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Air Date: June 18, 2019
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, he addresses efforts to censor him and InfoWars, discussing false allegations against him. He also talks about recent pedophile busts linked to Hillary Clinton and the failure of mainstream media to cover it. Jones promotes various products available through InfoWareStore.com and urges listeners to support the platform financially. The video exposes hypocrisy in supporting women while ignoring issues like grooming kids or FGM, police visiting schools for certain websites but ignoring Islamic extremism, and Rory Stewart being accused of destroying Brexit.


Ladies and gentlemen, it's Tuesday, June 18th, 2019.
And one of the top news stories in the United States, not just here, but also in Europe, is the headline of headlines, the fake news coup de grâce.
The fake news finale, in my view, but it'll only get worse, obviously.
They've reached new heights.
Alex Jones sent child porn to Sandy Hook families.
Boy, that'd be a better idea to commit suicide than to do that, wouldn't it?
And then, hundreds of articles.
Both the local papers here in Central Texas.
San Antonio, Austin American Statesman.
Front page!
Alex Jones sent child porn to the Sandy Hook family.
It's a total lie.
That's after dozens of publications over the weekend
Reported that we were the victims of someone sending hidden coded child porn Embedded in an email that had nothing to do with sex or anything else that was never opened Until we were subpoenaed by the Democrat Party lawyers in Connecticut and Reportedly they went to the FBI Seeking my indictment
And reportedly are still seeking it.
Saying, I transmitted child porn.
I've talked to five famous criminal lawyers today and they say, unprecedented.
No one would ever indict you for that.
But they're trying.
Because they don't have their Sandy Hook case.
It's fallen apart.
It's all based in lies and they're panicking.
Now, DrudgeReport.com over the weekend linked to my video breaking this down and the reward I offered.
And I have the Hartford Courant, I have all of the news articles right here, where the FBI says I'm the victim, that this is a very common practice.
I've talked to a lot of famous people I know, who people have tried to set up by sending them stuff that says, oh, here's photos of us on vacation, and then it's child porn.
We don't open attachments that we don't know who they're coming from.
We've had to call the FBI when we found this before, and it's just routine, and they pass you on to an organization that tracks that.
Anyone that's run a big web company, or anything that has a lot of traffic, has been sent this garbage.
What's crazy is that the news came out over the weekend, we were the victim.
Even the Daily Beast reported it, it was in USA Today, all over.
Then Monday afternoon, it hits.
Jones, with files, sent this to the families.
And the Young Turks and others, I saw the video this morning, they said, Jones is going down for child porn, good, it's the end of him.
The commenters were, yeah, glad he's getting arrested, that pedophile.
Well, isn't that just amazing?
The Young Turks removed the video.
We need anyone that has it on a DVR to get it to us.
We intend to file suit on them.
This morning, I was talking to our lawyers.
That is the absolute defamation to destroy us.
They said to take us off air, but they removed it.
ABC News, the Associated Press, they're all changing their headlines now.
They're all changing their headlines now because they all wrote articles not even telling the public
That it was email sent to us.
They just said, I sent child porn.
Understand this, this means next level lying.
You understand, this is criminal defamation.
To destroy the First Amendment.
Infowars and free speech and your right to speech has been under unprecedented attack the last year or so.
It's Orwellian, it's biblical, it's authoritarian, it's insane.
And I keep trying to judge and gauge when is the right time
To have to stumble up on deck as the captain of this operation and say, hey, we're sinking.
I've begged for your support before and thanks for keeping us afloat, but this is the real SOS.
If you don't buy a bunch of products and spread the word and keep fighting, InfoWars will be shut down, not just crippled.
And so we've reached that point.
It'll make the enemy happy, but, you know, whatever.
We have withstood so many of their attacks.
We've gone through so much because of your support.
You have been there.
But let me tell you, they are pissed they haven't been successful, and they're giving us their full assault.
So we need your prayers, your financial support, and your word of mouth now at InfoWarshore.com.
It's your fight.
Decide whether or not you want InfoWars to continue, because we could be shut down.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I have agonized in the last six months coming to you with this message because I don't like to let the enemy know their hurtness.
But there comes a time in a war when you're winning the war but as a
Battalion, or a platoon, or an army.
You're losing and you gotta call for reinforcements.
You gotta call for help.
There's a lot of things people don't know about.
Behind the scenes, it's been rough.
And sometimes I do melt down.
Sometimes I've subconsciously shuddered rage and it like a volcano comes out.
And that only happens every once in a while and I've told the crew when that happens from now on we just go to rebroadcast.
That's a default position.
Because I know our enemies are criminals.
I know they're bad people.
I know they've joined evil on purpose.
And I'm sick of them posing as if they're the good guys, saying we are the bad guys.
There is so much incredible news here today that I almost don't want to start
With myself, even though it's a top news story.
It's one of the top stories in the country.
It is a planned premeditated operation to take us off the air because they've been losing their long-term strategic plan to bankrupt us with fake lawsuits.
And their lawsuits have been being proven fraudulent, even though some of them have procedurally moved forward.
So they've shifted to clandestine operations and other things that I'm not at liberty to get into on air at this point.
But I am facing embedded stay-behind networks in the Justice Department and in the CIA and other agencies.
Now, there's only minority groups, small groups doing this, but they're in a lot of power positions still.
Trump has not been able to get them all out because of traitors below him that'll lie to him and say that somebody's good or such and such is bad.
That said though, there is organically so many good people in the FBI, in the Justice Department, in the bureaucracy who've just been doing their jobs.
They are now becoming activated and they are now taking action.
There have been 14-fold the arrest of pedophiles since Trump got in.
Hillary's former top fundraiser just got busted trafficking in child porn.
You've got this FBI agent that got caught setting up the governor in Missouri.
Just got arrested.
So, it's every few hours they're getting busted.
And the human traffickers are getting busted, and the narcotics traffickers are getting busted, and the MS-13's getting busted, and this country's on the move.
That's why the Democrats in the deep state are flipping out.
Joe Biden has come out and said that we need a physical revolution against America.
That's coming up.
So, ladies and gentlemen, we're in the middle of a revolution to take our country back from criminals, okay?
So, people ask, why am I so happy most of the time when we're being persecuted?
It means that we're really over the target.
It's not fun, it makes me angry, but there's also a real sense of satisfaction that when every TV station in the country
Every major news outlet and every major paper.
Every paper in Texas.
I've got family calling from Houston and Dallas and San Antonio.
In some cases, I'm on the front of the newspaper as a child pornographer.
Now, that's okay.
It's not true.
They said George Washington was a lot of bad stuff, and I'm not comparing myself to George Washington, but we were sent 12 emails
That were in the trash folder that the Democrats subpoenaed with keywords that had hidden child porn links in it so that we would never find it.
It was hidden links.
The FBI said that.
And then they tried to get the judge a few months ago.
We've been in court seven times battling them in Connecticut on Discovery.
They tried to get the judge to order us to open all the attachments.
That's like telling somebody to play Russian Roulette.
We don't open attachments unless we know who sent them.
I've called the FBI six, seven, I forget times, when people have sent us child porn.
It's not illegal if you open it and didn't know what was in it.
We've called them before, they know that.
I've been into the FBI about this stuff.
They're like, hey man, we're busy, just go here.
So, the headline is, Jones sent documents out of the clear blue sky to these poor Sandy Hook parents.
According to the lawyers, one of them is a former federal prosecutor, a Democrat, of course.
And they have been taking this material and taking it to the FBI.
And from our sources, we're getting it ready for the news.
I'm not saying they planted the email.
I'm saying somebody planted it.
We're going to find out who they are.
But I am angry at those individuals.
But not physically.
When I make statements about whoever planted it and I say I want to see their head on the pike, that is figurative and I have no record of ever attacking anybody offensively or any criminal record.
But nevertheless, they're in court right now calling for all sorts of sanctions on me and they're trying to get criminal charges against me and all the rest of it.
It's all a badge of honor.
It's all a badge of honor.
I've done none of what they've said.
It's all a fraud.
It's all a lie.
And they know it.
But think about that long and hard.
We get sent needle in a haystack, invisible needle in a haystack.
Imagine if you owned a bookstore and had 20,000 books in it, and you ordered a couple books, and one of them had a postcard of child porn slipped in it, and a week after the book arrives,
The police come in and say, we got told there's a postcard in this exact book over here, and they go and open it.
You would say to the police, who told you that was there?
That's your suspect.
This is 101, deduction, my dear Watson.
On what planet would I send child porn to the people the Democratic Party are using to try to destroy me?
I mean, again, why not just commit suicide?
I would never do that.
I didn't do that.
But if you read the hundreds of articles, and I'm going to show you dozens of them here, typing my name in to Google News, it says, lawyers for the Sandy Hook family say Jones sent the families and or them child porn on documents.
Now, now, now, you could say technically in some twisted way that's one-tenth true.
I didn't send it.
Two law firms reviewed it.
It was hidden.
Only a computer scientist would find it.
The Lynx didn't say what they were by name.
We never opened it.
They're in court right now.
In Connecticut.
In New Haven.
Saying that I...
Was, knew this or I was flagrantly negligent and that I should have opened all the attachments.
They first wanted 9.6 million emails since Sandy Hook.
All of them.
We fought them to the expense of $100,000 in legal fees just for that.
To not give them all your emails.
She wanted 57,000, the judge did.
Then they wanted the metadata.
All that weird squiggly stuff that nobody can read.
That was then gone over, and they found what was in those links, those links that were named something else on there.
So we got out ahead of it.
And we said what the FBI told us that we were the victim, and the media ran with the truth, and then somebody up higher said, we can't have this.
Put out the headline, Jones sent child porn to the Sandy Hook families.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Just this weekend, the New York Times said that Trump ordered giant cyber attacks to bring down the Russian power grid, a total act of war.
Trump came out and said it's treason.
None of it's true.
My point is, this isn't just me.
The left and the globalists have gone completely insane.
Instead of telling whopper lies, they're telling super dangerous criminal lies now.
Trying to get us into wars.
Leaking disinfo.
They have thrown all reason to the wind.
They are mad dog crazy.
And so it is bigger than Alex Jones.
It's bigger than America.
It's bigger than Trump.
It's bigger than you.
It's about the whole world.
And it's about the truth.
And it's about people trying to get me indicted.
For emails we never opened.
Anybody could email you anything.
People get this crap all the time.
People with small email accounts get this stuff.
It's well known.
And they then thought, hell, we got 9 million emails.
This is what I think is going on.
We're going to find something.
And you know what?
Isn't it funny?
They found it under Sandy Hook.
Isn't that just cute?
And secret links to child porn.
And man, it's my fault.
I did it.
That's like saying if somebody mailed you child porn, you thought it was junk mail, didn't open it, didn't recognize it, threw it away, and then, oh, somebody calls the cops and says there's child porn in your trash, because they're sitting across the street with binoculars.
Who do the cops then talk to?
Me, or the guys across the street?
Or rebellion is something that has to be looked at as a neutral statement.
Is defiance bad?
Is rebellion bad?
Is resistance bad?
Well, it really is a question of what are you resisting?
What are you rebelling against?
The left pushes this whole narrative about they're rebelling against oppression, and they're rebelling against people trying to tell them what to do or say, but no one's really telling them what to do or say.
They're in charge.
They run the big tech.
They run the corporations.
They run the society.
They have their agenda, and they're openly the bullies, trying to dictate to us how to talk, how to dress, who to have sex with, how to live our lives.
They're constantly lecturing us about microaggressions and telling us that we'll be arrested or taken off Facebook if we don't behave ourselves.
These people are a clear and present danger to free societies.
And so that's what I really want to telegraph to folks is, we know the modern threat to humanity.
Every generation has a threat.
Every generation has a big war.
But this is a political and cultural war, an economic war.
It's raging in 2019.
And the establishment is so angry that organizations like InfoWars are still on air.
They need to have victories because despite their trillions of dollars and their corporate dominance, people are rejecting them on a planetary scale.
Globalism is in full retreat.
It's in full collapse.
And so it's rearing its ugly head and hitting us with every nasty trick it had planned for the future.
For their conquest of humanity.
And it's still failing.
But for those of us
At the front of the lines, or in the capital ships, we're the targets, ladies and gentlemen.
And I never thought of InfoWars as a major battleship, or an aircraft carrier, or a destroyer, or a submarine attack group, but the enemy sees it as that because we are.
And it's essential we stay in the fight, and never surrender, and never waver, and never back down, and never give up.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we've proven that we're the enemy of tyranny.
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We need your support or we'll be destroyed.
Please support us.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You have found it, the tip of the spear, the globalist's second biggest enemy.
There is so many child porn busts and actual busts of people trafficking children happening right now.
It's about 5,000 the last week.
And we mentioned it last week, but there's been new big busts, so I'm asking the crew to print me those articles.
Crime boss closing arguments in the NXIVM trial, Satanism, Mexico child trafficking, Hillary Schumer, and Gillibrand ties.
Now, that's mainstream news, ladies and gentlemen.
That's coming up next hour.
Why do you think they ran this child porn story on me today and yesterday?
Because when this came out in the trial yesterday morning, they began to crap brick factories.
What did I tell you that organization was involved in before it was even in the news?
Branding women, chaining them down, Satanism, starving them to death.
I said they like to make the women emaciated to hurt the power of femininity.
And then, of course, they reportedly killed quite a few of them.
Oh, I told you all about that at Harvey Weinstein.
And do you remember the news?
Even the Huffington Post said Alex Jones has defamed Harvey Weinstein and claimed he's tied to cults in New York and California into Mexico.
I was told that by law enforcement and by Army Special Operations individuals in the CIA.
I was given specific briefings so that I would have credibility six months later when it broke.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
It's not about the sex.
It's about the humiliation.
It's a form of psychic vampirism.
And they know I have their number, and they are pissed.
And so, magically, we got sent child porn we never opened.
And the FBI admits it, but the press picked that up this weekend, but it's been under the rug now, and you transform it into Alex Jones is the child porn man!
I have my head high.
And I know the libtards will be on the street.
It'll be the new thing.
Child pervert?
And I'll be like, oh really?
You're the ones that want to legalize sex with kids.
You're the ones at the gay pride parades everywhere with eight-year-olds shaking their asses.
You're the ones with the little drag queen kids admitting you want to sexualize them.
You know that it's your God that wants to hurt kids.
I'm on the other team, bucko.
You know damn well you will know a tree by its fruits.
You guys endorse and support this and you're all getting arrested for actually having dead kids on ya!
And now it's all gonna come out.
The whole house of cards is starting to fall.
You think the NXIVM cult is the only one?
And that little Alistair Crowley sigil, a cult symbol they put on those women?
They've all drowned in lakes of blood.
That's figurative and literary from... Not literal, literary.
From Robert E. Howard and his writings about Thulsa Doom and his mountain of power.
Is there a dagger such as this for me?
Which is then remade into Conan the Barbarian, written by who?
Millis and Stone.
If you watch that movie, you get it.
Underground, under a mountain, Satanist chopping up and eating women and children.
But first, they have sex with them.
And Hollywood didn't want that movie released.
They were mad about it and said it was fascist
An anti-gay?
Very interesting, which means anti-pedo.
I'm sorry, I'm digressing.
When we come back, Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, will be joining us to talk about the next phase.
He was up all night long.
And we're getting ready to already file some suits.
It takes money to do that.
But these are knock-em-out-of-the-park suits now against the Young Turks and others who did remove their video.
That's not enough.
They have to state what the FBI stated.
They have to state what the Harper Current stated that I am the victim of child porn and that they got up there and didn't say it was an email nothing.
They said this lunatic mailed child porn to the families and then they cut together me yelling and screaming about it deceptively.
Alex Jones sent lawyers for Sandy Hook families child pornography filings say Wall Street Journal.
Oh, does it tell you that we never opened it and that the lawyers specifically asked for it and they had to scan it to find the secret links or that they wanted the court to order us to open all attachments and give us all attachments ordering us to go through all our emails
And open attachments when we don't do that.
And I told Norm Pattison, I told them all, Norm's a good guy, and I said, Norm, they already know there's something in there that we don't know about.
This is parallel construction.
I said, you watch.
He was here the week before this happened.
I said, they're not winning these cases.
And I said, we're getting diverted by these!
We're getting, we're getting manipulated!
We're winning these cases too easily!
These aren't the sabotage traps!
And Norm, last night, he's a great guy.
He just said, I've never seen anything like it.
I'm speechless.
He said, I've been doing this 35, 40 years.
He's a top criminal lawyer.
You see him all over the news.
Civil rights lawyer.
First Amendment lawyer.
He says, I've never seen it like this.
They know.
They've talked to the FBI.
They know that you didn't do this.
And they're all going forward.
And they're trying to get him indicted now, saying he sent child porn.
He said, I defend murderers and I don't get any pressure.
With you, it's the end of the world.
Because it's taking Trump's base out.
It's taking the First Amendment out.
And they are, in Connecticut, and in Travis County, trying to get criminal charges against me right now.
They want to arrest me.
They want to, you know what?
My chin's going to be up in the air if that happens.
I have no fear.
I've stood for the children.
I've stood for the unborn.
I love children.
I love God and I love you and I'll never back down.
I'll never surrender in the face of this.
But I could feel it in the last few weeks and I told you.
I said, you know, for six months we've been losing money because of all the attacks, everything that's going on, unable to, you know, even expand.
And so I said, about a week ago, I said, now's the time to really double down and we need to set up some subscription systems, some donation buttons that are easier to use.
But InfoWarStore.com is really the way to donate and get great products at great prices.
And we're making it easy.
50% off storewide and free shipping storewide and double pay for it at points.
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Uh, so, 50% off Brain Force, 50% off Survival Shield X2, 50% off the Ultimate Turmeric Formula Bodies, and so many other great products I never have time to tell you about.
Uh, the new Space Force shirt.
And, you know, this is not their final card to play.
If I get carjacked at a four-way stop or get killed or whatever, I'm still a winner.
But remember, after I'm dead, they're really going to try to demonize me further.
And it's that name they want to capture and use for evil.
Please defend my name after I'm gone.
If that happens.
And I think there's a good chance I'll be gone in about a year.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The time has come.
The time is now.
To put the cards on the table.
What would happen, ask yourselves, if InfoWars is taken off the air?
Ask yourself another question that's even more important.
What would have happened if InfoWars was never on air?
The tens of thousands of interviews, the investigative reports, the documentary films, the rallies, the tens of billions of views,
On YouTube and Facebook and other platforms, what would have happened?
You wouldn't have a global revolution right now against the globalists.
You wouldn't have a global revolution against tyranny.
You wouldn't have populists and nationalists and pro-Christian and pro-family candidates winning all over the world if Infowars hadn't been here.
Now that's not me up here flexing, saying, you're lucky I'm here.
It's the opposite.
Whether you live in a little log cabin, or a trailer, whether you live in a big fancy mansion, you've got a connection to God and justice.
And those of you that have spread the word, and prayed for us, and financially supported the broadcast, getting great products at the same time, you built this house.
What's that movie about baseball?
If you build it, they will come?
Robert Redford's in it.
Is it the natural?
Field of Dreams?
I mean, I don't remember.
Field of Dreams?
We built this, ladies and gentlemen.
And you came.
We built it.
And we did it.
And now they're pissed because they don't want this golden goose with its big ol' fat juicy booty to lay any more of those golden eggs.
And that's really what this comes down to.
It's a sexy goose.
It's a pretty goose.
It's a sweet goose.
It's a goose that likes you and likes me and likes our children.
And you know, I can joke around about this all day, but getting serious, ladies and gentlemen, they're coming on at us like a freight train.
And this isn't some spectator sport where you watch us in the arena get chewed up or be victorious.
This is a real world action, a war.
Where your action and the support you give us, or don't, governs everything.
This isn't Netflix dramas, or HBO dramas, or Godzilla fighting the three-headed dragon.
This isn't theater.
This isn't imaginary world.
This is rubber meets the road, planet Earth, the middle of 2019.
So I've thought for a long time about when it was time, what the demarcation line was.
The point of no return.
Instead of just saying, hey, we're not going to be here unless you support us.
But what is the point to tell people?
Because it makes the enemy happy and we don't want to make them happy.
But we need to also be honest with you to say, we're bleeding to death.
We've put up an incredible fight and I'm proud of what we've done.
It takes millions of dollars to run our own servers, and stream to millions a day, and to run all the IT, and to pay for all the equipment, and to have the legal and to do this, and you've done an amazing job, but if you do not commit to get our great products, and commit to sign up for AutoShip, and commit every month when you can, if you can't understand, to get products that are already the best.
Air filtration, water filtration, all these things you and your family need.
If you don't commit,
Enemy will win, and they will smash InfoWars, and we will sink into the sea.
Help us fight on in the future, because this is the ship.
This is the ship you built.
I'm in your hands.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
This is it, ladies and gentlemen.
Not a drill, not a game.
I have a three-inch stack of mainstream news articles about
This sex cult, NXIVM, that we first reported on, and Satanism, Mexico child kidnapping and trafficking into the U.S.
for the Democrats to literally gobble, Hillary, Schumer, Gillibrand, Tice.
This is the reality.
I want to bring
Robert Barnes on the show, constitutional lawyer, civil rights lawyer, very successful free speech lawyer.
He represents me on a bunch of cases.
The Democrats and their operatives have brought the Sandy Hook cases in Texas.
Norm Pattis, also a very competent top lawyer, is representing me in Connecticut.
He's in court right now where they're trying to claim that I threatened violence against their lawyers, which wasn't true.
I said I'd like to see whoever sent us the child porn's head on a pike.
That's a figurative statement.
You know, like if I catch my son sneaking the car out again, I'm going to kill him.
But they're up there trying to haul me up to Connecticut, make me be there for depositions in the courthouse like I'm a criminal.
All of this for the theater of the media.
All of this with the timeline.
So I want to go through the timeline of this fraud and the fact that, Robert, I see this
I think?
They sue you and ask for those emails that you've never read, send them to the FBI, and lo and behold the FBI says we're the victim.
That comes out in the news Saturday, and then suddenly on Monday...
Hundreds of major publications.
When I say hundreds, it's in the thousands.
German news, Russian news, French news, U.S.
Everything from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times.
Alex Jones sent child porn to the families.
What a monster!
My gosh, none of it's true.
None of them even picked up what the FBI said.
Now, suddenly, the Young Turks that were the worst, they said that I knowingly sent child porn and that I was over and I was going to go to jail.
Now, they've since removed that video.
I know you may have something to do with it, but we need somebody to find it and send it to us at ShowTipsInformers.com because I watched it early this morning with my mouth hanging open.
Because they knew the truth.
They said he sent them files.
You know, he's a criminal.
Oh, he knew he did it.
He's a pervert.
And the left all doing this while we're closing in on Hillary.
5,000 arrested pedophiles the last two weeks.
Just incredible things going on.
Trump delivering on that.
With the backdrop of war in Iran and the Jerusalem Post reporting the U.S.
is preparing to strike.
Biden saying he advocates physical revolution.
There is just so much to cover.
We'll go a little bit in the next hour, but just give people a big picture of why this is so important.
This isn't about Alex Jones.
I think this signifies a huge escalation of lying and recklessness so far that even ABC News and others...
I think they're going into a hysteria point right now.
What do you think is happening, Robert Barnes?
Well clearly you were the victim of a sabotage campaign that was intended to create a false story of the kind that went viral.
So a lot of people are targeted that are prominent people, prominent individuals for political reasons by people who send them various illicit materials and the goal is to entrap them into some sort of criminal conduct.
Here what happened is you had probably leftist trolls disguising their email communications as Sandy Hook related communications over the years.
Sending stuff in, and because you have the wise policy, this is the policy everybody should have, the policy that people like Jonathan Desta managed not to have, of do not open emails that you do not know the person who's sending it to you, and definitely do not open attachments of any emails.
And so at InfoWars, none of those emails were ever opened.
So you go through a court process where the court requires discovery to be turned over, including a bunch of emails that you never read, never saw, never opened, never looked at.
And they, in the process of the lawyers reviewing it, they discover that people had been trying to sabotage you by sending you illicit materials.
The FBI reviews all of it and sees that you were completely the victim.
They research in all of those aspects.
So the attempt to set you up failed.
But so what they do next is the media goes out and lies about what took place.
So a wide range of press coverage yesterday, including NBC News, ABC News, the Washington Post in part, but particularly egregious, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal put out false headlines, fake news headlines that they knew were false, that the core of their story revealed was false.
That the actual substantive content of the story acknowledges that you were the victim, acknowledges that you didn't send anything to anybody that was elicited in any way, shape, or form, and that their headline was false.
What's particularly noteworthy about the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal's defamation and lies and libel is that the substantive content of the story is only available to paying subscribers.
So 95% of the people who saw that headline could not even read the substantive content of the story to know that the headline was completely and utterly false.
That's why I put them on notice and a wide range of other people on notice yesterday that this was lies, that this was libel, that if they didn't correct or retract, they could face suit.
The Guardian, the big UK publication, went one step further and said that you sent illicit materials to the families of Sandy Hook.
So it's completely, utterly, totally false and a whole new level of false.
So they all knew it was false.
They all knew it was fake news.
You know, you had even people on the left acknowledging very quickly that this was inaccurate, false stories that were being reported.
And yet here you have these.
I mean, there it says, Alex Jones sent victims.
Totally false.
Totally false.
There's not an iota of credibility to it.
And the laws in the UK are even broader and stronger in terms of libel laws.
So unless there's immediate, effective corrections taken by these big institutional papers, The Guardian is going to get sued.
The Wall Street Journal is going to get sued.
The New York Times is going to get sued.
These publications need to make—they're so accustomed
And by the way, I don't have a lot of money, OK?
We're not even able to expand right now, but I know we've got some big donors and things coming on the line.
We'll be announcing that in July.
Also, there's going to be some other things going on.
So we're already planning an offensive.
We have to on this.
I mean, and this is this is cut and dry.
Did you reach out to the Young Turks?
This morning at like 6 a.m.
I watched a horrifying 10-minute piece of just vicious that I'm a pedophile, I need to be taken off air, I'll soon be arrested, I knowingly sent them child porn.
It was just incredible, not mentioning emails, anything, or that I was the victim, and then now they've removed the video everywhere, but they need to retract and say that this was not true.
Yes, that's correct.
So the Young Turks has issued some corrections.
Even Alyssa Milano yesterday quickly issued a correction.
So, I mean, you had people who, in the Covington case, didn't issue corrections, who did so here, realizing how egregious the lie was.
But you had some big institutional press refuse to do so on a quick basis.
And so, yeah, you're right.
The only way in which to make this litigation work is that there's going to be an independent organization that is going to be started, that's going to be founded, that will be announced late next week, that is going to be designed to crowdfund and publicly fund
This kind of litigation so we can equal the playing field.
We can even it out in such a way that the powerful institutions cannot continue to de-platform, defame, libel, engage in lawfare selectively and discriminately at will.
In favor of a political class that only wants its own opinions to ever be heard.
All right, Bob, stay right there.
I want to come back and ask you why you think they're so bold to run with things like this and what you think it signifies next.
And the fact that the lawyers on the other side are up there reportedly trying to get me indicted on multiple charges of transmitting child porn and threatening them, which I never did.
What does that signify?
Robert Barnes straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
All the other big global news coming up and your phone calls.
Please stay with us.
You know what I was most proud of?
For eight years, there wasn't one single hint of a scandal growing.
President under pressure from a trifecta of scandals.
President Barack Obama trying to get ahead of just one of the three scandals now consuming the country's attention.
That scandal involving the Secret Service and accusations of drinking and hiring prostitutes in Colombia.
The Obama spying scandal.
The mother of all scandals, Spygate.
This is a big...
It's a huge scandal.
The gun walker scandal.
The VA scandal.
The VA scandal.
It's a scandal telling America you can keep your doctor.
A callous deception that hurts millions.
Today widespread embarrassment about this scandal has really turned to disgust.
All of this comes as a White House that takes pride in being scandal free has been hammered by a series of controversies.
The latest?
Revelations the Justice Department obtained two months of telephone records of reporters at the Associated Press as part of a leak investigation.
I believe there's been a pattern by this administration in not taking responsibility for failures, avoiding blame, pointing the fingers in somebody else's direction.
Would you agree with that?
Uh, no.
For eight years.
There wasn't one single hint of a scandal.
The CIA went in to walled off Senate computers in a bona fide investigation that's being done of the detention and interrogation of detainees.
As far as the allegations of, you know, CIA hacking into, you know, Senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth.
CIA Director John Brennan apologized today after an internal investigation determined the agency had spied on staff members of the United States Senate.
Firestorms surrounding the IRS.
Last night, we asked if what they did was fair.
Tonight, the FBI is asking, was it criminal?
I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.
In the years before the election, more liberal groups were being approved, while conservative groups with names like Patriot, Constitution, and Tea Party were stymied.
In 2011, not a single Tea Party group was approved.
Operation Fast and Furious, an Obama administration program that let thousands of assault weapons fall into the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels.
Guns found in over 170 crime scenes, including the murder of a U.S.
Border Patrol agent.
The Obama administration denied the program's existence and withheld information to protect political appointees.
The Dallas Morning News calls this a cover-up.
Will anyone be held accountable?
With one single hint.
My main concern is fixing a problem.
New questions over who is to blame for the deaths of some of America's most elite warriors in a helicopter crash.
Their families suggest that the White House and others are lying about their deaths and what led to them.
All of a sudden there's movies, SEAL Team 6, documentaries, SEAL Team 6, SEAL Team 6, this, this, this.
Where did it all start?
Joe Biden in Delaware in a tuxedo with a half a load on, telling everybody it was the elite Navy SEAL team.
Now to the VA scandal, which is now a criminal investigation.
An extensive new report reveals more than 100,000 veterans waited months to see a doctor or never saw one at all.
And some workers saying they were pressured to falsify records.
Now the VA scandal has officially become a criminal investigation.
I think I'm either low IQ or slow or I don't know what I am, you know?
Slow Joe Biden?
Now, I have to tell you, he's a different guy.
He looks different than he used to.
He acts different than he used to.
I had two cranial aneurysms.
And they literally had to take the top of my head off.
I mean, they take a saw and they cut your head off.
Flawless victory.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
No, I've never aired stuff like this in my 25 years.
But it's time for air raid sirens.
It's time for marching feet.
It's time for barking dogs.
Because this is tyranny.
Biden's calling for a violent revolution.
AOC is.
I even got to the new city councilwoman in Denver saying any means necessary.
We're gonna play that later.
It's been a week.
I'm gonna get to it.
We have called, Islamic call to prayers in major cities from Dallas to Brooklyn, New York.
Blasting out at decibels that nobody else is allowed to.
We have massive crime waves all over the place by illegal aliens.
Ebola is admittedly escaping Africa now.
That's in the news.
There's just so much happening.
And then meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, others are putting out headlines behind paywalls where it just says Alex Jones sent child porn to Sandy Hook families, but you can't read it.
And then little bitty at the bottom of every one of these articles that I saw on the San Antonio Express News, the Austin American Statesman
It says, the FBI says that emails were sent to Jones, and that he had never opened them, that he's the victim.
But, they do it at the bottom, knowing full well, in conscious organized fraud, that almost no one reads the whole article.
That people, most people over half just look at headlines now.
75% only read a paragraph or two, and maybe 25%, depending on the paper or the demographic, actually read the whole article.
So, even if you read the whole article, you've been reading, reading, reading, reading, and then after all these pages of demonization, oh, by the way, he didn't do it.
But by then, it's already out.
And the vitriol by the leftists, we're going to arrest you, you're going to jail, you're going to get SWAT teamed.
I mean, because when they say Russiagate's real, or when they say you're really a Nazi, or when they say you're a child pornographer, it must be true.
But see, in court, the UN and Hillary and all these organizations have been caught in massive child trafficking.
Hillary's first job as a lawyer, she chose, was to represent
Brutal child rapist, where seven men raped an 11-year-old girl.
They grabbed off her bicycle in broad daylight, kidnapped her for a day, and raped her so bad, I've covered the court case of the victim here, caved her face in, you name it, that they smashed her cervix.
And she had a prolapse.
Let's just get into medical stuff.
They could never have sex or children again.
Seven men drinking whiskey, rich guys, raped her until her insides came out.
That's a roadside hysterectomy.
Now, that's Hillary made jokes, when we play the audio, about how funny it was, and how much fun it was!
So, remember that, and remember that somebody's got to stand up to these people, and I've got a whole document cam shot between me and the viewers.
Look at Hillary, hanging out with all the people from the Nexum cult, and I told you it was shaitanism, I told you it was child trafficking, and it's all come out in court.
Going back to Bob Barnes, but with us 30 minutes to the next hour, then we're going to open the phones up.
Constitutional lawyer, you just started getting into a list of the more egregious, and I've got a big stack-up to go over here.
We need to put them on notice, obviously, but what do you make by the brazenness?
Obviously, a decision's been made on top.
To just all attack at once, Trump, everybody, and just tell bigger lies, and just billionaires are behind it so they don't care if they lose cases, or they're planning a violent overthrow so it won't matter?
I mean, this seems to be a very dangerous climate and escalation we've seen, not just with us, but on every front.
The lies are just getting bigger and bigger.
Trying to start wars with Russia, saying we attacked Russia's power grid, and then Trump says it's not true.
I mean, is this a civil war?
Well, I mean, it's it's I see it as a dying, decaying institutions that are losing their gatekeeper power across the country and across the world.
The people like The New York Times and The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal and these big publications and these big media institutions and the big network media and CNN are accustomed to determine being the gatekeeper to decide what news and what views people are allowed to hear and have.
And what's happened over the past half decade or so is that that power has disappeared.
And organizations like Infowars, independent press, independent journalists of a wide range of ideological inclination across the ideological spectrum, have replaced them.
And they have become more trustworthy, more reliable, more credible in the eyes of the public opinion, in the eyes of the public in general, because of their proven track record, than the institutional press, which has such a long history of a litany of lies that they got away with in the past, simply because they had monopolized, or the equivalent thereof, economic power.
And so there's no need to deplatform people unless you see those people as a threat.
There's no need to defame people unless... I totally concur with what you're saying.
So it's a panic that all the lies and corruption didn't work, the intimidation didn't work, the bullying didn't work.
So now they're just going to go total thermonuclear and destroy not just their own credibility, which they don't have.
They now know they don't have credibility.
They're more on kamikaze missions.
It's the way most dying empires react to any form of successful resistance.
Right at the peak of the resistance is when you see the empires unleash everything to try to quash that challenger or that contest.
And that's what's happening here.
I mean, here, I mean, for particularly the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal here, they knew that most people could not even read the article if they wanted to.
So aside from the fact that you're not allowed to libel in your headline and then hide the truth in an article,
That's been established law for a long time.
Here, they knew that 90% of the people would not be able to read the article because they're not paid subscribers to the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.
So it was clickbait that was intentionally and deliberately false.
There's been recent studies and surveys that have shown that over the last three years, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and others have exploded in the kind of coverage they focus on on leftist ideological ideas and terms.
And that they're creating a clickbait culture in order to try to compete in the social media world, and they're radicalizing the left.
And instead, they're talking about how the right's being radicalized when they have been busy radicalizing the left.
And so the attempts to defame and smear you are simply the template they want to use to defame and smear all dissident voices so that dissident voices won't be listened to by the public, by the audience.
That's right.
It's a total threat as well.
Let me ask you this.
Because I've talked to Norm Pattis and others, and they say that they're up there trying to get me indicted in Connecticut.
You looked at what I said and what I did.
I've talked to other defense lawyers today.
They said that's just asinine.
And they even tried to politically blow up in their face, both for saying I'd sent child porn, which I didn't.
And secondarily, it was reviewed by law firms and said it was hidden.
The FBI said that.
There's no way we could find it.
It was found in metadata.
So I mean, I assume the court will be reasonable.
The court has been throughout the whole protocol and procedure so far.
The plaintiff's position is, the plaintiff's counsel, their position is, in my view, without a legal basis.
They were the ones that demanded, expedited, rushed massive amounts of discovery.
So when I and other people put up an argument that, hey, we need time to review this information, that 99.9% of it doesn't have any real relevance or pertinence, if we would be allowed time to screen out, they went nuts.
That they started screaming to the courts that, hey, this is delay, this is inappropriate.
So it was at their demand, at their insistence, that metadata get turned over.
They wanted every email you'd ever been, had ever been sent to you.
So trying to shift the blame to you or anyone else is just ludicrous, given the scope of what, of their own behavior.
They were the ones that have demanded more invasive discovery that has ever been required of any media defendant in any comparable case in American legal history.
They demanded that and then after they got it, after they received it, they were the ones who located information that the fact that you are the victim of a scam by people and this is going to be the next wave of leftist troll behavior.
If you look, they were encouraging leftist trolls.
The various aspects of the media and various political adversaries of yours were advocating that they go on your Instagram account when you were still allowed to have one.
I don't think so.
This is the maximum alert.
We wouldn't be here without you.
I thank you for your support and your help.
We're going to be steadfast in this fight, but we need financial support.
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We're getting a lot of support right now, but we need a lot to go into this dark night.
We're not going to back down.
I've thought for a long time about when does the... I'm sorry... I've been thinking... Truth is my only weapon.
And I've been thinking for over a year about when is the time to be honest with the...
That's a weird question to ask.
Let me put it this way.
Hell, maybe you should just put it out while I'm sitting here trying to figure this out.
You know, we're winning the info war, but we're losing financially.
And that encourages the enemy.
But if I don't tell folks how serious things are, they won't support us.
Let me say it this way.
Infowars and free speech and your right to speech has been under unprecedented attack the last year or so.
It's Orwellian, it's biblical, it's authoritarian, it's insane.
And I keep trying to judge and gauge when is the right time
Tap to stumble up on deck as the captain of this operation and say, hey, we're sinking.
I've begged for your support before and thanks for keeping us afloat, but this is the real SOS.
If you don't buy a bunch of products and spread the word and keep fighting, InfoWars will be shut down, not just crippled.
And so we've reached that point.
It'll make the enemy happy, but, you know, whatever.
We have withstood so many of their attacks.
We've gone through so much because of your support.
You have been there.
But let me tell you, they are pissed they haven't been successful, and they're giving us their full assault.
So we need your prayers, your financial support, and your word of mouth now at InfoWarshore.com.
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Decide whether or not you want InfoWars to continue, because we could be shut down.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are in the Resistance.
Constitutional lawyer.
My lawyer, Robert Barnes, is on the line with us right now.
This is an attempt to take out the First Amendment and to overshadow all of the child trafficking, murder, satanism that Hillary's connected to that's coming out in the news today.
We'll cover that at the bottom of the hour after Barnes leaves us.
We'll open the phones up as well.
But Barnes, I want to, in this segment and the next, start going through the forensics of this.
And you were concurring with our separate analyses.
Dr. McCamp shot police for TV viewers.
The Connecticut Post, a second-tier organization, is the progenitor
And where the lawyers from the Democratic Party, this former federal prosecutor, went to, to first plant the fake headline.
So that it would then give, I guess, fence the fraud, and allow the other publications to just go off that.
Lawyers for Sandy Hook Family say Alex Jones sent them child porn.
Then they go through it all, despite the fact two days before it was in dozens of publications, including the Hartford Courant.
Alex Jones offers 1 million reward as FBI investigates child pornography planted on the InfoWars server.
Goes on to say we were found to be the victims, and that this was unintentional, and it goes on from there.
So we had this in all these different publications, even BuzzFeed, or the Daily Beast got it right, and BizPac Review, I mean, dozens, but then two days later,
They hit us with the total fraud that I'm sending out child porn.
This is incredibly premeditated.
How would they do this when what really happened was known and then not even mention or say there's two stories?
They just go with the fraud.
And what's notable about this is the lawyers in their court paperwork never said what all these headlines claim.
So the there was no support from that from the actual lawyer statement.
So unless the lawyer said something outside of court different than their court proceedings,
In which case, if the lawyers did that, then the lawyers made factually false statements.
But it appears that the media just conjured this up on its own and originated with the Connecticut Post.
The Connecticut Post is a second-tier publication.
It's not considered a serious publication in Connecticut.
Many of those go all the way back to when I went to school in Connecticut.
And so the idea that anyone would pay attention to the Connecticut Post when the Hartford Courant had already reported days before what the actual situation was.
Is what put all these big newspapers and big media and big influential social media celebrities on notice.
That they had easy note, definitely the big institutional press.
There's simply no excuse whatsoever for the New York Times to run that headline when they know that the Hartford Courant, the only respected publication, and it's still a liberal publication,
But a much more respected publication had already debunked this case before.
So for them to run it, they used it as a pretext, an excuse.
They needed some local publication to print some headline that they could then piggyback off of so they could repeat the lie and have the lie spread around the world before the truth could get its pants on.
And that's precisely what the institutional press did.
In fact, I was going to start the broadcast today to say that a lie goes halfway around the world for the truth to put its pants on Mark Twain, because that's exactly what's happening.
And I'm not putting a good face on this, so why don't we come back.
But I'm seeing massive backlash, even from mainline liberals, understanding that this is a very dangerous fraud to set somebody up, because anybody could be emailed child porn.
You don't open it, and then the Democrats want to put you in jail?
There's not a major person or celebrity or media person that hasn't received illicit materials that somebody tried to set them up with.
And it's becoming an increasing phenomenon, particularly with the social media leftist trolls who try to do this repeatedly.
For example, in the case of Mike Cernovich, they actually went and created doctored video, fake video.
Saying he beat his baby.
So that's their, one of the easiest ways to try to set people up.
And by the way, the Democrats hail that guy and promote him and then they praise him for making fake videos about myself, Cernovich, everybody.
These are vicious, evil videos that the news even picks up.
It's something anybody can be vulnerable to at any given point.
The other point I think broadly is this, that everybody's now having to ask the question.
Given that this was a complete fabrication by the most powerful institutional press in our country and in the world,
Let's talk about what this means in the big picture with Robert Barnes.
Your calls are coming up.
Stay with us.
Please spread that link.
Infowars and free speech and your right to speech has been under unprecedented attack the last year or so.
It's Orwellian, it's biblical, it's authoritarian, it's insane.
And I keep trying to judge and gauge when is the right time
To have to stumble up on deck as the captain of this operation and say, hey, we're sinking.
I've begged for your support before and thanks for keeping us afloat, but this is the real S.O.S.
If you don't buy a bunch of products and spread the word and keep fighting, InfoWars will be shut down, not just crippled.
And so we've reached that point.
It'll make the enemy happy, but, you know, whatever.
We have withstood so many of their attacks.
We've gone through so much because of your support.
You have been there.
But let me tell you, they are pissed they haven't been successful, and they're giving us their full assault.
So we need your prayers, your financial support, and your word of mouth now at InfoWarshore.com.
It's your fight.
Decide whether or not you want InfoWars to continue, because we could be shut down.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have had hundreds of phone calls from family and others since yesterday afternoon saying, how are you taking it?
We know you're a good man.
We know it's not true.
I've had a lot of famous media people call me and say, we got your back.
We know it's a lie.
We've even seen people like Alyssa Milano come out and say, what's happening to me is not true.
And a bunch of other big liberals are saying, hey, the Daily Beast reported and the Hartford Courant reported last week that Alex Jones was sent secret child porn under the name Sandy Hook.
And it was hidden and embedded.
And when they sued him and did discovery and demanded all these emails, they went and found it and took it to the FBI.
And the FBI said that we were the victim.
Well, that just wasn't going to fit with the media.
Because that broke on a Friday.
They didn't control it.
And so the talking point went out, especially because the NXIVM trial is going on right now.
And what's it say?
Crime Boss, Closing Arguments, In the Trial, Satanism, Mexico Child Trafficking, Hilary Schumer and Gillibrand.
And then the Loretta Express and Weinstein and all the rest of it and Epstein and Weiner and, you know, the list just goes... Bill Clinton.
The list goes on and on.
This is how you get in the club.
You know, in traditional mafias, you had to kill people, make your bones.
But that's not enough to bind you.
So, more corrupt gangs say you gotta knock over a liquor store owner and shoot him for no reason.
And really nasty gangs say you gotta kill a kid, or kill a grandma.
Muslim gangs say you gotta dump acid on a little girl's face.
Well, with these clubs...
You gotta at least have sex with kids.
And then past that, you gotta strangle them and murder them.
Now, they don't like the fact I talk about that, so... You see what's going on.
Everybody's putting two and two together.
When I say everybody, everybody but big national corporate media.
And people are blown away.
They're shocked by this.
Everybody knows we're advocates for children.
We're advocates for the unborn.
We're not the type like Jerry Sandusky who ran a children's care system for celebrities to come visit with disadvantaged kids who'd already been raped.
That was a leasing out children for sex.
It's well known.
And blackmail, part of this sick cult.
We'll cover this after Barnes leaves us.
Bottom of the hour, the phones are open.
Robert Barnes, recapping, getting into other angles of this.
Again, I don't want to talk about myself all day.
Listeners need to understand this, and you agree, this signifies, with all the other news we're seeing, next level lying of a dying corporate media who wants to take us with them.
And I just want listeners to understand, money is what allows us to beat this and stand against this.
And we're seeing a lot of orders right now with the Save Info Wars 50% off, but we make only like $5, $10 on higher marked up stuff.
We're making like $2 on the toothpaste at that price.
And we're moving a ton of it, okay?
But you move a couple hundred thousand dollars or something and you get $20,000.
That doesn't pay for all the infrastructure, the bandwidth, the lawyers, the crew.
So we need to sell millions and millions and millions of dollars of product.
I want to expand, not contract.
And for six months, we've not been able to stand still.
The enemy's been winning.
And I've labored on this.
I have labored and labored and labored and labored on this because I'm always totally truthful with you.
But that doesn't mean I don't hold some things back sometimes.
Just because it's something that's nuanced of, I like to be expanding, I like to be winning, I like to be fighting.
And we are winning the info war, that's why we're so hated.
But we need to be retreaded, we need to be tuned up, we need to be fixed up.
You know, you use a cheesy thing like the Enterprise goes out and gets shot up in one movie and the next movie starts, it's there in dry dock, it's been repaired.
We never have time to get into dry dock.
We got a lot of holes shot at us.
The enemy wants to silence us, then they're really going to plant child porn on us.
Then they're going to kill me, or you, or anybody else.
I mean, Biden's calling for violence.
We'll play that clip too at the bottom of the hour.
The Democrats now are going into a full revolutionary fervor, funded by foreign banks and the Chai Coms.
So, go to InfoWorksStore.com.
Now, something I want to announce here.
Most of these subscribe deals, like
Oh, there's a whole bunch of them out there where you can go and support people or support projects and you can go fund concepts or ideas.
We've tried to do all those and we've been banned from them, as you know.
We've been blackballed and banned almost everywhere because we're telling the truth.
Subscribestar.com takes less than 5% and they've been paying Paul Watson and others who I'm not able to pay as much anymore.
That's the real process here.
And so, but Paul has been doing so well on his, that finally he's going to be able to get a few other writers, some camera people, and build a modest studio.
But it still takes a lot of money to do that.
Modest studios, hundreds of thousands of dollars.
So, and see, I'm trying to replicate as fast as possible, because I want to beat these people.
It's not about me.
But literally, if you flood us with money, and if you flood us with product purchases, and if you flood us with your word of mouth,
You're unstoppable, we're unstoppable together.
I called a lot of people this morning and last night and I said, please do videos talking about how I've been framed.
That's the wavelength we need to overpower the censors and the big corporate media.
This is a fight about whether or not they can go from saying there's WMDs in Iraq to saying I'm sending child porn out when they know it's not true.
And the FBI says it's not true.
That's the evil of these individuals, but you can overpower them.
So, Subscribestar.com forward slash Alex Jones, document cam shot, there you go.
Subscribestar.com forward slash Alex Jones, please go there, even if it's $5 a month, that'll be added.
Because listen, if I sell $100,000 worth of product, but it's on sale, and we only make $15,000 or $20,000, that doesn't fund something like this operation.
But if something on Subscribestar, where I get 95% of it, that's real money that I know that when you subscribe, you can cancel anytime, that I can budget to hire people and do things and pay for gas for an RV for reporters that drive around the country and, you know, cheap hotel rooms and hire more people.
This is the fight we're in.
Huge sales right now.
That's a great way to donate.
But Subscribestar.com forward slash Alex Jones.
And I'm encouraging all my reporters to start their own Subscribestars.
You know, that way they can augment.
That way they can start their own website.
That way, no matter what we replicate, the enemy loses.
So, yes, we're in that type of countdown mode here where we hope to move on to the future, but it's that serious.
It's that hardcore.
But I've seen massive support before I even asked for it yesterday.
People know what to do.
I want to send a strong message to the enemy.
I want to raise a couple million dollars right now to let the enemy know that their attacks are failing and that you will stand with us and I will never back down.
You have my commitment.
This only gives me more energy and more understanding of what we're facing and that we were right about this.
We will stand against him.
We're going to break with one more segment with Mr. Barnes, but start getting into what you're going to cover next segment about it.
A lot of the left is now admitting this has gone too far, trying to plant lies that Trump attacked Russia to start a war.
A lot of the left is starting to wake up and going, wait a minute, we're almost under a spell.
No doubt.
I think everybody read this thinking, oh wow, we finally have got Alex Jones.
It's going to be the end of Alex Jones.
As you saw, as you mentioned, the people at Young Turks and other people were talking about prison, going to be locked up.
There were blue checkmark people on Twitter talking about the animals were going to be eating out of your corpse.
That kind of mentality and language and lingo was being used.
And then they read the substance of the article.
Those that had access to it, most people didn't.
But those that did, realized, oh my goodness, the entire thing is fake.
It's entirely fake news.
The headline is fake news.
It's totally false.
This is someone who is the victim that they're trying to portray as a perpetrator.
It was completely insane and absurd, the level at which they went.
And when people realized that, it then raised questions.
Because what you have been pointing out, what InfoWars have been pointing out, what various members of the dissident press have been pointing out, is this is exactly what they've been doing for years and decades.
They've been doing it not only to you, they've been doing it about anybody in the independent space who raises questions about whether it's bogus wars or bogus politics or other illicit activity being covered up by those in places of institutional power, willing to challenge and question establishment narratives that often do more harm than good.
Those attributes that now people have to rethink everything they previously thought.
So you have people on the left thinking, wow, if I could completely buy into a totally false headline,
Shared by all these institutional members of the press.
Shared by some of the biggest, most well-respected members of the institutional press.
And I was completely taken for a ride by it.
What else might I have been wrong about?
What else about Alex Jones might I have wrong-wrongfully- BINGO!
Let's come back with the coup de grace.
Getting into the inside baseball, we've been telling people Trump's about to go on the offense.
You were getting into the fact that the last straw really was Facebook banning certain names in certain terms.
That really pushed Trump over the edge and now Human Events is riding on it.
It's now being confirmed by Bloomberg.
You want to talk about this?
This is pretty big to show Trump's thinking, just to show how real he is.
In other words, had they simply not made the choice to ban your name from their platform, and had not made the choice to try to go after and censor people saying anything positive about Alex Jones or Info, it would not have led to the antitrust investigation, and just the announcement of the investigation, and the possibility it was going to go into Facebook as well,
Cost them $137 billion.
That's how much money was lost by Big Tech by choosing to go after you.
That's how much the president cost them just by announcing the possibility of an investigation.
$137 billion collectively lost across Big Tech in less than a day solely because they decided to come after you, not recognizing that the president was going to stand by his audience.
Oh, they're now spinning it because we cut off the fake news and we lost money.
No, it's because your censoring and antitrust investigations have been opened up on you.
There would be no antitrust investigation if they weren't engaged in any antitrust illicit activity.
When they decided to go from just being a technological monopoly on a platform and instead be a technological monopoly on speech, on press, and on elections, they made a decision that was a fateful decision that has now cost them billions of dollars, will cost them billions of dollars more in the future, and now they're under major antitrust investigation, and it's not gonna stop at Google.
It's gonna keep going.
All of these big social media tech giants might be taken apart, might be wiped off the map.
It might be basically forced to dissolve and forced to separate out its assets in the same way that Rockefeller was with Standard Oil back at the turn of the century.
So I think what's happening is there's now the US Federal Trade Commission has now announced that Facebook has agreed to subject itself to an antitrust investigation.
The Google antitrust investigation was leaked on Friday.
There's talk that it will go further than Facebook and Google and they're looking at Twitter, they're looking at Netflix, they're looking at other operators.
So these operators that decided to be so overtly political over the last two years, that they were going to use their tech monopoly, their platform monopoly, to suppress, censor speech, to shame individuals, to leak private information against them, to use and leverage their power to help the Democrats take the House, to help the Democrat win the Senate in 2017, threatening to do so the same in 2020.
When they reach the point where not only they ban people from using your name and InfoWars name,
And at the same time, banned Paul Joseph Watson from all Facebook and Instagram overnight.
They agreed he hadn't violated any rule ever.
It was such a shock that it's what put the president in motion.
He realized, okay, this is too severe, so severe, action needs to be taken.
Let's unleash the kraken of antitrust enforcement against these rogue operators.
Who think now they get to control and govern the country and get to impose a Chinese social credit model system on the United States democracy and speech systems.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Rising up, straight to the top.
Held the gun, got the glory.
Went the distance, now I'm not gonna stop.
Ladies and gentlemen, final segment with constitutional lawyer, award-winning lawyer, a lot of winning big cases, Robert Barnes.
And then I'm going to get into all the big giant busts around the country of huge pedophile rings that no one's been given any coverage that are tied to Hillary Clinton.
Mainstream news, though, but it's not getting any coverage.
Instead, you're hearing about how I sent child porn all over the news.
One of the top stories in the country is that I sent child porn to the Sandy Hook families.
All of that is a lie from every damn angle.
Recapping that, Robert Barnes, and other key points that you have in your repertoire on your radar screen.
So, I mean, no doubt.
What happened here was an attempt by leftist trolls to sabotage InfoWars by sending
I think?
Falsely accusing you of sending child porn to people, which is ridiculous all the way across the board, which they knew to be factually false, which they knew to be a complete lie and libel, and the truth they hid and buried in stories, often behind paywalls, that 95% of the people could not access or look at.
So the core story is an attempt to frame you first that failed because the FBI discovered that this was in fact an attempt to frame you.
This was all false.
You had never seen this.
You had never reviewed this.
You had never looked at this.
You had never possessed this.
You had never sent this.
You had never shared this.
The FBI itself went through an extensive review to determine that Alex Jones and InfoWars were innocent, were the victim of a crime by likely leftist people who are sending hidden child porn to InfoWars in the hope that it would be falsely blamed on InfoWars.
And then you have the leftist media and the institutional media deliberately spreading lies and libel that they know are lies and libel
With their false headlines and fake tweets around the world to try to defame and destroy Alex Jones and InfoWorld.
And their goal was really, ultimately, to go at the audience.
That's what all of this has been about.
Normally, you think about most people.
The audience itself can think about this.
If they were accused of this in a headline tomorrow, what would their future be?
What would their economic future be?
What would their personal future be?
It would usually be wiped out.
Because by the time the truth came out, everybody would have already destroyed and wrecked their reputation.
And so they assume the same effect could happen here.
That's why you have the New York Times lying and libeling.
That's why you have the Wall Street Journal lying and libeling.
That's why you have NBC News lying and libeling.
Is because their goal is to scare and intimidate the audience from having any association with you, and people who don't know you, and half the country has never heard the name Alex Jones, or doesn't really know who you are, to be introduced to you through these false libelous stories.
That's right, they're inoculating them against me with lies and fraud.
What about the next angle?
InfoWars host Alex Jones accused of threatening Sandy Hook lawyers after child porn is found in his electronic files.
Again, CNBC, they go around the world to never say it was email sent to us.
It's found in his files.
No, it's not my files when somebody sends it to me and then they subpoena it and then, I mean, this is a magic trick.
And there's hundreds and hundreds of these articles all with the same quarterbacking media consultant.
Can you imagine if these suits keep going when we find out who the media consulting companies are with these lawyers and who's setting all this up?
It's all scripted.
When you look at how the media handled this, it has the attributes of a scripted storyline that the media wanted to tell, and the media knew that they were lying.
They knew that they were libeling from the get-go.
And they know that these other stories that they're trying to say are false.
So the lawyers' complaints about your free speech, and this is a continuous pattern of some of the lawyers involved in these matters, simply do not believe in free speech rights.
Uh, and want to use the lawsuit to suppress your speech.
They're using the lawsuit.
The media is using the lawsuits in order to lie and libel you.
And now some of the lawyers are trying to use the lawsuits in order to try to silence your speech by misinterpreting and misrepresenting what really took place.
So they know that from watching the entire video broadcast, anybody who watched it,
So that you were very upset at the people who tried to frame and sabotage you by sending these illicit images to you and being part of something that they would have those illicit images in the first place.
And again, let's pull back here for a moment.
And this is just one example.
Saying that Trump hates all Mexicans, it's not true.
Saying that Trump loves white supremacists, not true.
He was saying there's press on both sides that were fine people, nobody deserved to be hurt like this.
All of this craziness that is unfolding, and saying that Trump attacked Russia in the last two months and brought down their power grid or sabotaged it, that's an act of war.
And then Trump says it didn't happen, and they're using fake leaks at the New York Times to do it.
I mean, this is beyond low-key level sabotage now.
This is like a trillion gremlins got dumped into the newsrooms of America, and they're just so crazy.
Who's giving them the orders just to engage in such criminal levels of fraud?
Well, I think it's the level of behavior that shows the degree of their recklessness.
When the media lies, the people's lives get lost.
That's the reality of it.
That's the long history of it.
Because the media lies about war, about Stalin, about Castro.
You look at just the New York Times, and the degrees of lies and libel they've spread over 80 years is extraordinary.
It's going to be a constant level of lies and libel.
It's what they did to the President in 2016 is what's happening to you on a different scale now, in the sense that they had all these people come out of the woodwork, make a bunch of accusations against him that had no or limited factual merit to them, and led to his sort of whole reputation being tarred and feathered before he could restore it.
They've done this repeatedly, and they're going to keep doing it.
And unfortunately, they tend to do it in areas where it has the greatest consequence.
Not to mention, offensive war is evil.
Oh, precisely.
So, I mean, these are people that have a long, notorious history of promoting violence in various parts of the world by lies and libels about what's taking place, particularly about foreign countries and foreign places that most Americans don't have their own... And now they're running out of bullets, so how far will this go on?
Because I see their mega-lies getting even crazier is actually hurting them even faster.
It is, but they're the kind of people that are going to self-destruct fast because of the way in which they operate.
The main mistake they've made is underestimating the American public.
The American public can see through this.
The American public can recognize that they've been deceived so frequently that they're not willing or ready to buy into any lies that could lead us to war again.
Exactly, Robert, you're doing an incredible job, and I think that alarm going off in the background is almost apropos of the alarms are going off.
Things are serious.
Our listeners and viewers are activists, and I love them, every race, color, and creed, for their support.
They are the front line.
You are the front line.
I know you stayed up all night.
I saw your tweets.
I don't think you even slept, sending out hundreds of letters.
We're sending out letters, and they're just saying, no, F you.
We're going to say that you're sending out child porn.
Well, we'll be right back with calls and more.
Thank you, Mr. Barnes.
Great job.
Thank you, sir.
The toll-free number to join us to talk about any issue you want to talk about, anything you want to discuss is 877-789-ALEX.
Please stay with us.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
What do you do to a 100% American company standing up for unborn, standing up for babies being killed after they're born, standing up against sexualization of children and pedophile drag queen story time for kids?
What do you do?
Well, we just saw in thousands of publications, we just saw how they strike back on it.
Well, and it's the same thing they always do with projection.
It really makes you wonder about them projecting child porn and pedophilic activity onto you, which you're totally innocent of.
It's totally proven in the documents, in the stories.
They just run with a fake headline.
But remember what happened in the 2016 election.
Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia, and then what'd they say?
Trump colluded with Russia.
So it really makes you wonder if they're not doing that same psychology to you right now, who've been talking about the underground pedophile rings for decades.
And again, we get hit with a fake Sandy Hook lawsuit.
Stuff we didn't do.
They're using the poor families.
And they want all our emails.
9.6 million sent Sandy Hook.
We go, hey, how about just ones with Sandy Hook in them?
And a bunch of other search terms.
All the families.
All the names.
We don't even talk about them.
They search it all.
They go, we want your metadata.
We're like, what's that?
All the weird code.
So they find hidden links in there and go report to the FBI.
I got pissed about that.
And so what's their response?
Alex Jones sent Sandy Hook family's child porn.
No, I didn't send them.
People threatening us for covering Sandy Hook said we're going to get you because you cover Sandy Hook.
Sent us links that we didn't open.
That's like if somebody comes and puts child porn in your mailbox.
It's not your fault.
This is crazy, but they think just that term, they think you're so dumb that they're just gonna say the word, the term child porn.
Oh my God, I'm gonna run away from you!
Folks, nobody's buying it.
We're seeing our support surge, but that's good.
Because we gotta fight these people on every front, that's why.
When you get a t-shirt, when you get a book, when you get a film, when you get great supplements, you are literally funding the second American Revolution against evil.
It's never been clearer, the fight between good and evil, and everybody I think's getting it.
Well, and I just want the audience to understand how dire it is.
I mean, we were just talking, how many cards do they have left to try to play against us before they literally try to put a bullet in your head or just blow this place up with, like,
I mean, who knows what these Antifa people around here would do.
I hope they wouldn't get that violent.
Or maybe, you know, some spook CIA FBI wants to come through here and try to mess with us.
I know that you've dealt with that before.
And we're not bitching and complaining.
We want a strong finish.
I mean, I think we could continue on, but whatever.
We're going on into the frickin' night.
We're pedal to the metal.
It's that old saying of John Paul Jones, when the ship was sinking, fighting the British, they said, surrender.
He said, I've only begun to fight.
We don't know how to give up.
And I feel good at a spiritual level because the fact that the enemy has to play one of their ace of spades.
I agree, kill us, whatever.
That's the next one that makes the smartest.
It's not going to work.
They're losing, Owen.
Well, imagine for me, it's like as a news reporter, as a show host,
I wanted to play for the best team, and that was InfoWars.
So that's like, let's say a young kid grows up trying to play baseball, and he wants to play for the New York Yankees.
But he finds out, uh-oh, someone's trying to destroy the Yankees.
The Mets are trying to destroy the Yankees, and they're lying about them, and the Yankees are in dire straits.
But that kid just wants to play for the Yankees.
He just got drafted, and he's just saying, fans, please support the Yankees.
Make sure that the Yankees are still here so you can go to the stadium and root for them, and I can play for them.
That's where we're at right now.
I want to play for InfoWars forever.
They're saying we're putting cyanide in the peanuts and hot dogs.
None of it's true, folks.
We're not the pedophiles.
We're the Patriots, and we're winning thanks to your support.
We have Save & For Special, 50% off, double Patriot points, storewide free shipping.
Double down, take action, and show these bastards we're not backing down.
God bless you all.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, we're in the thick of it now, ladies and gentlemen.
We're restoring the Republic.
A lot of good things are happening.
Record numbers of pedophiles and globalists are being arrested.
But they are trying to fire back some of our own medicine at us.
Of course, it's all a fraud.
It's not going to work.
Thanks to your prayers and providence and support.
Thank you.
Okay, I just spent an hour and a half mainly talking about how they're trying to crucify me upside down.
And the fact that
I am not glad my grandparents are dead, but it's good that they're not here to see this.
Because people don't trust the mainstream media, and they didn't trust the mainstream media, but it would still be very painful to them to see headlines like have been put out that are total frauds.
But this is at a level that the mainstream media used to engage in to invade a country.
So it shows how their power has been weakened, that they're trying to turn a nationalist folk icon.
That's how they see me.
They call me the profit of the Tea Party, the guy out in the wilderness that foreshadowed all this.
And they know that.
I'm just another wave of patriot that came along right as things were building towards this.
And I had your support.
And you had my support.
But they are working around the clock to take us off the air.
And if you look at all the videos out there, every day it's a Democrat, a prominent member of Congress, a new city council person that's elected in Denver, or even Joe Biden.
Saying it's time for physical revolution.
That means, any means necessary, that means communist revolution.
Run by offshore banks.
Well yeah, they funded the communists in China.
And China's the model.
So it's ultra-rich people offshore that don't pay taxes that want to overthrow just a middle class and working people having something.
They want a post-industrial world.
They want to dictate everything to you.
And they're rolling out their whole world government right now.
Joe Biden, real physical revolution to push through his political agenda.
Real physical.
That means physical.
That means force.
That means violence.
Imagine if a Republican had said this.
They're claiming Trump's the violent one, but he's just carrying out the law.
So here's the type of headlines we have.
World War III imminent, deep state desperate for war with Iran and Russia.
Jerusalem Post, U.S.
bombing of Iran will be massive, but will be limited to a specific target.
officials say U.S.
planning tactical assault.
Think about that.
official says U.S.
planning tactical assault on Iran as Trump sends troops to the Middle East.
Think about that.
Meanwhile, Trump threatens to deport millions
We're getting them next week.
We've already got millions the last year that came in totally illegally.
If people don't see them deported, it will signal to everybody else that you can come here and get away with it and get everything free!
That's coming up.
And we told you this a while back, a couple years ago, now it's official.
Facebook announces creation of digital currency.
Even mainstream news calls it incredibly authoritarian and next-level invasion of privacy.
Tracking everything you buy, everything you do, outside of Facebook, and then penalizing you in live time by demonetizing or devaluing your currency depending on your behavior.
This is the gold standard of the Chinese social score, or the mark of the beast.
Dawn of Libra, Facebook's most dangerous surveillance, disrupting the world.
They already got all these little assistant systems in your house, and they announced last week, we're watching and listening to you.
If you say something racist, you'll pay.
Outside of Facebook.
Off platform.
I mean, this is one giant open-air re-education camp.
And notice how everything's more fantastical than we can even imagine just suddenly.
That's how tyrannies work.
They build up.
They prepare.
They line up.
They probe.
They launch.
And Zuckerberg looks like a gray alien that has a wig on.
He looks like a robot.
He looks like Data from Star Trek.
I mean... And the whole thing's a giant cult.
With 2.4 billion members that are going to abuse and use, and all the big banks and governments say Facebook's allowed to do it, nobody else can.
Well, I saw that coming a long time ago, and they think everybody's going to feverishly run and invest.
But let's get back to the threats of violence in your phone calls.
Here's Joe Biden advocates real physical revolution to push through his political agenda.
Talk about dog whistles, baby.
This is one you can hear.
That's a declaration of physical war.
Here it is.
So folks, look.
If you start off with the notion there's nothing you can do, well, why don't you all go home then, man?
Or let's start a real physical revolution if you're talking about it.
Because we have to be able to change what we're doing within our system.
So you see that poor people's campaign?
That's Antifa.
And that's Soros-funded.
And that's the radical communist party.
So, this is a guy that rips poor people off his whole life.
He's a total scammer.
Again, I mentioned this since last week, never got to the clip, but here it is.
Denver Councilmember wins with promise to impose communism by any means necessary.
Candia Sedebanka, if I'm saying that right, won a runoff race last week against former Denver City Council President Albus Brooks.
And she did it by promising to implement communist policies by any means necessary.
This means the overthrow
of the government, grabbing your bank account, grabbing your company, grabbing your factory, organizing your kids to go work in work brigades with them, and then promoting your children and others if they tattle on you.
But see, Facebook's gonna make it so easy.
That's why Google's moving into the Stasi's former headquarters in East Germany, and that's why five years ago Facebook began hiring former Stasi commanders.
So yes, pure crystalline evil.
And I think listeners understand now that I put a stoic face on all this and said, hey, if you don't support us, we'll be shut down.
Hey, there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes you don't know about.
And now everybody's like, whoa, you're in every paper in the country saying you sent child pornography out, but the local papers and others admitted that somebody sent you an email you never opened, and then they wanted it through Discovery and went right there to the hidden information.
And then the news put it out like that.
That's incredible.
Anybody could get sent that.
People do all the time.
You never even open it.
The FBI admits it.
But see, the gloves were taken off a while back, folks.
Now they've got the knives out.
You have to understand something.
They're going all the way.
We have infiltrated Antifa meetings.
They're funded heavily.
They're run by the University of Texas here in Austin.
The Chinese government has a Confucius organization that just got outlawed that was actually commanding it.
Chinese military officers commanding armed thug brigades on the streets of Austin.
It's all over the country.
An MS-13 run by the Democrats.
And Hezbollah signed on with the Democrats.
I mean, we're in a lot of trouble.
Hillary was supposed to get in.
They were supposed to start a race war.
Then they were supposed to have all their paramilitary groups, right out of the Weatherman handbook, take over.
And you say, well that doesn't make sense, that's crazy, that's bold.
Well you know what, they took China that way, they took a lot of other places that way, and they're going to try it here.
And they're going to try to paralyze people fighting back if we go to a hot revolution by saying you're racist because they've tried to make it along racial lines so that minorities, or the majority in most areas, don't feel like they could be part of Americana.
They inflict the psychic wound on them that to be successful and have freedom and own a gun and to be happy is white and is evil and has to get its systems
Shut down.
So again, I want to be very, very, very, very clear with everybody.
I want to be very, very clear with everybody about all of this.
We're going into the season of war.
And they have been inches from shutting down the final bank accounts we have due to their criminal activity and their digital fraud.
And we need to know that we've got capital to go six months, a year.
We need to be in here.
We need to be provisioned.
And you've got my total commitment.
That I am going to rampage forward against the enemy fearlessly.
I'm loving every minute of this because I know I'm getting under their skin.
I'm bloodying them up politically.
I'm banging heads with them.
And they can't help but attack back with lies and that just brings more people here.
So I'm in one hell of a fight and so are you and I need war bonds.
I need gas.
I need ammo politically now!
The time has come.
The time is now.
To put the cards on the table.
What would happen, ask yourselves, if InfoWars is taken off the air?
Ask yourself another question.
It's even more important.
What would have happened if InfoWars was never on air?
The tens of thousands of interviews, the investigative reports, the documentary films, the rallies, the tens of billions of views,
On YouTube and Facebook and other platforms, what would have happened?
You wouldn't have a global revolution right now against the globalists.
You wouldn't have a global revolution against tyranny.
You wouldn't have populists and nationalists and pro-Christian and pro-family candidates winning all over the world if Infowars hadn't been here.
Now that's not me up here flexing, saying, you're lucky I'm here.
It's the opposite.
Whether you live in a little log cabin or a trailer, whether you live in a big fancy mansion, you've got a connection to God and justice.
And those of you that have spread the word and prayed for us and financially supported the broadcast, getting great products at the same time, you built this house.
What's that movie about baseball?
If you build it, they will come?
Robert Redford's in it.
Is it the natural?
Field of Dreams?
I mean, I don't remember.
Field of Dreams?
We built this, ladies and gentlemen.
And you came.
We built it.
And we did it.
And now, they're pissed because they don't want this golden goose with its big ol' fat juicy booty to lay any more of those golden eggs.
And that's really what this comes down to.
It's a sexy goose.
It's a pretty goose.
It's a sweet goose.
It's a goose that likes you and likes me and likes our children.
And you know, I can joke around about this all day, but getting serious, ladies and gentlemen, they're coming on at us like a freight train.
And this isn't some spectator sport where you watch us in the arena get chewed up or be victorious.
This is a real world action, a war.
Where your action and the support you give us, or don't, governs everything.
This isn't Netflix dramas, or HBO dramas, or Godzilla fighting the three-headed dragon.
This isn't theater.
This isn't imaginary world.
This is rubber meets the road, planet Earth, the middle of 2019.
So I've thought for a long time about when it was time, what the demarcation line was.
The point of no return.
Instead of just saying, hey, we're not going to be here unless you support us.
But what is the point to tell people?
Because it makes the enemy happy, and we don't want to make them happy.
But we need to also be honest with you to say, we're bleeding to death.
We've put up an incredible fight, and I'm proud of what we've done, but it takes millions of dollars to run our own servers and stream to millions a day and to run all the IT and to pay for all the equipment and to have the legal and to do this, and you've done an amazing job, but if you do not commit to get our great products and commit to sign up for AutoShip and commit every month when you can, if you can't understand, to get products that are already the best,
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Man, I see some great points that callers are making.
We don't screen your calls except where you're calling from and that you got a good phone.
But you can volunteer comments and it's Reagan Canada, Alex Jones being attacked.
The Antitrust Lawsuit, Facebook, Google, Big Tech, Breakup, Andrew, Drag Queen Shows, Child Porn Attacks, Kim in North Carolina, Russia to Trump, is Sandy hooked to Alex Jones?
That's a good point.
Jack in Wisconsin comments on Trump's censorship, fake news.
Jeff in Canada, false accusations and attacks.
Stan in Indiana, Making America Great Again, Trump comments.
Leah in Illinois, a trucker on Trump and the border topic.
Charlie, Twitter bannings, Internet censorship.
That's just some of the calls.
By the way, I heard about this Sunday.
He was on Stephanopoulos.
And then I looked for it yesterday, but I got blindsided by the massive attack of Lies Against Us.
The attempt to totally destroy me and have this huge hoax that everybody believes, you know, that I've done these horrible things I didn't do.
Even though I've been in the news, I didn't, and I was the victim.
We have searched the official archives of ABC yesterday and today.
We've looked online.
They aired it live, but they cut it out.
Now we have the transcript.
But think about this.
The president said he thinks he knows who's behind 9-11.
Of course, he's got all the classified info.
He knows.
He let the deep state know.
He knows who they worked with.
But they still don't back down.
He just can't believe it.
So the story's on NewsWars.com.
That's NewsWars.com.
Trump, I think I know who was behind 9-11.
Later in the next hour, I'm going to get to this huge story, and we're going to get into the huge announcements.
Are we really going to be attacking Iran?
And what Facebook's digital currency means, and why.
Look at DrudgeReport.com.
Computer analysts are saying it is the biggest invasion of privacy, the most dangerous authoritarianism the planet's ever seen, because when you use their currency, it tracks everything you buy in a chain all the way through its life, everywhere.
Absolutely unbelievable.
So, and what's it going to look like with Trump deporting millions?
Again, he has to, or it just sets the precedent that everybody should just come in and say, stay here.
This is crazy, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to go to your phone calls right now.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Kim.
Kim in North Carolina.
Thanks for calling.
Hi, Kim.
Thank you for calling.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I want to say, first of all, I'm a Christian woman, I'm a black woman, I'm a conservative woman, and I'm a Republican woman.
And when I think about what they're doing to President Trump with Russia, Russia, Russia, trying to drum it into the people's minds and trying to brainwash people, where they're doing the same thing with you and Sandy Hook.
It's the same thing because they're trying to drum it into people that
You are Sandy Hook, and this is the way you're supposed to be labeled.
This is the way people are supposed to see you, and this is a brainwashing technique for unsuspected people.
I should hire you as my PR spokesperson, because you just crystallized what I've been trying to say in an hour and a half.
This is brainwashing.
This is a technique.
And now, because the Sandy Hook doesn't work, well, we'll just attach child porn to it.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
And again, I believe it's parallel construction from the beginning.
I'm not saying the lawyers involved are doing the parallel construction, but it's where you know something's been planted.
You know something's there, but you did it illegally, so you've got to use another investigation to then get it in discovery, and then you put it out.
Yes, and I'm still waiting to become a member of your podcast team.
We discussed it, and also... Oh yeah, anytime there's an awesome caller, and I said this three, four years ago, and we got held up, we've got a list of about ten people, we want you guys to be part of a podcast.
Give us your name and number again, sweetie, and I apologize because I'm always trying to launch new stuff, and you know, they've kind of kept me tied down, and I apologize.
And I'm telling the people, wake up, don't fall for it, it's a trick, it's a trap.
Use your God-given senses and know that the enemy is, he's basically backed up in a corner and he's trying every single thing that he can to come and bring, it's a spiritual warfare, that's what it is.
It's not natural, it's spiritual.
For our kids, and also in Luke 7, too, it says it would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone around their neck than for one of the little ones to stumble.
Kim, I've been talking for years about launching this podcast with our best callers, and we've got a list of about 10 people, and I bet your name is still on the computer, but give us your full name and info again, and I'm going to commit, I'm going to give it to our lead producer to just launch the once a week podcast for two hours with the callers
You know, call it the People's Show or something.
The Callers Show or something.
And we'll get it launched.
Because I'm about to launch a couple other shows.
It's just so hard to get it lined out in the midst of this.
But I'm not complaining.
We're going to get it done.
And God bless you, ma'am.
I appreciate your call.
Folks, get her full info again right now.
Thank you, John.
John's in there running the phones.
Doing a great job.
She's absolutely right.
You know, when you experience a spiritual battle,
When you're in Seattle, or you're in L.A., or you're in Austin, in a liberal area, and people literally, they don't just do it because they think you're a Christian and it meshes with you.
We've shown you hundreds of these videos.
I mean, some of the ones down in Houston where the guy's like... Satan, look at you!
And... We're gonna kill babies!
And then you walk around a corner and another one goes, oh yeah, Satan's in control.
It's like Agent Smith can jump in person after person in The Matrix.
It's exactly like that.
The Bible talks about like, Christ is going along and a demon's jumping from person to person.
As he goes to the town, the same demon's hopping at different people saying, oh yes, you're gonna die, you're dead, oh, I'm gonna get you.
He goes to the next street, oh, and you're like, whoa!
When you experience these people, ladies and gentlemen, it's unbelievable.
They're beyond NPCs.
They're demonic NPCs.
And you've got to experience it.
It's unbelievable.
And you see it.
And that's why I'm begging people to pray for our operation in the name of Jesus Christ, because the enemy flees from that.
It's real.
Great points, ma'am.
Thank you so much.
Let's get Kim's info.
I'm going to watch that caller podcast show.
It's a great idea.
I've been talking about it for five years.
That's the first thing on our list.
That's the first thing we're going to do.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's go ahead and take a call from
Jack in Wisconsin.
Jack, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Mr. Crystal Asian, Mr. Head of the Curve.
I think a lot of the clown games with what you're experiencing now with Sandy Hook and fake news and the Q stuff, Corsi stuff is typical old tricks.
And not only you, but Trump is also experiencing it.
It's very important, I think, to have a positive energy and attitude when dealing with it, because it affects the outcome.
And also, in general, if you're up against, nowadays in reality politics, if you're up against an enemy, and optically, it looks like such a grandiose enemy, the defeat, when it's knocked out, is much more glorious.
I just got a text from Norm Pattis.
And I see the headlines coming in.
And again, Norm had to be in another courtroom today and couldn't be there, so he had to have one of his other lawyers in it.
And this is how they're going to spin it one way or the other.
It's this judge that sat there and demanded all our raw emails, then demanded metadata on unopened emails, so this could be trawled through.
And now I get mad and upset.
Their lawyers act like I'm threatening them when I'm saying I'm angry at whoever planted this.
Judge says apology from Alex Jones' lawyer in Sandy Hook case falls short.
I'm not apologizing for any of this stuff.
I'm done.
And it goes on.
The lawyer for conspiracy theorists and InfoWars host Alex Jones apologizes for Jones claiming that Sandy Hook families tried to frame him with child pornography.
That's not... I never said that the families did that.
See how this stuff works, man?
You go back and watch even my blow-up, I didn't say it was the families.
This is just, I'm so sick of this.
I'm going up to Connecticut.
That's it, man.
I am so, it just, it never ends.
Go ahead.
You know, you have to stand up for yourself and have faith in God.
You know, and also you should have fun doing this because honestly, if you look at your entire life history, everything you've done has been building up to this point.
It's your time now.
You're a player in this.
I just want to defeat these people.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Just stay there.
I'll come back to you, Jack.
Here's the thing I'm saying.
Alex Jones faces off with the families today, USA Today, all this crap.
I'm facing off with the families?
No, I'm facing off with Democratic Party lawyers, and so they make it.
Alex sends child porn to the families.
No, I didn't!
Or, Jones's lawyer apologizes that Jones says the families said it?
Who knows if that's even true?
But if that lawyer did say that, I'm pissed.
That's how this works, man!
It's just all BS!
And these judges take whatever MSN says as if God did it!
The most banned network in the world.
InfoWars settles Pepe the Frog lawsuit, pays tiny settlement to creator Matt Fury.
Mark, overall, what do you think of this decision?
Mark Rendazzo.
I mean, look, when they come at us first saying they want $1.2 million in attorney's fees, and then they wind up begging us for a pittance of a settlement,
I think that's grounds for a victory lap.
I mean, the amount that you wound up paying them for a licensing fee.
I mean, when we were calculating what it would have cost for, you know, your first class flight to L.A., the kind of hotels that we like to stay in and the kind of meals we like to eat.
I think our bar tab would have been more than that in L.A.
just for the week.
I just, I have a very big feeling of satisfaction when they put as many lawyers on the other side of the table as I have in my entire firm.
And then they squeak out the door with a, you know, essentially it was like you flipped a coin to him and said, here, get out of my way, go buy yourself an ice cream.
The thing you were saying earlier about how your viewers and your listeners helped out in order to help you win this free speech fight, I can't reiterate that enough.
You know, when you have stood up on these cases, you're not standing up just for Alex Jones or InfoWars.
You're standing up for everybody's rights.
And, you know, now that this case is over, you know, you can kind of start reloading the guns, but there's gonna be more.
You know that.
Well said.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Breaking news out of Silicon Valley.
Facebook has banned a number of prominent conspiracy theorists and alt-right figures.
Facebook is purging several high-profile names from its platform.
This may be one of the biggest and most impactful decisions Facebook has ever made.
Facebook taking steps to enforce its hate speech policies.
Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Louis Farrakhan, Laura Loomer, all of them were designated dangerous.
Dangerous individuals.
Dangerous individuals.
Dangerous individuals and organizations.
Basically they've deemed these individuals to be dangerous.
They call me dangerous.
Danger is my middle name.
Dangerous like hurting other people?
Or dangerous as in saying things that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like?
This is about the total rollout for complete and total censorship.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
What is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
InfoWars tells viewers that the world is out to get them.
None of this seems to repel President Trump.
InfoWars content is useful to him.
InfoWars personalities align with him.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down!
I want them silenced!
I want them muted!
Because these corporations are controlled by a liberal few.
We're very focused on making sure that our recommendations and discovery surfaces aren't highlighting groups where people are repeatedly sharing misinformation or harmful content and we're working hard to completely remove groups if they exist primarily to violate our policies or do things that are dangerous.
Screw your rules.
Your rules go against our values, and they are patently un-American.
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions.
He's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
We need a digital Bill of Rights.
They're becoming the public square, and they control how we interact with each other.
And if you think that you are going to throw up your hands and say, well, they're private companies, you are absolutely insane, and you are part of the problem.
You are a bad person.
You should be censored off the internet.
Bad, yes!
Get out of here, Alex!
InfoWars might have been banned from Twitter, but it seems to have found a new home over at Trump's Twitter feed.
President Trump's furious reaction to Facebook's action showcases that he is, I'm sorry to say, the InfoWars president.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Okay, I'm going to come back.
I'm going to come back with your calls in the next segment.
I'm going to play a few minutes of the intro of a video up on Infowars.com with the joke title, Alex Jones runs the French Caliphate out of his office.
But France pretty much is run by the Muslims now, so that's why I said that.
But they were here to cover Sandy Hook.
They were very deceptive about what they were here to cover.
So I ended up having an argument with them.
Well, they basically said they were going to leave, so I said, yeah, get out.
Here's a few minutes of the video that's up on Infowars.com.
A French film crew approached Alex Jones for an interview under the guise of the conversation being about how freedom of speech differs between Europe and America.
But prior to their arrival, our sources alerted us that their intentions were very different.
Here is the full interaction.
I told you guys, no, no, no.
I'm saying I have to tape every second so you guys don't edit deceptively.
Can we take out the camera?
Yeah, sure.
I gotta go on the air, but after that... Again, Megyn Kelly came to town two years ago because the statute of limitations on defamation was up to get me to talk about Sandy Hook.
And then she edited the whole thing together.
She's going to be involved in these upcoming suits, if they continue on.
A total deception, and all media doesn't know.
John Ronson came here, and we actually taped the entire interview with him.
He's not important enough to put it out.
We've just been too busy.
But we taped the hour-long interview I did with him.
They got boiled down to four minutes for NPR, where nothing I said made any sense.
So now I figured, they're so arrogant, they're going to still edit it together.
But we're going to have what they actually twisted
Just like we're going to have with Megyn Kelly in the lawsuit with their actual raw tapes.
And more and more, this is the key, is you tape corporate media, mainstream media, so that when they try to edit what you've said deceptively, they get caught.
But they still think they're in power.
They still think they have all control.
And so they still do it.
And I guarantee you, if this is a hit piece, they're going to say, why'd you make the man commit suicide?
Not true.
Why'd you harass the family?
Didn't happen.
They're going to say all that.
And again, they're all off camera.
In this video that's up on Infowars.com, Alex Jones destroys Islamic Caliphate from France.
That's not even mine.
I think I'm going to headline Scooby.
I think I'm going to make it more clear.
And we'll also put in the report which national French news agency that is.
I think we kind of rushed that one out.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I don't know if you were happy that day, but I read on your Facebook page you were getting a vaccination.
You were singing.
A PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent recently admitted during a conference that babies are only given shots up to age one in order to train the parents to get their children into the medical system.
That the vaccines are completely worthless.
The notion that babies are being injected with vaccines in the first year of their life simply in order to brainwash parents into feeding their children into the medical system is an extremely disturbing premise.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I was told by a major D.C.
international law firm that there's no way you're getting a fair trial in Connecticut.
No way!
With this whole Sandy Hook canard and man experiencing
Experiencing the way it works and how the system operates and you know how the layer of skull and bones is just just filled with people that have been installed because they serve evil is a real honor to face.
I am blessed to be in this position, and I have no doubt that they're going to sanction me and make up more stuff I didn't do.
And because they're losing these cases, what they've said about me isn't true, and so they're just going to continue to replace it with more lies.
But in the end, it's all going to come out.
Now I'm going to continue with your phone calls.
And then, towards the end of the hour, I'm going to hit all the big arrests of pedophiles around the country, actually trafficking in children.
Now it ties to Hillary Clinton and so much more.
So that's all coming up.
But I wanted to get to an important report here that ties into Facebook, announces creation of digital currency.
DrudgeReport.com has top analysts saying this is the greatest threat to privacy ever.
This is so out of control.
Tracking through the blockchain everywhere that money goes, everything you ever do, so you can penalize people for their political actions, their religious actions, you name it.
It's a total surveillance system where you can make people's currencies worth more if they're good little servants.
It is the mark of the beast.
It is the communist Chinese social credit score.
It is incredible.
And they don't want us here on air covering this because it's all coming in like a flood and people are resisting it.
You know, people used to watch TV, but now the TVs watch you.
And Big Brother's sitting right next to you in your home.
Here it is.
You remember 20 years ago when I got a visit from a former high-level NSA engineer who worked for Time Warner?
And he said, open up the Scientific Atlantic cable box.
Here's the manual.
There's a microphone.
It gets keywords and reports it all back to the National Security Agency.
Now, three days after I showed people this on television, they had people come attack me in a parking lot and say, we're going to kill you if you keep talking about this.
Now that was 20 years ago or so, maybe more.
Today, remember like 7 years ago, the head of the CIA at the time said, your appliances are listening and watching to you.
It was a Wired Magazine article.
Now there's over a hundred home assist devices with cameras and microphones that are on all the time, and it was six years ago, seven years ago, it was an Infowars.com article, we first broke it, Samsung came out and said, smart TVs, we're selling audio and video of you and your house, so watch what you do.
Don't have sex in front of the television?
Well my God, it's in the damn bedroom.
And don't say things you shouldn't say.
And that's what Eric Schmidt said from Google at the same time.
He said, oh yeah, everything you're doing is being watched on the internet.
Watch what you do.
Well, Facebook has its system in your house.
It's beyond the telescreen.
It's always on.
It tracks you.
They call it Portal.
And again, they've all got these.
But here's the new big enchilada.
See, I was in the middle of this.
You know, I said within five years, two months ago, when this happened, I said within five years, everyone will be watched by these portals.
And it'll be the law they've got to be in your house, basically, because they're already proposing that for your security, of course.
Or there'll be tax incentives if you do have it.
And all the cars will be quasi-driverless.
That's already happening.
Your phone already says, oh, you're driving.
You got to tell it, oh, you're not, even though you know you are.
is already watching you.
So this is just the A.I.
phase-in of our minders, of our little guardian devils.
And then it came out a couple months ago that they said, well, Alex Jones actually isn't anti-Semitic.
They shouldn't ban me even if I was.
And he hasn't done anything as they say.
These were internal emails.
That Business Insider published, but they said if 30% of the comments on his Facebook page are anti-Semitic, we'll ban him.
Well, that was a message for the left to all go say anti-Semitic things.
And then they went, oh, it hit 30%.
He's now banned for life as a hateful, bad person.
And it was even put on my banking record with G2.
So when Facebook says you're bad, man, it goes on your banking record.
Even though I've got great credit, it doesn't matter.
We have the internal G2 reports.
It just says perfect credit, perfect everything, but somebody said he was hateful, so his life's over.
Do not loan to him.
He goes to the gulag.
We'll be filing suit very, very soon.
I keep warning him, no response back.
All right, there you go then.
So, here's the new story.
Here's the big trillion pound enchilada with chili con carne sauce on top and shredded cheese and onions, but it's got cyanide loaded into it, so enjoy it.
It says in there that we have devices listening and watching you in your home.
It's actually in the article.
Facebook admits this.
There it is, exclusive.
Facebook processed to label you an agent of hate revealed.
It says, this is from their email, they're very proud of this now, that Facebook is watching and listening to you, and everyone you talk to, and is listening to you in your house and watching you, and has been recording you.
And so even if you said something racist or bad privately years ago, they're now going to have AI scan that and you're going to be kicked off Facebook or, oh don't worry, they're going to give you a directive to mitigate so they don't tell the world and your credit score you're a bad person.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
It's all been announced.
They also say they're going to sue you because in your terms of service you agree to not be a hateful bad person.
We're doing these things, but if anyone ever reports you, or there's a recording, or they hear you in your house do it, you've contractually agreed it's bad, and they're going to sue you for contractual violation.
Now, folks, this is like 500 times worse than 1984.
This isn't science fiction.
This is scientific dystopia now.
In 2018, in the United States of America, tech giants Facebook, Apple, and Google have deemed the information coming from Alex Jones to be too dangerous for public consumption and have forbidden him from having a voice.
Certainly for some, Alex Jones can be scary and abrasive.
But if you can get through all that to explore what he's been saying, to see for yourself what it is that the establishment wants to hide from you, then the information you find could be life-changing.
He predicted 9-11.
And if there was an outside threat like a Bin Laden, who was a known CIS in the 80s, he's the boogeyman they need in this Orwellian phony system.
He exposed the cremation of care ceremony at Bohemian Grove.
He educated us about the relationship between the Third Reich and modern globalism.
He helped reveal the so-called Bilderberg Group et al.
He was the loudest voice reporting on the union between the Communist Chinese and Silicon Valley.
They falsely edited him.
They lie about his reporting of Sandy Hook.
They lie that he pushed a child down in a viral video.
And now he is being de-platformed by Facebook, Apple, and Google.
Private companies are being harassed and encouraged to stop doing business with him.
And then we get hit and say, you can no longer use our software.
YouTubers are being censored for talking about him.
We just got taken down by YouTube.
They just killed our stream.
And some Americans are actually celebrating this.
This is America.
This is America in 2018.
Will you sit by and allow liberty and freedom to be taken away?
Getting into the inside baseball, we've been telling people Trump's about to go on the offense.
You were getting into the fact that the last straw really was Facebook banning certain names in certain terms.
That really pushed Trump over the edge and now Human Events is riding on it.
It's now being confirmed by Bloomberg.
You want to talk about this?
This is pretty big to show Trump's thinking, just to show how real he is.
In other words, had they simply not made the choice to ban your name from their platform, and had not made the choice to try to go after and censor people saying anything positive about Alex Jones or Info, it would not have led to the Antitrust Investigation, and just the announcement of the investigation, and the possibility it was going to go into Facebook as well.
Cost them $137 billion.
That's how much money was lost by Big Tech by choosing to go after you.
That's how much the president cost them just by announcing the possibility of an investigation.
$137 billion collectively lost across Big Tech in less than a day solely because they decided to come after you, not recognizing that the president was going to stand by his audience, was going to stand by his people.
And was going to stand by the original principles of free speech and free press that govern and guide this country.
I mean, all they had to do is hear the president meets with Jack at Twitter.
There's a, there's a, all these problems had already been documented by that point, saying, look, just pull back.
Don't meddle in the election.
Don't continue to suppress and censor speech.
And they would have been able to save their stockholders over $100 billion.
But they refused.
They decided they're going to go after... Oh, they're now spinning it because we cut off the fake news, we lost money.
No, it's because you're censoring and antitrust investigations have been opened up on you.
There would be no antitrust investigation if they weren't engaged in any antitrust illicit activity.
When they decided to go from just being a technological monopoly on a platform and instead be a technological monopoly on speech, on press, and on elections, they made a decision that was a fateful decision that has now cost them billions of dollars, will cost them billions of dollars more in the future, and now they're under major antitrust investigation, and it's not going to stop at Google.
It's going to keep going.
All of these big social media tech giants might be taken apart.
Might be wiped off the map.
Might be basically forced to dissolve.
And forced to separate out its assets.
In the same way that Rockefeller was with Standard Oil back at the turn of the century.
So I think what's happening is there's now, the U.S.
Federal Trade Commission has now announced that Facebook has agreed to subject itself to an antitrust investigation.
The Google antitrust investigation was leaked on Friday.
There's talk that it will go further than Facebook and Google and they're looking at Twitter, they're looking at Netflix, they're looking at other operators.
So these operators that decided to be so overtly political over the last two years, that they were going to use their tech monopoly, their platform monopoly, to suppress, censor speech, to shame individuals, to leak private information against them, to use and leverage their power to help the Democrats take the House, to help the Democrat win the Senate in 2017, threatening to do so the same in 2020.
When they reach the point where not only they ban people from using your name and InfoWars name,
And at the same time, banned Paul Joseph Watson from all Facebook and Instagram overnight.
They agreed he hadn't violated any rule ever.
It was such a shock that it's what put the president in motion.
He realized, okay, this is too severe, so severe, action needs to be taken.
Let's unleash the kraken of antitrust enforcement against these rogue operators.
Who think now they get to control and govern the country and get to impose a Chinese social credit model system on the United States democracy and speech systems.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Well, you've got your diamonds, and you've got your pretty clothes.
And the chauffeur drives your car.
You let everybody know.
But don't play with me, cause you're playing with fire.
Alright, the last segment I heard a few special reports.
Because they've been produced and were important.
But also, I had to talk to some lawyers in Connecticut.
And I had to find out the latest salvo.
Now we know how this works.
We know who to sue.
It's the Connecticut Post.
They're the ones that put out the big disinformation statements that then the rest of the media picks up.
And then the judge, whether she's ignorant or whatever, goes with it as if it came out of the mouth of God.
And so they're there saying that I offered a million dollars for the head of this lawyer.
When I said there's a reward for who sent us the child porn, and we don't know who it is.
And it's clear that I'm mad at them because of the discovery process, but I'm not calling for violence against them.
But that doesn't matter.
They clip and they paste and they manipulate.
And they go in because, again, I'm the bad guy.
Look at this headline.
Judge says apology from Alex Jones' lawyer in Sandy Case Hook falls short.
So what does it say again?
Oh, I'm sorry.
And then it goes to say that I said the families did it.
They always hide behind the families.
I never said the families sent that in.
I said, it's very, very suspicious.
And I said, I'm going to find out who did it.
I'd love to see their head on a pike.
That's a figure of speech, but it won't matter.
Won't matter because all the blue bloods up in Connecticut are going to show that loud mouth, dumb Texan that they'll put me under the jail.
Cause old Hillary didn't get elected.
That's how it works.
Well, guess what?
Old Hillary's in a lot of trouble.
So that's how this stuff works.
And it's all going to come out and no one is buying that I sent child porn to the families.
No one.
It's just more of the mainstream media committing political and cultural suicide.
Oh, he said we're going to kill ourselves another threat.
The truth is I've been here with a French crew.
I was already mad at them.
That was going on behind the scenes during the breaks.
The truth is, I said, I think it's suspicious that that stuff was planted by somebody.
That's why I'm offering a reward.
But, oh, the Connecticut Post, they said I was talking about this Matty guy because his article was sitting there and I was banging the table and his face was on the table.
Give me a break.
I banged the table.
When my face is on it.
Does that mean I'm going to get Alex Jones?
Give me a break.
It's unbelievable.
No, I blame them for going to the FBI.
Not going to the FBI, but going there and I'm told trying to get me indicted.
When I talked to all the defense lawyers and people sending you child porn you don't open isn't a crime.
And then they want millions of emails turned over and say, oh, we didn't do due diligence opening every attachment.
I'm not opening any attachments.
That judge orders me to open attachments.
I'm not doing it.
So you can then charge me with opening child porn.
It's not happening.
I'm not walking the plank, even though you think I'm some dumb country bumpkin that just fell off a turnip truck yesterday.
When it's all said and done, this is going to come out, but I almost had a cerebral hemorrhage.
During that one minute break at the Five After, when I was reading the news article that my lawyer apologized for me threatening the families.
But I didn't do that.
And then I call up Norm, that's not what the transcript says.
But I do have some of the transcript of the judge going along with it.
And that's what I face.
But you know what?
I'm not a loser, I'm a winner.
That's what happens when you fight evil.
That's what happens when you're effective against evil.
And so we all have to face evil every generation.
Most of these people just go along to get along or they're ignorant.
Most of them aren't evil.
A lot of these lawyers aren't bad people, probably.
They just believe they're following the self-righteous path to big media and success and everything else if they just can get Alex Jones, the evil Homeland character.
And I blow up every once in a while and my hyperbole slurs over and gets confusing.
And then I clarify in the same broadcast, and the next day, long before they do all this stuff, and I say, whoever planted it, I'm gonna get you.
And they say, that's me!
He threatened me!
Sanction him!
And how do we get him?
Well, we'll say he sent porn to the families.
And we'll say, child porn, child exploitation, child rape.
Oh, and then we'll say, then we'll say he said they planted it.
Hell, first it's I supposedly said the lawyers did, but I didn't say that.
Now it's the families.
Hell, they'll probably say tomorrow, I blame the dead children next.
Or maybe the dead hero teacher that tried to protect them that these lawyers sued.
Maybe they'll say I blame her.
Hell, make up whatever you want, Connecticut Post.
And Daniel Tepfer will look into who this guy is.
But you know, lies go halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on.
Mark Twain.
But the truth will come out.
And this isn't Communist China where you're going to have your big victory over the people.
This is America, and I believe you're going to fail.
I believe your globalist plan is going to go down.
And Trump has come out and said he's ready to expose 9-11, and who really did it, and so much more.
And the truth is humanity is coming up for air.
I'm going to go to break, and I promise I'm going to go to Jack, Jeff, Stan, Lee, Bob,
Kenyon first, after Jack, and then Craig.
I gotta hurry.
I'm gonna get to you.
Just be ready.
Boom, boom, boom.
And then I'll get into all this other news.
But it's just incredible to watch how they'll use a third-rate rag like the CT Post.
They'll put out whatever dribble the Democrats want.
And then that regurgitated group of lies is then spread everywhere to all the mainstream media baby birds who then repeat it and add more bull to it and they all pass it around to everybody.
But the good news is the Young Turks and a bunch of others took it down and others changed their headlines because it's lawsuit heaven.
Now Norm Pattis
is in the middle of all this.
He had to be in another court.
Couldn't be there for me today.
He had his other lawyer there.
And I know there's this approach.
It's like Roger Stone's lawyer goes in when Roger Stone just tweeted something out from a fact sheet about the judge and how she was funded by the Democrats and appointed by Obama.
Now she was the hanging judge.
And then Roger's like, I did nothing wrong.
That's just a Celtic cross or whatever, which it was.
His lawyer goes, oh, we apologize, your honor.
Oh, for what Roger did.
It's terrible.
And then she totally gags him.
It's unbelievable.
And that's what they want.
They want a gag so they can say I'm a child molester.
Well, guess what?
It's not going to work.
I'm not going to sit here while people tell me that I got to take your lies anymore.
Whatever happens, I'm not backing down any of this crap.
It's illegal, it's unlawful, it's tyrannical, and everybody with a brain that operates knows it.
But I'll tell you this, how I can fight them better.
Infowarstore.com, storewide free shipping, 50% off, double patriot points, save InfoWarspecial.
This is the bat beam, this is the emergency, this is when we need the financial support so that I can absolutely defeat them on every front with the best offensive lawsuits and more.
Now is the time, flood me with money and I'll keep fighting.
So the InfoWars model is a self-fulfilling, self-supporting structure that is in the ultimate economic democracy structure that is promoting free press and free speech by people getting together and supporting one another and sustaining one another.
It is the only independent press of this size and scale, of this public reach,
It's reached so effective that that's why Facebook is waging war against InfoWars.
That's why Instagram is waging war against InfoWars.
That's why Google and YouTube and Twitter are waging war against InfoWars more than anyone else, is because it is the ultimate counter-China model.
It is the one model that says, here's a way to have a self-supporting, self-sustaining, self-structured, little-d democratic structure.
That because the audience determines what content goes up, the audience determines what audience is ultimately reached by their choices in supporting InfoWars.
So by doing little things like, okay, we want a little de-democracy, we want a fluoride-free toothpaste.
Let's say that's what it is.
So it's dealing with a particular health issue.
We're good to go.
I think so.
I think so.
They already want, at a more affordable rate, by sustaining it, they create a self-sustaining, self-supporting structure that is unique in the world, and that's why they wage war against it.
And as long as the audience refuses to concede to that, or forfeit their economic contribution, as long as they continue to be involved, and continue to participate, and continue to partake, and continue this self-supporting, self-sustaining structure, there's nothing they can literally do to crush it or end it.
They can try to limit the scope of the audience, they can try to limit the size of the microphone, but in the end, we will find ways to reach them because the audience dictates and determines it by its support of influence.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Remember, the Globalists are trying to shut us down and bankrupt us.
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We have huge sales going.
And go to subscribestar.com forward slash Alex Jones.
Be able to subscribe, $5, $10, $20 a month to help us fight all these Globalist assaults, hire new reporters, and pay for this fight.
They are in Connecticut right now, cooking up lies about me to have me arrested.
It's now hitting the news because they can't beat us.
They cannot beat us with their fake lawsuits, but they think they're going to lynch me up there.
And if that's the way it works, that's fine too.
I'm going to go on to the end telling the truth and exposing these globalist demons.
Okay, we're going to go back to your phone calls.
Jack held over and I'm going to hurry now because I don't want to get behind.
What was the other point you wanted to make, Jack, from Wisconsin?
I wanted to recommend, I don't know if you saw it though, back in the day, it was an older movie, a series, episode series, 4x3 ratio called Wild Palms.
Do you remember that one?
No, I don't.
I'd recommend seeing it.
That's a good template for a lot of the clown games.
And, you know, you're feeling a lot of frustration and sometimes rage about, since you're ahead of the curve, about people not waking up, waking up people, and most difficultly,
Waking up people who are pretending to be asleep, and there's a delay.
There's a delay we all have to deal with.
Ooh, you just said it.
A lot of people know what's going on and choose to ignore it or join it.
They eat the blue pill.
They love the blue pill, you know?
Like Huxley said it.
But I'll let you get to other callers.
I don't want to chat your ear off.
No, you're awesome, brother.
Thank you.
No, I mean, I legitimately got mad.
On Friday, it was the fourth hour.
I've been arguing with these French reporters, and I just kind of conflate and mix everything together.
I know I'm mad at them persecuting me, and I'm mad at whoever planted it, and I think it's suspicious that they went in and found all these hidden links, and they're trying to spin it, you know, like I knew what was going on.
If an email somebody sent me that we never opened, and so I just blow up, and I say, whoever has done this, I want to get you busted.
You know, big reward.
I want to see your head on a pipe.
That's figurative.
And because of the
Nature of the fact that they're losing these suits and everything they say isn't true, they're like, ah, bonanza, now we'll misrepresent this, but it's all gonna come out.
They're trying to get me charged for emails that I was sent about Sandy Hook death-threatening me that I never opened, that had hidden links in them that they then found.
I think they're scared, not these particular lawyers, but the whole system, that whoever did send this is part of the establishment.
And look, it's a $100,000 reward, because the legal way to do it is you can't say 100,000 for arrest, a million for reward, because then people might say testimony that isn't true for the conviction.
Plus, I don't have a million dollars extra laying around here.
So, I was a man.
I was wild.
That's how I am every once in a while.
And I've told the crew, when I started exhibiting that, it might happen once a year.
Last time I thought Trump was going to go to war with Syria and started bombing, I flipped out.
That was in a webcast, so it wasn't as bad.
But I mean, I'm real, folks.
I really care.
This stuff gets to me.
Thing is, I'm usually really focused, but it's all getting compartmentalized.
It's all getting stuck right over here like a volcano.
And it was too much.
These French, and I love French people, but the smarmy ones, the leftist ones, the anti-gun ones, you know, creeping around here that I hadn't really even green-lighted being here.
And then Norm's plane was late, so he wasn't here with them.
And I just blew up.
I blew up at them, too.
You'll get to my face later.
That video's up on InfoWars.com.
And at just a certain point, they're liars.
They said they weren't coming here for what they said.
I have their emails.
So I kept just making the joke, go back to your Islamic Caliphate of France.
They're all just sellouts, ladies and gentlemen.
There's Norm, finally got there late, his plane was delayed.
And so, I blew up at them, and then I go blow up on air.
It's like, once you light the fuse, man, once the volcano goes off, you know, that's the end of it.
And, uh... Anyways, you got our security people here at the office.
That's enough of that.
Let's get back to the calls, like I said.
Stan in Indiana, thank you for holding.
I really appreciate that.
I respect you.
Sorry you had to hold.
Go ahead, Stan.
Hey, you know, stand your ground is, you know, that's what you gotta do.
You're doing a good job of it.
I'm trying, brother, but it's gotten down to being framed now for child porn.
You know, it's like, we always know that's one of their last weapons ahead of killing you.
Yeah, lying and deceiving and trying to project some image of you that is just
Something that you've worked against all your life.
They do anything they can.
And all they have is words.
I don't really want to get too offended.
No, no, sir.
You sound like a wise man.
Go ahead and make whatever points you want.
Well, you know, make America great again is what I called about.
We need to really look back and reflect on what we've lost.
And what we've lost is we've lost a lot of integrity in our country because wisdom.
Awareness is not being allowed with this lack of information that you're being criticized for.
And this started as a result, as I understand, I'm sure you'll agree, after the World War II, our country was overthrown in a lot more ways than it was just from the Civil War.
And yes, we were overthrown in the Civil War, in many ways.
American men don't have say so anymore, and that's one of the problems, especially if they're wise and aware.
And let's be clear, it isn't like women then run things.
Evil, corrupt men remove good men out of the process so there's no leadership, and then they rule a nation of slaves.
They become, and it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, if you're wise and aware, they're going to attack you.
If you want to represent... Oh, I agree.
It doesn't mean that women can't be great leaders.
Boy, my grandmother sure were.
And my mother is.
And I'll say this.
The women ain't what they used to be.
The men aren't what they used to be.
And you're absolutely right.
But they have targeted people that have integrity.
It's why real Christians are the number one enemy.
Because they know that we're not going to take their system.
They seem to be grooming him out of the legislation passed to allow certain people to go through college with what I'd consider a failing grade point average.
The electronic grading system was put in at the same time the electronic voting machine was put in.
No, you're absolutely right.
What's happening is they're putting a nation of morons in charge so that the globalists can control them.
That's how they do it.
One more point I wanted to make.
While I was waiting, I came up with something that I probably ought to mention.
I don't know if you remember it, but there was supposedly a British couple that was maybe a Russian
Double agent.
You know, they work back and forth.
They were killed in Europe.
I believe it was in England.
And they were killed with a Russian chemical agent, supposedly.
This was blamed upon Russia.
By your, you know, counterpart, your opponent, I should say, the fake media.
And as a result of that, certain economic sanctions were applied toward Russia.
So Russia may be seeing that as a part of an attack against them.
Oh, there's no doubt.
But let me go further.
They said they died.
They didn't die.
That was a chemical agent there in the little grocery store.
And they said they were dead.
They weren't even dead.
That's because they were defectors over, so they played part in the whole deal.
The fake news is so much on the other side.
We make mistakes and we blow gaskets, but we're not trying to lie to folks.
Stan, amazing points.
In fact, if you want to give us your name and number, we're going to launch it the next two weeks in case I get arrested anyways.
I have a plan.
We're going to have guest hosts and people, but also we're going to have roundtable listeners every day that get to co-host part of the show and the rest of it.
Because, I mean, I am having to prepare for no longer being on the air.
I don't want to have to get to that point, but we've put in a hell of a fight against the enemy, and I tend to be here another 10 years.
But this is dark, dark days, folks, and people don't know what's going on behind the scenes and things.
I can't really fill you in, but thank you so much, sir.
I appreciate your call.
We can also make this show, if I'm killed or arrested, more of a Washington Journal-type show, and then have a one-hour Washington Journal, just taking your calls, just like they do it, just covering news, what do you think, what do you think?
And then having a guest, you know, a person that comes in.
We've got Owen, we've got David, and I intend InfoWars to continue on, and we're set up a lot of things here, but I'm telling you that there's a
There's a destruction order out on me, come hook or crook, to get me.
And it's clear.
I mean, they're pulling all the stops out, and I'm not a victim.
I asked for this.
I prayed for this.
I asked to be put in a position to take on the Globalist.
I asked to change things.
I asked to try to, you know, have God make me a vessel, and I promised God.
Because God, I mean, I tried to pray to God 30 years ago.
I could kind of feel that block getting to God.
But the more you put yourself on the line, the more there's no separation.
And I can just instantly connect to God.
I'm always connected to God.
And God showed me.
He said, this is not going to be fun.
Your name's going to be destroyed.
You're going to ultimately be destroyed.
But you're going to do great things.
Are you ready?
And I said, yes.
God said, well, I'm going to start putting weight on you and see what you can take.
And I've learned to take a lot of pressure.
To say that we're living in epic times is putting it lightly.
William Binney ran the National Security Agency, the actual technical leader, not the political leader, the number two.
He's a former technical leader of the intelligence with NSA, before becoming a whistleblower in late 2001.
Binney has been described as one of the best analysts and codebreakers in NSA history.
So what is your message to the President recapping the mutiny, the deep state, their admission they're getting ready to move against him again?
What do you think, as a seasoned patriot, from the inside, knowing with these captured agencies, that the President should do?
Your advice to him.
I mean, this is simply a continuation of what I feared from the beginning, which was the totalitarian process that they started to adopt.
And this is simply going down the path of totalitarianism.
This is nothing new.
I mean, this has shown over and over again in history for thousands of years.
This is simply like shadow-blocking people, keeping only certain information available to the general public.
It's the way you control things.
It's the way you control and manipulate people.
It's the way you get people to do what you want them to do.
And this is not a democracy.
It was, I think, two years ago, there was a headline in The Guardian where you said, the NSA wants total power.
The people running it want to control reality.
And now they're doing it.
They said a month ago,
Well, I mean, this is the way you control this kind of material on a massive scale.
You put together algorithms to go look for these kinds of indicators, and then you suppress them.
That's exactly how they're doing it and you know, it's a it's a nobody knows what the rules are They put into the algorithm that's kept secret, right?
And my point would be very simple to the president you gave orders people didn't follow That's ground to fire them.
If you fail to follow an order you're fired.
Other than that I would say there is a way to clean this up basically a technical means that it has to be done by technical people who know what they're doing the Administrators are not technical.
Obviously, they're blundering all over the place.
They're supporting this kind of violation of our
I think so.
And about 8 or 9 other countries in the world that are participating in this bulk acquisition of data.
They're all depending on NSA to store it.
And keep it there so that they can interrogate it.
You know, I keep referring back to President Reagan when he said that we are a country with a government.
Well, since him, I mean, now we're a government with a country.
You know, it's just the exact opposite.
So we here in the United States, as the people of the United States, we need to, you know, stand up.
I mean, I think our president is trying to do that with us and for us.
But, you know, he's got an awful lot of opposition, including in his own party.
We have a set of bureaucrats, I call them the Praetorian Guard, the, you know, the shadow government, all of that.
These people have been violating our fundamental rights and have committed treason against the founding principles of this nation, the Constitution.
They've also violated any number of laws and they're not being held accountable at all.
So I keep referring up until Barr came in to the DOJ as the Department of Just Us.
And the rest of us are not included.
Okay, we're not part of that.
We have a different legal, we have to line up to a different set of legal rules.
These people are exempt from all of that and they're excused.
And so I just think he has to have somebody with that kind of power and the authority to go into any agency, in any database, in anywhere and look and see what's there and do queries and interrogations of that data and when they find it.
Anybody that acts like the president doesn't have the authority is fired on the spot.
That's right.
I mean, if you don't follow the orders, you're fired.
That's all.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I am now experiencing what only President Trump has experienced, or only what a nation about to be invaded that's being lied about has experienced.
Headlines are coming in by the minute that are complete lies.
Ladies and gentlemen, the top Twitter story in trending, and also when you search my name,
His father of Sandy Hook victim wins defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones.
He goes on to say, I wrote a book called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.
Ladies and gentlemen, that is totally insane.
No one's won a lawsuit.
I did not write that book.
I think they're getting ready to start a war or something.
I'm actually getting chills right now.
I mean, they're saying that I threatened to kill a lawyer.
Never did that.
They're saying I'm sending child porn out.
What in the world is going on here?
I've got transcripts of a judge in Connecticut saying that I blame the families of Sandy Hook for the child porn somebody emailed us that the FBI says I'm the victim on.
Never did any such thing!
But this judge believes whatever Koskoff and Koskoff says, this Democratic law firm, like they are God.
Look at the document Cam shot.
Father of Sandy Hook victim.
When's defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones?
It goes on to say, authors James Fetzer and Mike Palczak.
What in the hell?
But they know no one's reading below the headline.
This is galactic level.
Look at this one.
Judge says apology from Alex Jones' lawyer in San Diego case falls short.
It goes on to say that I said the families sent me the child porn.
I never said that!
It's the same author who says lawyers for standing-up families say Jones sent them child porn.
Total lie!
I mean, I don't even feel guilty!
Because, you know, even if it's a false accusation, you still kind of feel embarrassed or bad.
I'm living in the Twilight Zone.
Forget Rod Serling being able to come up with something like this.
I'm living in Captain Kangaroo.
Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, one who flew over the cuckoo's nest.
I am living in crazy.
And by the way, it's not just that one.
There's a bunch of other art.
This is the top of Twitter.
Again, they're doing what they believe in is like this weird Harry Potter magic because they're into the occult.
They call it lesser magic.
They believe if they say I lose lawsuits, it makes it happen because people then just believe I'm already convicted.
Next level.
Get Barnes on.
I know Watson's taking over.
Pattis is in court right now, where the judge is trying to figure out how to put me in jail.
I mean, you know I won't make it out of that jail.
I mean, they've got their plan.
They've got it set up.
They think they know what they're doing.
And I'll go willingly.
But I will not commit suicide in their jail.
Remember that.
I will never commit suicide.
They'll say, Witnesses say Jones hung himself.
It's not true.
It's a lie.
I'm telling you, that's where this is going.
They've told me, we're gonna get you.
We're gonna kill you in emails that I never read.
And then there's hidden child porn in it for what you said about Sandy Hook.
We're gonna kill you, Jones.
I never opened it, but it's sucked up into Sandy Hook.
And then I say, I'm suspicious of this.
There's a big reward out.
And they say, oh my God, boy, we'll teach you Texans.
We'll teach you dirty dogs a good trick.
You think your big mouth leader is gonna take our power?
It's treason then.
Oh, man, these people are unbelievable.
They're just starting to one-up each other.
Well, let's say he lost a lawsuit.
Let's say he wrote a book.
Yeah, that'll be good.
Let's say he said the family's... He said family's child porn.
Even better, let's say he said they framed him.
Yeah, that's the thing to do.
What else can we make up?
I don't know.
I mean, just imagine demonic gremlins running around trying to... What do we do?
Our master Hillary says he must be defeated.
We were all going to be powerful.
We were going to feast on America's carcass politically, but he got in the way.
It is he who brought forth a Trump.
It is he who conjured our enemy.
That's what they say.
He's the mad prophet.
He's the one to take out.
Get him!
Get him!
Get him!
Get him!
Get him!
The little banshees roar.
But do they think they've baited me?
You see, I think I'm following a little bit more advanced algorithm than you, my friends.
See, I'm not a Satanist.
I'm not a little worldly pimp of the establishment.
I'm self-made.
And I don't care about myself in the final equation.
I care about bringing you down.
And down you'll be brought.
We've still got a load of phone lines.
The great Paul Watts is lined up and ready to take over.
And we're in treacherous waters.
And I would like this operation to continue.
So I'm going to leave it at this and go to your phone calls.
Infowarrestore.com, storewide 50% off, double Patriot points, and ladies and gentlemen, free shipping.
And we don't make a lot of money off each order, but a lot of times we get a ton of orders and it funds things.
And I'm kind of stuck in this canard because you guys love big discounts.
So there it is.
I've launched other things like Subscribestar.com, Forbes Less Alex Jones.
We're going to subscribe through a third-party system that's known for not censoring.
$5, $20 a month and do not worry about it.
Cancel any time.
to help fund our operations because we're having to expand out because of all the attacks.
Obviously, we need major funding.
So thank you all.
InfoWarsTore.com is the key place to go.
Big sales going right now.
But this is the SOS.
And we are just just, you know, there's a certain thrill when you're in the middle of fights.
I'll be honest, I'm thrilled right now.
It'll get your eyes focused, get everything a little frosty, a little crispy, a little sparkly, you know?
But I can tell when the wings of the Valkyries and the wings of the Devil are all a little bit windy, a little bit eyes sore on, focused on us.
Oh yes, right down on us.
And that's good!
Because while I'm getting torn limb from limb, and we need to extend this out as long as possible,
The enemy's being held up by me.
They think it's the other way around.
And by you.
And so, we're on the front line.
We're the tip of the spear.
I'm your probe that you're sending into the enemy area.
And I'm getting key data back.
I've had a lot of victories thanks to you.
And I just want to keep churning data out.
Churning data out as I melt into the surrounding territory.
And just I want to be I want to be that fulcrum.
I want to be a fulcrum and an example to others like Colonel Travis of going all the way committed, smiling right into the face of death, a pure Americana and saluting you all no matter where you live or where you're from.
If you love freedom, we're brothers and sisters in this epic fight.
And nothing good comes without cost.
This is an amazing time to be alive.
So all their false victories come from systems of fraud.
And it's their own defeats.
Their courts that say kill babies, their systems
Yeah, I would just like to talk about the timing of these, you know, the power grids and this electronic espionage right at the time that
I don't think that's a coincidence.
I think because of the fact that these agencies act as a segue for these government agencies, these inter-government agencies to commit... I mean, the tech industry is wrought with espionage.
It has been for the last 20 years.
And when they start to investigate for these antitrust lawsuits, what they're going to uncover is not just the racketeering you've been talking about.
I think it's, you know, the fact that you had that segment on Benny was really good, because it played right into what I was going to say.
They're using these agencies to play governments against each other, to play their citizens off against one another, to use these big tech systems, and you know they're involved in it.
They're involved in espionage all across the board, and if these antitrust lawsuits start to lead into other litigations, they're going to find out
It's going to open the whole canard.
It's going to erupt because they're going to show how you've been talking for years, how big government and this, you know, the use of these tech companies to instill global governance over us.
And that's their own words.
You know, when I had dinner with William Binning and we were followed and people got, I mean, like real NSA type security guys came in, like sat down near us and were listening to every word.
And of course, Binning knew he didn't tell anything secret.
That guy knows the big secrets.
He was the real head of the NSA.
He created all this.
And he'll tell you, he doesn't like to talk about it on air because he doesn't like to look like a victim, but they poisoned him the day he secretly testified to the Senate and almost killed him.
His legs basically fell off.
He was in good shape, almost, but he was tough, tough liver, tough guy, man.
You know him in person, you can tell he's a tough guy.
And reportedly the poison they gave him would have killed 10 men.
Didn't kill him.
So, hey, I've been poisoned one time.
It wasn't that bad.
It was arsenic, but I got over it.
That was like 20 years ago.
I learned to not leave drinks out at events I was at.
But he got poisoned with something far worse, and he lived through it.
So he's a real hero.
When I think about heroes, man, in my heart, somebody like William Bennett, that's a real tough guy right there.
He's got a brain right up there in lights.
We'll be right back with more Your Call.
Stay with us.
Samuel, thanks for calling.
This is a known patent out of France.
You have to pay for the patent, where they just discovered that if you feed a certain secret diet to quail, and then you get their eggs, it creates this incredible antihistamine of a certain type of quail.
How fast did it take for pollen block to kick in for you?
It's pretty much straight away, you know, in maybe 10 minutes, maybe 20 minutes.
It just works.
The antihistamines, the pharmaceutical products, I find that with those, I can't take them until I start getting symptoms, and even then, they might not kick in for half an hour, or they might not kick in at all, depending on the day.
Pollen block works every single time.
Well, that's the great part about this.
And for whatever reason, France discovered it like 50 years ago.
It's still got to be even in this region of France.
It's very complex.
They don't even know why.
But they think it's the pollen in the area, the dust, what the quail are eating.
Then they just produce in the eggs whatever this essence is that just turns the histamine response off.
I go out and I do market research.
And I say, what are the best-selling products in the world?
And what have the best reviews in the world?
And then what do people in America not know that in Japan, or in Europe, or in Russia, or in Africa, or in Latin America, is already a bestseller?
Because a lot of stuff never gets here for some reason.
And in Europe, and in Russia, and in Canada, there are a lot of brands of this stuff with the quail eggs.
It's not here.
So we just made a souped-up version of it, discounted it, and it's Palm Block.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139er.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
This is it, boys.
Toe-to-toe with the globalists.
I love it.
I can't help it.
It's a greedy pleasure.
Because those pedophiles and devil-worshippers know we're breathing down their throats.
Breathing down them.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Is it time for me to shave my head?
Because I'm not doing a comb-over.
I got some hair on top, but it's... Look at this.
I like Trump, though.
I guess he's got the big thing going on there.
I don't know.
I'm taking your phone calls here.
A little bit serious.
Paul Watson's taking over.
You guys realize they're now writing articles.
I just lost a lawsuit for a book I didn't write that I'm out in a lawsuit.
It's all over the news.
It's a top story on Twitter.
Because earlier they thought, oh, it's just a top Alex Jones search.
No, I was shown earlier it's in the top trending.
I lost a lawsuit on Sandy Hook.
And then they're going to announce that the judge is going to call for my arrest.
I just heard that earlier.
Boy, they didn't like me putting out a bounty for whoever tried to plant that child porn on us.
That really scared the old folks there at Skull and Bones, didn't it?
That got the diarrhea running down their legs.
Santa Ana told Travis, you know, we're going to kill everybody of you.
Don't give us quarter and give up.
And he said, well, no quarter given, none taken.
And you know what that means, don't you?
Victory or death.
Death isn't the power of the devil.
Death is the power of the living.
We control death and life.
The devil pretends he controls death.
We control death!
I love that in Lord of the Rings.
A Christian allegory written by J.R.R.
Which you didn't see in the movie out of the book.
When they're there at the White City, they're fighting the big Ringwraith King, the Witch King, and all the rest of it, and the Norsemen show up as the douchebags at the moment that they're about to be defeated.
And what is their cry?
With their swords.
Charging their swords up with death!
Not a threat physically, but death to your system.
Death is ours!
We will death!
The living have strength, not the dead!
And then pledging yourself to death, if you need to.
Giving yourself up for others.
It's the evil, the devil worshippers that fear death, not us.
That's why they try to act like they own death and they have death and they're in charge.
No, you're not in charge of death.
It's us, the living, that have children.
And to have a child is to know they're gonna die someday.
To give life is to give death!
And to fight evil is to give life and to give death.
We bring life.
We bring death.
We are men.
We are women.
We are the humans.
We are the planet.
We are God's creation.
We are the future.
Not you!
So you fear death.
We do not fear death!
Try to see if you can find it on YouTube.
Lord of the Rings.
Death chant.
That's powerful.
There's nothing more living than that.
There's nothing more pro-life than men saying, we're ready to die for life.
And then holding up your sword and chanting, death.
Committed to death for life.
Committed to go all the way.
We don't fear death!
Our soul is eternal with Christ!
Christ has the keys to hell and death.
We have the keys to hell and death.
We have the real power, the real ownership of the planet.
We have the real providence.
We have been given the authority.
We have the contract.
We have the name.
We have the will.
We have the genetics.
We have the history.
We rule the planet, not Satan.
And Satan is about to be evicted because we hold the keys through Christ to hell and death!
This is next level, breaking ground, history book level, science fiction dystopia, tyranny on steroids.
Just take the red pill, people!
The most banned network in the world.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I think a few more calls and Paul Watson is taking over.
Real fast, and I apologize, I've got to hurry these up.
RJ, you're on the air from New Jersey.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, I just want to say real quick, I spent about $4,500 with you since October.
Thank you.
X2 and Secret 12 every day.
The coffee is amazing.
Turbo Force is amazing.
The bars are literally candy bars that are good for you.
The t-shirts are super quality.
But even though I've spent this much, which is what I want to get to, I
Still, I'm paycheck to paycheck.
I can't necessarily afford a monthly product purchase like every month, and I buy a lot of it in bulk to save as much as I can, so I can't necessarily spend that much every month, but I could afford a $3.99 or a $4.99 or a $5.99 monthly subscription to something, but I would want to get something like
No, you're right.
We should have a weekly podcast that's only for subscribers, that's on key analysis and things, so people want to support us.
Get that weekly special, say, podcast subscription or something.
People really need that.
We need to do that.
In fact, that's a great idea.
I have an even cheaper and easier idea for you that makes even more money.
Tell me.
A badge.
A monthly badge.
A campaign badge that proves I have my skin in the game.
They cost 50 cents to make in bulk for two-inch badge.
And you could have just the salient event of the month.
Sure, we could spend a dollar and have a nicer tote bag or something that has a message on it.
I think so.
No, no, brother.
No, you're right.
That's how you do it.
You make it a big deal.
I've noticed how the new internet works.
I'm kind of behind the curve.
You just hype it all the time about your subscribers, call them out, have them on.
That's what we've got to do to crush this because they're trying to have me arrested now.
I mean, can you believe they're saying I lost the Sandy Hook suits for a book I wrote?
None of that's even true.
Didn't write a book, didn't lose a suit.
I mean, they've gone completely cuckoo, man.
I just read that you lost a suit to my family and that you owe me money.
So, pay up.
You know, this is ridiculous.
What they're doing to you.
I don't even know what to do at this point.
I don't feel sorry for myself.
Actually, it's like, they think Americans are so dumb that they're saying I'm sending child porn when I'm not, and that I lost a lawsuit, and now they've got a judge convinced who says she's going to have me arrested?
That's what the word is?
I mean, this is entering cuckoo land.
Total cuckoo land.
So, whatever, man.
I'm being abused by the system because I'm a patriot.
Great points.
RJ, you're a genius.
Yeah, because a lot of grocery stores around the country, plus it's smart to do.
I mean, I'm not into a lot of fake environmental stuff, but I do like organic farming and not having toxic waste or overfishing, all the reasonable conservation stuff.
And, you know, even when I go to grocery stores that try to not have you do it, I try to bring my own six or seven bags, but it's usually got some commie crap on it or you buy them at the store.
What about nicely made but cheap and inexpensive bags with... Infowars will probably get you attacked in some areas, so maybe a newswars.com.
Hi Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I wanted to talk about the border.
I voted for Trump, and he makes me so mad, you know, I could just scream all the time, hearing what he's doing.
Now, what I want to say is, I'm starting to think that Trump is a Trojan horse.
And the reason I say that, Obama destroyed this country, he took a lot of our freedoms away, and just destroyed it, okay?
The President is put in office for, first of all, to protect the nation.
Then, you know, economics is very important.
But Trump only cares about economics.
We did not hire Trump for economic growth.
We hired him to protect this country and to protect our rights.
Our First Amendment's gone, our Second is almost gone, our religious rights are gone, and they're going.
Now, you tell me the most important thing going in this nation that is going to be taken away from us is not doing nothing.
And I think...
1.3 billion.
Or was it 1.5?
I forget.
The point is he got a pittance.
He's supposed to declare a real emergency and basically the Insurrection Act and do something on that front.
So the Democrats and the globalists rushed Europe six years ago.
They rushed us once Trump got in to make him look weak on the border.
So just like the Border Patrol's overwhelmed, Trump is overwhelmed.
So I don't think that area that Ann Coulter and others have been attacking him on and also saw Michael Savage, who I respect, attacking him there.
I just imagine Hillary.
Trump has mutiny and insurrection going on with people not doing what he says.
When he came out, though, and said we might try to restrict silencers or suppressors, those are barely used in crime.
It's a slippery slope.
That is a lie in the sand.
But, you know, ma'am, look at the media attacking him.
Look at the lawsuits against him.
Look at the attacks.
They, when we got Trump elected, when you got Trump elected, they went ape.
So let me tell you, they're legitimately pissed, okay?
Yes, I agree with that, but my question, Alex, to you.
You know more about the posse comitatus.
Why can he not take all of our military?
We got them hanging out- Well, ma'am, posse comitatus is against U.S.
citizens, and you can't do it.
I am 100% for full militarization of the borders because this country is under globalist attack.
That is constitutional, and I support it 110%.
I appreciate your call, and I understand your frustration.
He's not a dictator, ma'am.
He's surrounded.
They're trying to start a war with Russia.
They're trying to false flag.
Can you imagine Trump's job?
He's up 18, 20 hours a day, and he can't.
And I'm not second.
I get on his butt when he says something out of his mouth I know is not true, and he doesn't.
And I'll turn on him like a feral dog if he ever really crosses anybody.
Don't make any mistake about that.
My loyalty is not to Trump, it's to the truth.
But let me tell you, he's for real.
Doesn't mean he's perfect.
Look, I apologize to Andrew and Craig.
They had great points to make, but we're out of time.
Paul Watson's got to take over.
But Craig, real fast to Canada.
You've got a good point.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I'm with you.
You are?
We've got about a minute.
Well, I believe what's happened to you is therefore us versus the state is that you've managed to become of a
Uh, metaphysical messenger like Socrates and St.
They were arrested for challenging hermetic state gods.
You're challenging their hermetic, new, mental alchemy state gods of climate change, anti... not being anti-abortion, or... Pro-abortion.
Yeah, and anti-Christian is what I meant.
Their new mental alchemy, bro.
You're just like Socrates.
They're gonna... They're gonna... We all gotta stand together.
Socrates, St.
George, Alex Jones.
Christ, throw them all in there, man.
And I'm with the... I waited a long time.
I'm with the bone broth.
DNA Force, Ultra 12, love you.
Thank you.
They are now saying I lost the Sandy Hook lawsuits for a book I wrote, and then in the article they say somebody else wrote the book and I wasn't sued.
I've never seen lies this big.
I don't even know what they're getting ready to do.
If you think gun control or something like that is gonna change a terrorist's point of view, I think you're, like, out of your mind.
You may think you've got me worried about what you're gonna do.
Dude, you're about to find out what I'm gonna do.
And that's gonna worry you a lot more.
Lawdawg, if you don't step aside, we'll tear you apart.
You die first, get it?
Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe, you understand me?
He's bluffing, let's rush him.
You're not as stupid as you look, Ike.
Yeah, I don't understand the concepts of conversation of the gun culture.
We've lived with guns since, what, the 7th century or something?
I don't know.
We all know that right now, guns is a term, it's a metaphor that disenfranchised white guys need.
It makes them feel good because they're being... You can say what you want, I don't agree with that.
There's a big difference between fantasy land...
In reality, Fantasyland is what we do.
Doing a movie, doing a television show, that's Fantasyland.
And that's where that stuff belongs.
In reality, when we're dealing with things like terrorism and whatnot, we're all going to have different opinions on how to do it, how to deal with it.
Mine happens to be that I think there's a very strong reason Founding Fathers had for the Second Amendment, and that is that no government ever
Hasn't had to, um, fight its own people.
And its own people hasn't had to fight its own government.
So what are you gonna do?
Outlaw everything?
That ain't the answer.
Just put some... Put some controls?
So the people... So the people who want to defend themselves can't?
Not so you can't.
Just so the idiots can't get hold of us.
Do you really believe they're not going to?
Are you serious about that?
Are you seriously?
Good will that?
Oh my God.
We had our Civil War.
If that Second Amendment hadn't been there, those people would not have had the opportunity to do what they considered was defending their life, their way, their way of living.
So I agree with that.
I think that's an important part of our existence and it's basically that simple.
We made the shuttle a little bit more high-tech looking.
We put 1776 on
It's right-wing, of course.
And it's got a red, white, and blue American flag on the right shoulder with Infowars.com.
We've had a few shirts that have been hits over the years that really go viral, that signify, I believe this is going to be the new shirt.
Get your order first.
InfoWarsCore.com, InfoWarsLife.com, or 888-253-3139.
And get the fish oil.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Paul Joseph Watson.
We are live, this is the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Got some interesting information coming up, which I'll probably go to in the next segment.
And I'm going to put out a video on this later today.
We've featured before these role-playing games, things like Steve Jackson's The Illuminati, The Game, in the past, and how they were eerily prescient about predicting future events and future cultural trends.
Decades in advance.
And in fact, this segues into what's happening now.
Because there's a new video game coming out next year called Cyberpunk 2077, or Cyberpunk 2070, I think it's called.
And it features Keanu Reeves as one of the characters in the game, Cyberpunk 2077.
That's coming out next year.
It's already getting a lot of press.
The trailer for this video game has already been out for weeks, I think.
And the woke progressive cult is not happy about it.
And I think the reason they're not happy about it is because of what it's based on, which is Cyberpunk 2020.
And again, I'm going to put all this into an email, a YouTube video, sorry, later on today.
Which was a 1988, so we're talking 31 years ago, tabletop role-playing game.
The second version of which was set in a fictional 2020.
Now the main themes of this game pertained to futuristic weaponry, futuristic transport and transhumanism.
As you see a glimpse of in this clip here, this is the video game that's coming out next year.
But this
Tabletop Game, this RPG from 1988, was incredibly prescient because it predicted many of the cultural trends that we're seeing today, one year before 2020.
And this started going viral on Twitter a few days ago.
So I kind of looked into the
background of this and it revealed way more than anyone else found about it.
So in the rulebook to this Cyberpunk 2020 RPG, the original was 1988, they had an updated rulebook released in 1994.
And this is what they predicted about what life and society would be like in 2020.
Listen to this and understand that it was written nearly 30 years ago.
The headline is Diversity and Unity.
It says it is now accepted among historical scholars that in the decades before the collapse, America suffered from the sicknesses of racism and, quote, cultural identity.
Everyone wanted to be seen as special.
Every group had to be equal or to be preferably better than its neighbours and fought to protect its special rights.
If anyone had something that someone else wanted, they were painted as racist, sexist, elitist, or worse.
This divisive, me-first attitude eventually tore the fabric of American culture apart and caused it to self-destruct in a fireball of competing ideologies, none of which truly recognized each other's validity.
Diversity led inexorably to anarchy.
That is from the 1994 rulebook to a game created in 1988, 30 years ago, Cyberpunk 2020.
Very prescient, given our current obsession with identity politics, given the sanctification of victimhood status as some kind of special achievement that is being exploited to impose cultural and political hegemony.
The most recent example, of course, which we saw with the attempted deplatforming of Stephen Crowder last week, when a gay man, a self-professed queer wonk, according to his own Twitter handle, tried to exploit his identity politics to silence and censor Stephen Crowder.
They were talking about how diversity would be used to rip American culture apart 30 years ago in this game, and how these competing ideologies of identity politics would again be used as a wedge issue to exert political and cultural hegemony.
So that was in the rulebook.
That kind of circulated on Twitter a few days ago.
So I read the entire, skimmed through it at least, the entire 270 page rulebook.
from the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG game.
And it predicted a lot more aside from that.
In fact, you could go back to the 1988 rulebook, where it predicted, quote, a Great Britain swamped by mass immigration.
And these are quotes leading to streets almost explosively as dangerous as the United States.
Now, it was last year that London overtook New York in terms of violent crime per capita.
Of course, we've got soaring violent crime across the country, up 19% in the UK.