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Name: 20190217_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 17, 2019
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The Alex Jones Show discusses the national emergency at the southern border and a potential coup against President Trump. The show emphasizes that media is controlling the narrative, citing the recent Jussie Smollett incident as an example of hoaxes. Alex Jones claims to have received calls from Secret Service agents regarding deep state's involvement in planning a coup against the President. The show also highlights Democrats announcing their intent to confiscate guns and discusses a bombshell report on another national emergency declared by Trump that is not being talked about. The segment includes various product advertisements for InfoWars Life protein bars, Patriot Blend coffee, and Supermail Vitality supplements. Jones mentions ongoing legal battles faced by InfoWars and emphasizes the strength and resilience of the show's audience as a vital part of the fight against globalist agendas.

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Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones and now your host, Owen Troyer.
You know, when I woke up today,
I knew I was filling in for Alex.
I did not expect I would be hosting such an important broadcast.
And the next two hours are going to be massively important.
So tell your friends and family about this broadcast, folks, because we're going to break everything down from the Jussie Smollett
To the Democrats declaring that they're going to confiscate guns.
To the real national emergency that nobody's been talking about.
Again, showing how the media controls the narrative.
And that's why they censored Alex Jones last year.
Because InfoWars was kicking their ass.
Now, Alex Jones joins us over the phone.
Alex, what do we have coming up in the next two hours?
Well, I'll be out of here in about 20 minutes, Holmes.
I appreciate you doing a great job, and I've got to take a rest sometimes, but I mean, as you said, there's so much news.
The quickening is happening.
Everything we've talked about.
We literally wrote over 50 articles.
I looked it up.
We did over 100 programs in 2017 and 2018.
Just type in, and I'm not tooting our horn, but this is why the Globalist hate us.
They're trying to shut us down.
We're over the target.
And by knowing that we're right now, we know how to
Deal with them.
This just confirms everything we've said.
That you've had the deep state, rogue intelligence agencies, with the FBI and the Democrats, engaged in massive fraud, engaged in criminal activity, in a planned, deep state, rogue government coup against the President.
Now, we can use those exact words.
Now, Politico, CNN, The Washington Post all admitted that in the last two weeks, and then Limbaugh admitted it on Friday.
And Limbaugh's a good guy overall, but conservatives are so afraid of being called names by Democrats and by the media.
That even Limbaugh would start calling it a deep state silent coup until it was in the Washington Post like a week ago.
So all I'm saying is that's why conservatives and libertarians and nationalists and Christians are in so much trouble is, yes, it's extreme to have people planning an illegal coup.
And it sounds extreme to say it's happening.
But it's like you get the bad news that you know that your dad dies of a heart attack and you know you go see his dead body.
I mean or you get the terrible news that your uncle or your son rolled their car god forbid and then they're dead or I mean that's what this is folks okay so bad things happen and denying
Bad things.
Only makes them worse.
But here's the good thing.
This isn't dad dead from a heart attack.
This isn't your son dead, or your daughter, God forbid, rolling a car, or a drunk driver hitting him, like happened to George Strait's 13-year-old daughter when she was out riding with friends.
George Strait couldn't do anything about that when he got the call that his daughter was dead south of Austin.
I just use that as a real-world analogy.
But we can do something because they're in the middle of this attempted coup, and they're in the middle of this attempted takeover of the United States.
And so that's why we have to get active and get aggressive and get in their face.
Because yes, it sounds radical to admit this is all going on.
Yes, you're going to get demonized by the deep state.
Yes, they've been freaking out and having congressional hearings saying, get Infowars off the air.
Because we did our homework with my research, with your research, with David Nye's research, with the crew's research, with the top guests we've had on, and our deep research and analysis.
We were pegging them 100% what was happening in their secret meetings.
All the documents match exactly what I said was going on because I've studied history and how they've done this before and how they've done it in other nations.
So here's the good news.
The car hadn't rolled yet.
Daddy didn't have the heart attack yet.
Your daughter didn't get hit and killed by the drunk driver yet.
Folks, we can save the country and stop this tragedy, but we've got to get serious, and not just get conditioned by this evil, where we just accept this is what they're doing.
We have to fully expose it, and thanks to the grace of God, the audience helped build InfoWars.
And so we have a jump point still, under massive attack, to put out the critical talking points that can sink the NWO.
Now when we come back, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to get into the fact that the Russian collusion has been on the Democrats the whole time.
But not only that, now they're announcing that they decided we're going to remove the President.
We decided we're going to remove the President.
We're the FBI.
We're the CIA.
Chuck Schumer admitted it.
They had guys go on CNN and say the government's going to kill this guy.
I mean, folks, we're talking about a deep state, secret government trying to kill the President.
Do you understand?
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It's that simple.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
In the next two hours of the Alex Jones Show, we're going to break down a corrupt FBI colluding with CIA, Democrat, Russian agents, all the above, attempting a coup against the President of the United States.
We're going to get into a media hoax, much like Covington Catholic
About an attack on Jesse Smollett that now appears to be 100% staged.
We're gonna talk about Democrats now saying they want to confiscate guns in response to Trump declaring a national emergency at the southern border where there is no debate.
That is a national emergency.
And then we're gonna have a bombshell report at the top of the next hour.
The national emergency Trump declared a year ago that nobody is even talking about.
Now Alex Jones is with me here for the first couple segments at least to help break all of this down.
But Alex, it's honestly tough.
To even put into words the magnitude of all these things and the fact that they're all happening in the same flashpoint.
Let me just boil this down for how serious this is, so everybody understands.
I got a call approximately 19 months ago from a Secret Service in Washington, D.C.
Much of it was an off the record conversation.
And of course I agreed for it to be off the record conversation, but I did say that at a certain point I felt that it was needed.
I would tell the public about it.
I also got some other visits and I'm just going to leave it at that.
These were very serious visits.
This is the Secret Service was actually asking me.
Who I thought the ringleaders were and what they should do and that they had been obviously been told to call me by the president.
I'll just leave it at that.
And it was because we were the ones putting together all these different individuals from the Aspen Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations and on CNN and the CIA and the FBI signaling the deep state was strong.
Hoping that their stay-behind networks, their operatives, who were scared that they were going to go to prison for planning this coup, they were telling them, stay at your post.
Everything's going to be okay.
I've studied ancient war.
I've studied World War I, World War II, Korea.
I've studied covert action.
I've studied how different agencies overthrow other governments, how they so fear in governments before they do the coup.
So I was able off their own statements and able off this giant body of evidence
We're good to go.
Who mail it in.
I was watching everything they said, and they were giving key pieces here, key pieces there, that like a Lego set or a jigsaw puzzle I could put together once I had the pieces.
So the reason Trump and the Secret Service found out that I was dead on was the Democrats actually opened a CIA espionage operation against me, thinking I must be getting foreign intel to know all this.
No, I've done my homework.
I'm a dedicated American.
Not traitors like them.
And so I just want the listeners to understand, that's why they banned me and said, get me off the air.
Because I have blown every one of their operations on air to the other intelligence agency arms that are doing other jobs and are traitors.
And I have forced a focus
On China?
I've forced a focus on the national emergency.
I've forced a focus... And this isn't the time... I'm not trying to brag here, folks.
This is why I'm in so much danger.
My info war is in so much danger.
Because imagine us as like a destroyer in World War II that's, you know, sunk more tonnage than half the other submarines put together.
The enemy's got their planes, their ships out looking for us, okay?
And that's all I'm telling you, folks, is that it's not about us bragging.
It's about what we've done at Infowars is the blueprint to bring these people down because we're over the target.
So listen very, very carefully, folks, because you are what powers Infowars.
You're the energy.
You're everything behind it.
I'm not just saying that.
You are the Infowar.
We told you Trump should declare an emergency in October.
We thought it was coming.
It did come.
We told you that the Democrats were already planning an emergency in the future, an actual emergency, under civil unrest, to remove the President and to confiscate firearms, one declared by Congress and worth of the 25th Amendment.
Over 50 articles, hundreds of times on air.
Probably thousands.
We laid it all out.
Now you've seen CNN, you've seen the Washington Post, you've seen them all see how great it is.
Big Deal and McCabe wanted to have a coup and they did wear a wire and all this stuff.
They didn't just talk about wearing a wire, folks.
They've been recording everything inside there since he was president-elect.
So, the deep state got caught.
They've committed massive crimes.
They tried to act confident on TV, saying that they were going to remove the president so that their stay-behind networks wouldn't be scared when they keep committing the crimes and carry out the coup against the president, which does also include plans to kill him, which is still on the table.
So all of this is swirling around.
All of this is unfolding.
And people have to understand that we are in the absolute death battle.
For the future of this country, and we'll play these clips in a moment, and now we've had Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, and Nadler, they had two powerful committees, the committee on the judiciary, not the judiciary committee, the committee on the judiciary, that oversees the judiciary itself, and then you also have his other so-called civil rights committee that he uses to destroy the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, and everything else.
So you've got this demon, this monster out of New York,
We're good to go.
Dictatorship, beyond martial law, with the constitutional duty of our border in crisis, and the President can't get the funding he needs, he could have just done it as Commander-in-Chief and dealt with it.
But instead, he went the route of 78 law.
And so just the fact that they're floating these ideas shows you that they're planning to greenlight this, perhaps, in the future.
Anytime you see something like this unfolding, anytime you see them saying something this massive out in the open, it means they're really thinking about greenlighting and going forward with it.
So first, here's a short clip of Pelosi last week, now joined by Nadler yesterday.
Republicans have some unease about it, no matter what they say, because if the president can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency, an illusion that he wants to convey, just think of what a president with different values can present to the American people.
You want to talk about a national emergency?
Let's talk about today, the one-year anniversary
of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America.
That's a national emergency.
Why don't you declare that emergency, Mr. President?
I wish you would.
Now, I cut through the haze a few days ago, and I said, ladies and gentlemen, the news is focusing on her having an emergency.
It's about guns, and I guarantee you that means confiscation.
The network came out a day later and confirmed that.
Here is this un-American monster.
So, folks, there you go.
We should probably play that clip every segment as we start today, so people understand.
The New York Times, the Washington Post now have headlines, time to repeal the Second Amendment.
It's on.
They're saying, don't say mother and father.
They are coming after everybody's speech.
They're coming after our guns.
They're coming after our property.
This is about slavery.
And America has a chance to say no, but we come back.
The really big news, because Limbaugh points out this is a soft, not a soft coup, a silent coup, a very hardcore coup against the president.
And I'm not mad at Limbaugh, but why is it taking him months after mainstream media admits that there was a coup plan and the documents have come out?
Why is it only now when it's safe Limbaugh talks about it?
Because conservatives are afraid of mainstream corporate media, and that's why they want to destroy us.
The truth is, lots of other talk show hosts know what I know, but they're afraid to do it and hit the bar bar first.
That's why the listeners, no matter what happens to Infowars, have to continue on with the fight and never give up, because we have the truth, we understand what's happening, and we can defeat the globalists.
And if you really want to see how InfoWars is tomorrow's news today, next year's news today, just go watch what happened when President Donald Trump was elected and the first response at InfoWars.com.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
If the President can declare an emergency today on this, on this, the Democratic President can decide that, as you mentioned, the 40,000 people a year killed in this country is a crisis and why don't we take everybody's guns away, or force everybody to register their guns, or ban all assault rifles, or do all of that.
So, that's Natala of New York, a high-powered committee chairman.
Echoluna Pelosi said they want to declare an emergency to override the Bill of Rights and Constitution to take your guns.
By the way, most of the shootings in this country every year are people committing suicide.
I'm not a pro-death guy, but, you know, you got bone cancer, lung cancer, incredible pain.
Most of the people I've known that were older men, military vets, people that had cancer, they didn't want to spend all their money that their, you know, family had.
They just went out on the back 40 and blew their head off.
The point is, is that Mexico's had hundreds of thousands of dead in the last few years.
Tens of thousands die on the border every year on the Mexico side, and Nadler was calling it nonsense.
But here's the problem.
I'm supposedly on a four or five day vacation, just to spend some time and try to decompress.
I can't do it, because I know what's really going on.
I know how important history is.
So when I laid all that out earlier,
Again, I want to say this for the 50,000th time, this is so critical.
I'm not saying, oh look, we're right.
Oh my gosh, we're usually the first to break stuff.
Aren't we cool?
It's not that.
It's that they're trying to destroy us, because we're that accurate and no one can deny it, and it scares the hell out of the system.
Because we have the answers, and we've done the studying, and Congress is listening, and the military's listening, and the police are listening, the vast majority of which are good people, and they know about the deep state now, and thank God we've been able to hang on.
Under the attacks that have been incredible, most of which people don't even know about the last few years, so we're still here thanks to you and your prayers, folks.
Because now the deep state is in tatters.
They've been caught committing massive crimes.
All of it's come out.
It's mainstream news they were planning martial law.
Mainstream news they were planning a coup against the president outside of impeachment.
Threatening everybody around him.
Threatening his family.
Death-threatening everybody that supports him on a high level.
You think I'm the only one they're going after?
Listen, but it's worth it for this country.
It's worth it.
Our veterans go and fight in foreign countries and get their arms and legs blown off.
And usually it's for, you know, some globalist fraud.
This is America.
Fighting godless Hollywood and the globalists backed up by the Chai Kams that literally want to control our psyches and our souls and literally want to destroy this once great Christian nation.
But the good news is, their attempt at assault has caused a backlash and a major resurgence and awakening.
America was on its deathbed.
I'm getting chills, folks.
This is pure truth.
Everybody knows it.
America was on its deathbed, and now it's fighting back from the dead.
And we have just got to get supercharged in this fight and just absolutely spread the word and get out there on the ground demonstrating and get out on the ground at city council meetings.
Get out on the ground at the Capitol and go talk to your congressmen and women and just get in their face and say, we know what's going on because we're relaunching the American operating system of free market capitalism and Christianity and real freedom instead of this godless, anti-family, globalist, kill babies after they're born culture of death.
God is giving us a decision right now.
And I think Owen actually predicted it.
You know, my wife, God love her, puts up with all the work I do, but she's not told I'll be done in 20 minutes.
But I'll probably need to do another segment because I can be very calm in person, but once I sit here for hours getting ready for this, writing all these notes, and start thinking about how serious this is, it literally puts this
Well, it's the term they use at the church that's absolutely accurate.
It puts them on my heart.
It convicts me.
It convicts me.
I just get ready for war, for fighting.
And my brain speeds up and I can see all of it.
And folks, pray for discernment.
You'll have a discernment.
But our audience already has better discernment than I do.
We take the calls.
People hear that, they understand how many great people we've got, and no matter what happens in full wars, folks, because I think we can hang on a while longer, but no matter what happens in full wars, I just want you to know you are the brain trust, whether you're old, young, black, white, Hispanic, whether you're from Mexico, whether you're from Germany, whether you're from Japan, whether you're from South Africa, if you love liberty and care about children and hate this globalist system, then you are awesome and you're part of the solution.
If you
If you know the 5G is evil, if you know the Mark of the Beast is real, if it's on your heart that evil is spreading and you need to fight it, then we're brothers and sisters forever.
So next segment, I'll do part of the segment, I'm going to get focused and calm and get into really the biggest news of them all, how they're planning a race war in this country and how it's blowing up in their face by the grace of God.
But finishing up with Rush Limbaugh here, I'm not taking Limbaugh out of the woods yet, but in fact,
He's even made the point that when everybody sat there and ran from Congressman King, who's a great guy who did nothing wrong with the misquote in the New York Times, that that's why this country is falling apart is the intimidation of the corporate media, which is toothless.
But if something's toothless, it can still scare you and run you off a cliff.
As it waves its arms at you, it still wins.
So I want to play this clip of Limbaugh, because remember, we can put it on screen.
Anybody can type into a search engine.
We writers, just to point out how we've been right, because they're always saying we're fake and they're trying to shut us down, because we're telling the truth.
We are really the standard of as most accurate as you're going to get.
We make mistakes sometimes, but we're trying to tell the truth.
Opposite of CNN.
So they brand us as fake, as making stuff up, and blah blah blah, all this because they're the fraud.
And then,
The years I've been telling you about the Deep State Coup, the 25th Amendment, exactly how they were doing it, the rogue elements who was involved, you can see it.
And then, it's been months that the documents have come out, and the emails, and the text messages, and the congressional testimonies, exactly as I said, strocking.
All these guys are scared, going, we're gonna go to jail!
You didn't do anything wrong!
We're good to go.
All right, it appears that we have just lost Alex, but he will be joining us in the next segment, or if he's able to get through here before the end of this segment, I'm sure he will.
But I can finish off the analogy he's making.
If you understand the history, Tokyo Rose was a Japanese broadcaster that would go on air, I believe it was after we dropped the atom bombs on Japan, and would say, oh, the U.S.
armies are retreating!
Japanese victory for all!
Today's a great day for Japan!
That's what CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post does when they say every new story they run, Cohen's gonna bring down Trump, Manafort will bring down Trump, Stone will bring down Trump, and the list goes on and on.
Russian collusion, they have no Russian collusion.
I mean, they've tried everything.
And so they've got their minions on air as the Tokyo Roses telling the brainwashed masses
That everything's gonna be okay.
Don't worry.
We're gonna get Trump.
We've got him.
We've got the evidence.
We've got the documents.
We've got the Russian collusion.
We've got it all.
And we're gonna get Trump.
But the truth is, Trump's got all the evidence on them.
Alex Jones, would you like to take us to break?
Sorry, my line cut out.
But when we come back, I'm going to try to settle down and just lay out the big picture of what's about to happen next and why the enemy's coming after everybody.
In fours, it's only the first domino.
We all know that.
Everything's confirmed.
We've been dead on.
So just stay with us.
This isn't words because I know everybody hears hype and there's thousands of channels and
This is the channel they're trying to shut down.
This is what they don't want on there.
This is the wild card.
Time and time again, when nobody else is covering it, we're covering it.
It breaks out, and it defeats them.
So, if you want to defeat the globalists, just keep doing what you've already been doing.
Remember that, yeah, you can get censored or banned on YouTube or Twitter or Facebook for promoting it on fullworse.com links.
We make it easier.
Promote a NewsWorse link.
That doesn't get you banned 10% as much.
But who cares?
They built these platforms to get us in there like a web.
So the spiders would have us caught and come up and say, do what we say or we'll not let you talk to people.
And you go, okay, and they tie her in the web.
And then pretty soon it's like, you can't get free now.
Mmm, delicious.
And that's exactly who Jack Dorsey and all these people are, smart ass spiders that all screw each other and lie and just, oh yeah.
We've got a Bitcoin pump and dump.
I dumped my stock before it plunged, and now I'm gonna sucker you back in.
That's how the spider operates.
You gotta learn to recognize the spider.
It's in love with itself.
It's fallen.
And it's so sure of itself and how it can destroy everything around it.
But we're here to say no.
InfoWars has been chosen out of the spectrum of resistance because it's one of the leading lights.
The spiders don't like light.
They like dark.
And so, if they're able, they believe, to shut us down, they believe they've killed a major nexus point for human expression and human freedom.
The Lord works in mysterious ways, but I can tell you this.
The fact that we're persecuted shows we're over the target end.
We just have to hold on a few more years into the future for things we're going to do that don't just give us the big victories that you've already delivered, the listeners, by supporting us.
We're all in this together.
But to even bigger victories that make was-you-mad-he's-gotta-go-through a lot easier.
And I realize that's the commitment.
If I'm willing to go all the way, and if you're willing to go all the way,
There's going to be major dividends for our children and for society and culture where, you know, only a billion people are going to die in this Armageddon instead of like seven billion.
I mean, seriously, like, it's kind of choose your adventure.
If we really get involved now and say no to all this up front, then we're going to go through this metamorphosis and it's going to be rough, but it'll be OK.
If we don't, I tell you, it's a very, very hard road we're going down.
And so I would just ask everybody to really search their heart and soul and commit to this fight.
Thank you all for your financial support.
That's Beyond Critical and FullRestore.com.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
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This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We've got it.
Truly an incredible time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones is on the line with us.
And it's really impossible to measure what is the biggest news right now.
Of course, it's all connected.
It all stems from the same thing.
A bunch of kleptocrat, bureaucrat, technocrats
Have occupied the US government and we're selling it down the drain and we're ready to overflow it.
The American people rose up and elected Donald Trump.
And now that group of vicious criminals are doing everything they possibly can to stop America from getting out of the corpse that they were nailing shut and identifying them and doing what God's justice may be.
So Alex
What do the American people do when they see that there is an open coup against the President of the United States, when there's media hoaxes every week now trying to demonize the President and his supporters, and, of course, you have the Russian collusion narrative totally boomeranging back onto the Democrats.
When will that investigation happen?
So, it's really an amazing, we call it the quickening, Alex.
It's really amazing that all this is happening at once, and it just provides really a window
That's right.
Let me try to answer that incredibly well-stated question this way.
Ladies and gentlemen, there's a thousand channels out there on cable.
There's a million channels on the internet.
And most of it is absolute pure garbage that's been done by design.
But what is the most censored, most demonized, most attacked thing out there?
It's InfoWars.com, it's NewsWars.com, it's President Trump.
Now, now, now, why is that?
They also constantly want to get rid of DrugReport.com.
It's because...
InfoWars isn't perfect.
I'm not perfect.
But I mean well.
I'm trying to tell the truth.
I care about the country.
The President does some things I don't like.
But I know for a fact, he's actually the President.
He actually calls the shots.
Not the bureaucrats.
He's gotten rid of almost all the lobbyists.
And that's why they're so angry.
He's actually trying to do things he thinks is best for the country.
And that's why they're angry, is all these special interests from Hollywood, the Chi-Coms, the rest of them, don't have full control.
And they're fighting for what they think was already their quarry.
What they already owned.
What they'd already captured.
What they had already usurped.
And so, I was trying to tell the guys during the break, and gals up at the office, what we're going to call this show today once it's posted at InfoWars.com.
Sometimes the full show, even though we've been censored, ends up having a million viewers in the next few days, and people get excited about it and email it out and share it.
People don't, it's about 30,000 views.
The live show has millions tuned in right now, but the archive of this is really important.
We pay for the bandwidth, we pay for the servers, we do all this because we need to have a record.
Of what we've said, because that's the power of Infowars.
Later, when it comes true, it's that evergreen power that scares the power structure so much.
That's why the only people who can carry the ball during the censorship is the audience.
So, again, you're more important than ever.
So, here's what's happening.
We're in the middle of an attempt to complete overthrow of the country.
Trump and the American people, through a national insurgency, because the globals were so arrogant, got Trump in and a Bichet.
That has been fought to a standstill.
The deep state's been exposed on many fronts.
They're in trouble.
But for whatever reason, Trump isn't moving against them.
And so I've fought long and hard about this and what's really going on.
And the truth is, Trump is surrounded by a bunch of yes-men who are following a lot of his orders, but still not willing to go on the offense against the globalist criminals politically, economically, and through the judicial system.
Okay, fine.
It's up to us to do that.
So yeah, I don't like some of his compromises on immigration.
I don't like some of the other deals he's made.
But if you look at everything in the main, he's at least our president.
The locals are angry about that.
They're trying to remove him because what they've got in store is so much worse if they get in.
Has he gotten it all done?
He's gotten a lot done.
He's done a great job in many ways.
But if we just sit here and are holier-than-thou like Ann Coulter, we're going to lose the whole shooting metric.
Listen, Hillary was going to crack down on free speech and do a bunch of bad stuff once she got in.
That was admitted.
But now that they've had their nose bloodied, and their ribs politically broken, and their leg broken, they aren't going to give us any quarter.
When they get back into power,
They're going to come for the guns, your children, the borders.
They're going to start wars.
They've said they're going to do it.
They are in a mad dog insane craze.
Talking about 70 and 90 percent taxes.
Talking about you're going to have your meat taken away from you.
Cory Booker.
America sucks.
It was never great.
These are enemies.
They were hired and chosen because they're low IQ traders that will serve the Chai Kams and the mega corporations and the Apples and the Tim Cooks.
And here's a good part about it.
God always says this in the Bible, and I've seen it in my own life.
It's all true.
Evil, when it thinks it's about to take over, shows who it is, and we have all been shown the abject, insane, over-the-top, foaming-at-the-mouth evil of these people.
They have really shown us just how bad they are and all the crazy things.
When we come back, we'll get into it, and then I'll get out of here.
This Chessie Smollett, Mullet guy,
Well, of course, obviously there weren't two dudes in Chicago in the middle of 20 Below in the night running up to some black gay actor and putting a noose around his neck and dumping bleach on him and calling him the N-word and keep America great and make America great.
Obviously that was out of central casting.
Well now they busted the Nigerians trying to get out of the country.
The Nigerians have turned state's evidence.
We knew this days ago.
Now even CNN is having to admit it and get ahead of it.
And now reportedly the police are looking for the so-called empire actor.
But all he was doing was continuing what he sees
On HBO, on ABC, on NBC, on Netflix.
Every show you tune into is how white people are all racist and how black people are oppressed.
It's a wonder more black people aren't rioting or killing people or staging things.
Because you turn on television and every program you see is kind of an erasion program.
Black people and women are targeted by high-tech brainwashing.
So instead of hating them and getting down to the level of the brainwashing, as most black folks don't buy it, most women don't buy it, we have to reach out to these people and show them the programming and imagine
We're not supposed to question public events like dead babies and incubators that didn't happen to start the Iraq War, or other events.
But this just proves it to everybody that almost every hate crime out there is staged.
Because the truth is, America and England and other countries and the nations that ended slavery were the ones that first said, get rid of it.
So how are we the bad people for being the first ones that got rid of it, when in Africa and the Middle East, it's still legal?
So when we come back, we'll talk about that, but again, to the audience.
Ladies and gentlemen,
It's an open track whether InfoWars is going to be able to continue on.
I've tried to expand the enemy squadron to a standstill.
I hate to be honest about that and admit it, but you've seen everything they've done.
The censorship, the attacks, the kicking us off, everything, the suing us.
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Probably 10 years ago or more that Barbra Streisand had this huge mansion on the edge of the ocean.
And somebody had just reported about it.
And so she tried to have them basically shut down.
And that drew a million times more attention to it all.
But the social engineers, because I read about it in the news, they actually openly talk about how to censor conservatives and nationalists and how to make sure people don't care about them.
And they say, well,
As long as we censor a lot of them at one time, it won't matter.
And they'll give it more attention at first, but then later everybody will forget about it.
Because the public's dumb and doesn't have a memory.
They're betting on you not valuing information.
And there are thousands of channels out there.
Tens of thousands.
But InfoWars is what they've targeted particularly because we've got their number and we know about their criminal plans.
So of all the ways you can spread the word about InfoWars, the newest and one of the coolest is hiding in plain view.
But why did I think of this?
Text the word NEWS to the number 33222.
And we will send you one alert a day of the most important breaking news for you to hopefully spread, everybody you know, to cause that chain reaction of communication they fear so much.
And if you want to get live breaking news feeds, when it's not just my main show every day, but emergency live reports we do almost every day, when we do those we will send you a text that we're going live.
Hopefully you'll spread it, that's what's really key.
Text the word show
To the number 3-3-2-2-2.
Ladies and gentlemen, nothing can stop you when you take action.
Nothing can stop you when you resist the globalists.
They are counting on you being weak, and having no memory, and not taking action.
When you make it fun to fight these bastards, and realize it's an info war, you're unstoppable, and we will defeat these people.
Everything is now in your hands.
Text to those numbers, and spread those links, and we will win.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Thousands and thousands of times in the last 20 plus years on air,
I've prepared for hours and gotten all the notes and all the articles together.
And then the magnitude of it just gets me upset with the earnestness.
But you know what?
The Lord works in mysterious ways, so thanks for putting up with me.
But I go back to this.
I've been fighting the globalists for 24 years on air.
I've been politically active for 26.
There are a lot of people who came before us that knew what was happening, and thank God for them or we wouldn't have any chance.
We better be thanking Donald Trump for our lucky stars here because I get persecuted for supporting Trump.
He gets persecuted for supporting America.
It doesn't mean he's perfect.
It isn't even about Trump anymore.
It's about the globalist wanting control of the nation to sign it over and control it.
So think about Limbaugh.
I mentioned this earlier.
I didn't play it.
He comes out.
He says there's a silent coup using FBI agents and then the deep state against the president.
Well, the Washington Post calls it that now.
And defend it.
Hell, people say I'm this rocket scientist, and how did I know?
Owen mentioned it earlier.
Senator Schumer, when he was president-elect, two days before the president got sworn in, said the deep state has seven ways to Sunday to get back at somebody.
So it's this entitled bureaucracy put in by the Bushes and the Clintons at the top that thinks they're invincible, but they're learning they're not invincible, and that's why they're getting scared.
We're in a fight, but I'd say we're about 57% or about 43% in the fight.
We are winning, not by a huge margin.
But the longer Trump stays in, more nationalists are getting elected, more patriots are waking up, and the operating system, what we're talking about, nationalism, capitalism, the family, God, decency, men and women, children, being honest, that is what people want, that's what works, versus Hollywood, the satanic, Chi-Com-funded operating system that wants to destroy this country and demoralize us and take us down.
This is an incredible time to be alive.
So I'm not mad at Limbaugh, but instead of, you know, Limbaugh or any of these guys saying, well, Alex Jones was right.
He said two years ago, there was a deep state coup.
He specifically said who was doing it and how they were doing it.
No, no, no, no.
He said they were illegally spying on the president.
He said, here's how they did it.
Because I do the research.
I know how they operate.
Much of it was public intel.
I only had to fill in like 20% of the information.
The globalists act like we're morons.
Like we're blind.
And that's what they feed on, is a dumbed-down population.
But Limbaugh...
It comes out after the Washington Post, after the New York Times, after CNN.
Okay, there's a deep state coup.
Okay, it's real.
We're trying to get the President out now.
I'm glad he's saying it's bad, and I'm not taking limbo out of the woodshed, but why do we always have to report stuff years after it happens?
See, I want to be tomorrow's news today.
Two years ago, what they were doing was clear.
A year ago, it was completely proven.
You see, that's why they had to take down the YouTube page with 3 billion views.
That's why they had to try it, because if anyone goes and watches that, they will see what I really said versus what they're saying now.
And again, in those broadcasts, in what we do here now, holding on at the battle station is what will bring down the enemy.
I think so.
I want to hear the latest.
Go ahead Owen.
Well, Alex, I think that, again, like you said, the deep state or the Democrats or really just the evil is revealing itself right now, and I don't think there's a greater example than Nancy Pelosi coming out in some form of an imperialist, you know, trooper uniform, coming out saying, we're going to take the guns.
I mean, go ahead, let's just roll this video, just take a look.
Here's Nancy Pelosi.
You can see the evil on her face, folks.
But here's what I want the audience to think about.
This woman is going out here telling you that there is no crisis at the southern border.
It's all an illusion.
Now think about the criminal fraud.
Think about the criminal confidence it takes for a woman to say that there's nothing happening at the border.
Again, like Alex said, they think you're blind.
They think you're morons.
So look at Nancy Pelosi in an imperial stormtrooper leader uniform just telling you, oh, there's nothing to see at the border.
We need to keep the borders open.
Let's expand on that.
Let's remember what happened a few weeks ago at the State of the Union.
Trump talked about 3,000 plus women this year.
That's this year in the list of first months saved from sex trafficking in hundreds of children.
All confirmed.
She wouldn't stand or clap.
And neither would Cortez.
And neither would Kamala Harris.
These are monsters.
And then when he said, we're going to pass a law, you can't kill a baby after it's born.
That's already the damn law.
It's called homicide.
What the pass laws?
It's federal laws.
Screw Cuomo and that KKK guy down in Virginia.
But that's the point is,
They're trying to break our will and rub our noses in it.
These are monsters.
This is a ringwraith.
This is a crone-like, evil, demon, drug-head, gangster family woman in some $5,000 Darth Vader outfit trying to look powerful.
She's an empty, rotten husk.
Since I mentioned it, here is Limp Bizkit.
We'll get into the latest false flag.
Here it is.
Why do you call what was going on inside the FBI a silent coup?
Because these people are unelected.
They took it upon themselves to overthrow the election results of 2016, ignoring the potential real collusion and conspiracy between Democrats and Russians to undermine the Trump candidacy and the Trump presidency.
The Mueller investigation, I believe, is a cover-up of all of that.
It's to distract everybody's attention.
You know, again, the Washington game.
We're losing sight of what happened here.
People, unelected, simply because they don't like a guy's hairstyle or like where he came from, decided the American people's decision was invalid and began a systematic process to get him thrown out of office.
This is a silent coup.
These guys, if you ask me, ought to be the ones in jail.
They ought to be the ones under investigation.
So Limbaugh says it like nobody else can, awesome guy, love him to death, and I'm glad he's saying it now.
How about we say it two years ago?
All I'm saying is, we have to attack what's happening now.
And when I'm back tomorrow with Owen, I'm going to call him again.
I'm going to talk about what's coming next.
Roger Stone's popping in, talking about what's coming next.
But they're coming after everything.
They've told you, they're going to confiscate your guns.
They're going to declare their own emergencies.
They're going to declare a national emergency, 25th Amendment, and remove the president.
We're in a crisis.
I'm not trying to scare people.
When your house is on fire,
And your dad shakes you awake and says, get out of the house, it's on fire.
He's not doing it to scare you, he's doing it to save you.
And I know the audience knows this, folks, but they get us in this punch-drunk thing of being attacked all the time and saying, we're going to kill your babies after they're born, or the family's bad, don't say mother or father, to where we don't even know what to do when they do something even crazier, which is going to be arresting people and taking your guns.
They're saying all this because they're getting everybody ready.
Now, let me hit this last thing.
Whatever this started, whatever it was, two weeks ago, the Empire guy.
I looked up who he was.
I looked up his background.
I looked up all the propaganda.
I looked up Infowars.com and Breitbart.com with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cases.
Almost every poopswastika or n-word thing or noose around somebody's neck.
I don't say almost, I think all that I've ever seen.
I think so.
We're good to go.
Thanksgiving turkey.
And now the media will quietly try to put this away and won't talk about it.
But just like the Covington kids, these false flags, these staged events, are going to blow up in all their faces.
And everyone, they want to sue me and shut me down for asking questions.
Because sometimes things are real.
Because the media and others stage so much stuff, everybody has to question everything.
That's normal.
It's part of a healthy, free society, Owen.
And the good news is, so many of these things are getting exposed now.
People everywhere are apologizing to me, saying, I think you were a kook.
But now I understand why you question everything, because so much of this stuff stays.
And that's what America is all about, is questioning this garbage.
But this guy needs to go to jail.
They've had 12 detectives for weeks looking into who supposedly did this.
I think so.
And that's why it's upon the American public to hold them responsible.
Look, Jussie Smollett should be one of the most... I mean, everybody should be calling him out right now.
Left, right.
Like you said, CNN's trying to get out ahead of it.
Now, Brian Seltzer.
I've got the clip.
They're blaming conservatives for hyping up this thing as a political event when they're the ones that lied about it.
Smollett's the one that lied about it.
It's they that pulled it off the hooks.
Patriots are on the go.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Let me just ask you this.
What do you say to your critics who say that you are creating a national emergency?
That you're concocting a national emergency here in order to get your wall?
What do you think?
Do you think I'm creating something?
Ask these incredible women who lost their daughters and their sons.
Because your question is
A very political question, because you have an agenda.
You're CNN.
You're fake news.
Jim Acosta couldn't have encapsulated the left's disconnect from the plight of our fellow U.S.
citizens better, championing the rights of illegal aliens in the Rose Garden while downplaying the murder of U.S.
citizens, drug trafficking, and human smuggling by illegal aliens.
Jim, what's your takeaway?
Yes, Kate, I just want to talk very fast here because I'm so paranoid that they're going to pull the plug on us here in the Rose Garden.
But I'm standing in front of some of these angel moms who came to the Rose Garden today to, I guess, testify to what they've been through in terms of their ordeals dealing with crime in this country and the undocumented immigrants.
But as you heard in that question that I had with the president there,
It was really about the facts and the data and this disconnect that we have when we hear the president talk about immigration.
He tends to talk about it in ways that demonize immigrants and that just don't stick to the facts.
We need to secure our borders to protect American citizens.
President Trump is completely correct on this issue.
We need to protect this country.
And as expected, Mad Maxine Waters led the charge of the left against the much-needed wall on our southern border from her ivory tower.
They're concerned that if a Democratic president gets elected, then they could use emergency powers to do a lot of the things that they don't like.
And as you know, they don't believe in climate change.
As you know, they don't want us to talk about Medicare for all or any of those subjects that they think will spend too much government money
You know that I've been talking about impeachment for a long time.
I am absolutely stunned and amazed that the American people are taking so much off of this president.
This president has lied, and I think it has been documented over 8,000 times in the last two years.
This president has committed obstruction of justice right before our very eyes.
The actual work that is responsible and responsive to the real and legitimate concerns around fentanyl and methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine that is being done within the state of California is now being put at risk for a vanity project, for a monument to stupidity.
Nancy Pelosi has run circles around the President of the United States, not once, now twice.
He's been embarrassed.
The House Judiciary Committee announced that it will investigate President Trump's national
We're good.
When the President declares this emergency, first of all, it's not an emergency.
What's happening at the border is a humanitarian challenge to us.
The President has tried to sell a bill of goods to America.
The $72 million San Francisco is spending just to clean up its streets, this is what's called making a truce with illegality.
There's no penalty for homelessness, they don't enforce the laws, and public urination is legal.
Look at this.
$12 million for homeless encampment housing.
Okay, just to clean it up.
$2.8 million to wash down biohazard material.
And $3.1 million for pit stop portable toilets.
The statistics are very real and have been increasingly ignored for decades by an elitist, do-nothing Congress.
Just in Texas alone, according to DHS status indicators,
Over 279,000 criminal aliens have been booked into local Texas jails between 2011 and 2019, of which over 190,000 were classified as illegal aliens by DHS.
These 189,000... Alright, ladies and gentlemen, the full John Bowne report is at Infowars.com.
We've got another huge report coming up on a national emergency.
It's actually going to now be at the bottom of the hour.
And then I've got a whole list of all the hoax crimes.
Oh yes, that's right, this isn't the first.
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And now, the tip of the spear, leading the fight to take back the nation.
It's Owen Troyer.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
So here's what we're gonna do in this segment.
We're gonna take the Jesse Smollett story and we're just gonna bury it.
Now let's just rewind the clocks back at how it all began.
It breaks on, I think, a Saturday night.
Jesse Smollett is out on the streets of Chicago, where it's like five degrees or something.
And they say he had bleach thrown on him, had a noose put on him, they were chanting MAGA country, wearing MAGA hats, two white men, and it was a hate crime.
And then it kind of just sat out there for a while and media continued to report it and hype it up as, oh look at this, more hate crimes against a member of the LGBTQ community because of Donald Trump.
And so the media echoes and echoes.
We have tweets from Cortez and other Democrats saying, this just shows how racist America is.
The media saying, they had Democrats saying it was a lynching.
I mean, so that happened for a week.
Then what happened?
Some of the evidence started to come out.
Jussie Smollett started to change his story.
Of course, this was after he cried on Good Morning America about this horrible hate crime against him.
The actor of the year, indeed.
Well, the two men of interest that were caught on camera were brought in by police.
Questioned for a couple hours and then released.
What happened in those two hours?
Well, I think it's obvious now.
They cooperated with the police investigation, told the cops everything.
Jesse Smollett then hires a defense attorney, same one that Michael Avenetti hired, and is now having to cover his ass for what appears to be one of the most staged hate crimes in American media history.
Now have you heard any of the media retract their stories?
In fact, first let's go to this compilation in clip 12.
Look at all the media reporting on this hate crime.
Empire star Jussie Smollett was the victim of a vicious, racist, and homophobic attack.
His attackers hurled racial and homophobic slurs.
Two people yelled racist and homophobic slurs.
Racial and homophobic slurs.
Not only homophobia, we're talking about racism.
We're talking about hate with steroids.
They are looking for two suspects who are apparently wearing Make America Great Again hats.
The offenders uttered, this is MAGA country.
The hate crime went down early this morning in Chicago.
Officials are investigating the alleged assault as a hate crime.
And now police say they're investigating this as a possible hate crime.
Anyone attacked in a hate crime like this is an outrage.
This is stomach-turning, mind-boggling information.
It's out of control.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tweeting, the racist, homophobic attack on Jussie Smollett is an affront to our humanity.
And Senator Cory Booker said the vicious attack on actor Jussie was an attempt at modern-day lynching.
Kamala Harris calling the attack an attempted modern-day lynching.
I'm so shaken by the story.
This is horrible to report.
This is a horrible story.
I mean, this is a horrible story.
I mean, the circumstances are just horrific.
Horrendous and unacceptable.
Absolutely despicable.
Yeah, a lot of people can't believe this is actually happening in 2019.
It's hard to believe that we're reporting, that we're even saying words like this in 2019.
Those are fake news.
This is America in 2019.
And CNN is fake news.
So there you go, the compilation put together by Grabien.
So, you wait until all those media outlets that you just saw issue a retraction on their comments.
All those Democrats issue a retraction on their comments.
You'll be waiting until you're dead, because it's not going to happen.
And again, all of America should be repudiating Jussie Smollett for trying to divide this country.
All of America should be repudiating the national media for going along with this hoax and not apologizing for it.
Folks, here's what it looks like.
The whole thing was staged.
Who knows why?
The reports are now that he paid the Nigerians to do this, and they even
They even pretended to do this before.
They practiced doing this before the thing even happened.
So think about the desperation of this individual.
And he is so oppressed in America that he has to hire two Nigerians to oppress him.
Tough stuff!
And then he gets to go on all the television shows and cry about how he was attacked.
All a bunch of lies.
Well, he may be facing time in prison if he filed a fake police report, so we're gonna see what happens with that.
But now on the back end, listen to CNN running cover and what Brian Stelter said on the air today.
Is he going to cooperate with this investigation?
Those are open questions.
But because from the very beginning there were political connotations to this story that were undeniable, because sources close to Smollett said these two attackers said this is MAGA country and that they were Trump supporters, this became partisan and polarizing on day one.
I wish it wasn't, but that is the reality.
And that adds a layer to the story to make it even more troubling.
Pause it right there.
Pause it right there.
So listen to what he's saying.
Oh, this was a political thing.
I mean, that's why it got so blown out of proportion.
And now we have to look back at how it got blown out of proportion because of the political nature of it.
It was literally hoaxed as a political stunt.
And here's Brian Stelter saying, oh, it's the media's fault for making it political because it was political.
It was literally staged, Brian.
It was literally fake, Brian.
Your news network is the one that ran with the fake news, Brian.
But he tries to project it.
Now, finish the clip.
From inside, how do you think the media, you know, the media had to cover this.
Cover this?
And it had to cover this, you know, cautiously and responsibly.
Because it was racist, right?
How do you think, on the whole, the media... And she said, cover it cautiously.
Oh, very cautious you were.
Strong, high-quality news organizations have tried to be very careful on this story.
But because TMZ said just a few hours after the alleged attack that this was a Trump supporter attack, you know, political connotation, like I said, it became partisan from day one.
And when you're looking at those random websites all over the world spreading information, you can end up, I think, having this story was able to be weaponized in many different ways.
By him?
There was a rumor a few days ago that he did this because he was afraid he would rid an official empire.
They were going to kill off his character.
Well, the studio Fox denied that was the case.
So, the motive here, there's still a mystery at the heart of the story.
Oh my gosh, there's a... Oh, what is the motive?
Yes, Brian.
Yes, Brian.
What is the motive for Jesse Smollett?
Let's see.
He just marches with Democrats in anti-Trump rallies.
He just tweets about how much he hates Trump.
Oh, what is the motive?
I have no idea!
Oh my gosh!
Wait, Jesse Smollett, who hates Trump?
Who hates Trump, decides he's gonna stage a fake attack against him, blame white Trump supporters, just hoaxes the whole thing, and Brian Stelter says, well, we don't know what the... We don't know what the motivation was.
Oh my gosh, we're still trying to figure this out.
We don't know what the motivation was.
It's a big mystery.
Oh wow, Brian.
Oh wow.
I didn't even think you were that dumb.
And then he blames TMZ.
You ran with the hoax, Brian!
We don't know the motivation!
We have no idea why he would lie about Trump supporters!
We have no idea!
We don't know the motivation!
Here at CNN, we're gonna do our due diligence.
We'll find it out.
Now, in the next 60 seconds, I'm going to read for you a stack of hoax hate crimes that was tweeted out by Andy Goh on Twitter, at Mr. Andy Goh, in Goh.
Indiana church vandalized with slurs like Hail Trump and swastikas and other such anti-Semitic stuff.
Fake hate crime.
New York CBS.
Arrest made after anti-Semitic graffiti cancels political event classes at Brooklyn Synagogue.
Also, another fake hate crime.
Lafayette PD.
UL student made up story about attack and stolen hijab.
So someone tried to claim Islamophobia.
Man charged after swastikas found on Long Island College.
Again, another fake hate crime initiated by a leftist Trump-hater.
Muslim woman made up crime on subway.
Another fake hate crime made up by the left.
Woman made up Trump-motivated hate crime story police say.
NBC New York.
Another fake hate crime.
What's the motive, Brian?
I don't know the motive, Brian!
Tell me!
Let's go to Megan in Texas.
Megan, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you today?
I'm awesome.
Thank you for calling.
I'm going to give you a little bit of my background.
I was born and raised in California.
I lived through the downfall of California.
My husband and I got out of there as soon as we graduated from school, came to Texas because to us it was a bastion of freedom.
Man, I'm looking at what's happening to Trump right now, and I'm telling you right now, this whole country's going the way of California.
We're going to be disenfranchised.
If they get him out, that's a gateway right there.
There's no more middle of the country anymore.
We're not going to have a say.
I mean, we're killing babies, and we're poisoning the ones we're not killing.
We're just here in Texas trying to raise our three little girls, and I just, what do you think we're going to do?
If they manage to get him out, what's our contingency plan?
Where do we go from there?
Megan, I hear the earnestness in your voice, the concern, and I absolutely agree with you.
They hit Europe with 15 million military-age men.
It's collapsed.
They broke their borders.
They're breaking ours.
It's treason.
The governor of New Mexico, the governor of California has pulled National Guard off.
We have tens of thousands, four caravans coming.
Five million have announced they're coming in a major gallop pull.
This is insane.
I mean, it is on.
And again, they're using these people as weapons.
They're saying,
No deal on government shutdown unless you get rid of the 100,000 beds and only make it 16,500.
They're literally saying you can't hold rapists and murderers.
They're saying you can't check who the kids are with or what diseases they have.
This is the lawless world government breaking of America with the Democrat collaborators running it all.
You're absolutely right.
Yeah, um, I just, I feel like, not only that, my husband and I are both business owners, and I hate to say this, but the brain-dead masses, you try to get through to these people, they're so asleep and zombified, and I just want to say, the people who don't live in border states, they have no clue.
They have no clue what's gonna happen when all these people come in and overrun us.
I've seen it happen.
You can go to the downtown area I grew up in, and it's nothing but Spanish.
You go to the Walmart, everything's in Spanish.
If you didn't know Spanish, you didn't get a job.
This is the globalist plan, and it's absolutely two minutes to midnight.
California used to be just like Texas.
It's now a collapsing hellhole.
God bless you, Megan.
Megan was on fire, ladies and gentlemen, and her warning is absolutely true.
Are you gonna listen to her?
Because a lot of Texans, a lot of Oklahomans went out to California.
And now they've come back because the state is gone, ladies and gentlemen.
We have some affiliates out there, a lot of great people, a beautiful state, but it's gone.
We have to admit, this is the mindset, this is the program into the future.
Here's the thing, I'm not giving up.
Because I know we've got truth and justice on our side, but it takes money to wage this war.
You're spreading the word, you're praying for us, and you're financially supporting us.
It's key, it's essential, it's absolute like oxygen.
We have to have it, and we've got great products you already need.
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Okay, I'm a fish oil addict.
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Coffee's a thing of the past now.
Brain force is a thing of the past.
And for different people, different things.
I'm just telling you, fish oil is numero uno.
InfoWarsTore.com, InfoWarsLive.com, or 888-253-3139.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Owen Schroer.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Roger Stone joins me now.
Of course, fake news loves going after Roger Stone.
And we've got a couple brand new fake news narratives that they're trying to run against Roger today, but the first is really the big one.
And you saw it probably all across national news.
I was getting blown up, people asking me about it.
Roger Stone gagged.
Well, Roger is here to address this notion that you've been gagged, or should I say correct, the fake news.
So, Roger Stone, what is going on?
Have you been gagged?
And why is the media reporting you have been gagged?
Well, this is the first media appearance that I've had since the judge issued a gag order in which he reaffirmed my right, my First Amendment right, to speak about anything I wish anywhere except for on the courthouse steps.
So I am not gagged, but you would not know that if you read Politico or USA Today and a number of other outlets who only read the headline and never read the judge's actual order.
Now, ironically, all the other witnesses and the attorneys in my case are gagged.
They are admonished not to discuss
The case in public, so the good news.
I am not gagged.
That doesn't mean that I will be in judicious in the discussion of this case, but I think everybody who watches InfoWars because it was here that you first heard me immediately after my arrest.
It was here that people heard me immediately after the security camera footage which stunned the nation was first made public by Alex Jones.
Followed five hours later by Fox Television, that has really brought me a tsunami of public support.
I mean, there is a sea change, Owen, of people sending contributions, praying for me, wishing me good luck.
It's a great, great feeling to have the support of all these Americans.
Well, I think, you know, they've already seen what Mueller has done to other people in this illegal special counsel probe that we've witnessed.
And then, of course, the shocking FBI footage where they have rifles coming up to your door.
They haul your wife out of there.
I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous.
They're taping up the cameras.
I mean, it's just this whole big giant circus where CNN gets the leak.
I mean, see, that's the real story, Roger.
The real story is CNN gets the leak.
They're going to come with drones drawn to your front door.
Totally illegal there.
Who leaked that?
There's an investigation going on.
But no, the big story is, ooh, Roger Stone is gagged!
And we didn't even read the gag order, but we just went ahead and told you he was gagged.
Yeah, that's the good news.
I mean, I think I was persuasive in making the case that the manner in which I was arrested had the purpose of poisoning the jury pool, of depicting me as guilty before I've had a chance to prove my innocence.
There I am being led out of my own home in handcuffs, as if I'm a drug kingpin.
Uh, but now it is very clear that I do have the right to speak and I will continue to speak out.
I learned only yesterday that two of my associates were asked by the special counsel's office if they'd be willing to wear wires and come to South Florida in an attempt to get me to talk about WikiLeaks, which would have been a waste of time because there is no further evidence.
And then, Owen, as you know, there was the shocking second story timed six o'clock on Friday for the evening news that said,
Special Counsel says they have information regarding Stone communications with WikiLeaks for the first time, CNN.
They're covering Twitter direct messages that I turned over to the House Intelligence Committee well over a year ago that are ex post facto, take place after WikiLeaks has already published their documents and prove absolutely nothing.
But they're hyped by CNN as if this is some bombshell revelation.
That's because the special counsel included them in a filing in which they made the case to the judge that my case is related to another case, the case of the Russian intelligence agents.
And thereby, it is now clear that I have to go to trial in front of Judge Amy Berman Jackson, the same judge who I believe
Has violated Paul Manafort's constitutional rights in that trial.
She's an Obama appointee.
She is a liberal.
This is going to be, you know, quite a trial to say the least.
Well, and who knows how long it could go on.
Of course, now we know that Trump declaring this national emergency, the Democrats have already filed a lawsuit against him, just like he predicted they would.
That could drag out for another nine months.
So this is the obstruction techniques that the Democrats have mastered, Roger.
But just as far as your case is concerned, obviously you have to be judicious about where you stand on this.
I mean, you shouldn't have even been handcuffed.
You've done nothing wrong.
This whole thing is part of a big witch hunt.
You know damn well it was the Democrats that colluded with Russia.
Everybody knows it by now.
So what level do you think it's gotten to now?
I mean, with Adam Schiff saying, oh, even if the Mueller Counsel finds nothing, I'm going in.
I'm staying steadfast.
Well, what the hell is that bug-eyed freak's problem?
He said he had evidence two years ago.
Well, let's see it!
No, you're absolutely right, Owen.
In fact, the big news today, really, and this is news that was broken on InfoWars first and foremost, was the 25th Amendment play to take out Donald Trump.
It is now absolutely clear that there are both two witnesses beyond McCabe who say that Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General,
Absolutely volunteered to wear a wire to try to entrap President Trump to remove him under the 25th Amendment.
Two FBI officials have testified behind closed doors that at least two cabinet members were on board in what is a coup.
This is sedition.
And where did you hear about it first?
Right here on InfoWars.
So everything I have predicted has now been confirmed by Andrew McCabe in his new book, confirmed by two FBI officials in their formal under oath testimony before the Congress.
And now we know that two cabinet members were in on what was really a coup attempt.
This is treason.
How long is the president going to put up with the duplicitous activities of Rod Rosenstein, who tried to tell us
Oh, it was only a joke.
I was only joking.
It's now clear from today's media coverage that this was not a joke.
And on a totally separate issue, Roger.
I mean, I'm saying this is totally separate, nothing to do with what we're just talking about.
Just a totally separate issue here.
Just 100% totally separate, just to be clear.
I do believe, guys, look this up.
Would you guys look this up?
I do believe the punishment for treason is hanging.
I'm not sure.
Totally separate issue, Roger.
But isn't the punishment for treason death?
Yes, the capital punishment, the death penalty, can be the punishment for treason.
I argued a long time ago that the sale of missile secrets to the Chinese in return for campaign contributions was treasonous in activity by Bill Clinton.
I believe Uranium One is treasonous activity by Bill Clinton.
So, Donald Trump remains accused of completely fake Russian collusion.
The Senate Intelligence Committee issued their report last week concluding that there was no evidence whatsoever of collusion between the Russian state and the Trump campaign.
I didn't see that on CNN, did you?
I didn't see it on the three networks, did you?
You have to go to the newspapers, and then it's on page 12.
So it is extraordinary the way they hide the facts, and they continue to chase an error that doesn't exist.
Adam Schiff, who you referred to correctly as a Popeye freak, now says, Mueller isn't being tough enough.
Mueller isn't being aggressive enough.
Adam, you're empty-handed.
You said well over two years ago that you'd seen more than circumstantial evidence of Russian collusion, and you have produced none whatsoever.
Alright, there goes Roger Stone, ladies and gentlemen.
Not gagged.
Not gagged, except he can't speak on the steps of the court.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jessica.
She wants to talk about the Virginia governor.
Jessica, you're on the air.
Looks like he'll be resigning soon.
What do you think?
I hope so.
I never liked him from the beginning.
I remember that President Obama endorsed him, and that was a big... I thought that would be a big wake-up call to people, but apparently it wasn't.
But we keep the babies comfortable.
I can't really do his fake Southern accent, but it's just, I love Southerners.
I'm from Texas, kind of Southern, but it's like the fakeness of that sicky sweet, let's stay out of the ladies area, kill that baby.
I think because he's a pediatrician, he's used to people, you know, kind of
Oh my gosh, it's so sickening.
I have x2 and the selenium for my thyroid and I have to say that it's worked wonders.
The Brain Force Plus is amazing.
Me and my family take it every day and I mean you really can feel what it does and usually I get a lot of brain fog from the thyroid issue and that helps tremendously and the knockout
Well, Jessica, I
I appreciate your support, but let me be honest with you.
Only take a half pack at the first time.
It's just, it's kind of like good crack.
So, I'm almost embarrassed.
Everybody should be careful with it.
If it gets to the next level, it's insane.
I really am glad that I'm able to help the fight for truth and freedom and liberty.
And I don't know where I would be and what I would think if I didn't have people like you on air, who have just stayed
We're good.
No, no, I totally agree.
We put out the one gold foil female shirt and it was a big hit.
And we're just brain dead.
But I promise, that's our number one complaint.
It's from women.
We've only got a couple shirts that are cut for females.
We will get it done for you.
But Jessica, you give me strength to go on.
And your husband and your family.
Because just hearing what's in your voice, the powerful feminine energy, and then the male energy together.
All of us focused together against the globalists is unstoppable.
And that's why they're attacking that sacred system of the family, of all of us together.
We are humanity.
We are the experience.
We are everything.
And so you've just got my commitment to fight on.
But let me tell you, I'm obnoxious most of the time.
I'm burnout.
Hearing you, I want to just say this.
I'm not just telling you this.
You are the info war.
You're the power of the whole thing.
And that's why I get so freaked out about begging the audience for help, because it's the truth!
I mean, I'm not just saying it.
If you weren't here, standing in the way, they would have already destroyed me.
But we're in this together.
So God bless you, Jessica from Virginia.
And yeah, looking at that little pathetic gremlin governor.
Of course he's KKK.
Who the hell wants to harvest babies' organs?
That's what that's all really about.
These are demons.
But thanks to you and others, we're gonna win.
Thank you so much.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Well ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here live on the Sunday broadcast with Owen Troyer and Roger Stone.
I'm looking at drugreport.com, CBS News, the wolf who cried, make America great again.
Wanted Chicago police to re-question actor.
Cooked you three years in prison for filing false report called a false flag.
Rehearsed attack.
Flashback laid out a hateful doubters lash out at those that questioned.
There's a big montage Owen played earlier, we'll play it again.
Watch media uncritically accept another hate crime hoax.
This is America.
So we were the first to say when it happened that we believe it was fake.
It's our right to say it.
It may have actually happened.
But almost all the other hate crimes are staged, are made up by the left.
Just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them where we can't even keep track of them anymore.
I personally have experienced the left make up outrageous things about me.
Roger can tell you about the racial stuff they've said about him.
It's just incredible to create division.
And so it looks like he hired people that worked on the set with him
We're good to go.
I think?
So this is just incredible how many false flags they've been caught in, and they want to make it absolutely illegal to question their events, and that's why they're coming after InfoWars.com.
But this is a big deal.
The police now say that these guys have told them everything, that it was totally staged, open and shut case.
Tomorrow's news today.
Back to Owen Schroer and Roger Stone.
Tomorrow's news today.
And again, as Alex said, this is why they want us censored, ladies and gentlemen.
This is why they want us censored.
And hey, we were the ones that told you they were gonna try to remove the President with the 25th Amendment.
We were the ones that told you Trump's gonna declare a national emergency at the southern border.
We gave you the exact date.
And so, they can't have us out there when they're trying to control the narrative.
Because, if you notice,
The media has such a control of the narrative that just last week, six police officers shot a black man in his car who was allegedly just sitting there sleeping.
Did the media cover that?
Ask yourself why.
Why was there no outrage for that individual?
Ask yourself why the shooting that happened on Friday in Aurora, Illinois didn't have national media swarming that event, making it a big national news story for 48 hours.
Because the media decides the narrative.
The media decides which mass shooting gets all the attention and then gets to control the narrative.
The media decides
What crime gets all the attention and gets to control the narrative?
Not the literally hundreds if not thousands of attacks, hate crime attacks against Trump supporters, myself included, that never makes national news.
No, it's the fake Jussie Smollett hate crime that makes the news.
And so that's how they control the narrative.
They can't have InfoWars here battling that narrative, beating that narrative, getting Trump in office instead of their
And I'm just thankful that Alex Jones had enough foresight
Really five years ago, committing to the game plan to go fully independent and only rely on this audience for funding.
Because if it wasn't for Alex Jones switching that gear and having that foresight, who knows where InfoWars would be at, ladies and gentlemen.
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And I know that Alex is just chomping at the bit to expand, folks.
I know that he's just chomping at the bit to expand.
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Because that's what he does.
I've witnessed it firsthand, folks.
Just look at the expansion that you've seen at InfoWars just in the last three years since we went major viral getting Trump elected.
I mean, if you really want to look at the growth curve of InfoWars and the popularity curve of InfoWars, it was always on the same trajectory, and then once the Trump
You know, campaign started in 2015.
It's like we did a, we were, our trajectory went so high, we almost did like a loop, and then went back up.
And so that's why they had to censor us.
Anytime we would go live on YouTube, we'd be the most viewed thing on YouTube.
On like five different channels.
They had to erase us off.
Anytime Alex Jones would go do something live in the streets with a bullhorn, and we'd put it on Twitter, get millions of views.
They had to erase it.
They just erased all of our pages off Facebook.
So fine!
They don't want us on their platforms?
We get it, they hate free speech.
They know that our politics defeats theirs.
They want to enslave you, we want to free you.
Fine, so they erase us.
They're tyrants, they're dictators, they're authoritarians.
We get it, we know it, we called them out.
That's why they censored us.
So if you're sick of the censorship, if you're sick of Soros paying hundreds of millions of dollars determining courts in this country, Congress in this country,
Social movements in this country.
Go to Infowarsstore.com and support us, folks.
Now, here's the deal.
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Trump's targeting them.
You're seeing thousands of arrests, coast-to-coast, happening.
No one's reporting on it.
It's all happening, and he declared a national emergency, kicking the whole thing off, and nobody even noticed it.
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So again, coming to you, ladies and gentlemen, from the founding system,
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
So, I'm going to talk about this one more time.
I'm going to move on to getting some other news.
And then I've just got a bombshell report from Gregory's that we're going to air.
And I need you to take action and upload this video to your YouTube channel.
Share it everywhere.
It needs 20 million views, ladies and gentlemen.
This is how we can get victory over these bastards.
These bastards, man!
They're freaking running kids, folks!
Excuse me.
So, the entire media confab runs with the Jesse Smollett hate crime hoax.
But who covered this story?
Which I give credit to my friend Andrew Kerr for helping break this.
He's over at the Daily Caller.
DC Antifa leader charged with ethnic intimidation related to attack on Marines.
So this DC Antifa leader, freeloader, DC Antifa freeloader, Joseph Alcoff, also known as Chepe,
Yeah, okay.
Okay, Chepe.
He gets charged.
17 charges.
Aggravated assault.
Ethnic intimidation.
Terrorist threats.
Inflicting bodily injury.
Where was all the coverage of this?
Where was the coverage of this man's victims?
Where was Good Morning America?
Where was CNN?
Where's Brian Seltzer?
Where's S.E.
Where's Brooke Baldwin?
Like I said, folks, the media controls the narrative.
That's their job.
That's why they have to have InfoWars off air.
So, you know, a D.C.
Antifa leader actually gets charged, caught, all the evidence is out, engaging in terrorism and hate crimes.
Nobody covers it.
But Jesse Smollett cries on Good Morning America, stages a hate crime, and it's national news.
And who knows if people... I was actually on Twitter during the break.
There's people actually denying that it happened.
Conservatives are like, wow, turns out the Smollett hate crime was just a big hoax.
And liberals are on there like, how dare you?
How dare you?
It's like, yeah, how dare I do research and know what's going on?
Oh my gosh.
So the Democrats want to confiscate the guns.
We covered that.
Oh, Anthony Weiner gets out of prison early.
Isn't that just nice?
Good ol' Anthony Weiner that, you know, married to Hillary Clinton's top aide, Huma Abedin, and gets caught sexually harassing and sexting minors.
Long before L.A.
City Hall was infested with rats, L.A.
has struggled with the rise of typhus.
So, Typhus is in California.
Typhus, ladies and gentlemen.
Maxine Waters calls for rallies across America to send a message to Trump.
No fake emergency.
So now Maxine Waters is calling for more domestic violence.
That's nice.
That's great from a congresswoman.
They're going to be protesting apparently all day tomorrow on President's Day.
So I think that means I think I need to go out in a MAGA hat and shoot a video.
I don't know.
Biden says America is an embarrassment.
No, you're an embarrassment.
I hope you run for president because then everybody's going to see those videos of you groping children.
Cannot wait.
Kamala Harris puts on a jacket, makes national news.
The Democrats are about to eat themselves in the 2020 campaign process.
Just get ready for that.
They already are.
Politico says, how does a straight white male Democrat run for president?
So they're already eating their own.
Nancy Pelosi wishes you a happy Thanksgiving yesterday.
Thank you, Nancy.
And in response to Ocasio-Cortez's new Green Deal, I want to propose some legislation here on air.
And I know I'm not in government, but you know what?
I think that this should go right to the top, ladies and gentlemen.
And I want thousands of page reports on this.
I want a whole big thing.
Maybe even declare a national emergency on this.
In fact, just like we need to fight climate change.
Just like we need to get that damn climate change, folks.
We'll get it.
I want to fight giant meteors in space.
I think we need to fight giant meteors in space.
Because a giant meteor in space hurtling towards Earth right now could destroy us tomorrow.
So if we're freaked out about climate change, which has been going on for billions of years, and it's totally out of our control, let's freak out about giant meteors.
So who knows how many giant meteors could be out there on a trajectory towards Earth right now?
Who knows?
There could be hundreds.
One could hit Earth tomorrow.
What am I gonna do?
Why is America not freaked out about giant meteors?
So somebody with a little guts in Congress needs to step up and fight these giant meteors that are hurtling towards Earth before we fight climate change.
Alright folks, you need to go to Infowars.com, National Emergency, Trump's Executive Orders to Destroy Deep State Criminal Comball.
You need to download this video.
You need to share this video.
You need to tell friends and family about this video.
Here's the devastating report from Greg Reese.
The National Emergencies Act was enacted September 14, 1976.
The purpose was to regulate the number of laws granting special powers to the executive branch in times of national emergency.
Congress can undo an emergency declaration with either a joint resolution and the president's signature or with two-thirds majority vote.
As of February 2019, 59 national emergencies have been declared and more than 30 remain in effect.
Six national emergencies declared by Bill Clinton are still in effect.
Eleven declared by George W. Bush are still in effect.
And ten by Barack Obama are still in effect.
President Donald Trump has declared three national emergencies already, and the so-called resistance has hardly mentioned them at all.
Including the National Emergency with Respect to Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption, which was signed on the first winter solstice of his presidency on December 21st, 2017.
The President therein declared that the United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, and specifically targeted 13 individuals worldwide involved in international human trafficking, otherwise known as slavery.
The mainstream media let this national emergency go mostly unnoticed.
If one were to look into these 13 names, they would find several connections to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.
Since the declaration of this national emergency in 2017, hundreds of arrests have been made and thousands of victims have been freed from bondage.
And the corrupt legacy media has been utterly silent about it.
And now, President Trump has announced to declare a national emergency on the southern border, to bring an end to the United Nations' disastrous replacement migration program, and to bring law and order to the entrenched black market economy of drugs and human trafficking.
Of all national emergencies declared since 1976, this one stands out as perhaps the most important for national security.
Securing our borders only stands to hurt the criminal elements that have been exploiting the system for years.
And so naturally, the criminal cabal of deep state politicians and their establishment-run media are all desperately trying to stop it.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, you need to go to InfoWars.com right now and go to this video, National Emergency Trump's Executive Order to Destroy Deep State Criminal Cabal.
I mean, take that video, download it, upload it to your YouTube channel, and put 100 different titles on it.
Upload to 100 different YouTube channels.
Title it,
Trump set to remove Clinton.
I mean, put everything on there.
This report needs to be seen millions of times, ladies and gentlemen, and especially right now while they're making a huge deal out of the national emergency.
You use that as a keyword.
Use Q as a keyword.
Use Alex Jones as a keyword.
Use Infowars as a keyword.
Use it all.
Use President Trump as a keyword.
Get this out!
This is why they don't want us to control the narrative, ladies and gentlemen.
They want you talking about Trump's national emergency at the southern border so that they can lie about it and call him a racist and all this bullcrap.
They don't want you talking about President Trump targeting human traffickers, many of which have direct, direct relationships to the Clintons.
I mean, my God.
Just look at Laura Silsby, ladies and gentlemen.
Just look at the WikiLeaks.
Just look at all the deaths around the Clintons.
What do you think goes on here, folks?
Let's not be naive, okay?
Let's not be naive.
We've ID'd, okay?
We've ID'd the major criminals in this country.
We've ID'd them.
We've got them.
We've got their names.
We know who they are.
We've reported them to you, and that's why they want to shut down right here at Infowars.com.
So, you want to know why they hate President Trump?
You want to know why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats are panicked over President Trump?
Because he wants to stop human trafficking!
Now ask yourself why, and ask yourself why they want you domesticated.
What are you going to do about mass human trafficking?
What are you going to do about hate crime hoaxes?
What are you going to do about hoaxes against white men in this country?
What are you going to do about hoaxes against Donald Trump?
What are you going to do about a fake Russian collusion investigation costing us millions of dollars?
What are you going to do about that?
Nothing if you're a domesticated slave!
Everything if you're alive!
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