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Name: 20190826_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 26, 2019
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Sargon Akkad, also known as Carl, has millions and millions of followers on YouTube and other platforms.
He's also been deplatformed some places, and he's with us right now in studio to just talk about the world, the place it's in right now, and where he thinks these revolutions of populism versus, what would you call it, globalism are going.
Thanks for coming to the studio with us.
My pleasure, thanks for having me.
Been a fan of your work for a while.
Thank you, same.
So, first off, your handle, Sargon, where does that name come from?
It comes from a Middle Eastern emperor.
I didn't think anything was ever going to come of anything when I first started uploading videos to YouTube, and so I just used it because it was the tag that I used when I was playing video games online.
Completely inauspicious, no thought put into it whatsoever, and if I could go back and redo it, I'd just use my real name.
Well, it's good to have you here with us.
Thank you.
You were on yesterday, did a great job with Owen Schroyer, covered some of the big breaking news, but commercial free here right now.
What do you want to get into today?
What's front and center for you?
Um, well at the moment I'm doing a part two to the Jeffrey Epstein video I just did.
These are taking quite a lot of time because there's a lot of stuff happening and a lot of strange information coming out about the whole case.
The fact that he had broken bones in his throat that were broken in such a way as to indicate that it was most likely strangling rather than choking on a paper thin bit of sheet from his bunk bed.
That's particularly interesting to me because, and especially since his cellmate was moved out of the cell the day before he died and all of this, it's all very, very suspect.
But we're hearing from the new Attorney General that, oh, it probably was suicide.
I mean, I find that very, very suspicious when Epstein told people that the previous cellmate had tried to basically kill him.
He told people that he feared for his life.
And then to just have the media say it's a conspiracy theory out of the gates to question it, that just doesn't hold water.
Yeah, I mean, I don't think they have much room to call people conspiracy theorists after the whole Russia thing, but I agree.
There is definitely something to this, and there is definitely... It's definitely easier for them if it just goes away.
Where do you at a gut level, and I know you're not a guy that even theorizes, you just go with the facts, that you pride yourself on that, eloquently so, but I mean, gut level, if you had to just dead reckon, where is this going?
I mean, I see it as another bellwether of the collapse of confidence in the system.
I think that, I mean, personally, if I would speculate or hypothesize, I would suggest that Epstein was using his particular interest in sex trafficking young girls in order to create a very deep network of connections with very powerful and high-profile people, including people like Matt Groening from The Simpsons and things like this.
I mean, I don't know why he was doing it, but it seems that that's the sort of thing that he was facilitating.
Well, I happen to know what he was doing.
I mean, he was heading up as one of the main promoters of this Eugenics Institute that was set up by the Rockefellers and others inside the Albert Einstein Institute.
And a lot of this, I covered it 10-12 years ago when it came out in ABC News, Leningradium, that he was in there quarterbacking and organizing these meetings that were, quote, creating an alternative world government for depopulation.
Behind closed doors on this New York campus, a secret gathering of some of the world's most powerful people.
Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, Winfrey.
Together with others at the meeting, including George Soros, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, they're worth more than 125 billion dollars.
That much money, that much power around one table, it begs the question, what were they doing?
What were they scheming?
The new Superman and Wonder Woman.
The super rich friends.
Not fighting bad guys, but fighting for good nonetheless.
I haven't been able to find anything about that, but there was a report that he apparently wished to seed the human race with his genes?
Which is particularly strange.
Well, after we're off air today, and since this isn't live, I may just add it in post, we have the articles out of the Guardian, ABC News, you name it, where the group that he was one of the main heads of was organizing an alternate world government and a plan for depopulation.
Bill and Melinda Gates went.
A bunch of other people wouldn't... Oprah Winfrey!
Well, the population control is something that they are concerned about because of climate change, isn't it?
They think that this is... and they're not wrong, either.
It's creating climate change as far as they're concerned.
But this is not in Western countries.
Western countries are on form of this sort of thing because we're actually concerned about it.
But places like China and India just don't care.
And there's no way that we can compel them to care about the amount of pollutants they're putting out into the atmosphere.
I watched just last night an old, like three, four-year-old documentary by RT Documentaries that was showing shipwrecking in India and how these people are treated worse than slaves 500 years ago and how they're paid $3 a day, no health care, no nothing.
It was just nightmarish.
Yeah, it's, um, that's the neoliberal corporate consensus for you.
It's okay to exploit these people in foreign countries as long as Nike gets to produce shoes at ridiculously cheap prices that Colin Kaepernick can get offended over.
How did we, as a nation, it seems, stop caring about slave labor or goods being produced by slaves, and then embrace communist China and not care about total surveillance grids?
I mean, it just seems like
During the Obama era, there seemed to be a point where we went off a cliff where we just didn't even pay lip service to basic Western values anymore.
It's quite wild, isn't it?
Because after Edward Snowden and the rest showed that we were having everything surveilled, everyone just carried on as if it wasn't happening.
I mean, it's still going on and no one complains.
It just is normal now.
It's just part of reality that everything you say on the internet or via phones or anything, I mean like Facebook the other day was revealed to be transcribing, paying contractors to transcribe voice calls made over Facebook.
Well, Paul Watson and I in 2005 found
We're good to go.
That's really old news, but now it's coming out.
Now it's coming out that fluoride is causing lower IQs.
Now it's coming out that cell phone radiation is giving people cancer.
I think that's all pretty much settled.
So the question is, what do you think happens next?
I mean, the least scary option is that this is just a marketing ploy.
Because one of the things that people notice, and you see a lot of people talking about it, go in front of your Alexa or something and start talking about something that you've never mentioned before, some weird foreign product or something like that.
And you'll see it in your Facebook recommendations or the adverts, you know, the tailored advertising.
So, there definitely is something going on there.
Oh, they admit they're doing that!
Well, yeah, but hopefully it's just for advertising.
Hopefully it's just trying to get money out of you.
That's the least nefarious thing that they could be doing.
Well, sure, that's just the Trojan Horse itself, but it's all really about total power, total surveillance, and that's why Facebook's now saying, whatever you do,
Even outside of Facebook, we're monitoring it and we will affect your social credit score if you don't behave and do what we want for even stuff you did in the past that we may later change and say is now politically incorrect.
Well, yeah, that's what happened to me with Patreon.
I wasn't using Patreon when I was arguing with Nazis, incidentally, and that was what got me banned from Patreon.
So, yeah, they're laying claim to your behaviour off of their platforms, which is rather terrifying.
You brought up Epstein first and then I kind of took you down a rabbit trail.
What else on your radar screen?
What would you say your core issues are that made you so successful and so famous online and so loved by a lot of people and then made the left jealous of you?
Is it because you were able to convince the left because I wouldn't call you a right winger?
How would you describe yourself and what are your main tenets?
I'm an English liberal, so I guess you'd call me a centrist over here.
I think that the right has some things that are correct and the left has some things that are correct.
But the problem is at the moment, the right has committed to its republican values, but the left has failed to acknowledge that these are worthy values and they've actually decided that radical left-wing values, socialism and communism, are actually more morally superior.
And so they've shifted dramatically to the left.
There's lots of studies and data that show this.
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And now you've got this chasm in American politics, but politics across the English-speaking world, where the right and the left, the right is still using the original sort of classically liberal values that our countries are founded on, whereas the left has decided that no, they're a revolutionary force.
They don't agree with the right-wing values.
In fact, they are white supremacy, they are racist, and that's because they don't produce the exact equal outcome that the left is looking for.
We're going to play this clip right now and when we come back I'll get your response to it.
This is CNN over the weekend saying that Donald Trump has killed more people than Hitler, Stalin and other dictators combined.
Here it is.
Well, I think that medicalizing politics has three very dire consequences.
The first is that it stigmatizes the mentally ill.
I've known thousands of patients, almost all of them have been well-behaved, well-mannered, good people.
Trump is none of these.
Lumping the mentally ill with Trump is a terrible insult to the mentally ill, and they have enough problems and stigma as it is.
The second issue is that calling Trump crazy hides the fact that we're crazy for having elected him, and even crazier for allowing his crazy policies to persist.
Trump is as destructive a person in this century as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were in the last century.
He may be responsible for many more million deaths than they were.
He needs to be contained, but he needs to be contained by attacking his policies, not his person.
Now the full clip's five minutes long.
It's up on Infowars.com if you'd like to go watch it.
They didn't challenge him.
They let him continue to go on with a statement that is, talk about insane, it is the biggest lie yet I've seen from mainstream media.
And now it's obviously only going to be a new milestone on the frontier, a new record to be broken, obviously.
Hitler killed more than 20 million people.
Stalin, tens of millions.
Lenin, tens of millions.
The Chinese government itself says over 100 million people died during the last 70 years of what they've been doing in their experiment.
How do you respond to a statement like that?
And where do you think that means we're going?
It's idiotic.
It's really idiotic.
Donald Trump doesn't have an agenda to kill millions of people.
I don't think he's going to do it accidentally.
And I find it very interesting how he begins with, oh, we shouldn't, what was it, medicalise, or something like that, our politics or our news, and then goes on to do exactly that, bring Donald Trump's mental health into question, which seems really irresponsible to me, because I'm sure that psychologists say that you've got to have a one-on-one, at least some sort of one-on-one time with the person.
It's called the Goldwater Rule.
Is that right?
There we go.
And so for him to then... You'd actually lose your license for it.
I didn't know that.
And so for him to then go and do it in such a blasé fashion, it's actually quite incredible.
It's like, doesn't he realize that that's what he's doing?
Doesn't he realize that there are going to be millions of people watching that thinking, well, you just did it.
Oh, that's it.
Because if you, like you said, study basic psychology,
They're saying that we're Nazis and that we're invoking war and civil war and death, but they're saying that we are that and weak-minded people are going to then respond as if they're fighting Hitler and it's going to bring the very thing they say they're fighting.
They know exactly what they're doing.
Yeah, it's a deliberate kind of radicalization.
I don't know how much they're self-aware about this, but the leftists are radicalising and they are consciously aware that they're doing it, I think.
I think that they have come to the point where they've delegitimised right-wing morality and the right-wing worldview to the point where they just see nothing legitimate in it and all good is with them and all bad is with you.
Well, that was my next question, but I interrupted it with another.
The radicalization, you read the WikiLeaks from Hillary, they said we've got to have more culture war, that's the answer.
Clearly all the race baiting and all the sexist demonization and all of this culture war, divide and conquer, hasn't worked so they're going to keep upping it, but I mean at what point
Do they have to stop?
Because at a certain point they're going to foment so much violence, at a certain point it's going to get out of hand, and clearly that's where they're pushing, but it hasn't worked so far.
So where do you think it's going?
I don't really want to speculate for fear of pushing the cart further down the tracks.
It's not good.
It's not good to declare half of the population to be the enemy, to declare them to be racists, to declare them to be white supremacists.
There should be some compassion for your fellow countrymen.
I mean, if you don't agree on at least something about your nation, then how can you continue to be a nation?
This is the real problem.
Like, for example, I mean, the open border stuff I find most pernicious.
Because if you go back to, like, the 90s, listen to Bill Clinton building a wall and Obama deporting immigrants.
Illegal immigrants.
That's normal.
And let's be clear, we've got Obama just four years ago, Sam.
Yeah, it's not even long!
We got anti-Pelosi five years ago!
Yeah, the radicalization of the left has happened really, really quickly, because the resistance to the arguments that they were making has just collapsed in left-wing politics, and so they're just shooting as far left as they can now.
The Republicans are staying fairly moderate, because
The Democrats have never excised the radical leftists from their own party.
The Republicans do not let the Nazis in.
They do not let the Richard Spencers in.
They actually reject it actively.
Whereas the leftists at this point are just embracing the communists and embracing the socialists.
And they've even embraced MS-13 earlier this year.
Nancy Pelosi is saying, oh no, they're all God's children.
Did she?
Oh yeah, she would not condemn MS-13.
She wouldn't condemn MS-13.
She actually said we're all God's children.
Well, I mean, I suppose that's true.
I suppose, in a way, even MS-13 are God's children.
But what I'm saying is, it proves your point that it's just a coalition of lawless crazies.
I mean, look at Antifa!
It is wild, yeah.
And Antifa get an amazing amount of coverage and defence from the media as well.
And the argument is always, well, Antifa haven't killed anyone.
Well, honestly, I think that's generally because the leftists are just less proficient.
I think that when they're hitting people and, you know, attacking them, trying to blow up ICE facilities and things like that, I don't think it's a lack of intent that's the problem.
I think it's a lack of proficiency.
That leads to my next question.
Why do you think the left all over the world, not just here, is following the same playbook of lying and violence and stirring people up and bullying?
And A, why are they doing it?
You just answered it.
They're desperate.
But B,
Don't they know historically that that will actually harden people against them?
They think that the end justifies the means, and they think that the people who failed before them were just doing it wrong, and that they'll do it better.
Jordan Peterson actually really nails it.
You know, you are not competent enough to enact a system that is as all-controlling as it needs to be to achieve your dream, because they do have a utopian goal in mind, and it's
I mean, centralizing an entire country, an entire economy, the entire civilization is such an arrogant thing to want to do.
Because even if you had computers that could do it, the humans won't be able to program it or control it, and then it removes us from the decision-making process, which will only make us more domesticated.
Well yeah, but even then, why should we agree with it?
You know, that why should we?
And it is, as you say, you are actually giving up your freedom, your liberty, by allowing that to happen.
I don't agree.
I think that I should be able to own property.
I think that it's not the domain of someone else to take that property off of me, and I don't see why I should give that up.
Donald Trump presents Real Stable Genius.
Today, we salute you, Mrs. Social Justice Warrior.
What do you do with a master's degree in gender studies?
Put on a vagina hat and go fight fascism on the internet.
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You live by life's two greatest rules, punch Nazis, and everyone I don't like is a Nazi.
Mr. Social Justice Warrior!
Donald Trump, President Forever, Washington D.C.
What is your view of the whole situation happening right now in Hong Kong?
On the wrong side of the law, like cutting down the monitoring, the facial recognition cameras and things like this.
You could argue that this is illegal.
Well, I suppose technically it is.
But the consequences from the Chinese government are going to be a lot worse than anything the protesters have done or will have been able to justify from what the protesters have done.
Frankly, I wouldn't trust the Chinese government at all.
Well I agree with that statement 100% and I want to just clarify for viewers because I've made a study of history because it's so interesting, not so I can sit around and show off having a general understanding of a wide range of things.
Hong Kong, Taiwan, going back to World War II, and the British were there before, and China had all been divided, and then the Japanese invaded and killed probably 10 million, they estimate, Chinese, and then Mao Zedong, the communist, rises, and the left double-crosses the right wing here in the U.S.
and actually funds him, and then all the entrepreneur Chinese with Shanghai Shek run to Taiwan, run to Hong Kong.
So 70 years later, this year, is when Mao took over China.
The people that didn't want to be under it fled down to Hong Kong and down to Taiwan.
Now the Chinese just finished the biggest bridge in the world a year ago.
They're already planning to use it as an invasion force.
And they're saying we're going to secretly arrest you, take you away, get rid of your representative democracy.
And so the people are there flying American flags saying, hey, we know you got independence from the British.
We want independence as well.
And I see it as very legitimate because they never voted to be part of communist China.
It's a dictatorship.
And so I don't want to stir them up.
I know that certain elements, even Hillary said, OK, we're with the democracy people.
And, you know, Hillary, you see something to cut away from China now because she knows that's U.S.
But I'm not for regime change.
But this isn't regime change.
This is an autonomous, free group of people who ran for their lives, their parents, their grandparents, 70 years ago, so I can only support what they're doing and their courage and the incredible footage that Paul Watson from InfoWars and the rest of our crew has gotten there, has just been just incredible.
I know I'm ranting, but...
Oh no, I mean, no one voted to be part of Communist China.
That's the problem with it, isn't it?
So, I mean, I don't think there's anything good that's going to come of being given to China.
No one wants to be ruled by China.
No one wants to be part of that system.
It genuinely is Orwell's nightmare sprung to life.
And now the people of Hong Kong, who have, like you say, for the last 50 or so years, have had liberty in their country, are about to lose that because of a treaty.
Wasn't it like a 99-year lease or something like that?
That's right.
And by the way, we're getting old.
1949 to 2019?
That's a long time.
Yeah, absolutely.
And so they're about to lose that because of a treaty that was made before they were even born.
And through no fault of their own, and they don't appear to have any democratic means of resisting it.
It's really terrible, actually.
Well, like you said, if people think Tiananmen Square was bad, this is going to be explosive.
And like you said, they're massing hundreds of thousands of troops, thousands of armored vehicles, and showing drills on TV, saying they could invade in the next few weeks.
Yeah, I'm honestly really worried about what's going to happen.
I've been asking a lot of questions here, but in the 20 minutes or so we have left, let's get into an issue.
That obviously affects everybody watching and listening to this and that's censorship.
But I don't even call this censorship.
The documents we've gotten from Google and Facebook and others is it's total information management.
Of what everybody can see.
And Eric Schmidt, the former head of Google, said, our future goal, he said this in 2013, 2014, is that you'll only get one search when you search something.
The correct search that we decide you're supposed to get.
He said that on Charlie Rose.
Yeah, it's very chilling.
And that's what horrifies me is people think, oh, it's just Alex Jones.
Because I know I wasn't that important.
They chose me because they could demonize me.
Build a straw man.
Then when I got taken off the air,
People say, oh, that's just him.
And then the precedent would be set and the whole thing could collapse.
And now the dominoes are all going down.
Well, that's the reason I'm here.
I mean, it was obviously unjust when you got tanked from absolutely every single platform in a matter of days.
And this this was it was obviously coordinated.
We're good to go.
Some guy at Vox.com didn't like him.
And it's like, that's not good enough.
That's not good enough.
YouTube even said that Crowder had done nothing wrong, but the Twitter mob put pressure on YouTube, and YouTube caved and said, well, we'll demonetize him.
And even then, that wasn't good enough.
Even then, they were still agitating to get his entire channel, his livelihood, taken away.
And that's the future that we're looking at, where YouTube caves to angry Twitter mobs.
That has to stop.
And expand on that, Facebook a few months ago, they added myself and Paul and a few others to that list, they said they are the most banned and you can only say their name or website if it's in a negative way to repudiate them.
And so they said you can't even say their name or their website unless you're attacking them, so that's social engineering people to attack us.
Yeah, I'm probably going to get banned from Facebook for being on this.
So why did you do it?
Because I think it was the right thing to do.
I think it's wrong that you get... It appears to have been some kind of Silicon Valley collusion.
And we know that this goes on because Jack Conte blabbed in his interview with Dave Rubin that they do this.
And so you can essentially say, well, there is a cabal of people who are acting like a moral mafia who think that they get to be the ones who gatekeep who gets to speak and who doesn't.
And I don't think that's acceptable, I think that has to change.
I mean, I'm actually on a Facebook watch list as well, because, and one of the things, and this was again, just wonderful, I had given a neutral representation of one of the Proud Boys, and that was considered to be favourable to the Proud Boys, and it's like, well, your very definition was, I gave them a neutral hearing, and you're calling that favourable coverage.
Then we can't even carry on, can we?
That's because they want to demonize the group, strawman them, and they don't want the real thing to be heard.
Well, I think it's more about partisan politics.
I think it's because we generally oppose the sort of radical left progressive consensus, and they know it.
And they know that we've got a way of essentially undermining them by just speaking.
And if they can't win by speaking, they're going to have to win by force, because to them the ends justify the means.
You can hear this from like Tim Cook of Apple speaking, how they've got an almost evangelical ethical agenda.
And you're so right.
Make no mistake.
That this is force, this is violence.
As Mao said, political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.
Well, it's very violent to shut people out of the communication system.
It's very violent to do it in a concerted effort with a global social credit score where even the Chinese admit it's meant to starve you to death.
And make it where you can't walk two feet outside your door.
Those are quotes from the government.
If you don't submit to the behavior we want.
Well, even once you submit to that, now they can tighten the noose and make you submit to more and more and more.
So you have a lot of courage coming on the broadcast.
And I think it's fair to say, as I asked you this when I met you, I said, I'm a fan of yours.
I've asked you on for years.
You wouldn't come on.
Why is that?
And you explained it.
But then you said, but things have gotten so dark.
I've now got to do the right thing, basically as a man, and stand up and say it's wrong, because that's the moral thing to do.
Why don't you elaborate on what you said before you came on air?
No, no, that's exactly it.
I think that we can't play favorites now.
Um, we can't, you know, um, turn up our noses just because we might not like a person or what they say or the things they stand for.
I mean, this, this thing with the, the alt-right, the actual sort of far-right Nazi types, like, I've, I've debated against all of them and I don't think any of them should be deplatformed.
It's better to have them in the daylight where we can see them and what they're saying and what they're doing.
So we can actually try and draw people away from their movement because if they're actually off somewhere else and we can't even, we don't even know where they are, we don't know what they're saying, we don't know who they're talking to, we don't know how they're organising, how do, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise when terrible things happen.
We've, we've, you know, we should, it would be sensible for us to have these things in the light so we can say, look, this is how ridiculous they are.
And they can become fools.
And this actually happened in the UK as well.
So there was a very, very far-right party called the British National Party.
They were given a platform in 2011 on Question Time.
It's a big TV program in the UK.
And, uh, Nick Griffin was the leader of it.
Until then, he was kind of a shadowy figure, a dark name, nobody really knew, you know, but there was a kind of, ooh, an allure.
And then he went on Question Time and just got revealed to be the massive bigot that he was, and it destroyed his party.
It destroyed them.
And that's what we need to do with essentially anything.
The best disinfectant really is sunlight.
There's a huge awakening happening!
There's a giant explosive time here, but at the same time, they're also now going to pure lies, pure demonization, saying we run demonstrations we have nothing to do with, saying we terrorized Austin, had, you know, gun scares going, zero involvement, saying I hate black people, saying I'm a drug dealer, saying I'm a, just you name it, in mainstream news, in concerted efforts, hundreds of articles per day.
Per day.
Maddow was in over 300 on Monday.
Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, I mean Miami Herald, I mean Austin American States when I got calls about it.
People going, you didn't, you think we had a moon landing?
You know, you don't, you're not involved in the Boston bombing.
I mean, folks, you're talking hardcore.
So, in the past they would just kill me.
But because of the info war, that would make me a martyr.
Plus, like shark teeth, I've got rows of people ready to replace me, okay?
And so, instead they are murdering who I am right now.
They are killing who Alex Jones is.
And look, Jesse Ventura has his problems politically.
I don't agree with him on quite a bit of things, but he did get politically assassinated.
You know, with the whole Chris Kyle thing.
They could pull similar things on me.
This is all a sign we're having a huge effect.
They wouldn't be doing all of this if we weren't hitting the Zeitgeist.
And InfoWars is growing exponentially right now.
So I want to give you kind of the state of the InfoWars union here on the success we're having and realize when you tell friends and family to tune in, when you direct them to InfoWars.com forward slash show, they can download the podcast, watch the live feeds, you know, whatever.
If you're listening on AM and FM stations, tell your friends and family to tune into that.
You are the InfoWarriors.
They're going to strike back a bunch of ways.
I'm going to be doing some special reports that go through how they're doing this, but the model, because of total totalitarianism in China, they admit this in Australia, the U.S., you name it, the model for internet censorship is going to be phased in, Chinese-style net censorship.
Net IDs, net taxes, three strikes and you're out, net rules.
But before they get to that, they're going to phase in, it started, starts this, next year, in just, you know, ten days or so, or less, I guess, nine days.
In China, and they're already lining up with Facebook, Google, all of them agreeing with China, Microsoft, to implement these systems where China already does it, and then they beta test there and then bring in here.
And our stories on DrugsReport.com, we do a document cam over here.
And of course, Drudge gets how incredibly important this is.
We've been mentioning this for the last few months, but now it's hit critical mass because the Chinese have released the full details.
Everything you do, everything you do in China, from your credit score to what you buy, to discount cards, to your internet records, to what you say on social networks, is integrated into an algorithm.
And if you criticize the government basically once,
You can't even buy or sell.
You can't get a hotel.
You can't travel.
I notice all this is being phased in here with the IRS saying, if we start auditing you or don't even start an investigation, you can't fly.
Internal checkpoints.
I mean, it's on, folks!
So, Europe's doing the same thing.
This is all being brought in.
It's being implemented.
I mean, this is classical tyranny.
It's here.
And again, the Supreme Court Justice told Drudge, next year, they're coming for you.
And then they have the heads of the FCC, and yeah, we're coming for your free speech, talk radio, internet, you name it.
I mean, because they can't beat us, folks.
They're flaming tyrants.
They're flaming crooks, annihilating our country, spying on us illegally, opening our borders, having the Border Patrol complete the smuggling process.
I mean, this is the globalist offensive.
This is the war against America.
And globally there's a world awakening.
So they know in algorithms, and they admit this, that revolutions are coming.
Just because food prices in the third world have gone up past 50%.
They know at that point riots start.
They already have their operators ready to steer the revolutions into radical al-Qaeda, radical ISIS, radical al-Nusra, Saudi Arabian driven.
Same thing here.
They're going to have a big communist kill the cops, shoot the cops, burn the cities.
They're gonna let them do it, order the cops to stand down, and then say, cops, it's your fault, capitulate, go under U.N.
I mean, it's on, folks.
You are witnessing a real coup.
100% what I'm telling you is happening.
Now, I knew this was coming, but to see it actually happen is so bold, is so over the top, that I get why people just can't believe it.
And again, Sargon, I don't mind people criticizing me.
That's why I wanted to say that on air.
But I don't want to split hairs, but the media will spin this.
To be clear, I really like what you say and do.
And I understand that they can edit what I've said out of context.
If you do, you know, 30 hours of stuff a week, you're going to say some things even when you're joking that come off like a train wreck.
And certainly some of the things I've said are wrong or came out wrong with the years.
But I think what you were saying, honestly, was the caricature they created of you was so clownish.
The straw man that if I got involved with you that would taint me really trying to reach out to the intellectual class and successfully get them to come back to classical liberalism.
But now things have gotten so dark that it's time to throw my lot even in with the heretic because we're all the heretics now.
Yeah, there's no distinction being drawn.
I mean, this has been something that's been warned about for quite some time, but that's absolutely correct.
There is no distinction being drawn anymore.
You say that, um, you know, people can take you out of context and things like this.
Well, recently there was a website put up that was a deepfake algorithm about Jordan Peterson that could very convincingly get him to apparently say whatever you wanted him to say.
Apparently it's a program because they've been putting my words in his mouth
And I saw this, and it was frightening.
The audio was him.
People were quite annoyed that Jordan Peterson was thinking about taking legal action, but in his position, I can see why he would be really upset by this and want to do something.
Megyn Kelly did that to me, but she took a real interview about her funding Al-Qaeda and ISIS in the Middle East, and I said,
I don't know if she's really killing kids in basements, like they say, but I know that she's funded the groups that have gone and killed hundreds of thousands of people, tens of thousands of children, many of them raped to death, a little girl raped to death by 100 men.
So I said Hillary Clinton is killing children.
She played that when she was still at Fox with the guy from the pizza place.
And said to him, what do you think of what he just said about you?
And of course, the guy didn't know, but it was edited audio.
We have the video.
We put the raw video up and then showed how they'd edited it.
People flipped out.
It got like 5 million views.
Here's the problem.
I'm off YouTube now.
So that's gone.
So now they're saying it again.
Think of the magnitude of that.
Control of information is a very important thing, and you should be able to control the information that you put out.
So Megyn Kelly did a deep fake on me.
Well, no, you can't.
It wasn't done with a computer.
Yeah, it was done by editing.
The term deepfake specifically means computer-generated algorithms.
Yes, I understand.
So we can't say that.
For that, it was just false editing.
It's just taking it out of context.
But isn't that an organic form of deepfake?
Well, yeah, it's the same principle.
It's still a lie by omission.
Shang Trump said all Mexicans are criminals.
He never said that.
He didn't say that, no.
It's still a lie.
It's still fake news.
I mean, you know.
No, you're technically right.
It's not a deep fake.
There's always different methods of creating fake news and they're all pernicious.
Well, getting back to, say, the Nazis.
It's come out in court that most of these Nazi groups, going back to Elohim City in the mid-90s in Oklahoma, are actually run by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
They're actually run by foundations.
All the guys, of the ten leaders, five of them at Charlottesville worked for Obama or Hillary the year before and then suddenly they become Nazi leaders.
I mean, come on.
I don't know anything about that, but it is possible that they changed opinions and changed sides.
So I'm not going to rule it out, but I don't know anything about that.
Here's an example.
London Guardian reports that most of the Nazi attacks going on in the 90s and stuff, back when the Guardian was still real,
We're actually German secret police, but they were staging false flags themselves.
Right, because you do get people like, there's a chap called Baked Alaska, who worked for BuzzFeed and was a leftist and then joined the alt-right.
But the thing is, this harks back to a lot of what a lot of intellectuals are saying around the 1930s, is that there's not very much difference between a communist and a Nazi.
It's actually not a dramatic shift in ideology.
Well you're right, whenever I see, who's the guy that's the
We're good to go.
But he's wearing like a 1930s outfit.
Yes, he's very daft, very posh, very soft.
Well, you know, you're here in the United States.
We've been flattered to have you in studio.
We've got about 10 minutes left.
I want to get as much out of you as I can as you're a fascinating guy.
Thank you.
I don't see how they were able to take you off some platforms already, because when I watch your
I mean, you're a well-spoken, very friendly guy.
Like you said, you sound like a liberal professor 30 years ago.
So the fact that they want you off the air just shows how insane the left has become.
I think really it's down to efficacy.
I think if I had a platform of like five viewers or something, they wouldn't care.
I think it's the fact that I have a large audience.
But most importantly, I'm directly opposing progressivism as an ideology.
Because I think that is the root of the problems here.
Like the radical leftism that is slipped in under the guise of progressivism.
I think I'm quite effective at challenging this, and I think that's the problem.
So obviously this is your day job now, but personally, when you started out and didn't know you'd get, you know, 50 million viewers a month or whatever,
What were you doing then?
What made you get engaged?
What were you thinking this YouTube channel would do?
Honestly, I didn't have any plan for it whatsoever, which is why I ended up with the name Sarkin of Akkad.
I was just... I'd been working for the government research councils in Britain.
And I lost that job for whatever reason, and I was unemployed and looking for other jobs, and I was just annoyed at the things I was seeing in the news.
And I thought, well, you know, I'd registered a YouTube account like three years prior just so I could follow some videos that I was interested in.
And so I thought, oh, I'll upload one and talk about the things I'm concerned about talking about.
And here we are.
That was that funny one you did about the humble water filter emergency.
That wasn't my meme, I stole that.
But man, when you did the gay frogs thing, I read through it and I was like, well, that's true.
That's actually a true thing.
The question wasn't whether it was turning the frogs gay, it was who was doing it and why.
And it was really corporate laziness, not like a government conspiracy.
But they're directly pushing to do this to young boys for depopulation.
Well, the radical left certainly are.
I don't know whether it's for depopulation, that's the thing, but, I mean, they're probably... Well, they're running around trying to chop young boys' balls off, like, you know, the old-fashioned Native Americans wanted to have scalps.
Yes, yes, the radical left actually do hate masculinity.
Let's talk about that some, because this war on masculinity, and it's not empowering women, what's behind it, where's it going?
It's because the radical left has been, it's a feminist movement, and they're very, they'll all call themselves feminists, they're very open about it.
They think that masculinity is toxic, they think it's the cause of the suffering that women have to endure, and therefore the solution is to feminize men.
And that's actually not healthy for men.
It turns them weird.
It makes them unhappy.
Also, statistically, women really don't like that.
So all these women that have the liberal, beta-cuck husband, she's out having sex all day with the alpha males, and then meanwhile, now they even wear shirts that say, I'm a cuck.
That was at the recent Antifa protest in Portland.
He had a shirt that said, Beta Cuck for Life.
That's unironically true.
There's actually clothing lies!
People thought it was a joke!
Yeah, but that is true.
That is absolutely true.
I mean, only 8% of America and roughly 9% of Britain are radical left-wing activists.
In my country, about 35% of people are actively opposed to feminism.
It's not that they're not feminists, it's that they oppose feminism.
There is a much broader section of the population that is opposed to this.
And part of it is, as you say, women are attracted to masculinity.
They do like masculine men.
They don't tend to go for feminine men.
I don't know.
They know that it's an upward force.
It's creative, it's exploratory, it's aggressive.
It's not going to end up with equality, but it is going to end up with things like success and excitement and things like this.
But that's not equality, you know, and so they have to drag that down to make the men the same as the women.
But that drags everybody down.
Yes, it does.
Well today, InfoWars Live Protein Bar.
I just devoured your cousin InfoWars Live Protein Bar.
What in the world's going on here?
I mean, again, men can't have babies, but there's this mental illness where they go, oh look, this man's having a baby, but it's a woman that transitioned, said she was a man, still had a uterus, and then has a baby, and we're all supposed to just go along with the mental illness.
Yeah, and they've actually declassified transgenderism as a mental illness now.
It used to be that gender dysphoria was a mental illness, but they decided, well, if we recategorize it out of the category of mental illness, then it's not a mental illness.
Well, here's an example.
If I get depressed, which I'm not going to do, hypothetically, you start cutting my fingers off with a hatchet, they're going to put me in a mental institution.
But if I wanted to go and have my balls chopped off,
That would be very progressive.
And, you know, have my junk sliced up.
That would be, oh, beautiful!
Or the trans-abled people that want bleach poured in their eyes to be blind.
And then we've got to pay for them!
It's very progressive.
It's all about breaking down barriers, because all of these barriers are a form of oppression, you see?
Because if you can't become a woman, but you want to become a woman, then you're being oppressed.
Nature is oppressing you.
And if we can do something about that, we can philosophically change it, so trans women are women, we can physically change your body using...
Surgeries that are not even, like, surgeries that are not, they're experimental and drugs that have not yet been tested.
Channel, I think it was Channel 4 or BBC, they put out a documentary about transgenderism in the UK and in the documentary they just openly admitted that, yeah, these drugs have not been tested but they just switched to the 16 year old child who was taking the drugs and they were like, yeah, I'm happy to do it, I'm gonna do it anyway.
It's like, are we really allowing the government to give
Well, let's expand on that.
Just six, seven years ago, everybody laughed at South Park, where, you know, the guy wants to be a dolphin, but he's not really a dolphin.
Now, it's LGBTP everywhere.
They're saying, no, sex with children is normal, and the news is pushing it.
So, not all of them are saying that.
Some of them are saying that.
Well, I've seen it all over the place.
Yeah, you are right.
So Salon.com published, I think it was two or three articles, from someone called a virtuous paedophile who is advocating that this was actually a sexual identity and there have been lots of academics who have said this is actually a natural sexual identity and not some kind of mental disease.
So there is a push towards normalization in that regard.
And if you look at pride parades now, they seem to be turning into fetish parades.
I mean, I'm also... And they say, oh, little kids can handle it, and then they have books from Australia to the U.S.
in the library that teach six-year-olds how great oral sex is.
That's a pedophilic book.
Yeah, that is, and that's actually something that happened, people.
And yeah, the slippery slope seems to be greased up and really, really, really long.
So in closing here...
Fascinating to have you on, and looking at all this, if you go back to the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot, or you go back to other fascistic communist movements, they would just go in, when Lenin took over, he'd go into the small towns and medium-sized cities and kill the doctors, kill the intellectuals, because even if they said, yeah, we support you, they still didn't trust them, because they could be leaders, and they also killed off most of the Russian
Military leadership, because they were threatened by them, which also crippled Russia for a long time and allowed Hitler to a certain extent to get as far as he got later, decades later.
And so you see them killing the killing fields, killing anybody that had glasses on.
We're good to go.
And all these text messaging things.
Just three months ago, when we got banned using my name on Facebook and Paul, they said, CNN went, we want to see if he's on WhatsApp.
We're looking at the accounts, so they're inside the stuff, so we can stop Jones from sending private messages.
So they want to go down to the level, like we always say, what's next?
AT&T listens to what I'm saying with AI and says I can't say it.
Facebook and all of them are already doing it and admitting
They're not just listening to you with the assistant inside your house.
They are now listening to the messages you send.
They are now reading what you say and not letting you do it in real time and quote having real humans flag it and watch it in real time in your phone.
So see they're just light-yearing out trying to go so far with the Overton window that no matter how hard we battle back they've so fundamentally overturned reality and civilization that we're down a rat hole.
What I find really amazing about it is how transparent the political agenda is, because you'll see people like Susan Wojcicki going on certain YouTube channels to be interviewed by them, and not others, obviously.
And then you'll see people like yourself, and it's always, always, of a particular bent, you know, Gavin McInnes, you know, myself, it's always people in a certain particular sphere who get deplatformed.
And then if you just think about it, murderers have Facebook accounts.
They don't get too platformed for being murderers.
They still have their Facebook accounts.
Pedophiles have Facebook accounts.
Like, terrorists have Facebook.
Yeah, ISIS have Facebook accounts.
It's, like, actual people who have done really terrible things actually have Facebook accounts.
But they're not thought criminals!
But they're not thought criminals.
So let me ask you this question.
What do you think government should do?
Because I don't believe in government involvement things.
I'm a libertarian.
Except, except when you have corporations working in tandem as combines, like tech, bigger than most countries individually together, more powerful than probably even the US, and they are
censoring people, they are manipulating the general info that the public can get, and they're abusing that power, and they have a monopoly section in law here, section 230, where they are seen as a utility, so they don't have liability.
What I want is a First Amendment that doesn't take rights, but enshrines them and guards them, and is a prohibition on the exact gang mentality control that we now see unfolding.
There is a very strong libertarian argument to not have the government be involved because, you know, the argument goes something like, well, ten years ago Google was nothing, so, you know, and then, you know, where's MySpace, where are these other platforms now?
But I think that the, as you say, the Section 280
Has been manipulated, not manipulated, taken advantage of for a political agenda and the scope of these companies has become so big and they have been masquerading as platforms when really they are publishers that it is kind of irresponsible for us to not do something because we are seeing the actual political disintegration of Western countries.
And it probably is because of social media.
I mean, Jack Dorsey looks like he's a monk.
He looks like he spends his time in the desert meditating on how he has screwed the West because of Twitter.
I mean, and Twitter is ruining the political class.
Like the Daily Beast, one of these journalistic outlets, they actually, internal documents were leaked where the CEOs of it were recommending that they stop using Twitter.
Just stop using Twitter.
Because it's doing damage to the mental health of the people on it.
It puts them in this war mode where they're constantly fighting the enemy.
You know, you're the, you know, the right wingers of the enemy.
We're the good guys.
So we're just in this constant war footing.
And it really is driving a wedge.
And people get radicalized on social media.
They know it.
And it's one of those things where if you're taking the opposition off, then you're going to get all one side.
And so you can't... And it's going to radicalize faster.
You can't help it.
And so I don't like to have to say, well, the government is going to have to do something.
But I think that revoking the Section 280 protections and making them publishers rather than platforms is probably the easiest, simplest and least intrusive thing to do.
And remember, two years ago, Jack Dorsey was quoted in a newspaper interview, and he said, yeah, I said that, saying,
I'm not one side, I mean I'm not two-sided, I'm not fair, we need to have war, we need to crush these people, you can pull up the actual quote, but it was very similar to that, and there's a couple of Matt Taibbi articles about myself and the censorship a year ago, where he actually got it right.
Censorship is not in, well it was one, beware the celebrity slub of Facebook, censorship was the other, and he exposes, and I'll say it again a year after we did here, because we're the conspiracy theorists, that the Atlantic Council,
Was already there, but it was a group of CIA and NSA high-level former directors and others
When Obama left, he funded billions of dollars into a, quote, group to fight the Russians, but then they just took that money and purposed it to go after myself and others to set the precedent.
And so Trump has a stay-behind network group, and it's all in here, the Atlantic Council, with people still in government and out of government that are operating mutinously against Trump.
He even gets the quotes together that we've played here on air of the Senators and Congressmen saying, I want all right-wingers off.
Banning Alex Jones isn't enough.
There's thousands of sites that are just as bad.
Senator Blumenthal, Wyden, Murphy, they've said getting rid of Jones is key to saving America.
These are quotes.
And so these Matt Taibbi articles aren't Alex Jones.
I told you this before.
They are, Taibbi explaining, this is already the government, but a faction of the government is giving clearance, they believe, to Big Tech and giving them orders.
So this group was already giving them orders, okay?
Well, we don't even need to go to the government either.
The worst thing is, this can happen without government intervention.
I love watching David Knight in the morning.
I love tuning in to Owen Schroyer.
I love all the other shows we do here.
But I'll be honest with you.
We run, during the breaks, a lot of news reports because I'm sick of hearing the ads.
So, you think you don't want to hear an ad?
I don't want to hear an ad.
But here's the bottom line.
We're barely paying the bills here.
And I want to expand to the face of the globe.
Let's not contract.
I don't want them to win.
So listen.
You've got this guarantee from me.
We sell enough product, we'll have less ads and less plugs.
And we'll expand and really give the globals a run for their money.
But we've got products you already really need, like DNA Force Plus, X2.
These will change your life.
Go check out the turmeric products.
Check out the water filtration, air filtration.
Check it all out.
Whatever you do, take action and know.
Be part of the second American revolution.
Be part of crushing the globalists.
You'll get great products at the same time.
Infowarsstore.com is the umbrella site.
As we saw with Steven Crowder and Carlos Maza of Vox, who's now left Vox.
But it was Carlos' insistence that he didn't like Steven Crowder making jokes about him calling him a lispy queer.
Even though that guy calls himself a queer.
He does, yes.
He does.
But Steven Crowder was mocking him.
I don't know.
And that business model had been investing in Twitter and making it its hub for years.
And so it's a form of robbery that Twitter said, oh, you're not breaking the rules for all these years.
And then when a Twitter mob, a bunch of people with torches and pitchforks, when they come, you lose it all.
And that's another great example, the New York Times leak.
It's like now Crowder has to work for free.
Now he has to, he can't stop doing his job, and so now he has to work for free.
He doesn't have another platform to go to, and it's all on the say of one of his political enemies.
It's not that he broke the rules, he didn't, and it was just- And that's only phase one!
Well, yeah- Because next they'll just destroy him completely unless his listeners support him and create their own base, but let me bring this up- Well, that was the request, actually, that he was completely deplatformed, but sorry, go on.
No, you're right.
And we'll close with this and let you finish.
Remember two weeks ago, the New York Times leaked information.
It came out that the head of the New York Times was telling people, hey, Twitter, you can't do what they say anymore.
There was a headline saying Trump says America must come together and he condemned white supremacism after the tragedy in El Paso.
And Twitter got mad about that, attacked the New York Times.
They got scared, pulled the headline down and began apologizing.
And he said, listen, we changed the headline within an hour.
You shouldn't give these mobs the power.
I agree it made him look too good.
We won't do that anymore.
We're going to shift from Russia to race.
But be slicker about it and stop giving the outrage mobs all the power because they're making you sound wild.
This is a 74-page transcript, or 74-minute, excuse me, but it's a long transcript, and I read the whole damn thing.
And he's trying to read between the lines so it's not obvious, but a few times he comes right out and says it.
Just calling him a Nazi isn't working.
We need to subtly destroy him with the race thing, but stop letting Twitter radicalize you to the point of where you sound like an idiot.
And it's so telling, just what you said about Twitter and its hysteria, which then produces the Four Horsemen, which are super unpopular and are destroying the Democratic Party.
They can't help themselves, so it's a black hole of hysteria.
That's true.
I like calling the squad the Four Horsemen.
That's the Four Horsewomen, I suppose.
That's really good.
But no, you're absolutely right.
That was exactly it.
The New York Times headline was Trump versus Trump.
Trump suggests unity against racism or something like this.
But the problem with that is obviously it dichotomizes Trump against racism and they're trying to include him in the definition of racism.
He is the racist in chief as far as they're concerned.
If they dichotomize him against racism, then that makes him look good.
But that was an accurate description of what he had done.
He had said, no, white supremacy, neo-Nazis, it's all bad, we reject it completely.
And that wasn't good enough, because that completely undermines the Twitter mob's power to coerce.
My oldest daughter went to a football game.
She's 15.
And she has a lot of friends and she's popular, but she went from one school to another and kids walked over and said, you're Alex Jones's daughter?
Why does he deny the Holocaust and hate Jews?
And my daughter just said, you know, you're just believing fake news and walked off.
But that's the level of the brainwashing.
So, how do people find you?
How do they find your work if they weren't already a listener or viewer?
And have you moved to build your own website to back everything up?
Because as Matt Drudge said in the studio four years ago, this was all coming.
He said, we've got to decentralize.
I am working on decentralizing.
Alt-Tech, which exists now.
So there are platforms like Bitshoot, Telegram, Gab.ai, which I have a presence on all of those.
And they're very easy to find.
You can just search Sargon of Akkad and I'll be the first results.
Just like I used to be on Google before my MEP campaign.
I was the first result on Google if you typed in Sargon of Akkad.
I'd usurp the position of the historical one.
But now you can't actually find my YouTube channel or videos that way.
You have to type in Sargon of a Cad YouTube specifically to be able to find my channel.
And then when you go on YouTube, you have to actually go to my channel to find my videos.
You can't actually get the videos up if you just do a search.
That's right.
A lot of the videos people posted of me doing interviews, they're not even listed now on somebody else.
Thank you.
If you search Alex Jones, it's three pages down at the bottom.
It used to be at the top.
Oh yeah.
Three pages until you find me, what I'm actually saying.
Yeah, same here.
They manipulate their search results.
And you can see this, anyway, go to a search engine like DuckDuckGo and search in Hillary Clinton and then just see what the recommended, the fill-in and the searches, and then do the same on Google and see what comes up.
You'll see the difference.
It's just so amazing.
I can't believe it.
I don't
We're going to go get dinner.
The crew's been here late.
This has been an amazing interview, but I got to say this gut level, I think they've miscalculated.
I think this is going to really absolutely overturn the left.
I think it's going to destroy the corporate globalism.
I think there's going to be a new system that comes out of this.
I think it's going to be very, very dangerous.
It's going to be a very tumultuous time.
But at a gut level, I think classical liberalism is going to come back in in the near future.
And I think it's going to be populists and nationalists that embrace it.
That'll end up being the new intellectual elite and I think we're gonna see a new dawn and a new renaissance I mean, I think that's the very possible probable outcome if we do our jobs and keep fighting and aren't bullied Well, let's hope so.
What do you think?
I don't even want to think about the future I just want to think about what's right in front of my face because my god, I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow It's been it's been a really wild few years.
Well, you've got children.
What's your gut level?
We've just got to keep doing what we're doing.
We must have some effect, and we must be doing something right, otherwise they wouldn't pay any attention to us.
All right, good to have you here.
Glad you came to the United States, and let's go get something to eat.
That sounds good.
All right, folks, that's it for this extended transmission.
We taped this, but I'm going to add a lot of documents and articles and clips to it, obviously, that you just saw.
But this guy is great, and I'm glad that he came in here to cavort with the Central Texas Command Center, where you find the original patient zero of modern heretics.
We're very proud to be that, so thank you all for your
Views and for all your support without you we would not be here InfoWars tomorrow's news today
I've known Alex for, like, more than 20 years.
I've hung out with that guy.
We've been hammered together so many times.
That is the most misunderstood guy on the planet.
He was right about all this Jeffrey Epstein s***.
That is a f***ing fact.
Alex Jones called this years ago.
For years, Jones has been spreading conspiracy theories.
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist.
Radio host and conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones.
Alex Jones supported President Trump, but also peddled and promoted sick conspiracy theories.
It's really hard for me to understand how anyone can be so sick in the head.
Alex Jones, my God, Mika, and just...
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Alex Jones has been behind several right-wing conspiracy theories.
Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
The captain of America's conspiracy theory mothership.
Alex Jones espouses a litany of conspiracy theories, although he thinks that term belittles his reporting.
The government's poisoning the water?
I have all these other government documents where the government proposes and government think tanks propose it's poisoning the water to dumb down the population, make them more easily manageable.
Oh dear, the fluoride didn't work on this one.
He's fighting back against my takeover.
Hurry, chemtrail him immediately!
I've noticed what they attack me with on mainstream news.
Jones claims your cell phones are killing you.
Jones claims there's chemicals in the water that are lowering your fertility and confusing your sexuality.
Jones says there's black helicopters.
Jones says there's a world government.
Jones says the EU is unelected.
It is.
On and on and on.
And everything we're saying is out in the open.
Kelly Prime's son, Kyle, was just 10 years old when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2016.
Five months later, Kyle's friend and classmate, Mason Farooli, developed brain cancer.
Two more kids at the school were diagnosed this year.
The moms believe the recent increase in cancer cases could be caused by radiation from radio frequency or RF waves coming from this cell tower located on the elementary school campus.
So think about how the LA Times and even Wired Magazine will admit there are thousands of studies that prove that wireless radiation, as it's intensified in its strength the last 30 years, and how many places it's emanating from, and especially the microwave millimeter waves.
Cell phones!
I think?
Epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution in Florida in 2008 as part of a controversial deal.
In a civil case against the government about that deal, one accuser says she took part in an orgy on Epstein's private island in 2002 with approximately eight other young girls who appeared to be under the age of 18.
What may have happened here?
Just because some people want to restrict views doesn't mean they have a right to do it.
And see, once that happens, now you can shut down the details of Bill Clinton's best buddy and the pedophile island that we've been exposing.
Prison guards working when Epstein apparently died by suicide may have falsified reports to make it look like they were checking in on Epstein, when they were in fact not.
I am now more suspicious than ever that this could be a homicide.
People won't listen to me because I got too much data!
Can you imagine what this is like?
Alex Jones called this years ago.
Years ago.
He was saying that they take a lot of famous people to this island and they have all these young girls that this guy hooks them up with.
He was talking about this years ago.
Now it is mainstream news.