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Name: 20190523_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 23, 2019
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The Alex Jones Show discusses topics such as bone broth for health, racism and brainwashing, colleges teaching that whites are bad, war on language by third-world populations, Democrats attempting to take control of reality, Trump's strategy in the "poker game", importance of border control in America, globalist plot to reduce people's IQ levels, search for the best iodine in the world, deteriorating conditions of cities like Baltimore and Chicago, censorship of Alex Jones and Infowars by large tech companies, new book collection of short stories and essays available on Amazon and Kindle, Second Amendment Preservation Act in Missouri, potential punishment of the Russiagators, invasion taking place at the US border, and Patriot Blend coffee sourced from traditional Mayan techniques in Mexico.

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Well, there's a new buzzword out there, and it's that Trump's involved in cover-ups.
Here's what the president had to say in the Rose Garden yesterday after his meeting with the Crypt Keeper, Nancy Pelosi, and the guy that said he'd get Trump seven ways from Sunday, or six ways from Sunday, old Shucky Schumer.
Things are going well, and I said, let's have the meeting on infrastructure.
We'll get that done easily.
That's one of the easy ones.
And instead of
Walking in happily into a meeting, I walk in to look at people that had just said that I was doing a cover-up.
I don't do cover-ups.
You people know that probably better than anybody.
And I was just looking at a list of some of the things that we just did more than 2,500 subpoenas qualified for.
And I let everybody talk.
I let the White House counsel speak for 30 hours.
30 hours.
I have 19 special counsel lawyers, 40 FBI agents.
I said, open it all up.
Let them have whatever they want.
Nearly 500 search warrants.
Think of that, a search warrant.
Did you ever see a search warrant before?
Neither did I. This was over 500 search warrants.
And of the 19 people that were heading up this investigation, or whatever you want to call it, with Bob Mueller, they were contributors to the Democrat Party, most of them, and to Hillary Clinton.
They hated President Trump.
They hated him with a passion.
They went to her big party after the election that turned out to be a wake, not a party.
It was a wake.
And they were very angry.
These are the people that, after two years and $40 million or $35 million, it'll end up being a lot more than that by the time all the bills are paid.
This is what happened.
No collusion, no obstruction, no nothing.
They issued 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers.
Think of that though, 500 witnesses and then I have Nancy Pelosi go out and say that the President of the United States engaged in a cover-up.
Now, we've had a House investigation, we have Senate investigations, we have investigations like nobody's ever had before and there's nothing, we did nothing wrong.
They would have loved to have said we
They would have loved it.
These people were out to get us.
The Republican Party and President Trump.
They were out to get us.
This was a one-sided, horrible thing.
The bottom line is they said there's no collusion.
No collusion with Russia.
You heard so much talk about
Phone calls that my son made to me from this meeting that was set up by GPS Fusion, it looks like, which is the other side for those that don't know.
And for a year I heard about phone calls went to a special number, unauthorized.
And it would have been my son, Don, who's a good young man, who's gone through hell.
And they were calls that must have been made by him before and after the meeting.
Three calls.
After massive study at work, they actually found who made the calls.
One was a friend of ours, a real estate developer.
Great guy.
Most of you know him.
Nice guy.
Loves our country.
And the other one was the head of NASCAR.
Two of them.
So of the three calls that were so horrible that he had a meeting and he called me and then he had the meeting after,
And he made two more calls.
And they were written about like this little, little lines, couple of lines.
Nobody wanted to admit it.
Even last night, we had a great election.
I went there on Monday.
We had a, an election for Fred Keller.
It was a 50-50 shot and he won in a landslide.
We went and we did a rally.
Hardly mentioned today.
And yet if he lost, it would have been the biggest story in the country, even bigger than this witch hunt.
Ladies and gentlemen, strap yourselves in for this Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 transmission.
It's gonna be one hell of a broadcast.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
The year is 1995, and InfoWars launches the last of America's counter-globalist probes.
In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems.
And returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Transdimensionally, over the space-time continuum through full space.
Where people aren't extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned 100 years ago, 20 years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women.
And they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed.
It's fulfilling to be involved.
It's fulfilling.
Tomorrow's news, today.
I'm picking up a fake transmission.
I think it's Alex Jones calling.
But here's the good news, chumps!
You think you're gonna assassinate Trump, shoot down the identity, and bully a bunch of us into going along with you?
How do I preserve power?
How many morons from me are willing to have a fight?
21 at this point.
And only the dumbest morons buy into your SJW globalist George Soros tropics.
Emergency reserve.
Hillary Clinton and the New World Order and Michael Moore.
Go back to Hades where you came from.
We're awake and you're not putting us back in the coma.
You got that, Jack?
You're done.
It's over.
Get him back.
Get him back.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live global broadcast, May 23rd, 2019, on this Thursday.
I say it almost every day now.
It's true.
Just every day gets crazier.
The news gets more insane.
The global social engineers and their minions are now admitting that they hate children, hate mothers, hate families, hate God, hate civilization.
They're extremely suicidal and nihilistic, but they want to take us with them.
I mean, that's what globalism is, is a post
Industrial post-human world, but they really mean to carry it out, but humanity Is really awakening right now and striking back in so many ways The tyranny of the EU is facing virtual Annihilation politically with the Six-week-old He started talking about forming it a year ago, but six-week-old
Brexit campaign, and it's been picked up and it's been adopted all across Europe as a symbol of rebellion against EU tyranny.
And how does Juncker, the unelected head of the EU, respond?
We'll play the clip here in just a moment.
Juncker lashes out at stupid nationalists on eve of European elections.
Think about the arrogance.
That's an actual quote.
Think about the arrogance of Mayor de Blasio making similar statements, or AOC making similar statements, or people like Governor Cuomo making similar statements, or Mayor Kahn making statements about England.
How do you have leaders in your own countries that say you suck because they're
He told CNN that he lashed out at stupid nationalists, close quote, on the eve of the European elections.
And he went further.
He said they love their countries.
Well, what else is going to stand up for you but heritage and rule of law invested in Western culture that's being erased?
And then I think about the headlines.
Where you see the New York Times, the Washington Post, BBC saying, if you don't like the European Union, you're a Nazi.
Or if you claim there's a global government, you're a Nazi.
When Juncker is the heir of the richest royal family of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, his grandfather took by force Luxembourg that he owns, per square mile, the richest country in the world,
He is a literal super king.
He sits on the unelected EU bureaucracy.
They have a ceremonial parliament that is embarrassing them because the whole parliament is basically converting to anti-EU nationalist movements.
So his answer is, we'll just abolish the parliament and put an EU army in every country.
You're not leaving.
And you think, that's crazy.
He'll never get away with it.
His grandfather was the second most powerful person in Germany.
His father was in the SS.
He owns Europe still, to a great extent.
He only executed a few Nazis for show at the end of World War II.
Brought most of them over here, 36,000, the rat line.
And the richness of this, the stench of this,
is ridiculous.
It's insane.
It's over the top.
Hitler envisioned the European Union and its flag.
Hitler designed the EU flag.
Hitler designed the Volkswagen Beetle.
Hitler designed the logo.
Hitler designed the highways.
Hitler developed the plan with Wernher von Braun for NASA.
All of it.
And they think we're so stupid that a literal Nazi king, king, sits on Europe just as Hitler envisioned Edward VIII, the German king who was in England, but when the, once the war started,
He stepped down as king, and the plan didn't go as they had foreseen it, because England wasn't supposed to come to the war.
That's why never Chamberlain was standing down.
And they had treaties, and it's all been declassified.
But the average person doesn't know mainline history.
England was supposed to go with Hitler.
They had a peace treaty.
And they were supposed to put a German king over the European Union.
Juncker is a German royal.
You cannot make up how ridiculous this is.
We have a stinking Nazi telling us we're stupid because we want our countries and don't want to be ruled by him.
Here is a clip of Junker.
You heard of the Junker bombers?
The Junker factories?
Here's Junker telling you how the cow ate the cabbage.
Here it is.
People are looking at us as if we were a kind of peace god, because we have achieved on this continent what has not been achieved elsewhere.
We have 60 wars, for the time being, globally spoken.
None in Europe, apart Ukraine, which is part of Europe, but which is not part of the European Union.
These populist nationalists, stupid nationalists,
They are in love with their own country.
And they don't like the others.
In some countries of the European Union, the government, parliament, a major part of the society, don't like those coming from far away.
I do like those coming from far away.
Because the main guiding principle of the European Union should be solidarity.
We have to act in solidarity.
Okay, let's stop there.
Let's translate that.
It's pretty clear.
We're going to bring in a bunch of foreigners that we totally control to outvote you and dominate you because the European Union and global government is going to stop war.
That's like Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars Episode IV saying, once we've taken over and killed everybody, there'll be peace.
So it's a very, very sick world viewer.
The end of Game of Thrones, she's gonna kill all the other leaders and take over so there'll be peace.
I mean, this is classic dictator stuff, megalomaniac stuff.
And there it is coming out of Yunker's fat, disgusting, pig-like mouth.
My God!
His father should have been executed.
His grandfather should have been executed.
Juncker should be thrown in chains.
These are criminal Nazis.
The real thing.
The real thing.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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The most banned network in the world.
Tom in Texas, police officer on the border, talks about MS-13 and more.
Thanks for calling, Tom.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for taking my call.
Just want to thank you for your products.
I have the InfoWard decals on the outside of my cell phone case, my truck, sports shirts, all the equipment.
I find it's the best way to get your word out.
God bless you, brother.
And I have three or four InfoWard bumper stickers in my glove box right now I hand out if I get to talking to somebody just to help spread
You're our only hope, brother.
I'm telling you, you're more important than I am.
It's people like you on the ground, as you know, that's boots on the ground.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
I'm here Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Ben Owen, Troyer with The War Room.
David Knight, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
I'll be back Sunday, of course, 4 to 6 p.m.
as we are always doing a live show.
And by then, the elections would have all closed.
The polls open in many European countries today.
And they will then roll on out from there right through until Sunday.
And so we will then have the results for you.
The EU, of course, has been caught engaging in a lot of election fraud.
They've been caught bringing in millions of foreigners and then allowing them to vote in an attempt to break the back of Europe's sovereignty and culture.
The globalists don't want there to be any culture or any system that can stand alone.
They want the globalist anti-human culture of death.
And many experts are believing that this is going to signal virtual annihilation, not just for the European Union, but for Theresa May and others.
PM May facing annihilation by Nigel Farage's Brexit party in EU elections.
A lot of people say, oh, you voted two and a half years ago, three years ago, to pull out of the unelected European Union that just
Tricked the UK and others into so-called trade deals that were really global government deals.
And so, oh look, you're pathetic.
In three years, you can't get out of it.
That's only pissed people off more.
That's only made more people wake up in Europe to the EU, and how authoritarian it is, and how it's trying to destroy the cultures, and how it's trying to create a permanent welfare state.
And so the people are now rebelling in a giant way.
And the system is reeling.
It's sounding the alarm.
It's calling for banning any form of nationalism, any form of Christianity now.
The socialists, the globalists, the technocrats, the big tech heads, the big bank heads are now saying, listen, the only way to win and beat these people is just in the free press and bring in total authoritarianism and bring in a European Union army that will rule over everyone.
And that is the plan.
That is the operation.
And this cannot be under-calculated, how big and how important this is, and how this is another giant nail in the globalist coffin for their larger
But I'm gonna wait till next segment to cover this because you have to come in with Beowulf for something this important.
We have to have war drums to announce something that's positive.
I have to have the right music when I come into these segments.
Or I just can't do the show anymore actually.
It's just a neuroses I have now.
Big sarcastic folks, that'll be a new headline across the country.
But no, no, seriously, more and more I realize that I can't just come on air and just start spewing these truth bombs and hardcore info.
I need to build this up.
Because what's historically happening is so earth shattering.
I just don't even know what to say.
It's beautiful.
And if you look at what's happening across the world, all the globalists are doing is losing.
All the globalists are doing is failing.
Oh, they're throwing temper tantrums, and they're killing people, and they're flooding borders with disease, and they're trying to turn the chessboard over, but they are losing in the final equation in a huge way.
And we should talk about the chronicle of what's happened in the last few years, and what I think is coming next, and open the phones up and get your take on what you think is coming next.
We have always informative Robert Barnes, lawyer, constitutional lawyer, joining us to cover a whole host of big news developments.
And then Millie Weaver's here in town, one of our great reporters.
She's also going to be in studio with us for part of the third hour today.
And then out from that, we have Matt Bracken in the fourth hour.
Always very important information that he covers.
But when we come back, I'm really going to do my best.
To give you, not a pep talk, not what I want you to hear, but what I really think is going on and what I know is going on.
And I respect the listeners.
I respect all of our guests.
I respect my crew and the work they do.
But I really try to tell you how I think things are really going.
And I think I've done a pretty good job so far of being accurate.
So I'm going to tell you the positives and I'm going to tell you the negatives.
And then I want to get your take on the type of curveballs the globalists could throw at us.
That said, if the globalists are able to take out our leadership around the world, the nationalist populist leadership, in media, in academia, in government, and in finance, and in spirituality, Christianity, they will be successful.
It's the only shot they've got.
And as each day goes by, more blood runs out of them.
The more behind they are, the more hopeless their case becomes.
But they could sabotage things and bring the whole system down because they can't beat us, which has been their long-term plan anyways, with the Cloward and Piven type strategies, and stratagems, and gambits.
So we're gonna look at all of it here today, but this is the most critical information.
This EU election,
Even though the parliament is ceremonial to the dictatorship, is a complete referendum on them.
And remember, parliamentary elections go where it's nearly impossible to ever have one group completely sweep 50%.
But a 45% that's chronicled and projected and forecast for Brexit is at 45%.
That is ultra devastating.
Then there's five or six other nationalist populist parties that are set to get around 15 to 20 percent.
You're talking upwards of 60 plus percent sliding into populism, nationalism, what makes us great, what creates real diversity, what creates firewalls between tyrannies that try to spread.
Checks and balances.
So this is a big, big, big, big deal and the globalists are already running around like chickens with their heads cut off freaking out, but they are going to go into insane mode, I believe, when this happens.
And so everybody better strap themselves in because we are not in Kansas anymore.
As I like to say, we are not in Kansas anymore.
And hey, global government tried to take down the world, sell us out of the CHICOMS, break up our families, and they've wounded the hell out of us.
We're hurt.
We're half poisoned culturally and spiritually and physically, but we're coming back.
And once you know you've been poisoned, and once you know who did it,
We can get our hands, metaphysically, around their throats.
And we have got our hands around their throats now.
So, let's just sprint to the finish and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, lovingly, politically, until the enemy's heart stops.
Just into CNN, Facebook is purging several high-profile names from its platforms.
Among them, right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, as well as his media outlet, InfoWars.
President Trump's furious reaction to Facebook's action showcases that he is, I'm sorry to say, the InfoWars president.
Yes, now Facebook is going to be banning Alex Jones and InfoWars from not only their main platform, Facebook, but also from Instagram.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Why is there this unprecedented feeding frenzy happening when it comes to InfoWars and yours truly?
Why is there this pylon?
Well, it's not because Trump is the InfoWars presidency.
It's because Trump is trying to execute the Americana presidency.
He's trying to reboot it.
And yes, it's true.
InfoWars, and my syndicated radio and TV show, and our internet reach, literally thanks to you, you're 90% of it.
You have relaunched a global populist movement.
And the establishment thinks if they can destroy me and my name, they can discredit the liberty movement, the populist movement.
That's not going to happen.
But I will be honest with you.
Selfishly, I would like to continue this operation, and I'd like to continue to keep our crew members employed, and I would like to stay in the fight, and keep taking the globalist on, and hopefully contribute meaningfully again in the future.
I understand that just to have the success we've had relaunching Americana and Liberty Worldwide, once-in-a-lifetime, that was hitting the lottery culturally, politically, spiritually.
I'm very thankful to God.
I'm not bitching.
I'm not a victim.
I'm not a loser.
I signed on to this.
I knew the dangers.
I just want to stay in the fight.
It's like saying to the coach, Coach, please put me into the game.
And I'll do a great job.
I don't want to use a parallel to the greatest player of all time in the NFL, a certain quarterback with the New England Patriots.
But, you know, he could barely get put in in college.
And even when he finally was put in and did nothing but win, they still weren't sure about him.
That's football.
When it comes to Americana and anti-globalism,
InfoWars, as an operation, is the greatest player of all time.
It's not me, it's all of us together.
And the globalists recognize that, and they want to keep us out of the game.
So please, for yourself, for myself, for everybody.
I don't want them to be successful shutting us down.
I don't want them to be successful having them take us off the air.
You can stop their deplatforming with text messages, with emails, with word of mouth.
It makes them so angry because they can't silence you.
The fact that you're resisting them and winning.
And they can't stop you supporting the broadcast financially, which so many of you have done.
We have the best supplements.
We have great t-shirts.
We have great books.
We have great films.
We have great products.
Thousands of them.
And if you'll just go check out the air filtration, the water filtration, all good things you need, and buy some of the products, and try them out, that will change the world.
I am in your hands, and you are in your hands.
We'll hang together or hang separate, as Benjamin Franklin said.
Please visit MFullWarStore.com today, and please continue to support the MFull War.
Thank you.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight, you better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
This is it.
This isn't a Netflix show.
It's not Dungeons & Dragons.
It's not Mario Brothers.
It's not Donkey Kong.
It's not LARPing in the park.
This is it.
Powerful forces.
Technocrats want complete control over every facet of your life.
They want to track and trace and monitor your every movement.
Not to empower you, but to game the system to build a post-human world in their own words.
Thank you again for joining us.
The numbers are in.
Anti-EU, pro-capitalist, pro-sovereignty parties are set to sweep 60 plus percent of the parliamentary elections that are about to happen.
These elections are staggered, just like our senatorial elections are.
And so for there to be a slide of that number is unprecedented and is going to be a devastating referendum against the unelected EU tyranny that is the literal brainchild of Adolf Hitler.
That just adds to the bizarreness when you criticize the EU, they say you're a Nazi, when the heir to the
Nazi empire sits upon the unelected EU.
Yes, you cannot make this stuff up.
That's why they say, truth is stranger than fiction.
Now everyone seems to be focused on the UK because it's trying to pull out with Brexit.
But notice how them not giving England the exit it wanted three years ago has created a Brexit party that's set to win 40 plus percent of the seats, and then it'll be UKIP and other nationalist parties that win the others in European elections that are happening today, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday, depending on the country.
They're happening today in the UK.
We're going to be here live tonight.
Live tomorrow night.
We're going to be here this weekend.
And we're going to do extended coverage during Sunday, right up through the 4 to 6 p.m.
regularly scheduled Sunday update that I've been doing for 12 years.
Doing the syndicated show for 20 plus.
The weekday show, but 11, 12 years now.
Because so much news breaks on the weekend.
We're going to be here.
And this election is just as important as Trump's election.
It was the nationalist movement, the patriot movement, that got its embryonic start here.
Nigel Farage has said that.
In the early days of UKIP, he's been coming on the show almost 20 years, half their support when he'd knock on doors in England was from InfoWars.
They had no media coverage, nothing.
InfoWars was their coverage.
InfoWars was in the top 50 websites back then in England.
It's in the top couple hundred right now.
Because they had no independent press.
I'm not bragging.
It's the fact that we were there.
There was something there.
And they heard Paul Watson on the show.
And they heard all the other great folks from Ireland and Scotland that we had on.
And of course now we have EuropeWars.com.
And Paul has Summit.News.
But that shows why Hillary came after us.
That shows why they're trying to censor us everywhere.
That's why they're calling us hate figures.
It's because.
The genesis, the genesis of the movements we see today from Brazil, to Nigeria, to Japan, to Greece, to Italy, to Spain, to the UK, to everywhere, is incredible.
The German Chancellor is a lame duck.
Her party is out of power.
But the way the German parliamentary system works, she'll still be in office for another year and a few months.
And again, it's happening everywhere.
If I chronicle it all, it'll take the whole show, but they are getting their asses handed to them.
Now, it's not fun if you're a Donald Trump.
It's not fun if you're an Alex Jones to have the lawsuits and the audits and the harassment and the demonization and to have your family harassed.
And I'm not a victim.
I'm a target.
I'm an overcomer, thanks to your support and God's support.
And so are you.
But it is important to point out how criminal these people are.
How the IRS persecuted more than 50,000 conservatives under Obama.
And admittedly, did it for political purposes.
They harassed law enforcement organizations, fraternal groups, veterans groups, pro-gun groups, pro-nationalist groups, pro-Christian groups, anti-abortion groups.
We're audited.
We're harassed.
We're set up.
We're put in jail.
And now, in 2019,
Hillary Clinton's law firm, WilmerHale, that she runs, is savagely attacking me on every front, but we're still here strong because of your support.
They don't even know what to do.
But with this fight comes a great cost, and if you look at all the strategies of the enemy, it's to attack the family, demoralize the nation, break down the nation, flood the nation with foreigners,
Attack our power source, God, so that we can get God out of our lives, Jesus Christ, and attack fathers and mothers, and attack leaders.
So, I want to explain something here.
An exhausted part of me at a subconscious level sometimes wants to be taken out of the game and wants to get, you know, my leg broken politically so I could at least rest.
But my spirit wants to keep going and fighting even harder.
My flesh does not enjoy this.
But my spirit begs God to keep me in this fight.
And my spirit begs you to keep me in the game.
Because we need to be here, working hard, a platform for others that are deplatformed.
We need to be a platform to get the truth out during crises that are coming, during false flags, during major events.
I know InfoWars is now more critical than it's ever been.
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I salute you.
I thank you for your previous support, but I tell you now, you can see the results.
We're beginning to really win, but the enemy is targeting the Liberty leadership, and I am the second most targeted person in the world.
Global controllers are very smart in some ways, very ignorant in others.
But they understand the power of archetypes.
And I never knew when I started out on my quest 25 years ago to restore the American Republic, that I would end up being a major leader in it.
I just simply thought I'd be one more voice calling on the people to stand up and get involved in their own destinies.
But it became clear.
Eight, nine years ago, even in Newsweek and Time Magazine, they said, Alex Jones is the mad prophet of the Tea Party.
In the wilderness, he must be stopped.
And all these years later, I realized that I didn't invent the ideas I'm promoting.
I'm simply promoting free market, Renaissance, Americana, and ideas that are
We're diametrically opposed to authoritarian systems, whether they be fascist, communist or socialist.
But nevertheless, Infowars has been chosen by the enemy as the symbol of Americana, as the card.
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But whatever you do,
Never give in to the globalist.
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Never believe you're a piece of crap.
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Because that is a lie of the old serpent, Satan.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Did you ever think just five years ago that every globalist candidate in the world would be being thrown out of office?
That the Pope would be fighting back by calling for world government to force planetary carbon taxes?
That you would see the globalist unelected EU in its own
Parliament elections facing 60 plus percent of their minions being swept from office in a single election that runs for the next three days and starts today.
What an incredible time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
But the establishment is going to then make its move against free speech.
And then once they've silenced you,
They can then lie about you, and that is their plan.
That is their goal.
That is their template.
That is their program.
But think about the arrogance of Juncker, the unelected head of the EU bureaucracy, that took over all these nations, and almost none of them even voted to join the EU,
He just woke up in these so-called trade deals like NAFTA and GATT and the Trans-Pacific Partnership that Trump got us out of.
Well, this was a similar deal.
Similar model.
And he said that people who love their country are, quote, stupid.
And he said that nationalists are stupid.
And he said we need to bring everyone in and be inclusive.
We need to bring in uneducated people.
The lowest room from third world.
The lowest educated, the highest crime rates from the third world.
So the bottom of the barrel of the third world.
Bring them in and then teach them to hate their country that they now live in and have an SJW chip on their shoulder.
This is the program being run all over the world.
The establishment knows that if they push racism,
And can get majority minorities to adopt that, that they won't want freedom.
They won't want free market.
They won't want things like that.
No, ladies and gentlemen, they will just want the racial identity.
Just like the final episode of Game of Thrones.
The writers are telling you how the world really works.
They say, people don't fight and die or build civilizations and societies for gold.
They don't do it for flags.
They do it for stories.
They do it for an ethos.
And so if they can remove the ethos of free market and truly open society and fathers and mothers and cultures and people being welded together through a shared belief in freedom and renaissance and the West that was the light in the dark.
If they can do that, they've won.
And so that's why all the different Democrats and all the different globalists and all the different UN people tell you nation states are bad.
When Trump said it's good to have a nation, it's good to have your own country, it's good to have a people that stand up for themselves and have a shared system of values.
Instead of being ruled by some far-off thing you don't know.
That's going back to 1776 and saying no to King George.
But the governor of New York and the unelected dictator of the EU, the grandson of the number two Nazi, literally,
Says that you're stupid.
And that if you like a nation state, you're stupid.
And if you care about your country, you're stupid.
They have to get around to that at a certain point.
So in amongst all the articles they've had the last month saying Alex Jones isn't racist, Alex Jones is bad.
He says there's a global government that's going to have a carbon tax over everything you do.
And the Pope comes out and says, I want global governance, global government, and a carbon tax over all human activity.
And humans are bad.
And the devil's not real.
Isn't that what the devil would tell you?
So here's Cuomo before I play Juncker.
Here it is.
We're not going to make America great again.
It was never that great.
We have not reached greatness.
We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged.
We will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotyping against women, 51% of our population, is gone.
That's all the left does.
That's all they teach at colleges is how to have a chip on your shoulder.
And how your identity is that you're persecuted, your identity is that people are being mean to you, but you're fighting to get into this country, so you can then bitch and complain all day.
So America is not going to be great.
It was never that great.
He wants you to be demoralized.
He wants your identity to be that you suck, so the chi-coms and the globalists can come in and run your life.
Because here, you've got a real stake in private property and values and freedom.
Not there.
Not in his world system.
Here's Juncker, the literal heir to the most powerful royal family under Hitler, to the biggest munitions company owners.
Bombers, fighters, jet aircraft.
They were making jet aircraft in World War II.
So was Messerschmitt.
And space planes, and ICBMs they were developing at the end of the war.
Here's this guy.
Telling you how much being a European sucks, and how you're stupid.
Here it is.
These populist nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own country.
And they don't like the others.
In some countries of the European Union.
The government, parliament, a major part of the society, don't like those coming from far away.
I do like those coming from far away, because the main guiding principle of the European Union should be solidarity.
We have to act in solidarity with those who are in the worst situations.
The parliament, the people don't like open border.
That's what he said.
They don't like it, but I like it.
So we do it.
Luxembourg, not like my grandfather, take it over.
It's mine now.
I own it.
My grandfather kill lots of people.
My father kill lots of people for it.
And so I bring in... Our principle is, I bring in the Muslims, they get stuff free, they burn your car, rape your daughter.
I like it.
I like to conquer Europe.
My granddaddy tried, and now I do it.
I'm a liberal, unelected head of EU dictatorship.
You cannot make this level of crap up.
By the way, you think I'm joking?
Just type in.
It's AP, Reuters, everywhere, the last two days.
Pope calls for global governance and a world government system to save the earth in the next 12 years.
Oh, the AOC, Beto O'Rourke,
Cory Booker line.
And then now AOC came out and said, Oh, I was joking.
Oh, they have a poll though.
Two thirds of millennials believe she's right.
It's ending in 12 years.
But she said, you'd have to be a, you'd have to have the intellect of a sea sponge.
Where'd she come up with that?
A sea sponge.
This doesn't have any central nervous system.
Wonder who wrote that line for.
To believe she meant the world's really ending in 12 years.
Really, Al Gore said in 10 years all the coastal cities would be flooded.
In 2003, he then went out and bought mansions right on the beach in two places.
Of course, sea levels actually stayed the same the next 10 years.
So, no lady, you said it.
There's the article on newswars.com.
Get it out to folks.
It'll wake them up.
Most Democrats believe Cortez's claim.
She said that only a sea sponge would believe.
The freshman congresswoman also doubled down on the claim in April.
So she goes out and gives a speech about not having to work ever again and everything's going to be free.
People reject it.
She says it was a typo.
Then she said her Twitter was hacked.
And then she said, OK, I said it.
Well, then she said the world's gonna end in 12 years.
Then she said, I didn't really mean it.
And now she says, it was a joke.
No, lady, you're terrorizing people and no one bought it but your millennial audience.
And they're so zombie-like, they're still believing it, even though their Jim Jones leader, Alexandria O.C., the original gangster,
is now saying she didn't mean it.
That's mind control, ladies and gentlemen.
Hour number two of the most banned, demonized broadcast in the world, straight ahead.
However you're listening, tell everyone you know to tune in and break the back of the censors.
Save the Republic!
The Globalist.
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Epic Times!
Another referendum against the EU with the UK voting.
Word is vast majority about to vote to get out.
Other elections happening as well.
Robert Barnes, attorney at law, really smart historian, will be joining us to cover the waterfront next segment.
Not just cases against us, that'll be a minor footnote, but Avenatti, more indictments, what's happening with these demonization attacks of Trump, how they're unconstitutional.
But look at the talking points, the new one that Trump's involved in a cover-up, when you've got a witch hunt going on 40 years into his past, Congress engaged in massive criminal activity.
Here's Tucker Carlson reporting.
Well thanks to Nancy Pelosi, the phrase cover-up dominated cable news today.
Nancy Pelosi describes President Trump as being engaged in a cover-up.
One of the things that she said is that the Trump administration is engaged in a cover-up.
She said President Trump is engaged in a cover-up.
Comments Pelosi had made this morning that the President had engaged in a cover-up.
She accused the President of engaging in a cover-up.
The President complaining to the Speaker of the House that she accused him of a cover-up.
That phrase, cover-up from Nancy Pelosi, really set him off.
Over at MSNBC, one anchor accused the president of a cover-up for refusing to publicize his private life.
When you talk about, I don't do cover-ups, there's also the fact that he has been refusing to let his current and former aides testify, refusing to turn over documents that have been demanded, including the tax returns.
Also, refusing to grant an interview to Robert Mueller.
Joe Concho watches an awful lot of television.
He writes about media for The Hill, and he joins us tonight.
Joe, is it my imagination, or did once again the Speaker of the House deliver the talking point that everyone in cable news eagerly took up and repeated?
I think you're seeing a pattern here, Tucker.
I remember back in January, the term manufactured crisis was used to talk about what was going on at the U.S.
southern border.
And then you heard over and over, dozens upon dozens of times, and not just from one network, but different networks, different anchors, or pundits, or guests, using that same exact term.
To the word.
Manufactured crisis.
Now, sure enough, as we know, and even the New York Times admits, it's no longer a manufactured crisis at the border.
That's a real thing.
Story for another time.
And then we had the other crisis, which was the constitutional crisis.
And that was two weeks ago, when Bill Barr, after he testified in front of the Senate, decided not to do so with the House when they changed the rules around as far as staffers.
We're good.
They found that between May 8th and May 12th, that on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC, that that exact term, constitutional crisis, was uttered 386 times.
I'm not very good at math, but I'm pretty sure that's more than 70 times you average it out per network.
So yeah, it goes out one mouth, it comes out another mouth, and now here we are with cover-up, and that will be the next
We're entering campaign season.
There's a presidential campaign in progress already.
At some point, these are campaign finance violations.
These are television networks donating to presidential campaigns to a party and not declaring it.
That would be very interesting to see that case being made, perhaps, but no, it just seems to be that people are taking their cues from one party in this business and not the other, particularly from Pelosi.
And look, I wanted to hear some reporters yell at her the way that Trump is yelled at.
What cover-up are you specifically talking about?
Who's involved in this cover-up?
Is Bob Mueller involved in this cover-up?
Because he's been reluctant
To testify to this point, so is he also part of the cover-up that now includes, I believe, Bill Barr, Don McGahn, Cato Kaelin, the White House chef?
I mean, who else is involved in this deep conspiracy of people who otherwise probably don't like the President that much, but are willing to put their careers on the line to cover up for him?
It's quite comical on some level, actually.
It is kind of amazing.
I hope we get to the bottom of it.
I know there are Russians there somewhere.
Well, we say it's comical, but these criminals are trying to sabotage our recovery.
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From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're live broadcasting worldwide.
I wanted to get constitutional lawyer, prominent civil rights lawyer as well, Robert Barnes on, because he's been following very, very closely what's been happening with the persecution of the president.
And I want to be very, very clear here.
If Michael Moore was put in prison,
Given a multi-year prison sentence and spent nine months in jail for getting five of his friends to give small campaign donations to somebody, I'd say that was political persecution.
That happened to Dinesh D'Souza and everybody from the Young Turds to Michael Moore celebrated it.
And now you've got massive persecution of the free press going on in this country.
Not by Trump, but by Obama previously, and now by state prosecutors against these pro-lifers that got the pro-abortionist on tape at restaurants and other places talking about making millions of dollars off selling baby parts, which is illegal.
Even the LA Times said, this is persecution of the press.
Well, I don't like Bill Clinton.
And I didn't like Barack Obama.
There was plenty of stuff that go after them that was real.
Selling out the country, missile secrets, open borders.
But imagine if they wanted to go back 40 years into Obama's tax returns, or his kids' tax returns, or his family's.
If they wanted to put it all over television, if they wanted to illegally spy on him, and then get caught spying on him.
That's really the issue here, and I was talking to Barnes.
This weekend about it.
He was making a lot of great points.
I said, please come on the show next week.
He's been busy in court and things.
He could do it today to lay out the facts here, because this is very, very clear.
They're calling the constitutional crisis.
Well, that's only if the questions are so close from my research that there's a debate there.
I don't think there is a constitutional crisis, Bob, or maybe I'm wrong.
Isn't this a crisis in that the Democrats are completely authoritarian and out of control?
That is precisely the case.
I mean, what is frightening here is Congress historically has been limited in its subpoena power.
So historically, Congress cannot use as its excuse to go after private citizens, go after private records.
It can only use its very limited subpoena power.
To give you an idea, the United States Senate
Never even did or used its subpoena power for investigative purposes for the first 70 years of our constitutional republic.
So this was not something that was considered by the founders to be inherent in Congress.
In fact, they were afraid of abuse of power by Congress because of what had happened in the Parliament.
In Parliament in the UK, they had used their quote-unquote subpoena powers and
Quasi-prosecutorial powers to wrongfully harass ministers, put people in the tower, all kinds of abuses.
So the whole point and purpose was that the executive branch would have the enforcement power, not the legislative branch.
And the legislative branch's subpoena power is limited to solely oversight of the government officials themselves, related to their public conduct, or related to matters of pending legislation.
And what they've done here is they've completely eviscerated that.
The two Obama-appointed judges, one in D.C., one yesterday in New York, issued orders that compelled banks, accountants, and private agencies to disclose a wide range of records that concerned the records of private Americans, including records of President Trump before he was ever president, before he was ever a candidate.
But it went beyond that.
It went to businesses and organizations merely because they have an affiliation or association with Trump.
Actually, it even included the records of minor citizens, minor children.
This is how insane this is.
So when you add it up and you aggregate it, what you get is something that's very disturbing, that's something that's very unsettling.
Because these two decisions completely eviscerate and eliminate privacy for all Americans in the entire country.
Because the records that are being looked at are the private records of private citizens during a time period that they were entirely private and the President himself was a private citizen.
And they have no limit.
Neither judge put any limit at all on the scope of these subpoenas or the records that can be obtained.
They are using Trump to get Obama-appointed judges to issue unprecedented power to the Democrats in Congress to go after anybody, anywhere, anyplace, anytime, for any reason.
And it goes even beyond that, because what they actually publicly stated yesterday, the Democrats' lawyer in court said their entire purpose of getting all of these intimate, private, financial, personal records was to publicly disclose those records to the world.
So this is a shocking, frightening, unprecedented
Invasion of privacy that threatens the rights of every American.
And if it's not reversed by the higher courts, either the appellate courts or the Supreme Court, no American's privacy is any longer protected from the United States Congress.
So let me, as a layperson that tracks this, quantify it.
And you correct me if I'm wrong.
After hijacking the executive, even after Obama left office, they left stay-behind groups in there, rogue groups that ran this illegal, out-of-control witch hunt that came up completely dry.
I don't
...of investigation and is now completely rogue, mad dog, complicit with a controlled corporate press, most of it owned by foreign operatives like the Chinese, communist, and they are, as you said, publicly admitting they intend to harass everyone involved, twist everything involved, just like they're doing with us in the Sandy Hook situation.
I mean, this really is the tactic to take law in this country and then to completely subvert it.
In fact, it even goes further than that, because the executive branch would not have the capacity to issue this kind of subpoena that goes to so many records of so many people over such a long period of time that is not limited in any way, shape or form.
Even the Obama appointed judge yesterday in New York admitted that this was an extraordinarily overly broad subpoena, yet then took no action at all to limit or restrict the scope of it.
So this is something that a judge would not have the authority to do.
This is something that the prosecutor would not have the authority to do.
A grand jury would not have the authority to do.
Civil litigants in civil discovery normally would not have the power to do.
Because this goes far beyond just records that are material or pertinent to a particular inquiry.
These are just, hey, we would like to look at all your records over a 10, 20 year time period.
Which by the way, people don't understand, even with cheap lawyers, it would cost Trump hundreds of millions of dollars, and then there's no way to comply with all of it, which they're going to claim contempt.
So pulling back from this,
This is beyond a runaway train then, Bob Barnes, and this is a foaming at the mouth, piranha-like attack.
What does the president need to do?
I know he needs to refuse it, declare executive privilege, but when you've got runaway courts and activist judiciary with activist media with activist Democrats in a trifecta of authoritarianism, what does Trump do?
It's going to be a little bit counterintuitive for him, but what he needs to do is this is really not about him.
This is about, he needs to make this case about the privacy rights of every single American.
Make it about the minor child's records that they're trying to seize.
Make it about third-party business records they're trying to seize.
Make it about the private citizens' records they're trying to seize.
Make it say that in the name of attacking him, they're trying to deny Americans their fundamental constitutional rights to privacy that will eliminate and eviscerate those rights for them.
Do they want Congress or some congressperson who has a personal grievance or grudge to wage a personal war and use their congressional power against them?
This threatens every American, everywhere, for all of the future.
So you just said it.
We're going to come back and flesh this out.
As a prominent constitutional lawyer and civil rights lawyer, very prominent, one of the top guys in the country, folks, in case you didn't know, with Robert Barnes here.
You just said it, just like I was saying.
It's what they're doing to me.
It's what they're doing to everybody.
This is this new legal tyranny, judicial tyranny, with Democrats in the legislative branch.
And it's a threat to everyone.
And so this is a giant out-of-control power grab, and you're right.
Trump shouldn't make it about how he hadn't done anything wrong.
We know that.
He has to make it about this is a total power grab, usurpation, reign of terror.
We'll be back with Robert Barnes, ladies and gentlemen.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back, folks.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, famous civil rights lawyer, one of the winningest records out there, really smart fella.
He is not giving you rhetoric.
He's not telling you what he wants to believe about Trump.
He's not even Republican or Democrat.
He's nonpartisan.
He's telling you the reality.
And if you've studied history, like I have, I know most of you have,
You've never heard of anything like this.
I mean, when you've got a woman in the White House having sex with the President and then she goes public and things, there's some way for the courts to get involved because there's a real person.
Something's happened.
There's an individual that has standing.
But when Trump doesn't have any criminal past or any criminal history or any problems, and then as soon as he runs for office, he goes from being popular to Satan,
And he's found completely innocent after a three-year illegal proctology exam fiasco.
They've all committed all these incredible crimes to do it.
And now they with selected jurisdictions in Chicago, in Cook County, and in Maryland, in Baltimore, and in D.C., and in the Southern District of New York, with Obama and Hillary appointed, foaming at the mouth attack dogs, saying, we're gonna get him, he's going down, when they started the investigations.
Well that's just insane and you know Robert what blows me away here is how naked they are and even admitting it's political and the talking points and Pelosi stuttering and the fact that though Trump isn't more on the offense we'll talk about that more in the next segment but sure he's appointed this for US attorney that you know goes after corrupt FBI and stuff okay great you know they're getting really scared but
Now this isn't just about Trump's duty to prosecute the deep state.
They aren't giving up, it looks like to me.
They're putting their afterburners on and I'm just wondering how bad this is going to get.
What do you think is going to unfold here?
Like you said, this is unprecedented.
I mean, for example, back at the end of the 1900s, there was an attempt by Congress to go after people that were some of the robber barons.
And those are some of the people who actually were involved in extensive levels of corruption, etc.
The United States Supreme Court said, no, you can't do that.
Congress does not have the power to use its legislative power to pretend to be a prosecutorial body and invade the privacy of third parties or private citizens.
This continued throughout after the during the HUAC committees, the House Un-American Activities Committee, run advised by Democrats, run by Democrats, controlled by Democrats in the 1950s, which actually it was not the Joe McCarthy committee that actually did most of the abuses.
It was the Democratic House committee that did most of the abuses.
The abuses were so bad the U.S.
Supreme Court stepped in again.
Thank you.
Then other courts have followed that up in the 60s and 70s, when Congress used its Aging Committee or its other committees, Select Subcommittee on Aging, Select Subcommittee on Different Items, to try to go after private citizens, and repeatedly, including the Southern District of New York in a Bergman case, said, no, you can't do that.
You can't seek private records of private citizens.
Your sole and whole objective is to craft and draft
It's not to try to enforce laws.
It's not to try to apply laws.
It is not try to ransack people's personal private records because they knew how dangerous it would be if we have these peeping Tom politicians being able to ransack or go go window shopping to any American citizen they just happen to dislike or who is their political or ideological adversary and that is precisely what is taking place now by Congress and that is why it is such a unique unprecedented unparalleled threat
And it is ironic that it is happening because of a president who's been completely innocent and who's only been guilty of getting the ordinary everyday American people to support a political revolution to try to overturn the institutionalized corruption that led us to this stage in place to where Trump could get elected in the first place.
Pulling back from this, you just crystallized it perfectly.
This is the legislative branch
Taking on the executive branch, which is over the FBI, the CIA, all of it.
Literally, this is a power grab for the first time in 240-something years of our history.
This is the first time
At this level, as you pointed out, it happened back in the 50s a little bit, that the legislative branch has tried to basically make itself all three branches of government, because it's acting like a judiciary, it's acting like the legislature, and it's also trying to act like the executive, and then it's engaged in all of this intimidation and threats.
It's really become a tyranny.
Precisely, it's classic and extension of what Obama did with the presidency.
It is an attempt to usurp authority that previously they did not have and that the Constitution explicitly denied them.
So you see them adjudicating Attorney General Barr in contempt?
Well, that's the Judiciary Branch's objective and obligation.
Uh, and the prosecutorial branch's duty and obligation.
And here you have them usurping the executive branch's investigative role, and doing so in a way that even the executive branch could not get away with.
The executive branch would need probable cause of criminal conduct to have a grand jury try to examine these records, and even then they would have- Oh yeah, Mueller only asked for a few years of Roger Stone stuff.
He didn't say give us 40 years, and people were saying Mueller was out of control.
Oh, absolutely.
What it is, is they're unsatisfied with what Mueller did, so they've decided they're just going to replace Mueller.
And in the process, they're going to eviscerate the privacy rights of every single American to achieve it and accomplish it.
And unfortunately, they have a bunch of complicit Obama-appointed judges who are making decisions that are
Purely politically motivated.
To give you a parallel, to give you an example, does anybody think that if the Republican Senate, assuming they ever got to Honus, actually decided to subpoena Joe Biden's and Hunter Biden's and the Biden's family records for the time period in which Biden was vice president?
The Democrats would never put up with that!
Hell, Schiff has come out and even said that they can't have Biden's records from two years ago on Ukraine!
So here you have Biden's records related to his family's getting huge payoffs,
From Chinese government officials, from Ukrainian oligarchs, and from others, according to various published reliable allegations in the press, that's far more reliable and trustworthy than the completely discounted, discredited allegations against the President.
And yet, if any subpoena was issued for those records, these same Obama-appointed judges would suddenly remember and rediscover their privacy rights.
Uh-oh, Schiff, as you know, last week signaled.
He said, our committee won't hear it, we're not going to ask for it, and no judges should.
Nothing Biden's done is subpoenable.
He is above the law because it's political, because he's running for office.
Well, Trump's running for office, too.
So, I mean, the paradox here, where they don't care how hypocritical they look now.
Oh, exactly.
I mean, for example, what would have happened if the Republican House, when it actually had control, had subpoenaed all the records of anybody connected to the Clinton Foundation?
There would have been a more legitimate basis for that than there is of this.
And yet all of the Obama-appointed judges would have remembered the First Amendment rights, the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights, which encompass the right to privacy of every ordinary American against congressional intrusion and invasion of that privacy by peeping Tom politicians.
And that is why this is so dangerous.
This is authorizing every politician in Congress to become a peeping Tom against the ordinary privacy rights of everyday Americans.
This isn't a witch hunt.
This is an inquisition.
Robert Barnes is our guest.
We'll talk about how he thinks Trump should strike back.
Plus, High Canadian Courts has threatened us.
There's an article on Infowars.com.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
Yeah, we're good.
Ladies and gentlemen, Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, civil rights lawyer with one of the most successful records in the country, joins us.
And we've been talking about the incredible usurpation of power.
The legislative under the Democrats in the House becoming a government under themselves.
They already tried to put Mueller up there as this god.
That failed.
That whole operation was a crime.
It's now come out.
Now they're going even further.
So what does President Trump need to do?
Recapping some of what you already said.
Himself and the way he handles this, but also what do we do?
What should the executive do proactively, not just in how we ourselves respond to being accused of being criminals by these criminals, by this inquisition, but how does the president go on the offense against this with all the crimes they've already committed?
Because it's clear they're not suing for peace when they've been caught committing all these crimes.
They're going for broke.
So recap what you said, very powerful, very historical, that this is cancer.
The Democrats can't pass their gun confiscation.
They can't pass their open borders.
They're just doing it by fiat.
And so at every level, it's just a total power grab.
Break that down for us.
So the President needs to assert that this is one of the most dangerous and precarious threats to individual privacy in the history of this country.
And while it is about him personally, the reality is the precedent that can be set by this case will endanger the privacy rights of every ordinary American, will make Congress a third party of the surveillance state,
And allow any politician to become a peeping Tom politician and to spy on any citizen anywhere in the country that they happen to disagree with using their congressional powers to do so.
Powers that the Constitution explicitly and expressly denied Congress in the first place.
Secondly, the president needs to use the power of his public platform.
I don't know.
To recognize that whatever anyone even thinks of the president, this is the kind of invasion of privacy that is both unprecedented and unparalleled, and that cannot be permitted to take place in the United States if we are to have constitutional rights and liberties against the power of an invasive Congress.
Third, the actions that need to be taken by the executive branch writ large is to continue to fight this fight in the courts, but also to examine opportunities it can have to put these politicians on the other side of the aisle.
So, Leo, if it's going to be open season, then parts of the executive branch can examine whether or not they can do investigations into the Clinton Foundation, whether that should be reopened, whether they can do an investigation into the Biden corruption.
Both parties and both sides can play at this.
And the executive branch is the only one that has the constitutional authority to actually do so.
So I think that the courts need to be put in a position where they recognize the errors of their ways, where they recognize this will not be applied just in a one-way fashion to favor just one side.
And if they recognize that, hopefully they will then realize that they need to reassert the original constitutional rights and liberties that were always present.
And this is the rights that were founded from the beginning of the country.
Ordinary citizens do not get to have their personal thoughts, personal ideas, and personal records ransacked
I want you to elaborate on that, but just at an instinctive level as an American, as just a father, as a businessman, as a journalist, they've committed all these crimes, illegal spying, all of it, they've been caught, and then now they don't get in trouble and they start 20-something new investigations and are gonna subpoena thousands of people and hundreds of Trump's companies to obviously harass the living hell out of him?
What if Trump
Because they say Trump doesn't even have the power to order the FBI to investigate people when he obviously does constitutionally.
Imagine if he says, fine, I want 40 years of Pelosi and her whole mafia family.
I want 40 years of, you know, of all these other crazy people.
I don't
Instead, Trump is surrounded by all these lawyers and these FBI leaders that I think are working for the other side, and they just tell him to sit there like a sitting duck and take this crap.
He has the constitutional authority to light their ass up!
And so I say, let's go after Pelosi and Hillary and Obama and do exactly what they're doing to Trump.
They'll put their tail between their legs and leave immediately and let America be great again.
Why in the hell, then, is that not happening?
For example, the President could do that publicly, independent of the executive power that he has.
He comes out and says what we just said!
He said it's common sense!
They just did it to me, and it's not even their jurisdiction!
It's my jurisdiction, and now I'm coming for you!
They have opened the frickin' door!
Oh, precisely.
And what he could do is he could make an offer of settlement, that he will drop all challenges and contests to any subpoena that the Democratic Congress is issuing,
In exchange for all of the exact same records that they are subpoenaing from him, of the same category and kind, be disclosed by every Democratic member of Congress, by Congressman Amash Appena of Michigan, who wants to talk about impeachment, they can look at his Chinese financial ties, and by the last two Democratic presidents.
Uh, both President Obama, all of his sealed records that are still sealed, all get publicly disclosed, and President Clinton, including the Clinton Foundation, and every Democratic candidate for president.
State of California was trying to condition ballot access on various things they can't do constitutionally.
Well, fine.
Let's have everybody abide by the same standards.
The Democrats in the House are saying we should have a uniform set of rules that we need to have full transparency of public officials.
And that's why we're doing all of this microscopic, macroscopic inquiry into private citizens' records.
And that's why we're prying into private citizens' records from time periods that the president himself was a private citizen.
Okay, fine.
Let's have Pelosi do the same.
Let's have every Democratic congressman do the same.
Let's have every Democratic senator do the same.
Let's have every Democratic candidate for the presidency, including Senator Joe Biden and his family members, Hunter Biden, do the same.
And he should publicly offer that.
And then the utility of it is,
Uh, if they were sincere, if they were correct, they would take them up.
But everybody knows there's zero chance they will do that.
And consequently, it will expose them for the hypocrisy and the duplicity with which they are operating.
It suggests that they are the ones that are operating in secret, hiding information.
I mean, the President Trump
LBJ is one of the only politicians in recent American history to get poorer by going into public office.
All of these other politicians... LBJ went from like a million to like two billion or something exactly and it's insane and he waived executive privilege on millions of emails and no one ever did that.
Oh, precisely.
Well, I mean, as you've experienced, Alex, the parties, when you voluntarily provide information, when you willingly provide information, when you help facilitate the providing of information, all you do is get attacked for it.
I mean, the idea that Nancy Pelosi could be out yesterday talking about a cover-up, when this has been the most transparent presidency in response to an illicit, unauthorized, unjust witch hunt,
Uh, in American political history, it's just absurd.
But he can expose all of it.
He can say, look, you guys claim that you want transparency for all public officials from their prior private conduct and anybody connected to them.
I'll do that if you do that.
You have all the democratic- And it would be game over right then.
None of them can do it.
I mean, Joe Biden's family has gotten rich while he's in office.
How did that happen?
Nancy Pelosi got rich while she was in office.
How did that happen?
Dianne Feinstein got rich while she was in office.
How did that happen?
Kamala Harris got sweetheart book deals.
How did that happen?
Go through every Democratic politician who has... President Obama hit all his college... And that goes back to the fact, we're going to break here, that they're the oldest party in the country.
They've been getting away with everything forever.
They're the one-party system in this country.
The Republicans have just been these bitch-slapped little minions.
And here comes this wild-card Trump and they don't know what to do.
You're absolutely right.
They have opened the door for all of us.
I want to shift gears into other issues.
Abinanti indicted again, as you predicted here on air a month or so ago.
Where that's going, we're going to look at the big elections in Europe.
We're going to look at this situation with the Parliament and the courts in Canada coming after me.
Stacey in the great state of Texas, in FEMA Region 6.
You're on the air worldwide, Stacey.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
My friends, we are living in epic times.
These are not boring times.
Constitutional lawyer,
Successful national lawyer, civil rights lawyer, Bob Barnes is going to ride shotgun with us, 50 minutes to the next hour.
Then Millie Weaver, our reporter, is going to be in studio with more breaking news.
I've covered a lot of news so far, but I've got to tell you, I haven't covered 10%.
That's why you've got to go to newswars.com.
You've got to go to infowars.com.
The globalists, the corporate media, the anti-free speech wolves,
are working around the clock to try to shut us down.
Because our information is powerful.
I mean, what you just heard Robert Barnes talk about is bedrock constitution, Supreme Court rulings.
That's why they can't have us on air, is because we're covering facts here.
And we have the fathers in studio, whose wives take their daughters in Texas and in Canada,
And in England, we've had them on.
And then their daughters, their sons, get chemically or physically castrated.
And they have no say.
Because the state tricked them to do it.
Well, now I've got the courts in Canada threatening me to not talk about it.
Because there's these gag orders everywhere.
And they don't talk about kids being sterilized.
I mean, this is crazy.
Canadian court tries to stop Alex Jones from covering trans child case.
Everybody says, hey, why doesn't somebody stand up?
Why doesn't somebody fight?
Why doesn't somebody stand up?
Well, you go show an abortion clinic, keeping babies alive and selling their organs, you get indicted.
You don't get a Nobel Prize.
You expose kids being chemically sterilized.
You get courts threatening to arrest you.
And listen, I'm willing to get arrested, but I'm just saying, folks, you get, like, we're fighting, right?
Like, we're not just up here shooting our mouths off.
I mean, we're under total attack because we stand up for children and everybody else, and not because we're heroes.
My instinct is to stand up for kids.
That's just a default.
I walk out in the parking lot and some guy's beating up a kid or a woman for no reason, I'm gonna tell them to stop and if they don't stop, I'm gonna stomp their head in the ground or die trying.
As long as I'm Mr. Badass, my cells are all aligned towards doing the right thing.
And you know what?
Evil has never beaten me yet, because you've always backed me.
And I'll never give up, and I'll never give in, but I might give out, folks, like an old horse.
And you know, that'd probably be a gift when it actually happens, but I want to run this course as hard as I can for you and for myself and my family.
And it's personal for me, and they've done a lot of stuff to me, and that makes this actually a sweet fight.
But literally, I need oxygen in my lungs.
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But if we remember it, our story's better than their story.
Like the last Game of Thrones episode.
With so much hype, I watched the last season.
It was pretty powerful.
And they're talking about having a new king instead of a new war.
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They'll do it for flags.
They do it for stories.
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We won't stop until we either win or I give out.
And I've already tried to set it up.
Wait till that happens.
We're going to keep going.
All right, going back to Robert Barnes here.
We've talked a lot about Trump and the incredible tyranny we're seeing.
And since I have more time with you, another 15 minutes to the next hour, let's spend this time finishing up with Trump.
What do you think the psychology is that we've got all the cards as nationalists, the globalists have been caught in all this fraud, all this illegal spying, they've launched 20 plus new investigations, and then I guess Trump still doesn't have control of the executive?
He can't get the FBI and others to attack when it's clear and present and ridiculous for the law and our own self-interest that he should do this?
I mean, what the hell?
How much will we put up with?
I mean, no doubt.
I mean, the extraordinary factor is if anyone doubted the existence of a deep state, which was originated in the construct by a writer for The Economist back at the end of the 19th century to describe the dual state, which was how could you have part of the government continue to function and operate as if elections don't exist?
And he was just describing that phenomenon as there's this new administrative state that basically replaces the elective portion of government.
This became further developed by people studying fascism, particularly German refugee professors in the 1940s.
And then that evolved mostly by the left in the 60s and 70s into the term deep state to describe the rise of intelligence operations and high-ranking law enforcement and executive branch government components of the United States and foreign governments explaining how they could be completely immune from public elections.
Well, the Trump's election proves that without any question or beyond any doubt, because here you have the President of the United States, not even in control of his own FBI, not even in control of his own Department of Justice and large parts of it, not even control over the CIA, not even control over large parts of the intelligence infrastructure of the counterintelligence operations at the FBI and CIA.
So it's frightening and terrifying.
The degree and the scope to which the president's election and his lack of power over his own executive branch.
And now he's facing a position where Congress is pretending to be the executive branch and pretending to be the judicial branch, but doing it with the co-option of the judicial branch on behalf of the Democratic members of House who have Obama's view of their own power.
This is Obama thought of himself as not only president but also Congress and also the judicial branch whenever and wherever he could.
The first president to launch a massive spying campaign against his competitor to his preferred candidate in an election season.
The biggest surveillance spying scandal in history was under President Obama.
The biggest levels of witch hunt prosecutions against whistleblowers was under President Obama.
But now you have judges appointed by President Obama putting their imprint on the judiciary, and that imprint is frightening.
That imprint is going to a degree that, you know, Stalinist courts would have been afraid to have gone.
So when you go to the point where you believe the legislative branch can usurp all other branches of government and to invade the privacy of ordinary Americans without any limit or restriction at all, then we're to a place in a position where the president is basically being limited and hamstrung by the people that are supposed to be working for him.
Nobody in the executive branch was elected except President Trump.
And yet it's all the unelected people who are dictating policy, dictating prosecutorial decisions, dictating investigative decisions.
I mean, for example, the Department of Justice should have long ago opened up investigations into big tech.
The FEC should have opened up investigations into big tech for meddling in elections.
Here you have Facebook.
We talked earlier about the European elections.
Facebook has been meddling in the European elections by having a secret blacklist of people to target, of people to censor, of people to demonetize, of people to deplatform in different ways, sometimes overtly, sometimes subvertly, and they've done it all the way through to try to influence the elections in the UK and Europe.
That was a fake investigation into a few low-level ads by a Russian internet troll company that had zero impact and influence on the election.
You said it.
We're coming back in two minutes.
But this is historic election meddling by the bureaucrats that have parlayed power to the deep state big tech for their own enrichment.
They have stolen the First Amendment.
They are trying to convert us to an authoritarian model with big media.
With the universities.
And then there's Trump and other nationalists getting elected everywhere.
And despite...
All the oppression, all the censorship, all the tyranny.
We're set to see all across the EU anti-globalist nationalists being elected.
So how do you think they strike back?
We'll ask Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, these questions on the other side and more.
Hour number three straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
Infowars.com is the shield of the republic.
And let's go to Lukas in North Carolina.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good to be on.
Good to have you here.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Alright, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes laying out devastating evidence that the Democratic Party is a cancer, absorbing the government, engaged in tyrannical investigations.
What's coming next?
We're getting into election meddling.
Facebook admits mainline parties in Spain and Greece and the UK, they're banning them, they're blocking them.
It's just, it's just incredible.
Oh, no doubt about it.
I mean, here we had a two-year investigation, over 40 million dollars.
Spent on behalf of the Mueller team.
Because purportedly, election meddling by Big Tech, or election meddling by foreign governments using Big Tech, was a great clear and present danger to the future of democracy.
Well, there was actually no real election meddling that took place in the 2016 election that favored Trump of any great consequence of any kind.
And as the, even Mueller, one of the corrupt actors on behalf of the deep state who was, who hired a huge, notorious anti-Trump prosecutorial team of a lot of ethically challenged prosecutors concluded, no collusion, no obstruction, no crime.
And yet, despite that, now that we have real election meddling taking place, and there was evidence of election meddling by Facebook and others, by the founder of LinkedIn in the 2017 Alabama election that was later outed by the New York Times, even, we had election meddling alleged in 2018, and now we have clear, undisputed, undeniable evidence of election meddling throughout the European elections, where a blacklist of Facebook, where Facebook was blacklisting certain people,
Targeting them for the purposes of interfering and impairing the electoral outcomes in the 2019 European Union parliamentary elections in the European Union because the Brexit party was surging in the United Kingdom.
The populist parties were surging in Spain, surging in France, surging in Italy, surging in Greece.
For the purposes of challenging the European Union's totalitarian and authoritarian structure to ideally undermine and end the European Union altogether as an experiment, as an undemocratic, anti-democratic experiment that was partially designed by a former Nazi.
So here you have this critical time period where the future of Europe and the world could change and what did the big tech do?
They deliberately and intentionally meddled in the election by targeting people so that people wouldn't see their messages, people wouldn't hear their messages, such that people if they did see or hear their messages they saw or heard them in a negative light.
Just as sort of you were the tip of the spear for what they're doing in the United States and in large parts of the world since InfoWars has a substantial following and
Canada and Australia and the United Kingdom where these elections were taking place.
Part of it was removing the best anti-globalist advocates from the public sphere right during the critical election time period.
But despite that, they're still losing everywhere.
What do you expect them to do now if they lose these elections, which the numbers show they will?
I think what you're seeing the Democratic House do.
So how did the Democratic House respond to the president winning and even Mueller having to admit he was completely innocent?
What they did was they decided to launch their own witch hunt of unparalleled and unprecedented scale for the purposes of personal embarrassment and attack.
So I think you're going to see the same thing happen across the world when they fail in these elections, when the populists succeed in these elections.
You're going to see a wholesale onslaught.
You're already seeing it somewhere in the United Kingdom.
In the United Kingdom, you have members of the press and big corporations basically greenlighting, encouraging, joking about physical assaults and attacks on Nigel Farage.
They're now calling it milkshaking.
It's not going to stop there.
It's going to start by throwing things at people and then it's going to go to physical attacks on people.
Oh, it's already bricks and acid attacks.
Mainline News is saying throw acid on Nigel Farage.
Don't they get if that actually happens, then the green light is to kill a bunch of leftists?
I mean, it's crazy how they don't think two-dimensionally.
Well, I think to the degree they do, they're trying to recreate the 1930s.
In the 1930s, the communists were very successful at getting people to become violent in the street and counter to it.
And what it did is it gave rise to fascism and gave rise to other dynamics.
All right.
Robert Barnes is our guest.
One more segment.
I want to shift gears into courts telling us we can't talk about kids being sterilized in Canada and more.
That's right.
Tip of the spear.
A bunch of breaking news in 60 seconds.
On the other side, newswarners.com.
We are in a complete war!
And you idiots don't join with the Republic!
You fools!
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Yes, now Facebook is going to be banning Alex Jones and InfoWars from not only their main platform, Facebook, but also from Instagram.
President Trump, please save the First Amendment!
Please do the right thing and stand up against Big Ten!
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions.
He's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
I want them shut down.
We're losing the thread of the concepts that are important to this country.
I don't like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak.
Everybody gets to speak.
I'm a bad person!
I question things!
I'm evil!
I don't...
How dangerous is InfoWars?
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, it was probably four, five, six months ago we first had Barnes on.
I know he was for years on the news.
They said, watch Avenatti.
He's a corrupt lawyer.
He's the front man for the Democrats.
When he fails, they'll flush him.
Like, you know what?
Well, now he got indicted again.
I just want to spend a few minutes on him because he's archetypal.
The Democrats build up these people as invincible.
He's going to be president.
He's God.
He's the Lord and Savior.
You can't stop him.
Everything he says is true.
And then now he's getting indicted and sued.
It just shows how the Democrats put on a good con game, but that's it.
Oh, no doubt about it.
Here you have sort of a penultimate example of the politically motivated Democratic warrior.
And they're people that are ethically challenged, people that are morally conflicted, people that rarely are clean or honest in their background.
So as soon as Avenatti came to fame, I started putting out public information
This was a very dangerous threat to the ordinary individual and client, to his own clients, not just to other people and parties.
And it said so broadly, said so on a wide scale, talked to various government officials and others and said this man is a unique level of threat.
And here you had CNN, MSNBC,
The New York Times, Washington Post, all these major publications giving him literally hundreds of millions of dollars in free airtime, promoting him as a Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States.
Brian Stelter was just mumbling and was just sort of foaming at the mouth talking about how wonderful Avenatti was.
It was just absurd and ludicrous.
Because of it, a whole bunch of people hired Avenatti, who never should,
His background, I was aware of him in LA in Orange County.
That's where he's from.
He overlapped with some clients.
There are people that have fired him and hired me.
So I was aware of his background and it said this guy's basically he's a fraudster.
He's a cheat.
He's an evader.
He's disloyal and dishonest.
He's dishonorable.
And what I publicly predicted about a year ago and predicted right here on InfoWars was that he would be in prison long before while President Trump was still in office.
Well, the media was predicting the opposite.
So the effect of it, here's what he's been indicted for.
He's been indicted for attempting to extort Nike.
He's been indicted, by the way, he did that through Twitter.
He used his Twitter account to engage in the extortion.
So here, Twitter is so concerned about bad actions and bad activities, and yet they completely ban you without really any explanation or meaning whatsoever.
While Michael Avenatti, a criminal who used their services to engage in criminal extortion, according to the United States government, the Southern District of New York, a grand jury in the Southern District of New York, there's been no action on his account whatsoever.
But then it was not only that, he has subsequently been indicted.
For a bunch for defrauding a disabled man who he kept telling him that in fact the his money his settlement hadn't come in yet But he was gonna lend him money out of his own pocket while he was actually using the actual settlement proceeds from his own Disabled client to buy a private plane and to fly private planes and pay for his Ferrari payments then on top of that
He was defrauding a wide range of other clients, business partners, employees.
He fired a woman because she was pregnant.
She sued him.
She got a judgment against him.
He refused to pay it, defrauded her.
He defrauded various employees.
He was taking employees' payroll taxes and pocketing it instead.
Taking the employees' workman's comp payments and pocketing it instead.
It'll take hours to go over it, but you were calling him out, you said, over a year ago here on the air, predicting it.
Why would the Democrats choose him as their god?
They just keep doing this.
Because he's conflicted, because he's corrupted.
The problem with an honest lawyer for the Democratic Party is it runs a risk that he or she will refuse to do their bidding when the time comes.
I call it the Snowden problem.
In other words, if you have someone with an independent conscience who will act on that independent conscience when they see illegality, even if done on behalf of their own favorite political party, then you can't have that person in a position of power.
So the reason why they prefer a guy like Avenatti and large members of the press
That shows you what a joke the press is.
So here you have the press promoting Avenatti over Dershowitz.
Because he's corrupted.
Because he's conflicted.
Here's a guy who Stormy Daniels, the most recent indictment, is that of course he stole Stormy Daniels' book proceeds and other proceeds.
I mean, that's who this guy is.
So he was such a... It's the reason why socialism often doesn't work.
It's a problem of power, not a problem necessarily of ideas.
The problem of power is that you put any certain person in power... Exactly.
You put people over the larger well of money and ideas, they're going to steal it.
Unless they're the ones that developed it.
And still they will too.
But somebody that just is put over it will certainly steal it.
So where do you predict he goes?
Because they bring in these superstars, they just hope we forget about them.
I mean, he currently faces 404 years in federal prison.
So my guess is that he ultimately cuts a deal and probably does it.
They're going to need him to do at least 10 years.
He'll be disbarred.
He'll have to give up all his money.
He'll be backpacking on the street someplace.
Maybe he'll work side by side with Stormy Daniels and various clubs.
I just see it as emblematic about everything the left does, like Mueller or like the Covington kids or like Schmollet.
It's all just empty.
Speaking of the devil, here is the view just literally a few months ago, worshiping Avenatti.
Here it is.
Lately, to me, you're like the Holy Spirit.
You are all places at all times.
I mean, I do.
I see you all over cable news.
I see you.
You know, there is a seat available if you want to be a co-host at The View.
There's people here you can pitch.
He'd make a great lady around the table.
And I have the same issue with Giuliani.
He's everywhere.
And so I question myself when I see Giuliani, once I see you on TV so much, when do you have time to be lawyering?
To be doing like real lawyering?
Because you're representing, you know, migrants, you're representing... But he has a bigger calling here, that being a lawyer is minimal compared to what he's doing.
The priesthood?
He's out there saving the country.
I'm very fortunate in that I'm surrounded by a staff and other very qualified attorneys and people that support me and that are doing great work relating to our cases and the work that we've done.
And look, we've published a lot of our filings in the case.
People can look at the quality of the work that we've done from a legal basis.
And this is a two-pronged fight.
Let's be clear about this.
This is a fight not only in the court of law, but also in the court of public opinion.
And the amount of media attention that we have received and the amount of media appearances that I've made
That's enough, I can't watch anymore of it.
So here's this literal vampire, but what is it with leftists that they don't know they're gonna get busted?
Like just this instinct to crime, crime, crime.
What is that?
It's a reflection and a projection on the core personality of a lot of Democratic politicians, that fundamentally they're corrupt, that fundamentally they know they're hypocrites, that fundamentally they're deceitful, that what Avinasi was, is he personified the modern-day Democratic Party.
It guised itself as the Holy Spirit.
It guised itself as professional operations and intelligence, when in fact it was nothing more than a cheap huckster, a bad hustler, a pimp out there prostituting false lies against innocent people in order for their own riches and fame.
And at core, they're corrupt.
At core, all they really care about is power.
They say they care about the environment.
Well, do you want to tell me what you told me privately six months ago?
I mean, I'm not going to get into private conversations, but you just basically said what his business was and who others' businesses were, and that, like, you've been up against him, and that's why you couldn't stand him.
Oh, no question.
I mean, this was someone who posed an imminent threat, a clear and present danger to ordinary people who would entrust him with their legal affairs.
And it's like trusting the government with democratic power.
At core, they'll say that what they're doing is for some great righteous cause, for some great just purpose, when in fact it's just a power grab.
So like a lot of these lawsuits that are out there that they claim, well, we want to protect people and so forth, when really they just want a power grab against the dissident voices they dislike.
So that's all Avenatti was.
Avenatti was a power grab to allow the Democratic Party to defame the president, to slander and smear him based on the allegations of a liar and a liar's liar and the lawyer.
And what he reflects and represents and personifies is how the Democratic Party currently operates.
Which in the name of justice, in the name of righteousness, in the name of the good cause, they actually just seek power for its own sake and for their own sake.
And that's why corruption sits at the core, the center, the heart and the soul of the modern day left and why they approach things.
And you can never trust that their objectives are what they say they are.
All right, Robert Barnes, I said I was having you for an hour.
Now it's 915 minutes, but we did not hit Canadian court.
Tries to stop Alex Jones from covering trans child abuse.
I promise.
We'll go to break for a few minutes, come back.
We'll do two, three minutes on this.
Let you get back to your important work you're on.
We've got Millie Weaver coming in and a bunch of other breaking news.
Stay with us.
Again, folks, newswars.com, infowars.com.
That's our place on the web.
They're trying to shut us down.
That's how you, the listener, reaches new people.
Spread those links however you can, and we will win.
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I personally don't want to hate people from the Middle East.
And I personally don't want to be at war with Muslims.
And I understand there's a larger globalist plan for a clash of civilizations.
But if your daughter gets kicked down a subway stairs by a group of Islamicists because they think, you know, that she's a profane, you know, dog creature because she's a Christian or whatever, the police and the media try to cover it up and that's wrong.
And so if a hoard of
A radical Islamist is coming down your French street or you're having your crosses taken down on the coastline of Greece.
It's offensive to Muslims.
That's war and that's wrong.
I understand it's a manipulated collision.
I understand it's a manipulated clash.
But it doesn't change the fact if you're on the receiving end of it and capitulating to it.
And going along and saying, oh, Islam's great, it's a religion of peace, there isn't a class of civilizations happening, only adds to the globalist program.
We must be honest about the cancer that has become Islam in this current permutation, and the fact that the globalism is cancer, and the fact that the left's system is cancer, and the fact that mainline churches that just want to be country clubs have become cancers, and that the 5G, and the GMO, and the big drug companies, knowing they're giving us stuff that kills us and makes us more depressed, they're a cancer too.
There's a lot of damn evil going on here.
So I don't sit here and shake my finger at the Muslims like I'm high and mighty like a Pharisee up here, or a hypocrite, and say, you're the only bad people in the world.
We got a lot of evil going around here.
You'll see examples in the US and in England where they're trying to teach five-year-old boys and girls, boys, they're girls, and girls, they're boys, and trying to teach five-year-olds about anal sex.
And the Muslims come in there and they say, our kids are pulled out of here, and they protest, and then the school stops it, or says, Muslims don't have to go, but nobody else will stand for their kids.
So that's the point I'm getting at here.
And I don't care where that is.
I don't care if it's in Africa, the Middle East, the United States, Europe, Asia.
You've got people that are becoming disconnected from reality and who are not self-aware, who will do basically anything at any time.
And it's going to create a world meltdown.
It's going to create a societal collapse.
Because if you don't want to work, the systems will basically let you live for free, but you've got to follow their political aim to conquer.
But if you want to be free, you've got to work more, more, more.
But when you hit that point where the globalists finally take over,
They're going to have their own weird right-wing backlash that I think is going to be very, very dangerous as well.
It's a serious time, folks, and we need God more than ever.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is our guest.
We've covered the waterfront here but
The story up on InfoWars.com.
People say, hey, stand up for the kids.
Hey, cover it.
Well, we have kids from New Mexico, California, Michigan, Texas.
We have fathers on, mainly, where it'll be the little boy, usually.
Sometimes the little girl.
And the school convinces them, hey, you're really a boy or a girl.
So at age eight, they start giving them chemicals that stop their growth, cause all sorts of health problems, but try to change their hormones from a girl to a boy or girl to a boy.
And now we covered one of the cases in Canada where the father didn't want this to happen.
And I saw that the court was trying to say you couldn't even report on it basically.
We got these letters from him saying we couldn't link to a public file on a previous court ruling.
Canadian court tries to stop Alex Jones from covering a trans child case.
It's extraordinary and it's also frightening the scope and the scale of it.
Because what you're talking about is, first you have a court overruling a parent about their own guidance for their own child, which can have life-lasting effects on the psychology and biology of the child.
Second, you have a court banning him, the parent, from publicly talking about public actions of public officials, including government officials, the court officials, and health officials.
And then they took it a third step,
And said, no one can discuss the name or identity of any of the public officials involved on the health side of the equation.
So it's an extraordinarily, it's an order that would be completely unconstitutional in all likelihood in the United States.
But Canada, like Europe, like most of the rest of the world, doesn't have the same First Amendment protections that the United States does.
So that's why they can get away with it there in a way they probably could not get away with it here.
But still it's frightening and what it reveals is the court recognizes and the court realizes that in fact this is unpopular opinion.
This is not an opinion supported by the public will and so they know they would lose in the court of public opinion.
So they use a pretext and their pretext is an intriguing one.
It says if public opinion
Corresponds to, doesn't necessarily cause, but corresponds to people making any kind of threat of any kind, even if it's anonymous and unrelated, and could be by someone, it's a self-serving anonymous threat, against any of the individuals on the other side of the aisle in the case, that that's an excuse to completely silence public debate and discussion about it.
So if you want to win any court case where you're, in my view, abusing a child, ruining their life, you just small it and put a threat against yourself?
That's all you gotta do now.
And then you'll run to the court and the court will say, nobody can talk about this.
I mean, there's a core problem with causation, with assuming or asserting causation connected to public tragedies and travesties, or even the threats of action, which happen all the time, and the actions of other officials.
In the Covington case, I was attacked.
After I was attacked,
We're good.
That's just the reality of the world in which we live.
And we shouldn't correlate or have causation between the two.
And we should never use somebody else's wayward action as an excuse to suppress and censor.
And not just here, but all over the world.
It's the same thing.
I won't get into the particulars because we don't have time.
Not because we've been threatened, you know, with legal action.
There are public lawyers that go around attacking you and me all day on the biggest shows in the country.
And then if we respond back, they freak out and run to court saying we should be silenced.
Like this brewery that said, don't hit people with milkshakes.
Hit them in the head with bricks.
And somebody said, man, you're asking for trouble.
They went, oh my God, we're being threatened and called the police.
They're going out and saying, assault people with deadly weapons.
We go, hey, that's pretty dangerous.
Don't say, oh my God, that's a threat.
I mean, it's like cartoon how the left acts in their little SJW bubbles.
Oh, no doubt about it.
And it's very dangerous.
I mean, here you have an extraordinary ruling about something that is still hotly controverted and debated within both even the liberal schools of psychology and biology and the medical profession about whether or not someone who's 12, 13 or 14 can make a decision about their own gender.
Whether or not that's gender dysphoria, or whether or not that's a psychologically well-reasoned and healthy decision.
Even within the liberal and the left fields of academia, that's a controversial question.
Yeah, I mean, let's be clear.
Maybe one out of ten millions are real hermaphrodite.
That person could argue they're one or the other.
Fine, we don't care.
Just don't try to teach five-year-olds they're something else.
Not only that, here, forcing, over the father's objection, the child to undergo medical experimentation and biological alteration for a decision that someone at that age is unlikely to be able to meaningfully process.
This is school-sponsored, Joseph Mingola-level experimentation, but as long as you say it's liberal, it's okay.
And then you get a couple of leftist doctors who have their own opinions about the field, injecting their own political biases into the process, and that was what was being publicly discussed.
And that is what the Canadian court said, these people cannot be discussed.
What about extra-judicially, or is that the term?
What's the term?
Outside of their own jurisdiction, extra-jurisdictionally?
What's the term that they're now telling me what I can say in Texas?
It's extra-jurisdictional.
It's also, it's basically a prior restraint.
So in the U.S., prior restraints on speech are almost completely prohibited.
It's just very rare that you can do any form of prior restraint on speech.
And that's why this order is likely not effective in the United States.
But it is effective in Canada, and there is a substantial InfoWars audience in Canada.
And so what they effectively did is prevent the Infowars audience and any other audience in Canada from hearing from the father, from hearing about the individuals involved and whether they were tainted by political bias.
Because, I mean, as a general rule, if you're a medical professional, you get involved in a public proceeding, you've already been named in that public proceeding, you say that your opinion was warranted by science and had no inflection... Look, when you're sterilizing kids in the name of transgenderism, you better be ready to be in public.
Be ready.
If you're right, then you can defend yourself.
Because what you've done is shocking to many people.
You've overridden a father.
You're making a decision that can alter the child's biology and psychology for life.
When he is still a child and by law is not considered competent to make decisions of that kind and caliber for himself.
You believe you're right.
It's controversial even in your field amongst fellow leftists.
So you better be ready and able to defend it.
And rather than defend your opinion, the very first thing you do is you run to court and tell the court you need a special safe space.
Where you can't be publicly criticized or questioned or investigated for what you did and why you did it.
And you're immune from public criticism for a decision that the public is deeply curious about.
That's right.
When you're sterilizing kids, because that's the end game of this, that's the end result.
And just biologically, you better be ready for scrutiny.
Robert Barnes, I just popped in my head.
I gotta call Joe Rogan.
We gotta get you on his show as soon as I'm off air today.
If you're ready to do it.
You're a great constitutional lawyer on free speech.
I think he'd probably interview you.
You need to get out there.
You're amazing.
Thank you so much for all the time.
We'll talk to you soon.
You're gonna be here later next week in Austin.
Thank you, sir.
He'll be in studio next week several days with us.
All right, Millie Weaver's coming up straight ahead.
Man, that was a powerful hour and a half.
That's what it's all about.
It's why I thank you all, the listeners, for making this show possible and this amazing crew.
Casey, I'm sure it's wishful thinking.
You're saying, Tyra comes right from nowhere.
Is he on turbo force?
Which is an amazing pre-workout and long-term energy system, unlike any other.
Or Tyra Woods isn't actually taking turbo force, is he?
That's a good idea, though.
I should try to send him some.
I'm not entirely sure, but when I was watching the Masters, he was drinking a bottle of Poland Spring that was pink.
Check it out!
I mean, you can go on YouTube, because they showed him a lot, you know, when he was just standing around, because he's a big story.
You know, he's Tiger Woods.
And every once in a while, he'd be sucking on that bottle of Poland Spring, and it was pink.
And I don't know anybody else makes an energy drink that's pink.
I'll have to try to find out.
I know, I've been told by multiple folks that are friends with him.
He's a listener, but I don't really worry about stuff like that.
But that's great.
Who knows?
He might be on Turbo Force.
Who knows?
Well, last year, when he won his first tournament in a long time, they tried to grill him on, like, degrading the president in some way.
You know, this is what you need in a press conference after a golf tournament, and he wouldn't do it.
I know.
He's friends with Trump.
He's been friends with Trump, like, 20 years.
Yeah, exactly.
The media wasn't even talking about his win.
They were talking about his politics.
Thank you, Casey.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
So I came here to do a meeting on infrastructure with Democrats, not really thinking they wanted to do infrastructure or anything else other than investigate.
And I just saw that Nancy Pelosi, just before our meeting, made a statement that we believe that the President of the United States is engaged in a cover-up.
Well, it turns out I'm the most, and I think most of you would agree to this, I'm the most transparent president probably in the history of this country.
We have given, on a witch hunt, on a hoax, the whole thing with Russia was a hoax.
As it relates to the Trump administration and myself, it was a total, horrible thing that happened to our country.
It hurt us in so many ways.
Despite that, we're setting records with the economy, with jobs, with the most people employed today that we've ever had in the history of our country.
We have the best unemployment numbers that we've had in the history of our country.
In some cases, 51 years, but generally in the history of our country.
Companies are moving back in.
Things are going well.
And I said, let's have the meeting on infrastructure.
We'll get that done easily.
That's one of the easy ones.
And instead of walking in happily into a meeting, I walk in to look at people that I just said that I was doing a cover-up.
I don't do cover-ups.
You people know that probably better than anybody.
Millie Weaver's riding a shotgun with us.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We have Matt Brackett coming up in the fourth hour of the war with Owen Schroer after that.
Millie, so much breaking, so much unfolding.
You've been out on the campaign trail.
You've been out following Democrats and Republicans.
You don't edit these videos other than cutting the spaces out.
What, I'd say 95% of Democrats act like demon-possessed goblin creatures.
Oh yeah, I mean, they can't answer questions, and that's why you have so many of them going and trying to tell other people, oh, don't talk to them, don't talk to InfoWars, because as soon as you question them, all of everything falls through because they can't logically defend their point.
And they always say, you're not supposed to be here, whether you're at the Capitol in Texas or wherever, you need to shut up.
Like, get out of here!
Get the hell out of here!
You're not supposed to be here.
Yeah, they tell us that we need to shut up.
They think everything's a university.
They always go, police, arrest her!
Oh yeah, they'll say, arrest her, get her out of here.
I want them shut up.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
And they have big signs that told men to shut the F up at their protests.
In Austin.
In Austin, yeah.
Two days ago.
Yes, they were telling men they shouldn't have a say.
But then when you ask them, well, doesn't it require a man to make a baby?
So shouldn't they have a say, given that it takes two to reproduce?
I don't even get this thing where like, men and women are even at odds with each other.
It's crazy how they've gotten to this point.
Of course, Millie, most of these women that are all obsessed with, you know, they say, I'm a slut.
Let's face it, no man's ever wanted them.
Studies are out like conservative women are better looking, more successful, more happy.
You know what's kind of interesting?
Most of the women that were out there were like a bunch of old cat ladies that look like they've already been through menopause.
So it's kind of like, you probably can't even get pregnant, so... No, no, exactly.
That's the point.
Is they're miserable, they never had a man, and they're pissed.
Yeah, I mean, they think that men are trying to somehow hold them down.
And that being a woman and being a mother and embracing maternity is somehow weak for women to do that.
When it's actually one of the hardest things you can do.
It's very hard to be a mom and do it like a boss.
And those women that do it should be celebrated.
And these women just want to essentially deny the fact that the babies living within their wombs
A woman tried to compare babies in the womb to a microbe.
They tried to compare... But they call it a parasite.
They call it an invading force.
Yeah, they do anything they can.
No, your whole body's built with ovaries that it releases.
It's like saying a flower with another flower making seeds is a cancer.
You were designed for it.
You have it.
These two things combined make a new creature that grows in you.
That's magic.
That's beautiful.
But they turn into something ugly.
You know, when I asked them, should women be allowed to abort unborn babies in the womb, they say, what business is it of yours?
And I said to them, I said, that's probably what the German people said when the Jewish people were being exterminated and killed in the concentration camps.
What business is it of yours, America?
What business is it of yours, other countries that don't like to see millions of people slaughtered?
Well, see, that's the thing, Millie.
The average leftist doesn't believe their leftist bleeding heart crap.
They're sociopaths at best, psychopaths at worst, who know we have a conscience, so they're constantly punching our conscience buttons to get us to give them money and power.
That's all they want.
I was watching last night, I woke up at 2.30 in the morning, couldn't sleep, and for some reason my newsfeed on my iPad was
Evergreen College in Washington State in Olympia and how people signing up to go to the college is down by 50 plus percent.
They've gone from 5,000 students down to 2,000 students and they're imploding.
So I watched for several hours where I went back to bed at like 4.
The actual videos of the professors
The black professors saying, and I feel sorry most black folks aren't like this, literally, whites are inherently evil, you are scum, nothing but evil can come because you're white, I want power, I rule you!
And the woman starts literally going, POWER!
And I was like watching hours of this, and the white professors are actually bowing going, yes, yes, yes.
She goes, get out of my way!
And it's like, and like, whites are evil!
Get out of my way!
They fall down and anyone that didn't do it was like fired.
And I mean, this is cuckoo land, man.
This was Hitlerian.
Of course blacks can act like Hitler.
Anybody can, if they take on that mindset.
And she was doing it, this professor that led the whole thing, they call her the Red Queen.
Some of the alumni have done videos on her.
The problem is, Alex, they're doing exactly what the Nazis did with the Jewish people to white people today.
They're trying to make white people the scapegoat for all of the problems in the ethnic communities.
All the problems that black people, Mexican people face in America, well, now white people are the new scapegoats, and that sets white people... Exactly!
I saw a headline on Drudge
Today that people think they're getting, what was it, lower grades, or it was the craziest stuff.
Forget all the headlines.
It's like they blame climate change for everything.
They were blaming white people now for climate change.
They have leftist studies coming out saying that white people, white colonialization, whiteness is causing climate change now.
Let's go further than that, because there's a few articles out today that are actually accurate from what I've seen.
The average white kid
Parents are guilty about being white.
All they've done is nice to people their whole life.
They're doing Hall-Hitler's and, you know, swastika signs and stuff as a joke, because when you've done nothing wrong, and you're being told you're an evil piece of crap...
Well, because, you know, the whole Martin Luther King Christian thing worked.
Generations of people were actually like, let's come together.
It's what we really want.
That had gone back to the original Martin Luther, not Martin Luther King Jr.
And so the system's crapping all over that, but then the evil shadow of this is
When you tell whites they're inherently evil, in class, everywhere, a lot of white folks who have never done anything in their lives, they're going to say, I'm not buying into this, especially when they've got brainwashed minorities telling them they're inherently bad.
They're going to say, F you, and then they're going to get into the racism.
Yeah, and I would say that trolling, though, and doing those sig hails and whatnot out of frustration is definitely not a good idea.
Oh, they're definitely trolling.
They're definitely trolling.
It's not a good idea to do it, though, because the problem is that the left's brainwashing and propaganda is so strong, it just creates more ambiance for these brainwashed leftists that we need to wake up and run from.
No, no, I agree, but then what do you do when they're telling everybody inherently whites are bad.
People put up, it's okay to be white signs.
And the media freaks out even more.
I mean, and then they now say that's racist.
No, it's racist to say white people are bad.
And by the way, if whites are so bad, I'm gonna say it again.
Why is everybody trying to get into a white country?
Because they're Christian, folks.
They're Christian.
It's Christianity.
They've got studies in Africa, one tribe versus the next.
Remember just
Four or five years ago, they would have articles in the New York Times, the Washington Post, saying that globalists didn't exist, and that no one wanted global government.
Well, as soon as Hillary lost, they came out and said, okay, global government's real, globalists are real, but they're the good guys, and everyone against globalism is a white supremacist.
You know where globalism came from?
It came from the Nazis.
They wanted a system to counter the British Empire that was the global power at that time.
The old saying was, the sun never set on the British Empire.
And Hitler gave speeches.
Hitler wrote articles.
It was all over the news at the time.
That he wanted a European Union that would then dominate the globe in a form of globalism.
So the term globalism actually comes from the Nazis.
The modern Olympics symbols, the VW, the highways, NASA.
I mean, they definitely innovated some stuff in their power graph.
And I'm not saying this is a German or Nazi conspiracy.
Hell, I'm half German myself.
Germans are great people.
But when harnessed by evil, good people can be like horses drawing the devil's carriage.
And so ideas of the Nazis and ideas of the British Empire competed with each other, and big corporations picked up those ideas, and that's modern globalism.
So InfoWars is seen as the most pure strain of Americana by the globalists.
I've talked to top people in Hollywood, in entertainment, and in media, and in government, and they've said, Jones, you're seen as Americana.
But they say, as beautiful as Americana is, and I'm not saying I'm beautiful, but Americana's beautiful, it stands in the way of the larger ideas of the planet and a one world government system.
Well, humans are revolting against that one world government system, and are saying they don't want to be under its hegemonic control.
Their great truth that they're so sure is, for us, isn't for us.
In different countries and parts of the world, we don't want to be under their control.
We don't want to carry out their vision.
We want to live our own lives.
And that's what Infowars represents, and that's why they've set up a system to demonize us.
They've set up a system to lie about us.
They've set up a system to create this strawman of who we are.
Because they understand that people don't do things for money or power at the end of the day.
They do it because of narratives.
They do it because of culture.
They do it because of ethos and what they stand for.
Oh, some people may sell out for money, but people that really count do it for ideology.
And the system knows that I'm trying to reboot, that you're trying to reboot.
A system that competes with the British Empire.
The British Empire called it the American system 200 years ago.
They said our system of empire will fail in competition with this.
Hitler said the same thing.
The truth is, our system was the best and the greatest because it empowered individuals.
And now it's fighting the very same systems of tyranny today.
Join us at InfoWars.com.
Join the human community.
And spread the word against the censorship.
And know, we will prevail as we've done in the past.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
All across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, anyone posting that's an OK to be white sign is called a racist.
Even when you post, it's OK to be black next to it.
This is the brainwashing.
But I personally, if you're a TV viewer, can see this racist piece of paper I have.
It's white itself.
It's not OK to be a white piece of paper.
In fact, ladies and gentlemen, it's invisible ink.
So if I'm offended by this, it should be banned, like the OK symbol.
That's the new system of human discovery.
Discovery what offends you.
And having it banned.
Here's a compilation of local newscasts flipping out and saying that they aren't offended by It's OK to be White because the colleges are teaching white people are bad.
Here it is.
Dozens of flyers like this one are popping up on the University of Idaho's campus.
The school's president, Chuck Staben, says the slogan, it's okay to be white, is associated with white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups.
A Florida Gulf Coast University student admitted to hanging these flyers on campus.
They say, it's okay to be white.
19-year-old Griffin Baker-Royo said he put up the signs to protest a new class on campus called white racism.
Well, Griffin Baker-Royo is still awaiting tonight to hear if he'll be punished or not by the university.
Back it up.
Ten seconds.
The classes about white racism, when all humans can be tribal, and if we're going to try to work together with an ethos of a belief system, what is that belief system?
Well, the left's new belief system is whites are evil, America sucks.
And even Juncker, the dictator of the EU, says countries suck, Europeans suck, you're all stupid.
Oh yeah, I mean, they seriously want to demonize white people.
It's ridiculous.
The whole race debate is ridiculous in this country.
Because who's even really white?
Like, my skin color is beige, you know?
It's all a big joke.
It's mental illness.
Martin Luther King Jr.
is turning in his grave.
Here's more of the newscast.
Well, Griffin Baker-Royo is still awaiting tonight to hear if he'll be punished or not by the university for putting up those posters that read, it's okay to be white.
He hasn't been criminally charged, but we do know that he's been referred to Student Affairs here at the university.
Baker-Royo says his posters were not meant to be racist.
Back it up again.
They always use European laws where they arrest you for this stuff to act like you'll be arrested here, normalizing that we'll be arrested.
They're getting us ready by just hearing it in the court of public opinion, Milley.
Yeah, you know, they just want to normalize going after white people in general in this country.
And, you know, it's ridiculous that someone can't say that and somehow that's hate speech.
Do you see how slippery the slope is with trying to demonize hate speech when you can't just say it's okay to be white?
Which, the funny thing about this whole white paper thing, the whole joke is that the paper is white.
So it's like a paper that just says it's okay to be white and they're talking about the paper.
Sure, it's all semantical.
They already have collapsed, basically.
It's over.
And the left's doubling down more as they circle the toilet bowl.
She said, I don't have any power.
I'm black.
She's a professor.
She's ruined a university.
She's wrecking things.
She's causing a race war.
But she keeps saying, yes, I'm prejudiced.
She says, I'm a racist on video.
I don't like whites.
But it's OK, because I'm downtrodden.
Now if she tried to go to Africa and do that, she'd be gone.
She went anywhere else, they'd laugh at her.
She comes here, does this, hates everybody, and then says she doesn't have power so she can be as mean as she wants.
It's a license to act like a thug.
Here it is.
Many at FGCU say they were offended by his act, especially Dr. Ted Thornhill, who teaches the white racism class.
He found one of the signs on his... Especially the race pimp professor that runs the brainwashing system for the militant enthusiasm and for the whole social Darwinistic divide-and-conquer strategy of liberation theology.
I think it's cowardly and unwanted.
It's a slogan that has been used by people like David Duke, you know, a former wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.
He often uses it.
She got this lady not even born here from another country.
She wanted to get here so she could bitch.
Back it up 20 seconds, please.
So she could get like David Duke uses the term, it's okay to be white.
Never even heard that, but if David Duke eats Chinese food, is it banned too?
Like, Sweden's banning runes, the original Germanic language, an alphabet, because somebody might use it wrong.
This is a war on language, by a bunch of chip-on-their-shoulder, third-world populations, brought in, set up by the Ford Foundation, to piss in everyone's face.
Let's continue.
Baker Royo is still awaiting tonight to hear if he'll be punished or not by the university for putting up those posters that read, it's okay to be white.
He hasn't been criminally charged, but we do know that he's been referred to student affairs here at the university.
Baker Royo says his posters were not meant to be racist, but many at FGCU say they were offended by his act, especially Dr. Ted Thornhill, who teaches the white racism class.
He found one of the signs on his office door.
I think it's cowardly.
It's a slogan that has been used by people like David Duke, you know, a former wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and he often uses it.
You could Google this.
It takes less than five minutes to find out.
You know, what I think people are protesting is the idea that adopting the messaging and the framing of people like this should never occur in our federal parliament.
So the idea that somehow white people are experiencing
A level of racism that deserves to be condemned and recognized at the National Parliament diminishes the real experiences of other people that experience day-to-day racism.
And then, you know, because Lauren Southern comes to Australia wearing a it's okay to be white shirt and people protested, 29 senators goes and vote on a notion that it's okay to be white?
It's ridiculous!
It's ridiculous!
Holding signs on this Vancouver over... That's enough.
We're done with the report.
But I mean, you've got this, obviously in my view, a racist woman, chip on her shoulder, wanted to get to the West as soon as she can, to then come to civilization and say, oh my God, I hate you, bow down to me, I'm conquering you.
Which is why a lot of areas of the world can't get civilization, because everyone's trying to conquer the next person.
And so she's here, I rule you, I conquer you, you suck, don't say you're alright, you're bad, I'm the victim, I'm the God.
Well then why don't you get the hell out of our country like the Somali congresswoman that runs around saying America sucks all day?
Why'd she marry her brother to come here?
No, we're nice, so they use it against us, and I'm done!
You know, they're just trying to make it so that white people don't feel like they can defend themselves.
Like, it's wrong to say it's okay to be white, but yet you can say it's okay to be black, it's okay to be Mexican, which it is!
It's okay to be any color.
Exactly, because they run up and down the hallways preaching racism.
They're the racists.
The left is the one.
They want to say we suck, and we say no, and they're getting upset.
Well, guess what?
We're going to keep doing it!
And you know what's interesting?
I've never seen so much racial unity as I have recently.
Oh, when Trump got elected it boosted the numbers way up.
He's incredibly popular.
The average black American just wants freedom.
Who the hell wants all this?
Who wants to send their kids to college and half the teaching isn't about math or accounting or history or science.
It's all about race war.
How does that help your young person?
Texas actually displayed so much racial unity, Alex, at that MAGA beach bash.
It was insane!
You had Hispanics, blacks, whites all together celebrating Trump and America and they all loved each other and had so much unity.
But that's what scares the left because that's all they've got.
They can't promote prosperity or free market or self-defense.
All they can promote is racial division.
Exactly, and that's why we, the American people, need to be united as ever and show that we love each other.
Who cares about your skin color?
And I agree, but we have to stand up against the race peddling left.
New story up on Infowars.com by Kellan McBreen.
Sealed court docs in aborted Schmollett case to be made public.
Schmollett staged that, but again, the media said he was good to stage it so he doesn't get in trouble.
Yeah, what was interesting is actually at the MAGA Beach Bash, I interviewed a bunch of African Americans that were out there partying alongside these MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters, and guess what all of them said, Alex?
All of them said, no, I've had nothing but love and unity.
People have been smiling at us, waving at us, loving us.
We haven't had any racial instances.
So how can you have all these drunk, inebriated MAGA people out there amongst all of these black Americans, and not one of these black Americans that I talked to said they had any hate coming from the Trump report?
But that's because you're in Texas.
If you go to Baltimore or Chicago, the brainwashing is deep.
And folks have never been around white people in those areas.
They actually believe white people are all actually running around in KKK outfits.
I mean, the people out here in Texas, the MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters were loving the black people out there.
I know, but the statistics show that racism is way down.
That's why the Democrats are panicking.
If you want to see it for yourself, go to any Trump event and you see unity.
I know the audience understands that.
We'll do five more minutes and then Matt Braxton.
The Matt Braggins taking over.
Watch the truth about racist Trump supporters.
Millie Weaver now up on InfoWars.com.
And don't forget, Memorial Day specials are rolling right now.
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What you have witnessed is the biggest development in free speech in the Western world's history.
This is a digital AI-enforced gag order.
Not to say the name Alex Jones or InfoWars.com.
This is Nazi Germany level.
This is racketeering.
This is cartels.
Mr. President, we need your help.
We need it now.
You can take on Big Tech.
They saw Infowars as a dominant, independent, anti-war, pro-human, pro-sovereign, pro-family, populist organization.
So they thought, first they come for Alex Jones, then when people say, okay, take him off the air, everyone else like dominoes would fall.
The way to fight back
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones.
Billy, we were riding shotgun with us.
Matt Bracken about to take over.
Billy, during the break, you're like, wow, we're kind of arguing.
I am not arguing with you.
I agree with you.
I'm just saying the Democrats know people aren't racist.
They know that because we aren't our weaknesses, they can tell us, do what we say, or we'll call you racist.
It's a form of terrorism.
And they have wound up a lot of minorities to act like classical racists now, and I just think getting right back in people's faces is the way to go now.
You're actually exactly right.
When you said that about how they know that people aren't racist, it's the same way they know that that baby in the womb is a human, yet they try to deny it.
They use all these roundabout ways to try to deny it.
What it really is, Alex, is I'm getting sick and tired of liberals with their arguments trying to push absolute untruths and illogical conclusions and think that we're just going to have to believe them because they resort to emotional appeals to try to make everyone feel uncomfortable.
That's what they try to do.
Resort to emotional appeals so that people feel uncomfortable, they can shut down dialogue, and then we can't reach the factual, logical conclusion that they're wrong.
Well, it's like them suing people if they question public events.
They want us to, like you said, do what they say.
They want us to buy into whatever they say.
Well, that cow left the barn a long time ago.
You know what the best way to refute liberal arguments is?
You just go out there, and you put a microphone in front of their face, and you let them speak.
And ask them to essentially tell you why they support what they support, and you will just get a bunch of jibber jabber, cussing, yelling.
You've been interviewing people six, seven years, but intensely the last four.
Obviously it's getting more extreme.
How would you describe the tenor in the last few years?
There's definitely an uptick in violence and hostility and it's not just InfoWars because I've seen other journalists out there, Breitbart, other media companies get the same vitriol.
It's an uptick in violence from the left because they are realizing that all these beliefs that they've held and been brainwashed with that
It's no longer going to be their reality.
Because people are waking up.
People are getting red-pilled, and they're seeing the truth for what it is, and they're panicking because these are your lemmings that want to run off the side of a cliff.
And they'll take humanity with them if we let them.
And that's why, no more silence from conservatives.
I ask you, I beg you, conservatives, please do something because these lemmings want to take us off the side of the cliff with them.
Because that's where they're headed.
They want to destroy humanity.
They want our little children, our little boys to be turned into drag queens.
They want our babies aborted and killed.
And they think nothing's wrong with that.
This is where we're heading, Alex.
Millie, I want to take what you just said live on air and run it as a promo piece, because I've never heard anybody say truer words.
That's what this is.
And it's a total attempt to take control of reality, to dominate and bully everyone into submission.
And the leadership of this knows full well what they're doing.
And they went to college, and they got two or three of these worthless degrees, and they were told, you'll be the ruling class.
Hillary's gonna be elected ten years ago, they told them.
And when it didn't happen, they've invested in this pipe dream, and they're supposed to be the new ruling class, but America doesn't really have that, and they are so incredibly upset, and now they're doing a ghost dance, thinking if they throw a giant fit, somehow we'll submit, and then they can finally take control of civilization.
And part of it is that the liberals just don't want to admit that they're wrong.
Some of them are just being so stubborn.
They don't want to admit they're wrong.
They don't want to admit that the Russia collusion thing was a hoax.
Just like how we saw Nancy Pelosi.
I mean, the Democrats are doubling down, trying to act like Trump's covering up.
There's no evidence!
There's no collusion!
And even when I'm at these rallies... They still say, collusion!
You're a Russian!
And they act ridiculous when you point out that they're illogical.
And if you want to find those videos, you can find them on Millennial Millie, or you can find Caitlin's latest videos on Liberty Hangout, all on YouTube.
They're incredible videos.
We also post them in full wars.com and news wars.com.
Millie, thank you for the great job you're doing.
Glad you're here in town.
Can't wait to see you and your crew back on the road and covering election 2020 that is already in full swing.
Don't forget Memorial Day specials.
Best deals ever in fullworkstore.com.
Without you buying the products, we will be shut down.
Thanks for your products.
We are here fighting hard.
So thank you so much.
Matt Bracken's coming up straight ahead in the War Room in about 55 minutes with Owen Shroer.
We are in a complete war, and you idiots don't join with the Republic, you fools!
I want them shut down, I want them silenced, I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Yes, now Facebook is banning Alex Jones and InfoWars from not only their main platform, Facebook, but also from Instagram.
President Trump, please save the First Amendment!
Please do the right thing and stand up against Big Ten!
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions.
He's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
I want them shut down.
We're losing the thread of the concepts that are important to this country.
I don't like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak.
Everybody gets to speak.
I'm a bad person!
I question things!
I'm evil!
How dangerous is Infowars?
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
It's Matt Bracken.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Okay, you've got me for the next hour.
I'm always thinking to myself, as I come into the show, the best show prep for this hour is just listening to the last hour.
Because I just want to keep listening.
And I hope that I can maintain the high standard there that was with Alex's guests and Millie before me.
I love what Alex said right there at the end.
The Democrats are doing the ghost dance.
You know, that was when the, around the 1890s, the last Sioux, were hoping that they could, by magic, make the white man's soldier's bullets just pass through them like water, if they did the right ghost dance.
It didn't work out too well.
Now, I think what's happening, I've often used the poker game analogy, that Trump has been obviously waiting for the Mueller report, because he's got to show all of his cards before Trump starts laying down his cards.
And the Rose Garden, the Rose Garden speech after the short Oval Office meeting or trap.
I think that was brilliant.
You have to go back to Trump over the last many decades as a business leader.
And it's not just, you know, putting on the green eye shade and and getting your accountants and adding up the numbers.
There's a lot of psychological warfare involved in business dealings and also obviously now involved in political dealings.
When Pelosi said that Trump is involved in a cover-up and she's having the impeachment meetings with her mainstream Democrat radicals, I think that made Trump reach his limit.
And he had no plan at all for an infrastructure meeting.
He let them walk in.
He sandbagged them, he walked out to the Rose Garden, and he laid it on them.
And he was very calm and collected, so when Nancy Pelosi says that he had a temper tantrum, and meanwhile she's drooling like somebody with dementia and can barely form words, it kind of puts the lie to her and does make her look like a ghost dancer.
And I think that
What Trump is doing, and if you look at this as a businessman, a politician, and as a as a reality TV host, he is applying jujitsu to them.
So in jujitsu or in Aikido, you use the strength of your enemy against them.
And you know, you use their their rigidity or their their momentum, and you understand it better than they do so that you can actually use their own force against them.
And that's what Trump is doing now.
Something that's been a big advantage of the Democrats, and we've all often commented on it,
Whether they're right or wrong, whether they have a weak hand or a strong hand, they're very united.
They have party discipline.
They stick to the party line.
And right now, the party line is Trump is, you know, is a villain.
He's out of control.
He needs an intervention.
And we have to go forward with impeachment.
Meanwhile, his rallies are drawing monster crowds.
The economy is doing great.
So there's this huge cognitive dissonance building up between what Americans are hearing from Trump and from the Democrats and what they're seeing with their own eyes.
And now Trump has trapped them into going further down this impeachment path, sort of like a losing card player, doubling down and doubling down.
They're not only going to lose their stake, they're going to lose the rants.
Because what they're oblivious to, or the reality that they prefer not to see, is that Trump's strongest cards are all about to be put on the table.
And the Democrats have cut themselves off from any ability to retreat to a position of reality where they could say, oh, we knew all along there was no collusion.
And they can't do that.
They've burned all those bridges.
Trump has lured them into burning all the bridges.
And they're stuck now out on the impeachment path.
Meanwhile, all of the real cards are about to be laid down.
And there are some huge cards going to come.
We've all been hearing for the past week about Papadopoulos and Joseph Mifsud.
I'd like to know if Joseph Mifsud, if anybody's seen him alive lately.
Because there are a lot of people, John Brennan, etc., that wish that Joseph Mifsud would be buried in the center of the earth somewhere, or the bottom of the ocean.
Because if that guy ever comes before Congress,
It's going to, you know, he's not going to go down the tubes like a G. Gordon Liddy.
He's going to say, look, I'm an operative for the Five Eyes.
I follow orders.
I got my orders from from MI6.
They got their their orders in cooperative agreements from head of CIA John Brennan.
I just did what I was told.
This would make the John Dean and the disclosures about the tapes and Watergate seem like nothing.
And as far as the Democrat-controlled mainstream media,
It's the same with them.
They've also burned all their bridges.
They can't now come back towards reality and say, oh, well, yeah, you know, we were just going with that Russia collusion story for the ratings, but we never really believed it.
They're committed to it.
They are completely, fully committed to it.
Just the way that, in a small side analogy, they had Michael Avenatti on hundreds of times on MSNBC and CNN.
They were calling him a strong presidential candidate.
And now he's completely revealed as a as a charlatan, shyster, lawyer, huckster, who even robbed his client, Stormy Daniels.
And so this shows how the media just is trapped out on their own limb, sawing their own limb off.
And Trump has been masterful.
It's sort of, in this poker game, we've all been begging him to lay these cards down, to lay these cards down.
But no, he's been holding his cards and watching the pot grow.
Every time he makes a small bet, the other side goes all in and covers him.
And the pot is growing, the pot is growing, and now all of the disclosures, the declassifications, they're going to come out one after another.
They're going to be like .50 caliber bullets ripping through the Democrats and the media.
There's going to be nowhere left for them.
If the economy holds together and we don't go to war with China or Iran or some kind of a huge black swan event like that,
Then it's going to be a huge victory in 2020, like a Reagan 49 state kind of a thing, because the Democrats are going to have totally discredited themselves as as liars who were willing to take this country, you know, and tear it to pieces for pure political gain.
When it's shown that the real Russian collusion was from Hillary Clinton and the DNC via her law firm Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to the Russians, that that was the real Russian collusion story, when the average American who hasn't been paying that much attention, when he finally figures out, wait a minute, the Democrats were lying the whole time.
It's going to completely blow up the Democrat Party.
Some people even think that Trump didn't campaign hard for the congressman in the midterms because he actually saw this in advance and saw how having a Democrat Congress for these two years would allow him to play a huge jujitsu leverage move to sort of, you know, by having them slightly stronger for two years,
To flip them to the mat, knock the wind out of them, pin them, and then have four years where he can do anything.
It remains to be seen.
Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but as the next few days and weeks come to pass, I expect, at least if you listen to the folks like Nunez and Jordan, these declassifications are going to be explosive.
And it's going to leave the Democrats and their Democrat mainstream media with nowhere to hide, completely discredited.
And we'll see what happens.
Maybe, you know, I've had hope before, but nothing like this.
I feel better right now than at any other point.
And then around the world, we see other victories.
Australia, the huge victory against Labour, the Liberal Party there, the Conservatives.
The vote in the UK today.
Haven't seen how that's turning out, but the Brexit party should be doing great.
Even in Germany, the tide seems to be turning, and I can talk about that when we come back from the break.
All right, anyway.
Get a control, Matt.
Maybe you're too optimistic.
We'll see.
We'll be back after the break with more.
Larry C. Johnson, without going through your whole bio, distinguished CIA, counterterrorism expert, run major operations, you're a respected guy and a patriot.
What would you call this period we're in and now that the deep state or criminal elements of it have failed, where we're going here?
The intelligence community and the law enforcement community have been weaponized against the domestic
It's that simple.
We've really never experienced in our history where these tools of government were turned on the opposing political party in such an intense way.
You know, people will disparage Trump for calling it a coup, but I don't know what else you can call it.
This is exactly a failed coup attempt.
And people like Jim Clapper, John Brennan, Jim Comey, and Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, they were all involved, all implicated.
And they're trying to pretend now that they were just looking for the bad deeds of Russians who just happened to stumble across all these Trump people, which is just a lie.
The other point, though, I think you correctly know, is this didn't just start with Donald Trump.
It started, you yourself have experienced this persecution.
We saw that James Rosen of Fox News was being spied upon.
Other journalists were being spied upon.
So, this is something that the Obama administration started doing early on, and then it just, they got so used to doing it and getting away with it, it just escalated and expanded dramatically.
Then, when, you know, went through phases with Trump, because in the initial phase of the Trump campaign, nobody thought he was going to win.
And then, when it looked like Trump was going to get the nomination,
Then it entered another phase, even more intense.
And this starts about March of 2016.
And you can see, that's when Perkins Coie hires Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele is brought on to do the dossier.
That's the time period they start going intensively after Papadopoulos.
That's the time frame when they start going after Carter Page.
So this had a sort of a natural progression.
And then phase three comes when Trump stuns them.
Because I know for a fact
From a friend who was present in some conversations between Clapper and Brennan, that they genuinely did not believe that Trump would win.
And they were even counseled by the FBI to say, don't be so certain of that.
So what they counted on was they could justify their actions as a counterintelligence investigation because they had, quote, intelligence that was leading them to do this.
But what they didn't admit to is that that intelligence was actually produced in response to requests from the Clinton campaign.
Initially, and people affiliated with the Clinton campaign to come up and start doing opposition research on Donald Trump, but then to add the added flavor of having it appear as if it was legitimate intelligence.
So going back almost 30 years, I have never seen
Such a dishonest display.
I mean, deliberate dishonesty on the part of media types, particularly at MSNBC and at CNN, but it's really going throughout the media.
No one's actually trying to be honest about covering the stories.
Now, the saving grace is this.
Talk radio, like your show and like Rush Limbaugh's show, if you compare Rush Limbaugh's show to all the major media,
As many people listen to Rush Limbaugh as watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News on any given night.
Think about that.
Your show and other shows, it gets out there and it counters the argument.
They can't control it.
They want to try to control it.
The way they try to control it is by destroying you, by destroying your reputation, and by trying to characterize you as a complete crack.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones with Matt Bracken.
All right, now I've got some more to say, but we will be taking some phone calls, maybe the next segment.
And that number is 877-789-2539 or 789-ALEX.
And as the lines fill up, maybe the next segment will go to that.
Now, I sounded pretty optimistic in the last segment, and certainly it's better to have a battlefield victory than a loss.
But something that it's very important to remember is the progressives, the communists, the globalists, they're fully committed.
This is their religion.
They say they don't believe in God, but their God is global communism.
But they look at it in several different ways.
For the masses, communism is sold as their panacea.
You know, everybody gets free stuff, free college,
Free medical care.
Free housing.
Of course that's ridiculous.
For the elites that rule the masses, communism is a way to become feudal overlords.
They get to live in the castles, which today are gated communities or compounds like, you know, where Zuckerberg and these other titans live.
They don't care if it's wreckage outside, as long as the dumb masses
As long as the dumbasses vote for them on continuing promises of free stuff, then they get to rule.
The people that get crushed are us, the middle class, the working class, the heritage Americans that built the country.
And we're just in the squeeze-out play.
This is why the Democrats are fully committed to open borders.
This is why it's absolutely foolish to even discuss going to Congress
And have any kind of reform.
Not only would it be dragged out for months, all that we would get from the Democrat Congress would be amnesty proposals.
We have voting rights proposals.
So it's ridiculous, it's a joke, and it's a waste of time to even go in that direction.
But as Trump becomes stronger, as the deep state coup is revealed and the Democrats are in retreat and have to cover their weakness, Trump will have the political capital
Push straight ahead with what he could have been doing all along.
And in my opinion, maybe he should have been.
Of course, he would have been crucified, just massacred by the media for cruelty.
But it's actually more cruel to lure people into this country where they may face deportation regardless.
You have to spend their life savings, five or six thousand dollars paid to the cartels to get them to the border.
To come across the border, maybe lose their life in the desert or maybe wind up being sex trafficked or catching a disease in one of these facilities.
It's actually more humane to clearly indicate to the world that the open door policy is closed.
And this actually was done last November and then also around the new year, where caravans were turned away with pepper spray.
It seems like a long time ago, a few months, but it actually happened.
And it went down pretty well.
This was when there were 10,000 or more that were all stashed in Tijuana.
And they did sort of a wide out to the right to try to storm the border in San Ysidro.
And we just fired pepper spray canisters at them and turned them back.
There was some bad media, you know, women dragging their children, you know, wiping their eyes from pepper spray.
But let's face it, what country on earth can just have an open border to the world?
It's ridiculous.
There's no country if there's no border.
Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution says
That the United States government shall protect the states from invasion.
It's in the Constitution.
If the army, if the military, is for anything, it's for defending our own borders from an invasion.
And fences work.
Hungary, when Hungary was part of the Balkan chain to backdoor their way up to Germany, they'd come from Greece through the Balkans, which are not part of the EU Schengen, through Hungary into Europe.
Hungary put up their own fence in months.
Not a wall, not something fancy and beautiful made out of giant steel panels, but fence systems.
In months, they put up hundreds of kilometers of fence and stopped the invasion cold.
We can do it just as fast and even before we have the big fence system like you see on that picture, Army troops can pull out concertina wire miles per day.
And with concertina wire in a pyramid just on the ground, backed up with troops and pepper spray, just like we did in San Ysidro last November and around New Year's,
If you have mobs of people coming to the border, and you know, you don't have to welcome them into your country.
You don't have to have a taxi service of Border Patrol agents to take them, to hold them for 20 days, and then to release them across America.
You can actually see them coming.
We have the technology, the FLIR, infrared, etc.
We can see them coming.
Loudspeaker, pepper spray, turn around, and very soon the word gets out
That it's not an open door anymore.
If the president can't do this, I don't know what he can do.
I mean, we're talking about sending more troops back to the Middle East, but we won't even defend our own border?
We act as if we have to take everybody across our border?
If we stop them in northern Mexico,
The dynamic changes completely, because what happens is, instead of Mexico being a rapid turnstile where they're just flowing across, dropping money in the coffers of the cartels and the people who make money off of this migration,
There's no disincentive.
There's advertisements out in Guatemala and El Salvador saying, come to America, everything's free.
There are villages emptying out.
Some people say more than 1% of Guatemala has recently moved to America.
Already, I think a quarter of El Salvador lives in the United States of America.
America is essentially abolishing itself.
And if we don't get a grip on this,
We're not going to be America, because culture is destiny.
The people that are coming in don't know about the Constitution, can't spell it, don't even read or write Spanish.
Are not particularly bright.
The only thing they know for sure is if they get to America, eventually they'll be able to vote for the Democrats and they'll vote for more welfare.
And if that happens, folks, we're done.
So it's going to take a president with a very harsh policy at the border.
But you have, as they say, you have to be cruel to be kind.
You have to
Clearly indicate that the open passage, the open border is finished.
Only then will this mass migration stop.
Until that happens, you know, waiting for miles of wall to be built when it's going to take a decade.
In a decade, there won't be a United States of America as we know it.
You know, in the next election, I mean, if Florida or Texas goes Democrat, it's all over.
It'll be, hello, President Buttigieg or Kamala Harris.
And then the floodgates will be wide open.
So this really is an existential moment for America.
When we come back on the other side, we'll start taking some calls.
Russian collusion.
Russian sort of collusion.
Russian possible collusion.
Russian metal collusion.
Possible collusion.
Russian deadly collusion.
Possible collusion.
Russian possible collusion.
Russian public collusion.
Russian collusion.
Possible collusion.
Russia hacked our election.
Here comes a big change.
Because all of a sudden, Trump.
Russian possible collusion.
Was there collusion?
Trump, Russia, possible collusion.
Trump, Russia, possible collusion.
Trump, Russia, possible collusion.
Trump, Russia, possible collusion.
Trump, Russia, possible collusion.
Trump, Russia, potential collusion.
Trump, Russia, possible collusion.
Putin, and the Kremlin, and be in collusion with Putin, and the Kremlin, and be in collusion with Putin, and the Kremlin, and be in collusion
All seventeen intelligence agencies.
Seventeen agencies.
Seventeen of our intelligence agencies.
Seventeen of our intelligence agencies.
Seventeen intelligence agencies.
Seventeen different United States intelligence agencies.
Seventeen of them.
No collusion, no obstruction.
Hillary has Russia ties that are admitted, even in the New York Times.
Hillary's Russia problem, 30 plus million to give over a third of our uranium, making gas deals to sell us out.
She's the one selling out our industry, selling out our infrastructure.
They're selling out critical minerals, critical components.
Hillary is in bed with their companies.
Hillary is in bed with their weapons producers for the uranium, all of it.
She's caught red-handed.
The Podestas, all of them.
They're selling us out seven ways to Sunday.
Obama kills the Russia investigation during the campaign because he knows it leads to the Podesta brothers and Hillary and himself and George Soros because they've all been screwing each other over and selling the country out.
What difference at this point does it make?
We are in a complete war!
And you idiots don't join with the Republic!
You fools!
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Yes, now Facebook is going to be banning Alex Jones and InfoWars from not only their main platform, Facebook, but also from Instagram.
President Trump, please save the First Amendment!
Please do the right thing and stand up against Big Tech!
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions.
He's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
I want them shut down.
We're losing the thread of the concepts that are important to this country.
I don't like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak.
Everybody gets to speak.
I'm a bad person!
I question things!
I'm evil!
I don't...
How dangerous is InfoWars?
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Matt Bracken.
Okay, before we start taking calls, I want to pull together some foreign threads and sort of paint a picture globally, so to speak.
Last week in Australia, the conservative
It's weird in that country.
The conservative party is called the liberals and the liberals are called labor.
But anyway, 60 polls in a row, mainstream polls in a row declared that labor was going to win the election by a wide margin.
And just like with Trump and with the Brexit result, the Brexit referendum, the polls were wrong.
So in 2019,
You have to pretty much come to the conclusion that when you hear about polls in the media, all you're doing is sticking a funnel into your ear for propaganda.
Number one, who honestly answers polls?
Who says, sure, I'll take 10 minutes of my time.
And go through 100 questions of which they'll cherry pick some that they want certain results where the five preceding questions were designed to lead you to an answer on the question that they want.
I mean, the whole science of it is bogus.
The sample is ridiculous because most people hang up on pollsters or lie to them.
But the point is, everybody in Australia thought that the Liberal Labour Party was going to win.
And instead, the conservative liberal party, Prime Minister Middleton, won.
It shocked everybody, just like Trump's victory shocked everybody.
But by now, it shouldn't be so shocking.
That election was over basically a Green New Deal party versus a free market economics party.
And people in public or on a poll, they might say, sure, I'm for the Green New Deal.
I roll.
But when it comes to voting for let's cut our electricity by half in 15 years, or let's continue having a job, people voted, let's continue to have a job.
And if you if you extrapolate those results to an American 2020 election, it would be like a President Kamala or a candidate Kamala Harris for the Green New Deal.
Versus President Trump for free market economics, and I think it would be a wipeout for Trump.
Even in some countries where you think that the conservative or national side is not that strong, there are indications of a real turn of the tide.
Last week, there was a popular national television show in Germany, and they took a call-in question
Does Islam belong in Germany?
And they had something like 15,000 people calling in.
Sure, they're self-selecting, but these are the people that were motivated.
And something like 94% of the callers said, Islam does not belong in Germany.
I think that they believed that they had some privacy, so they were more free with their opinion, where they would never say that to a pollster.
You're talking to a pollster.
You don't know if it's some party guy who's recording your information for later use against you.
Anyway, there are some very positive trends.
But what all this means is that the EU bosses and the other globalist forces are going to be more desperate
So the game is not over by a long shot, but we do seem to be lining up for some kind of a showdown over national sovereignty and free market economics versus globalism slash communism and the road to serfdom, where global elites, the Brennans, the Comeys, the Junkers, the Merkels, the Macrons, are going to run the world like a plantation
Where the middle class are just the slaves in the harness, you know, working our way so that we can pay for the migrants who will come into our countries and then vote that we, as the slaves, should work harder to pay them more welfare benefits.
You know, this can't go on forever, and it's going to wind up one way or the other.
But even if we do have some victories, just remember, progressivism is a religion.
And they're never going to quit.
Just like you would never get Muslims or Christians to deny their faith based on rational arguments.
Because to progressives, they have the light of truth.
They have goodness on their side.
They are true believers.
You are never going to change their mind.
All we can do is beat them politically.
And if they pull enough tricks, if they manage, for example, to impeach Trump or something goes kinetic and Trump is taken out and we wind up in a hot civil war instead of a cold civil war.
Then we're going to have to defeat them the other way.
But they're never going to just acquiesce to our arguments.
We're never going to convince them of the rightness of our logic, the goodness of our history.
It's never going to happen.
We're going to have to defeat them, politically if we can, and by other means if that becomes necessary.
All right, let's go to some calls.
I see, since I'm kind of talking about immigration, let's go to Lander in Oregon.
Go ahead, Lander.
Hey, Matt.
Thanks for having me on.
You're welcome.
So, I like what you were talking about with all this stuff with the border, but I'm wondering right now is, you know, we've already taken in so many immigrants.
Do we already get basically a lethal dose for what the country can take?
What do you see happening in the future there?
That's a really, that's a good point.
It may already be too late because, you know, there's an old German saying, there's nothing as permanent as a temporary guest worker.
You know, once somebody gets into the community, it's almost impossible to actually deport them.
Even if they're, you know, a serial killer knocking off old ladies, like we had one illegal
Revealed last week, he was an African actually, I think from Nigeria, but he was going to old ladies' homes and killing women between like the age of 70 and 90.
You don't see that in the mainstream media at all.
I mean, imagine if it had been some white guy knocking off old black ladies.
It would be unbelievable.
So, it's going to be very hard to deport any of this wave that is coming in.
Eventually, they and their children will probably be voting.
So it may mean that we're going to have to have some kind of a really harsh incident.