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Name: 20181114_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 14, 2018
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In his radio show, Alex Jones discusses Robert Mueller's history of corruption and cover-ups, including stopping investigations into terrorist acts, intimidating witnesses during 9-11 Commission hearings, and involvement in the Anthrax investigation. He claims that Mueller is a threat to democracy and an instrument of the deep state.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is Wednesday, November 14th, 2018.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Wednesday, November 14th, 2018.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here for the next four hours.
And you know, I talked about taking the broadcast in a new direction.
And it's something I've been planning to do for a long time.
It really has nothing to do with the Republicans having the midterm election stolen from them, the American people being robbed.
It's something I've known for a long time, studying how the globalists attack Infowars, and what they specifically are afraid of.
Gives us really a heads-up display of not just when we're over the target, but the architecture of what they're building and what they're planning to construct.
Now, not hard to do this when you understand that they established over 100 years ago, 150 years ago or so, royal societies of writing in France and in England and in Austria Hungarian Empire Germany To control the public mind in the future and shape The shape of things to come And they were quite honest about it so someone call that predictive programming But it's a little bit beyond that And so
In that, there's a lot of different ways to attack this.
Instead of me just up here, like an emergency beacon, rattling off all the horrible things the globalists are doing constantly, which I'll still do, really what they're afraid of is us putting together things like books that really lay it all out in consensual order to then give that to members of Congress.
They're really worried about intellectual targeting of the ruling class itself, because most of the ruling class doesn't even know what they're involved in either.
If they did, they would be pulling out real fast, which you start seeing them doing.
Trump and Elon Musk and Bill Joy and many, many others are like, no, you go to these globalist conferences and all they talk about is how they're going to end humanity for some AI god.
I put that in my film, Endgame, 11 years ago.
The New York Times made fun of it.
I was quoting top globalists at the UN.
They've got a plan, okay?
And it's not my opinion!
And if people just understand, we're under attack for certain things we cover here that nobody else does.
And so all I'm saying is we need to drill into those things Every day, in depth.
Because there's a spectrum of things.
15 things or so, really.
I was thinking about it this morning.
15, 20, but you can even pare it down to 5 or 6 things, and then there's subgroups to those, but we've got the enemy's number, we know their plan, we know their dreams, we know where they want to take us, and they believe it's off-world.
I mean, they believe they're getting divine Messages from their God that's gonna give them eternal life if they kill everybody.
Now, that's not me saying it.
That's what they're doing.
And you notice in their attacks and criticism of me, they never touch that.
Even though that sounds pretty discrediting, what I'm saying, right?
Why don't they go there?
Because, ladies and gentlemen, we know their religion.
Oh, and it's just exactly what you read in the Bible about the devil who comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
It's fallen to the planet.
It's fallen to the planet.
It doesn't like us.
It wants to kill us.
But it doesn't have the power dimensionally.
It's got to get us to do it.
It's got to get us to build it.
To build our own guillotine.
But it also wants to tear our guts out slowly once it gets full control.
So remember, everything that you see is an evil fallen force, off-world, that wants to kill you and your family.
But it wants to suck your soul first, and torch the living hell out of you.
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It's never gonna get any better Don't look for it.
Be happy with what you got.
Because the owners of this country don't want that.
I'm talking about the real owners now.
The real owners.
The big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.
Forget the politicians.
The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice.
You don't.
You have no choice.
You have owners.
They own you.
They own everything.
They own all the important land.
They own and control the corporations.
They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state houses, the city halls.
They got the judges in their back pockets.
And they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.
They got you by the balls!
They want obedient workers.
Obedient workers.
People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.
And now, they're coming for your social security money.
So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.
It's a big club.
And you ain't in it.
You and I are not in the big club.
The owners of this country know the truth.
It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.
But I'll tell you what they don't want.
They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.
They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking.
They're not interested in that.
That doesn't help them.
That's against their interest.
That's right.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently... Alex Jones!
Scum! Russian scum!
Until war comes to mind.
The reputation is amazing. I love it.
I've been here for a long time.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
We know the Democrats are just part of an international nation-killing crime syndicate.
And we know that their operating system and their sworn mission is to destroy the United States of America and to destroy what's left of Europe and the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, any other nation that has any history of a middle class or any history of contending for global power.
We are in the middle of a 21st century imperial corporate war, allied with the most murderous regimes the planet has ever seen, using the decadence and the leftist rot in the West to have our own people cheerlead our destruction.
Think about it.
It was Forty years ago, the Council on Foreign Relations started publicly saying, we're going to get rid of the nation-state, we're going to get rid of the family, we're going to get rid of everything that is identifiable of any form of individualism, and we're going to have giant, dumbed-down populations of programmable slaves on the path towards phasing 80% of the world population out.
Now that's general consumption.
When you get the higher-level documents that are public, they talk about 98% of world population reduction.
But you always tell the college professor class, oh, we're just going to get rid of 80%.
It's for the Earth.
It's for everyone's best interest.
And even if that was true in the case, which it isn't, they're not doing it to save the Earth, ladies and gentlemen.
They're doing it for total power.
They're going to use the third world populations before they kill them to overrun and bring down the West.
So the West will then be complicit in the first phase of extermination.
Now, it's this topic, and a few other key ones that tie into it, that we cover on air, that the globalists want off the air.
They do not want this discussed.
They do not want to have a debate about this.
They just want to pre-program everybody through television and movies so that when you hear it, you go, oh, that's in a movie.
Oh, that's in a movie that came out last year.
That's on a Netflix show.
They've been pre-programming you for a long, long time to not be able to differentiate fact from fiction so that your brain is accustomed to these horrific ideas.
But doesn't take it as serious.
It goes into a fiction bank in your brain where you are then desensitized to the real thing and can't then react because you're under a form of hypnotic programming or suggestion because you've watched hundreds of thousands of simulated murders.
You have watched countless, you know, action of sex with other people, but it's not really you.
And all of this doesn't increase sex.
It doesn't increase IQ.
It doesn't increase having a good life.
It actually reduces your life to where you now become the fiction.
And the fiction becomes the reality.
That's the alchemy.
That's the fantasy land.
So I have a whole bunch of really important things we're going to cover today.
And we're going to get into all of it.
But it's just important to understand that nationalists that are getting elected around the world are the response to people discovering that their countries are run by offshore, unelected criminal combines.
And that's the beginning of being able to turn this around.
And it doesn't mean there's some perfect utopia that we're offering.
It means that at least we will not have people in power that are directing an anti-human phase.
A post-human world.
Because that currently is the global order and is the global standardized plan that is 100% dedicated to scientific evil.
Scientific tyranny.
Where the science of tyranny is law.
Now, we've got a lot of big news, obviously.
We're going to go through all of it.
And the big story that I'm going to cover when we come back could not be more paramount To saving this country and stopping the globalist mad rush to completely convert this country into an authoritarian state to stop the populist awakening.
You hear a lot about martial law here on this show and civil unrest and things and now you see that in the mainstream news.
The new talking point is that Trump is going to call the military out and refuse to leave office.
That's because they're planning to stage a civil emergency, and then if Trump responds to it properly, they're going to call it a form of dictatorial martial law when they are the ones that have already triggered it.
And I've told you this is coming.
Now they're coming out with the talking points, and just like night follows day and day follows night, and just like Major League Republican leaders are coming out and saying, The Democrats are stealing the 2018 election.
They're now eight, nine days into it.
It's incredible.
And it's a dry run for 2020.
It's a dry run for Hillary, now saying, oh, I am going to run.
Just two weeks ago, she said she wouldn't because she knew that's unpopular for her to run.
So she said, oh, I'm not going to run.
But now that she sees the weakness of the Republican leadership, now that she sees them doing nothing to the public theft in Arizona, California and Florida, this has green lit.
Them to now go into more overdrive than you could ever possibly imagine.
If you think the globalists have already gone crazy, get ready.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
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When you report fake news, which CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the people.
You know, a long time ago, when I'd go on the radio and TV and talk about world government, the plan to microchip the population, the plan to have an EU army invade countries that try to leave it, and the plan to flood our nation with huge migrant caravans, people thought, man, this guy's really sincere.
But is it true?
Even though I would be on air showing people documents and UN reports and Council on Foreign Relations reports and the proof.
Well now all that information we covered decades ago has come true.
And so our credibility is pretty high.
And so the establishment wants us off the air at 8 p.m.
Because we're telling people the next chapter of what's coming.
Live every day from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
just on my show.
Then you got David Knight and the David Knight Show performing in the morning at 8 a.m.
You got Owen Schroer, Roger Stone and others at 3 or 6 p.m.
in the War Room.
We're trying to expand to go at least 20 hours a day.
They're trying to block that.
And you've seen our information change the world because you supported InfoWars.
We have been able to expose the globalists and let people know there's an alternative to their hegemonic system of absolute despotism.
But to do that, we have to fund ourselves.
And you've seen them systematically take our advertisers and not let us advertise online.
Kick us off PayPal.
Kick us off Facebook.
Kick us off Twitter.
Kick us off YouTube.
And over a hundred other platforms now where they're even targeting the software combination that our websites and systems run off of.
They're doing audits throughout the system, finding, by contacting companies, who we've actually bought things from to try to shut us down.
That's because we are on target.
We are exposing the globalist paradigm.
We're exposing their main operation.
And look, I know you guys know that.
That's why you've supported us.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tell your children...
I intend to stay on the air as long as I possibly can, whether that be a year, ten years, twenty years, to continue to try to promote freedom and a future for my children.
And I know a lot of you hope we can stay on air as well.
There are concerted continual efforts that are quite visible, but also many that are not visible, unless you're myself or some of the crew here, or my family, that really do show us the shape of things to come.
And I'm not even worried about Infowars.
All of my concern is with the fact that it's all going to be implemented against you.
And there's no amount of submission that you can engage in that'll ever have the globalists leave you alone.
It's meant to make you submit, submit, submit, submit by successful approximation by incrementalism until you are completely spiritually bankrupt and accept absolute pure evil.
You have to be maneuvered to use your free will to cut yourself off from God.
And that's the bonanza.
That's the gold ring.
The brass ring.
That's the ruby in the idol's forehead.
That's where this train goes.
And... I'm gonna get into some of that, how they plan to destroy Infowars, in the next segment, because that's how they plan to destroy you.
But first, let me just get to this piece of video.
This is one of the new talking points that they've been beta testing in newspapers for the last year and a half, but now it's going live on television multiple places.
Donnie Deutsch, who is a true flesh puppet, mouth of Sauron, says Trump will stage military coup to stay in power in 2020.
So they're already saying his presidency is illegitimate and he's a Russian agent when it's the opposite.
And they say it's great to question elections except when there's total proof of Democrats stealing them.
And so because Trump is questioning the open theft, where they just keep finding magic trucks full of ballots in Florida and California and Arizona.
And they say a federal judge is set to overturn the election in Georgia.
They're making their move.
And so they know that when you're faced with massive organized crime, working with the EU, working with Communist China, to quote, stop the nationalist revolution, I mean they say that in the Financial Times of London, they say that at Davos.
Because they're talking to elites when they're in the Financial Times.
Where they have headlines like, and now for world government.
From the editor about how good world government is.
How bad nation states are.
Remember I was the kook saying that 23 years ago, that this was coming, and now it's here.
Just like everything else we said has come true.
Because it's an agenda.
It's a program.
I'm not that smart.
That's what's frustrating.
These are the bad guys.
Their blueprints are public.
And if you don't like their blueprints so far, you might want to find out what the upper floors that are going to be built turn into.
Because let me tell you, it gets worse every floor.
Because these floors go down.
So, I don't want to just sit up here and rattle this off to people.
I want people to understand something.
The globalists want this off the air because it's the truth.
They are trying to remove nationalists and patriots that don't want to be ruled by foreign offshore shadowy banks allied with the Chai Koms.
And they are preparing the civil unrest and the terrorism and the false flags and the events to bring all that into fruition.
Now they clearly stole the 2018 election and are still ongoing stealing it.
It's the most transparent election theft and organized crime we've ever seen.
I'm not going to rattle off all of it, we're going to cover it later, but you've seen it.
Fake ballots being counted, law being broken, trucks showing up five days after out of nowhere and hauling them in.
The governor says impound those under law.
Broward County just ignores it.
The state police say we're standing down.
Because, you know, something might happen to the state police if they actually stood up for America and Florida.
You know, all that drug money they've been laundering and all that money they've been keeping, a lot of the state police in Florida are on the take.
And, well, if they do something about Broward County, well, some of their corruption might come out.
See how it works?
But see, you get Trump in there who fires all the lobbyists and actually tries to turn
the country back on.
He cranks the engine and actually comes back to life.
They can't allow that.
So Steve Watson has the article, latest crazy leftist conspiracy theory Trump will stage military coup to stay in power.
He would be a president going.
I'm not leaving.
Call the military.
Think about that.
We'll play the clip when we come back and I'll get more into this, but I'm not here to cover what Mr. Deutch is doing.
I'm here to explain what that talking point is and why.
And how we thread the needle and get out of this.
There's a couple different ways to do it.
And you know, I just have a responsibility to say it.
We'll come back from break, I will.
There's one sure way to stop them.
And I think everybody knows what that is.
These are not our fellow Americans.
These are criminals trained to bring the country down, openly funded and run by the most murderous regime on earth.
We're fighting for this country's life right now.
We have been invaded.
We've already basically been conquered.
Trump is like an emergency special ops team that parachuted in and is completely surrounded.
And everybody else that's fighting is surrounded under attack because the average American is in a haze.
The average American is in a trance.
The average American may not like the left and what's going on, but they don't have any idea how really bad this is.
So when you're faced with foreign powers, And you're faced with collaborators and traitors.
And they're coming for your family.
And they're coming for your free speech.
And they're coming for your culture.
And they have a real hate.
It's not like it's some foreign power that's going to bring advanced technology and a better system.
I'd welcome it as liberators.
It's not.
It's the worst criminals the planet's ever seen.
And if Russia can kick their asses out, we can kick the globalists out as well.
And we're going to have to make the tough decisions or we're going to let these criminals run over us.
And if America wants to run up the white flag and wants to go along with all this and let them teach your kids, you know, that they're different sex when they're five years old and put them all on Prozac.
I mean, if you really want to become Babylon on steroids.
And if America just wants to basically commit suicide, then that's your issue.
But I'm on the air.
And many other people are on the air.
And Donald Trump is the president because God is giving us one last warning.
One last warning.
Stop what you're doing now.
Get it back in gear.
Say no to the evil or you're going to be destroyed.
You're gonna go into bondage, just like God did to Israel many times.
Warning after warning, warning after warning.
A lot of times, they'd wake up for a while, and then they'd go back to sleep, and they'd go into 100 years, 200 years, 300 years of bondage.
We are about to go into absolute bondage that'll make the Soviet Union and China look like a cakewalk.
Alright, you rolling?
What am I going to say?
There is a corporate consortium of anti-free market monopoly men who have allied themselves with Communist China, the dictatorial EU, America hating Hollywood, and others who think Americans are a bunch of dumb chumps who they can walk in here and rob.
That it was basic American free market liberty.
That produced all this incredible wealth.
So we should stand up against globalism, not just for the wealth, but because the globalists are so incredibly oppressive and ally themselves with every horrible form of...
Evil regime.
Radical Islam.
The Communist Chinese.
The evil Junker of the EU.
It's just crazy.
Of course we can beat these people.
Of course they can be stopped.
But we have to stand against them and say no to their operation.
I always wondered 30 years ago why we couldn't defeat the globalists.
Then about 25 years ago, I got politically involved.
23 years ago, I got on air.
Then I learned why.
Because you get fired.
Because you get demonized.
Because you get sued.
Because you get physically assaulted.
And the globalists are betting you're a bunch of cowards.
And so you'll never stick your head up because you don't want that to happen.
But instead, you have your whole birthright stolen, you become a slave, and you die a thousand deaths instead of one death.
Well, I'd rather die that one death instead of a thousand, but we don't have to die.
You've simply got to get engaged.
They fear the InfoWars audience, because you're not a regular audience.
You are men and women in the arena that Teddy Roosevelt talked about in that beautiful speech.
And that's why I know we're going to win.
Because of you, every race, color, and creed who have red blood, who believe in liberty, I stand with you, you stand with me, and it's amazing.
That's why we're launching another initiative.
I know it got Trump's attention when I sent 100,000 letters to him a year and a half ago about internet censorship.
We're going to send a million letters at WriteTrump.com.
You can print it off yourself and mail it.
That way, two letters go per person.
But regardless, I'm going to mail it in an envelope to the White House.
I want to send about 80% of whatever we get in.
I hope it will be a million.
That's up to you.
To the White House.
Another 100,000 to Mar-a-Lago.
Another 100,000 to Trump Tower.
So there's no way the President isn't knee-deep in these.
And he pays attention to a letter.
He sees that as like 10,000 emails.
That you took action.
That you got involved.
Separately, when you sign up, we'll be able to send you alerts about the fight against censorship and against the globalists.
So again, RightTrump.com.
Go read the letter that Roger Stone and I have written to the President.
You can add your own or just send it alone.
Again, print it off, send it yourself.
We're going to send it regardless.
It's so easy.
Go spend two minutes.
Go to RightTrump.com.
Sign up and send a letter.
It'll be legitimately from you.
Hopefully you add something to it so that it'll be a two-page letter, not just our letter, and this will have a big effect.
And regardless, it gets the globalist attention.
So we're not laying down.
We're not just curling up in a ball in the fetal position and taking all this crap.
Trump has said he's getting ready for antitrust action against Big Tech.
He's getting ready to take on the globalist media that is the enemy of the people.
We have to stand with the President now more than ever, and we have to let him know there's a coalition of a million people Found an organization very soon as well.
That's another reason to come sign up with us so I can stay in contact with you.
But this is phase one to show the President that we're sending him a million real letters.
It's all about to happen, ladies and gentlemen.
We can do it if you take action and tell others to take action at WriteTrump.com.
So go there yourself, text message, email your friends, neighbors, family and tell them, get involved and stand up to Apple, stand up to Google, stand up to Facebook, stand up to Twitter and let them know America is unifying, America and the world is organizing and taking action.
God bless you all.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
There is now no doubt that the Democratic Party is just part of the globalist international corporate crime syndicate
that is destroying nation states, destroying families, collapsing the third world, destabilizing Africa, destabilizing
the Middle East, removing any good leaders, putting in the very worst, to
then collapse those systems into us.
All the while exempting themselves from the very taxes and regulations that they foist on us, while they lecture the middle class, anyone making over $100,000 a year, particularly, that they are horrible, greedy, rich criminals.
The hypocrisy is beyond hypocrisy, because they're not doing the same thing other people are doing, they're criticizing.
It's fraud.
So let me, let me get right to it.
We can get lost in the new leadership in the House and Senate.
We can get lost in the word that General Kelly is about to be out.
Oh, let's look at this new Chief of Staff.
Bet you heard that weeks ago here.
Let's talk about what's really going on.
You don't think the average globalist actually cares about Netflix or Captain America.
You don't think they actually care about Entertainment?
No, no.
They care about distracting you with it.
They care about power.
They care about controlling what you think and do.
Like you're a three-year-old and they're an adult and they can run circles around you because you never discover where you are, who you are, and what's really happening.
And so if we look at Our free speech being stolen.
Our right to commerce being stolen.
The classical systems that communists and fascists and oligarchies and dictators use to annihilate their political competition.
And then to squeeze the public.
Even though it makes them less rich in the end.
They like to squeeze.
They like to exercise the power.
In evil ways.
That's why they sought the power.
And it's not even fear that most men and women will not get involved in stopping this.
It's that it looks so complex that good people would want to carry out a process that they were sure would fix things.
And so you get timid about it because you think you might make mistakes or people might get hurt.
What matters is intent in the universe and track record.
We know what systems work.
We know how to build civilization.
The enemy is attacking civilization.
They have a model of an armored high-tech fortress surrounded by third world death.
And so getting to a point when the talking point comes out, Trump's a dictator. Trump didn't get elected right.
Well, now that's been proven to not be true.
So now, oh, he's going to have martial law in two years when he loses.
Now, why is that?
Because they know that is one of the only paths to stop them.
They're going to steal the 2020 election.
Hillary currently is planning on running, and I told you that months ago.
And I told you with who?
Because I talked to people that were at the meeting.
I talked to people that heard it and risked their lives to tell me that.
I got told by one high-level individual, didn't cover it, and like, "Hey, we're here with
a message for you.
You know, this is really going on.
You need to tell people."
You think that's safe to tell people about stuff like that?
This is war, folks.
This isn't a game.
When they steal Georgia and Florida and Arizona and California and remove the best congresspeople we've got, who polls showed were in deep red areas and should have won, when the numbers don't add up and you catch them red-handed stealing, and it's people that are famous for stealing, who've been convicted of stealing, but never removed from power, That's martial law.
That is anarchy.
That is what brings martial law.
That is the collapse of civilization.
That is lawless groups ignoring the law and doing whatever they want for power.
Martial law is ignoring the law because law and order has broken down.
They are bringing the anarchy.
They are bringing the precursor of either turning to a feudal state with strongmen and warlords and the U.S.
breaks up, because that's where this will go.
In an accelerated imperial demise.
This is all a fight over the empire.
Trump's trying to reform the empire, pull back its tentacles, export ideas, export goods, have a strong military, but not have this untenable program that was meant to make us fail, by the way.
And so they bring in the civil unrest, they bring in the doxing, they bring in the antifa, they bring in the physical attacks, they bring in the election fraud, that's all the removal of law and order, the social compact, broken.
Now, If we don't respond to their criminal activity by indicting all of them and moving aggressively, now we've legitimized a hostile takeover that's lawless and that's called authoritarian rule.
The textbook.
We're going into it.
We're attempting to get the country back.
They're counter-striking, uncloaking with pure criminal activity.
If we then bow to that, because it's just too hard to believe they're doing it, and they're acting, so many of them, in unison, that's their hope, is a human wave attack of just lawsuits and fraud and stealing and corruption and lying.
If we don't then respond with everything we've got, they will overrun us and are in the process of overrunning us politically right now.
They are taking the country.
The country is dying right now.
I told you the danger of Trump getting in was it would make the enemy throw everything they had at us and we had to get ready for the next big assault.
This is the war.
This is the fight for the country.
America is literally on its deathbed right now.
We are being completely overrun by every form of criminal activity you can imagine.
The prosperity, your pension funds, some of you out there don't care about anything but money.
I'm not saying most of the audience, but some people.
And so understand, the prosperity will all be gone because the globalists want you on your knees and they want to dictate everything to you.
Once the tyranny comes in, all your prosperity is gone.
Trump tried to open the door again to the prosperity you created and that you deserved.
He tried to take their foot off your neck partially so you could get some air and he thought you'd appreciate it and come up for air.
And you did!
We won the election!
All the internal numbers show it.
Their fraud didn't get over the top two years ago, so they quadrupled down and don't even care if they get caught now.
Because they're going to bring in total tyranny when they're done.
And that's what I'm telling you.
The door's closing.
Our daring raids worldwide, patriots, getting nationalists in to try to just remove a few globalist controls, to turn the economies on, to show people, has enraged the enemy.
And the enemy is now... Soros has spent more money in the last two years than he spent the last decade on political operations.
They are throwing everything they've got at us.
This is the total assault, people!
This is it!
And the sadness of the average American who isn't politically involved in a haze, not even knowing what's going on, is very, very sad.
So again, when Mike Adams a few months ago said Trump is going to have to declare a civil emergency, we're in a civil emergency, Obama put us in one.
Everyone, oh my God, Alex wants tanks in the streets.
That's where it goes if the globals take over.
What we're seeing is they've already removed the law.
We're already going into the criminal takeover.
Now, if we cannot get the Attorney General and the FBI and others to move, the entire country is going to collapse for sure into civil war.
That's another important point.
This is not going to be successful by the Democrats.
It's going to trigger a hot war for sure.
No, I think it's a great idea.
Yeah, I just have to clear with Alex Jones first.
Yeah, well I'll tell you what.
Let me actually go find Alex right now and let's just start moving this along.
What do you think?
Okay, great.
I'm going to go find Alex Jones and I will call you right back.
May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?
Will the real Alex Jones please stand up?
Hey Alex!
I repeat, will the real Alex Jones please stand up?
We're going to have a problem here.
I can't believe there's so many traitors and pieces of crap in this country
that actively have an inferiority complex with the Republic and a spiritual hatred of it.
And it's spiritual because they will go out of their way to destroy this country and their own future because they have some existential envy that they have to act out.
Working with the worst, most murderous, radical Islam.
Orthodox Islam.
The Chai Koms.
And it's like, Juncker's the heir to the top Nazis and has all the stolen wealth.
And Soros is.
And it's like, it's so crazy that everyone we're fighting are like super villains, and their whole histories are pure evil, and then the good guys are under attack.
Let me explain something.
I don't feel sorry for myself being lied about and demonized.
I know I'm in a war.
And I feel good to see America waking up and coming back from the dead to a certain extent.
But you know, people should be way more active and way more aggressive.
Because this is serious, folks.
I mean, we're fighting people as bad as Hitler and Stalin and Mao combined.
I mean, they are really wicked.
And they are doing horrible things to our genetics.
They're doing horrible things to our environment.
The things that globalists are up to are so out of control and so bad it makes the head spin.
And it just makes me sad to see America in this position.
Again, it's mixed feelings.
Good things are happening.
We're coming back from the dead.
But still, it's so cut and dry that people fighting against this country, people fighting against the reassurgence of our republic, are not Americans.
They're globalists.
They want to overthrow the country.
They're allied with the most murderous regimes in history.
And they know they're involved in a conquering operation.
Cut and it's dry!
I mean, where are your instincts?
Where is your common sense?
We have to stop going along with the globalists and their minions.
And we have to stop trying to placate them and be friends with them and sit here and play nice.
They're not playing nice.
They're a bunch of bullying, evil jerks.
And they now know that InfoWars has the spirit, the program, the code to relaunch it all.
And that's why They treat us like we're death.
Because to them, we are death.
To George Soros, and to Hillary Clinton, and to Barack Obama, and to Lord Rothschild, you understand I'm the Grim Reaper.
Come to their door.
I'm death.
And they know it.
I'm death of their system.
And you're death to them.
We really just love life.
But see, to them, we're death.
And if we won't stand against these possessed people, then we deserve to be enslaved by them, and God will hold us in judgment for allowing them to endanger the innocent and the children.
So I tell you now, those of you that have stood idly by, your soul, your immortal soul, is on the line.
And if you don't stand for the unborn, and if you don't stand for the innocent, and if you don't stand against these monsters, you stand before God.
God will say, I know you're not.
You didn't do anything.
The Holy Spirit touched you to fight these people, and you were of the devil.
So go back from which you came forever.
You are not amongst us. You belong to Death Eternal.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From Azeroth he came with ragtag bands to bring a revolution.
Some would make him king, others couldn't stand the net.
The cross was a solution, but he rose again.
Wise men follow him, but he rose again.
Wise men follow him, thank God for the renegades.
I want to be very, very clear about this.
Even though it'll obviously put me in the crosshairs even more, it's my duty to do it.
And it's your duty to look at the evidence and really count the costs and face where we are as a country and as a world to get these messages out before it's too late.
This country's on its deathbed right now.
Trump and the patriots that have been able to get a beachhead in Washington are like special operations troops you parachute in behind enemy lines.
In an emergency operation.
Because if you don't, you're going to lose the war.
And it's not a safe or good position for Trump and his family and what he's done.
This country was already captured by multinational corporations.
And we were in the process of being demoralized and Balkanized and our American unity being destroyed.
Like any occupying force would do to a population they controlled.
So we're really a divided nation.
Those that have been brainwashed and served the globalists, those of us that are aware of what's happening, that we know America's not perfect, but it's a lot better than secret multinationals allied with China, controlling us.
The Democrats have already put us into a form of martial law.
They're already lawless.
They're already acting as if Trump isn't the president.
They're stealing elections everywhere.
They're censoring.
They're harassing.
They're doxing.
And they're calling for violence and they're calling for political overthrow.
And physical overthrow.
When an outside group puts you into a civil emergency, it is not the right, it is the duty of the President, of anyone loyal in Congress, of anyone loyal to the law and constitution in the state or federal courts, to the governors, to the legislatures, to organize a plan.
To fully remove the traitorous Deep State that openly says you can't even say we have a nation.
That's what occupiers do.
Nations are bad.
Borders are bad.
Families are bad.
Your president is bad.
Your president is a Nazi.
Any other country that's sovereign is bad.
UK bad.
Russia bad.
Italy bad.
Brazil bad.
Because you're not under their illegitimate control.
They came in, they bought off our leaders, we got down to the wire, Hillary was going to shut everything down when she got in, and Trump got in, so they're still just moving ahead with the original plan, as if Trump isn't even president.
We are under martial law.
We are under a civil emergency, put in the Defense Authorization Act one month before he left office, in December of 2016.
Obama has established his domestic armies just as big and just as strong as the U.S.
They've done it.
And so, what's left for the President to do?
To have televised address to the nation?
Because the advisories say it'll tank the stock market, sir.
It'll make us look weak to foreign leaders.
The whole world would join Trump in this.
Everyone is sick of the globalists.
The President just comes out and shows where they say America was never great, it's never going to be great.
You can't say America, if you have an American flag you get physically attacked.
These are the enemy!
And just say, we need all Americans to peacefully stand up.
Fly American flags in their yard, put them on your cars, make the statements everywhere, and rebuke anyone who says they're not an American or they hate America, and just simply point out that they're part of an enemy army.
And let the Democrats and the Globalists know, we're coming after you for election fraud.
And start arresting these people for all the crimes they've committed with Uranium One and the Chai-coms and the servers.
Hillary Clinton needs to be arrested.
She's still operating with Obama as if she still Co-president, like she was with Obama.
She's already had four administrations.
Two with her husband, her beard, her male beard, and two with Obama, where she was co-president.
We've had a female president.
She's a witch.
She's horrible.
And so, Hillary Clinton is still the president.
Trump is only partial president.
He has total mutiny underneath him by a bunch of cowards.
Let me tell you something.
They come after everybody in his administration, and then they threaten them, and then they try to turn them.
And they say, listen, just give us intel, work with us, and we won't destroy you.
They threaten your wives, your husbands, everything.
They stalk you.
They sue you.
They harass you.
It's unbelievable what they do.
And most people start double-dealing to cover their bases.
And once they get you to start double-dealing with these globalist enemies, then they go, we're going to let your boss know anyways if you don't totally roll and operate for us.
These are criminal, rat-like thugs.
And I can't stand before God if I don't tell you the bottom line.
President Trump, under the Constitution and law, with all the crimes that have been committed, when you're overrun by foreign enemies, when you're overrun by people collapsing your country, who have infiltrated at every level, you have to do one of three things.
You have to evacuate, which my ancestors did out of England on the Mayflower.
First they went to the Netherlands.
You've got to point out everything that's happened, go with the indictment route, push as hard as you can fast, and try to indict their top leadership as quickly as possible, even though that's going to start a bigger war.
It's already here.
They're already launching the big war.
Or, the president goes to the military, which also has a bunch of yes-men in it at the top, And he'd probably have to remove most of the general staff up there and put a bunch of colonels and people in charge, and they're going to have to go after all the globalists.
You know, they accused me of this months ago, and I didn't say, do this.
And you know, they said, I said, get your battle rifles, go after the media.
I didn't say that.
I said, Antifa's coming to your house to kill you.
If they go with the kill list, Antifa's just the cover for the real groups.
You should have battle rifles ready to protect yourself.
I'm simply laying out Where the president is and where this country is, we can all just run the white flag up and bow down to the globalists and just say whatever you want, which the sky's the limit.
Or we can really understand that we've all got to get politically aggressive and we've got to totally back the president going into overdrive with massive indictments and it's got to happen quick.
That's plan B.
There's A, B, C. I'm not saying you follow any of the plans.
I'm laying this out.
Or there is what George Washington would do.
And you know what George Washington would do.
He'd make a list.
He'd check it twice.
And he ain't bringing presents like Santa Claus.
So, that's it.
George Washington is George Washington for a reason.
There's big ol' obelisks to his honor for a reason.
Because he took the biggest empire nobody ever defeated and knocked them upside the head so long they gave up.
Even though we didn't hardly win any battles, we kept fighting.
That's what this is about.
And if we're going to let the Democrats march in here and eat our lunch, and say our kids belong to them, and let them fund the Arab Spring and the overrunning of our borders, and they're all involved in child trafficking and all the rest of it.
If you want to let a bunch of child trafficking, child molesting devil worshippers run your country and bow down to them, then just go ahead and have it.
But I see a lot of men driving around in their big trucks acting tough everywhere.
But you know what?
I don't see you at the City Council or the Legislature.
I don't see you going to Washington and going and talking to your Senators.
You know what would happen if a million men went to Washington and went and talked to their Senators and House members and didn't kiss their ass like they were God, but went there and actually talked to them straight up.
And went and told the Democrats, you know what's going on.
You know what happened?
You know, men, you need to have your hot wife go in and get intel on the globalists.
That's how serious this stuff is.
You need to go to the country club and infiltrate their operation.
You need to have your wife go into their house and get into their stuff.
This is war, people!
You know what we put up with around here?
They're already trying to do all that to us!
We're in a total war fighting for this country.
And people better understand, the Democrats don't follow any rules.
They do whatever the hell they want!
Because they're child molesters!
The Pope, who's hijacked the Catholic Church, said, we're not going to investigate pedophilia, no investigations.
His deputy got caught running over 100 little boys.
They're finding dead bodies of kids all over the Vatican.
They kill children!
And everyone's like, oh, we better bow down to them.
Not me!
I'm not scared of these people.
I'm scared of God.
So you remember that.
This country is in a total war.
You want freedom?
Well, guess what, ladies and gentlemen?
You're going to get to do what other generations had to do.
But it's a 21st century war.
It's a psychological war.
We won the election.
Trump's restoring the country.
They stole it.
Prosecute them.
Go after them through the criminal justice system.
But every man and woman out there better decide what you're going to do to beat the...
I do want to remind you that here at InfoWars, we are completely and totally listener and viewer supported.
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It is not incidental that InfoWars has been at the focal point in the war of censorship.
It is not incidental that we have been banned across all platforms on the same day.
That's racketeering!
That's the real collusion they don't want you to know about.
This is an effort to destroy what Alex Jones has built.
Don't let them get away with it.
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I'm Roger Stone, and I'll be right back.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Uh, let me play the Donnie Deutsch piece.
You know, most talk shows would just play it up front and say over and over, look how dumb he is, look how stupid he is.
They're telling you what they fear.
They're telling you what could stop them.
They've already brought us into martial law.
They've already brought us into their own criminal anarchy.
Where they selectively enforce the law, where they steal elections, where they censor, where they bully, where they attack.
You can't swing a stick in any direction and not run into Clinton operatives running giant child kidnapping rings.
And then I watch the media.
Spend some fake story that we didn't even create about a pizza place so they can distract off onto that when you've got all these different top aides to Hillary convicted of smuggling kidnapped kids.
Why do you think they want immigrant caravans coming in here?
Not just to vote, not just to drive down wages.
No, they're bringing smuggled children, that's even the Washington Post, that end up dead.
You know, snake eyes.
X's in the eyes?
These people, you have to understand, they are pure evil.
A lot of folks go, oh Jones, in fact there was an article I was going to read from like a year ago, I came back across it, you know, if you're worried Trump's going to destroy the planet with nuclear war, you have this guy to thank for it, Alex Jones.
And then she twists these things I've said and some of the things I have said, and I'm reading all these things that I've said, it's like it's all true.
I mean, they are digging up dead kids that were killed in sacrifices at the Vatican since the 80s.
And people knew where their kids went and always thought it was the Vatican, and now they found them.
And the very priests that they reportedly said were running satanic covens inside the Vatican are the ones, apartments where it's found.
And I was just reading, this lady attacked me for all this stuff.
I mean, the Brits know that their government's run by pedophiles as well at the top.
To a great extent, it's how they control people.
That's all over the news.
I mean, it's like London Telegraph.
There are giant pedophile rings running England.
And then they let the Muslims come in and do it.
The huge grooming gang.
Thousands of girls per town.
Where are the feminists?
Where's Christina Blase Ford?
This is who they are.
This is what they do.
I mean, how would we sign on to this?
And now it's out in the open, and I don't want the President to declare a civil emergency and go after all these people.
They're already stealing elections, calling for civil emergencies, saying drive them from power.
They're already lawless.
That's a form of martial law that's coming from a political class that wasn't even elected.
So what do we do when you're faced with criminal assault?
What are we going to do?
And you know these pedophile rings, it's in the British papers.
They find the dead kids all the time.
They had BBC reporters go public in the 90s and say, I was there when they took the little girl in and they slit her throat and her blood sprayed everywhere and they had plastic on the floor and they all stood around masturbating while she flopped around on the ground like a dying fish.
And then it comes out it's true, you know?
These people will march your daughters in and take a dagger and slit their throat and watch them bleed out because that makes them feel good all day long.
You gonna let them run things?
And all you Google people and all you writers that cover up for it, it's on you now.
You now are just as guilty as the people slitting those throats, you maggots.
That's who you are.
Be proud of it, I guess.
I'm a little hardcore today.
Britain's worst pedophile.
Yeah, you mean a procurer for the establishment?
You mean they're a scapegoat?
We got a bunch of big guests today.
I haven't even gotten to that.
I haven't even played this clip yet, but we'll tag it.
I'm going to upload it.
It's on infullwars.com.
It's just you got to understand, folks.
Everywhere they run collapses because Dracula didn't like rich villages around him.
He likes lots of poor, scared people.
*outro* E.T. on.
on in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Greetings, welcome.
So, Latin America is for President Trump and Alex Jones.
Anything else any other person, Hispanic, who wants to consider themselves an American
or anything other than a real Jesus Christ believer is a fake and is a terrorist.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
This is some good music right here when you're going about 60 miles an hour on a boat over
It's real smooth.
He hits decent sized waves with the boasts.
I'm told by a lot of different people that this is the US military's favorite going into combat song.
You know, the kind everybody agrees on.
People that like the country, people that like the death metal, people that like the... whatever.
This is the going to war music.
Flying around in little helicopters with the mini guns.
You know, this country's at war.
And you've got to be willing to be demonized and attacked and lied about by the establishment, by the traitors.
If you want to have any chance of changing things, you've got to get out of the shell of being intimidated by these people.
And amazing things have happened.
A lot of good things have happened.
But the Democrats have put us into a civil emergency.
They've put us into their own martial law.
When you're stealing elections, when you're calling for violence, when you're suing the president over every action he takes, when the actions he's taking are legitimate and are completely cut in stone, you're in martial law.
The different variants of that term.
But martial law means the regular laws are suspended.
The social contract is suspended.
And there's different types of martial law, and they're all on a scale.
But when it comes to censorship, this country is about a 6 or a 7 right now.
We were about a 1 or a 2 just 6 months ago.
See how we're going downhill?
We're sliding fast down the slippery slope.
And with the silencing comes everything else, you see.
Or at least what they believe is silencing.
They realize they haven't silenced anybody.
Because you understand what's happening.
You're spreading the word now more than ever.
Not just about InfoWars, but about what's happening, period.
You're getting more involved in the third dimension, putting up signs and stickers.
You're talking to people more.
You're asking to go speak in front of the church.
You're calling in to talk radio and C-SPAN.
You're going out and talking to your congresswoman or man from both parties and getting in their
And so they're going to turn the heat up.
It's what tyrants always do.
You've heard the tighter they squeeze, the more falls through their fingers.
But they think we're weak now.
They think we're all entertained to death.
And they think when push comes to shove, we're going to play it safe, like all those other timid souls in other countries and cultures that they've devoured.
And that's what this is.
I want to be very clear.
This isn't business as usual.
This isn't, oh, there's always been corruption.
There's always been problems.
No, this is the big takeover.
You can see it.
You can feel it.
You can smell it.
This is it.
All over the world, it's happening.
People are fighting back, and the enemy's throwing all their weight of what they believe are juggernauts Of hundreds of billions of dollars of propaganda and minions and their little mercenaries that all get the talking points and all put them out simultaneously.
So I don't want martial law.
We're under criminal martial law.
We're under mafia rule.
Which is the worst form of martial law.
It's not in an emergency because of a nuclear reactor going off or a hurricane limited martial law.
It's complete and total lawlessness by a criminal class, aglow with the demonic criminal energy of the excitement of the enterprise they're involved in.
And so if you don't resist that, by every way you can, and you let them ratchet up the attack in the threat continuum, Until they're at a 10 and we're sitting here at a 1, that's how you get conquered.
Without a shot being fired.
And I'm simply stating to the military, the police, everyone knows the Democrats and the globalists are openly saying you can't be an American, the country is evil, saying nationalism is bad.
You know China went to Davos and said we'll help defeat Trump in America two years ago.
That was a declaration of war.
They're shooting at our ships on a daily basis.
They're frying our people with microwave guns.
We're at war, ladies and gentlemen, and the Democrats are working with them.
That's why they use Russia as the distraction over there.
Total crap.
Russia's not involved.
Just a fact.
Pentagon knows that.
I've been in the committee hearings where Senator Cotton and others bring up, you know, China is infiltrating, is censoring, is buying off our media, which is public.
And the Democrats will go, oh, Russia!
They'll just go, oh, Russia!
It's these weird little criminals you look at and it's like, where did this guy come from?
Looks like, you know, Elmer Fudd or something.
It's like, I tell you what, I'm worried about them Russians.
That China is good.
I don't blame them trying to do stuff here.
I like what they're doing.
And you're sitting there just going, my God.
It's like beyond a movie.
Well, I'd like to talk about the embedded secret chips we found in all our military hardware and all the iPhones that's
stealing everybody's data in live time.
Oh, the... it's a Russian...
And so now here we are.
Thank you.
And the Democrats have tested and pushed.
And only Trump has come out with Congressman Matt Gaetz, thank God, redeeming himself.
And a few people have said the Democrats are stealing all these states.
There's total proof.
It's an election that just keeps going eight, nine days after it closes.
They're stealing back all of our gains.
Governors, Senate races, everything.
What are you doing?
Do something.
The governor says do something and the state police say no, we're not going to.
He should fire the head of that highway patrol like that and keep putting people in until they did what he said in the first hour.
But what we've got is a government filled with cowards and scum that aren't really evil, most of them.
They're just like, we're not gonna mess with the Democrats and Broward, that's the Clintons.
Why any of us do that?
They might come after our children.
They're already coming after your children, you idiots!
You fools!
America's built on not being cowards and pushed around by cartels.
All the wealth came from what's between your legs that you're not using!
Trump gives orders, everyone craps down the side of their leg.
They roll over and piss themselves.
Trump is literally surrounded by cowards and scum and trash.
The entire swamp based on butt kissing and lying and selling out, put in there to kill the country.
And so Hillary sees this.
You know, how do you know she's running for president for sure?
Two weeks ago when she said she's definitely not going to run again, I said guaranteed she's running.
Plus, I've talked to folks that were, let's just say, in the meeting but weren't and outside the meeting.
It's all planned.
The Democrats all know it's Hillary and it's Michelle Obama.
Now that might change, but right now, currently, that's the plan.
And of course now, she's come out again and said, yeah, I'm going to run probably.
Because if they can steal every election, and if they can do this with key counties, and if they can do this, they're going to go to the states, the three or four states in the Rust Belt, where they've got Democrat machines still in control of the machines, and they are going to deliver it to Hillary Rodham Clinton, and she's going to be announcing in the next six months to a year.
It's on, ladies and gentlemen.
And boy, when Hillary gets in, you better get ready.
Because she'll exercise the power.
She'll give the order to start killing the opposition.
And everybody lets this happen, you might as well just stick your head in a guillotine and pull the switch yourself.
Because that woman was born to drive a big old dagger right into our heart.
She's a satanic, heat-seeking missile coming right for your children.
Her specialty out of college was to serve rich pedophiles who kidnap and rape children.
Her chosen profession was to bathe in pure evil.
She was kicked off even the Democrats' commission for lying and trying to set up Richard Nixon.
Her father was a very powerful Chicago mobster.
He told her, You go down to our base in Arkansas.
That's the Chicago's real command base.
There's some good ol' boys down there.
You go represent them pedophiles, and you'll be in the club.
She's like, Daddy, I don't really like kids.
I like killin' them.
I like girls.
He goes, hey, doesn't matter.
You go down there and you take care of those boys, you go right to the top.
The United States of America. The United States of America.
The United States of America.
An energized quantum state.
(upbeat music)
Or an energized atomic state.
What does that mean?
It means it's pure.
And it means the properties of what it does in the body in interaction with other properties is pure.
Is unadulterated.
Is original.
Is first generation.
This has been quite a quest for InfoWars when we discovered that there's a whole UN World Government plan to remove even crappy forms of iodine out of food so that people can't absorb it.
When I say crappy forms, I mean types that are bound to other elements so your body doesn't get absorption.
This is an essential element in the body, just like vitamin C, just like oxygen, just like water.
At first, doing research, we got the best seaweed base, but it was still weak, and we had issues with supply, and then leftists found out six years ago that we were involved, that it was Infowars, so they cut us off.
And then we came into X2 that was from oil and gas drilling at about 7,000 to 12,000 feet, getting pure crystals for truly pure iodine.
We had to go through the DEA to get it, all these controls.
Whole companies caught on that we were getting it, and they tried to jack up prices and cause us problems.
And I didn't want to raise prices, so I cut my contract off with them.
And we went out and did a huge industry research and found out we could get the same deep earth crystals, probably even purer.
You're talking about like 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, you know, percent purer.
And then the chemists and others explained to us that you need other types of basic iodine to make sure it gets fully absorbed.
So this has all three types of iodine.
And then it's got a tiny amount of vitamin C that doesn't let it oxidize and basically keeps it in its energetic state, or its quantum state, its atomic state.
And again, atomic doesn't mean radioactive, that just means it's pure on the periodic table.
This is X3.
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I mean, quite frankly, I've got all these scientific documents and all these notes from chemists and all these facts, but I'm just going to tell the viewers, just like our information has changed the world, just like it pisses the establishment off, Anything I'm going to bring you is the very best.
It's like any of our products.
I'm like, what is the top product?
What is the best tested?
What is absolutely highest rated?
I want to put a formula out stronger and better and lower the price.
We're always innovating.
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Three forms of iodine is better than one.
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the next level in human awakening.
I'm going to be doing a lot of research on this topic.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, we're here live.
You know, I don't want to go on the air and say the Vatican's run by a bunch of pedophiles.
It's now mainstream news, including killing kits.
I don't want to go on the air and say Hillary Clinton represented brutal child kidnappers and pedophiles as her main job out of college with a law degree.
It's true!
I don't want to have to go up against these people, but no one else will really do it.
Don't you see the danger in everyone just laying down to these people?
Trump is standing up against them.
And then a lot of people don't even want to stand proudly with him because they don't want some of their friends or neighbors to stop being their friends.
Well, if somebody's not your friend because you believe the nation-state exists, and you believe that we should cut taxes and regulations, and you believe we shouldn't have one-sided trade deals, then that's not your friend!
Those are empty people.
Who wants to be around a bunch of empty people?
You know, the place I want to be is risking My name, my treasure, my life, to stand up against these people.
Doesn't mean I like the different potentialities.
I've already been treated to quite a bit of nastiness.
But that only emboldens me, steals, as in the metal, my will, knowing that, wow, it's worse than we thought.
Hillary, set to run for office again, as we told you.
The murder of logic, where she's gonna run, she's not gonna run, she pledges she won't run, she said she never said she wouldn't run.
Obamacare's free, you can keep your doctor, I never said it was free, never said you could keep your doctor.
Thank God you're so stupid, the architect of it says on C-SPAN, these people Are so used to sitting behind closed doors talking about you like you're a bunch of dumb idiots that they're going to screw over that they do it on TV.
Hillary famously tells the most, you know, racist jokes and hates black people.
Absolutely hates them.
She hates everybody.
But she really hates black people.
So she's the one black people have all got to love.
It's all a sick joke.
I mean, just look at Jim Acosta.
He's the perfect guy you'd hire to play a sniveling conman in a movie.
Just the eyes, the things he says.
Everything he says is a lie.
There's no caravan!
Remember, at first we've got to let everybody come up here.
Now it's, there's no caravan!
Trump's like, yeah, there's a caravan.
No, there's not!
You're not taking the microphone!
Oh, I didn't do that.
I didn't touch her.
It's all just this exercise of criminality.
You say, well, they're a bunch of idiots.
People are awake to them.
Yeah, people are awake, and we are voting in patriots and taking over the Republican Party with patriots.
That scares the globalists.
Thirty-something Republicans retired trying to give the House to the Dems.
That didn't work, so they just stole And because they didn't get in trouble stealing a couple seats last week?
Hell, they're stealing more today!
And governorships.
And Senate seats.
Why not?
Why shouldn't Hillary run again?
Because this time, they might not even make it look close.
Hell, they might have the whole country blue.
And say zero voted for Trump.
You're like, well that'll be obvious.
Yeah, it's called rubbing your nose in it.
So, this is not a negative broadcast.
This is not a negative broadcast.
This is something that's very, very positive to sit up here and to tell the truth about what's really going on.
Could you guys print me that article that I wanted out of the Washington Post, please?
Because I'm going to cover it next segment now.
I'll need it then, thank you.
I've got some big news that we're going to cover on the other side, but I'm going to wait until then.
And then I'm going to go through all the clips.
Donny Deutch suggests Trump will stage military coup to stay in power.
That's what they're scared of, because they're already bringing us into a coup.
We try to stop a coup.
See, you're back.
Hillary drops another hint she's planning to run for president again.
I want to look at how they're trying to drive down the economy and how that's an act of treason.
Actually, look at the graphs.
The minute he got elected, the economy came back because he promised to get rid of a bunch of the regulations that decided to tie us down.
And the globalists knew that just doing that would turn the economy around.
And a lot of investors knew that.
But now Maxine Waters has said she's going to reverse it all in Congress.
And so people are going to start not moving their factories here and all the rest of it, you see, because the Democrats are going to keep their foot on your neck as long as they can.
They're going to turn your town or city into a cross between San Francisco and Detroit.
We've got a very powerful NBC report admitting the nightmare that is San Francisco.
Everywhere they run it becomes living hell.
Southern California is on fire with people leaving, high-skilled, high-intelligence, high-IQ leaving.
Bigger than the exodus of Jews out of Egypt under Moses.
And in come the worst of the worst of the third world.
Unskilled with pre-existing conditions, mental illness, criminal records, and baby.
They're so hyped up on UN and globalist brainwashing.
The rudeness, the hatred, the way they treat the border patrol, people, everything.
They're just like, I'm here, you're my butler.
And I'm gonna do whatever I want.
It is the total collapse of civilization by design.
They're given power by their father, the devil, because they want to destroy everything.
And we must realize that.
We have a special guest who's a Democrat coming on, and a member of the Senate in Louisiana.
He wrote Robert Mueller, errand boy for the New World Order.
John Milkovich.
That's going to be very interesting next hour.
And we're just telling you like it is here, folks.
Told you 20 years ago there were satanic pedophile rings in the Vatican.
Now it's mainstream news.
Told you they'd say nation states are evil and even saying the country exists will become a hate crime.
Punishable by not being able to engage in commerce.
Soon I'm going to release secret documents We have the documents.
I'm probably going to sue, though, to have chain of custody of it.
And it's going to be a major national scandal, because they're planning this for everybody.
They're going to put a designation on you if you're a Christian, a conservative, a nationalist, and you're not going to know why everything costs more and why you don't have credit.
Just like the IRS harassed over 10,000 churches and Christian groups and conservative groups and gave basically no non-profits out while Obama was in for conservatives or Christians or veterans groups, it's the same thing.
It's just total economic terrorism and why shouldn't they?
They never got in trouble at the IRS!
I mean, if any congressman said or did anything about it, maybe they'd get audited.
So let's just put our tail between our legs and pee on ourselves like we're a little shaking dog.
Oh, you engage in mass persecution and brag about it.
I won't say anything.
Don't hurt me.
Don't hurt me.
That means we all get screwed.
Don't you understand that, men?
ExtendoWise, the latest product from Infowarsline.com, fuses all the known compounds that have been proven to be good
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It is ExtendoWise.
Now available at InfoWarsLife.com.
Fox condemns rhetoric used by Lou Dobbs guests as channel star host faces growing criticism.
Yes, as his ratings go up, just like Sean Hannity or just like Tucker Carlson, he needs to be taken off.
And then you read the specifics.
It's all in an article, Border Caravan.
Call it the George Soros Express from World Net Daily.
There's a bunch of other articles, but this is what Judicial Watch is talking about.
Judicial Watch is talking about the documents they sued last year and this year to get, where in Europe and here, it is leftist groups that get U.S.
taxpayer money through the U.N.
We give the U.N.
money for U.S.
aid and other groups, and then it's given to the NGOs that run.
And Soros doesn't pay for this himself.
He gets your tax money to build the refugee centers, to advertise it, to bring them in.
And then they manage them once they get here with the aid groups, and they house them in churches and synagogues and Catholic charities, and then local leftists get up to half the The money and the welfare that each person brings in, this is a cash cow bonanza.
And they don't want that discussed.
Joining us tonight, Chris Farrell, Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch.
Chris, good to have you with us.
I know that this caravan was a subject of considerable interest for you, for Judicial Watch, and certainly for the American people.
Give us your first, and I'm going to, because we have limited time, ask you to be as succinct as possible.
Your thoughts on what you witnessed and what you saw and heard.
It's an overwhelmingly male caravan of mid-teens to mid-40s.
I'd say the women and children are super minority.
There are certainly criminal elements rolled into the caravan.
There were children that were recovered from a human smuggling operation today.
The Guatemalans are trying to hold them back and turn them back, but it's a very grave situation.
Leftist groups reported to be the organizers playing instrumental roles and financial roles.
Tell us what you can.
Look, this is a criminal involvement on the part of these leftist groups.
It's a highly organized, very elaborate, sophisticated operation.
I have that from the highest levels of the Guatemalan government.
They're investigating those groups criminally, and I strongly urge President Trump and Attorney General Sessions to do the same here.
A lot of these folks also have affiliates who are getting money from the Soros-occupied State Department, and that is a very great concern.
When they start cutting money, start cutting money.
There's all sorts of programs that these groups are affiliated with that we spend taxpayer money on.
It needs to be cut off now.
Everything he said is true.
It's on record.
They're making all these arrests and child smuggling right now.
Show the Washington Post article about Obama when he opened the border up, these caravans were full of kids that were then smuggled and trafficked into prostitution.
That's the Washington Post!
There it is!
So, that's why they're so scared.
That's why they're so upset is that the common sense of what is happening is waking people up so they can't have
discussions About this is criminal
You're listening to the Alex Jones show You
You You
You You
(upbeat music)
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
So, if you know there's a giant worldwide syndicate that uses pedophilia and child murder as its initiation, and you
did nothing about it, He would be aiding and abetting that, wouldn't you?
And that's just one level of this.
It's all over the news now.
But it's like, oh, Alex Jones wasn't right about that 20-something years ago, exactly what he said right.
No, he's the bad person.
And let's have hundreds and hundreds, thousands some days, of articles lying and twisting at every level.
Now again, I don't want to make it about Alex Jones, but they make it about that because of what we're covering.
They're so scared of it.
Yesterday, at about 2.30, we get an email from ZDNet and several others saying, your site, InfoWareStore.com, appears to have been hacked.
And it happened like 15 hours ago, and a computer science group found it out of the Netherlands.
Now, out of all the horrible articles written about this, this is the most accurate, because the tech writer mainly just writes about the actual hacks.
Now, it turns out, at any one time, one out of five shopping carts is infected with these.
They go on to say that this top firm was scanning our site for three and a half years, every day.
They don't do that to other people, looking for vulnerabilities.
This big computer Science security guru group.
Was just lovingly out of the Netherlands, it says in ZDNet, scanning the site and said never found any vulnerabilities, which they admit is pretty rare.
No vulnerabilities.
Scanning InfoWars, NewsWars, InfoWarsStore.com, just looking, looking, looking, and then magically, magically, someone got in, I'm not supposed to say how, And the way they did this is it's only government actors would have this because they didn't get in through Infowars.
And we were told might have gotten some customer data.
Well, we decoded it, unscrambled it, and have some big tech firms look at it.
Who we have as consultants.
And they said, yeah, it has to be to an encrypted point.
It wasn't even sent to an encrypted point.
The sophistication is how they got the password to put the bad code in.
But that code then really wasn't even getting anything.
And then sending it to a place that it's not even designed to be able to grab it.
And so a hundred percent, three different companies we've talked to that looked at it, said definitely done to embarrass you.
Definitely done.
Not like the other ones where they put the scanners on to grab the data.
When you go to the gas station or you go to Amazon, it's happened to everybody.
Never happened to Infowars.
Once for PrisonPlanet.tv, it was an exploit.
They were able to get names, but not the credit card numbers.
We told folks about that.
So this is what happens in the digital world.
But the big story is, we sent a statement, put it on InfoWars, and then they had a bunch of big newspapers say that we made it up and that it didn't happen.
And then, the very same publications came out and made fun of us when it was admitted to have happened, and said, oh, you think it's a conspiracy.
Well, it's someone engaging in a felony action, who couldn't get through the systems we have, because we know we're targets.
And so, they were able to do stuff that you'd only be able to do if you have a government database and back doors.
The piece of hardware, the program to steal the data was crap.
That's why we can about 100% say no data was gotten.
and it wasn't being sent somewhere where it could be decoded.
It was purely done to embarrass us and act like we're somewhere not safe to go shop.
That's admitted.
And the media shows that today running with that.
Don't go there!
It's all fake!
You'll steal your identity!
Alex Jones is behind it!
He did it!
They can't take our payment processors all away.
They haven't been able to sue us out of existence.
This is the next thing.
And so, magically, less than 24 hours after it gets on there, we get a call and get told by the big security firm in the Netherlands and by ZDNet that this is what happened.
And we go look, and it's not even true.
But they know we have a responsibility to come tell you.
And they used this software, you know, this virus, this malware, to go out and get into a bunch of other big systems, but what they admit is sophisticated is how they got the password.
Which I'm not going to get into on air, but let's just say this.
No one knew who had it.
No one knew what state they were in.
No one knew what company it was.
Except the CIA and all these groups grab everything.
The Chai-coms grab everything.
They've got chips and everything.
All the passcodes.
Google cars drive around and steal your passcodes.
That was admitted 15 years ago, 10 years ago.
You talk about hacking, it's ubiquitous.
None of it's safe.
The tech companies all have it.
They've all got AI now watching.
They know what fake purchases are.
That's why you get the calls and you get the alerts.
So, this is purely a psy-op to do this, and you read these articles, they're dripping with hatred.
And also, really incredible defamation that's meant to bankrupt us and destroy our speech.
I mean, this one article here out of Fast Company says, Jones' supplements might kill you.
No proof, no link, no nothing.
Just, you know, you're not just taking your financial life in your hands, your physical life, you could die.
Who authorizes groups to write stuff like that?
We would win a lawsuit there.
They don't care.
They're going for broke.
It's all part of this climate of criminality.
And it goes on and says he is the evil destination on the web, and the known bad guy, and infamous, and he sells scam products.
They even have the Washington Post saying, I sell scam products.
When I sell, about 10 of our products are private labeled, top of the line, that were sold at Whole Foods and are still sold there.
I go out, what's the highest tested?
What's the best?
I want to buy it from that company, private label it, same company provides Whole Foods.
With their top-of-the-line premium brands.
And ours are about 10-15% less, usually.
Oh, Jeff Bezos can have Amazon, the biggest seller in the world of supplements, and he can have Whole Foods, and he can have the perfect credit rating, and all the rest of it.
But when I sell supplements, it's bad.
It's evil.
It's not allowed.
And you read these articles, you would think That I was the Pope protecting child molesters, as he did two days ago, saying no more investigation of child molesters.
It's gay, you're lucky you got raped, is what he's basically saying now.
He tells people, like, I was raped!
I know, my son, it's okay.
You like it.
You like to be raped.
Oh, good for you.
Good, there you go.
Take your sacrament.
You'll take it.
You'll take it.
You know where you're going to take it.
You're lucky you weren't cut up in pieces.
That's what I do.
I like to kill people, not to rape them.
The blood, the actual essence, is what I enjoy.
Bathing in it.
Oh, the pleasures.
Eating poop.
He always talks about eating poop a lot.
He's obsessed with that.
He said that my website is like eating poop.
He says, it's big fake news is being banned, that's a good thing.
That man over in America, he likes to, he's teaching people to eat poop.
The word is, you like eating poop, pontiff.
The poop-eating pontiff.
The poopster.
I'm not kidding.
People can't believe that, but oh, his deputy pope, a hundred plus traffic little boys.
Some of which were found dead.
There it is.
Pope Francis compares the consumption of fake news to eating feces.
Who even thinks about stuff like that?
Well, he does.
So, there you go.
Looks like nothing was gotten.
They just put a hack on there so they could then tell everybody and report on it and say, don't go to M4 Wars.
And a lot of these headlines are like, Jones got caught running credit card scammers.
What won't he do next?
I don't know.
He lied and said that Acosta video happened too.
You all saw it did, but it didn't.
This is total war.
Big sales right now.
Thank you all for your support.
I love we're getting record sales again since this happened.
Our listeners get this.
Thank you listeners.
God bless you.
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Chase the Patriot from California.
Hello Alex.
Chase, welcome to the Airwaves.
This is Chase the Patriot from the front lines of California.
So, I took your reporter challenge on YouTube, Chase the Patriot.
I've been filing reports every single day, but I've noticed a trend.
And there's this false confidence of the Democrats again.
The same thing we saw in the 2016 election.
2016 election. So it's up to us to counter the narrative and to counter their lies.
And one way I do it is with my YouTube page, but also it's through your t-shirts and your hat, Alex.
I want to promote your t-shirts to everyone out there.
They are great ways to meet people who have like-minds, and they start conversations, and you find
patriot, and it's a great way to spread good messages out there. So I highly recommend it, Alex.
When I say these shirts are like choose your own adventure.
Wear a mohawk lambe, you'll only meet fellow patriots and gunners, which is great.
Wear a, you know, big obnoxious InfoWars shirt in red or a Trump Pence shirt, you're gonna meet your friends and your enemies.
So it's a really great way to spread the word and exercise free speech in the third dimension.
Hey, and one more suggestion on that.
You know, a lot of us have, we might have, I don't want to give away anything, but some of us might have a concealed carry, and I would like to see a button-up shirt long enough that I can wear untucked so I can still carry on my hip a pistol, and that's something if you put like a little American flag on the armband.
Oh, it's total genius.
The Info Wars, the Info Wars concealed carry shirt for men and women.
Kind of like a cargo shirt, or like a bowling shirt, or like a...
A utility shirt, and it's got an American flag, it's black, and it's got that, you know, it's not tapered, it kind of flanks out.
That's perfect.
Yeah, and you know, something you can wear to the office and nobody really knows what's going on.
It just looks like a normal shirt they got from the mall.
But if you can support the cause, you know, somebody asks, hey, where'd you get that shirt?
It'll say Infowars.com on the inside.
We need to branch out.
We've got so many great t-shirts.
So many for men and women.
Ball caps.
I don't even promote them anymore.
We've got the best shirts we've ever had, and that's something I never even talk about.
So thanks for calling, Chase.
God bless you.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
It's the craziest thing.
When the word went out that infowarestore.com had supposedly been hacked yesterday, Sales weren't very good days before that.
Sales went up about 40%.
Our listeners really get it.
Think about that.
And then we find out it is such a sophisticated hack to get into it, but It's Feds.
They didn't commit the other crime of actually getting real data.
They just put it on there and then sent it into a black hole encrypted, because it is encrypted.
So they could say that we were letting people have their information stolen.
So they could write all these articles.
Yeah, they say it best.
And they say nothing at all.
These people are unbelievable.
At every angle.
Jones is lying.
There wasn't a possible hack.
Though he is, and he says it's a conspiracy.
A sophisticated international hacking group, that's what it says, breaks in and tries to steal data, and I say there's a conspiracy!
You know, if me and my buddy decide to rob our neighbor's house when they're out of town, that's a conspiracy.
Oh, but when governments are involved, It's like saying, they're going to move towards saying the nation state is illegal and bad and racist and needs to be gotten rid of.
I've been saying that for 20 plus years because that's what the globalists said in their own documents.
Now it's all over TV.
Trump's evil.
There is no such thing as America.
America is bad.
Take a knee for the American flag.
It's evil.
Get rid of all of it.
Take down all the statues and nation states need to be gotten rid of.
And Macron says patriotism is getting rid of the nation state and handing it over to an unelected tyrannical EU, UN, world government.
And that's who runs the EU borders, and that's who was running our borders until Trump got in, and the number of illegals coming across, being caught, is up four-fold, and that's about the number of increase trying to get across.
It went up 200-plus percent for much of Obama's deal, so it's just exponentially going like a Saturn rocket, straight up, Remember, oh, they're all children, oh, they're all walking, only about 2% are children, 80 plus percent are military aged men.
Oh, the UN isn't funding them, there's no NGOs allowed.
Fire Lou Dobbs, Fire Tucker Carlson, publicly funded by the UN with US taxpayer money and run by Jordan Soros.
I mean, we have video, I didn't even play, that Laura Southern got undercover.
That's NGOs.
And it's the first one they go in.
I was just talking to the reporter that actually shot it today.
When you get them on.
By the way, I forgot to tell you that, Daria.
They're like, why don't you add a song?
We're the ones that shot this.
And we're all over international news.
I'm like, I know.
That's a great job.
Talking to them this morning.
But literally, you just go into one refugee thing and it's like, we will bring down Europe!
Islam shall dominate!
The women will be yours!
And it's a European woman telling him this.
This is their mission.
And you tell them you're Christians, even though you've tasted Christian blood.
I mean, it's like, we will feast on their skulls.
Like the Imam of Jerusalem.
The Europeans are weak.
We have bought their leaders.
Their women are good.
We will have them all soon.
Their churches will now be mosque.
We will control the animals.
Europe is ours!
The dogs will learn to serve us as our women serve us.
He actually talks like that.
Should we play the clip again for it?
And then the Swiss and, you know, stand against it and they're bad, but oh, the, the, the...
The Dutch and the French and the Swedes are all just like, come in, oh, you're allowed to rape.
Court after court has said, you did rape a nine-year-old girl, but that's your culture, it's okay.
Oh, ten of you raped a little twelve-year-old girl and then killed her?
Six months in jail.
Don't do it again.
You only murdered her as she begged for mommy.
But it's okay, because it's Islamic.
That's kind of cool.
Meanwhile, they're all fleeing their hell-pit countries.
Their population is doubling in the next 15 years to 3 plus billion.
It's at 1.8 billion now, and they're literally, The West is weak!
We have brought the leaders!
We are in command!
It is under Islam's directive that all of those not under our rule are the enemy!
Invade them!
To save them!
Rape the women!
Kill the men!
Murder them all!
Hail Soros!
Hail the UN!
Hail Hillary!
There's videos like, Merkel, we love you!
Merkle, we love you!
Meanwhile, back in America...
We're gonna learn about the really bad people.
Oh, not the Washington Post.
Hacks of Office of Personnel Management databases compromises 22.1 million people.
Their social security numbers, their names, their families, intelligence operations, everything.
Given by Obama to the Chinese.
But that's not a problem.
That's, that's... Oh, but Alex Jones.
Card skimming malware removed from InfoWars online store.
And ZDNet gets it somewhat accurate, says less than 1,600 users affected.
We said yesterday, looks like almost no one had any credit card info taken, and then now we've decoded it, and we can't find any data.
And it was being sent to an unsecure server, so it wouldn't even be able to unencrypt it.
It's literally been done.
This is what the tech experts have told me.
They said, no, this has been done.
To say your site's not safe.
All the other times they put this stuff on, you know, they point it at a real place to try to get the info, and then they try to unencrypt it.
That's not what happened here.
It was just put there by an incredibly sophisticated hack.
I mean, the way they did this was, you gotta be surveilling people to do stuff like this, okay?
And my point is, is they think you're so timid that, and you know this is how, I mean, it says here, it's one of his last ways to get funded is we work to take him off the air.
But the scumbag filth has supporters that buy the scam products.
Yeah, like high-quality water filters and t-shirts and books and fluoride-free toothpaste.
You know, evil stuff like that.
And multivitamin mix for children.
And high-quality, highest-rated fish oil.
And 95% curcuminoid that nobody else even know of has.
The very best turmeric.
Oh, so evil.
Oh, so bad.
Rated by third-party sites on average of 4.9 stars.
But again, they think you're morons, they think I'm a moron.
And you read these articles, it's not even about InfoWars, it's about the line.
Listen to this out of Fast Company.
InfoWars admits it's stored.
It's stored contained card skimming malware.
That's to make it sound like I did this, or on purpose.
All you people out there buying up the macho supplements that conspiracy macho men are bad.
Macho, the conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, Alex Jones Hawks.
May have unintentionally imperiled your data.
Oh, that the globalists steal and they all share with everybody and this is actually just made up, but it doesn't matter.
A Dutch security researcher, big firm, found magically, before a day even passed, they said they were scanning us for three and a half years trying to find something.
Actually says that in the Zenet story.
A Dutch security researcher found malware on InfoWare's store.
Oh, right away.
That was able to record user payment records, and that's not true.
We can now tell you today.
Researcher William DeGroote reportedly found the malware, Infection, about two days ago.
He discovered it using a scanner he built, that's not even true, it wasn't two days ago, to detect any sort of information info wars about the issue, and the site says it fixed it.
So again, he discovered it using a scanner built to detect any sort of bad behavior happening atop the Magento e-commerce platform.
ZDNet informed InfoWars about the issue and the site says it's fixed.
Alex Jones told the news that only about 1,600 customers may have been affected.
Then Magento scanned the site when we left the stuff on there to see it and said that's not even there and that's not even a security issue.
This is fake.
Really fake news with fake news.
The InfoWare store is an infamous digital destination, known for selling products that promise vague things like male vitality, alpha power, and the real red pill.
As courts pointed out, these products, which generally are herbal supplements, that have not been proven to have any, the FDA won't let you say that without oxygen you die, or that without vitamin C you die, or that without Iodine, you die.
And your IQ goes down before that happens.
No, that's not.
See, it's just lie stacked on line.
And it goes on.
Over the last year, the podcast on video show, which has been known for disseminating all sorts of conspiracy theories, have been deplatformed.
Oh, that's good.
Yeah, we don't, you don't question anything.
Alex Jones was banned from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Spotify, PayPal, as well as other sites.
And the tech backlash has reportedly led to the audience cratering, which isn't even true.
Even Amazon, a company known for refusing to be political, Stan, stopped recommending InfoWars products.
He had five stars.
And it just goes on for page after page of disinfo and garbage.
Just the cowardly sellouts piling on with their lies, so angry that you financially support us while getting great products.
There's only four days left to get 67% off on Silver Bullet, Colloil Silver.
They sell for like $25 at Whole Foods.
It's the same stuff.
$9.95 and a bunch of other big specials.
Most people have heard of the Streisand effect.
It was probably 10 years ago or more that Barbra Streisand had this huge mansion on the edge of the ocean.
And somebody had just reported about it.
And so she tried to have them basically shut down.
And that drew a million times more attention to it all.
But the social engineers, because I read about it in the news, they actually openly talk about how to censor conservatives and nationalists and how to make sure people don't care about it.
And they say, well, as long as we censor a lot of them at one time, it won't matter.
And they'll give it more attention at first, but then later everybody will forget about it.
Because the public's dumb and doesn't have a memory.
They're betting on you not valuing information.
And there are thousands of channels out there, tens of thousands.
But InfoWars is what they've targeted particularly because we've got their number and we know about their criminal plan.
So of all the ways you can spread the word about InfoWars, the newest and one of the coolest is hiding in plain view.
Why don't you think of this?
Text the word NEWS to the number 33222.
And we will send you one alert a day of the most important breaking news for you to hopefully spread, everybody you know, to cause that chain reaction of communication they fear so much.
And if you want to get live breaking news feeds, when it's not just my main show every day, but emergency live reports we do almost every day, when we do those, we will send you a text that we're going live.
Hopefully you'll spread it.
That's what's really key.
Text the word SHOW to the number 33222.
Ladies and gentlemen, nothing can stop you when you take action.
Nothing can stop you when you resist the globalists.
They are counting on you being weak and having no memory and not taking action.
When you make it fun to fight these bastards and realize it's an info war, you're unstoppable and we will defeat these people.
Everything is now in your hands.
text to those numbers and spread those links and we will win
if you are receiving this transmission you are the resistance
defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic it's alex jones
all right so finishing up on the so-called hack We're still going to warn the 1,600 people or so that may have had some information in a screen scrape grabbed.
But again, the way it's going out, the way it was encrypted, very, very low probability of that.
But the issue is, normally these hacks go on for years.
What was it, 88 million?
Yahoo financial accounts that got exposed over what five, six years.
22 million plus U.S.
government employees, their families, everything scraped.
That went on for years.
This happens for less than one day.
And magically, the media is notified about it.
So again, everything points towards it being put on there.
So they could engage in economic sabotage and just try to embarrass us.
And you read these sickening articles.
This is just one of them that I'm giving a flavor for.
for them. We're gonna go back to break and come back with our special guest.
They go on here in this Fast Company article to tell you what they're really
going for here.
It would seem that selling products directly on the site is one of the only reliable ways for Jones to bring in revenue, and now it seems even that was hampered.
For now, Jones tells ZDNet the problem is fixed.
So instead of chancing their data privacy, those buying InfoWars products are merely putting their bodily health at risk.
And that's what the average article's like.
I'm a criminal.
I'm scum.
I'm ripping you off.
You could get hurt taking my products.
I've got this shoddy shopping cart that's got this malware on it, and this is all going on.
Meanwhile, one in five shopping carts at any one time is infected with the stuff.
We have a bunch of big companies, people watching it.
They scanned it, said, yeah, it's Not there.
Because it was put into code so that they could point at it and say, don't shop with Alex Jones.
And then we knew what the articles would be.
Don't shop with him!
They're everywhere trying to take our payment processors away.
They're everywhere trying to bankrupt us and shut us down so we can't stand up for the Republic and basic freedom.
And now this.
Again, most tax go for months, sometimes years of this type.
But magically, Magically, the hack came out of the Netherlands and then Lithuania, supposedly.
You can bounce it from anywhere.
But, thank goodness, security researchers in the Netherlands caught it pretty much instantly when it started happening and then reported to the media so that we could get it fixed.
We're really very thankful to the folks over in the Netherlands, whatever's going on here.
But, this is classic.
If you go to the Vault 7 that WikiLeaks released, It's the leftist inside the CIA, not the whole agency, and other intelligence agencies, have tools way beyond all this, and how to frame people, how to do fake hacks, to then discredit people, and it's the exact way to do this, and folks understand how these operations are run.
This is a reign of terror, and I'm not worried about Infowars.
I'm worried about the whole country and the whole world, because the election stealing, It's ongoing, the fraud that we're seeing, the censorship, the calls for overthrowing President Trump and then having civil emergency and martial law, and then the Democrats run around and say that that's not happening?
And the media says that?
It is just a new world.
Now, we have a special guest joining us.
He happens to be a Democrat, but there are some still good Democrats out there.
And I'm familiar with some of his work.
I haven't read the book yet, but look forward to it.
I've heard it's a great book.
Robert Mueller, errand boy for the New World Order.
And we'll talk to John Milkovich when we come back on the other side.
And we're going to get into who Mueller really is and what he's done in the past.
You know, helping Whitey Bolger carry out hits and murders, that's Mueller's job.
Transferring uranium to the Russians for Hillary, that's Mueller's job.
Framing people for the anthrax attacks, that's Mueller's job.
He's a really nasty dude.
And so we're going to talk to a Louisiana state senator on the other side about this book.
And again, here's another person that has courage.
If you write something about this gangster, why, they might come after you.
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Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You know, I really hate tyranny.
What about you folks?
Yesterday we had Roger Stone, and we had one of his lawyers on, Tyler Nixon, and he'd been called before the grand jury, and there, lo and behold, guess who walks into the room, all secretly, no one had known, because the media's told to not report on it, and they follow orders.
Guess who the lead prosecutor is under Mueller?
It's Hillary Clinton's personal attack dog lawyer.
And you're like, that's an incredible conflict of interest.
That's over the top.
Why not make Hillary the judge?
Well, why not?
I mean, Hillary's talking about running for president again.
Because the Republicans have rolled over and let the deep state Dems start stealing all these elections, so why not?
And that's the point I've been getting at as we've entered a brave new world.
And you know, if you go back 10, 15 years ago, there were Democrats I liked, there were Republicans I liked.
I didn't like Republican Blue Bloods.
I didn't like George Herbert Walker Bush, the establishment.
But now, this is another subject for our guest.
The National Democratic Party, led by Hillary Clinton still and Debbie Washburn Schultz and Nancy Pelosi, just seems to have no bottom.
Now our guest, John Milkovich, is humbled and honored to represent Louisiana, Senate District 38.
The priorities of this term include strengthening the Second Amendment, protections, defending traditional marriage, fighting abortion, working to get rid of Common Core, protecting the right of citizens including principals, teachers, and judges to express their faith.
You're like, wow, this sounds like...
Congressman Scalise or something.
Well, there are districts where conservatives have to run as Democrats.
That's the secret here.
He's passionate about working to prevent an unfair share of the tax burden from being imposed upon small businesses and families of senior citizens.
He wrote the book Robert Mueller, errand boy for the New World Order in opposition to the witch hunt that has been perpetrated against the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.
And now they're segwaying out of the Russiagate thing as that fraud comes to a close.
to Trump shouldn't question these elections.
But they're questioning the election of Trump with no evidence. We have evidence of Broward County and all other
places classically pulling up with trucks and bringing in ballots
illegally and all this and the counties had people convicted doing this over and over again.
It's just insane. So there's a lot of things to talk about.
But I guess we should get in the book itself and who is Robert Mueller because this is a window in to these people.
We're all sick of Russiagate, but we're sick of the mainstream media's coverage of it.
Who is Robert Mueller?
He's a really bad guy.
State Senator, thanks for coming on with us.
What made you decide to write this book?
Listen, it's great to be here, Alex.
Look, I think we start with the fact that whether you like him or not or agree or disagree with everything that he's done, I think the reality is, is that Donald Trump is an outsider.
And Robert Mueller's come after him tooth and nail, obviously with an agenda to take him out as part of the deep state.
And I think Dr. Corsi, your good friend, has done a great job saying that there is a plan to take President Trump out by whatever means, whether ethical or not.
And so let's look at Robert Mueller.
Is he a man of the type of moral integrity and character that we can entrust with this historically and constitutionally monumental task?
And the answer is absolutely not.
If you look at his career over a period of 30 years, he's been orchestrating cover-up after cover-up after cover-up, which is modus operandi.
It's persecuting the innocent, letting the guilty go free, Covering up for globalist insiders and international high rollers.
And because Donald Trump is an outsider, because he believes in American sovereignty, because he's standing up for the preservation of America and fighting against the economic and cultural erosion of America, of course he is in the sights of Mueller and his globalist directors.
Let's get into some of the book.
I mean, I haven't read it yet, but I've scanned over it.
And believe me, I know a lot more about Mueller than I want to know, but I actually learned some things just recently spending 10 minutes scanning it over.
But this guy is covering up 9-11 and the murder of John O'Neill, who was a good FBI agent, and just everything he does.
This guy is super bad news.
Let's start and run through the book.
Well, thank you, Alex.
And by the way, I really want to thank you for the work that you're doing on behalf of the American public, on behalf of our republic.
I think we all need to be praying for your safety and continued health and good work.
Listen, we can start with Whitey Bulger.
He's the Irish mafia.
And not only was Whitey Bulger operating a reign of terror in Boston, but he was assisted by FBI agents.
Well, who is in the geographic and temporal epicenter of Whitey Bulger's FBI's reign of terror.
Robert Mueller, he's either the Assistant U.S.
Attorney or the U.S.
Attorney from 82 to 87.
What did he do to stop Whitey Bulger or the federal agents that were protecting him?
And according to many, several reporters, they were actually helping Whitey Bulger commit and cover up murders.
Robert Mueller did lift a finger Didn't say a word, didn't indict anyone, didn't arrest anyone, didn't prosecute anyone, didn't investigate anyone, didn't even expose anyone.
He basically took a powder so that the FBI and a Boston mobster could terrorize the city.
Let's move on to Pan Am 103.
Pan Am 103 was According to rank-and-file CIA agents, a closed-and-shut case.
This was Ahmed Jibril, assisted by the Iranians and the Syrians, that took out this flight, murdered 270 people.
And in fact, Robert Bayer, a CIA agent, said, look, there was not even a question among CIA agents at the time.
He said it was unanimous among the rank-and-file CIA people that this was a a hit that uh... behind which uh... in which i ran in syria
were involved but what happens is bush senior says look we're going to go
for we don't want to get iran and syria
mad so i blame libya which gears Let's blame Libya.
So they, Alex, arrested two Libyan intelligence officers who had nothing to do with the Pan Am bombing.
Sent one of them to prison.
One of them was actually acquitted.
And who goes free?
Ahmed Jibril goes free.
The international drug ring, CIA, is operating with.
And by the way, there's CIA fingerprints On the Pan Am 103, there was a U.S.
Army Major, Charles McKee, who was flying from Europe to America to blow the whistle on a CIA drug-assisted ring that was trafficking heroin into America on December 21, 1988.
When that plane blew up, so did Charles McKee.
And the investigation by people that the professional investigators into for the Israeli Investigative agency, private agency said that, look, the CIA control gave the final go ahead for the flight to continue when officers on the ground could have stopped it.
And there goes 270 people.
There goes U.S.
Army Major, highly decorated Major Charles McKee and his federal agents.
We're going to blow the whistle on the CIA drug wing.
So bottom line, the federal agents had The, the, you know, have the goods on who did that bombing.
And because of politics, the investigation was redirected, rerouted.
Who gets brought in to help to cover up?
Robert Mueller.
Let the guilty persecute the innocent.
Let the guilty go free.
And there are CIA fingerprints on that.
And what was the evidence?
And I want to be brief because I know we have much to cover.
But Alex, There was federal agents that had intercepted conversations between Iran and Ahmed Jibril contracting to take out an American airliner.
They had even intercepted the goods that Iran paid Jibril a million before the bombing, 10 million after the bombing.
Jibril was bragging about it.
His terrorist cell got caught with bombs about a month or two before the bombing.
It was just like the bomb that was used to take Pan Am 103.
Look, this is a closed and shut case for conscientious federal agents, but instead They let it happen and Mueller... Stay right there!
We're going to go to break and come back to this history.
Robert Mueller, Aaron Boer of the New World Order with State Senator of Louisiana, John Milkovich.
I'm Alex Jones, Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
And remember listeners, they're trying to censor us, they're trying to block us, they're trying to shut us down because we're talking about these things.
Once we're shut down, they can then really demonize us and come after us physically, you name it.
So, it's really important InfoWars stay here for a lot of obvious reasons.
Spread the links.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Spread the live feeds and buy the products.
InfoWarsStore.com as well.
That's how you help fund this operation.
We'll also tell you later how you can get Robert Mueller, Aaron Bork of the New World Order.
Stay with us.
Paul, get into this huge situation in Europe because I know that the Islamists
are raping and stealing and killing.
And then the leftists say, cuz you're not bringing enough Muslims in.
It's like they're trying to flip reality into this bizarro deception land.
So, what would you call this?
Well, it's mass deception and going on to France which you mentioned.
Literally, there are like 8,000 Jews leaving Paris alone.
I think it's Paris, maybe it's France, but I think it's Paris alone.
Every single year, 8,000 Jews fleeing.
We defend those people.
We say this is horrible that anti-Semitic attacks are increasing in France, in all these European countries.
And then we're called anti-Semites, Alex, in France.
We've defended Jews being chased out of the country, basically.
Last night, there were more riots.
They called it the Purge.
They based it on this movie, which says, basically, the plot is you can commit any crime for one night.
So they went on a rampage.
Stores were looted.
They had fights with police.
In Paris as well, this happened in Saint-Denis, which is the area where they have... That's in Lyon that you're showing now, but it was on the same night also in Saint-Denis, Paris.
Where they have 400,000 illegal immigrants in this one area of Paris alone.
They were throwing acid at the police, they were robbing grocery stores.
And this came like the day after Francis Denintiri, Minister, he actually gave the interview back in February, but it was just published a few days ago.
This is Gerard Collomb who said basically they've got five years and after five years if they don't sort this out, people aren't going to be living together.
They're going to be going face to face and he admits that it's all due to mass immigration.
I went to Paris.
About five times over the past ten years, Alex, you could tell the difference post-2015.
After this new influx of migrants from the Middle East, it was literally... I would go to the hotel and drive past all these little shanty towns, all these tent cities where all the migrants were, thinking, oh, this must be the outer ghetto area of Paris.
And it was like five minutes later, you've arrived at your destination.
It was in the major tourist area.
Mattresses on the streets.
The Calais migrant camp wasn't really broken up.
It just got dispersed out into all these major French cities.
As you can see there, it's an absolute tip.
It's an absolute dump.
So they thought Macron was going to come in and do something because he, you know, he raised the migrant, the Calais migrant camp.
But then he later gave interviews where he said, no, we actually want to turn Europe into Eurabia and have 150 million to 200 million Africans come in.
If you invite Africa into Europe, Europe becomes Africa.
That's what happens.
Whether that culture's better or worse, we can debate that, Alex.
I've certainly got my opinions on it, but you will turn into that country.
Let's be clear.
People are fleeing literal societal collapse.
Real road warrior conditions.
And then they don't want to get away from it to not be part of it.
They want to bring it to you because they're usually the worst and the weakest of the nightmare system.
So we're getting the worst of the worst of the worst chaperoned and captained by the left who believe this is some satanic ritual like defiling a baby or a virgin woman to defecate all over Europe and the U.S.
and instead they're destroying their own wealth.
The left is It is insane!
And then when you actually look at it, which I've done in all these major European countries, the few pocket areas of wealthy white areas, they've correlated it.
That's where the most pro-immigration politicians and elitists live.
So this is all being foisted on predominantly white working class people who live in these areas which are being ghettoized.
And they're also the ones called racist by the elite, even though it's being foisted on them.
The elite don't use public transport.
They don't have to mingle with these people.
They're chauffeured around everywhere.
So again, they not only get the bad consequences of mass immigration,
they also get blamed and called racist if they complain about it.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We're gonna get back into Robert Mueller and his real history, which is public, but most people don't know it, to understand why he's this operative for the deep state, for the Clintons and others, and why he's so dangerous.
And so arrogant that the prosecutor they're using is Hillary Clinton's attack dog.
There's an article on Infowars.com about that right now.
But my producer was asking this.
For a lot of folks that don't know, you have a very conservative background.
You're in Louisiana, though.
I know a lot of places you can't get elected as a Republican just the way they've gerrymandered things.
So briefly, tell folks for a minute or two how you fell down the rabbit hole and why you are a Democrat.
Well, I'll start by saying this.
Alex, I'm very disappointed in the lack of moral compass of many of the National Democrats in Washington, D.C.
You know, in the old South, Democrats a generation ago were people that were for a fair shake for working families, believed in God, against abortion.
And just, you know, wanted working families to have access to justice and a fair shake.
Unfortunately, the Democratic Party, especially on the national level, has moved towards atheism, evolution, abortion, amorality, taking away our Second Amendment rights.
And perhaps above all, or one of the most significant factors is government programs are the solution for every problem.
I don't believe any of those things.
I do, as an old-fashioned person, I still believe that It's important for working families to get a fair shake in the justice system and in the taxation system, in the courts and the media.
But I share your disappointment at what's going on at the national level in Washington.
Sure, well I know Al, there are some districts and areas around the country where you've got some Democrats that are more conservative than most conservatives.
You just never see them in the national spotlight because the media doesn't want people to know that.
So it's good to know there are still a few Democrats out there now.
And there's also some Republicans that act like the worst leftist.
So people like John McCain.
Let's get back into Robert Mueller because a lot of people want to jump off a cliff when they hear about Robert Mueller.
They're sick of it.
They know it's bull.
That's not the story, as you were saying.
And you're detailing, just in the few minutes we had, all the proof of cover-up after cover-up.
He's the guy that's brought in.
And your book just runs through it all.
And then into all the laws they broke to illegally surveil Trump.
And then they use the new Russia investigation as a cover for all the illegality there, and then the lack of prosecution of Mueller, of Hillary.
Just the brazenness, where these people are supposedly more powerful than the President, all because they've got so many dead bodies under there.
Well, they need to be taken to task.
We've talked about Whitey Bulger, Pan Am 103.
We know that President Bush Sr.
brought Mueller in to basically sweep criminal activity under the rug, under the carpet, and make sure that the major players in BCCI got a slap on the wrist.
Ask these questions about Robert Mueller's morality.
After 9-11, he helps whisk the Bin Ladens and ranking Saudis, who actually had some potential culpable knowledge about 9-11, helps take them, fly them out of America, yet he goes ahead and crows hundreds of hapless immigrants to New York City who had nothing to do with 9-11, and basically helps supervise their abuse in New York City jails.
So we question Robert Mueller's morality.
We question his math.
He makes a, mounts a major prosecutorial attack on Paul Manafort for apparently a few million
dollars of tax monies or monies that were spent.
But yet when it's the BCCI folks committing fraud, money laundering, supporting drug operations
to the tune of billions of dollars.
Where's his math?
So he's going to fly off the handle over a few millions, but when the stakes, financially, economically, are thousands of times higher, he goes ahead and gets tired and is willing to take orders from the people that don't want the higher-ups.
Uh, held to account.
So he's we question his morality.
We question his math.
We question his memory and specifically and I a lot in my book.
In fact, I acknowledge specifically the work of your outstanding colleague, Jerome Corsi.
He shows that not only did Robert Mueller, according to State Department cables, hand deliver highly enriched uranium to tarmac in Russia, according to your own Corsi.
In addition to that, He basically took a dive and allowed the Clintons to accumulate and later transmit to the Russians 20% of America's uranium interest.
So if we want to talk about real Russian collusion, not fake news Russian collusion, but real, Mueller's right in the middle of it.
And let's expand.
That's separately confirmed about the uranium, but he claims, well, Hillary ordered him, so it was okay.
It's just crazy.
You've got real tarmac meetings.
Let's remember, Corsi believes he will be indicted Friday by Mueller.
So you write a book about Mueller and crushing the deep state, and you get indicted by him.
I mean, how obvious is this?
And then the Democrats talk about Trump's war on the press, when Obama put hundreds of whistleblowers and journalists in prison for nothing.
These people are sick.
You're right.
No, it is an outrage.
And, you know, Mueller, he not only allowed, stood by, stood down, stood down is a good term, to allow the Clintons and the Russians to go ahead and make transactions on 20% of America's uranium interest, he also allowed the Clintons to receive probably, you know, a hundred million or several hundred
million dollars from the Russian interests in connection with them selling out America's uranium
Ruby Ridge, we know that Randy, you know, the federal agents shot up Randy Weaver's
They shot him in the back while he was unarmed and looking at the body of his teenage son
who had been shot in the back and killed by a submachine gun, wielded by a federal agent
We know that federal agents shot Randy Weaver's wife in the head as she was standing in the doorway of their Ruby Ridge cabin, holding her, I think, 10-month-old daughter.
And what was Mueller's, and of course, I want to be clear, Mueller was not in charge of that investigation or that assault, but according to the New York Times, Mueller's response afterwards was not, why are federal agents shooting up a family in Ruby Ridge, Idaho?
His response is, how dare anyone criticize federal agents for shooting an unarmed woman while she's holding a 10-month-old baby?
Oh, yeah, no.
Mueller thinks he's God, and they worship him in D.C., all the little sycophants and cowards.
Let's continue on.
He basically, he was brought in by President Bush Jr.
one week before 9-11.
And if that's coincidental, I think the viewers have to decide for themselves.
What we do know is that he came in and instead of investigating 9-11, he covered up 9-11.
True investigative efforts to, for example, go out to San Diego and detail the fact that an FBI I don't know.
Providing a place to stay and money.
And credit cards for the hijackers.
The truth was the hijackers were being protected.
Thank you.
Mueller comes in.
John O'Neill was exposing it.
He dies on 9-11.
A good FBI agent.
Deputy head of counterterrorism.
Or deputy director head of counterterrorism.
So we'll come back and talk about all that.
And then Mueller came in and covered up the good FBI agents saying we were ordered to stand down.
We'll talk about it more when we come back.
We haven't even gotten into the current stuff.
The anthrax cover-up.
All the patsies, the bizarre deaths there.
It just goes on and on.
Robert Mueller.
Oh, and where do people find Robert Mueller, Aaron Boy for the New World Order, John?
Well, Alex, thank you.
www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robertmuellererrandboy.com www.robert We all know that the outside toxins in the water is a serious health issue.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Boy, they got really mad right before my de-platforming when it come out in the news that Robert Mueller was using Jeffrey Epstein, the procurer of young girls for sex, on these rape islands they have.
And that Mueller was using him as an informant to set people up.
So I said, by extension, if you know something's going on, you let it happen, that he is aiding and abetting the rape of children.
Which we know they use these sex crimes to control people.
And boy, the media said, Jones says Mueller is raping children.
I said, no, he didn't do that.
He just knows what's going on, which is the same thing.
So you can add that to the repertoire of everything he's involved in.
And just everybody's so scared of this dirty, ugly, stupid killer and his family involved, the Kennedy assassination, all the rest of it.
This guy is a big establishment, super rich fat cat.
And you know what?
He'll face God.
He'll face God.
There is a heaven, there is a hell.
He will face God.
God will bring judgment on Robert Mueller.
And again, I don't have fun poking criminals like this, but everybody else needs to learn not to be cowards.
Because they get off on this and how, oh, you can't talk bad about his majesty.
You can't talk bad about him.
There is an epic disconnect between the Robert Mueller described by the mass media and officialdom as a model of public propriety.
And the Robert Mueller documented by independent researchers, a chronic collaborator with career characterized by cover-ups, corruption, and unconceivable conduct.
An ever-willing instrument of the deep state.
You need to read the book, folks, because we're here understanding who these monsters are and the arrogance of Mueller believing that he could go and take on Trump and the populist movement and all this.
Well, guess what they are?
They're stealing elections everywhere.
They're calling for war.
They're out of control.
They're crazy people.
And continuing through his history, we've got state senator John Milkovich.
John Milkovich for Senate.com is his website.
And he's written Robert Mueller, Aaron Boer for the New World Order.
It's important to drill in and to see who runs these ridiculous witch hunts.
And again, to have his main prosecutor in the wetshirt be Hillary Clinton's former personal attack dog.
Why not just have Hillary do it?
I mean, these people are so arrogant, John.
Well, they've gotten away with a lot.
And I appreciate you touching on Mueller's culpability in the cover-up of the events of 9-11.
We know that not only did he post 9-11 try to stop, in fact, a former state senator, Senator Graham from Florida, basically said that, look, we want to go to San Diego and find out what an FBI informant is doing providing cover and shelter for a Saudi terrorist.
And Mueller tried to stop him.
We know also that when the 9-11 Commission was hearing witnesses' testimony, that Mueller was sending minders to that testimony to try to intimidate federal agents and witnesses of new things from telling what they knew.
He, and we know that Mueller, that the FBI agents that were blowing the whistle on a, that were trying to stop a oncoming Terrorist attack that they were punished, lost their security clearance, essentially some of them drummed out of the FBI.
However, the agents that are willing to lie, take orders, do the wrong thing, they get promoted, they get raises, they get money.
Let's talk about anthrax.
Anthrax, of course, five people died, a horrible thing.
Coincidentally or not, two of the anthrax samples were directed to senators that were opposing mass surveillance of law-abiding American citizens.
We know that initially the government, the federal government, tried to say,
"Well, this is the Bin Laden clique."
And the scientific community quickly came to the fore and said,
"Look, you know, that Mideasterners and caves do not have the technology
and the science and the capability to produce anthrax."
They don't have the giant centrifuges.
They don't have the systems to produce it to microscopic levels and then make it be aerosolized.
There you go.
That's exactly right.
And in addition, Alex, after the scientists blew that first theory out of the water, then Mueller, people are saying that this has to be an American lab that's doing work with American intelligence, American military.
Well, that looks bad if we have an American lab that's doing black ops, killing people with anthrax.
So Mueller said, well, we can't have that.
That's going to look too bad if we get the proof that an American lab that's doing intelligence work is actually killing people.
And by the way, Anthrax, some people think part of the agenda behind this, insofar as it could have been a black op, was to encourage the The passage of legislation would take away American liberties, the Patriot Act and associated.
So anyway, what happens?
They try the caveman theory.
That doesn't work.
The arrow starts pointing toward American labs.
That's getting very politically incorrect.
So what do they do?
They pick on a scapegoat, Bruce Ivins.
And what does the scientific evidence show?
The best top Biochemists in the world that work with these types of spores say, there's no way one man could have done it.
Richard Spurzel, one of the top spore biochemical experts who works with the UNITED NATIONS said, look, it would take me a year, over a year, with my own lab, all the resources, and my own team, to try to come up with this highly weaponized, aerosolized anthracnose.
And now we know where it came from, Fort Detrick, Maryland, at the big supply base.
They pointed at Ivins.
He didn't have the team.
He didn't have the know-how.
He didn't have the technology.
Scientific analysis of his anthrax sample showed that they were clearly scientifically, chemically distinct from the anthrax that was used.
And the guy has no motive.
Why did they pick on him?
This is a theory that I mention in the book.
He did have some emotional problems from a difficult childhood.
He had a therapist that was an ex-drug addict or present drug addict who the FBI leaned on and she was willing to sell out her own patient.
So all of a sudden, they can discredit him basically impugn him, scandalize him, slander him before
the case ever gets to court.
The bottom line is Bruce Ivins ends up dead before the case ever goes to court, which
that's very fortuitous because Mueller's investigation and prosecution and his evidence was falling
By the way, the FBI agent that led this investigation sued the FBI because he said the investigation was not, it wasn't a cover-up, and that they covered up evidence that showed that I've done it.
So, but anyway, Brooke.
I'll repeat that, repeat that, because you're Skype.
The official stories, he committed suicide.
Go back about 20 seconds.
Well, the former FBI agent, Alex, that was leading the Anthrax investigation at Least Anomaly, he actually sued the FBI for trying to shut down a real investigation.
He said that the FBI, under Mueller's leadership, sabotaged the Anthrax investigation.
He filed a whistleblower suit.
And of course, Bruce Ivins, Conveniently died right when Mueller's anthrax investigation was about ready to be subject to public scrutiny.
They crammed a bunch of Tylenol down his throat.
And a bunch of other people died too.
And we'll never even have time in the time we have left to get into the modern stuff he's done.
The point is, he is the most corrupt FBI.
Director probably ever, and that's saying a lot.
And he is a globalist.
You can say what you want about J. Edgar Hoover.
He was not out to get rid of the country.
And Mueller just is a monster.
I mean, is that what spurred you?
Because you kind of described that on the inside of the book, that studying how bad this guy is, then watching the media, you would think that he's second only to Jesus Christ.
But in reality, he is a horrible thug.
He is.
And of course, we haven't even gotten to Alex, the fact that he repeated the lie to the United States Congress to help get us in war, the weapons of mass destruction.
This is a super bad dude.
He's always brought forward to really betray people and to launch wars that kill a lot of innocent people.
And again, then we go, oh, Jones, you say you care about our military, but you're saying these wars are wrong.
Yeah, our military didn't like them either.
I'm for the military.
I'm not for people lying to bring them to war.
And then to take out regimes and put stuff even worse in, which is part of the plan to collapse the Middle East into Europe.
We'll be back with some of the current stuff old Muller's up to.
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Fort Worthians woke up this morning to terrible, horrible Nazi evil.
The white people are okay.
Huge article, InfoWars.com.
It's okay to be white signs pop up in Fort Worth neighborhood.
Origin of the signs and the intended meaning of the words a mystery.
Hundreds of articles a day.
New York Times, Washington Post.
The white problem.
Can we replace them?
New York Times.
Bill Kristol.
Lazy white working class.
The problem.
We need to replace them.
New York Times.
Replacing white people.
The key.
How can I cure my white guilt?
Get rid of whites.
New York Times.
People are like, hey, it's okay to be white.
Here is the leftist race-baiting orgy with a bunch of virtue-signaling white people falling over themselves to fall off a rhetorical cliff.
Owners in one north Fort Worth neighborhood woke up to an unsettling sight and now they can't figure out if it was a prank or something more.
At the very least this thing, Ken, I saw the signs.
It's concerning.
I saw them.
They're wondering why, you know, and exactly what was the intention.
I saw them.
The neighborhood seemed to have been tagged.
To cause a debate that you people are an anti-white cult, and we've all just accepted this super-Hitlerian, anti-Martin Luther King garbage?
The neighborhood seemed to have been tagged with handfuls of signs printed on paper.
Those signs read, it's okay to be white.
That's what was printed on them, but no one knows who put them up.
Here's what it looked like along Waverly Lane in North Fort Worth early Thursday morning.
Cell phone video and pictures taken of the area show the signs reading, it's okay to be white, posted onto lampposts and other pieces of public property.
By the time we got there, all of the signs except for this one were gone.
But it didn't stay up too much longer.
Oh good.
I'm a man who's white and is always for the hit in this neighborhood.
Get rid of free speech!
One of the neighbors here is opposed to the message.
Deemed as being discriminatory.
And I don't care what color you are.
I don't care what religion you are.
But it's not okay to be white.
I don't care what your economic status is.
You judge people by how they act.
What no one seems to be able to answer is who put them up and what exactly was the intention of the message.
Martin Luther King said that.
That's how brainwashed she is.
She pulls them down because, lady, everywhere the corporate media is saying whites are inherently evil.
It's literally Hitler stuff upside down, run by the New York Times and Carlos Slim.
Let's just pull this sign down right here.
What the hell?
Do you think this is America?
White people are not okay.
Is that clear, boy?
Look at her.
She'll show your ass.
Look at that.
I guess she kind of gets that gunslinger stance after she pulls it down.
She can't wait.
She's like, yeah, why?
I'm a good person.
First Amendment.
I'm gonna wipe my big old butt with that right now.
Hey, boy.
God, we're screwed.
Call the police immediately!
We got people exercising free speech around here.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, I'm going to end up hosting the fourth hour of the Roger Stone coming up, because there's a bunch of stuff I was going to play that I think is so incredibly important.
And all of it ties in.
We've got Obama-appointed judge who's signaled she's going to overturn the Georgia election, even though the Republicans won by 58,000 votes.
And the Democrats have found all these trucks full of ballots that, of course, it'll be just like Florida, just like Arizona, just like California.
She'll be given the win.
And then I've got another article here.
It's on Infowars.com.
Hillary's henchwoman heads Mueller's probe of Stone.
And then this wasn't even in the news.
They don't even say this.
But Tyler Nixon, Roger's lawyer, gets called in.
And he's there.
And sure enough, here she comes in running it.
Jeannie Ray.
Now, the Democrats Again, are engaged in that type of behavior, but then coming up with Roger Stone, and we're going to go to our guest to finish up.
Now you've got the Maryland Attorney General, the California Attorney General, the Chief Counsel of San Francisco with all its filthy tentacles, always reaching out trying to shut us down, and that's really like the capital of Satan's empire, to remove The new acting AG saying Trump has no authority, when a two-year-old, okay, maybe a four-year-old, could read Article 2, Section 2, grants the President the power to appoint ambassadors, and he's got his cabinet, all of it, and he's got 210 days until even that has to start the process.
If Democrats block it, he can stay there for years.
Domestic Affairs, and that's the Appointments Clause.
This is just like, though, when they filed all these suits saying the President under the Constitution couldn't control the borders.
That's an express thing with the President.
He can ban people from whole countries he wants, whatever.
That's the power of the Presidency and the Constitution.
But notice all the courts ruled against him until he got to the Supreme Court, and they said, yeah, 2 plus 2 equals 4, but barely.
And so that's why this country is so close to the edge, why they want to remove Trump.
They're even talking about saying Kavanaugh isn't legitimate, just like they're saying Whitaker isn't legitimate.
And they're pulling that out of their rear end, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, this is, everything they're doing is breaking the social contract and is lawless.
But when a bunch of lawlessness is being carried out, it is basically a form of martial law by this mafia.
And so they keep saying they're worried Trump will declare martial law.
Well, they've already basically done it.
And so we are rapidly approaching that point of, do you run up the white flag and leave the country?
Do you just hope some indictments happen?
Or do you punish these arrogant sycophants like Hillary?
I mean, these out-of-control people?
Or, I mean, what does the President do when you're faced with this?
Governments stay behind networks from the Democrats.
And I don't want to say Democrats.
I mean, deep state.
They've got them in both parties.
Making their move, sabotaging the president, trying to drive down the economy.
Maxine Waters says when she gets control of the committee that deals with finance and jobs, she's going to derail everything.
And you see the stock market start going down.
This is really a criminal takeover.
Well, if you're a Democrat or a Republican, if you're a Christian, you have discernment.
You know, our guest is a Democrat from Louisiana, but he's a pro-Second Amendment guy and a patriot.
Now, I was already familiar with his work.
The book, Robert Mueller, John Milkovich.
He's written Robert Mueller, Aaron Boer, The New World Order.
People can find that on his website.
You'll have to come back or go on one of our other shows and do a whole hour just on Part 2, the modern stuff, which a lot of us know about.
But just in a minute or two, or three minutes or so, we have time left.
Other points you want to say about Mueller?
Because I'm not going to say, oh, we're tough guys, we're macho guys, we're going up against Mueller.
I've basically been in D.C.
at some of the biggest law firms and groups, and they literally say, man, you're crazy.
Robert Mueller is a killer.
He's vengeful.
No, I know Hillary's evil.
I know Mueller's evil.
It's all these men that just think it's tough to act tough, but when it comes time to have moral courage, they have done, and I can't help it.
In fact, my guts You know, at a certain level, don't like going up against Hillary and flying airplanes everywhere saying Hillary for president, lock her up, we launched all that.
At a gut level, I know it's dangerous.
But at another gut level, we're going to lose our entire culture and our society if we don't start standing up.
I mean, there's no end to these crazy people.
My line in the sand is they want to teach five-year-olds that they're not a boy or girl.
My line in the sand is they want to say my kids belong to the state.
My bottom line is they want to say churches can't preach the gospel.
I mean, my God, these people are crazy!
I mean, doesn't Robert Mueller and all these crooks know they just can't keep trying to enslave us forever?
So bottom line, I'm going to get a few other points with you.
What was your line in the sand?
Because I know you do a lot of stuff that's, quote, controversial to the establishment.
I just think that as we look I came across multiple articles and documentaries by different journalists talking about specific episodes of corruption by Robert Mueller.
But I kept coming after episode, after episode, after episode.
At one point, I thought, you know, someone needs to try to bring the corruption together.
We have not exhausted it.
We haven't even talked today about the fact that Mueller went to the United States Congress and the American people and lied and said we need wall-to-wall, 24-7, Total surveillance of all Americans.
We need your phone conversations, your emails, your faxes, your texts, in order to stop 9-11, which was another lie.
And now they've used that to politically persecute patriots and outsiders.
Really, independence is what Trump is, trying to fix the country.
Really, I mean, Trump, from my research, is really getting up there at bat.
He believes if he just turns the economy back on and acts like a decent president that America would unify.
But sadly, I'm not sure... America may be so diseased by the mainstream media that I'm not sure we're not too far gone at some point.
It's very sad.
Well, and I do think that what's happening...
And there is what we call an epic disconnect between the Robert Mueller that's presented in the mainstream media and his biography.
His biography is corruption, callousness, and carelessness with the truth.
So when you look at that dichotomy, so that's number one, the absolute discrepancy or chasm between the presentation and the reality.
And secondly, the fact that where do we find that he has the moral or moral credibility or integrity or character to conduct an investigation of this constitutional and historical magnitude?
He does not.
It's hard to conceive of anyone in America that would be less ethically qualified to conduct this investigation into
President Trump.
And I'll reiterate, and I think you, this is a theme of your media presentation, Alex,
I applaud you for it.
Donald Trump is an outsider.
The globalists don't like him because he's standing up for an independent, sovereign, and free America.
Mueller is no patriot.
He's an anti-patriot.
He's trampling the Constitution in investigation after investigation after investigation.
The truth is collateral damage.
It's like a football game that never ends, but I care a thousand times more.
And we just see Trump trying to bring the country back, trying to bring people together, and then everything that the mainstream media says about him is really what they're doing.
And just the increasing the lies and increasing the hate, it just surprises me that they've found enough people to be obstructionist and to lie like this.
It just really scares me about how truly immoral The media class is.
You know, Alex, this is my perception, and I may be wrong.
You may disagree with me, but there is a generational chasm in perceptions about President Trump.
Our generation, I hate to say publicly how old I am, but let me say I'm certainly north of 40.
Is seeing this president and this presidency much different than people that are in their teens, twenties and thirties?
And of course I think it's the educational system in America that's been given to Common Core and the socialists have taken over and the agendas and my goodness we have to be in the classroom.
Well sure because after all the corruption, the whole corrupt system's coming after him and it's so obvious he's a lion surrounded by hyenas and then people are just, some of them are rejecting it even though it's obviously good for them.
I just think in our age group, there is a strong, critical mass of people that understand that this president, for all of his mistakes and errors, and the only perfect man that we know of was nailed to a tree, we know that, but I really get the fact that he loves America, and I think we need to pray For the president to connect with ethnic minorities to a greater degree than ever before.
And I think he's doing that.
We need to pray for him to connect more and more strongly with not only with ethnic minorities, but Democrats, independents.
And we and I was thinking about this the other day.
It's even ironic that he gets criticized for hating the Muslims.
It's not actually even true.
What he has done is he's, number one, he said, I don't want jihadists in America.
That's not anti-Muslim.
That's anti-jihadist.
And number two, he says that if the Muslim jihadists are torturing and murdering people in the Mideast, we're going to take them on right where they are and wipe them off the face of the map.
This president, Hold on, hold on.
Do five more minutes.
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Oh, Oliver.
I hate free speech, too!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
If you are receiving this translation, you are the resistance.
Alright, final segment with John Milkovich and then I've got Roger Stone.
When I say big news, we're going to cover the waterfront.
Because there's a lot of news I needed to get to and some breaking news I haven't.
But I got to say, I don't want to say it's depressing to be reminded of all the crimes Robert Mueller's, I would say Mueller-Mueller's committed.
It's just the fact that, why would we have such horrible people in there?
And then Trump comes in, and I know what Trump's up to.
I know the details.
No lobbyists, no corruption, no crap.
I mean, Trump is just a straight shooter.
Now, he's hard as nails on the level, but he just can't see this hate of America and flushing it down the toilet.
And I can tell you, he's been a Christian, but his faith has gotten much stronger, and he's been changed by all this.
And his wife, obviously, is a driving force in that.
They always act like she isn't supportive.
It's the opposite.
He wasn't going to run, except Melania said, you got to do it.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
And Trump did get recruited by patriots who knew what was going on five years ago.
They said, you got to do it.
They were looking at taking Obama out.
And then they made the decision to try to relaunch the Republican, turn the economy on and all this stuff.
And it's just, it's going to be a mess.
I'm telling you, civil war folks, we don't fix this peacefully.
And that's why I'm willing to stick it out there because the future is so horrible.
I mean, we're talking nuclear war and stuff.
Hillary was going to start wars.
We've got three minutes left.
You were getting into Lyft during the break.
Praying for the president.
Where all this is going.
Gut-level state senator.
Author of Robert Mueller.
Aaron Boyd for the New World Order.
John Milkovich.
Closing comments.
Well, you know, Alex, I want to thank you so much for your very courageous contributions to the public debate and bring into the fore the fact that there is corruption in this country and that some of the people that are represented, as I say in the book, that Robert Mueller is depicted as an on-time press white shirt, Eagle Scout, Dudley Do-Right, just the opposite is true.
And thank goodness for you and others like you that have the courage.
We're able to go ahead and really Expose the fact that he's a schemer, he's an operator, and he has been for at least 30 years.
And I want to close with this, if I may.
You know, this book could be depressing because we see this man has this amazing power.
So powerful and yet so very corrupt.
It's very threatening to the Republic.
But the really encouraging thing about this is the fact that so many writers and investigators, and by the way, we quote your investigative team, and federal agents and soldiers and veterans and the victims, the families of the victims of 9-11 have come forward and brought this information.
I think this is a great book, not because I was involved, But because of all the people that sacrificed much and risked everything to bring these facts to the fore.
And that's what we try to do, is compile the very courageous findings and investigative results of other folks.
And we're going to continue to pray for you, Alex.
We're going to continue to pray for our president, for Roger.
I've never met him.
I'm referring to him by his first name.
I've never met him.
And Dr. Corsi.
You know, it's very important that y'all have had the backbone to bring these issues to the fore.
Well, thank you.
When I say depressing, it feels good to know you're there and the book's there and other people are standing up.
It's beyond depressing.
It's like it's an object.
It's a creature in our way that's threatening our whole existence that is an abomination.
And then they add the sickening gravy or the icing of the worship of him.
And I see grown men scared of him.
And the fact that he's tried to set me up about liberty to get into it.
All of it.
And that they obsess over me and I know I'm totally innocent.
And that he's delivering uranium on tarmacs.
To the Russians.
To the Russians.
Is that Russian collusion?
Taking highly enriched uranium?
Don't hold your breath waiting for the mainstream media to report that.
I just want to see him indicted.
And you know, if I have to put myself in danger to make sure that he gets brought to justice, so be it.
But I'll tell these guys something.
You know, they really have been breaking the rules of chivalry.
And I really am concerned for everybody if this goes much further.
Because I can tell you, there are a lot of people that aren't going to put up with this stuff anymore.
It's just that simple.
Thank you so much, Senator, for coming on.
We look forward to speaking to you again.
God bless.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you very much.
We'll be back with Roger Stone, ladies and gentlemen.
We are living in epic times.
That word gets overused, but this is an epic time.
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When I was summoned from Montgomery, I had my guitar on my back.
When a stranger stopped beside me in an antique Cadillac.
He was dressed like 1950, half drunk and hollow-eyed.
He said it's a long walk to Nashville, would you like to ride?
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
He sat down in the front seat, he turned on the radio, and them sad old songs coming out of them speakers was solid country gold.
All right, Roger has a really good personal friend who's very, very close to the president joining us to give you really big intel.
And so, I was gonna ride shotgun for the whole hour, but I have a lot of news you don't do with Roger, but I'm gonna duck out here at this segment.
He has several big guests coming on.
People probably noticed I'm a lot calmer today.
It's because things are so bad.
It just really makes me take a few steps back and the fact that this isn't just cut and dry that we back Trump and back the country and back success and back God and just to realize that it's not just something that's part of the operating system of Democrats at the national level and the globalists, but it's who their people are.
They have so converted the average Democrat, the average leftist really, into an America hater that The 9th Circuit ruled years ago that you can't wear American flags in schools in those districts on the West Coast.
It's a symbol of hate.
That the President's saying it's okay to have a nation and be proud of America and they say that's white supremacy.
And to have Macron say the greatest form of patriotism is not having a nation.
And then you're just absorbed into some big global government that's absolutely evil and pays no taxes, but you pay great taxes.
I mean, it's just a joke!
But they use the power of consensus with all the news channels and all the newspapers going, look, Jim Acosta didn't touch the White House intern.
Alex Jones faked it.
Infowars faked it.
Paul Watson faked it.
And you're like, it's the real video.
There it is.
But it's gaslighting.
And it's a psychological tactic.
And then I see this little gem.
You've now got Maryland, San Francisco, State of California, Attorney Generals.
Whitaker's appointment as Acting Attorney General is unlawful, Maryland says.
The government.
Attorney General.
And then even mainstream news goes, well, this is a new legal theory.
No one's ever said this.
And then we have the U.S.
That's totally clear.
In Article 2, Section 1, the Power of Appointment.
Here it is right here.
Article 2, Section 2.
Grant's Clause.
The Power of Appointing.
And it has to be approved by Congress, but he's got 210 days.
Totally normal!
But it's just like they said, he can't ban people from six countries that don't issue passports.
You know, Somalia doesn't have airports, folks.
But Imams will issue a passport.
And people show up to fly into the U.S.
out of Tunisia, who are known terrorists with a fake passport that's written on a piece of paper his imam gave him.
These are countries that sell women in sex markets.
Think about that.
And then all the Democrat courts said it's terrible.
Yes, we're striking it down until we get the Supreme Court.
They said, of course you can do that.
That's how crazy this is.
Just like the Republicans got 58,000 more votes in Georgia over the loony Democrat, and they've got a federal judge appointed by Obama who signaled she's going to overturn the election and have a runoff.
And they just, so Roger, you're going to take over here, get some big guests, but tidbits, they've got until what, Friday, or tomorrow, Thursday, with Florida, you're in Broward County, we've got Matt Gaetz saying that they're testing, what you said last week, the steel of 2020 here.
They're saying if Trump challenges any of this known fraud, he's a dictator, and wants martial law.
It's the Democrats that are already acting as a lawless group, seizing power in a criminal coup, basically, via the elections and everywhere else.
And at a certain point, I've said this, the President has to have a nationwide address, bring all this out, say, we really won the election, show the evidence.
They said that Hillary really won when she did, but didn't with no evidence.
So, I mean, I think it's coming down to, if the Democrats already put us into a civil emergency, the threat level they're at of lawlessness, at a certain point, I don't think half measures with Whitaker are enough here.
I mean, I think Trump must go on the thermonuclear, and I don't mean literally, but he has to go nuclear option.
The Democrats have said, we don't like America, America can't exist, America's bad, America was never great.
They are now completely converted to working for foreign powers.
And that's not an overstatement.
Anything else is a lie.
We are in total meltdown crisis.
As I predicted, we got a beachhead with Trump.
I said the counter offensive is going to be absolutely incredible.
And you know, I'm not up here trying to punch the globals in the nose every day just to
just act tough.
I understand the clear and present danger to everything if we don't.
And I'm sick of their bullying, I'm sick of their intimidation, I'm sick of their lies, and they are just escalating things into a very dangerous zone.
I mean, I can't help it, man.
The areas of my brain that are starting to turn on, it is not good, Roger.
Well, I must say this, Alex, I'm becoming increasingly confident about Florida.
The real dichotomy here is pretty clear.
The Democrats are saying count every vote, and the Republicans are saying count every legal vote.
As each day goes by, the shenanigans of Brenda Snipes and the Broward County Board of Elections become more apparent to anybody who will look at it objectively.
We're going to have a special report on The War Room later today regarding the latest evidence of fraud at the Broward County Board of Elections under Ms.
But the most significant development today, Alex, is that it turns out President Donald Trump consulted the Department of Justice prior to the appointment of Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, and the department told him the appointment was valid and perfectly legal, and they cited 160 other instances as precedent.
So, all of that hand-wringing, all of that jumping up and down and screaming by Chuck Schumer and Congressman Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff and these other parties... I mean, if Trump takes a breath, or if Trump trims his fingernails, it's a crime.
They are just obstructing and lying about everything.
That's my point.
They are clearly and presently saying, when they get in control of the House and Senate finance committees and other areas, they're going to sabotage the economy.
I mean, at a certain point, we can't just sit here and take their criminal activity anymore.
And that's what I'm saying, Roger.
Well, the good news, of course, is that they only control one House of Congress.
They do not control the Senate.
They do not control the White House.
But they're lawlessly running around, engaging in all sorts of crime.
Look, what does Whitaker need to do?
I mean, we need to, they have ample evidence to indict Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Those two want to kill the President.
They're already criminals.
So let's just take the gloves off and indict their asses right now.
Well, I think that Acting Attorney General Whitaker should exercise his power to appoint a special prosecutor in the matter of Uranium One.
That is the largest treasonous crime in U.S.
We've talked about it extensively.
And they're trying to run out the statute of limitations, but there's been new crimes involved lying about it, so there isn't no statute.
Well, the money continues to flow, therefore I would argue that the conspiracy is ongoing, and therefore there is no statute of limitations.
Also, there are no statute of limitations whatsoever on treason.
and this is treasonous activity. If you want to hit the deep state right where it hurts, if you
want to expedite the indictment of Bill and Hillary Clinton and all of their cohorts,
including Mr. Mueller and perhaps the former president, then a real investigation into
Uranium One, I think, is the appropriate move by the U.S.
Consulate General.
He also basically ran Jeffrey Epstein and the whole pedo op, I mean, Mr. Mueller, he needs to be massively investigated because we know he is an arch-criminal, worse than anything in a Batman comic, and it's just... Robert Mueller is unbelievable, and we've been exposing him today.
I know you've got the latest on you as well, Roger, and Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Well, it turns out they're saying they're going to indict because he wouldn't lie about Roger Stones.
It turns out that Corsi is quite the guy for not rolling over.
I think Corsi's a great guy.
I never thought he would.
But then he's having so many health problems, I thought they might... Who knows?
Do what?
Torture him?
Who knows?
There's only five days left on the 67% mega blowout sale at Infowarstore.com.
only five days left in store-wide free shipping.
When you report fake news, which CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the
You know, a long time ago, when I'd go on the radio and TV and talk about world government, the plan to microchip the population, the plan to have an EU army invade countries that try to leave it, and the plan to flood our nation with huge migrant caravans, people thought, man, this guy's really severe.
But is it true?
Even though I would be on air showing people documents and UN reports and Council on Foreign Relations reports and the proof.
Well now all that information we covered decades ago has come true.
And so our credibility is pretty high.
So the establishment wants us off the air at any cost.
Because we're telling people the next chapter of what's coming.
Live every day from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
just on my show.
You got David Knight and the David Knight Show performing in the morning at 8 a.m.
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We're trying to expand to go at least 20 hours a day.
They're trying to block that.
And you've seen our information change the world because you supported InfoWars.
We have been able to expose the globalists and let people know there's an alternative to their hegemonic system of absolute despotism.
But to do that, we have to fund ourselves.
And you've seen them systematically take our advertisers, not let us advertise online, kick us off PayPal, kick us off Facebook, kick us off Twitter, kick us off YouTube, and over a hundred other platforms now where they're even targeting the software companies.
They're doing audits throughout the system, finding, by contacting companies, who we've actually bought things from to try to shut us down.
That's because we are on target.
We are exposing the globalist paradigm.
We're exposing their main operation.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, again, Roger has two special guests coming up in the next two segments.
One of them a close confidant of the president to try to get a take on how the president's doing under all these attacks.
It seems to only make him stronger.
All he's trying to do is restore the republic, be a decent president for everybody.
And it shows you how far gone our country was by globalists and foreign special interests that believe they have full control of this nation.
They believe they own it, that they are now saying you can't even say the nation exists or you're bad.
Not just here at home, but the President goes to France and gets told how bad he is, and that nation states are bad, and that true patriotism is not believing in your nation.
That is truly 1984 come true.
But Roger, I have a message to the President, and I'm going to shoot it here in the next few days and make sure it gets to him, and make sure it gets to Don Jr.
And I think the President already knows this, but I He seems to like it when he gets a sounding board and kind of gets, you know, the same analysis back.
Especially when it's exactly what he's already thinking.
Trump understands that they're going to destroy him if they're able to.
He's now in a death battle.
He's now in a total battle.
Total struggle.
And his whole name is tied to this now.
And he's either going to come out as the new George Washington 2.0, or he will be destroyed.
And the country along with him.
Which is the Global's plan regardless.
He stepped in the way of this train for us.
Whereas the globalists were sealing the vault door on us, imprisoning America in this globalist tomb.
He stuck his foot in the door.
They're smashing it off and he's saying, hey, everybody help me.
Help me.
I can't hold the door much longer.
And you and I are in that position.
We're not heroes.
But we metaphysically have to do this because we are truly loyal to the country and we're loyal to our ancestors and we're loyal to being honorable individuals.
And that's why it's so hard to be called dishonorable by the dishonorable press.
Who works for these absolutely wicked people who basically have no soul.
Like Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton and others.
And we know Hillary's going to run for office.
She controls the party, she controls the foundations.
But also, I know people that have been at the meetings when she's there in the last two months with Michelle Obama and Obama and it's a done deal.
And now they may change it, but right now it's a done deal.
And I got contacted by high-level folks, and then I got a visit saying, you need to cover this, this is real.
Notice now she's saying, oh yes, I may run now.
Because she sees the signal of the weakness of the Republicans.
Not going after this election fraud, and keeping these election areas open, and breaking all these rules.
They see that as a green light, as a dress rehearsal, as Congressman Matt Gaetz has said.
We'll play that Matt Gaetz clip here in a moment.
And so we're faced with such naked criminality that it seems radical if we get really aggressive politically, economically, and through the criminal justice system.
But this is self-defense.
So if we don't get really aggressive, and if the president doesn't get really aggressive, I know he's surrounded by a bunch of cowards, he's trying to get some good people in now.
We're doomed.
And now it's beyond the country.
These globalists are so bad, it's about the whole planet and what they'll do seizing America.
So, it's now gut check time to decide what side of history we're on, for the military, the police, everybody.
And I'm not trying to give orders here, I don't know exactly what we should do.
I'm just saying, the death con has gone up.
We are in a really bad situation here, and if they get left alone to engage in these crimes, they're going to double it again, and then that's going to trigger a giant conflagration, which I don't want.
I just want the globalists and all their stolen money to stop trying to strangle the country in a pissing contest, but they're mad dogs, and you know in criminology, Psychopaths and others, at first are more skilled, but then as they get away with it, they get more emboldened because subconsciously, their conscious is evil, part of their subconscious is evil too, but the basic human programming still in them wants them to destroy themselves.
Wants them to kill themselves, because they're not good for humanity.
So that's why these psychos sabotage themselves, is because their own body is trying to stop them.
Well, so all I'm saying is we're giving license to all this and it's time to really get aggressive.
I don't know exactly what that is, but I'm telling the president he has my full backing for whatever needs to be done.
You know, Alex, I think the prospects for victory are absolutely zero unless we have a fully accessible Internet.
The Internet was the vehicle that allowed Donald Trump to pull off the most improbable victory in American political history.
The internet has driven this truth-telling revolution, which is why Infowars is in the
crosshairs and why the internet-based censorship by the tech left cost us in the last election.
The single most important thing anybody can do right now to back up the president is to
go to writetrump.com and help us here at Infowars deliver one million letters to the president.
He has no chance of victory if he does not have a level playing field on the internet.
We've seen that graphically in the last election.
And now it's time for action.
So if you are teed off, if you're angry, if you're upset about these elections, if you're worried about 2020, if you're furious at the left and their announcement of 85 individual investigations into Donald Trump and you want to do something about it, now is your chance.
Go to RightTrump.com.
Help Alex Jones, help me, help yourself, help InfoWars, help the entire pro-freedom, internet-based movement, and end the net censorship so that we can compete in the marketplace of ideas.
There is no more important thing for the President to do is to guarantee his ability to communicate in the coming fight.
If he cripples himself, as he allowed us to be crippled in the last election, then surely the future of his presidency, the prospects of his reform agenda, his prospects for re-election, indeed his legacy, can be flushed.
If, on the other hand, we have a free, open, robust, and vibrant internet where InfoWars is unfettered, I believe we will win because we have truth on our side.
And let me add this.
Congressman Schiff, who will now run the Intelligence Committee in the House, He has said he's going to investigate how Trump's been mean to Jeff Bezos, who literally gets $48,000 in taxpayer money for each employee he has, more than they're paid in many cases.
That's all over DrugsReport.com today.
This guy who owns the Washington Post and who's openly trying to literally destroy mainstream, this guy, they're about to turn it around like Trump's being mean to the press and Trump's being mean to Jeff Bezos.
This is like saying the allies are being mean to Hitler.
So he has to go on the offense.
The lame duck Congress the next two months, it needs to get angry and also point out the election fraud.
The Democrats said the election was illegitimate with no proof.
We have evidence that the Republicans actually stayed in.
So the combination of fraud and First Amendment suppression Voter suppression, election meddling did this.
So let's go on the offense.
I gotta say, Congressman Matt Gaetz has been on fire as of late.
So have others.
I think Jim Jordan should get the leadership position in the House.
What do you think?
I totally agree.
We need a firebrand like Jim Jordan.
What we don't need is an old-fashioned establishment, blue-blood, go-along-to-get-along Republican.
It's time to fight.
The Trump majority coalition in the country is still the majority, and we can win the 2020 election, and we can enact the rest of his agenda, but not without A clamp on internet censorship.
That's right.
We said 2018 was the most important election in world history.
2020, if we lose, could be the last election because the globalists want nuclear war.
They're not going to allow freedom.
They're going to sew it all up.
This is America's brightest, but also darkest hour.
Whatever you do, spread the live links and get around.
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