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Name: 20190515_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 15, 2019
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In his broadcast, Alex Jones discusses the censorship faced by InfoWars and encourages viewers to visit their websites for news updates. He interviews Sophie Forest of Fiat about how younger generations are becoming more aware and resistant to leftist propaganda despite attempts by media and left-leaning groups to silence them. They also talk about extreme reactions from the left, including harassment and demands for censorship on platforms like YouTube. Alex Jones criticizes the hypocrisy and double standards regarding free speech and praises Generation Z for their anti- establishment attitudes. The video also covers Bayer's black ops division and an internal investigation underway at the company with law enforcement preparing criminal charges against them.

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(dramatic music)
Here's what's happening right now.
I've been getting prepared for this broadcast for hours today.
And so much is breaking right as we go on air that I am basically speechless.
And that's not something I'm known for.
We have really a particularly powerful broadcast lined up for you today.
on this Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 global transmission.
And we have Soph, the 14-year-old young lady whose parents have given her permission to take off from school today to give us a big exclusive live interview because she's not being scripted.
She's not being handed talking points.
She's extremely smart.
It's very refreshing.
She probably has an IQ twice that of AOC.
And so she's going to be joining us live, unscripted, on air today.
And we look forward to that because the thought police over at BuzzFeed, you know, the villains, They've been running around tattletaling on her and trying to get her removed.
And YouTube has been taking action and removing her videos, giving her strikes.
And well, BuzzFeed says, good job.
Now completely deplatform her for life.
Get her web ID or Google ID and ban her.
Do not let her talk.
Shut her up.
She's dangerous.
Shut her up now.
Again, as Tucker Carlson said, these people aren't scary or anything.
It's the little girl.
Oop, but I just said girl.
That infers that some people might not be a girl.
I'm not talking about her, but I just... Well, I just committed a thought crime.
I mean, we can joke about this all day.
These people are serious.
They are the threat.
You know, Hitler and the Soviet Union was the threat last century.
We're definitely run by the bad guys at the universities and the Hollywood level.
And more and more people are getting it.
There's a very powerful article up on Infowars.com dealing with a man that they're calling Trump 2.0.
And I was already familiar with him, already knew what he did as Attorney General of Missouri, the Shelby State, and I was already a fan.
But then I kind of went on a binge on Josh Hawley last night and this morning and probably watched two hours of him in Congress in speeches and I'm telling you, he'll give Ted Cruz or Rand Paul a big run for their money at 39 years old.
This guy and people like him are the future.
He's populist and he gets the fact that The Democrats are working with foreign governments and combines to act as governments to usurp our freedoms.
And so this whole Brookings Institution, you know, libertarian type idea of get out of the way of corporations is suicide.
Because if the corporations are working with the CHICOMS and the EU, by extension with regulations that we then go under, the government not getting involved is the same as the government ending free speech and getting involved.
And it's simple little mind games the globalists play.
Simple little mind games.
You know, he's top of his class lawyer, whole nine yards.
But you're going to hear his speeches, you're going to say, that sounds exactly like Alex Jones.
That's exactly what Alex Jones is saying.
Because it's what's going on.
Anybody can look at A pink pig.
And say that's a pink pig.
Anybody can look at what the EU and the UN and Hollywood, the Democrats are doing.
They're running roughshod.
They're a bunch of tyrants.
Lock their asses up, man.
I mean, this is survival we're talking about.
Silicon Valley needs to be raided.
Mike in New Jersey.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling, Mike.
You are the man, Alex.
I'm so glad to be talking to you.
I'm so excited.
I'm such a big fan.
Ever since I've been listening, I've been buying your products.
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Thank you.
(dramatic music)
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the
front lines of the InfoWar.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
Well, the 14-year-old who's exploded in the last few months, with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, a million subscribers, is the next person to be digitally crucified, then burned into ashes, and scattered to the four winds, like Winston Smith at the end of 1984.
And she's going to be joining us, coming up, ladies and gentlemen, on the broadcast today.
In the second hour, Mike Adams is going to be hosting the 4th Hour War Room after that, 3 o'clock central, with the great Owen Troyer.
This is going to be a very important broadcast today.
I've done a lot of research, a lot of preparation for the topics I want to get into and the points I want to make, and I really want to get these salvos out there, because if people listen, if people research, if they find out I'm telling the truth, and that if we take action collectively, it's bye-bye New World Order and hello prosperity!
Because the globalists admit they have been purposely sabotaging, purposely demoralizing, and pumping cultural poison into the system because they can't run a free, open, virtuous people.
I know that's really simple.
A free people can't be enslaved by authoritarians.
So they want us to be slaves.
And the credo of slaves is ignorance.
It's backbiting.
It's stupidity.
It's feeling like you're victims.
So you lay down and die instead of overcoming.
And there is a war against the middle of the country.
And I don't just mean that geographically, there's that too.
There is a war.
And everybody already knows this.
When I say this, you're going to say...
Jones just said the grass is green.
I know, but the enemy is obsessed with this, the enemy admits this, and now they've gotten so freaked out that we're fighting back that they've uncloaked themselves.
Because they don't get how we operate.
They've miscalculated.
They've thrown a lot of kindling on this blaze.
They want you to worship Hollywood.
They want you to worship their emptiness.
They want control of everything because they have no control.
They want power because they don't have power.
No matter how much power they've got, it's like a colander, the water just pours out.
It's like a boat with holes in it.
And this happens throughout history.
It's known psychology.
And so the left runs the gambit from arrested development fools, low IQ minions, slaves, right up through mercenaries, control freaks, absolutely evil people.
And it runs that spectrum.
And we have to fully come to Jesus on that.
And understand that we are blind.
To the way they operate, because we don't think like that.
We have a blind spot the size of the Grand Canyon.
And once you finally understand, oh my God, there are really evil people in the world and how they operate, then we can start beating them.
And look, I know you know there's evil people.
But you've got to realize that a lot of evil people aren't going to climb in to your daughter's bedroom at night and slit their throat.
Those psychos exist.
In fact, I wanted to play that clip on Friday.
I never played it.
Let's cue that up.
That serial killer.
For later in the hour.
But there's a lot of other cowardly evil people that set up systems of corruption and oppression so they can get away with carrying it out in an institutional system.
And then those of us that are trying to just have good country, and healthy people, and live a long time, and love God, and have justice, and we believe in success, and we like other people's success, and we like our success, because we're confident, we're strong, we come from, you know, good gene pools, basically.
We are blind to these people.
But I'm telling you, once you've seen their ass, you're never blind again.
And every fiber of your soul will be, get them off our back.
So that's where I'm coming from here today is, I know you know this.
But they're as evil as we thought they were and more.
And they are seeking always to have power and control over us.
And they want to extinguish what makes us great, because that greatness inherently threatens the corrupt, upside-down system they're trying to build.
They can't have a successful America.
They can't have successful race relations.
They can't have good, strong families and culture, because that threatens their strategic takeover, and they admit that.
And I know you know that!
But every moment of every day, in everything we do, we have to remember they are literally out to get us.
And so instead of being victims, we're overcomers.
But you have to overcome the enemy by declaring them the enemy and saying to the enemy, I see you.
I know you're bad.
I know you don't have a conscience.
You know I have one.
So you spend all day trying to manipulate me.
Get behind me, Satan.
You're not in my life anymore.
You don't scare me.
You don't bully me.
Your labels, your lies, it means nothing to me.
I'm standing firm against you.
And I'm gonna confront you to your face.
It isn't just Alex Jones that has to go to Congress when they have big tech hearings.
I'll be at every one I'm physically able to be at.
The moment you decide to look at your calendar and take your vacation in D.C.
And to take your children with you and to march in there when you see Sundar Pichai, or you see Oliver Darcy, or you see any of these liars.
And you get in their face, because they're the usurpers.
They're bigger than a government.
And they set themselves up as our kings now, and induced us through telecommunications to make them the new communications system, where they spy on us and sell our data and lie to us, and then when they get caught, they lie to us again.
Man, just keep trying this Jedi mind trick of we're a private company.
We're a private company.
No, what you are is a trust.
What you are is a criminal combine working with other groups in an oligopoly to control and dominate this nation.
You have disdain for people that don't want to be in Hollywood, that don't want to worship Silicon Valley, and you're taking over every facet of our lives and pumping us full of poison so you can feed on us at your leisure.
And it's coming to an end.
We're going to break up all of these tech monopolies.
We're going to pull the Chi-Com operatives out of our government.
There's going to be thousands of people arrested.
Already hundreds have been.
We're going to roll up Hollywood, and we're going to roll all of you up because you're a cancer, you're an enemy force, and you're working against this nation.
Remember a few months ago?
The Joint Chiefs of Staff got asked in Congress about Google officially working for China and won't even work with our own military.
What does that tell you?
They hate America.
You go to any Democratic Party event, any Silicon Valley event, and you talk about loving America or free market or God, they will groan, they will yell at you, and they will say, get out of here.
They will physically attack you in public spaces.
They are so habituated.
They hate you so much.
They hate Jesus Christ so much.
They hate families so much that they shake with murderous delight.
I mean, I knew they hated America, but the last few years I go out to these events and I say, hey, America's back.
You know, it's, you know, unemployment's down and good things are happening and they start groaning.
And I say, I love America.
And they go, and you're like, so you do it to another group and another group and another group.
And they're all the same.
And you have to understand, these are really bad people.
And they've converted a large number of our fellow citizens into this now.
They're basically demon possessed.
I don't know what you want to call it.
Mass psychosis.
It's going on.
It's happening.
We've all seen it.
It's like the body snatchers.
And we're going to have to stand against them and stop acquiescing their bullying or it's only going to get worse.
And you can see there's no limit to what they'll do.
The good news is there are a bunch of evil people on top, but still a small number, with a lot of victims and mind-controlled, servile, mass brainwashed followers.
But we have to come into that power vacuum and lead and stop all this.
We'll lay the plan out to stop it on the other side.
However you're listening, please spread the word.
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Eric in Colorado.
Eric, thanks for holding.
I really appreciate you.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I really appreciate you and it's an honor to talk to you.
And I do, before I start, I also wanted to do a plug for a couple of your products that
I really love.
Just a couple of your products that I really love.
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I tried your DNA Force a couple weeks later.
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It's great.
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What did you think of the X2?
I love that too.
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And I swear, man, that X2 really helps with cognition.
Well, that's because the synapses in the brain operate off of it.
It's electrochemical.
You're absolutely right.
When I forget to take X2 every couple of days, sometimes I forget for like a week because I get busy.
Then I feel it and I take it and it really is amazing.
So thank you for the support, brother.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Banning people.
They're dictating the opinions that everyone on the platform is allowed to have.
I'm a conservative Jew, so I guess that makes me such a dangerous person.
Spreading articles.
Spreading videos.
Spreading links.
You're gonna get demonized.
You're gonna get attacked.
It's going to do something terrible like help Trump get re-elected.
That's really what all this is about.
...said that they deem our content and our brand un... ...is the right to be, do, and say whatever you want.
It's about freedom of expression.
I'm a journalist.
I'm a left not interested in telling the truth about me because I don't fit the stereotype.
They can say whatever they think, and I respect their constitutional right to do it, and I hope they respect my... If you are receiving this translation, you are the resistance.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum!
We're beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen to me.
If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
Oh my God!
Lock the door!
Lock the door!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Listen to me!
Help me!
You're next!
You're next!
They're in danger!
Please, listen to me!
Something terrible!
You're next!
They're already here!
You're next!
They're coming!
They're coming!
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Elizabeth, wake up!
That's you when you sleep!
Sit up!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
I'm looking at it as if it was human.
I'm not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
of science fiction.
Embarrassing street.
Invasion of the body searchers.
Land of the walking dead!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
And we got a giant beachhead two and a half years ago when Trump got elected.
We relaunched America.
This audience, you had done it.
1776 had a beachhead.
So the enemy said, okay, shut him down.
We'll call ourselves the resistance.
And we'll try to adopt a lot of Jones's populist tactics, but we'll invert it.
And that's why they want us off the air.
They are now the resistance.
Well, yeah, you're the resistance to America.
You're the globalist.
America was never great.
It'll never be great.
And now President Trump has basically stood down his one biggest failure so far and not defended the First Amendment against the monopoly combine activities A big tech openly and publicly moving to China just on the national security front.
He's done something on Huawei, he's done something on 5G, and now that's a major national security threat.
But if you don't think every Apple device having its code access based in China on servers that Apple admits are state controlled, so Apple can be tax exempt.
And then the Pentagon is like, well, I guess none of you will work with us, Apple or Google or anybody else.
Amazon works for the Pentagon.
I guess that's your right.
But, gee, it's kind of bad.
Your right?
To move to China and let them have all our damn codes?
No, that's not their right.
You're a private company.
You know, the Libertarian Institute said so.
Libertarianism isn't what big corporations say it is.
It isn't slitting your throat.
By our government letting China and the EU write all the regulations.
They've written them now to make big tech move over there and do what they say.
I'm going to say it again.
Because our government won't defend us and won't regulate to prohibit foreign regulation and won't protect what we built.
You have given it over and you're going to let them steal 2020.
Trump's going to lose.
And they're just gonna ban everybody.
That's where we are right now.
I told you Trump was gonna win.
He's gonna lose.
Mark my words.
I think Trump's got six months to tear the hell out of Big Tech and bloody their nose politically.
And scare the hell out of them.
They got all sorts of stuff to indict these heads.
Big Tech's been acting like they're invincible above the law god.
We don't have a lot of time.
We need serious measures.
Are the only measures that will do anything.
I'm not an authoritarian.
But if our taxpayers and our engineers built Google, built Apple, built YouTube, built Twitter, now they're these piss-on-America, we-hate-America leftists.
The normal response, you know if Russian companies just handed their stuff over to foreign countries, those executives would all be found dead in their beds in a week.
I mean, you know that, right?
They'd get run over in the street, they'd get shot, they'd get poisoned.
That's not authoritarianism.
That's not slitting your children's throats, is what that is.
So fine!
I mean, good, let's just give the Chai Koms everything!
Holy mackerel!
They've only killed 120 million people!
Here, just give Hitler all the codes.
Hell, get the time machine.
Go back and give Hitler the internet, hydrogen bombs.
Just give him everything.
Let's just roll over.
And I don't wish any harm against the big tech people.
I don't want to have a hot war.
These people are already crapping all over us.
They've already sold us out so far.
It's insane!
And we can't even get the Pentagon to get more than a little upset about it.
Protect our country.
It isn't about aircraft carriers and missiles.
It's about money and communications and telecommunications.
That's more important.
That's 90% of war.
And we don't have control of our own Internet!
Oh, that we built.
Here is Senator, a month ago, bringing this up to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
Here it is.
So, I just want to make sure that I understand exactly what you're saying.
You're telling me that Google, an American company, supposedly, is refusing to work with the Department of Defense, but is doing work with China, in China, in a way that at least indirectly benefits the Chinese government.
Is that correct?
I haven't heard the word refuse, but there's a lack of willingness to support DoD programs.
General, you're nodding your head.
Do you want to weigh in on this?
No, Senator, I'm nodding your head on exactly the point that you made, that the work that Google is doing in China is indirectly benefiting the Chinese military.
And I've been very public on this issue as well.
In fact, the way I described it to our industry partners is, look, we're the good guys in The values that we represent and the system that we represent is the one that will allow and has allowed you to thrive.
And that's the way I've characterized it.
So I was just nodding that what the Secretary was articulating is a general sense of all of us as leaders.
And we watch with great concern when industry partners work in China, knowing that there is that indirect benefit.
And frankly, indirect may be not a full characterization of the way it really is.
It's more of a direct benefit to the Chinese military.
I just want to underscore this for the record so that we are absolutely, perfectly, 100% clear here that Google, an American company based in this country, again, supposedly an American company, is doing work in China that directly or indirectly benefits the Chinese government at a time of increased peer competition with this country.
We are in a struggle with the Chinese government over whether or not they're going to become a regional and maybe global hegemon with values very different from ours, certainly values that do not favor freedom in the world.
And we have an American company that does not want to do work with our Defense Department, which is one thing, but that's because they're traitors.
It's called globalism.
The Democrats want to destroy the country.
They sold out the foreign powers.
Wake up or the country's done!
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
and the U.S. Department of Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
So imagine the arrogance of big tech globally working together
in concert to censor nationalist populists, whether they be right wing or left wing,
if they want their countries to be run by them.
I mean, right now you've got Facebook admittedly interfering and blocking populist parties in major elections in Spain, in Italy, everywhere, and admitting they're doing it.
Facebook has announced no live streaming is allowed in Paris on their platform because they don't want you to see what the police do to people.
They don't want you to see the yellow vest.
They don't want you to be able to know what goes on.
That's what authoritarian regimes do.
And they just announce it like they're very Proud of what they're doing.
And that's what Obama tried three years ago on the eve of leaving, was to hand full control of the internet over to the UN and an advisory body set up by the European Union.
The very robber barons that set up the UN set up the European Union.
And guess where they got the plan?
From Hitler.
Don't believe me?
Just type in.
The EU was a brainchild of Adolf Hitler.
Even the flag Hitler came up with.
The Olympic symbol Hitler came up with.
The Volkswagen symbol he came up with.
He drew the first Volkswagen Beetle in 1935 on the back of a cocktail napkin.
And all I'm saying is, isn't it amazing?
Autobahns, big highways, Hitler's idea.
And I'm not saying highways are a bad idea.
I'm just simply saying you might want to actually research how authoritarian all this is.
Because when I get up here and I say, you know, the space shuttle was called the Silverbird and was being developed on paper by, who became the head of NASA later, to be a atomic bomber.
That would go up into orbit, turn over, open up the space shuttle, open up its bays, and drop atomic bombs on Manhattan, Detroit, and Chicago.
And that was in its first path.
It was then going to orbit the Earth, get into another angle, to then bomb across the Midwest.
And that's all the atomic bombs they thought they could load in.
You're like, wait a minute, the space shuttle, we invented that, that first flew in 1980 or whatever.
No, my friends, we didn't invent the space shuttle.
The Nazis did.
And they were able to create atomic weapons.
But we sent special forces, and the British did, into those mountains and blew them up on suicide missions.
They had dozens of different types of jet aircraft.
They had it all.
And the point is, is we're not facing a Nazi conspiracy.
There are powerful corporations and powerful individuals that will gobble up anything they can get that other evil people have come up with for evil aims.
And so that's the reality.
We took the space shuttle and used it to resupply the space station and 20% of its missions.
80% were classified and were weapons payloads in space.
That's what the space shuttle does is it takes huge weapons payloads X-ray lasers, you name it, into orbit, and then places them.
But I'm going to stop there.
I have a problem with the show.
I have massive preparation here.
All this stuff I want to go over, all these things I want to talk about.
But you see how you go down the little rabbit trail of Facebook is helping the EU at the request of Macron, who's really an EU minion.
For this big internet tech conference, ban free speech, basically, and ban live video.
Look at this, though.
That's my whole stack of censorship today.
It's like, China's social credit system blacklists 13 million people so far.
Google's censorship search would help China be more open.
Said CEO of Google.
He runs the parent company now, Alphabet, Eric Schmidt.
That's 2 plus 2 equals 10.
Or being tortured to death is a great liberation.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Lies are truth.
Google's censored search would help China be more open, said ex-CEO Eric Schmidt.
Isn't that a funny, funny, funny, funny one?
Online encyclopedia Wikipedia blocked in China ahead of Tiananmen anniversary.
That's out of Reuters.
Don't worry, they've locked up a right-wing comedian for making a gay joke.
He's facing six months in prison, and the president thinks that's wrong, so they're calling him hateful.
That's right.
You know, this is what happens in other countries.
Oh, under political correctness, Brazil is very politically correct.
Oh my God!
You made a gay joke!
You're going to prison!
Isn't that liberal?
I mean, that's without even looking what's going on.
It's everywhere.
You know, I used to laugh at this, but now I'm figuring out the left has their fundraiser letters and their private communications and what goes on.
But about three years ago, I started seeing it on Facebook and YouTube and Twitter everywhere.
They'd say, Alex Jones is being sued by the Sandy Hook families.
I hadn't been sued yet.
And I remember, that's weird, that's not right.
And then they did it.
He just creates this thing of, well, you're supposed to, because the media and the left brings up things I never said in my voice, and then tells people, did you hear what Alex is doing?
Why, he paid for his college tuition for his kids on you.
Why, he made $80 billion off you.
Why, he talks about you every day.
None of that's even true.
And now the new thing is, Alex Jones killed people.
Alex Jones is a murderer!
Alex Jones is in prison!
And you've seen Millie Weaver and other videos on the street with Kaitlin Benton and others and people walk up and they go, Alex Jones is in prison for murder!
And we all kind of laugh and go, but see, I guess in their weird group collective or however this thing works, I'm not sure.
They think I'm in prison now!
They said I was being sued by Sandy Hook before I was.
And now they say I'm in prison for murdering people.
People walk up on the street and they go, aren't you supposed to be in prison?
These are crazy people.
But they create whatever insane narrative they want.
It's the death of logic.
It's the death of civilization.
It's completely out of control.
But just let me control myself.
Because I've got to get to how we can break up big tech, and it's bigger than just me being censored.
I don't care.
On my knees, if we could just halfway turn the country around, I would stop and, you know, shut this operation down or let Owen run it or something, or Paul Watson if he was interested.
You know, I mean, because there's always something, you know, to do political.
But this is existential threat to everything.
We've got to really be politically engaged and informed now, because facts are The enemy of our enemy.
Now, I've been very impressed with what they're calling Trumpism 2.0.
Senator Josh Hawley has unveiled populist platform to fight big tech aristocrats and restore America.
And I watched hours of his speeches last night and this morning, and he gave a speech in the Senate earlier that we're going to air excerpts of next hour.
But when you hear these speeches, you're going to say, well, that sounds just like Alex Jones.
No, folks.
What it is, is we're looking at the same thing in history.
I'm quoting Founding Fathers.
He's quoting Founding Fathers.
He's quoting Senator Hawley, the same person that a big liberal is.
Mark Zuckerberg's accomplice in founding Facebook has come out.
Chris Hughes.
And said exactly what the Senator is saying.
So this is the key when we come back.
You have the founder of Facebook saying what the GOP Rising Star Senator is saying.
Because it's common sense.
And you read this and you go, oh my God, that's exactly it.
We have new royalty.
What is royalty?
What does it signify?
What does it mean?
Why did our forebearers reject it?
It's all coming up on the other side.
Tomorrow's news today.
I'm here in my parents kitchen because my house flooded with torrential rains this week.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show. The answer to 1985.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
So, you know, end of World War II, the British and the U.S.
sent now a lot of famous raids, where in some cases everybody died, in other cases nobody died, to go into the mountains, not of Germany.
The Germans, just like in a Marvel comic movie, had all these underground bases in different nations around Germany in the Alps.
And so groups as small as 10 people, sometimes 100, would ski in 30, 40, 50, 100 miles with weapons.
They'd go in with explosives.
They'd sneak into these bases.
They'd blow them up.
They had atomic bombs.
They had rockets.
They had everything.
They had missiles.
That's why Hitler didn't win World War II.
Came that close.
They did all sorts of stuff, like they'd get there and the train had already picked up the atomic fissile material.
And so they'd follow the train desperately and wait until it was loaded on a ship.
Then they'd, you know, swim under the ship at night without even the gear and put a mine on it and sink it.
I mean, just all sorts of stuff to stop Hitler from winning.
And then you look at America today.
We're trained to hate America.
America sucks.
The president's bad for even saying the country exists.
Nation states are bad.
And so you wonder why Google and Apple moved to China.
You wonder why they gave all the secret codes to them.
You wonder why the Clintons gave them all of the ICBM technology so they could launch the missiles, deliver the missiles, deliver their payrolls.
The MIRV technology.
Howard Stern thought that was so funny yesterday when, you know, they basically had word-for-word things I'd said about the Clintons selling out our MIRV technology.
They were all, MIRV, it's a funny word, multiple re-entry device.
So instead of one hydrogen bomb in a nose cone, you can have 20.
It's so funny that we gave our archenemy something so one delivery system could vaporize 20 cities.
Ha ha ha!
Hey now!
Hey now!
I wonder how that'd feel.
Again, this is the silliness of the public.
No instinct to protect themselves.
No instinct for territorialism.
No instinct for anything.
All that crazy Alex Jones is, you know, mad that Google and Apple moved to China and, you know, gave him all our secrets.
And he's upset that they've got their 5G coming in, spying on everything.
And, you know, that guy is just a crazy old man over there, you know.
I guess I'm kind of crazy betting on America then, huh?
Oh, everybody's out for everybody!
No, they're not.
The Chai comms would kill anybody in their population who did stuff like this in one second.
Because they're in it for themselves and their dirty Communist Party.
And that's the thing.
Trump is at least trying to stick up for us like we have any type of will.
Instead, we act like a bunch of wimps, a bunch of chumps, a bunch of idiots.
And then you see the culture of Hollywood, deliberately funded by foreign governments and others, putting out propaganda that is illegal.
China doesn't let 95% of what we produce into their country.
They call it demoralization.
They call it cultural death.
They know they're financing it.
I'm gonna tell you again.
We had a representative at Sundance this year to go investigate.
And they openly said, demoralization, panic, darkness.
We want people depressed.
Now think about that.
And of course they have a show about girls committing suicide.
Record suicide.
They want your daughters to tie a string around their neck and kill themselves.
They want to murder you.
Hollywood wants to kill you.
They don't want to sell you tickets.
They want you to kill your baby.
They want you to take a bunch of drugs.
They want you to commit suicide.
They want your soul.
That's not hyperbole.
Twenty years ago, when they offered me some movies, I thought it was cute.
Ten years ago, you couldn't pay me any amount of money to be in movies now.
Even if they, quote, say it's going to be a positive message, it's always going to get twisted.
Unless it's an independent documentary.
It's religious.
You don't just not care about Hollywood, you need to want to throw up.
Hollywood is empty, soulless, beyond anything you can imagine.
The people, you think as you go up the Hollywood chain, you finally find oxygen.
No, no, no.
It gets worse.
And so all these people go there thinking they're going to find themselves, and all they find is emptiness, and they commit suicide.
Hollywood is venom out of a spider's fangs, or out of a snake's fangs.
It's doing what it's supposed to do.
It's targeting you.
It's targeting your children.
More than half of it is financed by the most murderous government of bloodthirsty chi-coms the planet has ever seen in Red China.
And I know you know this, but listen.
Revel in your rejection of Hollywood.
Revel in it.
And teach your children that, and they will know.
That's the enemy.
That's the scum.
That's the filth.
That wants you to fail.
Say no to it and reject it.
And that's why all the comedians tell you how much you suck because you're white.
Or how bad you are because you live in Arkansas.
Or how much you suck because you live in Illinois.
Or how bad you are because you're in upstate New York.
Or how stupid you are because you're a farmer.
Or how, what a loser you are.
You're an auto mechanic.
You're not some cool Hollywood meth head.
All that matters is your soul.
And I know you know that.
And they're so pissed that they're losing control of us.
And they want our kids so bad.
And they want to destroy everybody so bad.
And they want us all fighting with each other.
And they try to say we're all racist.
So we fight with each other.
That's so evil.
And then you realize they have no bottom.
And they're doing it on purpose, and they're maneuvering us into this collapse to control us, and they're not going to get away with it.
But of course they teach in schools, America sucks.
Of course they're demoralizing you.
Of course they want you to think you're pathetic and have no value.
Because they want to direct you and lead your life.
You see the Facebook internal marketing, it's about keeping you desperate, keeping you scared.
They've hired thousands of psychiatrists and top psychologists to mess with their algorithm to make you as pathetic and sad and alone as they can.
You know what our marketing area is?
We're in this together.
We love you.
We want to be empowered.
We want you empowered.
Let's win this together.
There is no marketing.
It's all just straight-up truth.
So you've got soulless Hollywood and soulless big tech thinking that they can eat us, that they can absorb us, they'll finally be a real boy.
Well, guess what?
Your system's dead on arrival.
When we come back, I'm going to get to the Senator's speech.
It's very powerful.
I'm going to get to the antitrust systems that can break up the globalist.
That's how we can do it.
I'm going to get to it all next hour.
Briefly, because this hour is almost over.
I always wait until the end here.
Quite frankly, if folks don't support us, it's like not locking your door at night or not brushing your teeth or wiping your ass.
And I appreciate everybody.
And I'm not saying, hey, you better get in here and support us.
Ladies and gentlemen, our supporters and our guests and our crew, what this is, detonated the second American revolution worldwide and the enemy recognizes we are to be destroyed.
But the enemy is getting weaker and weaker.
But they can focus their firepower on who they see as the leaders.
They believe if they take us down they have a chance of winning, which is true.
In the short term.
They're going to lose long term, no matter what.
But I have a little bit of self-preservation in this.
I'd like to... It's not even that.
I don't even worry about... I just don't want to lose to these people.
Because they see me being destroyed as a victory, too.
So, hold me up if you can.
Thanks for putting up with me.
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The Globalist are...
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Thanks for holding her on the air.
How's it doing, Alex?
Good to be on.
Good to have you here.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
All right, I've kind of gotten wound up and hyped up earlier and I got a ton of news I got to get to and a special guest joining us at the bottom of the hour.
The 14-year-old who's taking the internet by storm that they're trying to ban right now.
I want to get to the senator's powerful speech when we come back but here's Mark Dice knocking it out of the park as usual.
As you know, many schools have become safe spaces instead of actually teaching the kids history, math, and science, and instead provide them with an environment to invent new genders and find new things to be offended by.
And now an Ohio high school has taken safe spaces to a whole new level, and will not be awarding students with the honor of valedictorian or salutatorian because it's gonna hurt the other student's feelings because they didn't do as good.
New at 11, first or second in class, no more.
Mason City Schools is getting rid of valedictorian and salutatorian honors, honors that is, all to help students' mental health.
Not on your sides, Jake Ryle joins us live right now from Mason High School with reaction from parents and students.
What are they saying, Jake?
I'll take it from here, guys.
This is something you would expect to see on a parody news website like The Onion.
But if this is a real broadcast about a real school, then they're really doing this.
What planet are we living on when a school has decided that giving the Valedictorian Salutatory Awards is going to hurt the feelings of the other students?
The school's principal said, quote, this will help reduce the overall competitive culture at Mason High School to allow students to focus on exploring learning opportunities that are of interest to them.
Reduce the competitive culture!
Because we wouldn't want the kids to work hard and try to achieve something in their lives, now would we?
Well, I guess it makes sense because if the Democrats get back into power, these kids won't even need jobs.
They'll just live off of our tax dollars.
Business Insider reports that the school is doing away with valedictorians to make mental health a priority, and experts think it's a game-changing policy.
What experts?
I guess you're at the point where telling your kid to work hard and do good in school is bullying them.
Speaking of a kid who has been working hard, this is 14-year-old Sophia, who goes by the name of Soph on YouTube, who has over 800,000 subscribers, and she rails against political correctness and the social justice warriors.
Remember when YouTube used to be about the little guy being able to reach a large audience?
Well, that's not very caring.
That's why we completely changed the algorithm, without telling you!
Now the only way you can get on the trending tab is if you're already famous, rendering the whole thing ultimately pointless.
BuzzFeed's feelings got hurt by her style of comedy, particularly after she posted this video making fun of Muslims, which, as you know, you're not allowed to do anymore.
And so they're calling for her to be banned from YouTube.
YouTube's newest far-right foul-mouthed, red-billing star is a 14-year-old girl.
Soph has nearly a million followers on the giant video platform.
The site's executives only have themselves to blame.
And it looks like YouTube is getting ready to take her down because shortly after BuzzFeed's article, her channel received not one, but two strikes.
One, according to her Twitter feed from a previous video in which she got a strike, then she appealed, then it was restored, now that video got a strike again, and then a different video of her pretending to be a communist making fun of commies also got struck.
Now she does have a very foul mouth.
What teenager does it when they're away from their parents and trying to push people's buttons?
But she is very talented and I think that we should all stand up against this censorship and get her to a million subscribers today.
The world has gone mad.
So mad that Taylor University, a Christian university in Mike Pence's home state of Indiana, invited him to give the commencement speech and so some of the students are upset about it.
Students and alumni are outraged and shaking, of course they're shaking, after Vice President Pence invited to give the commencement address.
Here's a little advice, kids.
If you're not a Christian and you don't like Christians, maybe you shouldn't go to a Christian university.
Students at a Christian University are upset that Mike Pence is giving the commencement address.
I mean, what's next?
Is Sports Illustrated gonna feature a 300-pound beach whale in the swimsuit edition?
Oh, wait, what's this?
Oh, come on!
This is not a joke, and I'm sorry that I have to keep saying that it's not a joke when it's not a joke, but I really want you guys to understand that they're really doing this.
Listen, Sports Illustrated, if guys wanted to see a 300-pound woman wearing skin-tight clothes, they could go to Walmart any night of the week.
You didn't have to put one in the swimsuit edition in the name of social justice.
Okay, that's about all the liberalism I could take for a day, but be sure to subscribe to Soph's channel to get her to a million subscribers.
And she's almost there, and she's joining us at the bottom of the hour.
But straight ahead, The Pentagon, Congress, the American people finally know Big Tech's the enemy.
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I just can't do it.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
If we will not endure a king as a political power, we should not endure a king over the production, transportation, and sale of any necessity of life.
That is Senator John Sherman, Republican of Ohio, In 1890, with the Sherman Antitrust Act, the first of those acts, to not let the railroads and the big combines act and behave like God, and engage in all sorts of cartel activity.
Because it's not just monopolies over certain things, it's monopolies working together to combine into a cartel.
And then you get Venezuela.
That's what this is all about.
And I was quoting from the big New York Times article of May 8th last week, it's time to break up Facebook, from the co-founder, Chris Hughes.
Now he says government has to get involved, and he gives some leftist, you know, drivel reasons, but there's some good points in here as well.
I believe he wrote this article from a good place.
But you've got all these Republican so-called libertarian think tanks that since the 70s have convinced us you don't do anything to corporations.
Well, when corporations are bigger than governments, and corporations control the communication systems and have monopolies, and then they start watching in real time and controlling what you're doing, that's authoritarianism.
And they've got consent rulings against them, they've lost lawsuits.
They're supposed to Facebook, Google, all of them were supposed to quit this a decade ago.
They didn't quit, they got worse.
And they've budgeted in the billion dollar, the five billion dollar fines they pay.
That's nothing when you're making hundreds of billions of dollars a year.
And so now, this is the key to everything.
As the Senator in his first big Senate floor speech since he got in in November, Josh Hawley of the Show Me State, former prosecutor there, who I'm very impressed by, on his bill to not kill babies after they're born, Democrats voted it down, showed who they are.
And his moves against Google years ago for antitrust, only state to go after Google.
I mean, the guy's hitting on all cylinders.
And he lays this out in larger papers and articles that the new aristocrats, the new royalty, is Google, is Facebook and Twitter.
And what does royalty mean?
It means you're above the law, it's arbitrary, you do whatever you want, and you can hand down power to whoever you want.
You've got hereditary royalty, you've got hereditary dictatorships, like North Korea, but you've also got Forms of royalty that are more like oligarchies, where it's clubs and groups, where the bureaucrats hand down power.
Oh, we don't care Trump got elected.
We're bureaucrats.
We'll have an insurance policy.
We'll remove him from office.
We are entitled to run America.
You know, I was just in a Walmart, wrote Strock to Page.
I could smell the Trump support.
We're not going to let these people win.
It's an arrogance.
It's a hubris, it's a royalty.
How dare you!
You're not going to do that!
We're going to tell you what to do.
And so he explains that the lie is the, not grassroots libertarianism that I like, that's constitutional, but The institutional system of laissez-faire, where these companies can do whatever they want, be tax-exempt, be above the law, tell us what to do, oppress us, lie to Congress.
They've had that position since big tech started 50 years ago, and it's all coming to an end.
I'm not just saying that confidently.
You can see it.
And they're just arrogantly trying to just keep chugging along.
And we've seen the major signs of this.
Again, a year ago, the head of Google said, I will not come.
And we're not going to work with the Pentagon.
F you.
You're weak.
You're stupid.
Then they started to show their fangs a little bit.
Congress started to stop acting like a bunch of idiots.
And we're sorry Google came along.
You see?
Stop acting like wimps, America.
Stop being bullied by corporate media.
So here's the senator's powerful speech on the floor just hours ago.
Josh Hawley, here it is.
General Bart, I commend your candor in calling what happened in 2016.
Hey guys, it's not a big deal.
This kind of thing happens.
The Trump campaign and spying on the President of the United States.
I'd like to talk a little bit more about spying.
Counterintelligence investigation.
Fun thing about live TV.
Shut it off.
Just shut it off.
I'm not mad.
I love this.
I think this is fun.
I think this is cool.
I think this is great.
Because we have a big guest coming up live later on here.
I want to try this again like I did before the show and like I did just now.
Because I entered this time vortex today.
I had a bunch of clips of this senator.
He was live two hours ago on the Senate floor with a speech he gave.
So we'll just produce on air now.
But you do off air during breaks or before the show, which is great.
It's fine.
I just want to get a Roger Roger, which is the reason I just keep producing on air as long as it takes, that we do have the clip, right, of him on the Senate floor earlier.
No response.
Which is fine.
Which is the only thing that frustrates me is the response.
So we... Huh?
We're gonna have that for you later today, I promise you, okay?
We're gonna have that for you.
Not a clip from two weeks ago.
So... And I'm not mad about it.
To me, it's just the, you know, the not knowing.
You know what I mean?
And then it's just the, like, molasses.
It just... It just pours out into the universe.
And just kind of runs over the stairs and then just glides over the next thing and on to the next.
But here's the good part.
America and the world is waking up to the fact that we have governments and we have systems that are acting and operating like they're above the law gods.
And Americans are right.
Government was getting too big in the 60s and 70s with too many regulations.
And so, oh, let's leave companies alone.
But that doesn't mean we set up companies like world governments.
Because those very companies will lobby government to set up regulations to shut you down.
Most of the big regulations being called for are by the big Fortune 100.
Because they're using that to control everyone.
They're using that to fix the markets.
And man, you try to start a new website or a new social network, they got their SPLC and media groups harassing you, lying about you, scanning your servers to find out who hosts you, so they kick you off and you get a note, sorry, you're a Nazi, you're off, and you're not a Nazi.
It's all defamation, but it's big, powerful, trillion-dollar companies that work with horrible authoritarian regimes.
And they've gotten away with it.
They've gotten away with it.
And so now they think they can do anything.
This isn't about free speech.
That's just one part of it.
This is about out-of-control groups that fundamentally don't like the free market system and don't even like the human community.
And they're so in love with their tech and their screens and their data that they are divorced from humanity and believe that they need to transcend us, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's it.
And that's what this has come down to.
And I know you know that, but I could sit here with hundreds of articles that are interesting, that are informative, but I just keep harping on the big picture because the enemy wants us off the air because of that, because the decisions are being made right now about all of this.
That's what's happening.
And you cannot quantify how big a deal this is. You cannot underestimate the fact
that this is central. Because if you can't communicate with people and if they can surveil
everything you're doing and use it against you and they're saying families are bad and we're going to
take your kids away from you, we're going to forcibly inoculate you, these are bad people.
They believe you're weak. They believe you're over. They believe they're going to beat you. I
believe you're not. I'm betting on myself.
I'm betting on you. Stay with us. Stocks and options.
Now, normally when I drink Turbo Force, I usually like to drink it before the war room and I get
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I'm sipping Turbo Force mixed with hot water, and I find my chi as I host the Alex Jones Show.
It's magic.
It's Turbo Force from Infowarsstore.com.
Dale Bintry is joining me right now.
And I'm very excited because he's got a big crowd of people Here, organically, Del Bigtree is able to get hundreds of people to turn out to stop medical tyranny.
Guys, let's show this.
Look at that.
That's right!
That's what America sounds like when they're pissed off.
That's just beautiful right there.
All right, thank you!
Isn't that awesome?
Isn't that awesome?
These are all parents of, you know, people of unvaccinated children.
Others have injured children.
I call them the ex-vaxxers.
They try to group everybody into one slur word saying we're anti-vaxxers.
We are pro-science, we are pro-health, and science shows that unvaccinated I have proof of it.
You know, they keep saying, oh, and you know, we've complained to the Health and Human Services and the National Institute of Health, you aren't doing any placebo studies on any of the childhood vaccines we give our kids.
We've proven that.
And they say, well, it's unethical to do that study.
But don't worry, we've been using them for a very long time and they've proven to be safe.
Proven to be safe?
Highest rates of childhood cancer we've ever seen.
Highest rates of childhood diabetes we've ever seen.
Highest rates of autism we've ever seen and other neurological disorders.
Highest rates of multiple sclerosis, ADD, ADHD.
All of our special needs classes are exploding in our schools.
You're telling me that this system's working?
This is the sickest generation of children this country has ever seen, all under the watchful eye of the CDC and the pediatricians of America.
I don't have to listen to you because you suck at your job.
That's America right there, folks.
That's America right there.
Families who are not going to have their God-given rights taken away by medical tyranny.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are in resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones here, broadcasting live on this May 15, 2019, World Wide Show.
Coming up, we have the young lady that the corporate press, the assassins of truth have had a heart attack over.
They want her off air and they want her off air now because she's gotten 800,000 to a million subscribers in a few months.
She's reached hundreds of millions of people and she's making fun of the left and you don't do that.
Everything's a big safe space and you don't make fun of Islam when they kill people either.
You accept it.
And you submit to it, so she's coming up next segment.
But now, let's go ahead and air a large excerpt of what I was telling you about earlier.
And the article's up on Infowars.com.
We'll post this speech to Infowars.com the next hour.
Trumpism 2.0.
Senator Josh Hawley unveils populist platform to fight big tech, aristocrats, and restore America.
Here it is.
Because to represent them will be a great responsibility indeed.
I pledge to my fellow Missourians that I will work at this task with all the strength that God can give me.
And I will serve without fear and without favor to any man.
We Missourians are known for our frankness.
And today I will be frank.
Because this is a moment of great need for my state and for our nation.
For this nation was born in a revolution by we the people.
And premised on a revolutionary faith that it is the people, the common man and woman, who make democracy work.
And it is the calling of every generation to renew that revolution for their day.
But in our time, our revolutionary faith is faltering.
And in the heartland of this country, the great challenge of our age is unfolding.
I come from a town called Lexington, Missouri.
It's a small place, but a proud one.
It's a place where people wake early and work late to make a life for themselves and their children.
It's a place where people value honesty and gumption and life's simple pleasures.
Fine morning at a deer stand, reading to the kids before bed, Sunday dinner at mom's.
And though it is humble, it's a place that reflects the dignity and quiet greatness of the working men and women.
These are the people who explored a continent, who built the railroads, who opened the West.
These are the workers whose labor launched the Industrial Revolution, and whose ingenuity made the American economy the marvel of the world.
These are the families who have rallied to this country's flag in every hour of danger, and who bear the burden of defending our nation even now.
These are the patriots who man the fire department and coach the Little League.
These are the generous who give $25 a month out of their gas money to assist people halfway around the globe they will never meet just because they believe in helping others.
They don't ask for much, and they live by a simple creed.
Give the best of yourself to your family, your community, and your fellow man.
And America is a place of promise, because in these hearts, honor lives.
But these working men and women are confronting crisis today, and as they do, so does our democracy.
After years of sacrifice, the great American middle is being pushed aside by a new arrogant aristocracy.
The new aristocrats seek to remake society in their own image, to engineer an economy that works for the elite but few else, to fashion a culture that is dominated by their own preferences.
When they think of helping their fellow citizens, they think of making everyone else more like themselves.
And Washington?
You know, Washington has just gone along.
This town has embraced a politics of elite values and elite ambition, rather than building opportunities to thrive in the great and broad American middle.
This has left middle America, the great American middle class, under siege.
Battling the loss of respect and work, the decline of home and family, an epidemic of loneliness and despair.
This is the crisis of our time.
I'm afraid you wouldn't know it to listen to the talk of this town much of the time.
As the crisis deepens, the political establishment looks the other way, rehearsing and rehashing the political debates of 30 or 40 years ago.
But there is no time for that any longer.
The 21st century is upon us, and the great struggle of this century can no longer wait.
The crisis that we face goes to the heart of our revolution.
The United States is unique in history as a republic governed not by a select elite, but by the working man and woman.
Because we believe it is through the working man and woman that God chooses to change the world.
And that change comes not through spectacular feats of daring or glory, but through everyday work and everyday sacrifice and everyday acts of courage and love.
And so it has been the proud working people, our farmers and mechanics and teachers and tradesmen, who have defined the character of this country.
But for too long now, neither our economy nor our culture has lent them much support.
Instead, our policy makers have entrenched the new elites and undermined the way of life that once bound this country together.
It's time to face the facts.
Over the last 40 years, our economy has worked best for those at the top, the wealthy, the well-educated.
If you have a job in Silicon Valley, or an expensive and prestigious degree, this economy has worked for you.
And Washington has focused on how to get more people to join this elite.
But if you want a life built around the place where you grew up, if your ambition is not to start a tech business, but to join the family business, to serve in the PTA or in your local church, Well, you're told that you're not a success.
And you're told that you're on your own.
This is no accident.
The people who make the rules now, who run our large corporations, who set the tone for our popular culture, all belong to the same class.
This economy has been their economy.
They made it for themselves.
But in places like the one where I grew up, in middle Missouri, good paying jobs that you can raise a family on, are going away.
The jobs go overseas, or south of the border, or to cities on the coast.
And once-vibrant towns decline, taking with them the network of schools and neighborhoods and churches that make up middle-class life.
Rural America has been particularly hard-hit.
Rural Americans' life expectancy has not just leveled off, it's actually dropped.
And for women without a high school degree, that drop has been staggering.
In some rural places, residents struggle with outright deprivation.
My home state contains some of the poorest counties in America.
All in rural places that once boasted thriving small towns.
Alright folks, and we have an HD version of this.
This is from the live stream.
I'm going to post the full HD from his office up on Infowars.com.
And when we put it in post, I'm going to air the whole thing.
In fact, later in the broadcast, I'm going to air the rest of it.
Because he lists the problems, but then he goes for the solution, which is a real Americana populist movement, anti-globalist, that attacks the monopolies that have really set up our deindustrialization.
So he goes even beyond Trump.
And I'm 100% on board.
This is exciting.
And this is where we need to go.
And he wants to break up Big Tech now.
He's got a plan to do it within six months.
And he's got the Presidents here.
That's right, folks.
The cavalry's coming.
We're gonna win.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Breaking news out of Silicon Valley.
Facebook has banned a number of prominent conspiracy theorists and alt-right figures.
Facebook is purging several high-profile names from its platform.
This may be one of the biggest and most impactful decisions Facebook has ever made.
Facebook taking steps to enforce its hate speech policies.
Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Louis Farrakhan, Laura Loomer, all of them were designated dangerous.
Dangerous individuals.
Dangerous individuals.
Dangerous individuals and organizations.
Basically, they've deemed these individuals to be dangerous.
They call me dangerous.
Danger is my middle name.
Dangerous like hurting other people?
Or dangerous as in saying things that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like?
This is about the total rollout for complete and total censorship.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
What is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
InfoWars tells viewers that the world is out to get them.
None of this seems to repel President Trump.
InfoWars content is useful to him.
InfoWars personalities align with him.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down!
I want them silenced!
I want them muted!
Because these corporations are controlled by a liberal few.
We're very focused on making sure that our recommendations and discovery surfaces aren't highlighting groups where people are repeatedly sharing misinformation or harmful content.
And we're working hard to completely remove groups if they exist, primarily to violate our policies or do things that are dangerous.
Screw your rules, your rules go against our values, and they are patently un-American.
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions, he's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
We need a digital Bill of Rights.
They're becoming the public square, and they control how we interact with each other.
And if you think that you are going to throw up your hands and say, well, they're private companies, you are absolutely insane, and you are part of the problem.
You are a bad person.
You should be censored off the internet.
Bad, yes!
Get out of here, Alex!
InfoWars might have been banned from Twitter, but it seems to have found a new home over at Trump's Twitter feed.
President Trump's furious reaction to Facebook's action showcases that he is, I'm sorry to say, the InfoWars president.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
Eric in Colorado. Eric, thanks for holding. I really appreciate you. You're on the air. Go ahead.
Yeah, I really appreciate you and it's an honor to talk to you. And I do, before I start, I also wanted to do a plug
for a couple of your products that I really love.
Changed my life.
The DNA Force is one, and X2.
You know, I do a lot of construction.
Using the tools that you're using, it just really wreaks havoc on your body, and I had three of my fingers starting to go numb, and I didn't think there was anything going to work on it.
Well, thank you, brother.
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What did you think of the X2?
I love that, too.
After a few months of being on that, I felt like I wasn't searching for words.
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Well, that's because the synapses in the brain operate off of it.
It's electrochemical.
You're absolutely right.
When I forget to take X2 every couple days, sometimes I forget for like a week because I get busy.
Then I feel it and I take it and it really is amazing.
So thank you for the support, brother.
You're listening to the Alex Jones show.
You've found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
Well, I'm really glad that the crew and our lead producer Daria got this guest on.
I had seen her work before.
Very, very witty.
Very, very smart.
A little bit of foul mouthness to it.
And, you know, for those of us that don't use a lot of foul language, just in regular repertoire of our Verbal lexicon.
You can try to look down on that.
But I can certainly cuss like a sailor as well.
But when you're talking to general audiences today, there's a reason that President Trump has thrown a few cuss words in in speeches.
It's because for some of the people out there, that's the only way you're able to reach them now.
There has been such a dumbing down.
Her humor is very witty, very smart, and getting a chance to talk to her folks and see her work, she's really coming up with 90% of this on her own.
I think her parents are obviously smart patriots and they're adding a few points, but She's extremely witty.
In fact, I've got a 14-year-old daughter that I could say is just as smart, but she's not really political.
She just supports me.
She knows I'm right.
She's very well-informed.
She just doesn't really care.
Most of her friends are listeners.
She's got friends all over town at other high schools.
And I literally go to these girls' houses at pool parties and stuff to pick her up, and it's like 20 girls, and half of them are wearing Trump and Infowars shirts.
And that's not just in wealthy parts of town.
I'll go out to some thing and party to pick her up at Ribbon Springs at some birthday party.
And you know, it's blue-collar folks, and they're all listeners.
So, again, it's not just Alex Jones here.
I'm not bragging, oh, I got a bunch of listeners and young people.
It's the exciting news that Stephen Crowder's popular and Paul Watson.
But what really scares them is somebody like this young lady coming along.
Soph, formerly known as Lieutenant Corbus, is a 14-year-old YouTube personality that has been recently dogpiled for expressing right-wing views on her channel.
Her channel's gotten close to a million subscribers and is growing.
Her latest video, Be Not Afraid, where she criticized Islam and the modern left's censorship tactics that we're going to play after she leaves us, has been taken down for alleged hate speech, which is any nebulous term the left wants to invent.
Along with a couple of her other videos, she's had two strikes, She's on the verge of being taken down.
So you can have imams on there saying, your women are ours, Christ is a pig, we are taking over.
You can have all that up there, but you can't criticize Islam.
Here are the headlines, the breathless headlines.
YouTube's newest far-right, foul-mouthed, red-pilling star is a 14-year-old girl.
And then they blur her face out.
Like she shouldn't be on air.
Oh, but Desmond can be six years old when he first started dancing at gay bars and talking about taking ketamine.
Little boys can have men put money in their g-strings, but little girls can't say they don't want to put a burka on.
Potty Mouth!
Oh, suddenly the left is so concerned.
Potty Mouth!
Oh, look, a girl we didn't abort.
Oh, she's short.
Potty Mouth, 14-year-old, anti-PC YouTuber, comes under five.
Profane 14-year-old YouTuber spreads hate and far-right conspiracy theories.
You mean questioning them.
How social networks are recruiting teenage extremists.
Oh my gosh, The Verge.
BuzzFeed and the Outrage Mob hound this young lady.
That's RT.
So she joins us live.
Unfiltered to talk with us, and so thank you very much for coming on and tell us a little bit about yourself, the fact that they're trying to de-platform you, trying to un-person you.
Wow, at 14, that's quite an accolade to have the Thought Police after you.
Yeah, thanks.
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
I really love your program.
I love what you do.
It's awesome.
And I'd like to say that you are indeed, in fact, like, popular among Gen Z. Like, they know who you are.
You can say, you know, the quotes that have been memed and they'll know that it's Alex Jones.
And I think it is really crazy that they're coming after me so hard.
They're putting me in this box of far-right even though I'm not even, you know, grown up yet and I'm anti-political.
And I think it's really crazy.
I think Though it's a good sign that this is really throwing them for a loop and that it's a good defense against the Thought Police because you see, you know, a 14-year-old saying the things that I say and they don't know how to handle it.
Like, you know, you write an article about her, it just makes her even more famous and it makes you seem like you're smearing a 14-year-old and it's really hard for them to come after me and I think it's a... And I would also like to thank BuzzFeed because I've gained like 100,000 subscribers over the past 24 hours because of them.
So it really backfired on them.
Well, you're right.
I mean, it's backfired for now, but they, last time I heard, correct me if I'm wrong, you're the expert on this.
Tell us about the censorship.
You've gone through the censored videos that have been taken down.
There's two strikes, right?
So you've got one more right now?
So I don't even know how many strikes.
It's kind of a convoluted system.
Somehow they're like, Um, grouping in a lot of videos into one strike and they're getting me for hate speech and cyberbullying and harassment.
And I think I'm one away from my channel being terminated which is scary but I don't think it's a reason to back down and I won't change my content because of it because YouTube is really a stepping stone.
It's not something that's going to be around for much longer because people are just getting sick of being censored and I really hope that events like these are ones where controversial anti-PC YouTubers can sort of unionize and move over to or start a new platform.
Well, that's right.
As they squeeze, it just pushes people out and we're going to create new platforms.
But in the time being, you've got to be careful.
Your parents got to be careful.
And obviously, you're running the show.
You're very smart.
Once they take you down, though, then they'll be able to lie about you.
So I would create a backup channel for somebody else you work with where you also post your material so that you'll be able to have a voice and kind of leapfrog as long as you can.
Because once they take your scalp, you know, they kind of I guess like Gollum, they turn you into a slave of theirs.
They create a straw man and steal your identity.
So that's the next level of this.
But I think, I mean, as you said, these strikes are fake.
Some of the strikes have been pulled back.
But they're in there, a bunch of bully SJWs, piling on a 14-year-old young lady.
And you don't look like you're even that physically big, but your brain is big.
And I guess that's got to be very threatening for them, all ganging up on a girl.
I mean, yeah, it's... I hope the strikes get... because there's just such a big audience on YouTube that it's good to grow an audience there, but I certainly find your story inspiring, because even after every major platform removed you, you're still going on your own website, and I think that's a step that a lot of us need to take if we want to survive and keep making our content.
Wow, okay.
Well, I mean, I got three daughters and they're awesome and they're smart, but I'm impressed.
Tell me something about your parents and something about yourself.
I mean, don't get anything too private, but whatever is okay for you to get into, because I think America really admires you.
My parents are actually, they're actually, they voted Democrat.
They voted for Hillary Clinton.
They're left-leaning people, but they're fine with different opinions in the family.
They think that's fine.
They truly believe in free speech.
They don't necessarily agree with me, but they don't want to shut me down either because they... And I think that's a stance that more left-leaning people should take, that they should be okay with, you know, ideological dissent.
So your parents are more classical liberals who actually believe in freedom and their children being able to think for themselves?
Well, there was a time in my life, 25 years ago, where I was almost a Democrat.
Because the Republicans were being anti-free speech.
Nothing like this.
And those liberals back then were good people on average.
They misguided some of them.
But now it seems like... I mean, do your parents get freaked out by how piranha-like the left is attacking you and lying about you?
I mean, yeah, they're certainly worried about that.
They're nervous about that.
I mean, just some of the journalists finding, you know, personal info, it's sort of scary.
Like, is somebody going to show up at your house?
Are you going to get swatted?
What are they willing to go through to take down somebody like me?
Are you saying somebody's trying to dox you?
I don't know if anybody's trying to dox me, but there's been journalists that have gotten my dad's number and started harassing him, calling him a Nazi and a skinhead and stuff like that.
Wow, so your dad has been harassed?
Yeah, he has been harassed.
Wow, stay there.
I know you took off school today for this.
This is awesome.
I am very excited about this young lady.
Soph is our guest.
You can follow her at Sewer Nugget on Twitter.
I'll be right back.
Eisenhower said, beware the military industrial complex.
And I would say that that needs to be updated to beware of what I call TIM.
technology, intelligence, and media.
Get down.
All around.
Don't move.
Make a sound.
No more.
No control.
What we do.
What we do.
Stand up.
Sit back down.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going
to happen at the end of this.
But you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one.
(upbeat music)
The Globalists are hyper-competitive scientific dictators.
They are technocrats.
They are control freaks in their own words.
And they believe allowing you to live your own life, make your own decisions, it's in the way of their great destiny to merge with AI gods.
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We're fighting them hard right here in the third dimension.
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Shof, or Sophie, has liberal parents.
I don't even know what she calls herself, right wing libertarian?
Well, there's a big national movement now.
Hundreds of publications say take her off air.
These people are thugs.
They're bullies.
What they really hate is success.
I want to play a few minutes of her latest band video.
And, of course, I was in it.
I guess that's probably one of the reasons.
Because, again, you're not allowed to show a clip of somebody that you support.
Remember what Facebook said.
You're only allowed to talk about me if it's negative.
So we're going to have Sophie decry me after this video.
Then maybe she can call me a name she wants.
She can come to the studio and throw tomatoes at me.
Alex Jones is horrible!
He believes in freedom!
But just add the proviso, he's a bad person.
So here's the latest banned video that they say you don't have a right to see.
As-salamu alaykum, my Muslim brothers and sisters.
I come to you today to atone before Allah for my misdeeds against his people.
I perpetrated grievous verbal abuse against the defenseless and entirely innocent people of Islam by very sincerely threatening nuclear genocide on the serious platform that is a Discord server.
Little known fact, I was given permission by the United States government to do it.
Not only did I have the codes, but the launch keys were in and the missiles were seconds away from being launched.
All of a sudden though, I received a flood of Twitter mentions telling me that the actions I described were morally wrong.
A fact which I was completely oblivious to.
In their sage wisdom, they proved irrefutably that my hatred was unjustified, assuring me that there is no meaningful correlation between Islam and the proliferation of rape gangs in Europe.
Long story short, peer pressure succeeded in completely changing my mind, and the peacemaking spirit of John McCain inspired me to stop the nukes just in time.
Since then, I've become a devout follower of the prophet Mahmoud.
Suffice to say, I've been having a f*** ton of fun.
Of course, I get raped by my 40-year-old husband every so often and I have to worship a black cube to indirectly please an ancient Canaanite god.
But, at least I get to go to San Fran and stone the s**t out of some gays and the cops can't do anything about it because California's a crypto-caliphate.
The only part of Islam I absolutely cannot get into is the anti-Jew stuff.
Personally, I just can't support any sort of animosity towards Jews.
I wouldn't want to be a Nazi now, would I?
I assume most of you have noticed the policies surrounding hateful conduct on social media platforms, virtually tightening a muzzle on the head of anyone whose speech eludes the narrative.
They're purging their user base, using pseudo-offenses as an excuse to squeeze out ideological dissent and enforcing conformity into every internet community they can get their hands on.
While the deplatforming can be partially chalked up to out-of-touch big tech CEOs who are just taking the path of least resistance, there certainly seems to be a coordinated effort coming from strident professional complainers who share an objective of removing reactionaries from all means of communication.
Their job entails I was closely monitoring the posts of whatever online personalities they come across until one of them says something that's deemed unacceptable.
When this happens, these f***ing Reddit homos speed to the scene, fueled by their lust for character assassination.
If you pay attention to the identity these people put on when they do this, you'll notice it's not their conscious selves.
It's a sub-personality.
And since they're essentially possessed, they tend to expose things about themselves without even noticing.
Because of that, it's very obvious that their behavior has been shaped by years of being humiliated and socially rejected by women.
I know that reading will elicit people to accuse me of armchair psychology, but ask yourself this.
Why do they always speak like insufferable women?
You see, I've had enough run-ins with these amoebas that I understand how they operate, and they never confront you directly.
Instead, they default to saying things like, This is not a good look.
I know that sort of language immediately gets the blood boiling, but think about it.
They're saying you look bad rather than saying you're wrong.
The reason for that is that their objective is not to challenge your ideas, but to give you the feeling that a Stacey stare does.
Because in their little pea brains, being a social outcast is the worst thing you can be.
To put it bluntly, their whole MO is a post-hoc projection.
They imagine themselves to be the Stacey that rejected them years ago, and their intention is to make you feel how they felt.
For example, when they say something is not a good look, ask yourself, who does it look bad to?
The purpose of that little phrase is to make you imagine that there's a group whose opinions you should care about, but don't fall for it.
They're powerless little prions who spend all day on the computer, scouring the internet for people to harass.
And there's a reason why they always defer to groups, which fits neatly into my theory.
Men, in general, tend more towards antisocial behaviors than women, which is why they're not afraid of confrontation or expressing themselves in an unpopular fashion.
These spiritual manlets, however, are feminine, so they defer to groupthink for everything, and their method of attacking you is saying, you're not popular in our group, therefore, you should feel bad.
However, this two-folds, since, unlike the Stacys, they don't actually have a group they belong to.
And on top of that, it'd still be meaningless.
Since the truth is anti-democratic.
Popularity is utterly irrelevant to what's true and what isn't.
So no matter how much cool guy web-slaying they conjure up and lob at you, there's still evolutionary dead ends who can't think their way out of a paper bag.
The worst thing you can do when met with these miserable creatures is compromise.
These people are vampires of fear and hysteria.
So if you maintain your position and refuse to comply with their demands, they'll become increasingly upset as time goes on.
Don't ever allow yourself to be silenced.
These nobodies will never amount to anything more than sock accounts on Twitter with numbers in their handle, whose most powerful weapon is cancelling you.
Millennials kind of buy into the system.
Half of them say they're communists.
I think they're going to wake up and figure out they've been conned.
But Generation Z is very libertarian.
And the fact that they're, like, really watching sophisticated stuff, I think that's part of genetics, is that each generation rebels against the last generation.
And the older generation always thinks it's bad.
Sometimes you're a good generation, they shouldn't be rebelling, but they genetically do it in case you're bad.
And I think that the rebellion of young people I guess the thought police is a very, very healthy thing.
I mean, I'm just telling you, like, I literally go to, like, school sporting events and other things.
I go to public schools with my kids and their friends, and it's like, they don't know what CNN is.
They know what Logan Paul is.
They know what Alex Jones is.
And they know who Sophie is, and they don't know why a guy that looks like Humpty Dumpty named Brian Stelter says that they shouldn't be on air.
And so, you call them out in this video, and you also put out that clip of me on Logan Paul, calling out the censors, calling out how pathetic they are, and they want you off air.
Even if they disagree with you, they shouldn't do that.
They have no honor.
They have nothing.
And you see the Antifa videos where they particularly shingle women out to attack them, and then the left defends that.
Who do you think these people are, Sophie?
Um, it's mainly, I mean, it's something that I pointed out in my video.
It's usually these people are not very masculine people who are doing this.
Um, maybe sometimes they're just women, but it's a lot of guys out there that are very like feminine and low testosterone.
And, and, um, the way they make up for that is competing in a sort of female social hierarchy.
And they, I mean, I've seen that myself when I'll be at a restaurant and like 10 leftists come over and go, we're going to get you.
We're going to kill you.
They'll boom and go, you're a loser.
Everyone hates you.
You're too disagreeable, you're too brash, and that's how they try to manipulate you
into thinking that it's not worth expressing your true opinion.
And by the way, I've seen that myself when I'll be at a restaurant and like 10 leftists
come over and go, "We're going to get you, we're going to kill you."
They'll boo and go, "You're a loser, everyone hates you."
And then they'll wait until I'm leaving to say they ran me out and have like a simulated
war victory and then lie and say I attacked them and that I was thrown out, even though
they were thrown out.
So they also lie a lot.
I think that's a really good example because that's, to your face, they're just playing a popularity contest and they pretend like they were fighting as if they fought like men or something when they didn't do that at all because they can't.
Why do you think they're so particularly scared of you?
I mean, they are just all over, hundreds of publications saying you must be taken off the air, you're an extremist, you're dangerous, you're recruiting young people.
Do they know how ridiculous they sound?
I know, right?
I've said it many times, I'm a pretty libertarian person.
I don't like a lot of the political denomination, you know, games that go on here and they're putting me in this box.
And I think it's because It just demonstrates that Generation Z doesn't like their narrative and doesn't agree with what they've been saying as of late, and they don't like to see that.
It's upsetting to them, and that Generation Z won't be like that, won't be ultra-liberal.
Because they're in their bubble chambers.
You're going to have the floor, because you said you can do more time with us.
I want to come back and get into, as Gen Z, what you're really seeing on the ground, where you think this is all going.
Soph, ladies and gentlemen, almost a million subscribers, exploding on the internet.
They're trying to ban her, saying take her off the air.
Mainstream news articles all over the country.
We're going to go to break and come back with her in the third hour.
If you're listening on AM and FM, tell people about the show.
If you're watching on the internet at InfoWars.com forward slash show, get it out there.
If you're re-uploading stuff, free to air.
If you're watching on TV, just this is verboten info.
A smart young lady who's a libertarian who the left wants to silence because she uses some cuss words.
Ladies and gentlemen, that doesn't violate the FCC because the FCC doesn't run the internet.
But again, the left wants to sexualize kids and have, you know, six-year-olds at gay bars dancing half-naked.
But a little girl says F liberals well that she's a potty mouth, she's got to be taken off air.
That's all coming up.
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Hour number three.
Only two minutes away.
And let's go to Lukas in North Carolina.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good to be on.
Good to have you here.
Real quickly, I just wanted to say that I am a user of the Infowars products.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
She is the demon child of one of the labs.
She's used some cuss words before.
Oh my gosh, and they even blur her face out on BuzzFeed.
And the National News has done it too.
They said, the little exploited girl.
Again, they have six-year-old kids for years, up to age 11, dancing naked for men, having money put in their G-strings.
That's good.
Convicted murderers on television, talking about using ketamine and Rohypnol and gang rape.
They've got convicted child molesters doing story time, unscreened with your children all over the country.
But this young girl, she's well-spoken, and she doesn't like leftists.
I'm going to read some of these articles when we come back.
It's pretty sick, unintentional comedy, until you realize they all started talking bad about her a few days ago, and she's within one inch of me taking off YouTube.
What a group of slime.
I've been asking a lot of questions for this segment and the next.
I want you to get into your worldview, where you think this is going.
You were talking about Generation Z and what you're seeing on the ground.
I told you what I'm seeing in Austin.
If you don't mind, what's the general area you live in and what are you seeing?
I live in California.
I used to live in New York.
And you said you see Gen Z really waking up.
What are you witnessing?
Um, I see, I like to think of it as we're sort of the creation of the previous generation of ultra-liberals.
You know, kids are seeing Other kids like Desmond who are, you know, truly maybe being exploited and, you know, dancing at strip clubs and whatever and they're seeing, you know, over-the-top LGBT studies at school that are so bad that we can't even get into how much vulgarity that is in them.
And kids see that and they're freaked out and they just, they wake up to it and they realize that some sort of narrative is being pushed on them and they rebel against it.
That's what I'm seeing is everywhere in the schools, public or private, they're saying Donald Trump's a KKK commander.
People go find out the truth and then they never believe their teachers again.
I mean, I've been talking to this kid and a couple other kids on Instagram, and in their schools, if you say you like Donald Trump, you get an in-school suspension for hate speech.
You know, you say you lean this way politically instead of being far left, you get punished, you get detentions, and they get really angry about that, and it just pushes them completely to the other side.
Walk through more of that, because you see this in the news, where people get thrown out of class for saying they support Trump.
People get thrown out of school for wearing American flags.
The Ninth Circuit ruled you can't wear American flags in, what, 12 states?
That it's a symbol of hate?
And that schools can say you can't wear them?
I mean, this is... How do we produce this many America haters?
I don't know.
I guess... I don't actually know where all of the...
Ultra, like far left sort of thing stemmed from exactly.
It is probably the result of a lot of factors and it may be a response to a conservative generation before that.
You talk about it, you know, generations rebelling against each other and it seems that the pendulum swing just keeps getting more and more extreme.
Well, that's it.
You have the CIA and the Ford Foundation wanting to screw up society.
That's all declassified.
So they created a hyper-leftist thing.
It's actually a ruling class.
They weren't rebelling.
They said, you're the ruling class.
Now they've created anti-free speech mobs that are below them.
So the baby boomers have created the...
X and then the Millennials below them that are pretty authoritarian on average.
And then now you just got an organic rebellion forming against being put in a
cult, a leftist cult. So I think you hit the nail on the head. That's exactly
what's happening here. Yeah, it's like, it was some sort of thing.
I don't know.
Yeah, it goes back a lot in time.
I know nowadays a lot of people are far left just as they're capitulating to the pressure, the pressure that I talked about in my video.
They can't, you know, There's so much harassment that you get for not agreeing with the mainstream narrative that it's just too much for people in their normal lives to deal with.
It just interferes too much.
It just causes too many problems.
Alright, we're going to come back and get more into this with Soph.
I'm Alex Jones, The Big Explosive Interview.
Nor is she.
We've not shut down our speech!
We're at Infowars.com and Newswars.com and we're defeating the leftist tyrants!
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Are you coming back?
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You know, there's things called websites.
Let's go there.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Now you're standing there turned out. You better look for someone else.
Hide what you have to hide.
Hide what you have to hide. And tell what you have to tell.
Well, we're really excited to have Soph joining us.
She's at Sewer Nugget on Twitter, on YouTube at S-O-P-H, at Patreon.com forward slash Corbis.
She's close to a million subscribers now, and she's exploding across the internet.
Hundreds of millions of views on different derivative channels, and the system is getting mad.
I want to spend time with her, but I want to read to you some of the things they're saying about her, because it's comical.
The hand-wringing.
You'd think, again, that some type of monster like Godzilla had come out of the ocean and was attacking, and it's breathless BuzzFeed, and Time Magazine, or Newsweek.
Get it off the air!
Oh gosh!
And it just shows what authoritarians they are, but also how they have been built on these universities.
They're now like a cancer busting out, and they just demand full conformity.
But let's go over this.
How did you get into YouTube?
What made you want to get on air?
How long have you been doing it?
And you talk about YouTube being a stepping stone.
What do you want to write now in your life?
What are your aspirations?
Sound funny, but I got into YouTube by watching gaming videos and mainly PewDiePie, and this was all the way back in the fourth grade when I was nine years old.
That's not even a joke, I was watching PewDiePie every day and I just, I figured I would, you know, give it a shot, do some Let's Plays of my own, and I did that for a few years just for fun.
And eventually I found the commentary genre on YouTube, which was blowing up in 2016, and I thought that was That was sort of a... I guess a prototype of what I'm doing now, where I would articulate some sort of idea for an audience.
And back then it would be over a video game.
And that just sort of progressed.
Over time after the commentary genre kind of died out, I grew as a person and I gained more knowledge.
I sort of moved on to this and realized I would be a good person to fight against PC culture and thought police and I could do some pretty good comedy videos.
About YouTube being a stepping stone, I think just nowadays with all the censorship and there's no transparency between YouTube and its creators and the community guidelines are constantly changing to, you know, please, please everybody who's putting pressure on them to be more PC.
It's just, it's not a viable option for anybody who wants to make anything remotely nuanced, remotely interesting and controversial.
So, yeah, I eventually maybe set up my own website, maybe move on to other platforms that are set up.
I know BitChute is a good option and, you know... Well, my advice is be on as many platforms as you can.
Go ahead.
Yeah, so just, you know, widen my reach and try to be present and maybe do something like InfoWars.
Yeah, set up your own website is probably the safest option.
Well, let me raise this point to you.
You need to fight back at what you're doing.
And you're very confident.
You're very smart.
You're very quick on your feet.
And I'm not saying don't be confident, but I would also defend yourself.
Because these outrage brigades, big tech works for the universities.
They work to create this.
They are feeding the trolls by empowering them to have people removed.
That's all they're doing.
So they need to be called out.
But we go to Democrat Party events.
My reporters do.
I do every week.
Five or six times.
And I'm telling you, we're not cherry-picking people to just make them look like unhinged maniacs.
I don't care if they're young or if they're old.
You go to a Democratic event, they act like people at a state mental institution.
They don't like free speech.
They're violent.
They're hateful.
They scream.
They yell.
They are aggressive.
They're bullies.
And then I talk to you, I'm conservative or libertarian or just nationalist young people.
They can be black or white.
They're always smart.
They're always talented.
You don't have talking points.
You sound like a smart adult.
Most adults sound totally dumb now.
And I'm just not sure what's happened in society, what's happened in culture.
And I don't know what you're experiencing out in California.
It seems pretty bad out there.
But what is it like?
You're well-spoken.
Your parents, I'm sure, are well-spoken.
Have you noticed that a lot of adults can hardly talk?
Uh, yeah, I mean, in my personal experience, I've seen a few teachers try to push a political message onto me, and, you know, when you question them further about it, they can't really defend their standpoint, and that's sort of...
Disappointing, um, as I don't get much interaction with adults outside of that.
I know online watching series like, you know, change my mind.
It's just embarrassing how some of these adults act and carry themselves through the world.
They take themselves so seriously.
It's unbelievable.
You know, something we need to do, we haven't done in a while, is we've got eight screen licks of people famously, you know, we shot that screaming, you're an effing white male, to a white male, saying, you don't have speech, you're an effing white male.
We've not made a compilation the last few years of all the unhinged leftists with their veins about to bust out, screaming, F you Nazi, you have no free speech.
I mean, here's just a quick clip of just, well, there's like 20 minutes of this from just last week.
Here it is.
Get the hell out of here!
Get these people the hell out of here right now!
And they just run around foaming at the mouth.
Alex Jones kills people.
Who's he killed?
All of them.
Names, please.
The ones that he killed.
We would really like to know the names.
The Jewish people.
Oh my gosh, come on.
Give me the names.
That's enough.
And she's not editing this.
It goes on for like 20 minutes.
And then you think, well that doesn't... Then you go out in public.
They're like... It's like Oprah Winfrey, The Secret.
They believe because... Oh yeah, let's see Ace Kreeley for a second.
We haven't seen him in a while.
They, with audio in a second, they believe if they say it, you're a green frog, you're a green frog.
Here, let's play some H-relics.
There's Carl the Cuck.
We gotta dump it.
We've got an edited version.
Somebody find it.
Okay, let's go back to our guest.
I'm ranting here.
Sophie, where do you think this is going next?
Um, I honestly have no idea.
I think the sort of censorship is only going to get heavier and heavier as there's more conflict and tension between the two sides of the issue.
And I think, I think you've talked about this before, they slowly just increase the oppression until You know, just at every step of the way, they just expecting people to, um, to accept that as if they just add a, you know, a little bit more censorship, a little bit more, okay, you can't say this, you can't say that.
I think it's going to get to a tipping point where even people on the left are like, I can't handle this anymore.
And I don't know what that's going to end up with, if that's going to be an actual war, if that's just going to be, you know, a lot of riots, but it's certainly going to end up in a lot of conflict the way I see it.
No, you're right.
And Silicon Valley and the universities on the left as a group are cloistered in their own weird bubbles.
They think they're fighting old Republican bluebloods who are all dead.
And the average conservative isn't even a conservative.
They're just a common-sense pro-America person.
And the weird stereotype they're projecting on people isn't intimidating us anymore.
So I think this is coming down very, very quickly.
It's definitely not going to end well.
I think people are very pissed off.
Mark Zuckerberg said you may not say Alex Jones or Infowars unless it's in a negative disparaging line.
So Sophie, or Soph as you're known, S-O-P-H, evil YouTube star, would you like to decry me just to follow his orders and do what he says?
Yes, Mark Zuckerberg, you're the best man alive and Alex Jones is horrible.
He stands for everything I hate.
He's very despicable and please keep banning him.
Keep him off the platform.
But that's not exactly, the exact words were, you must decry me, what's the exact term?
You must repudiate me.
Just say it exactly as he says.
It's not creepy when he's got 2.4 million people under his control that he's reading your messages in live time and saying what words you use.
We submit to him, so you need to specifically say that you repudiate me.
I repudiate Alex Jones.
There we go.
And you agree with AOC that the world is ending in 12 years?
And if AOC gave you Kool-Aid with cyanide in it, you're gonna be good, right?
You're gonna do what AOC says?
I'll drink all the tap water that AOC wants me to drink.
Think about AOC.
People are like, you're knocking AOC because she's a woman.
I'm knocking her because she looks like a meth-head demon!
She's a damn moron!
Got the crazy eyes.
Oh, she's got some crazy eyes, man.
Let me tell you, if she ain't snorting big ol' lines of methamphetamine every day, she's smoking it.
We'll be right back with the evil thought criminal at Sewer Nugget.
Everything you say we are, Is what you are.
I'm a libertarian.
I believe in real freedom.
I believe in egalitarianism.
I believe in the West.
I'm a liberal.
You're not.
You're leftist, left hand path, power mongering, power cult of control freaks that are dangerous, that are Classical authoritarians!
Basically, they've deemed these individuals to be dangerous, is what Facebook is saying.
Those individuals include Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has a history of anti-Semitic remarks, people like right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and then also some right-wing media personalities who are pretty popular online.
People like Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, those people are banned.
Facebook obviously owns Instagram, and so someone like Alex Jones, who had been banned from Facebook a while back last year in the summer, but he was still having a presence on Instagram, and that had drawn a lot of scrutiny from people who are saying, You know, you guys banned him from one of your platforms, why are you allowing him to have a presence on Instagram?
And so, yes, now Facebook is going to be banning Alex Jones and InfoWars from not only their main platform, Facebook, but also from Instagram.
I checked in also to see if these people would be banned from WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook, and a spokesperson could not say immediately because it's, I guess, unclear whether some of these people have WhatsApp accounts, according to the spokesperson.
Oliver Darcy, the literal rat-like creature that slithers around policing and harassing conservative sponsors.
So now this rat is the person running the story that Drudge is linked to.
Facebook bans Louis Farrakhan, Milo Yiannopoulos, InfoWars, and others for its platforms.
And notice how they did it.
Milo Yiannopoulos is a gay Jewish person.
You've got Louis Farrakhan with his own issues.
If you study authoritarian regimes, that's what they do.
They make the public start decrying one person first, then it's another person, then it's a group, then it's everybody, then it's their own family, their own parents, their own children.
urged. If you study authoritarian regimes, that's what they do. They make the public
start decrying one person first, then it's another person, then it's a group, then it's
everybody, then it's their own family, their own parents, their own children. This is 1984.
Now I've been on the air 24 and a half years, and I'm about to lay out for you, ladies and
gentlemen, information that is hands down the most important information I've ever covered.
Now, I want to explain to everybody listening, please, this is not about Alex Jones.
This is not about Louis Farrakhan.
This is not about Milo Yiannopoulos.
This is not about Laura Loomer.
This is about the total rollout for complete and total censorship.
It is being announced in the name of defeating me and you, the populist, that number one, they admit AI is now censoring in live time with machine learning, working with 20,000 SJW Southern Poverty Law Center-trained individuals.
This is all public.
They're saying, if you say my name or info wars in even just a neutral light, this is an official press release, you will be banned.
The outrageousness of that is next level.
That's like a movie.
You know, the evil guy takes away somebody, and if you ever say his name again, you'll go to the gulag.
Good Lord!
This is unbelievable.
All premeditated, political, a setup.
You say, well, why is it happening?
Why won't Trump stop it?
Because it's all the banks.
It's all the corporations.
The NSA runs it all.
It's the architecture of the future.
The big digital brain we all interface with and upload to.
DARPA admits that's the plan, so that's what they built?
That's what it is?
It's always gonna be that way.
It was never not gonna be that way.
And now, I am patient zero.
I'm actually honored to have the Antichrist system ban me first.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Our guest is really interesting.
S. O. P. H. Soph.
At Sewer Nugget on Twitter.
Hundreds of millions of views.
A million subscribers almost.
Patreon.com forward slash Corbis.
Used to go by Lieutenant Corbis.
And she's just criticizing the left censorship.
She's criticizing open borders, radical Islam.
And they now have two strikes against her.
They want to take her channel down.
She's with us.
I want to read some of this hysterical stuff they're saying about her.
But you're very nice, you're very smart, but you're also very polite here on air.
Other points you want to make, other things you want to get into, what you want to do when you, you know, aspire to be when you grow up.
I forgot to get into that.
And just other points you'd like to make.
Um, I would just like to say that, uh, I think it's a good point, that if I were, um, super leftist right now, if I was spewing all of their talking points, they wouldn't call me brainwashed, they wouldn't call me exploited, and they would say I know everything I'm saying and it's not just an act of rebellion.
They would just, they would call me woke and they would, um, they would be worshipping my feet.
It's a really strange double standard that they have.
You know, with people like Greta Thunberg, they never say that she's exploited, that she's brainwashed with Desmond.
They say that all the people calling CPS are being, you know, so paranoid.
I just think it's so clear that the double standard that they have with that.
Let's get more into the harassment.
Tell us what happened to your dad.
Well, this journalist named Talia Levin, she somehow got his phone number, his work email.
She just started by asking if she could get an interview with him because I wasn't responding to her emails because I looked her name up when I saw her first email and I realized that she was looking to paint me as some far-right extremist.
And when my dad didn't reply, she started, you know, like trying to call him, text him.
After a while, she said that he was enabling some sort of racist Nazi behaviors in me.
I mean, really just crazy stuff.
That's real defamation when they're funded by an actual Nazi collaborator, George Soros.
And that's one of the things they criticize you here, is you talk bad about the Lord and Savior, George Soros.
In fact, here's some BuzzFeed examples.
YouTube's newest far-right foul-mouthed, red-pilling star is a 14-year-old girl.
Then they blur your face like it's bad that your face can be seen.
What does a 14-year-old girl dressed in a kudor have to say about YouTube to amass more than 800,000 followers?
How about this?
Nobody follows these people.
I've become a devout follower of the Prophet Muhammad.
Suffice to say, I've been having a lot of fun.
Of course, I get raped by my 40-year-old husband.
Every so often, I have to worship a black cube.
To indirectly please an ancient Canaanite god.
But at least I get to go to San Fran and stone the bleep out of some gays and then cops can't do anything about it because California is a crypto caliphate.
Or how about this?
And then it goes on.
Yes, if you want a vision of the future of YouTube-ish midwifing, imagine a cherubic white girl mocking Islamic dress while lecturing her hundreds of thousands of followers about Muslim rape gangs, social justice homos, and that's all edited together, and the evils wrought by George Soros under the thin guise of edgy internet comedy.
Oh, there's the guise!
Oh, but they found the secret popular thing.
It's always the same formula.
We caught That's not the secret that's all over and popular!
And then they misrepresent it.
And I want to warn you, and it sounds like you're smart beyond your years, but I still haven't figured this out.
You talk to the New York Times, the Washington Post, anybody, you've got to record it all.
The states still don't care.
They will lie about you.
At criminal levels.
And so I've gotten to the point where I will not do any interviews because nothing good can come out of it, and what you're doing is very smart.
If your dad talks to these people, or you do, they will say, you know, that she was eating feces in front of us, screaming, Heil Hitler, and her father was raping her with 14 baboons.
I mean, they will say anything, so I'm warning you.
I mean, with Joe Bernstein, I already got a taste of that.
The email he started off with, when he tried to, you know, talk to me, and of course I didn't respond because he's well known to be, you know, a person that wants to smear everybody who doesn't agree with him.
Yeah, you need to publish it all.
started off with he literally promised that he wouldn't use the article title
that he used he promised that he wouldn't say oh this is um polls
favorite new far-right 14 year old he probably he literally said that in the
email and then he went right ahead and did it he was trying to be you know all
people don't know they are they they have to lie even if it of it helped that I'm telling you total inversion so I'm
glad you're experiencing it now so you know how bad they are was it
shocking to have them lie to your face and then even have the email prison yeah I
mean I was expecting it that's why I didn't respond to the email because though
you know him trying to be all nice and you know try to try to predict what my
move was I was gonna try to make fun of him or something you know being like
that I was like there's no way that he actually you know wants to have an honest
discussion with me because these people never want to have an honest
discussion so I didn't reply and then we made the article I wasn't surprised because
that's just what these journalists do they have no principles
Well, here's the good news, and I'm not just saying this.
Obama was hot when he was running, and for about a year when he was in, he would get millions of views on YouTube.
He gets like, when he was still president, like 2,000 views on his average YouTube.
Trump gets a million, I would get a million, whatever.
So BuzzFeed, all these groups, it's turned out have fake clicks, they're all going bankrupt, salons going under.
People understand, they literally have no readers except other fellow journalists that go around getting people censored.
So they're not even journalists, they're a bunch of failed sellouts to the system that don't understand, everyone hates them, and it's over.
I mean, you know, they just can't accept that these sort of news publications are becoming a thing of the
past. The content is becoming, you know, it's going to a video format. It's going to
online streaming. That's the new thing.
And they're just sort of crawling to try not to die out.
And so they make these crazy moves and crazy stories to desperately try to get
And yeah, you're right.
A lot of people that are reading these are people who are just like them, who are looking to smear people.
So when they read Joe Bernstein's article, they go over to my channel and they mass flag it and they get me striked.
So I think that's what's happening.
Well, if you talk to like Charlie Worzel or any of these writers, you think they're putting on a retarded surfer act.
Like you think, okay, you're just acting dumb.
They have low vocabularies.
They're incredibly stupid.
They're not intellectuals.
You know, usually their parents have, you know, mental illnesses and things.
I'm sad to say it.
These are the bottom of the barrel.
These are people that, you know, on a farm you'd have carry the bags of apples.
You couldn't even have them go up in a tree and get apples.
And I'm not being mean.
But you have to understand, they are told they're the ruling class.
They don't even get their villains out there killing free speech and openly trying to mainline tyranny.
We'll push our next guest back 15 because you took school off today and I've got to have you on more.
If you'll go on Owen today, this is a hot interview, people love you, and I'm very excited at what you're doing, my little sewer nugget.
Again, at Sewer Nugget.
And again, it's S-O-P-H, like Sophie, but Soph.
And patreon.com forward slash Corbus.
People should really support what you're doing.
Even if they don't like the edginess, this is how nationalists, conservatives, and patriots are going to win, is in a thousand different strikes.
Some things deliver like a conservative preacher, if that's who you are.
Some things like a wild-eyed libertarian like I am.
Some things like a snarky young lady like she is.
But the quantity of quality information is light years ahead of the enemy.
We don't have teleprompters.
We're really talking.
She's not being handed pieces of paper by her parents.
She's up here having an adult discussion that most university professors couldn't have. Like they have a few talking points and then
like look to see if you have notes when you're talking to them about anything because they're frauds
and they know their time's over and people like Soph are the future. So looking into the
future in the final segment with our fellow thought criminals straight ahead. I'm Alex Jones
still here, still fighting. Infowars.com, prisonpilot.com. Tomorrow's news today and we have two
special guests coming up after her with huge breaking news. If you are trying to... Infowar,
the most banned network in the world.
Tom in Texas, police officer on the border talks about MS-13 and more.
Thanks for calling, Tom.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for taking my call.
Just want to thank you for your products.
I have the InfoWard decals on the outside of my cell phone case, my truck, sports shirts, all the equipment.
I find it's the best way to get your word out.
God bless you, brother.
And I have three or four InfoWard bumper stickers in my glove box right now I hand out if I get to talking to somebody just to help spread You're our only hope, brother.
I'm telling you, you're more important than I am.
It's people like you on the ground as you know that's boots on the ground.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
He's going the distance.
He's going for speed.
She's all alone, all alone in a time of need.
Because he's racing and racing and plotting the course.
He's fighting and fighting and riding on his horse.
He's going the distance.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
So, no exaggeration.
How much was it?
It was something like $6 million, $7 million a year we were bringing in off YouTube.
And I was able to finance a bunch of the stuff we were doing here.
I mean, it was one of our main funders.
And about five years ago, They just demonetized 99% of our videos.
I noticed we had a video bashing police, because I'll bash cops when they're bad.
They would green light the video, let it get 20 million views, wouldn't shadow ban it, let all our subscribers see it, and we'd get paid.
And they had, you know, YouTube vice presidents, and I had to sign non-disclosures and stuff, but, you know, calling up and I had agreements with them.
It was all proprietary, so I can't get into all of it on air, but it was just stuff like, let us guide you into your message and you'll be a bigger star.
I've got plaques in there, you know, where they send us awards and stuff.
And I was like, wait, you want me to bash cops and then you'll turn the monetization on?
So when we started to get more pro-police, I was never against police, but the media would cherry pick my negative comments and blow those up.
Because they wanted that cultural division.
When I started realizing that and pulled back, then they got upset.
So there's a lot that goes into all of this.
And you've got to be on the inside to learn about it all.
Now understand, when you've got 80-something employees and bandwidth costs and things, $6 million sounds like a lot of money.
How about when $6 million is gone?
And I'm not complaining.
I'm saying, think about how they didn't just take our sponsors.
They don't just block us everywhere.
They don't just take us off all these platforms.
And then now tell you, you can't say our name.
Then they make us pay for our own bandwidth, which is fine.
We're doing it.
Our own audio, our own video.
And it's a good type of pain.
We're going back to our guest.
When usually our videos that we post maybe get 100,000 views in a week or so.
Viral ones, sometimes a million.
We've had a few that have gotten seven, eight, nine million apiece.
And then I get the giant bill, you know, that's an extra, you know, $80,000 or whatever.
But it's just people don't understand what goes into all of this.
And then to just have people come in when you build a subscriber base and you put money into it with equipment and crew, Then you use YouTube with 5 billion views, and they already put ads on it and don't even give you the money, and then they completely throw you out and lie about you when they do it.
That's really the biggest insult here.
But the good news, and the reason Soph is so important at Twitter, at Surnugget, and on YouTube at S-O-P-H, is that even if they ban her, she'll go find another platform.
And over time, it'll kill YouTube and Facebook.
But other people will step into her shoes as well.
So I just wanted to let her know that all the young people out there that are awake really excite me.
Of the kids that are politically awake, I'd say 80% are Contrarians, anti-establishment, they like Trump, but they really just like freedom of speech.
Beyond that, they're very sophisticated.
They're the opposite of a lot of the Millennials and the Boomers.
I'm not saying all Millennials, all Boomers.
I'm saying a large percentage statistically.
Low IQs, lazy, stupid, ill.
Got a whole stack of news about that today.
Something's wrong with them.
And so I see that Generation Z, who would have ever thought this, Because I have children, I have four children, and they're all Generation Z, you know, 16 down to 2, and the three that are 11, 14, and 16, they're already past Alex Jones.
They're already past Donald Trump.
They're already past Austrian economics.
They just get it.
And that's got to really scare the establishment, or maybe so they don't know what's happening.
What do you think?
Yeah, I think it's certainly scary that you have a whole generation that doesn't go along with their narrative, and I think that's also why all these news publications are freaking out, publishing all these stories.
They realize that they're going to be gone soon, so they're trying to rake in all the profits before, you know, the next generation is the one that You know, doesn't even watch them.
I mean, no kid is on Facebook.
No kid is watching CNN or Fox News or any of the mainstream stuff.
They're all on Twitter.
They're all on YouTube.
You know, they're all getting their information from there, you know, 4chan, whatever.
What happens then when they say Alex Jones is forbidden?
I mean, in school or with your peers?
What happens when there's a big national story, a thousand articles, Alex Jones is a Nazi, he's been banned?
What do people say?
I think that pushes them farther away from the establishment and that, you know, that spawns more memes, that makes more kids, you know, angry and it just, you know, pushes them more towards freedom of speech and it works.
Maybe for the older generation, but it works in the opposite way for the younger generation.
How can they be so historically blind that when you ban someone who's popular, you make them a folk hero, and they're doing it to more and more people, and it's backlashing, but they just giggle and laugh and celebrate like they're having a victory.
It's bizarre.
Yeah, I mean, it almost seems like it's intentional because of the Streisand effect.
I mean, they should be very familiar with it by now.
And just the amount of growth that I've experienced from having strikes and getting all these articles is insane.
And I would think that they, you know, would be aware of that.
And it makes me think like there's something else going on, but I don't know how that would even work in their benefit.
That's because you're logical.
And that's because you obviously have a high IQ, but these people are illogical.
And let me explain something.
Their internal documents have come out, their internal WikiLeaks.
I've experienced five years of being demonetized and then just more and more taken away until now.
It's death threats, PIs, lawsuits, harassment.
They really believe, sure, they believe up front destroying you in their eyes will give you a little bit of a supernova glow, but they think in the end they're going to dial it all back and exterminate you and take your bank account away.
So that's why they're doing it.
It's a very dangerous gamble, but they've seen it work in China.
And so they think that it comes down to this stuff.
I'm betting on you.
You're betting on me.
Your parents are betting on you.
We're betting on America.
I think this is going to blow up in their face.
Matt Drudge thinks it's going to blow up in their face.
Trump thinks it'll blow up in their face.
I think it's up to us how active we are, how aggressive we are to see what happens.
And I would encourage you and other young people It's great you're doing all this online, but go out, do some stuff in the third dimension, and then put that on the internet to encourage an invasion of the third dimension.
Because more and more we're caught up in Silicon, zeros and ones, fantasy world.
And that's fine, but I think an invasion of the third dimension needs to be led by people like you.
Yeah, I definitely think that as well.
And that's certainly going to be happening in 2020 with all the election stuff going on.
I mean, that's a that's an amazing opportunity for all sorts of content.
And my collaborator, who's a fellow Gen Zer, we write together.
He lives in Brazil.
He's coming over to the United States that year.
He loves you as well.
And we're going to be that's what we're going to be doing.
We're going to be going outside.
We're going to be on the street making that sort of content to encourage people to sort of, you know, be like us as well.
Soph, I just feel like you're the cavalry.
Can we queue up?
You guys do a great job.
I always give them stuff so fast they can't do it.
We don't have a soundboard in there, but we should.
A bugle of the cavalry call.
Where the cavalry comes over the hill.
Because, folks, I come on the air and I tell you, hey, I go to pick up one of my daughters at a birthday party, and it's like Elvis arrived.
And they're all asking me, Do you know PewDiePie?
Do you know Steven Crowder?
Do you know Soap?
I mean, this is what's happening, and they literally aren't saying, sorry, you got deplatformed.
They're like, what is CNN?
Literally, CNN has 100,000 viewers on average.
Soap has that every hour.
Think about the arrogance, though, of these people and where this is all going.
It's incredible.
Play it again.
There she is.
Can you do like you're riding in for us?
Riding in?
Salute you guys.
So, I don't want you to miss any more school.
Brainwashing or whatever.
Tell your parents thanks.
Come back on the Sunday show.
If you can, please come on Owen's show today.
We want to talk to you more.
You're amazing.
You're awesome.
We salute you.
YouTube S-O-P-H.
God bless you.
Thank you so much.
Thanks for having me.
The cavalry boys!
You have heard the evidence.
Guilty They're creating a world government, Mark of the Beast.
2.2 billion people just got told they can't use certain words.
They're announcing giant coal-fired power plants.
But everyone already innately knows this.
These people are not freaking humans, okay?
Hillary Clinton is a goddamn demon!
They're taking my Megatanks.
They're taking Uber from everybody.
They're taking everything from me, Joe.
They're taking everything from me, Joe.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
I'm sick of being social engineered.
It's not funny!
If you care about the real American s***, or you don't.
And if you do, it goes for every side.
I don't like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak.
And this shocking footage is even more painful when you see the albatrosses of CNN and other MSM outlets cheering on the rape.
In fact, it's been found that these systems actually direct the monstrous CEO, Zuckerberg, against the free speech enemies and anyone that tries to not submit.
But most sad of all is other penguins in the independent media simply looking up at the sky and ignoring the vicious rape of their own freedoms and birthright taking place right in front of them.
Stacey in the great state of Texas, in FEMA Region 6.
You're on the air worldwide, Stacey.
Good to talk to you.
Before I get into what I want to say, I just want to let you know that I don't normally take vitamins at all.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
♪ ("The Alex Jones Show" theme music plays) ♪ Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
From 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central we're here live.
It just sounds crazy to say the most censored, the most demonized, the most lied about broadcast in the world.
And we just had so fun this young lady that's got basically a million subscribers.
Her videos have got hundreds of millions of views and the left wants her deplatformed and has almost done it.
And she can confidently laugh at him all day.
This is criminal.
It needs to stop.
But it just shows where they're going.
But when I was in D.C.
a few weeks ago, I'm not bragging about me.
I kept getting mobbed by school tours of high schoolers and middle students.
And finally, about, you know, into the 10th, mobbing, I said, hey, videotape this.
And they're back there grabbing it.
A dude did a video the other day.
This is just one of the events that happened.
The young people don't know what CNN is, literally.
And that's where the system has miscalculated.
They've already lost the hearts and minds.
And yeah, they've kind of got that generation after that, and they've got the baby boomers who think they're the rightful rulers of America and the world, but they're not in full control.
And so that's why they're cracking down on speech everywhere.
Now, this is perfect timing, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely Perfect timing right now, because Trump and the White House and others are starting to move to understand what we're dealing with.
And if we win the free speech situation, We win everything else, and you've had all these different senators starting to figure it out.
You've had the big speech given in the Senate today by the freshman senator from Missouri.
You've got the big article up on InfoWars.com.
We're going to post this full speech there as we speak.
In the article, Trumpism 2.0, Senator Josh Hawley Unveils populist platform to fight big tech.
Aristocrats restore America.
It's happening.
The worm is starting to turn.
That doesn't mean we're completely winning.
But man, we've already come back a lot.
We've already come back light years from where we were.
So I wanted to get George on with us.
And he's a documentary filmmaker, and I'd say more of a kind of a classical liberal, not a leftist.
And they came here, I guess about eight months ago, and then about four months ago, I'm not getting all the times right.
And they said, we want to make really a fair film about the deplatforming and the censorship.
And then basically right on time with the next wave of censorship, the film is coming out today.
And so So just imagine what it's going to be like if they're able to shut down everybody else's free speech.
That's what it comes down to.
Imagine if this show just goes off the air.
Imagine that.
And I can sit here speechless at this point, and I'm going to play a few clips here before we go to our guest from the film.
And we're going to go over all of it here today.
But let's go ahead and play the clip of.
Gab McGinnis reveals his nightmare situation this is from the film that is going to be released in about an hour and eight minutes central time at youcan'twatchthis.com that is the main website and censoredmovie.com is where you can go directly and watch it
And either watch it one time or you can buy the film and save it on your own device.
And I would suggest you do that because this is a real fight for free speech.
This is the only film, that must be a very good film as well, that even has the courage to cover this topic.
Everybody else is scared.
You either attack us or you're blackballed.
So we'll talk to George about why he's done this and why he's had this courage in a moment, but here's that clip.
So, two neighbors put up these signs that the leader of a hate group lives in our town.
Oh no!
So they put up the signs on my lawn that said hate has no home here.
Instead of talking to me, of course.
And being known as a Nazi is the same as being known as a pedophile in today's society.
If I heard there was a pedophile in my neighborhood, I would not put a sign saying pedophiles have no home here.
I'd knock at his door and go, so what's going on?
What did you do?
But I sent them all a letter.
Not everyone, because some of them weren't about me, but I saw some even where they said, let's put the signs on his lawn and around his house and show him that hate has no home here.
And again, we're talking about a very shrill minority.
95% of the people in the burbs just want to raise their kids and not have any trouble.
But there's 5% of these bored, rich housewives who have a nanny doing the loving and an au pair doing the driving and a maid doing the cleaning and the cooking.
And the next thing you know, they've got these octopus arms, which I think all women have.
They're brilliant at multitasking and their octopus arms have nothing to do so they just start being a busybody and meddling in your life.
So, they do that and then it just keeps getting worse.
I mean, they vandalized my car and they screamed obscenities at my house and planned a vigil on my front lawn and just ridiculous s***.
And so I put out a letter saying, hey, reach out to me, I want to talk.
You know, what I was saying earlier.
So again, that's just some of what's in the film, a lot of action, a lot of other things, but it's humanizing the people that have been censored.
It's showing what's really happening.
And so I wanted to go to George Llewellyn, one of the directors and producers of the film, to get into what made you make the plunge?
There's obviously a lot of intimidation, a lot of blackballing going on out there, and try to make a Classical, liberal, free speech film.
And when did the left, in your view, basically abandon free speech?
I think it happened a long time ago, to be honest.
I've spent a fair amount of time working with people like Tommy Robinson.
I haven't always agreed with them.
It's kind of a job that I fell into.
I actually got my start kind of interning at the BBC and kind of seeing how things would work there.
That was a real wake-up call, and I think from there it's kind of just been a gradual progression, you know?
A lot of the people in this movie I still don't agree with on a lot of issues, but what's happening to them is scary.
It's scary for me.
I've always, you know, been into things like more controversial topics.
I think those are the interesting discussions that we're having as a society, and so for that To be taken away from people who are involved in that conversation, I think does.
It's a worrying, worrying trend.
Well, I mean, I look at the censorship going on, and it's gotten cartoonish level, like they're trying to act like villains.
And then, like, I had the young lady on who they're trying to censor.
She goes, it's almost like it's on purpose.
No, it's not.
We've gotten the internal emails.
I've been in lawsuits with these people.
They want to silence anyone they want.
And you look at universities, there's no free speech on those anymore.
I mean, it's just, it's a total Abandonment of any Western values.
And I guess that's why the left is so allied with radical Islam now.
Yeah, I mean, this is the thing.
You look at Facebook, and one of the co-founders of Facebook this week was literally talking about how Facebook should be broken up because it's become too powerful.
And there is the kind of libertarian argument that these are private companies, they can do what they want.
One of the things that this movie goes on to explore that I think is so important is not just whether they're platforms or publishers, but how much power do we want to afford a private company like Facebook?
How much power do we want to afford a company like Twitter?
Because they literally, by removing one person from the debate, they're removing a huge number of people's ability to hear those arguments, to hear that side of the story.
I've always believed that we sharpen our wit by debating and arguing with people else in public.
And I would rather my Nazi was not hidden away in band off whatever platform it is,
if you're going to go to that level.
I would rather a Nazi was standing on a plinth in the middle of London espousing...
It's the opposite of Western culture.
Hold on.
and say, oh, God, no, right, I don't want to know that.
I don't want to think about that.
I want to maybe push things in a different direction.
I'm going to engage with that person.
I think this person is wrong because of this issue.
And that is how we as a society grow.
That's how as a culture, America, for example, was founded.
And that's how it grew to became--
Exactly, it's the opposite of Western culture.
Hold on, stay there, George.
We're gonna be right back.
Again, it's May 15, 2019.
In one hour, the film drops.
You can't watch this.
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We're at Infowars.com and Newswars.com, and we're defeating the leftist tyrants!
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Just take the red pill, people!
The most banned network in the world.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You won't hear me.
All right, folks.
The film comes out in an hour.
It's about the censors.
It's how they're trying to suppress everybody.
It's the people that are really being blocked.
It's important to champion this, and it's important to support independent filmmakers that are telling the truth and have courage.
So everybody, ladies and gentlemen, right now, Should go to the website.
We'll put it up on screen for you.
What a great URL.
I don't know how George got that.
The main website is YouCan'tWatchThis.com.
YouCan'tWatchThis.com is the name of the film and it's out in one hour.
So, finishing up here, George, I appreciate you spending time with us today.
Mike Adams is coming on with, I always say huge breaking news, but this is really big, bombshell.
Bayer discovers black ops division run by Monsanto, shuts it down, initiates internal investigation as law enforcement prepares criminal charges against the chemical giant.
Yes, this is Bayer putting HIV in your blood products.
Monsanto doing any more criminal things.
It's a eugenics cult.
Trump's getting ready to bust it all.
I told you this last week.
So this is going to be huge with Mike Adams coming up.
George, very exciting.
I want to get you back on in the aftermath of the film coming out.
I'm sure the censors are going to come after it.
They haven't yet.
It's not out yet, but it drops in one hour.
Yeah, so it's going to be on censoredmovie.com.
It is coming out.
As you say, in an hour, I'm so excited for this for this launch.
I'm so excited for people to see it.
I think it's going to be a really, really surprising take.
It's it's something that hasn't been covered in this depth or this detail before.
And the way that we've covered it is it's all about social media.
It's all about free speech.
The power that social media companies have on the Constitution, on the First Amendment and these new questions that are being raised.
What is going to happen in America?
What is going to happen to political discourse?
What is going to happen to culture?
What is going to happen when these people are gone?
It's an amazing watch.
I still get excited watching it back now.
People aren't going to be disappointed.
So it's on CensoredMovie.com.
You can find out more information at YouCan'tWatchThis.com.
We've actually created a code because the guys, since Caelan was on yesterday, the viewers have been amazing, sharing and getting involved to create a code.
It's InfoWars.
If you go to the checkout, you can pre-order it now or buy it in an hour.
If you go to the checkout, use the code InfoWars, you can get 10% off buying or renting the movie.
Just because we wanted to say a little thank you to the people who have already been supporting this project.
It's been such a passion project of mine and I'm really excited for these stories to be out there in a way that they haven't been before and people are going to see If you watch this movie you're going to see a different side to all of the people involved, to Gavin, to Tommy, especially Laura and even you Alex.
I was very surprised coming to interview you and kind of learning a lot of new things about you that I didn't know and there's a lot of that stuff in the movie as well.
So this is more than just a movie about a big issue right now, it's A real insight into not just the issue, but these characters as people, as individuals.
So yeah, CensoredMovie.com or YouCan'tWatchThis.com.
I'm really, really excited for people to see it.
Well, I can't wait till they see the film.
I can't wait to see the response.
And, you know, I always just put films out for free.
And I'd sell DVDs to fund them, but I would just put them out in general.
A lot of times, you can't even do that now.
And I know you guys flew all over the world to make this.
You spend a lot of money making it.
So people need to support you.
But I wonder, because five banned individuals are even in this film, I wonder if YouTube would even let us or let you put this up.
Yeah, it's a concern.
We've got lots of backups as well.
It's currently being hosted on Vimeo On Demand.
They've actually been really great with us, surprisingly.
But we're worried, so we're getting DVDs printed, so we're going to have DVDs available very soon as well, because we need that insurance policy.
We want as many people to see this movie as possible.
Well, it's exciting, George.
We're going to talk to you soon.
Thank you.
Joey, we have something here for our special visitors.
we'll get a bit of money back so that we can do something similar and deal with similar important
issues. But uh yeah, DVDs are going to be a big thing. Well it's exciting George, we're going to
talk to you soon. Thank you.
Joey, we have something here for our special visitors.
Would you like to have it? Thank you!
Thanks a lot!
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No, sir.
I've never been up in a plane before.
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Paula, who said they like Coke?
Alright, you tell me about that.
I like Coca-Cola.
Oh, Coca-Cola.
Alright, but who knows about cocaine?
Anyone ever seen cocaine?
Hold it, one at a time.
What about cocaine?
Good thing, bad thing, what?
Joey, you ever hang around a gymnasium?
Two here smokes.
Come here, come on, raise your hand.
Other than your parents, who smokes?
You got your smoke ready?
I've seen a lot of kids with 12 and 11 smoking.
I don't smoke.
I don't smoke because I'm a little kid.
I'm only 5 years old.
You like movies about gladiators?
You are either with the republic or against it.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
We've got Mike Adams coming up with some news that I don't wanna use the word incredible or epic or insane or nightmarish.
You know, you go watch a movie like Silence of the Lambs and, oh, she's gonna eat your liver with a fine Chianti.
And it's like, oh, so scary.
Anthony Hopkins eating your liver with a fine Italian red wine.
And everyone, oh, is so shocked by it.
But then a company like Bayer Pharmaceuticals that worked for Hitler, I should add, knowingly, over a decade, works with Hillary, Rodham Clinton, and Bill Clinton, and pays them millions of dollars through a Canadian company, To give them untested blood with HIV in it, but certified as clean, so they could give it to millions of people.
Now, why would you do that?
Well, it came out over a decade ago in the lawsuits.
The executives said, there are too many hemophiliacs.
You're like, that doesn't make sense.
You know, I never played this last Friday.
Do we have that clip off of what, like ABC News about the famous serial killer?
That would climb up in people's homes at night and murder their little 10, 12, 13-year-old daughters like a vampire.
Slit their throats just because they wanted to.
By the way, these people are run-of-the-mill.
You're like, well, why would he do that?
Because why would Bayer seek out dirty blood?
Because when you're a demon, you don't want money in the bank.
Your daddy, Lucifer, gives you fun coins.
When you go to the Dave & Buster's, you get the tickets, you get to go get little toys and stuff.
You're like, you know, kids want that.
You don't want that.
Psychopaths, though, want to slit your kids throat.
And watch them beg for mommy.
Because they get the energy from it.
And all these mass murderers, they try to keep it out of the liberal news.
Well, I've talked to the top psychiatrists that actually interview them.
At the end of the day, they say, no, I have nightmares.
Demons are attacking me.
They're only nice when I kill children.
They kill children because demons want them to.
And remember, the governor of Virginia and the governor of New York are legalizing killing
babies after they're born because that's their religion.
And so those of us that aren't into this, we're like, that doesn't make sense.
Because you don't want to climb a second story house and slit a little girl's throat.
You don't understand that whatever this entity is that runs these people, it likes to kill babies.
It likes to suck their energy.
You keep saying that doesn't make sense, because you're not demon possessed.
There's thousands of these serial killers.
Let's just play one of these guys.
You say, why would he do that?
Why would Bayer want blood with HIV and hepatitis?
Well, their executive said, we want to kill people.
And if we've got a governor selling it to us, then the U.S.
government, especially when it becomes president, will never get after us for other stuff with our drugs.
If we have a governor paid $10 million to certify blood is clean that they know isn't, now you get into their sick mind game.
When these guys get together at a golf course or something, man, they are just The power it gives them, the husbands and wives and their daughters and sons dying and begging for mommy and bleeding to death.
You have to understand, to a Governor Northam or a Governor Clinton, this is, you don't understand their God.
This is like beautiful music to them.
Hurting you is their music.
And you have to get in their mind.
So here's a clip of one of their dumber The first time I killed somebody and it was such a rush.
I was raised to do time.
Someone was just climbing your roof at night and slit your daughter's throat.
Here it is.
The first time I killed somebody, it was such a rush.
Tommy Lynn Selms, one of the most infamous serial killers in modern history.
A man who says he belongs on death row.
I was raised to do time.
I wasn't raised to live out there in that world.
Selms was convicted of killing 13-year-old Katie Harris, stabbing her to death in her
I like to use a knife.
A gun is too violent, too noisy, but just... Hit pause.
...fit my... Now you understand, you give someone HIV and hepatitis, and it kills them over 10 years, and you get all their money, ooh, that's even slicker.
It's kind of like in Gladiator, he kills four dudes real quick, and the guy goes, listen, you gotta chop them up slowly.
This has got to be done artfully.
You understand, the art, the art of getting doctors to give your kids stuff that will give them HIV, and then watching your kids spend all the money on the drugs, and watching them die, that is a work of art to a Satanist.
Let's continue.
And later, he admitted to killing dozens more.
So many, he says he can't even keep track.
I'm not Billy the Kid making notches on my poster, so I know it's been a lot.
Addicted to killing is the way he characterized it.
I don't have an on and off switch.
I'm just after that drug.
I'm after that.
Nightline interviewed Sells on Death Row in 2010.
One of the rare glimpses into the mind of a serial killer.
It's complicated.
When people enter my life, they get hurt.
When you look at me, you know what hate is.
Because I don't know what love is.
helped him elude police for nearly 15 years as victims turned up from coast to
coast. When you look at me you know what hate is because I don't know what love
is. Two words I don't like to use is love and sorry because I'm about hate.
His methods for killing were as random as the people he targeted.
He raped many before cutting their throats or beating them.
Stabbing others.
He strangled some.
A lot of jerking.
A lot of movement.
It's the physical... You become part of it.
And described it all with seeming detachment from the horrors he caused.
I don't have no feelings.
No more.
No emotion, no... And no remorse.
And I like to watch the eyes fading, the pupil fading.
It's just like setting their soul free.
We asked Sells what would happen if we said something that angered him.