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Name: 20190604_Tue_Alex
Air Date: June 4, 2019
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The speaker discusses recent investigations into big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon for monopolistic practices and criminal cartel activity. He mentions that the Department of Justice has confirmed an investigation while Congress is also probing these companies' actions to block out competition. The European Union has ordered Facebook to control content globally according to the unelected EU Human Rights Commission. The speaker emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues and holding big tech accountable for their actions.

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It's Tuesday, June 4th, 2019.
If you're a TV viewer, you can see that beautiful headline at DrudgeReport.com.
Bust the trust.
Congress probes big tech.
Regulatory scrutiny.
Department of Justice has confirmed, when I told you a month ago when I returned from Washington, D.C.,
Trump is preparing major antitrust investigations for monopolistic practices and other criminal cartel activity of the big four tech giants.
I also told you that Trump is seeking criminal prosecution of the Clinton and Obama crime network.
The gloves are off.
Now the House Judiciary, as soon as Trump announced he was going after big tech, they launched
In the Judiciary Committee, with Nadler and the rest of the nerdywells, they're on investigation that'll be a whitewash of this.
And if they don't give them the censorship they want, Nadler will threaten all this regulatory hell.
The EU's already done that.
The Democrats have already done that.
That's why this happened.
In fact, it's in the Associated Press today, as well as Bloomberg,
That the EU has, quote, ordered Facebook to control content globally according to the unelected EU Human Rights Commission.
Which, by the way, has radical islamicist on it.
Remember when the UN had Saudi Arabia sharing the Human Rights Commission?
Same thing.
They call us dangerous because we promote freedom, want us banned, but then the real tyrants run it.
Facebook is being ordered by the EU, the European Union, to control us here in America.
Yes, that's what Zuckerberg is saying.
He's saying it's a threat to free speech.
Well, once you caved in, my little darling, the levy broke.
And so, America not prohibiting all this censorship allows the European Union and the Chai-coms to enter into the vacuum and take control.
If we won't defend our rights and say, oh, there's no regulations on big tech, then we just give in to the regulations of the Chai-coms and the EU and others.
See how that works?
Think about that.
They're saying global governance, you're under our control.
And finally, in memos I wrote to the President and others, and I don't want to toot my horn, it scares the living daylights out of me that we have been prime movers here on air, the audience lobbying, Congress and the White House, and myself and law firms that I paid
To follow my own research and my own ideas about this to create the talking points that reflected the reality.
I didn't just make it up the last three years that by Congress not acting and now the President not acting the last two and a half that we were going under EU control.
That's what they're doing!
I watch the Davos meetings.
I read what's coming out of the EU.
And no one has covered it until now and today.
It's CNN.
It's AP.
It's Reuters.
It's U.S.
News & World Report.
It's USA Today that we can't let the EU regulate us.
Next phase of the mission.
The countdown continues to the stars and beyond.
Humanity is fighting back and coming back from the dead.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Yo, bro, what's up?
Let's get down.
Are you serious?
Hang around.
You think you're f***ing tough?
You're about to get it.
I will break your jaw.
I will knock your teeth out.
I will break your nose.
I will break your neck.
I'm not afraid of you people!
You're a little wimp!
You son of a piece of garbage!
I hate you!
My listeners hate you!
And remember that scumbag forever!
If you don't spread the link, the globalists win!
Spread the link!
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
In the last three weeks, the global energy level of good and evil contending for which direction humanity would go at this current fork in the road was so heightened, so powerful, that I have been physically sick.
I have been crazed.
I have been very, very freaked out because we were so close to not making the right turn that we just made in the last 48 hours.
And to say that I'm satisfied and that a major weight is off my shoulders is an understatement.
We just basically won this round.
We're bleeding.
So is the enemy.
And there's a bunch more rounds to come.
But we just stomped the guts
Out of the globalist hydra.
Look at those delicioso headlines.
Bust the trust!
Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon.
Twitter needs to be thrown in there.
Congress probes big tech.
Regulatory scrutiny.
And specifically looks at their monopoly actions.
The combining, the cartelling, the monopolies working together to block out any new companies, any new formation of capital, to buy up thousands of companies that could compete with them in the last decade.
This isn't just a monopoly.
This isn't just an oligopoly.
This is a cartel, these are technical terms, cartel combine.
Establishing world government.
Think about that.
So we're going to be laying it all out today, but I'll tell you the really good news.
My argument, front and center, has been stop being distracted with their First Amendment claims that they're private companies and they've got private property and so they can censor whoever they want.
There's the arguments of their false advertising, their false enforcement, the way they defame people when they ban you in PR campaigns.
There's many ways to skin a jackrabbit, a cat, a deer.
There's many ways to skin them.
More ways than you could count on two hands.
And obviously, they're under Section 230.
And Big Tech can't have liability protection from what's published on it by third parties, but then also be a publisher and control what you say.
We have laws.
They're violating them.
But I said, let us not debate that with our little friends.
They always go and talk about that because they think that's their most defensible area.
And they use our openness against us.
The way to go at them is that they are monopolies that have bought up thousands of companies and are controlling the market that way to shut down their competition and then colluding with subsidiaries and banks.
To then block the NRA and Alex Jones and every other conservative I know that's prominent or nationalist or libertarian gets harassed and their bank accounts shut down and can't use Uber and can't use all these other services.
They're using your name in a database to go in and say we don't like...
Laura Loomer.
So she can't get Uber, she can't get Uber Eats, she can't get Airbnb, and then now she's being thrown out of all these places because they're using a digital blacklist.
That's criminal.
That's them working in concert.
That's them violating your privacy and sharing that data with other groups to gang up on you in biblical level bullying.
And it's all designed for the global Chinese social score to control human behavior.
That's what it's been set up to do.
It's what the Bible 2,000 years ago told us was coming.
And guess what?
It's happening.
Any way you slice it.
But we don't even go there.
Where you'll get the U.S.
government to act, the areas of it that aren't suicidal,
Is that China is helping build the architecture of this and that Apple and Google have moved over there and are tax-exempt and have given the infrastructure codes to everyone's device on record.
This was in Reuters a year ago.
One year ago.
It was in June that that came out.
And boy, when I came out and said, look, Apple says all your code keys are in China, they've merged with the Chinese government, they said, oh, that's just the way it is.
Tim Cook gave speeches and said, oh, I agree with censorship and we should have more of it in America.
And then the Chinese dictator praised big tech and quote America for stopping fake news, like Alex Jones.
The guy runs a country that again has killed 115 million of its own people, has giant slave camps, and he's lecturing us about the dangers of those uppity populist Texans.
You know those types.
You can't trust those evil Texans, those evil red-blooded Christians that change little old ladies' tires and fight tyranny and fight communists.
Oh no, but Big Tech knows who's good.
Dictator of China good, Alex Jones bad.
Nambla, U.N.
says good, Donald Trump bad.
So, how do you skin the globalist cat?
Well, you point out that big tech is merged with foreign enemies, and it's treason, which it is.
Elephant in the room, Obama allowed it, cover blown, you're done there.
Oh, but then you go further.
That's only getting started.
When you got the rabbit hanging upside down on the legs.
Little way to do it.
You're just kind of pulling down and getting the skin down.
Now you got the skin down to the guts.
You want to go ahead and get those guts out of there so it doesn't spoil the meat.
So you get the guts.
You got them hanging out.
Turn the rabbit up like this and cut the guts.
The stomach, the intestines drop to the ground.
This is the part where we do that.
So we got the rabbit right here and the skin's up to here.
We've got the guts now.
And what we do is we take that knife politically.
And we go!
The EU and the Chinese are setting regulations for big tech and by extension controlling our regulations when we built the damn Internet.
And so we're taking the Internet back under our control.
Remember Obama began the handing it over to the tyrants.
And we're just gonna cut the guts out of your whole plan right there.
Because we're not gonna let China and the EU and others control the Internet and what Americans do.
And now
It's all over the news today.
It's never been said till now, anywhere, except here, that we're allowing the EU and the Chinese to control regulation and the architecture of the internet.
And it hadn't even been an issue, but now it's the big front and issue, front and center issue, everywhere.
So the guts just hit the ground, and all you gotta do now, the last part's easy, you do it with one hand and we'll grab it.
Just grab it by the ears.
One hand.
I think?
It's guts out on the table right now, and we've almost skinned this, this wabbit.
Waskily Wabbit is almost skinned, if you want to use that analogy.
And so, yeah, you want to celebrate, folks?
Good job, listeners.
Amazing job.
You did it.
Because I can tell you, the dam's broke, the war's on, it's 21st century economic war, the trade war.
The war to get the internet back, the war to secure our borders, the war to get our industry back.
We finally got leadership back in that said, you know, why sell out America?
Why hate America?
Why do this?
Now, we haven't won the war yet, but let me tell you, we've turned the tide.
And if you want to use a World War II analogy, I'd say it'd be the Nazis and their big stand in Stalingrad.
And then now they've basically fallen and they're turning back and being pushed back into Germany.
I mean, if you want to know, I would see what's happening now as America woke up, Europe's waking up, populists are getting elected, the EU's falling apart, socialism's in trouble, and yeah, they're hitting us with every weapon they've got, they're activating every operative BATO and AOC and all these people, and it's going to get even rougher.
But let me tell you,
They're done.
Doesn't mean some utopia is coming either.
Doesn't mean things will be perfect, but this current system of world government, reminiscence of it will be around a long time, but the whole system is in retreat.
So I salute you all, I thank you all, and I say, good job and thank God.
Thank Jesus Christ.
Thank you, God.
We are so thankful for how far we've come together and we know the new challenges are here.
There's the little CIA Vanderbilt, the little golden boy, Anderson Cooper, making Emperor Palpatine faces, while Judge Jeanine Pirro talks about the crime syndicate.
I've talked a lot about this over the years, that when you get around globalists and their minions, they act like demon-possessed people.
And hundreds of times on air, I've imitated the type of faces they make.
But more and more, when Strzok or Pelosi or Michael Moore
Something they don't like.
They're not scripting this behind closed doors.
This isn't some new thing they've come up with, like they do in most cases.
The face they make, I've made many times on air, and people have always screenshotted it and said, look, Jones looks crazy.
But I have had politicians flash it at me.
I've been around globalists with no cameras or on, and this is what they do.
This is the faces they make.
Now, how many hundreds of times have I told you they do this?
So more and more, they're manifesting who they are.
So Judge Dean Pirro was on television talking about how the walls are really closing in on these crooks.
And Cooper, when he does his demon targeting, does the exact same, I call it the snaky dance.
And they...
Now, there's 20 years of me making these faces on TV and telling you they do it.
And as they go more insane, they're going to manifest and show you their real spirit.
And again, this is real.
How do they all make the same face not being coached?
They make a snake move and they go...
Grab your popcorn, junior mints, or whatever makes you happy.
The real show is about to begin.
This will be true reality TV.
No scripts, no rehearsals, just a gang of criminals pointing fingers at each other to save their own hides.
A version of true crime and the reality show Survivor.
Who wrote that?
And I'm telling you, I've always explained, the whole wimpy, quiet act is an act.
Reportedly from folks I've interviewed that know them well, behind closed doors and at their events, Vanderbilt's, Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, spirit-cooking type stuff, in private, they all walk around like this together, going,
Satan is under control!
Power is mine!
Now, I'm only imitating what it's like to be demon possessed.
Hillary, and other people that have guarded her, everybody I know that's guarded her, from Blackwater to the Army to the CIA, says that Hillary goes into trances and actually will just be on a helicopter in a car and just go...
And we'll just blink out.
But she'll also start going... And we'll beat the ground and flop around.
And she hates dogs.
Bring a dog around her to sniff her bombs.
She'll go, I hate that...
Nothing animal!
I'll have your ass fired!
You don't look at me in the eyes, you scum!
You military scum!
This has been written about.
And she'll start throwing things like... And again, you think I'm joking, folks.
I'm not kidding.
Well, hell, you've seen the abortion demonstrations.
These people show them to... We kill our children, Satan!
We're facing some very insane people.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host, and I want to air another amazing John Bowne report.
You know, John knocks these things out of the park year after year.
He's worked here probably eight, nine years.
He had a family with health problems, and he started working at home about four years ago.
He's also taking care of a sick family, while working another job on top of it.
And he just did such an incredible
Report we're going to air here just in a moment.
And it gets into antitrust laws and big tech.
And there's also another report that dovetails with that that Greg Reese has put together.
So we've got two of these reports from both of these gentlemen that I'm going to be getting to at the start of the next segment.
And those videos, again, are up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com and need to get spread to the four winds.
We've got two reports that both gentlemen have put out that are both equally important and equally powerful and equally historical that need to be seen.
They're up on Newswars.com.
And let me just say this.
The enemy has spent tens of millions of dollars conservatively trying to shut us down in the last
Two and a half years.
And by the grace of God, we have discovered court documents that I'm not at liberty to get to yet, dealing with national charity organizations and money that has been raised for children and others that has been siphoned off by the Democratic Party to try to shut us down.
And I'm not going to announce it yet,
But, it's undoubtedly criminal.
And so, that's the thing about fighting evil.
They think they've got total control.
And they think they're invincible, but everything they do turns to crap in the end.
They have the opposite of a minus touch.
And as long as you persevere and fight and don't back down, 90% of the time we have victory.
Now sometimes,
The individual fighting back doesn't win in their lifetime, and they get killed and destroyed.
But we end up winning 100% of the time, long term.
So for me, a lot of folks ask why I do what I do.
And it's important to talk about why we do what we do.
I believe in you.
I believe in myself.
I believe in God.
And I believe that if we have a private corporate world government being shut up, in secret back then, 20 years ago,
That people wouldn't want to live under multinational corporations that are tax-exempt, and anti-God, and anti-family, and who have all these horrible plans for us, and believe we should have a post-human world, and who want to suppress all the technologies and not let us have them.
And I believe that if we talked about that, I believed that if we laid out who they were, that you would get upset, you would get concerned, you would get informed, and then you would get involved.
I always thought it would be the grassroots that turned it all around, and it has been.
But the way governments have responded from Eastern Europe to Japan to the UK to here, and the way this broadcast and the articles we write and the videos we put out are picked up by the establishment.
And so many people in the establishment really weren't evil.
They just didn't believe the people were with them to try to build a better world.
They just gave up.
Or were isolated and felt scared.
And so it's that old allegory you see in novels and movies where you've got the townspeople and the bad guys are coming in to try to steal from them and suppress them and enslave them.
And one or two people stand up and say, listen, we all got to do the right thing.
Step across this line if you're going to fight back.
It really happened at the Alamo.
For real.
There have been many cases where they say, lie in the sand.
And it was a famous case.
They've got a plaque at the Alamo from a famous group of samurais in Japan at a castle, where a very small number held off about 10 times their number, and they all got killed.
But in delaying that invading army, it gave time for the rest of the area to mobilize, and then they ended up winning the war.
I forget the specific historical name of it, but there's a plaque sent from Japan at the Alamo.
So there's many cases of this.
Maybe you guys can search Japanese plaque at the Alamo, and I bet there's an article and photos of it.
But, talking to the crew.
So that's what leadership is, is that doing the right thing, knowing you've got to go through the fire so there's real change on the other side for the betterment of everybody.
There it is.
Japanese Monument Alamo.
Once scorned is now embraced.
That's the Houston Chronicle.
Once scorned.
I guess that means that
After World War II or something, folks were still mad at the Japanese.
Who knows if that's even true?
Everything media does is create division.
One of the Alamo's oldest markers is a 103-year-old Japanese monument paying tribute to the fallen Alamo defenders and comparing the 1836 siege and battle with the conflict in Japan in 1575.
The monument was the object of scorn during World War II.
I see I guessed it.
But the marker, single-handedly,
Conceived, produced, and delivered by a Japanese scholar to honor the defenders and values of loyalty and self-sacrifice has often gone unnoticed.
The Alamo has been in custodianship of the Daughters Republic of Texas for nine years and was in its infancy at the Texas Shrine when a world traveler and geography professor, the Japanese man, brought the monument from Japan in 1914.
He underwrote
The cost of the granite marker, which stands about four feet tall, in the courtyard of the Alamo.
The marker bears a poem originally written in S-H-I-G-A, in classical Chinese, as was customary for scholars in Japan, comparing the siege and battle of the Alamo with the 16th century siege of Nagashio Castle, if I pronounced that right.
Fought under similar circumstances, young military leaders, makeshift fortifications, and badly outnumbered forces of hundreds against thousands.
The poem also alludes to the 8th century battle in China in which a small loyalist force of the Tang Dynasty fought bravely but was also defeated.
And then it goes through a poem.
But the point is, is that my memory did serve well, not that it was 10 to 1.
But that's what leadership is.
And that's how nations are born.
And that's how evil is turned back.
And so I want the listeners to understand something, and the viewers to understand something.
You are not spectators.
You've been in the arena.
Standing with us against the propaganda, against the lies, financially keeping us afloat so we can continue to fight on.
And I would have done this even if we were failing to get Big Tech cut down to size.
I would do this if we were failing to be turning the tide against so many other evils.
But you know what?
In our lifetimes, we're seeing the tide in some areas turn.
And we're seeing the enemy use the vomit of their evil, their weapon,
Intensifying their evil, thinking that it'll intimidate us, only waking folks up faster.
So the death throes of this current satanic permutation are very nasty, and can look dark.
But I can tell you, in my spirit and also intellectually, and just looking at things geopolitically, we are seeing victories that are unparalleled.
And at the heart of it is you.
You are the reason this is happening, and I salute you.
This isn't a game.
And I've asked for your help over the years, and if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here.
And we have withstood the storm together.
But we are finally going to launch more shows.
We are hiring more reporters with just the belief and the faith that the money will come in to expand in the face of the globalists because they want us shut down ahead of 2020.
And that's only six months away.
Can you believe it?
The year 2020 is only six and a half months away.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the eye of the storm right now.
When we come out of the eye, it is going to be 200 mile an hour winds for everybody.
CNN's collapsing, shutting down.
All the other leftist publications, Huffington Post, you name it.
They're all circling the toilet bowl.
They all lose money.
Vice has lost $5 billion for Disney.
$5 billion shoveling videos of how the dictator of China is good and Trump is bad.
Shoveling videos how I'm evil and Trump's evil and how Christians suck and how Jesus sucks.
They're rejected billions into vice, and they can't even stand up to InfoWars.
They don't have the footprint or the result because people know lies when they see it.
It costs $450 million a year to run BuzzFeed, and they've got to get over $100 million from Soros, and they still lose money.
We don't get anything from Soros.
We don't get anything from anybody but you.
And we need $40 million a year to run this place and defeat the globalists, and pay for the bandwidth, and pay for the audio, and pay for the crew, and do it.
Sounds like a lot.
In media, it's not.
It's truly David versus Goliath.
The New York Times costs $500 million a year to run.
They're losing money, owned by kingpins and drug dealers and a coalition of the Legion of Doom.
We're funded by you.
And so, for the hardcore audience that's tuned in on Memorial Day,
You've seen the fruits.
You've seen our steadfastness.
You've seen our commitment to the Republic.
Our commitment to the free market.
Our commitment to religious freedom.
Our commitment to the West.
And our commitment to not back down.
And it's that spirit of not backing down the enemy hates.
But I need viewers and listeners to understand something.
That when you buy from us, you're funding individuals totally and completely, absolutely, a trillion percent, committed, committed, committed to exposing these rats.
And we're having huge victories, but the enemy's fighting for its life right now.
And the enemy is pouring billions a month into their fake news.
We're not funded by George Soros.
We're not funded by the New World Order.
We're funded by you, the listeners, and we're very, very respectful and very, very thankful.
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I really appreciate all your support.
I want to be as big and mean as Loaded4Bear.
I want more reporters.
I want more crew.
I want to watch all the leftist
Publications are trying to shut us down, go bankrupt.
I don't want to shut them down.
I just love seeing them be shut down that nobody believes them.
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I thank you.
I salute you.
And I thank this amazing crew.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Okay, I want to finish up with Big Tech and the latest developments there, the congressional investigations, the fact that, as we told you a month ago, it's not just going to be Google, it's going to be Apple, it's going to be Facebook, it's going to be a lot of these big groups.
They're going to look at
Trying to block nationalistic conservatives from banking.
They're going to look at how the NRA's been harassed by MasterCard and Visa.
This is going to be really, really serious.
And this is a big deal.
Because our government now realizes that they've been double-crossed completely by the left, and that China and the EU were given control over the internet.
And that by not acting, they're allowing China and the EU to control us.
And if our government's got problems, and it certainly does, it's full of some bad people.
Also full of some good people.
They're all territorial.
And I don't like the chi-coms and the EU actually exercising power over the internet that we built.
It's outrageous.
And now it's all over the news.
But that's only part of it.
The monopolies and the Republicans who are in the House and Senate seeing how their stuff gets buried.
They're engaged in all sorts of manipulation through modern telecommunications.
That's all Facebook or Twitter is.
The WhatsApp owned by Facebook is saying they're not going to let conservatives and others communicate over it person to person.
They've got AI watching what you say and type.
That's unbelievable!
And again, Facebook bought those apps that hundreds of millions were already using.
And then they tell you, oh, by the way, watch what you say.
We're not going to let you send a Taiwanese emoji or say the Chinese president Winnie the Pooh.
That's actually happened with Apple and Instagram and others.
And again, Instagram is owned by Facebook.
Think about that.
They think you're so stupid and so weak that they can tell you, you don't say Alex Jones' name or Infowars.com unless it's negative or we'll ban your ass.
So you watch your mouth, Americans!
Do you understand?
That's like something out of a movie where you're in a cult, but they're doing it.
Why not?
You didn't care when they wouldn't let people share the Taiwanese flag or
Said the Chinese dictator is Winnie the Pooh.
That really happened.
And until Congress noticed, you couldn't over Apple or over a bunch of other platforms send Winnie the Pooh, period.
Because they'd put a block on it under China's orders.
If they can block Winnie the Pooh in real time, they can block anything, folks.
They can block anything.
So, America is awakening, and here's the paradox.
When you're faced with incredible tyranny, you tend to not be able to admit it to yourself, so you don't respond in a way that is equal to or greater to defeat it.
You wake up in a tyranny and you can't believe it's happening, so you don't take action.
It's our job to get people to realize how serious things are, so we don't go into a catatonic state.
Now here's a very powerful report.
By Greg Reese on Big Tech.
It's posted on NewsWars.com, Antitrust Laws and Big Tech.
It needs a better headline because it's a very, very powerful report.
I hope you'll go to NewsWars.com.
NewsWars.com and Antitrust Laws and Big Tech.
This is how we save the First Amendment is the headline.
Very important report.
It is absolutely imperative that via your email and via your text message
And via any way you have to communicate with people outside of big tech, that you get that article out.
But on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, they don't censor News Wars as bad as Info Wars.
So you got a shot there of getting it out.
Whatever you do, take action now, because it's reports like these that wake people up.
It's why they want Info Wars out of the game.
Well, guess what?
Globalist, you failed.
You did everything you could to ignore us over the years, and then we got in your face and relaunched populism worldwide.
Our audience did.
Our supporters did.
Drudge did.
Others did.
And now, it's all blowing up in your dirty face.
And now you think you'll destroy us and punish us for what we did?
We're proud of what we did, and we do it all over again!
antitrust law regulates the business activity of corporations to help maintain healthy competition so that quality and excellence will drive the marketplace.
This idea is also known as competition law.
These laws were born in the Industrial Revolution, when large corporations were setting up trusts wherein several companies would transfer shares to a single body in exchange for a share of consolidated earnings.
The trusts created large monopolies that absorbed competing enterprises.
The Sherman Act of 1890 passed the Senate by a vote of 51 to 1 and won a unanimous vote in the House.
But the Sherman Act was arguably not specific enough and was often used against the workers unions, not the big corporations.
In 1911, President Taft used the Act against the Standard Oil Company and the American Tobacco Company.
And in 1914, the Clayton Act, along with the Federal Trade Commission Act, made antitrust laws more specific, allowing the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice to regulate all corporate mergers so that monopolies cannot only be dissolved, but prevented.
Computer technology, most notably the internet, was perhaps the most innovative technology ever known in recorded human history.
People all over the world were able to connect one-on-one and share information.
Everyone was on the same level playing field.
It was unfiltered, and it was real.
But this did not last long.
The federal government used these antitrust laws against Microsoft.
In 1999, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson stated that Microsoft had taken actions to destroy their competition, and that Microsoft had violated sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act.
The court's remedy was to break Microsoft into two separate entities.
SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is how people can find what they are looking for on the internet.
This allowed anyone to get their information to those seeking it.
But this changed in 2012 when Google added the Panda algorithm, which elevated the big corporations in the search results and diminished their successful competitors.
Today, Google has grown into Alphabet Incorporated, which is the epitome of a monopoly.
They have changed the game so much that competing enterprises no longer compete against Google, but are now vying for the opportunity to be bought by Google.
One of the options being put forth is to deny Alphabet Incorporated the option of buying other companies, forcing them to compete with other innovative technologies rather than absorbing them.
The idea behind antitrust law is that monopolies and cartels stifle the competition.
Which in turn, hurts the free flow of innovation.
And as a result, all of society suffers.
And Google, along with other big tech companies, certainly seem to fit this model.
They are not only destroying the competition, but they have become political.
They have made themselves the gatekeepers of ideas.
And they are even helping authoritarian regimes suppress their own people.
These monopolies are not only destroying the innovation of products,
They are destroying the innovation of ideas.
The internet has been the most disruptive technology to the status quo.
And these tech companies are trying to control it for themselves and whomever they serve.
For NewsWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Very important report at NewsWars.com.
Please get it out.
When we come back, AOC just called for Trump's impeachment.
We're going to play this clip and more straight ahead.
Please stay with us.
Infowars, the most banned network in the world.
I was just at a local t-shirt shop six months ago, and I bought a t-shirt that showed the space shuttle blasting off into space.
And I happened to wear that on Joe Rogan's podcast, and people just talked about the shirt everywhere.
All these websites got started selling the shirt.
Because it's a NASA patch.
It should show it's India.
It's copyright free.
It's government.
But I had it redone where it says Space Force.
And we made the shuttle a little bit more high-tech looking.
We put 1776 on its right wing, of course.
And it's got a red, white, blue American flag on the right shoulder with Infowars.com.
We've had a few shirts that have been hits over the years that really go viral, that signify.
I believe this is going to be the new shirt.
Now, the 18-wheeler, printed, produced, made in America, arrives next Wednesday.
But I'm going to do some fanfare on this shirt.
I believe this is going to be the next Hillary for Prison shirt.
But it's about a pro-human future.
It's about humanity going to the stars.
It's about believing in
The amazing gifts that God's given us.
We're not gods, we're not gonna be gods, but we're made in the image of God.
For reflection.
So we can do some amazing things.
We're master builders.
And the space shuttle's 1930s technology put into function in the late 1970s, retired five years ago.
And so, we've redone it.
Also had people on the street love the shirt, but a few have gone, why are you wearing that gay rainbow flag?
And that's when I decided a few months ago to make the shirt.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am so sick of leftist groups, or whoever, expropriating
If you're a homosexual and you're not doing illegal stuff, I don't care what you do in your bedroom.
That's the left claiming the conservatives are obsessed with what you're doing.
Just leave kids alone with their heterosexual, homosexual.
Plus, it's not a plastic rainbow.
It's supposed to be the atmosphere.
Anybody that knows, that's why NASA created this, low in the atmosphere is more dust and stuff than a spectrometer or in a telescope, it's red.
As you get higher, it's orange.
That's why the sun on the horizon is red, because you're looking through hundreds of miles of atmosphere and a few miles of atmosphere.
So clear sky is black.
Below that is blue, then it's yellow, then it's orange, then it's red.
That's why out of thousands of
Space shuttle patches.
They've got thousands.
It took me days to actually find the original patch.
So this is a copy of the original patch.
We put Space Force on it.
And established 2020.
American flag on the side.
I designed this shirt.
I'm very proud of this shirt.
And maybe I'm wrong.
But when I think this is Zeitgeist, it tends to be a Zeitgeist.
I've had other shirts, hundreds of thousands of which have been put on the street.
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I'm very proud of it.
People are going to be like, what is that?
What is Space Force?
So it's kind of an undercover thing, too.
It's like, you might get hit in the head with a bike lock or stabbed if you're a Trump supporter and you're out there doing something.
And you're wearing a Trump shirt, InfoWars shirt.
People still love those and wear them.
What about a Space Force?
What about loving technology and what we built and having a pro-human future in space and the American flag that triggers so many?
I think this is the shirt, though.
Pre-order, I never do pre-orders on t-shirts.
We'll have it next week, it'll be shipped out by the end of the week, but get your order first.
InfoWars4.com, InfoWarsLife.com, or AAA2533139.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
On and on and on some highway East of Omaha
You can listen to the engine moaning out his one-note song.
You can think about the woman or the girl you knew the night before.
Alright folks, we're back live here.
On the road again.
Alright, let's get right into it.
I've only scratched the surface the last 45 minutes, but I tell you, the fact that Trump's going after Big Tech when they are just sitting ducks if somebody moves against them, and the fact that
The EU and the CHICOMs are taking the bait and getting more demanding and saying we control the internet and are now going to get in a fight with Trump over it.
It is perfect!
They're doing exactly what I'd hoped they'd do.
This is as I have foreseen it, to quote Emperor Palpatine.
And by the way, my vision of things, it's the opposite of getting on a megalomaniacal power trip.
I just believe in humanity.
And I think it's outrageous that we've got big trillion dollar companies that are spying on everybody and working with dictatorships.
And I'm just a dreamer.
I think, well, our government isn't pure evil.
I bet there's some good people in there that don't want to just sell our power out for nothing and sell our kids into slavery and set up something worse than 1984.
Why are we doing this?
And you know what?
Large swaths of America and the government are like, you know you're right.
That really sucks.
Let's not destroy ourselves for no reason.
I have stacks of news here, and I've wondered why I don't cover a lot of this, because, you know, I get ready for hours at home, and I get ready for, you know, like an hour or so here, and then I study all day long, off and on.
But I, the left is so evil, and so crazed, and just so into doing bad, that
It's painful to even talk about it.
I get why people don't want to deal with this.
They just want to run away from it because... I want to too, but you know what?
You can't run away from it.
In fact, when you run away, it comes looking for you.
You can't run away anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
Because they're going after the innocents.
They're going after the children.
Here's an example.
I've talked a lot about how the left
gets into poison and rats and feces and degradation as a form of pervertedness, as a form of degeneracy, a form of self-destructiveness, a form of evil.
The intergalactic wavelength, the interdimensional wavelength that Lucifer's transmitting to Earth saying, destroy yourselves, kill yourselves,
Typhoid, bubonic plague, leprosy, drug-resistant TB, no one's being tested, it's in public schools, it's spreading into children everywhere.
I get health department reports from Texas, from California, New Mexico, we cover them, where you'll see the number of leprosy cases, the number of typhoid cases, none of it ever hits the news.
But as I told you, San Francisco and places like that celebrate it.
Coming up next hour,
San Francisco's launching restaurants where you dine with rats that eat with you at your table so you can enjoy the ambiance of the rats and celebrate the city infestation.
Oh, but don't worry.
These are rescue rats.
San Francisco dungeon launching rat bar.
Why would you want to be in a dungeon?
Well, see, you're evil.
I'd rather be on a deck with a sunsetter, you know, with incredible plants and art and music, but oh no!
Let's eat in a dark, dirty dungeon with rats that eat with us at the table so that we learn how to lower ourselves to their level.
Because a certain entity likes that, because you're made in the image of God, and, well, this force doesn't like that.
It's called jealousy.
You know, there are a lot of good-looking women who get in cliques in college or high school or business and then they're cool and they're nice, but you ever seen a really good-looking girl that transfers to your high school and everybody's being real mean to her because she's so pretty and she wonders why folks are mean?
You know, I wasn't a rocket scientist, but I knew, well, I'm gonna be nice to her.
And believe me, I was.
So, I just don't get the psychology, but you learn early on, wow, people are meshing with me
Not today, but back then, I looked like a Calvin Klein model.
People were pissed at me because I'm so good-looking, and I'm so smart, and I'm so strong.
And it's the same thing with those good-looking women.
I knew, wait, she's getting messed with because she's super sexy.
Everybody's afraid of her.
They're freaked out by her.
And so instead, they're going to be mean to her because that's the only way they feel like they have power.
Well, I'm not going to be mean to her.
I'm going to be real sweet to her.
Oh, guys, don't pull up pictures of me.
But the point, yeah, that's in high school.
The media's like, that's Jones when he's 20-something.
No, that's me at 18.
But the kind of goofy photos.
I mean, somebody had those and put them on the internet years ago.
It wasn't even me.
But going back here, you learn about human psychology and you learn how these globalists operate, and it's insane.
And then you see AOC.
Who says cauliflower is racist even though it comes from Africa and the Middle East.
And you've got AOC who's got this multi-million dollar apartment with a pool on the roof.
And then she's like, oh, you know, I don't apologize for my million dollar apartment because everyone deserves one.
Well, yeah, but only capitalism could bring you something like that.
So she's always running the country down that her parents fought to get into.
And then she's going around creating division everywhere she can so she can control people, quote, racially.
She's a joke!
Well, here she is just minutes ago talking about impeachment of President Trump because we have a rule of law.
Here it is.
The tide is turning with the public and seeing exactly what is going on with the President advising witnesses to ignore legally binding subpoenas.
At this point, it is getting to become so overwhelming that we need to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States.
And then she goes on to the need for impeachment.
So, we need to uphold the rule of law.
When you illegally spied on Trump, the Democrats, all this, and she's saying, you know, it's overwhelming, the tide's turning.
No, Trump's approval rating's way up, even in fake polls.
I'm going to stop right there.
I told you yesterday less than 24 hours before the new sale gets announced and the old sale is gone.
I developed the new sale yesterday with Tim, who had a great idea.
Wait till you hear about the new sale.
I think it has a great name, a great product list.
It's four products.
And it's going to be the new sale that goes up, I guess, in the next few hours or so.
But the last sale is a big sale as well, and it's got great products that you and your family need, and it supports this transmission.
So it's the last 12 hours of Memorial Week Mega Sale, and then the new sale will be up.
And we haven't come up with the exact name for it.
I mean, I developed a few names.
I'm not even sure which one they picked, but we have like five-minute marketing meetings once a week.
And Tim said, why don't we call it the Total Force Sale?
Everything with force in its name, whether it's Space Force T-shirt that's already a bestseller,
Or whether it is Turbo Force, or whether it's Rain Force, or whether... We've got four products with Force in the name.
So that'll be the new sale.
And it's a big sale.
It's the Total Super Force Special Sale.
That's the name that they were just telling me.
That is the new sale that'll be up in the next few hours.
Already, the Space Force shirt is 33% off.
And I want to explain something.
This is expensive, soft fabric, designer fabric.
Everything, just the shirt itself, before the printing of a color American flag, red, white, and blue, and this great baby and all of it with a space shuttle on it, cost me $9.
Just the shirt cost $9.
Then we've got a print on the shirt.
So a designer shirt like this at the mall is usually $50, at another place $30.
We're selling it for $20 right now, even though it's already a bestseller.
As part of the Space Force America's Back designer shirt.
Now available for pre-order.
The shirts arrive tomorrow.
Made in America.
Printed in America.
And if you want it, I knew it'd be a hit.
It just didn't gut level.
Because I wore a similar shirt with a NASA patch.
We redesigned it.
And people just went crazy over the shirt.
They go crazy all over.
I don't know what the deal is.
It wasn't as if I was on Joe Rogan.
I wear the shirt anywhere.
They love it.
Well, we took it, redesigned it, made it better with a red, white, and blue American flag.
And with the Space Force emblem on the front, about a pro-human future, and it's going crazy.
So get that as well.
But the big Memorial Day special has to end.
Be sure and check out those specials.
And this shocking footage is even more painful when you see the albatrosses of CNN and other MSN outlets shearing on the rape.
In fact, it's been found that these systems actually direct the monstrous CEO, Zuckerberg, against the free speech enemies and anyone that tries to not submit.
But most sad of all is other penguins in the independent media, simply looking up at the sky and ignoring the vicious rape of their own freedoms and birthright taking place right in front of them.
After enduring over an hour of the assault,
Our dear penguin finally succumbs.
But one more vicious insult is heaped upon its broken body by CNN, as its identity is stolen, gobbled up and devoured, and uses a straw man to attack other penguins.
This is CNN.
We are in a complete war, and you idiots don't join with the Republic, you fools!
I want them shut down, I want them silenced, I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Yes, now Facebook is going to be banning Alex Jones and InfoWars from not only their main platform, Facebook, but also from Instagram.
President Trump, please save the First Amendment!
Please do the right thing and stand up in this big tent!
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions.
He's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
I want them shut down.
We're losing the thread of the concepts that are important to this country.
I don't like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak.
Everybody gets to speak.
I'm a man of mercy!
I question things!
I'm evil!
I don't...
How dangerous is Infowars?
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
I've already spent most of the first hour on the fact that big tech bit off more than it can chew.
It sold out to the shy comms.
And now elements of our government that are half sane are moving against this clear and present, historically unprecedented danger.
Do you agree with me?
Do you disagree with me how big this is?
And you have to know we have to keep the heat on now.
On the President, on Congress, on big tech with all this.
Because Democrats are going to announce all these fake hearings that are going to divert off of that.
There's so much more we're going to get to.
We've got new developments in Russiagate.
We've got filth dungeons in San Francisco where people pay to eat with rats that actually eat with them at the table.
That's Fox News.
I'm not joking.
That report's coming up.
We've got a huge pedophilia coming out of the closet.
D-Day invasion is what I'd call it.
Or Operation Barbarossa.
Let's say the Germans, the Nazis attack in Russia.
I mean, it's a big invasion.
It's all over the news every day with major tech companies promoting love knows no age, which is an amble of slogan.
And so get ready to have a potbellied goblin at your door wanting to date your five-year-old son or daughter.
And I'm going to hit that at the start of the next segment.
That's something that is very, very, very, very important.
Also, John Bowne's done a really important report that is a brief history of Alex Jones to learn what the globalists are afraid of.
It's like a brief history of kryptonite or wooden stakes or holy waters or things like that to them.
It's important to analyze what they particularly fear and why.
We're going to be getting to that.
You know, Beto O'Rourke has come out, we're going to play a clip of him, and said that we don't have enough migrants.
We need more tent cities, more rats, more collapsing everything, more of the poorest people from Europe and Latin America brought in and Africa to further weigh things down.
But he's also said that abortion is something that we really need to defend, especially partial birth abortion.
So I'm going to go to this clip.
Says that abortion again is just a wonderful sweetsie pie situation.
So we'll play that report and then we will come back from break.
But the real headline from TheAmericanMirror.com is Beto plays to tens in tiny Tulsa room.
He's pathetic.
The attack on women's right to choose, its connection to the maternal mortality crisis that we have in this country, particularly bad in some states, maybe also in Oklahoma, certainly in Texas, twice as bad for women of color.
But it's not just safe, legal access to an abortion, it's also to the cervical cancer screening that a Planned Parenthood clinic will provide, or family planning help, or in a state like mine that refused to expand Medicaid.
Just being able to see a provider have all,
That's connected to life or death decisions that are increasing the mortality rate and diminishing the age to which women live, at least in my home state, I think by extension throughout much of the country.
In 2019, a woman on average is paid 80 cents when a man is paid for the same work, the same hours, the same value.
A woman of color is paid $0.61, a Latina woman $0.53 for what a man is paid, and this is in 2019.
You still do not have robust protections for women in the workplace or in colleges or in high schools against abuse or against violence.
You have the Secretary of Education, again,
We're good to go.
We are.
Sometimes grown-ups touch kids in ways they don't like.
I was wrestling with my uncle, and it changed.
It felt icky.
When touching feels funny, it's hard to know what to do.
He said I shouldn't tell anyone.
If that ever happens to you, say no.
Then go!
And tell someone you trust.
Then go!
Say no!
And tell!
A message from the American Medical Association.
I'll bet you're as bright as you're good-looking.
What's your favorite subject?
Whoa, I better be more circumspect in my answers.
Those guys back there.
Go ahead, the next question.
And by the way, that's one of the things that's a dangerous idea.
You know, as these guys will tell you, I'm not always their favorite subject.
But the truth of the matter is, the reason we are who we are is called a Free Press Continued Independence.
Dancing Queens.
That's the name of the show that's now been renewed in second season on Netflix.
It's all about your sons being taken at age 4 or 5 and put in a girl's outfit and told they're a girl.
And having gay men teach them how to shake their ass.
And little girls are involved as well.
We also have the left, from Gloria Steinem to Miley Cyrus, celebrating abortion and fetishizing it and talking about how sexy it is and how good it feels and, you know, weird vice videos of women having orgasms while they have the deadly procedures, the dangerous procedures.
Miley Cyrus celebrates abortion in bizarre new promo, Abortion is Healthcare, and then it's her licking a pink cake in simulated
Oral sex with a woman.
That's right.
They are indoctrinating systematically our kids.
Drag Queen Story Hour proceeds despite parent protest.
And now in California they're saying if you don't want to take your kids to school during this, you will be fined or arrested.
You must go to the sensitivity training.
You must teach your five-year-old to sit on a 300-pound man with a big beard's lap
In some cases, who are convicted pedophiles.
You couldn't make it up, ladies and gentlemen.
And what does Fox News and NBC News and all of them, they joke down in Houston, they go, gotta get them while they're young!
So, what is the latest up on NewsWorse.com?
Outrage after Snapchat debuts, love has no age filter.
For Pride Month.
That's right.
You go to Snapchat and they put a filter over your video that love has no age.
That is an actual NAMBLA saying.
When I first learned about NAMBLA, like 30 years ago, Howard Stern would have them on making jokes about actual NAMBLA members and people that had published books about sex with children.
And it was disgusting.
Then I learned the UN had accepted them as a group, a civil rights group.
I was in my first film, America's Choice by Design, I made in
1997, so I knew about it by then, but... Love has no age.
North American Man Boy Love Association.
So, the slogan of the pedophile organization is now a Snapchat filter for your children.
And of course it's a nice place for the pedophiles to get in touch with them, I guess.
That's up on Newshorse.com.
You might want to get that out to parents, you know, and churches out there.
Outrage after Snapchat debuts Love Has No Age Filter for Pride Month.
And women on Instagram and on Facebook and on Snapchat have been saying, this sounds dangerous, and they're being ridiculed.
They're haters, you see.
Let's continue.
Netflix promotes Pet Affiliate with Drag Queen indoctrination series.
John Bowne did a report on this.
It's up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
I hope you get his report.
We'll just air that report next segment.
But let's go through some more of these.
UK pays for transgender men to get pregnant.
So see, it's all about what type of mental illness will we put up with?
Women take male hormones, then they get pregnant, and then the government pays for them.
So we'll pay to have your testicles cut off.
But if women want to say they're men, but then they get pregnant, well, we'll just say that's a man having a baby.
That's right, and I'm a bird, I can fly in the sky, or I'm a penguin, or I'm a giraffe, or maybe I'm a dolphin.
But you're not a dolphin.
This is a total assault, and they go into our children, and they brainwash them, and they teach them this.
UK government declares that men can get pregnant too, not just women.
Call expectant mothers pregnant people, the government suggests.
That's right, take the power of women away, and just say pregnant people.
Take your identity away.
Men and women, you can't say men and women!
Which is the Orwellian, Brave New World, Huxley attack.
Trans dad tells doctors, you can be a man and have a baby.
That's right, you can jump up a 50-story building and fly without a parachute.
Of course you won't, you'll hit the bottom and die, but
This is all part of just the sick insanity of weirdo freaks who the university assistants promote, and then they get access to your kids, and then if you criticize it, you get banned everywhere by the big crazy tech giants.
Because at Google, it's so insane with the drugs and the money and the jet copters, the power, with even mid-level people making $50 million a year.
Literally, that's like low level.
Minions get $400,000 a year, you know, managers $20 million a year, kind of higher level managers $50 million a year, $100 million a year.
High level guys, billions a year.
Hundreds of billions of the top people a year.
And they go to these amplifiers and out comes the vice president in a golden dress.
And he goes, I am a dragon female.
And they go, you are a dragon female.
There's transcripts of this.
He goes, I'm a beautiful building.
You are a beautiful building.
There are no pregnant women.
There are no pregnant women.
This is the cult takeover, and it's like, oh, liberal, happy, give us your children, have fun, be inclusive.
It's not inclusive.
It's conquering society.
It's taking over.
It's scrambling everything and telling people you don't need to have a future or be somebody or write a book or be a farmer or do something.
You can just say you are a thing and everyone will worship you because you're this new beautiful thing.
But notice they then tell us
Mainstream British government says we need to stop saying women exist.
Stop saying mother and father on exams.
Some folks don't have mothers and fathers.
It hurts people to say mother and father.
Don't say Jesus Christ and don't say mother or father.
Everything else exists but that.
Because the body snatcher, the counterfeiter, always removes the real thing.
So, official NAMBLA promotions.
Are being pushed on mainline tech forums and mainline video filters for children.
Introducing them to Nambla, introducing them to all this.
And promoted Netflix shows.
Like the one we're about to play a trailer for.
Show stadiums full of people praising and worshipping little children.
Dressing up, little boys dressing like girls, girls dressing like boys.
Shaking their asses.
During the day, I'm a business owner.
I'm a teacher and a mentor.
And by night, I am the grand dame diva of the South, Melissa Edwards.
My plan is to conquer this country one competition at a time.
Competitive dance, it's all about winning.
Second place is for losers.
We want first place.
My kids stand out at competitions.
They're products of me.
And you can't come to Beyond Belief and have a flamboyant teacher like me.
If you thought that the child pageants were creepy and had an element of pedophiles in them and dead kids, you were right.
This is beyond that, but don't forget, the very people involved in this show go to Louisiana City Councils and they say, we're grooming your kids, your kids are ours, get out of the way, stand down.
And the media praises them.
We're coming, we're meeting with your kids, whether you like it or not!
They're ours, okay, do you understand that?
Here it is.
Hi, my name is Dylan Pontiff.
I'm actually going to be one of the drag queens reading for Drag Queen Storytime.
So, apparently to a lot of people in this room, I'm the big boogeyman.
I am just as talented as a singer or a dancer or anyone that has a special talent.
It's just mine is dressing up as a woman entertaining a crowd.
The eyes that people give you whenever they think that you are the one that's in support of this event is truly disgusting.
But I'm here to let you know that this event is something that's going to be very beautiful.
And for the children and the people that support it are going to realize that this is going to be the grooming of the next generation.
We are trying to groom the next generation to not see the way that they just did.
And just because I said that, you heard the little plore of people behind me.
It's disgusting.
They say, you're disgusting.
He goes on to say that he works at a gay strip bar and is basically a sex worker.
But he goes, but my time with your children will happen.
I'm going to be with your children.
They're going to sit on my lap.
I'm here in my parents' kitchen because my house flooded with torrential rains this week.
So the flooded part of the house, they're having to fix that, so I've been staying over here.
And I looked in my parents' cupboard and found that they were stocked up on some of the M4's Life products.
And I thought, wait a minute.
I've been thinking about coming over to their house because their kitchen is nicer than mine and shooting a video about how amazing these products are.
So I called Drew, one of our great camera people over at InfoWars this morning.
I said, hey, why don't you meet me over here and I'm going to shoot a video I've been meaning to do for probably a year.
So I'm like, I've got everything right here.
It's time to show you what I personally do.
Now, I want to be clear.
When I remember to take the supplements religiously, I lose weight, I'm healthy, my skin gets great, I have better stamina, libido, energy.
I've never been a supplements guy.
A lot of my big sponsors were supplement people, and I thought, well, why don't I try these then?
And it turned out they were really good.
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Been in this time slot for 22 years.
Been on air 25.
By the grace of God and thanks to your support.
Remember, when I thank you, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
It's like when you look at the blue sky and you thank God for the sky existing or you bring a cold glass of water after you've been for a jog and you just thank God for it.
You literally are the reason we exist and we're here.
So when I thank you, you better understand I mean it a trillion percent.
I appreciate you and it's important.
You know how important you are to this fight.
You're the most
Awake, focused, involved patriots on the planet.
And you have changed the world.
This broadcast has changed the world.
So everybody from this crew, to our stations, to Matt Drudge, to my family, to everybody, I just want to say thank you all.
Because things are rough.
Things are dangerous.
Things are bad.
Things are dark.
But we're turning the corner.
And fundamental things like free speech and control of our telecommunications, we're about to fight back to get.
And we're turning the corner in so many ways.
I want to open the phones up into the next hour.
Joe Biggs, a former InfoWars broadcaster and informed fellow, will be joining us in the third hour to ride shotgun with us to discover the waterfront.
But I want to open the phones up specifically on one topic because I really value
Your ideas, your information.
And that is this simple question.
What do you think of Trump getting ready to do antitrust against big tech?
What do you think of the EU coming in and saying they control the internet and can control our speech?
That was announced today.
What do you make of how we make sure this gets followed through on and how the left's going to strike back?
I want your take on this.
First Time Callers is the first round.
First Time Callers, I want your take on how good this is, or how bad this is, or how exciting you think this is, and how you think the globalists are going to strike back.
That's the questions that I've got for you, and I want to hear from you on that, because this is so incredibly big.
If we don't have communications,
We don't have anything.
We're gonna go to this report, not because it's about me, but because, I didn't tell Dow to do this report, but because it's understanding why the enemy hates us, why the enemy fears us, and what it is we've been doing that's been defeating them.
This is key research, and it's important, and we'll come back and take your phone calls and so much more.
Here it is.
Two months before September 11th, George Bush signed it, ordering all FBI, defense, and tele-officers that would be arrested under national security violation if they stopped the Al-Qaeda terror rings in Chicago, Florida, New York, and New Jersey.
The deputy head of the FBI... Why would he f***ing say that?
Let me give you the facts and you go check it out for yourself.
See the forbidden news at InfoWars.com.
We need your support more than ever, so go to InfoWarsStore.com.
Get the best products that you need and help keep our reporters on the front lines in the fight for freedom.
The globalists had a strategy to put out in the last 50, 60 years of TV and movies, 70 years, just disinfo and pablum and dumbed down garbage.
But along came the internet and the globalists were so arrogant,
Thousands of different individuals started shows on the internet, but I was able to get on talk radio on hundreds of stations.
We didn't play all of the cut from the Lear News Hour, but it says, yes, black helicopters.
Um, are being used for surveillance of the public by sheriff's departments and police departments around the country.
Wait a minute, what's your name, caller?
It's Tracy.
Do you want to hurt the squirrels and the golden-cheeked warblers and the deer and the salamanders?
Give it, give it to Frank Cooksey.
Give it to this group here in Austin.
They care, man!
Right, right.
What's your problem?
They're doing a great job in the third world at slaving the people.
The UN gives China awards for its human rights for women.
How they tie little girls down to starvage as if they're not good workers.
And I've shown it here.
They're trying to help!
What's wrong with you?
I'm going to put the call out that you call the White House and tell them, look, we've seen the news stories that you've wanted to blow things up, that you have blown things up, and that you're saying that four million of us are going to die and we need martial law and the Associated Press.
Look, I can't deal with it anymore.
I watch CNN sometimes, CNN headline news, and I'm not exaggerating with people.
I'm not exaggerating with you out there.
In a 30-minute newscast, because CNN headline news revolves every 30 minutes with new news, sometimes 80% of the stories, 20-something minutes of it, will be children.
Children, children, children, children.
But it's not what you're going to do for the children.
It's not what I'm going to do for the children.
It's not what the local communities are going to do for the children.
It's not what the churches are going to do for the children.
It's not what the universities are going to do for the children.
It's not what the schools are going to do for the children.
It's what the federal establishment is going to do for the children.
Two months before September 11th, George Bush signed an ordering all FBI and defense intel officers that would be arrested under national security violation if they stopped the Al-Qaeda terror rings in Chicago, Florida, New York, and New Jersey.
The deputy head of the FBI... Let me give you the facts and you go check it out for yourself!
By the way, Deputy FBI Director John O'Neill quit
Released the document and was dead on September 11th, okay?
And the documents out there, I had David Shippers on, General Parton, all these people.
He died on September 11th?
No, he died on the 24th floor of the World Trade Center.
He had just been hired.
He had just been hired by the owners of the Trade Center right after quitting.
He thought it was a great deal.
He didn't see the full scope.
The Rockefeller family, along with the Port Authority, owned those towers.
We're now here in Southern California at a little town called Victorville, where George Air Force Base is located.
The Chinese have been attempting
...to acquire the Air Force Base, and we're told may still acquire it.
But that's not going to stop them bringing in their slave goods from their over 30 million political dissidents and slave labor camps.
Right here, this is the first, we're told, by the workers of 20 such wholesale markets where slave goods will be brought into the U.S.
and sold at discount prices to retailers.
So here you have it.
No more middleman for the Chinese military-industrial
...complex to sell slave goods.
They're actually buying up the land, and this again is the first of 20 such facilities to be built.
Then after they circled the wagons, put out Project Megiddo, 34-page report demonizing Christians, demonizing homeschoolers, demonizing jury rights, organizations demonizing Second Amendment and pro-constitutional groups.
Gotta circle the wagons against those that would respond to what's happening now.
And I was able to infect, to use Brian Stelter and the Clinton Foundation and others' own words, I was able to infect
Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham.
You tune into them now, they sound just like me.
They're not copying what I said.
They're now actually took the blinders off.
They see exactly what I see.
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Thank you, President Trump.
Thank you, President Trump.
Thank you, President Trump.
Thank you, President Trump.
Thank you, President Trump.
Thank you, President Trump.
We're making America great again.
We are.
Truly making America great again.
Donald Trump is our president.
He is my president.
Donald Trump is our president.
We're making America great again!
No collusion, no obstruction, no nothing.
They issued 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers.
Think of that, though.
500 witnesses.
And then I have Nancy Pelosi go out and say that the President of the United States engaged in a cover-up.
Now, we've had a House investigation.
We have Senate investigations.
We have investigations like nobody's ever had before, and we did nothing wrong.
They would have loved to have said we
They would have loved it.
These people were out to get us.
The Republican Party and President Trump.
They were out to get us.
This was a one-sided, horrible thing.
The bottom line is, they said, there's no collusion.
No collusion with Russia.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Please remember, folks, that I don't cover negative news because I'm trying to demoralize you or be negative.
Good people, though, are in denial about how bad stuff's gotten.
And that's my frustration, is that I get used to globalist propaganda, and once I've seen one piece of it, I've seen a hundred pieces of it.
So it gives me a headache in that I saw this video that we're going to play at the start of the next hour,
We're gonna post it up on Infowars.com.
And it reminded me of a whole bunch of other things that Gloria Steinem did, that leftists did, that Miley Cyrus just did, coming out and praising abortion and sexualizing it like it's sexy and fun.
And so for the last 45 minutes since I saw these new articles and videos, I've had the crew trying to find, which they haven't been able to do, and I get it, there's just so much.
I can't remember the exact headline, it's my fault.
I want to say it was a Vice piece.
Pretty sure it was.
It was about two years ago, and it turned out she was an actress, but she really did it.
And it's something like, Vice airs piece with a woman saying abortion feels good, and that it empowered her.
And she's doing a fake orgasm while they're killing her baby, going, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh yeah!
It's so sick, man.
That's what I'm saying.
There's no...
Into these people.
And so I got invited to Sundance, one of the biggest film festivals in the world, this year.
And I didn't go.
You couldn't pay me to go be part of being around Hollywood.
But I did send a representative.
And he was there at the highest levels of it.
And he said he came back depressed.
And he said, Oh, my.
He said, this is good and evil, period.
And this guy didn't even believe in Jesus five years ago.
I mean, people are either getting the devil or they're getting Jesus.
He was like, he said, Alex, I was in all these meetings and I was with winners.
I was with all, and then they were like, we've got to destroy people.
Our job is to demoralize and to do the most horrible, sickening stuff we can.
That's our orders.
That's what gets paid for.
And we want outrage so everyone covers the shockingness of what we're doing, so that we get covered.
Well, that's the cover story.
No, they want the shocking evil to sear the conscience, to blacken the heart, to harden the heart, so that we can accept the great evil coming.
I'm gonna go to your calls.
It's just that disturbing PBS documentary shows woman killing her unborn twins like it's nothing at all.
Like she's going to have her toenails trimmed or something.
It's a pedicure of the hands.
No, manicure is the hands.
A pedicure.
So she's going like she's getting a wart taken off her ass.
And does this woman think anybody's going to care about her when she's old?
It's this heartless, showless thing.
And now everybody wants to be on TV.
Everybody wants to be famous.
There's thousands of new Netflix shows.
Almost everyone I know is acting or whatever.
It's all completely empty.
Like, people think they exist once they get on the silver screen.
Or once they get on TV.
No, it's the most unhappy, empty group of people ever.
I'm not on radio and TV to be famous.
I'm here to fight these people.
But that's why they always say, oh, Jones is fake.
Jones is an actor.
Jones doesn't mean what he's saying.
No, we just got Trump elected.
We're just bringing down the EU.
We're just risking our lives to do this.
I go out and have leftists attack me inside Beto crowds, you know, because I'm fake.
You're fake.
The globalists are fake.
Their minions are fake.
Not me.
And they know our audience is real and are red-blooded humans that love God.
You could be brown, you could be black, you could be pink.
I guess there are some white people.
Some white people are white.
The point is, is that whether you love God or you don't love God, that's the difference.
And we should just be glad we've made the decision to be with God.
Doesn't matter how much money you have.
Doesn't matter whether establishment elitists look down on you or whatever and all their bling.
What matters is your heart and being close to God.
And you see them sexualizing children and we've got to find that.
I think Paul Watson did an article about it two years ago.
But this woman is on the abortion table, acting like she's having an orgasm, killing her baby, and she talks about how wonderful it was and how great it was, hoping the system would then cast her in bigger roles if she did something evil like that.
But see, that's what the Satanists do.
They say, sacrifice a baby with us to prove you're in the club, to prove you're in the cult.
You've all heard about black gangs, white supremacist gangs, Hispanic gangs.
And the really serious gangs are like, you gotta murder people for this organization.
Before you even become a member.
Yeah, you guys found it.
Can we stop pretending like abortions don't feel good?
God, I said two years ago, that was four years ago.
Or maybe that's another one, because like I said, the propaganda just repeated over and over again.
She's on the table, they're killing her baby.
And who knows if it's even real, these people are so criminal.
It's just like, uh, yeah, uh, uh, woo!
I mean, what planet is this?
And you're like, you know, it's pretty obscene, you're acting like this.
I'm just repeating what they're doing!
Now there it is.
I cum really hard when I get an abortion.
And it's not just because I'm killing a baby.
There's actually nerve centers in the back of the uterus that can be stimulated through regular intercourse.
Wow, they're fetishizing killing babies.
The only way to achieve that kind of orgasm is to visit a clinic and have my vagina
Speculated and scooped out like the bottom of a Ben and Jerry's pint on me night.
That's so satanic, man.
It's me time.
I'm gonna scoop that baby out.
See, you guys think I'm joking about this.
I've been around it later.
Oh, you found it.
You found it.
Okay, so let's go back.
Holy Toledo.
In fact, print it all.
Just print it all.
You have to understand, folks.
I didn't get around Satanists that are in trailer parks killing their dog when they're taking LSD so they can see demons.
Which, by the way, do pop up when you kill your dog.
They demand really bad stuff.
I fell into real Satanists, okay?
You know, with helicopters and mansions.
For not very long.
I was never part of it.
They just wanted me in it.
So that's why I tell you that I've told you Anderson Cooper behind the scenes in his own house walks around his house going,
And now you've seen him do it on TV.
You have to experience devil worshippers to know them.
But let's just go back to this lady.
Because they've got shows saluting abortion, saying how good it feels, how wonderful it is.
It's everywhere.
So let's go back.
Can we stop pretending, and this was on Vice, abortions don't feel good.
So let's go back and read her, talking about scooping her baby out and having an orgasm.
Cause see, I remember something like that and I say it and I go, you know what, let's actually show you.
Because I don't want you thinking that came out of my brain.
I cum really hard when I get an abortion.
And it's not just because I'm killing a baby.
In the final equation, they give their children to the fires of Moloch and Baal, just as the scripture tells us.
A three-dimensional transmission controls them.
And when you see the entities controlling them, they're fallen, they're evil, and you're like, why are they doing this?
And it's because their spirit never truly touched God.
But for some, it's even worse.
Some commit the ultimate sin and feel the Holy Spirit and are given a vision of the next level and refuse it
Oh yeah, when you're killing your kid and you know you're doing a ritual, you get fully possessed.
We're on a planet in the middle of gorgeous space, way out on the edge of a little galaxy, and Hubble telescope has photographed 500 billion plus galaxies.
And that's a 19, early 1990s telescope.
They got new ones up there, they won't let us see
I mean, we are little babies.
But God told us 2,000 years ago there'll be a world government, there'll be a cashless system to buy and sell.
It's only gonna last a while.
You've been given free will.
I have to do this to you.
But if you make the right choice, I'm waiting on the other side.
And I don't want to do this to you, but you've been given full consciousness as a little G. Only thing an omnipresent entity like God can do is create new creatures that have the seed of the universe in them and the potentiality to do anything.
You have free will, you have a piece of God in you, a seed of the universe.
And God literally, as the Bible says, God loves a sparrow of the field so much when it dies, a little bird.
Imagine how much God loves you.
But God isn't creating robots.
And God already created the angels and gave them free will.
And a bunch of them turned against him.
One third.
Imagine, we're dealing with God's malfunctioning, rebelling creation that was given free will.
And what does Lucifer want to do?
Lucifer is jealous as hell.
You're Lucifer.
You're really old.
A hundred billion, trillion years old?
Who knows?
God gave us a cheat sheet.
Listen, I want you to join me, but I gotta do this to you, because it's free will.
I don't want slaves.
I can create robots or servants all day.
I love you so much.
I'm putting everything I have got into you.
Jeff, please.
Please, please listen to me and just don't do these things because it'll bring you down.
I want to be with you and God cries for all of us that fall to the devil.
This is real.
This whole planet is a test.
So I was thinking during the break before last, I went from one building to the next.
I was hurrying back over here with some articles and I stumbled over the door frame and fell on my face.
When I hit my face and sprung back up, I went, we're not thanking God for globalism under attack, globalism failing everywhere, humanity starting to reignite, and then we're bitching and complaining that it's not good enough, it's not fast enough, and Trump doesn't do everything we want.
Well, what are you doing?
What am I doing?
Like, it hit me.
If we seek God's face, if we repent, that He'll come and He'll heal our land.
And we're seeing the beginnings of that.
We've got a long way to go, but we really should thank God for what's happening.
And thank God for all the gifts, and the gift of consciousness, and the gift of God being willing to create His own children.
And God loves us way more than any of us love our children.
Imagine loving your child a thousand times that.
Knowing that child's potential.
Being omnipresent.
But turning them loose in a pack of hyena-like devils.
Because it's what you've got to do.
Because they deserve consciousness.
And you're not... God's not going to intervene other than touching our heart and giving us the blueprint.
But if we reject God and we...
Climb up on top that devil, it's gonna lead us right into hell.
And so, we should all thank God in sending His Son, Jesus Christ, as an example to us all, because that's what it's all about.
And the enemy hates it when we talk about Christ more than anything.
The persecution of Christians is more than any other group, because it's real.
It's a blueprint.
What you're told in the Bible is real.
Not their misinterpretations, not their twisting, but the reality!
Out of his own nostrils, out of his own breath, out of his own DNA.
But he would let his own rebellious servant come against us to test us so that we would be good sons and daughters in the future.
And then God has to sit there and watch billions of his sons and daughters fall to evil and be destroyed and be sucked in by these devils and taken into a black hole, into a pit forever.
That's what God did for consciousness.
That's what God did to make you.
That's what God did to give you this incredible power!
You think about that.
Now you know God.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Satan wants one thing.
The future.
That means our children.
Now again, I saw a video last hour of PBS with a woman celebrating killing her babies.
And selling it as a woman's right.
But now the left says no, it's a sacrament to Satan.
It's not a joke to freak out conservatives.
It's their coming out.
So I mentioned a few years ago, I saw a Vice piece, where the woman's having orgasms, killing her baby, and they sexualize it, and the people in the room are all getting off and all have demonic looks on their faces, like Governor Cuomo when they signed that bill to kill babies after they're born, looked like, you know, that he again was in ecstasy.
Because if you hadn't been around Satanists, I mean real hardcore ones, folks, you don't know what to look for.
But now the way they're running around, it's damn obvious, isn't it?
In fact, when we put the trillionaire globalist up on screen, please, we put the CNN host Anderson Cooper, the Vanderbilt
Uncloaking, showing you his real face, and they're going to do it more and more because they don't know what to do.
And I'm explaining.
They want to kill your children.
This isn't Salem's Lot, a Stephen King movie.
This is real.
And I want to explain something about Stephen King.
I'm getting ready to come out against Stephen King.
I'm getting ready to come out against them all.
Stephen King puts stuff in his books, in things he says, that unless you've actually been in this stuff, you wouldn't know about.
What a piece of crap.
They're all pieces of crap.
And they're all slaves to the devil.
Alright, I said I'd go to your calls and I apologize.
I just want everybody to really decide which side they're on right now.
Because, I talk about, I literally have flashbacks.
In my flashbacks, I see one article celebrating abortion, and my brain goes, like a hundred things flood in, and I'm just like, it's just about an economy attack, you know, we gotta fight them.
It's like, I don't just know, I know.
I was noticing on the Joe Rogan Show last week that he had a guest on, I saw the clip, I forget which guy, but they're like, Jones said on your show three years ago,
That there'd be a $100 trillion green New Deal global tax, and AOC just said $100 trillion and announced it.
How does he know that?
Because the UN runs it!
I mean, do people just think I'm saying all this?
You just want to date some hot girl in high school, and you find out her family and a bunch of other rich people all act like this behind the scenes!
These people are crazy!
By the way, that's just step one.
I mean, you don't want to see what these kids see, man.
You don't want to see what these people see.
It's bad, man.
I never, I went around the edge of it.
I never was involved in any of it.
And let me tell you something, when I wasn't involved in it, you think Stephen King writes books, folks.
Let me tell you something.
There's a lot of stuff going on around here.
People aren't ready to deal with.
You think things like Nosferatu is just a German movie?
It's not a movie, folks.
That's frickin Nosferatu on your screen right there, and you can see him right there, boy.
That's a one evil son of a bitch.
And I swear on the altar of God, eternal resistance to these people.
We will break them.
Not because we want their power, but because we're gonna get them out of the way of the children.
And they are going
They've done, and we're not gonna back down, and we're not gonna submit to them anymore.
You understand that, you chicken-necked demon?
These are the weak people that serve Satan.
They become completely turned over to a spirit of evil.
And I just think Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, that the enemy tried to recruit me.
And every time they tried to recruit me, they failed.
The power, the sex, the money, all of it, the threats, the intimidation.
I am beyond their grasp now.
But children aren't.
And that's why these demons come after our children.
God will break them, not us.
Vengeance belongs to God.
But we, in many cases, are the dagger which God will plunge into their metaphysical heart.
I want to explain that.
Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.
Vengeance is mine, but who says God doesn't use vehicles?
But God is a God of free will.
God doesn't trick you.
And God doesn't give you jobs you can't complete.
You may tell God, I'm completely turned over to you.
I'm ready to die for the truth.
I'm ready to do whatever it takes.
And God will say, all right, let's give you a test.
Let's see how much you can handle.
Let's put this much weight on you.
You didn't handle it, no more weight.
But when you start handling the weight, God starts piling it on and on and on and on.
And as the weight piles on, your interdimensional sight opens like pressure when you're doing a deep dive.
And the threat isn't how deep you go.
It's that if you ever try to go back to the surface, you're no longer a person of that.
You don't stare into the abyss and come back from where you were.
When you stare into the abyss as a conscience being, you don't become fallen like these vehicles, like these automatons, like these avatar flesh bags, like this particular one of the richest men on earth.
But you don't ever come back.
And I think that's something you need to know, ladies and gentlemen.
You don't ever come back.
As Glenn Danzig said, it's a long way back from hell.
And do you really want to cross that line?
Do you want to take a life?
But you see,
You don't need to fear he who can take the life, but he who can take the soul.
So just remember, if you want some intergalactic space junk trash to run your life, if you want to be Anderson Cooper, then you can join the dark side.
But if you want the keys to eternity, and the keys to things that the eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, you must reject the devil, and all of his minions, and all of his pimps, and all of his pomps, and all of his enforcers, and all of them.
And that doesn't mean that you give up who you are.
The truth is, God will show you who you are.
But until you've crossed those bridges, until you've faced those demons, you're never going to have God open the gates up for you.
And once you've seen into heaven, you'll never know why people didn't join God.
It's extremely painful.
And I'll tell you, you will feel very pathetic and weak in the presence of God.
You will feel unending power and understanding and explosive will.
But you yourself in God's presence will feel incredibly dirty.
The truth is someone close to God has unlimited power over these devil worshippers.
Once you're in the presence of God, like it says in Revelation, the saints take their crowns off.
They throw them down.
Because God's consciousness and all the secrets of the universe is so big, it's pathetic.
Facebook and Instagram banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
I am now completely banned.
Now, InfoWars, of course, is that web show and website led by rageaholic Alex Jones.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
These are very extreme individuals, and no matter what anyone tells you, they are extremists, and that's why Facebook decided to get rid of them.
Basically, they've deemed these individuals to be dangerous, is what Facebook is saying.
Those individuals include people like right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Organizations like Media Matters have pointed out consistently how Alex Jones and other InfoWars pages had just simply circumvented any ban by starting a different account or going on Instagram.
If you don't like someone on Facebook, don't follow them.
It's not that hard to figure out.
Because big tech is only interested in going after conservatives.
You know, the really dangerous ones.
Dangerous as in saying things that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like.
President Trump retweeted Paul Joseph Watson twice.
And a brief video by InfoWars' Millie Weaver.
Social media's hall monitor, Brad Stelter, was not very happy about it.
He is promoting the same alternative universe as InfoWars.
Back to your point, though, about the InfoWars presidency.
I want to know, and I tweeted this the other day, what is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
InfoWars content is useful to him.
InfoWars personalities align with him.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down!
I want them silenced!
I want them muted!
Don't worry.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Sold into slavery down in New Orleans!
Joe Beggs is coming up, taking your phone calls as well.
Appreciate folks holding.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We've delved into the enemy launching their anti-human assault out of deep space.
We got Caroline in Australia.
We got Carol in Pennsylvania.
We got Lee in Florida.
We got Joey in Vermont.
We got Sean in Washington, D.C.
We got Pam in Wisconsin.
I'm going to take all your calls this segment and next.
And then Joe Beggs, great talk show host, veteran Patriot will be joining us about 15 after.
Let's go to Caroline in Australia in the land down under.
Thanks for calling in.
Thanks for holding.
Thanks so much for having me, Alex.
Can you hear me alright?
Thanks for calling.
I can.
Well, what do you think about Trump taking the gloves off and going after big tech for antitrust?
Oh, look, something's going on, Alex.
I don't know what's going on, but, like, this is... OK, so we've got three Chinese warships in Sydney Harbour, and our Prime Minister is acting like he knew.
OK, he's the only one that knew, though, because the Premier didn't know, the Defence Minister didn't know,
But the thing is, when I've tried to tweet it out to the international community, Twitter is deleting my tweets.
And I tried it three times, okay?
And then my phone shut down!
Alex, my phone shut down.
Wow, you know, we put the article up there from ABC News Australia, Australian broadcasting system company, and I was aware that China's making a lot of threats, but wow!
I'd love to see the Chinese actually try to take on the Aussies.
They get their ass kicked in about 10 seconds, but yes, they admit it's a provocative move to let you know they're in command.
What do you make of that?
Look, they're doing a drive-by.
They've sailed in.
I'd say what they're trying to do is they're basically, they're testing their stealth weapons.
Because they've just basically sailed in willy-nilly.
And we didn't know and knew they were coming.
But slow down and explain this.
They just showed up, missile cruisers, and pulled in, because you know, they're the big extractors of almost all the rare earth minerals in Australia.
So Australia has been, the government, deep in bed with them.
I mean, I know they own a lot of Australian debt, like they own U.S.
Do you think they're showing up to piss on their property?
Oh yeah, definitely.
Look, it's a display of strength, Alex.
There's just no two ways about it.
They've just rocked in without warning and the only way our PM is covering it is by just saying, oh I knew they were coming.
No, he didn't.
Wow, I should have led the show with this because print me all the articles.
I see the articles.
I had one on the stack, the unannounced arrival.
Exactly, warships pull in like they're in charge.
I'll tell you, the Chai-coms are really asking for it.
And Alex, the thing is, the tech, it will let me retweet, OK, but only in my own community, only to Australians, OK?
When I try to, I try to tweet it to Paul Joseph Watson because he needed to see the comments of the Australians underneath, OK?
And then I tried to tweet it three times to Dr. Steve Pacific because I wanted his take on it.
Okay, Twitter wouldn't let me do it.
Okay, and then they deleted it.
I understand it's geographically walling you off, which is the plan.
That's why you've got to use IP blockers and you've got to use virtual browsers and set up
I don't know, Alex.
I don't know.
It's not good.
Either way, it's not good.
Well you let those chi-coms pull any type of physical force and they're gonna get their ass blown off one way or another.
The Aussie, there's enough Aussie men and others left, without weapons they'll climb on those ships like army ants and break the necks of those piece of crap commies.
God bless you man, we'll be right back.
This is next level, breaking ground, history book level, science fiction dystopia, Tyranny on Steroids.
Bing, bing, bong, bong.
Just take the red pill, people!
The most banned network in the world.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.
Talk about incredible if you just joined us.
A woman called in from Australia.
And she said, Alex, I can't tweet out of the country about Chinese warships showing up unannounced in a show of force.
Mainstream news.
AP Reuters.
Chinese warships in Sydney.
A show of strength for Beijing.
Chinese warships arrive in Sydney Harbor.
Without even announcing it.
It's all part of the threats.
China says they're at war with the United States.
Apple and Google have officially moved there.
And now the EU says we're in control of Facebook.
We're going to censor U.S.
AP, Reuters, U.S.
News & World Report.
It's all reporting it.
Facebook may be told to censor users' hateful posts globally.
EU expert says online defamation enforceable worldwide.
Big Tech faces antitrust crackdown from House Judiciary.
Now apples and the crosshairs by Trump.
But Trump's got to move quick because, again,
The regulatory system handed over by Obama to foreign governments and to the UN and others.
They're using it to take control.
And while our Congress was asleep at the switch, going, we don't regulate the internet.
Private company do whatever it wants.
We keep the baby comfortable while we get rid of freedom.
To quote Governor Northam, Mr. KKK,
We're in a global war.
It's 21st century.
It's happening now.
Let's stop lying about it.
I didn't even plug last hour, and I'm going to go to your calls, then Joe Biggs is coming up, the buddy of mine.
I want to hear his take on all this.
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It's just, don't people want real stuff?
Don't they want the best there is?
I'm gonna explain something.
Metaphysically, I'm not going to sell you something that isn't the best I can do, or you can blow my head off!
I'm not a devil worshipper!
I'm not out to get kids!
I'm not out to screw people!
I cannot do it.
Do you understand that?
You understand?
I'm a God-fearing person, ladies and gentlemen.
So I don't play dirty tricks.
I don't engage in manipulation.
I don't screw people over that trust me.
When I read Zuckerberg saying, my users trust me.
They're dumb effers.
I'm the opposite of that.
And not even because I'm some goody two-shoe.
I metaphysically don't even think like that.
But if I even imagine the enemy screwing over people that count on me, that's when I get scared.
I'm never scared.
I'm never scared.
Except if I think like the enemy.
I get really scared.
I get really alone.
I start having a panic attack.
Like, who the hell wants to kill babies and like celebrate it?
That ain't good luck, man!
That ain't good luck!
I'm nothing special!
I'm not a devil worshiper!
I don't want to kill kids!
I don't want to blow the planet up!
That ain't that special!
That's why listeners don't need to call in and tell me how great I am.
How great I am?
Because I know I come from a long line of humans?
So I want to be pro-human?
And I want my kids to have a future?
Being sane is not special, folks.
Except when you live in a world of crazy people.
I said I'd take your calls.
It's just all the evils being confirmed.
The whole world government, the whole plan to get our kids.
And I can't believe we've got to go through this.
I mean, look at Governor Northam.
You know, I don't wish any harm against Governor Northam.
And I pray nobody does anything to him.
But if somebody walked up to him with, say, a samurai sword and cut his head clean off, would we say it was a post-birth abortion that he promotes?
Or is it wrong to cut his head off with a samurai sword because maybe that didn't keep him comfortable?
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe you, you, you, I'm not saying do this, I'm saying hypothetically, like a Stephen King novel, he got kidnapped and taken to a house and then you, you, you put him under with a medical injection so he doesn't feel it when you cut his head off.
Because you kept him comfortable.
Or maybe you put him on a bunch of painkillers and he's all, and you're like, I'm gonna keep you comfortable now,
Like you did that little baby.
Because you see, you're going to kill the baby after they're born.
Well, why not keep them comfortable?
You see, why not?
I mean, when do we stop aborting people, Northam?
Oh, I get it.
You have value, Northam.
You exist.
And because you exist, and you decide which baby live and which baby die, that makes you somehow some high and mighty person.
But let me tell you something about Northam.
Northam is a coward, and a climber, and a piece of crap.
And God isn't going to do anything to Northam.
When Northam's soul leaves his filthy body, it's gravity.
It's a charge.
Northam has an energy field.
That is going to tie onto him and drag him down a black hole.
And he's going to go into a place with trillions of other entities from around the universe that have done similar stuff and he's going to be with them forever.
So, he wants to talk about how he killed Baby.
How he keep him comfortable.
And talk about how much power he got.
He gonna find out the power.
In trillions and trillions and trillions of Earth orbits.
In the Phantom Zone.
You already look at his eyes.
He already looks scared.
He already done some stuff with power.
He already scared.
And the evil tells him, if you just do more and kill the baby, you might get out of it.
Like Faustus.
Like Faust.
He believes he can get out of this.
He's trying to figure it out.
Well, let me tell you, Northam, you're already gonna figure it out.
You'd be lucky if somebody chopped your head off with a samurai sword.
Brother, that ain't happening.
You're gonna live a long life, and when you're sitting there on that deathbed, there's gonna be demons sitting all around you.
There's gonna be one sitting right at the end of your bed, and it's gonna be rubbing its hands together and saying, Buddy, before you know it, I'm gonna be attached to you forever, sucking your eyeballs out and ripping your guts out forever and ever and ever.
And it's gonna be so sweet.
And you know Northam already when he wakes up at like 2 a.m.
in the morning.
He looks down at the end of that bed.
He sees that little friendly fellow sitting down there.
Because that's what it's like for these guys.
Little friendly fellow.
Little friendly fellow says, I want dead babies.
And Northam says, yes sir, I'll get that for you.
Little devil says, that's good Northam, you're gonna be alright.
Until Northam on that death bed.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
I was just at a local t-shirt shop six months ago, and I bought a t-shirt that showed the space shuttle blasting off into space.
And I happened to wear that on Joe Rogan's podcast, and people just talked about the shirt everywhere.
All these websites got started selling the shirt.
Because it's a NASA patch, so it's copyright free, it's government.
But I had it redone, where it says Space Force.
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We put 1776 on its right wing, of course.
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But I want to do some fanfare on this shirt.
I believe this is going to be the next Hillary for Prison shirt.
But it's about a pro-human future.
It's about humanity going to the stars.
It's about believing in the amazing gifts that God's given us.
We're not gods.
We're not going to be gods, but we're made in the image of God.
So we're a reflection.
So we can do some amazing things.
We're master builders.
And the Space Shuttle's 1930s technology put into function in the late 1970s, retired five years ago.
And so
We've redone it.
Also, I had people on the street love the shirt, but a few have gone, why are you wearing that gay rainbow flag?
And that's when I decided a few months ago to make the shirt.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am so sick of leftist groups or whoever expropriating or appropriating symbols.
If you're a homosexual and you're not doing illegal stuff, I don't care what you do in your bedroom.
That's the left claiming the conservatives are opposed to what you're doing.
Just leave kids alone with your heterosexual, homosexual.
Plus, it's not a plastic rainbow.
It's supposed to be the atmosphere.
Anybody that knows, that's why NASA created this.
Below in the atmosphere is more dust and stuff than a spectrometer or in a telescope, it's red.
And as you get higher, it's orange.
That's why the sun on the horizon is red, because you're looking through hundreds of miles of atmosphere and just a few miles of atmosphere.
So clear sky is black.
Below that is blue, then it's yellow, then it's orange, then it's red.
That's why out of thousands of
Space Shuttle patches.
They've got thousands.
It took me days to actually find the original patch.
So this is a copy of the original patch.
We put Space Force on it.
And established 2020.
American flag on the side.
I designed this shirt.
I'm very proud of this shirt.
And maybe I'm wrong.
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What is Space Force?
So it's kind of an undercover thing too.
It's like you might get hit in the head with a bike lock or stabbed if you're a Trump supporter and you're out there doing something.
I mean, we're wearing a Trump shirt, InfoWars shirt.
People still love those and wear them.
What about a space force?
What about loving technology and what we've built and having a pro-human future in space and the American flag that triggers so many?
And a little InfoWars.com.
I think this is the shirt, so pre-order.
I never do pre-orders on t-shirts.
We'll have it next week.
It'll be shipped out by the end of the week, but get your order first.
InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsLife.com, or AAA2533139.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones here, live.
Well, the governor of Virginia, Northam, who famously posed in blackface, who said that kill babies after they're born is totally normal, trying to pass the same law as New York and other states, he died today.
It's just been announced in a post-birth abortion.
But it's okay, because he wasn't a human.
It was after he was born, and they kept him comfortable when they did it.
So, governor,
Northam is dead.
Obviously, that's sick satire, but that shows how whacked out and how crazy and how out of control this individual is.
And we're going to get to all your calls, Chris and Carol and Lee and Joey and Sean and Thad and Peter and Pam, right now with Joe Biggs.
But Joe Biggs, Army veteran, patriot, Infowars.com, former reporter, doing his own stuff out there, kicking butt.
I just was thinking, hey, we ought to get Joe Biggs back on.
I'm like, hey, Joe, what do you want to cover?
And he's like, well,
I want to cover that Love Knows No Age, which is an actual NAMBLA statement being put out by different leftist publications right now, and all this sexualization of children that we were just talking about.
Miley Cyrus celebrating abortion in bizarre video where she talks about how it's sexual.
But again, outrage after Snapchat debuts, love has no age filter on Pride Month.
That's up at newswars.com.
So Joe, good to have you back with us.
I agree with your t-shirt, we should expel Alexandria Cortez because she hates America so much.
But what do you think the left's doing right now with all the pro-pedophile stuff?
Without even looking, I've got like 10 stories today about the left promoting pedophilia.
Well, the easiest way to control this country and the easiest way to break it down is to destroy the family.
But it's not sexual and it's not with adults.
Yeah, but it's the way they do it.
It's the same thing with the saying is, do you support our troops?
Well, of course we support our troops.
But the true meaning behind that is, do you support our policies that lead to war?
And no, we don't.
But to get people around that, we say, do you support our troops?
And that's what this love has no age thing is.
They try to cover it as, oh, yeah, you know, as a kid.
But as you said, love has no age.
That is Nambla's statement.
And that is the actual Nambla slogan.
When you pull the mask off that slogan, what's behind it?
Two sweaty old 45-year-old guys that are getting off to My Little Pony cartoons.
It's disgusting and it's nasty, and that's what this is all about.
It's trying to normalize adults having a relationship with these young children.
When you look at that kid out of Canada that wants to be this drag queen star, he always looks like he's drugged out of his mind.
He looks like this slave.
And you've got these two creepy dudes that are, you know, probably in their 30s.
That are just, you know, loving every single bit of it.
Yeah, in the background it says Rohypnol.
But Joe, it's way worse than you're saying.
They're actually in their 40s.
One guy is a convicted guy that cut up his boyfriend to death, and it says Rohypnol, the date rape drug, and they say in the video, we're going to corrupt your children, bring them to us.
So, these are the guys that launched the club kid movement that is about promoting pedophilia in the 90s.
So yes, what you just said is true.
Anything on there worth a damn whatsoever.
It's people fighting.
It's just disgusting people, you know, frothing at the mouth over the brand-new $3,000 pair of shoes or something like that.
There's nothing good that comes out of this.
Let me ask you this, Joe.
No, I agree.
You're a smart guy.
Why is this all coming out now?
Like, the House of Drag Queens got caught in this charge with making child porn with little kids.
And you look at the photos.
They all have that crazy look that I can't even make.
Here, let me try to make it for TV viewers.
It's like this.
We're like, give us your children!
And like, we're convicted pedophiles!
And the schools let them in, like, to have your kids on their laps.
Like, what frickin' planet do you let these loons next to your kids?
I mean, look at Joe Biden.
I mean, this is the frontrunner for the Democratic Party right now.
And this guy's creepier than hell.
I mean, he's grabbing up on women left and right.
You know, it just doesn't surprise me.
He's grabbing on little kids!
Oh yeah, it's nasty.
It's disgusting.
So let me ask the question again.
Why is it suddenly coming out?
It's like it's just coming out everywhere.
You follow the news, you can't swing a stick in the dark and not hit some deal with a guy going, we're grooming your kids and we're not asking and they're gonna sit on my lap.
And you're like, what the, what is going on?
Well, who's the frontrunner though?
Joe Biden.
How does he, how do we make him look normal to go up against Trump?
We've got to make it this normal thing everywhere else in society.
Can you imagine if Trump was like rubbing little girls in the face and going, oh, you're so beautiful.
I agree.
I mean, if I had family doing that to one of my kids, I'd punch them.
He said, when you're rich, they let you grab them by the, you know, whatever.
That's consent.
They let you.
But this guy is creepily going up behind people.
And you can see that look of disgust in their eyes.
You can see the goosebumps appearing on their skin.
You can see the fact that they just want to escape and not be there.
They start repelling.
They start pulling back.
And that's what it is.
We have to normalize that type of behavior so Joe Biden can be a candidate to go up against President Trump in 2020.
Sadly, that's kind of what I think it is.
I'll ask it again because I want your opinion.
Why is it suddenly exploding everywhere?
I don't know.
I mean, like I said, I think it's just to normalize Joe Biden.
Yeah, because he's going against what they want now.
If you think for yourself, then you're outcast.
If you go with the grain, then you're good.
They love you.
You're a hero.
I mean, look at anybody out there.
Look at any celebrity now.
They say, F Trump.
They get all this money.
They get all these crappy roles in films.
But if they don't, they're banished.
They're blacklisted.
They're kicked off everything.
And they have to, you know, hopefully they saved money and they did what they were supposed to throughout their career.
I want to take phone calls with Joe Biggs.
I want to get you on more, Joe, on all our shows.
I don't know how, like, you get busy, I get busy.
I should come on your show.
You're doing a lot of great stuff.
We're going to break in a minute, but tell people, because you haven't been banished in some places.
You've been attacked, your bank accounts, because you dared interview the Proud Boys.
You've been persecuted some, but where can people find Planet Biggs?
You can go to Twitter, at Rambo Biggs, or you can go to my website, StaffSergeantBiggs.com.
That's SSGBiggs.com.
I want to go to calls, and I've got so many issues, we could talk for a thousand years, but what else is on your radar?
What else do you want to hit when we come back?
This whole thing with the Mueller investigation, I mean, look, it's over.
Let it go.
These people are still frothing at the mouth, trying to find something to get them to... Oh, big surprise!
Trump's not a Russian agent!
He's a flaming Americana!
Everyone in the world right now should be scared out of their mind, or they should be horrified, or they should be pissed off and angry.
They created a crime.
Then they found a person to blame it on, and then they try to create a trail to lead that person to that crime.
I mean, that's insanity!
And people are going, oh, that's okay, Trump's the bad guy.
No, he's not!
The only question is, will Trump go on the offense against this?
And I think the answer is yes.
Your phone calls, I promise.
Thanks for holding.
Straight ahead with Joe Biggs, I'm Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today!
I said one time, who's in charge here?
And I think the congressman's right about that fact.
Jerry, you want some?
Yeah, I got some.
Here, Jerry.
Take a drink.
You look a little dehydrated, brother.
You seem a little dehydrated.
You okay?
Well, it took a little longer on the floor than I had anticipated in the custody of the border.
Everyone started sending signals.
The US, Mexico, Canada.
If that's not the accurate, some people call it AFTA-NAFTA, some call it NAFTA 2.0.
We're working together to make past that.
You seem a little dehydrated, are you okay?
Do you want to take a drink with us?
So, but the president again stormed out.
I think, what, first
Pound the table, walk out the door.
Uh, but I intend not to... If we... We're... We're the fat... There's three things.
Three things.
Three things.
You wanna take a drink of this to give yourself some... How you feel, ma'am?
You feel okay?
You alright?
Okay, do you want to drink some of this and give you some... How you feel, ma'am?
You feel okay?
We can walk and chew gum at the same time.
I hope he can, too.
I want to just put out a message right now to the Democrats because, look, your leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler, are struggling.
And so we've got BrainForce Plus at InfowarsStore.com.
And if there has ever been an example of somebody that needs BrainForce Plus, the neural activator, it's Nancy Pelosi.
And it's Jerry Nadler.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
All right.
I want to ask Joe Baggs and the rights of these patient amazing callers.
I really appreciate calling in on this Tuesday global broadcast.
Trump's delivering.
I mean, he's delivering at a sickening level.
Dictators can't get this much stuff done.
And Coulter goes, oh, we got double the illegal aliens.
Yeah, because the U.N.'
's launching an attack.
And they got refugee centers running and all.
It's like the Japanese attack us at Pearl Harbor and now it's our fault.
It's the same thing over and over again.
And if Trump does something wrong, I'll turn on him faster than you can say,
Possum gut!
But the point is, I don't see that happening, and I see the whole system crapping their drawers.
I see nationalism and populism exploding.
And like Joe Big said though, they're doubling down, harassing anybody that tells the truth.
And now, Trump's got, as we told you before it even broke, because I was up in D.C., I was meeting with folks that had been in the meetings with Trump.
I'll be honest, I don't have the conversations with Trump, because that becomes a national security issue.
I just have conversations with the people that are going to meet with Trump, and I help write memos to Trump.
And, you know, I'm proud of that, because my analysis is on.
And we talk about how China and the EU is creating regulations, and we're not creating regulations to block it.
So by extension, we're letting them regulate, and we say we're against regulation.
Well, it doesn't matter, they're regulating, so you better regulate.
And all the rest of the stuff is now in the news front and center.
So I'm really proud of this audience, I'm proud of the crew, and I'm proud of what we've done because it's actually freaking me out the amount of effect we're all having together in this symbiotic spirit of America that is InfoWars and what we're doing.
But Joe, before we go to these calls and ride shotgun with us a little bit in the next hour,
What do you think about what Trump's doing and the antitrust and the announcements?
Because they can debate all day, oh, you can't say what corporations do with speech.
Let's just say they're right, which they're not.
Doesn't matter, you're running combines, you're running monopolies, you're buying up all the other companies.
You're not letting people set up their own things.
So you're done.
I just can't believe they don't get, like, the jig is up.
It's a scary situation to kind of get into that conversation.
You know, do we have government step in?
What do we do with this?
How do we how do we how do we deal with this?
You know, the government in itself doesn't really take care of things too well.
I mean, let's look at a lot of the things that they're in charge of the
Really don't do that well with the money and all that.
So that's one of the things that always makes me iffy with, you know, do we want to jump into that whole thing?
But I think Trump's done a really outstanding job.
I mean, think about the amount of negative attention he gets day in and day out.
Think about the still the Obama holdovers that are in there.
Think about the raps that are still left over within the White House, listening, ratting them out.
Snitching, trying to say whatever they can to come up with something to create some kind of hostility or some new headline.
Some guy trying to put out a new book every other day.
Someone who's got tapes.
I mean, all this stuff he's had non-stop.
It's been 98% negative force coming at him non-stop.
And he's still been able to do more than any president in my lifetime.
I mean, the things that we've been able to accomplish are pretty outstanding and amazing.
And he's done a great job.
No, I agree, Joe, but I want your take on this.
We're laissez-faire.
I agree.
I'm a libertarian too.
I believe in the invisible hand of capitalism and Adam Smith and all that.
What I'm saying is, if the CHICOMS and the EU
Call it the Second Amendment.
It isn't a prohibitive law.
It's a law enshrining and defending an unallowable, unalienable right.
That make sense?
Yeah, I got it.
So what is your take on that?
I mean, that's fine.
That's good.
That'll work, you know.
But, you know, like I said, it's just...
It's who's involved, who's going to be riding this, and who's going to be... No, no, I agree.
You're totally right.
Getting government involved, taking big tech to the woodshed is dangerous as well.
But here's the thing, Joe.
They put us in this situation, Joe.
You know, really what I'd like to do is I'd just say screw Twitter, screw Facebook, let them all fail.
I mean, I think we need to make a shift somewhere else.
But you understand, let's say you started a social network that was rivaling.
They're going to come and offer you a billion dollars, Joe.
They buy everybody up.
I mean, that's the thing though.
I mean, I just don't know.
It's one of those things I really don't have an answer to.
It's one of those things, I'm still, when I sit here and I hear everybody talking about it... I do have the answers, and I just mean that very calmly and I'm serious.
You get what I'm saying?
If the Chinese and the EU are bringing in regulations that we're now going to follow, if we don't block that, we've given them control.
You do agree with me, we shouldn't give them control, right?
So now that we're going to have regulations, because it's happening now, we've crossed that bridge, we're here now, what do you think should be done?
To be quite honest, like I said, I get scared when I put, when I think about giving government control and stuff like this.
Yeah, we block other people from taking control, but I think it needs to be very limited in the scope of what we allow the government to do.
I totally agree with you!
We need government to tell the CHICOMS and the EU to go jump off a goddamn cliff.
Excuse my French.
Cause you get, laws can be prohibitive of regulation, right?
Like the First Amendment says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or the press or the right to peacefully assemble or redress the government for grievances.
So you kind of see the compendium, right?
It's a law saying you don't touch this, you don't have jurisdiction.
You understand what I'm saying?
Exactly, yes I do.
So don't we need that again in post?
No, no.
Like I said, I agree with you on that.
Of course, outside of that, I don't know what else to do.
All right, I want to go to phone calls, Joe, and I want to ask what else is on your radar.
I want to get you back on a routine basis.
You're a smart guy, you're a funny guy, and you've got a lot of common sense for folks.
And I think you're honest about it.
Like, you're like saying, hey, I don't want to regulate stuff.
I get it, brother.
Neither do I. What do you do when the CHI comms and the EU are doing it, though?
Yeah, like I said, that's one of those things that I...
You know, I just, from things I've seen, you know, working in the government for so many years, it just scares me when I have to think about giving them power and stuff.
Oh, I agree with you.
Joe, Joe, look right here though.
Here's AP.
Here's Bloomberg.
You understand the EU has declared control over the U.S.
So it's already happened, the EU, brother.
So what does our government need to do then?
Tell them to F off.
That's all I'm saying.
Yeah, no.
Let me ask you this.
Why do you think they're so arrogant they would try this, Joe?
Well, I think most people think they can...
I think they're used to, you know, having this Obama kind of thing.
I think that that's what they were hoping on.
They were hoping they were going to have a Hillary Clinton.
So, since everything's fell, I guess they're still trying to push through and see if, you know, maybe President Trump will bend and break on some issues like that, and maybe they can slide in and get some control of something like that.
But I don't really see that he's going to play that game.
We're good to go.
Didn't work out too well for them, so I think they're just trying anyways to see what they can do.
And that's why I have Joe Biggs on.
Because Joe, you act like the common guy, and you are just a common sense guy.
But you just said incredibly sophisticated things.
You just crystallized it all.
They had all this world government plan with Obama and Hillary.
It was all supposed to go down, and now it's not going the way they wanted.
You just said everything right there.
That's really what it is.
I apologize to College Front, getting to you.
You have my word of honor.
When we come back, we're going right to Carol, right to Mike, right to Lee, right to Joey, right to Joe, right to Thad, right to Pam.
We'll go a little bit in the next hour, and then I've got... He already left today, but we taped it, and it's powerful.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes on how big this is, but let me just explain something.
For Trump to take on the shy comms was big, because they got a lot of traders and payoffs here in America.
That was Godzilla battling Megalon.
When Trump took on Big Tech, Gamora, or wherever you call it, the three-headed dragon, that was it.
I mean, let me tell you, Trump's the real deal, period.
I mean, he is the real McCoy.
There's no doubt now, but my gut already told me, Trump is for real.
And this is America's last chance to turn this around.
Your call straight ahead, I promise, on the other side.
Joe Biggs is our guest.
Ten seconds into the next segment, we're going to the callers.
Stay with us.
Getting into the inside baseball, we've been telling people Trump's about to go on the offense.
You were getting into the fact that the last straw really was Facebook banning certain names in certain terms.
That really pushed Trump over the edge and now Human Events is riding on it.
It's now being confirmed by Bloomberg.
You want to talk about this?
This is pretty big to show Trump's thinking, just to show how real he is.
In other words, had they simply not made the choice to ban your name from their platform, and had not made the choice to try to go after and censor people saying anything positive about Alex Jones or Info, it would not have led to the antitrust investigation, and just the announcement of the investigation, and the possibility it was going to go into Facebook as well,
Cost them $137 billion.
That's how much money was lost by Big Tech by choosing to go after you.
That's how much the president cost them just by announcing the possibility of an investigation.
$137 billion collectively lost across Big Tech in less than a day solely because they decided to come after you, not recognizing that the president was going to stand by his audience.
He was going to stand by his people and was going to stand by the original principles of free speech and free press that govern and guide this country.
I mean, all they had to do is hear the president meets with Jack at Twitter.
There's all these problems that had already been documented by that point, saying, look, just pull back.
Don't meddle in the election.
Don't continue to suppress and censor speech.
And they would have been able to save their stockholders over $100 billion.
But they refused.
They decided they're going to go after- Oh, they're now spinning it because we cut off the fake news we lost money.
No, it's because you're censoring and antitrust investigations have been opened up on you.
There would be no antitrust investigation if they weren't engaged in any antitrust illicit activity.
When they decided to go from just being a technological monopoly on a platform, and instead be a technological monopoly on speech, on press, and on elections, they made a decision that was a faithful decision that has now cost them billions of dollars, will cost them billions of dollars more in the future, and now they're under major antitrust investigation, and it's not going to stop at Google.
It's going to keep going.
All of these big social media tech giants might be taken apart.
Might be wiped off the map.
Might be basically forced to dissolve.
And forced to separate out its assets.
In the same way that Rockefeller was with Standard Oil back at the turn of the century.
So I think what's happening is there's now, the U.S.
Federal Trade Commission has now announced that Facebook has agreed to subject itself to an antitrust investigation.
The Google antitrust investigation was leaked on Friday.
There's talk that it will go further than Facebook and Google when they're looking at Twitter, they're looking at Netflix, they're looking at other operators.
So these operators that decided to be so overtly political over the last two years, that they were going to use their tech monopoly, their platform monopoly, to suppress, censor speech, to shame individuals, to leak private information against them, to use and leverage their power to help the Democrats take the House, to help the Democrat win the Senate in 2017, threatening to do so the same in 2020.
When they reach the point where not only they ban people from using your name and InfoWars name,
And at the same time, banned Paul Joseph Watson from all Facebook and Instagram overnight.
They agreed he hadn't violated any rule ever.
It was such a shock that it's what put the president in motion.
He realized, okay, this is too severe, so severe, action needs to be taken.
Let's unleash the kraken of antitrust enforcement against these rogue operators.
Who think now they get to control and govern the country and get to impose a Chinese social credit model system on the United States democracy and speech systems.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
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It takes a lot of enemy capital to do that.
That's why when you support us, it changes the world.
Who's been holding the longest?
I think it's Carol.
And then we'll go to Thad and Pam and others.
Carol in Pennsylvania, you're on the air with Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs, American Patriot, and Alex Jones.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Joe.
How are you?
Good to have you on.
Thanks for holding.
I gotta tell you, God bless the both of you.
I met a lot of great fellow Patriots and
I mean, that have become really good friends.
It's because of both of you.
Putting it out there and reconnecting with a lot of great people.
Ma'am, we love you too.
It's so great to meet all the patriots out there.
Whether they're black or Hispanic or white, the electricity in people's eyes that love liberty is incredible.
And also, I am in love with those power bars.
It is.
The peanut butter ones, they are the bomb.
I'm going to tell you right now, they are the best.
Well, thanks for plugging that, because we just got them back in stock.
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They're so thick, they're so heavy.
There's no filler.
You can cut the price with corn and wheat down to like 10 cents a bar if you put filler in it.
We don't do that.
You actually get real protein, real quality, so thank you.
I just bought my box last week, so you can count on me, Alex.
Thank you very much, ma'am.
We wouldn't be here without you.
Here's my question.
I know Paul Joseph Watson, he had mentioned that we need an Internet Bill of Rights.
How can we get that through our great president, you know, get that to exist?
We need like a Bill of Rights, just to hammer it down for the internet.
There's got to be a way.
No, that's a great idea.
That's my mom's name.
Carol, thank you.
I appreciate you calling.
I think the Internet Bill of Rights was the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2000.
We had the laws.
It made sense.
The inventors of the Internet wrote them for Congress.
It was like, we're third parties.
Anybody can post what they want.
If it's illegal, it gets taken down.
The police get involved.
But we're just, like if you have a message board, somebody can say, I'm going to kill somebody.
Well, I've got a message board.
It's not my fault.
Then if it gets reported, they get in trouble.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, dang it.
We need to go back to it.
It's already been there.
Someone says something violent, someone says they're going to do something, obviously, you know, you report that, you do something.
Other than that, you know, sorry, it's okay to be offended.
I should be able to offend you, I should be able to say things that hurt your feelings, and you can get over it, you can block me, you can mute me, you can move on.
That's the end of the day.
Or you can just choose to go somewhere else and not get on that website.
I mean, it's okay to be offended and I don't care if other people are, you know, but at the end of the line, if we're going to talk about, you know, you've got people out there, look at YouTube.
I mean, they've got videos pushing pedophilia and things like that.
But if I quote someone saying something stupid, then I get banned, you know, on Facebook for 30 days.
It's okay for them.
It's just ridiculous what we're seeing happen.
Well, you're being banned because you're effective, not because you're actually saying hateful things.
And it's not like we want to say these big things like, oh, I don't like such and such.
That's not who I am.
It's just crazy.
Great points, Joe.
All right, let's go to Pam in the great state of Wisconsin.
Pam in Wisconsin, you're on the air with Joe Biggs.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Yeah, phones used to be better in this country.
Like, I remember a joke Joe Rogan had like 15 years ago.
It was like, we're supposed to have jet packs in the year 2010 and now phones are even worse.
I'm like, God Almighty.
Go ahead, Pam.
I work, sorry, I work in a concrete building.
I just want to talk about how, like, it's funny that, you know, Caitlyn Bennett was, when she was in England, I think she was telling someone that their opinion didn't matter since 1775, which I think that the EU should take that and use it to their advantage because I don't think that their opinion should matter on the American Internet.
And the fact that they think that they can take it, well, like my guns, they can come and take it.
Well, I mean, just from a territorial position, or just law, and again, I'll say it, it's all over the news, like I keep saying, the EU is, because nobody else will do it, is running internet law worldwide because our government won't say no.
And so I think you just said it right there.
Well, I think that we should, you know, start taking back what was ours.
I mean, I'm not going to let my forefathers who fought in the revolution, you know, and died, die for nothing.
Pam, I totally agree with you, but I'm telling you, I've talked to conservatives, and they're so ingrained with, we don't regulate corporations.
We don't regulate speech.
The corporations are regulating speech.
They're working for foreign governments.
They're following their orders.
So we have to have laws saying you don't do that.
Yeah, definitely.
I agree with what the earlier caller, the caller right before me said, that, you know, I think that we should start putting in a bill of rights for the internet because I'm tired of
People who aren't saying anything bad get banned, and however, like, we have congresswomen that are going to terrorist organizations and rallying and saying that they hate Jewish people.
I mean, Jewish people are citizens just like you and I are.
And I agree.
And by the way, I don't agree with saying Jews are the devil, get rid of Israel.
But if someone wants to say that, as long as they're not calling for violence, it's their right.
Oh yeah, of course.
And one of the things we really need to focus on here in this country is after Trump.
What are we going to do after Trump leaves?
We're good to go.
By the way, Josh Hawley has been saying, what do we do post-Trump?
Relaunch a populism that transcends left and right and is just about the country and prosperity.
I think Josh Hawley's plan is dead on.
Yeah, I mean, that's something that we really need to focus on.
It's not just now, it's the steps down the road.
We've got to think about this chess game.
You know, it's not just the move now, but a few down the road.
And that's really going to help secure our internet freedom and what we're going to be able to do.
Because if we don't do that now, we're surely going to fall.
Do you agree with me that if we don't defend free space, we don't have anything?
Yeah, exactly.
I know that's an oversimplification, folks.
We all get it.
But it's like, well, how satisfying is it to see Trump taking action, though?
I mean, I'm not here to kiss Trump's ass, but I'm sorry.
The guy's delivering in royal flushes.
I mean, if we don't thank God for this, we're idiots.
Yeah, he does a fantastic job, and like I said, there's been times that I've disagreed with him on it, and I've called him out on that.
I mean, you know, he's not my king, you know, I'm not his servant, you know, and if I see something that I don't like, I've called him out, and I've seen you do the same thing as well.
Oh, I've had private conversations with him where I disagree with something and show him facts, and then two days later he changes his position.
It's wild.
He listens, though.
He listens.
I've got a lot of friends that work close to him, and they say he's one of the most genuine, awesome Americans out there.
I mean, he really, when he goes to restaurants and he's taking troops and stuff to go eat, he will go and speak to every single person at that restaurant, from the bus boy all the way to the general manager.
Oh yeah, he's all about people.
In this anti-human, globalist system that's post-human, he's pro-human.
I remember learning, when he was running for office, from people that were close to him, not just Roger Stone but others, that he told his wife, he said,
I'm 69 years old.
He's now 72, 73.
He said, I'm gonna have to totally commit to this if I do it.
He just said.
I just want to have a life.
It's going to be too exhausting because if I step in this position, I won't be able to give up because I can do a business negotiation, but then there's not always one every day.
If I do this, I'm going to be killing myself.
And it was Melania who came to him.
That's why they said Melania said didn't run and Trump doesn't want to run.
It was all lies.
Melania came to him.
She's a big Christian and said, God told me you absolutely have to run.
And later it was even in Politico, this whole story about how he did it was the name of the article.
Trump is literally pouring himself out 18 hours a day totally committed because not only will he be destroyed and his family for signing on to the reboot of America he gets we will so you're getting we're getting a champion here folks that is metaphysically 100% committed and that's why the enemy is so scared that's why they want him out of there.
Think about the mental capacity that this man has.
I mean, he has a mental capacity that most athletes in their prime and most geniuses in their prime can't even, like, comprehend.
I mean, the fact that he's running an entire nation, being a family man, remembering the names of every person that works for him, taking the time to speak to each and every one of them.
When he went and spoke to the Air Force the other day for their graduation, for their ceremony, he stayed there afterwards and shook hands with every single person.
And again, it took two hours.
No leftist would do that.
People say, oh, big deal.
Because they're servants to them.
They don't care they're beneath them.
That's beneath Hillary Clinton.
Again, the spell is that humans suck.
We're in a post-human world.
Trump is involved in a ritual telling people they have power.
You understand?
It's not just about him showing them he cares and him shaking their hand.
He wants to show them they're what's important.
Which is a globalist tell us we're not important.
Joe Biggs is our guest.
More calls with Lee, Joey, Joey, Thad, Mike and others with Joe Biggs straight ahead.
And then the big interview.
Stay with us.
What it really is, Alex, is I'm getting sick and tired of liberals with their arguments trying to push absolute untruths and illogical conclusions and think that we're just going to have to believe them because they resort to emotional appeals to try to make everyone feel uncomfortable.
That's what they try to do.
Resort to emotional appeals so that people feel uncomfortable.
They can shut down dialogue and then we can't reach the factual, logical conclusion that they're wrong.
You know what the best way to refute liberal arguments is?
You just go out there and you put a microphone in front of their face and you let them speak.
And ask them to essentially tell you why they support what they support and you will just get a bunch of jibber jabber, cussing, yelling.
You've been interviewing people six, seven years, but intensely the last four.
Obviously, it's getting more extreme.
How would you describe the tenor in the last few years?
There's definitely an uptick in violence and hostility, and it's not just InfoWars, because I've seen other journalists out there, Breitbart, other media companies, get the same vitriol.
It's an uptick in violence from the left because they are realizing that all these beliefs that they've held and been brainwashed with, that it's no longer going to be their reality because people are waking up.
People are getting red-pilled and they're seeing the truth for what it is and they're panicking because these are your lemmings that want to run off the side of a cliff.
And they'll take humanity with them if we let them.
And that's why no more silence from conservatives.
I ask you, I beg you, conservatives, please do something because these lemmings want to take us off the side of the cliff with them.
Because that's where they're headed.
They want to destroy humanity.
They want our little children, our little boys to be turned into drag queens.
They want our babies aborted and killed.
And they think nothing's wrong with that.
This is where we're heading, Alex.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
I hear people talking right about the way we have to live here in this country.
And I don't mind them.
They leave.
Running down.
Joe Biggs is our guest.
Great patriot.
Want to get him back routinely.
All these great guests we've got to get on.
Taking a few calls here.
Lee in Florida, then Thad in Texas.
Lee, you're on the air with a fellow Floridian, Joe Biggs.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
I think, you know, just going into what you were saying about, you know, how he's doing a lot for the country.
Trump is, but his biggest adversary is Jared Kushter.
You know, he's definitely in with the elitist, and he's one of the people who's taking papers off of his desk.
I mean, the proof is in the pudding.
I mean, President, he's pro-5G, he's pro-vaccine, he knows that the caravans are funded by source NGOs, and he won't move it, move to stop it, and get tough with the UN.
Now, I agree there's a lot of things Trump should do, and I'm not in some defense of Jared Kushner, but what is the proof that Jared Kushner's taking stuff off his desk?
I thought that was General Kelly, and Kelly didn't like Kushner.
Well, there's no proof that he's taking papers off of his desk, but it's not untrue that he is business partners with George Soros and his Real Estate Trust?
What is that thing called?
Well, I mean, I mean, here's the thing.
George Soros is one of the biggest real estate owners in the world.
And so the fact that I looked at that like one little property, George Soros is in hedge funds and stuff.
So obviously there's something there.
I'm not even here defending Jerry Kushner.
I'm just behind Trump.
And I like what Trump's doing.
And I'm absolutely saying expose the vaccines.
And Trump's going to get around to that, I think.
But I mean, I think what you're saying is, you know, legitimate.
You're a listener.
You've got a point to make.
And I appreciate
What you're saying, Lee, you were talking about antitrust won't see the day of light?
I don't think so, because the EU, which is really a revitalization of the Holy Roman Empire, they know that the future will be fought not only in a kinetic war here on land, but also online.
Alright, listen, I appreciate your call.
Here's the deal.
The freak out about Trump is real.
He's really doing things.
And we've pushed it to this point.
I've written reports to the President.
I'm not bragging.
A week later, he's quoting on TV.
We have footnotes and everything.
I have law firms do this.
I come up with the ideas, but law firms check it, and then we put it to the President.
I think you've seen real fights against the globals.
This is a real trade war.
These are real things that get us out of Syria.
Joe Biggs?
Oh yeah, I agree with you completely.
I mean, it's... Look, there's gonna be people around Trump that, you know, are gonna have not the country's best interests.
Some people, they're gonna be more loyal to... I can't even run my office right and I got great crew.
Can you imagine having 10,000 employees like Trump?
I know, I mean, it's...
It's amazing that this man gets anything done.
And the fact that he keeps taking hits and he keeps on going and he stays focused.
And that's one of those things that's really difficult as a human being because we all make mistakes.
We all get knocked off track and it's easy to kind of get down and bogged down when everything around you is so negative.
But this man can stay laser focused.
And kind of stay right on track with all this going on around him, not even knowing who he can trust to the left and right of him sometimes.
I mean, that's got to be... Well, he knows he can trust us, because I'm not tooting my horn, but we have U.S.
intelligence, and they said this isn't a secret.
When they call up, we write a report, we send it to Trump, they check it, they go.
I mean, and it's not like they're patting us on the head.
They really know we're out here as HUMET for the president, human intelligence.
I've got buddies who work Secret Service for him and who work for Pompeo and things like that.
I mean, they say that he is one of the greatest guys they've ever had the pleasure of working with.
Anyone who's ever been around this guy, like, especially from that aspect, said it's a complete and total joy, their job now.
Compared to Hillary that tells veterans they're pieces of filth.
Yeah, they hate dogs and stuff like that and get them out of here.
All right, I apologize to the other callers.
I promise you, call me back tomorrow to go to the head of the line.
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Coming up, Bob Barnes in studio with the next level of the attack.
I don't know if you were happy that day, but I read on your Facebook page you were getting a vaccination, you were singing.
A PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent recently admitted during a conference that babies are only given shots up to age one in order to train the parents to get their children into the medical system, that the vaccines are completely worthless.
The notion that babies are being injected with vaccines in the first year of their life simply in order to brainwash parents into feeding their children into the medical system is an extremely disturbing premise.
Hey, how would you like to take InfoWars with you wherever you go?
Well now, you can do just that with the new Official!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
You know, my spirit animal is Bob Barnes.
I thought it was Brisket, but... Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, we've got huge breaking news today.
And it's not breaking news to you, because we don't just say we have sources, we don't just say we have our ear to the ground.
As a powerful audience of activists who are in the arena,
We point things out.
It's not like Oprah Winfrey's secret, where it just magically happens in the ether.
You take action.
You call Congress.
You call talk radio.
You write letters.
We have expert lawyers on.
We have experts from intelligence on.
We have experts in finance and academia on.
And we come to a consensus about the historic constitutional way to deal with the type of big monopoly systems we're facing.
We've been through this before.
It's not America's first rodeo.
And so just as I told you a month ago, Trump's not just going after Apple, or Google, or Facebook.
He's going after them all.
Well, over the weekend they said it was going to be Google.
You notice our headlines is, he's going after Google, Apple, and Facebook bare minimum.
Now you can say, why aren't they going after Amazon?
Well, Amazon's done some monopolistic practices.
Let's not lie to each other, and I don't like them.
I've been a big critic.
But they're not in bed with the Chai-coms, and they're not giving missile seekers to the Chinese, and they're not giving AI to the Chinese.
Bezos is big enemies with the Chinese and Alibaba.
You'd think these other guys, if they wanted to run a monopoly, would be a little smarter when their home base is here.
So Robert Barnes was on with us yesterday.
He's about to leave town today.
And he laid all of this out.
He said, watch, it's going to be Apple next.
Paint wasn't dry on this.
The ink wasn't dry on this.
Here's CNBC.
Here's Reuters.
Exclusive U.S.S.
Department considering Apple probe, which means they're preparing the Apple probe.
The U.S.S.
Department has jurisdiction for a potential probe of Apple Inc.
as part of a broader review of whether technology giants are using their size to act in an anti-competitive manner, two sources told.
Reuters, the Supreme Court already ruled a month ago on this, opening the door.
So let's start with this first.
Your sources, you've been up to see a pack of other events, said this was coming.
Now it's coming.
What does this signify?
I mean, I think it's fair to say the real headline is here.
The executive branch is opening a probe of Apple because that's what it means to say considering a probe.
It's a legal war.
What happened is these big tech giants decided to take their monopoly that was more of a natural monopoly in the technology sphere and make it a monopoly over other things.
Speech, advertising, press, what you could say, what you could think, what you could do.
Getting involved in surveillance that was beyond the scope of what anyone believed or assumed to be the case.
Getting involved in invading privacy.
Monetizing people's personal information.
If they simply would have stayed out of using their platform control as leverage to try to monopolize the public square of speech, thought, and ideas and press, they wouldn't be here.
That's what other commentators are saying all across the globe.
They're saying this happened because these particular, you know, why is something happening with Apple and Google and Facebook but not Amazon?
Because Apple, because Amazon has not been using its book access and its book monopoly
To decide what you can speak, what you can say, what you can hear, what you can share, what you can discuss, what you can debate.
Amazon chose not to do that.
Apple did.
Apple chose to use its iTunes to discriminate against Gab in favor of Twitter.
Apple used its iTunes access to decide which podcasts you could hear, which podcasts were listed, which podcasts were accessible when you searched.
Google decided to do the same thing with its YouTube control.
Facebook decided to do the same thing by banning even people saying the words Alex Jones in a favorable light, InfoWars in a favorable light, and completely de-platforming Paul Joseph Watson entirely from Facebook and Instagram.
Those actions is what led to this day.
It's what led to them.
And now once the doors are open, there ain't no closing them.
So unless they decide to completely retract from these spaces and decide they're not going to try to monopolize the public square, they're not going to try to discriminate against people based on viewpoint, they're not going to try to de-platform independent members of the press that question institutional narratives, then until they do that, they're going to be subject to meaningful scrutiny and investigation and inquiry, which will reveal their monopolistic practices were even worse than what got Microsoft into trouble in the 1990s, and it's very easy... Oh, way worse!
We're having a monopoly over an operating system.
This is a monopoly down to what you can say and what you can do and tracking what you do over it and then working with the chi-coms again.
That killed five times what Hitler did.
I mean, this is the most evil regime the planet's ever seen.
It's got tentacles into our lives.
And I think that's what really jumped the shark.
I mean, I agree the president took action when they banned Paul Watts and myself from saying our names in a favorable light.
That was next level when they admitted they were doing it.
When they'd already denied it to the White House.
But when last year they told Google, Apple did, we're not helping you with AI, we're moving to China.
And Apple said, we're not working with you either.
We're moving to China to be tax exempt.
When the point that our taxpayers, our consumers, our DARPA technology, make no mistake, created the seed money for Microsoft, it's declassified.
The seed money for Apple, the seed money for Google, and they're supposed to be subsidiaries that, just like the Internet we invented, was supposed to be for freedom globally.
Well, they are using that as a weapon now, show the social contract between the
Pentagon and the American government is broken.
And they thought, oh, we've got Obama, we've got Hillary, she's going to get in.
We can continue the transfer to China and finishing America off.
Well, guess what?
The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
It didn't work that way.
So in the middle of your big Shanghai scam, bushwhacking us, kidnapping our technology, in the middle of the gang rape, America woke up on the table.
And you may have a mile of gremlins, you know, behind us, lined up, giving it to us in the keister.
It doesn't matter.
We're awake now.
And there's no putting that giant back to sleep again.
Oh, precisely.
And that's what's happened across the board.
So what this was, was you had Mueller try to take his little shot last week.
Barr responded by doing the CBS interview.
And it's not a coincidence.
It's the timing.
The timing is connected to China.
The timing is connected to the censorship.
As Barr says, I know where to
Your command and control system is what we built that you've hijacked.
It's a strike.
Guess what?
We're taking it back.
As someone told me that worked with Barr back during the 70s, said that the most important thing to know about Barr is he's actually seen deep state operatives taken out.
Because he saw the success of the MK Ultra exposure, the assassination committee, all the Frank Church committee hearings that exposed all that.
We didn't know about COINTELPRO until then.
We didn't know about the scope of what Hoover was doing until then.
And it shows the arrogance.
of Google and Apple and Facebook that just because they're spying on everybody and just because they have this omnipresence that we don't have SWAT teams that'll go grab them.
I mean, they don't get it still.
Humans still run the planet.
Needle dick.
And I'm sorry to use that type of term, but that's what it is.
They still don't get you're not gonna rake us up and down the coals because you've got a Sundar Pichai and we won't arrest a guy with brown skin.
Because let me tell you, the intel I got is from meetings with Trump
That folks have had is that Trump's saying, why are they in bed with China?
Why are they giving them all our technology?
That's espionage.
They should be arrested.
And you know what?
People are going, yeah, actually, that's right.
They've gotten so far out of bounds that they've run a trillion miles.
Well, just because a fish runs out 300 yards a line doesn't mean that hook still ain't in their mouth.
And so I'm not predicting.
I'm saying it's in the cards for espionage indictments for Google and Apple executives.
I know that's being looked at right now.
That's the clearest way.
Let's not even deal with antitrust all this.
Let's just arrest their asses.
They gang-raped this country with the chai-coms.
They're the real enemy.
Well, they committed real crimes.
I mean, clearly they committed real crimes in the antitrust context.
Clearly they committed real crimes in the perjury context.
I mean, they went up in front of Congress and lied left and right, and their actions over the last 60 days confirm the scope and severity and seriousness of those lies.
And those lies were not only to suppress speech and to dictate what press could speak in America, but it was to meddle in the elections in the 2020 elections so they could dictate and determine the outcome for a pro-China president to get elected against President Trump that would undermine speech press in the United States and impose a Chinese social credit model type system on the United States social media using private ownership to do it.
Let's be clear here.
I'm not an authoritarian.
I'm Mr. Libertarian.
When big tech that's bigger than most governments with trillions of dollars colludes with media, colludes with universities, colludes with banks, colludes with the chi-coms, again, who are the heavyweight champions of the world at killing their own people, and the EU and Hollywood to demoralize us, and they get caught.
They're going to be held accountable.
So they want to end our speech, arrest us, take our bank accounts away.
Well then, it's war.
And we're not going to do the kind of stuff leftists do, like Antifa, beating folks up.
We're not violent that way.
We're just going to take the government back, and then we're going to take your companies away from you, and the infrastructure, and turn it back over to the people, and America, and the industry.
And if you get in the way of that, and keep trying to cut off the CHICOMs, well you know what else is going to happen.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones.
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What it really is, Alex, is I'm getting sick and tired of liberals with their arguments trying to push absolute untruths and illogical conclusions and think that we're just gonna have to believe them because they resort to emotional appeals to try to make everyone feel uncomfortable.
That's what they try to do.
Resort to emotional appeals so that people feel uncomfortable.
They can shut down dialogue, and then we can't reach the factual, logical conclusion that they're wrong.
You know what the best way to refute liberal arguments is?
You just go out there, and you put a microphone in front of their face, and you let them speak.
And ask them to essentially tell you why they support what they support, and you will just get a bunch of jibber-jabber, cussing, yelling.
You've been interviewing people six, seven years, but it tends to last four.
Obviously it's getting more extreme.
How would you describe the tenor in the last few years?
There's definitely an uptick in violence and hostility and it's not just InfoWars because I've seen other journalists out there, Breitbart, other media companies, get the same vitriol.
It's an uptick in violence from the left because they are realizing that all these beliefs that they've held and been brainwashed with, that it's no longer going to be their reality because people are waking up.
People are getting red-pilled and they're seeing the truth for what it is and they're panicking because these are your lemmings that want to run off the side of a cliff.
And they'll take humanity with them if we let them.
And that's why no more silence from conservatives.
I ask you, I beg you, conservatives, please do something because these lemmings want to take us off the side of the cliff with them.
Because that's where they're headed.
They want to destroy humanity.
They want our little children, our little boys to be turned into drag queens.
They want our babies aborted and killed.
And they think nothing's wrong with that.
This is where we're heading, Alex.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
Central, it is the vaunted Infowar.
to 3 p.m.
The spirit of 1776 lives here and is being exported worldwide.
Bob Barnes, constitutional lawyer, super successful winning rate on all sorts of cases, civil rights, you name it.
Dulled into both the Democrat and Republican system.
I just want to
Before we get back in the news here, just take a breath, which I never do, and sit back and just ponder.
Yeah, a lot of us have been beat up and slapped around, and some of it hasn't been fun.
But we didn't do this to be a bunch of candy asses that just care about our fancy car and, you know, how great shape we're in, and we're just avoiding conflict.
I'm not looking for conflict, but if I need to have it for the right thing to happen,
Then I do love it.
It's kind of that alchemy of, I'm looking for a fight, but as soon as fish start flying, man, I'm like a pig and you know what?
So, we're here, right now, with the border trying to be collapsed, with the Federal Reserve that's private trying to implode the economy, with foreign governments literally attacking us on every front, with Communist China saying they're at war against us, shooting at our ships, with Hollywood, the left, trying to undermine the country, saying it sucks.
We're in a war.
When people look back, folks, this is a new world war.
It's a 21st century war.
And it's even being called that now.
And so it's not that Trump's perfect, or Infowars is perfect, or that Bob Barnes is perfect, or that Bill Barr is perfect.
It's that we don't want civil war, we don't want physical World War III, and we just want to stabilize and have a good society and a system.
And we believe in free speech.
And to see the other news we're going to cover next segment with pedophiles that Mueller's been protecting, that we talked about being busted, indicted today.
We told you this was coming.
But getting back to the Justice Department,
Preparing for antitrust action against Apple when they are one of the most guilty groups out there.
Probably even more guilty than Google.
You can correct me if you think I'm wrong.
And our own antitrust actions we've been preparing just shows us the perfect season for all this.
We can't get to that yet.
Just how big this is because I remember I sent you a story about it three weeks ago and I covered it here on Aram.
Leftist slash neocon establishment publication, Atlantic Monthly, that kind of exists just to communicate with the establishment.
It's an insider publication.
You know, just, it had this neocon in there saying, oh don't worry, Trump will never actually go after any big tech.
It's all talk, he's a joke.
Well I made sure that got sent to the White House.
And by the way, a day later they changed the headline.
And I'm sure others sent it to the White House.
Because they're all telling Trump they're not doing it, and these articles they admit they're doing it.
So, I want folks to know, if you're not thanking God, and sweet little baby Jesus, for what's happening, you better at least thank your lucky stars, because
If Hillary was in, and I'll get your take on this in a moment, how bad would it be now?
There wouldn't be any antitrust.
That's why they were so cocksure.
We'll talk about if Hillary got in next segment, but Bob, we don't have committee meetings.
We don't agree with each other before.
We go on air together, so I don't know what your view overall is on this, but how do you quantify this epic moment we're in and what Trump's doing?
This is exactly what he had to do, and their stocks are plunging hundreds of billions as we speak.
But, you know, if they want to wreck our freedom and keep us captive, then, you know, it's a war.
Which we don't want.
They're gonna get it.
And the left keeps saying, hey, this could hurt the economy.
They tell Barb, or Burr, Bill Burr, you know, you could get hurt in this.
He's like, oh, that's fine.
We all die.
So this is a time of real conflict?
Well, this is a crossroads that was going to determine whether we went down the Chinese social credit model system of a sort of corporatist, statist approach, which controls thought, controls ideas, controls speech, controls press, dictates what people can believe, surveils them, invades their privacy routinely and regularly.
Whether that's the model of a society we're going to live in, in a digital age, in which the digital public square is the public square.
The digital space is where most people spend their time and live their lives.
I just talked for three minutes and I was going to give you four, but I've got to stop you because what you're saying is so epic.
I just want to say I want to just stop at this moment of history.
We're at a fork road.
We're at a crossroads and Trump and America and the world are starting to take the right turn.
This is really wonderful is what I'm saying.
Thank God!
It was fundamental.
It was critical.
It was defining.
We were already on that other wrong path and we would have stayed on that path unless the president took dramatic action.
And there's been calls.
If we go back to the... Exactly.
Dramatic attacks means dramatic action.
It's what we were talking about about a month or two months ago when we had the emergency broadcast after the payday went in.
Message to the President.
The message was use the FTC.
Use the FCC.