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Name: 20190531_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 31, 2019
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, the host discusses recent bannings on Facebook of prominent conspiracy theorists and alt-right figures as a part of a rollout for complete censorship. He emphasizes fighting against globalism and defending freedoms while discussing the collapse of blue cities due to leftist policies. The show covers various products available at InfowarsLife.com, including supplements for oral health, immune system support, and an all-new preglanone product that provides a natural caffeine boost in addition to supporting heart and brain health. Topics include Trump's coverage compared to his family, potential threats to him in the upcoming election, social media censorship and free speech, Jared Kushner's role in Trump's administration, Sandy Hook political lawsuits, and discussions on Alaska's potential resources, environmental protection, and overcoming special interests. The show promotes various health supplements like Alpha Power for boosting energy and mood, Heart and Body Extract to fight heart disease naturally, and InfoWars Life products for supporting free speech networks like Infowars.

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May 31st, 2019.
Already almost halfway into 2019.
Incredible how time is accelerating.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here for the next four hours.
We have Robert Barnes, who's a great lawyer and really a great talk show host, in studio with us for the second two hours.
And I will open the phones up on a host of issues when he's in studio with us.
I didn't do it yesterday.
I will do it today.
There is so much insane news that I've got to cover it all.
And there's a bunch of news I didn't get to from yesterday that I want to try to cram in.
So it's going to be a full broadcast here.
Every blue city in the country is not just collapsing into typhoid and leprosy and drug-resistant TB and literally hundreds of other diseases.
They're collapsing into homelessness, drug abuse, needles, with a cherry on top of men dressed as women running around at public events with small children.
That's the cherry on top.
Was Sodom and Gomorrah real in the Bible?
Archaeologists think so.
The Old Testament.
But Sodom and Gomorrah is real today.
I've got articles about blue cities.
Where they go into the abortion clinics and there's just rotting babies and body parts and blood and rats and cockroaches everywhere.
I mean, you couldn't run a hot dog stand and have it one-tenth as dirty, but because they're killing babies and it's such a royal right, well then, you know, you can get the woman infected and kill her too!
It's just insane asylum level.
But I want to play this piece again.
It's so important and I'll have it reposted in fullwords.com, the front page that the crew put together because it boils down to insanity and the foaming at the mouth of the left.
And when we come back, I'll give you the title of the video, but I'm going to repost it in fullwords.com.
And it just goes with the famous song.
They're coming to take me away.
Ha ha hoo hee.
Here it is.
This broadcast contains subject matter that may offend liberal snowflakes.
I don't give you permission to record me!
You're on live right now!
I don't give you permission!
Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to leave because I go berserk?
Well, you left me anyhow and then the days got worse and worse and now you see I've gone completely out of my mind!
They're coming to take me away, ha-ha!
They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, he-he, ha-ha!
To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time!
And I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats, and they're coming to take me away, ha-ha!
You thought it was a joke and so you laughed.
You laughed when I had said that losing you would make me flip my lid.
You know you laughed.
I heard you laugh.
You laughed.
You laughed and laughed and then you left.
But now you know I'm utterly mad.
They're coming to take me away, ha-ha!
They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, he-he, ha-ha!
To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers who sit and smile and swivel their thumbs and toes and they're coming to take me away, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
I'm gonna grow a magnificent pair of breasts!
I clutched your food, I cleaned your house and this is how you pay me back for all my kind, unselfish, loving deeds!
Well, you just wait, they'll find you yet, and when they do, they'll put you in the ASPCA, you mangy mutt!
They're coming to take me away, ha ha ha, they're coming to take me away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats, and they're coming to take me away, ha ha!
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Sometimes grown-ups touch kids in ways they don't like.
I was wrestling with my uncle, and it changed.
It felt icky.
When touching feels funny, it's hard to know what to do.
He said I shouldn't tell anyone.
If that ever happens to you, say no.
Then go!
And tell someone you trust!
Say no!
Then go!
And tell!
A message from the American Medical Association.
I'll bet you're as bright as you're gonna be.
What's your favorite subject?
Whoa, I better be more circumspect in my answer.
Those guys back there.
Go ahead, the next question.
And by the way, that's one of the things that's a dangerous idea.
You know, as these guys will tell you, I'm not always their favorite subject.
But the truth of the matter is, the reason we are who we are is called a free press.
Continued as denizens.
Out of Silicon Valley, Facebook has banned a number of prominent conspiracy theorists and alt-right figures.
Facebook is purging several high-profile names from its platform.
This may be one of the biggest and most impactful decisions Facebook has ever made.
Facebook taking steps to enforce its hate speech policies.
Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Louis Farrakhan, Laura Loomer, all of them were designated dangerous.
Dangerous individuals.
Dangerous individuals.
Dangerous individuals and organizations.
Basically they've deemed these individuals to be dangerous.
They call me dangerous.
Danger is my middle name.
Dangerous like hurting other people?
Or dangerous as in saying things that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like?
This is about the total rollout for complete and total censorship.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
What is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
InfoWars tells viewers that the world is out to get them.
None of this seems to repel President Trump.
InfoWars content is useful to him.
InfoWars personalities align with him.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down!
I want them silenced!
I want them muted!
Because these corporations are controlled by a liberal few.
We're very focused on making sure that our recommendations and discovery surfaces aren't highlighting groups where people are repeatedly sharing misinformation or harmful content.
And we're working hard to completely remove groups if they exist, primarily to violate our policies or do things that are dangerous.
Screw your rules.
Your rules go against our values, and they are patently un-American.
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions.
He's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
We need a digital Bill of Rights.
They're becoming the public square, and they control how we interact with each other.
And if you think that you are going to throw up your hands and say, well, they're private companies, you are absolutely insane, and you are part of the problem.
You are a bad person.
You should be censored off the internet.
Bad, yes.
Get out of here, Alex!
InfoWars might have been banned from Twitter, but it seems to have found a new home over at Trump's Twitter feed.
President Trump's furious reaction to Facebook's action showcases that he is, I'm sorry to say, the InfoWars president.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
How dangerous is America?
How dangerous is freedom?
How dangerous is free speech?
Well, it's dangerous to tyrants.
Yeah, they say that Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Chris Christopherson, and Johnny Cash were outlaw country music because they bucked Nashville.
Why, they claim rock stars.
Outlaw, because they got pyrotechnics at their concerts.
But how outlaw is it when all you're doing is supporting your country, your republic, your freedoms against classical tyranny, and then in your own land, you're hunted, you're lied about, you're assaulted, you're demonized.
I'm not a victim.
I'm a target because I'm effective just like all of you are out there.
And we're not laying down without a fight with the globalists.
We're taking it to them with everything we've got.
Let me tell you what's coming up today.
A bunch of really important clips and yesterday's clips that I didn't get to.
And then the huge news.
Dealing with the collapse of blue cities, not just here, but all over the world, leftist and communist cities are descending into nightmare hell pits.
And it's reaching crisis proportion on the fetid, leftist-controlled West Coast.
Separately, even liberal publications are reporting exactly what we broke six years ago.
universities and retirees are funding the technology behind China's surveillance state.
What did I tell Sundar Pichai, the head of Google, six months ago to his face in Congress?
In hearings, talking about me, lying about me.
I didn't get to be in the hearing.
I didn't get to... I've sat in the hearing.
I didn't get to be questioned.
I didn't get to respond.
I just got lied about.
They've never done that in Congress until now.
And I said, you're working with China, not just on Dragonfly, but other systems of surveillance and control, and you're exporting it back to the U.S.
That, of course, was already known then.
Now it's all confirmed.
That's a huge story.
Then you've got all the leftist brainwashing.
That's going on at lightning speed.
If you look at what they did in Zimbabwe and South Africa, they would have reconciliation commissions where whites had to come in and say that they were bad people.
Well, now that's being set up on universities here.
And it's being exported into corporations and into government.
Where you go into the meetings and you're told you're a horrible person and you agree that you're a horrible person.
And that's why you see Joe Biden and Eric Swallowswell and Beto O'Rourke saying it's bad to be white.
I apologize for being white.
I'm a bad person.
That's all coming up at the bottom of the hour.
We're going to play some of those clips and then get into this.
Group invites white women to voluntarily attend race-shaming dinners.
That's up on newswars.com.
Wrong on so many fronts.
This is creating race war, creating division, creating mental illness.
And where these leftist brainwashed universities, no matter what color they are, they can only identify with things through color.
And so, we not grow yucca in New York?
That's not how Cortez used to talk.
But whenever she's talking to a group of black folks, she puts on a weird urban accent.
And then when she's in front of a group of Hispanics, she starts going, like Rick Perry does when he speaks to a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
He stops talking like Rick Perry.
He starts going, how you do?
Very condescending.
But that's what leftists do, especially.
They're famous for it.
Remember Hillary?
Gets up in front of people in Kentucky and she goes, how you doing today?
Talking like granny about possum getting cooked up in the oven.
Possum pie!
And people thought it was satire when her defender went on Fox News and said, no, not only is cauliflower evil, corn is bad because it comes from Europe.
Doesn't come from Europe, but so what if it did?
This is the territorializing of everything by the left, where they're staking everything out and calling it racist.
Martin Luther King is being removed all over the United States ecologists, because he wasn't leftist enough.
You understand?
He's the old face.
So all the old FBI stuff's now being trotted out with no evidence against King because King's now going to be incinerated and removed because he said don't judge people by what color they are but how they live and what they do and what they produce.
Judge a tree by its fruits.
He wasn't the first person to say 2 plus 2 equals 4.
We're going to get into all of that.
But the first thing we're going to hit
When we come back, is medieval diseases are infecting California's homeless, now spreading to local citizens, school children, and police officers.
California, the land of infectious disease, and it's not because of people being under vaccinated.
It's the folks that have been vaccinated, the studies show, that are actually getting the sickest.
Yeah, it removes your immune system.
Dr. Drew says LA Public Health is a complete breakdown.
No city on earth tolerates this.
LAPD employee contracts typhoid.
And it just gets worse.
Seattle is dying.
Portland is dying.
And the left is celebrating.
I can play newscast where they celebrate men with jobs pooping on the street.
And they've got liberal women going, it's Portland, do it!
This is the mental illness.
This is the demonic horde.
You go to a leptis event, this is who they are.
It's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
We must expose it to stop it.
Trump's upcoming trip to the UK and so much more.
Jerry Kushner at the Bilderberg meeting.
What's my take on that?
Last segment of the hour, I'm going to detail my view on it and so much more.
Whatever you do, tell whoever you're around how they can tune in.
Your word of mouth is absolutely critical to winning this war.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are only here because you support us and I thank you and I appreciate you and I salute you.
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What you have witnessed is the biggest development in free speech in the Western world's history.
This is a digital, AI-enforced gag order.
Not to say the name Alex Jones or InfoWars.com.
This is Nazi Germany level.
This is racketeering.
This is cartels.
Mr. President, we need your help.
We need it now.
You can take on Big Tech.
They saw Infowars as a dominant, independent, anti-war, pro-human, pro-sovereign, pro-family, populist organization.
So they thought, first they come for Alex Jones.
Then, when people say, okay, take him off the air, everyone else, like Domino's, would fall.
The way to fight back
It's to support InfoWars now more than ever and make it a standard of freedom and free speech.
Understand that they believe they can take us down, they'll take everybody else down.
They've not shut down our speech!
We're at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and we're defeating the leftist tyrants!
I got mobbed on the streets by fans, but almost all of them said, we used to love you on air, it was so good to see you on the iTunes or on YouTube.
Are you coming back?
We're at InfoWars.com.
We're at Newshorse.com.
Paul Watson's launched his own Summit.news.
We have our own videos, we have our own articles.
They're trying to destroy us, but thanks to you and others having us on, InfoWars are still chugging along.
So we're there, folks, tomorrow's news, today.
Don't tell me!
InfoWars.com, because that's a bunch of people out here.
I'm talking about InfoWars.com.
I'm at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We knew this censorship was coming forever.
We have our own video streams, our own audio streams, and it's all free to air.
Anybody can use it, re-upload it, do whatever you want.
People go to InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
That's where they find it.
You know, there's things called websites.
Let's go there.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You walk into this room at your own risk, because it leads to the future.
Not a future that will be, but one that might be.
This is not a new world.
It is simply an extension of what began in the old one.
It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time.
It has refinements, technological advances and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom.
But like every one of the super states that preceded it, it has one iron rule.
Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.
This is Mr. Romney Wordsworth.
In his last 48 hours on Earth, he's a citizen of the state, but will soon have to be eliminated.
Because he's built out of flesh, and because he has a mind.
Mr. Romney Wordsworth, who will draw his last breaths in the Twilight Zone.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
We couldn't do it without you, the viewers and listeners, station managers and owners, and this incredible crew that stands in defiance of the globalist censorship and tyranny, and stands between the globalists and all of us.
This crew, this audience, this operation, our transmission, is dead on, vaporizing the enemy with truth, and they can't stand it.
This transmission is a wartime broadcast, organically produced by the people of the United States and Texas, in direct resistance against the global government, corporate, post-human dehumanization, silicon, AI, world government takeover, technocracy.
That's in their words.
We are countering them, ladies and gentlemen.
It's in the WikiLeaks, it's in their own statements, it's in CIA declassifications, a Ford Foundation leftist inside the CIA, not the whole CIA.
That's critical to understand.
That they want to dehumanize, they want to make you desperate, they want to break up your family, they want to have ugly architecture, they want to destroy language, they want to destroy communication, because an informed, upwardly mobile population stands in the way of the globalists.
I went and saw Godzilla last night, and for a cheesy Godzilla movie, it's the best Godzilla movie I ever saw.
Spoiler alert, because of the plot.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
That's what you're going to be watching.
Environmental terrorist, 12 monkeys type, want to release
These dormant titans to destroy humans and save the Earth.
It's incredible.
And the environmental terrorists want to release radiation that'll kill humans, but they believe re-green the Earth, which is something that modern leftists now say, oh, we didn't like nuclear power before, but now we're for it because it'll kill humans.
That's main line top leftists.
So when you go see this, ladies and gentlemen, you are literally being prepared and programmed for mass bioweapon plagues, collapse of civilization, you name it, and that you deserve it, and it's the right thing to do, because there was an ancient Atlantean civilization that was also destroyed because it got out of balance.
And so aliens attacked the Earth,
To wipe out humanity.
But then Godzilla, this archetype of the Earth, of the Earth Spirit, stood up and resisted it.
But Godzilla might have to come back and kill the humans, they tell you at the end of the movie.
Now, why is this in all the movies?
This is when you see Endgame, but still for free on YouTube.
They haven't taken it down off a fan channel we let post it years ago, 12 years ago.
It's been taken on everywhere else.
It had like 80 million views on Google Video.
They took that down years ago.
They just made it defunct.
It just went away.
But it's there.
This won't be Godzilla.
This won't be fiction.
This will be globalists, their quotes, their statements of how they're planning all this.
Now, why am I getting into that right now?
When you see
Every major European city collapsing under hundreds of thousands of North Africans and Islamists out of the Middle East, and feces everywhere, and rape everywhere, and when you see families thrown out of their houses to put the invaders in, and when you see all the major leftist cities of the world filled with knife attacks, acid attacks, piles of feces, piles of garbage, rats everywhere,
That is an admitted plan.
They set up the parameters of the system for collapse.
They're breaking our borders, our courts.
They're bankrupting the social safety net because the globalists are at war with equally distributed civilization.
And by equally distributed civilization, open, free civilization, egalitarian, truly liberal, classical in nature, renaissance.
The EU was shut up to destroy the nation-states of Europe.
They bragged about it.
To put them in debt, suck them dry and bloat them, bring down Europe's borders.
Flood them.
North American Union was set up for that.
All of these things are set up to wage war against independent groups and consolidate power in vertical integration.
Now, when I use words like vertical integration, that's an establishment term.
When I use terms like technocracy, that's what they call themselves.
It's technocrats running a technocracy.
Go look it up.
From Davos, to Bloomberg, to the Rockefellers, to the shy cops.
A computer-run dictatorship with them programming it.
You're in 2019, folks.
You're about to be in 2020.
You're not in Kansas anymore.
This is their plan.
Break up your family.
Bankrupt you.
Make sure you don't have a job.
Make sure that you're on welfare so they can control and dictate your life.
When we come back, I'll play these newscast clips.
Where even the left is saying, what have we done?
It's a living hell.
That's the plan.
All over the world, you'll have mountains and plenty of rain for the farmers, like they have in Southern Oregon, Northern California.
But for a decade plus, bullshit it too, they turned all the water off, even though there was huge mountain lakes full of water, that were built, artificial lakes, reservoirs,
To create farming belts in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.
It stopped.
They then said because of a fish that's invasive, not even the law, you can't have water for a decade and drove everyone out.
Now they're buying it up for nothing.
Then they'll turn the water back on.
This is the plan.
And when you start thinking like a globalist, you'll understand their larger operation, and then you'll have a chance of stopping them.
But their plan is deindustrialization for you, then they siphon all the technology and money into their system, the breakaway civilization, the opposite of an equally distributed civilization.
The essence of elitism.
This isn't a game.
And I've asked for your help over the years, and if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here.
And we have withstood the storm together.
But we are finally going to launch more shows.
We are hiring more reporters with just the belief and the faith that the money will come in to expand in the face of the globalists because they want us shut down ahead of 2020.
And that's only six months away.
Can you believe it?
The year 2020 is only six and a half months away.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the eye of the storm right now.
When we come out of the eye, it is going to be 200 mile an hour winds for everybody.
CNN's collapsing, shutting down.
All the other leftist publications, Huffington Post, you name it, they're all circling the toilet bowl.
They all lose money.
Vice has lost $5 billion for Disney.
$5 billion shoveling videos of how the dictator of China is good and Trump is bad.
Shoveling videos how I'm evil and Trump's evil and how Christians suck and how Jesus sucks.
They're rejected billions into vice, and they can't even stand up to InfoWars.
They don't have the footprint or the result because people know lies when they see it.
It costs $450 million a year to run BuzzFeed, and they've got to get over $100 million from Soros, and they still lose money.
We don't get anything from Soros.
We don't get anything from anybody but you.
And we need $40 million a year to run this place, and defeat the globalists, and pay for the bandwidth, and pay for the audio, and pay for the crew, and do it.
Sounds like a lot.
In media, it's not.
It's truly David versus Goliath.
The New York Times cost $500 million a year to run.
They're losing money.
Owned by kingpins and drug dealers and a coalition of the Legion of Doom.
We're funded by you.
And so, for the hardcore audience that's tuned in on Memorial Day,
You've seen the fruits.
You've seen our steadfastness.
You've seen our commitment to the Republic.
Our commitment to the free market.
Our commitment to religious freedom.
Our commitment to the West.
And our commitment to not back down.
And it's that spirit of not backing down the enemy hates.
But I need viewers and listeners to understand something.
That when you buy from us, you're funding individuals totally and completely, absolutely, a trillion percent, committed, committed, committed to exposing these rats.
And we're having huge victories, but the enemy's fighting for its life right now.
And the enemy is pouring billions a month into their fake news.
We're not funded by George Soros.
We're not funded by the New World Order.
We're funded by you, the listeners, and we're very, very respectful and very, very thankful.
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I want more reporters.
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I thank you.
I salute you.
And I thank this amazing crew.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
We're good.
So we can joke around about, oh, you know, Godzilla movie, there's a secret world government system, and people hijacked the world government system.
To release a bioweapon upon the earth to kill all the humans.
The bioweapons happen to be a thousand feet tall.
But they're biological weapons.
And they say to cleanse the earth of the evil humans.
And this is all part of the idea that humans are inherently bad.
In every case, and so getting rid of us is a good thing.
We suck.
We're ugly.
We need to give up our life force.
We need to give up our survival instinct.
We need to just go away.
Again, thank you for joining us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Now, the globalists just want you to hate yourself so you won't want to achieve anything.
You won't want to control your own destiny.
You won't want to be involved so they can, quote, own the future.
That's an establishment term.
Own the future, so they can have their breakaway civilization, and so all of us profane people while we're debating whether Cauliflower is racist or not, because AOC said so.
Well, we're all busy doing that.
They're laughing at us, siphoning all of our research, all of our technology off, and building a breakaway civilization.
Which, again, the new Godzilla movie shows you.
Underground bases, and advanced spacecraft, and advanced weapons, and advanced airborne troop carriers.
A lot of stuff that has actually been built.
And they're just showing it to you in the movie.
In fact, real insiders wrote this script, because the symbol of the infinity hourglass is actually a major underground secret government project symbol.
So again, this is total revelation of the method, and you can look at it two ways.
They're either telling you
Hey, we know there's bad groups that want to kill everybody with their world government, but we've decided that's not a good project, and it'll be too out of control.
Because we wanted to just slowly cut you back.
We didn't want to kill everybody.
And now we realize, once this gets out of Pandora's box, that this thing wants to kill the planet, which is Satan, or the false king.
Oh yes, it's all biblical.
You've got Satan, they call him the false king, the three-headed dragon, the alien, and then you've got Godzilla, the Atlantean god, come to save us out of the ocean.
I mean, this is beyond Illuminati.
And the symbolism of the cross, with the dragon on top of the mountain,
It's all there.
You could write a book about the symbolism in this.
This is revelation of the method.
I'm gonna go back and see it tomorrow, and I'm gonna write notes.
Because my mouth was hanging open.
Now, why am I getting into this so much with all this other news?
Because if you look at the original Godzilla idea that the establishment adopted,
Japan had been bombed with two A-bombs.
Half their population had been killed in major cities.
Godzilla symbolizes somebody that's angry at radiation tests, angry at war, or woken up by it.
And so he comes and attacks Tokyo.
Later, he becomes this guardian character.
But again, that goes back to that ethos.
That humans are bad.
The truth is, in many areas, humans improve the environment.
In many areas, we hurt it.
The point is, is that we're the advanced species.
To save the Earth, we've got to go into space.
I grew up hearing that, reading that, knowing that.
Jeff Bezos, who I've been very critical of in many ways, is nothing compared to the other big tech heads.
He at least works with the U.S.
He at least works for a pro-human space program in the future.
He's not working with Communist China, like Apple and Google are.
And I'm not saying that to kiss Bezos' ass.
I'm saying that because it's the truth.
You don't get worse than Apple.
You don't get worse than Google.
You don't get worse than Facebook.
You don't get worse than Twitter, ladies and gentlemen.
These people are out of control, allied with Communist China, that archetypally, from another perspective, and they've got symbolism in the film, the three-headed dragon is also China.
Very sophisticated.
Oh yeah, the Chinese government, I saw this a few days ago, is saying they're not going to let Godzilla be seen in China.
Why's that?
Why's that?
Because it's got pro-Japanese samurai seppuku culture in it as well.
It's sophisticated.
Jeff Bezos will have to go to space to save the Earth.
But instead of... Instead of Godzilla and the big three-headed dragon tearing up Boston, New York, D.C., areas of Mexico,
What's really hitting us?
The globalists on record collapsing third world countries, destroying their infrastructure, siphoning all the money off so that they would never be able to develop.
That is in State Department memorandums from Henry Kissinger in 1970.
But the global policy
was to not let the third world ever have its own civilization, but to only have centralized civilization islands in the third world that exploit the general populations and extract the wealth to create a breakaway civilization.
So see how this works?
So this is the global plan.
And so once you've exploited the populations, but allowed them to explode in numbers,
You then brainwash them.
You then send them to refugee training camp systems.
And then you march them into the West to conquer what's left.
The globalists have already conquered the third world.
You know, I saw an article a few days ago that Jordan Klepper guy engaging in defamation as political hacks, you know, do for the enemy.
And I listened to part of a podcast this morning that I made a special report on.
It's not worthy of the main show.
But I listened to about half of it.
And he was on some podcast launching his new show, talking about me and lying about me and saying, yeah, Jones admits, you know, he's fake.
He's playing a character.
They never play a clip.
They never show the quote.
Clepper just says, oh, I watched his deposition.
He almost admits he's playing a character.
I almost admit.
Never said any such thing.
You don't get more real, totally committed and hardcore than me.
I mean, this is it.
This is who I am.
But see, a phony like him, he wants me to be who he is.
He wants me to be this empty person, but here's how I listen to news, especially podcasts.
I wasn't listening to hear about myself.
I knew what I was going to hear.
Pinhead, elitism, believing he's a ruling class establishment from the universities.
He says my mission.
He admits everything he does is leftist and globalist.
He admits that everything he does is for the cause, and then he talks about
Refugee camps that the left has built in Georgia, and how they're brainwashing the illegal aliens to hate America and to be communists, and how he got arrested.
And of course we already knew all this, but man, I mean, these people, and how the Clintons are directing him, he's so proud of it.
I'm here in my parents' kitchen because my house flooded with torrential rains this week.
So the flooded part of the house, they're having to fix that, so I've been staying over here.
And I looked in my parents' cupboard and found that they were stocked up on some of the M4's Life products.
And I thought, wait a minute.
I've been thinking about coming over to their house, because their kitchen is nicer than mine, and shooting a video about how amazing these products are.
So I called Drew, one of our great camera people over at InfoWars this morning.
I said, hey, why don't you meet me over here and I'm going to shoot a video I've been meaning to do for probably a year.
So I'm like, I've got everything right here.
It's time to show you what I personally do.
Now, I want to be clear.
When I remember to take the supplements religiously, I lose weight, I'm healthy, my skin gets great, I have better stamina, libido, energy.
I've never been a supplements guy.
A lot of my big sponsors were supplement people, and I thought, well, why don't I try these then?
And it turned out they were really good.
So we came out, as you know, six years ago with our own line of supplements.
We've been expanding it ever since.
And what we do is,
Set out to already find what's the highest rated, already find what's the cleanest, what's the best, and then make it better, and then cut the price.
And that's what we've done with these products.
And that's why InfoWars live products are so highly rated by third party sites, that's why they're so popular with you, and it's also great because it funds our political operations, trying to stop the technotronic, technocracy takeover.
I always start taking the supplements and then I forget to take them.
I either run out or I just get busy and then all of a sudden I'm not taking DNA Force.
All of a sudden I'm not taking X2.
I'm not taking Secret 12.
That's why it's important for everybody out there that already knows they got great results with these high quality products and InfoWars Life or other supplements you've been taking to remember how good they were for you and your family and to get back into it.
So today I just wanted to encourage everybody that's gotten great results with these products to just remember that because I need that reminder as well.
One of the biggest things is I tend to go to the warehouse and get some of the products out for myself and then those run out and I forget.
So now what I do, what my parents do, my
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So I really like soft drinks.
What I'm trying to say is
I don't like the effects they have on me.
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And then I take the Ultra 12,
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So again, take your favorite sparkling water that doesn't have any calories in it, either flavored or unflavored, it all goes great with the flavor of natural vitamin B12 that has a sweet taste without any sugar or additives.
You've got to experience Ultra 12 for yourself.
You've got to experience X2 as well, and of course, X3.
That's triiodine.
Different strokes for different folks.
Bottom line, these are all incredible products that have changed my life and changed so many other people's lives.
As I've said over and over again, it then funds an organization dedicated to exposing the globalists and their operations.
That's why I thank you all for your support.
I want to encourage you, if you haven't tried these products, to try them.
And if you have tried them and, again, forgot,
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Alex Jones, back live, broadcasting worldwide.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am very impressed by Godzilla King of the Monsters.
I have never seen one film that gives you the entire revelation of the method plan.
The fallen three-headed dragon of revelation whose power is the sky.
Attempting to destroy the earth.
Working with human counterparts inside a secret government agency that want to exterminate humanity.
This movie is Satan vs. Godzilla.
And it gets into all of it.
The World Population Reduction Program.
Actual blueprints that I've seen and that others have seen that have been talked about.
About large carrier aircraft for Ospreys.
And this is a full-on U.S.
government production.
And I would not say this is a U.S.
government production of the Obama type or the Netflix type and all the stuff you've been seeing.
I don't know how they got this movie out.
Because if you know what you're watching, it is a very Christian movie.
Extremely anti-Satan.
But that's only part of it.
Truly incredible.
But it's not gonna be thousand foot tall kaijus.
Stomping out of the oceans and flying out of the sky from revelation.
We are currently watching the purposeful destruction of our planet by deindustrialization, by the destruction of the infrastructure, which if you destroy the infrastructure and you've got seven and a half billion people, it's like releasing seven and a half billion weaponized army ants
That will eat everything to the bone.
It's a time bomb.
If you don't keep civilization arcing upward, it goes down.
The trajectory of a rocket is up or it's down.
This trajectory, ladies and gentlemen, was going straight up towards the stars and beyond.
Now, the globalists are turning us down.
And if we don't pull up, if Trump doesn't pull up, it is going to be curtains and the people that thought they're setting this world government in motion to cleanse the earth and only call certain people and go in their secret government bunkers and they're going to be safe.
The message of Godzilla, King of the Monsters, is that plan is being aborted and we're no longer following it.
Yeah, I'd say Godzilla King of the Monsters is an M4 Wars Trump production.
If you want to really get down to brass tacks, the people that wrote this movie know what's going on, are on the inside, and understand what's happening, and it's a desperate, desperate warning.
That the globalists should stop playing God, the whole world's turned against them, and they're working with an off-world entity that wants to destroy all life on the planet.
A kill shot.
It's quite frankly astounding.
It's got the cheesy kind of amusement ride, you know, stuff for kids where they're getting shot at and stuff's blowing up and, you know, you feel like you're on a roller coaster and the woman's being chased by the monster.
It's got a lot of cheesiness in it, but the message is super sophisticated on so many levels.
Now let's continue here, ladies and gentlemen, with the really big news.
Let's talk about the real world and how we're being deindustrialized and shut down right now.
Disney has come out
Along with others, Netflix, and told Georgia and other states, because you don't want to kill babies in the third trimester, or after they're born, we are going to pull out of your state and bully you.
Oh, what a high and mighty good person you are.
Funny, corporate tyranny, Netflix, Disney threatened Georgia over abortion ban, despite the fact that Disney's been filming in Bolivia.
No, it's Christians that are the enemy.
And of course, they're working in Communist China.
They're working everywhere to suppress populations.
That's a newswars.com article detailing that fact.
There's also another article on the Daily Caller where they go over all of it.
I know I said I'd get into Jared Kushner and his Bilderberg visit and what I think of that.
I'll do that at the start of the next hour.
I'm behind some Robert Barnes.
He's doing great work with us here behind the scenes.
He's got big stuff about to happen.
He's also a great talk show host.
He's gonna be in studio with us 15 after for the rest of the show, the rest of the show until the fourth hour.
And then we have Nick Baggett, who always does an amazing job on Fridays, hosting the fourth hour, Dr. Nick Baggett.
So that is coming up today.
I have not gotten to all of these clips I said I would, but again, silent weapons for quiet wars.
Dissolve the family, get rid of the jobs, demoralize the population.
Bring in 10 million illegal aliens the last five, six years, and do not test them, and order the Border Patrol, do not test them for diseases.
And then immediately bust them in, enroll them in school, and put them next to your kid with TB.
What about the poor illegal alien kids?
They should be tested.
Your children.
Oh, but then they blame you didn't take a vaccine.
It's your fault.
There is no vaccine for TB.
It's all BS.
This is a biological attack.
This is an attempt to take us down.
And again, they form them up at refugee centers, train them, give them $1,000 debit cards, give them cash, give them backpacks of food every step of the way.
Every leg.
Bring them in!
And then I tune in to a podcast with the Jordan Klepper guy.
He's going, I got arrested for my new show.
We're not really doing comedy now.
It's purely the mission to defeat Trump and defeat America.
You're just listening to this.
And, you know, and the mission is everything.
And we're training these wonderful people at this
You know, a secret school in Georgia that we've brought up these illegal aliens and we're going to, you know, win and Hillary's directing me and I'm so proud that I'm working directly with Hillary, you know, to take down Alex Jones and the way to silence Alex Jones is to, he deserves to be taken off the air.
I mean, it's like cartoonish how evil and un-American it is.
But he's proud of it.
So we'll come back, I'll play some of these newscasts about the diseases, all of it, but it's not that this Jordan Klepper guy is important.
Seriously, I mean, he tried to get us to engage him, his show failed.
I don't care about being attacked.
It's the forensics of one article, they were trying to boost his new show's ratings by attacking me again, and then saying that I say I'm fake and I'm an actor, but there's no quote of me saying that, and it's made up.
And then his pinheadedness where he just, oh my God, I couldn't believe I met with the Clintons and they're working with me and they're directing me and we're doing productions together and blah, blah, blah.
And I actually went and looked it up.
He's introducing the legend that this just happened magically.
No, the Clintons have a production company.
They admit for feminist and leftist operations that's directly taking over with Viacom.
Klepper works for that.
And Netflix.
It's like the late-night shows have said, yeah, Chuckie Schumer calls up and helps me write my lines.
Seriously, thank you, Chuck.
They kiss these old globalist traitors who are on the ding-dong of the shycoms, riding their wee-wee.
Sorry, that's just true.
When it's fish, you gotta use it.
I'm not a profane guy, but sometimes I am.
It's just, these are flaming traitors!
And the Clintons are like these rotting, dead cicada carcasses attached to the wall, and here's this Klepper guy, like, rubbing up against them like, oh, oh!
You know, trying to create the new future with skeletons.
You're not gonna hatch any new little goblins with Hillary.
Or Bill, looking like a buzzard hanging over your shoulder.
I mean, this, this is a joke!
This is a joke!
This is a joke!
And he's going, oh, and I couldn't believe the Clintons helped me launch my new show in a promo.
Because it's gonna be announced that they own your show.
Which anybody could go research and find out.
Like that.
So now their billions and their foundation are a facelift for Crypt Keeper and his husband?
That's the best you got?
As if anyone wants to tune into Comedy Central and see the Clintons looking like Day of the Dead.
At least have them eating somebody's brains, you might get ratings.
I mean, some little leftist lying nobody hanging out with two dead political operatives.
When I say dead, I mean politically.
You see Apple making these decisions, you know, based on, you know, if this is impacting us.
Do you think that tech companies are in a position right now where they can self-regulate with some of these more sticky issues?
Hi, I'm Tim Cook.
I run the richest company in the world, and I pay Chinese slave laborers, you know, a dollar a day.
I've moved Apple to China and given your iCloud keys to their government, and now I'm bringing Chinese censorship here to America and working with Google to do it.
I mean, it's crazy.
Do you think, I mean it's interesting to hear you say that, I, just having covered a lot of this over the last months, I keep coming back to this fundamental question, and you can tell me if this is too philosophical for you, but I come back to this fundamental question, do we as users just have to re-envision the idea of privacy?
Is it a luxury at this point?
Hi, I'm Tim Cook.
The New York Times says, quote, I leave the moral high ground.
That Apple, via Tim Cook, leaves the moral high ground.
So, our company pays zero taxes in China, and we run slave factories, but I'm helping shut down free speech in America.
That makes me liberal.
One of the interesting points today, and I know this is an issue near and dear to you and to Apple, you guys created a pride feature for Apple Watch.
You know, just this morning the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake in celebration of a same-sex couple.
As a leader in the community, as Apple has, you know, continuously stood in front of LGBTQ rights, what's your reaction?
Hi, I'm Tim Cook.
I'm gay, but I don't say a word to China, even though I'm the biggest company in China, about how they execute gays.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
No, seriously, I didn't have time to listen to this whole podcast that's produced by the left and this new show and the Clintons getting into production at Viacom and Netflix with their billions of laundered drug money and child kidnapping money.
It's come out in AP reports, the Clintons and the giant child smuggling operations out of Haiti.
But getting back to what I was saying here, I've actually got the footage of the interview he does with the Clintons, where Bill looks like a demonic buzzard that's like looking at a dead baby it's going to eat or something.
And Clinton's like, hang on.
And then Hillary just looks like a pumpkin-headed demon.
And then here's this little trendy guy that, you know, signed on.
He's an anointed one from the left, you know, to help take down Alex Jones.
And then they're talking about, he's talking about how I need to be taken down and how I deserve what's happened to me.
He's sitting there with mass murdering war criminals that put 10 times the sanctions on the Iraqis that George Herbert Walker did and killed over a million and a half of them, 500,000 of them being children.
At Hillary and Bill's direction.
And when they got asked about it, they said 500,000 is a good price to pay.
So everyone should be saying to themselves, every moment of every waking day, that you're not the tail end of the globalist, leftist, blue-blood, foundation-funded, weird, quasi-wannabe, Atlantic accent, British aristocracy.
Nothing against Brits.
Hell, my mom is pretty much an Anglophile.
And I know why.
I mean, she's proud of her family lineage and all that.
Not just Anglo, but Saxon as well.
But that system, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely.
And the people that inherit all this power and all this wealth become insanely disconnected from reality.
And that's why smart families
In many cases, would just change their names, buy a ship, and set sail for the new world.
And a lot of that went on, too.
But see, with the Clintons, they don't come from any powerful dynasties or any kings.
They come from knuckle-dragon psychopath stock that'll do whatever it's told at any time, any place.
And again, you listen to this crap.
It is mind-blowing.
When I watched Hillary give a speech in New Hampshire or New York, those are the last two speeches.
I watched some others too, but the last full speeches I watched, and it was sycophantic worship.
Have you seen somebody announce at the UN, and they read their whole name, and it's like 10 names, the Royal Highness of this and that?
It sounds stupid.
With her, it's shaking, and, oh, and she did this, and she did that, and she... Because she used to run the country, folks.
It wasn't Obama.
And these people all sycophantically worship because she promised them they were going to run everything.
They weren't just going to run the government, they were going to run you.
And Klepper and all these people were brought up that they're supposed to rule us.
Dude, you ain't gonna rule nothing.
You come from trash.
I can take one look at you and tell you come from a bunch of mentally ill garbage.
And that's where you're going back to, son.
God's real, boy.
You can't see it.
So you keep making your jokes.
But those that can see can see.
I love seeing you sitting there with those two corpses.
You fit right in, son.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
I will break your jaw.
I will knock your teeth out.
I will break your nose.
I will break your neck.
You're a little wimp!
You son of a piece of garbage!
I hate you!
I hate you!
And remember that scumbag forever!
If you don't spread the link, the globalists win!
Spread the link!
Got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
Alright, here I go.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
You got it.
Yeah, do it!
All right.
Robert Barnes, who is one of my great lawyers, chief legal counsel in our fight against the globalists, a lot of big stuff coming up in the next few months.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
He's going to be in studio starting next segment to cover all the international news, the national news, to take your calls.
And I promise today, we will open the phones up.
And take your calls directly for Bob Barnes on any subject you want to raise, but the questions will be directed at him.
That is coming up as well.
But I want to give you my view on Jared Kushner.
Now, here's how this works for me.
I judge a tree by its fruits.
And I've also always noticed that people that get involved in King's courts and in the subterfuge of access to a powerful person, it just goes from bad to worse.
And so I've been sucked into those things when I'm not even wanting to be sucked into them.
To the damage of my overall goal just to promote freedom and awareness and decentralization and a pro-human future.
But Jared Kushner is obviously smart.
He's a good-looking guy.
He's Trump's son-in-law.
I support Trump.
I think Trump's smart.
Trump needs people he can really trust.
He trusts Jared?
And so I don't have a problem with him having a national security clearance and the things he's doing.
I mean, my God, the Communist Chinese ran the Obama administration, but oh, the left doesn't want Jared Kushner to have a security clearance.
What does that tell you?
But out in the whole right-wing-o-sphere, I've been hearing for three years, since he was president-elect,
That Jared Kushner is just the worst thing since gonorrhea.
But those are the same people that tell me Benjamin Netanyahu is the worst thing since death.
I don't get involved in Israel's politics.
I'm glad Israel's there.
I mean, can you imagine if the Arabs were fighting over it?
What would it be like?
I mean, let's get real.
But let's move away from that point.
The Economist magazine, owned by the leftist Rothschilds, wanted Netanyahu out.
Works around the clock to remove him and Trump.
Works around the clock to take me out.
I don't look at the Rothschilds as Jewish.
I look at them as evil opportunists that play people off.
People say, well then why'd they help fund the founding of Israel?
Because they knew it was already coming, and they wanted to try to control it, to parlay it into world government, which they now admit.
And the Rothschilds aren't one monolithic group either.
It's not fair to say that.
But the ones running it are bad news.
Bad news.
Very bad news.
So all these leftist funded white supremacist groups, and that's who funds them and runs them, look at the left, it's all anti-semitic stuff, they like boil Jews down to just like they're robots or something.
And that there's just one Jewish brain and Jews all think alike.
That's not how families work.
Whether you were German or Japanese or Nigerian, you got ten people in the family, they don't all think alike.
That's BS.
So, I'm not defending Jared Kushner, I'm not attacking Jared Kushner, because I elected Trump, you elected Trump, Trump trusts him, and you've got to give the President that support because he's been trying hard and been delivering and doing things that are biblical, in my view.
I mean, this is incredible.
The attack on Trump's all you need to know, they are pissed.
The establishment and their whole plan is really upset that he's going to fight all the stuff they've done.
Now all that prefacing, I'm done talking about Kushner, and I'm going to try to explain this very, very simply, and I know that some of the detractors will take it out of context, but that doesn't matter.
This is for people that want to hear what I really think, and this is my best analysis and what I know.
We published, right when it came out, from their own site, the Bilderberg Group's itinerary, and who's going to be there, and who the guests are in Switzerland.
When I was first covering this 20 years ago, they were saying in the news, I was insane it didn't exist.
Even 10 years ago they would say I was insane it didn't exist.
You understand?
So it was the fact that they were saying that world government meetings weren't happening.
That was the issue.
Jared Kushner announced he was going to Bilderberg.
Then people after getting flooded with calls and emails in the office, Oh my God, Trump sold us out!
Kushner's going to Bilderberg!
I'm going to say this.
I'm going to be very clear.
I would go to Bilderberg if they asked me to go.
What matters is what I stand for.
We know Bilderberg was set up to bring in the world government.
We know Bilderberg's one of the top globalist meetings.
That they denied existed at the Rockefellers' rant.
It brought the Atlantic alliance of the Western elite in the United States with the Eastern Western elite after World War II.
We know the history.
I've made films about it.
Going to a meeting is not being on the agenda.
Just like when Trump goes to Davos, that's more powerful than Bilderberg now, it's public, and they're calling for world government, and they're all wearing their EU things, and he's wearing the American flag, and we go and push our agenda there.
Just like Trump meeting with Kim Jong-un doesn't mean we agree with Kim Jong-un executing, you know, his ambassadors or his envoys.
So it's a very simple thing for me
To judge a tree by its fruits.
Now, if Jared Kushner came back from Bilderberg, or Davos, or any of these events, and Trump suddenly signed on to open borders, or signed on to globalism, or signed on to world government, or signed on to confiscating guns, or signed on to teaching five-year-olds, you know, how to be gay or whatever, which is what's pushed by the left so you don't have kids, then I'd go after Trump.
In a split second.
Split second.
I'm not loyal to Trump.
I'm loyal to justice, to my children, to God, to a future, a pro-human future.
But the fact that we have
A patriot president, all these other nationals getting elected, and sweeping elections around the world for populist, and now they've got to have a representative of Trump inside their confab is us seizing the flag.
At least at the level of my vision, I see this in the continuum of what Trump's doing, what we're doing, what I'm doing, as victory.
You know, when we took over Nazi Germany in 1945,
And marched in to the Reich Chancellery, and our troops were in the Chancellery, were our troops for Hitler?
You're like, well of course not.
When our football team, for the New England Patriots, and they drive down the field against the other team, and they get into their end zone, because they got in their end zone, are they for the other team?
You're like, well of course not.
We're taking over their end zone.
We're taking over their right chancellery.
We're taking over their command bases.
We're on the march.
The empire is on the run.
Now if I see anything out of Kushner or Trump,
That's pissing on our sovereignty or our freedom, our values.
I'll turn on them like a pit bull on PCP.
But let me give you a little newsflash.
It ain't gonna happen.
It's not, folks.
It's not.
So, everybody should just relax.
We're conquering Bilderberg right now.
The Global Controllers are very smart in some ways, very ignorant in others.
But they understand the power of archetypes.
And I never knew when I started out on my quest 25 years ago to restore the American Republic that I would end up being a major leader in it.
I just simply thought I'd be one more voice calling on the people to stand up and get involved in their own destinies.
But it became clear
Eight, nine years ago, even in Newsweek and Time Magazine, they said, Alex Jones is the mad prophet of the Tea Party.
In the wilderness, he must be stopped.
And all these years later, I realized that I didn't invent the ideas I'm promoting.
I'm simply promoting free market, Renaissance, Americana, and ideas that are
Diametrically opposed to authoritarian systems, whether they be fascist, communist, or socialist.
But nevertheless, Infowars has been chosen by the enemy as the symbol of Americana, as the card.
And if they can demonize it, if they can lie about it, and if they can destroy it, they believe they can demoralize you and make you give up.
Please hold InfoWars up.
Please promote it.
Please support it.
I personally hope that we can survive this.
But even if we don't...
Don't think a defeat of an individual or an organization is an expression of who you are, because you are the listeners and viewers that actually made InfoWars the success it is.
Yes, I selfishly want to continue on with the future, but I don't want you to ever think that if I'm set up, killed, destroyed, imprisoned, lied about with their fake narratives,
That we're losers.
We did the right thing and told the truth and we've already changed the world.
So you need to continue on.
But we're at that fork in the road.
Will InfoWars continue on to fight more battles and win more battles thanks to your support?
Or will we be destroyed?
And then you have to move on and not be demoralized.
We're at that point.
It's financial.
At the end of the day, money talks, BS walks.
Funding allows us to operate and expand and defeat the enemy.
Not having money shuts us down and we're defeated.
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To take action, whether it's word of mouth, or praying for us, or buying the products, or all three, you've already changed the world.
And I humbly come to you with respect and thank you again for what you've done for myself, for my children, and for your children, and for all of our own destinies, because this is an incredible time in humanity at that fork in the road, or at that crossroads.
But whatever you do,
Never give in to the globalist.
Never give in to your humanity.
Never believe you're a piece of crap.
Never believe that humanity sucks.
Because that is a lie of the old serpent, Satan.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Jared Kushner is in Switzerland right now.
The articles are up on InfoWars.com with the full Bilderberg list.
Has he sold out to the New World Order?
Is he a traitor?
Has Trump sold us out?
You see the entire globalist program trying to destroy Trump.
Representatives of the presidency always go to Bilderberg.
This was set up by U.S.
intelligence, was what was left of European intelligence after World War II.
If I see Trump's policies change, and they're not America first, then I'll turn against the president.
But I don't think that's happening.
Going to a globalist meeting.
And the fact that secret globalist meetings are now admitted.
Mainstream media now has to report on the powerful secret world government Bilderberg policy meeting.
When just 10 years ago they said in the New York Times that I was in Chantilly, Virginia having a full-on, it said, Jones imagined men in sunglasses and SUVs following him.
When they did a review of a movie that won first place at
The local South by Southwest called New World Order.
And the film was at Bilderberg.
They showed us being thrown out of the hotel.
But when the New York Times did a review, they said, we made it up.
It doesn't exist.
That was 2008.
So I guess 11 years ago.
How far have we come?
That world government secret meetings are there.
The Pope's called for world government.
All of it's out in the open now.
So the question isn't, is Jared Kushner there?
We're conquering that.
Kushner is Trump's representative.
And so, Trump goes to Davos.
That's public Bilderberg.
And he pushes our agenda there.
He goes with me to North Korea.
He pushes our agenda there.
What I care about is policy out of Trump.
And he's not perfect.
Ann Coulter's right.
But it's because he doesn't have our support.
But on so many fronts, he's doing a great job.
That's why they hate him.
So it isn't a defense of Trump that I defend him.
It's a defense of, can you imagine if Hillary was in full power?
Because she's still partially in power.
Buying into Viacom, buying into Netflix, buying into production companies, meeting with people that do whole TV shows nightly about me, Jordan Klepper, about how to bring me down.
He does interviews talking about it.
It's unbelievable!
All right, let's shift gears.
Constitutional lawyer and famous civil rights lawyer as well, one of the top lawyers in the country with one of the most winning records.
Robert Barnes is here, also does some work for InfoWars.
He's in town the next four or five days, so we're lucky to have him here with us.
We'll open the phones up next hour.
You were sitting here during the break a few minutes ago.
I said, what do we cover first?
You said North Korea.
I said, excellent, because that's what I want to get into first with you.
You've got a very interesting take on Kim Jong-un.
You asked me, you said, what is your take?
And I said, a reset.
You said, precisely.
Yeah, exactly, precisely.
So what happened here is that you have, I think the president has read Kim exceptionally well and understands the North Korea dynamic and is creating the first real predicate for peace
He's ending the status quo.
We know 60 years of this ain't working.
And what he's done is he's decided, now this is not the happiest or healthiest mechanism of dealing with a failed peace conference is to kill and imprison everybody who he blames for it.
But what he's doing is he's establishing that he wants it to go forward, that he does not blame the president, that he wants the president's agenda, and he blames his people for not achieving that agenda of the peace and detente that the president's called for.
And then Trump signals he may get rid of Bolton, which is another signal.
It's all face-saving.
Right, exactly.
It's just the North Korea form of face-saving is not the most ideal form of face-saving.
But it's the North Korean model.
So, you know, I don't know if they have any other way to do it.
Well, he put his uncle in a forced labor camp for not getting the midnight... He basically agreed, but the guy slept on it and didn't deliver, that Kim had backed off and capitulated.
And that's why Kim, and I'm not defending Kim, he's a horrible psychopath, but the bloodbath that gets.
China's had a bunch of wars with South Korea.
A little vampire bat knows.
They try to keep them poor under their control as an excuse for destabilization in that entire region.
If North Korea just works with Japan and the US and South Korea, they can be like South Korea, the most prosperous country, you know, per square mile in the world.
So he gets it.
He was going to raise in the West, raise in Switzerland.
He wants to do this.
He likes Trump.
And so he understands that there's double dealing by his own ministers.
When he said, oh, they sold out to America.
No, it really means they're sabotaging for China.
I think Trump has a short play and a long play.
And the short play is to have peace and a meaningful detente with North Korea so it's no longer a threat to either America or the world.
But the long play is to remove North Korea as a tool of the Chinese to threaten the world so that they can have their trade advantages and economic advantages and slowly but surely dominate the rest of the world through their economic edge.
And so the president wants to, well, more than anything else, he wants to prevent China from being the next economic engine that dominates the world at the expense of China.
This is all about China.
And the toilet bowl plunger, or the stopper in the sink you pull out to sink the Chai comms, is North Korea.
I mean, China has cost us more manufacturing jobs than any other part of the country.
And the globalist traders have been propping up North Korea, propping up China, and Trump and the patriots that are in the Pentagon know that's their strategic target.
So the only way we lose is by not doing this.
Kim just wants to make sure that Trump's strong enough
That you'll never have freedom there, but you'll at least have wealth and the people not starving to death.
Kim wants the money.
He wants the power.
He wants the resorts.
He wants the factories.
And Trump's like, I'll give it to you.
China would never do it.
We actually invade countries, take them over, and then set them free, like South Korea and Japan.
The Chai Koms never do that.
America does do that.
Now, do you trust me or do you trust them?
And he's in this flux.
But I think the execution of the guys that were obviously working for the Chi-Coms is a signal that he understands that and is setting a reset.
That if you don't actually really negotiate, I'm gonna kill you.
Which I'm not defending, but it shows the level of brinksmanship.
Yeah, I have no doubt about it.
And I think he recognizes that China is a greater threat than an ally for North Korea's long-term future.
That China has no interest in North Korea ever being economically independent.
And China has no interest in North Korea being a peace-oriented country.
Because that removes them as a tool and as a threat to the rest of the world.
And again, China believes it's supposed to rule the world for 5,000 years, as you said.
And Greater China, as they call it, they think North Korea and South Korea is Greater China.
They think Vietnam is Greater China.
They think the Philippines is Greater China.
Exactly, and not only is it part of their sort of imperial expansion.
And Trump's like, I won't invade you, I'll just throw billions at you.
And his point is that he's different than past presidents, that he can be trusted and relied upon because his opposition to Chinese domination is more important than controlling North Korea's future.
And that he's willing to give up controlling North Korea's future as long as North Korea gives up threatening the world.
And you know North Korea, after 60 plus years, literally being the rape meat of the Chai Koms, they want to leave the Chai Koms.
I mean, they've created a co-dependent relationship between North Korea and China that is only healthy for China, not healthy for North Korea.
And I think he's recognizing that, realizing that, acting on it, and it was Trump's genius to know that he could drive a wedge.
In the same way that Nixon knew he could drive a wedge between the Communist Empire by separating China from the Soviet Union in the 1970s, Trump is doing the same thing all over again.
And he's taking it to remove China's true tool of oppression, which is using the North Korean threat to maintain its economic dominance.
And the only reason the wedge is real is
Trump does what he says.
It's square dealing.
They call it almost OCD, that what Trump says is what is going to happen.
And people don't realize, whenever Trump starts increasing tariffs on China or doing other things anti-China, he's helping the peace process in North Korea.
Because he's sending the message to North Korea that he's sincerely more focused on China than them, and he's willing to cut a deal for peace for the world to do so.
And he just cut some of the sanctions on North Korea.
He's showing them.
It's like, listen, don't be a moron.
Take this deal.
This broadcast contains subject matter that may offend liberal snowflakes.
I don't give you permission to record me!
You're on live right now!
I don't give you permission!
Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to leave because I go berserk?
Well, you left me anyhow and then the days got worse and worse and now you see I've gone completely out of my mind!
We're good to go.
You thought it was a joke and so you laughed.
You laughed when I had said that losing you would make me flip my lid.
You know you laughed.
I heard you laugh.
You laughed.
You laughed and laughed and then you left.
But now you know I'm utterly mad.
They're coming to take me away, ha-ha!
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Trans-dimensionally over the space-time continuum through full space.
Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned 100 years ago, 20 years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not
And they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Alright, Robert Barnes riding shotgun with us.
We're gonna look at the globalist attempt
To murder the memory of abolitionists, of Christians, and of Martin Luther King, the attempt to demonize him, and group invites white women to voluntarily attend race-shaming dinners.
That's on newswars.com.
Very important article.
We're going to talk about that in a moment.
That's the next thing Bob wanted to get into.
That was on my list.
We'll have open phones next hour.
But first, I just did a little Buck Rogers intro that one of the crew put together.
I guess Millie Weaver's husband, Gavin, put together.
Because I was just at a local t-shirt shop six months ago, and I bought a t-shirt that showed the space shuttle blasting off into space.
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We're not going to be gods.
But we're made in the image of God.
So we're a reflection.
So we can do some amazing things.
We're master builders.
And the Space Shuttle's 1930s technology put into function in the late 1970s, retired five years ago.
And so
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I also had people on the street love the shirt, but a few have gone, why are you wearing that gay rainbow flag?
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Hey, if you're a homosexual and you're not doing illegal stuff, I don't care what you do in your bedroom.
That's the left claiming the conservatives are obsessed with what you're doing.
Just leave kids alone whether you're heterosexual or homosexual.
Plus, it's not a
Classic rainbow.
It's supposed to be the atmosphere.
Anybody that knows, that's why NASA created this, low in the atmosphere is more dust and stuff than a spectrometer or in a telescope it's red.
And as you get higher, it's orange.
That's why the sun on the horizon is red, because you're looking through hundreds of miles of atmosphere and just a few miles of atmosphere.
So clear sky is black.
Below that is blue.
Then it's yellow, then it's orange, then it's red.
That's why out of thousands of space shuttle patches, they've got thousands.
It took me days to actually find the original patch.
So this is a copy of the original patch.
We put Space Force on it.
And established 2020.
American flag on the side.
I designed this shirt.
I'm very proud of this shirt.
And maybe I'm wrong.
But when I think it's a Zeitgeist, it tends to be a Zeitgeist.
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I'm very proud of it.
People are going to be like, what is that?
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So it's kind of an undercover thing too.
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That all ends this weekend as well.
Okay, you'll have the floor the next few segments, and we'll get into the brainwashing, the race war, the globalists, how you think we stop it.
You're a smart guy.
Robert Barnes, I've only known him, I've seen him on TV for decades and interviewed some of the guys involved in lawsuits with him many years ago.
I'm the Wesley Slipes lawyer, you name it.
But just quantifying, before we go to break, what would you call this historic time we're in right now?
Well, it's a time of revolution and it's a time of, it's sort of a crossroads time.
So it's a time where we are either going to restore sort of the American Revolution and its original principles and reinforce those original principles, or we are going to abandon them.
We're going to walk away from them.
We're going to lose them.
So we have basically, not only economically, is there a U.S.-China competition to dominate manufacturing in the world, there's an idea competition between the U.S.
model and the Chinese model.
And the Chinese model is a statist model.
It's a combined corporatist-communist model that's driven by the state, that allows for a certain kind of private enterprise, but only the state-approved, state-sanctioned one that promotes state ideas.
You have an article today where U.S.
universities and U.S.
businesses are being used to prop up and propagate the Chinese surveillance social credit model system, where the Chinese are engaged in massive surveillance of their own audience, controlling what their audience can think, what they can say, what they can read, what they can review, and that's the model that Google and the big tech is following right here in the United States, and they're using the
I want to hit the first one, come back, because you're too informed.
People don't get why we can't have pipelines but everybody else can.
Foreign authoritarian regimes have used our openness to sell us out.
So what Robert Barnes is saying is...
It's even in BuzzFeed now that China's running our universities and that Obama let them do it.
Trump's rolling that all up.
And so what he's saying is, America isn't perfect.
I used to get annoyed by American flag worship.
I loved America, but I was like, that's kind of, you know, like an idol.
Until you go, wait a minute.
We have to idolize something that's a better system when it's what we've got instead of what they're about to override us with.
The United States has been the apple of the world's eye for 244 years because our electoral system fused ancient Roman, ancient Greek, ancient Judaic law, ancient British common law systems from the Iroquois Federation in the Northwest into Canada.
That is the system.
It had checks and balances.
It didn't allow for dictators.
It didn't allow for too much concentration of power.
And what were you going to do if the North of the United States had three times the population of the South?
Geographically, the South was much larger.
You didn't want to have the majority of the North be able to set all the laws for the South because you'd just be replacing King George III with Northern voters.
It's called the tyranny of the majority.
In a classic democracy, if 51% vote to kill you, it happens.
Actually, in ancient Greece, when they had original pure democracy in one particular city-state, they had black stones for no, white stones for yes.
And only the gentry elite could vote, but it was a pure democracy.
And if they didn't like what you said, there was no judge or jury.
There was the people's jury.
And they would put rocks in the bucket saying, kill you, and you would be thrown off a cliff or given hemlock.
And most of the famous philosophers actually were ordered to kill themselves.
That was, of course, Athens.
You might want to look into pure democracy.
51% said, kill somebody?
You are double dead.
Now, we have a constitutional republic, or a liberal democracy.
So, imagine you're somebody in Wyoming.
You only get three members of the House of Representatives.
California, how many do they have?
It's an incredible number.
Look it up.
We're good to go.
Still has those two senators.
And previous to the 17th Amendment from 1913, the same day we got the Federal Reserve, same day we got the IRS, our new system, they took the senators away.
The senators weren't just a check on the House, they were a check on the executive.
Senators were from the state.
So that you have 50 states in a confederation, 13 states at that time,
And they foresaw a civil war if you could have the tyranny of the majority vote away the rights of others.
And that kind of still happened with the Civil War that came up in the 1860s.
So our system isn't perfect.
And so you don't want two or three states in a popular vote being able to presidentially outvote everybody else.
But getting rid of the Electoral College goes far beyond that.
It completes what the globalists tried to do in 1913 with the Federal Reserve and the 17th Amendment, where senators used to be elected by the House or the legislature in their state.
Let me explain that again.
They would have votes in the state legislatures over who their senator was they were going to send so that it was a federal office.
But it was a creature of the state giving the state direct veto power into the Senate, in case those senators got bought off.
So checks and balances, inside checks and balances, the world envy of the planet.
The closest to perfection you're going to find, no one has denied it.
Easy to rig parliamentary systems.
Easy to rig other systems.
Very hard to rig this one.
And that's why they want to get rid of it, ladies and gentlemen.
And they're very close.
They're very close.
They've gotten most of the blue wall states to pass it.
And then we'll have the tyranny, just like in science fiction, you know, movies out there, where you've got the different districts, and the one big powerful district, like in Hunger Games, rules all the others, because it has the big population.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Monday through Friday, the most banned, demonized, lied-about broadcast in the world is live.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and I'm just a common sense guy that loves America and loves freedom and loves you.
I don't see you winning as me losing.
I see it as a non-zero-sum game, an expanding pie.
But the sociopaths that run the planet, they do see it as that.
Now, Robert Barnes,
You're a famous civil rights lawyer that actually goes out when the cops are the wrong thing, or whatever, and goes after them.
But you pointed out that the whole modern thing is about creating division.
It's not about actually stopping institutional corruption or racism.
It's actually causing it to flower, which is what the system admits in WikiLeaks, from Hillary, is what they want.
But you this morning, before you came on,
Now before he came on, we were having a meeting this morning about who we're getting ready to sue.
And it's a long list.
And we don't want to do this, but we have to, folks.
For the First Amendment, it's just the right thing to do.
So thanks for your support.
Only you and power is like to have the force to do this.
You wanted to get into a newswars.com article that's also on infowars.com that people should really spread.
Groups invite white women to voluntarily attend race-shaming dinners.
And we'll get this in a few minutes and show for TV viewers the actual graphics, the videos of a black woman crying.
The idea that you never committed this crime, and black folks are fighting to get into this country from all over the world,
But you are inherently bad because you're white.
That is the essence of prejudging someone, the essence of racism.
And Martin Luther King saying, don't judge somebody by the color of their skin but the character of their deeds, that flies in the face of it.
But it wasn't Martin Luther King who first said that, it was the Bible, Judge Treebott's fruits.
So you wanted to get into this.
We've always heard about these FBI tapes and COINTELPRO of Martin Luther King having sex with women.
And then maybe they say he made a joke when somebody said that some woman claimed he raped him.
There's no tape.
There's no release.
There's no nothing.
The point is we saw this with Kavanaugh.
They admitted that was all fake.
So why would the left that's always defended Martin Luther King
Now they're totally taking over.
Suddenly say, and they're taking it down at universities and everywhere.
I mean this is sick and it ties into this model where they get you to go denounce yourself.
And you declare you're a racist, and then where that leads.
So this is very sophisticated.
It has a lot of facets.
But let's get into it.
So the church that they're actually showing at right here is Martin Luther King's last ever speech.
It was there in Memphis.
I was actually in that church for the commemoration of his speech for the opening of the Civil Rights Museum.
You're from Tennessee?
I'm from Tennessee.
At the Lorraine Motel, which they brilliantly converted the scene of his assassination into a memorial recognizing his life, recognizing his history, recognizing his reputation.
As a kid, I bought all of his speeches on little tapes, audio tapes, that I would listen to all the time.
So this is what's unique about Martin Luther King, was that he was a racial unifier.
That his appeal to civil rights wasn't based on, hey, I'm black, give me civil rights.
It was, I'm an American, give me civil rights.
And that's the real reason that killed him.
So he was such a unifying figure.
Across classes, across races, and he was appealing to the deepest part of Americana.
He didn't say give me rights because I came from Africa.
He didn't say give me rights because I was once a slave.
He didn't say give me rights because I had these bad things happen to me in the past.
He said give me rights because I'm an American.
And as an American we should all have the same rights and be treated equally.
Let me sit where I want to sit, eat where I want to eat, drink where I want to drink.
Do that because I'm an American.
And that's a unifying message.
And nobody
That any values could disagree with that?
Nobody who deeply loves America could disagree with that.
Now, for those people who don't like America and don't want an appeal to a unifying message, that's why first they started attacking King by saying, well, you know, he said things on gay rights that we don't agree with.
Well, Martin Luther King was deeply rooted in the evangelical Christian Church.
He was a Republican!
In essence, he was.
He was politically, historically, but also his ideology was rooted in a deep humanitarianism.
The left is openly trying to discredit Martin Luther King.
I mean, it shows how crazy the left has got.
King is probably the biggest threat to their divisive message of anybody in our public lexicon.
That's why I used to quote him once a month, every hour.
I mean, they had to take him out.
And now they're floating made-up Cohen Telpro?
Now the left loves the FBI that was targeting black leaders?
These are sick people!
And people should ask, here you have these tapes that are not supposed to be publicly available in 2027 because of questions and doubts about their authenticity, questions and doubts about whether they were recorded accurately, whether... You can make a 20-second clip for 10 years and put it in Adobe and make people say whatever they want.
Then somehow it leaks out through the archives.
Somebody at the Archives Division somehow puts up these particular tapes, only the ones that make him look bad.
And I want to be clear, I'm not defending it, but if he was having sex with women, it doesn't matter.
He said we're all equal under God and we should come together and not kill each other.
But see, again, they're threatened by that, so they're...
Souping like Cavanaugh!
All that's fake!
I don't believe any of it!
I've had them edit tapes of me, folks, on Fox News with Megyn Kelly.
They didn't show the video, because you'd see the jump cuts, of me saying, Hillary killed kids in a basement, and all the stuff I didn't say, edited together, and they aired it!
I mean, Media Matters has done that routinely and repeatedly.
And the only way they get away with it is they link the actual video underneath that nobody ever actually watches, the original video.
So this is what's happening.
Here you have Martin Luther King, probably one of the great, without question, one of the greatest, maybe the greatest American, at least of the 20th century, who achieved extraordinary things in uniting Americans across the discipline.
Total icon.
We have more streets named after him than any other person in the world.
And the left is literally
Tearing his
It was the Democrats didn't like King.
And they're doing the exact same thing here.
The left is leaking a personal attack and highlighting and promoting the personal attack on King.
I think they thought maybe the right would do so.
Well, the right refused to engage in it because these days King is more of an icon to the right than he is to the left because he was a unifying figure and a deeply patriotic American.
He was someone, he opposed war because he thought that war was not in America's best interest.
Or American's best interest.
And it turned out he was right.
So that is his basis.
So they're trying to leak negative, nasty things about King because they need to remove him from the lexicon.
It's what communists do in hardcore... They airbrush you out.
They kill who you really are, shut you down, he's dead, that's perfect.
Then they build up the straw man that you weren't, he's now a Kavanaugh rapist.
They're comparing him to Harvey Weinstein.
That's how insane this is.
They're saying that Martin Luther King was the Harvey Weinstein of history.
That is a ridiculous and preposterous comparison.
Well that shows they've gone completely psychotic.
What King said was true, whether what they're saying about him is true, I don't buy a damn, because I've been through so many lies, I don't believe a damn thing they say, plus they have no proof.
It just makes me like King even more.
And when I heard this, my first reaction was, anybody should be shocked at someone's privacy being invaded in this myth.
Yeah, he's supposedly in hotel rooms and they're recording it under the bed?
Exactly, and they're sharing it with a wide range of people and making jokes about it internally and their commentary about it.
This is what should be shocking, is that this ever existed.
And notice the feminists are attacking him now.
Oh, these people are...
Any person taped in their most private, intimate thoughts anywhere in the world over their entire lifetimes... Out of context.
They're going to have things in there that they don't like and that can be misconstrued and misinterpreted and misapplied.
And the idea that, for example, if he did any of these bad things, why didn't any women ever complain ever during that time period?
Never happened.
But 50 years later... Right.
You can be in the grave.
I could be in the grave and they just say, he's a rapist.
In fact, it appears they've timed the leak of this through the National Archives to correspond to when everybody who could have been a witness is dead.
I mean, that's what they did.
They waited until everybody was dead who could refute this.
Then they leak it knowing they can defame them and libel them forevermore.
And because they need to, because they need the unifying pro-American message of the MLK to be gone.
I can't believe the Democrats are this dirty.
This is the craziest thing I've ever seen.
Well, they have got the sort of Stasi-level approach.
This is... Forged turrets just do it.
When they look at the Soviet model, they don't look at a model that is horrifying.
By the way, Rolls-Summit, Kepler, and the Clintons, literally they're behind a production company now trying to take me down.
They talk about it, how they want to take me down, and Bill's like hanging over and Hillary's hanging over him.
I mean, it's like Twilight Zone.
Oh, completely.
It's their own world.
I mean, she's like a Twilight figure.
She's like a Stepford Wife candidate.
But to do this to someone like King, who is really the most legitimate hero of America politically, someone the left has celebrated.
Got killed.
No, who died.
He died for his cause.
I mean, his last speech, he knew the death threats had been accelerating.
He said, I'm not fearing any man, because I've been to the mountaintop and I've seen the promised land.
And that promised land was the American Constitution being delivered.
And you can make up all this stuff, whether it's true or not, we know most of it's lies.
You can hear in your soul, he believes it, he's real, and it's true.
Fifty-something years after he's dead, he's a rapist?
With no proof?
Or he supports rape?
But again, that's from the White Supremacist Info Wars, folks.
You know how we are.
You heard CNN.
You heard Tom Brokaw.
I'm a deeply alloyed racist.
Yeah, right.
We'll be right back.
Charlottesville, Virginia is home to the author of one of the great documents in human history.
We know it by heart.
We hold these truths to be self-evident.
That all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.
We've heard it so often, it's almost a cliché, but it's who we are.
We haven't always lived up to these ideals.
Jefferson himself didn't.
But we have never before walked away from them.
I believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time.
But if we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are.
And I cannot stand by and watch that happen.
The core values of this nation are standing in the world, our very democracy.
Everything that is made America, America is at stake.
That's why today I'm announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.
Folks, America's an idea.
An idea that's stronger than any army, bigger than any ocean, more powerful than any dictator or tyrant.
It gives hope to the most desperate people on Earth.
It guarantees that everyone is treated with dignity.
And gives hate no safe harbor.
It instills in every person in this country the belief that no matter where you start in life, there's nothing you can achieve if you work at it.
That's what we believe.
And above all else, that's what's at stake in this election.
We can't forget what happened in Charlottesville.
Even more important, we have to remember who we are.
This is America.
I'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.
This arm would put him away in seconds.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Yeah, let's meet by the banner now, baby!
During the break, Bob Barnes was watching a two-minute clip for TV viewers that shows Biden's latest groping.
There's some new videos of him uncontrollably groping little girls, telling them they're pretty.
You had an interesting term you used for it.
We'll talk about next segment.
We'll play that clip again for the full radio and TV audience.
We're not just mechanically defending Martin Luther King.
Martin Luther King has been dead, what, 50-something years?
Oh yeah, 1968 was when he was killed.
So how long is that?
That's 51 years now.
It was 51 years last April.
He's been dead 51 years, and then they just say all this has gone on with this whole, and now they're saying, like you said, he's the new Harvey Weinstein.
With no proof.
That's why we have statute of limitations, why we have all this, and you brought up group invites white women, because there's the other side of this, to voluntarily attend race-shaming dinners.
This is newswars.com.
Spread this article, folks.
A group headed by a former congressional candidate is offering private dinners.
And again, this article is important, but this is just part of the course.
Exclusively to white women.
Where they are lectured about how racist and supremacist they are, even if they don't realize it.
So, this is just sensitivity training.
Which is...
Race-based brainwashing.
And then it shows, we can show the article, it has graphics in it, crying black women saying, just because you're a woman doesn't mean you're as special as I. You then compete to be a greater victim and your whole world is about how you're this poor baby cake.
And it's, and then meanwhile blacks are fighting for all the world to get here.
You've got New York Times, you know, board members saying whites are subhuman.
They're really trying to convert minorities into foaming at the mouth racists who feel good about it.
Not even racist from a superiority perspective, but racist because you've enslaved me perspective.
And then you've got people adopting this.
What do you think, in the two minutes we have to break, the endgame here is, Robert Barnes?
Well, what you see is that they're looking historically.
You look at King.
King was able to be a counterbalance to the Black Panthers.
We're mostly basically just gang members disguised as a political organization who use the political excuse to commit crime with immunity and impunity.
It's what radicalized David Horowitz.
David Horowitz used to be a hardcore lefty.
Now he's one of the leaders of the intellectual political right.
And the reason for that is because of the horrors he witnessed with what the Black Panthers did in San Francisco.
Kidnapping, other forms of violent crime, extortion, etc.
And so what you see with King is King presents a historical counter-narrative to the leftist agenda.
It's a unifying agenda, it's an American-rooted agenda, it's a Constitution-based agenda.
King was very much about unifying people, unifying people in the name of a conservative tradition, in general, by appealing to our constitutional history, and by particularly saying, and very patriotic,
That because I'm an American, because I'm a man, I should have the same rights as all men and as all Americans.
It was not a reparations-based appeal.
It was not a victim-based appeal.
It was not a poor-me-pity-me appeal.
It was not a give-me-special-rights appeal.
It was a give-me-equal-rights appeal.
Because it rooted in Americanism and rooted in constitutionalism.
You can't achieve these sort of shame dinners where you're combining, basically, specialty diversity training with a censorship, confessional, inquisitorial model of let's tell everybody about how horrible a person you are.
This is Fifty Shades of Grey.
This is come get beat up.
You're Fifty Shades of White.
Confess how terrible you are.
And in that world, Martin Luther King can't exist because Martin Luther King presents a counter narrative that says we're all great if we're Americans.
What's that term you use?
Any means?
They will use any means possible for any purpose possible to achieve their destruction of their agenda.
If that means the propagation of their agenda means destruction of individuals, they do it.
This is next level, breaking ground, history book level, science fiction dystopia, tyranny on steroids.
Bing bing, bong bong.
Just take the red pill, people!
The most banned network in the world.
Live, raw, and unfiltered.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, I want to give the number out and I want to take your calls for constitutional lawyer, civil rights lawyer, Robert Bonds on Alex Jones.
But specifically on what's happening with the attempt with all these fake investigations against Trump, what you think ought to happen listeners, Trump going on the offense, what's that going to look like, how will the deep state strike back, all the left is race baiting, maybe Jared Kushner goes to Bilderberg?
I think Judge Treebots fruits.
I mean, Trump goes to these other globalist confabs.
We're taking these over.
We were just exposing Bilderberg and it was going on.
World government's out in the open now.
But give me your take on all of that.
Just address your question to Robert Barnes.
877-789-2539 on this live Global Friday edition.
By the way, I'll be back Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Maybe you can host me?
Everybody loves you, Bob.
You're great.
You'll be with us for two hours on Sunday as well.
Got The War Room coming up 3 o'clock today.
Nick Begich hosts the fourth hour as well.
But I want to take your calls.
There's so much news, though.
And we're just getting into Martin Luther King, we're getting into Joe Biden here, but like you were saying during the break, they've collectively only tuned into media like MSNBC and CNN that defends the system.
And so they're in true echo chambers.
I go and see what my enemies are saying.
I go and see, I don't even really care what people that are supporting me say.
They're great, I love you, you're like oxygen.
But I don't want an echo chamber.
I'm trying to see what they're saying about me so I know what's going on or what they're up to.
But I look at these establishment people, they are in their own bubble.
Pelosi's a stammering idiot for five years at least.
AOC's a complete moron.
Now they say in any videos criticizing Pelosi, gotta be taken down.
Biden can't keep his hands off other men's wives, children.
Then he tries to spin it.
Now there's a new video out.
We'll play this compilation and then we'll play the new video.
For radio listeners, we'll kind of go through it.
But you've all seen the footage.
But this is compulsive.
This is neurotic.
I dated a really nice lady that was a paralegal.
She later became a lawyer when I was growing up in Dallas.
And I knew her when I was in college.
She was a few years older than me.
And she would just tell me the joke about her boss, who had all these letters and was this big lawyer and made all this money, but occasionally he would eat boogers in front of you.
He would just pull a booger out, he couldn't help it, he'd eat it.
He'd kind of sneak it, but he ate it.
And she would make jokes about it, and one time I watched dinner with him and he ate the booger in front of his wife.
He ate a booger.
Now, I'm not being funny here.
That's a little level of psychosis and insanity.
Imagine you're Joe Biden,
And people walk up, they're like, they're grabbing little kids, rubbing, smelling them.
I mean, if it was your uncle and you're doing it to the daughter, that's a little, you know, creepy.
Yeah, there's footage of other people eating boogers.
It's some kind of elitist thing.
George W. does it too.
I quit doing it when I was about three.
I have a rare memory of being about three and like, I ate a booger that's got like sand in it.
Like, God, that tastes bad.
I'm gonna stop eating those.
But seriously, I've eaten boogers.
I just admitted it.
It's a tell-all.
Maybe I should go to this group that initiates white women to say they're racist and bad.
I should go and admit I've eaten boogers at age 3.
Bob, I'm taking you to the next level here.
But seriously, Pelosi, Biden, we're going to play these clips.
What do you make of this?
So with Biden, it's a compulsive behavior, and it's quasi-pedophilia behavior.
I mean, if you look at where he's moving his hands on little girls' bodies, I'm sorry, that's not normal.
That's not like... It's what you do to your wife if you think she's in the mood to get her in bed.
It's very sexualized, very sexualized behavior.
This is not normal behavior by any stretch of the imagination.
People said, oh, it's just like your weird uncle.
And I was like, well, if your creepy uncle has been convicted of pedophilia, maybe.
I mean, that's the kind of behavior that it is.
And the fact that he can't stop doing it, even though it's been a become high profile, and the fact that he does it repeatedly when he knows the cameras are on him, gives you a sense of how compulsive it is.
I mean, it's like he cannot control himself, cannot stop himself, cannot prevent himself from doing the behavior that all of us should be deeply disturbed and unsettled by.
This is not normal.
This is another attempt to normalize bad behavior.
The media's attempt to brush over this, the media's attempt to excuse it, the media's attempt to justify it is like Vox and Salon trying to say, well, pedophiles are normal and they just have maybe a little mental issue.
No, they're perverts who present an imminent threat of danger to young children.
And Biden's behavior is obsessive and it's compulsive in a way that is dangerous for a public politician who's been in the public eye to continue to do this.
We're not even showing the bad footage.
It was during the break you saw when we were running.
It was really powerful.
And there's a new video we can show in a minute.
We'll play the audio where he tells the young girl, man, you're really pretty.
Oh, exactly.
Now, I mean, again, if I had an uncle or a cousin with one of my daughters rubbing him like that, saying, you really are pretty, I'd say, hey, uh, do I need to break your neck?
Are you a pervert or something?
I mean, obviously, well, actually, people turn a blind eye to this.
I had, well, I have family friends, and about 10 years ago, I'm at this party.
And this guy was married to my friend's sister and the dude was hitting on the 14 year old girl right in front of me.
And I said to my friend, I said, you know, he's hitting on this little girl.
This was his uncle's daughter or whatever.
And he said, oh no, it's fine.
Later it turned out he had sex with her, all this stuff, about a month later.
But it's just, it's crazy.
Oh, exactly.
I mean, when I've seen that behavior, I've cussed it out.
When I've been at weddings or other events where you have somebody that's there that you don't want and that you, it's not part of your family or anything else.
Uh, this behavior is just completely unacceptable behavior.
Called out the behavior.
It's incredibly obvious.
This is not trying to make a kid comfortable.
It's not even Michael Jackson behavior.
Michael Jackson wanted to be a 12-year-old kid hanging out with someone.
This is deliberately touchy-handsy.
He does this control thing where he holds them and rubs their cheeks.
I've got three daughters.
I've never sat there and held them.
I tried rubbing him and just like... Well it sort of reminds me of the Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction dialogue.
That's completely sexual the way he just rubbed her cheeks.
Like they're describing in the Quentin Tarantino's movie Pulp Fiction about why you wouldn't necessarily give a foot massage to somebody else's wife because of certain things.
The things he's doing is even more intimate.
There's certain things that are just as intimate as...
Just look at the... Going down on your wife.
I mean, seriously, when, I mean, like, your wife better be in the right mood when you do that under the cheap thing.
I mean, this is, like, seriously... Correct.
This is, like, very intimate.
Because it's invasive.
It can be invasive.
It's because it's so intimate that if it's not welcome or not wanted, you better know.
And all of these things... Yeah, so let's be clear.
Your wife you've had sex with 500 times...
Thousand times.
If you don't do it just right at the right time, the way he's doing this, they would reject it.
This is very sexual.
Because otherwise it's invasive.
Because that's the nature of true intimacy.
It's invasive if it's not approved, if it's not consensual.
And the way to look at it is, if you look at this behavior, is this something you would do with your wife or your girlfriend?
And the kids are always trying to get away.
It's like Drag Queen Story Time, where they're convicted pedophiles, and they don't even tell the parents.
They bring the kids in and set them on these guys laps, and the kids are fighting to get away.
Look at that, grabbing them by the arm.
Not only that, it's almost disproportionately girls.
Like the original excuse was... Oh, there's any video boys?
There's almost none.
And that gives you a sign like, I mean like, here... Oh, look at that there.
Notice he doesn't do that to the boy.
So he knows of this difference.
He knows of this distinction.
So this is not just the hair sniffing routine with everybody's wife.
You know, to be honest with you, that I would find, you know, irritating.
But I wouldn't find... If I was good buddies with somebody and they kissed my wife on the cheek or patted her on the ass, I'd still be like, OK, he's just familiar and he kind of... Somebody you don't know would be like, hey, dude, what are you doing?
But if they did that to my daughter when she was that age, it would be a different reaction.
Well sure, but he does that to like full-grown women.
He'll grab them and set them on his lap and dudes get pissed.
Yeah, there he is rubbing a breast.
Yeah, I mean, I'm sorry, there's nothing about that that's normal.
He never does that to any boy.
So this isn't some like weird thing he grew up with.
So this is an out-of-control pervert.
That's so compulsive in his behavior, that even when he knows he's being filmed... And what is the putting the head to him, and like the smelling him?
That for him is his... he loves hair, and he's very intimate about the way he does it.
And that's why he's soft.
I mean, notice the soft touch.
I mean, these are not the kind of touches... And the other thing is, he gets real excited while he's doing it.
You don't see... like, and contrast it to the coverage of Trump with his daughter.
Like, if Trump just pats his daughter on the back, they say, oh, that's somehow weird or perverted.
This is what's weird and perverted.
I was about 14 years old.
And one of my dad's cousins was over and she was good-looking, hot blonde.
She's probably like 30 years old.
And man, her husband was there and I thought we went out shooting and everything.
He's a lawyer.
I've been out there with her.
We're friends.
But man, I slapped her on the ass and it was sexual.
And he kind of looked at me and said, hey, you better watch it.
And she laughed.
But he was like, and I'm a 14-year-old slapping a full-grown woman on the ass.
And he was kind of like, hey, Junior, you better watch it because it was sexual and I couldn't help it.
It's unbelievable.
We'll be right back.
Remember just four or five years ago, they would have articles in the New York Times, the Washington Post, saying that globalists didn't exist, and that no one wanted global government.
Well, as soon as Hillary lost, they came out and said, okay, global government's real, globalists are real, but they're the good guys, and everyone against globalism
is a white supremacist.
You know where globalism came from?
It came from the Nazis.
They wanted a system to counter the British Empire.
That was the global power at that time.
The old saying was, the sun never set on the British Empire.
And Hitler gave speeches.
Hitler wrote articles.
It was all over the news at the time.
That he wanted a European Union that would then dominate the globe in a form of globalism.
So the term globalism actually comes from the Nazis.
The modern Olympics symbols does.
The VW, the highways, NASA.
I mean, they definitely innovated some stuff in their power graph.
And I'm not saying this is a German or Nazi conspiracy.
Hell, I'm half German myself.
Germans are great people.
But when harnessed by evil, good people can be like horses drawing the devil's carriage.
And so ideas of the Nazis and ideas of the British Empire competed with each other, and big corporations picked up those ideas, and that's modern globalism.
So InfoWars is seen as the most pure strain of Americana by the globalists.
I've talked to top people in Hollywood, in entertainment, and in media, and in government, and they've said, Jones, you're seen as Americana.
But they say, as beautiful as Americana is, and I'm not saying I'm beautiful, but Americana's beautiful, it stands in the way of the larger ideas for the planet and a one world government system.
Well, humans are revolting against that one world government system, and are saying they don't want to be under its hegemonic control.
Their great truth that they're so sure is, for us, isn't for us.
In different countries and parts of the world, we don't want to be under their control.
We don't want to carry out their vision.
We want to live our own lives.
And that's what Infowars represents, and that's why they've set up a system to demonize us.
They've set up a system to lie about us.
They've set up a system to create this strawman of who we are.
Because they understand that people don't do things for money or power at the end of the day.
They do it because of narratives.
They do it because of culture.
They do it because of ethos and what they stand for.
Oh, some people may sell out for money, but people that really count do it for ideology.
And the system knows that I'm trying to reboot, that you're trying to reboot.
A system that competes with the British Empire.
The British Empire called it the American system 200 years ago.
They said our system of empire will fail in competition with this.
Hitler said the same thing.
The truth is, our system was the best and the greatest because it empowered individuals.
And now it's fighting the very same systems of tyranny today.
Join us at Infowars.com.
Join the human community.
And spread the word against the censorship.
And know, we will prevail as we've done in the past.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You found it.
The program, the Clintons, and the Chadcombs once shut down.
Thanks to you standing with us.
We're still here.
Thank you.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Your phone calls are coming up next segment.
You're in the break.
I was back in the coffee room where somebody bought donuts and I just inhaled two of them.
Stop it!
Even though I appreciate it.
I was back to get a cup of coffee and ate two donuts and I was watching Fox News on Perino's show and they had a new CBS interview with Bob Barr and
The Attorney General, and he's like, trying to overthrow a president, lying about it, setting him up, trying to say that you're going to overthrow an election.
That's the tyranny here.
We shouldn't be talking about impeaching Trump.
There's no evidence.
He said this whole system is in danger.
It's out of control.
Our DVR crashed.
Maybe we'll have it later, but I'm sure the clip's everywhere.
I would just pull up Bob Barr on CBS.
It's all over the place.
Talk about Bob Barr a little bit.
I know you've studied him and others, and I've talked to some people that I know that are patriots in the Pentagon and in a three-letter agency who are actually good people who have a history of being whistleblowers.
Some on air from the CIA, some that haven't been on air.
They said, no, Barr's actually been good for a long time at trying to stabilize things and actually going after corruption.
Now, maybe that's not entirely true.
I think the jury's still out.
But regardless, what the left's done is so dangerous, even to the power structure, that at some level it's got to be dialed back just from their perspective.
But here's the Hill article.
Professor who correctly predicted nine presidential elections says Trump will win in 2020 unless Democrats impeach.
An American University professor who correctly predicted the last nine presidential elections says President Trump will win the 2020 election unless Congressional Democrats grow a spine, which he's pushing him to do.
Alan Lichtman, a political historian, said Democrats only have a shot at the White House if they begin impeachment proceedings against Trump.
You think that's true?
And where do you think this goes?
I think Lippman's wrong.
I mean, I think Lippman wants it to be that way.
What it is, Lippman has a subjective component and an objective component.
Because I've studied all of these because I've been the, you know, one of the prime successes at betting presidential politics now going on 20 years.
Well, they say you're the guy that does the biggest bets on presidential elections.
I'm the most successful American political bettor according to the UK Times.
So our headline should be...
Top political better calls 2020.
And the 2020 is Trump's going to win.
Like I predicted last year, I said that Trump was trading at 2 to 1.
I said it's a good time to buy him because he'll be at least 1 to 1 by the time 2019 rolls around.
And he already is.
So right now he is the favorite.
He's the even money favorite.
Truth is, he's in my view a 95% favorite.
So historically, when someone has his economic numbers, when someone has his security around the world, when you have a good economy and a safe country, both of which he has helped create by his policies... And his energy and his gravitas up against 20-something crip keepers?
Not only that, the second measurement is if the Republican Party was meaningfully split.
So if his base had turned on him, then he would be in trouble.
His base is completely aligned with him.
He continues to advocate for the positions that got him elected.
Did so yesterday by imposing tariffs on Mexico as long as immigration remains a problem.
And Mexico within 24 hours was calling for a conference to discuss how they could meet the President's objectives.
So you have North Korea wanting to reignite peace talks.
So you have China at the table to discuss meaningful trade reform that will protect American jobs.
So he's done things that other presidents have promised but failed to deliver on.
And so people just don't have a sense.
They know the power structure is pissed.
A lot of things have gotten better.
Trump clearly is trying and that's really all people are looking for.
And so, historically, when the incumbent presidential party is not meaningfully divided, the incumbent has won every single election in American political history.
The third thing that happens, so you have the economy good, you have the country safe, you have the party base happy, excited, want Trump to keep going, and the third part is the party in opposition tends to look at their field and say, not look for who would make the best president, they look at their field and say, who's the most politician of the bunch?
So that's how you get Bob Dole in 1996.
That's how you get John Kerry in 2004.
That's how you get Mitt Romney in 2012.
Nobody ever looked at any of those guys and said, oh, that person's so naturally a president.
Instead, they looked at him and said, that guy reminds me of a politician.
You look at Trump, you go...
You go, that's president.
And the whole world sees it.
That's John Wayne.
I mean, it's like big.
It's like, and he's delivering.
What happens is the party in opposition feels so much fear over the incumbent.
They think the incumbent is definitely going to win.
And sometimes it's a conscious fear.
Sometimes it's an unconscious fear.
In Lippman's case, it's a conscious fear.
That's why he's advocating for things to make up standards that don't exist, to propagate a different theory of the election when his own data says... I totally agree.
And everybody knows truth when they hear it.
So, how do they counter-strike?
Because they are counter-striking.
All the fake investigations, Antifa, activated terrorists, assassination.
If they were smart, they would put a message out there that would persuade the public audience.
They would put a message out there that would re-up Trump and beat Trump.
A positive, instead it's only negative.
America sucks, we're all racist, it's over.
Contrast it to what happened in Sweden.
So Sweden, the party on the left, decided to embrace the most restrictive immigration reforms in history.
And they were able to regain power because they changed their policies on immigration.
They did what the people wanted.
Bernie Sanders just went back to his 2015 position on immigration.
And said it was a Koch Brothers conspiracy to drive down wages in America, then he would actually have a viable chance against the President in a re-election pit, because then his immigration position would be no different than Trump's and be equally aggressive, and then he could pitch his different ideas to make the world a safer and better place.
But instead, as long as they're focused on Trump, and this Trump understands, if they're talking about him, he's winning.
And so if they're talking about impeachment, if they're talking about efforts to take him out... He gets it though.
He's taking the oxygen out of their paradigm.
The real threat Trump faces right now is not so much from the Democratic Party.
There are dead men walking.
It's the deep state.
The deep state will not accept being targeted for all of their bad conduct and malfeasance and misfeasance in the 2016 election, for their misdeeds during the Mueller inquiry and investigation.
Mueller was his shot across the bow, not to help Democrats, but to help the deep state use the Democrats in the House in order to counteract Trump's spygate inquiry.
That's what all of that is about.
So his biggest adversary right now is not Kim in North Korea, it's not China trying to do what they're doing, it's not the Democratic Party domestically who are dead men walking, it is, in whatever they say about Nancy Pelosi, I mean she looks like a dead person talking.
So it's none of them, it's the deep state.
And that means he needs to go out.
That's who is his enemy.
Those are the people sabotaging.
The people not getting the agenda through.
Taking papers off his desk.
He ordered, just totally constitutional, that Brennan lose his security clearance.
Didn't lose it two months ago.
So it's the politicized parts of the spy network that are using that power.
I mean, that led Snowden to become a whistleblower because he saw where it was going, even with a president he liked in Obama.
He realized how dangerous this was going to be politicized.
I totally agree.
Let's get into worst case scenario when we come back.
Because we've had, what, four American presidents assassinated?
Or is it five?
I'd have to go back and look.
You've had some shot at and some successfully killed.
So the numbers vary based on that.
Exactly, like Teddy Roosevelt got shot in the chest, he'll give a speech.
Reagan got shot, survived.
They tried to kill Roosevelt, but he survived.
I think it's four dead, three shot.
If you count the other, Jackson, he got shot and stabbed.
Correct, that's true.
Anyways, they're going to try to kill the President.
These globalists don't give up.
And so I think everybody needs to know
They can do a truck bomb, say jihadis did it.
They've been doing too much positive publicity of people who've done violence on the White House lawn or near it.
That's right, they're signaling.
They're greenlighting.
Exactly, they're triggering it, they're greenlighting.
Let's talk about worst case scenarios.
And the left's only thinking one-dimensional.
If you kill him, do you guys have any idea what happens to you?
My God.
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He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Chaos is hanging around.
Punch your ear to the ground.
And shut it from the sound.
The death machine ain't slowing down.
It's gaining power.
Why are we seeing all this happen?
And I gotta tell you, there's a lot of powerful corrupt people in this world, but Hillary Clinton was able to sycophantically get all these college heads, all these corporate heads to worship her.
And still, when she goes out on the road, and she goes to universities, the people act like
Jesus Christ just landed in a flying saucer.
This is an incredibly boring, stupid, evil woman, in my view.
She has a criminal intelligence, but that's about it.
Bob Barnes, smart constitutional lawyer, civil rights lawyer.
What do you think the mystery of Hillary Clinton is?
Just briefly, I want to go to calls, and what happens
If they do successfully assassinate Trump, and what are other wild cards, as you've said a year ago, and now it's being borne out by political analysts and others, Trump's 95% chance is going to win.
So the Democrats' only desperate measure is to try to impeach, even though that makes him more likely to win.
And instead of giving up, they just lie even more, bully even more.
And that doesn't make people give in to them, it only makes people get more staunchly hardline.
If they were smart, they would figure out, they would just concede he's going to win re-election, sort of like Tip O'Neill did in 1983 with Reagan, and look at areas where they could work together to achieve mutual objectives that would allow the Democrats to maintain some degree of power base either in the House or the Senate.
That would be the smart move.
Uh, they're not making the smart move.
Because, first of all, they're a party that's completely discordant, can't agree amongst each other.
You have a radical young left that wants to take a sort of cultural Mao revolution to its older generation and just wipe them out, literally and figuratively.
You see that when you see the millennial left and the new left going after people like Martin Luther King.
When they're doing that, then you have a sense that they have no sense of boundaries, no sense of limits.
No bottom.
No restriction.
There is no bottom to their gutter.
They're not self-aware.
So that's what Trump wants, number one.
Number two, in fact, they've done the surveys on this.
The reason why Pelosi didn't talk about impeachment for the last six months of 2018 is because their survey showed that whenever the word impeachment was mentioned, Trump's support went up.
And not only that, Republican support goes up in the House.
And voting Republican in the House, voting Republican in the Senate.
I think?
A lot of people wanted to like Obama so they would give him high job approval, but when you ask them about his policies, it would tank.
With Trump, it's just the opposite.
Because his personality is controversial, it's his policies that they're so happy about.
Where he's getting huge approval on the economy, on national security, on immigration.
These areas are going off the charts.
So they cannot compete with him.
On the policy agenda.
So if they were smart, they would try to co-opt some portion of that policy agenda.
They would say, hey, we can be useful, we can work together with the president to have an industrial plan that rebuilds America, that has an infrastructure budget that helps rebuild America.
Areas where they have common cause with the president.
Come to terms on the immigration issue, rather than continuing to use the judges to wage lawfare against the president.
And the president has been subject to more injunctions against his executive policies than all the presidents in the 20th century combined.
And I love how some people still on the internet because the left's funding from below and above.
Oh, he's establishment.
Oh, he's a new world order.
Yeah, that's why they're all running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
No, Trump's not perfect, but he's really trying to be the president and not doing what they say.
Doesn't mean everything he does is perfect.
We're only human, but he's not taking orders, and that's the issue.
No doubt about it whatsoever.
You wouldn't have had the Deep State wage a two-year war against him if he hadn't been better.
Think about that.
I mean, we have a president actually calling the shots.
That didn't happen halfway since Reagan.
No doubt.
And when's the last time you had a president live on national television talk about the military security complex trying to be a war-raging machine that he's fighting against?
I mean, Eisenhower waited until he was about to leave office.
He's telling everybody.
He's not against the military, he's against interests.
He's saying that the soldiers he completely supports, and it's because he supports those soldiers that he's not going to put them in harm's way unnecessarily or fight stupid, useless wars.
You haven't seen him go into Venezuela.
He wants Venezuela to change, but he's not going to risk American lives to do it.
He wants Russia to change in certain ways, but he's not going to risk American lives to do it.
He wants Syria to be in a different
That's right.
It shows the good OCD.
He doesn't like seeing collapsing cities.
He doesn't like seeing poor people.
He doesn't get off like leftists do.
All these articles, they admit, typhus, black plague, leftist cities collapsing worse than Guatemala.
And the left, why are they doing that to their cities?
Well, because it's control.
You have to have an excuse and a pretext for state control and for government control and for cultural control of their ideas.
That's why you have to disown Martin Luther King and defame Martin Luther King.
That's why you have to create viruses and diseases and create excuses.
It was part of one of the criticisms of the medical industry.
It's one of the only industries that makes more profit the more they make people sick.
They have no economic interest in people actually being healthy all the time.
Because if people are healthy all the time, they have no need for medical services.
Definitely no need for pharmaceutical services.
For certain kinds of surgical services.
For certain kinds of treatment services.
So it builds, it has an economic interest and incentive in people being diseased in the same way that alcohol companies benefit from alcoholism, that gambling companies benefit from obsessive gambling disorders, that the drug dealers benefit from addiction.
So they don't have an incentive that aligns with the public interest.
So it's like planned obsolescence.
I want to go to calls from Carlos and Brian and Matt and Chris and Pat, you and Joey and Lee and George and Jacob and Jefferson.
We've got a lot to get done today and we have Nick Baggage coming up.
We may take a little bit of his time, maybe the first five minutes, but then we're going to pull the ejection pin here.
But as we go to break, I'm going to rampage through your calls.
George and then Joey and then Chris and then Brian and Carlos and Jefferson.
When we come back, I want to write to you.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Mike in New Jersey.
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Thanks for calling, Mike.
You are the man, Alex.
I'm so glad to be talking to you.
I'm so excited.
I'm such a big fan.
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It means a lot working for the president.
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Thank you, President Trump.
Thank you, President Trump.
Thank you, President Trump.
Thank you, President Trump.
Thank you, President Trump.
Thank you, President Trump.
We're making America great again.
We are.
We're truly making America great again.
Donald Trump is our president.
He is my president.
Donald Trump is our president.
We're making America great again!
No collusion, no obstruction, no nothing.
They issued 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers.
Think of that, though.
500 witnesses.
And then I have Nancy Pelosi go out and say that the President of the United States engaged in a cover-up.
Now, we've had a House investigation.
We have Senate investigations.
We have investigations like nobody's ever had before, and we did nothing wrong.
They would have loved to have said we
They would have loved it.
These people were out to get us.
The Republican Party and President Trump.
They were out to get us.
This was a one-sided, horrible thing.
The bottom line is, they said, there's no collusion.
No collusion with Russia.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones here, back live with Robert Barnes.
I'll be back this Sunday in the studio with Bob Ryder.
You've got to come with me.
4 to 6 p.m., the war room's coming up.
But first, Dr. Nick Beggins, we're going to your calls right now.
Thanks for holding on this live Friday edition.
We're going to Jefferson, Matt, and others right now.
Jefferson in Virginia, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, gentlemen.
Thank you for letting me on.
Happy Friday.
Thank you, sir.
My question for Mr. Barnes is, we have to all agree, I think, that social media has become a ghetto because they change the rules arbitrarily.
And it would seem to me the President should have the power to threaten them with a kill switch, saying, we need to set up a hands-off list of a certain number of people that have been suspended or outlawed, and put them back, reinstate them, and say you have to leave them alone.
They don't have to live by your terms of service, they just have to live by FCC rules, or some
Something some stated rule that's already written down.
The purse and the power of other method mechanisms to do it so for example the president could say that nobody's going to receive any form of federal funding directly or indirectly whether it be tax benefits whether it be immunity under section 230 or whether it be direct federal government contracts unless they apply the same viewpoint to non-discrimination rules that exist for other kinds
Oh, if Big Tech was censoring leftists, this would never happen, but they know conservatives are like, we're a free market, companies can do anything they want.
No, not when they're bigger than governments, and have been lying, and have been lying on their contracts, and are operating as oligopolies.
I think the president's been building to the point where the public can accept that when he takes dramatic action, it's necessary action.
So, like, he waited for a while to do anything about college free speech, he waited until it was built and built and built and built, and then when he acted, people said, well, he had to act, he had no other choice.
He's not even going to write them.
But he's going to need to do it before 2019 ends, or early in 2020, because all of this is about manipulating the 2020 election outcome.
He only faces, in my view, two threats.
What are the 5% chance he can lose?
The deep state taking him out, or social media manipulating the election results.
Those are his only two threats, and those are the two he's got to be focused on through 2020.
And again, he's 72 years old.
His son is smart when it comes to the internet.
Trump's like, oh yeah, that's the internet.
Hey, every day there's 50 times the audience of Fox News in political debate.
It's you, Trump.
It's your clips that would have been magnified to new people that are being blocked.
You shouldn't care about...
The geriatric Fox audience.
No doubt, because in fact, when they did a deep study, Harvard and other people looked at what social media overlapping networks really created the Trump machine.
And they identified two sources, and it was you and Breitbart.
And they said it was outside, and they said Fox really only existed in this world.
It was a whole different world, which had you and Breitbart as the center, and outposts of it is like Gateway Pundit, Cernovich.
We're like the firebases launching the tentacles out.
Correct, exactly.
And Trump has allowed those to be basically curtailed.
We're trying to fire tentacles out as best we can, but... Correct, exactly.
The problem is they're limiting the ability for you to reach people who don't already know about you, or who don't know about your news.
And that's what you were able to do through this sort of networking of 12 degrees of separation.
All these people would rely upon what you did to distribute your information.
But our listeners can still override all that by just being more earnest, more focused.
As long as they continue to act in dissident ways, wear their own Guy Fawkes mask of a kind, in this case an Alex Jones mask, by doing so in the social media space.
Oh, you had a great idea today at that meeting this morning.
We should have an actually thick, nice Guy Fawkes Alex Jones mask.
Not just the little Halloween ones we put out that are, like, super cheap, but a nicer one.
Because the new Guy Fawkes is Alex Jones.
I'm not trying to be famous.
It's the reality.
It's true.
In the third dimension, they go, oh look, Jones is bullhorning the White House.
How pathetic.
Raw story said.
And so did Media Matters.
Because it's not pathetic.
They're scared of us in the third dimension.
So they want to tell us it's pathetic when you were all over the news.
Just so happened Jack Dorsey was there.
We didn't plan that.
Oh, it was so credible the president listened and said, see Jack.
Oh, it was so dumb that you protested.
No, we hit a royal flush.
What's even better than a royal flush?
I had no idea the meeting was happening then.
Only time ever before in the White House is when we're having a censorship meeting, and Trump and them thought I'd been tipped off.
I later met with U.S.
intelligence the next day, an intelligence agency.
They're like, so who told you?
I'm like, no, I just showed up then.
But they're telling me how weak I am.
Oh, of course.
And they're going to do that.
And the goal is sort of a mind trick on the audience to get the audience to not support the network, to not participate.
I mean, every time... Well, they're going to call victory defeat.
And they need the audience to not do it because they need the audience to believe they don't have the power.
If they believe they don't have the power to change the world, then they can stop the audience from changing the world.
Like the Einstein Institute said.
Exactly, that's their whole thing.
I mean, all those color revolutions, velvet, orange, rose you heard about in Eastern Europe, all of those were founded by the ideas spread by the Einstein Institute to dissidents in Eastern and Central Europe.
They reminded them that the four pillars of public power actually had underneath it a fifth pillar of power, which was public opinion and public perception of their own power.
Jefferson, thank you so much.
Let's go to Matt.
Let's go to Matt in California.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Alex Jones, what up?
You are the man.
Bob Barr, what's up, man?
Hey, Infoplanet, we're winning.
And Bob, the question is, is there any way that we could have a class action lawsuit against Twitter?
Because I was part of a bunch of the meme war competitions, and I posted a bunch of stuff, and I was just like, why is nobody ever seeing any of this stuff?
Turns out my logo was a
Trump said Trump on it, Trump Strong, and it was an American flag wall.
And so obviously nobody ever seen it because it not only was Trump.
And the AI is so dumb.
If you just say screw Alex Jones, screw Trump, people are doing this now.
Then they'll share it because their minions are so dumb.
You look at this filth Trump trying to get blacks jobs.
And then they'll go, oh yeah.
Could we actually sue them in class action for all the lost earnings?
We're good to go.
So can we actually get reparations from that?
Some kind of a... Well, I'm not joking and I'm not saying you should do this, but if you said Nambla is good as your account, you would be, whatever reason, Google, Facebook, Boost, anything Nambla.
And I'm not saying do that, but if you said adults should have sex with two-year-olds or kill babies, they would just maximize you.
I'm not joking.
If you said, I love Satan, you will have movies made about you, it's crazy.
No doubt.
To his question, in fact, there will be an announcement coming up near July 4th.
We're going to have an Independence Day announcement.
A new Independence Day of an independent movement to create a new Southern Poverty Law Center that does what the Southern Poverty Law Center claims to do, but to actually support speech.
A speech protection law center instead.
A real SPLC to counter the SPLC.
And the goal will be to create and organize together, put together a team of lawyers that brings class action cases against big tech and big media that is corrupting and corroding our democratic institutions to protect the 2020 election.
And we're going to have, and Alex may be one of the lead participants in those class action claims, and we're going to have an announcement coming forth on July 4th that everybody can participate in, that everybody can support, that everybody can join in, and we're going to create a range of class action claims
We're good to go.
Free speech, like they promised they would, so that the 2020 elections can be honest and honorable and up and above board, so that the people's rights and interests can be protected, and their economic interests protected, such as people making t-shirts, people who have monetized their social media for the purposes of other independent purposes, to require that they be reinstated, to require that their rights be protected, that their platform be a civil right that is necessary in this modern age of social media monopolies.
And so many times what I've seen with Trump and other great leaders is when the grassroots takes action he respects, that's why he reads the mail coming in, he takes random phone calls, he respects that raw intel.
And so when we take action, when the listeners take action against this, organically that signals other leaders above us to get involved.
So we're sending the orders up.
People don't get this.
We're in command.
Look at what happened.
Once they created a private fund to build the wall, it wasn't like the private fund was going to be able to achieve building the wall, but it sent the message to the president, look how much money was raised to build the wall.
By people who knew that that money likely would never get to get spent on building a wall.
They ended up building about a mile or so.
They've worked hard on it.
I know the people doing it.
But it's stunts that launched this country.
It drew public attention.
The president realized, wow, these people are willing to back their ideas with their actual money and cash.
And he's a businessman like anyone else.
And when he sees that, he says, OK, this is serious.
This is significant.
I have to pay attention to this.
I have to take action on it.
I mean, it's one of the reasons why he had great respect for the InfoWars audience.
First major presidential candidate to publicly appear, constantly publicly support, say publicly positive things, retweet out accounts.
And by the way, they tried to have, I think it's QAnon, it's just a bunch of different people, some of it real, some of it not, claim Trump doesn't like me, and then Trump tweets a bunch of our stuff.
They don't know what to do.
That was Trump literally saying, no, I'm with Infowars.
And that totally has sent the whole system into hissy fit, because Trump knows the powers of the grassroots, the 1776, the real blood of Americana, which we're just one system of, and the fact that after all the demonization, he didn't forsake us, just sends them into panic mode.
Trump respects an audience that puts action behind their words.
And the InfoWars audience has always done that.
So part of the reason to build this public platform is not just to bring the public litigation that needs to be brought, but to bring public attention to the legal issues that need to be brought so the President takes meaningful, real, positive action.
To protect his own interest in the 2020 election, but to protect all of our free speech and free press rights moving forward.
That's right.
The communications of citizens in the modern telecommunications system is essential to a free and open republic.
We're going to come back with more calls, and then, Governor Nick Baggage takes over from Alaska with big breaking news.
Stay there.
Hour number four is only two minutes away.
Info Warslide.
What it really is, Alex, is I'm getting sick and tired of liberals with their arguments trying to push absolute untruths and illogical conclusions and think that we're just going to have to believe them because they resort to emotional appeals to try to make everyone feel uncomfortable.
That's what they try to do.
Resort to emotional appeals so that people feel uncomfortable.
They can shut down dialogue and then we can't reach the factual, logical conclusion that they're wrong.
You know what the best way to refute liberal arguments is?
You just go out there and you put a microphone in front of their face and you let them speak.
And ask them to essentially tell you why they support what they support and you will just get a bunch of jibber jabber, cussing, yelling.
You've been interviewing people six, seven years, but intensely the last four.
Obviously, it's getting more extreme.
How would you describe the tenor in the last few years?
There's definitely an uptick in violence and hostility, and it's not just InfoWars, because I've seen other journalists out there, Breitbart, other media companies, get the same vitriol.
It's an uptick in violence from the left because they are realizing that all these beliefs that they've held and been brainwashed with, that it's no longer going to be their reality because people are waking up.
People are getting red-pilled and they're seeing the truth for what it is and they're panicking because these are your lemmings that want to run off the side of a cliff.
And they'll take humanity with them if we let them.
And that's why no more silence from conservatives.
I ask you, I beg you.
Conservatives, please do something because these lemmings want to take us off the side of the cliff with them.
Because that's where they're headed.
They want to destroy humanity.
They want our little children, our little boys to be turned into drag queens.
They want our babies aborted and killed.
And they think nothing's wrong with that.
This is where we're heading, Alex.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, we're going into sudden death overtime, and Begich, who I love to death, is a great scientist, and he's cool.
We're taking the next ten minutes, too.
So, this segment, next segment of calls, we get to everybody that's holding.
Let's go to Chris in Illinois.
You're on the air with Robert Barnes.
That's not Bob Barr, the Attorney General.
That's Robert Barnes.
Somebody was calling you Bob, so somebody was calling you Attorney General earlier, which is fine.
You've gotten promoted.
Chris in Illinois, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Good afternoon, fellas.
It's not dodging bullets here in Chicago.
Um, I know you don't like compliments, Alex, but my compliment is this.
Um, I'm listening to you guys for about 10 years and around work and a lot of my neighbors, you know, um, you know, I have enough knowledge now.
I feel like I have my PhD talking about a lot of this stuff.
And I actually have a lot of people that will sort of come to me and say, Hey, what do you think is going to happen next?
Because typically
I'm spot on, and that's basically from listening to you guys.
But my comment about Kushner is, you know, way back, I remember one of the interviews you did with Phyllis Schlafly, and one of the things she said that really woke me up was how she was talking about how bipartisanship is essentially the fox in the henhouse.
And my concern with Kushner is, first of all, I think his dad has a lot of skeletons, which is puzzling to me.
Uh, the globalists haven't come after him in that regard.
Sure, and paying twice as much as you should for 666 Park Avenue?
Well, his dad is also, on record, is probably the dumbest criminal of all time.
I mean, he managed to get himself convicted by Chris Christie.
So the, uh, hopefully the... Oh, next segment.
Start of the next segment.
Tell that story.
Go ahead, Chris.
So basically, you know, in the same way when conservatives always lose with bipartisanship, such as gun control laws, the Patriot Act, you know, patriots end up getting pissed on with this stuff.
It sounds good, right?
But I'm afraid Kushner might walk in, and the globalists know they're on the ropes, and so perhaps he would take some kind of deal, you know, because their goal is essentially to buy time.
And right now, with the rise of populism and nationalism globally, as we saw last weekend,
They've got to buy some time.
And I think that's what concerns me about Kushner.
No, I agree with you.
Kushner tends to try to make deals.
He's more of a Democrat from New York.
But, Kushner doesn't make the deals.
Trump approves them.
So, I'm just saying, it isn't Trump joining Milderberg to send a representative there.
Our whole point was forcing the fact that Bilderberg exists out in the open.
No doubt.
And Trump is the first president in forever to never go to Bohemian Grove and to never have previously gone and participated in Bilderberg.
So the fact that he's sending Kushner there to get intel, which is how
Kushner will be seen as like them to the Bilderberg elites, but Trump doesn't care about that because Kushner makes no decisions.
Kushner is there to provide intel to the President as to what they're thinking about, what they're talking about, what they're strategizing, what's going on.
He wants to be inside the room rather than outside the room to know what the deal is so he can make his own determinations and decisions.
Anybody that's been around Trump any time in his life
Knows he makes his own decisions on his own mind.
Kushner's only impact is to provide him information.
Kushner's making no decisions at all inside the White House.
So, and that's good for a lot of reasons.
Chris, appreciate the call.
Great point.
And I get criticizing Kushner, and I defend people that want to criticize him.
I just think, I totally agree with you.
Kushner's well-spoken, he gets around, he's slick with establishment people, and he goes and reports to Trump.
And I always keep hearing about Kushner's running days, and I just don't think that's the case.
No, not at all.
And in fact, I think Trump deliberately leaks that because he wants these people to give Kushner more information than they would otherwise give him.
In order for them to be feel trusting and confident around him, you need Kushner meeting with Kissinger once a month like he's been doing.
You need Kushner meeting with some members of the sort of the elitist structure that operates throughout the world.
I mean, build the enemies closer.
You got to know what they're thinking, know what they're talking about.
And the only way that works is if the world thinks Kushner has real power.
So he's got to let people think Kushner has real power.
But anybody that knows Trump knows the probability he's letting anybody dictate to him anything doesn't know Trump at all.
Trump responds to public demand of the public interest and the public audience.
He doesn't take dictation from any individual as to what he has to do or do.
But people don't get any pull of him.
But a random phone call, a woman handing him a piece of paper?
He takes that by- What the InfoWars audience is doing and acting, that he will act.
And that's why the establishment wants to cut off.
I don't know if you were happy that day, but I read on your Facebook page you were getting a vaccination, you were singing.
A PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent recently admitted during a conference that babies are only given shots up to age one in order to train the parents to get their children into the medical system, that the vaccines are completely worthless.
The notion that babies are being injected with vaccines in the first year of their life simply in order to brainwash parents into feeding their children into the medical system is an extremely disturbing premise.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Broadcasting worldwide, cramming in as many phone calls as we can before Dr. Nick Baggage closes out the Friday transmission.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is here.
Briefly, because you're an expert on Robert Mueller.
You've exposed that.
It's all come out.
You were getting into Kushner and his father.
And again, don't judge a son by his father.
God, don't judge people for if their family ten generations ago had slaves.
So I'm not here to defend Kushner.
I'm just not here to say Kushner's bad because his dad went to jail.
But you were telling me the way he went was just stupid.
Oh, completely.
I use him as one of the examples of, you know, those sort of America's Dumbest Criminals Awards and those kind of things.
Darwin Awards!
Yeah, exactly.
People who leave their driver's license at the place, at the bank, where they just committed robbery.
That's basically what Kushner's dad did.
Or guys that rob a house, kill the woman, like just happened in Austin, and they take the credit cards and the woman's cell phone and they're using it on the road?
The cops go right there?
Correct, exactly.
I mean, it's just insanity.
So basically Kushner's dad could have dodged all the problems, but he tried to set up his own in-laws and other relations with this bogus hooker thing, and then he tried to create another fake thing to set somebody else up.
That all got him much deeper into trouble.
Let's pull up Kushner's dad.
You can type it in, but go ahead.
So yeah, so Kushner's dad basically bought himself a ticket to prison with his own stupidity.
By taking you, somebody who, I use as an example to clients and say, this is what not to do.
Don't do this, don't do this.
But was it that he was so smart, but had gotten away with stuff forever, he thought some elaborate one-dimensional scheme.
If something's incredibly elaborate, but it doesn't think about the next step, it's still one-dimensional, the only good one-dimensional thing would be something super simple.
Something one-dimensional and super complex is going to fail.
It's the reason why so many of the people that are caught criminals in prison have low IQs.
Because they're one-step thinkers, not two-step thinkers.
They think, purse nice, what like to steal, not what happens if I get caught.
So that's what Kushner's dad was.
So that's why I really do hope the genetic part of his IQ came from his mom.
But I've made the point that there's also, me and my buddy call really rich, institutional wealth people aliens.
Because they don't even know how to clean their car, how to change a tire, and they've gotten away with stuff so long, it's not that their IQ is even low, it's their cultural IQ is so low, or their societal IQ, they're experiential.
They don't get like, dude, you're gonna get caught with a super elaborate framing plan.
There are people who have been removed from consequences in their life.
So to some degree, what happened to his dad probably was highly educational and beneficial to Kushner, avoiding the same consequence and outcome.
Because he got to see what the real consequences were of that kind of insular conduct.
And so it probably provided him a life edge that he would not otherwise have, and he would probably be less useful for the president.
Just briefly, I'm going to have a few calls here.
I've read about the story, but you broke it down a few weeks ago to me, really.
What happened?
So, I mean, basically he did have some tax and a range of issues, but the people turning him in were his own sister-in-law and other people, his other close family members.
So he tried to set them up with bogus hookers in different situations.
Tried to set up her husband with a bogus hooker to try to extort him, to try to not provide evidence to the government, all of which backfired into creating new crimes that didn't even exist before he acted.
So if he just would have had any IQ over 50 in the way he handled it, he would never have been prosecuted by Chris Christie.
He was because Christie had no choice because he kept digging deeper and deeper and deeper holes that required some action or remedy be taken.
So it was just a level of insanity that if someone who writes his own script and thinks that it's going to be successful, not understanding the audience.
And that's who he was.
But it did help the son in the sense that the son, unlike everyone else in his privileged group of upbringing,
Recognize what consequences can happen when you don't plan ahead, when you're not strategic, and when you think your own world is the only world that exists.
And that's probably why he has been so much more beneficial to the president than he would have been without that life experience.
And then the incestuousness of it, in that Chris Christie's in with Trump and everything, but then Kushner's in, and you know, Kushner doesn't like Chris Christie.
You knew sooner or later Chris Christie wasn't making it to the dance.
So that's why he was the first guy to endorse Trump.
He was hoping to overcome the fact that he put Kushner's dad in prison.
I'm always impressed how much research you've done.
We were talking to Pattis, a great lawyer up in Connecticut for the Sandy Hook political suits.
He's like, wow, I've actually watched all the videos.
You never even said what they said.
It is all edited.
Barnes is right.
But he's a great guy, but he was kind of reactively still like halfway believing what they say.
You'd actually gone and looked at it all.
I mean, they just lie about everything.
Oh, completely.
Not the families, the lawyers.
Oh, absolutely.
What's happened is you had the Connecticut lawsuit was based on a bunch of claims that they had to have known or should have known didn't exist.
They were based on made-up facts that just didn't happen.
You know, there was no marketing or targeting of people in the manner that they were talking about.
There was no attempts to... Yeah, they act like one news story is like the Holy Grail and a cash machine shootout.
We have hundreds of videos today, stacks of articles, guests.
They're saying that I'm living off this when it's really those Democrat lawyers and those groups that have been getting in office, milking it, getting contributions, the American Way, families that have been caught keeping money.
The truth is this is all coming out and they don't know the tar baby they've gotten involved in.
We didn't make a damn dime off barely covering it and then they get to cover it and bring it back up in my name and that's what's sick.
They hold me up like a ventriloquist and go, Alex Jones!
Nobody died!
He's hurting the families!
And it's the lawyers doing it.
Right, and I think what happened is the lawyers got caught in Connecticut actually believing press coverage.
They really believed the politicians.
They really believed the press.
They really believed Media Matters.
They assumed all that was accurate.
I mean, even Joe Rogan said at one point he had believed that what Media Matters put out was accurate.
He didn't realize until later it was completely inaccurate.
And the way Media Matters disguises the truth is they will bury within the article or their publication the actual whole video.
And if you go and watch the whole video, you realize, oh, they're completely mischaracterizing what took place here.
They're completely mischaracterizing the conversation.
They're completely mischaracterizing the scope of the issues, etc.
But they don't do that.
So that's where if you've read and reviewed InfoWars during the entire time period, 90 to 95 percent of all coverage does not say that Sandy Hook didn't happen, admits and acknowledges Sandy Hook did happen.
So that in fact what the issue was whether or not politicians were coming up with a different reason as to why Sandy Hook happened.
And they wanted to, only the politicians and the press, only wanted to blame a gun.
They didn't want to blame the shooter.
They didn't want to blame mental health treatment.
They didn't want to blame psychotropic drugs.
They didn't want to blame school security.
They didn't want to blame school systems that didn't make the very simple choice of allowing teachers the means of locking their own doors.
I mean, it's one thing to do the Israeli mechanism of protecting schools, where teachers are trained and have arms available to them, where they have not experienced any of these kind of incidents.
Because the Islamist knows somebody's waiting for him with an AR-15.
Correct, exactly.
In the time we have, and I apologize to the last callers, call me and Robert back on Sunday.
Carlos, Brian, Joey, Lee, George, Jacob, we just have so many calls coming in.
I'll put you ahead of the line, I promise, on Sunday.
Please call us.
There's going to be a ruling in the third Sandy Hook suit, followed here in Austin, where I was sued by someone's name I never even said.
All the law says you can't do that.
But you're predicting they'll still push it on, it'll go to appeal, and then come back.
It'll obviously go nowhere in the future.
But that's why they're so upset.
But they used
Basically, these disingenuous lawsuits, as the perception of my guilt for the deplatforming, show their victory has already happened.
The politicians and the press continue to misuse and mischaracterize these suits for their own partisan and personal purposes.
And what's going to happen, ultimately there will be a decision.
I think the court is a very thoughtful court.
But they're going to run it as another victory.
No, no.
These courts are all punting to the appeal.
I mean, all of them know that this is... But if the appeals court say you can sue somebody when you hadn't said their name, the country's going to be shut down by lawsuits.
That's what's going to happen.
The press is going to not be able to function as a free press.
And like you said to me, even CNN in the Covington is arguing what you're saying now.
So they can't have Kay Kennedy too.
CNN admits that your legal position in this case is the correct constitutional position.
So they've admitted that in their filings and the Sandman-related suits out of Kentucky.
So, all we're arguing is that we should have the same standards for everybody in the press, same standards for everybody in speech.
And this is significant, and you're the tip of the spear to protect the freedom of the press.
And what did the judge say when you said that in court?
The judge said he takes it very seriously, he wants to make it thoughtful and make an intelligent review, and he's torn by what to do.
And so I think he's going to make the best decision he knows how, and whichever way it goes, ultimately it's a decision that the U.S.
Supreme Court's going to have to stay by.
And I think the fundamental decision to protect free press and free speech in this country will have the name Alex Jones in its title.
Well, listeners, we love you.
Dr. Nick Begich, trade ahead.
Please stay with us.
Most of you.
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Vice has lost $5 billion for Disney.
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