.
I don't have to go over it all for you.
But it's historical, it's biblical, it's massive.
So, mfulwarsstore.com, mfulwarslife.com are the main sites, or 888-253-3139.
I wanna thank everybody that's supported us over the years.
We've already done amazing things.
And I want God to keep me in this fight.
And to do that, I've gotta work harder, be more focused, do even more.
I think everybody's noticed I've been more focused.
I've been more on target.
We've been really kicking ass on the other broadcast.
Because we know this is for all the marbles.
So I am committed to you.
I am committed to never back down.
I'm committed to never waiver or sell out to the NWO.
I'll never give in.
I'll never give up.
But I can give out.
I can run out of gas.
Politically, economically, spiritually.
And, you know, my will has massive resources because I know how serious the cost is.
I don't have any problem in that department.
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And the biggest power you've got is prayer and spreading the word about band.video, where you find all the live shows and archives.
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Don't let them stop the transmission.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here.
I'm on my way into the office.
I had to go to a dental appointment.
This is the only time they can do it, so again, I am on my way, almost in.
I will be live in studio by the third segment at about 20 after, and we've got a huge broadcast lined up for you on this live Friday Global Edition.
Now, the last few days, I've had a lot of listeners email us and call the office, and I've seen the comments.
On Infowars.com and Newswars.com saying, why isn't Alex covering Ukraine?
Why isn't he covering the whistleblower scandal?
Well, I cover mainstream news when I think it's really important.
But when it's old news and it's old hat, and it's nothing but a Democrat distraction, I have a blind spot for just not covering it.
Because there's so many huge things happening, like the private Federal Reserve trying to buck the President and trying to kill the economy.
All of the mainstream corporate media, along with Communist China, trying to badmouth
The US economy to drive it under and so much of the left joining in on it and admitting that they want to plunge the economy to quote teach Trump and middle America and conservatives and Christians a lesson.
I mean, that's just over the top crazy.
And then you've got all the open borders and you've got the left pushing race war and all the antifa garbage at Beto and the Democrats officially saying
They want to ban all the firearms.
I'll play a clip of that in a moment.
We got serious, serious, serious stuff going on.
Babies being kept alive.
Their organs being sold.
All the Epstein pedophile ring stuff coming out.
The fact that all the assistants from Google, Facebook, all of them are watching and listening to people and reporting back.
I mean, it's just a crazy time.
But you know what?
The listeners are right.
I should have been covering this because we've researched it.
We've already covered it years ago and we know what a hoax it is.
But only to put it to bed.
You see, the last three plus years of Russia hoax,
Sucked all the oxygen out of the room so that we couldn't cover the Democrats in bed with the Islamics.
And the Democrats in bed with the Russians and the Chai-coms.
And the Democrats openly selling the nation out.
So instead of defending ourselves on Russiagate, I had to do it.
We should have just been on offense the whole time.
Which I did most of the time.
But still, it's a distraction.
So how do you handle a distraction when they're trying to destroy you personally, but you know it's a distraction?
Well, you do it by just laying the facts out.
So let me just up front lay the facts out here.
I know most of you already know this.
It's totally legal and lawful for the president, who heads up the executive branch, to talk to any foreign leader he wants about any subject and to find out about what his political opposition has done that's illegal or unlawful or treasonous or traitorous or dirty or nasty against the country.
Hillary used hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S.
We're trying to dig up dirt and disinformation on President Trump during the campaign and after.
That's all on record.
And Obama and Hillary funded $5 billion of U.S.
taxpayer money to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine a year and a half before the election.
So again, we covered all of that in great detail.
And so the fact that the President looked into that, we covered it all at the time.
We had guests on about it at the time from Russia, from Ukraine.
We had Papadopoulos on.
We had everybody on.
And we pushed the President
to go after Hillary and Biden and his son and the gas company and the billions stolen and all the rest of it and so what the Democrats are doing is changing the subject from all the massive crimes they've committed just like Rudolph Giuliani put out a tweet it's totally true and they are just simply putting this out there so the president gets on the defense because they know that the indictments have already been handed down against McCabe and others
And that the Justice Department refused to kill it, which I don't think they should have the power to kill it, but they have that power.
And number two, the Justice Department, and that indeed happened.
So this is an epic time to be alive.
We're going to be breaking it all down.
Here on the transmission today, but this is just the new scandal to divert and distract from what the Democrats are doing and the fact that the president tried to block a whistleblower.
Well, it's the executive branch and the whistleblower never had direct knowledge of what they're just saying.
It's just made up.
That's not a whistleblower under the definition.
Plus a whistleblower only is protection if what they're covering is illegal.
Everybody's missing the big story here.
When you read the fine print of the Washington Post and New York Times articles, they admit that U.S.
intelligence community was listening to the president's call.
Now, when Israel got caught, they think, with some listening devices, some dragonfly systems, in D.C., it was a big hubbub.
Politico wrote about it.
Great, absolutely.
I don't want anybody spying on us.
Whether it's England, Israel, especially China, Russia, you name it.
But when the intelligence agencies do it to the president, that's a big deal.
It's illegal.
Remember when they were doing it to members of the intelligence committee of the CIA a decade ago and it was a huge scandal?
It's, it's incredible.
And so you have a lot of deep state people put in there by Obama and Hillary and the Bushes, who are neocons, who want to stop Trump.
And they're doing this.
So the real illegality is what they've done.
And the fact that they're claiming that Trump's trying to obstruct justice by trying to block a whistleblower.
Obama arrested hundreds of real whistleblowers and put them in jail.
Think about that.
He persecuted hundreds of members of the press, put them in jail, which is very dangerous and they shouldn't have done.
This isn't one one millionth of what Obama did because it's not even bad.
In fact, it isn't even one one millionth or billionth because it's the default position of a president surrounded by traitors.
Surrounded by cowards.
You know, I'll tell you.
I've been threatened.
I've been attacked.
I've been sued more than 30 times.
Already got 20 plus up and thrown out.
You won't see that on the news.
Because I simply supported Americana and the Second Amendment and unborn babies and born babies rights.
Didn't want to euthanize old people.
I didn't want to take the guns.
And so, oh, you're a Trump supporter, we're going to destroy you.
And I've been offered the olive branch, too.
Just come out against Trump, come out against the Second Amendment, it'll all go away.
Well, I can't give up my integrity and who I am, but I'll say this before we go to this Beto O'Rourke Club.
Listeners, we've built an infrastructure at InfoWars with the satellite uplinks, the radio uplinks, the trained crew, the database of news reports, the research that is a national treasure in truth.
That's a reality.
Our guests, our crew, our callers, the community that we've built is something really, really special.
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It implodes.
Unless we at least stabilize at the level we're at.
You've seen me add more shows, add more broadcasts.
I've done everything I can.
We're in the heart of the fight here for the Republic, and we are putting out the talking points that countervail the globalists and their criminal activities.
That's why InfoWars is so precious.
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It is Friday, September 20th, 2019.
We're here broadcasting worldwide.
We have a lot to fight for.
Our children, our future, our species, great saga.
My son is now 17 years old, and he's 6'2", 220 pounds, but that's not why I'm so excited about Rex.
He is way smarter than I was at 17, and he wants to follow in my footsteps.
And he might even graduate early from, it looks like from high school, and plans to come into the fight with us, ladies and gentlemen, during the critical wars that are taking place, and that's what it's all about.
Thank you for joining us, ladies and gentlemen, on this Friday Global Transmission.
It's a huge distraction going after Trump on Ukraine.
It's a total fraud.
Trump openly announced he was doing it last year and this year when they got a new leader in Ukraine.
Hillary committed the crimes.
The President's purview is to find out who is selling us out to foreign interest.
The whistleblower's fake.
We're going to cover it all today.
We've got a bunch of guests in studio.
It's a big Friday edition.
But front and center, what really matters here is that they're coming for the Second Amendment and they mean business this time.
That's why they're openly declaring they're coming to confiscate all semi-autos.
But depending on what statistic you look at, between 84 and 92 percent, I've been looking up the numbers, of firearms of modern manufacture in the United States are semi-auto.
Most your handguns are semi-auto.
Most your rifles are semi-auto.
Everybody knows that most sales of guns are semi-auto.
Most shotguns aren't over-unders.
Even though I use an over-under when I get to go dove hunting, that's never.
An elegant Italian over-under.
Most people out there are shooting the autoloaders.
Eight shots, you name it, though you're supposed to only hunt birds with four in most states.
They're coming for the guns.
And they know it won't stop crime.
And they know mass shootings are very rare.
They don't care.
They're spewing all these fake statistics because
They know an economic collapse is coming.
They're engineering one.
Trump and some patriots in our government tried to stop it.
I think we might have a soft landing still.
But this nation is under foreign globalist attack.
And the fact that Americans haven't even more embraced Trump, or haven't even more embraced Infowars, or more embraced the resistance, shows that we are a wounded nation.
We are spiritually very wicked.
We are in the depths of decadence.
And we have to move forward and defeat the globalists because we love our children and we love justice.
And letting the globalists get full control will be a hundred times worse, but we need to repent and admit that we're falling and that we keep babies alive after they're born now and kill them and that old people begging to be kept alive are being murdered.
Oh, it's not right to life, it's right to die.
It's right for them to kill you.
But we're seeing real evil take its mask off in an attempt to demoralize us and break our will.
And I harp on that constantly because that's what they're trying to do, right at our moment of beginning to turn the tide.
Now that said, first and foremost is the move against the Second Amendment and the First Amendment.
The two are inexorably entwined.
The first defends all the others.
The second, in an emergency, defends all the others.
And the left comes in and takes control of cities, ships in the drugs, corrupts the police, crime rates explode.
This is a system of management that the social engineers admit they use.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
It's in their own statements.
It's why they do it.
Every city they control.
Devil worship.
I've got stacks of articles I wasn't even looking for out of mainstream news.
About Mexico and rampant devil worship.
Murdering babies.
Drinking blood.
Having sex with corpses.
And it's not isolated.
It's exploding.
As the worship of death expands.
The same thing's happening here.
We are cursed.
How Mexican cartel girl assassins bathe in blood of their victims and have sex with their corpses.
There is a
Great divide happening.
The wheat from the chaff, the gold from the pewter, and it's happening all over the world.
Evil is coming into the world.
So is good.
And Beto O'Rourke has been photographed, of course, with major cartel trafficking heads.
He's heavily involved in human trafficking, which is really their biggest business now.
And he has a will to take your guns.
As a former burglar.
As a hit-and-run specialist.
As a man who wrote essays about running children over with automobiles.
He laughs when he talks about death.
Can't even hide his evil snarl.
Because they want to collapse civilization.
They want power over the good.
That's their destination.
They want failure.
They want destruction.
They come to kill, steal, and destroy.
So Beto says, of course we're going to take your guns, but only the ones that are designed to kill.
Well, guns are designed to kill to protect yourself or to hunt game.
To equalize the force of the individual against armed mobs or corrupt governments.
The Beto knows that.
But now because it's been so obvious, now that their real plan is to get our guns, because Trump and others have tricked them to be open about it.
Now he tries to back it off in the same breath on CNN, just last night, saying, of course I want to ban the guns, but people are crazy and fear-mongering, I don't want to take your guns.
He just wants to take roughly 90% of your guns.
And of course, it'll be the others after that, because they've got something big planned during this period coming up.
You take one look in their eyes, and one look at history, and one look at how they behave, they go out of their way to destroy their own nest, because they want that power to rule, and to crush, and to kill, and to rape!
Satan comes forth like a lion roaring to see who he may devour.
roar people get scared go and fall down so the lion can eat you instead the lion comes you grab your spears and soon the lion is the hunter Satan's not really a lion he's a snake it slithers out in the grass and waits till you walk by it hits you this is oh you're not feeling well what you need is more of
Latches onto you like Cleopatra's bosom.
Here's Beto using double think.
He just said 2 plus 2 equals 4, but it doesn't equal 4.
Here it is.
Are you in fact in favor of gun confiscation?
Yes, when it comes to AR-15s and AK-47s.
Weapons designed for use on a military battlefield.
The high-impact, high-velocity round that is fired from those weapons, when it hits your body, expends all of its kinetic energy, destroying everything that's inside.
And I've met those who survived fire from an AK-47.
I've met those who've lost a family member.
That belongs on the battlefield, does not belong in this country.
When it comes to those weapons, Chris, the answer is yes.
But when it comes to firearms used for hunting or self-defense, the answer is no.
And I don't want you or anyone else to get into the fear-mongering that some have fallen prey to, saying that the government's going to come and take all of your guns.
What we're talking about exclusively is weapons of war that have no place in our homes.
I hear you.
No place on our streets.
That is total, complete gaslighting.
You know, there was just a guy got attacked by a gang in Georgia, took him out with a semi-automatic AK-47.
Now they want all the semi-autos for the criminals and they have them because Beto O'Rourke is a narcotics trafficking criminal.
Internet kill switch in place!
Obama put in that Trump won't get rid of.
Thank you Trump.
Oh, you think you'll stop Huawei?
Ha ha!
Yesterday we gave you a Chinese government message to you Americans, take your fentanyl and die!
But now here's a new message from the Central Committee of Communist China about a message to you to shut your mouths or Mark Zuckerberg get mad and ban you with social score!
The thing to do is lay down to tyrants, they'd be much nicer!
Now, again, my friends, here is my leader in China with message to you, dirty pigs!
The Ministry of Truth!
The Qui-Gon Dragon!
Ha ha!
We are working with Silicon Valley to make you behave yourself.
Once we have full control, we send you to re-education camp like we do our people when they talk back to the party.
Whatever you do, do not visit Band.Video.
Band.Video is evil Americans whom Silicon Valley is teaching to shut up like China do.
I'm watching.
Don't you ever visit Banda Video!
And whatever you do, don't tell people word of mouth!
Ha ha ha!
Having a little bit of fun.
Yeah, we're gonna start having messages from the Chi-Coms daily here.
And we've got something special.
You see, the Chi-Com Dragon, Fentanyl's his name, he's got a bunch of friends.
That are going to start being on the show every week.
We're going to introduce you a whole cast and I think we're going to make a little film with our friends.
A future film about how they're going to help us once they get full control.
So we're going to be laying all that out.
All right, let's get serious.
Very serious right now on this Friday edition.
I covered this yesterday.
But I did not get into it for more than five minutes, and quite frankly, I need to harp on this for the whole show.
I'm not going to, but I think you're going to agree with me that there couldn't be a bigger issue when it comes to the future architecture of human communications and society and civilization.
This is an Orwellian system, the likes of which would make George Orwell, in his worst nightmare, blush in
And I'm speaking about the fact that when you have voice print analysis, just one area of this, you can then create an algorithm very easily that can delete that voice off of all cloud servers and then program all new devices in case someone ever tries to send that through them
That those devices will then either self-destruct or report you to the authorities.
And all the new smart devices, from smart TVs, to smart refrigerators, to your so-called phones, to the assistants, are listening, are watching, and are reporting everything back, and are designed to do this.
So, I've been talking for 10 years particularly about this coming, before I even saw it in their white papers.
And a few years later, it came out in their white papers, because you can extrapolate their larger plan.
Because if it's evil, they're going to do it.
If you can think of it, they're doing it.
Whatever the worst thing is, that's the actual plan.
I've just learned that.
And so, I remember when I was at the mall, and iPhones had just come out, like 10, 11 years ago, and my ex-wife goes, ooh, I like this song, hits a button, holds her phone up, and finds out what it is.
I go, what is that?
She goes, that's Shazam.
And I went, oh, that's what YouTube's using with key numbers.
Or was that 12 years ago when they came out?
And then they can, you know, tell if you're playing somebody's music and then claim it's copyright.
Even though it's people who are doing covers of it or versions of it that are satire that clearly is protected, like Steven Crowder, it still comes after you.
So if you have that power, you can go out and block somebody's picture, their name, their voice, things they've written can be put in the database to be banned, or you can't say it, you can't share it, you can't speak it.
And already, when I try to type something to somebody through the so-called iPhone app of text message, it won't let me type half of it.
It's just all politically incorrect.
It's incredible.
And it's all being watched and controlled in live time with real humans able to access quality assurance.
And look at what you're doing in real time, including Apple officially moved early last year to China.
And the Chinese government is the main force in Apple now running all this.
And they're interfacing through Apple into their partners at Google.
Yes, Chinese government is helping censor Americans.
It's just so incredible.
Let's all admit it.
So remember three and a half, four months ago, Zuckerberg came out and said, Alex Jones is the highest level of banned.
Remember that.
Alex Jones is the highest level of banned.
You will not say his name or his websites in any positive way or you will be banned.
Punished or banned.
Well, I said, watch, this will next be used on the NRA.
Because they also did this to the Proud Boys by having an FBI agent who was a leftist say,
We've listed them as a terror group.
Never did that.
But even if you list someone, they've not been convicted.
I mean, how do you go after American citizens?
You shouldn't.
So that would be unconstitutional, even if they did it.
But no, an FBI agent told the newspaper they were being listed, the Proud Boys.
Thousands of them lost their bank accounts.
Hundreds their jobs.
Firefighters, police.
Their PayPal's got taken away.
People that would just interview them.
In fact, Facebook said one reason I was banned is I interviewed Gavin McInnes, who created the group just to have positivity about America and being proud to be a male, and wasn't even in the group anymore when that happened.
So, this is how they operate.
And they're very, very proud of this.
So I said, look, they're going to list the NRA now as a terror group.
And then they're going to start taking their bank accounts away.
They're then going to start going after their members.
Now, how did I know that?
Because Bloomberg had written four or five years ago that he was funding local governments to declare the NRA an extremist or terror group so they could then be shut down financially.
And then I noticed two years ago, L.A.
passed a law that if a contractor or a city employee or anyone working with the city has been a member of the NRA or quote done business with an NRA affiliated group, you will not be allowed to do city business.
Talk about discrimination!
This is first marking you with a yellow star, but now marking you with the NRA symbol.
So I told everybody, first it's Alex Jones, and then it's going to be everybody, starting with the NRA, it's the real target.
Well, Beto said last week, we want to take NRA members' credit cards away and stop NRA processing cards.
That's the headline.
And now?
Facebook with 3 billion users now, it was 2.5 a few months ago.
Instagram is now banning photos of people at gun ranges claiming they promote violence.
Millie Weaver, mother, investigative journalist, no criminal record.
Kaitlin Bennett, college graduate in journalism, no criminal record, amazing reporter.
It was a photo of them over a year ago at a range firing legal handguns.
And it said, this is part of an organized criminal organization that promotes violence or dangerous organization guidelines.
I was listed a year ago by G2, really a CIA operation in the East Coast there in Boston.
As a quote, hate group.
And in the report it says I have perfect credit, but because I've been listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a god, a judge, a jury, as that I lost five merchant accounts, some of which I had 20 years.
And then the rates went up, we had big problems.
So this is economic hardcore sabotage.
And it's here.
So Trump's not doing anything.
The NRA's sitting there.
They've had internal attacks.
That's how they do it.
They infiltrate you.
They plant things on you.
They threaten to kill your family.
I couldn't imagine what people like Wayne LaPierre or Ted Nugent go through.
I mean, I do know some of it behind the scenes.
But we're all under attack.
This is a war, people!
They're coming for your children.
They're coming for your land, your God, everything.
How many times, ladies and gentlemen, must I tell you I love you before you finally understand?
You know, I know the difference between being a Satanist and being a Christian.
We got Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli coming in for an hour and a half.
We are going to have a debate about science.
We got a special guest in the third hour joining them.
I'm going to leave it at that until they join us.
But I'm going to air the Kanye West piece in the six after where he said, we got to love Jesus.
And we don't just need to say, oh, I'm a good person.
That's the road to hell.
You got to say Jesus Christ.
That's where the real power and the protection is.
And it really is.
The enemy really hates it.
It's real.
We're going to talk about that.
And if that turns some folks off out there, listen.
I'm not going to criticize you because you don't believe in God or the metaphysical, or because you grew up in a house where your parents beat the hell out of you or something, and they were kind of Christianoids, and that put the bad taste in your mouth.
That was the devil.
I'm telling you, the discernment and the understanding and what gives me the ability to know what the enemies needed before they do it is my relationship with God.
I understand God's plan, at least at my level, and I understand that God has put me through a lot of things that were all done so that I could handle what's happening now and handle things even heavier and a lot bigger.
I mean, I know.
I've asked for this, and God put it on my heart many years ago.
Well, okay, you want to take on evil, you're going to have to pay for it, and it's going to be really painful, but you will be victorious.
And all I've seen is continued victory.
And the enemy knows we've got God's standard.
We've got God's spirit.
We've got God's nod.
And that's not something I say on a power trip.
It actually makes me shake.
The only time I feel fear is that in the presence of God is very powerful, obviously.
You tend to shrink away.
That's called the fear.
That means God fearing means you've been in the presence.
And you don't ever want to be out of the presence, but you still kind of want to get in the corner.
Because it's love, it's strength, it's endlessness, it's all the answers.
And it just makes you feel very, very humble.
Then I see people.
Who enjoy keeping people in the dark, and who rebel in seeing people weak, and people dumb, and people poisoned, and people diseased.
And you run into this, where you'll see some strong, successful, good-looking person, and people around you will say, oh, well, he's not really doing too good, or they're not doing too good, or, oh, well, they're an idiot.
Because they feel weak, because someone else they perceive is stronger than them.
Instead of seeing that as part of the human collective wealth, as individuals, but our collective wealth.
I mean, I see somebody who's doing great literature, or great art, or great music, or great food, or looks great, or who's a great athlete, and it doesn't make me feel smaller, it makes me feel richer.
But see, that's the Christ energy.
A Satanist sees you doing well as bad.
But when you're confused, and angry, and upset, and down, and poisoned,
I mean, they love children dying of cancer.
They love half the women in the West having to have their breasts cut off.
I mean, it really pisses me off how many women in my family have had to go through that BS and they 100% know it's the glyphosate.
That's 90% of it.
I mean, they didn't have any breast cancer in Brazil to speak of 30 years ago.
They brought glyphosate in.
Brazil's numbers have now matched ours.
That's just one thing, and every time I go up to a counter and they go, you wanna give money to breast cancer research?
I wanna say, and I go, no, and they go, oh really?
I'm gonna go, yeah!
You know the glyphosate runoff's what gives you the breast cancer, honey.
Ooh, well don't, don't get on me.
Hey, I'm just trying to tell you how to not kill yourself!
But you know, David Hogg says I'm not supposed to sell water filters, because he tells you there's poison in the water, and then he sells you a filter.
Like, that's a scam, see?
He's never straight shot anybody in his life.
So he doesn't get direct stuff.
Like, you better damn well filter your water for yourself, your wife, your kids, unless you like pancreatic cancer, unless you like bladder cancer, unless you like kidney cancer, unless you like breast cancer.
Because the glyphosate's in every damn water supply in this country.
Water supply.
But I'm digressing.
I don't make me feel strong to have all this knowledge, and then other people don't have it.
It makes me feel upset.
Then I learned over the years, a lot of people know the knowledge.
And you know what they do?
They go join the other side and say, I know all this knowledge.
Hire me.
I'll help oppress the people.
I'm ruthless.
I agree there's too many people, blah, blah, blah.
And then they join in and serve it knowingly because they're so scared of it or they're enamored with it and say, well, it's in charge.
It deserves to be in power.
But I take one look at a Hillary Clinton, or a Mark Zuckerberg, or a Xi Jinping, or a Gruber, and those people look like they're already in hell.
They don't have real power.
They're puppets.
They've turned themselves into spiritual automatons, droids, robots, androids, facsimiles.
Other people's men!
Other people's women!
Not me!
I'm God's man!
That doesn't mean that my flesh suit doesn't have some warts on it, but it doesn't matter.
So I go back to that.
We're gonna play the Kanye speech.
Hell, why not just play the whole thing?
It's like eight minutes long.
Then we got the guests coming up, but I've got all this incredible news here, but
It's the wanton deception and turning yourself over to it.
They're going to air it sometime next week.
I'm not going to announce who it was and some of the podcasts I did in LA until it's about to happen.
But let's just say that I got even more information and got even more informed about how the system works.
I mean, I already know it, but it's just one more example.
Of how the system says, just come out against Trump, just come out against the Second Amendment, and you can have all this.
And no matter how many times I see it done to my face, I cannot believe that they think it's an offer I would ever even consider.
Giving up everything to sign on to death?
To sign on to the collapse of civilization?
And now computers are wired into everything, and the minute it all got wired in, and the minute the 5G just turned on yesterday on my phone, I had to go block it.
It's on in Austin now.
The minute they got their guns on us, they pulled the trigger.
To just surveil everything, control what we say, control what we do.
They can block any music, any text, any words, any voices.
They can erase me off the internet, and they're already doing it.
People are like, oh, how are you handling it?
People always walk up and go, is it tough?
Yeah, it's tough, uh, watching us all get put in this damn cage together.
Well, how are you feeling?
I'm like, you realize you're in the same cage.
I'm actually aware of it.
I could get out of it any minute and join the evil, except I wouldn't get out of it.
I'd really get deeper.
See, the globalists, let me show you, Document Cam, Sharp TV viewers.
The globalists claim that their symbol is a pyramid.
They're up on top of it.
But you know what that is, if you turn it upside down, right?
This is third dimension, this is reality, this is where we are.
It's a funnel into a black hole.
They're not going up spiritually towards God, swimming up through the water, through the waterfall.
Waterfall stops right here.
They're going somewhere real bad.
They're going down.
It's the way our third-dimensional brain perceives it.
So you could tell me that the most beautiful women, all the money in the world, and helicopters, and so-called Silicon Eternal lifestyle down here, it's all a fraud.
It's all a lie.
It's all a scam.
And if people could just see that, there wouldn't even be a debate about all this.
And see, that's why they're so scared that Kanye West is getting Jesus.
Well, obviously he got Jesus.
That's what this is all about.
Got Jesus?
I think I'll make a t-shirt, Got Jesus.
That's such a good idea.
I'm sure somebody else has done it, but I'm doing it.
Got Jesus?
Jesus won?
Team Jesus?
Because they hate that.
They don't want me to say it.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
Well, Grandma Baylor-trained bat, I'd say, you know, I'd just pray to Jesus, are you sure that's not in vain?
All the Pharisee stuff, and she wasn't a bad person, she was a great woman.
But the priest class tries to make those of us that have consciences all locked up, and are we perfect?
Are we right?
Are we walking in perfect holiness?
I better not do anything!
Instead of just saying, God, take me over!
Make me a vessel against the enemy!
Come into me, now!
I'm open, whatever the cost!
That's what you got to do.
We're going to go to break, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to start the second hour and I'm going to hit a lot of the news.
Tonya West, I'll get to all of it and so much more.
And there's a lot of crazy news, but whatever you do, remember, remember, remember that they're counting on you, not caring.
They're counting on you, not
I always knew Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a big problem with cultural appropriation.
But to discover that he's an even bigger fan of blacking up than Al Jolson was somewhat of a surprise.
Trudeau was pictured at a 2001 Arabian Nights party dressed up as a dark-skinned Arab man.
And in a second incident, which was even funnier, he blacked up again at a talent show.
Warren Afro adopted a fake Jamaican accent and sang the Banana Boat song.
Deo indeed.
Now a third example of Trudeau blacking up has emerged.
This time in a video where he makes stupid faces and exaggerated gestures.
Far from being a one-time mistake, this appears to be some kind of bizarre racist fetish of his.
I mean in this one he's trying to look like Aladdin, who looks like this.
But Trudeau is laying on the boot polish so thick, he ends up looking like Nightcrawler from X-Men.
Trying to work out what's more idiotic, Justin Trudeau being a 29 year old teacher and browning himself up, or the fact that he browned himself up to play Aladdin.
Arguably the whitest character in the movie.
Aladdin, Canadian edition.
Trudeau's so vehement about blacking up, he even did the hands too.
The video of Trudeau singing Deo in a Jamaican accent while wearing an afro is the most in-demand footage since the Zapruder film.
Ezra Levant has offered $10,000 for the video.
F*** it.
I'll offer $20,000 for anyone to turn this over.
It's that funny.
Trudeau's new profile pic!
But Paul, this was just a youthful indiscretion.
Surely this is just another example of the cancel culture that you oppose.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Let the person who has never done anything they regret in high school cast the first stone.
Enough said!
This federal election campaign is in the gutters and I am disgusted.
He was 29 years old!
He was a teacher, not a school child.
Also, it was 2001, not 1951.
In 2001, blacking up was starting to be seen as a little bit dodgy to say the least, but it didn't stop Trudeau.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Forgive me for having little sympathy.
We like to say people kind, not necessarily mankind.
It's more inclusive.
Trudeau is just another victim of the progressive retroactive purity test.
The rules to which are updated every day so nobody is ever able to keep up with them.
The very beast that birthed the cancel culture.
Identity politics eats its own once again and the world's tiniest violin plays
You've also got the irony of one of the world's biggest anti-racism virtue signalers.
Someone at the forefront of anti-racist strategies for Canada.
Having blacked up on at least three separate occasions.
Again, glorious.
Oh yeah, and another thing...
What's his hand doing?
Forget about blackface, this is Trudeau's Me Too moment.
And of course he's already been forgiven by all the lefties because, you know, they have no morals or principles whatsoever.
If you're not sufficiently woke enough, not being racist is now, apparently,
Sorry, white people, but trying too hard not to be racist is low-key kind of racist.
Checkmate, bigots.
But if you're on the left and claim to be woke, you can repeatedly black up, adopt fake black accents, wear afros, make fun of black people and Arabs, and how does the left react?
No big deal.
For today, Justin Trudeau is cancelled.
Hoisted by his own petard.
People kind?
But will he resign?
Probably not.
Politicians on the left can literally dress up in Klan robes, and nothing happens.
As ever, it's one rule for them, and another for the rest of us.
Alright, we talked about this yesterday, and we've got some big guests coming in studio again today.
A lot of breaking news.
But I wanna...
Talk about Kanye West, because he's really done the big no-no.
He hasn't just said America's a great place and that we have a lot of resources and we have a great history and we should focus on that more, and we should come together.
But he's also talked about Jesus.
And it's about an eight-minute speech.
It's got some singing in it, you name it.
I wish it was in HD, but it was obviously shot by somebody with their phone.
But it's still very important and very intelligible.
Kanye West preaches radical obedience to Jesus during Sunday services in Atlanta.
And so, I've got all these articles here about devil worship exploding, human sacrifice exploding, little kids being found sacrificed all over, how Mexican cartels, girls assassins bathe in the blood of their victims and have sex with the corpses.
I mean, I'm not even looking for this and it's everywhere.
MS-13 kidnaps little kids and tortures them to death.
This is happening all over.
This is real.
This is the operating system of Satan.
And whether you believe in God and the devil or not, the devil believes in you, God believes in you, and these people believe they're resonating with this evil entity that demands this fealty.
But you're also seeing for every action and opposite and equal reaction, Newtonian physics, you're seeing a lot of people wake up and realize that it is a spiritual battle on this planet, and there's some fallen one on this planet who doesn't like us, and who is interdimensional and trying to hurt us, but God's trying to get us out of it.
If you listen to God, if you listen to Jesus.
So here's Kanye saying that name that they don't like to say.
Use me.
Use me how you may.
Use me.
Use me everyday.
Use me.
Use me.
Use me.
Use me.
Use me Lord.
You hear that?
He's not telling God what he wants.
He's saying God use me.
You sent your only son to die for us and all you ask is...
For radical obedience to you.
We're not asking.
You're not asking us to do the least.
You know, people are like, well, at least how are we going to do the least when he did the most?
I've seen him work miracles in my life.
Work miracles in our life.
You know, the devil presents so many flashy, shiny objects.
I've seen everything that the devil could have showed you.
Via TV.
Car dealerships.
And I'll tell you.
Nothing beats God.
And a sound mind.
Nothing beats God.
That's right.
You need a sound mind to understand how things really work.
Can't fool an honest man.
Let's not be concerned with the opinions of men at all.
Only the opinion of God.
Let's not be concerned with the validation of men at all.
Only of God.
See, that's leadership.
By the way, I've seen a cell phone version of Krupa.
Good one.
This is great.
I know we say, oh, this is the culture.
That's the culture.
Stop conforming to your own destruction.
To be radically in service to Christ is the only culture that I want to know about.
They're gonna come after him now, boy.
In the four walls, out of the four walls, in the school halls,
Our Father Christ Jesus, thank you so much for bringing me to the home where I was born, where my mother met my dad, and where my mother met my dad.
Thank you for saving me, for replenishing me, for delivering me.
I think Hollywood likes this.
It's gonna get real clear now.
Good and evil.
When I found out about you and got closer to you, I got closer to my children.
I got closer to my family.
Because the devil had me chasing a gold statue.
Which is an insult to have a stupid Oscar.
Peace prizes.
Have me chasing cars, have me chasing numbers.
We ain't know what Billboard was when we was first making music back in Chicago.
Back when I was 14 in my mama career, we ain't know what the numbers was.
Now it be all over the internet like, oh you only sold this much.
The power of God cannot be calculated by a number, by a first week sale, by a bank account, by how many cars you drive, by how big your house is, and how many acres you get.
It's God inside of us.
It's God inside of family.
It's God inside of friendship that we hold each other accountable.
If you see somebody slipping, you tell them.
They be coming at me like, why you so judgmental?
It ain't for me to judge, but I'm going to say what I see.
That's another thing that devil try to do.
Why you keep on speaking up so much?
I'm just pointing to the word.
And if we don't speak up, they come for our kids already, don't they?
I have a family member who... Who God has given... A new chance at life.
He went through something extremely tragic.
And God gave him a new chance at life, but... And he's with someone... His girlfriend, so beautiful.
He'd definitely been prom king if this was his girlfriend back when he was in high school.
He not ready to get... He got every reasons why he don't want... Every reasons, that's what I said, you know.
We can speak incorrect English.
English ain't our original language.
No way.
So stop trying to be all impressed with somebody all like... So... He has so many... My mama English professor.
I can pick and choose when I want to ask for colloquialisms.
But every excuse he gave, I know the real reason you still in them DMs, bro.
That's the real reason why you won't go get that ring and get right with God.
The fathers, if it's a household next to yours that's lacking a father, you that father now.
You speak up on that block.
You set that example.
Powerful stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely true.
We've let the liberals and the leftists run things, and wow, they're creating hell on earth, because they're devil worshippers!
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, I started the transmission off today.
Getting into the fact that Facebook is leading the way in global censorship and authoritarianism.
Even as bad as Apple and Google are moving to communist China and helping suppress their people and bringing censorship here.
Facebook's gone further almost four months ago saying do not say the name Alex Jones or Infowars.com in a positive light or you'll be censured or kicked off the platform.
They're now moving into cryptocurrency, banking, everything.
We're building, um, all the big tech companies are pushing in these big high-rises that have coffin-sized apartments, which then jack up property rates for everybody.
It's just amazing how they treat us one way and everybody else the other.
But Zuckerberg showed up in D.C.
I didn't hear about this.
I've asked the crew to keep watch on it, or I would have been there.
And I guess they just snuck it up on folks when we missed it.
Facebook declares it's a publisher, can censor whomever it wants.
And DrugReport.com is linked to this RT article that we reposted.
Czech giant walking into legal trap.
They're worth almost a trillion dollars.
And they believe that they'll just be able to deal with those lawsuits and everything.
via the First Amendment.
But you know the lawsuits against yours truly are meant to end the First Amendment for publishers.
So Facebook thinks it is above the law, ladies and gentlemen.
Look at this article.
Facebook has invoked its free speech right as a publisher, insisting its ability to smear users as extremists is protected.
Well, you see, everybody keeps obsessing over Section 230.
You could get them on that.
But what about the defamation?
Saying that you're the most banned person because you're evil and you're bad, and then no one can say anything nice about you.
Telling members of your cult that there's a default to only attack, which actually encourages them
To attack more.
The story is linked up on DrudgeReport.com in the middle column.
I suggest you get it and you share it.
Congress must act against this.
And just the espionage angles of Apple and Google moving to China, and the surveillance and the privacy violations they've done here.
Oh, they're trying to catch up now and tell you, oh, we've been listening to you forever.
Now we're watching you.
That's a headline in Washington Post.
It doesn't matter, you've still committed all these crimes.
And as a people.
We should have the collective will to say that's illegal, which it is, and move against these companies and break them up for antitrust.
But the media focuses on Section 230, which is important, but not as important as the antitrust.
Because these aren't just trust.
These are oligopolies, cartels, or combines.
Corporate cartels, oligopolies, or combines, as they're known, are groups of strategic monopolies
Working in concert to keep any competition, be it financial, cultural, religious, spiritual, from ever getting off the ground.
And that's why the big four tech companies, have you looked it up?
They buy up 98% of tech startups that ever begin to get off the ground.
Even little companies that start making a few million dollars a year, they try to buy them.
I've had the globalists come around here and try to buy us.
For a lot of money, but then it wouldn't be import wars, would it?
No, it'd be dead on arrival.
Maybe they put a conservative on air like a never Trump or somebody.
But that's how it works.
They go and they take Michael Savage off the air.
Because they took all the sponsors.
And they go, oh Ben Shapiro, it's free market.
He's got a bunch of sponsors.
Oh, isn't that funny?
Conservatives go, oh it's just free market.
Oh, free market, yeah.
You weren't watching that invisible hand of corporate fascism.
So, that's what they've been doing.
And that's why the Republican Party is turning a blind eye to all the censorship and the cartel activity.
Because their fundraisers and their contributors
Don't want a bunch of young whippersnappers like Alex Jones out there that have their own giant audience bigger than anybody else's.
They don't want a whippersnapper like Matt Drudge pioneering with his own website that gets more traffic than any new site.
And so they're trying to create systems and plans for today it's Alex Jones, tomorrow it's the NRA.
And I said that, guys pull up the date three or four months ago.
When Facebook banned saying my name in a positive light.
That was about four months ago.
Facebook bans positive mentions of Alex Jones.
And I said then, I said the NRA is next as well as the Republican Party.
And Facebook now bans Republican ads by the RNC saying we want strong women in the Republican Party.
They said it affected a transgender because they saw it and that it was a woman that's now a man and she got her feelings hurt or he got his feelings hurt that he saw someone saying he was a woman.
The existence of women hurt the she-man, he-man, whatever it is.
So that's how it works.
Yeah, they banned me on May Day.
Wasn't that funny?
There's articles a few days later.
On the commie day.
Isn't that cute?
And it's anybody they don't control, anybody that they believe has influence.
Think about that.
And so this isn't about censorship.
That's only one little pinky toe.
It's about a surveillance grid watching everything you say and do in real time.
And it's about then saying, well, oh, just don't promote Nazis.
Okay, well, I'm not a Nazi.
I won't promote that.
Oh, we're taking them off the air.
Oh, don't promote two genders.
Don't promote Alex Jones.
Don't promote NRA.
Don't show two women at a shooting range in a photo from a year and a half ago firing Glocks.
Because that violates community guidelines.
As violence or dangerous organization.
And it's saying we're banning gun owners.
We're banning strong women.
We're banning women that get off our plantation.
We want domesticated women we can sterilize and dumbed down and have manless and childless to be processed in to a giant feeding vat to be turned into fertilizer to be put on the fields for the elite's dinner.
Europe and Washington State have legalized
Using dead people as fertilizer.
So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, right there on screen for TV viewers.
That's how they're doing it.
It's how they're carrying it out.
And it's here.
It's a total architectural change of humanity, of our speech, an artificial system taking over to make humans obsolete.
That's the admitted plan.
And everything they're doing is for this post-human world.
That's the only issue.
That's what's happening.
It's satanic.
You don't believe in God?
Call it aliens.
Call it an evil spirit in the universe.
Call it a mass insanity of the establishment.
Call it selfishness.
But what it really is is the end of humanity as we know it and a horrible thing.
We're good.
We are working with Silicon Valley to make you behave yourself.
Once we have full control, we send you to re-education camp like we do our people when they talk back to the party.
Whatever you do, do not visit Band.Video.
Band.Video is evil Americans whom Silicon Valley is teaching to shut up, like China do!
And we've got two really funny, great guys who are doing a showdown at the Paramount Theater tonight in Austin.
We've got Sam Trebley and, of course, we've got Eddie Bravo here with us.
We've got a special guest joining us for the next hour that I'll tell you about in the next segment.
We're going to have a physics debate here and a science debate.
And by debate, I think it's good to have open ideas.
But I had a former CIA case officer on a few years ago, and he just throws out in a discussion, not even about Mars, that there are human slave colonies on it.
They ran thousands of headlines saying that I said there were human slave colonies on Mars.
I did not say that.
But remember, that's who the media is.
Now Eddie Bravo's not going to be saying that.
We're going to leave this mystery object that looks like it's not natural.
We're very, very symmetrical.
It's coming through our solar system at super fast speed, about to fly past Mars.
And amateur astronomers can go out and look at this, but we're going to debate space, the Earth, all of it next hour.
Please just remember, listeners, there is a massive push and an attempt to take us off the air.
Facebook is now announcing that they're creating their own special board above the law, 3 billion users, and that if you don't follow every political correct wish they want, you will be banned!
And they're going to be part...
This whole digital world currency.
Stories up on DrudgeReport.com.
Facebook declares it's a publisher, can censor whomever it wants.
Remember just a year ago, oh we don't censor anybody, we just ban everybody.
So, we're running some big specials right now.
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So, InfoWarsStore.com.
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So, InfoWarsLife.com, InfoWarsStore.com.
Triple A 2533139 and thank you all for your support.
Now, we've got Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli here with me.
I was talking to you guys over a late lunch yesterday and you were talking about living in Los Angeles and how Joe Rogan's talking about leaving and how it's like War of the Worlds there.
It's like a zombie apocalypse.
That's why I had that Day of the Dead intro, Trioxin 9 earlier.
I don't
Needles all over the place.
Even by the airport.
And that's what Joe was saying.
Anywhere you go in L.A., it's kind of like that now.
And then you were saying, Sam, it's the opium, it's the fentanyl.
And I've talked to people in Austin.
It's like doubled in six months.
Almost as bad as L.A.
And most of them are on.
Cheap synthetic heroin flooding us from China.
So we're under a military attack from China and the leftist media is attacking Trump for trying to stop the fentanyl and acting like he's not doing a good job.
I think that's one of the best things Trump's doing.
So you guys live in LA, you've got the floor for this segment and the next.
Let's get into the homeless crisis.
Yeah, well, a big problem in Los Angeles right now is that cities and states are shipping their homeless people to us.
It's been busted.
There are cities who put them on Greyhound buses and send them out to us.
You know, I do a joke about it.
We don't have a homeless problem.
We have a camping problem.
These people are camping in the wrong places.
They're camping on Hollywood Boulevard when they should be out in the forest, you know, and seeing the wilderness.
This homeless problem we have is directly related to the opium wars of Afghanistan.
I totally agree.
Keep going.
You know, and it's just basically while I'm trying to stop the homeless crisis, we have these two guys flirting over here with female boner pills, okay?
So anyways, let me keep trying to save the world while you guys play cutie patootie over here.
The point is that all this stuff...
All this stuff is directly related.
Hey, while I try to save the homeless, I want to give Alex Jones of the first ever, they are not going to be out today, the first ever tinfoil hat, Texas comedy masker t-shirt that we are selling.
By the way, we're going to get serious next segment.
I went to you late and I apologize.
Let's get really into the homeless thing.
That's for you, dude.
Thank you, sir.
This is deadly serious and I agree I shouldn't be playing around.
I throw boner pills at my female lady pills at my friend.
I'm trying to tell you.
What happened if Eddie Bravo took
Female, ultimate female force.
I took one of those.
Yeah, we'll see what happens.
Thank you, Sam.
Can you show everybody what it looks like?
Because it's a cool shirt, dude.
Look at that.
You can go to tinfoilhattshirts.com.
It is the tinfoil hat Texas comedy masker, part two, because this is our second time in Austin.
And that is for you, Alex Jones.
That is a good-looking shirt.
And to be serious, you're a band guy, too.
You get censored.
We're all, and people have to support folks who are getting censored, so yes.
Yeah, we got to, and it's just like, where's the censorship coming from, Alex?
I mean like, I mean like, I'm hearing that it's like, some uh, mega group stuff, some Israeli stuff, some China stuff, where do you think the censorship coming from?
Where's it coming from?
I mean, it's outside influences, right?
Let me tell you where it's all coming from.
China is real.
Big global corporations are using China as a place that will work for them to run these takeovers and these attacks and to beta test censorship and control where they have no freedom.
But it's big corporations want to take over the planet and they want us to all be obedient little serfs and slaves so they're bringing in classic authoritarianism.
We're in the middle of a global revolution against freedom to then build a post-human world.
I agree with that.
I think Israel's a little bit in on it too.
I think they're part of the whole jam.
Don't you think we're one rabies outbreak away from the zombie apocalypse?
Like, if there was a rabies outbreak in the homeless community, it would basically turn into zombies, right?
By the way, you're not joking.
They're biting people.
My cousin in Seattle got bitten by one.
He was giving one a $10 bill.
The other one bit him and the bite got so infected his organs felled he died.
I feel Vaughn's cousin got bit by a gay guy.
Well, getting serious here.
Getting serious here.
This is the organized collapse of society.
They siphon off all our resources.
Poison us.
Poison our culture.
Not just with chemicals, but spiritually.
You guys are in a good mood.
Dude, I know!
We came in, you're all angry!
We're fighting lizards together!
Come on, man!
This is team fight!
How do you know I'm angry?
I'm super happy.
Dude, we saw you.
I can tell you.
I can tell you are a saggy diaper.
I get a little angry in the first couple hours and I burn off some of the steam.
You know, I'm in there looking at all the serious news.
I get pissed.
Yeah, dude.
Kanye West is blown away by all the female boner pills.
Well, here's what President Trump said after visiting the open sewer.
Feces and needles anywhere you look in Los Angeles.
I'm not kidding.
You go a couple blocks, you see it.
Angry, vicious people pissing everywhere, yelling at you, demanding money.
And all being worshipped by the left.
What's the plan?
What's behind it?
Here's President Trump saying he'll send in the EPA because the amount of feces running off into creeks is killing the fish in the open public toilets that are blue cities.
We're going to get involved very soon on a federal basis if they don't clean up their act.
You have tents all over the place and you have, you really have a sanitary condition because this water is rushing into the ocean and this is supposed to be storm water.
It's not supposed to be sewage.
And it's turning out to be sewage.
And if these Democrat-Liberal politicians don't straighten it out, the federal government will have to come in.
Well, wait a minute.
Why don't we just identify the sewage as clean rainwater and let it change its gender to clean rainwater?
Let's do that.
Yeah, dude.
Good idea.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Alright, I interrupted you.
I apologize.
Gentlemen, you live out in LA.
Ground zero for this.
Maybe Seattle, maybe Portland's worse.
They've passed laws in places like Portland saying pooping on the streets are right.
Cleaning it off is racist.
I'm not kidding.
I can share the headline out of Seattle on that.
Why do you think it's happening?
How bad is it?
Where's it going?
I don't mind people setting up tents.
That doesn't bother me.
But what does bother me is the filth they leave behind.
You should be appreciative that no one's arresting you for just setting up a tent on the sidewalk.
But if you don't clean your shit up, I'm totally... I don't mind them setting up tents.
Better than boxes and shit.
Back when I was growing up, if you were homeless, you were in a box.
Now they got tents.
They finally figured that shit out.
You can't do machine gun cussing.
Because then it kills our delay.
Oh my god, I'm sorry.
What did I say?
When you do it over and over again, we can't stop it.
CNN gets to cuss.
All liberal channels do.
We're not allowed to.
We're seen as conservative.
They can literally say F-words, S-words all over CNN, all over ABC.
Notice they do that now.
We are not allowed because we're conservatives.
Hey Alex, is it a side effect of female boner pills that you cuss a lot?
I mean, like, he takes one of these and now suddenly he's a drunk.
Hey, let's be serious.
Ultimate Female Force is about stamina, libido, energy, and focus.
The side effect is that it makes women swing from chandeliers.
Yeah, dude.
We don't want that.
My buddy had an open relationship with a girl and she ended up hooking up with everybody in her block.
But anyways, yeah, the homeless problem... Well, it's a healthy girl.
Hey, let's get serious.
Lacey has a certain zest for life.
I won't tell anybody.
Oh, good!
Can we get serious?
Let's get back to the crisis here.
I think if you leave trash, you should, like, if you leave all that filth on the street, you should be arrested.
That's what I think.
I don't think they care about being arrested.
I think the problem is, is like, how do we get this, how do we stop this?
And I'm telling you, it's all directed to the opium warbs of Afghanistan, dude.
After we went in, and we kicked the Taliban out, we put our troops around these crops of opium, and production went up 70%, and the flood and the use went up 70% in America, this is what we have!
It actually went up 70% the first year.
It went up like 300%.
I mean, dude, Trump, I mean, like, let's give the guy credit.
Listen, if you could criticize the man for the things you don't like, you gotta give him credit for when he does something right.
And he's been trying to get the smack off the street.
And he's trying, he tried, listen, dude, they tried to pull us out of Afghanistan, and then the Taliban, who doesn't want us there, suddenly decide to attack a base.
It's like, come on, man!
We know what you're doing there.
It's false flag stuff to keep us in Afghanistan.
We want out of Afghanistan.
We want enough of the opium wars.
You're flooding our streets.
It's like the crack epidemic of the 80s, man.
The crack epidemic of the 80s, you flood the inner cities with crack.
Now they're flooding all the middle class white Americans with drugs and stuff.
It's the exact same game plan.
Let's get out of Afghanistan and get rid of the opium that's flooding our streets.
But you know, Sam, is China helping you with fentanyl?
You know, most of it's from our friend Little Chacom.
Or how about the fact that it's in MIT?
How about that?
That MIT came up with fentanyl.
Why are you so... So that's a great point.
Explain to us about that.
Well, basically it was discovered that fentanyl was...
Basically, like, producer, like, I don't know, originated in MIT and a Chinese scientist took it back to China.
And guys, this, what's going on right now, is all revenge for the British-India Opium War.
I know, but we didn't do that to China.
We saved them from the Japanese.
So why are they doing it to us?
Because they're commies working with the left.
Yeah, hey man.
I mean, it's 100% true, dude.
So how bad is it going to get?
Because Joe Rogan has said he's going to leave LA.
Can he really do that?
He can do whatever he wants.
He's left before.
No, no, he went to Colorado for a while.
Yeah, yeah.
He can do whatever he wants.
You know what?
He's Godzilla.
I never thought I'd ever leave California, but thoughts have been swirling in my head, you know.
Especially if they start cracking down hardcore on guns in California.
And if they get any deeper, I don't know, maybe I'll move to Greenland.
No, why don't you move?
Austin's like a tentacle or a metastasization of L.A., but outside of it's great.
You should move to Texas.
You can do a show.
A late-night show, whatever you want.
Dude, if Houston didn't flood, I would be there, because I'm all about that Houston black ass.
That's what I'm all about, dude.
I love Houston black women, and I would move there if I could, but unfortunately... Okay, Sam, it's a family show.
Oh, okay.
My apologies.
Houston is awesome.
We have our best shows there, for sure.
Maybe I move to Texas.
Maybe Corpus Christi.
How's that?
I'll come to Texas.
I'll move here.
I ain't afraid of that.
I'll move here.
I'm definitely down.
Texas is one of my... See, here's what I've learned, dude, is that, like, filth won the culture war.
So when you go to red states, it's not really like, oh my god, it's like it used to be with the super, like, religious.
Now it's like everybody's swingers and it's just red states are just fun states.
Don't take our taxes or our guns and let's all get weird.
That's what I've learned.
I think it's always been like that to a certain extent.
But listen, we still love Jesus because we know the devil's real.
You get to a certain point, the evil just takes over.
Saturnist, dude.
It's more like Saturnist, black cube stuff.
Hey, let's bring up Israel because you kind of always just throw in the little Israel's, you know, evil running it all thing.
My issue is it becomes this third rail where people just do it as a touchstone and then all these magical powers are attributed to Israel.
Netanyahu's in a coalition government.
He may lose.
He may go to jail.
Everyone claims Netanyahu runs everything.
No, there's a huge infighting there.
Israel's pretty much like the U.S.
with liberals and conservatives.
And so all I know is
People never want to talk about the issues I want to talk about online.
They're just like, oh yeah, tell us about how Israel tells you what to do, because I'm not against Israel.
If we got rid of Israel, it would just be the Muslims all killing each other.
Saudi Arabia doesn't take any refugees in, but then we're supposed to take them all.
I'm sick of the America bashing, and now it's like segued into this sycophantic freak out about Israel all day.
Listen, I'm just sick of hearing I work for Israel because I have nothing to do with it.
I don't think you do.
I don't think you do, but listen man, it's not that Israel... I love Israelis.
I watch Israeli soldier twerking videos all the time.
I love Israel.
I know a lot of Israelis.
They're wonderful people.
It's no different than the US.
At the highest levels, there's these black Cuba Saturn people.
Just like in the United States.
Just like in Europe, man.
And of course, that's what we're talking about.
At the Kaaba, they're worshipping the black Cuba Saturn.
That's what we're talking about.
Dude, it's in all religions, man.
It's not just one.
Israel's just like anywhere else, man.
It's all this money put into propaganda.
That's what I'm saying.
But powerful elites do use city-states, like the City of London within London, or Washington, D.C.
that's owned above the law.
There we go!
How can you hate that?
Stop, guys.
Come on.
How can you hate that?
Seriously, this is getting out of control.
No, it's not.
Let's expand on this.
Let's expand on this right now.
And then you've got the City of London above the law, Israel has its own law, the Vatican has its own law, D.C.
has its own law, the U.N.
has its own cities, its own immunity.
So that's when you get to the top level, you're like, hey, we've got our own city and our own military, and we don't pay taxes to anybody, and you all want to kiss our ass.
That's where the world government's going.
Yes, dude, that's what we're talking about.
So what happens is that everyone through identity politics wants to think groups go up and down.
But they go like this, man.
They go horizontal.
It's class, man.
So it's like these people at the top do all this crazy stuff, and they make the people at the bottom fight with each other.
If Washington, D.C.
is its own separate country or whatever, who is protected?
Who specifically is protected by that in Washington, D.C.?
The President?
Sure, what they do is they create their own districts that then have immunity.
That's why it's wrong that the Democrats aren't supposed to be able to get a representative from that, because it's its own separate corporate system.
And it'll give up its corporate separate power in the system once it goes into the United States of America.
But it was set up as a
Hey, what about the fact that Disneyland or Disney World in Florida is a sovereign territory?
It doesn't, it's not part of Florida.
And so once you got it, you got your own currency, you got your own system, you got your own immunity, and you got your own police and troops.
If anybody wants to take it over, they gotta come take it!
And that's why each of us has guns, because we are our own entity and our own sovereign country.
That's what America's about!
And you ain't getting my guns, bitches!
Because I got my own media system!
Alex, this is a family show.
This is a family show.
Well, you can say things like bitches.
You guys are in a good mood.
Man, we're on InfoWars.
Why wouldn't we be in a good mood?
Well, we need you to take some chill for us now.
Sam Tripoli's here with Eddie Bravo.
And Eddie, people want you to be more talkative.
You're always busy on your smartphone, clicking and doing stuff.
I got a business to run, dude.
I know you got dojos all over the place.
Yeah, yeah, I mean, what are we doing here?
Oh, oh shit, we're on, okay.
Oh, there he goes again!
Come on, dude!
Come on!
This boy, it's ridiculous!
It's like Tony Montana.
That's why I'm being quiet, because I can't, I can't help it.
No, you can't.
Okay, I'm gonna, I need a sign that says don't cuss.
Can I, can I get that?
No, no, no, you're doing great.
Print it out.
Eddie, let's be serious.
I want to show you, uh, Mr. Cargill owns a gun shop here in Austin.
And he gets footage almost every day of people defecating in front of his office or shooting up heroin.
And this is right across the street.
This is all over Austin now.
It wasn't here six months ago.
It's exponentially increasing like Day of the Dead.
When I drive to work a lot of mornings, I see things like this.
And now the governor of California has passed laws that you don't have to aid citizens or the police.
Failure to render aid is no longer a law in California.
So you see some little kid run over?
Well, no big deal if you don't help him.
By the way, China has laws that you're not supposed to help people.
Let's go ahead and, yeah, let's play the audio of this.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
This is it beginning.
You know the worst part about fighting now?
Look at this.
Nobody breaks up fights anymore.
Look at the guy in the back.
Look at, like, black Uncle Sam back there, like, just filming.
Nobody stops fights anymore.
Well, it's like this kid that, you know, kid got stabbed to death the other day, and everybody's just videotaping.
Oh my God, she's getting a weapon.
She's got a whip, and she's got a broom.
And this guy's trying to get by on his bird with his Weekend at Bernie's t-shirt on.
And now that you've got these two chicks fighting, and nobody stops anything!
It's like end of the world warfare.
It's like, show some love, dude!
The fight, man!
That's your friend!
That's your friend.
That's your friend.
Stop the fight.
That's your friend.
Nah, man.
She's trying to stop the fight.
Guy in the wheelchair over there just chillin'.
We got like a... We got Vince Carter's there not doing anything.
Well, that's his girl.
Come on, man.
Now listen, they're gonna help their lady now.
That guy's a major pimp.
God, he's not pimp, he's just a Adele's Maverick fan, but it's like... I know, they live out there.
She's rocking the toe, it's just ridiculous, dude.
It's just ridiculous.
That is almost at every underpass now.
But last time I was in LA, it was even worse than that.
Everywhere, you just see them.
Yeah, they're like... They ship them in, Alex.
They set up shop, like, along the freeways now.
Like, it's like you're in a third world country.
It's like you're driving down the 101 and they got little spots on the side of the freeway.
But then they get government welfare, and then they spend it on drugs, and the police were ordered, don't bust them for drugs.
I've talked to the cops.
The police gave us a turn.
What do you think, what do you think the plan is?
They're doing this, why?
There's gotta be a plan.
I was gonna ask you, what's the plan?
I mean, anything to destroy...
I think it's society, right?
They're trying to just ruin the country, right?
Isn't that the plan?
Notice the media always shows, put that photo back up, like one out of a thousand halfway decent looking, but that's not a homeless person, that's an activist that probably runs some activist homeless shelter and makes money off the top of it.
Because that's what I'm told, it's always the leftists that are scooping in the cold hard cash.
Here's my opinion, Alex.
This whole thing with free trade, it's all done on purpose.
Ship out the jobs to China.
There's no jobs around.
Flood the market with drugs.
So now you got two choices in your life.
Either, like, go to jail or join the military and become stormtroopers for the international bankers.
And that's not code for Jews, that's code for...
International bankers, okay?
And that's what we're doing.
We send their sons and daughters to die for corporate interests.
Why are we in Afghanistan?
Oh yeah, poppy fields.
It's the same thing, man.
That's what it is.
They want it so you don't have any other... By the way, that's the still shot you just saw.
Real video we shot in Skid Row.
The left brings them lavish furniture and money and it goes, oh!
So more and more people just go out there and lay out.
I mean, it's the real world.
That's real footage, man.
A drive-by!
That's out of our car.
A drive-by!
There you go.
It's Road Warrior for real.
We'll be back.
We have a special guest.
Haven't told you about that yet.
Stay with us.
Well, you heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen.
We don't talk a lot about Kamala Harris because she's never polled over 1%.
But like Beto O'Rourke, she's our savior, and so the media said she would be the nominee over and over and over again.
Well, now CNN ran the headline last night in a report, whatever happened to Kamala, I call her Kamala, Kamala Harris, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, this woman is absolutely incredible and she was drunk in the last debate.
She's incredibly boring, but it's not a question of what happened to Kamala Harris.
Why does the corporate media decide somebody like Beto O'Rourke or somebody like Kamala Harris is the heir apparent?
And that she's absolutely invincible, and that she's absolutely wonderful.
And then they asked what happened to her.
Their endorsement of her is what destroyed her.
Whenever Rand Paul ended up winning the Senate years ago, Politico called up and said, how'd he do it?
And I said, because you didn't endorse him.
I said, if you endorsed him, he would have lost.
And they didn't even understand that.
I mean, literally, the corporate system is out of gas.
People are sick of them.
Both of you here, Famous Comics here with us, Famous Jiu-Jitsu Master here with us from 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, Eddie Bravo, and of course, we have Sam Tripoli here.
What is your take, not on Kamala Harris, but just in general, the media asking why their hype isn't working anymore, and since it's not working, what are they going to do next?
Basically, I believe that Kamala Harris' problem is that her history has her undoing.
She's locked up more black people than anybody in the history of California.
Her ancestors were slave traders, okay?
You can't really blame somebody for what their ancestors do until you realize that she had her office argue against early release of prisoners who had good behavior, you know?
So basically, you know why she argued that?
It's because it would ruin the labor force.
Oh, what are we talking about?
Oh, we're talking about free slave labor!
So you're committing the pattern of your ancestors here, okay?
She laughed about locking up kids, poor kids, for being late to school!
I mean, like, dude, you're a scumbag!
Listen, I love every group out there.
The only group I hate 100% is male feminists.
Because I don't like people who screw their own.
Kamala Harris was screwing the black community.
And they know it.
And they won't get behind her because of what she did to her own.
That's why she got no love.
That's why Hillary Clinton got no love from the black community when she ran.
Because her super predators, that was the word we were trying to remember yesterday.
Super predator!
They call black men in the hood super predators!
And they locked them up because a nugget of crack was worth a helicopter of cocaine!
And they knew about helicopters of cocaine because they were flying them in Arkansas to sell in the hood during the Iran-Contra affair!
That's why Kamala Harris got no love!
Because she's a scumbag and a backstabber!
That's why!
I totally agree.
But the bigger question is, why does the media keep betting on creepozoids like Beto O'Rourke?
I mean, seriously.
I looked at him the first time and I said, he looks like a mentally ill serial killer.
The most disingenuous person.
And then he does everything disingenuous.
And in a clip last night, he said, I never said I'm coming for your guns.
Already played the first hour.
But we are going to take him.
I mean, they don't even like say it from interview to interview change, 180.
They flip flop in front of you, Eddie.
What is that?
It's a form of gaslighting.
It seems like he's trying to lose.
Aren't there rumors that maybe either Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton's going to run?
They're not rumors.
I've talked to people that are in her security detail.
She still thinks she's running the Democratic Party.
I'm glad you brought that up because you're telepathic.
They said Hillary still runs the Democratic Party, and she still gives the orders.
I know she's got people suing me.
And they worship her, and the word is she thinks she's going to flap in at the last moment and run.
And now it's mainstream news, Hillary hanging around, Bookie taking more bets that she's going to be the nominee.
What do you think?
He'll take an L again.
I mean, what do you think about the Clinton body count?
Is that real?
Oh, of course.
It's real.
And Google censors it.
And then how do you... I mean, Jeffrey Epstein's neck was broken twice.
How many bodies are on the Clinton body count?
Depending on the list is in... At least what?
Well, if you count all the wars, it's in the millions.
500,000 dead Iraqi children that they specifically cut the medicine to, tripled the sanctions on the Bushes, and they said, we kill 500,000 kids, we do it again.
Madeleine Albright on 60 Minutes.
I'm talking about... The conservative numbers are in the 400s.
Most lists are in the 100s.
I thought it was like 55 or 60.
Those are lists that people get real neurotic about, like Vince Foster.
Or, you know, the kids found out on the railroad tracks all shot up, who saw the mean of drug dealing, or girlfriends of Clinton that ended up dead.
Yeah, so those are like legit connections, right?
I mean, I've interviewed women raped by Bill Clinton and stuff, and people come to their houses and go, sorry, your little dog's missing, I'm gonna kill you next, you don't shut up.
I mean, I've had death threats from the Clintons.
Like how?
Well, I mean, I don't want to get into it, and it's part of the issue of, you know, having to have security here and at my house.
But, I mean, it's real.
They've got a lot of mental patients, too, they can tell to go kill people.
It is unbelievable to me that a person whose organization has been directly connected to four, four, four major child sex trafficking cases in one year, 2019, and we're not even at the end of the year!
Lay it on them, Sam.
Not even to the end of the year!
It's 2019.
Lay him out.
We have, we have, uh, El Chapo that may, they framed as a drug thing, but he was convicted of child sex trafficking, and he was a major donor to the Cling Global Initiative.
So he worked directly for the CIA.
I know people like, um...
There was a CIA that worked directly with him, like Josh Plumlee.
Yeah, he was a district manager.
That's what he was.
He was like the district manager of McDonald's.
Yeah, of the drug trade in Mexico.
And then you have Jeffrey Epstein, who died, and then we have NXIVM.
Straight out of upstate New York, HALA 607.
Straight out of upstate New York, convicted child sex trafficking.
They thought evidence from the Anthony Weiner laptop.
And then, now we have John of God.
Directly related to the Clinton Global Initiative.
You have four cases!
And you, how can you- Well, let's go further.
The head of their whole Haiti operation got convicted of shipping hundreds of kids out.
A bunch ended up dead.
She then changed her name and still runs child charities.
Yeah, I am.
Laura Silvey.
Laura Silvey.
What happened?
She smuggled?
Well, the UN's own AP report.
Remember, we flew, we sent people in.
We sent a whole bunch of folks went in.
Joe Biggs went in.
Michael Zimmerman went in.
Yeah, let me tell you, before this all broke.
And we sent in, with his own private plane, Gary Haben, billionaire.
They spent weeks there, but he'd been there months, landing on dirt airstrips, and they were there and exposed the whole U.N.
child kidnapping ring.
They made AP break it six months later, and it meant the whole thing.
Thousands of missing kids, hundreds found dead, killed in child sacrifices.
I mean, people have gone to investigate that and ended up dead, man.
I mean, these are case, these are straight up either dead, people dead.
Listen, we interviewed, we interviewed senators, Haitian senators.
They're on the video.
We got back going, they are devil worshippers.
They take them, they kill them.
Help us!
Hillary killed a baby!
Stop devil Hillary!
Dude, you are a man of a thousand voices and I love it, dude.
You should have your own show in Vegas.
It's amazing, and it's true.
You know, I made millions on voiceovers.
And as Bill Hicks.
And I invested in this broadcast.
In fact, voiceover money helped us move to this location 14 years ago.
That's amazing, dude.
Well, I got tapped Hartley into the Spring Screen Actors Guild.
I was in some movies.
And then I ended up doing some ads for insurance companies.
Do you have any clips of that?
I want to hear that.
I could dig it out here somewhere.
Yeah, do it, dude.
But I'm blackballed now.
I mean, once I went after Obama.
Like a good partner!
State Farm is there!
That was that, was that one of yours?
No, I can do like a... They're killing babies.
Well, this particular, you know the voice, he's called the Voice of God, like from the HBO NFL shows?
Well, I'm a mimic, so I have to hear it, but I'm deep in a voice.
I have to hear it, and then I can nail it.
Almost exactly.
But I can also do like Optimus Prime, Marvin the Martian.
Let's hear some of them voices.
Let's hear it.
Come on, man.
Just give me a couple.
Well, we got a big guest coming up.
Ah, there we go.
We came to your planet from Cybertron.
That's more GoBots, but that's okay.
We came to your planet from Cybertron.
Megatron is my enemy.
I am sworn to destroy him.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones will resist Megatron on the other side.
Eddie Bravo is taking super male vitality.
I want some, dude!
Bring him some, which is known herbs, concentrated, cold-pressed.
To increase stamina, libido, energy, you name it.
This one's for the lady.
You don't even need that.
You're right, you're right.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have here... I love Austin so much, I'm doubling down on my boner.
We have the main leadership, ladies and gentlemen, of the captains of the tinfoil command ship, the mothership of the tinfoil hat conspiracy show, here with us.
Now, let's get serious.
We got a big show tonight, everybody.
Seriously, come see us tonight at the Stateside Theater at the Paramount.
I think I should come.
7 o'clock!
Dude, of course you should!
Early show.
That's why I take some of this, dude.
You should definitely come.
You should, dude!
Listen, we're the greatest comedy team right now.
People are talking.
You're hot.
My wife's trying to get a babysitter.
Dude, I'll pay for the babysitter.
Eddie, you got this.
Pay for the babysitter.
I'll pay for the babysitter.
You don't need to pay for the babysitter.
I'll pay for it, dude.
I'll get one of them homeless that we do for like five bucks.
Hey, let's get those three chicks that sing at Trump's speeches.
You drop them off, drop them off.
The Biden kids, that's a good idea.
They'll just stay in a tent.
Well, no.
The left says it's good for children to take them to drag queen story time.
A lot of them are convicted pedophiles.
They're actually saying in places like Wichita, Kansas, the paper says, oh no, let convicted ones be there.
They say it's a learning experience.
So if I let my kids, maybe my baby, be kept by, say, a meth-head homeless person, here's an article right here, bubonic plague is back across the U.S., and also rabies, typhus, that would expand their horizons, wouldn't it?
Well, rabies plus the homeless equals zombies, right?
You might have to start shooting them.
I know a lot of trans people, mostly because they had a bad drug problem, went on some weird adult film runs, okay?
And I just want to say that most trans I know don't like drag queens going and meeting with kids either.
They don't like that.
They don't think that's cool.
And that's just a psy-op done by the CIA to get us all mad at the trans community so we all fight with each other.
That's what that's all about.
And I just gotta say, shout out Steve Simone.
But it's all a jizz.
A giant, it's just like the hippie culture of the 60s and 70s with the Mansons and the Jonestown to get us to hate liberals.
Most of your trans don't like that either.
Hey, here's the deal.
They're good.
Whoever the hell these people are in clown outfit, stay the hell away from the kids.
Yeah, I'm with ya.
I'm with ya.
It's all psyops, dog.
Shut up, Steve.
Alright, we gotta take our guest to the next hour.
I want him to have a full hour and I want him to be serious now.
Because when you guys are saying, well Sam doesn't say this, when we're saying the earth might be flat, we need to be serious, okay?
Good stuff.
Time to get some tinfoil, but this is supposed to be serious.
I do not believe the world is flat, okay?
But, but, and Eddie's kind of like, he's kind of like the mad prophet, and then we have the leader though.
Dave Weiss.
Dave Weiss here with the FlatEarthPodcast.com.
So let's be clear.
I can't get people to admit Google's listening to you 15 years ago when I had their internal documents.
So they're going to use this against me.
But it's okay because we're having a debate.
Flat Earth's a huge discussion.
I think the bigger issue is people know the system's lied to them so much about so many things that now a lot of people I know
People aren't even listeners.
They're like, you know, I don't appreciate you, I'm a liberal, but I think yours is flat.
Well, I'm showing International Space Station footage, time-lapse, of the Earth.
Looks pretty round to me, but I'm going to debate this with you guys.
You think that's real?
I'm not saying you think that's bad.
That is a field field bird special right there.
Look at those, there's no city.
Three works couldn't even do something that good.
There's no city.
What kind of city is that?
There's only one city, maybe two.
Those are thunderstorms.
Look at that!
There's supposed to be cities!
What are those?
Volcanoes from Jurassic Park?
Yeah, that's lava!
What are we talking about?
That's not real!
You ever drive over a hill at night and the city looks like a big yellow blob?
What is that?
The Vegas Strip all over the world?
No, it's the coastlines.
That's where...
Alex, you're better than that.
You're better than that.
That's CGI.
That's fake.
And birds aren't real.
What is this, Mordor?
Birds are real.
Nobody said birds aren't real.
There's Bronco trying to get the ring right now.
Looks like Mordor.
Is this Lord of the Rings?
What are we playing here?
I sent a clip to Daria, it's a one minute clip.
Alright, we're going to play the next segment.
Not the one I just sent you Daria, but the one I sent you yesterday.
Listen, when the head of Bank of America came out last year and said, the universe isn't real and that it's all a CG.
So if the head of Bank of America is saying none of it's real, you're less crazy saying the Earth's... Explain me, so is Earth like a pancake?
Listen Daria, can we play?
It's less than one minute.
We're going to go to the guest in a minute.
And it's on space art.
I'm telling you, they don't have it.
Look at him!
He's dying to talk!
Hold on, let's stop right there.
The space art video.
They know.
We'll have meetings during the breaks.
We have to get clips.
We have to look at them and discuss them.
Send it to my phone.
Roll them.
Anyways, but let's just stop there.
We'll not get a clip.
You'll get nothing you like it.
I'm getting a contact hop, whatever you guys are on.
I can't believe you're looking at this and you think that's real.
That's crazy.
That's crazy.
This is the best time ever.
When I died, that's Aurora Borealis.
That's she that.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh yeah.
Isn't that nice?
Look at that.
They always show the little, you know, the little solar panel on the side.
Oh, look at that.
Get out of here.
Look at that.
Get out of here.
Look at that.
Get out of here.
What, the Green Lantern fart?
What is that?
Jesus Christ.
Let's get David Weiss on.
Let's get David Weiss on.
We are!
Come on, the guy came here!
Oh no, are you on drugs right now?
Let's watch this clip right now.
We don't do drugs, dude.
We're high on Christ.
For radio listeners, tell me what it is.
It's a news clip where they're telling you that all the footage, photos, and video from space are fake.
Watch it.
It's on the news.
Over the years, NASA has given us spectacular photos and renderings that reveal a colorful and mysterious universe.
Artists behind some of the most iconic space art in the galaxy.
In a small bright office, working side by side, Robert Hurt and Tim Pyle bring the universe to life.
Astrophysicist turned artist, Tim, once a Hollywood animator, is now a planet illustrator.
Together they produce some of NASA's most popular images, from renderings of how planets light years away could look, to actual photos of stars and galaxies captured by NASA's powerful telescope.
It's a delicate blend of imagination and data.
The artists meet with NASA scientists over many drafts to ensure a planet or galaxy's look lines up with the research to make ink final results enough to keep us all dreaming of the final frontier for years to come.
Chris Martinez, CBS.
Number one, that was the worst editing and jump cuts I've ever seen.
Number two, they're talking about when they say illustrations or renderings or enhancements, they say that in the magazines, they say it online.
They do say it.
That this is what we believe this exoplanet or whatever it looks like.
They do that to everything in space.
We're going to go to our special guest, and I apologize for you being a bad person.
I'm joking.
Let's be serious for a minute.
You understand that I took astronomy in college, which I'm not saying I bought into that.
I went and convinced my dad, when I was like 19, to buy, now they're a lot cheaper, a Meade 12-inch reflector refractor, one of the big entry ones.
It was like $14,000.
Did you see the flat earth in there?
Listen, listen, I would drive out,
Let me see it.
I'm not saying that what you're looking up in the sky isn't there.
It's there.
But what they're telling us it is, is not real.
I'm seeing that Sam Tripoli likes Chill Force.
Look at that, folks.
Works incredibly well on Sam.
We've told Americans space does not exist.
Ha ha!
Eddie Bravo's our agent!
China, now get the moon!
Ha ha!
Ha ha!
Now, how you say Weiss?
What's his name?
Let's get serious.
Dave Weiss is here, ladies and gentlemen.
Actual footage of the eclipse I personally shot from Air Force Nine on a spaceship, me and Trump.
Space Force.
Let's get serious for our esteemed guests.
We'll be back on at a serious time when you two aren't causing problems.
Now seriously though, Eddie, I used to be an amateur astronomer.
I haven't had time since I've been on the air 25 years.
I quit it.
But I'd go out and do stuff like look a half mile away at geckos on a lamp eating bugs, because that's another fun thing about telescopes.
You know, up close you can watch bugs on a leaf, you know, a half mile away.
Just really crazy stuff, these super high-powered ones, when the conditions are right.
And I watched Jupiter orbiting.
I mean, I watched it turning.
It's a ball.
Go ahead, sorry.
No, let's introduce... Let's do it right now.
He's from the Flat Earth Podcast.
Dave, we really appreciate you coming on the broadcast.
Dave came to Flat Earth the same way most people do, with attention to the bucket.
That was six years ago.
Now, he is host of the award-winning Flat Earth Podcast and the creator of the Flat Earth Sun, Moon, and Zodiac Clock app, TheFlatEarthPodcast.com.
So it's like, give us your awakening to this.
I want to be clear, I don't think it's flat.
But, you know, the media says I say that, I'm not saying that, but I think it's okay for you to question, as much as we've been lied to, how do you know it's not diamond-shaped?
How do you know it's not... How about we're all just a simulation, it's not even real?
Alex, that's the shape of the Earth that matters, but first I want to thank you for having me on.
Many years ago, you were one of the people, maybe the person, that woke me up, so I thank you for that, and since then, you know, things have really spiraled out of control.
So tell us your background and how you discovered, I mean, what happened?
I was doing, I did a truth podcast called Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole.
People started sending me flatter stuff.
I wouldn't watch a single video.
I wouldn't watch a one minute video because it's the dumbest thing in the world.
You're not wasting my time with that.
So then finally another researcher, uh,
We're talking about the deceptions in the world.
And she said, you know, I think it's worse than that, David.
I think the earth might be flat.
I absolutely flipped out at her.
She sent me some videos.
I said, that's it.
I'm going to debunk it.
For 17 to 24 hours a day, I was trying to debunk the earth.
And after two weeks, I realized we don't live on a spinning rock water ball rocket.
I mean, that's what you believe.
You believe we live on the outside of a spinning rock.
Spiraling in four different directions at once at speeds that you can't even imagine.
And then every year, the stars are in the exact same place on the exact same day.
None of it makes sense.
The thing that you gotta look at is, there's pre-programmed responses that people have.
They say, you know, where's the edge?
How come no one's fallen off?
Circumnavigation proves it.
Boats over the curves prove the ball.
You know, eclipses prove the ball.
All of these things do not prove the ball.
They actually prove flat Earth when you look at it.
And the thing that people say is there's no proof of flat earth and there's endless proof of the globe earth and the exact opposite is the true when you take the time to learn.
The problem is believing lies are really easy.
Sometimes I introduce myself on a show and I come up with this fake background.
I went to medical school and I lost hope in allopathic medicine and people believe it and then two minutes later I tell them
That was a lie, and you just believe me.
So, you can believe a lie.
I tell you something, and then you can believe it, and your whole day is free.
But if you want to know the truth on anything, it takes time and effort and critical thought.
Okay, let me just throw this at you.
Let me just throw this at you.
Let him talk.
What about, I offered Eddie to fund a project with a research ship, and then we can just go to the end of it.
Where's the wall?
You're gonna say Antarctic?
Yeah, so just look at the Earth this way.
People say, you know, why are all the other planets round and why is the Earth the only disk in space?
The Earth is not a disk in space.
The way I look at it is the Earth, the flat plane of the Earth, is the basement of the universe.
It's the only way I can describe it.
And we live in a pond.
Imagine a giant circular lake in Kansas with islands in it.
And in the center of the lake is the North Pole.
Well, no, no.
Hold on.
Not in a cage.
Just hear me out.
I'll make this short.
So you have the center of the lake is the North Pole.
You have islands.
You can sail around clockwise, counterclockwise.
That's east and west.
If you sail away from the center at any point, that's south.
And when you get to the shoreline,
That's the end of the earth that we know of.
That's the shoreline of Antarctica.
Antarctica is the highest land on earth.
It is the shoreline of the of the world ocean lake, I'll call it.
And there is must lots of it is a cliff, not a wall where you can jump over and jump into space.
Well, so here's the thing.
Some people say there's a dome.
Some people say there isn't a dome.
Some people say there's more lands, more worlds, more suns across the plain.
The truth is, we don't know.
We're not allowed to go there.
The Bible says the Earth's round, but then if you go back, a lot of the ancients after that debate said it was flat, and then I guess it was Copernicus, Galileo.
When did they start saying it was round?
They started, so the whole...
So, saying that the Bible has... look up a video called 200 Bible verses that says the Earth is flat.
There are 200 verses that talk about flat Earth.
I believe there's one that says the circle of the Earth.
Well, my dining room table is a circle and it's not a sphere, okay?
And it has... it's a footstool, you know?
If you want to quote the Bible, the footstool of the Earth... So, why would the establishment try to keep something a trillion times bigger than Manhattan Project secret?
Can we answer that a little bit later?
Because you're jumping forward past, you know, you're looking for a motive.
Like if you saw somebody light 50 houses on fire and there's all the evidence in the world, but you couldn't figure out a motive, does that mean he didn't do it?
So I'd be guessing at the motive, but I have a good guess and I believe it's right on why they did it.
But let's do that later.
Let's get through some of the points.
Well, I don't want a world government to keep independent nations from ever figuring stuff out.
They certainly don't suppress a lot of stuff.
They got a project to kill everybody.
So, I mean, that's a fact.
If you, um, if you don't know who you are, if you believe that we live on the outside of a rock, that nothing exploded, created everything, and then a microbe turned into a fish that climbed out of the water, happened to find another fish that it could mate with to make a monkey, and then a monkey, you know, farted, and there's our humans.
They don't want us to know who we are.
They don't want you to know who we are, that there's no shortage of anything, that there's possibly, very likely, more land, more resources, than they're telling us.
There's hidden land.
It's another giant dimension and we're actually locked in here as an experiment.
No, I don't believe that at all.
I believe that we live, for lack of a better word, we live in a realm.
And it's flat and stationary, and every test that's ever been done to prove the Earth is spinning has proved that it's flat.
So what's gravity?
That it's not moving.
Go ahead.
What's gravity?
So, gravity, you know, a lot of flat earthers will say gravity is just buoyancy and density.
And if there was such a thing as gravity, buoyancy and density are a thing.
But gravity, the Earth plane is a negatively charged plane.
This is a proven fact.
The sky above us, whatever it is up there, is positively charged.
So the negative charge of the Earth is setting, establishing a down, and then buoyancy and density sort everything out after that.
Let me throw this at you then.
Everybody's probably seen William Shatner voiced it, it's Trinity and Beyond, and I was already aware of this, but back in the 90s I saw the footage of it from the U.S.
government, where they did over a thousand detonations trying to blow up the atmosphere and ignite it.
Project Fistball.
Yeah, and that would have killed us, and trying to blow a hole through the Van Allen radiation belt to get through it, because the probes couldn't get through.
So, sounds crazy to realize, what were they trying to blast through?
I mean, why would you do that?
Go ahead.
Well, so they're never in science.
Can you have high pressure next to a vacuum?
It can never happen unless there's a physical barrier.
So they tell us space is the vacuum of space.
So what would the hydrogen bombs do if they launched up into the atmosphere and detonated?
I don't believe that they were hydrogen bombs.
That's a whole other thing.
They were trying to blow through it and they couldn't.
I wasn't there, so I'd rather not really dig into that.
There you go.
Great statement.
Yeah, so how do you know?
Let's say they were and they threw 500 bombs up there.
Okay, that works on a flat earth, that works on a ball earth.
Who the heck knows what's going on?
None of that proves anything.
No, I was giving that to your theory like they were trying to blast their way through it.
So, here's the deal.
Are they working with whoever knows is outside it in your theory?
Because that sounds like they're trying to keep us from knowing it and you're just like, argh!
It's the biggest deception in the world.
You know, before Flat Earth, I was an atheist.
I believed in evolution.
I wouldn't listen to anything that had anything to do with God.
Tell us about when we come back.
Dave Weiss brings us in to Deep Purple and space trucking.
And the leader of Tenth Planet, which doesn't exist, Eddie Bravo is here with us.
Eddie's been ranting during the break and I said, why don't you do it on air?
What I'm getting at is I think it's very healthy to question reality.
I know that it's pushed by Silicon Valley that everything's digital.
This is a simulation and none of it's real.
So we just give up and don't care.
So why is that acceptable and being taught as a religion and that humans are bad, roll over and die for the post-human world?
But if you question the Earth or space or any of this, then you are a bad person.
I don't think that's the case.
But you've been bullying me a bit during the break that I think it's silly, because also you don't believe me that I watched Jupiter orbit and took photos of it.
I believe you, Alex.
I don't know why, but I do.
And you don't believe... Can I comment on that?
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Alright, so you took photos of Jupiter and what you saw was a light in the sky with some other lights moving around it.
That is the only thing that we can say about celestial objects, is that they're lights in the sky.
We don't know how big they are, we don't know how far they are, we don't even know if they're solid objects.
I could see the great eye, I could drive out to Llano outside Austin in the winter with no light pollution, sit back, you know, because my uncle lived down the street, me and my dad would go visit, we'd sit there and drink a six-pack of beer, share it, and sit there and take photos, we'd be out there like four or five hours, and you could see it orbiting, you could see the moons moving, they're round!
So hang on, I agree.
I agree, but what you're seeing is lights.
We don't know what they are.
When you say moons, those are tiny little lights around it.
And we don't know how far they are.
Um, you know, if you ask, the sun is supposedly 93 million miles away, but nobody knows how that was ever calculated.
That looks like some footage of the sun.
Stop bullying him!
Let him talk!
Man, you're bullying him, Alex!
I just want to address a couple things that you said before.
I'm tired of bullies!
I just rolled some footage of the sun, guys.
NASA never uses the word photo.
They say image or picture.
And we know what images and pictures are, and it's exactly what they give us.
When you take, you know, our optics with these super zoom cameras now have outrun, have outgrown their lies.
And we can zoom in on stars and see that they're energetic balls of energy with different patterns and stuff in them.
All the stuff you're seeing here is supplied by NASA.
Hey guys, back this animation up for showing.
That's animation.
That's animation.
Roll it.
I know it is.
Roll it.
And you know how NASA's always coming up, hey we found this deep space object on Halloween, they found an asteroid that looks like a skull, and the sunspots look like a jack-o'-lantern on the sun.
You believe that stuff?
I mean, they are laughing in our faces.
Getting back to what you were saying, you know, why would they lie?
I have a big green filter that I use to look at the sun more than anything through my 12 inch, uh... And what you're seeing is a lighting style.
Let him talk.
Let the guy talk.
What you're seeing is a light in the sky.
You were asking me before why the deception, and the deception is to make you think that you are insignificant, make you think that God doesn't exist.
The greatest trick the devil ever did was to prove that he didn't exist.
To make you believe that it exists, but the greatest trick the devil ever did was to make you think God doesn't exist.
For me to say that is an amazing thing.
I know the globalists are trying to build a false reality and insert us into it.
Currently, that's what they want is into virtual reality.
They want to take us out of this reality into that.
Are you saying we're already in that reality?
Already in a false reality?
This reality that the world is a stage is an understatement.
Everything that's presented to us is complete and utter nonsense.
Here's the thing.
Again, as I said in the beginning, truth is the enemy of knowing.
Lies are easy.
Okay, I believe it.
But if you want to know the truth, you've got to take the time and effort.
And where can you go?
You used to be able to go to YouTube and type in Flat Earth, and you'd come up with all of these videos.
Now, they've changed the algorithms.
It's all hidden.
When I upload a video, I have all my subs.
None of them get notified anymore.
If you try to find my channel... No, I know.
We know all about the censorship.
It's eagle versus serpent.
Knowledge is power.
I have a challenge for people.
The Flat Earth, Sun, Moon, and Zodiac Clock app.
It's $3.
It's super cheap.
It cost me a ton of money to make.
And I didn't make it to make money.
I made it to bypass the algorithm.
You have to feed yourself.
Put down your cosmology.
Which I think is healthy to question everything.
Cosmology means worldview.
The point of the app, every day I serve a new video on it.
It's a short video during the week, longer ones on the weekend.
And I challenge people, if they watch the video every day for two weeks, they will know that the Earth is not a ball.
And they will dig deeper, and it bypasses YouTube's recommendations.
Like, if you watch a video that debunks something NASA did, or debunks the spinning ball, the next video is the opposite of that, served by YouTube.
The app takes that away because it's feeding you playlists.
We'll plug your stuff more and I want to look at it myself.
But just, again, from your research, if you guys are right, is it other humanoids controlling us?
What would it be?
And why would the people on this planet, the scientific establishment, try to keep us from the fact that we're really somebody's ancestor?
Didn't Epstein blackmail all these scientists?
We were talking about that yesterday.
So science is corruptible, right?
Also, there's people that just don't know.
They're brainwashed and they believe that, you know, people that are doing extraterrestrial research, aliens, extraterrestrials, think of the word, the etymology, extraterrestrial, extra territory.
They're coming from the extra lands beyond where we're allowed to go.
I believe, don't have any proof, this is my opinion, that there are extraterrestrials, but they're not a spaceship, a flight away, light years away.
They're a day trip on a commercial airliner.
And the globalists have treaties with them not to blow us up.
That's actually the plan being made.
Satan's made a deal.
This isn't flat earth.
The elites believe off-world entities, interdimensional, have made deals with them.
And as long as they kill everybody, they get to be the new gods.
Now that's an official globalist view.
Or maybe the official globalist... I can't speak.
The official globalist...
Globalist idea, whatever.
I just lost my words.
Is that those aliens are here, not from outer space.
It's all here.
Thanks, Alex.
I'm just having some fun.
Go ahead.
Yeah, yeah.
And he's about to kill me.
Well, I mean, it's like, come on, dude.
You believe everything's a lie.
You believe everything's a lie by the media, but you believe this one thing.
It's like, how do you believe this one thing from the media, but you don't believe anything else?
Just because they're lying about Kim trailing.
Let me ask you this.
They now admit, sir, that they are manipulating the atmosphere and the weather, and that we were all right about that.
How does that fit into this?
Yeah, well, think about it.
If you're trying to manipulate the weather on a spinning ball with a vacuum over a pressurized atmosphere, how does that work?
If we are in an enclosed system, it's probably a lot easier to manipulate the weather.
I don't know exactly what all the spraying in the sky is about.
There's probably multiple reasons.
Again, it's above my head.
I'm not there.
Hey, if I, real quick, if I, and I'm just trying to ask questions of skeptics right here, if I say I fly around the world, what is actually happening?
So people have only circumnavigated east and west.
East and west are circles around the center point.
If you were one mile from the North Pole, your compass is pointing to the North Pole, and you wanted to go east, you have to keep that compass pointing to the North Pole.
3.14 miles later, you're back to where you started on your circumnavigation.
What if I chartered an airplane in the summer, landed in Antarctica, and then asked them to fly over the rest of it?
Let's say I flew down from Chile, and then I said, now I'm going to fly back over and go over to South Africa.
So if you look at on the app, there's a frequently asked questions called how circumnavigation and it shows that it's never been done.
Billions of people have done it east and west.
People have gone over the north to the other side, but no one has gone south and come back up the other side because you can't.
The earth is flat.
Alex, why don't you fund that?
Why don't you fund somebody going to the South?
Alex, you can fund it, but it will never happen.
You won't be able to go.
They had a flight last year, they took money for it, and then it disappeared and it never happened.
Can I have a dog and a cat shot, please?
Well, I think this is the ultimate quest.
And I'll get on a plane with a bunch of you guys and we'll go down there.
No, you go.
Alex, I got a better idea.
Here's your idea.
You're saying it's flat, and so we basically just sail around in circles.
Instead of like, because again, you could go to South America and then fly south.
And then I guess come back up on the other side of the planet.
That never happens.
You just haven't looked into it.
That never happens.
That never happens.
It never happens.
Look at the circumnavigation videos on the Flat Earth Podcast website or on the app and you'll see how they've been taking it.
Well listen, what we'll do is, this is important enough, how about we have you come in studio, I'll fly you here, can load all the graphics and stuff in here, and then you can convince me of this.
Because you've already, you've got him.
In Dallas, Texas on November 14th and 15th is the Flat Earth International Conference.
You're invited.
I have a VIP ticket for you.
And it's two days.
And you will see, you will be, nobody, the ballers walk in, but they don't walk out.
Stay there.
We're going to come back in a little while, and then I've got Dr. Nick Begich, who exposed HAARP and globalism and the New World Order and the plan of the 5G 20 years before.
We're going to get his take on this.
Let's bring Begich in instead of 15 after, let's bring him in at 6 after and get his take on this.
Have a big roundtable.
But keep our esteemed guest, Dave Weiss, TheFlatEarthPodcast.com with us.
Don't forget, I have the new 51st State
T-shirts with astronauts going to get the moon for the 51st state.
That funds our operation.
And all the big sales have to end this Sunday.
50% off, you name it, on things like Super Bowl Vitality.
Get a free bottle of Ultimate Female Force.
That funds our operation.
Thanks to you all.
Stay with us.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
Well, we're having a uniquely American, uniquely human discussion here today.
Going back a thousand years ago, they would debate whether the Earth was flat or whether the Earth was round.
And if you said it was round, you'd get put in prison.
Nowadays, I guess you just get shadow banned on YouTube if you say that it's flat.
But it's gotten really hot.
I have a lot of people ask me questions about it.
And, you know, I have observed the universe through a telescope myself, and I understand how, in the scheme of time, that you get a rock, and then it orbits the sun, and it gets in that position, but it itself is rotating, and gravity, and I know about cell phones, and missiles, and computers, and all the things that are going on.
But I don't think it's bad to question the nature of reality.
And so that's what I've been saying.
Dave Weiss, the Flat Earth Podcast, is here with us.
And we have Eddie Bravo, and of course we have Sam Tripoli.
But I have to say, the loss of confidence in the system, that more and more people do think the earth is flat, not just, a lot of my listeners, this is the general public, a lot of liberals think it's that, there's such a loss of confidence, that must really say something about the establishment that people don't believe a damn thing they say.
Alex, the thing is, you say we think the Earth is flat.
People that think the Earth is a globe have never looked into it.
Ask yourself, what's one proof that you have that the Earth is a globe, and they'll come up with photos, astronauts, just, you know, circumnavigation, all of these things that have been debunked.
There's zero proofs that the Earth is a ball.
Every test shows that it's not.
Okay, tell me these tests.
We can see too far.
Tell me these tests.
Pardon me?
Tell me these tests.
So on any ball would have spherical geometry and the agreed upon formula for testing, you know, the few thousand miles is eight inches per mile squared, because as you go across the drop off drops more and more.
So at 10 miles, there should be 66 feet of curvature, a six foot tall person, six foot tall person standing at the water's edge.
The horizon should be three miles away and then it should drop down.
But we can see hundreds of miles with today's optics.
We could see things that are hundreds, that should be miles below the curvature.
We can see the entire thing.
It all has to do with optics, angular size, density of the atmosphere.
You know, I sat there at the beach with a set of super high-powered binoculars.
I mean, I got some big old giant ones somewhere.
I can dig those out.
Thanks for really being into optics and things.
And I've sat there on a beach house when it's a clear day and watched
Ships go over the horizon.
So I'm 30 feet above sea level, and I've got big binoculars on a tripod.
I'm watching that ship, and then I'm watching it go over the horizon.
So the way that the way that works is a couple of things that make that happen.
As as your angular view of the floor, you have a steep angle to the floor.
But if you're looking at something a mile away, that angle gets smaller and smaller and smaller as you go out farther into the water.
Let's assume it's a calm day and there's no waves blocking your view.
That angle becomes a mirage and the ship goes right into the mirage.
Most of the time, when you think you see a ship go over the horizon, you take a super zoom camera and you zoom in and there it is again.
It's back.
But it doesn't matter if and it will disappear from the bottom up into the mirage or you know, there's several other things.
All these governments, a hundred and something governments, hundred and seventy governments or so.
Or one government.
That have giant, you know, militaries, aircraft, all this stuff.
They're all working together to cover up that we're in this bowl.
So, you know, Alex, the way I look at it, you know, Russia and the United States during the Cold War, how many people died?
How many skirmishes were there?
I believe that war is just a construct to divide and separate us.
Yeah, proxy wars, millions died.
Yeah, well, that's the other thing.
Wars are just to divide and conquer us.
You know, these countries, you know, did you watch the moon landing of Israel tried it the other day and India?
It's a joke.
It's a cartoon.
It's ridiculous.
See, we're going into a break.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Ha ha!
The censorship is real!
Truth and boner film.
You know, there's people online that think when we go on a break it's to cover something up.
There's set times with the satellites that are in space going around the globe.
Oh, the satellites in space, huh Alex?
Yeah, they're not real either.
This electricity isn't real.
The system has really screwed the pooch with its lying.
Now the public doesn't believe anything, including finding their own ass in the dark.
Good lord, this is ridiculous.
We now take you live to the flat pancake.
Somewhere in a dimension.
Inside the bowl.
Inside the reptoid's terrarium.
Listeners, I promise to shake the show up in some ways, and it's good to have free-thinking debates, and I'm not trying to get in a fight with Eddie Bravo or the High Priest of Flat Earthness, Dave Weiss, the Flat Earth Podcast.
And you know, I should go up to the Dallas Flat Earth Symposium and shoot a report.
That would be entertaining and interesting.
Because I want to be convinced of this, and then I'm going to be the one that, like, gets the plane during the summer.
But then we just fly across Antarctica and to the other side and debunk all this forever?
That'll never happen.
It'd be a top History Channel Discovery Channel show.
I'll put $1,000 on right now.
I'll put one Bitcoin on right now, Alex Jones, that you do not do that.
I'll double that.
They're not going to let you.
They're not going to let you.
Dave, explain to them how that's never going to happen.
Alex, it never happened.
If you look in the Guinness Book of World Records for north-south, south-north circumnavigation,
The flight goes down to, I believe it goes down through Santiago, Chile.
It touches Antarctica and then it doubles back and comes back and goes up to the North Pole.
That's not circumnavigation.
Tell them what the search engine... That's going out to the edge and back to the middle.
Tell them what the search engine again.
Tell us what the search engine is and we'll show it.
No, he said the book of Guinness Book of Records.
I don't know, but we can show that right.
The Guinness Book of Records.
They gave the records of circumnavigation, and when you look, when you actually look at the path they took, it's not.
So let's search engine, aerial circumnavigation of the globe.
Now I know how Magellan did it.
Explain Magellan.
Let me bring up another thing.
People say we've known the Earth is a ball, is a sphere for 500 years.
Aristophanes figured it out with sticks and shadows.
That's nonsense.
Aristophanes didn't show up in any literature until the 1980s, right?
And in 1900, teachers were being persecuted that were trying to teach heliocentrism in class.
Everyone knew that the Earth was flat in the early 1900s.
It only took a couple generations to change us.
Start a couple wars, get people focused on other things.
All I know is AP ran a headline that I wrote a book about Sandy Hook and lost a suit.
I never wrote the book.
I'm not in the book.
We contacted them and they said, we don't care.
It stays out.
And now they, so I mean, I don't even know anymore.
They lie so much.
I mean, the level of lies is insane.
So, but why do you believe this then?
Why do you believe the ball thing?
Because now the head of Bank of America said two years ago that the world doesn't exist and we're inside Silicon already.
I mean, my God, this is all insane!
Now there's not even a world period?
It's a matrix?
That has nothing to do with Flat Earth.
Simulation is too different.
Hey, how do you prove it's not just a simulation?
There's mathematical calculations.
There's no proof of it.
I'm being sarcastic.
That works on a ball earth and a flat earth.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't prove either.
Is the HBO show Baller part of subliminal programming to make people ballers?
I wouldn't doubt it.
Think about The Rock's head.
How round is that?
Talk about the Flat Earth Society.
Talk about that.
Yeah, so when people search the Flat Earth, you know, Obama mentioned the Flat Earth Society.
I can't count how many times during his presidency they want people to go to the Flat Earth Society.
The Flat Earth Society is nothing to do with Flat Earth.
It is a controlled opposition site.
That if you go there, it has nonsense.
It has a little bit of truth and a bunch of nonsense.
And if you go there and look, you're going to turn away and never look back again because it makes Flat Earth ridiculous.
We are not.
It's the first thing that comes up on Google.
When you go Flat Earth, they're going to take you right to the Flat Earth Society.
They're going to capture curious people and then they're going to turn everybody off.
That's the plan.
Alex, why are they hiding it?
Why would they do that?
Why would they have a Flat Earth Society?
Number one, search.
Why Alex?
He's right there.
Why would they do that?
Because Google cares the most.
And that's what the floor is about.
Anyone that's getting just a little curious, like, okay, I want to figure this out.
If you Google Flat Earth, you're not going to figure it out.
You got to go to sites like jaronism.com.
Great videos.
Spell it.
Spell it.
ODE reality.
He's really put together some amazing, amazing stuff.
If you want the biblical side, Woketown, another amazing site.
Or my channel, DITRH, stands for Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole.
DITRH on YouTube.
I have all short videos there.
If you can't remember any of that, just go to the flatearthpodcast.com video page and it's all there.
Okay, well I'm going to look more into this and I get people have a right to question whatever they want.
I'm not endorsing this because the media is going to lie and say that.
But they've lied to us so much.
This is what they've done to people's brains.
And look, I think you guys are being scientific.
It's good to do this.
It's good to question.
This has been a debate forever here on the planet.
But do we have Dr. Nick Begichet?
Okay, he's ready.
Thanks, that's all I needed to know.
Let's bring Dr. Nick Begichon, who exposed the HAARP weather modification, exposed the plan for the cell towers to control the brain.
Thousands of things.
His brother's been a U.S.
Senator, his father a famous congressman that freed up the land in Alaska.
He's a real scientist, a real researcher, best-selling author, filmmaker.
And he's normally hosting the 5th hour, 4th hour and 5th hour will be going at Owen Schroer here on the show.
But right now we're co-hosting with Dr. Nick Baggage.
Dr. Baggage, what do you think about this whole flat earth phenomenon, hysteria, craze?
Is it like the Great Tulip?
By the way, who knows?
I mean, I don't know.
It's not my issue.
But, you know, years ago, somebody sent me a packet of articles out of the New York Times from like the early 1900s, from when they were doing the Arctic expeditions and so on.
And the things that were reported then were pretty bizarre.
I mean, you never hear about it anymore.
And you wonder, well, you know, whatever happened to that?
What did they say?
Well, they were saying, like, there was open land in the middle of this continent, this kind of thing.
And I'll have to dig that clippings pile out and I'll send you guys a copy there at InfoWars.
Because it was interesting, you know, half an inch thick of articles, you know, around 1900 and around that time they were making all those explorations in the early 1900s.
And they were reporting, like, regularly on what they were seeing in these overflights.
Pretty bizarre stuff, you know.
What else did they say they saw?
Well, they said they saw tropical, you know, kind of environments, which didn't make sense, you know, and so all of that...
I just want to say something about time.
Who's the god of time?
Kronos is what?
Black Cube is Saturn.
That's all I'm saying.
Keep that in mind when you start seeing time stuff brought up.
It's all part of the game, dude.
Kronos, the god of time.
Where do we get child sex trafficking?
Where do we get sacrifices from?
The myth of Kronos.
Just keep that in mind when you keep... And nothing against the doctor, of course, because... Let me just go back to Dr. Begich here.
And also go back to Dave Weiss.
Dave, have you seen this stuff about the New York Times reporting tropical stuff?
Was it Arctic or Antarctic that you're talking about?
Yeah, we've seen that.
All of our history is a lie.
It appears that
The lands that surround our world were tropical at one point.
You know, things change.
I don't know.
I'm here now.
I can't attest for it, but we're being lied to about everything on such a level.
You know, good people that want to believe and would never lie have a hard time getting through those lies.
You know, and I think maybe some of it too is you get this trend of
People who make their big breakthroughs and have a hard time sort of undoing them when new things come forward.
And I think that's what happens in a lot of the sciences, quite frankly.
I mean, you think about Clovis Man in the United States, 13,000, 14,000.
Now we know, you know, 130,000 years old.
They tell us that, you know, we were at horse and buggies 150 years ago or whatever.
And then you look at a place like Angkor Wat, which is an amazing, it's bigger than the pyramids in Egypt.
We couldn't build it today if we wanted to.
And instead of changing their theory about history, they go, oh, that's an anomaly.
And they move on.
That's not science.
That's science.
Right, right.
Yeah, and we're seeing changes, I think, in the archaeological community.
A lot is going on there, and you look at some of the things that Graham Hancock had done over his 25 years, and now even the mainstream is starting to report on some of these things that are pre-last glacial age, which all of that is really interesting to me because it certainly makes a lot more sense than the current narrative.
Well, sir, I think asking questions is important.
Well, Dr. Nick Begich is here.
Here on the Flat Earth Extravaganza Transmission on this Friday.
We'll be back this Sunday here on the Flat Earth from 4 to 6 p.m.
One more segment with all of us, then Dr. Nick Begich takes over.
Right now, it's the Tinfoil Hat Podcast.
We are working with Silicon Valley to make you behave yourself.
Once we have full control, we send you to re-education camp like we do our people when they talk back to the party.
Whatever you do, do not visit Band.Video.
Band.Video is evil Americans who Silicon Valley is teaching to shut up.
Like China do!
I just caught you, American.
You visited Bandar Video.
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you.
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video or I have to hurt your eyes.
I love that!
That's hilarious!
Be a nice dragon?
You can make an animated series out of that.
That motherfucker.
You're never getting on Saturday Night Live, bro.
You're done.
Send it to my... Do you legitimately have Tourette's Syndrome?
Dude, he's got a song in his head.
He wants it to rock.
What's wrong with that?
All he wanted to be was a rock star and instead you're the jiu-jitsu king.
That sucks.
See how the Lord works, Mysterious Wives?
But you are a good musician.
He is.
And actually, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
Nobody plays keyboards like this guy.
Becca, one of our amazing researchers, and she's co-hosting some of the shows, she's a skydiver.
She's pretty ninja-like, and she's seen that curve of the earth jumping out of that airplane at 10,000 feet.
So... You have not seen it.
Okay, check this out, check this out.
No, let her, let woman talk.
Okay, go.
You man been talking.
Go ahead, lady friend, go talk.
I put all those mics in.
This is what it's like.
I put all these in for them to be on air.
They won't go on air.
But I'm gonna do it every day, though, where we do this until they learn how to do it.
Oh, you can't get on?
Nope, we can't hear you.
Bye-bye, lady friend!
There we go.
Alright, you guys can hear me now?
I love the conversation.
Now you focus camera, dumb Americans!
So, maybe one of you guys can answer this question for me, because I've been skydiving.
What about when you're up in a plane or skydiving, jumping out of a plane, you can see the curvature of the Earth?
I'm just wondering what the explanation is.
Yes, thank you.
Under Sharia law, you not talk.
Shut up!
That's a good point.
Go ahead.
See, the ladies helped me.
That's amazing.
Thank you!
Go on.
Go ahead.
That's such an easy one.
Even your high priest Neil deGrasse Tyson says that you can't see the curvature from twice the height of an airplane.
Is he my high priest?
We've sent balloons up to 120,000 feet.
The horizon's flat.
What you're seeing... Wait a minute!
I mean, you can see the curvature... Hang on, hang on, Alex.
Let me explain.
You can't, dude.
We see in the same... Whatever our viewing distance is, that's what it is in all directions.
So if you plot points all around, that's like putting your head in the middle of a hula hoop and you see the edge of that hula hoop.
You're seeing a curve.
Dude, you're crazy Alex.
X number of miles in all directions.
I'm crazy?
I'm not Alex.
And your brain tells you that.
I think I'm an old Chinese dragon.
That isn't fair.
Well, let me finish.
Let me finish.
There's all these amateur balloons with cameras going up to 120,000 feet.
That's as high as they can go.
And there's all this footage all over the internet of at 120,000 feet, it's flat.
Now planes go up 35,000.
So Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked.
You can watch it on YouTube, ask him, how come there's no curvature at 120,000 feet?
Does that prove that the Earth is flat?
Neil deGrasse Tyson said, dude, at 120,000 feet, that's not high enough to see any curve.
At 120,000 feet, it's flat.
He goes, that thing is flat at 120.
So anybody saying that they see the curve from a plane, that's 35.
They don't.
You think you're seeing the curve, but you don't.
Neil deGrasse Tyson said, that's your boy.
That's your boy.
He said, you can't see curve at 120,000 feet.
He's my high priest.
He's your boy.
That's your boy.
Shout out to your boy.
Alex, final word.
Final word.
Hey listen, final word.
Dave, Dave, was I right?
Was I right with that, Dave?
Absolutely, 100%.
Thank you.
Dr. Nick Baggage, hold on.
You finished now, Mr. Wise.
You guys are having fun Friday, I know.
This is what it is.
Send it to my phone!
I accept your offer to come into the studio and do a presentation.
I hope you accept mine to come to the conference at B2019.com November 14th and 15th in Texas.
Blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug, blug
Go to my website, look at the videos, download the Flat Earth Sun and Moon Clock if you want.
Each day you'll get a new video, and then you'll know.
Right now, people can't even describe the Earth that they live on.
No, I know you're not a gnome alien lying to me.
You don't, you'd have to check it out.
Yeah, good answer!
I think you're a galaxian.
Alright, hey, hey, hey.
I'm coming on your show whenever you're ready.
I love you.
Thank you, sir.
You're gonna for sure bring him back?
You're gonna bring him back?
He's gonna fly you out!
Can I just say one thing?
Can I say one thing?
We spent a week working on a Joker video done today.
You saw a wall version a day ago.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, review of the Joker, how they tried to stop violence in the street.
Whether we're around or flat, Chai Com government, me, funding revolution to stop you.
So have your revolution, watch your Joker, and take your fentanyl.
But seriously, powerful video.
It goes through a lot of their secret operations.
Secret of Joker film leaked.
I don't know of all the stuff that's going on with the planet, but I know this.
The whole global warming thing's a fraud to sell us on a global government to tax all carbon activity that we know is what plants breathe.
And so I think it's okay to question everything, but you need to get Alex Jones Explains the Archetype of the Joker character of mischief.
It's free.
It's a special report.
It's very well done.
So show this to your kids, your family, with this movie they're force-feeding us.
Dr. Nick Begich, what do you have coming up after this, after the break?
Well, I want to talk a little bit about what's going on politically, and I want to talk about the, really the privacy issues again, because we're getting into the election season, and we really need to have that conversation.
People need to know what's going on in the technology space.
Alright, we'll be breaking it all down.
Dr. Nick, and your website is earthpulse.com?
That's it.
You know, the other thing I want to talk about is an article, actually a news blip.
It's from Eveleth, Minnesota.
And that's where my uncle was a legislator.
He just passed away recently.
Koki Roberts just passed away.
Her dad died with mine.
I want to talk a little bit about that in terms of the deep state and where we are right now in that whole deep state matrix.
So I want to have that conversation the next half hour.
All right, the real deal, Dr. Nick Begich, coming to you from Terra Firma.
I want to thank Dave Weiss.
Gentlemen, what's the best website for you guys to visit to find everything about this Tim Foyle Hat podcast?
Go to timfoylehatpodcast.com.
Go to samtripley.com for my specials live from the Vipe Room.
You can watch them free and see us tonight at the stateside at the Paramount.
Go to austintickets.org.
Okay, not from you, American.
And welcome back.
And this is Nick Begich.
And I'm coming to you from my home in Anchorage, Alaska, today and Friday, September 20th, 2019.
Wow, what a wild last half hour.
I dialed in and catch the guys on fun Friday, I guess it is.
But I want to talk about a few things that have happened recently.
My uncle from Eveleth, Minnesota passed away.
Joe Bagich, who was a mayor in that town, and
A legislator from that area a few weeks back and this week, Cokie Roberts, who was the daughter of Hale Boggs, who was who passed away with my dad.
They were lost on a plane back in the early 70s here in Alaska on a flight from Anchorage to Juneau right before the Watergate period.
And it was a time when the Central Intelligence Agency was
We're good to go.
And some aspects of it that kind of get tossed aside, but you know, Boggs was on the Warren Commission, and he actually didn't believe the report, didn't believe in a single gunman, and really wanted it reopened.
He also didn't trust the FBI.
He knew J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailing most of his colleagues in the Congress over his career, and Boggs resented that a lot.
When you look at what was happening
Around the world, around the country, there was a lot going on and unfortunately we never got the truth.
And this kind of brings it back, you know, we're headed into October.
October 16th was when the plane disappeared in 1972.
You know, when you think about right before the second election of Richard Nixon, Vietnam is still going on, but there's lots of noise.
Boggs had just announced the night before in Anchorage and in his other private discussions that there was a big thing brewing in Washington, D.C.
that was going to get announced.
I don't think so.
We're good to go.
And they were starting to get the scrutiny of the Congress, and then after Watergate, everything came tumbling down.
They had avoided it most of their history.
At that point, there was a commission formed.
It was a Rockefeller commission.
Yeah, we can all laugh about it now, because it's really kind of ridiculous.
You look at who was on it, it's even more ridiculous, like the fox watching the hen house.
But the point of the matter is, a bunch of things happened where there was an opportunity to unravel the deep state and it got missed.
And then today, my oldest son sent me a clip of the mayor of Minnesota, who is a Democrat, who is supporting Trump.
Now, think about this.
He's a Democrat from the Iron Range in Minnesota, and the reason he's supporting Trump is because
Donald Trump supports mining.
You know, actually, the steel industry, which goes a little back one notch, goes to the mining industry, which produced in northern Minnesota and Evelyth in Virginia, an ore called taconite, which was a couple percentages of copper and
Huge minds.
Look at a Google map of Eveleth, Minnesota, and look at a satellite map and you'll see why they believe in mining, because you'll see it around the neighborhood, so to speak.
But the point is, when you think about what's happening politically, there's a big shift again going on.
And when you think about where people are at and how people are viewing where we're at today, it's way, way different.
In terms of the standard politics of the 1970s and 60s.
In fact, it's become so different that those that traditionally were Democrats, if you think back on the Southern Democrats, they started breaking from Northern Democrats back in the 60s and 70s over a number of issues because the Southern Democrats were conservative by nature.
And now you have more issues.
They're moving further to the left on the Democratic Party and changing the dimension where at the local level, people remain in some instances Democrats, but the national level, they look way differently because the national politics no longer reflects the average person.
And that brings me back into sort of where we are today, you know, when you think about the deep state and where it's gone and how we see it.
Today, dramatically different in all respects.
When I think about journalism and the changes in journalism over the last 30 years, I mean, what we see on CNN and MSNBC and the rest of them is CBS, you know, more BS.
It really is.
It's become editorializing, not really news.
And it's kind of missed the mission.
Which was to keep an informed public, which is still what InfoWars is about.
It invigorates the public debate for sure, that's the name of the game, but provide information that invigorates that debate is also part of the responsibility of a free press within our culture at least, and hopefully we can kind of recapture some of that.
The other thing I want to talk about today, a bit, in the segment I have left, is really about what's happening in the way in which the dialogue is being carried out.
InfoWars has been attacked on all fronts, over what everyone calls now the narrative.
Now I want you to think about that for a moment, the narrative as a concept.
You know, this is kind of like another word might be the fiction or the storyline or the press release or the BS or whatever phrase you want to call it.
But this is something I think is really important is people need to understand how words are played in the 21st century.
It's about.
Information transference, if you will, in the most clear way to move people into a way of thinking.
So the words are constructed, the phrases are constructed, the narrative is constructed.
And how does that play out?
You know, when you think about
How data is gathered in this program has covered a lot of things from the Chinese social scoring to the tracking of financial transactions in India to what happens with screening out the news within the big
News organizations of the 21st century, which essentially are the Facebooks, the Googles.
These are where people are getting their news feeds.
And then when you look at electronic medium as sort of the primary way in which news is conveyed, the ability to switch people off.
To really ban them internationally from having the opportunity to be that contrarian voice.
And this is a dangerous sign of the times in the 21st century.
The silencing of voices is not the answer, or the ranking and manipulation of those rankings in the way that it's done is not the answer.
A free and unfettered press is the answer.
It doesn't mean that we agree with all ideas.
In fact, many ideas we all find repugnant still have a right to be played out in the mainstream and hopefully we see the pushback really happen in the deep state undone.
But it is the same deep state from the 1970s to today.
New faces, new players.
But that's what needs to be undone in the 21st century.
You're listening to The Infowars.
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And we appreciate being on today, this Friday, September 20th.
And we'll be back after these brief and very important messages.
And welcome back.
And it's Friday, September 20th, 2019.
And we're in the last segment of this fourth hour.
And just before the break, I was talking about sort of the setting the stage for what was going on in the early 70s when my dad and Hale Boggs, a majority leader in the U.S.
House, disappeared.
We're good to go.
Heyo Boggs to the airport so he could catch his flight to meet my dad in Alaska.
Was William Jefferson Clinton.
Interestingly enough, as a young Democrat he was volunteering in East Texas and Louisiana.
Anyway, he drops him off at the airport, he goes to DC, catches a plane, meets my dad in Alaska, talks about this big thing brewing in Washington, and then the next morning they both disappear, never to be found again.
Until 20 years later, there were Telexes released, that's prior to fax machines and so on.
Released from the FBI, indicating they knew where the plane was and had located it, and that there had been survivors, although we didn't hear about any of that as families until 20 years later.
The last of the Boggs children died this week.
My brothers and sisters are all still alive.
There were six of us.
At the time, my mom was 34.
My dad was 40.
And, you know, when I think about what happened then, immediately after, and what would have happened.
You know, and what was going on in D.C.
at the time.
Carl Albert was the Speaker of the House, and it's likely he would have stepped down.
Hale Boggs would have stepped up.
And then Agnew, who was convicted and sent to prison, and Nixon, who was pardoned, both of them would have been summarily dismissed in impeachment hearings, and that would have put the Democrats, Speaker of the House in charge.
Of the executive branch and the whole game would have changed and we would have actually unraveled the deep state.
Then we didn't have the chance because if you remember history Agnew was bounced and then Ford came in and then Nixon resigned Ford went up Ford.
Pardon Nixon.
We never got the true story of Watergate and all the
Rest of it and the Nixon's henchmen all shut up and got light sentences couple years at most and off they went to write their books and retire from the deep state.
Now when you think about.
What then happened is Ford then became president and behind him came Rockefeller, the vice president.
Many people forget this.
And then there was an attempt on Ford's life by squeaky from one of the old Manson zombies.
She missed and Ford stayed in.
But otherwise, it would have been Rockefeller, president of the United States, which would have been a real weird upside down kind of equation.
But nonetheless,
The history is there.
And when I think about what could have happened, because after that, what happened is we had the Church Committee hearings, which unleashed all of the FBI abuses, the MKUltra programs.
In the last few days, I've been reading the story of Sidney Gottlieb and his bio and his history, who ran the MKUltra programs and all of the sub programs organized under it.
And when you look back on that history of what was being attempted and what eventually transpired was real abuses within the Central Intelligence Agency.
They had opened up two shops, one in San Francisco and one in New York, and they employed prostitutes.
The government employed prostitutes and then used LSD and other mind-altering drugs to see how people
And this was just part of it.
They were also working in Lexington, Kentucky with the prisoners there.
They were working in Canada with the McGill Institute up there.
And I mean, a lot of things were going on and they were infiltrating U.S.
community groups that they didn't like, who were saying things they didn't like.
And creating new narratives for the public to buy into is what was going on.
And if you remember, Nixon and Kissinger just opened up China, and we see where that takes us now all these years later.
They had closed the gold window.
I mean, a lot of things happened in the early 70s, if you stop and think about it.
And history did not get the opportunity of the truth, because there was no whistleblower mechanism, and there was no Asajj, and there was no internet, and there was no way for the deep state to be undone.
And the best way for it to stay the way it was, was what was sort of standard practice, which is when you said too much and you weren't able to be manipulated and controlled, you
Even if you were a U.S.
congressman in the United States, that was the depth of the deep state in the 70s.
And not much has changed, I don't think.
I'm amazed at who's all still standing in the public arena.
And we'll see what the long run brings us as all of this moves forward.
But I think people need to remember what was happening then is happening now.
All right.
Our communication linkages that actually tie us all together.
And what's being created in this, and unfortunately today we're not going to have enough time to get into it, but when you think about this, the narrative is actually the projection being created in the programming that's being laid into everyone's psyche at the moment.
And it's being done through media and through visual imaging that's now tied everyone together through their devices, which are
The biggest monitoring system ever envisioned by man operating on the planet today is something that we predicted over 25 years ago, and now we see played out.
1984 on steroids, penetrating every aspect of our personal privacy and liberty in a way that is just unfathomable and missing the value judgment discussion that needs to happen.
I mean, a whole generation
We're good to go.
And it's that republic that is at risk today in terms of our freedoms and our basic foundational liberties.
And here's something I want to remind people of, a foundational thing that most people forget as we're trapped in the hamster wheel of the cubicle world of the 21st century is life
Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are still admirable objectives and should form the basis of the way in which we function within our culture, at least.
And what I would say along that line is that doesn't mean exploitation of each other.
Quite the opposite means respect of the dignity of human beings, something I talk about often.
I got a couple good communications this last week from folks.
I want to remind people they can communicate with me through earthpulse.com and that's great if you do, if you have something you want me to cover more in depth, I appreciate that.
But one of the things someone pointed out was that
You know, we should try to come up with solutions beyond supporting the InfoWars store, which keeps this network alive.
But things that we can do anyway that don't cost us economically, because we realize there's times when we just can't do things on the economic arena, but there's things we can do to change the world.
And this is my main message these days.
The most important message that I speak to these days is this one, is it's about the power of the individual.
The individual soul, you and me, and what we can do in the world together if we execute against what we believe is right and true and take an action.
I'm not talking about some radical, crazy, dangerous action.
I'm talking a positive, affirmative action that we know we can achieve and succeed at that's going to add, cumulatively add, to the changes we want to see projected in the world.
Because that's how the other side does it.
And they do it by controlling media.
The power behind the Info Wars is when you combine intellect with heart, the left and right brain come together in what is the most creative force on the planet.
Human awareness and consciousness focused emotionally and intellectually towards change.
That's what changes the world in the 21st century.
That's what's going to change the world now.
Take the actions you know you can succeed at right now, in this moment, and good things happen from it.
Not the ones you don't think you can achieve, what you know you can do.
That's a step of faith.
This has been Dr. Nick Begich on this Friday afternoon on the InfoWars.
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We need to dumb down, sterilize, and abort as many people as we can.
We need to put as much fluoride in the water of those that are born, to dumb them down as much as possible, so they're more easily managed.
You see, I've decided to try to join Bill Gates.
Try to start thinking like him.
Worldwide, he directed genetically engineered mosquitos to bite us and give us diseases.
But he said it was in the name of helping people.
Just like he funded the projects of these, quote, sterilized male mosquitos that would go out in Brazil and cause the other mosquito populations to implode.
But now, they mutated and the numbers exploded!
And suddenly, the mosquitos are making people much sicker.
Oh, it wasn't a mosaic, none of it was!
Now, I'm hilarious.
Of course, transmitted by mosquitoes.
I brought some here.
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All right, thanks for watching.
And thank you, Bill Gates, for all you do.
Thanks for those mosquitoes.
Thanks for 5G.
Thanks for the chemtrails.
A gentleman just walked up to me in his picture line.
He says, I have an AR-15, and I will turn this in if it means saving the lives of our kids.
People want to do the right thing.
Republicans, Democrats, gun owners, non-gun owners alike.
I think we're naive to think that we can just maintain the status quo.
Beto knows what he's doing.
He's sitting there telling you that, oh, a man just walked up to me.
It's a total lie.
And said, oh, I'm going to turn in my AR-15 so people don't get hurt.
That's selling the idea that if you own a gun, you're responsible for what criminals do with a gun.
That is such a fraud.
It's so anti-American.
Now, you can always tell him Beto's lying.
His lips are moving.
Or his brain's thinking.
The man's a total fraud.
His father-in-law's worth $28 billion, a big anti-American globalist, gave a billion dollars to Beto's wife.
The guy wrote papers fantasizing about killing children, running them over with cars.
He got arrested for a hit-and-run.
He got arrested for burglary.
The man isn't allowed to own a gun.
He is a deranged criminal.