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Name: 20190919_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 19, 2019
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The study by Germany's Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research found that 90% of ocean plastic waste comes from Asia and Africa, with the Yangtze River in China and Ganges River in India being the primary sources. Despite this, Western countries are still blamed for environmental damage and urged to reduce their standard of living.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
And Eddie Bravo, my old friend, exploded through the door one minute before I went live.
And so, a little late getting in the chair here, and he's in the control room right there.
And I am excited about this four-hour global transmission today!
He's gonna be with us starting...
In the next hour, and then Paul Joseph Watson is ready in the fourth hour.
How in the world can I even tell you what is coming up today?
Bombshell global engineering experiment pushed by Bill Gates, also funded by Nazi-linked foundation, linked to eugenics and depopulation.
Doomsdays that didn't happen.
Think Tank compiles decades worth of dire climate predictions.
As the globalists try to collapse our atmosphere.
Kanye West preaches radical obedience to Jesus during Sunday service in Atlanta.
I wonder why he's fighting the evil so much, because he's got Jesus.
Coming up, we're going to have Millie Weaver on.
Anti-Trump protesters verbally abuse reporters, threaten to sexually assault
We're good to go.
Instagram, that's Facebook, is now banning photos of people at gun ranges claiming they promote violence.
Now that San Francisco's listed the NRA as terrorists, they're now saying all gun owners are terrorists, literally, and so that you're part of a criminal organization.
So just four months ago, I was the guy first banned, by name, saying positive things about me, and now it's, oh, gun owners, we're gonna now blur out any photos of guns and threaten to delete your account if you show any guns.
Unless it's guns in the hands of the communist Chinese ruling over their slaves, or unless it's the government with guns, oh, then everything is fine, everything is good.
You see big tech making its move right now.
Meanwhile, Colt manufacturers to halt production of civilian rifles.
The Fortune 100's all saying, ban the guns.
All these big gun manufacturers are saying, we're not going to make the AR-15 or any other semi-auto anymore.
Walmart's not going to sell handguns or semi-auto rifles.
They're coming for your guns.
This is the big push.
People think it's not going to happen.
Oh, they're gearing up to stage some really big attacks.
You can feel it.
You can see the buildup.
You can see the propaganda preparations.
Democrat red flag laws, disarm rural gun owners, not gang members, all the studies show.
They're handing the guns in in New Zealand.
We're going to show you that video.
Amazon's answer to gun violence.
We're going to tell you about that.
But when we come back, the Communist Chinese, the government, Xi Jinping, has issued a statement, a direct challenge to the American people.
That's coming up, start of the next segment.
Infowars.com forward slash show band dot video.
Despite all their attacks, we're still on air and still fighting thanks to your support, but only because of your support.
So spread the word!
Well, we've got a huge broadcast lined up for you here today, as we do every day, but today's particularly jam-packed.
Eddie Bravo and crew are here.
Good friend of mine, world champ jujitsu guy, but really interesting individual.
He's going to be in studio with us for at least two hours.
Paul Watson's coming up as well.
Before I get into the huge geopolitical developments and Justin Trudeau and such hot water as the actual blackface video emerges, before I break all of that down, I first just want to point out that they are shipping
Hundreds of thousands of pounds of fentanyl into this country.
They've been caught just shipping in 25,000 tons just a few weeks ago, enough to kill 10 billion plus people with dosages that would be overdoses.
And China admits this is chemical warfare against America.
On a scale never before seen, and it's killing millions of people.
And the Democrats are mad at Trump for putting tariffs on them and standing up against their one-sided trade policies that have de-industrialized this nation.
And so that's one of the most positive things Trump is doing.
But Xi Jinping, the Chinese communist dictator, continues to execute his own citizens if they're caught with any type of opium.
And opium's way, way weaker, obviously, than weaponized synthetic heroin, fentanyl.
It's 100 times stronger than opium.
And so when they talk about a few hundred people getting killed in mass shootings, it's less than 300 a year in real mass shootings, where people go shoot indiscriminate innocents at churches or schools.
And it's still terrible.
There's only 12,000 people roughly a year that are killed by criminals with guns.
It's 30,000 total on average if you count all the suicides, everything together.
Still not a good thing.
But it's a hoax that it's the biggest issue and that it's gun owners' faults.
And they're all moving right now against the Second Amendment in a big, big way.
Then you only have a government.
Is exclusively on Infowars.com and Newswars.com and Summit.news.
Video, Communist Party of China issues direct message to the American people.
Paul Watson retweeted it.
Rob Dewey retweeted it.
We need to get this out.
Throwing down the gauntlet.
The Central Committee tells Americans to submit to their fate.
So, they're being very honest about this.
And so here is the dictator of Communist China, uncloaked and in your face.
This needs to go viral.
Here it is.
Attention American pigs, China is in control of your country now.
We own Hollywood, we own your debt, and we owe Harvard and the Democratic Party.
We have all your military courts, and we make 90% of your drugs, if we call that, and your vaccines.
Enjoy your cancer.
Alex Jones presents the Tricom Takeover!
So take your fentanyl and your tainted vaccines and your melamine and your baby formula we make for you and die!
And don't fight back or the media will call you names and you don't want that.
Shut up and do what we tell you.
Shut up and die and get rid of Trump and Alex Jones.
You are not going to beat us.
That's it.
So even if they try to take it down off Twitter or YouTube, where it's going viral right now, you can find it and reshare it.
Really, that's what Band.video is about, is to find all the videos as a launchpad to then get them out to everybody in your area.
Okay, I'm gonna do this right now.
That was obviously satire.
We were not being...
Serious that that is Xi's message to us, but in action that is what China is doing.
They execute you if you're caught using opium because they don't want it inside the country.
They know that China was enslaved by European nations for over a hundred years by shipping opium in and buying off their politicians in a drug war.
We never did that to China, but they're doing it to the United States and to the West.
I don't know.
2015, almost five years ago, InfoWars.com, and I helped write that article with Watson.
My point is, we have been on this from the beginning.
Now here's today.
Facebook forming Supreme Court to moderate content, set censorship precedence.
They call it independent, but Facebook will appoint this social credit score system.
That's a huge article out of RT with the press release by Facebook.
That then ties into all the rest of the gun grabbing that is going on.
We're going to cover, coming up at the start of the next segment, Colt gun manufacturers to halt production of civilian rifles.
160 plus top companies come out and call for a repeal of the Second Amendment, banning of all semi-autos.
Democrat red flag laws to disarm rural gun owners, not gang members.
That is all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
That's on record.
Tycom's owned the most of our debt now, saying they're going to crash the U.S.
economy, trying to kill the U.S.
economy, trying to talk up the Chinese economy because of the trade war, showing you which side they're on.
That's all coming up.
Also, Merriam-Webster adds gender identity definitions, they to dictionary as the war on families and the war on humanity accelerates.
Also, we're going to jump into another New York Times
Editor has delete offensive tweets following backlash because they use other people's quote offensive tweets very mild stuff to get them fired to get them blackballed.
Blacks being 13% of the population, but they're being 36% of abortions.
I mean, I don't want to kill any babies.
So, again, this political correctness that the left wants to use on everybody is now biting them in the ass.
So I think Trudeau should step down for this.
The video of that's all on Infowars.com.
It just came out in the last two hours.
He first tried to deny it, now it's blown up in his face.
He has apologized.
Has he apologized to Xi Jinping, who killed a million of his own people?
Just don't talk like comedy.
That was illegal to talk like this, but kill people, okay.
So we're going to be being irreverent to the system here.
Exercise your freedoms or lose them.
Meanwhile, top Democrat donor Ed Buck charged with felonies for running
A drug den after a third black man overdoses in the home.
And this gets into the occult, and the rituals, and how these guys are above the law.
That's all coming up, and I haven't even scratched the surface of what we're going to break down today, tomorrow!
It's when people start supposedly trying to storm Area 51 by the quote millions.
We'll see if that really happens.
Thousands have already shown up.
We'll talk about it all with Eddie Bravo in the second and third hour.
And we'll take your calls.
It's jam-packed.
And Millie Weaver, who's got some of the most viral videos on the web right now, with leftists saying that they basically want to rape her because she's with Infowars and with Trump.
That's all coming up today.
I'll tell you, Mark Zuckerberg and The Globalist really hope you don't share that link in those videos, those articles.
The site's expanding every day.
New sections.
All the best memes.
What you just saw, the great Shycom message, is all at band.video.
Please, share the link.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And if you look at the crime statistics, there's one on screen.
53 Americans died in mass shootings, ladies and gentlemen, last month, while 40,000 died from obesity and over 100,000, it's estimated, died, they got reported, from opioid.
I was on an airplane yesterday and I talked to two people
Who had had their girlfriend and then their sister die from opium.
One of them had a vape pen that the Chinese mafia in California had laced with fentanyl.
Talked to one guy on the plane.
Then I talked to a lady that got off the plane and said she heard us talking and walked over and told me about it.
One fellow is with the Black Rifle Coffee Company.
He's gonna be in here visiting us Friday.
I said, well, just come on in the studio and talk about it.
Girlfriend, his fiancée, died.
So, think about that.
Millions and millions are dying a year, but oh, oh, mass shootings
The numbers vary.
300, 400, maybe.
But real school shootings, real shootings at churches, it's not even 300.
It's still terrible, but they're making it the end of the world.
They're making it the biggest thing that the planet has ever seen.
And it's all of our fault, and something's got to be done right now.
Well, there's always been murderers, there's always been killers, and they know that.
And they've put the general public on psychotropic drugs that on the drug insert,
Says he causes people to go out and do this.
And yeah, there's 4,000 plus Americans get shot and killed a year by illegal aliens.
A large portion of that is illegal aliens.
But oh, that's not a problem.
Hell, the illegal alien shot the poor woman in San Francisco in the back.
The jury found him not guilty.
But he'd been found guilty of a gun crime.
So he was sent to prison for that and the appellate court said no, let him go.
Even though he'd been deported five times and committed a bunch of other crimes.
They can't even put a guy in jail for shooting a woman in cold blood in the back when he's an illegal alien.
That's a virtue signal.
But what I'm getting at here is...
They're coming for the guns.
163 top Fortune 200 companies have sent letters to the President and Congress saying, we want guns, all semi-autos banned.
And then of course, they're going to come for all the others.
After that, they want those all registered.
This is an exact formula they followed.
So everybody's thinking, oh, they're not going to get it.
Oh, they don't have the votes.
The media is hyping up mass shootings.
And the Sandy Hook group connected to it's putting out videos of mass shootings, the name of stopping them.
But all the studies show hyping up mass shootings puts ideas in mentally ill people's heads, like the angiopharmacists in Ohio and Texas.
And when they go out and kill people, they say, oh, it's a white male.
It's white terrorism.
It's the biggest threat.
They know what they're doing.
And it's a formula where they hype it up, they put it out.
And then a lot of the well-meaning parents and people get on board with all this because they're looking at it from a good perspective because they're not gun owners.
And they think, well, if we just take all the guns, this will stop.
Well, they took all the guns in Mexico 50-something years ago.
No citizen can own guns.
And again, they have a crime rate 9 to 10 times higher than the United States.
They have the highest criminal rate in the world.
Year to year, taking first place, only losing it to Guatemala, south of Mexico.
And you can look all of this up, ladies and gentlemen.
A school shooting is one of the rarest ways to get hurt or die.
But the system doesn't care, and it's coming for the guns.
What are we going to do about it?
Well, we have to come out and point out that the inserts of the drugs that they're pushing on kids and adults and others say it causes psychotic breaks, puts you in a delusional, disconnected state.
And we have to then expose the numbers and show that Democrat-controlled cities where they've taken all the guns, like Chicago, D.C., Baltimore, have the highest crime rates in the U.S.!
In fact, the only place beating out Mexico or Guatemala for crime in the world is South Side Chicago!
And per square foot, it's more dangerous than anywhere in Mexico!
Because the criminals have taken over.
And Nancy Pelosi called MS-13 God's children and said they were good people.
Because the Democratic Party's laundering that money and working with them.
And meanwhile, Colt is virtually signaling and stopping production of civilian rifles, period!
Not just the iconic AR-15, M-16, M-4 variants.
Shifting focus to handguns.
Oh, those are semi-auto?
Let's take those too!
That's the virtue signal.
Walmart not selling handguns or rifles that are semi-auto.
Not selling the ammo.
They're coming.
They mean it.
And the red flag laws are outside of law.
You say, well, Trump's not going to do them because they don't work.
See, that's the problem.
Because the states are passing laws and going out and doing it and are starting a civil war.
And that's what they want to do.
That's how our civil war against King George III started 250 plus years ago.
And it continues on from there as they annihilate the process.
So where are they going to go next?
Later in the broadcast, Caitlin Bennett's going to be joining us.
Millie Weaver's coming up next.
You know, the Penn State pro-gun girl.
She's just posed with an AR-15 off of school grounds in front of the sign.
Oh my gosh, she's such a criminal.
A woman exercising her right to defend herself.
Well, now the story's up on InfoWars.com.
Coming to America, China introduces credit score for obedient citizens.
Remember that?
Five years ago?
Well, now it's being reported.
Facebook forming Supreme Court to moderate content and set censorship precedents.
Huge article.
Their own appointed court.
And what is that going to do?
Well, that ties into the article that's so important that we're going to cover when we come back from break, and that is the report of what's happening in the United States with Caitlyn Bennett.
Facebook is now saying any positive mention of the Second Amendment, any positive mention of the Second Amendment, it's on InfoWars.com, we'll pull it up.
Will be removed.
And any image of people firing guns or using guns will be blocked.
Because if it's part of a corrupt or criminal organization.
Now you might ask yourself.
Here's the Dr. Kemp shot please.
You might ask yourself why that's happening.
Well, that's because the Democrats in their databases, starting with San Francisco, have listed the NRA as a terrorist organization, just like they did Proud Boys when it wasn't true.
And now they're taking the NRA's bank accounts.
They're now targeting NRA members.
It's here.
And of course, we won't stand up for ourselves.
We won't sue back.
Trump won't do anything either.
He'll sit there and let the internet censorship roll over us.
He'll sit there and let the NRA be attacked.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The plan to destroy the Second Amendment and finally this time the American people has been announced they're really coming for our guns this time.
And the plan is to use AI to surveil and harass anyone that owns guns.
Remember four months ago Facebook came out and said you will not mention Alex Jones's name or his website Infowars.com in a positive light or you'll be punished and banned.
Well now it's the reports are pouring in.
Reporter Caitlin Bennett
The article's on Infowars.com.
We'll show TV viewers right now.
They sent her a message saying, you're in trouble, you'll be banned next time you do this.
This post goes against our community guidelines, claiming that Instagram again, which is Facebook now, says that showing two women at a shooting range firing firearms is part of violence or dangerous organization.
Which means mafia.
And this is being done, it's in the court documents, by having San Francisco list the NRA as a terrorist organization.
Then they can put that into their guidelines claiming a governmental institution has said that and that it's adjudicated.
And then they start listing gun owners as part of a criminal organization.
The outlawing, not just of guns, but of gun ownership and gun enthusiasm, making you a targeted group.
First it's Alex Jones.
Then it's libertarians.
Then it's conservatives.
Then it's nationalists.
Then it's patriots.
Then it's people that want to raise their children and are worried about dangerous, unproven, untested vaccines.
All these groups are being banned by Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter.
These companies meet in consortiums and decide who they're going to target.
This is the global social credit score of Communist China being used against us right now in a huge way.
We were the first to tell you about it and now it's here.
Huge article from our team.
Facebook forming Supreme Court to moderate content, set censorship precedents.
They appoint it and call it a independent court.
It's like a Communist Politburo or Central Committee where the communists take over, they overthrow you, they set up committees and say, oh, the committees are law, like the dictator of China.
They said a year ago that Xi is now a dictator.
And our media and our government says, oh, that's great.
But Trump starts to say no to that, no to the fentanyl killing millions, no to China having one-sided trade deals, and he is the terrorist.
He is the problem.
So the NRA is now being targeted just like I was.
They are coming after everyone.
And if we don't organize and say no to this, we're done.
Because this is bigger than censorship.
This is organized racketeering.
Criminal action to bully and assault and harass and to cut Americans that own guns or support them out of the marketplace.
Notice Beto O'Rourke last week said it's time to go after gun owners credit cards.
We know they're buying guns and ammo.
We should see the major credit card companies kick them off.
And remember what MasterCard and Visa did in the last few months?
They hired the Southern Poverty Law Center to create a special board
A special board that will look at your purchases and what you're doing and decide whether they're going to kick you off your credit card.
So they're in your business watching what you're legally doing and Facebook saying you won't show two women legally at a gun range shooting handguns.
And that's the AI.
Your post goes against our community guidelines.
They're guidelines!
And so if you even exercise the Second Amendment, we're going to do it.
If you exercise the First Amendment and we don't like it, you're going to be banned.
That's what this country has become.
And we have to recognize and understand they're making their move this time.
All the big corporations, the companies, Walmart not selling the guns, Colt stopping to make civilian rifles.
And then saying you can't even have a culture or show the exercise of it.
Attacking the Second and the First Amendment all at the same time.
That is beyond the Soviet Union.
They are coming.
And instead, I tuned into Fox this morning, and I saw the Republican and Democrat senators up there arguing, but the Republicans were saying, well, if you can prove it helps public safety, we'll take the semi-autos.
Help the public safety?
We'll be a failed narco state like Mexico if they take the guns.
Only the criminals will have it, and every study shows that, and they know it.
The left knows that America's waking up, and so they're trying to overturn the First and Second Amendment, and all the others are already following.
We're losing every freedom right now.
And they've wound the left up into an arrogant, monstrous group of individuals who have joined with the state, foreign corporations, and the chai comms to come after our freedoms.
Now, for the balance of the hour, we're going to get into the intimidation of these thugs, and what they're doing, and how they're completely out of control.
Millie Weaver
This story in the last few days because the left has been viciously threatening her and viciously attacking her.
In fact, this Infowars.com headline about it doesn't even really do it justice.
Anti-Trump protesters verbally abuse reporters.
I know they threaten to sexually assault reporters.
This has happened to Caitlyn and Millie, where they actually say, I'll rape you.
Not in this particular video, they just say, we can grab you by your genitals.
Oh, and Troyer got grabbed by a woman who said, I'm allowed to, you're a Trump supporter.
She just got convicted a few months ago in D.C.
So these mobs are out of control.
I had a leftist on the airplane grab me in my seat and go, I love you so much.
I love you.
And my security guy starts pushing him away.
We get off the plane, the guy comes over, he smelled real bad, looked mentally ill like Beto.
He goes, I know you do it all for money, but I wanted to hurt you, but instead I hugged you.
And I said, okay.
He goes, and I said, get away from me.
These are mental patients.
So let's roll the Daily Caller's boil-down of this.
We'll tell you where to find the full videos.
But they're going from crazed to violent to now... Well, you've seen the videos where men start humping me?
Or they fart on you?
I mean, these are mentally ill individuals who think they're part of the cool club now because the mainstream media has told them to go out and harass people.
Here it is.
It's very hard to have a conversation out here with this.
And we're having a f*** I won!
Little f***ing Nazi bitch!
And Infant Wars bitch!
And Infant Wars bitch!
No one can hear what you're saying!
You can, bitch!
That's who I'm talking to!
Do you mind?
Can I grab your pussy?
Wouldn't it be great if the liberals actually practiced love?
All I ever see or hear from them is intolerance and profanity.
Will you be okay with that?
You touched me and the police are going to arrest you, sir.
So I wanted to take you over here with me to the Trump supporter side and so you can experience what's over here on the Trump supporter side and maybe you can show me if there is racism over here that I should be concerned about.
He wants to know if he's going to be safe inside there if he goes.
Come on in.
You go with us.
You come on.
Come on.
You go right here with us.
You break a line.
Come on, man.
I put my arm around you, man.
It's all about love, man.
I love all my people.
I love all my people.
Is he going to be safe if he comes in with you guys?
Because he doesn't know.
For sure.
Yeah, you'll be good.
He wants to tell you.
What does Make America Great Again mean to you?
What does it mean to me?
It means that we have opportunities.
Donald Trump has done a lot specifically for me.
Uh, with like jobs and stuff like that.
He wants to know if he goes in there, if he's gonna be safe and welcome.
I will welcome you with open arms.
We're all one people, right?
That's what we'll say.
So Marcos wanted to try the opposite now.
We are going to do the opposite.
He went into the Trump rally with me, and now I'm going to go over with the Democrats with him, and he's going to follow me around.
When we come back, we're going to show you what happened, and then we're going to talk to Millie Weaver herself.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Remember, the globalists are trying to suppress you.
Big Tech thinks you're weak.
When you share NewsWars.com and Band.Video, InfoWars.com, you crush the enemy.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live broadcasting worldwide.
We're going to have Eddie Bravo and his co-host, Sam Tripoli, in studio with us for the next two hours.
It's going to be a lot of fun and very informative.
These are some smart guys.
And also, they challenge the entire paradigm.
And they host a very, very popular podcast online as well, the 10 Full Hat Podcast.
So looking forward to that coming up in studio.
We're about to go to Millie Weaver here in a moment.
But first, ladies and gentlemen,
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All right, going back to Millie Weaver.
Millie Weaver, investigative journalist.
She's going out making this documentary about
Who's really hateful?
She can tell you about the film right now.
The installments of it already have over 10 million views.
And that's just the pieces she's put out that are going into the upcoming film.
This particular video I saw a few days ago had like 5 million views.
I'm guessing it's probably 10 million right now.
But let's just finish up with a Daily Caller and others linked to showing how nice the Trump supporters are versus how mean the anti-Trump folks are.
Here it is.
...to do the opposite.
He went into the Trump rally with me, and now I'm gonna go over with the demonstrators with him, and he's gonna follow me around and see if I get treated with love and tolerance.
Let's go see.
Okay, so we're also gonna bring a Trump supporter with us to see what happens.
He's gonna come with us as a Trump supporter.
Alright, come on.
Let's go over here.
I really hope Trump supporters become a little more educated in their lives.
Your message is going to resonate with Trump supporters?
I mean, what do they say?
My grandma always said, say it enough times for it to stick, right?
They blew smoke in my face!
The guy just blew a cigarette in my face!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
Close the camps!
This is who wants to run society, but they can't even wipe their asses.
And because the guy wearing the pussy hat, who's not a Trump supporter, comes over, they're now being mean to him.
How to win friends and influence people.
Close the camps!
No borders!
No walls!
No USA at all!
We have the most open borders in the world!
And then they just put it in her ear with a bullhorn and chase her out.
They just want to be mean.
And then now this creature is following her.
No hate!
No fear!
Refugees are welcome here!
No hate!
No fear!
Refugees are welcome here!
No hate!
No fear!
We have the most open borders in the world, but we're the bad guys.
But they all want to get here because we're so bad.
That's a powerful report.
It's up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Let's go to Millie Weaver right now for this segment and the rest of the next.
Millie, tell people about the film you're making, about the pieces you're putting out.
It's getting a lot of attention.
I mean, you had the idea a few months ago.
I said, that's a great idea.
I said, don't ask me what you think you ought to do.
Just go out there and do it.
And boy, you're really illustrating things that love trumps hate.
Isn't that the name of the film you're making?
Yes, actually, it's already up on Facebook.
It's the documentary, Love Trumps Hate.
It's about 45-50 minutes long.
It essentially is that piece that The Daily Caller put together, that four minute clip.
It's kind of a little bit of a montage, shortened version, but really it's an amazing film.
This man, Marcos Powell, he's a known leftist activist and protester.
I mean, he has been out there already in the media as an activist and leftist.
So, no one can try to say, oh, this was staged or set up.
No, it was literally, it just happened how it happened.
I went out there, I talked to these leftist protesters, I talked to Marcos, this man, and he was willing and curious enough to go with me to the Trump supporters' side.
He thought he was going to make a point that the Trump supporters were the racist, out of control, vile people.
Well, lo and behold, we all know what happened.
The Trump supporters showed to be very peaceful, loving, welcoming, and some of the dialogues and debates he got into with these Trump supporters is so
You know, it's philosophical in many ways.
It's like he goes through this odyssey, and he hashes out all these leftist talking points, and a lot of these Trump supporters debunk his misconceptions, and then he ends up realizing that, wow, he says to me, literally, he says, so you're saying, like, what I've heard is not true?
And I said, yes, the mainstream media has been lying to you.
And the only way you're going to find the truth is to go to the Trump rally yourself and experience it for yourself.
I'm not ready to talk about this yet, Millie.
I'm going to talk about it next week.
But I spent six hours, five hours of taping with a major rap star, household name.
I don't know.
Or that, you know, hey look, Louis Faircon's had me to his house, and you know, and says he thinks I'm a good guy.
And then it was like, the guy couldn't compute it.
Wait till this comes out.
I'm not ready to announce it yet.
Well, we're gonna air it next week.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
But, Millie, these people have been brainwashed.
And you can see the guy waking up.
He literally thought the Trump supporters were in the KKK and were gonna attack him.
Well, the real white people that these black Democrats should actually be concerned about are the white liberals.
These people are the vehement racists.
Whether they even know it or not, they're the ones advocating for the deaths of millions of black unborn babies a year.
Okay, they're helping support these institutions that actually kill these black babies.
Look at Ed Buck, two of the people wrote in diaries, another one told police it's coming out, that he makes people use drugs till they start dying and pays them money and says he wants to suck their souls.
And I explain this, there's different rituals they do.
They can rape a kid, make somebody die of an OD, it doesn't matter.
If they hurt somebody who's innocent, they believe they get the power from it.
We've been exposing this for a while about Ed Buck, one of Hillary Clinton's right-hand men in California.
And that's what they do.
He's literally sucking the energy out of black people.
That's a Democrat specialty.
By the way, ladies and gentlemen, I knew it was coming out any time, and I'm glad Daily Caller and everybody picked it up.
I'm so busy, I didn't even know that, even though I've been financing it with your support, Love Trump's Hate, that it was already out, that it just came out.
She's got an expanded director's cut.
But then you just go out and show people.
And I've seen large excerpts of the film, Millie.
I've been so busy I didn't know that you just ended up finally posting it to Facebook.
So great job.
Hopefully you'll do a part two.
We're going to post the full film right now after you leave us to Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
But as you were telling me during the break, people need to go see it because what you just saw in that Daily Caller boil down is nothing.
Oh yeah, it doesn't even encompass the entire thing.
There's so many great moments and clips in there.
There's moments when you can see other people standing around Marcos having these aha moments, like wait a second, maybe the left are the vile angry ones.
What's going on here?
I mean, there are so many philosophical things.
He gets into an amazing debate with a
A black Infowars Trump supporter on the Trump side and she just destroys all of his leftist arguments.
She talks about how Obamacare made her have to pay all this money.
I mean, he goes through all these people and they just refute his arguments on the Trump side and then we go back in and we actually take some Trump supporters
We're good.
Marcus Powell, in this clip with the Daily Caller, you can even see this white liberal lady, deranged lady, is in his face with an American flag doing this in his face, like right in his face, and she even pokes him in the eye with his flag.
I mean, she called me a Russian agent.
So, it's just, it was so crazy, and this is what happens at these Trump rallies, and I really wanted to illustrate
What actually goes on at these Trump rallies so that Americans themselves who don't want to go out to these rallies or haven't had an opportunity can see what the mainstream media will not show them?
They won't show them that on the side of the street where the anti-Trump protesters are, they're screaming, yelling profanities at the Trump supporters, telling them, get out of here, you can't be in our city.
All this vile stuff towards their fellow Americans.
Meanwhile, the Trump supporters are standing there waiting in line peacefully, just waving and putting out peace signs.
And yes,
Every once in a while, a statistical anomaly where you have like 40,000 Trump supporters in one area, you're gonna have one person that snaps back at the crazy, deranged leftists, and then of course the mainstream media picks that up and runs it.
Oh, Trump supporters, you know, beats up a leftist protester.
A Trump supporter, you know, screams at a leftist protester.
Yeah, one person out of like 40,000 that are literally being heckled and screamed at and attacked by leftists non-stop at these Trump rallies.
So that was the whole point of this is to essentially show people what the mainstream media isn't willing to show.
And I just feel like if we don't continue
To put this type of information out there and we don't continue to get your support, you the listener support out there, I don't know what's going to happen if we have to leave it up to the mainstream media outlets.
Because the mainstream media outlets won't show this.
And they're painting the narrative that gun owners are bad, that they're terrorists, that they're evil, that conservatives are terrorists and evil.
If we get a Democrat candidate in, are they going to put us all, round us all up and put us in re-education camps?
I mean, this is what it's coming to.
And that's why we need your support.
We need you guys to go to InfoWarsStore.com.
Get some awesome protein bars.
These are the best.
You can also get the Beto shirt, Beto Knot shirt.
Practice your First Amendment while you save your second.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Millie, you are awesome.
And you're going to be co-hosting tonight with Papert and Will Johnson.
We're going to air your film.
Great job.
Glad to know it's out.
Eddie Bravo, coming up.
We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein says the death of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the resources.
You know, sometimes you need some crazy motherfuckers to change something.
Steve Jobs is crazy.
Now we all on Steve Jobs' phones.
They say Trump's crazy.
They say I'm crazy.
But I'm here to show love.
It's a bigger plan, and I'm just doing what the universe told me.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Attention American pigs, China is in control of your country now.
We own Hollywood, we own your debt, and we owe Harvard and the Democratic Party.
We have all your military courts, and we make 90% of your drugs, if we call that, and your vaccines.
Enjoy your cancer.
So take your fentanyl and your tainted vaccines and your melamine and your baby formula we make for you and die!
And don't fight back or the media will call you names and you don't want that.
Shut up and do what we tell you.
Shut up and die and get rid of Trump and Alex Jones.
You are not going to beat us.
Well, the chosen one, Beto O'Rourke, was supposedly the guy that was going to beat Donald Trump.
But really, he was just one more plastic, wooden, phony person that the establishment tried to give superstar status to, even though he didn't have one ounce of charisma in him.
He's just like their whole New World Order system.
Everything about it is sicky-sweet, packaged, and full of hype.
But because it's coming from soulless parasites, it never really has a connection to us and falls on deaf ears.
Only the dumbest, willful slaves that serve the Democratic Party's lies and believe they're going to get all this free goodies from socialism and globalism buy into it.
But as soon as Beto falls, they've just moved on
To the next supposed savior.
But his latest event, trying to look human, trying to look like a regular person, really blew up in his face, bigger than anything.
It went viral in a way he certainly is not happy about.
Folks began to point out, as he sat there and supposedly grilled hamburgers, that he wasn't grilling them, he was cooking them on a no-stick pan on a regular stovetop, and that the cheese wasn't properly melted.
And he did it in a very, you know, bizarre, halting, strange way.
Clearly not comfortable in his element and never done it before.
But that's not the issue.
It's that he puts it on an English muffin.
And he begins to pant and say, look, that's not all.
Like he's a space alien that's visited the planet for the first time and is going through a human custom of hamburgers.
But he's not a space alien, he's not a robot.
He is a social climber.
He is clearly a sociopath, probably a psychopath, that does these little so-called human rituals to try to trick you so he can get up close to you.
All he's ever done is study how to manipulate because he's so disingenuous.
He is a hollow man.
So we'll play the audio for you, show you some of the tweets, but you can laugh at these, but it's really, really serious because not just in Texas, but anywhere, a real burger's not cooked on a stovetop on a no-stick pan.
Flame broiled.
Everybody knows that, or it's cooked over charcoal or over gas.
You know, you melt the cheese.
You know, you don't ever put beef or anything else on an English muffin.
The way it's all crumpled just looks like he's escaped from a lunatic asylum.
But the so-called superclass isn't really a superclass.
They've been put there by the real powerful institutional wealth that's completely removed from humanity to just be their rearguard action while they develop their breakaway civilization.
So that's food for thought.
Back to Owen Schroyer and his special guest right here at InfoWars.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've got Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli in studio with us for the next two hours, and Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
And they're coming in with us tomorrow, because they've got shows that I'm told some of which are sold out already, but still some folks might be able to go, here in Austin, Texas.
So Sam Tripoli is an American comedian, writer, producer, host from Los Angeles, hosts the Tinfoil Hat with Sam Tripoli, and of course, we've got Eddie Bravo, doesn't need any introduction, 10th Planet
Dojos all over the place, all over the world.
Very successful.
Of course, good buddies with Joe Rogan.
They both come up together, gotten famous and successful together.
And he co-hosts a Joe Rogan podcast quite often.
And at the same time, he of course has been a world champion jujitsu expert who helped rewrite the rules from the whole Gracie cult.
We're not putting him down.
It's just that that's the facts.
Good to have you here, man.
Thank you for having me.
Good to have you.
It was good to be on your show.
Good to have you here.
Dang man, you were class act, you came in, you were wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
And I, you know man, I talk to a lot of people like, Alex Jones on your show!
I go, guy was the nicest dude ever.
Came in, was fucking class, excuse me, and he was a good guy, so I appreciate you coming on.
Oh, you bet, you guys are awesome.
I got a bunch of stuff I want to cover here.
There's a ton of topics, but I wanted to ask you up front what you think is most important.
You said, hey, let's talk about the cancel culture, the censorship, how crazy it's getting, how a lot of the left's turning against it, because they're all getting in trouble.
I mean, how is it okay for Tropic Thunder to be in blackface?
But then if somebody else does it as a joke, it's bad.
If it's a joke, it's a joke.
I mean, I put green green on and say I'm a lizard.
I mean, it's not done to be racist.
What's the problem?
But now Justin Trudeau may have to step down.
We're going to show that video.
In fact, roll some of that video of him in blackface.
Go ahead.
What's your take on that?
Uh, well, you know, I'm good friends with a cat named Mike Ward who's like this famous comedian who got heckled by two lesbians and they took him to court and he had to pay a fine for basically hate speech under Trudeau.
I mean, like, it's ridiculous here and that's how... So I say he needs to step down.
I do think he needs to set down.
I think, listen, I actually think that anybody should just be able to find the notion that if you wear blackface all of a sudden you hate everybody.
It's just ridiculous.
It's like we got away from like what racism is.
It's like you're horrible people.
I mean, Tropic Thunder's funny when he's doing that.
And I make fun of white people, rednecks and stuff.
And I did that whole Chinese dragon thing.
American scum.
It's fun.
It's, dude, here's the thing.
The rules of comedy are just, there's no rule for everybody.
There's so many fine print to everything.
And that, when someone you love does it, all of a sudden, like, you turn your head.
And that's the problem.
Are you going to enforce the rule, or are you going to be a hypocrite?
And that's what we're seeing here.
You need to go.
You fired people for less.
You need to go.
Especially since you're enforcing rules on Canadians.
What about, like, freedom of speech?
Get out of here, dude.
In fact, when it came out that the Republicans had done blackface, he called for the resignation.
Well, then listen, you little piece of crap.
Walk the plank.
It's just, it's just getting crazy, man.
It's just out of control.
It's like, as soon as you set a golden rule, someone you love's gonna break it.
And then what do you do?
I mean, we got everyone going after my friend Shane Gillis for being kicked off of, uh, kicking him off of Saturday Night Live.
And then you find out that Saturday Night Live did a giant yellow face sketch in 2014.
What are we talking about here?
I'm gonna bring back Jack Belushi when he does the samurai.
I mean, I'm ready to do that, right?
That's hilarious.
You think Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son?
No, but we actually have Fidel Castro's grandson actually works here.
I'm not kidding.
I'll show you some photos of him.
Are you going to ask him about his cousin then?
I'm being sarcastic.
One of our crew members... I see Tim's laughing.
Drew, one of our crew members, literally looks like Fidel Castro.
But is there a picture of Fidel?
I mean, he's a big Mexican and he looks like Fidel.
He's got the big beard.
You're like, whoa, that's Fidel Castro.
There's a picture of Fidel Castro and Trudeau as a baby in his hands, right?
Is that a picture?
Trudeau's mother and father visited Cuba right around the time before he was born, dude.
I mean, we did this whole thing called Cuckapalooza on my show.
I mean, what about Barbara Bush and her?
Alastair Crowley?
Yeah, they look exactly alike!
Sam Tripoli, Eddie Bravo in studio for the Balance of the Transmission.
Paul Watson takes over fourth hour.
They'll be back in on this tomorrow.
We're gonna have open phones tomorrow, maybe even today.
But I wanted to get into this with you guys.
Let's do a plug for your one night only, Friday night at the Paramount.
Theater tickets are going really fast.
Usually when you come to town they end up selling out, but it is a nice-sized theater.
There's a good chance I'm gonna be there.
I want to come see these guys.
But regardless, tell folks how they find it, how they get tickets.
I think you go to ParamountAustin.org and the tickets are there.
Just put in Paramount Theater Austin.
Tickets will come up.
You click on it and join us, man.
It starts at 7, so it's early.
Now I feel like, oh, am I just going to hear all these?
No, it's a real comedy show.
You get to hear myself, Eddie Bravo, a couple of our friends who are here do some stuff.
And then at the end, we do Q&A.
We answer all your questions.
And people seem to love it, dude.
Tinfoil hat comedy selling out all over the country.
Stateside at the Paramount, 713 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas.
That is Friday night.
Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow night.
So you don't want to miss that.
And you guys should tweak the link out.
What's the best place for people to find you on Twitter or wherever?
Just go to, uh, at Sam Tripoli, T-R-I-P-O-L-I.
And Eddie's got, Eddie, what is it?
At Eddie Bravo, 10-P-1-0-P.
Gotta teach you guys how to plug a little bit.
I'm teasing you.
Hey, seriously though, I want to get into weather modification, geoengineering, and how we're completely vindicated next segment, and how it's all admitted now in the national news, it's in textbooks.
Oh, we put in the jet fuel and it's aluminum dioxide, barium salts, and also radioactive isotopes.
That's next segment.
This is a shorter segment, a little bit longer segment coming up.
Just the state of the world, both of you.
What would you call what's going on in the world where Epstein comes out, that he's running a eugenics cult, and all these people, and devil worship, and world government, and the Iran situation, and just all the craziness that's going on?
I mean, dude, it's all about these lizard people, dude, and how they're trying to control us through pain and suffering and anger, man.
You know and I know.
It's all these people.
When everyone's related, it's all the same.
They can't create anything, and they make us all angry all the time.
Like that shooting commercial?
What was that about?
That's bringing fear and anger.
They don't want us to focus that we are the real power, man.
If we all come together, we can put...
We can control everything, and they don't want that.
Well, you say lizard people, but the globalists say they're making a breakaway civilization.
They're gonna merge the machines and be gods.
And then they're telling us, you're bad, roll over and die.
And they're changing the atmosphere.
Then I watch They Live, written from a 1960s book, made in the 1980s, and it's like a documentary!
I'm with you, dude.
Everything you were saying forever, everything I've been saying, everything he's been saying, all comes out true.
But nobody ever wants to remember that.
They're out to get us.
They're attacking our genetics.
They're killing us.
And while we're all busy fighting with each other over what color we are, they're literally creating a post-human world in their own words.
We are cattle and the farmers don't want us unionizing.
That's what's going on, dawg.
What's going on, dog?
Were you going to play that clip of John Brennan?
I'm saying next segment.
Oh, next segment.
I'm asking you about... Come on, Eddie.
I'm planting the hook.
But I'm asking you... What do you think, now that they've admitted that they're doing it?
I think the lizards are bisexual.
I'm just throwing that out.
What do you think?
What do you think?
I'm not having sex with a lizard.
I hear they like it.
Now that they admitted that they're spraying the skies, now they're saying they're trying to protect Earth and the atmosphere, what do you think is the real reason for it?
I want to get into it next segment.
We'll do a couple segments on it.
That's what I'm asking you, is about the big picture, which then feeds into that.
Why are they trying to build?
NBC News, Washington Post, humans are bad, post-human world's about to be here.
Humanity will be extinct within one generation.
A new superhuman will be here.
I mean, this is diabolical Hitler stuff.
Well, you know what it is, man?
They want transhumanism because they know when they die and they go to the Archons, they're going to have to go to some lesser form and come back as like a one-eyed woodchuck because they're such evil people and they'll never go to a higher level and hang out with the gods.
You know what I'm saying?
That's it.
They're scumbags.
They're lizards.
They have no consciousness.
This is as high as they get.
They're just feeding on us because we're in horrible form.
By the way, they admit that.
Can you imagine?
They know they're scum.
They just have been around, so it's like a full-grown adult, like, beating a baby up.
Once you grow up, he can't beat you up.
But right now, they're kicking our ass.
I want to fight John Bolton for charity.
I say it right here.
John Bolton, me, you, in the Octagon.
All money goes to charity.
That, let me tell you, that's a perv stache.
Yeah, that is.
By the way, Adam, for a fact, he's into some perv stuff, too.
Yeah, that's definitely some 1985 hardcore gay porn stache.
He's a leather daddy.
For sure, a leather daddy.
100% power bottom!
That's my opinion.
Family show, Ross.
Oh, my apologies.
No, no, really, I reportedly...
Reportedly, that is what Bolton does, and that's the whole inside thing in New York, so whatever.
So let me tell you something, man.
I just don't know why, when he's, you know, not in a little leather outfit, why he wants to blow the planet up.
Why is, why, what's going on with Iran?
We got rid of the guy that wanted the Iran stuff, and now we got this thing happening again.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with it, but... What is wrong?
Yeah, look at that mouth.
That guy, that guy likes it weird.
You want to stay away from that.
Yeah, Jared Kushner likes it weird, too.
He looks like he likes to have sex with a knife to his throat.
Anybody else?
He does look like that.
Doesn't he?
Like, that's the only way you can get the magic happen?
I'm just telling you, dude.
He looks like he likes to put laugh tracks in snuff films.
Anybody else?
Like, that's his hobby?
Can we get more coffee?
We're gonna have a break.
That's the good part about this.
And we can give you tranquilizers.
Can we use a tranquilizer gun, Sam Tripoli?
Get my blow dart gun!
Get me Hitler in here!
Get me Hitler on the phone!
I'd call Hitler's grandson in here right now.
You know we actually have Hitler's grandson in the building?
Yeah, dude.
Where's he from, Argentina?
People would never believe that.
They actually do.
Where's he from, Argentina?
Hitler works for me.
That soundbite's gonna come back and haunt ya.
That's a joke!
No, he's a new good Hitler.
He's fighting for a good Hitler.
The clone of the future is going to fight the bad Hitler where you're sitting back in time.
They're going to take that soundbite and play it on CNN.
That's what they do, it's a joke.
That's what they do, dude.
He's employing Hitler's grandkids, it's true.
Come on, dude.
We all know that Hitler was a gay Jew shill.
He used to do, he was Jewish, he was a Rothschild, and he had a crystal meth problem, which means you're going to get weird and try to stuff stuff into your prison wallet, okay?
And it just, he was obviously controlled opposition, so it's true.
I mean, it's true.
The guy was in the weird zone.
Well, he was set up by British intelligence.
They had a peace treaty.
No, dude, he was a Rothschild.
Ever investigate the King of England?
He was a Rothschild.
The King of the EU.
Is that, I mean, is that proven?
No, that's actually true.
That he's a Rothschild?
Well, his father was Olis and his grandmother was the maiden, the main Rothschild house in Austria, in Vienna, but that's only part of it.
And now we're getting serious here.
Okay, Hitler's not in the building.
That was a joke.
Hitler's left the building a long time ago.
But seriously, British intelligence, Lord Milner, set up the Nazi party.
Kaiser Wilhelm was funded by John D. Rockefeller, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, the Cold Springs Harbor out of New York.
They set the whole thing up.
They had a peace treaty.
They were going to put the King of England, Eber the Eighth, who was German, on the EU throne.
So the Olympics time, Hitler came up with that, the Volkswagen, he came up with all that.
He drew the first Volkswagen, engine in the back.
He was an architect, right?
Well yeah, he designed it all, with Albert Speer.
He designed all sorts of buildings and the Autobahn and everything.
So he had this whole big plan and he can't, the Rothschilds are pretty smart folks, but then British intelligence had it all set up with Eber the Eighth where they pulled him back and set the whole deal up and blew up the Germans.
He said his final thing was the gods of war have turned to the other side.
What do you think that means?
And he said, but we fight for the coming man.
So they think this new global messiah to rule the EU worldwide is coming.
Alright, that's all real.
We crushed that segment, dawg.
We CRUSHED that segment!
Jedi, you have done well, Lord Vader.
We'll be back.
Alright, let's get serious.
Got Eddie Bravo, who's not said a word yet.
He's just about to break my neck, though.
That was a joke when I was on Joe Rogan's biggest podcast ever.
When I was like, I'm gonna kick your ass, everybody was like, Jones, you can't kick his ass!
I know.
It's called a joke!
Like when I said Fidel Castro's grandson works here, or Hitler's grandson works here.
It's a joke!
Ha ha ha!
But I'm not about to be joking!
I'm about to go crazy!
That's the soundbite.
Now we're gonna fight!
That's a CNN right there.
They need to edit that.
Sounds like if Adolf Hitler was still alive, he'd be down with this song, right?
He'd be smoking meth, hanging out with Ed Buck, getting weird.
But who would be pitching and catching between Hitler and Buck?
Oh, Buck's definitely a top.
Yeah, he's a weirdo like that.
But it's like, nothing happens, dude.
Like, I hang out, I do the Skank Fest every year with Legion of Skanks, and they got in trouble for Louis C.K.
being on, and everyone blew, went nuts on them.
But everyone associated with Jeffrey Epstein seems to be business as usual.
Nothing ever happened.
We're going to hit Epstein next hour.
Okay, I will hold that to next hour.
Let me just get to what we can prove.
Because it's a joke if an old Castro's grandson or Hitler's grandson works for us.
That was a joke.
Media matters.
Media matters.
Your main patron actually did work for Hitler, not me.
Okay, let's get that straight.
But getting dead serious here.
In 1992, two scientists, you can pull it up, won the Nobel Prize for Science for a plan to add aluminum salts, barium dioxide, and other things to jet fuel, use the jet engines to aerosolize it, and then cause nuclei in the atmosphere to cause rainstorms.
But they also did other experiments where they thought they would, quote, block solar radiation.
What they found is, the ultraviolet goes through it, doesn't ever leave the planet, because by the time it goes through and then bounces back up, it stays in the atmosphere.
Okay, because you have it going down and then back up, you get twice as much.
Now they claim there's global warming.
They're trying to make the world warm.
It was getting warm for about 70, 80 years.
Now it's been cooling, all the studies show.
And there's all the science on that.
They always say, oh, the science is settled.
That's another hoax.
OK, like saying Trump has, you know, kids in cages and they're dying.
It's not true.
I'm not defending Trump.
I'm defending reality.
But now they've got all these pieces about, in fact, the name of this piece is, How Bill Gates Would Save Us From Climate Change With Geoengineering.
That's the NBC headline of a 13-minute piece, okay?
How Bill Gates Would Save Us.
Now, they've been doing this since 1992.
It went operational worldwide in 1996.
It's happening all over the planet.
We have the full 13 minutes up on Infowars.com.
It's also at NaturalNews.com.
Global engineering chemtrails experiment.
And then it goes on from there.
Pushed by Bill Gates.
Also funded by Nazi-linked Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
Linked to eugenics and depopulation.
Now the point is, is that I've hammered this.
Eddie's hammered it.
We've all talked about it.
And I love Joe Rogan, good friend of mine, great guy.
He'll say we're crazy, it doesn't exist.
Because I have a hundred textbooks and CFR reports and the CIA director admitting they've been doing it.
They don't want us discussing it outside of academia and they just feel like a real idiot to the kids.
That doesn't exist, Junior.
Electricity doesn't either.
So this is what they're doing.
Save us!
Save us, Bill Gates!
So let's play a little piece from NBC.
Here it is.
How long will it be that countries keep
Experiencing these climate impacts before someone gets desperate and says, hey, we need to cool the planet with solar geoengineering.
It would look something like this.
Thousands of planes would fly very high and use nozzles to inject millions of tons of light-reflecting particles into the stratosphere.
It would create a thin chemical cloud of those particles around the whole planet, blocking some sunlight from reaching the surface.
That's NBC.
It would mimic a giant volcanic eruption, which we know cools the Earth.
So it's a project that's been worldwide since 96.
Department of Energy gets $5 billion a year.
They use the word chemtrail.
It's all public.
I mean, I made a film that documents the ceiling.
But if you just laugh at it as it doesn't exist, well, I'm going to show you the CIA director admitting it when we come back.
My friend, have we not been vindicated?
It is time for you, the Titan, to be released and speak.
It's incredible that even after John Brennan, while he was the director of the CIA, gets in front of the CFR.
And you can watch this on YouTube.
You can watch it on YouTube.
And he talks about how the CIA is interested.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, that's how they do it, you know.
I mean, what are the odds that before John Brennan admitted it, that they're gonna start doing it?
Like, you haven't been fucking doing it?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You're gonna start doing it?
This was 2016, so three years ago, almost four years.
People still, after he admitted it, people are still like, oh no, it's a- What about Joe now?
Oh, here's my point, here's my point.
Before he admitted it,
The CIA spraying chemicals in the sky was the craziest tinfoil hat conspiracy, before he admitted it.
So that's a tinfoil hat conspiracy that the CIA is spraying in the skies.
And then now John Brennan, 2016, gets in front of the CNN... And now NBC... No, no, and he says, hold on, let me finish this, and then he says...
Oh yeah, this is how we're going to save the planet.
We're going to spray the skies to save the planet.
So what are the odds that a crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy turns out to be the exact plan to save the planet?
What are the odds?
It all works out, so luckily!
It just turns out, you know that crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy that the CIA is spraying the skies?
Guess what?
We have to do it.
And I'm not trying to dunk on your best friend Joe Rogan, but... Please don't.
But he should have a whole show now, and we should have a discussion.
You know, he's the Johnny Carson of our time.
We should, you know.
He is.
So, what does Joe say now?
We can call him up and ask.
I mean, seriously, because I haven't asked him yet.
Hey, Joe, it's totally admitted now.
Because when I'm, you know, we're at dinner, he's like, come on, guys.
They're not doing it.
We're like, hey, Joe, let us show you the CFR.
Come on, guys.
Yeah, um, he just, you know what, he doesn't want to get involved in conspiracy theories.
I get it, you know, he's got, um, you know, he's got his reasons.
He just doesn't want to get involved in it.
Sure, all I know is aluminum dioxide, barium salts, and radioactive isotopes give you Alzheimer's, so they better frickin' stop it, Bill Gates!
Oh, I forgot, he funded the mosquitoes they released that cause super mutants to rise that kill you faster in Brazil!
Oh, but it was an accident.
He's behind that!
See, you've heard about Dr. Evil or James Bond villains?
He's the real one!
Yeah, what is up is really down, man.
Every time we think somebody's a good guy, we find out they're really not a good guy.
You're talking about Bill Gates?
Yeah, he funds all the mosquito releases.
They just mutated in Brazil, and now they have a super mutant.
I mean, how about that famous speech where he's talking about
Population control.
He's talking about population control and how as long as healthcare and vaccine programs are instilled, that population control is going to, the plan is going to collapse.
That is a lizard looking lizard, right?
That's a lizard looking guy.
He does act like a lizard.
He looks like a lizard.
Kind of sneaks around.
And here's the whole thing about lizards.
They can't create, right?
So what do we know about Microsoft?
They jacked their whole system.
Same thing with Apple.
Like, they jacked their operating systems because they can't create.
Now they want to kill us all.
I mean, like, dude, it's, it all, it's, there's not a bunch of conspiracies.
There's just one big conspiracy.
And they're anti-human, building an anti-hot world, and now telling us, pulled the NBC thing from like two weeks ago, they're like,
Humans will all be extinct within 100 years and a new alien species we're building will take over.
They're saying they're merging the machines and we're all dead.
But it's for the environment.
It's unbelievable.
I mean, like, here's the thing.
There's all these money grabs out there, right?
There's, like, uh, NASA, nuclear war, the environment.
These are things that we never tangibly see, but we need to throw money in.
Scrolling up, scrolling up.
Scrolling up.
It says right there, we'll all be extinct in one generation, but it's good for the Earth.
I mean, it's just absolutely insane.
I was behind a paywall.
Print that for me again.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Sam Tripoli and Eddie Bravo in studio with us as we broadcast worldwide.
Whatever you do, don't share those links, don't override AI, don't believe in a human future.
We'll over and die, humans!
There are some articles on Infowars.com that need to get out to people.
But I'm not going to cover them until we hit the next segment.
But one of them is simply amazing.
It's on Infowars.com.
China is outlawed the Christians, obviously, and they've killed millions of them.
But now they have state-run, but instead the Bible is now Mao Zedong quotes.
I'm not kidding.
The new Bible of Christianity is Mao Zedong and communist quotes.
In the Ten Commandments, in all of it, that is a Kit Daniels article at newswars.com and infowars.com.
And we're going to be getting to that again coming up.
But that needs to get out to everybody.
This is the plan.
But now with the AI computers, they can just come in and, oh, you said somebody's name we didn't like.
We're going to ban you.
Instagram on my Facebook is now banning photos of people at gun ranges claiming they promote violence.
They're part of a terrorist organization.
See, the Democrats listed the NRA as terrorist.
Well, now the gun owners are terrorists.
This is very serious.
It's moving very, very quickly.
We'll talk about it next hour with Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli, co-hosts of one of the most popular podcasts out there.
A lot of folks obviously know Eddie from his jujitsu and UFC and the Joe Rogan podcast and so much more.
Tripoli's been all over national television, a well-known top comic as well.
But let's get back to the geoengineering going on and how it's all out in the open.
Here is the former CIA director, three years ago, John Brennan, when he was director of the CIA, rolling out and going, OK, it's really going on.
We're talking about some of the problems, all the things we pointed out.
They don't want us debating this, just like Google and Facebook with their systems listening to you in your house.
We told you 15 years ago.
Now they're telling you, we're telling you that's the way it is.
Get used to it.
So they want to make it ubiquitous, already in.
You're already used to it.
You already have a habit.
You're already enslaved, like vaping pins.
Once you're already addicted, they're putting heroin in them.
Oh yeah, fentanyl, a lot of them.
Once you're already totally addicted, well then they tell you it's a problem because they're going to control it, put you in jail for it.
But let's go ahead and you guys talk over this or pause whenever you want, Eddie and Sam.
So here's the CIA director admitting they're manipulating the atmosphere.
They're going from testing to operational.
They've really been operational for 15 years.
Here it is.
Another example is the array of technologies, often referred to collectively as geoengineering, that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.
One that has gained my personal attention... Why is it that... Wait, pause.
You need to hear this.
Let's start it over, yeah.
But understand, this is a weapons rollout, like Star Wars is defensive.
No, it's a weapons system.
Oh, now there is weather control!
It's to save you from the global warming!
But meanwhile, it's really a weapon.
Go ahead and roll it.
Another example is the array of technologies, often referred to collectively as geoengineering, that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.
One that has gained my personal attention is Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures, and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels.
This process is also relatively inexpensive.
The National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly.
So far as the test, $5 billion a year.
The Department of Energy runs it!
There's going to be a terrible plot.
On the geopolitical side,
The technology's potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions of the world at the expense of other regions could trigger sharp opposition by some nations.
Others might seize on SAI's benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions.
Yeah, gotta kill the planet.
And as with other breakthrough technologies, global norms and standards are lacking to guide the deployment and implementation of SAI.
You notice how he's trying to sound like super nice when he's saying this shit?
This is no big deal.
We're secretly controlling the weather.
Yeah, we could kill everybody, but, you know, we're getting rid of the atmosphere.
We're doing this to protect you.
We're doing it because we love you, Earthlings.
Yeah, Jesus Christ.
And people still deny it.
And we're on a planet.
People still deny it.
Right there, you just lost it.
You're going to hit us, folks.
You're going to hit us like this.
Yeah, they just admitted.
Well, no, I mean, the only reason I go with all this is...
I don't cover all the kooky stuff and all the guys that saw UFOs at the government bases and all that made-up crap.
It's interdimensional, it's satanic like the Bible says, and they're literally programming humans to build and change the Earth into something for them.
And then I guess they physically show up after that.
But they went to collaborators, made a deal, and they go, you're gonna merge the machines, you gotta kill everybody, but we'll let a few of you work with us.
If you kill yourselves, you'll become gods.
Don't believe these devils!
Sam, go ahead and read people NBC News telling us we're all dead.
Okay, this is by James Lovelock.
Tens of thousands of years, humans have reigned as the planet's only intelligent, self-aware species.
But the rise of intelligent machines means that that could change soon, perhaps in our own lifetime.
Not long after that, Homo sapiens could vanish from Earth entirely.
That is the jarring message of a new book by James Lovelock, the famed British environmentalist and futurist.
Futurist is code for shady, okay?
Our supremacy as the prime understanders of the cosmos is rapidly coming to an end, he says in this book.
And all these futurists say, we're scum, we're bad, but the elite is going to merge with machines and all you die!
You die now!
And they go, oh, oh!
The Chinese are the Borg, dog.
You know that, right?
The Borg, man.
Everyone always goes, oh, if the U.S.
and China get into a fight, who's gonna win?
Dude, they can't come up with original ideas.
They have to jack everybody's swag.
So we innovate, dude.
So we're going to tell them, oh, we're going to zig, and they're going to zig, and we'll zag, and we'll take them.
I'm telling you right now, dude, that is their biggest flaw.
Well, let's just say the general, well, they killed people for thousands of years that did their own deal.
All the smart folks that are independent, they're obviously IQ smart, ran to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and now China's invading that.
And our media's like, oh, good, they help you now.
Kill Taiwan, Hong Kong.
Dude, have you heard the story of China with the head of Google and that whole story, dude?
How he created their- Apple gave all the code keys two years ago to China and they run everything.
Dude, dude!
Google creates the social score, right?
And China's so scared of the head of Google turning on them that they basically poison him and his kids.
And they're like, either you play ball or else you won't have to poison.
And he's like, I'm playing ball.
One of his daughters passes away and he has to go to like North Korea to get a remedy.
That's all real, dude.
I've heard the Chinese mafia is like killing everybody right now in L.A.
It's crazy, dude!
Dude, really?
They're in L.A.? ?
I don't live in L.A.
I moved.
I know, it's real, man.
I love China.
I've been to China.
China's pretty cool.
If you're an outsider, if you're into some weird kind of Buddhism, they kidnap you and they'll harvest your organs.
I like Bruce Lee.
I do.
I love Bruce Lee.
I don't like Quentin Tarantino.
I love you guys a lot, but I'm not scared of my papers over there.
I'm going to go change.
What's that?
Okay, I'll keep going.
I like China.
I watched the Cubs win the World Series at a Cajun restaurant in Beijing.
That's how much I love China.
I didn't stand up there.
It was a lot of fun.
But you know what?
Man, I think there's certain countries, Israel, playing both sides of the ball, playing China and the United States, kind of like in World War II, where they played the United States and Europe.
Whichever wins, they come out on top.
Hey, I gotta ask you.
Why did Israel give China a giant port?
Like, I thought this was a religious land.
Why are they giving this group the biggest port in Israel?
No, I mean, I agree.
I mean, I think Israel is playing both sides.
I think that's what all the corporations are doing.
That's what's happening.
I mean, dude, and they're just going to leave us.
It goes back.
It's horrible, dude.
Like, it's really bad that we paid for everything and now it's going to be used against us.
Well China, the CFR, the Globalist, admit it is positioned to get rid of all of us.
And they're killing their own people.
115 of their own people.
115 million.
And the New York Times last week came out and praised China and said it's the model that's so wonderful.
And Mao Zedong was a great guy.
He personally had killed about triple what Hitler did.
Then there's that guy that went into Africa.
What's his name?
But don't say bad!
Let Dragon Eagle do all your races!
Oh man!
Oh man!
You are never going to be on Saturday Night Live, bro!
Hey, you guys want to hear?
I love it!
Alex Jones has been fired from the cast of Saturday Night Live this year.
Did you know when we come back in just two minutes, two minute break, I'm going to ask you to play an official directive from Xi Jinping.
By the way, Great Leap Forward was only one project.
The Cultural Revolution estimated to kill 86 million, the Chinese say.
Oh my god!
How are they killing all these millions?
That's a lot of millions.
What do they do?
We'll starve you to death!
Is that what they do?
It's okay, Tony!
We Communist Chinese, we kill, we kill our own people!
You racist, you stop it!
They kill you, man!
What'd you do, the Jimmy O School of Acting with that?
Hey, hold on.
That's hilarious.
I actually have a message from the Communist Chinese when we come back.
Live feed to Band.Video!
They're like, you're not on the air anymore!
The hell we aren't!
We're blasting out of hundreds of radio stations!
You should do a split screen of like you, and you dressed up as like a Chinese dictator.
Folks, we've got a message from the Chinese dictator, President Xi Zongdong, and uh... Here is the message.
Will he turn off his cloaking device and show you his true form?
Here it is.
Well, the chosen one... Attention, American pigs.
China is in control of your country now.
We own Hollywood, we own your debt, and we owe Harvard and the Democratic Party.
We have all your military courts, and we make 90% of your drugs, if we call that, and your vaccines.
Enjoy your cancer.
Dude, that's hysterical.
What the heck?
It's a deep fake, a deep fake over here.
I'm gonna do it, don't worry.
Uh oh, back to the president.
So take your fentanyl and your tainted vaccines and your melamine and your baby formula we make for you and die!
And don't fight back or the media will call you names and you don't want that.
Shut up and do what we tell you.
Shut up and die.
And get rid of Trump and Alex Jones.
You are not going to beat us.
Dude, that was amazing.
You can do that every show.
Man, you should do voiceovers, bro.
I think you'd be in the next Shrek.
I've got pretty big voiceovers.
You do, you do.
But as soon as I... When I was bashing Obama and stuff, then they stopped giving me the work.
But I've done some pretty big voiceovers.
I know, man.
You're my favorite voiceover actor.
No, you guys are awesome, but seriously, enough about me.
This is a short segment, long segment coming up, only a one-minute break.
Oh, snacks!
What all did we say we'd get through this hour?
There was a bunch of stuff I said.
Oh, Jeffrey Epstein next segment.
What else?
Jeffrey Epstein, Ed Bach, we'll get into that.
Oh, Jeffrey Epstein.
Oh, come on in, Jeffrey Epstein.
Hey, you ever hear about the Finders?
You ever heard about the Finders, man?
Oh, Black Malawian people.
Other connections to China?
You ever hear about that?
I do know about that!
I mean, they were selling kids sods.
I mean, and then they just ended that case just like that.
There has to be someone to get fresh organ!
What's your thoughts on the NYPD idea?
No MSG in organ!
And the NYPD, Anthony Weiner, Laptop, and all the suicide, do you think they're in there?
Oh, it's all a big blackmail ring.
That was, I'll tell you, I mean, but I'll tell you what's going on.
I mean, I know what's going on with Epstein.
Let me hear it.
Well, I'm going to, but you are the guest here.
I want to hear it.
I want to hear it.
You are the guest here.
You are the guest here.
Eddie Bravo, after we get Epstein next, what else do you want to get into?
Did you hear about the White House announcement?
It's on InfoWars.com and the White House petitions.
I'm not going to talk about it until we come back, but it's big.
They have announced that there is a petition, and the White House and the President are looking at it, to announce a 51st state.
Guess what the 51st state is?
We're not going to tell people yet.
The 51st state, ladies and gentlemen, this is not a joke.
This is a real proposal.
You thought Trump wanted Greenland?
Ha ha ha!
Oh, it's Americans!
Cause see, we gotta think big here.
The moon.
How did you guess it?
I saw one of your notes here.
American Spies!
Shut up!
American Spies!
Is that real?
It's real.
Go click on the link.
Who's idea is this?
Oh it is?
Anyways, you gotta think bigger.
But I'm an admiral in Space Force.
That's cool.
I even have a uniform, look at this.
He's got a great bit about Space Force.
We're gonna go to break.
One minute break.
I want to hear about Space Force when we come back, alright?
You want to do your bit?
Is it family friendly?
I mean, it's some of it.
One night only, Austin, Texas.
It's the Tinfoil Hat Comedy Show with Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli.
One night only.
Find tickets at both their Twitter accounts.
Right now, all supplies last.
And will I be there?
Well, my wife's trying to let me go look at Brad Pitt in that new Spaceman movie, and I'm an actual admiral in the Space Force, so I don't want to see a phony, but I still may go to their show tomorrow instead of watching Brad Pitt.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
From the front lines of the Information War... On its side!
Hang it up!
On its side!
A new world order.
New fucking world order.
A new world order.
Let's get into this shirt, though, before I hit the really hardcore stuff on Epstein.
What is Combat Jiu Jitsu?
It's a show.
It's a new form of Jiu Jitsu that I came up with.
It's in between MMA and grappling, where we have...
It's Jiu-Jitsu with strikes on the ground legal.
Standing it's still wrestling, but on the ground you could knock each other out.
And do Jiu-Jitsu.
So it's like a hybrid.
So on the ground you could punch somebody?
You could palm strike them.
Palm strikes.
So it's Jiu-Jitsu.
Most Jiu-Jitsu there's no strikes at all.
It's just, you know, you're just trying to... But couldn't you really just ram somebody's nose all the way in their head with a palm strike?
You sure can.
Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds, the next show is November 24th.
It's a 16-man tournament, all middleweights.
John Blank, or John Thor Blank, is gonna be the star of that show.
And we got Dan Martinez, we got former UFC fighter Jesse Taylor, Josh Neer, it's gonna be insane.
Felipe Fogelin, November 24th on UFC Fight Pass.
I want to get into some Joe Rogan stuff here, but I love Joe to death.
Even though Jesus told me to destroy him.
I'm joking.
I was in like two bottles of tequila at that point, folks.
But no, seriously.
I don't even drink anymore, though.
Total teetotaler.
That's insane.
Good stuff.
No, but seriously.
Joe, hands down.
Has the biggest online but also broadcast show in the world now consistently.
And you've seen the left kind of come in and bully him and take control of the show.
I don't think Joe has given into that.
I don't want to say he's even on mainline, but he has a wide range of people on.
The establishment does not like that because I know Joe does call the shots and anything else of that size.
That calls the shots, either gets taken over or shut down.
I know because we were number one in 2016.
Then they shadow banned us.
Then they totally banned us.
And now they say you can't even say our name in a positive way on Facebook.
And now they're doing it to the NRA and gun owners, saying the NRA is a terror group.
And now Facebook says you can't show guns in a positive light to our own reporter.
But now it's pouring in other people.
This is so dangerous.
So I think if anybody could unionize folks, it'd be somebody like Joe.
And I've warned him.
I've said it on air.
We better get top people together to say no to this because this isn't about private companies.
This is about them going in and saying, we won't let you show a gun, or a woman with a gun, or in a positive light.
That's a giant cult!
People should learn the history of guns.
I think nobody really knows the history of guns.
I've seen people, friends of mine, people who are Jewish, people who are women, people who are gays, and they all talk about gun control.
They must not know their own history, because if they learn their own history, they would know that every time guns are taken away, mass genocide happens, followed by the marginalizations and the dehumanization of women, gays, and ethnic minorities.
These are just facts.
These are the facts.
Gun control and gun rights is the most important issue in our time right now.
Once those go,
The facade of freedom and freedom of choice disintegrates.
And take a look at Europe, take a look at what's going on in the Middle East, all these different places where guns aren't allowed, and see how the government treats their people.
Oh, I mean, Europe has way higher crime rates than us.
They didn't used to.
All these places like Mexico that took the guns, their crime rates explode.
Only criminals in government have guns.
But notice how they're going after the guns while they're going after the speech.
And now the supposed historical left that says it defends speech, they're the executioners of speech.
Yeah, I mean when I grew up I thought being Democrat and being a progressive and a liberal was the right thing to do.
And I thought
Republicans and the conservatives, you know, preaching Jesus and family values and all that stuff.
I was like, screw that!
I'm gonna go out and get laid and get hammered and get drunk.
Now, the older you get, and when you start having kids, you start... I'm not Republican or Democrat, but you put a gun to my head, I'm a Republican.
Because the way things are going, the left is so loony.
It's like they're trying to get fired.
It's like, how do we destroy ourselves?
They're trying to take over is what's happening.
No, the DNC is throwing the game.
That's what they're doing.
They are throwing the game.
Listen, man.
But I think for a future revolution, though, that they really believe this stuff.
Well, because they're paid to believe it.
They're not.
Listen, I'm a liberal, okay?
But I'm an old-school liberal, and I guarantee you if we sat down, Alex, you'd be an old-school liberal.
You're like, live and let die, okay?
No, I am not.
Express yourself.
Love yourself.
You do you, I do me.
As long as you don't hurt children, women, and others, we'll be fine.
Don't steal from people.
This new, like, progressivism, leftism, social justice,
These are all PSYOPs being portrayed to destroy people who question the status quo.
Do you think AOC and all those idiots know that?
They're all PSYOPs, bro.
This is done on purpose.
You don't go anywhere going 70% tax if you're not told to say that.
It is all being done.
Look what happened in the 60s and 70s with drugs.
That was all done by the CIA.
It was done to create that.
They put LSD on the streets.
Yeah, and then they used Charles Manson and Jonestown to demonize liberalism.
To, oh, look what happens.
What came in the 80s with, like, greed and everyone's doing blow and all these hardcore, like, serious, like, gotta be serious about everything.
It's all psychological war on us right now.
These people aren't liberals.
Dude, if you want war, you're not a liberal.
I was about to say, though, what's happened to the average liberal or leftist on the street?
It's like a piranha demon.
Yeah, well, conspiracy theorists, we do it too.
Like, dude, how many times do you get called a shill?
How many times do I get called a shill?
If you don't see it the exact way the other person sees it, you're a shill, you're a sellout, okay?
Well, that's just people that do that so they can feel more powerful.
But anybody who's real is just covering issues and in control.
It doesn't mean you're gonna be somebody else's perfect view.
I can guarantee you, I'm not a Shillen, I'm not Bill Hicks, and there's not anybody paying my paycheck.
Nobody's paying my paycheck but the listeners.
They buy the products, that's how we stay on the air.
Because it was connected to Fidel Castro's grandson works there.
Right, but they won't play that.
They won't play that.
They'll isolate it, and then they'll act like this is the worst thing ever said.
And it's like, you can't even do it on your own, peer-to-peer, where people... I like, dude, I do a show on Legion of Skanks.
I mean, I do a festival that the Legion of Skanks people do.
They got mad at a show on Legion of Skanks.
Said some crazy stuff.
It's Legion of Skanks!
Like, why are you bringing your brother into this?
You can't even go to your own private thing and do something.
Yeah, it's ridiculous.
It's not for you.
Like, I hate The View.
The View is the worst show ever.
But they can do that, and it's not for me.
So I should get them off the air?
No, you just don't watch what you don't like.
Yeah, it's like, let it go.
Let people do their own thing.
Man, I tell you, The View is the stupidest show on the planet, though.
It's the worst!
I mean, if you wanted to torture me like the CIA played Skinny Puppy to people at Camp X-Ray, I lost Skinny Puppy.
I want to ask you a question.
Torture would be The View.
If you put me in a jail cell with that on 24 hours a day, sorry.
I gotta ask, Alex, when you were on my show, it's the one question I didn't ask and I always want to ask you.
What is your take on Julian Assange?
You mentioned WikiLeaks a lot and what's going on with him right now and how those chicks treated Pamela Anderson when she was on that channel.
I know exactly what's going on with Julian Assange.
We're going to break in a minute.
I can't answer it, Dan.
I will do it at the bottom of the hour.
Because we've got to do Jeffrey Epstein first, but I promise I'll do it.
You'll answer it.
I love to hear your take on it.
I'll tell you, I've got it from all the top people, former Deputy Director of the NSA, all the angles.
I know exactly who assigned it.
You don't think people sometimes give you all your connections, give you some...
Drop some leaks or give you information.
I mean my connections are I call these people up that are respected and already whistleblowers like like like William Binning and others and and they know we're a venue to tell the truth and they know we're under there's a lot of people with integrity in government and outside of government.
They just no one ever has a voice or a platform for them so you never hear from them.
I'm excited to hear this!
Just like the Millie Weaver documentary that just dropped at InfoWars.com.
It's absolutely free.
Love trumps hate.
It's got over 10 million views, sending shockwaves across the country.
Well, it's an expanded version right now on InfoWars.com on the front page.
At least I told them that an hour ago.
We'll see if it is.
A lot more coming up.
51st State's about to be announced.
Stay with us.
Everything's gonna be alright.
Good stuff.
Crank it up!
Are you allowed to play this?
Yeah, a little clip, several moments ago.
Alright folks, let's go ahead and get right back into all the news.
With Eddie Bravo and of course Sam Tripoli here with us right now.
And they're doing a show tomorrow night in Austin, Texas at the Paramount Theater.
And again, both of you, tell people where people can find the tickets.
Maybe they're not from Austin.
They're coming from outside Austin.
Tell people your Twitter accounts.
7 p.m.
Friday night, tomorrow night at the Paramount Theater.
It's also called Stateside Theater.
I don't know why they have two names, but Sam, how do they get tickets?
Just go to austintheater.org and you can grab the tickets there.
That's austintheater.org.
Uh, everybody loves it.
Uh, here's the thing.
The show's fun.
All the chicks who come are smoke shows.
I don't know how that happens.
But, uh, the chi- Like, tens love conspiracies.
I don't know why.
They just do and God bless it.
Or they like Eddie Bravo.
They like Eddie Bravo too, but sometimes they give me the googly eyes too.
I remember the first time I met you, like 15 years ago in Vegas.
I was there watching the fights with Joe.
I don't know how to seize everything.
And you had some very lovely ladies with you.
Hey, what about me?
In Vegas.
But, but, you're married now and have a 7-year-old.
Yeah, yeah.
That life is behind me now.
I know, that was like 15 years ago.
Or 20 years ago.
30, 50, 50 years ago.
That was 175,000 years ago.
I'm a different man now.
It's all about my family.
He's a messiah.
After the show, he holds gospel, talks for an hour, and then we go find some really bad food to eat, and then we go to bed.
He is kind of like the messiah.
You're very Christ-like.
Well, we're going to play that later.
Kanye talking about Jesus.
I love that.
That is so rebellious against the system and that's absolutely where we're at.
Let's get back to the guy that's not like Jesus.
Jeffrey Epstein was, you're asking who he is, he was the front man for a larger private breakaway civilization group run by Bill Gates again.
He worked for Bill Gates running the group and Warren Buffett and a lot of other folks that are involved.
You can actually type in the articles from 10 years ago.
Billionaires meet in secret to discuss depopulation and world government.
London Guardian, New York Times, that was how positive it was.
And Epstein was heading up the group inside the Albert Einstein University.
And so they would go and blackmail all the scientists over all the universities to get them involved in their secret scientific
All right, let's go ahead and roll this clip of how Jeffrey Epstein actually died.
Here it is.
Very interesting, isn't it?
Oh my God.
I can see it.
That is powerful.
I sent it to Donna.
I told her.
There it is.
Put an audio, please.
You gotta turn it up and rewind it now.
It's like, I don't know.
You gotta hear this.
It's okay, let's just stop now.
We'll do it next segment, okay?
Next segment!
Next segment!
We'll have a meeting.
No, no, no, not now!
Not now!
No, no, no, no!
They wanna find out how he died!
They wanna find out how he died!
This wouldn't happen if he died!
This wouldn't happen on Ryan Seacrest's show!
The only way I can screw up is through alchemy.
Let me explain.
I think I screwed up through alchemy.
And then we're going to re-air it next segment.
That's how we win.
It's called Having My Victory.
And we're going to play the other clip you gave us too.
We'll have a meeting about it in there at the next break.
And then we'll do it.
These are computers.
People want to know how we die.
These computers have heart attacks.
Joe had that old bit like 20 years ago.
It's the year 2000.
We're supposed to have spacesuits and stuff and, you know, jetpacks.
Instead of getting behind a bush, the thing craps out.
Have you noticed that technology just messes up more and more?
I also know that every time I get an update on my phone, suddenly it commits seppuku.
That's all I know.
It just... I hate doing updates on my phone.
Because I know it's about to go to crap, and they're gonna make me go get a new one.
That's the plan.
Every time.
That's the plan.
Every time.
It's absolute artificial obsolescence.
Yep, yep.
And I go as long as I can without updating it.
Then they're like, you know what, you can't update your apps now because you won't get our new system.
I'm like, you win again.
And they say that that's a conspiracy theory, that they build in planned obsolescence into light bulbs, engines.
They've got carburetors that do 5 gallons, you know, and you go 100 miles, 200 miles, 500 miles, but they just won't let us have it.
Yeah, you notice that cars haven't really evolved that much at all.
It's still like, my truck's 15 to 17 miles per gallon.
The prices of cars are basically the same.
Gas prices have gone up, but not really compared to how everything else has gone up.
Everything's the same.
It's like, when are we going to have cars that go 200 miles per gallon?
It's always the same.
They've been suppressing the real technology.
33 gallons per mile, 35, 25.
It's been like that for 30 years.
Let's get, let me get your take, because you're asking me questions, and we're going to have Epstein finish up with that and then into Assange next segment.
And my view on who he really is and what's really going on, but both of you, I mean, this Epstein thing seemed to really wake people up and really seem to discredit the system like nothing else I've seen.
And how they keep trying to set Kavanaugh up, and then the women later admit, I was threatened, it's all a lie.
They're up to like 10 women now.
No, they just have new fake ones go public.
Well, I mean, let's get into the... Listen, dude, I mean, you might be a Kavanaugh guy.
I think that whole sex thing was all drummed up to, uh, kind of frame it and his sexual exports.
But, uh, ex... What he... His sexual subjects away from Kavanaugh himself.
Yeah, so what, like, oh, the guy wrote the Patriot Act, he believes that the President's above the law, he's against, he doesn't think that the cops need search warrants to come in your house.
There's a whole lot of stuff that they didn't want you actually discussing.
So they brought up this thing, and they had this woman whose father was in charge of finding funding for CIA black op ops.
Well, I mean, Biloxi Ford does work for the CIA.
Yeah, she's part of that whole recruitment center.
She runs a recruitment center.
At Stanford, where they just shish kabobbed the Unabomber, and you should read the Unabomber's manifesto and realize the guy nailed everything that's going on.
Unabomber was right.
He was in MKUltra.
He was.
For two years they shish kabobbed that dude.
Shishkebab means in that.
Wasn't too good.
No, they messed his head, dude.
The MK Alternative for two years, like, hardcore stuff.
And he nailed all this.
See, what's going on with liberalism is that the kids, these trust fund kids have taken over, and now their liberalism is that they feel bad for all these people, but they don't really respect them.
They actually say, like, they look down on
Oh, it's a cover for their incredible greed and hatred and wanting to rule.
My buddy calls them space aliens.
People that are third, fourth generation, wealth and power, aren't even in the real world.
They're like reptiles.
I mean, like, take a look at, like, some famous people in Hollywood.
Nicole Kidman's father was, like, a giant petal ring leader.
And then you had also had Woody Harrelson.
And then you see, the Eyes Wide Shut tells you all that.
Yeah, Woody Harrelson's father was part of the assassination jam.
No, no, no.
He was arrested.
And I know Willie, I mean, what do you hear else?
He's a good guy, wasn't in a movie with him.
But the point is, his dad died in prison for killing a judge in Texas.
Shot him at 300 yards.
With one of the hobos!
No, I mean, that was all run by E. Howard Hunt, who did the deathbed confession.
We premiered it here.
Yeah, so my point is, oh hell yeah.
Go see us live.
You have done well, Lord Vader.
Now listen, we're gonna come back.
With these deep fakes and then we're going to get into the situation with Julian Assange and really a black mark on Trump that he hadn't done something straight ahead with the host of the Tim Poyle hat show.
We'll be right back.
We're going to really move quick through some really serious topics and both these good guys are going to be back in studio with us tomorrow.
Sam Tripoli and Eddie Bravo, who I beat up during the break again.
My jiu-jitsu skills are way above him.
That's really serious now.
The whole internet can talk about how I can beat him up.
I'm joking, right?
Okay, let's get serious here.
They're like, hey, plug during the break.
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Now, that said, something very, very exciting we're doing.
We are pushing for the 51st state of the United States to not be
Greenland, which is a good strategic move.
We bought Alaska.
We bought a lot of other areas.
It makes perfect sense.
The globals don't want us doing it.
They want the UN to control the Arctic, the Antarctic.
They want the UN and global government to control these things and not have nation states that people can actually elect and control to some extent to have this.
Well, Dr. McCamshaw, please, drum roll.
Let's think bigger here.
Let's annex the moon as the 51st state.
Sign the White House petition linked at InfoWars.com.
I'm not joking.
We walked on the moon.
Eddie's going to talk about it tomorrow.
He believes that.
I'm joking.
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Eddie, would you like to talk about this?
I think you should call it Operation State 51.
Operation State 51.
Yeah, change it.
Okay, we'll have two different versions.
Tell me what to do, I believe you.
I'm telling you, because the S, the 24, it's... Area 51, State 51.
I see it.
I like it.
Operation 51st State.
Operation State 51.
Trust me.
I say we do what you put it out to the people.
Let the people decide.
I want a poll in Kit Daniel's article about what should the operation be called.
And so it should be, say it again.
Project State 51.
Project State 51.
Operation 51st State.
No, you can kill that one.
No, dude, let him vote.
Let him vote.
This is a democracy.
You're like a big tech lord.
This is China, baby.
This is China.
When I'm in town, it's China.
Okay, you hear me?
Absolutely, my friend.
Seriously, funny idea, good idea.
I think it's brilliant.
I think, dude, your artist is on fire.
Well, thank you.
Good drawing.
I had the idea, but the crew is amazing back there, especially Robert.
They're all amazing.
They're all very nice.
But you gotta have three choices.
So, Operation 51st State.
Project 51st State.
Project State 51.
State 51.
That's it.
That's all.
That's it.
I don't wanna hear it.
I'll choke you right here.
Hey, Joe was afraid to let you do it.
Go ahead and choke me on.
Don't do it!
Gonna have to.
I'm big.
I weigh 270 pounds, though.
Just hold me.
No, don't do it!
Don't do it!
Don't do it!
Is he out?
He's out.
He's out.
I dreamed Eddie Bravo choked me out.
I got choked.
Was it a wet dream?
How about I choke Eddie Bravo out?
Hell no.
Hell no.
How many times have you been choked out?
Ten times, maybe.
Who's the best overall jiu-jitsu guy in the world?
My instructors Jean-Jacques Machado and Marcelo Garcia.
They're the all-time greatest.
But if you were in the movie, which is based on a true story, The Right Stuff, you'd say, well, it's me, of course.
Well, yeah, I don't want to say me, though, because that sounds kind of arrogant.
But they really are.
What makes them next level?
No matter what you do, you're going to tap.
That's it.
The UFC had to double their audience right now.
Well, there's a lot of ways.
They actually got gladiators.
Let them kill each other.
But I'm up for that.
But you could have like the biggest guys like Brock Lesnar at his peak or whatever.
And then they'll fight like say three lightweights at the same time.
Let's do it.
That would double viewers.
Oh, hell yeah.
Add some pitbulls.
Break records.
What do you think of this bare-knuckle fighting?
I haven't really watched it, just like clips on Instagram.
It's boxing, you know.
It's old school boxing.
With a lot more cuts.
Old school boxing.
I love it.
I just like jiu-jitsu.
I like jiu-jitsu.
I'm taking Krav Maga, dawg.
Oh, nice.
You ever like Dirty Street with the ladies?
Like a little jiu-jitsu in the bedroom?
Like, you know, a little... Say that again?
A little jiu-jitsu in the bedroom.
No, we don't do that.
That's good.
I like hot chicks who do jujitsu because they choke me out.
No blood for this guy.
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on up.
I got news you never got to die.
Alright, they're going to be back tomorrow and we're going to get really serious and go through hundreds of issues.
But we've got a bunch of big ones right now.
Alex Jones here back live with the host of Tinfoil Hat podcast, Eddie Bravo, and of course Sam Tripoli.
And then we've got a big show tomorrow night out by the Paramount downtown Austin.
There's a good chance I'm going to be at that.
But first off, we talked about this video earlier.
This is what really happened to Epstein, wink wink.
For radio listeners, you'll hear the audio.
TV viewers will get it.
Here it is.
Thanks for trying to cheer me up, boys.
Hey, no problem, buddy.
Good for you, pal.
I'm so bored in here.
You try spanking it?
Yeah, if I were you, I'd be hugging my hog all night.
Yeah, I've been doing that all the time.
What do you use for a choker?
What do you mean?
Wait, are you choking your chicken and not choking yourself?
Oh, boy.
Oh, my God.
Of course you're bored.
Yeah, wrap something around your neck, you silly billy, and get cranking.
Yeah, something that won't break.
Now start twerking your Twinkie.
That's it.
That's it.
Don't really lean into it, Jeff.
Don't back off.
I'm getting tunnel vision.
That's good.
That's good.
Yeah, that means the high is right around the corner, so keep pushing it.
Yeah, keep pushing it.
Oh shit, quick, Bill, hang up.
Yay, you're in heaven with me now.
Tickle, bite.
Thanks for trying to cheer me up.
Hold on guys, we gotta delete that.
Okay, so people that just saw that on TV understand what it was.
It's a joke.
Tell us who's doing the deep fake.
Kyle Dunnigan.
He's amazing.
He's a comedian.
He's a master.
Yeah, he's always at the Comedy Store and he does stuff.
His Instagram is... Does he know Trump?
Because that's reportedly how Trump actually eats popcorn.
I'm not joking.
I don't know.
That's what he does.
For real?
The man studies his characters, that's what, he's the Daniel Day-Lewis of deepfakes, that's what they call him.
Yeah, just go on Instagram and look up Kyle Dunnigan, and he's got a whole bunch of videos like that that are hysterical.
Yeah, I was told by somebody that hung out with Trump quite a bit that when he's relaxing, because he has to be really focused all the time, that he'll get in a theater room or whatever, and he'll just be, you know, basically in a robe or whatever, and he actually just throws popcorn in his face.
And it just does that.
I was like, whoa, did this guy know Trump?
That's like inside baseball.
I'm serious.
He's connected.
Yeah, I've been told that by actually two people.
Because I asked one that knows Trump, and they go, no, that's actually true.
That's what he does.
He likes fast food, everything, man.
Trump's something else.
You know, I'm getting pissed at Trump.
And I'll tell you why.
Not to curry favor with the left, because they hate my guts because we helped launch Trump and get him in.
And I love Trump on so many fronts.
He's doing a lot of great things.
Going after the pedos, and trying to stop the fentanyl coming in, and so many things.
You know a man by his enemies, but he told Jeffrey Epstein, we can play the clip, but he told him in the middle of the campaign, about three months before the election, he said, I don't know who got the WikiLeaks, but... I'm doing a good Trump imitation.
That's right.
But I'm here to tell you, whoever's got it, fat guy in his mom's basement, naked in his bed watching TV, or whether it's somebody else, Russians, if you have it, or WikiLeaks, release their emails.
Emails are illegal.
So that's a point.
And then he does it.
And Julian Assange is all locked up right now.
And the US administration is charging him a bunch of stuff.
They want to put him in jail for life in prison.
The word is there may be a death penalty charge for espionage going on here.
And that's a load of crap, man.
Trump, pardon his ass.
Good God, you can't say...
Assange, if you have it, release it.
And then you do it.
Trump told me, Jones, you know, do this, which Trump said before.
Keep it up, Alex.
Great job.
Press the attack.
Well, now I'm like, wait, if I do this, you're going to later, like, throw my ass in prison?
I go, I'm sorry, Alex.
Prison time now.
So, yeah, I got a big problem with Trump on that.
He needs to be loyal.
I hear about Trump wants loyalty all day.
Well then, get Assange out.
You want my take on Assange?
Dude, I love that, dude!
That was great, Alex.
Thank you.
Because not enough people are talking about it's the death of whistleblowing.
Andrew Yang is getting all mad because of the comics making jokes, but then he's like perfectly fine for
With putting Julian Assange on trial?
It's disgusting, man!
We have to have checks and balances.
We need to check and balance the military-industrial complex because when our sons and daughters go into war, we want them treated with respect.
So that's what these rules of war are about.
Treating people with respect.
And he's the chief executive and he told Wikileaks in statements and in fact in posts, this is live now and we can post this later, you know, Jones goes after Trump over Assange or Alex Jones is mad at Trump, it's a good headline.
Add a few clips, guys, so you can find the clips of him repeatedly saying, WikiLeaks, Russians, whoever.
Well, then you're the chief executive now.
You told him to do it, so it's on you, Trump, to get his ass out of jail.
There we go!
He got out that rapper.
He got that rapper out of jail.
He got that rapper out of jail!
Get him out, man!
I mean, like, dude, he did us a favor by releasing these... All the devil worship, all the pedo stuff.
And these people get mad at what's... that the emails were leaked and not what's in the email is disgusting.
It's like someone coming up to you going, hey, look, what your snifky other's doing.
And you're like, you're not mad at what they're doing in the picture, but you're mad that the guy's got the picture.
Dude, get mad at what's in the email.
Or even better, it's like the dude's having sex with your wife and he goes, look at the video I got.
You're mad at her, not him.
It's like they've got to release Assange, the guy he wrote.
Here's the old Assange.
He was just a flamboyant, smart guy, hanging around in a lot of leftist circles.
From a cult?
Yeah, when he was a younger kid.
He had an idea.
It was obviously some intelligence agency connections, so they used cults as their fronts.
But people had ideas to burn George W. and expose those illegal wars, and some real liberals thought what was going on was wrong, and so they used him and this organization that they helped create.
Him as their spokesperson, because he's a ladies' man, and he was taking a lot of the ladies out, a lot of the spies and stuff.
No more of that?
You know, he was giving the little diggling of the diggly.
And so,
He becomes this big darling going after Bush.
Well then Obama gets in, he burns both Republicans and Conservatives.
And all these powerful groups want to use him as the go-between to expose this group or that group.
So he kind of becomes this conduit and this clearinghouse.
And then he burns Hillary, and they decide to burn him.
But I don't think it really even works for intelligence agencies.
He was used as the cutout for kind of a consortium of groups.
It started for good reasons, I think.
And I think he's a hero and a great guy.
But then when they went after the deep state,
And he really did his best work helping get Trump in, because Trump had promised change.
You saw Assange supporting Trump.
Now he doesn't, because Trump's burned him.
And it really makes you wonder about Trump.
Is he intimidated by the intelligence agencies?
Or do they got stuff on him?
Because it's a chicken-you-know-what action.
It's from the chicken-you-know-what dimension.
Chicken S-H-D dimension.
What Trump's doing on that, it makes me really, really get concerned.
Well, I think that's amazing, Alex, and I honestly thank you so much for that, because I think people like you need to say that.
Listen, they're coming after me for supporting Trump, and I'm glad I did it.
And sometimes I'm supporting because I'm being so demonized.
I'm pig-headed.
I'm like a donkey.
Like a jackass.
But then I'm kind of looking at him not helping people like Assange, and starting to go, well, maybe red flag laws, and it gets a little creepy.
So it's like, you know, I hate the Democrats, and I really hate them, but it's not like lesser of two evils here.
So I'm kind of having to start like when, you know, I kind of cover my butt up if Trump's around, like, is he gonna try to screw me?
What is your take on the Chinese emails too?
I mean, like, we had talks about that.
You know, I think Comey even mentioned when they were interviewing about how, like, one went to somewhere they didn't know, but they knew where it went.
And it was about Hillary's email.
Hillary used the email server as a drop box to sell out U.S.
Obama gave them the Office of Personnel Management.
So they could kill all our operatives worldwide?
I mean, they really sold us out to China.
The deal was done.
And part of U.S.
intelligence stepped in, said, okay, we're going to fix America.
This is out of control.
The shycoms aren't supposed to run the whole thing.
We're supposed to make a deal with them.
And so this is kind of America on its last leg going, hey, you need to use lubrication to the shycoms.
And the globals that sold us out.
And so that's why they're so pissed, because all the CHICOM money owns Hollywood, it owns the debt, and the CHICOMs are cracking the whip and all their minions are running around.
So all these Americans who are against Trump and against the Second Amendment and against me, you're literally betting with the CHICOMs that have killed 115 million people, 85 million of them, or 86 million of them under Mount.
It's just unbelievable.
I mean, why would you create an email that sends your emails in real time to a Chinese shipping company when we all know that... But look at Feinstein.
All of them had to put Chinese intelligence operatives in as part of the deal.
Nobody talked about that.
We made a deal with China so the globalists could take their money over there above the law.
That's why all these people go and retire there, these globalists.
You can kill people over there if you're a party member, you're above the law.
The party members are all billionaires, you know, they're party members.
Is it like 14 families run China?
They have like a thousand generals that are worth billions of dollars.
I mean, so it's totally predatory.
And people say, well, folks use Israel to do corrupt stuff and run back and forth.
And they also, and the Vatican does that because it's his own city, Israel.
The Vatican has its own above-the-law stuff.
Israel has its own above-the-law stuff.
The City of London, within London, has its own above-the-law.
DC's its own city above-the-law.
So you have all these immune cities they've always created.
Globalism's supposed to destroy the nation-state, and then the global government will fall, and it'll be armored city-states that are high-tech breakaways.
That's the actual plan.
But if China's the ultimate, no laws for the party members, one-sided deals, they leverage out all the business, they take over.
The globalists made a deal.
They married the Chai Khans.
And so, at the 11th hour, 58th minute, U.S.
intelligence had a civil war, put Trump in, he was really elected, but not the Russians did it, U.S.
intelligence put Trump in.
A ragtag group.
And now they're threatening everybody, attacking their families, and then if you support them, like me, I'm not in any intelligence group, I'm just a private, organic Texan, then they come after you.
I mean, it's been amazing.
I loved it, actually.
It was very comfortable.
But, I mean, it's real toe-to-toe with these people.
And they're a bunch of devil-worshipper pedophiles.
It's a devil-worshipping pedophile group against us.
And that's why Kanye came out for Jesus.
It's Jesus versus Satan.
Oh, we're back live broadcasting worldwide.
Sam Tripoli's here.
I love that tattoo.
Can we get a shot of that?
My First Amendment tattoo.
First Amendment, man.
That is awesome.
I'm gonna get Second Amendment right here on the other arm.
Sam Tripoli.
What are we talking about during the break?
Paul Watson's coming up, taking over.
You guys got your show.
Oh, we were talking about your website.
I keep saying, guys, you need to plug yourselves.
How do folks find you?
I shot a special.
I shot two specials.
It's called Live from the Viper Room in L.A.
You can watch them both for free.
Just go to samtripoli.com.
And they're both right there.
I get shadowbanned on YouTube, so sometimes those are hard to find.
Go to samtripley.com.
One's 35 minutes, the other one's 42 minutes, and it's all yours.
If you scroll down just a little bit, you can see it.
That's Armogeddon, because I'm Armenian, and then you see what the other one is.
Ooh, I didn't even know you were Armenian.
I'm half Armenian, Doc.
Armenians always love me for some reason.
Hey, we got to, tomorrow, talk about the Armenian genocide with the young turds tonight.
Yeah, well, yeah.
And the worst part is that she's Armenian.
She's Armenian, and she's trying to act like the right's going after her?
The Armenian community is going after her.
And he even admits that, you know, the genocide happened.
And you still use that name.
It's disgusting.
It's disgusting.
Didn't like half the Armenians get killed?
Dude, a million of us.
My great-grandfather's brothers and sisters got shot down in front of them.
Descendant of a man who lost his family.
And then he names it after the militia that did it, the Young Turks.
Yeah, he knew what he was doing, dude.
You know, and you know you're wrong.
And again, that was Muslims killing Christians.
Yeah, we could get into Khazarians, but you know, that's another story.
That's another story.
But yeah, it's real.
And it's like, hey, guess what happened to the Armenians right before that?
Oh, they took all their guns.
That's what happens when you take guns.
Mass genocide happens.
It's not a crazy conspiracy.
It is factual, proof, truth.
Well, let's get into that tomorrow.
What else do you guys want to hit tomorrow?
What's up with the Simpsons?
Everybody thought they were predicting stuff and then they find out they're on that flight.
He was on those flights.
And that's why they tell you about 9-11 before it happens.
That's why they tell you about everything.
What were you saying about Epstein and blackmailing scientists?
Yeah, that was the whole job was to get all the top scientists blackmailed with sex and drugs and then tell them we want this done and now we need you to know about the geoengineering.
We need to let you know about the post-human era.
So are you saying that
Science can be corrupted?
Is that what you're saying?
Is that what you're saying?
The new world order is a scientific post-human era separation of society, breakaway civilization, total takeover.
I thought if it said science next to it, it was real.
You're being sarcastic, I get it.
Dude, here's the thing.
You mean there's pseudoscience?
There's a cult of scientists lying to us.
That's shocking!
What is up is really down, dude.
It's not Satanist, it's Saturnist.
It's Black Cuba Saturn.
Every single major religion has it.
Every single major religion has... The three big ones, and you can even throw in Mormonism.
Everyone has this weird moment where this religious book is just inserted well after, well after that changes the course of that religion.
Who inserts that book?
That is the question.
And it's probably Black nobility, Jesuits, homeboy.
I mean, it's really just the truth.
And all of them have this story about some angel coming down and having this incredible, giving this knowledge that was so holy that they couldn't write it down.
It's really nuts.
And it's like, each one of these books, these new books that are inserted, has something that the other religions get really angry at.
It's almost like it's done on purpose to get everybody fighting with each other.
Almost like it's been done before.
Almost like there's other planets.
I mean, dude.
Almost like.
There is a powerful group of people that are getting us all to fight with each other, and you just keep playing into it.
Well, and now they tell us the endgame is a post-human world to exterminate us.
I don't think I'm gonna play along with that.
I'm not gonna play along with a bunch of fleshlights going around acting like they know something.
I'm not a fleshlight.
I'm a human being.
All right, gentlemen, let's eat some Texas barbecue.
You'll be back tomorrow.
Paul Watson will be back on the other side.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
He does a great job for us there as well and also has Summit.News.
We'll be right back on the other side.
It was great having both of you gentlemen here with us.
Keep your website up quickly.
All right.
We'll be back with Paul Joseph Watson!
Riders on the storm.
All right, Paul Watts is taking over in a minute or two.
And man, is he on fire.
Writing like 10 articles a day, shooting videos.
We haven't even gotten Trudeau yet.
We mentioned that he's going to play the videos, the blackface, the hypocriticalness, all of it.
So much in this fourth hour.
Then there's the war room with Owen Schroeder.
3 to 6 p.m.
We run retransmission for an hour.
New show coming soon.
Breaking news show.
And then we're going to have, obviously, the two-hour transmission with Firepower with Will Johnson and Tom Pappard.
Tonight, Millie Weaver's going to be riding shotgun with them.
And she's got a director's cut and more of her film that's already gone super viral that is, of course, Love Trump's Hate, showing really how crazed the leftists are and how hateful they are versus Trump supporters.
The full film's been posted to InfoWars.com right now.
Might want to see it.
Might want to share it.
It's the last time I saw it.
It had like 10 million views.
Clips have millions and millions of views.
Humans going to space and exploration.
If you look how far we've come from the Stone Age to now in 6,000, 7,000, 8,000 years, we've already gotten 98% of the way towards super life extension, Mars bases, colonies.
But there's been a decision made to have a post-human world merged with cyborgs, have a silicon world.
I don't want that.
You don't want that.
So here's the article right here.
Annex the moon as the 51st state.
Sign the White House petition!
We're the free country compared to the shotguns and others.
We need to get there and secure it.
Not let the UN announce that in this.
52nd state needs to be Antarctica.
It's mainly land and mountains full of resources.
So we need to make the 53rd state Greenland.
We should try to buy it.
That's how we expanded America.
We're told don't expand.
Don't believe in a family.
Don't have children.
Roll over and die.
No, we will expand.
So this is a serious petition.
Kit Daniels and I put it together.
51st state.
Let's do it.
Let's announce it.
It's ours.
Log into the UN and the Globalist, the Cycoms.
Go sign the petition.
Get it out.
We're serious.
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All right, for the next 50 minutes, Paul Joseph Watson, 18 years with InfoWars and expanding out with Summit.News takes it over.
Paul, we love you in the fight.
We love the great work you're doing.
Take it over.
I'll be listening and watching during lunch.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, we're continuing to track this Justin Trudeau scandal fallout.
Over there in Canada with the election, federal election in Canada coming up on October 30th, 21st sorry.
Top story up on summit.news.
Political scientist says Trudeau blackface scandal could cost him the election.
And yet you have an army of leftists coming to his defense.
Bearing in mind these are the same people who literally think that everything's racist.
There was a story yesterday which I tweeted and the headline was basically
Trying too hard not to be racist is racist.
So now trying not to be racist, if you don't have the right woke politics, is in fact racist.
But Justin Trudeau can literally black up not once, not twice, but three times.
And those are the three incidents that we're aware of so far.
There could be more.
And it's just him playing dress up.
There's no racial connotation to it whatsoever.
Now, bearing in mind
The first instance of this came out last night, and it was a photograph of Justin Trudeau in 2001 at a Aladdin dress-up, an Arabian dance night party, and he was dressed up as Aladdin.
If you look at the original cartoons of Aladdin, it doesn't really look very black.
If you look at the picture of Justin Trudeau, he's as black as night.
And in fact, somebody commented on this.
On Twitter they said he really went for it.
Flawless coverage.
This is one of the most proficient applications of blackface I've ever seen.
There you see it right there.
No way he did this only twice.
You see, he's even gone for the hands there as well.
And if you go back to that video which he was just playing, which is in fact the third instance of this that came to light, which by the way, Justin Trudeau hid this from the public and the media.
He was on a plane.
They asked him about this.
He did his whole apology spiel.
And they said, was there any other occasions when you dressed up in blackface apart from that first time at the Arabian party?
He said, yeah, there was one other time.
And this is the funniest in my estimation.
The second instance of this that came out was he dressed up as a black person, literally with an afro, and performed the Banana Boat song, the Deo song, as part of a talent show while putting on a Jamaican accent
Well, blacked up again in his college days.
There's the second example right there.
So they asked him, are there any other examples of this?
He said, yeah, there's this one.
That photo then emerged.
But he didn't mention the most egregious one, which is going back to that video you played, which is the third instance where he literally blacked up, not just the face, not just the hands, head to toe.
Even the legs were blacked up.
This is some time and investment that Justin Trudeau is putting into
Trying to look like a black person and mock black people.
You see him doing these like exaggerated expressions.
There's no explanation whatsoever behind this.
Doesn't appear to be at any kind of party because he's just wearing a t-shirt.
It's not a fancy dress party by the looks of it.
And this one, again, he did not even acknowledge when he did his whole apology spiel.
So again, the polls are tight.
It's basically neck and neck, the Liberal Party and the Conservatives coming up to this October 21st election.
And the defence army that has corralled itself around Justin Trudeau over the past 24 hours is monumental to the point where people, again, these are the same people who literally say, if you breathe, it's racist.
Trying not to be racist is racist.
He literally blacked up from head to toe.
He's performing these weird, exaggerated gestures.
He did it three times!
He did it so proficiently that it looks like Justin Trudeau is the world premier expert at blacking up.
But it's just a fancy dress party.
Nothing to worry about.
Like with Governor Northam, again, basically dressing up as a Klan member.
He survived.
The cancel culture didn't take effect.
These are the same people who will vehemently push cancel culture.
They'll corral themselves into mob outrage.
Again, to get people deplatformed, to force them into resigning, Justin Trudeau is not going to resign.
He's going to hang on, because leftists have no principles whatsoever.
They have no consistent principles.
They will rally around him, even though he literally did this three times, and on each separate occasion, it only seemed to have gotten worse.
We'll be back in the next segment to get more into it and other news here on InfoWars Fourth Hour.
InfoWars.com, breaking news.
There are many Conservatives who, when a Conservative is found by the mob outrage crew to have engaged in some kind of historical hate speech from 10, 15 years previously, or put out some kind of edgy tweet 10 years ago,
Many Conservatives immediately joined the denunciation.
Of course you saw National Review online with the Covington High School kids immediately throw them under a bus.
So half the time when Conservatives are found to have engaged in this kind of behaviour 10-15 years previously, Conservatives join the chorus of trying to get them cancelled.
And now you see in the aftermath of this Justin Trudeau blackface scandal,
Some on the right basically saying, oh, if you're against cancel culture then you should defend Justin Trudeau.
No, you have to hold them to the same standards.
Again, they cave on every single issue when it comes to leftists being embroiled in these same scandals.
As soon as anyone on the right is embroiled in a similar scandal, even though the facts aren't even in, as they weren't in with the Covington High School kids, they throw them under a bus.
So again, another example of weakness in the culture war from boomer conservatives.
And let's not forget this Justin Trudeau blackface scandal.
This was not a youthful indiscretion.
Justin Trudeau was 29 years old.
He was a teacher.
This was in 2001.
Even in 2001 it was seen as a little bit dodgy if you're dressing up in blackface.
Of course no one would ever do it now.
But there's a tweet from somebody called Andrew Weaver who I think is in the Green Party over there in Canada.
And he said, let the person who has never done anything they regret in high school cast the first stone.
Enough said!
This federal election campaign is in the gutters and I am disgusted.
The only thing that's in the gutters is Justin Trudeau's approval rating at this point.
But again, he wasn't in high school.
He was teaching at this elite college as a 29-year-old man.
He thinks it's a great idea to dress up as Aladdin, to dress up in Arab garb and basically completely blacken his face and his hands.
He really went for it, did Justin Trudeau.
But again,
This whole army of defence that's corralled around Justin Trudeau, lying openly, claiming that this happened in high school and he was just a kid.
It did happen in college, then it happened again when he was a 29-year-old, and in the video we saw it happened again.
That incident, nobody really knows when it happened, obviously he looks young, but again, this is not a youthful indiscretion, it's a pattern of behaviour
And it's funny as hell because this is the guy who set himself up in 2015 as the king of diversity, the king of multiculturalism, and he turns out to be one of the biggest offenders when it comes to woke politics that the left has ever seen.
In fact I've done a video about this which is on YouTube called Justin Trudeau is cancelled.
Basically it goes through the fact we know Trudeau has a history of cultural appropriation
Dressing up in Sikh outfits, dressing up as a Buddhist, going to India and wearing all the garb there.
He was under scrutiny for that already, and that's why he stopped doing it.
But now this is out of the blue, his political career, especially given the polls, where he's really slipped.
There was a BBC story which highlighted the fact Trudeau's popularity has taken a hit.
And since about late 2018, he's completely collapsed.
He's got a disapproval rating which is now above 60%.
His approval rating is hovering at about just over 30%.
That's worse than Trump.
They constantly build up this narrative that Trump's completely hated across the country.
He's doing somewhat better than Justin Trudeau, who is now engaged in yet another scandal after, of course,
Having already been engaged in another scandal regarding corruption, trying to get a court case quashed because it was one of his political allies.
So he's literally being caught and had to admit, wearing an afro, adopting a fake Jamaican accent and singing the Banana Boat song at a talent show, on top of the Aladdin one, on top of the video that came out after.
Somebody tweeted,
Justin Trudeau being a 29 year old teacher and browning himself up.
Or the fact that he browned himself up to play Aladdin, arguably the whitest character in the movie.
And people have done comparisons.
Aladdin does not look that black in any of the early cartoons or any of the early Aladdin productions.
So he's really on for it.
He's blacked up his hands.
Ezra Levant,
...has offered $10,000 for anyone to turn over that footage of him performing the Dayo Bananaboat song while dressed up in the afro from the picture that we saw.
So we'll see if that video comes to light or if the CBC in Canada gets hold of it and deletes it.
So this is a huge scandal again.
His entire election campaign, you remember the speech?
After he came out victorious in 2015, they were talking about what was the thinking behind such a gender-neutral, gender-balanced cabinet that you chose.
Because, of course, the fact that you have a certain type of genitalia shouldn't mean you automatically get a position in the cabinet.
It should be based on your proficiency and your success at serving the people of Canada.
But now, of course, Justin Trudeau shot back and said, because it's 2015, thereby ensconcing himself as the king of identity politics, which he has used over and over again to score cheap points.
And that's why this is hilarious.
He's become a casualty of this same PC cancel culture that he helped build.
So all these idiot conservatives on Twitter saying, why are we outraged by this?
We're just acting like the left.
We're acting like snowflakes.
I'm not outraged by it.
I just find it absolutely hilarious.
And the double standard is even funnier, given how they're defending him now on Twitter.
But again, it goes to the point of
Celebrities, politicians now, they're all being subjected to this progressive, retroactive purity test, whereby the sins of the past, even though they weren't considered sinful at the time that they were committed, are now sinful and worthy of somebody being cancelled, or at least heavily denigrated.
And you saw that of course with the Me Too movement, when immediately after that was launched, a lot of the most vehement, prominent supporters of the Me Too movement
Turned out, and I'm talking about male feminists mainly, turned out to be actual sexual assaulters of women.
We went through numerous cases of that at the time after the Harvey Weinstein scandal.
So no, this is hilarious and this is why we should talk about it.
We're not outraged by it, we're not acting like snowflakes, we're pointing out the double standard.
The fact that you've got one of the world's biggest anti-racism virtue signalers
One of the biggest woke political leaders on the planet.
Somebody who literally told an audience that they shouldn't use the word mankind because it was offensive and that they should use the word people kind which isn't a word.
He's now being caught as one of the biggest offenders in the context of woke politics.
So that's why it's absolutely hilarious.
And now a political scientist
And this is Max Cameron says that the controversy could cost Trudeau crucial votes in key swing states or areas because the voters in those areas are diverse so some of them may not vote for Trudeau now thinking that he actually could be
Or at least in his past, a closet racist.
Whether that's born into fruition, we'll wait and see.
I think they're just going to vote for him anyway, because they don't actually care about that.
They're not really offended, they're just interested in political power.
But according to this political analyst, it could really impact Trudeau in the upcoming election, because the polls are already very tight.
They were very tight before this, with the Conservatives edging ahead in some of them.
And now Trudeau has truly put his foot in it.
We'll be back to talk about it more.
Don't go away.
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Now, of course, this came out yesterday.
There's a headline up on Information Liberation about it.
Kevin Spacey flew on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express with Bill Clinton.
One of his accusers just mysteriously died.
And from what I read yesterday, this is actually the second time that one of Spacey's accusers has suddenly died in the midst of accusations, or in this case, a court case, with regard to accusations, allegations of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey.
An anonymous massage therapist who claims to have been sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey has died according to a notice filed in court by the actor's attorneys.
That was the Hollywood Reporter yesterday.
The individual suing as John Doe filed claims in September 2018 with the allegation of being forced to grab the actor's genitals twice during a massage two years earlier than a private residence in Malibu.
And now for unknown reasons, I don't think they named the cause of death in this.
That might have actually come out afterwards.
But this individual has, in fact, died.
Of course, what initially set this off was a claim from a 14-year-old who alleged that Spacey tried to sexually assault him when Spacey was, I think, 26 years old.
Since then, there have been 15 different accusers, at least, saying that Spacey attempted to sexually assault them.
He hasn't been convicted.
He's innocent until proven guilty.
What's interesting
Is that I almost met Kevin Spacey, or at least tried to, just a couple of days ago at an event.
And it's somewhat interesting that Spacey may feel that he is another victim of count-cancel culture.
Because his career, of course, at least temporarily, has been completely torpedoed.
He was immediately written out of House of Cards.
Hasn't had any role since.
He released that bizarre video on YouTube.
As his House of Cards character, in which he basically, you know, did this kind of sociopathic rant to the camera.
Everyone was really freaked out by that.
As Frank Underwood, of course, he was actually at an event the other night.
Didn't get a selfie with him, probably that was for the best.
There you see the bizarre rant he put out on YouTube a few months ago, in character.
But it's interesting that he may feel that he is a victim of cancelled culture, despite the fact that he was obviously a big Democrat in the past.
Very close to the Clintons, numerous times pictured with them, going to events with them, receiving awards from them.
Maybe he thinks that he's been thrown under a bus by this cancel culture left now that identity politics is making them eat their own over and over again.
Maybe he thinks that one of the ways he can rehabilitate himself
is by flocking to the political right, which is obviously more inclined not to just believe all women or believe all accusers in the case of these Me Too show trials, which went from actual serious harmful events like the ones carried out by Harvey Weinstein, actual serious allegations of serious misconduct,
And it ended up basically women who had had bad dates naming and shaming the person with whom they had a bad date, and Zee Zansari being prime amongst those where it was basically just a date that went wrong and she accused him of basically sexual assault, at least sexual misconduct.
That's why the Me Too movement lost a lot of momentum, lost a lot of credibility, and a lot of people were swept up in its wake.
Was Kevin Spacey one of them?
I mean, there are 15 different accusations against him.
So the weight of accusation sometimes needs to be considered.
But again, he hasn't been convicted.
In fact, in one of the recent court cases, the
The person accusing him basically dropped out and withdrew the allegations.
So is Kevin Spacey fleeing to the safety of the political right to offer him some kind of rehabilitation given that the political right does rail against, cancel culture, and this kind of toxic me-too effect that throws innocent people on many occasions under the bus and tries to ruin their careers for no good reason.
Very interesting indeed.
Meanwhile, American Mirror reports American Airlines mechanic Abdul Majid Marouf Ahmed Alani, good old American name, arrested over sabotaging plane may have ties to ISIS.
An airline mechanic who claimed he sabotaged a plane's controls because he was disgruntled about union contract negotiations may have ties to ISIS.
Because when this was first reported, it was buried as a, you know, a disgruntled employee.
But now it turns out that according to federal prosecutors, Islamic State group propaganda video showing graphic murders was discovered on this individual's cell phone.
He's there working in secure areas on planes, basically.
This is not the first time that this has happened in the West.
We had a story here out of Breitbart from 2016.
Islamists working at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Detectives investigated CCTV footage from the airport to determine whether an employee at the Paris airport may have helped bring down the Egypt air flight to Cairo.
The Times reported back in 2016 that all employees who work airside at the airport
Security staff, personnel, etc, baggage handlers are theoretically vetted by police before they can start work.
In reality, the vetting consists of little more than checking for a criminal record and seeing if they are on the French intelligence agency's list of individuals deemed a national security threat.
Of course, just like in the UK, many of those individuals manage to get off that list and end up working in airports.
In fact, I think one of the
I think it was the guy who tried to bomb one of the underground tubes.
An Islamist terrorist turned out to have been working in security within the London underground metro system.
So they're actually working within these secure areas and it seems many of them are now abusing that position to potentially try and carry out terrorist attacks.
That's very concerning indeed.
Meanwhile in the UK, police explain why Preston Haight-Rant taxi driver will not be charged.
Basically, a video was released, but because he said, oh, I didn't mean that to go public,
Where under UK law, he's basically engaging in hate crimes, where if you were saying the same things about Muslims, you would be arrested as a Christian.
He's saying the same things about Christians, but because he didn't intend the video to go public, he's getting off scot-free.
No charges whatsoever.
Yet another example of the double standard.
Meanwhile, African refugee takes baby hostage in Wismar, Germany.
Of course, Angela Merkel's approval ratings have plummeted.
Since the migrant wave, she had to acknowledge that it was a mistake, despite then going back and saying, oh no, it was the best thing to do at the time.
But now police forces have managed to resolve the hostage situation in the German city of Wismar.
The local foreigners authority, who are a refugee from Africa, allegedly of Ghanaian origin, have been holding an infant hostage for around five hours.
Of course, we had another incident at Milan train station a couple of days ago.
Where a migrant attacked a, I think it was a soldier there, stabbed him in the neck while chanting Al-Araqba.
Authorities say motive remains unknown.
We'll be back for the final segment of the Alex Jones Show.
Breaking news at InfoWars.com.
Don't go away.
We'll be back.
Well, we know that the left always uses children as political human shields for their arguments because you can't criticise children, can you?
We saw that with David Hogg, of course.
Anyone who dared criticise what he was saying as this national activist being given a public platform by some of the biggest media corporations in America was shouted down, was defamed as attacking children.
Of course, numerous videos banned, removed from the internet merely for calling out his BS.
They do the same thing with Greta Thunberg.
Teen climate activist tells US lawmakers, listen to the scientists.
Of course, she went on this big virtue signaling PR stunt, sailing on a yacht to New York from, I think it was Germany.
Of course, what they didn't tell you was that seven of her crew members then from New York flew back to Germany on CO2 spewing
Commercial airliners, I guess at least they were using commercial airliners and like people like Prince Harry who lecture you all day about your carbon emissions while he literally took four private jet trips in the space of 11 days.
Well now Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old Swedish climate activist, and that's not a child in the UK basically.
That's a legal adult.
So this idea you can't criticize that she's a child.
Doesn't wash legally in the UK at least.
On Wednesday implored US lawmakers to listen to the science and take real action to curb carbon emissions.
It's all about you reducing your standard of living.
Of course, as we know from this article specifically, 90% of plastic waste polluting Earth's oceans comes from Asia and Africa.
We know, for example, the thing is India puts out five times more CO2 than the UK.
China puts out more CO2 than Canada and the United States combined.
Nobody's lecturing Indians.
Nobody's lecturing Chinese people.
There's no giant propaganda machine within those countries telling them to change their behavior.
And now 90% of plastic waste polluting Earth's oceans comes from Asia and Africa.
I mean, this is an issue that at least maybe there could be some crossover.
Maybe we could agree on.
CO2 global warming is complete bunk.
All the people pushing it are all heavily invested in it.
They own all the carbon trading mechanisms.
The Rothschilds, Al Gore, the lot of them, lying to you, claiming that polar bears can't swim.
But with the whole pla