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Name: 20181216_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 16, 2018
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Infowars segment discusses ongoing political conflict in US, perceived corruption within government, and possibility of impeachment proceedings against President Trump due to perceived impeachable offenses. Discussion includes speculation about the lack of coverage by corporate press compared to movies with similar themes. The segment closes with Jones discussing ongoing debate over US-Mexico border and perceived fraud within Democratic Party. Video discusses issue of open borders and concerns surrounding it, highlighting how an open southern border threatens national sovereignty. Prominent politicians such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, have supported border security in the past but now support open border policy. Video urges viewers to support InfoWars and its products in order to help company continue efforts against globalist agenda. Jones promotes InfoWars products and asks for support from listeners during holiday season. Mark Dice is introduced as guest for rest of hour. Speaker discusses book "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder" and its popularity on Amazon, claiming liberals have no conscience and are defective due to lack of disgust towards certain things. Speaker discusses how media distracts people from important issues by focusing on movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment rather than political events such as civil war happening in US. Alex Jones discusses various topics including disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, rumors of organ harvesting, child sex trafficking, and distraction created by Saturday Night Live (SNL) skits. He also talks about 12 Days of Christmas mega sale at InfoWars Store.com offering up to 75% discount on selected products with free shipping, double Patriot points, and special t-shirts. Host discusses double standards and corporate media control that exist in America today, criticizing media for their coverage of investigations into President Trump and way they handle stories about Democrats. He also talks about Mick Mulvaney being appointed as acting chief of staff and Nancy Pelosi's recent actions, highlighting absurdity of some news stories. Throughout segment, he emphasizes importance of understanding how corporate media works in order to see through manipulations and biases. Speaker talks about progressivism regressive when it comes to border control. Border control is important in protecting sovereignty, prosperity, laws, and order. However, speaker mentions how schools have become less effective and have lowered IQ and quality of education over time. He brings up example of millennials signing up for classes to teach them basic life skills such as cooking and cleaning since they are unaware of these things due to progressive educational system that focuses more on identity politics and victimhood than practical, useful knowledge. Speaker encourages people to buy air filters and water filters from InfoWarsStore.com as family gifts for Christmas. Speaker expresses gratitude towards listeners and encourages them to buy products from Infowars, assuring orders placed by December 19th will reach continental US before Christmas. He also addresses his support for President Trump, criticizing NBC as propaganda wings of the Democrats. Speaker mentions how Department of Justice is handling case involving Major Matt Golsteyn who admitted killing enemy combatant and says that he will review it personally. Speaker ends by thanking listeners for their support. Speaker discusses photo from 2014 of children in cages during Obama's tenure and how it was used to criticize Trump. Speaker then goes on to talk about Russian witch hunt hoax that he believes is an attempt to discredit administration, stating that Democrats are using their power to silence political opposition. Finally, speaker addresses recent attempt to shut down conservative and libertarian radio stations and voices, accusing left- leaning organizations such as Media Matters and Southern Poverty Law Center of attempting to suppress free speech.

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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Robert Mueller is the unelected, unofficial president of the Deep State and the Democrat Party.
He's rogue.
He's out of control.
He's doing anything and everything he can to try to destroy President Donald Trump and this country.
Here's Alex Jones breaking it down.
Congressman Schiff, taking over the Intelligence Committee of the House on January 2nd, says Trump may face, quote, real prospect of jail time.
There's a very real prospect that on the day Donald Trump leaves office, the Justice Department may indict him.
That he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time.
President Trump's inevitable impeachment by the Dems.
Are we going to hear more of this in January now from leading Democrats that maybe there are impeachable offenses here?
I think it's inevitable, and in fact I think there's going to be a point where House Democrats are going to feel as if, if they don't open an impeachment inquiry over what they've seen so far, then what would be the trigger?
If Congress at all wants to be a watchdog for the executive branch, I think it's inevitable.
So look, I think it's inevitable that an impeachment inquiry is going to get open, and as Jerry Nadler says, that doesn't mean they will end up impeaching him.
But I think the investigation is going to open sooner rather than later.
They at least have to go there.
Jerry Nadler saying, if the campaign finance case as laid out by prosecutors is true, Mr. Trump would be likely to meet the criteria for an impeachable offense.
And he said he would instruct his committee to investigate when he takes over in January.
So I do think things have moved since last Friday.
As we have said, the president is moving into a perilous period.
They said during the campaign they weren't going to do that because Americans wouldn't have supposedly voted for Democrats in the midterms, but oh, now they are because they're desperate to cover up their own crimes.
Meanwhile, Trump has accurately tweeted that Comey lied to Congress.
Comey told Congress, here's the big one of the 245 occasions that he lied that Trump's talking about.
The big one that's ironclad.
Is Comey saying, I've never leaked and I don't know anyone that's leaked to the media.
And it turned out he was the chief leaker, but he went, well, I, I gave the information to give it to the press, to a professor.
Who would then give it to him?
Oh, oh, so I'm a drug dealer and I give them the, um, suitcase full of cocaine.
And then my dealer goes and sells it to somebody I'm not involved in the cocaine dealing.
Balderdash, BS, baloney.
And it goes on and on and on.
And to watch the corporate press try to cover it up, it is just mind-blowing.
And two years in, $33 million in, and just this fake investigation, and they have
People pleading guilty for not paying taxes for taxi cab services that Trump has nothing to do with in New York.
Michael Cohen, who did a 180 once they busted him, and other crap like that.
I mean, this is incredibly ridiculous.
For two years, they've been telling President Trump, oh, you're not the target, sir.
We know you're not involved in Russiagate.
In fact, there's nothing there.
But they're just doing their investigation, even though it's all about some people brought in by Hillary and Obama when you were president-elect.
They were panicking, what were they gonna do?
They'd been in bed with Russia, they'd been in bed with China, they'd sold the nation out.
They're the folks that say having a nation's bad, that America existing.
America was never great, it'll never be great!
Governor Cuomo in New York!
We're not gonna make America great again.
It was never that great.
We have not reached greatness.
We will reach greatness.
When every American is fully engaged.
Just look at the crazed look of Schiff.
You know, Schiff and Alexander Cortez, you're not just waiting for a weird moment to grab a screenshot that isn't honest.
They always have that power-mad lunatic look in their eye.
And now...
Today, Trump has been wild on Twitter, letting you know that he knows, and he figured it out a while ago, but he's now letting you know that he knows the Russia investigation, Russia collusion investigation was fake from the very beginning.
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You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Here is something that really amazes me about modern society, modern culture here, on this Sunday, December 16th, 2018, Owen Schroer filling in for Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show.
Tons of news, video clips to get to, plus President Trump has tweeted about 12 times today, so we're going to be reading all those as well.
If it's a new movie, a new comic movie, a new movie with a famous actor or actress in it and it gets a bunch of hype and a bunch of publicity and a bunch of marketing and they show it on the sporting events and they do the interviews on late night TV and they hype this movie up and this movie, it's about a
A deep state civil war, or you know, corruption in government, you know, on the inside, White House intrigue and all this stuff.
And if it's in a movie, well then it's like, you know, pop culture, it's cool, it has human interest, everybody wants to talk about it, people want to go see it, and so then it becomes a thing.
But when it happens in real life,
There's no interest.
There's no big story.
There's no big hype.
There's no big publicity.
And the only thing you really get is the propaganda coming out of one side of it acting like it's just one man that's responsible for all the corruption.
And so there is no real civil war.
It's just we gotta get the one man.
And everybody buys into that.
But what's really going on
Is you have an actual Cold Civil War happening right now, in the White House, in Washington D.C., with, well, it's a complex group, but at the bottom line, people that have sold out, politicians that are puppets, people in the FBI, CIA that have sold out.
You're learning some of these names, the Peter Strokes, the Andrew McCabe's, the Bob Mueller's, the James Comey's, we know the names now.
So this is all going on, and you have them arresting and raiding innocent men and women's houses, lying about people, censoring the internet.
And this is the real, actual civil war happening in D.C.
This is the real-life, cold civil war happening in the United States of America, but that's not the story.
That's not the big hype.
Again though, if it's in a comic book movie, or some new TV show, that's the big hype, that's the big attraction.
But when it actually happens, when it's actually going on, nobody even knows.
And that's basically where we're at right now.
And then it actually comes down to something so simple, so basic,
So fundamental that you can't even believe, really, it's a debate.
And that's the border.
But doesn't it show you the fraud of the Democrat Party, where you can play all the clips.
I mean, we've done it a hundred times here.
Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, all of them saying we need borders, we need border security.
They all signed bills to fund walls.
They all have walls in their own houses and gates and private security and guns.
But what do they do now?
They say,
They want an open border.
And then, I mean literally they want an open border.
And so that becomes a debate.
And so now citizens have to go down to the southern border to protect it.
Because that's how politically correct and far to the left our actual government has gone.
Here's a report from Greg Reese highlighting the issue and the concern that just citizens of the United States have with an open southern border.
The United Nations Global Compact for Migration was adopted on Monday by 164 governments at an international conference in Marrakech, Morocco.
The historic event was described by UN Chief Antonio Guterres as the creation of a roadmap to prevent suffering and chaos.
More doublespeak from the failing globalist agenda.
Flooding nations with millions of foreigners who have no intention to assimilate and who are not held accountable for their criminal actions is perhaps the most potent recipe for suffering and chaos the world has ever known.
The French, perhaps history's greatest nationalists, have reached their breaking point.
They have been erecting multiple guillotines in the streets, a tool they invented in the French Revolution to chop off at least 40,000 heads of state.
In Brussels, Belgium, the people have erupted in protest against their government for signing the UN Migration Compact.
And ISIS has called for attacks against the Yellow Vest protest, as if in support of the globalist French government.
While the global elites and the radical left have duped their submissive minions into thinking their open borders agenda is one of peace,
The rest of us struggle to keep the world from falling into the hands of those who seek to gain more power at the expense of global destruction.
Lebanon agreed to the UN Migration Compact, and they are digging tunnels beneath Israel's border wall.
The tunnels are being dug by radical Islamic group Hezbollah, who seeks to destroy Israel.
Mexico agreed to the UN Migration Compact.
And with over $20 billion a year worth of illicit drug smuggling, and tens of thousands of children being trafficked across the border as sex slaves, there is very good reason to secure the U.S.
border into Mexico.
President Trump got elected on his promise to secure the border.
And his deep state opponents are desperately fighting him on this issue.
The black market business of sex and drugs is worth trillions of dollars, tax-free and untraceable.
It is the biggest domestic cash cow of the criminal cabal, which has entrenched itself deep within all branches of the U.S.
Almost halfway through his term, President Trump has failed to secure the border.
Citizen patriots such as the Oath Keepers have taken to the skies, patrolling the border from civilian aircraft, offering reconnaissance to the overwhelmed Border Patrol.
And while there are military aircraft and blimps monitoring the border from the skies, we can clearly see miles of unprotected border along the Rio Grande.
In a single weekend this month, Border Patrol agents arrested 1,900 illegal immigrants in South Texas, including gang members and child predators.
With miles of wide open border and cartel safe houses, one can only guess how many are making it across each and every day.
President Trump says he will shut down the government if he has to.
And Nancy Pelosi says she'll keep the government closed forever, rather than fund Trump's wall.
But if a government cannot secure its own borders, then what is the purpose of government at all?
And if the United Nations succeeds at opening up borders worldwide, then national sovereignty will become a thing of the past, and America will be no more.
This is Greg Reese, reporting for NewsWars.com.
And now, Oath Keepers is putting out a call to action to citizens who want to help protect the southern border.
Now, we've had Stuart Rhodes in the studio breaking this down.
You can go to OathKeepers.com and find out exactly what that entails, but when your own government has no interest in preserving the republic, when your own government has no interest in preserving a southern border, I guess you just have to take matters into your own hands then, don't you?
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We have a lot of things to discuss here on the Alex Jones Show today and I'm gonna be taking calls
In the entire second hour, probably open up the phone lines perhaps in the next segment to discuss everything that's going on.
The total collapse of globalism.
Now... How do you explain to somebody globalism?
Or the threat of globalism?
Because the concept of globalism, it's almost kind of like a vaccine, where the science behind a vaccine is there and, you know, with the health industry and technology, inevitably you could have vaccines that are safe and effective, but what's the catch?
Well, the catch is whoever is making the vaccine and mass producing it and putting it out there, well, they kind of are in charge of what goes into it, right?
And so who is checking up on that?
Well, you do a little bit of research, you find out vaccine courts have their own separate justice system and they're never held accountable for the millions of deaths they're responsible for.
And so you say, well, that doesn't seem right.
Well, they never talk about it.
So nobody says that.
Just like globalism.
Well, sure.
Well, let's see humans with technology and our, our
Nature to just be social beings and expand our consciousness naturally, you know globalism with the technology and everything Okay, that's probably inevitable But what's the catch?
Who's rolling it out who's deciding what it means who's deciding?
Who gets their fingers on the levers of power?
And so The elite and the establishment right now
Are doing everything they can to entrench themselves and their power structure as the establishment as globalism is being rolled out.
So now their policy, their agenda is entrenched as the global government comes into manifestation.
Except what's happening.
Their plan has been exposed, has failed in many areas, and now there's total blowback.
You see it politically with the election of a Donald Trump, the election of a Bolsonaro.
You see it physically with the streets of France and the streets of Brussels, where there are now riots going on against the EU and the UN.
But that's a sign of the world changing.
And humanity trying to figure out how to adapt.
So right now in Brussels people are in front of the EU headquarters and the police are looks like getting brutalized up there.
It's symbolic for the rejection of globalism.
In France you have the, looks like thousands if not hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people in the yellow vests out on the streets.
What does it represent?
The French people.
They don't want to see their country fall to globalism.
And so that's kind of the political, geopolitical,
Philosophical civil war going on worldwide between nationalism and globalism.
But then right here in the United States, you have the true focus with the cold civil war going on between Donald Trump and the deep state who's led by Robert Mueller.
And that's where most eyes are in the United States and most eyes are worldwide.
But when you understand, it's all about the power structure that has been in power here in the United States, in the West, working with the very power structures established in the East, and in Europe, and in North Africa, and in the Middle East, and you see how they were all pushing for the same thing, globalism, open borders, they entrenched themselves,
And then what happened?
The people woke up, and they didn't want to go that way, so they elected Donald Trump.
They elected Bolsonaro.
They put in nationalists in Italy.
They put in nationalists in other countries.
But the biggest pushback now is the media, where they act like none of this is even going on, and the rejection of globalism, which is inevitable and progressive and the best,
Is racist, is bigoted, is homophobic, is just you name it.
When all it is is people just saying, I want to have a country, I don't want to have open borders, and I'm sick of having to pay for it all when it's not in my own best interest.
So that's just an overall picture of everything that's going on.
And I got all the news here.
Again, thousands rallying against the UN outside the EU headquarters in Brussels.
Thousands in the yellow jackets again this weekend in France.
Meanwhile in the Middle East, you got places in Syria and Iraq that have been freed from ISIS that are actually celebrating Christmas pretty openly for the first time in years.
Nobody talks about that.
You have Turkey claiming that Trump is working on extraditing Gulen here, who runs all of these education camps in the United States.
In fact, it's been Sabel Edmonds who has been making a big issue of that.
And I've heard these rumors swirling.
We'll see if anything comes of that.
But then you have
Putin says rap should be controlled in Russia, not banned.
But see, isn't that why you love living in the United States?
You can rap about pimping hoes and beating hoes and hoeing hoes and it's all good in the United States.
But if you say, baby, it's cold outside, well, FCC's coming to shut you down.
So, when I come back on the other side of this break, I'm going to hit all the headlines.
I got video clips here.
We got about 12 tweets from President Trump I'm going to read.
SNL seems to be just getting more deranged every week.
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There is.
I mean, it's not a joke.
This isn't hyperbole.
It really is some kind of a defect or a disease or a mental disorder.
In fact, there was a documentary produced by PBS, hosted by David Eagleman, which you can find on Netflix or Prime, maybe even on YouTube, where he went to a neural imaging laboratory at Virginia Tech, and one of the neurologists there discovered an interesting connection
By scanning people's brains, he has determined a test that with a 95% accuracy, he can tell from an MRI or an fMRI, a functional MRI, whether or not someone is a liberal or a conservative.
And so that leads many people to wonder, well,
What's the difference?
How can you tell from a brain scan whether someone is a left-wing or right-wing person?
And the answer makes perfect sense.
What he did is, these people in the MRI, he showed them images of disgusting things like dead bodies and food being eaten by maggots.
Anything that any normal person should be disgusted and repelled by, just from the normal protective mechanisms that have been built into the human brain.
And liberals
Liberals do not feel the levels of disgust that normal people do.
And in fact, the less they feel disgusted towards seeing or experiencing what normal people see as disgusting things, the more liberal they are.
Which makes perfect sense, because the liberals' brains are defective.
They can't see right and wrong.
Their consciences are seared.
The Bible calls it the reprobate mind, because they've turned themselves over to evil.
And now this poor neurologist at Virginia Tech's imaging laboratory is horrified, really, at his findings, because think of the implications of this.
He has proved that liberals have no conscience, that when they see something that should absolutely freak out a normal person, they feel nothing, they see nothing wrong with it, because their minds are literally defective.
Every study shows it.
Nine times more likely in British and U.S.
Show the same thing.
Major universities.
Liberals did this.
They found that, quote, liberals, really leftists, are more likely to virtue signal but not actually give it charity.
Nine times less likely to give it charity.
Six times more likely to steal.
They found it in Russia, in Japan, in the United States.
So what they are is they're sociopaths that have no moral compass, so they're all for
They know we have them, so they project it out because that gets power over us.
And so what you're saying is absolutely true, that they actually like disgusting things.
They like two-year-olds being taught they're really a girl or a boy and being screwed up.
They like child pornography as vice, and the New York Times, and all these other things promote.
These really are evil people.
The new book is at InfoWarsTore.com.
Needs to be a bestseller.
In fact, I know it was the number one political book.
What did it go to on Amazon?
Find it here, Mark.
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Great job, people that did.
Liberalism, find a cure.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Broadcasting live from the UN Stronghold, Austin, Texas.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Alright, I'm gonna get focused, hammer these headlines, play some of these videos, and then dedicate the entire second hour to phone calls.
So, we're gonna open up the phone lines probably in the next segment.
I don't wanna open up the phone lines now and then make people wait online to get on air.
So, let me
Hit these headlines.
Get to some of these video clips.
And then in the next segment, I'm just going to read every tweet from President Trump today.
He's tweeted about 12 times.
He's been up since, I guess, about 6 or 5 a.m.
East Coast tweeting on a Sunday.
So I'm just going to read all those in a segment, too.
But let's just look at some of these headlines here domestically, and let's kind of
Sift through them and try to make sense of it all.
Because I'm so far removed from the hype that I don't even... It's like a foreign language almost to me.
But there was just some movie that came out.
It was a Marvel movie, I think.
I'm probably insulting people that actually are fans of this movie.
I really genuinely forgot what it was called, but it said a bunch of box office records.
And there's all kinds of hype, and everybody goes and sees the movie, and everybody talks about it for the next two weeks, and that's the big thing.
Okay, yeah, Aquaman is the new one.
I'm talking about a movie from this summer.
It was like Captain Marvel Heroes or something.
But now the new one's Aquaman.
It's getting rave reviews.
But my point is, though, you get all this hype, or a new Star Wars movie, even.
And I get it.
I'm not insulting you if you like movies.
The point is that
Or like a new TV show gets a bunch of hype and everybody talks about it.
Like Game of Thrones.
Alright, I'll use Game of Thrones.
Perfect example.
Perfect example.
I can't believe I didn't think of this until now.
Game of Thrones.
Big TV show.
I believe it's HBO.
Everybody loves it.
Everybody talks about it.
It's like, if you don't watch Game of Thrones to the Game of Thrones people, you're like, what's wrong with you?
Like, wow.
So it's Game of Thrones.
I've never watched it, so I really don't know the plot.
But, you know, I can imagine Game of Thrones.
I know enough about it.
So, I guess you got like kingdoms or whatever fighting for power and all, you know, right?
The intrigue and the murder and the sex and everything that's involved.
And it's all, and all of the focus is on the Game of Thrones, the TV show.
All fake.
When there's an actual, real Game of Thrones happening, right now, in the real world.
It's like the same thing.
They put out a Captain Hero comic book movie about some civil war in the United States.
It gets all the hype.
It gets the box office records.
Everybody talks about that.
There's a real cold civil war happening right now in the United States, in the White House, in Washington, D.C.
That's real stuff.
With real world complications.
With real world consequences.
But notice how there's no attention on that.
There's no focus on that.
Everybody focuses on the big movie, the big TV show.
Now, what do you call that?
Well, it's called distraction.
Bread and circus, in the archaic analogy.
So all of your attention and focus is on a basketball game, or on a TV show, or on a movie or something, and the media doesn't want you to actually see what's going on, the power struggle in DC, in the White House, worldwide even.
Globalism versus nationalism.
And so then you have Saturday Night Live, and I didn't even mean to go to this, but I guess it's really the perfect time
That kind of likes to act like it's a joke, and kind of distracts, and acts like Trump is the bad guy, and it really doesn't matter.
You tune in to any late night comedy show, they call it comedy, you know, I thought comedy was funny, and they're all bashing Trump, it's all the same propaganda.
But again, the average American has no idea the real stuff that's going on behind the scenes.
Like, for example, look at these two stories here.
In fact, look at these three stories.
Report, ex-Fox exec claims MH370 got hijacked by organ harvesters.
That's from Sputnik, so they'll say it's fake news.
Darlene Lebleek Tipton, I'm probably pronouncing that wrong, but a former Fox TV executive announced that she has a hard drive containing proof that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which went missing four years ago, was actually hijacked in order to harvest the organs of the people on board.
Whatever happened to that plane?
Whatever happened to those people?
I'm not saying that that's true or not.
I'm saying wouldn't surprise me one bit This is from years ago three years ago but Disney World Legoland employees among 11 arrested an undercover child porn sting and The headline is
At least three years ago.
What was the number?
Like 40 Disney employees have been arrested since 2006 for some charge involving pedophilia.
That was a report from three years ago.
That number has at least doubled.
So just think about that.
In 12 years, you've had nearly a hundred Disney employees, some of them with huge, massive troughs of child pornography.
And then you go and you look at all the videos people have done of all the weird subliminal messages in the Disney movies.
I mean, you want to take a red pill.
You think that's a coincidence?
Missing Malaysian airline, organ harvesters, child sex trafficking, all of it more real than your favorite movie that came out this year, Aquaman, or Captain Marvel vs. DC Comics.
But see, that's the distraction.
And then they make some huge joke of it on SNL.
President Trump's bad.
He's a buffoon.
He's a Russian.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
Just look at this guy.
So here's SNL pretending like Trump was never president.
Go ahead and roll clip four.
Oh, it's Alec Baldwin, who just got caught in a second aggravated assault situation.
I don't think I can do this anymore.
I might finally eat a salad and explode.
What seems to be the trouble, Donald?
Who are you?
Stay back!
Relax, I mean you no harm.
My name is Clarence, and I was sent here from heaven.
I heard you were in trouble.
It's awful.
Everything's falling apart.
Sometimes I wish I had never been president.
A world where you were never president, eh?
I think we can arrange that.
It's a wonderful trope.
Yeah, the economy would be down, we'd be at war with Russia.
What are those things on their faces?
Those are called smiles!
Hey, Mr. Trump, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas.
Meanwhile, if you go to a White House dinner, it's nothing but smiles.
Nothing but cheers.
I just wanted to thank you for suggesting I go into PR.
I've made so much money working for so many awesome companies like Facebook and Ashley Madison and the Romaine Lettuce Association.
Merry Christmas, Tom.
Wait, Sarah isn't my press secretary?
I told you, Donald.
You don't have a press secretary because you weren't elected president.
And so it's this whole fantasy, oh, life would be so much better if it just wasn't for Trump.
Meanwhile, it's the Democrat cities and states that are totally hellholes.
Just look at California.
It's the Democrats that want open borders.
It's the Democrats that want to collapse the economy.
It's the Democrats that want to have D.C.
in total shambles.
But then they project all of it onto Trump.
It's the Democrats that colluded with Russia.
They project it onto Trump.
So this is what the media does to try to distract and disable you from being informed.
And if you're uninformed, then what do you do?
You're just confused.
Look, we all do it.
A lot of times we don't have a choice.
You go on a trip, you book into a big globalist hotel that funds groups trying to take our guns and teach our five-year-old boys how to wear dresses.
It's a fact.
These corporations are out to conquer humanity, not to break up our families.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is The Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
That's the Game of Thrones theme.
Did you guys plan that?
I'm serious.
Tell me, did you plan that?
Always thinking on their toes.
The real Game of Thrones is going on right now.
Let me get into some of these headlines.
Oh, by the way, I want to give an annual
Hello to Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy and the folks over at Media Matters who are always tuned in to write up some piece about us, slandering us, lying about us, libeling us, and trying to get us kicked off the air.
So I just want to give a salute to all our friends at Media Matters, which by the way, I know you guys print up a transcript of all our live broadcasts.
So I'm serious, if you could actually print me that, I would really appreciate that.
So if you guys could just send us those transcripts over at Media Matters that you guys pay for all of our live broadcasts to have a transcript of, that sometimes you publish in the articles, you think it makes us look bad, it actually makes us look good.
But if you could send those over our way, we'd really appreciate that.
But I just wanted to say hi to Selter, hi to Darcy, hi to our friends at Media Matters who I know are tuned in.
Now, you have nothing better to do.
Here is the real life Game of Thrones.
This is from the AP today.
Scope of investigations into Trump has shaped his presidency.
Well, this is kind of true, but it's a misnomer because basically it's handicapped President Trump.
It's put a ball and chain on a marathon runner on an Olympic sprinter and then said,
Look at the Olympic sprinter struggling to finish his sprint as he's got two 12-pound ball and chains around his ankles.
And they're like, what is wrong with the sprinter today?
He is moving extra slow.
It's like, well, what are you talking about?
There's a ball and chain on his ankle.
Two of them, even.
Well, I don't see that.
I don't think so.
He's just moving really slow.
And so that's why they act like, oh, these investigations, they're legit.
I mean, this is just, Trump has all this dirt, all these skeletons in his closet.
They're just, these investigations, it's coming back to haunt him.
No, it's a deep state coup, and it's all going to come out.
Well, it already all has come out.
It's just that, you know, the media just won't report it.
Trump's legal quandaries multiply, threaten to dominate rest of his term.
Again, same bullcrap.
So they launch all of these fake, fraudulent, illegal investigations, and then they say, uh-oh, look at Trump.
He's being investigated now.
Oh, this is it for Donald Trump.
That's right, Mueller's on the, he's on the case.
Let me ask you this.
How many stories have you seen in the last, let's say, year?
Hell, the last month I've seen three.
Mueller's getting ready for the final report.
Mueller's last report about to be released.
Mueller's final damning report is here to bring down Trump.
That's just three in the last month.
They've been saying that for a year.
You know what it's called?
It's called Tokyo Rose.
Acting like there's a victory for Mueller.
Acting like he's ready to claim victory and put Trump's head on a pike.
Of course, all fake news.
Mueller's team is being completely destroyed.
Go and look!
Just look at all the people that were on Mueller's side or on Obama's side when this all started years ago, the illegal spying.
They have all either been fired or resigned from their positions inside of DC.
Over 10 people.
And they're sitting here acting like Trump is the one who's going down, when it's all the Mueller-Clintonites, Obama-ites that are going down.
This is what Tokyo Rose does.
The Japanese broadcaster, as they're literally being nuked to hell, going on air saying the Japanese are winning.
That's the deep state right now with Mueller.
Totally getting hammered, totally getting exposed, and then what does the deep state corporate media say?
Mueller preparing final report against President Trump.
This is the big one.
And then all the media runs with it.
This is it for Trump.
Mueller's finally got him.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
And then they drone on for about, uh, maybe 24 hours about that.
And then something else happens and you've completely forgotten about the final Mueller report.
Until next week.
When his next final report is coming out.
But now Mueller wants to interview Trump.
He always did.
That's how you get anybody with entrapment.
And Rudy Giuliani, in fact guys, let's just roll clip 6.
Rudy Giuliani says, over my dead body will Mueller interview Trump.
Yes, there are several unpaid parking tickets back in 1986, 87, that haven't been explained.
Seriously, unpaid parking tickets.
Is the special counsel, does he want to interview the president?
Yeah, good luck.
After what they did to Flynn, the way they trapped him into perjury, and no sentence for him, 14 days for Papadopoulos, I did better on traffic violations than they did with Papadopoulos.
Good luck.
So when you say good luck, you're saying no way, no interview.
They're a joke over my dead body, but you know, I could be dead.
Do they want to speak to the president?
I do have other lawyers.
I am disgusted with the tactics they have used in this case.
What they did to General Flynn should result in discipline.
You should kind of hear Giuliani almost realizing how cryptic that was for a second when he said, over my dead body.
Like, yeah, he's like, actually they might kill me.
He knows who he's dealing with.
He's dealt with these people.
But why would President Trump sit down for an interview with Mueller?
Even if it was going to be live on TV?
It's all entrapment, folks.
All of it is entrapment.
Trump's interior chief to step down as pressure mounts from ethics inquiries again.
Say what you want about these inquiries and Zinke.
The point here shows the double standard.
Well, how come because they're all he's all benefits pay for play and all this crap.
I mean, Andrew Gillum was guilty and caught of ten times what they're claiming Zinke is doing, and the Democrats just lauded this guy as a hero two months ago.
So again, it just shows you, if you're a Democrat, you can get away with anything.
But it's all about media control.
See, that's what people need to understand.
Because of the rhetoric, it seems like you're sitting here playing politics, left-right paradigm, Republican-Democrat bash heads all day long.
No, no, no.
You have to understand how corporate media works.
In today's day and age, right now at least, I'm no Republican.
The corporate media and the Democrat Party work together to destroy America.
That's what's going on right now.
Again, I'm not a Republican.
I'm not here to lionize the Republican Party or tell you to vote Republican.
I'm telling you that the corporate media in this country, which most Americans that are uninformed go to for information, protect the Democrat Party.
But as soon as there's a nationalist or a guy with an R behind his name that has an ethics inquiry, then all of a sudden it's a big story and he has to step down and the entire media landscape celebrates it.
But if you're Dianne Feinstein with a spy under your employee from China for 20 years, you're all good.
If you're Eric Holder, held in contempt in court, the first AG in the history of the United States to be held in contempt of court, you're all good.
If you're Andrew Gillum, with all the ethics violations, or you're Maxine Waters, with multiple ethics violations, or you're Bill de Blasio, with your biggest assistant, the next John Podesta, caught with all child poor on his computer, you're fine.
That's the collusion between the Democrats and the media all exposed in the WikiLeaks.
Mick Mulvaney to replace John Kelly as acting chief of staff.
Right now it's acting.
I'm hearing that this is going to become permanent and Trump seems to be very excited.
about Mulvaney.
Pelosi gets her swagger on.
Boy, I had to have a laugh at this one.
This is so ridiculous from the Hill.
She's got her swag back.
She baited President Trump into taking the blame for potential government shutdown.
No, Trump baited her
into acting like it was the negative side to take the side of shutting the government down when actually most people probably would want the government shut down, surprisingly.
The image of Pelosi strutting out of the White House meeting in a red wool jacket quickly went viral and prompted the coat designer to bring back the discontinued piece.
No one is buying a jacket because it was worn by Nancy Pelosi.
You notice how nobody knew about that?
Melania Trump wore a jacket that said, I don't care on the back of it, and it literally sold like a million jackets.
They sold out.
Nancy Pelosi wears a red jacket, they bring it back, nobody even knows what it is.
But she's got her swagger on.
This woman... I almost feel bad.
I mean, if she wasn't such a corrupt, lying thief...
I maybe, I maybe would have a little more empathy for Nancy Pelosi, but this is a woman that has serious mental deficiencies.
This is an older woman, maybe had an alcohol issue, and that's why her brain isn't working, maybe it's just old age, but folks, she is totally mentally deranged.
And this is the Speaker of the House for the Democrats.
I mean, get ready for some fireworks and some fun!
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Across the deserts, man, man.
I breathe the mountain air, man.
I've traveled, I've had my share, man.
I've been everywhere.
I've been to Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota, Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow, Sarasota, Wichita, Tulsa, Ottawa, Oklahoma, Tampa, Panama, Mattawa, La Paloma, Bangalore, Baltimore, Salvador, Amarillo, Tocopelo, Barranquilla, Ambidella, Alamogiller.
I've been everywhere, man.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, this is just total madness coming from the Democrat Party right now.
I mean you gotta wonder what these people are on and where you can get some for a good time.
Listen to what Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley said on CNN, why he doesn't like a border wall.
Yeah, border security, including fencing, I've been down on the border, I've seen the fencing, you can see through it.
In fact, the border guard itself says a concrete wall is an absolute mistake.
They say the border guard needs to be able to see what's going on on the other side, that the wall doesn't stop any bad things from happening, it just makes it impossible for the folks on our side to see what's developing and makes it more difficult for them.
So we're not going to fund a fourth century
Oh my gosh!
So here's a president who's claiming he wants a wall for security, but it does the opposite.
Why should we fund that?
That makes no sense at all and we're not going to do it.
You know, I had a realization about faux-progressivism that I wish I had the time in this segment to explain to Mr. Merkley here, but did you hear that folks?
We gotta be able to see what's on the other side of the wall.
So like, this idea is just no good.
So just toss this idea out the window.
I can't see what's on the other wall!
On the other side, it's not like there's a camera that I could use to do that.
You know, so we just gotta throw there.
It's a fourth century thing, you know.
But that's so ridiculous.
But here is a fake Beto O'Rourke.
Oh, this one's even more rich.
Listen to why Beto doesn't want the wall.
The number of people dying at the US-Mexico border in some years has grown.
And in some years has grown because it's connected to that wall that we have already built.
That pushes people who are at their most desperate and vulnerable to ever more inhospitable stretches of the Chihuahuan Desert, trying to come here for safety or to join their family, or to work a job that they were called to, that they can feed their family with the paycheck from.
Called you by who?
You called them?
Let me read you some numbers.
This is never part of the conversation about walls and security, and it must be going forward.
In the year 1998, 263 human beings died on the U.S.
side of the U.S.-Mexico border trying to cross into this country.
Yeah, okay, so don't come here.
2010... The risk they took?
The wall in this area was built in 2006, 2007, and 2008.
So even though total crossing attempts had decreased, number of deaths went up.
Yeah, because we want to keep people out.
The wall's not killing anybody.
They're coming on a journey that ends up killing them.
I mean, it's sad.
I don't want anybody to die.
But, you know, it's not exactly a good idea to travel thousands of miles to a country that's not going to let you in.
But here's one last one, another one.
Listen, I mean, these people are insane.
Listen to Clip 10 from MSNBC.
This is an ongoing problem with this administration is that they continue to pivot and the irresponsible way in which they have been treating migrants.
People that should be considered refugees on our southern border.
They murdered this child.
They did that.
They murdered...
The 18-month-old little girl that died a few days after they released her back in June, and they murdered many other children, and they're separating families, and they must be held accountable.
The dehydration, severe dehydration like this cannot be dealt with with just water.
And yet, they are out there destroying the water supplies that Good Samaritans put out there for people who find themselves in these situations.
I mean, look, if I have to combat that, if I have to intellectually try to discuss and debate that, I mean, that is just idiocy.
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We're good to go.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Total insanity from the Democrat Party right now.
I mean, oh my gosh.
And just you wait until the 116th Congress is sworn in that will feature Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.
Alexandra Cortez is going to be out there.
Boy, that is going to be fun.
But here's what I'm going to say.
About the Democrats and their border wall, and this whole notion that it's progressive to not want borders, or it's progressive to, you know, just have an open border policy, or if you really want to go to the hippy-dippy stuff, you know, there are no borders, it's just a man-made line, bro.
Like, it's all fake stuff, man.
There's not really a border, I'm a human.
Can't tell me where I can walk on Earth, man.
It's a free world!
It's progressive!
So, there's this weird notion that that thought is somehow original and progressive.
Like, you're the first genius to realize that there's not an actual line at the border.
Like, whoa dude, you're so smart!
But that's what they actually think.
And these progressives actually think that it's progressive to have open borders, progressive to realize that there's not an actual line in the dirt, progressive to realize that it's, yeah, a man-made concept to have a country and a border.
Yes, you're right.
Yes, that's all man-made, exactly.
And so there's this notion, this thought, that it's original and progressive to go against that.
When that is actually regressive,
You think you're the first hippie to realize there's no actual line at the border?
You think you're the first liberal progressive to realize that a country and a border is a man-made concept?
You really think you're that smart, don't you?
You really think that you're that original?
Uh, no, my friends.
People realized that a long time ago.
And you know what happened when they tried to progress with that concept in the modern age?
They realized, that's not so progressive after all.
And we need to have borders.
And we need to have sovereignty.
And we need to have laws.
Because man is crazy.
And man is desperate.
And they will invade your country and destroy your sovereignty and destroy your prosperity if you don't protect it.
And having a border is one of the foundations.
And so all of these arrogant, full of you-know-what, fake liberals that are not liberals but leftists, they think they're so smart
Because they smoked a joint and ate a mushroom and thought, Whoa, man, borders are fake.
I'm so progressive.
I'm in Silicon Valley.
I got my designer drugs.
A border is just a man-made concept, man.
You can't tell a human he can't walk on this land.
That's so regressive, that's so archaic, that they don't even realize it.
But it's their own arrogance.
They get high off of their own fart, and they think they're so progressive and so original, that that thought's never been had before.
No, we've already been down that road.
We've already done that.
And you know what we found?
It didn't work.
So we built walls and we created countries and then we found the West and created self-government and self-reliance and the only way to protect that was to have a border and national sovereignty.
But now all these airhead leftists come around
And they think they're God's gift to Earth because a border is not progressive, man, when it actually is progressive.
It's one of the first progressions of civilization.
So, modern-day progressives are the most regressive people on Earth.
But I think I've pontificated enough on that.
So, let's go ahead
And open up the phone lines.
And I'll just say as a topic of discussion,
Where do you think we're at right now when I'm talking about the civil war going on inside the White House, the Cold Civil War, and the battle between globalism and nationalism?
Or we'll do an open line type of thing and you can call and talk about anything.
So, opening up the phone lines now, 1-877-789-ALEX.
But again, it's the same thing where the left and the quote-unquote progressives get in charge of all these schools.
And the colleges, and the high schools, and the public education.
And what happens?
IQ goes down.
Quality of education goes down.
Everything goes down.
And now, just roll the B-roll, clip five, guys.
Millennials lacking life skills are now signing up for classes designed to teach them the basics.
You know, it's, you know, cooking, cleaning.
And it's true.
Most people just have no idea.
You just use the iPhone, you order from Amazon.
I remember, though,
I was in downtown St.
Louis some years ago, and my friend caught a flat tire.
I believe I was in high school at the time, and none of us knew how to fix the flat.
And like, we're out there stranded, right?
Until you wait for help.
And it's like, that should be something you know how to do.
Now I ended up, after that, learning the hard way, and I've had to fix a flat since then.
But it was funny, because we're all standing there, and we're not, we're in a kind of seedy area of St.
And some guy comes up, and this is actually a homeless individual just walking by in St.
It tells you a lot about some type of people you wouldn't expect.
He comes up, literally fixes the whole flat tire.
Gets the jack out of the car, jacks it up, fixes it.
I mean, like, in five minutes!
And he's like, hey, you know, a little something for the effort.
We gave him like 50 bucks or something.
Quicker than the towing company, smarter than all of us.
When it comes to fixing the tire.
So again, but that's the progressive education system that doesn't teach you any basic survival instincts.
It teaches you how to racially identify people and politically identify people.
Obsessed with identity politics.
Obsessed with all this fake history that just points out who's a victim and who's the oppressor.
So now you got all of these warped minds that can't even figure out what the hell's going on in the world anymore.
Totally just deluded with garbage.
Deluded with the crap entertainment industry.
Deluded with the garbage on television.
Deluded with the garbage in schools.
Deluded with the fake left progressive agenda.
And then they can't cook a meal.
They don't know how to pay taxes.
They don't know how to fix a car.
And believe me, I'm not sitting here bragging like I'm some example of this.
I'm part of this generation.
But I mean, compared to the average fop out there that probably couldn't even turn on a grill without burning themselves.
So that's this funny thing out there.
I'm not sure where this was from KDKA.
Millennials are lacking life skills.
Yeah, and then there's some, like, some crazy stat about people my age being out of shape.
Some other crazy stat about some percentage of the United States population that doesn't even do a minute of exercise every day.
So, uh, that's what's going on there.
Alright, so I'm gonna take phone calls when we come back.
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When we come back, we're gonna start taking your phone calls right here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer filling in on a Sunday.
We'll be right back.
2018 has come and it's almost gone.
And it's been one incredible year.
It's been a serious fight.
But nationalism and populism and Christianity are coming back across the world.
Thanks to God shining through you and your family.
Thanks to you taking action.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the Resistance.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we are trying to open up the phone lines right now.
But we are having an issue with those phone lines.
So we're going to try to get that corrected and open up the phone lines here on a Sunday Alex Jones Show before we sign off in 40 minutes.
In the meantime though, let me just go to President Trump's Twitter just from today where he has tweeted out a bunch of information.
Let's begin with this morning.
A real scandal is the one-sided coverage hour by hour of networks like NBC,
And Democrat spin machines like Saturday Night Live.
It is all nothing less than their unfair news coverage and Democrat commercials.
Should be tested in courts.
Can't be legal?
Only defame and belittle.
Absolutely right.
Of course these are not news networks.
These are not entertainment shows.
These are Democrat globalist propaganda wings.
So where are all the missing texts between fired FBI agents Peter Stroke and the lovely Lisa Page, his lover?
Just reported that they have been erased and wiped clean.
What an outrage as the totally compromised and conflicted witch hunt moves ever so slowly forward.
Want them.
Now if you understand how Trump parallel constructs his
His counterattacks against the Deep State, as I reported last week, they already have these texts.
So Trump is now letting you know, he knows that Mueller erased these texts, total obstruction of justice, and he wants those texts, but of course, he already has them.
Remember, Michael Cohen only became a rat after the FBI did something which was absolutely unthinkable and unheard of until the witch hunt was illegally started.
They broke into an attorney's office.
Why didn't they break into the DNC to get the server or Crooked Hillary's office?
So, this is just along the same lines where
Michael Cohen decided to lay in bed with the globalists and the deep state and Mueller and Obama and Clinton, putting his faith in them to give him the easiest ride in this cold civil war, instead of putting his chips in Trump's corner and his chips in America's corner like Flynn did, like Manafort did, like Corsi did, like Stone did, like Alex Jones did.
So Mueller just became a cuck, basically.
He's a cuck.
A rat cuck.
At the request of many, I will be reviewing the case of a U.S.
military hero, Major Matt Goldstein, who is charged with murder.
He could face the death penalty from our own government after he admitted to killing a terrorist bomb maker while overseas.
You know, I'm not sure if this is the same story that I was following, because I forgot the gentleman's name.
But guys, when you look up, there was a Navy veteran who, I believe it was Navy, who had the same thing happen to him.
And his house had a raid on it where they took his kids and wife out of the home.
His kids were in their underwear in a no-knock raid.
But that was a Navy individual.
Same story.
He shot and killed a terrorist over there.
But then they're questioning the legitimacy of that kill.
And now they're trying to destroy his life and put him behind bars.
But I think that's a different guy than what Trump was tweeting about.
I'm sorry, I just got handed these tweets.
I didn't do my due diligence on that.
There's that.
Alright, here's another one.
Judge Ken Starr, former Solicitor General and Independent Counsel, just stated that after two years there is no evidence or proof of collusion, and further, that there is no evidence that there was a campaign financing violation involving the President.
Thank you, Judge Ken Starr.
Again, from President Trump on Twitter.
But you just have to go back and learn how this whole thing began to see that it was fraudulent from the beginning.
It was the excuse they did in hindsight to the illegal spying on the Trump campaign.
And then you even have the undercover tapes from a Van Jones, a big Democrat strategist operative on CNN saying, yeah, Russian collusion is fake news.
We know it's fake news.
We do it for ratings and to destroy Trump.
Those are Van Jones words, not mine.
And I like Van Jones.
His politics are crazy, but he's a good guy.
Donald Trump.
The Democrats' policy of child separation on the border during the Obama administration was far worse than the way we handle it now.
Remember the 2014 picture of children in cages?
The Obama years.
However, if you don't separate, far more people will come.
Smugglers use the kids.
And then they use what happens to
All these thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people, and they pick the worst cases, which is their fault!
They're the ones that choose to come on this journey.
There's old stories, people going to Ellis Island and dying.
I mean, so it's not good, but it's been going on for years, and then they just take all of it, and then they somehow put it on Trump as if it's his fault.
But again, it shows you the power of the media to take a picture from 2014 and then even use that to destroy Trump, and they will never blame Obama for anything that happened during the Obama years.
See, so it's like anything bad that happened during the Obama years is somehow Trump's fault, and anything good that happens in the Trump years is Obama's fault.
Isn't that just classic?
But again, that's the power of the media.
Now here's the big one.
The Russian witch hunt hoax started as the insurance policy long before I even got elected.
It's very bad for our country.
You have the insurance policy against their illegal spying, ladies and gentlemen.
Total criminal acts of treason.
They are entrapping people for misstatements, lies, or unrelated things that took place many years ago.
Nothing to do with collusion.
A Democrat scam.
A persecution of the president.
Says Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal.
Thank you.
People are starting to see and understand what this witch hunt is all about.
Jeff Sessions should be ashamed of himself for allowing this total hoax to get started in the first place.
Again, quoting from that story, it looks here as though General Flynn's offenses are incidental to something larger, which is for the prosecution to figure out if it can find a path to Donald Trump without quite knowing what the crime might be.
It stops looking like a prosecution and looking more like a prosecution, a persecution of the president.
So that is just President Trump on Twitter today.
But of course that's what it was.
That was it from the very beginning.
Show me the man, and I'll find the crime.
And Bob Mueller, ladies and gentlemen, you look at the crimes that that guy has been involved with covering up over at the FBI.
I mean, my God.
Think what you want about what happened on 9-11.
Mueller was at the FBI.
Think about what you want about Jeffrey Epstein, Pedophile Island, and the deals that they reached for him to basically get no punishment.
You know who was at the FBI when that was all going on?
Bob Mueller.
How about that Hillary Clinton Russian Uranium One deal?
Who oversaw that?
Who got that deal done?
Russian collusion?
That's Bob Mueller.
The deep state mule.
The deep state cover-up boy.
The president now of the deep state.
The leader of the deep state.
The total criminal scumbag out to get President Trump.
So, when we come back, we've got the phone lines working.
So I'm gonna go to your phone calls, folks.
When we come back.
What a time to be alive.
A new age for humanity awaits.
Will it be freedom, prosperity, or will it be oppression and slavery?
The choice is ours.
But only if we choose to make it, not have someone else make it for us.
We'll be right back.
The Democratic Party have turned into pure leftists, basically communists.
Sure, they're owned and controlled by a bunch of billionaires like Tim Cook, who basically pay no taxes and run slave hackers in China, but they want the general public to live under a communist model where we're all very, very controlled, that they're offshore and above the law.
Well, Alexandra Cortez, as you know, has come out and
We said, hey, Donald Trump Jr., you better not tweet about how we had to eat the dogs of Venezuela, and how socialism doesn't work.
We have subpoena power.
We'll throw your ass in jail.
And you've got them threatening to arrest Trump.
There's no Russiagate stuff, but oh, did he pay off some bimbos 15 years ago?
That's because these people can't win a real argument.
They just want to come to America, these globalists, and their third-world populations, and basically conquer us, and then suck dry the goose that lays the golden eggs.
The very same globalists have already exploited and oppressed the third world, and now they're here, pushing their attack on the First Amendment.
And that's why you've seen George Soros' fund through Media Matters, through these other law firms, all these fake lawsuits against us.
You've seen all these incredible fake headlines, taking out of context or editing what I've said, so that I'm saying incredibly insane things, like there's secret Martian bases.
...with slaves, I never said that, so that they can then say, oh, he needs to be taken off the air.
So first it's Apple, and then it's Google, and then it's YouTube, and now it's thousands of other conservatives and libertarians.
Well, now they're going after talk radio.
But talk radio has already been to the left, trying to stop talk radio being set up in the 80s, and they got rid of the fairness doctrine, the law that didn't let you have
Partisan talk radio.
So talk stations know they're trying to take Limbaugh off and Sean Hannity.
They know that they've tried to take Matt Drudge and his website off.
So they're aware of this.
And so now the Democrats have really jumped the shark.
They've taken research from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, Media Matters, and others.
And now they're trying to get us off our local radio stations around the country.
And they've picked as the first one one of our affiliates in Sacramento to go after them.
We'll put up on screen a huge station.
And you read what she says.
She quotes all these things that I never said or I never did.
And says that I engaged in a child endangerment promotion of violence.
That's what YouTube took us off for.
And major publications had to do retractions at the time because they said that I beat up a kid.
It was ABC News footage of the big ten-year-old hitting adults and punching them.
He punches a guy four times and the guy pushes the kid down.
They said that that was me!
And so now, this is just one of the lies.
And so she's saying she wants me taken off the air, and then she tells a bunch of lies and half-truths to do it.
That's the definition of defamation, where you say, I want someone off the air, and so then you tell a bunch of lies.
It's like saying a restaurant, you know, puts dead baby parts in the soup and isn't true, or there's cockroaches in every, you know, bit of food.
That's not true, because you want to shut them down.
So that's what they're doing, period.
And in my experience, this backfires
When they try to bully talk radio stations because talk radio particularly understands the leftist globalist agenda of Alexander Cortez and all of them.
They want us all arrested!
They want us all off air!
So they're gonna misrepresent, out of context, sometimes just totally lie to do it.
But that's why it's more important than ever.
If you're watching on a TV station, or cable station, or listening to a local radio station, then you call them and you thank them for picking up the show.
And you become a sponsor, or you let the sponsors know you appreciate it.
And you tell your Facebook, your Twitter, your YouTube, or just your church, people at four-way stops, the grocery store, about that local radio station, or about that TV station, and you thank them.
It's just that word of mouth versus these scumbags that really counts.
You know, we sent our crew down to the border to cover the illegal caravan.
And we had a bunch of antifas around our people.
Where were the patriots down there?
There are more of us than them, but we've got to get active and get involved.
So their new front to kill the First Amendment is to shut down informers on talk radio.
I think it'll backfire, but it's up to you.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You know, I gotta tell you something that actually really infuriates me.
Because it just, it just shows how ridiculous our modern culture is.
I've got this video clip here.
Guys, just roll the b-roll.
I'm gonna take your call, so I'm not gonna play the clip, but... Officials move nativity scene after receiving complaints for the first time in 40 years.
It's a nativity scene in Oregon.
It's been out there for 40 years.
It's a town tradition.
And now, of course, triggered crybaby diaper-wearing leftists are triggered by it and have called in and complained, and now it has to be moved.
Okay, well, you know what?
Here's my beef.
It just shows you how far we've come, how far we've fallen really, and how corrupt our own priorities are, and our own thought process are, that we'll do anything, people in this country will do anything to stop a nativity scene from being on public property because they don't want Jesus to be affiliated with the government, but they'll openly push for Planned Parenthood funding.
You see what I'm saying here?
And most people will hear me say that and say, what's wrong with that, Troyer?
What are you complaining about?
Of course, yeah, you fund Planned Parenthood.
You don't put Jesus Christ on a nativity scene out in public.
What's wrong with you?
Well, what's wrong with me is that my priority is to not fund abortion.
And then if you want to have some debate because you don't like a nativity scene on public property, that's fine.
But you know what?
That nativity scene ain't killing nobody.
Planned Parenthood is killing millions with your money.
So it's like, protect Planned Parenthood at every cost.
You're bad if you say anything negative about Planned Parenthood.
Oh, but that nativity scene must be removed.
Do you see how bass-ackwards that is?
Do you see how insane we've become here?
That is nuts.
But I'm going to stop right there and start taking phone calls.
Let's go to David in New York who has an interesting topic here.
Go ahead, David.
Good evening, Owen.
How are you doing?
Doing just fine.
Yeah, and actually what you just described is part of my point that I talked to before with your person there.
My concern about the Mueller investigation and the whole
A system of communication that communicates to the public, the news media and such like.
It could be one big giant psyop to break down our psyche so that we hear the ridiculous legal arguments.
There's nothing to this case.
It's so ridiculous that the common person with a simple understanding of what is right and wrong could see that there's nothing there.
And they just keep beating us down.
And I think
My concern is on, and I want to hear your point on this, is this designed just to break us down, make us complicit, non-resistant, conformist, two-faced?
Let me ask you a question because it'll be easier for me to answer just based on where you're coming from.
Are you insinuating that Trump is part of this PSYOP or no?
I should have made that clear because I told your screener that I am a Trump supporter, and I proudly still have his sign that I had in my home here in Little Falls, New York, right down in the cellar, and I'll break it out again in 2020.
But I think that he's limited because he could be even, and again, I don't think on his own, but he could have gotten into a system and realized how big this thing is.
He can't even fight it.
Well, there's no doubt, I mean, this is not a knock on Trump.
I would imagine anybody, you become president, you learn a lot of things that you couldn't even have imagined.
But I remember when it all first started to say the only option here, the only, basically you want to boil Trump down to a binary, you say either he's the greatest thing to happen in America's modern history or it is all a psyop and he's controlled opposition just like many other Republicans before him.
However, having to understand that, weigh that, and measure that, you look at the media response,
You look at the desperation from the Democrats, you look at globalism failing worldwide, and you realize that, no, this is the real deal.
Trump is the real deal.
Now, there's a frustration because he goes on Twitter and is great on Twitter, but where's the action?
Where's the shutdown of the Mueller probe?
Where's the arrest of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?
Where is the shutdown of the southern border?
You know, so there is frustration there.
So, but then you have to wait and say, okay, is Trump waiting to do this?
Is he going to drop the hammer on these people?
Well, really we only are going to find out when he's out of office.
But as far as the question is concerned, David, 110% it's a psyop.
Because just look at what it's done.
I did the whole, I did the whole segment, I think first segment this hour.
Showing all the news stories, talking about, it's been for two years, Trump's presidency's in trouble.
Mueller getting ready to drop the hammer.
It's all a PSYOP.
It's a PSYOP to destroy President Trump.
It's a PSYOP to keep this country divided.
It's a PSYOP to act like everything Trump is doing, which is helping the country, is not actually helping the country.
It's a PSYOP to act like Trump is unpopular, even though if they treated him fairly, he'd be the most popular president in U.S.
So, it is definitely 100% a PSYOP.
My truly evaluated, weighed opinion, Trump is not involved in it.
Now, do I wish Trump would do more?
Of course I do!
But I'm gonna wait for my final analysis on that until he's out of office.
Am I still with you, Owen?
Yeah, go ahead.
Okay, one follow-up on that.
Firstly, I believe in Trump.
And I want anybody to hear my voice as a common person out there that even if he is overwhelmed
And can't do much.
He's so much better than the other choices.
So I'm going to stand with him.
I'm going to be a loyalist and a patriot with him.
But I think we've got to look at what he does with this investigation and what he does with, we know, as clear-thinking people, at the crimes that were committed by Comey, by Mueller, and by the Clintons, and Obama.
And he needs to just do it and go for it.
And if he doesn't,
Oh, it's going to be so hurtful.
So disappointed because it breaks down our ability to have confidence and hope that the rule of law and what is right... No, no, no.
It'll be a crushing blow.
You're 100% right.
It would be a crushing blow.
Now, that's not to say it could be a devastating blow.
I mean, we'd have to pick ourselves up off the mat, but it would definitely be a crushing blow.
We can't let it kill us though, Owen.
We can't put all of our cards with the price.
We can't give up.
No matter what, we got to keep pressing on to get our country back and get our foundation back.
But you know what, David, thank you so much for that great call.
And here's the next level to this, too, that we tend to forget about because everything's become so political and it's so desperate and obvious what's going on with the politics.
You know, Trump could do everything we wanted him to do.
Break up big tech.
First of all, I'd like to say, if Mueller and Crew are listening, that the Lamb of God is watching you and He's going to get you.
Now, George Norrie on Coast to Coast not long ago, just a few days ago, interviewed Jerome Corsi.
And I'd highly recommend that you interview Corsi, because Mueller, you know, he's had a long history.
Lyndon LaRouche, he put him in prison for nothing.
And we really need to get on Jerome Corsi again, because he told George a couple days ago, he said, man, if I have to rot in prison, I'm not going to lie to him.
I'm not going to lie.
And these people, you know, it is important also for the worker bees like you and me, or not you, but like me and David, to get out there and talk to people about InfoWars.
He was taken off a KLM Y1340 shortly after you, you know, in June, and we're on.
And this is not good, but still,
God works in mysterious ways, and as worker bees, which are the greatest communicators there are by the way, we can just talk to strange people.
There's a forum for people that are InfoWars listeners, Alex Jones fans, to go communicate, to organize.
There's people that have utilized this and organized marches, organized sign holds over bridge, organized protests.
I've met these people.
So we have InfoComms, and I don't even market this.
I got a quarter million unique views in the first month of InfoComms.
And I don't even market it.
That's the power of InfoWarsArmy.
People want to communicate with one another and organize.
So I created InfoComms.
You go to InfoWarsArmy.com, click on the InfoComms link, and you can communicate.
And that's how you can find other people to go out and do stunts.
Go to, you know, if there's a ball game in town, go hold a sign.
Try to get a sign on TV.
Go speak at City Council.
We have to get the truth out.
Look, we all do it.
A lot of times we don't have a choice.
You go on a trip, you book into a big globalist hotel that funds groups trying to take our guns and teach our five-year-old boys how to wear dresses.
It's a fact.
These corporations are out to conquer humanity, not to break up our families.
And sometimes I can't find an item at another online shop, I go to Amazon.
But I consciously try to not do it.
In fact, when I use a product, or I hear about folks that like a product, I tend to get the product and then sell it at a huge discount at InfoWareStore.com.
There aren't many places where you can go where you're going to find items lower than Amazon, because they have created a total monopoly.
They get like $1.48 on every shipment from the federal government.
We don't do that.
But we still bring you deals so good that in many cases it's better than Amazon.
So you're funding the Second American Revolution, you're sticking it in the eye of the globalists, and you're getting great products all at the same time.
It's called a 360 win.
I talk about that a lot, but you're not getting a 360 win when you go to Target or Walmart and buy a toy that breaks when you get it out of the box.
And I'm not judging you.
I was at the mall a week ago,
19-month-old daughter saw this little robot car.
She wanted it.
I bought it from the woman.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Owen Troyer.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
A federal judge has just ruled that Obamacare is illegal and unconstitutional.
The Democrats are panicked about it.
The media is panicked about it.
They're gonna sit here and obviously say, oh, just get rid- Trump's killing Americans!
Federal judge killing Americans!
Saying Obamacare's illegal!
No, it was always illegal, it was always unconstitutional, and now Obama's legacy is just next to nothing.
Obama's legacy's gonna end up being starting racial strife in this country when it's all said and done.
But let's go back out to the phone lines.
Joe is calling in from Pennsylvania.
Fire away, Joe.
Alright Joe, anything else?
Okay, let's go to Ryan in Missouri.
Go ahead, Ryan.
Hey Owen, how you doing?
Doing good, thanks for calling.
Hey, I talked to Alex, I called in on the December 2nd show, I brought up the Nuremberg trial and started reading it by John Tusa and Ann Tusa.
My big thing lately, what I've seen since Trump's been in office the past couple of years, and I'm a huge Trump supporter by the way, is the political crackdown.
So no matter what environment you're at, whether it's your work environment, whether, you know, you run to the grocery store, you know, I wear a Trump scarf.
Just like the odd behavior from these people, I just don't understand it.
What part of Missouri are you in?
I actually live in Jefferson County, south of St.
You know, it's weird because, uh, you know, I'm from St.
Louis, but it's weird.
Honestly, Missouri is like one of the least PC states.
I mean, you know, at least from, from my experience there, people don't really seem to care that much.
I guess now... Well, the big thing we've been seeing, though, is I see a lot of the, you see a lot of red, but the red is, uh, I don't know, it just seems in disguise with, uh, I'm not going to give no names, but there's a local media company here that my girlfriend works for, and just, uh,
The thing was like we showed InfoWars and all the articles and just anything that's nothing to do, you know, we're at the Deep State, we mentioned in 5G, you know, topics that actually matter.
Right, right, right, right.
They don't want to see, see, that's what it is.
There's this fear created in the media where you don't want to talk about conspiracy theories because you don't want to be, you know, branded with that group of people.
And it's just, I don't, it's just getting old.
It's just old.
You know, and I've woken up a lot of my family members, a lot of friends.
You know, my grandfather was actually a grassroots Democrat, and it's just stuff changed over the years.
It's just unbelievable.
You know?
Oh, I know.
Well, shout out to Jeff Coe.
Thank you for calling in, Ryan.
Thank you.
And I just feel like, again, it's like,
Why are people so... See, again, it's all the power of the media.
Why would you be so offended because someone is wearing a Trump scarf?
Like, that's on you, man!
Like, you're the mentally deranged one!
Why does that trigger you?
Because you have been programmed by propaganda in the media!
Let's go to Jim, calling in from Texas.
Go ahead, Jim.
Alright, three points.
One, the next time you guys
Have a rally.
You might want to think about having everyone wear yellow vests.
Maybe you even want to wear one on the show to show solidarity with those guys.
Your thoughts?
A yellow vest march in America to show solidarity with France.
I think that is a good idea.
A second.
Consider the idea.
It's known that at least five foreign entities hacked Hillary's servers.
Consider the fact that there never was a DEM server hack.
The whole thing was a red herring.
Because they knew that these emails were out there.
Hold on, hold on.
Let's be clear about this.
Podesta was a victim of a phishing attack.
That means he clicked on an email link that allowed somebody to get into all of his systems.
I believe it was the DNC and or the DCCC that was an inside job with someone taking everything off of that onto a physical hard drive and then passing that off.
So you're right, the only hacking victim here, if you want to say victim, and it's really just a Hillary Clinton pay-for-play program, the only hacking that we ever saw was actually into Clinton's illegal private email server.
And that's what never gets talked about because that's what the whole thing was about, distracting from her, right?
To have them be the fall guy for the whole story.
That's what it was about.
And then I like the idea of
The Tokyo Rose label.
Put that on the damn media, right?
Because even though a lot of the so-called younger generation won't understand, it shows what they're doing.
Well, and the only hesitation I would have is that we haven't had the victory yet.
I mean, when Tokyo Rose was on air, it was pretty much over.
We haven't had the total victory yet, you know, but it's the same vein where the globalists are being defeated, the deep state is being defeated, but the media and all the hype tries to pretend like, oh, it's Trump that's going down.
I'm telling you, you watch any late-night quote-unquote comedy show, SNL, these late-night leftist news broadcasts,
They are telling their audience that Trump is going down.
I mean, they are literally trying to propagandize their audience to think that Trump is going to be in jail now.
I mean, that's how far it's gone, Jim.
Well, no.
Here's how far it's gone.
Trump is in trouble now because of this whole Space Force thing.
Because they figured out he's in collusion with the Martians.
Ha ha ha!
I hope you laughed.
Have a good day.
Bye bye.
Thank you, Jim.
Let's go to Joe in Indiana.
Did we lose Joe, actually?
Let's go to Gerald in Arkansas.
Go ahead, Gerald.
Yeah, can you hear me, Owen?
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Okay, look, I'm agreeing with what all you've been covering quite a bit here on Mueller.
What Trump fails to get is that he's got to take action and attack.
Why don't he appoint Larry Klayman as the special prosecutor to go after the deep state?
Well, I certainly don't have the answer to that.
I do know that Klayman has suggested a grand jury against Mueller.
Klayman is now working on behalf of Jerome Corsi and has sued Robert Mueller for, I think it's like $158 million or $250 million?
He's an outsider, but all these other people that Trump appoints are insiders.
Well look, that right there, now see, that right there is the key.
President Trump, President Trump has so many rats working inside his administration that, you know, I mean, it's just unbelievable.
Think about this, what started this all?
When he appointed Jeff Sessions, what a total
Well, Sessions ended up getting basically blackmailed out of power.
Well, Trump didn't vet him very well, did he?
Well, I mean, look, I'm not going to argue with you, but... He waited too long.
Whenever he said he was recruiting himself, he should have got with the program and saw, look, these guys are serious.
They want to charge me with colluding with the Russians.
He just doesn't seem to get the depth of the crookedness that we're dealing with there, man.
Well, look, I think Trump does understand it, and he doesn't even show his hand, quite frankly, and that's just been a Trump tactic for a long time.
I'm not disagreeing with you.
That is showing his hand.
He's reacting instead of being proactive.
I'm not disagreeing with you.
Like I said, I'm willing to wait until Trump's out of office to analyze how he's really handling all of these things.
But what's that going to do for us now?
I'm not disagreeing.
I'm not disagreeing.
Look, if Hillary Clinton doesn't end up behind bars, then everything's a failure to me.
This is treason!
Gerald, you're... Hey, you know what, Gerald?
Here's the thing.
You're preaching to the choir, and this is the key.
And this is why...
Look, President Trump is doing a great job.
I fully support him.
I love him for everything he's done.
But we do have to be careful not to put all of our eggs in the Trump basket, because at the end of the day, Trump is going to be out of office.
And if these people are still, you know, corrupting D.C.
and this world, then we got to continue to take action.
So we can't let Trump either be the be-all, end-all.
Exactly, Gerald.
We have to stay focused and hold whoever gets elected next feet to the fire, including who we just elected, President Trump.
Anything else?
Now, if you don't do it now, Owen, it's going to be too late.
I'm just telling you, because I know what prophecy says.
We're in the end time, man.
Well, it doesn't have to be the end time, but we're definitely in a turning of the age.
It's biblical, it's astrological, anybody who studies it knows it.
That's a fact.
And so the question becomes, when we turn this new age,
Is it going to be oppression and slavery, or is it going to be independence and sovereignty?
It's going to be God's government under Jesus Christ.
That's what the book of Revelation tells you if you ever read it.
Well, I don't know if we're going to see the Revelation, but there's no doubt that that will be the day.
World War III is right around the corner, buddy.
Alright, Gerald, thank you so much.
That does it for the Alex Jones Show today.
Thanks to everybody that tuned in.
I don't know, America, is it justice be done, may the heavens fall, or do we just continue to live in a silicon world with a facade in front of our faces?
Or will we take action, take our sovereignty and our independence back?
Alex Jones will be back tomorrow.
Infowarriors.com slash show.
You stay classy, Infowarriors.
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