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Name: 20190308_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 8, 2019
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The text covers a range of topics including population growth, health supplements, politics, and immigration. Alex Jones discusses concerns about the removal of the citizenship question from the census, Facebook censoring healthcare information, and light sentences for pedophiles. The speaker emphasizes the importance of informed consent in medical treatments and promotes self-sufficiency through product lines. Issues with data accumulation by organizations are discussed alongside the need to maintain personal privacy and democracy. The host encourages forgiveness and open dialogue between people with opposing viewpoints, while also emphasizing the importance of accurate information and being informed consumers of news and information.

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Welcome on this Friday, March the 8th, 2019.
It is International Women's Day!
Let's not miss it!
We will celebrate International Women's Day.
And of course, a lot of women are going to be celebrating it by going to see Captain Marvel.
That's one of the ways that The Sun recommends that you celebrate International Women's Day.
As you know, it's become a public holiday in Berlin, first region in the European Union, to celebrate Women's Day with a public holiday.
But you know, if you're not there, you can still do marches, strikes.
To end gender violence and to establish reproductive justice.
You know, killing your babies, that's reproductive justice.
Body autonomy and freedom of choice.
Are they really for freedom of choice?
We're going to talk about how Facebook has become the center for disease censorship.
The new CDC.
Yeah, they're not about choice.
They're not about consent.
They're not about my body, my decision.
No, they're not about that.
Except to get rid of the kids.
Yeah, rip those kids, not just from the mothers, but out of the mothers.
Rip the babies to part, into pieces.
We've got this new thing called Birth Strike.
UK women are promoting.
I guess that's part of their International Women's Day.
Birth Strike.
We're going to have a baby ban.
We've got to prevent eco-Armageddon.
They can come up with all the new terms that they want.
This is the same recycled garbage of population control they've been selling since the 1970s in the first Earth Day.
The greatest evil.
I remember many of my friends in high school fell for this.
Greatest evil is overpopulation.
We've got to do it.
Well, you know, we've seen how that works out.
We saw that in China.
The one-child policy.
The horrific suffering.
The forced abortions.
All of the selective abortions.
Girls abandoned.
Girls abandoned.
That's how that worked out.
How about that for International Women's Day?
You know, we adopted my daughter out of China because of that one-child policy.
You have a daughter, you just, you know, get rid of her.
Because you want to, if you can only have one child, that culture, they decided that they wanted to have men.
Now, you know, probably the other way.
Here in America, men are hated so much that if they're going to enact a one-child policy here in America, I imagine it'll be the boys that they're aborting, the boys that they are abandoning.
But in China, they did it to women.
Be careful what you ask for, right?
And of course, I say one way to celebrate the day is to go watch a film directed by and starring a woman.
So I guess you can all go see Captain Marvel.
I will not be going to see that.
I don't think I need to be schooled by Disney on intersectional feminism.
If you think that you need a lecture on that, if you find that entertaining, feel free!
Go see Captain Marvel and you'll get your lecture on intersectional feminism and how women are superior to men in every possible way.
Two of the women that we're now celebrating, we're going to celebrate them throughout our program day, Omar Ilhan and Rashida Tlaib.
Even though they represent a philosophy that is decidedly anti-woman.
Sharia law, Islam.
If you criticize them, of course, you're Islamophobic.
The Democrats, as they're being split by the anti-Semitism of the freshmen congressmen, congresswomen, I guess I can't even call them freshmen, they're fresh women, and they got fresh with everybody this last week.
Yeah, as they get fresh, as they start trashing people, you know, you can criticize people, and I believe that we ought to interpret that very broadly.
There we are.
That was when she won her primary.
Yeah, she's an international woman.
She's the Palestinian representative in Congress, quite frankly.
Don't talk about people who are captured by Israel if you're going to be somebody who is totally captured by Palestine.
Wrapping yourself in the Palestine flag, ululating with her supporters and so forth, and now they are out there saying, well, if you criticize us, then you are the bigot.
Steny Hoyer, the number two in the Democrat Party,
Came back at Bernie Sanders and others, he said, no, this is not about debate.
This is about using the same types of anti-Semitic tropes that have been out there.
It's about stereotyping.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now your host, David Knight.
Oh, you're going to get into some dangerous area today.
I've got some things to say about International Women's Day.
I've got some things to say about our new Islamic Congresswoman.
And what is happening in the Democrat Party.
I'm going to talk about David Duke, who loves them.
He's out there tweeting all about them.
Of course, David Duke has always been a Democrat.
He ran as a Democrat.
Just like all the people who gave us Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan, they're all Democrats.
Still are.
And they're still out there embracing
People, you know, I guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend, is his idea out there.
So we're going to talk about what's going on with that, and then I'm going to get absolutely, literally transphobic.
I'm going to go full transphobic here, because I'm very concerned about what's happening to transportation, and about the mobility malaise that is being
Put on us by our government.
So we're going to talk about transportation developments.
I'm very fearful about our transportation.
Freedom and mobility are being robbed.
But first, it's International Women's Day, as I said at the top of the hour.
Today is now a holiday in Berlin.
First time they've had anybody within the European Union.
Make it an actual public holiday.
They suggest that you strike and that you march and that you support body autonomy and freedom of choice for all women.
Well, you know, not really.
They're not about freedom of choice when it comes to medical care, for example.
And they're not really supporting women because half the kids that they kill are women.
Potential women.
You know, just young women.
We've got the UK now promoting Birthstrike, saying we've got an eco Armageddon that is coming up.
The founder is a singer in the UK.
Never heard of her.
Blythe Pepino.
So she moved to create the now 60-member Strong Community after reading all the fear-mongering from the UN's IPCC.
That's the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
These are the people within the UN that push the climate change agenda for global governance.
That's the purpose of this.
It is completely a political movement.
These are the people behind the Paris Climate Accord.
If they really wanted to address something that they thought was a global issue, as many environmentalists have pointed out, if they really thought that this was a global problem, they would not have given a free pass to China and India to continue to build dirty power plants as they wish, as many as they wish, for several decades.
No, this is simply a transference of wealth.
From one, in manufacturing capacity, from one area of the world, ours, to India and to China.
It doesn't have anything to do with addressing a global problem, whatever you think that is.
But here's what she has to say.
It is very hard, an emotional message to decide not to have kids.
But I hope it might break through the fear and the diffidence that surrounds this subject.
I've heard many, this is nothing new, I've heard people talk about this for 50 years.
And it is simply fear-mongering.
It has created horrific situations, as I said at the top of the hour, like the one-child policy in China, the horrific suffering that that has caused girls in China.
Here, as I said, it will probably go towards men.
But she says she's promoting her polyamorous lifestyle.
I have no idea what that is.
And I don't want to know.
I don't want to get into the details of that.
Sounds like something Michael Jackson would do.
But polyamorous lifestyles, who knows?
Who cares about that?
But it's not just these people who are pushing this out there, and it's not just the fact that they don't want to have kids.
Look, if she doesn't want to have kids, fine, that's her choice.
And as the Babylon Bee said, the world breathes a sigh of relief when AOC basically said the same thing.
Alexandria and Wonderland said, gee, I don't really even know how we could bring a child into this world.
There's so much economic, or not economic, but environmental problems in this world.
How could I even bring a child in this world?
Please don't.
We don't want you having any more children.
The problem is they want your kids.
The problem is you give these people your kids.
You hand them over to them in the government school to be indoctrinated
In this eco-fear to become self-loathing, self-hating, to basically be gaslighted and to not having kids of their own.
This is the real problem.
These people who don't want to have kids want to have your kids.
And we willingly and foolishly turned the kids over to them.
We've got some more abortion news that we're going to get into later on, but let's talk, say one more thing here about the International Women's Day.
We have Melania and we have Pompeo that are celebrating International Women's Day.
And when we look at this, they're going to be bringing international women
To tour in the United States.
Evidently, we got women from Bangladesh, Burma, Djibouti.
I don't even know where that... Djibouti?
From Egypt, Jordan, Montenegro, Sri Lanka, Peru, Tanzania.
Because, you know, we don't have in America any female role models that we could look to.
We got to go to international women.
And especially women of Iran.
You know, they are going to be talking about women of Iran.
So, fine, there's a lot of women that we can celebrate.
Maybe what the Trump administration and Pompeo ought to do, if they want to celebrate women who have accomplished something, women of courage, maybe President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo ought to get his sorry ass together and support bringing Asia Bibi out of Pakistan, where they're trying to kill her.
A Christian woman who was put on death row for 10 years because she had the audacity in this Islamic country to drink water out of the well when she's working in the field with other people.
And they say, you filthy Christian, you've committed blasphemy for drinking water from the well.
They kept her on death row for 10 years.
One congressman in that country, in Pakistan, who said she should not be executed, had his bodyguard execute him.
Because he was soft on Christians.
You want to celebrate somebody internationally?
You want to celebrate a woman?
You want to celebrate courage?
Why don't you start by helping her?
Instead of parading around with this virtue signaling.
I am so sick and tired of Republicans who want to become Democrat Socialists.
They're out there now selling socialism light in many respects, and we'll get into that later in this program.
How pathetic that is, as if these people can't defeat themselves.
Let's talk a little bit about the DNC bigotry on parade here.
We've got the House passing an anti-bigotry resolution because they couldn't pass an anti-Semitism resolution because they would be Islamophobic.
They are actually fearful of Islam.
They really are Islamophobic, quite frankly.
They are scared to death of Ilhan Omar, or Omar Ilhan, whatever.
And they're afraid of Omar, they're afraid of Bernie Sanders, they're afraid of all these people.
And Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, they're all backing these people to the hilt.
Elizabeth Warren said, branding criticism of Israel as automatically anti-semitic has a chilling effect on our public discourse.
Well, I would agree with that, but that's not what this is about.
And Steny Hoyer pointed that out.
He said this is not about shutting down debate.
Quite frankly, the Democrats don't have any problem shutting down debate.
They've been showing that openly, using their partners in social media for quite some time.
Just take a look at what they're doing about any discussion of the effects of vaccines.
You now have all these news media outlets out there proudly proclaiming that Facebook is going to shut down and censor any discussion that they think is misinformation or hoaxes about vaccines.
As I said yesterday, we just had the FDA identify several additives to food that they said, according to their studies, cause cancer.
But even though they believe they're going to cause cancer, they're going to wait another 16 months before they actually take them off the market because it would be a hardship for the manufacturers.
Now, there were multiple studies and so many people were coming up with problems from vaccines
That back in 1986, they did the same thing for them.
So now here we are, 33 years, and they've still been giving a pass to the vaccine manufacturers.
But they want to step it up.
They want to not only give them legal immunity, they want to force us to take their product.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Coming to you live from the Infowars.com studios in the recaptured state of Texas.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
We've got Bernie Sanders talking about Ilhan Omar.
He said, we will stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters.
He said that when she had her first gaffe a couple of weeks ago.
Then she continued with that.
Then they've been going back and forth about whether they were going to condemn that.
It's a dilemma.
You know, when I look at the Democrat Party, they remind me of the scene from The Godfather.
We have Hyman Roth, who's got them in control of the games in Florida and in Cuba.
You got Michael Corleone there.
Remember that scene where he's cutting the cake?
Okay, these guys, this goes to this crime family, that goes to that crime family.
That's the way they see America.
Now, how are we going to cut this cake up?
And it is a shrinking pie.
If we have socialism.
And of course, Bernie Sanders is going to stand by his Muslim brothers and sisters.
A lot of people asked, will they stand by you?
Will they stand by you?
Because you're a socialist?
Will they stand by you?
I don't know.
What if a Jewish congresswoman, first-termer, had said the equivalent about Muslims?
Would you have taken her side on that?
We have Bernie Sanders again as they put out this resolution saying we are going to just, you know, taking out the anti-semitism here.
I can't talk about that.
We're just going to talk about racism in general.
He says, we must not equate anti-semitism with legitimate criticism of the right-wing Netanyahu government in Israel.
What I fear is going on in the House now is an effort to target Congresswoman Omar as a way of stifling that debate.
Well, that's not the way the number two in the Democrat Party sees it.
Steny Hoyer went on MSNBC Live, House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, and he had this to say.
Let's play video clip number six.
We don't want to stifle debate.
This is not about debate.
This is about stereotypes.
This is about language that has been used for a very long period of time to demean and discriminate against Jews.
And other people, because as you know, the resolution has been broadened.
But I disagree with...
Senator Sanders that this is about free speech and about discussing policies or frankly the Netanyahu administration's putting in its coalition a
The party that has clearly used racist and hate speech.
I think that's unfortunate.
But having said that, this is not about that.
This is not about debate.
This is not about policy debates.
Every member of Congress, every American citizen has a right and should debate policy differences in an open way without fear of
He's pushing back pretty hard against Bernie Sanders.
There is a split that this has caused within the Democrat Party.
And it's not even really about supporting debate, because we know the Democrats don't support debate.
They have worked very hard to shut down any kind of debate, whether it is in the news media, or whether it is on social media, or whether it is what you have to say on social media.
They don't want a debate.
And you pick any issue you want to talk about, whether it's foreign policy, or whether it is health care, they do not want, or mandatory vaccination, they don't want any debate.
Now, this is about double standards.
That's why I disagree with Steny Hoyer.
This is about double standards.
And what they have done, and everybody sees it, I think, they have taken the side of the Muslims.
Quite frankly, Ilhan Omar sees that.
She says that she's taken a victory lap, as Breitbart is pointing out.
They failed to name her.
They watered down the language about anti-Semitism, and in a joint statement,
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and Andre Carson, other Muslims in Congress, said today is historic on many fronts.
It's the first time we've ever voted on a resolution condemning anti-Muslim bigotry in our nation's history.
So, in a response about the anti-Semitic tropes that they were putting out, as he said, the stereotypes,
That got watered down, that got turned around, and now they're claiming that this was to push back against anti-Muslim bigotry, not against anti-Jewish bigotry.
Omar did not retract, did not apologize for her anti-Semitic comments.
She said that any Americans who support Israel are showing allegiance to a foreign country.
Well, you know, not everybody that does that is showing allegiance to a foreign country.
Jews are more interested in supporting Israel than they are in America.
Quite frankly, I am tired of the people who come here to this country and cut it up like the mafia figures in The Godfather.
You know, Hyman Roth.
I'm sick of that.
And I'm sick of, whether they are Palestinian, or whether they are coming from another area, whether they're coming from Central or South America, and say that this is, we're going to take this country back, this always belonged to us, or talking about reparations.
They're doing this with every single group.
This is the policy of the Democrats.
To create grievances with everybody, to cut this country up, to put our interests behind that of the globalists, or behind that of a particular country.
And certainly, these new congresswomen are doing that with Palestine.
They're guilty of the very same thing that they are accusing others of doing.
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are guilty of this.
There was an Assyrian woman who is a director of special projects with an organization called the Middle East Women's Conference.
She was speaking at a press conference.
She called on Ilhan Omar to resign.
She said she has cousins and family members in Iraq that are called whores.
By the Muslims, they're because they show part of the back of their arm.
You show part of the back of your arm as a woman, and they call you a whore.
Remember, these are the people out there parading about International Women's Day and lifting up Islam, praising Islam as the way of the future here in America.
She says, you go to her congressional district, the congressional district that elected Ilhan Omar,
She said, you won't even think you're in America.
She said, back in Iraq where they're now calling women whores for showing part of the back of their arm.
That was a country where, once upon a time, they were wearing miniskirts.
She said, it truly is because of people like Ilhan Omar.
When the government is infiltrated, and it starts this way, because it happened in Iraq, and it happened against us there.
Iraq used to be a country, she said, where Jews lived freely, where Assyrian Christians lived freely, where even Armenians were there, and even moderate Muslims lived, until Sharia law took place, and everyone was affected.
She cited Omar's request to a judge for a lighter sentence for terrorist supporters.
She said, we are here because of God to give you a warning as Americans.
We're here to tell you, this is coming to America.
It is already here.
And it will affect you.
And it will affect everyone.
When we come back, we're going to talk about how Rashida Tlaib said, we always said Muslims are coming.
And I think we're here.
I think they are too.
We need to wake up.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
This Facebook insider contacted us some time ago and provided us with what she says are internal Facebook documents.
I saw things going on that I personally found to be troubling.
I knew that something had to be done about it and so I felt that the best thing to do was to inform the public because they had a right to know.
This is Danny Ben-David, a software engineer.
In the leaked documents our insider gave us, we came across a back-end view of Mike Cernovich's page.
On it, we could see Ben-David running an action called Action Deboost Live Distribution.
In fact, Ben-David wrote the code and may have invented the word deboost.
Deboosting is a method of suppressing distribution.
This occurs because props such as share this video are disabled.
Interactive notifications are also disabled.
And the live feed boost associated with a live streaming video on Facebook is removed.
This is Seiji Yamamoto, a data science manager for Facebook since 2015.
On Facebook's private workplace, Yamamoto makes it clear that he is on a crusade against hate speech.
What exactly do the engineers at Facebook define trolling and hate speech as?
In one slide from Yamamoto's deck, he writes, introducing friction via the troll twilight zone will confuse and demoralize them.
On his next slide, he defines the Troll Twilight Zone, saying it will enact drastically limited bandwidth, auto logouts, and comments and posts will magically fail to upload, unquote.
Just below this, Yamamoto writes that his Troll Twilight Zone feature will be triggered, quote, leading up to important elections, unquote.
Do you think they're trying to influence elections?
I think, like many people, they believe that the 2016 election of Donald Trump was a fluke.
It happened because all these trolls were sharing, you know, anti-Hillary memes.
So it's in their interest, as a very homogenous company, to kind of shut this down.
James O'Keefe from Project Veritas.
They've just released their latest bombshell video exposing Facebook de-boosting, having a troll patrol.
It's really just crazy stuff.
What is the latest video from Project Veritas?
What did you guys expose is going on over there at Facebook?
Well, an insider inside Facebook came to us with a series of documents.
...from within Facebook and said that they are de-boosting people.
What does that mean?
Well, the documents show code that assigned a de-boost score, which means they are downranking live stream videos.
They are making it so that it doesn't show up on your timeline if it contains certain keywords.
And this is without you knowing.
So it's very similar to what happened with Twitter last year with the shadow banning stuff that we exposed.
So the engineers are de-boosting certain videos that show up on the Daily Caller, Steven Crowder, Mike Cernovich, and other websites, but only on the conservative websites.
This insider looked at liberal websites that did not show up.
She also released documents of a so-called troll report.
We have all these documents on our website and it shows keywords that they're using to identify a troll score.
This is using machine learning and all these sort of computer programs that assign troll scores to people on Facebook if you use certain words.
These are not white supremacist words or racist words.
These are words like normie and lulz and MSM and these sort of words that have been appropriated by conservatives and meme culture.
So Facebook
Brooke has never said that they've done this publicly.
This is a secret program in these documents that this person who blew the whistle gave to us and lost her job as a result.
So pretty significant stuff.
The people watching your show, which there are many, many, many committed, heroic, brave individuals watching this program as I speak, my request is to have people on this show go to projectbaratos.com slash brave and send us an encrypted note if you are on the inside of these companies.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, David Knight.
Deep down in Louisiana, close to New
Welcome back.
Yeah, it's International Women's Day.
Here's a warning for you.
All of you who care about your daughters, this woman who is a part of the Middle East Women's Conference said that Islam is coming to America and it's going to affect all of you.
She said she's seen it in Iraq.
Women who just show part of their arm are called whores there.
Cover up everything.
She said you'll see your daughters get beheaded.
She said she interviewed hundreds of families of all religions affected by genocide in Iraq.
She had this to say.
Let's run that video clip.
Now the moment you've all been waiting for.
Allahu Akbar!
The first Palestinian-American Muslim Congresswoman, our dear sister Rashida Tlaib.
Thank you, Hassan.
Thank you, thank you so much.
You know, we always said the Muslims are coming.
Well, guess what?
I think we're here.
We're not only everywhere in all kinds of different governments, but mashallah, wow, we're in the United States Congress.
Let's go back to when she first won the primary, the Palestinian primary.
Because you know, the most important thing is that she is Palestinian, Muslim, maybe American.
American to get into Congress.
American enough to get into Congress, evidently.
But when she won her primary, remember when she wrapped herself in the Palestinian flag?
And this is what it sounded like as they were dancing.
I want you to know my mom, who's from a small village in the West Bank, they're literally glued.
It's like 5 o'clock or 6 o'clock in the morning, and now it's more than that.
But they're glued to the TV.
My grandmother, my aunts, my uncles in Palestine are sitting by and watching their granddaughters.
Is she loyal to a foreign country, do you think?
Is she sentimental about America?
Does she love America, apple pie?
Does she love our Constitution, our Bill of Rights?
Or is she weeping because of all of her family?
Her family's all Palestinian, and they're watching the American election in Palestine, and they've now got a Palestinian going to Congress, and she's so overcome with emotion that she's weeping, as her supporters are eulating their whatever that you call that.
I tell you what, you know, we need to wake up about what is going on to our country.
That woman is absolutely right with the Middle Eastern Women's Conference.
Pelosi, however, says that new immigrants must not have their votes suppressed.
Yeah, that's right.
Let's play video clip number seven, if you guys can pull that up.
She said, when we talk about newcomers, we have to recognize the constant reinvigoration of America that they are.
You know, just like Rashida Tlaib.
These newcomers make America more American!
Do they?
Do you think so?
Is America about what happens?
Should we be dominated by people whose concerns are about foreign countries?
Who get elected to Congress because they've got an agenda to do something in Palestine?
Is that why we should have people going to Congress?
Should that be their first loyalty to that?
Nancy Pelosi evidently thinks so.
Here's what she has to say.
But that constant reinvigoration of hope, determination, optimism, courage, to make the future better for the next generation, those are American traits.
And these newcomers make America more American.
And we want them, when they come here, to be fully part of our system.
And that means not suppressing the vote of our newcomers to America.
Yeah, they don't even have to come here legally.
Let's just bring them in here, get them signed up right away.
You know, we just had the second Democrat judge tell us that the census, which exists in the Constitution, the purpose of the census is to allocate representation of American citizens in Congress.
And so you would expect that there would be, that the question would ask, are you an American citizen?
How many
American citizens of a particular voting age are living in your household.
They ask all kinds of other questions now.
And they took off that citizenship question about a decade ago.
The Trump administration is going to put it on, and you've got all these judges who, just like Nancy Pelosi, don't ask that.
You shouldn't ask them whether or not they're citizens.
We just need to allocate representation based on the number of people that fill this out.
See, that is a move
to let the sanctuary states dominate politics.
Even if these people are not voting, who come here.
If you don't have a citizenship question, then they will count the heads of foreign citizens who are living here, whether they are guest workers and not citizens, or whether they are foreign citizens who are criminally trespassing, otherwise known as illegal aliens.
They will be counted.
And they will welcome them in with open arms into the sanctuary states of California, Illinois, New York, and so forth.
Because they want to increase their footprint in Congress.
And they can use it that way.
Even if they don't give them the vote.
But of course, as Nancy Pelosi pointed out, they are more American than we are.
That's what she said.
You know, we have to talk about the newcomers.
We have to recognize the constant reinvigoration of America that they represent.
These newcomers make America more American.
They're more American than we are.
They're more American than we are.
That's right.
I don't do that.
I'm not American enough.
I'm not part of the new America.
Yeah, that's right.
That's what Americans do now.
We all regulate.
That's right.
That's real America.
That's genuine America.
That's a Democrat America.
That's the America of the future they want you to have.
James Clyburn, the House Democrat whip, one of Nancy Pelosi's top lieutenants, compared the experiences of Ilhan Omar, the Somali refugee, with those of people who had survived the Holocaust.
You know, their experience and the experience of their relatives, that accounts for nothing.
She is the one who has a genuine experience.
Just as Americans are not as American as these new people coming here and cheering.
Okay, they're more American than we are.
And Ilhan Omar is more of a survivor than the Holocaust survivors.
He said her experience, Clyburn argued, a report from NDK Network, her experience is much more empirical and powerful than that of people that are generations removed from the Holocaust or from Japanese internment camps and other violent episodes that have marked history.
He said, quote, I'm serious about that.
There are people who tell me, well, my parents are Holocaust survivors.
My parents did this.
He said it's more personal with her.
I've talked to her.
I can tell you she's living through a lot of pain.
Living through a lot of pain.
She's got a lot of chips on her shoulder, and she is going to make sure that she makes those chips count in Congress.
Some Democrats are searching for a primary challenger to Ilhan Omar, but they've got a problem.
Because anything that they do to oppose her will be painted as anti-Muslim.
And so they truly are Islamophobic.
They're already so scared to death of her that they overturned a rule that has always been in Congress that you don't wear a head covering.
They did that for her because they're Islamophobic.
They fear Islam.
And they pointed out that the Republicans are never going to win her district, said one Democrat source.
The district is rated as plus 26 for Democrats by Cook Political Report's Partisan Voting Index.
That the Democrats have a 26% advantage over Republicans.
You aren't going to get a Republican to challenge her and win.
And the Democrats are scared to death.
They said Islamophobia has become the knee-jerk reaction to anyone who dares to criticize her, said a second Democrat to Breitbart News.
And of course, what is this district?
Well, that's the one where Keith Ellison first got elected.
Keith Ellison, who was the first one to refuse to take the oath of office with his hand on the Bible.
He demanded that he be given the Quran.
He was the former vice chair of the DNC.
He is now the attorney general in Minnesota, I believe.
I think he ran for that.
I think he won that.
She is the first Somali-American.
Emphasis on Somali.
Black Hawk Down, folks.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Democrats are pushing for full-term abortions.
The infant would be delivered.
The infant would be kept comfortable.
The infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired.
And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mothers.
And telling us that the future is too grim for us to think about raising a family.
There's scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult.
Is it okay to still have children?
I told you 24 years ago that the globalists have an anti-human, anti-child agenda.
And back then, it was more secretive, only in their white papers.
Now, it's all over the news.
In fact, Alexandria Cortez, or AOC, doesn't just say you shouldn't have children, but that the world's going to end in 12 years.
And, of course, the governor of Virginia, when he's not running around in blackface, well, he's saying they're going to kill babies after they're born.
And Trump tried to get a bill passed to not kill babies after they're born, which is already the law.
And the Democrats in the Senate shot it down.
Senate Democrats just voted against legislation to prevent the killing of newborn infant children.
The Democrat position on abortion is now so extreme that they don't mind executing babies after birth.
This is America.
This is the world.
Brought to you by the technocrats, the eugenicists, the globalists.
They call themselves fascists, liberals, communists, socialists.
It's all the same.
Watch my film in-game.
It's free online until they delete it.
I made it 11 years ago.
In-game blueprint for global enslavement.
Now that said, if they can't abort a baby before it's born, or now kill it after it's born, and not fill them full of all these toxic vaccines tainted by design to brain damage them, if they can't fry us with electromagnetic cell phone radiation or GMO, or brainwash us with this toxic culture,
They're going to hit us with people having major mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
And the biggest deficiency in the mainline studies in America and around the world is pure iodine.
In fact, going back in the 20s,
The IQs were 15, 20, 25, 30 points lower.
There was major deformity, major gout, major problems with the thyroid.
And the federal government put a cruddy form of iodine in the salt and IQs went up on average 15 points.
The deformities went way down.
Our environment is lacking iodine.
That's why coastal populations live longer on average, because they do get some seafood that has some iodine, but a lot of that seafood is contaminated.
And of course, in the olden days, until just like a hundred years ago, people ground up bones and put it in their bread.
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X2 at InfoWarsTore.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
I've got one more.
A bit of fallout from the Democrats dithering on whether or not to condemn the anti-Semitism of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, or whether they should bow down to them, because, you know, they're so afraid of Islam.
We've got David Duke now saying that Ilhan Omar is, quote, the most important member of the U.S.
Well, you know, quite frankly, I would agree with him.
That might be AOC, but, you know, maybe it is Ilhan Omar.
AOC is the socialist side of the Democrats, and Ilhan Omar, and I would also say Rashida Tlaib, but especially Ilhan Omar.
They represent the bowing to Islam.
And I think those two together represent the future of the Democrat Party.
It is a shaky alliance between socialism and Islam.
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All right, let's talk about David Duke.
David Duke, who, as I said earlier in the program, has always run as a Democrat, like all the other KKK Democrats.
We had Robert Byrd.
He was some kind of a wizard.
I don't know which kind of, was he a gray wizard, a white wizard, a grand dragon wizard or something, but Robert Byrd, West Virginia,
He worked for the KKK and he was celebrated by the Clintons and so forth.
All the people in the Democrat Party, this is the uncomfortable truth, they don't like to talk about the Democrat connection to the KKK, the Democrat connection to Jim Crow laws.
They certainly don't talk about the KKK and Democrat connection with Southern Poverty Law Center.
Morris Dees.
I'll point it out again, Morris Dees, only involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.
Remember, he's the one who is supposedly, just like the Democrat Party themselves, they are supposedly the antithesis of the KKK.
Southern Poverty Law Center has raised massive amounts of fundraising, saying they are against the KKK.
Except that when Morris Dees was a practicing lawyer, he defended the KKK.
When they attacked the marchers in Birmingham, Alabama.
Physically attacked them.
Burned their buses.
He represented the KKK.
He was paid pretty well.
He got what was then the equivalent of a family of four's annual income for that one particular case.
But he decided he could make more money if he did direct mail.
So he quit after that.
And he went into direct mail.
He set out
The entire civil rights movement of the 1960s.
And then he jumped back in with a Carter campaign.
He came to them with his direct mail business.
He had a business ID.
He said, you give me your mailing list and I'll do fundraising for you.
And you don't have to pay me anything.
Just give me the mailing list when we're finished.
And that became the Southern Poverty Law Center.
And now they have hundreds of millions of dollars in offshore accounts.
I mean, they're flush with cash.
Virtue signaling off of opposition to the KKK when the only thing that their founder Morris Deese ever did during the actual Civil Rights Movement when the KKK was a force, the only thing that he ever did was to defend them and make a lot of money off of that.
And of course he made a lot of money then attacking them, which is what the Democrats are now doing.
And so when we have David Duke, always running as a Democrat, comes out and praising Ilhan Omar, saying she's the most important member of the U.S.
Well, the question is, when will the mainstream media start to ask these questions of the Democrats?
When will they ask them to disavow David Duke?
Remember when they attacked President Trump?
When are you going to disavow David Duke?
David Duke said he liked you.
Well, when are you going to, you disavowed him?
You said you didn't want to have anything to do with him?
President Trump distanced himself from the Reform Party when David Duke started making overtures to them.
At one point.
And so, as Duke is tweeting out adoring images of Ilhan Omar, saying she's the most important member of Congress.
Of course, he has backed her for several weeks as she went anti-Semitic.
And yet we have, when he talks about how he wants to support white people, he doesn't want to support white people, does he?
I don't think so.
Maybe he's about
Uh, a kind of Nazi socialism, because he does support Tulsi Gabbard.
You know, Tulsi Gabbard, I like her stand against foreign wars, but if you look at Tulsi Gabbard's website, she says, Oh, I just love everything that Bernie Sanders has to say.
I'm all about that.
I'm all about LGBT marriages and all this sort of thing.
Uh, and, uh, so David Duke, as it looks at that, we've got a example.
Of how we just are going to determine which group of people are going to be the supremacist.
I mean, why can't we have some kind of just equality, just treating people as if they're equal?
Why do we have to make women superior to men, or men superior to women, or blacks or whites?
We can't have a billboard, for example, in Pennsylvania that says whites have rights.
That gets people upset.
Remember when you had 4chan?
Say, we're going to go out on Halloween.
We can wear masks so they can't see us.
We're going to have to wear masks if we go on campus and we put up posters that say it's okay to be white.
Because they knew that it wasn't going to be okay to be white with the universities and with the mainstream media.
And it's not okay to say that whites have rights.
There's now outrage over that.
Yahoo is talking about this.
Whites have rights!
Outrage over a billboard that says whites have rights.
It also talks about the fake attack that was staged by Jussie Smollett.
So it had a billboard that had three different sections there.
One of them just says, whites have rights.
Second one says, it kind of rotates through.
Second one says, Jussie Smollett hangs himself and sets race relations back 100 years.
Is that not true?
Maybe the race relations were harmed more by these people.
In the Democrat Party, all the Democrat candidates calling for reparations.
Again, what does it even mean when you say that blacks get reparations?
Who's black?
Is Barack Obama black?
Does he get reparations?
He's half black, he's half white.
His black father was never a slave in America.
He doesn't have any ancestors, black ancestors, who are slaves.
The white side of his family, I think, dead-owned slaves.
How do we manage that?
How do we determine who's black and who's white?
No, it's simply pure racist demagoguery to divide the country.
As a matter of fact, the guy who owns the billboard said, I'm not racist.
He said, racism is misunderstood in America.
He says, I want to have a conversation about it.
We need to get over this.
I'm black, you're white, you're Hispanic.
Who cares?
I don't care about that.
I do care how you act and how you stand for my flag, for our flag.
See, that's the biggest problem.
Nobody is talking about Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who don't really care about this country.
They care about Palestine or they care about Somalia.
They don't really care about America.
Why isn't that the scandal?
Why isn't it that the fact that they put Palestine first or Somalia first before the interests of America, why isn't that the scandal?
No, instead, we've got to have these different groups that are fighting each other.
When we come back, we're going to talk about Me Too.
Should they have Me Too concerns at the border?
You know, we just had a celebrity chef, Mario Batali.
Who has given up his stake in all of his restaurants, according to the New York Times.
He had a 20-year partnership there.
Very lucrative partnership because of accusations of sexual harassment, he gave all that up.
And yet you've got Democrats who are encouraging women to make the dangerous crossing of the border when every migrant girl over the age of 10 is getting a pregnancy test because more than two-thirds of them are pregnant.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
Do you think I'm overstating this?
Do you think that this is fear-mongering of Islam?
Well, we have the party of Angela Merkel in Germany is saying that actually the head of one of the factions there in Germany, the Merkel party, predicts that they will have a Muslim chancellor by 2030.
2030, that date when the globalist plans have been consummated.
They have the UN 2030 Agenda.
By 2030, they're going to have smart cities.
They will have essentially banned private transportation.
They will have their 5G network.
Implemented everywhere so that they can track everyone every aspect of what you do will be reported to them Instantaneously, they'll have a real-time biometric analysis of what you were doing who you know Just as we've seen already 23 million people banned from even getting on the trains.
You know we've got Alexandria in Wonderland wants to
Ban all private cars and have you taking the trains, even though she can't be bothered to take a one-minute walk.
She spends instead $30,000 during her campaign to take Uber and Lyft rides because it's too much of a trouble for her to get on the subway.
But you will be getting on the subway if they're not unhappy with your political affiliation.
If you don't say things that they disagree with.
And by this utopian 2030, they will have everything in place, perhaps part of that
As this guy is talking about that, they will have had their massive replacement of the Western peoples accomplished by then.
So the Christian Democratic Union, Brinkhaus said that the party sees opportunities for non-Christians to rise in the ranks according to Bild.
He said in some regions only a fraction of the population belongs to a church.
That's why Muslims who share our values such as human dignity, personal responsibility, and solidarity, you know, that's what they do when they throw homosexuals off of the roof, right?
These same parties who try to put together, they hack together a coalition,
They think that they can have Jewish people in their coalition, they can have Palestinians who hate the Jews in their coalition, they can have the LGBT in their coalition, they can have the Muslims who want to throw those people off of the roof in their coalition.
No problem!
The cognitive dissonance of the Democrat Party
They said basic law, they recognize basic law.
They're welcome to join our party.
Well, just talk about what's going on in Saudi Arabia, for example.
I mean, that's one of the best places, one of the best examples of Sharia law.
And as I reported yesterday, they've got an app that's been designed by the Saudi Kingdom, and they still maintain that app.
It's still being, it's still available on the Apple Store.
You can't find InfoWars on the Apple Store.
They've banned us.
But the app that is used to track your women like slaves that was set up by the Saudi King?
No problem with that.
Tim Cook doesn't have a problem with that.
Tim Apple?
No problem.
And of course Google was asked about that.
Had a dozen lawmakers say, uh, should you be doing this?
We've got an American woman who can't get out of Saudi Arabia because her Saudi husband won't let her and her child leave.
Using this app, they can enter the social security number of any woman under their command, and when the woman gets to a transportation facility or border crossing, they send an alert to the male guardian saying, are you going to allow this woman to use this transportation?
Are you going to allow her to cross the border?
And without permission, being entered into that app, it's called Abshure, they don't go anywhere.
And our high-tech minders are just fine with that.
And I guess, you know, because they share our values, don't they?
Human dignity!
How's that for International Women's Day?
You like that app?
You like this?
They said, well, we're not a religious community, so we're going to embrace Islam.
You know, we're not like
These people who have abandoned Christianity there in Germany.
No, no, no.
We've moved beyond religion.
We're going to embrace Islam now, they said.
And Sharia law.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're going to talk about what's going on with transportation.
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Broadcasting live from the U.N.
stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, David Knight.
Got one more article here before we move on to transportation, to Facebook, the new Center for Disease Censorship.
Any concerns about healthcare?
No, no, we're going to shut that down.
We're going to determine what is truthy and what is a hoax, said Facebook, and we will censor accordingly.
Now, let's talk about one more Me Too issue.
Maybe we should call it, we should set up a hashtag called YoTambien.
Is that the way you say that?
Okay, I don't speak Spanish, so I'm getting some help from the crew here.
But that's Spanish.
Close to it.
Spanglish, I guess.
As close to Me Too as I can get, for those who are concerned about that.
But there isn't any concern, especially in the Democrat Party, about people making that dangerous journey across the border.
As Homeland Security pointed out a couple of days ago.
Every migrant girl over the age of 10 is given a pregnancy test after arriving in the U.S.
Not because they limit the rate to girls over 10, but because that's the age at which they might be able to get pregnant.
She said, very unfortunately, because the increase in violence at ICE, we have families with children we have to give every girl a pregnancy test over 10.
This is not a safe journey.
They said nearly one-third of the women surveyed in 2017 by Doctors Without Borders, that's not ICE, that's not the Border Patrol, that's not the U.S.
government, it's Doctors Without Borders, nearly one-third of the women surveyed by them reported being sexually abused during the journey.
Sixty-eight percent, two-thirds, of those who are migrants and refugee populations said that they were victims of violence of all sorts.
New York Times and Wednesday report sexual assault crisis migrant women are facing, starting with a harrowing tale of a 36-year-old woman who was a mother of three.
She was held as a sex slave in the Texas border town of McAllen while she was drugged and raped for several weeks.
Going back to the Obama administration, 2014, a 36-year-old mother of three
Coming from Guatemala, she crossed the Rio Grande on a raft and then she was led to a safe house.
The human trafficking.
For weeks in a locked room, the men that she had paid to get her safely across to the United States drugged her with pills and cocaine, refusing even to let her bathe.
She said, they raped us so many times, they didn't see us as human beings anymore.
The Times reported on more than 100 documented cases that they'd found through interviews.
That's the New York Times.
So just take a look at what the New York Times at Doctors Without Borders are saying about this.
You know, as we had that case, a celebrated case where Time Magazine photoshopped the little girl away from her mother.
I think it was a girl.
It was a child.
Young child.
Had her crying.
They cut her out of the photo.
Then they photoshopped her along with President Trump that they cut out of another photo.
And they had her looking up at him crying.
And you still hear that narrative from Kamala Harris, from all the Democrat candidates.
They're ripping children away from their mothers at the border.
No, they're photoshopping them.
For the most part.
We don't even know who their parents are.
That's why a lot of the children are not just being given pregnancy tests, they're being given DNA tests, because we don't know who's trafficking them across.
And it's shameful that President Trump had Nancy Pelosi sign, gave him this piece of paper that not only gave local jurisdictions veto power over the wall, but also helped to facilitate this kind of trafficking that they're pushing.
But they're encouraging this.
How's that for supporting women?
It's at a breaking point, said the Customs and Border Patrol.
They said 70% of illegals apprehended are from Central America.
They said that apprehensions in the month of February were the highest that they've been in over a decade.
And yet, most mainstream media and all the Democrats are saying, no, no, no, it's actually going down.
No, it actually is a humanitarian crisis.
And yet we have President Trump, when he's talking about the border,
I think?
As they are focusing now on importing foreign workers.
Let's just go with it, right?
For the big corporations who want the workers.
The Democrats want the voters.
The big corporations that get behind the Republicans want the workers.
Here's Lou Dobbs.
The White House could only muster, by the way, seven corporate CEOs for this big event.
In what should have been a reminder to the President's advisors and counselors that in politics, as in life, it is important to never forget who your friends are.
And if this White House thinks that listening to the beguiling prattle of Tim Cook, Tom Donahue, RINO senators like Susan Collins is helpful to this President,
Then the battle for the forgotten man and woman in this country will be decided by the very establishment this president ran against.
An establishment that spends vast sums of money and energy every single day trying to destroy him and his policies and his historic presidency.
That Mr. Trump would advance the interests of the globalist elites ahead of our citizens would be a tragic reversal on any day.
But today, on the same day the Commerce Department reported the United States had the largest trade deficit in our history, the same day the president of the New York Fed said straightforwardly economic growth is slowing, that the southern border is being overrun by record numbers of illegal immigrants, it all means the White House has simply lost its way.
I have a request tonight.
Please let your congressman and this White House know what you think about all of this.
And please, be very honest with them.
I'd make the same request of the advisors and the counselors to this president, when this has served him and the nation so poorly.
That's right.
You know, we have to get behind what was important when we voted for President Trump.
And we have to tell him to stick to that agenda.
This is an amazing reversal.
As we've got people out there saying, it's not an emergency.
The big emergency is the fact that we've had the President do something to protect America.
To protect the border.
We've got to stop that.
Even have Rand Paul out there saying, we can't vote on this and have this be an emergency.
You know, we've got a precedent that we're setting here that's very dangerous.
Well, I don't think that it is.
I think the dangerous precedent
Just to say that we can't use the American military to protect our border.
What's going on with this?
It is an emergency.
It is being overrun.
And yet President Trump says we want a lot of people coming in.
We want to have the companies grow.
And the only way they're going to grow is if we give them workers.
And the only way we're going to have workers is to do exactly what we're doing.
I think Lou Dobbs is right.
I think he has been taken captive by the big banks and big corporations, if that is what President Trump is saying.
And of course we have this at the top of the Drudge Report.
The news that broke today is that America only created 20,000 new jobs in February.
Economists had expected 175,000 non-farm payroll jobs to grow, and yet we only had 20,000.
Why is that?
Well, we have a story up at InfoWars.com.
job cut announcements have risen by 117% to the highest level that we've seen in more than three years.
Do we really need to bring in more foreign workers?
We're going to have a situation, and I think this is why they have engineered this for 2030.
They know that they're going to bring in a lot of metal workers, a lot of robot workers.
We are going to have, within the next 10 years, we're going to have more than 50% unemployment projected.
The people who are looking at this and how robots are going to be used
Realize that whether you're talking, regardless of what industry you're talking about, it's going to be across all industries.
We've never had any kind of displacement like this in the past.
Across every single industry.
We've had situations in the past.
We've had a massive move away from people working on farms.
And going into the city.
But we haven't had this across every single industry at the same time.
And it is going from the bottom, the lowest level jobs, people flipping hamburgers, all the way up to doctors and lawyers.
This is something we've never seen before.
We're going to have unemployment of about 50%.
And when we have these massive numbers of people who have been brought in on the demands of people like Tim Cook,
You can expect that these people are going to start fighting each other once we get into something's worse.
No matter what the globalists want to do, no matter what politicians want to do, this country is going to make it!
I just want to say, you know, it is a life-changing journey to embark on a mission in which the goals are to change the world.
And I can't thank the crew enough for putting up with everything they put up with here.
I can't thank the audience for putting up with everything they put up with.
And then supporting us at InfowarsStore.com because we simply wouldn't be here, folks.
We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
We really would not.
And they thought that they had it all planned out that they could destroy InfoWars.
They really thought they had the numbers and the audience trumped them again.
And so you come through every time.
So I can't thank you enough.
I've met so many of you out there on the road.
I know I'll meet so many more of you before it's all said and done.
So I just salute you, I thank you for your support, and you just have our word, you have our pledge, that we will remain steadfast in this battle for the future, in this battle for the republic, in this battle for reality, in this battle for logic and reasoning, really, is what it comes down to at the end of the day.
So, I just want to thank the audience.
And just thank you for your support at Infowarsstore.com.
If you've never been to Infowarsstore.com, go check it out, folks.
You're gonna find something there you like, you're gonna find something there you need.
Air filters, water filters, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, all kinds of supplements.
It's all at Infowarsstore.com.
Let's go to Megan in Texas.
Megan, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you today?
I'm awesome.
Thank you for calling.
I'm going to give you a little bit of my background.
I was born and raised in California.
I lived through the downfall of California.
My husband and I got out of there as soon as we graduated from school, came to Texas because to us it was a bastion of freedom.
And I'm looking at what's happening to Trump right now, and I'm telling you right now, this whole country's going the way of California.
We're gonna be disenfranchised.
If they get him out, that's a gateway right there.
There's no more middle of the country anymore.
We're not gonna have a say.
I mean, we're killing babies, and we're poisoning the ones we're not killing.
We're just here in Texas trying to raise our three little girls, and I just... What do you think we're gonna... If they manage to get him out, what's our contingency plan?
Where do we go from there?
Megan, I hear the earnestness in your voice, the concern, and I absolutely agree with you.
They hit Europe with 15 million military-age men.
It's collapsed.
They broke their borders.
They're breaking ours.
It's treason.
The governor of New Mexico, the governor of California has pulled National Guard off.
We have tens of thousands, four caravans coming.
Five million have announced they're coming in a major gallop pull.
This is insane.
I mean, it is on.
And again, they're using these people as weapons.
They're saying,
No deal on government shutdown unless you get rid of the 100,000 beds and only make it 16,500.
They're literally saying you can't hold rapists and murderers.
They're saying you can't check who the kids are with or what diseases they have.
This is the lawless, world government breaking of America with the Democrat collaborators running it all.
You're absolutely right.
Yeah, um, I just, I feel like, not only that, my husband and I are both business owners, and I hate to say this, but the brain-dead masses, you try to get through to these people, they're so asleep and zombified, and I just wanna say, the people who don't live in border states, they have no clue.
They have no clue what's gonna happen when all these people come in and overrun us.
I've seen it happen.
You can go to the downtown area I grew up in, and it's nothing but Spanish.
You go to the Walmart, everything's in Spanish.
If you didn't know Spanish, you didn't get a job.
This is the globalist plan, and it's absolutely two minutes to midnight.
California used to be just like Texas.
It's now a collapsing hellhole.
God bless you, Megan.
Megan was on fire, ladies and gentlemen, and her warning is absolutely true.
Are you gonna listen to her?
Because a lot of Texans, a lot of Oklahomans went out to California.
And now they've come back because the state is gone, ladies and gentlemen.
We have some affiliates out there, so a lot of great people, a beautiful state, but it's gone.
We have to admit, this is the mindset, this is the program into the future.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, David Knight.
You think we're fear-mongering when we say that they are replacing us?
We have Rashida Tlaib.
Said, they always said the Muslims are coming, and now they're here.
And it's not just the Muslims.
It's anybody from any foreign country.
Anybody but Americans.
Because they are more American than you are, as Nancy Pelosi said, right?
Well, they just had a House vote today.
Today, House Democrats voted to defend localities that allow illegal immigrants to vote in their elections.
Dan Crenshaw, Texas Republican Congressman, said, it sounds like I'm making this up.
What kind of government would cancel the vote of its own citizens and replace it with the votes of non-citizens?
Well, I'll tell you, Dan.
It's the kind of government we've been telling you they've been working towards for a very long time here at InfoWars.
We've been telling you this is the globalist agenda.
An agenda of people replacement.
It's been going on for quite some time.
That's the kind of government that would do this.
And all the Democrats and most of the leadership of the Republicans are in with this.
Not everybody, fortunately.
We do have some.
Dan needs to understand that it is not a conspiracy theory.
It's simply a conspiracy.
And you can see it now.
It's open.
Remember when they used to call us tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists because we said things, crazy things, like they're spying on you with the computer and so forth?
We knew that.
We had NSA whistleblowers who knew that.
As a matter of fact, we had congressional hearings back in the 1970s.
The church and the pike.
We're good to go.
And they said, we don't want you doing that.
So we're going to create, we don't want to handstring you because we want to be able to have foreign intelligence.
We just don't want you spying without search warrants on Americans.
We don't want to turn the NSA and the CIA loose on Americans.
And so what did the establishment intelligence community do?
They took the FISA court and they use it like a star chamber against President Trump and against other people.
They took the very thing that was meant to constrain them, they turned it upside down, inside out, and used it for their own purposes.
And so yeah, you didn't believe us?
We told you it was a conspiracy?
It's not a theory.
They're now putting it into practice.
We have House Democrats voting today to allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections.
If the people say we want foreign citizens to vote in this election, they're going to vote to determine
How much money you will be taxed to spend on schools for the foreign citizens who come here because their home countries don't want to educate their kids, so they bring their kids here.
They educate them at your expense.
Or are you doing that in California?
They bragged about that.
So we want the foreigners who are living here to tell us how much to tax people.
And that's one of the reasons why they can't afford to live.
In San Francisco.
Because that kind of insanity.
And you're not going to have a house either.
You can forget the American dream if you're going to pander to dreamers coming to this country from foreign countries demanding education as a right to be paid for by you.
Because most of your property taxes go to paying for education.
Representative John Lewis
Democrat from Georgia had this to say, we are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in.
They're prepared to open up the borders and let all the people who want to come here from whatever country, Central America, South America, China, Russia, Somalia, it doesn't matter.
Anybody can come here.
They can come here, they get a free education, they can vote, and they like it that way.
They're still technically not able to participate in federal elections.
Yeah, right.
I'm sure that they'll be able to distinguish that.
They call this the For the People Act.
Well, we told you that they're spying on you with phones.
Told you they were spying on you with the computers.
We told you they were spying on you with social media.
But they're also not just interested in the geospatial intelligence.
They're also interested in completely controlling the narrative.
Purge any information that they don't agree with.
It's not part of their narrative.
Purge that out.
They don't want to debate.
That's why I said earlier, as the Democrats are trying to figure out what they're going to do about these new Islamic Congresswomen, who are openly anti-Semitic, Steny Hoyer said, this is not about debate.
We're not trying to shut down debate and criticism of the Israeli government.
We're trying to stop them.
From resorting to these racist stereotypes.
I said, no, really what it is, it's about upholding a double standard.
They're trying to walk that fine line and try not to be seen as having a double standard and seeing which side that they're favoring.
But it's also every aspect of the public debate that they want to shut down.
They don't want a debate.
They don't want debate on politics.
They don't want debate on health care.
They don't want your consent and so now Facebook has become the center for disease censorship.
We've got mainstream media reporting this.
AP News.
Social media giant Facebook says it will remove groups and pages that spread misinformation about vaccination on its site.
AP is all in on this.
They love this idea because they are part of the controlling narrative as well.
Establishment media, social media, big social media companies, they are all out there creating a government narrative that they're going to sell to you.
And so AP portrays these guys as heroic.
It's the latest step, says AP, the latest step Facebook and others are taking to stem the tide of misinformation on social media sites.
And of course they will decide what is misinformation.
They will decide what is truthy and what is a hoax.
Facebook said on Thursday it will take its cue from global health organizations.
Well, at least they're honest about that, right?
This is a globalist agenda, just like opening up the borders, opening up the voting rolls to people from foreign countries.
They are also going to open up your veins to have any foreign objects that they want injected into your veins.
As I said before, it's not even about vaccines.
It's about the additives.
You know, we can distinguish when we talk about we're going to ban food additives.
What we understand, the food itself is not harmful, it's the additives that we're talking about.
So have that discussion.
Why aren't you concerned about the preservatives that they put in vaccines?
Or about the things that they're designed to irritate your immune system?
You shouldn't be worried about formaldehyde and mercury?
You're going to be worried about some food coloring?
You're worried about red dye number two, but not about formaldehyde?
They don't want you to even think about the fact that you have vaccine preservatives and adjuvants.
They don't want you to think about the fact that if the vaccines are not stored properly, if they're out of date, they can kill you.
We just saw that as I reported yesterday in Samoa.
You had two children immediately die after a vaccine.
They said, well, they weren't stored properly or they're out of date, so they went after the nurses.
Not after the vaccine companies, not after the hospital.
They went after the nurses.
And so AP says, Facebook is taking its cue from global health organizations, from the U.S.
Center for Disease Control.
And they have publicly identified vaccine hoaxes.
The biggest vaccine hoax, folks, is CDC.
They are the biggest seller of vaccines.
Alright, when we come back, I'm gonna take some phone calls from you.
That number is 877-787-2539.
It's International Women's Day.
We're on a planet in deep space, on a tiny little galaxy out of trillions, two-thirds of the way out on the spiral arm.
Whether you believe in entities or the devil or God or not, the elites believe, from Skull and Bones to all these groups to Aleister Crowley, that they're getting divine influence from angels or entities.
I would not say divine, but demonic inspiration.
And so, what we're talking about is what the elite believe.
It doesn't mean we believe it.
It doesn't mean it's all real.
This is their religion.
Well, Alex, in the Vatican there is a lot of black magic and a lot of magic.
This is a holy place since ancient Rome, even before the Vatican came along.
The thing is that the church has been hijacked by Satanists in 1963, officially, when they celebrated the Black
Which is what Revelation says will be like this 25-foot projection of Antichrist, the beast that's seen everywhere.
Yes, and of course the Mark of the Beast, the microchipping, will be imposed by the robots.
That's why Abu Dhabi's experimentation with the robot cops has been so important, and that's why the Pope went there to kickstart Islam.
So, I mean, we are at a crucial point in history, and you have said this over and over again on your show,
And I also endorse your products because you're doing a great job in surviving with InfoWars.
And we are trying to survive because this is still a voice of freedom, but we don't know for how long.
Because this legion of demons is growing more and more powerful each day.
And they control the artificial intelligence.
They control Silicon Valley.
So for how long are we going to be allowed to even talk on the World Wide Web?
Is this a matter of time?
So this is where we're going, Alex.
They wanted the birth of the Antichrist.
The Anno Satane I was 1966.
They were overdue the arrival of the Antichrist.
This is not a joke.
Catholic liturgy to facilitate this demonic possession of our society because the right of exorcism is the only right that can stop these creatures, these demons.
We are fighting a war here with entities that are not of this world that possess our politicians and religious leaders.
This has to be taken very seriously before it gets out of control.
Because the moment the Artificial Intelligence plan gets everything, then Cyber-Satan will simply enslave this race.
For them, God is dead, Satan lives.
These are full-on Satanists.
Pope Francis is a perfectly possessed person.
He is basically controlled by a demon.
And every time the camera goes slightly offset and you basically catch him off guard, you can see the demon in his eyes.
Pope Francis is possessed.
This means that the Catholic Church is literally the biggest church of Satan.
The real Black Mass can only be celebrated by a Catholic priest.
People don't understand this, but even Alistair Crowley said it.
He went on to obey.
It's so crazy.
Leo Zegami.
Great job.
We'll talk to you soon, my friend.
Thank you, Alex, for the best God Bless America.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
If you want to join the program and comment on what we've been talking about, which is International Women's Day, if you want to tell us how excited you are to go see Captain Marvel, or maybe you'll be setting that one out.
Maybe you don't want to see a superhero explanation of intersectional feminism.
Get a lecture on that.
You can tell us about that as well.
If you want to take the LITA challenge.
But anyway, that number is 877-787-2539.
877-789-2539 if you want to join the program.
I've got one more thing I want to say, a couple more things I want to say about Facebook and how it is actively bragging about the fact that it is now going to censor any information that they don't agree with about vaccines.
You're not going to be allowed to have that discussion.
It's just like climate change.
Shut up!
You're not going to have that discussion.
We have said that the science is settled, and so that's it.
Well, guess what?
Science is never settled.
And regardless of what you think about vaccines, aren't you interested in the additives?
You know, people are interested in food additives, and we have food additives banned all the time for harmful effects.
They do studies on food additives to see if they have harmful effects.
They haven't done any studies on vaccine additives to see what their harmful effects are.
They just pronounce it fake.
You know, we're not going to even look at that.
And we're not going to allow you to look at any comments or studies, if you know anything about that.
So they're very proud of the fact that they're going to shut down any quote-unquote misinformation.
Content that contains anything that they label as misinformation will not be shown on Instagram.
Or on hashtag pages.
Federal health officials have attributed a recent spike in the number of measles cases to misinformation that has made parents shun the vaccine.
I guess they're presumably not going to be concerned about the cases of mumps, for example.
They have one vaccine, MMR, measles, mumps, and rubella.
They want everybody to take that.
And yet, we've got more cases of mumps just in the Texas detention centers than we do cases of measles throughout the country.
But they're not using that to try to get people to take vaccines, to take the MMR vaccine.
Why is that?
Well, because that conflicts with their true agenda of open borders.
You're not going to be allowed to question that.
You're not going to be allowed to know that.
And you're not going to be allowed to question the science.
They said the number of kids who haven't received vaccines is growing and the CDC, because they're a government-affiliated organization, will attribute this to a lack of health insurance.
Wait a minute!
We not only have health insurance subsidies that are provided by stealing money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac investors, we have health care subsidies for Obamacare that were set up in defiance of Congress.
Congress didn't allocate the money.
Obama stole the money, and yet all these people, including Republicans, Senators, and Congressmen, who are so worried about the fact that President Trump is declaring an emergency and using the military money to defend the borders, they're very worried about that, said, you can't do that, Congress didn't allocate the money, they weren't concerned when Obama did that, they weren't concerned when
The Obama administration lost a court case.
You had both the Congress and the judicial branch say that President Obama could not steal that money to give Obamacare subsidies, and yet he continued to do it.
He appealed it and said, well, we're going to continue to do it while we appeal it.
President Trump has never done that.
It's a shame that he hasn't done that.
He ought to say, as Andrew Jackson said, well, the Supreme Court's made their decision.
Let's see them enforce it.
But we have a situation now where President Trump bows down
To every single federal judge, any federal judge anywhere, can veto President Trump's policies.
And he immediately steps down.
And so now, even though we've got Obamacare and we've got Obamacare subsidies, the CDC says that we don't have enough health insurance.
Why are they saying that?
Well, because they're trying to push more intrusion into health insurance.
They want to ban all private health insurance.
They want everything to be controlled by the government.
And then they can tell you not only what medicine you must take, but they'll tell you what food you are permitted to eat.
You know, things like meat, that's going to be off limits because it's not healthful for you and it's going to kill you, it's going to kill the planet, so we're going to ban meat.
And then another episode here of coordination with the government's
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We've got to shut down any information about vaccines.
It's the same people who are shutting down information about vaccines that are pushing to mandate vaccines.
Isn't that interesting?
Isn't it interesting that 15 million Americans have abandoned Facebook in just the last two years?
Now, to give you an idea of what that represents, it's about 6% of the population above the age of 12 have left Facebook.
And the declines are most heavily concentrated in the demographic that they so crave.
Those people who are aged between 12 and 34.
So Zuckerberg is coming out with a new privacy-focused vision for Facebook.
As RT says, it's nothing but PR and damage control.
They've got a newfound commitment to privacy.
They're going to be focused more on, you know, private messaging and things like that.
You know, when you put somebody in the closet,
When you put certain political views or scientific views or medical discussions, when you put those things in the closet, that's not privacy.
To have your ideas, your political movements closeted, that is not privacy.
The New York Times points out that at CPAC, just last year,
Google and Facebook were all over the place.
Google was hosting big private parties, giving people free food, free drinks.
Facebook had a help desk.
Now you get the back of their hand.
And they said last week at CPAC, Silicon Valley's only obvious presence was on the lips of exercised right-wing critics who whipped up the crowd by denouncing the American tech industry as an authoritarian hegemony.
Intent on censoring their cause.
Well, of course that's the case.
They are a technological authoritarian hegemony.
It is authoritarianism.
It is censorship.
It is, and I'll tell you again, what they were working on going back, you know, look at the last two years, why 15 million people have left?
It's because they have weaponized high-tech.
Going back again to the November 2017 Senate Judiciary Committee, Clint Watts laid it out for everybody.
He said, America's war with itself has already begun.
We all must act now on the social media battlefield to quell information rebellion.
See, that's what they see this as.
You disagree with them, this is an information rebellion.
It is a civil war, and their response is going to be censorship, it's going to be de-platforming, it is going to be banning of individuals like Alex Jones, like Tommy Robinson, anybody that doesn't agree with what they have to say, they're going to shut them down and silence them.
He went on to say, stopping the false information artillery barrage, and of course that's any information they disagree with, is false.
So stopping that artillery barrage of information that is landing on social media users comes only when those outlets distributing bogus stories are silenced.
If we silence the guns, the barrage will end.
It is a war.
It is a civil war, it has already begun, and the first casualty of war is free speech and the truth.
All right, we've got just a little bit over a minute left, so we're going to go to the calls when we come back.
Again, if you want to call in and tell us
What you're thinking about on this International Women's Day, March 8, 2019.
The number is 877-789-2539.
That's 877-789-2539.
We're going to take calls on anything that you want to talk about, but I'd particularly like to know what you think.
About the Democrats now fighting with themselves.
You've got these different factions that they've created based along sexual lines, based along sexual orientation lines.
I mean, look at even at the LGBT movement.
You've got the L's fighting the T's.
You've got, within the Democrat Party now, you've got the Jews fighting the Muslims.
But they want to get everybody fighting amongst themselves in America.
They want a civil war.
And they are going to censor.
They're going to de-platform.
They don't want people to come together.
They want to break everybody into different competing groups.
And they've done a pretty good job of it.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Democrats are pushing for full-term abortions.
The infant would be delivered.
The infant would be kept comfortable.
The infant would be resuscitated, if that's what the mother and the family desired.
And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mothers.
And telling us that the future is too grim for us to think about raising a family.
There's scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult.
Is it okay to still have children?
I told you 24 years ago that the globalists have an anti-human, anti-child agenda.
And back then, it was more secretive, only in their white papers.
Now, it's all over the news.
In fact, Alexandria Cortez, or AOC, doesn't just say you shouldn't have children, but that the world's going to end in 12 years.
And, of course, the governor of Virginia, when he's not running around in blackface, well, he's saying they're going to kill babies after they're born.
And Trump tried to get a bill passed to not kill babies after they're born, which is already the law.
And the Democrats in the Senate shot it down.
Senate Democrats just voted against legislation to prevent the killing of newborn infant children.
The Democrat position on abortion is now so extreme that they don't mind executing babies after birth.
This is America.
This is the world.
2019 brought to you by the technocrats, the eugenicists, the globalists.
They call themselves fascists, liberals, communists, socialists.
It's all the same.
Watch my film in-game.
It's free online until they delete it.
I made it 11 years ago.
In-game blueprint for global enslavement.
Now that said, if they can't abort a baby before it's born, or now kill it after it's born, and not fill them full of all these toxic vaccines tainted by design to brain damage them, if they can't fry us with electromagnetic cell phone radiation or GMO, or brainwash us with this toxic culture,
They're going to hit us with people having major mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
And the biggest deficiency in the mainline studies in America and around the world is pure iodine.
In fact, going back in the 20s,
The IQs were 15, 20, 25, 30 points lower.
There was major deformity, major gout, major problems with the thyroid.
And the federal government put a cruddy form of iodine in the salt and IQs went up on average 15 points.
The deformities went way down.
Our environment is lacking iodine.
That's why coastal populations live longer on average, because they do get some seafood that has some iodine.
But a lot of that seafood is contaminated.
And of course, in the olden days, until just like a hundred years ago, people ground up bones and put it in their bread.
I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Be they alive or be they dead, I'll grind their bones to make my bread.
But the good news is, for your children, for adults, for everybody,
We have the pure deep earth crystal iodine in original X2 that nobody else has and nobody else has brought to market.
Now I brought out X3 because some scientists said you need all three types of iodine and some folks like it better.
But I was able to secure with the original manufacturer
A better deal by breaking my deal with them and playing guts ball where it's only been sold out for a couple months and we got the new deal done just about a month ago and they are manufacturing it now so people get on the waiting list in about two weeks we'll be shipping X2 original all deep earth crystal pure atomic iodine directly to your door
Across the world.
X2's back.
It'll be here in two weeks.
This is a blessing, so get yours at InfoWarsTore.com today.
Again, thank you for your support.
Let's support your own body with the purest, best iodine out there.
X2 at InfoWarsTore.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
We've got a lot of callers that have queued up on the board.
We've got Jason, Jerome, Ken, Dennis, Juan, Kirk, and many others.
So hang on, we're going to get to you in just one second.
Before we do, real quickly, I want to tell you about some of the specials we've got at infowarestore.com.
Because you can, it's a great time to take advantage of those specials so that you can help your family's health, help your health, and also help us as we fight this information war.
I just told you, they want to silence anybody that opposes their agenda.
They've got a narrative that they've got out there, whether it's vaccines or climate or any kind of political legislation.
They don't want anyone who is going to oppose what they have to say.
They want everybody saying the same thing.
And I grew up in a time when that was the case.
Three networks.
They all talked about the same topics every single night.
They all approached it from the same angle.
They want that kind of consolidated narrative again.
And they are doing everything they can to shut that down.
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All right, let's go to some of our callers.
Let's go.
Looks like the first person on the list is Jason in Florida.
Thank you for joining us, Jason.
Go ahead.
Always a pleasure talking to you, David.
First off, all respect and utmost thank you to everyone that supports InfoWars and the InfoWars store.
One thing I do want to mention is not only the great sales, David, but let's not forget about the Patriot Point system.
I mean, Alex couldn't continue giving back more than he already does, and the 360 win scenario is just absolutely fantastic.
That's right.
The Patriot Point System is a way that you can get points for your purchases, and you can use those in the future for further discounts off of products.
I myself, I wear all the t-shirts.
I have every single one since the beginning.
I've been a fan of Infowars and Alex Jones since 1997.
I listened to them on shortwave radio when I was stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas.
So that's how long I've been around.
Well, thank you, Jason.
Appreciate that.
Thank you.
And I appreciate you as well, David.
I mean, you're giving the long haul.
First, the David Knight Show in the morning, and then coming in on the Alex Jones Show, David.
Again, hats off to you, sir.
I don't know how you're doing it, but something you're doing, you're doing right, my friend.
Thank you.
Well, thank you.
Appreciate that.
Well, what I want to talk about, David, is if you notice real closely, you know, you've got all these, I don't want to call them anti-Semitic, but they're definitely, you know, race and religion.
Aspects being pointed out by numerous members of the Democratic Party and we all sit and talk about how it's a division within the Democratic Party.
My friend, I don't see it as much a division as I do a strategy.
Now hear me out.
The strategy is if we can propose, get the Republicans to propose a bill that'll get the, now I'm thinking as a Democrat, a bill that would get the Republicans to come out and vote against these individuals in the Democratic Party that are making these statements.
Then we have actually given cause to the narrative that the Democrats have been talking about for years, the anti-Islamic Republicans, the racist Republicans, the anti-women Republicans, because every Republican is going to get on board with a vote that says we can't speak like this.
Yeah, I just think that they've overplayed that hand so much to the extent that every time they disagree with you on anything, they don't really, they haven't wanted to debate.
They said, oh, this is about a debate.
You know, you should be able to criticize Israel.
It's like, no, they don't want any criticism.
Whenever you get in the streets with them or whenever you get on to even a program with them,
If they disagree with you, they immediately call you a racist, a sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic.
They just throw those labels at people rather than debating the topic.
It's totally disingenuous and I think the American people see that they don't want any debate.
And not only that they don't debate David, but then they redefine the terms.
Now, I do have a video, if I could plug real quick on brightbeyond.com.
My channel is only, the word only, the number four in America.
I did a great video about the changing definitions and hate crimes here in the United States and ways that we can actually fight against this.
I'll tell you right now, I think they're really trying, David, again, I think they're trying to get us to, not us, I mean representatives of us, the people in the Republican Party, I think they want to get us on record voting against these things, because then the media can spin the narrative of, look how many Democrats don't like women.
Look how many Republicans don't like women.
Look how many Republicans don't support these individuals.
They've learned that if they infiltrate us at the highest level, which is our governing body, that, you know, and that was all done under Obama.
As we all know, the majority of these individuals come from areas that, you know, gerrymandering and all that and redistricting.
They set all this up under Obama and they did it on purpose.
The next play, David, in my personal opinion, is going to be to get this to come to a vote so that they have hard evidence when the next 2020 comes up.
They know Trump's going to pull 2020, but they can stop us from holding these positions in not only the Senate, but also in Congress by forcing this to a vote and then pointing that racist, you know, all these words, these terms they like to use.
They can actually point to us and say it, and the general population, David, is so dumbed down, they'll actually take these sound bites and think to themselves, oh look, there's proof.
They voted against that African American female who just happens to be of Muslim religion.
Yeah, I think that you're right in terms of labels.
I think they've been masters at using labels in the past, but I think they're starting to, they've been so successful about that.
I think that they are starting to get a little bit too confident.
You know, they were able to take terms like liberal, going back to the turn of the 20th century.
Liberal meant somebody who supported freedom, who supported liberty.
And then they were able to take that and make that the label for the left.
Also bringing in the term progressive.
They were able to fool people with those types of labels, but now they're out there foolishly embracing socialism.
And the only way that that works is when you've got people who are totally ignorant, like the people that have been educated in the last couple of generations through the government school systems.
They have been trained and indoctrinated to either not know what socialism is, not to know history,
Or to think that that's a good thing.
And I think that they're starting to use these, they have become so dumbed down and so focused on labeling that they're just throwing these labels out without any substance to that.
And so I think, you know, they've kind of cried wolf so much on racism, sexism, all these different labels.
Like I said, they don't really want to debate things.
I don't think they know how to debate anymore.
And I think Americans are starting to see through that.
But we'll see.
I mean, it's going to be a difficult situation because even though, you know, this is a very weak strategy, it can work if people have been deliberately dumbed down.
And that's really what our education system has been focused on.
Thank you so much, Jason.
I've got a lot of people online, so I want to start moving through this.
Let's go to Jerome in New York.
Thank you for holding, Jerome.
Go ahead.
How are you, David?
You doing all right today?
Doing good, thank you.
I wish you guys would come on a little bit earlier, man.
Here in New York, man, I have to wait until 9 o'clock so I can see the decent news, man.
Well, I've got a program that starts before this program, so I get on three hours before that.
Yeah, I know.
9 o'clock, yeah, that's right.
Yeah, I wish y'all would come on about 7 or so.
I want to pass this along to you.
For some reason yesterday I get up and some wild idea.
I typed in Laredo webcam Laredo, TX border webcam and there wasn't really nothing happening there.
So it I saw another little sign.
It said a war is Lincoln Bridge, Mexico, Mexico side.
So I typed it in.
I look boom over the right hand Lane.
There's four buses sitting there and there's a there's a few cars.
There's like 530 in the morning.
You know, I start watching it and the thing about it is.
You know, the way the webcam is set up, it's like it updates every 60 seconds.
It cycles every 60 seconds.
So to get an accurate count of how many buses actually there is, is not easy.
So what I did was... Which side of the border were these buses on?
Were they on the American side or the Mexican side?
No, that's on the Mexico side, waiting to come in.
And I kept watching it, you know?
I kept watching.
I've been watching it all day, too.
I've been watching this since 5.30 Central time this morning.
430 here, there's buses already lined up.
Right now there's no buses there, but I want you guys out there listening to the shows to type it in, check it out.
I guess that's what the Democrats mean when they talk about public transportation.
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Welcome back.
We're taking callers.
If you want to join the program, the number is 877-789-2539.
We're going to have Gabe Hoffman, who is the producer behind An Open Secret.
He's going to be joining us at the bottom of the hour, but for the next half hour, we're going to be taking your phone calls.
Let's go right now to Juan in Florida.
Thank you for holding, Juan.
Go ahead.
Thank you, David.
I just want to say thank you for all that you're doing.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
I buy all the Alex Jones products.
I've been a listener around 97 also, like my brother was saying.
Look, I just want to tell you that the most important thing is water.
Protect the water.
I'm in Royal Palm Beach and protect the air that you breathe.
I'm in the process of buying a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
Look into that, brother.
But look, I was military in the South, Navy, but right now, I'm going to read to you real quick.
It was by William Kelly, official Palm Beach exempt from 5G wireless law.
It was posted May 3, 2017 at 12am and then it was upgraded on May 3rd at 4.29.
Very important, you need to know that Donald Trump is extensor of the elites.
People need to look into this because the 5G is a diabolical weapon at the highest level.
I agree.
I agree.
It's a diabolical weapon, both against our liberty and against our health.
I agree.
Yes, it's mind-controlling.
Remember, that's what the enemy has wanted from the Christians, from the humanity, from the beginning.
Now, the Israelis are exempt.
You can look into that.
It's the Palm Beach Daily.
There's another girl here who is, her name is, you can find her on YouTube, Cindy Garraway.
She published it in July 14, 2017.
I'm bringing the 5G.
It was built by Israel.
And it is being used.
They don't use it there.
They're exempt.
So is the elite.
And Donald Trump, I think he's here this weekend.
And I'm planning to go over there and let him know so he doesn't come with any excuse and say, I didn't know about this.
You understand what I'm saying?
Did they say, did they say in this paper or this article, did they say why they were opposed to 5G?
Oh yeah, it's here.
Town Manager Tom Bradford said Tuesday that Palm Beach and some other coastal communities have been exempted from legislation that would limit local control on the installation of 5G transmission equipment.
So you're saying it's been exempted?
Yeah, that's what I'm trying to tell you guys.
So we have the right, we have the right, given up to us by God in the constitution to protect our life and the freedom of liberty.
I agree.
So people need to get to find out where the elites live, you know, like the governors and senators, and find out it's five years also there so they can make this go viral and let the world know that these people are a bunch of hypocrites.
You understand what I'm saying?
Oh yeah, absolutely.
You know, back in the Clinton administration, Bill Clinton's administration, in 1996 they passed the Telecommunications Act.
And they said at that time that they were going to, that act was supposed to trump the concern of any localities, any state and local concerns that would restrict the location of cell phone towers were going to be shut down if you wanted to restrict their location based on health concerns.
Now if you're concerned that it was going to be ugly and it's going to hurt your property values, they'd listen to you.
Because I guess they figured they could dress it up or whatever.
But you weren't going to be able to raise health objections to any of these cell phone towers.
And so it's something that we need to push back against.
That's a bad piece of legislation.
And if you're pointing out that they're giving themselves exemption in West Palm Beach and other places where you've got a lot of elitists there because they know how dangerous this is.
Look, we've already had some studies
About 5G itself.
But there were a tremendous number of studies that took place immediately before and immediately after the 1996 Telecommunications Act, showing that it increased cancer, if you were close to these cell phone towers, it increased cancer by anywhere from three to eight times, depending on the different types of cancer.
And they didn't care.
And we've had a study that was in 2016.
They did it on rats.
It showed increased effects and tumors on the hearts and minds.
Quite literally, the brains and the hearts of rats.
Predominantly male.
And they said, we don't care.
We're going to move on with this.
We're not going to do the human studies.
We're going to continue on with this.
You're going to have an antenna that's every 50 feet.
It's going to be very high in frequency.
And so it's qualitatively much more dangerous.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back!
I'm David Knight in for Alex Jones on this Friday, March 18th, 2019.
We're taking phone calls.
Let's go to the phone calls because I've got a lot of these to get through before we get to our guest.
At the bottom of the hour, we're going to have Gabe Hoffman joining us.
He was a producer for An Open Secret.
Talking about the sexual shenanigans in Hollywood, and of course there's been a lot of that continuing in the news.
I don't think it's ever going to stop, but with Michael Jackson and others, but also some new revelations have come to light about politicians, religious leaders, people in Hollywood especially.
So Gabe's going to be joining us at the bottom of the hour.
Let's go to Dennis in Virginia.
Thank you for holding, Dennis.
Go ahead.
Hey, David, thanks for taking my call.
I just want to jump back to the vaccination issue there.
I spent over 29 years in the Army, and I don't have any shots I've taken, you know, throughout the course of being in the military.
And, you know, up until a few years ago, they finally passed laws that they could not experiment on our military anymore.
I mean, why is it they're always experimenting?
You can go back.
I mean, if these vaccinations work, why are they always
Oh yeah.
Well, I guess the other question is, if the vaccines work, why are they concerned about what I do or not, right?
I mean, if their vaccines work, then you shouldn't be concerned whether or not I or my family take these vaccines.
And it's another issue where we need to be able to separate the vaccines from the vaccine additives, just like we do with food and food additives.
All of that should be open for discussion.
The fact that they are trying so hard to shut this down at the same time that they're pushing mandatory vaccines.
I mean, wouldn't you expect that if they're going to mandate vaccines that we would have a debate?
Of course, the Democrats tell us that they want to debate when it comes to Israel, but they don't want to debate when it comes to vaccines or anything else.
They say, well, we want to open this up for debate.
We don't want to shut that down.
They do want to shut down anything that they don't agree with.
Now, when we talk about human experimentation, especially in the military,
It's interesting you would bring this up, Dennis, because I've been listening to a book about Operation Paperclip, a very good book by Annie Jacobson.
I would suggest that to anybody who really wants to get a feel for how we have lost our way in this country.
After World War II, we decided that we weren't going to push them for reparations, that perhaps that push after World War I was what brought us into the conflict again, pushing them down, taking away their economy and so forth.
Perhaps that had a factor to do, was a factor in that.
But still, as we looked at that, they decided they were going to get something for their trouble, and that was going to be technology.
So we brought in all of the rocket scientists, but we also brought in, and of course, you know, when we look at the rocket scientists, I'm not really willing to give Wernher von Braun a pass on all this stuff when he was dropping V2 rockets.
When he was using slave labor to manufacture these V2 rockets, the kind of people, the things that he was doing to manufacture this, and it was a big push.
It was just as bad as anything that you would see in any of the concentration camps.
I mean, they're putting these people in digging underground military bases with their bare hands because they were so afraid that if they gave them tools, like axes and picks, that they would use it against them.
So the types of things that Wernher von Braun and his crew were doing to get those built, the slave labor, people would go in, they wouldn't give them any medical treatment, they were not coming out.
It's the worst conditions you could ever imagine.
But we decided that we wanted this technology, and it wasn't just a rocket technology.
It was also chemical weapons, and it was biological weapons.
We brought these scientists in.
That was going to be our payback for the war.
It was going to be technology and information.
It was based on human experimentation.
And once we brought in those scientists, along with the data, then we started to regard that, I think,
Something that was fine for us to do.
And we've had numerous reports, most of them kind of quiet about human experimentation.
We have sometimes that it comes out like Tuskegee.
But that's just one of many, many examples that have surfaced.
But we're talking about human experimentation.
Just look at 5G.
They're going to roll this out, expose everybody to this.
And many scientists who have looked at this said, we are embarking on the biggest
A human experiment we ever have embarked on, and we are doing it without proper vetting.
I think that they do know what this is going to do to people.
I think, as I said, we had a study back in 2016.
I don't think that there's any question that this is going to have adverse effects on a lot of people.
We've already seen people who are in close proximity to this.
If you hold up the cell phone, even though that's a low signal level, you hold that cell phone up to your head all the time,
We've already seen people getting brain tumors.
Well, you're going to be exposed to 5G everywhere all the time!
Because they're going to be putting these antennas about every 50 feet, because they are such a high frequency, they don't have transmission unless they are line of sight.
So, we have human experimentation that's going on all the time.
The question is, when are the people going to have enough of this, Dennis?
Okay, I think we lost Dennis.
Sorry, I went on this long rant, and I put you to sleep there.
Go ahead.
It's good stuff.
I watch you guys every day.
I love it, you know?
I couldn't live without your show.
I tell you, and Alex, and no one.
I mean, you guys are like my dog.
And my dog couldn't live without it.
I mean, I'm serious.
I watch you guys every day.
In fact, I can't get anything done in my house.
I mean, I turn you on in the mornings, and I'm like, you know, I'm not going to watch them today.
I got stuff done.
But I end up watching you all day.
Well, just listen as you're working.
You'll be able to get something done.
But David, thanks for taking my call, man.
I'm glad you're back and everything's great with you.
And, you know, we pray for you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for doing that.
That's very, very important.
I really do appreciate it.
I was very touched by people praying.
Some of the people on the day I was having the operation called into the show that Owen was hosting and prayed for me.
I was very touched by that.
And I do believe that that makes a big difference.
Let's go to Ken in Missouri.
Thank you for holding, Ken.
Go ahead.
Hey, Ken.
Hey, go ahead.
How you doing?
Doing good.
Hey, they must have misunderstood me.
I'm in Florida.
Oh, okay.
All right.
That's all right.
Hey, you know that phrase, learn the code?
I got an idea from it.
You know, if us conservatives got together and wrote our own operational code so we wouldn't have to ask permission to communicate, don't you think that'd be helpful?
Yeah, I would.
We do have several different video sites and several different social media sites.
It's just an issue of getting critical mass.
You know, you look at YouTube, you look at Facebook.
You know, I look at Facebook and I look at Mark Zuckerberg.
You know this guy is not a genius.
You know he is a made man.
You know that he was subsidized.
If you go back and you look at how these guys got into the position of where they are,
Now, they were able to operate, get there early on and get a foothold because they were promoted by the overall system.
It isn't like Facebook is such a great interface.
Quite frankly, I've never liked Facebook.
I haven't been on it over a decade.
I tried it out as an individual and I didn't like it.
And I certainly don't like what they're doing now with the information that they get.
But they were supported by the deep state.
As the internet became feasible, you had all these different venture capital firms that were created to help Facebook, to help Google get in power.
They worked with the people that were going to be working with them, the same way that we see the situation going on in China now.
You work with the Chinese, they'll work with you.
If you don't, they're going to exclude you from being able to do business.
They will subsidize people.
Facebook used to get a lot of money from the Atlantic Council.
They are now paying dividends back to the Atlantic Council, giving them contributions.
Of course, Atlantic Council is pushing globalist interventionist wars for regime change and so forth.
It's kind of a think tank for NATO.
They are connected to these different organizations.
They've been helped by them.
The buzz that was created around them has been very helpful.
You look at, alternatively, something like Gab, where they say, well, we're going to just be all about free speech.
What happens to them?
Not only do they get attacked as being racist, as being fringe, but they also get attempts made by banks to try to defund them, to de-platform them, to say that we're not going to deal with you.
We're not going to take payments.
Same thing happening to us.
So it's a real uphill struggle.
It's not just having the ability to be able to put code through.
Yeah, you can put that up there.
It's also, though, trying to
Trying to get that out there and swim upstream against the establishment, both the media establishment as well as the banking establishment, trying to shut people down.
All right, stay with us.
We'll be right back with more of your calls.
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Welcome back.
We're taking pause.
I'm going to jump into this as quickly as possible because we got Gabe Hoffman joining us in the next segment.
Let's go right away to Bruce in Texas.
Go ahead, Bruce.
Hey, good afternoon, David.
Thank you for taking my call.
Well, thank you for waiting.
I listen to you whenever I can catch your show, and we enjoy the heck out of all the products that you offer at InfoWars.
Great, thank you.
Hey, I'm sorry I missed your show on CPAPs with modems.
I'm a longtime CPAP user, about 15 plus years, and for all those years that I was employed,
I retired as an engineer last December after 41 years.
The insurance companies bought replacement parts and commodities every three months, no question asked.
I retire, I'm on Medicare.
I go for my first set of replacements last month, and Medicare demands to see the chip in my CPAP for a compliance
I said, compliance?
What's the contract?
What are the terms?
Worse yet, what happens if I'm non-compliant?
You take the right 90-day window in my life, and I'm spending two weeks backpacking in the mountains.
And so it really irritated me that they were looking at that and monitoring every minutia of my CPAP use.
And see, that's what we're always going to see when we've got, you know, when the government helps you with something like that, they take control.
And before you know it, they're dictating particular terms to you.
That's the real danger with any government assistance on health care.
They're going to start dictating the terms of it, and they're going to start using that to intrude into our lives, and any number of
You know, ways and arbitrarily setting up boundaries for what we can and cannot do.
They're going to even intrude themselves into what we can and cannot eat.
That's an absolute given.
Once they start providing health care to everybody, they're going to tell us how much sugar we can have, they're going to tell us whether or not we can have meat, and on and on and on, because of course, they're paying for it.
If they're paying for it, they're going to define it.
We've already seen this happen with education.
You know, education is a great thing.
I'm not a big fan of schools, however, because of what they do when they get control.
You never know what these people are going to do, and they come up with some pretty crazy issues.
So are they now telling you that if you don't have a monitoring chip or they're not happy with the activity that you're doing, how are they using this precisely against you?
Well, I'm not sure yet.
I haven't heard back from him.
I've had that chip and that machine for six years now, and no one has ever asked to see
That really scares me when they can change the settings on the fly.
Yeah, exactly.
I don't want them controlling my car, let alone my medical devices by remote control.
Even if it is nothing malicious, let's just say that they do a software update.
They don't always get those right, right?
I mean, how many people have upgraded their cell phones and find out that a whole bunch of stuff has been broken?
I just had so much stuff broken on my latest upgrade with Apple, I've completely abandoned the Apple iPhone.
I've gone to an Android platform.
And so, you know, it's that type of thing.
When they upgrade stuff like that and do it over the wire, you never know what they're going to do.
Yeah, that's a real concern.
And also wanted to mention that you had mentioned the adverse reaction your wife had to gabapentin.
My girlfriend had the same reaction.
Did she?
Yeah, the doctors all say, they always say, I've never heard of that before.
And it's like, well, you should go to some of the sites that I've gone to.
I've got a thousand people talking about adverse reactions that they've had over that thing.
I was absolutely astounded when I found it.
You know, the simple fact of the matter is that these drugs are very intense, they're concentrated, and not everybody's going to have that reaction.
Look, there's some people that liked it, and that's the whole thing behind risk, right?
All we can do is say, you know, this is what we know at this given moment.
Fully inform patients.
Let them make up their minds as to what they want to do.
But you be honest with them.
Give them full disclosure.
Because not everybody's going to have the same reaction.
That's what we're seeing going on with vaccines as well.
I'm absolutely certain of that.
But even when you have a situation where somebody has an adverse reaction to a vaccine, you have a doctor that is being threatened in California with his license because a child who'd had an adverse reaction to a vaccine before
He goes to the doctor and the doctor says, all right, well, we're going to exempt you from vaccines.
And so they hammer that doctor because he exempted that person who had an adverse reaction.
It's not going to happen to everybody.
It's just an issue of risk.
And we need to be informed of what those risks are.
But for fun, have you ever had a challenge discussion with a doctor about the possible side effects to find out how little they know about it or any drug?
Yeah, they're not concerned.
I've talked to my doctor about that.
And, you know, as soon as I bring up a side effect, he goes, oh, you've been talking to Dr. Google, haven't you?
You know, that kind of condescending attitude.
And I just bit my tongue.
I didn't say, well, one of us needs to take a look at some of the studies and some of the side effects.
If you're not interested, I am, because it's my health and we need to take control of our own health.
And if we let the government
I think?
Our freedom, they want to take our health, and they aren't interested in what we have to say.
Thank you.
We're going to move along, Bruce, because I've got a lot of people holding here, and I've only got this segment.
Let's go to Michelle in California.
Thank you for holding, Michelle.
Hi, David.
Thank you for having me on.
I appreciate it.
Yes, thank you.
Thank you for holding.
So I wanted to bring up a topic I never really hear anybody talk about, and that is the white slavery that was in this country before black slavery ever got here.
When we're talking about the Atlantic slave trade, it started with the Irish, the English, and the Scottish for a number of different reasons.
I won't go into all of that.
One place that they were brought to was Barbados, and they were thrown out into the field, and they were just scorched by the sun, the heat.
They did not fare well in Barbados and hot countries.
And of course, one of the names, it evolved from another name, and I can't remember the name right now, but it comes, the Redneck is white slave that came from that region, because they were so burnt on the back of their legs and their necks that they gave them names for this.
So as we come into America, several years before blacks became slaves here, blacks were free, blacks owned white slaves, so it kind of went like this, you had whites who owned
Black slaves, Native Americans, and whites.
You had whites who owned white blacks and Native Americans and Native Americans who owned whites, blacks, and Native Americans.
So, I think we need to push back on this whole black agenda.
I'm so sick and tired of hearing about poor me, I'm a victim.
You don't hear the Irish or the Scots talking about it, so how about we start something that pushes, hey, this is true history over here, let's educate the public because I'm sick and tired of hearing about the victimhood.
I think we need to ask some really tough questions of these Democrats who are out there demagoguing about reparations.
Ask them who's white and who's black.
Have them go back and look at the history of the guy who wrote Amazing Grace.
You know, he was a slave trader, but at one point in time, he was a slave by the black people.
He had a shipwreck, they got a hold of him, and he was a slave of blacks.
Everybody has had slaves at one point.
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Welcome back.
We're going to be talking to Gabe Hoffman in just a moment.
Again, he is the producer of An Open Secret.
While we're waiting to get him on the line, let's go to some of the calls that we have.
I think we've got Paul in Vegas still on the line.
Go ahead, Paul.
Thank you, Hulk, for holding.
Hello, Paul.
You there?
Hey, Paul.
How you doing?
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yeah, sorry about that.
I was praying for you when you had your surgery and stuff.
Thank you so much.
Appreciate that.
Yeah, and you were talking earlier about the Democrats.
They're never going to stop their obstructionist agenda because they're jealous of President Trump's success.
Like, it's like if your ex goes off with a better guy or whatever and you see her later on and she's real happy and you're like, it's a sort of a hatred that they just keep manifest over and over.
Oh yeah, I agree with you.
I think it's even more than just jealousy of his success.
I mean, they want power.
That's just that.
I mean, that's all it is.
When you look at socialism, they want to be able to control everything.
They want to be able to control your life.
They want to be able to plan your life.
They want central control and central planning.
That is the essence of socialism.
And these are people who will do anything to get political powers.
What makes them so dangerous is why we don't want them to have it.
And so, yeah, they don't like the fact that the Republicans or President Trump have it.
They'll do anything to get it.
And it doesn't matter what happens to this country.
That's going to be the agenda that they pursue.
And I just wish we could get more people on both sides of the aisle.
That are more concerned about the things that affect each and every one of us, rather than their own political careers.
Because quite frankly, I'm really getting tired of both sides of this back and forth, this political wrangling that's up there, when both sides are basically urinating on the Bill of Rights.
They don't care about our individual liberties.
I think it's pretty apparent by now that there's not anybody there that really does.
I have some solutions for some of the things like the border.
We need to put solar panels on the border as well as a high-speed lev train.
And I also build hydrogen fuel cells.
I'm looking for people to maybe help me test my product out.
My name's Dan Frank.
I'm on Facebook.
You can look up my invention on there.
I'm building hydrogen fuel cells from razor blades.
I'm recycling the razor blades.
They're awesome.
It's a huge answer to a lot of our power problems.
This is something that's affordable.
You're going to be able to take it anywhere and produce your own power.
Well, I'm all for anybody trying this stuff.
I just don't support the government picking the winners and losers because they're the ones who are picking that.
They're the ones who are subsidizing that, and that's my problem.
I mean, you know, we see what's going on with
Elon Musk and Tesla.
I mean, we just had a video that surfaced of a guy who is servicing the Teslas up in Canada somewhere.
And he said, every one of these things that come in, they're just collecting all of the Model 3s are collecting
Mud and dirt.
We get into this type of thing when we start picking winners and losers at the federal government instead of allowing the marketplace to do it.
We do massive subsidies of everything that Elon Musk does, and we wonder, you know, why Solyndra and Tesla and other companies like that are failing.
And Tesla is in a lot of problem right now.
This is a fan site that is showing this type of thing.
So, yeah, I agree.
Thanks, Paul.
Thanks for letting us know about that.
I think we need to try other types of energy.
I'm all for choice.
And I'm all for people, if they want to do internal combustion engines, fine.
If you want to do hydrogen fuel cells, fine.
If you want to do electric batteries, fine.
But let the market sort it out.
Let us have a choice instead of shoving one choice down our throat by subsidizing it.
Let's go to Kirk in Michigan while we're waiting for Gabe Hoffman.
Go ahead, Kirk.
Hi, David.
Appreciate what you guys do and good to see you back in the saddle.
Well, thank you.
Thank you.
I what I want to talk about and I heard Mike Adams talk about the other day and I don't really hear a lot of people talking about it other than that.
Is this this popular vote?
National popular vote bills are getting passed through.
I think they're at about 12 states right now with a few other states that are.
Yeah, Colorado just Colorado just signed on to that.
I talked about that on my show.
Yeah, it's a very dangerous thing to have direct elections like that instead of Electoral College.
I think it's very foolish for us to throw these things out without understanding why the founders put it in, and I've got a personal experience that I've related every time I talk about the Electoral College, but tell me what you think about it.
Well, you know, it's scary to be honest with you, and we all know that
You know, where they want to head.
They want to make sure that people like us in the red states and, you know, middle America never get to have any votes anymore.
Yeah, that's exactly what I mean.
Yeah, and my main question, and I don't know if you have an answer, is federally from, you know, the Constitution, when we think about that, is there anything that they can do federally
I don't
Uh, controls over how the elections are being conducted.
I'm not really sure what they're going to be doing to try to get around the Electoral College.
But yeah, there are a dozen states that have said that they're going to do, uh, they're going to allocate the delegates with an at-large method.
But I'll just give you my personal experience.
In the county that I lived in in North Carolina, it was predominantly rural.
One part of the county, they started putting in residential neighborhoods with high density housing because it was a spillover from an adjacent county that was very liberal.
And the first thing these people did, as some of them got elected to the council, the county government, they changed it from district representation to at-large representation.
And once they did that, because they had a concentration of people in that one corner of the county, they got all of the seats in the county.
And what they did then was they shut down the property rights of the people who owned farms who had been there for many, many generations.
They basically were not allowed to do any development.
They put restrictions on what they could do with their land, how they could sell it and so forth.
That is what we're going to see on a national level.
You're going to have basically all the national level.
The president will be picked by the people who are voting in Chicago and L.A.
and in New York.
And it won't just be the people who are voting there, it will be the politicians who are stuffing the ballots, because those big cities with a high concentration of people are notoriously corrupt.
And so you're going to have just a few big cities that are going to be picking the president in these national elections.
That's really what's going to happen if you get rid of the Electoral College.
The founders put that in there, and we should ask ourselves what they knew that we don't, because usually they understood
I think?
A former hedge fund manager.
He made a lot of money at a very early age.
He's the youngest hedge fund manager they had on Wall Street back in 2000.
He now has a production company that's produced a movie called An Open Secret, and we've had him on multiple times.
It's about sexual abuse in Hollywood.
And he is still talking about that.
But also, we want to talk about Bob Mueller.
You know, we just had come out.
Thank you for joining us, Gabe.
You know, Gabe, we just had the sentencing of Paul Manafort.
And you got the left outraged that he didn't get 24 years in jail.
I think that 47 months, four years is strict for that.
When we come back, we're out of time in this segment.
When we come back, we're going to talk to Gabe Hoffman.
As I was coming in,
This morning I hear people all over the political spectrum as to whether or not Paul Manafort got too stringent or too lenient.
A sentencing from Paul Manafort.
But we're going to tell you what Paul Manafort did with a very high profile pedophile.
David Asimov, son of Isaac Asimov.
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It's incredible.
One of God's great gifts.
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It's ended about a week and a half.
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Now explain to people how critical iodine is.
It's the opposite of fluoride.
X2's back!
Let's go to Debbie.
Debbie in New Jersey.
Debbie, thanks for calling.
I really appreciate you.
Go ahead, Debbie.
The shifting of Nancy Pelosi with those dentures, I wanted to just slap that bitch right across the mouth.
I'm so sick of her ugly face.
I am too.
God, she's a demon.
It's not about hating them.
For me, it's about, it's embarrassing.
Like, how do we have a group of people this bad, this evil, this stupid ruling over us?
It makes me feel like crap.
You know what, Alex?
It's because we're on such an elevated plane.
The people who are awake, we're so elevated in this dimension that it sickens us and makes us so ill, physically.
It's just, it's so hard to look at people like that and want to even be kind to them because they just turn your frickin' stomach.
But, um, the other thing I wanted to say is, Cortez, she looks like a rabid Boston carrier with those bulging eyeballs of hers, too.
She really is demonic.
You know, we can laugh about her, and I do, but it's like Beto and that, in his fake voice and how corrupt he is, it's like, this is their superstars?
Beto O'Rourke and Alexandria Cortez?
These people are idiots!
And I'm not trying to be mean, it's just true!
Yeah, no, it is.
It is.
Um, Alex, I'm gonna let you go, but I want to let you know that my husband and I have every t-shirt, every product, because we love you, we love the InfoWarriors, and everybody there that works there, we really think the world of you people, and we are also lifetime Oath Keepers.
Thank you, Stuart Rose.
We love you.
Thank you.
Well, God bless you, Debbie.
And let me just say this.
I was in meetings this morning with accountants at the lawsuits they've got against us, and we beat, like, 15 of them, so they filed, like, five more.
And I was just looking at this, and it was like,
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Stay with us.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
Joining us now is Gabe Hoffman.
And we're going to go right to Gabe.
Sorry we had trouble establishing contact.
You can find Gabe on Twitter, at an Open Secret.
Also on Facebook, an Open Secret Doc is the name of his page there.
We've had the sentencing of Paul Manafort.
As I was saying before we went to break, a lot of people say, well, it's way too stringent.
Some people said it was way too lenient.
And let's talk a little bit about something that's up the, kind of along the lines of the documentary that Gabe Hoffman put together, where he was looking at the sex abuse in Hollywood.
And that is the high profile, well it actually isn't high profile, the mainstream media didn't really cover it, but somebody who is very well connected, the son of Isaac Asimov, and how Bob Mueller
David Asimov, as he was found to have and convicted of child pornography.
He had a lot of child pornography on his computers.
He had child pornography equipment there, I believe, Gabe.
Tell us a little bit about David Asimov's case.
Sure, so we're going to talk about Robert Mueller's special deals for multiple pedophiles, not just David Asimov, but also George Nader and, of course, Jeffrey Epstein.
Oh yeah.
It's stories that the mainstream media won't cover.
In this case, Robert Mueller was the U.S.
District Attorney for San Francisco, and David Asimov, the son of famous author Isaac Asimov,
We're good.
...of child porn and distribution machines.
Well, I'm looking at these court documents that you sent us.
One of the things that he was appealing was, he said, well, I would normally be sentenced to imprisonment for 30 months, but I want a downward departure.
And he got it!
I mean, people are saying, well, you know, we ought to have 24 years for Paul Manafort.
One of the things that they said was, otherwise unblemished record.
Well, you know, I've heard all of these pundits talking about Paul Manafort, saying, well, he's going to let him off because that's the only thing they caught him doing.
It's absolutely amazing to see Bob Mueller and the double standard that we see here, but especially as you're pointing out, multiple cases of pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein and others getting the white glove treatment, so to speak, I guess we could say, and getting off with this when, you know, and the mainstream media doesn't ever cover this.
Yeah, and as Alex would say, we have the documents right here.
This is not a conspiracy theory.
This absolutely happened.
And the local police at the time about David Asimov said of these literally thousands of child porn videos that they didn't have the manpower to even go through and catalog them.
And of course, we can talk about Jeffrey Epstein, who sex trafficked
Dozens of young women, underage teen girls, raped dozens of underage teen girls, and Robert Mueller, personally as head of the FBI, signed off on the plea deal where Jeffrey Epstein got only 13 months
In a work release program where he spent 16 hours a day outside unsupervised working and only 8 hours a day in a private cell in Palm Beach County.
And of course not only giving them light sentences but completely redacting everything.
You look at the court documents and they're nothing but blacked out pages.
I mean this is like some kind of a top secret national security document and this is about the exploits.
Of a very elite pedophile, and they treat it as if it's national security.
Maybe it is.
And not only were the optics around the deal and the ethics around the deal wrong, we've seen the documents now of the FBI fault where Jeffrey Epstein was an informant for the FBI, the FBI and the government authorities were after Bayer Stearns at the time,
Remember, Bear Stearns had that hedge fund which collapsed just as the financial crisis was dawning.
It was a big news item.
The Feds were looking for scalps, as it were.
And Jeffrey Epstein, as a billionaire investor, had a small stake in the Bear Stearns hedge funds.
So that's what was traded, information on the Bear Stearns hedge funds, for this very light sentencing.
However, what was the result?
The two Bear Stearns folks
Their names were Ralph Chiaffi and Matthew Tannin.
The government took them to trial a couple of years later, spent millions of dollars, and guess what?
They were found not guilty.
Do you think, and of course we've seen this over and over again, we know that they put people in these positions who have been blackmailed or who are blackmailable.
Is there any evidence that the FBI was involved with Jeffrey Epstein so they could get evidence on people to be able to blackmail them in the future?
I mean, it isn't any secret to anybody.
It's a known fact.
If you look at Dennis Hastert, for example.
That they knew that he was involved in pedophilia as a wrestling coach in high school.
They groomed him for Congress and then they put him in as the Speaker of the House for Republicans longer than any other Speaker of the House that they've had.
And so they particularly selected him for that purpose.
You think that, certainly I'm suspicious that that's what's going on with the FBI.
We know J. Edgar Hoover loved to do that type of thing.
Do you have any evidence that that was going on with Bob Mueller and the FBI?
Well, we do know that Jeffrey Epstein had a number of very powerful celebrity and politician sort of clientele for his underage child sex trafficking.
What we do know is that Prince Andrew, for one, of the UK royal family, is a
We're good to go.
Do you think that there's any chance that they are going to pry some of this open?
They were, throughout the criminal trial, they were able to keep this stuff secret.
They were able to suppress it, but now we've had a court decision as there are civil lawsuits are being pulled against them, and they're saying that we've got one judge that says that
The information being held back, being redacted and so forth, was a violation of the plaintiffs who were trying to get some justice out of this.
And so now it looks like this judge is amenable to opening up some of this information.
What do you think is going to happen with this Jeffrey Epstein case now?
That's right, I think we are going to get the records unsealed.
The real question is will anybody ever be held accountable at the FBI or who was in a position of power like the local prosecutor at the time, now Labor Secretary Acosta, where it has been shown that that deal was made with Jeffrey Epstein in violation of numerous federal statutes.
But Jeffrey Epstein and David Asimov are not the only two pedophiles
Invicted pedophiles, where Robert Mueller has made a special deal.
Have you heard about George Nader, for example?
No, tell us about George Nader.
So George Nader is the powerful Lebanese-born lobbyist and businessman.
He is a twice convicted pedophile.
Once was convicted in Virginia and served six months for child porn, and once in the Czech Republic served only a year for raping approximately 10 underage boys.
Now this
Pet convicted pedophile twice was flown in by Robert Mueller earlier this year as a witness to give a deposition to the grand jury in the case against President Trump.
Robert Mueller is so desperate to get something on Trump that he's willing to use a twice convicted pedophile and somehow trust his word about whatever he has to say regarding various business dealings of Donald Trump.
It's simply amazing.
And of course, we haven't seen any evidence of any wrongdoing.
I mean, we've had people who have been, you know, they use this as a means to investigate a man and not a crime.
There's never been any evidence with any of these people of conspiracy or corruption involving Russia, which was the original purpose of having this special prosecutor, but it's become apparent.
That Bob Mueller and his crew are there to investigate President Trump and anybody associated with him to try to tar him with any kind of implication if they can find any ancillary crimes or even manufacture some process crimes by charging people with perjury if they make statements that are even immaterial to the investigation.
I mean, just because George Nehrer met overseas once with Erik Prince or met with Kushner or met with Bannon, you know, one time in New York City, that was reason enough for Mueller to call in anybody and everybody.
The first thing that you think about is credibility and character in terms of a witness.
A twice convicted pedophile, it's simply remarkable.
But of course, Robert Mueller isn't the only person in power who is not enforcing the laws to protect children and is helping pedophiles do their thing.
Yeah, it's been a long-term process.
Stay with us, we've got one more segment with Gabe Hoffman.
We're going to do it at the top of the hour and then after that we're going to have Dr. Nick Begich is going to be taking the fourth hour here on the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
And I read it and I was like, you know what?
I don't care anymore.
I don't care anymore.
Because, again, I'm at least trying.
And they're not.
So, the power is in the person who's trying, regardless of the success.
If you're trying, you've got all the power.
You're driving the agenda.
You're doing all this stuff.
Like, I just introduced Green New Deal two weeks ago, and it's creating all of this conversation.
Because no one else has even tried.
Because no one else has even tried.
So people are like, oh, it's unrealistic.
Oh, it's vague.
Oh, it doesn't address this little minute thing.
And I'm like, you tried!
You do it.
Because you're not.
Because you're not.
So until you do it, I'm the boss.
How about that?
Look at me.
Look at me.
I'm the captain now.
So until you do it, I'm the boss.
I'm the captain now.
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Welcome back.
We're talking to Gabe Hoffman and of course he's produced a documentary, a child abuse documentary that Hollywood does not want you to see.
You know, we've had a lot of talk about Michael Jackson and how that was swept under the carpet for a very long time.
There's a lot, a lot of information in Hollywood and there's a lot of information in California.
As a matter of fact,
Gabe, you were talking about off-air.
You were talking about Kamala Harris and what happened during her tenure there as the California State Attorney General.
Tell us a little bit about that.
Sure, that's right.
So for those who haven't seen our film, it's free on Vimeo.
There's been over 5 million views.
There's a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from professional film critics.
Even liberals like the New York Times and Variety gave our film rave reviews.
And it's free for you to understand what happens with Hollywood child sex abuse and how to protect your children from sexual predators.
That's very important, and I appreciate you doing that for free because that shows that you're not just out here trying to make money.
You did the documentary, you put it up for free because you want people to understand what these grooming tactics are.
You know, that was at least one article that I saw about Michael Jackson.
One of the most important things about that was how he operated.
And how he operated, even though he's got an extraordinary amount of money, is technically not any different than any other pedophile is going to groom your child.
So you need to be aware of what their tactics are.
Go ahead.
Right, and the slow grooming process where somebody like a Corey Feldman or Macaulay Culkin might say, hey, Michael Jackson never molested us.
Well, sure, Michael Jackson kept a couple of them around, just like any Hollywood powerful predator would, surround themselves with children, but then only pick a couple to molest that might suit their needs or be, you know, the most adaptable.
So in the case of Kamala Harris, she was Attorney General of the state of California from 2011 to 2017.
Now, in 2012, as we show in our film, the Child Protection Act was passed in the state of California.
And what that requires is anybody who is working with children in Hollywood, whether they're an agent, a manager, so on and so forth, needs to pass an FBI background check, get fingerprinted, and make sure that they're not a convicted pedophile.
Pretty simple stuff, right, David?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, background check.
They're all about background checks, right?
Go ahead.
So since our film and we showed a very powerful person in the large Hollywood union, as you might remember, who was not in and didn't do a background check, you would think now they've got to get it straight and everybody's got to enforce this law.
A recent deadline investigation showed that out of hundreds of managers, scouts, agents, so on and so forth, not a single one had registered per the law
We're good to go.
It's just such a fraud.
You know, we look at the situation, we look at the videos, the undercover videos put out by Center for Medical Progress of Planned Parenthood clinics, which appeared to show them negotiating for body parts, to traffic in body parts.
She went after the Center for Medical Progress because she said they violated the privacy of these people at Planned Parenthood.
You know, just like it's all about privacy until they want to snoop into all of your phone calls, your social media, and so forth.
It's such hypocrisy that she puts out there.
And of course, we've seen this with her bragging about her smoking pot and listening to Snoop Dogg or whatever.
People have attacked that on a number of ways, saying, well, timeline doesn't fit unless she's maybe doing it while she's Attorney General.
It's absolutely amazing what this woman will say in any given moment to get elected.
And you even saw, more recently, the film The Predator, a big Hollywood production by Fox.
The star, Olivia Munn, had found out there was a convicted pedophile in the film.
She, you know, got in touch with the studio.
She complained his role was cut out.
It is rampant.
It's absolutely rampant.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Gabe Hoffman again.
It's an open secret and you can see that for free.
You should see it for free, especially if you have any children.
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Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones.
Google is being accused of hiding negative stories about Hillary and her campaign by changing its algorithm to bury stories like the Clinton body count story.
That's according to website InfoWars.
Dr. Martin Luther King has been shot to death in Memphis, Tennessee.
JFK was shot from the back and the front.
It was almost as if it were a planned explosion.
It just pancaked.
It took the babies out of incubators and left the children to die on the ground.
I think this is a national security imperative.
We have clear things that we do not understand how they work, operating in areas that we can't control.
Is this global governance at last?
Is it one world the central bank is in charge?
Israel claims the attack was accidental, but some former US naval officers say it was on purpose.
They describe the day's action as part of a continuing cover-up.
Russian intelligence compiled a dossier on Mr. Trump during visits to Moscow.
Russian scum!
Denied everything.
He called it all fake news.
And he accused CNN of being fake news.
This is a national emergency.
If they kill Trump or remove Trump, it will cause a massive civil war in this country.
This is a female high-level election.
We are at war with Russia.
Are you aware that Mr. Stone also stated publicly that he was in direct communication with Julian Assange and Wikileaks?
The White House and the President are citing InfoWars.
They can shut us down, you're next!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show with Nick baggage.
And welcome back to InfoWars.
I'm standing in in this fourth hour on Friday, March 8, 2019.
And man, what a last few weeks this has been.
I know it's been a little while.
Had to juggle my dates around.
I was traveling, actually.
I was in Thailand and stops in China, Hong Kong.
And man, what a difference.
In things, you know, when you think about Asia, you know, you hear a lot about Asia, but going there and seeing Asia is a little bit different, you know, and I can tell you, Shanghai and Hong Kong airports, unreal, you know, in terms of size and some of my encounters there, you know, because I just transited airports in China.
China is not really my place to go, but I was visiting my business partner and attending a wedding in Thailand.
We're good.
Asia growing on one side, and then you look at the West, Europe, Canada, the United States, and you think about it just in raw terms.
Population, you know, the US, what, 350, 400 million, including Canada, maybe another 100 million.
You look at Europe, and you're adding in maybe 400 million more.
And these are mature economies.
The middle class has reached sort of its optimum levels.
Money is more and more concentrated in the top 1 percent or half of 1 percent.
And now that money is being shifted because what what has happened is the creation of institutions with the name Democratic.
Uh, when in fact they're not democratic at all.
And I'm speaking of the European Parliament as a case in point.
No one is elected to the European Parliament, and yet they consider themselves a democratic body because they all vote.
You know, the parliamentarians vote for issues that then regulate the lives of people who never voted for them.
And fundamentally, going back to our very beginnings as Americans,
We need to recognize that this is where our country started, was government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
Governance and the authority to govern springing from us, sovereign souls, sovereign human beings.
And this is what Europe has forgotten.
So they name institutions where there's nobody elected.
They're all appointed.
A few now are being elected, I guess, in Great Britain, but they're about out of there.
So when you think about this body of people regulating people's lives on a pretty significant basis and having no authority from the people to do so, this is socialism.
This is something else.
This is not.
Democracy or the representation of a republic or even the idea of Republican democracies or those that spring from people.
When I was thinking about China and I was thinking about Asia, it's sort of how their system runs.
There's 4 billion, with a B, 4 billion people that are going to move into the middle class probably over the next 30 to 40 years.
When you think about where Asia is, look at Asia at 4.4 billion, Africa 1.2 billion, and then compared to Europe and North America combined 1.2 billion.
So the real energy is Asia or where that middle class is growing.
And let's look at a couple of countries in particular, China and India.
China has become the number one producer of gold in the world.
A lot of people don't realize it.
I believe that now Russia has become number two, and number three is South Africa.
And you got to remember, these are groups that are part of the BRIC, you know, which is sort of the Alternative Emerging Economic Powerhouse.
This includes Brazil, India, China, Russia, and South Africa, the big five of that group.
Now, what's important to note here is these are also net importers of gold.
India, as a case in point for the last couple of centuries, was buying 25% of all the gold output, and most of that going into private hands.
But this is a tradition across Asia.
People hold gold and buy gold and bank in gold.
Look at this little piece.
I picked up this chain, this little chain in Thailand when I was there, and it's 96.5%.
Gold and you pay pretty close to the gold price for it.
You don't pay very much for the workmanship of any of the jewelry you buy in these parts of the world because you're buying the gold basically and labor's cheap.
So they apply it, but they use it like banking and everybody from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich.
Put their money in gold.
Certain amount in currency, but those are unstable from their perspectives.
Remember, the Chinese invented currency, you know, in terms of paper money, long before the West.
And then, of course, Sumeria had the clay tablets for money six, seven thousand years ago.
But again, you know, the tradeoff between
We're good.
To be the counter to the World Bank, right, which the World Bank is kind of an extortion organization for rich people and globalists, because what they do is they put
Countries into debt, where they become then indentured servitude citizens who then have their taxes messed around with by the World Bank and other external globalists.
So they extract from those countries the tax yield, which is essentially the slavery of that population to accommodate the World Bank.
Now there's the Asian Pacific Bank and what's important about that is a lot of our European allies have joined and they've joined because they recognize that where the market actually is.
You know when you think about mature markets like payrolls, payrolls in Asia are jumping from $100 a month to $500 a month to $1,000 a month to $2,000 or $3,000 a month which starts to get into what we call middle class and they call
Upper middle class.
Okay, but that's happening at a really rapid rate.
Now think of the consumption involved in that.
Houses, cars, education, healthcare, different foods, all of it, imports, all the things that then come into play when you have more money to spend.
And so when the big globalists look at this,
They think of what is the percentage of growth when you go for $100 payrolls to several thousand dollar payrolls?
There's the growth in the West.
You go from three or four thousand dollar payrolls to maybe thirty four hundred thirty three hundred dollar payrolls.
So the growth is in these.
Population is in the East, and we're being gutted in the West by the globalists.
We're going to get into this a little bit more today.
We're going to talk more about the propaganda wars, because we're all being manipulated in a way that is stripping us of our sovereignty.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
You're listening to InfoWars.
Take a look at EarthPulse, E-A-R-T-H, earthpulse.com.
We'll be right back after these brief messages.
Most of you know that.
Twitter's CEO is standing by the company's decision to put InfoWars' Alex Jones on a seven-day suspension.
This comes after Jones urged his Twitter followers to ready their battle rifles, as he put it, against the media in a video posted to the site.
Alex Jones on Twitter posted this week what essentially is a video calling for people to get their battle rifles ready against the media.
People need to have their battle rifles and everything ready at their bedsides.
You gotta be ready.
Saying it's time to act.
It's gotta be done now.
Move criminally against people.
It's time politically and economically and judiciously and legally and criminally to move against these people.
It's got to be done now.
Sent a chill up my spine.
How about yours?
It did.
I mean, there's a number of actions that we believe
Help a call to incitement to violence and those are the things that we need to make sure that we're taking action on.
Now is the time to act on the mainstream media and he says get the battle rifles ready.
I didn't say that!
That incites violence.
Free speech does not protect inciting violence.
This is an emergency message to President Trump, to Congress, and to anyone that supports free speech in this country.
The Democratic Party is now calling for all Republicans, all patriots, including the President, to be deplatformed from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, you name it.
And Jones is hardly their only target, that's for sure.
Virtually every day, the big tech companies censor someone else whose political opinions they disagree with.
Facebook censored our free speech and shame on the ones that don't even see that we have been censored.
This is a new super
Political class that operate as a judiciary and as the police and as the prison guards to control our lives.
This is classical authoritarianism.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
You've taken action against him in this instance.
What is it?
Can you tell us what it is?
I believe we put him in a time out.
Alex Jones is not an 8th grader who got busted smoking in the bathroom.
Like, it's just not.
I mean, he's a guy who is, you know... Or someone who is... ...fueling alt-right conspiracy theories and... It's actually amazing.
That's right.
This is what caused the ban and not everything that Alex Jones has done before.
This seems minor compared to the implications of someone suggesting a call to arms against a particular group, in this case, the media.
I didn't say use weapons on the media.
I don't want them to have weapons used on them.
That'll make them victims.
I'm worried they're going to false flag and stage something on themselves.
And then they're going to send antifa out to all our houses, which they're doxing everybody, saying they are.
And I said defensively, be prepared to defend yourself.
And they say that is inciting violence.
No, it's not.
Send a chill up my spine.
I'm getting chills right now.
He said, come with the battle rifles, engage in criminal activity.
And I said, use the judicial system legally and lawfully and go after them criminally.
They have got to get a lid on this.
And the idea of martyrdom, it's also probably interesting that it will be interesting to see who rallies around his cause.
Let's remember, Donald Trump has appeared on his show.
And we're also standing up
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Trump's election and Alex Jones' popularity are merely symptoms of a corrupt and failed status quo.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
You can't stop them from knowing that.
But this isn't about Alex Jones.
This is about freedom.
Mr. President, you don't want to look like you're after the press of the First Amendment.
You're letting them butcher the press of the First Amendment.
Oh, but you don't want to look authoritarian and stand up to them.
They're authoritarian.
They're a clear and present danger.
Do something about it!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
For your mind.
With Nick Begich.
And welcome back to InfoWars on March 8, 2019.
Man, the year is kind of whipping by, and I'm here in Anchorage today, and I've been traveling a bit.
I was mentioning last segment, my trip to Asia, what it made me really think about, contemplate in the context of all the things that we discuss here at InfoWars.
And where I left off in the last segment was sort of
Why the West is declining and what sort of happened there?
What did the globalists do?
Well, after 2008, if you think about the big bailouts, most of these companies relocated.
They relocated major facilities using that money essentially that bailed them out.
To move, to leave.
We spent $2 trillion out of the Federal Reserve buying up stocks, supporting the stock market, bailing out banks.
And then $16 trillion in total out of the Federal Reserve bolstering foreign banks.
Now the foreign banks were receiving zero interest loans from the Fed.
This did not get disclosed until much, much later.
And what that money was used for was buying up the dollars as the dollar was plummeting.
They then had these zero interest loans from the Fed to jack it back up so foreign banks could keep an equilibrium.
On the dollar as we went into more or less a free fall.
So $16 trillion actually got loaned out by the Federal Reserve, not the $2 trillion that we're told about relative to banks.
Now I want to talk about that in the context of something else, in the whole tax configuration, and why.
Why is YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook, all of these companies going against free speech and pushing on anyone that's been supportive of a yellow vest or a more to the right agenda?
And the reason is these companies, their biggest portion of their wealth, including Starbucks and Amazon, their biggest portion of wealth is in the intellectual property piece that controls all of their affairs.
And so what they do is they put that in a country
Like Ireland, where there's a 5% corporate tax.
And so the intellectual property is there, and then they lease it, or rent it, or do it on a royalty basis with their American subsidiaries.
So your net profit, say they make a billion dollars.
Well, it just so happens the leasing fees for the intellectual property was a billion dollars that year.
So, zero profit in the U.S., all the profit in Ireland, and Ireland has a secretary sitting in a closet answering the phone, right?
And this
Paying it here for the first time.
Now, you and I as individuals were taxed on our global income forever.
In fact, we couldn't just move like corporations could just move.
You don't need anybody's permission, set up a new company and escape the taxes.
Trump brought it back.
This is why these companies, the billionaires of the 21st century, are so angry.
They actually have to pay.
You know, these are the socialists thinking everything ought to be free as long as it's free for them, right?
And here they are beating up Alex.
We bring these kinds of issues to the forefront in an articulated way where you can look it up, find out and confirm the facts for yourself.
And it's the counter narrative.
To the BS.
And it's not fertilizer for the brain, ladies and gentlemen.
It is what it is.
And it is a dangerous thing in the world today, the way it has shaped and shifted.
Now, when you think about the trillions spent, let's think of involuntary servitude for a moment.
Do you know that the whole next generation that are college students going to school and paying, you know, $100,000, $200,000, $300,000 for those degrees,
They are not going to be buying houses in Menlo.
They're not buying cars and they're not.
They're not buying anything because they're trapped in that debt cycle.
And this debt cycle, unlike anything else under the sun except hurting someone, physical harm and child support, student debt, you never get forgiven.
So you're always going to get those loans because you were enslaved forever.
It is involuntary servitude because you do not have any escape route from that debt.
Now, if the
Government instead of spending $2 trillion on the bank bailout, if they had spent $1 trillion paying off all those student loans as an example, I'm not suggesting we do this necessarily, but think about it.
What would have happened?
A trillion dollars in debt would have gone away.
For people that actually would have spent the money in the economy here buying those houses and cars and and generating economic activity would have been tremendous.
What the banks did is buy up their own shares when they were depressed so they could keep the share price up for their shareholders and didn't loan money out to stimulate the economy.
That money came from the domestic corporations whose tax rates went from 35% down to 20%.
The ones who produce things here and build things here and pay for things here and hire labor here in the United States.
And guess what?
They got to give raises to people, spend more money on physical plant.
And you see it in our booming economy and low unemployment because Donald Trump was correct.
And taxing foreign corporations.
Didn't go far enough because we need to address student loans.
We need to address the enslavement of a generation, for goodness sake.
They're so busy paying those debts off.
They're not contributing to the economy as our economy is being stripped out and moved east.
And this is the important thing.
An enslaved younger generation will allow this to happen more readily because of the fear, the anxiety of that debt haunting them every day.
This is what we've done.
And this is what has happened.
When you look at the changes in the Bank Street Code, those are up on the on the boards.
The big ones that took place was 1990, where non-dischargeable period extended to seven years.
So you never really got a free a free break from your debt and a chance to restart.
Corporations don't have the same rule.
They have a different set of rules.
They always win, and the little guy is on the losing end.
So the pivot to the East that Obama was talking about was really, you know, and he was a guy that liked to lead from behind.
I mean, I never could understand this nonsense.
But the pivot to the East is the gutting of America, and that is what we have seen.
What Donald Trump is, is pivot back
We're good.
Is a change that is the most fundamental, biggest change we've seen in our economy in quite some time.
Bringing our military defense spending back into the U.S.
because we can be anywhere in a few hours.
We do not need to have bases in Europe.
And the bases we have in Asia include Guam, which is ou