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Name: 20190619_Wed_Alex
Air Date: June 19, 2019
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Alex Jones talks about his legal battle in relation to the Sandy Hook case which he sees as an attack on free speech. He criticizes lawyers who think they should be immune from public criticism when they bring lawsuits. Additionally, he discusses financial support for InfoWars and encourages listeners to visit InfowarsStore.com for a sale on products to help financially support their efforts.

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You're listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
2016 was not merely another four-year election.
This was a defining moment in American history.
Ask them right there.
By the way, that is a lot of fake news back there.
That's a lot.
That's a lot.
You know what I say?
The amount of press we have tonight reminds me of the Academy Awards before it went political and their ratings went down the tubes.
I stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as President of the United States.
Very historic, because exactly four years ago this week I announced
My campaign for President of the United States.
And it turned out to be more than just a political campaign.
It turned out to be a great political movement because of you.
A great movement.
2016 was not merely another four-year election.
This was a defining moment in American history.
Ask them right there.
By the way, that is a lot of fake news back there.
That's a lot.
That's a lot.
We took on a political machine that tried to take away your voice and your vote.
They tried to take away your dignity and your destiny.
But we will never let them do that, will we?
Many times I said we would drain the swamp, and that's exactly what we're doing right now.
We're draining the swamp.
And that's why the swamp is fighting back so viciously and violently.
For the last two and a half years, we have been under siege.
And with the Mueller report, we won.
And now they want a do-over.
They want a do-over.
Let's do it again.
Didn't work out too well.
Let's do it again.
They want a do-over.
No president should ever have to go through this again.
It is so bad for our great country.
A hoax.
Our radical Democrat opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice, and rage.
They want to destroy you, and they want to destroy our country as we know it.
Not acceptable.
It's not going to happen.
The only thing these corrupt politicians will understand is an earthquake at the ballot box.
That's what they will understand.
And they're going to see it.
For the last two and a half years, we have been under siege.
And with the Mueller report, we won.
There's more of these amazing compilations coming up on this Wednesday, June 19th, 2019.
Global Transmission.
We are under siege, but we're winning.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Yo, bro, what's up?
Let's get down.
Hang around.
He's at your f***ing tub.
You're about to get it.
I will break your jaw.
I will knock your teeth out.
I will break your nose.
I will break your neck.
I'm not afraid of you people!
You're a little wimp!
You son of a piece of garbage!
I hate you!
My listeners hate you!
And remember that scumbag forever!
If you don't spread the legs, the globalists win!
Spread the legs!
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us today as we broadcast worldwide.
You know, I've done a lot of reflection on why the globalists hate this show so much, and why they hate this broadcast so much, and why they go to lengths never before seen to try to take us off the air.
And it's because we're covering the technocracy, the global cashless society, the global cryptocurrency, the worldwide Chinese social score, also known 2,000 years ago in the Book of Revelations.
They hate it because we know their plan and we are alerting our fellow humans to this demonic operation.
This off-world operation that the Holy Bible warns us about.
Yes, we're on a planet.
Yes, the enemy is not of this world.
Yes, everything's being set up to basically kill us, but slowly, so we never figure out what hit us.
And I prayed a lot last night, and this morning I got up and hung out with my wife and my two-year-old daughter, and then I went out and got on the elliptical for about an hour, and I was just thinking about
We're good to go.
Trump knocked it out of the park.
He's gotten way better and he was super powerful and informative when he first launched operations against the globalists four years ago.
Obviously got into office two and a half, almost three years ago.
But very, very powerful presentation last night in Florida.
We had a bunch of our reporters there and crew.
We've got a lot of amazing videos posted on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We're going to go over some of that obviously here today.
But we also need to keep Trump's
Feet to the fire because he has a lot of special interest in there and in groups that are trying to block him and keep him from getting his or our agenda through.
The Trump's the real deal but it doesn't mean that we agree with everything he's doing.
It just means he's trying to be the president and he really cares about humanity and he's not out to get the American people or to screw us over.
He doesn't have a
Systemic hatred of the nation like globalists have instilled in the left in this country.
That said, though, Trump is 73 now.
And he comes from a very conservative family.
And by that, very old-fashioned, his father and mother.
And Trump's a dinosaur.
Now, that's a good thing.
It's good to have a throwback.
Because, you know, the old-fashioned system he follows is the vanguard of Western culture.
The system we have now is a corrupt, collapsing, leftist system, a cancer from within.
So what is old is really new.
Our republic, our system, our Magna Carta, our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, it is the Renaissance.
It's the best system.
So he called Trump a throwback for liking that.
Well, it just doesn't really hold water.
But when it comes to loving fast food and loving burnt steaks and ketchup, he's really very blue-collar.
That's not a bad thing.
But he's got big, fat blind spots for things like 5G.
And he knows damn well Barron almost got mentally retarded from vaccines.
I've talked to folks that know the president.
I never had the nerve to ask him myself.
Barron came back from most of it.
But we need to now talk about what we're demanding of Trump.
Because Trump's gonna win re-election on the current course.
He's doing the right things.
He's about to deport a bunch of illegal aliens so the others watching around the world know to not come here to quote get their free ride.
They're moving to change the immigration laws on people that claim that they are asylum seekers.
It's all being abused by design to break the nation-state.
The UN, the globalists admit it.
But the things that can sink Trump are things like forced inoculations, gun control, victim disarmament, getting into a war with Iran.
The Federal Reserve raising interest rates again, which Trump's pressuring him to lower them.
We had no interest rates.
You know, when Obama was in, then they raised them, what, eight times when Trump got in?
We need to cut some of those interest rates back because they want to implode the bubble that the globalists started before Trump gets a real recovery in place.
So that's in the news that is the Federal Reserve about to cave to Trump's demand to cut interest rates?
Oh, no, that's just terrible.
There's all these reports.
And there's CNN headlines.
Can his recovery hold?
Or how can we stop it?
You've all seen Bill Maher bemoaning some recovery.
And hoping we can have a depression so we can teach Americans to hate themselves.
So we've been taught to hate the nation, hate ourselves, taught that we're losers, taught to not expect a better life or a better world.
It's not going to work.
We keep fighting.
Meanwhile, AOC really writes the talking points now for the Democrats.
She came out, as you know, two days ago and said that anyone being held at the border is basically in a death camp and that it's a concentration camp.
Well, now top Democrats are coming out with official talking points on MSNBC and CNN.
We're going to play those after the break, saying that it's all a giant concentration camp.
Let me explain something to the leftists who I know know they're lying.
How do you tell before their lips even move, you know?
They're of their father, the devil.
Figuratively and archetypally and in reality as well.
You don't fight to get into a concentration camp.
You don't fight to get into a country that's bad.
These people are fleeing collapsing third world hell holes where total corruption has set in.
And they're coming here by the millions a quarter.
They've caught, on average, about a million a year, and now they're saying that number's three times what it previously was, so it could be two or three million this year.
And many of them are the very worst type.
Criminal records, mental illnesses, pre-existing conditions to weigh down the country.
But you just think about the weaponized media
And they're having congressional hearings right now about reparations for slavery.
And there's more and more phenomenon where black people beat up white people and rape white women and say it's because of reparations because of the slavery we went through.
This is total mind control.
There are cases where women are raped in public because they're white.
We'll be covering it later.
And the people videotape it and think it's okay because they're white.
So they deserve to have their teeth knocked out and their eyes busted open and their bodies raped because they're white.
It's total
Leftist inflicted ideology.
You turn on Netflix, a third of the shows are about black people being persecuted.
It's not to help black people.
It's to have the state further take over your countries, take over your nations, take over your families, and make you dependent.
Man nabbed for Bronx rape.
Allegedly said she deserved it for slavery.
Well, he came with friends and shot videos of it.
Imagine the
Imagine the disconnect.
She went up with him on the roof at the apartment complex at night.
And instead of just having sex with her, he beat her half to death and raped her.
Because she deserved it.
Because she did something to him.
Because she was white.
That's beyond the KKK.
Beyond the Nazis.
It's just total mindless idiocy.
It's the West that ended slavery.
It's the West that went in and taught people in Africa to stop eating themselves.
Because we were doing it too, a thousand years before.
But Christianity changed that.
And then due process and rule of law changed all that.
And in the fourth hour today I'm going to be hosting, I'm going to get into the rule of law.
And why it's so important, why the West is committing suicide and may be too far gone, but we can still have pockets of the West.
The West is ideas and culture, not color.
But if you don't celebrate it and admit its superiority, you will be destroyed by the systems that are inferior.
We all must recognize systems that are superior or be destroyed.
When we come back, ladies and gentlemen, aha!
Millions pouring across, you stop any of them, give them medical treatment, put them in a jail cell because they're convicted criminal, you are a concentration camp guard.
Hi, I'm Dean.
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We're at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com, and we're defeating the leftist tyrants!
I got mobbed on the streets by fans, but almost all of them said, we used to love you on air, it was so good to see you on the iTunes or on YouTube.
Are you coming back?
We're at InfoWars.com.
We're at newswars.com.
Paul Watson's launched his own summit.news.
We have our own videos, we have our own articles.
They're trying to destroy us, but thanks to you and others having us on, InfoWars are still chugging along.
So we're there, folks, tomorrow's news, today.
InfoWars.com, man!
InfoWars.com, because that's a bunch of people out here.
I'm talking about InfoWars.com.
I'm at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We knew this censorship was coming forever.
We have our own video streams, our own audio streams, and it's all free to air.
Anybody can use it, re-upload it, do whatever you want.
People go to InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
That's where they find it.
You know, there's things called websites.
You just go there.
Casey, I'm sure it's wishful thinking you're saying, Tyra comes right from nowhere, is he on turbo force?
Which is an amazing pre-workout and long-term energy system, unlike any other.
Or Tyra Woods isn't actually taking turbo force, is he?
That's a good idea though, I should try to send him some.
I'm not entirely sure, but when I was like
I'm good.
I'll have to try to find out.
I know, I've been told by multiple folks that are friends with him.
He's a listener, but I don't really worry about stuff like that.
But that's great.
Who knows?
He might be on Turbo Force.
Who knows?
Well, last year, when he won his first tournament in a long time, they tried to grill him on, like, degrading the president in some way.
You know, this is what you need in a press conference after a golf tournament, and he wouldn't do it.
I know.
He's friends with Trump.
He's been friends with Trump, like, 20 years.
Yeah, exactly.
The media wasn't even talking about his win.
They were talking about his politics.
Thank you, Casey.
If you're a new listener, just type in... The Pentagon tested gay bomb on Iraq.
They considered... No, they didn't consider using it.
They've used it on our troops.
In Vietnam, they'd spray PCP on the troops.
Jacob's Ladder.
You think PCP, some horse tranquilizer or something?
They got stuff that'll whack your brain permanently.
Brain chips and the trips.
They give the trips special vaccines that are really nanotech that already re-engineer their brains.
Now there it is, the gay bomb.
Look it up for yourself.
I mean, this is what they're... What do you think tap water is?
It's a gay bomb, baby.
And I'm not saying people didn't naturally have homosexual feelings.
I'm not even getting into it, quite frankly.
I mean, give me a break.
I'm up here bashing it because I don't like gay people.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Let me do this because I did a lot of preparation for this broadcast and sometimes it's those shows that are, I don't want to say bad broadcast, but they're not as informative as they could be because I tend to do so much preparation and so much research that then to try to even get into every quadrant of the news
Becomes an impossibility.
But let me just tell you what's in front of me right now, and then what's coming up today.
Just to give you a little taste of things.
And how crazy things are.
And that if people just break out of their trance, and aren't helpless, and break out of the Stockholm Syndrome that so many people have been put into, we could game over this globalist system today.
It could fall like the Berlin Wall today.
Corporate media is already totally discredited.
It's already totally bankrupt.
It's been completely propped up by the globalists and big central banks and others that make money out of thin air.
But their ideology, their world system is dead on arrival.
But they're still just going ahead with it.
So let me just give you an example.
I'm so punch drunk to knowing that the Clintons run pedophilia and are pedophiles.
That it came out two days ago on NBC News National that indeed they protected a pedophile ring at the State Department that they use to control people.
That's the headline, NBC News, Hillary Clinton covered up pedophile ring at State Department.
Now folks, I saw that two days ago.
I saw the newscast admitting it.
Do you realize
That yes, this just came back out this week, this was reported on years ago, and no one even got in trouble.
You know, is that the reason Matt Lauer was fired?
But the point is, it's back in the news now.
Now, I have a whole stack, about three inches tall,
Did you know the woman that she uses to go around and pick up kids and transfer them around the country and the world got convicted of child kidnapping for sex trafficking and then changed her name and somehow runs Amber Alerts today?
And when you go look that up, it'll completely blow you away.
Or the group that runs Amber Alerts.
Gotta know where the packages are going.
Now that's just one stack, ladies and gentlemen.
And then you wonder... Document cam shot, please, for TV viewers.
How they would put out headlines the last two days.
Like this one.
This is Associated Press.
This isn't about me.
This is about testing fake news.
Robert Barnes, respected litigant, respected lawyer, a guy that sues a lot of people and wins, called AP four times in the last two days.
And talked to senior people he knows.
And they said, Mr. Barnes, we've called, we can't get it changed.
We've called management.
They put out a headline, 100% false, and they know it's false, and they made it the front of Yahoo and the top of Twitter almost all day yesterday.
Everyone I know saw it, basically.
And people were like, well, were you convicted?
Or did you do all this?
Or did you just get found guilty civilly?
And I'm like, no.
Look at the headline.
If you're a radio listener,
This is Associated Press published in hundreds of publications across the world.
Wall Street Journal published it as well.
Father of Sandy Hook victim wins defamation suit against Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is the host of the conspiracy-driven InfoWars website and wrote a book titled Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.
Now ladies and gentlemen,
I've never read that book.
I've had nothing to do with it.
I interviewed one of the authors, last time was probably 12 years ago, Professor Fetzer, about 9-11.
Other than that, I have no connection.
I've never read the book.
I don't own the book.
I was not sued over the book.
You understand, they, AP said, it's staying up.
Now, remember, this weekend they said we're at war with Russia and that we've knocked out their power grid and tried to bring down their nuclear reactors.
An act of psychotic war.
Trump came out and said, that's absolutely BS!
We didn't do that!
He said, what the hell is wrong with the New York Times?
Are you trying to start a nuclear war, you crazy people?
And yes, they've gone crazy, folks.
I don't know exactly what they're trying.
But there's a whole stack of news here saying I sent child porn to the Sandy Hook families.
Did no such thing.
I was sent 9.6 million emails.
They subpoenaed anything with Sandy Hook in the name.
They got 57,000 emails.
There was some hidden link in there that didn't even say child porn about Sandy Hook that they sent me and Death Threats, whoever it is, Death Threats to me had hidden child porn and the headline is Alex Jones is sending child porn around.
Now a lot of folks did retract.
Alyssa Milano, the Young Turks, they said it wasn't true, they were wrong.
But not the Wall Street Journal, not the New York Times, not the Associated Press.
They say, now I want that to sink in, I want that to sink in real good.
They made it the front story, the top of Yahoo for several hours, but the front page of Yahoo all day.
And in AP all over the country,
That I wrote a book called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook that I've never read or touched, and that I lost a lawsuit.
Ladies and gentlemen, I forgot to, somewhere in my stack, you guys typed in, it's from like six years ago, Obama legalizes the use of domestic propaganda against the American people.
Public Affairs of the Washington Post.
And they legalized the CIA putting out pure fake news.
And it's gotten worse and worse.
This is leftist in the CIA.
They admit that's who's running it.
The congressional hearings.
And they are now saying that I've lost a lawsuit, that I wrote a book called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.
They know it's not true.
They don't care.
They know I didn't send child porn.
They don't care.
And I was asking one of the smart crew members this morning, I said, what do you think's next?
They said, more child porn.
Yeah, they're just gonna go with that.
It's okay.
Because, folks, I know why they're after us.
I know why.
I'm going to cover it at the start of the next hour.
I know why they want us off air.
I know the number one reason.
And it's an honor to be here and an honor to go up against these folks.
These people are criminal scum.
And guess what?
It's all coming out in the new Nexum Cult trial.
The devil worship, the torture, the human sacrifice, and of course, Hillary involved.
Mainstream news.
Trafficking children out of Mexico and Haiti that disappear.
That disappear and sometimes are found.
You think about that.
They are so scared right now, and they want me to shut my mouth.
Never shut my mouth.
You go ahead and try to plant all the child porn you want on me, nobody's buying it.
You pack of knuckle-dragging devil worshippers.
You got that, you slimy pedos?
America knows who you are, trash!
So the InfoWars model is a self-fulfilling, self-supporting structure that is in the ultimate economic democracy structure that is promoting free press and free speech by people getting together and supporting one another and sustaining one another.
It is the only independent press of this size and scale, of this public reach,
It's reached so effective that that's why Facebook is waging war against InfoWars.
That's why Instagram is waging war against InfoWars.
That's why Google and YouTube and Twitter are waging war against InfoWars more than anyone else, is because it is the ultimate counter-China model.
It is the one model that says, here's a way to have a self-supporting, self-sustaining, self-structured, little-d democratic structure.
That because the audience determines what content goes up, the audience determines what audience is ultimately reached by their choices in supporting InfoWars.
So by doing little things like, okay, we want a little de-democracy, we want a fluoride-free toothpaste, let's say that's what it is.
So it's dealing with a particular health issue where you have the health industry pushing one product overwhelmingly, the big pharma, big companies, the corporate model, the Chinese model, the statist corporate model that China has promoted against InfoWars' model.
Which is we're going to have an American created product.
We're going to sell that directly to our own people.
Our people will decide whether they want to support it or not.
And by choosing to buy little products like that, they're able to fuel this independent press that is the only one that is not dependent on billionaire donors or sugar daddies.
That is not dependent on big corporate sponsors.
We're good.
I think so.
The reason why they don't see news change at InfoWars or content change at InfoWars, except as requested or thought about by the audience, is because the audience controls it.
Because the audience has chosen a self-supporting, self-sustaining economic model by making small contributions by buying products.
They already won at a more affordable rate by sustaining it.
They create a self-sustaining, self-supporting structure that is unique in the world, and that's why they wage war against it.
And as long as the audience refuses to concede to that or forfeit their economic contribution, as long as they continue to be involved and continue to participate and continue to partake and continue to this self-supporting, self-sustaining structure, there's nothing they can literally do to crush it or end it.
They can try to limit the scope of the audience, they can try to limit the size of the microphone, but in the end, we will find ways to reach them because the audience dictates and determines it by its support of Infowars.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Another world.
Another time.
In the age of wonder.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, I tried to get started last segment saying that I would just tell you the news in front of me, and of course I went into the first stack and just went ahead and went into it.
I've said this many times, it's like the old Tootsie Roll ads they had back in the 70s and 80s where the kid asked the wise Al how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
He goes, one, two, three, and three, because you can never, you know, keep yourself from biting into it.
And it's the same thing.
Let me just give you an example here.
Of the news we've got, New York lawmakers legalize illegal aliens getting a driver's license and voting.
And so have a bunch of other states and leftist cities.
Just totally criminal.
Oh, but illegal aliens don't vote, they just say they should be able to vote.
And they do vote now, in places like San Francisco.
I don't
Other key reports here dealing with the economy.
Israel holds large military drills ahead of U.S.-Iran tensions.
And the U.S.
is basically saying that they're getting ready, the people that run our government, to attack Iran.
Very unwise, I think, at this point by the President.
A lot of evidence points towards false flag, but regardless, this is the exact type of trap that they could use to try to bring us into a larger war.
And Senator Rand Paul has said this will be worse than Iraq.
I agree.
By many, many magnitudes.
Many, many magnitudes.
And then I haven't gotten into the latest on Huawei and 5G and what's unfolding with that whole fight and why Trump is really shutting them down.
It's not just about the fact they can spy on us with these.
It's even bigger than that.
So wait till we get to that.
But Owen Schroer, who hosts The War Room 3 p.m.
every day,
Is here with us riding shotgun in the next part of this segment, the next, to announce something important.
And I want to be very, very clear about all of this.
In the fight against the globalists, diversification and having many legs to a stool is critical.
You know they've been trying for years to shut down Infowars and really going to incredible lengths to do it.
The latest huge hoax stories that I've lost lawsuits, huge hoax stories that I'm sending child porn to people, just really dangerous stuff that signifies they're getting ready to try to physically remove Trump and all of his key supporters.
They wouldn't be this reckless with the things they're currently doing if they weren't about to pull the trigger again.
AP is still the top of Twitter.
So we're talking 24 hours later.
Please put it on screen for TV viewers.
Twitter has the fake news story, Associated Press, father of Sandy Hook, victim of defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is the host of Conspiracy Driven Infowars website and wrote a book titled Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.
Now, we've called AP.
We've talked to senior people.
They said it's standing.
I am not the author of the book.
I have never read the book.
I have never touched the book.
I want to explain something.
The fact that they're doing this shows that they're signaling to the rest of the media.
The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times have also done this.
That they're telling the young Turks and all the siblings that retracted all this that I wasn't sending child porn because they know we're going to sue them.
They're saying, no, we're going to teach you how to lie properly.
We're going to teach you how to be deceptive.
Here is foreignpolicy.com.
Part of the Council on Foreign Relations through the Washington Post.
Here they are, 2013.
replaces... U.S.
repeals propaganda ban spreads government-made news to Americans.
They're going to say it's fake, it's false, but it is to help us be good Americans.
That's Obama.
Well, those groups are still in place.
And so, you need to understand, folks, that it's not just us they're hitting with total fake news.
Weaponize fake news.
They're hitting everybody out there and so you cannot believe almost anything you hear out of them anymore unless you know the background and the history.
When it comes out the Clintons are in trials and it's coming out that they were involved in pedophile rings, well of course they are!
I told you when this first cult got busted in New York a few years ago that it was tied into smuggling out of Mexico and kidnapped children and now it's in the news.
That's real!
But when you see them say that I wrote a book with Jim Fetzer and I lost a lawsuit, I'm not on the book.
It's not true.
They are testing to see what they can get away with.
So this is next level.
Now, I'm going to plug right now and announce something very exciting.
I got Paul Watson and I'm not bragging.
I was smart to do it.
I got Paul Watson.
Six years ago to start his Twitter and his YouTube.
In fact, we set those up and gave them to him.
I said, you need to get on air.
Okay, something happens to me.
You're just as smart as I am or smarter.
You need to be on air.
They can't ever take away the personality you build up and the followers you build up and that you work with.
He did it.
And now he's still able to reach millions a day.
I encouraged him to start his own website, to try to hire his own people.
He didn't want to do all that.
They started banning him.
He's getting ready to hire people, build a studio, launch his own thing.
I told him, get a subscribe star.
That hadn't been censored in people.
I told him, get folks to donate, because I had to cut his pay by more than half, because they're trying to kill us.
And he's an older employee, been there 18 years.
He's highly paid.
Owen Schroyer is not highly paid compared to Paul.
He deserves a lot more, but he's a great guy.
Never asked for more money.
But he's frustrated.
He wants to build new sites.
He wants to do new things.
I said, listen, start a Subscribestar.
Still work here.
We'll amplify you.
We'll promote you.
We'll still pay you.
But that extra money that comes in, you can spend it to build your own operation in case they put me in prison.
Which they're getting close to trying to do.
They're currently on the news in Connecticut.
Say I need to be arrested for sending child porn, because they sent it to me in my email, whoever did it, and they're saying I death-threatened somebody, which I didn't.
They want me arrested.
They're talking about arresting me.
So we've got to, we've got to build new systems as well.
So Owen, tell folks about your Subscribestar you've launched.
We launched a Subscribestar for myself.
We've gotten a lot of people to donate.
It's just the beginning.
Subscribestar forward slash Alex Jones.
Again, a Subscribestar forward slash, is that actually a URL?
You have a subscribe star without a dot forward slash Alex Jones?
I'll discover what the URL is at some point and let you know, folks.
But Owen, tell us about this.
Do you like my idea?
Well, here's the thing, Alex.
Next to you, I'm one of the most banned names out there.
I'm not allowed on YouTube.
Paul is still allowed.
I'm not allowed on Facebook.
Paul is still allowed.
I still have my Twitter.
When I did my video this morning,
Launching my subscribe star on Twitter.
It was it was blocked and shut down so There is no other outlet Alex I mean this is what we have to do and if we can find other platforms where we know we're not going to be banned and We where we know they're gonna let us monetize and they take a very small percentage.
They don't steal our data They don't steal our private information.
I think subscribe star takes a very very tiny little percentage I they even show you in the numbers.
It's very small so
The exciting thing for me is, Alex, as you're pushing me to do this and create more content, is I am going to create new original content on the Subscribestar for my subscribers that you can't get anywhere else.
Now, I don't want people to think that this means I'm not working at InfoWars anymore, because I'm not.
Of course I am.
And I'll still be doing the War Room every weekday, 3 to 6 p.m.
Central at InfoWars.com slash show.
As long as this mothership is still in air, I will be here.
But the Subscribe Star that I've launched is just because I'm not allowed on any other platforms and because I have to create another outlet for myself because I know what's happening here.
I see what happens behind the scenes.
I see the attacks that you're under.
And Alex, you know, you're just, like, number one target.
And people want to discount, you know, you or me because I work at InfoWars.
So, oh yeah, Schroeder gets banned off YouTube, Facebook.
He works at InfoWars.
Nobody cares.
You know, it's no big deal.
But if they shut InfoWars down, well, all of a sudden I don't have a platform anymore.
So I have to find a platform, I have to create my own content, and that's why I've started the Subscribestar.
And we've got the URLs if you want to subscribe to mine at subscribestar.com slash owen dash schreuer.
Alex's is subscribestar.com slash alexjones.
And this is just what we have to do in the midst of all this censorship, Alex.
You know, I get paid the big bucks as I'm conscious and awake.
I noticed the graphics we put out.
It said, Subscribestar forward slash Alex Jones.
It's not it, folks.
It's Subscribestar.com forward slash Alex Jones.
Always got to have that dot.
Subscribestar.com forward slash Owen Dash Troyer.
We'll be back to cover some news on the other side.
Thank you very much, Owen.
Stay with us.
Getting into the inside baseball, we've been telling people Trump's about to go on the offense.
You were getting into the fact that the last straw really was Facebook banning certain names in certain terms.
That really pushed Trump over the edge and now Human Events is riding on it.
It's now being confirmed by Bloomberg.
You want to talk about this?
This is pretty big to show Trump's thinking, just to show how real he is.
In other words, had they simply not made the choice to ban your name from their platform, and had not made the choice to try to go after and censor people saying anything positive about Alex Jones or InfoWorks, it would not have led to the antitrust investigation, and just the announcement of the investigation, and the possibility it was going to go into Facebook as well,
Cost them $137 billion.
That's how much money was lost by Big Tech by choosing to go after you.
That's how much the president cost them just by announcing the possibility of an investigation.
$137 billion collectively lost across Big Tech in less than a day solely because they decided to come after you, not recognizing that the president was going to stand by his audience.
...was gonna stand by his people and was gonna stand by the original principles of free speech and free press that govern and guide this country.
I mean, all they had to do is hear the president meets with Jack at Twitter.
There's a- there's a- all these problems had already been documented by that point, saying, look, just pull back, don't meddle in the election, don't continue to suppress and censor speech, and they would have been able to save their stockholders over $100 billion.
But they refused.
They decided they're gonna go after- Oh, they're now spinning it because we cut off the fake news, we lost money.
No, it's because your censoring and antitrust investigations have been opened up on you.
There would be no antitrust investigation if they weren't engaged in any antitrust illicit activity.
When they decided to go from just being a technological monopoly on a platform, and instead be a technological monopoly on speech, on press, and on elections, they made a decision that was a fateful decision that has now cost them billions of dollars, will cost them billions of dollars more in the future, and now they're under major antitrust investigation, and it's not going to stop at Google.
It's going to keep going.
All of these big social media tech giants might be taken apart.
Might be wiped off the map.
Might be basically forced to dissolve.
And forced to separate out its assets.
In the same way that Rockefeller was with Standard Oil back at the turn of the century.
So I think what's happening is there's now, the U.S.
Federal Trade Commission has now announced that Facebook has agreed to subject itself to an antitrust investigation.
The Google antitrust investigation was leaked on Friday.
There's talk that it will go further than Facebook and Google and they're looking at Twitter, they're looking at Netflix, they're looking at other operators.
So these operators that decided to be so overtly political over the last two years, that they were going to use their tech monopoly, their platform monopoly, to suppress, censor speech, to shame individuals, to leak private information against them, to use and leverage their power to help the Democrats take the House, to help the Democrat win the Senate in 2017, threatening to do so the same in 2020.
When they reach the point where not only they ban people from using your name and InfoWars name,
And at the same time, banned Paul Joseph Watson from all Facebook and Instagram overnight.
They agreed he hadn't violated any rule ever.
It was such a shock that it's what put the president in motion.
He realized, okay, this is too severe, so severe, action needs to be taken.
Let's unleash the kraken of antitrust enforcement against these rogue operators.
Who think now they get to control and govern the country and get to impose a Chinese social credit model system on the United States democracy and speech systems.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
So, Owen Schroeder is riding shotgun.
Let me hear his broadcast.
See his show.
The War Room.
Roger Stone can't come on.
They're trying to put him in prison and he has a gag order on him and it's all fake and he's been in court challenging.
Where's the proof?
Russia hacked the election and they admit there isn't.
But then they're charging him with being involved in that.
Absolute loads of BS.
And they're trying to put me in prison now.
A lot of folks are like, well, we better go along with it.
Oh, yeah.
I've got a stack of news, mainstream media saying, what's wrong with sex with children?
And the Democratic Party pushing it everywhere.
And the leftists in Europe pushing pedophilia.
Oh, but then
Alex Jones is the bad person, because he opposes pedophilia.
Somebody sends him 12 emails with hidden child porn links, and the Democrats subpoena my emails on Sandy Hook, and they find them, and they're gonna protect the children.
In between NBC News, Hillary covered up, pedophile ring at the State Department.
NBC News, ladies and gentlemen.
NBC News, they're not gonna hide this.
And Owen, that's the exciting thing.
Trump came out on Sunday.
They cut it out of the official ABC News.
You can't find it anywhere.
I've asked listeners to send it to the Showtips.
We've looked through it.
Maybe we've missed your email.
But Trump, I think I know who was behind 9-11.
It's in the transcript, but no coverage that the president is threatening to expose who really did 9-11.
How big is that, Owen?
Well, you've got that combined with all the arrests of the pedophiles.
You just had Operation Broken Heart get no, and I mean zero, mainstream media.
1,700 arrested.
Not just with child porn, with kids.
And that isn't Trump just putting out, you know, a statement to get the media attention, which they ignored the 9-11 statement.
This is actual pedophiles being busted.
This is Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer's financial records being tied to the Nexibim sex cult.
It's all happening.
They're reopening the Epstein files.
All this is happening against zero media coverage.
This is why they want Infowars shut down, because we will cover it, Alex.
So I don't know what it takes for the American people to wake up.
Think about this, Alex.
Let's not go so Nexil.
Most people can't handle the pedophilia stuff.
They don't even know where to start.
The left's religion is hurting your children.
But Alex,
Look at the, even Fox News is running polls today, all week long, but today saying Trump is trailing six Democrats in Florida.
And rightfully, the head of the campaign said, polling is dead.
It's completely fake.
They sample 15 to 20 points more Democrats.
That's just one scam.
Remember three years ago, the last scam?
Remember how after election day they were all wrong except us?
And then you have a deep state leftist FBI agent in the state of Missouri fabricate evidence to remove a conservative governor.
So they're totally active.
And if people can't, if there's no sirens going off in people's heads and the alarm bells aren't sounding now, Alex, I don't know what it's going to take.
Does the president have to take a bullet to the head for people to realize what the hell's going on?
That's my next point.
Moles inside the administration putting out the lie that we've been attacking the Russian power grid for two months under Trump's orders in an attempt to create a giant rift in a diplomatic and military crisis the likes of which we haven't seen pretty much ever and Trump says it's treason and it's dangerous and it is and they just move on to new hoaxes.
I'm going to say this again.
Please put it on screen for TV viewers.
The top of Twitter since yesterday morning is a AP article that says that I wrote a book about Sandy Hook not happening and that I lost the lawsuit and that I'm involved in child porn.
None of it is true, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, what does that mean?
It means they may be getting ready to kill Trump within days.
I'm telling you, they don't do stuff like that, Inc.
We've called AP.
I'm gonna say it again.
I have had lawyers call
AP and say that is not our book.
We did not lose a lawsuit.
And they go, we've called up to higher ups.
They just say it's staying up.
But you know, it's not true.
Jones didn't write this book.
They go, we don't care.
That's the way it is now.
So, I mean, this is next level, my friend, this is next level.
Well the question is, what do we have to do to wake the public up?
You know, they don't want them seeing your broadcast, that's why they ban Infowars off all social media.
Remember Baghdad Bob?
When the F-15s are dropping thousand pound bombs two miles behind him and there's explosions going off, he goes, the Americans, we kicked them into Kuwait, 2003.
We defeat their armies, bloody God.
Bombs are going off behind him.
It's the same thing.
It's like Baghdad Bob now.
I mean, they're just up there telling you that Trump's a racist and we're going to defeat you and we're at war with Russia and none of that's even true.
Well, Trump isn't part of this criminal cabal that expands his worldwide.
For example, we find out about the Deep State running this electric grid hack in Russia, and they're running it without Trump's permission.
They literally say in the article, yeah, we didn't go to Trump because we thought he would shut it down.
So they're doing that.
So what makes me think now, after seeing what happened in the Strait of Hormuz, what makes me think now that that's not another
You know, some sort of John Bolton proxy army going out there to start another war out there.
So they're trying to do it in Russia?
Maybe they're trying to do it in Iran, too.
These are the same people that have been starting wars for 20 years.
Trump is not involved with them.
That's why they had to get him out of power.
They need war all the time.
Trump doesn't want that.
He's a businessman, not a warmonger.
It's crazy.
It's totally crazy.
Getting back to this, ladies and gentlemen.
We're doing a lot of things to fund operations, but the big thing I'm doing is I told Paul, who's a great guy, I said, I need you to set up your own operations.
And he didn't do it.
And he said, look, I work 15 hours a day already.
I don't want to lead people.
I said, but you are a leader, Paul.
So then all the censorship has made him get really aggressive, and he's going to set up his own operation.
He'll still work with us.
And he has his subscribed star that we'll put on screen that's raising $20,000 a month.
That's great.
It takes that for equipment and some crew members and some writers and to form an organization that does any good.
It'll probably take $100,000 a month, especially in London.
It's very expensive.
That's what's happening.
People are supporting him, and that is amazing, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, Subscribestar.com forward slash Alex Jones.
Go there, whether it's $1, $5, $10 a month.
We're going to have a thing setting up where if you give $25 or more, we will give you a gift from InfoWars, like a t-shirt or something.
But the point is, is this is a very successful system.
It allows people to have a subscription.
That way we get, you know, most of the money instead of only part of it with products we sell.
And that way we can operate.
Go to Subscribestar.com forward slash Owen dash Troyer.
And then...
Ladies and gentlemen, we're running a huge special, the Save InfoWars special right now.
Storewide free shipping, double Patriot points, 50% off.
You sign up for auto-ship on things you're going to want, like toothpaste and high-quality coffee and things, and protein bars.
You're getting an additional 10% off.
That makes some of these loss leaders.
So we have to sell a lot of product to fund the operation, but people love these sales.
So there's a Help Save InfoWars donation button right in the middle of InfoWarsStore.com.
Separately, local AM and FM affiliates.
I don't want this to go on one ear and out the other.
If you want to help win the fight, then here is your mission.
If you choose to accept it like they say in Mission Impossible, this is Mission Possible.
Call that local station.
Thank them.
Become a sponsor.
Support their sponsors.
Or, like a tithe, send them $20 a month, $100 a month, whatever you can.
There are a lot of folks sitting on the fence.
You know, the Warren Buffett types that never spend any money and is penny-pinched like Scrooge McDuck.
We're going to lose the whole culture and the whole society if people don't start bellying up to the fight and putting their money down on the masthead, on the barrelhead.
That's what it's all about.
So it's simple.
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Yeah, people are used to fillers.
I said no fillers to the factory.
We may put out a brand that has fillers.
People are used to that.
But people like them too.
But it's heavy duty.
You're like, whoa, this is like toffee or something.
But there's not the crap in it.
It actually tastes like toffee.
So it's next level.
But some folks are used to things that have corn and a bunch of wheat in them.
And so it's like, it's a bunch of air.
No fillers.
No fillers.
No fillers.
No fillers.
Get it all 50% off at InfoWarsTore.com.
We have it in peanut butter and chocolate.
We have it in coconut and chocolate.
Again, at InfoWarsTore.com or 888-253-3139.
And yes, we've been putting out the call for help a lot lately.
You might have seen in the news, they are trying to shut us down and using the last thing they've got before they kill you, and that is child porn.
What do they do?
They send you emails.
They're hidden attachments.
You never open them.
You never even open the email.
You don't know it's there.
And then they subpoena you for those exact emails and say, we've got child porn!
Jones has got child porn!
These people are unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
And it just gets sick.
And then I talk about it, so I'm sanctioned by the judge.
Sanctioned for getting angry about this and getting upset about all this while Hillary Clinton is caught running.
Well, the difference between my Subscribestar and I think others is because I have no other platform other than InfoWars and Subscribestar, they ban me everywhere on YouTube and Facebook.
I'm actually going to be putting exclusive content up there, actually some original political comedy that I've been thinking about doing.
I didn't know that.
Wait, wait, wait.
You can put content on Subscribestar?
That's the thing I'm learning about that's so exciting.
I'm still learning it too, but yes.
I'm very excited about that, so this is awesome.
Alright, hour number two with why the enemy wants to shut down.
Stay with us.
The globalists are hyper-competitive scientific dictators.
They are technocrats.
They are control freaks in their own words.
And they believe allowing you to live your own life and make your own decisions is in the way of their great destiny to merge with AI gods.
Now, we're fighting them hard in cyberspace.
We're fighting them hard right here in the third dimension.
But one of the biggest places that we neglect to forget that we've really got a lot of control in our lives is our bodies.
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Again, Ultra 12, the best vitamin B12, the highest quality you're going to find anywhere, and it funds the InfoWar, and really pisses the globalist control freaks off.
So again, thank you for your support, and thank you for taking care of your own body.
You are receiving this transmission.
You are the Resistance.
President Trump and ICE have a long road ahead when it comes to the deportation of millions of illegals, which Trump has declared must be done.
And beginning next week, the ICE Blitz will begin.
Anything worth doing is worth doing right, because as the campaign trail appears over the horizon... Let's start a real physical revolution if you're talking about it.
Polls have shown that Americans are largely concerned with the garbage fire that is our southwestern border.
Americans are concerned with immigration over all the problems, economic or non-economic, according to a Gallup poll.
Only to the number one issue concerning Americans.
The issue that those lollygagging around in the taxpayer-fueled halls of the United States Congress are an embarrassment to our Republic.
That is the number one issue Americans are concerned with.
As Trump's tariffs on Mexico worked, as The Week had to admit, Mexico blinked.
It is promised that 6,000 troops from the Mexican National Guard will now patrol their own southern border with Guatemala.
Mexico also agreed to expand the migration protection protocols that require some asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their applications for entry to the U.S.
are processed.
This is a clear Trump triumph.
The tariffs that President Trump used, he got in two days more than Congress did in 20 years on this.
We've got troops down at the southern border that Mexico has deployed.
We've got Mexico committing to take the phony asylum seekers onto Mexican soil, which will deter further immigration from the Northern Triangle down at the southern border of Mexico.
Meanwhile, the garbage fire on the border rages on.
President Trump's administration estimates that roughly 12 million illegals, mainly from Central America and Mexico, are roaming around the United States, 9 out of 10 of which will never return to their asylum court hearings.
But those numbers could easily be double the 12 million estimation.
Add to that the left's blockade against ICE, who have labeled the organization
As every conceivable fantastical fascistic group which we can assume is beginning to boil as I speak.
What we need to do is to understand what is really motivating this effort.
It's cruelty.
It's cruelty.
What Donald Trump did yesterday, what he announced via Twitter, and this may sound hyperbolic to some folk, it was a terroristic act.
Recently, Fox News sent a Swiss journalist to San Antonio, Texas to speak with the French-speaking Congolese refugees to get a sense of who is supporting their journey across the Atlantic Ocean, only to discover the immigrants were carrying wads of $100 bills.
I had the impression that somebody told them not to speak about it.
And when they said, well, you're here now in the States, why do you ask about our past?
And then came a very aggressive kind of claim, give me help.
Now we're here, you have to help us.
Give us money.
Through an aid worker there, he said they actually do have money, quite a few of them, because he spotted them under a tree right in front of the shelter counting their roll of money with $100 bills.
They're handing that out.
It's in French.
They're handing that out to the migrants and they're telling them their rights.
And when it comes to ICE, it says, ICE is government.
They are not your friends.
And as a Swiss, I think, you know, what's this kind of information?
And you flip the page and it comes again with ICE and says, ICE is kind of police.
They are not friendly.
Don't ever tell them anything confidential.
This is outrageous.
So this is an NGO, non-governmental organization, assisting aid workers, telling the migrants who are going to get money from the U.S.
taxpayers not to cooperate with the government.
Whatever it takes to reclaim some semblance of our citizenship, our sovereignty, and our future as a nation must be addressed hastily.
Otherwise, we are facing a point of no return, orchestrated by a myriad of globalist anti-American organizations that are feeding a national cancer that has gone untreated for decades.
We'll be back.
This is next level, breaking ground, history book level, science fiction dystopia, Tyranny on Steroids.
Bing, bing, bong, bong.
Just take the red pill, people!
The most banned network in the world.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Logan's Run.
So many movies back in the 70s and 80s.
So many science fiction books about world government run by a group of scientists who want to reduce world population by 99%.
Now, Moonraker was written back in the 1960s by Ian Fleming, who'd been high-level OSS and then MI6 when they founded that in British intelligence.
Now, you've seen The Kingsman, where you've got a rich group of billionaires that are going to send a code frequency over cell phones that are going to make people become violent, irritable, and start killing each other.
And if you pull back and you think about Netflix, which I only watch in the morning sometimes if I decide to not watch news, and I guess every once in a while with my wife, when you tune into it, almost all the science fiction movies that they're churning out on a weekly basis with high production value
From Bird Box to Mother to all these shows are about worldwide extinction and everyone running around killing each other.
And that's the big secret of Bird Box that no one knew what the movie was about until we said, look at the beginning.
Everybody's on their cell phones.
The people then get activated by a phone call.
It's a digital slash electrochemical triggering weapon.
So I sat back last night and this morning.
I woke up about 3.30, went to bed about 10.
And I sat at the kitchen table with a piece of paper.
And I sat there for a good three hours until folks started getting up about 6.30 in the morning.
And I sat back and I said, how do I warn people?
And the answer is just cut right to the chase.
I don't know if aliens are running this, but the way the technologies are coming out so fast in a lot of it doesn't look human-made.
The way the government's so secretive and compartmentalized, the way the U.S.
seems to develop it all first, then dole it out.
And what all the technology does is poison us, sterilize us, and make us stupid.
All the Trojan horses
Are Pavlovianly training us, conditioning us, ending our human relationships, and making people irritable and aggressive in thousands of studies on smartphones, TVs, and flicker rates.
And I've been led into classified DARPA facilities.
I didn't even realize what was happening at the time that I was being recruited.
Almost 20 years ago.
And I was not recruited.
But I was allowed to see some of it.
And it was all about flicker rate.
It was all about mesmerizing you.
It was all about addicting you.
This was just University of Texas facilities.
Where the doors all said DARPA, but explained only authorized personnel.
Didn't say classified.
They then had computer screens to classified facilities around Texas, like the Primate Research Facility, the largest in the world in Bastrop, Texas.
Now, let's cut right to the chase here.
I don't know if Trump knows this, but the establishment knows, and they have laid out a grid worldwide
of systems that don't just track the Internet of Things, that don't just surveil everything you do, but that patently, I'll show you all even government documents, reports, studies, kill you, give you cancer, at an accelerated rate, way worse than smoking three packs of cigarettes a day.
And they can manipulate and throttle the frequencies in 5G
That's going to be every 300 or 400 yards, where they can rattle the DNA and literally split it apart, causing cancer.
They can give you cancer in these studies in a few days of being in proximity to one of these 5G that's turned to an oscillation, where it goes up to a certain frequency and back down, back and forth, very quickly, it breaks DNA.
And they have studies, DARPA did studies on these as weapons, those are declassified in the 70s, where you hit troops with it, they don't know what's happening, they get nauseous, they get irritable, and then they basically die in about a month from cancers all over the body.
So, the government is putting in microwave cancer systems to literally fry you.
The cover story is that it is for communications and super fast downloads.
It has nothing to do with that.
I'm going to go further.
In the Baltimore Sun 20 years ago, there was even an article admitting that cell phone towers were being tested at the time to see if they could calm populations during riots.
I was on Joe Rogan's podcast a few months ago, and I said, type in cell phones, radiation, and human behavior.
He pulled up all the patents, he pulled up all the admissions.
They were like, wow, we didn't know this.
Old fashioned cell phones, who aren't anywhere as strong, and whose waves are larger, not as dangerous, heat the brain within minutes,
One degree.
Just type that in.
Just type in, cell phones heat the brain.
You'll get AP, Reuters, all this.
And they even tell you, like a pack of cigarettes says can cause cancer, can cause birth defects, can, you know, kill you, cause emphysema.
Metaphysically, they have to tell you.
And now, WIRED and the LA Times and the New York Times go, yes, cell phones give rats cancer, and they give humans cancer, and brain tumors associated with cell phones are way up, multi-thousand percent, and yes, 5G's much worse, and yes, 5G's much stronger, and yes, 5G's much smaller waves, and yes, it does fry your DNA.
Your DNA is why your cells replicate.
It's why you get cancer, is when they start malfunctioning and they start having bad code.
This is the big enchilada.
You can talk about vaccines and fluoride and all the studies and what those are doing.
And forced inoculations have now begun in New York.
And they're passing laws and the American Medical Association says we're going to give your kids shots.
We'll offer them money and no more parental consent.
We'll give your kids shots.
California already passed that law as the test five years ago.
All that is secondary.
The GMO.
Manipulating your DNA, causing the rats to be totally infertile within three generations.
All of that was just the heat up.
All the allergies, all the increased cancers, all the increased neurological disorders.
All of it.
Oh, and let me tell you what else these systems do.
Doppler radar, I was told by an engineer.
Again, this was all like 20 years ago, 23 years ago.
And then I talked to other folks that were aware of it, and I thought they were crazy.
And they said, listen, the power cables are 10 to 20 times stronger going into Doppler radar, and there's a federal government program to put it in there really to fry the atmosphere and either cause droughts or cause floods.
And then later it was all declassified.
The exact same Doppler antennas are used in the Middle East to make the desert green, to make it rain, to form nuclei, to rattle the water particles.
And dust particles in the air to make it either not rain or rain, or to control storms.
That's now mainstream news.
There's a super advanced technology and civilization that broke away from us, okay?
They just give us the things they want us to have, like a microwave phone to fry our kids' brains, to fry their genitals, to fry their organs, to make them habituate to the phone and not to their parents, and to not have relationships, and all the studies show relationships are falling apart and brain damage is everywhere.
Alzheimer's in like 25-year-olds is setting in, and even BBC studies, the studies they show say that it's because it's causing rewiring of the brain.
This is all killing us!
And they're telling us everywhere what they're doing, how they're doing it.
You understand?
And now 5G.
When we come back, I'll explain what it's really about and why they won't let the Chi-Coms run it.
I'm gonna explain why when we come back.
And this is a scientific fact.
Scientific fact.
Ignore this at your peril.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
What do you do to a 100% American company standing up for unborn, standing up for babies being killed after they're born, standing up against sexualization of children and pedophile drag queen story time for kids?
What do you do?
Well, we just saw in thousands of publications, we just saw how they strike back on it.
Well, and it's the same thing they always do with projection.
It really makes you wonder about them projecting child porn and pedophilic activity onto you, which you're totally innocent of.
It's totally proven in the documents, in the stories.
They just run with a fake headline.
But remember what happened in the 2016 election.
Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia, and then what'd they say?
Trump colluded with Russia.
So it really makes you wonder if they're not doing that same psychology to you right now, who've been talking about the underground pedophile rings for decades.
And again, we get hit with a fake Sandy Hook lawsuit.
Stuff we didn't do.
They're using the poor families.
And they want all our emails.
9.6 million that said Sandy Hook.
We go, hey, how about just ones with Sandy Hook in them?
And a bunch of other search terms.
All the families, all the names.
We don't even talk about them.
They search it all.
They go, we want your metadata.
We're like, what's that?
All the weird code.
So they find hidden links in there and go report to the FBI.
I got pissed about that.
And so what's their response?
Alex Jones sent Sandy Hook family's child porn.
No, I didn't send them.
People threatening us for covering Sandy Hook said we're going to get you because you cover Sandy Hook.
Sent us links that we didn't open.
That's like if somebody comes and puts child porn in your mailbox.
It's not your fault.
This is crazy, but they think just that term, they think you're so dumb that they're just gonna say the word, the term child porn.
Well, oh my God, we had to run away from you!
Folks, nobody's buying it.
We're seeing our support surge, but that's good.
Because we gotta fight these people on every front, that's why.
When you get a t-shirt, when you get a book, when you get a film, when you get great supplements, you are literally funding the second American Revolution against evil.
It's never been clearer, the fight between good and evil, and everybody I think is getting it.
Well, and I just want the audience to understand how dire it is.
I mean, we were just talking, how many cards do they have left?
to try to play against us before they literally try to put a bullet in your head or just blow this place up with like I mean who knows what these Antifa people around here do I hope they wouldn't get that violent or maybe you know some spook CIA FBI wants to come through here and try to mess with us I know that you've dealt with that before and we're not bitching and complaining we want a strong finish and I think we're gonna continue on but whatever we're going on into the frickin night
We're pedal to the metal.
It's that old saying of John Paul Jones, when the ship was sinking, fighting the British, they said, surrender, and he said, I've only begun to fight.
We don't know how to give up.
And I feel good at a spiritual level, because the fact that the enemy has to play one of their ace of spades.
I agree, kill us, whatever, that's the next one that makes the smartest.
It's not going to work.
They're losing, Owen.
Well, imagine, for me, it's like, as a news reporter, as a show host,
I wanted to play for the best team, and that was InfoWars.
So that's like, let's say a young kid grows up trying to play baseball, and he wants to play for the New York Yankees.
But he finds out, uh-oh, someone's trying to destroy the Yankees.
The Mets are trying to destroy the Yankees, and they're lying about them, and the Yankees are in dire straits.
But that kid just wants to play for the Yankees.
He just got drafted, and he's just saying, fans, please support the Yankees.
Make sure that the Yankees are still here so you can go to the stadium and root for them, and I can play for them.
That's where we're at right now.
I want to play for InfoWars forever.
They're saying we're putting cyanide in the peanuts and hot dogs.
None of it's true, folks.
We're not the pedophiles.
We're the Patriots, and we're winning thanks to your support.
We have Save & For Special, 50% off, double Patriot points, storewide free shipping.
Double down, take action, and show these bastards we're not backing down.
God bless you all.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and the facts are in, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to tell you why they're doing this slow kill, soft kill operation in a moment, but first I want to tell you the big secret, which is all hiding in plain view.
You can search every term, everything I've said.
I can show you a whole stack of mainstream news admitting it.
Wired Magazine, 5G causes cancer, period.
Hundreds of major studies.
Way worse than regular cell phone radiation.
Why is Trump and Australia and the UK and Facebook and all these big companies and governments and our military saying, for five years, no Huawei phones in our facilities?
Why are they saying no Huawei 5G?
Well, Huawei had already been the main 5G in the U.S., going in all over rural areas where they would put it in basically at cost or below it, but only in areas the Pentagon noticed around military bases.
So let me tell you what they admit.
With 5G, it can penetrate hardened facilities, you name it.
It can get into unwired
Boxes and scan what is going on in the chips.
And that's because a lot of classified things, but a lot of chips have tiny capacitors and transmitters, transceivers in them.
And these systems can then scoop up out of the ether, pass codes, you name it.
It's a device that goes into all the so-called smart devices.
And big tech has been building this global architecture
To take over the world, the Internet of Things, and set up this technocracy.
It's bad.
And so now there's a global rush and a global race who can launch the first omnipresent AI system that has this omnipresent vision through all of these nodes and all of these 5G systems.
That's what Elon Musk talked about last year.
Beware those who worship AI gods.
You've now got digital police officers actually pulling cars over, robot police officers.
This is the rollout so humans can't say no to the technocracy run by the technocrats, the rulers of the digital dictatorship.
That's what a technocracy is, a digital dictatorship.
And Davos and the Club of Rome have all said, humanity's obsolete, they're going to merge with machines, soon militaries won't matter, soon men won't matter because it'll all be automated.
The post-human era.
But I digress.
The big thing you don't hear is this.
And all you've got to do is search engines, government documents, patents, that cell phone radiation can alter human behavior, not just cause cancer, not just break DNA, and that in many studies they've been testing for more than 40 years using electromagnetic wavelength systems to change or alter moods or even kill people.
And so our government wants to put in 5G to be able to spy on us, monitor us, track us, control us, but also change our behavior or even kill us.
Now our government shouldn't have that power.
And hackers shouldn't have the power to get into something like that.
It's like the Ring of Mordor.
It will only be used for bad.
But imagine if the Communist Chinese put in the 5G grid that can make you depressed, make you nauseous, make you angry, make you sexually excited.
This is all declassified with 30, 40-year-old studies.
This is all Associated Press, Daily Mail, Popular Science.
What I'm telling you is admitted.
So what do we do?
I was looking at my 26-month-old daughter this morning.
So smart, so funny.
And I looked at my wife and I said, I told everybody I wanted a wired house here where everything was wires.
I paid for it.
Everybody's got wireless.
And I went and I plugged it and I said, we're not having internet until the wireless is out of here.
Because it's always just by increment getting more and more powerful, more and more dangerous.
And I said, doesn't matter if they got Better Call Saul shows, you know, where the crazy bad lawyer brother, you know, is schizophrenic and thinks that, you know, there's radiation pollution or all this garbage.
This is real.
And I said to her, I said, and we've got to have a multi-year plan to get out of Austin and get to the country and then try to get people to run for office locally, to have a town somewhere that says no 5G or above.
And that's going to be the future.
Because let me tell you, I've got a stack of mainstream news, L.A.
Times, where you'll have a school of a couple hundred kids, and 30 of them have got cancer, and there's a cell tower on the roof, and teachers are all dying of cancer, and getting nosebleeds, and don't know who they are.
They've already got 5G in many areas.
Many of these cell towers are beyond 5G.
They've got all sorts of systems going in.
And ladies and gentlemen, they don't want to tell you.
They don't want you to know.
They don't want you to be aware of it.
But let me tell you something about radiation.
There's lots of different types of it.
But the sun will burn your skin if you're out in it all day until you die.
And that stuff only penetrates maybe a quarter inch into you.
This stuff goes right through you.
It goes right through walls.
It's ultra fast.
And it's at the exact frequency to rattle DNA.
Don't believe me?
Type in cell phone radiation breaks DNA studies show.
There's hundreds of those.
Breaks your DNA.
That means cancer.
So here's some of the articles.
5G smartphones cause cancer.
Big wireless doesn't want you to know.
5G services is coming and so are health concerns over the towers that support it.
Yeah, that's the really bad one.
The phone's bad enough.
A switch to 5G may be bad for the environment.
Newsweek even admits it.
Plan for 5G cell phone towers raises health concerns.
The rollout of 5G wireless service is a massive health experiment.
Daily Mail.
Rypon cell tower to be removed from school grounds.
Mothers of cancer survivors share feelings of relief in all the kids that are dead and dying.
And it goes through it all.
Maybe we should show some pictures of the dead and dying children from the cell tower right above the school.
Right there.
Here's LA Times.
Data shows it causes cancer.
Protests in Albany to Europe, to Russia, want 5G out.
People know.
And so here's the answer.
We oppose it.
We speak out against it.
And if you've bought a house and you live somewhere and you've said no and that stuff goes up, it's time to start fighting with civil disobedience.
Because this does cause cancer.
It's way more powerful than the previous radiation.
And we're not gonna let them.
They want to abort our kids before they're born.
They want to kill them after they're born.
Now they want to kill them when they're living.
And if they can't do that, they want to teach them to cut their genitals off.
That's who they are.
It's an evil frequency.
It's an anti-human operation.
It's why I say it's alien.
And I don't get into UFOs and all that stuff.
I'm reading the Bible, folks.
There's a fallen entity.
That hates our guts because we were made by God, his enemy.
And it's obsessed with rolling something out, but we have free will.
We have to accept it.
We have to get addicted to it.
And everything it does is dumb us down, break up our families, give us cancer, rewire our brains, make us depressed.
And all of us live in this.
All of us are hypocrites.
I'm in this quicksand with you.
I'm in this La Brea tar pit.
Facebook came out last week and said, we're watching you in your home.
Watch what you say.
Now they've announced a global government currency with the big banks.
And they say if you don't act like they want, they'll shut you off!
It's all here.
It's all happening.
It's all real.
So why does Trump want it shut down from the Chinese?
Not the spying, that's secondary.
The Chinese could kill you with it.
Not just slowly, they could kill you in days with 5G.
In days.
We'll be right back.
Infowars and free speech and your right to speech has been under unprecedented attack the last year or so.
It's Orwellian, it's biblical, it's authoritarian, it's insane.
And I keep trying to judge and gauge when is the right time
To have to stumble up on deck as the captain of this operation and say, hey, we're sinking.
I've begged for your support before and thanks for keeping us afloat, but this is the real S.O.S.
If you don't buy a bunch of products and spread the word and keep fighting, InfoWars will be shut down, not just crippled.
And so we've reached that point.
It'll make the enemy happy, but, you know, whatever.
We have withstood so many of their attacks.
We've gone through so much because of your support.
You have been there.
But let me tell you, they are pissed they haven't been successful, and they're giving us their full assault.
So we need your prayers, your financial support, and your word of mouth now at InfoWars4.com.
It's your fight.
Decide whether or not you want InfoWars to continue, because we could be shut down.
I personally don't want to hate people from the Middle East.
And I personally don't want to be at war with Muslims.
And I understand there's a larger globalist plan for a clash of civilizations.
But if your daughter gets kicked down a subway stairs by a group of Islamists because they think, you know, that she's a profane, you know, dog creature because she's a Christian or whatever, the police and the media try to cover it up and that's wrong.
And so if a hoard
I understand it's a manipulated collision.
I understand it's a manipulated clash.
But it doesn't change the fact if you're on the receiving end of it and capitulating to it.
And going along and saying, oh, Islam's great, it's a religion of peace, there isn't a class of civilizations happening, only adds to the globalist program.
We must be honest about the cancer that has become Islam in this current permutation, and the fact that the globalism is cancer, and the fact that the left's system is cancer, and the fact that mainline churches that just want to be country clubs have become cancers, and that the 5G, and the GMO, and the big drug companies, knowing they're giving us stuff that kills us and makes us more depressed, they're a cancer too.
There's a lot of damn evil going on here.
So I don't sit here and shake my finger at the Muslims, like I'm high and mighty, like a Pharisee up here, or a hypocrite, and say, you're the only bad people in the world.
We got a lot of evil going around here.
You'll see examples in the US and in England, where they're trying to teach five-year-old boys and girls, boys, they're girls, and girls, they're boys, and trying to teach five-year-olds about anal sex.
And the Muslims come in there, and they say, our kids are pulled out of here.
They protest, and then the school stops it, or says, Muslims don't have to go, but nobody else will stand up for their kids.
So that's the point I'm getting at here is,
That we've got a lot of evil ideologies here and humanity has really lost touch with what civilization has given us.
And we are becoming animals in the civilization our ancestors built.
And I don't care where that is.
I don't care if it's in Africa, the Middle East, the United States, Europe, Asia.
You've got people that are becoming disconnected from reality and who are not self-aware, who will do basically anything at any time.
And it's going to create a world meltdown.
It's going to create a societal collapse.
Because if you don't want to work, the systems will basically let you live for free, but you've got to follow their political aim to conquer.
But if you want to be free, you've got to work more, more, more.
But when you hit that point where the globalists finally take over,
They're going to have their own weird right-wing backlash that I think is going to be very, very dangerous as well.
It's a serious time, folks, and we need God more than ever.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Let me just say one more thing about the rollout of all these toxic systems that are meant to reduce our population by stealth, because the system knows it will adapt to rising cancer rates, will adapt to rising infant mortality, will adapt to
Lowering IQs, we'll never know what hit us with the soft kill weapon.
Silent weapons for quiet wars.
Here's an article out of Zero Hedge.
A morphological adaptation.
Smartphones now transforming the human skeleton.
Modern life is transforming the human skeleton.
Humans are now developing a bone spike at the back of the head caused by regularly looking down at their smartphones.
Or a dirigible hump.
According to a recent study, the phenomenon is called the external occipital protuberance.
A lump on the back of the head believed to be caused by the body reacting to the smartphone used by growing new bone layers on the back of the skull.
Now I want to explain this again.
What's happening is we're losing our relationships.
We're losing our communication with each other.
Young people especially.
That's all the studies.
Look it up.
It's causing real-time brain damage, real-time rewiring of the brain.
That's just the manipulation of the Pavlovian flashing screen and the way it manipulates our dopamine.
You have the former co-founder of Facebook and all these people saying, we did it immorally to manipulate you and control you so that bots would then be your friends and bots would then manipulate you, not even humans anymore.
But the avatars you believe are humans.
And that's how they then maneuver leftists into being so vicious, so crazed, such maniacs, because they're mainly living online.
In closing, it's the old parable of the vampire.
Vampires aren't real, but the archetype is real.
You have to invite evil in.
You have to go buy the cell phone.
You have to bring it into your home.
You have to learn to look into its eyes when it says, come here, and give it your worship and give it your time, and it bings and it buzzes like Pavlov's bell to the dog, and before you know it, you are entranced.
You are entranced.
People aren't having sex anymore because of Netflix.
People aren't having babies anymore because of Netflix, the study show, because of their smartphones, because it's their whole world!
If you try to talk to someone particularly mesmerized by it, they'll look at you angrily because you can't deliver the dopamine, the instant manipulation that it can.
You're pulling me away.
You're associated with depression.
You're associated with not being a good person.
You're associated with taking them out of the matrix.
They want to be back in the matrix, but slowly in the matrix, they're being destroyed.
That's what the studies show.
So Trump knows that 5G and all the studies is able to manipulate human behavior.
They don't want the Chinese to have access to that.
Well, our government shouldn't have that.
And so I'm glad to see movements and lawsuits and people saying no to 5G because of what we know it's doing.
The other stuff's been deadly.
So why would they ratchet it up?
Why would our government do something like that?
Why would systems bring things in like this that they know hurts us?
Well, there's some letters that have been found between French and British kings where they talk about, oh, cousin, I've had an uprising.
Oh, I'm married to your sister.
Oh, I'm married to your cousin.
They're the same family.
It's time to have a war.
And so they'd kill off a bunch of people in a war.
Well, you're killing off some of your strongest men so they won't oppose you.
But what about hurting the DNA of everybody?
What about dumbing everybody down and breaking up the family and the human system?
Well, that's the decision that's been made.
The decision's been made that we're a cancer by our leaders, whoever's directing them, and that we're entering a post-human era.
And so I want to have a pro-human era.
And I want to see space exploration.
And I want to see us transcend this planet.
But the decision's been made that that's not going to happen.
And Elon Musk and others have been inside the boardrooms.
So has Bill Joy.
They've told you that you'll have several hundred top tech people, billionaires all, and they agree they have votes on this program.
They have votes on the global program of world population reduction.
By any means necessary, the sterilization, the dumbing down, and if you look at what they're mainly attacking, it's not the third world.
The truth is the globalists are threatened just like kings were of their best men.
It's focusing on the highest IQs, the most aggressive and smart populations.
It is a parallel to a grizzly bear male that's drawn to have sex with a female bear and
What's the technical scientific name of a female bear?
Look that up for me.
A sow?
I forget.
But she's got her cubs.
You've got the, what's the male called?
A bull?
I'm going from memory here.
You know, I know a female fox is a vixen.
They've got all these weird names for male this, female that in the animal kingdom.
But, even though it's his cub, if it's a male, he'll try to kill it.
And that's what the globalists are doing.
They're trying to kill the best.
That's the secret of eugenics.
They're not threatened by people that aren't that high IQ.
They're threatened by people that are, because they see them as pretenders to the power.
And that's what this is, this global infanticide.
Male bears are called boars.
Did I get it right?
And then she's called a sow.
I did get it right, wow.
Did I?
What is a group of crows called?
A gaggle.
What's a really big group of crows called?
A murder.
I read a book once that had all the old English names for things and it gets really wild.
A male fox is called a dog.
The females a vixen.
Anyways, I digress.
Shifting gears out of that, we're about to go to Robert Barnes with big updates on the First Amendment battles here in a moment.
First off, again, please do not forget.
That they're in the news trying to frame me with child porn.
And when I say somebody who said they're mad at me for covering Sandy Hook sent me hidden child porn that I never opened, the National News now says I'm sending child porn around.
And then they say, oh, and you're calling a lawyer the person responsible.
No, I didn't.
I said their whole canard is what's triggered this.
So now I've been sanctioned in all this.
It just shows how corrupt this whole thing is.
But we're going to continue on.
We're under attack because
We're covering the global government.
We're covering the 5G.
We're covering all the key systems of this program.
So please don't forget, we have all of the best-selling products, period.
All the supplements, all the best systems at InfoWareStore.com, the same InfoWare specials.
50% off, storewide free shipping, double Patriot points.
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Okay, we're about to go to break, coming up with Robert Barnes.
Bob, so much has happened, and I know you're going to have some updates for us on the other side, but first off, they're still running AP articles saying that I lost a lawsuit and that I wrote a book I didn't write.
It's still the front of Twitter.
That means this must be on purpose.
No doubt.
I mean, the Market Watch is involved with that.
AP at one time was involved with that.
They clearly know it's false.
They've been told it's false.
They have not.
But yet still, there has been a failure to issue corrections and issue retractions by a wide range of people.
There's many that have, but there's many that have not.
And it's clearly deliberate, it's clearly intentional.
It goes back to about, you know, I think about a year ago, where there was some random crime on some California or Texas highway.
And they stuck your face on the photo.
I mean, they stuck your photo on a news story that has nothing to do with you whatsoever, in terms of this other lawsuit out of Wisconsin.
They're definitely testing.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Somebody attacked the police on the road.
They just said it was Alex Jones.
So they put that up there then, and now they've done it again.
Some of the headlines actually falsely list your name.
They claim you wrote a book.
You had nothing to do with it.
There have been so many Sandy Hook lies told by the media in this context, but the biggest ones have been told about you and against you.
And that's what's ultimately going to get exposed in the lawsuits that we're going to have to bring, and we're going to have to help create an organization.
Stay there.
Let's talk about why they're so bold right now.
I think it signals they're about to make a move on Trump.
Stay with us.
If you think gun control or something like that is going to change a terrorist's point of view, I think you're, like, out of your mind.
You may think you've got me worried about what you're going to do.
Dude, you're about to find out what I'm going to do.
And that's going to worry you a lot more.
No, no.
You don't step aside, we'll tear you apart.
You die first, get it?
Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe, you understand me?
He's blooded, let's rush him.
Are you bluffing?
You're not as stupid as you look, Ike.
Yeah, I don't understand the concepts of conversation of the gun culture.
We've lived with guns since, what, the 7th century or something, I don't know.
We all know that right now.
Guns is a totem, it's a metaphor that disenfranchised white guys need.
It makes them feel good because they're being proud of it.
You can say what you want, I don't agree with that.
There's a big difference between Fantasyland
In reality, Fantasyland is what we do.
Doing a movie, doing a television show, that's Fantasyland.
And that's where that stuff belongs.
In reality, when we're dealing with things like terrorism and whatnot, we're all going to have different opinions on how to do it, how to deal with it.
Mine happens to be that I think there's a very strong reason Founding Fathers had for the Second Amendment, and that is that no government ever
Hasn't had to fight its own people, and its own people hasn't had to fight its own government.
So what are you gonna do?
Outlaw everything?
That ain't the answer.
Just put some controls.
Put some controls?
What, so the people who want to defend themselves can't?
No, not so you can't.
Just so the idiots can't get a hold of us.
Do you really believe they're not going to?
Are you serious about that?
Are you seriously?
You're good with that?
Oh my God.
We had our Civil War.
If that Second Amendment hadn't been there, those people would not have had the opportunity to do what they considered was defending their life, their way, their style of living.
So, I agree with that.
I think that's an important part of our existence.
It's basically that simple.
The most banned network in the world.
We made the shuttle a little bit more high-tech looking.
We put 1776 on its right wing, of course.
And it's got a red, white, and blue American flag on the right shoulder with InfoWars.com.
We've had a few shirts that have been hits over the years that really go viral, that signify.
I believe this is going to be the new shirt.
Get your order first.
InfoWars4.com, InfoWarsLife.com, or 888-253-3139.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
We can add somebody else to the Clinton body count, it appears.
GatewayPundit.com reports, corrupt Clinton Foundation Foreign Policy Director, Dacia, appears to have vanished.
Meanwhile, NBC News reports, Clinton covered up pedophile ring at the State Department.
It's all starting to break.
And in the next film, Cult Trial, we learn there was devil worship.
Children trafficked and disappearing.
Oh, and the Clintons were involved.
Blackmailing people involved.
Any direction the Clintons go, there's aircraft and small children disappearing.
But don't worry.
If you talk bad about them, they'll have the front page of Twitter for two days now say Alex Jones is a pedophile.
And then I wrote a book about Sandy Hook not happening and I lost a suit.
None of it's true.
And not as if you search Alex Jones, it's the top thing.
Yesterday it was the top link.
And again, Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, represents Covington kids, represents famous Hollywood folks, represents billionaires.
He's an admitted top litigator, courthouse, junkyard dog, killer of giants.
And he says he's never seen anything like it.
I was talking to him last night.
He called high-level AP people and they said, I'll tell you what he wants to tell you, they said.
Again, this is bigger than us, Bob.
I've never seen something of this magnitude, but we know what it is.
Obama legalized the CIA engaging in domestic propaganda, the Washington Post reported.
ForeignPolicy.com, the foreign policy journal of the Washington Post, basically a CFR paper, and they admit we're lying to you and we're putting out this info inside the U.S.
and it's still going on and Trump hasn't stopped it.
What do you think this is?
A tester?
What is this, Bob?
I mean, it's an onslaught.
In part, it's a reflection of the fact that they are losing the battle at multiple levels.
So the fact that the audience has not gone away, the audience has
Stayed with the audience, has continued to contribute, has continued to be involved, has continued to buy product and support InfoWars, make sure InfoWars can stay afloat despite this unprecedented onslaught and attack.
Clearly has agitated those who are against you and want to see you destroyed.
They thought the lawsuits would achieve that objective.
They did not.
They thought the various PR and press attacks would achieve that objective.
They have not.
They thought the politicians calling for you to be banned would achieve that.
It has not.
They thought the de-platforming by Twitter and by YouTube and by Google would have that effect.
It did not.
They thought that Facebook and Instagram banning the use of even your name and a favorable positive light would have that effect.
It did not.
They have been unable to defeat the InfoWars audience.
And that frustration and that exasperation with their inability to achieve their objective, also to take out the president at the same time in terms of all of the coup attempts effectively that were being waged by the rogue Mueller investigation, when that ultimately shut down and was shut down by Attorney General Barr.
The combined effect of seeing the president continue to achieve and attain success
Continue to be in a good position to win 2020 while continuing to see the InfoWars audience support you and support itself by being involved.
You're saying we're seeing a massive temper tantrum.
A temper tantrum of unparalleled proportion.
The things they accuse you of are things that they themselves are doing.
And this is a consistent and continuous pattern of the press and the politicians and your political adversaries making things up.
And it starts with a motion filed in court
Where they say lawyers said things that the lawyers never said.
The lawyers were careful in what they said.
The lawyers never said any of the things that were in the headline.
Then you have a verdict from another case in Wisconsin that has absolutely nothing to do with you whatsoever.
Initially, they liable by just sticking your photo in, but not mentioning you by name.
And then some idiot editor at the Associated Press and Market Watch and these other places says, oh, that photo is Alex Jones, so the lawsuit must be about Alex Jones.
Even the news story never was.
And this is editors who are doing this.
So, I mean, I've talked to a reporter at the Associated Press who didn't know how in the world this story happened, and was trying to find ways to track it down and fix it.
Many of these stories have no reporter's name attached.
So that means they took the story from someone else, and it's editors who are doing this.
It's the people at the top.
Oh, we know.
This has CIA written all over it.
That's exactly who goes in in Operation Mockingbird in the group Obama set up is shadowy unnamed editors just put out fake news and they think people are so stupid they say I've lost a suit so they can probably use that against banks and say oh look he's insolvent when I'm not and I wrote a book about kids and I'm sending out child porn none of which was said in court none of which is true all of which is made up this is next level which again it's not about me.
Sure, they're scared of the populist audience.
That's what they're really scared of.
It's true.
I'm not building the audience up.
They admit their own internal documents that have gone public.
But we're a focal point, a gathering spot.
But it means they're about to make a move on Trump.
I really think them saying that he attacked Russia when he didn't, and all this other crap, and the attempt, you know, with the ship.
I think that this is really signifies they're getting ready to do something.
Well, they're clearly accelerating.
So there's the accelerated, they failed to get any of the impeachment investigation talk stuff going.
They failed to be able to get the Mueller report to lead to anything consequential or impactful.
They know that impeachment actually motivates more of Trump's base than motivates their opposition.
And so all of this sort of rhetoric, I mean, they were originally greenlighting violence and the sort of cultural celebration from the from the play in Broadway that was just shown here to the play in New York to the to later on with Snoop Dogg doing something similar.
So they're trying to create an environment that would justify someone acting violently against the president.
You saw this sort of a welcoming of milkshaking, quote unquote, which was physical assaults on people in the United Kingdom, hoping that that would translate here.
Here, they're trying to accelerate the allegations against you that they know are completely and utterly false.
They're going to create a wide range of potential libel claims against some of the biggest members of the institutional press in the world.
And that usually parallels and precedes an attack on the president.
And it would be logical for them to do so from the perspective that everything they've thrown at him has failed.
And yesterday he launches his political rally in Orlando.
It goes incredibly successfully.
It has a huge crowd.
That is a long line outside of it.
CNN is so affected by the success of the presentation that they shut down the broadcast six minutes into it.
So you have this dynamic of the populist revolution, the humanitarian revolution succeeding,
And all of a sudden you get these escalating talks that are encouraging a war with Iran.
Escalating talks before that are trying to encourage a war with Venezuela.
Escalating talks trying to encourage a conflict with Russia.
And this parallels the unprecedented assault on Infowars and you based on complete lies and libels that they know are lies and libels.
So whatever is happening to you is usually a beginning.
It's a foreshadowing.
of what they're going to do to the president.
So the president needs to be awake and alert.
All of this also happened after Attorney General Barr not only shut down the Mueller investigation, but Greenlight's antitrust investigation into Big Tech.
Today, Senator Hawley introduced legislation for the first time in the United States Senate that would call for ending Big Tech special immunities for their censorship activity.
And that's another key point.
Bob, is that I'm off these platforms.
I cannot even respond and say I didn't write that book, that they didn't say I sent child porn.
It's just devastatingly reckless, meaning they think either they're going to be destroyed or we're going to be overthrown and we're going to be shut down so it won't matter what they did.
They are acting in a desperate, scorched earth policy.
Now I want to say one thing critical to the viewers.
Viewers and listeners, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, and we're under unprecedented evil attacks, as you've seen.
But I wanted to take just a minute out here, from the bottom of my heart, to tell you how much it means to me that when you saw those lies against us last week, the worst things you can say about people, that you knew they were liars, you went and looked it up and found out the truth.
And so I feel very strong, and I feel God's hand on my shoulder, and I feel your love in my heart, and I want you to know that love is right back at you, and I want to thank you
Thank you for all you've done with your word of mouth and your prayers and your financial support, because I'm committed to fight to the end, but I want to win.
And without you, I'm going to be destroyed and it's not going to be fun.
But that's not what's important.
The enemy could win.
We're a key chess piece in this fight.
We're being used by God.
You're being used by God.
This is providence.
So I salute you and I thank you for all you've done from the bottom of my heart.
Bob, we're going to break.
You can come back with us some next hour.
What are other things on your radar?
So I think in general you're looking at, for example, what happened in the Connecticut court case.
You're seeing judges issue rulings that say their ability to control a party means they have a right to suppress or punish their First Amendment speech.
That's disconcerting, but we're going to bring that up to the constitutional structure.
And what you also mentioned is the dystopian future that the combination of deplatforming and defamation create.
And that is that here they're able to lie and libel you and you have no ability and no means to make a personal defense on the very platforms and against the very publications that are lying and libeling you because they have completely removed you from the ability to do so.
This is the future they want to create for all Americans.
That's right.
This is critical.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You found it.
The Kryptonite to Globalist.
Whatever it is we're doing, they don't like it.
I haven't aired one of the local newscasts or all the national newscasts lying about us.
It's one thing to look at the news articles.
It's another thing to watch people attack you and lie about you.
But the judge up there in Connecticut, we'll talk about her some because it's bigger than Infowars.
And does she not understand how the internet works?
Or what's going on?
We're going to play some of that newscast next segment, but you talk about the Connecticut Post that's very unrespected, you know, a known kind of rag, like the Inquirers, like the high mark compared to them.
Judge sanctions Alex Jones for child porn frame.
So, and I guess that is what the judge said, like, that's why we're appealing it.
In her letting the suit go forward, basically, is what's happened.
We were even challenging it to throw it out.
We still have another chance, obviously, several to throw it out.
But she is saying you shouldn't question that anybody... We were sent this by people death-threatening us.
We're getting it all from the FBI.
They said we were the victim.
I'm saying I'm being set up, so they say that I'm saying Chris Maddy set me up.
No, I'm not saying that.
I'm saying Chris Maddy, I believe, went to the FBI to try to get me arrested.
They basically admit that now.
They say it's illegal that I transmitted child porn.
No, somebody sent me unopened emails.
They went and asked for all our Sandy Hook emails.
It was buried, hidden in a Sandy Hook email.
Hidden links.
And then I'm supposed to be the bad guy.
Of course I'm pissed off.
And then these articles come out, you know, saying that I've transmitted child porn.
And then Maddy goes out and does a press conference that goes along with it.
So it's just unbelievable, Bob.
Well, precisely.
The big issue here is you have courts and lawyers advocating for a position that says that there's an exception to the First Amendment if you're a party to a lawsuit, and that there's a special safe space for lawyers, which I find sort of ludicrous.
The idea of being a lawyer in a case does not entitle you to be immune from criticism, even harsh
Uh, even harsh criticism.
That's, that's, that goes with the territory.
But to be clear, my main criticism was whoever tried to frame me with the child porn, and then I said, and this whole gaggle's trying to bring me down, me thinks they protest too much.
I did not say Chris Maddy was who sent it to me, but then the media said it was him, and now he's bought into that narrative as the victim.
Correct, yes.
And I think, independent of, I think the judge got things wrong here about what took place and what transpired.
But putting aside that she, I think, got the facts wrong, I think that the facts show that there wasn't any attempts to... Yeah, no, take your time.
We've got the next segment, too.
So, I mean, walk through that.
It's interesting.
So, I mean, the underlying facts are different than what the judge apparently concluded, in the sense that there wasn't... the criticism was focused on whoever it was who was sending these malware attacks, sending these child porn-embedded attacks on InfoWars.
That was where the criticism was.
That's where the anger was expressed for.
And there was some confusion, deliberate confusion, on behalf of the press to try to confuse that.
But independent of that, as a general matter, as a universal matter, no court should ever use its power to sanction a person for speech that occurred outside of court when there's not even a constitutionally imposed gag order in play.
And in general, most gag orders are unconstitutional.
That's why courts now don't issue them.
They cannot circumvent that constitutional requirement by imposing punishment on people for questioning or critiquing the other side.
Even if the judge got the facts wrong, even if the judge was right about the fact, it is very dangerous for courts to use its extraordinary power over litigants.
and parties to a case to punish them for their speech.
That's just wrong period.
Yes, they have to.
There's simply no precedent for this.
There is no precedent where a court has been allowed to sanction someone for their out-of-court... Well, Pattis claims there's a case where somebody outside said something to a party who was a woman, and that that intimidated her.
But, I mean...
That's called fighting work.
So if you have imminent lawless action, where you're in the physical presence of someone, then that's a different dynamic.
That isn't what happened here at all.
Even by the judge's misunderstanding of the facts, that's not what happened.
So if courts start misusing their power to censor, suppress, or punish people for their speech, we're in a dangerous position in our country.
Let's talk about this.
Is it a dangerous power grab?
The Globalist!
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From the front lines of the Information War!
Sworn to avenge!
On them to hell!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
A gleam in their eyes as the ships closed.
Every man excited to get some action.
Feel the ships.
Barreling over the sea.
The other ships are running.
We'll catch them.
When we do.
There's gonna be a new world order, all right.
But not the one they thought.
All right, coming in with some ministry.
You know, the Ministry's a big fan of Al Jorgensen.
His last four or five albums are InfoWars inspired.
He is quite the interesting character.
I'll leave it at that.
Not name-dropping, it is a lot.
A lot of folks are listeners to the show.
That just reminded me of something sad with another friend of mine that's in music, but I'm not going to get into that today.
Bob Barnes, let's talk about this judge and play this newscast.
Because this, again, this is not Alex Jones.
I would not have a show every day spending 30-40 minutes about me.
But the way we're being persecuted, what's happening, the way the news is saying, Judge Sanktjens-Jones for thinking he was framed with whoever sent me child porn.
Well, whoever sent it said, I'm gonna kill you and had hidden porn links.
Of course they were trying to frame me.
The media said that I was saying that Chris Maddy was that.
I made it clear then and the next day before they filed these motions that it wasn't Chris Maddy when the press said that.
This former Democrat federal prosecutor.
So recapping how dangerous this is, there's no precedent out there for what this judge said.
Norm Paddus was blown away by the judge.
Yes it is.
There have been prior attempts to issue gag orders on parties.
But here there was no gag order in place because constitutionally there wouldn't, there shouldn't be one.
And the other side wants to be able to talk to the press at will.
So when you have a situation like this, for people out there generally, my, our greater concern is even the court got certain facts wrong here.
It's much bigger than your case or your situation.
This is about the public's right because the public gets educated about their legal right through high profile cases.
And it's one reason why I have been involved in these for many years and have commented on even in cases I'm not involved in, because the public gets their interpretation and their legal education through how the high profile cases are covered and what they think they're entitled to or not entitled to, what rights they believe they have or do not have are shaped by that.
And the very dangerous precedent that was being attempted to be set here was that if a court didn't like the out of court statement of a party
You're criticizing the lawyer for the other side, not a party for the other side, but criticizing a lawyer for the other side, even though she got a lot of the facts wrong about what she assumed took place here.
Putting that aside, even if she was right, it is a dangerous pattern and precedent to set to say that out-of-court speech that is otherwise completely protected by the First Amendment, by everybody's admission and acknowledgement, is somehow no longer subject to the First Amendment's protection.
And it's outside the First Amendment's protection, and a judge can use their mighty power of the gavel to effectively suppress, censor, and punish speech they dislike.
So that's the scary part, part one.
So not only would a gag order here would have been unconstitutional, you can't circumvent that unconstitutional provision by effectively punishing someone for engaging in speech you couldn't prohibit under the Constitution in the First Amendment in the first place.
The second scary component of this
Is there's more and more lawyers who appear to believe that this isn't being particularly critical of the lawyers in Connecticut.
This is about the general mindset of the lawyers across the country, where there are more lawyers that I'm running into who believe that they're supposed to have a safe space protection around them.
That means that if they bring a lawsuit, magically somehow because they bring a lawsuit, they're supposed to be immune from public criticism.
I have been subject to more attacks than probably almost any high profile lawyer in the country.
I mean, after I was involved in the Covington case is just the most recent example.
I have the FBI still investigating bomb threats against my offices.
The I had death threats on a repeated basis.
I had people hack my email account or tried to try to hack my social media account.
They created a fake website, a fake site online that was supposed to be Barnes law and created fake reviews to defame me and libel me.
And they did it behind an anonymous rankings in the
This is annoying, but it's par for the course.
This is what happened.
All of that behavior is actually illicit behavior.
What I never even thought of is to go to a bar association or go to a court and complain about other people saying bad things about me because I filed a suit.
That's just insane.
I don't know.
And we're not backing down.
And we're exposing the Covington hoax first.
We expose it first.
We're exposing it all.
We are the tip of the spear.
You are the tip of the spear.
And that's why everybody has to remember we're running a Save InfoWars special right now to get more capital in because we've not been able to expand
We've actually been contracting some.
The enemy has been winning with all their attacks.
We're still reaching a lot of people, thanks to you.
But we need capital to get more reporters in the field, to launch a bunch of stuff we've got ready to do that is going to devastate the globalists.
And we've proven we don't talk, we deliver.
But I need war bonds.
I need capital.
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Bob, if you've got to go, that's fine.
I'm not putting you on the spot.
If you've got to go, it's fine with me.
If you want to do one more segment, I haven't gotten to this newscast with the media attacking me with what they're saying, what they're doing, just as a template and an example.
If you've got time, I'd hold you over and play that and get your take.
If not, closing comments, the last two minutes we have.
No, I definitely have time.
I mean, I think, as I've said the other day, and I said to the people in the press,
Your case is the template case for American freedom moving forward.
And whether or not they can break the InfoWars base, whether or not they can stop the InfoWars audience from supporting the InfoWars network.
Because again, like you said in corporate documents, the model of self-funding, self-sales is the thing that corporations, the globalists fear.
Because crowdsourcing and individuals doing this scares the living daylights out of them.
It's not only that you have a unique
Voice in the public arena in the public square.
The other thing that's unique about InfoWars is it is the only network of this reach that is not backed by a corporate donor or corporate sugar daddy.
That's not backed by some billionaire.
That's not being funded by secret foreign government.
That's not being backed by a corporate advertiser.
It is completely independent of all that.
It is an old school American 1776 style experiment
In the expression of the freedom of press and freedom of speech that, in fact, the founders were so concerned with at the beginning of the country, they actually tried to support and subsidize organizations just like this because this was the kind of press they wanted.
And then ultimately, we now live in an era where they've mostly been co-opted by big corporations or billionaire sugar daddies who have been able to control and manipulate what news and views the person is allowed to have or express or hear.
And the InfoWars audience has broken through that.
They are the bridge from the founding to the modern age of ultimate American democracy and freedom.
And that's why there's been an unprecedented onslaught of de-platforming, defamation, lawfare, and libel targeting you.
But as you said, like the Star Spangled Banner, in the morning the flag was still there and now the enemy is getting really pissed and putting out giant mega hoaxes against us.
I see it as a sign of weakness.
We'll see what Bob thinks on the other side.
Then we're going to play this news report, then I'll come back.
Now I was most proud of, for eight years, there wasn't one single hint of a scandal or alarm.
President under pressure from a trifecta of scandals.
President Barack Obama trying to get ahead of just one of the three scandals now consuming the country's attention.
That scandal involving the Secret Service and accusations of drinking and hiring prostitutes in Colombia.
The Obama spying scandal.
The mother of all scandals, Spygate.
This is a big...
It's a huge scandal.
The gun walker scandal.
The VA scandal.
The VA scandal.
It's a scandal telling America you can keep your doctor, a callous deception that hurts millions.
Today widespread embarrassment about this scandal has really turned to disgust.
All of this comes as a White House that takes pride in being scandal free has been hammered by a series of controversies.
The latest?
Revelations the Justice Department obtained two months of telephone records of reporters at the Associated Press as part of a leak investigation.
I believe there's been a pattern by this administration in not taking responsibility for failures, avoiding blame, pointing the fingers in somebody else's direction.
Would you agree with that?
Uh, no.
For eight years.
There wasn't one single hint of a scandal.
The CIA went in to walled off Senate computers in a bona fide investigation that's being done of the detention and interrogation of detainees.
As far as the allegations of, you know, CIA hacking into, you know, Senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth.
CIA Director John Brennan apologized today after an internal investigation determined the agency had spied on staff members of the United States Senate.
Firestorms surrounding the IRS.
Last night, we asked if what they did was fair.
Tonight, the FBI is asking, was it criminal?
I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.
In the years before the election, more liberal groups were being approved, while conservative groups with names like Patriot, Constitution, and Tea Party were stymied.
In 2011, not a single Tea Party group was approved.
Operation Fast and Furious, an Obama administration program that let thousands of assault weapons fall into the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels.
Guns found in over 170 crime scenes, including the murder of a U.S.
Border Patrol agent.
The Obama administration denied the program's existence and withheld information to protect political appointees.
The Dallas Morning News calls this a cover-up.
Will anyone be held accountable?
Single hint.
My main concern is fixing a problem.
New questions over who is to blame for the deaths of some of America's most elite warriors in a helicopter crash.
Their families suggest that the White House and others are lying about their deaths and what led to them.
All of a sudden there's movies, SEAL Team 6, documentaries, SEAL Team 6, SEAL Team 6, this, this, this.
Where did it all start?
Joe Biden in Delaware in a tuxedo with a half a load on, telling everybody it was the elite Navy SEAL team.
Now to the VA scandal, which is now a criminal investigation.
An extensive new report reveals more than 100,000 veterans waited months to see a doctor or never saw one at all.
And some workers saying they were pressured to falsify records.
Now the VA scandal has officially become a criminal investigation.
I think I'm either low IQ or slow or I don't know what I am, you know?
Slow Joe Biden?
Now, I have to tell you, he's a different guy.
He looks different than he used to.
He acts different than he used to.
I had two cranial aneurysms.
And they literally had to take the top of my head off.
I mean, they take a saw and they cut your head off.
Flawless victory.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Yeah folks, let me tell you when the bullet hits the bone.
When they've got hundreds of articles republished in all the local newspapers where I live.
Family calling from Dallas, Houston.
I'm on the front page of the paper.
Alex Jones sent child porn.
None of it's true.
Alex Jones lost a lawsuit for a book he wrote with Professor Jim Fetzer saying nobody died at Sandy Hook.
None of it's true.
Front of Facebook.
Front of Twitter.
Front of Yahoo.
That's what they do.
That's when the bullet hits the bone and you go, my God, they are just as evil as I thought they were.
Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyers here.
This is about America.
This is about a press out of control.
This is about fake news on steroids.
Let's go to part of this local TV station piece and Bob, just say pause anytime you want.
And if you want to make comments, as I'm, you know, obviously don't need to groom you,
Yeah, I don't let that man say he's being framed.
My goodness gracious, shut him up right now.
Here it is.
Alex Jones in trouble here in Connecticut.
Jones, who once called the Sandy Hook Massacre a hoax, is causing another story.
And this time, it's over implying that an attorney representing those families tried to frame him with child pornography.
Today, both sides were in court for a hearing, and so was Channel 3 New Haven Bureau Chief Matt McFarlane, who joins us live now with what happened, Matt.
Well, Dennis, the judge came down on Jones and his attorneys, sanctioning the InfoWars host, claiming and saying that his behavior was indefensible, unconscionable, and possibly criminal.
They say when he made those statements online, they said
Now, the judge said if he wanted to have an issue and he thought he was being framed and set up, she says he could have gone to authorities, she says he could have filed a motion with the court, but she says when he went on his web show and actually named attorney Chris Maddy and made these allegations, she says that's when he crossed the line.
Let's zoom in on Chris Maddy.
Oh, nice little Chris Maddy.
What a good American!
What a good boy!
You think you'll put on me what?
Anyways, I'm done!
Total war!
You want it, you got it!
It's this recent roughly 20 minute rant by InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones with his attorney Norm Pettis by his side that led to lawyers meeting in this Bridgeport courtroom today.
Attorneys representing Sandy Hook families in their defamation lawsuit against Jones filed a motion with the court
Asking for sanctions and penalties.
Saying they've had to reach out to law enforcement and are getting threats.
After Jones mentioned attorney Chris Maddy by name.
Showing his picture and inferring that Maddy was behind the child pornography that turned up in emails handed over during discovery.
Jones and his attorney argued the emails had been sent to him by others.
And that no one associated with him ever opened them.
Even offering a reward to anyone who could provide information leading to a conviction.
They say the FBI is now investigating who sent the emails.
Today in court, attorneys representing Jones argued he had walked back his initial comments, claiming what Jones said wasn't a threat or harassment, and that he has a right to free speech.
But the judge wasn't buying it, handing down the sanctions, saying Jones' words and actions were unacceptable.
Let me say this about Mr. Jones' conduct.
His conduct, and I think the court concluded this, really threatened the integrity of judicial proceedings here in Connecticut.
And that was the basis for why she imposed sanctions, and we think it was appropriate.
Now, we're told Jones' attorneys will appeal today's ruling.
Now, up on that 6-4 courtroom today, as part of the sanctions, the judge ruled that Jones has lost his special motion to dismiss this case.
He'll also be responsible for paying the plaintiff's attorney's fees regarding the child pornography issue.
As for the defamation lawsuit, a trial date has been set for November of 2020.
We're live with the Mobile Newsroom in Bridgeport, Matt McFarlane, Channel 3 Eyewitness News.
So, Bob, what's your take on that?
Couple of things.
You notice how they're mixing and matching things.
So this is how the media lies when they are at least more successful at lying outside of the libel law.
What they do is, so they took something that involved a legitimate concern where there's no question.
The FBI has already confirmed you're innocent.
The FBI has already confirmed that someone was sending you malware.
The FBI has already confirmed that someone was trying to frame you.
None of that is in dispute.
None of that is in controversy.
But they
They confuse and conflate that issue with the separate issue of whether or not negative statements made about the lawyer constitute a basis for sanction.
And instead, they make it sound like, oh, you know, Jones says he was set up, but really the judge didn't make that determination, and the judge is really sanctioning him for saying he was set up, which is all fault.
That isn't what happened in the court proceedings.
That isn't what the judge did.
That isn't what the lawyers did.
That isn't what happened.
So that's the creative way in which the press lies.
They lie by association.
They lie by affiliation.
They lie by innuendo.
They lie by connecting things that are actually not connected to one another to create a bigger, broader, wider, deeper lie.
So part of what the media station here is doing then, and that's what the media coverage is trying to do, they're trying to say, oh, actually, the judge rebuked Jones for saying that he was set up or that he was framed.
Totally false.
Judge said no such thing.
Judge didn't rule on that at all.
In fact, it's undisputed and incontroverted that someone tried to deliberately sabotage you, deliberately undermine you, deliberately try to frame you, and the press went along with it with their false and libelous headline.
Nobody in court has ever said anything different.
So there, that's the biggest sort of innuendo lie that they're trying to tell.
The second part there is the attempt by the defense lawyer, the plaintiff's lawyer,
To defend the court's ruling by saying that somehow judicial proceedings were jeopardized.
Complete nonsense.
The First Amendment is clear.
The First Amendment does not allow a court to say, well, I want lawyers to be specially protected, and so I'm not going to allow harmful speech to be issued against them.
That's just not the case.
There has to be a call for imminent lawless action under the Brandenburg decision, under the Skokie decision, under the Westboro Baptist decision.
In each of those cases, people were saying things that were truly offensive.
I mean, you had the Nazis marching in the neighborhood that had the highest per capita number of Holocaust victims in America.
You had the Klan organizing in the Brandenburg days right outside of an African-American neighborhood.
And Bob, we're almost out of time, but in closing here, we talked last night.
I mean, you want to get into the fact that we didn't do this on purpose.
I got mad.
They mixed together what I said.
They misrepresented.
We're not worried about that.
Yeah, they're trying to get criminal charges, all the rest of it, whatever.
Uh, whatever.
It'll just make us more of a martyr.
People know none of this is true.
So fill your hand if that's what you want to do politically.
But you made the point that the judge was probably going to throw out our slap deal anyways, the way she's been behaving.
But now they've got an actionable appeal.
We've got a good chance of winning by this precipitous action.
No doubt.
They made a mistake in the tactical decisions they made, and the judge made a mistake.
Because the judge made it clear that there's frankly a lack of respect
All right.
All right.
The lead person doing it, the lead organization doing it, is InfoWars.
You are the key to defending the First Amendment for everybody moving forward.
And I have no criminal record, no history of it.
I'm in another state.
Clearly, they just made all this up.
Alright, God bless you Bob.
We'll talk to you in the studio soon.
We'll be right back with the big news.
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Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Put him on pause again.
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much begging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
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I need your help, Frank!
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Do you understand?
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm hosting the fourth hour today.
Elliott Weber's gonna pop in, but I've got three really powerful reports.
That I saw on YouTube and so many of these people I've never heard of and I just get stuck for hours watching their great research.
So I want to talk about those folks and alert you to their presence.
Though many of you are probably already aware of who they are.
And one of them I found out about because they were
Got banned on YouTube because it was a big protest.
I went and watched it, very intellectual, from a liberal perspective.
Not a leftist perspective, but a liberal perspective.
That's coming up next hour.
Paul Watson did a very informative report on cyberpunk that came out in the 1980s that a black writer created.
And people are wondering how they predicted everything so exactly.
I'm going to explain something.
I'm not saying that the author of the Cyberpunk series is a bad guy.
My dad was in research science when he was in high school.
And he was in Plan 2 at UT, where high school kids went to UT, okay?
And they're like, the public doesn't know about our nuclear reactors, or our computers, or... By the time he was going to UT, as a, you know, adult, young adult, they already had CD-ROM, all this stuff.
What you're shown in the news and what they admit to is only the tip of the iceberg.
And so we're going to play that Cyberpunk, the early accurate predictions of Cyberpunk 2020 next hour as well with my analysis.
So it's a big fourth hour today.
And we're doing a lot of exciting stuff.
Bought Millie Weaver and crew, because their contractors, an RV, our RV, burn up in a big famous fire that happened in Round Rock a few months ago.
It was like hundreds of RVs burn up from an electrical fire.
So I took the money from the insurance of that and I just bought them an RV.
I didn't give it to them.
I gave them an interest-free loan over the years.
I'm not bragging here.
They're on fire.
Caitlin Bennett works with her.
She hired Caitlin Bennett or their contractors together.
She goes around with her husband and Caitlin goes around with her fiancé.
They get physically attacked and they get everything.
You know, if Caitlyn Bennett comes along and says, I've got an idea, or I got her to town, but they were so busy shooting stuff, going down to the abortion rallies, the pro-abortion rallies to cover them, and getting beat up by those women that I could never get with Caitlyn, even have time to go, how can I finance, while I still have money, getting you on your feet even more because you kick ass so much?
You see, and I'm going to go back to this, I'm going to hit all the news.
When I get up here and talk about Paul, me throwing him out of the nest, that's not like bragging.
It had to be done.
Anybody ever read Oliver Stone's and Millis' Conan the Barbarian?
It's a very good movie.
Clan Destroyers is a terrible movie.
But Conan's already the top gladiator in the world, the known world.
And he's sleeping outside.
They come out with an axe and hack off the chains and say, go, because it's just not right to have somebody who's successful and strong and good under your wings anymore.
It's time for them to go.
Time to be emancipated.
It's time to not be a slave.
I'm not saying Paul is my slave, but I know Paul, I talk to folks that know him well in England, it's like, yeah, I like Alex, like what he does, but he is kind of a maniac and I want to be my own person.
I'm like, well, good.
Let me help you be your own person.
And it's the same thing with Owen.
It's the same thing with Millie.
It's the same thing with all these people.
I probably got 15 reporters I want to hire.
I don't have the money to do it.
But I'll tell you this, the reason why Millie pitched me this
Lower tier RV, but it's new.
What's the point of having one breaking a lot?
It's one of the lower end ones, but it's, you know, kind of the plain Jane one that has a good record.
I'm like, yeah, I'm paying for hotels and I'm paying for airplanes everywhere.
It's cheaper just to get you the RV.
But I said, the great part about it is it's yours and you just go into the future and hopefully you pay me back.
But I'm in the process here, with the enemy trying to shut us down, of trying to get as many people as I can ready, trained, in the field.
And I want to really expand that operation, but that takes capital.
And I mean, take the Marine Corps, or the U.S.
Army, or any military that has a history.
You don't have the officers and the people trying to stay in charge forever and looking down on the troops.
You're looking for who's the best in the organization to promote them up and teach them everything you know so they'll be better than you.
And then when it comes time to die, I don't mean physically, but time to be destroyed, in case you get shot when you're out there, you know, leading armies on the battlefield, you need to have other officer corps ready to step in and take action.
And we've had a 25-year run, ladies and gentlemen, but let me tell you.
When they're running front page Twitter for two days, that I'm sending out child porn when it's not true, and that I write books about stuff I didn't write, and it's totally made up, that means they're letting me know, buddy, this is the last straw.
Well, guess what?
I get it, and I'm out backing down.
So, do whatever you gotta do.
You have to deal with Jesus Christ.
And if it's God's plan I'm destroyed, that's the way it is.
I have no fear.
I have fear, and I'm about to cover what I have fear of.
I have fear of letting monsters like Hillary Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein and others continue to do what they do.
And so, if vampires were real, and I opened a door and there was a vampire bent over one of my kids about to bite him, I would attack that vampire with everything I got.
Doesn't mean I want to fight some six foot seven vampire with superhuman strength, but I'm going to do it.
And you know, there's a chance I might actually get a good stab into him.
Okay, maybe he'll limp off and somebody else gets him.
The point is, is that you want to fight, man, you got one.
You understand that?
So, but I think the listeners need to understand we've entered Mordor.
Infowars, myself particularly, is now right down to the wire with the enemy.
And we've grievously wounded them, we've grievously hurt them, and they intend to take us out of the fight.
But however the breaks happen, however the dice roll, however providence works, we know God's on our side, and that's what matters.
And it's God's plan.
Satan is not in control.
Satan is only in control of his minions, his pathetic servants.
So thank God you're not part of that.
When we come back, the huge stack that I didn't even have the will to cover yesterday,
Okay, because I re-read all this this morning, I spent about 30 minutes looking over this, and it's, it's, when you understand that convicted child traffickers, child sex traffickers run Amber Alert, you're not in Kansas anymore.
And when you realize Hillary, it's on NBC News, was caught running a pedophile ring, and that's why
They brought up the whole Pizzagate thing and twisted all that to have one part of it not true so they could discredit the whole thing.
It's just unbelievable.
So what I want to do is I want to really just take on the enemy with everything we got.
And I just want to signal to everybody, all the other signals have been real.
All the other flags I've shot up have been, hey, we need help.
Thank you for the help.
But man, now I'm just telling you, we need to provision this operation.
As if no more funding is going to come in for a while and we've got to dig in ahead of election 2020 and we've got to stand behind the president and we've got to just realize this is not a regular election.
This is not a regular time to be politically involved.
This is war.
This isn't like going out and having some baked beans and some hamburgers.
Fourth of July, baby.
This is what the Fourth of July is all about.
And the globalists are trying to silence me, and you, and everybody else with intimidation.
And we need a strong message to them that we're not backing down, we're not giving in, and that's finances.
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I scream and it's like Google goes, I'm wearing a pink and a green sock and I got a little beard and I talk like this.
You know what those guys do when they get on jets?
They go, bring me 15 hookers now and get the drugs ready and take me to the private island.
Get the satanic rituals ready.
You don't just think the enemy has sleeper cells, do you?
They've told me directly, if I don't want to be sued, if I don't want to be attacked, if I don't want to be, you name it, stop reporting on this.
And guess what I'm going to say to the big bank, the New York Federal Reserve, everybody else.
Here's what I'm going to say to them.
Hey, you ready?
This is what I'm saying to you right now.
You got that message?
Never going to stop.
Never going to stop.
Going to beat you too.
We're in a fight here.
I got like two battle axes fighting them.
They're hacking at me.
We're like, ah!
But you don't want to come out of mommy's basement.
You want to sit there and suck on your own little wee-wee and play video games and pretend like you're this big, you know, badass person.
You're a soldier on the internet battling everybody.
A lot of liberals have broken their conditioning because of it.
Just keep making fun of me!
Keep attacking!
I love it!
I'm totally destroying you!
So under U.S.
Code Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1528, Paragraph B... Is that true?
You nailed that right there?
Yes, yes.
Oh man, you wanna fight, you're gonna get one.
I don't wanna lose my voice, I just want you to know.
The majority of the frogs in most areas in the United States are now gay.
But it's like a rape hate.
You know, it looks all nice and candy, puppy.
That's how they act all liberal.
Oh my gosh, communism's really good.
If you're gonna like it, get in the car.
Oh, you like that?
Wonder Man.
Oh yeah, you like that?
We'll see it again?
Oh yeah?
Yeah, that's goblin power.
This broadcast is InfoWars.
I'm Alex Jones and I do the show here weekdays 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
and then we have Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
here on the air.
Hey Alex and all the InfoWars, can you hear me?
Yes sir, I can!
Thank God!
Literally, I have waited and I've been, I'm a very patient man and I'm a man of God and I'm a man of Christ and I believe that we can look
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, we've got some bad news and we've got some really, really fantastic news.
And then I'm going to get into the Clintons.
And the NBC News report from years ago and now new reports of new investigations of the pedophile rings they run to control government inside the State Department.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I'm hosting Fourth Hour today.
It's going to be particularly powerful.
Then the War Room, 3 p.m.
Don't forget the David Knight Show, 8 a.m.
And I do the Sunday Show, 4 to 6 p.m.
Here is the bad news, but it just illustrates what we're talking about.
You know they've banned the
Political party sites on Facebook and other platforms that are for the president of Brazil.
You know they banned most of Trump's support on YouTube and Facebook.
And Google's manipulated the rankings.
Well now YouTube deletes channel of Spain's populist Vox party that has been winning elections.
Facebook just banned their site a month ago.
That's mainline populist parties.
That's globalist operations right there.
But I've told you that Senator Josh Hawley, former Attorney General of Missouri, top of his class,
American patriot.
I get a good feeling about him, not just his words.
Talk about the value of family, and of a little fishing pond behind your house, and of, and of, and of just being hard-working, and not wanting to be part of Hollywood, or the globalist system, but just wanting to be on the PTA, or, you know, wanting to help fix old people's cars, or just being a good human.
That's so fulfilling.
Loving Jesus.
And he's been fighting Google since he was the Attorney General.
I've watched him over and over again when he brings out the Chi-Coms and the Globalists and says it's time for action.
All the bills he introduced are amazing.
So I've been signaling him out as the type of leadership we need.
Just watching the work he's done in the last year or so.
Josh Hawley takes on Big Tech, which means they're going to come after him.
You understand that's like taking on the CIA and everybody else at the same time.
Josh Hawley takes on Big Tech's censors with a new bill that would strip them of immunity.
I'm going to cover this more in the next hour.
And New York lawmakers OK allowing illegal aliens to get a driver's license, and of course, to vote.
And we've got Ebola spreading now to multiple countries, getting outside Africa.
And there's over 300,000 flee violence in Congo amid massive Ebola outbreak, breakdown of society.
Newswars.com, that's directly from the U.N.
And they're all being told, come to the U.S., unvetted, to Texas.
And they are.
Trump's being called a terrorist for saying that he wants to screen people for Ebola.
Now, when you fly in from England or something, they check your passport, but now if you're coming in illegally from Africa, from Congo, you go straight into the country.
The Democrats still control the courts in many areas, and it's just a nightmare situation.
Trump's trying to change that, so are we.
Okay, let's get into this stack right here.
And then I'll go a little bit in the next hour with it, because there's no way we're going to finish up with this right now.
Get that NBC News report ready for me, thank you.
And this is why they want my head on a pike, politically.
Here's a story out of News Punch.
And there's new reports that this is being investigated again.
NBC News, Hillary Clinton covered up pedophile ring at State Department.
And you wonder why Matt Lauer, for all his problems, got let go.
He didn't do a good enough job covering this up.
Then I'll get to the latest developments on this front.
Massive pedophile ring busted by cops.
Let's go ahead and roll this clip.
We are following this breaking news out of Washington.
Some serious allegations this morning facing the State Department.
That's right.
According to internal State Department memos, the agency might have called off or intervened in investigation into possibly illegal and inappropriate behavior within its ranks, allegedly to protect jobs and avoid scandals.
This concerns a time that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.
We want to get right to NBC's Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd with the latest.
Chuck, good morning to you.
Good morning, Savannah.
You know there's an old saying in Washington that the cover-up is worse than the crime.
But in this case, both parts of it are disturbing.
Allegations of prostitution and pedophilia and allegations that those crimes were somehow covered up or not looked into.
So the State Department this morning is having to respond to those claims and those investigations of misconduct by State Department officials, including by an ambassador and security agents attached.
To then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
And the allegations are that these investigations were whitewashed, quashed altogether, and that those orders came from high up.
NBC News has obtained documents related to ongoing investigations into some disturbing allegations involving State Department personnel and at least one ambassador.
A State Department memo says the ambassador, quote, routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children.
The memo also says a top State Department official directed Department investigators to, quote, cease the investigation into the ambassador's conduct.
It's just one of what another document describes as, quote, several examples of undue influence from top state officials.
Okay, so let's go ahead and get into the breaking news that just came in.
Andrew Gillum said, Hillary, you must be exhausted on Twitter because you've been running through a real Donald Trump small mind for a long time.
So a groveling, sycophantic statement.
And she says, I can handle it.
Bless with stamina.
And thankfully, I didn't stay up last night watching InfoWars.
And then they know.
This is the audience that got Trump elected over the top.
We're the reboot of America.
We're the 1776 poll star between myself and Trump.
And it's true.
It's the people.
And then, as they say, the mad prophet of the Tea Party.
As they said eight years ago, and then Trump.
And that's why they want to shut down.
Because we're about to do this.
You just saw that report.
Well, it's back in the news.
It's being investigated because of the Nexivim cult trial.
It's now come out in court that Hillary Clinton
Was involved, and that they had cult members planting stuff on computers so that they could spy on Hillary, they could spy on each other.
The Brothmans were involved, being spied on.
The cult was getting women into it, saying it was feminist empowerment by worshipping men and starving yourself to death for Lucifer.
Yeah, and children being kidnapped out of Mexico and disappearing.
Crime Boss closing arguments in the NXIVM trial.
Satanism, Mexico child trafficking, Hillary, Schumer, and Gillibrand ties.
And it goes on to all of the different child porn featuring Mexican child sex slaves as young as five years old.
There were human breeding rituals that are satanic and human sacrifices.
Do you think the reason who's being branded should be held to the table almost like a sacrifice?
Ranier said to his one-time co-conspirator.
This is a feeder group into the real Satan groups, like I told you.
NXIVM had the financial records of ally Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton's emails.
The sex cult's deep opposition research files and its political enemies included, we now learn, Roger Stone!
That's right, came up in trial.
Documents from the archives and shedding light on how the sex cult stored data on top politicians including Chuck Schumer, whom the cult viewed as a friendly ally according to ex-employee Frank Parlato and Hillary Clinton.
And this goes on for, this is a 12-page article, and then this is all over even mainstream news, but it's getting no attention.
And remember, Stone got implicated in this cult only because they had a bunch of sub-companies.
And they said, we want you to come speak to our group.
Well, Stone's a public speaker.
He came and spoke.
It was really weird.
He thought it was a cult.
Got out of it.
They were doing that, trying to compromise him, but he smelled it and got out.
So, Claire W. Brothman, an heiress to the Seagram Company business empire, allegedly implanted a keylogger virus on a computer of her late father, Edgar N. Brothman Sr.
So they always go after rich men's daughters and then get them to do that to their husbands or fathers.
Gotta watch out, folks.
So officials with the ex-NXIVM Corporation could secretly monitor his emails, including his exchanges with world leaders and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to reports.
This is just all a bunch of scum spying on each other.
And again, they're all involved with Epstein and the Lolita Express and just all of it.
It's unbelievable.
And then people like Alan Dershowitz expose it, so they try to frame him with made-up crap.
And that ties into Jeffrey Epstein.
It's all made up.
So if you expose it, they say you're part of it.
It's just incredible.
And here's some of the target files and who they went after.
They were targeting Brothman and Rothschilds.
Can you imagine being Rothschilds and Rothmans with all their tens of billions of dollars just laying around and all the people trying to get into it and all the rats and all the leftist crap?
Just what a nightmare.
Why don't you just bring Jesus into your life and stop devil worshipping and everything will be okay.
You know?
Oh, I haven't even scratched the surface, sorry.
There's a lot more coming up.
The UN's own admission that Hillary's operatives run child kidnapping rings.
The Associated Press reports.
I don't know if you were happy that day, but I read on your Facebook page you were getting a vaccination, you were singing.
A PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent recently admitted during a conference that babies are only given shots up to age one in order to train the parents to get their children into the medical system, that the vaccines are completely worthless.
The notion that babies are being injected with vaccines in the first year of their life simply in order to brainwash parents into feeding their children into the medical system is an extremely disturbing premise.
Hey, how would you like to take InfoWars with you wherever you go?
Well, now you can do just that with the new official InfoWars app.
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It is absolutely free.
At the Apple Store and Google Play, you can join the InfoWars today.
Check it out right now at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
It's the InfoWars official app, taken on the globalist at point-blank range.
And with your help spreading it, and with your help downloading it, we are unstoppable.
What you have witnessed is the biggest development in free speech in the Western world's history.
This is a digital, AI-enforced gag order.
Not to say the name Alex Jones or InfoWars.com.
This is Nazi Germany level.
This is racketeering.
This is cartels.
Mr. President, we need your help.
We need it now.
You can take on Big Tech.
They saw Infowars as a dominant, independent, anti-war, pro-human, pro-sovereign, pro-family, populist organization.
So they thought, first they come for Alex Jones, then when people say, OK, take him off the air, everyone else, like dominoes, would fall.
The way to fight back
is to support Infowars now more than ever and make it a standard of freedom and free speech.
Understand that they believe they can take us down, they'll take everybody else down.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
They can't trump our providence if we take action and take our birthright.
I'm exercising mine.
What about you?
Next segment, it's so sad they're canceling the Clinton Broadway show months early.
No one's coming to their events.
And Hillary's attacked me and says I'm the operating system for Trump.
I simply rediscovered America and freedom.
Packaged it in just a brown paper bag cover.
And people want it.
Over you, whose first lawyer job was representing child rapists?
And I don't mean just people accused of it, and it's not clear.
I mean brutalizing people.
NBC News, Hillary Clinton covered up pedophile ring at the State Department.
Hillary attacked me on Twitter last night.
YouTube deletes channel of Spain's populist Vox Party.
Crime Boss, closing arguments in the ex-NXIVM trial.
Nixxiom trial.
Oh, and look!
New Life Children's Refuge case.
Even from Wikipedia.
Even the left can't whitewash it.
Laura Sillsby, who got convicted of child sex trafficking out of Haiti for the Clinton Foundation.
Well, guess what?
She changed her name.
And she now runs the group that controls Amber Alert for Missing Kids.
That's a key position, isn't it?
Right where you need to be.
The Clinton-Sillsbee trafficking scandal and how the media attempted to cover it up.
Zero Hedge.
Boy, they deposed me and Sandy Hook.
They want to know all about Zero Hedge.
Who runs it?
Who's behind it?
And I don't know.
I just know they don't like pedophiles and they're badass.
And I just know it's good to know I got other folks out there like me.
Feels good to not be the last of the Mohicans.
Oh, we're not the last.
We're the rebirth.
All of you.
You can be black, you can be white, you can be brown, you can be pink.
You can be old, you can be young, you can be male, female.
If you believe in protecting children's innocence, you believe in humanity, and you believe in God, you believe in the future, and you're not anti-human, well then, we're on the same team.
Clinton brokers deal over Haiti orphans' abductions!
That's mainstream news, ladies and gentlemen.
Look at that.
And then it goes through all of it right here.
Clinton Foundation tied to child trafficker Laura Silsby.
Trying to sneak kids out of Haiti.
God knows where they'd go.
Laura Silsby was convicted of kidnapping 33 Haitian children who had families.
She changed her name to Laura Gaylor.
Now works for the U.S.
And she got a job running the system that gives the index info to Amber Alert.
She works for Amber Alerts as a service, which means she knows how to locate those missing children or who might be looking for them.
Important place to be after you're a convicted child trafficker.
But hey, a lot of kids flowing in now with those open borders.
A lot of fresh hamburger.
The Global Intelligence Files.
Legal advisor to U.S.-Haiti missionaries arrested.
Guess what they were arrested for?
Can you guess?
Human trafficking of children.
But there's a new article out.
This is being promoted by mainstream media and the Huffington Post.
Children can handle the kick of pride parades, say SJW parents when they let their little kids get out there and see naked men and their genitals hanging out.
Things I won't even show adults here on this show.
The men come over and rub their
Erect genitals on little kids and everyone howls with pleasure.
The power of exercising pedophilia in the open makes Satan smile upon them.
AP exclusive!
UN child sex ring left victims but no arrests, including many deaths.
Go read the 11-page report.
Oh, top Clinton donor in Arkansas arrested for child porn distribution.
That's mainstream media.
BigLeaguePolitics.com also reporting on it.
Oh, and Trump's busting the pedophiles.
That makes him mad.
Sometimes grown-ups touch kids in ways they don't like.
I was wrestling with my uncle, and it changed.
It felt icky.
When touching feels funny, it's hard to know what to do.
He said I shouldn't tell anyone.
If that ever happens to you, say no.
Then go!
And tell someone you trust.
Say no!
Then go!
And tell!
A message from the American Medical Association.
I'll bet you're as bright as your good old days.
I'll tell you what.
What's your favorite subject?
Whoa, I better be more circumspect in my answer.
Those guys back there.
Go ahead to the next question.
And by the way, that's one of the things that's a dangerous idea.
You know, as these guys will tell you, I'm not always their favorite subject.
But the truth of the matter is, the reason we are who we are is called a free press.
Continue this denigrant.
You know, one time I sang this in my Dodge Challenger.
Roaring down the road with Dave Mustaine here in Austin, Texas.
And we heard Dave's got throat cancer.
I need to call him and pray for him.
But I sang this whole song with him on the radio.
I was better than going to one of his concerts.
Broken bones.
Getting shook.
I'm here to tell you, it's harder than it looks.
Long way to the top if you want to bring down world government.
We're getting real close.
Hillary Clinton tweeted out last night about Trump's event.
She said she can handle it.
Blessed with stamina and thankfully I didn't stay up late last night watching InfoWars.
But she meant by Trump's re-election launch that was a gigantic extravaganza.
They are pissed.
I'll show you the next segment, or maybe now.
Nobody's coming to their events, maybe a couple thousand, even when the tickets are free.
Nobody's going to their Clinton play that they have in New York that the whole media's been pushing and promoting on Broadway.
That's been cancelled a month early.
Nobody, ladies and gentlemen, nobody likes Hillary.
Nobody's visiting with her.
Nobody's covering what Biden does.
Biden might get 200, 300 people out.
They're so scared.
And so she sees Trump, ladies and gentlemen, and what happened last night, as so incredibly scary.
And she accurately knows that it's InfoWars.
We have a clip in there where CNN pulls out and cuts the feed as they're chanting, CNN sucks, and they don't know what to do.
Isn't that just beautiful?
Now, Paul Watson,
Did a report.
We're gonna go ahead and roll right now.
We'll talk about it after the break.
The early accurate predictions of Cyberpunk.
Here it is.
Cyberpunk 2020 was a 1988 tabletop role-playing game.
The second version of which was set in a fictional 2020.
The game takes place in a dystopian future where multiculturalism has failed and America is quote, divided by class, race and economics.
The main themes of the game pertain to futuristic transport, weaponry, and transhumanism.
But it's the cultural and sociological tropes featured in the game that make some of its predictions eerily prescient.
Again, to emphasize, this RPG was originally created 30 years ago.
And in an updated 1994 rulebook, we find this stunningly pinpoint prophecy about life in 2020.
Diversity and unity!
It is now accepted among historical scholars that in the decades before the collapse, America suffered from the sickness of racism and cultural identity.
Everyone wanted to be seen as special.
Every group had to be equal to or preferably better than its neighbours and fought to protect its special rights.
If anyone had something that someone else wanted, they were painted as racist, sexist, elitist or worse.
This divisive, me-first attitude eventually tore the fabric of American culture apart and caused it to self-destruct in a fireball of competing ideologies, none of which truly recognized each other's validity.
Diversity led inexorably to anarchy.
Wow, I guess the designers of Cyberpunk 2020 must have been racists.
Yeah, actually it was created by this base black dude.
For anyone who has followed modernity's obsession with identity politics and the sanctification of victimhood as a form of special status exploited to impose political and cultural hegemony.
That's a creepily prophetic observation given that it was made nearly three decades ago.
But that wasn't the only prediction that Cyberpunk 2020 got banged on the money.
The game's 1988 rulebook predicted, quote, a Great Britain swamped by mass immigration, leading to streets almost explosively as dangerous as the United States.
Hmm, that kind of rings a bell!
A wave of stabbings have given London a higher murder rate than New York City.
Every 14 minutes, there's a knife crime across England and Wales.
Knife crime is at a near record high, with more than 40 blade offences every day in London.
If your child is involved in a gang, and there's nowhere for him to hide, you take him back to Africa.
You know, it's safer there than it is in London.
When you're a parent sending your child back, it's a risk you're taking, but unfortunately some parents feel like it's also a risk leaving their kids in the streets of London.
Diversity is a strength.
The game also predicted the rise of the, quote, Me First worldview, which is now exemplified by exploding narcissism driven by social media addiction.
The RPG also foresaw a future in which, quote, entertainment has become generic and a conglomeration of TV networks emerged to deliver hundreds of channels that produce a product which is, quote, bland, mindless, and caters to the lowest possible denominator.
That kind of rings a bell, too!
In a successful attempt to distract the population from the dystopia that surrounds them.
In the game, the so-called Medianets ensure that every apartment has access to this idiocracy-style mass entertainment.
The game also predicted the decline of traditional media platforms.
With old-fashioned newspapers and print magazines fading into oblivion, the original cyberpunk game was inspired by a 1986 sci-fi novel called Hardwired.
In Hardwired, and by extension cyberpunk, ruthless corporations have created vast monopolies, have amassed more power than countries.
And everyone is completely dependent on them.
According to Cyberpunk's 1988 rulebook, in 2020, quote, dissenting opinions and independent productions are usually buried under an avalanche of media hype, or worse, co-opted or destroyed by the vicious competitive practices of the major media corps.
That definitely reminds me of something.
Just can't quite put my finger on it.
Imagine this for a second.
One man with total control of billions of people's stolen data.
All their secrets, their lives, their futures.
I owe it all to Spectre.
Spectre showed me that whoever controls the data, controls the future.
But at least it's not that bad yet, right?
We can still express dissenting opinions without being silenced by Megacorps.
At least when someone tried to post about Cyberpunk 2020 on Reddit under the title, In the original Cyberpunk 2020 rulebook, diversity was the downfall of America.
The post wasn't immediately removed.
It was immediately removed.
A big Cyberpunk 2020 theme is augmentation of the body with cyber technology, which in turn causes an ensuing loss of humanity as the characters become more synthetic.
Which was another adept example of prescient social commentary on our increasing addiction to smartphones and the wider body modification transhumanist movement.
The Stockholm subway system also has plans to modify their turnstiles so they can be opened with implanted chips.
Over 3500 Swedes now have microchips under their skin.
You got the chip.
According to the 1988 rulebook, quote, as each new technological enhancement slammed into place, a sort of cultural techno shock set in.
In a 2006 update to the game called Cyberpunk 23X, corruption of the internet has made, quote, all data intangible and recent recorded history is in doubt.
Again, this speaks to the contemporary lurch towards internet censorship and digital buck-burning, in addition to fears over fake news.
This update also accurately predicted the rise of deepfake technology, misleading people about the nature of reality.
And the power of memes to influence culture and society.
Cyberpunk 2077, a new video game starring Keanu Reeves, based on the original RPG, is set to be released next year.
In the game, the metropolis of Night City is divided up into six different regions.
One is the domain of elitists, another of criminal gangs, and another of immigrants.
In other words,
Diversity and integration appears to have failed.
Segregation is the way of life.
And nearly a year before the game is even released, we're already seeing a progressive backlash to Cyberpunk 2077.
In this tweet, a leftist expresses his outrage at a certain level of disgust expressed by characters in the game to the sight of a heavily technologically augmented naked woman in a bathtub.
Although the objective in the game is to rescue the woman, she is seen as profane, unclean, and not fully human, because she is, quote, augmented too much, given the- Hi, I'm Dan- Defiance!
Or rebellion.
Is something that has to be looked at as a neutral statement?
Is defiance bad?
Is rebellion bad?
Is resistance bad?
Well, it really is a question of what are you resisting?
What are you rebelling against?
The left pushes this whole narrative about they're rebelling against oppression and they're rebelling against people trying to tell them what to do or say, but no one's really telling them what to do or say.
They're in charge.
They run the big tech.
They run the corporations.
They run the society.
They have their agenda and they're openly the bullies trying to dictate to us how to talk, how to dress, who to have sex with, how to live our lives.
They're constantly lecturing us about microaggressions and telling us that we'll be arrested or taken off Facebook if we don't behave ourselves.
These people are a clear and present danger to free societies.
And so that's what I really want to telegraph to folks is, we know the modern threat to humanity.
Every generation has a threat.
Every generation has a big war.
But this is a political and cultural war, an economic war.
It's raging in 2019.
And the establishment is so angry that organizations like InfoWars are still on air.
They need to have victories, because despite their trillions of dollars and their corporate dominance, people are rejecting them on a planetary scale.
Globalism is in full retreat.
It's in full collapse.
And so it's rearing its ugly head and hitting us with every nasty trick it had planned for the future, for their conquest of humanity, and it's still failing.
But for those of us
At the front of the lines, or in the capital ships, we're the targets, ladies and gentlemen.
And I never thought of InfoWars as a major battleship, or an aircraft carrier, or a destroyer, or a submarine attack group, but the enemy sees it as that because we are.
And it's essential we stay in the fight, and never surrender, and never waver, and never back down, and never give up.
That's why, with all the unprecedented attempts to criminally set us up and put me in prison and shut down this operation that have been all over the national news, we have launched Save InfoWars emergency special that's only running for one week.
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Now is the time to secure your order before they completely sell out and know that you fund us into the future.
Take advantage of this massive special and support the defense of free speech and reality at InfoWareStore.com.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've proven that we're the enemy of tyranny.
We're pro-life, we're pro-God, we're pro-human.
We need your support or we'll be destroyed.
Please support us.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I heard everybody said about the bird.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Bellie Weaver was at the big Trump mega rally last night.
Infowars.com reporter.
She'll be joining us the last segment.
But I wanted to start every day when I have time, singling out amazing YouTubers and other people online that are really breaking down some amazing stuff.
This video was produced a couple years ago.
It's only got 800,000 views.
It deserves 10 million views.
And it was put out by Black Pigeon Speaks.
It's the end game.
Why the West is lost.
And it's from a liberal, historic perspective, and it's actually pretty accurate.
Now, the Black Pigeon Speaks was banned off YouTube for a week or so.
It was a big backlash.
They put them back up, but they're laying out the history of countries, the West, why the West was special, and why it's under so much attack.
It'll take this segment and part of the next segment to get to this report, but it's really important, so here it is.
Odious cretins like Antifa.
The Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.
Children having sex reassignment surgery.
Dogs having sex reassignment surgery, for that matter.
Bug chasing and gift giving.
Miley Cyrus.
Massive uncontrolled immigration of cultural groups that are totally incompatible.
We tell ourselves we are being vibrantly enriched when Rotherham, Orlando, and Cologne happened.
What kind of civilization have we inherited?
Well, what we are doing is, in fact, living the endgame of Western civilization.
This is the end result of the West's unique experiment.
An experiment that many think has gone wrong, but, in fact, is going totally as should be expected.
In the next several minutes, I will explain why the transgender, anti-fa, children on hormone blockers, and those intentionally trying to contract HIV, the bug chasers, are in fact the true inheritors of Western civilization.
The genesis of this video was around a few pints at the local pub with a friend that goes by the moniker TheRenegadeOfFunk.
Please find a link to his blog and Twitter in the description.
Well, what we were doing was doing as we usually do, talking about a plethora of abstract topics, when he brought up a book called The Troublesome Inheritance, written by Nicholas Wade.
So what follows is basically a rehash of that conversation.
So, the key or foundational understanding that underpins any civilization is that the state is superior to one's own tribe.
This applies to the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, as well as it does to modern Americans.
So, going back in time, after the collapse of Rome, Europe was a fractured patchwork of small kingdoms, while the Chinese of the same period had built a government based on meritocracy, at least in its administration, while, for example, the Islamic world wed religion with the state in a theocracy of the caliphate.
All societies and all civilizations of the time were de facto dictatorships in one fashion or another.
But it was in the West that developed a unique way in which to order its society.
The rule of law.
That's not to say that the Japanese, Indians, Chinese or Arabs didn't have law.
But the key difference is that the laws were never seen as superior or could countermand the ruling class.
In that, whoever ruled made the laws and everyone else obeyed.
For a modern example of this, look no further than Kim Jong-un of North Korea.
But what the West created in terms of the rule of law was revolutionary and superior to even Roman law.
The Magna Carta was the starting point of the uniquely Western adaptation known as liberalism, the concept of which is very difficult and hard to pin down, but is best understood by looking at the sum of its parts.
It is anti-tribal or anti-ingroup, as authority is abstracted away from local family groups.
The rule of law takes precedence over, even in theory, the ruling class.
The rule of law also applies to all groups.
Thus, in time, it eventually becomes secular.
And secular law leads to individual rights, as well as, and I might add, undermining religious authority.
As liberalism evolved, representative government more often than not became the standard.
And in time, as we have seen, that government becomes progressive.
When liberalism reaches its apex,
It then begins to deconstruct its own traditions and society, intentionally generating new norms and standards.
This is where we are today.
In Wade's book, he presented clear and convincing evidence that human evolution has been, in his words, copious, regional, and recent.
We can observe huge shifts in intelligence, psychology, and behavior in as little as the past 20 generations.
Consider the reality of medieval life.
It was nasty, brutish, and short.
For entertainment, people would gather in the town square to watch grizzly torture executions, or fill large containers with cats and burn them alive while they enjoyed listening to the screams of the dying animals.
People ate with their hands, farted at the dinner table, and wiped their snot with their clothing.
Interpersonal violence was also commonplace.
Liberalism changed that.
In a real sense, it