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Name: 20190913_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 13, 2019
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In this segment of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses the indictment of Andrew McCabe, the potential civil war over gun control, and the "Beto Knot" t-shirt. He also talks about healthcare proposals, tech companies banning accounts related to him, and the establishment of the Free American Law Center. Perez, Customs and Border Protection Deputy Commissioner, discusses challenges in US immigration policies and how agreements with Mexico have led to a decrease in apprehensions.

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People should not be afraid of their governments.
Governments should be afraid of their people.
Our government was responsible for the deaths of almost 100,000 people.
You really want to know?
I hear him inside!
Several party members have been murdered.
Jesus Christ.
We're interrupting your regularly scheduled program to bring you this terrifying report.
It was almost as if it were a planned implosion.
It just pancaked.
Jane, what more can you tell us about the Salomon Brothers building and its collapse?
New York very much a city still in chaos.
The phones are not working properly.
The subway lines are not working properly.
The sky now black with smoke in front of us.
Just across the Tigris River here.
This is shock and awe, Tom.
To the population of Baghdad.
Shock and awe indeed.
The people you liberate will witness the honorable and decent spirit of the American military.
Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.
Come on!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
I love my dad.
I'd kill for him.
I'd go to prison for him because I love him so much.
I love Bill Clinton.
What does that make Hillary Clinton to the Bush family?
My sister-in-law.
When you are subverting the power of government, that's a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy.
What do you think of Edward Snowden?
I think he's a traitor.
Obama is the one that kills the U.S.
troops if the Russians bomb any of them.
Obama is the one that put them in harm's way.
Obama is the one using them as human shields.
It is the most corrupt, degenerate, criminal government in American history.
I'm here to warn people!
You keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
Get back!
Get back!
Get back!
Welcome to America, Isaac!
This is what we do!
We got people that have taken your asses out in this building right now.
We're armed to the teeth, and we're not scared.
You got that, you sons of bitches?
In 2012, your agency was saying, quote, the Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al-Qaeda in Iraq are the major forces driving the insurgents in Syria.
In 2012, the U.S.
was helping coordinate arms transfers to those same groups.
Why did you not stop that?
Why didn't you come forward before?
What were you waiting for?
Oh, for you, Inspector.
I needed you.
I suddenly had this feeling that everything was connected.
We're all part of it.
Are we ready for it?
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Welcome back to InfoWars coverage of the Democratic Debates Clown World Part 3.
Tonight, the only Democratic candidates allowed into the Democratic Debate are those that have met the DNC's special standards, where they were very selective and discriminatory in the manner in which they chose.
To have people be able to participate in this ABC Univision debate out of Houston, Texas.
So you have people on the stage tonight who are only popular with donors, but are not popular with actually any voters.
But because of the selective media establishment pre-screening polls that they chose to utilize, people like Tulsi Gabbard, the only Democratic candidate to voice opposition to third term abortions,
The only Democratic candidate to voice opposition to the various wars, the only Democratic candidate to voice opposition to open borders, the only Democratic candidate to say identity politics was a disaster and a debacle for the Democratic Party, the only Democratic candidate to expose Kamala Harris for her history of questionable prosecutions and covering up corruption in the government in California, is the one candidate being excluded.
So you won't be seeing her tonight on the debate stage.
The other one is Marianne Williamson, whose eclectic style of politics and interesting approach has also led to dissident ideas that the Democratic establishment will not allow the Democratic Party to hear anymore.
Let's go to a video of that.
First one is from Tulsi Gabbard, which she herself recognized the debate is basically a charade tonight because people like her are not being included in the Democratic Party is not allowed to hear her viewpoints tonight.
So let's show that video first.
...and speak the truth today against the ongoing regime change war in Syria.
That's not leadership.
No, it's certainly not.
So, how do you feel about being excluded from this next DNC debate?
Oh, you know, the DNC is trying to basically send a message to the American people that they are the all-powerful gatekeepers and that they are the ones who have the power to decide who should be considered to be our Democratic nominee or not.
But the reality is that voters in this country have that power.
So that's where I'm focused.
I'm focused on reaching out to and connecting with voters.
They're the ones I'm committed to serving.
Yeah, you'd think that a party that says it believes in diversity would like to have someone with maybe a different point of view on the issue, and you have a different point of view on some of those issues.
I think that's part of the problem with these debates is, you know, with these 30 second answers, 60 second answers, you're not really giving voters the chance to
Here, where do we stand on these issues?
What motivates us?
Why are we doing what we're doing?
What experience and credibility do we bring to this job of president and this huge responsibility of serving as commander-in-chief?
And so really all it becomes is an opportunity for the hosting media network to get high ratings or make some money off of it.
And it's just, you know, the whole thing's a charade.
And it doesn't serve voters.
That's really the biggest problem here.
Congressman Tulsi Gabbard, thank you for that.
Good to see you.
Thank you, Tucker.
She summed it up particularly aptly.
The whole thing's a charade.
That's what the Democratic debates are.
They're there for show.
They're their own clown world on display for the whole world to see.
But they make sure that actual independent opinions that reflect popular groups and popular ideas within the Democratic Party primary electorate are excluded and not heard.
It's what the Republicans wish they could have done and the Republican establishment wishes it could have done to Donald Trump.
We're good to go.
To Oprah Winfrey and other prominent Hollywood celebrities, who has noted how shocked she is that it's liberals who treat her in such a poor way, and it's actually conservatives who actually treat her in a respectable way.
That even though they disagree with her about her ideas, disagree with her on many issues, they're the ones who approach it in a manner of tolerance, in a manner of independence, in a manner of thought.
In a manner of being open to conversation and discussion and debate.
Whereas the Democrats are the ones who are communicating with her in a vile and mean and vicious manner.
And she too has been excluded tonight despite wide-scale popular support to be included within the debates by Democratic primary voters.
The Democratic National Committee, the Democratic establishment made sure her voice too would not be heard.
I think we have a hot mic that actually catches her talking about this on video.
Let's go to that video now.
What does it say that Fox News is nicer to me than the lefties are?
I'm sorry?
What does it say that the conservatives are nicer to me?
It's a bizarre world, ma'am.
It's such a bizarre world.
You know, I'm such a lefty.
I mean, I'm a serious lefty.
But they're so... I understand why people on the right call them godless.
I mean, it's like... I didn't think the left was as mean as the right.
They are!
So that's what's happening in the Democratic debate tonight.
They're trying to exclude ideas that they don't want to be heard.
Anti-war ideas, anti-empire ideas, anti-corruption ideas.
But that doesn't mean those ideas will be completely suppressed or kept out of the news.
In fact, the president himself decided to do a little air war following InfoWars style and InfoWars structure.
And flew a banner over the Houston Debate Forum tonight talking about how socialism kills, how socialism destroys, how socialism wrecks, how government control is not the solution or the answer to any set of problems we currently face.
Let's go to a video.
I think we have a video of that.
Let's go to that if we can.
Yeah, there it is.
Socialism will kill Houston's economy.
Vote Trump 2020.
That's the banner being flown over tonight, over the debate forum and in Texas tonight.
The goal is to make sure that, yeah, there's the headline video.
Trump flies banner over Houston ahead of Democratic debate.
Socialism will kill Houston's economy.
Vote Trump 2020.
And that's reflecting sort of the ideology the Democrats have embraced.
Even though people like Rahm Emanuel have warned the Democratic Party, and this is the long-standing Democrat mayor of Chicago, not exactly a Republican or independent conservative stronghold.
Former Chief of Staff to Barack Obama, President Obama.
It reflects the same, we'll give Trump credit, he borrowed from the Hillary for Prison 2016 InfoWars banner that was flown over various Democratic debates and other forums throughout the debate season that became a popular meme across the election season.
One of the most popular t-shirts ever provided, along with the Clinton rape imagery.
I think so.
That'll be one of the other keys tonight in tonight's debate to watch is will the media finally ask a tough question of any of the establishment favored candidates or any of the leading candidates.
To date the only person they've asked a hostile or adverse question to has been Tulsi Gabbard.
There's the famous, on video, the famous Clinton rape t-shirt imagery that broke through the media censorship campaign in the 2016.
And it's good to see the Trump campaign, Mr. Pascal, the campaign manager, is from Texas, to follow and mirror and mimic the various InfoWars strategies and methodologies that reached voters and ordinary voters across the political spectrum in 2016.
It was one of the reasons InfoWars has been a target of harassment and censorship since the successful 2016 campaign of President Trump.
There's the Brad Parscale in his Twitter feed has, hey Houston look up socialism sucks Trump 2020.
So the I think we're gonna see that be a popular campaign mematic throughout the 2020 campaign because of how much free stuff is being recommended.
So you have various aspects of and we'll probably see what will be offered tonight free.
Free check out of prison card which is what's been offered for illegal immigrants who cross the border illicitly.
We're good to go.
Free health care, wiping off medical debt, wiping off college debt, wiping off university debt or other forms of student debt has already been offered.
Elizabeth Warren today came out and offered more money for Social Security recipients to increase that amount.
So it's just writing checks.
Andrew Yang.
As promised tonight that he's going to do something no Democratic candidate has ever done.
Let's find out what that is.
I guess we will.
But in the interim, he has offered $1,000 free to pretty much everybody, literally everybody in the country, to write a check to them if they elect him president.
So there's been a lot of free stuff promised.
Exactly who's going to be paying for it often left in doubt and in question.
And that, in part, will lead to other questions, and we'll see how much there are specific questions asked by the press tonight, because those questions have not been asked to date.
Some of the other key factors that people are looking for and watching for tonight's debate, and to briefly go over who's going to be participating tonight, it's going to include Senator Klobacher, who we talked about.
She always listened to her Uncle Dick from Minnesota before she made any decisions.
We'll see if she has any other truisms to give us tonight.
Senator Booker, who last time Vice President Biden challenged his history of what he actually did as mayor of Newark.
We'll see if those questions arise again tonight.
Mayor Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, who's favored by some of the Obama neoliberal elite establishment types, who is one of the biggest fundraisers and is spending a lot of money to get himself elected by trying to pursue an Iowa-New Hampshire strategy.
We'll see if he has anything insightful to see tonight, aside from bashing Christianity, which has been his favorite thing to do over the last
We're good to go.
Of course, Vice President Biden, will he be able to string together sentences without stumbling?
Will he be able to show that he does not have the neurological problems that have been apparent on the campaign trail to date?
Can he keep it together for one more night?
And also, will he continue to light the house on fire, as he did partially in the last campaign, by attacking everyone who has ever attacked him?
The rumor tonight is that he will be attacking Senator Elizabeth Warren, who will also be on the stage,
For her long history as a corporate bankruptcy lawyer defending, representing, and helping the very people she now politically attacks.
In addition, of course, Senator Harris, whose campaign is on a dying vine, who momentarily resurfaced her campaign and rebooted her campaign by pursuing an aggressive strategy in the first debate, she needs to do so again tonight.
And again by attacking Vice President Biden, who is the main obstacle to her ability to unite a part of the Barack Obama coalition of upscale coastal voters with African American voters.
In addition, Andrew Yang, the tech entrepreneur, who has said he's going to do something on stage tonight that no Democratic candidate has ever done.
There's been a wild bout of rumors as to what that might be.
We'll find out.
Aside from making Asian math jokes like he did last time.
Aside from promising people lots and lots of money, there's talks that maybe he'll do a wave on his way in, that he'll wear a big gold chain, and there's just all kinds of talks.
There's various odds about that, and no one can quite get a sense of what it is that he's talking about doing.
He's done a good job of promoting himself, building interest in the debate.
We here at InfoWars have anticipated that he may be the surprise winner of the Drudge Report poll tonight, and of the most searched Google candidate tonight, compared to the establishment favorites.
In addition, of course, Beta Beto O'Rourke will be up tonight.
We'll see if he'll speak Spanish, accuse everybody of racism again.
We even have a little video of all the various allegations and accusations against ordinary people that Beto has been making in between cursing randomly in like a Tourette's Syndrome over the last several weeks and months.
So if we can, let's go to that Beto video showing Beto's recent taunts and attacks on Americans in between his cursing tirades.
...happened here in this country.
We have a racism in America that is as old as America itself.
An intolerance towards those who do not look like, or pray like, or love like, or speak like the majority in this country.
That's part of our story, and we absolutely need to tell it, to face it, to acknowledge it, if we are ever going to change it.
But we have always tried, until now, to change that.
Until this president, who so openly speaks in racist terms,
Who so openly favors one race, one religion, one kind of people in this country over every other kind of people in this country.
Proposing to ban all Muslims, all people of one religion, one faith, from the shores of a country that is comprised of people from the world over, from every walk of life, from every tradition of faith.
It's hard to imagine that it's happening in America.
But it is happening in America.
To tell people of color, born in this country, to go back to where they came from.
To describe Klansmen, and Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists, and white nationalist terrorists as very fine people, after they have marched and chanted, Jews, you will not replace us.
Someone in his maiden speech for the highest office in the land, the greatest position of power and public trust, who describes Mexican immigrants, though they commit crimes at a lower rate than those born in this country, as rapists and criminals, constantly warns
Through incessant repetition of invasions and infestations and calls people, human beings, and let's be clear, the most desperate and vulnerable human beings fleeing the deadliest countries on the face of the planet, showing up here without a dime to their name, without any prospect of hope or advancement, except that they came here to this country of asylum seekers and refugees and immigrants, this country known by the Statue of Liberty.
He calls them animals, and predators, and killers.
And this May, of this year, in Florida, as he warns about this invasion, and he asks the question to the assembled masses, what are we going to do to stop these people?
And someone yells out, shoot them!
And the crowd roars their approval in the face of that
The President signals his consent.
He smiles.
He laughs.
He encourages more of it.
Every single year for the last three, hate crimes have been on the rise in this country.
Those counties that hosted a Donald Trump rally saw hate crimes increase by more than 200%.
I want to make clear to you, to us, to the country, that what he says
And what he does does not just offend our sensibilities or understanding of the traditions of this great country.
It changes who we are as a country.
You do not get kids in cages until you've given people permission to put them in cages by calling them animals and seeking to dehumanize them.
You don't lose the lives of seven children in the custody and care of
It'll be interesting tonight how many of those lies Beto repeats.
He put together probably some of the most seminal fake news stories that have been put out there about the president.
The president did not refer to people that are immigrants as animals.
He referred to MS-13 gang members as animals because of their course of behavior in which it is adequately and accurately reflecting that course of behavior.
He did not refer to white nationalists or racists or Klansmen as very good people.
He referred to people marching to protect their history that were not part of the white nationalist group, and specifically condemned white nationalists, racists and Klansmen, which he has been doing for the better part of 20 years, since he denounced David Duke all the way back in 2000.
He did not, in fact.
That study that Beto cited actually was ultimately refuted by no less a source than Harvard and other left-leaning sources who said, in fact, it was Hillary Clinton campaign events that triggered various hate rallies, not in fact the Trump event.
So there you see three seminal lies that he strings together to create a fake overarching narrative.
And we'll see if he repeats those tonight.
Maybe he'll repeat them in Spanish as he tends to try to show off.
And we'll see if Beto Beto can make any inroads whatsoever in what is quickly a diminishing and sideshow political campaign.
He should probably stick to things like trying to do cooking demonstrations, which got mocked and ridiculed as much as his dentist exam did at the very beginning of his purported presidential campaign.
The other thing people are watching tonight that is going to be interesting is going to be really the differences between Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.
Joe Biden, in order for Senator Warren to have any real chance, currently her problem is that she's running substantially behind amongst African-American voters.
Bernie Sanders' big problem is he can't get any appeal to older voters.
And Joe Biden's problem is he can't appeal to millennial voters.
Biden feels he's being used as a personal piñata in his legacy and his political legacy of sort of establishment democratic politics being attacked by the new woke identity politics of the left.
And so all of his problem, his sort of creepy Uncle Joe problems,
His sort of, his legacy and questionable legacy in terms of promoting war, promoting bad trade deals.
Many of those issues have not been the focal point and what's more been the focal point are issues of identity politics.
Issues related to his support of segregationist politicians.
Issues related to his support of segregationist positions.
Issues opposed to busing and other positions that in the modern Democratic Party are considered forbidden.
And so because of it, he has retaliated.
He has retaliated by building up a blacklist of dirt on every other Democratic primary candidate, and has said he will be launching it repeatedly and routinely, and he has already previewed that tonight, we anticipate he will be doing so against Senator Elizabeth Warren.
Who presents a current threat to him in the various polls in Iowa and New Hampshire and seizes a more substantial threat to his candidacy than Bernie Sanders, who is considered still out of love with the Democratic political establishment and the media establishment.
So one of the things that will be interesting is there are a lot of articles about the left is losing faith in Biden's 2020 chances, the Democratic political establishment has doubts because whether he's too old, issues of health, issues of fitness, which were first reported here at InfoWars.
And when it was first reported here at InfoWars, the effect was that CNN's Oliver Darcy and others called for InfoWars to be banned from Instagram and that Alex Jones's name not even be used in a favorable light on Facebook solely and wholly because
We were the first, InfoWars was the first, to reveal the problems with Vice President Biden, former Senator Biden's health and fitness.
It's clear now you have establishment press, this is from AP, Associated Press, too old for President, health and fitness, a better question for Joe Biden.
Will he be able to get through the debate tonight without slurring his words?
Will he be able to get through the debate tonight without stringing sentences together that don't make sense?
Remember his last debate, he ended by saying, hey, text something to a number that didn't exist.
So this was how Joe Biden has handled it.
In the first debate, his famous tagline was, oh, my time's up.
Is he going to be repeating that again this evening?
So will he be able to stay in a manner that doesn't suggest senility for the three-hour debate that is taking place tonight?
In addition, will he challenge, question, or bring up the questions concerning the history of Elizabeth Warren and Elizabeth Warren's background as a corporate lawyer for big corporations, in bankruptcy cases especially, defending and protecting the various institutions she now attacks?
She now questions Wall Street, when she used to work for them.
She now questions corporate fraud, when she used to help cover it up.
She now questions any corporation trying to deny people pension benefits, or health benefits, or monies due them for causing individuals harm, particularly women that have been wrongfully harmed.
Yet that is precisely what she helped big corporations get away with doing for the better part of a decade.
Claims to be, of course, a Native American, when it turns out her family members were actually members of militias that attacked Native Americans.
She's been trying to hide this throughout the entire campaign.
And in an election where issues of credibility and issues of honesty and issues of integrity are going to be paramount within the Democratic primary process as they decide who is electable in their mindset against President Trump, it will be essential that she be able to put those issues to rest.
The media has been unwilling or unable to ask those questions so far in the debates.
Vice President Biden has forecast and foreshadowed that he is willing to do so, even if it means a little bit of self-arson for the Democratic primary and the Democratic Party's chances in 2020.
The other issues tonight, because it's a Univision co-sponsored event, it's in Houston.
They were doing polls yesterday of what Latinos, and Texas Latinos in particular, but Latinos across the country think, expect to hear questions particularly focusing on immigration, and expect Julian Castro, former HUD Secretary for President Obama, former
political ties throughout West Texas.
His brother is an elected congressman.
He was the one who famously said he wanted to make sure men could have abortion rights too.
That men who weren't women would be able to get abortion.
So he had a rather unique perspective in that respect.
He needs to find a way to break through on the Democratic stage, and this provides a particular opportunity given the Spanish role of the Univision station, given the targeting of Latino voters.
The net effect of it will be, expect Castro to try to make a particular play tonight.
We're good to go.
A new poll ahead of tonight's third Democratic debate shows frontrunners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren neck and neck.
In the Economist YouGov poll out yesterday, 24% of Democratic voters named Biden or Warren as their first choice.
They will share a debate stage for the first time tonight, along with eight other candidates.
This is Paul Johnson for whatsomeweirdsummit.news and Action 7 News.
We're here in Hong Kong.
This is Savannah Hernandez for InfoWars.com.
I'm reporting to you from Hong Kong where I'm joined by reporter Greg Rees for the next week.
This is Greg Rees for InfoWars.com in Hong Kong.
Our recent trip to Hong Kong was a new achievement for InfoWars.com.
Despite being the most banned broadcast in the free world, we continue to win because of our great, strong, loyal audience.
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Welcome back to Houston, We Have a Problem, the Democratic third stage of debates, will actually be the fifth debate, but the third stage of the debates that will be continuing throughout the election season.
We're going to have Millie Weaver, who's going to be reporting about from the debates, concerning the debates, up in a minute or two.
In reference to the Biden-Warren contrast, even MSN is reporting that Biden aims to use the debate to question Warren's corporate work.
And really where that issue will go to is not so much the fact that she worked for big corporations.
Obviously, Joe Biden himself has been a longstanding supporter of a wide range of corporate and Wall Street institutional interests.
It's more about the fact that it goes to credibility, issues of hypocrisy, issues of inconsistency that go to the core of Pocahontas's political career.
That here she is attacking Wall Street, attacking corporate America, attacking banks,
When she spent a long time serving those very institutional interests and getting rich off of them through for the better part of a decade.
Not just being an academic professor, but she's a millionaire for a reason and it wasn't off her academic salary.
It was serving and supporting and being a constituent of an advocate for the various
That's right.
She hasn't faced meaningful competition.
As part of the weakness and limitation of her candidacy and campaign is not only the inability to reach out and appeal to African American voters, but just the lack of competitive election history.
In addition, the other controversial issue concerning her has been whether or not her involvement with Hillary Clinton
Uh, is going to be an issue.
So the, in fact, it came up that she and Clinton, that Warren and Clinton have been talking behind the scenes as the 2020 race intensifies, that Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren's secret talks ignite, quote, outrage, mockery on social media and a wide range of political circles because Hillary still remains radioactive within the Democratic primary.
Uh, the, so we'll see whether or not some of those issues pop up as well.
Big questions about whether Andrew Yang is ready for prime time.
That was one of the headline articles from NBC.
He's been trying to promote himself throughout the campaign.
Has achieved a certain social media celebrity presence that has not yet translated into public opinion polls.
We are predicting that he will have some unique impact on the election in the debates tonight by trending in the Google searches, by trending in the Drudge Report polls.
Though we don't think he'll ultimately be able to win the nomination, he may be able to have a little bit of a splash.
There's also questions and concerns about whether or not Beto, well maybe he'll curse from the stage as well.
So he's already spread fake news memes and fake news stories about the president.
He's spoken in Spanish from the stage.
He's shown his bad cooking and questionable dentistry on his Instagram.
Will he tonight break a new pattern by cursing on the stage?
So we'll see what other bad patterns and precedents he'll try to establish.
And the big question, and it's very interesting, whether or not Hillary Clinton is still waiting in the wings like Hubert Humphrey in 1968 to, in her mind, save the Democratic Party from itself in the likely contested convention that people like Sean Trendy at RealClearPolitics are forecasting already would be the first contested convention really since 1972.
So the it's very interesting that she would put herself as a photograph reading emails sort of mocking the Clinton her own email scandal By sitting behind a fake Oval Office desk Just a day before the Democratic debate and that she would do so while leaking to the press that she's the one really running Elizabeth Warren's campaign as Politico and others reported so it'll be interesting to see and you see it on NBC News Warren and Clinton talk behind the scenes as 2020 race intensifies
So, clearly Clinton in the photo image is rather interesting.
The Hillary image is one the press, when Laura Ingraham used anything close to it, called it a Nazi salute.
And that appears to be the photographic image of Hillary, who the press continues to idolize for her power-seeking, power-dominating ways and tendencies.
And we'll see whether or not Hillary was able to put together a sane presentation during the Democratic debates and during the debates with President Trump during the 2016 election.
It's something Biden has not managed to do.
We had the red-eye debacle from the Climate Change Forum that turned into a political debacle for the entire Democratic Party.
Will there be more talk about that?
For example, particularly Pete Buttigieg's new obsession is banning, along with Kamala Harris, is banning straws, banning hamburgers, dictating how you can build your house, dictating what kind of car you can drive, dictating Joe Biden promised to get rid of all fossil fuels, which would be the end of our oil industry, our gas industry, our fracking industry, our coal mining industry, industries that employ millions of Americans all across the middle parts of America.
So we'll see what other kind of crazy promises they may be making tonight.
And not only free stuff, but stuff they would like to ban.
So the president got into a little bit of a controversy over wanting to ban some parts of vaping.
Maybe they'll take it a step further and a step farther than that.
So we'll be seeing tonight whether or not any of those things sort of transpire and take place, what they want to ban, what they want to give away free, what they want to disagree with in terms of substantive policy, what they want to disagree with in terms of their personal history.
What we know is that Jorge Ramos will not be asking many of these questions.
In his last, he was, well, he was universally aggressive and repeatedly aggressive with Donald Trump during the 2015 and 2016 campaign.
He has dodged asking any meaningfully tough question of any of the Democratic candidates.
And without Tulsi Gabbard up there to challenge Kamala Harris, who else will be challenged?
Who will challenge who?
Who will contest who, if anyone?
Other than the Democratic Party's race to the left.
One example of that race to the left is you even have mainstream members of the media talking about whether or not Joe Biden has moved too far to the left.
They note that his campaign is to the left of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and way to the left of Obama's re-election bid in 2012 and 2008, both of which were precedent setting in many of the liberal items of agenda items they endorsed at that time and at that juncture.
So will there be some pullback?
Will there be some restraint?
Will there be some second guessing?
So when we were earlier forecasting and predicting what the issues are in terms of looking at the betting markets, ordinary individuals can make small bets at a place called Predict It.
Other people can move, can make bets in the UK and Australia, can bet on a trading platform known as Betfair.
And what those markets are previewing is that Elizabeth Warren is the prohibitive favorite right now in the political betting markets.
So that even though you have people like Jake Johnson, you have people like Rahm Emanuel saying that they're moving to the left of Hillary, and that's crazy left, you're still seeing them embrace and run to the woke left repeatedly and routinely.
So the betting markets have to date reflected that, and Elizabeth Warren is a 34% trading favorite.
You can sort of buy and sell Warren like a stock to win the Democratic primary nomination.
This isn't to win the general election, it's just to win the Democratic nomination.
Joe Biden is a distant second, around 20%, despite his lead in the public opinion polls, as the betting markets begin to doubt his sustainability due to his mental issues that he's demonstrated and displayed to date on the campaign, and his legacy being out of touch with the new woke identity politics of the young millennial left.
In addition, Bernie is trading at around 12 or 13 percent, due in part to the media blackout of his campaign, the media undermining of his campaign, despite the fact that political reality shows that Bernie still has the strongest base of support within the Democratic Party.
People who are not going anywhere.
Bernie's millennial supporters, who are very active on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, other locations, continue to back him.
His grassroots campaign continues to be a powerful campaign,
Even if it has an openly and overtly socialistic orientation.
Hence the President's message tonight that socialism kills, socialism sucks, and Trump 2020 is the answer to it and the antidote to both.
In addition, so we'll see tonight whether or not any either one of them can sort of reach out, can reach to a new constituency, can find a memorable moment.
Because so far the only memorable moments from these Democratic debates, aside from the general insanity that will play into the
Trump 2020 campaign, like, hey, look at this candidate embracing decriminalizing illegal entry into the United States.
Hey, look at these folks celebrating free health care for illegal immigrants into the United States.
Hey, look at these folks.
Maybe they'll give tonight some more stuff like ban the plastic straw, ban the hamburger, ban the car, let's kill all fossil fuels and destroy all the jobs related to it.
Maybe we'll have some more crazy memorable statements like that.
But otherwise, the only statements that have been memorable within the Democratic primary process to Democratic voters has been Kamala Harris' attack on Joe Biden in the first debate, and then after that, Kelsey Gabbard's exposure of Kamala Harris in the second debate.
So they removed Kelsey Gabbard to make sure that couldn't happen, and instead have transgressed and moved to a new policy and procedure.
The climate change forum was particularly humiliating.
Even members of the liberal mess
Press talked about how it was a mess.
So we'll see if they try to back away from those positions or move full forward and full speed ahead.
One of the things we'll be talking about as a sort of interspersal part of this debate discussion tonight is the necessity and need for an independent legal support organization that will help bring legal remedy and legal redress for ordinary Americans that will be a counterpart to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
A counterpart that will be the ACLU for everybody, not just the left.
That these days ordinary people and everyday people across the political spectrum face a threat from de-platforming.
As Beto O'Rourke today called for extending de-platforming to de-banking.
That if you own a gun or you're connected to a gun supporting organization, that those organizations should have the banks take away your ability and your right to bank.
So they're going to debank you, decredit you, not allow you ultimately to get a mortgage.
That's the goal and objective with some of this extraordinary and extreme agenda.
So you see deplatforming is one substantial issue.
You see big media using defamation and using defamation campaigns against ordinary people.
And against independent members of the press, Alex Jones has been a particular victim, repeated victim of defamation by the institutional press.
But so have people across the political spectrum, from the Covington kids to ordinary everyday people for simply wearing a MAGA hat.
We see the same problem in the deep state.
When whistleblowers expose the deep state, like Robin Gritz who exposed Andrew McKay before they finally announced help bring about
Thank you.
Free America Law Center.
We started Free America Law Center because we needed a counterpart to the ACLU and to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Organizations that have been legal support organizations for political causes on the left for a long time.
But many ordinary Americans, many people on the political right or political independence, did not have that same opportunity afforded them.
So we created the Free America Law Center to help fight back.
Fight back particularly in the areas of big tech deplatforming, big media defamation, big government deep state whistleblowers who need protection against the institutional powers of the establishment.
That's why we created the Free America Law Center.
I don't know.
We needed a legal support organization that can bring lawyers together from across the country to offer discounted legal services to ordinary everyday individuals to fight back against the collusive power of big tech and big media.
In our legal system today, the way it is structured, those on the left often can find that kind of legal assistance.
But many on the right or politically independent or Trump supporters often cannot.
The reason is our legal system doesn't provide an effective economic means for them to be able to obtain the legal advice, the legal support, the legal backing that they need to be able to vindicate and justify their rights in our legal system.
That's what the Free America Law Center is all about.
That's why Free America Law Center supports the Covington students to help equalize the playing field and balance out our legal system so that everyone gets legal protection and legal representation.
You too can become part of it.
You can become a member and a subscriber of Free America Law Center.
Because by doing so, you are the ones changing the world.
You are the ones revolutionizing legal access for all Americans regardless of their political or ideological perspective.
No longer limited to just those on the left.
You are counterbalancing the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
You are creating equal access and democratizing the law so that ordinary everyday Americans can fight back against big tech, big media, and big powerful institutions out to deprive them of their rights.
We are here to help represent you.
We are here to help make sure those rights get vindicated and justified.
And we are only as big and only as strong as you choose to make us.
You get a weekly Q&A podcast with legal experts.
You get a constitutional Bill of Rights self-education digital book series.
You get access to newsletters and inside information about what is happening.
And as important, you get to support the most revolutionary litigation and legal representation
We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein said the death of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the resources for a people
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
InfoWars presents Real Stable Genius!
Real Stable Genius!
Today we salute you, Mr. Fake News Anchorman!
Mr. Fake News Anchorman!
Night after night, you robotically read off a teleprompter, words written by someone else.
I think my writer!
When it comes out what you reported was fake, you feel no guilt.
After all, you were just doing your job.
It's not my fault!
Less and less tune in every night.
But that won't hurt your ego.
Because you're on television.
Look at me!
So crack open an ice cold Cuck Light.
Mr. Fake News Anchorman.
Because despite the fancy suit and big salary, we know you're just a puppet.
What the hell did I just read?
Cuck Light.
Austin, Texas.
I'm standing up against those that are destroying this country as we speak.
And why am I fired up?
Because this is war!
Absolute, unabated, total war against our nation!
We bring life.
We bring death.
We are men.
We are women.
We are the humans.
We are the planet.
We are God's creation.
We are the future.
Not you!
Coming to you live from the front lines of the Info War.
We don't fear death!
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
Welcome back to coverage of Clown World 3 as we are here with Alex back in the studio preparing for tonight's debate.
We'll have our own news in about two weeks as we are reviewing various legal actions that need to be taken that will be supported by the Free America Law Center.
That's backed by members across the country to equalize access to a wide range of people against the combination of deplatforming, defamation, and deep state whistleblowers that need protection against institutional oppression.
Particularly as we see today the announcement by the Department of Justice that came out through Andrew McCabe's own counsel that the first time ever the ex-FBI director is going to be indicted.
That's the the interpretation of it that someone is a criminal defense lawyer.
No, that's what this story really means.
That is a seismic, gigantic development that we can't quantify enough.
It's why I'm so glad we're here tonight with this live coverage.
We're gonna have Millie Weaver popping in later, Caitlin Bennett on the ground for Clown World 3.
We're gonna be breaking it all down.
And you and I made the decision yesterday to not go ahead and file the suits today because of some strategic reasons.
That's great.
And it's that we're not teleprompter-run.
We're not globalist-controlled.
And what you're witnessing here is a real resistance to the globalists.
And we've been number one in the country on talk radio, number one in TV.
I mean, we're talking 60, 70, 80 million viewers a week, conservatively, every week.
The globalists tried to ban us everywhere.
It failed.
And now that beyond 300, but that same archetype of the Spartans resisting, you know, a force
I don't know.
Take on the Miller Lite commercial you just saw that Darren McBrain and Rob New put together along with Owen Shore did a fantastic job.
Or when you see things like Summit.News with Paul Watson that we helped Paul put together that's Paul's site.
That the President just retweeted yesterday.
We are getting through their electronic Berlin Wall.
And when you tweet Band.Video, it's not in the blacklist yet.
It's getting out there.
When you retweet Summit.News, when you retweet NewsWars.com as in, as banned as much as InfoWars.com, it's so precious and it affects so much change across the world.
And it's sensational.
They tried to block us.
They tried to shut us down.
They tried to silence us.
But despite that, after three years of being shadow banned, and over a year of being completely banned almost everywhere, and demonized and lied about, I mean, we were number one in the news apps on Apple.
So they just deleted us.
And said, oh, it's a curation decision.
And now they're doing it to mainline Republicans.
And so this is happening to everybody.
But the good news is Republicans are winning in special runoffs.
Trump's moving against the deep state, the Attorney General's aren't.
Good things are happening.
That's why you see the abject panic from both the neocons on the right and the controlled Democratic Party on the left.
And so this is historic.
So when you tell people about Band.Video, where the live feed of the show is, this is some video game that doesn't count.
It's not some game where you're killing dragons and you're paying the internet company to get more gold coins so you can get to the next level.
This is a real world with globalists, funded by the Chi-Coms, trying to usurp your nation, usurp your freedoms, dominate you, brainwash your children, run your life.
Everything the old-timers told me when I was a kid 40 years ago is true.
They were accurate.
They weren't nuts.
They were right.
The John Birchers, the Patriots, the right-wingers, the Americana people, and I should have known they knew.
All these guys when I was a kid growing up were like FBI agents and colonels in the military and police officers and war heroes and just farmers and local bankers.
People that knew history and World War II vets and just Vietnam vets and all these kick-ass people and you know kind of hippies and stuff that would be around at the time or whatever or even my mom she was pretty smart but she's like oh they're kind of out of it or you know my dad's a little eccentric and he wasn't eccentric he's like Hitler had was developing space planes with atomic weapons with Wernher von Braun and blah blah blah my grandfather knew Wernher von Braun you know
The point is, is that there's a lot of crazy stuff going on, ladies and gentlemen.
And we are the Americans.
You are the Americans.
I cannot kiss your butt enough how you've come through the demonization, the attacks, steadfastly supporting us.
But I'm telling you, the biggest thing you can do is spread memeworld.com.
The biggest thing you can do is share that, because it's a better version of infowares.com forward slash show.
And get it out to people and say, hey, there's alternative.
And that's why we're introducing what we know is going to be a massive bestseller, Chill Force.
Now let's look at what's in this powerful formula.
Ashwagandha root extract, an ancient medicinal herb.
Used for over 3,000 years to treat stress and relax the patient.
A special amino acid naturally found in some tea leaves.
The compound has been called the stress killer because of its powerful relaxation benefits.
An important neurotransmitter that controls functions of the body and mind, including nervous system relaxation.
GABA is a choice for many to help reduce anxiety.
Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract.
Found in the mountainous regions of Europe and Asia.
This route is considered a super adaptogen and is believed to help the body in the fight against emotional, mental, and physical stress.
It's time to do what I did and take action with the Chill Force Challenge at InfoWarsLive.com
Houston, we have a problem.
The Clown World Part 3, Debate No.
5 starts tonight.
Here co-hosting with the one and only Alex Jones as we will discuss the debates.
The debates aren't up and yet and going.
They always start late.
They do a little promo.
They self-celebrate.
They talk about how great they are.
They pat themselves on the back, remind everybody how wonderful.
In fact, it leads into a good promo that we have that I'll let Alex introduce.
And again, we've got the top political gambler.
I mean, London Guardian, Associated Press.
I mean, he really is the guy.
And he's in a briefly kind of handicapped.
Again, recap that.
We got multiple satellite feeds.
We'll be going to it as soon as it kicks off.
This is going to be different, though, than the last four rounds.
You know, two separate times of debates, but two different tiers.
Now it's one tier.
The fifth debate night, but third round.
Clown World.
In Houston we have a problem.
Caitlin Bennett and others on the ground there.
Millie Weaver's gonna be popping in later.
We've got in the other studio Owen Schroer and of course Will Johnson.
Big coverage for a few hours after of course.
And your phone calls here.
It is seven o'clock and one minute Central Standard Time.
But I love this new piece we just put together that we also posted on Carpe D'Ancum's great site memeworld.com celebrating teleprompter readers in mainstream establishment anti-American media.
Again, that's it.
Real Stable Genius.
Cuck Live.
Here it is.
InfoWars presents Real Stable Genius.
Real Stable Genius.
Today we salute you, Mr. Fake News Anchorman.
Mr. Fake News Anchorman.
Night after night, you robotically read off a teleprompter words written by someone else.
When it comes out what you reported was fake, you feel no guilt.
After all, you were just doing your job.
Less and less tune in every night, but that won't hurt your ego because you're on television.
So crack open an ice-cold Kuck Light, Mr. Fake News Anchorman.
Because despite the fancy suit and big salary, we know you're just a puppet.
What the hell did I just read?
Kuck Light.
Austin, Texas.
All right, folks, we are back live.
And again, we've got the establishment media types down in Houston who are telling you about the debate rules and what's about to happen.
We're just here covering and analyzing what they're doing.
And of course, getting ready to take your calls after it.
I'm going to try to limit how much I say, but we're going to make some limited statements here.
Let's just take the ABC News feed.
We'll be looking at Fox feeds, our own satellite feeds, where we pop it in different windows.
Here's some of what's going on at ABC News right now.
The rules of this debate are very basic tonight.
It has been agreed to by all the campaigns in advance.
Candidates will have 1 minute 15 seconds to answer a direct question and 45 seconds for a rebuttal or response, as directed by one of the moderators.
Candidates will each see green and yellow lights.
There you see them right there, indicating how much time they have remaining.
And when time is up, the light will turn red.
Candidates who interrupt will be subject to having their time reduced later on.
But this is democracy, the great American experiment, and the candidates are here tonight
To make their case.
That's not true.
Exactly, it's a constitutional democracy that protects the individual's rights against the power of the state and the collective power of the government, organized and orchestrated in any oppressive manner.
So the other thing is, if these debates were real debates, they'd be like the Lincoln-Douglas debates, or as was being popularly petitioned, they would be moderated by someone like Joe Rogan.
A lot more people would tune in, a lot more people would be interested, a lot more people would be curious, and we would get a more engaging discussion and debate.
So we're seeing these sort of self-aggrandizing media types.
You see George Stephanopoulos there, who of course worked for the Clinton campaign, made famous in the documentary War Room for his attempts and successful attempts to cover up Clinton's many, many, many scandals.
You see, in fact, there's the famous dialogue between he and Trump.
Where Stephanopoulos is trying to entrap Trump about things Trump should feel bad about.
And as Trump makes clear, he goes, well I bet you, George, feel bad about donating to the Clinton Foundation.
Because it shows what sort of partisan hack... That's the great part is watching Trump counterpunch.
So we're going to be covering all this tonight.
Obviously the big thing to watch is Elizabeth Warren's going to try to get the first place from Biden.
She's going to go after him.
You predict he'll burn the house down and viciously attack back.
Let's see what they're doing now.
Oh my gosh.
Castro, so disingenuous.
He is our money bet to go up in the odds market.
One of them.
When is she going to drop out?
I just want her to talk about Uncle Dick again.
She said she always waits for what Uncle Dick tells her.
She endorsed it!
She endorsed it!
Klobacher endorses InfoWars coverage!
Yes, should we have a problem?
Well, it's like we, I mean, everybody calls the Democrats clowns.
We called it Clown World and then the president and Don Jr.
and all them tweeted that day, Clown World.
It became a popular meme.
They didn't just say clowns, they said Clown World.
And that is how you govern as well.
So, you're going to hear a lot of ideas up here.
Some will be great.
I cannot impress upon the listeners this is listener participation.
When you get excited we get millions of extra viewers.
That's how we reach out and get around the censors as they work to shut us down, to shut your speech down.
We're a bellwether, a symbol of that.
They're able to do it.
We'll be like a standard they've captured.
This is warfare.
And when you get excited, we reach millions of people.
Send everybody you know via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, your private messaging, text message, private phone call, word of mouth, drive down the street blaring the radio.
People do it all over.
And just say memoral.com, which is on our site.
We have stuff on it.
Oh my gosh, here he is.
It is wonderful to be back in Texas, in Houston, back here at TSU.
He's trying to break down the southern border.
Okay, I'm not going to listen to this because you've already heard it.
Cue up Beto O'Rourke playing drums and getting a shave and cooking cheeseburgers on a, not even a skillet, on a non-stick pan with a metal spatula on a, now get ready for this, on a English muffin.
It's like he's a space alien or something.
And everybody exploded about it.
So here's a compilation.
Instead of hearing from Bento O'Rourke, I decided to put this together.
So here's what he has to say.
I'm incredibly saddened and it is very hard to think about this.
He smirks like a demon.
He has that weird shark smile where he smiles down.
It's very hard to think about this.
It's very sad, the kids got killed.
But I'll tell you... Oh, he rides a skateboard!
We have a racism in America that is as old as America itself.
There's the space alien cooking a hamburger.
Putting it on a English muffin.
This is our final chance.
The scientists are absolutely unanimous on this.
That we have no more than 12 years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis.
Or the earth will end, he went on to say.
And of course it didn't.
Obama just bought a big $14 million house on the beach.
Mind you, that was the third 500-year flood in just the last five years.
Oh look, he doesn't have to change the tire!
I mean...
Do you think the president is racist?
Well, Jesus Christ, of course he's racist!
I'm as hopeful as I have ever been in my life.
And tonight's loss does nothing to diminish the way that I feel about Texas or this country.
And New Supreme puts out some of the best claims.
I'm gonna have them on, whoever that is.
Wow, New Supreme.
Houston, we have a problem.
It's very hard to listen to all this baloney.
Well, take chill for us.
I'm sorry, I couldn't hear from Beto.
I know anybody wants to tune out, they can hear what he has to say about how guns are bad in Texas, man.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, we are back here.
Let's go back to ABC here.
Oh, and let's see the big announcement of Andrew Yang.
My campaign will now give a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire year to 10 American families.
Someone watching this at home right now.
Oh my gosh, Oprah Winfrey!
You get a car!
You get a car!
So he's gonna give less than $100,000 total and get all the... Oh, it's free!
He loves me!
I think he's only giving away... What is that, 10 grand he's giving away?
I think it's each month for a year, so it's like... Oh, each month for a year, so... 120 total.
Yeah, I only heard it once, but I think so, yeah.
I mean, you get a car!
You get a car!
Listen, they're all offering all this free stuff, free health care, free education, free car, free home, and you know, free income, they're up to work.
And so he's actually offering something real, at least it's to ten families.
I mean it's a total gimmick, it's a total stunt.
Out of all the soulless stunts, it's the realest one.
I agree.
And we did forecast before the debates earlier that Andrew Yang would win the Google search debate term.
That will help him win the Google search right there.
Everybody's searching.
He'll get $10 million in advertising for $120,000.
That's exactly right.
He's not giving anything free, folks.
Here, let's go back.
Let's hear it from a Buttigieg.
September 12th, the way it felt when for a moment we came together as a country.
Imagine if we had been able to sustain that unity.
This boring ferret!
It's like, but he likes dudes, so... Oh, oh, I'm sorry!
Oh, what a genius!
Oh, wow!
You know where he shoves that nose?
It's like a vampire bat nose.
Have you ever seen a vampire bat with its nose up where it drinks blood off the back of a cow?
We pull a vampire bat drinking blood up, please, seriously.
Who's like the guy from Mad TV?
You remind me of Vampire Babs.
I just keep seeing Alfred Newman.
Alfred Newman.
That's it.
I'm gonna lock you black people up!
I'm gonna lock you up!
Mama said lock you up!
That's what she did very well.
What you don't get is that the American people... She's suddenly putting on like a, like kind of a ghetto thing.
But you ain't getting good.
I'm gonna get you now, baby!
She's trying to connect to African-American women voters.
Who she used to be.
Supposed to be her base, but she hasn't succeeded yet.
They have that because every party out of power would always indict the president.
She acts like it's something new.
It's constitutionally rooted.
There's Buttigieg's little birth photo.
Let's crank her up a little bit.
Joe bloody eyed Biden.
Free stuff I will give you.
Free, free, free.
Senator Sanders.
Let me be blunt and tell you what you don't hear much about in Congress or in the media.
And that is it goes without saying that we must and will defeat Trump, the most dangerous president in the history of this country.
He stood up to China.
We'll bust his chops.
But we must do more.
We must do more.
Reckless country and we will!
More feces!
More needles!
More bankrupt colleges!
I'll get your money!
The billionaires that fund him and others because they're offshore.
I will get your money!
Oh, by the way, they've announced they are indicting Andrew McCabe, first FBI director to be done, so that's why they're so scared.
It's not going to be Trump getting indicted, it's going to be your little criminal buddies.
And yes, we will address the catastrophic... Really, why does everybody come in here then from all these islands that are devastated?
Don't they have a right and a privilege or something there?
What about Venezuela?
It's a load of crap!
Oh yeah, that'll totally shut us down.
Nobody else is to make the cuts.
Let's turn it up.
So I was born and raised in Oklahoma, but I'm sure glad to be in Texas tonight.
Oh my God, please.
Can you really reference Oklahoma and Texas?
Military bases here in Texas.
Well, she loves the military.
To the middle class.
Me, I got my big opportunity about a half a mile down the road from here at the University of Houston.
She only did two hits without her whole thing.
She's doing her Poppy Bush, uh, I'm just... Cause I'm a good ol' Texan Oklahoman!
Lied on my bar card to get in to Law School or whatever that I was engined.
So now she was Native American and now she's a Native Texan.
Listen, listen, I have kids!
I'm not an alien!
I have kids!
Look, I drink beer!
I want to talk with Chief Hill, please.
My keys are in my... I need to get them.
There you go.
And I'm gonna lead the fight to get it done.
Oh yeah, I'm gonna get you free stuff.
Vice President Joe Biden.
You know, when President Kennedy announced the moonshot, he used a phrase that sticks with me my whole life.
He said, we're doing it because we refuse to postpone.
Well, I refuse to postpone one more minute spending billions of dollars on curing cancer, Alzheimer's and other diseases, which if we invest in them, we can find a cure.
I refuse to postpone.
That would just gut us.
Their fake carbon tax that would make them trillions would literally destroy us.
There's never been a single solitary time when we've set our mind to something and we've been unable to do it.
We're walking around with our heads down like, woe is me.
We're the best equipped nation in the world.
Wait, so the Democrats tell us we suck all day, America was never great.
Now he's telling us, hey, we're great again, so he's trying to be Trump.
Well, he knows he's got the Trump tie tonight.
Once we get rid of Donald Trump.
Get rid of that bastard who's standing up to the chi-coms.
Several of you said you are more united than divided, and that is certainly true.
All of you agree on one big thing.
The goal of defeating President Trump is to open the country in a new direction.
But I don't think you know you have outlined big differences over how far to go, how fast to go.
And Vice President Biden, the differences between you and the Senators on either side of you tonight... I noticed he just turned gray.
He just turned gray.
He's doing the gray, I've got to be serious.
Do you see that pattern on me?
I'm authoritative, I'm important.
I'm George Stephanopoulos.
He was, he drank several cup lights.
It's all just free stuff.
Meanwhile, everywhere they're in control, they take everything away.
And they would raise more in taxes than you to pay for their programs.
Are Senators Warren and Sanders pushing too far beyond where Democrats want to go and where the country needs to go?
That'll be for the voters to decide that question.
Let me tell you what I think.
I think we should have a debate on health care.
He's definitely had another stroke.
He's definitely got a speech impediment.
That thing is people that do.
I'm just telling you, he used to be really a slick talker.
He needs to disclose his medical records in full.
Almost 77.
He's clearly had a neurological problem.
It's three times the defense budget every year.
How are we going to pay for it?
How are we going to pay for it?
I want to hear tonight how that's happened.
Thus far, my distinguished friend, the senator on my left, has not indicated how she pays for it.
There's the first shot I warned.
He didn't focus on Bernie initially.
There's a lot of other things that need to be done.
I have a bold plan to deal with making sure we... All the Walmart family's stolen loot.
I mean the Warren Buffets, the Walmart people, they all want to offer everybody free stuff.
It's a scam.
That was his first shot against Warren tonight.
So, let's be clear about healthcare, and let's actually start where Vice President did.
We all owe a huge debt to President Obama, who fundamentally transformed healthcare in America, and committed this country to healthcare.
Which Rahm Emanuel's brother wrote it, as Eagle Emanuel, on Fox said, no, we're gonna wreck it with this, then have single payer, the three companies that double charge you, and he laughed.
Remember Gruber said, I was hired by Obama on how to rip you off, how to triple your prices.
And I watch these old ladies, because you know, I'll go to a medical clinic, and I got like a cut on my leg, an infection, right when Obamacare was going in, about, I don't know, six years ago, whatever, seven years ago.
And the lady's like, well, my thing, my prescription used to be half.
They're like, sorry, Obamacare.
And I watched all these old women one day, when I was waiting three hours, getting more and more pissed.
Old white ladies, old black ladies, they were, because they got robbed!
But will middle class taxes go up to pay for the program?
I know you believe that the deductibles and the premiums will go down.
Will middle class taxes go up?
Will private insurance be eliminated?
Look, what families have to deal with is cost.
Total cost.
That's what they have to deal with.
And understand, families are paying for their health care today.
Families pay every time an insurance company says, sorry, you can't see that specialist.
Every time an insurance company says, sorry, that doctor is out of network, sorry, we are not covering that prescription.
Families are paying every time.
They don't get a prescription filled because they can't pay for it.
They don't have a lump checked out because they can't afford the co-pay.
What we're talking about here
It's what's going to happen in families' pockets.
What's going to happen in their budgets?
And the answer is on Medicare for All.
Costs are going to go up for wealthier individuals and costs are going to go up for giant corporations.
But for hardworking families across this country, costs are going to go down and that's how it should work under Medicare for All in our health care system.
Senator Sanders, you were invoked by the Vice President.
Also take on that question about taxes.
Joe said
Guys, this is really hard to listen to.
We publish articles every day at Infowars.com where people are being euthanized.
Who are not brain dead, who can talk and just need help in Canada and England.
It's a nightmare.
Everyone I know that lives in Canada who's well-to-do, they fly down here to get health care.
Ours is screwed up, but it used to be the best in the world.
But I mean, this argument is just a lie.
Well, they have to admit, and they don't want to admit.
Like, there, the question to Senator Warren was, who is going to pay, and are you going to have a tax increase on ordinary, everyday Americans?
And she, for the second time, refused to answer the question.
And notably, the, uh, uh, George Stephanopoulos did not follow up with her to say, why won't you answer the basic question, will you raise taxes to pay for this plant?
Because all those studies show it's free, like Venezuela!
Everyone has free healthcare!
No one can get it!
They ate the dogs five years ago!
Well, don't worry!
I will teach you!
Here, uh, we're getting Millie Weaver on to comment, but let's go back to them.
Tonight, on ABC, the healthcare industry will be advertising, telling you how bad Medicare for All is, because they want to protect their profits.
That is absurd!
That's a whole bunch of smaller insurance companies against the big three that wrote Obamacare, you lying rat!
My health care plan does significantly cut the cost of the largest out-of-pocket payment you'll pay is $1,000.
And what's crazy is, is Biden's actually trying to save it because he knows that, A, it's unpopular to take 100 million people's health care away or more and make them get this, and that, B, it's really evil.
I mean, this is freaking evil to wreck America, which they are trying to do.
It would give government complete control over people's health and the ability to get access to care.
Remember, Obama was going to have, he had the IRS over Obamacare.
Oh, in fact, the point in part, I brought one of the biggest class action, actually the biggest class action in the history of the country against the IRS, because the IRS was seizing and stealing people's medical records without their notice or knowledge, and using it as basically a potential massive data leak.
By the way, I knew about that.
You're a badass, and like you said, they never put the real badass lawyers on the news.
They always put people on that'll purposely lose it.
Two dollars more!
That are captured opposition, or captured counsel.
Yeah, exactly.
I'm not going to name any names, but I mean, you've laid it out to me.
And the system protects its own, understandably so.
So that's why they didn't talk about it.
But concentrating power with complete, exclusive, monopolistic government control over the ability of a person to get basic health care for their child, for the elderly, is simply not popular.
Providing more affordable care?
And again, folks, government monopoly?
You bring in more innovation, more competition.
When you bring government in, it always centralizes it and jacks up prices.
You bring in freedom and let people do whatever they want with health care, and literally you're going to see innovation that makes your head spin.
Well, the exact same people are saying you can't have a Twitter account.
Beto's out saying you can't have a bank account if you have certain politics.
Now they're going to control whether your kid can see a doctor?
How is that a good idea?
It's incredible.
Paul Watson, you know, one time had a cold, like 10 years ago, and he was coughing up blood, almost dying.
And I said, go to the doctor.
He said, the National Health Service won't let me go see a private doctor, even though he had the money.
He had to get permission.
So he'd go in with strep throat, coughing blood, and they'd go, oh, here's a pack.
And it would be some alpha-seltzer and some Tylenol.
No, not even antibiotics.
That's the National Health Service.
Just tough it out, buddy!
And two different things about that.
One is, everybody knows death panels are part of it.
Any study and survey has done has shown that there's big expense with the end-of-life care.
And their goal and objective, the only way you reduce end-of-life care is you just start pulling the plug on people involuntarily.
But those are death panels, so you can't say that, quoting, of course.
Bill Gates, so let's hear what Bernie, he's really mad right now, number one in the million waiver.
What people want is cost effective health care.
Medicare for all will save the average American substantial sums of money on his or her health care bill.
And the Soviet Union works well.
You want to represent the people stuck in the middle of the extremes.
Who represents the extreme on this stage?
I think you know that I don't agree with some of these proposals up here, George.
Which ones?
So I'm talking about if I could respond to some of the proposals from my friends.
First of all, Senator Sanders and I have worked valiantly to bring down the cost of pharmaceuticals.
Oh, they worked valiantly?
The person right to her ear, her left, Senator Booker, is the biggest propagandist for the healthcare pharmaceutical industry in this country.
Helped block President Trump's effort to reduce big pharma costs for ordinary people.
But it's okay because he grew up in the richest area of New Jersey in the country where there's actually 0% black people.
And then goes into Newark and becomes the Newark Savior.
Does anybody want to go to Newark today after he's saved?
wrote the bill, I read the bill.
Attorney recommends prosecuting and proceeding with charges against McCabe, which means it's going to happen.
We'll break that down in a moment.
This is huge, Mellie.
Oh yeah, this is huge news.
It's a great revelation as far as draining the swamp.
This is great news as far as McCabe goes.
Now, I want to talk a little bit about the debates right now.
We know that there's kind of a three-way battle going on between Warren, Biden and Sanders.
Biden right now, they say has the leads in the polls, but the polls aren't very trusting anyway.
We know that Warren has actually done very well this summer.
She's actually been the only Democratic candidate that has been continually accelerating as far as her polling numbers and her money raising as well.
And when I was at the last Democrat debate, I talked to a Democrat insider off record
And they were basically saying, look at the money.
They said, look at the money.
That is how you can tell who's actually really running and then who's just running so that they can promote themselves for another year in office as a senator.
Sure, who's just doing it for publicity and who's serious.
I've seen reports that the Trump administration is worried about Warren.
Do you think that's actually the case?
And then we'll get Barnes's take.
I do.
I think that Warren actually, she doesn't get as much of the flack that Bernie Sanders gets for her socialist, communist policies.
But many Democrat socialists actually say that she's just Bernie Sanders with a plan.
So her policies are very similar.
You can see today, she speaks radically.
She talks about Medicare for everyone, free college, free this, free that.
I mean, she really wants to hand out those Democrat bucks to everyone.
It almost seems like this is a
A competition to see who can promise everyone the most free stuff.
It's ridiculous.
Even Beto earlier, ABC was running a special where Beto sat down with
We're good to go.
So, this is socialism that they want.
So, I mean, I don't think, I think Trump wants the Democratic Party to believe he's afraid of Elizabeth Warren.
But in fact, he sort of gave away the game on this a couple of weeks ago when he was speaking at one of his events.
And he pointed out that he probably should have waited to give Warren her Pocahontas nickname until she actually got the nomination because he was so excited to see her.
All of the surveys and polls show that Warren is the second weakest candidate against him.
I'm going to go back to that moment.
I'm just noticing something here.
Let's go back to Sanders.
They just cut away.
They're giving Sanders most of the time.
Supposed to be Warren and Biden.
Sanders is really dominating.
They just cut away, but I've been watching.
He's gotten the most time so far.
Biden seems to be sitting there kind of wood carving.
Well our prediction was that two people to bet on, one was Julian Castro and the other one was to bet on Bernie.
You said that today on my show.
Why is he taking over?
They're all addressing him like he's the real leader.
It's happening right now.
It's his health care bill and he wants to talk about it the most and shut out Warren and show himself as the true believer of the cause.
And so it's smart of Bernie, Bernie knows he needs to continue to project through these debates dominance on policy.
Let's hear from Camilla what she's saying.
So let's talk about the fact that Donald Trump came into office and spent almost the entire first year of his term trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.
We all fought against it and then the late great John McCain at that moment at about two o'clock in the morning killed his
I'm telling you, it's big!
Donald Trump's Department of Justice is trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.
Donald Trump's administration is trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.
But she's such a lying corporate fraud, and then they even admit she got her job.
I mean, Willie Brown bragged, you know.
I'm not attacking her for that, but she's just a fraud.
Yeah, oh yeah, you know that about that.
I've said consistently she's the dumbest lawyer I've ever dealt with in any case.
Oh, you've been in cases with her?
Oh yes, yes.
Multiple cases.
And she's just not bright.
What she's good at is this.
She's good at grandstanding in the public arena.
That's literally all she's good at.
Were we able, just I know on the fly, to find that important meme that was put out at memeworld.com?
Okay, well, it's just important.
It's Camilla.
It's her on wanting to ban meat.
I mean, you know, she's come out, and I mean, being serious, Millie talked to some of the Democrats about how they want to ban meat, and de Blasio, he made a joke about it, but now they're openly saying that, Millie.
Oh yeah, they want to be on me.
They're radical.
Most of these politicians are radical that are running.
And only Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden are some of the ones that are somewhat more moderate, but the progressives are rejecting them.
The woke millennials, they don't want them.
Hold on, hold on.
I don't need to interrupt.
Biden's talking.
Let's go back.
You got insurance.
They're going to give back that money to the employee?
Matter of fact, they will.
Well, let me tell you something.
For a socialist, you got a lot more confidence in corporate America than I do.
That was a good one!
Yeah, you're good with a line.
Corporate America with socialists will screw you over so fast?
But the big globalists want socialism because then it's a centralized system to suck the money offshore!
We have 87 million people uninsured and underinsured.
That's a dogfight!
You've got to defend the fact that 500,000 Americans are going bankrupt.
Now him and Obama are bad.
They're not good enough.
You know why they're going bankrupt?
Because they suffered a terrible disease.
Cancer or heart disease.
Under my legislation... You dirty Americans, pay for it!
Go to Venezuela, you jerk off!
Lying sack of filth!
He's trying to piss people off that have cancer, but they're putting the damn viruses in the vaccines!
Become part of this plan.
They will not go bankrupt because of that.
They will not go bankrupt because of that.
They can join immediately.
And we're talking four, six, eight, ten years, depending on who you're talking about, before we get to Medicare for All.
Come on.
I've been there.
You've been there.
You know what it's like.
People need help now, hope now, and do something now.
Congressman O'Rourke.
Those vibes were very fly.
Thank you.
Listen, I'm grateful that we all agree about the urgency of this challenge and the fact that Donald Trump is undermining the limited protections that we have right now.
But I also think we're being offered a false choice between those who propose an all-or-nothing gambit, forcing tens of millions off of insurance that they like, that works for them, to force them onto Medicare, and others who want to, as the Vice President does, incrementally improve what we have, which will still leave many, maybe millions,
He wrote books fantasizing about running over children.
Get it!
This is, healthcare is the top issue for everyone in the country.
Everyone gets one minute to respond.
So, Senator, Secretary Castro, Andrew Yang, and then Senator Booker, you all get a minute.
Thank you, and you know, I also want to recognize the work that Bernie has done on this.
And of course, we owe a debt of gratitude to President Barack Obama.
Castro looks like he's like Kim Jong-un.
Well, I think that if we decide to adopt this medical for all policies that the Democrats want, our nation will forever be enslaved by the burden of paying for all these sick people's health care bills.
I mean, America is a sick nation.
People get vaccinated, they take all the big pharma pills, they eat all the garbage eugenics food, and then their bodies are sick.
And then they require all this medical care and it's a vicious cycle.
I mean, our society is rolling out of control.
It's like a snowball effect.
I can't see how we won't become a socialist country just if we adopt the medical position that these guys are wanting to take.
Angry Biden.
You're absolutely right.
That was the most smartest thing I've heard today on the show.
We've been going live since 8 a.m.
is that Big Pharma is pushing all these toxic chemicals, all these things onto us.
And then they know Fulwell is making us sicker, and then it bankrupts the system more, and they get a bigger and bigger piece of the GDP.
And they're just phasing us into this medical tyranny now, where the medical tyrants will decide who can have guns and who can't, outside of due process.
And as you were just saying, Biden's getting madder and madder, as you predicted tonight.
Yeah, he is.
He keeps, I mean, he can't control his anger, which normally he does.
I mean, you're seeing... Yeah, let's go back to Biden.
Here we go.
Fulfilling the legacy of Barack Obama, and you're not.
I would be surprised at him.
Andrew Yang.
This is why presidential debates are becoming unwatchable.
This reminds everybody of what they cannot stand about Washington.
Scoring points against each other, poking at each other, and telling each other that you're my plan.
Look, we all have different visions for what is better about our country.
That's called an election.
That's an election.
No, it's like the movie, ladies and gentlemen.
This is what we're here for.
It's an election.
He's smart to cast her there.
He would try to make his face.
He had to break through to that at some level.
They took shots at Biden, now he's taking shots at Buttigieg.
And they're just talking over each other now.
And I believe we're talking about this the wrong way.
As someone who has run a business, I know that our current health care system makes it harder to hire people.
We don't need free health care.
We just need free money.
Let's give everybody free money.
That solves it.
Don't have to worry about free health care control.
There's money for you, money for you, money for you, more money for you, more money for you.
He makes it simpler at least.
Well the leader of Zimbabwe tried that, Robert Mugabe.
Yes, yes.
Then it was like what, 25 billion of their currency was equivalent of one?
And so after that it was like, well let's kill the white people and take all their property.
And that's basically what he did.
Then now it's totally collapsed.
Oh, completely.
Because it turned out getting rid of all your best farmers is not a good idea for the economy.
...in the Cleveland Clinic, where they're paid not based upon how many procedures they prescribe.
Shocker, they prescribe fewer procedures, and patient health stays the same or improves.
That is the pitch to the American people.
Senator Booker, close out this discussion.
Thank you very much.
There are a lot of people watching at home right now, listening to us, that are afraid
Look how disingenuous Cory Booker is.
Yeah, he is naturally disingenuous.
These guys all take themselves so seriously.
He is Spartacus.
They released something that was already out that said, I am Spartacus.
Well the other people was in the Rebellion.
The Rebellion?
As a person who has an ideal, I know we cannot sacrifice our progress on the altar of purity.
Because people in my community, they need help right now.
They have unemployment insurance right now.
They have unemployment insurance right now.
So free insulin is the new promise.
Look at that guy.
I mean, would you trust him?
Man, that is a snake.
He can walk and chew gum.
If I am the leader!
If I am the Führer!
Like I said, Trump tried to cut prices massively.
They just said F you.
Several recent polls indicate their number one concern is racism.
This campus, this state, and this nation are still raw from that racially motivated... It's a bad nation.
We need to be bad and hate each other and do what she says.
Well, how else are you going to get African American and Latino voters to continue to vote Democratic?
Against their own interests.
The economy's been better, as the owner of BET said that today.
That for African Americans, the economy's never been better.
And that's thanks to President Trump.
And by the way, they're failing record numbers of blacks in Hispanic support for Trump.
That's why they're so pissed.
Of course they are.
I'll go back to Benson.
He's the most disgusting in the entire group.
Yeah, this makes up anything and everything.
If he really cares, he should give back all his money.
He admits his family took it and stole it, according to him.
His father-in-law, I mean, is a known galactic-level swindler.
He's worth like $28 billion.
I mean, there's this... Oh, well, and according to him, his family has a history of slave-owning.
That's where their wealth came from.
He thinks there should be reparations.
Well, he can start with himself, if he was honest, if he was consistent.
That's right.
Milley, where do you think all this is going?
I mean, who do you think the strongest candidate is from this lot?
I think that Elizabeth Warren shows the most promise, but I do think that Bernie Sanders has a strong base.
I think that a lot of the polls trying to show that Biden has a lead are lies, just like how we saw Hillary Clinton's polls were lying for her.
It's just because he's the establishment candidate's pick.
But I think Elizabeth Warren is actually picking up steam, and she might just surpass the grassroots effort that Bernie Sanders has behind him.
Um, I think they just look like a bunch of Skeksis up there, don't they, Alex?
I mean, they're just like, yeah, like they're, they got their claws out and now they're starting to stab each other with their claws and their daggers.
And most of the liberals are panicking because they don't want to see infighting because they're so afraid that someone might mortally wound each other in these debates because all their candidates are so fragile.
How are any of them going to even come up against Trump?
I don't think I'll do it.
You're absolutely right.
And I saw Facebook and Twitter and others as these debates began, never before at this level blacking everyone out that criticized it, banning hundreds of thousands, in some cases millions of accounts.
It was like 200 million followers of all these big meme accounts got deleted for the first debate.
And they said because we don't want anyone to stop this moment of magic.
And then it's like watching...
I'm sorry to be gross here, but I mean, it's like watching a dog get fed into a wood chipper or something.
And it's just, it's just hideous because we've had an open society, foreign money came in and hired mercenaries, and this is the traitors.
This is the scum of the earth, Millie.
The question should have been, which one of you can virtue signal the best?
And then, okay, here I am going to virtue signal about how not racist I am.
Let's speak
Let's speak Spanish, let's speak all these different languages, let's try to virtue signal and show we're these upstanding, tolerant people, when we all know the Democrats are the most intolerant people around.
That's right, wait a minute.
Have a conversation.
We're going back to Kamala Harris right now.
Let's go ahead and go to Kamala.
I know Donald Trump's a racist, but there is no red bag of courage for calling him that.
Racism exists.
Cory Booker is only Kamala Harris.
The question isn't who isn't a racist, it's who is and isn't doing something about racism.
See, if you're a racist and you don't agree with them, it's the big epidemic.
Guys, that was a cue to play the Kamala Harris piece.
Here it is.
Will you be supporting change in dietary guidelines?
And then how will you plan on implementing the changes so that people effectively change their diets?
Thank you for your question.
Now, talking about me, I had to get where I'm at today.
Suck-off married Willie Brown.
You know, he was my boyfriend, he was married, it's okay.
But he was big!
He was big!
I had to do that to get where I am today.
Yeah, mmm.
That's why I'm on this stage trying to take away your meat.
And your plastic straws.
So that's a good question.
There's meat over here.
And there's meat over there.
And we gotta get through all this meat to get where we're going.
Don't worry.
We're gonna take it all the way.
That was the wrong clip, guys.
I meant to go to Camilla Harris.
Don't screw up a game like that.
Trump is at best looking the other way on racism.
Does that sort of talk alienate voters and potentially deepen divisions?
He's gonna take the meat away here.
I believe what's deepened divisions in the country is the conduct of this president.
What conduct of this president?
Even when we defeat him?
It's not enough to just take a racist policy and replace it with a different one and expect things to just get better on their own.
Booker's got that look on his face like he's had nothing to dump in six years.
Sorry folks, I can't help it.
Two percent of people living in the South before 1867 had slaves.
More people moved to the United States who are European descent after 1867.
You do the math, it's a very small percentage of people that are generationally guilty.
Well, if your dad's a murderer and you weren't part of it, you're not guilty.
It's very Soviet to say, oh, your background, you've got to pay.
I mean, actually what it is, is racist.
I mean, most of the black people here, black people sold them as slaves.
The Muslims still have six countries selling slaves and under their interpretation of the Koran, they're black.
I mean, that's the main business still of Somalia.
But then we sit there with this person from a slaver background, literally just a few years ago, and Ilhan Omar, and then she lectures us how we're slavers.
It's you and the Barbary Coast!
It's you and the Muslim slavers!
Not me, dirtbag!
By your crazy yardstick!
If you take Kamala Harris, she admits rich, powerful slave owners in Jamaica!
I mean, this woman is incredible!
It's all a joke!
Well, it's a dangerous recreation of the blood libel doctrine that fed so much antisemitism over centuries.
So the idea that anyone should be blamed for something that their group purportedly did centuries before is a dangerous racist notion that leads to horrible evils like the antisemitism born of the blood libel against people of the Jewish faith and Jewish religious tradition.
Kelly Weaver, you're doing a fantastic job.
You're going to be filing some reports tonight.
We appreciate you being here.
I want to give you the floor, because I'm always interrupting and so is Mr. Mars.
This is how we are.
But I want to give you the floor for the next five minutes or so to really lay out your views, big topics you see in this country, how you think the Democrats are going to strike back now that it's confirmed that McCabe is going to be indicted, and your view out on the streets of America, the great reports you file, and give people your website and all the great places that people can find your research.
Okay, sure.
So, you know, I was thinking the other day, Alex, about how horrible these Democrat candidates actually are.
I mean, it's like the Democrat Darwin Awards these days, watching them campaign.
Kamala Harris, when she had this bingo
We're good.
We want to have Medicare for All, we want to have whatever, let's see, HarrisCare or BootEdgeEdgeCare or SandersCare, whatever they'll put their name in front of it, we all know what it will be.
It'll be Obamacare and it's going to make it so you can't keep your doctor, you can't keep your plans, none of it, and you're going to be paying a bunch of money so a bunch of people can continue to shove
Pepsis, you know, junk food, vaccines, antibiotics, just eating junk food up the hill, making themselves sick, chain-smoking with these vape pens, and then we all have to foot the bill.
We will forever be in a socialist country at that point if we have to foot the bill for everyone's, you know, unhealthy habits that they want to make.
Now, it's also interesting
Bernie Sanders, he had this mishap where he tried punching the punching bag and it smacked him back in the face.
I really don't feel like these Democrat candidates actually have a chance against President Trump.
And I think that what we should be most worried about is election stealing, election meddling, these social media companies trying to figure out a way to hamper and meddle with our elections.
That's the biggest
I think the Democrats are just trying to figure out who's going to be the strongest person to go up against Trump.
And right now, honestly, it's looking like they might end up going with someone like Harris, even though we know that she had the big controversy where she lied about being a certain percentage of Native American to take advantage of the diversity program so she could get all these college benefits.
But it was interesting because an article just recently came out about Elizabeth Warren and about how they did confirm, okay, she does have some Native American ancestry.
However, the irony in that is her Native American ancestor actually fought with the Americans at the time that were doing and conducting the whole Trail of Tears.
So her Native American ancestor, like her great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, Jonathan Crawford, he served in Mayor William Lauderdale's battalion, and he essentially helped fight and kick out the Seminoles, the Native Americans, from the land in Florida.
So her ancestor helped
Eradicate many of these Indian villages and ship them off and further displace them and further kill them So she claims.
Oh, I'm Native American I get to grandstand but you actually look at who her Native American ancestry was they were aiding the people kicking them out and Her other ancestry on the other side were her her non Native American ancestors were also very heavily in this tear
This Trail of Tears group of people who continue to attack the Native Americans.
So isn't it the irony right there where she wants to claim and put on this Native American act.
She's a total and complete fraud.
She's a fraud, and if anything, she's the opposite of what she claims to be.
You know, yeah, you've got this little tiny drop of Native American blood, but the Native American blood you had turned on your own people and took part in their displacement.
Well, what's happened is, Millie, is that Christianity is about knowing that we have a fallen nature and need to be better.
They've gotten rid of Christianity, they've replaced it with leftist self-hating, and the left's the new high priest that tell us
How we're all bad because of our background, the opposite of common sense, of Christianity, and of Martin Luther King Jr., and what Jesus Christ said.
So you're absolutely right.
We're gonna have Owen Schroyer...
Thank you, Bill.
Okay, you can find more of my reports at MillennialMillie.com, or you can find me on YouTube, Millennial Millie, or Facebook, Millie Weaver, or Twitter, Millie underscore Weaver.
That's where you can stay up to date with my reports as well as my live streams.
I'm going to be doing a lot more live streaming content, so make sure you check in there and hit the notification buttons on YouTube so you can be notified when I decide to go live.
That's right.
Alright, you're kicking butt.
Talk to you again soon.
Awesome job.
Just briefly here to listeners and viewers.
Let's go back to what Biden's saying.
I'm going to come back and we're going to hand the baton off.
Here we go.
That should be Mr. Meaner.
They should be out and their record should be expunged.
Every single right should be returned.
When you finish your term in prison, you should be able not only vote, but have access to Pell Grants, have access to be able to get housing, have access to be able to move along the way.
Thank you all slaves.
Pass all these laws and now promise we'll vote for him.
They'll take it away.
Yeah, so tonight it's free housing and free college for criminals.
That's the new one.
We've covered illegals, now they've got to make sure the criminal's new too.
They're going to be able to vote.
And of course they'll never deliver any of them.
Oh, Bernie wants them to vote for prison.
There won't be any potential corruption risk there, right?
We're going to come back in about 30 minutes and go back and forth with Owen Schroer and Will Johnson.
Normally you'd have Firepower going right now, 7 to 9 every night, one of the great new shows we're carrying.
Will Johnson's doing a great job co-hosting with Tom Pappard.
We're going to hand the baton to them in a moment.
Please remember listeners, we're doing more and more of these live special events.
We're at band.video.
We'll fade him down for a second.
Just fade the audio down for a second, thank you.
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All right.
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And then of course you've got The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
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And then of course, as I said, Will Johnson, Tom Pappert, and Firepower from 7 to 9.
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And a lot more coming here at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Where we are taking the globalist on at Point Blank Range.
They attempted a total takeover of the country.
They're still trying it, but we're winning and beginning to turn the corner.
But the fight has just begun going into 2020.
So thank you for supporting this populist movement to the hill.
But again, now we're going to go to Owen Schroer and the crew in the studio.
And then coming up, Caitlin Bennett is filing reports from the ground in Houston where the real circus is going on.
Thank you, Alex.
It's been pretty typical tonight from the Democrat Party.
The clown show, the clown world as we call it.
A lot of free promises, some heated debates, some spirited debate.
That's nice.
And I think things are going pretty much how we made the odds with Robert Barnes earlier today.
But let's go back.
Guys, are we live?
I don't have a monitor on the actual debate right now.
So are they live right now?
Alright, let's go live fast to the Democrat clown show.
We've seen what's happened again.
Now we have all these young people marching on Washington, making sure that things are going to change.
There has been a sea change.
Those proposals I put forward for the President had over 50% of members of the NRA supporting them.
And overwhelmingly the rest of the people supporting them.
Now the numbers are much higher because they realize what I've been saying, and we've all been saying, is correct.
Over 90% of the American people think we have to get assault weapons off the streets.
He doesn't have enough to make it to November.
We have to get buybacks to get them out of their basements.
Wow, he's calling for buybacks.
Joe Biden, buying back guns.
When did they own the guns?
You know, they keep saying buyback guns, but when did they own them?
Since when does the government own the weapons?
Good point.
I love how they're raising their hands.
You know, that's what they always do.
They always go to the kids.
It's the kids, the children, the children to try to tug on people's hearts.
Then they celebrate how they murdered him.
And sing about it.
Fine, we'll just make them hear internally.
In recent days, former Vice President Biden has said about executive orders, some really talented people are seeking the nomination.
They said, I'm going to issue an executive order.
Biden's saying there's no constitutional authority to issue that executive order when they say I'm going to eliminate assault weapons.
Saying you can't do it by executive order any more than Trump can do things when he says he can do it by executive order.
Does the Vice President have a point there?
Some things you can.
Many things you can't.
Let's let the Senator answer.
Well, I mean, I would just say, hey Joe, instead of saying no we can't, let's say yes we can.
Let's get constitutional.
Elizabeth Warren in the middle trying to raise her hand.
She looks lost like a little girl looking for a lollipop.
Now here's the lollipop sucker Kamala Harris.
I have attended more police officer funerals than I care to tell you.
I have hugged more mothers of homicide victims than I care to tell you.
And the idea that we would wait for this Congress, which has just done nothing to act, it is overlooking the fact that every day in America our babies are going to school to have drills.
Elementary, middle, and high school students.
See, Will, this is my problem.
I can't take this much more.
Just pot this fake act down real quick, this Hollywood act.
They're sitting here complaining about, we have to train our children how to hide under a desk during a mass shooting.
Oh, cause that's going to do them well.
That's really going to help them during a mass shooting, isn't it Will?
Yeah, instead of teaching them how to protect themselves.
You know, they want people to be victims.
That's what it's about.
Continue to be a victim.
No, how many people have to die?
The question isn't how many people have to die to get gun control.
The question is how many people have to die because of gun control.
Well, not enough.
I mean, look at socialism, communism.
It's all the same thing, right?
They want to bring all that in to kill as many people as possible.
Look at the areas of Chicago where you can't have a gun.
They made laws in D.C.
that you couldn't carry anything.
And the homicide rates, shooting rates went way up.
They recently changed that law and said, OK, you can have a pistol now.
And they went down.
Oh, funny how that works, isn't it?
So this whole thing of, oh, we feel so bad.
We have to show the kids how to hide under a desk.
And what, be a victim?
That's pathetic.
That's what it comes down to.
To be a victim.
Teach them how to be a victim.
Teach them how to run and hide and just wait to be killed instead of telling them how to protect themselves.
I mean, it's so backwards.
Every time there's any sort of incident, personally for me, whether it's on a national scale where something happens and I'm like, okay, I want to go get X gun.
Basically every time there's been an incident that's
moved me personally when it comes to the Second Amendment and guns.
I go out and get a gun and learn how to use a gun and learn how to be more proficient with guns.
Well, I mean, but you know what?
That's what you should do.
Let's go to the gun grabber, Beto.
Yeah, when they come and kill you when you don't have a gun.
Yeah, they're all calling for the Second Amendment to be over.
Because there's no one with a gun.
We're shot by an AR-15.
They don't stop by criminals.
Here's the key, guys.
At least the Democrats can be honest, though.
Yeah, this is only going to make them less pocket.
So go ahead and call for gun buybacks and everything.
This is fine.
Buyback guns they never own in the first place.
I'm listening to the people of this country.
The day after I proposed doing that, I went to a gun show in Conway, Arkansas, to meet with those who are selling AR-15s and AK-47s and those who are buying those weapons.
And you might be surprised, there was some common ground there.
Folks who said, I would willingly give that up, cut it to pieces.
I don't need this weapon to hunt.
I don't believe a word he's saying.
I don't believe a word he's saying.
Yeah, just like the Nazi Trump.
Nazi Trump, take our guns!
I appreciate what the congressman's been doing and I want to remind people here that what unites us is so much bigger than what divides us.
Everyone up here favors an assault weapon ban.
Everyone up here favors magazine limitations, which by the way would have made a huge difference if that was the case.
Yeah, they want to put it to one round per chamber.
That's it.
Yeah, they can't even classify an assault weapon.
I can walk up to you with a gun without a magazine or a bullet in it and knock you over the head with it.
That's assault.
Still wasn't enough to save those people.
That's what unites us.
You know what else unites us?
And I'll tell you this.
What unites us is that right now on Mitch McConnell's desk are three bills.
Universal background checks, closing the Charleston loophole, and passing my bill to make sure that domestic... The bottom line here is they know full well you have a couple hundred people killed a year in mass shootings.
It's super rare.
They hype it up.
That actually causes more people to do it.
They're hoping for it.
These are criminals that want to disarm their slaves.
They're fully aware of what they're doing.
They don't talk about the 200,000 dead in Mexico the last 10 years, where they have a total ban on guns for citizens, but one of the highest crime rates in the world.
Chicago, ban on guns, highest crime rate in the U.S.
These dirtbags know what they're doing.
They're not idiots.
They're wanton front men of international criminals that want to enslave this nation.
1776 is why this country started, when the Redcoats came to take the guns.
And if they try to take our firearms, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
We're not!
Get it through your head!
Gun owners would not only have to pass a background check, they would have to obtain a federal license to buy a gun.
This would require, as you know, Congress to pass legislation.
If Democrats can't get universal background checks, how would you get this done?
And can you name one Republican colleague of yours in the Senate right now who would be on board with this idea?
So background checks and gun licensing, these are agreed to by overwhelmingly the majority of Americans.
83% of Americans agree with licensing.
This is the issue.
It's a made up stat.
Look, I grew up in the suburbs.
I mean, it makes things up.
I came out of my home when I moved to inner city Newark, New Jersey and witnessed the aftermath of a shooting.
It's one of the reasons why shooting after shooting after shooting in neighborhoods like mine for decades, this has been a crisis for me.
It's why I was the first person to come out for gun licensing.
And I'm happy that people like... Because criminals follow the law.
And coming forward and also now supporting licensing.
It's like getting Democrats to follow the law.
Everybody knows how easy it is to get a driver's license when you go and wait four hours.
This is a crisis of empathy in our nation.
We are never going to solve this crisis if we have to wait for it to personally affect us or our neighborhood, our community before we demand action.
You want to know how we get this done?
We get this done by having a more courageous empathy where people don't wait for this hell to visit upon their community.
Here's the big, this is the big deception that these Democrats have, is that they assume conservatives or Republicans or gun owners don't want to stop mass shootings.
No, we just have the logical solution, which is arm yourself.
Like, there's this notion like, oh, conservatives just want Wild Wild West, everybody with guns.
No, we don't want that.
We want to live in a civilization.
We don't want tent cities.
We don't want drug abuse on the streets.
We don't want feces on the streets.
We want to live in a civilization.
But we recognize if there's a threat of gun violence, or any violence, or your personal security, having a gun is the answer.
We don't celebrate that.
We celebrate the fact that we have the right to protect ourselves.
You're supposed to wait on the police to show up.
Yeah, yeah.
You're supposed to wait.
You know, you're supposed to wait on the police to show up, because the police are going to show up, they're going to protect you, what is it like, five minutes, ten minutes later when the cops show up, depending on your neighborhood?
Hopefully they have a gun.
Yeah, and hopefully they have a gun.
In the state of California, you can't even go up to the person's house with a gun unless you talk to the owner.
Can I approach your house with a gun?
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Alright guys, let me throw this in real quick.
The Democrats are going full in to take the guns right now.
This is what they've always wanted to do.
The fact that they're admitting it is incredible.
You guys are going to continue here.
Again, 40-something times for every time a criminal uses a gun, good guys use guns to stop bad guys.
That's a fact.
And that's what all the law enforcement and police groups will tell you.
Get rid of restrictions, because criminals don't follow the laws.
Gun crime by lawful gun owners is extremely rare, whereas self-defense by lawful gun owners is commonplace and routine and regular.
I agree.
Let's go to Warren real quick.
She didn't like giving the Indians guns when her family exterminated them.
Mass shootings are terrible.
But they get all the headlines.
Children die every day on streets, in neighborhoods, on playgrounds.
People die from violence, from suicide and domestic abuse.
We have a gun violence problem in this country.
No, we have an evil problem.
On many steps we could take to fix it.
My view on this is we're going to not, it's not going to be one and done on this.
We're going to do it, and we're going to have to do it again, and we're going to have to come back and see.
That's it, never stop.
Get him registered and confiscate him.
I'm sure he's got the number of gun deaths in the media.
Oh, people are nice now, like that fake Texan turned his gun in.
Oh, I'll turn mine in.
The government can have it in criminal scam, but I'm going to turn mine in to show I'm good.
I mean, these people are sick.
They want to have criminals and the government monopolize gun ownership.
That's what they want.
They're not trying to remove gun violence.
They're not trying to remove guns.
They're trying to remove the ability of lawful Americans to defend themselves with guns.
That's it.
Why do you think they're going all out?
They keep saying it's popular.
No, it's not.
I guess we're like on kamikaze missions to just introduce the idea that, hey, we really want to repeal the Second Amendment.
They're saying it now after decades of denying it.
Their internal documents showed it.
They're doing our job for us now, Barnes.
They're finally admitting what everyone has long suspected reasonably was the case.
I mean, you had tonight, Beto said, yes, I'm going to confiscate.
Yes, I'm going to forcibly take them away.
Yes, you're not going to be an American anymore if you're allowed to have them.
So did Castro.
They're all saying it.
Will Johnson, why do you think they're being so honest now?
I think they're being honest because they don't have to hold back any longer.
I mean, the crazier you come out with the crazy agenda, the people believe it.
It's like, I mean, look at the Green New Deal.
AOC came out with that and they're all about the Green New Deal.
We're going to grab the calendar.
You don't have to work.
I mean, it's crazy.
Yeah, I mean, so they're going to be completely honest because they're going to be like, oh yes, yes, yes, this is what we want to do.
We want to take your guns.
We want to take the air you breathe, charge you.
You know what?
There's the storms coming.
All you have to do is pay a carbon tax and it will all go away.
I mean, the craziness that's coming out of the left is at an all time high.
And what are we supposed to do?
Oh yeah, we're just supposed to go along with it.
And then they're going to buy back our guns.
How crazy and insane is that?
When, at what point did they own our guns?
That doesn't make any sense to me.
I, I'm never, ever, ever, I don't care who they are.
I would never, ever turn in my weapons.
I'm never going to do it so they can hang it up.
And when they come along and they're sitting there saying that we have to take your gun, you have to turn it in or we're going to arrest you.
Then we're going to have a problem because I'm going to defend myself.
I'm going to defend my family.
I'm going to defend my friends.
I'm going to defend this country and I'm gonna do whatever it takes.
I'm not gonna stop.
1776 Part 2, you're on fire.
Let's hear Bernie, the commie.
He sure wants your guns.
What we are looking at is a corrupt political system.
And that means whether it is the drug companies, or the insurance companies, or the fossil fuel industry determining what's happening in Washington, or in this case,
You got an NRA which has intimidated the President of the United States and the Republican leadership.
I am proud... No, it's called the American people scumbag.
I am proud that year after year... You're not going to have your time away with this dirtbag.
...from the NRA.
And as President, I will not be intimidated by the NRA.
Yeah, all the Russians don't let you piss on them anymore, do they?
Can I respond?
A lot about what's been happening here in Texas.
Only a few weeks ago, the deadliest massacre of Latinos.
In modern U.S.
It happened in this state.
In El Paso.
So the fear among Latinos, and you know this, is very real.
So let me start with an issue that is causing a lot of division.
He supports the Mexican government suppressing the Mexicans.
He's the advocate for May Connells.
The grand representative.
I'd love to ask him, hey, does Mexico want to be coming to get free healthcare?
What happens if I ever stay?
I get put in that frickin' prison cell.
And people beg to get out of Mexican jails.
They'll serve a sentence five times longer in a U.S.
prison just to avoid a Mexican prison.
But never any of the problems of Mexico.
It's all to guilt us in our Christian ethos.
Let's go back to Ramos.
To prevent those deportations?
I mean, you've been asked this question before and refused to answer, so let me try it once again.
Are you prepared to say tonight that you and President Obama made a mistake about deportations?
Why should Latinos trust you?
Well, Latinos should look at it... I love how you're comparing this president to the president we have.
It's like, he's a mini-Ramos just to everybody.
We need 11 more.
I'd say Mexico puts you in a freakin' work camp if you're illegal.
You damn hypocrite.
You'd be shot down there.
Number two, by the time this is the president who came along with the doctors, no one has ever done that before.
This is the President who sent a letter saying he wants to find a pathway for the 11 million undocumented in the United States of America.
This is the President who's done a great deal.
So I'm proud that Mr. Trump is here.
What I would do as President is several more things because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
Which will cause an even bigger break in the border, which the UN wants.
You should come.
Surge to the border?
Did you hear that?
If you want to come here, come!
It's all free.
It was please surge the border.
That was really what he was saying.
Biden just said please surge the border.
And by the way, retrospectively, you know... The Republican Congress has not reauthorized it.
Let's put pressure on them to pass the Violence Against Women Act now.
What does that have to do with anything?
80% of women coming through Mexico get raped on their way here illegally.
That's not America.
The President did the best thing that was able to be done at the time.
How about you?
I'm the Vice President of the United States.
You were.
He means like the time he was running things.
Why were you not more crazy?
We have the most open border ever, and then it's like if you get here illegally, you sit there like Castro, like a little angry piggy.
Like, oh, America sucks so bad.
Call these people out!
You get a year of forced labor in Mexico if you're illegal.
I mean, these people are a joke!
What's amazing is that Obama is now considered too right-wing.
That's what Jorge Ramos said.
Let's hear what Jorge Ramos has to say.
Donald Trump has a dark heart when it comes to immigrants.
He built his whole political career so far on scapegoating and fearmongering and otherizing.
No, the U.N.
says they want to break our border.
They've broken Europe's border.
But my problem with Vice President Biden, and Cory pointed this out last time, is every time something good about Barack Obama comes up, he says, oh, I was there, I was there, I was there.
I can't listen to any more of this.
Let's go to Tom Papert, the co-host of Firepower with Will Johnson, weeknight, 7 to 9 p.m., right here at Band.Video.
And that's the new site.
Works really great.
We're able to send out the live feeds, able to find the archives of the show.
We're adding all the podcasts, everything.
Bandot Video is an M4 site.
Everybody should share that.
Tom Papert.
And then I want to go back to Will Johnson.
I want to go back to... Oh, they got a lot to say here.
And then Barnes and I'll come back in 15 minutes.
We couldn't help it with the gun grabbing.
We ran back in there.
We're not reading off teleprompters, folks.
We really care.
Tom Papert, who runs God Emperor Trump and manages a great TV station we're on as well.
They're in Wichita.
What the hell is it like watching this?
They're even more out of control tonight.
What are you getting from this?
You know, Alex, if this isn't giving people at home a migraine, I don't know what the hell will, because this is absolute insanity.
And to have Jorge Ramos, who, by the way, this guy looks like death warmed up.
I don't know what has happened to this guy in the last three years since he went up against President Trump and failed, but, you know, you really brought up something there.
Joe Biden just told millions of would-be illegal immigrants, we already have this quote-unquote 11 million number sitting here in our country,
And it's been that number, by the way, since I was born 25 years ago.
So we probably have 60 million illegal immigrants roaming around this country, and Joe Biden just told them more should come.
Any who come, you get a free pass if Joe Biden gets elected.
And now, he's supposed to be the moderate one, by the way, so now what we're hearing is every single candidate one-upping him on this insanity.
I look right at you like you did.
You look right at me.
So, it's truly just a fascinating spectacle to behold here.
I mean, again, you have two people on this stage who were meant to be moderate once upon a time.
You've got Biden, you have Klobuchar, somebody whose name, she's this election's version of John Kasich, by the way, who nobody still knows how to say this clown's name.
And all of these people are totally one-upping them.
We heard it a moment ago with guns, talking about children.
You know, it wasn't long ago, it was what?
Six decades ago, when children were bringing rifles to school and learning how to shoot.
You know, my family, they thought they were being hip.
They did archery instead of shooting, but it was very much a tradition not that long ago.
Not to mention the fact all of these people, every last one of them, they're totally neglecting the fact that gun-free zones precipitates violence.
You can look
On any single study, and as soon as the gun-free violence comes into play, murders abound.
Something else insane that I caught earlier was Bernie Sanders doing this complete and utter lie, saying that the existing healthcare system is going to be more expensive than his socialized Medicare for All or whatever on earth it is he's talking about.
The author of the study that he actually wrote, that he's quoting, came out and said, Bernie Sanders is lying about what my study said.
He's getting basic math wrong.
But maybe, you know, this is a guy who's never had to really balance a checkbook.
He's never had a real job.
He's never had an employee.
Now he's a millionaire because he sold books to impressionable young people.
I guess we shouldn't really be surprised.
But it looks like we have Elizabeth Warren talking now.
I kind of want to hear from Pocahontas.
I don't know about you, Will and Owen.
Yeah, let's go to Pocahontas.
It's like the Univision guy, owned by Globalist, is here to tell Hispanics, you want open borders, you want to turn your guns in, when our biggest fans are Hispanic Americans, and the polls show that most Hispanics, I've seen Mexicans living in America, who aren't even citizens, they had a big Gallup poll, they tried to hide it, 68% thinks the border's too open.
I mean, why the hell would you want all that lawlessness on the other side here?
I mean, it's just insane crap!
Oh yeah, no doubt about it.
I mean, what Senator Warren was just talking about was how she wants to get rid of ICE.
So that they would just completely eliminate the only law enforcement agency here to enforce the order.
With a failed state of Mexico.
Mexico's a beautiful country, love the food, love the people.
It's a narco-terrorist state.
It's collapsed.
The number one source of human trafficking are drug cartels.
That's the number one source of drugs.
Enemies International, 80% of the women coming through Mexico are raped.
It's not Don Johnson doing it like in Machete.
It's not happening!
And if you're in Mexico, why wouldn't you want to dump your criminals in another government or society?
I'm just sick of hearing how bad America is, and we're pretty messed up now.
Everybody else is trying to get here.
I'm sick of this crap!
I'm sick of hearing how I'm bad all day!
Will Johnson, your take on this.
We'll go back to Pappard.
You know what?
You're on fire, Alex.
I mean, you're completely on fire.
You know what?
Let me change it up a little bit.
You know, I was sitting there thinking about Talsi Gabbard.
Why is she not on stage?
Because she's popular and she's good looking and she's smart.
Yeah, and she's not for the third trimester abortion, right?
Yeah, she's for, she's, you know, she's for Christians, right?
I mean, I've seen a thing that say that if you're not for Christians, I mean, if you're for Christians, you're not a liberal, then you can't be involved.
They removed her because she came at one time talking about the LGBT, like she's not for homosexuality.
That's the reason why Google, I'm suspecting why Google didn't allow her to do her ads, why she's not on stage tonight, because she's, because she does have, she doesn't go along with this whole crazy stuff.
She wasn't establishment certified.
I mean, all she took was positions that are still to the left.
They're just not crazy to the left.
So she said, yes, we shouldn't have big tech control in the middle of an election.
Yes, we shouldn't have third term abortions.
Yes, we should not have open borders.
Yes, we should not have endless war.
Yes, we should have some reasonable trade agreements.
And she was really popular in real polls, so they got rid of her.
In other words, the polls they could not control, the polls they could not manipulate.
Things like Drudge just reports whatever people vote on his report.
Google Search just had a report in live time what was happening on Google Search.
And because of it, because she did so well and was so successful, and because she surged continually, got huge grassroots support, which the media had attempted to blacklist her from doing and from getting, that's the reason why she's not allowed to speak tonight.
We saw live tonight that Kamala Harris was pretending she was going to be tough on criminal justice and she was going to reform the system.
All the things that she failed to do while she was the Attorney General of California.
Wrongfully prosecuting innocent people and then covering up their innocence and exculpatory evidence that would prove their innocence.
She's the one who exposed them.
Tom Papert, I see you're biting at the bit here.
Well, you know, I think you guys are dead on with Tulsi, but it goes even worse and even further than that because Tulsi is the one candidate that I would love to see be the candidate.
They'll never let it happen.
Her campaign might as well be dead.
I hope she does run independent, but look, Tulsi is the only anti-war candidate other than President Trump right now.
Tulsi is the only Democrat who's not on stage yelling at the top of her lungs, impeach President Trump.
She would drive President Trump so far in the right direction on both foreign policy and big tech.
She's got lawsuits against Google.
This woman is the actual antithesis of everything all these other Democrats are running.
So naturally, they find a way to silence her.
And it's interesting, right as the debate was starting, and we're here doing our show prep while you guys were absolutely killing it in the other studio, I look at my phone and it's an Apple news alert, a communist spy news alert, telling me all the major candidates are finally on one stage.
Isn't it so exciting?
And I'm sitting here thinking, all right, you're leaving off Tulsi, you're leaving off Marianne.
No, these are your curated globalist pick candidates.
By the way, pull up the Marianne lady.
I forgot, she's gotten caught on a hot mic.
We'll play that in a minute.
We can find it, play it today.
Saying, I don't have any idea that Democrats are so vicious and hateful and mean.
And now this has been commercial free.
We're an hour and 22 minutes into this of Democratic Party debate torture, you were calling it.
It's a new way to torture ordinary Americans being subject to three hours of the Democratic primary presidential candidates.
New creative ways to torture them about how the delusional and hallucinatory world they could experience if any of these people get elected to the presidency.
You too can experience Venezuela, but in America!
And the thing is, we watch it so you don't have to.
Everybody else is screaming at their TVs too.
That's all we're doing is manifesting what you're already doing in your house here together.
Instead of bringing America to Venezuela, they want to bring Venezuela to America.
And I love Tom Pappert because he's so researched.
And we're all researched.
You are.
Everybody is.
I'd forgotten that the author of that study said Sanders inverted it.
Just total fraud.
So we're going to punch you out for a few minutes and watch you, Tom.
Watch you, Will Johnson.
Watch Owen Schroer in there.
Don't forget when this fiasco is over, we're going to open the phones up to take your calls and get your take on all this hell.
We might as well just do it sooner than that because, I mean, this is truly nightmarish.
So Owen, you go ahead and direct this.
Of the next 20 or 30 minutes, I'll try to be good and not come here and take back over.
But this is hard when they're all declaring, we're coming for your guns like King George tried in 1775 at Lexington and Concord.
This is live InfoWars coverage of this whole situation.
And again, we've got a bunch of clips we can play too.
As soon as I tell you guys in a few minutes, we'll play what one of the other candidates, the Moonbeam lady, who's actually popular in polls, had to say about all this.
And we've got some other reports.
In fact, since we've got it, here she is.
What does it say that Fox News is nicer to me than the lefties are?
I'm sorry?
What does it say that the conservatives are nicer to me?
It's a bizarre world, ma'am.
It's such a bizarre world.
You know, I'm such a lefty.
I mean, I'm a serious lefty.
But they're so... I understand why people on the right call them godless.
I mean, it's like... I didn't think the left was as mean as the right.
They are!
Well, I'm just right.
And that wasn't very nice, because they were taping her behind the scenes and put that up.
Maybe they got her permission.
But, you know, like obviously all those guys over there on the show they're doing on, what's the name of that big network that's almost as big as Fox?
And then they wouldn't let them put it out.
They claim I work for it, and they claim I'm on their radio stations, and it's not true.
Right, yeah, Sinclair Network.
A lot of local stations across the country.
Yeah, and then my ex-wife says I work for them.
It's just, it's way bizarre.
But anyways, that's a side issue.
But there she is.
So you guys, I'm sorry, go ahead and take over.
Well, I think that there's two angles we can have right now, but it's basically sit back and watch the Democrats in a structure fire, or sit back and be pissed off that the Democrats want to take your guns and destroy your borders.
So let's go back to the torture and or... I think they went to break, actually.
Yeah, finally.
No, no, finally, they were on a break.
24 minutes.
They've taken a break from their breathless, we're gonna get your guns, everything's free, communism's wonderful.
So, so perhaps we should take
Uh, a breaker player report.
We've got a cornucopia of important reports and things.
And we'll be back with Owen Schroer, Will Johnson, Tom Pavern, and others.
And normally, right now at 825 Central, it'd be Firepower, weekday evenings, 7 to 9 p.m.
And don't forget, I'm starting a new show Saturdays.
We'll be right back on the other side.
It's now live.
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What we've got right now, though, George, it's not a focused tariff on steel.
What he has done here, he has assessed these tariffs on our allies.
He has put us in the middle of this trade war, and he is treating our farmers and our workers like poker chips in one of his bankrupt casinos.
And if we are not careful, he is going to bankrupt this country.
One forecast recently says that it has already cost us 300,000 jobs.
There is soybeans that are mounting up in bins all over the Midwest, in my state of Minnesota, and in Iowa.
So what I think we need to do is to go back to the negotiations... Oh, so we're consuming less soy.
I wouldn't have put all these tariffs in place, and I wouldn't have had a trade policy where on August 1st he announces he's going to have tariffs on $300 billion of goods.
On August 13th he cuts it in half.
A week later he says he's going to reduce taxes.
The day after that he says he's not going to do it.
So Trump gets in office and inherits all these problems like bad trade deals, and then he has to sit here and get blamed for it by the Democrat Party.
But we must work with the rest of the world.
And he has made a mockery of focused trade policy.
Secretary Castro, you actually in one of the previous debates identified China as the most serious national security threat.
A child sex trafficker would want to close the borders, shut down ICE, or excuse me, open the borders, shut down ICE.
I was going to say just the opposite.
They want to open the borders, bring in the children, vampires, yes.
Drug dealers and sex traffickers and child sex traffickers would want to have wide open borders and shut down ICE.
And that's exactly what the Democrats are calling for.
But let's not make any assumptions, Will.
I mean, you know, they love the babies.
I mean, how many times have they said babies tonight?
Oh man, they love the babies.
They're like vampires.
They want to suck their blood.
They want to... You know what?
It's like they want to bring him into the abortion clinic and kill him, but then they want to bring him across the border.
Why do they want to bring him across the border?
They are all the children, the children!
And then they disappear them somewhere into the country.
What do you think, Tom?
They will.
They need a fresh supply, obviously.
I mean, you notice Joe Biden's eye is holding up incredibly well tonight.
You have to wonder how on earth you fix something like that so quickly.
It's a glass eye.
It's a glass eye.
You know, you might be onto something there.
Animatronic eye.
He's got an animatronic eye.
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the guy has a robot in his brain.
You're talking about a guy who's missing a third of his brain.
He's going to look over at Bernie Sanders and just zap him with his laser eye.
That would actually be the most entertaining thing.
But you know, we're talking about how fraudulent these people are.
There's something that really bothers me and I'll never get over this.
They all get up here and they keep saying Trump hates immigrants, Trump's targeting immigrants, the citizenship question on the census is racist against immigrants.
This is the most foundational lie I've ever seen in my life.
If you're an immigrant, you're here illegally, nobody is saying anything about you.
Nobody's saying you don't belong here.
Nobody's saying you shouldn't take a citizenship.
I mean, this notion that an illegal immigrant and an immigrant are the same thing, because that's what they do, really.
That's why they just say immigrant.
It's so disingenuous, it just drives me crazy.
But the low IQ Democrat voter doesn't catch on.
No, you're totally right, Owen.
It's the biggest slip of tongue that they've had done so far.
And I catch myself doing the same thing, whether I'm interviewing somebody or just talking.
But there is a tremendous difference.
The immigrants who come here legally, I mean, one of them is a director for Latinos for Trump down there in Texas.
And she is a huge supporter of President Trump because she's going through the right way.
She's trying to get her citizenship right now.
Then you have these people saying, if you want to come illegally, surge to the border!
Get to the border as fast as you can!
No, that's literally a Joe Biden quote.
Joe Biden literally said, surge the border.
In fact, we should almost clip that out and replay it because they're now calling... I mean, this is actually unbelievable.
The Democrats tonight have called for total communism, wide open borders and ending the Second Amendment.
And essentially an amnesty for all convicted criminals.
We're going to let them vote.
We're going to give them healthcare.
We're going to give them everything they want.
Oh, and the only price is they're the only people on earth who get guns.
And you know what?
Think about it.
When they said we're going to buy back guns,
Who bought a gun from the government?
I'm curious.
Have you ever purchased a gun from the government?
I mean, seriously, who in America has purchased a gun?
I guess now they want to make it like you purchase health care from the government.
You can purchase guns from the government.
Beto just tweeted out, we're going to take every AR-15.
He just tweeted that.
You bring up a good point, Will.
I would love to buy guns from the government.
They've got the best guns.
They've banned all the best guns and the government has them exclusively.
We could get a nuke from Eric Swalwell.
I hear he's got them for sale.
Maybe this is a second we should have.
A moment of laughter, not a moment of silence for all the people who have dropped out.
He's the only one I can think of off the top of my head, but God bless that man for getting off this stage.
Think about this.
These are the supposed top candidates.
We have a bunch of indistinguishable gun grabbers, socialized medicine lovers, and general lunatics.
You know, my big takeaway from this, and it's not even nearly over unfortunately for America,
Trump has no competition.
It's almost a sad thing because he's going to be, and everybody still has to get out and vote because we need a mandate so we can finally get some things accomplished here.
Well, and that's what I think the Democrats are going to realize here, Tom.
I think that that's what the Democrats are going to realize tonight.
And the only thing that they're going to go with, their path to victory is going to be some sort of virtue signal identity politics path, which at my estimation right now is going to be Warren and Harris on a ticket.
I think that that might be their desperate
Attempt use the whole women thing a woman of color thing and see if they can drum up enough hype with that and Then promise all these freebies and maybe that can make a couple more people vote for him But there's nobody that can stand a chance to Trump.
They all know it.
That's why they're crying for Michelle Obama to run
I don't think that's going to happen.
I think it's too late for someone new to really throw their name in the hat.
But who knows?
This whole thing is such a clown show at this point.
You know, they'll promise you a free condo on Mars in the next debate.
You know, I think you're on to something, Owen.
You know, the left is even saying that America is ready for a woman.
And they're constantly saying America is ready for a woman to be president.
And you know what?
It's not about is America ready to have a woman president.
The question is, do we have the right woman?
You know what I'm saying?
American Republicans, men, we're not opposed to a woman being president.
It has to be the right one.
It can't be one of these clowns that's sitting on the stage right now.
But here's the irony, Will, is even though they probably have that mindset, they're still denying the best female candidate, which is Tulsi Gabbard.
That's true.
That's true, because she goes against what they believe.
And I bet you, I bet you Google pays off that lawsuit for $50 million and barely bats an eye.
And we'll see if Tulsi Gabbard really wants to fight the fact that they rigged this election.
I don't think they'll run.
I don't think she'll run as an independent because she still wants to defeat Trump and she'll have some high hope if they can.
She reminds me of black people that keep voting for the Democrat ticket forever and ever and ever and they get the same thing done to them.
The left did her this way and she's going to stick with them.
She's going to stick with them.
It doesn't even make any sense.
Just like Marianne Wilson.
She'd know that the left is hateful, they're despicable, they are godless, but she's gonna stick with them.
Why do they do that?
Well, you know, it's interesting, Will.
There was an article by Pat Buchanan just a couple months ago saying, get rid of Bolton, bring in Tulsi.
And at this point, you have to wonder, these candidates like Tulsi, she is seeing the true evil nature of the Democrat Party up close and personal.
If she can't do something to reject this, I mean, it's not like I'm in love with the woman.
She's very attractive, I will give her that.
She's still an insane socialist on a lot of issues.
Same with Marianne Williamson.
I think she would be a tremendously powerful candidate for the Democrats if they would rally behind her.
But these people, especially Tulsi, I would love to see her do a 180 on the Democrat Party and run independent.
I don't know if she has the guts.
You might be exactly right.
Well, she could be trapped on that plantation.
Yeah, I mean, I would love for her to do it as well, but you know what?
All they're going to say is that she's doing this to get back at the left.
You know what?
Oh my gosh.
See, here's the thing.
The Democrats are so easy to defeat, but nobody, it's like nobody has the will to, or they're, I mean, I'm not trying to be rude.
It's like they're not smart enough to, they don't have common sense.
Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard should team up tomorrow on an independent ticket.
That would devastate the Democrat party.
But see, people aren't in it to win it.
That's what this is all about.
Nobody's in it to win it.
It's all about talking points.
It's all about social media likes and Andrew Yang dunking in a seven-foot hoop.
I mean, nobody's actually in it to win it politically.
You know what it is?
They're counting on President Trump being impeached before they even get to that point.
So then that way they can just slide in.
That's exactly what it is.
I'm so glad you brought that up.
I'm telling you, I know.
No, no, no.
This is hilarious.
This is absolutely hilarious.
So this story, I'm glad you brought this impeachment issue up, which Nancy Pelosi is running from like a cockroach in the light because she's just a criminal.
She's not really a revolutionary.
She just wants to have a bunch of money.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I apologize to Pelosi.
I'm sure she made hundreds of billions of dollars legitimately as a senator.
But this story's from the AP today.
It's the funniest thing.
They actually changed the headline.
Earlier it was Democrats in the House sign impeachment papers or something.
Now they switch it to is it impeachment if Speaker Pelosi doesn't say so.
But there's something that's not... Oh my gosh!
Nancy Pelosi looks more dead than she did yesterday.
My goodness.
There's something in this story you will not find.
If the Democrats are going to impeach Trump, what is it going to be for?
If you had a Jeopardy moment... They don't like him.
Seriously, if you had a Jeopardy thing or whatever, a family feud... It's got to be Russia.
Guess what is not in this story once?
Russia's not there.
The Democrats are now pushing for impeachment and it's not even over Russia.
And they even admit, they're like, yeah, we don't know how we're going to do it or why or what.
It's all in the story!
No Russia!
They're looking.
This has just been ongoing for so long.
In 2017, the man, President Trump, had barely been in office for six months, and Nancy Pelosi did a massive interview.
I thought this morning, when I was watching the video that's referenced in this article, I thought I was watching a video from 2017, and finally I realized, no, she's slurring more now.
She sounds less intelligent.
That is from this year.
Because it's the same exact thing.
You can't just impeach someone you don't like.
This is how insane this clown world is, where you have Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House, saying,
No guys, that's not how impeachment works.
Everybody settle down.
So while I think they would love to impeach this guy, I almost wonder, this is my kind of theory, and I know I'm not alone in this, so it's not exclusively mine.
I think that they're just basically sitting out this election.
They know none of the people on this stage right now have a snowball's chance in hell and they're waiting for big mama Michelle Obama to come out in 2024 when Trump is on his way out of the White House and she will, you know, it'll be an eight-year blip to the globalist empire and then we get right back on track.
What does that say about the Democrat Party if they're waiting for Michelle Obama to come in, for all of the ones that's up on the stage right now?
They have no confidence in anyone that's standing on that stage right now to believe that they can stand up to President Trump.
Because we all know that they can't.
And President Trump is sitting there watching.
He said he's going to DVR it.
You know, I don't have time to watch it.
I'm going to, what is it, Baltimore?
I'm going to go there and go talk to people.
But I'll DVR it, maybe watch it later.
He knows it's a joke.
They're all a joke.
And they're going to keep doing this.
This joke that they're doing on stage until Michelle Obama says, okay, okay, I don't have a choice now.
I have to go in there.
It's either Michelle Obama or impeach him.
Over what?
Because they don't like him.
Well, it would make sense.
I mean, these people are so progressive to just forego the whole first female president and just go with the first transsexual president.
I mean, it would make sense, I think.
So that could be a... You heard it here!
You heard it here!
Owen, I must inform you, that's a dangerous conspiracy theory and I believe you are transphobic, sir.
Oh, you're right!
I could end up like Joan Rivers and swimming with the fishes!
Hey, but seriously, how ironic is this?
The Democrat debates are in Houston tonight.
I think it's probably the number one oil city in America, it would be Houston.
This story comes out today, US beats Saudi Arabia to become top oil exporter.
So the US is now a top oil exporter under the Trump administration.
Administration we're in Houston tonight.
It's got to be booming because of all the oil and they're going to sit here and say we have to ban fossil fuels right in the front porch of one of the oil capitals of America, which is now booming.
So that's pretty telling I think as well.
Yeah, Houston.
We have a problem.
All right.
So then they're going to expect everyone in Houston to vote for them after this?
You know, they're even talking about shutting down all of the oil rigs, offshore oil drilling, right?
They're talking about shutting it down, but they're not talking about how they're going to replace those jobs.
How they're going to replace the people that's working those oil rigs and feed their families.
They're not talking about that.
I guess what it's going to take from the rest of us and give to them.
I mean, how does that work?
It's like they don't think things through.
You know, it's interesting, Will.
I actually heard one of them, I believe, and I may be wrong, but I believe it was Julian Castro and his coyotes that he's so worried about.
In his opening monologue, he said that he will be the candidate to turn Texas blue.
They're going to turn Texas blue by saying they're going to take away all of the oil jobs.
Now, will that happen in our lifetimes?
Is it going to be under Julian Castro's, under his wing?
I doubt it.
I really think that all these people are delusional.
And you know, it's like, what are they selling books?
Are we selling cutlery?
What is going on tonight?
Because maybe two of these people have a shot of going against Trump.
I'm thinking you've got Biden and you've got Warren have a shot of going against Trump.
If Biden makes it that long.
The rest of these guys, it makes no sense.
I don't see Biden with any chance.
I don't think Biden can make it to November.
I still think this could be Biden's last run.
I mean, he almost has to stay in it to maintain this whole facade, like the Democrats have a legit chance.
But he's not a legit candidate anymore.
He's not gonna be able to make it to November.
I think they're really looking at Warren and Harris at this point.
Sanders, he's not a Democrat, so they don't want him.
By the way, I'll tell you, there's some weird stuff going on on that stage.
There's just some weird stuff going on on that stage because, uh, did you see the way Cory Booker's eyes lit up when he was looking at Pete Bootyjudge?
Well, you know, Owen, it is campaign season, so Cory Booker has a girlfriend for now.
The politically expedient girlfriend.
By the way, uh, the crew is saying Joe has to stay as long as he's number one.
Well, he's not number one.
Elizabeth Warren has been number one for about two weeks now.
So, and I don't think Biden really wants to do this.
Let me ask you this.
Why do you, cause you know how the left, they hate white men specifically, right?
I mean, they say white men are the problem.
Why is it they're keeping Joe Biden at the top of the ticket knowing that Elizabeth Warren is number one?
Why do you think they're doing that?
Well, I've got a theory.
I mean, I've got the perfect theory.
Again, it's because they're sitting out this election.
They're putting up a guy who can't speak properly.
He's an old white male, which is of course, as we know from the Democrats, the enemy of all true progressive goodness.
So they're putting up this guy because they want an old white man, a tired old face that nobody knows, nobody likes.
He can't even speak.
He used to be able to speak when he was talking about banning about raves.
Man, the guy was charismatic.
I hate what he's saying, but he was charismatic.
And they're doing it because in 2024, I think they're totally tossing this election down the drain.
They're going to bring in Big Mama Michelle.
That's their solution to all of this.
I think that's really what it's all about.
I'm just going to say, I think they're keeping Biden at the top of the ticket just to deflect, to keep all the attention off the person that they really want.
So if all the heat is going to Biden, and they're thinking that President Trump is just going to bring heat to Biden, then he's not going to pay attention to the rest of them.
But President Trump is just watching the clown show.
He's watching the circus show.
Even President Trump said it's a problem in Houston.
I mean, seriously, we all know that they don't want Joe Biden.
They do.
I mean, I agree with you.
I think they want Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Crazy Harris.
They want both of them because they're women.
It's the year of the woman.
It was supposed to be in 2016, but now they're going to go for them.
I mean, they're all saying it, but they keep biting there, and I think it's only to deflect.
So, does this debate go till 9 or 10?
Is this a 3-hour debacle?
To my understanding, it is 10.
We have like another hour and 10 minutes.
Because I would say— We're just barely halfway done.
I mean, I don't know if there's a drudge poll open yet, but my guess would be the drudge poll is probably going to be favoring Yang, Klobacher,
Uh, maybe a Warren.
That's kind of the way I see it going right now.
We've got another hour, but this is just a nightmare for the Democrats.
I just don't see how they measure their future after something like this.
They're basically betting on America hating America.
They're basically betting on America hating all of their rights.
It's an interesting strategy.
Let's see how it works out for them, Cotton.
We're about to be joined back up by Alex Jones and Robert Barnes.
I want to kind of get Robert's take on where they stand, but do you guys agree with where I'm at?
I'm at right now, this is the deepest I've gone as far as the odds making for the Democrat presidential nomination.
I haven't actually made a guess until tonight, because I think it's too late for another person to throw their ring in the hat at this point.
I could be wrong about that, but we'll see.
There's been a lot of funding coming in.
I think they want Harris and Warren to lead the ticket.
I don't think Biden's life has much left in it.
I think tonight the internet will declare Yang the winner, and the Drudge Poll will have Yang and Klobuchar and probably Warren as the victors right now.
Okay, we do have a, let's see, what do we have here?
So far you're right.
Oh, they have Biden!
The old Biden!
Yeah, you know, Biden's been the victim!
I didn't take the victimhood into account.
So Biden, as the victim, does get up there ahead of Klobuchar and Warren.
But other than Biden sneaking up there, we had it right.
And Sanders and O'Rourke and Buttplug, they are the biggest losers.
I mean, Buttigieg, Buttplug.
It's a race to the bottom, Alex, and we're not talking about Buttplug.
And Castro, man, I mean, I'm sorry.
Mousetongues and Raymond.
Booker and Harris.
In fact, let's start at the bottom.
Let's blow that up.
I don't mean blow buildings up, like the media says.
Let's blow up the DrudgeReport.com poll, which we should have been following the whole time.
There you go.
You got Harris.
Who just nobody likes.
You got Booker, looks like he's taking a dump.
Castro's a little criminal.
Booty plug.
You've got O'Rourke, the psychopath, fake.
Sanders, who was in second position recently, he's now fallen to... Excuse me, I didn't mean for that word to slip up and delay that.
That was kind of a halfway F word.
We've got Warren.
We've got Klobacher.
Biden and Yin-Yang.
Right up there at the top.
So, so far, I mean, our prediction was that Yang would win the, uh, drudge poll, and so far he is, in fact, winning the drudge poll.
So that will be, I think...
There you go, a winner!
The only right way to go to a Democratic Debate Party, really, is to have your Alex Jones mask ready to go.
I mean, then you can really have fun and enjoy it, and it can be done properly.
You can wear it for Halloween, you can wear it for the Democratic Party Debate.
By the way, this is your idea to wear this on air, so put it on.
Oh, there you go, right there.
And by the way, I was telling you, you can buy one of these for $9.95 for Halloween coming up, or whatever, to trigger leftists.
Owen's got it on.
Yes, and then you get four more free.
So this is literally the, because these things cost like a dollar fifty apiece, and after all the shipping handling and issues and marketing, it costs about ten dollars to ship you five of these.
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Can I see that please?
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It's pretty tough, it's pretty nice, it's easy to wear.
And then all you do is, look, Alex Jones, ladies and gentlemen!
Then you got Alex Jones again!
Halloween's coming up, Alex!
Take the other one off!
So seriously, infowarestore.com, we've got these, and I wouldn't say it really supports the broadcast getting these, but it will trigger leftists, and we're going to announce the next week or so.
You can't do these big giant prizes back in the day.
$100,000 prizes for some of these.
There's a $5,000 prize, whoever shoots the best video and puts it on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, however.
And then a second place is $2,000, third place is $1,000.
But the real fun is getting involved, because Facebook says you're not even supposed to say my name, and you're not even supposed to...
Sit on our website unless it's in a negative light.
So I think you should do it like the worst you can.
This piece of filth doesn't want to kill babies after they're born.
This piece of garbage said that Epstein was raping and kidnapping kids 12 years ago in a giant blackmailing ring.
This piece of garbage doesn't want human animal clones everywhere.
This piece of filth thinks glyphosate that gives you cancer is bad.
This unmitigated piece of criminal garbage.
You know, on said floor I was giving you cancer, which it is.
Let's get cancer.
Let's have lower IQs.
I mean, I want to see videos where I am the filth.
I want to see pinatas of me being torn apart.
I want to see you pissing on the mask.
I want to see you just absolutely going reverse psychology.
And I just, I want you to put it in toilets.
I want you to drag me through the mud and just absolutely worship Zuckerberg with that meme where he's looking through the shower window and says, just checking to make sure
See if we can find that Zuckerberg, Alex Jones meme.
Just making sure that you're not visiting Infowars.com because that's how you counter this and just say no one visit Infowars.com, the site of that American who believes in freedom and believes in a republic and nationalism.
God, I'm so glad that you're only allowed to say negative things about this murdering Nazi.
Of course, no one will actually
You know, believe what you're saying.
They'll get the sarcasm.
But these are ways to fight back.
So, get your mask.
Five of them for $9.95.
In bundles of five.
And bumper stickers get thrown in.
Whatever you do, stick them in legal and lawful areas.
Because this is a very exciting time to be alive.
You had some questions, you guys, for our constitutional lawyer in-house, our star counselor, Robert Barnes.
Well yeah, you know, our odds-making of these Democrat debates are probably the best, literally, out there.
I haven't seen anybody else do it like us here at InfoWars.
And it's not really hard to do, half the people are fake, and then the whole leftist side of the aisle is just so delusional they don't even know what the hell's going on.
That's a leftist mating call!
All aboard for Venezuela!
All aboard for North Korea!
Next stop... All aboard for sex reassignment surgery!
All aboard for... don't say the word mother or father!
All aboard!
Turn your guns in!
Bring out your dead babies!
So, Robert Barnes though, as the top political odds maker here at InfoWars... Wait, is Alex Jones in the control room as well?
What the hell's going on?
We got another one?
The Real Guy Fox Mask.
Right here.
This is the actual Guy Fox Mask.
Sorry, I'll go ahead and ask a question.
So, but Robert, seriously, Infowars has been the best when it comes to the political prediction.
You guys, switch to the window in there!
Sorry, I keep interrupting.
Switch to the window!
There you go.
There he is.
Go ahead.
Sorry, look how skinny and healthy I am now.
That's a swimmer.
Sorry, go ahead.
Go ahead, Owen.
I'll stop.
Do you agree, Robert Barnes, that right now, the Democrat ticket, it looks like they want to have Warren and Harris on there.
That's what it looks like they want to me.
I don't think Biden can make it another month, quite frankly.
Harris and Warren have the energy.
Warren is leading the polls right now.
She's got the most energy at rallies.
Harris, they can come in and say, oh, we've got a woman of color on there.
Where do you think this is going?
That's where I see it going right now.
Well, right now you have three Democratic leading candidates, each of whom has sort of a black hole of problematic lacking support from a key Democratic constituency.
So Biden can't get any love from young voters.
Bernie can't get any love from old and from elderly voters.
And Warren can't get any love from African-American voters.
So as long as that stays the case, it's hard to see which of the three manages to make it all the way.
It looks now like there will be a brokered convention, a contested convention come this summer in Milwaukee.
There's no way they could allow a brokered convention.
That would be death to them.
McGovern helped put in a bunch of rules that created the craziness that was the 1972 convention where he accepted his nomination at 3 a.m.
in the morning.
It was a complete debacle.
They had Eagleton as their vice presidential nominee.
Turned out Eagleton had been through electric shock therapy.
That turned out not to be something Americans wanted in their future vice president.
So Eagleton had to be dropped and they had to seek someone else.
This has all the hallmarks of 1972.
1972 was also the last and only time that a vice president failed to win the nomination.
Hubert Humphrey ran and was defeated by the new woke Democratic primary electorate of 1972 that ran on the three A's of acid, amnesty, and abortion.
And this is similar.
We're having free illegal immigration, free health care for criminals and prisoners and illegals, but not for Americans.
It's going to be now government-controlled health care, but somehow taxes are not going to be imposed.
So a wide range of, we're going to take away your gun, we're going to take away your first amendment rights.
You know, I don't have drug syndrome, but if I want to just squeeze this horn, I can only keep doing it back.
No, it's kind of good background music, I think, for the occasion.
I mean, it's the Clown World Debate, so it's, you know.
Oh, no doubt about it.
Who's going to pick the top of the ticket?
Is it going to be Kamala Harris or Warren?
You know, I think the institutional elites wanted Harris, but she continues to sort of fail and flail and can't get there.
I mean, they removed Tulsi Gabbard from the debate platform tonight just so she wouldn't take out Harris the way she did after the last debate, at the last debate.
I think that they want her to do it, they really wanted sort of Biden to do it, but Biden's too old, he has neurological issues, and he's not woken up.
There's hardly any crowds down there, nobody likes him.
What this all speaks of is an aging, collapsing, not because of their physical age, bureaucracy that have stolen the jurisdictions they're in, that use fake polls to try to fool everybody that they're a party that even exists.
The truth is they're a parasitic group of criminals, the Democrats.
They make Republicans look like angels and they know that their time has come and so we're seeing death throes right now.
That's what we're seeing.
We're going to hand the baton over to Mr. Papert and of course Will Johnson and of course Mr. Schroyer here in a moment and then you guys are going to give the numbers out because obviously this debate is just too out of control to even supposedly cover.
It's an orgy of offering free things and enslaving the people.
We've got some big announcements we're going to make first that we're going to air also on my regular show tomorrow.
11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
because Mr. Barnes is getting back on an airplane to go take care of some business on the West Coast.
We're going to do that right now, but first I want to play this and get all of your take on it.
So far what we've been able to watch during the orgy of promising to confiscate firearms...
I don't
Microscopic compared to say drowning and automobile accidents or drug overdoses or flesh-eating bacteria or drug-resistant germs as well.
So they know what they're doing and all the studies are out there that hyping up all these big mass shootings that do happen only causes mentally ill people to think about that as something that's an option.
It's like having a Chinese food restaurant next to a Mexican food restaurant next to an American food restaurant.
You know, if you didn't have this mass shooting restaurant, people wouldn't walk into it.
But it's something put out there to weak minds, creating a domino effect or a copycat effect.
And again, major studies all admit that anybody can pull that up for themselves.
Type in major studies, prove that the media is actually triggering these with these type of lunatics that are out there.
The mass murder bills in the serotonin reuptake inhibitor class, of course, are known as so-called antidepressants to cause megalomania, psychotic breaks, mass murder, suicide massively off the chart.
It's on the damn insert.
So we should start targeting Big Pharma with lawsuits and calls for them to be blamed for it because they actually are in the wheelhouse centrally, not guns.
And then they'll back off real quick trying to take our guns.
So there's a lot of ways to stop this situation.
But I wanted to play this clip because what's amazing is Harris saying, hey, doesn't matter if it's in the Constitution, the president can't sign an executive order and make law and circumvent the legislative and of course, even the judicial and take
Power in a true dictatorship, which they keep saying Trump is doing, when the Supreme Court has affirmed every case I've seen, including a huge one just today, on his blockage of all Central America, on the so-called political refugee status, has been proven to be a fraud.
That is in the President's constitutional purview.
So here he is, Kamala Harris, not just calling for gun confiscation, but saying Joe Biden's weak because he isn't confiscating all of the guns.
So, let's go ahead and go to that video.
Over 90% of the American people think we have to get assault weapons off the street, period.
And we have to get buybacks and get them out of their basements.
In recent days, former Vice President Biden has said about executive orders, some really talented people are seeking the nomination.
They said, I'm going to issue an executive order.
Biden's saying there's no constitutional authority to issue that executive order when they say I'm going to eliminate assault weapons.
Does the Vice President have a point there?
I mean, I would just say, hey Joe, instead of saying no we can't, let's say yes we can.
And yes we can, because I'll tell you something.
Well, do you think Trump is responsible for what happened?
I said, well look, I mean obviously he didn't pull the trigger, but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition.
By the way, you can't own the following weapons, period.
They cannot be sold anymore.
You said, quote, Americans who own AR-15s and AK-47s will have to sell them to the government, all of them.
You know the critics call this confiscation.
Are you proposing taking away their guns and how would this work?
I am, if it's a weapon that was designed to kill people.
Hell yes!
We're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.
We're not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore.
Everyone up here favors an assault weapon ban.
Everyone up here favors magazine limitations, which, by the way, would have made a huge difference if that was in place.
They know full well you have a couple hundred people killed a year in mass shootings.
It's super rare.
They hype it up.
That actually causes more people to do it.
They're hoping for it.
These are criminals that want to disarm their slaves.
They're fully aware of what they're doing.
They don't know about the 200,000 dead in Mexico the last 10 years, where they have a total ban on guns for citizens.
Those Supreme
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's go to Tom Papert now and we'll go down the line here and get his take on that amazing exchange we just played right there.
It was utterly disturbing.
The most, what was with Kamala Harris there?
That was the strangest voice.
That woman seems to have 15 different personalities all trapped within her fragile mind.
And that was just bizarre.
She sounded like a college frat girl who'd had one too many drinks.
Hey, Joe, let's just take the guns.
It's no big deal, Joe.
Say yes, we can take the guns.
That was utterly bizarre.
And again, I think it shows that these Democrats, they think that they're either delusional and they think that they finally got the fire in the American bellies to take our guns
And like Alex said, 1776 will commence again, or else they're just throwing it away.
They're just throwing it away at this point.
Is it me, or did Kamala Harris sound drunk in that exchange?
I didn't notice it the first time, but she sounded drunk.
Oh, Joe!
Just say yes we can.
It's gonna be alright, Joe.
Just say yes we can take the guns.
I mean, hey, a little liquid courage, I mean, you know, fine.
And by the way, he wasn't even saying we can't do it if we pass a law.
She's saying outside of Congress, you're the constitutional lawyer, let's go to Barnes and then to Johnson and Owen.
I mean, this is outrageous.
He's saying you can't do that, it's unconstitutional.
She's saying become a dictator, everything they accused Trump of.
So Kamala Harris just said we need a dictator to circumvent Congress and confiscate 90% of the guns.
Yeah, what she said specifically was, yes we can violate the Second Amendment.
That's what yes we can means.
Yes we can means that if she's elected, and almost any of the other Democrats who are elected on stage are going to take the position that they can take executive orders beyond even what President Obama was willing to do.
And to directly infringe Second Amendment rights, according to Vice President Joe Biden!
You know, this isn't a liberal or left-leaning position.
This is someone on the left, Joe Biden, saying that this would be a violation of fundamental constitutional Second Amendment rights.
And the fact that he can say that, and yet the Kamala Harris sort of march on in this cause of confiscation, to where the most viral moment tonight within the Democratic primary process on social media,
We're good.
I don't know.
We'll just be a dictator.
I mean, whoa!
These are the people that under the law, the Bill of Rights and Constitution, we don't just have a right but a duty to resist and we don't even want to go to war with them.
They're coming to war with us.
Why do you think?
I'm gonna go to the other guys.
Why do you think they've gone from denying this behind the scenes, doing it in every other country, every blue city, to now admitting, we're coming to take your guns, we're taking your kids, and we're going to teach them to chop their genitals off.
I mean, these people are just, and I've got a seven minute video here today of Democrats going, I love to kill my baby, especially little girls.
I love to stand over their dead body.
I've got articles where they take photos of the dead bodies and the women celebrate it and have sex with their boyfriend and get me pregnant again.
I'm like, kill another little bastard.
And I'm watching this and they're on TV going, get that little bastard on Netflix and just rip them.
It's not Hellraiser.
It's not a fake movie.
These people are literally psychotics.
Well, if you go back, it's sort of very much like the Burkean critique of the French Revolution, which is that once you abandon standards, abandon traditions, abandon religion, abandon certain community ideas and ideals that have been here with our history and precedent forever, once you abandon sort of Gary Will's understanding of conservatism, which he documented in his brilliant book, Nixon Agonistics, once you do that, you have no standards and you end up with guillotine culture.
Because the very worst takes over.
You sink right to the worst, and the worst takes charge.
Because you have to out-radical what was radical.
You have to become even more radical.
First we killed off the princes and the popes and the kings, okay.
Well, who do we kill off next?
Well, we start killing off commoners.
Well, that's not really enough.
Let's start killing off each other.
I mean, that's what the French were like.
Well, that farmer's got a better crop than me.
I'll just murder him!
It's sort of where Mugabe went with the sort of craziness of his policies and politics.
It's about power, the worship of power, and the lack of respect for certain tradition and limits on the abuse and misuse of power.
Because Christianity in its real form is about limits on that and not running over people.
And instead Christianity's now been about letting the evil run over you.
Amazing points.
Will Johnson, Owen Schroyer.
Well let me just say, on the note that you made earlier, how the Democrats have gone from denying they want to do this, I mean, conservatives and media have been saying forever, the left wants to take your guns, the left wants to open the border, and they've denied, denied, denied.
Well, like you said, they're not denying it anymore.
I mean, let's be clear, this is, I mean, they're literally, Joe Biden literally said, surge the border.
He literally called for an invasion at the southern border.
And then you have Kamala Harris debating with others how they can take the guns away.
Beto O'Rourke saying, yeah, we're going to take your guns.
I mean, this is a communist revolution here.
These are revolutionaries on a debate stage right now.
So all, like you said, Alex, all this denial, oh, we don't want to take your guns.
Oh, we don't want to open borders.
They can't deny it anymore.
They can't deny it anymore.
So when they get the guns and they take the guns from everyone, what are they going to do with them?
They're going to destroy them?
I mean, I think that's the idea, right?
Once they disarm the population, guess what comes next?
They're going to start killing off people because aborting children is not enough.
Killing them in the womb is not enough.
So they have to get to the point to where they want to bring down the population on the planet.
And you know, America right now, we are the leaders in the free world, right?
So how do you change it and bring on a dictatorship in the world with the UN when you have Americans that have all the firearms?
What is it?
A gun behind every blade of grass in America?
And they know it's true!
And we'll continue.
Because you just said it all.
And try to queue up that little short Harry Grathwald who infiltrated the Weathermen.
He's there with all these top people with PhDs about how they're going to put 50 million Americans in death camps and kill 25 million of them.
The other in forced labor.
You have to understand, he's not just saying that.
The left's everywhere saying they're going to kill
Trump supporters.
They're going to kill nationalists.
They're going to kill veterans.
White people are inherently bad.
All this insane stuff in a classic communist revolution directed against us with China owning Hollywood doing all this.
It's outrageous.
It's insane.
It's wild.
And yes, that's why we have a Second Amendment.
They are showing us their hand.
Will, why do you think they're going to say, yes, we are pedophiles.
Yes, we love killing babies after they're born.
Yes, we're going to take all your guns.
Yes, we're going to rush the border.
I mean, what the hell is going on here?
You know what it is?
We're in a stage right now.
We're in our life.
Let me do my turbo force here.
But we're at a stage right now in our lives where we're seeing how the Democrats are completely in agreement with Satan.
I mean, that's exactly what it is.
When you have these people bum-rushing these children and they're sending them, Owen's been to these drag queen storytelling time, when they're trying to get these children to be indoctrinated, to believe that these grown men that are straight up pedophiles,
It's the new trend and it's okay.
You're supposed to go along with it.
And then when you speak out against it, they try to say that you're hateful, you're homophobic.
You know, before the LGBTQ, they used to deny that they were all about pedophilia.
And then they adopted the P, which is pedophilia.
Then they got caught in it.
Then they said, well, no, it's pansexual.
So then that way they can say you can have sex with anything.
Does that not leave out little boys, little girls?
These people are insane!
We are living in a time and an age in this world, in this country, where evil is running so rampant that it is becoming the norm!
And like you said earlier, why do you think they're just openly doing it?
It's because they have been turned over to a reprobate mind and all these evil things that they're doing, they see it as okay.
And one of the main reasons why they want to remove Christianity out of the public square, out of the public eye,
It's because when they do these horrible things to children, and when they try to do all these things to all of us, they don't have to have any conscience about it.
It's okay!
We can do this and we don't have to have anyone telling us that it's bad.
And if we put up with them?
We're the clowns.
All right, you guys are about to take over.
Give the number out, take calls, go back to some of the debate, and you're doing a great job.
We'll be back tomorrow morning.
But I'm going to air the last 10-15 minutes since we went to that clip, and this whole discussion on the show tomorrow, even though we'll have a lot of breaking stuff, because the last 20 minutes has been extremely powerful.
And so we'll go back to Tom Papert and Owen Schroer, and to Will for you guys, and then we're going to give the number out, 877-
789 Alex, 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex.
And I want to just say something.
We have a limited crew.
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We're trying to have more shows.
We're trying to get more crew trained and hired.
And I'm spending every bit of money that's coming in.
I'm even spending money that I saved as emergency backup going into 2020 because it's such a critical time.
And we've even got
You know, our affiliate relations guy, John, here, who I've been working with 16, 17 years, and Scott and others, and people that have been here since 9 a.m., so that we can take your calls, even do things like that.
So, understand, folks, InfoWars is a very rare, real maverick, where we're not getting the talking points from the billionaires and the big groups that fund everything else.
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That's why they want it stamped out.
So, please, InfoWarsStore.com.
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This is so historic what we've done, 25 years in the making, to reboot America, to challenge them, and it made them come out and openly ban us, and demonize us, and lie about us, and attack us.
And that's a badge of honor, but I want to stay in the fight, and I can only do it thanks to the great crew, and our great guests, and our great affiliates, and you the listeners that are the heart of that, and your prayers are so essential, and your word of mouth.
So keep spreading Ban.Video, keep spreading InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com, and they'll try to demonize you and block you if you do InfoWars.com.
That's word of mouth, that's text message, that's email.
But things like Banned.videos, not in the blacklist yet, so you can get that out everywhere.
Hey, here's the forbidden info.
Here's what I don't want you to see.
Here's every topic you can imagine.
We're going to be adding sections on topics more and more, frequently asked questions.
We're going to be doing a lot more as we work harder than we've ever worked, this whole crew.
Has already been here, you know, 15 hours today, really hard focused work.
And we'll be back at 8 a.m.
tomorrow with David Knight.
We're fighting hard for you, for ourselves, because we realize these demons literally crave running our lives.
We don't want to run their lives, but we're going to have to get involved and get them off of our backs and off the children's necks.
We're doing it together.
So we're going to go back to you guys here in just a few minutes, but here we go.
We were going to announce today with Robert Barnes, who we were filing suit on today,
But because of some things going on and some strategy issues with the Attorney General taking action, the State's Attorney General's taking action, that being coordinated by Trump, we're watching exactly what gets filed so we can coordinate better.
And so we move the date until about a week and a half, two weeks from now.
But to give you a first look at our strategy and at who we are going to be suing, we have Robert Barnes here to spend a few minutes on that on this live.
Thursday evening so tomorrow I can air this on my main broadcast as well.
So we're looking at with the support of Free America Law Center that we helped start to help make this litigation and these kind of cases manageable and to be able to cover costs and other items which people can go to FreeAmericaLawCenter.com look up and find out about already.
The point and purpose is to deal with three particular problems which the Alex Jones and InfoWars has been a particular target of, which includes de-defamation, de-platforming, and protecting deep state whistleblowers, and InfoWars has been one of the primary press networks that has given voice to deep state whistleblowers anywhere in the country over the last 20 years.
So the InfoWars has been a disproportionate, disparate target of de-platforming, disparate target of defamation campaigns,
And that's why we're looking at suing all the people that have been lying and libeling Alex Jones and InfoWars over the past decade, particularly over the last six months.
So people like the Young Turks, people like the New York Times, people like the Associated Press, people like Market Watch.
People like the Washington Post.
People like the Wall Street Journal.
People like prominent celebrities and social figures who have been using their social media platforms to spread falsehoods about Alex Jones individually and about Infowars institutionally.
It is time to start to seek remedy.
It is time to start to look at legal redress.