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Air Date: June 28, 2019
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"The Alex Jones Show covers politics, media manipulation, and censorship. He argues big tech companies like Reddit and Twitter are working with the Democratic Party to control public opinion by censoring content and manipulating narratives. He discusses how some talk show hosts have stopped inviting him on their shows out of fear of being banned themselves, which he sees as a dangerous trend that will only lead to further censorship and suppression of free speech. Throughout the show, Jones emphasizes the importance of standing together in defense of free speech and refusing to be silenced by those who seek to control the narrative."

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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
It's Friday.
June 28th, 2019, and the clock is ticking down as we approach the crossroads.
Will humanity accept global governance run by private, ruthless technocrats?
Or will we leap forward again towards the Renaissance, towards the nation-state, and towards the empowerment of the individual and the human family?
Ladies and gentlemen, we are seeing astounding routes of the globalist forces across the planet.
And that is because nationalists in the United States, in the last 60 years, going back to the John Birch Society and others, accurately analyzed the global corporate structure of the globalists.
And their plan for the future, to destroy the nation states, collapse the borders, impoverish the people, open the borders.
And now, because of sites like InfoWars, we were able to popularize in the last 25 years what was only academic, it was only learned specialist.
High-level military officers and FBI agents and those type of people who were trained to identify foreign enemies, corporate takeover systems that were aware of our government being bought off and being controlled, international sovereignty and wealth being transferred.
This is just how Russia and the Soviets were run by outside oligarchs and outside banks.
Some of the very same banking dynasties and families that ran the Soviet Union
Are the groups taking over America?
Literally, the Rothschilds, the British royal family, a lot of their money.
If you ever wonder why you turn on the news, you think that the U.S.
is run by the royal family and everyone's worshiping them.
They were hated up until the 1920s.
And literally hundreds of millions of dollars at that time, billions today, was spent
Anglifying is what they called it.
And the East Coast even affected a British accent.
All of this to again bring us into this global empire that Cecil Rhodes and others envisioned.
But I'm digressing into history.
The reason I raise all this is we have come so incredibly far that they thought they would just build their world government.
We'd all just watch sports.
And then we would just give up our culture, give up our money, give up our children, give up our language, give up our futures.
And ladies and gentlemen, that has not happened.
Everywhere globalists are being voted out of office.
Everywhere they're fighting back, but they're losing ground.
Because once their authoritarian system
He's identified it's over.
I've said this thousands of times and I beat this horse because it's not dead folks.
We're riding this horse to victory and incredible things are happening.
Robert Barnes and Owen Schroer are going to be hosting today.
The crew has convinced me to take off at least a few hours to be with my family, but I am taping this morning.
Some very important pieces for the broadcast coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Vladimir Putin has come out and said globalism is basically dead.
That it's a cancer?
That it's designed to basically destroy our nations?
And that people are rejecting it everywhere?
It is incredible.
And I'm going to read his quotes for you coming up at the bottom of the hour.
The article is again up on newswars.com and infowars.com.
But whatever you do, realize we are the heart of the reboot of nationalism and capitalism and Christianity and freedom against the globalist onslaught.
You are the reboot.
You are the megaphone.
You are the lightning.
Uh, that Zeus throws down from heaven.
You are the resistance.
And when you spread the articles, when you spread the videos, it is the very oxygen.
In this fight that allows us to move forward.
So please, whatever you do, spread the word about the live broadcast on local AM and FM, on shortwave, on satellite, and of course at Infowars.com forward slash show.
We're going to go to break.
Robert Barnes and others are going to have all the big highlights of the incredible debate last night, where the Democrats said that they openly represent illegal aliens and that's the party that they are.
It's just incredible.
So we've never seen such clear cut lines of globalism.
Versus Americanism as we're seeing right now.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
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You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
On June 28th, 2019, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer and Robert Barnes filling in for Alex today, but we will be hearing from Alex throughout the broadcast.
We also have Carpe Donctum, who is going to be joining us in the second hour, but I think Bob, me and you need to discuss the clown show that was last night.
And more than anything,
Just kind of reflecting on it, and you and I were briefly talking before we went live here.
This isn't really us to pat ourselves on the back, but pretty much everything we said before the debate came true.
Biden ended up being the punching bag that took the licks.
He was the big loser.
Yang was the most googled search term.
He was the one that created the most curiosity about him as a candidate.
Marianne Williamson creeped up as number two just for the sheer shock value and the oddity that she is.
We saw, obviously, the Kamala Harris-Joe Biden exchange go viral.
That was kind of, I think, the highlight from the thing, is Biden getting the licks and getting cut over the eye.
He's bleeding out now politically.
But you were talking, too, how you were watching MSNBC afterwards.
I was kind of watching some of the commentary afterward, too.
And it's just amazing how out of touch
Mainstream media is with the average American voter and it almost made me realize or re-realize that most of these people when they go on air like a Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes or Chuck Todd They're telling their audience what to think.
They're in a position of a dictate
Telling the audience what to think where we're just saying hey, here's what we see.
Here's the evidence.
Here's the facts Here's how I think it's gonna go turns out to go that way because we're just in touch with reality I mean, it's amazing to watch these people talk down to their audience.
There's no wonder they're losing ratings at an astronomical rate
No doubt.
And what's amazing is, if you go back and look at the video that got InfoWars kicked off of Instagram, it was the video that showed that Joe Biden had serious cognitive capacity problems.
And the net effect of those cognitive capacity problems got, everybody was commenting on it last night.
So even, you had David Axelrod commenting on it, you had Sean Trendy for RealClearPolitics commenting on it, and you had people, I mean, Donald Trump Jr.
in his own inimitable way commenting on it, whether that was Joe Biden's attempt to speak Spanish.
But what you really saw was, this is someone who has a serious health problem.
And it was only Infowars that covered it.
It was attacked by CNN and Oliver Darcy and everybody else, as this was fake news.
When in fact it turned out to be, once again, Tomorrow's News Today.
Because what happened is, in fact, everybody got to see it.
He couldn't finish a single sentence of a single question without him working at it.
It was like watching a stroke victim.
I mean, it was a sad thing to watch.
Well, he admits he had his head cut open and he had the surgery on it.
And you've never seen a candidate, when you've got ten people on stage fighting for time, volunteer to stop talking.
Oh, exactly.
I mean, that was clearly his... Like, sometimes when I have people in trials, I give them a fallback point.
Like, if you get into a jam and you can't remember where you're at and you're sort of emotionally upset, remember your main point and make that point.
And clearly, that was his.
His point was, hey, by the way, if you completely stall out...
If the brain just won't function at all up there, say, my time's up.
My time's up.
And of course, now that's become the meme, and it may be the closing statement of Joe Biden's career, sorry, my time's up.
I mean, it will be somewhat sad, not entirely sad, but we may have seen the end of Joe Biden last night.
That was it.
His political time is up.
And he appropriately said sorry.
But look at, if you just look at the way the news, they force Biden down your throat.
They tell you Biden is leading in the polls.
Biden, Biden, Biden.
He can't even complete a political debate, really, is what it was.
Oh, I'm out.
That's him tapping out.
He couldn't even complete the debate.
It was a tap out.
It was like the guy who walked into the room.
I forget, it was Peter, whatever his name was, that fought Mike Tyson when Mike Tyson got out of jail.
And his guy in the corner couldn't wait to throw the white towel in.
I mean, he had it ready.
I mean, within like 20 seconds.
That was basically Joe Biden last night.
And so he has serious... But there was no Mike Tyson on that stage, though.
Let's be clear.
No, there was not.
Kamala Harris and not Mike Tyson.
You didn't need to be because they were ready to quit no matter who they were fighting.
And I think, I always, I thought Biden was not going to run.
And the reason why I thought Biden was not going to run was because his age, his cognitive health issues, his family corruption issues.
Now he managed to dodge any of those consequential questions, but he can't through the rest of the debate.
Here's a guy who couldn't even handle defending his busing position 40, 50 years ago.
That's the political place he's at.
We got a Biden gaffe, and we got a Biden hammer.
Biden was hammered by Harris, and then we got the Biden gaffe when he said the very first thing he will do as president is make sure he beats the other guy who's president.
The only way you can beat Donald Trump is if you've actually already beaten Donald Trump in terms of being president.
So, all of the problems of Biden were there, and when it gets to the point that David Axelrod on CNN, the Obama campaign manager, is talking about it, then you know how bad it is.
Because they were never willing to acknowledge Hillary's health problems.
No, no, no, no.
But that's the thing too is, again, these people are such dictates on the air.
They'll sit here and they'll complain about Trump.
Oh, Trump needs to have a physical.
Trump's too old.
He's unfit.
He's unhealthy.
Meanwhile, he's never had a drop of alcohol in his life.
I don't know how many people could say that.
I know I certainly couldn't.
So it's like...
He's clearly there.
Yeah, is he old, but he's with it.
He's got the energy.
He has still the vitality.
Biden lacks all of it.
But, oh, Trump is unfit, but Biden somehow is fit.
I mean, again, really the aftermath of this in the media, I think, just reminded me.
Not even how fake they are, but just how authoritarian they are.
And I think they basically forced Biden to run because they thought everybody else was weak.
He was desperate.
Biden was the only one who was doing really well against Trump in the polls.
Theoretically, he's blue-collar Joe, so he could appeal to middle America and the middle part of the country.
And I think what they saw last night was, oh man, this guy couldn't stand five seconds against Trump.
And that's why they were willing to throw him to the curb and throw him off the cliff in half a second.
And he enabled that because of his health problems, because of his corruption problems that are still lingering.
But when they saw that Kamala Harris could bait him, literally with race bait, could bait him that quickly, that easily.
And this wasn't something that came out of nowhere.
This wasn't like all the baiting of Donald Trump, where during the debate he heard something for the very first time right in the middle of the debate in some sort of attack.
Here, this is an attack that they've been waging on Biden for two weeks.
This is not new.
This is something that they've been testing over and over and over again.
And he still wasn't ready to defend it.
And I think part of that, my guess is he had a prepped answer, is cognitive capacity.
If Kamala Harris can outwit you, you're in trouble.
Yeah, exactly!
She's still the dumbest lawyer I've ever gone up against in court.
This is someone who failed the bar exam in California twice.
Luckily in California you don't have to pass the bar, right?
You can still practice law.
Yeah, you don't have to go to an accredited law school, but you still have to pass the bar.
The Kamala Harris University.
Yes, exactly.
Of law.
She has a stamp.
She'll stamp on your wrist.
And it was repeated failures.
So the fact that they did so, that Biden was so unready for her, knowing it was coming from weeks in advance, couldn't finish sentences, struggled to get math statistics right, was misanalogizing different components, struggling to cite the names of statutes, struggling to remember what his talking points were.
That's right.
So it was like a Mad Max joke, you know, between Bernie and Biden, two grandpa under, only one grandpa left.
And I think that Joe is really done.
Uncle Joe is the Joe that, it's like Ross Perot said, it's time to put him in the basement.
Well, and I think now the Democrat Party establishment elite are in panic mode.
Because Joe Biden is obviously who they wanted, and there's no way, I mean, maybe they still think they can force him down America's throats, but that would be really aggressive.
I think based on the media reaction, they were like, oh, he can't handle it against Trump, and that was his only utility.
We'll have to see.
So here's what's going to happen today on the Alex Jones Show.
We've got Alex coming up in the next segment.
He's going to break all of this down.
We've got Carpe D'Antem coming up in the second hour.
I think we'll open up the phone lines, see what America thought about last night's debate as well.
We'll take your calls.
Folks, we want to continue extended coverage like we had for the last two nights of the Democrat debates.
I mean, the clown world did not let down.
I mean, between transsexual men getting abortions and Joe Biden, first thing once he gets in an office is to getting into office.
I mean, just incredible stuff from the clown show.
And it's all possible with your support at Infowarsstore.com.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Vladimir Putin today at the G20 dropped the bombshell of bombshells.
Because what he said is so incredibly true that no one, no world leaders except for he and Trump, would dare say it.
Globalism is a neoliberal, fascistic system that overrides every culture and destroys any type of independence and is designed to create as much debt over the nation-state, individual and family as possible.
And Putin understands this because Russia labored for decades under a globalist system using communism as the management program.
And Putin has come out, the article's on Infowars.com, and he has talked about the elephant in the room and said that globalism is basically dead because liberalism as an operating system has been so betrayed that everyone is rejecting it because it's not classical liberalism, it's globalism.
Globalism is dead in the hearts of men and women and in our minds, but the globalists are still in place.
And that's the paradox, that they have stolen the money, they control the banks, they control much of the infrastructure, but they're losing the hearts and minds at an accelerated rate.
And that's why they're doing a Hail Mary
To flood Europe and flood the United States and flood Canada and flood Australia and New Zealand with as many military-age men as possible who spend up to a year, usually six months, in hardcore UN refugee camps where they are brainwashed to hate the West and to be social justice warriors.
They're then given backpacks with food, medicine, and thousands of euros or dollars and sent in to the West.
These are the equivalent of paratroopers jumping out of airplanes and invading your country when the Nazis famously invaded Greece with the first paratrooper attack of World War II.
That's all this is.
It's a military invasion.
And there's a very important article on Town Hall.
There's other ones from the other major sites out there, like Daily Caller, that lay all of this out.
Raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants.
From Town Hall, the biggest winners of Thursday night's Dim Debate were illegal immigrants.
The Democrats on stage Thursday night's debate looked more like they were competing to be the president of illegal immigrants than they were of Americans.
Not only did all 10 Democrats on stage raise their hand when asked who supported giving illegal immigrants free health care, remember when they used to deny that?
They also advocated for open borders.
They went on to advocate for giving them driver's licenses, even letting them vote.
This is the globalist takeover plan.
Here were some of the responses to that on the issue of deportation.
Just it's going to be totally legal and the borders are going to be open.
Biden said that the person, someone who only offenses being here without documents should not be the focus of deportation.
We should fundamentally change the way we deal with things.
Well, we're basically totally open.
Right now, 90% don't show up to the damn hearings.
Swallows well.
No, that person, someone whose only offense is being here without documents, can be part of the great American experience.
That person can contribute.
My congressional district is one of the most diverse in America, and we see the benefits when people contribute, and they become a part of the community, and they're not in the shadow of the economy, which is what the Democrats want to keep them in the shadow, actually, by not
It's just unbelievable to watch them all compete to bust the nationwide open.
But again, this is the larger globalist plan, and now it's out in the open.
And Putin understands, and Trump understands, and we understand that the social contract has been broken, and that the globalists are simply using the fact that the third world has close to 7 billion people in it, and that they all want to come here, and that they're all being weaponized before they get here and when they get here.
They literally have training camps all over the country.
This is even on CNN.
They brag about it, where they take in the illegal aliens and radicalize them in Austin, Texas, in Atlanta, Jordan, Georgia, in New York.
It's everywhere.
So I'm going to take you back live right now to Robert Barnes, Owen Schroer, and others, and then my big breakdown on what Putin had to say.
At the G20 today is coming up in the next segment.
And then Carpe Dantum is coming up next hour.
The king of memes and so much more.
But this is an incredible time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
And I just want to, again, encourage all of you to understand how important you are and to understand that your word of mouth is king and overrides the censors and that your financial support is paramount to fund this operation.
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Love you, baby.
So again, back to the crew in the ATX.
More coming up.
It's nice to have Alex be able to get out of the studio for a couple days, spend some time with his family.
And it's good to have you, Robert Barnes, attorney here, constitutional attorney in studio with me as well.
And, you know, we're selling that Clown World t-shirt.
I'm not even sure if we could have
Imagine that epic of a clown show.
I mean, we're still kind of getting the reverb of some of these clown candidates like Marianne Williamson.
You've been enjoying yourself on Twitter looking at some of her old tweets over here.
Yeah, I mean, maybe the next t-shirt will be sort of a meditate with Marianne, some of her wisdom from the past.
So, for example, we're all pregnant with other versions of ourselves.
May you abort that.
I mean, really, that's what Julian Castro was thinking.
He was thinking of Marianne Williamson.
Hey, everybody's pregnant with someone else.
So, hey, shouldn't we be able to abort our own selves if our own selves don't want to be ourselves?
So, I mean, this was literally the Democratic debate process.
This is next-level stuff.
No question.
Whether it's, you know, the next level of the asylum.
So, I mean, it was a clown world at multiple levels.
In the sense he had the old clown going out and the new clowns coming in.
But you had some crazy... Seriously, it's like, we need to have something.
We already have the meme from The Simpsons, but it's like all the Democrats pull up in a little car and there's a...
And they're like honking their horns.
I mean, it's a joke.
I mean, it's sad at a certain level.
It's scary at another level.
I think the president's tweets, people thought he would tweet a lot.
He ended up doing only three tweets between both debates.
The first one was that the first debate was mostly boring.
And then the incredible mic mess up.
Uh, and we'll have Carpe Danktemann at the, uh, the next hour to talk about his great meme that, uh, went viral and was, uh, spread and shared by the president.
Set the media mad.
And last night he just made the point of the craziest things that happened wasn't the loony things being said on stage in terms of just personalities, uh, but was instead some of the loony policies that were being endorsed.
Uh, policies that just, I mean, last night
Every Democratic candidate, every serious major Democratic candidate in both nights, basically said that Barack Obama was way too far to the right on immigration.
That's where the Democratic Party is.
Not only will it be legal for them to come across the border, now they get free health care if they do, sir.
Well, we used to, I mean, we've been reporting on this, how the Democrats want open borders for years, and people say, oh, you know, that's ridiculous, nobody wants open borders.
I mean, they're there, they're totally open borders.
That's what they want now.
Total human trafficking.
That's the policy of the Democrat Party.
Finally, there's a way!
Folks, you want people to fight for America.
You want people to stand up and say no to the globalists.
You want people to report on the Clintons and all the pedophile rings that are now in the news.
You want people to, you know, expose globalism or the Islamic invasion.
We're doing it, and we're not backing down.
And we're exposing the Covington hoax first.
We expose it first.
We're exposing it all.
We are the tip of the spear.
You are the tip of the spear.
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To get more capital in because we've not been able to expand.
We've actually been contracting some.
The enemy has been winning with all their attacks.
We're still reaching a lot of people thanks to you, but we need capital to get more reporters in the field to launch a bunch of stuff we've got ready to do that is going to devastate the globalists.
We've proven we don't talk, we deliver.
But I need war bonds.
I need capital.
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As I said the other day, and I said to the people in the press, your case is the template case.
For American freedom moving forward, and see whether or not they can break the InfoWars base, whether or not they can stop the InfoWars audience from supporting the InfoWars network.
Because again, like you said in corporate documents, the model of self-funding, self-sales is the thing that corporations, the globalists fear.
Because crowdsourcing and individuals doing this scares the living daylights out of them.
It's not only that you have a unique voice in the public arena, in the public square.
The other thing that's unique about InfoWars is it is the only network of this reach that is not backed by a corporate donor or corporate sugar daddy, that's not backed by some billionaire, that's not being funded by a secret foreign government.
It is an old-school, American, 1776-style experiment in the expression of the freedom of press and freedom of speech that, in fact, the founders were so concerned with at the beginning of the country, they actually tried to support and subsidize
Organizations just like this because this was the kind of press they wanted.
And then ultimately we now live in an era where they've mostly been co-opted by big corporations or billionaire sugar daddies who've been able to control and manipulate what news and views the person's allowed to have or express or hear.
And the InfoWars audience has broken through that.
They are the bridge from the founding to the modern age of ultimate American democracy and freedom.
And that's why there's been unprecedented onslaught
...of deplatforming, defamation, lawfare, and libel targeting youths.
Marcos, thanks for holding.
I really appreciate you joining us on this Friday edition.
What's your view?
Hi, Mr. Jones.
I appreciate you having me on.
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This is nature's Advil to the next level.
So that's why Bodies is so incredible.
People should really check it out and support the InfoWars.
So thank you for giving us your testimony about your mother because Bodies is amazing.
Oh yeah, definitely.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
President Trump and President Putin were able to meet again today and discuss ways the two nations can try to work together.
In the future.
But that didn't stop the corporate globalist media from trying to inject more of the fairy tale, more of the fiction, that the Russians meddled in the 2016 election, and that's why the walking undead creature Hillary Clinton lost.
No, you lost because you're unpopular, and Americans see through.
Your globalist operation.
But this is very revealing, because they have to project onto the Russians that they're this outside threat that's trying to destroy Western nations, when everyone knows it's globalism that's antithetical to the free market system, and to nation states, and to groups of people that are allowed to have any culture that is original, because the global corporate culture
I think?
The social contract between the culture, the government, the system, and the people.
Because it is the system itself that is meant to overwrite society and culture.
And while at the G20, Putin made astounding statements.
That I am now going to read to you in full from a Paul Joseph Watson article on Infowars.com.
Many of these quotes are from the Financial Times of London.
This story needs to go viral.
Listen to this.
Putin says multiculturalism is no longer tenable.
The liberal idea has become obsolete, Putin continued.
President Vladimir Putin says that liberalism has outlived its purpose and that multiculturalism is no longer tenable.
Those are quotes.
In an interview with the Financial Times, Putin explained that he had caused the rise of the Trump phenomenon.
I messed up there, so cut it there.
In an interview with the Financial Times, Putin explained what had caused the rise of the Trump phenomenon in the United States, as well as the success of right-wing populist parties throughout Europe.
The ruling elites have broken away from the people, he said, adding that the so-called liberal idea
Has outlived its purpose and some Western leaders had acknowledged that multiculturalism is no longer tenable.
Liberals cannot simply dictate anything to anyone just like they have been attempting to do over the recent decades, said the Russian president.
Branding Angela Merkel's decision to allow over a million migrants to enter Germany as part of a refugee wave a cardinal mistake.
The liberal idea proposes that nothing needs to be done.
That migrants can kill, plunder, and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants have to be protected, said Putin.
He added, every crime must have its punishment.
The liberal idea has become obsolete.
While Putin's comments have caused consternation amongst Western liberal elites, they are not far removed from remarks made public yesterday by the Dalai Lama.
The spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhists told BBC he did not want to see Europe become Muslim or African, asserting that most refugees should be returned home in order to
We're good to go.
His emotion also a little bit, you see, too complicated.
What do you mean by that?
What do you think of him in office?
One day he says something, another day he says something.
But I think lack of moral principle.
When he become president, he express America first.
That is wrong.
America, you see, should take the global responsibility.
Vladimir Putin and the Dalai Lama's cardinal sin is they're simply stating historical, biological, cultural, religious reality.
If the cultures in Africa were fundamentally so wonderful and good, like the imaginary Marvel comic Black Panther series, then Africa itself would be a technological shining jewel.
If you import hundreds of millions of people, as the UN openly plans, to Europe from Africa, it will not be Europe.
It will be Africa.
Same thing goes for the Middle East.
Europe is having, on average, 1.3 children for every 2 adults.
Just like Japan.
That is societal collapse level.
That is not even replacing the population.
But you don't bring in uneducated third world populations with totally different cultural backgrounds and replace those people.
It doesn't work like that.
And all the studies and all the demographics show it.
So what is Vladimir Putin doing?
He is incentivizing Russians having children.
And he's incentivizing people coming to Russia who have degrees and skills.
And merit-based systems.
Vladimir Putin understands that if a country is going to be successful, even if it has resources, it's got to have a good culture.
And there's got to be a social contract between the state and the people.
And the people have to be represented, and you have to build a future for humans.
But the technocrats, who have their system of global government, they are building a post-human world.
And teaching you that you're bad, and that you shouldn't have a vision, and you shouldn't have a life force, and you shouldn't have children.
They have inflicted in the West the psychology of not having a family.
And by the time the old feminist at 45 or 50 figure it out, it's too late to have children.
And there are massive numbers of women.
In fact, the majority of feminists saying, we were trapped.
We were deceived.
We wish we wouldn't have done this.
But when you travel to trendy areas across the United States or Europe, you will see the young, beautiful women laughing about men and laughing about families and saying, we don't need it.
Buying into the poison of the pop culture inflicted on them by the universities and by Hollywood.
The media is acting like what Putin has said is radical.
And it is radical.
Radical in that in an ocean of lies, just a thimble's worth of truth can absolutely override it.
Well, Putin's dumped out an entire ocean of truth here, ladies and gentlemen, and the system doesn't know how to deal with it.
Upwards of 90% of the people brought in from the Middle East and brought in from North Africa don't have jobs five years later.
They are five times more likely to commit crimes.
Pull the numbers up.
90% of the asylum seekers in the U.S.
never return for their hearings because they're not asylum seekers.
The Democratic Party is advertising to the world that they can come here and get free stuff and the Democrats will represent them.
That's what we saw last night during the debates.
The Democratic Party competing to be the party of illegal aliens.
That is, again, the essence of globalism.
Bring down the West, divide and conquer the planet, and rule it with a worldwide corporate system.
So I salute Vladimir Putin, I salute the Dalai Lama and others, and I salute all of you that are awake and taking action and understand what's happening.
Because it's not too late to reverse the tide.
We could bring in many of these numbers of people and educate them and make them part of our system.
But the globalists from the onset are making that already hard job impossible by brainwashing them and weaponizing them and teaching them to hate the West and that it's their right to come here and conquer us culturally and usurp us.
InfoWars presents the David Knight Show, the Alex Jones Show, and the War Room with Owen Troyer.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Our main story tonight concerns breast implants.
Some are against them, others believe they're fine in rare cases, and many believe you should be able to get them whenever the f**k you want.
Sorry, did I say breast implants?
I meant abortions.
Tonight's main topic concerns abortion.
So tonight, in honor of America, I'd like to do a salute to abortion in the brave 10th annual Salute to Abortion!
Get out of my behind!
Get out of my vagina!
Get out!
It's a woman's body and she should not be forced to carry anything inside of it.
Wouldn't make her keep a tapeworm.
That has a heartbeat.
So you're comparing a baby to a tapeworm?
A fetus is a parasite, sweetie.
That is not what a fetus looks like, okay?
It's a clump of cells in 12 weeks.
You think that it is the white man's duty to fix everybody's problems, right?
How many did you adopt?
How many did I adopt?
I kill my kids.
Oh, that's what you do to babies, huh?
I love it.
You love it, huh?
Yeah, I do.
I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
Oh, I'd never go to Christ.
I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
No, I don't go to Christ.
A fertilized egg is a human being!
A fertilized egg is a human being!
You're a pig.
Because I don't want to kill babies.
Oh, you kill them.
You let them live so they can starve to death.
Why'd you spit at us?
I, uh...
I don't agree with you!
No uterus, no right to talk about it!
Understand me, motherfucker?
In the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother, just prior to the birth of the baby.
Now, you can say that that's okay, and Hillary can say that that's okay, but it's not okay with me.
Well that is not what happens in these cases and using that kind of scare rhetoric is just terribly unfortunate.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lit up the One World Trade Center spire in pink to celebrate his radical expansion of abortion in New York.
State lawmakers approved a law permitting abortion in the state for any reason until the 24th week of pregnancy and then up until birth.
If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen.
The infant would be delivered.
The infant would be kept comfortable.
The infant would be resuscitated, if that's what the mother and the family desired.
And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.
There was a question over here.
Are you for third trimester abortions?
My answer to you is that that should be a decision that the woman makes.
There's scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult.
Is it okay to still have children?
How do you justify the decision to allow Planned Parenthood to rent in this city for free?
There's a new video out on InfoWars.com of two partial birth abortion, eight and a half month old babies.
And, uh, and it makes you want to kill people.
I'm gonna just be honest with you right now.
My guts, my spirit sees a baby who got killed and its brain sucked out by some asshole.
And then they make a joke out of it.
These are abortion doctors with third trimester babies that were about to be born.
Defiling them, making jokes about them that they're having a fight.
They're playing with dead babies in a little, um,
Don't knock it till you try it.
And when you do try it, really knock it.
You know, you gotta get that baby out of there.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Alright, we're head-bobbing and rocking right now, but we're gonna have to change paths in the universe here, in the multiverse here very shortly, because we're about to launch a brand new segment.
Probably one and only.
This is probably a one-off, but it may be so popular that...
Maybe Robert Barnes and I are going to have to do this a lot, but before I do this, you know, we're about to meditate with Marianne Williamson, who's so in touch with the universe, it's incredible.
But I really wanted to get everything out of this segment, so I've got my Happies right here from Infowarsstore.com.
So just remember, if you're ever going to meditate, be sure to take your Happies before you meditate.
And I'm not going to lie, I actually did this for the first time this week.
I'm not usually someone that has to deal with stress or anything like that, but this is kind of what it feels like when you do the Happys, and it's actually really good too.
So I'm going to do one directly to really get my chakras going.
And then, I'm going to do one in my coffee.
Uh-oh, I'm getting greedy.
I'm going to do two.
So now there's two Happys in my coffee.
Robert, I am, um... I'm fully aligned now, so I think it's time for meditation with Marianne.
Robert Barnes, my co-host, has a series of tweets from the Enlightened One, Marianne Williamson, that we will be reading here on air for your enjoyment, and then we will be discussing the topics.
So, Robert Barnes, please get us started in meditation with Marianne.
Marianne has a solution for nuclear war.
The power of your mind is greater than the power of nuclear radiation.
Visualize angels dispersing it into nothingness.
Now let's think about that for a second, Robert, because we've had some serious nuclear tragedies in this world.
If only the Japanese could have known that in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
If only the Russians could have known that in Chernobyl.
If only the Japanese could have known that again with Fukushima.
Think about the world today.
And we wouldn't even have to worry about nuclear conflict or nuclear war.
We could even launch nuclear weapons and not worry about it.
Because if we just put our minds to it, all the radiation will vanish.
Now let's just take...
Take five seconds to meditate on all the nuclear radiation and the Cesium-137 leaking from Fukushima.
If we just take five seconds, I want you to use, and I want the audience as well, I want you to use the full strength of your mind right now to focus for the next five seconds.
Meditate and let's clean up the Fukushima radiation.
Well, we just solved the Fukushima disaster, so I think that that's a positive.
Without question.
And probably could have solved Chernobyl at the same time if we thought about it long enough.
And I'm thinking too, you know, we keep having these issues with Iran and North Korea and nuclear arms deals.
Why don't we just forget about these deals and just meditate on it?
Just do some yoga moves and you'll be okay.
The world will be okay.
Trump is at the G20 right now meeting with world leaders.
I think there's too much talking and not enough meditating.
Just do the eagle pose.
And that will probably cure everything.
Very enlightened stuff.
Let's move on now to another enlightening moment from Marianne Williamson.
We've seen a lot of bad oil spills.
Well, Marianne does have the solution for that, if you meditate with Marianne.
Visualize the oil spill plugged.
Close your eyes for five minutes and see angels coming over it, filling it with sane and sacred thoughts.
I'm visualizing it right now, Robert, and I see the angels.
They're swooping down now.
And they have a giant, a giant plug.
It's sustainable.
It's green.
It's all natural organic.
And I believe that it is Himalayan salt rock.
And it's going to plug the oil spill.
This is incredible.
I'm seeing it in my mind.
Are you seeing it, Robert Barnes?
The BP oil spill, it's slowly dissipating and disappearing.
The Alaskan oil spill is slowly disappearing.
You can go back to eating Louisiana oysters again, I think.
Probably just, maybe within minutes, but at least within days.
This is incredible.
For those of you who have had your wildlife ruined in the Gulf or in other areas where there have been oil spills, we now have the answer.
It's visualizing angels coming down with a sustainable Himalayan salt rock plug
To stop these oil spills.
And I can tell you, just from the two minutes we've spent discussing this now and meditating on it, we've probably cleaned up at least 30-40% of all the oil spills.
And all the nuclear radiation spills.
Both just obliterated overnight.
This audience and the power of meditation has almost cleaned up the earth.
That's all it took.
It just took a few yoga moves and the right meditation with Marianne.
And to think that they almost didn't even let Marianne Williamson on the Democrat debate stage.
How would we even be solving these issues right now?
I mean all she wanted was just to give some love to Donald Trump.
And just give love, and that's going to solve everything.
And really, without meditation with Mary Ann, the world probably would be doomed.
Well, thank goodness that she was able to get on that stage and we're now practicing meditation with Mary Ann.
Let's go back to another enlightening moment from the enlightened one, Mary Ann Williamson.
If you want a simple explanation for what's happening in America, watch Avatar again.
Well, I think that there's only one thing that we can do right now, and that's obviously pull up as many Avatar GIFs as possible.
Because, you know, Robert, there's a lot of confusion out there, and people, they don't know what to make of it all.
And there's probably some people on Earth that haven't even seen Avatar.
I mean, that's a real issue.
Oh, no doubt.
I mean, it relates really to another meditation with Marianne point, which is, don't let the shrieks of the temporal disturb the silence of your eternal self.
Oh my goodness.
I've been bothered by those shrieks for so long.
Now I know.
And if I was watching Avatar, while confronting those shrieks, in my mind, with the power of my third eye, I could have burned all the sage, and I could have inhaled it, and then I could have been the Avatar.
Another great meditation with Marianne point is that when enough minds are vibrating on a high enough level, then all lower thought forms fall on their own dead weight.
Now, that is the kind of stuff that, folks, you have to be an expert level of.
You have to be a meditation expert, really a guru, a mystic, if you ever want to reach that level of enlightenment.
So, I don't want to challenge our audience with too much today.
You might sprain a brain muscle, but just think about your mind vibrating to the patterns and the images of Avatar.
While you're solving the world's energy crisis and cleaning up oil spills and radiation spills.
And this is why Marianne Williamson is probably destined to be president, really just because of her mind.
No question.
With our last meditation with Marianne, humanity needs a mental shower.
We need to wash off all prejudices and stand naked beneath the waters of eternal truth.
You know, it reminds me of another Meditation with Marianne moment.
How we're all pregnant with our future self.
And I think about that.
And I think about cleansing my mind with the juices from birthing my future self.
And cleansing all of the abstraction.
Well, I think really it explains Julian Castro's comments.
He was imagining that Joe Biden might transition.
And in Joe Biden's transitioning, he too may need to abort his future self.
Well, we know that abortion is obviously a human right, and so if you do want to abort your future self, you obviously have to go into deep meditation and focus, like the Avatar, and think about that future self and envision it.
And that's the only way to have true equilibrium.
If that doesn't work for you, we leave you with this last meditation with Marianne.
Peacock feathers are created by peacocks eating thorns.
Every thorn you have eaten has become a peacock feather.
Ladies and gentlemen, this has been Meditation with Marianne.
Do what you please with this intel, but always remember, as Robert Barnes said, if you want to be the peacock, you must ingest the thorn and then visualize the colors as the angels swoop down from the heavens
And they anoint you with the peacock wand.
This has been Meditation with Marianne, the future president of the United States of America.
Santa Ana told Travis, you know, we're gonna kill everybody if you don't give us quarter and give up.
He said, well, no quarter given, none taken.
Victory or death.
And you know what that means, don't you?
Victory or death.
Death isn't the power of the devil.
Death is the power of the living.
We control death and life.
The devil pretends he controls death.
We control death.
Death to your system!
Death is ours!
We will death!
The living have strength, not the dead!
And then pledging yourself to death, if you need to.
Giving yourself up for others.
It's the evil, the devil worshippers that fear death, not us.
That's why they try to act like they own death and they have death and they're in charge.
No, you're not in charge of death.
It's us, the living, that have children.
And to have a child is to know they're gonna die someday.
To give life is to give death.
And to fight evil is to give life and to give death.
We bring life.
We bring death.
We are men.
We are women.
We are the humans.
We are the planet.
We are God's creation.
We are the future.
Not you!
So you fear death?
We do not fear death!
There's nothing more pro-life than men saying we're ready to die for life.
Committed to death for life.
Committed to go all the way.
We don't fear death!
We have the keys to hell and death!
We have the real power!
The real ownership of the planet!
We have the real providence!
We have been given the authority!
We have the contract!
We have the name!
We have the will!
We have the genetics!
We have the history!
We rule the planet!
Not Satan!
And Satan is about to be evicted!
Because we hold the keys through Christ to hell and death!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
So you really believe that there's concentration camps at the border?
Then why are so many people trying to come over?
Well, they're trying to get freedom.
They'll do.
But all they're going to be met with is a concentration camp, in your words.
Doesn't make sense, does it?
I mean, I don't know much, but... Yeah.
We're here in St.
Louis, Missouri, and I don't know why we chose this city to come to to ask this question, but we are asking people if they agree with Ocasio-Cortez when she says that detention centers on the U.S.-Mexico border are the same as concentration camps used during World War II.
Let's see if people think that's pretty ridiculous.
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently said that the detention centers used at the U.S.-Mexico border are comparable to the concentration camps used during World War II.
Do you agree with that?
I do, yes.
Do you agree with that notion?
I personally do, yes.
Do you agree with that notion?
I didn't know about it, but it's not good.
Do you think that that's what we're doing at the border?
Putting them in concentration camps?
I hope not.
Do you agree with Ocasio-Cortez?
So you, I mean honestly, you really believe that there's concentration camps at the border?
Then why are so many people trying to come over?
Um, well they're trying to get freedom.
They'll do.
But all they're going to be met with is a concentration camp in your words.
Doesn't make sense, does it?
I mean, I don't know much, but yeah.
So she has recently said that the detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border are comparable and basically the same as concentration camps used in World War II.
Do you agree with that?
I mean, I personally do.
I think when we look back on history, we always like to think that we're on the right side of history with things and then history repeats itself and everyone's really against it.
So, I mean, I think it's going to take some time for people to kind of see it for what it is.
You know, when you look at the pictures of
Yeah, I think so.
Any demographic and sticking them in one place is how they're similar to me.
What demographic is being stuck in the detention center?
Oh, absolutely Hispanic.
Do you think that's a fair comparison?
It depends.
I think for her party, it probably makes sense, right?
But I think that if she really wants to win over all of America, it's going to be tough with such a polarizing comment.
Do you think that most Democrats would agree with her notion that they're the same?
I think that they would, probably, it depends where you are, right?
I think maybe half of Democrats would agree with her comment.
Bringing it to a f***ing concentration camp, that's almost disrespectful to like the people who actually went through that.
I don't think they're the same, but I feel like it's, because they're not, you know, we're not killing people.
I mean, I hope we're not killing people that we know of.
I don't know, that's a tough one.
I feel like it could be almost the same, but not quite.
I haven't been in a concentration camp, so I don't have anything to compare it with.
Well, I mean, we can hear from people who have been.
Several people are alive today that lived through that concentration camp in Germany.
They're coming out saying that it's not quite the same as what's going on at the border.
Do you take their word for it?
I mean, are we killing six million people at the U.S.
border and stripping their identities?
Then again, I didn't hear them say it, so I don't, you know, I'm just taking your word for it.
Do you think that even if just one person is killed by illegal immigration that that's a problem and we should do something at the border?
I think anyone being killed is a problem.
I don't think people are being killed due to illegal immigration.
There's about 4,000 people.
I think some illegal immigrants may end up killing people, but that's not the same as saying people are being killed due to illegal immigration.
We have a congresswoman named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who recently compared the detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border to concentration camps used during World War II.
What are your thoughts on that?
Do you agree?
All right.
Super male vitality is what he needs to be able to talk about these things.
What a pansy.
All right, the full Caitlin Bennett video can be found at infowars.com.
Carpe Dantum and Alex Jones on the other side of this short break.
Trigger a leftist authoritarian.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
We have the man known as Carpe Donctum joining us here today in just a few minutes live with Owen Schroyer, Robert Barnes, and others.
And I have to control myself when I start talking about somebody like this because this guy has victory written all over him.
There he is, a young man, a father, a family man.
He's been making his memes a couple years.
Some of the memes that I have looked at have gotten over 70 million views with just one meme.
CNN has, on average, 89,000 viewers, if you average a 24-hour day out.
Their top show is a million viewers.
It's a total joke.
It's a total conman facade.
And the whole confidence game of globalism, and world government, and corporations above the law, and paying no taxes, and then opening our borders, and exploiting the third world, exploiting us, that's not working anymore.
And we see all these incredible things happening.
And you've seen them try to get Carpe D'Antem banned.
We've seen the media claim that
He's engaged in doctoring when he put out the Joe Biden, groping Joe Biden.
No CNN, no MSNBC, no Democrats.
Everyone knows when you have a cardboard cutout of Joe Biden, pop up behind Joe Biden and smell his hair and rub his hands on his shoulders, that it's a joke.
That's not doctoring.
It's not doctoring when we zoom in on Jim Acosta.
Attacking the young woman who's the moderator, but I just wanted to say that there are other carpe donctums out there listening right now.
And one of the things I'm most proud of is that the InfoWars audience boasts among it almost all of the most effective people that are out there today on radio and grassroots TV and with memes.
Every time we get some great activists on, they're like, hey, InfoWars woke me up or helped wake me up.
That means so much to me to know.
That not only have we gotten people to be aware of the New World Order, but that we've gotten folks to take action.
And that's what the censors can't stop, is all of you.
Whether your meme gets 100 views, or a million views, or 70 million views, it doesn't matter.
It's the action.
It's the will that matters.
So again, thank you all for your support.
Thank you Carpe D'Antem for the memes he's done helping InfoWars because we are the focal point of the populist uprising and the enemy believes they can shut us down, they can silence everyone.
So from the bottom of my heart to Carpe D'Antem, to the guys guest hosting, to the wonderful producers and crew in there that make this all possible, thank you all for making InfoWars the standard in the resistance.
Now we take you live to the ATX and Carpe D'Antem.
And we've got Carpe on the line with us, but before we go to the Meme King, let's go ahead and show you some of the memes that Alex is talking about.
First, let's go with the, I mean, I couldn't tell this was doctored.
Joe Biden groping Joe Biden video.
I didn't even know it was doctored.
Here it is right here.
Oh no, Joe's coming up behind Joe.
Oh, look out Joe!
Oh no, Joe!
Don't sniff the air, Joe.
Say it ain't so, Joe!
I believe history will look back on four years of this president.
Oh no, an announcement!
On a second announcement!
That's an aberrant moment in time.
Oh, the hand!
Look at the hand!
He's rubbing shoulders, getting a little low.
Oh, here comes the sniffing.
Where did he come from?
Now, I would have never known this video was doctored if it wasn't for the geniuses at CNN pointing that out.
Not exactly.
I thought Joe had a twin.
At least one twin.
Maybe five.
And then his twin is the groping twin.
How many twins can you have if you're a Democrat?
Yeah, precisely.
So now though, let's go to the latest viral meme from Carpe D'Antem.
This one had me rolling.
It is during, you didn't see this, this is why they cut away on MSNBC.
Here's what actually happened during the MSNBC blackout.
Senator Warren, I want to start with you.
We are less than 50 miles from Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed in a school shooting.
What's happening?
We are going to take a quick break.
We're going to get this technical situation... What's happening?
What's happening is Rachel Maddow asks.
Okay, the lights come back.
There's a fog.
And a mysterious figure, a shadow in the fog.
It's Donald J. Trump!
This is why they cut the way.
Donald J. Trump was at the Dem Debates.
He trolled it, he shut it down, and he won it.
And so this went majorly viral.
It's Carpe Doctum.
He's with us now.
Carpe, I mean, it's amazing you were able to capture that on MSNBC when they cut away.
Yeah, I had an inside source that got me the source footage for that.
That's what's key.
That's the necessary connection.
So you had the 4chan connection, the inside intel to get to the bottom line.
It was a whistleblower that was upset with Rachel Maddow.
So they sent me the real clip.
And then you guys all saw the undoctored one, which was mine.
The doctored one was the one that they showed on TV.
That's true.
That's what MSNBC does best, is doctor videos.
And, you know, that's why they want to claim that you're the doctor of the videos.
I mean, it's obvious Joe Biden has at least five twins, maybe ten.
You never really know how many hands might show up behind Joe Biden.
But also the fact that MSNBC would cut away when President Trump showed up at the Democrat debates.
I mean, it really just shows you the control they have.
Right, I know.
Can you imagine?
Being graced with the presence of Donald Trump and then cutting away.
But think about this.
Let's get real for a second.
You started making memes.
It's like an internet viral sensation.
And you kind of took it to the next level in 2016.
Really, you kind of broke ground and created just new moving memes that had the power of animation to it.
And it's taken off so much now where you've been retweeted by the president multiple times.
Did you ever think that would happen?
Um, no, not really.
Uh, it didn't start out what it's become.
It didn't start out that way.
You know, it was, uh, you know, it was 2017.
It was the great me more of 2017.
The, uh, CNN blackmail, uh, of the creator of that wrestling Jeff, um, that really got it all started.
And then, you know, it's kind of snowballed from there.
There's been lots of people that have joined the fight and all that kind of stuff.
So I never thought it would be the level that it's at.
But I mean, you have obviously now had your meme seen probably over a hundred million times.
That's more than an average CNN week of viewers.
What is the bigger honor for you?
Is it being retweeted by the president or making Brian Stelter cry?
Well, a small part of me really likes making Brian Stelter cry.
And Chris Cuomo, Ozzy Osbourne, REM,
That's really what makes it for me.
I love to wake up and see a tweet from Sharon Osbourne where she's really super mad about Crazy Train.
Wait, did that actually happen?
Yeah, yesterday she was mad about it.
She's like, we don't ever want you to use our music again.
So, Ozzy didn't complain, because Ozzy may or may not have been sober at various times.
I ran into him a couple of times in Malibu.
He's an interesting personality.
His wife, you know, also sort of interesting.
Of course, their daughter made famous rounds a couple of years ago when she said that we really need to have all the illegal immigrants and allow Mexican-Americans to be around the country, because who else would, quote, clean her toilets?
It's not racist at all.
Yeah, so nice insights there from the Osborne thing.
I mean, the Crazy Train is a great song.
It's notable that she is that way.
So, by the way, where did... so it's Carpe Donctum, the... at Carpe Donctum on Twitter.
Where'd you come up with the name Carpe Donctum, by the way?
Oh, it's been an old... it's been around since...
1996 or something when I was in high school.
I don't even remember why, but it means seize the donkey now in pretend Latin, so it still fits.
I don't know if it fit back then, but it fits now.
Have you been surprised at how memeable the Democratic debates and Democratic candidates have turned out?
I mean, we were having some fun with mediation with Marianne, meditation with Marianne.
Meditation, yeah.
Do you have any upcoming memes with Marianne?
Because it seems like she's a very memeable person in her own way.
I'm a jerk, but I'm a jerk that, uh, I have some standards, and she just seems kind of crazy to me, and I don't like to go after people that are just crazy.
What are you talking about?
She seems perfectly balanced and stable.
Sweet records, sweet.
That's great wisdom.
How dare you?
She's getting rid of nuclear war and oil spills at the same time.
She's giving birth to herself.
This is next level stuff.
Moonraker, Zardoz, Logan's Run, so many movies back in the 70s and 80s, so many science fiction books about world government run by a group of scientists who want to reduce world population by 99%.
Now, Moonraker was written back in the 1960s by Ian Fleming.
They've been high-level OSS and then MI6 when they founded that in British intelligence.
Now you've seen the Kingsman, where you've got a rich group of billionaires that are going to send a code frequency over cell phones that are going to make people become violent, irritable, and start killing each other.
I don't know if aliens are running this.
We're good to go.
Conditioning us, ending our human relationships, and making people irritable and aggressive in thousands of studies on smartphones, TVs, and flicker rates.
Let's cut right to the chase here.
I don't know if Trump knows this, but the establishment knows, and they have laid out a grid worldwide of systems.
That don't just track the internet of things, that don't just surveil everything you do, but that patently kill you, give you cancer, and they can manipulate and throttle the frequencies in 5G that's going to be every 300 or 400 yards, where they can rattle the DNA and literally split it apart, causing cancer.
They can give you cancer in these studies in a few days of being in proximity to one of these 5G that's turned to an oscillation where it goes
Up to a certain frequency and back down, back and forth, very quickly, it breaks DNA.
And they have studies, DARPA did studies on these as weapons.
Those are declassified in the 70s, where you hit troops with it, they don't know what's happening, they get nauseous, they get irritable, and then they basically die in about a month from cancers all over the body.
So, the government is putting in microwave cancer systems to literally fry you.
The cover story is that it is for communications and super fast downloads.
It has nothing to do with that.
I'm gonna go further.
Our government wants to put in 5G to be able to spy on us, monitor us, track us, control us, but also change our behavior or even kill us.
Now, our government shouldn't have that power.
And ladies and gentlemen, they don't want to tell you.
They don't want you
They don't want you to know.
They don't want you to be aware of it.
Let me tell you something about radiation.
There's lots of different types of it.
This stuff goes right through you.
It goes right through walls.
It's ultra fast and it's at the exact frequency to rattle DNA.
Breaks your DNA.
That means cancer.
So here's some of the articles.
5G smartphones cause cancer.
Big wireless doesn't want you to know.
5G services is coming and so are health concerns over the towers that support it.
In closing, it's the old parable of the vampire.
Empires aren't real, but the archetype is real.
You have to invite evil in.
You have to go buy the cell phone.
You have to bring it into your home.
You have to learn to look into its eyes when it says, come here.
And give it your worship and give it your time.
And it bings and it buzzes like Pavlov's bell to the dog.
And before you know it, you are entrenched.
It's an evil frequency.
It's an anti-human operation.
It's why I say it's alien.
And I don't get into UFOs and all that stuff.
I'm reading the Bible, folks.
There's a fallen entity that hates our guts because we were made by God, his enemy.
And it's obsessed with rolling something out, but we have free will.
We have to accept it.
We have to get addicted to it.
And everything it does is dumb us down, give us cancer, rewire our brains, make us depressed.
And all of us live in this.
All of us are hypocrites.
I'm in this quicksand with you.
It's all here.
It's all happening.
It's all real.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
We're gonna go with guns, and Senator Warren, I want to start with you.
We are less than 50 miles from Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed in a school shooting last year, and where there has been significant activism on gun violence ever since.
Many of you are calling for a restoration of an assault weapons ban, but even if implemented,
There will still be hundreds of millions of guns in this country.
Should there be a role for the federal government?
Everybody's mics are on.
I think we have a... I heard that too.
That's okay.
I think we had a little mic issue in the back.
Control room, we've got... We have the... I think we heard... Yeah, we have the audience on.
We are.
What's happening?
We are hearing our colleagues' audio.
If the control room can turn off the mics of our previous moderators, we will.
You know, we've prepared for everything.
Guess what, guys?
We are going to take a quick break.
We're going to get this technical situation fixed.
We'll be right back.
Oh, what a clown show it was.
And one of my favorite clowns was Marianne Williamson.
I have to get serious for a second here.
Robert Barnes and I were a little upset here in studio to hear Carpe Donctum talking down on Marianne Williamson like that, saying disparaging comments.
You know, Carpe, you're pretty good at memes.
You're pretty smart in your own right.
For you to go after an intellectual giant, a spiritual guru, like Marianne Williamson, on this Alex Jones broadcast is, uh, I can't, I'm sorry, I can't allow that.
That's, that's not gonna fly here.
I think what really what Carpe needs is he just needs a little bit of meditation with Marianne.
I mean, that will be able to help him.
So for, just think of it this way, Carpe, your mind is like an airplane.
And you are the pilot.
Rise above the clouds.
Fly above the turbulence.
Seek a smoother ride.
Then you'll be okay.
If that doesn't work, remember a gray sky is actually a blue sky covered up by gray clouds.
A guilty person is actually an innocent soul covered up by mistaken behavior.
Simpson liked that tweet.
I don't know if he did.
I feel so much better now.
You know, I like her a lot.
She seems like a very smart lady.
I mean, she's helped cure nuclear war.
She's helped cure oil spills.
She's helped cure... Well, the other thing she pointed out is that down deep, you may feel like an alien.
Everyone feels, at some level, like an alien in this world.
Because we are.
We come from another realm of consciousness and long for home.
So, what seems crazy is really just, she's just an alien from another place.
And if we understood that, then we can connect to it, we can fly above the clouds, we can recognize the sky truly is blue, we can return home, cure nuclear war, cure oil spills, and bring love to Donald Trump and the universe.
So, Carpe, now that you've been enlightened,
Maybe you can finally meme Marianne Williamson?
Maybe have Joe giving her some friendly handsy advice.
Some hands-on advice?
That's a possibility.
You've talked me into it.
It might happen now.
I do want to say that I think that E.T.
was actually a documentary and Marianne just never left.
There you go, exactly.
She's still connected.
She has the vibe.
She's connected to that energy.
One of the memes so far about Marianne was that she's the girlfriend that everybody brings to the poker party that's driving everybody nuts because she keeps talking about crystals.
So it's that kind of meme.
Yeah, dynamic.
Well, I mean, you can bring Marianne Williamson to the poker party.
She talks about crystals.
Or you could bring AOC to the poker party who does crystal meth.
I mean, you take your pick.
Yeah, you have multiple options there.
Go ahead.
Well, at least AOC would assemble your furniture for you if you brought her to a poker party.
Yeah, but it would probably break down.
But, you know, speaking of memes, with the king of memes, Carpe Dantum, how about all the meme magic of AOC going down to an empty parking lot, posing for a photo shoot, and the crazy thing is, too, she brings, like, a whole gang of people.
They're all wearing white.
Like at some sort of event that she organized, and she's sitting in a parking lot crying.
I mean, they all must have done some serious opium.
Well, it was like a Jim Jones cult meeting.
But I assume that's going to have permanent, memeable use, Carpe.
It's going to be used forever.
It will never not be funny.
You know, the video that Trump tweeted was really popular, but second to that, the picture that I did with the lineup of the first debate and then AOC crying in front of it was probably my second most popular thing I did that night.
I mean, you can just put her in so many places, so many settings, so many connections.
You combine sort of meditation with Mary Ann, AOC's movable empty parking lot crying imagery, Joe Biden.
With Biden, really, you just do the hands.
You don't even have to do the face, really.
Just Joe Biden's hands.
And you have permanent, memeable use in a wide range of settings and circumstances.
And it just changes the entire dynamic.
Yeah, exactly, exactly.
By the way, who wouldn't feel like, you know, it'd be like, you know, the one thing I was curious about was whether or not Joe Biden would hug anybody last night.
But you notice what they did, they actually kept him from even going backstage.
Like they only let him in limited circumstances.
I think that was a smart idea.
They should surround him with Secret Service.
Just in a circle, completely surround him.
And then just walk him around.
And they just need to make sure the Secret Service people are comfortable with Joe's unique form of physical interaction.
Well you notice how Joe, how Biden is with hands.
Did you see his reaction to Bernie's hands?
Oh yeah, I did a video about it.
Where Bernie's slamming the table.
And you keep seeing Joe do that shock look.
Oh yes, yes, it's going this way, it's going this way, it's going this way.
Yeah, there it is.
Yeah, for someone who can't keep his hands to himself.
He knows what that means.
Apparently he has his own personal bubble, but he doesn't understand the other bubbles.
No, you guys are misunderstanding.
You're misrepresenting Joe Biden here.
He was just upset that Bernie didn't finish the job.
He's like, look man, if you're going to bring your hands into my space like that, at least finish the job over here.
Well, I mean, that was one of the jokes last night was with Bernie and Biden, you know, two grandpas enter, one grandpa leave after the sort of Mad Max thing.
So, what do you think is meanable with Kamala Harris, you know, moving forward?
It looks like the media is going to start celebrating her, elevating her.
Well, where do you think, I mean there's the kid image that she put up where she's got the pony, you know, like the ponytails or whatnot.
There's probably some things there.
I mean, she's so serious for an elementary school kid.
She's like, I'm participating in Berkeley busing.
I'm ready to politically join the revolution.
Well, she was so woke.
I mean, she knew she was obviously going to be president even back then.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, she's got, basically, she's got the Black Panthers jacket on.
I mean, she's ready to lead the revolution.
But what else do you think is sort of nameable about Kamala Harris moving forward?
I'm going to have to do some thinking about it because there's nothing that's innately funny about her.
She's such an empty suit.
Maybe that's what's memeable.
That may be what actually is the memeable thing about her.
She's angry all the time but she doesn't really do anything and then like if she gets... I think one of the best moments so far with her was when she got stopped in the airport and then she just completely shut down because she couldn't even talk.
Oh yeah, that was Anna Paulina who confronted her and yeah, she started fumbling and bumbling and she needed her security to come like escort her away.
It really showed how small she is.
Somebody's just talking to her and she's like, oh I don't know
Well, let's talk about it on the other side, because, you know, you've been censored on Twitter, and Democrats are now pushing for censorship, and one of them basically had the Donalds shut down, so we're going to talk about that on the other side.
In the 40 years that I've been in American politics, I've never seen a situation with the mainstream media in which facts and truth and evidence no longer matters.
I have been subjected to this myself.
But I've never seen anything quite like the situation in which you have recently been smeared.
The false claim that you purposely sent kiddie porn to the Sandy Hook plaintiffs is ludicrous as well as false.
It's a smear.
Somebody sends you something that's encrypted.
You don't even open it.
It ends up swept up in the discovery of nine million documents and then it's blamed on you.
This is Kafka-esque.
This is bizarre.
But the way the mainstream media rushes out to say Jones sent kiddie porn is really outrageous.
I have a lot of respect for those media outlets and those commentators who retracted and corrected and clarified.
But I wonder, where are the big boys?
Where's the Wall Street Journal?
Where's Associated Press?
When are they going to report that they made a mistake and what they said about you was inaccurate?
It's outrageous.
Well, that's what's incredible is they're leading in it, trying to get everybody else to do it.
And like I said, saying I publish books I never published and I lost lawsuits I never lost.
And then we contact them and they just tell our lawyers, fine, sue us.
We're going to go with fake headlines.
This is a new level.
I think it signifies the climate of instead of dialing their lives back, they're just going to dial their lives up to try to take Trump out.
And it's why I think it continues to be important for people to support InfoWars by either going to the InfoWars.com store or making a contribution at the donate link, just like I urge people to go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
Alex, we are both fighting for our lives and the same tactics that have been used against me by the mainstream media are now being used against you.
Is it coincidental that both of us played a key role in the nomination and therefore the ultimate election of Donald Trump?
I think not.
So we both need your help, and I urge folks to continue to support InfoWars with your dollars.
Roger, God bless you.
We'll talk to you soon.
Roger Stone did nothing wrong.
Alex Jones did nothing wrong.
All we did was reignite the brush fires in the minds of men and women.
The American people took action, got Trump elected, and all hell's breaking loose because we're fighting for the heart and soul of our country in the future.
Thank you, Roger.
Thank you.
InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsLife.com, or 888-253-3139.
Yeah, I really appreciate you, and it's an honor to talk to you, and I do, before I start, I also wanted to do a plug for a couple of your products that I really love, changed my life.
The DNA Force is one, and X2.
Yeah, I do a lot of construction.
Using the tools that you're using, it just really wreaks havoc on your body, and I had three of my fingers starting to go numb, and I didn't think there was anything going to work on it.
I tried your DNA Force a couple weeks later, started feeling that numbness going away, tingling coming back, and then, you know, now I'm fully using my hand.
It's great, and I can't thank you enough for what you do, just in the fight for liberty.
Well, thank you, brother.
I mean, we want to sell you stuff that works.
You want to order it again, but PQQ CoQ10's been proven to make telomeres last longer, to make nerves regrow.
It really is an amazing product for anybody above 40.
Young people can take it as well, but yes, DNA Force Plus is amazing.
What'd you think of the X2?
I love that, too.
Like, after a few months of being on that, I felt like I wasn't searching for words, you know?
There was a time in my life where I felt like, man, I don't, you know, I don't know if I'm just too exhausted or what, but, you know, you feel like you want to get in a conversation and you're pausing and you can't find the word to say, and I swear, man, that X2 really helps with cognition.
Well, that's because the synapses in the brain operate off of it.
It's electrochemical.
You're absolutely right.
When I forget to take X2 every couple days, sometimes I forget for like a week because I get busy.
Then I feel it and I take it and it really is amazing.
So thank you for the support, brother.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Owen Troyer.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
So let's just recap for a second.
There were more Trump supporters outside of the Democrat debates than there were Democrat supporters, which is incredibly ironic considering they're running fake polls saying that six Democrats will beat Trump in Florida even though he gets $150,000 to sign up for a rally, Biden can't fill a high school gymnasium, and nobody shows up for the Democrat debates except Trump supporters.
So what do the Democrats do
And what do their cohorts in media do in specifically big tech?
They censor the truth.
They censor reality.
They don't want you to know that Trump beats any Democrat right now 30 times over.
They don't want you to know that all the momentum and all the energy is in Trump's favor.
They want you to think that these weak, chicken-neck, nelly Democrat candidates have some
A chance to beat Trump, even though there's literally zero.
And so what do they do?
They censor.
Story at newswars.com.
Democrat senator pushed for censorship of the Donald before it was quarantined by Reddit.
Now, this is something that we see way too much.
We see this with clowns like Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter flagging people, Judd LeGum, Jared Holt.
These are the biggest losers on Earth.
I mean, you know, you talk about the biggest losers in America.
I just named four of them.
And so Ron Wyden, the guy that doesn't pass the Schmeltest, he was pushing for the censorship of the Donald subreddit just before it got banned, or quarantined, as they say.
Literally Big Tech is colluding with the Democrat Party to attempt to manipulate reality, because they know so many people live in the digital world, to manipulate reality to go with this lie that any one of these Democrats has a chance to beat Trump.
There is zero chance.
There is zero energy.
So first let's go to Carpe Dantum, who's been censored before.
I mean, what do you make of it?
You've seen it happen to you.
American-hating leftists target you for censorship.
Twitter responds.
Democrats target conservatives and Trump supporters for censorship.
Big Tech responds.
I mean, that is total collusion, and that's total proof that they are trying to deceive the American people.
Well, above and beyond just the fact that I've been censored before, I'm from the Donald.
That's where I got my start.
I'm friends with
With all the moderators there, I'm friends with a lot of the meme makers from there.
But that's, I would consider that my home.
That's where I started out.
That's the first place that ever supported any of my work.
Yeah, that's the fifth biggest loser.
I mean, seriously, these people are just losers!
Yeah, they have nothing to do better than just go shut people down.
And the Donald has been a target for a long time.
I don't know if people know this, but the Donald is the only subreddit on the whole site that cannot reach the front page.
They have been blocked from reaching the front page for more than a year.
And it's probably the biggest subreddit.
It's one of the biggest.
Yeah, it's got to be.
Politics is a little bit bigger, but they also hide the numbers of how many people actually subscribe.
There's probably about 6 million people, but they only show the 800,000 that are on the actual site.
But they've reworked their entire algorithm.
I don't
They have been trying to censor and successfully censoring to a certain extent for two years now.
This is just the the newest wave of it.
And they've done this to us before.
Probably I'd say 12 months ago or maybe 14 months ago.
They quarantined us for a couple of days.
And again, this all comes from the same group of people, these leftist progressive Democrats, these fake liberals, who hate free speech.
Here's the analogy that I would say, Robert.
It's like this.
It's like, okay, let's go back to high school, because these people have really never developed, I think, maturity-wise, past the high school level.
It's like, okay, let's say we're in high school.
And I'm going to have a party this weekend.
I'm a pretty popular guy.
People like to come to my parties.
It's always a good time.
But there's this one kid in the class who picks his nose and eats his boogers.
You know, he tells on you if you're passing notes to your, you know, the guy sitting on the desk next to you.
He's brown nosing the teacher all day.
You know, he's constantly nitpicking at you or whatever.
So you don't want that kid at your party.
You know, nobody likes him.
Nobody wants him there.
So that kid, maybe Brian Stelter in high school,
Which is surprisingly, that's only like from five years ago.
So that's like, that kid is like, you know, he's calling the teachers.
Hey, Owen's gonna have a party this weekend.
You should shut it down.
He's calling the cops.
There's gonna be a party at this address this weekend.
You should shut it down.
And so, that's what it is.
They're like high school losers that because they never were able to develop social skills, or they never had any interest in developing social skills, they want everyone else to have a bad time.
They want nobody else to be able to have any fun.
That's who these people are.
That's who Brian Stelter is.
That's who Oliver Darcy is.
That's who Chad LeGum is.
That's who Carlos Maza is.
That's who Jared Holt is.
Guys, you don't have to be losers.
Like, we want you to have fun with us, but they just want to be total losers.
Well, I mean, there's a good article today in the Federalist that's entitled, voters are fed up with big tech monopolies trying to run their lives.
And it's about more surveys, it's about more jury evidence, it's about more reviews from scholars and the rest.
We're talking about with big tech, people, the big tech has weaponized the ability to dehumanize people at a scale and without consequence.
Social expectations, as you were talking about, do not limit them.
It's a new world, where a hands-off model is falling very short of understanding what's taking place.
Because Big Tech is filled with people who, quote, wish to have absolute control over your interactions, want to monitor every movement of your eyeball, every twitch of your finger, every thought of your mind, and they do not see you as a human.
A human with dignity, but as nothing more than a click of a mouse or a tap on a screen.
There are people who, I mean half of them, believe that the simulation is actually happening and occurring.
So there are people who, you know, some rejects become serial killers, other rejects become big tech censors.
And that's what's happened.
You have these people who become social rejects, have dehumanized everyone else, want to control, and they're the kind of kid who had sort of a controlling mommy at home.
Because some loser Ron Wyden doesn't like it.
The clown world was such a bad show.
I mean, it was a bad show that it was an unintended comedy.
And it was such an unintended comedy that the only thing to go viral out of it is Carpe's video meme about it.
That's the only thing that really anybody's going to remember, aside from the fact that Joe Biden still likes busing.
But let's go back to the old high school analogy, because there comes a time in high school too, you know, by your senior year, people kind of, the whole popularity thing kind of just, you know, people don't, and so everybody gets invited to the parties.
The geeks, the jocks, the losers, everybody at that point, and it's like, we're now even inviting them, let's use the 4th of July as an example.
They could come out to the big 4th of July party and have a great time with everybody.
We're all American, we're all celebrating, they don't want to go!
Now they're going to protest America on the 4th of July!
I would go talk to Brian Stelter if he was on the National Mall.
I'd go say hi to him.
If he wanted to have a beer, I don't know if he drinks any beer or not, maybe one of those tiny little... Soy milk.
He'll have a soy milk.
Soy milk beer.
Kind of like root beer.
If he wanted to have one of those, I'd sit down with him.
Jared Holda's asked me to go have coffee with him.
I'd go have coffee with him.
Maybe not after the stuff that he's done recently, but, you know.
I can only go so far.
But that's the point is that we're sitting here like, hey, like, you know, you guys can be crazy leftists, but let's at least come together.
I mean, don't try to shut me up.
Don't try to shut down my party.
Don't try to shut down me having a good time.
That's all they want to do.
And then they wonder why they have no friends.
They wonder why they have no lives.
They wonder why there's such rejects.
Because you suck!
Quit sucking!
Why does everybody hate me?
Yeah, why does everybody hate me?
I'm just trying to shut them down and ruin everybody's good time.
Why don't I have any friends?
I don't know, I'm Brian Schelter, I'm 33 and I look like I have an inner tube around me.
I love you!
Carpe Doctum, meme legend.
Thanks for coming on.
Alex Jones on the other side.
Hopefully the leftists don't complain.
Serving with InfoWars is a great honor.
But I still need my morning coffee.
And luckily, our break room at the InfoWars headquarters is stocked full of high-quality InfoWars store Patriot Blend coffee.
Grown in the high mountains of southern Mexico, the Chiapas farmers grow 100% organic, non-GMO coffee at the ideal altitude for the perfect cup.
A robust coffee with great flavor and mild acidity.
There has never been a more important time to support InfoWars.
So if you love coffee, and if you want to fight for freedom, then you can help.
Order now at the InfoWars store.
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Robert Barnes, what has Big Tech become?
Big Tech are big babies that have become big bullies.
And the way they did so is because they faced no consequence, social, economic, political, or legal, for their illicit activities over two decades.
And because of that, that's why the courts, the judges, the juries, the public officials that care about this, the members of the independent free press that care about this, the ordinary members of the public and the audience that care about this have to
I think so.
Let's be absolutely crystal clear here.
Big railroads and big steel and big oil had Pinkerton security, killed thousands, were horribly corrupt, gouged small-time farmers, ran all sorts of scams.
But they weren't reading all your mail.
They didn't know what bra size your wife wears or what size tampons and what you like to watch porn-wise.
They didn't know what was in your bank account.
They didn't know what god you worship or don't worship.
This is omnipresent level abuse and coupled with the monopolies, it is the ultimate Mark of the Beast style nightmare system.
And remember, InfoWars was the vanguard of being banned first, the most banned, and the vanguard of fighting it.
Because we are the vanguard!
You are the vanguard!
Step into the history, folks.
The InfoWars audience is the fuel that flames the light of liberty across the world.
And that's the reason why, because it created this little-D democratic experiment in independent free press, independent free speech, of ordinary Americans coming together collectively and aggregately, through their financial support of InfoWars, to make real the original promise of an independent free press, to make real the actions of independent free speech.
In our electoral arena, in our social and cultural influential arena, that shapes people's minds, shapes people's thoughts, to where you can choose your own news and your own views and share and spread those with the rest of the world.
That is why it was the target for a totalitarian, authoritarian, control-oriented, big tech, big media collusion.
They used our openness as our weakness.
And it's real collusion.
Real collusion is big tech and big media manipulating and working with each other to try to meddle with elections, to try to shape people's thoughts.
It's in the whopper of telling us the whole time it's not happening.
It's the ultimate form of gaslighting.
What you just saw isn't what you just saw.
Even it is what you just saw.
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On this global Friday edition, I've got a big question for everybody.
Yes, we love Trump.
He's embattled.
He's got a lot of great stuff done.
The media lies about him constantly, so I tend to defend him, even when, really, he shouldn't be defended on some issues, like censorship.
Let me give you a great example that's breaking right now at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Senator Wyden, who's joined Senator Murphy, Blumenthal, and others for calling me to be completely removed off the air, period, saying I'm a threat to American democracy, well, he came out and said the exact same thing about the Donald subreddit.
The biggest subreddit on Reddit.
Now, I was eradicated off Reddit years ago.
And then once you're taken off there, people can sit there and lie about you all they want, make up whatever stories they want.
People who try to defend me, they get banned too.
They become these authoritarian echo chambers.
Well, now you have the head of Reddit in an Ask Me Anything event with Senator Wyden on there, and the full text of this screenshot is in a Paul Joseph Watson article on Infowars.com, demanding that it be completely removed.
Well, Reddit simply froze the account, locked it down so no one could say anything.
That's beyond shadow banning.
I'm going to read some of the statements here in a moment, but think about this.
All of these guys are on record.
When I got banned in August of last year, 10 months ago, the first big ban, the big concerted cartel ban, they all came out and said, listen, this is good, but there's thousands of sites as bad or worse.
That's a quote from Wyden.
And all these other people, all of a sudden, all the other talk show hosts, all the other bloggers, almost all of them said, ooh, we better not come on Alex Jones' show anymore.
Ooh, we better not have him on our shows anymore.
Because if we do that, we'll get banned.
No, when you act like that, you get banned later and there's no one to stand up for you.
These are authoritarian tactics that have been used for thousands of years.
There's playbooks literally on it.
Communist playbooks on it, and we're falling right into the trap.
When someone gets banned, I have them on.
When someone gets lied about, I have them on.
When somebody's getting boycotted, I buy advertising on their show, like I did with Limbaugh back when they were trying to take him down seven, eight years ago.
We hang together, or we hang separate.
Who is the only major media outlet that's big that understands this other than Infowars?
It's Matt Drudge.
The more we get persecuted, the more he's supported us.
And everybody else, if that matters, is being persecuted.
Oh, who else?
Tucker Carlson.
And then you've got people like Steven Crowder, who said, yes, I'm directly having you on because of the latest Facebook ban two months ago.
And that's what it takes, is it takes standing together and recognizing what's happening.
I care about the censorship of all of us.
I could care less about it happening only to me.
I care about my children.
I'm doing this because the globalists are tyrants and must be opposed.
I'm not doing this because I want the biggest radio or TV show.
So many people get into media to be popular.
And then when the going gets tough, they become conservative light, or patriot light, or nationalist light.
No, not me.
When the going gets tough, I get ten times more hardcore, because that, historically, is the only way to make it out of a tyranny like this.
So think about it.
Just yesterday, Twitter came out and said, oh, we're under a lot of pressure to censor conservatives by liberals, but we're not going to do that, which they've always been doing that.
It's just gotten worse.
We're going to shadowban people lightly.
So we're not going to put you in a concentration camp, we're just going to put you in a gulag, or we're going to put you in a ghetto right now.
And then later, we'll starve you to death or blow your brains out.
I mean, that's the equivalency of this, because they know they can't hide the shadowbanning anymore.
They know there's congressional investigations, and so now they're just going, well, yes, we're going to hide some of Trump's tweets, and we're going to put little informationals, literally created by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Snopes, beside them.
It's incredible.
I played a clip.
We're good to go.
Wikipedia link, an encyclopedia link below it, saying there's no such thing as weather modification, this is a conspiracy theory.
So he's at the CFR, he's saying it, but because the countervailing statement is, I'm wrong, none of this exists, even when they're admitting it to their own people, the system has an automated pop-up that puts that garbage out.
So when I say...
Trump hasn't done enough on the censorship.
He hasn't.
It's just completely overwhelming.
Because as I started out this transmission, this report,
Trump knows Senator Wyden is doing this.
He knows Senator Murphy is doing this.
He knows they have hearings in Congress where they say, we want Paul Watson banned.
We want Alex Jones banned.
We want Stephen Crowder banned.
And no one is safe from this, ladies and gentlemen.
This is oppression.
This is authoritarianism.
And we've already gone off the deep end.
Now the left are censoring each other more and more.
This is beyond a slippery slope.
So here's the article.
Tim's senator pushed for censorship of the Donald before it was quarantined by Reddit.
Ron Wyden told Reddit's CEO Forum was inciting hatred on June 5.
Democrat Senator Ron Wyden pushed for the censorship of Donald's subreddit just weeks before it was quarantined by Reddit.
As we reported on Wednesday, Reddit quarantined the forum, which is often a precursor to the total ban.
So do you get the picture, President Trump?
Twitter is already shadow banning your tweets and already not letting most people see them and pushing them down.
That's been going on for two years.
Now they're gonna put comments on the side of your tweets, or shadowban them, and they're announcing it to see what you'll do.
There's been calls in the media to totally ban you off Twitter.
And now the Donald subreddit, where they know most of the powerful memes come from, is being blocked.
Ahead of being totally banned the week you relaunch your presidential campaign 2020.
And who's demanding it?
The Democratic Party Senators who sit on top the network that Obama set up in the Defense Department before he left in 2017.
In December of 2016, he signed the executive orders creating the Countering Foreign Disinformation and Propaganda Act.
And you notice what Google did, their head of censorship, when she got caught this week in Project Veritas report.
She put out a report saying, oh, we just meant that we shadow ban and block foreign
Interference that would get Trump reelected.
That's the cover they use when a senator calls up Reddit or sends them messages publicly saying, we want you to take down Donald Trump's biggest support website.
This is insane.
President Trump, this is not free market.
This isn't companies having their own policies.
This is the Democratic Party threatening regulation and sanctions on big tech if they don't censor the American people and meddle in the 2020 election.
And you, with Brad Parscale and all those other people, obviously know what's going on.
So again,
I care about you, President Trump.
I admire you.
And I've gone through hell supporting you.
And I want to beat these people.
Because if they get in power, I'm probably going to have to leave the country.
They're already trying to put me in prison and your family in prison!
So don't be so confident that you think it's your rallies and you that's totally winning this.
What amplifies your voice to defeat the globalists is us!
And so when they shut us up, they're shutting you up!
We need relief.
We need defense.
We need support right now, President Trump, right now.
It's illegal, it's election meddling, and they're doing it in front of God and country at high noon, pissing in our faces.
Defend us.
Defend yourself.
Defend your family.
Stand up to these criminals.
Take your Section 230.
Start criminal investigations.
There was no damn Russian meddling.
They're the ones that are meddling.
Back to the live feed, but I'm getting really angry.
And it's time for President Trump to take action, but it's time for the American people to take action.
They are probing and they are testing.
And it's time for us to stop sitting here and taking it.
I'm Alex Jones.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic, and never backing down.
And we need that same thing now from the President.
We don't need talk about lawsuits and talk about antitrust.
We need action.
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The forbidden show.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
All right!
Well, ladies and gentlemen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or Sandy,
Went to an empty parking lot and brought her gang of thieves out there, all with her, dressed in white to show solidarity over fake news.
Staged a photo shoot in an empty parking lot claiming she was witnessing, I guess, the awful scene going on at what she believes are concentration camps.
Maybe she should go to the Holocaust Museum in D.C.
since she lives there now if you really want to see it.
Actually, really a great historical museum if you're into that.
But, Paul Joseph Watson has just put out a response to the total clown that is AOC.
Here is the latest Paul Joseph Watson video.
You know all those concentration camps on the border AOC has been telling us about?
Well, she's actually found one.
Just look at the raw emotion, the pain, the anguish.
Oh, the humanity!
I'll never forget this because it was the moment I saw with my own eyes that the America I love was becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents and caged them!
I feel her emotions in every single picture, especially the last one.
It's pure anger.
And how can one not feel anger after seeing what she saw?
So what did she see?
Distraught children separated from their parents, Mexican miners left to suffer alone in metal cages, crying kids interned in barbaric concentration camps.
Turns out, it was an empty parking lot.
Oh, the humanity!
It's pure anger, and how can one not feel anger after seeing what she saw?
I mean, sometimes I get a bit peeved if I see a car parked slightly over the line when there's plenty of room.
But pure anger?
Not really.
Why so serious?
I mean, we know AOC is big on the environment.
Maybe she was mad at the lack of trees.
I saw with my own eyes that the America I love was becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents and caged them.
You saw with your own eyes a few bored cops and a few dozen hysterical sanctimonious idiots pretending to cry over nothing for a crass photo op.
That's what you saw?
Oh, the humanity.
I'm just glad that Uncle Joe was there to comfort her.
I'm just glad that she was able to visit a Planned Parenthood abortion mill afterwards to cheer herself up.
Oh, the humanity.
I'm just glad that this photographer and this photographer and this photographer
Paul captured her authentic, in-the-moment, grief-ridden reaction to an empty parking lot in photos that were definitely not staged.
This definitely wasn't a photo-op attended by over a dozen virtue-signalling celebrities, and it's definitely not a little odd to show up to a protest in the middle of a desert, dressed in a pristine white outfit, wearing bright red lipstick and a luxury watch, because this definitely wasn't staged.
Oh my gosh, I am so upset.
I'm just like, oh, I didn't even know there was going to be a camera crew here today.
You need to let those children go!
Oh my gosh, I can't take it.
I'm going to faint.
Let those children go!
Did you get that?
Did you guys get a picture of that?
Guys, please make sure you get my $1,000 Gucci watch and my designer boots in every shot, okay?
When you're wanting chick-fil-a really bad, and you realise it's a Sunday, when you accidentally step on your dog's foot.
After gorging herself on burritos and retried beans, AOC realised she had picked the wrong day to wear white.
When you realise the electricity it takes to power waste disposal units means the world's gonna end in 11 years, not 12.
When the breadline is too long.
Alright, no more boomer memes, I promise.
AOC's reaction in these photos is about as authentic as her fake black accent.
You know,
It's really evil.
Alexander Ocasio-Cortez is really an evil person.
To deceive, to knowingly deceive, to be a known fraud, to be a blatant fraud.
You are an evil person.
You are truly a despicable human being.
It makes me sick to see what they do to people.
Joey, we have something here for our special visitors.
Would you like to have it?
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
You ever been in a cockpit before?
No, sir.
I've never been up in a plane before.
You ever seen a grown man naked?
Paula, who said they like Coke?
Alright, you tell me about that.
I like Coca-Cola.
Oh, Coca-Cola.
Alright, but who knows about cocaine?
Anyone ever seen cocaine?
Hold it.
One at a time.
What about cocaine?
Good thing?
Bad thing?
Joey, you ever hang around the gymnasium?
Who here smokes?
Come here, come on, raise your hand.
Well, other than your parents, who smokes?
You got your smoke ready?
I've seen a lot of kids with 12 and 11 smoking.
I don't smoke.
I don't smoke because I'm a little kid.
I'm only 5 years old.
You like movies about gladiators.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
You know, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez got her start behind the bar.
But, probably belongs behind bars.
For the blatant deception she's engaged in.
You know, it really actually angers me.
I'm trying to calm myself here right now, because... She's just such a known fraud, and she just acts like the most genuine, caring person.
Just a known fraud, man.
I mean, honestly, I... Robert Barnes with me here in studio.
We're gonna open up the phone lines.
We're gonna take your calls on last night's debate.
We're gonna take your calls on just the total phony that AOC is, but... I mean, what do you make of that?
I mean...
She obviously plans this whole thing.
She gets her gang out there.
But it's like, think about the photojournalists that are involved in the hoax.
Think about all the mainstream media that are involved in the hoax.
I mean, this is the epitome of the Democrat Party.
All of them engaging in known hoaxes, known fake news to deceive the American people.
That's all they do!
Well, precisely.
I was actually reviewing an article that was called America's White Saviors.
And about how the white liberals are leading a woke revolution that is transforming American politics.
Meanwhile, the white liberals are literally the most racist people you'll ever meet.
Oh, and that was the other part.
The competence downshift by white liberals.
That when white liberals use less competence related languages to minority audiences.
They pretend to be dumb, they basically presume.
What Elizabeth Warren did in the debates, where the first introduction she has to African American and Latino voters is in relationship to prisons.
She's like, in prisons?
And think about all the black and brown people.
I don't think so.
So that's the mindset they really have.
They have the worst racist biases of anybody.
They engage in them, and they relate to them, and they connect to them.
And it's really part of this millennial culture.
AOC, good, bad, and otherwise, is a perfect manifestation of millennial leftism in America.
So it tends to be fake, it tends to be shallow, it tends to have very little substance.
But what it does well is it understands social media.
Because that's what the article in Tablet Magazine was about.
There has been no radicalization of the right in America.
They blamed InfoWars for radicalizing people.
InfoWars hasn't radicalized people.
InfoWars has informed people.
InfoWars has simply helped organize the populist movement by ordinary people all across the country joining InfoWars, making InfoWars happen, not corporate backed, not sponsored by some billionaire.
We're beholden to nobody here.
There's no teleprompter up here.
There's no script that we have to read off of like poor Joe Biden was trying to do last night and couldn't remember his lines.
It's like an old actor who's passed his prime.
Instead, what the millennial leftism culture has embraced and become a part of is this woke clickbait culture.
They grew up in a safe space culture where they're always scared of being kidnapped off the street.
Their parents were.
So they weren't allowed to interact with other people.
They weren't allowed to interact in random ways.
The various social psychologists have pointed this out.
That's why they created a safe space culture online, created a safe space culture on the college campuses, created a safe space culture.
The debate was really a safe space debate.
It was a let's not ask any tough questions, let's not ask any hard questions.
And how the biggest moment in the debate
Like what AOC feeds off of, was when Harris challenged Biden on purely identity politics.
That's what that was.
And what Biden was, is because he did not understand the context of modern woke politics, where this reinforced phenomenon of the radicalization of the white left has taken place in America over just the last three or four years, to the point that Barack Obama is now considered a right-wing nut.
The policy positions of Barack Obama are completely anathema to today's Democratic Party.
That's why only Joe Biden was willing to even defend Obamacare last night.
Nobody was willing to defend Obama's immigration position.
Kamala Harris took shots at Obama's immigration position.
So one of the presidents who was trying to allow illegal immigrants to become legal citizens, one of the most radical moves in 50-60 years of American politics, that's considered too conservative for the modern-day Democratic Party.
And it's part of this millennial leftist push, and what really happened is they grew up in a safe space culture, they took over journalism, they took over clickbait journalism in particular, just as the white left was becoming increasingly dependent upon clickbait journalism, places like the Huffington Post or even the New York Times.
For example, they had a piece here in this tablet magazine article called America's White Saviors.
It's predominantly a Jewish-American publication.
And one of the things they talk about, aside from showing, first of all, that white liberals are the only group in the entire country who hate themselves.
So African Americans like themselves, Latinos like themselves, Asian Americans like themselves, and every white person who's not a liberal likes themselves, but not white liberals.
That's why they prefer outgroups.
That's why they celebrate somebody who's distant, somebody who's foreign, somebody who's exotic.
That's why they love abortion.
It's consistent across the board.
There's a self-hatred that sits underneath it.
And what they've shown is there's a reciprocal relationship between modern technology and these outrage mobs that have been formed online that are also about censorship and control.
Which, of course, is all based on fake reality, like AOC presenting herself being at a detention facility that she calls a concentration camp, even though she's in an empty parking lot.
A known liar.
She's a known liar.
Well, in fact, that's one of the things they point out here, is there's been this massive surge in articles and clickbait articles, and it's led to Google searches that leads to political discussion online by the white left.
In issues like white privilege, racism, social justice, institutional racism, people of color, oppression, marginalized groups.
All of these things have exploded in just the last several years because of the millennial culture taking over journalism, reinforcing its social media bias amongst the older portions of the white left.
And that leads to people believing, only white liberals, suddenly believing racial discrimination is a very serious problem in America.
And that it relates somehow to illegal immigration.
Because of the racial prejudices that actually the white left has.
They went from only 25-30% of people believing that for 20 years to all of a sudden 60%.
Well and that's another form of projection where the average white liberal is a racist and so they just project it on everyone else.
They just assume everyone is as racist as they are even though that's not the case.
Exactly, in fact, and again, because they like outgroups better than they like ingroups.
And the sort of persecution by the privileged is sort of the attitudes they get.
But going to that point, what happens is, and this is what they say in the article, the problem is when these moral emotions of the outraged white left become hyperactive and, as you're pointing out, detached from objective reality.
They're no longer connected to the real world.
They motivate division of the society into allies and enemies.
They generate a level of sanctimonious outrage and judgment that places all political dissent beyond the pale.
Because what happens is they have to associate it with race in order to get outraged and feel good about the outgroup.
That's part one.
And part two is by doing so, everybody who disagrees with them becomes a racist.
And that allows them to censor them.
That allows them to control them.
That allows them to systematically censor them.
And they use modern technology to achieve this.
Twitter, Facebook, social media mechanisms, all the clickbait journalism that's occurring, you know, on Slate and Vox and other places.
In their world, white racism greets African-Americans at every corner.
And what's fascinating is African-Americans and Latinos and Asians have not changed their minds.
So, it's only the white left that's getting radicalized because of their out-group obsession that's really rooted in various forms of racial prejudice that people like AOC play off of, and that last night Joe Biden was the victim of, of the race-bait politics that is effectively completely destroying the Democratic Party.
I mean, if you take that apart, and this actually goes back to the 1970s, where, you know, African-Americans were critical of white liberals because they saw them as hypocritical and fake.
That's what Kamala Harris was playing on last night.
She was playing on the clickbait, wokeness culture.
In fact, Van Jones on CNN referred to Biden as not being woke enough.
Now, he was asleep in a lot of other ways, Sleepy Joe, but he was asleep in terms of the woke revolution of the white left that now sees race above everything, sees racism everywhere, sees color everywhere, even in places African-Americans, Latinos, and others do not.
Yeah, like if you're not addressing the boogeyman or racism, you're not legitimate.
And that's how an issue from the 1970s, which was his opposition to busing, and the reason why he opposed busing is because about 90% of America opposed busing.
That's the real reason why he opposed busing.
He was a populist.
The joke is that he opposed busing because he knew Kamala Harris was going to throw him under the bus, and that other people have done so in the past.
And then she did.
And she did.
She threw him under the bus completely.
And that's why he got run over, run backwards, run sideways, and he wasn't ready for the woke revolution of the white left.
Who's here to defend us from the great evils of racial oppression.
And so we're the laughing stock of the world because of the left.
Putin is calling it out.
We'll address that on the other side.
But the phone lines are open.
I don't even need to give out the number.
They'll line up.
We'll take your calls on fake AOC and the Democrat debates on the other side.
Fairness is a dog whistle.
It does not mean what you think that it means.
And you have to apply double-think in order to understand what they're really saying.
And what they're really saying about fairness is that they have to manipulate their search results so that it gives them their political agenda that they want.
And so they have to re-bias their algorithms so that they can get their agenda across.
Okay, I've been interviewing James O'Keefe for 10 years, since he blew up an acorn, and I've seen all the devastating victories, and them trying to indict him and their failures.
But to sit here and have him have the head of Google censorship, with his Weird Orwellian name in the office,
Oh, that's it by far.
This is by far the biggest thing we ever broke.
That man in the shadow you see, the insider, is a current Google employee.
And this is a video recording of an insider, that's someone who currently works for Google, blowing the whistle.
Now what this video shows is it shows the insider talking about algorithmic unfairness.
That's a term you probably haven't heard before.
The confidential documents, which I have a copy of here and up here in the video,
And I'm going to read from the document.
It says, quote,
So these documents show algorithmic unfairness.
The executive named Janai on the secret recording obtained by Project Veritas shows how they want to affect the 2020 election outcome.
So all these things corroborate each other.
I'm not one to characterize people.
I'm just going to quote them, okay Alex?
I'm not going to characterize them.
This is Google, not me.
Not you.
It says, quote, training data are collected and classified, algorithms are programmed, media are filtered, ranked, aggregated, and generated.
People like us are programmed.
That's a direct quote.
People like us are programmed.
And one of the things that this executive says is that people who agree with President Trump will not like our definition of, quote, fairness.
That's Jen Janai, the woman you're looking at right there.
People who voted for the current president do not agree with our definition of fairness.
So what's interesting, Alex, is that Google is saying here that they're able to define fairness and this algorithmic unfairness, and they have product intervention.
So Google is actually meddling in an election by virtue of defining what is fair and what is not fair, and they would never admit this publicly.
And right now, they're in a huge world of trouble, because that is not a low-level ranking employee.
That is the head of their entire innovation department.
This document's called, Definition of Algorithmic Unfairness.
It's labeled, Privileged and Confidential.
Now, many of you are wondering, wow, these people are real heroes for blowing the whistle.
Hell yeah, they're heroes!
They make a lot of money, and they don't care.
And one of the things he said, the man in the silhouette there, who works for Google, he said, I'm nothing but an ant.
He says, I'm just, I'm going after Goliath here.
And I said, are you scared?
Are you frightened?
He said, you know what?
I hope I get away with it, but there are some things bigger than me.
He said this to me.
And I think you're seeing a watershed moment right now, right here today, as I sit here, where people are going to come forward, Alex, because they want the people to know what's going on.
I just learned last night there's another person in the company that wants to come forward.
It doesn't get better than that.
VeritasTips at ProtonMail.com.
I urge you, if you work for one of these organizations and you do want to
Tell the truth to people.
Contact us.
We'll work with you.
James, fabulous.
I admire you and your whole crew.
You are the blood of freedom.
We salute you.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer filling in.
Robert Barnes in studio as well.
We're about to take your phone calls at 877-789-ALEX.
We've got callers lined up and ready to go.
I want to put two stories together and explain why we're the laughingstock of the world because of people like AOC.
You see,
I don't know if consciously people like AOC have realized that they're only reaching the lowest IQ voter.
They may be doing that intentionally.
Maybe she's just low IQ herself and doesn't realize that that's who she's pandering to.
But I would imagine so when she stages totally fake photo shoots and gets 100,000 likes for it.
I mean, she obviously knows it's fake.
But Vladimir Putin has called up, has gone really strongly against globalism and liberalism, saying it's no longer tenable.
There's all kinds of stuff and of course that's why the Democrats are trying to demonize Russia and try to start a war with Russia because Russia isn't self-destructive.
Russia is not communist.
Russia doesn't want to sexualize its kids with drag queen story time or the LGBTQ agenda so therefore Russia is bad.
They're not sexualizing the kids.
They're not driving their citizens into poverty with fake socialism which is just enriching themselves.
Like Bernie Sanders does or AOC does.
But I look at the AOC story as the perfect example as to why we are the laughingstock of the world.
When you have a complete dumbass, AOC, win office, do fake photo shoots, lie about who she is, and you have hundreds of thousands of people loving it, to me it's like
Depressing like oh my gosh like really this this total phony woman can become so popular.
Yeah, that's why liberalism is dying Yeah, that's why liberalism is untenable because it's all fake.
It's all phony.
It's it's a paper mache It'll blow over in a in a windstorm, and so that's AOC, but she knows she's a total liar She knows she's a deceiver.
She knows she's the devil and you know I don't know AOC but
You know, there's this thing, Robert, about first impressions and, you know, presenting yourself as a public figure.
So, I don't know AOC, but based on what I've seen, she's a total phony, she's a total liar, and she's evil!
What she does is she effectively emulates the millennial leftist culture, which believes in various forms of government control, believes in all the mythology they've been taught in their public education and public universities, basically doesn't believe in the country, doesn't believe in the idea of country.
You saw that reflected yesterday.
She doesn't believe in anything, really, except socialism.
I mean, Alyssa Milano was on there talking yesterday about, on Twitter, about she didn't understand why people were obsessed with this arbitrary line.
She was referring to the border.
Just called it an arbitrary line.
Yeah, yeah.
But that's progressive.
You know, getting rid of borders is progressive, even though having borders was progressive at one time, like when humans were starting to figure out how to build civilizations in society.
Or even just four years ago.
I mean, like, go back and look at the polling survey.
90% of white liberals said we should not have more immigration.
Oh, absolutely.
Biden used to run on closing the border and deporting.
Obama did.
I mean, they voted to build a wall, even.
I mean, it's a total joke.
But that's what I'm saying.
That's what I'm saying, is that...
They know that they can lie.
There's sadly so many low IQ people that are so uninformed, misinformed, brainwashed.
They know they can lie.
They know they can stage fake photo shoots.
They know they can lie about their heritage.
They know they can lie about who they are.
They know they can lie about socialism.
They can lie about everything.
And it really drives me crazy.
So I need to stop talking because I'm going to start getting angry because I know that these liars that we're dealing with and the media props them all up and it honestly it just makes me sick.
It makes me sick to know that my fellow humans are being so deceived and goose-stepped into tyranny.
But here's the deal.
We're not socialists here.
We're free market.
We're funded by you at InfoWarsStore.com.
That's how we're able to be on air.
We don't have billionaire donors keeping us on air like all these Media Matters, Southern Poverty Law Center, Right Wing Watch websites.
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Now, we're going to go to your phone calls.
We've got callers lined up, so let's fire away with Owen Schroer, Robert Barnes sitting in for Alex Jones.
Let's go to Chase the Patriot in California.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's up, Owen?
Great show the last couple days, and I wanted to start on that.
You know, you really think about the way you guys did your broadcast with Savannah Hernandez and Greg Reese on the street.
It really gave a great perspective.
First of all, that nobody actually cared about 20 Democrats all in one city, but nobody even cared and nobody showed up.
But at the same time, you see the multi-million dollar corporation of MSNBC, and they can't even get their mics to work.
But luckily, when their mics didn't work, it was right at the perfect moment.
It was like the hand of God coming down.
I could not believe, over and over, Chuck Todd asking one after the next,
How are you going to go get those hundred million guns from the law-abiding citizens?
I just could not believe it.
Owen, how long ago was it where...
You know, we're not going for your guns.
Nobody wants your guns.
And what is it today?
Same thing with the open border.
But that's what I'm saying.
That's what's so frustrating about all this.
I mean, that's why I got into political news.
I mean, I don't even know.
There's nothing I can really say.
There's no amount of emotion.
There's no amount of anger.
There's nothing I can do to really show you how I truly feel about these liars.
That's what this is.
I mean, these are liars.
I mean, really, at the end of the day, let's just cut it simple.
The average Democrat is a liar.
The average left-wing media pundit is a liar.
That's who these people are!
Well, truth is their adversary because truth makes them unpopular.
And so, consequently, they can't really discuss and debate the issues in a truthful, honest way.
And the few who can, people like Andrew Yang, what do they do?
They cut off his mic in the second debate.
The people like Tulsi Gabbard, what does the media do?
They try to, the only negative confrontational question asked in two nights of debate over four hours of 20 candidates is to Tulsi Gabbard.
That's it.
I mean this is like, I mean maybe this is a crude comparison but...
I've worked at camps before, you know, where it's for mentally ill, mentally retarded kids.
And, you know, when you're leading that camp, you have to be really focused on keeping everybody organized and, you know, keeping everybody on task and everything.
And imagine though, it's like...
Imagine a camp counselor for mentally retarded kids who have Down Syndrome or something like that, and the camp counselor wants his car cleaned or something.
So he's like, oh, we got a project today, we're cleaning the cars!
And every day it's like, oh, you're cleaning his car, you're cleaning his house or something like that.
Well, you're going to be like, wait a second, you're a total scumbag!
You're taking advantage of mentally retarded people for your own agenda, lying about it,
I mean, again, maybe that's a crude comparison.
That's what the Democrats do to their voters!
Well, it's necessary to sort of gin them up.
In other words, if they ever actually succeeded in delivering meaningful protection for the African American community... Which they never have done!
Because they can't.
Because if they ever do, then the African American community no longer needs the Democratic Party for special protection.
Because that's their pitch.
Their pitch is, you need us for special protection.
Otherwise there's these bad, evil people that are going to come for you.
So they have to create this false racial reality to terrorize their own constituency into voting for them.
And then they have to not solve their problem.
Oh my gosh!
No, exactly!
It's like, again, if you're the camp counselor for this camp of mentally retarded kids and you say, oh, if you don't clean my car, you know, the big bad boogeyman is going to take your mommy and daddy from you.
That's literally what these Democrats do, man!
It's pure evil!
It's pure evil, man!
I'm just sick of it!
Chase the Patriot, thank you so much for your call.
I'm just sick of the pure evil that comes out of the Democrat Party.
I'm not a Republican, but I'm not pure evil.
The time has come, the time is now, to put the cards on the table.
What would happen, ask yourselves, if Infowars is taken off the air?
Ask yourself another question.
It's even more important.
What would have happened if InfoWars was never on air?
The tens of thousands of interviews, the investigative reports, the documentary films, the rallies, the tens of billions of views on YouTube and Facebook and other platforms.
What would have happened?
You wouldn't have a global revolution right now against the globalists.
You wouldn't have a global revolution against tyranny.
You wouldn't have populist and nationalist and pro-Christian and pro-family candidates winning all over the world if Infowars hadn't been here.
Now, that's not me up here flexing, saying, you're lucky I'm here.
It's the opposite.
Whether you live in a little log cabin or a trailer,
Whether you live in a big fancy mansion, you've got a connection to God and justice.
And those of you that have spread the word, and prayed for us, and financially supported the broadcast, getting great products at the same time, you built this house.
What's that movie about baseball?
If you build it, they will come?
Robert Redford's in it.
Is it the natural?
Field of Dreams?
I mean, I don't remember.
Field of Dreams?
We built this, ladies and gentlemen, and you came.
We built it, and we did it.
And now they're pissed because they don't want this golden goose with its big ol' fat juicy booty to lay any more of those golden eggs.
And that's really what this comes down to.
It's a sexy goose,
It's a pretty goose.
It's a sweet goose.
It's a goose that likes you and likes me and likes our children.
And you know, I can joke around about this all day, but getting serious, ladies and gentlemen, they're coming on at us like a freight train.
And this isn't some spectator sport where you watch us in the arena get chewed up or be victorious.
This is a real world action, a war.
Where your action and the support you give us, or don't, governs everything.
This isn't Netflix dramas, or HBO dramas, or Godzilla fighting the three-headed dragon.
This isn't theater.
This isn't imaginary world.
This is rubber meets the road, planet Earth, the middle of 2019.
So I've thought for a long time about when it was time, what the demarcation line was.
The point of no return.
Instead of just saying, hey, we're not going to be here unless you support us.
But what is the point to tell people?
Because it makes the enemy happy, and we don't want to make them happy.
But we need to also be honest with you to say, we're bleeding to death.
We've put up an incredible fight, and I'm proud of what we've done.
It takes millions of dollars to run our own servers, and stream to millions a day, and to run all the IT, and to pay for all the equipment, and to have the legal and to do this, and you've done an amazing job, but if you do not commit to get our great products, and commit to sign up for AutoShip, and commit every month when you can, if you can't understand, to get products that are the best.
Air filtration, water filtration, all these things you and your family need.
If you don't commit,
Enemy will win, they will smash InfoWars, and we will sink into the sea.
Help us fight on in the future, because this is the ship, this is the ship you built.
InfoWarsTore.com, I'm in your hands.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
And we just used this AOC instance now because it's trending right now, it's the story, but it's like, and this is why Putin is like, no, your leftism, your globalism is not tenable.
It's a house of cards.
It's built on a fake foundation.
It's all lies.
He's 100% right.
And just, I just, I can't even get that mindset, but maybe you just hit on it.
How can you go into a situation consciously and plan on lying and deceiving, like AOC did at that parking lot?
But I think that you answered that.
Because we have a hoax culture.
A hoax culture where you can become a celebrity by hoaxing.
That's why we have so many hoax crimes, hoax hate crimes.
I mean, they just do it repeatedly.
And there's really no adverse consequence if they suffer for it.
So that's a big component.
There's something like, I could come on here and I could lie and make stuff up and get famous, but it's...
It would never even cross my mind!
It's because they've grown up in a culture where they get rewarded and celebrated for it if they do so.
That they don't suffer an adverse consequence even if they're caught and exposed.
Look at all the people doing these hoax hate crimes.
Not a single one within the left has been criticized.
Instead, they're still sympathized with, they're still made celebrities.
It's sort of Jerry Springer combined with safe space lefty culture.
You mix the two and you end up with hoax culture.
No, you actually just hit it on the head.
I just realized it.
Whenever I would tell a lie,
Even karma would come and get me.
I learned this at a very young age and so I never wanted to wrong people again because karma would always come back or I would feel so bad or whatever.
That's what it is.
These people have never met karma.
They've never had their lies come and catch up to them and discipline them.
Now, it will eventually.
Maybe not tomorrow, but that's what it is.
That's why they could never grow up.
They've never had to be responsible for their actions, and that's why they tout all these policies of never taking responsibility for your actions, never just being able to lie about whatever you want because, well, you can get away with it.
So when you combine those two things, it's a very dangerous thing.
This is what the left has become.
They hate themselves.
You covered that story.
It's really sad that we're watching our fellow Americans just get deceived and brainwashed like this.
It honestly hurts my soul and I wish that
There was some way we could wake him up, but I guess when, you know, AOC has the power of Twitter and Instagram boosting all of her lies and fake news and, you know, that's what we put up with.
And then meanwhile they censor us.
Alright, let's go back out to the phone lines.
Let's go to Daryl in Texas.
Go ahead, Daryl.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, I wanted to give my theory on why I do not think that Democrats, it is not their time this next election.
And that is...
They are basically the same place the Republican Party was two elections ago when we were trying to get Ron Paul elected.
The best thing for their party is Tulsi Gabbard right now, and they don't want her.
No, that's what we were discussing too.
Or even Andrew Yang.
And again, I'm not even saying I like necessarily the two as a candidate, but just from a neutral perspective, observing it from a political perspective, the Democrats need fresh blood right now.
They're dead.
From a political betting perspective, Tulsi Gabbard, from a Trumpian perspective,
Tulsi Gabbard would be kryptonite to Trump's superman appeal, because you have someone who's a veteran, who's a woman, who's from Hawaii, who, you know, surfs in her spare time, you know, not John Kerry kind of windsurfing, but like real surfing.
She did like a whole physical workout before the debates.
And she's level-headed.
Very level-headed, very realpolitik, clearly consistently anti-war, used to have conservative social opinions before she ended up with lefty social opinions.
So she's the kind of candidate who could pose a real risk to Trump, but ideally, you know, perfect for Trump, the Democrats are going to run her off and isolate her.
She's the only one who got a negative question out of the 100 plus questions asked over two nights, over four hours, to 20 different candidates, the only one who got a negative question was the one who was at, you know, 1-2% in the polls.
Because they're so scared, the Democrats are so scared of her.
And not only that, look at the disdain that the Democrats have, even for their voter base, when if you look organically, who are the two most popular people?
Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang.
That's just organic, natural politics.
You think they'd be picking up on that?
They have total disdain for the American people.
They have total disdain for their constituents.
And so they say, oh, you want Tulsi Gabbard?
You're not going to get her.
Oh, you want Andrew Yang?
We're going to cut his mic off.
I think that the Democrat voters are going to see this.
They are so mismeasured right now.
This is what it is.
They've become such phonies.
They've become such liars.
They've become so detached from reality, they don't even understand how they're killing themselves now.
I mean, one of the things in that article that Tablet had about the so-called white saviors of the left is how out of touch they were with other Democrats in their own party.
African-American Democrats, Latino Democrats, and other white Democrats.
I mean, half of the white vote within the Democratic primary process are going to be non-college, blue-collar, middle-class Americans.
They're not into this woke revolution, yet nobody is talking to them at all.
Yeah, but the Democrats are going to get every male transsexual man that's pregnant, they're going to get every one of those votes.
So that may put them over the line.
Thanks for the call, Daryl.
Let's go to Matt in California.
Go ahead, Matt.
What's up, man?
Hey, it's Matt out in California again.
I got an idea for the next debate.
If Carpe could pull it off, or possibly somebody out there in the audience has the wherewithal to
Create a deepfake live with the candidates.
Oh no, no, no.
I think I get what you're saying.
So it's basically like on Snapchat and stuff they have these filters where they can put like a dog on your face or like, you know, make you look like a man.
Have a clown thing and you record it with the clown thing and then you record the Democrat debates and they'll have clowns on their face.
If it can be done.
I have something for Robert, too.
This is totally crazy sounding, but the world seems so corrupted now, and the possible blackmail is so deep.
I wonder if there would be a possibility of pulling off some kind of legal way out for all these people that might be compromised.
Like, uh, when you're testifying against, uh, you know, mob bosses or whatever, you get an immunity.
So would there be possibilities, like, people against corruption, and anybody who decides to come forward would get immunity to just say, just spill their guts and say, okay, this is what they got on me, and just, you know, we're gonna use this.
And we're going to absolve you, basically, of your sins and give you forgiveness for allowing, you know... Well, I could see that could maybe be going on behind the scenes, and I want to get your response to this, Robert, but I look at a guy like Eric Swalwell on the stage and Adam Schiff in office, and I'm thinking, I mean, that's blackmail.
Like, there's no way those guys are in office.
That has to be 100% blackmail.
But, coming from the legal perspective, have you ever dealt with something like that?
I mean, the only people that can do that within our legal system are prosecutors, either state or federal, particularly federal.
So you could, I would call it a reverse Comey, because it is what Comey did for all of Hillary's people.
The reason
He was the one that cut the deal with Alexander Acosta, who's in Trump's administration.
So maybe that's a specific example.
Maybe Acosta's like, alright, here's what they got on me.
I let this pedophile off.
I'll work with you to expose them.
Well, all those people have... I'm not saying I know that.
Well, all those people have extraordinary blackmail files.
So, I mean, the reason why, I mean, Mueller did a big deal with Asimov's kid in San Francisco back around 2001, in which he, the inference was, why did this guy get such a sweetheart deal when they found the information on him?
And the same with Epstein.
Epstein is listed as a, basically, as a witness for Mueller.
That's the reason why Epstein got the deal.
Mueller did a deal with Nader.
George Nader character who ended up having all kinds of child porn finally got prosecuted on recently when he was trying to get him to say bad things about Trump.
Oh that, the Nader story is unbelievable.
This guy's been caught with child porn like five times and it's like he still hangs out around DC like he's one of the crew.
And as long as he was reading the script that Mueller or someone like Mueller wanted to have happen, then what was happening was that these guys were getting to walk repeatedly.
Tony Podesta never faced prosecution for his involvement in what he organized Manafort to do.
You know what?
I just wish, you know, the left sits here and virtue signals like they care about kids and everything.
Don't you wish that the left was anti-pedophile for once?
Oh, precisely.
I mean, especially you look at, there's more increasing movement to try to normalize pedophilia.
I'm not saying they're all pedophiles, but it's like, if you're not against pedophilia, I mean, what am I, what else am I to think?
We love Alex Jones!
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Let's go!
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Is that safe?
Oh yeah, InfoWars!
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InfoWars, what's up?
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We appreciate all the work that Alex does, and all Americans do, and I think it's just a shame and a travesty for Facebook, Twitter, and the banks, and I mean, we're living in a fascist country.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you so much.
Thank you.
Oh my gosh, I'm really nervous!
Fight fake news!
Oh my gosh, I love you!
Thank you!
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I would love to meet Alex Jones.
What would you say to him?
What would I say to Alex Jones?
Where does he come up with his ideas?
Because he honestly says the weirdest things, but some of it does make sense if you really think about it.
I absolutely love Infowars.
I've been watching for like 11, 12 years.
You guys are awesome.
Thank you!
He's still there.
Go to Infowars.com.
You can watch his live show on his website.
I miss him so much.
I used to watch him every Tuesday night, so I don't know what happened to him.
Go to Infowars.com and click on where it says Radio Show and you can watch him every day.
Okay, cool.
We just want to say, hey Alex, wish you were here with us, Deplorables.
Come on, brother.
If you're a new Lester, just type in Pentagon tested gay bomb on Iraq.
They considered, no they didn't consider using it.
They've used it on our troops in Vietnam.
They sprayed PCP on the troops, Jacob's Ladder.
You think PCP, some horse tranquilizer something?
They got stuff that'll whack your brain permanently.
Brain chips in the troops.
They give the troops special vaccines that are really nanotech that already re-engineer their brains.
Now there it is, the gay bomb.
Look it up for yourself.
I mean, this is what they're... What do you think tap water is?
It's a gay bomb, baby.
And I'm not saying people didn't naturally have homosexual feelings.
I'm not even getting into it, quite frankly.
I mean, give me a break.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
It's the gun-slinging Wild West of news.
It's InfoWars.com.
Started more than 20 years ago by Alex Jones, and is now the most influential, impactful news organization in the world, despite more censorship than any news outlet has ever endured in modern history.
Alex Jones is on the line with us now.
Alex, you're trying to enjoy some time away from the office, but wild horses can't drag you away, my friend.
Well, that's right.
I'm rarely here by a creek, running out, going to Travis to catch a bass.
I'm just listening over the phone.
I can't help it.
You guys are just knocking it apart.
Incredible job, all the listeners.
That last caller, Matt, I'm going to start a show, not this weekend, but next weekend, every Saturday, that in a few months will be hosted by the callers.
We've got to get that Matt guy's full name in it, Bob.
I want him to be one of the callers on the first show, because every time he calls, he has a great point.
What a genius idea about, not even a deepfake, they'll call it that, but they only have two or three different camera shots.
Let's just have a clown face.
We've already made great ones for Clown World.
It goes over each one.
And then just basically lay it as a template over the next debate.
In fact, that should be pretty easy to do.
If you've already got the clowns ready, you see the shots they're going to use beforehand, within a few minutes of the show.
They start turning into clowns when they tell different whoppers.
But the even better idea that got me is that we need Trump to really freak the left out.
I know my cell's bad, so I'll take it off for a minute.
Uh, we need him to say, hey, I'll give pardons to anybody that exposes criminal activity in the Republican or the Democratic Party that leads to, you know, indictments or whatever.
And say, we know the Democratic Party is a globalist mafia working for the Chi-Coms, and so is Hollywood, so all you big tech people that are already going public, we'll give you basically amnesty or a pardon
You can come out and expose the crimes that are going on, and I think that right there, if Trump put in an anti-mafia hotline, an organized crime hotline, for any crime, Republican or Democrat, he'll be able to fry the neocons and the Democrats.
And Barnes is a top-secret lawyer, smart on this, but just the stunt of doing it is pure genius.
So that Matt guy, he's our new consultant.
And imagine, too, that would be like Trump launching Project Veritas right out of the White House.
That's what Trump, instead of just having a fireside chat, he needs Project Veritas out of the White House.
And then once a week, whoever he wants does a presentation on all the censorship and the corruption.
And we'll adopt this with the summit coming up and things like that.
But I'm telling you, this is what needs to happen.
Back to the wonderful crowd.
We have changed the world.
Globalism is in retreat.
The left is getting more hardcore in trying to finish what their original project was, because we've unmasked them.
They're admitting, they're unclothing.
So many good things are happening, and yeah, it's all for those of us at the tip of the spear.
We're being punished, but it's all been so worth it.
And I just don't think we've been rejoiced enough at the successes we're having.
We're still in one hell of a fight, folks, but we are at the tip of the spear.
And I'm not just saying all of this.
I'm not just up here claiming we're changing the world thanks to you.
We're all doing it together.
It's really happening.
The wall proved those pieces.
Thank Jesus, thank God so much, and just God bless you all.
Back to the break, guys.
Everybody have a wonderful weekend.
We'll have more live streams tomorrow.
We'll have more live streams tomorrow.
We have a Sunday show coming up.
It's beautiful.
It's just damn amazing.
And, you know, listening to Alex and kind of remembering what some of the other callers said, and just my complete lack of understanding of how somebody could be such a bold-faced liar, I realize now, too, because see,
There's one thing that I don't think anybody, most people could never relate to, specifically myself.
I would imagine most people have never been blackmailed to such an extent that basically your life is no longer your life.
And if you just have
Two or three candidates from the Democrat side blackmailed into forcing your narrative out there.
That changes the whole narrative.
And even people that may not be under your control now have to go with that narrative just to try to fit in with what they think is the organic movement of a popular Democrat, even though it's all astroturf.
And at the very base of it is just blackmail.
So maybe that's, I mean, look at Joe Biden.
I mean, Ukraine could blackmail Joe Biden.
I mean, you want to talk about blackmail?
I mean, with Joe Biden's son, Hunter, and everything?
I mean, it's crazy!
Well, there's a reason why Hoover had the files that he had.
And if you dig into it, sort of what Alex is talking about, we don't need amnesty for illegal aliens.
We need amnesty for deep state whistleblowers.
What we need is a, and if the president himself can do that, the president can, he has the power of the pardon, the power of the pen, he can do that across the board.
He could reanimate a whistleblower culture against the deep state established corruption.
So there's actually a great TV show called Deep State that was on Epic's network.
It's in, I think, season two now.
It's available on Amazon Prime and other places.
But it goes into exactly this.
It portrays the template of how power operates.
I used to give to people who wanted to learn American political history.
I said go back and read James Elroy's American Tabloid trilogy.
The American Tabloid, A Cold 6000, Bloods a Rover, about the 1960s, but what it really is is the template of how American power operates.
Just in the same way that Alex has often referenced Operation Northwoods.
It gives you a sense of the mindset, the mentality.
And part of that mindset and mentality has always been blackmail.
I was the lawyer who brought one of the first suits against the IRS, the biggest class action ever against the Department of Treasury or the U.S.
And what was happening is, under Obama, what nobody put together was the reason why he was digitizing medical records is it allowed the IRS to know everything about you.
Not only do they now have your self-confession, self-inquisition mechanism of your tax return, where you tell them where you live, you tell them who you live with, you tell them who your loved ones are, you tell them where you go to church, you tell them which party you support, you tell them all of your economic activities.
The reason why they create a lot of those deductions and tax forms is because it becomes a self-confession, self-inquisition mechanism of the government having massive data on you.
Then add your private medical records.
When I brought that suit, they were going after somebody.
The IRS had taken 60 million medical records of more than 10 million Americans.
Every state judge in the state of California.
Many of the politicians in California.
That's not even legal!
It wasn't supposed to be.
Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild, Major League Baseball.
And since it's all digitized and organized, it's so easy to search and find whatever you want.
I mean, I even tested it and found out all kinds of things about all kinds of people.
It was basically Hoover's dream blackmail list.
So if anybody's out there that's effectively continually being blackmailed, you have people like Robin Gritz, who's brought a suit against the FBI because she exposed Andrew McCabe.
You have these people that have suffered consequence due to the blackmail that has taken place, that takes place on a daily basis in the political arena.
And the president needs to exercise the power of the pardon, the power of the pen, the power of the presidency, to basically bring back and say we're going to give not amnesty to illegal aliens, not amnesty to trespassers, not amnesty to the cartels, not amnesty to the human smugglers, not amnesty to those who break in and enter into the country.
We're going to give amnesty to the whistleblowers who expose the deep state corruption and collusion that is taking place that is undermining democracy in its most fundamental institutions and exacerbating war and conflict around the world.
Perfect example is the Nixavim sex cult, which has ties to Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.
Gillibrand, who was up there last night?
Yeah, Gillibrand, like, hey, you're in one of these sex cults, you know, because it came out, I think it was Ranieri or whoever was like, no, I mean, it all came out in the, I guess, the litigation process.
I mean, they were putting people in office.
I mean, they were literally getting people in office.
They were trying to have hundreds of congressmen and women in office.
They understood the power of blackmail.
They understood the power of, they were basically bundling money to help influence candidates and campaigns.
And ultimately, they were going to be able to entrap people in a wide range of ways.
So these kind of cultish cultures live off of political protection.
And the only way they can survive is with political protection.
And that goes all the way back to a wide range of similar comparable cases.
People forget, Jim Jones had a lot of political protection initially.
There's a lot of things where you have to wonder if you want to even put this out to the audience, but I'll just go ahead and say it because the enemy already knows this anyway.
But let's just look at Julian Assange.
There's a reason why they removed him from the embassy and put him in a jail in London.
Now, a lot of Americans, Libertarians, are ticked off that Trump is not, you know, offering an exoneration or amnesty or whatever to Assange.
Folks, you gotta understand.
Trump has to extradite Assange here to talk to him.
They took him to the jail in London to keep him away from Trump.
Like, that was the whole purpose.
Yeah, Trump, of course, is trying to extradite Julian Assange.
How the hell else is he going to talk to him?
That's the whole point.
Assange knows where the bodies are buried.
Now, I don't know if Assange would ever tell Trump so much, hey, here's who gave me this, here's who gave me this, here's who gave me this.
But if Trump can bring him in and say, alright, look,
We brought you here, here's the crimes that we have, you know, espionage, what have you, but I want to offer you a deal, but you gotta work with me.
Well, I think for sure the ideal goal is if, people hope that is what President Trump intends, and then he's just keeping it under wraps.
He has to though, because that's how deep this goes.
Again, they took him out of there, they put him in jail because they don't want Trump to talk to him.
Well not only that, they had Sweden all of a sudden start talking about bringing back the allegations.
It is important for people to know, Julian Assange is not accused of any rape in a conventional way.
They're saying whether he used birth control in a proper way.
Plus they were charged with a drop.
They were, but now they're talking about reinstating them.
And what that would do is that would potentially preclude extradition to the United States.
So again, they're going through multiple layers to try to protect or try to keep Assange from Trump.
Look, we know who we're up against, folks.
These are evil people.
They're running sex cults.
They're running child trafficking rings.
They're running all of it.
Trump isn't involved with it.
That doesn't mean he's perfect, but that's why they're all going after Trump.
Alright, Nick Begich is about to take over the Alex Jones Show.
I'm not sure if Robert Barnes is sticking around, but are you alive tomorrow, too?
Is that the plan?
I think we're gonna do some shooting.
Infowars.com, ladies and gentlemen.
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Santa Ana told Travis, you know, we're gonna kill everybody if you don't give us quarter and give up.
And he said, well, no quarter given, none taken.
Victory or death.
And you know what that means, don't you?
Victory or death.
Death isn't the power of the devil.
Death is the power of the living.
We control death and life.
The devil pretends he controls death.
We control death.
Death to your system!
Death is ours!
We will death!
The living have strength, not the dead!
And then pledging yourself to death, if you need to.
Giving yourself up for others.
It's the evil, the devil worshippers that fear death, not us.
That's why they try to act like they own death and they have death and they're in charge.
No, you're not in charge of death.
It's us, the living, that have children.
And to have a child is to know they're gonna die someday.
To give life is to give death.
And to fight evil is to give life and to give death.
We bring life.
We bring death.
We are men.
We are women.
We are the humans.
We are the planet.
We are God's creation.
We are the future.
Not you!
So you fear death?
We do not fear death!
There's nothing more pro-life than men saying we're ready to die for life.
Committed to death for life.
Committed to go all the way.
We don't fear death!
We have the keys to hell and death!
We have the real power!
The real ownership of the planet!
We have the real providence!
We have been given the authority!
We have the contract!
We have the name!
We have the will!
We have the genetics!
We have the history!
We rule the planet!
Not Satan!
And Satan is about to be evicted!
Because we hold the keys through Christ to hell and death!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show with Nick Begich.
And welcome back.
You know, this Friday afternoon, fourth hour, I'm standing in for Alex and I'm here in Alaska and actually we've got
Horse fires in South Central Alaska and I was just telling Daria during the break there that, you know, it's like a fog in town.
It's like you might be in Beijing or somewhere.
Anyway, it's kind of standard deal here in Alaska.
You don't hear much about it on the national news because most of it's wilderness and I would live there.
But the point is, we have them sometimes are pretty dangerous.
And, you know, when you think about today, it's going to be 82 in Anchorage today and tomorrow.
That's like our high for the year, you know, and it's 100 or more in Austin today.
You know, I was thinking about all the kind of doom and gloom and the nonsense, you know, the free stuff debate, you know, and it reminds me of actually a tactic used here during the last governor's race.
And it was this deal of where the governor said, hey, we're going to give everybody triple their dividend, you know, or make up for the years we couldn't give you the full amount because he
What we have here that most Americans don't know is we have a government by endowment.
We don't have income tax here.
We don't have a state property tax here.
We don't have a state income tax, what I'm talking about.
We don't have a state property tax or a state sales tax.
Uh, what we have is a corporate tax to make over.
I think it's a quarter of a million net.
You pay nine percent of the first quarter million net in a corporation.
Small corporations exempt.
And then we have oil and gas and natural resources, which are held, you know, in common.
And that brings in revenue to the state of Alaska under lease agreements and other things.
And we have what would be called, what we call a permanent fund, but in international jargon, you would call that a sovereign wealth fund.
And Alaska has like 60, 65 billion, maybe close to 70 billion now in that fund.
And that throws off a pretty good chunk of money every year in earnings because it's invested in all kinds of stuff.
And that came out of our natural resource base, out of our balance sheet.
And I've talked often on this program about the national well.
And here's these morons talking about
Writing off $1.6 trillion in student loans.
Well, admirable idea, you know, I mean, as far as that goes, when we needed the economic stimulus, you know, back in 2008, when people were losing their homes and all this was going on, and we were bailing out the banks and corporations that made bad decisions.
When we could have, then maybe, instead of giving a couple trillion to the bankers, done that and actually stimulated more spending which might have boosted the banks with legitimate money being spent in the economy by real consumers who could then buy those houses that were coming on the market and do a lot of other things.
Instead, we spent the money on others.
When we have this pent-up
All right.
Thank you.
We've seen, you know, kind of what's happened.
And while I admired Trump for all kinds of stuff that he's done, the one thing that people kind of forget in this mix is business benefited greatly, and they need to make sure that money is now spent in America on Americans doing things that make America great again.
And not exporting that money, but repatriating.
You know, they're taxing international income from these multinational corporations that are domiciled in the U.S.
They're doing a lot of things differently.
But they also lowered domestic taxes by a substantial amount for corporations.
And I think that's a good idea in the long run.
But we need to see that translated into things that benefit also people working in America.
So, you know, I mean, really?
It's about sovereign wealth.
I want to get into that and the looting of the nation and what's going on behind the scenes as the fake news propaganda stream from the mainstream continues to feed us fertilizer that most of us just call BS.
We'll be right back with InfoWars.
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Because there is a war on.
For your mind.
With Nick Begich.
And welcome back, and I'm coming to you from Anchorage, Alaska today.
And, you know, as we went out of the last segment, I'm thinking about
Sovereign wealth funds, and I was mentioning the Alaska Permanent Fund.
And how that fund got formed, it was a Republican governor, Jay Hammond, back in the 70s and into the 80s.
He just brought it to the legislature and subsequently to the Alaskan people, this idea of taking 25% of all of our revenue from non-renewable resources, oil and gas,
We're good.
Is this money then would be invested for the future when these resources ran out, you know, so we would have a sovereign wealth fund, you know, literally a permanent fund.
And what he did to enfranchise Alaskan citizens, we became shareholders in that fund.
So it's invested in all kinds of things all around the world.
And what happens is that fund then takes its average earnings over five years and it moves from
We're good to go.
But we have minerals taxation, oil and wealth royalties off state lands and things that bring wealth into the state.
That's how this fund got formed.
So like last year, it was like $1,600 for each person that lives here.
Now, it's expensive to live here.
So, you know, I mean, you got to realize that, too.
But without those state taxes, that's kind of nice.
We have local taxes, property taxes in Anchorage, for instance.
But, you know, when you think about the nation,
And the wealth of the nation that has been looted literally for a couple of centuries and even before, you know, because like in my region, Alaska, the looting started with the Russians who were here first.
They kind of enslaved everybody who lived on the Aleutian Islands, all the native peoples there, and anyone they could conquer on the coastline.
They never made it far inland, but
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, what happened here is we then discovered gold here in the 1890s, and the rush was on.
And that lasted until World War II, where our gold industry was shut down completely.
Most people don't realize what happened here.
Gold, silver, non-essential minerals
All the resources stopped for the war effort and gold was fixed at 35 bucks an ounce by then.
And what happened after the war is inflation tripled everything but gold was fixed.
So, you know, the gold industry never revised here because it choked off and died, you know, for four years during the war.
So, you know, when you look at the mineral wealth in this part of the world never got developed.
We don't have a railroad here.
And I've talked in the past about the Jones Act, which is an act that benefits shipbuilders in the United States.
And I understand to keep a vibrant shipbuilding industry for defense and other purposes, we subsidize it.
The way we do in the United States is we make sure that any shipment between U.S.
ports has to be flagged by a U.S.
vessel, which costs 10 times as much as a foreign flagged vessel.
Which is why all of the raw minerals produced in Alaska are never going to land in the United States, in terms of the lower 48 states, because there's no linkage by rail or otherwise.
Now, today in the paper, I'm really encouraged, and we talked about it on this program for years, is a rail link to Canada, which then allows us to move commodities over land.
And this is now being studied in a very serious way, perhaps it will happen.
This is vital to moving the national treasury, the wealth of the nation, into the Rust Belt where value-added can happen.
Because Alaska doesn't have the population for that value-added, but it would be nice to have it in the United States.
And we have that possibility.
And we're ignoring the possibility of a sovereign wealth fund.
Now, Norway
has a sovereign wealth fund and they put all their oil money in there and then they allocate it in their social security system.
But you know what they built from their oil revenue, their natural resource revenue?
In Norway, they built a trillion with a T, a trillion dollar fund.
Instead of running deficits, you know, Norway kind of runs a surplus, you know, based on that national wealth, that they didn't let industry just loot.
You know, what they did is they contracted to industry to extract those resources.
And they competed for those contracts, which makes good sense, right?
This public resource, you know, the oil and gas.
Well, in the United States, we don't do that.
We have these fire sales and tax incentives and all this crap built into the tax code.
And it is.
It's too complicated to get into in this segment.
Maybe another time, another place.
The whole charade started with the income tax back in 1913, okay?
This goes back, you know, blocks back, and how the mineral, oil, and gas industries were spared the biggest burden of taxation.
Even to this day, those codes exist.
But the point I'm making today is, because of interest groups, America and Americans have been screwed
And it pisses me off from the standpoint of everybody is screaming poverty, including in this state of Alaska, the richest state per capita in the nation.
And they're whacking the budget and worrying about the sky is falling.
And, you know, it's moronic and ignorant and uninformed leadership that approaches this state in this way.
Because within the purview of national resources and state resources in terms of land and what's under the land and native resources under the land for that matter, 9% of the state is native owned here based on the legislation by my father back in the 70s, Native Land Claims Settlement Act.
And they own their mineral estate and oil and gas estates.
And then we have the Mental Health Trust, which has about three quarters of a million acres.
And it is a trust and it generates something, but it's pretty inefficient, if you ask me.
But the point of the matter is, the state then has like 100 title or intended title, about 105 million acres.
And you know, and then, which is about 18-19%.
The rest, 70% is federal government, 1% is the rest private.
Parties, but 70% is the national government, which is you and me and under that including that doesn't include the 200 mile coastal limit out on the continental shelf, which is an oil base the whole northern part of the state of Alaska and has trillions and trillions and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas and perhaps
A hundred billion barrels of oil or more, maybe more.
I don't know.
It's going to be crazy when the full tally comes out.
But already five trillion dollars has been taken out of there, looted from my perspective by multinational corporations and the state throne of pittance and the Fed's throne of pittance for this.
You know, these are national resources.
We have to ship them overseas because it's cheaper to do it.
Yeah, they're double-hull tankers now and they're made somewhere else.
But here's the equation.
The Jones Act.
Bringing a ship in from China to L.A.
is about eight, nine hundred bucks.
To bring the same ship halfway back to Hawaii from L.A.
is eight thousand bucks.
Yeah, more or less.
There's your Jones Act.
And that's what it costs us.
It costs us a lot to support the shipping industry at the expense of raw materials getting value-added from Alaska for the wealth of the nation.
We're going to be right back after these brief messages.
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