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Name: 20190702_Tue_Alex
Air Date: July 2, 2019
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses a range of topics including spirituality, energy supplements, globalists, and politics. He promotes Alpha Power as a way to restore energy and mood with age and criticizes AOC for her allegations of sexual assault by border patrol being a lie. He also addresses the increasing violence from Antifa supported by law enforcement agencies and encourages listeners to support InfoWars financially, spread information about the broadcast, buy products at InfowareStore.com, pray, take action against globalist agendas, invest in the digital asset marketplace, and provide financial backing for their fight against perceived enemies of America. He also addresses issues such as the low point of Gallup American Pride, Nike's decision to pull Betsy Ross flag sneakers after pressure from Colin Kaepernick, and exploitation by leftists. He ends by acknowledging the possibility of the shutdown of "The Alex Jones Show" but affirms that their fight for truthful information will persist regardless of the program's fate."

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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Okay, I'm just going to be completely frank with you.
I am so upset right now that I can't even do the show.
I'm learning to psychoanalyze myself and learn why I get upset so I don't have the angry outburst because they might be entertaining, but they're real.
And they're not good for me.
There's also an underlying frustration here that I do not have words to describe what's happening and it confirms our worst fears in triplicate and as a father I am having feelings of crystal pure rage where it's just totally clean and focused and
My very guts and my very brain cells, my very heart just scream out at me, defeat the enemy, take them on.
Because we are faced with some of the greatest evil, some of the most twisted evil this planet's ever seen.
And I just, for the first five minutes here, I don't even know what to say.
I'm totally focused on just stating the fact that I don't feel like I can give enough emphasis on how bad these globalists are and what they're doing and how they're pulling out the stops.
And the continuum of their lying and their deceit is going off the charts so fast with an exponential growth curve going straight up.
Logarithmic would be the term.
That my physical body is now compensating and preparing for war.
I think that's the best way to describe this and I want to warn everybody out there about something.
None of you are going to get out of this by sticking your head in the sand or running away from it.
That's what's going to make the fall of society happen faster and worse.
We could still have somewhat of a soft landing if people really get awake, repent, and get right with God.
And I don't say that from some
High and mighty Pharisee type stance.
I say that from somebody who's a sinner and somebody that knows that I'm as wicked as the day is long, but my heart and soul is pointed at God.
And I think that's really what I wanted to say at the start of the broadcast, because in the final equation, that's it.
It's the total realization
The total realization that there really is a spiritual battle, good and evil, and that it's 100% real, and we always knew it, we've seen it, and we've felt it, but now it's so crystal clear, and evil is taking the mask off everywhere, and to just know that billions of people have shined on to a spirit of total destruction.
And that many of them know they've signed on to it.
And that if you go to a Democratic Party event, old ladies in dresses and young men and old young, they act demon-possessed.
And you pull back from it, you see the behavior, you know a tree by its fruits, and the things they're doing, and you sit back and you go, we're on a planet in deep space,
With all these dimensions around us, we don't even know where we came from or who we are, except if you read the Bible, that it's all crystal clear, and it's all coming true, and it's real.
It's unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
There really is a Satan.
There really is a God.
We really are on a planet contending with forces, unseen and seen, the principalities and powers of the air.
And we're going to see the Antichrist.
We're going to see world government.
We're going to see half the world population killed, at least.
It's all going to happen.
Human clones, human-animal hybrids are already amongst us.
Designer babies.
It's all here.
Pedophiles are coming out all over the news and being praised.
Evil is rising.
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Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
It was about 2.30 in the morning last night.
I woke up and I couldn't go back to sleep.
I went in and got a glass of ice water, a nice slice of lemon.
I thought about how amazing this planet is, and all the great things God's given us, and the mystery of the universe.
And I sat at the breakfast table for about three hours, until my life woke up.
And I just sat there thinking about the mystery, and the magic, and the world of wonder, the universe of wonder all around us.
We're good.
The whole world, and our country, is not as evil as Hollywood would make it look.
They just want us to give up.
They just want to demoralize us.
So that we just accept hundreds of articles a week now praising pedophilia.
And with known pedophile authors praising Desmond is Amazing and drag queen children and saying how sexy they are, how hot they are, and how they want to, you know,
Have relations with them.
They're having so-called gay pride parades in New York and areas of Sweden and Europe that I haven't even covered because they're breaking our will.
They're doing it so much.
They're really pedophile pride parades where they have sex with 10, 11, 12-year-old children in public and they do it in mass and the organizer does it and the police won't even arrest them now.
And you have these events with seven, eight-year-old little boys twerking, wearing Daisy Dukes and no shirt, while fat men rub up against them.
And notice what the famous pedophile supporter said in the articles that the media praised last week.
I never even covered it.
I mentioned it.
He said, look how vampiric Desmond is dressed.
Look how sexy and hot he is.
And this is nothing of your TV viewer.
We're showing you Desmond being worshipped at a gay pride parade, a pedophile parade.
But we can show you the little kids twerking, half naked.
But see, I don't want to have to show you this, but this is what children are being put through.
See, if they can't abort them when they're in the womb, or kill them after they're born, or put them on as much Prozac or Ritalin as they can, or fry their brains with the cell phones, they're going to dump them straight in.
To a pit of perverts.
And like Desmond's head on a spike from a captured enemy, or a captured standard, we have your youth.
He goes on national TV shows with convicted murderers.
Homosexual men who chopped up their lovers.
Not enough to bug chase and try to catch HIV.
Now they're going to bring our children down with them.
And there's never enough.
Now, what am I going to start the main broadcast with today?
When we come back in the next segment.
There's a moment, there's a time, there's a space where everything crystallizes.
And you know that your worst concerns were accurate.
Remember, 25 years ago, people say, oh, one day they're going to ban the American flag.
And, oh, that'll never happen.
That's the crazy John Birch Society.
And then, seven years ago, the Ninth Circuit said you can ban the American flag from public schools and ban its wearing because it's seen as a symbol of hate.
Remember back at Charlottesville when they wanted to take down
Thomas Jefferson statue.
Great liberator.
The guy that tried to put it in the Constitution to free blacks then.
There'd be a civil war, so it happened 60 years later.
70 years later.
He said, you take down Thomas Jefferson, next it'll be take down the American flag.
Hell, they were already there.
And there's the headline at DrudgeReport.com.
Gallup, American pride hits new low.
And Nike pulls a designer shoe, they put out, that undoubtedly would have been a hit, with the original 13-star Continental Army flag, because Colin Kaepernick said it was offensive and hateful.
And, of course, they shipped out a thousand pairs of shoes, and all this is an America-hating stunt.
And you know what?
With Millennials, it paid off.
You'd think Colin Kaepernick, being their spokesperson, would hurt Nike sales.
It increased them 20 plus percent.
Because only a loser would go buy $200 pair of America-hating Colin Kaepernick shirts.
It may be a minority of schmucks.
That hate America like that, but they're the type of schmucks that'll go buy big, ugly basketball or big, ugly football shoes as a symbol of status.
Think about that.
A man that hates this country.
A man that wants Islamic jihad worldwide.
A man that got rich in this nation and was adopted by white parents and taken care of.
But see, he's hired because Silicon Valley and Nike and The Globalist are inflicting this nation with a mortal wound, a snake bite of civil war and racial division.
They now have national hit pieces in the New York Times and major publications running down Martin Luther King.
Because he has to be destroyed, because he said, judge people by what they stand for and what they produce, and by their fruits, like Christ said.
You don't think Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Martin Luther King invented that, do you?
It just goes on and on, ladies and gentlemen.
And so when we come back, we'll get into all of it.
Nike Pulling American Flag Shoes.
I will never, and I haven't worn Nike in a long time for their leftist garbage, but they're more inexpensive running shoes and things.
They're decent.
They're low-key.
You know, I can go buy them at Academy for $40, last year's style.
I always see poor kids at the mall drooling over $300 sneakers.
See, that's what Colin Kaepernick does, is he shells to little white kids and little black kids racial division.
But, oh, look at Colin Kaepernick.
It means you're cool.
Spent $200, $300 on his shoes while he gets rich off you.
While he gets up to $10 per pair of shoes off division.
Nike nixes Betsy Ross flag sneaker after Colin Kaepernick intervenes.
Oh, Colin Kaepernick.
The NFL has 40% down in its ratings.
That's what the general public's not putting up with it and tuning out.
They're losing b-b-b-b-b-b-billions.
But still they push the hate of America because they're owned by the globalists and they're inflicting a mortal wound on the nation.
So anyone that ever doubted who these people are, you now have it all in your face.
I'm going to come back into all of it.
AOC has gone beyond Jussie Smollett and claimed that she was sexually assaulted by the Border Patrol.
Even CNN wouldn't get the actual quotes off her Twitter because they're like, God, she jumped the shark.
There's footage in the whole facility.
Turned out she was actually screaming at people that wanted a selfie with her.
The Border Patrol was trying to kiss her ass.
She said she saw women drinking out of toilets.
Now she says, oh, she heard that?
She is a damn lying witch!
That's all coming up.
But you gotta understand, folks, if she says the Border Patrol sexually assaulted her and made women drink out of toilets, and they said, I'm sending out child porn when I'm not, and she says the world's gonna end in 12 years, they'll do anything!
And these globalists say, we're not going to sell products with American flags on them.
And you wonder who the enemy is.
All of it's true.
The world government, everything.
And remember what the world government wants.
Remember, it's satanic.
At the end of the spider hole is murdering children.
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I don't even call it climate change, it's a climate crisis.
Our first act in foreign policy, we're breaking up with Russia and making up with NATO.
Not just to Mayor Buttigieg.
We do not talk enough about trans Americans.
The top 1%.
The biggest threat to the
Security of the United States is Donald Trump.
There's nothing he will not do to separate a family, cage a child, or erase their existence.
Moms across this country are getting paid less simply because they're women.
Children in cages.
For the last 21 years, I've been raising a black son in America.
You are the only Latino Democrat who is running this year in the presidential race.
Pass the torch in terms of having more women for people from the LGBT.
I would be going about eliminating Donald Trump's tax cuts.
It's time to pass the torch.
We ask voters from across the country to submit their questions.
Medicare for all who want it.
Pass the torch.
We need a party that is diverse.
I'm not changing diapers.
I'm changing Washington.
I was the first in my family to go to college and have student loan debt.
I'm someone that can win and beat Donald Trump.
Systemic racism.
Everyone can vote in this country.
Pass the torch.
Does this hurt my Uncle Dick in his gear stand?
The number of clips in a gun.
The debate we're having in our party right now is confusing.
Raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants.
Raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to cross a border without documentation.
Can we keep our hands up so we can see them?
The generation who sends our children to school where we look at what they're wearing so we can remember it in case we have to identify them later.
Just because a woman, or let's also not forget someone in the trans community, a trans female,
Is poor doesn't mean they shouldn't have the right to exercise that right to choose.
Trigger a leftist authoritarian.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
As we approach July 4th, 2019, our nation's birthday, Democrat operatives on multinational and CHICOM funding are openly calling for physical revolutions.
Joe Biden, for the forced violent taking of wealth from some to others.
Mayor of New York.
City council members in places like Denver are saying it's time to have a violent revolution and a communist overthrow of the government.
AOC to light the fires, says the world's ending in 12 years.
And that emergency centers with the hundreds of thousands pouring into the U.S.
every month, where we find out who folks are, get the medical treatment, and then let them into the country.
Most open borders in the world.
She says those are concentration camps and goes and stages fake photo ops, saying she saw children in cages when that was Obama that put them behind chain link fences.
And now AOC went to the Texas border again, got a tour of the facility, because the Border Patrol's like, wait a minute, we give you a tour any time.
Come see.
And she blew up at them.
She said, how dare you try to take selfies with me?
She began screaming at everyone.
Had a total freak out.
This has all been confirmed.
Reportedly, the Border Patrol's getting ready to release the footage.
Because she came out in line and said that she felt sexually threatened, she felt physically threatened, that they were visually assaulting her.
And that she saw women drinking out of toilets.
She tweeted all this.
And her other Democratic Party members said they saw this.
And then Hispanics from the local town, whose families work there,
And the Border Patrol in Texas is about 65% Hispanic.
They showed up in a 30-minute press conference that's posted on Infowars.com and shut them down.
The Islamicists and all the rest of them up there, the Democrats, lying.
And they said, liar!
You're lying!
None of that's true.
No one's drinking out of toilets.
All of it, completely.
Made up, ladies and gentlemen, because there is no bottom to the Democratic Party.
They've green-lighted complete lying.
The Wall Street Journal, the AP, ran headlines last week saying Alex Jones lost a lawsuit in Sandy Hook for a book he wrote.
Nobody died at Sandy Hook.
And then the article has nothing to do with me.
I never wrote the book, never read the book, not in the book.
And we talked to AP and they said, go ahead and sue us, we stand by it.
That's because they think there won't be court cases in a year or two.
They plan a violent overthrow.
AP, Nationwide, and the Wall Street Journal said things 100% false, and when respected law firms, I had two different ones send them letters and call them, the mid-levels went, you're right, we'll get this changed, let's talk to our top.
They came back and said, we got letters from BuzzFeed saying we stand behind all this.
I'll win lawsuits open and shut.
It'll take years.
They know that's not gonna be here in years.
They just pulled a stunt, Nike did, shitting out a thousand pairs of the first installment of red, white, and blue tennis shoes.
Made in a Chinese slave camp, no doubt.
And they pulled it and made a big press announcement because Colin Kaepernick said so.
On the 4th of July,
Saying the American flag is offensive and racist and bad.
And again, you thought that they would lose money when Colin Kaepernick became their main spokesman.
No, because it's the schmucks that again will buy $300 tennis shoes, $200 tennis shoes with Kaepernick on it for the icon of hating America.
Foreign multinational corporations, publicly aided by the Chinese government.
It's the biggest owner of our debt, the biggest owner of stock in the big six production companies in Hollywood.
You turn on Netflix, you turn on It's America Hating, you turn on CNN, MSNBC.
It is incredible.
And Antifa launched massive acid attacks and steel bar attacks, viciously injuring many people, hurting their eyesight, almost blinding people, and the police defended it in Portland.
The mayor defended it.
CNN and The Huffington Post are now defending it.
He played clips where they're saying on MSNBC, well, it's like radiation treatment.
We've got to teach you racists.
We say you're bad, so you deserve it.
Even if you were a racist, you don't deserve that.
Hell, the racists are the left, using race-based politics.
This is an uprising, and they're incrementally turning it up, thinking Trump won't act, law enforcement won't act, the public won't act, until they hit us with a full overthrow.
Last 4th of July, Antifa was planning a violent overthrow of Trump, but a lot of them got arrested, a lot of them got rolled up, a lot of them got caught planning acid attacks.
It'll get a lot of press coverage.
This year, they've said it again.
Acid attacks in Austin, Texas, in Washington, D.C., in San Francisco.
They're saying anyone attempting to celebrate this nation's birth will be clubbed in the head.
You better not come out to those Fourth of July rallies.
They are teaching you.
They are showing you.
And I know reporters, not in this office, but others, that won't go to the 4th of July in D.C.
because they know Antifa will be waiting outside the gates.
And Trump still doesn't control the D.C.
And just like when I tried to go to the inauguration two and a half years ago, they will physically attack men, women, and children.
They will break your wife's nose, and the police will only intervene if you strike back at the god, at the meth-head government employee wearing a black mask.
It's on, ladies and gentlemen.
They think you're weak.
They think you're going to roll over.
And Nike says the American flag is bad.
And they are betting on the millennials to have political orgasms over those filthy shoes.
They think you're done.
Because you've already let them abort kids after they're born.
We've already got designer babies with five parents.
We've already got cloned humans.
Now AP says, oh, they've been getting born in China for years.
Oh, sure.
Not here, right?
The sky's the limit.
Let's go out to break with a clip of no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
This is shanted everywhere.
And you saw it on the stage with the Democrats saying the same thing last week.
And then, of course, the governor of New York says, America sucks.
Here it is.
No USA at all!
No Trump!
No Wall!
No USA at all!
No Trump!
No Wall!
No USA at all!
No Trump!
No Wall!
No USA at all!
No Trump!
No Wall!
No USA at all!
No Trump!
No Wall!
No USA at all!
No Trump!
No Wall!
No USA at all!
No Trump!
No Wall!
No USA at all!
No Trump!
No Wall!
No USA at all!
No Trump!
We're not going to make America great again.
It was never that great.
We have not reached greatness.
We will reach greatness.
When every American is fully engaged, we will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotyping against women, 51% of our population... Oh, but Islam's good.
Raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants.
They all raised their hands.
The end of the country.
The end of the social contract.
Yes, it was supposed to be for 70% tax rate on the wealthy.
You hear folks say there's not enough money.
What I say to them every single time is there's plenty of money in this world.
There's plenty of money in this country.
It's just in the wrong hands.
This is called a communist takeover, folks.
Finally, there's a... The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border.
And that is exactly what they are.
They are concentration camps.
And if that doesn't bother you, I don't
Alexandria Cortez, or A-O Mack Daddy Cortez as she's known, went down to the Texas border with a bunch of Hollywood people in a fancy outfit wearing a $600 Mavudo Museum watch.
At least it's not $3,000 shoes like normal in $4,000 outfits.
No, you see her going to a fence in a fancy white outfit and going... People fought to get in.
They turned themselves in.
We're there literally taking care of these people and AOC shows up and you want to see the fakest photos you've ever seen in your life.
She goes down there and cries and says, oh, they're all victims in a concentration camp.
And it really blew up in her face.
She's in a designer clothing, designer watch, all out there for PR.
The worst acting.
It's worse than a fifth grade play.
Crying at the people in the concentration camp who came here illegally and who fight and die to get here because we're so bad so they can then bitch and complain like AOC.
They're getting
Three and four times their previous records a day.
Up to 15,000 people at that checkpoint alone.
And the Border Patrol is working 18 hours a day.
They're collapsing in exhaustion.
They didn't get the $12 billion they asked for.
They got $1.3 billion this year.
And there are 14,000 to 15,000 people per sector a day that they're catching.
And by the way, the people just turned themselves in.
Because once they get here, they get given to a judge.
90% never show up to the hearings.
So they show up and say, feed me, Seymour.
Remember Little Chappaharas?
The plant goes, I said feed me!
Feed me, Seymour.
Feed me all night long.
That's right, boy!
I said, feed me!
And so they show up, they're not allowed to drug test them, not allowed to test for diseases.
They just show up, 30% of the kids aren't with their parents, they genetically test them, aren't even in the family group.
They're not aunts, they're not uncles, they're not cousins.
They're kids grabbed out of villages.
Many times, two years old, crying for mommy.
And when the illegals get through with them, they just throw them into a park, throw them into the woods.
Hundreds of kids a day are being found just dumped in Texas, sometimes 300 miles into the state.
Oh, she cares so much.
She doesn't care about the 200,000 killed by drug gangs in Mexico the last decade.
She doesn't care about 90% or 80% of the women being raped that come through Mexico to the U.S., not by the U.S., but by the Mexicans.
She's there to make you feel like crap.
She's another Jesse Smollett.
That's not enough for them, ladies and gentlemen.
She wants you to be guilty.
No, I'm not guilty.
And quit bitching about the country all day and telling us how much it sucks!
And how the world's gonna end in 11 years if we don't do whatever you say, wannabe cult leader!
Trigger a leftist authoritarian.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You are the one they call President?
I am.
Kneel before Zod.
Kneel before Zod!
You are not the President.
No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so quickly.
I'm the man they're protecting.
I'm the president.
DrudgeReport.com, the biggest news site in the world, is definitely cutting through the electronic Berlin Wall like Godzilla smashing Tokyo.
On screen, DrudgeReport.com, you can see it's linked to a Kellen McBreen article.
I was not safe, she says.
And it gets into the total hoax, where she says that she was basically sexually assaulted.
It's unbelievable.
And that people were drinking out of toilets.
Now she's backing off and others are saying, oh, we heard they're drinking out of toilets.
But guess what?
Guess who built all these migrant centers the last two years of Obama's reign, when they really were having to put people in more like cages?
Because Obama had said, come here, the border's open.
If you bring a child, you can get in.
They started the flood.
Oh, it turns out Southwest Key, that's the group that goes around with these Congress people, saying everybody's in concentration camps.
Turns out he owns a large stake
In the detention centers that Obama built.
Obama said everybody come up here.
They built U.N.
refugee centers all over Central America and South America so people from around the world could get there and then be given their State Department money, $1,000 per leg.
It's all on record.
And then to get up here and guess who's making the money?
Oh my goodness.
Southwest Key CEO has financial stake.
In property leased by migrant shelter operators all over the Southwest.
Isn't that just special?
We're going to get more into that.
Remember the free Obama phone?
$3 billion was spent in the first administration of Obama.
$5 billion the next.
That's $8 billion smackers.
And guess who got the contract?
A man named Carlos Slim, who is reportedly the richest man in the world.
That's not really true.
At $100 billion or whatever.
And Jeff Bezos sometimes is richer.
The point is he's one of the richest people.
There's old money that has more.
But he got the contracts for $8 billion and reportedly made several billion dollars off the phones.
And then, the database could keep track of all the poor people they gave it to, to call them and get them to vote, and get them to come out and do things.
And if they lost phones, remember the old Obama phone lady?
Let's try to cue up Obama phone lady.
Obama got us a phone, he's gonna do more!
Remember the original clip?
It's like, six, seven years ago.
We can pull it up.
We've had her in studio, but I want the original Obama phone.
She got her, she goes, I've had three Obama phones, and now I got five more!
I like Obama, he gave us a phone, he's gonna do more!
Sweet old lady.
We gave her a lot more than that.
We gave her, I think, $5,000 the whole time she came here.
And, you know, I get her wanting to, you know, have a better life.
She was from Cleveland.
We ought to check in on her, but imagine the evil of AOC.
Going with a group financed by people making tens of millions a year.
That's what it says right here off these things one guy That heads up the group going down and saying open the borders, but knowing the law is you're gonna have to process people You can't just say oh here millions come on in with kids under your arm a third of them aren't even their kids This is insane when you go to a
Six Flags or Disney World, you know, they see who you are, you pay, you get your bracelet, you go in.
Oh, hey, Disney World, you should just be open.
They go bankrupt.
Oh, how about the Vatican?
They sure check you.
They sure make you line up.
They sure make you get a bracelet.
Oh, but the Vatican says we should have open borders.
How about your house?
How about no door or screens on your windows?
All the mosquitoes can come in.
I mean, clothing are barriers.
Everything we do is about steel cages on our cars.
That's a barrier of protection.
That's what borders are for.
And you have these people trying to implode them and bring in groups that then won't be able to get jobs, are unskilled, but don't worry, they can stay in the detention center a few weeks, and they can make a bunch of money off of them, thousands of dollars per head every few weeks, and then the Democrats can get them and teach them how to vote, give them a driver's license, and put them in low-paid jobs under their control.
And then the Democrats then run systems where they milk part of the welfare money off of them that they get them signed up for in corrupt cities.
This is a giant cash machine!
And AOC got caught lying about it all.
I shot a special report last night with Robert Barnes that I'm going to add to this.
AOC jumps the shark, ladies and gentlemen.
Says she was basically assaulted.
Now she's been backpedaling on all that.
They're backpedaling on drinking out of toilets.
We have photos in the article to show TV viewers where it shows the stainless steel sink and water fountain
It's all built-in, side-by-side, but the same one's still toilet.
These are the more modern, nicer units.
Now click on that, and then scroll down, and it shows, in the article on DrugsReport.com, I was not safe, and if you scroll down, it shows the supposed toilets
That you drink out of.
It's simply incredible that they think we are this stupid.
There it is!
So you got the toilet right there, and in some of the toilets, above it is the sink and the water system.
There you go, ladies and gentlemen.
So you have to stand at the side of it when you're at the sink.
It's all in one unit, so it doesn't get ripped off the wall, so it doesn't break.
It's high quality.
And we're spending billions.
Trump finally got 4 plus billion more.
He asked for 12 billion.
He got 1 billion.
He just got 4 billion, so now it's up to about 5.3 billion he's gotten this year to try to just pay for all this, because it's up 635% in just the last year.
We're being bumrushed by a UN-organized invasion force with a bunch of Democrats making money on the detention centers that they got set up and got the contracts for before Trump ever got into office.
And then, when people drowned coming across...
Salvadorian president on death of drowned father and daughter.
This guy went across multiple countries, went across a flooded Rio Grande River, drowned, and it's America's fault that there was a river and he climbed into a rushing river during flash floods.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, National Review, it's our fault.
Well, that's actually not true.
I caught you there, didn't I?
He's not a leftist.
He said it is the fault of El Salvador.
But the left, they are saying it's our fault.
Isn't it unusual to see somebody actually take responsibility?
When a little girl got brought across, it turned out, three times, by her mother.
The word is smuggling.
As a shield, the father said, my ex-wife's a criminal.
It's her fault my daughter went through 100 miles of desert with coyotes.
80% of the women get raped according to Amnesty International.
That's the truth.
It's her fault.
It's that dad's fault.
It's not America's fault.
But Colin Kaepernick, he's God.
He comes out and he says, We are bad.
America is bad.
He doesn't like Nike putting out an American flag tennis shoe.
And see, once you accept political incorrectness, once you go with what the politically correct say, it's the sky's the limit.
It's total control.
We come back, I'm going to show Americans at the border confronting these lying Democrat scumbags, a collection of communists and islamicists lying about women drinking out of toilets and lying about sexual assault and just spewing garbage.
And we're going to play these clips straight ahead.
This is powerful.
Stay with us.
Yes, we're supposed to be for 70% tax rate on the wealthy.
Yes, we're supposed to be for free college, free public college for our young people.
We are supposed to break up big corporations when they're not serving our democracy.
Just because a woman, or let's also not forget someone in the trans community, a trans female,
Uh, is poor doesn't mean they shouldn't have the right to exercise that right to choose.
And so I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion.
We do not talk enough about trans Americans.
Fathers and mothers and children are dying while trying to enter the United States of America.
And what has happened now, the end result, is now we've got kids literally laying in their own snot with three-week-old diapers that haven't been changed.
My grandfather was actually separated from his family when he came to this country.
We're going to talk about Iran right now because we're working against the clock.
Who as president would sign on to the 2015 nuclear deal as it was originally negotiated?
We need to renegotiate and get back into a deal.
It was an imperfect deal.
I don't think we should conduct foreign policy in our bathrobe at 5 in the morning.
Should there be a roll for the federal government?
Everybody's mics are on.
I think we have a... I heard that too.
That's okay.
I think we had a little mic issue in the back.
What do you tell a gun owner who may agree with you on everything else?
Okay, but says, you know what, the Democrats, if I vote for him in there, they're going to take my gun away.
I look at these proposals and I say, does this hurt my Uncle Dick and his gear stand?
If the Democratic Party would stop acting like the party of the elites and be the party of working people again and go into states, including red states, to convince people we're on their side, we can put pressure on their senators to actually have to vote for the nominees that are put forward.
You got me?
You got me?
We have a perception problem with the Democratic Party.
On January 20th, 2021, we'll say adios to Donald Trump.
Trump is a phony.
Trump is a pathological liar.
Anyway, my time's up.
And that he lied to the American people.
And gave it to every single one of them for free.
It does sound as if you haven't seen what's been happening in the United States Senate over the last 12 years.
I have seen what happened.
I will release children from cages.
The old ways are no longer relevant.
A mother who pays a coyote to transport her child.
Pass the torch.
Pass the torch to the generation that's going to feel the effects.
I want a rape victim to be able to run in the middle of the street and wave down a police officer and report the crime against her.
Thank you, Senator Harris.
These are the issues that are before us, Chuck.
I hear you.
If we turn towards socialism, we run the risk of helping to re-elect the worst president in American history.
Make America great again.
Keep America great!
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The time has come.
The time is here.
The globalists are openly activating their anti-American forces to demonize the American people, the very existence of our borders, and the American flag.
From the NFL, to Nike, to the Ninth Circuit, to AOC, to members of our armed forces, high-level generals, are all saying America is bad,
That the American flag is offensive, that capitalism is offensive, and that our president saying, Americanism, not globalism, is racist.
And that the whole world can come here and get everything free, but that we the citizens have to pay for it when our nation is on the verge of bankruptcy if we don't have major innovation and major booms.
We will collapse into third world status and the UN and others admit they're using giant migrant waves in Europe and the US to collapse the countries, to kill capitalism and bring in socialism so we can go the way of the old Soviet Union, North Korea and Venezuela.
This is a plan.
And when you see top Democrats across the board, mayors, governors, you name it, saying America was never great, it'll never be great.
They're going to take this country down.
They're going to confiscate the wealth.
Why are they funded by billionaire hedge fund owners?
Because the billionaire hedge fund owners are offshore.
And they want to overthrow this country, just like Russia was overthrown in 1917.
They're planning a Bolshevik revolution here, run by the rich again, to take over a country.
This is the critical understanding.
And you've got the idiot masses believing they're going to get free healthcare, free housing, free education, and a living wage, even if you don't want to work, in the words of AOC.
Those who can't work or don't want to work.
Close quote.
Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time more than ever.
We knew this time was coming.
This is why they've tried to censor and block us the last year ahead of the establishment making its move to fully overthrow the West.
This is it.
They plan to go into violent revolution with Antifa throwing
Acid on people and beating people over the head at 4th of July events and attacking people in Portland last weekend.
Getting you ready for when they really make the violent move and come to people's houses.
And they plan to do it by 2020.
There's no doubt now.
They admit it.
They're on the stage saying it.
They're trying to break this country now.
Once ISIS is overwhelmed, they're going to have ten times the number of invaders coming in.
This is a systematic program, so whatever you do, realize we were right.
Our worst fears have been confirmed.
It's all true.
The New World Order, the world government, the anti-Christian moves, the anti-unborn moves.
Now they kill babies after they're born.
Now they admit human clones.
They're walking around China.
Everything is happening.
That's why we've got to stay on air.
That's why you've got to keep fighting, because we're going to win this in the end.
It's God's promise, and we see the evidence.
The tide's even turning as world government's built.
A tide is coming against it, and world government will only stand for a day, the Bible says, and a day is generally a year in prophecy.
This thing is going to be rough.
It's going to be the last days of boot camp, but we're going to make it through it together.
That said, ladies and gentlemen, without you financing InfoWars and buying great products you already need, we won't be here.
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It's a simple win-win equation, and we will continue on the face of this.
But now it's more urgent than ever that we stay on the air, because I wish the Globals weren't as evil as I thought.
I wish they wouldn't openly be pulling down American flags, and courts ruling against them, and Nike pulling it off shoes.
But that shows you that when you've been taken over by a group, they tell you, don't fly your damn flag!
That's what happens when you're invaded!
That's what happens when you're conquered!
And they're seeing if they can make you do that, they could do anything!
If they can sexualize your children and have you put up with it, they can do anything!
Think about that.
Infowarestore.com, 50% off, storewide free shipping, double patriot points, whatever you do, commit now to history and know that buying products from us is one of the most important things you can do in the fight against the globalists.
They see it as penultimate to take us out.
Taking Trump out is number one.
Taking me out as number two, in their own admissions.
Why is that?
Because we've got their damn number.
And we've got you.
An audience of activists that I salute no matter how old you are, or how young you are, whether you're black or brown or white or pink.
I was at the grocery store the other night, and I had, it was late, it was about to close, it was 11 o'clock, and my wife had forgotten some stuff, she asked me to go get it.
I wanted some frozen pizzas anyways for a late night snack.
And, uh, I had four groups of Hispanic families run over to me and say, we love you, we love you.
My brother's in town.
He loves you.
Oh, look, you know, talk to him real quick.
Hey, you know, we're Mexicans, but we love you.
And I'm like, of course I love you too.
You're an American, right?
You love the country.
You want freedom.
You've been here probably longer than I have.
Yeah, well, yeah, yeah.
You get what's going on.
It's not about people being Mexican.
It's about the UN weaponizing.
It's about blasting down the borders.
It's about bringing people in from all over the world to be given voter IDs, to vote, to be under Democrat control.
It's about a permanent underclass the globalists use, they admit it, to bring down nation states.
So I'm going to start it next hour.
I'm going to give the phone number out and take your calls on this, but I'm going to get to it.
Of AOC getting caught with her pants down, man.
Going in there, world's good in 12 years, cauliflowers, racist.
Oh, she saw kids in cages and cried, none of it was true.
They brought her into that border patrol office, they're gonna release the footage.
And the witnesses all saw this.
And they kissed their butts.
And tried to get selfies with her.
And she screamed at him and said, you get away from me!
And she came out and said, it was horrible!
They attacked me!
I didn't feel safe!
There were women drinking out of toilets!
They wanted to sexually do something to me!
I felt like... And the locals got pissed.
Because they live there, they work there, and they surrounded AOC and the rest of the Democrats that actually got the contracts under Obama for the land and the emergency centers.
Oh, they knew it was coming!
They were setting up those U.N.
bases down there to get everybody in there.
And before Obama left, boy, they started the flooding.
First, they said, oh, there's no caravans, there's no problem, while they own the facilities, making the money off of it, giving them the contact for the Democrats, putting them on buses to send them where they want.
And then they blame the Border Patrol, and she says the Border Patrol, again, was making women drink out of toilets.
If she gets away with that lie, what's the new one?
Yeah, let's show the video of more Africans from the Congo walking across the border of Texas and coming across the river.
There's new videos of it!
Trying to get into the concentration camps, yes.
We're going to come back.
We're going to play it all.
But this is the reality, folks.
They're paying for people plane tickets to fly out of anywhere in Africa to land in Central America, and then they go to other refugee centers where they hand them a $1,000 credit card or debit card and cash, and they start the next leg.
Everybody goes, whoa!
There's a gold rush!
They did the exact same thing starting seven years ago in Europe.
This is an invasion.
This is a plan.
And now thousands a day of Africans are getting apprehended.
Think about how widespread this is.
Some go across 11 countries to get here.
And most never get caught by the Border Patrol.
A lot of them don't want to be caught.
Some do.
Because they know they're released.
Yeah, that's the footage from a few weeks ago that came to San Antonio.
There was another one of watch African and Haitians crossing into U.S.
And they're just moseying on up, turning themselves in, saying, I'm a refugee.
They get released in a few weeks on average.
And then 90% do not show up to the hearings.
And then AOC calls that a concentration camp.
The article with all the video, all the proof, her tweets, her trying to back off the tweets, her staging photo ops, Kellamette Breen,
DrudgeReport.com, right-hand side.
Get it and share it with everyone.
Hoax 2.0.
AOC claims Border Patrol agents sexually threatened her.
That's right, folks.
Smollett Part 2.
And it just shows, if she gets away with this, why not do more?
Hell, maybe she'll say, I sent her child porn next, or I raped her.
Maybe she'll say Trump raped her.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Don't let the globalists win.
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Why are they coming after us so much?
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Because we're promoting Americana.
We're defeating the globalists.
How do you defeat them?
Spread it word of mouth.
The forbidden show.
Tell everyone.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, here's what's going to happen.
I'm going to get to all these critical news articles and clips next second that I've been talking about.
And then I'm going to open the phones up for the balance of the show on this Tuesday edition.
Again, I started the show an hour ago really almost unable to speak because we have so much information.
And there's so much proof of all of it that it's very, very frustrating to try to even collate all of that in your mind and try to present it to you.
But here's what's going on.
100% from every angle, there's no doubting it.
It's like getting a cat scan and you got tumors all over your body and you know you're going to die.
100% inoperable.
This could be operable, but we're going to look like Darth Vader after we come through it.
And, you know, we really don't have a choice because the alternative is so horrible.
My God, the globalists have been licking their lips to gut this Christian country a thousand ways from Sunday, and they just have this wicked will to do it, and they've weakened us so much.
And I see people fighting back, but
When you look at them banning the American flag and pedophiles all over the news praising sex with children and people saying, let's kill babies after they're born, you think, oh, well, you know, people will wake up and stop them.
But what really happens is people just get conditioned to accept it.
And there really does come a point where civil disobedience is going to be needed.
And I'll just say it.
Euthanasia, killing babies after they're born because a bioethics board says so, it's murder.
And so at a certain point when people are killing already born children, I'm not going to organize anything violent, but I'm just telling you that we become accomplices at that point.
And so if we don't say no, and if we don't start talking about the fact that these children need to be defended, we become accomplices.
And I've just never sold out in my life, and I've always in my conscience started telling me something, I have to start getting ready to take action.
And that doesn't mean I'm going to go out
And kill any of these people that are convicted murderers and people that say they want your children.
It means, though, that I'm going to get more aggressive in what I do, news-wise.
And it means that, let's just say this, my brain, I can't help it, is starting to unlock different areas.
Of my genetic weapon systems.
You've seen all that here on air, what we've done in 20 years, 25 years.
I mean, we're really going down the road towards violent civil war.
And let's not lie to it, to ourselves.
We've seen Antifa cooking up chemical weapons, acid to throw on people's faces, government sanctioned in Portland, and hitting people in the head with crowbars, splitting them down to the skull, and the media defending it at the Huffington Post today.
They're attacking us!
Antifa are mainly government workers, federal and state, and then health department type folks, professor people.
They want control.
And they want their system to take over, their blue rat infested feces piled garbage dumps.
And so this is their moment when the cancer metastasizes.
And so, you gotta be as wise as a serpent, peaceful as a dove, walk softly, carry a big stick.
As Teddy Roosevelt said, we just have to understand that they're preparing to actually come after everybody.
And they think, if they kill some people at their houses or whatever, or shoot up a ballgame of Republicans, that if they'd have gotten, you know, 10 or 15 of them, they think the rest of Congress would have backed down.
Plus, that would have gotten rid of the majority that the Republicans had.
My point is they're willing to do anything from setting a nuke off on Congress to you name it.
They've got collaborators inside the military.
They've got collaborators all over the CIA.
We've got our people too everywhere, but I gotta tell you folks, this isn't a game or a joke.
And you're not going to make a deal with these people and have them back down.
You sign on with them, you sign on with Satan.
So people better decide which side they're on.
But they're doxing federal law enforcement everywhere.
And it's not going to be Antifa that hits them.
It's going to be Hezbollah and MS-13.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
There is no longer any doubt.
Multinational companies and governments are funding an attempted violent, Maoist-style overthrow of the U.S.
Federal courts are ruling the American flag as a hate symbol.
Nike is pulling tennis shoes with the American flag on them.
Our borders are being totally collapsed.
Already born babies are being killed.
World government is here.
We're going to lay it all out in just a moment.
This is such a critical broadcast.
Only two days away from our nation's birthday.
Antifa is pledging massive acid attacks and other huge events.
We'll be covering it all here live and on the ground.
Now is the time for decision.
Now is the time for everyone watching and listening to decide which side they're on.
And if you decide that you want to stop the forces that are banning the American flag and that are attacking the family and that are attacking our borders and our country and our military and our heritage.
If you want to defend that, then now is the time to take action.
And that means word of mouth about this broadcast.
And that means buying products at InfowarsStore.com.
And that means praying for Infowars.
And praying for President Trump.
And praying for yourself.
And praying for peace.
And praying for justice.
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I'm going to give the number out at the start of the next segment.
I'm going to take calls for at least an hour and a half after that on several big topics.
Let's get right into the central one right now.
You could cut the historical significance and the electricity of the crossroads with a knife.
You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.
Everything you're seeing has been pre-planned and pre-positioned.
If you read what anti-globalist, anti-world government patriots wrote in the 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s, it's come true word-for-word like total prophecy.
Well, yeah!
We had senior senators like Barry Goldwater at the hearings in closed committee where the Carnegie Foundation called for world government at the end of the family.
We have people like Congressman Larry McDonald, a Democrat, who's a doctor, and who was led into the highest level of what was happening by people in the CIA that didn't like what was happening.
And they killed him over it.
All these people were demonized.
Lyndon LaRouche was led into all this.
He used to have weekly meetings with the CIA and with Ronald Reagan, that later got declassified.
That's why they put him in prison.
Claiming he didn't pay a credit card for a month and called it wire fraud.
They could do that to me.
They could do that to you.
And they're trying to incite race war.
And they're trying to incite war between the sexes with all the fake rape allegations.
They've had the 25th woman come out with no evidence, no proof, no nothing and say Trump raped them.
It turns out the woman is an insane moron.
And a whole bunch of women admit they lied about cabbing on Trump.
I confirmed with law firms that former employees that have worked here were paid $10,000 and were told.
One of the conversations got recorded.
And for $10,000, they'd say anything they wanted.
And they said, tell us Alex Jones is a homosexual.
We think that'll hurt him with his crowd.
And they couldn't even get the individual to fully lie.
He said, well, he never hit on me, but I felt like he was hitting on me.
Think about that, folks.
When they're so bold that Hillary Clinton's law firm will pay you $10,000.
Couple pieces of silver.
Imagine what that's like to be Alex Jones or Brett Kavanaugh or Trump.
I'm in that exclusive club.
By the way, I'm not a victim.
I'm not complaining.
But I'm telling you, I'm over the target.
That's why we're getting hit so hard.
And I'm willing to take whatever they do to shout, but they're letting me know.
They're like, hey bro, we just put out false headlines.
You're sending child porn out there.
Notice it all got retracted, but that was the next week.
You know what comes after that, don't you, Jones?
Yeah, I know, a bullet in the head.
I'm not going to let you keep having your way with the children.
It's the Democrats everywhere praising pedophilia and killing babies after they're born.
We all know who likes to hurt children, who likes to steal their innocence and steal their lives.
It's you.
You judge a tree by its fruits.
Guess what?
Everything you did blew up in your face.
The worst time of year for Infowars is always the end of the school year and end of July 4th.
Some people are on vacation.
And we've had the best June and July in the 25 year history of Infowars.
We were in the red this year.
Until you pulled that crap two weeks ago.
So you go ahead and put a big ol' fat juicy bullet in my head.
I'll never commit suicide by the way.
I don't fear death.
And you watch what America does to that.
You go ahead and try to kill Trump.
Because the American people know what you're up to, jackasses.
And you're not dealing with an asleep country anymore.
You're dealing with a sleeping giant that's awake.
So I'm proud, ladies and gentlemen, of how far we've come together.
But this is a man's game.
This is a woman's game.
If women want to get engaged, a lot of them are.
This is a very dangerous adult world we're in.
And we need adults.
You don't think I don't want to be at the shooting range?
You don't think I don't want to be at the driving range?
You don't think I don't want to be up in the Rocky Mountains?
Riding a horse up a hill, go hunting a wildcat?
Or bow hunting a bear?
You don't think I don't want to be swimming in the Caribbean?
Or maybe the Mediterranean?
You don't think I don't want to be diving down a 150 foot
I love to scuba dive.
I love to hike.
Hell, I used to even be able to mountain climb a little bit.
But I've committed everything I've got to this because there's no future if we don't do it.
That's why I'm commending all of you and thanking all of you and the radio stations, the affiliates, everybody.
But this is an epic war.
And now we come full circle back.
To the fact that we're dealing with a real-world government whose endgame is the end of humanity, a post-human future.
Where you're not even able to have children genetically because we're so poisoned.
And that all there are are artificial humanoids, cyborgs.
And those that have merged with Silicon.
This is the admitted game plan.
This is the admitted destination we're being told.
Like you go to a theater and you buy a ticket.
They give you a program of the three acts.
And you're reading what happens and what's coming up next.
Or an opera.
And you're reading it and you're seeing that we're not included.
You read it.
And you see what they say they're gonna do.
Thousands of articles, oh, they're looking to make animal-human hybrids and then later in, oh, we actually did it years ago.
Or, oh yeah, the first babies born with their genes edited who really aren't humans.
The first babies with four or five parents been born in China.
Men's fertility plunging straight down.
Cancer exploding straight up.
IQ is plunging.
We're being killed!
Mesmerized by the television.
Mesmerized by the chemicals.
And I'm saying wake up, struggle out of it, fight back, realize what's going on, and you'll get stronger under attack instead of weaker.
All my genetic memories being a farmer, or riding a horse, or living alive, or fighting.
You don't think I want to be up here just glorifying these globals for no reason.
But we have to do it, ladies and gentlemen, because they want to kill human future forever because they've sold out to the cosmic con artist Satan Lucifer, the old serpent, the devil!
I'm getting to the AOC being confronted beautifully by Hispanic Texans for her lying straight ahead.
I'll give the number out.
We'll take your calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
Our main story tonight concerns breast implants.
Some are against them, others believe they're fine in rare cases, and many believe you should be able to get them whenever the f**k you want.
Sorry, did I say breast implants?
I meant abortions.
Tonight's main topic concerns abortion.
So tonight, in honor of America, I'd like to do a salute to abortion in the break.
10th Annual Salute to Abortion!
Get out of my behind!
Get out of my vagina!
Get out!
It's a woman's body and she should not be forced to carry anything inside of it.
It wouldn't make her keep a tapeworm.
That has a heartbeat.
So you're comparing a baby to a tapeworm?
A fetus is a parasite, sweetie.
That is not what a fetus looks like, okay?
It's a group of cells that's 12 weeks.
You think that it is the white man's duty to fix everybody's problems, right?
Because you have a jaw jab.
How many did I adopt?
I kill my kids.
Well, that's what you do to babies, huh?
Yeah, I love it.
You love it, huh?
Yeah, I do.
Okay, I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
Oh, I'd never go to Christ.
I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
No, I don't go to Christ.
A fertilized egg is a human being!
A fertilized egg is a human being!
You're a pig.
Because I don't want to kill babies.
Oh, you kill them.
You let them live so they can starve to death.
Why'd you spit at us?
I, uh...
In the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother, just prior to the birth of the baby.
Now, you can say that that's okay, and Hillary can say that that's okay, but it's not okay with me.
Well that is not what happens in these cases and using that kind of scare rhetoric is just terribly unfortunate.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lit up the One World Trade Center spire in pink to celebrate his radical expansion of abortion in New York.
State lawmakers approved a law permitting abortion in the state for any reason until the 24th week of pregnancy and then up until birth.
If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen.
The infant would be delivered.
The infant would be kept comfortable.
The infant would be resuscitated, if that's what the mother and the family desired.
And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.
Are you for third trimester abortions?
My answer to you is that that should be a decision that the woman makes.
There's scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult.
Is it okay to still have children?
How do you justify the decision to allow Planned Parenthood to rent in this city for free?
That's your time.
Next speaker.
There's a new video out on InfoWars.com of two partial birth abortion, eight and a half month old babies.
And, uh, and it makes you want to kill people.
I'm just being honest with you right now.
My guts, my spirit sees a baby who got killed and its brain sucked out by some asshole.
And then they make a joke out of it.
These are abortion doctors with third trimester babies that were about to be born.
Defiling them, making jokes about them, that they're having a fight.
They're playing with dead babies in a little medical pan.
And it was pretty shocking, gruesome stuff to see.
And just a total lack of regard for humanity.
It's just absolutely amazing.
We're gonna have, um... Abby Johnson.
I'm sorry.
God bless abortions and God bless America!
Don't knock it till you try it.
And when you do try it, really knock it.
You know, you gotta get that baby out of there.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
The video we're about to play is only a few-minute compilation of 30-plus minutes of this open borders group that's actually financed by a company that owns much of the land and services, the detention facilities, that Obama built after he said, come to America, the borders open, to triple the amount.
Now it's up 630-plus percent.
And Trump's being blamed when the globalists triggered the whole thing.
Unbelievable scandal.
But AOC dumps it down to, I saw women drinking out of toilets.
I felt sexually threatened, close quote.
It's unbelievable.
And of course, the Border Patrol is now releasing photos that there are no drinking out of toilets.
There are sinks, there are water fountains in the facilities.
There's whole bathroom areas.
These are open air areas.
People that are found to be convicted murderers or criminals are put in detention.
I mean, you've got people coming into your country.
You check them.
That's what borders are.
This is a fundamental assault on reality.
But hey, we believe there's only a thousand genders now.
So if we don't believe in mother and father, why not say we don't believe in borders?
These rich people all live behind fences.
And borders try to go to one of their events and say, I want to go through here.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
It's the death of logic.
So here's AOC saying she wasn't safe.
She didn't feel safe around the officers at the border facility.
I mean, in that last facility, I was not safe from the officers in that facility.
Do you have any comment about what was posted about you in the alleged Facebook group?
I mean, I think it's just, uh, it's just indicative of the violent culture that we saw on the inside of the ground.
Now, that's her being tame on CNN.
In her tweets that are linked up on DrudgeReport.com on the right hand side,
Where she says she felt threatened.
She says that women were drinking out of toilets, that people were yelling and screaming at her and threatening her, and she felt sexually threatened.
And the lies go on and on from there.
Think about the boldness of this.
But she's gotten away with so much.
Now, let's play that clip.
Clip 9.
AOC says migrants were forced to drink out of the toilet.
And then we're going to go
To mainly Hispanic citizens down the border.
By the way, half the country below the age of 15 is Hispanic.
Something like 35% of the country is Hispanic.
It's your guns, it's your country, it's your property, you built the country, all built together.
Everybody's intermarrying.
It's ridiculous.
The idea that the American flag is bad and all Hispanics don't like it or Hispanics don't want a border.
Remember the Democrats on the stage.
Hispanic Americans are upset about a border.
You know, if you're Hispanic, you don't want a border.
You want everybody to come in, including murderers and criminals.
The idea of selling this and it's not working, it's why Trump's getting double the support any Republican ever got from Hispanics.
That's why Democrats are doubling down that, oh, Trump hates you.
He wants to get you.
Oh, and he hates Jews, too.
That's why his daughter's married an Orthodox Jew, and he's pro-Israel.
None of it's true.
It's the opposite of what they say.
It's ideology that matters.
And they're taking the poorest and the most criminal from all the world, and they're putting them in refugee centers for up to six months, brainwashing them before they ship them up here.
This is a weaponized takeover.
So here's AOC says migrants were forced to drink out of the toilet.
Totally not!
I mean, maybe they were so stupid, never seen a toilet.
A lot of illegal aliens, you know, don't use the toilet because you're not supposed to flush.
Or they don't have, I guess, running water in many areas.
So they wipe their ass, and you go into these stalls at nice truck stops, you name it, and there's just piles of people's wipes!
They have signs on the door in Spanish!
Saying, please, in other languages, please put the ass wipes in the toilet.
I'm not joking!
Oh, but AOC, she grew up rich and powerful.
It's all made up, her whole backstory.
You know, she's just up there spewing all this garbage.
So let's go ahead and go to AOC saying they're drinking out of toilets.
There's abuse in these facilities.
There's abuse.
This was done on their best behavior.
And they put them in a room with no running water.
And these women were being told by CBP officers to drink out of the toilet.
They were drinking water out of the toilet.
And that was them knowing a congressional visit was coming.
This is CBP on their best behavior.
Telling people to drink out of the toilet.
The lies.
The entitlement.
And the Democrats advertised come here.
Under Obama, he gives his friends the contracts to build them and to finance them and have the land.
And then those groups call for more open borders to cause a bigger crisis to make money off of it.
That's mainstream news.
Southwest Key CEO has financial stake in properties leased by migrant shelter operators.
Now let's go to the clip in South Texas where citizens get in their face, mainly Hispanic Texans, shout down pro-migrant Democrats.
And we've got the footage of the press conference.
We have all this footage on the site of the shots back.
Here it is.
We are putting America first!
Not hate!
So y'all can yell and scream!
But what we saw today, what we did today, is try to bring the eyes... There's Islamists up there lying.
This is about the preservation of our humanity and this is about seeing every single person there as a member of your own family.
I am tired!
We did not get answers.
Completely unacceptable.
We did not get answers about the MPP program, the Remain in Mexico program.
I am so grateful to my colleagues who've made the journey all the way to El Paso in order to see for themselves.
In the House of Representatives.
Today, we remain very concerned about the conditions in which people are being kept.
Some have been separated from their kids.
She was told by an agent to drink water out of the toilet.
These are the conditions.
The Border Patrol was just trying to show what they wanted to show.
Lots of supplies.
And also, I think that they're reducing the number of people.
We need to be spending money on helping individuals with healthcare needs, with housing, with food.
Not with all these enforcement efforts that we're seeing here today that are separating families.
When we get back to D.C., something passed for these families and for our country.
Hello, my name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
She's got a whole trail of Islamists behind her.
She's being booed.
I will outwork your hate!
I will outlove your hate!
I will always put my country first!
Can we move to an Islamic country, please?
We will do!
And I'll tell you this!
Veronica Escobar is the best, goddamn!
See, I'll have Congress member for this!
Today we are lifting up these stories in the hopes that you will see the light!
This is the group financed by the Tricoms.
Bring the cover down.
We will bring the fire!
We will bring the fire!
That's right.
Bring the fire!
Any means necessary.
We're gonna go to break.
Open the phones up.
What do you think of this invasion?
What do you think of AOC's latest lies?
What do you think about Antifa and the terror attacks and the acid attacks?
First-time callers in the first round.
First-time callers.
You know, I talk about this on the air, and I know it sinks into people, but I've decided that we're going to kind of reboot all our supplements.
And that if you go back five, six years ago, before all the censorship and attacks and fake lawsuits, the rest of it, I would talk about how great the products are and how they were the best and why they were, and I'd have doctors on and experts to explain why they were so good.
And instead, the last few years, I'm like, hey, we need to really support us or they'll shut us down.
The biggest thing people like to buy is supplements because they know how great they are and how wonderful they work.
And the left always has headlines everywhere.
Jones sells unapproved supplements that he claims are supplements.
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Because they're doing everything they can to shut us down, and thanks to you,
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Banning people.
They're dictating the opinions that everyone on the platform is allowed to have.
Merely a... I'm a conservative Jew, so I guess that makes me such a dangerous person.
Spreading articles, spreading videos, spreading links.
You're going to get demonized.
You're going to get attacked.
It's going to do something terrible like help Trump get re-elected.
That's really what all this is about.
That they deem our content and our brand unsafe.
It's the right to be, do, and say whatever you want.
It's about freedom of expression.
The journalist on the left not interested in telling the truth about me because I don't fit the stereotype.
They can say whatever they think and I respect their constitutional right to do it.
I hope they respect my...
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, I don't normally take a minute to get back on air after we got a break, but I am just here looking at all of this insane news.
And I want to go to your phone calls as well.
Here, specifically, on the open borders, Nike pulling American flags off a popular tennis shoe because Colin Kaepernick didn't like it.
That's all an anti-American stunt.
They're playing because they know their constituents, their customers.
Millennials hate this country on average, never think it was great, never think it'll be great, and want to conquer it.
And now we brought in all these Islamicists, like Tlaib out of Michigan, and Ilhan Omar out of Somalia, and this Presley lady from Massachusetts.
And she's up there at a press conference where they're claiming kids are in cages and women are drinking out of toilets, all lies, trying to incite stuff.
And she says, it's time to bring the fire!
And Joe Biden says, it's time to have physical revolution.
And Antifa's doing it.
They're throwing the acid milkshakes in people's faces and hitting them over the head with steel bars and say they're going to attack Fourth of July events.
Don't you go out and celebrate Fourth of July?
Meanwhile, we wrote a story about this months ago.
Rush Limbaugh predicts purge of U.S.
The next flag that will come under assault, it won't be long, is the American flag.
He said in 2015, we wrote a new article about this, by removing Betsy Ross shoes from the store shelves, Niagara fulfilled a prophecy by radio host Rush Limbaugh who predicted the U.S.
flag would face expulsion.
Well, the Ninth Circuit had already ruled that, so yeah, it's not a prediction, it's a fact.
Limbaugh made the prediction during his nationwide purge of the Confederate flag in 2015.
The American flag has flown over slave nation much more than the Confederate flag, folks.
The American flag has flown over
All kinds of atrocities, he said, adding that he believed the real objective was the eventual removal of the US flag.
Full story and the video and audio of him saying it four years ago is up on Infowars.com.
And we've got AOC
out there at the press conference with we should do a piece on this because I saw the articles we reposted yesterday and there's shots of the people that are yelling at him that are even better that I should have given you guys I know I sent you that clip last night
But there's a bunch of clips from the demonstration and it's all Hispanic Americans wearing Make America Great Again hats and stuff going, are you kidding?
Mexico has borders.
Russia has borders.
China has borders.
They shoot you if you come across them.
We're just bringing people in.
They're coming here because it's all free.
We process them.
You're a liar!
They're not drinking out of toilets!
Because their dads and moms and brothers and sisters and wives and husbands work in those things.
They were built by Obama.
But now they say they're concentration camps.
No, it's the Democrats talking about how conservatives need to be put in prison.
It's the Democrats that are pushing all that garbage.
They're the ones calling for any means necessary and for wealth redistribution and for taking our guns.
Notice, they admit everything they always denied.
Yeah, we're into pedophilia, the Democrats say.
Yeah, we're going to take your guns.
Yeah, we're for open borders.
Yeah, we're going to collapse things.
Yeah, we want a world government.
Yeah, we're gonna make kids all over Europe convert to Islam in the public schools and all the videos and the calls to prayer in New York City and Brooklyn that nobody else would be allowed to do, blasting out at massive decibel levels.
Let's play the end of that boil-down, the full press conference.
They cut it at 30 minutes because Jihadi Tlaib and her cohorts
All chip on the shoulder, pissed off people, got in here to get the free ride, got into Congress, and man, they hate this country 100% because they're conquerors.
They come from nations where you conquer people.
You may not have electricity, you may not have the technology, women wear hoods over their heads and are slaves, but they still have a pride in that.
Their men are going to rule this country by the sword, by Allah.
And they've had a hatred of this country.
They came here to conquer us.
They didn't come here to be part of it.
Let's go ahead and roll that clip.
But I will outwork your hate!
I will outlove your hate!
I will always put my country first!
Get that burka back on your head!
I will do!
And I'll tell you this!
Veronica Espinosa is the best goddamn state!
I'll have a congress member for this!
Say whatever you want!
Today we are lifting up these stories in the hopes that you will see the light.
And if you don't, we will bring the fire.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
That's the reality.
You know what, let's cue it back up.
Can we cue up the new member of the Denver City Council who says, any means necessary for a communist overthrow of the government, and then we'll play de Blasio, but I want to get Tucker's comments on it.
We'll go to calls.
Where he says, oh, there's plenty of money.
We just haven't taken it from the people yet.
The big bankers are all offshore.
They're the ones financing this.
Warren Buffett was the biggest recipient of the Banker Mail-Out.
$487 billion juices.
Oh, but he mails a few thousand dollars a year to the Treasury because he pays too little taxes.
That's because he pays $100,000 a year on his billions.
You heard me right.
Less than 1-10th of a percent.
Because he takes it all in capital gains, then rolls it over to new companies.
And then he says we need taxes on the rich, which means the general public, because he gets your money.
See, Warren Buffett is a eugenicist.
His father was a very important congressman.
So was Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's daddy.
Billy Boy's dad-dad.
Find out about him and Army Intelligence and
Cold Spring Harbor and Adolf Hitler.
But they're all the liberals and they're the ones financing and running all of it right now.
Here you go.
Here's a, uh, here's a clip.
I don't believe that our current economic system actually works.
Capitalism by design is extractive, and in order to generate profit in a capitalist system, something has to be exploited.
That's land, labor, or resources.
And I think that we're in late phase capitalism, and we know it doesn't work, and we've got to move into something new.
And I believe in community ownership of land, labor, resources, and distribution of those resources.
And so whatever that morphs into, I think is what will serve community the best.
And I'm excited to usher it in by any means necessary.
Candy DeBaca with a crazy murder eyes at the end.
Now everybody's trying to get into what's left of capitalism that you're collapsing.
But you sit up there, probably never worked a day in your life.
We'll get to that next but first let's get to the Mayor de Blasio saying basically the same damn thing.
Here it is.
And you thought this was your country, just because, like your ancestors, you were born here.
Just because you pay half your income to the government to keep the whole thing going, you thought it was your country.
Think again, racist.
America belongs to the rest of the world.
Your job is to shut up and pay for it.
Complain, and we'll punish you.
Bill de Blasio often makes that point.
Now, de Blasio, the single worst mayor in the 400-year history of New York City, that's impressive.
But how did he wind up on a presidential debate stage last night?
God knows.
Maybe he illegally immigrated there.
Doesn't matter.
He was there.
And once he had the mic, de Blasio promised to seize your money and give it to his supporters.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
I'm going to come back with this and more than your phone calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
Folks, you want people to fight for America.
You want people to stand up and say no to the globalists.
You want people to report on the Clintons and all the pedophile rings that are now in the news.
You want people to, you know, expose globalism or the Islamic invasion.
We're doing it, and we're not backing down.
And we're exposing the Covington hoax first.
We expose it first.
We're exposing it all.
We are the tip of the spear.
You are the tip of the spear.
And that's why everybody has to remember, we're running a Save InfoWars special right now.
To get more capital in because we've not been able to expand.
We've actually been contracting some.
The enemy has been winning with all their attacks.
We're still reaching a lot of people, thanks to you, but we need capital to get more reporters to the field, to launch a bunch of stuff we've got ready to do that is going to devastate the globalists.
We've proven we don't talk, we deliver.
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As I've said the other day, and I said to the people in the press,
Your case is the template case for American freedom moving forward.
And it's whether or not they can break the InfoWars base, whether or not they can stop the InfoWars audience from supporting the InfoWars network.
Because again, like you said in corporate documents, the model of self-funding, self-sales is the thing that corporations, the globalists fear.
Because crowdsourcing and individuals doing this scares the living daylights out of them.
It's not only that you have a unique voice in the public arena, in the public square, the other thing that's unique about InfoWars is it is the only network of this reach that is not backed by a corporate donor or corporate sugar daddy, that's not backed by some billionaire, that's not being funded by a secret foreign government.
It is an old-school American 1776-style experiment in the expression of the freedom of the press and freedom of speech that, in fact, the founders were so concerned with at the beginning of the country, they actually tried to support and subsidize
Organizations just like this because this was the kind of press they wanted and then ultimately we now live in an era where they've mostly been co-opted by big corporations or billionaire sugar daddies who have been able to control and manipulate what news and views the person's allowed to have or express or hear and the InfoWars audience has broken through that.
They are the bridge from the founding to the modern age of ultimate American democracy and freedom and that's why there's been an unprecedented onslaught
There are thousands of ideologies out there.
Hundreds of different political systems.
And most of them are funded by the globalists.
Infowars is truly the tip of the spear of the zeitgeist.
That's why the globalists are obsessed with it, trying to shut it down.
I didn't invent all this.
I went and researched the Renaissance, Americana, and what really works for humanity, and I'm simply trying to bring it back.
And lo and behold, it's super popular, like it's always been!
That's why the globalists are trying to shut it down so desperately.
Because we have the light in the dark of the night that sends chills up my spine.
So whatever you do, continue to support yourself and InfoWars by buying the great products at InfoWarsStore.com, by spreading the articles, by spreading the videos, and by praying for this operation and for praying for this nation and the world for peace and discernment.
For myself and the whole InfoWars family,
I want to thank all of you for what you've done, because without you, InfoWars is nothing.
You are the InfoWars, and I salute you.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Websites are Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
I'm going to your calls here in just a few minutes and then for the entirety of the third hour.
But I want to quantify something right now.
The best way to document this mathematically is to go online and find numbers USA famous gumball examples of this going back 15 years, 10 years, five years ago, they've been updating it.
There's about 7.65 billion in the world.
Six billion of those people roughly live in the third world.
It's more like 6.8 billion or more.
So out of the 7,650,000,000 people, less than 800,000,000 live in the first world.
And much of the first world is now basically third world.
We're talking making a dollar a day, sewage running down the streets, no education, people very warlike, high crime.
Civilization's hard to set up and it's hard to keep going.
You could take in hundreds of millions of people a year.
To Europe and the U.S.
It would not even be half of the increase of the third world.
Did you hear me?
Our country's only really like 350 million.
We could take in a hundred million a year.
Europe could take in a hundred million.
Russia could take in a hundred million.
That wouldn't be half the increase every year.
Next hour, at the bottom of the hour, I'm going to play a numbers USA breakdown with gumballs, and these are facts.
This isn't like where CNN goes, here's all the lies Trump told, 50,000 gumballs.
Total lie.
These are real numbers, real people.
That's coming up next hour.
And so, you bring in a whole bunch of Muslims, and of course it's the radicals that want power, they merge with the left, it's all hate America, hate Christianity talk.
And the universities are teaching communism because the big banks want that, because they want you poor and stupid.
They don't want a bunch of businesses and wealthy people to compete with.
They want a crony capitalist system where they merge communism with crony capitalism.
That's what all de Blasio and the new, you know, Lady DeBaca in Denver are saying.
They said, oh, Obama, remember before he left office, went to Latin America and gave speeches?
And said, you need communism in your country, but multinationals won't be communists, they partner.
People are like, well, that sounds, yeah, rich people above the law worth trillions, and then you're a communist that starved to death.
That's what Russia was from the beginning, run by the West.
The Rothschilds put the Bolsheviks in.
It's on record.
And Russia, for 85 years, was a slave of the globalists.
And that's what America's slated for, ladies and gentlemen.
So I want to tell you, if the left ever gets back in power, there'll be no Republican Party ever.
You're going to have to leave the U.S.
And I don't want to abandon Texas, but we've almost lost it.
I don't want to abandon the U.S.
But here's the thing.
If America won't fight now, when they're banning the American flag in the Ninth Circuit,
If Americans won't act now when they're saying babies can be killed after they're born, if Americans won't act now when the Democrats say everything's free if you come here, but the citizens gotta pay, that means the citizens are slaves.
You don't have benefits as a citizen, it's a negative.
Then you'll never fight.
People, oh, the U.N.
comes down my street.
Oh, the U.N.'
's already here.
UNESCO runs all this.
Trump's trying to pull us out, but his own people aren't following the orders.
Cutting the Central American funding off's good.
That made Mexico behave itself.
Cutting Mexico's funding off.
They put troops down there.
They're stopping the caravans now.
Because the border's already broken.
The Border Patrol's already overwhelmed.
The Border Patrol centers have now six-fold what it used to be.
Was three-fold a few months ago.
Now, it's 633% higher.
I saw the head of the Border Patrol on Fox yesterday morning.
I looked it up.
It's true.
600 times!
Six times more!
From all over the world, we're being bomb-rushed.
And it's all collapsing.
There's tent cities all over Austin.
I drive by and I go, my God, that's... Those are Peruvians!
Wearing the high mountain outfits, everything!
They got everything but llamas!
And you'll go down this road and it's a bunch of Guatemalans!
You go down this road, it's a bunch of Central Africans!
And Austin just passed a law last week that people can set a tent up in your yard and squatters can take your property.
God Almighty!
This is World War 4!
This is economic, cultural war!
And they're using these third world people they've already exploited!
Guess where the elites aren't letting folks in?
They've all run to Kauai, Hawaii, where they keep the land prices so high, I couldn't even afford to move there.
And they're all moving to Tasmania, and they're all moving to New Zealand.
And they're not letting anybody in that isn't skilled.
You want to get into Socialist New Zealand?
You gotta have a couple million dollars and a profession they want!
You want to get into America?
You just come on in, baby!
You're gonna get everything!
You're gonna get turned loose on the street!
Folks, just a year ago it wasn't like this.
Every street I drive down, when I drive to work, 15 miles, I see homeless camps every two miles.
I told you one morning it was particularly bad.
There were homeless zombie drug heads running around on a major highway.
I saw cars almost hit them.
And the police were just walking around like they were in a twilight zone dealing with this.
I don't know what was going on in the woods off of 360 and 290.
But let me tell you, the police looked like they'd seen a ghost.
And all I know is there were half-naked men running around, looked like they'd been in a concentration camp, because they were on so many drugs.
By the way, Bernie Sanders said white people don't know what it's like to be poor.
Did Bernie Sanders know most of the homeless people I see are white?
Here, let's finish up with Tucker Carlson, and then I'm going to go to your calls, I promise.
Here it is.
Criminalized desperation.
And you thought this was your country, just because, like your ancestors, you were born here.
Just because you pay half your income to the government to keep the whole thing going, you thought it was your country.
Think again, racist.
America belongs to the rest of the world.
Your job is to shut up and pay for it.
Complain, and we'll punish you.
Bill de Blasio often makes that point.
Now, de Blasio, the single worst mayor in the 400-year history of New York City, that's impressive.
But how did he wind up on a presidential debate stage last night?
God knows.
Maybe he illegally immigrated there.
Doesn't matter.
He was there.
And once he had the mic, de Blasio promised to seize your money and give it to his supporters, who he explained deserve it much more than you do.
Yes, we're supposed to be for a 70% tax rate on the wealthy.
You hear folks say there's not enough money, what I say to them every single time is, there's plenty of money in this world, there's plenty of money in this country, it's just in the wrong hands.
He goes, you understand?
We're taking your property, we're taking your guns, we're taking everything you got.
That's how this works.
You go, well why would they do a communist system when it always destroys everything?
Because they take the money offshore!
Once leftists get a country, they collapse it, and it's called the exploitive phase.
They then exploit that country against the next country they're conquering.
UN-controlled countries in total squalor and death, they set up refugee centers and then move them towards the next country.
General Benton K. Parton, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, the head of HAARP, the head of Space-Based Weapons, you name it.
He briefed me on-air dozens of times.
He got the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs on.
He would get me on the three-way with, like, all the former—everybody telling me, Jones, listen up!
It's all about your New World Order and your CFR.
That's part of the big banking cartel.
It's a communist program.
Doesn't matter who's taking the money offshore.
You fight a communist program, and these are the phases.
This is how you defeat it, son!
And I've been to dinner with these guys and everything, and they were old men that did not feel like being there.
But they were like, I told you, you're getting sidetracked.
It's a communist program, son.
This is how you beat it.
This is how they're gonna do it.
And once they've done it, they'll bring the country, and he's like, they're gonna get rid of the death penalty.
So communists that are committing murders, in the few years before the revolution takes over, know that they'll be out of jail.
And they'll open the borders up, and they'll weapon it, because these guys had the plans.
And now I say, okay, yes, General, the commies.
I knew that communism was an operating system of it, but not the operating system.
We are facing a communist overthrow.
Here's Joe Biden saying, time to get physical.
Of course, Joe... Creepy Joe, gropey Joe Biden would say physical, but this is all beyond dog whistles for violence.
Here it is.
Would you try to persuade?
Doesn't mean you can do it all the time, but it kept us from going into depression.
And so folks, look, if you start off with the notion there's nothing you can do, well, why don't you all go home then, man?
Or let's start a real physical revolution if you're talking about it.
Because we have to be able to change what we're doing within our system.
And that's what this is.
This is the announcement of the physical revolution.
They're making their move.
Here's Tucker Carlson.
Got it?
We've got the power.
Soon we'll have all the guns, and we're coming for your stuff.
That was the major theme of last night, and in case anyone missed it... Alright, we're gonna go to break, and I promise I'm going directly to your calls when we come back in two minutes.
However you're watching, however you're listening, remember we're in an information war.
The enemy wants us shut down.
They want Paul Revere's silence.
That's you.
That's me.
That's all of us.
So however you do it, on email, on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube, however you spread the word, tell everybody about InfoWars.com forward slash show.
We do not talk enough about trans Americans.
The biggest threat to the security of the United States is Donald Trump.
Moms across this country are getting paid less simply because they're women.
Does this hurt my Uncle Dick and his deerstand?
For the last 21 years, I've been raising a black son in America.
I'm someone that can win and beat Donald Trump.
We ask voters from across the country to submit their questions.
You are the only Latino Democrat who is running this year in the presidential race.
Everyone can vote in this country.
We are going to take a quick break.
We're going to get this technical situation fixed.
We will be right back.
Just because a woman, or let's also not forget someone in the trans community, a trans female,
Uh, is poor doesn't mean they shouldn't have the right to exercise that right to choose.
Trigger a leftist authoritarian.
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Crashing through the lines and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
I know it's sinful, but I'm a sinner.
Judas Priest is awesome in concert.
When they play the originals,
Not so much when they play the new stuff.
It's not bad, it's just not this.
I'm elemental!
My sight is clean.
I am perpetual.
I keep the country free.
Alright, let's go to your phone calls.
I got so upset last night and this morning.
Like I told you, I used to sleep like a dead pharaoh.
And I woke up at like 2.30 in the morning, couldn't go back to sleep, and was just wound up, tied as a you-know-what.
Because it's clear our worst analysis is true.
We really have a giant horde of America haters that are financed and are trying to take us down.
Not that the country's perfect, but let me tell you, it's great compared to what they're trying to set up.
I used to, like I told you a thousand times, I'll talk about it later, but I used to get so sick about how great America was and how great Texas was when I was a kid.
And my, you know, my mom's dad, especially, but my other grandfather would talk about Texas or America or hear the Star-Spangled Banner, get a little tear in their eye.
And it was because they realized how tenuous it was and how much, how easy it could be to collapse because they've been all over the world.
And now I know about all the same stuff and I get tears in my eyes because, man, I'll tell you, man, they got some evil plan for us, boy.
You've already seen it.
And I just, you get upset when the football team you like loses, you know, but this is a thousand times worse.
And it's so stupid for the people that are on board with the evil, because this is going to destroy their future, too.
Why the hell would anybody want to be a part of something like the New World Order?
It's pure evil.
It's pure death.
And we've got to come together, and we've got to stop it.
That's InfoWars' mission, a pro-human future.
And we're going to deliver on it, thanks to your support and your help.
So keep spreading the word.
That is so key.
All right, let's go ahead.
And let's go to Kevin, then we'll go to Lauren and everybody else.
Kevin in New Hampshire, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
I just want to call in regarding the Antifa attacks, and actually I have a news tip for you guys that I was telling your operator.
Over the weekend, not only was there the attacks in Portland, but came to find that the three organizers of the Straight Pride Parade, which is going to happen in Boston, were doxxed and sent suspicious letters.
And it sounds like there were bomb threats, since the FBI had to call in bomb squads.
You know, I saw that and meant to cover it.
What was the headline?
Straight Pride Parade sent threatening letters?
That's right.
Suspicious envelopes.
I think the three cities were.
Salisbury, Malden, and Woburn, right along the state line of New Hampshire.
I know it's a completely different state, but that's a little close to home.
And let's think about this.
Owens had them pull guns on him.
I know a lot of folks have been attacked and hit.
We had them throw rotting urine and feces on us when I went down to an event demonizing me that the city was sponsoring.
My name was the propaganda of Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
And I went and they missed me.
Partially and hit Owen with a balloon full of the most stinking stuff I've ever smelled.
And this is a terror group threatening everyone, doxing everyone, and doing this.
And so for every report I know about, I always learn about 20 more later.
Yeah, there it is.
Boston 7.
Suspicious envelope sent to organizers of Straight Pride Parade.
So the left has gone into full terror mode.
And I actually know of one of those guys.
I was in acquaintance with his.
Used to sell a lot of 3% merch, not a fascist bone in the guy's body, army veterans all through Europe.
Yeah, well let's be clear, gay pride has become anti-straight and pro-pedophilic and a lot of homosexuals admit that.
So people have a right to have a straight pride parade and so the establishment doesn't like it, they want to threaten you.
Exactly, but you know what?
I checked the federal statutes and New Hampshire is a constitutional carry state, thank God, I already do.
I know that in spite of Massachusetts being as blue dog as they come, there are a lot of veterans and gun owners in that state.
They do it all lawfully.
Hold on, stay there.
Don't hang up, Kevin.
I want you to recap this and let's grab one of those newscasts.
I meant to cover that days ago.
Folks, we always say, hey, we're not extremists.
Everybody gets that.
We know that.
And I know that places like Austin has election fraud.
But we're not really a blue city.
Same thing with Massachusetts.
Stacey in the great state of Texas, in FEMA Region 6.
You're on the air worldwide, Stacey.
Good to talk to you.
Before I get into what I want to say, I just want to let you know that I don't normally take vitamins at all.
I was turned on to the Ultimate Female Force.
I looked at all the ingredients, and they're all organic, root, things like that, that I trust.
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Well, just so you know, we look at whatever the best herbs are.
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So, yeah.
Stamina, libido, energy.
These are amazing things in Ultimate Female Force.
So I'm glad you plugged it.
Infowarstore.com or 888-253-3139.
You're listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
Whether you're in the FBI, or whether you're in the state police, or whether you're a police officer, the left has brought antifa, communist operatives, into your ranks.
They're being placed by other operatives in key database and personnel areas.
You know, communists aren't going to actually respond to calls and domestic disputes and car wrecks and changing tires and riding around in the heat and motorcycles.
They're going to leave that to the veterans.
But they are in personnel, just like Reality Winner.
Remember her?
Kaepernick gets Nike to pull a popular shoe that has the 1776 flag on it.
Ninth Circuit rules the Second Amendment should be repealed.
Ninth Circuit rules that you can't wear an American flag in public schools.
This is all the crazy stuff that's going on.
All the crazy things that are happening.
And you add to that, report 35,000.
Notice it was 5,000 first.
Now it's 35,000 more Africans on the way to U.S.
via South America.
Another report.
He lied.
Portland police released statement, claimed Mayor Wheeler gave police stand on order during violent protest, where acid attacks hit more than 20 and more than five people were hit with steel bars.
It's not two now, it's five have their heads split open.
Meanwhile, female high school athlete claims coach retaliated against her because her mother complained about transgender policy.
That's right, she's a runner.
Almost all of the winners from Texas to Connecticut to Illinois to California, I see, are men.
They have genitals, male genitals.
They have testicles.
They have testosterone.
And man, they get out there and they blast past those women.
And they went in the wrestling competitions and the deadlifting competitions.
No one wants to get called hateful.
Finally, the Minnesota Powerlifting Association for young people said, no, somebody's got to make a stand for biological women and the fact that they're being discriminated against.
Famous feminists have come out and gone, whoa, there's only two genders.
A man wants to assay a woman, fine, but there's really women and there's men.
No, you don't.
No, you don't.
You're not going to do that.
And all these women end up losing their jobs and getting fired.
Well now, she claims she's been retaliated against because she didn't want to be in the showers with a man.
Remember, Chris Cuomo said two years ago, he said, if your 10 or 11 year old daughter doesn't want to be in the shower with a transgender man, doesn't want to see his, he said the P word, she's a sick person and so's your parents.
You're like, that doesn't make sense.
If my daughter doesn't want to be in the shower with
The male coach that says he's a woman with his... Jake the Snake?
Then she's bad.
You're like, that doesn't make sense.
No, they're overwhelming you so they can say, we're pulling American flags off shoes.
We're saying emergency centers for people fleeing into the U.S.
where they're processed are going to be concentration camps.
It's about being over the top, saying the world's going to end in 12 years.
All this crap.
And then you get the straight pride parade, because we went out and interviewed people at the gay pride parade, and they're like, oh, screw straight people!
We hate you!
You don't get to have one of those events!
And then little kids all gyrating around with fat men humping them.
LBGTP is the new movement.
And now all the articles about how great pedophilia is show
I was talking to a caller here about the whole situation, and he was bringing up Massachusetts, he's in New Hampshire, and the Boston Straight Pride Parade.
What's wrong with being straight and having pride?
Oh, the homosexuals are so oppressed.
Totally made up.
Yes, there's been a practice called rolling people.
Where college types would say, let's go outside the gay bar and beat up some gay guys and take their wallets.
That's gone on.
So if you feel like it, boogie nights really happened.
Okay, well nobody's saying do that.
That doesn't mean then you get to have your way with our kids and attach pedophilia to your sexual preference.
And that's what's happened here.
And we've hit rock bottom where most girls' sports are now dominated.
I said I'd go to your calls, let's go to them.
Kevin, we've got the newscast you mentioned.
It's not just the acid attacks in Portland, the acid attacks they say are coming at the 4th of July.
American flag's being pulled.
The left's telling us, you will not celebrate America or you'll pay, and you won't celebrate being Christian or being straight.
Even though the parade has prostrated itself and said, oh, we'll have Milo Yiannopoulos leading it as the gay guy.
We're not against you, we're just saying it's okay to be us.
They're like, no!
Nothing's enough!
We're gonna attack you!
Tell us about it.
Well, I haven't heard much about it myself, but it sounds like complete and total hypocrisy.
And again, this whole fear tactic thing that they're trying.
But like I was saying before we had to go to break, as blue as people think Massachusetts is, that's only mostly around that I've seen the major city area.
If you go out to the west of Boston, the rest of the countryside of Massachusetts,
And as a little more libertarian, you might find a few actual Trump supporters and their signs out in their yard.
I've seen them.
Sure, they just know you get intimidated.
They know that you get attacked.
And that's what I'm telling you.
Nobody really wants blue cities except a few mental patients and the people that rule you.
They always have election fraud in blue cities.
It's been proven.
They just admitted 1.5 million fake voters in California.
We were right.
Judicial Watch just won the lawsuit.
Right, and in regards to all the attacks by Antifa and all that, Alex, I'm not trying to kiss your ass here, but it's clear because the president is now taking action on big tech after your repeated petitioning.
Again, I'm not kissing your ass, but clearly you have his ear.
I think you need to start making demands that although New Jersey has recognized Antifa as a terror organization, it needs to be federal and they need to be treated as such.
Well I agree with you, and it's not bragging, it's like marching around in a general's outfit in a war on the front line.
It's not fun.
So I'm up here with like three stars on, the enemy's all shooting at me, but it's definitely true that Trump listens because of this audience.
And because he respects the audience, he sees all the shirts at his rallies, the M4 shirts, and he listens, and his sons listen, and we've had a lot of private conversations, I'll leave it at that.
I mean, it's no secret.
The President has told me, intensify, press the attack, you're doing a great job.
And you know, he tweets out our stuff, even though his staff freaks out.
I mean, basically, General Kelly quit over myself and a few other things.
And that's fine.
Good riddance.
I had the CIA.
Defense Department, some of their elements threatened me when that happened, that I need to watch out, involved in their command and control.
Well, if your command and control can't get the border fixed, and if your command and control can't do this, then you're not American.
Get the hell out of the way!
If your command and control can't get Apple and Google to stop selling out the Chi-Coms, get out of the way!
It doesn't mean the whole Pentagon, but there are elements in there, put in by the Clintons and the Bushes, that do not like Trump being in charge.
But guess what?
He's the President now.
He's actually in command.
The problem is they're not following the orders.
So it's a real crisis.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Let's play some of that news clip.
Then we'll go to Laura and Andy and others right after the break.
Here's part of local 7 News Channel with the threats going out.
If you dare to have that straight pride parade.
You feel a lot of pride being in front of Stonewall and knowing how much change has happened but then you also realize that today still in much of this country you can get married to a person of the same sex on Monday and then go to work on Tuesday and be fired because now they know you're gay and that's perfectly legal.
Well, you know, this is an important anniversary right now, the 50th anniversary of Stonewall.
And as the first trans person to be elected in Colorado and the fourth person to be elected in the country, it's really important to be visible.
And that's what this particular march is all about.
It's more about visibility.
We are still fighting, not only for our basic rights.
Okay, so let's stop right there.
This was downloaded off the page that was about the threats, the threatening letters, the straight pride parade.
You've got a bunch of people talking about how they're victims in this video, and how it's all terrible what's been done to them, and just all this made-up victimology.
It's like there's concentration camps, women are drinking out of toilets, somebody assaulted AOC.
It's all lies!
And meanwhile, these very people, many of them, want to have conversations with our five-year-olds.
You watch the video.
These women take their kids to drag queen story time, where they put their kids in creepy transvestite slaps.
The kids cry, and mom goes, no!
No, like it!
The kids, ah!
You idiots are turning your kids against you.
Now I was most proud of, for eight years, there wasn't one single hint of a scandal or a lie.
President under pressure from a trifecta of scandals.
President Barack Obama trying to get ahead of just one of the three scandals now consuming the country's attention.
That scandal involving the Secret Service and accusations of drinking and hiring prostitutes in Colombia.
The Obama spying scandal.
The mother of all scandals.
This is a big...
It's a huge scandal.
The Gunn-Walker scandal.
The VA scandal.
The VA scandal.
It's a scandal telling America you can keep your doctor, a callous deception that hurts millions.
Today widespread embarrassment about this scandal has really turned to disgust.
All of this comes as a White House that takes pride in being scandal-free has been hammered by a series of controversies.
The latest?
Revelations the Justice Department obtained two months of telephone records of reporters at the Associated Press as part of a leak investigation.
I believe there's been a pattern by this administration in not taking responsibility for failures, avoiding blame, pointing the fingers in somebody else's direction.
Would you agree with that?
Uh, nope.
For eight years, there wasn't one single hint of a scandal.
The CIA went in to walled off Senate computers in a bona fide investigation that's being done of the detention and interrogation of detainees.
As far as the allegations of, you know, CIA hacking into, you know, Senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth.
CIA Director John Brennan apologized today after an internal investigation determined the agency had spied on staff members of the United States Senate.
Firestorms surrounding the IRS.
Last night, we asked if what they did was fair.
Tonight, the FBI is asking, was it criminal?
I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.
In the years before the election, more liberal groups were being approved, while conservative groups with names like Patriot, Constitution, and Tea Party were stymied.
In 2011, not a single Tea Party group was approved.
Operation Fast and Furious, an Obama administration program that let thousands of assault weapons fall into the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels.
Guns found at over 170 crime scenes, including the murder of a U.S.
Border Patrol agent.
The Obama administration denied the program's existence and withheld information to protect political appointees.
The Dallas Morning News calls this a cover-up.
Will anyone be held accountable?
Single hint.
My main concern is fixing a problem.
New questions over who is to blame for the deaths of some of America's most elite warriors in a helicopter crash.
Their families suggest that the White House and others are lying about their deaths and what led to them.
All of a sudden there's movies, SEAL Team 6, documentaries, SEAL Team 6, SEAL Team 6, this, this, this.
Where did it all start?
Joe Biden in Delaware in a tuxedo with a half a load on, telling everybody it was the elite Navy SEAL team.
Now to the VA scandal, which is now a criminal investigation.
An extensive new report reveals more than 100,000 veterans waited months to see a doctor or never saw one at all.
And some workers saying they were pressured to falsify records.
Now the VA scandal has officially become a criminal investigation.
I think I'm either low IQ or slow or I don't know what I am, you know?
Slow Joe Biden?
Now, I have to tell you, he's a different guy.
He looks different than he used to.
He acts different than he used to.
I had two cranial aneurysms.
And they literally had to take the top of my head off.
I mean, they take a saw and they cut your head off.
Flawless victory.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, this is the top of DrugsReport.com.
Kit Daniels at Infowars.com has written a story about it.
Pence is denying it has anything to do with the Russian submarine with 14 sailors that died.
14 sailors died on secret of Russian nuclear submarine.
Died in Russian territorial waters as a result of inhaling combustion products aboard a research submarine vehicle.
Designated for study of the seafloor of the bottom of the world ocean.
In the interest of the Russian Navy, after a fire broke out during measurements, read a translation of the statement from state-controlled media.
The article's up on Infowars.com by Kit Daniel's report.
Putin-Pence cancel scheduled events at same time amid Russian submarine fire.
Pence was set to go meet with Putin, but that was abruptly canceled.
Pence is denying that his recall to the White House has anything to do with it.
Who knows what's going on?
We will continue to follow and track that as it unfolds.
MSM will put a bunch of conspiracy theories out and then say that I did, which I did.
So we will watch that as it unfolds.
What exactly is going on with Mike Pence's abrupt return to the White House?
Okay, well, as I get time to research that and cover it properly, I'll give you information, as I said, as it unfolds.
Okay, let's go ahead and take a call from Laura in Alabama.
Laura, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I wanted to let you know, first of all, that I do pray for you and Newport Wars and the President every single day.
And I've now decided to increase my support for you guys and order even more each month.
My favorite products are the Silver Woolen Gel.
Use it on everything.
Puts, scrapes, burns, you name it.
The super blue toothpaste, love it.
And my most favorite is Turbo Force.
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And I said, yep, sure does.
So it's fantastic stuff.
I highly recommend it.
And I wanted to talk about AOC and the Democrats at the border.
And to basically, my thinking is they're like a wild animal caught in a snare or they're like, you're metaphysically have your hands around their throat and they're really starting to feel the squeeze.
And then they just act wilder and wilder and say crazier and crazier things because they're struggling.
They know that we can see them clearly and know, you know, the demonic influences that they have over them and that we are not going to
I don't know.
I agree with you.
Why do you think Nike, obviously as a PR stunt, hired Kaepernick with all this anti-America stuff?
Okay, that's their issue.
They ship out these shoes that have the original colonial flag created by Mrs. Washington on them, and then they go, oh, you're right, Kaepernick complained, always empowering the tattling, empowering the SJW, empowering the
Righteous, you know, indignation, outrage mobs, show that, oh, we're pulling it, you don't like the flag, to get other people now to start complaining about the flag.
I mean, this is just crazy.
Either that, or it's possible, since they are crazy, you can never know what's going to set them off.
And so they're just reactionary.
Oh, that set you off?
Okay, we'll pull it.
It could be either or, because honestly, they operate on a level of crazy that you can't predict.
Well, I agree with you.
Nike is now selling the shoes.
First, they said they were pulled for $2,500 a piece.
So they're all about creating prestige in a shoe.
So they're getting on the anti-American bandwagon, but then making money out of it while they do it.
Well, I can assure you that I'll never buy another Nike product again.
So I guess they better sell those shoes for that much.
Well, it's the perfect SJW that'll go get two or three worthless college degrees.
Not all degrees are worthless, but they get the worthless ones.
They all want the $300-$400 shoes, and so it's perfect that they'll probably buy these themselves now, because whatever's the most prestigious as a symbol of status they'll get, it's just crazy.
What do you think about
The whole situation with AOC saying she basically got sexually assaulted, and even the media wouldn't fully quote her trying to protect her.
I mean, she's becoming crazier and crazier, saying women are drinking out of toilets and she's not going to put up with it.
Meanwhile, the company that brought her down there,
is actually financing and controlling the land and making money with Obama who set this up off of the land that the centers are on.
Southwest Key's CEO has financial stake in property leaked by, leased by migrant shelter operator.
So they're making money off of telling folks to get here who they know are going to get locked up while we figure out who they are.
Yes, and AOC is just honestly, you know, a beer short of a six pack.
She's not the smartest thing, and she's being manipulated, number one.
And number two, she thinks that the press will always cover for her.
They'll either ignore something that's completely ludicrous like this and try to pretend that her crazy isn't at 12, or they'll just excuse it away, but she counts on the cover.
Well, ma'am, I said I was gonna do it this Saturday, and I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna come in here.
Noon to 2pm this coming Saturday and I'm going to do a two hour show with some of our best callers and then in a few weeks we're going to turn it over to the callers to actually host their own two hour a week podcast.
So please give me your name and number and we're going to finally do it but I'm going to for a decade.
We're going to finally launch a show with callers every week and it becomes popular like I think it will.
We may launch one, the first show hosted by callers every day.
So let's get her name and number, Laura's Info, see if she can join us this upcoming Saturday for the first kickoff of the show.
I haven't even named yet, but I'm going to get it done.
All right.
Thank you, Laura, for holding.
Amazing caller.
Andy, Jesse, Brian, George, Brian, Josh, Tim, Charles, Kevin.
We're coming to you straight ahead.
Bam, bam, bam.
Tomorrow's news today.
Robert Morris, what has Big Tech become?
Big Tech are big babies that have become big bullies, and the way they did so is because they face no consequence, social, economic, political, or legal, for their illicit activities over two decades.
And because of that, that's why the courts, the judges, the juries, the public officials that care about this, the members of the independent free press that care about this, the ordinary members of the public and the audience that care about this, have to be
And let's be absolutely crystal clear here.
Big railroads and big steel and big oil had Pinkerton security, killed thousands, were horribly corrupt, gouged small-time farmers, ran all sorts of scams.
But they weren't reading all your mail.
They didn't know what bra size your wife wears or what size tampons and what you like to watch porn wise.
They didn't know what was in your bank account.
They didn't know what god you worship or don't worship.
This is omnipresent level abuse and coupled with the monopolies, it is the ultimate Mark of the Beast style nightmare system.
And remember, InfoWars was the vanguard of being banned first, the most banned, and at the vanguard of fighting it.
Because we are the vanguard!
You are the vanguard!
Step into the history, folks!
The InfoWars audience is the fuel that flames the light of liberty across the world.
And that's the reason why, because it created this little-D democratic experiment in independent free press, independent free speech, of ordinary Americans coming together collectively and aggregately, through their financial support of InfoWars, to make real the original promise of an independent free press, to make real the actions of independent free speech.
In our electoral arena, in our social and cultural influential arena that shapes people's minds, shapes people's thoughts, to where you can choose your own news and your own views and share and spread those with the rest of the world.
That is why it was the target for a totalitarian, authoritarian, control-oriented, big tech, big media.
They used our openness as our weakness.
It's real collusion.
Real collusion of big tech and big media manipulating and working with each other to try to meddle with elections, to try to shape people's thoughts.
I'm the whopper of telling us the whole time it's not happening.
It's the ultimate form of gaslighting.
What you just saw isn't what you just saw.
Even it is what you just saw.
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Without your support, I keep explaining we wouldn't be here.
It's really unprecedented that the establishment has tried and failed to silence us and take us out.
Okay, who's been holding the longest here?
We're going to try to go boom, boom, boom.
Let's go to Andy in Indiana.
Let's talk about Antifa and all their terror attacks and more.
Thank you, Andy, for calling.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I called today to talk about
The frustration that I've got is that every few weeks you turn on the TV and you see a prayer group getting attacked or some other patriot organization, and you see almost zero response by local government, but also federal government as well.
And I wanted to get your take on what we can do as patriots
To get the federal government to wake up and start protecting U.S.
citizens that are also Donald Trump supporters out of these events.
Well, you notice the left always calls conservatives or Christians or nationalists bullies and say they're victims.
But then they're actually the bullies.
So the police and government are scared of corporate media.
They're scared of the big banks that finance it.
And so until there's some courage, we've seen that from Trump and from our listeners.
But other than that, you know, drudge has helped until
We see that.
They're going to still be able to intimidate people.
And you've got the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN.
They're all defending anti-fuzz heroes.
Saying, hey, right wing is racist.
You need a radiation treatment.
We're going to come hit you in the head and try to kill you.
So they've just rationalized what all authoritarians do.
They dehumanize you before they attack you.
And it's just going to get worse and worse and worse.
And they keep testing and seeing that no one's doing anything.
So it's going to get bad.
And then if they force somebody to fight back and kill them, they'll be victims.
If they can keep pushing and nobody stands up to them, well then they're fine with that too.
And so that's really the game plan here.
But we must understand their entire world program.
We must understand who they are.
And we must explain it to others so they get the end game of how this is an overthrow of the country.
Then you're going to see some real movement against these groups.
But despite the fact that the right wing or the nationalist movement is passive, we still are awake.
And that's what they recognize.
And that's what they understand.
Their power is waning.
That's why they're trying to intimidate us.
Do you agree with that, Andy?
Do you have points to add?
No, I totally agree with that.
You know, every time I see a video where someone gets hit with a numb truck across the head, they're to a point where they got to get stitches.
No, these groups see this and they say, no one's doing anything about it.
And my fear is that every new Antifa group that goes out there is more emboldened.
There's more of them that show up to these events because there is
Other than three arrests, which I'm sure the charges weren't that much, there's no repercussion for their actions.
Donald Trump does know who Antifa is.
He's talked about them.
I think it's time that we have more of a national focus, and led by him, not just led by Alex Jones.
No, I totally agree with you.
And the callers keep saying that.
Trump has to act on censorship.
Trump has to act on Antifa attacking people.
But we the people have to put pressure on them.
I mean, take Andy Ngo.
Conservative journalist.
He's Asian.
He gets hit in the head with an acid attack.
Burns his eye.
He gets hit in the head with concrete.
He gets hit in the back with clubs.
Head bleeding.
Eye bleeding.
But the media chose him because it was the least bad.
There are videos and photos of people with 30 stitches.
Heads split open.
Teeth falling out.
Media doesn't talk to them.
And so, again, it's always minimized.
I'm not saying Tucker Carlson's doing this, but Fox News basically provides them who's going to come on.
And it's much worse.
It should be headline, not journalist attacked by Antifa.
It should be Antifa launches chemical attack in Portland, pledges more acid attacks in D.C.
Thank you so much, Andy.
Great points.
What do I do?
What do you do?
I mean, and I'm not belittling Dr. No here and what happened to him.
I am simply talking about it was far worse.
I don't even see Fox, the only station covering it, showing people with clubs hammering heads in.
Maybe I'm missing it.
CNN's defending it.
Huffington Post is defending it.
They're trying to get a fight going so they can play victim.
That's all this is.
Because they know we have a conscience.
Okay, Charles.
Charles in Georgia, you're on the air, thanks for holding, welcome.
Hey Alex, hey listen, everything that's going on at the border, everything going on with Antifa, everything going on with AOC's little propaganda skit this week, it's all tied to the bigger operation, we know that, which is to steal the 2020 election.
We know that outright.
I know how Trump can solve the problem in five minutes.
Tell us.
Real simple.
All he has to do is issue an executive order banning all executive branch employees, including military personnel, from having accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube properties, and issue guidance on what social media they're allowed to use while they're employed by the executive branch.
There's not a single thing crooked judges can do about it because it's an executive branch order to executive branch employees.
Now, three things will happen.
One, Trump can move over from Twitter over to Parler or something like that or Gab.
I don't work there.
I'm not endorsing him.
I'm just saying pick another one.
And when he goes over there, the whole world will follow him and the military over to those other platforms.
The people will start getting the truth because everyone will follow everybody over there.
And the real information about what's going on with the border and Antifa will no longer be censored.
So everyone will start seeing it.
Trump will end up with a net gain of followers.
And by
Because he's not being shadow banned anymore like you talked about with Maria Bartiromo last week.
To announce other social media that he's going to be supporting, like Parler and like Gab and a couple others that Brad Parscale has been talking about, the head of the campaign.
But to also go further, just like he banned Huawei from military bases because it's globalist, it's been proven to be tied into foreign governments, it's a national security risk, because Apple and Google and Facebook
And all of them have been caught working with China and working with other countries to steal data.
They shouldn't be allowed to be used by federal employees or by military personnel.
So I'm going to come back from break.
So you have the floor.
Because this was supposed to air this hour.
I just have to go approve it.
We're going to take the clip of what you say, and at the end say, and by the way, while we were producing this, we had a call saying the exact same thing, and I'm going to put a clip of you at the end, and the president doesn't like to watch stuff longer than five minutes from me.
This thing's already ten minutes long, but it doesn't matter.
His people will watch it.
And so, I'm going to tag your message on.
Charles, the President, when we come back.
Don't hang up.
I'm going to come back and I'm going to recap the interviews.
I interrupted you.
I'm going to say, Charles, you say you've got a way for Trump to stop this all in five minutes.
And I agree with you.
It's a devastating idea.
It's beautiful.
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I don't even call it climate change, it's a climate crisis.
Our first act in foreign policy, we're breaking up with Russia and making up with NATO.
I want to note just to Mayor Buttigieg, we do not talk enough about trans Americans.
The top 1%, the biggest threat to the
Security of the United States is Donald Trump.
There's nothing he will not do to separate a family, cage a child, or erase their existence.
Moms across this country are getting paid less simply because they're women.
Children in cages.
For the last 21 years, I've been raising a black son in America.
You are the only Latino Democrat who is running this year in the presidential race.
Pass the torch.
In terms of having more women, more people from the LGBT.
I would be going about eliminating Donald Trump's tax cuts.
It's time to pass the torch.
We ask voters from across the country to submit their questions.
Medicare for all who want it.
Pass the torch.
We need a party that is diverse.
I'm not changing diapers, I'm changing Washington.
I was the first in my family to go to college and have student loan debt.
I'm someone that can win and beat Donald Trump.
Systemic racism.
Everyone can vote in this country.
Pass the torch.
Does this hurt my Uncle Dick and his deer stand?
The number of clips in a gun.
The debate we're having in our party right now is confusing.
Raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants.
Raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to cross a border without documentation.
Can we keep our hands up so we can see them?
The generation who sends our children to school where we look at what they're wearing so we can remember it in case we have to identify them later.
Just because a woman, or let's also not forget someone in the trans community, a trans female,
Is poor doesn't mean they shouldn't have the right to exercise that right to choose.
Trigger a leftist authoritarian.
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Another lonely day No one here but me More loneliness Any man could bear Rescue me before I fall into despair I'll send an SOS to the world I'll send an SOS to the world
All right.
It was supposed to be done today.
I dropped the ball this morning.
Didn't do the final voiceover for it.
We're going to release it in the morning.
I'm going to play it on tomorrow's show.
And so much is happening.
I was going to take off July 4th.
And take the kids fishing again, but I think I'm gonna probably work it out with somebody to come in here with a skeleton crew because there's gonna be major fireworks with Antifa promising all these terror attacks across the country.
But I shot an emergency report to the president that we were gonna release today.
As I said, we're gonna release tomorrow now.
But the caller just said exactly
Something that I said in the piece with Barnes.
As Barnes has said, cut off federal funding to any project with big tech, just like Trump's threatened to do with the universities with executive order.
And we go further, he could bar military personnel from using it like he's done Huawei.
That would, I mean, and again, judges can't do a damn thing about that.
You notice the Supreme Court keeps ruling with the President, but lower courts don't.
So it's all fraudulent.
So, Charles, I'm going to add to the end of this report now what you said.
So I'm going to say it right now, live on air, but we're going to add it to the tape.
Here we go.
And Mr. President, when we finished filming this emergency report to you, I was live on air and took a call from this gentleman who laid out the same idea that we had.
So I think many minds think alike.
I think you really should look at taking action on this front.
Charles, I held you over.
Please repeat from Georgia to the President and D.C.
what you were saying.
Well, we all know what the bigger operation is with the border, with Antifa, with the whole thing.
It's to steal the 2020 election.
It's my opinion.
I don't think the executive branch in the White House or the military have any business being on platforms that are censoring, shadow banning, and outright banning half the country.
Our troops fight and die for those rights.
So I suggested that the president should just simply issue an executive order banning all executive branch employees, military personnel, and contractors working with the executive branch from having accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
We're good to go.
I think so.
And Facebook and Google and YouTube will be reeling, because the whole world will follow him in the military over to those other platforms, and that'll be the end of the censorship.
If he really wants to hit him with a one-two punch, if he's real smart, he'll pull all of Silicon Valley's H-1B visas, so we no longer have millions of imports over there doing the evil bidding of these people, because they have no concept of the Constitution.
That would be the end of it right there.
Charles I'm very impressed with your call because you just laid out everything we basically thought to tell the president and did.
We said look at taking away those skilled visas from big tech if they're using people from authoritarian countries like China who follow orders.
We said
I don't
You can't visit these sites because they're not letting American citizens visit other sites.
These are authoritarians, and we're letting everybody know that these are bad guys.
And then also, it'll just bring them to their knees, and there's no antitrust needed, no lawsuits needed, just a simple exercise of constitutional power.
That is a beautiful idea.
Well, what'll happen is if the whole world moves over to other platforms, they will follow Trump.
The whole country will follow him in the military.
They will follow him over to the other platforms.
They'll have to, because it won't be on Twitter anymore.
It'll be on Parler, Gab or one of the other ones.
And that was the last, most important point.
I know the President is looking.
Brad Parscale is looking.
They have a summit coming up in just nine days in D.C.
Where they're looking at promoting new platforms and Trump wants to know which ones he should promote as a way to draw people away from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, all of it.
And so that really is another ace in the hole we've got.
One thing's for sure, this is going to be an incredible time to be alive.
Charles, I'm getting a whole list of callers, I think of the best callers, to start hosting a Saturday show with us when people want to do it.
So please stay there, write your name and number, see if you can join us coming up this Saturday for the kickoff of the soon-to-be-named broadcast.
We'll start doing every Saturday with the callers.
We may move it to another day, but I'm going to get it started.
I've had this idea for a long time.
Well, that caller was on target.
So we'll take some clips out of that, put it on the message to the president, because that's it.
That's exactly what we're saying.
And that's what needs to be done.
This is very exciting.
OK, who's been holding the longest here now?
Let's go ahead and take a call from
Joe in California, then Kevin.
Joe, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
How you doing today?
Good, brother.
Hey, Alex.
I wanted to say to you that when history presents itself that
You are one of the most important people that this country has ever had, as far as getting the word out, making the truth of what's going on in our country.
And I want to thank you for that, because 15 years ago, or maybe 12 years ago, when I started listening to you, I had no idea what was going on.
And now people, when I talk to people, they think I'm crazy, and I just tell them, here's the fact.
And I'm educating people.
My family thought I was crazy for a long time, but now they're really educated.
On what's going on.
But what I really want to talk to you about is two things.
Your products are incredible.
I've been using them for the last five years.
I'm 49 years old, soon to be 50.
And I was out of shape.
I was in shape for a long time in my life, but I got out of shape, gained about 40 pounds, and I started taking bone broth and the super male vitality.
And I'll tell you one thing.
My body looks like it's about 30 years old.
I get all the time.
People ask me, you know what my age is, and they come 49 days.
They call me a liar.
Super male, the bone broth, the colloidal silver.
I give my kids colloidal silver.
They got a cold within a day or so.
They don't have that cold anymore.
My blood pressure has went from high to low and the doctors keep asking me what I'm taking.
So I want to commend you on making the best product out there.
And I went through a lot of products and I don't think
Well, I appreciate your support, and again, I'll just tell people the truth.
I know supplements work if they're high quality.
I'm the worst at not taking them.
And so I go through cycles where I take them, and then I lose all this weight and get healthy, and then I stop taking them.
And I'm like, how do I get myself to take my own supplements?
It funds the operation, plus they're good for me, and I just have to put them on a lazy Susan at the dinner table.
And then always somebody moves it for Thanksgiving or something, and my wife doesn't like it, so it doesn't go back up there, and then I stop taking everything.
And then as soon as I go back on supplements, like I did two weeks ago, things start getting better again.
So yes, these are the very best supplements out there, and they fund the Second American Revolution.
So thank you so much, Joe, for those kind words.
What do you make of just the open borders, AOC's latest lies?
If she doesn't get in trouble for saying women are drinking out of toilets, and that she got assaulted by the guards, I mean,
What's she gonna make up next?
That the world's gonna end in 12 years?
Oh, I guess she already did that.
Alex, I think this whole thing is a bunch of comical.
It's like Clown World, just like you said.
These people are... It's amazing that we have some stupid people in this country that believe the crap that these people are throwing out.
I've never seen the dumber people in my life, but you know what?
The younger millennium people, I'm not saying that they're dumb, but they have no concept of what's going on in this world.
They think socialists is great and everything is for free.
They don't want to work.
I don't know.
Well, it's like they're not human.
They could be white, they could be black, they could be Hispanic, and I'm not trying to be mean.
Most of the real weirdos are white.
The left's always bashing whites.
I guess I gotta agree.
These weird leftists are like demons, and they think they're gonna win, and they think they're about to take over.
The globalists aren't gonna give them money or power if they take over?
No, nobody's gonna give them nothing.
They're just, it's a smoke and mirrors thing.
But Alex, I want to touch real quick on something.
I have a four-year-old and a seven-year-old in school.
And when we when they were born, we didn't vaccinate them.
They are so smart and so outgoing.
And we got the exemption from the doctor for my seven year old, and then the four year old going into preteen or pre kindergarten.
And when we asked when they asked school asked us to bring in the immunization report, we said we had a, you know, a doctor's pass on that.
And we had the school nurse
Tell my wife, well, we're going to see if we accept it, and if we don't, um, you know, they're going to have to look at another school.
And then she started going into... Hold on, stay there.
Your call is critical.
I know the rigamarole.
They have a file, they have a playbook on how to con you and violate your civil rights.
You should sue them.
Okay, I'm going to explain how criminal this is of these public schools.
They get money when you're vaccinated.
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Again, we could not do it without you, but don't let them win.
Why are they coming after us so much?
The audience gets it.
Because we're promoting Americana.
We're defeating the globalists.
How do you defeat them?
Spread it word of mouth.
The forbidden show.
Tell everyone.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Evil's coming out of the closet.
Alex Jones here.
Tom Pappert, great writer for BigLeaguePolitics.com, TV station manager that we're on.
Great page reader.
He's taking over at 15 after.
I'm going to try to get to Jesse and George and Josh and Tim and Carl before we end this, before I punch out so that Tom Pappert can take over.
They set up eugenics boards in the 20s in England and the U.S.
Hitler didn't pick it up until the 30s in Germany.
They'd sterilize you if you had a low IQ.
They'd sterilize you if you had bad scores.
It didn't matter if you were black or white or Hispanic.
If they caught you with marijuana, they'd sterilize you.
And local health departments were run by the federal government and the racial hygiene department.
Ever since then, public schools get their federal funding tied to what they do.
So now there's over 60 vaccines they want to force you to take.
Many of them dangerous.
All of them give liability protection to the companies that make them.
No other drugs are like that.
And so they get their money, about a third of their money generally, is tied to not just attendance, but to vaccination.
So the school nurses have a playlist.
Oh, your kid's going to die.
Oh, you're bad.
Oh, you're crazy.
You better find another school bluffing you.
All 50 states have laws that it's not the law you got to be vaccinated, but they want you to follow a policy to get a waiver that you follow the health department.
So there's a list of anti-vaxxers.
Then they're going to claim, oh, you're making me sick because you're not vaccinated.
Wait, you've had the vaccine.
Supposedly you're impossible for you to get sick.
So it's all a hoax, it's all a fraud.
You bring up the ski experiment, put in syphilis, they inject it in black people via vaccines.
You bring up SV40 and the human papillomavirus.
You bring up how they put cancer viruses in the polio vaccines.
They'll shut their mouths up real quick.
So they just don't think you know your rights.
So vaccine makers have got this intimidation line.
You say, listen, I know you're violating my rights in the law.
And then you should organize at the PTA.
Go speak at the PTA about it.
And they'll all shut up and leave you alone real quick.
They want to isolate you, make you feel alone.
So did I just guess what they said to you?
Because they follow a playbook.
Oh yeah, so when I went in there, of course my wife didn't say anything, and I went in there and I said, look.
I don't
They're going to take the kids and inoculate them.
Exactly, and that's true.
They, under her regulations, not a law, it's all the same, health department, they say you must give us a list of anti-vaxxers like you're a criminal.
And then in New York, they did it this year, with the Orthodox Jews are smart, and they know these vaccines are dangerous, because they see them have convulsions, they're kids, so they forcibly came to inoculate them.
And that's Mayor de Blasio.
Yeah, Alex, I got a question for you.
I own my own business.
I have time.
I'm not looking for a job, but I'm looking to possibly help do some reporting for you guys out here in L.A.
because there's nothing going on out here.
Nobody's talking about it.
Sir, send us a resume.
Send us your plan.
The best thing is start your own YouTube.
Start doing your own reporting with a $100 camera and a $10 mic.
Doesn't matter.
People do good reports.
You kick ass.
We might have a little bit of payment to give folks.
People get up and on their feet.
We've got some tips that can help folks monetize, but
Send us your information, call us, and God bless you, I'm out of time.
Okay, I'm going to try to jam in as many calls as I can when we come back, but I want to explain something.
I know you all already know this.
You got about 158,000 people they're catching a month coming in.
That's people that want to turn themselves in.
The Border Patrol's totally overwhelmed.
You got the Democrats under Obama that set up all these emergency centers, then called with the open border, which then the private groups own and make money off of.
That's not the Border Patrol.
So Democrats make money off this.
Then once they get them in, they put them on welfare, they feed on them.
Well, it's the same thing with the vaccines.
They're making money off every child that gets vaccinated at the local health department and city level.
And they're lying to you.
And when they bring in all these illegal aliens, who have all these diseases and things, and then it spreads from them, which they admit, they then turn around to the unvaccinated, when they brought in the diseased people, and tell you it's your fault.
It's all fraud.
And having this information will stop them.
That was a Natural News article on this right now, exclusive.
Google to block all anti-cancer, anti-vax, and anti-GMO websites at the browser level, as Tech Giant goes all in with pharma drug cartels.
It's time.
Recent studies and reports have shown that pipes and plumbing are getting clogged and backed up with human waste and debris.
This is from people flushing things that aren't meant to be flushed, like baby wipes and feminine products and safe sex products.
And so this is resulting in pipes being backed up and clogged.
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So go to InfowarsStore.com, take care of your clogged plumbing with Oxy-Powder.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
All the studies are out there.
Vaccination lowers your IQ.
So does fluoride.
And the system wants you to take, not the 10 shots or so we had 30 years ago, but 60 plus.
And the vaccine makers have liability protection.
They can give you whatever they want.
They can kill you.
Get away with it.
And all the history of secret experimentation in this country
We're supposed to just sit there and take it.
Big article up on InfoWars.com.
It's from NaturalNews.com.
Google to block all anti-cancer, anti-vax, and anti-GMO websites at the browser level.
URL blocking now, folks, as tech giant goes all in with big pharma cartels.
Big story.
I want to get Mike on tomorrow about that.
This is just getting so crazy, ladies and gentlemen.
Meanwhile, there's a new Miley Cyrus video.
That fits in with all the calls for human sacrifice and death and killing babies.
And it's her having sex.
Her having her uterus cut out.
Her rolling around with obese women.
Everything to defile the female form.
Everything to sell ugliness.
It's a weird dude with a Hitler mustache.
This is just Hollywood has collapsed into pure abject evil.
And you read it.
I'm a freak.
I'm a freak.
Every day of the week.
I'm do you like what I do?
I'm like a Nile crocodile, a piranha.
That's right, laying in a way to attack you and kill you.
Oh my God, she got the power.
Oh, look at her.
Yeah, until she wakes up 45.
No kids, no husband.
She got the power, so, so.
You don't F with my freedom.
I came back to get me some.
I'm nasty.
I'm evil.
Must be something in the water or in the vaccines that hit areas of the brain that connect with God.
Must be something in the water, or that I'm my mother's daughter.
Don't F with my freedom.
I came back to get me some.
You came back, huh?
I'm nasty.
I'm evil.
Must be something in the water.
Is this the devil speaking?
I came to kill you.
Must be something in the water, or that I'm my mother's daughter.
Back up, back up, back up, boy.
Oh, hallelujah.
I'm a witch.
I'm a witch, hallelujah.
Swish, swish.
I'm a three-pointed shooter.
I'll blow through ya, like a hot wind out of the bayou.
Oh my God, she's got the power.
Wow, look.
The power to die.
The power to be disgusting and be destroyed.
The power to kill your babies.
Because these things come for one thing.
He says, I'm gonna get ya.
Came back to destroy ya.
I'm gonna kill, steal, and destroy ya.
Jezebel Devil.
The Jezebel Spirit.
All of it.
In Idaho.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Alex, first of all, I am a longtime radio listener, and I want to thank you for always putting everything into perspective for us that cannot watch on TV, because I have listened for many years, but I've probably only watched only a couple minutes, actually, you know, other than on the radio.
Well, that's good for you.
I wouldn't watch MSN if I didn't have to.
But actually, the reason I called is, I know that illegal immigration has been, you know, through the roof worse than it has been.
But I feel like everyone is kind of missing a really big green light, and it's about to get worse than it has actually been.
Oh yeah, the illegal stuff's just probing.
They're preparing the full collapse and trying to sell us when the full collapse comes, don't defend.
Well, with the clown debate, I didn't see that as, you know, them offering illegals healthcare, because obviously during the presidential debate, it's about what's going to happen when they become president.
But is what that was, was the ultimate green light from every Democratic president or nominee or whatever, you know, letting them know that, hey, if you vote for me, you will have all of this stuff.
And so what that's letting them know is you need to get here now because this needs to happen before we become president because we need help right now to get this done.
Oh yes, it's calling on the troops.
Get here, overwhelm America.
Once you help us take it down, we'll redistribute all the wealth to you.
We're about to bring down America and loot it and sack it like Rome.
And of course, no nobody they bring here will get any of it.
They'll get giant tent cities and piles of feces.
I totally agree with you.
I think most people saw that as like, oh, we don't want a president that's going to give health care, but that's just a cover.
That's not what its intent was.
You know, it was a big green light, you know, their cars are packed, and that was their... Jesse, you're absolutely right.
I could talk to you for 10 hours, but I'm going to move quick to finish with other folks.
But first, as I mentioned, here's the president talking about Twitter's censorship possibly being illegal.
Here it is.
Google, by some measures, the most powerful company in the world.
All information flows through it.
They're against you.
They don't want you re-elected.
Can you get re-elected if Google's against you?
So, you know, I've been hearing that about Google and Facebook and Twitter.
That's right.
I won.
They were totally against me.
I won.
But they didn't think you were going to win?
Well, they fought me very hard.
I mean, I heard that, and they're fighting me hard right now.
Which is incredible, because I think the Democrats want to shut him up, and frankly, so do a lot of the Republicans want to shut him up.
If you look at Twitter, I have millions and millions of people on Twitter, and it's, you know, it's a very good arm for me.
It's great social media.
But they don't treat me right.
And I know for a fact, I mean, a lot of people try and follow me, and it's very hard.
I have so many people come up, they say, sir, it's so hard, they make it hard to follow.
What they're doing is wrong and possibly illegal.
And a lot of things are being looked at right now.
But you're right, Google is very powerful, but I won.
And a poll just came out today, I'm at 54 or 55, and they do say you can add 10 to whatever poll I have, okay?
And I never get good press.
I mean, I haven't had a good story.
I used to get the best press in the world.
You remember the old days when I was an entrepreneur.
I used to get great press.
Now I get, uh, because of what I stand for, represent.
Uh, and nobody's ever had, I think, 93 percent.
It came out the other day, 93 percent.
And I'm talking about stories that should be good, they make them bad.
Or should be great, they make them, like, neutral.
Ah, that's good.
And yet I won.
So, Trump gets what's going on, but he doesn't get the big enchilada.
Mr. Trump, they game things, they shadow ban, they dial back.
They have devastated tens of thousands of your most prominent supporters, shut them down, frozen the Donald subreddit.
The censorship is, let's not exaggerate, I'd say 10,000 times more intense.
We have the metrics.
So, what they're doing is dialing you back.
And it's out of control.
And yes, they shadow ban your tweets on Twitter, so you don't get millions of retweets, you get 200,000 retweets.
You're being blocked.
People have to find your page to physically read it there, and all it is is a bulletin board then.
People sign up to get messages from you, and they don't send your messages out, Mr. President.
And they stick all your enemies up on top.
So you're going through what I was going through two years ago.
And now they want to totally ban you completely.
So, promote other platforms, start antitrust, take away federal funds from these groups, just like universities, and tell the military and anybody in critical infrastructure, you don't visit these anti-American sites, and that will crater them.
Use your power.
I get the fact you're all Mr. Free Market.
Listen to the Heritage Foundation.
That's a Koch Brothers neocon group.
It's not libertarian to have open borders and say, oh, we're open borders, but then we have free welfare.
And countries that don't, they come here.
That's not free market, that's suicide.
And it's the same thing with the censorship.
They're following the orders of China and the EU.
Big tech is.
All you need to do is say, no, you don't do that.
But because we sit here paralyzed, they're going to steal that election bigger than Dallas from you.
So don't think that's not going to happen.
They've tried every damn shot.
They've got the fake Russiagate coming at your family, your tax returns.
They're trying to put me in prison.
They're going to steal that election.
So you understand that, Mr. President.
You understand action is the only damn thing we need now.
You saw that Google video last week.
They're not going to let you get reelected.
They mean business.
They're arrogant.
And so, it's not just your right, it's your duty to take action.
I'm going to go to break and have Tom Papert take over.
George and Josh and Kevin, if you call me back tomorrow, you'll go to the very front of the line.
Thanks for holding.