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Name: 20190908_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 8, 2019
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Give you study any war going back thousands of years, but particularly modern wars the last hundred years or so.
You will discover that foreign governments and foreign empires and foreign enemies always try to demoralize nations and peoples that they are preparing to invade and overthrow.
And it's been said by many a historian, because it's true, that the United States could never fall from without.
It could only fall from within.
And Hollywood admits that they've been publicly tasked
with undermining and demoralizing and destroying faith in our country while building up faith in other countries, other organizations and groups.
This is modern warfare.
And these organizations must be recognized as who they are.
Mercenaries working for multinational powers to dissolve and collapse this country into a corporate world government.
I'm about to break down what their plan is and how, as a free people, we can stop it.
Now I don't want to get Hollywood director Adam McCain in any trouble, but I am somewhat of a fan.
He's made some great comedies.
Anchorman, Talladega Nights, the list goes on and on.
And then he put out the movie Vice about Dick Cheney.
And the first time I learned that I was in the film, I was on an airplane, opened up the newspaper, was reading an article about the film, and then saw that I was at the end of the movie.
So as soon as it came out, I went and saw it.
And studying Dick Cheney, and how really incredibly corrupt he was, and how duplicitous, and how ruthless, I found the film to be extremely accurate, very fast-moving.
Most people thought that the director was giving Cheney a pass, because they didn't know the history of it, and didn't know how to read between the lines.
The truth is, it was a
Very, very well done film.
One of the best political films I've seen in my life.
So then why am I at the end of the film?
Well, this is basically, in my view, the director having to pay homage to Hollywood and put some of their main directives into the film.
I was meeting with a group of filmmakers just a few months ago, and they were telling me about how when they went to Sundance Film Festival in 2019, the directive was, if you want funding to get your film or project picked up and produced and then released,
You need to show the world collapsing, and the world in crisis.
And you need to show that civilization is not sustainable.
And that's basically why that was put in there.
As if I am a harbinger, like the Grim Reaper, or the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the conservatives, and people that support Trump, were basically ushered in by the monster Dick Cheney.
No, the truth is Dick Cheney was a product of a system that was already desperately corrupt.
I want to spend a few minutes here speaking directly to the historical fact that
The current group of globalists we have are simply trying to bring in a form of feudalism where a tiny 1% control the rest of the population.
And then the very elite creates a culture war and a class struggle between the middle class and the working class when the ultra-rich themselves have exempted themselves from the laws and the taxes and the regulations and are offshore literally paying, again, no taxes.
That's an amazing thing.
So Hollywood represents these powerful globalist elites and the communist Chinese and others that own most of Hollywood now, literally trying to create a culture war, a civil war, and a financial collapse in this nation.
And that's why almost every Hollywood film, Netflix, TV shows, you name it, they show America in decline, the end of America and the Chinese century or the Chinese millennia, because the communist Chinese are autocratic,
They kill Christians, Buddhists, you name it, en masse.
They have millions of people in forced labor and death camps.
They have human cloning, organ harvesting.
Truly, if you want to see where you see a dystopia collapse of society, a boot stomping on the human face forever that Orwell talked about, it would be communist China.
So why is the left rallying?
Why is the Washington Post hoping that the Chinese dictator can crush Trump and the populist American movement?
Why is the EU unelected, hoping they can crush Boris Johnson and the move for the UK to pull out of the dictatorial EU?
The UN wants a post-industrial world.
The UN has said that they want to de-industrialize.
They want to get rid of the middle class.
They want to create a giant group of slaves, like the Hunger Games, and a tiny, technocratic elite that control them.
And that's the reality.
How do we stop this?
Well, it's a cheesy saying from G.I.
Joe, but that saying actually comes from the army over a hundred years ago.
Knowing who your enemy is, their position, and their numbers, and their plans, is half the battle.
Then if you've got the mass of individuals who are willing to take action, you can defeat them.
Well, in this information war, we know who the globalists are.
We know their plan.
We know their numbers.
We know their power.
We know their agenda.
We know their blueprint.
And so we can stop it.
We can speak out against it.
We can rediscover nationalism and populism and classical liberalism that made this country the envy of the world.
We can come together and repudiate those that are trying to turn us against us.
There's a story up on Infowars.com from Daily Caller News Foundation where there are black organizations in America that are doing a great job
I've covered this a lot, going out and reaching out to the KKK, and going and meeting with them, and having dinner with them, and explaining their problems and what they've been through, and in almost every case, the KKK breaks down crying,
understands that they're just blue-collar folks just like the poor black people, break the conditioning and learn that their bosses are generally ADL or Southern Poverty Law Center double agent operatives leading them and organizing them.
Antifa threatened to blow up and burn down one of these meetings.
Where black Americans leading this group had already gotten a bunch of KKK members over the years to be deprogrammed.
And it was a beautiful coming together.
No active KKK members there.
People that had come out of it.
That's a good thing.
But they had to then not have it in the public space.
They'd have it in the private space because of the threats.
And they were calling the black leaders of this movement white supremacists.
It's just like Dave Chappelle.
He came out and said, political correctness is killing comedy.
You guys are out of control, bullying people, trying to destroy their lives.
Stop it!
And so, Rotten Tomatoes, who normally has their critics, thousands of critics that can vote, and then the millions of users that can vote, one's a symbol of tomatoes, one's a symbol of popcorn, they said, we're only going to let
I think it was six critics, it was five critics, vote and they closed it so they could then give Dave Chappelle a zero and try to exercise their raw authoritarian power because he dared challenge them.
That blew up in Rotten Tomatoes' face, they opened it back to the public and thousands and thousands voted and gave a 99% positive to Dave Chappelle.
These tyrants cannot allow us to have our voice heard.
They cannot allow us to speak out.
They cannot allow us to come together and have the basic knowledge of the crowd and knowing no matter what color we are, where we came from, that we want basic freedom.
I'm working for a true future for humans.
I'm working for what you call an egalitarian, truly liberal system.
The modern left is going back to the French Revolution that wanted to overturn civilization and set themselves up as absolute rulers.
They are parasites and they can't compete with a wealthy free market system.
They can't compete with a Renaissance.
They can't compete with an Enlightenment.
And so what they're doing is sabotaging the Enlightenment and all the prosperity that comes with it because their authoritarian models cannot compete with it.
And that's the truth, ladies and gentlemen.
Dick Cheney is only one manifestation of the globalist corruption.
And if you think Cheney's corrupt, people like Barack Obama launched even more wars, engaged in even more tyranny, and set Al-Qaeda and ISIS loose to take over the Middle East and North Africa.
We're covering all these subjects and more, and the globalists hope you don't take the time out to check out Infowars.com and then to spread the articles and videos.
They hope you just sit idly by and let civilization collapse to your own detriment.
Again, I know you're going to take action.
I know humanity's waking up, and I know we're going to win.
Thank you all for watching.
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