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Name: 20190911_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 11, 2019
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses various topics including 9/11 conspiracy theories, James Damore's firing from Google, moral decline in society, abortion statistics, and demonic beliefs. He promotes products available at InfoWarsLife.com, criticizes mainstream media, and discusses the deep state's control over society.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The forces of evil, of dehumanization, of greed and hatred and lies, are so angry and throwing out all the stops right now.
Because humanity was asleep, and their victory was almost complete.
But in the 11th hour, 58th minute, the spirit of humanity began to rekindle its fire.
And that's why we see all the intimidation and all the authoritarianism and all the attempts to bankrupt and attack anyone.
A few months ago, James D'Amour learned the hard way what happens when you question the groupthink of Silicon Valley.
While working at Google, the world's most powerful company, D'Amour privately circulated a paper questioning his employer's diversity policies.
He didn't attack anyone, he just questioned the internal logic of what he was being told.
In this complaint, you have example after example of Google targeting people on the basis of their race and their sex.
My impression was that was illegal.
Is it?
It is illegal.
It's illegal under federal law.
It's illegal under California law.
And what a lot of lawyers even around the country don't understand that under California law, we have a unique labor code provision that makes it illegal to discriminate against somebody on the basis of their political activities or their political views.
Head of the United Nations Global Communications says illegally entering the U.S.
is a right.
But you try to enter the U.N.
building, they will arrest you.
And if they charge you with fake war crimes, they'll poison you in your jail cell, like Slovin Milosevic.
Township shuts down 100-year-old fire department after one member tried to join the Proud Boys.
That's your virtue signaling.
The decision made over allegations the board of the fire company failed to take any action after learning one of its volunteers had been affiliated with an extremist group.
We do not want anyone in the township to question or be afraid of somebody that's coming into their home.
That's right.
Punish the whole fire department and let the citizens burn to death because the leftists will teach you that even being near someone proud of America will cause everyone to lose their jobs.
PolitiFact rates
100% real photo of Biden with KKK Grand Dragon as mostly false.
That's right.
Isn't that just amazing?
You know, I had Frederick E. Ross in here, and he's a smart guy, and he'd never heard Hillary Clinton say, black people are super predators, need to be brought to heel like dogs.
That's a quote, by the way.
You want me to play it again for you?
We also have to have an organized effort against gangs.
Just as in a previous generation, we had an organized effort against the mob.
We need to take these people on.
They are often connected to big drug cartels.
They are not just games of kids anymore.
They are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators.
No conscience, no empathy.
We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.
And the president has asked the FBI to launch a very concerted effort against gangs everywhere.
Sabotaging culture, learning how to manipulate people, engaging in deception, is cancer.
It's knowledge of evil.
It's a virus.
It manipulates systems that already existed and causes entropy and collapse.
It does not progenerate.
It is not found.
It is not found.
It is not a source.
It is not a creator.
It is not a builder, a constructor, an expander.
They are collapsers.
It is September 11th, 2019.
We're live.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's September 11, 2019, 18 years since the tragic attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center complex.
We'll be breaking all of that down today and what really happened and how we were the first to, of course, question the official story that's now been verified by the New York Fire Department, by major engineering associations and others that bombs were in Tower 1, 2, and 7.
That doesn't mean radical Islam isn't a major threat, but there were globalists working with radical Islam, and that's all been proven, and we've been proven accurate and correct on that.
That is coming up.
Let me, though, raise the real alarm here, and it's not the economic problems we have.
That's bad enough.
It's not the debt.
It's not the fiat currency.
What we're really facing and what we're really dealing with is a societal, cultural, and spiritual decline and everyone knows that.
We could rebuild civilization very quickly if we have our moral compass and if we can trust each other.
But when honor and duty and decency is replaced by laziness, decadence, corruption, and then evil,
Doesn't matter how much wealth you have, it's all completely worthless.
Wealth and technology are only tools, and in the hands of evil, it becomes evil personified and empowered.
Now, I'm going to do something here today that I don't normally do, and I'm going to air a long report
In the first hour that Paul Joseph Watson put together.
Because it's very well done.
It's very informative for radio.
It's extremely informative to a nauseation level if you're a TV viewer.
But I suggest everyone watch this and really get an idea on just how bad the degeneracy's gotten.
And then, just in case you think Paul Watson's exaggerating,
Just in the last hour or so, I gave the crew 10 clips to go dig out of the archives.
We've already got a few of them, but they're getting more.
Of Democrat events where mainline Democrats, women begin sticking their tongues out saying, hell, Satan.
People say we're demon possessed.
We have as many abortions as possible as a sacrifice to Satan.
People saying they want to kill children up to age three.
You have to understand, they're volunteering this.
When I went to an event called Donald Trump and Alex Jones and the Fake News that the city of Austin put on last year, people ran up to me when I went to the event that had my name on it.
They had downtown blocked off on Congress Street in front of the Capitol, and began saying, we want the children, and hissing.
And saying, they're ours.
We like them.
They're ours, not yours.
Like something out of The Exorcist, but real.
It's on video.
You have to understand, they've taken on the archetype, the spirit, however you look at it.
Their spirit animal is a demon.
Democrats, liberals, leftists.
From the French Revolution up until now, the Soviet Union, you name it, in between, were devil worshippers.
Lenin, people that were close to him and books were written about him, he actually worshipped the devil.
The Red Terror was about more blood.
And so the 9-1-1 today is the 60 million abortions, roughly, we've had in this country that we know of.
And seven states don't report.
California and others are amongst them.
So it's probably 70, 80 million.
We don't know.
And the fact that they're keeping the babies alive is back in mainstream news today.
And it's even sicker.
It's even sicker.
People pose with the dead babies and take photos of parents.
Some Catholics even give the child a christening.
And in other cases they're kept alive and harvested and we're going to show you this is mainstream news.
So they've gotten to the point now
Where they are just normalizing all of this.
And one of the big stories is linked up on DrudgeReport.com.
We've got links to it to the other stories that are coming out by the hour.
Sunday I covered Stem Express CEO admits selling beating baby hearts intact baby heads in court hearing.
Illinois Hospital created comfort rooms for aborted babies to die in.
I love the Orwellian name.
Comfort room.
Keep them comfortable.
See, as it is in Virginia, as it is in Illinois.
Keep them comfortable.
It goes on.
New sexual fetish.
This is not a joke.
Couples getting pregnant and having multiple abortions for the pleasure of killing their children.
And it's the husbands and wives and boyfriends and girlfriends, sickeningly, there's videos of this too, going, there's no better orgasm than after you've murdered your baby.
Now you have to understand,
This isn't just something Paul dug up, or I dug up.
I'm not looking for these people.
Now there's ABC News, abortion addict.
I mean, print that please.
See, there's so much of this, I can't even keep track of it.
And these are large groups of women.
It happened three years ago that they were about to pass a law to ban partial birth abortion in Texas.
It didn't pass.
And hundreds of women showed up in business suits and began going, hail Satan, and sticking their tongues out like demons and going, bleh, bleh!
I mean, we'll play you the video.
So, you have to understand, this is real.
And the devil wants children, and these people get spiritually high as a kite when they get possessed.
And you've got these dead empty followers out there,
And to them, this is the most alive drug they can get on, and it's a drug.
It's not just for the elites digging out the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands out of the brain, out of the stomach, on top of the kidneys and eating them.
That's all admitted now.
We told you 20 years ago.
Hunter S. Thompson told you 40 years ago.
But it's women getting pregnant on purpose and saying it's about me and my power and killing that little effer.
And I'll show you a video of women to my face saying, I like to kill my children.
And the man she's with goes, I've funded 40 plus abortions.
I love killing kids.
You're damn right they're babies.
Kill those little suckers.
Hail Satan.
Here's Paul Watson laying out part of this in his report.
We'll play the whole report up, but here it is.
Did you hear about this new sexual fetish?
Couples repeatedly getting pregnant, then having multiple abortions.
What a time to be alive!
Question regarding abortions and breeding fetish.
I have a female friend who has a really powerful fetish for breeding.
She has never used any type of birth control.
She is with a male partner currently, who is just like her, into breeding.
And they've been practicing their fetish for quite a few abortions.
I know this fetish!
My girlfriend and me have the same fetish.
My girlfriend enjoy her pregnancies, and she enjoys the abor-ta-ta-ta-tion.
Her preferred date for the abort is between 20 and 24 weeks of gestation.
I enjoy it to make her pregnant, and I enjoy the time of her pregnancy.
She has no menstrual period, and she is sexual, very active.
Sexuality without prevention is very emotional and inexpensive.
In the last ten years in our relationship, we have done seven aborts.
And my girlfriend is pregnant again with a little girl.
Abortion fetish is a great method for birth control.
Do not be angry about your girlfriend, but let them enjoy their pregnancies.
This is what a baby looks like at 20 weeks.
That's halfway through the pregnancy.
They have ears, toes, fingers.
They feel pain.
It is good and rare to hear of a couple, both man and woman, where both members are into abortion and pregnancy.
This is a
Wonderful and potent example of personal power, where sex meets violence and creation combines with destruction.
Thank you for sharing your exciting romance and would like to know about how this latest abortion was for you.
I can imagine that it's a very bonding experience between you and your partner.
Deliberately creating a baby, letting it almost fully develop, then wantonly murdering it to satisfy some deranged sexual fetish.
When we come back, we're gonna get to it even worse, how they describe the pleasure of chopping them up.
They go, I can't wait to murder my little girl.
I'm gonna chop her up good.
Then they do it on the news, women go.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I have hundreds of huge stories, incredible clips to get to, but at the heart of it, the number one issue is the fact that we have massive moral decline.
And that's our number one problem and every metric, every sign shows it.
And there are a lot of articles and a lot of videos and a lot of reports that detail all of this right now that people need to be warned about.
Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Because if they just put all this out,
And then normalize it.
There'll be no value in human life anymore.
And then the globalists can carry out their depopulation operation and the rise of the cyborgs and the post-human world.
They're teaching us to hate ourselves.
They're teaching us to have no life force.
And then they're teaching us, once we're these empty vessels turned over to a great delusion, to actually enjoy hurting the innocent and going against our own instincts, our own spiritual compass.
So again, I played these clips Sunday, I'm not going to play them now, of the people saying, we keep them alive, we have their hearts.
Stanford buys their beating hearts.
You know, they kill the babies right there on the spot.
They're taken from the hospital and taken over to Stanford.
We have their heads intact, which means they're not sucking the brains out in the vaginal canal of the federal law states.
But a lot of other hospitals don't go as far as to keep them alive and then harvest their organs.
Some of the more Christian churches that conduct abortions, so-called Christian, remember most churches used to be Christian non-profits, now they're profitable but still have the Christian name.
What they do is they keep them comfortable.
Illinois' hospital created comfort room for aborted babies to die in.
Now see there's a big story out, the top story in the country right now, the top trending on Yahoo and on CNN.
About how some people out in California went for this big mountain hike and they got to the gorge they wanted to and thought that they could ride the waves down the waterfall but it was too rough so they put a thing in a bottle and sent it down and the people found it and they got saved by a helicopter a few hours later.
Sounds like a stage story.
They could have just gone back.
Nobody was hurt.
Sounds like a total stage story like most of those GoFundMe things I tell your stage turn out to be stage.
Stage, in my view.
That's my opinion.
Because they're not in a crisis, it's not a big deal, it's the top story in the country.
Imagine, you know, babies can't talk.
They're there right now all over the country being kept alive, waiting a few days, maybe a week till all the orders come in for their organs and then they're killed.
They're killed.
And they're all over, and we know the hospitals they're in, we know the universities that are dissecting them live.
We have the court hearings.
And we have all of it right there.
We have all the admissions, we have the undercover video, and oh, but that's a hospital, or oh, that's a university.
Hey, that's the establishment.
They can do what they want.
Oh, but the good people that found the Gatorade bottle that said help and they pulled it out and right over the hill was the family that needed to be saved and then the CHIPS helicopter came and got them.
Oh, yay!
People really care about each other.
But CNN doesn't tell you about this.
Illinois Hospital created comfort room for aborted babies to die in.
Inmates remained alive for hours after abortion procedure because the doctors said, well,
The baby slipped out before we could suck the brains out.
And so we're just gonna go put them in a room to die.
And sometimes they don't die so you gotta drop them in water.
Now that's the loving abortion facilities.
The loving ones just let them die on their own or go and drop them into a vat of water.
The really scientific ones keep them alive and get top dollar.
Because, you know, those hospitals sell the babies and chop them up as well.
They just don't get top dollar like you get by keeping them alive.
Why you gonna waste all that seven pounds of meat?
So, eyewitnesses, babies born alive after abortion were drowned in saline.
Aren't we a good species?
As every eyewitness nurse revealed how a hospital in Illinois has a comfort room, gotta love how that's Orwellian, in which aborted babies who survive for hours outside the womb are left to die.
Jill Stanek told a hearing on the Born Alive Act in Washington, D.C., there's video of this, that doctors at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn perform live birth abortions where the baby's allowed
To die during and after the abortion procedure.
And in February of this year, they couldn't even get the Congress to pass a law called the Born Alive Act, that if you survive outside the womb, they can't kill you.
They can't even get a law passed.
By the way, once a baby's outside the womb, it is murder to let it die or kill it.
But they don't care, because they don't want to prosecute anybody.
They're trying to pass a law to remind you, hey, here's one more law, don't do that.
The hospital provides comfort care.
Oh, that's sweet.
For the babies.
For hours.
So if I put you in a room and let you starve to death, while you cry begging for mommy, if I kidnap you and put you in a room, it's called a comfort room.
Maybe they should call Auschwitz a comfort room.
And I'm being sorry, joking about that.
It's sick, isn't it?
Or malice death camps.
Or comfort rooms.
The hospital provides comfort care for the babies for hours after the procedure by wrapping the infant in a blanket and keeping it warm until it dies.
Parents of the baby are also allowed to hold it during this time.
Oh my gosh!
If staff did not have the time or desire to hold the baby, she was taken to Christ Hospital Comfort Room, which is complete with a first photo machine if parents wanted professional pictures of their aborted baby.
Did you hear that?
Complete with a first photo machine if parents wanted professional pictures of their aborted baby, baptismal supplies, gowns and certificates, foot printing equipment, and baby bracelets and mementos, and a rocking chair.
Because you didn't want it, so you took it and fantasized it, but it's all the creeping death.
See, it's now the galloping death.
And it goes on to the comfort room and photos and Congress and they admit it.
Just in this own facility, thousands of babies die.
Some of them nine months old.
She witnessed a nurse deliver the live baby, but then failed to clean up the severed umbilical cord, causing the baby to begin bleeding.
The infant was then placed in a bag and thrown in the trash can.
It's really actually a tissue can to be processed.
Stanek also related how she held a 22-month-old Down syndrome baby for 45 minutes of his life because his parents did not want to hold him.
Towards the end, he was so quiet, I could not tell he was alive.
Stanek said she held him up in the light to see through his chest, whether his heart was still beating.
After he was pronounced dead, I folded his little arms across his chest, wrapped him in his tiny shroud, and carried him to the hospital morgue, where all of our dead patients are taken.
Wanna watch the video?
It's there.
Yeah, that's how I spend my days.
I'm not complaining.
I feel very violent right now, as a man and a father would.
I'm gonna control myself, and we're going to take this country and plant it back.
And we're gonna protect the children.
And we're going to legally and lawfully execute these people that have been involved in this.
They will die.
Stay with us.
So depending on what
Numbers you look at, there's been 60 million plus abortions in the United States.
But seven states don't report, so it's much higher than that.
But if you divide 3,000 people into 60 million, that's quite a many 9-11s.
You know, when you talk about the Communist Chinese who admit
That they killed 115 million of their own people, 84 million of those under Mao Zedong, and his cultural revolution, and his great leap forward.
And then you think about Hitler, who got 20 million Germans killed, 22 million Russians killed, 6 million Poles killed, millions and millions of Jews killed,
Hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East killed.
Hundreds of thousands of U.S.
Hundreds of thousands of British killed.
Hundreds of thousands of French killed.
No one really knows.
But a lot of numbers say that 80 million people died in World War II.
And the Japanese killed probably 10 million, they're not sure, in China.
United States killed over 10 million Japanese.
And we dropped two atomic bombs on them.
That's not what really did it.
We had sometimes 3,000 planes, 40s.
When we had air superiority the last six months of the war before the land invasion that was going to happen, that never happened.
And they would drop hundreds of thousands of incendiary bombs in one day on Japan.
And Japan was made out of paper and wood.
And so they dropped bombs on days that had 40 mile an hour winds, where they estimate 5 million people died in one day during firebombing.
That's right, more died in one day than had died in the whole war before.
So by the time
Fat man and little boy were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Japanese didn't know what planet they were on.
But let's talk about mass death.
20 people die in Texas at a Walmart and it's the end of the world.
And it is terrible it happened.
But statistically slip it in your bathrooms, way more often way to die than getting shot by a gun.
That's a fact.
Automobile access is way beyond, but they don't hype that up.
Because the government, the corrupt elements of it, want your guns.
All other citizens around the world, except Israel to a certain extent, and Switzerland, have had their guns taken.
And the left that tells you they care about civilization and society so much, now admit, yeah, we want to register and confiscate all your semi-autos, and then you're single-shot after that.
So you can live under the criminals, like them, and a corrupt government.
And I remember 25 years ago, 27, 28 years ago, I mean I was a high school senior going out and doing pro-life demonstrations because I was guilty because I'd been involved in some abortions.
And then I'd been lied to and God touched my spirit, touched my soul, and really put it on my heart to get politically involved first fighting abortion because of that weight on my heart that God's lifted.
I'm not perfect here, but see, I was deceived.
I was young and stupid.
Once they get you into it and you harden your heart, once you know it's evil, then it starts becoming a satanic fetish.
And I remember, and now you've seen this in countless videos, people caught it.
Where black people would walk over to me.
Man, I've had Reverend Childress on about this, who runs blackgenocide.org, trying to fight that.
And they'll walk over and say, you gonna try to save these ugly, evil, and call them n-words.
And I saw this dozens of times.
And weird abortion doctors will come out and talk like demons and go, I will kill the children.
But we have it on video now.
Would you like me to play it?
I will.
And it's not just a few of them.
You get around abortion clinics and you'll see people walking in going... I mean, whatever you want to call it, killing babies all day ain't good for you.
I mean, I can show, we're going to roll video where the doctors walk in going, and they'll go, planet serving us.
I mean, you don't believe in demons.
You've got to go around these places.
You'll see it.
They'll start going, your planet's ours.
Satan is my master.
And I mean, we have it on video.
I'm going to show you.
I don't go to God.
I hate Jesus.
Where do you think they get stuff like Linda Blair on The Exorcist?
That's what it looks like.
Go to an abortion clinic today.
Witness it.
Talk about God!
Tell somebody it's wrong!
They'll be like, how are you doing today?
You know, Jesus is real, these babies are real, and, you know, it's really bad for what you're doing.
Shut up!
I'll keep doing it if I want!
If you don't believe in God then, you're blind, folks.
It's real.
And you wanna know where the demons are?
They're at the abortion clinics.
Of course they are!
So these people don't care about life, they don't care about you.
And you think that was horrible?
How they keep the babies alive and how they have the comfort rooms where they die in Illinois?
That's just, that's the last system.
That's how they were handling it.
And so they're phasing that out, where they keep them alive and ship them off.
And now they're going to start pilot programs because the mothers are learning, hey, I could get money for this.
Like she's a farmer.
Well, yes, ma'am.
Would you like us to cut you in?
Which is one way to sabotage all this, because once the lawyers get involved, and once the women figure out that baby's worth $100,000, $200,000 cash, or even more, to be adopted, there'll be a race with Christians, and then we'll be able to buy the children, and they won't be able to kill them.
That's how this works.
Look at this latest article.
I mean, drugs is linked to the one Illinois hospital created comfort room for aborted babies to die in.
We added a link to this to new sexual fetish, couples getting pregnant and having multiple abortions.
And I want you to listen to me very, very carefully.
This is not isolated.
This is, this is the operating system taking over.
When we come back, I'm going to play you some clips of this.
You walk up and you say, what are you doing at this abortion clinic?
I'm here to make sure we murder more children.
I love it.
I've killed 30, 40, 50.
I enjoy it so much.
I love murdering my children.
And they're not just trying to shock you.
This is really how they operate.
It's who they are.
Remember how Matt Drudge, not obsessing on Matt Drudge, it's true, got kicked off Fox News' hit show?
He showed a baby's hand reaching out of a womb and touching a doctor's hand.
Now that was in a cesarean, if memory serves.
They went, oh it was deceptive, he said it was an abortion.
No, he showed a baby being taken out of the womb by a knife.
One way it lives, the other way it dies.
The point is, it grabs the doctor's finger.
It's real.
And the big sin is humanizing these people.
And again, if we don't humanize them, we don't have any hope or prayer with our other humans, once the checks and balances are gone, much less the creator of the universe that does not smile upon this.
So on this 9-11, 7 of the 3,000 that died, millions are getting killed by the Islamists.
This is terrible.
We're going to focus on that more coming up.
And what's happening in Europe, the open borders, and Turkey holding Europe hostage, and we have a reporter joining us.
It's all coming up.
Then a Google whistleblower, and Robert Barnes back in studio.
But if we don't stand up, and if we don't speak out, and if we don't recognize what's happening, we have no hope.
So I'm going to...
Paul Watson has a 16-minute report showing these people celebrating killing babies, and this is real.
I can show you a newscast, I just remembered that one, where the woman goes in and gets the abortion and goes, oh, it feels so good, oh.
And you think you're watching a porno movie.
Hollywood is completely turned over to Satan.
This is real.
And denying it is going to get us all destroyed.
So we're going to come back and play all that briefly.
I was thinking about last night that this is probably the time to go ahead and just be completely frank with everybody.
And it's really hard to express this properly because there's a lot of facets and a lot of angles and a lot of different ways that I can basically break this down.
And so trying to think of the best way
To describe it the most accurately is somewhat of a paradox and a conundrum.
So before I get to these videos on the other side, I'm going to talk about the future of InfoWars and whether it's going to be here or not.
And just really come to grips with that fact with the listeners, because we've withstood a lot here.
In fact, no one has withstood this much attack other than somebody like President Trump.
And we don't have his resources.
And so we're going to be discussing all of that coming up on the other side.
Then Dan Lyman joins us at the start the next hour.
So, it's September 11th, 2019, 18 years later, and we'll be getting into the controlled demolition of Towers 1, 2, and 7, and show you all the proof, and now the Firefighters Union coming out and saying it, and top universities, and all the computer models, and the reports, and we have all the footage.
They said they blew it up that day.
Does it mean there weren't Islamists involved?
Does it mean, like the New York Times said, airplanes attacked the towers?
The New York Times said Islam had nothing to do with it.
We're gonna decode 9-11 coming up.
But getting back to the big issue.
We've got 60 plus million abortions in this country.
We've got the left now making it a woman's empowerment thing.
And all these TV shows and movies going, get that little bugger, dig that baby out.
And you've got women that get pregnant for the power of killing the baby and the enjoyment that they get to kill a human.
That happens in psychopaths all the time.
That's why the Mansons went out and killed people.
They were trying to cause a race war.
I mean, that's why cults get together is they want that power over another life.
They want to carry that out.
There's a satanic hunger, a vampiric spiritual dark side hunger that we know is real, that manifests itself.
I'll get to that in a moment.
As the world learns of this horror that's going on right beneath the surface because patriots are exposing it.
And now all these governors are passing laws
To make it legal to kill a baby after it's born, because they've already been doing it.
See, if they don't all go to prison, they're too evil to fail, and it's just going to get worse.
Now let me give you a report card on Infowars.
You know that we got shadow banned when Hillary lost three years ago.
And you know that we've been through a giant demonization process of building a straw man where my character is being assassinated and where I am put out there as the worst person on earth.
I supposedly sent child porn to the Sandy Hook parents and children.
It's all lies.
I mean, you know that.
And then in August of last year they had a concerted banning from LinkedIn to Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to everywhere and then ganged up even more with lies so I couldn't respond.
That's okay.
That's what happens when you take on the globalists and get a populist elected and we're in the middle of a civil war with the globalists.
We're trying to take the country back.
A lot of things have transpired and unfolded, and I really keep thinking about doing a graphic of this with the actual math for you, so I can show you.
Then I get so busy covering the news we haven't done it.
But this is what it comes down to.
They took our sponsors away by harassing them over the years.
They wouldn't let us advertise on a lot of third-party platforms.
They took all the digital advertising platforms we had away.
They took our commenting systems away.
They took most of our merchant accounts that we had for 20 plus years, highest ratings, away.
They're now doing it to the NRA.
That's in the news today.
New Jersey says you basically can't sell guns in the state unless you shut down the NRA.
We were the canary in the coal mine.
And so, I made a lot of cuts and did a lot of things.
Really bent over backwards to try to keep going and even try to expand in the face of this, because if you're not expanding, you're contracting.
And so I've definitely hit a point with the math.
I've never been a guy that does a bunch of math stuff and a bunch of marketing stuff, because I just have a good feel for it and know how to try to run an operation, because the main mission is getting information out.
The business end is just the engine and the fuel.
The propulsion system, again, it's there.
But in about the last three, four months, we passed a demarcation line, a point of really no return, where I am selling product that I have and I'll be able to continue for a year at our current even slight expansion rate.
But then when all of that product is sold out, there'll be no money because I won't be reordering.
And so now I've reached the point where I can actually count it.
I think we're going to have a countdown to the shutdown of Infowars.
365 days?
I mean, really, that's true.
And I don't like the enemy to know this, but they've already got moles and they spot on us.
I mean, they're fully aware.
But all the things they've done to us, you know, having to pay a higher rate for just merchant accounts, and having to pay for all their own bandwidth, and having to have 24-hour security up here, you know, armed train security, and to have it at my house.
Because, you know, Antifa, I'm not going to get into it, but let's just say they come around, and Antifa's just a decoy for another group.
They're just the Fall Guys.
And so, we're in the middle of a revolution.
We're in the middle of a war.
I know that.
Most of our audience knows that.
But I'm always saying, hey, if you don't support us, we won't be here.
Thanks for the support.
And if I hadn't been saying that, the support wouldn't come in, and we wouldn't be here.
But we've reached a particular point where they thought we'd never last this long.
I mean, my God, they give $200 million to Vox.
We dominated in the free market realm of ideas, and we were reaching hundreds of millions of people a week sometimes, usually 50 million or so.
But now we have the core audience, we're able to get talking points out that get out to the rest of talk radio and Fox News and to the government.
The government does listen.
Foreign governments listen.
Our mission...
Has never been more critical.
We've never reached more important people than we're reaching now.
We reach a lot of new people thanks to you spreading the word, but it's only through word of mouth and through text messages and emails you do that.
And now they're in the news saying they want to stop you being able to share info wars over text messages and email.
We were talking to an executive at XM yesterday and they said, yeah, I can't ever get you emails or get your emails.
They block that in the system.
So we're being blacklisted everywhere.
It's intense.
And I'm not a victim, I'm a fighter.
I mean, you know, if they kill me tomorrow, I've carried out my mission, I've gone super far, had incredible victories, thanks to God and your support.
And I'm not a loser, I'm a winner.
But I am a target.
This is a organic Americana military operation we've run that didn't have any commands or anything.
I'm just a citizen and a human following my genetic programming of my ancestors that were all, during critical times, at the head of the fight.
And I'm repeating what the genetic code shows.
That's why they're like, who's training and who's behind it?
What's going on here?
Well, it's the genetics.
And you've got the genetics, obviously, you're tuned in.
You might be black, you might be old, you might be white, you might be Hispanic, you might be Asian.
The fact that you're tuned in and care
And are informed shows, you've got what it takes to be involved.
And so, I don't want to sit here and run all these ads.
We're formatted for radio.
People really don't even listen to the ads.
And then I don't want to sit here and plug all day on air about the great products we've got.
I'm just going to tell listeners that I'm not going to dial things back.
I'm not going to lay a bunch of people off.
I'm just going to go 100% into the election, and I'm going to spend everything we've got, and I'm just going to put everything on the front lines and go all in to reignite Americana, to expose the globalists, and to ignite populism worldwide.
And I'm not going to just fizzle out and trail out here.
I'm going to go out with a big fiery bang.
Now, if you want to listen to that call and go buy a bunch of products, and sign up for autoships you don't forget, and if you want to tell others about the show, and you want to really get aggressive to support the Infowar, that'll be wonderful, and we'll go into the election year and get the funding we need.
But I'm currently selling out of products and discounting them to sell them, where I cannot fund the operation and buy more products.
So you understand that?
It's kind of like you're on a mission, you've got fuel, and you've got to get to a certain place, but when you get there, there's no fuel to come back.
You understand?
So, and I'm not going to sit here and just dial back and cut people's pay and then just kind of wobble on to the future.
I'm going to 110% pedal to the metal, work as hard as I can.
People are noticing I'm more focused, I'm more on target because we're going into a critical crossroads and we're going into 25 years of Infowars.
Will it make it 26, 27 years?
Can you imagine the victory the Globals will have if we're not here?
I make it really easy to get the products.
I mean, we go out and go, what's the best-selling skin cream?
Well, it's hyaluronic acid with vitamin A and coconut oil.
Okay, let's add the best nano silver salt to it that everybody loves so it has that added barrier to bacteria and viruses.
And then we sell it for half the price that hyaluronic acid by itself is sold at the store.
And I know why those companies have a four or five time markup.
That's how they pay the taxes and their employees and the insurance and the marketing and all the rest of it.
We've gotten to a position where we're usually 150% markup, then we sell it at 100% markup discounted, and then we're usually selling at 50% off, it's the only time you buy stuff, and then by then we're making 20-30%.
That doesn't pay for it.
And I'm not bitching, I'm not complaining.
We've done things nobody else has ever done.
We've changed the world together.
We've been a self-funded media operation that's done incredible things.
And I'm not really worried about it.
You fund it, you support it, you spread the word about it, or it goes away.
And I've told everybody, even new hires, I said, we got about a year.
It'll take some time, you know, trailing off.
I expect as we start shutting down, a bunch of money will come in.
That'll be too late.
Let me tell you something.
You don't wind something up like this and then wind it back down and wind it back up.
Unless some billionaire came along with $50 million.
There's, there's, I've invested over $100 million you have in the last 15 years in this place or more.
I'll tell you it's way more than that.
You understand?
So, you want this to keep living?
Hey, feed me Seymour.
I appreciate all of your support.
Got some big specials right now.
Well, the U.N.
openly uses open borders as a weapon and now Turkey is holding Europe hostage.
Our great reporter for Europewars.com, Dan Lyman, will be
Joining us next segment, we're going to air some of this traumatic video of what's happening in Europe and also in Africa, where they're saying, don't kill the blacks, kill the whites.
And the media is like, yes, liberals are like, yes, kill white people.
They're the problem.
But right now, I want to finish up with the article that's up on drugsreport.com, Illinois Hospital created comfort room for aborted babies.
And then the even sicker article, new sexual fetish couples getting pregnant and having multiple abortions.
And I haven't gotten this report yet, but it's up on Infowars.com.
There's actually video of all this.
And people bragging about it and how great it is.
This is not a joke.
This is real.
In fact, here's a few clips.
Here's one.
This is just us randomly with people coming over when they know it's InfoWars.
Here's a woman saying, babies or tapeworms?
Here it is.
They believe they're fetuses and it's a woman's body and she should not be forced to carry anything inside of it.
Wouldn't make her keep a tapeworm.
Is that how the heart beats?
So you're comparing a baby to a tapeworm?
A fetus is a parasite, sweetie.
You look like a parasite, woman.
What a Medusa-like creep.
They're taught hating their babies is cool, is powerful.
Okay, here's another woman coming up to our reporters.
She can kill kids to age three and she sneers.
Talking about their little voices.
Here it is.
So when do we cut off abortions?
At what week?
I think at 3 years old is when we should.
You think at 3 years old is when we should stop aborting children?
How many times did I tell you?
Now, let's go ahead and play a demon doctor.
There's a bunch of these.
Here's a demon doctor talking about killing babies.
Sir, you gotta repent, sir.
You gotta repent, sir, for murdering babies.
Because it's a sin before God.
Stinky breath.
Yeah, that's pretty evil of you, sir.
Yeah, I am.
And I hope and pray that you... Well, that's what you do to babies, huh?
Yeah, I love it.
You love it, huh?
Yeah, I do.
Okay, I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
Oh, I'd never go to Christ.
I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
No, I don't go to Christ.
Yeah, you... I don't listen to Christ.
You will have a darkened heart, sir.
I do have a darkened heart, yeah.
You have a darkened heart.
I do, I do.
Very, very much so.
And you will stand before God in judgment day?
Yes, I will.
Every day.
You will stand before God and judge him?
Yes, I will.
Every day.
All of the babies that you have killed?
I love it.
I love it.
Yeah, keep tearing the babies apart.
Yeah, I will.
Keep tearing the babies apart.
I will.
Keep tearing the babies apart.
By the way, we have Dan Lyman coming up, but when we post this video from the live show, we'll add the four minutes I have of people saying, I kill my children as a sacrifice to Satan.
I love killing my babies.
I've killed 40 of my babies.
We're going to add that video to this because there's so much of this.
I haven't aired one tenth of what I remember we have.
And then there's all the countless times I've experienced what I didn't catch on tape.
And these people are deadly serious.
And they are anti-fa, they're anti-free speech, they're anti-God, they're anti-family, they're anti-everything.
And now it's coming out they're keeping babies alive and harvesting their organs in court cases just like we told you.
Because nurses have gone public.
And I told you, I was talking to a distant family who was visiting my house, who was an RN nurse.
She isn't part of the wing that does it.
And she said, yeah, if we're organ harvesting, there are babies and there are adults that keep them under oxygen tents until all the orders come in so we can get the maximum amount of the organs out, keep them in the body longer.
And I said, but you understand those babies were supposedly aborted.
In the third trimester, she's like, yeah.
She started shaking when I said, you understand that's murder.
It's like they're giving over to great delusion like the Bible verses say.
And so this is all coming out just this week, even more about it.
And where is it on Fox News?
Even Fox News is not covering this.
DrudgeReport.com is covering it.
Daily Caller is calling it.
LifeSite News is covering it some.
But if you talk about this on Facebook or anywhere, they ban you.
I mean, if you put up mainline articles about babies being kept alive and harvested, they cut you off.
So other people go, well, I better not talk about that.
I want to stay on Facebook and, you know, sell mufflers or whatever.
What a group of cowards, man.
What a group of scum.
I mean, my God, we're not heroes at InfoWars recovering this.
We just care about human life and have empathy.
See, we're alive.
Drudge, I wouldn't say he's a hero, he's just alive.
Are you alive?
I know you are.
But we've got to take action, we've got to get aggressive.
So, in the military, they have different names for it, but attack plan, attack profile, target list.
And then you'll have your main target list, but if something comes up, you'll have a secondary.
Target list, let's say they got a bunch of SAM missiles shooting at you and you get told to pull off a certain primary target on your way back out of the country, you'll have a secondary target, and if that's approachable, you'll go ahead and hit that.
When you study globalism, you can figure out real quick without reading their white papers and textbooks and battle plans that are public.
That it's a post-human world, they want to get rid of us.
They want to collapse civilization, they want to collapse the Christian Renaissance, the Enlightenment, because they don't want to empower humanity, they don't want humanity working together.
The globalists want to dominate and control the future, so they want to de-industrialize the West, they want to get rid of God, they want to break up the family, and they want to bring in the most uneducated, most violent, most aggressive, most unwashed people from the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.
They put the very worst in refugee camps, criminals, people with diseases, mental illness.
This is admitted.
And then they are trans-shipped by ship or plane or land bridge into Europe, into the United States, and are then indoctrinated with anti-white, anti-America communism.
And that's official.
They're giving $1,000 debit cards per leg.
It's all come out.
Dan Lyman lives in Europe.
He's a great reporter for EuropeWars.com.
You see his articles posted to InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com, and a lot of stuff's original to EuropeWars.com.
So again, the enemy's fighting around the clock to suppress us getting this information out.
That means, again, it's vital however you can to get it out.
So I wanted to get Dan on because there's such a sterling example right now.
With Erdogan, the dictator of Turkey, holding Europe hostage and saying, let me take control of Syria, large parts of it, which is not his land.
They'll start a new war.
Or I'm going to invade Europe with 5 million refugees to begin.
Well, he's already flooded Europe.
He said last year, let me have a Europe party where there's an Islamic bloc in every country that will control the parliamentary process or I'll flood you more.
Europe said no, he flooded more.
Well Greece's Prime Minister rejects Turkey's refugee threats, urges talks.
Remember the Ottoman Empire for a while occupied Greece.
Turkey threatens to flood Europe with migrants.
Dan Lyman article.
Greece, Turkey continues to provoke over Cyprus.
So this is what's going on and it's the same way we're held hostage and the UN's involved with Erdogan doing all this.
This is 21st century fifth and sixth generational warfare.
It's happening all over the world.
China's using communists to take over Taiwan and Hong Kong, forcibly bringing them in as illegal aliens.
Same thing's happening here.
So it's not the skin color issue, it's the ideology and the programming and the testing they do in these camps for up to a year.
Usually it's four to six months.
Making sure they've got the right type of scum to hit us with.
Dan Lyman, thanks for joining us to give us this critical report.
I know you've been on the ground, France, Greece, Italy, where are you now?
I'm currently on the island of Malta actually, just arrived here last night.
Malta is obviously on the front lines here of the migration crisis and the MED.
Often the Maltese government will have to get involved and take in migrants that have been on NGO boats out at sea for a while and they'll take them in here.
And then they'll be transported to the mainland and redistributed between different countries, depending on the agreements, depending on the ship.
So that's where I am right now.
I have been, as you said, all around Europe in the past couple of months, been staying towards the eastern part of Europe where things are a lot quieter, a lot safer.
And there is definitely a definitive difference in the climate in these countries between Poland and Bulgaria, Montenegro, and then also in contrast with places like Germany, France,
Portugal, the UK, so yeah, it's been a very interesting journey thus far.
You heard my breakdown of what's happening.
I mean, the UN admits that's the plan.
Peter Sutherland admitted that was the plan.
Obviously, Eastern Europe is fully awake right now and engaged.
Why are they so awake, but Western Europe sitting there with their thumb up their rear end?
Well, one of the leading speculations about that is of course that they lived under the communist reign for so long and they weren't necessarily exposed to the same types of propaganda that Western Europe has been exposed to.
But I'll tell you, it is such a night and day difference.
I've spent about a month in Poland recently.
And all over their different cities and the feeling of security in general and seeing this country, particularly Poland, where I just got to see Vice President Pence deliver an address in Warsaw.
The feeling there of security and a general an upswing, an uptick in the quality of life there.
Seeing these cities are thriving, they are coming together as a lot of youthful, intelligent people in these countries and you can tell prosperity is
Just on the up and up in Poland in particular and they're not wasting money supporting unbelievable millions of migrants across the rest of Europe.
Their neighbors in Germany have taken in upwards of 2 million migrants just in the past few years and you can see the effects in the German cities the way that things are on the decline there.
Oh I was about to say we've also seen an exodus of Germans, Swedes, French and others to Poland and even Russia because things are just unlivable now.
There is a huge communities of Germans gathering even in Hungary as well.
They just had enough and they're being taxed to the hilt to support the destruction of their own countries.
And the same is playing out now again in Greece, which we are about to talk about.
And you did mention the numbers of migrants flooding into Greece again are staggering.
And there are concerns that the new waves, if they continue on this trajectory, could be worse than 2015.
Dan, how would you describe the UN plans public to break down all nations, to create just a giant poor population with ultra-rich city-states that are exempt from their own taxes they put on us?
I mean, that's the globalist neo-feudalistic plan they call a technocracy.
So a merger of old feudalism with high-tech slavery.
But how is their plan going?
I mean, a lot of populists are getting elected, a lot of resistance around the world, a lot of people getting pissed off.
But is it too little too late?
It's an interesting question because I think we are obviously in an unprecedented time.
I was speaking about this with Owen the other night.
He asked for kind of my predictions and my assessment.
And it's so hard to give because there is no precedent for what's going on right now.
And like you said, there have been a lot of populists elected.
There has been a lot of momentum from the grassroots.
However, the globalists are having quite a time of fending these insurgent populist nationalists off.
As you see, Salvini has been dethroned.
I assume that he will rise back to power in some way in the future if they don't find a way to do away with him permanently.
But the way that they're treating populists and nationalists across the world just with threats of investigations,
You have an investigation of the Danish immigration minister.
She is kind of a leftist, but she's just been really hardline on immigration and now she's moving into a new position.
And they're threatening to investigate her for what she's done by preventing migrants from coming to Denmark.
That's not to say, even Bernie Sanders and Rahm Emanuel have to admit.
You bring in tens of millions of people who don't have any skills, you'll collapse the country.
So socialists that actually want to get their pensions are really speaking out.
But as you said, they got a nationalist elected in Italy.
He said you're not going to bring 10,000 people a week in here from North Africa.
He had the Italian Navy stop it.
So Soros had him removed from office recently to start re-flooding Italy.
But I saw that Italy wasn't sure they were going to open back up again.
Where is that currently?
I think that they are going to.
I never trusted the alliance with the Five Star Movement.
They did not seem to be on the same page with Salvini and Lega.
They just seemed like they were giving lip service to get into power.
It sounds like Conte will bring the government back in line with the EU agenda.
And also you see in these other countries, obviously with the Brexit situation, it sounds like that they're doing everything they can to make sure that that doesn't go through.
We have in France somehow Macron is holding on after 44 weeks of yellow vest protests.
We have Merkel doing okay in Germany.
She's hanging in there and she's ready to pass the baton to her underling and the Green Party rising to power there.
For all the surge and the things that the nationalist populists are doing well in Europe, there is an incredible amount of subversion to ensure that they don't gain approval.
That's right.
Massive pushback.
But at least people aren't in a coma right now, and that's just the beginning.
But bottom line, folks, with Trump and other populists in, the fight just got started.
People need to understand, this is a
Very grave time right now for the planet.
And after the globals exploited the third world, they're now using the third world to bring down the West.
It's all planned.
It's all admitted.
But knowing is half the battle.
I'm Alex Jones.
Dan Lyman's our guest.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Dan Lyman.
Amazing head reporter.
We're about to get into the EU.
Being held hostage by the U.N.
and Erdogan with Islamic invasion forces.
It's all mainstream news.
Remember we told you four years ago about Soros issuing debit cards with U.S.
taxpayer money to millions of people to invade Europe?
Now it's here.
They denied it at first, now it's admitted.
Same thing, they're funding people with $3,000 cards to fly out of Africa to Guatemala or Mexico and then come to Texas
And they're not even being screened for Ebola, and leprosy is now spreading in Los Angeles, and typhus.
This is how you collapse a country.
This is the admitted plan.
But before we look at what's happening in Greece with Dan Lyman, I want to get his take on, quote, migrants, people invading South Africa, South Africa's communist-run ANC.
They put the Zulus in their own little concentration camp now, Zululand.
People don't know that, you know, there's massive black-on-black murder going on.
They're celebrating Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe that killed hundreds of thousands of people, many of them white, drove them all out of the country.
The country collapsed.
He's dead.
AP said he was a hero.
New York Times said that Mao was a hero yesterday.
And people are being burned to death by the hundreds and killed and stoned by other blacks because they're migrants.
And then we think we're going to bring a bunch of people in from Africa
Who have not gone through any vetting and that this isn't going to happen here.
This is incredible.
So here's one of the South Africans saying, kill white people.
Well, don't worry.
Most whites have left South Africa.
It's collapsing.
It's just so racist when we project on to people that aren't white, that they're better than us.
When in many cases, they're more barbarous than we ever were.
And I don't hate these people.
It's just the fact is, is that we need to stop hating the West.
So let's go ahead and play Protester's Solution to Black-on-Black Violence in South Africa.
Kill whites instead.
Sounds like the leader of the New Black Panther Party in Houston.
Here it is.
Talk about this must stop.
Xenophobia must stop.
If you want to do xenophobia, okay, right.
Start to kill white people.
Start to kill Chinese people.
Start to kill Asian people.
Don't kill your brother.
Don't kill your brother.
We are all black.
Every commenter is just saying, absolutely, immediately, let's kill those white people.
And the UN, Hollywood, the globalists know exactly what they're doing, Dan Lyman.
You know what's shocking is
The line that we're fed is that these people are all fleeing from these horrible, ravaged countries.
In many cases, they're not really all that bad.
Apparently, people in the Netherlands and Belgium are supposed to take in hundreds of thousands of Moroccans for whatever reason.
Things are pretty decent in Morocco.
I think so.
And at this point, South Africa is destabilizing so rapidly and they're going after their neighbors.
They're causing all these issues with, obviously, with Nigerians.
Now, what happens when South Africa destabilizes and many people start fleeing from there and coming north to Europe?
And then also we just have the situation in Africa in general is always so tenuous.
So when we see one of the best countries there is basically burning to the ground at this point.
What do we see for the future of the West, in particular Europe, when all of these people are going to want to get out of the hell holes that they live in and get somewhere better?
And we're just seeing just the beginning.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
2015 was nothing compared to what's coming down the line.
We have the footage of thousands of people from the Congo being brought into
San Antonio and then the camera people trying to attack our camera people for even showing it.
You dirty Americans, you don't show what's going on.
This is crazy.
If we tried to move to Congo, Dan, they'd kill us.
And all I'm saying is we're bringing people in that are totally tribal and kill people who aren't in their tribe.
Right, and that's the nature of people in general.
Sad to say, you know, I spent some time in Slovenia recently and I stayed right on the coast.
You could see Croatia, their coast, right across the water.
And I was told by my Slovenian-Croatian hosts, they were immigrants from Croatia, that there are still tensions between Slovenians and Croatians.
These are people who speak essentially the same language, they live side by side, they look the same, you would never know that they're any different.
And he said France's future is African.
Okay, well, there's feces everywhere and homeless people and trees falling down in front of cars to rob them.
And what?
Tourism is down 80%?
I mean, why the hell would they be doing this?
Tourism is down heavily in cities like Paris, Stockholm, London.
And tourism is up in other countries where things are much safer and where there aren't that many migrants.
Cities like Dubrovnik, Croatia, Slovakia, Croatia, Krakow, Poland.
These places are... Everyone I know isn't going to Western Europe now.
They're going to Eastern Europe.
The cities are more beautiful, they're cleaner, they're safer, and there aren't migrants running around.
I would never recommend to anyone to go to the Staple Cities anymore.
Rome, Paris, London, unfortunately.
I was talking to a bunch of, quote, operators and people who do international security, and they said they, when they go to France and stuff, are told, and it's true, it's more dangerous than Baghdad.
They can't even go 200 yards out of the hotel in any direction.
It's gone.
You know, a few years ago, I was in I was in France, I would say about six, seven years ago.
I did not know the situation in Paris.
I was very unaware of what was going on there.
And I ended up in basically a no go zone walking through that with my wife.
And we were we couldn't believe what was going on.
We felt like we had landed
In Africa or the Middle East, and we felt very unsafe.
There was very little English anywhere, or French I should say, being spoken.
You can find English anywhere in Europe now.
Come back in a few more minutes and Robert Barnes is with us, but we could pull up hours of footage in Italy, in France, in England, where you go in these no-go zones that are half of cities now in some cases, and mainline cameras get attacked at bus stations, women get attacked.
I mean, the raping, the murder, the death.
All of this is just exploding and the media tries to cover it up.
It's insane.
So yeah, back to that point about South Africa and Africa in general.
I think that the situation there is dire.
And the only answer in my mind is that Europe needs to fortify itself.
Obviously, that's not happening.
But they need to be prepared for these countries to continue destabilizing and for migrants to continue pouring.
Towards Europe and looking to find the better life quote-unquote there which if they continue there will be no better life in Europe.
There are migrants who come to Europe and they see the conditions that their fellow migrants live in and they head home.
They go back.
Now remember China won't take one person from any of these places.
The Middle East, Africa, you name it.
Russia won't.
Eastern Europe won't.
It's only the U.S., Western Europe, and Australia and all are descending into hell.
I want to look briefly at the situation in Greece with Dan Lyman then.
Robert Barnes is coming in right now and we're going to get into all the other geopolitical issues, the economy, so much more.
And 9-11.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live broadcasting worldwide, and I have constitutional lawyer, star lawyer over here, Robert Barnes with us, riding shotgun, and we're going to go ahead and host the fourth hour today as well.
Mike Adams out at his ranch and laboratory.
There were big storms last night.
Had some trees fall down, so he's got his power out for now.
He won't be hosting the fourth hour.
That means I'll be hosting the fourth hour, and Barnes will be with us.
We have that big
Google Whistleblower with a lot of new intel.
Zach Voorhees is going to be joining us at the bottom of the next hour.
We'll go right into the fourth hour with him as well.
I'm going to look back on 9-11, 18 years later, and some of the anomalies and the fact that those have been confirmed.
And we're also going to look, because I was just asking Barnes, hey, you want to get into what Rand Paul said about, thank God World War isn't as close, getting rid of Bolton.
You want to get into some of these.
He said, let's get in.
To keeping babies alive and selling their body parts because his main place he practices is in California.
And he's aware of these cases and these people have been indicted who exposed it.
Well, now they're on trial and they're putting the Planned Parenthood people and others on stand going, no, we keep babies alive.
And the judges are going, whoa, let's have a recess.
They're going to the prosecutors that's in the news and saying, you're going to really prosecute people for undercover video and stuff that's illegal?
This is really coming out now, and DrugsReport.com is linked to stuff that I'm not going to get to until next segment, but they had testimony yesterday on the Born Alive Bill, where they're trying to pass a law that don't kill already born babies.
And people are now testifying to Congress with the evidence, with the photos and the video, of where they kill the babies after they're born.
So, it's all coming out.
This is a big deal.
Next segment with Robert Barnes.
We'll hit some other issues when Dan Lyman leaves us here in a moment.
But I want to get your take on the UN and the open borders and the collapse of Latin America, the collapse of Africa.
Latin America is freaking out as hundreds of thousands of Africans are showing up a month, now to be millions.
The UN is funding these conduits to open up.
But Dan Lyman of EuropeWars.com, looking at Greece, because this has really come to a head there.
Describe for people what the dictator of Turkey is threatening right now.
In 2015-2016, this whole migrant crisis at that time, Greece was basically part of the pathway into Europe.
A lot of them would generally pass through, passing through the Balkans as well.
They were coming by boats from Turkey, obviously coming up through Syria, and then agreements were reached after that where basically
Turkey holds millions upon millions of migrants inside its borders in exchange for huge payoffs and it's constantly demanding more money for different projects and different ways and say and every time that they don't get what they want Erdogan will say oh well you better give it to me or I might have to open the floodgates well now he's threatening to do it again as you had mentioned earlier people see the plan that he has devised basically he says he says he wants to set up a safe zone in
We're good.
I think?
Keeping them in the country or they're just being over overwhelmed at this point by these migrants that have been living in Turkey for four years now and they're probably getting frustrated and just saying hey we're gonna make our way over so they're coming over on boats with people smugglers assistance and in some cases it has been reported that on the islands in Greece they're being received by NGO workers so it looks like a coordinated operation if you ask for my humble opinion.
Well, they know exactly what they're doing, and anytime reporters try to show any of this, there's just hundreds of hours of it in Italy and in Greece and in Rome, that they come and beat people up.
And if anybody's white, they get beaten up as well.
Anybody can pull up Tommy Robinson in No-Go Zone in Rome and other areas, people punching him and him having to fight back.
And then you've got rappers that get physically attacked, they fight back.
They get indicted in Sweden.
It seems like the big no-no is standing up and saying no to these guys.
Well, if you recall with the Covington, his name is escaping me, but what he was asked by mainstream media, he was interviewed and she said, you know, you stood up for yourself.
Don't you think that that's a bit aggressive?
You stood your ground.
So I think that that's that's really what we should what we should take away from that is that you're not allowed to stand your ground in the face of an attack by anyone that is endorsed by the globalists.
And if you do, you will
You know, remember just a few years ago, they would try to deny that there were these no-go zones.
They don't deny them now.
No, they don't.
I think that the evidence is out there and they realize that they'll call them hotspots or they'll call them sensitive security zones.
They have them all over Europe, of course, and they have them in the United States as well.
You know, there are parts of our cities now which are very hostile, of course, to police.
And of course, RT had to get a leaked report because it's secret government reports on the expanding no-go zones that cover half the country.
I mean, that's what's even more incredible is that the governments are trying to keep it secret.
Absolutely, that's one of the hardest things about reporting on the situation here in Europe is that the information is throttled, it's choked, it's very hard to dig up and then sometimes when you find some relevant information you do have to question the sources because of course it's not coming from a reliable, reputable source but increasingly there is more information coming out.
Social media is a great place of course to just keep an eye on the videos.
I think so.
So at this point it's everyone's job to just spread the information that you reliably have, use social media, spread it to your families, you know, try to red pill your families on what's going on because a lot of them are still paying attention to the mainstream media and they really have no idea.
So it's everyone's responsibility to do journalism on their own and just be independent journalists and spread reliable information so that people get an accurate picture of what is happening to our countries.
That's right, and remember the traitors that tried to cover all this up.
EuropeWars.com for the latest videos, articles.
Everybody, please share that.
The only way we get through the censors is when you take action.
Big Tech thinks you're dumb, they think you're stupid.
They're going to defeat you, they're not going to do it.
We're in one hell of a fight right now.
Dan Lyman, great job from Malta.
I know you're posting a lot of different videos and things to EuropeWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Thank you so much, and be safe.
Great to be with you, Alex.
God bless.
All right, riding shotgun with us for the rest of the transmission is constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes.
And we're going to get back into what I'm calling the new big real 9-11 on the other side, ladies and gentlemen.
And that is 60 plus million abortions in this country and the giant industry of keeping babies alive so they can later harvest their organs to get a higher price.
I don't want to just chop them all up on the spot.
I want to keep them alive until it's fresh, so you don't get rejection, so you get all the money.
We're going to talk about the real horror that rivals what the Nazis did on the other side.
And how do we bring these criminals to justice?
Robert Barnes, he knows all about it.
He's a constitutional lawyer.
Stay with us.
There's a new video.
It's up on Infowars.com.
We're going to play it next hour.
9-11 victim's son takes Ilhan Omar to the woodshed at Ground Zero commemoration 18 years later.
We're going to play some of the controlled demolition of Building 7 in the World Trade Center towers.
They've got all these, you know, the firefighter union coming out and groups saying there were bombs in the buildings.
That doesn't mean there wasn't an Islamic attack.
It doesn't mean the whole government's involved.
But there was a lot more going on in 9-11.
That meets the eye, and that's come out now.
Incredible articles, incredible reports.
Again, the firefighting union in New York, the engineers group, they're gone public.
There was a countdown.
Building 7 was blown up.
We're going to pop into that next hour as well.
Just briefly here, you know the globalists have tried to shut us down.
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Now, let's go to constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, one of the most successful lawyers in the country.
He does great work for us here at InfoWars.
He's visiting right now.
We're filing some lawsuits that we're going to announce tomorrow.
Again, just to defend ourselves.
That's how serious this fight is on the front lines.
But I asked you, I said, what do you want to get into out of all this news?
You said, Alex, I want to get into keeping babies alive and harvesting their organs and the fact that this is really going on because you practice law predominantly in California.
That's where you're mainly licensed out of and you're aware of these famous cases.
So break this down for people.
Sure, so I mean what's amazing is this all started with an undercover video exposé, sort of in the Veritas model, which two independent investigative reporters did.
The kind of undercover reporting that has been the foundation of independent investigative free press from the inception of the country.
And they were able to document over multiple years of undercover reporting and investigation that Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers were in business with various third-party vendors to provide baby parts from those abortions to those other institutions and entities.
For the purposes of corporate profit.
And this included potentially selling baby heads, selling baby hearts, and selling them in such a way that suggested that they were often developed post-abortion.
And so they did all of this discovery, revealed it, and the first reaction was a two-fold reaction from the political establishment in California.
One was this novel interpretation of criminal law in California, for the first time I know of, in which they attempted to criminalize undercover investigative reporting, simply because they didn't like the content, the subject of the reporting.
So these individuals have been subject to all kinds of lawsuits, been subject to all kinds of criminal investigations, and are now subject to an ongoing criminal investigative proceeding in San Francisco.
The second part that I tracked, which was fascinating, was there was this huge counter-narrative establishment media pitch that all of these stories were faked, that just like they attacked Project Veritas, that this was edited and doctored video, and that none of it was true.
Planned Parenthood wasn't involved in anything like this.
None of the abortion providers were involved in anything like this.
There was nobody buying baby parts.
There was nobody selling baby parts.
It didn't exist.
To such a degree that about six months after it happened, friends of mine and family members that are on the left insisted this to me right away.
Like, oh, that's a totally fake story.
And this started in 2015.
And then they indicted the men who just interviewed
The abortion head at a restaurant with hidden cameras, they indicted him for that?
That's not illegal.
Oh, exactly.
Well, it's extraordinary.
What's amazing is what happened between that six-month period and these indictments.
They were so successful at building a counter-narrative that what was quietly being reported, not reported on,
And that's why I want you to continue, but that's why all these states are passing laws to kill babies after they're born, is to cover what was already happening.
Because it's big business and that's why they're trying to pass a law saying born alive bill and people are like wait you gotta and they wouldn't even pass it the last time earlier this year exactly what they didn't realize was that in California and in all states what was happening is standard customary industry practice by a various abortion providers and companies connected to abortion
We're good.
And the media totally suppressed these cases.
Totally suppressed notice of them, knowledge of them, awareness of them.
Each of them confirming what these guys did.
And that's why San Francisco went further to try to criminally prosecute them.
To try to build up a fake news narrative that says this never happened, this doesn't exist.
Their big mistake was they have very good counsel in San Francisco and they're putting people like the STEM Express CEO on the stand.
And they're now admitting, no, we sell babies with beating hearts.
They have to because one, they have them on videotape.
They're getting to confirm two great things.
One, they're confirming that all their investigative reporting was true because now they're under oath and they're subject to perjury prosecution if they don't admit it.
Secondly, they try to be evasive on the stand so it shows the value and the virtue of the undercover reporting.
It shows, look, when these people are undercover, they're much more honest and forthcoming than when they're actually on the stand under penalty of perjury under oath, where they try to evade, dodge, and circumvent the ante.
And your real skill is predicting what comes next.
I've seen you do it over and over again.
It seems like they're not going to be able to cover this up, and passing laws legalizing killing already-born babies ain't going to cut it.
And now that they're prosecuting people and it's coming out in court...
It seems like they've walked into a trap.
They absolutely did.
They believe their own nonsense.
I think the prosecutors who brought this case weren't following what was happening in Orange County, wasn't following what was really happening, and they convinced themselves that this didn't really exist.
They convinced themselves of the fake news narrative, and they figured they could run with the fake news narrative with an actual criminal trial.
The problem with that is you get to cross-examine in a criminal trial, so you don't get to get away with this.
So this was a major mistake because now you have people admitting under oath that the whole story was true and the moral horror of what they're doing because this shocks the conscience of even people, many people on the left.
And now they're having hearings in Congress.
You don't see this on the news.
The video is on Infowars.com.
GeorgiaReport.com is linked to a story on it.
Congress is having hearings with nurses that headed departments admitting all this and there's a blackout!
That's the media complicit in killing born babies for their organs.
That is Joseph Mingala level.
There's a reason why the governor of Virginia did what he did and said what he said back when he said it.
Because he's considered this normal industry standard practice.
He didn't realize what he was revealing to the world was the moral shock and horror of what they've really been up to.
It's the recreation of an elite culture and elite... But it's okay, they call it a comfort room where they kill them.
It's recreation of human sacrifice traditions from pre-Christian societies.
That's what we have.
Christianity helped abolish that human sacrifice.
And now it's all back.
We got unbelievable.
We'll be right back with a third hour.
You don't want to miss this.
And please share the live links.
Now, Ilhan Omar got taken to the woodshed at the 9-11 memorial.
We're going to play that next segment.
Then get into the underbelly of 9-11.
I never really asked Robert Barnes his take on it.
We'll get his view on that as well.
Then we have Zach Voorhees, the big Google whistleblower.
He said he was going to write an article about the Clinton body count, and he did.
And then Google stopped fixing it and put it back to where it's supposed to be, actually showing all the articles about the mysterious deaths.
So we're going to be breaking down some of the latest secrets on that front.
But getting back to
Keeping the babies alive.
I mean, this was known 30 years ago that they were selling the body parts illegally.
And then now, why not?
Hey, can we get some live body parts?
And hey, can we get some organs?
And so, we're talking about billions of dollars here, and the U.S.
competing with China.
And you know, the question of Governor Northam, like I said on Joe Rogan, is why are we wasting seven pounds of meat?
There's a lot of, he's like, we keep baby alive, we decide to keep baby comfortable.
And so they're trying to hide this in plain view because they know they've been caught.
They're really panicking.
No doubt about it.
I mean, I think because people are morally shocked by it and people generally forget there's two things that the press generally does not fully cover, which is the scope and scale of human trafficking and the scope, which is revealed by the Epstein case, and the scope and scale of organ trafficking.
And they talk about organ trafficking not just in the context of human beings who are kidnapped and their organs removed against their will.
It's happening systematically and systemically as has been revealed in China.
It's part of what the Epoch Times was created because their group, because of their religious beliefs, were being targeted for illicit organ transfers.
But it's been happening in the abortion industry for a long time.
And that's what these guys spent three years doing undercover mass-scale investigations.
One of the most impressive undercover investigative reporting efforts made in the modern era.
Documented and detailed what these people said on video.
And it was not in an edited or censored or controlled or mistakenly or misrepresented in any manner.
And then the media did a massive hit job on them to try to suppress the news of this story because it's so shocking to the conscience of the ordinary American.
It's the reinvention and recreation of an elite society that favors human sacrifice, but in this case not only does human sacrifice, but does it to monetize that human sacrifice for the purposes of profit of the people partaking and participating in it.
It's a moral shock and horror to almost any ordinary everyday individual.
I mean, it's terrifying that we even have to have born-alive bills to protect people who are born alive.
And it's even more shocking that there are legislatures, like the New York Legislature and others, creating a legal out for this kind of human trafficking that's occurring.
What was also documented and detailed in the testimony is that the kind of organs being harvested, the condition in which they are harvested, strongly suggests or infers from an evidentiary perspective that this is being done post-birth.
Well let's be clear, the babies aren't cut up, they're not chopped up, they haven't had their brains sucked out like you're supposed to under the law of partial birth abortion so that the baby's dead before it leaves the vaginal canal.
And that's why we know that this is going on, it's come out.
You hear the governor saying we keep them alive after, make them comfortable, and then the standard deal is to put them in a pool of water.
That's even ABC News.
So I've talked, I've had the nurses on, I've seen the documentaries, it's been going on forever.
He goes further keeping them alive for the organs.
And to give an example, this is why third term abortions matter in the way they do.
Because in order to harvest these kind of body parts in the way, in the condition they want them in, they need third term abortions.
This would be difficult to do in a first term abortion, to get the economic benefit that they're seeking and the profit they're seeking off of these baby parts.
Now that's right.
The organs aren't really harvestable until the third trimester.
And then rich people, you know, their kid's in a car wreck or has holes in his heart or whatever, you know, you want a heart, you want a liver, I get it, but this isn't some child that died in another car wreck and then you're getting its body parts.
Changes are, some poor woman went in,
They told her, oh yeah, you've got a problem with your baby.
It's the medical courts around it.
We'll save you.
We're going to induce labor.
And then they get them.
And again, throughout history, we have a problem with medicine becoming a tyranny, because it's a God complex.
People can't question it.
It's a speciality.
We'll talk about that briefly.
And they get it at 9-11 with Robert Barnes, the economy, and so many other big subjects.
On September 11, 2019, 18 years later, our hearts go out to all those that lost family or got injured on 9-11.
But what about the 60 million dead babies?
You're probably the best-known builder, particularly of great buildings in the city.
There's a great deal of question about whether or not the damage and the ultimate destruction of the buildings was caused by the airplanes, by architectural defect, or possibly by bombs or aftershocks.
Do you have any thoughts on that?
Well, it was an architectural defect.
You know, the World Trade Center was always known as a very, very strong building.
Don't forget, that took a big bomb in the basement.
Now, the basement is the most vulnerable place, because that's your foundation.
And it withstood that.
And I got to see that area about three or four days after it took place because one of my structural engineers actually took me for a tour because he did the building.
And I said, I can't believe it.
The building was standing solid and half of the columns were blown out.
I mean, so this was an unbelievably powerful building.
If you know anything about structure, it was one of the first buildings that was built from the outside.
The steel, the reason the World Trade Center had such narrow windows,
Is that in between all the windows you had the steel on the outside.
See the steel on the outside of the building.
That's why when I first looked and you had big heavy I-beams.
When I first looked at it I couldn't believe it because there was a hole in the steel.
And this is steel that was, you remember the width of the windows of the World Trade Center, folks?
I think you, you know, if you were ever up there, they were quite narrow.
And in between was this heavy steel.
I said, how could a plane, even a plane, even a 767 or 747, or whatever it might have been, how could it possibly go through this steel?
I happen to think that they had not only a plane, but they had bombs that exploded almost simultaneously, because I just can't imagine
Anything being able to go through that wall.
Most buildings are built with the steelers on the inside around the elevator shaft.
This one was built from the outside, which is the strongest structure you can have, and it was almost just like a can of soup.
You know, Donald, we were looking at pictures all morning long of that plane coming into building number two, and when you see that approach the far side, and then all of a sudden, within a matter of a millisecond, the explosion pops out the other side.
I just think that there was a plane with more than just fuel.
I think, obviously, they were very big planes, they were going very rapidly, because I was also watching where the plane seemed to be not only going fast, it seemed to be coming down into the building.
So it was getting the speed from going downhill, so to speak.
It just seemed to me that to do that kind of destruction is even more than a big plane, because you're talking about taking out steel, the heaviest caliber steel that was used on a building.
These buildings were rock solid.
So, 9-11 is a very complex issue, and...
I have forgotten more about it than most people would ever know.
I made three or four films on it, wrote a book on it, interviewed all the experts, interviewed the deputy head of emergency management who died a week after he was on the show.
He didn't die, he was put in the witness protection programs, what the neighbors said.
They saw him leave, all the vans, all their stuff, government cars everywhere.
He was told, get out, we're blowing Building 7 up with bombs.
I've had the firefighters and police on who heard the ten second countdown to blow up Building 7.
I have ABC
BBC, CNN all saying Building 7's been collapsed before they even blew it up.
I'm not saying radical Islam doesn't exist.
I'm not saying terrorists don't attack us sometimes.
I'm not saying that Islam isn't one of the biggest threats.
I'm telling you the facts.
There was a stand down on 9-11.
And the facts have come out on that, and now you've got major universities, I've got articles, fires did not cause WTC building collapse.
You've got the firefighter union having press conferences a month ago with an architects and engineers for 9-11 truths, their union saying no, bombs the building.
So the CIA, by the way, leased that building.
So it had all these key government records on the Clintons, the globalists, you name it.
Eighteen years later, though, the 27 pages we now know Congress says, says Saudi Arabia was involved, there was an order to stand down.
That Flight 93 was shot down by a F-16 putting sidewinder missiles into it, because it was going towards the capital.
I mean, what really happened on 9-11, we don't know.
We just know we've been lied to.
And we know there's criminal elements in our government, like Robert Mueller, who took over the day after 9-11, and then covered the whole thing up.
There's lawsuits dealing with that.
You're a smart guy, Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, but quite a historian, too.
I'm impressed by you.
You know more than I do on many subjects, and I'm quite a novice historian.
I study a wide range of things.
I kind of conflate some of it sometimes, but 9-11, I mean, it's what the hell's going on here?
I mean, no doubt.
You have the 28 pages that... 28 pages.
The 28 pages that showed up relating to Saudi Arabia's involvement.
What's interesting is where popular culture and parts of the establishment media occasionally allow the truth to sort of leak out that question the established narrative about 9-11.
So you have shows like Looming Tower, which go into detail about its suggested meetings between CIA Director Tenet and Saudi Arabian high-level diplomats that shut down or effectively curtailed the scope of an investigation that could have precluded those people identified as terrorists from ever being in the country at all.
We're good to go.
The everyday agent was covering the story.
The everyday agent was reporting what was happening.
The everyday agent was uncovering the terrorist coup plots that were taking place that were later connected to the terrorists involved here.
It was the 7th floor that was ignoring it, that was hiding it, that was masking it, that was obstructing it, that was impairing it, that was interfering with it.
The lead investigator who was part of the good FBI group that was trying to get
The people later identified as the terrorists identified, of course, as the head of security, somehow coincidental.
John O'Neill dies on 9-11 in the building.
I mean, that's one of those extraordinary coincidences.
What I always say is you take the same storyline and you put it in with a country the media doesn't like.
So if you said, you take the, say, if the head of security as part of an FSB group for Putin mysteriously died after he was trying to uncover a potential terrorist coup plot, every establishment media narrative in the United States would say Putin and the government were involved.
And let's go further.
They found not one, but two of the hijackers passports in the rubble when there's hundreds of millions of pieces of paper and hundreds of thousands, millions of pounds of rubble everywhere.
And that day they find two passports out of those fireballs.
I mean, clearly.
And then you have the FBI trying to bust them at the flight schools in order to stand down in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Minnesota, Arizona.
Not wanting to know how to land planes.
We know there were Islamic terrorists.
We know that goes on.
But there was a larger strategic plan.
Just like Obama supported Al Qaeda and ISIS in the Arab Spring.
There is a sick
Nexus with Islamic terror.
Just like we know that Vegas was an Islamic terror attack.
They used the guy who was a gunrunner to get guns once they were in the country.
The Saudis were having a military convention there in the town.
There was already a Saudi civil war.
That Saudi civil war spilled over from my intel, and that's from high-level FBI who are good guys, into that.
That's why you've never been told what happened.
You live in Vegas.
I mean, no doubt about it.
I mean, there's multiple of these examples.
And so, if you take sort of a James Elroy script from his American tabloid trilogy in the 1960s, which he described as history masked as fiction, that you could take that sort of template of how power operates in these kind of major public trauma events
Well, with Oklahoma City, I've interviewed the police officers that were the second and third to get there.
They killed the first guy that got there.
I've interviewed that guy's wife.
I mean, I've talked to like the head, you know, Vietnam veteran, head of the K9 unit, he's Don Browning.
The FBI came in his office and said, we'll kill you and your wife if you don't shut about the bombs we put in there.
And then those were all special guys Clinton sent in.
You can run on for a long time.
You know, the globalists know that we exposed 9-11 up front.
They know that we helped get Trump elected.
You can say what you want about him.
He's overall doing a great job compared to Hillary Clinton.
And they don't want us to be here during the next election.
They don't want you to be here.
And they're purging everybody.
We're going to get more into 9-11, and then our special guest is joining us.
And of course, Mr. Barnes will be riding shotgun with us tonight.
I'm going to open the phones up some for Zach Voorhees, the biggest Google whistleblower so far.
In the fourth hour, he joins us again next segment.
He'll be with us with an hour and a half.
And of course, Owen Schroyer takes over with the War Room.
And then at 7 o'clock, you've got the great job that
Will Johnson and Tom Pappard are doing on firepower now.
Seven to nine central, more shows, more broadcast coming as we put on every bit of coal we've got into that steam engine on this locomotive, hauling ass down the track towards 2020, which is so incredibly critical.
But to see us come from nowhere, to see globalism in so much trouble, and nationalism and Christianity reigniting in the Western ethos again is very exciting.
That said, ladies and gentlemen,
Over the years, they harassed and took all our sponsors away.
You know, you hear some on the network, those are their sponsors.
And normal sponsorship can't pay for multimedia like this.
They can't pay to send crew around the world.
They can't pay to do the type of things we've done and really give the globalists a run for their money.
I mean, we've got a lot of reporters, a lot of crew, and they're kicking butt.
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Something's hit, though, because our audience got diminished some, but it's grown back.
But a lot of people now are slapping me on the back in cyberspace in person.
Hey, you've been vindicated.
It's all come true.
Good job, Alex.
And then people don't support because they think, oh, we've won and Trump's won.
No, we're now in the main fight.
And I'm not just saying that to keep funding coming in and keep InfoWars going.
Folks, we're in a total war right now.
I mean, it's I mean, we've really gone up and punched the dragon in the nose.
And now the real fight's on.
So enough plugging.
I'm not going to plug anymore.
You know, we've reached that point in history where NPR comes out and says, okay, the CIA ran giant kidnapping rings of small children to electroshock them and drug them into mind control assassins.
And yeah, we've got human-animal hybrids.
And yeah, fluoride gives you cancer and deformities and lowers your IQ, especially for men and boys.
And yeah, we're doing secret experiments on you.
Yeah, and G3, G4, G5 gives you cancer.
We're doing it anyways.
And world government's here.
And yeah, we're funding radical Islam.
And yeah, we knew about 9-11 and when it happened.
And it's just now kind of all out there.
Instead of being vindicated, I just kind of feel a sickening feeling because there's all this other crazy stuff we know is going on.
And suddenly the head of the CIA or former heads on C-SPAN going, yes, we control the weather with barium salts, aluminum dioxide is added to jet fuel.
The jet companies don't even know.
Then it aerosolizes and protects the Earth from solar rays.
Then we have scientists on, they go, actually, it heats the Earth up.
Because the ultraviolet goes through, and it can't bounce back out.
And it just goes on and on, like, who are these people?
What is this whole shadow global system?
Who runs it?
What are they trying to do?
And it gets crazier and crazier and crazier because it's like we're the little kids at the little kid table.
And government and the think tanks, they're all over there running things and big tech and they've already decided our future.
They tell us it's a post-human future.
And we're like, hey, we see you doing this.
We see you doing that.
And they're like, shut up.
That's not going on.
Then they publish white papers to themselves all admitting it.
Robert Barnes, what would you call that level of disdain?
Well, it's a certain degree of arrogance and insolence that is born of an elite culture that continues to sort of recreate itself and live in ultimate echo chambers that is sort of impregnated or impregnable from the real world and ordinary everyday opinion.
I remember thinking about this when I was watching the movie The Whistleblower, which was about DENCOR and about the degree in which various defense contractors are complicit in human trafficking, sex trafficking, Epstein style.
And watching it, I was almost frustrated by the lead character who becomes the whistleblower, exposes this going on, based on a real story in the 1990s.
The movie came out in the 2000s, a major Hollywood film, yet the press mostly refused to cover it or talk about it.
But I was frustrated as I watched the lead character because I was like, why doesn't she realize this is coming?
Why doesn't she realize that this is coming?
Why doesn't she anticipate this?
Why doesn't she take this protective of action?
And I realized that someone who has never been even exposed to the InfoWars Alex Jones frame of mind, such that she doesn't even know to anticipate certain things because she's so naive and idealistic.
It's like, as one of the producers was telling me and showing me earlier, it's like the Godfather scene.
Where the son is talking to his fiancée at the time, Diane Keaton's character, and he says, you know, look, my dad's just like any other boss.
And she's like, well, senators and presidents don't go out and kill people.
Who's being naive now, Kate?
Famous line.
Well, presidents and senators don't have people killed.
The Clinton body count just doesn't exist.
It was funny when you were showing earlier Hillary talking about predators and how some of these people she's heard might be connected to drug cartels.
And I was like, I wonder where the Hillary connection concern with drug cartels came from.
Yeah, exactly.
The Bushes!
Those kids who were dying because they saw things they weren't supposed to see on the railroad tracks, which is what led to the original exposure of a lot of the Clinton corruption and connections.
And the origin of the Clinton body count was various people dying who were seeing things they weren't supposed to see up next to Mina, Arkansas.
And that tees up Zach Voorhees.
He's the most senior Google engineer yet to go public.
Other engineers that have gone public with limited whistleblowing have called him the Edward Snowden of big tech whistleblowing.
And he's still on Twitter at Perpetual Maniac for now.
And he joins us because, well, the 50 states are moving, led by Ken Paxton and the Texas Attorney General, working with the Attorney General Barr.
Trump, we're told, and you've talked to your sources, it's imminent.
With antitrust actions.
We're going to talk about that.
We'll talk about how Voorhees exposed the Clinton body count, how Google was rigging it.
Then suddenly last week they put it back to normal with a real search.
But it's like whack-a-mole.
So Zach, good to have you here with us to help from your expert angle navigate and decipher where we are right now.
Yeah, so the breaking news is that after a bunch of people started bringing to attention this Clinton body count controversy and that I wrote a Medium article about it,
Just this week, Google reversed themselves and added back the Clinton body count to the Google search predictions.
So if users go to Google and they type in Clinton body, and then type in the letter C, it's going to autocomplete.
It's going to give an autocomplete suggestion for the Clinton body count.
Do you know what it used to be?
Because I was looking up YouTube and I wanted to show a bunch of, see a bunch, Google of course owns YouTube.
This was several weeks ago and I just wanted to look at all the different Clinton body count videos just for curiosity, see what the various theories are out there currently, so forth.
And instead it came up Clinton body shops.
I know, that's what comes up, yeah.
Or if you printed Clinton criminal, it would bring up her criminal justice bill from 95.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, this was like Orwellian, this was stuff that even in his wildest dreams, George Orwell couldn't imagine, or Aldous Huxley couldn't imagine.
These are things that, you know, Aldous Huxley, A Brave New World, George Orwell, of course, 1984 at Animal Farm, that even they couldn't envision the world that he's describing.
Zach Voorhees, why do you think when they get exposed, I've seen this before, they'll fix it and then go back to it later?
I mean, I guess when there's a spotlight, they want to deny that they're fixing the search results because Sundar Pichai, the head of Google, as you know, testified last year when I was there and this year that, oh, we've never manipulated a search ever.
Yeah, well, I found out that they were lying because I was able to go to the internal public search engine of Google's company and type in blacklists and find the blacklists that
The executives were claiming under oath didn't exist.
So, you know, they're both face lying to the American people.
They're both face lying to Congress under oath and committing perjury.
And this is something that needs to be exposed.
And the way that a lot of this works is whenever evil is exposed, there's like the surge that happens right at the very beginning when all the media attention gets focused.
And so
What happens is the response is to pull back, and then hope that the media attention dies down, and then restore and continue on with the plan.
When they're opposed by opposition, they never want to have the fight.
They always kind of sneak away, retrench, and then come back later.
You had a question.
Yeah, so what shows the power of the public and the power of the audience to sort of change the world in just little and everyday ways,
In that capacity, how much do you think the people at Google are worried and concerned about the 50 state attorney generals, combined with the U.S.
Attorney General, these wide-scale investigations from a broad-ranging group of people coming from diverse intellectual, ideological, and legal perspectives, including the president's purported imminent action to go further related to Google, given the intentions to meddle in elections through the algorithmic search engines that you're talking about?
Yeah well I think that the fear is really real.
There was an SEC filing that just happened in the last month where Google told its investors that they were going to come under increased scrutiny for its monopolizing practices.
And this is really you know this is this is going from all levels of the company.
The employees themselves would have heard.
Are in revolt over the revelation of Google's global election meddling system.
And, you know, it's an amazing time to see this.
All of this stuff that was conspiracy theory is now becoming conspiracy fact.
I just want to let you know.
And when you talk about an open revolt as it comes out that they're rigging elections, rigging basically all information, where do you see all that going?
Zach Voorhees is our guest.
Twitter, at Perpetual Maniac.
And of course we've got Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, riding shotgun with us.
So we're going to go to break and come back.
But just briefly, what percentage of people would you say at Google are even aware that Google is manipulating the election?
I mean, I think pretty much everyone has heard about this now.
Everyone's kind of interested in their own thing.
And when it becomes a news item, they follow it.
So people are following what's happening with Google very intently.
And yeah, so I believe that everyone at Google now knows what's going on.
This is so exciting.
We've been on the last few years, no one talking about this till this is now one of the big issues in the world.
We're about to get some real action, folks.
So great job, listeners.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live here.
I want to pull up a Washington Post headline from Monday, if we can.
The headline was, Google's always listening, now it's always watching with Nest.
Now again, Paul Watson and I, listeners pointed it out, in 2014, and then in 2000, excuse me, 2004, and then 2006, Google told shareholders
Hey, we're listening to people over their microphones now and creating keyword databases.
They use the example, if a dog's barking, we know to have dog food ads.
Now that was their little innocuous thing, but imagine that announcement they're listening to you just slipped out.
And Zach Voorhees, the biggest Google whistleblower yet.
Again, the Ed Snowden of big tech whistleblowers.
The Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg of big tech.
I mean, it's simply amazing what you're hearing.
And there's been almost a total blackout on him and some of his associates that have gone public, showing you the real discipline of corporate media and big tech together.
That, hey, if you report on this, you get blackballed.
And that's why InfoWars is so precious.
And I don't really care about myself at the end of the day.
I've had a really good run.
I just know I have a responsibility to stay in this fight even more hardcore, up against all this, even though I'm like a salmon swimming upstream, because we know how evil these globalists are now, and we know they plan to overturn all our basic freedoms and complete our journey into slavery.
So, again, listeners, I salute you for what you've done, but realize the real fight, again, is just starting.
But going back to that Washington Post headline, Google is always listening.
Now it's watching, too, with the Nest Hub Max.
And they admit how creepy it is, but they think we're so weak, we'll all just accept this.
And the new cars are coming out with AI that watches you.
And now AI is going to watch your baby and report back to CPS.
I mean, this is a real revolution against humanity.
And I think what you were saying, Zach, is thanks to you and Matt Drudge and Tucker Carlson and everybody,
Coming out in warning about this, there's really now internal debates all across the world, not just in Google, in big tech, in Google's relationship with the Chai comms.
It seems like what you're saying is a positive discussion's happening, and these 50 attorney generals and Trump preparing to take action is beautiful.
I want to get your take on all that, and then I want to get your take on what you think Trump should do, because I know it's still all on the drawing board in the next few weeks at the White House.
Yeah, so to get an idea of how fearful Google is about this news story, I want to point to a CNBC article which is titled, Google Bans Political Discussion on Internal Mailing Lists.
Now, what's really interesting about this is that Google has always prided itself as a company that has had candid, open discussions about a variety of topics.
They're now slamming the door shut on that.
And the reason is quite telling.
They explicitly say that, um, that the reason why that they're doing it is because, you know, people are getting really enraged about what Google is doing on the inside and that they don't want employees talking about the latest news story.
Now, they don't say latest news stories, plural.
They say latest news story.
So what they're talking about specifically is, uh, the Google leaks.
And I think that that's really interesting and really telling about what's, what's going on.
Um, I actually had a friend of mine, uh, who has a subscriber or he's got a YouTube channel with 500,000 subscribers.
And he just got fired from Facebook because he had a YouTube channel and it wasn't like, Oh, well he's has low performance.
They literally told him, you know, you've got a YouTube channel.
It violates her terms.
You're done.
No warning.
Just you're done.
And so the other companies that they're now scared.
They're now realizing that they are, you know, complicit in election meddling.
And I believe that Facebook is complicit in election meddling.
And now they're trying to take people that have a strong social media following.
They're identifying them as a threat and pushing them and purging them out of the company.
As far as the states go, the states are gearing up for an antitrust action against Google.
And in fact, the corporations are so fearful that The Hill ran an article titled, 51 Major CEOs Ask Congress for Federal Privacy Law Blocking State Rules.
Now this is really funny because
The MSM is always talking about democracy, democracy, democracy, how sacred it is.
Here's an instance where they're trying to subvert the democracy of the states, and they're now running scared to the federal government, begging them to be regulated.
Let us illegally spy on people, because that's what you were telling me the other day on the phone, Barnes, and I agree.
This whole antitrust thing is key, it's true, they're monopolies, they're combines, cartels, it's out of control, but the violation of privacy rights and the selling of data
It's kind of like they're trying to pass laws saying they can kill babies after they're born now because they've been keeping them alive and harvesting their organs.
Well, can you pass a law in the future to make something legal that happened in the past?
And, I mean, how outrageous is this?
In fact, the Constitution prohibits it.
It's called an ex post facto law.
And the law specifically precludes, the Constitution specifically precludes those kind of actions from being taken that impact people's individually protected rights, whether it be property rights, privacy rights, or other rights.
And so I think that's where Senator Hawley and others have called for these kind of mass scale investigations to be escalated and elevated.
And I think what's useful is we're seeing more and more of the Google whistleblowers come out for two reasons.
One, they're seeing them be politically permitted into the public space and be protected in the public space by places like this and the audience from InfoWars protecting them, providing a means by which they can express their concerns, providing a means by which they can be protected for expressing their concerns.
And the law in California provides protection.
So if you're an employee at any of these big tech companies,
The best way for you to get remedy is to go public with your concerns because then you're protected from any discriminatory employers.
That's when the whistleblower statutes kick in.
I want to just say this because we keep harping as they're trying to shut us down and you know three four years into this it's hurting and they're surprised we're still here they can't believe it.
The globalists are shutting everything down.
There's only a few places like DrugsReport.com and Infowars.com that'll tell the truth now.
Fox News is five years into babies being kept alive and their organs sold.
It's all over local news.
It's in court cases now.
They still won't cover it.
So again, not even Fox News will stand up for the already born.
Even Fox News tried to explain away what Governor Northam had said.
So I'm trying to say this here.
We are very close to true authoritarianism completely taking over, because they were already trying to do it by stealth.
Now they know that we're awake, they're trying to sew it all up and accelerate it.
So we've got to be active, we've got to be aggressive, and we've got to remember URLs, like memeworld.com, ban.video, infowars.com, newswars.com, whether they're my sites or not.
You know, because I mean Paul's got his Summit.News.
We've got to get back to surfing the web like Matt Drudge warned us.
That is so critical because now they're even coming at trying to block URL level.
They're even trying to keep people off their servers.
They're taking the NRA's bank accounts away.
They're gonna do this to everybody.
This is real authoritarianism.
They mean business.
Zach Voorhees?
Yeah, I agree.
And the thing is, is that now that they've been exposed, they're trying to run as fast as they can to the great work, which is the New World Order.
And even the fact that we are becoming awake to what they're doing doesn't mean that they're going to slow down.
It means that they've got to speed up.
And the reason why they have to speed up is because they're a declining power.
And the dangerous thing about declining powers is that they're always the most powerful right now.
Because in the future, tomorrow, the next month, they're going to be less powerful.
And so with the remaining power that they have, they're going to try to push it as far as they possibly can.
And nowhere is this more evident than in my hometown city of San Francisco, where they're now changing the language around those that are involved with the justice system.
Before they were called criminals or convicts, but now they're changing it to justice involved individuals.
They're now declaring the NRA a terrorist organization.
And when you look at all this, people are like, well, why are they speeding up?
Why are they?
Going, you know, from 40 to 60 miles an hour to 100 miles an hour.
It's because that they're declining power and because they're afraid of of the of the audience of the people of America waking up and challenging their established power.
If I if I can, I'd like to get back to the fact that one of the breaking news pieces about Google is that there is 48
Territories and states that are banding together in order to execute.
On the fact that their power is the greatest it'll ever be right now.
They know that.
And then what is their endgame when you look at what they want to do?
They say, don't say mother and father.
Get rid of the family.
Drug everybody out.
I mean, it's a post-human world.
What is the great work?
What is it?
All right, Zach Voorhees was really getting into big breaking news.
We'll do that next segment.
Because I want to have a lot of time to get into it with he and Robert Barnes and the big move that Trump says is coming and you see the Attorney General coordinating with all 50 states leading it.
That's Trump taking action.
So he is delivering so far.
Will it be enough?
Will it be soon enough?
Zach Voorhees is a huge Google whistleblower.
But I want to get back to where you were right there with Barnes in this segment.
Do you agree with that statement that these inbred global powers know they're in decline, they're trying to kill competition, kill sovereignty, kill freedom, as if that will keep them in a position when all they're doing is making the world more unstable, but there's this weird evil instinct
Is that a way to quantify it, or what is the sickness of the establishment?
Why would they be trying to break up families and dumb people down and do all this?
Well, I mean, the way I explain it is explaining to other people why Alex Jones' Infowars has been ahead of the curve on so many topics and subjects.
It's a recognition of the problem of power.
Particularly, it's a culture of power, a sort of cult of power, that leads to this kind of manifestation as it has historically over time.
Things like human sacrifice traditions, things like elevating the individual over the community, things like elevating about being anti-religious and anti the community's traditions and cultures and more ways.
All of those structures are sort of reflected in a long tradition of elite behavior in society that is a manifestation of a deranged version of a power-driven cultish culture of the elite.
That the only reason why they are elite and seek to be elite is to have extraordinary power which only makes sense if they're using and abusing that power.
So that thus you see
Which is why you get organized pedophiles about to say, because to carry out that vampiric operation, you've got to be in power.
In fact, when I used to represent victims of domestic violence, victims of abuse, you would discover certain patterns of behavior, and all pedophilia behavior is power-driven.
So that it's not, I mean, it's the reason why people had questions about the Michael Jackson case.
He didn't fit that.
Michael Jackson really didn't fit the power-driven dynamic.
He fit the dynamic of someone who wanted to be a kid for the rest of his life, which was not... Someone who'd been abused.
And someone who really just wanted to be 12 years old, not abused 12 years old.
That's where I knew people who were involved in the case and there was not really strong evidence of abuse in his case.
Unusual behavior, no doubt, but not pedophilia.
Not like Epstein.
Epstein is a power-driven case.
That's what you see with pedophiles.
Beautiful women.
That's where you see the Clinton dynamic.
Clinton, one minute he wants to romance them, the next minute he wants to abuse and dominate them.
That's why he has an unusual psychopathology in combining multiple affairs and illicit behavior, also with abuse and rape allegations and sexual harassment allegations.
Because he reflects that combined power-driven psychological motif.
And the Clintons are sort of the ultimate expression of that elite ideology that celebrates and worships the idol of power, the cult of power, the culture.
I want to get Zach's take on that, and then I want to tie it into, this is a real fetish with women and their husbands who enjoy killing their baby, and I'm going to kill a little bastard.
I've got power, and it's a sacrifice to them in total arrogance, in total selfishness.
I mean, these people are just committing their souls to hell, Zach.
I mean, yeah, and I'm actually worried about if I'm going to get in trouble talking about too much truth, you know, because I've got one friend in the establishment right now.
You're going to have the floor when we come back, because I know we've been rattling on, but we're going to break in a minute, but whatever you want to say, say it.
Okay, so yeah, this has been going on for a really long time, for thousands of years.
And Jeffrey Epstein was, you know, a conspiracy theory, but now all the information about what he was doing, which was a blackmail operation for the elite and the politically connected, that's all coming out right now.
And Jeffrey Epstein is not the only one.
It's now coming out that Hugh Hefner was also part of this network.
And that the gatekeepers and the globalists, in order to allow you to be, you know, famous or a politician, you had to produce a blackmail file.
And through this blackmail file, if you ever turned against the globalists, then they could just take this blackmail file out, and then you would be done.
That would be it.
So, this has been going on for a really long time, and we're entering into a new phase of society with all of this being exposed.
It's a brand new day.
Well, I mean, I've never really seen that or heard that about Hefner, but I mean, if you can't sit back and see that whole operation and then the thing with, uh, with the, uh, Bill Cosby and all of it, I mean, that all fits the M.O.
I got invited to Hugh Hefner's one time and I said, hell no!
Okay, last time, this is cell phone radiation.
This is your brain on cell phone and wireless radiation.
Any questions?
This message is brought to you by Infowars.com in the hopes that if you're going to fry your brain and body with radiation, that's your business.
But for God's sake, let's protect our children.
Recap, because you work in LA, you do most of your practice there.
You were saying, is that true about Hefner from your intel?
And you elaborated on it.
So my understanding from the people that I had, some clients that were Playboy playmates and others, and they said that the various stories about Hefner were generally not true.
That Hefner was mostly sort of a stand-up guy, whatever you think of his lifestyle.
We're good to go.
But they were used to it because Hollywood culture is rife with it.
It's a culture driven by extortion.
It's a culture driven by power.
Power over culture.
Power over ideas.
Power over people.
That's why it's disproportionately riddled with pedophilia and pederastic kind of personalities.
And people who abuse children routinely and regularly.
People who abuse all kinds of people.
And you've had a wide range of young actors come out and talk about it.
Talk about how often and how frequent they've been subject to abuse, how routine and regular it is, how commonplace it is, how it was industry standard practice.
That's the reason why, there was a reason why Harvey Weinstein thought he could get away with whatever he wanted.
There's a reason why Epstein moved so easily.
Well you said it, it was also a power thing because it came out a few years ago.
Who's the black actor?
I forget his name.
He plays the president in Theocracy.
He talked about how dudes would grab his crotch.
Oh exactly.
Well that happened to me three times.
Yeah, Terry Crews.
But it wasn't sexual, it was a power thing.
And then one time I said, listen, I'll beat your ass.
And then at the end of the meeting, the guy was like, well, hey, drive safe.
He goes, are you threatening me?
He got really scared.
But it was like a guy just grabs, like, what the hell are you doing?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, there's a reason why people like Wesley Snipes, who was my client, people like Paul Newman, people like Gene Hackman, people that are more sane.
Move away.
You'll see them physically get as far away as possible.
You know, Gwyneth Paltrow was hinting at the Harvey Weinstein problems for years.
And the media was suppressing it.
I knew people that worked for Weinstein.
I went to a Kentucky Derby party with those guys.
And it was clear what Harvey Weinstein was up for a long time.
But everybody was intimidated and terrified to talk about it.
And it's a power-driven culture.
It's a culture that wants power more than anything else.
It's not a coincidence that in Washington, D.C.
and L.A., you'll find some of the highest disproportionate degrees of pedophilia, pederast behavior, missing children are disproportionately present in both populations.
Let's get honest, folks.
There is evil in the universe.
It seeks power.
When we deny that's happening, we give it carte blanche.
We're here to admit it exists, and I thank all the listeners for their support, because without you, we would not be here, and history would be different.
Zach Voorhees, I'm going to shut up the next few segments, because I want you to roll.
Get into the news.
Get into the great work.
What do you think the globalists are trying to build, and then what's the big breaking news?
Well, you know,
Politicians, presidents, influencers have all warned us that there is a global conspiracy to create a one-world totalitarian government.
And this plan has been in place for thousands of years.
And whenever they set a timeline to achieve this, whether it's Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, when that time comes,
Timescales are always moved to the future because the great work has never been able to be achieved.
The human spirit of sovereignty comes and smashes it right as they believe that they're about to achieve victory, which is what's happening right now.
Like, what's happening right now is not unique.
It's yet another part of the timeless cycle throughout history where, you know, conspirators try to create, you know, a totalitarian system
And then the Spirit of God, you know, empowers the people to rise up, you know, throw off the mask and are able to see them for what they really are and destroy their New World Order.
And then they have to scamper back and then regroup and then try again.
And that's what we see over and over and over again.
Google is just another example of this New World Order totalitarianism.
I believe that they thought that they were going to, you know, achieve it with this.
They certainly have penetrated further than I had actually expected as an employee.
I mean, parents are telling me that, you know, not only do their kids use the Chrome browser and Gmail, but that they're also using their Chromebooks and all of their educational studies.
And the amount of de-infiltration that needs to happen
In the United States, it's just a massive project that will take years to unravel all of the things that Google has been able to do to get into every aspect of our lives.
And that's the reason why I've been advocating for a Google detox.
I've been doing it myself.
Instead of using Chrome, I now use the Brave browser, which is based on the open source version of Chrome, but without all the bad stuff in it.
Instead of Gmail, I now use ProtonMail.
Instead of Google Search, I used DuckDuckGo and Start Page in order to find the information.
And what's really interesting is that a lot of these alternative services are now better than what Google's products are.
Oh, Google doesn't even work now!
It's a broken, fried system!
Well, I mean, it's amazing how basically there is competitive entrepreneurial economic opportunity by the degree to which the monopolistic cultural manipulation and curation that Google's engaged in has created.
And that's why they are living off of their monopolistic practices that violate the law.
Of leveraging their access of their search engine control and their video control.
It's like a cancer.
It's a viral cancer that is trying to spread and plague the modern mind and keep it from being independent and separate from their mind control efforts, which is all about dictating what people think and how they think and what sources they're allowed to think about and what ideas they're allowed to express and share with the world.
And Zach, we'll get more of the breaking news in a moment, but you're saying, you talk to a lot of these folks and I see it.
That a lot of people are kind of compartmentalized.
This is a big awakening for the average Google employee, really getting decompartmentalized.
But also, I think, then having the courage for other people in big tech to realize that it's their right and duty to speak up about this.
That's right.
You know, we have a voice and we can tell other people about, you know, information that they may not be aware of.
And this is part of the Great Awakening.
I'm having this conversation with my friends about, you know, today is 9-11.
And the official narrative of what has happened doesn't check out.
The facts simply don't support the hypothesis that's been pushed by the mainstream media and the government in the past.
And so it's our responsibility as sovereign individuals to find out what the truth is and spread it.
Because the truth is viral, which is the reason why that there is so much misinformation being pushed by the mainstream.
Because they have to push it or else the truth will come out and challenge their established power.
I agree.
We're going to break.
You've got some other... What's the other breaking news?
Just give people an idea what's coming up.
There are 50 U.S.
states and territories that are launching a competition probe on Google.
There's one surprising state that is not, so come back to that after the break.
Okay, we'll talk about it on the other side with Zach Voorhees, writing shotguns, constitutional lawyer, Robert Barnes.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and this is the InfoWar.
Please don't forget, InfoWars.com forward slash show and Band.Video.
Easiest place to find my show, all the other shows, and a bunch of other shows we're adding is Band.Video.
Please share that link.
It's not as restricted on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter yet.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And, you know, we're not going along with the power structure.
We're not taking orders from anybody.
We're just organically researching and trying to build a better human future and standing up against a lot of powerful cartels.
One of the most powerful, the big medical cartel.
The military-industrial complex of medicine and all the crimes it's committed, all the things it's gotten away with, and now to see Google and Facebook covering up mainline studies about fluoride and cancer and IQ reduction and covering up glyphosate and covering up, I mean, they're just doing anything evil you can imagine.
They're clearly being paid to do it.
And then lying to Congress to get away with it.
Zach Voorhees is a huge Google whistleblower.
I wanted to get into the 50 Attorney Generals and his perspective, me being a former Google engineer who just left in the last few months.
But Barnes, I mean I asked you about this and I mean clearly this is Trump to the 50 Attorney Generals.
It's Barr coordinating it.
Explain how we want to get the states working with the feds.
Explain why you think what you're seeing so far is good.
To give you an example, this is the biggest legal antitrust coordinated investigation by state criminal and civil authorities in the history of the country.
You won't find another comparable example of this.
So, when they went after Microsoft, it was just the Department of Justice and a few states.
When they went after the big trusts in the late 19th century, early 20th century, it was only a scattering of states and federal governments.
Many of them didn't even have the tools until the 19-teens, 1920s, 1930s to take meaningful action.
And even then, at that stage and at that point, only a few did in scattered form.
So what you have here is, the reason why you want to coordinate it if you're on the government side, and why you don't want to coordinate it if you're on the Google side, is because they're going to make sure they don't step on each other's shoes, step on each other's foot, and step on each other's toes in ways that interfere with, intrude, or impair their ability to be effective.
So basically each one is pursuing their own particular focus and area of focus based either on a state law provision that's unique to that state or the feds approaching it from the antitrust perspective that's particular to the antitrust laws which often differ from various state anti-competitive law provisions, consumer fraud law provisions, privacy law provisions.
So they're facing a massive scale wholesale investigation into every aspect of their economic and political activities across the board from a wide range of places.
Why do you think Barr picked Paxton and Texas to coordinate the rest of the states?
Because Texas has the most economic and political power in play, that has the most willing to be independent, investigative, pro-free enterprise, but also anti-monopoly, anti-political meddling, anti-election modeling, meddling attorney general in the country.
So he's willing to be the most on board with Barr's agenda.
And Texas is in the Democrat crosshairs to go blue, and everybody keeps thinking that can't happen.
We're two to four years, folks.
We're in deep trouble.
Every Texan better get up and wake somebody up and better get politically active now.
I'm pleased for your own good.
Well, they're already manipulating the ways they manipulate in Texas.
They manipulate across the country.
Today, the University of Houston released a survey that basically shifted the actual percentage of voters.
So, it increased the number of Mexican-American voters.
It increased the number of immigration-sensitive Mexicans.
You believe it.
And that's what Trump keeps saying.
It's true.
These are fake polls.
But Democrats, once they take a city over, it never goes back because they engage in election fraud.
They are a criminal mafia.
Zach Voorhees, what do you make of Robert Epstein coming out and getting so much traction with what he's saying about the basics that Google and Facebook can just push a push notification only to Democrats and win elections?
Well, yeah.
This has been happening for a really long time.
MTV was doing Get Out the Vote, and Google has the power because they have such a monopoly, unlike MTV, but they have such a monopoly that they can push, they can identify which users would be likely to vote Democrat due to their cyber phonology expertise, and then they can
Push a notification to that person either by their search engine or through a Gmail notification for them to go out and vote.
But they may not do that for a conservative.
And that wouldn't necessarily be illegal.
It would just be something that they do, which is really ironic because they're acting as an unlicensed lobbyist.
I want to talk about the antitrust action because
To get an idea of the scale of what's going on right now is that it's not just the DOJ and it's not just the states and the territories, but it's also the city of New York is now joining in on this antitrust effort.
So it's from city states all the way to the federal government that are doing this, but there's actually one state that's missing from this list of 50.
And I was wondering if you could figure out which one it is.
Take a guess.
I don't know.
Tell me.
It's California.
Oh, of course.
Oh, yeah.
You're right.
Yeah, it's California.
So, Dr. Robert Epstein brought up a really good point with this.
And what he said is, do you know why California's Attorney General didn't join the other 50 Attorney Generals who just launched an anti-trust action against Google?
Because California AG Beckerra has accepted significant campaign contributions from Google.
Which is headquartered
In his state.
So that's hiding in plain view.
So when I saw all 50 states signed on, that's a false headline.
It's only 49.
It's states and territories.
So that's how they, 50 states and territories, that's how they trick you.
So that's another way they've semantically, you think 50 states, it's not.
Good point, Zach.
The other, the other state that has joined in on this right now is Alabama, but I don't have any more news on, on why that is, but, but I'll, I'll be posting about it later.
Cause I'm investigating that currently.
That is huge.
So it looks like 50 states.
It's not.
It's in territories.
Well, you know, if Trump doesn't get a handle on this, I mean, obviously, they already stole the House in 2018.
And I think Trump will lose no matter who they run against him.
If he doesn't do something about this.
This is his only threat.
The only people who can beat him.
He's been able to beat the establishment press.
He's been able to beat the Democratic political machine.
If you can beat the Clinton machine, you can beat any political machine.
His only risk, the one that stole the popular vote from him in 2016, is Google, is big tech.
And his argument is, well, they were really against me in 2016, and so I'll be- No, no, more campaign stops, more speeches, don't do it, Trump.
Okay, if all your tens of millions of supporters can't share stuff and viral everywhere, if I can't get, like I was during the election, some weeks, 50 million, 60 million, 80 million views, separate from the audience,
Then how are people seeing what they said about you?
It wasn't true.
When they were saying that you hate all Mexicans, we'd show the real clip.
It got 50 million views.
Well, we can't do that now.
And so, and they're blocking Trump everywhere, too.
What he doesn't realize, I was tracking this in live time because I plan on placing a big bet on the election, and before I did so, my biggest worry was social media manipulation, which Professor Epstein was talking about.
He's the good Epstein.
Robert Epstein, like Robert Barnes.
Jeffrey Epstein, like Jeffrey Dahmer.
That's the way to separate out the two.
But if you looked at it in detail, they backed off because they thought for sure he was going to lose.
So they only did a little bit of tampering.
It's nothing like what they're planning on 2020.
And Trump is starting to get the message, starting to realize, and that's why he's got to take more assertive, aggressive action, or they will steal our election, steal our country, steal our ideas.
I agree.
Let's talk about Bolton with both of you when we come back, because Trump's really been coming out against him saying he was doing some really bad stuff.
What was that bad stuff?
We are hitting the Taliban right now harder than they've ever been hit.
But when they did what they did in order to create what they thought was a better negotiating stance, I said, that's the end of them.
Get them out.
I don't want anything to do with them.
And they've been hit very hard.
And I know for a fact, they said that was a big mistake that they made, and it was.
But that was my decision.
John Bolton is a really bad guy.
A warmonger, a globalist, he sat back when we were sold out to the Chaicoms.
The Trotskyites are who basically came over to the United States through Mexico after Stalin kicked...
Trotsky out, and that's who created the neocons.
Very nasty group of people.
Very bad news.
Claim they're fighting radical Islam, but they're puppeteering it.
And to see Trump come out against these guys is very, very exciting.
Rand Paul is very, very happy saying, we'll play that clip in a moment, that we're on the edge of a new world war, so you better be glad he's gone.
Zach Voorhees, I mean this just makes me like Trump more.
Again, I've been massively persecuted.
We're supporting Trump.
And I've gone through hell for it.
I've had the establishment reach out.
Those are private meetings.
It's not illegal what they're saying.
So I wear the journalistic hat there.
Off record, I mean, I'm not supposed to say who.
It's like, hey, you ready to come out against guns?
You ready to at least a little bit?
You're ready to come out against Trump some, not a lot, just come out and it'll all stop.
Well, no, that's not how I work.
But that's the point things have gotten to, and people need to know that most people roll over to this type of stuff.
You were going to tell a California Attorney General story in a moment about stuff like that, but Zach, what's your view on Trump?
So, I've been very worried in the past with Syria and with Iran.
I thought that we were headed into war, and I was quite upset, and I was ready to abandon Trump.
When Syria was coming in, but then it turns out that he did a head fake on the deep state and bombed a bunch of ISIS terrorist strongholds instead and an empty airfield in Syria.
And then there was reports that there was a UN weapons inspection site or a chemical site that was that was bombed.
And I started to realize that actually Trump was doing a head fake on the deep state.
And sort of rooting out the deep state forces that were in Syria.
I see the same pattern playing out in Iran.
There was a drone attack that Iran did.
Trump did this brinkmanship where we were about to go to war, it seemed like.
And then at the last minute, he pulled back and he said, actually, I don't want to kill a bunch of people.
And now John Bolton is fired.
What can make sense of all this?
So, according to my sources, Iran has its own deep state.
And what Trump's action did is that they were able to pretend that they were getting into a war.
They got deep state actors in Iran to fire that missile that hit that drone.
And as a result, the Iranian forces were able to arrest the individual.
And now I'm hearing rumors that
That there is an insurgency movement within the military to arrest not only the president, but a bunch of other senior level officials within the government and put them on trial.
I haven't been able to confirm this.
This is just what my Iranian source
Trump did masterstroke neutralize the Warhawks that way, and he was against both Iraq wars, and he is trying to pull the troops out.
So that right there only makes him go up in stock value to me.
As Rand Paul has said, I want to get your take on that.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes here, a smart historian, on that in a moment.
But here is Senator Rand Paul.
You know, I think the threat of war around the world is greatly diminished with Bolton out of the White House.
I think he had a naive point of view for the world that we should topple regimes everywhere and institute, you know, democratic governments and we would make the world perfect or remake the world in our image.
And frankly it just doesn't work that way.
There's a lot of history of getting rid of strong men in the Middle East and having them replaced by vacuums or chaos or actually making the place more hospitable for terrorist training.
So I think his idea that the way you deal with Iran is you just topple the government
Senator, your colleague Ted Cruz, though, didn't quite feel the same way.
He said that I sincerely hope his leaving, referring to Bolton, does not mean that the deep state forces at State and Treasury, who have been fighting tooth and nail to preserve the Obama-Iran nuclear deal, have finally convinced the President to go soft on Iran.
What did you make of that?
I think it's more about whether or not we should intervene everywhere, whether we should have regime change, or whether we should try diplomacy.
Let's stop right there.
I don't
Once the Iran deal to keep going, even though they're breaking it and getting nukes, I don't like that.
Then you do have the war hawk neocons in league with Netanyahu that want to go ahead and knock Iran out.
I don't want that war, but also I get Israel's point, Iran threatened to attack them.
How do you see those factions and where do you see this going?
So I see where Ted Cruz's point is, but I'm not sure it's, you know, Ted Cruz has a more hawkish position on Iran, a more of a willingness to, and we, war is not a realistic option with Iran.
It just is not.
They've already got nuclear weapons.
The, the, and their, their scope, it would make...
Various military experts have said it would make Iraq look like a small-scale exchange.
Like a cakewalk.
So it is a disaster and a debacle.
Well, they've got the sleeper cells that we let in all over the West.
So unless we're going to go, and I don't want to put all the Iranians in labor camps, unless we're going to put them in camps like Japanese, you can't do it.
You have all kinds of domestic risk, all kinds of international destabilization risk, and war is simply not a manageable option.
And invasion is definitely not a manageable option, nor is trying to bomb them really a manageable option.
Economically, we still have many options on the table.
Trump has already torn up the Iran deal.
There is no Iran deal left.
Trump has already dispatched it, already imposed a wide range of sanctions, continues to go in that direction.
Maximum pressure.
Go right at the oil spigot.
Turn off the oil spigot, and that's what will motivate Iran.
And that's why Iran's running around grabbing ships and stuff, because they're hurting.
So Trump's found the right middle way.
What Iran wants to do is they want to trigger the U.S.
into invading, trigger the U.S.
into a military action that will rally the local populace and rally the Arab world behind them.
And Netanyahu, he is in political trouble and stuff, so if he gets a war, that gets his bacon on.
So Netanyahu's always been too aggressive.
Netanyahu's also supported the first Iraq war.
Said it was going to be easy and simple.
Well, turned out that was a little wrong.
So he's someone who's reasonably trying to protect his own country, but it won't be his bacon in the frying pan if we go to war in Iran.
I mean, yeah.
I think that one of the biggest reasons why Israel doesn't want Iran to have a nuclear weapon is because they don't want the competition because they've got the nuclear weapons.
Of course they've got nuclear weapons.
So, they're just posturing so that they can try to goad America into taking out Israel's competition.
And, you know, the Israeli
You know, lobby within the United States is really strong.
I believe that Trump has been playing 4D chess and I believe that he's played the deep state by pretending that he was going to go into war and then at the very last minute, pulling out.
Oh yeah, he's definitely double crossed the hawks.
And that's a big deal.
Speaking of that, we'll finish up with that and get more into a few other issues with both of you amazing guys.
And all the great listeners, we'll have open phones tomorrow, don't worry.
And don't forget, tomorrow we're going to have Houston, we have a problem.
The final ten, the first big debate with all of them there on the same stage.
That's Biden, that's Warren, that's Sanders.
Out of Houston, we'll be covering it live with live coverage.
Infowars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
Alright, I don't like to write myself into my own show, but obviously there's constantly a lot of international national news attacking InfoWars, lying about us.
Because they know we're Americana, they know we helped get a populace elected.
They're scared of it.
They want to discredit that.
They don't want it to be a victory.
InfoWars shouldn't be a standard of victory and success and something to build off of.
It should be something to hate and to look down on and to be forgotten.
Well, we're fighting harder than ever, ladies and gentlemen.
And Ted Cruz, every chance he gets on NPR, and a Texas Monthly piece that also aired on NPR, I'm told, and at the Washington Post, and CNN, and the New York Times, anywhere he does these TV interviews, he comes out and backhandedly defends Infowars, but says Alex Jones is a nasty nut.
He says, my dad,
Kill JFK.
But even though he did that, I support his free speech, and I'm surprised others aren't defending him.
He basically started and ended a podcast just yesterday on this with Texas Monthly.
The National Paper of Texas, as they call it.
And of course the editor, Andy Langer, didn't defend me.
But Ted, let me put it on screen for you.
Can we put that New York Times article up, please?
It was Roger Stone that brought that out.
And it was Trump brought that out.
Roger Stone said that on my show.
I covered it.
And by the way, you in the same podcast talking about your dad in the Cuban Revolution and fighting Fidel from America and how your dad was a leader in it.
That was all CIA fighting him.
Your dad was in
New Orleans then.
Your dad was in the anti-communist group that Lee Harvey Oswald was in.
All Lee said was, he worked for the CIA, and as soon as that came out, within one day, you dropped out of the campaign.
When Ted Cruz was running around, stealing delegates in Colorado and other places, had the Republican Party and the Never Trumpers.
From Glenn Beck to Ben Shapiro, all working to block Trump.
Now, I talked to you in D.C., ran into you, talked some on camera, some off.
I said, hey, just stop attacking me.
Stop lying about me.
I'll support you.
You're a great senator, even though you did some dirty stuff.
And he said, okay, that's great.
Well, I'll work with Trump when I can, and blah, blah, blah.
Then he goes around and does these backhanded supports, which I guess, in a world of cowards, I guess this is support of the show.
But just come on, man.
Don't say you love Trump now and all this.
When it was Donald Trump did that.
Can we put the New York Times back on screen, please?
Or hell, I'll put it on my phone.
There it is.
Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz's father of associating with Kennedy assassin.
Now that's what was actually said.
We didn't say your father killed Kennedy.
We know who did that.
Okay, and it's all come out and they got arrested that day and released.
I don't just believe E. Howard Hunt.
When I got the deathbed confession and aired it here, simultaneously with Coast to Coast AM, we both broke that.
And the fact that he was arrested there in the rail car and we knew who the other assassins were.
Okay, so we didn't say your dad did that.
We said your dad was in the CIA and was in New Orleans and worked with Lee Harvey Oswald.
Now, the New York Times actually got that right.
So, I'm saying to Ted Cruz, why are you cozied up to the Texas Monthly with no readers?
Or the Washington Post?
You give a speech, you get a million views.
You did that Washington Post thing and it had 5,000 views.
That's your problem is you're sucking up to the establishment when you should be running from it, Ted Cruz.
So here's part of what Ted Cruz had to say.
I'm a big believer in the First Amendment, even the First Amendment for people who disagree with me.
Very concerned about tech censorship and bias.
And one of the things we saw some months ago is the tech platforms all de-platformed Alex Jones.
Now listen, Alex Jones, I don't listen to his show, but from what I know of it, he's a nut.
Not only is he a nut, he is a nut who has slandered me repeatedly, among other things, devoting significant airtime to claiming my dad killed JFK.
Needless to say, I'm not an Alex Jones fan.
Nonetheless, I defended his right to speak.
I said, look, the way to respond to bad ideas is not censorship.
You don't silence him.
You respond and counter it.
And a couple of things happened.
One, I was disappointed that I didn't see anybody left of center defending his free speech rights.
And that's a shift that I think is troubling, is that liberals don't tend to defend free speech the way
10, 20, 30 years ago they did.
But two, you saw some, particularly media folks, saying, OK, Cruz is positioning himself for a subsequent presidential campaign to try to curry favor with the Alex Jones listening audience.
The guy's a nut!
No, the reason I defended his rights is precisely because he's been a nasty nut to me to show this isn't about people I like.
This is about that free speech protects everyone.
You know, Ted Cruz is, I agree with his policies about 95% of the time.
I know he's a smart lawyer.
But man, he's a liar, okay?
He knows damn well I'm not the person to say that.
It's Donald Trump.
So, you were never Trumper then.
Now, because it's expedient, you're nice to Trump.
And so Cruz, I hate Beto O'Rourke.
He's a horrible, you know, crazy person, liar.
You know better, and you need to knock it off.
So when I post this to InfoWars.com, I want listeners to send it to him and his offices and just ask him to stop lying.
Look, you hitched your pony to Glenn Beck.
You did all these things.
You made the mistakes.
And I know it pisses you off when I say you're from Canada and you wear the cowboy boots and all this other stuff.
I don't mind that you want to be a Texan.
And your policies are very Texan-like.
But just from somebody who's a ninth-generation Texan, whose family's name is on the state, you just need to leave it alone, carpetbagger, scallywag.
Because at a certain point, it really gets old, son.
Your dad was in the CIA.
He said on one program he was thinking about suing me.
File it, bro.
Let's go.
Listen, I held my nose and worked as hard as I could to get you elected.
You damn well know you barely won because of my audience, which was the one that put you over the top.
They're going to steal that election from you in five years if you don't stop it.
All hat and no cattle, Cruz.
But thanks for supporting the free speech.
Just stop saying that I said your dad killed Kennedy.
I heard he's not that good a shot.
You want to comment on any of that?
I think Senator Cruz does what he's done a very good job of is the defending free speech.
What he's done a very good job of is exposing big tech.
He was a little bit late to the party.
They should have forced things through back when they controlled the House, not when it's more rhetorical than it is substantive.
But at the same rate, Cruz is a peculiar personality.
There's no doubt about that.
There was those unusual TV ads that showed like very weird family interactions that they were trying to make look real.
And there's an aspect of him that continues to try to appeal to the political establishment.
This is a disease of Washington Republicans, where they want to get the Washington Post to like them.
They want to get the Texas Monthly to like them.
They want to get the New York Times to like them.
They want to get these liberal elite publications that will never like them.
Even if they repented tomorrow of all of their conservative positions and recast themselves as newborn liberals, they would still always be seen skeptically and critically by the establishment left.
There is never any appeasing that Stalin-esque mindset mentality that dominates there.
Now all it is is subject you to potential other forms of criticism.
So they should quit trying to appeal to them and remember who their base is.
About a fifth of Cruz's voters are hardcore Alex Jones fans and listeners.
So he should remember that the next time he's thinking... That's all I'm saying is I want to get fully behind him and then he runs around with these backhanded support
And he said he wasn't going to do it when I met with him.
I mean I'm going to run into him again and next time I'm not going to be so nice.
It was when people like John Boehner and others were going after Rush Limbaugh, they kept forgetting who is the most important people supporting them in their audience and keeping their message alive.
Bob, you've blown it out of the water.
Great job.
Zach Voorhees, you've done an amazing job.
Come back again.
Yeah, you know, it's really funny how everyone tries to appease the establishment press despite how evil they are and how racist they are, especially the New York Times.
And what's really interesting is
You know, just look at the engagement metrics on Twitter.
I get more engagement as just, you know, the Google whistleblower than the New York Times, the Washington Post do on most of their articles.
And so for, you know, to see these politicians continually go after this dying media conglomerate,
Is is mind blowing.
I you know my question is do they not see the future.
Did they not see you know the awakening that's happening.
People are moving away from these old legacy media and they're going towards credentialed individuals online.
Well I agree Zach, that's why they want to silence everyone that isn't them.
So I appreciate Ted Cruz, and I'm not saying he's a scalawag or a carbon bagger.
It's just when he behaves like this, he becomes the outside usurper coming to teach us Texans, you know, that he's the big guy and he knows best.
And it just sticks in my craw.
And so we want you to be Larapin good, Ted.
Hey thank you Bob, great job Zach, great job Crew.
War Room's coming up right now with Owen Troyer.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
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This is not fiction.
This is reality.
You have a major Google engineer backing up what the other engineers have said, what the documents have shown, and talking about perjury before Congress.
Pray and support this individual and others to come forward.
So, Zach Voorhees, we salute you.
I'll say this.
It's all of our birthright.
Black, white, old, young, gay, straight, whether you're from San Francisco, New York City, or Austin, Texas, or Des Moines, Iowa.
We're all having our birthright stolen right now.
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But an incredible time to be alive, an incredible time to be making history together, and standing up and seeing the good guys wake up, and to see us coming back from zero to basically tying the Globalists right now for a football analogy.
So back to Owen Schroer and Zach Voorhees.
Do you think Google is the biggest threat to U.S.
I think that, you know, if you want to look at the biggest threat, it's Google together with Facebook, together with Twitter.
They formed this echo chamber in which if they want to apply their control of narratives, then what they're going to do is they're going to press down the voices that they don't want, and they're going to boost up the voices that they do.
InfoWars has been sort of the main victim in this, and it's clear that if your audience looks through the disclosure list posted at ProjectVeritas.com, they're going to see InfoWars pop up in numerous blacklists that have been disclosed.
Google's mission statement is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
When InfoWars was taken offline, was that making information universally accessible and useful?
No, it wasn't.
What do you think comes next in this disclosure of what Google is doing to manipulate U.S.
And what would you like to say to the Google executives that are engaging in this?
Yeah, well, something quite amazing is happening right now.
Like, there's been a huge document dump.
I've released over 950 pages, and right now there is a crowd raid.
There are a bunch of users, they're looking at these documents, they're digesting them, and they're posting the content of them onto Twitter for us all to see.
And so, you know, one of the things I want to invite for your audience is to come online
You know, go to Project Veritas, see their disclosure, they posted a link to all these documents.
I'm asking your audience to download the everything.zip file and just go to town.
And the thing is, is that whatever you think Google's doing, I promise you, it's way, way worse.
And, you know, I see the reaction online and everyone's like, you know, WTF?
And I'm like, yes, everyone is now saying what I've seen, uh, privately, uh, and, you know,
We're finally having the exposure of light into the darkness and people are finally understanding what's really going on in America.
This is important.
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