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Name: 20190513_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 13, 2019
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In The Alex Jones Show, Jones discusses topics such as free speech, censorship on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, criticism of the New York Times, promoting Sunshine- Pillows.com, and introducing a new version of their popular Secret 12 formula called "Ultra 12". He also shares his opinions on various issues such as populist movements in Europe, globalists, and the potential trade deal between the U.S. and China in the 2020 Presidential Election."

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Breaking news out of Silicon Valley.
Facebook has banned a number of prominent conspiracy theorists and alt-right figures.
Facebook is purging several high-profile names from its platform.
This may be one of the biggest and most impactful decisions Facebook has ever made.
Facebook taking steps to enforce its hate speech policies.
Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Louis Farrakhan, Laura Loomer, all of them were designated dangerous.
Dangerous individuals.
Dangerous individuals.
Dangerous individuals and organizations.
Basically, they deem these individuals to be dangerous.
They call me dangerous.
Danger is my middle name.
Dangerous like hurting other people?
Or dangerous as in saying things that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like?
This is about the total rollout for complete and total censorship.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
What is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
InfoWars tells viewers that the world is out to get them.
None of this seems to repel President Trump.
InfoWars content is useful to him.
InfoWars personalities align with him.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down!
I want them silenced!
I want them muted!
Because these corporations are controlled by a liberal few.
We're very focused on making sure that our recommendations and discovery services aren't highlighting groups where people are repeatedly sharing misinformation or harmful content.
And we're working hard to completely remove groups if they exist, primarily to violate our policies or do things that are dangerous.
Through your rules, your rules go against our values, and they are patently un-American.
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions.
He's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
We need a digital Bill of Rights.
They're becoming the public square, and they control how we interact with each other.
And if you think that you are going to throw up your hands and say, well, they're private companies, you are absolutely insane, and you are part of the problem.
You are a bad person.
You should be censored off the internet.
Bad, yes.
Get out of here, Alex!
InfoWars might have been banned from Twitter, but it seems to have found a new home over at Trump's Twitter feed.
President Trump's furious reaction to Facebook's action showcases that he is, I'm sorry to say, the InfoWars president.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
While I was just sitting here, getting ready to go live, watching that little intro piece of some of the attacks of the last week, it just hit me.
If I was sitting in a movie theater 10 years ago, watching, say, a movie like Minority Report, that would be an image of a dystopic future where the good guy's been accused of being a terrorist,
And he's on the run, and they're announcing on the news, he's a dangerous individual.
Call police immediately if you see them.
But that's just what they're doing now.
And if it sounds familiar, that's because movies like Minority Report were based on systems already being developed and planned.
In this synopticonic surveillance script.
And always they've had posters up, wanted, dead or alive, dangerous, kill on sight.
You hear about conservatives that are banned from social media, it's a lifetime ban.
It's worse than what a murderer gets.
So it's that idea that you're the worst of the worst.
And when Facebook put their press release out a week and a half ago against me, they said, for Alex Jones, we reserve the highest level of anyone.
of a dangerous person, and they gave the designation.
It's an Interpol designation for convicted weapons smugglers, narcotics traffickers, sex traffickers, and pedophiles.
I told you last year, I was listed by the International Banking Association as a terrorist.
I've got to sue them.
It's going to take a lot of money, but this is the world system coming after everybody.
So it's not like they're just adopting criminal terminology.
This is criminal terminology by criminals saying those of us that aren't criminals are the criminals.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Well, TV viewers can see it.
Radio listeners, I'll give you the numbers.
Dow Jones Industrial Average down 2.29.
We're almost 600 points at 594.91.
It is Monday, May 13th, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and this is The Forbidden Broadcast.
The Verboten
You're not supposed to tune in and hear what the real show's saying.
You're supposed to get all the disinformation and the strawman that they build on international media, national media, local media, that all read off the exact same script.
I was on, undoubtedly, the biggest TV show in Turkey today.
And it's on their RT equivalent.
It's aired in every major continent.
It's on U.S.
cable systems, you name it.
And it was like Hillary Clinton or Media Matters had written the script.
Of course, they have.
They have PR firms hired.
They have them engaged law firms.
They put these points out and they encourage media, controlled media, state-run media in this case, of the dictator Erdogan, to put this out.
And it was a powerful interview.
They were supposed to interview me for 10 minutes.
They interviewed me for 30.
And so I bet when it airs in a couple hours, they edit the living you know what out of it.
But guess what?
I told them right when it started that I was taping it.
They weren't listening to me, but I told them.
And so we have the whole thing plus behind the scenes just for you.
But it's supposedly going to air in a couple hours, turkey time.
Usually it's a live show, but they wouldn't dare have me on their live.
They need to be able to edit it, of course.
And so we're going to release the unedited video, except for one thing.
It'll be unedited end-to-end.
None of it will be cut out.
Including my countdown, testing my audio.
But it'll have a few minutes added where, when he laughs at me and says there are no gay frogs, I'll cut to PBS, and I'll cut to Scientific American.
And when he makes jokes about Robert Mueller protecting Jeffrey Epstein and that whole scandal, we'll just show the Miami Herald.
See how that works?
See how that works?
Because look, I know it's crazy that upwards of half the frogs in this country are sterile or attracted to the same sex, and so frog populations are plunging here and all over the world.
I know that it's hard to believe.
I get it.
I get it.
But still, it's the reality.
It's crazy.
A federal judge just overturned the protection that a U.S.
attorney gave Epstein and a bunch of his people on a plea bargain a decade ago.
And you know who was involved?
Mueller was the handler of Epstein.
And I know people like, well, Mueller's like Jesus Christ, actually.
I mean, he's pure as a driven snow.
Yeah, he protected Whitey Bulger from the beginning.
I mean, the guy is as dirty as a port-a-potty.
In fact, it's dirtier, I think.
And then I pointed out, the word is Mueller doesn't have sex with underage girls.
He just has Epstein go around and set everybody up.
People are like, well, Mueller has people killed.
He's a gangster.
You better watch out.
I've already been threatened, folks.
Somebody's got to not care.
Somebody's got to stop pulling punches.
Somebody's got to say, you want to play chicken?
I just rammed my foot down on the accelerator and turned on the nitrous oxide.
Here we go, baby.
I'm from Texas, bitch.
There's still some Texans left.
And ain't nobody seen the backs of the Texans yet.
You ain't seeing my back ever.
So get used to it.
And it ain't hard either.
I've got to control myself.
I love this fight like a pig loves pumpkin pie.
Animating Contest of Liberty.
Okay, let me tell you what's coming up.
This is one hell of a transmission today.
I told you.
Trump's going to war.
Because the country's almost gone.
We don't have much time.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
They call for taking the glovies off.
The little globble snubbles.
And Trump and his droogies are going to be out singing in the rain.
And it's going to be the establishment that's going to be the victim of the old in-out.
So put that in your little pipey, wipey, and smokey-wokey.
Supreme Court deals Apple a major setback in App Store antitrust case.
Yes, they've been abusing and not letting their competition in.
And they've been gouging people, and they've been taking people's money for apps that work, and then denying it.
They've been acting like a bunch of slack-jawed thugs.
Oh, Tim Cook.
A nice little boy.
Oh, Tim Cookie-Wookie.
He said last year in Beijing, at a speech, he welcomes censorship.
And he supports what China's doing.
And he supports Western governments censoring more as well.
Talk about lowering the drawbridge.
Talk about trying to rape freedom.
Well, you've been running a monopoly for quite a while there, buddy boy.
And this signals the Supreme Court's gonna carve up big tech monopolies real nice.
To quote Tony Montana, for a green card, I'd kill a communist for fun.
But for a green card, I'd carve him up real good.
And we don't mean politically, we mean legislatively.
Which is the same as politically.
We don't mean violently.
We would never wish any harm against the man that runs the biggest slave camps in the world, in China, with suicide nets around him, that are scientifically designed to dehumanize to the maximum level of evil and pay the lowest wage possible, but because he lists and hops around and goes, I'm gay, I'm gay, I'm gay, I'm gay.
It's like, oh, you're gay.
Oh, oh, good then.
So, that's going on.
There's a lot more to cover.
We'll get into it all when we come back.
But, you know, I've got to be a little bit better about this, because I've got to sue this big international banking organization that's listed myself and Paul and others as terrorists illegally.
Oh, you can argue all day, you're a private company, you can censor people.
Can you list folks as terrorists who don't have any criminal records?
We'll see how you like it.
It's gonna take money.
It's gonna take some P.I.s.
But we'll skin these cats real good.
They're a bunch of cowards that, like an old barn when a tornado comes through, falls right over.
You could piss on this barn and fall over.
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I don't know.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones, the cure to fake news.
Coming to you live from Austin, Texas.
We're going in, through, and beyond.
You've already passed the event horizon.
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All right, let's get back into the main story here.
Little Birdies
And all the evidence that's public says that Trump has a decent Supreme Court.
It's about to get even better.
And big tech has been arrogantly running around under Obama, moving to China, refusing to work with the Pentagon, selling all of our data, spying on Congress, to the point of
A year ago, Big Tech wouldn't even go to Congress.
Not even their presidents.
They'd send a vice president to shovel lies at Congress.
Under oath.
In an orgy of unparalleled perjury.
But then, when Congress got halfway awake on their little addled power trip, suddenly, Sundar
And all the rest of them did their little perp walk into Congress, and of course I was waiting like a barracuda on the arrogant, smiley-faced delusionals who believe in their technological terror.
Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed.
But they couldn't even find the meeting room door, despite their omnipresent power.
It's one thing to have a quasi-omnipresence with everyone feeding you where they're going, what they're doing, what they're dreaming.
But how does one such as yourself, who's not God, read that information?
Oh, you will wait on the algorithm.
Yes, it will tell you how to read it.
Sure it will.
That's another good one, isn't it?
No, these are not God-men.
They project their own hatred of themselves upon us.
So the Silicon Valley religion is that we are the profane and that soon humans will be extinct so that whatever bizarre entity they're talking to will give them this benighted power to merge with the silicon and be ethereal forever and enter the atmospheres of the galaxies.
Yeah, right, sure, that's... makes a lot of sense, huh?
Betray your mother, betray your father, betray your ancestors, betray who you are, betray who could build this, and then say you piss upon it?
In some bizarre act of hate?
Not honoring your father and mother?
They're losers.
And so now, the Supreme Court prepares,
to dismember Big Tech.
And there will be a giant throng of crows and carrion buzzards and other foul eaters of rotten flesh who will fill the skies with their
Hooting and hollering over how these giant, rotting, fetid, twisted, drugged out, arrogant systems should be chopped up and delivered, steaming with flies and maggots into their mouths.
And no amount of whatever Tim Cook's on with those big old meth eyeballs will ever put him back together again.
Isn't that just perverted by the left?
How they always run the worst factories.
They always treat their employees the worst.
They always are running the biggest scams.
They're always not paying taxes and are totally ruthless.
But it's okay!
Because they are liberal and they told you so.
So you must do what they say or they will hurt you.
But it's this country and its technology and its ideas that allowed them to get this toehold and they stole what we built and ran off to tyrants where they could quote be themselves in China.
They think that they will recreate all that here and bring back that here, and they're trying to implement it.
And the question is, will we accept it?
Well, it's really good news that the Supreme Court has said, you don't let your competition on your platform.
You're trying to create a limited Internet that people stay on, that isn't an open, free market, and you discriminate against people, and you turn them back for all these reasons, and what you're doing is very, very dangerous.
And you're helping China build a censored search engine and censored apps.
That's what Google and that's what Apple are doing.
They failed the test.
They jumped in bed with the truest Satan the planet has ever seen.
There's no dear, sweeter, more real Satan than Tim Cook's sweet Satan, China.
Nobody kills more.
Nobody's colder.
Nobody hurts more children.
Nobody sells organs like they do.
Nobody kills Christians.
Nobody kills Buddhists.
Nobody tortures like the Chai Kams do.
They'd make Hitler blush and suck his thumb and get in a fetal position and pee-pee on himself because he just would be so enamored with something that evil.
He knows his mommy when he sees it.
Hitler, if he was alive today, would be hanging off the hind tit of China.
Think about that.
But see, Hitler's not around.
So instead, it's a flaming tyrant, Tim Cook, hopping around obviously on synthetic high-tech drugs every time he's in a video.
Show that video from his interview with Vice, that there are no
It's nothing but pupils.
Everything's fine.
Alex Jones is evil.
Get rid of him.
He's kind of stumbling at the table.
Hi, I'm Tim Cook.
I... It's curation.
I'm curating.
I decide what you see and read.
Someday I could be a real boy.
Someday I could do it.
I've been a good servant of evil a long time.
I can handle the dosages I'm taking.
It's all under control.
My god tells me kill more people.
I'm sorry.
Oh god, not that.
China's good.
China, oh please help me.
Alright, nothing about that.
The antitrust's coming.
Why did the Japanese attack us at Pearl Harbor?
Why did Hitler invade Europe?
Why did Big Tech censor?
Oh, we've got to do something now!
Support the broadcast that tell the truth.
Support the broadcast and do it as an act of will against the enemy.
If they can shut this broadcast down, they have victory over free speech in totality.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The Supreme Court has ruled against Apple in an App Store antitrust case.
Apple shares are down, last time I looked, more than 5%.
We have reached out to Apple for a comment, but we have not heard back yet.
Now, consumers are accusing Apple of monopolizing the market for iPhone software apps and forcing them to overpay.
Now, remember, the EU is also reportedly getting ready to launch a formal antitrust investigation against Apple following Spotify's official complaint.
Which complains that Apple uses its App Store to stifle innovation and limit consumer choice.
So guys, a lot of pressure right now on Apple in terms of antitrust and the role it plays and its App Store plays.
Back over to you.
Georgia, I just want to make sure I have this perfectly correct.
This is the Supreme Court allowing consumers to pursue this lawsuit against an alleged illegal monopoly.
It's not the Supreme Court saying that there is a monopoly.
That's correct, Morgan.
It is allowing consumers to look into this, basically saying that they can look into the fact that Apple may be monopolizing the market for iPhone software apps.
I'm Tim Cook, and I approve this nightmare.
Tim Cook chose the wrong side.
Tim Cook chose the Chi-Guns and the soulless energy of death.
He failed the Republic.
He failed the New Atlantis.
He failed the vision.
And now...
People ask, how am I doing?
Man, I'm doing really good.
I'm right where I'm supposed to be in the thick of the fight.
It's not fun sometimes getting persecuted and lied about.
But I bet everything on you.
I've been betting on you my whole life.
You know what?
We're winning together because you've been betting on me.
That's what's so exciting about the reality of this, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, you talk about outlaw country.
I wasn't into outlaw country when I was a little kid because it was called outlaw country.
I liked Waylon Jennings.
I liked Willie Nelson.
I like Chris Christopherson.
I liked people like that.
Merle Haggard, you name it.
You know, I could say that Johnny Cash was outlaw country, but he came along before that.
He kind of started it without calling it that.
But they just got in trouble because they didn't kiss everybody's butt in Nashville, and they weren't hypocrites, and admitted sometimes they smoked a little marijuana.
And they like to do stuff out of places like Austin, Texas and Lukenbach, Texas.
You know, a lot of folks did like him because they were outlaw.
Let me just tell you something right now, folks.
You don't get more outlaw than Infowars.
You don't get more outlaw than Trump against the whole power structure getting control of the federal government barely and delivering so much and the whole freak out against him.
That's how you know he's for real.
For real in that he's not part of their power structure.
They project onto him how they are and think, oh my God, what could they do if they were in power?
But Trump keeps doing what I think he'd do if he was a good guy.
And they are crapping their britches up one side and down the other right now, ladies and gentlemen.
But this isn't an outlaw country where we say stuff like, I like to ride my horse and shoot my gun.
You know, a country boy or a cowboy's work just ain't ever done.
Quote Hank Williams Jr.
I also like to have women I've never had.
You know, people can listen to that and go, that's not very pro-family, but I mean, that's just Hank Williams Jr.
being honest about how he is.
Okay, that's a little outlaw for the 70s.
I get it.
What about having rogue elements of the CIA, foreign governments, major banks, leftist law enforcement leadership, literally lying about you 24-7,
Behaving like you're cancer, and every major university that's public in the country, in their journalism department, teaches courses with my name on it, lying about me.
I've had friends and family.
I've got cousins who have children that are in college.
At Texas State.
George Washington University, and at the University of Texas, and all over.
And they go in, and it's usually their last year of journalism, their fourth year, and they go, we're doing a last
Semester on Alex Jones!
And they sit there in those things and they say, he's a Nazi, he's a criminal, he's a devil person, we gotta ban him, your job in the press is to shut down media in the future.
And you look at the press, that's what their job is.
The old dying press is going around tattling and taking down websites and lying about people.
And most of the young people are actually turning against it because it's so flagrant and it's so crazy and it's so over the top.
Then they report, college rejects applicant for following Alex Jones on Twitter, lawyer says.
Think of the intimidation.
You don't say his name, you don't say anything positive, you just submit to all of it or you're banned.
My lord, you really want to live in a country run by people like that?
It's a monopoly.
And why do you think CNBC was so stunned
We're gonna play that clip again.
That minute and a half clip.
Why do you think they were so stunned?
Because nobody at the Supreme Court in the 50 years of Silicon... It's 5-0 now.
Silicon's 5-0.
In 5-0.
The Supreme Court has just let tech run wild.
And DARPA, because we were supposedly going to meet the Chai Koms and the Russians with it, well now you just decided to go get married to the Chai Koms.
So now, you're going to get chopped up.
And that's why the host is like, say that again?
This just happened today.
The Supreme Court says you're a monopoly.
A monopoly.
You don't let there be competition.
You're after everybody.
You're politically trying to control people.
Everybody keeps saying, oh, they're a private company.
Hell, you know, what if they bought the air?
Well, you know, make your own planet.
They're in bed with foreign governments.
They hate the American people.
They've got a bunch of lunatics running Apple.
Apple in international studies has the most anti-free speech position of any company in the world.
Because they're selling the idea of total tyranny and will screw anybody over anytime, anywhere.
So you think about that good news.
Because this is just the beginning, folks.
Keep pushing.
It's going to be a hard fight.
But in the end, we are going to beat these globalists.
Let's go ahead and go to that clip again.
The Supreme Court has ruled against Apple in an App Store antitrust case.
Apple shares are down.
Last time I looked, more than 5%.
We have reached out to Apple for a comment, but we have not heard back yet.
Now, consumers are accusing Apple of monopolizing the market for iPhone software apps and forcing them to overpay.
Now remember, the EU is also reportedly getting ready to launch a formal antitrust investigation against Apple following Spotify's official complaint, which complains that Apple uses its App Store to stifle innovation and limit consumer choice.
So guys, a lot of pressure right now on Apple in terms of antitrust and the role it plays and its App Store plays.
Back over to you.
Deirdre, I just want to make sure I have this perfectly correct.
This is the Supreme Court allowing consumers to pursue this lawsuit against an alleged illegal monopoly.
It's not the Supreme Court saying that there is a monopoly.
That's correct, Morgan.
It is allowing, um, it is allowing consumers to look into this, basically saying that they can look into the fact that Apple may be monopolizing the market for iPhones.
But it's a private company!
What, what, what?
Apple do what it want!
Apple do, Apple God!
Apple spy, Apple sell data, Apple censor.
I mean, she's like, what?
Tim Cook's gay!
He allowed to rip you off.
I told you it's coming.
I told you of old.
You will never establish your kingdom.
A big accredited major research lab, accredited to test food, supplements, water, you name it.
He mentioned this a few weeks ago.
We've been so busy, haven't done it.
It's funny, we're running a special on Alexa Pure Pro water filtration systems that, again, are one of the best gravity-fed systems out there.
I mean, there's some other good units out there.
We sell Pro Pure as well.
He's not even trying to help the show.
This is what he does.
He's tested all our products.
He tested many other products.
People pay him to test products.
We haven't done that.
But you found something interesting testing our system against other systems.
I appreciate you doing that.
I know it costs thousands of dollars to do it.
I didn't ask you to.
I should have asked you to.
But obviously, these are already accredited by other groups that have tested it.
But tell us what you found independently.
Yeah, well, so to set the proper context, we were not paid.
I did this as a volunteer, and I'll tell you why.
Because, you know, I'm part of the independent media as well, and I've seen how you have been just viciously attacked over your supplements, even when your supplements are vastly superior to what's available in retail.
And I thought, you know, this is entirely unfair.
If your products are the best, if they're really clean, if your water filters really work well, then frankly you deserve credit for that.
We have a multiple mass spec laboratory.
It's a multi-million dollar facility.
I've got some video that I sent you this morning.
Yeah, let's roll some of that Dr. McCammish spectrometer stuff here.
Yeah, and so we've been testing water filters for their ability to remove glyphosate, which is the toxic cancer-causing weed killer.
And glyphosate is the most difficult chemical to remove from water.
The most difficult.
Laboratories, we worked for two years to get a method that could even retain it so that we could test it.
And all the science papers out there show that it's the most difficult chemical analyte.
Anyway, the bottom line, and I brought you the results here today, the Alexa Pure water filter that was sent to us for testing directly from the Alexa Pure company, we put two parts per million of glyphosate in water, ran it through the filter, took the resulting water, and ran it through our triple quad mass spec,
100% removal of glyphosate.
100% removal.
And again, you're the expert unless you have the scientists that work for you, but from what I've read, that's unprecedented.
Well, out of all the filters we've ever tested, we've only seen three that could do this.
They're all very expensive, more expensive than Alexa Pure.
Very high-end filters.
Uh, with your sale, I think, that I just heard about, is $199?
Uh, that is by far the most affordable filter that has this 100% efficacy.
Now, and the thing is, glyphosate's an indicator.
So if a water filter can remove glyphosate with 100% effectiveness, which is very rare to find, it means that it has the best chemistry in the water filter element.
So if you could knock Mike Tyson out in 1989ish peak, you could beat anybody?
Well, exactly.
So it's going to remove atrazine, it's going to remove pesticides, it's going to remove bisphenol A, probably, and all these other toxic chemicals, plus heavy metals.
We know heavy metals removal is typically very easy for water filters to accomplish, so that's not difficult for a lot of filters to do, but to remove glyphosate is a big deal.
So, our lab, I've gone ahead and forwarded
This graphic that you can use.
I'm giving you permission to use this on your website.
Our lab, CWC Labs, is confirming 100% removal of glyphosate from the Alexa Pure water filter.
You know, and we're also adding, by the way, atrazine to our testing protocols.
So later this year, we'll be able to test everything with an internally validated atrazine method.
And look, I don't want to get too geeky, you know, for folks who don't know, that's the chemical that turns the freaking frogs gay.
And if you don't want that exposure, you need to have a filtration system.
Yes, it's very simple.
If all our listeners went and got an Alexa Pure Pro, their biggest, best systems to throw on your counter, dump the water in, it does tens of thousands of gallons in its lifetime.
Folks, filter your water.
This is the best system for the price.
Do it for your children and fund the InfoWarp.
Do it!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, Texas time.
We're here live, broadcasting worldwide, in defiance of the tyrants, in defiance of their will to crush us, in defiance of their evil.
We're getting stronger by the moment.
They're getting weaker.
That's why they're constantly saying we're being defeated, or they're constantly saying we're being crushed.
My spirit has never been this strong.
Victory has never been this close.
All right, let's get into it right now.
We have filmmakers that have made some pretty big films that wanted to come interview me like six months ago, and they came back a few months ago, and I did the interview.
And I saw the film a few weeks ago privately, and I thought, wow, this is really powerful.
Then the bands, the new bands, happened a few weeks ago.
This is perfect timing.
They were going to release it, they were telling me on the phone last week, in a few weeks.
They're releasing it Wednesday, because they want to get it out now.
So one of the filmmakers is going to be joining us in the third hour.
The other filmmaker will be joining us tomorrow.
But it comes out Wednesday, and we'll have all the who the production company is, all the tales.
I mean, I've interviewed these guys.
Myself and the show about some of the stuff they've covered in Europe.
I don't know all the details.
I'm really busy.
I just know I'm in the film.
I know I watched the film.
And I was like, wow, that's better than most stuff you see on Netflix.
They're going to try to censor this.
And one of the guys is a pretty big liberal.
I'm not at liberty to just, you know, get into his personal life or his personal lifestyle or any of that.
I don't judge that.
I judge the character of people.
But I knew that it wasn't going to be just a cupcake piece.
Um, but I knew they'd made some pretty powerful films, so I went ahead and sat for the film, and it's very strong.
Very, very strong.
So we put that back on screen for TV viewers.
Everybody can see it, but for radio listeners, I'm going to give people the URL.
YouCan'tWatchThis.com is the name of the film.
It's the website, and it's going to premiere Wednesday.
They were telling me Vimeo, Amazon, and a couple places.
Again, this is a truly independent film.
I'm very excited about it because I saw it a few weeks ago and was impressed with it.
And I think it really answers the questions about why we're being censored, why we're being attacked.
And it's really a weapon for the truth, a weapon for free speech, which I hope that everyone will
We'll either rent it or buy the film to support independent media and press because I can tell you, the filmmakers were calling me just a week ago and we got, our name got banned.
He was saying my name.
And they said, uh, we're really shocked by this.
And, uh, do you think we should put trailers out with you in it?
And I said, listen, that's your business.
I'm, I'm not involved in your film.
I was like, what's the name again?
Yeah, I'm busy.
And, uh,
That's just the chilling effect that's out there.
I mean, when gay filmmakers aren't sure they can, like, say somebody's in their film, that's where this country and this world has gone, ladies and gentlemen.
Is that there is such a chilling effect.
I was on international Turkish TV, undoubtedly one of the biggest shows on that network, one of the biggest in their country.
I didn't realize some say it's the hottest show in Turkey.
He's a young, smart, good-looking guy.
But he just read off a teleprompter, read off a script, and all these Hillary Clinton lies.
I guess that's going to air live.
They say it's a live show, taped to air the next hour.
We're going to see if they edit it down from the 29 minutes.
And if they do, we're going to release the whole thing.
We were taping it.
We won't have their full production.
We just have that one Skype video that was coming out of that camera at him.
So, that's coming out one way or the other.
That's how this operates.
It's called the Newsmakers.
So... It's an interview with a dangerous individual.
That's coming up.
But my point is, even they asked me, Do you think we'll get banned?
This is state-run media in Turkey.
If we have you on.
And I said, well, as long as you attack me, you won't.
And they laughed.
They laughed.
Of course, I was... The word is, you can dab Jones on, but you're going to attack him.
And you can say his name, but with a F him at the end.
Imagine in 1984, if they had computers.
Towards Arwell.
You could speak of Emanuel Goldstein, but only if you said negative things about him.
He'd be like those dirty tyrants of the imaginary world.
But it's happening now.
It's not about me.
It's about what they're doing and how stupid they think you are and how arrogant they've gotten.
But Congress now knows they've created a vacuum.
The courts have created a vacuum for the shy comms and the EU and all these other interests to come in and take over the Internet and kill its freedom and let it be a commerce killing monopoly.
Well, that's all coming to an end, if you want it to.
Look at libertarians, Christians, conservatives, whether you're black, white, Hispanic, old, young.
You go to a conservative meeting, people are smart, they're damn good-looking, they're hard-working, they're cool.
People go to liberal meetings, people are ugly, they're stupid.
There's something wrong with all of them.
It's scary, actually.
I don't see that as a good thing.
There's all the studies.
Why are conservatives more happy?
Why do conservatives live longer?
Why do conservatives have more sex?
My God, you've got all these candy-ass liberal men trying to act like they're these pimps.
Trying to act like they're these ladies, man.
They couldn't get women if they wanted them.
You're a Christian conservative man with your wife and kids.
You walk into a restaurant.
The three or four hottest women in that restaurant, they want you right now.
You could have them in the bathroom if you wanted them, but you don't because you're married and you love your wife.
That's what I'm telling you.
We're the winners.
Hollywood, all of it.
They can't give you anything.
They don't have it.
They want your attention to steal your energy, to steal your soul, to take control of you.
You have the power.
You have the will.
You have the vision.
You have the birthright.
You have the honor.
You have the strength.
You have the destiny.
You have the overarching
But you have to call it down.
You have to deliver it.
And you have to go through the enemy to get it.
But instead, you're gonna be a slave of the enemy if you don't, so why not fight?
There is only one way.
That's coming up for air.
You're gonna come up for air one way or another.
You're gonna float to the top dead, or you're gonna go to the surface alive.
Join me.
Join your ancestors.
Join God.
Join common sense.
Join life.
Turn your back on the devil.
Say, get behind me, Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ.
And start on the path of red-blooded freedom that God gave us.
And that life God shot into us through his nostrils.
Through his will.
The will to create little creatures in his image who are each contained universes with the potentiality to do anything in the future.
And to love each one of your children, and be willing to set your children out and love every one of us.
God loves every one of us more than we love our own children.
Imagine how much you love your own children.
You even get guilty having them sometimes, putting them into this.
And you know when you have a daughter or a son, they're going to have this great life, but they're going to die someday.
You've given them life, you've given them death.
And God, of all the billions of us, the billions that have come and gone, literally loves us.
Beyond his children.
We are his children.
But gave us free will out of nothing but respect.
The Satanists always say, God's a sadist.
Why'd God let this happen to you?
Because God wanted to create new things that had free will.
And wanted you to have beautiful experiences.
And wanted you to experience the universe like God has.
And I thank God for everything.
There's a thousand times more pleasure and enlightenment for the pain.
And the pain's only to show us the difference between good and bad.
I thank God for consciousness.
I thank God for the bad and the good and everything else that comes.
I thank God.
I thank God.
I don't ask God for things.
I thank God.
And I thank you.
Because without you and your will standing in the way of the enemy, we wouldn't be here.
And I'm gonna end this and I'm gonna come back with a bunch of news and a bunch of clips and incredible stuff we haven't gotten to.
And Hillary's greatest crime that's confirmed that she is a murderer.
I'll prove she's a murderer next hour.
But first, as we are about to end this hour, we need your financial support.
If you don't go get products you already need, the coffee, the energy drink, the TurboForce, the BrainForce, the X2, that sale's about to end, the free bottle of X3.
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B12 is just as important.
It takes you right there.
We bet on life.
We believe in life.
We're eternal with life.
We are the opposite of death.
We are life!
You have heard the evidence.
They're creating a world government mark of the beast.
2.2 billion people just got told they can't use certain words.
They're announcing giant coal-fired power plants.
I see it on a regular basis, but everyone already innately knows this.
These people are not frickin' humans, okay?
Hillary Clinton is a goddamn...
They're taking my bank accounts.
They're taking Uber from everybody.
They're taking everybody.
I don't like to put generals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
I'm sick of being social engineer.
It's not funny!
You care about the real American s*** or you don't.
And if you do, it goes for every side.
I don't like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak.
And this shocking footage is even more painful when you see the albatrosses of CNN and other MSM outlets cheering on the rape.
In fact, it's been found that these systems actually direct the monstrous CEO, Zuckerberg, against the free speech enemies and anyone that tries to not submit.
But most sad of all is other penguins in the independent media simply looking up at the sky and ignoring the vicious rape of their own freedoms and birthright taking place right in front of them.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are in the Resistance.
Alright, listen, I've already spent most of the first hour over the celebration of the Supreme Court, now getting more under the control of the Republic of America again.
We're only part way there.
Hashtag, Apple is a big, disgusting, evil, stinking, slave factory-owning monopoly run by a bunch of demonic daisies hopping around.
And it's going to come to an end, and Congress can move against him.
State courts can move against him.
The people can move against him.
This is a big, fat, stinking whorehouse.
So, and the little birdies, as I've been telling you ad nauseum, the last six months say that Trump is going to break them up.
And the last straw was Tim Cook.
Turd gobbling behind the Chi-Cops.
Running around behind them, groveling to them.
And look, it's going to hurt the stock market, and it's going to hurt Apple, and all this.
It's fine!
Hurt Apple a bunch!
Even the Chi-Coms a few years ago said, you pay people the less of any factory in China.
They chain their kids up at power poles outside.
People work 18 hours a day.
You give them Prozac-type drugs till they commit suicide.
Well, you just pay them 10% more, they can have a place to live.
And Cook said, no.
Because he's liberal.
He doesn't pay any taxes either.
You gotta understand, when you hop around and go, I'm gay, I'm gay, that's it, then everything's okay.
And see, that's this whole leftist cover of big tech.
It's all the most sickening, most evil CEOs that make robber barons of 100 years ago, 150 years ago, look like choirboys.
And it just has to come to an end with them so arrogant.
Google told the Pentagon, we don't work with you, we don't like America last year, and then Apple
Said, yeah, we're giving the code keys to everybody's Apple devices.
The Pentagon didn't want to hurt the stock a few months ago, but it's not just the 5G company, Huawei, or whatever its name is, they don't let on bases now.
Any secure area can't have iPhones on them now.
Because the chat coms have the codes to everything.
Your photos, your passcodes, they're in them.
And Tim Cook just said, hey, listen,
I'm gay!
So, he was in Reuters last year, remember?
He said, we're giving them the code keys, that's what happens when you move to China officially for no taxes.
You know, the government is in there, and yeah, we store the iCloud keys in China, and the government has access.
Did I mention I'm gay?
Tim Cook.
So, again,
We don't care you're gay, Tim Cook.
We just care you're raping our freedom and selling us out to the shy cops.
But he's like, did I tell you again I'm gay?
We're like, Tim, we don't care you're gay.
But I'm gay.
Alex is a horrible person.
We made the decision to ban him system-wide.
We hope others do.
And they've been following his orders.
Well, that's good, Tim.
Be sure and wear some sunglasses when you're outside, though, because when you don't have any irises and your pupils are that big, it either means you've had a massive stroke, you're dead,
Or you're on some really hardcore drugs.
Doesn't look like you're getting more than 500 calories a day.
I guess that's suppository?
Is that where you get that?
Yeah, that's probably... Word is, Tim Cook does not consume via his mouth.
Tim Cook.
Tim Cook, uh... Well, we'll just leave it at that.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, wear those sunglasses there, bud.
Must be some amazing synthetic drugs you're on for you to try to pull this off against America, buddy boy.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
A stack of news articles and press releases put out by ICE of how record numbers of their agents are getting diseases that haven't been in this country for decades from the illegal aliens.
And that record numbers of illegal aliens are pouring across and they're begging Congress for funding.
Trump has been blocked by Congress but he did just get a billion plus dollars of emergency funding out of the Pentagon to try to do something.
And Coulter is blaming Trump
When Trump's doing everything he can and being attacked, and I'm not just here to defend Trump, when Trump doesn't do something I think is constitutional or doesn't stand up for what's right, I'll get on his butt real fast.
I mean, because that's what he responds to.
But I just don't.
It's the Democrats.
It's the bluebloods in Congress, Republicans.
I've got all that.
Apple just got hit with antitrust.
The Supreme Court ruled they are a monopoly.
Everyone, including state governments, federal government, the legislature can pass laws.
The Supreme Court says they will not strike them down.
The Supreme Court just greenlit the destruction of Apple.
The cutting of it up.
Because it's been a monopoly in the making since the beginning.
Steve Jobs wanted it to be a monopoly.
Steve Jobs wanted his own internet.
You'd be on your own system.
Steve Jobs wouldn't let his kids have iPads or iPhones before he died.
Because he knew it was designed to habituate and destroy families.
Bill Gates doesn't let his kids have them.
He tells them, you're disowned if you have one!
They mean...
So, this is a big, big, big, big, big deal.
And it confirms the federal government is finally waking up that, hey, why would you, even if you're evil sociopaths, which I'm not saying they all are, but some are, why would you give away all the power to the EU and the CHICOMS and
And just wreck America just because, well, we want to prove we beat America.
Why would you want to beat America instead of empowering America?
I mean, let's use a Game of Thrones analogy.
Because the hype got me into it.
Eight, nine years it's been on, or whatever it is.
I've probably watched 10 episodes of it.
But I've been watching the last few episodes because, you know, my kids like it.
And it'd be kind of like you got a bunch of fire-breathing dragons in a war.
Why would you kill the dragon?
Like, I'm scared of that dragon.
It's more powerful than me.
So I think if I could just poison it, I could mount its head on the wall in my throne room.
I'd feel more powerful knowing that I tricked the dragon to eat the poison.
Why don't you climb on its damn back and vaporize the enemy?
And so you want to use one of those analogies.
That's what we're dealing with with the chicken you-know-what dimension.
I've coined that term.
The chicken, S-H-T dimension.
Or the needle, D-I-K dimension.
Because you've got to be from the needle dong dimension
To want to take America and demoralize it and just run it in the ground?
Because you're some hunchback demon, Hillary?
Or some hunchback Nadler?
Or some hunchback Michael Moore?
And there's some hunchbacks out there that are naturally hunchbacks.
I don't mean that meanly.
I'm just saying, spiritually, it's an archetype.
Take Take 300, which was turned into a cartoon-type deal.
I mean, it's not a cartoon, but it's so much rotoscope of this cartoon.
But it's based on a true story that happened, and there probably were some traders that, you know, told the giant force 20 times to the Greeks or more, where they could do a pass to cut them off.
So 300, for days, held off a force of hundreds of thousands.
Over 150,000.
Some numbers of 300,000.
And there were piles of dead bodies 50 feet tall that they used as a berm.
And some traders got paid off, who weren't in the warrior class, but they went and they tattled,
And they told the Iranians, the Persians, how to come around and kill them.
And of course, it was like the Alamo.
Everybody died, but it just pissed all the other Greek states to a point of getting together and then kicking the Persians' ass.
There was more than 20 states.
So that little group of warriors, 300 with a couple thousand subgroups helping them, that did that.
And it's a famous case.
But if you go back, just type into YouTube, the traitor from 300.
You've got the hunchback, deformed guy that they wouldn't let into the Spartans.
And so he goes and he sells out to the Persians.
I don't
Not really bad mutations.
Like one in a million has it.
My roots and my teeth are about twice as long.
They go around under my jaw and curl up and hold on.
It's very hard to deal with my teeth.
And then I've got a mutation for my feet and one of my bones I learned about.
And a mutation in skull thickness.
Yes, I have about as thick a skull as you can get, ladies and gentlemen.
It's about twice the thickness of the average cranium.
It is a mutation.
It even has a name.
The point is, is this poor boy is really mutated.
Really bad.
My mutations all seem to be for war.
This boy's mutations are not for war.
His mutations are for weakness.
And so he can't join, so he goes and joins the traitors.
And if you look at the globalists, you look at the left, you go to a democratic event, they all look like hunchback goblins.
And so to them, 300 standing against 150,000, that makes him feel small.
But if he can beat the superior, he could be somebody.
And if you understand this allegory, you understand everything.
If you understand the allegory, you understand how the whole world actually works.
You see?
Because those of us that are strong, we're not trying to dominate the weak.
But the weak will organize with evil against us.
So we don't kill the weak, like the eugenicists want to do.
We have to empower them.
And that's the burden.
Now, you want to hear Hillary Clinton's greatest crime.
And the proof of her criminal, the proof that she killed over a million people.
No, I'm not talking about Syria.
She did that, too, in other countries.
I'm talking about total proof of her crimes.
And she is still planning to run, obviously.
And she's attacked me last week.
We'll get back to that clip.
But that's coming up in the next segment.
Now, I'm going to leave it at this.
This is the last three days because X2, from 7,000 to 12,000 feet,
Pure iodine.
It has to go through a DEA lab, approved facility, with DEA inspections that cost so much money for us to pay for, but I understand why.
You can make anything with pure iodine.
When it's in the crystal source.
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No other iodine, nobody else does this, nobody else gets it.
We then put it into the organic oil, plant oil, and then it's legal.
And it's all, it's all DEA approved, okay?
Yep, but it is a precursor to methamphetamine, you name it, anything.
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Why has America been so special compared to other nations?
Why has it become the model of other successful countries?
Why do so many people want to get here?
Because of our constitutional republic and the basic freedoms that were protected for the individual.
Even though we've had a lot of problems, the fact that we were the freest country in the world allowed incredible wealth to be developed.
By the 1950s, the U.S.
had over 80% of the world's patents and over half the wealth, and the biggest middle class the planet had ever seen.
It was America that led the way on human rights, not just here, but around the world.
But if you tune into the national news today, like CNN, you'd believe America was the worst place on earth.
That it's a horrible place.
And why is that?
It's because multinational corporations, working with the communist Chinese, the EU and others, are demoralizing the nation to break us down.
And to make us not care about our identity, so we can be absorbed into globalism.
But thanks to InfoWars and thanks to the audience of activists out there, we have rebooted Americana and the resistance against the globalists.
And now Trump coming in and turning the tide and exposing the whole fake Russiagate has them panicked.
Nationalist populists are being elected in South America, in Europe, in the UK.
It's happening everywhere and the power structure is panicking.
That's why Big Tech, allied with the Chi-Coms, the authoritarian EU and others, are forcing the whole Hollywood, hate America, brainwashing on the public and bringing in censorship in an attempt to block us from completing the take back of the nation.
And that's why, more than ever, you have to remember,
Because of the censorship, you've got to come to NewsWars.com or InfoWars.com to hear what's really happening on the front lines and how you can help, not just save the country, but really the future destiny of the people of this planet.
Because if the United States falls to tyranny and falls to leftist authoritarianism, the Communist Chinese will be the dominant cultural force on the planet.
That's why it's so critical that we understand that Democrats in Congress right now are attempting to bring in more draconian censorship of conservatives and others, while at the same time big tech heads lie to Congress and say they're not censoring when they've been caught red-handed.
This is the legislative branch, and we need to take control of it to restore the republic.
We also have to take control of the judicial, and that takes us to our next spot, the Supreme Court.
Imagine what would have happened if Hillary Clinton would have been elected.
It would have been a death blow to this country, because the Democrats now officially say they want to repeal the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, and so many other issues.
This nation is still held by a threat.
That's why it's so important to understand that the Democrats are the party of extremism, extreme anti-Americanism.
The Republicans were a bunch of blue blood establishment types, but we've had a populist insurrection that has partially taken it over.
Now we've got to take it all the way over, keep Trump in the White House in 2020, and get more governorships and more state houses across this country to reverse the globalist plan to take down our nation.
And that's why InfoWars is so important.
InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today that will only get through to the people if you spread the word.
Just while I've been out here walking today, I probably shook a hundred hands.
And a third of them said, where are you?
We miss you.
We wish you were still on air.
That's because they were habitualized on YouTube and on iTunes and everywhere else to listen to us.
You have to come to Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
And I know the regular listeners understand that, but other people kind of just passively watch what pops up on their screen.
They love the truth, they love liberty, but they're not thinking that there's an internet outside of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
That's why you are how we outreach.
You are how we get this information through the sensors to others.
You are the resistance.
So God bless you all.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!
Okay, so... I was on international Turkish television this morning.
One of the biggest shows in Turkey.
And they were reading a laundry list of questions that I get in the exact order on any national or international show.
All written by the Democrats, written by the former head of Hillary's campaign for PR, her PR head, who admittedly was in the national news last week as Facebook's head PR person for my banning.
That's right.
Hillary's former head of PR works at Facebook now and runs the banning operation.
So I'm on Turkish television,
I may even air some of this in the third hour.
And they're just going through this laundry list.
And one of the things is, well, you say Hillary Clinton's a murderer, what's your proof?
And I'm sure they're going to cut all that out.
And I'm like, are you kidding?
She said, we came to Libya, we saw he died, they set Qaddafi up, the famous Clinton death list.
You've got, when she was co-president with Clinton, she admitted she was co-president, Marilyn Albright saying they killed a half million children with sanctions that were like seven times worse than what George Herbert Walker Bush put on them.
I mean, just crippling.
They cut food off for eight years to a desert country that imported 90% of its food.
No antibiotics for little kids.
I mean, just evil crap.
And boy, that host shut up real quick.
You know he's gonna cut it out.
Doesn't matter, we recorded it ourselves.
We're gonna air it.
That's how this works.
I even told them, but they're so arrogant they weren't listening.
So the strangest thing about this last night, I had a dream about this last night.
I woke up at 3 a.m.
and couldn't go back to sleep.
I had this dream.
I had this dream where I was interviewing the medical doctor that worked at four state prisons overseeing medical wards.
And I was interviewing this medical doctor, and he was exposing how, for a decade, they were shipping blood out of people that had HIV and hepatitis to be added to Factor VIII for hemophiliacs, and that the Clintons were being apprised of this and knew it was giving everybody HIV and hepatitis, and that all the other prisons in the country had either banned giving blood, or they were screening it, and the Clintons were certifying every ounce of blood is safe, and instead of testing,
Each packet of blood that cost hundreds of dollars to do, they just certified it all and sent a death sentence on to millions of hemophiliacs and others that took drugs like Factor VIII by Bayer.
Now you know what was funny about the dream?
My eyes popped open at 3.02 a.m.
And I went, that's not a dream.
I interviewed that doctor.
He was firebombed 48 hours later.
And that's how much, I'm not bragging, but that's how many wars I've been in, folks.
Sometimes I'll be driving along and like be thinking about something.
I go, that's incredible.
That's wild.
Oh wait, that really happened.
I did that.
We did that.
So I had this doctor on when he was in some, a few local papers and some national papers and it had been confirmed.
He got firebombed two days later in Little Rock.
And the Hemophiliac Society in Canada got robbed and everything stolen because they were involved in a lawsuit against the Clintons.
Now later, I'm going to show you New York Times, Washington Post, four years later, three years later, reporting everything I said and everything I did with those guests.
But we had to hit the barbed wire first.
I had no idea that I was the first big radio interview this guy had done that got an attraction.
And if I told you the rest of the story, it sounds like a James Bond movie, so I'm not going to get into it.
I didn't know why folks were coming after me at that point, or why I got called in and they said, we don't care if you have the number one ratings here in Austin.
Yeah, that's him.
I interviewed him.
Yeah, a bunch of those guys.
Anyways, I interviewed the Canadians, the guy in Arkansas, and
We gotta get them back on.
And they wouldn't come back on after they're on the show, because they got death-threatened, they got attacked, they got firebombed.
I mean, it was bad.
And this is like 1997 or so.
So three, four years later, it comes out in the New York Times, it comes out in the Washington Post, that the Clintons knew that the blood in the prison, they were letting people give blood once a week, supposed to be once a month.
And they were selling the inmates cocaine that the Clintons were shipping into MENA.
And then they were doing all this and all of it came out.
So we broke all this.
Before World Net Daily, they were the next after us, everybody else.
And that's why we're hated.
And Hillary and Bill Clinton were paid more than $10 million over a decade as the governor to certify blood to be sold to Bayer out of Canada.
They'd ship the blood to Canada, they'd mix all the blood together, scoop the platelets out, and sell it as factor VIII clotting agent, knowing that everyone that took it got Hepatitis A, B, C, and HIV.
Now, if you're a radio listener, you're going, this is wild.
I'm showing TV viewers The Guardian, The Associated Press, The Washington Post.
But I want it to sink in before I come back and play these clips and go to Mike Adams who's joining us on a similar issue.
Understand, Hillary and Bill were paid $10 million by this Canadian company that we know of to say all the blood in Arkansas was certified
And to not do the hundreds of millions of dollars of testing they would have done on hundreds of millions of dosages of blood.
CBS News.
Bayer admits it paid millions to HIV-infected cases, just not in English.
Now, it came out in the Bayer documents.
We're going to play some of these newscasts when we come back.
Back when the news still did its job ten years ago.
That the executives in Australia, Canada, and in France, they never got the documents in the US, because by then Clinton was president, he blocked it.
The executives, these are like presidents, are saying, screw these people.
There's too many hemophiliacs anyways.
Because their own executives are like, you know we got lied to by the Clintons, and we have given millions HIV.
And they said, screw them, there's too many of them anyways.
This is in the documents.
Screw your hemophiliac kid that you love.
And who's six years old and gets cut and doesn't stop bleeding.
You love that girl.
You love that boy.
And these, these CEOs are sitting around going, you know, hemophiliacs are defective.
F them.
You know what?
F you.
F you.
You want to kill babies after they're born?
You want to decide they don't exist?
What if somebody, I'm not calling for this, gets you around your neck and squeezes your eyeballs out and says, I just aborted some 70-year-old executive because it was a post-birth abortion?
Then it'd be all over the news, a murder!
How about we got some value?
How about our kids got some value?
We're going to come back and play all this.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hillary Clinton is a premeditated murderer.
Ladies and gentlemen, this fight against The Globalist has been like a 12-round boxing match that's got more like 100 rounds.
And I'd say we're in about the 85th round right now.
Now, just today, I'm shooting this report on Friday afternoon.
We've had really serious sabotage and attacks behind the scenes, and I've decided not to give the specifics of it for reasons that I can't disclose at this time.
But the fact that President Trump's getting the country back, the fact that nationalists are getting elected all over the world, the fact that we're now aware of the threat of radical Islam,
The fact that all of this is going on is really making the establishment very, very angry.
It just came out today that Ilhan Omar, the authoritarian Somali that admits she hates America, called up and threatened Jack Dorsey and said, how dare you keep Trump on Twitter?
He criticized me and showed my clips basically praising radical Islam.
And Dorsey explained to her, well, we have free speech in this country.
Well, the truth is, behind the scenes, if you're not President Trump, these types of phone calls and open calls for us to be censored in Congress have had the desired effect of them trying to curtail us and cut us down to nothing.
They're even going after our basic operations center.
They're going after our actual servers, our infrastructure.
But we have redundancy built in.
But that costs a lot of money to have people working overtime to keep our systems in place.
So, in the final equation, if you want to see the globalists defeated,
And if you want to see the deep state prosecuted that we're inches away from, if you want to see the tide totally turned, it takes money to prosecute an information war.
We have truth, they have lies.
The truth is more powerful than lies, but they have globalist dirty money.
Fiat Federal Reserve money.
So, I'm watching this weekend for one week.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I'm real.
I'm not filtering anything.
I'm giving the best truth I can for my research.
And that's a true story.
I told, because last week Hillary went all over the country giving speeches, like she's on the campaign trail.
New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and some of the places she lost.
And she's still planning to run.
I mean, I told you that, and now she's even admitted it.
I'm not saying it's going to happen, but that's currently what she's planning.
And I wake up from a dream last night, you know, where Hillary knowingly knows there's HIV and hepatitis in the blood, and she's, and I'm interviewing the doctor, and they get firebombed.
I'm in this dream.
I'm going, you know, as you get older, you learn to control your dreams.
I'm like, God, that's just crazy.
What a weird ass dream.
And I wake up and I go, I go to the kitchen.
I had a glass of water.
And I go, Oh my God, that that's all real.
That's my subconscious going, Alex, Hillary and the blood scandal is everything.
It's where they got caught.
They were president by then they were able to protect it.
And that's it.
And then I did research on it to remember all of it and it was worse than I thought.
It wasn't a million people.
They estimate 8 million people got HIV or Hepatitis or both.
And that 3 million have died.
3 million people knowingly putting prison blood with people with Hepatitis and HIV.
Mainly to children?
All over the world?
Why the hell would you do that?
Why the hell would Hillary out of college get her first job representing rich pedophiles?
Because that's how you go to the top of this system.
And you know, you tell the average person, Hillary and Bill made more than $10 million off selling people tainted blood.
And it just doesn't sound real, does it?
Because you wouldn't do that!
You feel like, when you even think about that, imagine you were going to do that.
You feel like you're attacking yourself, don't you?
Because you're connected to God and everybody.
You're a real collectivist.
You're an individual that does their own will, but collectively you wouldn't want to hurt people.
The collectivists say they're collectivists because they're not, folks.
They're cut off.
They think that's winning.
They think they get some brownie points with their God.
Just like killing already born babies, you see.
It's always push the envelope.
So here's a boil down from what I covered
On Friday, where Hillary says, I've never killed anybody.
They make this up.
She gets into info wars.
Now we need to be banned.
I won't play all of it.
And then we're going to play and show you the mainstream news articles admitting that they did this years after we broke it.
I want to explain.
I'm not bragging about that.
I had the medical doctor on that was the head guy at four state prisons.
And he started asking questions for years.
And he found out they were falsifying the certifications the blood had been tested.
Because that's a lot of money to test it.
And then he found out, wait, you're taking it from HIV positive?
You know when you're doing it?
They tried to pay him off.
They got firebombed.
I had things happen to me.
But after it happened a few times, people stopped doing it because things didn't go the way people thought they'd go.
So, you know, I do what I have to do.
And I'm gonna back it down.
And if you attack me, you're gonna get attacked right back.
And then it's up to the system out there at Fort Hood or wherever to figure out what happened to you.
But the American people aren't putting up with this crap anymore.
There's still red-blooded Americans left.
So here's Greg's little boil-down of this, and I'll get to even MSNBC before they sold out admitting all this.
Here it is.
Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State, when Hillary was co-president with Bill, and she also worked at the State Department, and Madeleine Albright went on national television, on NBC, and on 60-Minute CBS.
There's two different clips of this.
And said, 500,000 dead Iraqi children is a good price to pay.
Because if you thought George Herbert Walker Bush put sanctions on Iraq, in the eight years of the Clintons, they put sanctions on them that killed over 2 million people.
Because that's a desert country.
95% of it.
They were shipping in their fertilizer, their medicine, everything.
So she gets asked about a half million kids,
And Hillary Clinton's mentor was working for Hillary at the time, Alan Albright, says it's a good price to pay.
And Hillary goes in front of this crowd of fawning sycophants and wannabe elitists and makes a joke about all this.
It's just incredible.
Hillary Clinton, you are a murderer.
You are a criminal.
You've bragged about it.
You know it.
You're a ruthless person.
These are just times you bragged about killing or your associates bragged about your policies that killed millions.
So here it is.
We have heard that half a million children have died.
I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima.
And, you know, is the price worth it?
I think this is a very hard choice.
But the price, we think the price is worth it.
So that's 1996, May 12th.
That's Hillary Clinton's buddy and her policies that did this.
But then she's Secretary of State.
Many years later, and they go in and use Al-Qaeda and ISIS to take over a country, put women back into sex slavery, kill black Libyans, because the Islamists are very anti-black, and then Hillary brags about she came, she saw, Gaddafi died.
Here it is.
I mean, that is the land of unconfirmed evidence.
We came, we saw, he died.
Did it have anything to do with your visit?
No, I'm sure it did.
She says she lost the election because of yours truly, internet conspiracies.
And she said that when people went to knock on doors for her, they'd say, I can't vote for you, you're a murderer.
Clinton says she usually never paid attention to her critics, but what she calls the conspiracy fetishizing of the 2016 campaign was different.
She says she heard just how different it was from lifelong friends who were out knocking on people's doors.
They'd say they were there asking that the person vote for me, and the person might say something like, well I couldn't do that, she's a murderer.
And you know, I have friends from grade school saying, no she's not.
Oh yeah, I saw it on the internet.
Well what did you think, I'd been, as they used to say, locked up by now if that were the case?
Yeah, you will get locked up in hell one way or another.
So let's go back to TV viewers, radio listeners, the fawning students worshipping her.
Hey guys, this is the real world.
Millions of children got HIV and hepatitis because of this.
So do you understand, while you're all playing cutesy and she's the good lady and all this, that she's literally famous around the world for being evil and ruthless?
She got thrown off the Watergate committee for lying about Nixon.
I mean, she's a crook of crooks.
I mean, here, kids, there's counterpunch, liberal site, Arkansas bloodsuckers, the Clintons, prisoners in blood trade, you know, back when liberals told the truth.
Clinton's Arkansas blood scandal.
Suits says Canada imported tainted blood from U.S.
New York Times.
Clinton's involved.
Arkansas prison blood scandal.
Encyclopedia of Arkansas.
Bayer admits it paid millions to HIV infected cases to cover it up.
There you go.
Let's go out with just a few minutes.
You just type into YouTube.
It's still up there.
They'll take it down.
Bayer blood scandal.
This is what you've signed on to.
She knows it's got HIV.
She gets money for it and ships it out to kill people.
Here it is.
We appreciate you being on tonight.
Thanks for the invitation, Joe.
There are thousands of ideologies out there.
Hundreds of different political systems.
And most of them are funded by the globalists.
Infowars is truly the tip of the spear of the zeitgeist.
That's why the globalists are obsessed with it, trying to shut it down.
I didn't invent all this.
I went and researched the Renaissance, Americana, and what really works for humanity, and I'm simply trying to bring it back.
And lo and behold, it's super popular, like it's always been!
That's why the globalists are trying to shut it down so desperately.
Because we have the light in the dark of the night that sends chills up my spine.
So whatever you do, continue to support yourself and InfoWars by buying the great products at InfoWarsStore.com, by spreading the articles, by spreading the videos, and by praying for this operation and for praying for this nation and the world for peace and discernment.
For myself and the whole InfoWars family,
I want to thank all of you for what you've done, because without you, InfoWars is nothing.
You are the InfoWars, and I salute you.
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So again, thank you for your support, and thank you for taking care of your own body.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we've got a lot of really positive things going on.
The world is waking up.
Humans are amazing.
Our destiny to win is real.
But those that have dialed into the system are going to be mesmerized and put even into a deeper cult-like trance.
Those that are awakening, it's going to be incredible.
And you can be old, you can be young, you can be white, you can be black, you can be Asian, you can be Hispanic, it doesn't matter.
You have red blood, you love God, you love freedom.
But remember what happened last year when Apple banned us off of iTunes and off their other platforms where we had 40 million subscribers.
Between all of our different podcasts and shows, David Knight had 9 million subscribers in only a year and a half of doing his show, and he had the highest open rate of anybody I'd seen, even Joe Rogan myself.
I had a low open rate actually, like 10% actually opened and listened to it.
David had like 60% opening and listening to it every day.
I used to tell David, hey, you got a huge online audience.
It's okay.
You only got like 20 radio affiliates and a few TV stations.
It takes years to get affiliates.
And I'd say, look, you got your, you got your, you know, iTunes over here.
You're so big.
Well, they took that away from him.
They think you're too stupid to go to infowars.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.
We weren't a system to hold iPhone codes up on the cloud.
We weren't doing any of that.
No, no.
I mean, we hadn't killed millions of people, so we were bad.
We were dangerous.
So they banned that app.
We still have the free app at infoworks.com forward slash app for now for Androids.
You know, they ban it.
You'll still at least have it on your phone.
But the reason I get it, that is, Mike Adams wrote a bunch of big articles about this, NaturalNews.com.
You know, he's been a really smart cookie about having over 50 websites and having a more, let's say, camouflaged footprint, because he knew about the censorship coming.
But he reaches as many people as we do.
Remember this a few months ago, back in February, bombshell, Apple demands Natural News stop writing about abortions, Satanism, threats.
To block App from Apple devices.
Well, now, he's got a new article out on Infowars.com and NaturalNews.com.
Apple bans Natural News for publishing true climate science stories, like NASA saying carbon dioxide's good.
Apple claims are rejected by the scientific community.
They mean their globalist community.
So the reason I wanted to have him on is Supreme Court ruling saying they can be broken up as a monopoly.
Any individual, any county, any city, any state, the federal government, legislatures, they are done.
This is Trump delivering.
I said this in private conversations with you six months ago at this office.
You said Trump needs to act and I said listen.
And I'm not tooting horns and acting like I'm important here.
I only like to say this on air, but I want listeners to know.
I was in D.C.
three weeks ago.
Notice I go to D.C.
all the time now for certain reasons.
There's areas we have to talk where there's no phones or anything.
And I'll just leave it at that.
And the left's suing me on these things about Sandy Hook.
It's about what government agencies you work for, who are your contacts.
That has nothing to do with Sandy Hook.
You're not getting all that.
But there's a leftist resistance, there's an American resistance, and I've been told, you watch, before the middle of the year, Trump will signify, and so will the Supreme Court, that we're going to break up big tech, starting with Apple, who he knows the ringleader and has moved to China.
Next is Google.
Then is Twitter.
As bad as they are, that's up in the wind.
That's what I've been told.
And I've been told a lot more.
And Mike, I've told you this privately.
You see it unfolding right now.
I know you've got your sources as well, as an engineer in your own right.
But this is a big deal, isn't it?
Well, absolutely.
This action this morning, you know, just comes on the heels of Apple really trying to completely annihilate any dissenting scientific views, any real education of the public about how carbon dioxide is greening the Earth.
You know, NASA cited that study published in Nature Climate Science, showed since 1985 to, I'm sorry, 1982 to 2015, the greening of the Earth has accelerated as carbon dioxide has risen.
But I don't think plants need carbon dioxide, they need Blondo.
Yeah, exactly.
But, look, what's important about this is understanding that, look, Apple will curate and endorse news sources that say men can get pregnant and men can give birth and that, you know, all kinds of... And 300-pound powerlifters that look more manly than you and I can go beat 80-pound little girls.
Exactly, but if you cite NASA, if you cite botanical science, if you cite atmospheric science, then you are banned because your view is dissenting.
And listen, I know I got you on late, I got another guest coming up, but I'll hold you over, but let's go, I want to first, we're going to get into your story, and the fact that they're saying you can't cite NASA, it's huge, I get it, that's how cuckoo it is.
Well, you gotta cite CHICOM, that America can't have industry.
That's what this really is.
CHICOM, they can have no controls.
We have total controls.
We know what it is, Mike.
And you're right.
They're saying, you know, there are 50 genders.
You're crazy.
The sky's pink.
Okay, I understand.
Fish fly.
Pigs live in the ocean.
But what about Trump and the Supreme Court saying, you're a monopoly.
You can be broken up.
You're wide open.
Everybody can sue you.
That is death knell to Apple.
This is a devastating, Death Star level event.
Yeah, it's billions of dollars in revenue that they're on the table here for Apple.
And remember that sales of iPhones are collapsing, which means that Apple is turning to services and software licensing and app fees in order to maintain its earnings.
This means Apple's earnings are going to collapse and it's going to lose its stranglehold over the monopoly of apps.
This is going to mean that InfoWars will be able to get its app returned back to the Apple marketplace eventually as this winds its way through the courts.
It may also be a time, I'm sure you've already thought about this, to talk to your attorneys about closely watching this Supreme Court case.
This has just given the plaintiff the right to continue the lawsuit.
Oh, this totally greenlights us.
This totally greenlights us.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And there will be a flurry of lawsuits from thousands of app developers, including us.
Remember, our app was banned by Apple, our upgraded app.
They allow our old app to stay in the store, even though... They do this to everybody now.
They send you a list of demands of what you can and can't say.
How Orwellian.
That's right, and remember, Apple won't let you talk about Satanism, they won't let you talk about abortion, and now they won't even let you talk about atmospheric science.
This is how insane it has become.
So, this is a cult, just as you said before this segment.
We are looking at a fascist techno-cult that is trying to dominate the world, and they're pushing, there's a new phrase, a new quote disorder, it's called climate anxiety.
They're pushing climate anxiety, which is a form of mental terrorism, to push terror into the minds of all leftists, keep them in a state of fear and irrationality so that they can never wake up and come out of this and snap out and say, oh my God, what are we doing here?
This is techno-fascism!
Banning all conservatives, banning all Christians.
This has got to stop.
I know I got some 15 minutes late, but my next guest is great, but I think we can push him back 15 minutes.
I want to come back and pull up the John Brennan clip.
From three years ago.
I don't even know about those on Eddie Bravo's podcast.
And they pulled up Brennan.
I'd seen the CFR report.
I didn't know it was a speech he gave where he admits we're geoengineering, we're aerosol spraying, we're controlling the air, but we don't want to tell the public.
And a few months ago, I said I wanted to play that.
We never did.
I'll find it one way or another.
It's all over YouTube.
It's even in the tinfoil hat podcast I did with Eddie Bravo.
You can't miss it.
So can you do 15 minutes with us in the next hour?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
No problem.
I don't mean to bump your next guest, though.
Whatever you want to do is fine.
No, no, no, no.
My next guest is great.
It's a big film.
He'll be on with us for 45 minutes.
He's cool.
We're always 15 minutes behind.
We're going to go to break.
When we come back, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to get into all of this and what's really happening and the fact that there's a scientific breakaway group that Eisenhower warned us about that's gotten even more out of control.
And I can tell you personally, Trump and others don't like it.
They're trying to get it back under the public's control and he wants to release all of it.
Trump wants to just say, hey, guess what?
You can live to 150 if you don't do X, Y, and Z. Hey, guess what?
We've got this.
Hey, guess what?
Trump is literally freaking out.
They tried to block it from him.
He's learning everything right now.
And it's incredible for the president.
It's incredible for us.
We're an amazing species.
And the elites found out about all this.
We invented it all.
They got really upset that we have all this.
They don't want you to have it.
You're going to have it.
You're going to have it.
We're going to go to break.
Come back with Mike Adams, naturalnews.com.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Alright, if I'm bouncing off the walls, it's because everything I have been told by patriots in our government in direct contact with the president every day, and messages sent directly to me by the president, I'll just leave it at that, are that this is the real deal, he's going to take action.
And here's why I know it's real.
The enemy's response, my gut level analysis, but more importantly,
Why would you wreck the whole country and turn it into a civil war for the chi-coms and the EU?
Just from a pragmatic system, if your leaders aren't demons that just want to wreck everything, who actually want to run the big powerful system, why would you do that?
So this is an incredible time to be alive.
It's going to get a lot rougher before it gets better.
But I'm telling you, Trump is for real.
And people like Ann Coulter go, oh my God, we've got triple illegal aliens that we're flooding across.
You know, that's 3D chess.
This is the globalist assault.
Trump's cut the funding off of Central America.
He's trying to get $12 billion to stop it.
He got a billion plus from the military.
He should go further.
But to say that Trump is the problem, well then Facebook and Twitter doesn't ban you.
And I've invited Coulter on, but I think it's a cheap trick she's involved in, Mike Adams.
Well, I agree with you.
I think, you know, she's basically it's a clickbait type of narrative to just get attention and cast blame on Trump when he is fighting all the evils of the world all at once.
He's shouldering all of this all at once.
And Ann Coulter was his biggest supporter during the election.
She needs to understand that Trump isn't a dictator and he can't change policies just by waving his hand.
Trump has to dismantle the deep state in order to get his agenda really accomplished.
And he's already started to do that.
I know that he's going to be releasing a lot of these previously classified FISA warrant documents, for example.
That's coming soon.
We're going to see massive prosecutions of probably a dozen deep state insiders over the next 18 months.
I'll say this.
You and I are anti-police state, but a police state doesn't mean we're anti-cop.
We're anti-not having due process.
The globalists have put us into this crisis.
They're the ones getting rid of all the due process, and so if Trump and all of us have to then suspend everything to fix it, we're going to put it back the way it was.
We're not the ones that brought us here, but sometimes when people put you into martial law, martial law has to fix it.
Well, as I've said before, we have this really rare opportunity where Trump has seized the power of the executive branch of government.
Once in a lifetime opportunity, he needs to use the power of government to essentially dismantle or destroy the deep state elements that have turned government against us.
So when you have the White House, you use it.
But long term, we don't want big government ruling over all of our lives.
We want more states' rights, more Tenth Amendment, smaller government, smaller budgets.
But is it not Providence?
That right at this point Trump got in.
Well, yeah, it's biblical.
It really is.
There's so much going on here at so many levels.
We're talking about the attempted annihilation of humanity.
We're talking about the rise of actual satanism or satanic influence, demonic influence, into the population.
There's a story out there right now, I think it's on the big league website, politics, that a young boy who thinks he's transgender, a young man, says he did a do-it-yourself surgical removal of
Pardon my language, but his penis and his testicles in order to conform to the left-wing agenda.
Which is what the Hillbop cult did.
It is this Satan cult of destroy your manhood, chop your balls off, take your Prozac, take your Ritalin.
Exactly, I saw that.
They are literally doing this now.
They are insane.
The left is a cult.
They are dangerous and they must be defeated.
Well, it's just like they have all these shows about girls committing suicide that makes girls commit suicide.
Hollywood is a weapon system targeting the weak-minded.
Those of us that have not engaged in leadership have created the power vacuum that has allowed this.
We now, we must, we now must take action.
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Someone from Montgomery.
I had my guitar on my back.
When a stranger stopped beside me in an antique Cadillac.
He was dressed like 1950, half drunk and hollow-eyed.
He said, it's a long walk to Nashville, would you like to ride?
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
I sat down in the front seat.
He turned on the radio.
And them sad old songs coming out of them speakers was solid country gold.
Then I noticed a stranger was ghost white there when he asked me for a light.
And I knew there was something strange about this ride.
He said, Ripley, can you make folks cry when you play and sing?
Have you paid your dues?
Can you mourn the blues?
Can you bend down guitar strings?
He said, boy, can you make folks feel what you feel inside?
Cause if you're big star bound, let me warn you, it's a long, hard ride.
All right, I wanted to get to this piece because we've talked about this.
You can just type in Council on Foreign Relations, geoengineering, Bill Gates funding, weather manipulation, exactly the patents we found, exactly the airlines don't even really know except the executives.
They got aluminum salts,
They add all this stuff to the engines and the gas.
It's kerosene, basically.
You think of jet fuel as explosive.
It's not.
It's actually lighter burning than gasoline.
And it aerosolizes and creates increased nuclei.
So yes, it's actually ice crystals out behind, but there's nuclei in cloud seeding to create it.
So I remember, like,
Oh man, it was like 20 years ago.
I was getting calls.
This one guy was running a DARPA program.
And he said, I can't tell you everything, but it's secret.
But these Doppler antennas were putting in around the country under a federal grant.
So they quote everybody has tornado watch.
They said the power is 10 to 20 times what you need for Doppler.
And they said, I don't know if I can say the guy's name.
I shouldn't.
He's actually been on the show.
But the point is,
They're using it to fry the atmosphere with these aluminum dioxides and bariums and salts.
And I'm like, okay, you're crazy.
This is like 24 years ago.
I'm on air and I've got guys that got engineering degrees pulling up.
They're giving me all this stuff at the station.
And then a decade later, Dubai has the exact same antenna arrays, and it says they're turning the desert green with these, and it's going on.
So I wanted to bring Mike Adams in, who's an engineer and scientist about this, because I'm going to play this clip of John Brennan, former head of the CIA, deep stater, where they know they can't hide this anymore.
So they then admit they've got it.
They want to roll it out.
They want to make it public.
But other governments don't like it.
Well, yeah, we have a treaty.
So everything he's saying is knowing that the audience of actual controllers know what's happening.
But he's basically talking about the problems without saying the specifics of them.
But when you know the facts, it's incredible.
So I never knew this video existed.
I knew that there were speeches he gave and others gave, CFR.org.
But I didn't know he'd given a speech.
So here's just part of it.
Another example is the array of technologies, often referred to collectively as geoengineering, that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.
One that has gained my personal attention is stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels.
This process is also relatively inexpensive.
The National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly.
As promising as it may be, moving forward on SAI would also raise a number of challenges for our government and for the international community.
On the technical side, greenhouse gas emission reductions would still have to accompany SAI to address other climate change effects, such as ocean acidification, because SAI alone would not remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
On the geopolitical side, the technology's potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions of the world at the expense of other regions could trigger sharp opposition by some nations.
Others might seize on SAI's benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions.
And, as with other breakthrough technologies, global norms and standards are lacking to guide the deployment and implementation of SAI and other geoengineering initiatives.
Now, I could go on and on and on and on about the things that fascinate me, but rather than talk about them, I thought I'd stop here and start the conversation with Judy, and then I can take some of your questions.
I very much appreciate the invitation to come back here to the Council on Foreign Relations.
Now, I'm out in L.A.
I know about the transcripts of these meetings.
I didn't know it was actually on C-SPAN.
Callers always call and go, why didn't you cover this?
I'm not omnipresent.
Far from it.
But we go to YouTube and it says, this isn't true.
There's no geoengineering.
So that's the new fact, Neil.
So here's the head of the CIA saying we're doing it.
They put a factoid saying it's a conspiracy.
It doesn't exist.
You guys found it.
Put it back up there.
So this is what we're talking about, Mike Adams.
The insanity of the level that they don't want us to have a debate about this.
It's already going on.
Yeah, look, when John Brennan says it, it's genius science.
If you or I say the same thing, stratospheric aerosol injection, then we are labeled conspiracy theorists and fake news.
So, it's this bubble.
And remember, this stratospheric aerosol injection, this is a global dimming initiative to block the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth.
Which means you're blocking sunlight from reaching food crops, which means you're going to slow down photosynthesis of all food crops all around the world, which means you're going to lead to global starvation, famine, food supply disruptions.
This is the weaponization
We're good.
It's like an adjuvant, it makes it 10 times worse.
And let's stop right there.
They already admit respiratory problems, aluminum in the soil is 12 times what it was, the open borders, they're trying to collapse society is what you're saying.
They admit it.
They're collapsing the damn atmosphere.
It is terraforming, Alex.
It's terraforming, I've said this before, it's terraforming to prepare Earth for the post-human era.
And whatever you want to think that is, there's a lot of theories out there, but it's clear that they do not want humanity to survive and they're willing to devastate every food web, every ecosystem on the planet in order to accomplish that.
It's morte-forming.
It's death-forming.
Yeah, look, they are a death cult, and John Brennan is part of that death cult.
Look at what he did to try to destroy our republic.
Look at what he did to President Trump.
And of course he's endorsing, he's talking about how much he loves this idea of polluting the atmosphere.
So the Green New Deal really is about pollution and death and mass starvation, which would cause mass disease outbreaks to follow.
And by the way, in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, there's so much
Homelessness, needles and human feces in the streets.
They're going to start having sort of 19th century disease outbreaks any day now anyway.
People ask, why is it every blue city?
Folks, you read the WikiLeaks.
Collapse of society.
Collapse of free market.
Cloward and Piven.
They can't compete with the Judeo-Christian model, open free society, wealth, free market competition.
So they're sabotaging it while the mega banks are offshore, tax exempt.
Apple, Google, they're all exempt.
They are wrecking society.
They are psychotics.
They can't help it.
And great job, Mike Adams, exposing all this.
It's biblical.
As you said, it's happening now.
We just showed total proof with the head of the CIA, former head, admitting a giant geoengineering program, not for good, for bad, but that they don't want to admit it because other governments would complain.
This is weather weapons.
News that your life depends on.
My life depends on.
Thank you, Mike Adamson.
Thank you, Alex.
Good to join you.
All right.
We're going to come back with a filmmaker who has put out a film that I'm very impressed with, and I'm in it, but that's not the reason I'm promoting it.
It's a very important free speech film.
Amazing clip's coming up.
Please don't forget, without you, we're not on air.
On local AM and FM, support those local stations.
On shortwave, support them.
On internet, infowars.com, forward slash show.
You override the globalists.
That's not talk.
That's not a slogan.
That's reality.
It's the most banned show in the world for a reason.
We're pro-human.
We're pro-God.
We're pro-baby.
We're pro-family.
We're pro-future.
And this shocking footage is even more painful when you see the albatrosses of CNN and other MSM outlets cheering on the rape.
In fact, it's been found that these systems actually direct the monstrous CEO, Zuckerberg, against the free speech enemies and anyone that tries to not submit.
But most sad of all is other penguins in the independent media, simply looking up at the sky and ignoring the vicious rape of their own freedoms and birthright taking place right in front of them.
After enduring over an hour of the assault,
Our dear penguin finally succumbs.
But one more vicious insult is heaped upon its broken body by CNN, as its identity is stolen, gobbled up and devoured, and uses a straw man to attack other penguins.
This is CNN.
We are in a complete war!
And you idiots don't join with the Republic, you fools!
I want them shut down, I want them silenced, I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Yes, now Facebook is going to be banning Alex Jones and InfoWars from not only their main platform, Facebook, but also from Instagram.
President Trump, please save the First Amendment!
Please do the right thing and stand up against Big Tech!
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions.
He's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
I want them shut down.
We're losing the thread of the concepts that are important to this country.
I don't like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak.
Everybody gets to speak.
I'm a bad person!
I question things!
I'm evil!
I don't...
How dangerous is InfoWars?
Del Bigtree is joining me right now, and I'm very excited because he's got a big crowd of people behind him.
Here, organically, Del Bigtree is able to get hundreds of people to turn out to stop medical tyranny.
Guys, let's show this.
Look at that.
That's right!
That's what America sounds like when they're pissed off.
That's just beautiful right there.
Alright, thank you!
Isn't that awesome?
Isn't that awesome?
These are all parents of, you know, people of unvaccinated children.
Others have injured children.
I call them the ex-vaxxers.
They try to group everybody into one slur word saying we're anti-vaxxers.
We are pro-science, we are pro-health, and science shows that unvaccinated
I have proof of it!
Proven to be safe?
Highest rates of childhood cancer we've ever seen.
Highest rates of childhood diabetes we've ever seen.
Highest rates of autism we've ever seen and other neurological disorders.
Highest rates of multiple sclerosis.
All of our special needs classes are exploding in our schools.
You're telling me that this system is working?
This is the sickest generation of children this country has ever seen.
All under the watchful eye of the CDC and the pediatricians of America.
I don't have to listen to you because you suck at your job.
That's America right there, folks.
That's America right there.
Families who are not going to have their God-given rights taken away by medical tyranny.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You may be an ambassador to England or France.
You may like to gamble.
You might like to dance.
You may be the heavyweight champion of the world.
You may be a socialite with a long string of pearls, but you're gonna have to serve somebody.
You can't watch this dot com.
Yes, indeed.
Taylon Robertson is a great documentary filmmaker.
And a political activist.
And I know he's working with George on this.
To put out this film, and they first interviewed me like six, eight months ago, a few months ago again.
I'm like, okay, well, you guys are, you know, good guys.
Make your film.
And I saw it a few weeks ago.
It's not out yet.
It comes out Wednesday.
I was like, wow, this is powerful.
Plus, it's perfect timing.
I was telling them this weekend, I'm like, this is perfect timing.
They go, well, we were going to release it in a month or so, but we think now with all the new platforming, this is the time.
Paul Watson, Tommy Robinson, you've got myself in it, Alex Jones, you've got
So many other people like Laura Loomer.
They're all in there, ladies and gentlemen.
And I guess you can go rent it or watch it starting Wednesday at YouCan'tWatchThis.com.
It's on Vimeo, you name it.
I guess they say in a week or so it'll be on Amazon.
And look, I used to make documentaries.
I used to have time for it.
I'm on radio, I'm on TV, we're fighting hard here.
But I'm really glad they made this because it gets into what's really happening, what the deplatforming is about.
This is the type of film that can help win the culture war.
We're going to play some clips here, we're going to play the trailer, we're going to have one of the producers and co-directors on about all this.
But CensoredMovie.com
I can't wait!
Uh, to see it, because what I saw, I said two weeks ago, it was like actually a month ago, was a rough cut.
I'm told it's even been augmented or whatever.
I saw some stuff in the trailer and some of the clips they put out that wasn't in the film, or maybe some of the stuff in the clips isn't in the film.
I don't know.
I'm a busy, busy beaver, as everybody knows.
But, uh, we'll go to Kalen in a moment.
Here is the trailer for You Can't Watch This.
Here it is.
Tonight we present this special report on social media exclusion.
Calls Zuckerberg's power unprecedented and un-American.
Listen, this is not just targeting one side of the political spectrum.
He says it's the first time that the High Court will examine free speech rights and social media.
This is a monopoly.
There is no competition and there's no accountability.
Facebook or Google are not government actors, so the First Amendment does not speak to their conduct.
Certain voices and messages should be excluded from their platforms.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
This is not a lifestyle for people who are weak-minded.
I mean, I didn't just get depressed.
I felt straight-up suicidal.
Very soon, time soon, then the relocation of my family.
I wake up, the first thing I do before I talk to anyone, before I turn on my phone, is go on my YouTube channel and make sure it's still there.
I mean, I lost my job, I lost my social media platforms, I lost my vocation in a sense.
If we don't fight back and if we don't do something soon,
I'm worried that we may fall.
We may lose what makes this country great, and that is the fact that we have free speech.
The government cannot broadly restrict anything that it might label hate speech, but platforms can if they wish to.
When I talk about YouTube, the second biggest search engine in the world.
The more they try and censor the people who are the alternative, the more frustration there will be all against them.
A progressive publisher fears those on the left like her may soon face the very same hurdles as conservatives.
I was used as the straw man.
Once the public took the bait, took the hook in their mouth, then everyone else would fall.
We were winning.
We're losing.
Well, we're losing the battle and winning the war.
And we'll get to a bunch of clips from the film coming up.
But Kaelin Robertson, thanks for joining us.
Very excited.
Because I remember being involved with the film back, it seemed like six, eight months ago.
I don't remember when you first came.
Maybe a year ago.
I don't remember.
And then now the film's out.
So congratulations.
It's powerful.
Oh, thanks so much.
It's so nice watching the trailer then on your show.
It was painstaking putting it all together.
But the timing, you're right, the timing is perfect for this.
It's all been heating up in the last few months, you know, with Luma being mentioned by Trump only 48 hours ago.
Trump talking about people like Lauren Southern and you and Infowars and basically exactly what the documentary is about, which is incredible.
And the whole process was
Yeah, I think so.
Everyone just follows the official lying narrative that we're all Nazis, so you don't dare let us talk.
And you're going to have the floor of the next two segments, my friend.
It's hard getting you on late.
But just, people want to know the providence of the film.
Who's producing and who's making it?
I've known you a few years, but I'm a guest.
I know you're great filmmakers.
I did it.
People are asking me about the film, how long it is, what version's coming out.
Just tell us about the film itself, though.
Right, so the film, it's an hour long, so it was directed by George Llewellyn-John.
He's been making movies with people like Tommy Robinson and about the right for years now.
It's produced by myself and I've been doing the same sort of thing for years.
This is our biggest film so far and it's like the most sort of proper budget, really serious film we've ever done.
And I said,
I said a few weeks ago, but it was actually, I guess a month ago, the film I watched was excellent, but I've seen some clips in the promos that I didn't see in the film.
Was what I saw a final cut, or is it even better than what I saw?
So the one you saw was pretty much a final cut.
We did make some adjustments in the clips.
Some of the clips are sort of exclusives.
Some of the clips are scenes that we didn't put in the film.
Some are the extended edition sort of clips.
So we wanted to save a lot of the really good stuff for the actual core of the film.
And then a lot of the stuff that we want to put out in the meantime is sort of the extended bits and the bits that didn't make it to the final cut.
So there's loads and loads and loads of material.
Sure, just to be clear, and I'm not apologizing, I'm not prepared.
It's kind of cool to fly by the seat of our pants.
I haven't talked to you except for this weekend a few minutes and then in a couple weeks.
So I just wasn't sure.
I just know the film I saw was awesome.
You told me that you guys had done a few, I guess, edits or upgrades.
So all I know is the film I saw was amazing.
I can't wait to see the film that's about to be released Wednesday.
Yeah, no, it is amazing.
And people have never seen Paul like this before.
You know, this is his first proper interview.
People have never seen Gavin like this before.
The right has never looked like Hollywood before.
I was about to say, look, I'm not gay or anything.
It's kind of like that joke that the famous basketball player met the famous NFL player and he said, well, I'm not gay, but this guy's really handsome.
People get to see how big and tall and masculine Paul is in the film because you always just see him behind that map.
Well, when people saw him in the trailer walking around like that outside, they were shocked.
They were like, what's he doing outside?
This is crazy.
You know, he looks totally different.
And there's loads of that in the film as well, where he's, you know, going to the park, he's reflecting, he's going around talking about how he feels behind the scenes, behind the set.
He looks totally different, sounds totally different.
That's what everyone's saying so far.
That's the initial reaction, which is... Alright, CensoredMovie.com.
Let's get the clips of it straight ahead.
The censors are gonna hate this.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I scream, and it's like Google goes, I'm wearing a pink and a green sock, and I got a little beard, and I talk like this.
You know what those guys do when they get on jets?
They go, bring me 15 hookers now and get the drugs ready and take me to the private island.
Get the satanic rituals ready.
You don't just think the enemy has sleeper cells, do you?
I love it!
They've told me directly, if I don't want to be sued, if I don't want to be attacked, if I don't want to be, you name it, stop reporting on this.
And guess what I'm going to say to the big bank and the New York Federal Reserve and everybody else?
Here's what I have to say to them.
Hey, you ready?
This is what I'm saying to you right now.
You got that message?
Never going to stop.
Never going to stop.
Going to beat you too.
We're in a fight here.
I got like two battle axes fighting them.
They're hacking at me.
We're like, ah!
But you don't want to come out of mommy's basement.
You want to sit there and suck on your own little wee-wee and play video games and pretend like you're this big, you know, badass person.
You're a soldier on the internet battling everybody.
A lot of liberals have broken their conditioning because of it.
Just keep making fun of me!
Keep attacking!
I love it!
I'm totally destroying you!
So 100 U.S.
Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1528, Paragraph B. Is that true?
You nailed that right there?
Yes, yes.
Oh man, you wanna fight, you're gonna get one.
I don't wanna lose my voice, I just want you to know.
The majority of the frogs in most areas in the United States are now gay.
But it's like a rape thing.
You know, it looks all nice and candy, puppy.
That's how they act all liberal.
Oh my gosh, communism's really good.
You're gonna like it.
Get in the car.
Oh, you like that?
Wonder Man.
Oh yeah, you like that?
We'll see it again?
Oh yeah?
Yeah, it's Goblin Power.
This broadcast is InfoWars.
I'm Alex Jones and I do the show here weekdays 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
and then we have Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex and all the InfoWars, can you hear me?
Yes sir, I can!
Thank God!
Literally, I have waited and I've been, I'm a very patient man and I'm a man of God and I'm a man of Christ and I believe that we can look
I want to say brain force is great.
I want to say turbo force is amazing.
It is.
But if you took it with fish oil, it's like the fish oil is it.
The fish oil is better than it.
And that's an example of what I'm talking about.
Fish oil is liquid energy.
Brain, body, heart, the cleanest, the best out there.
You've got the children's.
You've got the adults.
You've got the krill oil.
If you're going to get the full effect, the fish oil and the children's are really strong.
They don't give you the burpees, but krill oil is the best.
And it'll give you the damn burps.
And I'm just sorry.
You want something like this?
You don't get stuff for free.
The krill is hallucinogenic.
It's so good.
In my view.
I'm not making a medical statement here, but let me tell you something.
When I eat five capulets of krill oil before I go to bed, I'm seeing Santa Claus that night.
So, your brain is made basically out of what fish oil is.
So, we don't make a big profit off of it, but you notice I just obsess because whatever the best is we've got, I just can't lie to you.
I just can't do it!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
So, there is a glut.
An oversupply.
I'm like sand in the desert.
Or blue sky when you're walking through the desert of movies and TV shows and productions.
Everybody in this voyeur society believes you become somebody by being watched.
And of course, here I am with a show to be watched.
But I got into this because they were trying to take our guns and our private property.
But I actually have beliefs.
And I'm trying to push.
But imagine, out of all the thousands of programs, all the thousands of shows, I've had Netflix and HBO and, I mean, producers for HBO, people that, you know, have been Oscar winners, come here before the band, during the band, and say, how do we do a movie with you?
How do we do a show?
I say, you'll be censored.
I say, go pitch your show.
Well, I've got a lot of clout, you know, I was,
Married to such and such, and I've, you know, spent, you know, I've had $500 million in production the last few years at HBO.
And as soon as they bring it up, they're told no to Alex Jones.
So everyone's too scared to even put me in a film that isn't completely negative.
That's why when I was on international Turkish television today, it was just all negative talking points.
We're going to air that later.
I think it's, I think we have the clip.
Maybe if our guest leaves us, we'll play it.
But that's just the attitude, this unified fear in media, that now there's more media than ever.
It makes media less valuable because everyone is conforming.
So I don't know the nuts and bolts of you filmmakers.
I knew you were.
You made some good films, so I sat for it.
But Kalen Robertson, youcan'twatchthis.com.
The new film coming out Wednesday.
When does it drop?
How do we see it?
Because you made the point up front.
Why has this not already been made?
This center shift's been going on a few years.
It's perfect timing.
You guys have this ready now.
But what spurred you to do this?
You know, I know your partner in this is a little more liberal than you.
He asked me some more questions during interviews the last two times.
Now he seems more won over.
And again, it's not that you have to agree with me for me to be in your film.
You just seem like real guys, so I did it.
Yeah, well, an important part of being a filmmaker is telling stories about things that are happening in the real world.
I've covered stories on the ground in, you know, one of the documentaries I've made recently was filmed in nine different countries, filming human traffickers, sending migrants across the border, getting arrested by the Turkish military was something that happened to me a few months ago for doing journalism there.
And I didn't do that to get it, you know, to do anything in politics.
I did that because it wasn't being told.
And this is exactly why we decided to do this film, because it's a massive, massive issue, like the human trafficking, like the stuff we've done before.
But there's never been a production about it.
And obviously it's because one of the main reasons is what you said about people who have come along and they'll get censored and producers will not allow them to go ahead.
But another reason a lot of filmmakers don't do this is because they don't win awards for doing it.
Look at the Oscars, look at Sundance, look at all the film awards that happen.
None of them go to films that would ever be sympathetic towards this.
The last one was Moonlight, which was a film about a gay Muslim and his lived experience in
We're good to go.
It's making people disappear.
It's what the Soviets did.
You know, if you walk down a corridor in the Soviet Union in the 1910s or in the 1800s, there's been all sorts of regimes where you'd walk down a corridor and you'd see all of the paintings and the portraits of all of the members of government.
Twenty years later, walk down the same corridor, the same paintings are there, but the faces have been blurred out.
You see this in the textbooks as well.
I don't know if you have any examples of this, but
The exact same thing is what's happening now, you know, with people becoming immediately unpersoned.
Gavin's face can't be shown on Instagram anymore.
Same with Tommy, same with you.
But whenever something like this happens in a society, whenever something crazy happens or massive, usually you'll, about a few months later to a few years later, you'll have a slew of high-profile, high-budget TV networks and mainstream movies make content about it.
This is the first time that hasn't really happened before.
And we just thought this is so important.
And there's a huge number of people who want to watch it as well.
I mean, there's a huge number of people who need to see it and who want to see it.
And unfortunately, in the UK and a lot of time in the US, outside of Infowars, the only people on the right who work in the media and who make movies use their phones, use little camera phones and things like that.
And that's fine, but it doesn't always get the message across to change culture.
When you don't have production value.
Production value is also an important thing.
So it'll be 3 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time.
So it'll be 3 p.m.
And then sort of across America, I think that's sort of 3, 4, 5.
So it'll basically be late afternoon across the whole of the U.S.
is when the film will be dropping on the 15th of May.
So you can pre-order it now.
You can pre-order to buy it.
You can pre-order to rent it.
And you'll get a notification as soon as it pops up.
And I want to be clear.
I want to be clear.
This is our real story.
This is people actually, and you do it very fairly, show both sides.
This is a real film about the attack on free speech.
People need to support this.
They need to go there.
They need to watch it.
We need to send it right to the top to let the system know that attacks on free speech won't be put up with.
We're going to come back and play some of these clips, but before we do that, take Laura Lemmer.
She was on last week.
And she's an individual activist.
She did some of the best work at Project Veritas infiltrating groups, which is scary to do.
I've done that myself.
And, you know, she was crying about being kicked off Uber and Uber Eats and being kicked off of bank accounts and being kicked off all the social media networks and being kicked off all these things.
And people made jokes like, oh, ha ha, you're kicked off these things.
The Young Turks get money from Gulf War dictatorships.
They make $100 million a year.
You know, I mean, I think even Sink makes that himself.
I mean, these are like rich sellouts that no one even watches.
And they make fun of a woman
Who gets arrested and beat up and does all these things.
I just think it's incredibly cowardly.
Because I smiled when she was crying on air out of uncomfortableness.
I wasn't making fun of her.
You know, Drudge ended up linking to the interview last week.
I wasn't making fun of Laura.
I was smiling because it was so shocking her crying and saying she was suicidal.
But, you know...
I mean, this is real.
And people that haven't been through this level of persecution, they don't know what it's like, so they shouldn't make jokes about it.
Well, Laura is a 25-year-old girl, basically, trying to tell the stories that she sees happening around her in America.
And she's been laughed at and ridiculed for talking about feeling genuinely suicidal and genuinely feeling like her life is totally over.
Laughed at by verified Twitter accounts, by journalists,
Who didn't get suspended.
One of them said that they would laugh if she was hanging from a tree outside Twitter headquarters.
And they didn't get suspended.
And she's depressed because I knew her six months ago, two years ago.
She kept thinking, oh, we'll fight this.
People will stand up.
She's shocked at how far they've gone.
She's shocked at how bullyish they are.
Oh yeah, and she knows exactly how all this works and even she didn't anticipate it.
And it's going to happen to loads more people like Laura and loads more people not like Laura either.
Far more liberal or far more towards the centre from Laura as well.
It's going to be happening to everybody.
But it was really heartbreaking what happened to her.
You know, if you're a journalist, Gavin said this in the documentary about halfway through, he said, if you're a journalist and someone hands you a typewriter and says, sorry, you don't have access to a computer anymore, but you can write out some of your reports on a typewriter now and, you know, you can hand them to people in the street.
You're not going to have a career as a journalist.
It's not going to work.
And the same thing's basically been forced into it for a long time.
Well, sure.
I watched the Young Turks, named after an anti-Christian genocide organization, funded by Qatar and Gulf War states.
And they just lick their lips and say, you're shut up now.
You're nobody.
And they laugh.
And they're so un-American.
They're so authoritarian.
And it's like, wow.
You really are dirtbags.
We'll be right back to play some of these clips with our guests.
The film, ladies and gentlemen.
is going to come out in a few days.
You can't watch this dot com.
CensoredMovie.com is where you download it or sign up to see it first.
It's an act of revolution to spread the word about this film.
We'll be back.
I'm Alex Jones.
Over the weekend, President Trump retweeted Paul Joseph Watson twice and defended him after Facebook banned him for being a dangerous individual.
He also retweeted Lauren Southern and a brief video by InfoWars' Millie Weaver showing her interviewing a bunch of black people who love President Trump.
As you can imagine, social media's hall monitor breaks down
Was not very happy about it.
A big move by Facebook, banning several accounts.
And now there's no blowback from the Commander-in-Chief.
President Trump's furious reaction to Facebook's action showcases that he is, I'm sorry to say, the InfoWars president.
He is promoting the same alternative universe as InfoWars and sharing videos from repugnant characters.
InfoWars, of course, is the web show website led by Rageaholics Alex Jones.
Back to your point though about the InfoWars presidency, I want to know, and I tweeted this the other day, what is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
You know, InfoWars might have been banned from Twitter, but it seems to have found a new home over at Trump's Twitter feed.
And while he's promoting and legitimizing this news organization, we should also talk about how he's trying to tear down credible sources for news.
The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN.
He was questioning why these news organizations have the ability to be on Twitter.
Why are they not banned?
While saying that the InfoWars should be reinstated.
It's nuts.
Well, CNN is the biggest purveyor of conspiracy theories and hatred in America, so if Facebook's gonna be fair, maybe you should be banned too.
I did make a mistake in last week's video talking about this latest purge when I said that news reports from CNN and other outlets came out a few minutes before they were actually banned.
It turns out that they came out an hour before they were banned.
Once again, CNN's Oliver Darcy was personally working with the tech companies to facilitate the ban, and had his article already written and ready to go for the moment that they were banned, but he made a mistake and published it an hour early.
Here he is admitting that he's also trying to determine whether or not Alex Jones uses WhatsApp, the text messaging application, which is also owned by Facebook, so he could get him banned over there too.
Now Facebook is going to be banning Alex Jones and InfoWars from not only their main platform, Facebook, but also from Instagram.
I checked in also to see if these people would be banned from WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook, and a spokesperson cannot say immediately because it's, I guess, unclear whether some of these people have WhatsApp accounts, according to the spokesperson.
All right, but we know you'll continue to check on it.
Oliver Darcy, good to see you.
Thank you.
Yes, thank you.
I also checked with Costco to see if they would be banning Alex Jones's membership because we wouldn't want someone like him to be able to eat, now would we?
Of course, CNN's Anna Navarro, the fake Republican commentator, is thrilled with the new censorship.
I have no issue with it at all.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
While Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, and others aren't allowed to have a Facebook page anymore because they're considered to be dangerous individuals, Facebook doesn't have a problem allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to have an official page, which has been designated a terrorist organization.
In multiple countries.
There are also people saying that they're having photos taken down off of their Instagram account for violating the community standards because those pictures include those individuals having met with some of the people who apparently you're not supposed to even show pictures of online anymore.
George Washington is rolling over in his grave at the treasonous activities being carried out by the American mainstream media and the big Silicon Valley tech titans.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
So, Turkish-run state media
It has its number one show called The Newsmakers.
We looked it up.
It is arguably the biggest show in Turkey, which is very influential.
The old heart of the Ottoman Empire, Constantinople, taken over by the Islamicists, now Istanbul.
And they said, oh, it's a 10-minute interview.
I go on there.
It is left as talking points right down the line.
And I told you, we taped it, the Skype perspective, for 30 minutes.
And I said, if they edit it or jack with it, I'll air ours.
If they're honorable, and actually it's on right now, it's on cable systems, TV, all over the world.
If they don't jack with it, then there's no really point to that.
I'll probably go through it and show the evidence of what I said, but that's going on right now.
Okay, going back.
To Filmmaker Kaelin Robinson.
Twitter at Kaelin Rob.
Look, I know you guys are great filmmakers, but I was very impressed three weeks ago, a month ago, when you guys sent me the private link to the film.
And then I know you were planning on a few weeks to have it out, but now you're rushing it out this Wednesday.
Less than 48 hours.
Why are you doing that?
Well, everything's heating up.
Everything is crazy right now.
Trump has just been talking about Laura Loomer.
Trump has been talking directly about you guys.
And people need to see this right now.
I mean, there's so much going on.
Michelle Malkin, I think her name is, from CRTV, she was banned on Facebook.
Yeah, she came out and defended us and got censored by Facebook.
Exactly, it's all happening right now and people need to see it as soon as possible and this is the reason we made the film is so that people can see it and people can see this perspective because right now they can't see your perspective, they can't see Michelle's perspective, they can't see Blumer or Gavin or Tommy Robinson or any of these people's perspective and this movie exactly tells those perspectives more than
More than anything else.
And it's not, you know, it's not a political film.
It's not an activist film.
It's a story that literally just tells the truth.
It tells your truth.
It tells Tommy truth.
It tells the truth of the people who have been wiped off the internet in the last few weeks.
And that's why it needs to be sped up.
Because right now, the only people who are telling these stories, the only people who are telling Tommy's story, or your story, are journalists on Twitter, are journalists on Facebook.
That's the key.
They don't just silence you.
They allow liars to say whatever they want.
Well, I endorse this film.
I haven't made a film in 10 years.
And you guys are great filmmakers, and I hope to work with you now.
I'm really impressed with what you've done, and I know you put a lot of money into this, and it isn't about money, but folks, this film, everybody needs to buy it or rent it.
You need to have viewing parties.
You need to share it.
This is the first group to, in the last year of censorship, that wasn't scared to do this, and I'm sure there'll be some punishment
I'm sure there'll be some retribution.
Who knows what it'll be, because you fairly look at it, and you even ask some serious questions of us, but that's what we're looking for.
We're real people.
I just hope that everyone, you know, doesn't have an 8-minute or 70-second or 12-second attention span, like the Democrats and Globalists hope you do.
I hope you remember this film's coming out 3 p.m.
You can't watch this.
It's the name of the film.
You can't watch this dot com.
You find it at censoredmovie.com.
We're good to go.
You know, HD cards, whatever, are all exploding again.
People are getting, you want to hold on to this.
So people can go download their own copy, save it how they want.
That's a key record of what's going on here.
Oh yeah, people are going straight back to that, and they should.
They should go straight back to it, because the internet could be totally different in five years.
All of it could be completely wiped, like the Soviet Union analogy, walking through the corridors.
The internet as it was two years ago doesn't look anything like it does now, and it's not going to look like that soon.
So, if you can get your hands on anything like that, especially, you know, this movie's going to have a DVD coming out very, very soon.
You'll be able to pre-order.
Oh, hold on.
Okay, see, like I said, I don't... There is a... Okay, good, a DVD.
Tell me about that.
So we're going to be putting together a DVD.
We're just finishing up the last finishing touches for that, specifically for the reason you just mentioned, which is that that will outlive any of this kind of censorship and it will bypass all of that.
Someone can't come into your house and take away a DVD from your bookshelf.
And that's exactly why they're making a comeback.
And that's exactly why we'll be doing that, because it's totally unstoppable.
And by the way,
I'm glad you mentioned that, because we briefly talked about it, I guess, Sunday or... We talked Sunday or Saturday.
It's all... When did we talk on the phone for, like, 30 minutes?
A few days ago.
Yeah, it was on the weekend.
And you're like, hey, DVDs are making a comeback, blah, blah.
I'm not just saying this.
It was our listeners on VHS in 1997.
I made America Destroyed by Design.
I said, please, our listeners are so good, they wouldn't copy it unless I said.
I sold 1,000 VHS the first month, and by the end of the year I'd sold like 50,000 VHS.
And that funded my equipment, everything.
I had like a $200 video camera.
I was editing on old three-quarter inch tape at night at a city library facility, literally by a crack house.
That money that came in, the few hundred thousand dollars, allowed us to upgrade, buy digital equipment, and launch everything we did.
And so as you said,
I'd walk in gas stations in New Mexico, or upstate New York, and there'd be, you know, in the early 2000s, a shrine of our films.
And people were making copies and giving them away at the gas station, you know, for a dollar, what it cost to burn it.
As soon as the censors come in, all we do is value that again.
We go back to DVD, we will circumnavigate their ass again.
Oh yeah, DVDs will outlive all of this.
As we said, DVDs are the most important thing to bypass censorship, because you absolutely can't stop that from happening.
This movie, although it's going to have a huge impact, loads of people are going to see it online.
I guarantee, at least in a couple of years' time, when the internet shifts forever, this will never be allowed.
Right now, it will be, because we're just on the cusp of 2020.
It'll be alright.
Just on the cusp.
But, a DVD would last a hundred years, so that would be the key way.
Well, here's an example.
My wife had never seen anyocracy.
This is two nights ago.
And she goes, I want to see it.
So we try to get on Netflix and can't find it.
Go to Amazon.
It's not downloading.
So I tear the house apart.
I go, I know I've got a copy.
I get in the attic.
I find it.
It's HD.
It's on our big screen in the bedroom.
She's like, God, this is so much clearer than Netflix.
Why don't we watch DVDs?
It's ours.
It isn't being surveilled that we're watching it.
And I watched the movie with her.
So again, folks, it's simple, it's revolutionary.
I want this film that actually... I guess you interviewed me like six, eight months ago, then again a few months ago, so it's not up to the current stuff, but it's all the same topic.
It's very powerful.
Please, go there.
Sign up.
Subscribe now to get it.
It'll be sent to you.
I want to hold you over though, I got to go, but I've got another guest host coming on, but I want to play clips from the film.
But to be specific, as you guys are the engineer tech guys, the great camera people and the great marketers, how does it work?
Because you can subscribe, you can go sign up and watch it once, or you can buy it and have it forever.
What happens when you go to CensoredMovie.com?
Because I want a hard copy of this right now.
So can I put it on my hard drive, my memory stick?
What do I do?
So right now it's hosted on Vimeo, so if you go to YouCan'tWatchThis.com, that shows you exactly how you can buy it on there, and then when you have a Vimeo account, you own that movie, you can watch it as many times as you want forever, and then very soon we'll be able to pre-order a DVD, and then as soon as they come into stock, that'll be shipped to you.
And you can also rent it, and then that lasts something like 48 hours, then you can watch that with whoever you want for then.
But once you pay for it, it's still yours.
There might be a way to still download it, I need to just double check that.
But it still belongs to you, you can still sign into your Vimeo account, and that will be there.
Well listen, this is your film.
But you remember all I asked for when I was in it, for no consideration, obviously I don't care, it's fine, I said I'd promote it, because I trust you guys, and I really trust you now to see the film, is that it somehow be free to air.
But you said you could put something on YouTube or Facebook, I guess it doesn't matter now because they probably won't let you put it out for free.
Well, we want to make sure that the message is absolutely free.
So the content of it, the message is absolutely free.
So right now, YouTube, I think it's just, you know, Paul's just put his segment up.
That's already got 50,000 views in 35 minutes.
So people are already seeing the message.
People are already seeing exactly what the core is about.
People are already seeing the arguments being pushed by it.
But to own a copy, if you go to Vimeo, then you can have something that you can tangibly own forever that they can't take away from you.
But the exclusive clips, all of the clips and all the on-air clips, all of that's being launched pretty much every day we're putting out.
We're putting out different bits of footage.
And you can find that on You Can Watch This.
Taylor, let me just say, do two more segments with us and then we're going to have Gerald Cilente take over.
But I'm impressed with what you've done.
And I've seen the film.
I mean, you say you made a few changes.
What were the changes?
So we just extended certain bits.
So when, so for example, when Tommy was talking about the future, he was predicting that his Facebook would be taken away and that his Twitter, his YouTube would be taken away forever.
We extended those bits.
We went into the arguments a little bit more.
So it really went into detail about exactly what's going to happen.
And we did that because it came true.
This movie has the last ever interview Tommy did before he was banned on Facebook.
You can see in the movie he's holding his phone.
While he's live on that phone, that's his last ever live stream on camera that you can see.
So it's absolutely crazy.
It's got so many moments like that that'll be pulled out just because they're so valuable now.
There's no other footage, there's no other interview with Tommy before that period.
So that's something we really wanted to focus on and to pull out a little bit in the movie.
So you'll see that as well, which is priceless.
Well, Kalyn Robertson, I'm just honored that you and George put me in the film, and I'm really honored to promote it because I just know as I'm being silenced, my audience knows who I am and I love them to death, but people outside of this, they literally think I'm a Nazi.
And I'm just glad there's a film that'll speak for what I believe in.
Facebook and Instagram banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
I am now completely banned.
Now, InfoWars, of course, is that web show and website led by rageaholic Alex Jones.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
These are very extreme individuals and no matter what anyone tells you, they are extremists and that's why Facebook decided to get rid of them.
Basically, they've deemed these individuals to be dangerous, is what Facebook is saying.
Those individuals include people like right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Organizations like Media Matters have pointed out consistently how Alex Jones and other InfoWars pages had just simply circumvented any ban by starting a different account or going on Instagram.
If you don't like someone on Facebook, don't follow them.
It's not that hard to figure out.
Facebook, are you going to do something about the liberals who call me the n-word?
No, because Big Tech is only interested in going after conservatives.
You know, the really dangerous ones.
Dangerous as in saying things that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like.
President Trump retweeted Paul Joseph Watson twice.
And a brief video by InfoWars' Millie Weaver.
Social media's hall monitor, Brian Stelter, was not very happy about it.
He is promoting the same alternative universe as InfoWars.
Back to your point, though, about the InfoWars presidency.
I want to know, and I tweeted this the other day, what is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
InfoWars content is useful to him.
InfoWars personalities align with him.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down!
I want them silenced!
I want them muted!
Don't worry.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
The preacher man says it's the end of time.
And the Mississippi River, she's a-goin' dry.
And the stock market's down, you're gonna get robbed if you go downtown.
A woman and the kids and the dogs and me.
A woman and the kids and the dogs and me.
You know how high you get out in the woods with your woman, your kids, your dogs?
You know how happy you are?
You never want to come home.
So Thomas Jefferson talked about the yeoman farmers.
Ain't too many things these old boys can do.
God, the old boys I knew.
You think I feel strong when I go out in public?
I don't see anybody like those men I knew when I was a kid.
My God, I'd go to those square dances.
I'd go to those events.
Those men were strong.
Those men were powerful.
They weren't posing.
They weren't fake.
Yeah, sure.
They'd done some things.
They were men.
They were hardworking Americans.
It's watching the death of the West.
It's so painful.
The hope.
I used to have an old friend in New York City.
Never call my name just Hillbilly.
This last part will go to our guest.
My grandpa taught me how to live off the land.
And his taught him to be a businessman.
You know, little secrets in that song.
Living off the land doesn't mean farming.
He used to send me pictures of the Broadway nights.
It means running banks, running women, running factories and killing people.
That's what living off the land means.
See, you can knock the South and what's left of it, but people were taught how to kill folks.
And how to stand up.
That's not taught in the North.
They think it's a few Italians that know how to do that because they did it back in Italy.
The Mafia couldn't operate in the South because you got your ass killed.
Because you can't starve us out.
You can't make us run.
And you can't make us run, because these boys was raised on shotguns.
We'll do one more segment, Kaelin.
I appreciate you while I'm ranting here today.
And I want to get into this film.
I really want this to be a big film.
I really want, more than ever, it's so like a man in the desert wanting the truth to get out.
You guys have really delivered something special, and I salute you.
And everybody needs to tell everybody they know right now to see the forbidden film, to see what they're not supposed to see, and to get this out.
You can't watch this.com.
What do you want to add about seeing this film?
Well, loads of people are going to see this, just as you said.
When people see the humanity as well and the way that we're told the stories of Gavin and you and Tommy, then they'll start telling people about it.
And you'll hear about it from a lot of people because it's really emotional.
I mean, you're getting emotional with this song now.
That's how this film is as well.
You know, there's scenes where Gavin talks.
Like you'll have never, ever heard him before.
There's Tommy talking about, for the first time, having to relocate his young daughters and his wife out of the UK to leave the country forever.
And by the way, that's not hype.
I'm not bragging.
He even thanked me on air last week.
He was basket case suicidal and I got him to not stop.
And I'm not even bragging.
That guy was ready to quit.
Oh yeah, and there's so many themes like that in the film as well, which have never been seen before in the right, which have never been seen before on this side.
Proper stories of people who are fighting for what they believe.
Kaelin Robertson, you knocked it out of the park.
We're back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
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Oh, I mean, there's thousands of songs in there and the crew is just playing Keith Whitley right now.
Please don't do that.
Please don't do that.
But darling just once.
And the globalists think we're weak because we have emotion and we care.
No, they're... They're dead.
What is this cheesy music?
Cheesy video you're playing?
You gotta stop it.
Don't close your eyes.
Don't close your eyes.
Let it be me.
Don't close your eyes.
Let it be me.
That's good stuff right there.
I love...
Good old Kentucky music, Texas music, Tennessee music, Alabama, Georgia music, Leonard Skinner, Florida music.
But God, can you imagine if this guy hadn't died?
All his songs are so good.
All right, I appreciate Kalen Robertson joining us today with the great work he's doing.
YouCan'tWatchThis.com is the name of the main site about the film.
CensoredMovie.com is what you've put out where people can go and get ready to watch this in less than 48 hours.
I got a few clips I want to play and I appreciate you holding while I babble.
We're good to go.
Well, you made a lot of the big films that are good as well.
I think this is your best.
I'm just saying.
I've seen your ones in South Africa and I watched four or five of them.
They're all really well done.
I think this is your best and all the interviews you got, but plus the timing and the risk you're taking.
And it's not about making you, we don't have to tell folks right now we're all taking risk.
The fact that, you know, you're doing what no one else would do, actually talking to the forbidden devils.
Yeah, thank you so much.
I mean, this film is going to be really big.
I've just got a message from Mike Cernovich then, who's just been given a link just before it comes out, and he said it's incredible as well, and they've done Hoaxed and loads of films like that.
The feedback from, you know, right-wing journalists as well who are going to be writing cover reviews has been really, really positive.
People are just blown away.
They've never seen people on our side in that way before.
They've never seen it, and they've never seen
Compassion as well on the right portrayed in this way as well.
It's always people mudslinging.
It's always the left laughing at them or it's always them just you know trying to fight back.
This is the most somber look at the right that's probably ever been made and it's and it's no you're right it's it's it's a really really good film and people are going to be blown away by it.
This is you know we don't have to spend you know hundreds of millions of dollars on on marketing it and blowing it up because people are going to watch it and they're going to say
I have to show my mother this.
I have to show my sister this.
People have to understand what's really going on because for years, one particular narrative has been pushed.
And also, if you want to look at how to change culture, documentaries are the way to change culture more than anything else.
Look at what Blackfish did to the sea life industry.
Look at what Supersize Me did to the fast food industry.
Look at what Michael Moore did
To the Democrat Party on the left, I mean, the documentaries are at the front line of changing culture and public opinion and actually changing how society thinks about things.
And that's why this is so important.
And this film will contribute to that.
More than so many different forms of text and of media, this
We're good to go.
At a human level.
And it is so powerful when you see Gavin talking so openly, when you see Tommy talking about things which he has never spoken about in front of a camera before.
And the same with Laura Loomer and the same with you.
Some of the things you've said were where I was shocked sitting behind the camera thinking, oh my gosh, you know, I wonder
I can't wait for the world to see this, and that's what's going to be so crazy.
Well, Kaelin, in the time we've got here, and I can keep you all day, and I gotta go, and Gerald's Monday's coming up, I appreciate him holding.
When you told me, was it a year ago?
How long was it you came and visited and pitched me this film?
And I had you on the show, was that eight, ten months ago?
How long ago was that?
Oh, well, we filmed your interview this year.
This isn't an old film.
No, no, no, no, no.
You had an interview just a few months ago, but when you first came and pitched me this film idea, and you said, will you be in our film, how long ago was that?
Oh, that was December.
That was only six months ago.
That seems like a million years ago.