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- The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics related to politics in the United States. - He believes that the Democrats are not interested in negotiating or making deals but rather pushing their own agenda. - The show often highlights alleged hoaxes and false narratives by mainstream media. - InfoWars products such as CBD oil, Happies mood and stress support formula, Patriot Blend coffee, Ultimate Krill Oil, Pollen Block, Honor Roll fish oil supplements for children, and Ultimate Bone Broth are promoted on the show.

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Look, I know the supernatural is something that isn't supposed to happen, but it does happen.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Well, if you're a long-time listener or viewer, just came across the live feed because you heard it's the verboten transmission, what you're not supposed to look at or what you're not supposed to read or listen to, welcome to the live Sunday global broadcast teleprompter free.
I'm your host Alex Jones from the ATX.
It is January 20th, 2019, four o'clock Central Standard Time blasting out across the AM and FM dial, television of course at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
There's always themes that come up without even trying to make it the theme.
Corporate media puts out their themes, puts out their talking points that they want us to follow, but we tend to go with the themes that just organically show themselves.
And the two big themes are today, America, the new socialist frontier, the new place the disease is spreading.
Once you experience it, you want to get away from it, but you have to experience it first.
And hoaxes.
Corporate mainstream media hoaxes.
We had three reporters at the Women's March in DC yesterday, and I've just been enthralled by their live footage.
And by other people's footage, it was like crazed, demonic piranhas attacking men, women sexually assaulting men, just flipping out, screaming, yelling.
This is divide and conquer tactics.
And we're going to have Owen Schroer, who just got back today, in studio to go over all of that.
But then you've got the older, quote, Native American man,
With a whole group of people saying, let's go get them.
And then a whole group of Women's March leftist men march over to a group of Catholic school high schoolers wearing Make America Great Again hats, get in their face.
Well, they taunt and scream at them, and then National News puts it out that a bunch of white racist Catholics got in the way of precious Native Americans just trying to go up the steps.
And just like blacks in the 50s being denied access to lunch kitchens and to bathrooms, there were the modern white supremacists.
I mean, I've got CBS, all of them.
Only ABC ran a fake headline, but then later admitted, well, actually, you've got the group of Democrats coming across.
With a couple guys with drums, and at first the students are jumping up and down with it, like it's a football game, having fun.
Then they push their way in, get in their face, and the news goes, look at the smiling face of the white man taunting him, blocking the Native Americans' access up the steps.
The true sign of white supremacism.
And then Twitter and all these other leftist groups came out, Kathy Griffin, and said, I want those kids doxxed!
I want where they live!
I want their heads!
Total, complete harassment.
And it turns out, they're all, oh, hi, how are you?
Totally loving, like Trump supporters.
And here are the leftists going over the raw footages on Infowars.com.
It's on Newswars.com.
We're going to play some of it, but it would take hours to play all of it.
But we've got where they say, let's get them!
All right!
Ooh, they're in trouble now!
Boom, boom, boom!
You march over.
There are the steps.
Nobody's blocking the steps.
You've got students there taking a student photo.
You crash into them.
And then, don't worry, the corporate media is there.
Every channel.
Did you see that dirty white kid smiling while he was... Oh, by the way, they never play audio.
While he's being called names and being sped at and everything else...
He just sits there and takes it and smiles, and he's the bad man.
If you are standing on a street corner and you're white, and you're wearing a red hat, and then here come people over to get in your face, don't worry, the media's gonna edit that to say that you did something bad.
This is like saying that England attacked Germany to start World War II.
It's just not true.
But the same media groups that put this out when I was in D.C.
a few months ago to confront the head of Twitter, these women run up and go, your mother's married to your brother, you monkey, you subhuman, white, you piece of filth.
And I went, wow, you're KKK, you're racist, brown KKK.
The media edited it from that point on.
But we have the raw footage.
That's the deception of corporate media.
They're conscious criminal deceivers.
The proof's all on InfoWars.com.
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Sunday, January 20th, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be here for the next two hours, as we are every Sunday.
And I'm back weekdays, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
David Knight.
Of course, this is along with the David Knight Show, 8 a.m.
every day at the InfoWars Network.
InfoWars.com for our show.
And Owen Schroer will be in studio with us in about 30 minutes.
I also host the War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
Obviously, there's the big news that Trump has angered his base.
Trump has absolutely enraged the Tea Party, enraged nationalists.
He said, I'll give you DACA, I'll legalize all these other groups, I'll give Pathway to Citizenship.
People just can't come in, smuggle them in little kids and drugs and weapons.
You've got to passport.
And the Democrats said, not just no, they said, hell no, no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
That was, by the way, that was the main chant at the Soros-funded Islamic-run women's march in DC.
We've got all that footage, a lot of exclusive footage.
It took hours and hours to bleep all the cussing from the piranha-like people that had been whipped into a frenzy by the establishment.
But Trump did this before.
We have a system that is absolutely hell-bent on total and complete divide and conquer.
And this is all they ever do.
Trump has always, even during the campaign, said, all I want is for people to be vetted, and to not have a criminal record, and sure, if you've been here since you're a kid, your parents brought you illegally, we'll legalize you, but we're not gonna then let you say you just got here last month, and you've been deported five times, and you're 30 years old, you've got a criminal record, and now you bring your whole family here with chain migration.
We're not doing that, it's not reasonable.
The media always misrepresents what Trump is saying and doing, so when he tries something like a partial DACA,
The right wing gets mad and says he sold out on what he said he would do, and he never said that.
And the left wing says, no, we want no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
Trump did this a year and a half ago, remember?
He said, okay, I'll give you everything you want on DACA.
And they said, no, that's not enough.
Now we want completely, totally open borders, period.
Just like he did a year ago.
Almost a year ago, back in February, when they were hyping up the tragic events of Parkland in Florida, where the police stood down.
That's now been confirmed.
And Trump said, OK.
Told Pelosi and Schumer in a meeting, what do you want?
We'll look at anything you want.
He said, we may not do it, but we'll look at it.
The media spun that Trump collapses, Trump gives in.
And the Democrats came back and said, we want all guns confiscated.
We want an abolition of the Second Amendment.
The New York Times ran the headline, time to repeal.
So Trump says, OK, I'll compromise with you.
What do you want?
They say, sky's the limit.
He could say, OK, no borders, no wall, no USA at all.
And they say, no, we're not turning the government back on until you resign.
Because they're not there to make deals.
They're there to get what they want.
And no one's ever stood up to him.
So I'm not even defending Trump on all this, but he's given a very liberal package to just say, can we have a basic border so the smuggling stops and the kidnapped kids stops?
And the Democrats have said no, despite the fact the plan he's put forward is a Democratic plan from 10 years ago.
And more liberal than what George W. Bush wanted, and even what Democrats wanted a few years ago.
But they cannot make Trump look reasonable, so they're going to keep pressing this, period.
So we've got that report, but then let's move on to the fake news that I'll be detailing in great detail coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Owen Schroyer, Greg Riesch, and other members of the crew went up for the Women's March this weekend.
And we have the live video footage, all of it coming to you, where a woman sexually assaults Owen Schroyer.
This is at the bottom of the hour.
The video is about to go live on InfoWars.com.
She literally just walks up and grabs him by the genitals and then says, yes, I just sexually assaulted you.
What are you going to do about it?
He could have called the cops over.
She would have been arrested.
It's a felony.
Owen is chivalrous, so he didn't do it.
But I talked to him on the phone.
She grabbed him hard.
It hurt.
Because, oh, Trump grabs women.
Trump's a rapist, according to them.
So she can do it to you because you're wearing a red hat.
Trump was talking about, like, the Beatles, women throwing themselves, or Elvis.
We have that footage coming up, where women are taking their bras off, taking their panties off, rushing up, jumping on you.
Trump's saying, man, these women, they throw themselves on you, they climb on top of you, you can do whatever you want.
He's saying that.
And Bill Clinton's the one that's signed off on all these rape cases and made payoffs.
So the left does this and says, because you're wearing a red hat, I'm going to grab you by the genitals.
And this woman is so whacked out and so crazy that she says, go tell the cops that Owen doesn't do it.
Actually, you do that to me, lady, I'm going to get your ass arrested because you're a crazy person.
I don't want my son or my daughters treated like that.
That's assault.
And she grabs him hard by the genitals.
And she's so entitled.
That she thinks it's okay.
This is the crazed nature.
We also caught all this footage of women running over to men and saying, get the hell out of here.
This is only for women.
Another women's march last week got canceled because they looked at the list and it was too white.
So this is classic divide and conquer.
And this is in the WikiLeaks where Hillary's talking to top professors and she says, we're losing control.
What do we do?
And they said,
You create racial and cultural division, you divide everyone, and then you act like you're trying to stop the division.
It's how the British controlled India.
It's called the Great Game.
It's absolutely disgusting and sad.
Now, let's talk about another hoax before we get into that in more detail, because it's so illustrative.
You have the Native American coming over with a group marching over saying, let's get them.
They march over to a group of high school kids.
And run in their group and start getting in their face.
And then the National News says, oh, these mean kids came and got in the poor Native Americans' face when we have all the raw footage on Infowars.com.
Only ABC News admitted, actually, they marched over and got in their face.
But that was buried in the report.
ABC News' headline said that, I've got it right here, ABC News said that they basically assaulted them.
But here's what's bigger.
Kathy Griffin, of severed head fame,
She, we have her tweets, said, go and dox these young people.
I want them.
I can't even show this because of TV viewers.
We have FCC rules.
I can't show you her tweet.
OK, because there's so much cussing, so much threatening.
And she says, go to their houses, get them.
She says, the reply from the school was pathetic and impotent.
Name these kids.
I want names.
Shame them.
If you think these effers wouldn't dox you in a heartbeat, think again.
Then she goes on and says more.
So she wants schoolchildren doxed.
Because a bunch of people, a bunch of grown men march over with drums, run into their group, are bucking up and calling them names.
We have to bleep all the cussing.
The young people just smile at them and they go, look at the arrogant face of the white privileged piece of filth.
And then they frame them and say that they're bad.
And it's such powerful footage, because some of these kids are like 10 years old.
And here come these folks beating these drums.
And at first, they're jumping up and down with them.
They think it's fun until they start insulting them.
And that's just arrogant, entitled, you know, leftist, welfare head, anti-white, brainwashed, brown KKK coming over and getting in somebody's face.
But then let's shift gears.
BuzzFeed comes out.
They're the ones that said there's video of Trump being pee-peed on and fake dossiers.
BuzzFeed is fake news.
That's why they don't want us on there to counter their fake news.
Snopes is fake news.
Southern Poverty Law Center is fake news.
They're famous for it.
They said, oh my gosh, Michael Cohen says in testimony, he's a stool pigeon so what would he say, that Trump told him to go lie.
Well, even if he said that, so what?
He's a guy that got caught not paying his taxes, so he doesn't want to go to prison, so he'll say anything.
He's admittedly a liar, but it's bigger than that.
Mueller comes out and says it's not true, he didn't even say that.
So BuzzFeed's Trump story, latest in a long list of Russia bombshells that weren't.
But that's not what's important.
We have it on good authority, this is totally staged.
I've had of his report coming out.
So it makes him look like he's credible that he says this is fake.
And they put it out on purpose, thinking he'd have no memory, for when he brings out his new disinfo, thinking, well, Mueller said the other stuff was fake.
So this must be real.
Another white-shoe boy, dirty lawyer tactic.
Mueller is the lawyer to the mob.
He's famous out of Boston.
Because we need border security.
We have to have it.
Should have happened 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago.
And it's gonna happen now.
Gonna happen now.
Thank you very much, everybody.
Enjoy your food.
There's the juxtaposed of golden candlestick holders with candles and then all this fast food.
Trump is ridiculous.
He's the ultimate joker card.
But meanwhile, he says we've got burgers stacked a mile high.
They spit it that he's lying when it's a figure of speech.
And I didn't see anybody complaining when Barack Obama was spending $65,000 on hot dog dinners.
Nobody cared to mention that in the mainstream press or ridicule him, and Obama always made a big deal of going out for fast food, or the press did at least when he did.
Oh, it's well known.
Trump likes tacos, and Obama likes winners.
You've got Alexandra Cortez coming out saying CBS is racist and bad because they didn't send a black reporter to cover her for Congress.
But she says, better get better next time.
That's why to counter her and to get back in her face whenever she said that Don Jr.
might face prison time for making the point that, you know, she loves Venezuela so much.
In Venezuela, they eat their dogs.
In capitalist countries like America, we walk our dogs.
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Then it's got an American flag that's very triggering to her, saying InfoWars.com.
So there it is.
It is on InfoWars.com.
There's links to it on InfoWars.com.
Capitalists walk their dogs, socialists eat them.
Sure, this is triggering, this is powerful, and it shows her with an enlarged cartoon head with giant ears looking like a dog thumbing at the mouth because that's what she looks like is a dog on methamphetamine.
She's probably on methamphetamine.
I mean, what is she on?
We should ask the question.
She used to be good-looking.
She's lost so much weight and has meth mouth.
So you could call it the Alexandra Cortez meth mouth.
Because she dares to threaten people with jail time and subpoenas if they make fun of the fact that capitalists walk their dogs, socialists eat them.
And she looks meth, you know, out of her brain now.
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Because, ladies and gentlemen, in the final
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People eat people and are made lower than dogs.
And she is an absolute tyrant wanting to arrest people that make fun of her.
And so we're going to show her how America works and throw it back in her face.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I told my shelf about 30 minutes before we went live,
I said, I'm going to be real calm, which I can do sometimes, and people really like it.
They think it's informative.
And I'm not going to get too upset about this.
But then I've got probably 10 hours of preparation yesterday and today for this broadcast.
And then I just start thinking about every facet, and it's hard to not get upset.
And then I've got all these other urgent, incredible things happening.
And if I don't cover some of the things that concern Infowars and myself, we'll be shut down.
And then when we get shut down, they admit everybody else does.
This is true authoritarianism.
You know, I told you on Friday, my wife was having surgery on her elbow from tennis injuries.
Decades playing tennis.
Couldn't even move her arm anymore.
I wasn't really going to come in that day, but I had to come in.
She was out of surgery.
I had to come up here because I got calls from Washington Post, ABC News, that Robert Mueller wants to basically indict me, indict my dad, all this other stuff for Russian collusion.
And I know that's totally fake when they're talking about me.
And then they send my lawyers questions basically saying that, and I come on air and tell people and I see this leftist comment brigade saying, Jones just wants attention.
Jones is just saying this for attention.
Yeah, like they shut us down over a hundred platforms.
They're trying to take our bank accounts away.
They have congressional hearings about me everywhere, lying, where I'm not even invited to speak, killing due process.
Oh, well guess what happened on Saturday?
The Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed us for all the emails from Corsi, via Corsi.
And they also want to know everything about, quote, dirt we tried to find on Hillary, including her medical issues.
Thought journalism was legal.
Thought the Pentagon Papers were legal.
Now that's even on CNN as of the next day.
You understand now?
Like, I don't come up here and tell you this stuff, and then I'm just saying it because I'm trying to sound big.
I've been under attack for 20 years on air.
24 years I've been on air, but 20 years I've been getting attacked.
They have hearings.
We've played the clips.
But I don't think listeners understand, because I don't spend enough time on it, understand just how serious this is.
So, Roger Stone joins us in the second hour with the most exclusive news ever.
They are getting ready to move on Trump.
And I'm not saying this about Trump because Mueller is reading down my neck.
I'm saying it because Trump isn't doing enough to protect himself and others.
If Trump won't defend himself, why the hell should I do it?
And by the way, I still like Trump way better than Hillary.
He's still a good patriot.
He's a good man.
But man, this new Attorney General pick is Robert Mueller's daddy.
I mean, he is the guy that worked for George Bush Sr.
at the CIA who brought Mueller in because he was corrupt and known for helping run mob hits in Boston.
I mean, reportedly Mueller would do the killing himself.
Whitey Bolger was just a cutout half the time.
So Mueller's running around killing everybody all over Boston.
And then George Herbert Walker Bush brings him in through his new AG, who was AG back then, but Trump's new AG, William Barr.
And at that point, I'm just like, okay, stick a fork in the country.
I mean, if Trump doesn't get that, and by the way,
I had a whole theory with Roger last week.
I said, maybe these guys say, hey, we were under globalists before, but the Bushes are out of power, the Clintons are out of power.
We were just ordered to do this.
We want to make America great again.
We don't want one-sided deals with China.
We realize America's powerful.
It has, you know, all this will.
Even from a sociopathic view, why run America in the ground?
So we actually want to join Trump.
And I wasn't thinking that.
I was just hoping that.
And then Trump comes out and says, I had no idea.
That he literally is Robert Mueller's daddy.
And that they vacation together, and are best friends, and they're wives, and they're everything.
And Trump said, you know, I was just told he was good and conservative when it got confirmed, and isn't a Democratic partisan.
Trump, it's not Democrats.
The neocons, they run the show.
They want the power.
They want it now.
They don't want America to be great.
You think the universities, the whole corporate media, the whole ecosystem says America was never great, it'll never be great?
That was at the Women's March this weekend.
It's governors, it's Democrats, it's Cortez, it's... They're globalists.
They're demoralizing and bringing the country down, and they're selling it out to whoever will buy it off.
And so, at this point, it just becomes ridiculous.
And I'm only raising the alarm because the move is being made right now.
Now, again, I don't have time to get into this on radio and TV because we've got hours of it.
And we're going to show you Owen Shoyer being sexually assaulted.
When we come back from break, he'll be in studio.
But media hoax.
MSM falsely claims Catholic students harassed Native American.
And you've got a group of leftist, Hispanics, whites, black guys.
Go, let's go!
It's on!
Beep, beep, beep!
I've got to bleep all this out.
They march across to the group of junior high and high school students.
Who are out there for a prayer march, anti-abortion march that also happened.
They weren't even dealing with the women's march.
So the leftists march over.
It's all raw footage from their own cameras.
It's the leftists' own cameras.
The media got this.
They go, let's get them!
All right, we're coming!
We're coming, bitches!
Beep, beep, beep, beep.
And literally 10-year-old kids are like, here come grown men busting in.
Boom, boom!
And they don't know what's going on.
So they're jumping up and down like it's a football game.
And then they start saying, we're going to get you, blah, blah, blah.
And so all the white kids do, most of them are white, is just smile.
And the media said, look at these white devils, arrogantly, who surrounded this poor little Native American man.
And they show this crop footage from the point where it's a little Native American guy.
Now people come in to basically assault the kids and say, look what they did.
Look at how they surrounded him.
And every channel in the country is still running it, despite the fact that we have the raw footage of what really happened.
And that shows you just how evil this is.
I care about Native Americans, man.
You go out west or areas they're in, most are alcoholics on drugs.
It's hellish.
I'm part Native American.
And the way they get used by the system and then bust in to do stuff like this.
When the very same news organizations, we did reports on this months ago, would put out footage where these racist, Hispanic women, dressed up in Native American outfits, because I guess that gets you attention, go, hey, your mother's married to her brother, you're a subhuman, mongoloid, whites are retarded creatures, like the New York Times board member says, and you're just scum, you monkey!
And they keep going, monkey, white monkey, white monkey.
And so I say, hey, that's really racist.
Leave me alone.
The media has me doing that, saying I just came up to them when they came up to me.
The exact shame, evil formulae.
And that's why, there it is, Alex Jones harasses Native American women.
Then they have the edited video.
We have the video that's not edited, unedited video of a Native American man approaching Catholic school kids.
We have that on Infowars.com.
A version of the edited version of the kids.
And then we have the other footage, outrage over viral video of an encounter between teens and Native Americans.
We have it all there.
And it's called...
The Now This, that's on Facebook, is the group that puts these fake videos out, where they have the left come assault people and say horrible racist stuff, and then they say that we're doing it.
But all the proof's on InfoWars.com.
In fact, let's add the old videos, if we can, to that article of what happened a few months ago to me, because it's the exact same formula.
We'll be back with Owen Shore being sexually assaulted at the Women's March.
I recently saw a Gillette ad owned by Procter & Gamble that spent a minute and a half showing men as the enemy.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones.
Well, he's the host of The War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, weekdays, right after I get off air.
He's Owen Schroer, the Cupslayer.
So, he and the crew went up to the Women's March yesterday in D.C.
and they covered that, and we're about to premiere eight and a half minutes of this segment in the next.
A video that took a lot of time to bleep out and blur out for TV viewers, all the birds and all the cussing and all the, you know, cuss words on the signs.
And when you look at this, you have to understand, there's hours more.
It's not like we're even cherry-picking this, but most incredible is, Trump famously, in a private tape, I don't know, 14 years ago or whatever, said, women throw themselves on me.
They climb on top of me.
You can do anything.
You can grab them by the...
You can say that word on air, pussy, pussycat, whatever.
And then they said, oh my God, that's an admission of rape.
No, that's not Bill Clinton settling rape cases.
That's Elvis Presley having women throw their panties at him and jump on top of him on stage.
Trump's saying, my God, they jump on top of you, they come on to you, you can do anything you want.
It means women are throwing themselves at you.
Okay, we're showing footage for TV viewers of Elvis and women trying to kiss him and, you know, throw their panties at him and everything else.
This isn't rape.
This is when people get excited and they have free will and, you know, and it's so much cute, him kissing kids, whatever.
Okay, so there's famous footage of the Beatles having panties thrown at them.
So this woman walks over and grabs Owen by the genitals and then says, go ahead, call the police on me.
Go ahead, do it, and then we'll show the rest of it.
And this is just our footage.
We have hours of this, and other people have videos just frothing evil.
And then the Native American group marching over to the little kids, some of them age 10, running into them, basically assaulting them in the raw footage, and that turns into evil white kids are mean to Native Americans, Owen.
Well, Alex, this is all, again, hyped up by the mainstream media that's dividing us.
They're the ones that drive these people to madness and insanity.
It's mass mental illness is what we're dealing with at these Women's Marches.
I've been to three Women's Marches.
I've been to every single one.
I was at the Women's March in 2017.
I got assaulted.
I got hit in the face.
That's on tape.
I went to the Women's March in 2018.
I was spit on, punched, everything in between.
That's on tape.
And then this year I go, I get literally grabbed in the genitals and the whole crowd's laughing and pointing at me.
And you know, it's kind of sick, almost in a way, Alex, that I almost really don't even care and I'm not surprised at this point.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, just kind of reflecting on it.
And you were saying... Because they're not about the morals.
It's all about their fake high ground to assault us.
And you were saying before that, and this is my only regret from the weekend, and quite frankly, this is just how dedicated I am to getting this footage that I don't even think about actually falling through, but with having this woman arrested.
But the cops were literally five feet from that incident.
Probably five cops saw the whole thing and heard her saying that, just like they saw it in 2018 when the guy spit at me multiple times, just like the cops saw it in 2017.
I was there, we were trying to get into Trump's inauguration, and the antifa was beating everyone up, including women, and the police did nothing.
Because the left is God.
They can do this.
And then if you want to get into the more cultural issue with these women saying they're so oppressed, oh it's so bad for them, well you just came up to me and admitted you sexually assaulted me in public and the whole crowd laughed about it.
And they're fighting to get into the country.
Because we're all a bunch of wimps and we're all over to it.
That's what's happening.
America is a giant chump operation where we put up with this.
Let's start playing the audio and video here and then we'll stop and start as we go.
Here is the sexual assault.
She just grabbed my dick.
Is that sexual assault?
Is that sexual assault?
So you just sexually assaulted me?
I did assault you.
Should you be arrested?
Arrest me?
I'm not going to arrest you.
There are police officers right here.
So look at this!
Women have so much privilege, she can sexually assault me and get away with it!
She nods her head.
It's just total arrogance.
This is Owen Schroer for the Bernie Sanders 2020 Coalition, and I'm live at the Women's March in Washington, D.C.
Pause real quick.
I know why you did that.
A bunch of reporters couldn't get in if they were known conservatives and so you had to wear a Bernie hat and not put your flag on until you got through the police or they wouldn't let you even march down the road claiming the whole city was a free speech zone for the left.
Well, and this was more an issue that I knew I wouldn't even be able to talk to some of these people if I had a Trump hat on.
Because as soon as I put, as soon as I take the Bernie hat off and the Trump hat on, it's game over, it's hatred, it's screaming, it's yelling.
And so, it was really to just show the dichotomy.
But let's go back to it, and then what happens when you put it on the Trump hat?
Go ahead.
I mean, immediately, as soon as I put the Trump hat, you'll see in this video, immediately the crowd's upset.
Excuse me, sir, what brought you out here today?
Just here for the march.
Just here for the march?
What do you think needs to be done about Trump colluding with Russia?
I think we need to be fully investigative.
Robert Mueller's got to finish it.
So here's the sign.
It's very clever.
Investigate Trump's ties.
And then there's ties.
Why do you think Trump should be impeached, ma'am?
Well, uh, where can I begin?
Just about everything he's done since he's been inaugurated.
Like, uh,
Criminal justice reform so blacks don't get triple the time in jail that Hillary signed on.
Sending their animals, their dogs, take them to heel, they're super predators.
Or legalizing hemp for production of incredible industrial compounds.
Or trying to pull us out of all these wars.
Yeah, the Democrats, they don't want that, Owen.
Well, and you always hear this talking point, but the economy had, the stock market had record losses last year.
Well, no, if you look at the stock market under Trump, it had record, record gains.
It doubled and we lost half of it because the private Federal Reserve tried to spike it.
And of course, that's just what happens with the stock market, eventually it kind of balances itself out.
Sure, but the point is they've been rooting for it to plunge.
Let's go back.
Here it is.
Fight the patriarchy!
Bernie 2020!
Fight the patriarchy!
And now he dawns on his head.
Make America great again.
That feels a lot better.
Hey, can anybody tell me why Trump should be impeached?
Can anybody tell me why President Trump should be impeached?
Any volunteers?
Any volunteers?
One reason why Trump should be impeached?
Can you tell me why Trump should be impeached?
Because he's incompetent.
Because he's anti-woman.
Is America great?
It wasn't.
Oh, I love this guy saying it was never great, white boy.
Because, I've learned with Democrats, you say, America's coming back, we're getting jobs, they go, ooh!
Their enemy is America.
It's not just some minority group of leftist or communist, it's the mainline group.
But, notice, she says he's hurting women.
Radical Islam is what the left loves, it's all they're bringing in.
Linda Sorcerer, whose mother writes books about genital mutilation and, you know, making women wear burqas, and Sorcerer says, make women wear burqas in Iran, women shouldn't rebel against the government.
These are literal authoritarians, and they're sitting there,
With these women saying Trump is anti-woman when he's appointed more women than any president ever combined.
Let's go back to these idiots.
He's incompetent because he's anti-woman.
Is America great?
When was it?
It's fake news everybody!
It's fake news!
The fake news media!
It's the fake news media!
We're not fake, we're showing you.
We can make eunuchs!
We can make eunuchs!
We can make eunuchs!
So you assume that Trump is a misogynist so you're out here marching.
President Trump has appointed... You've got Alexander Cortez saying we're gonna pull trains on Republicans, gang rape them.
You've got the man running up saying America was never great, won't be great.
You've got women saying we're gonna chop your testicles off.
A woman just sexually assaulted you.
This is a crazed mob of demons.
So you're out here marching.
President Trump has appointed more women to his administration than any president in U.S.
He also has assaulted.
He's also... Who has he assaulted?
He's probably assaulted a lot of women.
Now it's probably?
I'm not saying.
I'm saying he has assaulted a lot of women.
We know that.
What women?
He's grabbed a lot of women's pussies.
Donald Trump has said things that are, like, fostering this rape culture that we're talking about and that are oppressive to... Like what?
Like, I think grabbing by the pussy was a huge thing.
I mean, that's a horrible statement.
And I'm sure you don't endorse that statement as an intellectual being.
I mean, the guy's having a conversation and talking.
Yeah, I don't endorse the statement, but it's really a minor issue.
A minor?
I think the instance in itself could be considered a minor issue.
Pause right here.
We're going to come back where this is where he's saying this woman comes over and assaults Owen, but it's okay because she's a woman, she's a god.
Again, I actually defend Trump on this.
It was even brought up in my custody battle for my kids, like, Jones defends rape.
He says, women are throwing themselves on you.
They let you do anything.
You can... That's kind of his old, old man type deal.
Yeah, dude, when a woman jumps on top of you, they're ready to go.
In fact, there's... Oh, wow.
But it's like that Gillette commercial.
It shows a guy waving a girl.
They go, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Don't talk to a girl that's raped!
But if you're a Muslim and put them in a slave pit, then it's liberal.
Imagine if Infowars hadn't been here to expose the global government, to expose their plan to implode national sovereignty and nation's borders.
Imagine if the lights had been turned off all those years, and the incredibly important topics we talk about hadn't been discussed.
But it's because of you doing that over the years that we're here.
And that's not some platitude, that's not some pat on the back.
That is the humble recognition that you are the sea on which all of us sail.
I'm the sea.
You're the sea.
I'm the wind.
You're the wind.
We are all the sails together in this.
But if you hadn't resonated with what we talked about and what we did, if you hadn't prayed for us and spread the word and supported us, we wouldn't be here.
If you hadn't been faithful,
In our shared destiny together, we wouldn't have already had these successes and nationalism exploding across the world, and all the incredible positive things happening that have unfolded.
But because of you, we've done that.
There's an equation.
If you spread the word about InfoWars, and the articles, the videos, the links, we get around the enemy.
And if you fund
The information we're producing, it all comes together.
But it comes down to that, chicken or the egg.
If you don't fund the seed money to keep InfoWars on the air and to fight against the fake lawsuits and the attacks of Soros and Hillary and others, we won't have the information to put on air for all of you to spread.
So each one is just as important, but the most critical point the enemy understands is cutting the funding off.
They don't want to have us be live on air while all this unfolds.
They don't want to have us be here while the globalists push their entire world government agenda and everything we've talked about comes true.
They don't want us here where they try to assassinate nationalist and populist leaders and while they overrun Christian countries with radical Islamists.
They want us off the air.
And that's why I am in your hands, you are in my hands.
If I give up, if I back down, if I waver, it's a big victory for the globalists.
And if you back down, if you waver, it's a big victory for them as well.
It's truly a life and death struggle.
So all I'm going to say in closing is this.
Our destinies are bound forever.
Doing something this epic almost feels sick to say, hey, come give me your money.
But you've seen what I've done with your money.
I have waged war, fearlessly and tirelessly.
I have dominated globalists.
I have overrun their emplacements.
We have spread the message of liberty in 1776 worldwide, and we are committed to that destiny.
And so with pride, I tell you, financially support us.
Any other war chief in a fight for freedom would just say, support me, give me the funding now.
I say,
Get products of the best out there.
Win-win situation.
Fund us, and we're unstoppable together.
If we don't do that, there's no future, and we have no shared destiny.
I'm very sad that Supermill Vitality, our flagship product, is no longer available when this sells out, because we can't get the wild, crafted herbs.
The process it goes through is so organic, like making of wine, that it can't be produced anymore.
So that's why it's the last run.
It's available 50% off, even though it's our last run.
MFORESTORE.COM because I want you to experience it before it's gone.
But whatever you do, pray for InfoWars.
Spread the articles, spread the links, spread the videos.
Because without you, we are going to basically be destroyed.
But with your support, together we all go into the future.
Whatever you do, just remember that the power of you, via word of mouth, speaking out and taking action, is the most powerful thing in the universe, next to God.
And for your support, and your undying prayers, I thank you, and I salute you.
But more importantly, we are bound, and I love you.
So thank you.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
So, George Soros, the admitted, in his own words on 60 Minutes, Nazi collaborator,
He funded the first women's march the day after Trump got inaugurated, 2017, on January 21st.
We were there covering it.
He spent $84 million just to get women out there marching, to brand it that if you're pro-Trump, you're anti-woman.
And then Trump talks about when he was a TV star, women throwing themselves on him and how he could do anything he wanted.
That's the statement.
But then a woman comes over and grabs our reporter hard by the genitals.
If you're not, if you're a radio listener, you can't see it for simulcast.
There's police right there.
And I grabbed it on.
I said, you should have called the police.
I guess we have the raw footage.
This is an edit.
He goes over and they say, we're not doing anything.
He just wants, so this is why she laughed and why she smiled, because, because, literally the cops are right there, and there's cops, there's cops right there in the footage, and there's cops right in front of us that I'm looking at saying, are you going to do anything?
They do nothing.
So the headline is, feminists now allowed to sexually assault men, and the leftist little, little, little punk guy, he's laughing, this is funny.
He was just like, oh my god, Trump's grabbing all the women, even though it's not true.
Then they turn this into, now we're going to assault you.
So back it up, and let's play it from the point we're at.
Back it up, please.
To where we were.
Because we've got Roger Stone coming up with huge, inclusive news as well.
But start rolling this, because it gets more insane.
Here we go.
I think the instance in itself could be considered a minor issue.
So if our president can grab a woman by the pussy, I can grab you by the pussy.
Now he's celebrating.
Is that second assault?
Is that sexual assault?
Hit pause again.
Back it up 20 seconds.
Just saying they let you grab them by the whatever because they're so into you.
That's rape.
He soaps.
But now when she grabs you right in front of him, he starts laughing and celebrating.
Total disconnect with reality.
So play it again.
So if our president can grab a woman by the pussy, I can grab you by the balls.
She just grabbed my dick.
Is that sexual assault?
Is that sexual assault?
So you just sexually assaulted me?
I did assault you.
Should you be arrested?
Arrest me?
I'm not going to arrest you.
There are police officers right here.
So look at this!
Women have so much privilege, she can sexually assault me and get away with it.
If I did that to her, I'd get arrested.
I just told you, if you want to go ahead, there are police right here.
I'm not complaining.
You're the one that walked up and grabbed my crotch.
Yeah, because... Hey, pause the game.
Oh, and if you would have grabbed her like you'd want to grab that demonic pig, if you'd have grabbed her, they would have slammed you down, rammed your head in, and national news would have not showed her grabbing you, just like the fake Native Americans slamming into 10-year-olds and 12-year-olds and 14-year-old kids and attacking them and ramming into them, and they did nothing, and then they assaulted the Native Americans.
Same thing.
In fact, they may edit this and say you assaulted her even though you didn't touch her!
Well, and that's why I know I'll have to show total restraint when I'm out there, and I basically have disciplined myself to be that way, and that's quite frankly why I probably didn't press forward to have her arrested and make a bigger scene of this, like I should have.
I really should have had her arrested.
I should have made a national news story of this.
But we already know the news story.
The news story is that these, really at the base of this, Alex, this is mass mental illness we're talking about.
She's literally grabbing your genitals and saying, you go, you're above me.
She goes, yes, I'm allowed to.
But then they're here.
But then saying, women jump on me, I can do anything I want, that's evil, that's rape.
But her actually sexually assaulting you is good.
I don't know Alex, I don't know how you, how, what else, we need to reopen the mental institutions and do the next 2020 Women's March.
Just march them right in.
You know what I'm saying?
By the way folks, there's hours of this posted at Infowars.com.
I can't even track it all.
It's like we're not just cherry, and it's led by a radical Islamic woman that says women should be made to wear burkas in the Middle East and should be suppressed by men.
Linda Saucer literally says, look it up, that women should not rebel against Islamic regimes.
They should wear burqas and have their genitals cut off.
I mean, this is fourth wave feminism.
It's just psychotic evil.
Here, let's play more.
Here it is.
I'm not complaining.
You're the one that walked up and grabbed my crotch.
Yeah, because I'm fighting for equality here.
How so?
Women get grabbed by the f***ing pussy, then I'm gonna grab you by the balls.
Who do you think has sexually assaulted more women than any other president in the history of the United States?
Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton has sexually assaulted more women?
Yeah, he's settled multiple rape cases.
His wife, huh?
He sexually assaults his wife.
So you guys still haven't named one woman Trump has assaulted.
That's... What are you talking about?
Have you ever seen the photos of him with his daughter?
Have you seen the videos of Joe Biden groping children?
Yeah, no.
Are you real?
What's that?
Are you real?
Are you real?
What are you doing out here?
These are just sad women that couldn't get men.
I'm sorry, I want them in power.
Alright, go ahead and try.
They all look like mental patients.
They are.
They ought to be.
So, Infowars is known to spread a lot of misinformation.
Do you think that's the best way to kind of... Go ahead.
What are a couple examples?
I mean, it's just kind of known that Alex Jones... So give us some examples.
Alex Jones, I mean, every day on the show pushes false facts.
Can you give me an example, please?
He pushes... Sandy Hook... You are a white man.
You are a white man.
Until you know... I'm not done.
Hey, pause.
Hey, pause again.
It's literally like KKK land, where they're always, you're white, shut up, you're going down, including, and you're like, you're not even against them because they're brown, and it's like, what the hell happened to you?
Well, and again, the reason why I, I mean, you can walk out all day and talk to these people on a Bernie hat, and they'll say the exact same crap, you know, but as soon as you put on a Trump hat, it's the hatred.
Here's what, again, Alex, it illustrates how these people are,
Whatever it is about the imagery or the thought of it, it drives the demons out of these people.
These are demonic possessed souls.
They are mentally deranged people.
This is a national emergency.
This is a national crisis.
How many times do we have to... Oh yeah, I showed this footage where they had an event called The Lies of Alex Jones that I wasn't invited to.
They shut down downtown for it.
I show up and people begin literally going, we're gonna rape kids and going,
And like, the crowd was going, ahhh, at me, and I was like, what the... There's footage of this!
We're just... I mean, imagine the crowd is going, rape children!
Rape children down with America!
And they're screaming, rape!
Rape children!
This is like a demonic invasion force, Ed!
Every time these people meet up, and I think, I mean... I forgot since they put the footage up, but we have them literally saying, I'm gonna F children, and the crowd going, F children.
Remember the Ted Cruz guy that takes the sign and like screams like a demon and he's like I mean these people are... It's in the footage where the guy goes I'm gonna F kids and the other people start screaming F kids, F kids, F kids, F kids!
I mean Alex we have hours of this footage from yesterday and we'll have hours more as soon as there's a next event that these people have and it's all because they hate Trump and it's all because they're mentally ill.
That's what it all comes down to and it's in the mass media
Is one of the reasons, it's maybe the biggest reason, but that is why Trump calls him the entity of the people.
That is why- No, I agree, but let's go back, because I forgot about the Austin event last year.
Do you guys, I saw the video, but do you have the audio, bleep, because it was a bleep version, where the dude runs up in a painter's outfit, starts talking about sex with kids, and trying to lick my face, and then I look at the crowd, and some of them had their tongues out going, and it's like, we have it on footage, it's like, what, what the, is this like an alien invasion or something?
I mean, how do you get crowds to go,
America will fall!
We hate Jesus!
And we have the footage at other rallies where they do this.
Yeah, there was an event here in Austin where they were tearing down a Confederate statue.
I just went to report on it, and a bunch of guys started chanting, Death to America.
So let's figure out what is wrong with these people.
They have a mass mental illness, Alex.
That's what this comes down to.
I don't know if you guys have the footage.
Yeah, but why is it the same spirit?
Kill kids.
Kill America.
Kill babies.
We hate families.
That's the propaganda.
That's the propaganda they're fed.
So they'll just buy anything, but that's the transmission.
By the way, folks, I've aired this before.
If you think I'm joking, I have footage of women saying, hell, Satan kill my babies, all over Austin.
I have footage of people licking my face, saying, I'm gonna screw kids.
I mean, it is the most crazy, and we're putting it on TV right now, if you're a viewer.
I mean, and then I looked at the crowd, and they were all, half of them had their tongues out going...
I mean, I'm in some type of interdimensional vortex.
I forgot.
He actually hit you in the genitals, too.
Yes, he did grab my... So that was the same thing.
So I went to this deal, the lady grabbed me in the genitals... Someone threw rotting feces on me after this.
I forgot about that.
I know!
You can't even!
It's like, I know that Greg was just going through all the footage and he's just going through like, oh my gosh, I forgot how crazy that moment was.
Oh my gosh, I forgot about that.
I mean, I'm going in my head, we haven't even seen half the crap from yesterday!
Yeah, there he is, grabs my balls right there!
And then everyone cheers!
It's the same thing, just like at the Women's Market!
And the police are like, well, sir, he's allowed to grab your balls.
You know what I know, Alex?
It's the same thing.
If you've ever seen the movie... He's wearing a painter outfit, grabbing your balls, saying, rape children, what's wrong with that?
I mean, come on, man.
You don't... You don't hit Arnie.
From what's eating Gilbert Grape, you just don't hit Arnie.
That's why these people never get arrested.
He also slapped me in the face.
These are incredibly ill people.
He basically slapped my testicles, slapped me in the face, and then talked about screwing kids.
And the crowd's like, yay!
Our planet is coming!
The gate is almost open.
In fact, look at her, she goes, bleh!
The forces are, the planets are, bleh!
We eat children!
Look at this footage right here!
Oh my God, we'll come back and play the rest of it.
I'm telling you, man, this is unbelievable.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us with the conclusion of what happened.
The raw footage is all on InfoWars.com if you dare view it.
Whatever you do, share it.
Today's left thinks that America's just another country.
Just one of the 190 some countries on the planet.
United States of America is not just another country.
It's the greatest nation in history that has done more good for more people than any country ever.
A special place where people from all over the world
All shapes, all sizes, all colors, all talents come to so they can chase down their goals, chase down their dreams, make life better for themselves and their family.
That's this country.
A special place where people come and respect the Constitution, cherish the Bill of Rights, and embrace the rule of law.
Democrat Congressman Blumenauer said, abolish ICE.
Secretary Clinton, when she was running for the highest office in the land, said we need a borderless hemisphere.
We've learned from the WikiLeaks that you said this, and I want to quote, I will continue speaking out for comprehensive immigration reform.
I think the people who are here deserve a path to citizenship.
Speaker Pelosi,
You said walls are immoral.
A wall is an immorality.
Just last week, Stacey Abrams, governor candidate, state of Georgia, said non-citizens should be able to vote.
Think about that.
So in some cases you would be supportive of non-citizens?
I wouldn't oppose it.
She wouldn't oppose it.
It sounds like she is open to non-citizens voting in local elections.
Americans believe that borders need to be strong.
Americans believe, we believe,
That there's a difference, a big difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration, and Americans and Republicans in the House Freedom Caucus believe that a border security wall will help stop the drug problem, the gang problem, and the human trafficking problem.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Well, I was thumbing from Montgomery.
I had my guitar on my back when a stranger stopped beside me in an antique Cadillac.
He was dressed like 1950, half drunk and hollow-eyed.
Would you like a ride, son?
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I've been to, over the years, hundreds of Democratic Party events and rallies, and I challenge people, the Democratic voters who don't go to these rallies, go to them and witness it.
Because it's getting worse and worse.
They're like crazed demons.
And you were just reminding me how a guy came up and slapped me in the face and slapped me in the genitals.
A woman did this to you yesterday in D.C.
But since we're ranting here, let's finish the footage.
It's all raw on Infowars.com.
Here's what happened to Ellen Shroyer yesterday at the Women's March, funded by Jordan Soros, the Nazi collaborator.
Here it is.
You are a white man.
You are a white man.
Until you know, I'm not done.
And that's all that we're asking for is women that get raped, the men are held accountable for.
I don't think anyone disagrees with that.
So why does me wearing this hat have anything to do with that?
It represents hate.
How so?
How so?
You're white too.
Why does everyone hate me for being a white male?
She had a bit of a shock factor yesterday.
Being racist towards a white person is just as bad as being racist towards a black person.
Don't be racist towards white people.
How is asking someone to recognize their privilege racist?
They're privileged.
Ask all the white bums under the bridges about their privilege.
Why don't you hate me?
Because you support Trump.
Hey, why don't you guys like Trump?
Or the 900,000 Northerners that died to end slavery.
I mean, it's just like, it's like... They admit it.
They hate us, Alex.
The media has made these people... They've turned minorities into racists.
He's going to jail?
For what?
For all the stupid stuff he's doing.
So you say that it was Barack Obama that's responsible for the great economic growth?
Uh, yeah!
Even though Obama specifically said that it's impossible to do unless you have a magic wand?
No, that's not true.
That's not true at all.
He had a big stack of all the regulations, and he literally cut it.
So he got rid of all these regulations, so the coal plants and the coal mining... But now they've announced they're bringing them back, so it looks worse.
The manufacturing industry skyrocketed.
He did all that in a year.
He did all that in a year?
He did all that in a year?
How did he do all that in a year?
I told you, he got rid of all the regulations at the EPA.
That was one thing he did.
He didn't do it.
He didn't do that in a year.
He didn't do that in a year.
But he did.
But he did.
Oh, I forgot about this woman.
He's a pussy-grabbing thief!
He's a pussy-grabbing thief!
Have you ever had a wife who's had somebody touch her?
Because that's who you f***ing voted for, is a pussy-grabbing president.
By the way, no one wants these women.
Did you watch the videos?
These aren't women.
Let's not insult women.
These aren't women.
Like this.
You're like this.
I mean, this is the West where women are treated the best.
They're acting like... You know who I am?
I'm a woman that's here to tell you... Like they got some gold mine we want.
You look pretty hateful.
Job of the Hut shows up over here.
You gotta love the weird little beta males they bring up.
I mean, like, this guy was raised by a mommy.
The United States, it's terrible.
Then why are you here?
Because I was born here.
If it's so bad, why don't you leave?
Because I'm not old enough?
You're a f***ing piece of s***.
I'm not hearing it.
I'm not hearing it.
One more time.
What is it?
You admit you're a hater.
Oh yeah.
I admit it.
Yeah, you guys are all haters.
Let's be honest, these people are all mutants.
I think it's what's happening with the toxins and everything.
These people are all mutants.
I don't mean to be mean, but... Or they're just NPCs here for our ultimate challenge.
All right, Roger Stone's coming up with bombshell info.
Oh, and you'll be covering this all tomorrow with me on the regular weekday show, the morning show, everything.
Great job going into that cesspit of brain damage.
I really feel sorry for these people.
And I'm sorry you got sexually assaulted by that arrogant woman, but that's going to be the new meme.
Her like, yeah, I'm allowed to assault you.
I'm a royalty.
Yeah, let's blast that out.
You're the new underclass.
You're a male, a white male.
You're the lowest form of crap.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Living in volcano may sound more dramatic than it really is.
The real drama can be found here in Leilani Estates.
But a lot of us on the Big Island rely on rainwater, and we need to be concerned about ash and acid rain.
Volcanic ash may contain heavy metal particles.
An acid rain could lower the pH of the water to unhealthy levels.
To find out, we employed a series of tests for heavy metals, alkalinity, and pH.
What we learned was that there was in fact unhealthy levels of heavy metals and acidity in the rainwater.
Next, we tested the water from our Alexa Pure gravity filter.
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As it turns out, the filter on the Alexa Pure raises the pH of the water.
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But more importantly, a good water filtration system will purify it.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
So I repeat again, the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.
From the Intel Committee, let me just ask you one final question.
Can you look right into the camera and say, I know for a fact the government of Vladimir Putin was behind the hacks of John Podesta's email?
The government of Vladimir Putin was behind the hacks of our institution and the dumping of information.
Of John Podesta's email?
Not only in the United States, but also in Europe.
Okay, you're not, you know what, you're dodging it.
And Tucker, you are... You'll look and say, I know they did.
John Podesta's emails, they hacked those.
And I think that Ronald Reagan will be rolling over his grave.
You're carrying water for the Kremlin.
I'm not carrying water for the Kremlin!
You're a sitting member of Congress on the Intel Committee, and you can't say they hacked... You're going to have to move your show to RT, Russian television, because... You know what?
That's just so beneath your office, because it's so dumb, and you're being duplicitous.
I'm asking you, did they hack Podesta's emails, and you can't say it.
Look in the camera and say they hacked John Podesta's emails.
We know for a fact that Putin's government did that.
You can't, and you know you can't, and you're hiding behind weasel words.
Russia attacked our democracy this past election.
And then they showed up to his Trump Tower, offered the evidence to his family.
They received it.
They didn't turn it down.
Donald Trump, for years, had been working with the Russians.
He brought people on his campaign who had ties to the Russians.
We have seen a candidate and a president who has spoken in very flattering ways about Vladimir Putin.
All of the arrows continue to point to a personal, political, and financial relationship that Donald Trump had with the Russians.
You're peddling the narrative that the Trump administration is putting out, which also is the Putin narrative, because they're retweeting this with their Russian bots.
So I'm working for Putin, too.
I wonder, do you perceive this as an oral collapse?
If you're on the same side as WikiLeaks and Putin, you should take a step back and wonder, who's bidding are you really doing?
So that was almost two years ago, those clips of Rand Paul and others, Tucker Carlson accused being Russian agents for saying, where's the proof?
And now two years into the fake investigation, we're sitting here asking, where's the Russia gate?
No one's been charged with Russia connections.
There is nothing.
But then we learned this week, as I told you on Friday, it broke on CNN yesterday, on Saturday, Alex Jones subpoenaed via Jerome Corsi by the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Wanting to know about my communications with WikiLeaks.
There are no communications other than, hey, give us information, which everybody else was asking for.
So what is Robert Mueller really planning?
Who is this new attorney general who is literally a CIA from George Herbert Walker Bush?
Is Trump done?
Is he completely surrounded?
I've got to be honest with you folks.
I support Trump.
I like what he's doing.
But at the same time, just watching this insane witch hunt that never ends, and then getting ABC News and the Washington Post calling me the whole last week saying, oh, you paid hush money to a reporter to work for you, who I've been working with for over 15 years, to like stop the WikiLeaks secret coming out.
It's like getting calls saying, we heard you ride unicorns on Mars with Chinese Easter bunnies.
But they mean business.
This is their plan.
This is what they're doing.
And then you pull back, and all these Republicans and Democrats have one thing in common.
They're the traitors on the Chinese and Russian payroll for Uranium One and weapons deals, and they're so pissed that populists, nationalists got a president in who got rid of the lobbyists and tried to actually build the country.
We're gonna go to Roger Stone, who I normally tell, hey Roger, I don't want to get into Russiagate, it's all fake for two years, but now it's coming to a head.
And now,
They're trying to implicate not just me, but my father as an obvious threat.
And they're threatening to go after Dr. Jerome Corsi's son, I guess, to get him to say stuff.
I mean, this is so desperate.
This is so ridiculous.
This is so over the top.
And here's what I'm getting down to.
What I'm getting down to is, if Americans continue to put up with this, we deserve what we're getting.
And the way the President has been gelded politically to let these people run roughshod with Rosenstein, and then McCabe lying to Congress, and them trying to do a coup against him, and then again, they bring in their buddy again,
You know, this individual that worked for George Herbert Walker Bush and was his Attorney General.
There's no end to what these people will try with William Barr and the rest of it.
So it makes somebody, really at a certain point, not lose faith because nationalism is exploding worldwide, populism is exploding worldwide, a lot of great exciting things are happening.
But at the same time, Trump is not the nationalist patriot movement.
He's a good guy who wrote in on it.
But he wrote in on this storm that pushed these waves.
We have to understand that if he falters or if he's got mental problems or whatever it could be, that he's going to let them lie to him and do this.
We need to start moving on and saying, hey, we're not about Trump.
We're about the message.
Because if he abandons himself, if he abandons us, if he does things like this, at a certain point, we've got to fish or cut bait.
Roger Stone.
Well, Alex, the president has said numerous times that he understands the movement is bigger than him, that this isn't about him, but that he represents a radical change in direction from the two-party duopoly that was driving us towards globalism and who's deeply in bed with the Chinese communists, as you have pointed out here again and again.
Well, we're also entering a new phase of this that is unlike anything we've seen before.
I've been furiously counter-punching for two years against this phony narrative, what I call the Russian collusion delusion.
But now, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, BuzzFeed, you name it, they no longer feel any evidence or proof
Uh, or corroboration is necessary.
They can just say Trump is Putin's puppet, despite the fact that he's selling offensive weapons to the Ukrainians that the Russians object to.
It is really extraordinary to see the fake news meme that was really only coming from partisan Democrats like the shiftless Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell two years ago and John McCain, the late John McCain, now being adopted wholesale by the mainstream media.
Russia, Russia, Russia.
The American people are tired of it.
There is no evidence.
There is no proof.
There is no cooperation.
But you see, unless
Well, let's be clear.
It's Trump's maverick nature, never being in office before, that allowed him to go around the system because they were ready to fight somebody that was from the system.
He was able to outsmart them because he wasn't from the system.
The fact that he wasn't even trying to outsmart them is why he beat them.
They didn't know what they were dealing with.
They thought it was a traditional threat.
Somebody that just wanted swamp control.
Someone that wasn't actually trying to fix the country.
But now that they've got him dialed in, they've got him surrounded by yes-men that lie to him.
And they're moving against him.
They're censoring out all his supporters.
And now they're threatening everybody under the sun that Trump's about to go down.
I get the calls.
I've confirmed it.
Military, CIA, government, everywhere.
They're saying by March they plan to move on Trump.
And he's just sitting there, not realizing what he's seeing.
And then you see the article, Trump was shocked.
He couldn't believe that this new individual that they've got at Justice Department, who they've gotten him to nominate, he can't believe that this guy is, that William Barr, is the best friends with Mueller.
So it's a giant, sick joke of swamp creatures.
Who are careening towards destruction, who think they're going to have some leftist civil war in America and defeat us.
I don't want to go to the civil war.
But it's just insane.
Because it's insane that Trump doesn't know what's going on.
It's insane what they're doing.
It's just crazy.
Well Alex, you could have knocked me over when you sent me that CNN story.
How could the President not know William Barr's pedigree?
It's in my book, The Bush Crime Family.
He is a deep studier down to his underwear.
He and his wife, pardon me, his wife is in the same Bible study group as Mr. Mueller.
Mr. Mueller attended two of Mr. Barr's daughter's weddings.
These guys are intimates.
It makes sense because Barr was Attorney General under George H.W.
Bush when Robert Mueller was the FBI Director.
So why, what reason do we believe that he... The Democrats during the confirmation hearing were having orgasms in front of me on television.
They couldn't believe it.
Conservatively, there have been several thousand articles written in the last three years demonizing InfoWars, and yours truly, for selling high-quality supplements.
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Amazon was the number one supplement seller in the world.
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When more than 15 of the 70 products we have at Infowarslife.com are private labeled, highest quality, top of the line, that are sold at Whole Foods for higher prices.
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It's amazing.
And you've seen them come after our attempts to even process credit cards and shut down InfoWarsTore.com and InfoWarsLife.com.
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Thanks for your support.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Who do you serve?
That's how it comes down.
You know, I serve justice in the human species and a better world.
And I look at the White Shoe Boys and the corrupt constellation of rogue government in D.C.
that has bipartisanly hijacked our government, and I see Third World written all over it.
Why can't Mexico, why can't Guatemala, why can't Venezuela, why can't any of these countries ever get out of where they're at?
Because their security services, sometime in the last 56 years, went, we're the security services.
We can overthrow the president or the prime minister.
We can install ourselves and then steal the money and all get palaces in Switzerland.
I mean, you go back 50, 60 years ago, Venezuela, per capita, average citizen, made more money than a U.S.
It was an old saying going back over 100 years ago, as rich as in Argentina.
Now it's as poor as in Argentina because they've got security services.
And so they figure out these lawyers, not the average FBI, but these lawyers.
Hey, we're the domestic police.
We're the domestic feds.
We can let crime go that we want and get paid off.
And we can go after people who haven't done anything when we want.
I found a quote today, I'm at the center of the crew, I'll pull up on my phone, of Chuckie Schumer in the Washington Times and New York Times over a decade ago.
Hardly, that was when Obama first got in.
And he said, we're going to use the IRS to persecute Republicans.
And they persecuted over 30,000 Republican groups and Christian groups and gun groups and audited them or arrested them or wouldn't give them 501c 345.
Exemptions, and got a lot of them to roll over politically.
But you think about that statement.
And so when Republicans didn't send them to jail for using the IRS, tens of thousands of times worse than, I mean, Nixon had a list in a safe he was planning to use the IRS on of a hundred and something people.
This was 30 something thousand groups harassed for political purposes and MSNBC saying, like six years ago, yeah, we went after Republicans.
We went after Christians and conservatives because you deserve it because you're racists.
Yeah, we use the IRS on your ass.
Imagine if ABC News back in 1974 said, yeah, Nixon used the IRS on people.
They deserve it!
But Nixon didn't even do that.
Gun groups, veteran groups, Christian children's charities, and then they didn't do anything about that.
So why not now shut everybody down and have censorship?
Why not go ahead now and start arresting the press?
Because it always says censor, arrest.
Imprison, execute.
You know, that's how it goes.
And people say, well, the left says, hey, well, this is great.
No, that's where all the prosperity goes out the window.
But our own tech giants and our own elite are all sold out to China, where they do stuff far worse than Hitler ever did, in magnitude.
And so they're doing it.
America has cancer.
There's an excellent article out today from The Hill.
It's posted on Infowars.com.
America, the new socialist frontier.
I'm going to read part of it last segment with Roger Stone, but Roger,
We get in the weeds here about Russiagate and all this, but as we've talked...
Probably three, four hours the last few days.
The deep state is making its move.
The censorship, the behind-the-scenes threats, everything that's going on, the emplacement, it's clear.
The bellwether is there.
We know which way the wind's blowing.
They're making their move.
Yeah, they said they'd make their move in December 2017 and they did other stuff, but now they're really making their move with the economy and with the disinfo and with everything and with the
The race war preparations.
A. Do you agree with that?
B. Do you disagree?
And then C. What do we do to get the President to awaken and stop this?
Because this is it, folks.
It's happening.
Well, Alex, I do agree with it.
I think this is the end of times.
We're entering the final phase of this effort.
Therefore, they must feel that the level of shadow banning and Internet censorship is adequate to cut off our communications when they make their move.
And you've seen the level of hysteria ramp up just in the last week.
The buzzfeed phenomena, where you had a lynch party, you had congressmen like Joaquin Castro calling for the president's impeachment on the basis of a tabloid news organization turned out to be wrong about everything.
Shows you how hair-triggered this whole thing is.
So I think they're going to make their move here.
They no longer need evidence.
All they need is the ability to whip up hysteria.
I said it here several months ago.
I want to reiterate it.
Kavanaugh was the dress rehearsal.
Kavanaugh was the dry run.
They were testing the system.
And they came within one vote of defeating and destroying a man on the basis of nothing.
A completely false narrative.
Now they want to do the same thing to Donald Trump, but their plan is even more insidious.
And Ginsburg being on death's doorstep, the Grim Reaper sharpening his sickle, is only triggering them into high gear.
That, plus the strong economy, which is why they have been undermining the economy through the manipulations of the Federal Reserve, to create the backdrop for an impeachment.
They did the exact same thing to Nixon.
I'm sorry, but I've seen this movie.
I was there.
I had a front row seat, although I was a much younger man.
And therefore, I've seen this.
Here's the only difference between now and 1974.
InfoWars and a cross-section of alternative media organizations that will bring you the truth about what's going on.
And I want to stop right there.
That's why they're so desperate to shut us down.
And I want to stop right there.
I want to tell radio affiliate listeners, TV viewers, and people that are on InfoWars.com who are the most hardcore people that get it.
This is the time to hit your whole email list.
This is the time to hit everything on Facebook, Twitter, even if you get banned.
This is the time to call Congress, call C-SPAN and say Infowars.com, forbidden information.
Because we've got massive traffic, but we're the early warning system for this.
You've got to get the articles and the videos, and this live feed we'll post later, archived of the plan to take down Trump revealed.
They're doing it!
And as Roger said, they believe now they have banned thousands of prominent accounts, hundreds of thousands of medium-sized accounts, millions of small accounts.
Everyone I know, I mean I know family that sends like a pro-Christian tweet with an American flag in it and it gets banned.
We have video undercover of them saying,
The New York Times.
We work with YouTube.
We see American flags or pro-Alex Jones, we take it down.
F these people.
You've seen the marches, what they're saying.
So they're making their move.
Now is the time to take everything we do and magnify it and get it out because this is the push.
It's happening now.
Roger, what do you think the timetable is?
I was told by
Let's just say folks that acted like they were my friends, I really knew they weren't, and I understood what was going on, but I got a lot of information that only confirmed what I already knew.
Back when they thought Trump might win, these people hedged their bets.
But I've had the folks out of Florida and some of the people at the CIA and other agencies kind of call up the last few months back in October and say, Trump will be gone by March, and so we'll see you then, hope you're on the right side, take care of your family.
Total death threat.
All that does is make me steal myself, a steal, against you.
But we're going to come back from break.
What does Trump need to do?
What do we need to do?
Because you have to understand, I wouldn't stand up and do this, as I've said a thousand times, if the globalists just wanted to run things.
They want to run it in the ground.
They want to sexualize your children.
They're promoting pedophilia.
Devil worship everywhere.
And so, listen.
There's no way in hell that I'm ever going to back down or sell out.
I'm just mad because the average American is so asleep or doesn't realize how epic this is, they're not more upset.
And so I'm literally running through my head from a lot of scenarios.
I mean, tell folks what, as a man, I've been thinking about.
But man, it's time to realize we're 1776.
Part 2.
Today's left thinks that America's just another country.
Just one of the 190 some countries on the planet.
United States of America is not just another country.
It's the greatest nation in history that has done more good for more people than any country ever.
A special place where people from all over the world
All shapes, all sizes, all colors, all talents come to so they can chase down their goals, chase down their dreams, make life better for themselves and their family.
That's this country.
A special place where people come and respect the Constitution, cherish the Bill of Rights, and embrace the rule of law.
Democrat Congressman Blumenauer said, abolish ICE.
Secretary Clinton, when she was running for the highest office in the land, said we need a borderless hemisphere.
We've learned from the WikiLeaks that you said this, and I want to quote, I will continue speaking out for comprehensive immigration reform.
I think the people who are here deserve a path to citizenship.
Speaker Pelosi,
You said walls are immoral.
A wall is an immorality.
Just last week, Stacey Abrams, governor candidate in the state of Georgia, said non-citizens should be able to vote.
Think about that.
So in some cases you would be supportive of non-citizens voting?
I wouldn't oppose it.
She wouldn't oppose it.
She sounds like she is open to non-citizens voting in local elections.
Americans believe that borders need to be strong.
Americans believe, we believe, that there's a difference, a big difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration.
And Americans and Republicans in the House Freedom Caucus believe that a border security wall will help stop the drug problem, the gang problem, and the human trafficking problem.
Let's go to Wildman in Illinois.
Thanks for holding, and not to say Happy New Year.
Go ahead.
Alex, yeah, going into 2019, what Trump's gotta do to save America, he's gotta declassify FISA, expose the corruption, arrest the traitors, and arrest the pedophiles.
That's how he saves America.
My opinion, an over-the-road trucker, hardworking, honest man, that's what I believe.
I agree.
Victory or death.
He's now, looks like he's cleaning house.
He's getting rid of all the double agents.
And the word is Trump is going to go into battle now.
We're talking he's going to strike back against the censorship.
He's going to strike back against the pedophile rings.
It's already begun.
He's going to strike back against the deep state.
He's going to strike back against all the criminal activity of Comey and Mueller being Russian operatives.
So just get ready.
I'd say.
Another note, I've spent over $3,000 in your store this year.
I'm a loyal supporter, and thanks for great products.
Brother, let me tell you something.
I want to thank you.
If folks like you didn't stand with us against the incredible Hillary Clinton and Soros attacks, which they admit they're running, we would not be here now.
They're taking Michael Savage off the air.
They're taking everybody.
They took Franklin Graham off Facebook.
They need to get us all off the air before they make their move on Trump.
That's why this is a war.
And you supporting us is incredible.
Which products do you like the best?
Man, I use the bodies.
I got so many t-shirts.
It ain't even funny.
I got your stickers posted on my hard hat, on my GPS, my truck.
I tell truckers about you over the CB Airways all across the country.
I spread the word about you.
I wear your clothes, your hats, your shirts, you name it.
Multitude of products.
How much love do you get versus, how much love versus hate do you get?
Um, you know, it's uh, people skeptical, but like it's probably about 50-50 or 60-40 your way.
I just, I guess so many people got their head in the sand out here.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
All right, listen to me very carefully, listeners.
Because the last few weeks I've been thinking about making this announcement, and I haven't done it yet because I don't want to be premature.
But I was just thinking before I went live about two minutes ago during the break that I don't want to be taken off air before I give you this warning.
I want you to understand something right now and get it through your head 100%.
We already sent the bat signal out.
We already got Trump elected.
You see nationalism exploding everywhere worldwide.
But anybody that doesn't understand that there's not going to be a globalist counter-offensive to that is blind.
And I can tell you right now, for sure, for sure, they've made a lot of preparations.
We told you about them spying on Trump and the Marshall Law plans and all that's in the news.
I'm here to tell you, they may pull back.
But currently,
Intellectually and gut level, they're already in motion.
The switch has already been flipped.
And a year in politics and life is like a millisecond.
So a month or two is like a twinkling of an eye.
The switch has been flipped to not just take Trump out.
A lot of folks go, well, you know, Trump's been great or whatever, but what do I worry about?
They were going to have Hillary captain.
Race war, sex war, division, economic collapse, and then organize us and make everybody capitulate to get their pension funds back and their 401ks to agree to whatever they said.
Federalization of every city, every police department, the Strong Cities Initiative run by the UN, the CHICOM's funding it all through the universities.
This is decades of preparation and traitorous activity.
So understand.
America is on its last legs right now.
Trump was a speed bump.
I was even reading this great article out of the London Center on the Hill, America the New Socialist Frontier, and they say that Trump was just someone that they say slowed it down.
I was talking to Roger yesterday, I said Trump's been a speed hump.
And that's it.
Notice all the, quote, socialist women elected, and it's all over the news, meet the, you know, here it is, opinion, beware the furies, President Trump.
And it's like, look at these incredible women, meth mouth Cruz and these others, marching together.
And it's all about women.
Oh, we're about to take America over and all this crap.
Nothing to do with women.
It's just cold-blooded social engineering.
And so they plan to overthrow Trump.
And then put America into a civil war.
See, we're trying to stop a civil war.
They're saying, yeah, we want your kids.
Yeah, we want your guns.
They're trying to push us into it and give us no choice.
So, Roger, I'll get your take on this as a seasoned political analyst, but I know you've been involved in nine campaigns, four or five administrations.
I don't think you disagree with me about how dire our straits are right now.
And I can tell you right now, the trigger's already been pulled.
There's no putting the bullet back in the barrel.
And the bullet's about to leave the barrel, and then it's going to traverse its trajectory right into our head.
But if we metaphysically understand that and move out of the way,
We at least have some chance, but it's on.
Trump doesn't get it.
He doesn't understand.
He thought he'd turn the economy on.
He'd let black folks out of prison that the Democrats put in there.
He thought he'd pull us out of these wars the Democrats would like it.
They never cared about wars.
They just like to bitch and act like peaceniks.
They love wars, so...
He's going the route of JFK.
In fact, I'd say Donald Trump's already dead.
I predict he'll be dead.
They're not going to leave him walking around.
I think he'll be dead by March 15th.
It's already been decided to kill the President.
Once they get the new Attorney General in, he's deader than a doornail.
What do we do to stop that?
Or is there any hope for him?
In fact, let's just say he's dead already.
What do we do for our children?
Trump's dead.
Trump's dead.
He's dead already.
So he's dead already.
What do we do?
No, just a minute.
He's dead.
He's gone.
It's over.
He's dead.
So what do we do?
Trump's dead.
He's dead.
He died.
His family's sitting there, all cowards, lined up except for Don Jr.
Going along with it.
He's dead.
What do we do?
God, I pray that you are wrong.
He's dead.
He's dead.
He's dead.
Go ahead.
You know, what's ironic about this, of course, is that every day goes by we learn more about the plot to lay out this takedown, this coup.
We learned last week that Bruce Ohr did, in fact, warn the FBI about the origins of the fake dossier that was used as the underlying rationale for the spying that was meant to use to take Trump down, the core of what the deep state is so desperate to cover up.
Uh, so, but the American people, because the mainstream media just doesn't care, that story, an incredible story by John... No, no, no, the American people don't know, but what really matters is, Trump doesn't know!
Yeah, well, how he could not know about Bill Barr is beyond me.
And of course, the obvious question is, whoever recommended Barr, whoever pushed him within the president's circle, did not have the president's best interests at heart.
And the president needs to fire that person right now.
Look, the hour is late.
He can declassify the FISA warrants, which lead right to Barack Obama, and I think turn this entire situation around.
But before this new guy gets in, who does he appoint for the Uranium One that totally changes the subject to reality?
Well, right now, the acting Attorney General has the authority to appoint anyone.
What's wrong with Andrew McCarthy?
I would appoint him.
And this FBI director's gotta go.
I would fire him immediately and put former New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, someone Trump has known for 50 years, in that job.
There are patriots who are willing to step into this government, but the call never came because Reince Priebus and his minions were blocking those people.
And that is a sad fact.
And now the chickens have come home to roost.
I actually wonder whether the seeds of the President's destruction were not sown way back in January and February and March, when Steve Bannon made no effort whatsoever to get Trump loyalists in this administration, and the White House and the Cabinet was peopled by swamp creatures whose only interest was returning to the status quo.
And by the way, when I say Trump's dead, he's done.
Politically, he's dead.
Everything's dead.
They're making their move.
You can see it.
The total shutdown of all conservative nationalist media, you know, even famous top preachers.
Big shutdown.
It's all happening.
It's clear as day.
And if we don't do something, it's our fault.
And I want to get people ready.
Because I told you Trump was coming.
I told you the nationalism would sweep the world.
We're still winning worldwide.
But those of us that are on the tip of the spear, we've got to get ready to pay our up and, you know, God to get this done.
But we have to understand that we have to get the base ready for Trump's assassination.
They're not going to just remove him.
They're going to kill him.
They're not going to leave him out there wandering around saying stuff or fighting back.
So they're getting ready to kill him in the next 90 days.
I don't think anybody can disagree.
We're only saying this trying to save the president.
And just separately, imagine this is our last broadcast ever, Roger.
Because it could be any day.
What do we say to the listeners?
Because this is what this is all about.
This is the dire straits we're in.
Let's not lie to the audience about this.
Well, first of all, we're not folding.
We're not quitting.
We're not running.
We're not heading for the tall grass.
I, myself, have been fighting for two and a half years, and I will continue to fight no matter what.
But the President is besieged, yet today, Alex, he still has the power to save himself.
Soon, that will not be the case.
What you're looking here, in my opinion, is a complete rerun of the Saturday Night Massacre.
Trump will wake up only when it is too late.
He will then move to fire his new Attorney General and that will trigger the chain of events just as it did with Nixon.
How does he pull this nominee now?
Because his advisors will tell him that it's too late, that he can't do so.
No, no, but how does he do it now?
Trump, how does he pull the literal, you know, daddy of Robert Mueller out?
He's got a window here in which Matthew Whitaker is still the acting Attorney General.
Whitaker is, by all measures and all reports, a patriot.
He's got the ability to appoint a special counsel for Uranium One.
He's got the ability to... No, I get it.
He should do that now before the new guy gets in.
I agree.
How do we kill the nomination of the latest swamp creature?
Well, hopefully the president has woken up, although I think his advisors will tell him it's too late.
His advisors have continued to get him to ignore his... Yeah, because they're a bunch of wimps.
They're a bunch of punks and a bunch of scum.
Here's the deal, folks.
America's borders are being collapsed right now.
The UN's doing it.
We're on our deathbed if we don't wake up and say something.
That's all I'm telling listeners is.
We've had a lot of warnings before, but this is the maximum warning.
Ladies and gentlemen, we now have the complete internet takeover plan.
Within three months, every computer device in the country...
Already has the back doors built into it with devices made five, six years ago.
Will be broken into via your terms of service, you won't be allowed to not have it on there, by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, by Media Matters, George Soros, and by the main neocon think tanks with Defense Department yearly funding that Obama put in place.
With oversight by special officers set up by Obama and Hillary at the C.I.H.
This is way beyond 1984.
Obama, with the neocons, with large sections of U.S.
intelligence, Defense Department, all of it, set up a total Internet kill switch system that is manned by at least 100,000 people right now, with heads-up displays.
On your phone, on your computer, live time.
It's already being beta tested and in three months it rolls out all new devices.
Microsoft, Apple, Google.
The idea that Apple says what happens on your phone stays on your phone, that is the biggest joke on the planet.
And we have neocons at major events admitting this.
We have all the articles admitting it.
They're just bragging.
They say, you think Alex Jones is the big deal.
You think us banning thousands of conservatives was a big deal?
We only did that to get the left wing on board.
The Democrats are so sick and tired of their own constituents being anti-war and everything, we're going to ban all of them, and then the conservatives who feel like they've been wronged are going to take the bait.
And once that's done, we're going to set the precedent.
...to ban everybody.
So once they get the KKK, oh, then they get Alex Jones, then they get, oh, Antifa.
Then the conservatives come and say, yeah, you take them off too.
And then you see Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
And his wife could eat no lean.
So between the two of them, they licked the platter clean.
Conservatives want to censor the liberals.
Liberals want to censor the conservatives.
And it's the old saying of, first they came for this group, then they came for that group, and when they came for me, there was nobody left to stand up for me.
This is an exact plan where you pick off one person, and then another, and then another, and then a whole group, and then thousands in a day, and thousands the next day, and thousands the next day, and then you, and you, oh, people are getting upset, let's cycle back, okay, we're gonna quit, we apologize, but here's the mega scandal, here's the takeaway.
Hiding in plain view,
The head of Google, the head of Facebook, the head of Twitter, the head of all these groups, they go to Congress and they say, we've never censored anybody, we've never manipulated search results, we've never been paid to promote a search result.
That's the whole model!
It's like saying the American flag doesn't have red on it.
And so it's all on a psychological plant.
And only by being aware of it, only by being conscious of it, only by understanding it do we have any chance to beat it.
Google Soros funds Facebook new fact-checkers.
That's a NewsBusters article.
How a neo-combat fact-checker plans to wage war on independent news.
And it goes through all of how they're going to do it, and how they're going to ban liberals, conservatives, everybody.
It's all over!
They're ending the Internet!
Except it's a psychology experiment, a giant re-education camp, where it's 100,000 now, they plan to leverage it up to about 10 million people, whose jobs will be watching everything you do and telling you what to do over the smartphone!
I mean, total control at device level!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Alright, Roger and I are talking during the break.
Bombshell info from Giuliani.
Wait till you hear this.
But here's the bottom line.
Robert Mueller, after two years of a fake investigation, is honing in, like we told you, on Roger Stone and myself and my dad.
We were there two and a half years ago when WikiLeaks was all over the news, giving interviews to The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and wouldn't give us one.
I called him Hillary's butt plug for not doing it.
And so now the Senate's subpoenaing my emails,
And we learn what Giuliani is saying is coming next.
This is huge.
Roger Stone, tell us about this.
CNN has just released an interview with Mayor Giuliani, who, of course, is representing the president as a private attorney.
Giuliani says he has seen documents that indicate that the special counsel told Jerry Corsi that if he would testify against the president, Roger Stone and Alex Jones, that they would give him probation.
Uh, and that if he did not, he was looking at five years in prison.
It appears to me that Jerry decided to try to split the difference, won't testify against the president, because he knows that he doesn't want to be the John Dean of this drama, was perfectly willing, unfortunately, to make up stuff about you and I.
I recommended him to Infowars.
I was among several.
There's no doubt about that.
But the idea that I recommended that you pay him hush money is a canard made of whole cost.
It's nonsense.
It's false.
And then implicating your father, who gives the guy a severance after you terminate him, as if he's done something wrong, is just beneath contempt.
I am so disappointed that he's made up lie after lie about me.
I'm not trying to brag and act like a big, big, big shot here.
But Roger Stone doesn't make any decisions here.
No one does but me, which I wish it wasn't.
I make all the decisions.
The color of the carpet, what's on the video screen behind me.
I, I built InfoWars.
Not the CIA, not the FBI and all these scumbag white shoe boys who couldn't wipe their own ass.
I built this!
And I will not sit there and hear this crap that anyone tells me what to say or do.
And I'm not trying to brag here, but the idea that
Of course he's been coming on the show for 17 years with four or five number one best-selling books and the top advisor Lou Dobbs and he was a smart good guy and I was betrayed by him and I saw what he was when he was drunk talking crap to us in DC a year and a half ago and so the idea
The idea that he would then take our goodness to him when he was a falling-down drunk and couldn't get his work done and typos everywhere.
We have all the emails going, what the hell, dude?
Half this article's misspelled!
That turns into my daddy thinking they know I'm ready to die, that I would roll over because they're trying to target my father.
Makes me sick!
Well, how do you think I feel?
Here's a colleague who I liked his reporting and his writing at World Net Daily.
He now claims completely falsely that he told me that John Podesta's emails had been stolen.
That's a lie, an unsupportable lie.
Now he's changed his story again, saying that I told him ahead of the NBC Billy Bush tape release that he should tell Assange to release Podesta's emails to distract from it.
This is a new iteration of a lie.
There is no evidence to support
And now I'm paying this son-of-a-bitch hush money!
Bull crap!
So let me ask you this.
What does this mean that Giuliani, the president's main lawyer, has come out and torpedoed Giuliani?
I mean, he's come out and torpedoed Corsi.
What does it symbolize that the president's head lawyer, Giuliani, has come out and torpedoed Corsi?
Well, it says more about Mr. Mueller than it does Jerome Corsi.
I think we see the extent they're willing to go to try to get somebody, Jerry Corsi, Michael Collins, somebody to bear false witness against the president.
Now, I know that Jerry Corsi met with the president when he was a candidate for president.
I was not present.
I don't know what was discussed in that meeting.
So perhaps Mr. Mueller is attempting to put words into Mr. Corsi's mouth within the context of that meeting.
Sure, but why would Giuliani, because he's been pretty accurate so far, in fact, extremely accurate, because he knows the truth is the best defense, why, this is bombshell, he comes out and says that Corsi said what again?
Again, I've sent you the actual transcript.
He said he has seen the documents and that Corsi was told that if he would testify against the President, they would give him probation.
Now, I've got him right here now, so how is Giuliani able to get that?
I guess they're throwing this at Trump.
Well, somebody obviously leaked this document to the president's attorney.
Look, this all happened within the last hour and a half, so we're going to have to sort it out.
I'm just sorely disappointed that Corsi would try to set you and I up
Well, let's expand on that.
Moving on from Corsi, we know he's compromised and sold out.
What does it mean that Giuliani knows that this is happening and is willing to say it?
The fact that he's coming out and saying that
Mueller is allowed, is basically pushing lies, shows that Trump finally gets that this is crap and stop playing games with it.
Because I can tell you right now, folks, I'm a Russian agent like I'm a Pluto, lawnmower, Easter Bunny, unicorn, purple penguin eater.
I mean, it's just like, it's ridiculous.
When the globalists are anti-America, they're doing all this.
We all know this.
And it's just, it's ridiculous to change the subject from their treason.
Well, just being very clear, Alex, Rudy Giuliani is about as popular with the White House staff and the Trump inner circle as you and I. Because he's a straight shooter.
He tells the President what they don't want him to know.
Giuliani has been a truth teller in all this, and he has repeatedly tried to get the President off of defense and on to offense.
He's hit Comey.
He's hit Mueller.
He's been one of the few willing to do so.
So, believe me, they would like to shut him off from the president as well.
But they're not able to do so because of his stature and their long relationship.
You know, people like to shoot it really, he's done this wrong, he's done that wrong.
I think he's done more right than wrong here.
But take those clips this week where he supposedly... Take the clips this week.
I'm not even... It's the truth.
Where they said, they said, you know, Trump hasn't colluded.
Others may have.
He said, I don't know about others.
There's open investigations.
But Trump hasn't colluded.
That isn't saying others colluded.
So that's a truthful statement.
I don't know about everybody else you're investigating, but Trump hasn't.
Let's play a clip.
We've got the clip of Giuliani talking about this.
Here it is.
As far as I know, President Trump did not have discussions with him, certainly had no discussions with him in which he told him or counseled him to lie.
If he had any discussions with him, they'd be about the version of the events that Michael Cohen gave then, which they all believe was true.
I believed it was true.
I still believe it may be true because unlike these people who want to just believe him, I believe Michael Cohen is a serial liar.
If you can figure out when Michael Cohen's telling the truth, you're better than I am, Jake.
And that's what happened to BuzzFeed.
They bought a totally phony story.
They weren't going to buy it unless they got some phony stuff about federal agents.
And then they went with it because they're the same ones who published the Steele dossier when no one else would do it.
They obviously have hatred.
But you just acknowledged that it's possible that President Trump talked to Michael Cohen about his testimony.
Which would be perfectly normal!
Which the President believed was true!
So it's possible that that happened?
That President Trump talked to Michael Cohen about his testimony?
I don't know if it happened or didn't happen.
And it might be attorney-client privilege if it happened, where I can't acknowledge it.
But I have no knowledge that he spoke to him.
But I'm telling you, I wasn't there then.
So... It's not significant, because...
The version he gave to the... But he's convicted of... The new clip's out, we'll get it, the show's almost over.
The point is, he's come out, I got the transcript right here, and said that Corsi was promised probation if he'd make up stuff and read a transcript.
I mean, for Giuliani to say that, that is huge.
I agree, Alex, and look, I've been in this exact cul-de-sac.
It's true, I spoke on the phone with Donald Trump three days before the disclosure of the WikiLeaks, you know, releases.
And there's no evidence that we spoke about this because we didn't.
But just juxtaposing those dates, I had both Chris Cuomo and Chuck Todd insisting, well, you must have spoken to the President about this.
No, I didn't.
And there's no proof to the contrary.
Well, here's the bottom line.
Here's the bottom line.
America is in the crosshairs.
The Democrats are all over the news.
We have all these new clips.
The Women's March saying, we hate America.
America shouldn't exist.
This is the group saying America shouldn't exist.
And then people that say it should exist, they're Russian traitors and they should all be arrested.
So we're done.
We have women sexually assaulting our reporters and laughing in front of police.
We have the Democrat lynch mob out of control.
We are the Americans.
We believe in prosperity.
We believe in justice.
We believe in truth.
We are not Robert Mueller.
We are not Hillary Clinton.
We are not the Deep State.
And it's all coming to a head with all these fake news stories about Trump's a Russian agent and BuzzFeed fake stories that are meant to make Mueller look like he's truthful when he says, oh, this is fake.
The next big bombshell is real.
It's all coming to a head.
And we will be covering it all at Infowars.com forward slash show.
Mike Adams has his counterfeit report coming up for one hour after.
It's very powerful.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Roger Stone, Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
We'll talk to you tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Central when I kick off my regular broadcast.
But obviously they're making their move.
History's happening now.
And I'm not afraid at all.
I'm actually jumping up like a jumping jack.
This is so exciting.
But the listeners better get excited.
Thank you, Roger.
Thank you, Alex.
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