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Name: 20190313_Wed_Alex
Air Date: March 13, 2019
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Alex Jones discusses President Trump's decision to ground all Boeing MAX 737s, the potential dangers of 5G internet and its link to cancer in rats and birds, and an investigation into Jacob Wool allegedly creating a Twitter account to send a death threat, hate crime message to himself. Jones also disavows fake hate crimes from any side of the political aisle.

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It's Wednesday, March 13th, 2019.
This is the Alex Jones Show from the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
I'm Owen Schroer filling in for Alex Jones.
We will be hearing from Alex Jones in the bottom of the first hour.
And then in the second hour, Alex has a big message for President Trump.
And we need you to share the links today, tell your friends and family, and then take these banned segments, take the banned Alex Jones segments from today's Alex Jones Show, and re-upload them to your own YouTube channel.
Now, I have to say I kind of feel like a jerk for asking you to do that, because in the current environment now, that gets you banned.
But hey, this is the InfoWar.
Now, I've got all kinds of news that I really need to be focused and get to today.
And it's amazing all the developments that you have right now going on with the Lisa Page testimony being released.
You've got Andrew McCabe
Being referred to for a criminal investigation.
That's been going on for a while.
Tom Fitton has just sued to get Rod Rosenstein's communications in the 10 days leading up to the Robert Mueller appointment.
That could be the bombshell that blows the entire levy and floods the swamp.
As if we didn't have enough physical evidence
That acting members of the FBI, the DOJ, and even the White House were engaged in this whole fake Russian collusion investigation from the get-go, that would pretty much seal the deal.
And then you have Adam Schiff, who's trying to keep it all classified.
So that's one side of
Criminal behavior being investigated right now amongst the Democrats.
But how about the Collegegate scandal?
Oh my gosh!
I'm so shocked!
You're telling me that a bunch of Hillary Clinton voters were using their money and power and influence to cheat the system?
Oh no!
I had no idea it was going on!
I'm so surprised!
Oh, you mean Hollywood?
That lectures us all day long on how to fight for the oppressed?
Was using its money and power to cheat the system?
Oh my gosh!
It's shocking, folks!
Oh, wait!
You're telling me that people who had close relationships with the Obamas were also involved?
Oh, no!
Friends of the Obamas were also cheating the system the whole time?
Oh, no!
Oh, it's a travesty!
America never saw it coming!
Oh my gosh, we never knew Hollywood was a bunch of lying scum!
Oh my gosh, we never knew Hillary Clinton voters were a bunch of frauds!
Oh my gosh, we never knew the Obamas were hanging out with cheaters and liars and scandalous people!
It's finally all coming out, folks!
We had no idea!
Nobody could have ever told you!
InfoWars has never reported it!
Alex Jones has never reported it!
He never even exists!
And I was sitting, looking at all the news coming out, and I was like, wow!
InfoWars is next year's news today!
And so then Alan Dershowitz comes out and says that the College Gate scandal that's being surfaced right now is just the tip of the iceberg.
And then when you read into the weeds of the story, folks, you see how far they're willing to go in their deception.
Photoshopping pictures, faking injuries, I mean, like,
Next level con games.
And just to get their kids into college, what happened to the good old days when you bought a new rec center?
I mean, that's how it used to be done.
Hey, yeah, sure, my kid just kind of skipped the system, but guess what?
The rest of the students get to enjoy this brand new rec center.
Guess what?
The rest of the students get to enjoy this brown new hall, this brand new library, this brand new computer lab.
No, they don't even do that!
That's because it's not about anybody benefiting except them.
That's what it's all about.
It's all about their selfish own egos.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I'm sure you're filling in for Alex Jones, but we will be hearing from Alex Jones in the bottom of the hour.
And then in the second hour, Alex Jones has an emergency message for President Trump that you're not going to want to miss.
We need you to spread the links to this show.
Go to infowars.com slash show, click on the Alex Jones Show link, download those video segments, and then re-upload them to YouTube so that we can get the message out.
We have to beat this censorship.
And we need the President to have our back in this battle for free speech in America.
So, do not miss Alex Jones' emergency message to President Trump coming up in the second hour.
Kaitlin Bennett joins me in the third hour.
She got kicked out of a mall for being harassed.
Now, it's amazing Alex Jones is miles away and yet we are on the exact same wavelength.
I didn't talk to Alex this morning when I was prepping for the show, but he was talking to the crew and the producers and we have some segments coming up he's gonna be on, but we were both on the same page and that's why I'm wearing this t-shirt today.
This is the
T-shirt from InfoWarsStore.com, and it has the InfoWars logo, it's the Tiananmen Square Tankman, with the Facebook logo, the Apple logo, the YouTube logo, the Spotify logo, all as the tanks getting ready to try and run over InfoWars.
And I didn't even think about this, but if you take my opening segment from yesterday, it pretty much describes this t-shirt right here.
We will not be moved.
We stand as a rock against tyranny.
So yeah.
So, if President Trump says, well, just behave yourself on social media, you know, don't tweet about vaccines, don't put on Facebook about vaccines, no, we will do that.
We will not be moved.
We stand as a rock against tyranny.
So, that's where we stand.
And so, that's what Alex is going to be addressing in the second hour in an emergency message to President Trump.
Now I know President Trump is smart and obviously he is the main reason why he won, but I hope
I hope that he understands that it was Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, and Alex Jones that won him the Republican nomination.
He would have never gotten out of that Republican nomination process if it wasn't for alternative media and the likes of Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, and of course Alex Jones.
But the Alex Jones audience is just the massive active audience that is just so fierce
And they get so fired up when we get behind a movement that that's what pushed Trump over the edge.
So it was really this audience, but it was those three in the media who are all being censored that
Were the voices in the wilderness supporting Donald Trump when all the other media said it was bad, and he would never win, he never wanted to win, he's a joker, he's a clown, all you Trump supporters are jokesters and clowns, you'll never go anywhere.
These are some of your favorite voices on Fox News and on the radio.
And what's even wilder, if you went back four years ago, or let's say you go back to the year 2015,
And you're watching Fox News?
You wouldn't even recognize it.
It is so much different today than it was in 2015.
So, we've got all that coming up.
We've got the Democrats that were engaged in treason starting to get exposed.
Lisa Page basically admitted all of it in her testimony.
Obama knew they were going to make up a false narrative so that they could then spy on Donald Trump and his campaign and then in turn launch an investigation for Russian collusion all made up, all concocted, all manufactured in the months leading up to the election.
And it's all on record.
And you know where else it's on record?
The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube.
Oh, but they erased that, didn't they?
How convenient!
You see, because they don't want you to be able to go back and watch our videos from years ago out at the front of all of this.
And so that's really
Another level of their censorship.
Yeah, they don't want us to be able to break in to a breaking news story, to a viral news story, to a trending news story, and be there available on the internet at the click of a button when everybody's competing for those views.
They don't want us there.
They want to control the narrative.
But then there's the other angle that's... They don't want you to be able to go and share our old videos where we told you that this was all going on years ago.
They don't want you to go see the videos where we told you Adam Schiff was a lying corrupt scumbag years ago.
They don't want you to see the election night videos where Alex Jones said, President Trump, this is just the beginning.
Get ready.
They're going to come at you with everything they have.
And they did.
They came after him with Hollywood, Jussie Smollett.
They came after him with the mainstream media, Covington Catholic, Judge Kavanaugh.
Trump's a racist.
Trump is this.
Trump is that.
They came after him with the Department of Justice.
They came after him with the FISA Courts.
They came after him with the Southern District of New York.
They came after him with the Appellate Courts.
They came after him with the New York Attorney General.
They came after... So, non-stop!
And then there's a series of tweets from President Trump that we will be breaking down today as well.
And think about this.
As we're just now beginning to see what we already knew was going on inside the FBI treason, trying to remove Trump from office.
How about the College Gate scandal?
And the fact that you didn't ever hear one leak, not a single leak when it came to the College Gate scandal.
How incredible is that?
And I guarantee
You can take it to the bank that Cortez now wants to blame for everything.
When anything goes wrong, she wants the bank to pay for it.
Yeah, that's actually her new profound theory.
If it would have been Donald Trump engaged in photoshopping pictures or Ann Coulter engaged in paying bribes,
Or Alex Jones, or any conservative involved in any of this stuff, it would have all been leaked, it would have all been already out there, and they would have already been using it years ago to destroy those people.
And so, you can apply that same logic, if you will, to the investigation that's going on right now into
James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Peter Stroke, and their cohorts.
So you won't know really the full scope of it until they release it because it's not going to get leaked like everything that Mueller tries to do.
President Trump says on Twitter this morning, keep America great.
Well, President Trump, if you want to keep America great, you're going to have to start locking some people up and throwing away the key.
Because if you don't make an example of these treasonous scumbags in these unelected bureaucracies, thinking they run this republic,
They'll never stop.
They'll never stop.
And maybe these people will stop.
Maybe you think you can stop these people from continuing in their criminal activity, but they'll just be another round.
They'll just be another wave.
You need to make an example of these people loud and clear.
Lock them up, throw away the key, do it all on public TV, and let the world know that the corrupt deep state in the West is dead.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Infowars.com is tomorrow's news today.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Alright, here's what we got coming up for the remainder of the Alex Jones Show.
In the next segment, Alex Jones is going to be responding and breaking down the College Gate scandal.
He is then going to stay with us and talk about the fake hate crimes as Smollett's legal team, if you can believe this or not, says that the case against Smollett is weak.
I don't know how that's a weak case.
It's all on record.
Guy went on TV.
But that just shows you what kind of lawyer represents Jussie Smollett.
Then, at 12.06, to begin the third hour, that is when Alex is going to give his emergency message to President Trump.
And I will point you in the direction of a Breitbart interview with President Trump, where President Trump said, in response,
Well, President Trump, what if you would have just decided to, quote, be really good during the campaign process?
What if you decided to, quote, be really good
During the nomination process.
What if the President decided to be really good during all those press conferences and presidential debates?
Do you think he would have won?
Do you think America would have heard Donald Trump?
Do you think they would have responded the way they did?
No, I do not think so, President.
So Alex will be responding to that.
I'm going to open up the phone lines and I'm going to ask you one simple question.
What must President Trump do to keep America great?
And what I'd like to do is to just rattle off about 15 calls from 1220 Central,
To 106 Central when Caitlin Bennett joins us, and then after she leaves probably too.
And I just want you to have one quick answer, and I just want to go down the line.
Just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
I want to hear from everybody.
What must the President do to keep America great?
This is my new hat that I got now, a gift from my chiropractor.
Keep America Great.
And the President tweeted that out this morning, too.
What must President Trump do to keep America Great?
So we will be opening up the phone lines in the next hour.
That is my question for you.
Please just have a one response.
Obviously there's a lot of things, but just pick your most important thing, say it, and we'll go to the next caller.
I've also just got stacks of news.
And here's the good thing about it.
I don't feel as... See, some days if I don't get to the news and I don't give you the InfoWars coverage, then you're just not going to get it.
But everyone's talking about Lisa Page and Peter Stroke and Bruce Ohr and Adam Schiff.
So everybody already knows how corrupt that they are.
We already kind of broke the floodgates on that.
So it's like, I don't necessarily even need to go down that road.
Everybody's showing you the college scandal.
Everybody sees how it's a bunch of Hillary Clinton donors and liberal progressive Democrats.
I mean, literally, like, the whole list, all of them.
You know, they can't go the old-fashioned way, you know, oh, hey, you know, help my kid get in the...
School, I'll buy you a new rec center, help my kid get into the volleyball program or whatever, I'll buy you a new library, I'll buy you a new computer lab.
Oh wow!
And so it's not like Lori Loughlin has the Lori Loughlin Computer Lab at USC with her daughter who's probably worth millions too.
Yeah, because, you know, they can't afford that.
So, no, it's not the Lori Loughlin computer lab that kids are going to be going to and learning and using to resource and read and everything.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's just take my money and let my daughter in.
No one else gets nothing except us.
And so then the good liberal Democrats take the money, cheat the college system.
Bing bang boom, no one benefits but them.
And you know, I'm kind of going through this in my head, and I don't mean to pontificate on this, and Alex is going to be breaking this down in the next segment, but I'm thinking, because I don't have kids, but like, you know, at a certain level, I'm like, you know, maybe they were really just trying to do what's best for their kids.
And you know, so they just want to have their kids go to college.
They want their kids to have the best time.
So I'm kind of like, for a second, empathetic.
And then I realized, well, wait a second.
No, no, no.
If they wanted what's best for their kids, they wouldn't pay their way.
If they wanted what's best for their kids, they would make them earn it.
If they wanted what's best for their kids, they wouldn't lie to their kids about how they got into school.
And then, once I realized that, I realized, oh my gosh.
It was never even about the kids going to school.
It was about their ego.
It was about Lori Loughlin standing up and saying, my daughter goes to USC as in such and such.
And all the other ones.
My daughter went here and was in the crew.
My daughter went here and was part of this program.
It was all about their own ego.
It was never about their kids.
It was never about anyone else but their own ego.
But Alex will be responding to that.
But here's some of the bull crap that's in the news today that you're not going to get anywhere else.
Manicues of sexual assault.
Was an illegal immigrant.
I mean, I could read these every day.
Illegal immigrant rapes nine.
Illegal immigrant murders.
Illegal immigrant steals.
Illegal immigrant drunk drives.
Illegal immigrant ransom.
I mean, it's every damn day, but you know, it's not a problem.
Woman told to cover up before flying out of diverse UK city of Birmingham by Paul Joseph Watson of wars.com.
The girl basically has, I mean, what the average American girl wears out on a Saturday night.
So yeah, imagine that.
American women, you want to fight for
Quote-unquote diversity and the hijab and Islam.
Well, get ready to cover yourself up, because you won't be wearing a crop top anymore.
CDC reports 228 measles cases in 12 states, and guess who they're blaming?
Unvaccinated Americans.
No, not the open borders that have been proven to be bringing these people in.
No, it's the unvaccinated people.
So now in Italy,
They're telling you you have to take a vaccine or you're not going to school.
Get ready.
That's coming here.
That's why you're seeing all the vaccine propaganda now.
Even Kim Kardashian.
Even Kim K wants you to vaccinate your kids.
Thank you, Kim.
I mean, it's not like Kim hasn't had a few needles injecting silicone and collagen and God knows what else into her.
Maybe a little ambrosia?
But, uh...
No, because we will stand in the way of forced vaccinations.
Go ahead and vaccinate.
But you have the freedom to choose.
So when we come back, Alex Jones is going to be responding to the College Gate scandal.
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Keep us on air tomorrow.
Twitter censorship.
The three strikes that took down Alex Jones.
Strike one.
Child abuse.
There was a video that was uploaded that showed a child being violently thrown to the ground and crying.
The video in question is a viral meme with over a hundred thousand retweets.
The meme showed a child bullying an adult who was eventually pushed to the ground and started crying like a victim.
The reason this video went viral in 2018 was because it reflected the strategy of the new American left.
Bully your opponents and then cry foul when they try to fight back.
Forbes originally claimed that the man in the video was Alex Jones himself.
And somehow, InfoWars is to blame for a video that remained on Twitter for months after the fact.
Strike two.
Inciting violence.
The second one was a video that we viewed as incitement of violence.
The original video was a message directed towards President Trump.
This is an emergency message to President Trump, to Congress, and to anyone that supports free speech in this country.
Twitter ignores this.
They selected a short segment and deceitfully acted as if Alex Jones was inciting violence against the media.
But now it's time to act on the enemy before they do a false flag.
I know the Justice Department's crippled a bunch of followers and cowards, but there's groups, there's grand juries, there's... You call for it.
It's time, politically, economically, and judiciously, and legally, and criminally, to move against these people.
It's got to be done now.
Get together the people you know aren't traitors, and aren't cowards, and aren't hedging their frickin' bets, like all these other a**holes.
And let's go, let's do it.
And then there's a bunch of other stuff.
The other stuff that Twitter decided to ignore made it clear that the statement was being made to President Trump.
Because they're coming.
Now, in your wisdom, you may be playing possum and waiting for him to come in.
Alex Jones was encouraging the President to take action against Internet censorship.
And after omitting this fact, they skipped forward to Alex Jones reminding Americans of the importance of their Second Amendment rights.
People need to have their battle rifles and everything ready, their bedsides.
You gotta be ready.
The media is so disciplined in their deception.
Andy, you've attacked all these people at the White House, beat up reporters, beat up women, children.
No coverage.
Twitter does not respect the Second Amendment.
Strike three!
Bullying Oliver Darcy.
So the third strike that we looked at was a verbal altercation that Alex got into with a journalist.
You're a virus to America and freedom.
Smelling like a possum that climbed out of the rear end of a dead cow.
You look like a possum that got caught doing some really, really nasty stuff in my view.
That's enough?
That's hilarious.
The altercation with Oliver Darcy is the real reason why Alex Jones was deleted from Twitter.
Rather than allowing an open and honest discussion, and possibly resolving our differences peacefully, they choose to silence their opposition and push towards a violent civil war.
Jack himself encouraged everyone to read an article which basically outlined the fact that there's no civility left and that civil war is likely to happen in America.
It says that the article was, why there's no bipartisan way forward at this juncture in our history, one side must win.
If you exacerbate the divisions in society that's so rife right now, that is going to create a civil war situation.
So they're going to be partly responsible for it as one of the biggest platforms silencing people.
They're only going to drive them underground.
They're only going to make them more angry, more extreme on both sides.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent free press working with big tech.
Conspiracy theories is an easy target.
There are some who worry this is a slippery slope where people with different viewpoints could be silenced.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
The news broke yesterday like a thousand thunderbolts.
It was the top story, not just here in the U.S., but across the world.
Could you believe it?
A massive, reported, organized crime network getting thousands and thousands of illegitimate students
Who couldn't pass the grades and who couldn't even supposedly play the sports, in many cases, to get the scholarships, had paid in some cases $6.5 million on the high end to just get admission into these colleges.
How could it ever happen?
The CNN headline and the ABC News headline and all the other headlines I saw read, The College Admissions Scam.
But I had a lot of trouble finding the word conspiracy, even though in the press conference the FBI called it a conspiracy and even though in the criminal filings it's called a criminal conspiracy.
But you see the media, the corporate media has taught us,
That there's never conspiracies at Bayer Pharmaceutical 20 years ago for more than five years to knowingly put HIV and hepatitis A, B, and C in the Factor VIII blood product that killed millions.
Of course, it came out in their own documents.
They knew and thought it was funny and said it would make more money if they just dumped it on the market.
And, by the way, there's too many hemophiliacs.
That's what they said.
It's this eugenics
Angles, they always have an excuse, but I digress.
Going back, when two men, or two women, or two people get together and decide they're going to rob a bank, and they plan it out, they decide the day and the time, and who's going to say get on the floor, and who's going to load the bags full of money, it's a conspiracy.
But when babies get thrown on incubators and their brains bashed out, and Congress is told we have to go to war that kills millions, we later learn it didn't happen, well you're not supposed to ask questions.
In the future, about big events.
And so they've so demonized the word conspiracy, that the word conspiracy can't exist, when we just had the OxyContin company, knowingly, again, over 15 years ago, planning the rollout of very addictive drugs, to dominate all other opioids, to be so strong that no one even wanted the regular opioids, and then to even have drugs to take you off the opioids later.
That's a cut and dry total conspiracy.
And it's all come out in the criminal filings.
It's all come out in the lawsuits.
See how that works.
So again, you can't swing a stick in the dark and not hit a giant conspiracy.
And so you read through this latest situation and how from Division One sports right through the whole system.
From the time kids were in high school, their parents
We're already spending on average over a million dollars in charitable donations to all these different organizations, all these different college groups, all these different art groups, all these different human rights groups that are all laundering the money where these people sit on top of these thousands of non-profits, mainly leftist non-profits.
Remember the IRS wouldn't give conservative non-profits for like eight years under Obama?
But the Democrats and the Liberals, they all get the non-profits.
And then the money's laundered through, not just on this college admissions scam.
There's all sorts of scams out there to get a liver, or to get a kidney.
There's all sorts of scams to get a media job in major markets.
You've got to pay people off.
This is all going on the surface, and the corruption is just intensifying.
So I applaud the FBI for going after this scam.
Isn't it really true that college itself is a scam now?
As we put all this government funding behind it and make it politically correct with all the affirmative action, all we do is turn it into more of a fraud.
As you put more money behind something and basically try to force people to attend it, it drives up the price, just like healthcare with Obamacare.
Pulling back from the whole thing, about 90%, even Money Magazine and Forbes have met this, about 90% of college degrees never pay off.
They never pay off the loans that they got.
By that, most people pay off the loans, but the amount of money you spend, the amount of loan payments that you end up paying, you never get that money back from the jobs that you get via the degree.
And so people then go and start collecting degrees like baseball cards.
Degree after degree.
Yes, you need an engineering degree.
Yes, you need a medical degree.
Yes, you need a legal degree if you're going to be in those professions.
But the liberal arts and all the rest of it are degrees in search of jobs.
And that's the big leftist global conspiracy that the Rockefellers wrote about and talked about 60 years ago.
That they would create all these degrees.
We're good to go.
Multi-year investigation, deep inside, even CNN and others are saying it's open and shut.
Oh, but then if we question other big events or other big happenings, we're the bad guys.
No, ladies and gentlemen, take vaccines.
The inserts of every major vaccine say they can kill you, cause Guillain-Barré's, neurological disorders, narcolepsy, cancer.
Read it.
Not the fact sheet they give you at the pharmacy.
Not the quote fact sheet.
You want the insert under law that's in the packages.
By the way, there's been bills introduced the last four years consecutively to, by federal law, remove the inserts and not let you have them.
So what do you have Adam Schiff, he put pressure on Amazon to remove best-selling documentaries with medical doctors talking about the dangers of vaccines.
That was just yesterday.
They're coming for our free speech because Big Pharma, the same ones that put you on weaponized heroin, synthetic heroin on purpose.
And flood the market with the same ones that give you HIV through their blood products on purpose.
You know, the Clintons, for over a decade, had the state-certified blood out of prisons full of HIV and hepatitis, and they made millions as well.
This is a culture of pure evil, and they don't want you questioning it.
They go, oh look, we've got a bunch of measles and mumps.
And then you dig into it, it's almost all illegal aliens coming in.
Unvetted, untested, with hepatitis and drug-resistant TB, and even cholera, and even the Black Plague, and even leprosy.
But all that gets covered up.
And it's just, oh, diseases are on the rise in some areas.
We need to arrest anyone that doesn't take the vaccines, when the vaccines are Trojan horse systems with liability protection.
It's out of control.
It's a recipe for disaster.
So I would just expect Congress to pass a liability protection act or something to say that big colleges can just fix degrees and you just pay for the highest bidder and we'll just start giving triple doctorates and PhDs to rich guys, morons, sons and daughters that can't even tie their shoelaces.
Because that's where all this is going.
But this is a good step in the right direction, ladies and gentlemen.
But if you go to UT or any other big university, I've been down there, I've looked at them.
It looks like a bunch of lobotomized zombies from Day of the Dead meets Hell on Earth, Omega Man, I Am Legend.
And we have created a system where we don't really challenge people, and it's created a mess, and it's out of control.
But there you go.
The Big Giant College Admissions Conspiracy.
The College Admissions Conspiracy.
The rest of the story.
That's what this is.
I'm Alex Jones.
Back to Owen Schroer.
More special reports I'm filing throughout this hour and the next.
Please stay with us.
Because only you can spread the live links.
Only you can spread the articles.
Only you can override the censors.
And you've been doing it.
And I salute you.
We're in it to win it together.
God bless.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, Alex is going to be talking about staged hate crimes, like the Jussie Smollett case, where his team of lawyers are now saying that it's a flimsy case against him.
So let's see, he cut the check, we have the check.
We have him going on national television saying the whole thing.
The people that he hired to fake the hate crime admitted it.
The police investigated it.
The whole thing's been exposed, but a nice dirty Hollywood crook lawyer says there's no case here.
You know, we've chosen
To focus on natural health remedies, things that are going to help you to make informed choices about your health as well.
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Is it
We're good to go.
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And again, everything that you buy there helps to support free speech as well as your health.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Years ago, InfoWars.com published extensive stories showing hundreds and hundreds of examples of staged fake hate crimes.
Now, we've been a little busy covering other issues in the last few years, but Breitbart picked up where we left off, and they've published articles showing hundreds of cases where there were staged leftist attacks on themselves.
But now, CNN and others are reporting that a California high school that was visited by a Holocaust survivor suddenly had swastikas put up after the woman left.
Now, this may well have happened.
I'm not accusing the old woman or anybody else at the school of staging anything.
I'm simply saying, since almost every other case has been staged, including, remember Trump, right after he got elected, got blamed for being anti-Semitic.
Because he didn't do enough about somebody tumping over Jewish gravestones and putting swastikas on synagogues in New Jersey?
And I said it was probably staged by some leftists to blame Trump.
Hell, why was the media jumping on incidents that are disgusting but still non-violent?
On the radar screen, not a major crime.
A distasteful crime.
A bad thing.
Why were they focusing on it?
Because obviously the fix was in, it was staged.
And Trump came out and said he thought it was staged.
Because he talked to the state police, and they called him anti-Semitic.
For that, it turned out it had been staged by leftists to make Trump look bad.
And so all I'm saying is, with the Jesse Smollett situation,
And all these other big events that just go on and on, we have a right and a duty to question this and every other major event.
And this is getting massive, massive coverage.
And you tie that in to the college admissions scam, which is really the college admissions conspiracy, and the drug company documents that have come out, where they're purposely trying to get people addicted to opioids, where they're purposefully trying to give people HIV, Bayer.
I mean, you cannot make this stuff up.
And that's why I'm so concerned about Congressman Schiff
Demanding that Amazon take down best-selling documentaries that are very popular, but even if they weren't popular, people have a right to put out movies saying the moon is made of cheese, or the Easter Bunny's real.
But they're saying because we've got some of these diseases coming into the U.S., and because we've got a few things like mumps and things, and the measles going up, that we must absolutely ban anyone questioning vaccines.
Well, that's crazy!
That's like saying because we have people breaking their legs, we shouldn't question opioids.
Vaccines, ladies and gentlemen, have been caught being tainted over and over again.
Since the 1980s, they're given liability protection.
They've caught the U.N.
adding sterilants to vaccines in Africa and in the Middle East and in Central Asia and Pakistan.
Look it up.
There is a giant Bill and Melinda Gates operation dealing with the vaccines, and this is just incredibly dangerous.
But getting back,
Getting back to the situation on California.
Of course, there's rigged systems in the stock market.
Of course, there's rigged deals with people buying admission to colleges, in some cases spending $6.5 million.
Of course, there's all sorts of scams and arms dealing and people buying off politicians and giving major contributions so they get the construction
We're good to go.
Of course.
Oh, the terrible climate of the country.
Oh, all the racism.
Oh, all the anti-Semitism because of people like Trump.
Meanwhile, you've got Ilhan Omar.
What's the new nickname I've given her?
Can we have AOC?
If you add actually her full name together, I've got it here in the list of things I want to cover.
It's I-A-O.
Ilhan Abdullahi Omar.
Sorry, I'm digressing that.
She did, by the way, it's confirmed, marry her brother in a scam to get him here.
Just absolutely incredible.
We wonder why she's so anti-American, why she's so anti-Israel.
What do you think goes on in Somalia?
You're kidnapped in five minutes.
You're almost always robbed and killed.
Their main business is piracy and kidnapping and terrorism.
And then we're going to import massive numbers of these people here and then wonder why the hell, as soon as they get in Congress, they start going crazy.
Because they're diabolically opposed to anybody but their system.
They don't get along with the tribes around them as well and the other Muslims.
A thousand years ago, only a few spots in North Africa had Muslims.
Now it's half Africa.
They're taking over.
There's the House of Islam and the House of War outside of Islam.
So, you've got real threats to the country.
You've got real threats to our sovereignty.
You've got real threats to our independence and our openness by exporting
And then importing all these radical jihadists into our country, and it needs to be stopped.
But instead, we get to have the daily dose of a poop swastika, or the Air Force Academy, or the Army Academy at West Point, and on and on and on.
Somebody writes an N-word, you know, in the dorm, and it always turns out a month later, in the back of the newspaper, to have been staged.
So this needs to be investigated.
It needs to be investigated now.
They don't want us to question.
They want to outlaw that.
That's why we're being demonized, why we're being attacked, but it's not working.
In closing, this little analysis I just engaged in, please remember that without you financially supporting us, we're dead in the water.
And we make it so easy to support info wars that then promotes the American way of life, the Second Amendment, the right to life.
We do radical stuff like stand up for babies that are already born and say that it's wrong to harvest their organs.
You know, we're extremists.
When you get the books, when you get the videos, when you get the t-shirts, it gives you more knowledge.
You can then donate the books and videos to the library after you've watched them or read them.
When you wear t-shirts, it helps you meet like-minded people, it helps you spread the word, and it helps promote freedom everywhere.
We've got a bunch of big specials that are about to end at infowarestore.com, so please take advantage today.
But whatever you do, commit to signing up for auto-ship for things like our fluoride-free toothpaste, fortifabrical oil, silver, and iodine.
I think?
We're good to go!
I gotta take Trump to the woodshed.
This is the worst thing Trump's done so far, and it just confirms some of my fears.
I don't think Trump is bad, but he's going off the rails in some ways.
So at the start of the next hour, I'm going to get into the President and how he's going off the rails, and how we've got to get him back on the rails.
So please stay with us for this critical message.
To this band broadcast so that we can get this message heard and to President Trump.
And you know, I'll tell you what.
It's totally out of control today because Paul Manafort has now been sentenced to seven and a half years in jail.
Do you understand how egregious and this is such an injustice.
It's like.
It's such an injustice.
Honestly, if we weren't committed to doing this here every day at InfoWars, I'd just quit.
I'd be done.
This is a joke.
It's seriously such a joke.
It's just like, if this is going to go on, what's the point?
So I understand why people don't care.
I understand why people lay it all down.
I understand why people get caught up in sports and pop culture.
Because, yeah, I mean, Jeffrey Epstein, known pedophile, child sex trafficker.
He's a free man.
Tony Podesta, who was working with Manafort with all these Ukrainian things.
He doesn't even get indicted.
He gets nothing.
He gets total immunity.
Oh, but Paul Manafort gets seven and a half years because he's an associate of Donald Trump and they want to destroy him.
Yeah, great, great.
See, I understand why Americans just cash in and just give up.
And if the President isn't going to do anything about this miscarriage of justice, then, uh... Well, we'll just have to call him out on it.
Continue to do so.
And that's what Alex Jones is going to do in the next segment.
But then you have Senator Blumenthal saying, oh, this is, Manafort's lucky.
He's lucky, he only got seven and a half years.
Okay, uh, Senator Blumenthal, do Epstein now.
Senator Blumenthal, now do Clinton.
Senator Blumenthal, will you do Tony Podesta?
I mean, just F these people, man.
Just F all of them.
It's too bad we've been so cucked.
It's too bad there's no men left anymore.
It's too bad we're dead already.
It's the only way they can get away with this.
It's the only way you can throw Manafort in jail for seven and a half years and Epstein walks free.
Because there's no men!
Because nobody stands up to you!
We're a bunch of cucks!
We're a bunch of pieces of garbage, man.
We just let this happen.
Just destroy the whole world while you're at it.
Well, I've got some... If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed.
If you do read it, you're misinformed.
So what do you do?
That's a great question.
What is the long-term effect of too much information?
One of the effects is the need to be first, not even to be true anymore.
We are hearing from a Native American elder, a Vietnam War veteran, speaking to CNN after a disturbing viral video shows a group of teens harassing and mocking him in the nation's capital.
The videos have drawn outrage.
Outrage from all corners.
Here's the video sparking outrage on social media.
Sparked outrage on social media.
A group of teenagers, many wearing Make America Great Again hats, were caught on video taunting a Native American Vietnam veteran.
So what a responsibility you all have.
To be, to tell the truth.
Not just to be first.
But to tell the truth.
A few days ago I called the fake news the enemy of the people.
And they are.
They are the enemy of the people.
Because they have no sources.
They just make them up.
When there are none.
We live in a society now where it's just first.
Who cares?
Get it out there.
We don't care who it hurts.
We don't care who we destroy.
We don't care if it's true.
Just say it.
Sell it.
The President of the United States is racist.
The President of the United States is a weak man.
He's a racist.
He's a punk.
He's a dog.
He's a pig.
He's a bully and he's a bitch.
He's unfit to be human.
Anything you practice, you'll get good at.
Including BS.
We've got some breaking news.
Actor and musician Jussie Smollett from the hit show Empire was attacked and beaten early this morning in Chicago.
Racism is alive and well.
And that says a lot about the place that we are in our country right now.
The fact that we have these fear mongrels.
These people that are trying to separate us and it's just not okay.
Did I make that up too?
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
You know, if I wasn't principled,
I would actually beg Trump to be an authoritarian dictator right now.
Because I think that's the only answer to this crap.
Tucker Carlson is dealing with the hate mob.
He addressed the potential illegal activity of Media Matters last night in his opening monologue.
Here is that clip.
Media Matters is a George Soros-funded lobbying organization whose sole mission is to punish critics of the Democratic Party.
Media Matters often uses propaganda from the Southern Poverty Law Center to bully corporations, news executives, and tech companies into punishing people it doesn't like.
Not surprisingly, the media love Media Matters.
One former employee described the group's relationship with MSNBC this way, quote, we were pretty much writing their prime time.
When Media Matters issued a press release, MSNBC picked it up, quote, verbatim.
Media Matters staffers once explained that the organization's close relationships with journalists in the National Press Corps were vast.
Here are some quotes.
I remember Alex Jones used to report on this years ago when I first started listening.
He literally said everything they do on CNN, mainly MSNBC and all this mainstream news is just talking points from Media Matters.
Now they just admit it.
I want him to write.
The people at Huffington Post were always eager to cooperate.
Jim Rainey at the LA Times took a lot of our stuff.
Brian Stelter at the New York Times was helpful.
Well, Brian Stelter has since left the New York Times.
He's now the house eunuch at CNN announcing proclamations from his tiny king, Jeff Zucker.
He takes his talking points, though, still from Media Matter.
Here's Zucker's puppet.
That's pretty good right there.
A little Brian Stelter puppeteer.
What Fox says in primetime is resentment television.
Making you resent liberals and others who are trying to hurt you.
That's the message from Fox.
I think all this matters.
It's about decency and standards.
Coming from the most resentful Humpty Dumpty ever because Trump is in office and CNN is losing.
There's no Russian collusion.
It's about decency, cries the eunuch.
We must have decency!
By which the eunuch means less disobeying, more obedience.
Stop criticizing the program!
Or else.
This is the face of state media.
Why does Fox even exist, they wonder?
We've got 11 other perfectly good cable channels, all of them approved by management and obedient to the people in charge.
How could anybody watch something different?
Fox can't be legitimate!
They must be lying!
Their viewers must be stupid!
Listen to Don Lamond and the Governor's brother tell you why Fox News shouldn't even be allowed.
As journalists, we have to give you the facts.
What happens there is, you don't talk about the substance of what you said, or if it's factual or not.
You don't talk about that.
What you do is you say, everybody's out to get me.
Everyone is out to get conservatives.
You just say, oh, there's outrage on the left.
And they have Trump derangement syndrome.
And they're always out to look without ever addressing the substance.
They're not about facts.
They're about feelings.
But then their audience just eats it up.
Hold on, hold on.
Can we have a moment of silence?
I'd like to take a moment of silence.
Intellect, common sense, logic and reasoning are dead.
Okay, continue with Don Lamon.
Don Lamon is calling you dumb.
Savor the moment.
But there's an ominous undertone to all of this.
Hold on, hold on.
It's not just that.
You can hear the full video.
I think it's on InfoWars.com.
It's not just that Don Lamon is calling you dumb.
I mean, they're sitting here... I'm stunned.
I don't even know what to do.
I mean, this... Everything is so ass-backwards right now, and the President is just, like, going along with it.
I mean, I'm just sick of it, dude.
I'm just... I'm done.
Manafort gets seven and a half years simply because he...
Work with Trump, Podesta gets nothing, Epstein walks free.
CNN is saying that conservatives go by feelings and not facts.
I mean, you people think there's 700 genders?
I mean...
Emergency message from Alex Jones on the other side, folks.
Share these links, folks.
Spread the links.
There's nobody left in media that's as real.
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With heavy heart, I'm forced to report the facts to you, my friends.
President Trump is betraying America.
President Trump is throwing America's free speech overboard to the wolves of big tech.
President Trump, it appears, has been bought off and is compromised.
A few months ago, I got really angry at my old friend of 20 years, Joe Rogan, because I knew that Joe was smart and that he was aware of the coordinated censorship taking place against nationalists, against conservatives, against Christians, against patriots, and that it was un-American what was happening, and that he has undoubtedly the biggest continual podcast in the world.
It's incredible.
He probably has 10 million listeners a day now.
And I'm very proud that he now has woken up and had my cell phone to 99% positive reviews to say that censorship is wrong and needs to be dealt with.
And he had Jack Dorsey, as he promised me he would do, back on the next week and grilled the hell out of him with Tim Pool.
So when I say this about Trump, I say this because, just like Joe needed to be confronted to get him out of his, I guess, malaise, daze, whatever, and I say that lovingly,
President Trump needs to be confronted in hardcore.
Because Trump knows exactly what's going on way more than Joe Rogan does.
In an in-depth Breitbart interview...
Linked up on Infowars.com that I'll go to in a moment.
Trump lays out the internal videos at Google, at YouTube, at Facebook, at Twitter that myself and Veritas and others got and had put together in legal documents and sent to him last year.
I had three different law firms send three different reports with connections to the White House right to him.
Their response was to ban me off the internet for doing it.
That's how Big Tech responded.
They saw it as a threat it was to their tyranny.
They're setting up combines.
They're setting up monopolies.
They're setting up cartels.
They're racketeering.
They're violating our civil rights.
An organized corporate system to suppress whole groups and classes of people.
They can argue, well, there's all these things, political oppression.
Yes, there is.
And there are laws against political oppression.
There are also laws on oppressing Christians, and that's the main group that's being targeted.
So, the President has become completely derelict in his duty.
And he gives this big, long interview and says, oh, I know it's terrible.
I've seen the videos where they're coordinating, suppressing us.
We've got to be good.
We've got to really behave ourselves and not get banned.
They're banning Prager University.
They're banning people like the son of Billy Graham.
They're going after everybody.
They want Trump taken off Twitter.
And then, it's even worse, Mr. President.
You allow Sundar Pichai
The head of Google and the rest of them to go before Congress and say there is no censorship, there is no manipulation of links, that it's all an algorithm when you can go to Google and pay to not just have your story or your video or your movie trailer at the top as an ad, but that you pay now for the top placement.
And we have all the internal Google documents and internal employees.
The stuff comes out every day.
The new Marvel comic movie coming out.
Captain Marvel.
All the documents have come out on that.
All the screenshots, all the internal emails, where it was super unpopular.
So they rigged it.
Rotten Tomatoes was an accurate site until about two years ago.
And Hollywood just bought it off.
So now the worst movies out there get the top reviews and win Oscars.
Just like the college admissions scam.
Just like all of this stuff, it's rigged, rigged, rigged.
And the Republican neocon bluebloods have been quarterbacking through NewsGuard and these other systems what's actually happening.
There's a partnership between top Republicans and top lobbyists and groups like NewsCorps.
That want all of the advertising money in elections to go through television and through approved means on the internet.
So they have deals with Facebook, Twitter, and Google to not ban their super PACs.
But this is really all to shut down all the small PACs and all the more effective groups.
Well, I'm not involved in a PAC.
I'm not involved in political stuff.
I've never taken political money.
I'm not involved in all that.
I stay out of it.
I am promoting an ideology of freedom.
But the truth is, the Republican Party is bought off and is in bed with Google and Silicon Valley, and it's part of this.
And they've been lobbying Trump at a corporate level, and they've been giving billions and billions of dollars to the Republicans, and Trump is knowingly and consciously cutting us loose, letting us twist in the wind, and saying, you go ahead and you censor them as much as you want.
And then he tells us, yeah, I know it's terrible what's happening to you.
And I've been promising an executive order to stop this, but now I'm not even going to do it if I get re-elected, he basically says in the interview.
He just goes, you better behave yourself.
That's like telling a woman that gets kidnapped off the street and she's getting gang raped in the back of some van or in some shack out in the countryside, you know, you better spread your legs good back behind your ears and you better beg them and tell them, you know, that you love it.
And maybe they won't slit your throat.
Trump lied to us about the vaccines and how he was going to expose it.
He knows damn well Barron got hurt by them, but came back.
Hadn't done it.
He said he would do a lot of other things that he hasn't done.
And now he's starting to make noises against the Second Amendment.
And all I can think is maybe they've compromised the President because he's starting to slide sideways.
I like him standing up against the chi-coms and Huawei.
I like him trying to defend our border.
I like a lot of the things the President's doing.
He's a hell of a lot better than Hillary Clinton.
But here's the deal.
Hillary Clinton ain't President, son!
We put you in the White House, and a lot of us had our lives pretty much destroyed trying to get this Republic back.
And now you want to sit there in Breitbart in an insulting, incredibly disgusting exercise.
And you want to sit there, and you want to tell us that we've got to just sit there and take it.
Well, I'm not taking it.
And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm very, very angry.
I'm very, very mad.
The only other time I got this mad at Trump was after they'd caught the rebels staging three chemical attacks and Trump did the right thing and said we're not going to war with Syria.
Then he attacked a bunch of the sites and I got really upset.
Later he did actually pull out or attempt to pull out and so again I praise the president for that.
But there's a love-hate situation going on here because if you read his interview at Breitbart.com, it's posted at Infowars.com and Newswars.com, it's disgusting.
I mean here, let me just pull it up for you.
We're good to go.
Wanting to look into it.
I mean, normally, I'd like to say, let it be free.
Let it be free.
But it's not free, Trump said.
It's really run by a small number of people.
The president also referred to reports from Breitbart News exposing tech giants against tech bias against conservatives and companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google.
It's not bias.
It's coordinated censorship.
Now we've seen it.
Now we've caught them.
Now we've seen the speeches.
We've seen the in-house little videos that somehow got released to me.
That's a very big scandal, he said.
Good rhetoric, but zero serious policy proposals.
The president specifically criticized Twitter for blacklisting conservatives on their platform.
It's like throwing somebody overboard and saying, sorry, you're drowning.
When asked by Breitbart News reporter Charlie Spearing about how he planned to fight tech bias in the 2020 election, he replied, you fight it by being good.
You've got to be really good.
It's much harder for conservative Republicans to win than it is for liberal Democrats.
We're good to go.
We've all just got to be really good.
The best, one might say.
Yeah, you can have all these Islamic people in Congress saying America sucks and, you know, communism and socialism is great in Venezuela.
You can have all this garbage going on.
You can have Antifa going around and beating people on the head with bike locks.
But when PayPal bans a bunch of innocent conservative Christian groups, the president doesn't do a damn thing when his own son, Don Jr., goes all over the news and begs his father to do something and begs the people to lobby his father.
Let's listen to Don Jr.
and other patriots.
Let's call the White House.
Let's go to Trump events.
Let's call talk radio.
Let's call C-SPAN.
Let's get this audio file that'll be posted to Infowars.com out to everybody and say, look, we've got a lot of fire under Trump's ash.
To get him to take action, or he's screwed, we're all screwed, the country's screwed.
This is such a blind spot for the President.
He's got a bunch of neocon advisors controlling him and manipulating him, and being nice is not going to get his attention.
I've talked to a lot of folks that are very close to the President, and they say the only way you get his attention is absolutely getting angry and upset and lobbying the hell out of him.
So ladies and gentlemen, Trump doesn't understand the internet.
He's 72 years old.
He understands a lot of things.
He doesn't get what's happening.
He doesn't understand.
He still thinks, well, there's some misbehavior.
That's why we're being taken down.
We have the internal documents.
Google said it's to stop Republicans getting elected in the future.
Jim Jordan gets it.
Nunes gets it.
A few others get it.
The Texas congressman, Gowdy, gets it.
Trump doesn't get it, and it's time to make damn sure he does.
Trump is throwing us overboard, he's throwing himself overboard, and we cannot put up with this garbage.
But regardless of what he does, we're going to continue to file lawsuits, you're going to continue to spread the articles and the videos, we're going to continue to march forward against this garbage.
One way or another, we're going to win, and nationalism and patriots are being elected all over the world, and nothing is going to stop the march of human enlightenment and the new renaissance.
God bless you all.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we're going to take your phone calls on the other side of this break.
One simple question.
What does President Trump need to do to keep America great?
Maybe not.
I've got some really good news though.
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Here's to the crazy ones.
The misfits.
The rebels.
The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them,
About the only thing you can't do is ignore them.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones and now your host Owen Troyer.
You know I kind of feel like a boxer right now that just took a cheap shot before the bell and I'm just kind of staggered right now kind of
Fumbling around the ring just trying to find the ropes.
Because I got all this news I want to cover.
I've got all this analysis and it's just like... I've got Senator Blumenthal saying that Paul Manafort's sentence was light and that's a miscarriage of justice.
I mean, literally the exact opposite is true.
The case against Paul Manafort was already...
Was already determined by a judge to not need jail time years ago.
He was involved in all of these Ukrainian deals with Tony Podesta.
Tony Podesta gets absolutely nothing.
His name is in no headlines.
By the way, the judge that just ruled the Manafort case, I believe it's Jackson, the Obama appointee, said there's no Russian collusion!
And it has nothing to do with Russian collusion!
But it has everything to do with Russian collusion, doesn't it?
Even though there was none.
And so we just... We just allow that to happen.
It's like a gut blow.
It's like a low blow.
And so you're like, oh, whoa.
And then you're trying to catch your breath from the unbelievable miscarriage of justice, and then the Democrats say, oh, it was a miscarriage of justice the other way around.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton walks totally free.
Jeffrey Epstein walks totally free.
Then, you have Elizabeth Warren saying she has no sympathy for those who frauded the colleges.
You did that?
I mean, that's just ridiculous.
And then, I mean, just so much news, but again, it's just like, I'm just like, fumbling, looking for the ropes, like, whoa, what the hell's happening?
We just keep getting hit with all these lies and all this tyranny.
But here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to open up the phone lines for the remainder of this hour.
What does President Trump have to do to keep America great?
He tweeted that out this morning.
That's his new campaign slogan.
That's his new hat.
What does President Trump have to do to keep America great?
Now, I know that there's a litany of things.
I just want one.
And so we're just going to plow through a ton of calls.
I want 60-second responses.
What does President Trump need to do to keep America great?
Arrest Peter Strzok, arrest
Andrew McCabe, because they're back in the news today.
The Lisa Page transcripts make the Obama Department look exactly like it was.
A broken and corrupt machine.
Hopefully justice will finally be served.
Much more to come.
That's from President Trump!
You're the President of the United States of America!
Do something about it!
Excuse me.
This is what happens at this big news studio.
I tend to yell louder.
President Trump again.
James Comey testified under oath that it was a unanimous decision on Crooked Hillary.
Lisa Page transcript showed he lied.
That's perjury, President Trump!
Do something about it!
Nice tweets, though.
Nice tweets, Mr. President.
Really great, really great tweets, Mr. President.
By the way, you know some of us aren't allowed on Twitter, Mr. President.
But you say just behave.
Your friend Paul Manafort just got seven and a half years in jail.
The Democrats do the exact same bullcrap.
They get immunity.
Your friend Roger Stone is about to get put in jail, too, for literally nothing.
What does President Trump need to do to keep America great?
We're taking your phone calls.
I need just a 60 second response.
Let's get at it now.
We've got Liberty calling in from Oklahoma.
What must President Trump do to keep America great?
I'm just as pissed off and discouraged as you.
The number one thing he has to do and what he promised to do was jail these traitors, these deep state traitors.
We all know who they are.
And the number two thing is he has to
Follow through on this censorship and stop it right now.
It's got to be made clear to him.
I'm so ticked off.
You've talked to me before.
You know who I am.
So I'm so ticked off at this, and I'm a peace-loving American.
But this is enough's enough.
If not, you know what it's going to turn into, and it won't be pretty.
What do you think?
Well, I mean, it's like, how many times do I have to get politically spat in my face until I do something?
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
Thank you for the call, Liberty.
I mean, again, this is from John Radcliffe.
Lisa Page confirmed to me under oath that the FBI was ordered by the Obama Department of Justice not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information.
I mean,
Earth to President Trump!
Earth to anyone!
Is there anyone alive in the United States government?
Let's go to Dustin in Alabama.
What does President Trump need to do to keep America great?
Go ahead, Dustin.
Hey, Owen.
Can you hear me?
Hey man, I believe if he legalizes marijuana that he will absolutely get 2020.
But hold on a second though, Dustin.
Just Trump winning 2020 does not keep America great.
That is true, that is true.
But I do think that if he were to finally crack down on all of the deep state people that I really do think that he needs to crack down on them, you know?
Boy, I'll tell you what.
Thanks for the call, Dustin.
I'll tell you what.
Q better be real or we're so screwed.
I mean, folks, we're done.
Like, the country's done.
Do you get it?
They will arrest and put anyone in jail that they want.
Let's go to Daryl in Texas.
What does President Trump need to do to keep America great?
Go ahead, Daryl.
Trump needs to not forget where he came from, and there's two things.
One thing, he's a scrapper.
And then the second thing is, he needs to do what he does best.
He needs to rely on regular people that he can bring into Washington to fight for him.
The first thing about being a scrapper, he needs to go for their power.
They wield all their power in the media.
Um, that's on social media, but it's also on television, and you know, I'm not sure exactly what he can do through the FCC or through, you know, uh, going, uh... Well, that's actually a good question, Daryl, and we're going to break here.
We're going to continue to take your calls.
Here's the thing.
Obviously, the President can't do anything about the censorship or, let's say, Facebook and Twitter.
I mean, they're allowed to censor.
It's part of their free speech, but you're telling me
If you don't launch an investigation into those companies, you're not going to find something, folks.
I mean, can you imagine if you sent a Mueller-type probe after Zuckerberg or Dorsey?
I mean, give me a break.
See, but that's the thing.
Republicans and conservatives aren't a bunch of corrupt dicks that just want to ruin people's lives for their politics.
Excuse my French, but it's true.
That's all these people are.
Robert Mueller, Adam Schiff.
I mean, at least they're a bunch of jerks.
I mean, who knows what really goes on with these people.
But, that's the problem.
And so, yeah, we just sit here and just take it.
But I guarantee you, if we launch an investigation, I mean, Facebook and Google and Twitter, mainly Facebook and Google, they've been fined out the wazoo!
They've already had record fines in Europe!
Do an investigation into those companies!
That's how you stop the censorship.
Stop their whatever's going on there.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
This country is totally out of control, and it's only getting worse.
We're spiraling into tyranny, total lack of freedom and choice.
And, you know, we thought we elected the president to do something about it.
I was trying to explain to people last week how they're about, really it was three weeks ago, and then it happened last week, and then it's still happening, how they're pushing this forced vaccination thing, this mandatory vaccination thing hard.
I mean, it's every damn day in mainstream news, ladies and gentlemen.
Forced vaccinations is what it's all about.
It's all about tyranny.
It's all about control.
It's all about you not having the choice.
It's all about the state being your daddy, the state being your mommy.
You know, look.
I have a bit of the primal urges still in me.
And so like, when I absorb this and I know what it all means, I really want to start breaking shit.
Excuse me, dump that.
I just need to go back to your calls.
It's just, it's just...
It's just unbelievable.
I mean, if we don't start standing up for America, it's gone.
It's done.
You'll be forced to vaccinate.
The state will take your kid.
The state will abort it.
They'll say, oh, it's legal.
And nobody seems to care, and we thought we elected a president to do something about it.
I mean, I hope Q is real, folks, or you can kiss this country goodbye.
So, what does the President have to do to keep America great?
We are asking you today.
Oh yeah, there's the story.
I couldn't even get to it because I'm just so enraged.
This is from NBC News today.
Amazon removes books promoting autism cures and vaccine misinformation.
Are you seeing it yet?
Are you seeing it yet?
Let's go to Chris in Minnesota.
What does the President need to do to keep America great?
Chris, go ahead.
Owen, thank you.
You've really nailed a couple of things today.
Unfortunately, we're sitting here hoping that Q is real or else all hope is lost.
We're done, man.
We're done.
The swap wins.
It's over.
Well, it's like I've told so many people over the last two years from the day Trump was elected.
Either he's with those scum that have been... Either he's with them
Or else he's a miracle man sent from God.
But you hear about the deceptions, the massive multi-pronged attack on American citizens and our spirits for years to demoralize us and everything else.
It is supernatural, but it would take a supernatural guy or somebody blessed by God.
Well, either way, thank you for the call.
We're doing 60 seconds.
But, I mean, look, either way, good or bad, Trump was sent by God.
So, I mean, he was either sent by God to be the final nail of tyranny, of deception that we all thought was going to be the hero, or, again, Q is real.
But, I mean, look.
It's like the same thing.
All of these college people, they're all a bunch of liberal Democrats.
I mean, every damn one of them, man!
They're all Clinton donors!
And it's just... But there's hope, I guess, because... I mean, I don't know.
Maybe it's just like hope porn.
Here's what needs to be done.
See, I'm a man of action.
If I was the president, who's a man of Twitter?
I'd shut down every state-run university next semester, I'd shut down the entire Ivy League, I would take all of their endowment funds, I would relieve the student loan debt, and I'd launch an investigation into these state-run universities which have been caught cheating, rigging, faking classes, lying for athletes, letting athletes die, I mean, literally!
Shut them all down!
Launch an investigation!
Steal the- take their endowment!
Yeah, go and steal their endowment!
They steal from people all day long!
Oh, what happened?
Oh, oh, I don't know!
What happened is...
They decided they were going to start all these new student loan programs, so now everybody can go to college because that's what you need, and then guess what the universities did?
They jacked up their enrollment costs and their tuitions double, triple, quadruple!
It's all a big racket!
It's all a big game!
So I don't know if Durchman is saying, hey, more is coming, be patient, or yeah, the whole system is effed.
What does President Trump need to do to keep America great?
David in New York, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Owen.
This is what he needs to do to follow up on the two points you guys just mentioned.
First of all, the God factor.
We need to make it a fair playing field, Owen, with the Christian-Judeo culture that we were rooted in versus the Muslims that are coming in here with their propaganda, their free speech, shaming us, shouting us down.
President Trump needs to break out one of them golden pens and sign, unfortunately, another executive order saying no more toleration against any speech that comes against the Christian thought or even the Muslim.
Put us in a fair fighting ring.
I'll take the Muslim on verbally.
I'll take their ideology on.
I know where they come from.
I know their history.
I'll argue with them in a polite but yet firm manner.
But take our
Freedom of speech away omen and we lost, we're done.
He needs to sign that executive order and fine, shut down like you just did, shut down any operation and jail him!
Taking our free speech.
Jail them turkeys!
I don't think taking... I think that they're... Honestly, I believe if a fair investigation was launched into Twitter and Facebook and Google, you don't need to jail them for whatever censorship.
I bet you there's crimes in there.
I mean, you know there is.
I mean, look at what they did to Roger Stone!
You don't think they can find dirt on Zuckerberg and Dorsey?
I mean, give me a break!
They'll set up entrapment crimes if they have to.
Now, I'm not calling for that!
But look, thanks for the call, David.
Look, I'm not in some war with Muslims.
We're the ones that got told radical Islam wants to kill us all.
They were responsible for the biggest terror attack in this country's history.
So what am I supposed to believe?
But it's like... I had somebody send me a video.
And again, it's like, is it a problem?
Is it not?
We're not even having the intellectual debate.
Muslims are starting to take over our political system.
They just did a care ceremony.
Somebody just sent it to me.
They're like, yeah, well, six years ago, we had, you know, 10 Muslims run for office and overall raised $6 million.
This last election, we had 270 Muslims running for office.
We got over 100 of them in.
We raised tens of millions of dollars.
So, I mean, this is a trend, folks.
And again, OK.
We're told radical Islam is responsible for the biggest terror attack in this country's history.
Never forget, right?
Hashtag never forget.
Well, are we forgetting?
Or what the hell's going on here?
Jeff, in Canada.
I normally wouldn't be taking calls from Canada, but you snuck in, Jeff.
What does Trump need to do to keep America great?
Oh, and this is a great biblical analogy here of David and Goliath.
What Trump needs to do
In light of the scenario, what happened, where there's two armies facing off, and there's a giant that's been mocking and mocking for days.
He gets the word of the Lord, goes out, and he cuts the giant's head off.
That's what Trump needs to do politically, is cut the giant's head off.
Everybody else turns tail and run, and that sparks and motivates the army.
Yeah, but Jeff, that means someone has to go to jail.
Clinton needs to go to jail.
Obama needs to go to jail.
Comey needs to go to jail.
We have the list.
Took out the champion, and when the champion's taken out, everybody else is filled with fear on the other side.
He needs to go after the top brass.
Do they look like they're filled with fear, Jeff?
They just put Manafort for seven and a half.
They're trying to get Stone.
Epstein walks free.
Podesta walks free.
Clinton walks free.
Comey walks free.
Do they seem like they're in fear?
They're not in fear because Trump's not taking off the head.
He needs to take off the head leadership that is doing the mocking, and to me there's no hope.
If he doesn't do that, he's done.
Here's another thing, too, to go back to the last caller.
Thanks, Jeff.
Because you have to understand that the enemy of the United States of America, the enemy of humanity, will do anything to try to destroy freedom and the free market in the West, and including introducing Islam into the West.
And so that's what they're doing.
That's really what it's about.
It's about introducing Islam in the West, starting all this infighting, starting all this... having the whole Jew versus Muslim now in the West, too, so we'll have to deal with that.
It's all about destroying freedom and free markets in the West.
That's what it's all about.
I'm not anti-Muslim.
I'm not anti-Islam.
I'm pro-freedom in the West.
I'm anti-destroy freedom in the West.
And that's what they're doing on every front.
Well, I've got some really good news for all the viewers and all the listeners.
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This young fella put himself in front of me and wouldn't move.
So they get to go free and go about their life and possibly attack someone else.
And I'm here to left with the aftermath of this bull.
Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter.
I think that there's a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.
This is about the closest I'll probably ever have in my life to an I Am Spartacus moment.
You know, that whole, suddenly America's like, the biggest oil producer and the biggest ga- that was me.
His family was bitterly opposed to their relationship because she was part Native American.
We landed in one of those corkscrew landings and ran out because they said there might be sniper fire.
Why is- do we keep making the same mistake?
Because we're desperate to get Trump out of office.
But the return address said in big red, you know, like, CAPS.
Did I make that up too?
Believe in something.
Even if it never happened.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm the Seeker.
Seeking a brave president.
A man re-elected to drain the swamp.
We're seeking results.
We're seeking them now.
We're taking your calls.
What must President Trump do to keep America great?
I'm giving you 60 seconds.
Let's go to David in Florida.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead, David.
Thank you so much, Owen.
I just wanted to mention Founding Father John Jay and how brilliant he actually was.
He was the, if I recall correctly, the first Chief Justice of the New York Supreme Court while he served as President pre-Constitution.
For Trump to make America great, he can condense the intelligence agencies, because there's way too many of them.
They infight, they suck off the country's money.
They lie us into war.
They lie us into war.
They do tons of stuff.
So you basically make one intelligence agency, and instead of firing all the good people that work there, you go back to John Day.
He was originally head of the New York Committee to Detect and Defeat Conspiracies.
The Founding Fathers knew that conspiracies were the main threat to this country.
Well, and he has at least members of Congress that are willing to go with him in this fight, but I think that the Justice Department is where he's lacking in soldiers, if you will.
Thanks for the call, David.
Let's go to Ed in Maryland.
Hey Owen, great to talk to you again, brother.
Build the wall, deport them all.
Just like a lot of you, I was disgusted by the CPAC speech.
If our disease is that we're hemorrhaging jobs, then we don't need to be importing people here.
We don't need them.
I'm sorry to say.
Well, look.
We can figure something out for the ones who are still here, but this H-1B or whatever the heck they're called, visas, we don't need them.
All I see here in Maryland
I see we're importing a bunch of people to work at hotels and to do landscaping and construction.
Well, illegal immigration is the problem here.
And it's more than 20 million people are here illegally.
They suck off our system.
They corrupt our system.
And it's so bad, they won't even allow you to put on a 2020 census, are you a citizen or not?
I mean, what the hell is that?
So, look, I actually am in agreement with you.
I'd shut immigration down for five to ten years until you can figure this out.
Because it is a real problem when you have all these non-citizens here and it's just totally jacked the system up entirely.
I mean, so even to some extent I understand amnesty deals and HB1 visas and all of this stuff.
But we're not even, like, trying to solve the problem.
You've got 20 million people here illegally.
They continue to cross the border illegally every day.
And we're just kind of, like, spinning our heads, like, oh, what are we doing?
It's happening.
I mean, look at these stories I got here today.
I mean, I could do stacks of these every day.
Man accused of sexual assault is illegal immigrant.
I mean, these stories...
Literally happen every day.
But how about this?
Yuma Sector Border Patrol apprehends nearly 750 illegal aliens over the weekend.
In one weekend.
At one stop.
Rio Grande Valley Sector apprehends nearly 7,000 illegal aliens in one week.
Support for Donald Trump dwindles among ICE officers.
Yeah, because it keeps getting worse.
The illegal immigration issue keeps getting worse under the president that said he would stop it!
So yeah, if you come across the border illegally, we're sorry.
We're sorry you're sick.
We're sorry your country sucks.
We're sorry you're pregnant.
We're sorry you got two kids.
We're sorry some Mexican raped them on the way up here.
It's not our problem!
Chris, in Georgia, what does the president need to do to keep America great?
What do all these people have in common?
They're all satanic.
They're all part of the Church of Satan.
They need to declare it a terrorist organization, let them stop terrorizing us, killing babies.
What happened to Trump telling Alex, I'll never let you down?
And look what he's doing now.
He's letting America down.
He's letting free speech down.
I mean, that's the core of our values right there.
Anything else?
No, that's it.
I thought you made a great point earlier, though, about him saying, just be good, and look at him during the campaign trail.
You know, how did that work for him?
Yeah, exactly.
Remember, they told you, President Trump, just be good.
Just toe the line, President Trump.
We won't be so mean to you.
Maybe we'll let you win the nomination, and he didn't do it and he won.
Thank you for the call, Chris.
And you know, I got other people sending me messages.
President Trump needs to go after Big Pharma at a really root level.
Go after the vaccine makers.
Billions of dollars of settled cases from vaccine damage.
Go after the eugenics program.
Go after the population control.
Blow that up.
That'll wake some people up.
Alright, let's go to Charlie in New York.
What must President Trump do to keep America great?
Hi Owen, thanks for taking me.
I'm just as angry and frustrated as you.
I'll try and cram this in as fast as I can in 60 seconds.
It's against the money.
The first thing you've got to do is get rid of George Soros.
Throw him out of the country.
Without the money, people are going to lose their funding for battle.
The second thing you've got to do is toss out the UN.
Set them up in Germany or get rid of them.
They're nothing for us.
The third thing you've got to do is round up all the obvious criminals from the Obama administration.
We all know who they are.
We know all the crimes.
We've got all the evidence.
Put them in the military tribunal.
Get Mueller's open.
The next thing you've got to do is go ahead and build that wall and keep all these sick people from coming up here.
That's why we need the vaccines right now, is because all these medieval diseases are coming back into the United States.
But if you cut off the money, that is the head of the giant.
Without the funding, the Democrats have got no money to put up the opposition, and they have no money to fund these radical groups.
Like the Southern Poverty Law Center and everybody else who's making our life miserable.
Day-to-day, I see all these things happening.
And the problem with the universities did not start at the universities.
During the Obama administration, it started in the lower schools.
Common Core.
There's hundreds, but hold on, Charlie.
First of all, great call.
Thank you for the call.
The Port Soros Military Tribunals for the Criminals Build the Wall.
But on the college issue,
I mean, yeah, the liberalization, the socialism that they are trying, the communism that they're trying to teach in schools, I mean, yeah, that's one thing.
You go look at the endowment funds in the Ivy League schools, I mean, it's unbelievable.
We're talking about hundreds of billions of dollars.
Shut them all down.
Put the endowment funds towards the student loan debt crisis.
So you can relieve some of that, that this scandal, this big college racket stole for the future of this country, because think about it.
What are you going to do?
You get out of college, you've got $100,000 worth of debt, or...
In 20 years, when every other kid has autism because of the vaccines, I mean, that's what they want!
And then it's just game over because there are no men, there are no women, there are no anything, and post-birth abortion is real.
I mean, that's where it's all going.
Yeah, there's all your endowment funds, right there.
Shut them all down, take the endowment money, relieve the student loan debt, do an investigation.
I just wonder if there's anyone in this country that's willing to do it anymore.
I mean, it's just pathetic.
Let's go to Mike in Michigan.
What does President Trump need to do to keep America great?
Go ahead, Mike.
Oh, hey, Owen.
I've been listening to you guys for about the last year and a half or so, but what he needs to do is get cut to the chase.
Just take these people and, you know, the ones that committed treason and have them put to death.
Pure, plain, and simple.
He's got mountain loads of evidence from here to hell and back.
Why isn't he doing anything about it?
I don't get it.
The only theory, again, and I'm not a Q believer per se, it intrigues me.
I mean, I'm not into hope porn, but if you are of that belief,
And this is a legitimate thing.
I'm not saying this because Q said.
I'm saying it's legitimate to say, well, the country's not ready.
You want to avoid civil unrest.
Now, I don't think it matters.
I don't think there's a group of Clinton supporters or Obama supporters.
I mean, there's definitely not a group of Comey supporters, McCabe supporters, Brennan supporters that are take to the street.
I mean, maybe Obama.
Maybe Obama supporters take to the street if he gets arrested.
But other than that, I don't see these people doing jack crap.
But I understand where you could say, okay, at a philosophical level, the timing has to be right, the rollout has to be right, we don't want to incite more violence, and we don't want to incite a civil war, but justice be done, may the heavens fall.
If we don't take these people out of power, if we don't put these people in jail, it won't even matter!
I mean, Trump, he's basically working alone, it feels like.
So it's like, so do everything alone!
Thanks for the call, Mike.
We're going to take your calls for one more segment on the other side of this break, then Caitlin Bennett is going to join me.
You won't believe what happened to her.
She went to a mall, she was stalked, a woman was following her around, taking pictures, and then Caitlin Bennett got kicked out of the mall for being stalked and harassed.
Don't you just love America these days, where the radical left will kick you out of a bar, beat you up if you wear a Trump hat?
Oh, it's so loving and tolerant.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones has boarded a Boeing 737 MAX 8.
Now, I'm no engineering expert, I'm no aviation expert, but I can read.
And I have actually been told by people that work at, I'm not allowed to say, certain airlines where they are now specifically looking at pilots and other such positions just by the color of their skin.
So, you know, when you're up in the air and, you know, your plane is going down,
You're asking yourself, what color is the pilot's skin?
I mean, that's my response.
I want to know what color the pilot's skin is when my plane is about to crash, not, you know, how good the pilot is.
But President Trump put this out.
Airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly.
Pilots are no longer needed, but rather computer scientists from MIT.
I see it all the time in many products.
Always seeking to go one unnecessary step further when often old and simpler is far better.
Split-second decisions, and he goes on.
But basically the story is like, it's not even a pilot flying the plane anymore, it's computers.
And it turns out, go figure, several Boeing 737 MAX 8 pilots in the United States complained about suspected safety flaw.
Literally dozens of reports, including quote, inadequate and almost criminally insufficient, were amongst some of the complaints from pilots.
Unconscionable that they were allowed to fly these.
But see, again, it's all about control.
It's all about centralization.
It's not about the human being in control.
It's all about the computer being in control.
We're taking your calls.
What must President Trump do to keep America great as Alex boards the 737 Max 8, which has been grounded in many countries and pilots have already said is criminally insufficient, almost criminally insufficient.
So what's going to happen?
Is another one going to fall out of the sky as we give the world over to computers and AI and end humanity?
In the meantime, though, what must President Trump do to keep America great?
Let's go to Bob in New York City.
Go ahead, Bob.
Hey, how are you?
Thanks for calling.
Listen, man, he's got a slam dunk.
Open up an investigation to the Clinton Foundation.
$20 billion, more like it.
And he's got to support the First Amendment.
That is it.
You know, my thing with the Clintons is, I think that the swamp is afraid of the Clinton investigation being investigated, because it's so ingrained in all swamp activity and all these D.C.
It's just like, if you've been in D.C., you probably have some corrupt nonsense in your closet, so you don't want whatever the Clintons have been doing to be exposed, because you know, ultimately, it might blow back on you.
But you're right.
Well, we're at a point where it's kind of precarious, I believe.
The thing I'm seeing is that he needs to address Obama for the crimes that they'll find that he's done.
Yeah, I mean, we got it today.
It was right out of Obama's mouth.
Let Hillary Clinton go.
But the thing is, is that somebody else was saying prior, the mockinghead, the Goliath.
If you take out, I believe that that's what a lot of the left has hedged their bets on, is that nobody's going to mess with Obama because, if they do, they could start a race war.
I mean, it's all, I mean, it's literally on record, Obama said, let Hillary go.
And then James Comey lied about it under oath.
I mean, it's, so yeah, what is the president waiting for?
I've got some really good, I've got some really good news though.
X2's back.
The original X2.
Deep Earth Crystal.
Pure atomic iodine.
What you want.
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X2, it's available.
I thought X3's great.
We still got another Deep Earth Crystal source.
But I thought, add the other two types of iodine.
The scientists that do that.
It's sold a lot, but people want original X2.
Well, I was resigned to the fact we didn't have X2, but it came through about a month ago.
We now have X2 again, and in fullwarestore.com, so hallelujah!
It's been sold out for about almost three months, but we have now had the same company, the original X2, develop it again, and we were able to do the exact same formula.
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Broadcasting live from the U.N.
stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
I just remembered a realization I had last night.
Hillary Clinton is one of the most hated people in world history.
And even in America right now, she's one of the most hated people in America.
And... I mean... You can see this for yourself, folks.
The Democrats don't want her.
The Democrat base is sick of her.
I mean, she is truly one of the most scorned and hated people in America today.
And imagine, she was almost the president.
They almost forced her into office.
Stole it from Bernie, stole a bunch of votes, had a bunch of illegal votes, and almost robbed the entire election process.
And so, there is such an easy slam dunk.
The ball is literally floating in midair, two inches
Put Hillary Clinton in jail and your approval rating goes up 10 points overnight.
Put Hillary Clinton in jail
And the morale in this country skyrockets, and we finally have hope in something that there may be real justice.
President, you're letting your friends, colleagues, and associates go to jail for nothing.
And you're going to let Hillary Clinton walk one of the most treasonous scum in this world's history?
Why, President Trump, why, President Trump, have you not put her in jail?
Why is there no one in this country that is willing to put that bitch in jail?
Maybe it's from the Clinton body count.
It's just a coincidence that nearly a hundred Clinton associates are dead, suicided.
Seth Rich,
Barrington Weisenant?
Shawn Lucas?
Oh, and that was just after she lost the 2016 election.
Those were just deaths after she lost the 2016 election.
That was just a little bloodshed because Hillary lost, just in anger.
Just murder!
Oh, but that's just a coincidence.
I'm sorry.
The Clinton body count is fake news.
There's nothing to see here.
Oh, the Clintons did nothing in Haiti.
They're totally innocent.
Laura Silsby, there's nothing to see here.
Hillary didn't laugh at all the bloodshed and death and murder and destruction in Libya.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Hillary.
Oh, you're the best, Hillary.
Oh, I wish you were the president, Hillary.
The Clinton body count's fake news.
John Ash.
The list just goes on and on.
Clinton old chefs.
Like, landscapers even?
I mean, like, anybody who had any... How about the young boys in Mena, Arkansas?
I mean, it's just unbelievable, these people!
Oh my, President Trump, please just... Could you at least just... You know what?
I don't even care anymore, President Trump.
Just... You know what?
Just bend us over and screw us on everything else.
Screw us, have an open border.
Screw us, let social media censor.
Screw us, let the swamp drain you.
Just screw America, President Trump.
I don't care.
President Trump, just screw America.
Do what you gotta do.
Just at least put Hillary in jail, please.
Could you at least do that?
We're asking people what does President Trump need to do to keep America great.
By the way, Kayla Bennett was supposed to join us.
She's going to be unable to join us.
She's dealing with a personal matter.
So let's go to Patrick in Texas.
What must President Trump do to keep America great?
You know, I think people are forgetting it's not just what President Trump needs to do, it's what we need to do.
We need to keep supporting him.
He's a modern-day King David and he's surrounded.
Surrounded with deep stakes.
Yeah, but Patrick, you gotta understand something here.
Patrick, Patrick.
Now you gotta understand something here, my friend.
I do so much to support this president, I've been banned off of Facebook and YouTube.
I go out in the streets and face the hate mobs in a Trump hat to stand up for President Trump.
I go to the Trump protests to destroy all the arguments against President Trump.
I go on air three hours a day to stand up for President Trump in America, okay?
So I understand where you're coming from.
Yeah, America needs to act, but I'm sitting here acting every damn day.
I go to city council.
I'm organizing people.
I'm behind the scenes helping people organize and work on other projects, and I'm doing all this crap, and I'm just waiting for the president to have my back, man!
That's all.
I mean, can I get anything?
Okay, the jobs numbers are great.
Finally, we have a president that wants to put America first.
It's great.
That's one level of things that he needs to do.
But it's like, I'm telling you, man, people are going to get sick of standing up for this president if he doesn't start standing up for them.
I'm just telling it like it is.
Thanks for the call, Patrick.
Let's go to Brian in Michigan.
What must President Trump do to keep America great?
Go ahead, Brian.
Yeah, first, I want to thank you, Owen, for all your hard work.
It shows.
We all see it.
The thing that has freaked me out for a long time now is when I learned of the repealing of the Smith
I think so.
That's just one thing, Brian.
Obama passed legislation in 2016.
What was that big omnibus spending bill?
He wrote into it, they literally said we're funding propaganda in the United States.
And they already did.
It all came out in the Frank Church hearings.
It all came out in the declassification of the JFK files.
Project Mockingbird.
The CIA has embeds in all television news, radio news, the Washington Post, New York Times, they're embedded everywhere.
That's all public information and Obama just made it legal!
There it is, Obama signs the... Here it is, Obama signs the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, right there, 2016.
And it'll be interesting to see what happens with this Covington case because you could see this turn around where they don't have to pay anything because what they did because of this repealing of that act, completely legal.
You know, that's an interesting point.
And then on top of that, Jussie Smollett's case could be that too.
Oh God.
Because his court, his, the lawyers are saying there's no case against him.
So yeah, maybe it's the same thing.
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh!
So what if, what if they investigate Jussie Smollett and they find out that he was actually being run by, let's say Kamala Harris or Barack Obama.
Oh, and then they say, oh no, no, Obama says, look, I signed this legislation.
It's legal for me to do it.
So yeah, it's legal for us to stage hate crimes and blame Trump supporters.
Obama signed it into law.
Well look, Democrats are signing it into law that you can break a newborn baby's neck!
That doesn't make it right, and it definitely doesn't make it legal.
I'm sorry.
You can sign any bill and claim it's legal.
This is Republic.
You're murdering infants.
You're going straight to hell, but you ought to maybe, you know, Gavin Newsom says they're ending the death penalty, but uh... Anyway, let's go to Richard in Minnesota.
What must President Trump do to keep America great?
Well, first of all, I just want to tell you that you're focusing too much on old news Hillary Clinton.
The real first lady you've got to worry about, the real threat to Trump in America, is Michelle Obama.
Because when she announces, she's a shoe-in friend.
And she'll take that fake Mexican Beto O'Rourke to be her running mate.
And then we're in real trouble.
But I just want to say, on my original topic, what makes America great again.
All the sanctuary city mayors and governors and
Whoever else, who are giving a giant middle finger to America saying, we don't like your immigration laws, and we don't like what Trump says, they need to be arrested.
Well, it's literally illegal.
I've broken down the U.S.
They do belong in jail with fines.
Yes, absolutely.
And in the cities, I had a story today, an illegal immigrant charged of
I don't even know where it was.
I put it away.
But if you are a politician that helped
Make your city, or whatever state, a sanctuary city or state, and then a non-citizen murders someone in your sanctuary city or state.
You are now liable to face life in jail.
That's the U.S.
That's the law.
I've broke that down.
Absolutely, Richard.
Let's go to Kevin.
You know what?
We're out of time here in this segment.
We'll come back with Kevin.
Folks, please go to InfoWarsTore.com.
I've barely even plugged today.
We need your support.
We're being censored off all platforms.
Eventually, they'll probably erase anybody who ever steps foot in this building.
Off social media because the President already said he's not going to do anything about it.
So that's nice.
So the President has now empowered social media to just erase every conservative.
Thanks, President Trump.
It's so great to have your back through all this censorship that we get censored for having your back.
But we'll still do it because we're the Winter Soldier.
So go to Infowarsstore.com and support us today so that we can be on air tomorrow.
We'll be right back.
Democrats are pushing for full-term abortions.
The infant would be delivered.
The infant would be kept comfortable.
The infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired.
And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mothers.
And telling us that the future is too grim for us to think about raising a family.
There's scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult.
Is it okay to still have children?
I told you 24 years ago that the globalists have an anti-human, anti-child agenda.
And back then, it was more secretive, only in their white papers.
Now, it's all over the news.
In fact, Alexandria Cortez, or AOC, doesn't just say you shouldn't have children, but that the world's going to end in 12 years.
And, of course, the governor of Virginia, when he's not running around in blackface, well, he's saying they're going to kill babies after they're born.
And Trump tried to get a bill passed to not kill babies after they're born, which is already the law.
And the Democrats in the Senate shot it down.
Senate Democrats just voted against legislation to prevent the killing of newborn infant children.
The Democrat position on abortion is now so extreme that they don't mind executing babies after birth.
This is America.
This is the world.
Brought to you by the technocrats, the eugenicists, the globalists.
They call themselves fascists, liberals, communists, socialists.
It's all the same.
Watch my film in-game.
It's free online until they delete it.
I made it 11 years ago.
In-game blueprint for global enslavement.
Now that said, if they can't abort a baby before it's born, or now kill it after it's born, and not fill them full of all these toxic vaccines tainted by design to brain damage them, if they can't fry us with electromagnetic cell phone radiation or GMO, or brainwash us with this toxic culture,
They're going to hit us with people having major mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
And the biggest deficiency in the mainline studies in America and around the world is pure iodine.
In fact, going back in the 20s,
The IQs were 15, 20, 25, 30 points lower.
There was major deformity, major gout, major problems with the thyroid.
And the federal government put a cruddy form of iodine in the salt and IQs went up on average 15 points.
The deformities went way down.
Our environment is lacking iodine.
That's why coastal populations live longer on average, because they do get some seafood that has some iodine, but a lot of that seafood is contaminated.
And of course, in the olden days, until just like a hundred years ago, people ground up bones and put it in their bread.
Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, be they alive or be they dead, I'll grind their bones to make my bread.
But the good news is, for your children, for adults, for everybody,
We have the pure deep earth crystal iodine in original X2 that nobody else has and nobody else has brought to market.
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Again, thank you for your support.
Support your own body with the purest, best iodine out there.
X2 at InfoWarsTore.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, it's days like these where I totally understand why Americans just want to go to a ballgame, drink cold beer, eat a hot dog, hang out at the bar for a drink afterwards, just go home and just not even think about any of it.
But it won't be long, you won't even be able to do that.
Because there'll be no infrastructure, there'll be no economy, there'll be no commerce, there'll be no commute.
Nah, but you know, who cares, right?
It'll all just magically work itself out.
You just gotta be really good.
By the way, there's this viral clip going around of Bernie Sanders using the N-word.
And it's not even like... It's just... It's literally like... It's almost as racist as you could use it.
It's not like he's using it like, oh, you know, hey man, or hey bro, or whatever.
He's like, using it as like a total insult.
You know what, but I don't even know if I want to play it.
And, you know, it's like the same thing today where Alex and I are on the same wavelength and we're both just really upset at the president right now for kowtowing to social media censorship.
When he says, you fight it by just being good.
Well, President Trump, that's what they told you.
When you were running for president, did you just decide to just be good?
Is that how you won?
No, you win by maintaining the fight.
Free speech wins, President Trump, not being good.
But you know what?
Cold beer and a ball game sounds a lot more fun than fighting tyranny, doesn't it?
Who wants to shove a vaccine in your newborn's
Alright, we're taking your calls, we've been doing it for over an hour now.
What must President Trump do to keep America great?
Kevin in San Diego, go ahead.
Hey Owen, yeah, we gotta keep the Christian values going in our country, but we need to end the Fed, re-establish the gold and silver standard, and tell Trump to stay away from Dealey Plaza, and then also end voter fraud.
I think we get this thing going, we're gonna have some big changes.
Have you seen the President giving you any signs that he's gonna do any of that?
A little bit, actually.
I mean, we got things happening actually this month, the end of the month, where he's talking about it, but talk is cheap.
Well, exactly.
And you know, they did send Steve Munchen to Fort Knox back in February of 2017, and he claimed, oh, all the gold is still there.
Yeah, we got to get these bankers who have defrauded us over the last hundred years and
And just go ahead and take their gold like they do with all the other countries and put that in Fort Knox.
It's all in the petrodollar now, thanks for the call, Kevin.
But wasn't it, I believe it was the Texas state government in 2016 or 15, maybe 15, that requested gold from the Federal Reserve, like
I guess it was like their, the gold or whatever that they had the rights to, and so they requested it from Fort Knox and they were just shut down.
They were like, nope, you don't get the gold.
And the story was kind of like, oh, is there any gold even there?
But of course, the entire U.S.
currency, the Federal Reserve note, is all fiat currency.
The Federal Reserve, excuse me, the Fractional Reserve Banking System is literally printing money out of thin air.
I mean, literally, folks.
You can read the manifesto.
It's like, you want to know why we're really in debt?
Because our currency is debt.
Anyway, let's go to Hal in Florida.
No, I'm not upset.
But I think there might be a misunderstanding.
I don't think you're using the Trump translator correctly, and it's just possible that you're not.
But think about this.
How do you beat Allen Iverson in one-on-one?
You gotta be good.
You just gotta be really good.
And I think what Trump is saying is, not that you have to be good,
And bow to the censorship.
I'm thinking that he's saying you have to be good to be able to beat the censorship.
I mean, look at all the things that are going on in the background.
Okay, okay.
So you're saying, okay, hold on, hold on.
Let's actually bear down on this.
I understand what you're saying.
You're saying, President Trump is saying like, oh, you have to be on your best behavior.
You have to kind of do and go along with what they're demanding.
They're saying you just have to be effective.
You have to be effective and focused in your approach.
I'm saying he's got a plan and he's doing stuff.
Just like what's happening with this college scandal.
Things are happening in the background and he's coming at them, but we don't know if it's done that he's dealing with.
So his game might be on.
You just gotta be good.
Like, you know, trust, trust, you know, I'm there.
But don't you get the feeling, I get the feeling, Hal, that he's more concerned about Washington, D.C.
having his back and not the American people having his back.
Like, for example, arresting Hillary Clinton.
Washington, D.C.
wouldn't have his back on him.
The American people would have his back.
Absolutely, and that's, I think we need to have his back.
You know, like your last caller, one of your last callers was just saying,
You know, I think that might have been what he was talking about, too.
Like, if you listen to the way Trump has talked since he's been running, he'll lay those kind of things out there like that, where it's like, what?
Wait a minute, you know, President, what are you saying there?
And it usually comes back.
I mean, if you wait, you know, and you give it a few days, it usually comes back around.
Well, I agree with you, Hal.
I do agree with you.
I do agree with you, Hal, and I've said 60 seconds.
I gave you more than that.
So I appreciate your call.
It was a good call.
Fair points.
And I kind of understand what you're saying.
It's like, you know, the NFL is rigged.
You know, the NBA is rigged.
The sports are rigged.
You know, but you still go out there and I guess you do your best or you do good or you do really good and you hope that you can beat the rigged system.
But wouldn't you rather just have a fair fight?
You know, I don't know.
Let's go to Lori in Alaska.
Lori, what must President Trump do to keep America great?
Hey, Owen, it pains me to say what I'm about to say, but I believe it to be so.
I believe that he's going to have to declare a hard martial law.
And I say that because we lost this republic under martial law under Lincoln.
You see Thomas DiLorenzo, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and with all these hyenas nipping at his heels trying to interfere with everything he's trying to do, he's going to be lame duck if he doesn't.
So it pains me to say so, but I think he's going to have to do that where he can stop this and get done what needs to get done.
Well, thanks for the call, Lori.
I disagree with you on your declaration of martial law, but I agree with your sentiment that it has to be extreme action.
Yes, extreme action must be taken because we're in extreme danger, absolutely.
And that's why we elected Trump.
That's why Trump won.
I mean, he said it himself.
He said, the only way I'm going to run is if I look at this country and it's in extreme danger.
Well, that's where we're at right now.
And isn't it funny?
Where people like Cortez will sit here and say that the president is an authoritarian.
Again, based on principle, I would never call for that, but... In a devil, worldly...
No, sir.
This Facebook insider contacted us some time ago and provided us with what she says are internal Facebook documents.
I saw things going on that I personally found to be troubling.
I knew that something had to be done about it and so I felt that the best thing to do was to inform the public because they had a right to know.
This is Danny Ben-David, a software engineer.
In the leaked documents our insider gave us, we came across a back-end view of Mike Cernovich's page.
On it, we could see Ben-David running an action called Action Deboost Live Distribution.
In fact, Ben-David wrote the code and may have invented the word deboost.
Deboosting is a method of suppressing distribution.
This occurs because props such as share this video are disabled.
Interactive notifications are also disabled.
And the live feed boost associated with a live streaming video on Facebook is removed.
This is Seiji Yamamoto, a data science manager for Facebook since 2015.
On Facebook's private workplace, Yamamoto makes it clear that he is on a crusade against hate speech.
What exactly do the engineers at Facebook define trolling and hate speech as?
In one slide from Yamamoto's deck, he writes, introducing friction via the troll twilight zone will confuse and demoralize them.
On his next slide, he defines the Troll Twilight Zone, saying it will enact drastically limited bandwidth, auto logouts, and comments and posts will magically fail to upload, unquote.
Just below this, Yamamoto writes that his Troll Twilight Zone feature will be triggered, quote, leading up to important elections, unquote.
Do you think they're trying to influence elections?
I think, like many people, they believe that the 2016 election of Donald Trump was a fluke.
It happened because all these trolls were sharing, you know, anti-Hillary memes.
So it's in their interest, as a very homogenous company, to kind of shut this down.
James O'Keefe from Project Veritas.
They've just released their latest bombshell video exposing Facebook de-boosting, having a troll patrol.
It's really just crazy stuff.
What is the latest video from Project Veritas?
What did you guys expose is going on over there at Facebook?
Well, an insider inside Facebook came to us with a series of documents.
from within Facebook and said that they are de-boosting people.
What does that mean?
Well, the documents show code that assigned a de-boost score, which means they are downranking live stream videos.
They are making it so that it doesn't show up on your timeline if it contains certain keywords.
And this is without you knowing.
So it's very similar to what happened with Twitter last year with the shadow banning stuff that we exposed.
So the engineers are de-boosting certain videos that show up on the Daily Caller, Steven Crowder, Mike Cernovich, and other websites, but only on the conservative websites.
This insider looked at liberal websites that did not show up.
She also released documents of a so-called troll report.
We have all these documents on our website and it shows keywords that they're using to identify a troll score.
This is using machine learning and all these sort of computer programs that assign troll scores to people on Facebook if you use certain words.
These are not white supremacist words or racist words.
These are words like normie and lulz and MSM and these sort of words that have been appropriated by conservatives and meme culture.
So Facebook
Brooke has never said that they've done this publicly.
This is a secret program in these documents that this person who blew the whistle gave to us and lost her job as a result.
So pretty significant stuff.
The people watching your show, which there are many, many, many committed, heroic, brave individuals watching this program as I speak, my request is to have people on this show go to projectbaratos.com slash brave and send us an encrypted note if you are on the inside of these companies.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
There's some developing news happening right now I want to address before I go back to your phone calls.
President Trump has just announced that the United States will ground all Boeing Max 737s as Alex Jones is on one in air.
Does that mean they're gonna ground him right out of a flight?
Or does Alex Jones make it back to Austin in perhaps the final flight of a Boeing Max 8 domestically?
So Trump has just announced that.
I'm actually glad to see that because pilots had been complaining about this aircraft and it's because you can't even be a pilot and fly it.
You have to be a computer expert.
That's all the new stuff that they have now.
It's like you don't even drive your car anymore.
You just flip it on autopilot and take a nap.
So that's developing.
But you know, I'll tell you the dangers of the
Boeing Max 8 are nothing compared to the dangers of 5G.
This story just came to my desk.
Does 5G internet really give you cancer?
Here's what we know and don't know.
And basically, yes, it has been declared a potential carcinogen to your brain and organs.
And it has been linked to cancer and death in rats and birds.
And you can look where they put the new 5G towers up.
If there's trees next to it, the trees die.
So now they're putting fake trees next to 5G cell towers so you don't see the death.
Oh, oh, and then there was a story in the news.
Parents blame elementary school cell tower after fourth student designated with cancer.
Pediatric cancer is just soaring through the roof, but it has nothing to do with the vaccines.
It has nothing to do with the 5G cell towers, where now there's a cell tower on a school.
We've ruined the clip from CBS.
Four kids have been diagnosed with cancer next to this cell tower.
Another developing story is spiraling around Jacob Wool, who's been on this broadcast.
I've interviewed him before.
The claim is that he created a Twitter account to basically send a message to himself claiming a death threat, hate crime, which was then turned over to Minnesota police.
This is all being investigated right now.
He's denying it.
Now, again, if conservatives start faking hate crimes against themselves, that's not good.
I disavow that.
We don't need to do that, Jacob.
If you want people to create a hate crime against you, just go out on the street and wear a Trump hat.
Don't fake it.
But he's denying it.
And so, you know, I hope it's not true, obviously.
I don't want to see fake hate crimes on any side of the aisle.
But on a certain level, again, and I don't know Jacob personally, I mean, I've interviewed him.
If he is telling the truth, and the Minnesota Police do follow through with the investigation, they find out that he didn't make the account, it'll be pretty funny to watch all these lefties, they're saying he did it, just cry.
Now, if he did fake it, and it was a fake account, and he sent the message, then yeah, that's bad news, and I mean, we'll report it, I'm not going to avoid it, but I just wanted to put that out there because that whole story is going viral right now, he has been a guest on a show.
Jacob, I hope that you're telling the truth, but the investigation and the facts will come out.
Dude, if you want to have somebody commit a hate crime against you, just walk around the streets of New York in a Trump hat, bro.
A lot easier than faking it, if that was the case.
Only time will tell.
There is an investigation going.
Alright, I'm asking people, what must President Trump do to keep America great?
Let's go to James in Oregon.
Go ahead, James.
Thank you for taking my call.
First time caller.
I think he needs to keep on keeping on.
The reason I say that, we like to point to President Trump and say, he didn't do this.
He didn't build the wall.
He doesn't build the wall.
He doesn't actually keep the aliens out.
We pass laws, he passes executive orders, signs them, puts them into place, and our
Judges stop the orders.
Our Congress people stop the system.
So does he need the support from inside the beltway?
He absolutely does.
But he needs our support.
Because we're falling down when we accused him of not doing his job.
Because we didn't get what we wanted.
James, James, I understand that.
But you gotta understand, philosophically, intellectually, I'm running out of gas, man.
I understand.
Me too.
I mean, I see we're in a really terrible position, but everything that I've heard here with taking the money from so-and-so and giving it to such-and-such and stopping these companies and shutting them down, he's not the king.
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
What are you talking about taking money?
We can't, by our laws, we can't walk in and take away his money.
Well, but hold on a second.
No, no, no, but James, now hold on a second.
There's actually, there's actually precedent in the private sector.
I mean, when companies get away with massive crimes that make all this money, they lose all that money.
They don't get to keep that money.
So how come the universities get to keep it when they're involved in massive scams?
Well, who takes away their money?
The IRS?
It's not the President.
Who orders the IRS?
Obama used the IRS to target conservatives?
They have no problems.
They have the government behind them.
It's our president that doesn't have the government behind him.
So you think the current pace we're on, America will be fine if Trump doesn't win in 2020?
I don't think we're going to be fine.
Well, you just said Trump keeps keeping on, and that's how we keep it great, though.
He has to keep going.
It's not just him.
It's not just the president.
He doesn't have the power to do everything that we're demanding that he do.
He can work on it.
He can try to pass laws.
He can try to sign bills.
But if we have judges that we have in our cities, standing up and saying, no, no, no, he can't do that, I'm ruling against him.
And we don't do something about standing up against those judges?
If our representatives in Congress... James, James, you are right.
James, you are definitely right.
And I do agree with you.
However, the President does have constitutional power to do stuff about this.
And that's the fact.
I mean, he does have constitutional power to do something about this.
To stop illegal immigration.
He could do it.
And I know that he needs people's help, and I know that he needs us to have his back, but he needs to understand, we do have his back when he does what's right.
When he lets the swamp drain him, that's when we start to lose the belief that, hey, he's going to do everything we want him to do.
We'll have the president's back, he needs to do what's right, even though if it seems it's going beyond his power, and the media will say that.
He can cite the Constitution, say, this is my presidential duty,
And forget the media that's going to lie about him all day long.
They already have!
So forget them.
We will have his back, just like we did when we went to the polls for him.
Great call, James.
Let's go to Cole in California.
What do we need to do to keep America great?
Go ahead, Cole.
Well, I think the president needs to regulate these giant social media platforms if he has the power or legislate because they control the narrative.
You can see the effects on the streets.
I live in a bastion of a failed state.
Illegal immigrants everywhere.
And it's just a failed, collapsed state, California.
And look to us as an example of liberal politics and what happens when they take power.
And because the left controls the narrative,
You're seeing the effects of it.
People are outraged at nothing and bad, alminum attacks on anybody with any common sense.
By the way, out there in California, Governor Newsom just said they're going to get rid of the death penalty.
Because he loves life so much.
Do abortion next, Governor Newsom.
But here's the funny thing.
I'm not even trying to inject my politics into that.
California two years ago voted.
The people of California voted to keep the death penalty.
So Newsom just comes in as a dictate and just says we're not going to do that.
As far as regulating social media, thanks for the call, Cole.
Uh, really, I just say you just launch an investigation into these people and you're gonna find something.
You'll find antitrust violations.
I'm sure they're doing something with dark money.
I mean, they're working with China.
I mean, who knows what they're doing?
Launch an investigation into them.
That's all you need to do.
You'll find something.
I don't know what it is.
Guarantee you find something.
Or you could be like Mueller and just make something up.
You know, we've chosen to focus on natural health remedies, things that are going to help you to make informed choices about your health as well, and to also support freedom of speech.
So freedom of choice, we are the people who are really pro-choice.
We don't support euthanasia, we don't support abortion, but we support health choice.
Isn't it interesting how these different groups shake down on the issue of choice?
That's why I don't use the term pro-choice when I talk about Democrats.
They are just simply pro-abortion.
They don't want you to have a choice about how to educate your child.
They don't want you to have a choice about what kind of medical treatment you or your children are going to have.
And quite frankly, folks, if we go to government-provided health care,
They will be the ones deciding not only what health care you get and when, but they will also decide things like whether or not you're going to have meat.
It's not just going to be the green issue, it's also going to be the other kind of green.
The kind that goes in your wallet.
They're going to decide that because they're paying the health bills, they get to decide what you're going to eat.
Don't be surprised when they take environmentalism and government health care and combine those two to dictate your diet to you.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, Mike Adams is about to take over the fourth hour.
We've been taking your calls, but I need to do a news blitz here.
By the way, it's being rumored that Twitter is considering removing the reply numbers from tweets.
I think we all know why that is.
The same reason why Rotten Tomatoes censors its movie reviews.
Same reason why YouTube disables comments and likes.
Because the leftists are getting destroyed by the ratio.
So I wouldn't be surprised if that happens.
And I'm thinking outside the box on this grounding of the Boeing Max 8.
Most of them are still flying around the world.
I understand why President Trump did it.
But then I started to think outside the box.
Because as far as I can tell, they still don't have a cause.
They still don't know the cause for the Ethiopian airline crash.
And so, again, I'm just thinking outside the box and just throwing this out there.
I mean, what if there was some sort of sabotage involved in that?
And that's what this is all about.
Boeing is manufactured in America.
But that's just, I don't know, kind of where my head went outside the box.
Very important Alex Jones segment aired in the second hour, folks.
Please take that segment and upload it to your YouTube channel so we can get that message to President Trump.
Uh, but let me just bear down and do a news blitz here.
Representative John Radcliffe, Lisa Page confirmed to me under oath that the FBI was ordered by the Obama Department of Justice not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information.
When will the investigations into that begin?
I mean, nobody knew that happened.
Department of Justice Watchdog refers Andrew McCabe to U.S.
Attorney for criminal investigation.
He was involved with trying to keep President Trump out of office and then in the attempts to get him removed from office.
Watchdog sues for Rod Rosenstein's communications in days leading up to Mueller's appointment.
That, if we get those, that's like game over right there.
Representative Jim Jordan on Twitter, why did Adam Schiff try to block Congress from learning that the Clinton campaign paid for the dossier?
Well, because Adam Schiff is a corrupt Democrat who had to protect the criminals at the top of the Democrat Party to get Trump out of office, so that's why Schiff is such a shifty Schiff liar.
Also, Jim Jordan on Twitter, why did Adam Schiff say that his talks with Michael Cohen were limited to inviting him and allying any concerns about threats to his family, but not mentioning the 14 hours his staff spent prepping Cohen before the hearing?
Because Adam Schiff is a dirty, dirty liar.
Let's just move on here.
Cynthia McKinney, I believe a former Democrat from Georgia.
Lindsey Graham on cue comes to the rescue of war and the cabal as he visits with Bibi Netanyahu to steal the Golan Heights from Syria for Genie Energy.
Cynthia McKinney.
Has always been pointing this out.
Here's the story.
Lindsey Graham to urge President Trump to recognize Golan Heights support Senate resolutions.
So yeah, if you want to talk about Israel controlling our foreign policy, there's one for you.
I'd rather just not get involved.
I'm okay being allies with Israel.
I'm okay that Israel exists.
I'd like to protect it as a state, but the expansion and all this military protection and then just
Bolstering more wars off of narratives.
I'm not for all of that.
Israel accuses PA of trying to spark violent religious war on Temple Mount.
So the Palestinian Authority is saying Israel's doing it and framing us.
Israel's saying Palestine is doing it and framing us.
You know, again, I just want to keep all that crap out of the West.
I just don't want to be involved in it.
Uh, sad story out of Brazil.
Two attackers killed eight and themselves at a Brazilian school.
A shooting happened at a public school in Sao Paulo, where eight died.
And you know, Bolsonaro is trying to get a second amendment there for Brazil.
Which has been ridden by crime and drug cartels in the favelas.
And so, I just have a bad feeling that the bad powers that be in Brazil are going to start staging attacks and coming after the guns.
Oh, but that never happens.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
Nobody ever stages anything, fakes anything.
The media never goes along with it.
How dare I?
As they say, they were throwing kids out of incubators.
Fake news.
They set aside used chemical weapons.
Fake news.
They said that ships were sunk in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Fake news.
Lies in the war.
But, you know, don't worry about that.
Children among the 22 killed in Yemen strikes over the 48 hours.
Nobody ever reports on this.
It's funny.
Nobody ever reports on the bombings that happen in Yemen almost every day.
Where are people on that?
Russia mocks U.S.
collusion probe ahead of Mueller's report.
Yeah, the whole Russian collusion probe is a laughingstock around the world.
What an embarrassment.
Navy industry partners are under cyber-siege by Chinese hackers, review asserts.
Well, let's not forget
There were those naval ship crashes.
Some people blamed the Obama appointee who was running the Naval Academy, who had never been on a ship before.
Others say that Chinese hackers were involved.
Others say the naval crew was negligent.
But there you go.
Perhaps it was Chinese hackers.
EU admits giving thousands of prepaid debit cards to migrants.
This is from newswars.com.
So now the EU is admitting it.
Infowars.com told you that was going on last year.
They did the same thing at the southern border here in the United States.
Minority students offered no-whites safe space racial healing circle.
San Diego State University is set to host a racial healing workshop for minority students and faculty later this month that aims to help students and professors of color get through college and career life.
Do you hate white people?
Come to San Diego State University, where your hatred for white people will be celebrated and discussed.
Howard Schultz laments character assassination as he mulls 2020 White House run.
Yeah, that's what you get, Howard.
Don't you get it?
You're an outsider.
The Democrats hate you.
You created your business.
The Democrats hate you.
It's really sad.
I mean, again, Howard Schultz, I mean, I would vote for him.
But as far as a Democrat candidate, if you were smart, that's the kind of guy that you'd want to compete with Trump.
But the Democrats have an IQ collectively of four.
Biden is going to run for president.
That's what Dem lawmakers are saying.
O'Rourke looks like he's gearing up to run for president as well.
It's going to be fun to see all of these losers run as they cast off people that could actually be powerful Democrat options like Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang and Howard Schultz.
And Bloomberg was smart enough to know he's just not even going to deal with them.
Hipsters mostly look alike.
There's math to prove it.
Yeah, it's funny.
All these liberal progressive hipsters think that they're acting unique in all of the behavior that they engage in and what they wear and what they consume and where they eat.
They're literally just carbon copies of one another.
Total pawns of the establishment.
Dems erasing middle America.
Yeah, by trying to load up the east and west coast with a bunch of illegal voters and then end the electoral college, turn Texas blue, and then the Democrats win every election.
There's no point of even voting.
They win.
Ex-New Jersey priest accused of sex abuse found shot to death in Nevada home.
Scientists were bracing for a butterfly collapse.
Now they're everywhere.
Yeah, so just like the polar bears are going extinct, penguins are going extinct, the ice caps are melting, they're going to flood the world.
It's always fake news with these Democrats.
They wrote all kinds of legislation to pass bills to fund the protection of butterflies.
Now they're everywhere.
So here's the next one.
Almost certain extinction.
1,200 species under severe threat across the world.
Well, yes, there are species that are under threat.
I think the white rhino just died out.
But they also discover like a thousand new species every year, too.
But you watch all these species they claim are dying.
They're probably just making it up to claim global warming.
Gene-edited food quietly arrives in restaurant cooking oil.
Yeah, gene-edited food.
I'm sure there'll be no backlash there.
Is it okay to tinker with the environment to fight climate change?
This is the New York Times, where they're admitting chemtrails are real!
So they admit chemtrails are real, they're spraying particles into the sky, we report on it and somehow we're fake news, and then they say, man-made global warming.
And I say, really?
You mean like those lines in the sky?
Shut up, conspiracy theorists!
Man gunned down outside bar after he joked about voting for Trump.
That's just the loving, tolerant left.
You know, they'll shoot Steve Scalise.
These people are so loving and tolerant, they'll beat you half to death if you wear a trumpet.
CBS staffers in panic over call for $1 million in cuts.
Uh-oh, mainstream media is dying, ladies and gentlemen.
Meanwhile, alternative press is sprouting up everywhere and having success.
Facebook, Amazon, and Google have a 2020 problem.
That's why they're trying to censor anybody who would call them out for their censorship and for supporting President Trump.
Smollett Team says the case against him is flimsy.
Yeah, we just have all the evidence.
It's real flimsy.
Owen does not have a Keep America Great Again hat on.
I'm not wearing one.
There's no evidence of it.
Glad to honor Jay-Z despite his long history of anti-gay lyrics.
So there you go.
What do we have to do to keep America great?
What must Trump do?
We took your calls.
Mike Adams takes over in the fourth hour.
This has been the Alex Jones Show.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Mike Adams!
Alright, Mike Adams here, filling in for the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, March 13th.
2019, got a lot to cover here for you today.
As always, it's a packed fourth hour.
Owen, I was amazed how he was able to get through all the news there in that last segment.
Covered a lot of headlines, but I've got some analysis, as usual, on some different topics.
So first, we're going to talk about Venezuela.
What's actually happening there and what it means about the coming collapse for America.
We can learn a lot.
You know, as much as we pray for those people who are victimized and as much as we don't want to see other human beings suffer, there are also some very important lessons that we can learn, including lessons of how did the Venezuelan voters create this situation unintentionally for themselves?
You know, they gave up their guns and then they voted for socialism.
Now, sadly, many of them are experiencing the devastating effects, the repercussions of those decisions while dragging along those people who voted against socialism.
There's a very big warning lesson in this for Americans and the rise of socialism among America's youth.
Also going to cover today, forbidden speech and the authoritarian society that is now encroaching upon all of our abilities to speak or even to think.
Now, you can't say the wrong things online, even if they're not hate-filled, you know, violent advocacy for violence or anything like that.
You can be banned just because the CEO of Twitter or Facebook or Google doesn't like you and doesn't like what you're saying, or even criticizing those CEOs.
That's what got me banned on Twitter now, I think, a couple of weeks ago.
Just completely banned without any, there were no flags, there were no warnings, nothing.
There was no explanation given, just completely banned.
We're going to cover that today.
Also, some action items for you.
We have got to get a message to Trump.
I know Mike Cernovich has been doing this.
Owen Schroer, Alex Jones has been doing this.
I'm going to double down on that today and say that if Trump doesn't address this fascism, this online censorship of free speech, then it's over for Trump and it's over for America.
I'm going to have some homework for all of you today, some things that you can do to help us fight back against this.
Time is quickly running out.
If we don't jump on this right now, then it's lost.
We will not be able to have any influence over society because all our voices are being systematically silenced.
You know that, but I'll give you some new analysis.
Also, farmlands and microplastics
The average American is now eating literally many pounds of plastic every year through food that's grown on farmlands that are now being inundated with microplastics.
This is a real environmental issue and it stems from bio-sludge that I've warned about for many years.
I released that film, Biosludged.com.
You can download it and watch it for free.
The problem is there's a lot of plastic in the sewage that comes out of the cities.
And so this plastic gets ground up and it's spread on farms as a form of, quote, fertilizer or nitrogen.
Even though the plastic, of course, isn't nitrogen, there is nitrogen in the rest of the feces.
And so farmlands are now being heavily contaminated.
It's going into your food.
You are now probably eating more plastic than you are minerals in the food supply, or at least trace minerals for that matter.
Also today, gonna talk about the fake college admissions scandal, but a little bit of a different take on that because the person who ran that, Singer is his last name, was charged with racketeering.
Why aren't the tech giants being charged with racketeering?
Because what they're doing is meddling in elections.
I mean, this guy just meddled in school admissions for some rich white chicks, right?
And he gets charged with racketeering, but the tech giants that are meddling with our entire nation, our entire future, our elections, they're not getting charged with anything.
And also today, I'll be covering why are conservatives and Trump supporters always being charged with multiple crimes, like Manafort today, charged with yet more crimes.
Meanwhile, Democrats are never charged with any crimes, it seems, even when they carry out crimes that are far worse, such as obstruction of justice, obstruction of evidence, witness tampering, things like that.
Well, all of that straight ahead here on the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams filling in on the fourth hour.
Stay with us.
We'll be back with more details on all those topics and some other surprises as well.
We'll be right back after this break.
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You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show with Mike Adams.
Mike Adams here today.
We're going to talk about Venezuela and what we can learn from that situation.
But first, I just want to mention
You know, don't trust the tech giants to get your information, obviously.
Go directly to the independent media websites that you know and trust.
Go directly to Infowars.com.
Go directly to my site, NaturalNews.com.
Go directly to, you know, ZeroHedge or TheGatewayPundit.com or wherever you get your news.
Go there directly.
If you rely on a middleman, you will be, or your sources will be censored.
You won't be able to get that information.
And by the way, the tech giants eventually are going to start censoring in the browser.
They're going to block URLs in the browser, but maybe I'll talk about that more later.
Getting to Venezuela, some very important lessons that we can all learn from what's happening there.
It's also about to turn to cannibalism, which is horrifying.
It's sad.
You know, the humanitarian side of all of us, we want to pray for those people.
We don't want to see the suffering that's happening there.
At the same time,
I think it was Thatcher who said that in a democracy, people always get the government they deserve.
The sad part about that is that in a democracy, and I understand America is a republic, not a democracy, but Venezuela was a mob rule kind of vote country, where the majority ruled.
And there were not constitutional protections for their people, not in the way we have with the Bill of Rights in the United States.
So the mob that is the majority in Venezuela, which used to be a first world nation, very wealthy, sitting on incredible fossil fuel resources.
It's like, it's almost like digging gold out of the ground.
How can you go broke when you can dig gold out of the ground?
I mean, black gold in the case of oil.
You're just sitting on free money.
How can you go broke?
And the answer is socialism.
You can go broke, you can lose your nation, and you can collapse into despotism and desperation and mass starvation, even now about to transition into cannibalism.
How can that happen?
The answer is the majority voted for it.
They voted for socialism because they wanted free stuff.
They wanted a government to take care of them.
They bought the same thing that Gen Z is buying now in the United States, you know, the AOC followers.
They buy this idea that the government should be your savior, the government should be your mommy and your daddy, and provide everything that you need from food and housing and education, and that all you have to do is be obedient, and, you know, don't criticize the government, because that would be wrong.
The government is going to take care of you.
The government is your God.
And so, back in, I think, around 2012, the Venezuelan people also gave up their guns.
There was a nationwide gun confiscation effort that took place where the government literally went door-to-door and of course they had the records of who owned the guns because they had a gun registration database.
Which is the whole point of gun registration databases is to know where to send the government thugs to confiscate the weapons and shoot people who refuse to comply.
And that's what Venezuela did.
So they confiscated hundreds of thousands of firearms over a period of about three years from 2012 to about 2015.
They imprisoned unknown thousands of people and they shot some people who refused to comply.
And then the population was disarmed.
But the gun control wackos in Venezuela said, no, that's great.
Now we're going to be safe.
We're not going to have citizens shooting citizens.
The government will take care of us.
Well, guess what you have now?
Government shooting citizens, of course.
You know where this leads.
And not only that, but the Maduro regime is taking criminal, violent felons out of the prison system, putting police uniforms on them, and handing them guns, and saying, go shoot the protesters.
Go shoot the dissidents.
So the guns are being put into the hands of the violent criminals, as long as they're loyal to the government, to murder the citizens who voted against all this from the start.
And what do we need to learn from this?
In America, you might think this can never happen.
It absolutely can happen, and it can happen virtually overnight.
I mean, Venezuela went from a first world nation to a starvation, collapse, cannibalistic hellhole in about 10 to 15 years.
That's all it took, like half a generation.
That's it.
From the time your kid is born to the time they get out of high school, your nation is gone.
It's lost.
It can happen that fast if you turn your nation over to socialism.
So the lessons for Americans are, number one, even if you oppose socialism, you can be dragged into the muck because the masses have been convinced that this is the only way that they can have any kind of future.
If the masses are brainwashed, which is exactly what's happening in our education system today, the universities are indoctrinating these young kids.
And this is why they come out of the universities as fascists and socialists.
They oppose free speech.
They oppose free thinking.
They demand obedience.
And they all think the same and they all look the same like these hipsters.
They literally look exactly the same.
And they are willing to kill you to take your guns.
Just like that person at that, what was it, a legislative meeting, and there was a photo of that anti-gun person's cell phone where they were texting another person to say, yeah, I'm gonna shoot these NRA people, I'm gonna shoot these lawmakers, something like that.
They are not afraid to use guns to murder you.
In fact, hear me on this, the only reason the radical left is not committing mass genocide
And a mass slaughter of Christians and conservatives right now is because it's Christians and conservatives that have the guns.
If you were disarmed right now, they would already have armies of radical leftists sweeping across the country, pulling people out of their homes and slaughtering you with the guns that they monopolize.
And that's the whole point of gun control.
And Hawaii lawmakers are now pushing to repeal the Second Amendment.
And you've got conservatives now in Washington, D.C.
Conservative lawmakers who are all in favor of these red flag laws now, which are unconstitutional.
I mean, they violate due process.
They violate the Bill of Rights to take away your guns just by someone reporting that you might be a suspicious person or they don't like what you're doing in your garage in the neighborhood because you're cleaning a rifle or something, minding your own business, and they don't like you.
Some neighborhood watch Nazi liberal comes along and says, oh, I saw that I saw him with ammo cans.
He has ammo cans.
As if owning legal ammunition is some kind of a crime?
Well, it is now, thanks to red flag laws.
You've got Democrats and now an increasing number of conservatives who are pushing to take away your guns and to create gun registries.
You must oppose this with every fiber of your being.
And it's happening.
We now have the rise of gun sanctuaries.
This is the answer to the radical left and their illegal immigration sanctuaries.
So the left set the precedent.
They said that we can choose to oppose federal laws in whatever cities or whatever states we want.
And we'll just say that we're not going to abide by the laws that we don't like.
Sanctuary cities, sanctuary states like California.
Well, guess what?
You know what?
Gun rights people can do the same thing.
And sheriffs in conservative counties in rural Washington and rural Oregon and rural California or New Mexico or Arizona for that matter, they can say, look, this is a gun sanctuary.
Texas, there's been a law proposed now to make the entire state of Texas a gun sanctuary to nullify all federal laws regarding guns in Texas.
Can't wait for that one.
I could use a couple more suppressors, you know?
I'm joking, I've got plenty.
But the thing is, this is happening.
So we have this bifurcation now, where we've got conservatives saying, we're going to have a conservative sanctuary.
We've got liberals saying, we're going to have a liberal sanctuary of total lawlessness and total invasion and occupation of America with illegals who, by the way, are carrying infectious disease.
That's why we have measles outbreaks across America, is because the illegals are bringing it in.
That's an undeniable truth.
But this is how we end up in a breakup of America, a civil war at both the state level and the national level.
When the two sides say, we're just not going to abide by the laws that we don't like, then you get a two-tiered nation.
And with the upcoming election in 2020, it's going to be the same thing.
One side is going to say, we don't recognize Trump.
The other side is going to say, we do recognize Trump.
And there you could break out into a civil war.
But just to wrap this up about Venezuela, learn the lessons.
That votes have consequences, elections have consequences, as Obama said.
And if you elect socialists, you will be eating your neighbor in 10 years.
Maybe not you in particular, but...
The American masses, the clueless liberals who live in the cities, they will be roasting their neighbors over an open fire and slicing off a chunk of thigh so that they don't starve to death.
Because that's where socialism leads.
That's where the Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal leads.
Mass starvat