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Name: 20190811_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 11, 2019
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Alex Jones here with a message to President Trump and a message to the American people and the people of the world.
President Trump, you are wrong.
And the advisors telling you that you need to have red flag laws are wrong.
They violate due process in the Constitution.
And these red flag laws would not have stopped a single one of these shootings.
And that's on record as well.
So why are you going along with that?
To act like you're doing something because the demographics show that suburban soccer moms want to hear that something's being done to stop the crazy people?
Mr. President, you're right to say it's a mental health issue.
And these individuals had threatened to kill people.
These individuals had said they were going to kill police officers.
These people had said they were going to kill supporters of President Trump, the Ohio shooter.
The shooter in Florida last year had threatened to kill people at the school 40 plus times on record.
There had been police called.
And then again, the police stood down as well there in Parkland.
So no, red flag laws will just get rid of due process and will be used by leftist psychologists and psychiatrists and police departments in blue cities and blue states to persecute the law-abiding American citizens that have held back the giant crime waves coming out of blue cities and blue states.
It's a well-known fact that red states and red sectors in this country have way lower crime rates, way lower home invasion, and that cities where the people have been disarmed Like, Baltimore, Maryland, or Chicago have the highest crime rates, not just in America, but in the world.
But someplace like Kennesaw, Georgia, which is heavily populated, where you have to own a gun, has some of the lowest crime rate in the world.
But before I digress, here's really the most central point to all of this.
SSRIs, when they got approved, in the first studies from Eli Lilly, Showed that Prozac caused a massive increase in suicides and psychotic behavior.
And over a decade later, every SSRI says can cause you to commit suicide or have homicidal thoughts and act on homicidal actions.
That means murder people.
And almost every person who's done these mass shootings is on these drugs.
It's hearing voices and Satan telling them to kill people.
We need to profile the Satanists, the incels, the Black Prince Coat Mafia.
This was all kicked off in 1999 by Harrison Kleibold.
Again, devil worshippers, into evil, wearing black, wanting to go to hell.
They need to be profiled.
If you call for profiling these people, that's totally illegal, it's lawful, it's what needs to be done.
And we need to understand that these big drug companies pay out billions over the last decade in suits because they know that these drugs they're putting out there are killing a lot of people but that's just part of business and they pay it out.
So as I said on Piers Morgan many, many years ago, That it's not guns that kill people, it's the evil people.
And they just had an ad before I went on for one of these drugs, one of these SSRIs.
And I said, you're advertising drugs that they admittedly are saying scientifically kill people and cause all of this, and then you're blaming gun owners for putting people on meds that are in the hallucinogen class and that people black out on, especially if they drink a beer with it or take some other medication.
Almost every senseless shooting we see is somebody on these drugs or somebody on Xanax who then drinks.
It puts people into a trance and if they're already disturbed they go out and start killing.
So I'm not going to support The NRA, if they compromise and say, oh, let's look like, you know, that we're doing something, I want real action.
And instead of gun owners and the Second Amendment community and the right to self-defense that started this country, when the British came to take the guns, instead of us always apologizing, let's get out on the offense to the big drug companies and let them know they're pushing all this stuff on our children.
They're pushing amphetamines on our children, the Ritalin and all of it, up to 30 percent of some school districts are on psychotropics and or speed and it's going up every year and it came out 15 years ago that big pharma with their new freedom initiative by 2025 wants half of the American people on these drugs and we wonder why this happens ladies and gentlemen let's really do something let's profile the antifa incel devil worshipers that do almost all of this 90 plus percent
And let's look at the drugs they're taking that are way more dangerous than cocaine on the street.
Everybody knows cocaine can make you a psychotic killer, but it's nothing compared to this stuff.
Everybody knows PCP can make you a psychotic killer.
Why are we giving people drugs that are in similar classes when they're young and then wondering why this happens?
They are running a social engineering psychological warfare operation.
And if Trump gives in and goes along with this idea, That when somebody does something wrong, other people lose their rights.
It's not a slippery slope.
It is a course.
It is a guaranteed thing that's going to happen.
We'll be disarmed just like England, just like Sweden, and the crime rates will explode.
Yeah, there's not a bunch of crime using guns, but it's more dangerous in those countries than it is in the average US city.
With baseball bats and clubs and just all of the evil.
That's the facts and it's more important than ever that we hold the line against this and do not compromise.
President Trump, you've done a lot of great things and we really support you.
And yeah, you're a lot better than Hillary Clinton.
But if you start compromising like this for optics, for dumb leftists, it doesn't matter because you've joined them in the compromise.
No compromise on the Second Amendment.
As I told Piers Morgan and the world, If they try to take the firearms, 1776 will commence again.
I want to win this fight peacefully and the information war.
The left says they want to disarm the American people and finish capturing this nation so leftist armed Antifa can become the police force and rule over us like Venezuela.
The American people cannot and will not put up with it.
And I believe, like Ted Nugent said on my show Friday, President Trump, you're going to do the right thing as well.
I'm Alex Jones for Infowars.com.
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