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Name: 20190909_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 9, 2019
2483 lines.

In this passage, Alex Jones discusses various topics, including the need for survivalist camps instead of bunkers, the benefits of slingshots and sling bows from a company called Slingbow, Blockchain Data Centers' equipment leasing program in the digital asset marketplace, a recent trip to Hong Kong by InfoWars reporters Greg Rees and Paul Johnson, and the popularity of Infowars Life's Ultimate Bone Broth. He also touches upon how technology and algorithmic control are impacting our lives with potential consequences such as penalties for not exercising or eating right.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this live September 9th, 2019 Monday Global Transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we're going to be here for the next four hours, Lord willing.
Well, I talk a lot about it, especially when we start the week off each Monday, and that's the great quickening is here.
It's very clear that we're entering a storm.
Of course.
Ahead of any real singularity, which will free us, to a great extent, from their systems of control.
Now, so much of what I've specifically word-for-word laid out has now come out in mainstream news today.
This is just the last few days.
This stack in front of me, if you're a TV viewer, probably 60, 70 documents and articles.
Of MIT being basically run by Bill Gates and a group behind Bill Gates carrying out genetic engineering, cloning, and eugenics experiments.
In fact, this information has been out there for a long time.
And so that's why it's becoming mainstream now.
And people are really blown away by all of this.
But now the
Media Lab director of MIT, that's been directing a lot of censorship, a lot of consolidation, a lot of control, it turns out, was on the payroll of Bill Gates.
Through Jeffrey Epstein, and this was after Epstein was already a convicted pedo, and so it shows you how deep this goes.
But I'm going to explain this again.
It came out in the Wall Street Journal, in the ABC News, and in the London Guardian, 11 years ago, when their security was breached and was exposed, they had this secret organization pushing depopulation and world government.
That's Wall Street Journal reporting that.
That they put out puff pieces saying how great it is that these billionaires want to save the earth and save all of us.
People ask, how did I know all this?
I was born 45 years ago when this book was published, Ecoscience.
It's a textbook for PhD and above on how to carry out world government, how to carry out eugenics, how to carry out sterilization with fluoride in the water.
This is Obama's best buddy.
37 years later, became the head science czar.
So that's who they are.
And of course, he was a protege of the Rockefeller Foundation.
So, when we go over all of this, it's a really big deal.
But if Trump wanted to take down the real deep state,
It's a transhumanist, eugenics-based cult.
And this is exactly how he'd do it.
So it's very, very positive that all the stuff coming out on Epstein is being directed specifically not just about underage girls or other people being abused, even tortured, killed.
That's important.
But that's just how they compromise the scientists.
This was a way to compromise the scientific community and bring them in to the eugenics cult.
This is groundbreaking research here that no one else has laid out, and we're giving you the answer to the entire equation.
We can fight the New World Order on a thousand fronts, and it's hundreds of big fat heads.
You cut one off, it sprouts another.
But the heart of this giant stinking serpent
Is the transhumanist Luciferian cult.
And if you're aware of that, then you don't strike at the heads, you fire a big spear right into its fetid, stinking pump.
We'll talk about it all on the other side.
I mean all that metaphorically, of course.
I'm non-violent.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us on this September 9, 2019 Monday Global Transmission.
Let me tell you what's coming up today.
The entire edifice, the facade of MIT and Stanford Research Institute, the two twin heads of the deep state transhumanist eugenics operation here in the United States, are in deep trouble.
The ruling class has an ideology,
They have a goal.
They have a mission.
They believe that they are ubermenschen, or supermen.
That wasn't invented back in the 40s by comic book makers here in the United States.
The Nazis believed they were creating the superman.
And most cultures believe that they are the superman, that they are the ubermensch, the overman, the ascendant man.
Homo sapiens supremus.
Or the new age dawn of the new creature.
And now we're told that, oh, the obvious supreme being will soon be amongst us, as Ray Kurzweil has said.
He doesn't believe in God, yet he will become a God.
Well, you always know that pride goeth before the fall, doesn't it?
But they're telling us resistance is futile.
Lay down and die.
You will be assimilated if you're lucky.
Well, MIT Media Lab Director Joy Ito resigns after New Yorker Exposé shows he quietly worked with Epstein to secure anonymous donations from Bill and Melinda Gates, amongst others, even after he was a convicted pedophile.
Now, when you look into this, they're all trying to act like they have no connection to Jeffrey Epstein and burning a few people who are the go-betweens.
Epstein headed up the transhumanist group
Inside MIT, and inside Harvard, and inside the Albert Einstein University and Institute in New York City.
Now, this has been on ABC News, this has been in the Wall Street Journal, it's been in the New York Times, it's been in the London Guardian.
Eleven years ago, there were a few exposés on the things they were doing at this group.
Oprah Winfrey's part of it, Ted Turner, all your usual suspects that want to depopulate the planet.
All your Luciferian folks.
And they even admit they're into this.
And so they had pub pieces going, well, yes, billionaires are meeting in secret to fix world population, and they're calling it an alternate world government.
So this was directed by Jeffrey Epstein.
He was the nexus point.
Between these institutions and also with Nobel laureates and with the Royal Institutes in England and in France.
And their main job was making sure that all the major scientific groups in the world are on the same page.
On geoengineering, that's weather modification.
Basically terraforming.
When you're changing a planet from what it was to something else.
That's beyond geoengineering.
Mind control.
Genetic engineering, cloning, animal-human hybrids so that you can grow humanoids inside cows up to an adult size of 70, 80, 90 pounds to get larger organs for transplant.
They had deals with Communist China to carry this out, and I'm going to release something
After the break that is totally classified, that no one knows, and that is going to break here on air.
And just to show the CIA and FBI and everybody that what I'm going to say is true, I'm going to release something else highly classified on air.
In fact, it's so dangerous I'm going to go ahead and do it right now.
After he was in office one year, reached out to China and they said, we want to finish the world government.
You have begun to violate your agreement that the Rockefellers and the MacArthur and Knight Foundation and others set up with you in the agreements that were quietly signed in the 60s, but that were implemented in the 70s.
Nixon was lied to about why they were doing it, but full picture came out.
You're not supposed to be militarily expansive.
We run that.
But you're giving all industry all rare earth minerals.
You're given all the major deepwater parts, you're given economic power, but then we divide it up where we're then a military power, so we're dependent on each other.
And you see that in movies like Rollerball, that's based on real trilateral commission agreements, where one city, there's not nation states anymore, one city runs energy globally, that's Houston.
But another city in the world runs all the military.
Another city runs all of the high-tech.
And then war is reduced down to champions or down to blood sport, going back to the medieval times.
That's actually the globalist model, is to collapse nation-states, then have city-states that are above the law control the impoverished masses outside of their gates.
Then they make movies like Hunger Games in the modern context based on those books that tell you how it all works.
So, I'll do it after the break because
I've thought a lot about this, and I almost released this a couple years ago, and then I just happened to run into a lot of folks that have worked in Army Special Operations, and in Blackwater, and the CIA, and I was able to ask them about this over the last few years, and another individual I really respect, who worked with the State Department, the CIA, a bunch of other agencies, said absolutely, and one of his friends worked there.
Um, and saw it.
So, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you something on the other side, so that everybody listening understands, in government, that when I release this, I'm gonna release something else.
Super classified.
Highest level.
What do you think the wedding ring, or the engagement ring, would look like with China with Obama?
What would China do
With his consort, what would he bring his lovely bride?
I guess we're getting... We're the one catching, so we're the bride.
What would Obama bring his buck?
What would Obama bring his daddy?
I'm gonna tell you what he brought his daddy.
And you're not going to get this any... Let me explain something.
This isn't macho stuff, bringing this thing out.
I'm doing this because if we're not going to beat these people, if we don't start admitting just how evil they are.
Now, it came out in court transcripts that are quoted in LifeSite News that they are keeping babies alive and harvesting their organs, and Stanford Research Institute's getting their hearts while they're still beating.
They're getting gutted on the spot.
It gets into all this, but if you think we're doing that on American soil, which is admitted, what do you think's going on in China?
See, China's where you go, where you do whatever you want, as long as you're in with the party.
You want to beat the maid to death?
Or your wife?
Go ahead.
You want to stab somebody in the street?
Go ahead.
Whatever you want if you're an insider in China.
It is the most godless, satanic place on earth.
And we're going to tie all this together when we come back.
Separately, I'm trying to expand in the face of the enemy attacks.
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You wanna know how deep the rabbit hole goes?
I'm gonna lay it out right now.
Think about the ultra-rich of this planet, some of which have yachts as big as World War II battleships.
They have multiple jumbo jet airplanes apiece, hundreds of giant palaces and homes, huge private islands.
And so a lot of them get into decadence.
They get into pedophilia.
They get into Satanism.
They get into the occult.
Others flip out and give all their money to charity.
But the steadfast group that stays in control is the scientific elite.
And thousands of years ago, that would be the priesthood.
They were just people that studied the stars and studied elements and tried to understand how matter worked.
They were called alchemists.
And their tinkering and playing around over thousands of years helped us codify and create the modern sciences.
But everyone knows in culture, and in reality, and in fiction, and in lore, you have to beware the mad scientist.
Because they have high IQs, but a lot of them are control freaks who want to be able to dominate
And they use knowledge they have about how the world works against people that do not have the knowledge.
And there's many ways to go at this, but here's the best way.
Bill Gates, his father that ran Planned Parenthood, Cold Springs Harbor, Eugenics Operations New York, are themselves just front men
For the royalty of Europe, the robber barons, the most powerful families on the planet, who have always believed they are elites, who believe their blood is better, and who believe that they're going to ascend basic megalomania.
They financed, starting in the 1850s, the British crown.
These royal institutes to discover genetics and how the body worked.
And modern science came out of these elites pouring hundreds of trillions of dollars into medicine and research.
Hundreds of trillions, if you looked at it in the aggregate and today's numbers, probably more.
And they see the general public as cattle, as energy, as fuel, and as material to construct their better man, their Ubermensch.
And so Jeffrey Epstein was a high-level procurer and provider and a front man to go and basically finance a lot of undercover, black project, secret, private research into cloning, into genetic engineering, into animal-human hybrids.
And China admits that they've been pioneering this but keeping it under wraps for decades and decades.
I mean, I remember 15 years ago it was on national Chinese television how they had cows that produced human milk through their udders and have had mass production to the public for over a decade.
Thirty years ago, military bases in the United States had goats that created spider webs in their milk to produce body armor and super ropes and other super material again for this giant global DARPA eugenics transhumanist system.
That again is a breakaway civilization, straining off all of our energy, our intellect, our money, our time into it.
For life extension for the ruling class.
And so, of course, Epstein was involved.
He headed up the project at Harvard, the project at MIT, and major projects, of course, through Stanford and through the Albert Einstein University.
And so they've got a big problem on their hands because this rabbit hole
Goes all the way to the bottom of where this is going.
So let me first get into this, and then I'll get into the rabbit hole and the cloning, and why this is such a big deal and how this is coming out.
Because these guys all believe in Superman, they believe that they have a right to rule, they believe they're going to find the life extension, they believe they're not going to die.
David Rockefeller told people, I'm not going to die.
He lived to 100.
General Stubblebine, formerly headed up the Army, he said he wasn't going to die.
Because they really believed all this.
And Tumblebine wasn't a bad guy.
He'd been working for them before and then wasn't working for them, but he was charged with finding all this stuff as well in order to do it.
So, let's shift gears into another angle of this.
China has been given our industry, one-sided deals, all the rare earth minerals, 98% of them, all the major deep water ports, the Panama Canal, the
Giant so-called hack of the federal database of all the names, Office of Personnel Management, was another gift from Obama to the CHICOMS to show them, hey, don't pivot, don't be military, don't break your deal to only do manufacturing and dominate that.
We'll dominate military.
This is the New World Order plan, you're breaking it.
Well, of course they double-crossed you.
So Obama trying to get the CHICOMS to stop going into the South China Sea and stop weaponizing like they promised not to do if they were just given defensive nuclear weapons and all this stuff by the Clintons.
They double-crossed the other globalist group.
Of course, it's all these scum do.
And so Obama said, I'll give you all our personnel's names worldwide, all the codes to everything.
I'll order Apple and Google to move over there and build all the censorship systems.
You'll have the code keys to all Americans' iPhones and droids.
You'll have everything.
Still wasn't enough.
It was all a deeper double-cross with some globalists involved for the Chinese century, the communist Chinese century.
And then, by a couple years into Obama, we stopped using black sites
In Egypt, Obama's gonna overthrow that in the Arab Spring, and in Jordan in places, or in Romania or Hungary, those are torture facilities.
Almost all of our real black sites, I mean the globalists, but they call them ours, Guantanamo Bay was just a research laboratory.
That's a front.
That's a diversion.
That's a decoy.
We're moved to China.
And not just Taliban and Al Qaeda, but European citizens, U.S.
citizens, were taken to China
Into underground laboratories where the torture is beyond anything you've probably ever even heard of.
And Blackwater that turned into its newest names under Eric Prince.
That's how Prince got his entree into his Frontiers group that he has now into Africa.
And that's how his, again, Frontier Group's the new name, that's how they got the Chinese contract for Africa is that under the CIA, not just Blackwater, but other contractor groups ran Chinese torture facilities inside.
And that's how far Obama went, and I'm not even blaming Blackwater, I'm not even blaming the people, because they didn't do the torture, they just guarded the facilities.
But helicopters and planes would land, black boxes with people in them, you wouldn't even see them, black cages, walled, black boxes, would be sent into an underground base with the CHICOMs, and then the CIA and their doctors would go in there, and nobody ever came out.
Now that's how evil Obama is, running death camps, torture camps in China.
We got more coming up.
You think I won't stop?
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're live here Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
And the establishment has really worked around the clock to try to get us off air and try to stop us from reaching new people.
But because of you understanding that and supporting us and spreading the word,
We are having a greater effect than ever, especially with the thinking folks who are in positions of power across this country and planet, but not part of the shadow global eugenics-based state.
Because the operating system of this authoritarian group of corporatists, of fascists, who use communism and socialism and things to control the public, but who are really corporate fascist technocrats at the end of the day,
Is that they use our ignorance, obviously, against us.
And if we're aware of what makes them tick, then everything makes sense.
Then you know how to oppose them.
You know the crimes they've committed.
It has just come out in court cases in California.
Stem Express CEO admits selling beating baby hearts intact.
Ladies and gentlemen, beating baby hearts.
To Stanford Research and whole babies!
Whole eight, nine-month-old babies who never had their brains sucked out inside the vaginal canal, like federal and state law says they have to be, if they get outside onto the gurney, onto the bed, they have to be adopted.
Well, there's folks who have already paid for those livers and kidneys, and paid for that blood and that skin to melt down into collagen, and they're going to get their delivery.
It's just like if you called up the butcher and ordered five or six ribeyes to cook out for the game next Sunday.
That's all part of the dehumanization and that ties in to China and the human animal clones and the torture facilities and all of it.
But the United States didn't just have illegal torture sites in Eastern Europe or the Middle East.
They had them, ladies and gentlemen, in China under Obama.
We were fully wed to China.
China was, again, given all the code keys of the Apple phones.
They were given all the systems to any company based there.
And Apple admitted that and said in the Reuters article that, well, when you're in China, the government is in control of your company.
That was all done under orders from Obama and the globalists.
Well, Trump got in and that whole agenda is being reversed right now to a great extent.
Trump is blocking Huawei and their 5G that can break into all your computers and also causes cancer in major studies.
Even LA Times reports that.
But notice Trump's going ahead with the 5G with U.S.
Notice Trump's going ahead and saying, oh, we're looking at
Having red flag laws that violate due process, carried out by big tech, where the devices in your home listen to you, and they are listening to you, they now admit what I told you over a decade ago, and we're going to report it back and take your guns, or put you in a mental institution.
Because it's not just dealing with guns.
And here's a few headlines about that.
Google is always listening.
Now is watching two with the Nest Hub Max.
And that's CNET News.
That's the Washington Post with headlines saying that they are watching you.
I'm gonna cover that next segment.
The Washington Post comes out and says, Google is always listening.
And now it's watching you.
See, now it's the coming out.
Now they're gonna say, and it's for mass shootings, it's listening to you.
It's always been listening.
Since the first Alex's went in and the Echo's went in.
You know, Facebook's got one, Google's got them.
Twitter's got one, Google's got one.
They've all got them.
You're like, oh, really?
CIA torture sites in Communist China.
Oh, really?
My iPhone's listening to me and creating a text file.
Everything I say, along with an audio file that's recording, compressed, and then when your phone is in action, it's sending the compressed data.
Not just the text files, but the entire audio files.
And now,
The compression's gotten good enough that with the systems plugged into your walls, Facebook system, Amazon system, all their systems, the Nest,
They're all watching.
They're all listening.
And they're creating that big digital algorithm file on you.
And so it's the coming out.
It's the emergence.
Remember we talked for decades about they're building it in secret.
They're planning it in secret.
They're preparing to roll it out.
Here's all their white papers.
Here's the admissions.
Here's the documents.
Here's where it's taking place.
At a certain point, though, they've got to emerge with all of it, and that will be the critical time to talk about it.
That will be the critical time to expose it.
Not once it comes out, but before it comes out, so that people know the truth.
Because remember, they denied it and said it's not happening and it's a conspiracy theory and it's a lie.
But it wasn't a lie.
It was in the prospectus in 2004 and 2006 of Google to shareholders that we have the patents with the microphones that are on board most computers and soon they'll be ubiquitous and so will webcams and we're gonna watch and we're gonna listen for advertising.
And then people started to complain about it five years ago, catching them.
So they went, you know what, it's in the terms of service.
Samsung said third parties can and will be listening and watching.
So watch what you say!
Remember what Eric Schmidt said 10 years ago, the head of Alphabet and Google.
He said, yeah, we're watching everything you do.
You better watch what you say and what you do!
When he puts his girlfriends on a jumbo jet, they all wear masks so no one knows who the women are.
Because if he wants a particular Hollywood star, he'll pay her half a million dollars to have sex with her for the weekend.
It's well known.
And that's his business!
But the point is, he doesn't like his business coming out.
You see, they are all secret.
They all can do whatever they want, but you... They told you, don't listen to that, take the smartphone, take the...
Nest system.
Take the Alexa in.
And then the Washington Post has that big article cover after the break where they're criticizing how you're being listened to and watched by Google and they're not telling you that old Alexa's listening to you and it's coming out with video too.
So it's all a big race.
Remember two years ago, Facebook came out and has a camera that follows you in your house and it can send out sonar
Radar, just like 10 years ago the Kinect system would and can see through your walls.
Google's got a new face tracking camera for your home.
We've got questions.
Isn't that just cute?
Google's always listening.
Now it's watching too with the Nest Hub Max.
Suddenly, in September of 2019, they're just, oh, by the way, we've been watching and listening the whole time.
And we're going to take your guns and your kids and everything else, so you better sit down, you better shut up, you better roll over.
And we're also going to get more into MIT and one of the main directors of it having to step down because he's a front man for Bill Gates.
Not Jeffrey Epstein.
Epstein was the go-between.
It's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to go to break.
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This is all it takes to operate Google's new Nest Hub Max.
Just when we're starting to understand always listening gadgets... Hey Google!
Now Google is branching into tech that's always watching too.
I'm Washington Post tech columnist Jeff Fowler and I've been testing one of these $230 Nest Hub Max devices.
It's a bigger screen version of the
Google Home Hub, which is both a smart speaker and a screen, which many people use as kitchen counter TVs, picture frames, and smart home controllers.
What's new is the addition of this camera.
And since this is Google, they're using that new eye in some bold ways.
This is Google Assistant's leap into the controversial world of facial recognition.
The camera turns the Hub Max into a baby HAL 9000.
I'm sorry, Dave.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
It's a glimpse of what could come with facial recognition inside your house, if people aren't too turned off by the privacy implications.
What do you get out of letting Google watch you through one of these?
Let's try it out.
Okay, Google, video call James Pace Corn Silk.
The camera can be used for basic video chats, like on rival Amazon's Echo Show.
But that's just the beginning of the story.
If you opt in to Google's camera-sensing features, the camera stays on, looking for familiar faces.
When I woke up this morning, it spotted me, made a ding, and started proactively showing me a rundown of my day.
I didn't have to say a peep.
When James walks by, he gets different information.
Understanding that kind of context is really hard for computers, and opens up possibilities for personalization in shared settings.
While it's watching, the Hub Max keeps an eye out for hand-based gesture commands.
For now, that's limited to play and pause.
Talk to the hand, robot.
The Hub Max's camera can also serve as a Nest security camera, letting you peek in, like a nanny cam, on a stream of what's going on in your house.
And like other Nest cameras, you can opt in to having the Hub Max send you alerts when it identifies familiar faces around the house.
All right, is that cool or just creepy?
OK, Google, are you watching me?
Your camera only sends video footage to Google if you have explicitly turned on the camera or enabled a feature that needs it.
It's true.
All of this is opt-in.
You can use a Hub Max without turning on any of these features.
A green light turns on whenever the camera is live, broadcasting over the internet.
And there's also a physical button you can press to cut the camera.
Privacy is more complicated.
Back it up 10 seconds.
It's come out hundreds of times in court and lawsuits and in Congress that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, none of them ever turn off location, none of them ever turn any of it off.
They've been listening to you since these programs went live 20 years ago.
Again, it's in the prospectus.
Documents of their companies.
You can go to Infowars.com and Newswars.com and type in Google documents show they're listening to 150 million Americans.
Those are articles from 2004 and 2006 and you will see the articles and links to statements by Google to shareholders.
But they've got a bunch of psychologists running this system, and they know that if they normalize it and get you to adopt it, and habitualize it, and get in a habit of having it, that you will then accept it.
And so, that's the plan.
Why is all this coming out this week?
Because Infowars.com and ZeroHedge.com didn't just expose this decades ago.
No, ladies and gentlemen.
It came out in February of this year, specifically, that Google's always listening.
Net security system has a second embedded microphone.
So even the one that asks you to opt into it, so that it'll work,
Doesn't tell you there's a second secret microphone.
You're paying for this net system, and that's only for one part of what this Trojan horse does.
The main design of so-called smartphones that are more powerful than supercomputers 20 years ago is to know your heart rate, where you go, what you do.
With the foods you eat, who you associate with, what your hopes, what your dreams are, whether you're sick, whether you're...
In good shape, whether you're planning on a vacation, to build a total map of who you are and know what you're going to do before you do it.
Remember Amazon three years ago, it came out that for their prime members, they've got an algorithm with 99% accuracy that knows what you're going to buy before you buy it and already has it packaged generally days before you order it, ready, waiting for it to be shipped to you.
So that's how it works.
In a September 2006 article entitled, Government Industry to Use Microphones.
We're good to go.
Guns, and your wife, or your husband, or all of it.
And now there's a new phenomenon of people hacking your computer, turning the microphone on, and then blackmailing you.
Because they record you while you're masturbating in front of the computer, or in bed with your wife watching porn, or in bed with your boyfriend, or whatever it is.
And the porn sites sell the data to the hackers
To then break into your computer, videotape you, they have your address, your name, and then they contact you and say, give me money or I'm gonna release this on the dark web.
Now most of the time they're just wanting the money and they don't even have the video.
But in some cases they do it just to follow through.
You think it's just hackers turning off the hospital's computer systems so people start dying and then demanding a million dollars?
And guess who builds the main hacker tools?
The CIA, the NSA, foreign governments, the Chinese.
And who gave the communist Chinese all the major code keys to Apple?
And to Google?
Obama told those companies to do it, and it's mainstream news.
And now they've got access to everything you're doing and allow Democrats and deep staters to plug into Chinese controlled interfaces that are in English and be given access by going through China into the entire U.S.
database where they can surveil people, track people, blackmail people, you name it, and it looks like a Chinese hack.
All that came out in
Data dumps in the last two years on the Vault 7 and Vault 8 and others.
This is everything I'm saying is already mainstream news and declassified, except the fact, to put a cherry on top, the United States, under Obama, built black sites in China in coordination with the Chinese Communists, where people were taken who were kidnapped
Under rendition, black bags put over their heads, thrown in vans, drug, flown to China, to underground facilities, and never returning.
Think Trump might want to use that on Obama?
When we come back, I'll tell you about what Epstein and others, including Bill Gates, are doing in China.
You want to know?
I'll give you information never released before as we accelerate.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Global Monday transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
I want to do this.
I want to get into all the other news that's unfolding in the world when we come back from break.
Then I'll get more into Jeffrey Epstein and how this rabbit hole has turned into a giant black hole that is literally sucking the deep state down with it and how positive that is and why they hate Trump so much.
That said, I'm getting very frustrated by Trump not taking action on Big Tech censorship.
And I'm getting very frustrated by him, almost a week later, not saying, no, we're not going to have digital red flag laws run by Big Tech with listening devices in your house, where they find these little microbe psychology signs.
You don't say, I'm going to kill my neighbors tomorrow with this gun and get your guns taken away.
You should.
You don't say anything, it's just your voice is high or angry or you're yelling and arguing a lot and then it decides with some algorithm created by some secret group in Silicon Valley that your guns are taken!
That got rolled out that supposedly the White House is looking at that last week and then no response from the White House when there was a firestorm to it.
That's incredibly dangerous as well.
Trump administration considering social credit score system determined
Who can buy a gun?
And that story went super viral everywhere.
Meanwhile, Google's always listening.
Now it's watching too.
With the Nest Hub Max.
And they're just flaunting
All of this in our faces.
And going, gee, it's a little creepy.
All the same text writers that knew about this a decade ago, 20 years ago, who sat there.
I mean, I've had meetings with lots of Silicon Valley people, big engineers, whistleblowers.
You see a lot of them on the show.
And they're like, oh yeah, I can't tell you because of the non-disclosures, but absolutely.
It's just operating procedure.
It's not like 50 dudes at Google know, or 30 people at Apple, or 100 people at one of these other outfits.
It's system-wide.
And they can go in, thousands of people at these companies, and go into your whole history.
It came out that Twitter, just mainline employees there, just moderators, thousands of them, can just go into your private messages and read them, delete them,
And they just brag about it.
It's all funny.
They're in your email.
Google and Apple and all of them admit, we reserve the right to read your email.
Remember 20 years ago I told you they were reading your emails on Hotmail and Google Mail?
Oh, no they're not.
Now they're like, yeah, you better believe we're reading every word you say.
You go and you store everything, like your private diary with the biggest corporations in the world.
Who now are helping authoritarian regimes round up their own people and put them in death camps.
But it's okay because they're so woke and they let the homeless shoot up and poop on the street.
Oh look, I'm woke!
I support people taking a knee during the anthem!
Oh great!
I'm woke!
It's all coming up.
But I want to get into
The election news.
I want to get into the economy news.
I want to get into the DOJ is going to have to indict McCabe.
That's what members of Congress that know what's going on are saying is getting ready to happen.
We know that there's been grand juries out on him for almost a year.
There is so much more coming up on the other side of this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones.
Remember, this is not a spectator sport.
This is a
Situation where everybody's on the field in the arena whether you like it or not So please spread the word about the broadcast big tech hates it You see I was supposed to be off the air a couple years ago and Hillary Clinton was supposed to be president right now and they were supposed to be telling you that all your home devices are listening to you and your cell phones listening and watching you and By the way, if you don't have one, you're not trusted and your social credit score goes down You won't be able to get on the train or we'll see a baseball game
That's all the admitted plan, and the people running it are these crazy billionaires who are transhumanists who believe they're about to merge with machines and become gods, and they're openly all over the news, from the New York Times to NBC, saying, the post-human era's here!
Thank God, because humans suck!
Oh, and then in between trying to create animal-human clones for organ harvesting, which they've done, they're running child sex rings to compromise the scientific and technological elite
To blackmail them towards that aim.
And it turns out Jeffrey Epstein worked for Bill and Melinda Gates.
He was their director of operations in their secret society at the Albert Einstein University and Institute in New York City.
People keep asking, how did you know Epstein worked for Bill and Melinda Gates?
Because it came out in the Wall Street Journal.
11 years ago, how wonderful they are, and ABC News had them as superheroes with their heads on the Super Friends.
We gotta find that clip.
Dun-da-da-dun, the Super Friends!
Remember Ted Knight doing the voice for him back in the 70s and 80s?
Dun-da-da-dun, the Super Friends!
By battling the Legion of Doom!
And Aquaman summons three giant whales!
ABC News was praising Epstein!
It had his name in it!
How did you know Google was listening?
Why, it said right there!
To their shareholders!
How did you know Epstein was involved in a giant cloning operation?
It said so.
All these old billionaires controlling trillions in assets want to live forever.
They're mad scientists.
And here we are, ladies and gentlemen, all these years later, living under this garbage.
And then it comes out.
That the MIT head at the Media Lab was his minion and that he was working for Bill Gates and now Bill Gates is trying to play dumb.
Bill Gates is on record in a giant PR rollout specifically done to counter us.
It was admitted.
I was death-threatened, told you better shut up about Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
You know what, Bill?
Go to hell!
Because it's where you're going, buddy!
You're in a game of chicken and you're going to lose.
I don't give a damn what happens.
As long as you go down.
Yeah, if you guys want to find it, go ask Rob Dew.
It's 11 years old.
We've got it.
It's a Super Friends intro with Bill and Melinda Gates and Ted Turner and Warren Buffett and Oprah Winfrey's heads on the superheroes.
It's the one I want.
No big deal.
I was asking for it a few months ago, a few weeks ago, but someday we'll get it.
No big deal.
We probably did 50 reports on it, but continuing, ladies and gentlemen, this is what their goal is, this is what they're pushing, and it's a future, and you're not in it.
Now let me get into the other news that I'm gonna hit after the break.
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren's secret talks ignite outrage, mockery on social media.
That's right, because they're getting ready to put Hillary Clinton on the ticket again.
Just like you see all these other Democrats announcing now, and racing right to the top of the charts.
Hillary still intends to run.
I told you that first.
And I told you that Joe Biden's a placeholder, has had another stroke, and can't talk, and now they're saying he must have had another stroke this weekend, and it's time for him to step down, and that he can't make it because he's foot-in-his-mouth Biden.
His eyes are bleeding on TV.
He's a placeholder.
Hillary, I've talked to people that have been in her security detail, where she is on the phone with the Democrats, running the party, running the foundation, waiting.
Waiting, like the big, fat, bloated, dandruff-covered spider that she is, to come sliding down on that fetid web.
Looking more like Emperor Palpatine.
Every day.
She looks like in that remake of Dracula that Keanu Reeves is in.
What Dracula looks like before he starts getting younger.
I mean, and again, it's not just that she's old.
She radiates jack-o'-lantern, satanic energy.
Like, when Jack Nicholson's busting through in The Shining, and he says, here's Johnny.
Yeah, here's Johnny.
I mean, she looks like that without trying.
Because she's evil.
That evil light shines through.
What a monster.
And the left worships her.
They worship her.
And then, of course, we've got Norm Pattis, constitutional lawyer, famous criminal lawyer, all over the news constantly, all the top cases he covers.
He's gonna be in studio with us, coming up at the end of the hour, into the third hour today.
We'll cover the waterfront and this piece of news we're going to hit first.
Clyburn, minority whip in the House of Representatives, that's second in command, says the Bill of Rights wouldn't pass in today's climate.
He admits the Democrats are coming out with the guns and free speech.
And hell, the Republicans aren't really doing anything to defend it either.
What an amazing admission.
That's a Paul Joseph Watson article.
That needs to fill leftist, you know, inboxes.
And it ties in with this little gem.
Rahm Emanuel!
Medicare for all, health care for migrants, untenable for Dems, would bankrupt the company, the country, and is impossible.
And will make them lose.
So why are they pushing it?
Because they want to bankrupt the nation.
The globalists are on the globalist payroll.
The deindustrialized plan has been there.
This was meant to happen and Trump is trying to reverse it.
I like Trump.
Overall, he's a good guy.
I've been persecuted for supporting him.
That makes me kind of pig-headedly want to still defend him all the time.
It's kind of like I live in a neighborhood and I've already moved.
Starting to move.
And the Neighborhood Association knows I'm Alex Jones.
Most people are listeners in the area, but these few people harass me all the time.
So I'm thinking about just renting the house out and actually staying there.
But you know what?
I don't be pigheaded.
But it's the same kind of thing.
If Trump doesn't defend the First Amendment, and doesn't stop all these cartels oppressing the people, when all the testimony in Congress shows they're lying to Congress, they are misleading people in elections, they are bragging they're planning to steal the elections, and Trump won't do anything, well then what are we going to do?
So I'm going to cover that as well because in Russia they've banned Google
From doing push notifications the three days before the election.
Because they know Google is only doing push notifications to leftists and globalists.
That's admitted.
Well, what did Professor Epstein, Robert Epstein, not Jeffrey Epstein, tell Congress?
And what has he been giving testimony to?
He shows the facts.
Of course, Google and Facebook can only do push notifications to Democrats, and that'll be 20, 30, 40 million more votes guaranteed.
So Google is told in Russia, don't do that.
But here, Trump won't do a damn thing.
And boy, they try to keep him all cloistered.
They try to keep him all walled off.
We're gonna go to break.
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They have told us that the post-human era is here, that cyborgs will exterminate us soon on every major news program, and running it is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation taking over for the Rockefellers with their exterminist program.
And you can read these articles about the Annenberg and the Knight Foundation.
And all the same groups that rule our country, the eugenicists, their grandfathers funded Hitler, and now they're leading the neoliberal system, listening to us and watching us in our homes, and Jeffrey Epstein headed up their group, and they compromised many top scientists, blackmailing them with underage girls to have a scientific dictatorship, a technocracy, and it's all coming out.
We're totally vindicated.
It's in court hearings confirmed that
The abortion clinics are keeping babies alive and selling their organs.
They cut their hearts out and deliver it on the spot.
Live babies.
Live babies delivered to U.S.
higher learning institutions.
Think of the power trip at Stanford Research when they bring the baby in.
They cut its heart out right there on the spot.
Well, we judge as the bioethicists that this creature didn't have a future and wasn't human.
The bioethics board says this Down syndrome young man needs to die.
This old person needs to be killed because we judge the quality of life in the bioethics and we've gotten rid of the Hippocratic Oath of Hippocrates.
I actually found the Super Friends ABC news piece from 10-11 years ago where they were worshipping the Super Friends and how they're having a secret meeting for world government to depopulate us!
Thank you, Super Friends!
Here it is!
The price of admission is a billion dollars and a philanthropic heart.
And that meets the pricey requirements recently held in a secret meeting, a private meeting in New York City.
ABC's John Berman has the scoop on who was there and what was going on.
Behind closed doors on this New York campus, a secret gathering of some of the world's most powerful people.
Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, Winfrey.
It was like, well, it was like the Super Friends.
In the great hall of the Justice League, there are assembled the world's four greatest heroes.
Together with others at the meeting, including George Soros, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, they're worth more than 125 billion dollars.
To have been in the room and see this meeting of the minds really would have been a fascinating thing.
That much money, that much power around one table.
It begs the question, what were they doing?
What were they scheming?
Total world domination?
This group, together for six hours, was talking about charity.
Education, emergency relief, global health.
All my friends are philanthropic.
Well, they probably wouldn't be my friends.
An official at the Gates Foundation told ABCNews.com, the overwhelming reason for the meeting was need.
That was the issue that galvanized everyone to participate.
Together they've given away $70 billion since 1996.
And with the sagging economy, their help could be just what struggling charities need.
Charities are hurting and somebody has to speak for all these charities and if they want philanthropy to be robust in the future in the United States, these are the people where you really want to be talking about it.
The new Superman and Wonder Woman.
The super rich friends.
Not fighting bad guys, but fighting for good nonetheless.
For Good Morning America, John Berman, ABC News, New York.
Yes, apparently one of the things they discussed was what each of them knows about what really works and what doesn't work, so they can concentrate there.
Oh, thank goodness.
But actually, the Wall Street Journal said they're having a secret meeting because they're setting up a world government and planning for depopulation.
And then we know what they actually carry out.
Airborne mosquitoes carrying viruses to kill you, pathogens added to vaccines to sterilize you.
We know specifically what they do, what their endgame is, and what their plan is.
And now it's come out that Jeffrey Epstein was heading the group up, organizing it for them, and then recruiting top scientists and compromising them with sex operatives.
You don't just think spy agencies try to set people up for, you know, intelligence about what they're going to do politically.
No, it's all about missiles and viruses and secrets and codes and processors and quantum mechanics.
Now it's all over the news, ladies and gentlemen.
That's who these people are.
Meanwhile, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been a globalist gopher in power for 40 years, one way or another.
And now her and Elizabeth Warren have been meeting in secret again.
Meeting in secret.
You know, you go back to Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and all of them.
You know, they were supposedly all worth only about $50-60 billion back then.
A piece.
But now they're all worth over $100 billion a piece.
You see, they put their money into tax-free foundations and they get all the profits out of it.
When you're in their club, you don't pay taxes.
Warren Buffett was the biggest recipient of the Banker Bailout 2008.
Just type it in, it said McClatchy, even Bloomberg reported it.
Warren Buffett, biggest recipient of 2008 bailout, $487 billion.
Let's see if my memory serves.
I said that ABC News report was from 11 years ago.
You notice it was from one month shy of 11 years ago.
Let's see if I'm right.
Let's see if my brain is accurate.
Because here we are, ladies and gentlemen, with this eugenics ruling class of mad scientists
Their grandfathers put syphilis in vaccines and gave it to black people.
Their fathers gave my grandmother polio, live virus, and they told her you got it from the shot one week after she took it.
It ate most of the nerves in her body.
She lived to 92 and was a tough lady, but she was in excruciating pain.
The rest of her life, even for a while in an iron lung in Dallas.
Oh, and Dr. Salk knew.
There's a video of his apprentice laughing.
Well, we knew it was infected.
A lot of people got polio from it.
A lot of people got SV40 cancer.
About 100 million died from it.
But he said, there are too many people anyways.
It's like, Salk, step aside.
Bayer, remember, came out 15 years ago.
I can play the newscast of that if you like.
Back then, even NBC News reported it.
Bayer Pharmaceutical in Australia and France, it came out in court, the head executives knew they were putting HIV and hepatitis in all the Factor VIII product, was made from blood, and they said in a minute, so what?
We'll lose a couple hundred million if we recall this, but who cares?
There are too many hemophiliacs.
We're doing the world a favor.
See, survival of the fittest!
They're using medicine to kill you and your family!
And yeah, some folks went to jail in France.
Nobody went to jail even in Australia, and nobody went to jail here.
You know why?
Because Bayer's been given liability protection.
You know, why don't you ever think there's any lawsuits with the vaccines?
Because there's a secret fund set up in 84.
Oh, why don't you think there's no lawsuits dealing with the cell phone radiation, admittedly giving you cancer?
Because the courts don't allow it.
Because they're controlled.
And there's certain things the judges know.
You don't touch this.
You don't discuss this.
You don't go there.
Oh, and guess where?
You're like, how are they getting contaminated blood at Bayer to begin with?
Why would they do that?
Oh, Hillary Clinton.
One more notch on her belt.
And Bill, they were personally paid over $20 million by the company.
They would take the blood out of state prisons in Arkansas.
They would let people give blood even every week.
The report looked like concentration camp guards.
I had the medical doctor who exposed it all on the show.
He got firebombed two days after he was on.
And they would ship the blood out of Arkansas knowing it all had HIV to Canada.
And then Bayer would make it lovingly... They wanted it.
They wanted it.
And then they'd ship it all over the world to kill all the hemophiliacs.
But kill them slowly.
Kill them slowly.
So, being absolutely completely vindicated up one side and down the other does not make me pleased.
Watching them all over the nightly news, newspapers, I mean I walk by newsstands, I turn on the news, it's like everything's listening to you in your house for years, watch what you say, it's no big deal, just accept it.
And this will help save people if the computers hear a crime in your house.
Just beyond 1984, it's here.
And oh yeah, pedophiles run the government, and yeah, we're devil worshippers, and yeah, we're gonna take your kids away from you, and yeah, China's gonna run the planet, and... we have human-animal clones, and... I don't wanna put up with this.
I don't wanna watch all this happen.
And then I see Hollywood... absolutely gutting... this nation psychically.
At least trying to.
Paul Watson writes a lot of great articles, and I sent him a trailer for this movie called Cuck, about a white guy that's mad that he can't get a job, so he goes out and starts killing minorities.
And that's Hollywood trying to spur mentally ill people to actually do that.
And the truth is, you know, the white guy, it was an accurate movie, the black guys don't have jobs either.
But then I told Paul, and I loved him to death, I said,
You know, Hollywood is actually ordering the financing.
They're only buying films that are going to cause a race war.
I said, you know our fellow friend that works here.
You're friends with him.
They actually like each other.
This employee, or this crew member, this consultant, actually went over and just saw Paul and his girlfriend.
My associate brought his girlfriend.
They just hung out for a week, you know, over in London together.
I'm like, if you don't believe me, you know, call him.
I sent him to Sundance.
And he was there in the meetings, they just admitted in these big meetings, we're here to overthrow things and as much venom as we can and just poison America.
Paul's like, all right, maybe I'll add it to the story.
It's like, I just broke that there are black sites that Obama set up operating inside China run by US contractors torturing
Not just Al Qaeda and ISIS people, but others.
You understand how dangerous it is to report that.
You understand that's real.
I mean, that's from people that were there.
This is real.
This is beyond WikiLeaks stuff.
And it's just, and I love Paul, but we're all too close to this.
We're saying, yeah, big deal.
And that's where they want to get us, you see.
Where, yeah, okay, there have been animal-human clones for 40 years, just like Alex Jones said.
Big deal.
Well, let's see them.
What are you doing with them?
Eh, don't worry about it.
There's a total breakaway civilization.
The future's here.
It's not equally distributed.
And they've got some psycho plan they're running that I've reverse-engineered.
Because I only know what they admit's going on and it was already science fiction land 25 years ago when I started really discovering all this.
I mean it was in medical white papers and mainline grants that they had animal human clones 20 years before I got on air.
That's 45 years ago.
Can you imagine what's really going on?
It was in white papers that they were listening to you over your scientific Atlantic cable boxes 23 years ago.
I broke one open on air on my local access show and then people obviously from the army physically attacked me in a parking lot two days later and told me I was dead next time I did it.
But I'd beat the hell out of them, too.
I mean, you understand what we've gone through to bring you this information?
That they've ordered people to come physically attack me so I'd shut up about it.
Well, I'm not shutting up about the black sites in China!
They better be shut down!
Or all this crap!
There's absolutely no bottom to this!
This is pure evil!
Because I don't fear any of you.
I fear God.
I want to be with God.
I do not want to go with you.
I do not want to spend eternity with my spirit rubbing up next to you.
No way!
No way!
And I really feel sorry for people that are scared of evil and cozy up to it because they think they're getting along with the power structure and that they're getting some glee out of it.
You're fools.
There's no working with the devil.
I'll just play these videos when we come back when Norm Pattis, First Amendment lawyer, constitutional lawyer, famous criminal lawyer, joins us in studio.
Democrat Rep.
Claiborne, the Bill of Rights wouldn't pass in today's climate.
Which is true, and Rahm Emanuel basically says the same thing.
What are they really doing there?
Knowing that what they're doing is super unpopular?
Is they're playing good cop, bad cop?
Or is it more than that?
Because even if you're somewhat evil, you gotta know, getting rid of all these checks and balances is not gonna end well.
Why would we butcher America and sell it out when America could dominate the globe?
Even if you're an evil person, America's in position for that.
But see, it's spiritual.
Because America has been a Christian nation, and a Renaissance nation has that ethos.
It has those Bonifides.
It must be destroyed.
It's the big spiritual prize, not power, not money, not freedom, not incredible technological developments, but the spirit in control of the planet wants to hurt good things.
You know, why does a serial killer want to kidnap a three-year-old child and rape him and torture him and have him beg for mommy?
That sounds like hell on earth to a normal person, but to somebody like that, that sounds like Beethoven's 9th.
Using up little kids, sucking their souls out, that's what they do.
And I've interviewed the top psychiatrists to the psychopaths, to the serial killers, I'll tell you.
They have nightmares, they're tortured by demons, they're only alive when they're killing somebody innocent.
And then it's like electricity and light, and they feel so good.
You have to understand, when you see a Jeffrey Epstein or a Bill Gates or any of these people, you look at them, that's who they are, folks.
They are gone.
They're puppets.
They've turned themselves over to an energy ancient and twisted and evil.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
I'm gonna come back, play those clips, get to a lot more next hour.
But if you want to turn yourself over to these predators, be my guest, but get the hell out of my way.
Because the Bible tells you everything you need to know.
Get behind me, Satan.
Humans are innovating.
We're trailblazing.
We're building.
The devil just steals and destroys and twists and counterfeits.
And we just need to get this satanic world government system behind us, get the Clintons and the Bushes and the Chai-coms behind us, and we can do anything together, and we will do it together.
But you've got to know it's spiritual.
You've got to make the decision.
The treasure's all there.
And you won't want the treasure anymore once you get the real treasure.
It's all tinfoil.
It's all jokes.
It's all crap.
I mean, it's a weird feeling because I used to kind of like people thinking I was tough or famous or I had a little bit of ego.
Man, all I have is mission now.
It means nothing.
Hollywood, rock stars, power, money, nothing, nothing, nothing.
But the mission means everything.
Knowing these scum can keep babies alive and sell their organs and think they're going to get away with it, that keeps me up at night.
Man, they just think they're so smart.
They think they're so... But here's the good news.
They're not.
They're not so smart anymore, are they?
They're scared.
That's good.
I want them to be scared.
See, because I don't want to hurt little children.
And I'm going to hurt you politically.
And I'm going to make sure at the end of the day you don't get any more innocents to drag into hell with you.
Because we're going to knock the dust off our feet in the next phase of humanity and you're going to be a memory and an example of what not to be.
You're going to be the textbook of what evil slaves are and what we aren't.
We'll be right back with Norm Pattison's studio and a ton of clips.
The Real Transmission's about to begin.
Fire up your human spirit!
Fire up your will!
Fire up your life force!
Embrace life!
Reject death!
Feel the power God gave you!
Feel your sails full of that air, of that spirit.
Another world.
Another time.
In the age of wonder.
And Norm Pattis riding shotgun with us for the whole next hour.
He's here this second to tell us what he wants to get into.
There's a lot of subjects to cover.
Famous constitutional lawyer, criminal lawyer, you name it.
He'll be on Dateline tonight with the big missing woman case.
He's the lawyer on, defense lawyer up in Connecticut.
Briefly though, ultimate bone broth.
Ladies and gentlemen, is the strongest, purest bone broth you're going to find from chicken.
And it's got the chaga mushroom, it's got the bee pollen, it's got the alfalfa, it's got all the things known for bones, ligaments, strength.
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So thank you.
You are the info war.
All the devastating stuff we roll out, the fearlessness, it's all there because you provided the platform.
So I'm very, very thankful to all of you.
Well, constitutional lawyer Norm Pattis is here with us.
He's got a lot he wants to cover.
And I always kind of dive in when he's here.
Instead of letting him up front, we haven't done any pre-talking about what he wants to cover, or not much.
Tell us, what do you want to cover in the next hour?
Well, you know, I was listening with great attention to everything you had to say today, and we talked briefly this morning about talking about the threat to the Bill of Rights and whether it could be passed today.
And I have my doubts.
When I was watching you talk about the algorithms, what's going on in China, big tech, big chi-conf, so to speak, taking over the world, I thought, yeah, absolutely.
And let me tell you something, those fights go on daily in courtrooms.
And I can talk about each one of the ten, well, nine of the ten amendments.
With great particularity about what's going on in courts.
Take a look at the First Amendment, for example.
But before we go to particular amendments, ask yourself the following.
Would we even bother with the First Amendment today?
You know, I heard you talking about Jeff Epstein in the social media lab at MIT.
I don't know if you've had a chance yet, Alex, to read Alex Pentland's Social Physics, an absolutely terrifying book.
Remember B.F.
Skinner, who thought that freedom was an illusion, and if we only understood well enough everything that led to our behavior, we could engineer happiness?
He told us that we were machines, that we didn't have souls, that we didn't have free will.
And that's Pentland's dream.
By harvesting big data, and let's remember, where is the biggest market for big data with fewest restrictions?
You can develop an algorithm that predicts what it is to make us happy.
We've talked before about Shoshana Zuboff's book on the age of surveillance capitalism.
My fear is that we can compose an algorithm for maximum efficient use of resources.
There's an attack on free will.
And put in the invisible hand, Adam Smith's invisible hand will no longer be invisible.
It'll be Big Brother or Big Other.
And so where do we see Big Other chipping away at our freedoms?
The First Amendment.
Hate speech.
That's right.
They're trying to target the invisible hand that is the will of the people.
That's why they're trying to get rid of like votes on Facebook and on Google.
That's why Rotten Tomatoes are trying to get away from the people being able to vote what movies they like because it's always the opposite of what the critics say.
They're trying to literally create a system where we're not given choice.
They're trying to silence this network in part.
They're trying to silence it because they're uncomfortable with the fact that you're calling them out on what's going on in this country.
And in courtrooms in Connecticut, in courtrooms in Texas, there are fights against InfoWars because they want InfoWars off the air.
Your speech, I haven't heard a thing on the air today that ought not to be protected and cherished by any freedom-loving patriot.
You're raising questions about what's going on in the country, who's pulling the strings, and what direction we're tending.
Isn't that what a republic is?
Cicero nailed it back in Roman times.
He said a republic, a res publica, is not just any collection of people.
It's a people bound together with common interests and common conceptions of right.
They're afraid of the marketplace of ideas right now and they want to silence outspoken people.
The First Amendment is under threat.
I love the fact that you've created the new video site.
I hadn't heard of it until this morning.
That's a fantastic idea.
We need a lot more contributors, but right now it's very easy to use.
Works like an app.
Works on everything.
It's got Paul Watson's MyInfo, David Nye, Owen Schroer, and now, of course, we're also going to have on there Firepower, starting with Will Johnson.
We're going to be carrying his show.
Starts tonight, 7 to 9.
And we're going to have a lot more contributors there, so people can upload other places, but know they can upload here when they're contributors and know that it's going to be there and not going to be taken down.
Well, watch what'll happen.
There'll be an effort to take it down somehow.
I mean, I think, you know, at the forefront right now, even in the New York Times last week, there were discussions about trying to change the Communications Decency Act so that people who stream other people's content can't restrict it based on ideas.
You've been restricted by Facebook.
I keep urging you, bring an action against Facebook.
You may not win it, but you have to.
Well, you're here this week.
You're here to talk about filing suit.
We've got Barnes coming in.
We're getting ready to file some suits, so that's why you're here.
Let's get it done.
Second Amendment.
I don't think anything needs to be said to your listeners about that.
It is under siege.
I love the picture of Native Americans.
It says, give us your guns, we'll make you safe.
Yeah, Native Americans gave it up and now where are they?
They're on reservations.
They're living on plantations.
I didn't think there was anything to be said about the Third Amendment, but one of your people brought out the fact that there was recently an interesting lawsuit in Henderson, Nevada involving the Mitchell family.
Police were doing surveillance of a domestic violence situation, and the police decided they wanted the Mitchell home to give them the vantage point to surveil what was going on in that target home.
They threw him out of their own home!
The Third Amendment said you cannot be forced to quarter the sovereign... Quarter troops!
The state can't use your house for something.
Now I've actually lived long enough to see a Third Amendment case in my life.
I forgot that case I sent you.
Well, you guys put the article from Infowars on Friday.
It was in a Don Salazar article, I think, in Michigan.
A man jailed for criticizing judge on Facebook because the judge gave the girl to his wife.
The baby died in his ex-wife's custody.
And then he criticized the judge and they arrested him.
Yeah, and there was no true threat there.
I mean, you know, the true threat doctrine under the First Amendment says that, you know, if you threaten a person or create a fear that they're going to come under violence, you may have committed a crime.
There's a lot to be said about that, and the United States Supreme Court will have to weigh in.
But that wasn't even close to true threat.
That was PC abandonment of the First Amendment's protection on vigorous speech.
If we cannot stand in the streets, sit on the air, write letters, go to the newspapers and say to those who govern us, you're wrong, we demand better.
If they have the right to silence us, we're done.
Well, it's like Tucker Carlson said like a year and a half ago when I started really getting banned.
He said Jones isn't being banned because what he's saying is not true.
He's doing it because people are listening and it's scaring the system.
He said people can smell the truth.
And I'm not trying to brag about us.
I'm covering all this crazy stuff that's been admitted in government white papers and in MIT documents and things, but isn't pop knowledge.
But notice all of this human cloning and devices listening to you and secret societies.
It's all becoming mainline because they can't hide it anymore.
Well, and let's talk about the Fourth Amendment and privacy and surveillance in your own home.
I was stunned by what I was watching on your show this morning about the various listening devices now tuning in on us.
1984 is today.
The government is in our home.
It's watching us.
It's surveilling us.
And there is a desire to create predictive policing.
If you hear me engaging in an incendiary talk with my wife, you may be able to be a knock at the door tomorrow.
What got me talking with you this morning briefly was, I said, what do you want to get into?
And you said the attack on the Basic Bill of Rights, now it's going out the window.
And I said, funny, let me send you this article.
Dim Representative Claiborne, number two in the Democrats in the House, says the Bill of Rights wouldn't pass in today's climate.
We'll play it next segment.
But they're admitting this, but then still it seems like particularly the Democrats are trying to get rid of the First Amendment, the Second Amendment.
Because they see Republicans using the Bill of Rights for their power, but the Republicans a lot historically aren't for parts of the Bill of Rights either.
And I'm seeing a lot of silence from Republicans and only a little bit of talk from Trump about taking action.
I mean, I don't see how he wins the election or Republicans keep the House, which is already lost, or the Senate, if something isn't done about big tech and its meddling.
I don't know if we have the will to do anything about big tech.
It brings us a lot of goodies, a lot of toys.
You look at these ads for Nest and so forth, and it seems like a great magical world.
You wave and there's your favorite TV show.
You put your hand up, the music stops.
You put it back down, the music goes on.
You want it up, you want it down, you want to move the camera.
I mean, we are becoming a race of digital idiots.
And, you know, life is risk.
No one gets out of here alive.
I don't care how much money you have.
You may think you're going to live forever, but there's nobody who's done it yet.
The point is not to live, as Plato once said.
The point is to live well.
And living well means respecting human dignity and respecting one another and placing limits on the power of government.
And all the studies show that this big tech, smart tech is making us dumb, making us alone, giving us cancer, ruining our lives, stealing our time.
All the studies show going out in nature, going and playing golf, going for a hike, having sex with your wife, eating good food, hanging out with friends, listening to great music.
All that culture is being sucked out and now Facebook.
Google, all of them have these systems that control and watch where now they're not even going to have knobs or controls on cars or anything.
You just wave at a camera.
The whole system is we're merging with cameras with AI controlling us.
Predatory AI.
With a so-called elite telling us we're obsolete and that this cyborg takeover, we're the last human generation!
Imagine if Hitler said, this is the last human generation!
He wasn't saying kill all humans, he just said kill some!
This is beyond Hitler and it's liberal, it's loving!
Well, what it is, is most of us have become surplus.
I mean, we need to face the possibility that there can be a maximum efficient distribution and production of resources with less than full employment.
And what are you going to do with people who aren't employed?
Why do we have a suicide epidemic throughout the Midwest?
Why do we have opioid epidemics?
You know, we used to be digital erectus or homo erectus.
Now we're digital something or other.
I was in the airport on the flight out here yesterday watching people walking around the terminal doing this.
They weren't watching where they were going.
They were bumping into one another.
And that's become our new national pastime.
But you gotta fight back.
And, you know, I quit Facebook.
I quit Twitter earlier in the year.
I missed it for a while, but I haven't missed it since.
I make an effort every day to shake the hand of at least one stranger and make some human connection.
That's what the Bill of Rights was about.
It was about individuals respecting one another.
And with respect to the Fourth Amendment, it's under siege in that we no longer have a reasonable expectation of privacy in just about anything we do.
And we've given to non-state actors the right to surveil us and the right to tell us what to do, to invite themselves into our home, and now apparently flag the government if we, according to some algorithm, behave in a suspicious manner.
You talked about the red flags business that Trump spoke about last week.
Or how about the social media metric in China, where your access to public goods and services will depend on your social media?
Well, that's what this is.
And now it's here.
The Mark of the Beast for Christians, Big Brother on steroids for everybody else.
Well, unhandedly, you're the canary in the mine, Jeff.
You are the easy target.
They took you off Facebook, and I'm surprised that anyone who cares about freedom of expression tolerates that, because if it was you first, who is it second, who is it third, who is it fourth?
Well, you're right.
We've already been hypnotized by the machines.
We've already been habituated, like Sean Parker used to head up Facebook.
He was the number two, and he said, we designed to be addictive and to hurt you.
And now, everyone I know, including myself to a certain extent, though I'm weaning off of it, just can't watch a football game, can't watch tennis last night.
I mean, my wife wouldn't get off her damn phone.
And I said, I'm going to bed, man.
I mean, she just had the damn thing the whole time.
And it was all mindless text and this and keep track of that.
None of it means anything.
When we come back, let's talk about the 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendment, because there are more threats than we've talked about.
That's right.
Norm Pattis, constitutional lawyer, par excellence, is in studio.
Well Rahm Emanuel is bucking every major Democrat candidate saying you just can't have all these illegals come in and everybody else and get free health care, free education, free home, free car.
Who's going to pay for it all?
Oh, the people they tax.
Not the big megacorporations.
They're tax-exempt and offshore.
But the big billionaires are trying to get the general public to attack, to sick the middle class, and complete the collapse of the U.S.
That's actually a Democrat Party plan called Cloward and Piven.
Way down the capitalist system till it collapses.
Here is Rahm Emanuel.
We've taken a position so far, and the candidates have, through the process, a few have not, about basically Medicare for All, which is we're going to eliminate 150 million people's health care, and we're going to provide health care for people that just come over the border.
That is an untenable position for the general election.
As you know, George, I just biked around Lake Michigan, nearly a thousand miles, through Michigan and Wisconsin, two really important states.
Nobody at a diner ran at me and said, take my health care away.
This is reckless as it relates to, and you don't have to take the position to win the primary, and you're basically, literally hindering yourself for the general election.
He's saying don't tell them what we're really thinking, what we're planning.
Big corporations will still run it.
His brother helped write Obamacare.
Once it bankrupts things, in a decade or so, then they have three insurance companies, and then you'll have single payer, but they'll rape you even worse.
So it's gonna be fascism using socialism at the grassroots to control you.
A true marriage made in hell.
We'll talk about that with Norm Pattis, constitutional lawyer, here in a moment.
That's part one.
Part two, this is the Democrat whip number two in the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party.
Representative James Clyburn has come out and said the Bill of Rights wouldn't pass today.
I believe, sincerely, the climate that we're in today, if the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution, were put before the public today, I'm not too sure that we will hold on to the Bill of Rights.
Especially when I see what people are doing with the Second Amendment.
No telling what they would do with the First Amendment.
You really believe that?
That's a startling statement.
You believe that?
Absolutely, there will be strong support against the Bill of Rights.
Go through the Bill of Rights and I tell you, I run into people every day who would like to see so much of those guarantees uprooted.
So, you don't test stuff up.
I should have started the broadcast with that today because that's the number two guy in the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party.
I mean, you sit there and you look at that.
I mean, why is he suddenly telling the truth?
I mean, I've seen a lot of bad stuff out of that guy.
Did he just get Jesus, Norm Pattis?
What do you think?
Well, I mean, we've never been fully committed to the Bill of Rights.
The country was founded on a moral compromise because of the three-fifths compromise in slavery.
But to the degree we respect it now, I don't think people are committed to the Fifth Amendment rights to due process and the presumption of innocence.
I'm representing in Connecticut Fotis Dulos, a man believed to be responsible for the disappearance of his wife.
I'll walk into a courtroom and reporters will be screaming at us, why did you hurt your wife?
Where's your wife?
What'd you do to her?
Ladies and gentlemen, what about the presumption of innocence?
What about a fair trial?
I don't see jurors taking an active role or an active responsibility in deciding criminal cases.
When's the last time you saw a juror raise a hand in the middle of trial and say, Judge, what's the penalty this man faces if we're convicting him?
We let prosecutors argue that jurors are the conscience of the community.
We let prosecutors say that people should be held accountable.
And then we don't let jurors know the full truth.
We infantilize them.
Or take the Sixth Amendment right to present a defense.
We don't let jurors nullify the law.
That's what freed John Peter's anger at the founding of the Republic.
We let jurors decide whether the government got the law right.
Whether it applied it correctly.
But they're supposed to judge the law as well as the facts.
That's the jury nullification doctrine.
Now we have a case pending in the Second Circuit Federal Appellate Court in New York City out of a Connecticut case where we're trying to get jury nullification back on the docket.
And we're somewhat optimistic.
We argued it six months ago.
We still don't have a decision.
If jurors are going to be the conscience of the community, then don't put blindfolds on them and say you can't know the truth.
The truth may not set a client free, but it empowers a community.
Seventh Amendment, the right to a jury trial.
The doctrine of qualified immunity has made it very difficult to hold the government accountable in courtrooms.
It gives judges the opportunity to throw cases out.
Even Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are raising questions about qualified immunity.
I think that's an issue that transcends the division between right and left.
If we want to have a democracy, if we want to have a republic, if we want to have people engaged, we've got to give people power.
And the most empowering place a person can be is on a jury in state or federal court.
Let me ask you this question, not to bring myself into this, but I mean, it's a pretty big deal.
Koskoff and Koskoff, one of the most powerful democratic law firms in the country, you know, got Senator Blumenthal all over it.
He has hearings in the Senate saying, I want Alex Jones totally banned from the Internet.
He tells Google, I can still see some of him on YouTube.
And YouTube doesn't say, well, he's a public figure, and so people get clips of him off his show and they make commentary.
The Connecticut Senator, Senior Senator, Ranking Senator, he says he wants me just banned, period.
Facebook has said my name, my likeness, they blur it out, even if people are being negative now they're even doing it.
So the idea to unperson someone like that, and then I read how they've bankrupted Remington, oldest firearms manufacturer, thousands of jobs lost, and it's gone before the Supreme Court, because the Supreme Court of Connecticut has said,
That, oh yes, Remington's liable, even though it's a federal law saying they're not liable.
Well, if the Supreme Court rules against that, if someone kills people with a truck, then Forbes, Ford is liable.
Or somebody buys a butcher knife and kills somebody illegally, then the knife maker's liable.
I've never heard of such a thing in law.
What is the codification of the basic fact that a company that makes something for one thing isn't liable for what somebody does with it another way?
And then what will it be if the Supreme Court rules and says, yes, Remington is guilty, then all other gun manufacturers will basically be made to go bankrupt?
On the Remington Sandy Hook case, there's a federal statute that says gun makers aren't liable for their weapons when they're used for the purposes the weapons were manufactured for.
The Koskoff firm managed to persuade the Connecticut Supreme Court that under the Connecticut unfair trades practice, there was deceptive advertising that a weapon that had military purposes was sold for civilian use and that this fell outside the statutory immunity.
The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear that question and I suspect they will reverse.
As to Senator Blumenthal, I've got good news for you from the land of steady habits, Connecticut.
Plenty of people came up to me after he attacked you in the Congress and said, we'd rather hear more from Alex Jones and less from Senator Blumenthal.
We get the government we deserve.
In Connecticut, we get Ichabod Crane's retarded cousin asking to silence you.
So don't worry about Senator Lieberman or Senator Blumenthal.
You're doing just fine.
Well, let's go further with him, though.
I mean, this guy is waging war against reality.
He said that he was in combat, there's even a New York Times article about it, in Vietnam, when he literally had a plum position in the Marine Corps, where they send all the rich kids, where he would get toys for tots.
He was never in combat, never out of country, but he still, with certain audiences, if a camera isn't there, will still say he's a Vietnam veteran.
He's a veteran of the Vietnam era, who also, I think, once put his toe in the Harvard swimming pool and claimed falsely to be on the Harvard swim team.
But what he is, is he's the Brian Williams of the Senate.
Yeah, fair enough.
And he's earned the right to lie.
And Connecticut voters keep returning him to office.
I don't know why.
They've not had an effective primary challenge against him in all the time he's run.
When he was Attorney General of the state of Connecticut, he was refused.
And his son is honchoing the lawsuit against me.
Oh, I wouldn't call it honchoing.
His son is briefcase carrying.
Matt is a young lawyer of some promise, and he's been hired by the Costco firm, and he's one of the four lawyers who are tag-teaming you.
What's amazing to me is how the judge tells us, give us all the marketing for Sandy Hook.
We barely ever covered it.
You've been here.
It doesn't exist.
Right, right.
They keep going, no, we know it does.
And then now, when we come back, we'll briefly talk about this.
Did you see where they said that I lost a suit for writing a book about Sandy Hook?
That I'm not in the book?
I didn't write the book?
And AP won't even reverse the headline?
I've seen a couple stories that are wrong.
There was a story recently that you lost a Texas appeal and had to pay finances.
I read that and I sent you a note.
I said, geez, I'm sorry to read that.
You sent me the ruling.
The ruling's not even close to what the story said.
Basically, what happened is in Texas, the judge didn't decide something quickly enough.
Your lawyers tried to get the case thrown out.
They took it to the appellate court.
The appellate court said, nah, we'll give him more time.
Now it goes back to the trial court for a ruling.
That's it.
You haven't lost a thing.
And then it goes back up on appeal.
That's exactly right.
You haven't lost a thing.
It's just incredible how they lie.
It's done on purpose.
Fake news.
I now understand what it means.
And then they have the lawyers going, we've never gotten anything from him.
He won't give us anything in depositions.
None of that's true!
Let's not talk about Sandy Hook.
I'll do my talking for you in court.
Certain countries have changed their dietary guidelines to reduce the consumption of red meat in light of the impact of the climate change.
If elected, will you be supporting change in dietary guidelines?
And then how will you plan on implementing the changes so that people effectively change their diets?
Um, thank you for your question.
Now, talking about meat.
I had to get where I'm at today.
Suck off Mayor Willie Brown.
You know, he was my boyfriend, he was married, it's okay.
But he was big!
He was big!
I had to do that to get where I am today.
That's why I'm on this stage trying to take away your meat.
And your plastic straws.
So that's a good question.
There's meat over here.
And there's meat over there.
And we gotta get through all this meat to get where we're going.
Don't worry.
We're gonna take it all away.
Okay, uh, I... Folks, does that make me crazy?
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough.
I just knew too much.
Mayor Willie Brown said that's how she got the job.
She would go in there when she wasn't locking black folks up.
Every time I come on this show I'm rendered speechless by something.
Well listen, I usually look at these memes before I air them and I thought it was going to be her saying ban meat, which she's been calling for, which is now a mainline thing.
They really just want to control it and tax it.
And so I apologize as a family show.
I didn't review that.
I usually review it.
No, but let's keep on point with it.
Space Force 7 is banned.
But that's in keeping with the new algorithmic world.
If we're going to have federal leadership, can't we be told how best to eat?
And shouldn't the algorithm tell us what the ideal mix of protein and carbohydrates is?
But see what they do is they program it like Bloomberg has said.
He goes, I'm a technocrat.
They program the computers and then we do what the computers say.
We keep acting like it's some magic computer in the sky that's like omnipresent and God.
And that's the big trick of this.
But here's the deal.
Not everybody follows the algorithm.
How many social media executives don't permit their children to get addicted to this stuff?
They harvest the data.
They live in the gay community.
Oh, you're right.
Bill Gates said his kids weren't allowed to have smartphones.
Steve Jobs wouldn't let them have iPads.
They don't want to profit off their own kids.
They want those kids to enjoy the fruits of the new digital overlordship, or the uber-mention, as you mentioned before.
Absolutely right.
I'm glad you raised that point, because we forget that they're all on record.
They won't let their kids get anywhere near this stuff!
No, I mean, I'm still chuckling over the piece, but I mean, how much longer until we have an algorithm that rewards us for how we eat?
An algorithm that rewards us or penalizes us for whether we exercise?
For example, there are discussions that insurers may use this to set rates.
Don't get enough exercise, don't eat right, perhaps your automobile insurance or health insurance will go up a point or two.
What's it have to do with automobile insurance?
Because the algorithm says there's a de minimis risk that you may have a heart attack while behind the wheel, so you pay six bucks more.
I mean, I don't want to be micromanaged and nickel-and-dimed to death.
Oh yeah, it's like Enterprise Insurance started years ago giving you a discount if you put a box in your car that tracks you.
This is what the big corporates want.
They're setting up a technocracy.
That means government by a ruling group of technicians.
We don't want a technological dictatorship, and I know the audience gets it.
Warren Pattis, you're a top criminal lawyer, constitutional lawyer, first woman lawyer.
Why do you think all over the world governments have abandoned the egalitarian western renaissance of due process and things that have made us so safe and so much better than other countries?
Why has there been, it seems, an abandonment of it and now a race to see who can get rid of all of our due process and all of our rights the fastest?
I don't know.
I don't see the race quite as much as I see us in the grips of technology that we don't understand.
And I think there have always been a division.
There has always been a division between haves and have-nots.
It's just growing now.
But you just said it.
The big tech guys even warn you and go, this is really dangerous.
You shouldn't use it.
Once you plug in your brain, Elon Musk said, the AI will take over.
He starts laughing because he knows we can't help it.
I don't care, Elon.
He's like, well, I'll sell it to you then.
It's like a crack dealer saying, this stuff will really mess your life up, kid.
Here, take some.
It's addictive.
I think nothing addicts like success.
And if you're generating these kind of big tech dollars and living the dream life in Menlo Park or wherever these guys are living, I think it's hard to say no.
And you have the attitude that the general public's profane and animals and dumb.
And so you're just making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.
In my view, the under-reported story about the opioid problem isn't that Purdue Pharma and company got mailed for selling it.
It's why they sold it and who bought it.
Yeah, tell folks about that because it was in their business plan.
They were going to hurt people.
Well, they knew that people were going to be hurt.
They knew that it would be over-prescribed.
And they knew that people would become dependent.
And they didn't care.
And I frankly think they didn't care because there's just, you were talking earlier about
Reducing the population.
I see it somewhat differently.
I think we can reach efficiency, efficient, maximum efficient distribution of economic resources at less than full employment.
What do you do with the surplus population?
Well, that's their other argument why they're getting rid of us.
You either pension them off or you kill them.
And when I look at the opioid epidemic and the great number of clients and family and friends of mine who have succumbed to it in the last decade, what most of these folks have in common is they didn't have a secure toehold in the economy or in the life that you and I take.
Or anybody that cared about them to help them get out of it.
That's right.
Did you see last week or two weeks ago they busted 25 tons of fentanyl they shipped in from China through Mexico to us, enough to kill 10 billion 606 million people.
Plus, if they all took it,
Lethal dose of it.
That's the national security crisis and that's why the homelessness is exploding.
It's not just a mental illness.
Most of these people, as you said, are on fentanyl or they're on other opiates and this is incredible.
We're recently taking a case of a doctor who was spotted on a DEA algorithm as having prescribed too much fentanyl.
And now the feds are going through each one of his prescriptions to see which one of these people really needed it and which one of them didn't.
It's intrusive, but it raises the larger question about the Bill of Rights and how serious we are.
If you could sacrifice... Hey, let me hear your thought experiment.
If I could make you happy, healthy, and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, tomorrow, would you say yes to anything I had to say?
You might!
Suppose then you woke up with all the money, having robbed a bank, living off the interest of that, or at least I rob it on your behalf, strapped to a gurney in a bomb shelter with fentanyl or a non-lethal dose of an opioid pumped in your veins, so that you're blissfully happy, you're entirely secure, and you're wealthy.
You've gotten everything you wanted.
At the cost of everything you desire, everything that you value.
And I think that's what we're doing here.
I think in terms of the larger cultural thing, pluralism has gone to an extreme.
We're afraid to talk about values.
Everything is reduced to pathos.
That's how we come together with giant pity parties.
We're afraid to say to one person, your lifestyle is offensive or wrong because it doesn't contribute to the public wheel.
We never had that problem, historically saying.
If you don't contribute, you don't get.
Today, everybody's entitled and we're afraid to say no to anybody.
And then those of us who do produce are constantly being attacked and being bullied to give more to all the little babies.
They've now organized themselves into mind control brigades.
Prince and Princess Hawaiian a lot are running the country.
I would appeal to your viewers to take one small step in defiance each day.
Remember the network?
I'm mad as hell.
I don't want to take it anymore.
Raise your hand in a jury.
Say, what's going on here?
Raise your hand when you see somebody given a PC tirade saying, do I really care?
Stop submitting, stop thinking you're getting brownie points, you know, for like all over the country men are beating women in powerlifting and soccer and everything and it's big giant men running over women.
Huge men, obviously on steroids on top of it, and then they're giving them all the trophies and everyone's, oh you're so tolerant, you're so open, letting men come compete.
They're men, they're not women!
It's now morally suspect to be a white male.
I would like to see you create a new show on here called The Last White Male.
Every day that I look at the news, I see a story where somehow it's, you know, white male privilege has destroyed this, white male privilege has destroyed that, white male privilege this, that.
I don't feel too privileged when I get up in the morning.
I gotta work pretty hard, and yes, I suppose there are advantages that I have because of how I was born.
But that's why everybody's trying to get in the country, because it was Western and it had the ethos of the Renaissance.
But the globalists want the Renaissance gone.
They don't want the world asking for that.
They want it gone.
Come on over here!
Come on over here!
Do you ban plastic straws?
I think we should.
I mean, look, I'm gonna be honest, it's really difficult to drink out of a paper straw when you had, if you're just, like, if you don't gulp it down immediately, it starts to bend.
And then, you know, the little thing catches it, and then, you know... Like, if you don't gulp it down immediately, it starts to bend.
These are just some of the amazing memes at MemeWorld.com.
So you gotta kind of perfect that one a little bit more.
Whatever you do though, don't share MemeWorld.com on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube.
It's a process.
Don't email it.
And certainly don't visit it.
Some of the great work that Carpe D'Antem is doing with so many other great people like Ben Garrison and
So many others.
Be sure and check it out today.
Again, I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
And I want to get into Google Faces New Antitrust Probe by 50 Attorney Generals.
Told you that was coming.
They already filed a bunch of stuff last week.
Now all 50 of them this week.
But there's more than one way to roast a goose or skin a cat.
They've already committed so many crimes, so much spying, so much illegal surveillance, that if Trump wants to take action, he can.
Why hasn't he?
We'll talk about that with constitutional lawyer, one of the top First Amendment criminal lawyers in the country, Norm Pattis, is here with us right now.
But getting into something that's really scary, but at the same time fun...
Here's a short clip of a short statement by Dave Chappelle from his comedy special that the left is called to be removed off Netflix and that Rotten Tomatoes gave a zero.
They only let a few people vote on it and now it's backfired because exactly what Dave Chappelle says the left's doing, they're doing.
Here it is.
What we should be doing is shunning these people.
Shunning, shaming these people is a statement of moral indignation.
That these people are not fit for polite society.
I'm gonna try and take everything away from you.
And I don't care what I find out.
Could be today, tomorrow, 15, 20 years from now.
If I find out, you're f***ing finished.
They don't get to escape accountability.
That's all of our job, to hold them accountable for the rest of their lives.
That's so entertaining.
To make sure we don't eat meat, and to make sure we don't use straws.
But oh, the human cloning's okay, and the genetic engineering, and the weather modification, which they now all admit's real.
Ron Pettis, I want to play a clip from Joe Rogan's show last week, talking about this.
I asked if you'd heard of it.
He said, oh yeah, I saw it.
He said he was going to cover it.
Well, he did.
He did cover it.
And he's friends with Dave Chappelle.
But there's Dave Chappelle.
I watched his special.
Pretty liberal, pretty leftist, pretty divide-and-conquer still.
He had all the points.
But he said the left should allow the First Amendment.
He said Jesse Smollett was a scammer.
Did a really funny bit on that.
So they only allowed a handful of raiders on Rotten Tomatoes to raid it.
Now Rotten Tomatoes is already known.
You pay them, they rig the votes.
It's fake.
Fake reviews.
But they didn't want that obvious, so they removed the ability for people to vote.
And only let their critics, a handful of them, do it.
Well, that backfired, so they opened it up, and Chappelle got 99% positive.
And they opened it up to other reviewers, and they got 23% from the reviewers.
So it shows how they create these echo chambers and want to bully even Dave Chappelle.
And now they're boycotting his comedy tour, saying it's white supremacy.
We're going to play Joe talking about that in a moment.
This just shows how they just want to exercise power.
The left has become purely authoritarian.
In a frightening kind of way.
A left fascism.
I mean, if you don't march, if your boots don't strike the pavement with the right cadence, you ain't walking.
And that seems to be the message.
Chappelle is a white supremacist?
I missed that.
They actually said that.
Well, you know, I live in the shadow of Yale, that's where our law office is across the street from it, and it is an unctuous crew.
Periodically they'll go after professors, they'll go after students.
We're getting ready to file a lawsuit, however, on behalf of Dr. Michael Simons, world-renowned cardiologist who once had an affection for a young woman, a colleague.
He sent her notes, she said she wasn't interested.
He was suspended briefly.
He did his time.
He lost a position for a while.
Then he came back.
He was chair of the cardiology department.
He held a major chair.
He received recognition throughout the world.
Yale demoted him when somebody leaked that story to the New York Times.
He'd already done his time.
That's like punishing somebody twice.
It's all about just raw exercise of power and creating a stampede.
And we can't feel good enough about victims these days.
Aristotle in the rhetoric said there were three ways to motivate people.
Appeals to reason, appeals to character, appeals to pathos or pity.
We don't have things that we agree about anymore.
Oh, she's a sickening person.
Is she a white supremacist too, by the way?
Actually, she is.
She's a eugenicist.
She's part of this secret Jeffrey Epstein eugenics guild with David Rockefeller and all these guys.
No, I'm serious.
You've mentioned this before, but think about it.
We now have the ability to identify all the pairings in the human genome.
And we're zeroing in or honing in on the various genes that make us what we are.
We can find now how to enhance intelligence, how to eliminate certain illnesses.
If you can do it, shouldn't you do it?
That seems to be the argument among some.
So let's make a better race of human beings.
The problem is there'll only be a few people that have access to the wealth and technology to produce that.
Leaving the rest of us behind.
Plus, it's always back doors.
They're not going to give the general public the real stuff.
And that's why you already see them last week, all the billionaires together, and said, we're going to build a new home on the moon for us.
So again, it's a breakaway civilization.
A breakaway civilization.
And we are left to be, in effect, the digital slaves.
It's terrifying.
And I think, you know, the Bill of Rights was what we started talking about, talked about giving power to the people.
And one amendment we haven't talked about yet is the Ninth Amendment.
The Ninth Amendment says all the power that's not given to the government, the people retain.
Have we retained anything anymore?
Do we have the ability to take back power in our own name?
I think we might find out in 2020 and beyond.
And you know, I have some real issues with Trump.
But I just think about what it would be like when Hillary... But here's the problem.
Trump knows that Big Tech's already stole the House in the midterm.
And we've seen, we've had all the experts and all the facts that's come out and Big Tech's been caught bragging how they did it.
He's doing nothing.
And the attorney generals of the states are taking action, but we'll talk about this next segment, but it's not enough to just do antitrust.
The amount of illegal data, the amount of lying to Congress, the way they work with other big corporations in cartels, this would be illegal any time in the past.
I mean, we broke up Microsoft just because they were too big, not to mention they were messing with elections.
No, they weren't doing that.
So the fact that this has happened,
It's just out of control.
Well, I think, to me, if you look at what's going on in England in the Brexit debate, they're a little bit ahead of us in terms of their sense of social disintegration.
They know they don't want to be part of the globalist structure and they want their autonomy back, but they want to have their cake and they want to eat it too.
They want autonomy and they want the ease that comes of maximum global efficiencies.
You can't have it both ways.
And it seems to me that the political rhetoric, the way we talk about politics or legitimize authority in the country, is ended.
And we need new voices.
And when I look at the current field of candidates, and candidly, I hope I don't offend you Alex, that includes Donald Trump, I feel like I'm looking at Tweedledee and Tweedledum at a tap dancing conference.
There's just nothing there that I want to do anything other than laugh at.
I am not interested in these candidates.
I'm interested in the quality of life that I live.
I'm interested in good homes and education for my family, roads that work, a government that I can trust with limited powers, and people who take care of me.
There's big studies out that, not just white people, but educated people and hard-working craftsmen and people are fleeing the cities and creating all these new little small towns and cities where people are rejecting all the computers, all the... I mean, they're not troglodytes either.
There's just a major movement away from this culture of death.
Anthropologists say that we're wired to care for a community of about 150 people.
That's how we came up.
We're a relatively new species.
Our technology has exploded so much quicker than we can adapt to it.
I think that that is an adaptive move.
To run from it?
To run from it, absolutely.
I don't think we have any choice.
Well, the establishment is all, all these big tech heads are running to Kauai.
And Tasmania and New Zealand, they're all running.
Well, we've got to find a way to disrupt them where we live, not where they're running to.
I was about to say, they set something up that's killing us.
And then they run from it, like you said, their kids aren't allowed to use it.
Does that tell you something, folks?
Run to the hills, like the Bible says in Revelation.
Monday through Friday, I'm here live, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
And then, Owen Schroer in the War Room!
David Knight kicks it all off, 8 a.m.
weekdays, till I go live at 11 a.m.
with The David Knight Show.
And now, we're carrying a show that he's launching, Firepower, with Will Johnson.
It's about who's on fire, who is getting fired.
And he's going to have a lot of big guests.
Tom Papert's going to be co-hosting with him.
And he's going to have a lot of exciting things with the show.
He's going to go on the road some.
And so we heard he was doing the show.
We encouraged him.
We're working with him and helping him out.
But it's his show.
He is an independent program.
Firepower tonight, 7 o'clock.
Central will kick off.
I haven't decided if I'm going to Houston yet.
I'm so busy.
But our crew's going to be down there.
Mellie Weber.
Caitlin Bennett, some of the crew from here, Owen Schroer.
We need somebody here to run the show and be in studio for the one-night debate.
What is it, this Thursday?
We'll have all ten of the candidates up there.
We're going to be here covering it live.
I'll probably go to Houston.
I'm not sure yet.
But speaking of firepower, here's a little one-minute piece.
America is coming back!
People in California have been suffering too long under the Democratic Party.
People are still being censored.
The shadow banning's taking place.
Why is Google trying to change the outcome of the 2020 election?
Get your ass out of here.
You're approaching me?
Trump's supposed to be racist.
Why he treating us all nice like hell?
You know, I'm going to give you a hug because I appreciate you.
If he's not your president, then you're an illegal resident!
If you're pro-American, if you're pro-Trump, then that goes against their community standards.
I like triggering liberals.
And I like triggering them with facts.
I mean, I'm serious.
You know, it's becoming an issue.
Why do you put illegals ahead of Americans?
Time to go.
Just because you have some idiot that went out there and did this horrific crime, doesn't mean law-abiding citizens should be penalized for it.
That's right, and they also have firepower.com or is it firepowernews.com?
I know he launched that site.
You guys give me that URL, we'll put that on screen.
Thanks a lot, Lulut.
I just put it on screen for me.
You guys got your mics jacked up, they're distorted, so just put it on the screen for me, thanks.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Hey Alex, tell me more about BandNotVideo.
That's the most exciting thing I've seen in a while.
I was delighted to hear about that.
Well, it works on all devices real good.
It works like an app.
It's a first-rate site we built.
And the video streams really well.
We're going to be adding audio download streams and things for people that don't have good bandwidth.
And we've added Will Johnson, Paul Watson to it.
We have a lot of original reports, special reports only there.
And then with other trusted contributors, we're going to add hundreds of other people that can then upload to it, have a home,
So when they're posting stuff on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, a lot of it gets taken down.
They know there's a backup of it that they can point at.
So that's why we've launched Band.Video.
Is it accessible from anywhere in the country?
I mean, can I get it up in Libtard, Connecticut?
You can get it everywhere.
All right.
That's great news.
And the website for Will Johnson, again, because he's running all this.
He built all this.
He's doing all this.
Ladies and gentlemen, very, very exciting.
So tell people about firepowernews.com tonight, 7 o'clock central.
We're going to put a lot of energy into this.
I know he's put a lot of energy into it.
And we're just here promoting it.
Just like I'm promoting clownworld.com, summit.news.
I encouraged Paul Watson years ago.
I said, start your own website.
Start your own group.
I said, I'll try to help you finance it.
Get some camera people.
Get some other writers.
You need to break off your own thing.
And then necessity happened.
I said, OK, Paul, I can't afford to pay anymore.
And so, you better go get a subscribe star.
You better do all this.
I'm gonna promote you.
And he's doing it now.
And he's about to put an ad out.
Gonna hire a few camera people, some reporters, some writers, and set up an office in London.
Uh, so this isn't a joke.
I mean, I've given him some money to help do it, but I'm like, that's it, kid.
Been here 18 years.
I love him to death.
And, you know, that's what you do is you got to pass the baton.
We intend to still be here, but we're under massive sustained attack.
And so it's really spurred me to try to help others build other things.
That's why capitalizing this operation is so absolutely critical.
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I just cannot tell you how amazing ChillForce is.
It's already got reviews at 100%.
Just came out.
Check it out today at MForceWear.com.
Norm, getting back to what's happening.
Google faces new antitrust probe by 50 state attorney generals, looking how they've shut down markets, bought up all their competition.
I think that's a good way to go after them, but it'll take too long.
We need federal antitrust, Trump's been promising to do, and we also need to look at how all the illegal practices, the spying, the recording people in their homes, the selling the data, the following your location even when you turn it off, the lying to Congress, the working with the Communist Chinese, putting people in gulags doing all of this.
I mean, we have to go after him as professor.
Robert Epstein has documented they already stole the 2018 election.
We should, and I don't know if we will.
I mean, one of the problems with the law is that the First Amendment protects us against government action, not private action.
But Google has become more powerful than the government, and it's an ally of the government.
So my view is we need to bring actions.
If Congress won't do it, then let's bring these actions in court.
Let's begin to challenge these as quasi-governmental entities behaving in a monopolistic fashion to the derogation of our rights.
If Google is spying on me on my home and giving the information to the government, that is no less offensive to me than if the government did it itself.
And here's a fact that many people don't know.
If you look at the terms of service for Facebook, Facebook will respond to a subpoena from a prosecutor for information, but it will not respond to a subpoena from a defense lawyer for information.
So not too many years ago, a judge issued an order for Facebook to produce something in a case of mine.
I'm not sure how she was persuaded to do it, but she did.
We did a subpoena to Facebook.
They ignored the subpoena because they ignore the subpoenas of defense lawyers.
They ignore the people while taking the people's money.
That is extremely authoritarian.
Listen, listen, it gets worse.
And the default is for the state.
And so we did what's called a capious warrant.
We asked the judge for an arrest warrant for Zuckerberg.
And we had it served on his home.
We couldn't get at him.
He's got too much security.
And we tried to force the issue.
I wanted Zuckerberg brought to court in chains.
You're going to take my data.
You're going to sell my data.
You're going to use my data to make money.
You're going to use my data with the government's permission and consent to attack my liberty.
But you're not going to let me use what you take from me to defend myself?
As far as I was concerned, that was a watershed moment.
I crossed over to the other side on the digital divide, and I decided I am with the people every time, and Zuckerberg is a public enemy.
Oh, they're definitely above the law, and they engaged in all this crime, and he called his users, he says, my users trust me, dumb effers, in an email.
Yeah, well.
To his colleagues.
So, here's the thing.
He's laughing all the way to the bank, though.
I am going to file some lawsuits this week.
You've been wanting me to do one against Facebook, and I understand there's a lot of cost and things going on, and you said you'd do it at cost, and we're going to try to launch some type of fundraiser because somebody's got to go on the offense here, and we've been wrong more than anybody.
You think we have a pretty strong case.
But really, it's Big Tech's race to the finish line.
And government's being fooled too to give it all this power by working with it.
You can see the AI taking everything over and that Big Tech's already bigger than most governments.
Things are totally out of whack, totally cattywampus.
How much do you think it would cost to really prosecute this suit against Facebook?
Well, I'm, you know, I will do it.
Without legal fees for as long as I am able to because it is the right thing to do.
I've been trying to get you to do it.
I think you thought... Okay, fine.
Well, let's do it.
Let's follow the suit.
I mean, Barnes is getting here tomorrow.
We're doing some suits.
I know you guys are right up there at the top, so I want to fight back.
That's great, because I've got a suit in my briefcase.
It's in the conference room, and when the show is done, I'll show it to you.
I've shown it to you before.
It needs to be filed in the Western District of Texas.
Let's get it on.
Now, I don't know if you'll succeed, okay?
I don't know if you'll succeed anymore that when that T was thrown over in the Boston Harbor, changed British attitudes.
But a fight has to start somewhere, and this is a line in the sand.
These SOBs hurt you, they hurt your listeners, they hurt the American people.
Well now they're saying you can't say my name unless it's negative.
That's like a cult.
You will not say the name unless it's negative.
I mean these people are crazy!
Remember the line, who is John Galt from the Ayn Rand novels?
I think we should now have a new motto in the restroom.
Who the hell is Zuckerberg?
I'd like to go into a restroom and see that scrawled everywhere.
Who the hell is Zuckerberg?
Are you watching this, Mark, when I'm standing at the urinal?
And rather than peeing on the fly that they put in urinals, why not put a little MZ in there?
Let's take the word of that.
Well, I don't even want him to get, I'd like it to be, who's Alex Jones?
Or why can't you, who is Alex Jones written about?
All right, well that works.
Well, no, of course, that then gets him to hear the truth of what's going on.
I've thought of some offensive stuff like that, but I really support private property.
But I gotta tell you, folks, however you get the word out, Zuckerberg says, don't say my name in a positive light, don't promote Infowars.
Are you gonna let that little chicken-neck piece of crap hiding out with his family in Hawaii while he destroys the world, have his way with you, that genetic psychopath?
Okay, so I mentioned, we'll take a few segments, and then the great Joel Celente's taking over.
Norm Pattis is here with us, famous constitutional lawyer.
One of my great lawyers.
Professor Epstein is right.
He's proven that Google brags in their videos.
They can steal elections.
They can fix things.
Russia has banned Google doing push notifications for three days before their upcoming election because they've caught them only doing it to certain candidates.
Well, that's what Epstein's already caught them doing.
Let's go ahead and play part of him when he visited Mr. Levin on Fox News.
What happened in 2016, the presidential election?
In 2016, I set up the first ever monitoring system that allowed me to look over the shoulders of a diverse group of American voters.
There were 95 people in 24 states.
I looked at politically-oriented searches that these people were conducting on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
I was able to preserve more than 13,000 searches and 98,000 web pages, and I found very dramatic
Bias in Google search results, not Bing or Yahoo, just Google's, favoring Hillary Clinton, whom I supported strongly.
But the point is, I reported that, I reported what I found.
And that level of bias was sufficient, I calculated, to have shifted over time somewhere between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes
And so how does that get accomplished?
These algorithms that are changed and adjusted and so forth, but to have that significant of an impact, obviously someone or something wants someone to win and someone to lose.
For the person who goes on Google, how is that manifested?
Well, if you go on to Google and you type in anything that's election related, and that could be hundreds of things, you type in immigration or you type in the wall or, you know, you think of all the things that are related to elections.
The point is you end up with some search suggestions that are flashed at you as you're typing.
We now know that those search suggestions have a very, very powerful effect
I don't
And you're trying to make up your mind.
What we've learned is that information posted high in Google search results will shift opinions among undecided people dramatically because people trust Google and they especially trust high ranking search results.
That's why 50% of all clicks go to the top two items.
Is that what Google did?
Well, again, I can't say what Google did, but I can tell you what we found.
We found a very dramatic pro-Hillary Clinton bias on Google, but not the other search engines, and in all 10 search positions on the first page of search results.
That's quite dramatic.
And Google is rigging the search results.
Admittedly, we have the internal videos.
Anyone can see it.
And before they were doing it some, now it's a broken search engine.
It's all just rigged crap at the top.
Wow, that's just stunning.
I mean, I don't, you know, Google is the one social media thing that I continue to use, and watching that makes me feel like... Being as somewhat rigged like Google used to be, being as Google four years ago, you have to understand, we search exact headlines to InfoWars or to Breitbart or to President Trump's statements, WhiteHouse.gov, they're all blocked, my friend.
Nothing but negative lies are on top.
Why we tolerate this is an open question.
It's a mystery to me.
And to me, that's why we probably wouldn't support them right now.
Well, used to, whatever was most popular got driven to the top.
And it was the knowledge of the crowd.
And usually, used to, if you typed in Alex Jones, it was the top link, InfoWars.
Now it's down three pages.
They're rigging everything.
And then putting the lies on top.
Go to YouTube and type my name in.
It's nothing but hit pieces.
Norm Pattis, constitutional lawyer, is our guest.
You see him on the national news all the time.
And we've got Zero Saliente, the Trends Forecaster, taking over here in just a few minutes.
But you were just flabbergasted.
Again, we have Professor Robert Epstein showing that Google can and does rig search results and that that governs what people vote for.
That's not even mentioning push notifications, any of that.
And Facebook was set up by the left in the CIA.
That's declassified.
Well, I want to see it!
Because I'm being attacked and lied about and everything else in an attempt to shut me up so that I'm not here on air laying all these things out that are being proven right.
They want me off the air because they know as all this tyranny comes in, I'm being vindicatable.
Guess what?
We're still on air.
And so now it's caused a chain reaction that we're in a life-and-death race here for the First Amendment and everything else.
Specifically, I want to get into this Joe Rogan clip, get your take on what you just heard from Professor Epstein and the drills that they've taken over.
You were in front of the Connecticut Supreme Court in just a few days here, just a week and a half or so, or two weeks, and we really need listeners.
I may even be there.
I don't want to cause hysteria by enemies and friends.
In this Connecticut case that's so incredible with the mainstream media lying, saying I lost a case for a book I wrote about Sandy Hook.
That's AP, not even true.
I lost an appeal, not true.
But this is the same system that just basically said Remington should go bankrupt or whatever.
But you're going to be there in front of the Connecticut Supreme Court.
Tell us about what's coming up.
On September 26th, which is a Thursday, at about I presume 10 o'clock, we will argue the case involving Sandy Hook parents against you.
The trial court denied your right to have your motion to dismiss heard, claiming that we didn't comply with discovery, which we did, and that you had threatened one of the other lawyers online.
And I don't want you to, on the other side, on this show, and I don't want you to say anything about that.
We did no such thing.
You engaged in vituperative speech, which is your right.
You have maintained a web presence and a media presence that questions orthodoxy.
You've periodically permitted people to raise questions about the adequacy and thoroughness of the Sandy Hook investigation.
End of discussion.
Move on.
Pick up your bed and walk.
There is a whole lot more to this country than what happened in December 2012.
But yet, a well-financed hit piece of litigation has been used to try to silence you.
And then, in front of the Connecticut Supreme Court later this month, we will argue that you have a right to speak, that you didn't break anybody's rights in the speech that you engaged in, and in fact that the litigation against you is ludicrous on its face.
That free speech matters in this country?
You need look no further than the back of a dollar bill to see that we've always had ideas about who constructs power and who governs in the United States.
If you look back at the back of a dollar bill and you see the all-seeing eye over a pyramid, ask yourself what that's all about.
We were raising questions at the founding when our money was printed about who governs.
We're still raising those questions.
We the people aspire to govern ourselves.
The Bill of Rights enshrines those values in our society and every particular fight that we have against the government or those that would seek to silence us renews our commitment to the revolution.
So Alex, I'll stand next to you every time, every day, anywhere, in any way to support your right to free speech.
Thank you for having me here.
No, thank you very much.
I want to play this clip because I mentioned it.
I mentioned it Sunday and didn't get to it either.
Here's Joe Rogan talking about rotten tomatoes and the tyranny of the left where Dave Chappelle predicted he'd be called a white supremacist for saying Smollett was a fraud.
Smollett, his lawyers are now saying, well, the cop should have known it was fake.
It's their fault.
That's how crazy all of this is.
And then Rotten Tomatoes didn't like him questioning that.
So let's play this first little short clip.
I've already played a little short clip.
I'll play the Joe Rogan clip.
But what he got in trouble for was making fun of Smollett and saying the left is a bunch of bullies and trying to destroy people's lives.
Even though I would say his main message was kind of a leftist kind of race war.
There's racism everywhere.
So it just shows this is such an extreme orthodoxy.
Such a cult.
That big tech tells you you can't say Alex Jones' name unless it's negative?
You can't say Paul Joseph Watson's name unless it's negative?
I mean, that is so insidious and shows the power they think with AI to stop you mid-sentence.
They're now saying over your apps, over your phones, they're going to start controlling what you can say.
I mean, I can't see how this doesn't cause massive rebellion across this country and the world.
I know I'm not putting up with it.
So here's what Joe Rogan had to say.
Dave Chappelle's recent Sticks and Stones Netflix documentary.
For whatever reason, Rotten Tomatoes thought it would be a good idea to only have it reviewed by five super progressive...
Only critics.
They closed it off to the public.
And it got 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.
They then opened it to the public and it got 99%.
Of course.
If that doesn't show a crazy disparity between, first of all, the idea that you're going to suppress it.
Like you're going to say it's 0% so no one's going to watch it and we're going to shut Dave Chappelle down.
He's cancelled.
F*** him.
But people love him.
You can't cancel someone who doesn't care, man.
You can't cancel Dave Chappelle.
No, you can't.
On top of that, how would they not understand that someone is going to know that you're not opening it up to the public, and that once it does get open to the public, you're going to get a massive whiplash, a backlash, where people are going to come, and even if they didn't want to vote on it, now they do!
And now they're going to give it 100%, or 99%.
I knew I had to watch it when I saw how
All the media channels, many of the media channels that I really dislike and do not respect, were coming so hard at it and saying, oh no, you don't need to watch it and all this.
I was like, oh, this means I absolutely have to watch it.
The Guardian in the UK gave it one star.
And then I saw Vice saying, like, don't watch it.
Vox saying don't watch it.
I was like, okay.
Okay, so let's stop right there.
So, Media Matters, Vox, the London Guardian, they all gave it zero percent.
They only let five people vote.
I don't
Or like a video or like a song.
They don't like the idea because they know we all listen to the knowledge of the crowd.
We don't listen to the paid critics.
That's just so revolutionary though of them saying we're getting rid of comment sections.
We're getting rid of likes.
They don't want you to have a voice.
What authoritarians.
This is incredible and it's a very desperate gamble.
In the mid-1960s, the free speech movement took place in Berkeley and spread to campuses from west to east in the United States over silencing critics of the Vietnam War.
I wonder if ordinary people can't turn that page and say to social media, we aren't going to take it anymore.
Being woke is a twisted joke.
What's happened to the left?
Because I'd call you a classical liberal.
I mean, the average leftist... Is it my hair, dear, or what is it?
It's like a ferocious, piranha-like, anti-free speech.
They don't believe in defense lawyers anymore.
They're just a group of dumb thugs.
There is no mob quite so vicious as a self-righteous mob, and the left is a vicious mob right now.
You know, the average leftist, though, really believes they have a right to rule.
They believe they're the intellectual masters.
Well, if you believe in the efficacy of reason and that there's a right solution to most social problems, and you possess that right solution, then you're going to try to force it down somebody else's throat.
You're going to try to force them to be free, as Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said.
Most of us take more modest views of the world.
I don't know.
Well, there's definitely a revolution against it, Norm Pattis.
Thank you so much.
Great job.
Joe Celente is always riveting, always informative on the economy, geopolitics, huge developments.
He's taking over on the other side of this quick break.
Please don't forget, we're going to be carrying Will Johnson's new show, Firepower, tonight, 7 o'clock Central at Band.Video.
It's the best place to find it, Band.Video or FirepowerNews.com.
TrendsResearch.com is Gerald Cilente's excellent site.
Be sure and check that out, TrendsResearch.com as well.
And remember, the power structure's working around the clock.
Try to shut us down and make sure you can't hear this voice.
So the power you have is our most important power together to spread the word by word of mouth about Band.Video and about InfoWars.com for its live show.
Gerald Cilente, straight ahead.
Hey, hello, everybody.
Thanks for having me on the Alex Jones Show.
And these are important times, you know, what they were talking about with Google and on and on.
So, as they were talking, I went to the computer and Googled up some stuff.
As I remember, back in 2014, 2015, 2016, around that time, that Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google, was involved with the Clinton campaign.
And sure enough,
And this is from, um, you know, those emails that they blame the Russians for hacking.
And of course, nobody knows who hacked them.
And, uh, there are other suspects, but they're not living to tell it.
Kind of like that Epstein guy, you know, like who believes that it's a conspiracy theory.
I believe to say that he hung himself, but anyway.
It was never any proof that the Russians hacked into the DNC emails.
But as a result of that, here's a quote.
I met with Eric Schmidt tonight.
John Podesta.
And this is, of course, he's the guy running the Clinton campaign.
He met with Eric Schmidt tonight.
And Schmidt, of course, at the time, was the chairman of Google.
He told his campaign manager in waiting, Robbie Mook.
He's a mook, alright.
He mooked it.
In April 2014, more than a year before Clinton announced her candidacy for president, it details the billionaire alphabet chairman's interest in backing Hillary Clinton's nascent presidential run.
Quote, this apparently comes from Podesta.
He's ready to fund, advise, recruit talent, etc.
He was more deferential on structure than I expected.
Wasn't pushing to run through one of his existing firms.
Clearly wants to be head outs- Clearly wants to be head outside advisor.
Is Google involved in rigging the game?
Is there any more proof than this?
And you can get a lot more if you dig deeper.
And you don't have to dig that deep.
But still didn't seem like he wanted to push others out.
Clearly wants to get going.
He's still in D.C.
tomorrow and would like to meet with you if you're in D.C.
in the afternoon.
I think it's worth it, says Podesta.
Schmitz Strategy Memo.
Two weeks later, Schmitz sent a memo to Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, outlining his idea for the campaign.
Let's assume a total budget around $1.5 billion with more than 5,000 paid blah blah blah volunteers.
Much of the memo's content would have been old hat blah blah blah blah, nothing important there, but
And by the way, it wasn't 1.5 billion.
I think they ended up spending something like 2.5 billion, if not more.
Goal also goes on, quote, it's important that all the player in the campaign work at cost and there's no special interest in the financial structure, Schmitt wrote.
Proposing audits to ensure no one was earning money in the sky, quote, the rules of the audit
Should include caps on individual salaries and no investor profits from the campaign function.
For example, that rule would apply to me.
Meaning him.
Not me, of course, because I would never work for Hitler.
Schmidt also requests a meeting with former President Bill Clinton in February 2015.
It is about the business purposes.
It's about business, and they have in parentheses, Schmidt proposes to do with the campaign.
Tina Flournoy, Bill Clinton's chief of staff, wrote, he says he's met with the HRC.
That's Hillary campaign.
Pedesta replies, I've talked to him too.
Robbie is in touch with his team.
Flournoy also mentioned that Google was lending its corporate jet to fly the former president to Africa.
That summer is part of a Clinton Foundation trip.
All right?
It's one rig game.
From Wall Street to Silicon Valley.
You name it.
All we are are nothing more than slaves on the multinational plantation.
The entire game is rigged.
And it's only going to get much worse as we go into the Greatest Depression.
Because this time when it falls, unlike the last Great Depression, or let's go back to the Great Recession of 2008,
It's not ancient history.
It fell from the bottom.
And then it collapsed.
Remember them subprime loans?
Hey, got no money?
Got no job?
Don't worry about it.
You can get a house.
Just sign over here.
This time when it collapses, it's going to collapse from the top down.
And the top down,
And going all back to what we're talking about here means that even more of the corporations are going to be wiped out and fewer will be in control.
There's over 250 trillion dollars in debt.
A debt balloon that built up following the panic of 08.
The Leady Institute, the economic institute, estimates
That the United States Federal Reserve pumped in 29 trillion, that's right, 29 trillion into the system to prop it up.
Now, let's look now.
Go back to the Great Depression, 1930s.
There was no propping up before it fell.
This time he did a lot of propping.
And when it collapses, it's bada-boom, it's big.
It's huge.
It's like nothing anyone has ever seen, witnessed, or can fathom.
So what's going to happen?
More corporations are going to be pushed out of power.
The bigs are going to get bigger.
And everyone else will be pushed aside.
The littles will have a little bit, but not a lot.
Of course, that's going to change as well.
Because as this thing goes down, you're going to see a big revolt against the multinationals.
It's happening in Germany.
It's happening in Hungary.
It's happening in Austria.
Happening in Italy.
And who knows?
Maybe even someday in the U.S.S.A.
That's right.
The people have had it.
And when people lose everything, and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
And when we get back, we're going to show you how they're going to lose it and what you can do to prepare, prevail and prosper.
Hey, thanks for having me on the Alex Jones Show.
So I was talking about the greatest depression coming around.
That's right.
They keep talking about is there going to be a recession?
Is there going to be a recession?
No, it's going to be a global greatest depression like nothing we've ever witnessed before.
And we're wanting people to take action now.
I don't give financial advice, but you know GCs, 3Gs.
Guns, gold, and a getaway plan.
This thing's gonna get ugly.
Again, you're gonna see riots in the streets like you've never seen before.
Thieves, murder, stealing, you name it.
Anywhere, anyway, anyhow.
Again, when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
They lose their businesses, their jobs.
Their homes, their lives, depression levels, they're already way up there.
And they're going to get a lot worse.
Don't believe me?
Weekend Financial Times.
See that headline?
Front page.
Gloom deepens the global economy.
The slowdown afflicting the world economy.
Was reflected in the disappointing data on U.S.
jobs and German manufacturing yesterday, piling pressure on the central bankers to launch stimulus push.
The central banksters.
You remember the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ?
Gets violent and throws out the banksters.
Out of the
The money change is out of the temple.
They just changed their names.
Same crew.
Investors expect officials in the Eurozone in the United States to launch new monetary easing to tackle the downturn.
China is also pushing ahead with its own form of stimulus, announcing yesterday
That would loosen curbs on bank lending as it grappled with, you know what, the impact of trade wars.
The article was solid up until then, but the trade war thing is a lot of baloney.
All of the tariffs, I have the numbers right here, that Trump put on China account for the grand total
Of 0.5% of China's gross domestic product.
China's exports to the United States before tariffs were imposed ran at $500 billion annually, or 4% of its $12.25 trillion GDP, which in theory is a significant number.
In fact, the percentage
Is far less.
The potential impact of U.S.
tariffs on China growth needs to be adjusted to measure only value added by China.
GDP is measured in value-added items.
imports from China are measured in gross sales.
The value-added share of U.S.
imports from China is about one-half, so the direct contribution to China's GDP from its sales to the United States
Is approximately 250 billion or only 2% of China's GDP.
So all this stuff you're hearing about trade wars is a lot of baloney.
It's a global slowdown.
The debt bubble that I was talking about before artificially inflated.
The addicted bull.
That was from.
The Financial Times.
Check out the weekend's Wall Street Journal.
See that one?
Global slowdown.
Pitched jobs growth.
And again, the numbers would have been a lot worse, but 25,000 jobs that were listed on that
Of the 130,000 jobs that were created with temporary jobs, the Census Bureau that we pay.
They make no census to me.
Waste of money.
By the way, in preparing for this Greatest Depression, we should start at the local level and stop these municipalities and states from stealing all our money
The state construction projects to build more junk that we don't need.
Yeah, we need a new fire department.
We need a new police department.
We need a new this department.
We need to do that department.
And the waste of money that these stupid morons called bureaucrats that are in charge are using the money that's stolen from us to create jobs.
They never spend wisely.
And when I talked before about stimulus measures, that's what the government is going to do because they don't have the fiscal stimulus, excuse me, the monetary stimulus in terms of lowering interest rates and quantitative easing as they did prior to the panic of 08.
In the United States of America, our interest rates are over 5% when they started bringing them down to deal
With the panic of 08.
Now they're at 2%.
How low can you go?
Not a lot lower.
Alan Greenspan.
The former head of the Federal Reserve.
The guy that gave us the plunge protection team.
Back in 1987 when the markets were crashing.
That Alan Greenspan.
He's saying, get ready for negative interest rates.
In the United States.
Look what's going on.
Negative bond yields.
Yeah, you know.
Alex Jones, I got a 30-year bond for you, a German bond over here.
And I want you to buy it.
Hey, you can trust those Germans.
Yeah, their economy's gonna stay solid, even though it's going down now.
And in 30 years, when you cash it in, because I like you so much, you're gonna get less than what you bought it for.
This is unprecedented in world history.
Go put your money in a Swiss bank.
You know what interest rate you get?
Minus 0.75%.
This thing is going down and it's going to go down hard.
Don't believe me.
I only am on record of forecasting the 1987 stock market crash long before anybody else.
Read our Trends Journal, December.
19, excuse me, October 1999.
The dot com bust by the second quarter of 2000 happened in March 2000.
The panic of 08.
Oh, I took the domain name out in 2007.
The greatest depression is upon us.
Stay tuned.
Hey, everybody!
Great being here on the Alex Jones Show!
And remember, to keep the truth alive and freedom of speech free, because they're taking it away from us at every level.
There was a report coming out, they had it over here, the military is also on the verge over here of doing what they're doing to shut us down as well.
But anyway, to keep the truth alive,
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This is important.
Number one way to prepare for the greatest depression is get into the best health you can be in.
Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
I'm not talking about religious.
I'm talking about spiritual in the sense that become the best person that you can be.
I have a definition for hell.
For me, hell is taking that last breath and knowing I wasn't the person I said I was or could have been.
So become the person you should be, you want to be and can be.
And these products at InfoWars help at that level in building one of the elements and parts of the elements.
So again, to fight this greatest depression, it's going to be not only economic, it's also going to be in the mind, the heart, the bones and the soul.
It's already here.
Money matters.
Financial stress literally making two in five young Americans sick.
According to a survey of 1,000 Americans aged 25 to 45, financial stress and worries are quite literally making people sick.
Additionally, 35% of the respondents said financial stress has harmed their relationship with a spouse or significant other.
26% said financial worries had harmed close friendships.
Another 26% said
It affected their performance at work and 21% said it had hurt their attendance at work.
This is real.
Another study came out regarding the Great Recession.
A new study shows that those who suffered hardships from economic slowdown were more likely to experience a lasting decline in mental health, including anxiety, problematic drug use, and depression.
Remember what I'm saying here and what I'm reading.
This is all new information, just came out.
You may have seen it early, I just found it, it just was released.
So when we're talking about the greatest depression, it's going to be more than economic, just as the Great Recession was, just as the current conditions are.
So that's why you need to build yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and InfoWars has a number of those products that can help you on some of those levels.
And then you gotta get, you know, do your own.
Hey, did you see that study that came out last week?
That showed our military, how many are obese?
In the Navy, in the Navy, like 20% obesity rate.
So I guess we're gonna have a sinking ship of state coming along pretty soon.
Because, hey, it's overweight at the top to the bottom in this country.
And that's why I want to have a fat tax.
The more you weigh, the more you pay.
Oh, Salenti, how could you say that?
I could say it easily.
Because one of our top trends for 2019 was ready to explode.
All the data is there about the obesity rates in America and how much it costs in medical costs.
The facts are there.
After another.
So I don't want to pay for that.
I got my own habits.
I don't ask anybody to pay for those.
I like to eat pasta all the time.
Seriously, I don't.
Everybody, you're on your own trip.
I don't want to deal with it.
Just like I don't want to bring in more people from other countries.
I don't want to pay for their health care.
I don't want to pay for their education.
I want to pay for their housing.
I don't want to
Pay to feed them.
I don't want to pay to clothe them.
And that's why we should have a national referendum on this.
Yes, I'm willing to do that.
Pay for their clothing, housing, education, health care, etc.
And I'm willing to pay this amount in taxes for each person coming in.
No, I don't want to pay for new immigrants.
I want to pay to protect the borders.
And I'm willing to pay X amount of dollars in tax dollars to do that.
Leave it to us.
We don't have a representative form of government.
We've got a bunch of imbeciles, morons, liars, freaks, and fools.
Repulsive kids and dumbo craps that are running and ruining our lives.
So going back with a fat tax.
I'm serious about this.
This is like nothing this country's ever seen.
We're going, again, to ship a state.
You're looking at the military.
Are you going to be too fat to fight?
I mean, come on.
It's real.
The numbers are there.
It's all in our trend, top trends for 2019.
So the products at Infowar could really help you in a number of ways.
I want to stay on the economy again a bit.
High debt levels are weighing on economics.
Global interest rates are low and may head lower, driving by slowing economies.
A less appreciated reason for slower rates is the mountain of debt built up during the past decade.
I mentioned nearly $250 trillion.
I believe it's more than that.
This is an old number they're bringing out.
So what happens now when interest rates go up?
You got to pay back more of your debt.
Very important.
I want to make a couple of connections here because our system of tracking trends is called global noming.
I mentioned to you earlier about China's trade and how it's going down.
And the new numbers just came out.
And it's down again.
It's down despite their yuan, their currency, below that seven to a dollar mark.
So even with the cheap currency, as I said, I've discussed this with Alex before, no, they're not lowering their currency intentionally.
It's not helping that much.
They don't want to lower currency because they import more oil than anybody.
They're huge importers of product.
So the cheaper their currency goes, oil for example, it's sold in petrodollars.
The dollar gets stronger, their currency gets weaker, they gotta pay more.
And they're huge importers.
And gold.
Gold's down from its high, but this is very important.
When the dollar gets strong, gold usually gets weaker.
Not this time.
Dollar's getting strong, and gold's staying strong.
So I stick by my forecast.
Goal 2000, on the bottom end, eh, 1390.
So again, we're going to be talking more and more about the Greatest Depression, and what you can do to prepare for it.
In the meantime, do what you can to support InfoWars.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com, take advantage of the specials, and do everything you can.
Game over, fights on.
The future is in your hands.
See you next week.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
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What in the world's going on here?
Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't a Netflix drama show.
This isn't a Law & Order TV program.
This is not a movie.
This is not a drill.
This is not fiction.
This is reality.
You have a major Google engineer backing up what the other engineers have said, what the documents have shown, and talking about perjury before Congress.
Pray and support this individual and others to come forward.
So, Zach Voorhees, we salute you.
And I'll say this, it's all of our birthright.
Black, white, old, young, gay, straight, whether you're from San Francisco, New York City, or Austin, Texas, or Des Moines, Iowa.
We're all having our birthright stolen right now.
We're seeing election meddling, and it's time to admit it and to realize we've seen a giant backdoor.
I think?
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It's all 50 to 60 percent off and your purchases make it all possible here.
But an incredible time to be alive, an incredible time to be making history together and standing up and seeing the good guys wake up and to see us coming back from zero to basically tying the globalists right now for a football analogy.
So back to Owen Schroer and Zach Voorhees.
Do you think Google is the biggest threat to U.S.
I think that, you know, if you want to look at the biggest threat, it's Google together with Facebook.
Together with Twitter, they formed this echo chamber in which if they want to apply their control of narratives, then what they're going to do is they're going to press down the voices that they don't want, and they're going to boost up the voices that they do.
InfoWars has been sort of the main victim in this, and it's clear that if your audience looks through the disclosure list posted at ProjectVeritas.com, they're going to see InfoWars pop up in numerous blacklists that have been disclosed.
Google's mission statement is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
When InfoWars was taken offline, was that making information universally accessible and useful?
No, it wasn't.
What do you think comes next in this disclosure of what Google is doing to manipulate U.S.
And what would you like to say to the Google executives that are engaging in this?
Yeah, well, something quite amazing is happening right now.
Like, there's been a huge document dump.
I've released over 950 pages, and right now there is a crowd raid.
There are a bunch of users, they're looking at these documents, they're digesting them, and they're posting the content of them onto Twitter for us all to see.
And so, you know, one of the things I want to invite for your audience is to come online
You know, go to Project Veritas, see their disclosure.
They've posted a link to all these documents.
I'm asking your audience to download the everything.zip file and just go to town.
And the thing is, is that whatever you think Google's doing, I promise you, it's way, way worse.
And, you know, I see the reaction online and everyone's like, you know, WTF?
And I'm like, yes, everyone is now seeing what I've seen, uh, privately, uh, and, you know,
We're finally having the exposure of light into the darkness and people are finally understanding what's really going on in America.
This is important.
I'm 45 years old.
When I was 35, I swam to two miles a day sometimes and would jog and couldn't lose weight.
Because I didn't have the missing links.
I was deficient in things that nobody ever told me I was deficient in.
I knew all about the Private Federal Reserve, the Trilateral Commission, the New World Order, Jeffrey Epstein and the pedophile rings.
I knew all about geopolitical systems and the old Soviet Union and how the globals put the Chaikoms in.
But I didn't know about PQQ.
I didn't know about CoQ10.
I didn't know about all this.
And I didn't know about clean iodine.
And yeah, I want to fund my operation.
I want you to get products that have changed my life and changed so many other people's lives that have 98% reviews and then experience that I'm not BSing you.
So that for some of you, maybe in the first time in your life, you're going to experience somebody that treats you like they want to be treated.
Let me tell you something right now.
You see DNA Force?
I went out to top manufacturers.
They're the most respected, most highly tested.
And I said, I want the strongest PQQ CoQ10 overall formula that has pure, non-synthetic stuff in it that's ever been put on the market.
And they said, well, that's like a $22 each model.
I said, I want to put $50 a bottle in it.
They said nobody's ever done that.
Then I signed a contract to double the amount I was gonna buy.
I got it down to thirty-something dollars a bottle for what it cost me to make this.
Nobody does that!
Ladies and gentlemen, you read what's in this and you research every ingredient in this and then you experience it for yourself.
It's incredible.
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