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Name: 20190621_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 21, 2019
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In this InfoWars segment, Alex Jones discusses the recent international political crisis with Iran, Trump's decision-making on war influenced by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, mainstream media's false claims about him, overwhelming border patrol sector facilities, AOC being invited to visit concentration camps, and female athletes filing a federal complaint against forced races with biological males. He also mentions criticism towards QAnon and the power of AI for social engineering, YouTube censorship, maintaining control over one's health, promoting Sunny Bay heating wraps and pillows, and a defamation lawsuit against him by Sandy Hook shooting victims' families who claim he spread false information. Norm Pattis, Jones' attorney, provides more details on the subpoena and discovery process regarding the lawsuit. Lastly, Jones addresses rumors about Iran and child pornography, asserting that they are false.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday, June 21st, 2019.
We just kicked off this worldwide live radio-slash-TV broadcast.
To the horror!
The disgust of the globalist.
This is the tip of the spear in the fight for a pro-human future.
Thanks for joining us.
Well, my friends, where should we start?
Trump ordered a military strike on Iran, then backed off hours later.
The Iranians say that Trump called them to say that we have
Aircraft on the way.
We're going to bomb your missile installations that fired these weapons at our aircraft.
And then he called right back and said, we're not doing it.
So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
That's a big deal.
And I happen to know the inside baseball of what went on.
And I'm not at liberty to get into it.
But I can tell you this, everybody better think they're lucky stars for people like Tucker Carlson and the guest he had on last night.
Because the president basically watches Fox News 18 hours a day when he's not out doing public events or reading letters.
But let's just say this, it's on in the background.
Sean Hannity foaming at the mouth for war, turned Trump off, and then the way Tucker Carlson handles it, and of course Trump calls him, you know, smartest newsman out there, it's pretty much true.
Carlson has really matured into, if he was a racehorse, he'd be a triple crown winner.
But let me tell you something, it's scary to know that
Somebody I used to make fun of and not like when he was more of a liberal on CNN is the only thing standing between us and potentially World War III.
Because when Daily Beast, who normally lies a lot, got it right a few days ago when they made fun of Tucker and said, oh, look, he's the one keeping Trump from attacking, according to people in the White House,
You have the left allied with the warmongering neocons.
What a disgusting group of people.
There's a lot more to this, too, from my sources that are not Tucker Carlson.
I'll just leave it at that.
I'll just leave it at that.
But I do know a lot more than I can tell you.
And let's just say this.
It's very dangerous trying to hold up a new big war where globalists will make hundreds of billions of dollars.
But everybody in Washington knows who's behind this and who's pushing this.
The neocons, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.
And I am not an enemy of Israel.
I'm glad that there is a country there that has some basic freedoms and things.
It's not perfect.
If the Islamists were given Israel, they'd fight over it forever like they've always done.
That said, if Israel wants to go to war with Iran, they are big boys and they can do it.
And the same thing goes for Saudi Arabia.
So, I don't want to be a power slave of Israel.
I don't want to be Israel's attack dog.
And I don't want World War III.
Now, we're going to get more of this when we come back, and so much more.
They have gone into overdrive with their disinfo against myself and Owen Schroer.
They are really trying to T.S.
up to be taken down.
So we need your prayers, ladies and gentlemen.
Wait until you hear all this.
Big broadcast on this Friday edition.
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Wednesday and Thursday night.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ladies and gentlemen, again, thank you for joining us on this June 21st, 2019 Global Transmission.
We'll be here live for the next four hours, then I'll be back this Sunday as well, 4 to 6 p.m.
with a Sunday transmission.
I'm Troyer, I'll knock it out of the park.
As usual, 3 p.m.
Central as well, David Knight.
Kicking it all off, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
for The David Knight Show.
Syndicated radio, TV transmission, dominating the internet, dominating relaunching Americana, 1776 worldwide, promoting true populism and renaissance culture and a pro-human future, so we are enemy number one, only after Trump, to the globalists.
Okay, let me tell you what's coming up today.
Dramatic cliffhanger events.
The Iranians have pledged that if any of their installations get bombed or targeted, they're going to fire more than 100,000 missiles at Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Then a giant war will kick off that most analysts believe will suck Russia and China into it, but at bare minimum, in Vladimir Putin's words, will be a catastrophe even if it is contained.
Trump reportedly had decided to have the strikes carried out.
Then, hours before the bombs started falling, after aircraft had already taken off, they were ordered to be pulled back.
Now, I don't normally believe mainstream media, but now it's been confirmed that indeed that is what happened.
And the Iranians said that Trump called them up and said, look, tit-for-tat, you shot down our aircraft, we think it's you with these ships, we're gonna bomb some of these missile bases, you got a couple hours to get people out of them.
We don't want to kill anybody, but it's tit-for-tat.
Whatever the Iranians said, Trump called back minutes later and said, now we're not gonna strike, it's off.
And you need to negotiate, reportedly Trump told them.
And the word is he's really having trouble stopping the neocons kicking off a new war.
Now the best way to break this down is to air a Tucker Carlson piece from last night dealing with the warmongers.
And then we'll dig more into this.
Then coming up, Border Patrol sector facilities at more than double capacity.
That's why we've got to send a strong message and start deporting people in MASH, or more will come, and then the whole system will completely fail.
It's already collapsed, but it will permanently fail.
It's like having a tiny blood vessel in your brain leaking, and you're sick, you can't see, you've got to have brain surgery.
But if a big one busts, you just die.
So that's the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen.
And Trump is deporting at a slower rate than Obama because the whole system is completely overwhelmed and everybody they have in the Border Patrol and ICE is at the border trying to stem the flow just there.
And that's why there's a huge backlog.
The dam has broken.
It's going to take dramatic action to stop it.
That's all coming up.
Also, a Polish Member of Parliament invites AOC for educational visit to real concentration camps.
Yeah, no, it's not a concentration camp when a hundred thousand people every couple weeks or so get caught and you've got to try to screen them.
I mean, what do you think happens anywhere else in the world?
This is completely normal.
These people are fleeing hell in many cases.
Many cases, a third of the children have been kidnapped and we're trying to check to see who their mommy really is.
Ladies and gentlemen,
And they're saying, no, we don't want that.
What a monstrous, evil woman AOC is.
Meanwhile, speaking of women, three female athletes filed federal complaint over transgender competition.
Three high school girls from Connecticut.
Well, just saying the word girl is hateful because some people don't consider that to be a gender.
The left actually teaches that.
Three high school girls from Connecticut have filed a federal discrimination complaint over being forced to race against biological males in track competitions.
Hey, I got a better idea.
Let's say your daughters were playing softball.
And you showed up to the softball to play a team, and half of them were boys.
You'd say, hey, I'm taking my girls home.
That league would just collapse.
And I understand these are public schools, but people need to not participate in any of this.
And then let it be
You know, the two transgender boys that have already won the state championship and have genitals, male genitals and male bodies and male hearts and male blood.
Let them have their farce.
But see, they want to hijack every institution.
And so it's men winning all the track, men winning all the cycling, men winning all of the wrestling and the powerlifting, winning everything.
Imagine, your daughter is playing rugby and a giant man
Who couldn't make it in regular rugby.
Is now on the field, assaulting her.
Yeah, remember the guy that came in and yelled and screamed, ma'am, it's ma'am, and photos of him in prison, bench pressing 400 pounds?
The power lifter, a prisoner, who wants to bully people, so he wears a pink shirt,
Hey guys, we're ready for you.
It's ma'am!
I'm a psychotic!
And I'm going to bully you.
You ought to find the prison photos of that guy.
Now, I digress again.
I had an epiphany about the future.
I'm going to talk about that later if I don't forget.
But it ties into the land where the internet ends from the New York Times.
We're going to get into that.
Also, we're going to look at some of these new big AI developments.
And you'd think you'd never agree with Maxine Waters, but I agree with her on one thing.
She thinks that Facebook's new digital currency is dangerous.
Well, that's because her husband owns a big bank that she swindles money through, on record.
It's been ruled illegal, but she can do it.
Don't want to be racist.
Tens of millions of dollars for her husband.
So she gets... Well, that's competition against regular banks!
Can't do that!
No, the problem isn't that, lady.
It's that it has blockchain.
And so everything you ever buy and everything you ever do and who it passes to will all be tracked, which is perfect for the global social score and social conditioning and social engineering, which Facebook admits they're going to do.
They said, watch what you say anywhere, not just on Facebook.
We'll punish you for off-platform activity.
Oh, well, that's okay.
But then they buy up every other tech company along with Google.
Thousands of companies a year.
And then they have the global currency approved by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan.
That means that this is the global currency.
CIA created Facebook.
That's on record.
Their lifelog project ended the day Facebook launched.
And this is the world government.
This is the system.
Oh, speaking of censorship, YouTube was given a list by their boss, the system run by Jordan Soros.
They were given a list of dozens of YouTube sites that are posting, in part, my information.
And they act like that's illegal for you
To talk about Alex Jones, or for you to post Alex Jones, or for you to edit Alex Jones, or for you to whatever.
And so they promptly deleted them all.
But now, on a roll of fraud, Media Matters has listed Caitlin Bennett, who's been around for years and does do work for us.
But it's her, out there, never violating rules, never getting strikes, being very gentlemanly, very ladylike.
Millennia Millie.
She's had her sight eight years.
She does a lot of different stuff on there, including stuff for us.
Harrison Smith does his own reports.
And Paul Joseph Watson, they say we want them taken down now.
They're copycats.
Remember Facebook?
Remember Facebook?
Just two months ago said you will not say his name unless it's negative, then you're allowed.
Oh, that's okay.
I'll just go somewhere else.
No, they'll just buy the company you go to.
The new social media.
Oh, that's okay.
I don't need to be on the internet.
Oh, we heard what you said on the street corner, though.
Somebody picked it up, so Facebook took your currency away.
But if you're good, they'll make your currency worth more.
It's called the Mark of the Beast.
We got warned about it 2,000 years ago.
There's so much more coming up.
We'll delve into Iran, this powerful Tucker Carlson report, and the fact that the neocons aren't stopping.
They want war.
Stay with us.
Getting into the inside baseball, we've been telling people Trump's about to go on the offense.
You were getting into the fact that the last straw really was Facebook banning certain names in certain terms.
That really pushed Trump over the edge and now Human Events is riding on it.
It's now being confirmed by Bloomberg.
You want to talk about this?
This is pretty big to show Trump's thinking, just to show how real he is.
In other words, had they simply not made the choice to ban your name from their platform,
And had not made the choice to try to go after and censor people saying anything positive about Alex Jones or Info.
It would not have led to the antitrust investigation.
And just the announcement of the investigation and the possibility it was going to go into Facebook as well cost them $137 billion.
That's how much money was lost by Big Tech by choosing to go after you.
That's how much the President cost them just by announcing the possibility of an investigation.
$137 billion collectively lost across Big Tech in less than a day, solely because they decided to come after you, not recognizing that the President was going to stand by his audience, was going to stand by his people, and was going to stand by the original principles of free speech and free press that govern and guide this country.
I mean, all they had to do is hear the president meets with Jack at Twitter.
There's a, there's a, well, all these problems had already been documented by that point, saying, look, just pull back, don't meddle in the election, don't continue to suppress and censor speech, and they would have been able to save their stockholders over $100 billion.
But they refused.
They decided they're going to go after- Oh, they're now spinning it because we cut off the fake news, we lost money.
No, it's because your censoring and antitrust investigations have been opened up on you.
There would be no antitrust investigation if they weren't engaged in any antitrust illicit activity.
When they decided to go from just being a technological monopoly on a platform and instead be a technological monopoly on speech, on press, and on elections, they made a decision that was a fateful decision that has now cost them billions of dollars, will cost them billions of dollars more in the future, and now they're under major antitrust investigation, and it's not gonna stop at Google.
It's gonna keep going.
All of these big social media tech giants might be taken apart, might be wiped off the map.
It might be basically forced to dissolve and forced to separate out its assets in the same way that Rockefeller was with Standard Oil back at the turn of the century.
So I think what's happening is there's now the U.S.
Federal Trade Commission has now announced that Facebook has agreed to subject itself to an antitrust investigation.
The Google antitrust investigation was leaked on Friday.
There's talk that it will go further than Facebook and Google and they're looking at Twitter, they're looking at Netflix, they're looking at other operators.
So these operators that decided to be so overtly political over the last two years, that they were going to use their tech monopoly, their platform monopoly, to suppress, censor speech, to shame individuals, to leak private information against them, to use and leverage their power to help the Democrats take the House, to help the Democrat win the Senate in 2017, threatening to do so the same in 2020.
When they reach the point where not only they ban people from using your name and InfoWars name,
And at the same time, banned Paul Joseph Watson from all Facebook and Instagram overnight.
They agreed he hadn't violated any rule ever.
It was such a shock that it's what put the president in motion.
He realized, okay, this is too severe, so severe, action needs to be taken.
Let's unleash the kraken of antitrust enforcement against these rogue operators.
Who think now they get to control and govern the country and get to impose a Chinese social credit model system on the United States democracy and speech systems.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, there have been big new developments in whoever attempted to plant child porn on us and the FBI
Again, I've had multiple conversations with my lawyer, Norm Pattis, and they've given us a letter.
They actually did it several days ago.
I've just been so busy.
We're about to release an article on Infowars.com with Paul Watson.
We just wanted to also get the authorization to delete it.
They said that, yes, obviously delete it.
That's not obstructing because you're the victim, not a suspect.
And we also want to know the procedure to put out the metadata without the metadata that could reconstruct the potentially illegal images, because the FBI calls them potentially illegal.
I've never seen them.
Norm will be joining us next segment.
There is a $100,000 reward.
I don't have a million dollars, plus I put the offer out wrong, but I've paid $115,000 out before for one contest.
We've paid out close to a million dollars in contest total.
There will be $100,000 for anyone that gives information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator or perpetrators.
We're going to put some leads out and some metadata and email addresses to who did this.
It was connected to so-called QAnon and it was done right when I criticized QAnon.
So, as I've always been clear, I'm not saying that the lawyers for Sandy Hook or the families are the ones that did this.
The media said that.
I'm pissed because we spent tons of money going through all the emails that they demanded and that they know, you know, damn well when they ran to the cops with this, reportedly trying to get me indicted for it, that that's wrong.
And that's why I'm pissed.
And I never made threats to them either.
I said, whoever did this, I metaphorically want to see you with your head on a pike.
I want to see you in prison.
So I'm sick of the media misrepresenting all that, but I'll talk more about it coming up next segment.
I want to get into the hold.
situation with Iran and how dangerous all of that is, and the fact that the neocons are still trying to start a war harder than ever.
And Tucker Carlson has done a great job breaking all that down.
Before I go to that clip, though, it is essential for folks to understand that this is a battle of wills.
And the globalists are working around the clock with everything they've got to shut us down.
But, like an arm-wrestling contest, when you get focused, when you spread the word, when you pray for us, when you buy the products at InfoWareStore.com that are already great, that you already need, it stands in defiance of them.
And they are beside themselves now.
They don't know what to do.
They don't know how to respond.
And they're unable to shut others down.
So this is a real battle of wills.
And Trump says he's preparing to move against them with antitrust.
He's moved against the universities.
And so has the governor of Texas and their discrimination against conservative and nationalist and Christian views.
So we're fighting back.
But this operation really is the tip of the spear.
The enemy wants to capture the flag.
They want to capture the standard because they understand that we really have our ear to the ground and know what we're doing.
There's very few people out there the president actually listens to.
But the president
Yes, sir.
Every day.
And I am in the clips.
You are in the clips.
Seriously, listeners, he scans what everybody's doing, particularly Tucker Carlson and InfoWars.
And that's why they want us off the air.
And that's why it's essential that we're running one of the biggest specials ever.
It's got to end soon.
Save InfoWars special.
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Whatever you do, please take action today in defiance of these bullies.
I won't back down, but I could.
Be crushed.
See, I'll never give up, I'll never give in, but I could give out.
You, literally, hold us up.
So thank you.
I salute you.
I'm in your hands.
Here's part of Hecker Carlson's report.
The full report is on Infowars.com.
Since 9-11, the U.S.
has spent trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives trying to remake the Middle East in our image.
It's sad to say it out loud, but we have to.
It hasn't worked.
Many of us thought it would, but it hasn't.
By every measure, our foreign wars have ended in dismal failure for the United States, however noble their intentions.
And some did have noble intentions.
Donald Trump was one of the rare Republican politicians honest enough to admit this.
He said it out loud three years ago and promised not to repeat the same mistakes if elected president.
And partly because he said that, he was elected president.
Now something fascinating is happening.
The very people, in some cases literally the same people, who lured us into the Iraq quagmire 16 years ago are demanding a new war, this one with Iran.
The President, to his great credit, appears to be skeptical of this.
Very skeptical.
Iran recently downed an unmanned American drone.
The President, speaking today, seemed to suggest this shouldn't necessarily trigger a conflict with Iran.
Iran made a big mistake.
This drone was in international waters.
Clearly, we have it all documented.
I would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down.
And fortunately, that drone was unarmed.
It was not... There was no man in it.
There was no... It was just... It was over international waters.
Clearly over international waters.
But we didn't have a man or woman in the drone.
We had nobody in the drone.
Would have made a big difference.
Let me tell you.
Would have made a big, big difference.
I find it hard to believe it was intentional, if you want to know the truth.
I think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that did it.
So that's not nearly bellicose enough for the permanent foreign policy establishment in Washington, many of whom crave a war with Iran and see every provocation as an opportunity to start one.
Senator Lindsey Graham, for example, says Americans ought to be ready to fight and die for shipping lanes on the other side of the world.
So here's what to watch for.
If the Iranians follow through on their threat to start enriching again at higher levels to basically take their enrichment program to a kind of a nuclear level in terms of a weapons grade production, Israel's in a world of hurt.
So the best thing the President can do is stop that.
And how do you stop that?
To make Iran understand you're not going to let that happen.
I think he should put their ore refineries on our target list.
That he should look at sinking the Iranian Navy if they attack shipping again.
So in Washington, there are no real consequences for being wrong, and as a result, policymakers are.
They make the same mistakes again and again.
And it's certainly not just Lindsey Graham.
At the New York Times, left-wing warmonger Brett Stevens is also calling on America to sink the Iranian Navy.
Many on the left are for it.
John Bolton cheers him on from within the White House.
Bill Kristol nods with approval from outside the White House.
None of these people will admit their actual intentions.
Let's tell you, they don't really want a war with Iran.
That's a crock.
They want a war badly.
Badly enough to lie about it.
That's why they're putting American troops into situations where conflict is inevitable, in order to start a war.
Everyone in Washington knows exactly what's happening.
They've seen it many times before.
I said one time, who's in charge here?
And I think the congressman's right about that fact.
Jerry, do you want some?
Yeah, I got some.
Here, Jerry.
Take a drink.
You look a little dehydrated, brother.
You seem a little dehydrated.
Are you okay?
It took a little longer on the floor than I had anticipated in the custody of the border patrol.
Everyone started sending signals.
The US, Mexico, Canada.
If that's not the accurate character.
Some people call it AFTA-NAFTA, some call it NAFTA 2.0.
We're working together to make past that.
You seem a little dehydrated.
You okay?
You want to take a drink of this?
So, but the president again stormed out.
I think, what, first
Pound the table, walk out the door.
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Three things.
Three things.
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How you feel, ma'am?
You feel okay?
We can walk and chew gum at the same time.
I hope he can, too.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, coming up in the next hour, I'm going to open the phones up and cover the waterfront of the week's news and the latest breaking information and obviously what you think about the Iran situation, where the globalists are still going to try to kick off a war in the next coming days and weeks and months, probably sooner rather than later.
Trump reportedly was going to hit them yesterday.
Retaliation for a drone shot down that he pulled back at the last minute.
We'll look at every angle of this.
Maybe even try to get Joel Skousen to pop back in for one segment coming up in the two hours after this one.
There's a lot of other news with the Communist Party calling for more violence in the U.S., getting more people elected.
We're gonna look more at that.
We're going to look at how women are fighting back in sports and other places against biological men dominating all the sporting events, so people are finally finding their backbone and saying no to this insanity.
But for the next two segments, we have a lot of really big breaking news.
And I just want to state this again, because I don't like talking about myself every day on the show and what's happening, but we're forced to because, as you've seen, we're national news.
International news.
If they can take us down, they set the precedent to take everyone else down.
Media Matters, run by George Soros, the admitted Nazi collaborator.
He said that on 60 Minutes.
The news says that's a conspiracy theory.
George Soros is Media Matters.
In fact, I have another list of those that I believe, Daria, you just printed.
Can I have that list from yesterday?
Because they've updated their article now.
And it shows the new sites that they want banned.
But they created a list of sites that post some of my content on YouTube.
And here it is.
And most of these I've never even heard of.
Tyranny Crusher.
Heard of that one.
General Shepard.
Eric Miller.
I mean, I've hardly heard of any of these.
Baked Blunts.
Does that say EU?
And they said, oh look, they're posting his content, take them down.
And YouTube did.
I mean, when Media Matters snaps its fingers and says, jump, Google, a trillion-dollar company, ask how high.
Well, they were a trillion-dollar company.
They've lost $130-something billion since it was announced they're going to be breaking up via antitrust because of their censorship of yours.
Truly, Trump's singled us out specifically by name.
I hope he goes ahead and lets the other shoe drop on that.
But then today they put out a new report on the same article, Update 2.
And it says, every copycat channel listed has been uploaded.
InfoWars content has been removed.
And most now showing a message saying they were terminated for a violation of YouTube's Terms of Service.
The channels for InfoWars personalities remain up.
Other people that we sponsor, that are contractors, who already had their own channels, who wanted to do work with us, who go out and do man-on-the-street great work, never violate YouTube's strict rules, Millie Weaver and Caitlyn Bennett, they are now targeted for deletion.
And the bosses of Google over at Media Matters in D.C.
are very upset.
Liberty Hangout seems to mainly post content from Infowars personality Caitlyn Bennett.
No, it's Caitlin Bennett, a journalism graduate's site.
A nice young lady.
And you don't like her having speech, you want to get rid of her.
Millennial Millie.
Millie Weaver.
Known her eight years.
She's been reporting for us off and on as a contractor for eight years.
Never gotten in trouble.
They want her banned.
Harrison Smith.
Does his own reports for InfoWars.
Was up there pre-ban.
And of course, Paul Joseph Watson.
He's had that YouTube channel eight years.
Eight years.
Never violates all their rules, any of it.
They want him gone because they're copycats of me.
Now it's not just ban Alex Jones, it's ban anyone that sounds like him.
Anybody that doesn't want all the state championships for track to be won by men running against women.
Anybody that doesn't want war with Iran.
Anybody that's worried about 5G or glyphosate or GMOs or vaccine dangers and liability protection.
Or secret government experimentation?
Or anybody that's worried about collapsing borders?
Or anybody worried about not having jobs and the Rust Belt?
You know, all the really evil stuff I talk about.
No, the truth is, I don't say a lot of bad things.
They take out of context what I've said and lie about it.
That's why my lawyer, Norm Pattis, is joining us for the next three segments, or what's left of this one and two more.
Next segment, we'll get into the United States Department of Justice letter.
And the reward we have out, and them confirming that we're not suspects as they talked to Norm last week, and the fact that we're allowed to delete it now because that won't be obstruction, because they have copies of it, and that they are doing an investigation.
I'm going to show you who did it, how they hid it, saying it was photos of Rockefeller and things, but also putting Sandy Hook in the byline.
Right at the time I was being first sued, having Sandy Hook on the byline, it went into spam, but then later all the Sandy Hook terms get subpoenaed, and there it is, hidden there.
And then, the other side says we're sending him child porn.
What a comedy of eras.
So we'll talk more about that in a moment, and clarify some things, but Norm, the latest here on this, this is, I started hearing about this a few days ago,
This is now all over the news.
Alex Jones attacks Sandy Hook family lawyer as a quote, little white Jew boy in latest unhinged outburst.
Now it's funny, no one could think that from what I said.
We have the court transcript, a government document.
That says, I said, white shoe boy, not once but twice, stereotypical Ivy League student, effeminate or immature, establishment pertaining to mainstream U.S.
social power structures.
I said, if you think you establishment white shoe boys are going to destroy me, think again.
Well, they just turned that by the magic alchemy of fake news into Jew boy.
And we'll play that clip coming up, but Norm, first they said in the AP that I wrote a book called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook and lost the lawsuit this week.
Not true.
I never read the book.
Not in the book, I'm told.
And then now this, that I'm calling people Jewboy when I didn't.
And now just everything else.
It's open season fake news.
What do you make of this as a famous constitutional and criminal lawyer?
I don't have to be a lawyer to make sense of it.
It's just pure hooey.
You could be a half-wit and see it.
Let me tell you something that I don't think you know.
The court transcript that was submitted to Judge Bellis in Connecticut, and that was transcribed by the plaintiff's lawyer's head, Jewboy, in there.
Now, in the court transcript, rather than Shoeboy.
Now, I was sitting right next to you on the set last Friday when you spoke.
I didn't hear Jewboy.
I heard White Shoeboy.
We had our own transcript done of that proceeding and we hear shoe boy.
And we didn't tell our court reporter what to write.
We just said give us a transcript.
And so there's shoe boy.
They've got you boy.
But I say white shoe boy all the time.
I got that term from.
It's just an example of confirmation bias.
There are people who don't like you, they're determined to get you, and if you say something they can turn against you, they'll turn it, twist it, even get it wrong if it serves their purposes.
So, you know, that's what was tendered to the court, and I'm sure that's what the media is relying upon when they report it.
You didn't say it.
You weren't referring to Maddie.
It's not a reasonable interpretation of that, but it serves political purposes to make you out to be a threatener and to get those headlines and to drive people away from you.
And as sure as I'm sitting here today in New Haven, Connecticut, they will use that to try to de-platform you further or as an example of hate speech.
And it just wasn't so.
I told you last week, or maybe it was earlier this week, it's been a long week, that this experience of what has happened to you in the last seven days is my first personal experience with fake news on a national level, and it is stunning to me.
It is stunning to me.
As an ordinary guy who goes about his business in courts from day to day, I don't pay as much attention to the news as I should.
Or as I should, I should say, I hear people talk about fake news, but I've never seen it up close and personal.
And now I have, and it stings, and it hurts, and it makes me angry.
I can't imagine how it makes you feel.
Well, it shows they're desperate and they're upset about nationalism in America waking up.
But guess what?
America's not going back to sleep.
Corporate media is all going bankrupt.
And everyone is exiting the big mega leftist cities.
The exodus is accelerating.
People are running from you like the plague.
We'll be right back with Norm Pattis with the big news.
Santa Ana told Travis, you know, we're gonna kill everybody if you don't give us quarter and give up.
And he said, well, no quarter given, none taken.
Victory or death.
And you know what that means, don't you?
Victory or death.
Death isn't the power of the devil.
Death is the power of the living.
We control death and life.
The devil pretends he controls death.
We control death.
Death to your system!
Death is ours!
We will death!
The living have strength, not the dead!
And then pledging yourself to death, if you need to.
Giving yourself up for others.
It's the evil, the devil worshippers that fear death, not us.
That's why they try to act like they own death and they have death and they're in charge.
No, you're not in charge of death.
It's us, the living, that have children.
And to have a child is to know they're gonna die someday.
To give life is to give death.
And to fight evil is to give life and to give death.
We bring life.
We bring death.
We are men.
We are women.
We are the humans.
We are the planet.
We are God's creation.
We are the future.
Not you!
So you fear death?
We do not fear death!
There's nothing more pro-life than men saying we're ready to die for life.
Committed to death for life.
Committed to go all the way.
We don't fear death!
We have the keys to hell and death!
We have the real power!
The real ownership of the planet!
We have the real providence!
We have been given the authority!
We have the contract!
We have the name!
We have the will!
We have the genetics!
We have the history!
We rule the planet!
Not Satan!
And Satan is about to be evicted!
Because we hold the keys through Christ to hell and death!
Melatonin's on average $19, $19.95 a bottle, and a lot of it's not even organic type.
I talked to the big organic producer companies that we have make it, and I said, how much money is really in that?
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To get the great products, the books, the films, the t-shirts, you name it.
But it takes selling a lot of stuff to be able to fund this.
We're not like raiding countries like George Soros and stealing billions and then, you know, funding race war.
It's just selling t-shirts, selling books, selling films and, you know, just hustling to be able to get high quality products out.
So you have a great response and reorder, reorder, reorder, reorder.
It's called reap what you show.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Very powerful article on Infowars.com.
You were 10 minutes from war, which could have triggered a world war.
Definitely a huge Middle East war with Israel bombing nuclear facilities after Iran would retaliate by firing over 100,000 missiles at them.
That's the default.
A catastrophe.
Trump called it off.
Ten minutes from war, Trump stopped Iran's strike after asking how many would die.
I have confirmed that almost all of his advisors are telling him, massive war.
Trump is saying no.
And that it's been people like Tucker Carlson that are barely able to talk the President out of it.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
But that's coming up next hour.
We'll open the phones up.
Getting back to this.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not going to play religious or race cards here on air, but everybody knows that I am not anti-Semitic.
And that the left beats people over the head with that.
They say Trump's anti-Semitic.
It's just preposterous.
President Trump,
We're good to go.
Not Jewish.
But when the Nazis learned about that, they made it a big deal to say horrible things about my children.
So I don't think it's very funny when the white supremacists are all over the internet calling my children horrible names to have people, them, when I clearly said white shoe boy, which means at East Coast, Yale or Harvard, white shoe law firm is a term that's heavily used in the Northeast by the regular classes against what they see as the establishment.
And so they knew exactly what they were doing when they did this.
Alex Jones attacked Sandy Hook Family's lawyer as a little white Jew boy.
Plus, Matty, the guy I was talking about in some of the rant, not much of it, that's an Italian name.
Or a French name.
And I knew that before I looked it up.
But I looked it up this morning, and it said Italian or French.
So, it's just wrong at every level.
And it shows, folks,
That they'll do anything.
They'll say and do.
They do not care.
It's crazy.
We had our own transcript done, when they played the clip in court, and the separate stenographer says, white shoe boy.
White shoe boy.
White shoe law firms.
So, definitely out to get me in more ways than one.
But the good news is, this came in days ago, but I've been so busy, it just was put to the side.
And Paul Watson's about to publish an article on this at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Most people aren't buying the hoax that I sent child porn to the Sandy Hook families.
Why would I just jump off a cliff then?
That's just insane.
No, they wanted 9.6 million emails, but you had said 57,000, with anything with a Sandy Hook term in it, or a whole bunch of other terms.
Right at the time I was sued last year,
I was in a press conference in D.C.
about these suits.
I've sent, it turns out, two emails with a couple of attachments.
People saying, here's clips of David Rockefeller hoping I'd open the attachments.
It went to the spam.
We were publishing all the metadata, except for the child-poor metadata, because you can use that data to recreate it.
We've been told, go ahead and destroy it by the FBI, and so has Pattis, and it confirms his conversation with him last week.
In that conversation, they said that I was the victim.
But you saw thousands of headlines, and I've had friends and family call.
Just this morning, my personal trainer came over to stretch me out and stuff.
Hadn't been over in a few days.
He said, yeah, here's my cousin asking if it's true.
They saw the headline on the news, Alex Jones sent child born.
They said, if it's true, why would he do that?
That's so destructive.
Yeah, no kidding!
If you hear I jump into a wood chipper, don't believe it!
I was put in it!
Gosh, man!
It's just unbelievable!
And so, going back to Norm Pattis, and I appreciate him joining us, the $100,000 reward is out there.
A million's too much, so I walked that back.
Plus, I didn't put the reward out right.
We've done it officially correctly.
We're going to put out the metadata so people can help track this.
It'll obviously be the ISPs that need to help, but we really need to bust this person and their QAnon address that they use.
We don't know if that's really one of the people in QAnon, but that's the perfect part about QAnon is it's a perfect intelligence op.
And so Norm, roll through this and talk about this for viewers.
Well, let me just backtrack a second if it's all right with you.
I'm looking at page 28 of the transcript, the plaintiff's lawyer's, in a Sandy Hook case submitted to the court, where you are quoted as saying, he's a white Jew boy that thinks he owns America.
My copy of the transcript is unsigned, so I don't know if they gave a certified copy.
Our copy of the certified transcript, which came in after the court hearing, says he's a white shoe boy that thinks he owns America.
So I don't know, you know, is it an innocent mistake?
I'm not so sure about that.
Why did we hear white shoe boy, and why did your adversaries hear white Jew boy, and why is the copy of the transcript that says white Jew boy unsigned?
I'd like to know.
But moving on to the letter.
The letter confirms the discussion that we had.
We were promised the letter either last Friday or Monday of this week.
I believe it only arrived on Tuesday.
And what the letter says is that these items were retrieved and it gives file names for them and gives us the opportunity to locate them within the databases we maintain on behalf of this litigation.
But it's interesting to me what we learned.
The file paths were four of them, and excuse me, they all are Lanza backslash Lanza.
That's the name, obviously, of the Sandy Hook shooter.
Emails, QAnon at OnionMail.info, and then something called Yimmies, Y-M-M-I-E-S at Yimmies at Dan Wynn, and then there's a number and so forth.
I don't know who sent these.
I really don't know if this is going to be enough of a trail to give you the opportunity to locate the senders.
But it's fake news to suggest that you knew them, what these emails contained, opened them, knew that they contained explosive and criminally inculpatory material, or even that you sent them to anybody.
I was court-ordered to give over emails that we retrieved by using search terms, your computers, your data people.
We're exhausted.
I felt bad when I met some of them.
I thought I'd been a sadist with them because we pressed them to work around the clock for days using search terms.
Now then in court pleadings, the Sandy Hook lawyers said, well, you know, if the defendants had done minimal due diligence, they would have spotted these and not sent them.
Those lawyers didn't spot them themselves either.
They sent their money, or their data, to a California data processing term, which by means of sophisticated data processing was able to sort through the tens of thousands of emails and just happened to find these.
So, you know, the notion that you are somehow at all responsible for these could not be more false.
And there is not a courtroom or a place where I can go under the oath, under oath, that I will refuse to go to assert this.
You did not send these.
There is not a shred of evidence to suggest you knew that anybody sent them on your behalf.
There is not a shred of evidence that even the Koskoff lawyers could figure out what they were.
They spent whatever it was to have somebody troll through this.
You didn't spend the $100,000 that it would have taken for somebody to run through it and troll through every bit of metadata.
Because you're the one who's being sued.
They've invested.
And by the way, we've already spent a lot of money just going through the 9 million emails and fighting to turn them all over.
And I remember when the Costco people were in court asking to have the judge order us to open all attachments.
You can't even do that under law if you don't know what attachments are.
I mean, we would then go to prison if we would have opened these potentially.
It's just we need relief from this.
I need you to go to a special hearing with the judge about who didn't sign the transcript to put the fake thing in the transcript.
First of all, I don't know.
It may be that we were just given a copy and the signed copy was filed in court.
To be honest with you, I only noticed this this morning as we were preparing for the show.
Well, it needs to be fixed.
Can't we have a hearing?
I don't know if we can have a hearing.
We're going to be in the State Supreme Court Monday filing papers and we will file a certified transcript with it and we'll make note of this error.
It's by far, it's not an innocent error.
I mean, as an example of how loaded these terms are, a press organization contacted me, a legal publication about this dispute and about Koskoff's claims that we should have known we sent them to you.
And I wrote, as I typically do when I don't have a lot of time, my response rather than answer the phone call.
Unlike Koskoff, Koskoff, and Beater, Mr. Jones does not weigh his money.
Now, I get a pushback.
That's anti-Semitic.
I said, what do you mean it's anti-Semitic?
Everybody talks about people who are loaded, weighing, rather than counting their money.
Well, Koskoff, Koskoff, and Bieter, those could be Jewish names, and you're talking about money in association with Jewish names, and yadda yadda yadda.
I said, I stand by my comments.
Now, it's been too busy a week here for me to know whether they printed it or not.
But it's pure alchemy.
They just turn everything into something racial.
It's like AOC saying cauliflower is racist because it's white.
In an era of identity politics, if you have an aggrieved identity, you think you own the English language and can tell the rest of us how to use it.
Intentions used to matter, but now the hurt feelings of the aggrieved do, and we're driving ourselves crazy and into the ground with this nonsense.
Stay there.
I want to come back with a clarification to this Chris Maddy individual and the judge and all the rest of this, because
I didn't say Jubal and everybody knows it.
And I didn't threaten Maddie and everybody knows it.
And then the media runs around saying it like it's all true, so it must be true.
So I want to make, again, a very clear clarification, like we did on Saturday and like we did on Friday, that they ignore.
I want to make this totally clear.
Because they're representing things that are not correct.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest show on earth.
Clown World.
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I'm not Alex Jones.
I'm P.T.
I love the Democrats.
Beto O'Rourke says the world's ending in 11 years and the borders should be open.
There's so many other clowns.
Cory Booker says pay reparations, even if 98% of whites didn't have ancestors that owned slaves.
And then we move on to Pocahontas.
She's whiter than anybody ever known in history, but it's okay.
She's a fraud.
And then Joe Biden.
Well, Joe Biden loves segregationists and
Bernie Sanders says,
We're good.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, final segment with Norm Paddish.
I want to make one more point on the White Shoe Boy situation.
I want to show how on target my use of the English language in terms is from time to time.
Sometimes I butcher it.
But I said White Shoe Boy.
White Shoe Boy means stereotypical Ivy League effeminate or immature establishment pertaining to mainstream U.S.
social power.
That's definitions.
And of course, we've got countless others that show that.
White shoe or white shoe law firm.
This is from Wikipedia.
The phrase comes from white buck lace suede buckskin shoes with a red sole.
Long popular in Ivy League colleges.
A 1953 Esquire article describes social strata at Yale University.
Explains that white shoe applies primarily to the socially ambitious and the socially smug types.
It is pertaining to Yale.
So a lot of these guys are Yale graduates.
They're there in Connecticut next door to Yale.
The courthouse is down the street from Yale.
I gave the exact naming to show off my understanding of rhetorical lexicons.
And that gets transmuted into Jew.
Oh, sorry, it also goes on an Esquire to say WASP.
That's right.
Members of the white elite.
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant now turns into Jew in the magical courtroom.
Wow, thanks a lot, Connecticut.
Wow, thanks a lot.
You're really the good guys, aren't you, up there liberals?
Norm, I want to finish up, and we may have to go a little bit in the next segment on this, but let's do a few more minutes in the next segment, because I want to just be totally clear on this Manny thing.
What do you make of the magnitude of this alchemy?
Because we could play the clip here, you know, where I'm yelling and getting upset and saying, you white shoe boys think you know it all.
I mean, that's so clear what I said.
And everybody I know in Connecticut knows that term.
It's where it comes from.
What do you make of this?
When you say, if you were to belch, they'd call the Environmental Protection Agency and make an air pollution complaint.
There are plenty of people up here for whom you are toxic, but understand there's a growing number who aren't.
After we argued the other day against sanctions for you, one of the marshals came up to me the next day.
I was in court on trial on another matter and said, you know, I agreed with everything you said on behalf of Mr. Jones in that courtroom.
The judge was wrong.
That was from a marshal in the courthouse.
I was on the radio on the Vinnie Penn Show, a local journalist you've interviewed with him.
We were talking about what's going on and he said, you know, we're still talking about the Sandy Hook kids seven years later.
I said, well, one of the concerns Mr. Jones has
Is that other people are using this tragedy to advance their own agendas.
And it's no mystery to us that the Sandy Hook complaint was filed more than five years after most of the utterances and only after Hillary Clinton lost an election in which you were believed to have played a pivotal role.
So the case has become a political hot potato.
The children of Sandy Hook and their families are now pawns in a game that long since ended.
I don't
Exactly, and then they end up in a child porn and saying, Jew boy, none of this is true.
And it's just crazy how mainstream media lies like this and how they've got all these different angles that come out of it.
It just never seems to end.
This is why media is not trusted.
This is why they're hated.
It's shocking.
I mean, people don't get it.
That's what I told the judge in court the other day.
I said, you know, Alex Jones didn't create his listeners.
People listen to Alex Jones because there's a legitimacy crisis in this country.
There's a fundamental lack of trust in big institutions.
And it's reporting like this and distortions like this that create the trust.
Whether we agree with you or whether you and I agree on every issue or not, it doesn't really matter.
Your right to speak does, and when people resort to mistruths, lies, to try to silence you, that terrifies me.
You're right.
Let's finish up on the other side and get into the big war news, which is huge.
Stay with us, folks.
Tomorrow's news today.
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Camilla Harris!
And so many more!
It's the greatest show on earth!
Head at polewars.com forward slash show with live coverage next week!
Wednesday and Thursday night.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're into hour number two on this Friday, June 21st, 2019, Global Transmission.
We came within 10 minutes of launching a new war in the Middle East.
Over 100,000 missiles Israel would have faced, along with Saudi Arabia, that would have been rained down on them by Iran.
But in the last minute, Trump said no.
Next segment, we'll give you the inside baseball on why that happened.
Why it's so important?
Because the same neocons and leftists are pushing for war as we speak.
The Democratic Party now officially in national polls sees war as anti-Trump because Trump is seen as anti-war.
And now Democrats in Gallup polls, 57 percent, that's the latest, the one a month ago was 54 percent, want war, period, and want us to stay in over 120 nations.
Total and complete madness.
We'll also open the phones up throughout the rest of the broadcast and have a couple special guests popping in.
Some stations don't carry the first hour, most do, but let's recap with famous top ten criminal and First Amendment and civil rights lawyers out there.
Norm Pattis
And, of course, you see him a lot on the national news.
Some of the biggest cases out there.
Just did a big one, a big divorce case with a Russian oligarch and his wife.
Did the other big murder case in Connecticut.
But he's done some of the biggest First Amendment cases in the country.
And he's seen the dangerous trend towards destroying it.
So, recapping what we covered in just the next few minutes.
We'll let you go.
You're busy.
On the other info we didn't get into, and why this is so serious.
Again, this is not about Alex Jones, folks.
This is a premeditated move to end free speech.
And the Democratic Party law firm, biggest in Connecticut, that's also suing me, is suing, pushing reparations.
And suing Harvard, trying to get the first photos ever of slaves taken from Harvard and given to the descendants.
So, I mean, these guys are really undermining the system.
They're the ones that bankrupted Smith & Wesson, our oldest gun company.
Won't be able to get those firearms soon.
Our military uses them.
The .308, Remington 700.
What a sweet shooting gun.
My son's got a couple of them, so do I. I've shot deer at a thousand yards with them.
Like, taking candy from a baby.
So, I have the system coming after me, but I want to clarify something.
Friday, I had gotten a lot of really rough family news.
I'm going to leave it at that.
And I had also had a French TV crew here that said they were coming about the First Amendment.
It was really about Sandy Hook.
And so I was already pissed off.
And about once a year, I will almost have like a Tourette's Syndrome type event before the news runs with Jones diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome.
That's a turn of the phrase.
That's hyperbole.
Like when I said a deposition, I almost have a form of
I would say the public collective, well I guess the term would be psychosis, in that when you get lied to so much, people believe that the earth is flat.
I don't believe that, but because they've been lied to so much, a lot of people believe the earth is flat now.
Now, I believe that's totally wrong, but it's a collective psychosis when you've been lied to.
Almost no one believed last week that the Iranians really attacked those ships.
I said they might have done it, because they said, we may sink them with a shred of Hormuz.
They sure shot down that drone.
Now, it didn't mean I want war.
It didn't mean I'm pushing a war.
I said it could really be them.
My listeners got really mad at me, because people now don't buy anything because they've been lied to so much.
So they spun that.
I legitimately got angry on air, and I'm not going to sit there and watch the corporate news and all the rest of them with their latest lies that we'll recap in a moment.
Say I lost a suit this week for a book I didn't write, a book I've never read called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.
Did no such thing.
People have a right to write that book.
I don't think they should have, you know, they basically just didn't fight it and let them win the case.
I'm not in the book.
I've not read the book.
I'm told I'm not in it.
That's a total hoax.
Ultimate fake news.
Top of Yahoo.
Top of AP.
Top of Twitter for days.
Ultimate fake news psyop.
MSN falsely claims Alex Jones loses Sandy Hook defamation case.
Totally insane.
That's on Newshorse.com.
And we've had lawyers sending them letters and calling them for days.
They just go, we're leaving it up!
Doesn't matter you're not on the book.
We're just going to say it.
Because it creates the illusion that I'm this criminal and I'm losing.
So, some big event can happen, I think, coming soon, unfortunately, for me, but it just shows how desperate the enemy is.
They then put out all over the news that I threatened Chris Maddy.
No, I didn't.
That was not my intent, and I didn't do it.
I said, I'm mad at you guys making me spend hundreds of thousands of dollars going through six, no, nine million emails, 9.6 million emails.
And then running to the FBI, because we later learned, going, oh look, this is criminal, this is criminal.
The FBI said no, Alex is a victim.
That's what I'm mad about.
This happens to everybody that's in the media, they get sent this crap.
We didn't know, but it went to spam.
Not that I'm going to put your head on the pike.
I said we're going to put out this big reward, we're going to catch who's done it, and their head's going to get put on a pike.
That's figurative.
And I said whoever you are that did this, that's not Chris Manning.
I don't think Chris Manning would do that.
Any more than I would send child porn to the San Diego family.
And no one sent that to them.
Law firms going through raw emails that had hidden attachments sent it to lawyers, not to the families.
So it's lie upon lie upon lie.
And that's what I'm angry about, is just the years of this crap.
And now the Jewboy thing.
When I said, you white shoeboys from Yale, that means Yale.
You're in the town with Yale.
The establishment at Yale, or whoever's running things in that town, stop lying about me.
You go, oh, we'll just say Jewboy.
We'll just keep doubling down.
That's why you're not trusted.
It's why you're not liked.
It's why you're hated.
But do not build up your
Ambulance chaser type, you know, reputation that I'm threatening you.
I would never want you to be a martyr.
Never want you to get hurt.
I don't want anyone to hurt you.
I would never do that.
And you know that.
I didn't say Jew boy.
I didn't say I want you hurt.
I didn't send the family's child porn.
I'm the victim.
And my crew's the victim.
I've had two people quit over this crap!
Excuse me, I'm getting mad again, Norm.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Just go ahead and fill folks in here briefly.
I was present in the studio when Hurricane Alex last hit, and I kept my chair but briefly, and I'm holding on to the armrest here in Connecticut.
Take a deep breath.
I'll sort this out for you.
There's no question in my mind that you did not threaten Chris Maddy.
You were frustrated.
You were emotive.
You were out of control.
But that's a long way from a threat, and if ever a person had a reason to lose control, it was you.
And this week, it's even worse.
I mean, chew, boy.
Child porn?
I mean, the next thing you know, you're going to be blamed for shooting down the drone in Iran.
I mean, at some point, you stop being a scapegoat and you start being an ordinary American.
And maybe that's what your new brand should be, rather than Alex Jones Conspiracy Theorist.
It's Alex Jones Ordinary American.
He's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore.
And when he gets mad, everybody gets scared.
That's not hate speech.
That's fear speaking.
And I'm proud to stand next to you.
Well, I don't even know who Chris Maddy is, other than... Well, just leave him aside.
Well, I'm saying, I wish that guy no harm, and I don't want him any harm, and I'm sick of the media running around, acting like I'm threatening him to make people more of a victim.
Just like they say that I say nobody died at Sandy Hook, to reopen the wounds in my name.
And then it's the same thing, always in my name, and they're the ones doing it.
But Alex, Alex, don't let yourself be a bit player in the crisis acting that the lawyers are doing on the other side.
Let's focus on the First Amendment, and let's focus on what ordinary Americans care about.
No, I totally agree.
Just hearing him getting mad again... Most people are suspicious of plaintiff's lawyers, you know, and this is one of the reasons they are.
Anything for a buck.
Am I right?
Listen, Norm, I appreciate you and I appreciate the fine work you're doing.
We're going to the Supreme Court, aren't we?
We're going to the courts next week to try to overturn this latest ruler.
Monday, we'll be filing sometime Monday morning.
In fact, somebody just walking in right now handed me a draft of the brief.
We're going to be tidying it up over the weekend and marching into court Monday morning saying, how about a little justice?
Or did we forget about that along the way?
We've sacrificed truth.
We've sacrificed the American way.
Let's hope the courts aren't immune to claims for justice.
And let's be clear, I did not lose a lawsuit, I did not write a book that Jim Fetzer wrote where they said I lost a lawsuit in AP.
This judge ruled at the preliminary level to not throw out the lawsuit against me, saying because of things I said on air.
Let me read you the first, oh no, I can't read you the first line of this draft.
Never mind.
Among the things that we'll be saying next week and what would otherwise be a stunning display of contempt for time honored, well settled jurisprudence surrounding the First Amendment, the trial court joined forces once again to silence a critic of blah, blah, blah, blah.
And we'll tune it up and have it filed on Monday and I'll get you a copy as soon as we file it.
All right, Norm Padish, top lawyer, let you get back to your work.
Counselor, thank you.
See you later.
We're going to turn back, ladies and gentlemen, to World War 4.
There's a lot of talk out there in the world.
There's a lot of BS.
But I think InfoWars has proven it's delivered.
I know at a certain level the big crime we've committed is simply asking, who is the devil?
Come from a perspective that they have all the answers that they've got.
They're incredibly arrogant, and they're incredibly predictable.
Well, if I'm anything, I'm not a Satanist.
But I've certainly dealt with them in my life.
And if you look at how they try to control society and the planet, they're pathetic.
But I'll tell you what's even more pathetic.
Men and women who don't love corruption, who don't love evil, and who don't love simply being one-dimensional cutouts, are so meek that we never get involved in the cultural or political discussion.
And that's where I am, halfway into 2019.
We're almost at 2020.
Buck Rogers, this is not science fiction, this is not theater, this is not entertainment, this is not fiction.
This is the real world.
And so I just sit back, wanting to have a good future for myself and you as well.
Because let's not lie, there's seven and a half billion people on this planet.
There's about to be 10 billion in the next decade.
And if you think
That if we screw over a big portion of those people, that we're not going to get destroyed in a nuclear war.
Well, you're smoking some serious dope.
So, that's my bottom line, is that I don't have all the answers, but I don't have that sociopathic, satanic worldview of screw everybody around me, and I'm going to get ahead when all you're doing is bringing down the society around you.
You know, I support President Trump, even though he's imperfect like anybody else, because you're under so much attack when you support the President.
Because that's the one thing you're told not to do.
Doesn't mean Trump doesn't have major problems.
So do I. So do you.
But why is he that person you're not supposed to support?
And why is Infowars from Apple?
And Google and Facebook.
They all tell you.
There's this one site, this one person that you can't talk about.
Unless you disparage him.
Unless you crap on him.
Unless you say he's bad.
They think you're a slave.
They think you're in a cult.
And they've proven everything I've said.
And the fact that they would make that bet against you and your family.
That they're telling you, shut your mouth.
You don't talk good about this person.
In fact, you talk bad about them.
And then we'll promote you on our systems.
That sounds like slavery to me.
I could be Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan.
And if somebody said, don't promote this,
All I'm promoting is Jesus Christ, and freedom, and a pro-human future.
So I ask you again, who really is the devil?
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I really do want to stop talking about myself, but we've been ganged up on, and they're trying to destroy us, and if we don't fight back, we're going to be gone.
It's like them saying, Trump said, all Mexicans are criminals and bad people.
He said they've got a lot of very fine people coming to this nation.
And they're coming on work visas at my hotels and casinos and golf courses and they're wonderful people.
They've also got a lot of really, really bad, horrible people coming in who are criminals.
Who are fleeing justice.
That's not all Mexicans are bad.
It's asinine.
It's insane.
And it's the same thing they do to me.
The good news is, Raw Story has retracted.
This is something that we don't see anymore.
This is good.
Alex Jones, ladies and gentlemen, attacked Sandy Hook Family's lawyer as Little White Shoe Boy in latest unhinged tirade.
And here is the original article that I have a screenshot of, that I have a print off of, where it said, Shoe Boy.
And we've got the clip queued up.
Where I was ranting angry last Friday and clearly I'm not saying Jew boy.
Why in the hell would I mail, email child porn to the Sandy Hook families?
Again, why not jump off a cliff?
Why would I get up here on air and say Jew boy when I've never been against Jews and I get persecuted because I'm not against Jews?
It's just absolutely
But I'm going to get into the Iran stuff.
It's really our top story in all of Southern News next segment.
I just had to get to this because the lies are getting so intense that I don't feel sorry for myself, but I really worry about the country.
Because the media used to lie a lot, but mainly on politics.
Normally if they said something like a plane crashed or there was a tornado here, you could believe it.
Sometimes they lie about stuff like that now where I don't even, it's very frustrating.
We really got into a bad point, but I'm glad that Raw Story, who did run the fake news and is on the list to get sued, by the way, who we sent retraction letters to, where they said that I sent child porn to the families.
No, I didn't.
Somebody sent us hidden images buried in stuff about David Rockefeller.
Right after I got sued by the Sandy Hook families, and it was never opened, and they subpoenaed it and found hidden metadata, hidden child porn, hidden code!
I can't go through 9.6 million emails, nobody can!
And again, I'm angry that we spent trying to not send them anything that was private that would hurt any listeners.
In court battles, like five or six of them, just that level, hundreds of thousands of dollars.
That was like $150,000 total.
And then another processing things and computer stuff.
And two people quit because they were working 18 hours a day and just said, I can't handle this.
We lost two of our IT people over this.
That's why I'm angry.
And then you get all the material and you scan it with some fancy pants California thing and go, oh, look, he's got child porn.
See, I'm not going to blow up again.
It's just getting framed by the process pisses me off.
I don't think those lawyers sent us the child porn.
I never said that.
But they know damn well when they frame this stuff up with the media what they're doing.
I'm going to stop right there.
I just want justice and I'm a good guy and I'm not a criminal.
I don't even speed anymore.
I used to drive fast at night when nobody was around.
But my work is so important now that it's been years since I drove 100 miles an hour.
I like to drive fast.
I like to get on the open road.
I like to go 150 miles an hour.
And if I ever get out in Death Valley or something, I'll do it again.
Where it's safe.
Or Montana.
Where it's a 100 mile an hour speed limit.
But, it's just, I'm Mr. Goody Two Shoes.
I pay all the garbage taxes.
I do everything I'm supposed to do.
I take care of little old ladies.
I give money to charity.
And I've got all this scum constantly saying I'm a bad person.
No, I'm a good person!
You globalists are the bad people!
And no matter how long you try to paint me up as the bad guy, America knows the truth.
Enough about that.
Let's play the white shoe boy comment which means elites from Yale.
That's who these people are.
Here it is.
You are not a suspect.
You are not a target.
You are not a person of interest.
You are a victim and that's the story here.
I wonder who the person of interest is.
Look, you're showing Chris Maddy's photograph.
Oh no, that was an existential cut.
He's a nice Obama boy.
He's a good boy.
Chris Maddy is your adversary in this litigation, just as I am the adversary of the people that have sued you, and it is my responsibility to take their case apart if I can, and he will attack you.
He's the white shoe boy that thinks he owns America.
I'm not going to engage in a personal attack on Chris Maddy.
I want to find out who sent the email.
That's enough.
And that's not.
They aim at whatever I'm talking about here, and that was inadvertent.
And again, we've already clarified that.
So there you go, White Shoe Boy.
And again, this is the left.
This is what they do.
Alex Jones attacks Sandy McFamily's lawyer as Little White Shoe Boy in latest Unhinged Outburst.
And then somebody's sending press releases out to the media saying that.
And there's, I've now learned officially during the break, there's three different court transcripts that were done.
Two of them say White Shoe Boy.
One of them says White Jew Boy.
The one that says White Jew Boy is not signed.
Somebody is playing games.
And we're going to find out who is sending the emails out to the media with a doctored transcript, I believe, saying that.
But you just had your lion ears hear that, didn't you?
All right, we're going to go to break.
I'm going to reset.
I'm going to get focused.
I'm not going to get angry.
But yes, these things, it just gets under my skin, OK?
It gets under my skin.
You try having a thousand headlines, or more around the country, saying that you're sending people child porn.
You want to get pissed?
This is the way to get pissed.
And I knew where this whole thing was going from the start, but you know what?
I'm proud of what I've done against evil, and I'm proud of what you've done standing with us, and I do it all over again.
And it just confirms everything we thought about the system.
It's unbelievably corrupt.
And we got good people trying to fix the system, and they're all being attacked.
And that's why this is happening.
We're going to go to break.
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Oh yeah, definitely.
So the InfoWars model is a self-fulfilling, self-supporting structure that is in the ultimate economic democracy structure that is promoting free press and free speech by people getting together and supporting one another and sustaining one another.
It is the only independent press of this size and scale, of this public reach,
It's reached so effective that that's why Facebook is waging war against InfoWars.
That's why Instagram is waging war against InfoWars.
That's why Google and YouTube and Twitter are waging war against InfoWars more than anyone else, is because it is the ultimate counter-China model.
It is the one model that says, here's a way to have a self-supporting, self-sustaining, self-structured, little-d democratic structure.
That because the audience determines what content goes up, the audience determines what audience is ultimately reached by their choices in supporting InfoWars.
So by doing little things like, okay, we want a little de-democracy, we want a fluoride-free toothpaste.
Let's say that's what it is.
So it's dealing with a particular health issue.
Where you have the health industry pushing one product overwhelmingly, the big pharma, big companies, the corporate model, the Chinese model, the statist corporate model that China has promoted, against Infowars model, which is we're going to have an American created product, we're going to sell that directly to our own people.
Our people will decide whether they want to support it or not, and by choosing to buy little products like that, they're able to fuel this independent press that is the only one that is not dependent on billionaire donors or sugar daddies, that is not dependent on big corporate sponsors, that is not dependent on getting the approval of the social media giants in order to spread their message.
And it's all because the audience spends their whatever it is, whether it's $5 or $50 a month on products that they like and that they want that actually compete with the corporate-driven model.
And the ability to do that and at the same time support press, support speech, support letting the audience choose what news they want to see and what views they want to hold.
And it's the ultimate American democratic expression and experiment and it is the celebration of free press and free speech with free markets.
And doing so in a way that's not corporate driven.
The reason why they don't see news change at InfoWars or content change at InfoWars except as requested or thought about by the audience is because the audience controls it, because the audience has chosen a self-supporting, self-sustaining economic model by making small contributions by buying products.
They already want, at a more affordable rate, by sustaining it, they create a self-sustaining, self-supporting structure that is unique in the world, and that's why they wage war against it.
And as long as the audience refuses to concede to that, or forfeit their economic contribution, as long as they continue to be involved, and continue to participate, and continue to partake, and continue this self-supporting, self-sustaining structure, there's nothing they can literally do to crush it or end it.
They can try to limit the scope of the audience, they can try to limit the size of the microphone, but in the end, we will find ways to reach them because the audience dictates and determines it by its support of influence.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
We were 10 minutes from striking Iran.
They may have responded by launching over 100,000 missiles at Israel and Saudi Arabia.
But Tucker Carlson and others, last minute, begged the president and said, you're being set up with the neocons.
He decided to call off the raid after he'd already given the order.
I've confirmed that happened from two people involved in the whole situation.
Think about how this country is on a knife's edge.
Trump overall means well, but it's true.
He said Iran is a different country.
Do you still hold that opinion?
Oh, absolutely.
When I came here, Iran was in 14 to 18 different sites of confliction.
They were extremely hostile.
They were hostile when they signed the deal.
They were screaming, death to America.
And I think probably Iran
Made a mistake.
I would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down.
And fortunately, that drone was unarmed.
It was not... There was no man in it.
There was no... It was just... It was over international waters.
Clearly over international waters.
But we didn't have a man or woman in the drone.
We had nobody in the drone.
Would have made a big difference.
Let me tell you.
Would have made a big, big difference.
But I have a feeling
I may be wrong, and I may be right, but I'm right a lot.
I have a feeling that it was a mistake made by somebody that shouldn't have been doing what they did.
I think they made a mistake.
And I'm not just talking about the country made a mistake.
I think that somebody under the command of that country made a big mistake.
Let's just see what happens.
Let's just see what happens.
It's all going to work out.
Say it.
I don't know.
I find it hard to believe it was intentional, if you want to know the truth.
I think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that did it.
We'll be able to report back and you'll understand exactly what happened, but it was a very foolish move.
That I can tell you.
Do you feel like there are members of your administration who are trying to push you into conflict?
No, not at all.
Not at all.
In fact, in many cases, it's the opposite.
But I will say, look, I said, I want to get out of these endless wars.
I campaigned on that.
I want to get out.
We've been in Afghanistan for 19 years.
As you know, we've reduced very substantially in Afghanistan.
We beat the caliphate.
We took back 100 percent of the caliphate.
When it was 99 percent, Justin, I said, we're going to get out.
We're going to start peeling back.
And everybody went crazy because it was 99.
So I said, all right, so we'll finish it up.
So we got 100 percent.
And we're pulling that back out of Syria.
We're pulling a lot of people back.
But this is something, this is a new wrinkle.
This is a new fly in the ointment, what happened shooting down the drone.
And this country will not stand for it.
That I can tell you.
Thank you very much.
You know, I don't normally play air raid sirens and marching, but just to set the flavor here, I've been playing it quite a bit, because if we have a war with Iran, it'll probably turn into a regional war, and then it could expand from there.
We have a military expert, Joel Skousen, the head of WorldAffairsBrief.com, the editor of that, also a well-known author.
We're good to go.
Like, prophetic yesterday, where we've got to get word to Trump.
Tucker Carlson's got to talk to Trump.
Everybody's got to call the White House.
Tell them, don't strike Iran.
It's a setup.
And he orders the strike last minute, calls right back and says, no, we're not going to do it now.
I'm going with my gut.
Like he said, get out of Afghanistan.
The military basically said, no, you can't do it.
He said, well, I'm violating my gut.
OK, we'll keep some troops there.
This is an amazing time, Joel.
How would you characterize what's happened?
And I think the neocons are going to push for more provocations.
Well, indeed they are, Alex.
And the next one is going to be something that involves the killing of American servicemen.
This is the red line that Donald Trump has tacitly set up.
I mean, when he said, and he asked the general, he said, how many people is this strike going to kill?
And he said, about 150.
And he said, now that's not proportional.
You know, nobody was killed when this drone was shut down.
So he is sensitive.
To the fact that, uh, civilian deaths.
He's sensitive to the fact that he's promised to get out of these endless wars.
But I don't buy his excuse that he feels like it was a mistake.
I don't think that Iran, uh, shot it down by mistake.
This was an intentional provocation by the deep state to send a drone over the border into Iran.
And I'm not buying, for example, that it was in international waters.
You've got to remember that the Strait of Hormuz is only 21 miles wide.
Both Oman and Iran own both sides of the strait.
There is no international waters in the Straits of Hormuz.
It's either Iran or Oman.
And they recovered debris from the drone in Iranian waters.
And that indicates that it was tracking.
In fact, I've seen the track that the Iranians provided of the drone, and it clearly went into the Iranian side of the border.
So I think this was an intentional provocation.
Iran was right to be able to shoot it down.
This was a spy drone.
Of course, they couldn't tell if this was a Reaper drone or whether or not it was a Reaper Predator drone or a Global Hawk.
From the air, they look the same.
From radar, they look the same.
Both of them, the one that was shot or attempted to shoot down last week and the one that was shot down yesterday, was with a transponder off.
So the U.S.
Central Command says, well, they were in normal airspace of airline traffic going between Oman and another Middle Eastern country.
But that isn't true.
With your transponder off, you're telling him, I'm a military aircraft.
And let's not forget, you are a private pilot, not just a former naval aviator.
By the way, breaking news.
This morning I said, you know, I don't want to believe mainstream news saying that Trump ordered the strike and then called it off.
But all the mainstream media said it was true.
The Iranian said, well, he did call and say the strike was happening, but then he called and called it off.
So who knows what's going on now?
I believe Trump.
Mark Dice tweets, turns out it was just more fake news that Trump ordered an attack on Iran, but then called it off at the last minute.
What a shocker.
Trump has just given an interview to Chuck Todd of Meet the Press, an exclusive interview to his enemies, says he hadn't given the final approval to Iran's strikes.
So is the Pentagon saying that he'd taken the safety off, had gotten the aircraft ready, so technically they believe he'd ordered it?
I mean, this is getting really dangerous.
Let's play this clip.
So did you green light something, or had you said, if we do it, I'll do this?
What was the order you gave?
Nothing is green lighted until the very end, because things change, right?
So you never gave a final order?
No, no, no, no.
But we had something ready to go, subject to my approval.
And they came in, and they came in about a half an hour before.
They said, sir, we're about ready to go.
I said, I want a better definition.
Planes in the air?
Were planes in the air?
No, we're about ready to go.
No, but they would have been pretty soon.
And things would have happened to a point where you wouldn't turn back or couldn't turn back.
So they came and they said, sir, we're ready to go.
We'd like a decision.
I said, I want to know something before you go.
How many people will be killed?
In this case, Iranians.
I said, how many people are going to be killed?
Sir, I'd like to get back to you on that.
Great people, these generals.
They said, came back, said, sir,
Approximately 150.
And I thought about it for a second.
I said, you know what?
They shot down an unmanned drone, plane, whatever you want to call it.
And here we are sitting with 150 dead people that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after I said, go ahead.
And I didn't like it.
I didn't think it was, I didn't think it was proportionate.
So as you said, Joel, that's basically the President's thinking.
So he had the safety off, but hadn't pulled the trigger.
Well, I think that's true.
I don't think airplanes were in the air.
On the aircraft carrier you launch in close proximity to a target, it probably would have launched 10-15 minutes before the strike.
And so it was probably not airplanes in the air.
But nevertheless the point is I'm I'm concerned that Donald Trump is not being given the big picture.
Now Pepe Escobar in Strategic Culture wrote a major
I don't know.
But as you said, the neocons aren't gonna stop.
I would expect within days, just like we saw last week, a provocation.
Now this, we're gonna see more.
How do we avert that?
With Joel Skousen, Editor-in-Chief at WorldAffairsBrief.com.
I'm Alex Jones with the NewsWars.com.
Santa Ana told Travis, you know, we're gonna kill everybody if you don't give us quarter and give up.
And he said, well, no quarter given, none taken.
Victory or death.
And you know what that means, don't you?
Victory or death.
Death isn't the power of the devil.
Death is the power of the living.
We control death and life.
The devil pretends he controls death.
We control death!
Death to your system!
Death is ours!
We will death!
The living have strength, not the dead!
And then pledging yourself to death, if you need to.
Giving yourself up for others.
It's the evil, the devil worshippers that fear death, not us.
That's why they try to act like they own death and they have death and they're in charge.
No, you're not in charge of death.
It's us, the living, that have children.
And to have a child is to know they're going to die someday.
To give life is to give death.
And to fight evil is to give life and to give death.
We bring life.
We bring death.
We are men.
We are women.
We are the humans.
We are the planet.
We are God's creation.
We are the future.
Not you!
So you fear death.
We do not fear death!
There's nothing more pro-life than men saying we're ready to die for life.
Committed to death for life.
Committed to go all the way.
We don't fear death!
We have the keys to hell and death!
We have the real power!
The real ownership of the planet!
We have the real providence!
We have been given the authority!
We have the contract!
We have the name!
We have the will!
We have the genetics!
We have the history!
We rule the planet!
Not Satan!
And Satan is about to be evicted!
Because we hold the keys through Christ to hell and death!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
As above, so below, the old alchemist said.
And it's true.
Trump is dealing with incredible hoaxes by the hour.
So are we.
The latest, Raw Story and others are now retracting that I said that the plaintiff's lawyers for Sandy Hook families are white Jew boys.
And they're having to retract that I sent them child porn.
I got the letter from the Justice Department.
Paul Watts is writing an article right now for InfoWars.com, but I showed that to you last hour.
The left is just getting crazier and crazier and crazier and crazier.
Not just here, but all over the world.
Massive censorship is intensifying.
And President Trump
Decided not to kill 150 people, potentially innocent people, that Iran struck.
What about Iran's response, Joel Skousen?
You're a former naval aviator.
You really do a lot of research on international politics.
One of the smartest brains out there.
Obviously won't see you on national news because you tell the truth.
But you've headed up some of the biggest movements in this country to try to get conservatism back into Congress.
Been one of the main enemies of the left behind the scenes.
So you're a smart guy.
People should listen.
What do you think this bodes big picture?
What are they going to try next to get this war going?
Like Tucker Carlson said, he's in D.C.
Everybody knows this is about going to war for Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Well, Saudi Arabia and Israel are going to get attacked when they do this.
Iran's going to launch huge attacks, it's believed.
Or will Iran just take it?
So, A, how are they going to try to provocate?
And how could this war go from bad to worse?
Well, Iran has been amazingly resistant to the tendency or the temptation to retaliate, knowing that it's going to bring on a full-scale war of destruction from the United States.
So I think that it's very possible that Iran would take a strike.
They would have absorbed this strike, even if it had killed 150 people, probably without retaliating.
But they've got a list on their agenda of things that they can really hurt the world economy, Israel and Saudi Arabia, not to mention U.S.
They are the major supporter of Hezbollah, which has thousands of small caliber rockets and missiles that they can fire into Israel and overwhelm the Iron Dome system.
In fact, they've been building up those arsenals now for many, many months.
I don't
And the U.S.
Patriot systems or the Israeli systems are not going to be able to handle what they can throw out.
The biggest impact, of course, will be the shutting down of the strait of Hormuz that Iran can do.
In that very narrow strait, they can shut down 30% of oil exports around the world, which will cause oil prices to skyrocket.
Insurance rates will skyrocket on ships.
And worse yet, there's the threat of a derivatives meltdown.
That's a quadruple trillion amount of money
That could start a collapse of the world economy.
Now, that said, the Fed has the capability to declare that there is no emergency and to keep derivatives from collapsing.
And I think that they might pull that off as they have in the past.
But I think it's very, very important to understand that this really is a provocation and a false flag, and in this week's World Affairs Brief, which just came out this morning, I outline all of the details on the former false flags of last week, as well as what's happening this week with the provocation of the drones, and your listeners can get a free copy of that briefing just by emailing me at editor at worldaffairsbrief.com, and I'll be happy to share it with them.
Clearly, they want war with Iran, and it's not just Israel and Saudi Arabia that want it.
Clearly, I think they know that it can derail Trump.
You were saying yesterday, though, that it would probably get him re-elected.
I think there's two sides to that.
If it goes badly, and you know, just like supposedly Herbert Walker Bush's war went well, but still people didn't like it just a year after he launched it.
I mean, I don't think Trump's going to be goaded into war unless, like you said, people die.
And the Iranians, as a third point, are reporting that there was a second plane with 35 personnel on board from the U.S.
that was following right beside the drone.
They say as part of the provocation, Reuters reports, that they did not blow that out of the air.
Well, they understand what the U.S.
trigger point is on this, and so it's... But you're right about it being inevitable, and I write about it in today's World Affairs Brief.
Here's the two reasons why this is inevitable.
Number one, which I've covered in the past, Iran is the only Muslim country that is capable of being self-sufficient in airplanes, rockets, missiles, boats.
They've got the full range of weaponry that they're developing.
They're much stronger when the U.S.
tried to take them out in 2004.
And didn't because Israel refused to go ahead with that until the U.S.
took care of Syria, which the Russians thwarted.
But the second major reason is that Iran is the sponsoring nation of all those nations who are savvy about the U.S.
and their phony war on terror.
The nations of Syria, Yemen, and now, which used to be on the side of the globalists but switched sides,
And Iran is back, and Hezbollah, and Lebanon, and Syria.
These nations are fully aware that the U.S.
is backing terror around the world, including ISIS and Al Qaeda, and are fighting against it.
And that's why the U.S.
has put out this major propaganda piece that Iran is the greatest terror sponsor in the world.
It's an absolute falsehood.
They're fighting the U.S.-backed war on terror.
And that's why they're against Saudi Arabia and Israel and Turkey, which has now switched side to the Russian side, is no longer in the U.S.
camp fully in that regard.
But Turkey's got all the intelligence.
They were part of the supply chain to ISIS and al-Qaeda.
They know that the U.S.
was sponsoring all of this.
And doesn't that give Turkey incredible blackmail power?
It does.
But the U.S.
has blackmail power, too, because Turkey's a member of NATO and they can threaten to cut off Turkish membership in NATO.
But it's still a giant Mexican standoff.
And you bring in Pakistan and India and the Chinese and the Strait of Hormuz and what's happening in Europe and the collapsing third world.
I know people that go to all these different Caribbean islands.
It used to be nice.
They say they're all becoming hellish.
They're all being found with poison in the alcohol.
People are dying everywhere.
I mean, just things are deteriorating quickly in the world.
Why would you say that's happening?
Blooming populations.
Overpopulation in the third world.
Not enough jobs.
Breakdown of society.
A. Why is it all breaking down?
Or do you agree it is?
And then B. What's the big hot spot that kicks off the big world war?
Well, things are deteriorating because of globalist intervention and CIA intervention, destabilizing, undermining sanctions that create a lot of social unrest in the Middle East, as well as the displacement of millions of people.
They have refugee camps in Jordan, and they have them in Turkey, and they have them in other countries.
This is a real problem for the United States, and the United States wants that kind of conflict.
They want that kind of social unrest.
And the only reason that Iranians have said death to America is because the U.S.
has had those sanctions on for so many years.
But the one thing I want to get at before I answer the other part of your question, Alex, is I'm really worried that Trump started out this impromptu press conference in the Oval Office bashing Iran.
It shows that he's not getting the message.
Now, I know
You have tried to get information into the White House.
I know Pepe Escobar from the left, he's a Marxist, has tried to get it.
It's, you know, the correct truth in this particular case.
But I'm not sure that's getting directly to Trump, otherwise he wouldn't continue to parrot the establishment propaganda about Iran being the greatest terror organization in the world and in 56 countries trying to undermine liberty.
It's just not true.
Well, Joel, stay there.
Stay there.
Do five more minutes with us.
I want you to talk about solutions and ideas and ways to put pressure on Trump to know that we understand what he's doing is right and that war is unpopular and how this all unfolds.
We'll come right back in two minutes on this side of break.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Alright, Joel Skousen, Editor-in-Chief at WorldAffairsBrief.com.
Expert on a lot of things that are unfolding.
Great to have him with us.
In closing, I had to cut you off because of the break.
Ways to stop this.
What's happening in the world.
Why the borders are collapsing.
We know the UN's funding that, but it's obviously getting worse.
And where you see all this going if Trump and others don't take corrective action.
Well, you know, I've long said I'm pessimistic about long-term change because of how deeply the deep state is hidden down deep in the bowels of government and international government and even in all Western governments.
And then when they have the other existential threats from Russia and China, which eventually are going to attack the West.
But Trump can make a change, and one of the biggest, you know, agendas of the New World Order, of the globalists, is to create chaos in the world through constant warfare.
This is not the Big Third World War, which I still believe is going to be triggered by North Korea.
This is going to be a major regional war, and I'll tell you, if they do in this next false flag attack, attack US troops and kill Americans, Trump is going to go on a rampage like we've never seen before and there's no stopping him.
Trump has this psychological problem of getting on a bandwagon once he makes a compromise, like in North Korea, and once he falsely reads Kim Jong-un as sincere and believes his denuclearization
Then he continues to go down that path and almost nothing can stop him.
We're at a junction where Trump has turned back from the brink of war on Iran.
If we can get the proper information, as I've outlined in today's World Affairs Brief, on all the false flag proofs that could get to him and what this provocation about the drone was all about, if this kind of information can get to Donald Trump, we can get him on a track where he starts to back up his decision not to go to war and get on that bandwagon.
And then we've got him charging ahead and slowly, hopefully, we can turn him around on the whole issue of Iran being the boogeyman.
Now, ultimately, Alex, he's got to get a briefing sometime about the deep state and how they created terrorists, how they created ISIS, how they still use terrorism.
And it's not enough to say we've got people in the White House will accept this.
I don't think it's getting to Trump yet, because of the way he talks about Iran.
Well, Joel, you saw him come out and say that Hillary and Obama founded ISIS.
He gets the briefings, and it's not that he has a bad memory.
It's that he gets it, and then he gets other stuff, and then he gets... he knows all this.
I don't know how you would describe Trump.
He's real sharp when you talk to him, and he has a lot of energy.
But I just wonder sometimes, because I used to hear this, oh, he goes with the last thing he heard, and I think, oh, that's leftist propaganda.
No, it's kind of true.
No, he really didn't say directly that Obama and Clinton funded ISIS.
What he meant was... No, founded.
He said they were the founders of it.
That's not what he meant.
You know, in his loose way of speaking, he was referring to the fact that Obama signed this Iran agreement and they did other things that allowed ISIS to grow up in this vacuum.
I'm not doing anything.
But he does not know that our own deep state actually created ISIS by separating 50% of the Syrian rebels and saying, you're now called ISIS.
Sure, sure.
You're right overall on that.
You're correct.
It's not splitting hairs, but you're right.
Let's expand on this in 60 seconds.
What do you make of Trump making comments that they expunged off the internet on Meet the Press last week that he knows who really did 9-11?
Well, I don't think he does know.
Because it's not the government, and that's who did 9-11.
And that's not who he's referring to.
So, you know, Trump just doesn't have the basis.
By the way, Joel, you've got to stay a few more minutes now, because I've decided that when I cover 9-11 and the fact that it was an inside job,
If we say that, we've got to then do a five-minute dissertation on the main anomalies of it, because obviously I was the first to officially question it, and all the rest of it, and people think we're blaming our country, not criminal elements of the government.
And so I think that's important.
So can you do five more minutes and elaborate on why you're saying 9-11 is an inside job?
I'll be happy to.
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Wednesday and Thursday night.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Thomas Jefferson said that.
That's true.
He also said, the only thing that evil men in tyrancy deflourish is that good men do nothing.
Well, Joel Skousen is a really smart, formal net-enabled aviator, the top expert in the world on secure homes, best-selling author, and his whole family are full of a lot of great folks, like Joel Skousen's uncle, Cleon Skousen, that was head of the FBI in Utah and wrote The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist, that was the blueprint for Barry Goldwater, then Ron Paul, and the whole resistance.
Uh, that we now have today.
He was dead on.
John Birch Society, all of it.
Great people.
Uh, really, uh, the, uh, blood of freedom and resistance to this.
And so, we don't say 9-11's an inside job to put down America, or we hate the American flag.
No, ladies and gentlemen, we say that because criminal elements are working with radical Islam in a dialectic
To invade the Middle East, to destabilize it, to then collapse Europe's borders.
They want the Middle East to fail, not to stop Islam, but to radicalize it and collapse it further.
They need to be attacked so they have an ethos to attack us.
So, since you mentioned it, Joel, you can have five minutes, ten minutes, whatever amount of time you want.
From a guy that's landed on the decks of aircraft carriers, and from a guy that's a smart fella, and has written a lot of material that's proven to be accurate, when we say inside job, what do we mean?
When Trump says, I know who did it, I may bring it out.
He was on television.
Two days after 9-11, we played this clip.
In fact, when we post this later to Infowars.com, we're not live, we'll add the two or three shows.
CNN, local news, where he said there were bombs in the buildings, they blew them up.
Trump does know who did it.
I don't think he's ready to give out the specifics.
But when he says Hillary founded ISIS, you're right.
They're saying out of the Iran deal.
But when you say 9-11 is an inside job, Joel Skousen, editor-in-chief at WorldAffairsBrief.com, what do you mean?
Quantify that.
When I looked at 9-11 in detail, I began to realize immediately there are many, many things here that the terrorists could not simply have done if they were ordinary terrorists.
For example, as a pilot, I know that a terrorist training on a Cessna aircraft wouldn't even know how to turn off the autopilot and take control of the airplane.
He wouldn't know how to drive that airplane over.
You have to be a pilot to realize how big the East Coast is and from the Midwest to drive that airport and find New York would be an impossibility without the navigation system.
And it takes three to six months to learn how to do all of these electronic glass cockpit procedures.
There's no way that a terrorist with minimal training and couldn't even fly a Cessna is going to be able to control those airplanes.
As a pilot for 9-11 Truth, as a member
We had access to the radar tapes, for example, showing that these airplanes that took off from Boston Logan Airport rendezvoused with other airplanes from the West Coast, which I believe were military aircraft, drone-controlled, computer-controlled aircraft that were loaded with equipment and explosives to be able to fly those into the tower.
But those aircraft that took off did not, in fact, return and fly into that.
And the same thing happened with the Flight 77 that flew into the Pentagon.
For example, there's evidence, abundant evidence, that there had to have been a missile on that airplane and terrorists could not have put the missile on because there was a hole in that airplane when it crashed into the Pentagon.
It exceeded the G-forces that were capable of that airplane unless it was beefed up with stronger engines.
That means it had to be a military-style aircraft painted to look like an American Airlines
Uh, you know, aircraft.
But one of the key witnesses who saw that aircraft crash into the Pentagon said he saw the airplane crumple up onto the wall.
The wall held up like a champ, and then the aircraft exploded into 1000 pieces.
And that tells you that that airplane was loaded with explosives.
That's why there were only confetti sized pieces around the Pentagon.
It wasn't that the crash itself would do that.
In fact, one of the key elements, if you look at the debris that was found inside the Pentagon, was half of a radome.
Now, that's the fiberglass nose of an aircraft, which, had it hit an intact wall of the Pentagon, would have shattered into a thousand pieces.
To have half of that radome inside the Pentagon means that there had to be a hole in that wall before that airplane crashed.
And no terrorist could have put a missile on that airplane.
No terrorist could have made the modification, for example, on the 767 which flew into the second, or the South Tower, which we all saw that bulging modification.
I called Boeing after that, as a pilot, and I said, did you authorize that modification on the Boeing aircraft that hit the tower?
Knowing as an F-4 pilot that every modification we did, and the military did that, had to be signed off by the manufacturer.
And Boeing said,
We didn't do it.
Now this spokesman did not deny that there was no bulge on the area.
They just said we didn't do that modification.
So Boeing was acknowledging to me that they had actually modified that aircraft.
Every pilot does a walk around the aircraft, at least the co-pilot does.
I know you're going into areas where you're an expert as a naval pilot and the famous pilot and got it survived a crash.
Nobody else would and all the rest of it.
But what about Building 7 with the CIA and FBI in it?
47 stories tall.
They say on the news it's collapsed in its own footprint.
An hour before it collapsed, just 25 minutes before.
I mean, and then I interviewed the head of emergency management, the deputy head, who they said died a week after he was on the show.
But really, they witness relocated him for national security reasons.
I mean, they blew that sucker up.
They had a countdown.
I've talked to the cops that were there who heard the FEMA countdown to blow it up.
Exactly true.
All of these buildings, the Towers 1 and 2 and Building 7 came down with controlled demolition.
It was a much more sophisticated on Towers 1 and 2.
It's very obvious if you read the your audience listens to the tape recordings and the material from Architecture 9-11 Truth, the case is an absolute slam dunk.
That these towers resisted and did not collapse because of the aircraft crashing into them.
They were taken down by controlled demolition.
And Building 7 is so obvious, the controlled demolition.
And it shows, for example, how the United States has power over the National Institute of Technology or NIST.
That they actually got these certified engineers to falsely say that the building came down without controlled demolition.
Now that shows how much power the deep state had.
But when you go through all of these things, including Dick Cheney and the situation in the room in the White House, telling this Air Force officer the orders still stand, meaning you cannot interdict this airplane coming in.
And we know that from the head of Department of Transportation and other witnesses.
That's right, who were there in the White House, in the Situation Room and saw Cheney, whipping his head around and said, have the orders changed?
No, they have not changed.
You know, let that airplane hit the Pentagon.
It's 100 miles out, it's 50 miles out, it's 20 miles out.
Sir, the orders still changed.
I didn't tell you they changed.
There was a stand-down.
There was a stand-down.
And much, of course, there were, you know,
Scenarios going on where they had airplanes in the air, doing dive bombing at the White House, telling NATO that these are all controlled exercises, you're not to interdict any of these aircraft.
All of this could not have been done by the terrorists, loading those buildings with explosives.
Sure, what about Flight 93?
The word is, because we even know they gave them awards, and it came out in the audio tapes from NORAD, they said they put two AIM-9s into Flight 93, which would be a sidewinder.
Well, that's right.
In fact, I was listening to the FAA tapes as a pilot, and I heard the United FAA calling for Flight 93, which wasn't responding, and United Flight in the central FAA sector said, we have this aircraft in sight.
And we'll try to contact them.
They tried to contact.
There was nothing.
And then suddenly, you see on the tape recording, it says this is a hijacking, etc.
And there's a bomb on board.
And apparently the hijacker was keying the microphone, transmitting when he thought he was talking on the intercom.
And the United Pilots heard it.
And then the United Pilots said to the controllers, this airplane just exploded.
It was a bomb or something that went on board.
And they saw the explosion, but the airplane did not go down.
And it kept flying, but they saw an actual explosion on board.
Well, airplane Flight 93 did not crash in Shanksville.
The amount of debris there is not consistent with any large aircraft flying.
It was never recovered that degree.
In fact, one witness... And, Joel, here's the problem.
You just did like eight, nine minutes.
We can go for 10 days.
I know you've got things to do and it's important.
We should make a whole new film in retrospect about 9-11, you know, final autopsy or something, because you can go on for days.
And what was the real target of that?
Now he's most proud of?
For eight years, there wasn't one single hint of a scandal or alarm.
President under pressure from a trifecta of scandals.
President Barack Obama trying to get ahead of just one of the three scandals now consuming the country's attention.
That scandal involving the Secret Service and accusations of drinking and hiring prostitutes in Colombia.
The Obama spying scandal.
The mother of all scandals, Spygate.
This is a big scandal.
It's a huge scandal.
The gun walker scandal.
The VA scandal.
The VA scandal.
It's a scandal telling America you can keep your doctor, a callous deception that hurts millions.
Today widespread embarrassment about this scandal has really turned to disgust.
All of this comes as a White House that takes pride in being scandal free has been hammered by a series of controversies.
The latest?
Revelations the Justice Department obtained two months of telephone records of reporters at the Associated Press as part of a leak investigation.
I believe there's been a pattern by this administration in not taking responsibility for failures, avoiding blame, pointing the fingers in somebody else's direction.
Would you agree with that?
Create years.
There wasn't one single hint of a scandal.
The CIA went in to walled off Senate computers in a bona fide investigation that's being done of the detention and interrogation of detainees.
As far as the allegations of, you know, CIA hacking into, you know, Senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth.
CIA Director John Brennan apologized today after an internal investigation determined the agency had spied on staff members of the United States Senate.
Firestorms surrounding the IRS.
Last night, we asked if what they did was fair.
Tonight, the FBI is asking, was it criminal?
I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.
In the years before the election, more liberal groups were being approved, while conservative groups with names like Patriot, Constitution, and Tea Party were stymied.
In 2011, not a single Tea Party group was approved.
Operation Fast and Furious, an Obama administration program that let thousands of assault weapons fall into the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels.
Guns found in over 170 crime scenes, including the murder of a U.S.
Border Patrol agent.
The Obama administration denied the program's existence and withheld information to protect political appointees.
The Dallas Morning News calls this a cover-up.
Will anyone be held accountable?
One single hint.
My main concern is fixing a problem.
New questions over who is to blame for the deaths of some of America's most elite warriors in a helicopter crash.
Their families suggest that the White House and others are lying about their deaths and what led to them.
All of a sudden there's movies, SEAL Team 6, documentaries, SEAL Team 6, SEAL Team 6, this, this, this.
Where did it all start?
Joe Biden in Delaware in a tuxedo with a half a load on, telling everybody it was the elite Navy SEAL team.
Now to the VA scandal, which is now a criminal investigation.
An extensive new report reveals more than 100,000 veterans waited months to see a doctor or never saw one at all.
And some workers saying they were pressured to falsify records.
Now the VA scandal has officially become a criminal investigation.
I think I'm either low IQ or slow or I don't know what I am, you know?
Slow Joe Biden?
Now, I have to tell you, he's a different guy.
He looks different than he used to.
He acts different than he used to.
I had two cranial aneurysms.
And they literally had to take the top of my head off.
I mean, they take a saw and they cut your head off.
Flawless victory.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
I've been preoccupied, obviously, covering the Iran crisis, because that could end human life on this planet pretty quick.
And I've got a bunch of other huge breaking stories here that are up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com, but I want to hear from you specifically about what do you think Trump should do concerning Iran?
I don't like the mullahs.
I'd like to see the regime change.
But clearly, Israel, Saudi Arabia want us to do their dirty work.
And Iran is not Iraq.
They've got a lot of high-tech weapons.
They've got sleeper cells.
This is going to get really bad.
They blocked the Strait of Hormuz.
It's going to kill the recovery.
People, the left is maneuvering.
Here's the key I wanted to say.
The left is maneuvering that Trump saying the nuclear deal is bad is causing Iran to do all this stuff while they engage in provocations.
So they're maneuvering him to say, oh, you broke the nuclear deal that was a scam by Clinton, Kerry, Obama.
And so then when there's a big war, they're going to blame Trump on top of it.
And Trump knows he's being maneuvered into that, okay?
But still, they're going to continue to do it.
You heard Joel Skousen.
He's accurate about 98% of the time.
Just like we are.
He's been wrong about a few things.
He admits to it.
He thought we were going to war with North Korea.
Because Trump was very serious about it.
But North Korea backed down some, but then has now been welshing on that deal.
But hey, do I want war with North Korea?
And I get the fact you don't want nuclear weapons to proliferate, but it was the Clintons that gave all the missile secrets out, and the ICBM technology, and the MIRV technology, the reentry delivery devices.
So yeah, this is a very, very, very, very, very, very, very dangerous time.
And I want to take your calls on it.
Where do you think it's going?
What's your gut level tell you?
Specifically on Iran.
877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539.
First-time callers, long-time callers, but on this subject.
If you've been a Navy SEAL, or been in the military, or been an expert that dealt with Iran on an AWAC, if you've got Iran expertise, tell us, we'll go to the head of the line.
The one thing I didn't get to Joel with, which I know he knows about, is the Hezbollah sleeper cells all over Europe and the US.
Shiites aren't like a fake faux army like the Wahhabists.
And you've got all the rest of this going on.
They're in bed with the Democrats.
There's just a lot of double-crossing.
And Trump is right to stay out of that war.
To stay out of that war.
Stay out of that war.
Stay out of that war.
Because they want to get everybody over a barrel.
In other news, Kit Daniels writes for NewsWars.com, please get this story out, Jussie Smollett could face new charges as special prosecutor steps in.
The more we keep Jussie Smollett in the news, the more we keep the Covington kids in the news, the more we keep InfoWars in the news, that pisses the globalist off because people get reminded of all this hoaxing.
Look, I love everybody.
I'm a Christian.
And it's not just a name.
I have an ethos of loving black people, loving white people, loving Hispanics, loving humans.
But let's not lie to ourselves.
I grew up in Dallas, Texas.
Where, I don't know, about 20% of black people are the most foaming at the mouth racist you've ever seen.
You might go over with your football buddy and his mama makes you the best, you know, southern cooking you ever got.
Northerners call it soul food and make a big thing about it.
It's just Southern cooking.
But then when you're walking home, a couple black dudes try to kill you because you're a white cracker.
So the fact that black people are the only ones that ever got attacked is a load of crap.
And if you think there's really white people in Chicago at 2.30 at night trying to beat up a black guy, you're crazy.
Any black guy will tell you, the number one problem black guys have isn't the cops.
Some black guys may have chips on their shoulders about the cops, and there are some bad cops out there.
I've run into them.
There's bad people, period.
But everybody knows the truth, ladies and gentlemen.
The statistics show it.
A black man's biggest problem is another black man.
Now, you think I like that?
And I like those speakers that got booed.
We're saying, how about the Democratic Party that literally ran slavery?
How about you pay reparations?
You're actually an organization, a corporation that existed then and exists now.
Not somebody's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaddy.
They don't even know who they are and they get a bill in the mail.
And you expand on that.
That's when it gets even crazier, is you realize
That the Democratic Party wants to totally and completely disenfranchise people.
And they want to open old wounds over... And I'm not trying to keep black people from getting money.
I'm pointing out you're not going to get that money without a bunch of strings attached from these evil Democrats.
The former NFL player, he's the guy that really knocked it out of the park.
It's all reparations is.
A bunch of politicians teaching you how they're going to take care of you because you can't take care of yourself.
It's disgusting.
And it's a bunch of leaders who want to get part of that money that you're never going to see.
And again, he pointed out, it's the Democratic Party that made sure 40 plus percent of black babies never made it out of their mama.
That's why I've had leftists so many years ago who thought I was a racist like them.
And I told you this stuff 20 years ago before it was ever on TV.
I said, listen, I'll go to these Planned Parenthood events, and I'll go to these deals and protest them.
And black people walk over, before the age of cell phones, who are usually the local managers for the white folks, and white folks too, and they'll go, listen.
I don't even want to say the things they say, because the media will say I said them, but you know what they say.
If you live in a black community, you've been around these managers, these white people, these black people that manage the other black people, and they'll say, listen.
We're trying to get rid of these people.
Nobody wants these blah blah blah.
And now you see all the videos of people saying it.
You see the abortion doctors saying it.
Black abortion doctors.
Asian abortion doctors going, if we don't kill these black people now, we have to kill them later.
Black people are bad.
And it's like, well yeah, because you're setting up a system that's geared to that and you're telling them they are.
And then you're filling them for all this hate.
God, you're nasty.
So they got so many chips on their shoulders, they can't get a job at some business without looking for imaginary racism.
Because you brainwashed them so damn bad.
Look what you did to them.
How you pimped them.
It's like that HBO show about pimps.
She's been run over, she's been hit, she's dying.
She's like, baby, I'm gonna get back on the street.
I'm gonna get back on the street.
He's like, you better, baby.
And her mother goes, look what you did to my baby.
Totally pimped out.
Totally brainwashed.
And just believe that all these people are out to get you, and the very ones out to get you are the ones telling you all that.
It's unbelievable!
And it makes me sick!
Jussie Smollett could face new charges if the Special Prosecutor steps in.
It's on Infowars.com by Kit Daniels.
Get it out.
The most banned network in the world.
Riddle me this, Batman.
We've got the second biggest outbreak of Ebola in world history.
They say it may be the biggest.
Thousands dead, tens of thousands infected in the Congo, and thousands of people are coming into Mexico, and then coming across the Rio Grande, and then showing up at San Antonio shelters, and it's only on one news channel, and then suddenly on the news, they're going, don't worry, we've got an Ebola vaccine for you.
I understand the Border Patrol's overwhelmed.
I understand there's 5,000 people a day they're catching.
Probably double that are getting by them.
100-something thousand a month.
And it just shows the recklessness.
What happens if Ebola gets in?
Are the politicians not worried?
Mike Adams, what do you think?
Well, let's remember too that after the Ebola scare from a couple of years ago, there was more research done on the incubation.
So it's like a perfect bio-weapon carrier.
Well, exactly.
That's 12 monkeys.
Someone, I think, released it in the airport in a canister.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
It can be put into people.
They could have infected 1,000 people, taken the 50 of them who were symptomless carriers, and then now transported those 50 people into Texas.
And why would they target Texas?
Well, they want to bring down the most pro-liberty state in America.
Governor Abbott just signed a bill, by the way, that guaranteed free speech on Texas college campuses, along with many other bills that he's just signed.
So Texas is being targeted.
So I think that this is part of what very well could be a massive effort, a biological weapon delivery system and a cover story.
And again, the thing that the globalists love about biological weapons is they're self-replicating.
They essentially threaten to depopulate the planet, which is one of their top goals.
They don't have fingerprints.
It can never be traced back to anybody, especially after it begins to mutate in the wild, as all viral strains do, including Ebola.
There's not just one set Ebola.
There are different variations of Ebola.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Banning people.
They're dictating the opinions that everyone on the platform is allowed to have.
I'm a conservative Jew, so I guess that makes me such a dangerous person.
Spreading articles.
Spreading videos.
Spreading links.
You're gonna get demonized.
You're gonna get attacked.
It's going to do something terrible like help Trump get re-elected.
That's really what all this is about.
They say that they deem our content and our brands unsafe.
It's the right to be, do, and say whatever you want.
It's about freedom of expression.
I'm a journalist.
I'm a left not interested in telling the truth about me because I don't fit the stereotype.
They can say whatever they think, and I respect their constitutional right to do it, and I hope they respect my con- If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Hard to turn off.
Let's get serious.
Owen Troyer is here with me and I'll host a little bit the next hour and then the great
Dr. Nick Begich is going to be taking over on this Friday edition.
I'll be back this Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
There could be war at any time.
Ben Shapiro upset that Trump didn't order the slaughter of hundreds of people for no reason.
That's the latest Paul Joseph Watson article.
There's an article going up soon with the FBI letter to us that we didn't commit any crimes, that we were the victim, and telling us to destroy the child porn that we were emailed by leftists trying to set us up off our servers.
All of that, other big retractions.
We've got Raw Story coming out and saying
Alex Jones did not say Jew boy on his show about lawyers.
It's all made up.
I said white shoe boy.
White shoe boy.
Which means a Yale lawyer.
A Yale blue blood.
A Yale wasp.
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant is the definition of it.
And I'm not bashing
Wasp of that.
It's just a particular local parlance in the vernacular to show my extreme spectrum of semantical information.
Now, we're going to talk to Owen though about the latest hoax.
Did he say, hang Barack Hussein, the long-legged mac daddy, Obama?
Newsweek runs headline claiming Owen Schroeder called for Obama's lynching
But does it show you where he said it?
So, we'll talk about that.
Of course, put a picture of my goofy face up there.
We'll talk about that in a moment.
But first, in this orgy of lies, there's still the North Star of Truth.
Ladies and gentlemen.
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Again, we could not do it without you, but don't let them win.
So, Owen, it came out.
That Obama, we'll just tell people what you said and we'll play the clip.
And you were very clear, we don't want anything to happen to Obama, that would turn him into a martyr.
We don't want anything to happen to them except the court of law, they say Trump's involved in treason.
They all over the news said they want to kill him.
They say they're going to shoot him, they don't get in trouble.
We are calling for cooler Hesburghville.
We don't want violence.
But, Huffington Post, all of them, Infowars host calls Obama treasonous ads, find the tallest tree and rope.
So there you go, Owen, and now they're calling for you, your name, your face to be banned everywhere.
So they can do it and be clear about it.
You can do it as part of a question saying we don't want him to get hurt, but what is the punishment for treason?
Tell us about it.
Well normally I just kind of catch the after flack of the target Alex Jones.
So normally I'm just kind of catching the flack that comes after Alex takes the brute of it.
But now I'm definitely being targeted and I think they've... Well your average video when you were still on YouTube had like 10 million views.
Of course they were scared of you, Owen.
Well... Looked like Abraham Lincoln.
My God, the Democrats fear Abraham Lincoln.
It's true.
I did free the slaves.
The Democrats hated me back then.
Now they hate me again because I'm trying to free the people.
They even quote in here what I actually said in some of these articles.
I say, I'm not saying this should happen.
They even quote it, but of course they run the headline.
So now I'm definitely a target.
It looks like Alex Jones and Shell porn.
Actually, they sent it to him.
Yeah, exactly.
But that's like the bottom paragraph.
But the headline, because I know everybody reads the headline.
But I think that they've tied it out, Alex, because they hit me with a Twitter suspension about 48 hours ago or now.
Before this, he couldn't respond.
So boom, they hit me with a Twitter suspension and then they published dozens of articles on Inquisitor, Newsweek, Huffington Post, Yahoo shares it and everything.
And it's all perfectly timed out.
I'm sure it's not a coincidence.
And again though, we can play the clip.
Subscribestar.com forward slash Alex Jones.
Make a donation.
That way we get 95% of the money, not 20%.
How can we sell a product at such low prices?
So this is why, obviously, we do have to support ourselves with Inforestore, and we are launching new things, because we know we're a target for destruction.
We don't want the mothership to go down.
Oh my god.
I mean, yeah, yeah.
We're fighting so far.
We've handled two and a half years of this.
But the truth is, we have children, because we know we're not going to live forever, and we love humanity.
It's the same thing.
So I can say that people like Owen and Paul Watson are not my biological children, but in a way, I've been a mentor.
You've also helped me.
You've been a mentor.
That's how it works.
But that's what this is about.
So let's get back to your great evil.
Let's go to the clip though because I made it very clear in my statement because we know what they say about Trump.
They're just totally untethered.
They'll say anything.
I know that if I come out and I say something directly about Obama that they'll attack me like this.
So I'm making sure to say no, we don't want violence to happen.
Like you were saying, we don't want Obama to be a martyr.
But they're engaged in treason.
So here's the clip.
Folks, Obama was emailing Hillary Clinton on her illegal server under a secret name.
That came out in emails, and he claimed that he didn't know she had it.
Barack Obama is a treasonous... He belongs in jail!
He belongs in Guantanamo Bay!
I mean, look, I'm not saying this should happen, but Barack Obama, you know, find the tallest tree and a rope.
New Clinton email review reveals multiple security incidents.
Again, this is another Judicial Watch dump.
So that's the clip right there, Alex.
And I noticed most of the articles don't even have the video.
No, none of them have the video.
So none of them.
They won't show.
It's like when they said I call people Jewboy.
They won't show it because I didn't say it.
And here's the point.
Here's the context of the clip that they'll never actually cover.
Barack Obama committed treason!
That's your headline!
Not Owen Schroer, InfoWars host, says Obama committed treason.
The headline is Obama committed treason!
That's the headline, Alex!
They still don't get it!
So what do we call this video when we post it up to InfoWars, our own video streams?
That's right, because they're trying to shut us down.
I mean, how do you even, like, like, like, media hoax claims Owen Schroyer calls for Obama to be hung.
Well, I've never, I never said the words hang or lynched.
So those are the words that they're inserting into this story.
But again, it even says, you can look at this.
I'm not saying this should happen.
I'm not saying this should happen.
Ladies and gentlemen, they even then, they retweeted it to get you banned.
Yeah, they quote me on Twitter!
With fake quotes.
With edited quotes.
So, it's next level fraud.
I forgot about that aspect.
So now I get suspended from Twitter for something I never said on Twitter and the guy that put the exact quote of what I said not on Twitter gets me suspended and he's still on Twitter.
But there's no bias, Alex.
Why are they coming after us so much?
The audience gets it.
Because we're promoting Americana, we're defeating the globalists.
How do you defeat them?
Spread it word of mouth.
The forbidden show.
Tell everyone.
If you're a new listener, just type in...
They got stuff that'll whack your brain permanently.
Brain chips in the troops.
They give the troops special vaccines that are really nanotech that already re-engineer their brains.
Now there it is, the gay bomb.
Look it up for yourself.
I mean, this is what they're... What do you think tap water is?
It's a gay bomb, baby.
And I'm not saying people didn't naturally have homosexual feelings.
I'm not even getting into it, quite frankly.
I mean, give me a break.
I'm up here bashing it because I don't like gay people.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Folks, you want people to fight for America.
You want people to stand up and say no to the globalists.
You want people to report on the Clintons and all the pedophile rings that are now in the news.
You want people to, you know, expose globalism or the Islamic invasion.
We're doing it, and we're not backing down.
And we're exposing the Covington hoax first.
We expose it first.
We're exposing it all.
We are the tip of the spear.
You are the tip of the spear.
And that's why everybody has to remember, we're running a Save Infowars special right now.
To get more capital in because we've not been able to expand.
We've actually been contracting some.
The enemy has been winning with all their attacks.
We're still reaching a lot of people thanks to you, but we need capital to get more reporters in the field to launch a bunch of stuff we've got ready to do that is going to devastate the globalists.
We've proven we don't talk, we deliver.
But I need war bonds.
I need capital.
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The shirts are costing us up to $15 a piece and we're selling them on sale for $19.
We're good to go.
Your case is the template case for American freedom moving forward.
And whether or not they can break the InfoWars base, whether or not they can stop the InfoWars audience from supporting the InfoWars network.
Because again, like you said in corporate documents, the model of self-funding, self-sales is the thing that corporations, the globalists fear.
Because crowdsourcing and individuals doing this scares the living daylights out of them.
It's not only that you have a unique voice in the public arena and the public square.
The other thing that's unique about InfoWars is it is the only network of this reach that is not backed by a corporate donor or corporate sugar daddy.
That's not backed by some billionaire.
That's not being funded by secret foreign governments.
It is an old-school American 1776 style experiment in the expression of the freedom of press and freedom of speech that in fact the founders were so concerned with at the beginning of the country they actually tried to support and subsidize organizations just like this because this was the kind of press they wanted.
And that ultimately we now live in an era where they've mostly been blocked by big corporations or billionaire sugar daddies who've been able to control and manipulate what news and views the person's allowed to have or express or hear.
And the InfoWars audience has broken through that.
They are the bridge from the founding to the modern age of ultimate American democracy and freedom.
And that's why there's been an unprecedented onslaught of deplatforming, defamation, lawfare, and libel targeting youth.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
So, what is it that the establishment, Owen Schroer, is so afraid of?
Where are they engaged in all this, and what are they building towards?
You know, I know nationalism is exploding, populism is exploding.
The globalists recognize that they can't stop it, and I think Trump means well overall.
He's been stopping these fake wars.
But if he doesn't take action against the censorship, if he doesn't start breaking up big tech like he said he would do, every week he waits, they get more arrogant, more out of control while paying him lip service.
Oh my gosh.
I opened the phones up 15, 20 minutes ago.
We're gonna go to some calls starting here with Carlos and Johnny and Todd and Marcos and Brandon and Chase and Lou and Steve.
We'll get to those calls and then the great Nick Begich will take over about 15 after next hour.
But Owen,
Again, it's not about us.
It's the fact that the lies, like they even said that Trump
Well, I just hope that the boldness and the openness of these lies is waking people up to who these people really are.
They're not your friends, and they're not honest people, and you should not trust them for anything.
But I just look at what's happened to me here and you can see it's the same thing that they do to you, Alex, where they say, oh, it's just a coincidence that Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and everybody banned Alex Jones in the same week.
That's just a coincidence.
Nothing to see here.
No collusion.
Just like it's a coincidence that for the first time since I guess they think that they've totally destroyed you by faking news that you sent child porn.
I guess that they really thought that was going to bring you down.
They figured that it's time to not just hit me with the flack.
Mrs. Alex Jones and it just target me so they I'm already off Facebook and YouTube I've been banned there for a while but I still had Twitter so they suspended me on Twitter I had to double appeal I got suspended for a tweet that read what's the punishment for treason because that's what I'm covering in the segment that they're all freaking out about the fact that Barack Obama committed treason and I've got the US code right here 18 US code subsection 2381 and the punishment for treason is death
If you are guilty of treason, you shall suffer death.
So that's just in the code.
So I'm just alluding to the fact that Obama committed treason and that the punishment for treason is death, but I didn't say that on Twitter.
I won't even say this guy's name because he's so pathetic that I feel like I might lower my IQ and my vitality just by saying his name.
He actually quotes me on Twitter, what I never said on Twitter.
He quotes what I said on Twitter, targets me for flagging, and then I get suspended from Twitter for a tweet that reads, what's the punishment for treason?
But the guy who actually gives the exact quote of what I said, which is what they're suspending me for, doesn't get suspended.
Now, to answer the question about Trump and big tech,
You know, Alex, maybe he thinks he's so popular now with these rally numbers and everything, he doesn't think he needs to address big tech, but he needs to not think about it from getting himself re-elected.
He needs to do his damn job, and which I know, he says he's going after him, I believe it, but he'll give the orders, they just ignore him.
They brag about that.
Well the good news is Josh Hawley from Missouri, which by the way, there are now zero abortion clinics in Missouri.
That's right, you're from Missouri, he was the first to go after Google years ago.
Tell us about this badass.
So, so Hawley, former Attorney General.
I meant to talk about that more the other day because he says he's going after him and he's going to strip 230 from him.
He's going to do everything he can.
He's committed.
Their immunity is what they live off of.
And so he's committed to using anything he can.
He comes from a legal background.
So he's going to do anything he can to try to break them up.
And now he's in Congress and bringing this to the Hill all the time.
He's not getting much help because he's one of the few that doesn't take money from these big tech companies.
By the way, I meant to play that on Monday.
I should have played that.
But yeah, if you want to get attacked, do what Josh Hawley's doing.
He's got the big huevos.
But you can clearly see the collusion here, Alex.
I mean, it's not a coincidence that I'm suspended from Twitter and then they write dozens of headlines about me where they clearly aren't... I mean, they're not honest about what I said, they're not putting the context into it, and they're missing the headline, which is, Barack Obama committed treason.
The punishment for treason is death.
That's the headline.
But this is about now targeting... So what do we call this interview, though?
We're going to post this.
The magnitude is, you know, MSM hoax claims Owen Schroeder said hang Obama.
That's not even the issue.
The thing is, MSM hoax distracts from Obama's treason.
Ignores Obama's treason, focuses on hating free speech.
Obama, Obama, hanging story hoax.
No, no, no.
The left, media attacks free speech instead of treason by Obama.
That's what these people are doing.
Well, let's go further.
Let me show people this.
We're going to go to phone calls.
Let me show people this Ted Cruz video.
I'm showing you the YouTube screenshot.
Yesterday morning, he goes on the Washington Post live feed, talks trash about me, says things I didn't say, but then says I have a right to say it in defense of the First Amendment.
Okay, I'll take that backhanded defense.
Ted's beard looks good, by the way.
He's getting a little fat, though, like me.
So, the live feed has 49 viewers.
Since then, it has 336.
Our video on InfoWars that we posted has like 20,000, last time I checked.
So, our own platform has 20,000 views of Ted Cruz lies about Alex Jones, but still defends free speech.
Now, every comment, almost every comment, is anti-Alex.
Ted Cruz.
So the whole Washington Post, fun about Jeff Bezos, has 300 and something views after a huge conference and a huge fee.
They don't show the conference because nobody's there.
First comment by Anthony LDS says, only crime he committed was getting a nationalist elected.
Alex Jones did nothing wrong.
Another commenter, Chris, says,
At least one politician has some bleeping balls, thank God Almighty, defending free speech.
So, lying Ted Cruz just as mad at Alex Jones, got Donald Trump elected as President, not him.
But Alex Jones definitely helped lying Ted hold on to his Senate seat over Robert O'Rourke.
From lying Ted back to lying Ted, he's one hell of a liar, folks.
This next person says he's right, we should defend free speech.
Not a fan of Ted Cruz from the perspective of being a Democrat, but I'm a fan of him that he seems that he is a force for good in the Republican Party.
And then it just goes on, but most of the comments here are against him.
Ted looked
I can't understand what this person's typing.
Beta male, cuck, host.
I'm not saying that they're saying it.
Washington Post is trash.
Democrat Party treats us like scum.
Alex Jones is the bleep.
Make America great again.
Then it just goes on to defend me.
I mean, it's like 95% positive towards us.
Ted, no one believes the Washington Post.
Kissing their butt, licking their butt is not going to help you, man.
Just stop it.
Go ahead.
You know what I'd like to find out?
I'd like to find out what communications the heads of these big tech, big social media companies are having with Democrats.
We know they met with Obama.
We know they meet with Obama.
Are they also meeting with Schumer and Pelosi and Waters and Schiff?
I want to know if Ted Cruz... I'm not going to say it.
You don't want to know, Alex, but what you really want to know is... I want to know... Sorry.
Are the Democrats ordering these big tech companies to target conservatives for censorship?
Well, it's all known.
It's admitted.
We have all their internal emails.
We have them.
All right, I promise.
You get ready for your show.
We're going to take calls the next two segments.
I'm going to get to every one of you.
Carlos, Johnny, Chase the Patriot, Brandon, Marcos, Todd, Steve, Johnny, Lee, Lou.
I got to call up your caller coming in here for my lawyer.
Hey, Norm, I'm sure it's wonderful whatever's happening.
Let me talk to you in 60 seconds when I go to break, okay?
You know what's funny, though, Alex, is they've already gone through your jugular.
They're trying to attack me in Connecticut right now.
They tried to go through your jugular, your heart, your brain, your arms, your limbs, everything.
Now they're going after your phalanges.
They want your soul!
Meanwhile, we're the ones fighting all their evils.
They want your soul, Alex!
They're trying to protect it.
Well, here's the deal.
I'm sure you've been in a couple fights, Ellen.
Once you get in the fight, you're not scared anymore.
How do you think I lost this tooth?
You can get your new one, though.
I've got a flip tooth right now still.
Did you have surgery?
I sent my stitches out a couple days ago.
Talk about lying.
I'm not doing it.
I'm not taking it out.
John Ronson.
Don't even try.
Alex, I want to come interview you about what interesting stories we had.
They got all the real stories.
And then they just made up a story that I got tied up because I was a bully and all my teeth knocked out.
I have every one of my teeth.
None of them have ever been knocked out until one of them broke off from a root canal and that got pulled by the dentist a month ago.
I offered to give them my medical records.
They go, oh, we don't want those, Alex.
So they made up this like Carrie story where I'm getting my teeth knocked out for being a bully.
It's all the left's hallucination.
And they're all fiction writers that failed in Hollywood.
So they want us to buy their delusion.
I wish I could write as good a fiction as that.
I'm trying to just think off the top of my head.
Alex Jones escapes with caged gorilla in Dallas Zoo and takes him to Austin, Texas.
In one hour, you take over with The War Room in full wars.com.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest show on earth, Clown World.
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Clown World, the greatest comedy show on earth, two nights only, 20 candidates and tons of laughs.
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A bunch of parasites, bitching and complaining, working for the Chi-Coms to overthrow America.
Join us next Wednesday and Thursday for Clown World, the biggest show on earth!
I'm not Alex Jones.
I'm P.T.
I love the Democrats.
Beto O'Rourke says the world's ending in 11 years and the borders should be open.
There's so many other clowns.
Cory Booker says pay reparations even if 98% of whites didn't have ancestors that owned slaves.
And then we move on to Pocahontas.
She's whiter than anybody ever known in history, but it's okay.
She's a fraud.
And then Joe Biden.
Well, Joe Biden loves segregationists and
He wants to put blacks in prison for three times the sentence of whites.
But hey, the Democratic Party loves the KKK!
And then Swallowswell, he says use nuclear weapons on gun owners that don't turn their weapons in.
Bernie Sanders says it's white people who don't know what it's like to be poor.
And you've got Buttigieg, oh what a king!
And of course Camilla Ellis and so many others.
It's the greatest show on earth.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Silicon Valley.
Facebook has banned a number of prominent conspiracy theorists and alt-right figures.
Facebook is purging several high-profile names from its platform.
This may be one of the biggest and most impactful decisions Facebook has ever made.
Facebook taking steps to enforce its hate speech policies.
Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Louis Farrakhan, Laura Loomer, all of them were designated dangerous.
Dangerous individuals.
Dangerous individuals.
Dangerous individuals and organizations.
Basically, they've deemed these individuals to be dangerous.
They call me dangerous.
Danger is my middle name.
Dangerous like hurting other people?
Or dangerous as in saying things that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like?
This is about the total rollout for complete and total censorship.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
What is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
InfoWars tells viewers that the world is out to get them.
None of this seems to repel President Trump.
InfoWars content is useful to him.
InfoWars personalities align with him.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down!
I want them silenced!
I want them muted!
Because these corporations are controlled by a liberal few.
We're very focused on making sure that our recommendations and discovery surfaces aren't highlighting groups where people are repeatedly sharing misinformation or harmful content.
And we're working hard to completely remove groups if they exist primarily to violate our policies or do things that are dangerous.
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions.
He's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
We need a digital Bill of Rights.
InfoWars might have been banned from Twitter, but it seems to have found a new home over at Trump's Twitter feed.
President Trump's furious reaction to Facebook's action showcases that he is, I'm sorry to say, the InfoWars president.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... Look, there's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
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Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
So, they claim Ellen Schreuer wants to kill Obama.
Didn't say it.
They claim I lost a lawsuit this week for writing a book about Sandy Hook.
Never wrote the book.
Not in it.
They claim I sent child porn.
Paul Watson's got the article going up here in just a few minutes to Infowars.com where the FBI says I'm the victim.
And the letter.
But that's how these people operate.
And their lies and their propaganda just get worse and worse and worse by the minute.
This is the time we live in, and I just got a call from Norm Pattis calling over and over again.
So we need to check on all the InfoWars comments.
Judge Bellis up there says she got called by the state police, she got called by the FBI, that someone on InfoWars made death threats at her.
And of course, that's gonna be comments by you-know-who, our little friends.
Remember the internal documents came out a few months ago before I got banned on Facebook?
Democratic Party.
Business Insider.
They said, hey, some of the comments on Alex Jones' Facebook page, that he still has his personal one, that you didn't ban, they say that Alex Jones lets anti-Semitic comments happen.
The internal documents showed 4% of the comments in the article were anti-Semitic.
As if that's my fault.
They said, well, the threshold's 30%.
And then the big Democratic Party lobbying groups all hit all of the pages with anti-Semitic comments.
And the pages were all taken down.
And I was certified a hate figure because of the comments.
So that's a pretty simple thing.
Email somebody child porn, they don't open it, they're a child porn purveyor.
Make some anti-Jewish comments on somebody's Facebook commenter, we gonna ban your butt forever.
That's the left, folks.
But this is them in their death throes.
Everybody's emptying out of the blue cities.
Everybody's emptying out of their states.
Everyone's turning against them.
Look at this shot here.
I've got a call here from the Daily Beast.
Doing a story on Judge Bellis.
Saying the FBI contacted her about debt threats made against her on the InfoWars site.
I'm guessing this refers to anonymous commenters.
Not any actual InfoWars employees, but wanted to reach out in case you wanted to comment.
And you know what the headline's gonna be.
Jones and his followers after.
Just like they lie and say I sent people up to Sandy Hook to investigate 9-11.
It's these lawyers and these Democrats that live
Off of Sandy Hook, I talked about it in Google Analytics.
It's 0.023 or something.
And that's with all the coverage!
Can't stand it!
It don't matter to them though, because it's their baby.
They've squeezed so much money out of these dead kids, suing the hero dead teachers, suing... It never ends.
You know, he's taking over, but I promise to take your calls.
Dr. Nick Begich is ready to take over in the war room.
But remember, every minute this show's on air, they can't stand it.
And every minute, you spread the word and say, hey, that forbidden show, the one you can't name, the one they don't want you to hear, hear what he's really saying.
Learn why they're so scared.
Because if they can't shut us down, they've thrown everything they've got at us.
Well, they're pretty worthless to the globalists, aren't they?
That's why they're all going bankrupt.
Carlos in Canada, then Chase and Johnny.
Carlos, thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much, Alex.
For a minute, yesterday I thought when I heard that the
The attacks were going to be launched against Iran.
I said, oh my God, there goes President Trump's Nobel Peace Prize.
I believe today he has earned it.
This decision was great, a great decision.
Now he has to follow it with some other equally important decisions.
One of them, I believe, because of circumstances and the time span and the threats that have been issued by Iran about, you know, enrichment of uranium and so on.
So far, they have complied with an agreement that was signed, but not ratified by the United States Senate or Congress with Iran.
But the European Union wants to work with Iran to maintain that agreement.
And that agreement, as long as it's complied for 10 years,
It gives the world an opportunity to look into better relationships in the Middle East all around.
So, I believe if President Trump was really wise, in this instance, would, with all respect, okay, to the information he has that I don't have, I would suggest that he allow trust in the allies in Europe to keep the agreement with Iran going on
While the United States thinks about proposals to renew and improve the existing agreement, not forcefully, but diplomatically by showing the reasons why 10 years is not enough or whatever, you know, could be renegotiated.
I believe with all my heart that if those decisions are made, I believe that substance can be achieved in the Middle East.
Too many people, like Senator Schumer, were celebrating the fact that they thought that they were going to get themselves a blockage of the Straits of Hormuz, and like other journalists have written, the pipelines were going to flow through Saudi Arabia, you know, through Israel and so on to Europe.
Well, those dreams have to be put aside, because a world war is certainly in the making.
That is insisted upon.
Yeah, Alex.
I wanted to point out that not anybody is really talking about Iran as one of the last industrial countries that's not part of the global banking system.
No, you're right.
They're one of the last countries the globalists don't control that can actually produce industrial goods.
Yeah, I mean, the only other one is North Korea.
And North Korea is right on the doorstep of China and has that protection from China.
They can never put together, you know, to advance the globalist plans, they can never put together a UN invasion force like they did in the first Gulf War, but like to have a real threat to fight them.
I think that's what