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Name: 20190916_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 16, 2019
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Our species is facing the greatest challenge in our history on this planet.
There is a technological revolution being carried out by the technocrats, as they define themselves, that is seeking to build a post-human world.
Way back in 2013, the dark side of Ray Kurzweil's transhumanist utopia, he wrote in his book, quote, The only way to conquer humanity is to destroy humanity.
That's how they supposedly declare victory to their AI god that promises them immortality if they only cast off their mortal coil.
And he also in fact quoted the Unibomber.
In his own book, he said, quote, due to improved techniques, the elite will have greater control over the masses.
And because human work will no longer be necessary, the masses will be superfluous, a useless burden on the system.
If the elite is ruthless, they may simply decide to exterminate the mass of humanity.
When I was becoming politically aware 30 years ago, the statements by the establishment calling for this nightmare plan were only in white papers and academic treatises.
But in 2019, it's now mainstream news being promoted to us like it's mother's milk.
The end of humanity is a great thing.
We're a parasite.
We're bad.
In fact, let's keep babies alive after they're born and harvest those little suckers organs.
Let's kill old people.
Let's just embrace pure evil.
So that when they come for us, when they come for you, there'll be no one left.
Our humanity is being stripped from us, and that's my main sin.
That's why I am the most demonized, most lied about, most banned person in the world, because I stand for a human future.
I want to lay out here, in the next 15 minutes or so, what's happened in the last three years to Infowars and myself, because it's a model for you and your family.
Now, I said they're setting me up as a test case three years ago.
And a couple years later, they indeed banned me on hundreds of major platforms, took bank accounts away from me, took my ability to use PayPal away, listed me as basically a terrorist in an international database.
But all of that was part of the new global social score coming, where anyone that doesn't behave the way the establishment wants
is downvoted into oblivion.
That's the plan for this modern Mark of the Beast world government system.
Up and down the middle of the country, all red.
Arkansas, Louisiana, the state of Montana, Missouri.
Yes, it was at 80% an hour ago, for Clinton.
What is it now?
Okay, ah, goddammit, I'm nervous.
Hold, hold, hold, hold.
Ohio, gone.
Okay, yeah.
I don't see a f***ing landslide here.
I don't see it at all.
North Carolina.
We'd already seen a lot of censorship against Infowars on YouTube and Google and Facebook and Twitter, where if something we put out went particularly viral and was embarrassing the establishment, they would just delete it or shadow ban it.
But when Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, they went from governing our reach down 90% to outright shutting us down 99%, where almost none of what we put out on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter reached anyone.
But that wasn't enough for Hillary Clinton.
That wasn't enough for Senator Wyden and Senator Blumenthal and Congressman Quigley and countless others.
They had hearing after hearing after hearing
Alex Jones's YouTube channel posted a video that was seen by 2.3 million subscribers.
The video violated YouTube's rules against bullying and it was removed.
Alex Jones obviously is a well-known conspiracy theorist whose brand is bullying.
Demonizing me and lying about me and saying I was working for the Russians or that I was a racist.
As of just a short time ago, and I'm talking about when this meeting started, on Twitter, if you clicked on the hashtag, NYC Terrorist Attack, which is, quote, trending, marked with a red button saying, quote, live, the top tweet links to an InfoWars story with the headline, Imam, I warned de Blasio about New York City terror.
He was too busy bashing Trump.
This is a real-time example of when we talk about this information being weaponized.
This stuff is not speech.
It's incitement, harassment, defamation.
I respectfully suggest whatever your machines are, they're not working.
And that I was doing all these things that I'd never really done to set the precedent that when I was banned, no one would stand up for me because I was supposedly a bad guy.
And once that precedent was set, using the straw man, then everybody else would then be banned after.
I predicted that, it was an easy call, and now it's happened.
Hundreds of millions of pages have been deleted.
Hundreds of millions of people have had their accounts taken away.
The Republican Party can't even put out an ad on Facebook saying, we're looking for strong women to join Trump and empower America.
That's supposedly hateful.
When Antifa goes to the home of the Senate,
Leader, Mitch McConnell, threatens to stab him and kill him.
They're allowed to put that out and use Twitter to bring people to his house.
When he linked to it and said, look what these people are doing, they froze his account and stood by it.
All because Trump and the Republican Party and others have put up with this.
F**k your wife, f**k everything you stand for.
Hopefully some motherf**kers out there with some booty dolls in these b**ches.
They then intensified the demonization on all these platforms where I couldn't respond back in a meaningful way.
I still had platforms on the sites, but no one was able to get it or basically spread it or share it.
As more Project Veritas reports came out exposing that I was the main target.
I mean, you must be a threat if they call you out by name.
They didn't call out Fox News by name.
They didn't call out anyone else by name.
They said, when it comes to Alex Jones, we need people to scroll and manually find him and manually have to find that video.
We're not going to allow that video, if it gets 10 million views, to be on the front of the so-called news carousel.
They made their big move on August 6, 2018, when I was banned on over 40 major platforms in just three days.
Recently, many of the biggest tech companies joined in a coordinated effort to censor content from broadcaster Alex Jones.
Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, all of them pulled or froze Jones' accounts on the grounds that his views are too dangerous to be heard publicly.
InfoWars just lost their war on info.
Isn't it funny, Stephen Colbert says, Alex Jones lost his war on info.
Let's all celebrate that.
Big, major corporations, led by Tim Cook of Apple, who literally runs slave factories in China, and who's moved their main base to China, and who's given all the code keys to all Apple users to the Chinese government.
That's confirmed.
Reuters reported it.
He gets up there and says Alex Jones is garbage.
We curated him out.
Like a museum.
Kind of like Hitler curated the Jews away.
Or how Mao Zedong killed 85 million of his own people in the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution.
Now being praised by the New York Times as a great leader.
These are sick, evil authoritarians, and they are now taking everybody's speech, not just mine, and telling us, front page of the Washington Post, hey, Google Nest is watching and listening to you, and it's always been listening.
It's been recording you for years, and so is Amazon's Alexa, and so is Facebook's system, and so are 20 other major companies.
Like Samsung and others watching and listening to everything you do and putting it in corporate databases.
And now they're proposing that if you say things and sound depressed or sound angry, that goes into a psychological score recorded by big data run by a new agency they're setting up called HARPA that does pre-crime that will take your guns, forcibly drug you, or send you to a psychiatric facility if you're a thought criminal.
And 2019 isn't even over.
We are in an information war.
Our objective is to destroy the false narrative by reminding as many people as possible to think for themselves and question everything.
We were effective, and so they tried to destroy us.
Alex Jones' YouTube channel posted a video that was seen by 2.3 million subscribers.
Alex Jones obviously is a well-known conspiracy theorist whose brand is bullying.
This stuff is not speech, it's incitement, harassment, defamation.
This is a real-time example of when we talk about this information being weaponized.
We survived, but we were wounded.
Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, all of them pulled or froze Jones' accounts on the grounds that his views are too dangerous to be heard publicly.
InfoWars just lost their war on info.
Obviously what he spews is hate and it's abhorrent.
We have crossed the Rubicon and there is no turning back.
We must push through to victory.
And so now more than ever, we need your support.
Our products at Infowarsstore.com are like war bonds.
Make a purchase today and support the fight.
There is now open talk of repealing the Second Amendment.
The NRA is being designated as a terrorist organization.
People are being arrested for personal opinions they post online.
We will continue to question everything and fight until the end.
So go to Infowarsstore.com and keep the fight alive.
I mean, you must be a threat if they call you out by name.
They didn't call out Fox News by name.
They didn't call out anyone else by name.
He's specifically calling you out.
Hell yes!
We're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.
We're not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore.
These cartels are coming after not just our First Amendment.
They're coming after our Second Amendment and openly saying they're going to ban all the semi-autos and come to our homes and take them, if need be, from my cold, dead hands.
Tech overlords like Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, hope that you take it lying down.
They don't like it when you do what I and others did.
Go to Congress and confront them with their treason against humanity face-to-face.
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
As fate would have it, the day that I decided to go to the White House,
...and bullhorn President Trump to take action against Big Tech censorship and attempts to steal the upcoming election.
Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, just happened to be inside, lying to the President.
You must take action against the censors!
You must take action against Big Tech!
We're live there at the White House lawn.
Alex Jones, the controversial host, Trump supporter, out there with a bullhorn.
Tucker Carlson said it best.
Infowars wasn't taken off the air because we're lying or because we're bad and the system wants to protect you.
In between all the Prozac drug ads they're pitching.
It's because the truth is so much more powerful than a lie.
They can't succeed in deceiving you if the truth is allowed to be out there in the open to challenge them.
Because we can feel it.
We can see it.
We can, as Tucker Carlson says, smell it.
Censorship does not work.
Ideas spread.
The good ones, which are rooted in nature and observable reality, take root and they endure.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
You see, there was a perfect storm.
Dying corporate media, like CNN and others, that no one believed or wanted to watch, that they have to pay to be in bars and hotels and train stations and airports.
And the dying political corporate system worldwide that the people are seeing through.
And big tech that's offering to protect old dying media and the political establishment if they just give big tech total control over everything they do, then the technocracy will protect the establishment.
And now big tech's taking over education and is spying on all the pupils in public and private education and tracking everything they do over the iPads and over the systems.
Any serious government
Any serious military that looked at this anti-human agenda and how it's unified across the planet and how it's been working for over a hundred years in the scientific community to build this breakaway civilization and this post-human world would have to come away with one conclusion.
There's some type of off-world or inter-dimensional call it satanic revelation or mystery of evil is what the Bible calls it that is literally building a worldwide government with a cashless society meant to micromanage and control every facet of our lives and it tells us that it's doing it to build a post-human world on the ashes of which this new age man or this God is going to arise from.
Don't these suckers see that this spirit that's commanding them, that's influencing them, that is animating them, that is inspiring them, that is possessing them, has come to kill, steal, and destroy?
All the science, all the Trojan horse iPhones make us depressed, make us lonely, make us not have people we love.
It destroys our lives, and it's only getting worse.
It's an incremental, soft kill, silent weapon for quiet wars.
Ambient background is being turned up just like the frog in the cold water.
Slowly turn up the heat.
It incrementally never feels the temperature until it passes out and then dies.
We can face a frontal assault.
We can face a foreign army.
But we cannot face the creeping manipulative death that is globalism and the worldwide technocracy they're building.
And so the story of InfoWars being taken off the air, being shut down, being blocked,
On almost every platform is the story of everyone in the future as this octopus, as this giant squid, as this face sucker gets firmly in control over us.
Every day that passes, we're losing our humanity.
Every day that passes, we're losing that spark and that God-like spirit that our Creator gave us.
Every day, we're losing that connection to God.
We're losing that connection to family, and to the earth, and to the soil, and to being natural, good creatures.
We are in the process
Of being phased out.
Of being destroyed.
Not because we're ugly and failed, but because we are the rightful heirs to this earth.
And because God has an incredible future for us, but had to give us free will so we could choose whether to be led by the fallen one into this system that we know is killing us, or to go with our spirit and our gut and our common sense and our ancestors crying out to us from eternity, waiting for us to join them
At the next level.
If you want to stay with the devil and the worldwide system, that's your choice.
But to all of you thinking you're getting ahead by serving the system, by going along with Facebook three months ago when Zuckerberg said Alex Jones is the most banned man on earth, they said you will not say his name in a positive way, only negative.
You will not promote Infowars.com unless you attack it.
How dangerous is Infowars?
Well, Facebook believes it's so dangerous that you can be banned from using the platform, Facebook, just for sharing its content unless you simultaneously denounce it.
That's a giant cult.
That's what re-education camps are.
And that's what it is on a giant digital scale.
And that's what we've already accepted.
Wake up and say no to it now.
In closing, I'm not worried about myself.
People say, how are you taking it?
What's it like?
What's it like watching this control grid, this cage, this web, this net being tied around humanity and watching most people asleep or in a trance?
As they're slowly fed into the mouth of this monster?
It's incredibly animating.
It's incredibly empowering.
Because I'm awake and I'm struggling against it.
And it's not my opinion.
They've said what they're doing.
They've said it's an anti-human system.
Because metaphysically, they have to tell you.
That's God's rules.
What they're doing to you.
Just like cigarettes.
They'll kill you on the package.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're being given free will.
You're being given a chance.
That's why we're still on air.
The only way we get out is through organic humans spreading the word.
The AI system is using us as a test case of how to shut down the human resistance against this.
I represent the human resistance to whatever the hell this thing is that we know is killing us.
We need to have a debate about what it is.
We need to have a debate about its game plan.
We need to have a debate about how we're going to stop it.
And for those of you that choose to join this thing, you've been given over to great delusion because
The road you're going down is not one that's going to empower you.
It's one that's going to destroy, not just your physical body, but the information you carry and who you are, your soul, that is real.
Your genetics is under attack.
Your body is under attack.
Your soul is under attack.
Your will is under attack.
And you must face the fact that you're under attack to become strong and resistant.
Don't adapt to submitting to it.
Adapt to overcome it, but first you must admit it.
Infowars quest is the human quest.
You are the resistance, we are the resistance, and we're unstoppable when we ask God for help.
A great darkness is upon us, but the darkness is there to challenge us to recognize and choose God and choose justice.
Thank you for watching.
Please get this vital information out to everyone you know.
It's Paul Johnson for whatsomeweirdsummit.news and Action 7 News.
We're here in Hong Kong.
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