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Name: 20190801_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 1, 2019
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses Antifa's planned attacks against border control facilities in Texas, criticizing the Democratic Party and George Soros. He also talks about censorship faced by InfoWars, encouraging listeners to support them while covering topics such as global politics, conspiracy theories, health products, recent events like ASAP Rocky's arrest, taking calls from listeners and promoting his website's products. The episode addresses increasing suppression of dissenting opinions and censorship on platforms like Amazon and YouTube, warning about the dangers of relying on these platforms for selling products and encouraging daily updates on InfoWars or YouTube.

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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
It's Thursday, August 1st, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from the InfoWars.com news studios in Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide and transmitting over the internet in defiance of George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the NWO.
Well, if you're a TV viewer, you can see behind me there on the big screens
What is officially being put out nationwide by the Antifa organization that is publicly funded by the Democratic Party and George Soros, refusedfascism.org, the same folks that did the full page ads around the country saying, overthrow the government, drive Trump regime from power, November 4th it begins.
Remember that?
A couple years ago?
Well now,
They're organizing the violent attack on border control facilities in Texas and in the graphics that they have, it shows American flags burning.
We can show the full graphic on screen, that'd be great.
American flags burning, burning ICE vehicles and dead ICE officers with arrows sticking out of them.
In pools of blood, Molotov cocktails being thrown, and burning down the ICE facility.
And we'll just go document cam then.
Document cam shot please.
Border Resistance Tour.
And we'll put this full screen on TV, this graphic in there.
Border Resistance Tour.
You can see the ICE people dead here in pools of blood, the burning vehicles and the Moloff cocktails being thrown into the concentration camp-looking facility with the American flag on fire.
And then there's also a Liberation Theology nativist symbol being promoted by the Ford Foundation for Native Peoples to Uprise and Kill All White People.
That symbol is then seen shining over the
Embattlements in the parapets.
So, we've got a big article on that going up at InfoWars.com in the next 30 minutes.
That Kit Daniels is working on.
He first reported on this last week when Antifa announced plans to attack the facilities.
Now RedState's reporting on it.
Antifa says it's coming to Texas on September 1st.
And that they are organizing on the hashtag that we'll be covering coming up next segment.
Hashtag meet me in Texas.
And of course they're praising the man a few weeks ago that firebombed the ICE facilities in Washington State and was shot at police officers before he was killed.
I am Antifa.
He wrote his Antifa manifesto and said it is now time to uprise nationwide.
Kill, kill, kill.
He said don't think, just start killing law enforcement.
So, and none of the AOC Four Horsemen will say it's wrong.
They've all been asked in press conferences.
CNN and others have praised Antifa as a good group.
So, we're going to be breaking all of that down coming up here on the broadcast today.
And how it ties into flood of illegal migrants.
They're not illegal aliens, they're migrants to the border.
Outpaced this last two years with 1.1 million expected in fiscal year 2019.
And it ties into deter migrants.
Trump administration pushes elaborate scaffolding at the border and off the books.
ICE let loose 218,000 migrant family members into the U.S.
since December.
And of course, they're only catching about a third of the people.
We have seen our border
Broken, but if you zoom right in on here, you can see again the bloody dead ICE agents in the pools of blood and the peace movement throwing them all off cocktail.
And again, everything that this Soros funded group does.
Everything they engage in, refuse fascism, is meant to look real simple and black and white.
It's all completely centralized and run by the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundation, with funding from George Soros.
So it is the muscle of the meth-head left.
We'll cover this and so much more on the other side on Alex Jones, Infowars.com, tomorrow's news day.
The Globalist.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this August 1st Thursday Global.
Incredibly important transmission.
Don't forget, it's not just Alex Jones.
It's truly this year from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Everyday Central Time.
We have the David Knight Show.
Going out of my old studio, the old classic studio.
Now he's moved into their weekday mornings at 8 a.m.
And then Owen Schreyer, an actress with The War Room.
And I'm about a year behind, but now in the next month or so, you'll see several new shows that are going to be announced.
Guaranteed, that's all locked and loaded, about to happen.
Okay, if you're a radio listener, you might want to go to InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com the next 30 minutes.
We're going to have an article up about this with screenshots and links to all the documentation.
But if you are a TV viewer, you can see all of this behind me.
This is being officially put out by Antifa, funded by the Ford Carnegie Rockefeller Foundation, and of course, George Soros.
All of their artwork is always meant to look childish and grassroots.
It's always black and white, and it's run out of the Communist Party offices at refusefascism.org.
And the leader of it, again, is an avowed supporter of Obama and of the Weathermen and of all of these people.
And he routinely goes on The Young Turks.
He was just on the Young Turks.
In fact, let's pull that up.
Leader of Antifa was on the Young Turks.
I forget his name.
He looks like a rat.
White guy.
Old white commie.
And he says, well, we're about to have a violent overthrow.
But in the double think of these people, it shows individuals with peace signs on them, throwing Molotov cocktails and burning up ice agents and ice agents laying around in pools of blood.
And remember, they bought full-page ads in the Washington Post and the New York Times over the last few years, repeatedly.
This nightmare must end.
The Trump-Pence regime must go.
November 4th, it begins.
Be there.
Join with thousands.
You will gather in cities and towns across the country.
A move of protests that continue every day and night, growing until we become millions, determined not to stop until the regime is driven from power.
And, well, now they're not just saying go to Refuse Fascism, now they're saying go to their new website, borderresistance.com.
We'll put that site up on screen for you.
And they say that they're going to be meeting starting in the last few days in Santa Cruz, Oakland, August 1st, Olympia, Washington, where they firebomb the facility.
August 2nd, Portland, Oregon.
August 4th, Seattle.
August 6th, Minneapolis.
August 7th, Chicago.
And then they're all going to caravan down from Chicago, down I-35, and they're going to firebomb.
This is on their main site.
They're going to firebomb ICE facilities, shoot police officers in the back, and shoot people full of arrows, and burn American flags, which they're already doing across the country.
So, there you go.
Because they believe they're fighting Nazis, that they're Captain America fighting Red Skull.
Except they wear Nazi uniforms, are funded by a former Nazi collaborator George Soros, and attack free speech, and throw them all off cocktails and shoot people.
That was an antifa person that went and shot Scalise.
He identified with them as well at the baseball game.
So they're getting ready to make their move.
They are a domestic terror organization.
The definition of terrorism is to threaten violence or carry out violence for a political or economic end.
And this is the very definition of it.
I've been attacked by them.
Owens had them point guns at him in Austin.
The police did nothing because it's a blue city.
They were upset.
The police didn't like it, but they said, we've been ordered to stand down by the new police chief.
And they pointed guns and said, you're not going to the park for your Control the Borders demonstration.
And they, I mean, Owens was within his rights to obviously physically take them out, but he didn't.
But that's the level that this has gotten to.
And just remember, remember, as Andy says, it's coming to Texas, that we got these documents a year and a half ago in January of 08.
Documents that tell plan for civil unrest and martial law in Baltimore.
Obama, through the Justice Department, it's in Antifa's own documents, with Alexander Soros in command.
You can read this.
Working with the Baltimore police to allow Antifa, white college professors and government employees, to burn buildings, attack police, to try to get the black population to uprise.
So that's the view that they have of black people, is that they're mindless idiots that can be programmed and made to do what they want.
But they failed.
They got some rioting, but not as much as they wanted.
They didn't get it nationwide.
That's why CNN was on every channel saying, well, you know, police deserve to die.
When a bunch of cops got shot in Dallas and a bunch of cops got shot in Louisiana, they said, well, police are doing bad things, so people are pushing back.
In almost every case,
It was where somebody pulled a gun on the police and the media would lie about it, but the truth would later come out.
This was all meant to stir up a violent revolution to keep Obama in office, but it failed.
And I believe this will fail as well, but it's the same tactic by Soros and the UN in Europe.
Turkey threatens to open the front gates to migrants entering Europe.
Now, Erdogan said years ago, if you don't let me organize an Islamic party in all of your countries, I will overthrow you with migrants.
So they capitulated to him, and now he's even sending more in, millions and millions.
And he has an alliance with the left.
And so now Turkey Interior Minister has threatened to open the floodgates.
I think so.
People like the man who firebombed the ICE facility who wrote the Antifa manifesto, a total and complete kookball who believed he was fighting Nazis.
In his manifesto he says, don't think, just start killing.
And they praised him all over Twitter, all over Facebook.
And notice Facebook still letting them push.
Now it's up to 1.8 million people that say they're gonna storm Area 51.
Everybody goes, oh it's cute, it's funny, but it's just everybody getting used to Facebook preparing masses of people like they did the Arab Spring.
Anti-firebomb government buildings belong to armed Antifa group promoted by CNN.
They even had a fundraiser on CNN for his organization that he was a commander of.
Heavily praised.
And you look at the videos of him and when he was talking to the three percenters, like in this photo, I've had folks on that talked to him.
He was completely delusional and believed he was fighting Red Skull.
When there's anything close to Red Skull, it's the New World Order.
Oh, we love bringing in the Muslims, the Arab Springs.
They can kill all the gay people and throw women into slave pens.
None of it makes sense.
None of it's reality-based, like people with peace symbols throwing Moloff cocktails.
They're like, oh, well, this is just, you know, some drawing.
All of it's done psychological warfare style.
Very, very skillfully.
In fact, I even know the artist.
I have a piece of their art hanging on the wall from the WTO protest in 1999.
And I know the whole organization, the whole group, we've infiltrated them in Berkeley, we've infiltrated them in Austin, and you have board members of the University of Texas, people that chair departments, who literally are Chinese agents of Chinese intelligence who command them.
Now, I told you that two years ago.
A year later, it was in the Washington Post that UT Confucius Center shut down because it was run by Chinese intelligence.
That was even in mainstream news!
You cannot make up how dangerous these people are.
That's why they all have, I'm serious, most of them either wear shirts or have tattoos of Mao Tse-Tung.
There it is on screen, daily texting, you team must cut ties with Confucius Institutes, because it was found they are Chinese intelligence.
Yeah, the Russians, they're really infiltrating us.
Russia can't even control its gigantic country three times the size of the U.S.
No, China is the one that needs resources.
It's China that's taking over the planet.
It's China that owns the debt.
It's China we're in a trade war with.
And they run Antifa!
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That's all happening.
The left are fascist authoritarians.
They're bullies.
They're criminals.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Look at those headlines, and they're real.
Antifa publicly organizing terror attacks on ICE facilities in Texas.
That's the new article of all the screenshots and documentation, and Kit's adding even more information to it.
And the live video feed is titled, Antifa Announces Nationwide Uprising.
Bloody terror attacks, publicly planned.
In Texas, and just two and a half weeks ago, they hit a nice facility in Washington, torching multiple cars, firing at police, and Antifa across the nation officially called for more death.
In the words of their manifesto writer, stop thinking, start killing!
So liberal.
In the flyers they're putting out, and this is the official Antifa artist that does this, on their site, funded by George Soros, commanded by Alexander Soros, that's public, they buy full-page ads in the New York Times, by the group, same group, people in peace symbols throwing Molotov cocktails and burning up ICE agents, ICE agents in pools of blood, burning American flag.
And across the country, American flags pulled down the last few years, the last few weeks.
Mexican flags hoisted up, Antifa publicly organizing terror attacks on ICE facilities in Texas.
And there are big Native American movements at these universities being taught to kill the white man in South Texas, and those groups are represented here as well.
And they say that they are going to occupy the facilities, that they are going to burn them to the ground, that they are going to kill, just like their leader, their new martyr, Willem van Spronsen, said to do.
Stop thinking.
Get your guns illegally.
These are quotes.
Start killing.
Promotion shows U.S.
flag on fire.
Dead ICE agents.
And again, I'm going to explain this for the 50 millionth time because I know you know it, but this article, when we published this last January, a year and seven months ago, all hell broke loose behind the scenes because we were sent
By a family member, whose brother got in a lot of trouble, so they went in his house and found that he was a commander, an officer, in Antifa, and funded by Friends of Democracy, Final Operation Order Summary.
And this is the targets they're allowed to hit.
They have deals with McDonald's.
They have deals with Starbucks.
You know, Starbucks asks you if you're white, if you're a bad person.
They teach Black Lives Matter.
They teach that police are bad.
Well, they have a deal with them where they're allowed to knock out their windows and burn them.
That's why they don't get arrested, because they have deals with certain blue city police.
That's all in there.
This was from Baltimore four and a half years ago.
It's a blueprint to everything.
And they say, you will go to this juncture point here at this time.
You will smash these windows and set fire to this.
You've been authorized.
There will be a captain there controlling the police.
So the captains are Antifa.
This is so diabolical.
You talk about organized crime.
It's like the mayor of Portland is Antifa.
Many of the police in places like Portland actually help Antifa.
Many are Antifa.
Some aren't, but they're driven out of the departments.
That's why Eric Holder wanted to federalize police.
That's why they kept hyping up these deals with the feds to come in and take over local departments, because they're supposed to have racism, because they were going to have their people in charge everywhere.
And then once they have the police, you've got a police state.
Once authoritarians, be they communist or fascist,
Just like Venezuela right now, or Cuba, or North Korea, Katie barred the door.
Then you have to go to a shooting war.
Well, they've been killing cops and doing all this to put pressure on them the last few years under Obama to capitulate.
It says agitators will inform operations when AOEC has approved the final distribution of funds.
Considering OPSET, it just goes through military terms, information will be conveyed after the action.
We're laying through the same communications channels using Negotiate Ops.
And it goes through all the other systems and their contacts in the police department.
You want to go read this.
They all sign off on the battle action.
They have the legal forms.
They have a lawyer standing by.
They have insurance if they get hurt.
Their job, agitate the black population into uprising.
Where are they going to attack?
What targets are they going to hit?
It turned out Eric Holder was funding the entire Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman debacle.
All the made-for-TV movies and all the things they do.
We commend the Lizards for getting this to us.
And if you have antifa in your family, your husband, your wife, your sister, your brother, your neighbor, your country needs you to legally and lawfully get those documents and get them to us or Project Veritas.
And send them to showtips at InfoWars.com.
And if you don't see a response right away because we get so many emails, sometimes I hit the spam filter, physically mail it to us.
Call into the office, get it to us.
I know over the years we've missed a lot of stuff, that's why I say
Send it to Project Veritas.
Send it to The Daily Caller.
Send it to RedState.
But just see it to everybody.
Turns out, federal marshals and then state police years ago sent secret documents about how they were being trained that veterans and gun owners were the number one terror threat.
No one would publish it, but us, we published it.
It was real.
The government had to admit, yes, Obama's teaching police that Christians and gun owners are terrorists and that veterans are bad people.
It's all lies.
The FBI Director is out putting that lie out right now as well.
This is part of their cover for what they're doing, the uprising they're trying to form.
They've got people inside the FBI, inside the ATF, inside everything, and they've been trying this for a long-term plan.
But the article, Documents Detail Plan for Civil Unrest in Martial Law in Baltimore, as soon as this live show is done today, I'm going to archive on our own servers this breakdown I've done in the last 30 minutes, and we're going to post it.
into this original article and repost it on the front page of InfoWars.com.
But right now, it is a maximum alert.
Antifa publicly organizing terror attacks on ICE facilities in Texas.
Promotion shows U.S.
flag on fire, dead ICE agents in pools of blood.
They say we're going to launch a, quote, 10-day siege in El Paso, Texas, starting September 1st.
And they say that they are preparing with their border resistance
Carry out the great work of Willem van Spronsen and his firebombing of the facility that then direct people on the page to burn down the facility and kill ICE agents.
Of course, nothing will be done to them because the highest levels of the Justice Department are still under their control.
Trump has said designate them as a terror group.
Can you think if I was up here organizing and people in a group I had had already firebombed and already attacked people with metal bars and concrete and quickcrete and all the crap we've seen, you know how fast I'd be arrested for conspiracy to commit crimes?
Conspiracy to violate people's civil rights to be able to demonstrate?
That's what they go out and do is violate people's rights to demonstrate?
I would be arrested within a week, and I should be.
But not them, ladies and gentlemen.
Not them.
They get to organize criminal activity and overthrow of the elected government in the full-page ads of the New York Times.
George Soros gets that money, by the way, from the State Department.
And Trump still hasn't been able to turn it off because it was already allotted under Obama.
That's how that works.
Some of these things are done two, three, five years out.
Now, a lot of the money is running out.
The couple billion bucks they had to run fake media and anti-Alex Jones stuff, that money ran out a few months ago.
Do you notice what happened?
We are outlasting these murderers, but they're getting ready to launch some big ops.
Pomp, pageantry, and armored tanks.
President Trump creates a different kind of fireworks this 4th of July.
In recent years, 4th of July on the National Mall has been a tribute to universal American themes.
The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, a star-spangled civic hymn.
This year, by design, it will be much more about him.
President Trump has decided that this year, the 4th of July, should be for him.
This is a celebration of our nation's history.
This is not a celebration of any particular individual, including
I don't think he understands.
This is America's birthday, not his birthday.
This is why the word hijacked is being used.
Donald Trump has hijacked the nation's previously nonpartisan 4th of July celebration.
That effort to hijack July 4th for his own purposes did not go well.
Using patriotism and the military as political props has hijacked a day that should unify Americans.
But it's safe to say unifying Americans is not one of Trump's core talents.
A political rally in the middle of D.C.
on 4th of July.
That's just totally improper.
It's just obscene.
And the speech is going to be dreadful.
They're going to have their Confederate flags flying and their license plates and all kinds of troublemaking.
Well, let's see.
Let me be subtle here.
At a professional level, 25 years in national security, I hated it.
At a personal level, I hated it more.
I've decided Washington is going to have a party on the 4th of July.
There will be big parades with floats using a new invention of mine.
This should not be a political event.
Nothing about 4th of July should be reduced to politics.
But he's putting himself at the center of this.
He is, by all accounts, the most polarizing president in modern history.
And simply by his presence, standing in front of one of our most cherished monuments, makes this a very controversial decision.
There's no need for this.
I mean we've celebrated America on 4th of July pretty well.
I think in part this is about a president who's deeply insecure and this is a bit of sort of phony toughness that we've seen out of him.
Sure looks like a partisan re-election rally on public space.
Donald Trump's campaign rally in Washington paid for by the American taxpayer.
A campaign event.
Some kind of a campaign speech.
A political rally.
Partisan event.
Combination Trump rally and Kim Jong Un-style military parade.
The president's vision bears a closer resemblance to the chest-thumping displays put on by authoritarian regimes.
This is the kind of military display that we were used to seeing from the Soviet Union.
I also have some concerns about a president
Not celebrating the military, but glorifying military might.
That scares me the most.
I'm just troubled about the militaristic tone of this whole thing.
This reminds me of parades I used to attend in the Soviet Union.
Not the right look for the 4th.
Americans love our freedom and no one will ever take it away from us.
Those words sparking criticism that the president has taken over DC's 4th of July celebration on the National Mall.
Because the American people are being co-opted into this.
This is their day.
This is the day for America and for every American and yet the American people are being somewhat against their will.
Some of them who are just coming here for the fireworks co-opted to be a part of this.
The nation's birthday is being politicized.
Devotion to our founding ideals led American patriots to abolish the evil of slavery, secure civil rights, and expand the blessings of liberty to all Americans.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The last Democrat president.
Let's look into Obama the way they've looked at me from day one.
They've looked into everything that we've done.
They could look into the book deal that President Obama made.
Let's subpoena all of his records.
Let's subpoena all of the records having to do with Hillary Clinton and all of the nonsense that went on with Clinton and her foundation and everything else.
We could do that all day long.
Frankly, the Republicans were gentlemen.
And women.
When we had the majority in the House, they didn't do subpoenas all day long.
They didn't do what these people have done.
What they're doing is a disgrace.
So destructive to our country.
So, full page ads in the New York Times.
It cost $150,000 a piece.
Paid for by George Soros' son.
And now they're running new ads calling for fire bombings of ICE facilities and they're coming with an army to attack.
I'm going to get more into that.
The articles are up on Infowars.com.
But notice we were all told that today we were going to see the declassification of all the memos on Russiagate and all the Comey crap.
And I said last week, I said, you watch, Bill Barr is going to block that.
Because he's there to cover their butts.
He's there to try to get them to stop coming after Trump so they can make a deal, but the Democrats aren't holding up their end of the bargain, are they?
To kiss and make up and play patty cakes.
And so now a federal judge had said today, even if Barr didn't release it, that the federal judge was.
Oh, and now the federal judge has backed it off another month.
FBI agents went to Comey's home, we learned, to retrieve a secret memo after his termination.
So, see, there's been a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that we're all just learning about.
We're going to get to all of that and the huge China developments, the economy developments, the debates last night, several guests coming up, and so much more today.
But first, I want to raise this point of the New York Times.
I want to raise this point.
How much
Does it cost?
The New York Times says, on average, a full-page ad is $150,000.
Now, that could be just on average, but in the front section, it's more.
Now, they ran a lot of these ads, not just in the New York Times.
Now, this was paid for by George Soros' son, the main funder of Refuse Fascism, whose leader runs it nationwide and has gone on just this last month.
The Young Turks program, the Young Turks,
And said the violent overthrow is coming.
So has basically everybody.
You've heard the Democrats.
We need a violent revolution.
Any means necessary.
Joe Biden said physical revolution.
So that's where they're going.
And the reason that's important is $150,000 for that ad.
See, I'm trying to raise $300,000, $400,000.
And to do that, I've got to sell a million dollars worth of product because you are used to getting the products at 30%, 40%, 50% off.
So now, if I don't have sales all the time, we don't sell the product.
And then we make 20% or so.
Some of these deals are so good, we make less.
And I'm not complaining.
It's just the fact that then we sell a million dollars worth of product over two or three days.
I think we've sold, what are we up to, like $600,000?
Can we go to Infowars.com forward slash show guys and look at the counter there, look at the gas gauge on this attempt to fuel up the operation?
Yeah, $700,000.
Which is wonderful, but then you realize that's probably $150,000 of quote, profit.
To try to have extra money, just a little bit of extra money to launch some new shows and to have some other initiatives that obviously with our deplatforming, I'm not going to tell you some of the well-known successful groups and organizations that are able to expand and in the face of all this censorship, despite the fact that they've all been demonetized and they've all been basically shut down, that we've been able to go out and get other people to begin to set up some systems of capital.
So that they can continue to operate or expand.
And I see that really as my responsibility.
It's not just making InfoWars bigger and stronger, but to go out and really empower others that have shown that they can do a great job.
And so about half of what we do is public.
But there's a lot of other stuff you don't know about.
And I've been really frustrated in that I've not been able the last year to put
Five million dollars into other people's projects.
I've only been able to put half a million dollars in other people's projects.
And we've got the sweetest, juiciest projects that I know are just going to be dynamite in the information war that, quite frankly, I need like five million dollars.
Because used to I'd have an extra couple million dollars and I would go out some years five million and I'd spend it.
I would give it to basically almost every prominent name you know, usually off record, but other little fledgling groups, organizations, plane tickets, hotels, RVs, insurance, security, websites, books, films, and we've been good stewards with your money.
And look, I got a nice house and I got a nice car, but I've got the $60,000 truck or whatever.
I don't need the million dollar Lamborghini.
I care about defeating the globalists.
And so I see money as fuel or as ammunition, and I've got enemy soldiers coming at us, and literally they're like a stork that flies over and drops provisions in on us here so we can keep fighting.
Or dropping in a new machine gun barrel for us, if you want to use a military analogy, or drop medicine in for us.
It's like video games where, you know, you're about to die and you get another life.
And used to, let's take a Galaga.
Analogy, a great 1980s video game, where you're a spaceship.
And, you know, sometimes I was really good at it when I was a kid.
I'd get up to, like, five spaceships.
And I'd get to where I got so good, I'd basically almost beat the game a few times, I would just quit.
I never had time.
I was never a huge video game guy, but on a few things like that, I think I did win Galaga once or something.
The point is, is that, by the time I was, like, 11 or 12, I'm like, why am I playing Donkey Kong three hours a day?
I'm gonna stop this, too.
But see, I'm down to one ship, basically.
And if they blow up this ship, then all the other little ships out there that we've helped spawn and support and push, and you know, some of those people that we helped build up and promote and push, they won't even help me or even talk to me now.
That's okay.
They are doing good work, even if they're doing it for their own selfish purposes, or if they're missing the gene that tries to build up other people and other things, or they're just scared because they don't want to be associated with me because the establishment comes after you if you are.
They're just not leaders.
They've still done great jobs.
You know, every time James O'Keefe comes on, he gets about 100 phone calls threatening him not to ever come on here again, and they have national news stories.
Well, that makes James O'Keefe come on, because he's a leader.
Matt Drudge has talked about, or you've seen it in the news, where Media Matters tells him not to link to somebody, he just starts linking to them more.
But that's called leadership.
And by the way, that's not an ass-kissing exercise I engaged in.
You have to highlight things that are effective, and that are truthful, and that are manly.
Because there's plenty of men out there who are Green Berets and Navy Seals and all this other stuff, but they won't politically, the minute you've got heat, even talk to you.
Oh, before you're under attack, they want to be your buddy and they're all about
Their own personal monetary success.
Not all of them, but a lot of them.
But then you'll just get average Americans and other people that understand that when something's under attack, that means it's really important and it's special and needs to be defended.
And so we've got store-wide free shipping, double Patriot points, and 50 to 60% off everything right there.
And your funding funds this operation.
We have a lot of extra sales right now.
You can also make straight donations.
Infowarsstore.com or infowars.com forward slash show.
Just go make a $100 donation, a $50 donation.
There's all these wealthy people that sit on their hands, and then it's the little widows and people that are financing us.
It shouldn't be the widows.
It should be the men of this country.
Well, today, Infowars Live Protein Bar.
I just devoured your cousin, Infowars Live Protein Bar.
You're gonna be like, what in the world's going on here?
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I think so.
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But DNA Force Plus is still there.
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So you should take advantage of 50% off DNA Force Plus at InfoWarsTore.com.
George Orwell said that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
And so, used to it wasn't that important to wear the American flag.
Because we still loved our country and there wasn't a large group of people that actually hated it.
But now, they're trying to take it out of schools.
They're taking it down off of government buildings.
Weird white leftists that want to virtue signal are pulling down American flags and running up Mexican flags.
This is the bizarreness of the America hating we're seeing.
So now it is a revolutionary act in a time of incredible deceit and oppression and bullying to wear the American flag.
Particularly the Betsy Ross anti-slavery flag.
And particularly when it says on the back, right there ladies and gentlemen, America's back, Infowars.com.
So whatever you do, take action today and exercise your free speech in these bullies' face.
All over, not just the U.S., but worldwide.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
There's the box theater right there.
Here's the Union Watch Party.
As you can see, there's really not that many people here to watch the debates at the Union Watch Party.
They are being paid for all of this.
They get the whole footprint.
He said CNN credentials or just regular press credentials?
Money talks!
You guys know that.
CNN's pay for this whole footprint.
Where does the public space start, sir?
At the next block?
At the next block, you go down, and did you see that?
There's a gate.
You guys are right there.
There's a green gate over there.
And you can get inside there.
Got to be a miracle.
Well, thank you, sir.
A lot of people said you did good during the debate.
Do you feel glad?
Yeah, I feel really glad, especially after the last debate.
I feel like I didn't get a chance to lay out my vision for the economy of the country.
I feel like I did this time, so it's great.
Why do you think that we need to have a news ombudsman in America?
We're just about to enter the era of deepfakes, where we're not going to be able to make heads or tails of the stuff we're seeing online.
And we know the Russians have already been hacking us.
It's going to get worse, but literally, you could have a picture of me saying words, a video, and it could be something that gets doctored.
So we need to start having countermeasures in place.
That's why I believe in it.
Do you think it's really good to be policing the press, though, and speech?
I'm sorry, we gotta go guys.
Do you think it's good to be policing free speech?
Me too, thank you.
Yang, is it really a good idea to be policing the press?
Perfect question, not gonna answer tonight, thank you.
The goal is to protect the American people, it's not gonna be all right.
But isn't it, you know, you guys are supposed to protect our rights, right, as Americans?
And she keeps following Millie Weaver, Andrew Yang, who's a real authoritarian dartbag.
Really knows how to manipulate people.
Telling us, oh, we need a government special office that controls what can be seen and heard.
That's called a national censor.
Communist China and North Korea have those.
Russia had those.
Oh, because of deepfakes.
Oh, you mean like the media saying that Trump called black people rats?
That's not a deepfake.
That's just a total lie.
He said, stop saying the Border Patrol does a terrible job and is killing kids.
It's very nice conditions for the women and children.
Your city's falling apart.
It's infested with drugs and rats.
That's what you say.
That area is infested with crime.
And it turns out there's video of Elijah Cummins saying that and Bernie Tenders.
But see, it doesn't matter because it's all about fraud.
And so we'll have a special office run by Andrew Yang that tells us
I know he's not from China, but he really should go there.
They'd probably bring him into the Politburo.
Maybe he could be dictator after Xi steps down someday.
So, it's just incredible.
Here's what I'm going to do.
I had a very interesting guest.
I've seen some of his videos online about natural law.
I mean, Mark Passio coming on, but I decided to move him to next week.
I apologize, because I'd forgotten that I'm going to be on a work-cation tomorrow, taking care of some new projects.
So, that kind of scrambled up what we're going to do.
So, he'll be on next week.
I still have a guest on who has been over in Hong Kong at these demonstrations and he also heads up the National Prayer Group and he's coming on at, what time is that?
One o'clock Central, Joey Gibson.
He's part Japanese so he speaks a lot of the language over there and has been in Hong Kong and has just gotten back after several weeks there.
He's going to give us a frontline report.
He took part in many of the demonstrations that are for the citizens not being secretly arrested and disappeared to mainline China.
And it looks like China is going to officially invade Hong Kong.
And Trump just blinked, which I don't see how he couldn't, because Hong Kong's pretty much been part of China.
Taiwan's a different kettle of fish.
But the Chinese military built a big giant bridge into there, one of the biggest in the world.
They're amassing troops, and I just don't think there's anything we can do if they invade Hong Kong.
It's going to be a bloodbath.
And it could easily kick off into something much, much bigger that will make Tiananmen Square that killed thousands look like just a walk in the park.
So this whole thing is deteriorating very, very, very quickly.
There are a lot of smuggled weapons in Hong Kong.
And again, the folks in Hong Kong are, again, historically very businesslike, very professional, very smart.
But once wars kick off over there, it's never pretty.
Let's just say people don't hesitate to start killing each other.
So, this is not a game.
It's very, very dangerous.
And, I mean, we had to kill something like a million Chinese in the Korean War.
A million of them.
They just kept coming.
And MacArthur said, drop atomic weapons on them.
Old Ding Dong chickened out.
We wouldn't even have the Chai Koms in charge today if it wasn't for Harry S. Truman, who helped the CIA put China and the Communists in charge.
And then a few years later, we're fighting them in Korea.
Simply amazing, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't want to use nuclear weapons, but at the same time, it would have been nice to never have the Chai Koms, right?
You know, MacArthur thought about a coup, and the military wanted to have a coup and remove
The Democrats.
And MacArthur said, no, we'll beat the Communists down the road.
And he recruited people like Richard Nixon and others to his cause.
But it was a day late and a dollar short.
Because if he would have removed Harry Truman, who was a traitor, signed us over to the UN, the Russians, you name it, we would not be in this position today.
Now, who knows what would have happened?
History would have been totally different.
I just, you're looking back on hindsight, siding with the Communist Chinese, giving them the military's coordinates, letting them overrun our troops, because the UN was giving all the information to them, it's just treason!
And I'm sick of sitting here, propping up Communist China, so now, 60-something years later, China's got the Panama Canal, our infrastructure, our debt, 98% of the rare earths minerals,
And they're just taking over the planet and are set to invade Hong Kong.
And they sell political dissidents organs.
They have millions in death camps.
They torture non-violent Buddhists to death.
They torture Christians to death.
I'm sick of it!
But here we are, ladies and gentlemen, all these years later.
Dealing with this.
And now they're set to invade Taiwan.
And you know, I understand that we just probably at this point can't go to war if China takes over Hong Kong.
Because it did used to be part of China.
But the legitimate government ran to Taiwan.
If they try to take Taiwan, all hell's gonna break loose.
A large part of the population will resist even if the government goes along.
And this government's not going along.
Trump's shipping all those weapons in there.
So he's not blinking on that front.
It looks like we're going to make our stand here in the South China Sea islands and the Spratlys to the north and looks like we're going to make our stand here at Taiwan for the next big war.
But it's going to kick off.
It can kick off.
We could be in a full-scale war with China as early as tomorrow, next week.
Now, I'm not saying that's going to happen, but all the money is on this being where the next big war starts, if not Pakistan and India, that have already been attacking each other this year.
And then you've got Israel, who's already in a proxy war with Hezbollah in Syria.
This is a very interesting time.
So, that's coming up next hour.
And I'm going to play clips from the big debate.
And then I haven't gotten into the biggest news here.
I'm sorry, tooting our horn, it's true.
I specifically said Jeffrey Epstein was engaged in rituals 10 years ago at his island.
You can go pull those articles up.
And that he was carrying out transhumanism.
And that always part of the Satanism is this transhumanism.
Well, Jeffrey Epstein hoped to seed human race with his DNA and had a race
And it's not because I'm a seer, like the National Review said.
Jones isn't a seer!
He just was lucky on Epstein.
And everything else, basically.
I don't know.
And I guess when you do shoot bulls out 800 yards with a scope, I mean, a little bit becomes like almost a seeing thing, but it's not that.
It's just skill and training.
And it's the same thing with something like this or it's the same thing with being a master golfer or anything.
It's studying history and the pathological behavior of the globalist and the algorithms that our electrochemical brains come up with.
But the real reason we're here is because you saw, you believed in this broadcast, and you supported it.
You sensed history was happening, and you are a giant part of it.
I salute you all.
So please, we're doing a big fundraiser right now.
Infowarsstore.com, free shipping store-wide, double-patreon points, 50-60% off on all the best-selling products.
Stay with us.
You know, the top Nazi, Werner Von Braun, wrote a 1959 book, or 1949 book, I'm going from memory here, called Project Mars, where the Elons are the aliens who end up taking over the Earth.
Beware the Elon and the Elon invasion.
Dr. Werner Von Braun.
Wonder what he knew.
When I watched his promo about this with executives from his company, they all look like they're on hardcore drugs.
I mean, they're like sweating, their eyes are like lit up, like,
I mean, they look nuts.
You know when somebody's on drugs.
They admit Silicon Valley is into hardcore speed and hallucinogens.
They're taking IV drips at work of DMT.
They're taking LSD microdoses and psilocybin mushrooms and peyote every day!
Who in the hell...
Would want to join with these people.
I've seen people take like three hits of acid.
Their eyes aren't that big.
What the hell are they on?
And one of the crew members said maybe they've already got this whole Neuralink wires hooks in their brain because as PKD pointed out, Philip K. Dick back in the 70s, the cyberpunk future is where you can get any type of pleasure you want, just plug in.
But no one wants to even get up or eat for weeks or days.
You just die because you just plug all this in and it's the Matrix.
And now the Matrix is here and you look at Tim Cook or
Elon Musk or any of his executives, when they're up there on that stage, they'll be under white lights.
Their pupils are 90% open.
Zuckerberg, all of them, these people either have brain chips.
That's it.
These guys are wireheads.
Something's going on.
I'm in here underneath bright lights and my pupils are very little.
Now zoom in if you can.
My pupils are tiny because I'm not on drugs.
I've had two cups of coffee today.
So here, let me show you my pupils, okay?
My pupils are little.
They're supposed to close!
That's what happens under the sun or under bright lights, but not these guys.
These are drug addicts, and they want the hit of wires in their brains, and all of them have got those giant pupils.
Because they've been there, and they ain't coming back.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
If you agree with me, go to Joe 30330 and help me in this fight.
You want to hear that again?
You want to see that again?
If you agree with me, go to Joe 30330 and help me in this fight.
Let's cue that back up one more time and play it in a second.
You know, it was a couple months ago that Facebook said they're banning using my name or InfoWars.com in a positive way.
If you want to be disparaging, have at him.
But he doesn't have a way to respond, and he's Prasad Anand Grada, the Chinese social credit score, but have at him all you want free-for-all.
Think about that.
I read the articles of why they banned me.
They said, well, the last straw was his disinformation.
That, has Biden had a second stroke?
And I played where he said the top of his head got chopped off, and he talked about how he almost died, and the doctor said he'd probably never be normal again, and he appears to have neurological problems.
I said, has he had a second stroke?
Because every speech, he can barely talk.
He has like a bunch of marbles in his mouth.
From just a year ago, I mean, he sounds like he's going to be in a nursing home.
I mean, my grandmother talked better than him when she was 92, and then she died.
They said, oh, he's the presumptive leader.
You can't point out the obvious.
Now it's all over the news.
He's got cognitive problems.
He's got neurological problems.
Doctors weigh in on what may be slurring speech.
Maybe it's that stroke he had, and that brain surgery, and those embolisms.
Exactly what I told you!
And again,
It's like looking up at the night sky and saying, what color is it?
Well, it's black and it's blue and it's red and it's yellow, but mainly it's black.
Or what color is the sun?
It's yellow.
Or what color is grass?
It's green.
I'm not doing anything fancy pants here.
But see, I'm calling them out when the President says, you know Elijah Cummings, you shouldn't say the Border Patrol's doing a horrible job, you're the Democrats that blocked the funding, and you're the ones telling everybody to come up here and get free stuff, and then
You sit there and say that we're doing all these bad things to kids when we're not.
You want to clean up your district.
It's the highest crime rate in the country per capita.
You've got rats and there's documentaries about it.
And it's like, you just called me a rat.
I'm like, no, I just said you got a rat problem.
You just called a black man a rat.
You're like, no, I didn't.
Yeah, you did.
Yeah, you did.
And then it just becomes this whole obsession.
And it goes on and on and on and on and on.
And then you get video of Elijah Cummings saying that it's drug infested.
And then you get clips of every other politician saying, including the mayor.
But none of that matters because to the people attacking Trump, it's not about logic.
It's the power structure that wants power.
And then it's the idiots that think they're part of the power structure because they support it when they're the ones getting screwed over by it.
But that's why they're called losers.
That's why they're called schmucks.
It's very, very sad that you can't un-schmuck a schmuck.
You can't seem to get fools and dumbasses and idiots to ever stop getting scammed because they're low IQ and they're stupid.
And they come in every color.
White and black and brown and pink.
Well, I know dumbasses every stripe, man.
And I can't stand the type of people that drive 15 miles under the speed limit in the fast lane when the road's open.
The type of people that when they go into a turn lane in an underpass and there's an open lane and you got a white line all the way out, they still stop?
And I've actually followed one of the people before into a McDonald's.
They turned into the same gas station.
And I said, hey, you know, back there, a mile, you don't have to stop.
And they went, huh?
I went, do you speak English?
He goes, yeah.
Who are you?
And I said, and I'm just like, never mind.
You just don't understand, do you?
Because you're dumb.
And you're dangerous.
Because you will vote me into a frickin' FEMA camp.
I'll be there carrying your garbage out while you sit above me with a machine gun.
That's what the left wants, our guns, man.
They want to make us their slaves so damn bad, like all these inner-city people they've got as slaves.
And they know it, and Trump wants to stop it, and they hate him for that.
We've done our speech!
We're at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com, and we're defeating the leftist tyrants!
I got mobbed on the streets by fans, but almost all of them said, we used to love you on air, it was so good to see you on the iTunes or on YouTube.
Are you coming back?
We're at InfoWars.com.
We're at Newshorse.com.
Paul Watson's launched his own Summit.news.
We have our own videos, we have our own articles.
They're trying to destroy us, but thanks to you and others having us on, InfoWars are still chugging along, so we're there, folks, tomorrow's news, today.
InfoWars.com, man!
Wait, why are you shouting that?
InfoWars.com, because that's a bunch of people out here.
I'm talking about InfoWars.com.
I'm at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
We knew this censorship was coming forever.
We have our own video streams, our own audio streams, and it's all free to air.
Anybody can use it, re-upload it, do whatever you want.
People go to Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
That's where they find it.
You know, there's things called websites.
Just go there.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, here's what we're going to do, my friends.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour, I'm going to open the phones up, but I'm only going to take ten phone calls so I get to all of you.
And then when we're done with those, Tim, we'll open the phones up again, because it's the only way to not have you sit on the cold for an hour.
So we're going to open the phones up pretty much right now.
I'll give the number out.
But at the bottom of the hour, we'll take your calls on any subject you want to discuss.
The debates last night, China basically already invading Hong Kong, already sending in plainclothes paramilitary massing troops.
White House says looks like they're going to invade completely.
Trump says go soft on it.
I just don't think we can do anything.
They've got a bridge linking to it now.
It's not like Taiwan.
This is going to be a mess.
Expansionist China, wound up by the globalists, giving all our industry, giving all our jobs, sold out.
But turn on CNN, we hear about how Trump's a globalist, or excuse me, an agent of the Russkies, when it's the globalists who are the ones telling us, take down our American flags, America was never great and will never be that great.
So we're going to open the phones up.
We can also talk about the big article up on Infowars.com, Antifa publicly organizing terror attacks on ICE facilities in Texas.
The official national group, funded by Alexander Soros, officially says they're going to lay siege to border facilities, ICE facilities, and they show graphics of how to firebomb and kill people with images of pools of blood and dead ICE.
Officers so I'd like to get your take on that specifically if you're police or military or been in the Border Patrol or ICE What are you thinking about this?
You just got firebombed a few weeks ago, and they said the guy was a hero 877-789-2539 877-789-alex 877-789-2539 I promise we're only take ten calls at a time so you don't have to hold that long That's coming up 877-789-alex but in the meantime
I want to hit two big things here.
And obviously during the calls we'll mix in a lot of other news and clips.
New York area fire commissioners make history, say that there were clearly bombs in the buildings.
Now they said that back then, but these are people with degrees in engineering and in fire control.
And it doesn't mean there isn't radical Islam.
It doesn't mean that Saudi Arabia wasn't involved.
That's what I keep saying.
Means that there were people inside the government working with it in a larger plan just like they did the Arab Spring.
I'm gonna hit that because this press conference happened seven days ago and it's still gotten no coverage other than Infowars.com and some local New York news and then of course this.
Because if you understand this you understand everything.
Jeffrey Epstein hoped to seed human race with his DNA.
And you've pretty much got to read the whole article because if you know what we know, or you've seen Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, it's free online, you understand what he was really doing.
He built a Cold Springs Harbor facility with a medical wing, everything, in New Mexico to study life extension
And studying genetic clones.
Now, this is all gonna come out.
But right now, they're like, oh, he'd have all these top scientists in, but they weren't involved, and he was all just making this stuff up.
Uh-huh, right.
Believe me, folks, they're taking hardcore drugs, they're getting all sorts of blood transfusions, and they need all this medical stuff, and kids that these birth mothers have, like Rosemary's baby, they get used for all this stuff.
Remember I told you about the Hollywood cults that were branding people?
And starving women to death because they want them skinny and pathetic?
That was three years ago, I told you.
Huffington Post came out and attacked me and said, how dare Jones say Harvey Weinstein is connected to groups that brand women and get them incredibly skinny?
You're like, why would they want to do that?
They want to see beautiful women freaked out, anorexic, hating themselves.
It's the seeing them emaciated.
It's a vampiric event.
It's a demonic vampire spirit.
And you go, oh, that's mumbo-jumbo.
No, it's all inter-dimensional, folks.
It's all inter-dimensional feeding.
The next best thing to torturing a child to death is screwing one up.
The next best thing to that, than killing a woman, is if you can starve them, destroy their self-confidence, and then feed off them and use them as slaves.
The more beautiful the woman, the more you want to degradate them.
It's the pimp life.
Remember that famous HBO show about pimps?
His daughter's been run over, or the daughter's been run over, and the mother's there going, my baby, my baby, she's hurt.
And the daughter's saying to the pimp who's been putting cigarettes out on her, baby, I'm going to get back on the street for you.
I'm going to get you that money.
That's right, bitch.
You're going to give me that money.
And the mother's like, you don't even pay my daughter anything, do you?
She goes, no, I don't give her anything.
She pays me the money.
She's lucky if I get her a bucket of chicken once a week.
You think pimps invented that?
That's nothing!
It's all about using people.
That's what Democrats do.
They pimp their constituents.
They don't want you successful.
They don't want you empowered.
They want you run over, dominated, controlled.
So, exactly what I told you they're doing is in the news because I've talked to people that have been involved.
I've studied their writings.
I know what they're doing.
And until people start to realize this, you're going to be used by them.
And it's so sad how their followers believe that they're actually part of the winning team.
But if you actually go study Antifa or Democrats, even low-level ones that are making $10 an hour from George Soros,
They have the pimp attitude and can't wait till they graduate up to be controlling and running people.
And they know it's a fraud.
They know it's all a scam.
They know it's a criminal endeavor.
They just want to take over Austin and kill people and move into their houses.
They're just dreaming of some Soviet grandeur.
Like the Jacobin French Revolution.
That's all they're doing.
The first thing I want to do when we come back is I want to get to some of these debate clubs because they're really, really powerful to watch them eat their own.
I like to be on air.
But I got to tell you, two nights in a row, I had to leave.
I mean, actually, an hour and a half in, I got up and said, sorry folks, I can't look at them anymore.
I went home and listened to the show and everybody did a great job.
But I can't look at them.
But I got to say, Tulsi Gabbard, who keeps winning the debates online, who they keep trying to hide from everybody.
She says a lot of really good things that challenge the fraud of the SJW Democrats.
I still wouldn't want to elect her.
She's still not pro-gun.
But I think she's a genuine person who really believes what she's saying.
And it's why she doesn't look soulless.
Every time she was up there, I could look at her.
Not just because she's pretty, but I didn't feel sick inside.
But almost everyone else up there made me want to jump out of a window.
That's because deep down you know these aren't real people.
Camilla Harris?
Give me a break.
And you know Joe Biden's bad news.
Horrible guy.
But he at least had some humanity back when he had energy.
He can't keep his hands off anybody.
But look, he's just a doddering person now.
So what are they gonna do?
And then the only real people that were up on the stage, oh they want both.
Mary Ann and Tulsi out of there.
And of course, Mary Ann is a complete, you know, loon in many respects.
But still, they don't want her there either, because she keeps being number two in the polls.
Because they're changing the subject.
You think they want somebody out there saying your water's full of poison?
The rich elites want to hurt you because you're black?
Well, and she said because you're poor.
It's actually true!
They put hydrofluorosilicic acid in the water to lower your fertility and your IQ.
Now, the average person doesn't know that, but people like Joe Biden do.
But Joe Biden just went along for the power.
He's just a smarty-pants lawyer from Maine.
In fact, I know folks that know him, people that have vacationed with his family, people that live next door, people that sold him the property that there are bars on.
I mean, I know multiple people that have known Joe Joe since he was a teenager.
And they just say mean, arrogant, saucy, follow himself.
But is he as bad as the new generation of globalists?
But he's not going to make it to the finish line, like Trump said.
He thinks he's still the leader of the Democratic field.
But if he can make it, I mean, that lightbulb's dimming by the minute.
It kind of goes out for a minute, kind of comes back in when the lightbulb's going out.
Gets real bright for a minute, kind of gets dark.
I mean, it's about to go pfft and be gone.
Let's go with Aaron in Alabama.
Thanks for calling, Aaron.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I want to say I've been in broadcasting, or I was, for about 15 years as a programmer.
And to be honest, I hadn't heard of you until about six months ago.
And I'm very thankful that I found you.
You touch on a lot of stuff that I've felt in my heart and soul for my whole life.
Well, God bless you, brother.
We're all kindred spirits.
We really are.
We really are.
And listen, I've got a couple of points to make.
But first, I've had body pain all over my entire life.
And you know the product better than anybody there, I think.
What would you recommend?
I mean, literally, it's joint, it's muscle, it's everything.
What would you recommend to me to purchase?
You know, I think X2 or X3, because that's a building block to everything.
And if you don't have that, the bad halogens take over.
And I would think Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula.
Turmeric is amazing.
This is a very strong extract.
One of the strongest out there.
Probably the strongest, but there may be one stronger.
I don't know.
I think you should go through the products, everybody is different, and test stuff out for yourself, and then just see what works best for you.
But they're all super game-changing, the best we can get, the best labs, the cleanest, just like whatever is the most proven, the best, I go produce it.
That's it.
Because I would, I'm gonna say this again, I'm a very superstitious person.
And by that, I'm God-fearing.
I treat you like I want to be treated.
You've got my total commitment.
Anything I do, information, any of it.
Products, like they went out and tested, third parties did, Alexa Pure and Pro Pure.
Some are better at this, some are better at that.
People are like, wow, we tested 30 gravity-fed filters and you have like the two best.
Why'd I do that?
What the hell do you think I'm doing?
I go out and find out what is the best price for the best quality.
Cause there's always like some space age $5,000 thing that's better.
But I look at a line of like, what is the lowest price for the best benefit?
And that's what I promote.
So, so that's my advice on that.
Go ahead.
Well, and I appreciate that, and I can tell just from the way you talk about the product, I feel like I can trust you that you kind of do things the way I do.
You either do it right the first time, or just don't do it.
And I feel like I can trust you on your product.
Well, now listen, don't trust me, because here's the deal.
You need to talk to a physician, you need to research, because the iodine conspiracy is everything.
Most people have almost none of it, but if you've had none of it for 20 years, you take a bunch, you could have some issues.
Detoxing, you name it.
I mean, this is it, man.
This is dangerous.
It's dangerous.
Because it's an element you've got to have, they've taken away from you.
Well, what happens when you finally get it?
You've got to be careful.
Because if you've not had this, your body will take in bromine, chloride, fluoride.
There's a whole bunch of bad halogens.
Your organs, everything operates.
Your hormones are produced with halogen.
And so, the globalists have been targeting that with bad halogens that block it.
So this is the good thing.
But like anybody knows,
It's like being punched in the head by a mule.
It's like, oh, that's the real thing.
Yeah, that's the mule.
So I'm just telling people, this X2 isn't a joke.
We just researched what the globalists are doing.
We do the opposite.
But yes, everyone with X2, X3, you need to consult a physician because you're like, oh, that's just Mother Nature.
Yeah, Mother Nature.
The drug companies and all the stuff they do is a counterfeit of what God's already given us, okay?
So let me explain it again.
Without iodine, you die.
The fields are depleted.
Everything's depleted.
Most iodine is bound to iron or copper or lead or something else.
You don't get it.
Pure iodine is explosive.
So yeah, be careful.
Iodine, you have to have.
It's just paramount.
And so that's why we sell it.
That's why we've hyped it up because it's what they don't want you to have.
But yeah, have you been off of it and not had an eye on it for your whole life?
It's like if you've ever been in a boxing ring and you get the ring with Mike Tyson, your body's gonna be like, what the hell?
What the hell is that?
Because you've never had it.
It's just iodine.
It's the magic sauce, folks.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
Thank you for shopping and getting great products, and it helps fund this operation.
A total 360 win, and you know I love those.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
So, an international terrorist organization with hundreds of millions of dollars of funding that's already firebombed ICE facilities and wounded hundreds of Americans with knives and clubs and hammers and crowbars.
He's organizing nationwide terrorist operations and they intend to march on Texas and November 1st begin firebombing ICE facilities.
They're funded by Alexander Soros publicly.
Last hour, I provided all the documents, all the proof, all their internal memorandum, what police departments they're working with.
And ladies and gentlemen, I don't even think they'll get arrested.
Not even in Texas.
They work for the deep state, and Trump hasn't even gotten control of the government yet.
He's starting to, and that's why they're so scared.
That's why we've got headlines like this.
MSNBC, Trump wants to exterminate black people.
That clip's coming up next segment.
Max Boot, the big neocon, says when the U.S.
becomes a majority-minority, the Trump era will be seen as the last gasp of white resistance.
He goes on to say whites are inherently bad people and lazy and stupid, and so does this other neocon, Trotskyite.
William Crystal, it's all in the article.
These are the neocons.
As if being white's bad, or wanting guns, or wanting free market, or not hating your country.
But they're telling minorities, you hate America!
You're for burning American flags!
And it's the Republican and Democratic establishment, they're the ones pushing racism.
It's unbelievable.
Speaking of that...
Tulsi Gabbard torched Camilla on criminal justice.
We'll play the clip.
She's like, you're calling Joe Biden racist?
You were the prosecutor, the attorney general that would throw the book and get black people three times the sentences.
And then it gets worse.
It gets worse.
Because she also supported the Clinton crime bill.
So, oh, by the way, family's ultra-wealthy from, guess what, Jamaica, mom.
Oh, but there's never brown people on slaves.
Okay, that's a good one right there.
Better think again.
But that's the history they don't want you to know, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, let's go ahead and play Tulsi Gabbard.
Senator Harris says she's proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she'll be a prosecutor president, but I'm deeply concerned about this record.
There are too many examples to cite, but she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.
She blocked evidence.
She blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so.
She kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California.
And she fought to keep the cash bail system in place that impacts poor people in the worst kind of way.
Thank you, Congresswoman.
Senator Harris, your response?
I can't listen to Harris.
You know what she says.
I'm proud of being a prosecutor.
I am tough.
I just can't listen to it.
You already heard it once.
I'm not going to do it.
Now, continuing.
I was watching Juan Williams just yesterday morning.
And he's making the rounds, not just on his own show, but all over the other shows.
He's like, Trump's racist.
Did Trump call black people rats?
And the other hosts are like, no, he didn't.
And then Juan Williams is like, yeah, well, what's he done?
Well, criminal justice reform.
He's trying to decriminalize marijuana more than Obama did.
He goes, well, I'll give him that, but he called black people rats.
You want somebody to get your ass out of jail and clean up the rats?
And then, oh, he's calling me a rat.
And by the way, I should have made a bigger deal about this because we first covered this.
I mean, we were the first to cover this like a month ago.
And then the President took notice of it, and I never covered it again.
ASAP Rocky was the footage in Sweden that we covered a month ago.
Remember this?
Where you've got these three rappers and their big bodyguard, looks like he weighs 300 pounds, and there's these two little Islamic dudes following him, pushing him in their face.
There's 30 minutes of footage.
We played like 10 minutes of it.
Finally, they start trying to slap and push.
I'm talking 140 pound punks, a 300 pound black dude.
And so, oh yeah, they'd also hit him.
They'd also grabbed his headphones out of his pocket and slapped him across his face so hard.
That the bodyguard was bleeding.
Well, Rocky at that point gets pissed.
Because, hey, his licensed bodyguard knows, I don't want to go to jail, so I don't want to fight.
So this guy's letting these people slap him in the face, like bitches do, and hit him over the head with the earphones, headphones, and so
ASAP Rocky grabs them, slams them to the ground, punches them a few times, which I would have done, and leaves.
I remember hearing that they had been arrested.
The listeners back then didn't believe me.
Because I don't know who ASAP Rocky is.
I know he's popular.
I know he likes Trump.
And there's video of all this, where they're hitting the bodyguard.
But here's the deal.
They're Muslims.
This is a Swedish no-go zone.
Paul Watson's like 6'4".
Okay, so my other crew are big guys.
They went to Belgium to a no-go zone, and they needed gas for the car, too.
They were driving all over the town.
Everywhere, Muslims said, get out of here, and started chasing their car.
It's been mobs of people, because they were white.
But see, it's not just if you're white.
If you aren't their Islamic group,
And they're in like a nice area where he was playing, in nice shops, and this goes on for 30 minutes.
The raw footage is up on Infowars.com.
And they finally are acknowledging these no-go zones.
It's incredible, folks.
And he's facing two years in prison, even though it's admitted that these guys hit them first.
But see, they're not charging the big bodyguard.
Because he let them beat him.
It's when A$AP Rocky gets pissed and starts kicking their ass.
Because this is going on, there's 30 minutes of it.
They say it went on for an hour.
As they follow him around.
Because that's what little wimps do.
And see, they knew the state is behind me.
Because in Sweden, the Swedes are nice people.
And tough, too.
The Romans had trouble conquering them.
But now they're so domesticated,
They're Vikings, folks.
They're so domesticated that men will just sit there while their kids get beaten, and the Islamists will beat their wife and kids to death, and then the father watches while they throw them in the lake!
And the father just sits there and they pee on themselves.
Because the programming
I'm not kidding.
There was one article where the father sat and urinated on himself.
Because their whole culture in Europe is just worshiping.
Oh, you're a Muslim.
Oh, please let me bow to you.
All of a sudden, here's the rappers walking down the street.
People start following them like little roosters.
Come up pecking at them.
And finally, after all the slapping his bodyguard, grabbing his headphones, hitting him in the head, it's all on video, they finally beat their ass.
Let's play that part.
I mean, I wouldn't put up with any of that.
And I'd be in jail.
You'd grab my headphones, slap them across my head, I'm gonna knock your teeth out.
And I'm gonna go to jail.
Because in Sweden, the state lets people go that rape five-year-old girls.
They say, well, in Islam you're allowed to.
So they follow him into stores, messed with him, followed him out of the stores, messed with him.
He goes on for 30-something minutes.
They fight back, and that's the ultimate crime, is fighting back anyone that's Antifa, or Islamic, or part of the army of the New World Order.
They are God.
They are your ruler.
Bow to them now!
The Democrats are making it no secret that they're trying to take away our freedom, and they're trying to take away our flag.
But we can't let them get away with it.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, during the break, a national well-known journalist, I'll just leave it at that, sent me a message.
I looked it up, it's incredible.
I'm catching my breath right now.
I won't be ready to cover this till the start of the next segment.
And that's not a cliffhanger, that's not me putting a hook out there to make you stay tuned.
I am hyperventilating right now.
Wow, this is...
Over the top.
I should probably take this call.
This is from the White House.
Let's just say stuff is definitely getting crazy right now.
We need to push Joey Gibson back 15 minutes.
I really want him on.
He just got back from Hong Kong.
Again, he's...
Part of his family's from Asia, so he knows the lay of the land.
And he, of course, heads up the Patriot Prayer Group.
He's an expert on antifas.
He's a perfect guest for today, but I need to push him back so we have time to get to calls.
And so I have time to hit this next subject, next segment, because it's all coming together right now.
In fact, I almost covered this Sunday, but I decided not to do it because I knew where it was going next, and I have a prediction.
I have a prediction.
I was sure of it Sunday, but I just didn't want to sound like I was stirring up trouble.
I've always got to go with my gut.
They're going to list Antifaza Terror Group.
And they're going to list Q as one as well.
In fact, they already did.
And then they're going to connect it to me.
God, most people listen to me, man.
Nobody does.
I cannot believe this.
I'm getting a headache right now.
I hate being right, man.
They're gonna stage stuff, and Q is the perfect cutout.
Because they can have their operatives do it and then blame it on the movement.
Anything anonymous like that is made to set people up.
That's why I'm out in the open and what I stand for is clear.
There's all these people that want to play along like they're part of a fortune cookie or Easter egg hunt or something.
It's like that Pokemon game where you go around with a phone and find the Pokemons.
It's just like, please, man.
The whole world's going on in front of everybody.
I think I pretty much figured out how this stuff works by this point.
I'm not judging you for being part of the Q thing.
I'm not saying you're bad.
But holy Toledo, you know my name.
You know who I am, you know what I stand for, you know I'm under attack.
And you know Trump tweets out InfoWars.
Sarah Sanders has said they're not with Q. I know it's fun to say Q, Q, Q, Q, Q. See... Okay, I'm gonna get to it.
You know I'm not gonna say what the news is until the start of the next hour.
Because I need to take your calls like I said I do, and I need you to settle down a little bit.
And not get angry.
But man, I saw this this weekend, and I had all the clips ready, and I was going to make the prediction.
I was going to ask the producers in there, because I was saying to myself, they're going to have anti-fund launch attacks, but how are they going to counterbalance that and make it look like there's a violent Republican opposition?
And just as sure as dead people push daisies, I sat out on my back porch for an hour and
Watching my daughter play in her little baby pool.
Swimming pool.
Little rubber plastic pool.
And the light bulb went boop!
Then I just sat there right in front of her and I said, no, I'm not going to do that.
Because people have already been brainwashed by it and they'll think I'm calling them an idiot.
And maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not.
Oh, boy.
Oh, it's horrible.
See, I opened the show up with anti-complaining terror attacks.
November 1st, they say they're going to start the terror attacks.
The terror attacks have already begun.
But they're going to stage death and blame it on Q. And the New York Times, when that schizophrenic went and killed the head of the Gambino crime family, had nothing to do with the Democrats.
If you want to really get down to brass tacks, dumbasses.
The New York Mafia probably supports Trump a lot more than they know anything.
Anyways, the New York Times and a bunch of others think the Gambino crime family is so stupid that they try to act like I sent this guy to kill him.
When you know who we think will probably be the type of person to put a bullet in me?
What does my security think?
The damn Q people!
Because they're the perfect cut out of morons!
I'm going to stop right now.
I'm getting mad right now.
Okay, I'm going to settle down right now.
I'm mad at myself right now.
I should have gone with this Sunday.
I have a rule that I always go with my gut.
When I was young, I did it 10% of the time.
Now I go with my gut 80% of the time.
But dammit, I will follow my gut 100% of the time!
From now on!
Wait until you hear what happens next hour.
I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to come back to your calls.
Veteran Border Constitution was at Bundy Ranch.
Mike at FEMA Region X. That's 10 folks.
Shannon in Texas.
Chase the Patriot was on hold the other day.
I didn't get to him.
I'll go to him first.
Tom and Caleb and Josh and Judy and Tim and Mike.
I'll get to you and then I'll get to this.
I've really learned anger management better because it's fun to do, but then I'm exhausted afterwards and I apologize.
I'm getting angry right now.
I just, I can smell a setup a mile away.
I know you can too.
Just wait till I cover this next hour.
Just wait.
I always say I'm going to cover something and I start covering it, but I haven't told you what it is yet.
It's horrible.
It's a big, giant national push.
Any of you can figure it out if you go look.
And they're breathing down everybody's necks, and this is it.
This is going to be their move against Trump.
I knew it.
All right, we're going to go to break here in a moment.
I promise I'm coming right back to your calls, so be ready.
Please remember, we're doing a fundraiser right now, where we are having double Patriot points, 50-60% off storewide, and of course, storewide free shipping.
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Why does Alex sell them so low?
You gotta stop him.
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Continuing here.
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Nicole in New Jersey wants to talk about GMOs and allergies.
Awesome, thanks for taking my call.
I love the stories and what you guys do there, so thank you and the rest of the crew for keeping us up to date with the truth and facts.
Keeping your amygdalas not enlarged.
We're trying, we're trying.
So in New Jersey it's really terrible and I have really, really bad allergies.
So what I want to tell Alex, thank you so much for getting the Alexa Pure Breathe.
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Wow, so you keep it in your bedroom?
Yep, yep, yep, I do.
And I have a couple that I'll be getting for my mom and dad, and then one for my son and his girlfriend.
And New Jersey is just so air polluted, it's disgusting.
I actually live not far from Lockheed Martin, so there was a lot of lawsuits and stuff that went on when our neighborhood was built about the water and possible contaminants in the water.
So it's actually a backwards way of how I found InfoWars, was looking on a natural way to kill my thyroid.
And so the Selenium is actually what introduced me to InfoWars.
I was like, where have you guys been my whole life, though?
Yeah, it was definitely a bonus find.
All right, Nicole, thanks for calling.
We appreciate your support and everything else.
And I might pick up one of those air cleaners.
I have one at my desk, actually.
So maybe I should get one for my house.
Maybe that would help in my bedroom.
Robert Barnes, what has Big Tech become?
Big Tech are big babies that have become big bullies, and the way they did so is because they faced no consequence, social, economic, political, or legal, for their illicit activities over two decades.
And because of that, that's why the courts, the judges, the juries, the public officials that care about this, the members of the independent free press that care about this, the ordinary members of the public and the audience that care about this, have to
And let's be absolutely crystal clear here.
Big railroads and big steel and big oil had Pinkerton security, killed thousands, were horribly corrupt, gouged small-time farmers, ran all sorts of scams.
But they weren't reading all your mail.
They didn't know what bra size your wife wears or what size tampons and what you like to watch porn wise.
They didn't know what was in your bank account.
They didn't know what god you worship or don't worship.
This is omnipresent level abuse and coupled with the monopolies, it is the ultimate Mark of the Beast style nightmare system.
And remember, InfoWars was the vanguard of being banned first, the most banned, and the vanguard of fighting it.
Because we are the vanguard!
You are the vanguard!
Step into the history, folks!
The InfoWars audience is the fuel that flames the light of liberty across the world.
And that's the reason why, because it created this little-d democratic experiment in independent free press, independent free speech, of ordinary Americans coming together collectively and aggregately, through their financial support of InfoWars, to make real the original promise of an independent free press, to make real the actions of independent free speech.
In our electoral arena, in our social and cultural influential arena that shapes people's minds, shapes people's thoughts, to where you can choose your own news and your own views and share and spread those with the rest of the world.
That is why it was the target for a totalitarian, authoritarian, control-oriented, big tech, big media.
They used our openness as our weakness.
It's real collusion.
Real collusion of big tech and big media manipulating and working with each other to try to meddle with elections, to try to shape people's thoughts.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Standby from command for orders.
Transmission incoming.
Okay, an attack formation.
Stay in attack formation.
All right, we're going to your phone calls right now.
Chase the Patriot.
Dom, Shannon, Mike, Caleb, Josh, Judy, Tim, Joe, and Mike.
And that's enough.
Only 10.
I'm going to get to all of them.
I can't get to 20 or 30 or 40.
I want to get to everybody.
It just always makes me mad when I don't get to all of them.
Chase the Patriot in California.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Thanks for calling.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
And Anne, I want to just give you a little positive information and energy.
You were a little stressed out, it looked like there.
You know, there's a lot of us that have been inspired by what you do.
And since that reporter challenge last year, I still make my videos and I still try to get my voice out there.
So I want to thank you for doing that to get me going.
But there's a really interesting topic today off of Fox Business.
It's another example of tomorrow's news today coming from InfoWars, because we're seeing Epstein, the whole Epstein case.
And now they're talking about he was hiring Harvard scientists to bioengineer his own human race.
And they're bringing up words like transhumanism and eugenics.
I mean, this is exactly what you've been talking about for many years.
And now it's finally out there in the mainstream media.
We're finally seeing it in the normal news cycle.
And it's just another example again of tomorrow's news today.
I'll be talking about this on my live stream.
You got to check it out, Alex.
10 o'clock Pacific Time on YouTube.
Every day I go live.
Very exciting, brother.
God bless you.
Keep it up.
Chase the Patriot.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Tom, Active Duty Police in Texas on Antifa and openly launching terror, planning terror and saying they're organizing nationwide to caravan and that November 1st they plan to start launching attacks.
What do you make of this?
Thank you for taking my call, first of all.
You know, I'm a lifelong Texan.
My family came here before, just barely after 1800, roughly.
My family fought for this land.
They gave blood and they died for it.
Now, I know you and your history and everything else, so you'll understand.
Same deal, my friend.
I'm a Texan.
I'm a police officer.
I'm a God-fearing Christian.
I am sick and tired.
Of hearing, I'm the devil, I'm bad, I'm evil, we can't fly an American flag.
But we can take out newspaper ads that say we're going to put our flag on the ground, raise the Mexican flag, and burn this place to the ground and cause all kinds of anarchy, but we're the bad people?
Alex, I see this on a daily basis.
In the area where I'm at alone, over 20% of our locked up inmates are illegal gang members.
This place is going down.
If anybody who can hear my voice is not prepared, you better be.
I'm not, I'm like you, I'm not calling for violence or anything else.
But I'm telling you, get out into the country, get away from the crowds, and you better be able to defend yourself.
Because if they're putting this in newspapers, they're not playing.
We've already seen what they'll do, and we better be prepared, is all I'm trying to say.
Well, that's right.
You're not going to have the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment, or the Rockefeller Foundation, or the Soros Open Societies Group themselves do it.
They're just going to run full-page ads in the New York Times saying, overthrow the government starting in November.
And now another November comes by, and on their official site, they're literally saying, we're going to liberate and storm, and what's are the terms they use?
We're going to have a militancy training tour where we lay siege to ICE facilities and they show ICE officers in pools of blood, burning vehicles, and the American flag on fire.
That is 2019.
And they just firebombed a facility three weeks ago.
That's my whole point.
I have friends who are ICE officers.
I know people down on the border that do that job.
They go to work and they kiss their wives like they may not come home that day.
It's the most dangerous job in law enforcement.
This is America.
We should not have to worry about this.
My family worried for me whenever I leave my home.
Well, what you're saying is it's a two-front war.
You gotta go out your front door and not never get hit by a car or stabbed or run over or catch some disease now.
Typhus, the LAPD's getting that.
And then you gotta be thought of as an enemy.
I love my state.
I love my country.
And I love my people.
We need to stand up for what is important.
Political correctness is over.
This is what got us to this point.
I'm tired of being nice.
But unfortunately with my job, I have to toe a line.
And that's why we've got to get leadership in.
We have to be politically incorrect on purpose, but all of us together, and we need to start pushing back.
See, we don't want to control people's lives or tell other people how to do this or that.
That's why I go to city council and get in their face.
I go to state reps and get in their face.
I go to the Congress and get right in Google's face and Facebook's face and Twitter's face.
And you know, I don't want to do that.
I think I want to march into Congress and start yelling at people.
But you know what?
We have to do it.
God bless you.
It's come down to that.
They've been bullying us long enough.
We didn't start this.
So we're not the bullies.
It's all over the news.
Oh, Alex is a bully.
Oh, you know, I'm not the bully.
I'm the person standing up to bullies.
You're absolutely right, though.
Thank you, sir.
Shannon in Texas.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Mr. Jones, how you doing, sir?
Good, my friend.
Hey, listen, real quick, before I get to my point, I wanted to say, you know, the best way to drain the swamp is to move
The United States Capitol out of Washington, D.C.
There is nothing that says that it has to be there.
If Trump would start moving department by department to rural Texas, rural Oklahoma, rural state, those people aren't going to come here.
Well, he can certainly move the agency's buildings out of there, but there is acts of Congress and law on the District of Columbia.
Yeah, but a lot of these were not, they're not even constitutional departments.
Well, that's an even better idea is just to abolish them.
Or send the administration of the states.
I was going to say that, you know, Obama called for a civilian army.
It was going to be well funded.
You know, and a lot of the stimulus money that he spent, it didn't go to infrastructure like he said it was going to.
You know, it went to different groups and different things to fund.
Uh, what I think is, you know, a lot of this Antifa, and that's, you know, we know Soros gets a lot of his money from it.
You know, Buffett got a lot of the money.
It's just, they're using this money, and I think they got a bigger plan than what we even realized.
Oh, they do.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Joe is in Texas.
A lot of calls in Texas because Antifa says, you just joined us.
The article's on Infowars.com with links right to the big national site that can buy $150,000 ads in the New York Times.
Saying they're going to lay siege to federal installations.
Last time the South did that, we had a civil war.
I mean, this is a big deal.
And Joe points out, Antifa promoted on TV shows, Netflix.
Yeah, I barely watch entertainment.
But I scan what's in the entertainment news, so I see the trailers.
They've got CBS shows about punch a Trump supporter.
They've got shows about Antifa being heroes everywhere.
And so again, Hollywood doesn't want to do the killing themselves.
They're trying to get useful idiot morons.
To go out and do it for him.
Joe, what are you seeing on Netflix and TV shows?
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, there's this really popular show on Netflix right now.
I think if you just log into Netflix, they have all the super popular suggestions and stuff.
And there's this Spanish show that's taken everybody by storm now called Money Heist, which is basically about a bunch of globalists and socialists who are robbing the Spanish government.
And in this latest new season, they put up they're robbing
Let me just stop you.
I haven't seen this show, but what's the name of it again?
Money heist.
Money heist.
Because you understand, I know you know this, Facebook and Google were set up to cause mass riots and overthrow governments.
The weaponized test was the Arab Spring.
So that's mainstream news.
They're now using this Area 51 thing as a beta test to go, oh, Facebook lets you get 1.8 million people now that are going to attack this installation.
And of course, nothing will end up happening with that probably.
But this is just to get everyone trained and everyone ready to understand kind of what the game plan is.
But that's it.
They plan to do an Arab Spring that Al Gore called for with Islamists involved, Hezbollah, MS-13, and the Democrats.
And they're trying to have all these shows so the average leftist watches this and believes they can carry it out themselves.
Yeah, exactly.
And it's just it's also hilariously ironic that Spain is one of the most socialist
Yeah, Spain has a communist president.
Spain has a first communist president ever.
And they had the Spanish Civil War with that.
He is a communist.
Trump wouldn't talk to him.
Balasaro wouldn't talk to him.
And yeah, exactly.
Oh, but they think the average Spanish person is so dumb in Spain that they're watching this.
We have a communist government that won't let Catalonia leave.
But oh, the socialists are fighting the socialists in the show.
God bless you.
Great points.
Anytime, any show I watch on Netflix, it's white people are the devil, communism's good.
I mean, I can't even watch TV anymore.
It's just nothing but propaganda.
And I can't watch any movie with Robert De Niro, the little five-foot-tall tough guy, because, you know, he's a piece of crap.
Can't go watch that new Scorsese movie.
I'm sure it'll be good, but still, it's all ruined, because these people are scum!
Google's manipulation of votes
gave at least 2.6 million additional votes to Hillary Clinton in the year 2016.
Is that correct?
2.6 million is a rock-bottom minimum.
The range is between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes, depending on how aggressive they were in using the techniques that I've been studying.
They control these, and no one can counteract them.
These are not competitive.
These are tools that they have at their disposal exclusively.
Your testimony is that Google is, through bias in search results, manipulating voters in a way they're not aware of.
On a massive scale, in 2020, if all these companies are supporting the same candidate, there are 15 million votes on the line that can be shifted without people's knowledge and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.
Without monitoring systems in place, we'll never know what these companies are doing.
And in 2020, you can bet
That all of these companies are going to go all out, and the methods that they're using are invisible.
They're subliminal.
They're more powerful than most any effects I've ever seen in the behavioral sciences, and I've been in the behavioral sciences for almost 40 years.
A handful of Silicon Valley billionaires and giant corporations are able to spend millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars, collectively.
Influencing the results of elections.
Senator, with respect, I must correct you.
If Mark Zuckerberg chooses to send out a go-vote reminder just to Democrats on Election Day, that doesn't cost him a dime.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Do it!
I'm here Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Back Sundays for 6 p.m.
But then, don't forget weekdays, David Knight, the David Knight Show.
That's 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
Amazing transmission, very cerebral, very in-depth, very focused, very researched.
And then, the War Room!
You know, I'm sure of my analysis now, and you know, it's probably best I didn't do this Sunday because I wanted to be sure, but I also don't like to wait until I see exactly what I know is about to happen happen.
Like watching big thunderstorms across the lake and then they come across, see the rain, you're standing out in your backyard and you know right as it comes, 100 yards, 50 yards, 20 yards, rain's pouring down on you.
I'll talk about it next segment.
Right now, let's go ahead and go to...
Mike in FEMA Region 10 wants to talk about this whole situation with Antifa publicly organizing with Soros funding to carry out terror attacks against ICE facilities November 1st.
Hey Alex, I'm a 30-year veteran, United States Army, active in reserve.
I held a TS-SCI clearance.
I was badged to go into Cheyenne Mountain, if you know where that is in Colorado.
I do, that's the real shadow government.
Well, there's a lot of good patriotic Americans out there.
No, I understand.
No, it's the COG, the real shadow government for nuclear attack, not the fake globalist shadow government.
Well, let me explain.
I was in Bunkerville in 2014 as a person with that clearance.
I was on the ground, boots on the ground.
I had a reason to be there.
There's probably a reason the other side didn't shoot us because it would have been a very embarrassing episode for the Obama administration to have a commissioned officer with that clearance shot and killed on the scene.
So just consider that.
Hold on, I may even hold you over at me because I need to get to this and to guess, but explain what's happening, this specific event you're talking about.
Well, I'm going to be down, and I know you've got Joey Gibson holding, I'm going to be down in Portland on August 17th.
It's time for veterans to stand up who support and defend the Constitution.
But one thing that you need to understand, the schools don't teach the Constitution.
So when you go in the military and you raise your right hand, you swear your oath to the Constitution.
If you don't know what's in the Constitution, how do you have an oath to it?
In 1928, there was a training manual, November 28, that taught citizenship to every person in the military.
You can look it up yourself.
There is an executive order in the Department of Defense right now
Yeah, I ran into David Knight.
I was boots on the ground.
I was standing right in front of the stage when Clive and Bundy was talking.
I saw the whole thing.
And part of it was because I wanted to know who was in our government and who was going to take away my clearance, just for being there as an American citizen.
It never happened.
Although people in the intelligence community would do little, I guess, jokes, insinuations that they knew that I was there, but nobody ever said anything.
I ended up retiring.
I served from Carter through the president administration.
That's how many administrations I served under.
I just thought, you know, I heard you a little bit upset and, you know, down.
No, there are a lot of patriots out there, and I tell you what... No, I know there is, but the way they know how to set us up, and the way we're walking into these traps, and just how nasty they are, and the fact that they're not easy to beat, really, really upsets me.
But God bless you.
Anything else you want to add, Mike?
Yeah, you always say it.
When you're in Christ, you're free.
You've got nothing to lose, right?
When you're free, on my deathbed, I'll look my kids in the eye and say, I fought.
I did not sit down, and I stood up.
And you're gonna do the same thing.
And I want the rest of the veterans to stand up and do the same thing.
It's time to save the Republic.
Call back again, Mike.
Beautiful call.
David Knight here.
You can join me every Monday through Friday at 9 a.m.
Eastern, 8 a.m.
Central Time for The David Knight Show.
We have the first independent news as it breaks every morning, but we'll not only give you the news, we'll give you the background, the context behind that news from a perspective that values our God-given liberties.
We're going to take a look at those who want to do a detour around our Constitution, those who want to deconstruct our culture and destroy our civilization.
So make sure you join us every Monday through Friday again, 9 a.m.
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Again, don't forget to tune in to The David Knight Show on InfoWars.com forward slash David dash Knight dash show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, I'm gonna break this down as simply and succinctly as I can and this is really a public service announcement and it's what the facts show.
There's a lot of facets to psychological warfare and to brainwashing people.
And if you look at one area and liken it to that, it would be the Nigerian phone scam or the Nigerian email scam.
And I have had three members of my extended family fall prey to the Nigerian scams.
And when they fall prey to them and get robbed, they will never admit they were robbed or scammed to the person that warned them.
That's how the Nigerians will first get one payment and then they'll trick you
They give another payment, and you don't want to admit that you've already put in a bunch of payments, so you put in more and more.
It's how gambling works.
I'm not a gambler that just gambles for money.
I gamble for freedom.
But how it works with the dopamine is, when you go in, and you make an investment, and you put the money in the slot machine, or you put the money on the crap table, and you don't get it back, you think, well, I don't want to lose that.
I better get back in again.
Now 4chan and 8chan have a lot of great memes, a lot of great things, there's a lot of great people on there, but it's a lot of anonymous people who can go on there and put any disinfo they want.
And the big no-no on 4chan is ever questioning 4chan or 8chan, or that somebody could be set up on there.
You just don't do that.
Just Alex Jones bad.
They know they can't get Orange Man, so Orange Man good, but so much of what Orange Man does is bad.
You understand how that works?
Again, I'm not saying everyone on 4chan or 8chan is bad.
I'm saying bad people can go on there and they can run scams, like anybody could.
But something set up to be anonymous, like the dark web of anything, is going to have dangers.
And so I watched this Q phenomenon start a few years ago, and I watched Corsi get in a big fight with him, after he'd been so enamored with it.
And I just said, listen, I don't like anything that's secret, okay?
Because if it's a public movement, someone can do something in my name.
I said they have a right to exist, to do whatever they want, as long as it's not violent.
A lot of good people are going to believe in it, they're going to get involved in it.
But it's just like Anonymous.
People used to ask me, are you for Anonymous?
And I'd say, well Anonymous could be anybody wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, doing a video show.
Some stuff people do in that name I agree with, some stuff's bad.
You know, the globalists have been caught setting up things in the name of Anonymous.
So along comes the Q movement that I've now learned was the answer to Infowars.
We're a populist pro-America, out in the open movement that isn't a cult.
We don't have meetings.
I just promote ideas and things and people listen and check them out.
But see, if you have Q, it can put out the breadcrumbs.
It can say what's going on.
It can show you this, show you that, and then, oh, you have a relationship with the president, and you've got all these people believing they have a relationship with the president.
Including sheriff's deputies and all these people that show up with Mike Pence wearing Q things on their badges and then Mike Pence sees it and takes the Twitter down.
And then obviously a mentally ill person, he tries to do a citizen's arrest, goes and believes federal marshals are going to release him when he goes to citizen arrest the head of the Gambino crime family.
They reportedly get in an argument or whatever happened and then that guy dies.
And then I'm reading in the New York Times that Q, part of Alex Jones' movement, went and killed him.
I had nothing to do with that.
And so it's a perfect way to set people up.
So this weekend, I was reviewing the Gambino thing that happened a few weeks ago, and I was reviewing Sarah Sanders, saying we're not for any group that calls for violence.
And I was just thinking about, man, Antifa's getting ready to launch more terror attacks.
How are they going to operate?
How are they going to launch these attacks and have the media cover it up, but then act like it's part of a civil war?
They're going to need some type of right-wing group that they can cut out and blame.
But because libertarians and Christians and conservatives know not to be offensively violent, because we're law-abiding, and because we understand they're trying to set us up, we've never taken the bait, even when antifa attacks us.
But if you've got a Q movement, it's perfect to have globalist informants and foundation operatives and deep-staters that are in the FBI particularly.
Go out, reach out, wind up people believing they're working with the President to attack a dam, or to go kill the Gambino crime boss, or to kill their brother with a sword, or whatever.
And it just becomes this giant cauldron now, because they identify with it.
They can then be set up, and then that can be the excuse to say, oh, it's not just Antifa.
No, no, no.
Q did this.
The whole thing reeked from the beginning until, of course, I think it's a setup.
Most of the stuff out of 4chan, you know, ends up being a joke or a prank or whatever.
This is a perfect thing for an intelligence agency.
You know, they're trying to shut me down and InfoWars down.
They're not trying to shut down 4chan or 8chan.
It's like, oh, no, it's really good.
It's really great.
I'm like, OK, whatever.
You're getting a lot of traffic off of it because Google doesn't censor QTalk.
But it censors me.
I said, that's a number one suspicion right there.
You know, any schizophrenic saying, I'm, you know, this or that, or Jones is about to go to prison, they're pushed, but I'm banned.
Well, here it is.
This is Yahoo, top of Yahoo, exclusive.
FBI document warns conspiracy theories are new domestic terror threat.
And it says, you know, the belief in the world government, belief in the new world order, all this.
QAnon, a shadowy network that believes in deep state conspiracies.
Well, the Deep State is a shadowy network.
And the theory of pedophilia, including Clinton associates, are being run out of the basement of Washington, D.C.
No, she uses pedophilia to control people.
And they go on and say, oh, conspiracy theory is now associated with terror.
And oh, look, QAnon tried to, you know, attack the Hoover Dam, whether that's true or not.
And man's suspected of killing Gambino.
Mob boss drew QAnon symbol on his hand.
This poor guy thought federal marshals were going to let him go and Trump was going to pardon him.
And they all got this crazy look there in contact with the President.
Meanwhile, I've talked to the President many times on the phone.
The President tweets out our stuff all the time, and our reporters' stuff all the time.
And I'm not going to get into it all, but the President's told me, keep up what you're doing, great job, keep up, press the attack.
And then I talk to the national Fox host every week.
I get intel from them, everything.
I'm up here, I'm a real guy, 25 years on air.
I have no credit, I'm not even just chopped liver.
Well, the President tweets your stuff?
That's not Q-level!
In fact, the President's not even Q-level.
There's an alien above him that's Q. It's all just a bunch of delusional crazies wanting to be part of something special.
When you're already part of America, you're already part of getting Trump elected, you're already a patriot.
And you're interfacing on the Internet just like you're a 10-year-old girl thinks she's talking to a 10-year-old boy and it's some 40-year-old pedophile trying to trick you to, you know, go meet him in a park somewhere.
And you end up dead.
And I have to have the conversations I have with my daughters about being on the internet, you know.
Don't ever talk to somebody you don't know.
Don't ever do this or that.
And they listen to me, but the general public, once they've already been, well, I'm part of Q and I'm not bad.
No, you're not part of Q. You're an American who's awake and already involved, who then hears Q say a bunch of things you agree with, who then wants to feel like you're part of something secret, like, this was an email from Prince Abalakumunda of Nigeria.
I have $15 million in the New York Bank, but I cannot get it out because of my cousin.
He has caused me a problem.
But if I get $1,000 from you, I heard you're a good person, from good people.
You know, I am special.
You will get $1,000,000 for the $1,000,000.
You send the $1,000,000, and then it doesn't come back.
And you're like, oh, it's all right.
I need $10,000.
You'll get $5,000,000 now.
Oh, thank you, Prince Boo-Boo.
We're sorry we cannot send the money.
We need $20,000.
I will fly myself to meet you after money.
I'll get to meet the Royal Highness.
You will meet him.
And so this is how the scam works.
You get so invested in the hallucination.
That then you can't believe you've been conned.
And see, they can't get the Patriots to do anything.
So now it's Q, they can stage it and say it's Q, that they now says it's the Patriot movement, and that I supposedly run, The New York Times says.
Or they can wind up crazies to think they're going to get a secret box of information at a parking garage, like Arlington Road, and you walk in to get the secret box of documents, because Trump ordered you there, and the car bomb goes off.
With all your info left in a briefcase a mile away.
So, don't go in that parking garage.
Some of you are probably pissing right now.
I'm already getting calls to go to a parking garage.
Yeah, they're already testing you, dumbass.
So, you want to go walk into a truck bomb?
Or you want to get set up because you're talking to the President?
I don't just talk to the President.
My listeners got him elected!
We're the dog, Trump's the tail!
The American people are bigger than Trump!
You stupid-ass Q-cult members!
Well today, M4's Live Protein Bar.
I just devoured your cousin M4's Live Protein Bar.
What in the world's going on here?
The most banned network in the world.
You see Pelosi acting like she's dissing herself from AOC, but that's really the globalist policies AOC just does in a ham-pissed way and lies when she gets caught.
And so, they're trying to act like, oh, you know, the party split.
And I was watching different Democrats on Fox News this morning saying, we all need to come together and be more centrist.
No, the truth is, Republicans have tried to be centrist.
We get drug along and their left is garbage.
And the left now has just run away like a fish with a line.
In the most extreme insanity.
And so the media is spreading it like we all need to be less extreme.
Conservatives and Christians and people, we're not extreme.
We're promoting stuff that works, that's tried and true.
Like family and property and the right to defense and borders.
And then they're meanwhile saying there's hundreds of genders and pedophilia's good and world government's good and open borders are good and America sucks.
And then we're like, okay, what's the alternative?
It's just these people, I don't know how they got so whacked out.
Well, I think, I've brought this up too, how the left is going insane and I've had people say, well everybody's a little bit more polarized and etc, etc.
They've actually done studies.
They track the trends of political opinions in the U.S.
and they can prove with data that over the past few decades, the right-wing conservatives, Republican Party, they've remained pretty consistent, right?
Someone who identifies as right-wing now is going to have a lot of common ground with someone who identified right-wing, let's say, 20, 30 years ago.
The same is not...
The case is not the same for the left wing.
They actually have demonstrably gone further left than they ever have been.
I mean, we see this with even people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer.
You know, there are tapes of Barack Obama of them, you know, maybe 10 years ago talking about the importance of securing the border.
They're not saying that kind of stuff anymore.
One of the only positive things I can say about AOC is I think she is so far left that even Nancy Pelosi and people like that are starting to say, okay,
Maybe we need to slow things down a little bit.
That's honestly the only hope I think the Democrats have right now because I think among a very small base of people, these far-left progressives, people like AOC are great.
They're amazing.
But I think Democratic Party needs to realize that America in general is not woke Twitter.
They need to stop pandering to these people or else they're gonna feel it in elections.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're live broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to our guest, Joey Gibson, who's just been over in
Hong Kong and Asia for a few weeks you've been part of the protests and you've got the you've got the Chinese military openly preparing to invade right now and there's a whole history there this is major escalations that are taking place the Chinese military will have it for you next segment has released a very threatening ominous video meaning to intimidate the people there will have that as well will also continue with your calls but I wanted to finish up with the FBI remember it was a big deal
When we got the secret documents ten years ago from the FBI, from the federal marshals, from the state police.
The federal marshals got it from the FBI.
And people said it was fake.
And they said, no, it's real.
Alex Jones broke secret state police report.
Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, libertarians, veterans, you name it, as terrorists.
We got it from a Missouri State Police version.
And we got a California State Police version.
Now, why is that important?
Because Joey Gibson and his Patriot Pair group are public, and they're non-violent, and they stand up to Antifa.
A real terror organization.
Infowars is a real group.
You know, we got the real document about how they were saying that mainline conservatives were terrorists.
And Obama had to admit that was true.
It was a national story.
Well now, Yahoo Today exclusive, FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terror threat because of QAnon, and the fact that people are going out and committing acts of violence in the name of QAnon, believing Trump told them to do so, even though the outgoing press secretary
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, when asked about it, said, we're not part of that.
And if you go to the Wikipedia run by the Globalist, it's got a big picture of Broward County Police put Q on and then went and when the vice president got off a plane, so that's their proof.
Look, Q's legitimate because they were next to Mike Pence.
It's just amazing.
You can see the setup now.
When Antifa carries out their terror, they're going to have people in the name of Q do more of this.
Some of them so mind-controlled by the internet that they literally believe Trump is ordering them to go do these things.
And then they're thinking that Trump's coming to save them in the jail cell.
When they shoot people.
That's leftist mind control.
That's them making fun of us.
The perfect psychological warfare system.
Here's Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Two quickies about last night in Tampa.
First of all, does the President encourage the support of people who showed up last night in these QAnon and Blacks for Trump fringe groups?
And secondly, is the White House willing to say right now, in view of what happened with one of our TV colleagues last night, that it is wrong for his most vocal supporters to be menacing toward journalists doing their jobs in a situation like that or in any situation?
On the first part, the president condemns and denounces any group that would incite violence against another individual and certainly doesn't support groups that would promote that type of behavior.
We've been clear about that a number of times since the beginning of the administration.
On the second part of your question, the president, as I just said, does not support
That's enough.
I want to go to Joey Gibson.
And then I'm going to host someone in the next hour, but we have another great host, Matt Bracken, taking over as well.
I've got so much to hit.
But I'm not just trying to pick a fight here with Q. Q is just some anonymous thing that could be the FBI, could be George Soros, could be a nice person, could be a bad person.
I'm trying to be able to figure out how dangerous this is.
And how I knew they need to somehow set up the right wing.
And I've known it's going to be Q. And now these things are provocateuring.
These are intelligence agents manipulating mentally ill and gullible people.
I'm not saying everybody involved with Q is that.
But I'm saying we can clearly see where it's going.
And then meanwhile, Trump tweets our stuff.
Trump comes on the show.
I talk to Trump sometimes.
I talk to his associates all the time.
You know, we really are here.
We're real, Joey.
You're real.
But then some nebulous thing, we've all got to bow down and follow orders from.
What do you think?
Yeah, I'm definitely real.
And I think that people got to show their faces and got to get up.
You have to be a symbol for the people.
And so I definitely think we should pay attention to people who are real and you can see their faces and see them talk.
Notice what a Q and Andy have in common.
You can't see their faces.
Yeah, absolutely.
And it is concerning.
I mean, Q said some things that are very appealing, but I don't know too much about them.
I definitely think that people always have to be careful and you can't just trust something that's not even real.
I'm just simply saying it's the perfect cutout now to say that, oh look, there are right-wing terrorists, oh Antifa's good, oh the white people are all committing terror attacks, all that's made up, and then you start seeing these murders and things with mentally ill people wound up by these folks posing as this supposed acute thing.
I mean, I can see this as the next stage.
But I got you on late, I appreciate you coming on.
You just got back from Asia.
I know you've got ties back there.
Chinese government threatening to invade.
This is a huge deal.
You were part of the protest.
What have you witnessed?
So basically what I saw is in Hong Kong, they had seven and a half million people total, and they had two million people marching in the streets for freedom.
It was unbelievable.
And it doesn't matter if you're on the left, you're on the right.
Everybody was fighting for freedom, you know, because they don't want China to take over.
They know what's in store for the future if they allow China to take over.
You have LGBT activists marching with Christian activists together because they don't care about the difference of political ideology, they only care about freedom.
And for me, that's like my dream in America, right?
For people to wake up, just like you Alex, to wake up so that we can fight together, right?
Against the people at the top.
In Hong Kong, that's what I saw.
And they all support one another.
I saw, um,
One of the first protests I was at, once the police started to crack down, everyone ran down into the subway station, and workers in the subway station were literally helping people get through, and they were closing the gates so police can't come and get them.
And they just stuffed the train with thousands of people.
I was stuck in there too.
Shoulder to shoulder and just got him out there.
So everybody's going to start over because I segwayed into you with with Antifa stuff and I apologize.
I hadn't seen this sensational HD footage.
You sent us that you were playing right now for TV viewers and and this this solidarity you're going to have before we come back start over.
Start over when we come back with this footage.
We also have the Chinese military putting out their footage.
It's very threatening and menacing.
We're going to have that, and you'll be able to break down what the history of Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Chinese ramming people's ships today, threatening to attack U.S.
I mean, this is the big powder keg.
This could turn into a war very, very quickly.
We hope it doesn't.
Joey Gibson, a great patriot who goes out and faces down the Antifa.
And you can visit his site, gibsonforfreedom.com.
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Laura, you're on the air.
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Now, Joey Gibson, I got you on late.
Joey Gibson, I got you on late.
I really appreciate you coming on with us.
And so you're the expert on this.
You're not just the patriot prayer group that goes out and exposes Antifa with great courage.
You've also gone and done journalism around the world.
And you were over in Hong Kong.
You've been in Asia.
I know part of your lineage is Japanese, and so the best way for radio listeners and TV viewers, describe what's happening, how big it is, the Chinese already sitting in their paramilitary in plainclothes, threatening to invade, massing troops right now as we speak.
Huge international crisis.
You just got back, what, a day or so ago, and you shot amazing HD footage.
We're going to be rolling in the background while you talk.
Please take over.
Yeah, so here's, basically here's the thing, and I want people to understand this, is that
Hong Kong has found a way to come together to fight against the Chinese Communist regime.
I think that they saw the American flag and they went crazy over it.
There's people crying and hugging us, taking pictures with the flag.
They appreciate the American flag more than we do.
Like, it was unbelievable.
For me, the American flag, for the rest of the world, is a symbol of freedom.
It's not just a symbol for America, right?
And so, when they saw this, their response was unbelievable to me.
And the cool thing is that after that, every single week since we left, they've been flying American flags themselves.
So it's really cool.
And they're asking Trump for help.
But I think that Americans should be very involved in what's going on in Hong Kong.
Because we don't understand, Alex, you understand, but the Americans don't understand how much of a threat China is to this country and to this world.
They're the biggest threat to America, in my opinion.
They've already infiltrated this country.
When I was over there, I would see the media, the Chinese media, was doing the exact same thing that our media here does.
They're actually posting doctored photos of a protester as if she had a see-through shirt on, as if she was being arrested.
So they pull all these nasty tricks.
They dox all the protesters, the leaders.
It's unbelievable.
Six years ago, several leaders got arrested in the original Umbrella Movement.
They come out.
The very next day, they're on the streets fighting for freedom with the people.
This is how passionate they are.
They will do anything, right, to fight for freedom.
And, Joey, let's explain what's happening.
China is taking over Hong Kong and trying to take over Taiwan, even though they've been semi and totally autonomous in the case of Taiwan.
And now they're threatening to invade because they're passing a law to secretly arrest and disappear people.
Yeah, extradition bill.
Basically what that will allow is the Chinese government just has to say that you committed a crime in China, they can just lie, take you out of Hong Kong.
And what's going to happen is if that bill passes, they're just going to start destroying free speech, just like they do in China, right?
They just start extraditing all the leaders of the movement, put fear in the people's hearts, and they'll be into free speech.
Aren't they playing with fire, though?
Because China's already on the edge of toppling.
Taiwan or Hong Kong could trigger a resistance that ends up reverberating into China.
I don't think this will go the way Tiananmen Square went.
I don't think there's going to be a stand-down.
What was the sense if they sent in a bunch of Chinese military with the Hong Kong collaborator government?
The people won't stop.
Like, these people are willing to die for this, and so I think it'd be a bad move by China.
One of the things that I hear a lot from the protesters, they believe that if they can secure their freedom through protesting, it's gonna send a shockwave throughout all these countries, like Taiwan, even Tibet.
You know, Tibet, they're still protesting, even though they'll arrest thousands of people, and they just disappear.
So, something's happening, the people are pushing back, and I think Hong Kong is the key.
People really need to be involved.
And for me, the thing that was so inspiring is that these people are fighting for their freedom while we sit, while us in America just sit around, right?
And we don't do anything.
We just allow this government to get bigger and bigger.
You want to know the future of our country?
Look at China, if we don't do something soon.
Joey Gibson, what got you over there during this time?
Basically, seeing millions of people march against the communist regime in China, I was like, I have to go.
There's no way I could not be part of this.
And I had to witness it, I had to get video, I had to interview people, I just had to experience it.
And it was a life-changing event for me.
It opened me up a lot and it made me, it was encouraging because
What I always dreamed of in America, right?
Sometimes it just seems impossible.
But then to see it in real life in Hong Kong, it was unbelievable.
It's like, it is possible.
You just have to wake people up.
People have to understand what's in store for our future.
Because in Hong Kong, the advantage they have is they know what's in store for the future.
They can look at China, and they can see what's going to happen to them.
Their free speech will be destroyed, free religion will be destroyed.
Uh, censoring the internet.
So, but for us in America, a lot of us aren't awake yet.
We don't understand what's in store for our future.
We don't understand the tyranny that's taken over this country.
And so many of their grandparents either got killed or barely escaped.
Or their parents, they know that China's killed five times what Hitler killed.
China is literally has slaves in their country right now.
Top Gun!
It's very concerning.
It's very concerning to me.
And I know that Facebook and Google and all these other social media outlets are working with China.
It's the same game plan that they're putting in America just slower that's happening in China right now.
And big tech's backing them.
Yes, absolutely.
And why does no one say anything about that?
They're literally helping China find people, arrest them, and execute them.
That's what Facebook is about.
In China, right now.
And so I think people need to understand, if you're a liberal and you're like obsessed with the racist history or whatever in America, okay great.
But what about the slavery that's happening right now in China?
What about the people that are being executed because they're Christians in China right now?
Or what about the millions of Muslims that have been executed or put in concentration camps?
Does anyone on the left complain about that?
I haven't heard anything.
What's happened to the left?
Were they always this bad?
I don't know what's happening.
They used to be a lot more moderate.
They used to be more like Tulsi Gabbard.
I gotta give a huge shout out to her, by the way.
She's the only real Democrat that I see running right now.
Like an actual, like original progressive that speaks from her heart and isn't being controlled by some weird person up above.
But yeah, I think the left right now is probably starting for like real politicians.
Who are real people like Trump.
But I don't know.
It's gone so far to the left.
It's all about rhetoric.
It's emotional.
And it's really frustrating.
I mean, and the lies are unbelievable right now.
The deception happening in this country, just like in China, is biblical.
Everything's upside down right now.
I'll tell you, this footage you shot is amazing.
And this is just ongoing.
All because they don't want China to absorb them.
I think that this is what's amazing is that Hong Kong's been free for a long time now.
That's right.
We need Hong Kong and Taiwan to invade China politically.
We need to free China, not have China expand like a giant cancer.
Stay with us.
Let me get into something briefly that is so paramount that it deals with the very essence of the soul and the spark of consciousness and creation.
Every study documents what we already know in our heart and minds to be true.
That apathy leads to entropy, leads to collapse.
And that if you don't have a purpose-driven life, you will die before your body fails.
Apathy, most common symptom of dementia, science daily, distinct from depression, present in nearly half of patients.
This is out of the University of Exeter.
Apathy is the most common neuropsychiatric symptom of dementia, with a bigger impact on the functioning than memory loss, yet is under-researched and often forgotten.
And our very way of life is now
Sitting in front of screens, clicking on things to get dopamine rushes.
And so when you go out in the real world, you don't get a dopamine rush off an owl flying over, or a hawk, or the moon, or airplanes flying in the sky like we're in a science fiction movie.
We are science fiction reality.
And just the magic of the universe, and these experiences of falling off your bike, or jumping a dirt hill, or getting in a fist fight, or kissing that girl for the first time.
These are deep experiences that our ancestors experienced that are
Rituals within us that open up the gateways to perception in the universe.
We must go through the rituals.
That's why the enemy tries to domesticate people.
Nobody knows how to do math anymore because we use calculators.
And soon we won't know how to drive cars anymore because they're all going to be self-driving.
This system is designed to dehumanize us and the people that run it admit they're doing it to dehumanize us because they want us out of the way so the globalists can control the future and so they can dictate the new architecture
And so, instead of just physically killing us right away, they kill our intellect, they kill our spark, they kill that which makes us higher than the animals.
That we can control our own environments, and that we can control our own destinies to a certain extent, and that we can envision things, and then build those things.
That we're master builders.
But when you dial into the universe, and the mystic secrets, and all the magic, and the real potential, and the ancestral memories, and the ancestral will, that is, again, electromagnetic,
Electrochemical from you to your most ancient ancestor is an unbroken electromagnetic chain of genetic information that operates as an antenna to receive and transmit as a transceiver into higher dimensions.
This has all been proven scientifically.
The enemy can't stand it when I get on air because I already know all their equations, their operations, and then of course later I can go out and research.
They've written and said exactly this, but in their more secretive reports.
Let me just tell you, I'm giving you the big enchilada, okay?
Oh, we're real.
Oh, we're eternal.
And they don't want you to know that because you're awesome.
And they want to lead you with them into their creation that is a leaking, stinking hellhole.
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
It's all in plain view, people.
Well today, InfoWars Live Protein Bar.
I just devoured your cousin InfoWars Live Protein Bar.
What in the world's going on here?
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
...has killed way more than the Russians under communism or the Nazis and the Germans under Hitler did.
But we just, oh, they're not white people running it, so it's good, it's liberal.
It's a giant slave camp that globalist industries have used and built up, and now it's ready to expand and take over Taiwan, to take over Hong Kong, the South China Sea, building all these military bases, dredging out
The ocean and building islands and putting weapons on it.
China is expansionist because it's been given unlimited money.
It's been given unlimited funding.
It's been given 10% year after year growth rates by the traders in our government.
And Trump is stopping that.
He's just saying, hey, you're not going to make 100% on us.
You're going to make 80%.
He's just taking a little back.
Everybody's flipping out because China bought up our debt.
They bought up Hollywood.
This was all done strategically by the globalists against the country.
And Joey Gibson was just over in Hong Kong and just got back and is showing this amazing footage.
And while you're talking, we're going to roll China warns Hong Kong protesters with slick military video.
You know, basically letting them know we can crush you.
What are you, gut level, talking to folks when you were there just a few days ago, what are you thinking about the massing troops about to come in reportedly, or the plainclothes paramilitary they say came across just a few days ago?
Yeah, I definitely think they're just trying to put fear into the protesters' hearts.
They need to stop the protests.
China does.
It is a threat to their security.
So, it's a really big deal what's going on there.
Now, one of the things that they did in 2012, the police were really rough on the original Umbrella Movement.
Like, really rough.
And they arrested a bunch of them.
And the protests just stopped.
And then several years later, you know, it erupted again.
But this time, when the police were too rough, there was such an outcry that more protesters would come out.
Like I said, at one point, there was almost 2 million protesters on the streets.
Now, what China did, and this is very frustrating because it's just like Antifa, right?
They sent in a bunch of thugs wearing white shirts.
Some of them look like police officers, in my opinion, watching them.
And they just started beating up a bunch of random citizens down on the train station.
The video was very hard to watch.
These women were screaming for help and no police came to their aid.
We're talking about, I think it was like 30 or 45 minutes, these thugs were allowed to run free in the train station and just beat up random people.
Especially anyone that's wearing a black shirt, because that's what the protesters wear.
But don't they know, like when the Chinese tried to take over Vietnam, that didn't work or anywhere else?
I mean, I think, knowing the history of the area, I think this is going to, don't these troops know they're going to end up being at bars and clubs when a woman walks up and stabs them in the throat?
Yeah, absolutely.
One of the things too that concerns me about them sending in these people who are wearing plain clothes, like I said, one of the best things that Hong Kong has going for it is that all the people are united.
And so if they start to start these fights with other citizens per se, it's going to cause division, paranoia, and I think that it could be detrimental to the community.
Because that's basically what happened in America.
They basically just split us all apart, so we fight with one another, not just physically, but obviously, you know, politically.
And so, we fight with each other instead of fighting against our government and the establishment figures.
And so that was the biggest lesson.
And what you're saying is you see real unity.
Like, we see unity in Japan.
There's less crime there than anywhere in the world, but less crime even more so.
Like, almost zero, they say, during an earthquake.
Versus here, if there was an earthquake, there'd be looting everywhere.
One of the things that I noticed is, of course, the only two white guys on the whole island find me with an American flag, and he just starts going off on me, yelling at me, calling me a fascist, calling Trump a fascist, saying there's concentration camps, all the far-left talking points from America, right?
And these guys would not leave me alone.
One guy looked like a meth head.
Like, it was unbelievable.
But the thing that I noticed is that, you know, the way that I am, I kind of talk back and stuff, and I get kind of mad.
I get into it.
And stuff.
So many people kept- they were following me around for- Oh, you're not a little guy either.
I'm a fighter.
I just don't fight.
Because I made a commitment to God that I'll be non-violent.
But, these guys kept following me around, and I'll stick up for myself, but so many people kept coming up to me and being like, Joey, just- just stop talking to them.
They're like, don't even worry about them.
We want you here.
We want your American flag here.
Just do what you want to do.
Ignore them.
And so, I understand that in Hong Kong and a lot of Asian countries, Asian cultures, a big part of it is collective.
It's working together.
It's not fighting.
Like you said, they don't loot.
They help each other out.
And that's a big part of the culture.
They don't like seeing the fighting.
And in America, we like to see the fighting.
We like to see the going back and forth.
But it seems like they're ready to fight now, though.
Yeah, absolutely.
They're way more peaceful than Americans would be, but I saw some footage.
They're starting to fight back.
They're very upset about the Triad gang coming in and beating them up.
It was amazing to me.
And notice they use the same little extension foils that can kill somebody if you hit them on the arteries to just sit there and whack, whack.
It's like a car antenna just beating random people at a train station.
Yeah, there's some pictures of people with their shirts off after and it's really bad.
Um, but the interesting thing though, this is how strong they are in Hong Kong.
You know, these, these people are just getting beat up left and right, yelling and screaming, asking, you know, for mercy.
And then, uh, the next week they went, they had a huge march right into the neighborhoods where they felt like the tribes were from.
So they're not going to run.
I was about to say, they're taking over government buildings.
They're not, they're not out there injecting heroin, like Leftist are at protests.
They're, they're fighting hard.
Yes, they are.
And I'm convinced that they will fight to the very end.
You know, it's sad to say, but people are going to die before they give up their freedom.
I mean, that's just the way it is.
And the thing that a lot of them talk about, they talk about their kids, right?
They say they don't, they want freedom for their kids.
And when you are thinking about your kids and future generations, you will do anything, right?
Way more than you'll do for yourself.
Especially I think about my children.
That's what motivates me to do what I do and to spread the message of freedom and liberty.
Well, you're just amazing.
For radio listeners, you're not seeing this.
I mean, this footage you shot, you were in the middle of this stuff for how many days?
We're there for about nine days.
But yeah, I basically, I was on the front lines waving my American flag to the police.
They didn't like it, but everyone else did because it was like, there's an American with us on the front lines promoting freedom with us, you know, and that means a lot to them because they feel alone.
That's the thing.
All they have is each other, and they feel alone, and they're begging for help.
Not necessarily military help, because I don't think we can... I don't think that's a good idea.
They just want political pressure.
Political pressure.
They want the support.
They want... If the world pulls together for them, it will help them a lot.
Both... Well, they know the party officials are going to come in and take everything they've raised, everything they've done.
And they know they're taking people's organs and killing whoever they want.
I mean, they know an evil, demonic mafia is about to fully take them over.
Why wouldn't they fight for their lives?
Yeah, they have, the internet is uncensored right now in Hong Kong, and so they know exactly what's happening in China.
They know everything that you know, Alex, everything that you've been talking about, they talk about and they know.
They talk about harvesting the organs, they talk about the executions, they talk about the concentration camps.
They know all of that, so yeah.
And these are real concentration camps, not the made-up ones from AOC.
Real ones.
Ones that have millions of Muslims in them.
Like, this is the real deal right now, but nobody talks about it.
And the thing is, too, is there's people in America who's been speaking out against China, and China goes after them.
They will hack their computers.
There's one... It's already happened to us.
I mean, that's who funds Hollywood the whole nine yards is the Chaikoms.
There's a woman who's been speaking out against China and China got some photos of her naked and posted it everywhere with her phone number saying that she's a prostitute and stuff and she was getting tons of phone calls from people trying to buy her and stuff but this is the dirty tricks that they play and and the thing is about China is they're so afraid of the truth.
So afraid.
Well they want to fight Joey they're gonna get one.
I think they're biting on more than they can chew in Taiwan and in Hong Kong.
What do you think?
Yeah, absolutely.
And they don't know what to do.
They're out of options right now.
They know that if they send in the military, there's going to be outcry from all over the world.
But at the same time, they kind of, they did it to Tibet.
No one really caused any problems.
They have.
Yeah, well, what's up on the roof of the world with nobody around it?
This is right in the middle of the major shipping lanes, right next to Japan.
And I'm going to tell you, this is a very dangerous time.
Joey, I'm very impressed, always with your great work.
Please come on David Knight's show tomorrow morning.
If you can, please come on The War Room today or tomorrow because I want you to host or co-host the whole hour because I know you've got so much footage.
How much footage do you have and where else other than obviously this live show do we find it?
Do folks go to your website gibsonforfreedom.com?
Yeah, they go gibsonforfreedom.com.
They can also look at all my videos on YouTube.
It's Joey Gibson Patriot Prayer.
Um, and we still have hours and hours of footage we haven't even uploaded yet, because it takes a lot of time.
Well, it's amazing.
You won't see that on CNN, because they're all promoting China taking over.
So, uh, let the producer talk to you.
Please come on into the War Room today, tomorrow, the David Knight Show.
Wow, thank you so much, Joey Gibson.
Alright, I'm going to finish up a few calls as promised, and we're going to hand the baton over, uh, coming up to Matt Bracken.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is important.
I'm 45 years old.
When I was 35, I swam up to 2 miles a day sometimes.
And would jog.
And couldn't lose weight.
Because I didn't have the missing links.
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I knew all about the private Federal Reserve, the Trilateral Commission, the New World Order, Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile rings.
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It's Alex Jones.
Article up on InfoWars.com.
Soph just got banned by YouTube.
Everyone will be banned.
Even leftists will be banned once they bring their collective in.
It's an anti-human, post-human world.
It's really amazing.
We're not in a science fiction movie.
We're in the future.
The history of humanity's destiny is being written right now.
Mike in New Jersey, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Wow, that was a pretty powerful interview with the head of the Patriot Prayer Group, Joey Gibson.
No, by all means.
That was awesome.
And that kind of speaks a little bit to my point.
First thing I wanted to do was I wanted to plug a couple of products.
I wake up every morning and I drink a shake of bone broth.
And I also do the turbo force.
And I just turned 44 years old and I feel better than I felt all through my 20s.
I mean, I just got to say that stuff is awesome.
Only thing more awesome than the bone broth is this great crew putting up with me all week and the listeners.
But absolutely, bone broth.
We knew the bone broth was the big, hot, you know, cutting-edge thing.
So we went out and made the strongest one out there.
So yeah, thank you so much for the support.
Go ahead, sir.
Well, you know, that kind of lends itself to what I kind of feel like is happening with me, especially in the last few years, is every day I wake up, I feel like there's just this big force just saying, kneel before Zod.
You know, just like in the movie, where they're just like asking me to kneel before this evil dictator who's just come to Earth.
And what I feel like Zod represents
At this point that we cannot kneel before is, you know, this whole notion that white people are bad and they need to be replaced.
This is just constantly being forced on us that we need to have open borders and that people should just be able to come into this country and receive.
And that's because the globalists want the post-industrial world.
They want, they don't want the Christian idea of empowering and industry and life and loving.
They want barbarism and collapse of civilization.
And that's Zod.
And that's who Zod is.
And that's who I refuse to kneel down to.
And I feel like they're offering me, saying, hey, you can be successful.
You can be popular.
You can have money.
All you've got to do is just hate yourself for being white and renounce your Christian faith.
And, you know, it's all part of the social media is part of it now.
The Fed is part of it now.
You know, I feel like the schools have been taken over by communists, and not only colleges.
I went to UC Santa Cruz, and I mean, they were telling me that, you know, because one of my classes was studying Dante, and they were saying, oh, yeah, do you notice the homoerotic bond between Dante and Virgil?
And I would, like, raise my hand and say, no, that's not anything to do with homosexuality.
It's all Christian.
And they would be, like, looking at me like,
You evil, wicked man!
How could you say these things, you know?
And it's just like... Well, that's it.
I mean, there's a total demonization of the existing order to bring an order that is absolutely devoid of God.
Thank you, Mike.
Judy says that the fight is against evil.
The battle's not against flesh and blood.
I agree with that.
Josh debates tech censorship.
William Barr, M4, under attack at work, wants to plug products.
We're out of time, though.
But I can jam in.
Caleb and others, you're welcome to call in the next show.
I try to get to everybody, but I always feel terrible when I can't get to everybody.
Caleb in Arkansas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, I appreciate you taking my call, Alex.
Thank you, brother.
Hey, I just want to let you know, you know, we know you're under attack.
Everybody always listening.
We're under attack as well.
You know, I work at a job where I'm out in the warehouse.
I try to listen to you every day.
I will be fired if my boss found out I was listening to you.
I've been told that.
They have... I'll end up with... And see, why do they care what's in your headphones?
Because they want you to be a slave.
They want to own your brain.
Because I've got a warehouse, too.
People can listen to whatever they want if they're at a packing or whatever.
It makes their job fun.
They're telling you you can't listen to me?
And I'll come back, you know, my clipboard will be empty.
I'll come back from lunch and I'll have a sticky note on there, Alex Jones, the nut, you know, because I got some stickers on my clipboard.
The Democrats are making it no secret that they're trying to take away our freedom and they're trying to take away our flag.
But we can't let them get away with it.
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God bless America, and God bless InfoWars!
Flawless victory!
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
And Matt Bracken is taking over here in just a few minutes, but first the caller brought up this cult of bow to the New World Order.
It's like Superman bowed to Zod.
Here it is.
There they are, all kneeling down to Zod.
We're bringing back the silent movie here, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll do a start of the next segment.
That's the fun part about these computers.
Okay, let's go ahead and go back to the caller.
Caleb in Arkansas was bringing up the fact that
He's at work, he's at a warehouse, and if the warehouse has the rule, no audio, well that's fine.
But I've got a warehouse, and if people are doing packing or whatever, they can listen to their audio.
But the caller was saying, no, no, it's specifically Alex Jones he can't listen to.
They want to control what's going on in his brain.
This is the authoritarianism that's seeping into every aspect of life.
So Caleb, describe what this is like for us.
It's ridiculous.
At first it was like, no, we're going to take away all music and everything.
And then it was like, okay, well, we're going to give music back, but no, no, no Alex Jones.
No, you know, like I said, I can't even go into the warehouse.
You know, there's a couple of the guys out here that agree with me and I have the same philosophy, you know, listen to you every now and then, but you even, even bring it up in the office or anything, or they mention it, or you're always the crazy, you're,
It's funny how, you know, the stuff the Democrats and the left is doing, like being pedophiles and all that, you know, that's all fixed in with them.
They always try to throw that on you and everything else, like they say it's you.
And it's ridiculous, really.
Well, it just shows how once you push censorship and tell people that's how you get ahead, and once Facebook says you can only say things negative about Alex Jones, all these managers and social climbers go, well, if I just start censoring people, I will get promoted.
But they're just total followers.
I appreciate your call, my friend.
Art, I'm sorry to Josh.
I'm sorry to Judy.
We're out of time.
Matt Bracken's taking over right now, former Navy SEAL, Patriot, bestselling author.
Talk about the China situation, the Antifa, the articles on Infowars.com say they're going to terror attack more facilities.
That's the official national group.
No one's getting in trouble.
That story's got to get out.
This is totally insane.
And then please don't forget, we're doing a fundraiser right now, so we can hopefully expand some.
I want to appreciate you for all your support already, but please think about how important this fight is and take action again.
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So thank you all for your support.
Coming up in T-minus 50 minutes, we're going to have Owens-Froyer and more today.
So please stay with us now.
Matt Bracken takes over.
Okay, well, that last episode, that last section with Joey Gibson was really pretty mind-blowing.
The idea that an ordinary citizen journalist can make that kind of high-impact video that he produced is just, it's really mind-blowing to me.
And I think that this is a big part of the reason why the mainstream media is panicking.
And I think that it's a big part of the reason for their censorship.
You know, they're even censoring stories now on censorship.
And in this hour, if he's set up, I have a filmmaker named Michael Hansen on to share with me today his experiences with his own independent filmmaking and how big tech has been moving to just absolutely crush him and destroy the ability of people to watch his films.
Michael Hansen produced a film in 2017 called Killing Europe.
He's an American of Danish descent, born in Denmark, but lived most of his life here.
And he went back to Europe and he dug deep into both the European Antifa movement,
And their allies in the Islamic refugee movement and the Europeans that both promote Antifa and this Islamic hijra kind of takeover invasion, a stealth invasion.
And this video, which exposed really shocking things, eyewitness testimony by gang rape victims, etc.
The video itself now has been taken off of Amazon.
So a couple weeks ago, Breitbart did a story on the film Killing Europe and his new film called Killing Free Speech, which is coming out.
And I guess that the the publicity that this gained him
Uh, caused the the leftists in the in the so-called Red Green Alliance.
This is the alliance of the communist antifas and the Islamic and the Islamic so-called refugees that are taking over in Europe and increasingly in the United States.
They went to Amazon, had the film, you know,
Declared, you know, Islamophobic or whatever, and the next thing you know, it's not available for sale on Amazon.
It still is available on Vimeo, but it's becoming increasingly difficult, and they'll probably push it off of that, too.
Now, there's nothing in this film that's obscene, that's violent, you know, other than just films right from the street.
Yet, the film, because it is an effective exposé,
Has been removed from at for sale from Amazon.
And this gets pretty close to home because a lot of us depend on Amazon, right?
I mean, it is the world's biggest marketplace now by far.
Is Michael Hanson set up to go?
Do we have Michael?
Let's bring Michael on, and without my taking his time this week, we can talk about his upbringing with Antifa, both in Europe and America, and how he turned against it, and what he can tell us now about this threat to our republic.
Michael, are you there?
Let's go.
Yeah, I'm here.
How's it going, man?
Yeah, good, thanks.
Yeah, it's a little bit awkward doing this.
You know, Skype to Skype, but but we'll get through it.
Yeah, let's let's talk about what happened over the last couple of weeks with Breitbart and Amazon.
Alright, so you know, I recently released the movie Killing Three Speech.
And part one at least and Breitbart did a story on it actually did three stories.
And what happened was that they they linked to my
Amazon account as well, because, you know, they mentioned killing Europe.
And lo and behold, you know, I think about three or four days later, I don't know how long it actually went.
But I get an email from somebody saying, Hey, where can we see the extended version of killing Europe?
And I'm like, well, you can see it on Amazon.
And he's like, No, I can't.
And then I went in there.
And sure enough, they took it off.
I'm citing was it they were
What was the term something about iterating for their customers?
I guess I guess what it really means is is that somebody important or a lot of people called in and complained because they said it was based off of customer rating.
And yet the customer rating or satisfaction was 5 out of 5 stars.
But I guess I don't know.
I guess something else when what's happening behind the scenes.
I have my suspicions who probably said that emotion, but so how long was how long was killing
Michael, how long was Killing Europe available on Amazon before the Breitbart article came out on killing free speech?
Well, it was available for two years, and it was made available right after it had aired on One American News.
So, I mean, it's just funny how after two years, all of a sudden,
You know, they find out that this doesn't quite adhere to their codes.
I sent multiple emails asking precisely what in the moon... Donald, you're probably the best known builder, particularly of great buildings in the city.
There's a great deal of question about whether or not the damage and the ultimate destruction of the buildings was caused by the airplanes, by architectural defect, or possibly by bombs or aftershocks.
Do you have any thoughts on that?
Well, it was an architectural defect.
You know, the World Trade Center was always known as a very, very strong building.
Don't forget, that took a big bomb in the basement.
Now, the basement is the most vulnerable place, because that's your foundation.
And it withstood that.
And I got to see that area.
About three or four days after it took place, because one of my structural engineers actually took me for a tour, because he did the building.
And I said, I can't believe it.
The building was standing solid, and half of the columns were blown out.
I mean, so, this was an unbelievably powerful building.
If you know anything about structure, it was one of the first buildings that was built from the outside.
The steel, the reason the World Trade Center had such narrow windows, is that in between all the windows, you had the steel on the outside.
So you had the steel on the outside of the building.
That's why when I first looked, and you had big, heavy eye beams.
When I first looked at it, I couldn't believe it because there was a hole in the steel.
And this is steel that was, you remember the width of the windows of the World Trade Center, folks?
I think, you know, if you were ever up there, they were quite narrow.
And in between was this heavy steel.
I said, how could a plane, even a plane, even a 767 or a 747, or whatever it might have been, how could it possibly go through the steel?
I happen to think that they had not only a plane, but they had bombs that exploded almost simultaneously, because I just can't imagine anything being able to go through that wall.
Most buildings are built with the steel that's on the inside around the elevator shaft.
This one was built from the outside, which is the strongest structure you can have.
And it was almost just like a can of soup.
You know, Donald, we were looking at pictures all morning long of that plane coming into building number two, and when you see that approach the far side, then all of a sudden, within a matter of a millisecond, the explosion pops out the other side.
I just think that there was a plane with more than just fuel.
I think, obviously, they were very big planes, they were going very rapidly, because I was also watching where the plane seemed to be not only going fast, it seemed to be coming down into the building.
So it was getting the speed from going downhill, so to speak.
It just seemed to me that to do that kind of destruction is even more than a big plane, because you're talking about taking out steel, the heaviest caliber steel that was used on a building.
These buildings were rock solid.
And, you know, it's just an amazing, it's an amazing thing.
This country is different today and it's going to be different than it ever was for many years to come.
Very profound statement and very true.
Stacey in the great state of Texas, in FEMA Region 6.
You're on the air worldwide, Stacey.
Good to talk to you.
Before I get into what I want to say, I just want to let you know that I don't normally take vitamins at all.
I was turned on to the Ultimate Female Force.
I looked at all the ingredients, and they're all organic, root, things like that, that I trust.
You know, because I've seen a lot of other vitamins.
They don't have things that they say that they have in them, and they're often not things that are natural.
I appreciate that.
Well, what happened with Ultimate Female Force?
Tell us about it.
Well, it's really great.
You know, it's like a multivitamin.
I take it.
It tastes good.
It doesn't have that nasty aftertaste.
It actually has kind of a pleasant aftertaste.
And, you know, it just gives me energy and fuels me throughout the day, so I really like it.
Well, just so you know, we look at whatever the best herbs are.
They're known to turbocharge women.
And then we get the organic ones and put it in it.
So, yeah.
Stamina, libido, energy.
These are amazing things in Ultimate Female Force.
So I'm glad you plugged it.
Infowarstore.com or 888-253-3139.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You are the one they call President?
I am.
Kneel before Zod!
Kneel before Zod!
You are not the President.
No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so quickly.
I'm the man they're protecting.
I'm the President.
Okay, folks, we're back.
I'll tell you, you know, Trump, he's not the perfect president.
But he's a fighter, and I don't know anybody else that's been as effective at trolling the left and causing them to really expose their true nature.
Certainly Mitt Romney, John McCain, they just were get-along-to-get-along types.
And that's not what we need now.
We need disruptors.
And we are certainly entering an era of completely independent journalism.
And that's why it's so important to keep channels like Infowars operating.
Because as we've seen in China, eventually the censorship net is just going to choke us out.
We see them fighting in Hong Kong on the streets.
The least we can do is fight with your computer mouse or with your smartphone and keep the message going.
To keep the message going, it means supporting the InfoWars store, obviously.
It also means supporting independent journalists, you know, like Joey Gibson that we saw in Hong Kong.
Everybody's got a Patreon or a Subscribestar.
If you want a bite from your home, this is how you do it.
You know, in the case of Michael Hansen, it's almost like getting back to USSR Sommies dot self-publishing days.
You couldn't find Gulag Archipelago in Russia.