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Air Date: May 1, 2019
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In the Alex Jones Show segment, Jones discusses the importance of self-defense in today's political climate, promoting various products available on Infowars Store. Mike Adams from CWC Labs compares water filters' efficiency and cost-effectiveness, with the Alexa Pure filter coming out on top. They also touch upon geoengineering, aluminum's effects on brain function and kidney function, and detoxifying the body of toxins through research and patents. Jones criticizes deep state actions, media endorsements for violent content, and credibility issues of major news outlets like CNN and The New York Times. He discusses vaccine fraud, proper nutrition, and sleep for preventing infectious diseases. Finally, he promotes InfoWars Life Protein Bars and fish oil as sources of energy and health benefits while criticizing media for pushing hatred as part of an agenda to eliminate humankind.

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Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, there's this unprecedented circus.
It's been going for the last three hours on Capitol Hill with Attorney General Barr's testimony.
And the left thought that he was their god, that Mueller was their god, but when they came up empty, they're now having complete meltdowns.
We've got all the highlights for you.
David Knight did a great job earlier carrying it live and also during breaks going to the different highlights of it.
But I thought we'd just start out now into the next segment with his opening statement and some of the fireworks of the left flipping out.
So here it is.
Again, they're in recess right now, but this was earlier this morning.
Gotta swear you in?
You do solemnly swear that the testimony you're about to give this committee is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, except for God.
Sorry about that.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman and Ranking Member Feinstein, members of the committee.
During my confirmation process, there were two concerns that dominated, as I think you will all agree.
The first was whether I would in any way impede or curtail Special Counsel Mueller's investigation.
And the second, whether I would make public his final report.
As you see, Bob Mueller was allowed to complete his work as he saw fit.
And as for the report, even though the applicable regulations require that the report is to be made to the AG and is to remain confidential and not be made public, I told this committee that I intended to exercise whatever discretion I had to make as much of the report available to the public and to congressional leaders as I could, consistent with the law.
This has been done.
I arrived at the department on February 14th.
And shortly thereafter, I asked it to be communicated to Bob Mueller's team that in preparing the report, we requested that they make it so we could readily identify 6E material, so we could quickly process the report.
Did you tell the public what 6E is?
6E is grand jury material that cannot be made public.
It's prohibited by statute.
And I wanted that identified so we could redact that material and prepare the report for public release as quickly as we could.
When I arrived at the department, I found, and was eventually briefed in on the investigation, I found that the Deputy Attorney General and his Principal Associate Deputy, Ed O'Callaghan, were in regular discussions with the Counsel's Office, had been, and they communicated this request.
And had discussions about both the timing of the report and the nature of the report.
On March 5th, I met with Bob at the suggestion of the Deputy and the Principal Associate Deputy, Bob Mueller.
I met with Bob Mueller to get a readout on what his conclusions would be.
On March 25th,
And at that meeting, I asked, I reiterated to Special Counsel Mueller that in order to have the shortest possible time before I was in a position to release the report, I asked that they identify 6E material.
When I received the report on March 22nd,
And we were hoping to have that easily identified, the 6E material.
Unfortunately, it did not come in that form.
And it quickly became apparent that it would take about three or four weeks to identify that material and other material that had to be redacted.
So there was necessarily going to be a gap between the receipt of the report and getting the full report out publicly.
The deputy and I identified four categories of information that we believe required redaction.
I think you all know of them, but they were the grand jury... We'll be back with the Democrat fireworks.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
It's May Day.
I think Commie Day.
Stay with us.
The most banned network in the world.
Tom in Texas, police officer on the border.
Talks about MS-13 and more.
Thanks for calling, Tom.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for taking my call.
Just want to thank you for your products.
I have the InfoWard decals on the outside of my cell phone case, my truck, sport, the shirts, all the equipment.
I find it's the best way to get your word out.
God bless you, brother.
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You're our only hope, brother.
I'm telling you, you're more important than I am.
It's people like you on the ground, as you know, that's boots on the ground.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're live broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We've got all the highlights of the explosive first half of the Bob Barr fiasco that's going on right now.
We've got those coming up for you.
We've got Ted Nugent joining us to chime in on what's unfolding, and his new album just dropped.
And we're going to also have the gentleman on
That's the point with Brandon who was out in California when the Antifa attacked him and he fought back and kicked six or seven of their asses and then the police arrested the Antifa.
So he's going to be joining us.
We're also going to have Mike Adams of CounterThink in studio with me in the third hour.
And that's where we're going to have a lot of the highlights and of course the hearing is going to continue.
They are in recess now and these are some wild attacks by the Democrats that we're going to be playing.
I was at home this morning hanging out with my children but also doing research and then exercising while I watched the David Knight Show.
I probably watched two hours of it this morning off and on and he had live coverage of it and it was just crazy to see them twist in the wind and freak out and then imply that
Bars covering all this up.
I cannot believe that...
We're not moving against the Democrats stronger when they're in bed with the Chi-Coms, the Russians, and everybody else.
They openly hate the country.
They're openly trying to get rid of the nation.
They're openly demonizing the country.
And then they're the ones that have been caught trying to overthrow an election.
And then they've got the nerve to sit there and take the Mueller report that's a whitewash covering up their crimes and then turn it around as if it's the word of God.
And so because Mueller said he couldn't prove obstruction, but that doesn't mean it didn't exist, now Barr is supposedly corrupt and Satan.
Barr was brought in because he came from a more serious time, and he was involved in some serious scandals, Iran-Contra and things like that, obviously, overseeing some of the cleanup of it.
But at the same time, he doesn't want the country to collapse and go into a violent civil war.
And that's really what's been happening here.
That's really what's unfolding.
That's really what the deep state crazies are pushing for.
And Trump has them with all of the intercepts and all of the documents and all of the coding and all of the evidence of their attempt in a coup.
And he's loaded for bear with a big cannon pointed right at their head politically.
And the Democrats are so driven by chutzpah, and by bravado, and by their out-of-control aplomb, and their hubris, that they just can't stop.
They're openly flooding the border.
It's open.
I even saw a big report out today on Drudge.
Top scientific facilities, medical facilities are coming out, saying, we have millions of people pouring in, hundreds of thousands have diseases.
This has never been done in history.
It's totally insane.
The Border Patrol is being told to release people that have smallpox, that have bubonic plague.
I mean, it's actually in the report.
In fact, I should have just led the whole show with that.
But that's what's driving me crazy.
Is that I can't even keep track of this anymore because this is a war.
This is the attempted takedown of the nation, and we're this country that's into entertainment and having fun, and there's a thousand shows on Netflix, and people can't take it serious in our own government and the general public how much damn danger we're in.
We had CHICOM funded and supported, Hollywood-driven, anti-American coalition try to create a race war in this country.
They're still doing it.
They're trying to destroy the borders completely.
They've got Ilhan Omar and AOC and all the usual suspects foaming at the mouth with anti-white rhetoric.
You have got just insane garbage everywhere unfolding.
You've got the government funding radical Islam trying to collapse Europe.
That is the global government.
This is crazy!
It has to stop.
The globalists have taken our acquiescence as weakness.
They have taken how far they were able to go as the green light to go absolutely wild and take over civilization.
That's what they've done.
And we're being usurped.
By a bunch of ruthless megacorporations that sit offshore and then hire and organize the dumbest, most traitorous scum they can find to bumrush this nation.
And as I told you, MS-13 and the drug cartels are openly working with the Democratic Party.
They're shipping in the narcotics.
They're running the sex slavery.
They're running the pedophilia.
They're running the child porn.
They are planning to decapitate loyal law enforcement and members of Congress when the order goes out.
Antifa is being called a good organization on MSNBC and CNN.
It's being praised by people like Cuomo.
Remember when Cuomo said that if your daughter in middle school doesn't want to see a man who says he's a woman and doesn't want to see his genitals, that she's a hate monger and you're a bad person?
That's right.
The 30-year-old man wants to say he's a woman and come in the shower with your daughter Cuomo says it's okay.
And now, let's cue it up to that, and now he's come out
And said, Antifa is a good cause.
A bunch of dirty meth-head professors and government employees who want to LARP, who want to go out in the real world and hit women in the head with bike locks and stab people and run around in their fetid cities like San Francisco and Portland and pull down their pants and crap all over the ground.
It's not just the homeless that crap all over the ground.
I've shown you newscasts that in Portland, liberal men take it as a sacrament to
Crap all over the streets and make you walk through it.
Because they're arrested development.
They're demon possessed.
And guess what?
Your children belong to them.
They believe.
And they are gonna tell you, like... The exorcist would tell you that you're going to hell, and your parents are going to hell, and your children are going to hell, and they're gonna feast on your children's flesh, and there's nothing you're gonna do about it.
And they're gonna kill your babies after they're born, and they're gonna keep them alive, and they're gonna torture them, and you're gonna love it!
Because you're in a coma!
Because you're not awake!
Because you've been put into a trance!
So these vampires can feed on you, and you look at the little chicken-neck, little apple-headed, uh, pear-headed Nadler, and all these weak people, all these grasping, fallen, satanic people, feeding on our blood, loving it, and no one's standing against them!
Let's go ahead and go to this report.
Here's Cuomo that says your daughter will be in showers with men's giant genitals.
Now he says Antifa is good, and America sucks.
Like his brother said, America was never great, it'll never be great.
And Cuomo can drink and drive and do hit and runs, and he's above the law!
He is your god!
He is your king!
Here he is!
He said two things, okay?
And I do want people to remember, he wasn't on this correction campaign back then.
He had plenty of opportunities to do it.
He didn't.
He said two things.
One, there's blame on both sides for the violence.
Now Steve, you can talk Alt-Left all day long, and that's fine with me.
I have no problem with it.
People who are rogue actors and criminals deserve the harsh treatment of the law.
But whether you want to talk about Antifa, or Black Lives Matter, or any of the groups that assembled that day to fight against Neo-Nazis, you make a moral equivalent between those two actions, you're making a mistake in America.
Well, they really don't want Charlottesville investigated.
That's why we're putting P.I.s on it and everything else, because they did have a bunch of actors there.
Most of those Nazis are Democrat operatives.
And we know it.
We actually know some of the names.
We've gotten some of the contracts now, how they were paid through a company.
So that's all going to be coming out.
Oh yeah, it's all going to be coming out.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Totally staged.
I'm not saying the woman didn't die.
I'm not saying an individual there killed her.
Other than the guy that ran over her, or ran into her.
The fact is, they created the climate for it to unfold.
And we're figuring out what's going on now.
That's why they're coming after us, is they don't want us messing up the next events they stage.
Well, guess what?
They can't stop Infowars, and they can't stop you.
And they sure as hell
Cannot stop you going out to these events with cameras and documenting, and hell, even dressing up like Antifa and infiltrating them.
Now, you've got to have really, really, really white-green skin.
You've got to say you love Satan.
You may have to poop on the ground as initiation.
I'm serious.
But that's how they mark your territory.
But even if it means you've got to do a rail of, you know, methamphetamine with them, you get into these professors, and I'm telling you, they'll be showing you child porn and everything.
They are criminals.
We must smash them politically.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I'm going to be playing some of the highlights of the Democrats and others flipping out on William Barb, who saw the evidence of the crimes committed by Obama, Hillary, and the deep state against Trump, and basically called Muller in, who was unable to ever find anything on the Republican or on the Patriot side, on the Trump side, and said, dude, this is all illegal.
You're lucky you're not going to jail.
I'm gonna get you out of this.
That's what Barr is, is a cleanup guy.
And he's not cleaning up Donald Trump's dirty diapers, folks.
Donald Trump's potty trained.
Donald Trump doesn't crap all over America.
He's been crapping all over the Russians and the Chinese and everybody, cutting off their gas deals, sabotaging their operations for you.
For you.
And the globalists, he's been brutal, by the way.
Oh, but the globalists have all these traitors that tell you they hate America, and that America sucks, and that George Washington sucks, and the American flag sucks, and our military sucks, and we suck, and we were never great, and we'll never be great, and then the very damn traitors that tell you they hate you and your family, and hate Christianity,
Oh, we're gonna save America from Alex Jones and the Patriots and Donald Trump!
Oh, save me, Michael Moore, from the Russians!
No one believes it because it's pure crap!
Mueller couldn't believe it in two and a half years.
It was even longer than that.
That they couldn't find one American to take money from the Russians.
And it wasn't the Russians.
It was the Deep State.
It's all come out.
They couldn't get one person in Trump's, not even immediate orbit, but way out at Pluto.
Way out past the Kuiper Belt.
They couldn't get one person from our camp to be a damn traitor!
They're all the traitors, and they know it, and I'm trying not to drop a GD here, but you know this is the time to drop one, because these people are damned to hell.
That's not, I'll take the Lord's name in vain.
These people are the worst of the worst.
I'm gonna settle down and go to this club, but my God!
They've been caught doing everything!
Again, it's like the police pull up to a robbery at a bank at high noon and they catch the robbers in the vault with bags of money in their hands and people tied up.
You're going to prison, man!
It's done!
But instead, I've got to watch the guilty stand up there and say, I'm guilty.
And our reporters are all over this country.
People run up and go, ask you, Alex Jones is going to prison.
He's a Russian agent.
You ought to see these new clips that are up on Infowars.com that Millie Weaver and others got.
Man, it's scary what the Democrats have produced.
Kaitlin Bennett, the video's on Infowars.com.
It's gone viral.
Millions of views.
Happened yesterday.
They come up and they say, you're not allowed to interview people here.
No free speech.
And the police come.
And then the liberals do victory dances and actually pose and beat their chest.
It's crazy.
This country's in a lot of trouble, folks.
These people are dangerous.
They're authoritarians.
And they're stealing your birthright right now, ladies and gentlemen.
And they've been caught.
So what are we going to do?
Every day that these people aren't indicted, this country inches towards total open bloody war.
Not cold war, not just a soft civil war, but the real deal.
That's their goal!
And then they're going to blame us for it!
Here's Bob Barb saying the media created confusion over the Mueller report.
Yeah, on purpose.
Here it is.
We released that, I offered Bob Mueller the opportunity to review that letter before it went out and he declined.
On Thursday morning, I received, it probably was received at the department Wednesday night or evening, but on Thursday morning I received a letter from Bob, the letter that's just been put into the record.
And I called Bob and said, what's the issue here?
And I asked him if he was suggesting that the March 24th letter was inaccurate.
And he said no, but that the press reporting had been inaccurate.
And that the press was reading too much into it.
And I asked him, you know, specifically what his concern was.
And he said that his concern focused on his explanation of why he did not reach a conclusion on obstruction.
And he wanted more put out on that issue.
Uh, he wanted, uh, he argued for putting out summaries, uh, of each volume, the executive summaries, uh, that had been written by his office.
Uh, and if not that, then other material that focused on the issue of why he didn't reach the obstruction question.
But he was very clear with me that he was not suggesting that, uh, we had misrepresented his report.
I told Bob that I was not interested in putting out summaries, and I wasn't going to put out the report piecemeal.
I wanted to get the whole report out, and I thought summaries, by very definition, regardless of who prepared them, would be under-inclusive, and we'd have sort of a series of different debates and public discord over each tranche of information that went out, and I wanted to get everything out at once, and we should start working on that.
That is so bombshell.
Let me translate that.
I'm sure you all caught it.
Mueller didn't want the full report released because it showed all the criminal activity they carried out.
They wanted made-up summaries.
I told you a month ago, I said the Democrats are acting like they want the whole report.
They don't want the whole report.
They know it shows the evidence of their crimes and their setups.
That's what's all blacked out.
You can tell by what's in there.
I've been living this, folks.
I know.
Think about that.
Think about that.
And he said, no, we're not going to let the media take each piece of this and put out this info by it not being public.
You know, I've learned that about non-disclosures.
Because obviously, anybody that's worked here gets approached and offered money to lie about us and say incredible things.
But most people that have worked here refuse, you know, to take the money.
And now we've recorded some folks offering the money and things like that that'll be coming out soon.
You learn, like, a nondisclosure becomes something for people to make up things behind it.
Oh, I could tell you how Alex is raping purple unicorns in the basement with the Easter Bunny, but, you know, I have a nondisclosure.
It's the same thing.
Oh, you're hiding the report.
Release it.
Trump's like, yeah, release the whole thing.
They're like, well, in the national security, you better not do that.
Because it shows all them trying to set people up and how it failed.
I have personally
Experience this, my friends.
So just, again, we've got Ted Nugent coming up.
More clips as well.
Please don't forget, we are only listener-supported and empowered.
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We're good to go.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
It's May Day.
That's the big commie socialist celebration day.
Looks like Venezuela may completely fall.
The communist parasitic government may be removed, maybe even today.
Wouldn't that be poetic justice?
Armored vehicles running over innocent people, machine gunning the disarmed population.
I have a crazy clip where even MSNBC tells the truth and says if they had an armed population, Maduro would not be in power.
The guy's a dictator.
Who is that I'm listening to?
Is that Ted Nugent?
He's joining us right now.
I really appreciate him coming on.
His new album's out.
Music Made Me Do.
We'll play some clips of that.
But I wanted to go to Antifa up front with him and just talk about the Second Amendment, the NRA, and so much more.
FBI report came out, and of course, you know, Ted's hooked into law enforcement.
He probably already knows this, but came out Sunday.
Got almost no national attention, though.
FBI national alert.
Antifa activists schemed with drug cartels.
MS-13, you name it, just staged armed rebellion to kill federal officers.
They've gone inside the groups doing this, but it doesn't matter.
Chris Cuomo, whose brother says America was never great and will never be great, Chris Cuomo, he says that Antifa is a good cause.
This is a group that is for violence, is for attacking people, is for shutting down free speech.
They've aimed guns at our reporters.
They are a criminal organization that praises killing innocent police.
Ted Nugent, thank you so much for joining us, my friend.
That's the hopeless cry of a ship about to go down, but I'm here to tell you, Alex, I know all those points you're bringing up are critical.
We have to dissect them to get to the bottom of them, rectify them, remedy them, and we the people are hardcore doing that.
We thank you for, you know, leading the charge, but may I, if I may, may the old guitar player bring a more beautiful
Peaceful May 1st, 2019 to the Alex Jones Show.
Please do it!
Yes, there is chaos.
It is planet of the cuckoo's nest apes out there.
Right is wrong, wrong is right, up is down, down is up, good is bad, bad is good.
But let me tell you, and I know I always do this, but I think it's very important, especially for you, my friend.
You need to, you need, I'm like Mother Teresa with a glock.
I'm here to cleanse your soul.
No, I hear you.
I'm really pissed off today.
And as a warrior, as a constitutional free American, we the people, Hellraiser, which we all have an obligation to do, and I salute you every time for doing that, we also must listen to the greatest philosopher of all times, and that was Dirty Harry, when he said, a good man has to know his limitations.
Alex, you're on the phone with, right now, and sharing the words of the author of Stranglehold and Wango Tango, that I am in this fight
Every day for at least 50 years.
I'm 70 now and I started counter-punching
The political correctness opening volley back in the 1960s, Alex, when... You were the Paul Revere.
You were the first to raise the alarm.
I was attacked for carrying a gun, believing in self-defense, promoting self-defense, and murdering innocent animals.
I guess somebody missed the barbecue alert.
So I have been in the crosshairs of the left, and, you know, they attack you, they attack Donald Trump, they attack anybody who they're afraid of, but
Can you believe the depth of vulgarity and obscenity that the left levels at me?
The things they say about me!
If my children weren't already nutrient-fortified for truth, logic, and common sense, it would break our hearts because the media is the devil.
And of course, only the guilty need to feel guilty.
But the nasty, rotten, hateful lies they level at me and my family, we brush it off like personal hygiene off of Michael Moore.
We go into battle anyway, so let me just emphasize that you give the world the best you got.
And you get kicked in the teeth.
Alex Jones and everybody who believes in America, give the world the best you got anyway, so you can bring up any of these contentious, insane issues, and the hate, and the lies, and the corruption, and the abuse of power, and the criminality, media, academia, our government.
God, it breaks my heart.
But Alex, I am so cocked, locked, and ready to rock the glock, doc, that if they mess with me, I have historically delivered every time that when they attempt to debate truth, logic, and common sense with Ted Nugent, I eat their family tree and I spit sawdust in their face.
Well, let's talk about that.
Let's talk about that because you look at AOC, you look at Ilhan Omar, you look at all these America haters literally trying to invoke racial and religious war.
It's not working.
And as you said, though, those that are dumbed down are getting dumber.
Those that are awake are getting more awake.
And I think we are really starting to win the culture war in many ways, not just here, but all over the world.
But they are just getting crazier and wilder and more violent and more insane.
And I'm just wondering where you think this is going.
Well, it's not pretty, but I've been in hand-to-hand combat with this culture war all my adult life, and there were junctures where I was genuinely frightened by the direction, obviously, what Bill Clinton did, what certainly the worst of the worst, when Barack Obama took the helm and started the suicidal nosedive against the Constitution and freedom and individuality and rugged individualism as entrepreneurship.
But I'll tell you where it's going.
If you and I could donate to a cause to get AOC to talk more, to get Saul Warehouse to talk more openly, to get Adam Schiff to talk more openly, to spotlight the cockroaches and the top authority figures like James Comey and Brennan,
And these people who literally ran America, now they've been exposed for liars and haters, and here's the clincher, they violate their oath to the Constitution every day when they wake up, and American hard-working families are going, are you kidding me?
You believe in killing a baby even after it's born?
You believe in using the American government to confiscate guns?
You actually believe that there's free
You actually want to turn San Francisco into the feces needle epicenter of Earth and you're proud of it?
So it's like you and I went to Central Casting and we said, how could we get the most obnoxious offenses, stinky punk, to represent the enemy and they gave us
Nancy Pelosi and Michael Moore.
We should be grateful that the left is so emboldened that they're that stupid to think that there's that many dumbed-down Americans and we are going to kick their worthless ass in 2020.
Mark my words.
I totally agree with you, but it's like you're saying.
You go out, you see these people, I go out.
We're not trying to exaggerate to make them look bad.
They're so horrible on average now.
And so stupid, and so hateful.
I've got a lot of liberal friends.
Most of them I've already fixed, but some of them are still too stoned to get it.
So they don't believe in secure borders.
Alex, that has been the ruination of every culture.
They actually believe that you can get free stuff, that nobody has to pay for stuff.
College tuition and a guaranteed income.
You don't think that that might disincentivize people
Hold on, Uncle Ted.
Stay there.
We're going to break.
I want to walk through borders.
I want to walk through free stuff.
And where this goes every time, what people don't get is if you're bordering even a nice country...
And you don't have a border.
Criminals set up and jump back and forth, you know, in the systems.
But if you've got a corrupt country or a bad country, it will collapse you if you don't have a border.
And 100%, we are being collapsed by design.
I think the Democrats know what they're doing.
They want to bring the country down.
They want to loot it.
The average kind of dumbed-down liberal just goes into it because of peer pressure.
I agree with you, but I think the left has converted most liberals into actually just being pirates.
I think you might be right, but I'll give you a word from the not-so-mean streets of America right fresh from the National Rifle Association Convention in Indianapolis, and my spirit soars on high.
I totally agree with you on that.
I want to get into your new record.
I want to get into Trump and some of the other issues you see unfolding when we come back.
But just briefly, NRA shakeup.
Obviously, you're part of the NRA board.
You're involved in that.
I'm just trying to stay out of it.
But the NRA is strong, right?
NRA is strong.
We are on course.
We believe in the right to keep and bear arms and to crush anybody that gets in the way.
If you're not a member of the National Rightful Association, Nancy Pelosi would like to thank you.
All right, we're going to come right back with Ted Nugent.
And by the way, folks, a lot of people say, oh, the NRA's not hardcore enough.
It's Ted Nugent that got them back on the straight and narrow about 10 years ago.
And thanks to great groups out there like Gunners of America.
But regardless, the NRA, thank God for the NRA, ladies and gentlemen.
We keep them honest, though.
We keep each other honest.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
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Those are the censored sites.
The globalists are hammering humanity with bad halogens, fluoride being chief amongst them.
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We are the resistance.
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There are a lot of people out there that say they're on the front lines of the fight for liberty.
And some are.
But I'm not doing this to be famous.
I'm doing this because it was the right thing to do.
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I just went to D.C.
and bullhorned the president while Jack Dorsey was inside, lying, saying they don't censor conservatives.
Ilhan Omar is calling for Trump to be banned, for God's sakes.
And we were in D.C.
doing dozens of major interviews and really affecting change and getting the president to go after the deep state with criminal charges, which you heard about years ago.
And now the president's finally getting ready to do it.
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We are effective because we tell the truth.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The music made me do it!
Popped, locked, and ready to rock at TedNugent.com.
70 years old!
And I gotta tell you, meeting him in person, he's an intimidating guy.
He's not trying to act tough, he's just like, this is a red-blooded American right here, he's on fire for freedom!
And then I go, his wife's amazing as well,
Then you go out to a leftist event and they look like somebody sucked their soul out.
Like it's Day of the Dead.
And I don't say that like I'm having pleasure that they're so pathetic and so stupid.
And they just chirp lies.
Chirp lies.
And I'm glad Ted brings this up a lot.
Because if you haven't been famous and a conservative or a nationalist, you've never experienced the lying when you know the truth.
They do NPR pieces and ABC News pieces and CNN pieces where none of it's true.
Because you tune into these things, you think, well, something's got to be true in it, right?
Like, half of it's a lie.
All lies.
Insane lies.
I mean, we had reporters in Rutgers and other areas, and people walk over and go, Alex Jones killed children.
Alex Jones is a pedophile.
I mean, just made up.
But this is what Democrats do.
They believe all of this.
So it's just important to understand.
They've gone to seed.
They're rotting.
They're falling apart.
Ted Nugent, the new album is out.
Most folks, their first album is the best or their third album, but by album 20-something, they're not good anymore.
If you listen to Ted Nugent music, it just gets better and better and better.
And to watch him play the Star-Spangled Banner in his living room, there's nothing like it when you're sitting three feet away.
Tell us about the new album a little bit before we get back into what's happening currently, Ted.
Well, I had a bumper crop of goosebumps this year, and I'm willing to give them away free.
You know, I'm so lucky, Alex.
I am 70 years old, but it's important to note, and I tell this everywhere I go because I'm from the crazy world of rock and roll where I have to step over all these dead bodies because they were trying to be hip and go to a party that included, you know, drooling, puking, stumbling, and dying because they wanted to get high and be comfortably numb.
To that I say, kiss my royal high-energy ass, and I tell everybody I go and speak with or share campfires with that I've been clean and sober for 70 years.
No drugs, no alcohol.
Well, I do chew on an occasional Cuban when I shoot my machine gun, but I don't think I inhale.
Is that I really am alive.
I'm 70 years engaged in my absolute moral, intellectual, and I believe spiritual obligation to perform my duties in participation in this sacred self-experiment and self-government.
I'm a we the people.
Even guitar players are we the people.
So when I surround myself with the best of the best, you just get music that has a life of its own.
The new record is called The Music Made Me Do It because the music makes me do it.
And I've got Jason Hartless, this 23-year-old animal on drums from Detroit, carrying on that incredible Motown firestorm of music, and Greg Smith, the world's greatest bass player.
And we go out all July and August, every summer, and we play six nights a week, sometimes more.
And the energy from the audience, you know, I know the music alone, even if I was a drooling idiot, the music, if it was this good, everybody would love it.
By the way, you know, you're not whining, you're not a victim, you're a target because you're a leader.
You've told me, and I've read about it, you could sell out arenas, you can make 20, 30 million dollars a year, you've been banned by all the big operations and things because you're a Trump supporter, and because you support the Second Amendment.
People need to know
You know, yeah, you're absolutely right.
You know, I like guns, but I would never force anyone to own one.
I like venison, but I would never insist and make a law that you have to eat deer meat.
But the left is just the opposite.
They hate guns and they think they should forbid everybody from the Second Amendment.
They think that animals are cartoon characters, I guess.
That's how stupid you can get.
That's what comfortably numbs them.
And they don't understand that if you've removed the predators and there's too many deer and they start starving, they don't get management, they don't get harvesting, they don't get anything.
You know, I'm part of this Hunters for the Hungry program, Alex, and this is important, especially on the Alex Jones Truth Network.
We, for the last 30 plus years, the hunting families of America, we kill, process, and cook
300 million hot, nutritious, organic meals of venison for homeless shelters and soup kitchens every year.
Now, you listen to Payton, the Humane Society of the United States, and these liberal freaks?
They would shut down the system by which more homeless and needy Americans get the most nutritious, organic meat in the world.
And every soup kitchen and homeless shelter will tell you what they need is fresh,
Good to go.
And they want to kill humans being out.
All the studies show.
Hunting, being out in nature makes you more happy.
It activates who you are.
Gardening is the same thing.
Being outdoors, they want to put us in.
That's a big trait of leftists.
Did you notice they're all kind of these indoor glow-in-the-dark people?
Getting back to some of their hardcore issues.
But you're right, lifestyle's key to not let them get us down.
And a great way to do it is your new album that I just absolutely have on speed dial on my phone when I'm exercising.
Let's get into Antifa though, because I mentioned this.
CNN's Chris Cuomo says Antifa is a good cause.
I wanted to play this.
This is a communist terror group that goes out and attacks any type of conservative or nationalist, which then Cuomo calls all conservatives white supremacists.
Here it is.
He said two things, okay?
And I do want people to remember, he wasn't on this correction campaign back then.
He had plenty of opportunities to do it.
He didn't.
He said two things.
One, there's blame on both sides for the violence.
Now Steve, you can talk all day long, and that's fine with me.
I have no problem with it.
People who are rogue actors and criminals deserve the harsh treatment of the law.
But whether you want to talk about Antifa, or Black Lives Matter, or any of the groups that assembled that day to fight against Neo-Nazis, you make a moral equivalent between those two actions, you're making a mistake in America.
So, there you go.
They're just back to this made-up Charlottesville thing.
When Trump was clear that day, he's always been clear.
It's another hoax, like saying Trump hates all Mexicans.
Well, that's more perfect examples of the mindless, soulless, runaway dishonesty that the left is strangled by.
I mean, here's a guy who signed into law that you can kill a baby after it's born.
It's not even in the woman's body anymore, so the woman can't
I don't
See, a lot of our... Oh, these people are just over-the-top evil.
I have a feeling everybody listening to Uncle Ted and Uncle Alex right now already know this, but if we dig into Cloward Piven, if we dig into Saul Alinsky and all those that genuflect at the altar of these evil, demonic organizations, Antifa is a gang of punks.
They really are evil.
They are, and they'll target a woman or a person in a wheelchair.
They're the archetypal cowardly villain.
Let's identify their parallel, goofball, dirtbag organizations.
So you belong to an organization called Occupy Wall Street.
They're going to protest Wall Street.
Here's a little tip for you, if you can put down the bong for a minute.
If you're protesting Wall Street, you got there using Wall Street businesses.
You got your clothes from a Wall Street business.
You get your food
From the Wall Street business.
It's like my buddy Tom Morello, who I love and adore, one of the greatest guitar players in the world, just a good man.
But he wears a t-shirt with a picture of Che Guevara on it, and he's in a band called Rage Against the Machine.
And I say to him, so are you raging against the machine that you bought your amplifiers from?
It's crazy.
I mean, are you really kidding?
Alex, you're living a lie!
It is all a dope, pipe-stream lie!
Well, it is.
I think a lot of them actually know it's a lie.
They just want to domesticate the general public using socialism and communism.
Look at Venezuela.
Totally collapsing, armored vehicles running over people, and even MSNBC, let's play this clip, admits that armed citizens could have prevented the tyranny.
Here it is.
I know, Kerry, you've spent a lot of time down there.
I think it has been surprising to a lot of people in Washington, in the administration at least, that this is taking longer than they thought, despite the sanctions, despite the pressure.
With the help of Russia and other outside forces, Maduro is hanging on.
Not only hanging on, but he appears to still control the military.
You have to understand in Venezuela, gun ownership is not something that is open to everybody.
So if the military have the guns, they have the power.
And as long as Nicolas Maduro controls the military, he controls the country.
Wow, so Ted Nugent stopped the press as MSNBC just told the truth.
I'm going to have a heart attack.
This is a stop the presses moment.
You're right.
But here, I'm going to repeat, you know, one and one equals two.
You need to earn your own way.
You need to live within your means and save for a rainy day.
You know, all that radical Ted Newton stuff.
Well, here's the ultimate battle cry for the American dream and living as a free man or a free woman.
Unarmed and helpless is unarmed and helpless.
All victims of tyranny and emperors and despots... Hold on, we gotta go to break.
Do five more with us.
We're gonna do five more with Ted Nugent.
Charlottesville, Virginia, is home to the author of one of the great documents in human history.
We know it by heart.
We hold these truths to be self-evident.
That all men are created equal.
Endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.
We've heard it so often, it's almost a cliché.
But it's who we are.
We haven't always lived up to these ideals.
Jefferson himself didn't.
But we have never before walked away from them.
I believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time.
But if we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are.
And I cannot stand by and watch that happen.
The core values of this nation are standing in the world, our very democracy.
Everything that is made America, America is at stake.
That's why today I'm announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.
Folks, America's an idea.
An idea that's stronger than any army, bigger than any ocean, more powerful than any dictator or tyrant.
It gives hope to the most desperate people on Earth.
It guarantees that everyone is treated with dignity.
And gives hate no safe harbor.
It instills in every person in this country the belief that no matter where you start in life, there's nothing you can achieve if you work at it.
That's what we believe.
And above all else, that's what's at stake in this election.
We can't forget what happened in Charlottesville.
Even more important, we have to remember who we are.
This is America.
I'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.
This arm would put him away in seconds.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
The intro to the title track of the album.
The music made me do it.
The music made me do it.
Ted Nugent's our guest for the five minutes.
I could talk to this guy all day long.
And like he said, the energy, it's not just a physical energy, it's a spiritual energy.
The spirit of the wild.
It's what God gave us.
All these devil worshippers and occultists go do horrible things looking for power, thinking that if they do bad things that they'll suddenly get this power.
The power is being good and being strong and not being a coward and doing the right thing.
And then it just gets more intense as I get older.
I can't imagine what it's like when I'm 70.
You know, Ted, is it fair to say you've gotten spiritually, or at an animal level as well, more powerful, stronger as you get older?
Or were you more powerful with your gravitas early on?
Because you do have a presence.
No, I'm more dangerous now than ever because you learn, if you're paying attention every day, you accumulate more knowledge and more understanding of the way the world works and how to read truth, logic, and common sense and those that abandon it.
So when you surround yourself with positive people and I... Alex, you go to my Facebook and there's three and a half million hard-working, smart, clever, funny, cocky Americans that are typical Ted Nugent campfire buddies.
But if you've met Germaine, my queen of the foursome,
Amazing wife.
If you met my sons and daughters, my grandkids, my brothers, my sisters, my band, my crew, my team, my management, our Spirit of the Wild team, if you meet anybody in my world, they're just the greatest, most positive people in the asset column you will ever meet.
And those are the people that have to eliminate what you and I talked about many years ago, the number one suicidal curse in America.
When good people fail to step forward, evil persists.
And the apathy in the conservative community, the apathy in the hunting and the gun owner community is embarrassing.
If we voted as a bloc for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, the Declaration of Independence, Alex, we could get anything we wanted.
Hillary Clinton would be in chains in a cage somewhere where she belongs.
Oh, it's got me climbing the walls in closing, that's why I held you over.
You're right, we're winning, but a lot of people are in a coma.
But specifically, I think we're going to win, but I don't think we'd even be where we are today if it wasn't for you 50 years ago.
And I'm not trying to give you credit.
I'm saying if it wasn't for the Charlton Hestons and the Ted Nugents,
Early on, warning about all this, you even before Chuck Heston, we would have lost.
So many of these battles, we've barely won against these scum.
That's why I'm telling the average man or woman out there, don't just count on Ted Nye to do it.
You've got to get out there.
Small or big, it doesn't matter.
You've got to engage in the information war.
What's about communication?
You know, a lot of people in the conservative community, in fact, that was the curse of conservativism, is that, well, we didn't want to ruffle feathers.
I didn't want to bring up discomforting information.
I didn't want to argue, so I walked away.
Well, you wimp!
How dare you not argue?
You will not find a stupid liberal Democrat in my midst.
I've either already fixed them or sent them packing.
So here's the bottom line, Alex.
Number one, thank you for raising hell, truth, logic, and common sense like you do, and everybody that listens and supports you.
Thanks to all those hard-working American families on my Facebook that I meet every day I leave the house here.
We're good.
Daddy, more than anything, you've got to demand constitutional accountability.
And by the way, as you know, some of the supports flagged now that Trump's in, a lot of people think that we've won.
No, we're in the middle of the real battle right now.
Now's the time for increased activity.
Let me make a moment here too.
For the greatest president in our lifetime.
You're damn right he's not presidential.
Because all these fake punks in the past weren't presidential and they kept kicking us down the path to ruination.
Donald Trump is a great American.
And Alex, you think I have energy hanging around the president?
I just like to get in his vapor trail.
It's amazing.
It's amazing.
It's amazing.
You gotta tell us about the president now.
That's it.
60 seconds.
You're coming back to finish.
I want to salute and commend every man, woman, and child that has supported this broadcast over the years and that has stood with us.
And I want to thank all of our sponsors and all of our affiliates.
And I'll tell you like it is, you've seen the unmitigated attack we've been under.
You're our only sponsors.
And when you don't buy the products that are absolutely the best out there, we aren't able to continue on.
So remember, you are the InfoWarp.
I'm not the leader.
You are the leader.
When you take action, nothing stops you.
We've got giant specials running right now at InfoWareStore.com that are unprecedented.
And if you go there and buy great products that you already need from across the board, it funds the second American Revolution worldwide.
So I want to thank you for your support.
I want to encourage you again.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com for whatever the product is you need.
We have thousands of them and it makes this all possible.
Thank you for making InfoWars possible.
God bless you.
Oh, it starts great and it gets even better.
That's Sunrise, played with a Fender bass by Ted Nugent.
And I've held him over.
I appreciate that.
Recap for some stations that might not have been carrying last segment.
On Trump's energy.
You're 70.
He's 72.
About to be 73.
And you were talking about being in his vapor trail, working with the President.
The amount of energy.
They're claiming the President's low energy.
They're claiming he didn't want to be President.
All pure crap.
It's Biden that slurs through his speeches.
And is well known for being Sleepy Joe.
So spend a few minutes on Trump and his energy and who he really is.
Because they're always trying to claim he's somebody else he isn't.
Well, Alex, when I was with the President and a bunch of friends at the White House, we had dinner, and I'm going to tell you, remember the day at the ranch here at Spirit Wild Ranch where you and the guys came?
We just kind of hung around, had some burners, ginger ale, and just talked about the things we believe in.
I'm telling you, the comfort, the natural
Campfire spirit and open uninhibitedness that I shared with President Donald Trump proved to me that this man's energy comes from his love of America, his love of freedom, his dedication to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law, just cause, due process.
Saluting the hardest working people in the asset column, trying to help those who are not in the asset column to get into the asset column where you have the American Dream.
I'm going to tell you, the future of freedom is going to pivot on the 2020 election.
Everybody listening now, you know 100 people you can talk to between now and the election of 2020.
Donald Trump, November 2020, or we are
If we can't elect this great man for a second term, then we're going to just stab America in the heart and turn into Venezuelan.
Here's a little tip for Solwell and Pelosi and Schiff and all these punks on the other side.
Peace and love through superior firepower.
Check out Venezuela and don't you dare push Americans into that scenario because it won't be tanks running over people.
It'll be something quite different.
And you look at AOC, low energy, incredibly stupid.
You look at Swallowswell the same way.
You look at all these people.
Hillary acts and looks like a witch.
Michael Moore, all these people.
And then you look at Trump, who I know is working 16, 17 hours a day.
The times I've talked to him, he can finish sentences before I even say them.
Totally on and focused and loving every minute of it.
And it's just the two choices are so clear.
As you said, nothing's ever free.
Communism always and socialism always destroys people and cultures.
And then in America, we've got these rich globalists trying to destroy the American dream and ally with the chi-coms.
But as you said, big tech, the media, they're all trying to bully our free speech.
They're trying to shut us down.
And the average conservative or Christian or nationalist or outdoors person, I get it.
You don't want to be
Uh, out front as a leader.
You're not arrogant.
You're leading by working hard, being a good father, good mother, you know, going to church, paying your taxes, you know, helping out at the local.
The point is, no, it's a war now.
They want you quiet because you're strong and because you're an American.
I don't care if you're old, young, black, white, male, female.
You need to get out there.
You need to not just vote.
You need to talk to people.
You need to go start your own YouTube channel.
You need to call in to talk radio.
You need to do whatever it takes.
Go to a Ted Nugent concert.
Any of that creates culture.
Well, here's the bottom line.
The Democrats and the left and the media and academia, they have their dream.
They have fulfilled their dream and it's called gun-free zones.
And it is in their liberal Democrat gun-free zones where in every instance the most innocent lives are slaughtered.
They know it and they want more of them, Alex.
That's right.
They're advertising.
It's insanity.
Ted Nugent, thank you so much.
The music made me do it, the new album out, doing really great.
I really, I think it's one of your best albums, and so we salute you, and hopefully you and Shemesa, you'll come down to the studio sometime into the globalist republic of Austin we're trying to retake, or I'll come back up at the ranch, but let's get together soon, my friend.
Let's try it.
God bless you, Alex.
God bless America.
God bless President Trump.
All right, thank you, Ted Nugent.
Always fires me up to have that guy on.
He's got a lot of energy, folks.
And that's why he's so demonized.
That's why he's lied about none of the stuff you hear is true.
I've gone and looked it all up.
It's just lies.
Just like me.
It's none of it's true.
None of it.
And they attack Trump because he's for real.
They attack me because I'm for real.
They attack Ted Nugent because he's for real.
They attack Sean Hannity because he's for real.
Tucker Carlson, and again, it doesn't mean we're perfect, but we mean well.
We really care about what we're doing.
Doesn't mean we haven't made mistakes, doesn't mean that I do a perfect job, but you know what?
We do about a 98% job.
My biggest problem is I care so much that I get pissed.
Folks, I try not to watch Millie Weaver and Caitlyn Bennett's videos that get, on average, millions of views.
I get up here on air, and I laugh at these people, and I'm doing that, and it's not fake.
I'm putting myself in that area of my brain to make it funny.
But this morning, I watched a couple of these, and I got tears in my eyes.
Because look what they've done to these people.
I mean, they act demon possessed.
They squawk and honk and try to take over everybody's speech.
They believe they rule everyone.
They're just vicious authoritarians.
They're in their own world, and they're so dangerous.
They're so dangerous.
When we come back, I'm going to play part of this, and if you're listening on the radio, you'll hear it, but if you're watching it, and the way they contradict themselves and the things they say,
And the things they do.
And I told you, they're so dumb now, they believe I killed the kids at Sandy Hook now.
I mean, they have just mutated their lies where they think that I'm a Russian agent.
And let me explain something.
These people are schoolteachers, they're bank tellers, they're professors, they're counselors.
Almost all of them are obsessed with power over people.
A lot of folks get involved because they want to help people.
No, no, no, no.
These people are involved in those professions because they want power.
They want power over people.
They want to tell you what to think, tell you what to say, and run your life.
And they're super ultra dangerous.
And they're doing everything they can to shut us down, and we're just one domino in this.
They get us, they get you.
You know, I always say, buy our products, support us.
Because they're trying to shut us down.
I'm going to explain this to everybody, from the bottom of my heart.
Pure, clean iodine.
You think I'm happy that we're the only ones that ever came up with true atomic iodine?
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You need to be careful with this, but all your skin is made up of this.
Your organs, the hormones you excrete must have halogens.
Now, the one they want to run on is iodine.
It's out of the food, it's out of everything now.
It's not the soil.
It's depleted.
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Yes, this is something every family needs.
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It's why the IQs are dropping.
Look at the studies.
IQ and iodine deficiency.
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This is real!
Believe me!
Experience it!
It's got 99%!
I want to put forward an allegory or a story to explain where I'm coming from that parallels current real-time reality.
So please, bear with me a few minutes because this is just bubbling up in my own thought processes of why am I sitting here with my shirt off.
I want to be crystal clear with everybody.
What I'm about to say is not about putting down California
Like we're different football teams, and we're talking about the University of Texas versus UCLA.
This is not... Alex Jones is a tribalist going, woo!
Texas is way better than California.
California, until about 30 years ago, was undoubtedly the best state in the Union.
It was more Texan than Texans because it was the last big frontier state.
The 49ers, all of it.
I mean, the history books I've read about it have been incredible.
It was deep red until just about 25 years ago.
The Democrats came in, they opened the borders, they engineered the state, they created socialism, dependency, and now the state is a skeleton of its former self.
And now Beto and others have set their sights to turn Texas blue, and most political experts agree by 2024, Texas will be deep blue.
My fellow Texans are in a coma.
But as Kennedy said, and as Eisenhower said, and as Nixon said, and as Reagan said, as goes Texas, so goes the nation.
It's been like that since the Civil War.
That's a whole other history book.
And so the fall of California, and it's a big, gaping hole in our defenses for the collapse of Latin America, is not a positive thing.
It's not something I celebrate.
It's like whistling past the graveyard.
But the carpetbaggers from all over the country that went to California, because it was the best state 30 years ago, who aren't Californians, they ruined that incredible state.
They destroyed that incredible state.
And now like locusts, or piranhas, or Nazi U-Boat wolf packs, they have come to Texas to ruin our state.
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The globalists want info wars shut down because they can track back.
Almost all their defeats are to what we do.
I instinctively know how to defeat them, just like you do.
Probably resonate together.
And I'm telling you, this don't California, my USA.
This don't California, my Texas, is the answer.
The people have to be warned.
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And I welcome folks to say Don't California Florida.
Let's just get this going nationwide and let's win again.
We can do it if we take action.
We can save America!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Now this video is posted up on InfoWars.com and it's par for the course.
It's Millie Weaver in Ohio at a Joe Biden event in a tiny little building.
About 200 people there.
But they're all standing in line to get in.
And the full video is on InfoWars.com.
I play part of it here.
But it's the foaming at the mouth, the screaming, the yelling, the threatening to physically attack Millie, saying, get out of here, you can't be on a sidewalk.
It's just incredible.
And the same stuff that happens to Caitlyn Bennett at Rutgers University on the same day.
And again, it just goes to the incredible lies they put out, the things they say.
These people are gone.
And they say that I'm killing people.
But then, they're the Democrats that support killing babies after they're born.
And then we've got the gentleman that was out in Huntington Beach, California and attacked by Antifa.
He fought back and kicked their ass.
He'll be joining us next segment.
And then I've got a public service announcement that is 100% one of the most important things you can do if you have a teenage daughter.
So that's coming up.
But first, let's go to part of this shocking report.
Get these people the hell out of here right now!
Alex Jones kills people.
Who's he killed?
All of them.
Names please.
The ones that he killed.
We would really like to know the names.
The Jewish people.
Oh my gosh.
Come on.
Give me the names.
Come on.
Other people as well.
I think you need a tinfoil hat yourself there, sir.
Where's your tinfoil hat?
I didn't say anything about tinfoil hats.
He said he's an a**hole, not crazy.
What do you think about Biden supporting segregation in the 70s?
I don't know anything about that.
Thank you.
Is that okay for you?
Would you support a candidate that supported segregation and advocated for it in the 70s?
Everyone evolves.
Alex Jones can too.
Everyone evolves.
So what about Brett Kavanaugh?
Does that hold true for him?
He drinks beer.
He loves beer.
He drinks beer with PJ and Squee.
So drinking beer is not okay, but advocating for segregation... Alcoholism is not okay in a Supreme Court judge.
But advocating for segregation is okay for a president?
I didn't say that.
Don't put words in my mouth.
I simply said Alex Jones is an a**hole.
Alex Jones is a child molester.
InfoWars is fake news.
InfoWars is fake news.
InfoWars is fake news.
InfoWars is fake news.
InfoWars is fake news.
He was listening to Alex Jones all night long and set those poor cops up!
You don't believe me?
Get the hell out of here!
Get these people the hell out of here right now!
Three cops died at the...
I was going to pop in there.
Sorry, I wasn't talking back.
Famously, three cops got killed by a white supremacist that hated me.
And then CNN and others just lied and said that he was a listener and might have did it for me.
I threatened to sue him.
They all had to retract.
Turned out the guy was all over Stormfront, saying how much he hates me.
But again, that's from like eight, nine years ago.
She's still putting this out.
So then we cut to a clip where I actually show the retractions by the news.
But this is where these people are going, folks.
Let's continue.
Right now, three cops died at the mouth of Alex Jones.
Where's your evidence?
The evidence is in the court.
This kid, crazy, was listening to crazy and they shot three police officers.
You're so dumb!
You're dumb!
Wow, such tolerance here.
There's dead people because of Alex Jones!
There's no evidence of that, ma'am.
Dead people because of Alex Jones!
There's no evidence of that.
That's no evidence.
Keep it up!
Keep it up!
I'm going to jail for this!
Keep it up!
Sir, are you threatening me?
I'm going to jail for this!
Keep it up!
So are you threatening me?
You want me to?
Are you threatening violence against me?
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the ADL, and others come out and basically say that the shooter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Richard Pawlowski's, Pawlowski's, that he'd been influenced by InfoWars.com without a shred of proof.
They knew his handle because the police had shut down his MySpace, but they had his handle.
They'd done a Google search and found him on a whole bunch of websites, but they chose to go after Stormfront and InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Now he was worshipful on Stormfront, the number one white supremacist website.
But he was criticizing me and attacking me on all the posts.
We went and found it once the newspapers finally, in subsequent conversations, said, oh, here he is saying I'm bad.
Here he is saying he disagrees with me.
And so we got this material, posted it yesterday, and Raw Story has retracted, Daily Kos has retracted.
Two separate articles have retracted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Saying yes, he was critical of Alex Jones, and his views were against Alex Jones.
Who's paying you to stand here and spread conspiracies and nonsense?
That's right.
Alex Jones.
Did Trump collude with the Russians?
Yes, he did.
So you guys are the ones that need the tinfoil hats, because that was actually disproven.
No, it wasn't disproven.
Yes, it was.
Yes, it was.
We have not seen the unredacted, you know, show me the unredacted report.
They said there was no evidence of any collusion with any American citizens.
They did.
They said there was not enough evidence to convict him of anything.
No, William Barr said it.
William Barr.
William Barr is the man that Donald Trump handpicked because he said you couldn't deny him.
So, William Barr is most credible person.
They need some tinfoil hats.
The special counsel found no evidence that any American, including anyone associated with the Trump campaign, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government or the IRA in this illegal scheme.
What did you say, sir?
I loved it when Alex Jones went to the chicken joint.
He went to like a chicken joint.
It wasn't KFC, but it was a chicken joint.
And they heckled him out of the place, which I think is great.
So you think it's good for people to be heckled out of diners?
Yeah, I mean, if, you know, if I were a... Well, you know what?
That's kind of interesting you advocate for that because that's what they were doing to black people in the 60s, heckling them out of diners.
Interesting here.
Black people weren't, you know, doing these weirdo conspiracies.
Whatever your justification, any person... Can I talk?
So now we're hearing justifications... Alright, that's enough.
We're going to break.
It just gets more insane.
The video's up on InfoWars.com.
We have a very special guest about to join us who got physically attacked by the loving Antifa.
No one's allowed to have free speech but the left.
Remember that.
And if you don't like it, they'll hit you in the head with a bike lock.
Because they're professors and they like methamphetamine.
And, well, they're in charge of America.
Hillary was supposed to get in.
She's their muscle.
Everything's not going the way it was planned.
What's happening?
What are they going to do?
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, this fight against the Globalist has been like a 12-round boxing match that's got more like a hundred rounds.
And I'd say we're in about the 85th round right now.
Now, just today, I'm shooting this report on Friday afternoon.
We've had really serious sabotage and attacks behind the scenes, and I've decided not to give the specifics of it for reasons that I can't disclose at this time.
But the fact that President Trump's getting the country back, the fact that nationalists are getting elected all over the world, the fact that we're now aware of the threat of radical Islam,
The fact that all of this is going on is really making the establishment very, very angry.
It just came out today that Ilhan Omar, the authoritarian Somali that admits she hates America, called up and threatened Jack Dorsey and said, how dare you keep Trump on Twitter?
He criticized me and showed my clips basically praising radical Islam.
And Dorsey explained to her, well, we have free speech in this country.
Well, the truth is, behind the scenes, if you're not President Trump, these types of phone calls and open calls for us to be censored in Congress have had the desired effect of them trying to curtail us and cut us down to nothing.
They're even going after our basic operations center.
They're going after our actual servers, our infrastructure.
But we have redundancy built in.
But that costs a lot of money to have people working overtime to keep our systems in place.
So, in the final equation, if you want to see the globalists defeated,
And if you want to see the deep state prosecuted that we're inches away from, if you want to see the tide totally turned, it takes money to prosecute an information war.
We have truth, they have lies.
The truth is more powerful than lies, but they have globalist dirty money.
Fiat Federal Reserve money.
I'm launching this weekend for one week.
New sales.
We're having to end the t-shirt sale 50% off.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me do this.
We're going to go to our guest right now.
And then Tucker Carlson, a few days ago, laid out an extremely powerful defense of free speech and really knocked it out of the park.
You know, I tend to watch the show quite often.
And he pretty much defends this every other night.
And I know he gets heat for it, so we just really appreciate Tucker Carlson.
He really gets what's going on.
So I'm going to air that piece, Star of the Next Hour, that Mike Adams is going to be in studio with us.
He's got some really big findings and announcements.
Strangely enough, NASA came out and admitted that carbon dioxide makes the Earth greener and helps scrub the atmosphere of toxins, and that we had lower carbon dioxide in the last 100,000 years or so, and that actually humans raising it, just a tiny percentage point of a point, actually had helped the Earth.
Wow, that's what all the real science shows!
So a lot of amazing things are happening.
Mike Adams is going to be in studio with us and he's going to host the fourth hour in the war with Owen Schroer is coming up.
But I have something here in my hand.
I've read a lot about in psychology books.
And then I came across years ago.
And then when I did more research on it.
A few days ago, meaning to cover it.
I'm going to cover it coming up next hour.
I was just blown away by the amount of known information.
And when you understand this, then it makes you really angry.
I've got three daughters.
And it's just genetic that I care about my son, but I'm a little rougher on him, and I just, when he goes walking out the door, I just don't have anxiety.
And I guess he is almost 6'2 now and everything else, so I guess he's bigger than I am.
He's 16.
But I
Teenage girls, particularly about 11 to 14, stories of suicide of other girls and the passion and the pain of the other girls that as sympathy, you get a percentage that go and commit suicide in the way it's shown in the play.
And there were some debates back at the time about who could watch Romeo and Juliet in England or France also put on his plays.
And for hundreds of years, there were sympathetic suicides.
Now I read that in psychology and literature back when I had time to read a lot of books.
I came across it.
So when I learned about death education being put in by Bill Clinton and how it tripled the amount of girls committing suicide, and then they had more anti-suicide, so then it causes more suicide, it introduces the idea.
And so I said I'd cover this next hour.
I'm kind of already doing it, but study.
Kids' suicides spike after Netflix's 13 Reasons.
And it's a fact.
Judas Priest is not to blame, and they can't be found liable, and they weren't found liable in court for beyond the realms of death.
That is about a young man committing suicide.
And it's like a love song about death.
And it's very dark.
And I would say it's a very evil song.
But they have a right to put that out.
I don't think it was Rob.
Halford probably wasn't doing that consciously.
He's probably talking about things he experienced as a young man.
I think he even talked about that, wanting to commit suicide.
But he was an adult when he wrote that.
A 13-year-old stuck a shotgun in his mouth and blew his head off.
Now, all I'm telling you is, I don't think Mr. Halford knew what he was doing.
But the shrinks all over the world, from Japan to the U.S.
teaching this, know
That you go into a middle school and teach little girls about other girls committing suicide, and you teach them how to tie a shoelace around the coat hanger in the bathroom stall, and then you wonder why they show the movies and do the education, and then some schools, like 10 girls will kill themselves!
Just like mass shootings.
You show mass shootings, you hype them up, and the media knows, just like clockwork,
The same type of people.
Devil worshippers in black trench coats that play shit about video games.
That's just the archetype.
I'm not saying you're a mass murderer if you play shit about video games.
I'm saying the criminology, the psychology, we know.
Thirteen, fourteen year old devil worshipper that can't get chicks, that gets into darkness.
It's always the same people.
They're programming boys to kill, and they're programming girls to kill themselves.
And Netflix knows exactly what they're doing.
And they use me to keep bringing up Sandy Hook constantly because I'm so viral and so famous, I'm not bragging, it's true, so that they can invoke mass shootings to get more mass shootings and kill kids.
And that's their biggest crime.
The parents don't know what they're part of.
But the larger apparatus of politicians above this are trying to use me to get kids killed.
I even had a dad of one of the kids commit suicide and they blamed me on the news and said, take me off the air.
It's Senator Murphy and Monster Blumenthal and the monsters at that law firm that are hyping the suicide constantly in my name.
It's you that are the Sandy Hook vampires, not me!
And it doesn't matter what you think or say or lie about.
God knows what you've done.
God knows.
And the truth will come out.
You won't stop the truth.
I said I'd cover this later, I'm kind of covering it now, but I've got your stinking number.
It's a way to make themselves the heroes and lie about what I've said about Sandy Hook and then keep it in the news because Murphy got elected on Sandy Hook.
And the former prosecutor that heads up the law firm going after me there all wants his name.
He thinks he gloms onto these kids and that makes him famous.
That's sick.
That's evil.
And that's all going to come out.
So, Netflix and all these shows.
It's a known phenomenon.
We're going to go to our guest in the next segment.
I appreciate him coming on.
It's a known phenomenon like putting two pieces of toast in a toaster and pushing the lever down.
Then in about a minute and a half it goes bing and pops up and there's toast.
Or putting gas in your car.
It's a known phenomenon that you drive it around.
Or you plant sunflower seeds in the backyard and spring comes and they grow up.
You know, that's a known phenomenon.
You give people death education, boys start... Columbine was the national test site of death education.
Boys start killing people and girls start hanging themselves or taking pills.
And I'm gonna leave it at that, but I know someone personally whose son took pills and died.
Didn't do it for suicide, but the point was that it's all part of this culture of death.
The system knows what they're doing.
And these big pharma companies know when they put these drugs out on the street, and you have ten times the amount of opioid prescriptions out, but there's going to be ten times the amount of overdoses.
It's mathematics!
You know, I saw it on CNN this morning.
They're like, yeah, this drug company
Paid people off to, you know, do this and that and did all this corruption.
Why do you trust the vaccine makers?
It's the same dirty companies!
We're going to go to break and come back with the amazing individual who was physically attacked out in Huntington Beach, California by a bunch of foaming at the mouth leftists.
The full 18-minute video is up on Infowars.com.
We'll play the shorter one because we had to cut out the cussing.
And he beat the hell out of these folks.
We'll talk about what happened once the camera got knocked off because the police report said he knocked out three more of them, not just the four he popped when they hit him.
And we're going to find out if that was a woman or a man or what it was, a zombie creature.
Looks like Day of the Dead creature.
Uh, that attacked.
So, it's all coming up.
And we've got more on the Barr testimony going on and highlights of that.
Mike Adams coming in.
We'll get to all of it.
This is a power-packed global transmission.
But remember...
Everywhere I go, I get mobbed.
In fact, I think Dude needs to put the videos out.
We've got those in D.C.
I haven't told him yet.
Everywhere, it's like school kids, and college kids, and young people, and black people, and white people, and Alex Jones, we love you, we love you!
Oh man, I used to listen all the time on Net, or iTunes, or YouTube.
I wish you were still on air, and I'm like, I'm on air!
I'm on hundreds of radio and TV stations.
Newswars.com, audio and video.
And I know you as an audience get it.
You're the smart ones.
But the rest of our great audience is kind of not paying attention.
They're smart, but not really.
They think they heard.
I'm off air.
I'm deplatformed.
No, I'm not.
That's another hoax.
We're at Infowars.com and Newswars.com and on local stations.
So spread the word.
Alex Jones isn't dead.
Globalism is multinational corporations working with foreign authoritarian countries like China to take over other nation states that have open free societies.
They use our open free society to come in, buy off politicians, buy off other companies to merge and create cartels.
Or oligopolies, groups of monopolies working together to dominate and control and consolidate power.
This is how 21st century warfare is carried out.
But nationalists and populists across the world have been awakened to this threat and are taking action to restore control over our lives back to our central and local governments.
This is the fight that the United States is deeply in the middle of right now.
And that's why the globalists, who were arrogant, are now panicking and trying to censor InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and my syndicated radio show because they know we've got our finger on the pulse of what's happening and that the President and the Pentagon and others are listening and know that we're telling the truth and we've basically become the modern Paul Revere transmission of this Republic.
That's why it's so critical for all of you out there watching or listening to remember, without you taking action, without you overcoming the censors, without you by word of mouth, with your human intelligence, overriding the AI censorship, we will be defeated and this restoration of the republic could be defeated.
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Thank you all for your support and God bless you and God bless America.
Brian in Pennsylvania, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yeah, so real quickly, you know, I own the Alexa Pure Pro because I love my neighbor, but I refuse to drink their heart medication.
Well water is some of the most polluted stuff in the country.
Because you got glyphosate, you got all your neighbor's medications that they're putting into a septic tank.
That then goes into the groundwater and you drink it.
So absolutely, the number one thing anybody can do.
And by the way, I forget to do this to get mad.
When I drink filtered water, when I take the supplements, my life's so much better.
When I forget, because I'm not Mr. Frickin' Health, I feel it.
So yes, tell me about not wanting to drink your neighbor's heart medication.
Well, where I live, and I think this is the same story for most of the country, our water filtration is based on a reverse osmosis system that was constructed around the turn of the century, and I have zero, zero faith
Well, look at Flint, Michigan.
Their water is full of lead, mercury, poisons, E. coli.
The answer is, everyone, if you're drinking water, you should filter it.
And I'll never forget David Hogg.
He goes, you know Alex Jones on C-SPAN, he goes, little anti-gun guy.
He goes, he says the water has toxins and then he sells a water filter.
Yeah, it's like saying, your kids need vitamin C and then I sell vitamin C. Or, Jones says we need to wear shoes.
We walk in the snow.
Then he advertises shoes.
Yes, exactly.
But see, in his little brain...
Where everything is a scam.
He thinks I'm scamming people when it's a direct sale.
We have the best gravity-fed systems.
Alexa Pure and Pro Pure are apples and oranges, but they're both excellent.
Everyone needs it.
Everyone should filter their water.
This is the smartest thing you can do.
It doesn't mean occasionally you don't drink some ice tea at a restaurant.
But you need to filter your water.
Your skin is your biggest organ.
You absorb it there.
You need filters on your shower or your bath.
And then you look at what's in the water table.
It's insane!
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Peppered in the crowd were members of Antifa, or anti-fascists.
They covered their faces, confronted police, and berated journalists.
And that was wrong.
Now, you've been hearing it.
There's a lot of whataboutism and spin going on, and it's kind of sickening to me.
So let's all agree on some common understandings.
A protester uses their voice.
Song, slang, slurs, there's a huge range, but it is talk.
When you use your hands in a violent way, you are a rioter.
And unless you're justified in defending yourself, and you hit someone, you're a thug, you're a criminal.
You attack cops, you slap the media, you're in the wrong.
But, I argue to you tonight, all punches are not equal morally.
In the eyes of the law, yes.
But in the eyes of good and evil, here's the argument.
If you're a punk who comes to start trouble in a mask and hurt people, you're not about any virtuous cause.
You're just somebody who's going to be held to the standard of doing something wrong.
But when someone comes to call out bigots, and it gets hot, even physical, are they equally wrong as the bigot they are fighting?
I argue no.
Fighting against hate matters.
Now, how you fight matters, too.
There's no question about that.
But drawing a moral equivalency between those espousing hate and those fighting it, because they both resort to violence, emboldens hate.
Legitimizes hateful belief and elevates what should be stamped out.
Chris, you and I have talked about this before.
I do not make any differentiation between Neo-Nazis and Antifa.
Just because they claim in their name that they are anti-fascist, their tactics are in fact totally fascist.
One of the groups was created to kill people they don't like.
The other group, and so was Antifa, has hangers-on and aberrant actors within their ranks.
It's not aberrant within Antifa.
They put on masks and helmets, and they show up with clubs to damage property and to hurt people.
They are thugs.
They are America's brown shirts, and there is no difference between Antifa and those neo-Nazis.
Both sides are thugs.
Both sides are reprehensible.
They have CBS TV shows about, quote, beating up Nazis, and they say any Trump supporter is a Nazi.
They're dehumanizing people.
They're invoking race war.
It's dangerous.
It's out of control.
And Brandon of That's The Point with Brandon was in Los Angeles, Huntington Beach.
We're going to play a clip of this.
This happened just a few days ago.
It's a big viral video.
And they started attacking him from the beginning.
And then we cut to right where the violence starts.
Here it is.
Are you guys going skiing?
You guys going skiing today?
I can ask people questions, bro.
Don't put your hand on me.
Don't put your hand on me.
Don't put your hand on me.
You put your hand on me again, it's going to be a problem.
No, what's going to be a problem is when you walk in there.
What's going to be a problem?
Ain't no problem.
Ain't no problem.
There shouldn't be a problem.
This is America.
I should be able to talk and walk wherever I want, right?
Isn't that what you guys stand for?
For the freedom and no government and all that bull****, right?
No, we're building a wall.
We're building a wall.
You don't weigh enough, little boy.
You're underage, dude.
You're underage.
Hey, somebody get this child out of my face, please.
Don't touch me.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
And then the mic gets cut off, and then the camera gets cut off.
He'll tell us the rest of the story of what unfolded.
Now remember, MS-13, the whole border's collapsing.
Mexico's border's been smashed.
These people literally say no borders, no wall, no USA at all.
Brandon, that's the point on YouTube.
Thank you so much for joining us, and we commend you for standing your ground against these thugs.
Obviously, a lot of stuff doesn't get caught on camera.
Give us your thoughts and tell us the rest of the story.
First and foremost, I just want to say thank you for having me on here.
It's an honor to be on your show.
I'm a big fan and you are a major part of why I started to do what I do.
It's an honor having you, my friend, because you're out there in the trenches.
Thank you.
So yeah, so basically, I was in there, I was interviewing somebody and prior to if you if you check out the full video, I had actually got an interview with one of them.
And after a bunch of nonsense that was going on, the interview ended, I walked back over to get more interviews with people.
And they started surrounding me.
And from that point, you know, I already knew
What the situation was.
So basically, I was just trying to talk and one of them pulled my backpack from the back to the side.
That's the initial one and try to like pull my arm and where my mic was at.
So I went to like shove them off of me.
And after that, I was telling him don't touch me.
And at that point, one of them, somebody reached out punched me in my chin.
And at that point, I just defended myself.
And yeah, I mean, they didn't
It didn't seem like they had enough heart when I started fighting back, but, uh, you know, I didn't go out there for that reason.
And, um, it's sad that I had to get there, but, I mean, things have to be done, and I will defend myself.
Describe what happened once the camera got turned off, because I guess the police report says you knocked a few more of them out.
They all, like, seven or eight, it says, came at you with clubs, and then you fought them off.
I mean, some of these were pretty big guys.
One of them was obviously a woman who thought, this is like a LARPing video game.
I'll hit you in the head with a club and stab you in your stomach, and then you're just going to take it.
But I guess, unlike the Hollywood movies, she didn't kick the guy's ass.
Yeah, no, it didn't happen that way.
To be honest with you, I didn't know it was a man or a female.
Sure, she was wearing a mask, but once you hit her, maybe it wasn't a male.
It was just a goblin creature?
Yeah, I mean, definitely a demon-possessed person.
I 100% believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe that these people are definitely possessed 100%.
Oh, they're definitely under the influence of the devil, you're right.
And so what happened was when the camera, after I was defending myself and I had swung the right hook right there and my mic had busted, the audio cut off.
And so basically what happened after that, there was no other fighting because those first, the last two... By the way, I should add, you're like literally fighting him while you're still holding the mic to get the audio.
That's pretty professional.
You gotta get that audio in, man.
Some of the reports out there are wrong.
You didn't knock out a couple more of them.
No, so after that, no, there was no, uh, there was no more physical contact.
What it was, this lady in the green vest was trying to block me off from grabbing my microphone and my hat.
So they stole my hat.
They took, uh, back part of my microphone and my glasses.
And I wasn't able to recover that.
And after that, then the police on horses came in and, you know, broke us up.
But after I... Is it accurate that some of them got arrested, though?
Is that accurate?
Oh, yes.
Five of them got arrested that day.
Well, please continue.
And so five of them got arrested from the police.
They viewed the footage that I had completely.
They looked through it and they were able to apprehend.
I know of two of them that were for sure the ones that hit me.
One of the shorter ones was the one with the red mask on his face and the other one was the one with the track suit with the white, black, black with white stripes.
And so yeah, the police came in, they interviewed, obviously at first they sat me down like I was the one initiating everything.
And then after they came about, the SWAT from Huntington Beach came up and assisted me.
They took my statement down.
And so...
It went like that, so they were definitely pressing charges on them.
Well, yeah, because they were bumping into you and hitting you earlier, and one cop comes over in a longer video that's on your YouTube, and he's kind of saying, like, you're the bad guy.
But I guess some smarter police came later and actually saw what had happened and reviewed it.
Regardless, it's like, do they get their, like, comic book wimps?
That there's, like, ten people trying to beat you up for no reason, and then when you start fighting back, they, like, cower in fear?
I mean, they are, like, pathetic.
But once that dude with the track thing swung at me and hit me in the head with a stick, I went to run at him and he started running back right there.
He started running back and he got scared to back up in the crowd.
So that girl or guy or whatever it is that decided to hit me just caught the end tail of that hurricane coming.
Like I said, I don't advocate for violence, but I do advocate for self-defense.
For sure.
Um, I believe it was the tracksuit guy with the swing on top of my, that went to my forehead when I was in the mix of them in the middle first.
See, I can't go out around these people because I'm not saying I'm the toughest guy around, but you had control.
Somebody hits me in the head with a club, it's going to be berserk.
I mean, they're going on the pavement, their head's going in the ground.
So you had a lot of restraint.
Yeah, so the thing was, is I really wanted to expose their hypocrisy and their double standard and how they represent freedom of speech and they say, you know, anti-government and all this and let the people rule.
But yet it's people they choose to select.
It's people they want to let
You know, whoever believes with them.
If you don't believe their ideology or their way of thinking, you're an enemy of the state.
Well, exactly.
They dehumanize you because, you know, you're dressed kind of like them.
You're talking in a kind of California accent, you know, a cool accent.
You're being nice in the whole video.
And they're just a bunch of jerks, all because they don't know who you are.
They're just a bunch of thugs, a gang, wanting to beat somebody up.
Yeah, they weren't out there.
They weren't out there trying to teach somebody.
They weren't out there trying to learn something.
They were just out there to cause a disruption.
And, uh, they just decided to pick a lowball run.
But haven't they learned every time they pick on a man that's a patriot that you guys kick their ass?
I mean, haven't they learned?
I'm telling you, they're going to mess with the wrong person that doesn't have a governor.
They're going to get their neck broken.
Let's come right back in two minutes.
And I don't want that to happen, but they're going to get killed.
The most banned network in the world.
This isn't Netflix.
This isn't HBO, folks.
This isn't Game of Thrones.
This is the real fight on this planet with all the mystery around us for the future.
The fight for consciousness.
The fight for being.
The fight for destiny.
And if I've done anything right with all my obnoxiousness, it's that I'm awake and I'm trying to get others to think for themselves.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You keep saying you've got something for me.
Let's just admit it.
Our forces are smart, alive, and tough.
They can be black, they can be white, they can be old, they can be young.
We are alive.
We have Christ.
Our enemies literally dress and act like zombies.
And we know from secret documents we got over a year and a half ago that George Soros is funding these violent groups.
They're being paid, gang members, thugs, meth heads, led by college professors, to go out and do all this.
And so when I say somebody's going to get killed, I don't want that to happen.
Their plan is to trigger a civil war in this country and have antifug.
Go out to events where they hire these fake white supremacists, and they're fake folks, it's come out, to then get a bunch of bystanders there and get people killed.
That's their plan going into 2020.
They're gonna do it as big as Dallas.
And I want to thank the Democratic Party and the groups there at Georgetown University for suing me.
So that I can understand the soft underbelly and what they're scared of me covering.
I'll be at all these things now.
I'll have reporters at all these now.
We'll have undercover people and PIs at all these now.
We're going to expose you and you'll never stop us getting the information out.
Just like James O'Keefe just won his lawsuit where they said he was fake news and said he was editing things.
He wasn't.
But this is their plan and so instead of me ranting here,
So, basically, I really started this about a month ago, and avid listener and watcher of Infowars, you guys really
Open my eyes to how fake the media is and how important it is to do your own research and really look at the facts.
And everything that you have said and preached about or spoke about has been accurate from everything that I've went and researched.
So you've given me the motivation to actually learn to do the research for myself.
And so that turned into watching so many of those people get attacked in California with MAGA hats on.
And I'm like, they're only picking on weak people.
They only pick on the weak.
You know what I mean?
When I walk into places where I know that's super liberal out here in California, and I have my MAGA hat on, it's funny to watch the bullies squirm when they want to say something to you so bad, but they won't because they're cowards.
You know what I mean?
So, taking that and bringing it to, you know, the next level to where it's actually now, I want to make a difference.
I want to make a change.
Well, you are my friend.
You are.
So what were you thinking if you'd been there a while when they first hit you in the jaw?
When they first hit me in the jaw, what was I thinking?
Um, my first instinct was, now you touch me, now you just open the lion's cage, and now this lion's gotta eat.
And there was nothing but a pack of hyenas over there, so, you know, it was a fun time.
I'm not gonna lie, you know, I don't advocate for violence, but when I get to self-defend myself, you know, by nature I'm a fighter.
I do HMB, which is full contact armored fighting.
With real weapons, they're not sharp, they're blunted, but they're real weapons.
You can look up Battle of the Nations.
That's what I'm actually doing in Serbia right now.
I'm at a world championship tournament that we're fighting in.
We represent USA.
So that's what I picked up.
I picked up you had a governor going.
You were giving them like maybe 30-40% so you didn't black out or anything.
I could tell the way you got out of the crowd, the way you got away from them, that you were trying to de-escalate things.
Well, yeah, so my field awareness, you have to be on point, especially when you're in a situation like that.
You have to know, you know, your surroundings and you know, you have to how to slide in and get out.
So, I mean, I have a little bit of skill.
So right there, like if you see in that video where I move around to this little box that's there, what I'm doing is just creating the distance because I don't want, you know, I can't have him bum rush me.
So I create the distance and
I just try to separate myself as much as possible and de-escalate the situation as much as possible, but while putting the pressure on them because I have to back them up.
And they always get surprised when they get caught by somebody who's not a zombie.
Let's talk about where you're going from here, Brandon, where you see this nation going.
Stay with us.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
It's the same video.
We've seen it hundreds of times.
Oh, it's different people in different places in the land.
But it's crowds of 10, 15, 20, 100 sometimes.
Antifa trying to beat up journalists, attack women, attack babies in strollers, and then one man will kick 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 of their asses.
Then they run to the police and want you put in jail.
Brandon of That's The Point with Brandon on YouTube.
Millions of views now all over the internet of them attacking him out in California a few days ago.
He just simply fought back.
Very restrained.
But that's... I knew you're an interesting guy.
Get into this fighting style you're involved in and what you do.
We could probably pull it up or pull up a website you'd give us.
Because you're actually in Serbia for a championship fight right now for folks that just joined us.
That's super interesting.
Tell us about that.
So yeah, what I do is called HMB.
It's Historical Medieval Battle, which is a style that used to be done back in the days with actual knights that instead of, you know, they needed training and they weren't always at war.
So to keep themselves up, they used to like do tournaments.
And so what we do is we get, we have 14th, 15th century full armor and we have real weapons and we do melees.
We do five versus five, 30 versus 30.
Uh, 12 versus 12, and this is the first year that we're actually doing 150 versus 150.
And this isn't LARPing.
This isn't like, oh, tag, you touch down.
No, I was about to say, Antifa's like LARPing.
This is real.
That's what's funny, like, the LARPers running this might really know this.
Yeah, yeah, and what's crazy is that I'm a two-handed axe user, so God forbid I would have grabbed one of those poles, I would have, I would definitely would have been in jail for sure, 100%.
But, so yeah, what we do is, it's like, we fight, and it's five versus five, and right now we're at the World Championships, and our team made it to the championship, and we're representing the Team USA, and we're actually, our team is called Ordo Draconis, and you could look that up on YouTube, or you could,
You could look up Battle of the Nations 2019, Serbia.
That's where we're going to be fighting and they'll have a live stream up as well.
All I like this is it gets people back into their roots and out of the house and not just being little minions.
Well, this is crazy.
I don't know if Antifa's ever won a fight.
They just always gang up on people and engage in this type of activity.
But I don't know if you saw Paul Watson's article.
The FBI put out an alert on Sunday.
It got no coverage other than Infowars.com, other than the FBI report.
You'd think a report that Antifa is linking up with the MS-13, that literally torture people to death, and that they're planning to kill law enforcement and planning to break the border, and then here's the very groups out there you're facing in California.
It's just crazy.
They seem to want to ignite this crisis, but my intel is
They're going to use Antifa, and these idiots should know this, as the fall guys for some other more serious criminal groups, like MS-13, waiting in the shadows.
Yep, they don't even know it.
And what's sad is that they're just being blindly led, and they're loving it.
They don't care what the endgame is.
They just want to know about the now and looking cool, because I got a ski mask on my face, or I got a bandana on my face in a group, when in all actuality, you know, you're not a quarter percent of what a real man, what a real American patriot is.
And it's sad, and it's sad to see that.
And where they're headed is a very dangerous road, because like you said, they are going to be... These are just the fall guys.
These are just pawns.
They're not even pawns.
They're the precursor to a pawn.
You know what I mean?
They're the thought before the pawn on the chessboard.
And it's sad to see them going down that way, but they are playing a very dangerous game.
And if they dare go down to that border like that, it's not going to be a good situation for these people, man.
Well, they're trying to attack the military and police, and the military and police kill some of these folks.
They're going to make them all victims and say that Trump did it.
But this isn't Kent State.
Americans aren't going to... Americans are going to see right through this.
They have to, and they have to wake up.
And that's the reason I call it my show, That's The Point, is because, you know, people need to wake up.
People need to listen to facts.
People need to do the research and really find out what's going on.
If you're going to stand for something, you need to understand what you're standing for.
And that's why I love what you do, because everything that you do, you put it out there with passion, and you make people go find, you know what I mean?
And you give people the facts.
And that's what's motivated me so much to go out there and try to open people up to going and do the research and learning from people and also teaching at the same time, you know?
So it's a powerful movement and out here in California it's very, you know, I'm trying to, I have this hashtag Flip Cali Red movement and
It's a thing out here and we're trying to fight back for this state because it's going down fast.
I had a caller the other day say that I'm putting California down saying don't California my Texas.
I know California was more redder than Texas just 30 years ago.
I'm warning Texas we're going to go that way.
And that California's been overrun by globalists and their minions.
And so when I say, don't California my Texas, there's no disrespect to California.
I even say in the ad, California was probably the best state 30 years ago.
It's been ruined.
And so Texas better not be arrogant either.
This state is horrible right now.
It's completely horrible.
And the fact is that they're coming across the border.
And I interviewed a Mexican citizen downtown in L.A.
who just ran into him and winded up talking to him.
And he was telling me how he only gets down there, they only push the liberal side of the media down there, the bad stuff about Trump, the bad stuff about Trump.
So what they're doing is they're brainwashing them, indoctrinating them down there, encouraging them to come over here, trying to push for open borders and
Now, and they're trying to, trying to... Yeah, exactly!
It's not just poor people.
They're being weaponized.
They're being politicized.
This is the real Game of Thrones here.
They're really trying to play chess with these people.
They're moving them in by the troves to get Democratic votes.
So they can have democratic run throughout the government and turn this country into a socialist country so they can be, the globalists can take over and have their one world government and we have to stand up as Christians, we have to stand up as believers, we have to stand up as patriots and Americans and we have to fight and we have to fight with our minds, okay?
This come last.
I don't advocate for violence.
This come last.
But when it comes down to it, you have to stand your ground, defend yourself, but use your mind.
Use your mind.
Stand out there and fight against it.
But let me guess, you could tell they were about to assault you.
You were telling yourself, hold back, weren't you?
You were saying, don't lose control, don't hurt them too bad.
Well, the thing was, I was just, at that point in time, I knew something was going to happen.
And I was just telling myself, just let them make the first move.
And when they do, unleash fury.
That's it.
Let them touch me first.
And obviously, I'm being surrounded by a gang.
I'm in fear.
I'm fearing for my life.
I get hit with sticks, so I'm gonna let the lion out, and I'm gonna defend myself until I feel like I'm safe.
So they weren't ready for that.
Well, Brandon, we want to get you to Texas in studio with us soon, and hopefully we get the capital in to get somebody to you as a reporter.
We're out of money right now, but we'd love to have somebody like you work with us.
God bless you.
Where else people follow you at YouTube?
That's the point with Brandon, or where else?
Yeah, so that's the point with Brandon at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.
I just want to say, I have an upcoming video that I'm going to drop, and I had an InfoWars shirt yawn at Andrew Yang rally, and people were flipping shit, so it's coming out soon.
I'm definitely out here representing for InfoWars 2.
I didn't know if I could, you know, wear your stuff.
Brother, it's First Amendment.
Do whatever you want, but everybody, it's all free to air.
Do whatever you want as long as it's nonviolent.
God bless you.
We'll talk to you soon.
Hope your team wins in Serbia.
Thank you, sir.
God bless.
Thank you, sir.
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Alex, it's a pleasure to talk to you.
Alex, if I can just quickly, InfoWarsStore.com, I want to thank you for Polnblock.
It's amazing.
I've used so many different antihistamines over the years because I get really bad hay fever, and the antihistamines
Sometimes work, sometimes don't, but they never quite work fully.
They don't block all the symptoms, they just kind of dry you up.
Or at least that's what they do for me, if they work at all.
But pollen block, it works.
It stops everything.
I don't get the itchy eyes, I'm not sneezing, and I don't get the irritation.
It is amazing.
This is a known patent out of France.
You have to pay for the patent.
Where they just discovered that if you feed a certain secret diet to quail, and then you get their eggs, it creates this incredible antihistamine of a certain type of quail.
How fast did it take for pollen block to kick in for you?
It's pretty much straight away, you know, in maybe 10 minutes, maybe 20 minutes.
It just works.
The antihistamines, the pharmaceutical products, I find that with those, I can't take them until I start getting symptoms, and even then, they might not kick in for half an hour, or they might not kick in at all, depending on the day.
Polonblock works every single time.
Well, that's the great part about this, and for whatever reason, it's this, France discovered it like 50 years ago.
It's still got to be, even in this region of France, it's very complex.
They don't even know why, but they think it
It's the pollen in the area, the dust, what the quail are eating, then they just produce in the eggs whatever this essence is that just turns the histamine response off.
I go out and I do market research and I say, what are the best selling products in the world?
And what have the best reviews in the world?
And then what do people in America not know that in Japan or in Europe or in Russia,
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
All right, Mike Adams is with us for the rest of the hour.
He's hosting the fourth hour right here in the new studio.
If you're a TV viewer, you can see it.
Any radio listener can go to Infowars.com for its live show and find the verboten broadcast.
And I had Mike Adams coming in here about NASA came out and said carbon dioxide is actually good for plants and the earth.
That's like saying water is good for fishies, but the fact that now NASA can actually say the truth under Obama
Is a big deal.
So we're gonna get into all of that with Mike.
We're gonna get into a bunch of other vaccine news.
The whole measles panic.
Also how death education is causing massive suicides.
That's even in mainstream news now.
We're gonna talk about things that sound negative, but it's positive and know the truth.
But Mike owns
A big accredited major research lab, accredited to test food, supplements, water, you name it.
He mentioned this a few weeks ago.
We've been so busy, haven't done it.
It's funny, we're running a special on Alexa Pure Pro water filtration systems that, again, are one of the best gravity-fed systems out there.
I mean, there's some other good units out there.
We sell Pro Pure as well.
He's not even trying to help the show.
This is what he does.
He's tested all our products.
He tested many other products.
People pay him to test products.
We haven't done that.
But you found something interesting testing our system against other systems.
I appreciate you doing that.
I know it cost thousands of dollars to do it.
I didn't ask you to.
I should have asked you to.
But obviously, these are already accredited by other groups that have tested it.
But tell us what you found independently.
Yeah, well, so to set the proper context, we were not paid.
I did this as a volunteer, and I'll tell you why.
Because, you know, I'm part of the independent media as well, and I've seen how you have been just viciously attacked over your supplements, even when your supplements are vastly superior to what's available in retail.
And I thought, you know, this is entirely unfair.
If your products are the best, if they're really clean, if your water filters really work well, then frankly you deserve credit for that.
We have a multiple mass spec laboratory.
It's a multi-million dollar facility.
I've got some video that I sent you this morning.
Yeah, let's roll some of that Dr. McCann, his spectrometer stuff here.
Yeah, and so we've been testing water filters for their ability to remove glyphosate, which is the toxic cancer-causing weed killer.
And glyphosate is the most difficult chemical to remove from water.
The most difficult.
Laboratories, we worked for two years to get a method that could even retain it so that we could test it.
And all the science papers out there show that it's the most difficult chemical analyte.
Anyway, the bottom line, and I brought you the results here today.
We're going to play the video coming up.
The Alexa Pure water filter that was sent to us for testing directly from the Alexa Pure company
We put two parts per million of glyphosate in water, ran it through the filter, took the resulting water, and ran it through our triple-quad mass spec.
100% removal of glyphosate.
100% removal.
And again, you're the expert unless you have the scientists that work for you, but from what I've read, that's unprecedented.
Well, out of all the filters we've ever tested, we've only seen three that could do this.
They're all very expensive, more expensive than Alexa Pure, very high-end filters.
With your sale, I think, that I just heard about, is $199?
That is by far the most affordable filter that has this 100% efficacy.
Now, and the thing is, glyphosate's an indicator.
So if a water filter can remove glyphosate with 100% effectiveness, which is very rare to find, it means that it has the best chemistry in the water filter element.
So if you could knock Mike Tyson out in 1989ish peak, you could beat anybody?
Well, exactly.
So it's going to remove atrazine, it's going to remove pesticides, it's going to remove bisphenol A, probably, and all these other toxic chemicals, plus heavy metals.
We know heavy metals removal is typically very easy for water filters to accomplish, so that's not difficult for a lot of filters to do, but to remove glyphosate is a big deal.
Our lab, I've gone ahead and forwarded this graphic that you can use.
I'm giving you permission to use this on your website.
Our lab, CWC Labs, is confirming 100% removal of glyphosate from the Alexa Pure water filter.
By the way, you didn't even tell me you were doing this, which is cool.
You did it.
You even bought it from the manufacturer.
I just went out and saw who was ever the highest tested, who had the highest ratings.
That's who I get as a sponsor.
Because I'm already going to be a target, plus I want to sell a good product.
Plus, so many times, the very best you can get isn't the most expensive.
Well, that's right.
I mean, it really depends on how they make that cartridge.
What goes in it?
What kind of medium?
Well, let me say this.
I want you to continue to test Alexa Pure for us, and I'm glad you did, because there's another big national manufacturer.
I'm not putting them down.
They were really good for a while.
Then they got cruddy.
We got complaints.
We didn't have a sponsor for two years.
I see.
And so sometimes people are good, then they're not.
That's why you've got to continue on with the testing.
Well, that's right.
And actually, your crew gave me some of your nutritional supplement products several months ago.
I've got three of them tested, cleared of glyphosate.
I'll bring those in at a later date to show what those are.
And we have more testing going on all the time, you know.
And we're also adding, by the way, atrazine to our testing protocols.
So later this year we'll be able to test everything with an internally validated atrazine method.
And look, I don't want to get too geeky, you know, for folks that don't know that's the chemical that turns the freaking frogs gay.
Yeah, exactly.
Atrazine is a chemical castrator.
Atrazine and glyphosate are the top one, number one and number two weed killers that are used in agriculture.
So they are in the tap water, they're in the well water, they're in food crops, rivers and streams.
And they're gender benders?
They are.
Folks, yes, it's like David Hall goes, Jones says the water is poisonous, then sells a filter, like I'm hiding it from people.
No, I sell things I believe in.
We're trying to fund things.
I drink filtered water at my house through an Alexa Pure, and I reverse osmosis for cooking, but that cuts out the minerals, so it's not as good, but for cooking food it's fine.
But so, I mean, yes, I sell what I use, exactly.
Well, and California, you think about the water is so polluted in California, they recycle sewer water.
And put it on the crops.
And they have bio-sludge now.
And by the way, the state of Washington, I believe, has just approved a new law that allows the bio-sludge composting of human corpses.
So they're going to take human corpses and bio-sludge them into the food supply as fertilizer.
And that will go back into the sewage again?
So they're having a closed-loop system of disposing of human corpses into the food supply.
By the way, for people who don't know, let's say a 60-year-old, I've read the studies, in this toxic environment, a human body is a toxic thing.
You do not want to be, you know, like lower-grade fertilizer you put on grass, you don't put on food crops.
No, it's... Putting humans on... I mean...
So one of the things that our lab does, we have heavy metals testing and people send us hair samples all the time.
And so we have a really good map, thousands of hair samples of testing.
Well, when my dogs on my ranch, they killed a wild rabbit, I went out there and clipped some hair of the rabbit and I ran that through the same test.
The rabbit is pristine compared to humans.
The wild animals are pristine compared to humans.
Oh, we bioaccumulate worse than a whale.
Yeah, well, because look at the toxins that people are drinking and eating.
If you drink California water, you're getting gender-bender chemicals.
You wonder why we have this rise of so many people who don't know their gender.
Listen, part of it is cultural, but part of it is quite literally chemical exposure.
And if you don't want that exposure, you need to have a filtration system.
Yes, it's very simple.
Well, if all our listeners went and got an Alexa Pure Pro, their biggest, best system to throw on your counter, dump the water in, it does tens of thousands of gallons in its lifetime, hundreds of gallons a day if you want to dump water on the top of it.
I get lazy and do reverse osmosis for cooking.
Because, well, I didn't load the Alexa Pure.
Let me go over here and get the reverse osmosis.
Yeah, it takes some time for the gravity to drift.
Yeah, yeah, so it takes an hour or so to give you a few gallons.
But for your drinking water, you need to do it or you're crazy!
Well, here's what else is amazing.
We went to Walmart and other retailers and we bought those cheap water pitcher filters that you buy, and the water just runs right through them with almost no contact.
Oh, exactly.
If something's going right through, it's not filtering.
It's not filtering.
It takes time to remove the chemicals that you don't want.
So a fast filter that is gravity is usually not effective, and we've seen that in our action.
By the way, Mike Adams, you are just kick-ass for doing this, because I know it costs you a lot, because we do testing ourselves on top of testing just to make sure, and it's almost bankrupting us.
Thank you so much.
You're awesome.
We're going to come in with your video report on the other side, then we'll get into all the other big news.
But, folks, filter your water.
This is the best system for the price.
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Do it!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You found it, the tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show!
Welcome to this laboratory analysis of the Alexa Pure water filter.
This is Mike Adams here, the founder of CWC Labs, with a triple quad mass spec behind me that tests for glyphosate at sub parts per billion concentrations.
I'm wearing this microphone because we have a lot of noise in the lab because of all of the vacuum pumps, but
Just to backtrack a little bit, we did an analysis of the effectiveness of over a dozen water filters maybe a month ago or so, and it was a really popular video.
We were able to find two filters that removed 100% of the glyphosate, which is a toxic cancer-causing herbicide that's found in the water.
Parts per billion concentrations.
I'm wearing this microphone because we have a lot of noise in the lab because of all of the vacuum pumps.
But just to backtrack a little bit, we did an analysis of the effectiveness of over a dozen water filters maybe a month ago or so.
And it was a really popular video.
We were able to find two filters that removed 100% of the glyphosate, which is a toxic cancer-causing herbicide that's found in the water all across America.
Most of the filters did not remove 100%, but two of them did.
And I put out the call at that time for other companies to send us their water filters so that we could test them.
And the rules of that were very simple.
You send us a water filter, like Alexa Pure did here.
They sent it to us.
We test it for free.
We don't get paid.
We don't ask for any money.
We don't have any compensation.
So it's very simple.
So to conduct this test, we made a mixture of glyphosate in water.
Glyphosate is water-soluble, so it's very easy to do.
We put it together at 2 parts per million.
That's 2,000 parts per billion of glyphosate.
And then, we poured the 2 parts per million glyphosate into the water filter.
Now, before we poured it in, we took a sample here.
So this is the 2 parts per million glyphosate in water.
And then we allow the water to drip through the water filter, and then we collected the water here, after the filtration, into this vial.
This is the post-filtration vial, which we hope would contain no glyphosate.
If it's 100% effective, this would be completely glyphosate-free, and you could drink this water.
So, what results did we get?
Well, follow me.
We'll take a look at the triple-quad mass spec results, and we'll see what it actually shows us.
So this is a triple quad mass spec, and this peak right here, as it's titled, the Alexa Pure Pre-Filter Glyphosate.
This is the peak and the response that we get on this mass spec instrument for
Glyphosate at two parts per million.
And as you can see here in the upper right hand corner, the response is 6.3 times e to the fourth.
So that's a very large response.
If we were to integrate this peak and actually look at a number, the response is 26,618.
So that actually represents the number of molecular fragments of the glyphosate molecule that were detected by this instrument.
In, I believe the injection I used on this was two microliters.
So two millionths of a liter of water at two parts per million concentration produced a response of 26,618.
That's before the filter.
Now here's the big question.
What kind of a job did the Alexa Pure Pro water filter do?
So to answer that, I'm going to load up
The post-filter.
And here it is.
So this is the post-filter.
You notice there's no peak at all.
So remember, this is pre-filter, this is post-filter.
There's no glyphosate at all.
So the simple summary of this is that the Alexa Pure Pro removes 100% of the glyphosate at 2 parts per million concentration, which is, by the way, many times higher than what the EPA allows in drinking water.
Two parts per million is considered actually a pretty high concentration of glyphosate.
And the fact that that water filter was able to eliminate all of that glyphosate to the point where we detected nothing in this run, shows you that it is extremely effective at removing glyphosate.
And we can infer scientifically, because glyphosate is such a very difficult molecule to remove, it's very tricky.
It goes through a lot of filters, right?
But we can infer from that that the filter media that Alexa Pure Pro is using is really superior to what most water filters are using on the market.
And even though we haven't tested it for other pesticides or agricultural chemicals or, you know, chemical solvents, things like that, we can infer that it's very likely that we would also have 100% or near 100% removal of those other chemicals as well.
There are some filters where we saw a lot of leaking out of this point here and out of the valve.
In fact, we were doing some of these tests where we would pour in, you know, pour it all the way to the top and and wait overnight and one morning with some other filters we came in and there was like glyphosate water all over the floor which was not not a good thing.
So of course we had to mop that up and clean that up and it was a bit of a mess but that's because not all the filters have good
You know, washers or good components that fit together tightly.
But this one does.
And so overall I'm impressed with it.
Again, we don't sell this unit.
We actually sell a competing unit to this unit.
So we have no financial conflicts of interest in this at all.
This is just an issue of
I'm interested in the public learning what works.
I'm interested in the public avoiding exposure to glyphosate, pesticides, and herbicides.
They were kind enough to send me a unit, so we're going to test it, and I'm going to shoot a video.
That's what this is about.
You can check out my previous video if you want to see the other water filters that also tested at 100% removal of glyphosate.
With this one, there are now three total that achieve that result.
And all three are gravity filters, right?
So, it's pretty cool.
This is another option if you want to be prepared for the unknown, if you want to have clean water, even without a disaster.
You don't need a disaster to use this product.
Our lab is absolutely verifying 100% removal of glyphosate and we invite other laboratories all across the country to test it yourself and see because you'll be able to replicate our same findings unless you assembled it wrong or something, which I can't vouch for your assembly techniques, but we know how to put pieces together.
It's not that difficult and it works for us.
So thanks for watching.
I'm Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
CWC Labs is the laboratory here.
If you're a water filter manufacturer and you're watching this and you're wanting us to test your filter, just contact us through naturalnews.com.
You send us your filter, just send it to us for free.
We'll test it for free.
And if the results are good like this, we'll shoot a video for free and help promote your quality products.
We don't ask for anything.
You don't have to pay us.
We don't ask for a percentage.
Nothing of the kind.
This is totally free in the public interest.
I don't know how you do it, Mike.
Obviously you sell books and films and supplements yourself.
You do a great job, but classic thing.
A headset fell off in the control room about a minute into your piece and it hit replay and started over again.
I guess God wanted that repeated, but I didn't even know you were doing this.
I go out and find out whatever's the highest tested, but as you said during the break,
I don't know.
And also keep in mind that the Alexa Pure, the filtration element is very large and it handles a very large volume of water.
So there was one other water pitcher that did well, but it doesn't have the same volume of throughput.
So you're paying a lot of money on those other filters to only filter 200 gallons.
I'll just go sell those if they're better.
Here's my sales tactic.
Find out whatever is the best for the lowest price.
So I don't care.
If you find something better, please tell me.
So here's my statement.
What do you think is the best deal then?
Scientifically, the Alexa Pure does more filtration at a lower cost per gallon than any filter we've ever tested.
Especially when you have it on sale right now for $1.99.
Right, right.
And plus, any other lab in the country that is competent in this can reproduce our results, and I invite them to.
We welcome other labs, run the tests, and get the same results that we did.
Or if you don't, contact me, because I know these results are reproducible, because we have a validated method.
Well, that's what I mean.
Ours has been tested by others, that's why we went with it.
InfoWareStore.com, biggest sell ever.
Alexa Pure Pro, that's the big one.
We have replacement filters, everything.
Let's get into news when we come back.
David Nino Rodriguez!
I'm familiar with his boxing career, but I'm not a big sports guy that has time to follow boxing.
I do follow some of the heavyweight stuff, and I've also seen him on some national TV defending Trump, as some UFC fighters have done and gotten a lot of criticism.
But he is uniquely able to speak about this because he grew up in El Paso and saw the devastation on the border.
And he's seen firsthand the abhorrent violence of gangs, sex, drug, and organ trafficking, and the alarming volume of criminal behavior committed by illegals on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border.
Let's get into it!
You live down there, and Trump says, really dangerous on one side, a lot safer on the other.
He says walls make people safer, and the left says, oh no, there's nothing happening, Mexico's a wonderful place, there's no crime.
The big thing before the wall, I just want to clear this up, the big thing before the wall, the reason I know the wall worked,
We're good to go!
And they'd run right over there and put rocks in the street or two-by-fours with nails.
And when a car would come, it would hit the two-by-four with nails and it would come to a complete stop.
Or it would hit the boulders and stop.
And then they would run out and carjack the people, take everything they had, and sometimes even murder the people.
So that was just the lower element of crime.
Or they would go and hijack or go steal from the containers of the Santa Fe train, which they took so much merchandise off that train.
And then they'd go sell it in Mexico.
So they would call that a hit.
So they would go there and take a hit off the train, take a hit off someone driving a car.
And this was easy to do.
This is what they did every weekend.
Every day, really, if they wanted to.
It was just an ongoing thing.
And that was just a lower element of criminal activity.
The higher criminal activity was when, 2006, when George Bush started building the wall and finished it during the Obama administration.
Boy, did we see the cartels take over that city.
I mean, the extortion and the killings of 50 to 100 people a day.
It was like a war zone.
It was like Iraq over there.
And El Paso became, you know, coincidentally...
The safest city, while Juarez became the number one murder capital of the world.
And to see Beto O'Rourke, who's from my hometown, sell out to this idea, which he knows damn well that that wall has helped.
I have a lot of friends that are Border Patrol agents in this area.
And, you know, as you know, the checkpoints are all closed down because they're dealing with such an influx of immigrants coming here.
And these aren't people that are just from Mexico.
This is, you know, as you know as well, you say it all the time, South America, Africa,
They're all here, and they're getting 1,800 to 2,000 people a day.
That's how serious this is.
I mean, we're being bombarded right now here at the border, and they're having to let these people go into general population.
They're letting anywhere from 200 to 500 people a day, from what I understand the numbers, they're just letting them go into general population.
And these people, these aren't just people with kids and, you know, families.
These are grown men that we don't know what their objective is to come here.
We don't know.
I mean, a lot of these people grew up in crime in the community.
You got to understand, like Juarez, these third world countries, these people grow up with crime.
So do you think they're coming here to America to sack groceries and to work at Albertsons or something like that?
These people are coming here.
They know one thing.
They know how to make quick hits.
I know these people.
They know how to make a quick hit, do a drug deal, rob a house, do whatever, and have money to live on for a couple of weeks.
That's what's coming over here.
So these Democrats saying all this stuff about it's it's inhumane and unfair.
The only thing that's inhumane is the is the sex trafficking and you know the people crossing here that have to go for ranges of miles and miles and miles without any food or water and being you know the women being assaulted, the kids being used for like I said sex trafficking.
That's what's inhumane.
The wall will stop all that.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Hour number three.
Ten minutes away.
And Mike Adams is going to be hosting then.
I'll go 15 minutes to the next hour with him as we got on late.
And he does have a ton of news to get to.
A bunch of news I haven't hit.
A bunch of breaking news I haven't gotten to yet.
How psychology departments are trying to make preteen and teen girls commit suicide.
We have all the evidence.
Yeah, they want to abort babies after they're born.
They want to kill you, okay?
And it's a small cult of control freaks, but once they're identified, they're done.
Once you realize they're out to get you, that's when we turn things around.
We don't say this to scare you.
We tell you this because it's true.
And I'm like, Mike, let's get into all your other big findings, your great big top stories, this deadly fungus story that you broke even before the New York Times.
As people are aware of it and how you can deal with it, you'll get into the
NASA admitting that, oh, carbon dioxide is good.
Sounds ridiculous, but obviously it's the truth.
It's ridiculous.
You have to say it's the truth.
And so much more.
But you want to get back to water filters.
And again, this wasn't even planned today.
I heard he did this test and it came up clean.
I'm like, OK.
Because we already go to the big companies that have done their own testing.
But he's a Shepard Top Lab.
I just want to reiterate, Alex, that you and I have always had a really clear working relationship.
I've never been on your payroll, I've never received a dime from InfoWars, and the same thing is true with this water filter.
So I just want the public to know that
I did this as a patriot.
I did this because InfoWars deserves credit for choosing really rock-solid products.
And by the way, if you'd have found a problem, I'd have admitted it and dropped it.
Well, of course, if I had found a problem, I would have let you know.
I would have said, here's a problem.
By the way, these three products, I know that I think one of these has already been rebranded.
But I tested these three products for glyphosate and I can clear all three of them.
Every one of them has a barcode of our internal lab ID.
You see?
That's our internal lab testing number, internal lab ID.
I can produce the documentation and the validated testing results.
So I know all these three products are clear of glyphosate as well.
And, you know, we test our own products.
That's mostly what we do.
But I've started testing InfoWars products when your staff gives me those products to test.
But the thing is, we don't get paid to do that.
In fact, right now we're not even offering glyphosate testing to the public.
We don't offer that yet.
We may offer it later in the year, but we're not doing it yet, just because we're busy.
We're busy with all our own stuff.
We have so many samples going through.
And it is expensive to do this.
That instrument that's on the video that you showed is a half a million dollar instrument.
Oh, I know, because we don't just believe these big top companies that we private label stuff for.
And I'm sure they're great, but who knows, somebody has it sabotaged.
So we go ahead and have it tested again.
That's why sometimes stuff's sold out for six months.
It's not really sold out, it's sold out every two months.
We're getting lab results back because I know I've got to have every batch locked up in a cabinet, certified with a special FDA-trained lawyer in case they ever try to spike something to set us up.
That's right.
And we also know that the trolls out there, they're buying your products and they're buying my products and they're trying to find something
That is a contaminant, and they haven't been able to do it.
And it's because of this testing that you do and this testing that we do.
So I just want your audience to know, I'm not paid to do this.
I come in here because this is my patriotic duty, and you give me the opportunity to have this voice.
I'm going to host The Fourth Hour.
I've got a lot of news to cover.
Bombshell stuff about vaccines, too.
But I want to thank you for what you do and let you know that we're going to use our science
To validate the cleanliness of your products, and we're going to do it for free, because it's part of this fight.
End of story.
Well, I appreciate that, because people know you, they trust you, and it's not just some certified name on ours from some other top lab.
You've got a top lab, and you're checking it.
Because I want to make sure these labs are being accurate, because I know I'm a big target, but it's beyond that.
What do you call it?
I call it God-fearing.
People think, oh, that means you...
You're scared of God.
It's a bigger twist on that.
It means that when, if I even think about doing something bad, even though I don't want to do it, my brain wargames it, I feel scared and away from God.
I don't know how to explain it, like away from humanity.
And so, I mean, you could call it a compulsion.
The only thing I'm OCD about is...
Is that I like hospitality.
I have people over my house to cook hamburgers for them.
I like making people dinner.
I like taking care of people.
I like treating people like I want to be treated.
But then I see the rest of the world, that's less and less.
America was built on that.
They think screwing someone over is cool or cutting corners or doing something.
We see it all the time.
What do you call that when you, because I know you're the same, when you neurotically want to treat people the way you want to be treated.
Even though you're at a standard higher than anybody else, you still feel guilty because you're not perfect?
No, we see in this industry, even in the natural products industry, we reject 80% of the raw materials that we test, even for our own products.
80% do not meet our standards.
And we were contacted by a major player, not going to mention his name, a major player, had one of the biggest companies, sold it off, made a bunch of money, came to us, wanted to invest tens of millions of dollars.
We tested their raw materials and they were dirty.
And we said no.
And that major player went out to somebody else in the industry, got venture capital, and is now kind of a big shot retailer through Whole Foods and all these other places.
It's dirty product.
I can't name the names because they'll sue me, but I've got the lab results.
I could prove it if I had to.
The thing is, clean products are what it's really all about.
Clean products makes your blood clean, and it makes your brain function better.
And by the way, the planet's so dirty now, it's even hard to get clean products.
Well, that's exactly it.
And you've got to have clean water because, look, your body uses water to detox all the time.
You know, they talk about detoxification.
But if you just drink clean water, your body's eliminating the toxins naturally because your liver's doing its job, your kidneys are doing its job.
If you happen to get exposed to some atrazine or some glyphosate or some pesticides, if you have clean water going into your body every day, your body's going to eliminate that.
Well, people ask me, come back to that, people ask me,
Because I've been through a lot.
I've been burnt out and I didn't used to be very healthy, Sean.
I'm not a great example of this.
I got a lot better than I was 10 years ago because I just kind of gave up and got subconsciously depressed and gained 100 pounds and all the rest of it.
But then with supplements working out, I've gotten back some.
People look at my son like 6'2 now.
He's like beaming.
They look at my daughters.
They go, why do your kids look like supermodels?
And I'm not bragging.
It's because they've never had vaccines.
They eat overall organic food.
They've always had filtered water.
And they don't brush their teeth with fluoride.
Now I want to explain something.
My dad is a dentist and oral surgeon.
He's quasi-retired, still has his license.
He always thought they were giving people calcium fluoride that was pharmaceutical grade, which you need a little bit of in your body.
Too much is toxic.
He didn't know it was Grignard reagent, hydrofluorosilicic acid, weaponized, toxic chemical dumped in.
He helped develop super blue fluoride-free toothpaste.
Now, sure, topically, fluoride can actually do some things for your teeth, but you don't drink sunscreen to stop getting a sunburn.
And so what I'm getting at here is,
Is that I know all this stuff, it doesn't mean I follow it perfectly.
But you better damn well believe we put out fluoride-free toothpaste because it matters, folks.
And fluoride, on average, is lowering your IQ, giving you bone cancer, giving you lower fertility.
It's a fact.
Well, I guarantee you, maybe you don't want me to say this publicly, but I'm going to say it anyway.
I think the only reason, because you and I are subjected to intense stress because of the attacks and the lawsuits and all these things.
The only reason that people like you and I can remain alive and productive is because of the nutrition that we take.
Because these adaptogens that are in the nutritional supplements, they alleviate stress.
I can be totally depressed and not taking care of myself and have no sleep and eating bad food.
And if I take some DNA Force Plus or some fish oil or some iodine and drink a bunch of water, I suddenly feel alive.
If you and I lived on junk food and lived the lifestyle that we live, we would be dead by now.
No question about it.
Other people survive on junk foods only because they don't have the stresses in their lives because they're not really...
I think so.
And I said, he's totally drug-free, and I said, how do you do it?
He goes, oh, Chimay and all the supplements.
And he goes, all I do is test them.
If they work, I feel them.
It's not placebo with me.
He goes, some things don't work, some things do.
And he was just there shoveling supplements in.
And he was bouncing off the walls.
It was all just because he was getting healthy stuff.
We keep doing research on Turmeric, how powerful that is.
I think you have a bodies product that has that.
And let me share something with you.
We're researching right now a formula that we're going to patent.
I should probably talk to you about it, about selling it.
You know, I have a couple patents on removing things from the body.
We're going to have a formula that removes aluminum.
That's incredible.
From the blood.
Aluminum hauls the brain.
Yep, yep.
And aluminum also, you know, it's in the food supply, but it affects brain function, and it affects kidney function, and it's in the vaccines.
And as you say, it's an adjuvant.
It is.
It makes everything that's toxic more toxic.
Like a Carbo Booster.
There's a way to remove aluminum from the body, and the autism community has been super excited about this, already talking to me about it.
We're working on it.
We're going to validate it in our lab before we even announce it.
I should talk to your folks about it.
We didn't pre-plan this, so it just came up.
Everything that I'm focused on in terms of research and patents is now about cleaning the body of the toxins.
I need to do it.
You take better care of yourself than I. I know all this.
When I do it, I'm great.
You say I don't pull into McDonald's, but I will eat a 30-ounce steak, which I shouldn't do.
I mean, look, I'll have barbecue from time to time, too.
This is Texas, you know, we love good barbecue.
Yeah, but... But I'll take vitamin C with it, you know, or I'll take asafoetida with it, or I'll take turmeric with it.
So you can actually eat and enjoy a lifestyle of good food... No, but you're right.
If I take turmeric and some iodine after eating a big steak, I feel great.
If I don't, I'm all bloated.
Yeah, exactly.
You've got to match your food with the right supplements and then you can enjoy both.
You don't have to be a food doctor.
Well, listeners, listen.
If you've got children or you care about yourself, you should get an Alexa Pure Pro.
It's $50 off the regular price.
They're selling to us at cost.
We make like $50 on it.
Funds the operation.
This is the best system you can get at Infoworkstore.com.
You're crazy if you don't.
We'll be back with all the big news in the fourth hour.
Stay with us.
Charlottesville, Virginia is home to the author of one of the great documents in human history.
We know it by heart.
We hold these truths to be self-evident.
That all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.
We've heard it so often, it's almost a cliché.
But it's who we are.
We haven't always lived up to these ideals.
Jefferson himself didn't.
But we have never before walked away from them.
I believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time.
But if we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are.
And I cannot stand by and watch that happen.
The core values of this nation are standing in the world, our very democracy.
Everything that is made America, America is at stake.
That's why today I'm announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.
Folks, America's an idea.
An idea that's stronger than any army, bigger than any ocean, more powerful than any dictator or tyrant.
It gives hope to the most desperate people on Earth.
It guarantees that everyone is treated with dignity.
It gives hate no safe harbor.
It instills in every person in this country the belief that no matter where you start in life, there's nothing you can achieve if you work at it.
That's what we believe.
And above all else, that's what's at stake in this election.
We can't forget what happened in Charlottesville.
Even more important, we have to remember who we are.
This is America.
I'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.
This arm would put him away in seconds.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I got a bunch of Mueller news, a bunch of key stuff next segment, but I wanted to get into this with Mike Adams right now.
And in the next segment.
There are people that are unaware and unconscious of what's going on, and they're oblivious, and the system wants us to be like that, obviously.
Correct me if you think I'm wrong.
Then there are people that actively know they're scams, just want to join different scams to oppress people who are cynics and don't have a connection to God.
Then there are people that are informed and involved.
They split into two groups, but the other group's informed but doesn't get involved because they've lost hope.
They don't go out and feed on people because they know the system's corrupt.
They give up.
But there's that small group that knows there's a fraud, believes we can change it, and we're doing it.
Maybe there's other groups you can add to that.
There's demon-infested groups, don't forget about those.
Well, yeah, exactly.
You know what I mean?
How would you break these groups down?
Well, I'd say that the large masses are completely uninformed and illiterate about human history, about reality, about what's going on.
There's maybe 20% of the population that is somewhat informed, 5% of the population that's incredibly informed, and they see what's coming.
They know that there is global depopulation running right now.
Like, for example, we were going to talk about this NASA greenhouse gas carbon dioxide story.
Think about it.
The Green New Deal wants to eliminate carbon dioxide that feeds the plants that generate the oxygen that keeps humans alive.
Green New Deal should be called Green New Death.
Because it is a terraforming operation to destroy carbon dioxide, destroy all plants, and destroy all humans.
Look, okay, the atmosphere,
Eighty percent of it, roughly, is nitrogen.
Pointless, neutral gas.
Nobody uses it.
Twenty percent, roughly, is oxygen.
A very tiny percentage is carbon dioxide.
You know, less than a fraction of one percent.
Which people don't get.
It's literally this desperate gold.
Right, right.
And then they're saying that if aliens want to destroy the planet, they would say, get rid of this.
This is the weak link.
You said it.
If aliens, and I'm not saying literally that that's the case, but if aliens were trying to terrorize planet Earth,
They would have somebody like Ocasio-Cortez say carbon dioxide is bad, let's destroy the planet.
And then tell you the world's going to end.
Oh, we didn't get rid of it quick enough.
So they're using this desperation.
Your planet is ending in 12 years.
Do as I say.
Yeah, and it's a death cult.
So if we want to keep humanity alive, if we want to have
I don't know.
At one peak from ice core samples and mud samples, what, a thousand times stronger?
Well, not a... I think it was over... Trees used to grow way faster.
Everything was... It was... I don't know the exact number, but it was many, many times bigger than what it is today.
In fact, carbon dioxide is at near the lowest levels it's ever been in recorded Earth history.
Billions of years.
By the way, that's not debated.
And they go, oh, you don't know the science.
No, look, if you have a chart and it's going down, down, down, down, down for millions, even billions of years, and it's near the bottom and then it slightly ticks up, all they do is they zoom in on that little tiny uptick.
And we should be, like you said, we should be geoengineering and terraforming with giant plants creating it, not pumping it back into the earth.
Right, actually, burning fossil fuels is releasing fertilizer for plants.
All that ancient carbon.
Right, right, which has been sequestered.
So all that carbon dioxide that helped bring those plants to fruition is now buried in the earth.
We need to be pumping it out.
We need to be releasing carbon so that plants can grow and turn the earth more green.
Have you seen the leftist proposals to cut trees down because they create carbon?
Look, they are insane.
They are a death cult.
And they need to be stopped.
And I hope we can talk about this a little bit.
When we come back in a minute, who's behind them?
Because, look, we're not saying aliens are running things, even though the globalists believe that.
Like, you notice Joe Rogan had this big professor on, and he said, oh yeah, the university in England, and they're all going to start geomapping other dimensions with DMT, and like astronaut level stuff.
I told everybody that was going on.
Because I was told by people that were involved in the program.
We're not even saying that this is real.
They believe it.
That they have extraterrestrial, like, fallen creatures from another dimension programming this dimension to bring it down.
Now, that sounds insane.
That's what the elite believe.
We'll talk about it when we come back.
And then they're trying to cut off the carbon dioxide.
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You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
I hear people talking right about the way we have to live here in this country.
Harpin' on!
Y'all say this about Mike Adams, I'll say it about my crew, and you, the audience, who are the activists, who are the tip of the spear.
We're pro-human, we want a human future.
And we're gonna, Mike's gonna take over next segment and get into the carbon dioxide and acid, meaning you have to have it for life, and it's less than 1% of the gas, did you know that?
That's right.
So that's all coming up, but let's get into how right we've been as an audience, as listeners,
As patriots, we said Trump was being illegally spied on, and exactly how, first.
Not just from research, but from sources.
We've been vindicated.
We've been targeted for shutdown.
So has Mike.
Anybody who's over the target's getting hit.
That's your sign of, you know, obviously, who to support.
And then now, William Barr comes from kind of the older establishment.
And he's a clean-up guy from the establishment, because the establishment tried to take Trump out and got caught.
So he's there protecting Mueller and protecting the system, in my view.
And they don't know how to sit down and stop.
And so that whole process, they got caught trying to steal the election, trying to overthrow it.
It's blown up in their face spectacularly.
Mainstream media has almost no viewers.
They're in a straight-down dive.
Their censorship has failed on many fronts.
And nationalism is exploding.
We're going to have to arrest these people.
They're criminals.
They try to overthrow the government.
They hate America.
I talked to another person that was in the meetings about other meetings people had.
That's three people highly respected.
You've seen Trump's public statement, so he says he's doing it.
Now, hopefully he doesn't back down from that, but he knows the public demands it.
Plus, how could you sleep at night?
Knowing that the deep state's trying to overthrow the government, trying to wear wires, trying to set you up, trying to do all this, Trump doesn't have a choice.
The question is, what would you call this historic time we're in, A, and B, what does Trump need to do, C, and what will happen if Trump doesn't move against the deep state?
Even kind of the older deep state that isn't as anti-America, it's not perfect, it gets the cancer that AOC and Michael Moore and Ilhan Omar and all this are, and that they want maximum takeover power, and that things are totally imbalanced.