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Alex Jones discusses the ongoing battle between pro-American media and those attempting to shut it down on his InfoWars broadcast. He highlights Trump's achievements such as appointing Supreme Court justices and trying to improve the economy but acknowledges globalists' efforts to create an economic war to counteract these accomplishments. He expresses gratitude to listeners, promotes certain products available on his website, and discusses the importance of individual rights and fighting against globalist organizations like Agenda 21 and the U.N. 2030 Agenda through supporting InfoWars by shopping at their online store, sharing content, and praying for them.


From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's the information apocalypse.
We're definitely now in the middle of it.
Look at these headlines.
Foreigners dump U.S.
Treasuries as they liquidate a record number of U.S.
stocks in an attempt to kill our stock market and our economy to stop Trump and the march of nationalism.
That's been the globalist plan.
Meanwhile, residents should not panic.
Thousands of Las Vegas homes get zero offers for November.
That's just some economic indicators.
Meanwhile, New York Times article suggests human extinction a good thing and needs to happen.
Michael Snyder article up on Infowars.com.
MKUltra, far worse than previously known.
Special report.
Will Generation Z save us from our millennials?
Paul Joseph Watson video.
Sorted history of pedophilia and the political left.
Greg Reese, Infowars.com.
Special report.
Bitcoin's soon worthless.
Big surprise.
Raw fruit and vegetables better for your mental health than canned produce.
I mean, there's no way to pick your top stories with all this insanity.
Meanwhile, Fox News.
Napolitano says Trump is...
Unindicted co-conspirator.
Ample evidence to indict the President of the United States.
More and more to Paula Thomas talking about how honest and good Mueller is.
But we happen to know why.
Asked with Fox News host, reportedly.
That are in the Mueller crosshairs.
Continuing, Michael Savage being silenced by corporate censorship, his attorneys say.
And I've talked to the Savage camp today.
They can't speak because of contracts, but I can.
At the bottom of the next gallery, we have the Ben Shapiro expert, Vox Day, joining us.
I'm a little bit of a Ben Shapiro expert, because I remember back when he was the lawyer for Talk Radio Network, when he was like 25.
And the things Savage told me off-record, I've not been authorized to say.
But I knew this from other people at Talk Radio Network 15, 20 years ago.
Before even Shapiro showed up.
And this guy is bad news.
He's the Harvard Mafia.
And Savage is being taken off the air down to one hour, then he'll be taken completely off within three months.
And Ben Shapiro is being given his audience.
Of course, they're not going to stay, but talk about the royalty of the Weekly Standard, the royalty of National Review, Neocon, Blue Blood, Garbage.
This guy is being force-fed to us at a level I've never before seen, and he's behind the scenes working all over the place to hurt you-know-who, Alexander Emmerich Jones.
And he is completely up the rear end of Glenn Beck.
He is the return of Glenn Beck.
God help us.
God help us.
And if this model of replacing Savage works, they're going after Limbaugh and Hannity next.
I have it from the highest sources.
And why is this so important?
Why am I a talk show host, depending on my competition?
Because they're not my competition.
They're American patriots who care about the country.
And they're being removed ahead of Trump being removed.
They're taking out anyone loyal to the truth, anyone loyal to the president, anyone loyal to the country.
Everyone is being attacked, shut down, sued, removed.
And Savage, through his lawyers, said that is happening, but now he can't speak.
Because of the contracts, I guess, he has.
I say, damn the contracts.
And again,
I'm not going to get into inside baseball.
I told Savage two years ago this was coming.
I said, I'll build you a platform that no one even knows we've built for you.
And he said, well, we'll see what happens down the road.
But I told him this was coming.
I told him.
So it's bad, folks.
I haven't even hit one third of the stacks.
PewDiePie, number one media personality in world history.
A lot of adults never heard of him.
He is the big kahuna.
The left is muscling in to completely shut him down.
They'll break it all down straight ahead and so much more.
Meanwhile, we've got big news on China.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's not a title that I wish I had, but I certainly embrace it because it means we're getting the job done.
You are tuned in to the most censored, most lied about, most demonized, most attacked multimedia transmission in the world.
And we have been, at times, the number one news and information program on the planet.
And despite the fact that we've had many of our tentacles cut off,
Our core operation has never been stronger thanks to all of you out there.
But it is biblical what is going on.
We now have a very clear picture of what is about to happen.
That's why you get next year's news today here.
There is a systematic persecution, removal, curtailing, censoring, banning,
Of not just nationalists and patriots and conservatives and Christians on the internet, but in businesses, in colleges, in churches, and on talk radio and television.
I've talked to many of the top Fox News hosts who have been called into rooms the last two years and screamed at that they better turn against Trump or they will be removed off the air.
About two years ago, Fox became very anti-Trump for a while.
They lost half their ratings.
They ran back and allowed people to be pro-Trump, and all the listeners came back.
But Sean Hannity never wavered.
When Tucker Carlson was brought on, he was not 100% behind Trump.
And so that's why they thought he was a good guy.
But once he saw the stakes, he's become pro-Trump, and he's in the crosshairs.
I know the inside baseball on Michael Savage.
I know the inside baseball on Rush Limbaugh.
I know the inside baseball on Sean Hannity.
I know the inside baseball on everything, basically.
And I'm not at liberty to tell you everything, but let me just get to this point.
Michael Savage is being removed off the air.
Within three months, he won't even be on the air anymore.
They're gonna pay out his contract.
They're killing him slowly, cutting him from three hours to one.
And they're replacing him with Ben Shapiro.
Because, hey, if you can't get your own audience, steal it!
But they'll leave.
They're literally grafting this cancer in everywhere.
And we're going to be breaking down who Ben Shapiro is coming up in the next hour.
And it's the anatomy of a snake.
The anatomy of the Neocon Weekly Standard
National Review blueprint to continue to control the Republican Party and to send this country into the New World Order.
And it ties into the move to take down Trump and Judge Andrew Napolitano, who I've had dinner with and been on the phone with and on the show many times, and who I have associates that are very close friends with, and they say that there are different Fox News hosts who did talk to
Julian Assange, which is not a crime, and that they are connected into Napolitano, and obviously Napolitano is under amazing pressure at Fox to be somewhat anti-Trump.
So now he's all over Shep Smith, the rabid anti-Trumper, every day basically saying Mueller's a wonderful person, Trump could have committed crimes, he's the unindicted co-conspirator.
All of this is part of the season of finding out who's who, and who's got metal, and who doesn't.
But you better believe I'm still on the horse for a reason.
When they make their move to shut down all the media, which they're doing, all the loyal pro-American media, for old Mueller and the rest of them to make their move on the president, we intend to stay at the helm, and we intend to go down with the ship, or win the battle.
And just like they told John Paul Jones, founder of the U.S.
Navy, who was fighting a British ship twice his size, and it appeared his ship was sinking,
The British captain called over the bullhorn.
Are you ready to surrender?
And he said, I surrender.
I've only begun to fight.
And he ended up capturing the British ship, tying his sinking ship to it and saving both.
And that's what we intend to do.
We are fully in.
Totally committed.
I've never been more satisfied at a spiritual level.
I've never been.
I'm very satisfied.
And I feel close to God.
The last time I said that they went, Jones is gonna commit suicide, he says he feels close to God.
No, it's the opposite.
When I say I feel close to God, it means I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be, and every cell in my body and my spirit just says, you're doing the right thing.
Now your ancestors are proud of you.
Now you finally are starting to achieve what it was you knew you were supposed to do.
Now there's not that burning, nagging, pushing feeling constantly.
As we step into this, as we see the future, as we see what we've all got to do as men, take our licks and keep kicking as long as we can.
We're going to be examples to the young people, the future generations, and we're joining those men and women that came before us that had the mettle to take us into the future.
And we're not taking their sacrifices for vain.
We're not letting everything they laid down on the line be pitched away.
We're on the right side of history.
And I am just incredibly honored to have this audience.
I'm incredibly honored to have the amazing minds that listen to this transmission.
And I can feel your strength.
You give me strength.
And I want to thank you all for your prayers.
You've got mine.
And you've got my will one trillion percent focused on your destiny and my destiny together.
Total commitment.
Doesn't mean I'm not going to falter or stumble.
But you've got my total commitment.
And the enemy knows that.
But I tell you, it's disgusting watching Napolitano.
Makes me sick.
But this is where you find out who's real and who isn't.
Matt Drudge has been staying the course.
Sean Hannity's been staying the course.
Rush Limbaugh's been staying the course.
It doesn't mean any of us are perfect, dammit.
Hindsight's 20-20, but as you get older, and you see the world clearer, and you know the time you're in, you know who's good, and you know who's bad.
Roll Net Daily's good.
InfoWars is good.
Zero Hedge is good.
So many other groups are good people.
And as things get worse and worse now, they say, everybody's like Alex Jones now.
No, they're not like me.
I only saw what was happening and was right.
Now it's here.
And because we and the listeners and many before us saw what was happening, we've got a fighting shot at this.
That's why they intimidated us.
That's why they attacked us.
That's why they lied about us.
Because they wanted to intimidate others so they wouldn't stand up and do the right thing when the hammer fell.
You know, I read these articles here in front of me and how they tie together.
How the globalists are openly trying to crash the world economy right now.
We're going to be covering that.
There's so much more we're going to be getting to, but foreigners dump U.S.
Treasuries as they liquidate a record number of U.S.
That's all to stop America and its resurgence.
We told you it was coming.
Trump warned you that voting for the Democrats would greenlight this operation, and now they're doing it.
And I expect this to blow up in the globalist's face.
They're now one of the top trending terms on Twitter is depression.
Because they want to punish us.
Just like Bill Maher said.
And teach us to hate ourselves.
And teach us to hate people that stood up for what was right.
Men who didn't want to be slaves, didn't want you to be slaves.
We're gonna go to break.
When we come back, we're gonna look at the eye of the storm.
They're not just moving.
I think so.
And they're making their move on him now.
This is a critical point in the entire Matrix space-time continuum.
Believe it.
And I'm gonna break down why it is straight ahead.
Because either way, either way you slice it with things like PewDiePie, it's over for the globalists.
Long term.
The question is, which path do we take?
The easy one?
By that, meaning our full force cannot stop the disaster, or go into the disaster, which will guarantee the globalist total destruction that many of us will perish in the melee.
Look, we all do it.
A lot of times we don't have a choice.
You go on a trip, you book into a big globalist hotel that funds groups trying to take our guns and teach our five-year-old boys how to wear dresses.
It's a fact.
These corporations are out to conquer humanity, not to break up our families.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You hate... You hate me.
You... You hate... You hate me.
You... You hate... You hate me.
You... You hate... You hate me.
You know why we came in with Rammstein, one of the most popular bands out of Germany in the last 20 years?
Because this is the exact type of crap the left engages in where they claim they're a Nazi band because they speak German.
They're actually a leftist band that I would pretty much call anti-German, though the music is pretty interesting.
But you see, I first learned about their music 20 years ago or so in Lost Highway, which is a great film.
But to understand what's happening with PewDiePie, you have to understand the entire globalist program, and that it's going into high gear, and it's final phase of the extinction of speech.
Because censorship only works if you bring in total oppression, total monoculture.
And the political correctness is that.
It destroys all knowledge, it attacks all information, it's hurtful and bad.
It tears apart words, it destroys minds.
It assassinates the truth.
It uses journalism to destroy journalism.
It's an inversion of the Renaissance economy and system.
So I can go through hundreds of examples.
I have the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Vox, you name it, showing PewDiePie, who has 100 million, right at 100 million subscribers over, last time I checked, it was something like 100 billion views.
The multiple YouTube channels, I said 100 billion,
And that's not to mention all his other platforms.
So he's bigger than five Oprah Winfrey's in her entire history of viewers.
He's bigger than Drudge Report when it comes to people actually watching his videos.
Drudge Report is the second biggest site in the world, biggest news site in the world.
Billions of visitors a month.
PewDiePie is the biggest television personality the world's ever seen.
More eyeballs have watched him, more people have seen him in the modern last five years or so than anybody else.
You could argue that somebody like Clint Eastwood's bigger, yes, or Ronald Reagan are better known.
But when it comes to the youth, my 16-year-old son, my 14-year-old daughter, my 11-year-old daughter, all they talk about is PewDiePie.
And this is for about three, four years.
Normally let the younger one watch it, but that's all they hear about at school.
Private school doesn't matter.
So, who is this guy?
Three or four years ago, he started talking about me some.
I would get massive traffic off of it.
And I went and watched it.
Okay, he's a gamer guy.
He's kind of liberal.
He tells a lot of jokes.
He's a comedian.
He's funny.
He made fun of me hilariously.
I loved it.
I like being made fun of if it's being done good-naturedly.
Because, I mean, I laugh at myself sometimes.
So this guy is numero uno.
He's not gangster rap teaching your kids how to kill themselves.
He's not into drugs.
He's into fitness, but he likes video games.
Over a hundred billion people have watched him if you combine his YouTube channels.
He's got a hundred million subscribers.
A couple years ago, Disney tried to take him over.
He wouldn't do what they said.
So they had YouTube demonetizing.
Took the money away.
He wouldn't shut up.
Then they stopped letting all the people that subscribe get notifications.
People just go to his channel.
So they can't suppress him.
They've been trying for three years.
So now they come out, just like they say Rammstein is Nazi, because it's German.
And they show him next to Heinrich Himmler, but it's an actor from Heinrich Himmler.
The Nazi head of the SS and say, look, he's wearing similar glasses.
And oh, look, they were calling him a Nazi.
He joked and said, you know, hail PewDiePie.
This is the stuff they've got.
They say, oh, he's got a short haircut.
It's not even the same haircut as similar, but it's, it's the, it's, it's the high and tight haircut that most people have.
It's been popular for about 10 years.
It's the one that David Beckham and everybody popularized.
And it's an old 1920s, 1930s haircut.
You know, both my grandfathers had that haircut.
Hell, I've got that haircut.
Does that mean I'm a Nazi?
It means I don't like messing with my hair all day.
So they talk about how over time he changed his hairstyle.
Well, yeah, in 2011, that was the hairstyle to have a little bit...
Longer hair.
Like Ashton Kutcher or whatever his name is.
2016, it's all the rage to have the hair shorter.
And now the style's even shorter.
You walk into a barbershop, there's black guys, there's Hispanic guys, there's white guys, all getting the same haircut.
I haven't gotten a haircut in like three, four weeks, so it's about time to get one, but it's the haircut PewDiePie's got.
And it's not because he's a Nazi.
Now see, this is, and the left knows this.
Why are they going after him?
Because he's the biggest thing in the world.
Just 30 years ago, before the internet, if you wanted to have music, if you wanted to have your own band, if you wanted to have your own radio show, there were mafias, basically.
Corporate mafias that would come after you.
In pro wrestling, there were regions that nobody could come into unless you were part of that group or you'd get your house burned down.
But the internet has allowed the media to be broken up.
So all the old Sumner Redstones, all the big Viacom heads, all the big CBS heads, the News Corp heads, they're really threatened and upset.
They thought they would always control the internet.
They'd use it as a minor league training fishery or nursery to find the talent to get it.
But see, people don't want that.
I didn't want to be hired by big corporations and controlled.
I was offered up to $10 million a year.
I didn't want to be told what to say.
He is, with the youth, 20 times bigger than I've ever been.
That's great.
They can't stand that though, you see.
They want a monopoly.
And just like this Me Too movement can be projected on anybody they want, this whole thing of being a Nazi can be projected, and now they've got thousands of publications a week saying, we deplatformed Alex Jones.
It's in the articles.
We can do it to PewDiePie.
But others say, like this headline, it's up on Infowars.com, Why YouTube's Biggest Star Can't Be Cancelled, New York Mag.
And they go through this and say he laughed at someone who was an approved of a Nazi.
The guy plays video games for hours every day online.
A guy walks by with some weird rabbi shekel name.
PewDiePie laughs every time somebody gets shot.
That's what you do.
He snickers and it's like a laugh track.
That's all he does is laugh.
And then because some guy had a name, Rabbi Shekel shoots somebody in the head.
We're showing it to your TV viewer.
And this becomes the total proof.
Like playing Rammstein.
Or having a short haircut.
Or wearing wireframe glasses that aren't even the same shape as Heinrich Hemmler's.
By the way, he is a Northern European, and he does kind of have a shaped head a little bit like Himmler's.
And so if you have a, you know, there's probably four or five shapes of heads.
If you happen to have that shape of head, a lot of black guys have that shape of head too.
If you happen to have that shape of head, that kind of, you know, rectangular shaped head, you want to wear smaller glasses.
But everybody knows that.
He walks in a sunglass hut, they're gonna, what do you think's best?
Well, let's take you over here, sir.
They're gonna take you over those glasses, because that's what looks good with that shape of head.
That turns into Nazi, and the New York Times, everyone's, the Southern Probably Law Center, George Soros is just breathlessly, no, the reason you don't like him is because he has power and viewers, and nobody likes you.
No one wants your university force-fed tyranny.
We'll be right back.
Mark Dice, media analyst, best-selling author, billions of views on YouTube alone, is here with us for the Balance of the Hour.
His new book, Liberalism, Find a Cure by Mark Dice.
Remember those things called books?
Get it.
Read it.
Buy a second copy.
Don't enter the library.
It will change the world.
Every little bit counts.
No reviews yet.
It's gone to like number one in political on Amazon.
We got it a few weeks after.
We now have it at infowarsstore.com, so no reviews there, but five-star reviews.
I've read the book.
It's amazing.
Get the book today.
There is.
I mean, it's not a joke.
This isn't hyperbole.
It really is some kind of a defect or a disease or a mental disorder.
In fact, there was a documentary produced by PBS, hosted by David Eagleman, which you can find on Netflix or Prime, maybe even on YouTube, where he went to a neural imaging laboratory at Virginia Tech, and one of the neurologists there discovered an interesting connection
By scanning people's brains, he has determined a test that with a 95% accuracy, he can tell from an MRI or an fMRI, a functional MRI, whether or not someone is a liberal or a conservative.
And so that leads many people to wonder, well,
What's the difference?
How can you tell from a brain scan whether someone is a left-wing or right-wing person?
And the answer makes perfect sense.
What he did is, these people in the MRI, he showed them images of disgusting things like dead bodies and food being eaten by maggots.
Anything that any normal person should be disgusted and repelled by, just from the normal protective mechanisms that have been built into the human brain.
And liberals
...do not feel the levels of disgust that normal people do.
And in fact, the less they feel disgusting, uh, disgusted towards seeing or experiencing what normal people see as a disgusting thing, the more liberal they are.
Which makes perfect sense, because the liberals' brains are defective.
They, they can't see right and wrong.
Their consciences are seared.
The Bible calls it the reprobate mind, because they've turned themselves over to evil.
And now this poor neurologist at Virginia Tech's imaging laboratory is horrified, really, at his findings, because think of the implications of this.
He has proved that liberals have no conscience, that when they see something that should absolutely freak out a normal person, they feel nothing.
They see nothing wrong with it, because their minds are literally defective.
Every study shows it.
Nine times more likely in British and U.S.
Show the same thing.
Major universities.
Liberals did this.
They found that, quote, liberals, really leftists, are more likely to virtue signal but not actually give to charity.
Nine times less likely to give to charity.
Six times more likely to steal.
They found it in Russia, in Japan, in the United States.
So what they are is they're sociopaths that have no moral compass, so they're all for
They know we have them, so they project it out because that gives power over us.
And so what you're saying is absolutely true, that they actually like disgusting things.
They like two-year-olds being taught they're really a girl or a boy and being screwed up.
They like child pornography as Vice and the New York Times and all these other things promote.
These really are evil people.
The new book is at InfoWarsTore.com.
Needs to be a bestseller.
In fact, I know it was number one political book.
What did it go to on Amazon?
Find it here, Mark.
It was number 15 on Amazon.com out of all books.
Not just a specific category.
The day that it came out.
Interestingly, the same ceiling that my last book, The True Story of Fake News, hit as well.
And that's with no reviews.
Oh, it's like the stock market.
It's got all these pre-placed computer deals.
The point is, everybody should get the book.
Great job, people that did.
Liberalism, find a cure.
Give it to members of your family that are on the fence and say, listen, it may not be too late for you, but you really want to be part of this at Infowarsstore.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on, or your mind.
And by every time you retweet one of these things, or every time you promote this idea, you are promoting ignorance, racism, genocide, anti-semitism.
These are all things that you are putting forward when you are doing anything that promotes PewDiePie.
So be careful about this.
If someone decided to... If something were to happen, if PewDiePie were to be sued for this, you could be complicit.
If you retweet it, they could make you pay a fine as well.
Because you have officially published anti-Semitic things.
So if you are republishing this stuff, you could get in trouble for it.
Be very aware that that is a real thing.
So, the corporate media, the Southern Primary Law Center, Media Matters run by George Soros, a real Nazi collaborator who said that he, at the best time of his life helping round up Jews, called it happy-making time on 60 Minutes.
They are moving to take PewDiePie off the air.
Thousands of news articles, oh, look at his wire-framed glasses, they look like Himmler's.
He's got a short haircut, he's from Sweden.
On and on and on.
Oh, he was playing a video game once on TV, and out of thousands of hours he does a year, multi-hours a day, and some guy walked by with a handle named Rabbi Shekels, whatever that means, and PewDiePie laughed when somebody got shot, so that means he's a Nazi.
That's the level of this control, and why is this so important?
Because the establishment is making its move on everyone's free speech right now.
The story is getting bigger and bigger, and it's really important because people are standing up for PewDiePie and this incredible leftist censorship.
And the audio you just heard of your radio listener is from video posted to InfoWars.com by Paul Joseph Watson.
Video unhinged history teacher claims PewDiePie is promoting genocide.
You talk about defamation and threatening the middle school students that they will get sued, that they will be fined if they share this man's genocidal links.
Meanwhile, the New York Times today says that human extinction would not be a bad thing, that all humans are bad.
And that we should reduce the world's population.
That's not Nazi at all.
PewDiePie, who's done nothing, he's the Nazi because he's popular and he has a hundred billion views and a hundred million subscribers and is the number one individual on YouTube, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why, because these big corporations don't have any viewers.
Obama gives a speech, it has 5,000 views on YouTube.
Anderson Cooper does a daily show on
Facebook, it literally has no more than 10,000 viewers.
They paid him $18 million for it.
And PewDiePie, in the last four years, was the number one star.
YouTube and Disney tried to buy him out, tried to make him do things that he didn't want to do.
So he said, no, thank you.
So they demonetized him.
Just like we have seen done over and over again with Ted Nugent can fill up stadiums of 20,000, 40,000 people.
He's been told, stop supporting Trump, and we'll let you play in stadiums again.
But only three companies own the big stadiums, and so Ted Nugent can't play basically anywhere except city-owned coliseums like Waco.
And it's totally packed.
But because he won't play ball, he loses $15 million a year.
That's directly from Ted Nugent.
I looked it up in publications.
It's true.
Think of the sacrifice.
Trump's lost $2 billion since he ran for office, with all the boycotts and lawsuits.
And most people sell out, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, Charlie Chaplin could joke around and say he was a Nazi and engage in satire.
So could John Cleese.
That's okay, but Hitler Dog does it.
He's banned!
These people want to control all knowledge, they want to control all comedy.
It's absolute, total, and complete nauseating garbage.
But it gets worse from there.
New York Magazine laments PewDiePie appears to be too popular to ban.
Meanwhile, PewDiePie fans hacked the Wall Street Journal yesterday and apologized to PewDiePie for the horrible article they wrote that basically Vox copied the controversy over YouTube star PewDiePie and his anti-Semitic jokes explained.
And then it shows the jokes.
He's walking through a multiplayer game, walks by thousands of people a day in these shoot-em-up games.
And he laughs every time somebody gets shot because one of them had a handle.
Rabbi Shekels, it's over!
Look, he cut his hair shorter.
That's the Wall Street Journal's main evidence.
And then he had wire-framed glasses like Heinrich Himmler.
It's all over, ladies and gentlemen.
And he's a right-wing troll, they say.
No, they're all just fabulously
They're fabulously jealous.
They're fabulously angry.
Look at this alchemy they engage in.
PewDiePie the Guardian thinks death to all Jews is a joke.
Are you laughing yet?
That's because the handle of a guy he walks by in a video game
Can somehow be connected to somebody saying, death to all Jews.
How does Rabbi Shekels do that?
And because he's in a video game with thousands of other players and someone's named that, it's like walking by somebody on the street.
Or driving by somebody that's got a Nazi sticker.
And then you...
Or the bad person.
This is the Culture Police.
They are the real Nazis.
They are the digital Nazis at Vox, and the London Guardian, and the New York Times, and New York Magazine.
They are funded and run by a real Nazi collaborator, George Soros.
They're connected to the intelligence agencies that took 30-plus thousand Nazis out after World War II and protected them.
PewDiePie has no connection to Nazis.
I have no connection to Nazis, except both my grandfathers were in the Army Air Corps and both almost died.
My only connection to Nazis is they almost made me not exist.
But if I helped round up Jews like George Soros, I'd be getting awards.
You see, that's how they do it.
They hide at point-blank range and say you are what they are.
Hillary's paid off with the Russians?
They say Trump is.
Mainstream media hates America selling us out?
They say I hate America.
It's that simple.
Let's go to another clip here.
PewDiePie laughs at Rabbi Shekels shooting someone in a game.
Again, there's all these players shooting each other.
One guy's got a name over his head.
They've all got names over their heads saying who they are.
And because he laughed, well, he's a bad guy.
Here it is.
You sound a lot like PewDiePie.
I'm, of course, skeptical, because I've been on the internet for a while.
I've been on the internet for a while.
I'm just going to say, hey, man, I really appreciate your content.
You've gotten me through some tough times, and I respect the f*** out of you.
So he's wearing VR goggles he's laughing haha you just shot him
I don't
Come back, that must be daughters, and said, my God, I'm in journalism class, about to graduate.
They call us in and say, Alex Jones is pure evil, and if you ever support him, you'll be put in jail.
And he's a racist.
And it's happening at public schools, and it's in newspapers they do this.
And it's the same thing with PewDiePie, we just played the video.
If you share him, you're gonna get sued, and you might go to jail, and it's all over.
This is what they're doing, and they're traumatizing students, telling them they're Nazis, and they want genocide, and they want to kill people.
All because the left.
Follows orders, and they see the New York Times and the Washington Post say PewDiePie's a bad guy, and they all, like attack dogs, run into those classes.
They're putting InfoWars, and yours truly, Alex Jones, officially in curriculum nationwide.
It's all in the newspapers.
And they go in there and they teach lies about me, and say things I never said, and take them out of context, to demonize the First Amendment in journalism classes, and teach the classes how to be censors, priming them for the universities to be good little Nazis.
No, if anybody acts like Nazis, it's the dirtbag left and whoever that teacher is trying to terrorize their students.
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is going to volunteer and violate the law!
That's enough.
You're making too much noise.
I'm afraid you're just too darn loud.
Before we delve into these questions, I must first dispense with a completely illegitimate issue, which is the fantasy, dreamed up by some conservatives, that Google and other online platforms have an anti-conservative bias.
But what if Google was lying to you?
As I have said repeatedly, no credible evidence supports this right-wing conspiracy theory.
Here is documented proof of some Google executives wanting to tamper with searches as a form of political activism.
When you search for a term on Google, the most popular results come with a title.
Well, Google is being accused of hiding negative stories about Hillary and her campaign by changing its algorithm to bury stories like the Clinton body count story.
That's according to website InfoWars.
Does the United States need a national privacy law?
They're gonna talk about me in this committee.
I will be talked about.
So what am I supposed to do?
I don't get a day in court.
They lie about me.
Google only puts lies up.
All the top searches are lies about me and my family.
The other issue I wanted to just raise in my last minute is moderating hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
And bullying policies.
Alex Jones obviously is a well-known conspiracy theorist whose brand is bullying.
You didn't call me to testify in America.
I have a right to face my accusers.
And you, Congressman Deutch, are a liar.
This has come up in a number of different ways and we appreciate the work that you have done particularly with YouTube.
I know we had Alex Jones in the room earlier promoting conspiracy theories.
InfoWars founder Alex Jones is calling out alleged collusion between Google and Democrats.
We're aware of his lying to Congress.
We're aware of him and the Dragonfly Project.
It's already been operational for years inside the Chinese government.
Now it's just being rolled out to the general public.
Google is planning to launch a censored version of its search engine in China.
Translation, Google is helping China silence its political opposition.
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google would love to have me arrested and killed, guaranteed.
Tomorrow's news, today.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, the Globalists are making their move on America and on anybody popular they don't control.
Michael Savage is going from three hours to one hour, and in three months they're gonna get rid of him.
That's the inside baseball.
They're replacing him on these stations where he has number one ratings with Ben Shapiro, who's the never-Trumper neocon.
They're getting rid of all the opposition to the Globalist takeover ahead of it.
And K.A.
H-I, our Sacramento radio station, getting huge ratings with us.
You saw the big national push by Soros Group, by others to attack our stations, make up lies, send them BS, tell them we said things we didn't say, to then remove us off air and say that, you know, we're fake news, we're fiction.
That's more tortious interference, it's more
Defamation with intentional to do harm.
And it's just more of these people are racking up.
But this is the war.
So that's why you need to call every radio station we're on and thank them.
And explain that you've got George Soros, the Democrat dirtbags doing this.
And become a sponsor.
Or send them a hundred bucks.
But whatever you do, paint the side of your barn about the local station.
Because that's what they're doing.
That's what these leftist terrorists are doing.
Is terrorizing the First Amendment everywhere.
They're turning the whole country into what they've done to the anti-free speech universities.
This is what they do.
Now we probably gained 50 radio stations since the mass banning four months ago.
And that's what they're pushing back against, is that a lot of this backfired.
And a lot of our station owners and managers totally get what's happening.
They're aware of what's going on.
But we need to see, let's put that radio station in Sacramento back up, push back on this.
Nicely to them.
Say, hey, don't listen to these globalists.
Don't listen to the left.
Call the board of directors.
It's a Christian station.
Tell them, stand with the truth.
Don't stand with these evil globalists.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Everywhere, they're moving against free speech.
K-A-H-I dot com.
Regardless, we're getting more stations in California.
Call stations in your area.
If you don't have a local station, call them all and say, listen, pick up Alex Jones.
Get the truth out there.
Learn what's going on.
This is riveting, powerful, pro-liberty talk radio.
Now remember, PewDiePie, who I was getting into,
Adults are like, who's that?
Well, he's a 30-something year old now, a guy from Sweden, who's got 100 million views out there and 100 million subscribers.
There's now this giant Indian global consortium, like out of Ready Player One, that has hundreds of thousands of people on the payroll to go out and make themselves number one, basically with fake subscriptions, bots, you name it.
So they've now gotten a little bit ahead of him.
There's a race for who's going to be the biggest.
But the point is, is that
The globalists, big corporations are trying to crush competition everywhere.
I put this video out this morning at InfoWars.com.
As adults, you're not into PewDiePie.
But for your young teenagers and others who already are, it shows solidarity with the Liberty Movement, with people like PewDiePie who are being censored, and it gets young people aware of what's happening.
PewDiePie has been defending InfoWars for several years when we've been under attack.
He's gone and played the actual clips of what we say versus what they say about us.
And so he's pro-free speech.
That's what we've got to work together when this type of stuff's happening.
So here is the video I shot this morning.
Everyone must subscribe to PewDiePie in his war against the tyrannical T-Series right now.
A giant corporation out of India is trying to get the number one slot on YouTube.
The New York Times, the New York Magazine are all calling for him to be removed off of the air because they hate independent media.
This is like
Ready Player One for real, ladies and gentlemen.
The whole global corporate system trying to bring down PewDiePie.
He's the next target.
So all InfoWarriors have got to go to YouTube right now and subscribe.
Make him too big to ban.
I'm Alex Jones, and this is the InfoWar!
Bitch lasagna, bitch lasagna.
T-Series ain't nothing but a bitch lasagna.
Bitch lasagna, bitch lasagna.
Look at T-Series, they're just crying.
And again, that's all silliness, folks.
That's who they claim is a Nazi.
Because they want full control.
And ladies and gentlemen, they're removing everybody ahead of removing Trump.
Michael Savage, in his talk show ratings, The Washington Times reports, has 14.8 million listeners a week just on stations that are rated.
A lot of stations don't subscribe to Arbitron, so they're not shown.
The numbers are, he's as big as Rush Limbaugh.
25 million listeners a week.
And Michael Savage being silenced by corporate censorship attorney says, Savage can't speak about it because of his contract, but I can give you the exclusive baseball next hour.
And it goes into Alex Jones.
Conspiracy theory.
Think again.
Think Alex Jones, Megyn Kelly.
Just a couple years ago, booting these big money draws would have been unthinkable.
Fast forward a couple politically incorrect blinks later,
And indeed, the unthinkable has occurred.
Michael Savage's lawyer said, in the same vein, could very well be the next nationally known victim of media censorship.
They've cut his hit show from three hours to one hour, replacing it with Ben Shapiro, who happened to be a lawyer at Talk Radio Network that Savage particularly hates.
And I'm not going to get into the private stuff Savage told me, but good lord, it was unbelievable.
His battles with Talk Radio Network, and now that's the guy.
That they're using to replace him because Shapiro's anti-Trump.
Networks are actually losing millions of dollars in order to keep Michael's voice off these stations, Horowitz said.
Yes indeed, the Savage Nation could indeed be the next casualty of corporate censorship and what a sad, sorry shame that will be for a nation already suffering from the plight of having too few and far between original thinkers.
Cheryl Chumley wrote the article and I'm in here the whole deal and
The way these golden handcuffs work for a Gavin McGinnis and now a Michael Savage and then a Tucker Carlson and a Sean Hannity is, you don't get your payout if you talk about what's going on.
Michael Savage has written over a hundred best-selling books.
I think like 10 of them.
New York Times number one.
He basically launched the whole modern herbal movement.
He's a doctor of that.
I mean a real MD type herbalist.
There are very few of those and
People don't even know that.
That he has one of the biggest supplement companies in the world.
And rockstar energy drinks.
I mean, he doesn't need any money.
Michael, let him have it, man.
Don't let Ben Shapiro step in and then try to molest the brains of your audience.
Don't let him rape their brains with his fake, you know, swarmy Ivy League scripting that he does.
Oh, he's such a genius!
Even the liberal media and the conservative media and Bill Morrell says it.
Oh, he's so smart!
Meanwhile, he gets an interview with Tucker Carlson and can't even hardly hold himself together.
If Ben Shapiro was a patriot and doing great, I would step aside.
But he's not.
He's a smarmy little worm who is the heir apparent and who is being foisted and shoved upon everyone and force-fed to us.
And my goodness, behind the scenes, the things Glenn Beck's trying to do to my show to stop it.
And now Ben Shapiro is constantly weeviling around in the background.
I'm not calling for censorship.
But see, hey, can't you go start your own show?
No, you gotta be given all the big juicy time slots with Michael Savage.
In fact, I was looking at the lineup.
Even when Savage is in rebroadcast, that's where they're gonna air Shapiro now.
He's being given Savage's empire.
He didn't build it, and I predict this.
The ratings are going to tank.
The ratings are going to tank.
So, they're trying to shut me down, they're trying to shut Savage down, they're coming after everybody.
This is the move to take Trump and America down.
This is it.
So, I'm telling you listeners, call those local stations, thank them, send them a check, call the board of directors, call all the phone numbers and say, don't you listen to the globalist garbage, and just sure up all those stations because these dirtbags are making their move, and they're making their move big time, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a war.
This is an information war.
You must take action.
George Soros is the Nazi collaborator.
How dare him fund groups lying about me and sending them BS stories saying, take me off the air.
That we're doing all these things we're not doing.
They're frauds.
And they're going to be getting sued very soon.
You can set your watch and warrant by it.
Get ready.
Hope you enjoy it.
I'm talking about the station.
I'm talking about the people putting this out.
The figurehead they're using.
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Thanks to God shining through you and your family.
Thanks to you taking action.
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With a bunch of heroes, people that are ready to fight and stand up, instead of a bunch of backstabbing cowards?
That's the world that builds civilization.
That's the world that builds it all.
So when I treat you like I want to be treated, it's because I respect myself and I respect you.
InfoWareStore.com, biggest sales ever, free shipping storewide, and so much more, but it's your last chance.
Please take action.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
The globalists are coming to sexualize your children.
They're coming to rob your bank accounts.
They're coming to totally conquer you.
The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Soros Group are sending out lies to all our radio stations now, harassing their owners, trying to get us taken off the air.
It's backfired.
We've gotten more stations, but in some cases, they're being successful.
It's sick.
We've got Roger Stone with huge breaking news in the next segment.
Then we'll go inside the takedown and the plan to take Michael Savage off the air.
But first, here is a key report.
Border hell as Democrats choose treason.
These months, the world took a landmark step forward with the adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration.
The drawings of lines on maps have never sufficed to confine people whose needs, ambitions, dreams, and opportunities expanded their horizons.
We are now committed to safer and fairer ways of managing borders.
The border wall battle will likely define the Trump presidency when it's all said and done.
We believe that when nations respect the rights of their neighbors,
And defend the interests of their people.
They can better work together to secure the blessings of safety, prosperity, and peace.
On the one hand, a populist president has tirelessly railed against the unprotected U.S.
They're on the land.
We release them.
They go someplace into our country.
They're supposed to come back within two or three years for a court case.
But nobody ever comes back.
While the Democrats, who supported border protection in the past under former Presidents Obama and Clinton, have now chosen to promote their rampant hatred for the President.
The President made clear that he wants a shutdown.
His position, if he sticks to his position for a $5 billion wall, he will get no wall and he will get a shutdown.
We're going to do whatever is necessary to build the border wall to stop this ongoing crisis of illegal immigration.
And that means sit down?
This is a very, if it comes to it, absolutely.
This is a very fundamental issue.
At stake is the question of whether or not the United States remains a sovereign country.
Whether or not we can establish and enforce rules for entrance into our country.
The Democrat Party is a simple choice.
They can either choose to fight for America's working class or to promote illegal immigration.
The thing I think we can agree on is we shouldn't shut down the government over a dispute.
And you want to shut it down.
You keep talking about it.
The last time, Chuck, you shut it down.
No, no, no.
And then you opened it up very quickly.
20 times.
And I don't want to do what you did.
But was President Trump really out of line?
I think the President needs to, you know, call the blow.
He said, I will own this.
So he's willing to shut down the government because border security and national security is so important.
So I think it was a beautiful thing he did.
I think he shows American people that he truly cares about the safety of this country.
And he'll take responsibility for shutting down the government because the Democrats don't want border security.
The New York Daily News wrote, Pelosi said after the meeting, it's like a manhood thing for him.
What an evil dig!
That is incredibly disgusting language coming from a leader of our representative republic.
Other than the fact that Pelosi has revealed that she is a foul-mouthed champion of perversion, what's most chilling is that she is leading the Democratic majority in the House, a political party that will stop at nothing to victimize its constituents in order to push the hyper-progressive U.N.
agenda, slowly corroding American sovereignty.
Some blame the present dilemma on migration policies, but the causes of the crisis are clearly much broader than that.
They include poor governance, climate change, and basic economic and demographic realities.
We're also watching as extreme nationalists pit one group against another, poisoning the communal bloodstream with hate towards people who are different, whether in nationality, appearance, or creed.
Migration is, by its nature, an international phenomenon which can only be managed through international cooperation, and that is why we are all gathered here in Marrakesh.
John Bowne reporting.
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Seems like yesterday, but it was long ago.
Janie was lovely, she was the queen of my night.
There in the darkness with the radio, playing nowhere.
And the secrets that we shared, the mountains that we moved.
The mountains that we moved.
Now she swore!
But America is really about to end.
Is Trump just that last death rattle, that last... First one he dies, and they fight.
They're gonna give in, they're gonna let themselves die, but they fight back for a minute or two.
And then pretty soon they just say, I can't breathe anymore, and you die.
I've been there a few times when family died.
One grandfather, good friend of mine, as well, he was just 30 years old when he died.
Is that all this show is?
Is that all Trump is?
Is that all you are?
Just a... Getting a few final breaths before the death rattle?
I don't think so.
All over the world, humanity's waking up, but I gotta tell you, they're taking Michael Savage off the air from four hours, to three hours, and now to one hour, and the word is, in a couple months, they're gonna just terminate his show.
They're just gonna kill him slowly, leave him on, give Ben Shapiro the hours after him, even though Savage's rating's the best it's ever been.
14.8 million listeners a week.
And they're going to replace him with Ben, the neocon, never-Trumper, Shapiro.
And they're going after Hannity.
They're going after Tucker.
Inside Fox News, they get called in and chewed out.
They get told, you better become anti-Trump.
Boy, Judge Napolitano, he's gotten... Robert Mueller is the man of ultimate integrity.
Why, the president could be indicted.
He could go to jail, even though the law says you can't as a president.
Wow, you really learn who your friends are and who your friends aren't.
But the evil's here, and it got sucker-punched by us getting Trump in, and the economy came back for two years, but they flipped the light switch.
Foreigners dump U.S.
Treasuries as they liquidate a record amount of U.S.
That's all over the news in an attempt to punish the American rebellion.
And PewDiePie
He was playing a mass player video game with thousands of players and one of them had the name Rabbi Shekels.
And PewDiePie laughed at somebody else shooting somebody when he was playing on his virtual reality headset.
And so he's got to be taken off the air too because he has 77 million subscribers on one channel.
Count all the stuff up, over 100 million subscribers.
That's right, he's got to be taken down because he wouldn't get bought by Disney a few years ago.
See, these big corporations can't stand an Infowars.
They can't stand something that had 87 million viewers and listeners the week of the election 2016.
Bigger than the Super Bowl.
They can't put up with that, so they have to shut it down.
And to do it, they have to lie about it.
So, what George Soros funds through Media Matters and these law firms is a fake list of twisted things I never said.
They then sent it to so-called journalists who put it in the newspaper, who are really political operatives involved in tortious interference, to then target and harass radio and TV stations to take us off the air.
Well, you should want to put the show on to counter all of that.
You know, Media Matters is so upset.
Their videos get 2,000, 3,000 views.
Ours would get a million on average, so they censored us.
Oh, and PewDiePie's bad.
PewDiePie's bad because we've supported his free speech.
But, you know, the proof, the Wall Street Journal says, is that he wears rimmed glasses, wire-rimmed glasses, so did Heinrich Himmler, head of the Waffen-SS.
They don't even use a real Himmler there, though.
They just... See, they didn't really even wear glasses that were exactly like that.
They use an actor.
And then it gets worse.
PewDiePie used to have longer hair, back when it was in style, but now he has shorter hair.
That's all the proof I need.
Who knew we were all Nazis, Roger?
The real Nazification, the real digital Nazis are the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Newark Magazine, and all the folks that want to muscle in on anybody who has their own thing.
It's not enough to share revenue with Google.
Now they're going to use their clients in the left to come and say we're these horrible creatures.
And then they maneuver us, either being their political creatures, like late-night comics are now these politicos, or we're taken off the air.
And when that doesn't work, they come after our bank accounts.
They sue us.
And people say, well, then why not give up?
Well, I thought we're Americans.
Our listeners haven't given up.
In fact, they've gotten stronger.
The other proof is, he denied being a Nazi and said I'm not a racist a few years ago.
He said, hail PewDiePie.
You see, that's how they do this, ladies and gentlemen.
Meanwhile, they're funded by a real Nazi collaborator.
They're funded by a real Nazi collaborator named George Soros.
So, their latest thing is to send letters to radio stations that mean absolutely nothing.
When the radio stations give in to it, you know they're going to be back, because it's all about intimidation.
The left's taking the university tyranny, but there's no free speech in expanding it.
And they tell you, oh, better take Alex Jones off the air.
And then here's an example of it.
There's an article on Infowars.com showing it.
Wall Street Journal, The Hill published fake news story about Roger Stone and Infowars.
In the article, Stone says about statements he made on this show and others before he was even an employee here, that he'd heard about this Chinese national who was wanted in China, and that he said something he got from one Trump official was inaccurate.
They took that out of context and did a quote here.
Where they have him saying that it was irresponsible.
That turns into headlines.
Please show them the Hill article, guys.
Just type in Alex Jones.
It's everywhere.
On the top Twitter trends right now.
That Roger Stone admits he published fake news and info wars.
He did no such thing.
We have his actual statement he put out that the lawyers wanted him to put out to drop the $100 million lawsuit.
against him.
Stone admits to publishing false statements on M4's.
And then they force feed it on Twitter, once I'm removed, to make it the top Twitter search.
It's been up and down the top ten searches today.
And then once they do that, they put out a video, as well, saying that, oh you see, M4 Wars is fake again.
So they can then say that we're fake, when we all know the kings of fake news is the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and CNN.
So joining us is
Roger Stone, then we're going to go inside, the removal, the plan to take Michael Savage off the air in three months and replace him with Ben Shapiro.
But they're easing it in.
They're easing, oh you're going from three hours to one hour, Ben's going to get, oh now Ben gets all your show.
So they're really getting the knives out, obviously Roger to move against Trump, but let's specifically talk about this right now and what you really did say in your clarification.
Thanks, Alex.
This is really pretty clear.
I reported a story, one of hundreds I've reported here at InfoWars, regarding a Chinese businessman, Miles Kwok.
While many things in that story were correct, a couple of them were incorrect.
But all of the research was supplied to me by Sam Nunberg.
So I made the mistake of relying on the representations
Now, I am solely responsible for the content of that report, and I have issued the appropriate apology to Mr. Kwok.
I have not paid a hundred million dollars, as you might believe.
In fact, today I can honestly say I have paid nothing.
But again, it is symptomatic of the way they tried to use shards of evidence, shards of information, to discredit you.
And the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press have attributed to me things I never said.
I'm solely responsible for that report, but they try to leave you the impression that everything I have ever reported on InfoWars is incorrect or irresponsible, and that is, of course, not the case.
But it shows how desperate they are.
The bizarre things coming out of your good friend Judge Napolitano's mouth.
And then Vox Dei joins us to look inside the creepy, evil, weird, weasel world of the little Harvard leftist darling, Ben Shapiro.
It's all coming up.
In the last few months, you have seen InfoWars offer the biggest sales in our history because Soros and the Globalists are all over the news trying to take our payment processors, trying to shut down our shopping carts, trying to destroy us.
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You know, I'll be able to talk about this more tomorrow, but I'm fighting every lawsuit they throw at us, and we've knocked out 17 of the 20.
So they filed a couple more last week, but the news didn't even pick up on that.
So it's a war of attrition, but you've been praying for us, you've been supporting us.
It's all funded by Soros, Hillary.
We got internal documents now of how they're doing it with a U.S.
intelligence agency.
It's going to be a huge scandal when it comes out.
I'm also, in the next week, going to destroy, politically, Ben Shapiro.
I have the dirt, all the proof, everything about who he really is.
Whole nine yards.
Get ready.
And they can't stop me because the information's already been given to others.
I'm gonna stop right there.
I know everyone from Talk Radio Network.
Everyone, except Art Bell, who's dead.
I know all of it, Ben.
So, get ready, ladies and gentlemen.
They're firing Michael Savage.
They're killing him softly.
From four hours to three to one this month.
And then he's gone.
He's gone in three months.
And Savage is obviously being told if he talks about it, he won't get his contract paid out.
But this is, I predict Savage is going to go off the reservation.
His lawyer already has in a Washington Times article, Michael Savage being silenced by corporate censorship.
Attorney says, hey, I'm going down swinging here.
I'm going down swinging.
All right?
You know, the Pepe the Frog thing.
The artist makes a thing with a bunch of images of the campaign.
Little stupid frogs, one of the things on there.
I'm like, yeah, sure, we'll sell it.
People like that.
They shoo us and say, give us the money you made.
Well, it was like $27,000.
But we had to pay the licensing, pay for it.
It was like $15,000 is what we made.
They sent a whole team from California.
They're in there right now.
They're not asking about Pepe the Frog.
They're asking about who owns what, who's behind it, how do you make your money.
It's all about taking us down.
It's Hillary Clinton's law firm.
It's a joke.
And they don't know that through this process, we're getting everything.
So, this is total war, but I need everyone to go to InfoWarsTore.com and buy some t-shirts, buy some books, buy some videos, buy some non-GMR heirloom seeds, buy some products, because let me tell you, I'm not a wimp, but I don't bet you complain.
I want to beat these people.
They're taking Michael Savage off the air.
They took Gavin McGinnis off.
They're taking people off the air every week who have top ratings and are good people.
And we built our own infrastructure knowing this was coming a long time ago.
And so this is like literally David versus Goliath, whatever you want to call it, the Alamo, Masada, whatever you want to call it, folks.
We're up here on the hill, surrounded by enemies, and we're going to fight.
But we need your prayers, your support, and to tell those local stations this is a great opportunity to carry us even more, to stand with America against these lies.
God Almighty!
I'm ranting, Roger.
Thanks for coming on.
I want to get more into this with you.
But, I mean, what do you make of the treachery and the evil and these Fox News hosts turning against Trump and Flynn?
The judge says, hey, you didn't do anything wrong today.
Just say that you were pressured and I'm not going to give you any time.
Say you're not guilty.
I'm going to let you go.
And Flynn said, no, I'm guilty because they're holding other crap over his head.
We all know what it is.
It's turkey.
Go ahead, Roger.
Well, Alex, first of all, let me say that if I'm with you and Dr. Michael Savage, I'm in damn good company.
But there's no question.
I now understand why it is so centrally important to the globalists and to the two party political establishment to silence InfoWars.
It was it was about this moment.
So I am smeared today in The Wall Street Journal.
They make false accusations about a simple settlement I make regarding
One story I report out of hundreds, in which many of the facts were correct, but a few of the facts supplied by Sam Nunberg, who misread a Federal Election Commission report, was incorrect.
So I offer a simple apology, and that is blown up on the internet into, Stone admits that everything he's ever said on InfoWars is a lie.
Well, I never said anything of the kind.
Judge Napolitano, I'm scratching my head.
This guy is one of my oldest and dearest friends.
It was me who recommended to Governor Tom Kaine that he appoint Andrew Napolitano to the bench.
And until recently, he was one of the most articulate critics of the Mueller investigation.
Now, suddenly, he thinks Mueller is without blemishes and that Donald Trump can be indicted for something that is not even a crime, according to the former chairman of the Federal Election Commission.
What have they got on the judge?
What are they hanging over his head?
I don't know.
But something here just doesn't seem right.
Yeah, there's widespread speculation.
As you know, somebody is fighting a subpoena that has been levied by Mr. Mueller.
And that whole matter is sealed.
When there was a hearing on this in a federal courthouse two days ago, they cleared the entire floor so that nobody could even see who the attorneys were who came and went.
Widespread speculation, unconfirmed, is that that may be former Fox News personality James Rosen, a good friend of Judge Napolitano's, also a good friend of mine.
It was from Rosen to Napolitano to Charles Zortel that I got a tip, incorrect as it turns out, that the WikiLeaks disclosures would regard the Clinton Foundation.
And I said that publicly.
It came from a perfectly legal source.
Sure, exactly.
So what's going on with Flynn?
The judge, basically today, I was just watching Fox during the break, they said, hey, you can go free.
We know you didn't do anything.
Why are you pleading guilty?
Just say that they didn't read your rights or warn you, which they didn't, and I'll let you go.
Why are you going to say you're guilty?
And Flynn said, I'm guilty.
Let's get this over with.
That tells me they're holding some more stuff over his head.
Prosecute his son.
That's what I believe the matter is.
Look, I think General Flynn is a great patriot.
And I think this story is a great tragedy and an extraordinary overreach.
It's a perfect example of what happens when they have no evidence whatsoever of Russian collusion.
So now we invent perjury traps and process crimes in an attempt to take down those around the president.
General Flynn exposed what the Clintons and the Obamas were doing in the Middle East.
He exposed the falsity of the Arab Spring.
And that made him a target for the deep state.
My heart goes out to him today.
He is clearly a man who should have moved in court to withdraw his guilty plea.
But you're right, Alex.
Something is being held over his head.
You're going to be in studio Thursday and Friday co-hosting with myself, Owen Schroyer, David Knight, and more.
It's the ATX, the new Alamo.
Whether we go down or stand, we're going to send shockwaves throughout eternity with our fight, and we're going to beat the globalists in the end.
It's hard for us that are in the leadership, but we need your prayers.
We need your financial support at infowarestore.com.
Get in there.
Two days left to get your Christmas presents in time for shipment.
Thank you, Roger.
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France, 95% of speed cameras in one region destroyed overnight in a Yellow Vest protest.
Maligard Macron predicts major violence, the fall of France.
Meanwhile, the EU says they're afraid the whole EU is about to collapse.
Well, yeah, you want global carbon taxes, you want open borders, you want to conquer the nation.
You thought humanity was asleep, but we now know the Yellow Vests are a nationalist populist movement that support Le Pen, who's more hardcore than Trump.
Paul Watson, break it down for us.
Well, this has been brewing for a while, Alex.
So these yellow vest protests, they obviously, the yellow vest stems from it's a law in France.
You have to have two high visibility jackets in your vehicle at all times, which illustrates the onerous bureaucracy that they have to live under.
But this is a repudiation of a technocratic elite, Alex.
It's a repudiation of the global warming tax.
It's a repudiation of
Macron, who is basically just a glorified administrator for the European Commission.
He's not a president, he doesn't really have that much power.
So it's again, it's this Trump effect.
You know, there are anecdotal reports of these protesters chanting, we want Trump, we want Trump.
It's almost a mirror image of what drove Trump.
It's a silent, forgotten, non-urban majority who've come to realise that their economic future is being sold down the river for cheap foreign labour, for cheap foreign goods.
The rural towns, the rural areas in France are being emptied out, they're being depopulated because everyone's having to run into the dystopian metropolis city to try and get a job, mainly in the service industry.
That's their only option now because their industry's being hollowed out just like it was in the Rust Belt in America.
So we've got all these people on tape saying this is why we're protesting.
It's the soaring cost of living.
It's the gas tax.
It's the mass immigration.
They're all on tape.
They're all out on the streets saying this.
But not according to BuzzFeed.
BuzzFeed's figured out the real reason why these protests are happening.
And it's because Facebook had an algorithm change at the start of the year, which more heavily featured local news.
So these people don't have any legitimate grievances, Alex.
It's just the fact that Facebook promoted certain pages over others in the past few months.
So you know what they're doing there, don't you?
These are the same people who deplatformed you.
That's a dog whistle for Facebook to ban these protest pages that are organizing these protests.
When you have an Arab Spring,
We're good to go.
Of course it's not about an algorithm.
That's not the reason they're out on the street.
Go and talk to them.
Listen to what they're saying.
It's spreading across Europe.
It's spreading to Germany, Belgium, Holland.
They're arresting protest leaders in Holland.
People are asking, is this the European Spring?
It's certainly the biggest uprising in 50 years since the 1968 riots.
So this weekend is going to tell us whether it's going to kick into high gear or subside.
It will give us a very clear indication.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
And by every time you retweet one of these things or every time you promote this idea, you are promoting ignorance, racism, genocide, anti-Semitism.
These are all things that you are putting forward when you are doing anything that promotes PewDiePie.
So be careful about this.
If someone decided to... If something were to happen, if PewDiePie were to be sued for this, you could be complicit.
If you retweet it, they could make you pay a fine as well, because you have officially published anti-Semitic things.
So if you are republishing this stuff, you could get in trouble for it.
Be very aware that that is a real thing.
You sound a lot like PewDiePie.
I'm, of course, skeptical, because I've been on the internet for a while.
I've been on the internet for a while.
I'm just gonna say, hey man, I really appreciate your content.
You've gotten me through some tough times, and I respect the f*** out of you.
I didn't say anything.
Oh no!
You just shot him!
Okay, Jim!
Come back here!
If you're a radio listener, you're like, what was I just listening to the last minute?
If you're a TV viewer, you're like, okay, I see a, looks like an 8th or 9th grade class.
It's a school teacher saying, if you go to PewDiePie's YouTube channel with close to 100 million subscribers and 100 billion views, that you're a bad person, and you're a Nazi, and you're involved in genocide.
Talk about defamation!
This is what they teach in schools all over the Western world about PewDiePie, Alex Jones, Donald Trump.
They teach in journalism class all these incredible lies about us.
And meanwhile, they've got the left attacking, but they've got the neocons from the Weekly Standard going under a national review that famously were designed to control the conservative movement.
That's been declassified.
And they've got Ben Shapiro.
And everybody knows I'm not an infighter.
I love Sean Hannity overall.
I love Tucker Carlson.
I love Matt Drudge.
I love all the other talk show hosts.
that care about America.
They're not perfect, I'm not perfect, but someone that has been popping up in my life since I heard about him from Talk Radio Network host, and not just Michael Savage, I heard about him from other people, and I used to not even care.
I'm like, why are you calling me up?
Not so much Savage, but he'd bring it up too.
Other big host, about this horrible little snot-nosed young lawyer that everyone hated.
And they tell me all these stories, and I've got a good memory, so we're talking 15 years later?
Yeah, Shapiro's been around that long.
10 years later, you're sitting there going, well, what's going on with Roy Masters and the guy that owned Talk Radio Network?
That's where Shapiro, according to all those people, comes from.
I'm not paying attention to him.
He pops up at WorldNet daily, you know, 10, 12 years ago.
Vox Day knows him pretty well, mentors him, and then starts saying a few years ago, hey, this dude's really bad news.
It's like Obi-Wan Kenobi figures out Darth Vader's bad.
And so I appreciate him coming on in a rush today because I knew about this, but I hadn't really been paying attention.
I'm so busy keeping InfoWars going under attack.
It comes out in the Washington Times that Michael Savage, even though he has the highest ratings ever, is going from three hours to one hour.
And he basically says, it looks like they're taking me off the air.
They're going to pay out my contract, but I'm on an hour.
Others then predict around him, I'm not going to say him,
That he'll just be off in three months.
So they're killing him softly.
And who are they replacing him with?
Ben Shapiro, who's never really done talk radio other than being a guest, is literally being put in his place with his audiences on these stations.
And again, it's so crazy because Savage would always bring up Shapiro and how much he hates him.
I would talk bad about Shapiro and he would call me.
And tell me, oh my God, you don't know how bad he is.
And then now I tried to call Savage this morning.
He said, I can't talk about it.
You know, it's lawyer stuff.
I just can't discuss it.
But his lawyers are in the news.
But the stuff he told me years ago, and again, I wasn't like into gossip.
And Savage is not a gossiper either.
I'm like, okay, yeah, whatever.
Let's talk about the New World Order.
The stuff he told me then started clicking this morning, what the other host told me, and I'm gonna make some calls, but my God, folks, Ben Shapiro is a maniac loon.
And then he gets these scripts he puts out, and they all call him a genius on the left, he's an ever-trumper.
This is Glenn Beck 2.0, man, and I'm telling you, it's like the Godzilla movies, when one big monster comes to get Godzilla and can't beat him, one even twice as worse comes out of the ocean, and this is it, folks.
So, Vox Dei,
I'm so against infighting, which he doesn't do, and I respect his work, I've known him for a decade, best-selling author, also a big independent comic book producer, that I'm just like, no, I don't want Vox Dei on.
He doesn't do interviews, he does our show, about how bad Shapiro is.
I just, I don't want to be that person.
But now I realize
Just like Glenn Beck was in the position of sabotaging us off radio stations and behind the scenes, these are leftist folks and they're very dangerous.
So Vox, thanks for coming on.
You've got Jordanetics out.
We're selling it at infowarestore.com for Christmas.
Everybody should get it.
We'll tell people about that in a moment because this is the double-headed
Creature coming out of the ocean in America right now because they don't want to just defeat the opposition They want to lead it.
So this is 2.0 controlled opposition.
Give us your analysis in this segment and the next I know you've got to go then on what we're really facing with Ben Shapiro because the real takeaway here is Michael Savage is being taken off the air for being number one and replaced with him and They're trying to hold him down with threats of legal action.
Not just the money if he if he squirms just like
Gavin McGinnis last week.
I mean, this means they're getting ready to make their move on Trump.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, I should probably give you a little bit of background.
I've known Ben Shapiro for 16 years, I believe.
We were both contributors at WorldNetDaily.
And what was interesting to me was that Ben was quite young, of course, and he never wrote anything except for
And this is at WorldNetDaily?
Yeah, this is at WorldNetDaily back in 2003-2004, that time frame.
And back around that time frame, I got nationally syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate, which was the elite press syndicate.
Then got syndicated by Creator Syndicate, which
had this way of pushing people by telling newspapers that if you want one of our popular columnists, you need to take one of the less popular ones.
And they started pushing him really hard.
Remember, this is back in like 2003 2004 timeframe.
And it was interesting because Ben ended up having a crisis of conscience.
And he sent me some emails and said, Hey, you know, I've never had a I've never had an original thought for myself.
All I'm doing is repeating the talking points that people are giving me.
You know, what do you think I should do?
And I told him, look, you know, you need to decide for yourself what you want to be.
Do you want to be your own voice or do you want to be someone else's voice?
And in retrospect, it's very clear that he decided to take the wide and easy path.
And that's why you're seeing him promoted incessantly because he's nothing but a talking puppet.
And that's why you see him aligning with people like Dave Rubin, people like Jordan Peterson.
All of these figures are being pushed forward and propped up because they are meant to be the official approved opposition.
Because the left wing wants to publicly oppose itself, thereby depriving, you know, moving the Overton window to the left and depriving the genuine opposition, which can be anyone from Rush Limbaugh to Mike Cernovich to you and so forth.
They want to deprive the genuine nationalist opposition of any voice in the media.
And so that's why you're seeing Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson talk about setting up an alternative to Patreon, because you've got the hard SJW globalist left, and they're trying to set up a near-left fake opposition.
And they're going to gatekeep as well, because that's what I've always noticed about Shapiro, is back from his days controlling talk radio as well, very young when they got him out of Harvard.
Look, we all do it.
A lot of times we don't have a choice.
You go on a trip, you book into a big globalist hotel that funds groups trying to take our guns and teach our five-year-old boys how to wear dresses.
It's a fact.
These corporations are out to conquer humanity, not to break up our families.
And sometimes I can't find an item in another online shop, I go to Amazon.
But I consciously try to not do it.
In fact, when I use a product, or I hear about folks that like a product, I tend to get the product and then sell it at a huge discount.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
All right, Vox Day.
It's a very successful, best-selling author, syndicated columnist.
He's also just published Jordanetics, A Journey into the Mind of Humanity's Greatest Thinker.
And of course, that's sarcastic.
Dealing with Jordan Peterson, how the left has embraced him by actually saying, oh, he's so intellectual, so then the right thinks, oh my gosh, he must be God.
This is how they control reality.
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And we need the funding because we're kicking their butt, but they are gunning for us.
Like we're a big battleship in World War I, winning a major battle at sea, but we've got all their attack frigates aimed at us and their cruisers, and we're on fire.
Ladies and gentlemen, everyone knows I'm not a gossip about other talk show hosts.
I'm not one of these men that can't handle somebody else being successful.
In fact, I would love to support Ben Shapiro.
But I have just confirmed, when I was told by three talk show hosts, that I ignored because I'm not into this.
And these people never gossip.
They brought up Ben Shapiro years ago.
And I will tell you, Michael Savage again calls me sometimes and he, when I attack Shapiro, and he is shaking with anger about him and the things he's told me are unbelievable.
And then I went, wait a minute, it hit me this morning, I went, oh my God, two other big hosts told me stuff even worse.
One of these people told me how they wanted to beat him to death.
Now, this is a respected talk show host.
And it just made me think.
So you were a mentor to him.
You were one of the top guys at World Net Daily.
Let's go back.
You knew him when he was just going to college before he even went to Harvard.
And I know I'm running over you.
It's just it's just it's so insane how this is all coming together, Vox, and just how dangerous this guy is.
Well, the thing is, I called him out back in 2005 when he was of an age to join the military and he was running around saying that the U.S.
should establish an empire.
His literal words on August 11, 2005 were, no one said empire was easy, but it is right and good, both for Americans and for the world.
And what he was calling for was an invasion of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and others.
So the neocon plan?
Yeah, I mean, what you have to understand about the neocons is that they are not merely left-wing.
They are the left-wing opponents of Joseph Stalin.
They're Trotskyists.
They're the students of Trotsky, Leon Trotsky.
And they came to the United States after Stalin defeated Trotsky and essentially kicked most of his followers out.
And so they realized that they couldn't make much traction in the Democratic Party, so they reinvented themselves as fake conservatives, literally neo-conservatives, and they attempted to control the Republican Party, which John Podhoretz himself admitted was the purpose of the Weekly Standard, which, as you know, recently failed.
Their whole point has been to gatekeep and redirect the Republican Party and the American people away from nationalism, away from America first, and away from Christianity.
You know, they are world revolutionaries.
And that's why they want to establish this global empire.
That's why they're constantly pushing for invading everything and everyone.
So simply put, Ben Shapiro is a dyed-in-the-wool, third-generation, fourth-generation Trotskyite.
There's no question about this.
There's no question about this whatsoever.
And you see him get called out occasionally.
He runs around saying that everyone who is racist should be and bigoted should be disemployed and they should be hunted down and thrown out of their jobs.
And then at the same time, he turns around and says, well, I don't care about the browning of America.
I don't care.
I mean, he sounds exactly like Bill Kristol and John Podhoretz and all the other fakes.
Well, no, he says Americans are lazy.
He's an acolyte of Mr. Kristol.
So really, Ben Shapiro is Kristol and his father's, who was the head of the Trotskyites, revenge.
And that's why they have a hard-on for Russia, is that they went in, they took over Russia, they got kicked out, these globalists, these atheists, and
And now they're angry, and that's why they hate Russia so much.
Well, yeah.
What people tend to forget about Stalin is that Stalin was a nationalist.
He wasn't Russian.
He was Georgian.
But he had no interest in world revolution, whereas Trotsky did.
And so they got kicked out by Stalin, and then after the fall of the wall, they managed to worm their way back in.
But Putin kicked them out again.
And so that's why the neocons hate Putin and Russia so much, is because Putin is a Russian nationalist.
And so the nationalists of any stripe, as you know, and you've talked about this before, the real struggle is no longer left-right ideological, it's actually
Globalist vs. Nationalist on the material level, God vs. Satan, Jesus vs. Satan on the spiritual level.
And that's why even the WikiLeaks show Soros wants to overthrow Israel, because it's National vs. Globalist.
You know, when you look at Israeli parties like Zihut and the other Israeli nationalists, they have no interest in ruling over Ukraine or getting involved in Russia or China.
That's not part of the Israeli nationalist program.
Now that there is a Jewish homeland, the Israelis want to focus on building it up just like any other
And it's an absolute fact that the Trotskyites, as you know, and it's been even quoted in the Wall Street Journal, they admitted it years ago,
That they wanted to basically take over the conservative movement because it was blocking communism, but use it to take back over Russia and then the world.
They just saw America as a bigger vehicle for global domination, as you said, because Stalin, for all of his horrible things he did, was trying to make Russia an industrialized power.
So he's very czarist or Putin-esque in that vein.
And so that's why the left went from hating, from loving him to hating Uncle Joe.
And of course, you were saying Peters is much more dangerous.
And I was not disagreeing with you, but I thought, I'm telling you, they're pushing Shapiro on YouTube, Google, the algorithms.
And he's behind the scenes trying to take me off the air.
And I said, whatever network Beck's involved with, this is the new guy.
And now Michael Savage is being taken off the air.
And replaced with this guy.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
Yeah, it's astonishing, especially when you look at the fact that Savage is the number two most popular radio host in the country.
This clearly is not a business decision.
This clearly is something that is being done for other reasons.
And we know what they are.
You know, it's the same reason that, I mean, what you have to understand is Ben Shapiro is a total mediocrity.
He's not particularly smart.
No, he's a little man, he has scripted lines, and then the left praises him, and the establishment praises him, and conservatives go, here's a guy we can get behind and not get friction.
Yeah, because you just let the fox in the damn hen house.
Yeah, it's exactly like the Harlem Globetrotters versus the Washington Generals.
The left, the conventional left that everybody recognizes is the Harlem Globetrotters, and then Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, all these, the intellectual dark web as the New York Times.
Joe Rogan's now joined it.
Joe Rogan too.
They are all set up to be the Washington generals so they can go out there, convince
As much of the right as possible to follow them into defeat.
That's what they're there to do.
They're there to gatekeep and mislead and lead
The right and lead the nationalists and lead the Christians into defeat.
That's why, I mean, think about how ridiculous it is.
Yeah, look at how the New York Times shows Joe Rogan and Shapiro and all of them in a big flattery piece.
These are the okay conservatives.
These are the ones.
Yeah, maybe they're a little bad, but you know what?
Oh my gosh.
You don't know the inside baseball on that.
Do five more with us, Fox, for even longer if you can.
And we've got Owen Schroeder coming on with big breaking news.
This is not about gossip.
It's not about, no, it's about understanding how the globalists are trying to take us down.
And there's now no doubt.
And I can't believe that I've been sitting on top of the bombshell on Shapiro that I will release soon.
I've been on air 23 plus years, and I've learned a lot about sales, because that's how we finance our operation to defend the Republic and our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our way of life.
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We're going to sell it for $300.
I said, great.
I just bought filters for $400.
We're good to go!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Breakfast where the news is read.
Television, children fed.
Alright, Vox stays with us.
Two more segments and then Owen Schloer is coming in.
Loaded for bear.
Again, I have just... I don't focus on Ben Shapiro.
I do my own thing covering the Globalist.
But man, man, have all the planets aligned on this guy.
It's kind of like Darth Vader when he's got somebody in target sight.
I mean, it's like on.
Man, I tell you, they really know how to pick them.
Getting back to Vox Day, talk show host, best-selling author of the new book, Jordan Nettix, A Journey into the Mind of Humanity's Greatest Thinker.
I read it a few weeks ago.
We sell it at forestore.com.
Everybody should order this.
You've got two days to get your orders in before Christmas.
And his alt-hero comic book series for adults and children is super politically incorrect and awesome.
And give him the Globals to run for their money.
Vox, continuing here, we'll get into other points about him, but then after the break,
Clearly, they're trying to take everybody off the air now.
It's hit fever pitch.
Now it's everybody.
I was first.
Michael Savage, all of it.
They're gunning for Tucker Carlson.
They're gunning for... They're going for broke.
That means that there's a big event about to happen.
Well, you would tend to think so.
It's really kind of remarkable to see the extent to which the deplatforming is taking place.
Obviously, I've experienced an amount of it.
You've experienced quite a bit of it.
But the thing is, is that this is only going to make us stronger in the long run.
The weak sisters are going to fall out.
You know, to a certain extent, it's our own fault for allowing ourselves to make use of the platforms that belong to people who consider themselves our enemies.
And so, but there's a lot of ways to hit back.
You know, I mean, we literally, we got deplatformed by a crowdfunding site and
We are going to be hitting back so hard that there is a chance that this particular site is not going to survive.
And, you know, it involves being smart.
It involves, you know, making sure that you read up on all the various terms of service in terms of use, because, you know, the left, the globalist left, is getting careless because they wrongly believe they have enough power.
And this is a common mistake that the left has historically made everywhere from Chile to Spain, you know, again and again.
And we're about to go through that kind of experience in the United States and in a number of countries across the West.
The key thing that people on the right have to understand is that there's a reason why
The globalists are so desperate to gatekeep us.
There's a reason why they're so desperate to raise up a Jordan Peterson, a Ben Shapiro, to limit and misdirect and divide us, because they know that the numbers and the truth are on our side.
Can you imagine what it's like for Michael Savage, who's written over 100 books, many of New York Times bestsellers, has an actual doctorate in botany, does care about the country, is number one in his time slot, and then a lawyer that was hired to literally, in his words, do terrible things to him when he tried to leave Talk Radio Network.
I mean, I would never bring this up.
Savage would just bring it up.
He's now the guy being given his show.
I mean, man, that would make me get really upset.
Well, I have to admit,
I was pretty annoyed when, you know, I got signed by Universal Press Syndicate because they wanted me to eventually replace William F. Buckley.
Now, you know, 12 years later, that sounds entirely insane.
But it did make a little bit of sense at the time because, you know, I was probably
They were trying to compromise you.
Well, you know, that's how they do it.
When you are at the top of your game, they try to hire you.
Yeah, maybe they were, but they did a really incompetent job.
No, I agree.
Let's come back and talk about that in 60 seconds.
Vox Day is our guest.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
The intellectual grandchild of the Trotskyites, heir apparent, the man to deliver America into the one world government.
Ben Shapiro, and his fatherly figure, Jordan Peterson.
We've been told by all the big HBO shows, from Vice to Bill Maher, that these are the conservatives that are smart, and other conservatives that run around parroting them.
And the reason I raise this is, Michael Savage, from nowhere, already accomplished best-selling author,
I don't know.
Then you have this guy who's a globalist, who Vox Dei basically tootled, who Vox Dei helped at WorldNetDaily until he figured out that he wanted an empire in tyranny.
He learned, this pupil's got really dark inclinations.
I'm not going to be associated with him.
And he was writing articles about him a decade ago.
Does that tell you how dangerous he thought he was?
And Vox didn't normally do that.
He'd been in big syndicated columns for decades.
So Vox, at the time we have here,
Looking at this, Michael Savage being taken off the air from three hours to one.
The word is in three months he's off the air.
They're going to pay out his contract.
Threatening to sue him.
He doesn't even care about the money.
Threatening to sue him if he talks about what happened because of the nondisclosure.
But I can talk about it because I know other people involved, not from Savage.
And I know what Savage, you know, has said about previous things.
And again, we don't gossip folks.
I don't sit around on the phone with people.
Michael Savage doesn't do that.
The phone rings when I tear into Shapiro and he's like, oh, you don't know how bad he is.
Oh, I wish I could tell you.
Oh my God.
Oh, and Savage isn't normally like that.
And I'm going to stop right there out of respect for Savage, but.
You talk about a bee under the bonnet here, and now he's going to take Savage's slot, hoping he can steal the audience.
Well, they may be able to silence Savage.
They're not silencing me, because here's the deal.
All these other men I know, almost all of them, Savage has me on.
He's not afraid of the competition.
We're not in competition.
We're in competition against the globalists.
Nationals versus globalists.
We want to save the country and the world.
I love knowing Michael Savage is out there or Rush Limbaugh is out there.
They're not perfect, but they still love the country and have good basic values.
They've got problems.
So do I. But man, when you talk about Ben Shapiro, these are the left's Trojan horse.
I'll continue for the seven minutes we have there, Vox Day, and people get their pen and paper ready.
I'll give their website out before you leave us.
So it's just, what are we facing here?
Well, what we're facing is attempts to
Marginalize everyone who is perceived as any sort of threat to the globalists, to the One World Order, to the Satanists, and so forth.
I mean, you have to understand that everybody is deceived to some extent, you know.
I mean, I used to talk about, you know, like the Judeo-Christian ethic.
It's totally false.
There's no such thing.
There's a Christian ethic and that's it.
When you look at everything that people like Shapiro talk about, everything they say is meant to mislead you.
It's meant to sound good to you and then mislead you and misdirect you and guide you in a direction away from that which is threatening
To the people who are trying to build the Tower of Babel again.
You know, if you look at the references and here's the thing that's encouraging for those of us who are Christians.
We know that we are going to win because God tells us in the Bible, the nations are still around at the end.
And so that means that all of their attempts are going to fail.
And the interesting thing is if you look at the history of unification, whether you're talking about
The unification that occurs in the Bible, whether you're talking about the unification of Europe that has occurred in history and so forth, it is always, always, always evil.
You know, the unification of Europe was first attempted by Napoleon.
He actually managed to unify the entire continent of Europe under his empire.
Then Hitler managed to do much the same thing.
Now we've seen the EU
Do exactly the same thing.
All of these attempts to unify and create empire are mini attempts to rebuild the Tower of Babel.
And so when you look at a Shapiro, when you look at a Jordan Peterson, and you look at what their policies are meant to do, they are always, always, always in line with that.
And what you see about the intellectual dark web, what you see about the controlled opposition,
What you see about these characters is that none of them are ever Christians.
None of them are ever Christians.
And that's because Christianity is the one force that is totally opposed to the concept of a world government under anything
By the way, I've had these people reach out to me, and they, you know, it's an awkward conversation, so I won't say who, but they usually go, you know, there's a problem, Alex.
There's a problem.
And it basically comes down to my Christianity that I won't accept all the other, quote, systems to run my life.
And it really is spiritual.
Oh, there's no question.
I mean, I think one of the reasons why
You know, you mentioned that you thought that perhaps part of why I was offered that that high prestige syndication by UPS was because they wanted to corrupt me.
But honestly, they didn't even try.
And I suspect that's because they understand that I care about my faith.
And I am much more concerned about
What Jesus Christ happens to think about anything than I am about, you know, a nicer house or a better car.
No, no, no.
You're a good writer.
Back in the time, the country wasn't as much trouble as it is now.
But now, it's clearly, you're not nationalist, you're not Christian, and then you'll be left alone.
Well, yeah, that's true.
But what's interesting is what a bunch of intellectual mediocrities they are.
You noted correctly that the subtitle of Jordanetics was a journey into the mind of humanity's greatest thinker.
It's actually astonishingly appalling for anyone who is even a moderately decent thinker to
Follow the incoherence and the stream of citations and the nonsensical tangents that leap from one subject to the next without making any sense whatsoever.
But he does it with that leftist super confidence and so he's a, what he is is a fop.
Oh yeah, I call it preemptive mirroring.
I actually go into some detail in this in the book, and what he's really good at doing is creating this fog of a word salad that allows you to reflect your own opinion back to yourself.
But your own opinion is now reinforced with the gravitas of his supposed authority.
Yeah, that's it.
He puts out a pantheistic statement of buzzwords so basically anyone listening thinks whatever they've been programmed with is right, but really you're just learning to follow him so he can then slide in the whole unification theory.
Yeah, that's part of it, but what it's all based on is you feeling good about him confirming what you already believe.
And the fact that you and I might believe different things and be sitting next to each other, we hear him say the same thing, he says the same thing, but we hear it differently and we perceive it differently.
And then it's really a con man's game.
And it's kind of funny because every now and then he screws up.
And then he desperately tries to come up with some excuse.
But of course, like Owen Benjamin says, liars always lie and they have to lie some more.
So usually he digs himself in even deeper when he's trying to cover his ass for his last mistake.
No, I totally agree.
We'll come back soon, Vox.
We're very excited about the great work you're doing.
And again, obviously they're getting ready to make their move on Trump.
They're really scared about the yellow vest.
30 seconds on that.
The Gilets Jaunes movement is much bigger than people realize.
I have seen yellow vests in Italy.
I've seen them in Switzerland.
They're all over the place.
I mean, I'm talking about, you go, you drive by a school in Italy, and you'll see kids wearing the yellow vest.
You know, it is now the European sign of resistance.
And don't be fooled by like the fake demands.
Hold on, you said you were going to bring Owen here, but you've got to finish up on the other side.
We can't leave you there.
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Everybody knows it.
History documents it.
But there is a cult in every culture and every system throughout history that wants to hurt children.
They want to abort children.
They want to disease children.
They want to abuse children.
They want to confuse children.
They want their essence.
They want their soul.
They want their spirit.
They want their power.
Because they are our future.
And this Christmas, remember, it is about Jesus Christ, not ultimate sacrifice.
It is about the West.
It is about a human future and standing with each other and believing in a better future.
So I just want to thank you all for your support.
And I want to ask you all to pray for your own family, to pray for America, to pray for President Trump, and to pray for InfoWars.
And remember,
That you have the power to change the world, you have the power to override the censors, you have the power to stop the globalists dead in their tracks.
And I know you've been taking action, I salute you, but just remember, I know you're humble, but just remember you hold the future of this planet and the universe in your hands.
InfoWars has been proven absolutely on target about world government, the attack on the family, the eugenics operations, the whole thing.
We've been proven dead on.
You've been proven dead on as supporters and listeners of this broadcast.
You've been the men and women in the arena, and I really do thank you and salute you all.
Words are not enough.
Think about, of all the different systems, of all the different political ideologies, you have been on target promoting Americana and Renaissance, an open free society against the globalist and the dominant world force.
They've created a tower of Babel with a bunch of people that can't communicate with each other.
But we have cut right to the chase.
Human liberty, a pro-human future versus the globally anti-human future.
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Jordan Nettick's A Journey into the Mind of Humanity's Greatest Thinker.
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Okay, finishing up, Vox, I appreciate your time.
We were getting into the announcement that the Michael Savage Show is going to be canceled.
And he's not allowed to tell you that, but I can tell you that from other sources.
And I'm just going to leave it at that.
I've confirmed it.
He's going from three hours to one hour starting next month, and then he will be canceled three months after.
So they are just smothering him with a pillow for being number one.
And the great one, the new leader, the Führer, Ben Shapiro is going to be here.
So finishing up with what you were saying about the state of the world as we hit the break, Vox Day.
Well, the important thing to understand is that
The reason that Michael Savage can be cancelled is because he doesn't have his own platform.
You know, if you were working for CBS rather than for yourself at InfoWars, you'd be done.
And so, conservatives and people on the right and people who are nationalists and people who love America and people who are Christians need to understand that they need to stop playing on the turf of the people who want to destroy everything they love.
And so, and they also need to stop supporting the organizations and corporations that hate them.
And, you know, I realize I'm preaching, I'm literally preaching to the choir here, since people who are watching this are already supporting what you're doing and supporting... We're on over 250 stations, new listeners every minute.
I mean, you're talking to, they're talking to a lot of new people, too.
I mean, they need to know this.
Yeah, so the thing is, is that you are in a cultural war.
You're not in an intranational ideological struggle for the direction that we should all go.
You are in an existential cultural war with people who want to destroy Christianity, who want to destroy America,
And who want to destroy Western civilization.
Let's explain.
They don't want to just conquer you.
They want to overwrite you.
Explain for those that, new listeners, what existential war means.
It means total, real, every level, complete.
And the only reason that the war has not really gotten into violence yet is because we outnumber them.
We can still completely defeat them.
Without it getting to the level... You're right, they're the mouse taming the lion.
They're the mouse taming the lion.
Right, and that's why they're constantly raising up the Ben Shapiros and the Jordan Petersons in order to try to neutralize the stronger force.
And so that's why we need to understand that we are the strong horse.
We merely need to stand up for what we believe in, stop being afraid, and start supporting the people who stand up for the stuff that
You really believe in, and not these fake conservatives, these fake Americans like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro?
And I've noticed the leftist greatest power is showing their meth head, Antifa, and their idiot purple hair people, and all their Prozac heads.
We think, oh those are a bunch of idiots, they're at the crazy universities.
No, they're going into the CIA and NSA.
They're teaching your kids.
They're spying on you.
They're doxing you.
They're becoming lawyers.
And they believe they are the ruling class, and they have a right to hit you in the head with a bike lock.
Okay, and they think they're smarter than you.
But if you just get aggressive and stop financially supporting globalists, and start supporting independent real folks, and start really just calling into C-SPAN, talk radio, go to a Hillary event, go to a leftist event, get in their face.
You're going to find once you do it, you're not scared anymore.
Really impressed with the work you're doing, Vox.
I'm glad that
You raised the alarm, just people that just joined us, we have new listeners every 20 minutes.
Spent 60 seconds on, you didn't want to go after Ben Shapiro.
You were a mentor to him at World Net Daily when he was just getting out of high school, before he even went to Harvard.
So just to spend a minute on why you've been warning the world for a decade about Ben Shapiro.
Well, what bothered me about Ben Shapiro was that he was of an age to join the military.
You wrote about him in 2005, let's be clear.
You've been warning about him for that long?
Yeah, I knew what he was.
I named him the littlest chicken hawk back in 2005 because he was of an age to join the military.
And, you know, I have a lot of friends in the military.
My family was heavily military.
I actually went to enlist with the Marines at the beginning of Desert Shield.
And the fact that he was advocating
Empire and permanent war and saying that we should invade Iran and Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and all these countries and yet he was not willing to go to war himself.
Told me everything I needed to know about his lack of integrity.
I mean you're right about it when he was a nobody saying danger, danger Will Robinson.
Yeah, but you know, at the time I didn't think that he would.
I would have been shocked back then to find out that he has become as significant a cultural and media figure as he's become because I know that he's not that smart.
And imagine, let me explain something.
You don't start a talk radio show in two months and then be given Michael Savage's.
That'd be like you're in high school football and you're a sophomore.
You're not even a starter.
And you're given the top draft pick for the NFL.
No, it's absolutely absurd.
And what you see is Ben Shapiro runs twice he's like publicly proposed debates.
And I said, sure, Ben, I'll debate you.
And, I mean, he ran away like the roadrunner.
It was hilarious.
And, you know, this is supposed to be this feared, uh, whip-smart debater.
And again, his only claim is the left protesting, but then the real left brings him on TV.
Vox Day, thanks for the time.
Look forward to having you on again soon.
Thanks, Alex.
And being given Michael Savage's show, and Michael Savage contractually can't defend himself.
Well, you know what?
I'm going to defend Michael Savage.
Well, and I think that what's really happening here is Savage's biggest audience, well his two biggest audiences are KSFO and then I believe it's KABC in New York City, and that's the one he's being squeezed out of.
As of right now, the last I heard, he's going to be able to maintain some of his stations.
They're only going to carry him for one hour, but he's going to have to go to a podcast format.
This is how when they get rid of somebody, they say, oh, you have a weekend show.
They've been trying to squeeze him out of TV.
They're getting rid of him and giving Shapiro a show.
They're doing this so Shapiro doesn't get the blame of the audience.
They're knifing Savage and going, get in here, kid, take his place!
Shapiro's like, really?
Is it alright?
I mean, they're gonna blame me.
No, kid, they won't notice what we're doing.
Kill Savage!
Shut him up, quick!
I think it's good because, I mean, Shapiro's radio program is gonna fail, so... If we expose it, and boy does he need to fail.
What a piece of un-American trash.
God, this guy is as phony as a plastic banana.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Whip it!
Whip it real good!
Monday through Friday 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
I'm here live with Alex Jones, your host.
The most hated, demonized, lied about broadcast in the world.
And Owen's pretty close behind me doing a great job.
I'm trying to keep up with you.
There with the War Room.
You got David Knott doing an amazing job at 8 a.m.
every morning.
We got a lot of new shows we're gonna be adding soon.
A lot of new things we're doing for the Globals who are so scared.
But Owen Troyer's here.
Owen, just something that just broke we should just throw out here.
The Hill is reporting.
So you have no idea if it's true, they lie so much, but actually this is a ruling.
Judge rules cops schools had no duty to shield students in Parkland shooting lawsuit.
That's right.
And of course, they've ruled that before because you have a duty to protect yourself.
That's why you should understand that when you send your children to a victim disarmament zone, you're advertising it's a place for the left to prepare the shooter, the brainwashed person, and protect them.
Now, I never said nobody died there.
I never said they were crisis actors.
I said they picked four anti-gunners from the drama department to go be the anti-gun spokesperson for the 3,000 children.
So CNN and others said Jones says nobody died.
Jones is bullying the children.
None of it was true.
And YouTube took us off.
We showed the proof.
They had to put us back.
But they later just got rid of me and didn't even give a reason.
Or they said I beat up a kid, which I didn't.
It was a video from ABC News of a kid attacking someone and they pushed him down.
But it sounds good.
You know, Jones got taken out of where he beats children.
So now they're reporting that Broward County, also known as Coward, just remove the BR but a C, that Coward, Coward County,
Where you have all this weird corrupt election fraud going on, mass shootings, you name it.
But they're good people standing down and doing nothing.
Well, what did we really report back then?
We had all the students on.
There was a stand down.
The police were all waiting outside during this happening.
And so there we are, vindicated again, and the judge says, hey.
If somebody comes in the school to kill your kids, that's been protected.
The leftist program said that Mr. Cruz had committed all these burglaries and attacks and threats.
Because his last name was Cruz, even though he wasn't Hispanic, well, it's part of a leftist program to not put him in jail.
So they protected him every step of the way to kill your children, and to stand down, and that's the Democrats for you, Owen.
Well, now kind of flashing back to that time, Alex, I'm realizing now how much devastating information we put out to disrupt their narrative.
And if you look at this now, OK, look at all the facts that have come out.
We were right about the police standing down.
We were right about the FBI standing down on Cruz.
And we were.
And then what happened is they had a vote on the school board.
They voted 13 to 1.
To arm their teachers, Alex.
So the entire leftist media saying, oh my gosh, this is all the gun's fault, oh poor thing.
No, as we said originally, it was the cop's fault for standing down, it was the FBI's fault for standing down on the crew's background checks, and then ultimately...
Having guns on the campus, while it doesn't sound good, nobody wants to think that way, was going to be the ultimate conclusion here, and that's what they reached.
But you won't see any of that reported on all the news outlets, Alex, that want to ban your right to own a firearm.
Which, by the way, Trump's administration is going to ban bump stocks, Alex.
That's an F to me.
I don't like that.
Yeah, that's hurt Trump really, really bad.
But, you know, he asked the N.R.N., he said, sir, they're garbage, they're not any use.
So Trump sees it as, so what?
And that's a big, big F for Trump.
But let's shift back.
Ben Shapiro to go national as Michael Savage cuts back to one hour.
That's Radio Insight.
So you read that and you think, oh, Savage is retiring.
No, Savage can't talk as a contract.
He's been told his show's gone from three hours to one.
They're just going to get rid of it.
They just don't want to piss people off.
Well, here's your new person.
You tune in to hear Michael Savage.
Instead, you get Ben Shapiro.
The amazing.
He always makes this face right here, like... I can't even do it.
No, you can't even.
Don't even try.
You're too manly.
I mean, he's... imagine if you mixed a clone of him with Brian Stelter.
Let me try to do a Shapiro face.
I can do it.
Go back to camera one, please.
It's like a supervillain.
You can't do it.
Look, hold on, hold on.
Look at the satisfaction.
Look, look, look.
No, just try to be... Try to be the most condescending, arrogant punk.
Yeah, there it is.
That's not bad, actually, right there.
Hey, how you doing, Ben?
You know I'm a Trotskyite, you dumb Americans.
I just, that's the look like I just got all Michael Savage's stations even though I just got on talk radio two months ago and have no ratings.
I'm Ben Shapiro, I'm Ben Shapiro.
Think about this Alex, Fox News never allows you on air, never allows Michael Savage on air.
You guys are bigger than Ben Shapiro who gets boosted and amplified by Fox News every day.
He's a good boy!
He's a good boy.
He's a nice neocon who thinks we should invade every country in the Middle East.
But it's beyond that.
It's the snivelling-ness of him.
But, see, when you meet some of these people, Alex, doesn't it kind of stun you to realize how many people are just in it because they want to be famous or make some money?
Oh, that's what you run into is the people that are in local TV or whatever.
They're literally narcissistic loons that are in love with getting in front of some camera and talking to maybe 5,000 people.
I mean, we're in a total war.
They're coming after us.
This is exciting.
This is a fight.
It isn't about being on air.
I don't think I've seen you spend one minute in makeup since I've been working here for three years.
These people that go on television, and look, I'm not insulting everyone on television.
I have friends who go on television.
The point is, they spend an hour and a half before they go on TV just in makeup.
And that's most of the men out there, too, Alex.
So, how much... Well, Owen, you know, obviously I'm not gay, but you're a quite handsome guy.
You don't need to.
Me, it might be a little easier on the eyes.
I just don't like it.
I just can't do it.
Every once in a while, if I have, like, ingrown hair or something, I put a little dot or something on there.
But, you know, it's not about what I look like.
It's about the information.
Well, that's what I'm saying.
I'm so busy just getting information right up to show time, I don't even have time to think about what I look like.
Half the time, my hair is a mess.
I don't even care.
Well, I can tell you this.
That was a delicious Luby's cheesesteak at lunch.
All part of the special diet.
I'm surprised you're able to button that jacket back up.
I need to go on a diet.
I lost a ton of weight.
I've quit working out for a long time, and I'm not as fat as I used to be, but I just work all the time.
You know, it's kind of hard when they're just attacking constantly.
Well, plus, you know, I mean, you take care of your kids.
The media wants to act like you don't care about your kids.
You really do.
Well, the media says I don't have my children.
Well, that's true.
You actually have your children a lot.
In fact, I saw Rex today.
He's doing good.
I have a mom.
90% of the time.
But see, that's what they do, Alex.
It's the same thing with, it's kind of like the same vein they do with Shapiro, where they put out the story like, oh, you know, Savage must be gone.
You know, he's quitting on us.
He's gone.
But Shapiro's here to save us.
It's like, no, Savage got him.
Well, the company goes, non-disclosure, you can't tell people we're getting rid of Zizzius.
And Shapiro do what he tells them, Zizzius.
So he's in charge now.
Hillary gave the green light.
Shapiro, I mean, you know, he's the arbiter.
He's a good never-Trumper.
He's not gonna say a word when we get rid of Trump.
We need to silence every one of these loudmouthed Americans before we take that Trump out.
Shapiro's ready!
You put him in!
Sir, he's never been on air.
He can hardly talk.
He reads off talking points.
It don't matter!
He's my boy!
He goes on and on!
He gets an audience.
I can't do Shapiro anymore.
The guy just sucks.
It's just too bad.
Which is too bad, you know?
I wish that people on the right could all have the same agenda.
Every photo is this look where he just goes, you know, I'm gonna steal your freedom.
You can't stand against me.
No one can stand against me.
I'm too powerful.
And he's always hedging his bet on Donald Trump and President Trump.
Oh, well, just wait.
Just wait till I release the information on him.
Well, Alex, you know, we do have some news that's kind of the same developing news from last night.
There's going to be a continuance in the Flynn sentencing, so they have not concluded that.
And what's happening there is the judge is like, you didn't do anything.
Shea, you're not guilty.
I am guilty!
It's the weirdest thing, they're saying you were never guilty, you didn't lie to the FBI, but they're also saying at the same time you sold your country down the drain and you're an embarrassment.
That's right out of the judge's mouth.
So it's like, wait a second, you're saying that he was set up, I mean they admit he was entrapped, and Flynn isn't even trying to fight this.
He's like, just, he's just done.
He's just like, look, I'm just done with this.
I'm done with the legal fees, I'm done coming to court, I'm done dealing with lawyers, just give me whatever sentence and just move on.
Meanwhile, Hillary literally is working against the country at every level.
The big news when we come back.
We're doing news blitz when we come back.
The globalists, as we speak, are trying to flush the stock market and housing and everything down to stop Trump.
And America, the New York Times has written an article saying humans should be extincted.
We've got a bunch of other articles here that are super incredibly important.
Chinese internet.
Chinese internment camp.
That's a concentration camp.
This is AP reporting on this.
Send sportswear to the U.S.
Well of course they do!
We'll be right back.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Good music right here.
California Dreams?
I probably just found a little church in my neck, man.
Man, we sit here and we're confident about this, but we're seeing horrible censorship, and now PewDiePie, the number one video host in the world, over 100 billion views, 77 million subscribers, the list goes on and on.
They're calling him a Nazi for having a short haircut and wearing round glasses, and in one video game, where he plays video games every day online, some guy had Rabbi Shekel's name, and he laughs and said, oh look, that guy shot somebody, another person, and that turns into he's a Nazi.
The authoritarianism of the digital Nazis is simply unprecedented, and to see them making this move... Oh, and you made the point during the break.
Michael Savage is number one in all the big cities he's on in his time slot.
Number one on the big New York station, and they're taking him from three hours to one hour, not letting him tell the world he's really been cancelled, to give it to Ben Shapiro, who has terrible ratings and went into talk radio just a few months ago.
That's like... That's like giving...
Somebody, you know, who can't even, who's not out of diapers yet, let them drive a car.
And it just shows how this guy is a complete puppet and will do whatever he's told.
Well, and to me, I think it sucks just for the radio industry in general, Alex, because what you've just done on a lot of these syndicated stations that Savage was on is you've probably now killed those radio stations.
They're not going to be able to sell advertising.
They're not going to be able to probably exist much longer or at least have big ratings like they did with Savage.
There'll just be a bunch of hype at first.
Oh my god, Ben Shapiro's here.
Oh, he's such a genius.
The liberals told me he's a genius.
And it'll die down after a month or two and the ratings will be kaput.
And unfortunately, I think this is probably going to kill a lot of radio stations, Alex.
Well, they could just pick our show up.
Of course they can.
I mean, radio stations pick our show up and they don't even tell us.
Well what I like, well that's we don't tell them.
We don't list a list of them because we don't want the couple leftists to call up and it's all empty threats.
But Owen, this shows to me what we already know.
They're making their move on Trump.
They are going after everybody.
Well let's see, if you remove Alex Jones from the internet, which is what they've effectively done, removing him from social media, which, here's a perfect example, like last night Alex, you see the narrative come out, how they're gonna indict President Trump.
So, you're like, okay look, I'm competitive, I mean, InfoWars is competitive with Fox News folks, and we've already trumped CNN and MSNBC.
We're on this- We had way more subscribers than all of them combined.
So what happens is, Alex, you realize your role in the information war and you have to counter this narrative.
So we go live last night, but guess what?
You're not allowed to go onto the main highway.
You're not allowed to go into the arena where all the eyes are because they don't want you countering the narrative.
They want to be able to say whatever it is, totally unchecked, and you're not able to access it.
Here's an example.
Five, six weeks ago, when the Yellow Vest thing started, they were nationalist, anti-globalist, anti-open borders.
The media said, no, they're anti-gas tax.
Well, that was part of it.
And then five weeks later, they go, okay, now it's turned into a nationalist movement.
But it shows how they try to brand everything up front.
And they don't want us there to go, no, here's interviews with Yellow Vest, we sent reporters there, here's what they're all saying, why are you here?
New World Order, open borders, radical Islam, taxes are too high.
And the same cliche that we hear, first impressions, you know, you only get one and they're the most important.
That's what happens with these narratives.
So the first narrative you see on a topic, on television or wherever, that's the one you believe.
And so that's why they have to totally eradicate you from the airwaves.
And the same thing goes for Michael Savage.
Now Savage, you know, I don't necessarily think his role is countering narratives.
He does that.
But his role is, guess what?
He's a nationalist.
He's real.
He doesn't buy corporate media.
He's going to call it, as he's saying, the country has an identity and it's okay.
And he's written books about this.
And so, and guess what?
He's proud to be a white male.
So they really hate that about him.
So they're just going down the list, and whoever is helping Americana, they're removing ahead of the big event, taking President Trump out, which is why
He's got to understand Fox News is making their move on Hannity and everybody right now, and they're going to do it right before they get Trump.
And you'll know, right before they get Trump, whether it's assassination or whatever it's going to be, Sean Hannity will be taken off the air.
Yeah, watch Hannity.
And then Sean Hannity will like, he'll get hit by a car by outside his house.
They're going to kill Sean Hannity.
They're going to kill him.
Or yeah, Tucker Carlson.
Oh, same thing with me.
If you hear Alex Jones is dead, you better be, it's on.
Well, and I don't know if you've talked to Michael Savage about this either, and this is a little more inside baseball.
Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham, really good friends.
Laura Ingraham got a program on Fox News about six months ago, promised Michael Savage she would have him on.
Said, don't worry Michael, I'm gonna beat your blacklist, I'm gonna have you on.
And she still goes on and on.
I'm not talking trash on Laura Ingraham.
That's just how it works.
The point is, it's how controlled.
It's not like we're trying to get on Fox.
It's because Savage wouldn't sell out to Fox.
They tried to give me Fox news shows with ManCow and stuff.
And it was just stupid and it was weekend shows and I wasn't going to do it.
The point is, that's what's going on.
This shows us the canary in the coal mine.
They're taking everybody off.
That's why.
They've got the Southern Property Law Center.
Through local fake journalists sending out fake things we never said or did to stations and saying, take them off and sending them to the corporate heads of it.
A lot of stations have said, well, this makes us mad.
We're going to take it from at night.
During the day, we're not going to be intimidated.
But one station said, OK, Sacramento, we're breaking this news.
We're going to take you off, Alex, because, well, the owners, they just don't want the trouble.
Well, see, the trouble is the left is the trouble.
We're covering what's really happening.
And again, I run my own show.
I'm not.
And I get Savage follows his contract.
Savage cannot tell the world through his lawyer.
His lawyer, though, came out and obliquely said, well, they took Alex Jones off and others, and that's what this probably really is.
And, you know, they're not just really cutting a show.
He's not happy about this.
He's got the best ratings ever.
They're about to just take him fully off the air.
They just don't want it to be a big thing.
They want to just transfer the audience happily over to Ben Shapiro, steal it, and then just send him off into the sunset.
But again, it's not just the money of his contract they've got to pay out.
He doesn't care about the money.
Michael Savage, obviously, they'll sue him if he talks about what's really going on.
It's the same thing with Gavin McGinnis.
You know, Gavin McGinnis, I get this from Gavin, I got it from somebody else, he has to go out and say Glenn Beck's a wonderful person.
No, the day after Glenn Beck took over CRTV, he was fired.
And so, it's the same crap.
And then, you know, Glenn Beck has him on and pats him on the head and does all this.
These white shoe boy SOBs have a formula.
Well, here's the deal.
There's one organization.
Well, there's Drudge Report.
That's two.
There's Drudge Report and InfoWars.
DrudgeReport.com, NewsWars.com, InfoWars.com.
There's Alex Jones.
There's Matt Drudge.
Those are the only things that are independent and free other than President Trump.
Nothing else is free.
Everybody else is under Fox News or under the Republican Party.
They all get threatened.
Their wives get threatened.
Their families get... Let me tell you, folks.
The stuff... And I'm not complaining.
I mean, I asked for this fight.
The stuff they do behind the scenes, the crap they pull.
And you really learn, this is a group of thugs, of bullies, of criminals.
Of course we've got to fight them.
And the fact that you've been standing with us has changed the world, ladies and gentlemen.
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Owen, when you, obviously news is breaking all the time, when you host the War Room, in about an hour and five minutes from now at 3 o'clock Central, what are you going to be covering?
Well, all kinds of news.
I'm going to be talking about the billions of dollars of aid that we just gave to Mexico, but we can't get a wall.
We're going to talk about some interesting stuff happening in Texas right now when it comes to
First, a teacher losing her job because she says she won't sign a compact not to boycott, saying she won't boycott Israel.
Then you've got a story talking about all these Muslim schools that have been popping up in Texas, so that's a local issue.
And then, by the way, this is kind of crazy, and I wasn't planning on talking about this, there was a admitted ISIS terrorist that was arrested that just got released here in Texas as well, so that's crazy.
We'll be covering a lot of Trump's new texts today, Flynn's
Case in court today and what that means.
And a lot more stuff, Alex, on The War Room, which is right there.
Not quite as banned as the Alex Jones Show yet, but right there along with it.
And that's key, folks.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
You're awesome.
I can't think of words to describe how great you are.
Only you can hand link and text message folks about the local stations and about the internet.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
2018 has come and it's almost gone.
And it's been one incredible year.
It's been a serious fight.
But nationalism and populism and Christianity are coming back across the world.
Thanks to God shining through you and your family.
Thanks to you taking action.
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Alright, there he is folks, Paul Joseph Watson from her Britannic Majesties, England.
They'll be introducing him coming up in the next segment.
Now, by the way, Paul's back in the news.
That's right, they've come out and said that he's a fake news person, that the video of Acosta touching and grabbing and shoving the woman is a lie, a deep fake.
That's right.
This is true evidence of their attempts at mind control.
But what about these articles?
This is out of the Associated Press.
They'd never talk about this when Obama was in, but now that Trump's in, there's at least some soul in the mainstream media.
Barbed wire and hundreds of cameras ring a massive compound of more than 30 dormitory schools, warehouses, and workshops in China's Far West.
Dozens of armed officers and a growling Doberman stand guard outside behind locked gates, men and women are selling sportswear that can end up on U.S.
college campuses and sports teams.
So, more and more, this is coming out.
The glories of communism, meanwhile, where they've banned Christianity.
Washington City evicts baby Jesus from Public Park after a handful of complaints, but relocations sparked dozens more complaints.
And the way this happens is, two or three leftists call the radio station, never even listened to it, don't care.
They'd steal your birthright in a second.
And then say, take Alex Jones off, he's a Nazi.
Oh God, it was in the paper.
They say they're a Nazi.
Better take him off.
That's the newspaper.
It's big and powerful.
No, no one reads it.
It's all a con game.
Same thing here.
Take down this thing.
We're complaining.
And then a hundred people get mad.
It's all crap.
It's the mouse that roared.
Well it's these leftist email chains that I'm on a few of them and I suggest Infowarriors out there do this.
I mean honestly.
Go sign up for Sleeping Giants.
Yeah you sign up for these leftist email chains in your local area and they'll send out all their directives and you can get ahead of them and kind of stop some of them actually.
I was able to do a couple of those here in Austin, Texas.
You just go out and like, oh, they're going to call on this day?
So, you know, you call, you could actually call first and be like, hey, I want to warn you, you're about to get 100 calls from leftists complaining about this nativity scene.
It's all fake.
It's all been manufactured.
So then you kind of soften the blow when they hear it and they're like, oh, okay.
And again, they just, oh, they don't care if it's a mosque, they don't care if it's a satanic temple thing.
They just crave controlling Christians because we're the producers.
They see us as their food.
Actually Alex, there is one thing I want to mention because I think it's indicative as to exactly where the Democrats want to take America versus anyone who's not a Democrat.
A story came out in the USA Today yesterday.
The 50 most expensive zip codes in the United States.
The 50 most expensive.
Every one of them is liberal.
They're rent seekers.
They were all in New York or California, and I think it was, I think it was 40 of them.
40 of them were in California.
So think about this, Alex.
The state of California, which has the highest debt of any other state, which has the most poverty, most drug use, most homelessness, most literally feces on the streets of any other state in the United States, and yet they have all the richest people too.
Isn't it amazing how that works in Democrat California?
So you have the wealthiest people in California with the most money and the best land, and then you have the poorest people that get their drugs and feces ridden streets to live on.
That's California.
That's the Democrat America.
That's socialism right there.
Just like Venezuela or anywhere else, they do this on purpose.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
Keep them poor.
Keep them desperate.
Keep them dumb.
I'm just amazed that people don't see this, Alex.
I mean, this is not rhetoric.
This isn't hyperbole.
I'm not suggesting anything.
This isn't bias.
It's a fact!
It's a fact.
These people are inherently evil.
Owen Schroyer, in about 55 minutes, you take over three hours.
The War Room.
Great job, my friend.
Now, tell everybody again.
They say I'm banned on all this social media.
They'd already shadow banned us a few years ago.
You on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube can promote NewsWars.com.
It doesn't get blocked as the bots as much.
We're going to launch new websites that are easy to promote as well that just mirror our information.
You can't be stopped from plugging that local radio station that carries the show.
You can't be stopped from texting your friends and family and sending them articles and videos from NewsWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or Paul Watson's videos on YouTube.
Get them.
Get them out.
Realize it's a war and you are the majority.
Black, white, old, young that live with liberty.
You take action.
Nothing can stop you.
Let's introduce Paul Watson in 60 seconds and then I'm ejecting.
Stay with us.
Right now is Massive Rampage Force.
Go ahead.
Alex, last night I was on with Laura Ingram, and I had done the Alex Jones Show yesterday.
I had done The War Room.
She's not on until 9.40 Central.
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I was exhausted.
I popped two Brain Force Plus, and I was good as new.
I mean, it really is mentally stabilized, mentally energizing.
Tonight, I'm on with Tucker Carlson.
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Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
And Paul Joseph Watson and Owen Schroer.
I'm getting out of here in a few minutes because Paul's always got a ton of important things to cover, but he's in the news again today.
Like PewDiePie, so I thought we would get his take on that.
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Whatever you do, take action because the globalists are moving on everybody.
I mean, look, I feel more hurt by Michael Savage, what he's going through, than I even feel for myself because...
When one of us is getting picked on and screwed over, I feel it.
That's called empathy.
And the psychopaths think that's a weakness.
No, that's our strength.
But I feel bad for him because he's under the control of that big CBS syndicator and they've made a deal to put Ben Shapiro in his show even though his ratings are number one.
I mean, this is outrageous.
And then his contract, he can't tell you what they're doing to him.
Well, this is the layers of arrogance, though, Alex.
It's just like they thought they could kind of ghost you on social media with the shadow bands.
You were still effective.
You were still number one.
So they just went ahead and just chopped you off.
Same with Savage.
They thought, oh, let's just keep him off Fox News.
We'll keep him on these little radio stations.
He'll have no impact.
He won't be able to sell any books.
Every book he writes becomes the number one bestseller, you know, on New York Times or whatever.
So that's their problem, is they can't stop us.
They can't stop us, so they have to kill us.
That's right.
You're coming up in about 50 minutes.
Paul Watson, make this announcement.
We may have to let Paul go.
PoodiePie lost his Disney contract because he wouldn't go under their control and let YouTube control him with his 77 million subscribers and 100 billion or whatever it is viewers.
Well, so many views.
The Vox is reporting, Wall Street Journal's reporting, PoodiePie, what's the proof?
He wears wire glasses that are somewhat similar to Himmler.
That's a fake photo of Himmler and it's worse.
He's got a haircut like Paul Watson.
Exhibit A. Can we get a shot of Paul, please, on screen?
Full screen for Paul, please.
Paul, gotta let you go, dude.
You got a Hitler haircut.
They even said in the news it's a Hitler haircut, so it's over for you.
I mean, Wall Street Journal says it's the proof.
I mean, and meanwhile, they're editing a live video on France TV, signs that say bad things about Macron.
So they've now got running man level editing where there's an article on Infowars.com where they're covering up signs and images in live time, Paul.
So, Paul, do you want to apologize for your Hitler haircut?
I can only deeply apologize, Alex.
Yeah, I think there was an article about Eric Trump about 18 months ago.
He had a similar haircut.
It's not because it's generally a popular haircut across the Western world, Alex.
Obviously, that has nothing to do with it.
It's all because we're secretly fascist.
That PewDiePie scandal, by the way, they had a BuzzFeed reporter, Joe Bernstein, who claimed that, and you talked about this earlier, because he appeared in a game with a character called Rabbi Shekel, that was the avatar of the person playing the game, that that makes him a Nazi.
That's like saying,
Alex, anytime you go outside your door, anybody who you come into the near vicinity with, you automatically adopt all their political beliefs and all their extremist political beliefs.
He was laughing at the fact that the guy
was doing an effusive speech about how much he loved PewDiePie, and then one of the other characters in the game killed him, so his audio was cut off.
That's what was funny about it.
He claimed, Bernstein of BuzzFeed News, that it was some anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.
Just absolute... You're going to take over to do that, but that's what all Nazis say.
Scroll back up for TV viewers.
There's an article on Infowars.com.
Government-owned French TV is now, in live videos, able to edit
We're good to go.
The misleading video shared by Infowars editor-at-large Paul Watson was asked about the clip.
Sanders' response is, the question is, did the reporter make contact or not?
The video is clear, he did.
We stand by our statement.
All you did was zoom in.
We've already done this.
But they're accusing you at the Media Lab of a deep fake.
But Deep Fake is Running Man where Mad Dog Ben Richards actually tries to stop them killing the food riot.
That's a good thing.
But then they edit the video and show him going, I'm going to kill them!
You won't stop me!
We're in Running Man right now.
Yeah, so Paul, what do you make of this?
French TV is doing Deep Fakes.
You're not.
Oh, the French TV channel, which is state-owned.
It was just human error, Alex.
They said it was human error.
Just a mistake that they deliberately doctored the protest placard to edit out the insult against Macron.
No, deepfake or a doctored video is when you deliberately edit something to mislead.
As I said a million times, and Trump backed me up on this, that wasn't doctored because I didn't deliberately edit anything to mislead.
They used that to distract from the narrative that basically Jim Acosta put his hands on a woman when he swatted her away with his left arm.
They used it to distract from that.
So it's not doctored.
That's not a deepfake.
You can't claim that that's a deepfake when it wasn't deliberately done to mislead.
It was just a different edit, a different upload, different frame rate of a video which was exactly the same as the original.
You're taking over right now.
I agree.
You're going to recap it all coming up.
They're getting ready to take Trump out though.
Don't you agree with the fact that they're taking everybody off the air right now?
Michael Savage, Gab McGinnis.
I mean this is total.
This means they're making their move, Paul.
I think the backlash is growing though, Alex.
The response to Sorgan of Akkad losing his Patreon was vast.
It's unfortunate some of these people didn't respond in kind when you were de-platformed, but Sam Harris, who is quite a mainstream intellectual,
Deleted his own Patreon account in protest against Patreon de-platforming Sargon of Akkad, who is a YouTuber, and they're losing money.
They're hemorrhaging money.
Thousands of dollars from each individual creator every day they're losing.
They had to put out a statement and kind of backpedal on it a little bit.
So they're in big trouble.
So when finally starting to see a backlash, people leaving these platforms in protest against their mistreatment of their own users.
So I think the backlash has really started in earnest now, Alex.
All right, you're taking over.
Great job.
You'll also be hosting during the first hour.
on Thursday when Owen is going to be taking over the command base.
Great job Paul Joseph Watson.
You've got some great videos out today as well that you'll be playing and talking about.
Paul Watson takes over.