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Name: 20190410_Wed_Alex
Air Date: April 10, 2019
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Alex Jones discusses topics like the InfoWars Store's Spring Super Sale, open borders, medical tyranny, censorship, Dynavite nutrition supplements for dogs, X2 atomic iodide crystals, his own experiences with leaving a sanctuary state and finding freedom in Idaho or Montana, promoting Heart and Body Extract for fighting heart disease naturally, InfoWars Life Protein Bars as nutritious snack options, an analogy about moving forward despite obstacles, ongoing revelations of Obama-era spying and attempts to undermine President Trump's administration, exposing these actions as treason, urging listeners to fight back against globalists attempting to undermine patriots online, and promoting various products like Super Male Vitality, Prebiotic Fiber, TurboForce, MFootwear Select storable foods.

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Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Well, there's a major sign of the times right now.
Which is the fact that President Trump's approval rating is higher right now than President Obama's was at the same time in his presidency.
Now why is this key?
Because Barack Obama was a mainstream media hero.
Barack Obama was a mainstream media darling.
Barack Obama could do no wrong.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a mainstream media piƱata.
Donald Trump is a mainstream media target.
Donald Trump is the enemy of the mainstream media.
And yet, who has the higher approval rating?
Barack Obama or Donald Trump?
Donald Trump.
Now, what is that indicative of?
The mainstream media has lost its stranglehold on America.
And the mainstream media will never admit that, they'll never report that, but that's the real story.
And that's why they're pulling all the stops to try and censor InfoWars and other alternative news sources or alternative just people.
On social media, doing live videos, starting their own shows, doing their own political activism.
They've totally lost their stranglehold on the public.
But that's the story that nobody's reporting on, isn't it?
The fact that despite all the mainstream news attacks, despite all the deep state attacks, despite the deep state coup, I mean, do I really have to go down the list of everything that they have done to try and destroy Donald Trump, and yet his approval rating today is, I think, 53%?
Obama's was 47% at the same time?
Just think about that!
The American Revolution is on right now.
The media is just not telling you.
It may be something that you haven't really seen or experienced yet, but I think slowly but surely we're going to come to a point here in a couple years where instead of, say,
Let's say your favorite basketball team is in the finals, and you walk around town and everyone's talking about, hey, did you see the game?
Did you see the game?
In a couple years, it's going to be, hey, did you hear what Trump did?
Hey, did you see what they lied about?
Hey, did you see what happened last night in the election?
Hey, did you see that?
This is where we're going.
Alex Jones is on a working trip out in California.
There's a lot of powerful video that's going to be coming out of this trip.
You're starting to see a little bit of that leak.
Alex Jones joins us on the phone now.
Alex, it's an incredible time to be a part of this revolution, but the mainstream media will never report on it.
And when we come back from break, I want to open up with
Candace Owens' testimony.
You know, I was first going to go out to California because Candace had invited me on her podcast a few weeks ago, but then I ended up setting up five or six other interviews while I was going to be here, but she had to cancel that because she got summoned to Congress for the hearings that we just saw.
And classically, Congressman Lew, who's attacked me in that very committee hearing room repeatedly with incredible lies,
When I'm in the committee room, and of course I don't get to face my accuser, at least she did, and we learned why they don't like that.
She cleaned the floor, mopped the floor with him.
He played an edited tape out of context of her criticizing Hitler.
And of course, you know, she's not put out the full clip, but this is what Megyn Kelly did to me.
This is what John Ronson, who swore up and down with his NPR piece that he'd be fair, was total lies.
What they aired was completely made up.
Whole cloth fiction.
Look, that's all these people have got.
And it really shows how weak they are.
So we're going to cover this and so much more on the other side.
Nolan Shroyer, myself, and many others in fullwars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
There's a cultural and intellectual revolution happening worldwide.
And once again, you can point to the West spurring it along
Where we reached our tipping point, elected Donald Trump, and now are battling every day to save this republic.
Other nations around the world are seeing that, and they're taking action.
There's so much big news to cover right now.
And Alex Jones is with us to break it all down.
But we're going to be getting to all the news.
We've got great guests coming up.
Alex, I'm not even sure what is the biggest news right now.
I mean, we got medical tyranny happening.
We got revolutions happening worldwide for nationalism.
We've got a wide open border that's a national emergency.
We've got the deep state getting totally exposed right now with this fake Russian collusion witch hunt.
We've got Trump's rating higher than Obama's at the same time, despite all the lies and attacks against him.
And everything the left seems to do right now is just a total failure, Alex.
And you were highlighting this
Using the Candace Owens testimony yesterday as an example, I mean, it's just amazing to me.
Obama builds cages at the borders, they blame Trump.
Trump builds the economy, they give credit to Obama.
I mean, Alex, where does this madness end?
Well, it ends when we stop letting these bullies intimidate us and ruin our lives.
And that's exactly my top story today, after we talk about Candace Owens.
is that all over the western world they're bringing in unlimited illegal aliens from places that have demonic plague, drug-resistant TB, measles, mumps, rubella, and then in New York and in California where they've had the outbreaks
In four different towns in New York and a bunch of towns in California, the local health department always admits, we played this about a week ago, in fact one of the crew could probably pull it up for the next segment, the headline, it was a local news story out of New York, it was the head of the health department, but the headline was, New York official admits illegal aliens caused measles outbreak.
And so the illegal aliens caused the measles outbreak, people that are actually vaccinated get it,
Because it doesn't really protect you.
That exposes that it's really running water and detergent and clean society that basically took a lot of these diseases down to nothing.
And that is the fact that these countries don't have running water and people wipe their butts with their hands.
And there's all these incredible bacteria strains involved in everything that is causing it.
So, I'm going to say that again, folks.
You can look it up.
It's only in local news.
In California and New York where they've had measles, mumps, rubella, all this stuff coming back.
It's always the illegal aliens that are spreading it.
And then it's vaccinated people that are getting it, and that's destroying the illusion.
I mean, my children have friends that they know that say to them, you know, my mom or my dad's afraid I'm going to get sick because you're not vaccinated.
And my kids are like, wait a minute, you're vaccinated.
You're supposedly protected.
So now in New York City, Governor de Blasio's ordering outside of law, it's full of martial
That the Orthodox Jewish groups take vaccines because they're not stupid and Leviticus tells them don't take foreign substances in other people's blood, other people's seed, other people's genetics and put it in your body.
Well, those Orthodox Jews know
They read the vaccine insert, and it says it comes from fetal tissue.
It says it comes from all these things.
They know there's cancer viruses in it.
Most cancer is viral.
The massive increase in cancer with young people everywhere getting cancer is from the vaccines.
The viruses embed in your bones, and in your lungs, and in other areas where viruses precipitate out in the body.
I'm going to say it again.
Your bones, your lungs,
Your brain and other areas.
So if you want a big ol' fat, juicy brain tumor when you're 18 years old or 10 years old, or you want a big ol' juicy bone tumor, or you want a big ol' juicy tumor in your lung, just remember, it's not my opinion.
It is a fact that SV40 is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control in a 1979 report.
Anybody can pull this up.
You usually click images.
CDC report on HPV.
We're good to go.
Got cancer from the polio vaccine alone.
Over 100 million Americans got cancer.
Many of them died.
X's in the eyes.
In the ground.
Fat lady song show.
There is a giant covert operation to put cancer viruses in the vaccines.
It's a fact.
The inserts even tell you it could have cancer viruses in it.
And they think you're so stupid.
It's everybody.
It's Logan's Run.
It's Carousel.
It's Lower the Population.
It's Zardoz.
It's Moonraker.
It's all these movies telling you the elite want you dead.
The elite personally want to watch you die slowly.
And suck all your family's money, and your church's money, and your savings out while they give you bug poison for a thousand dollars a treatment.
Patented bug poison that cost them like three cents to make.
That's right.
The chemo is bug poison.
And sure, it may kill the cancer sometimes.
The point is, it's bug poison.
Bug poison.
Bug poison.
And so this is the big pharma assault, where they give you HIV to the factor A, bare on purpose.
Where they ship the Oxycontin down to have the doctors prescribe it, knowing they'll make $13 million and get you addicted and control you.
Where they knowingly put cancer viruses in the vaccines, and the Gardasil vaccine sterilizes the women.
It's all admitted.
They bring in the illegal aliens who literally, for many of these countries, wipe their butts with their hands.
There's no toilet paper.
They literally, all over Western Europe, they're now removing toilets and saying we need to embrace their culture and crapping a hole in the floor.
And then wipe your butts with your hand and then wash it down a filthy sink.
Okay, this is their plan to make civilization go in reverse.
The globalists want a post-industrial world, a collapsing, austere planet for us, total wealth and power for them.
We're being taught to hate the world.
We're being taught that architecture is ugly, that art is ugly, that men and women being together is ugly.
All the numbers show we're being imploded.
We're being brought down.
We're being taught to have our life force destroyed by these globalists, but humanity is coming back, and the globalists are.
I don't know.
We're going to get to Candace Owens in these incredible clips because it's bigger than Candace Owens.
It's bigger than that.
And this is a top story regardless, but they have this so-called white supremism hearing, believing the troll of New Zealand who said, oh, I'm a radical and all this stuff, but I really love Candace Owens.
She's more radical than me.
That was a total troll.
We're good.
And tell her to shut up.
That she just called Congressman Lew stupid.
Well, she didn't do that.
They lied again in front of everyone thinking you're dumb.
She said that she thinks the American people are stupid.
And then what does Nadler do?
He goes, how dare you call him stupid?
She called him on that.
They're not used to it.
They lie with impunity and they're not getting away with it anymore.
So we're going to play her opening statement.
We're going to play them playing the edited Hitler clip.
She then absolutely destroys them and then Nadler just shrugs his evil penguin shoulders.
Because he thinks he's beating America.
He thinks blacks are literally his slave.
The Democrats believe they own black people.
They broke up their family scientifically.
They shipped in the weaponized gangster cult music from the leftist CIA.
And the black people are the beta test for everybody else in this country and in this world.
Alex, I don't think people realize how corrupt these Democrats actually are until they see them lying to their face.
Until they see them say, oh, don't believe your lying eyes, listen to me.
Trump built those cages that the kids were put in.
Doesn't matter if that photo's from 2014.
That young white boy in a Trump hat, he got in that Native American's face.
By the way, that Native American's a war hero.
All untrue.
So I think people are actually now seeing the desperation in their lies and wondering, who are these people?
They are monsters that have gotten away with so much so long.
They're doubling down on the lies, but it's not working.
We're at the tipping point.
This is a critical time, folks.
Spread the links.
Tomorrow's news today.
Only you can override their censorship.
Hi, I'm... There are thousands of ideologies out there.
Hundreds of different political systems.
And most of them are funded by the globalists.
Infowars is truly the tip of the spear of the zeitgeist.
That's why the globalists are obsessed with it, trying to shut it down.
I didn't invent all this.
I went and researched the Renaissance, Americana, and what really works for humanity, and I'm simply trying to bring it back.
And lo and behold, it's super popular, like it's always been!
That's why the globalists are trying to shut it down so desperately.
Because we have the light in the dark of the night that sends chills up my spine.
So whatever you do, continue to support yourself and InfoWars by buying the great products at InfoWarsStore.com, by spreading the articles, by spreading the videos, and by praying for this operation and for praying for this nation and the world for peace and discernment.
For myself and the whole InfoWars family,
I want to thank all of you for what you've done, because without you, InfoWars is nothing.
You are the InfoWars, and I salute you.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Alex Jones from Southern California.
I'll be back very soon.
I'm sure we're doing a great job as a bunch of very informative guests coming up.
It's an incredible video and audio he's going to be playing and I'll tell you about who started the next segment.
But first, when I got to know Candace Owens a few years ago, she'd run their IP addresses and confirmed that liberal feminists saw that she was good looking and smart and charismatic, had all the things she needed.
And that she was building a social media presence very quickly.
And so they started sending her threatening messages from so-called white supremacists saying, we're going to get you.
But then suddenly the feminists reached out and said, we'll protect you.
Now this is what they do at colleges all over the country.
The buses arrive with the kids to college.
They get dumped off.
The parents dump them off.
And then the leftists come, the professors come, and they say, oh my God, there's a KKK rally today.
They're coming for you.
You've got to come to this meeting.
We're going to protect you.
Then they take them literally into a little auditorium area and begin the hardcore brainwashing.
That's how PETA does it.
They take people into an area and show them animals having their heads cut off, blood spraying everywhere, the very worst footage ever.
So it's part of traumatizing people with a false flag.
So the Democrats' entire narrative is about deception, is about lies, is about false flags, is about traumatizing people.
That's why they want me off the air, because I question any big public event.
Sometimes it's staged, sometimes it isn't, but they always use it for power.
But imagine, she woke up from being a leftist, mainline liberal, by the fact that she caught them in the same IP addresses, sending her emails, text messages, private messages on YouTube, all the rest of it, threatening her, and then sending her messages consoling her, playing good cop, bad cop.
She awoken.
Paul Watson learned about her.
Promoted her.
She exploded.
We had her to Austin.
She exploded.
Got contact by the Trump people.
She's done a great job.
Promoted by Kanye West.
All the rest of it.
But imagine a country in a world where a psychotic goes in a very, very, very, uh, smelly situation with this big, uh, manifesto trying to cause a global race war.
He specifically singles Candace Owens out.
Later admits it's a troll.
They have congressional hearings a month later and play an edited clip off of
The congressman's phone, Congressman Lew's phone, and it tries to imply that she likes Hitler.
So they totally took the false bait that this terrorist put out, and they're running with it 100% precisely.
Which, again, makes the whole thing more mysterious, doesn't it?
How he's had this plan, they're all going along with it.
Using it for censorship, using it for control.
Now they have these hearings, and here's this beautiful, smart, charismatic woman,
Who's gotten even stronger now because, you know, she's been in the sunlight for a few years and really had time to fight and grow.
Imagine somebody like Candace Owens getting elected to Congress when she's only 27 years old.
Imagine how she'd be at 35 or 40, ready to run for president, ready to win, and people, black, white, old, young, would support her.
Somebody like her could relaunch America.
There are so many real black women like her out there.
So many real white women, Hispanic women, Asian women.
But you look at Democratic women, they're evil, hateful witches that want to control other women, that know they're lying about all this propaganda.
That know they're just scaring women into a plantation.
How do pimps, when a woman comes to LA, she's 18, she wants to be a movie star, a pimp's there, tells her he'll take care of her, he'll tell her there's dangerous people out on the streets.
He'll show her some dangerous stuff happening, and a year later, she's got cigarette burns all over her.
She's lost 50 pounds, and she's ready for a mental institution from all the drugs she's been on.
Democrats are pimps.
They induct women, particularly, onto their pimp plantation.
So they tried to pimp her onto their plantation.
It didn't work, because she actually grew up on a plantation and knows what a plantation is, as she explains in her opening statement that she says after the break.
But just think about that.
I want to play a few minutes of this.
This is Congressman Lew, who lied about me in the very same committee hearing months ago.
Right to my face, but I couldn't face my accuser, at least she did, and she mopped the floor with him.
He plays an edited clip that she likes Hitler.
She then, of course, exposes what she really said, and she has the full clip on her Twitter showing what a premeditated fraud he is.
Then Nadler says, how dare you call him stupid?
Don't do that.
She didn't call him stupid.
She said, you think we're stupid.
Proving it, they lie to her face and the camera's faces, and Nadler just shrugs.
These people are criminals, and they're used to no one saying no to them and no one calling them out.
They are unbelievably dangerous.
Here is part of the exchange right now.
Of all the people that Republicans could have selected, they picked Candace Owens.
I don't know Miss Owens.
I'm not going to characterize her.
I'm going to let her own words do the talking.
So I'm going to play for you the first 30 seconds of a statement she made about Adolf Hitler.
I agree.
I actually don't have any problems at all with the word nationalism.
I think that it gets, the definition gets poisoned by leaders that actually want globalism.
Globalism is what I don't want.
So when you think about, whenever we say nationalism, the first thing people think about, at least in America, is Hitler.
You know, he was a national socialist.
But if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay, fine.
The problem is that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany.
He wanted to globalize, he wanted everybody to be German, everybody to be speaking German.
Alright, so my first question is to Ms.
Owen said, quote, if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay, fine.
The problem is that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany.
So when people try to legitimize Adolf Hitler, does that feed into white nationalist ideology?
It does, Mr. Liu.
I know that Ms.
Owens distanced herself from those comments later, but we expressed great concern over the original comments.
Great, thank you.
Thank you.
Owens, I'm sorry, we just started recording.
Would you like time to respond to that?
Yes, I think it's pretty apparent that Mr. Liu believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip in its entirety.
He purposely presented an extracted clip.
The witness will suspend for a moment.
It is not proper to refer disparagingly to a member of the committee.
The witness will not do that again.
The witness may continue.
Sure, even though I was called despicable.
The witness may not refer to a member of the committee as stupid.
I didn't refer to him as stupid.
That's not what I said.
That's not what I said at all.
You didn't listen to what I said.
May I continue?
As I said, he is assuming that black people will not go pursue the full two-hour clip.
And he purposefully extracted, he cut off and you didn't hear the question that was asked of me.
He's trying to present as if I was launching a defense of Hitler in Germany when in fact the question that was asked of me was pertaining to whether or not I believed that Hitler, whether or not I believed in nationalism.
And that nationalism was bad, and what I responded to was that I do not believe that we should be characterizing Hitler as a nationalist.
He was a homicidal, psychopathic maniac that killed his own people.
A nationalist would not kill their own people.
That is exactly what I was referring to in the clip, and he purposely wanted to give you a cut-up similar to what they do to Donald Trump to create a different narrative.
That was unbelievably dishonest, and he did not allow me to respond to it, which is worrisome, and to tell you a lot about where people are today in terms of trying to drum up narratives.
By the way, I would like to also add that I work for Prager University, which is run by an Orthodox Jew, and a single Democrat showed up to the embassy opening in Jerusalem.
I sat on a plane for 18 hours to make sure that I was there.
I'm deeply offended by the insinuation of revealing that clip without the question that was asked of me.
Thanks, Mrs. Owens, and I yield the remainder of my time.
Gentleman yields back.
So ladies and gentlemen, we're going to come back and play her full statement.
But you have to understand, ladies and gentlemen, that... You know, I didn't plug any last hour.
And I've said I'm our own biggest enemy.
But the listeners tend to get it.
They respond when I plug.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back, I'm Alex Jones on the road with you on the good old-fashioned telephone.
And we've got Owen Schroyer there in the high-tech studios, blasting the truth out on AM and FM, global shortwave, satellite, the internet, and so much more at newswars.com and infowars.com.
Okay, so I got caught off by the break, and I was getting into the fact that coming up, Owen's going to interview InfoWars Army members down in Houston, who simply went out with signs saying, make America great again, it's okay to be white,
Things like that to spur a debate, and a woman comes over and says, no, it's not okay to be white.
And again, this is this new Democrat thing where they're saying whites are inherently evil.
I mean, this is their main line statement.
So in between bullying the unborn or not trying to kill babies after they're born, with Chuckie Schumer, who was just defending yesterday, that's up on InfoWars.com, they're out running around saying whites are inherently evil.
And of course, it's not a
Black person or Hispanic person coming over and saying, how dare you say it's okay to be white.
It's almost always a weird, crazy white person.
And it's a woman crying that she's so threatened by the evil and by the downtroddenness and how, you know, stupid minorities are supposedly.
That's why in all the studies the left dumbs down their speech to minorities.
It's this condescension that she's this white knight.
She's this savior.
That's going to come up in the next segment.
She comes over and starts crying and it's incredible.
Those folks are going to be on the show.
So it's the same thing with Candace Owens.
You see, this white lady, guaranteed she's been indoctrinated in college, all of her sensitivity training, she's been taught that she's bad, and so she's got to go out and atone
And make civilization and white people and the renaissance be a thing of the past.
She's got to get rid of toilets.
She's got to get rid of, I mean seriously, of civilization because it's a bad oppressive thing over the quote minorities.
And so she's there crying.
We see Candace Owens didn't buy into that.
She knew when they were trying to set her up.
She figured it out.
And you know her grandfather grew up as a sharecropper.
That's basically a plantation.
And then she grew up
They're in her grandfather's house.
And that's where she got the values, you see.
And if you go back 60 years ago, blacks had a lower level of illegitimacy.
That means lower level of single parent homes than whites.
Now it's almost 80%.
Now think about that.
They totally destroyed the black family.
And they always say, well, don't bash single mothers.
Nobody's bashing them.
Somebody's bashing a mother if she had her husband taken and put in a meat grinder.
The point is, is they do this so that the boys and girls are alone, so things spiral out of control, and so they can manage and take control of society.
And Candace Owens beautifully lays all this out here in a moment in her opening statement.
And so it's very good that she ended up canceling her podcast with me.
It was supposed to happen yesterday.
Obviously, she can go testify.
So that's an amazing thing.
And again, guaranteed,
There are lots of black women just as smart, just as charismatic, just as good-looking.
She's got all three of the things you need to get elected to office.
And then she's got that fourth thing.
Integrity and discernment.
And that's the type of person that we need to see run for Congress and win.
I don't care if they're white or black or old or young or Hispanic or Asian.
They have the fire of liberty in their eyes.
They understand the truth.
They want to empower humanity.
And imagine having a bunch of Candace Owens elected instead of Maxine Waters.
Imagine having someone like Candace Owens as the chairman of that committee instead of Maxine Waters.
We have another clip coming up.
I've heard with the Treasury Secretary literally treating him like a piece of crap, playing games, because these people are out of control.
Hillary was supposed to get elected.
They were supposed to shut down our free speech.
They were supposed to be in total power, in total control.
They didn't get it.
So right in the middle of their total takeover, they failed.
So I want to go to this, but please, listeners,
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And you have all made this broadcast.
And yes folks,
So many people get their launch pad at InfoWars.
The enemy knows that, so they want to take us out, and Candace Owens got her main launch pad here.
We are so proud of her, and so proud of what she's done.
She picked herself up by her bootstraps, but InfoWars was the platform that helped produce the boots.
So ladies and gentlemen, here is Candace Owens, blowing them out of the water with the truth, and then back to Owen Schroyer and the ATX.
I received word on my way in that many of the journalists were confused as to why I was invited, and none of them knew that I, myself, was the victim of a hate crime when I was in high school.
That's something that very few people know about me, because the media and the journalists and the left are not interested in telling the truth about me because I don't fit the stereotype of what they like to see in black people.
I'm a Democrat, I support the President of the United States, and I advocate for things that are actually affecting the black community.
I'm honored to be here today in front of you all because the person sitting behind me is my 75-year-old grandfather.
I've always considered myself to be my grandfather's child, and I mean to say that my sense of humor, my passion, and my work ethic all comes from the man that is sitting behind me.
My grandfather grew up on a sharecropping farm in the segregated South.
He grew up in an America where words like racism and white nationalism held real meaning under the Democrat Party's Jim Crow laws.
My grandfather's first job was given to him at the age of five years old, and his job was to lay tobacco out to dry in an attic in the South.
My grandfather has picked cotton, and he has also had experiences with a Democrat terrorist organization of that time, the Ku Klux Klan.
They would regularly visit his home and they would shoot bullets into it.
They had an issue with his father, my great-grandfather.
During my formative years, I had the privilege of growing up in my grandfather's home.
It's going to shock the committee, but not once, not in a single breath of a conversation, did my grandfather tell me that I could not do something because of my skin color.
Not once did my grandfather hold a gripe against a white man.
I was simply never taught to view myself as a victim because of my heritage.
I learned about faith in God, family, and hard work.
Those were the only lessons of my childhood.
There isn't a single adult today that in good conscience would make the argument that America is a more racist or a more white nationalist society than it was when my grandfather was growing up.
And yet we're hearing these terms sent around today because what they want to say is that brown people need to be scared, which seems to be the narrative that we hear every four years right ahead of a presidential election.
Here are some things we never hear.
75% of the black boys in California don't meet state reading standards.
In inner cities like Baltimore, within five high schools and one middle school, not a single student was found to be proficient in math or reading in 2016.
The single motherhood rate in the black community, which is at 23% in the 1960s when my grandfather was coming up, is at a staggering 74% today.
I'm guessing there will be no committee hearings about that.
There are more black babies aborted than born alive in cities like New York, and you have Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo lighting up buildings to celebrate late-term abortions.
I could go on and on.
My point is that white nationalism does not do any of those things that I just brought up.
Democrat policies did.
Let me be clear.
The hearing today is not about white nationalism or hate crimes.
It's about fear-mongering, power, and control.
It's a preview of a Democrat 2020 election strategy, same as the Democrat 2016 election strategy.
They blame Facebook, they blame Google, they blame Twitter.
Really, they blame the birth of social media, which has disrupted their monopoly on minds.
They called this hearing because they believe that if it wasn't for social media, voices like mine would never exist.
That my movement, Blexit, which is inspiring black Americans to leave the Democrat Party, would have never come about.
And they certainly believe that Donald Trump would not be in office today.
Looking at the next thing to focus on now that the Russian collusion hoax has fallen apart.
Candace Owen's family have been fighting racist Democrats for decades.
The Heights Public Library today debuting a new children's story hour called Drag Queen Story Time.
My name is Blackberry.
I'm a bearded drag queen.
That means I'm a lady with lots of facial hair.
Stephanie Whitfield sat in on the program designed to promote
I'm actually going to be one of the drag queens reading for Drag Queen Storytime.
Drag Queen Storytime.
And we witnessed parents taking their children, as young as two, inside to take part.
Are you nervous?
Do you want to touch my hair?
And for the children and the people that support it are going to realize that this is going to be the grooming of the next generation.
That's the whole goal is to make kids that aren't used to seeing something like me more comfortable just seeing it.
You could be a drag queen superhero!
And shake your butt!
Shake em, shake em, shake em, shake em, shake em!
No one's there to push an agenda on anyone.
No one's there to persuade people or to recruit people.
Who wants to be a drag queen when they grow up?
You could be a drag queen superhero!
Are you nervous?
They were all accepting.
They all were happy about it and excited and giving me hugs and everything.
Most people seem to walk away having a good time.
A stardom young, right?
A stardom young, right?
When the woman gets up on her table, spreads her legs, it's a man.
This is adult entertainment.
But what do predators do?
They target children.
Breaking news, we have just confirmed that a registered child sex offender has been reading to children at a Houston public library as part of its Drag Queen Story Hour.
A media spokesperson for the library confirms one of those drag queens, Tatiana Malanina, is really Alberto Garza, a child sex offender.
In 2008, he was convicted of assaulting an 8-year-old boy.
This is Tatiana Malina, my sister from Queens of the Week.
And everywhere else it's called pedophilia.
But when it's done institutionally, and they can get away with people dressed up like demon clowns with your children.
Pull up Tranny Time in the New York schools.
This is put out in the New York Times like it's wonderful.
And it's the biggest scary looking group of weirdo pot-bellied men.
Looks like a bunch of Dennis Hasterds running around with clown makeup on.
Just hopping around, rubbing their giant bellies in front of children, and you're like, what alternate universe is this?!
What planet did I wake up in?!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
And now, your host, Owen Schroer.
You know, I'm not really sure what the solution to this cultural paradox that we're witnessing is.
Where there's literally events happening right now where a bunch of leftist liberals are gathered in an auditorium talking about how white supremacy is destroying everything.
And it's all a bunch of white people doing it.
And then you see someone like Candace Owens
Who recounts her grandfather's story in her opening statements yesterday, and you realize, wow, here's a woman whose family has actually been fighting Democrat racism for decades.
And then I have to sit here and look at fops and soyboys and nitwits and pinheads and pencil necks and needle you-know-whats
Looking for a new corner to peer around and find racism.
You people are pathetic.
And I just wish that they could understand that they are the scourge on this country.
They are the racists.
And I just don't know if they were ever meant to understand that, if they have the capacity to understand that, or if it's just literally in God's grand design for them to never understand that.
That's just their role.
They're NPCs.
That's their role.
God put them on this earth as a test for the righteous, as a test of our patience,
And so I can't tell whether we respond to it, we highlight it, or if it's just time to start ignoring it and having our own victories, like the one Candace Owens had in her opening statement.
Here is the rest of that.
What they won't tell you about the statistics and the rise of white nationalism is that they've simply changed the data set points by widening the definition of hate crimes and upping the number of reporting agencies that are able to report on them.
What I mean to say is that they are manipulating statistics.
The goal here is to scare blacks, Hispanics, gays, and Muslims into helping them censor dissenting opinions, ultimately into helping them regain control of our country's narrative, which they feel that they lost.
They feel that President Donald Trump should not have beat Hillary.
If they actually were concerned about white nationalism, they would be holding hearings on Antifa, a far-left violent white gang who determined one day in Philadelphia in August that I, a black woman, was not fit to sit in a restaurant.
They chased me out.
They yelled, race traitor, to a group of black and Hispanic police officers who formed a line to protect me from their ongoing assaults.
They threw water at me.
They threw eggs at me.
And the leftist media remained silent on it.
If they were serious about the rise of hate crimes, they may perhaps be examining themselves and the hate that they have drummed up in this country.
Bottom line is that white supremacy, racism, white nationalism, words that once held real meaning, have now become nothing more than election strategies.
Every four years, the black community is offered handouts and fear.
Handouts and fear.
Reparations and white nationalism.
This is the Democrat preview.
Of course, society is not perfectible.
We've heard testimony of that today.
There are pockets of evil that exist and those things are horrible and they should be condemned.
But I believe the legacy and the ancestry of black Americans is being insulted every single day.
I will not pretend to be a victim in this country.
I know that that makes many people on the left uncomfortable.
I want to talk about real issues in black America.
I want to talk about real issues in this country and real concerns.
The biggest scandal, this is my last sentence, in American politics is that Democrats have been conning minorities into belief that we are perpetual victims, all but ensuring our failure.
Racial division and class warfare are central to the Democrat Party platform.
They need blacks to hate whites, the rich to hate the poor, and soon enough it'll be the tall hating the short.
The time of the witness has expired.
Now another amazing
Moment in the Candace Owens testimony yesterday is when Jerry Nadler, who's gaveling the committee, is actually shouting her down.
And she's like, wait a second, I was invited to speak here.
How are you going to gavel me?
But that's Jerry Nadler, one of the biggest frauds, one of the biggest liars, one of the biggest conmans in Congress.
And you know, look, I'm going to come back from this break and I'm going to get to all the news and then I got great guests coming up, but... I have to tell you the intellectual formula that's constantly revolving in my head.
Because I just want to have victory.
And so knowing the formula, knowing the mathematic equation to get victory is key.
So that's why I try to figure this out, but it's like, should I be more focused on exposing the left and combating the left and countering the left for all its racism, all its lies, all its deception, all its fraud, just everything?
You know, I go out and face these scum.
Is that what I need to do?
Do I need to really focus on hammering back against these people, countering them?
Or do we focus on just having victory and just promoting our own stuff, promoting our own news, promoting our own content, doing our own thing in kind of our own proprietary way instead of a reactionary way to everything that the left does?
And I can't tell whether I'm being gaslit intentionally, and I need to realize that and put the fire out,
Or if that's an actual programmed response tuned in innately by God to put me into action.
And I don't even know if this is making any sense, but it's like...
Should I really be focusing on these groups out here that are actually promoting racism and division in this country, like Media Matters and Right Wing Watch, who have all of these meetings and these auditoriums where they talk about how bad white people are?
And they're all white, by the way.
And so it's just like, it's just so frustrating.
You know what?
In fact, I'll just go ahead and put it all out in the air.
And I don't like doing this sometimes because I feel it actually inflates these people and I feel bad about it.
And like this woman that showed up at this Infowars Army event in Houston, but like...
Let me just explain.
Unless I just kind of give you an example of where my head's at, I don't know if you can understand.
So Jared Holt is a left-wing, liberal, progressive, low-IQ writer for Right Wing Watch.
He writes stories about me.
He's probably tuned in right now.
And I'm probably inflating his ego right now.
Actually, no, that's right.
He's at some consortium, some anti-white consortium right now.
And look, because I genuinely try to be friends with everybody.
I genuinely, I like being friends with people, even if we disagree politically.
I have reached out, I have befriended Jared Holt.
I've been totally nice to him.
But the guy, I mean, it's just like, I can't tell if I should just leave him alone or if I should actually try to save his soul.
But if you go down, he's at some meeting right now where they're just bashing white people.
Dude, you're white.
You're whiter than I am.
You look literally like you look like a Nazi.
I mean, blond hair, blue eyed.
But it's like, I don't care about your skin color or what you look like.
Your politics are insane.
But look at this picture they put up.
I mean, whatever, the guy's had six soy lattes a day since he was five.
It's none of my business.
He puts out a picture, this comic that they put out, that the left is celebrating.
And they're saying, oh, you know, conservatives make a big deal out of liberals getting triggered over a clown mask.
And so they put out this comic.
Guys, pull up the image from his, he shared it.
It's a comic.
It's the one after the Paul Joseph Watson picture.
And they think it makes sense because they have this conservative dressed up in a clown outfit and they act like, oh my gosh, that's what conservatives are doing.
But that's literally what they did.
Like, literally, it was the leftist.
I played the video here on the air that dressed up in a clown outfit and actually was literally triggered over it.
I haven't seen a conservative actually dress up like a clown and be that upset.
If they dress up like a clown or I dress up like a cow, it's just for a funny video.
But that's what I'm saying, what can I do?
How can I save them from themselves?
These people are so degenerative intellectually and mentally and psychologically right now,
I mean, I genuinely want to help him.
I genuinely want Jared Holt to see how he's totally brainwashed.
But then I plug into the formula and I say, but what is the formula for victory?
Do I eviscerate Jared Holt?
Do I eviscerate these people for who they are?
Do we go on the attack?
Do we go on the counter?
Or do we just kind of say, okay, you know, you're a little mentally ill and
It's okay.
Here's an olive branch.
Let's at least be friends.
Quit telling people to hate me.
Quit telling people I'm a racist.
Quit telling people I'm a white supremacist.
You know, write your political stuff.
But let's be fair in this.
They just keep going down that road.
And it doesn't even matter the history that the Democrats were running the KKK.
No, no, no.
It doesn't even matter the Democrats are the ones that are racist.
They say the most racist things to black people, brown people, white people.
You are the racist, Jared Holt.
That's what you need to realize.
It's very simple.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Well, the violent, radical, racist left
...has put a chilling effect on free speech, and the bullies in the Democrat Party have bullied conservatives out of wearing Trump hats.
Kaitlin Bennett went out and investigated to find out why people are afraid of wearing a Trump hat.
I've heard people, like, say that they're gonna rip it off my head.
Like, they're... It's ridiculous.
Does that make you feel unsafe wearing that hat in public?
Oh yeah.
I've heard people say that they're going to rip it off my head.
It's ridiculous.
People don't want to hurt people.
Some of the signs that people are holding over there are not even close to what's going on right now.
It's ridiculous.
It's stuff that he's said when he wasn't even president and stuff that everyone has done in their childhood.
It's stuff that
It makes no sense.
And I thought maybe they'd, you know, get some sense after, you know, everything came out with the Russian collusion, where there's nothing, but you know.
Do you ever wear your red hat in public?
Yes, I got it tonight, so heck yeah I'm gonna wear it in public.
Are you a little scared with all the things that happened?
I'm a little scared because I know that people would not say some of the things that they said to me tonight or treat me the way that some people have treated me if I didn't have the hat on.
So tolerance, people!
Is this what you preach?
Do you ladies feel uneasy when you're wearing your red hats in public?
Um, of course.
Today's the only day I would wear it out downtown here.
Otherwise, I feel like we would be spit on, attacked, you know, yelled at.
But today, safety in numbers.
Oh yeah, if I put anything on my yard signs or anything, I would have bricks thrown through my windows.
There's no doubt.
Yeah, we're like, we have to be closet case people, so it is really the silent majority.
The silent majority, because they're so...
Isn't it funny they say that Trump supporters are the violent ones but yet you ladies feel safest around a group of Trump supporters?
Oh yeah.
That's why I won't walk back to my parking garage with this on unless I have somebody with me and police nearby because we would definitely get accosted.
There's no doubt.
Do you feel unsafe when you go out in public with your MAGA hat?
Yes I do.
Yes I do.
You shouldn't have to feel like that.
Hi Instagram!
Do you guys feel uncomfortable when you go out in your Trump hats?
No, I feel a little on edge.
I wouldn't say uncomfortable.
I feel like... I don't own one, so I haven't attempted it yet.
Alright, well let me know how it goes.
Do you wear MAGA hats?
I do not.
Okay, so you wear MAGA hats.
Do you ever feel uneasy in public when you have it on?
Absolutely I do, yes.
It's a very hostile political environment we have here.
What's that have to say to the side that says they're tolerant and anti-violence and loving?
Um, I would say it's very hypocritical from that side to make those claims and then behave the way they do.
I mean, I'm a libertarian, that's what I identify as, but still, you know, I think the principles remain the same.
It should be the same standard for everybody, so.
Especially to profile someone based on what they're wearing or their appearance and assume their ideology or their political beliefs and then act aggressively or hostile towards them.
It's a little intolerant.
I think that's kind of the slippery slope that's going on.
I don't think it's fair to your average citizen.
I don't think anybody should be ostracized by their political beliefs.
Everybody should be able to feel safe.
Does that make you scared to go in public?
Does that make you kind of just look over your shoulder a little bit?
Honestly, no, because from the turnout today, thousands of people are here and even more are not able to make it in.
And I know we have such a strong community that is willing to support.
And even with this,
I think.
You wear a Trump hat out, a radical leftist could come out and, you know, bonk you over the head or pour a drink on you.
But you notice how leftists have no fear wearing a Bernie hat out, or a Beto shirt, or putting bumper stickers all over their cars and bikes and everything.
No fear from them.
They're the bullies.
They're the intolerant ones.
It's really hard to have the energy at the end of the day to still get to the gym or to go for a run or go to the park or heck, even take your dog for a walk.
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Supermail Vitality from Infowarsstore.com.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
You know, this is why it's so frustrating, because... I'm telling you, they even trick me, man.
I'm even tricked by the propaganda not to believe my own eyes sometimes, but it's like...
Leftists can go out, wear all their gear, put on all their bumper stickers, do all their crap.
Hats, Bernie hats, not a care in the world.
Beto t-shirts, not a care in the world.
Bernie stickers and Hillary stickers and Beto stickers and all the stickers they put on their car.
No worries about their cars getting their tires slashed or windows smashed in or anything like that.
But if you're a Trump supporter, you put on a Trump hat, there's a likelihood that you're going to get accosted, harassed, or assaulted.
You put a Trump sticker on your car, there's a chance your car is going to get its tires slashed or windows bashed in.
And so, you know, and this is where again it comes to the formula I was talking about.
So, if the left can't even realize, if these people can't even realize how they are the racists, how they are the intolerant ones, how they are the violent ones, I mean everything, they're the bigots, they're hateful, they're miserable, they add to climate change probably somehow, just because everything else they accuse us doing they're guilty of, so they're probably the ones causing climate change in one shape way or another, I don't know how, but
That's just the formula.
So that's the thing.
It's like... Because I want to bring people together.
I want to be able to make America great again, and that's going to take all of us.
But it's like, if you just deny the sky is blue, if you deny the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, if you deny that water is wet, I mean, what can I do?
And so then when you reach that level of philosophical acceptance that these people cannot live in or accept reality, now you have to change your approach entirely.
I mean, how do you deal with somebody like this?
Because there's two different things happening right now.
There's the one instance where we deal with these people like we would treat a five-year-old or like we would treat a mentally handicapped person.
Which is, you know, we understand you have a mental handicap, and so we're patient, and we're tolerant, and we're loving, and we're peaceful, and we're accepting.
We understand you have a mental disorder, you're mentally handicapped, and so we want to, you know, we're patient, we're tolerant, we love you.
And so, that's kind of how we treat these people right now.
But we're trying to give them the opportunity to see the light.
We're trying to give them the opportunity for a breath of fresh air.
We're trying to give them the opportunity to just be real.
To just live in reality.
Just accept facts for what they are.
Like, the left is violent, not conservatives.
But if they're not going to do that, then what do I do?
What do I do intellectually and philosophically to move on to victory?
What do we do?
Do we continue to treat these people like mentally impaired people?
Like people that genuinely have mental disorders?
Like Down Syndrome and other such things?
Where we're very loving, we're patient, we're tolerant, we understand a situation?
That's how we're treating them right now!
Or do we finally take a step back and realize that these people are
An imminent threat to this country.
To themselves!
To everything!
And I'm just kind of reaching that crossroads right now and I'm just like, and really I just need to forget it and just move on and cover this news.
But when I get these blockades in my head, it's just like... Because I know I'm not the only one that feels this frustration.
And I know that people tune in to the Alex Jones Show as a hub, as a conduit, to kind of get on the same frequency and then move through space and time together towards the ultimate goals.
But, I mean, we gotta figure out what to do with these people, man.
Because it's only about to get worse for 2020.
Alright, so just let me... Here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm just gonna...
Try to just put this in the back of my mind and move on to some news here.
But folks, we've got huge specials happening at InfoWarsStore.com right now.
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Tomorrow's news today started right here.
All right.
I've got Amanda Silin coming up, part of the InfoWars Army that was out in Houston.
We'll be talking to her at 1230.
Del Bigtree is going to be joining me on the phone at 1 to talk about the latest vaccine news, where they're just continuing to push this medical tyranny.
And then Mike Adams will be taking over the fourth hour today of the Alex Jones Show.
But you know, there is an issue right now.
That remains.
See, and that's what I'm saying, too.
Like, how can you not... See, I can't get over this blockade today.
I don't know if I'm going to be able to get over this.
Because it comes back to every issue, there's the left keeping the problem from being solved.
For example,
They sit here and they cry, family separation at the border, children in cages, and then out of the other side of their mouth, there's no emergency at the border.
Because you were just crying about kids in cages.
You were just crying about family separation.
But now there's no problem at the border, huh?
Okay, so I guess there's no kids in cages, there's no family separation.
Well, yes there is!
There absolutely is, and it's all Trump's fault!
Okay, so there's a national emergency, there's a crisis at the border.
No, there's not!
That's manufactured by Trump!
Like, literally, Trump doesn't even have to do anything or say anything, and they could have an argument with themselves over Trump!
That's it!
Like, that's it!
Kids in cages.
Family separation at the border.
Oh, so there's a national emergency at the border?
There's no national emergency at the border!
Manufactured that?
You just told me there were kids in cages and families separated?
Trump put kids in cages and separated families.
Trump did that.
Okay, so there's a national emergency report.
No, there's not!
It's manufactured by Trump!
This is the leftist logic!
It's just perennially circular and you can never solve any issues!
So what happens?
Over 100,000 illegal crossings in March.
That's records from decades ago.
We're setting that record.
Now you've got caravans forming in Honduras.
They're coming up this way.
Univision Anchor says border agents dodging rocks is cheaper than a wall.
Oh, that's nice!
So just have our border agents just get, you know, rocks thrown at them and treated like garbage.
That's cheaper than a wall.
But you know what else?
You know what a wall is cheaper than?
The hundreds of millions of dollars illegal immigration costs this country.
A wall's cheaper than that.
Which is actually, when it's all said and done, billions and billions of dollars.
But see, this is what happens.
They open up the border, disease breaks out, and then they can bring in their medical tyranny.
They open up the border with the welfare state, suck our economic system dry, collapse the economic system, then they can have economic
It's giving the left medical tyranny and it's giving the left economic tyranny.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jessica.
She wants to talk about the Virginia governor.
Jessica, you're on the air.
Looks like he'll be resigning soon.
What do you think?
I hope so.
I never liked him from the beginning.
I remember that President Obama endorsed him, and that was a big... I thought that would be a big wake-up call to people, but apparently it wasn't.
But we keep the babies comfortable.
I can't really do his fake Southern accent, but it's just, I love Southerners.
I'm from Texas, kind of Southern.
But it's like the fakeness of that sicky sweet, let's stay out of the ladies area, kill that baby.
I think because he's a pediatrician, he's used to people, you know, kind of responding
I mean, I'm not used to listening to that voice he does, but it sickens me that he's a pediatrician and he's pushing what he's pushing.
But we're going to make the baby comfortable.
Oh, my gosh.
It's so sickening.
Well, we know when in time, this is the stuff that happens.
That's why I'm so proud of you and the InfoWars team for all that you do.
And I love I wanted to say I love your product.
I have X2 and the Selenium for my thyroid.
And I have to say that it's worked wonders.
I mean, you really can feel what it does, and usually I get a lot of brain fog from the thyroid issue, and that helps tremendously.
And the knockout helps me sleep at night, especially when I have something important I have to get up and do in the morning, and I don't feel that groggy feeling.
And we use the toothpaste.
We love the toothpaste.
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My husband is a hardwood floor installer.
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I really want to get that Turbo Force because my son loves going to the gym and he needs something for a boost.
Well, Jessie, I appreciate your support, but let me be honest with you.
Only take a half pack at the first time.
It's just, it's kind of like good crack.
So, I'm almost embarrassed.
Everybody should be careful.
Whether it gets to the next level, it's insane.
I really am glad that I'm able to help the fight for truth and freedom and liberty and I don't know what where I would be and what I would think if I didn't have people like you on air who have just stayed strong through it all so I just want to encourage you just to keep
Keep going, keep fighting for us and with us because I don't know.
I don't know what we would do.
We wouldn't have anybody.
If there wasn't you, I mean, I don't know that anybody else would be on the air doing it.
Like you said, you're the tip of the spear, so I really appreciate you and what you say, you know, helps me stay connected to the truth.
It helps me to stay connected to God and I can't say enough about how much I love InfoWars, how much I love the products, but I would like to have some female cut shirts.
No, no, I totally agree.
We put out the one gold foil female shirt and it was a big hit.
And we're just brain dead.
But I promise, that's our number one complaint.
It's from women.
We've only got a couple shirts that are cut for females.
We will get it done for you.
But Jessica, you give me strength to go on.
And your husband.
And your family.
Because just hearing what's in your voice.
Powerful feminine energy.
And then the male energy together.
All of us focused together against the globalists is unstoppable.
And that's why they're attacking a sacred system of the family.
All of us together.
We are humanity.
We are the experience.
We are everything.
And so you just got my commitment to fight on.
But let me tell you, I'm obnoxious most of the time.
I'm burnt out.
Hearing you.
I don't want to just say this.
I'm not just telling you this.
You are the info war.
You're the power of the whole thing.
And that's why I get so freaked out about begging the audience for help, because it's the truth.
I mean, I'm not just saying it.
If you weren't here, standing in the way, they would have already destroyed me.
But we're in this together.
So God bless you, Jessica from Virginia.
And yeah, looking at that little pathetic gremlin governor.
Of course he's KKK.
Who the hell wants to harvest babies' organs?
That's what that's all really about.
These are demons.
But thanks to you and others, we're going to win.
Thank you so much.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, I promise I'm going to try to get over this blockade I have right now, but... Here's the analogy.
I know where we could go.
I know all the victory we could have.
I know all the glory written into our destiny, but these people are in the way.
And look, we're dealing with it, we're being patient, but like, if you don't get out of the way, you're gonna get run over.
Now, you're trying to run over us, but you don't have near the power you think you do.
You've got a bunch of stolen bureaucratic power.
Outside of that, not much.
Your Hollywood influence is losing, your political influence is losing, and your political talking points have no basis in reality.
So, understand something.
It's like you're driving down the highway, and somebody's going 50 miles an hour in the fast lane,
On a 75 mile per hour interstate.
And you just want them to get out of the way.
You know?
Just get out of the way.
Just get out of the way.
But I'll tell ya... I'm not a violent person.
I'm not calling for violence.
But when it comes to human psychology, and when it comes to survival instincts, if you don't get out of the fast lane soon, we'll get you out.
And I don't want it to be like that.
I just want you to get out of the fast lane so that we can drive past you and into the future.
You can sit back and continue to go slow and develop slowly and not get to our destination until it's way too late.
That's your choice.
But get out of our way.
Get out of our way.
We've got places to go.
You're in our way.
We want to be great.
We want to lift up humanity.
You're in our way.
And we're going to be kind.
And we've been tolerant.
We've been tolerant of all the political corruption with the fake Russian collusion.
We've been tired of all the media.
We've been patient with all the media corruption, them lying about Donald Trump, lying about Trump and conservatives, saying they're racist bigots.
We've been tolerant with all the violence that you guys have engaged in in the street.
We've been tolerant with all of it.
But I'm telling you,
Get out of our way, or we'll get you out of our way.
That's not a threat.
That's just how this works.
That's just how this breaks down.
Just get out of our way.
That's all we ask.
Get out of our way, because we want to save this country.
From a collapsing border.
Get out of our way, because we want to save this country from socialism.
Get out of our way, because we want to save this country from mainstream media lies.
Just get out of our way, or we'll move you out of our way.
And I think that Trump is on that same level right now, dealing with this bureaucratic mess that he has up there, and all these traitors in Congress that he thought were his friends.
I think Trump's about to have this same realization, you know, I've been waiting for you to get out of the fast lane, but you're not doing it, so guess what?
I'm getting you out of the fast lane now.
And we're pushing the pedal to the metal.
And we're leaving you in the dustbin of history.
Yeah, thank you.
Get out of the way.
We're moving to the front of the pack.
We're ready.
We're leaders.
We're winners.
We're the elite.
We're moving to the front of the pack because we operate at light speed.
We operate at love speed.
You don't even operate.
So, they want to bring medical tyranny and economic tyranny to America by collapsing the southern border, and it is working.
It is working.
I hope we don't let them do it.
Now, let me just focus for the remainder here because I've had this blockade and I hope I've gotten everything out now and I can just pile into this news.
Bill de Blasio declares health emergency, orders measles vaccinations in Williamsburg.
So now they're issuing curfews if you're not vaccinated, they're telling you can't go in public if you're not vaccinated, they're fining you if you're not vaccinated, and now they're saying it's an emergency if you don't have your vaccination.
I mean, this is medical tyranny walking.
Of course, there's no logic, again,
A five-year-old would be able to understand this common sense and logic.
If you've been vaccinated to protect yourself against this disease, you wouldn't care if I had it.
But you see, it's not about that.
It's about control.
It's about control.
That's what it's really about.
City mandates vaccinations for children and adults or face $1,000 fine.
Who told you that was coming?
Tomorrow's news today.
New York City Health Department puts Yeshiva schools in Williamsburg on notice.
Allow unvaccinated students in at own peril.
I think they're running a...
A medical test right now.
I think the people of New York are guinea pigs, like black people were guinea pigs in St.
Louis when they sprayed them with radioactive chemicals, like black people were guinea pigs when they tested them with a syphilis vaccine.
I think right now, specifically, this Jewish community in New York is being used as guinea pigs, but overall the state of New York too.
Anti-vaxxer parents hold measles parties to deliberately give their kids the deadly virus to get immunity rather than take the MMR shot.
It's safer.
It's more effective.
And it doesn't have the negative side effect of potential Guillain-Barre syndrome.
Washington Post says teen in viral video can't show defamation nor anti-Trump bias.
So yeah, you know, the mainstream media and the Washington Post just lies about the Covington Catholic children through their teeth.
They continue to lie.
They say they approached a Native American.
That was a lie.
I mean, the list just goes on and on.
They say they got in his face.
That was a lie.
They said they were engaged in taunting him for having a Native American chant.
That was a lie.
I mean, just all of it.
Just lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.
And then they get caught in all their lies and they say, well, we're allowed to lie.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, they said you can't prove any defamation.
No, what they're saying is we're allowed to lie.
Go F yourself.
Good to know where the Washington Post stands on integrity and journalism.
Documents detailing Google's new blacklist show manual manipulation of special search results.
This is from the Daily Caller.
And again, we told you this.
I would execute this live on air and show you how they're doing this years ago.
So just another example, InfoWars is tomorrow's news today.
Google's founders haven't shown up at its weekly town halls this entire calendar year.
And this is interesting.
Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have yet to make an appearance at any of the company's weekly TGIF town halls in 2019.
And it's something they used to do regularly.
They also canceled the AI, uh, I guess it wasn't really a summit, but it was kind of an AI, um, meeting group.
I forget what they called it, an AI board or a integrity board or something.
Guys, this is going to bother me.
We find out what the name of that board is, but basically it was a, an AI board that made sure that, uh, at Google, the AI didn't get out of control and they were, you know, you know, monitoring any reasons to be worried about, um,
Ethics or integrity or whatever.
Well, they just cancelled that.
So Google's just blatantly involved in censorship.
Google's working with China.
Google's spying on you.
They're not even doing the right things to keep the AI under control anymore.
The ethics board on the AI got shut down.
It was around for like two weeks.
They said, oh, ethics, we can't have that.
We got to roll out the AI.
We can't do ethics.
Google and ethics don't belong together unless you say Google has no ethics.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is The Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this Wednesday, April 10th, 2019.
Owen Schroer filling in.
I'm about to be joined by some great members of the InfoWars Army.
We've got my friend Thomas, who I guess went all the way to Houston to be a part of this, normally is operating here in Austin.
And then Chris and Amanda with him as well.
So, actually guys, do we have a clip of that video where that
That white girl came over and was throwing a fit over the it's okay to be white sign.
Do we have a clip of that?
Let's go ahead and roll this clip real quick.
So this is the InfoWars Army Houston.
They went out and did an event at a bridge and a radical leftist commie came up and didn't like the it's okay to be white sign.
It's not okay to be white.
Literally, she says it's not okay to be white.
Why is it not okay to be white?
So jump off the bridge.
The bridge is right there.
She might as well just jump off.
My family came from Mexico.
That doesn't make it right.
Her family came from Mexico?
Poor that.
That's one of the least well-looking Mexican people I've ever seen.
But it doesn't even matter.
I can go out and sit in the sun all day and be burnt red to a crisp.
So what?
If I look like a crustacean?
Are you anti-crustacean now?
Because I look like a lobster?
Alright, so there's the video.
You can find the full video at InfoWars.com and I know that you guys also shared it on InfoComms.org.
So, okay, so I didn't even know about this, and this is the amazing thing about InfoWars Army, because sometimes, and I know I've run into you, Thomas, sometimes where you guys will have an event, and I'll literally be driving down the road and just pop over and hang out with you guys for a minute.
So what was the intent?
It looked like you guys were over a busy bridge in Houston holding up signs.
Dallas Street Bridge, over 45.
Yeah, we were just trying to get out there and raise awareness for the Info Army and things like that.
So okay, yeah, there's a great shot of it right there.
Oh, there's John Boy too.
Wow, that's great.
You guys traveled all the way to Houston.
So it's got an Infowars.com big ol' banner.
And so one of the signs says, it's okay to be white.
And I guess that's what made this girl drive her bike up.
I mean, what was the deal with this girl?
She drives her bike up and she was literally that offended by an it's okay to be white sign?
Yeah, she had wrote up and started asking me, what is this?
What is this?
Thinking that it's just the ultimate form of white supremacy to just be okay with your skin color and not judge other people based upon theirs.
And she's genuinely claiming that she's Mexican?
Yeah, well, she didn't look like it to me, and I grew up in Pasadena.
She actually said her family came here illegally.
Yeah, that too.
Wait, wait, what was that, Amanda?
She said her family came here illegally.
She said they were illegal for the first year, but now they are legal.
But hey, at least they're legal now.
So wait a second.
So wait, wait, wait.
This just happened, or she was born here?
I'm confused.
Did she go into detail on that?
Uh, no, it's all in the video.
See, here's my guess.
Look, I've dealt with these people enough, and I could be wrong about this girl.
You guys are the ones that actually dealt with her, but I've dealt with these people enough to know their psychological makeup.
She probably made all of that up.
I bet her family's not even from Mexico.
I bet she, because this is what they do.
They lie about stuff.
It's like why Elizabeth Warren claims to be an Indian.
It's like why Beto O'Rourke claims to be Hispanic.
They literally lie because they know their arguments have no foothold unless they're claiming to be from the identity that they're social justice battling for.
It really reminds me of that South Park episode where it's like, I'm 10% victim.
How many percentage victim are you?
You know, anybody that makes a South Park reference when I'm on air, I'm a big fan of that.
And that is a classic, that is a, hi, I found out I'm 10% victim.
I'm 8% victim.
Yeah, that's, but that's where these people are at.
I mean, that's literally where these people are at.
And what they're seeing now is, their whole reality is breaking down around them with people like Candace Owens.
I mean, I was going through, I don't even remember what I was, I was searching on something on Twitter, just some hashtag, and it was like, all black Trump supporters.
Just like thousands of them tweeting, and I'm like, the media ignores this!
They act like there isn't a black person on earth that likes Trump, and if there's one, they call him a race traitor!
That's the most racist thing I could ever see.
I mean, does this woman realize that she's the real racist?
The one that came up to you guys?
Well, I don't think she did realize that, honestly.
And while we were out there holding the sign saying it's okay to be white, I was on the megaphone preaching Martin Luther King Jr.'
's dream that all men are created equal, no matter what skin tone you are, we're all Americans.
Well, I'll tell you what, though.
I actually want to highlight something positive about this video.
She comes up to you guys and she's actually smiling when she comes up to you.
Now, obviously, things kind of degraded really quick and she ended up getting emotional, but that's better than kind of the deranged hysteria that we've witnessed from these people before.
Well, we got a little bit of that towards the end of that little deal we were doing out there.
These two more deranged leftists came up.
They wouldn't even talk to us.
We tried to come over to them.
And they were just standing out there for about 30 minutes calling everyone they could possibly think of in the city of Houston, like police officers, whatever, trying to get what we were doing shut down.
And, uh, they weren't able to do it.
And we eventually, we eventually packed up and planned to be out of there by seven.
And as we were going out there, she, you know, they, they called some, some city official to come and talk to us.
But that's, that's a whole other video.
The point is... So you're telling, hold on a second, hold on a second.
They were, they didn't just stop at police?
They were like going up the line?
Like, who else can I call?
Oh my gosh.
I'm going to get the president of the United States on the line.
Uh, sir, we support the president.
Hey, who shot this footage?
This is amazing footage by the way.
Oh, that was me.
Great work with the HD footage and some of those shots where they're waving the flag.
But get back, you were saying, well now wait a second, did you capture the deranged leftists that came up afterwards like Tom was just saying?
Yeah, I got a little video of them, a few clips.
I haven't uploaded them anywhere though.
Do we have it on HD though?
I don't think.
Yeah, it should be, but I don't have it uploaded.
No, they stuck around until they made sure that we were gone.
And I think in their head, like, we had already planned to leave and we were just packing up our stuff.
I think in their head, they thought that they got us kicked out of there because they were seeming, you know, pretty, uh, and they were taking pictures of my truck and stuff, trying to look under a license plate, but... Oh, that's an old tactic.
To be fair, my truck is definitely something to take a picture of.
You're not really hiding anything.
I think you've got like five Trump flags on your truck that you drive around.
See, the craziest part about it all is when we were leaving, we ended up getting a photograph of their license plate, and she was like, you're a, what did she say, Thomas?
Yeah, I went over to her, because I was just like, well, you know, I better make sure, you know, for safety, I better take a picture of the license plate, something, you know, in case something happens, at least know who they were.
Because I can't find any of their information from that, at least, I don't know how to.
But if they did something, you know, I could give that to the authorities.
And when I took a picture of it, they just went, he can do that?
You know, you can't do that.
You can't take a picture of my license plate.
What are you doing?
No, that's what it is.
It's like the bully who bullies somebody who's smaller than them for like, you know, years.
And then finally, one day, the smaller person punches back and fights back and the bully's like stunned.
They're like, what?
You're fighting back?
You can't fight back!
I own you!
And then they run away crying.
So, but was there a flash flood warning when that liberal started crying on the bridge there?
Did they warn?
Well, let me point something else out that was pretty interesting about that whole deal.
Well, wait a second.
Alright, pause right there as John Boyd just pops into the picture there.
How many InfoWars Army people do you guys have in this compound?
Alright, we gotta take a break.
There's another one!
And a pastor, Sam!
I didn't even get invited to this party.
What the heck?
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
There's the beautiful HD footage.
Shot by Amanda Silan right there in Houston, Texas.
The InfoWars Army Houston at it again, triggering the local leftist.
It's always fun.
They were going up the chain of command to try to shut down their free speech.
Boy, that's just the average leftist these days.
Hates free speech.
Total racist.
Just denies reality.
Must be a sad state of existence.
And so you can find the video at Infowars.com.
Leftist cries when confronted by it's okay to be white sign.
It's really embarrassing these people.
But you'll notice a big difference.
When a liberal approaches a conservative versus when a conservative approaches a liberal.
If you would have reversed the roles, guys, liberals would have been telling you, get off our bridge!
Get out of here, commie!
It would have been like a totally hateful display.
You guys were like, hey, whoa, what's your problem with the sign?
Like, let's have a talk about this.
I mean...
I want to hear this from all three of you real quick.
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Certainly not.
Well that's huge.
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You know what?
That's actually a great point.
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I don't see anything in it that'll hurt you.
No, it probably, well, no, I'm not saying that.
Don't eat the bug spray.
But let's get a comment, though, from everyone in the room, including others.
I know that there's a whole InfoWars Army Party going on, so if others want to comment.
But why do you think that is?
Why do you think
When like a liberal approaches somebody that's a conservative at an event or something, the conservative wants to have a conversation, is welcoming, not hateful, not kicking them out, not silencing their right to free speech.
When on the other side of the aisle, whenever I go to these events, I get kicked out, I get yelled at, I get called names.
So why do you think there's that dichotomy?
Why do you think there's such a different response to a political opinion that's different than theirs from a conservative and a liberal?
Well, personally, it's their cognitive distance is kicking really hard.
And the thing is, is it's ideologies, communist and socialist ideologies.
The first thing that they try to do is silence your freedom of speech.
So you can't talk back because in the marketplace of ideas, capitalism and free market and the American dream, if you will, has actually produced far more than any other country the world's ever seen.
And America is the sexiest country that has ever existed, and they're trying to bring it down, and I refuse to let that happen.
All right, Amanda, you've been really loud.
Why don't we hear from you here?
Well, I believe they're simply just afraid of the facts.
They're afraid to come out of the world that they live in.
They don't want to hear what the real world is like.
It's too much to take.
Yeah, you know, that is true.
It is like they're afraid of the real world.
And so instead of just accepting it, it's like they want to just live in this false reality and then write about it and tweet about it and live in this false reality.
I don't know how you, I don't know what that is.
That's, that is like some next level psychology right there to try to break down that mental illness.
What's going on, John?
What's up, Owen?
Hey, man.
I just wanted to pop in real quick.
I don't want to take up too much of your time.
So there's two of the signs that were on the bridge that day.
You hear me okay?
Yeah, you're good.
So two signs that were on the bridge that day that the smaller woodlands that I always bring out to Austin.
We've been flying them here in Houston as well.
When Thomas and I were at the back of my house the other day, they sat on the back of my patio under the carport for two days.
I woke up this morning to a note from my neighbor who decided to destroy them, rip them up, and leave them in pieces on the back lawn, and then left a note with his unit number, his name, saying I could knock on the door and
So tell me how sorry he's not for destroying my signs, my property, vandalizing my property, my signs that I made, spent money on, left his name, left his info.
So I'll be filing a police report this afternoon as soon as this interview is done when I go home.
And hopefully we'll get justice for my property and getting destroyed and
Hold on a second.
This is incredible.
Yeah, keep us posted on Infocomms.org.
I know that you post there.
First of all, guys, there's literally laws written in this country so that you don't have to incriminate yourself.
This individual decided to put it all on record.
So you're telling me he literally just gives his whole entire admittance of guilt in this note and his information?
First and last name.
So you're going to be filing a police report immediately?
Not because the signs really worth that much money.
That's not that big of a deal.
I want to prove a point and let people know it's not okay to keep doing this kind of crap.
We're trying to see it happen.
And here's the thing too.
I'm seeing kind of a new leaf right now where police
And look, I understand where they're coming from.
They don't want to file a bunch of paperwork.
These people are basically like children or mentally ill people.
And so it's like you don't want to, you know, go through all these motions.
But I think the police have reached a different point now where they realize, well, we have to go through these motions so that we're not doing this for the next 50 years with these people.
Yeah, a couple people get locked up, a couple people get thrown in jail for it.
Maybe that'll send enough message through to stop some of the crime.
Just a little bit of justice, that's all we're asking for.
I don't even care about the property.
Give them a fine, something.
Anything that's better than that.
Yeah, that's absurd.
And did they not go on your private property too?
So yeah, I mean there's all kinds of different things that this individual is guilty of.
Vandalism, trespassing, take your pick.
It's unbelievable.
Pastor Sam has now found room in the InfoWars Army Houston compound.
I know you've got something to say.
The verse of the day yesterday is from Acts, changing them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God.
And so, if you want to know why one side acts one way and the other side acts the other way, it's because there's power of darkness and there's the power of God.
And we got to bring people to that awareness and that understanding.
And you know, there's a growing movement of Latinos for Trump.
The president is here today on the outskirts of Houston.
And hopefully we'll go show him some support.
We got all the banners with us.
So today's going to be another mission.
Yeah, yeah.
The president's in San Antonio tomorrow, right?
He's in Crosby, outside of Houston, Texas.
It's just right across the ship channel.
Are you guys planning on going out there and showing support?
Yeah, buddy.
We talked to Representative Cain and hopefully we'll get some tickets to the private interview.
This is one of the Latina candidates, Avery Nero-Pate.
She is running for, uh, who's our candidate that we hate, our incumbent?
Sheila Jackson-Lee.
Sheila Jackson-Lee.
Is that the cowboy hat, the Mad Hatter?
She's the crazy one that got on the airplane and said, you know who I am?
I'm Sheila Jackson Lee.
You're not going to give up my first class.
This woman treats every day like she's in the, you know, the center field for the Kentucky Derby or something, sipping on a mint julep.
And Ava got more votes against her than any Republican ever.
And Sheila Jackson Lee's been in since like 1990.
It goes way back.
So we're going to beat her because of this Latin groundswell.
You know, the Democratic Party thinks that all the brown people are going to vote Democrat for 200 years, but it's not happening.
They're coming around.
They want to be conservative.
They want to run their taco trucks and not get taxed and not get regulated out of business.
And we're supporting them.
Ava Reynaro-Pate is in that movement and also Jamie Blanco is running for Pasadena City Council District C. And that's happening.
The election is in April.
Early voting is in April.
So everybody get out and support your Latin conservative candidates.
Latinos for Trump!
Well I want to give a big shout out to all you guys.
If all you guys want to try to squeeze into the frame here before we go to break.
I want to give a big shout out to all you guys.
You guys are always active.
Part of the InfoWars Army in Houston.
InfoWars Army Austin.
Just InfoWarsArmyTexas in general.
So big shout out, big love to you guys.
And you guys are constantly posting on the InfoComms.org forum.
And I constantly see you guys too when I do events here.
So big love, big support.
And I'm sure I'll be seeing you guys in not too long at the next event.
So there they go from InfoWarsArmyTexas, InfoWarsArmyAustin, InfoWarsArmyHouston.
And folks, look, I understand people get out and they do active stuff and
And we want to bring you on air, we want to highlight it, we want to amplify it, so when you do do activist stuff, film it, send it to us, we'll get you on air.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the Resistance.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
So, Attorney General
William Barr has been testifying in front of Congress for the last two days and it's been pretty interesting because A. Barr has not been the Attorney General for more than a couple months and so for most of the stuff that was happening or that they're questioning him on he wasn't even around for and he's kind of just like almost like a
Unintentional mop-up crew that has to just read what was going on under someone else's watch and then kind of just respond to it in his own manner.
But the questioning has been childlike.
It's been very immature.
You can see Barr's frustration with it.
However, there have been some bombshells here and there, including Barr confirming that President Obama was conducting unauthorized surveillance of the Trump campaign.
Here's that clip.
I am going to be reviewing both the genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign during 2016.
And a lot has already been, a lot of this has already been investigated and a substantial portion of it has been investigated and is being investigated by the Office of Inspector General at the Department.
But one of the things I want to do is pull together all the information from the various investigations that have gone on, including on the Hill and in the department, and see if there are any remaining questions to be addressed.
And can you share with us why you feel a need to do that?
Well, you know, for the same, well, for the same reason we're worried about foreign influence in elections.
We want to make sure that during election, I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal.
It's a big deal.
The generation I grew up in, which was the Vietnam War period, you know, people were all concerned about spying on
Anti-war people and so forth by the government and there were a lot of rules put in place to make sure that there's an adequate basis before before our law enforcement agencies get involved in political surveillance I'm not suggesting that Those rules were violated, but I think it's important to look at that and I'm not just I'm not talking about the FBI necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly and
So you're not, you're not suggesting though that spying occurred?
I don't, uh, well, uh, I guess you could, I think there was a spying did occur.
Yes, I think spying did occur.
The question is whether it was predicated.
Adequately predicated.
Stunning blow!
Hold on, pause it, pause it.
I want to refresh this.
We gotta watch this replay.
This is like somebody just landed a haymaker, a knockout blow, and the opponent's out on their feet.
So you're saying that, uh, you're not suggesting that there was spying, though?
And William Barr's like, no, Obama did spy, actually, that's what I said.
Out on their feet.
Finish him.
Alright, roll this Haymaker clip.
So you're not, you're not suggesting, though, that spying occurred?
Hold on, I want to watch that one more time.
Rewind one more time.
Here's the Democrats up there trying to protect Obama.
But there was no spying, right?
I mean, Obama didn't do anything wrong.
There was no spying, right?
I mean, you didn't just say there was spying.
That's literally, he's like, no, they were spying.
And so here's, oh, no, no, but Obama didn't spy, right?
Not necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly.
So you're not suggesting, though, that spying occurred?
I don't, well...
Well, that's exactly what I'm suggesting.
I guess you could... That's exactly what I know happened.
I think there's a spying did occur.
Yes, I think spying did occur.
Well, let me, uh... The question is whether it was predicated.
Adequately predicated.
And I'm not so sure.
Oh my gosh!
How dumb do leftists feel right now?
I mean, you guys are the dumbest people on Earth, man.
When are you gonna realize it?
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Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
So let's just...
Let's refresh our memories.
The left claimed that Donald Trump was colluding with Russia and a Russian agent.
Totally false.
Totally made up.
You dumbasses fell for it.
Conservatives said the Obama administration was spying on President Trump.
The left said, you're wrong.
That's a conspiracy theory.
The left was wrong again.
And now it's about to come out.
And it already is out.
But it's only going to get worse.
But, you know, we're gonna go back to Bart testifying, but, you know, is there any saving these people?
And I'm not talking about, you know, religion and recognizing you're created by God and you're a divine creation and Jesus Christ is the Savior.
I'm talking about just intellectual, philosophical,
Slavery that these people are under.
Is there any saving them?
Because if they can't see their own shackles, and they don't want to be free, then why am I wasting my time trying to explain to these people how they've been deceived?
But that's the thing, like, we all do have to come together to have the victories we want, to have our vision of humanity come true.
So it's like, you know, again, get on board or get left behind, to put it kindly.
But it's reached such levels of derangement, ladies and gentlemen,
Where they literally call black people white supremacists.
I mean, how do you even classify that level of delusion?
Jeffrey Gutterman.
Candace Owens is a white supremacist.
Do you realize the level of delusion that these people are under, folks?
They literally are calling black people white supremacists.
I mean, that's next level
I don't even know what.
Next level delusion?
Next level mental illness?
But here's William Barr confirming what we told you.
Barack Hussein Obama ordered illegal spying on the Donald Trump presidential campaign.
And I'm not just, I'm not talking about the FBI necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly.
So you're not, you're not suggesting, though, that spying occurred?
I don't, uh, well, uh... I guess you could... Hold on, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Just rewind it one more time.
Just rewind it one more time.
This is so good.
Because this is so key, this moment right here.
He literally, this is how dumb these people are, man.
Deep breaths.
I just don't know how to break this down.
This is my biggest frustration to date.
He literally is explaining how they spied on Donald Trump.
Like, that's the whole thing.
He's here breaking down how they were spying on the Donald Trump campaign.
He lays it all out, and this dumbass Democrat goes, but, but, you're not insinuating people were spying.
And so Barr, in like a moment of his own shock, is like, whoa, wait a second.
I literally just broke down how they were spying.
Like, do you understand, like, this is shocking, man.
I mean, it's shocking.
It's shocking when you're with somebody
And there's a big full moon in the sky, and you say, look at that big full moon, and the person next to you says, what full moon?
You're like, look at that thing.
It's huge.
It's right there.
It's bright.
It's lighting up the whole night sky.
There's no moon here.
Are you telling me you see a moon?
And you're just like, what?
It's like this woman.
She's like, you're telling me that
That people were spying on Trump and Barr's like, that's literally what I just told you.
So let's complete this real quick.
And then Del Bigtree is about to join us.
He's just got done with a big event.
But roll Barr one more time.
And I'm not just, I'm not talking about the FBI necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly.
So you're not, you're not suggesting though that spying occurred?
I don't, well.
He's stunned.
He's like, what do you mean?
That's exactly what I just suggested.
I guess you could... I think spying did occur.
Yes, I think spying did occur.
It's like I just broke it down!
Well, let me... The question is whether... And now they're stunned.
Alright, we're gonna come back.
This is unbelievable.
Look, Democrats, leftists, liberals, we don't have... We're not enemies.
We're all in this together.
We're all Americans.
We can come together.
But you gotta understand, if you refuse to live in reality, and you refuse to admit your own faults,
Then like somebody that's doing 50 miles per hour in the fast lane, we're either going to have to find a way around you or worse.
Now, Del Bigtree is joining me right now, and I'm very excited because he's got a big crowd of people behind him.
Del, what's going on?
Hey, Owen, I'm here in Sacramento, California, where hundreds and hundreds of parents have gathered.
We are protesting SB 276, the law I was telling you about on your show just yesterday.
Senator Richard Payne, that took our rights away from parents, forced vaccinating children in order to go to public or private school with SB 277.
That law passed.
He said that there would always be a robust medical exemption.
This is a slippery slope that any state goes, you know, steps onto as soon as they allow
This type of militant law to be brought into place.
And so SB 277 took the rights away from parents, but now the medical exemption is under fire.
Senator Richard Pan has written SB 276, which is going to mean that a doctor can't write your medical exemption.
Essentially a bureaucrat
Salute to truth to say that we will always make sure the best interest of the patient I'm looking at is what matters.
Not herd immunity, not the herd outside these walls, but you.
I'm going to take care of you.
I'm not going to injure you with a vaccine just so other people can be safe or can be happy or whatever it is, this nirvana that they dream about.
In the medical establishment.
So we're here saying that the doctor-patient relationship is so important.
But while we are protesting here, I know that you must be talking about... I mean, yesterday we were talking about this.
New York has just put in the first adult mandate we have seen in this country.
I've been warning you about this.
You literally predicted this, Del.
I mean, I've been having you on The War Room for a long time.
You've been coming on InfoWars for a long time.
You literally predicted this was coming and now it's official.
Now it's official.
Now everyone can see exactly what I was saying.
This has never been about children.
This has never been about 2% of unvaccinated children.
The pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful lobby in Washington, outspending oil and gas 2 to 1 for one reason.
Not because they want a couple thousand more unvaccinated kids, because there's over 320 million Americans.
They want to be vaccinating on a yearly basis.
They want to take their industry from a billion dollar industry into a trillion dollar industry and it's starting with Bill de Blasio, a purchased, you know, Democrat up in New York that is going to do the bidding for the pharmaceutical industry.
He's basically said you have 48 hours to comply with a forced MMR vaccine program in New York.
All of this because my understanding is there's five or six people right now
With measles in the Hasidic Jewish community.
This is something I stood up for in Austin, Texas.
I put on a yellow star saying you were unfairly going after a religious group.
Well, now they're using that excuse to go after every adult.
You know what they're going to find shocking, Owen?
And this is the next thing I'm going to critique.
Is they have just said every adult has got to prove that they have titers, that they have, you know, that they are immune to measles.
There is only one group that's immune to measles and they can count on it.
And that's everyone that's about Bill de Blasio's age that got real live measles.
They are the only ones that can achieve herd immunity.
They're the only ones that are safe in New York.
And what you're going to find is people start checking their titers and seeing, am I immune to measles?
They go like, well, I'll be damned.
I got all of my vaccines.
And yet I am not immune to measles.
I think it's made out there.
We got to go to break here, Del, but I may have another development on this that I think you'll be interested in learning.
It appears, and we're doing a little bit more research into this right now, but it appears that the MMR vaccine's patent expires today.
How convenient is that?
We're doing a little more background check into that.
We'll talk about that more on the other side of this break.
But here's the thing that people need to just kind of realize intellectually and then apply this to the forced vaccination thing.
If I have the flu or strep throat or something and I'm contagious, I can walk around, I can go to the grocery store, I can go about my daily life.
Who's gonna stop me?
Are you gonna start saying if you have the flu you can't leave?
Are you gonna test everyone for strep throat before they leave their house?
Of course not!
Oh, but when vaccines are involved, all of a sudden we have some sort of authority to do so.
No, it's medical tyranny.
There's been a paradox or a contradiction on the surface that many have noted in the last hundred years.
Historians are confused by the fact that powerful British and European and U.S.
robber barons
We're good to go.
He explains that we want fascism, we want communism, we want socialism, we want command and control.
But our favorite system is socialism, because it domesticates the people.
But we want to have the illusion of left and right, we want to control both parties.
So that people think they're having change, but really, they move in the same direction, towards vertical integration.
So you have the big billionaires, the people controlling trillion dollar companies like Tim Cook at Apple and others.
Who literally run the equivalent of slave factories in China, who help round up political dissidents, but they're everywhere lecturing you about Black Lives Matter and about how Trump hates Muslims and how altruistic and loving they are.
Because if you look into what they pay in taxes, it's almost zero.
And it's all the big tech companies have set it up with offshore accounts and other systems where they legally pay almost no tax.
And the very same people lecture you and I, how if you're making $100,000 a year, you're rich and you're not paying enough money.
If you're making $200,000 a year, you're in the 1%.
And you're guilty and you're bad.
No, the globalists are in the .0000000042, depending on the analysis you do.
That tiny percentage of a percentage controls over half the wealth.
And they're maneuvering things towards a monopoly.
They want to get rid of middle classes.
They want to get rid of real free market systems that threaten them with innovation, and new companies, and new ideas, and new leaders, and new savants that come along.
So they're creating a classical system, a two-tiered system, where the elite are on top, the people are on the bottom, and there's no middle class.
That's the globalist aim, selling you on austerity, selling you on being poor, telling you your carbon footprint's evil, but AOC and the rest of them fly around on private jets and wear $3,000-plus outfits.
All they tell us is capitalism is a failure.
It isn't capitalism that's a failure.
It's crony capitalism, using socialism and communism to control us, that is working beautifully for this world fascist system they've set up.
It's corporate fascism using crony capitalism to dodge the taxes, to be above the law, diplomatic immunity, dominating humanity.
And that's why they demonize info wars.
If you read the Clinton Foundation documents, the Judicial Watch sued and died.
They're talking in the early 90s about we can't let right-wingers or nationalists ever create their own economy.
If they sell a book, or have a magazine, or open a company, we've got to say it's evil and shut it down.
We can't let them have a community.
We can't let them create their own economy.
That's why when you go to Infowarsstore.com, you don't just get amazing products.
You're funding the second American Revolution that's going worldwide.
The very bane of the tyrants.
You have a choice.
We have StoreWife 50% off right now, and we've got
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
You know, it's really awesome to see Dell Bigtree with a crowd of people behind him because there was a pro-vaccine rally here in Austin that got, maybe organically, 20 people to show up.
And then it was a bunch of med students that were forced to be there, and then the people that were part of the event.
But here, organically, Dell Bigtree is able to get hundreds of people to turn out to stop medical tyranny.
Guys, let's show this.
Look at that!
That's right!
That's what America sounds like when they're pissed off!
That's just beautiful right there.
All right, thank you!
Isn't that awesome?
Isn't that awesome?
These are all parents of, you know, people of unvaccinated children.
Others have injured children.
I call them the ex-vaxxers.
They try to group everybody into one slur word saying we're anti-vaxxers.
We are pro-science, we are pro-health, and science shows that unvaccinated children are far healthier.
I have proof of it.
You know, they keep saying, Owen, you know, we've complained to the Health and Human Services and the National Institute of Health, you aren't doing any placebo studies on any of the childhood vaccines we give our kids.
We've proven that.
And they say, well, it's unethical to do that study.
But don't worry, we've been using them for a very long time, and they've proven to be safe.
Proven to be safe?
Highest rates of childhood cancer we've ever seen.
Highest rates of childhood diabetes we've ever seen.
Highest rates of autism we've ever seen and other neurological disorders.
Highest rates of multiple sclerosis, ADD, ADHD.
All of our special needs classes are exploding in our schools.
You're telling me that this system's working?
This is the sickest generation of children this country has ever seen, all under the watchful eye of the CDC and the pediatricians of America.
I don't have to listen to you because you suck at your job.
And you know, when you bring this information to people that are literally just pro-vaccine who want forced vaccinations, they either discount it or they try to twist it and say, yeah, but you know, it's better than like polio or something.
Well, how are you to decide?
That's absolutely right.
I mean, and look, if they're accepting a new normal, that's up to them.
It's a free country.
If you don't mind the fact that your child has eczema all over their body, okay.
If you don't mind the fact that your child's on ADD medication or depression medication at the age of 12, okay, that's up to you.
But talk to any, you know, unvaccinated parent, any parent of unvaccinated children or those that are recovering from vaccine injury, and they will tell you, my children don't have those problems.
They don't have those issues.
And that's just simply the fact of the matter.
And if they want to prove me wrong, then go ahead and do the easiest study known to man.
Simply compare vaccinated children to unvaccinated children, and then let's see and let the chips fall where they may.
Until then, you can't force any law on me telling me your vaccine program makes children healthier, because the proof shows otherwise.
You are making America sick.
And what they do is, because they don't have all these big testing programs to see a vaccinated child versus an unvaccinated child.
They just run all the tests on the vaccinated kids and the vaccines.
But people in the real world have done it with their own families.
A few years ago I used to work with a youth development program and specifically we had different parts where we had homeschooled kids that would come during the day and then obviously public school kids that would come in the afternoon.
Homeschooled kids, always healthier, always more well behaved.
The kids from the public school would always show up nose running, coughing, sick.
The unvaccinated kids were always healthy.
And that's just one little case study that just says, hey, your kid's going to be fine if they don't get vaccinated.
But when you apply it to the larger picture,
It's not even about, oh my gosh, look at this group versus this group.
It's just saying, hey, I have a choice.
And by the way, why are you ignoring the fact that pediatric cancer is up hundreds of percent?
Why are you ignoring the fact that autism is up 100%?
Why do you just ignore these things and just say, oh, no, no, no, it has nothing to do with vaccines?
Well, how do you know?
What does it have to do with?
There's no studies that can prove that the vaccines aren't causing all these illnesses.
But even beyond the study or no study, what we do know is that we are now saying this is the first generation of children that will not live to be as old as their own parents.
We're supposed to have the best hospitals in the world.
We're supposed to have the best doctors in the world.
Why do we have the sickest children we've ever seen?
I'm going to go ahead and opt out of any program driven by the medical establishment because I've said it.
Our children are sick.
And now, guess what?
All these forced mandates we're seeing in New York, now the adults are gonna start getting sick.
Watch all these adults get the MMR vaccine, and then it'll be the DTaP vaccine, and then it'll be the flu vaccine, and watch how they start, you know, developing rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis.
I see so many superstars that are crippled with autoimmune disease.
And I wonder how many vaccines did you get to go on tour for your rock show or your comedy show?
Why are you crippled right now?
You dance every day.
You get you have cooks cooking you the best food.
Why is it you're so sick?
It makes perfect sense.
Oh, and if you look at all the vaccines we're giving people and what they're doing and guess what?
The science is being done.
No one has been done all over the world.
All over in England, in France, in China, in Spain, they're doing mouse studies and monkey studies, showing that mice are having autism-like features when they're injected with the same amount of aluminum that we give our kids in our childhood schedule.
You know, so this is the science, this whole thing's crumbling down around them, and that's why they're using, they're having to go to martial law.
It's because we're winning.
We're winning, are we not?
No, that's exactly it.
That's exactly it.
That's why they're censoring all this on social media.
That's why they're censoring all the truth on social media.
That's why they're pushing the mandatory vaccines now, because they know they're on the precipice of a total defeat.
But, you know, you've been following this for a while, Del, and we're trying to cross the T's and dot the I's on this when it comes to the actual vaccine, but there is a measles vaccine.
That patent is up today.
Now again, whether or not that is tied into what's going on in New York, we'll try to cross the T's and dot the I's, but just from your experience studying this and being involved in this for so long, that's not something that's rare when an expired vaccine is about to come down.
Oh, magically they start selling it!
You know, isn't that a great way to clear the shelves of a product that no longer owns the patent anymore?
I mean, I think that when they had the mandate in Rockland County, where they were quarantining Hasidic Jews during the month of Passover, they wouldn't be able to go to their own synagogues.
They sold, I think, another 17,000 MMR vaccines when they did that.
And, you know, this is a way to make money.
Are they just clearing the shelves because they've lost their patent?
I don't know.
All I know is this.
We just broke the story this week.
We finally got the trials.
We used Freedom of Information Act requests to get the trials that approved the MMR vaccine we're all using.
And the results in the stats of, and they only tested 800 kids.
There's 8 different studies that only looked at the health of 800 kids.
800 total kids decided the fate of our vaccine program with the MMR.
And every single one of those studies, do you know that every child that got the MMR vaccine, well, about 50% of them had a gastrointestinal illness from the vaccine.
They recorded it.
They also had about 40% of them had an upper respiratory illness caused by the vaccine.
How this vaccine ever got approved, and that may not seem like a big deal.
OK, you've got stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation for days or weeks, you know, much longer than you would have had the rash.
But here's what's so shocking, is all the science showing how important our gut biome is.
Many of the products you guys sell on your show is trying to give you a stronger gut biome because the mental health of the person, the overall health is so deep.
It's the autoimmune system, it's the gut.
Del Bigtree, thank you so much.
Follow him on Twitter, at Del Bigtree.
Follow his show, Highwire, on Facebook, at Highwire Talk.
Del Bigtree, just doing great stuff.
Let's get a round, let's get a rousing noise from that audience!
That's America right there, folks.
That's America right there.
Families who are not going to have their God-given rights taken away by medical tyranny.
Over my dead body.
There are thousands of ideologies out there.
Hundreds of different political systems.
And most of them are funded by the globalists.
Infowars is truly the tip of the spear of the zeitgeist.
That's why the globalists are obsessed with it, trying to shut it down.
I didn't invent all this.
I went and researched the Renaissance, Americana, and what really works for humanity, and I'm simply trying to bring it back.
And lo and behold, it's super popular, like it's always been!
That's why the globalists are trying to shut it down so desperately.
Because we have the light in the dark of the night that sends chills up my spine.
So whatever you do, continue to support yourself and InfoWars by buying the great products at InfoWarsStore.com, by spreading the articles, by spreading the videos, and by praying for this operation and for praying for this nation and the world for peace and discernment.
For myself and the whole InfoWars family,
I want to thank all of you for what you've done, because without you, InfoWars is nothing.
You are the InfoWars, and I salute you.
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Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again.
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
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Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is The Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
Man, there's all kinds of news and we're not going to be able to get to half of it.
Child predators being let into the country.
Attempted kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl thwarted by a good guy with a gun.
All kinds of other breaking news, but the developing story right now that's kind of piggybacking off of what happened with William Barr testifying before Congress saying, yeah, they spied on President Trump, they spied on his campaign, and then the Democrats are sitting there like, oh my gosh, did he actually just say that?
They're just stunned.
You can see it on their faces.
It's like they just got hit with a haymaker and they're out on their feet.
Now Trump is swinging for the fences.
The story is at Infowars.com from Jamie White.
Trump promises justice against Deep State.
This was an attempted coup.
And they got caught and what they did was treason, says the president.
You know that treason is punishable by death?
Did you know that?
And by the way, now you have leftists saying that William Barr is taking Trump's quote-unquote talking points by saying the Obama administration was spying on Trump.
You mean the truth?
So according to the left, Trump's quote-unquote talking points is just telling the truth.
So Alex Jones, it's now considered a talking point if you just tell the truth, and that's how the Democrats are going to spin this now.
Oh, Barr is just going with Trump's talking points.
No, he's being honest.
Owen, I want everybody to just step back, take a deep breath, and thank God that reality's coming out.
The arrogant Democrats under Obama and Hillary bragged that they had spied on Trump illegally when he was president-elect after the November 8th election two and a half years ago.
We have memories here at InfoWars.
We played the clips.
We showed the New York Times articles where they said he'll never get seated as president
Nancy Pelosi's daughter went all over television, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, and said, we know he's a Russian.
We know he stole the election.
She tried to get the delegates to not see him on January 8th, and then 12 days later, keep him from being inaugurated in D.C.
Then they tried to block
Men, women and children, families from getting into the inauguration.
Then they CNN showed images of the gates closed and so no one could get into the mall and said, look, no one was there.
Insane levels of lies because they believed Hillary and Obama and the globalists were going to be able to deliver on removing him.
But now, as Trump said in just a statement minutes ago that's up on InfoWars.com or by the video, the article from Jamie White must go viral, folks.
It's also on NewsWars.com.
He said, you lost, you got caught, and now we're going to prosecute you.
Your criminals were coming after you.
And here's what's happened.
They committed so many crimes, the Democrats, the deep state, and the neocons, and sold us out to Communist China.
But the American people, the Pentagon, literally detonated, in a good way, by this show.
I don't know.
We're good to go.
In rage and now fear as cornered animals, as cornered rats.
And so this is so ultra-massive that it's unspeakably powerful.
Ladies and gentlemen, obviously InfoWars.com is censored on Facebook, YouTube, everywhere else, Twitter.
But NewsWars.com isn't.
The article by Jamie White is posted there right now.
It is so incredibly important.
This is a major, major, major maximum action alert.
Trump promises justice against each state.
This was an attempted coup, and they got caught, and that's what they did was treason, says the President.
Now understand, folks, I'm not an anonymous person.
I'm on air, exposing this day one, before President Trump even got elected, telling you exactly what was happening, the illegal thighs of Lawrence, how we should strike back.
Why do you think they deplatformed us like nobody else?
And first, because in the councils of treason, in these boardrooms, they know we've got their number because we do real research.
This is so incredible.
When I was in a deposition being sued by the Democratic Party a few weeks ago through their whole operation, they kept saying, who's Zero Hedge?
Who's Zero Hedge?
You don't run it?
You don't own it?
I don't even know who runs Zero Hedge.
But because Zero Hedge
That's the same analysis as the same real intel.
They think I'm running it, or they think some intelligence agency's running it.
No, it's called doing your homework.
It's called being on air seven days a week, living, eating, drinking, sleeping, crapping, fighting, everything.
This is all we do, blood, sweat, and tears.
We have their number, and these arrogant people have been so public.
I'd love to give myself more credit, but no, they arrogantly were on TV saying, we're going to kill this guy.
That was the former head of counterterrorism operations, Phil Mudd.
They've said it on all the shows.
Brennan and Clapper said a year and a half ago on CNN at the Acid Institute, we're going to have a coup by December.
He'll be removed.
And Wolf Blitzer said, you mean extrajudicially?
And they said, yes.
And they tried to have a 25th Amendment too with Rosenstein.
And people said, well, why are they so public?
Why are they so public in a coup?
Because they had to go on CNN as a confidence game and say, we're going to kill this guy, meaning Trump, we're going to remove him by December, or we're going to remove him by March, as they said again last year.
Because they had to act confident for the criminals at the highest levels of the FBI, Justice Department, CIA, and other agencies.
But there are other agencies that aren't run by criminals.
And most of the people in the agencies that are run by criminals aren't bad.
They're upset.
So there is a will.
And a once in a multi-jurisdiction, once in a multi-lifetime, a multi-
Generational system to defeat this.
We have the momentum, we have the truth, we have all the evidence of the shycoms buying up Hollywood, we have the treason, and we must move.
This is real.
Trump always attempts to do what he says he'll do.
He does what he says he'll do 90% of the time when he's able to execute.
He is attempting to remove the real swamp leaders at the top.
They're the plug in the swamp.
You remove that.
And you actually start prosecuting thousands of these criminals.
You start putting them in jail.
They will all turn on each other in minutes.
We already saw Clapper and Brennan in the last two weeks go on every major channel and say, we were ordered by Obama to run this investigation against Trump.
But see, they lied to Congress and said they didn't.
They lied to him once he was the president.
So that's why we've got them right there, too.
We have them doing things one trillion times bigger, literally.
Literally, that Nixon, Nixon listened to a few phones, broke into a psychiatrist's office, got a few things against the Democratic leadership.
That was wrong, that was bad.
This is the entire NSA spying on the American people, trying to steal the election, saying we're all Russian agents, censoring everybody, and these criminals are in trouble, and Senator Murphy's in trouble, and Senator Blumenthal's in trouble.
Mr. President, they're running the Stay Behind Network, sir, and you know that.
Now it's time to move against them.
We are going to defeat them, but the listeners must explode with information war.
I think so.
And this was an attempted coup.
This was an attempted takedown of a president.
And we beat them.
We beat them.
So the Mueller report, when they talk about obstruction,
We fight back.
And you know why we fight back?
Because I knew how illegal this whole thing was.
It was a scam.
And what I'm most interested in, excuse me, what I'm most interested in is getting started, hopefully the Attorney General, he mentioned it yesterday, he's doing a great job, getting started on going back
To the origins of exactly where this all started.
Because this was an illegal witch hunt.
And everybody knew it.
And they knew it too.
And they got caught.
And what they did was treason.
Ladies and gentlemen, what they did was treason.
What they did was treason.
That is the 45th president of the United States.
And the globalists are running all these undermining operations online, posing as patriots, attacking the president.
We're gonna go to break and come back with more with Owen Schroyer.
But this is history happening right now.
The enemy are cornered rats.
They're gonna counter-strike.
So thank God and pray to Jesus and then get out there and take action.
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There's still some America left.
There's still people out there.
And you just keep seeing the guests we have.
And what we do is always in the center of the fight.
Always affecting change.
And always there.
Because we're in the zeitgeist.
We want to be there.
You're there with us.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
There must be some way out of here Said the joker to the thief There's too much confusion I can't get no relief Businessmen, they drink my wine
You know, it's interesting, as it's all coming out right now, how Obama illegally spied, and soon you're going to find out Obama was leaking illegally too.
I just went on Twitter just to find that old tweet of Obama's that's going viral right now from 2013 where he tweets out, I spy.
I searched for it on Twitter.
It doesn't even show up.
Meanwhile, there's literally a hearing happening right now.
Ted Cruz is speaking about the big tech censorship and free speech in this country.
But, you know, Alex,
I mean, everything that InfoWars has been through, everything that you've been through, do you feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is finally approaching?
Do you feel like you can finally feel the warmth of the opening at the end of the tunnel of this journey for truth and justice that you've been on for so long?
Do you feel that we're finally moving forward?
Okay, apparently we've lost Alex momentarily, so we'll try to pick him back up.
Look at this from the Washington Post.
William Barr's highly questionable use of Trump's spying talking points.
So now the truth is just considered talking points to Democrats.
But this is what they do when they project.
See, all the Democrats have are talking points.
Trump's racist.
That's a talking point.
Trump hates immigrants.
That's a talking point.
Trump manufactured the crisis at the border.
That's a talking point.
These are Democrat talking points.
Trump puts kids in cages.
These are all the Democrat talking points.
This is how they... That's what fuels all of their discourse, is talking points.
So, conservatives don't have quote-unquote talking points.
I mean, sure, we'll have subjects for discussion, but we don't have talking points that we use as a base
To then form any other thought or idea off of that.
We proprietarily think of things, come up with things, and then use facts and research and common sense and logic and reasoning to put it all together.
Not talking points.
But now, according to the Washington Post, the truth is just talking points.
And so when William Barr says that spying did occur during the 2016 campaign, which is just true!
I mean, this is ridiculous!
The New York Times admitted this!
It's just unbelievable what these people are convinced of.
I don't even know how to analyze it anymore.
Are they just blatant liars or do they genuinely have no IQ at all?
Do they genuinely have no comprehension of fact and reality at all?
Have they genuinely lost all touch with their own logic and common sense?
It's that or these people are just totally liars.
To say there was no spying in their 2016 campaign?
Are you kidding me?
But see, that's just it.
It wasn't just spying.
Spying, fine, is just a talking point.
You know what it really was?
It was treason.
It was treason.
And Trump has now said it.
Do we have that clip?
Here's President Trump.
Oh man.
Folks, get ready.
They're cornered rats.
They're a sinking ship.
It's no holds barred for the Democrats now, folks.
They know what they're facing.
They're going to do anything to try to save themselves, including have Eric Swalwell announce he's running for president.
Do you realize how big of a joke that is?
So, get ready.
They're about to pull out all the stops because President Trump has just announced, yep, the Democrats and Obama were engaged in treason.
And this was an attempted coup.
This was an attempted takedown of a president.
And we beat them.
We beat them.
So the Mueller report, when they talk about obstruction,
We fight back.
And you know why we fight back?
Because I knew how illegal this whole thing was.
It was a scam.
And what I'm most interested in, excuse me, what I'm most interested in is getting started, hopefully the Attorney General, he mentioned it yesterday, he's doing a great job, getting started on going back
To the origins of exactly where this all started.
Because this was an illegal witch hunt.
And everybody knew it.
And they knew it too.
And they got caught.
And what they did was treason.
Now, see... The President has really taken a leap of faith here.
And set himself up for failure, quite honestly.
Because he's now officially on a suicide mission.
You have to understand the level of criminality we're dealing with here.
And you have to understand, when a group of people will engage in open treason and sedition against their own country, against their own republic, against their own people, when they're willing to do that right out in public,
Think about what they're trying to cover up.
That's really what this is about.
They didn't have to spy on Donald Trump.
They already had their people in the media and everything rallying to stop Donald Trump.
Hollywood and everything.
Republicans were against Trump.
They already had all their apparatchiks in place to stop Donald Trump from getting in.
But then they realized.
America had already won.
America was not dead yet.
And so what did they do?
They committed treason.
They didn't have to.
They didn't have to illegally spy on Trump.
But they saw that the threat was real.
That the Republic was back.
And that Trump might even beat a rigged election.
And we did.
All beat the rigged election.
So they committed treason.
Right in front of your own eyes.
Because they're so afraid of what other crimes they've committed will now be exposed by a man who's not in their secret societies.
So Alex, before we lost you there, I wanted to get your take on this.
I was able to listen over the line on my phone, because you have major phone problems up there.
But I'm glad I'm on here with you now.
Absolutely, this is the beginning of the fulfillment of everything we're doing.
It doesn't mean we're putting some utopia in, but it'd be like if we got the dictator Maduro out of Venezuela, that at least gives them a shot at a new start.
That's why they're trying to wreck society.
The globals are trying to kill what made America great, rugged individualism, because they need a group of domestic slobs.
That's why they're using this incredibly vicious race war tactic that the Democrats know is made up in bold.
That's in the WikiLeaks.
And so Trump must go after the deep state.
We must.
Go after the deep state.
We must take action, and we must understand that, as you were just saying, they've committed so many crimes, they have committed so many different angles of this garbage, that it's just unbelievable that we've gotten to this point, that now they're cornered rats, but they are so incredibly
Dangerous at this point.
They are completely out of control at this point.
And they are going to strike back.
And so now it's like having cancer, that you're in third stage.
You don't cut it out, you're going to die for sure.
You cut it out, it might come back in the country, you might still die.
But our only course of action is that we have to throw the book at these people.
And if they want to dig up federal Republicans and stuff, that's fine.
Let's just get it all out in the open.
We're good to go.
Slice that sucker open and start sucking that blood and that poison out.
And nobody likes to do it, but it's gotta be done.
You better get a lot of blood, a lot of poison in your mouth.
Better get ready for your own mouth to get sick sucking the poison out.
But if we don't do it, we don't have a chance where our leg's gonna fall off.
We have got to suck the damn poison out.
We've got to get it out.
And we've got to take the attacks and the fake lawsuits and the demonization
And the race war garbage and all the rest of it, and just come through this.
And I'm so honored to be working with you and the rest of the great crew, Owen.
I'm so honored to be working with all the other great hosts, all the other great people, and how hard everybody's fighting at InfoWars.
And I'm so honored to be working with everybody.
Where's this new wedge they've been trying to drive?
They're like, oh, Paul Watts is leaving InfoWars.
InfoWars is a sneaking ship.
No, it's like saying England founded the United States.
I told Paul he needs to do his own website.
I told Paul he needs to get out on his own.
I told Paul he needs to go live on YouTube and start his own program.
And I told him, I gave him about a year, I said, if you don't do it, I said, I'm going to begin phasing you out and removing you from InfoWars.
It's just an unbelievable time.
What an honor to be here.
I just, I can't even put it into words that we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
It's time to start sprinting to that light, ladies and gentlemen.
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ET on in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
And I hope to hear from you again, and I will always keep in touch with you all.
God bless you, Etion.
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Alex Jones, the cure to fake news.
Coming to you live from Austin, Texas.
Ladies and gentlemen, final segment with myself and Owen Schroer.
Then, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, probably has the biggest story he's ever broken on our platform.
He's about to break.
It's at MedicalNews.com.
We're posting the full article to InfoWars.com.
There's a quickening.
Now, the top scientists, medical doctors, and others I've talked to have told me that a lot of cancer isn't just viral.
It's caused by mutated fungus.
That's why it's so important to flush your body of fungus.
And there are now forms of fungus, I've seen mainline reports, that kill 90 plus percent of the people that come in contact with it.
Medical alert!
Hospitals are releasing deadly superbug fungi.
We're good to go.
This is the next level, so we better get control of our government.
We better understand what the deep state's up to, because it goes a lot deeper than just the gatekeeper criminals that were in control of the FBI and the CIA and the Democrats trying to keep Trump out.
They were trying to keep Trump out because this is not business as usual.
And I wanted to play this clip, but it's on InfoWars.com.
We don't have time now because of the time running out here, but it's the Attorney General
Saying yes, there was illegal spying going on against Trump.
He said, and he said, and it's election meddling.
He goes, they talk about Russians all day.
This is the Democrats' election meddling.
This is very serious information.
It's an incredible clip.
I'm sure Mike Adams will play it before the hour's over, but he's first going to get into this huge story coming up.
But, Owen, I just want to tell you, the whole crew, this is one hell of a time to be alive, and I'm just glad the last two and a half years, the sustained attack we've all been under, that the listeners have supported us, that you've supported us.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
Spread those articles about Trump saying it's treason.
He intends to go after them criminally.
You know it's on, so get ready.
Everybody watch their six.
Back to Owen Schroer right there in the ATX.
And then again, Mike Adams.
And remember, folks, this is revolutionary information that globalists do not want to get out to anybody.
And that's why you're the amplifiers.
You can do anything when you take action.
That's why I salute you and thank you.
Remember to spread these links to the four winds.
Spread the articles, spread the videos, and tell people Alex Jones and Owen Schroer and everybody are still on the air, stronger than ever, but you go to their sites.
Remember when the internet had sites and not just big social media networks run by globalists, the chi-coms, censoring everybody.
It's now all up to you.
You see the victory.
We've almost pushed the boulder to the top of the mountain, just a few more feet, but we now have to put maximum effort in, ladies and gentlemen.
Now is the time.
Choose your fate.
Choose your destiny.
Mike Adams taking over on the other side, but you know, the whole purpose, the whole motivation, you realize there's corruption, you realize it's rampant, you realize it's touched every, almost every industry, all the mainstream, and you embark on a journey to expose it, and that's all we've been doing here.
We've embarked on a journey to expose the corruption, call it as we see it along the way, but I can't even imagine what the future holds if we can actually get this monkey of political corruption and societal corruption off our back.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones with Mike Adams.
All right, Mike Adams here, continuing in the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show today with a breaking bombshell report on a fungal superbug that has achieved already pandemic status across the United States.
I've done a deep dive into this story.
To their credit, the New York Times actually covered this story a few days ago and blew the lid off certain elements of it.
You know, even occasionally the New York Times actually does engage in random acts of journalism, occasionally.
But we took what they put out and then we did a deep dive into the CDC and the CDC's fungal expert, Dr. Tom Chiller, I believe is his name.
I'll verify that.
And we looked at the maps put out by the CDC and the statements by the CDC going back to 2017 all the way through the present.
There are details the New York Times did not tell you.
That's what we're going to bring you right now here on the Alex Jones Show.
So here's the bombshell, and then I'll get into the details of it.
We're going to work backwards from this big aha.
Hospitals across America are hubs for fungal infections of a superbug fungi named Candida auris.
It's a kind of yeast.
And this fungus is fatal to between 41 and up to 88% of patients depending on the situation and maybe variations of the strain and so on and other related strains as well that I'll talk about.
And hospitals cannot kill it.
The CDC admits that the hospital cleaning chemicals do not kill it.
And they spray rooms with aerosolized hydrogen peroxide, which normally would kill almost everything, bacteria, fungi, and so on.
It doesn't kill it.
And the hospitals, because of their HVAC systems, they are ventilating this fungal strain out into the open air and into the environment.
And tests have found this fungal strain, which is a deadly superbug again, and I'll explain where it came from.
They found it in the air in hospitals, in the air around hospitals, and in soils, communities, and even backyards of homes around hospitals.
This has already achieved a pandemic stage.
Do you remember when Ebola was on everybody's minds a few years ago and everybody freaked out, appropriately so, when the CDC brought an Ebola patient to the United States, put that patient in Texas, in a hospital in Texas, and then that patient promptly infected a nurse in Texas and it started to spread in Texas.
And of course, we were all very concerned.
What is the CDC doing?
Why are you bringing Ebola patients to Texas and so on?
And thankfully, that stopped.
They were able to keep that under wraps.
But this superbug fungal strain is already in California, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Florida, and many other states as well.
In fact, the CDC has already said there are over 600, I think it was 617 cases that they have confirmed are infected with Candida auris.
That's spelled A-U-R-I-S.
If you want to look it up, that's the Latin of it, Candida auris.
And the CDC also identified another thousand people who are, quote, colonized with this fungal strain.
So they are carriers of it who are not sick.
As carriers, they are spreading it to other people.
And the biggest news in all of this is the massive cover-up, the CDC refusing to name the hospitals in New Jersey, New York, Chicago, and other places.
They refuse to name the hospitals where these infections are rampant.
So now, going to a hospital in Illinois, for example, or Chicago, going to a hospital there might be a death sentence, and the CDC won't tell you which hospitals are infected.
This fungal strain, again, cannot be killed by Western medicine.
They don't know how to kill it.
They don't know what to do with it.
And it has spread around the world.
It's in the Netherlands.
It's in Venezuela.
And the CDC has documented that this strain is spreading through healthcare facilities in nations like India and Japan.
This is all over the world now.
And you might wonder, where did this come from?
Is this a weaponized superbug?
Well, the official story is that this is the result of the overuse of agricultural chemicals, fungicides used in agriculture.
These chemicals are sprayed on virtually all crops that you eat, that you buy at the grocery store, from tomatoes and different vegetables and fruits and nuts and seeds, everything imaginable.
They spray fungicides on everything.
And these fungicides are, in particular, a class of chemicals called azoles.
Now, that's A-Z-O-L-E, like triazoles, and there are other azoles.
Don't take what I'm saying out of context.
I'm not saying, like, Adam Schiff is an azole.
No, I'm talking about pesticides and fungicides here.
This is a class of fungicides.
So these, as you spread these on the crops,
These create azole-resistant superbugs.
And what they do is they kill off all of the so-called friendly fungi that would normally live in soils and live on crops.
And because the laws of competition exist in nature, I mean, all of nature is actually free market principles.
You have bacteria competing for resources.
You have fungi competing for resources.
You have, you know, organisms, insects, flowers, and plants.
They all compete.
We're good to go.
But when you kill off all the good, friendly fungal strains, you make room for the nasty fungal strains to rise up and then colonize and take over and spread and multiply.
And this is what has happened.
So now, virtually all the food that's being produced all around the world that is sprayed with this azole-class fungicide chemical, all this food is now being infected, or a significant portion is infected with this new superbug, Candida auris.
Almost nobody has heard of this.
It's in more than seven states across America.
It probably is infecting nursing homes everywhere.
It probably is infecting daycare centers, public schools, public transportation, as well as hospitals, malls, movie theaters.
I mean, think about it.
The only thing that we know can probably kill this effectively is sunlight or ultraviolet radiation.
Where do you have dark places in artificial light?
Hospitals, movie theaters, all these places, malls, they're all artificial light.
And this fungal strain is now being carried by people.
Again, people are colonized with it.
They carry it and they spread it through all these facilities.
Meanwhile, the deep state vaccine industry is pushing people like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and others like Rockland County, Ed Day there in New York, to create an emergency over measles.
Which has infected almost no one, and kills almost no one.
Yet, this fungal strain, Candida auris, has spread across the country.
It has infected the food supply.
It has infected hospitals.
It can't be killed, and it has a fatality rate from 41% to 88%.
And you don't hear anybody declaring that to be a national emergency.
You know why?
You know what the difference is?
There's no vaccine for this.
So there's nothing that they can hype up.
There's nothing they can push that Big Pharma can sell to make billions of dollars off of this emergency.
So they just don't even mention it.
So people are dying all across the country.
And you can add this... Well, let me back up.
What's really important to understand about this is this is a superbug that came out of agriculture and then colonized human beings.
That's different from other superbugs such as MRSA.
MRSA is a superbug that was created by the abuse of antibiotics in healthcare settings.
But it generated in the bodies of patients.
MRSA emerged, in other words, from patients being treated with antibiotics.