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Name: 20190902_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 2, 2019
3446 lines.

In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses the ongoing protests in Hong Kong and how they are being affected by the Chinese military. He accuses Big Tech of working hand-in-glove with communist China to suppress free speech, citing Facebook's ban on Carpe Donctum's MemeWorld.com two hours after its launch. Jones also talks about the global Chinese social credit score system and introduces Zach Voorhees, a Google engineer who is known as the "Ed Snowden of whistleblowers from inside Google." The podcast addresses censorship on social media platforms, particularly targeting conservative voices and alternative opinions. It calls for action to address this issue and protect free speech in the digital age. The show also discusses allegations by an anonymous Google insider about the company's involvement in suppressing conservative viewpoints and working against President Trump. Family dynamics influenced by political beliefs are touched upon, as well as internal admissions of programming people through a four-step process at Google. The discussion covers manipulation of Google search results, suppression of certain terms using Google Trends, and the launch of Banned.video as a platform for individuals censored on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to upload and share their content.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we're broadcasting worldwide on this Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 transmission.
And all hell is continuing to break loose.
We've got three of our intrepid reporters, Gregory Savanna,
Hernandez and others on the ground right now in Hong Kong, where hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops are threatening to invade.
They're going to be on with us coming up in about 15 minutes.
Then, Carpe D'Antem, one of the top memers on the planet, goes and visits Trump at the White House.
He launches memeworld.com.
Starts getting banned on Facebook and other platforms within hours.
All part of election meddling 2020.
And Trump's aware of it, and speaking out against it, but he needs to take action.
Speaking of Carpe Donctum, here's a nice little three and a half minute trailer that got him in so much trouble.
I just came outside to try to process all this.
I want you to create the best memes the world has ever seen.
With your help, we are going to make America great again.
Gangnam Style!
I don't know.
Oppan Gangnam Style!
Watch this.
The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House.
But I'm president, and they're not.
Go home to mommy!
Go home!
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's August 21st, 2019 on this Wednesday edition of The Transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
Well, we've got a full raft of guests.
We've got three of our reporters and camera crew in Hong Kong, where the Chai Koms have already sent in paramilitary police.
They've had over a million people protest.
That's one-seventh of the island.
They've got huge demonstrations coming up this weekend.
And the Chinese military is massing hundreds of thousands of troops, tanks, armored vehicles, threatening to invade Hong Kong over the bridge the Chinese built.
In the last few years, they said for commerce, but now it's all known that's for the invasion.
So, Savannah Hernandez, Greg Reese, and others reporting from there.
Carpe Donctum was banned.
He was banned by Facebook two hours after he officially launched MemeWorld.com.
Last time I was talking to him off air during the break, he said, hey, in a few months, we're going to launch a big meme site because, you know,
The Reddit, Donald been frozen, still frozen.
All these other meme sites are getting taken down on Facebook, off Twitter.
200 million users just a few weeks ago on Twitter and on Facebook and a bunch of the platforms like Instagram got taken down in just one day or two days.
So it's just huge the way they're just exterminating human communication.
If you're a Christian, if you're a conservative, if you're a nationalist.
And it's exactly the same stuff that communist China
The people in Taiwan and in Hong Kong, if they're at the demonstrations, and then they're learning that they can't buy and sell on the Chinese controlled systems.
So that's why we need real independence in banking, real independence in computing, because this police state system, this market abuse system, is unfolding worldwide.
And then we've got Zach Voorhees, the
Google engineer, the Ed Snowden of whistleblowers, as others have described him from inside Google, he's going to be in studio for two hours with us.
And then we also have another guest joining us from the UK, and that's
Jada Franson, one of the main leaders resisting the globalists, very well-spoken lovely lady, she'll be joining us coming up for part of the fourth hour as well that I will be hosting because Paul Joseph Watson is getting ready to also go on another trip to report from another
Hot bed location.
I'll leave it at that.
And that's going to be kicking off starting Friday.
So a lot of surprises.
A lot of interesting curveballs to get thrown at the globalists that are going to be coming up and that are going to be unfolding here in the next few days.
Let me get into some of the other news.
You'll remember I had Ted Nugent on about two weeks ago and he said, look, you need to trust President Trump.
He's not going to sign expanded background checks.
And Trump announced that that's shelved.
Yes, Ivanka is running around pushing it.
He's never touched a gun, and that's all politics, hoping that that takes heat off Trump.
It's the wrong thing to do.
They need to come out and say, it's mental illness, it's people on Prozac-type drugs that caused you to do this, the inserts admit it.
It's the fact that almost all these shooters were already telling people they were going to go kill.
Whether it was Parkland, with the scumbag Cruz, or this other individual up in Ohio, they were antifa, they were devil worshippers.
They said what they were going to do, but now the article just went live on Infowars.com.
We have the quotes here.
The NRA and Trump have said that he thought maybe expanded background checks, but then he learned that wouldn't have helped because these people all passed background checks or it was never computerized that they'd already been in a mental institution.
But they've already been adjudicated not to be able to own firearms.
So Trump cements stance on wide-ranging background checks and called the NRA.
CNN is very unhappy to have to report that that is not going forward with the unconstitutional red flag laws.
So good job folks putting major heat on Trump so that he would not listen to the Koch brothers.
Faction of Republicans that are inside his administration and are trying to undermine him.
Speaking of trying to undermine, Scaramucci is totally completely sold out.
He was probably a mole from the beginning of the establishment, but now he's trying to organize and lead the opposition.
We're going to be getting into that as well here today.
And then something I think is a great idea.
To spur the economy because the Federal Reserve raised interest rates all those times to hurt the economy.
And the Democrats admit they're trying to kill the economy to stop the populist awakening from firmly cementing itself.
Well, we now hear that Trump wants to cut the payroll tax a day after the White House denies it.
And it's now confirmed that they want to cut some of the payroll tax.
The average worker has matching money taken out, and then employers have to put money in there.
But then it's just the federal government on top of everything.
And if you want to spur the economy, you cut part of that payroll tax.
China has 0% taxes on corporations.
Trump got ours cut from 40 to 15.
Again, people say, oh, you're trying to make corporations more money.
They wrote the laws to keep the jobs over in China.
To make it one-sided and screw us over.
Look at the Washington Post in this very revealing article.
Z's choice, destroy Trump or save him and weaken America.
Oh, Z is the savior of America if he can only defeat Trump.
Wow, sick!
But that's like Davos two and a half years ago, where he came and said, I'll defeat Trump.
We'll defeat their economy.
But now, there's the rebranding that China's good.
And now I'm going to tell you the rest of the story about this situation.
I was talking to one of my longtime crew members.
He's worked with me for 16, 17 years.
He didn't want to say his name.
He didn't want to go on air.
His sister,
Lives in Minnesota and is a big leftist.
And his sister will not even talk to his mother.
They've always had a good relationship.
Because she's a Trump supporter.
And she barely talks to her brother because he's a Trump supporter.
But she's withholding the children.
And when this crew member saw her last, she's gotten more radicalized.
She was saying, China is the hero and will defeat the evil America, and that white people are inherently bad, and that white people are the problem, and that white people are the enemy.
Now, these folks are blonde-haired, blue-eyed, you know, Norwegian-German stock, like a lot of Minnesotans are.
And so I want that to sink in, that this is someone I've known actually 17 years, friend of mine,
Met his family before, and the family's being torn apart because the sister is so brainwashed, so brainwashed, and his dad died a few years ago, so brainwashed that she won't even let the grandchildren see the grandmother and believes that whites need to basically be gotten rid of.
Now, I can't even put these clips together anymore.
Because there's so many every day.
But I'm going to go back and ask some of the crew to try to get the last few weeks of CNN and MSNBC saying whites are inherently evil, whites are inherently bad, and it's going to be great once whites are gone.
I mean, Anderson Cooper said it last week.
There's two new clips today.
It is the most Hitlerian ideology.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face Stars to fill my dreams I'm a traveler of all time and space Be where I may be
The Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.
That's where they're going to be going tomorrow.
It's one of the biggest bridges in the world.
The Communist Chinese said they were building it for commerce, but others warn the bridge just got completed a few years ago.
was being built so they could invade Hong Kong and take it over.
That's where everybody ran in 1949 when Mao Zedong took over the country and began killing tens of millions of people.
When they were all done, over 115 million people were dead.
We're going to put on screen for you images of that bridge so you can get an idea of all of this and that there are massing
Massing hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops and armored vehicles and tanks.
That's on the news.
They've already sent in thousands of men on motorcycles to beat and attack men, women, and children with metal rods, with metal poles.
This is where the real rebellion against tyranny is going on, ladies and gentlemen.
This is where 70 years ago,
Millions and millions of people escaped.
Hong Kong was a bustling center of commerce, but nothing like it is today, and millions have demonstrated.
Over half the public in polls does not want to be part of Communist China.
That's why they're waving American flags.
So they're going to be talking to the demonstrators as that happens over the next few days.
The Chi-Coms could invade any day.
They're going to be going and showing folks the bridge and talking to others about what is it like in a country that's about to be invaded.
It will be much more explosive than Tiananmen Square in 1989.
And Trump's being criticized by the Washington Post.
Xi's choice, destroy Trump or save him and weaken
America, and again, leftists that I know and that others know are being told by other leftists that Communist China is our savior.
That they're the good guys, and that America and Trump and the Taiwanese and the Hong Kongese, they're the bad people.
So, Savannah, it's midnight out there, or past midnight.
She's there in Hong Kong, other side of the world, by the miracle of the internet, she talks to us now.
Give us your take on what you've seen so far, and what it's like to be somewhere that's already a war zone.
I think so.
Okay, well, hey Savannah, like I said, the miracle of the other side of the world.
We'll talk to you guys later today, having a technical problem there.
Can't wait to get them back on later in the broadcast.
But again, these are just live pop-ins on the show.
It's the amazing HD footage they've already shot, the incredible interviews they've already gotten, because I've seen some clips of them, and the fact that they're gonna go on that bridge and, you know, go right up to where that military's at.
They all volunteered for this, so we're very, very excited that they are all there.
And again,
The massive censorship and things that we see going on over in the Middle East, in Europe, and in Communist China is all being cheered on by the corporate media here in this nation.
Think about that.
And think about that, invited to the White House a month ago, one of the top memers in the world, Carpe docked him.
That's his handle so he doesn't get harassed by the left.
But they've already docked him and his family.
They've already threatened his family.
But he keeps moving forward.
So now...
Now they have done a lot of other things, like kick him off Facebook and MemeWorld.com, the new site he was launching, because all the meme sites are getting banned on Facebook, Twitter, you name it.
So he's launching his own system, MemeWorld.com.
It's already getting tweeted out by the White House and a lot of other folks.
Will Trump act?
He says Google should be sued for meddling in the 2016 election.
Top professors have proven it.
The numbers show it.
But what about now?
We're not just meddling in the election.
They're meddling with all the information, fixing all the different results.
I think we've got her back now, audio-wise, from the other side of the planet.
Savannah, let's see if we got you this time.
What's it like there, being in the middle of what's already a war zone?
Hi, Alex.
Can you hear me a little bit better?
I sure can.
All right.
So, as I was saying earlier, it's been really, really interesting being here.
As soon as we got off the plane, our cab driver, a lot of locals, they know that we're American Media, and they're really happy that, of course, people are coming and bringing light to everything that's going on here.
We talked to you about how this could potentially be another Tenement Square, and a lot of people have come forward and tried to tell us their story.
They really want us to get the word out about
We're good to go.
Roughly one third of the people, seven and a half million on that island, have already been demonstrating.
Roughly half don't want to be under China's control.
Imagine what it's like to be them where they're trying to pass a law where the Chinese government can arrest you and you can be disappeared to the mainland.
Right, and we've already seen so many reports, Alex, of people who have been kidnapped, who go missing, and they're found in China.
China actually just came forward and said that they were holding a member of the Hong Kong consulate here.
So we are going to be keeping up with that, and again, doing reports exclusively on those kidnappings and people that have been going missing.
Well, I want you guys to be careful why you're there as well, because I've never been to Asia.
And just knowing that the Communist Chinese have killed
Four times what Hitler did.
Twice what the Soviet Russians did.
My mom and dad have gone to Germany.
They've stood there at Nuremberg where Hitler stood.
They said you can feel the creepy evilness.
I don't think I'd even want to stand where Hitler stood.
But just to be standing next to a billion, four hundred million slaves, a hundred plus million killed, where they sell organs, where they have animal-human clones.
I mean, you are really close to the center of hell right now.
Can you feel it or what's the vibe?
Because I know you're in Hong Kong and that's a more free marketplace.
Well, definitely, Alex.
Like I said, more than anything, I've noticed that a lot of the people here, they're wanting these protests to be peaceful, and they're very pro-democracy and pro-freedom.
And I think we really feel that spirit from a lot of the protesters and locals here.
So it is a good feeling.
People are in good spirit.
But of course, like you talked about, there is still that threat of mainland China imposing and coming in, being right there on the border.
That is still something that we are all very aware of.
Well, Savannah, I want you guys to be able to get some sleep.
Talk about jet lag, but I also want to hear what Greg Reese has to say.
So when we come back, I'll spend a few minutes with Greg Reese, and then we're going to get Carpe Dantemon about this new Memeworld.com.
I was already on Memeworld.
I remember he said he was going to build it a few weeks ago, and they're already building it.
Remembered he was coming on today because I heard he got banned.
You're still on Facebook.
I went and visited it.
It's just beautiful to see what's happening there and to know that that's banned in Communist China and more and more being banned here.
It just shows how close we are to real tyranny.
Definitely, Alex.
All right, well, we'll talk to Gregory's quickly on the other side of the break and then go to Carpe D'Antem.
But if this doesn't make you angry,
This doesn't make you sick to your stomach to see Communist China in the Washington Post as our savior.
And Trump, as the bad guy, says only Xi can save America.
But he's got to destroy Donald Trump to do it.
And now leftists are like, we love you, Xi!
Crush him!
He's the new Robert Mueller!
Oh, Mueller could get him.
China Z!
Get him!
He's like, don't worry, I will, dirty Americans!
Stay with us.
We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party.
We have to level them, because if there are survivors, if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again.
Jennifer Rubin, a senior writer at the Washington Post, said that if conservatives and Trump supporters can weather the storm of lawsuits, harassment,
Death threats.
We need to just physically burn them down.
She says there must be no survivors.
What do you think Infowars is?
What do you think we're going through?
You're the target, though.
But I've dared to challenge their Queen Hillary.
I dared to mobilize the population.
You dared to mobilize the population.
And we're here.
And we have energized the core of the nation.
Black, white, old, young.
And people don't buy the propaganda anymore.
I have so many people walk up to me and they say, you know, I didn't even used to be a fan of yours until I heard them lie about you and I had to go hear what you were saying to find out.
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Marcos, thanks for holding.
I really appreciate you joining us on this Friday edition.
What's your view?
Hi, Mr. Jones.
I appreciate you having me on.
First off, I wanted to thank you for the body.
I've been using it for a while, but I sent a bottle to my mom, and after taking it for a few days, she called me literally in tears, saying that she could see the knuckles on her fingers again and, like, the bones in her knees again.
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So thank you for giving us your testimony about your mother because Bodies is amazing.
Oh yeah, definitely.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're in a proxy war with Communist China.
China's allied with the globalists.
They have openly bought up the majority of U.S.
Treasuries, the big six Hollywood production houses, studios, and now the Washington Post, today.
Z's choice, destroy Trump or save him and weaken America.
So, what that really says is, China, destroy Trump to save America.
That's what it says.
That's his choice.
Oh, our savior!
Dick Dastardly's tied the young maiden down on the train track, and then here comes the good guy.
And she's like, oh, Captain Fantastic!
You're so wonderful!
My hero!
And she falls into G's hands.
Who's a dictator for life.
They estimate since he's been in power, he's put over 20 million people in death camps.
Many of them executed their organs sold.
He's put two million ethnic Uyghurs, Mongolians, in forced labor camps.
That's all admitted!
Oh my gosh!
But Trump, when unvetted people come across the border, he checks them.
I don't want to keep you guys up.
You need to get some sleep.
A lot's coming up tomorrow.
You're ahead of us today.
I guess it's almost the 22nd, or it is there now.
But Greg Reeves, a great reporter, great researcher.
What's your first take being there now for the last 15 hours or so?
Well, you know, I just heard what you were talking about, about President Trump and the communist Chinese coming to America's aid to help President Trump.
And it's interesting... To help bring down President Trump.
That's right.
To help bring down President Trump.
You're right.
And we met a gentleman today and we were talking about things and everything and we asked him what he thought about Trump.
And his first answer was, he said, well, Trump's kind of a little crazy.
And then he smiled and kind of gave us a funny grin.
And then he said, but you know, sometimes when times are crazy, we need a crazy person.
And he's the only guy who's ever held China to task.
And he was very happy with Trump's attitude towards China.
And I get the feeling that a lot of people here are too.
There's a lot of unification here about that.
Well, I've run into a lot of folks from India and a lot of folks from Hong Kong and they all just love the show because they're all sick of China pushing them around and then our media saying they're bad if they stand up for themselves.
So you have India going into Kashmir, that's always been part of India, that Pakistan and China are trying to take.
They're finally standing up.
You've got folks in Hong Kong, Taiwan saying no.
So I can't wait to see the reports you file, Greg.
They're always so powerful.
What are some of the other angles you're going to be looking at?
Well, we're going to get into a lot of what you were talking about today about the land bridge and the history and what in the in the past of the Tiananmen Square and what we're looking at here today.
And also what I find very interesting is how Savannah was talking about.
There's a great unity here right now amongst the people and there are.
But they don't trust their police force anymore, and they used to.
Up until very recently, up until like maybe a month ago, they always felt their police was very fair and non-political.
But everyone seems to be talking now that the local police are working for the Communist Chinese, working in tandem with the local criminal gangs, the triad gangs, and everyone's talking about it.
Unlike in America, where there seems to be a lot of love for communism, there's none of that here.
The East is the New West, and it's a beautiful thing to see.
We also saw a gentleman from India when we were doing a shoot and he just walked up to us he saw the camera and he just kind of introduced himself and asked what we were doing and he was from India and I asked him about what's going on with Kashmir and Trump and the same thing like you were saying he's very happy with what Trump's doing he's very happy with taking the Muslims on in Kashmir and it's a global thing that's happening.
The West and the East have all been pushed by Islam.
Islam's only 1,400 years old, and it's already taken over half the planet, and hundreds of millions are dead, and people are done.
They're not going to be pushed around by the Chai Koms, or by the Islamists, or by the left anymore.
And there's a united front from Brazil, to the United States, from Greece, to you name it.
Thank you, Alex.
In a moment, we're going to go to Carpe D'Antem, one of the top meme makers in the world.
Just recently having long meetings with President Trump at the White House when Trump warned Big Tech to stop censoring.
Well, he's launched MemeWorld.com.
He goes on Facebook and Twitter and on Instagram.
Hundreds of millions of accounts, yes, of meme sites and meme followers have been purged so that we can't communicate with this new modern form of communication.
Beyond the emoji, it is the meme.
It is art.
And so he went up on Facebook with memeworld.com and within two hours,
They had banned it, and so it reminded me.
Let me go see what's on memeworld.com.
I literally hadn't looked at it since he told me he was building it a few months ago, but did not say anything that he wanted to talk about on the air, you know, once he launched it.
And then boom, before I even remembered it was being launched, it's being censored.
But you can find it at memeworld.com.
Now, he's gotten together a collection of the best memers.
You can't say,
I don't know who the best is, but he's right up there.
But Something Wicked, another fellow Texan, I can't wait to meet him.
I know he talks to you all the time.
He put together this latest video, Trump 2020 ad, Ford commercial parody.
Here it is.
Jay, odds are you're one of the people in America who's better off today than three years ago.
And now you've got some smug Democrat calling you racist and trying to jam one hand in your ass and another in your pocket.
So at a time when taxes are down, jobs are up, and the economy is way up, it'd be nice if there were a candidate who had more to offer than making you pay for other people.
Well, the eagle has landed.
Say hello to President Donald J. Trump.
He ain't just making America great again.
Trump's doing things no president has ever done before.
He's keeping promises, packing courts, defending the borders, rebuilding our military, and making Chuck Schumer cry like a schoolgirl with two skinned knees.
This president is six foot three inches of let's put America first.
And oh yeah, immigration, jobs, drug prices, nobody's got better numbers.
The game has changed, and the Democrats are officially f***ing crazy.
So keep America great.
Stand with Trump in 2020.
Now we're going to break here in a few minutes, but wow, Carpe D'Antem, before I could even remember that you were planning to launch this,
When you just got out of the White House, we were talking on the phone, off air.
Before I even remembered you were launching this, before I even knew it had been launched, it was already banned on Facebook.
Thank you.
Yeah, I don't know that it even took two hours.
I was seeing messages almost immediately, like within 10 minutes of it going up, that it was banned on Facebook.
So I don't know if they were preemptively banning it or what's going on.
But as far as I know, you still can't share it in Messenger and you still can't share it on Facebook.
Oh, they're not even letting you share it in the Messenger privately.
So already they've gone China level.
Yeah, somebody sent me a screenshot of, uh, they had put spaces between, uh, like the M, the E, the M, the E. They put spaces between everything and it still wouldn't let them share it in, uh, Messenger.
So, it's pretty insane.
Well, you know you're over the target when you're getting heat like that.
I mean, when we launch new sites, they don't get banned that quick, but I know they fear you, and the site looks great, and they fear this collection of memers you've gotten together.
Apparently they're worried about people being able to share memes and they've already banned them on Facebook for the most part.
A few get by the censors every once in a while, but memes are definitely under attack on Facebook.
They haven't gone full crazy on Twitter yet, but they're getting there.
How long ago was it you were in the White House?
Because, I mean, Trump says he's going to take action.
I keep believing he is.
But we haven't seen it yet.
I was there on July 3rd and July 11th.
So it's a little more than a month ago.
The summit was the 11th.
And I'm not sure when he's going to start taking action.
I'm not sure what action he can take as long as Congress remains unwilling to do anything about it as well.
Well, I know a bunch of heavy hitters are already tweeting memeworld.com.
Did that happen after it was banned on Facebook?
Because maybe that's what alerted the establishment.
Because, I mean, they're even banning Mitch McConnell being able to respond to people at his house.
And I've got articles here now.
Did you hear?
In fact, we'll cover it when we come back.
Where Trump put out a thing about strong women.
And they said saying the word woman is hurtful.
So they banned the ad?
It's very hurtful.
I have to agree.
Very hurtful.
We're not in a cult or anything.
These people aren't scary or anything.
I'm trying to rip off Tucker Carlson.
I mean, these people are nuts.
Be right back.
Stay with us.
I'm here in my parents' kitchen because my house flooded with torrential rains this week.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Here's the latest Carpe D'Antem trailer for Memeworld.com.
We're not going to play the whole thing.
We played it at the start, but here's just a flavor of it.
It's very well done.
I just came outside to try to process all this.
I want you to create the best memes the world has ever seen.
With your help, we are going to make America great again.
Gangnam Style!
I think?
And the best part is when Hillary and all the other Democrat candidates for president, the female ones, are cheerleaders!
More of that coming up in a moment.
It's good for radio, but you really need to see it.
We need to see it.
Obviously, it's at memeworld.com.
So tell us about the plans for memeworld.com.
It's got the establishment so scared.
We still have websites.
We're outside the electronic gulag that Matt Drudge warned us of.
And people can still, obviously, go into cyberspace and tell people word of mouth about it.
But the fact that Facebook, you just dropped the bombshell, isn't letting you instant message it.
CNN, just two months ago, said, well, Jones has been banned completely from Facebook.
And from Instagram, saying his name or saying InfoWars.com in a positive light, but how do we stop him from using instant messages?
Like WhatsApp.
So that's the new frontier.
Imagine if you told somebody two years ago, oh, big tech that buys up instant message companies, they won't let you say somebody's name or send them a news URL because they've got AI watching you.
And they admitted last week, real people are watching in live time as well and coming in and watching what you do.
I mean, there's the whole spying element as well.
Oh, and I think that's what they promised that they wouldn't do when they when they bought all this stuff.
But I'm gonna I'm gonna alert you to something.
Something new is I can't share the the meme world link on on Twitter either.
Unless I remove the little preview, it won't let me share a link to meme world.
You can only share just the the meme world.com
But if you try to have it have the preview, which a lot of people use to click on, it won't let you share it.
It'll just send it to your drafts and won't let you send the message.
That's on Twitter now.
So I thought that was just a bug last night, but it's still going on.
Well, think about this.
The EU says that they passed laws to try to regulate and tax and ban free flow of memes.
And we know that big tech is working in
Consultation and coordination to ban and censor certain things.
So out of the gates, my friend.
You meet with the president.
He likes to tweet your memes.
You try to get a consortium of people together where at least you have your own site to post.
Because what really triggered you in the last few months to start building this?
I mean, I remember that conversation.
Was it the fact that the Donald had just been frozen and you weren't sure it would ever be unfrozen?
Well, it was it was multiple reasons, but yeah, the the Donald was they were quarantined and they're still there.
They remain quarantined now.
They were quarantined and that that basically means that no one can get to the site unless you type in.
The exact URL you can't get to the that community.
That was one reason and the other reason is just that we're continuing to see censorship ramp up and
When I look towards 2020, I am imagining social media only tightening down more than they already have.
And my goal was to create a website where meme creators like myself would have a place to post their videos, their images, and things like that.
Even if social media takes them down.
I mean if YouTube blocks them, they could go to BitChute or another provider and still share the links and those links would then be shared on social media as well.
So I wanted to create a place where silenced people could still post their content.
And boy, I couldn't have been a
Day later, I mean, they are moving against everybody.
Hundreds of millions of followers, as you know, on Instagram and Twitter a month ago just deleted from not being able to follow those sites.
Some of them had 43 million followers, 36 million followers.
Altogether, over 200 million followers just gone, and they're even destroying mainline meme sites that have any type of pro-America stuff.
I mean, this is scorched earth.
Well, and you know what is so ironic is that
You know, Snopes, Snopes is used by social media as a, you know, trusted source.
And just this week, they spent like two days debunking Babylon Bee satire site.
Content so if you have if you have a site like that that is a trusted source For social media and they decide what can and can't be on social media It's just a matter of time before they start fact-checking memes I mean CNN and MSNBC and all of those have already fact-checked my videos before that no Joe Biden didn't actually grope himself in a video but
I mean, that's where we're going.
We're going to a place where if you post a meme, it's now fake news, you're trying to mislead.
Oh yeah, Snopes is starting to fact-check mainline comedians, and the comedians come out and say, how do you fact-check a joke?
I mean, they're at war with reality.
I mentioned this, and it's here in my stack.
I'll put it back on screen.
Did you see where they just banned the Republican National Committee's ad because it said, we're looking for strong women?
And they said, well, someone that got that might not be a woman, and hearing the word woman might trigger them.
This is a war on language by design.
That might be the most insane thing I've ever heard, that someone might not be a woman, and so they might be offended.
If you're that person that's offended by hearing the word woman, I don't know where to even begin with you.
Well, I remember seeing this five years ago and now it's taught in schools everywhere.
They put it on the entrance forms.
Do not say you're a mother or father on the entrance exam because someone might not have a mother and father.
And so that's misgendering.
So if you send someone an image saying we're looking for strong women, let's put that back on screen.
This is banned by Facebook.
Facebook stands by it.
The Women for Trump coalition needs the support.
Of strong women like you, add your name.
So if women want to give their email to Trump, and then this women's coalition, and he's got this big agenda to put women in executive positions, if you want to be part of that, this is hateful, and that's not kosher either.
I mean, if Trump doesn't act now, will he ever act?
He says he's getting ready to, he's gotta act now.
You know, it would be a shame if someone were to go back and clip out all the times that Democrats said we need strong women to vote for Hillary Clinton.
That would be a total shame, don't you think?
I'm imagining someone's going to do that.
That might happen.
I don't know.
We'll see.
You can even have like the place bong or pong piece where it's like, strong woman, strong woman, strong woman, and then meanwhile show this.
No, the truth is, anything effective, real communication is being jammed with political correctness and it's gone to the next level.
Well, tell us more about memeworld.com.
How do people become a part of it or how does it work?
Right now I've just got kind of the core of people that have been friends of mine for a long time, but I'm looking to add as many creators as I can.
I'm obviously looking for quality content and people that are going to produce on a regular basis, but really I'm looking for anybody.
You could be somebody that's unknown.
You could be somebody that's well-known.
All you have to do is contact me.
You can contact me at CarpeDonctum on Twitter, or if you'd like to email me, you can email me at carpedonctum at memeworld.com.
We'll be adding people, like the trailer video said, we'll be adding people weekly, monthly, daily, hourly, secondly.
Whenever we get people that have quality content that want to post on the site, then we'll add them on.
Right now, there is discussion.
You can talk in the comments and things like that, but it's not open for just anyone to post.
And that's for obvious reasons, because they're going to send in some Harvey Law Center people posing as us saying, Hull Hitler.
Yeah, I'm going to try to avoid having just random trolls posting Hitler and
You know, Nazi salutes and all that kind of stuff.
Well, you know what it'll be.
They'll have an Antifa guy, you know, go in there and say something before he goes and shoots up a school.
I mean, we know all their tricks.
And that will be the first thing that they would do, would be try to make it look like I'm trying to promote that stuff, which I obviously am not.
Well, I'm really excited.
Do five more minutes with me, my friend.
Carpe dunked him.
Here's his handle.
Secret Agent of America.
And there's a lot going on, ladies and gentlemen, that's going to be emerging very soon as well.
But obviously, the eye of Sauron is watching closely.
We've launched it, ladies and gentlemen.
It's now live.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Leading a frontal assault on the lives of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I never studied psychology in depth.
When I was first starting my broadcast off, I just innately loved Americana.
I was born and bred in it.
And going to college and stuff, I saw how anti-American it was, and how anti-white it was, trying to create race war, that I had to get politically involved.
But I've got all these hundreds of news stories, literally hundreds of news stories, incredible guests, but I can't get over the Republican National Committee, an ad saying, we're forming a coalition of strong women.
And Trump's actually creating conduits into corporations to put women in charge of major things.
Stuff the Democrats talk about but don't ever do.
And the Democrats say, you're not allowed to put that out.
It misgendered.
Someone might have seen the word woman who wasn't a woman.
And that's like an N-word.
That's beyond 1984.
That's beyond anything I've ever heard of.
So, I've got a thousand topics here to cover, but this... Next they're going to say, the color pink, that belongs to Democrats.
So you just said it, Carpe Donctum.
They've got to lose.
They've got to be stood up to, because these people really are the closest thing to Mao Zedong or Hitler I've ever seen.
I mean, this is next level what Facebook and Twitter and all them are doing.
I mean, I know Trump's letting him go on for a long time so that when we finally drop the hammer on him, it's very obvious to everybody.
But I don't think we can wait that long.
And I think a lot of folks are scared of big tech and are rolling over to it.
I mean, I think this is one of Trump's biggest failures.
And I'll go further than that.
He did come out and say, OK, we're not going to do the expanded background checks now.
I was wrong.
Wouldn't have helped anybody.
Well, he was playing politics there.
I know the inside baseball.
I've talked to people that have been in meetings with him where he tells them, don't worry, I'm going to do it at first.
That'll take the heat off and then we'll do nothing because we know it won't work.
And he did it again.
And I told people, people thought, Alex, you're letting him get the guns.
And I said, no, no, no, he's, he's playing them.
But still, it's, it's a dangerous game.
Um, it is.
And, um, I really think that, uh, as, as much as I, as, as I support him and as much as I, uh,
Like to make videos about him.
I do think that it's very important for him to get on this issue and make a very strong stand on it because I don't think that he is going to be able to do what he needs to do for 2020.
Uh, if everyone's hands are tied behind their backs, uh, all of the people that are trying to support him.
Um, obviously, you know, um, just how many people have been already removed from the platform, yourself included.
Um, and they're only going to continue.
To add to that list, meme creators and more personalities, the large social media followings of these people are already being cut down.
Something that doesn't get talked about enough, I think, is all of the mid-level accounts that get scrubbed.
The 5,000 to 20,000 follower accounts that just disappear on a daily basis.
Those are the ones that actually spread the message.
You have these very large creators and they spread messages, but it's all built off the backs of these
Mid-level accounts that are so so frequently retweeting and reading the content of these big guys and that is how they are really Destroying the message is to attack the people that are actually the message carriers.
That's right, and let's go further.
We take the great things Trump says and the great things that happen, and we take the Democrats lying and cheating and flip-flopping, and we put it together to show people in a very compelling way.
And they can't beat us.
The big corporate guys can't beat us.
They're getting paid $10 million for an ad.
You're just putting together, you know, while you take care of your baby and your wife's at work.
And they don't know how to counter that, so they just don't want to put your race car on the racetrack because you keep beating them.
Trump's like, well, I could still blast through all this.
They're bullying Trump supporters everywhere.
People need to go out and see the memes and meet other people online and know that we're not alone.
That we're giving aid and comfort to Trump supporters.
The globalists see that as treason.
I want to come back and do five more minutes with you after this quick break with Carpe D'Anthem.
He just launched MemeWorld.com, I guess the last week or so.
It's already banned on Facebook, but you can share it.
For now, I guess on instant message or via word of mouth.
Shove that up your... For all you pieces of garbage, New World Order.
I'll tell you about that later, but you want to find out.
It's InfoWars now, but soon, it'll be everybody else who wants to resist.
We are building an army to bring down the
So get out the way!
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
Move out the way, bitch!
Get out the way!
Quoting Ludacris here.
Move, O'Donnell!
Get out the way!
Move, O'Donnell!
Get out the way!
Get out the way!
You see them headlights?
You see me knock them curtains down?
Who bought them TVs, bitch?
Tell me that!
Get out of my way!
That's Americana, bitch!
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the receiver.
From 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m., I'm here live.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
But don't forget, David Knight.
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8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
Then, Owen Schroyer and the War Room is fast-paced, hard-hitting, pure Americana.
And I will announce in the next five or six days, two new shows.
Launching that we'll be carrying.
So get ready for that and so much more.
Now I've got Carpe D'Antem here with me, one of the top meme makers in the world.
Just met with the president extensively on a lot of important things.
We have Mitch McConnell with people at his house saying we're going to stab you, we're going to kill you.
He puts out on his official campaign site that this is wrong and that Democrats should decry this.
Facebook and Twitter, leave it up and freeze his accounts.
And stand by it.
Stand by it.
Now, again, I've got hundreds of articles here, but I'm going to go back to this, and I'm going to ask listeners and viewers.
How angry does it make you that the Republican National Committee put out an ad saying, the Woman for Trump Coalition needs the support of strong women like you.
Add your name.
And all it is is a bunch of happy women cheering.
And they said, you have misgendered.
You are not allowed to do that.
This is on Infowars.com.
Facebook bans Trump ad for assuming gender identity.
Even though it turns out the ad actually targeted women.
That doesn't matter.
It targeted female accounts.
The ad was bought fair and square.
But just saying that, oh, you're a woman.
Well, California passed a law that if you misgender somebody, you can go to jail.
For what is it?
Two weeks?
A thousand dollar fine?
But let's pull back here.
Let's pull back here.
You think, oh, okay, that's cute.
Let's just play along with some guy with an axe.
Comes in and attacks people.
Other people get life in prison.
He gets six years because somebody might have misgendered him.
Think about how they're attacking the alphabet.
They're attacking language.
Saying, oh, you can't hit a list of women on Facebook because maybe somebody's going to be offended that they saw an ad for a woman.
That's like opening the newspaper and you see an ad for women's bras.
You know, when I was like six years old, I was like, I don't know what it is, but I like it.
They were the National Geographic's.
The point is, oh my gosh, I'm offended.
I saw a woman's ad for, say, women's tennis shoes.
But that's how mentally ill the left is.
But it's by design.
They're projecting this on everybody, where anything they want, they can then see the racism or the sexism, and then they can selectively take it down.
If Hillary wants to make black jokes and say blacks all look alike, everybody giggles because she's anointed.
If you do, you lose your job, which I don't think blacks all look alike.
The point is, it doesn't matter.
Some black guys look alike, some white guys look alike.
It doesn't matter.
The point is, is that this is projecting all of this to sabotage culture, and they want full control of culture, and so Carpe Donctum has reached
Conservatively, with just one of his videos, 100 billion people.
He's probably reached a billion people.
A lot of them over and over again, but a billion or more.
I mean, I know when they banned us on YouTube, on our own five channels, we had five billion views.
That's 5 billion times people watched our information.
And it's up there in the data banks, even though we've been purged off those platforms.
But the magnitude now, of in 1999, you'd never imagine this.
Even in a science fiction book about a dystopia, you'd say, oh, they'll never have a dystopia where you can't send out an email or a text message or something saying strong women.
Because someone might have seen it!
Someone might have been hurt!
This is such next level, and we're just here taking it like it's, oh, that's just the next level!
And that's how tyranny works.
They incrementally get you to take more and more and more of the poison until you just finally have just succumbed to the insanity.
So there's a total method to this madness.
What do you say, Carpe Dongtum?
Uh, well, what I was going to say was, uh,
Isn't it 1984 that says the revolution will be over when the language is perfect?
And isn't that just exactly what the left tries to do?
They try to police language and make the wrong think go away so that they can create this society where no one is offended.
And when they do that, they also remove all meaning from everything.
That being said, I do have, before we run out of time, I have some homework for you.
If you would like to join in the meme war, I need you to go in front of a green screen for about five minutes and do some spin-arounds and do some RRRRRR and stuff like that and do a bunch of things like that and then send me the video so that I can just easily put that into lots of clips.
Oh, like the famous fidget spinner thing?
Yeah, well, just anything.
Just be Alex Jones for like five minutes.
Five minutes of Alex Jones in front of a green screen would be a meme maker's dream.
Listen, you write it up.
You've got my phone number.
Text me my orders, oh great one.
And whatever you want, you will have it post-haste.
But let me expand on that.
You're right about 1984.
George Orwell was a lead propagandist in the Office of Strategic Plans, or Strategic Services.
And he wrote in 1984, I know because he wrote essays before he died.
He died a year after the book was published.
That he was both O'Brien and Winston, because he'd done both things.
I mean, an incredible guy.
He was in Imperial Secret Police in India, tortured, killed people, everything.
He then, you know, fought for the Communists against Hitler in the Spanish Civil War.
He was a major propagandist.
And then he learned the communists were just as bad as the fascists and just wanted to dominate people and were just a satanic cult.
So that book is really a confession of where England was going, the end of the family, all this.
They said they wanted to finally reduce language down to grunts so that no one could ever communicate and understand complexities that up and down and down is up and that they were being lied to.
And so, yes, so you wonder, why is it like 1984?
Hillary said her favorite book is 1984 because for her it's an instruction manual.
And, you know, what our media and what the left wants to do right now is to remove all context from anything.
There's tons and tons of nuance to everything that someone on the left does, and there's absolutely no allowance for nuance on the right.
Take you, for example.
Anything that you say can only be interpreted in a negative way
To the most extreme.
And the way that they do that is just, they combine words, they conflate ideas, they'll put one group of people into this giant category, and then lump all of these evils and wrongs into that category.
So that every time that you speak, no one has to even listen to you, because they know what you are.
They know you are part of this evil group.
They've been pre-programmed.
With stereotypes and knee-jerk reactions.
I told the story earlier, you probably weren't listening, but one of my great crew members, 17 years here, his sister will not let his mother see the grandchildren because she's a Trump supporter and says whites need to be gotten rid of.
Whites are bad and China is good and gonna defeat America.
So liberals now think America's bad, China's good.
The only thing that you could describe that as is insane.
And, you know, I've experienced that myself.
Maybe not to that extent, but I do have family members that are not very happy with me and haven't been happy with me since 2016.
I'm not sure what happened in 2016, but something happened.
But that's the world that they've created.
And, you know, I find it very funny that
When you try to call out someone on the left for
Doing the exact thing that they are against.
That they just throw it right back at you and they won't even listen.
There is no Nigerian Prince.
Hey, Carpe D'Antem, we love you.
President Trump was sworn in in January of 2017.
The average farm journal and poll had him at about 50% with farmers.
Fast forward to August 2019, two and a half years later, and he's at 79% in the farm journal survey, which is the most respected, and other farm journals show him as high as 90%.
No president since these journals have existed has had numbers this high.
Now why am I so excited about that?
Why am I so proud of that?
Farmers got assaulted by the Democrats.
They're trying to take some of their subsidies away.
Trump came in and was reasonable about it and said, hey, foreign countries have internal tariffs.
I'll get rid of those.
We don't need all these subsidies, but we'll actually let you compete directly into those markets.
And when China put massive tariffs on U.S.
farmers, their support for Trump only went up.
And then, when China banned a week ago all U.S.
Trump's numbers went up.
Now, I talk about this all the time, but this is the key to everything.
When Americans and free people know they're being dominated and assaulted and bullied, and they know that it's artificial and that it's from outside, they will rally and come together every time.
You know, I harp on this constantly, that these globalists, the Democrats, are bullies.
And they think that if they attack us, and lie about us, and call us Nazis, and physically come after us, and dox our homes, and tell us the American flag sucks, and that America's bad, that somehow we'll become demoralized, and kneel to them, bow to them.
That's not what's happening.
Americans were asleep before, because they thought everything was fine.
Now Americans know that the country's in peril.
And they know that Trump and Infowars is fighting.
And so now they're ready for a war.
They're ready for a battle.
And so when the Chi-Coms come in and say, we're going to put tariffs on your goods, they say, oh, we support Trump more.
And then when they say, we're banning all your food, we're going to all cost each one of your families a large piece of their paycheck.
Because China imports a lot of food from us they can't produce.
That's fine, go ahead and do that.
Because you've been screwing our industry over forever.
And the farmers get what the Rust Belt and the factories and the workers have gone through.
And they're standing up.
Because farmers have a long history in this country of standing up to tyranny because they understand how the system operates.
And Thomas Jefferson said it'll be the yeoman farmers
That will end up being the heart of this country, and when the country's in crisis, it'll be the farmers, who are close to the ground, and close to the earth, and close to reality, who are going to be the ones to save the nation.
So I'm so proud of America's farmers, for a race, color, and creed, who are the heartland of this nation, and who understand that, hey, you try to intimidate me, you try to bully me, because our president stood up for our industry?
We're ready to take it on the chin in this fight because we understand it's for a greater good.
America had surrendered for 50 years to globalism and deindustrialization and 30 years selling our jobs out to China.
And that surrender is open.
But I'll say this to farmers.
You think you're under attack?
Infowars is under attack as well.
And I notice that it's farming families that really support us.
You're our strongest group.
You understand that we're in the same position you're in.
You think you've been sanctioned?
They have unleashed hell on us, but you know what?
We're still here because of you.
So please, whether it's coffee, or toothpaste, or fish oil, or turmeric, we got great products at great prices at Infowarslife.com, Infowarsstore.com, and your financial support is what keeps us here as well.
So, the globalists have sanctioned us.
That's okay, because the farmers of America are standing with us, and we stand with you.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
On a long and lonesome highway east of Omaha You can listen to the engine moaning out his one-note song You can think about the woman or the girl you knew the night before
But your thoughts will soon be wandering The way they always do When you're riding 16 hours And there's nothing much to do And you don't feel much like riding You just wish the trip was through Authoritarianism?
It's not just a word.
It's a system of slavery.
And we are facing biblical level Mark of the Beast, total surveillance, total control by nightmare control freaks obsessed with hurting children, obsessed with destroying families, obsessed with undermining culture and civilization itself, as if they work for some off-world alien spirit that is sworn to destroy human life.
And then you read the Bible and you say, they either predicted all of this because they were warned by another off-world entity, God, or they wrote all this as a self-fulfilling prophecy to actually build it.
But then who told them to build this?
Think about the mysteries of the universe, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, I was a little late getting in here.
I apologize.
During that break, I run around like a chicken with my head cut off because we have, joining us in studio, Zach Voorhees, who's a very well-spoken, very focused, accomplished Google engineer.
And when we've had other big whistleblowers on, they say, no, this guy is the Ed Snowden leaker.
This is the mother log.
In fact, I had my big, giant stack of the data dump
Not all 2,000 pages, but about 1,000 pages in a folder last week.
Will you guys bring that in to me?
And he's going to be with us for the next two plus hours, as long as he wants to be here.
If he wants to stay to the end, I'm hosting the fourth hour.
So that'll be two hours and 40 minutes, roughly.
And so he's waiting right out there.
He's coming in here.
And so after he gets his chance to spill his guts with what he wants to talk about,
We're going to do something I love.
Because I've learned with the callers, when we are on a specific issue, we get amazing calls.
So, it's going to be on Big Tech censorship, it's going to be on Google, and it's going to be on any questions you've got, how to stop it.
But it's not going to be on China, it's not going to be on the U.S.
economy, it's going to be on our ability to communicate in the 21st century.
And this technocracy that's swallowing up our lives.
So we're going to open the phones up next hour.
For you to ask your questions, and I really appreciate him coming here and having this courage.
So this is what InfoWars is all about.
Now I'm going to stop right there.
DrudgeReport.com is linked to this article on the left-hand side.
Epstein's cellmate told there will be price to pay if he talks, begs to be transferred to another jail.
The jail guards that were last with Epstein won't talk to the feds either.
Ex-cop Nicholas
Tartaglione basically says they're about to kill him.
This whole thing is so out in the open, so brazen, so crazy.
That story's on the left-hand side of www.VirtualWar.com.
And then there's this headline from Medium.
We're posting it on www.InfoWars.com, written by Zach Voorhees.
And I can't even think of a headline that's powerful enough.
He's going to show you, and he does it in this article,
How Google fixes the Clinton death count and other results.
Let me tell you something.
Most of the time I try to search an InfoWars or a Breitbart or a Daily Caller or a Gateway Pundit headline.
It isn't even available.
I mean exact searches aren't available.
And they go up to Congress and go, oh, we're not blocking anything!
They're taking control of the whole world's information system.
Now, there's a paradox here.
The more important and powerful the broadcast, and the more larger the audience is, the less I plug.
And everybody knows in talk radio, you're able to find yourself with the plugs that you have during the live show.
And so our biggest problem around here finding things is me.
But I will tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that you've seen the ringer they put us through, the persecution, the attacks, all of it.
And because of you, we're still here on air, and we're attempting to expand.
And it's easy, I just haven't got paid this year.
And I'm spending money I save, and that's okay.
Because I'm gonna run this thing all the way into the ground.
It'll take a couple years to do it.
I'd rather not do that.
But I'm not up here telling you that just as some little statement.
You've seen what they've done.
We need to be in place in 2020.
And we need to be here to fight back.
But folks need to realize your word of mouth, spreading the word, is what overrides them.
That's why they now want to control instant messages and emails.
And don't want you to be able to tell people about Alex Jones or Infowars or Trump recruiting women to the campaign.
That's not allowed either.
You see, it's going to be everything.
It's outrageous.
So it's really everybody's duty.
Just spread the word about NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com and MemeWorld.com and anything they're trying to ban.
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And I mean, I'm right on the line right now.
Like, it's it's it's it's.
We can really just, like, turn on our afterburners, go in, tack the Death Star.
No, we're not gonna make it out.
Or we can hopefully get in, get more fuel, tack Death Star, blow it up, and still get away.
But whatever, we're going in on the attack run, okay?
I'm gonna use that allegory.
Are you kidding?
I'm foaming at the mouth to get this done.
Big old you-know-what for the New World Order.
A raging you-know-what.
It ain't a nice one either.
I want to get my hands around their neck.
And I've already tasted so much of their blood, man.
I mean, I'm in a sharp frenzy right now.
So don't feel sorry for me.
I'm not a victim.
My God, I'm blessed.
But I want you to support us so when my political fist smashes into their teeth, I just drive all the way right through them.
You understand?
And it's literally
Like the allegory, I'm not saying I'm a god, I'm not even, it's an allegory.
When you stop believing in the Greek gods, they die.
They go away, they fade away.
Well that's an allegory for life, when you believe in an idea, when you believe in something, it gives it power.
Gives yourself power.
When you give up, you have nothing.
So America's not perfect, but I love the flag, and I love America, and it's been great compared to other places, and so we need to believe in it and love it.
It's the same thing for InfoWars.
So, World Awakens Mega Sale, 50-60% off of all the top-selling products.
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Please, take action, and it will change the world.
If you don't, Hillary thanks you.
We'll be back with the big whistleblower in studio.
Casey, I'm sure it's wishful thinking.
You're saying, Tyra comes back from nowhere.
Is he on turbo force?
Which is an amazing pre-workout and long-term energy system, unlike any other.
Or Tyra Woods isn't actually taking turbo force, is he?
That's a good idea, though.
I should try to send him some.
I'm not entirely sure, but when I was watching the Masters, he was drinking a bottle of Poland Spring that was pink.
Check it out!
I mean, you can go on YouTube, because they showed him a lot, you know, when he was just standing around, because he's a big story.
You know, he's Tiger Woods.
And every once in a while, he'd be sucking on that bottle of Poland Spring, and it was pink.
And I don't know anybody else makes an energy drink that's pink.
I'll have to try to find out.
I know.
I've been told by multiple folks that are friends with him.
He's a listener, but I don't really worry about stuff like that.
But that's great.
Who knows?
He might be on Turbo Force.
Who knows?
Well, last year, when he won his first tournament in a long time, they tried to grill him on, like, degrading the president in some way.
You know, this is what you need in a press conference after a golf tournament, and he wouldn't do it.
I know, he's friends with Trump.
He's been friends with Trump, like, 20 years.
Yeah, exactly.
The media wasn't even talking about his win.
They were talking about his politics.
Thank you, Casey.
I traveled from California to Texas, and it's like a three-day drive, especially if you're not... I had a trailer behind me, so I can't go really fast.
So I'm driving, and I love God's country, and it's beautiful.
But being humans, we get tired.
And even just after four hours of driving, and I'm starting to get tired, and I remembered.
I said, oh, I have a pack of TurboForce.
So I reached into my console in my vehicle, and I took out the TurboForce, and I stopped at a gas station.
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The typical size is a little bit smaller.
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It actually enheightens the taste.
I mean, I really like it.
I mean, I'm a big fan of orange juice already, but... Yeah.
I mean, it's really good.
Let me see.
It's like energy immediately.
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I can't really explain it.
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We're good to go.
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I mean, seriously, Turbo Force is the missing ingredient in the orange shoes, and I'm addicted to it.
The Turbo Force at InfowarsStore.com.
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So get the Turbo Force today.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Coming to you live from the front lines of the Info War.
We've got it.
My name is Will Johnson, FirepowerNews.com.
We are in Portland, Oregon.
Antifa is already at the park.
They've blocked off a lot of entries to the city.
Stay tuned.
You're going to see this and a lot more.
You're hoping for hate?
Is that what this means?
What does it mean?
Why not?
Don't you want to get your message out?
Yeah, that's what we're all here.
We're all here peacefully.
What is your message then?
A silent, peaceful protest.
What are you protesting?
Okay, where's the hate?
I brought hate to your city, so you're calling me hateful.
How am I hateful?
I mean, you're protesting.
I want to know how I'm hateful.
I mean, you're saying a lot by holding your signs here.
So I just want to make sure I understand.
You're saying that you're going against hate.
You have this shirt on that says resist.
What exactly are you resisting?
Because we love this country.
We love America.
Everyone should have their freedoms.
You were born in Africa?
Do you hate this country?
Do you hate this country?
I don't represent this country.
Then why don't you go back?
Then why don't you go back?
If you don't represent this country, you don't like this country, you can go back.
If you don't like this country, you can go back.
No one's keeping you here.
No one can keep you here.
Let me ask you a question.
Africa, you represent America.
Then why don't you go back there?
Why don't you go back?
What's keeping you here?
What's keeping you here?
What's keeping you here?
What is keeping you here?
What's keeping you here?
Your people are here.
People like me, you don't even know the history.
There it is, you don't know the history.
You don't know the history.
You don't know the history?
Do you hear yourself?
You don't even hear yourself?
One question.
One question.
One question.
One question.
During slavery, during slavery, who owned the homes for the Underground Railroad?
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
We'll get to that.
We'll get to that.
Answer my question.
Answer my question.
See, he won't even answer it.
It's a simple question.
Who owned the homes to the Underground Railroad?
During the Civil War, who owned the deeds to the houses for the Underground Railroad?
It was white people.
See, when you think about it, when you think about it, then you'll know.
What about them over there?
What about them over there?
Will you denounce Antifa?
Will you denounce Antifa?
There it is.
There it is.
There it is.
There it is.
Do you think it's possible that you've been deceived?
Is it possible?
I'm just asking, is it possible?
It is possible that literally everybody on this planet has been deceived.
It is possible that this planet has literally just started this second with everything behind us.
There's no way you'd be able to disprove that.
So of course, yes, I could be a... Are you talking about... What do you know?
You're nuts, man.
It's above your head.
We are here to show our support for America and to say, stop domestic terrorism.
Stop domestic terrorism.
Antifa, the Democrats, they have been terrorizing people far too long.
Do you think my presence as a brown gay man scares them?
Not at all.
Not at all.
Not at all.
Not at zero, if you've been told.
Otherwise, they'd lie to you.
So I'm trying to just ask them exactly what hate is it that they're referring to, because
I'm just kind of curious.
Do you still, do you, would you please just at least tell me what the hate is?
Any comments?
Any comments on what the hate is?
Because it looks like the Obama symbol to me and Obama as far as black people represents complete total hate in this country because Obama was really one to really help destroy the black community in this nation.
Let's get back to your side here.
You're saying the alt-right caused Heather to die.
When she wasn't invited.
Why are you fixated on who's invited?
Because you're blaming someone for something that they weren't involved in.
So in your example, okay, in your example of the, I don't remember this particular one, but I, sure, let's say there's a Muslim attack with a truck.
In New York.
I don't remember the New York one, I remember other ones, so whatever.
There's been multiple ones!
Yeah, there's been multiple, yeah.
Other ones have been in other countries.
There's been multiple ones.
Let's go with New York.
But New York, there was one in the Muslim, ran people down a Home Depot truck, killed Americans.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And it was Americans' fault that it took place, what you're saying.
Wait, that is not the equivalence at all.
So you are saying that the people who he hit are at fault.
Because that's the other hierarchy.
No, no, no.
You're saying that the people in New York that happen to be around that area that didn't die is their fault for being in New York.
People who are putting the same ideology as him.
How is it their fault though?
It's still not their fault.
I mean, the driver has the biggest amount of fault, of course.
Just like the gun.
It's not the law-abiding citizen's fault for an idiot going out and shooting someone with a gun.
It's not even the gun's fault.
It's the idiot with the gun.
They made this common sense.
Antifa does not stop.
If Wheeler and the rest of these Democrats do not denounce Antifa, you gotta know that the American people... The question for the control room, do you have a copy of the leaks available so that when I start talking about them, you guys are going to be able to just pull it up on the main screen?
Absolutely, we'll do that.
We're live on air.
This is very exciting.
This is not scripted CNN, ladies and gentlemen.
We are broadcasting worldwide and we come back from break in a few minutes.
We're going to kick off here.
We were getting some computers hooked up and getting some documents loaded into the computers so that we can do this presentation that's going to go well into the fourth hour today.
Again, I am Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to come back with our guest in the next segment.
We're going to be talking to a major Google whistleblower here in studio.
And obviously, if we don't expose what big tech is doing and we don't expose how they've been lying to Congress, and if we don't bring all this out, we're going to lose this country.
And President Trump is very, very, very close to taking action against big tech.
And we need to have major public pressure on what Trump should do.
So we're having a big open discussion about this.
Something that Big Tech has been working around the clock to try to stop.
So if you go to InfoWars.com
We'll put that on screen for TV viewers.
The article I was just talking to you guys a few minutes about.
Google Insider exposes how search results are rigged by tech giant whistleblower Zachary Voorhees is live in studio with Alex Jones to take your questions.
So, you know, and I'm gonna do this with the next guest.
I really wanted Jada
Franson on for a month.
We couldn't get her, but now she's able to come on.
But this is so important.
We're going to clear the decks and we apologize to her at JadaFranson.online.
We're just going to move that on because we're getting started a little bit later today.
But when we come back, we're launching straight into this.
And this whistleblower that came here, his colleagues are calling him the Ed Snowden of Big Tech Whistleblowers.
This is huge.
He's put out the big data dump.
This is incredibly important.
And this could stop the globalists heading their tracks.
We're dealing with the whole future of humanity right now.
So that live feeds at InfoWars.com.
Please spread that article.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We are joined here in studio by Zach Voorhees, perpetual maniac on Twitter.
And I'm not going to even try to go over his whole bio here.
You've been on a couple times with us.
Google is battling to suppress this information.
You're a major engineer that has released what they call the
Ed Snowden-level dump on big tech and their massive censorship.
You've written a new article for Medium.com that details when they're rigging search results and when they aren't and how it's being done.
So thanks for being here.
Thank you very much, Alex Jones.
It's a pleasure being on your show today.
It's a pleasure to have you, Zach.
Get into whatever you want because I really want to let you talk about
The world, why you did this, where you see this going, what you think about the integrity of the elections, what you think about all the new censorship coming out and happening.
Now they're not even letting Trump send out things saying, we want to recruit strong women like you.
They say that's a triggering word, because maybe a person that isn't a woman sees the name woman.
This is beyond mental illness.
This is a plan to kill the language.
And what you think Trump should do, because Trump is listening, and so is Congress, and
The leader of the Senate from being on Twitter.
I mean, I think they're really starting to understand that big tech is really in a power map.
Yeah, you know, they are trying to sculpt the information landscape.
And they've been telling us, you know, in congressional testimony that they don't have any political bias.
And at this point, the political bias is so strong that there's just they're not fooling anyone.
I mean, they banned the Facebook ad for Women for Trump because they're assuming the audience's gender?
Like, what kind of clown rule is this that this sort of thing is allowed to happen?
And so, you know, Google's been involved in election meddling for a while now, and this is something that I discovered as an insider working for the company.
I decided that I was going to take the documents that were publicly available to the internal network and capture them and dox Google to the world so that people could really understand what was really going on at Google.
And again, recap what you released, how you decided to do it, what it details.
Yeah, so let's go back to like 2016.
Donald Trump got elected and
The corporate culture of Google radically changed.
It did a 180 degree change.
And they went from everyone should be able to express yourself to there's a bunch of fake news and we need to start censoring that because that is unduly influencing people.
And also they believe that Russia hacked the election.
And so the executives didn't really see the opposing evidence that the Russians didn't hack the election, that it was actually an insider that leaked this information.
And so we thought that, well, I thought that maybe this information would eventually reach them, but it didn't.
They sort of like doubled down and they kept on doubling down.
And so, you know,
Uh, a bunch of things started happening within the company.
A bunch of documents started being released, and they started to create this design for this censorship program called Machine Learning Fairness.
And so when I disclosed this information, I did it through
Project Veritas, which is an amazing journalist outlet.
They do undercover work and I gave the documents to them.
They did a sting operation on one of the executives, Jen Janai, and Jen Janai admitted
To the undercover that only Google could prevent the next Trump situation in 2020.
And so with that, once they had that undercover video, I decided to come out anonymously and give my perspective on what the company culture was like.
Google then targeted me and ended up swatting me at my house and sending bomb squad people because they called in a wellness check.
And at that point, I realized that
You know, my life was in danger.
This wasn't going to go away.
And that the only way to disclose the crimes of this company was to unveil myself, come out publicly, release all the documents that I had so that people could find out the truth.
So that's the story on how this sort of unfolded, the short version.
And now they've been caught red-handed.
And so, Twitter again bans the Senate leader, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who just simply linked to video of people coming to his house saying, we're going to kill you, but left the accounts up that he was linking to on Twitter.
And then now, like you said, Facebook, I want to put this on screen in color if we can for TV viewers, Facebook bans Trump campaign ads today for assuming gender identity.
And it's the exact same ads Hillary put out
The Women for Trump Coalition needs the support of strong women like you.
They said, well maybe someone who's not a woman sees this.
Well yeah, like thumbing through a magazine.
You see ads for weddings.
Maybe you're not getting married.
The idea with this San Francisco culture seems to be what it is, projected through big tech, that they can ban anything they want if someone's offended.
It's like a new language.
It's like a virus.
What would you call this where a group of women supporting Trump hurts people that aren't women?
It's like saying the word mother and father is bad.
They really mean to impose this total war on language.
Right, and this is something that George Orwell talked about in his book 1984.
And what he predicted was that the totalitarians would be able to seize control of society through linguistical hacking.
And so, he had this word called doublespeak.
Double think?
Double think, double speak, and this... Crime stop?
If you have a logical thought, you gotta kill that?
You gotta kill that, you gotta suppress it.
And so, what these totalitarians are doing is that they're attacking us at the language level.
And the thing is that if they can change the definition of words so that they don't mean what they used to, then you have to actually understand their parallel definition of all the words in order to make sense of what they're saying.
So it's a coded priesthood?
I mean, just like gangs use codes, this is like a military.
It uses scrambled communications.
It's weaponized propaganda that is being pushed.
And the thing is, is that it's not just one media outlet.
It's a whole bunch of establishment players.
Oh, they've all linked up.
They're all banning Twitter, Facebook, Meme World, and memeworld.com in live time.
Yes, they are.
And the reason why they're doing this is because contradictions to the narrative are very damaging.
And this was proved in a study in the 1960s called the Ash Experiment, in which there was a volunteer that was a research person, and he goes in and he sees a classroom with like seven other what he thinks are volunteers, but they're actually actors.
And so, there is an instructor that goes onto the chalkboard and writes one line, and then he writes another line, and he's like, which line is larger?
And all the actors give the wrong answer.
Well, guess what the volunteer's answer is?
The wrong one.
He also gives the wrong one, so he falls in line.
Now, here's the thing that's really crazy about this experiment.
If one of the actors gives the right answer, then this consensus effect is broken.
And so, in order for these totalitarians to be able to seize control of a society, they need to have a total lockdown on the information landscape.
And so, people like you, Alex Jones, that come here and, you know, contradict the narratives of these establishment players,
That breaks the consensus effect, because people try to, you know, they start researching what you say, and a lot of the things that you say are actually true, and that's devastating for these totalitarians.
They don't want true information to be coming out, and so they've made a concerted effort to be able to block information that contradicts their establishment narrative.
I want to go back to this.
I don't know.
Vertical lines.
I mean, you know, it's one thing if it's horizontal.
Some people aren't good at that.
These are clear, vertical lines that any idiot can see.
Which one is the tallest?
It's number two.
But if everybody else says the other line, then the people via peer pressure go with it.
I guess that's the follower instinct.
But isn't it what leadership is?
Is to do the right thing even when the mass isn't for you?
Right, you know, a sign of a good leader is one that has an allegiance to truth, you know, and honesty.
And so, but those leaderships pose a threat to the establishment, and so they need to be demonized, need to be slandered by these giant... And isn't that the essence of a successful civilization, is allegiance to truth?
Yes, absolutely.
Every society that has had allegiance to truth has been one that's been strong.
And every society that's fallen towards Marxism, or fallen into Marxism, has established first this political correctness and this control over speech.
And this happened in Russia, this happened in China.
Look how smart this Google engineer is.
Imagine they got a lot of other smart ones working for the bad guys.
That's scary.
Oh my God!
I'm glad you brought this up, because then you've got the Milner experiments and all the others, where they get the majority of people that are actors to say, hey, let's electrocute this student to death.
Most people will do it!
Yes, most people under peer pressure will act like Nazis.
For real.
Real Nazis.
As we witness the most disastrous geological activity in recorded history, the globalists are backed into a corner, and the leftists are pushing for civil war.
Borders are being broken and sovereignty is being challenged.
The world is going to change, and how it changes will likely be decided by those who are prepared to stay strong when the system fails.
The system is vulnerable.
Electricity could be gone in an instant.
And grocery stores could be empty in three days.
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Hundreds of different political systems.
And most of them are funded by the globalists.
Infowars is truly the tip of the spear of the zeitgeist.
That's why the globalists are obsessed with it, trying to shut it down.
I didn't invent all this.
I went and researched the Renaissance, Americana, and what really works for humanity, and I'm simply trying to bring it back.
And lo and behold, it's super popular, like it's always been!
That's why the globalists are trying to shut it down so desperately.
Because we have the light in the dark of the night that sends chills up my spine.
So whatever you do, continue to support yourself and InfoWars by buying the great products at InfoWarsStore.com, by spreading the articles, by spreading the videos, and by praying for this operation and for praying for this nation and the world for peace and discernment.
For myself and the whole InfoWars family,
I want to thank all of you for what you've done, because without you, InfoWars is nothing.
You are the InfoWars, and I salute you.
Well, I'm having a lot of fun and we had another great guest coming on but I've cleared the decks and I appreciate her coming on Friday because we are covering the hardcore subjects right now with Zach here in studio with us.
Google Insider shows how to detect when Google is lying about autocomplice political bias.
It's up on medium.com.
We have added it to infowars.com.
He's going to get to that next segment and whatever he wants for the next two hours.
Well, he's here till tomorrow, too.
Yeah, so I learned about this experiment when I was getting my major in psychology at the University of Oregon, and it was really a groundbreaking study.
Like, no one ever knew that the consensus was that strong, at least in the public domain.
And so I saw this experiment in my textbooks, and then I looked at
Up on YouTube, and I saw the whole video on it, and I was like, wow, this is really a fundamental insight into human psychology.
And then things started to make a lot more sense.
You need to have everyone within a contained Overton window of acceptable political discourse.
And let's put the footage of that experiment back up.
I'm intrigued.
Sorry, go ahead.
And so, you know, what they're doing is that they're taking the Overton window of political discourse, kind of, and then what they're doing is that they're narrowing it down to one wrong answer.
And then the person, you know, responds by going along with the consensus.
And this experiment has been repeated over and over and over and over again.
Um, and yeah, it's, it's, it's one of the fun, you know, foundational studies.
If anyone wants to understand what's going on, then what they should do is they should look at this experiment.
You know, it's, it exists on YouTube and it exists on, on BitChute still.
We're good to go.
Well, these are real people, and they all see it's the other length.
I must be out of my mind today.
I must have a problem with my eyes, so I'll go with them because I trust my tribe.
I trust my people.
But these were six mercenaries hired to all lie to you to make you feel alone.
This is gaslighting.
It is.
It is gaslighting.
And it's too bad that it's happening.
And the thing is, is that what's really surprising is that Eric Schmidt in 2005 on Charlie Rose actually disclosed what they were planning on doing with Google.
And what he did is he explained that Google had the most bugs of any company because when you do a search on Google, you get more than one result.
And what he said is that was a bug.
In fact, every result other than the one correct result that was given was essentially the incorrect answer.
And this is really, like, mind-blowing.
And for me, I thought, well, you know... He was admitting, we're getting you all hooked with a real crowd source.
You're really interfacing with human intelligence through a machine.
All of us coming together saying, this is best.
And once you are subconsciously hooked, because you've been getting truth, we're going to give you pure poison.
Yeah, that's correct.
And so I think that this was, you know, the censorship regime that's currently, you know, going on was actually something that was put into plan like a long time ago.
And it's really ironic that the company that, when they IPO'd, had this mission statement of organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful,
Hold your horses.
Start over.
Back in 60 seconds.
All right.
With our guest, ladies and gentlemen, you do not want to miss this.
Google insider blown the whistle.
He's done the data dump.
What have the repercussions been?
Where's he going now?
We'll get to all that and, bottom of the hour, I'm giving the number out, you're gonna have an hour and a half specifically to ask him questions.
That's why he's here.
We really appreciate it.
For months and months and months, CNN, BuzzFeed and others lobbied to have Alex Jones removed from social media.
He was removed from basically all the major social media platforms apart from Twitter.
And then they said, oh, you're not being banned.
You still have a platform on Twitter.
You still have an app in the App Store.
Banned by Twitter, banned by the App Store.
Oh, but you still have a website.
You still have InfoWars Store.
You still have a shopfront.
And then what do we see?
Washington Post.
Oh my god, traffic to Alex Jones' InfoWars store has increased by 50%!
Maybe now we should look at that all the way down the line.
They literally want to sabotage people's right to commerce.
They will not stop, which is why we need your support right now by getting the product at InfoWarsStore.com.
And again, we're not funded by giant fat checks from George Soros, like Media Matters is, to fund these d-platforms.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
perpetual maniac at Twitter, Zach Voorhees, big time Google whistleblower in studio with us.
And he was just talking about if he joined us, we're going to pull the video up.
He just told us about it.
The head of Google, the head of Alphabet, the real spider at the center of the web, Eric Schmidt.
Saying eight years ago on Charlie Rhodes that, well, Google's got the most bugs of anybody because you get all these results.
We're going to give you the one right result.
That means whoever pays the most money for a restaurant, or for your tires, or for anything, in the final equation, it won't just be all these searches and what you like and what you visit and what you vote on.
It'll be what we want to give you.
And so, Google had all this on the shelf.
It was being looked at.
I think when Hillary lost, they got scared and accelerated the authoritarian plan.
They were worried their own engineers and people would get upset because there was the old other maxim of not disorganize the world's information to control it.
But to also do no evil, or Google, you know, don't be evil.
Well, I mean, now Google's real logo or real definition or real catchphrase should be, one ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.
So, Zach, you're on a roll here, and once we have that video of Schmidt, we'll play it coming up.
Put it on screen when you've got it ready, thanks.
Please continue.
Yeah, so if someone were to say that, you know, Eric Schmidt said this, they would think you're absolutely crazy.
But the thing is, is that we've got proof that he actually said this.
And so you have to just watch this video to believe that he's actually saying this.
And by the way, for the crew.
As information accelerates, I've gotten really OCD about info.
Two minutes ago during break, you said, hey, go to my Twitter and grab the clip.
They got it in a minute and a half, and I'm already like, where's the clip?
Give me the clip right now!
Actually, it was in my ear.
I couldn't hear what they were saying.
So we've got the clip.
Here's the big spider at the bottom of the Google alphabet well.
Sundar Pichai is just a puppet, like an anglerfish, puts a little light out there out front.
Here he is.
And one of my questions leading to is help us understand where is the future of search going?
Well, when you use Google, do you get more than one answer?
Of course you do.
Yeah, of course.
Well, that's a bug.
We have more bugs per second in the world.
Because we should be able to give you the right answer just once.
We should know what you meant.
You should look for information.
We should give it exactly right.
And we should give it to you in your language.
And we should never be wrong.
Okay, I've never seen that.
It's incredibly profound.
I knew he's made statements like it, but to see it back it up again, I am, that actually made me dizzy.
He's saying, we're not going to give you a choice.
We're going to decide what you want.
And now I can't search a Breitbart headline.
I can't search an Inforce headline.
With exact headlines, they won't come up on news, on web, on, and now Facebook blurs my face out.
Tells people you'll be banned unless it's negative.
So everyone is now sarcastically going, look at this scum, look at this filth, this bastard.
He exposed Epstein, you know, 10 years ago.
So there's some sarcasm going on.
That's why they don't like memes, because the AI can't understand it.
But don't worry, they've got humans looking over your shoulders.
So Zach Voorhees, what an incredible clip.
Yeah, what an incredible clip.
And the fact that a lot of people, like, can we just play that clip again?
Is that possible?
Because it's a lot to digest.
Yeah, here it is.
Play it again.
And one of my questions, leading to, is help us understand where's the future of search going?
Well, when you use Google, do you get more than one answer?
Of course you do.
Yeah, of course.
Well, that's a bug.
We have more bugs per second in the world.
Because we should be able to give you the right answer just once.
We should know what you meant.
You should look for information.
We should give it exactly right.
And we should give it to you in your language.
And we should never be wrong.
You should be God.
So let me throw this out at you.
That's like saying when you turn your radio on, you should get one song, one channel all the time because we know what you need and we're never wrong.
Well, the whole world's about differentiating and change and finding new things and going through things.
So you talk about the ultimate safe space.
We give you the perfect answer always.
Well, there is no perfect answer unless you're God.
So they're saying we're going to play God.
It's like saying when you go out to find your girlfriend or your wife or your husband, we're just going to tell you who it is.
It's a programmed robot.
This sounds like hell.
This is like the ultimate authoritarian statement of no choice.
Right, and the thing is, is that when he says, we're gonna give the right answer, like, what does he mean by the right answer?
Like, who makes that decision about what's right or not?
You know, is there a bunch of social engineers that are trying to define what's right?
And therefore, that one right answer is according to their definition of what's right.
So he just told us, as a cult leader, what his ultimate endgame is, and now they're trying it.
Yeah, and the thing is, is that when he mentioned this, it's like Google's mission statement to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful was in total contradiction to what he said on that Charlie Rose show.
And so they're saying both things at the same time.
OK, and how are you organizing the world's information, making it accessible if you're only returning one search result?
One ring to bind them.
One ring to find them, and then in the darkness find them.
He gets everybody to come to him for the power he's giving.
That's literally Lord of the Rings.
They all join it, and then, oh by the way, you're all my slaves now.
There's one answer.
We have the definition of the devil right there.
I mean, that is like, to take free will, to take the colleges.
Oh, the place of ultimate learning.
Any idea can be said here.
Now, the most orthodox, controlled, insane, mother and father is bad, expressed on Facebook, where the Republicans can't buy an ad saying, we're reaching out to strong women.
We believe in women.
Now the very liberal ethos is Martin Luther King they're putting down.
They're attacking the original liberal ethos.
Well the thing is is that I think that there's a misconception that the left is actually liberal.
I consider myself a liberal, but liberal seems to be a conservative value now.
Because like I grew up in the 1990s, I believe on judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.
But now like with safe spaces and this like new segregation that's moving in and demonizing one race,
We're good to go.
Constantly through the New York Times that represents liberalism?
I don't think so.
Liberalism means we don't judge people by their immutable characteristics.
We judge them by what's in their head.
And we treat everyone equally under a liberal society.
And the left has completely abandoned that and replaced it with progressivism.
Because they believe racial fascism will win.
I mean, they call us Nazis all day.
They are literally funded, their main funder is a Nazi collaborator.
You can't make this up.
Yeah, George Soros, you know, and there's videos of him.
I've seen two videos now where he's talking about the exhilaration that he had sending Jews off to concentration camps.
And what's really ironic is that if we criticize George Soros, then they call us anti-Semites.
And it's like, we're not criticizing him because, you know, he is... We're criticizing him because he's a damn Nazi collaborator!
Yeah, exactly, you know?
But see, it's that death of logic.
It's really sad.
I want to have you the floor, because I'm going to tell you, you're smart, man.
I want to get into whatever you want to cover, like inside Google without breaking any of the rules and where you think things are going, what you think Trump should do, what you've gone through since you did this.
And as you and others have told me, there's a big resistance inside all these big tech by classical liberals that just believe in freedom.
And this isn't freedom.
This isn't freedom.
I mean, America is the most liberal country ever, folks.
And Prager University has an excellent four-minute video we ought to air tomorrow.
We don't have time.
Everybody should Google it.
Can't do that.
Bing it is still bad, but not as bad as Google.
They're getting worse.
I guess dog-dog-go or duck-duck-go or whatever it is.
Yeah, that and Startpage are really good.
Startpage is good.
So just look up Prager University.
I think the headline is...
Leftists are not liberals.
I think it's the name of the video.
And it's totally true.
I've talked about it a hundred times, but the left means something totally different than liberal.
Totally different.
They were liberals and then they got off the train as soon as they were able to win the culture war.
And now they're just fascists.
Corporate total dominance with government.
And imagine that the Antifa, the anti-fascists, are fighting people and not the big tech fascists.
This is incredible.
We'll be right back with our special guest, Zach Voorhees.
I'm Alex Jones.
Please spread this live feed wherever you get it.
There is a stated planetary plan set out by the Fortune 100 corporations and the mega banks to outlaw the existence of nation-states.
A year and a half ago, when they were trying to take down Confederate statues around the country, I warned people next would be Thomas Jefferson.
The writer of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.
Sure enough, they want his statues taken down.
Even though he pushed to end slavery himself.
And now, Colin Kaepernick.
Didn't like the Betsy Ross flag saying it was for slavery, even though she was an abolitionist.
That means, again, someone who pushed the outlawing of slavery that England started worldwide.
But the West gets the blame for slavery still being carried out by Muslims in at least four countries.
But again, facts don't matter.
And now, not just the University of Colorado State, but other universities
Are saying, don't say Americans, America, or policeman.
This is the mind control these individuals are engaged in.
Now, they know exactly what they're doing.
This is psychological warfare.
I had the idea on the 4th of July, when we launched it, when Kaepernick was demonizing the Betsy Ross flag, our first flag.
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Limbaugh, a few days after I did, had the same idea, because it's just common sense, and put out his own Betsy Ross flag.
And I was watching him on Fox, and he really made the best points and encapsulated what I've been trying to say, that we're so sick of being demonized, we're so sick of everything that's Americana being called racist or evil, that the American flag's too far.
And that's why people are responding everywhere, flying not just the classic American flag we all know of today, but the original American flag back in their face and saying, no, you cult, control freak, bully monsters.
We're going to be proud of our country, and we're going to stand up and speak out against you.
They call that censorship, by the way, when we disagree with them.
The left's the ones trying to get rid of the First Amendment.
If anybody's fascist, it's them.
And so we had a limited edition Betsy Ross flag.
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You get to support the American flag, stand up for free speech, let the globalists and their minions know that we outnumber them and we're not going to submit to their tyranny and their oppression.
We're not going to take our colors down.
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All right, Zach Voorhees is here with us.
We're having amazing discussions during the breaks, and he was talking about his mission and the fact that you got these other Google engineers that are being put on administrative leave.
They're coming after folks.
I want you to recap what you've gone through, where you are with Google right now.
And you were saying that it doesn't matter that Google's trying to block you in cyberspace and trying to block these videos, these articles.
I think.
Stealing our telecommunications.
They're in live time.
I just had Carpe Donctum on.
Facebook isn't letting people on WhatsApp share memeworld.com, which is just a site of memes.
I mean, it's expanding to everybody.
These blacklists.
Twitter is now blocking memeworld.com.
I mean, they are so afraid of this.
This is so dangerous.
Please continue.
Can I just kind of talk about what you just said with the meme wars being blocked?
Now, a lot of people are like, what the heck is going on?
I want to give some comfort, okay?
Remember what happened with the music industry and MP3s and how... Napster.
Yeah, and what happened right before the music industry collapsed?
They started suing everyone, alright, that was downloading, you know, MP3s.
And they tried to stem the loss and everything got really scary.
We're like, what's happening with all of our civil rights?
How are they able to just go in and just grab all of our metadata about the things that we're downloading?
And it looked like we were heading towards totalitarianism based off of MP3s, and then all of a sudden the industry just collapsed, right?
And so I've heard this thing that at the very end, the last refuge of scoundrels is running to the law.
And so I think that what's happening is that we're at the very end of this thing.
That's one of my list of things I wrote down this morning when I remembered, oh, he's here, is how do we fight back?
And then gut level, what do you think their Achilles heels are?
So, um, I actually want to recommend a book, um, called SJW's Always Lie by, uh, Vox Dei.
Um, that's the only book that I would recommend that someone would read if they're going to... I don't mean to plug it, but we do sell it at InformersTor.com.
That's one of the few books I've read the last year.
I've been so busy.
They always lie!
They always lie.
And the thing is, is that people that aren't familiar with the tactics, you know, cause this is, this is weaponized.
They don't understand what's going on.
And so they're likely to make a bunch of mistakes.
They think that they just capitulate and like apologize.
Then it's just going to go away.
Oh no.
A few years ago, I'm like, well, I'm not really saying that about Sandy Hook, but if you say I'm hurting you and sending people to your house, I never did that, but I apologize.
That's when they just full metal attacked.
Yeah, they doubled down.
And the thing is, is that they're going to parade your apology around and say, well, you know, he admits to this, that he's like X, Y, or Z bad person.
And then they're going to use that and they're going to parade it around.
And this is not something that people like understand intuitively.
And so the thing is, is that, you know, get this book, SJW's Always Lie by Vox Dei and read it.
It's a fascinating read and it goes by really quickly.
And, um, it's kind of a funny title, but it... The point is, stop capitulating, stop kissing their ass.
Yes, exactly, exactly.
Because I knew not to capitulate to political structure, but I'm like, oh, the families.
I didn't really do this, but if this is really happening, I'm sorry.
And then they just all go out with talking points, and then just attack, attack, attack, attack, attack.
Yeah, so I followed this book basically as a tactical operation manual on how I was going to leak this information.
But let's go back.
What exactly did I do at YouTube?
What I did at YouTube was I was a senior software engineer and I... Hey, let's get you on with Vox Day tomorrow.
You're still here tomorrow.
I am still here tomorrow.
Can we get Vox Day on with him tomorrow?
Great, awesome.
Yeah, that's wonderful.
Keep going, I apologize.
So, if anyone turns on, like, the television, or, you know, PlayStation 4, or Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, and they see the embedded version of YouTube playing on their television, that's the app that I was working on.
And when I left YouTube, when I resigned, that app constituted 10% of YouTube's entire traffic.
So, yeah.
Well, sure, because I had other big engineers on, they'd call Singer, and they'd go,
Zach's the big kahuna.
You are the biggest person to defect from Google.
Yeah, I am.
And so that was my role at Google.
I've been at Google for eight years.
And then the last three, that's when everything was turning into clown world.
And so I decided that, you know,
Understanding how the Marxist Left works, I realized that they don't even understand that what they're doing is appalling and reprehensible.
And as a result, they just left all of their documents about what they were going to do, all their plans, available on the internal public Internet that any full-time employee could get.
So I want to give you an example, actually.
There's a video of Susan actually admitting everything that they're going to do
And this happened, I believe, in 2017 at the Summer Stream event for all the employees of YouTube.
Can we roll that?
Yeah, let's go ahead and roll that.
Here it is.
Or we can cliffhanger it and come back.
We are a platform with global distribution.
We talked about the number of users that are coming to us.
We have some responsibility to make sure that we are delivering the news when something important happens in the world, when there's a crisis.
We think people could benefit from this news.
So news has always been important to YouTube.
We also see people in locations like Syria, where traditional news organizations can't get to, and people are talking about citizen journalism coming out of Syria.
So what are we doing?
This sounds easy, but it's really hard to do.
We're pushing down the fake news, we're demoting it, and we are increasing the authoritative news and promoting it.
How do we do that?
We have a whole system, we came up with Trashy News, where we have build classifiers, we identify it, we look for salacious, for clickbait, content that isn't, that we don't think is, you know, the authoritative news.
It's just kind of encouraging people to look at, but it's not true.
We're training, we added these instructions to our readers.
And we've updated our classifiers, um, and we are working to understand, identify that with machine learning, and then to push that down.
And then we're increasing our authoritative news.
We're doing that with things like, um, a breaking news shelf.
Um, we're triggering it in the U.S., in France, in the U.K., and more countries coming soon.
Where we have sources that come from reputable sources, we work with Google News on that, um, to define what those reputable sources are.
Um, it triggered last week in the London Bridge attacks.
Um, it's also gonna trigger on search when you type in something.
Thank you.
So what's really interesting is that, you know, the stream event happened and I heard her, you know, say those words and I recorded that video to leak it to the public so that they could see what was going on.
That was an internal?
That was an internal event.
It was kind of open to public insiders, but it was mostly for the employees.
And I started to ask myself, well, what exactly do they think fake news is?
And so I found their fake news like definitions in their design documents.
And it turned out that real events were being labeled as fake news.
Let's come back and talk about Google labeled real events, fake news with insider Zach Voorhees, who resigned from Google and is now taking action in a big way.
And then I'll get the number out.
And your phone calls are coming up on the other side.
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And I don't want to just sit here and celebrate this, but we should celebrate it.
The fact that a major Google engineer, who was running 10% of YouTube's traffic alone with one thing he did, has come out with the big Ed Snowden-level data dump.
It takes a lot of courage, and the fact that he's busting his butt going around giving speeches, going on shows, coming on this broadcast as one of the first shows, really is amazing.
And it's the spirit that's infectious that needs to trigger more people to say, I'm not going to be part of this cult.
Because if you think the brainwashing in the general public's bad, I've heard it's really bad in big tech.
And I know you want to get into documents.
You want to get into proof of all this.
I want to give the number out so people can call in as well.
We've still got you for another hour and 20 minutes or so.
Specifically, we should be writing notes here, there's so much to get into, about the cult inside, and the mindset, and are they really micro-dosing, and we'll hit that next segment.
But let me give the number out, specifically where we have hundreds of radio affiliates.
We still have InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We still have millions of people.
A day to come and click the audio and watch the video live.
Despite everything they've done, in some ways we're more important than ever, because now the really big thinkers are tuned in, once they heard they weren't supposed to listen to the show.
But if you'll just spread Infowars.com forward slash show.
And that's censored, I know.
So do Newswars.com forward slash show.
It's not censored.
Gosh, meme world, they're so scared of that.
It's censored day one, it got launched.
But word of mouth, you can say, psst, hey, we're all Spartacus, hey.
That's not our site, but we're promoting it because it's very, very exciting and Trump loves Carpe D'Antem and they talk all the time.
I'm going to leave it at that.
And you know, just talking to Trump recently, the word is just work with Mr.
I'm going to say his last name or they've already doxxed him.
So there's a lot of exciting things.
So they're directly blocking the Senate leader.
They're directly blocking Trump when they block Carpe D'Antem.
Look, the enemy knows that.
I'm not giving you secrets.
But they have reached a new arrogance level.
Where they tell you they're not censoring and they're doing it in live time and lying to the President's face and he says strong action.
We'll talk about what that strong action should be.
So 877-789-2539.
Only this topic, folks, please.
First time you're going to be able to directly talk to a high-level Google engineer that left and has spilt the beans like no one ever else has done.
877-789-2539 on this live Wednesday global transmission.
Please continue, Mr. Vortex.
Right, so where we left off before the break was, you know, the issue of fake news.
And we had, you know, the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wachowski, talking about how they were going to take fake news and suppress it, and that they were going to start boosting authoritative news.
And so the question that I had was, what exactly is fake news?
And so... It's whatever Eric Schmidt says it is.
And so, you know, they had a document available to all the full-time employees that defined what fake news was.
And so I want to sort of show you that one of the things that was in this fake news, as an example, was actually something that happened, which is, you know, the evidence that, okay, they are intending to become social engineers.
The document, this is part of the document dump that was released through Project Veritas.
If the audience wants to look at this, they can go to Project Veritas and download this.
This is called the Training Global Google Efforts to Address Fake News.
And so on page five, there's this document here.
And if you look at the second example, and that is, WikiLeaks confirms Hillary sold weapons to ISIS, then drops another bombshell breaking news.
And then the second one is something similar.
Hillary's ISIS email just leaked and it's worse than anyone could have imagined.
Hillary Clinton was running weapons to ISIS through Benghazi.
That's now been in Congress.
Yeah, that's been in Congress.
That was a conspiracy theory, now it's a conspiracy fact.
And the social engineers are classifying that as fake news.
Okay, and which means that what they want to do is they want to start training their AI algorithms to find that and all the patterns that are similar to that and derank it because they don't want, for some reason, they don't want bad news about Hillary Clinton surfacing.
Well, we know from the WikiLeaks, Hillary's on the phone with the media and Google bitching.
It's almost like Hillary-centric because she had so much power as kind of the shadow president with Obama, but he watched, he would watch SportsCenter.
She was actually on the phone all day
It's in WikiLeaks, bitching at Google saying, hide this, hide that.
Yeah, hide that.
So much of it is Hillary.
Yeah, and so I created a Medium post, an article, that describes, you know, kind of like the main way that Google was able to influence the 2016 election by hiding information about Hillary Clinton.
And this is the whole reason you came here today, so I'm glad
Is there a way we can pull this article up?
And so, the way that Google was able to influence the election is that they were deleting the search prediction results when people were trying to find information about Hillary Clinton.
Now the thing is, is that a lot of people went on and, you know, were searching for the Clinton body count.
Because there's a lot of people that have died, you know, related to Hillary Clinton.
Like Jeffrey Epstein.
Yeah, and it's all been catalogued, and it's all been, you know, and some of them, you know, they were listed as suicides, but they died through two gunshots to the back of the head.
And so, you know, that information is out there, it's been catalogued, people can, were able to find it, but what was happening is that when people would go and try to type in, like, Hillary Clinton body count, Google, the Google search prediction was shut off.
And the thing is, is that if you went and searched for example Trump body count, that search result prediction was suggested to the user.
And the thing is, is that Google says that their search prediction feature is based off of user data.
Now, I was able to use Google's own services at trends.google.com to show the real search traffic for this search term and show that Google was lying.
So either Google is lying through one service or they're lying through the other.
And either way, they're both lying.
All right, you've got all the graphics, it's in the article, you've got the floor when we come back.
I want to walk through this for the President and for Congress and everybody, how this works, how they do it and how you can see it.
And then what is it where we have an exact headline and it won't show up?
Because that's this new thing they're doing, where stuff is totally put into the Phantom Zone.
Zach Voorhees, the biggest Google whistleblower ever, is our guest.
We'll talk about hopefully more whistleblowers coming forward, what he's hoping to trigger, and your phone call.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
I'm gonna teach you what censorship's all about and how if we're gonna have a free society, we gotta stop it.
Zach Voorhees is our guest and he was just getting into his Medium article that we've reposted at Infowars.com.
Google Insider exposes how tech giant is fixing the search results, hiding the Clinton death count.
It's up on Infowars.com, it's up on Newswars.com.
You definitely want to share that.
That'll make folks at Google and Twitter and Facebook to think that you're done.
Think that they can pull this.
You know, are they pulling this massive censorship and exercise of social engineering because they're desperate or because they're arrogant?
I think that it's actually both.
They've elected themselves as the autocrats to decide what is true and what is not.
And that's what we're facing with right now.
And the thing is, is that I'm not entirely sure that the executives are really running the company.
I suspect that there might be someone above them operating from the shadows, you know, operating through the executives.
And then they ordered them to bring in all the Southern Property Law Center 100,000 trainees, who then, on their off time, as you exposed, they have the back doors Google gave them, and then they go in and do the sabotage.
And then when we caught them last year, even Bloomberg said, oh, our employees weren't trained and some other people got in.
Yeah, and the thing is that I've noticed this pattern of insiders being able to hack Google's systems because I saw how they took down Jordan B. Peterson.
And you witnessed that, and here's the thing.
Obviously something this powerful is going to get abused.
I'm surprised Google didn't do more abuse up until Hillary lost.
I mean, this is damn powerful!
And so it's going to get abused.
Yeah, well the thing is that the establishment was in power in the United States, and so they didn't really need to apply all of this control, because they had control.
And it was when they started to lose control,
It was when the masks got ripped off, and as a result, now we're seeing what they truly are, and it's a really nasty, ugly beast that is fighting for its life, I think?
I mean, that's what it sounds like to me, is that, you know, from their behavior, that they're really, you know, in a total war situation for the American mind.
Big Tech is in a total war for the American mind.
Google Insider.
There's the name of the whole interview.
And we put that clip you just said right up front because that's the thing is this is so epic and so real.
China about to invade Hong Kong and Taiwan.
India going into Kashmir.
All these geopolitical moves.
The Washington Post saying Z will defeat Trump and save America.
There's the headline.
I mean this we're living like in a comic book.
Movie right now.
Is that really the headline?
Oh my.
Can we show this to the people?
Because it says it, but then if you read what it says, it's saying, she must crush Trump or America will be in trouble.
It's like how much more of a clown role?
When I see this, I'm like, it can't get any worse than what it is.
And it's just, now we've got the media rooting for our foreign adversary.
Oldest, he may be the oldest employee here.
17 plus years.
His sister won't bring the grandkids over to see his mom in Minnesota.
And his mom's great and she had a great relationship because she's a Trump supporter and she won't even really talk to him now.
And she says, she told me this morning, he was like, he goes, you know, she says white people are inherently bad and will be better once they're all gone.
And, and that basically, you know, that,
And he's like, he's like, honey, that's evil.
And she's just gone.
I mean, this is so we sit here and laugh at this.
This is real programming.
I mean, yeah, this is working on some people.
And there's a slide and I don't have it in front of me.
But Google admits that, you know, there's a four step process.
And the last step is that people are programmed.
That's their words.
And they didn't just end up in one slide.
It ended up in two slides that I saw in different PowerPoint presentations.
I should just be saying, what shocked you most?
What was the process?
Eight years, you become one of their top engineers, from a junior engineer, and you're just looking at this versus what's on the news.
You're inside seeing the truth, and then you're seeing what they're saying on the news.
Right, like I remember sitting at my desk,
Listening to testimony by I think it was one of the executives saying that we don't employ blacklists and so I just go to the internal search engine called MoMA and I search for blacklists and up pops this huge 42 or 40 page blacklist for YouTube and I'm just like I'm like
Like, the lies are just so, like, in your face that it's just, it's ridiculous.
It needs to be confronted.
It needs to be exposed.
So, I want to talk about this Clinton body count.
Yeah, please.
And before, you know, I talk about Clinton, I wanted to let the audience members know that I am not suicidal and that I have no plans of killing myself or, you know, overdosing on drugs because I don't do that.
By the way, you're not being a wimp here.
I've had known high-level CIA operatives that ran assassination of government leaders call up and say, you better watch it, you better shut up if you care about your family.
So I've been death-threatened by famous CIA people.
Right, I mean... So, I mean, this is real.
This is real.
This is real.
Even Dr. Robert Epstein just, like, made an announcement today that he's not suicidal because he just got into a fight with Hillary Clinton on Twitter.
Oh yeah, that article's on InfoWars.
It's the most evil photo of Hillary, and there's a bunch.
I meant to start the show with that.
That's why there's so much info.
And it's like Epstein says, Epstein has fight with Hillary.
And there's a photo of him with her when she's the most demonic looking joker I've ever seen.
We're going to fight.
I kept looking at this photo.
It is haunting.
Yeah, absolutely.
Sorry, get into it.
So let's talk about how Google suppressed the autocomplete for the Clinton body count.
So this is a Medium article that I wrote.
Can we put it up on the screen?
We'll put Medium up.
Um, and so, when someone goes to Google search, and they type in, for example, Trump body, the letter C, what they'll get is a suggestion, you know, do you mean Trump body count?
By the way, you host, I'm going to go in there and get the medium pulled up, because I know you want the medium specifically.
We need to scroll down into the actual things.
You can show them the PowerPoint.
I'll be right back.
Um, I'll just send it to production.
Um, yeah, so, um, there's this, oh yeah, there we go.
So, there's this, there's this article that I wrote, um, and if, um...
And if you type in Trump body, you know, see it autocompletes to Trump body count.
And now if we try the same thing for Clinton body, see nothing autocompletes at all.
The search results are omitted.
And so, you know, I'm going to do is I'm going to ask the audience at home to go to Google search and try this right now.
OK, go to Google search.
Type in Trump body C.
I don't
All the search predictions are built off of user search data, so I want to quote them from their own blog.
And they say, predictions, not suggestions.
You'll notice we call these autocomplete predictions rather than suggestions, and there's a good reason for that.
Autocomplete is designed to help people complete a search they were intending to do, not to suggest new types of searches to be performed.
These are our best predictions of the query you are likely to continue entering.
How do we determine these predictions?
We look at the real searches that happen on Google and show common and trending ones relevant to the characters that are entered and also related to your location and previous searches.
So, you know, according to these public statements, if there isn't a search prediction, then it's because there's no one searching for them.
And this would be fine and dandy if it weren't for the fact that we can go to trends.google.com and see the real search traffic.
So, in my Medium article, I took a screenshot where I compared the search traffic for the Clinton body count with the Trump body count.
Now, the Clinton body count is in blue.
You think?
The highest mountain
What I'm going to ask is for the listeners of the show, I want you to go and use Google Trends and compare it with the Google searches.
And when you see the political bias, I want you to post this to Twitter and maybe a comment section on InfoWars if it exists.
And we need to like spread this information around because each one of us can prove that Google is lying.
We're all Sherlock Holmes and we all just show this to everyone.
Hey, look how you're being lied to.
Look, and again, Congress is pregnant.
With action now.
Nine months pregnant.
It's about to happen.
We're back in two minutes.
Continue and we're gonna go to the phone calls.
As you walk through this...
Hey, this great guy, Zach Voorhees, just showed up today.
He's, like, doing all these presentations, so it's powerful.
He'll be back tomorrow, too.
He'll be more prepared.
You've got to come in here an hour before the show and tell them exactly what you want.
It's a cruise grade.
You give them everything you want, they'll have it.
It's like medium.
Locked us out.
That's why we weren't able to show them the medium version.
Oh, that's too bad.
It's okay, but we got it on InfoWars.com.
We'll be right back.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
The phones are loaded.
We're live in defiance of the tech giants.
Zach Voorhees is our guest.
And all of a sudden, Zach looks over and he goes, are those all the guests?
Yeah, those are all the callers.
George, and Chase, and Linda, and Ryan, and Matt, and John, and Christy, and Dave, and Vernon, and Jeff, and Sarah.
One time, we looked at how many calls came in during a show.
That's how many you're trying to get on the show.
And so we're gonna go to your calls next segment.
We've got so much here.
But he's one of these engineer tech guys.
He's showing you on radio and TV.
He's going through all the proof.
And it's amazing.
And he'll be back tomorrow.
We'll be even more prepared.
I thought he was just coming as a guest.
He has, like, all this research, kind of like I do.
So you were showing people just now, we have four minutes left of this segment, how their own traffic dashboard shows their line.
Because they're saying, there's no traffic on Clinton Body Count.
That's why it doesn't show up, period.
No, it's just the number one search.
So if we go back to the Google Trends.
Because Twitter's showing, like, number one.
It still won't show up.
They're suppressing trends.
On different platforms, you know, and different companies, and they're doing it the same way and they have the same biases.
They're suppressing the human will for freedom.
Yeah, but they can't fight it because they're fighting against a force of nature.
So, yeah, so, you know, the crew here is doing a search for Clinton body and type in, oh yeah, there you go.
Clinton body count.
And when they hit return, so just go ahead and do the whole phrase, Clinton body count.
Not Clinton body see, you're going to need to do the whole thing.
Trash stuff live, it's a train wreck.
So you're going to type in Clinton body count, okay?
And then when you hit enter, trends.google.com is going to show that traffic.
And that traffic is relative to historical trends.
Now, what you're going to need to do is you're going to need to compare it against another phrase to show the relative traffic.
So if you go to... Trump body count!
Yeah, so Trump.
So if you click the compare, and then you type in the search term Trump body count,
Then what you're going to get is you're going to get both graphs on the same graph, okay?
And so you could just show us, we know you're telling the truth, but now you've just shown us in live TV and radio with it on screen and boom, just what you said.
And I want you to do one last thing, which is, uh, it's showing data for the past 12 months.
You're going to want to do that for like the past five years.
And so that's going to give you more history on the relative thing of the search.
And there we go.
That's the same graph.
So Clinton body count was big back during the last campaign cycle.
And you can see that in there's a spike in October, November of last year.
And so.
So, what's really interesting is that there's obviously a blacklist that's being utilized, either explicitly or embedded in a neural network.
And what's really interesting is that the Google executives, specifically Karan Bhatia, my apologies if I pronounce your last name wrong, he went up before, under oath, to Congress and he said the following.
We do not utilize blacklists or whitelists in our search results to favor political outcomes.
We just heard the head of YouTube, a subcompany, admitting in front of all their people they're doing it, and you just showed their documents, and you just showed their own feeds.
So he says, you know, we do not utilize blacklists or whitelists in our search results to favor political outcomes.
That's not, doesn't happen.
He says it doesn't happen.
So you just saw total proof that they're lying.
So is Google lying, or is Google lying, or is Google lying?
You know, we've got three points of reference.
They're lying somewhere, you know, on two out of three.
Like, which one is it?
And so, um... And the truth is, they can't manipulate raw data in real time.
That's too hard, because they still want the raw data.
They just manipulate the overall result the public gets.
They don't think people are engineers that go look at their raw data feed.
So clearly, they're putting a blacklist in, which their document shows.
Right, and it's funny because, like, I see this all the time, but nobody knows about this service, Trends.Google.com.
So, you know... But now they do, so let's talk about this, then go to calls.
You said the leftists, the authoritarians, the fascists, are pulling their hair out right now.
They hate the fact you're doing this.
They hate InfoWars more than anything, and I can imagine that their heads are exploding.
They think that I'm a LARP, or that, like, I've invented all of this out of my mind, or whatever.
You know, they have to maintain cognitive dissonance, and whenever you...
What will I comment?
Shove that up your... For all you pieces of garbage New World Order.
I'll tell you about that later, but you want to find out.
It's Info Wars now, but soon, it'll be everybody else who wants to resist.
We are building an army to bring down the global
So get out the way!
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
Move out the way, bitch!
Get out the way!
Quoting Ludacris here.
Move, O'Donnell!
Get out the way!
Move, O'Donnell!
Get out the way!
Get out the way!
You see them headlights?
You see me knock them curtains down?
Who bought them TVs, bitch?
Tell me that!
Get out of my way!
That's Americana, bitch!
We're good.
Breaking news!
We're gonna get to the breaking news, my compadre, in a moment.
But first, everybody wants to know about the inner workings at Google.
Are they microdosing weekly?
With hallucinogens?
This video went viral a few weeks ago only because DrugsReport.com linked to it.
What's wrong with big tech's eyes?
You know, the top Nazi, Werner Von Braun, wrote a 1959 book, or 1949 book, I'm going from memory here, called Project Mars, where the Elons are the aliens who end up taking over the Earth.
Beware the Elon, and the Elon invasion.
Dr. Werner Von Braun.
Wonder what he knew.
When I watched his promo about this, with executives from his company, they all look like they're on hardcore drugs.
I mean, they're like sweating, their eyes are like lit up, like,
I mean, they look nuts.
You know when somebody's on drugs.
You know, they admit Silicon Valley is into hardcore speed and hallucinogens.
They're taking IV drips at work of DMT.
They're taking LSD microdoses and psilocybin mushrooms and peyote every day!
Who in the hell would want to join with these people?
I've seen people take like three hits of acid, their eyes aren't that big.
What the hell are they on?
And one of the crew members said maybe they've already got this whole Neuralink, wires, hooks in their brain, because as PKD pointed out, Philip K. Dick back in the 70s, the cyberpunk future is where you can get any type of pleasure you want, just plug in, but no one wants to even get up or eat for weeks or days.
You just die because you just plug all this in, and it's the Matrix.
And now the Matrix is here, and you look at Tim Cook or Elon Musk or any of his executives when they're up there on that stage, they'll be under white lights.
Their pupils are
90% open.
Zuckerberg, all of them, these people either have brain chips.
That's it.
These guys are wireheads.
Something's going on.
I'm in here underneath bright lights and my pupils are very little.
Now zoom in if you can.
My pupils are tiny because I'm not on drugs.
I've had two cups of coffee today.
So here, let me show you my pupils, okay?
My pupils are little.
They're supposed to close!
That's what happens under the sun or under bright lights, but not these guys.
These are drug addicts, and they want the hit of wires in their brains, and all of them have got those giant pupils.
Because they've been there, and they ain't coming back.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Why are they doing this now?
Well, it's a good question as to why they waited this long, but... Yes, exactly.
I mean, so Alex Jones has been banned from Facebook for a long period of time, but now they banned him, they banned his, like, little underling, Paul Joseph Watson.
Now that they kicked him off the platform, that's great for now, but it doesn't roll back the clock.
But you have also excesses in the First Amendment and the Second Amendment right now.
You know, I don't think that the forefathers said, well, you can say, you know, all sorts of hateful things and spread it around the world, literally spread it through the internet.
I have no issue with it at all.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down!
I want them silenced!
I want them muted!
But don't worry.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
Well, Google and the big tech folks are playing a very, very dangerous game.
They think that they're going to be able to abuse all this power and get away with it and then suppress everybody.
That doesn't go well in history.
And I just can't believe they're pushing this hard.
We're going to go to your phone calls here in a moment.
And you just saw that video that we aired, What's Wrong With Big Tech's Eyes.
We've got some big breaking news here, just briefly.
If you don't remember, and I'm not bitching and complaining, but we just keep delivering freedom, we keep delivering bombshells, whistleblowers, we're in the zeitgeist.
And I am nothing but thankful to all the viewers, all the listeners, my family, this crew, and Matt Drudge, who's the only person out there that isn't a coward in independent media that supports us, because he supports himself and freedom and sanity.
Uh, and has an understanding of the destiny we're in.
And we need your support.
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Want to thank you all.
So you got, they brought this in during the break and you, you got,
Excited, sort of waving your arms around, and you wanted to read the article.
Breaking news!
Yeah, tell us.
Yeah, okay, so this is just in.
Google DeepMind co-founder placed on leave from AI Lab.
All right, so can I read this on air?
Okay, so the co-founder of DeepMind, the high-profile artificial intelligence lab owned by Google, has been placed on leave after controversy over some of the projects he led.
So, he runs the DeepMind Applied Division, which seeks practical uses for the lab's research in health, energy, and other fields.
So, what is DeepMind?
DeepMind is Google's AI Manhattan Project, and it's being run out of China right now.
And this is really important because Peter Thiel did an article in the New York Times
You know, asking whether Google is committing treason by working with China's military for its AI Manhattan project, while at the same time cancelling projects with the U.S.
You know, and so... The fact that the head of that's been removed, what does that signify as a former Google guy, as an insider?
I mean, something big is definitely happening.
There's a shake-up?
There's a shake-up.
I'm not entirely sure what it means.
Like, Google's been pretty good with protecting its own.
Like, when we caught Jen Janai, you know, saying that she wanted to rig the 2020 elections to prevent another Trump situation, Google, you know, protected her.
And nothing happened.
The fact that people are now trying to exit the company, and this is breaking news, is huge.
It's huge.
There's cracks that are beginning to form.
And again, Google isn't just some search engine.
It's into thousands of companies.
It's buying everything up, stifling free innovation, and trying to push a globalist system.
That's why a lot of folks are like, well, I don't use Google.
Why are you obsessed on it?
Four billion people do.
It's the Panopticon.
Like, it's the all-seeing eye everywhere.
Like, you're emailing, you're Google Chrome.
Every kid's got, like, a Chromebook, it seems now, for education.
Everywhere you go, there's a Google product that you use.
And when I started... Let's just say it.
You know, if my wife's not in the mood,
And I'm
I don't know.
I know a doctor if you need one.
Yeah, so this is big.
This is big, the fact that there's someone leaving.
And the Wall Street Journal just posted yesterday that the states are coming together in order to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google for their improper censorship.
But what the government's got to get is, we're now 15 months out from the election.
Or less.
Google gets it.
They're in a fight.
They're not giving up.
Neither is the rest of the... They're racing to steal it, admitting they are.
We have all the internal documents.
We infiltrated them.
You came out.
I mean, we've got a... It's an open and shut case.
So, if we just keep like, well, we're gonna break you up, or we're gonna... They don't give a flying.
They're moving.
They're not giving up.
So, what do you do in a crisis like that?
I think it's a national security issue.
As Peter Thiel has said, they're in bed with China.
So is Apple.
I think you have to arrest the leadership.
Or let them seal the election and they've got the Washington Post saying China will crush Trump in America.
Let's go with Aaron in Alabama.
Thanks for calling, Aaron.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I want to say I've been in broadcasting, or I was, for about 15 years as a programmer.
And to be honest, I hadn't heard of you until about six months ago.
And I'm very thankful that I found you.
You touch on a lot of stuff that I've felt in my heart and soul for my whole life.
Well, God bless you, brother.
We're all kindred spirits.
We really are.
We really are.
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What would you recommend?
I mean, literally, it's joint, it's muscle, it's everything.
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And I would think Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula.
Turmeric is amazing.
This is a very strong extract.
One of the strongest out there.
Probably the strongest, but there may be
I would think Real Red Pill, Real Red Pill Plus.
They've all bombarded us with synthetic hormones that mess up our body.
But then, if you get Preglanone, in my experience, I'm no doctor, I just talk to the scientists, with these other herbs like Real Red Pill and Real Red Pill Plus, I think you should go through the products, every body is different, and test stuff out for yourself, and then just see what works best for you.
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That's it.
Because I would, I'm gonna say this again,
I'm a very superstitious person.
And by that, I'm God-fearing.
I treat you like I want to be treated.
You've got my total commitment.
Anything I do, information, any of it, products, like they went out and tested, third parties did, Alexa Pure and Pro Pure.
Some are better at this, some are better at that.
People are like, wow, we tested 30 gravity-fed filters and you have like the two best.
Why'd I do that?
What the hell do you think I'm doing?
I go out and find out what is the best price for the best quality, because there's always like some space-age $5,000 thing that's better, but I look at a line of like, what is the lowest price for the best benefit, and that's what I promote.
So, so, that's my advice on that.
Go ahead, sorry.
Well, and I appreciate that, and I can tell just from the way you talk about the product, I feel like I can trust you that you kind of do things the way I do.
You either do it right the first time, or just don't do it.
And I feel like I can trust you on your product.
Listen, don't trust me, because here's the deal.
You need to talk to a physician.
You need to research, because the iodine conspiracy is everything.
Most people have almost none of it.
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Detoxing, you name it.
I mean, this is it, man.
I mean, this is dangerous.
It's dangerous.
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There's a whole bunch of bad halogens.
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So this is the good thing.
But like anybody knows, it's like being punched in the head by a mule.
It's like, oh, that's the real thing.
Yeah, that's the mule.
So I'm just telling people, this X2 isn't a joke.
We just researched what the globalists are doing.
We do the opposite.
But yes, everyone with X2, X3, you need to consult a physician, because you're like, oh, that's just Mother Nature.
Yeah, Mother Nature.
The drug companies and all the stuff they do is a counterfeit of what God's already given us, okay?
So let me explain again.
Most iodine is bound to iron or copper or lead or something else.
You don't get it.
Pure iodine is explosive.
So yeah, be careful.
Iodine, you have to have.
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It's just iodine.
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Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
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A total 360 win, and you know I love those.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I said I'd take an hour of your calls.
We're already 20 minutes into this hour, but I'm gonna go to George, Chase, Linda, Ryan, John, Jeff, Vernon right now.
Sarah, we're gonna go to you, but...
What's wrong with Big Tech's eyes?
I mean, you look at the heads of Big Tech and people, they're under bright lights.
And I'm under bright lights.
My eyes, my pupils are tiny.
Theirs are huge, like they're on a big dose of some kind of a drug.
I mean, that's what we know from.
But you were explaining, especially when you look at Tim Cook of Apple's eyes, that it's something else going on.
What's your experience?
Uh, there was something that I read somewhere in psychology where, um, one of the ways you can sort of lock someone into a trance is by, like, opening your eyes like this and continuing to talk.
So, you'll see a lot of politicians, a lot of people, like, open their eyes and just continue to talk, and it's a good technique in order to deceive, like, people.
I'm kind of doing it, like, right now.
Look at camera four, it's over there.
Camera four, okay.
So, you know, if I'm wanting to tell you a lie, then I'm going to open up my eyes real wide and I'm