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Air Date: Nov. 8, 2018
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In the Alex Jones Show, Alex Jones discusses censorship of InfoWars and urges listeners to stay informed despite attempts to silence him. He covers current events, conspiracy theories, and promotes various products available in the Infowars store. Jones criticizes the media for their coverage of the Mueller investigation and accuses them of being part of the deep state. He also discusses alleged plots by the deep state against Donald Trump and the Republican party. ---


Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Well, for two weeks, I have doubled the guards at the office and at my house, and I said, look for Antifa to start doxing prominent conservatives and Fox News personalities, ahead of them launching their full armed assault
...on conservative and libertarian and nationalist leaders, and that will all be a prelude to the assassination of the president.
Let's just say, I've got the Pentagon and other people's attention predicting all of this, but it's not hard to do.
We have the entire enemy battle plan.
And I've been on the phone with leading individuals today, laying out exactly what move they're going to make next.
I told people last night, they're going to mobilize in every city, Antifa terror squads, who are only the decoys, to probe defenses at people's homes, offices and infrastructures.
Then, once the targets have been basically lathed in a low-tech fashion, then the real teams, MS-13, Hezbollah, and others that openly are being used as an auxiliary army by the deep state here in the United States, with plausible deniability, can begin to hit targets.
So maximum red alert, ladies and gentlemen, maximum red alert.
They have foreign paramilitary teams.
They have MS-13.
They have Hezbollah inside the United States publicly working with the Democrats.
They have the professor class that's the Antifa class.
They are the group that again are just organizing the patsies at the lower level in case they ever lose or things fall apart.
They have plausible deniability.
I have all the total proof when we come back from break.
Now, what did I say three months ago that got me, quote, banned off Twitter?
I said Antifa is preparing to come to your homes if you're in your ice, if you're somebody like Tucker Carlson.
I actually talked about Tucker Carlson in the 25-minute video.
And I said, that's just first level.
After that, you need to have your battle rifles ready to defend yourself because that means the threat level goes way up and it shows that the globalists have at least taken the safety off and put their finger on the trigger or the detonator to go to a hot war here in the United States.
This is a maximum total red alert.
Trump started getting rid of Sessions, getting rid of the deep state double agents,
He's got an acting Attorney General in here that is a patriot, a hundred percent, and it says he's ready to move against them, even in op-eds in USA Today.
Acting AG says he would indict Hillary and many others.
We have them.
So they are now going to make their move, ladies and gentlemen.
This is it.
And you go to InfoWars.com, 900 groups mobilized.
And who mobilized them?
The former
Attorney General put out tweets and is quoted in MoveOn.org.
Who's the main funder of that?
You guessed it.
George and Alexander Soros.
Soros is beginning to fade a bit at 89, but it's now Alexander in command.
And it's just incredible.
We have secret documents that were again obtained earlier this year.
That showed their previous battle plans to cause civil emergencies and martial law.
Those plans in 2015 failed.
But we have them.
We have their blueprints.
We have their battle plans.
We would be completely and totally maniac-level stupid, ladies and gentlemen, if we did not get this information out.
Separately, you've got Ruth Bader Ginsburg falling down and breaking three ribs.
You've got reports that the Pope and the Italian media is imminently about to resign.
We have got the war vet Slaughter's Twelve at the Borderline Bar who reportedly had PTSD.
I saw the horrible footage.
When I got up this morning, I thought, man, those people are all in really good shape.
Their shirts are all off.
They've all got Marine Corps tattoos on their chest and things.
And it was basically a Marine Corps hangout bar.
And I guess somebody dissed this guy or something.
And look, they started doing the instinctive killing training in about the 60s.
And when people go haywire with that training, it kills the inhibition and our hearts go out to everybody.
This story itself, compared to Antifa activating the terror cells, and the shadow government army activating, is the big news.
We could just be hours away from paramilitary hits across the country.
So, ladies and gentlemen, get your firearms out and ready to defend yourself.
You need to support independent media that's under attack.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
This is a total 100% maximum alert for the Republic, for you and your family, and for the entire world.
The United States has been in a cold civil war with globalist forces and patriotic, loyal to the Republic forces.
I have tracked George Soros, the Deep State, Eric Holder, and Obama.
And MSNBC and CNN promoting and preparing Antifa in the last decade for what they're now doing.
Mobs of them in 900 areas in the United States under moveon.org command of George Soros and Alexander Soros.
...are now going to go to conservatives, Christians, libertarians, prominent people's homes, lawmakers' homes and businesses, to bang on the windows, to break down doors, in the case of Tucker Carlson's home, cracking and crushing in the door, saying, we got pipe bombs, we're here, we're gonna get ya!
You think you're safe?
It's all here.
But they're only preparing so that they get the blame later.
But it's really going to be Hezbollah, the Iranian forces allied with Obama.
That's the deal.
And it's going to be MS-13, because they have plausible deniability.
They have killers that are ready to follow orders, ready to be given targets.
So I'm telling you right now, ladies and gentlemen, this is it.
They also have some leftist veterans, but it's very, very hard for them to find people that are competent, who are U.S.
citizens, that will engage in the type of evil.
Now, I have stacks of news proving all this.
The main leader of the Antifa group, directly funded by Alexander Soros, we have the documents, we have the newscast, I literally have like 25 mainstream articles about this right here.
He is the one that says, kill all white people.
He's white.
He says,
Kill Pence, kill the Trump family.
He is the group commander that sent the people in to go after Ted Cruz.
And he is the person in command of the group who's allowed to operate on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of followers to send people to Tucker Carlson's house.
It's this group.
I'm going to say that again.
The leader, or you mean the idiot moron Patsy that has no idea that he's being set up.
Known as Pencil Neck or Pez Dispenser Man by Paul Watson.
In the card deck, he's known as the Moron Patsy, the sucker.
You know, the guy that's gonna get the fall for this.
He is all over the news and the media's like, yeah, he's a good guy.
Kill all cops, kill all white people.
What he wants for Christmas is dead cops.
What he wants is, you know, kill Mike Pence.
And he hasn't gotten in any trouble because the Justice Department
Because the Justice Department was controlled by his bosses.
Eric Holder commands this group.
I have mainstream news.
Eric Holder is in command right now with Hillary and Obama and Alexander Soros of these groups.
He is the idiot that then goes out and gives the public order.
So I'm going to say that again.
The people that came to Tucker Carlson's house, more than 40 of them, that blocked the street, wouldn't let cars in or out, who took control,
They're routinely at the house alone.
They were not there.
They were about to get back.
But his wife was there and thought a home intruders were coming in and had to get in the pantry.
Of course, in DC, you really can't even have a gun.
We won the Supreme Court ruling, but it hasn't happened yet.
So imagine, this is a group run by someone saying, I want to kill all the conservatives.
Go read his tweets, read his statements, watch his videos.
He's a New York professor.
Pencil neck.
And then when these groups show up at your house, ladies and gentlemen, understand they are run by people that say they want to kill you.
And I committed the big cardinal sin three months ago when I said they're going to activate Antifa groups to go threaten people at their houses and then Antifa will be set up and it's going to be Hezbollah and it's going to be
MS-13 groups that are involved, maybe even some Chi-Con groups.
And it upset the leftist arm of the CIA so much that I reverse-engineered every piece of their operation and studied other covert operations that they run in other parts of the world, that I exactly laid out exactly their blueprint.
Because I had all the pieces, they were already there.
And that's why they said, oh it's so scary, he's saying kill the media, get him off, take the video down.
It was an emergency message to the president.
I didn't say that.
I said, they come to your house, the first wave will just say that we know where you live, but the next wave is to kill you.
A paramilitary attack.
Not by pencil neck, not by their 900 groups going out.
They are simply being set up as the patsies.
And they don't want Antifa, the meth heads, and all the rest of them to hear this and know this.
They don't want me up here blowing their whole operation like I always do.
And I'm not bragging, but ladies and gentlemen, this is what I do.
And I'm almost never wrong.
And now I'm proven right again.
So this country is in a maximum total red alert.
Now, who's above this guy?
Who funds him?
Alexander Soros.
Who's above that?
Eric Holder.
The former Attorney General is in command.
And his people were still in command.
Inside the Justice Department.
And Trump just went... Rosenstein has no more power.
A new AG is on top of him.
And these guys are scared.
And they should be, because they have gone for broke, they have overthrown so many countries, they have engaged in the Arab Spring, they have looted society to the hilt, and now they are being resisted and they don't know what to do, so they've dispatched 900 scumbag groups to go out and get it on the news, where the house is, to create hysteria, to create fear, to get other copycats to go in, to create a fog of war, so when the establishment's ready,
In the dead of night, like a ringwraith, to pull their sword.
No one knows.
They're an expert coming in.
Well, I just told you!
And the enemy specifically cannot stand that report, because it is dead on.
In fact, it was taken off Twitter, YouTube, everywhere.
Let's find that report.
I know we have the full thing.
Let's upload that.
This is the emergency broadcast exposing the Antifa detonation of the Civil War.
Again, we're not facing an Antifa army.
We're facing them as the detonator.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have so many other huge stories here.
The Attorney General gone, the Deep State, QAnon, blown into a trillion pieces of the fraud it was.
And I'm not being mean to people that followed it or liked it, you know, it's, oh, there's this secret thing and everything's handled and Sessions is good.
No, he's not.
I've talked to the highest levels who told me, no, is Sessions good?
No, Sessions is not.
So, I'm a famous, well-known person that does talk to the highest levels of the government.
But then some mysterious thing over here is telling you all this is going on, so everything's okay.
Stick with the program.
You know, don't question.
We all go one way, everybody else goes with it.
All this BS, okay?
Trump is under attack.
America is under attack.
Trump is like a lion surrounded by hyenas trying to bring the country back.
And the enemy and the globalists and the foreign money and the censorship and all of it is coming down like a wrecking ball.
The only way Trump could go after big tech was with the Justice Department.
And that's why the enemy is now going to make their move.
Trump isn't going to play nice guy anymore.
He knows they're gunning for him with made-up crap for his son.
They're gunning for Stone.
They're gunning for me, because we're American patriots that'll line up and fight.
And they know it.
Nothing special.
We're just people that'll line up and defend the country.
We're not traitors.
By the way, what you're seeing here, people go, Oh God, Alex, we thank you.
You're so wonderful.
You're so great.
Listen, this is what we're all supposed to be doing here.
This is normal response to multinational forces with a bunch of thug brown shirts they've mobilized to try to intimidate us to take our country over.
Roger Stone on Tuesday night, he said, you must fire the AG now.
You must do it in the morning.
Well, Trump let him know in the morning, and now time is of the essence, ladies and gentlemen.
When I come back, the media is framing this like, big deal, they went to his house, he's a racist.
They dehumanize you with that term.
We're going to show you this group, where the video of what they said to Tucker's family, what they did, how they terrorized his wife, how they banged on the windows and the doors.
And all the things they did.
And then we're going to show you the microcosm of where this goes from there.
We're going to look at the new acting A.G.
We're going to look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg falling down.
Archetypal image.
Another metaphor.
An omen of the deep state's fall.
But in its death throes, it is deadly dangerous.
You have the idea for this.
We delivered 100,000 signatures a year and a half ago to
It had a massive, massive effect and got it moving on the censorship.
But you have the idea of, this is a model others have used, it's a handwritten letter, they sign their name, they can print off a copy for free, they mail that, or they don't, we mail it for them.
So either it's two letters go out every time we do it, or one.
We're going to send one out regardless.
With the postage paid in an individual letter, one million of these to flood the White House.
I think we're going to send about $100,000 to Trump Tower in New York.
And it is almost a form of harassment, but we love the president.
We're doing him a favor.
I'm going to hammer the White House with a million of these.
I'm not playing games.
One million.
And I know you'll do it.
We did it last time.
Got 100,000 signatures in a week.
Then we printed them off, and we mailed them, and it showed up, and it was a big fiasco.
I don't like doing this.
I have to do it.
He's going to be knee-deep in these things.
If you take action, write Trump.com, sign your name on the letter to the President that we will mail for you directly to the President.
President Trump must understand the importance of putting a stop to this mass censorship of the service by big tech and initiate antitrust actions to end this racketeering and collusion by the big tech giants desperate to take back America.
I've already had top law firms write him three briefings.
I've already had them delivered.
I already know that he picked up on
Wait, if the EU and the UN are already regulating our internet because we haven't put regulations on saying there is no regulation, then we've allowed them to come in tacitly or by fiat or by vacuum and begin regulating.
He said that just a few days ago that he's looking at antitrust because especially because the outside powers are coming in and regulating because we're not.
You can have a prohibition regulation that says thou shall not.
With U.S.
government liability protection to those companies and trade threats back at the enemy.
So we've always protected free speech to the internet from the EU, from the shy cops.
Now that Obama removed those protections, it's allowed those to come in so they can come in with fines and regulations to bring our tech DARPA CIA command operation under their control.
That's what this is all about.
Make no mistake, that's what all these institutions are.
And so we're demanding the president retake control of U.S.
hardware in this modern fight, right?
Again, we know exactly where to hit the enemy.
Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise.
That's why they hate us.
We're loyal to America, we know what we're doing, and the enemy is completely and absolutely scared.
So go to RightTrump.com today, ladies and gentlemen.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
It hadn't even been a day
And George Soros' anti-folk Frankenstein doxxed members of the Fox News team and sent more than 40 thugs to the family home of Tucker Carlson.
Where they rammed in part of the door and said, we know where you live, we know where your children sleep.
It's a bunch of these videos, it's incredible.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've got the national media calling me for comments about Jim Acosta and Trump.
And did we doctor video and fake it that he pushed the woman or shoved the woman in the arm?
And I'm not even responding to that at this time because it's pure bull.
Paul Watson blew up the video.
He didn't doctor the video.
Anybody can go to the raw video and do that.
We'll do it next segment.
Paul Watson joins us.
And we've got the terrible shooting.
We've got all of this going on, but front and center, and our heart goes out to all those that have been maimed and killed.
Truly a tragedy.
12 dead in California.
The Country Music Nightclub.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg falling down, breaking three ribs.
She's on her way out.
She can't hold on.
She's been in a near-vegetative state for a long time.
Falling asleep in public.
She's gone.
She'll be gone in months.
Another big omen.
You've got
The Pope, in the Italian news, they're saying his resignation is imminent because of the pedophilia scandal.
We have incredible developments in the economy, unbelievable things happening on so many fronts, but the most important thing I can say to you today is this.
I have studied how governments are overthrown, how strong nations are overthrown from within.
I've studied how Soros and the Globalists and the Leftist Deep State overthrew Ukraine four or five years ago.
I know how they engineered the Arab Spring to overturn our allies in Egypt and other areas.
And I've seen their own battle plans, and we've received secret Antifa blueprints that I'm going to show you here in a moment.
We got in January of this year, and we've received other secret blueprints.
And I suggest if you have family that's in Antifa, or you have neighbors that are in Antifa, it's time to do what you have to do to get the documents.
We're in a war now.
We're not going to attack people's houses.
We're not going to be violent.
But do what you think's best.
You need to get them and just get them out.
We need their current battle plans.
I've reverse-engineered them, and I'm gonna lay it out.
But this is, we need warrants.
This is a terrorist organization.
We need the police.
Local, state, and federal, you need to be getting your witnesses, and you need to be raiding Antifa now.
You need local prosecutions.
I mean, we have documents that show massive felony crimes being planned.
We have the leaders publicly saying, kill the Vice President.
Kill all law enforcement on site.
And he is in command of the group that went after Ted Cruz and now went to the home of Tucker Carlson.
Just the night before.
The Carlsons were out to dinner and their younger children were there alone.
Thank God they didn't come when they were alone.
His wife locked herself in the pantry in the kitchen.
She thought there was a home invasion because they crushed in the door screaming, we know where you sleep.
You are not safe.
We've got pipe bombs.
And I'll just leave it at that.
But I have, I'll just leave it at that.
I'm not gonna get into who I've been talking to.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is hardcore.
This is a probing action.
So let me do this right now.
Let me, document cam shot please.
Let me go over these articles so you understand what we're dealing with.
And remember what got me banned off Twitter.
Why they said I was calling for battle rivals against the media, which I didn't say.
Because the video was actually their blueprint using Antifa to trigger a civil war.
And it scared the hell out of them that it was exactly
What they're now doing.
They don't want that out.
They don't want somebody here on the rampart telling you, hey, there's people with a battering ram coming up to knock down the gate.
And now the gate's getting knocked down, ladies and gentlemen.
So, there were threatening me and my family.
Tucker Carlson's home targeted by protesters.
San Francisco Gate.
No, not by protesters, but by an international terror group funded by George Soros and his son and headed up by Eric Holder.
I'm going to show you that in a moment.
Protesters send messages to Tucker Carlson outside his home.
We know where you sleep at night.
No, that's not protesters.
That's a threat.
Terroristic threat.
Crushing in the door.
A mob showed up outside Tucker Carlson's house and ordered him to leave town.
Now it's a terroristic threat.
Now they're ordering him to leave.
Criminal orders.
Walking off the streets.
DC Antifa publishes home addresses of Tucker Carlson and his brother, as well as Ann Coulter.
Neil Patel and Sean Hannity, the people that are loyal to the country.
I told Tucker and others just two weeks ago, get ready after the election, that they would be at their house.
So as we continue, ladies and gentlemen, let me get to the other documents now.
This is the key area.
I just gave you some of what's currently happening.
Antifa mob descends on Tucker Carlson's home.
Red alert!
Tucker Carlson's home under siege by Antifa mob.
That was last night.
Emergency alert!
Dems promise Civil War of Sessions removed.
Attack Tucker Carlson's home afterwards.
Now here's the key.
The left is organizing response events in 900 U.S.
cities today to protest, they mean to terrorize and intimidate and lace targets, the firing of Jeff Sessions.
Michael Snyder article into theamericandream.com up on Infowars.com.
Moveon.org, that is a dispatch from Soros and Holder.
They admitting here and Holder has tweeted this out.
Nobody is above the law.
Mueller protection rapid response.
Protect your false prosecutor.
Protect your new fifth branch of government.
Protect the rogue group.
Protect the criminal group.
And they say, go out, get in their face, don't even let them get rid of A.G.
Antifa dot some addresses.
There it is.
Founder of group that harassed Ted Cruz tweeted about dead cops assassinating Mike Pence.
Go read it for yourself.
Antifa professor who bragged about teaching future dead cops complains about receiving threats.
Here's Eric Holder tweeting out that we're going to stand against what's happened.
Documents to tell plan for civil unrest, martial law in Baltimore.
This is the Rosetta Stone.
Alexander Soros' group is in command of this.
They sign pledges.
They're given action directives.
They're told what police in blue cities to work with trying to get blacks to riot to bring in quote civil emergency martial law.
Action code BW10418.
Comma 15.
Level 7.
Level 7.
This is an intelligence operation in our government.
Breakaway Griffith.
It's got all the signatures, all the sign-on by the officers.
They're going to attack this business, this trash can.
It's corporations that have already agreed, like McDonald's and Starbucks, to be in on it.
You always wonder why they attack that.
It's done all in agreement, all courted by the left.
Jack Dorsey, they're all involved.
That's why they're so scared, because I've got their number.
And it goes through the entire action plan and how to manipulate black urban populations, white professors in their
Disguises trying to get black people to riot with all the Hollywood movies about whites being racist right at the same time coming out and all the TV shows saying cops deserve to die.
All of it working with Blue City Police in Blue Cities to stage the event and try to trigger real martial law as a cover for Obama.
But they failed and they're trying again and they're going to fail again.
But this time they're getting ready with actual kill teams.
The kill teams are coming.
The kill teams are coming.
If the Deep State and Robert Mueller and his allies now in the Democratic House succeed in destroying me, who will be next?
You see, I've been targeted because I stood up for America.
Because I stood up for our president and his reform agenda.
And now I have no choice but to appeal to you.
I am very grateful to all those Americans who have stepped forward to help me so far in this extraordinary legal struggle.
But now I need your help as never before.
Please go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
Help me stand up for America.
Because if they get Roger Stone, you may be next.
The real truth can be found at InfoWars.com, StoneColdTruth.com, NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news, today.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones!
Folks better decide which team they're on, if they're loyal to America and the Republic and everything that's been good and decent compared to the rest of the world, or whether they're on the side of the chi-coms, the globalists.
Now here's the most important thing I'm going to say today.
The globalists, the deep state, have totally panicked that Trump has fired the totally compromised
Incompetent, cowardly Jeff Sessions.
The disgraced Jeff Sessions.
They have put in an acting AG that said he would indict Hillary immediately because the evidence is overwhelming.
Like the sun being yellow.
They are really scared of Matthew Whitaker.
Trump is making his move against them because he tried to play nice.
He tried to turn the economy on, have them back off.
They're making their move on Don Jr.
You name it, it's imminent next week.
So, the country is now in a civil emergency.
They've got foreign caravans slamming in, trying to trigger uprisings inside the United States and Latin America.
They've got Antifa train groups, funded by George Soros, activating in 900 cities and towns, calling for violence, and saying they're going to target conservatives and Christians and nationalist leaders.
As I told you months ago, and as I documented,
They're only using Angie for the Deep State as the patsies on the streets of Austin, pointing guns at my reporters, saying they can't even, you know, go onto the Capitol grounds.
They've been authorized to act like this and behave like this and call for Mike Pence's death and call for the police to be killed and call for me to be killed and all of this because they're protected in blue cities.
But only because they're being prepared and set up if we go into real, violent, Deep State civil war
And they unleashed the different paramilitary groups, the Hezbollah groups that the Deep State, Obama's been signing deals with, we know, MS-13, all God's little children that Pelosi talked about.
Those will be the real hit teams coming.
And so this country is now being pushed into civil war, civil emergency, and martial law by the Democrats.
I said Trump should just declare an emergency so he can get the main military standing up and knowing what happened.
I called for that the Friday that the caravan smashed through.
Trump did it on Monday.
So we are under civil emergency.
That doesn't mean tanks in the streets.
That means to stop it getting to that point.
So we're not the ones that brought the martial law.
We are now under martial law.
You need to understand that.
It just hasn't been announced yet.
That's why they're sending out 900
Front groups, 900 operations have just been triggered, and that's why they want us off the air.
You must take this live feed at InfoWars.com for its live show.
Let's put the main article feed up if we can as well.
Watch live feed, the red alert feed.
Get that article and send it out to everyone you know from NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com.
Watch live.
Soros activates 900 antipatera cells.
Leader of group calls for killing of police and Republicans.
Red alert!
He's now put out an article making fun of Tucker saying he deserves it.
Tucker Carlson is the paragon of crocodile tears.
Mike Isaacson.
He is the front man.
He's the patsy.
He's the idiot.
I don't think he would actually pull the trigger on people, but
This professor is the guy who heads up the New York group and the DC group.
Because of criminal investigations they've claimed a month ago he's no longer the leader.
Bravo Sierra!
Now, I'm only gonna go to this subject because, not because it's about us,
Because I've had national news calling all day.
I don't know what they were talking about this morning.
I left my phone at a restaurant last night.
Didn't want to go back and get it.
Got it this morning.
And the home phone and families getting called like, what's this you faked?
And fake a Costa video?
And I was too busy worrying about Antifa.
And too busy worrying about trying to trigger a civil war.
And Alexander Soros funding it and all the secret documents we have that no one seems to even care that we have.
We have the total proof!
And then I got into the office.
And I looked at the video and all Paul did was blow up the video.
He zoomed in like you do on any news show.
So it's absolutely clear that he basically whacked her arm.
Now they say that Trump just talking to a female reporter that won't sit down after they've had their question answered.
Is assaulting him.
This guy's pushing a woman out of the way, shoving her, looks like he's hitting her arm.
All we do is blow it up, and I've got Fox News, and I've got CRTV, and I've got a calling machine.
Am I going to respond to this?
So see, that's how they change the subject from Jim Acosta acting like a grandstanding monster at these events.
You know, I could go to Trump events and act like this.
Anybody could.
So, this is out of control.
He's had his credentials pulled.
So, here's the big, because one of the top Twitter trends yesterday and today, that InfoWars has been caught doctoring video.
Gosh, these people are incredible.
But all he did was zoom in.
Joining us is Paul Joseph Watson from Her Britannic Majesties London, England.
Paul, what's the PSYOP here, just to change the subject?
The side of Alex is that Jim Acosta manhandled the woman, basically.
I never said it was assault.
A lot of people claimed it was assault.
He used his left arm to physically restrain, put pressure on the woman when she was trying to do her job and grab the microphone.
That obviously resulted in his press access getting revoked.
And so instead of focusing on that controversy and having to talk about it, the media invented this giant conspiracy theory with no evidence that I,
We're good to go.
You had the Washington Post report on it, Newsweek said it was fake, Doctored, Vice, all these big websites trashing us on a minute by minute basis.
OK, it's not fake.
It's zoomed in.
It's the same thing that James O'Keefe gets when they say, oh, your videos are edited.
Yeah, it's zoomed in to show the moment when this exchange happened.
It's not sped up.
I even posted the screenshot, Alex, from my video editing software, Sony Vegas Pro, where you can see if a clip in the track is sped up, it has wavy lines.
I posted the track.
There are no wavy lines because I did not speed it up, OK?
And Paul, where do people find that or even show that obviously it's a term of editing to zoom in?
This is ridiculous.
Everybody knows when you're watching the news, they show the clip first of a plane blowing up or whatever, then they zoom in on it.
He did this, he got his credentials pulled, and now they're changing the subject saying we're fake news.
When in truth, they're the fake news.
Yeah, and they're saying, oh, but there's like a couple of frames which were a little bit different.
OK, I downloaded a GIF file, exported it as an mt2 file, exported it, ran it through another program as an mp4 file, uploaded it to Twitter.
The quality, the frame, the compression is not going to be absolutely identical, OK?
Well Paul, that's why I've tried to get you the money to hire a team to be able to help you, but everybody knows about video artifacts.
The point is, Jim Acosta did this, and now it's becoming an even bigger fiasco for mainstream media lying and saying we lied.
I think it's already blown up in their face.
No, Alex, like even BuzzFeed writers are now semi-defending me because they're saying everybody rushed to call this fake when it obviously wasn't fake.
This happened.
You know they denounced and demonized Corey Lewandowski based on six video frames from that alleged assault on Michelle Fields.
Now they're getting all pedantic about these video frames even though it's a straight video.
That Lewandowski video was just like six frames.
It wasn't even a video, it was a series of still images.
So again, it's a complete hoax.
It's a massive smear campaign by the international media.
Now I'm getting death threats, that's always a nice juicy bonus that you get out of all this attention.
And again, it's a complete hoax.
Video analysts have looked at it and said, no, it wasn't sped up, it was slowed down.
Maybe there was some compression lost in a couple of frames, but it is what it is.
Yeah, everybody knows when you download video and re-upload it, especially on things like Twitter, Twitter has crappy video that it looks like crap.
I mean, I'll shoot a video on my phone back when I was allowed on Twitter, and it'd be crystal clear on the phone and look like crap on Twitter!
That doesn't mean I distorted it!
It's what compression does when you're sending a five-minute video in ten seconds up to Twitter, it compresses it!
So it's not as good!
We'll be right back, because the media wants a statement from you, Paul.
They want like a two-minute statement, a bunch of news groups do, so let's get your statement to the media straight ahead.
Paul, get into this huge situation in Europe because I know that the islamicists are raping and stealing and killing and then the leftists say because you're not bringing enough muslims in.
It's like they're trying to flip reality into this bizarro deception land.
So, what would you call this?
Well, it's mass deception and going on to France, which you mentioned.
Literally, there are like 8,000 Jews leaving Paris alone.
I think it's Paris, maybe it's France, but I think it's Paris alone every single year.
8,000 Jews fleeing.
We defend those people.
We say this is horrible that anti-Semitic attacks are increasing in France, in all these European countries.
And then we're called anti-Semites, Alex, in France.
We've defended Jews being chased out of the country, basically.
Last night, there were more riots.
They called it the Purge.
They based it on this movie, which says the plot is you can commit any crime for one night.
So they went on a rampage.
Stores were looted.
They had fights with police.
In Paris as well, this happened in Saint-Denis, which is the area where they have... That's in Lyon that you're showing now, but it was on the same night also in Saint-Denis, Paris.
Where they have 400,000 illegal immigrants in this one area of Paris alone.
They were throwing acid at the police, they were robbing grocery stores.
And this came like the day after Francis Denintiri, Minister, he actually gave the interview back in February, but it was just published a few days ago.
This is a Gerard Collomb who said basically they've got five years and after five years if they don't sort this out People aren't going to be living together.
They're going to be facing They're going to be going face to face and he admits that it's all due to mass immigration.
I went to Paris and
About five times over the past ten years, Alex, you could tell the difference post-2015.
After this new influx of migrants from the Middle East, it was literally... I would go to the hotel and drive past all these little shanty towns, all these tent cities where all the migrants were, thinking, oh, this must be the outer ghetto area of Paris.
And it was like five minutes later, you've arrived at your destination.
It was in the major tourist area.
I don't
Let's be clear, people are fleeing literal societal collapse.
Real road warrior conditions.
And then they don't want to get away from it to not be part of it.
They want to bring it to you because they're usually the worst and the weakest of the nightmare system.
So we're getting the worst of the worst of the worst chaperoned and captained by the left who believe this is some satanic ritual like defiling a baby or a virgin woman to defecate all over Europe and the U.S.
and instead they're destroying their own wealth.
The left is
It is insane!
Exactly, and then when you actually look at it, which I've done in all these major European countries, the few pocket areas of wealthy white areas, they've correlated it.
That's where the most pro-immigration politicians and elitists live.
So this is all being foisted on predominantly white working class people who live in these areas which are being ghettoized.
And they're also the ones called racist by the elite, even though it's being foisted on them.
The elite don't use public transport.
They don't have to mingle with these people.
They're chauffeured around everywhere.
So again, they not only get the bad consequences of mass immigration, they also get blamed and called racist if they complain about it.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
So, during the break, I walked back in the kitchen, the coffee room, and InfoWars fakes video of Acosta.
He didn't do anything.
He didn't shove a woman.
He didn't push her hand down.
I walked back into the studio, and they're going, look at this, Fox News.
Another clip of them saying, yes, we faked it, it's not true, Jim Acosta never did anything wrong in his life.
They are so obsessed with discrediting us, ladies and gentlemen, because they know we're onto them.
Now, we were playing this live yesterday, okay?
And this isn't about Jim Acosta, it's not about Infowars, it's about the lying corporate media.
We should all be talking about Antifa, saying they're going to attack 900 targets, not just Tucker Carlson's house, doxing all these people ahead of real violence, and how they said they're going to drive Trump from power in full-page ads.
They mean business!
I predicted it all, it's happening, he just fired Sessions, this is seismic.
We're in a new ballgame now.
But we've got to cover this, because they want to shut us down.
And they've got the corporate media doing all of this.
It came out in the news that Fox News buys ads everywhere trying to siphon off InfoWare's audience while they then get up and lie about us and say things that aren't true.
It's across the board.
And the media also wants a statement on this.
So, Paul will make a statement here in about two minutes specifically on this issue.
Then we'll put the videos in and post and send this out and post it.
So, the man who edited the video, and technically, yes, blowing it up is editing it, zooming in a video, any type of change, downloading it and uploading it.
I guess you could say it's an edit because it changes the format.
All these systems are on different formats.
Did it get washed out a little bit?
But that's not us distorting it for the purposes of deception.
That's us uploading it to Twitter where it loses quality.
But they think you're stupid.
They hope to change the subject.
We happen to have the live satellite feed recorded in HD.
Oh, we happen to have the C-SPAN recorded in HD.
So in a few minutes, we're going to show you the raw footage, and then we're going to zoom in live off the board in there with a tool.
So that you can see.
But the point is it doesn't matter.
Acosta did it in front of everybody!
They withdrew his credentials there because the president saw it with his eyeballs from five feet away.
So this is an incredible example of attempted mind control.
Here's Fox News just minutes ago.
The White House Correspondents Association, however, making it clear that they do not support this decision.
The Correspondents Association strongly objects to the Trump administration's decision to use U.S.
Secret Service security credentials as a tool to punish a reporter with whom it has a difficult relationship.
Revoking access to the White House complex is a reaction out of line to the purported offense and is unacceptable, Howie.
Yeah, I think it's a misstep on the part of the White House to claim that Jim Acosta was laying his hands on this young intern who tried to take the mic away.
The contact was very incidental.
I also think it was a misstep for Sarah Sanders to tweet out a doctored video put out by InfoWars, the Alex Jones conspiracy site, that kind of made it look more aggressive than it was.
So, we had credentials for like a month.
Doesn't mean anything.
The media made a deal and they took it away from us.
It wasn't the President's decision.
What's the reason we're not there?
Oh, but Acosta, who accosts everyone, he is God.
So let's show you the C-SPAN unedited video at the point where she tries to take the mic back, her job, and he slaps it in her arm.
Here it is.
Go ahead.
Look, I don't think he assaulted her.
But he laid hands on her.
He pulled the mic back.
He wasn't cordial.
He's always causing problems.
Totally reasonable to kick him out and say bring somebody else in from fake CNN.
Totally agree with the president.
The poll didn't even say it was an assault, but compared to Kory Lewandowski, he basically murdered her.
So see, off their leftist rules...
Off their leftist rules, him pushing her arm down, and then with his hand grabbing the mic away from her, when she's trying to take it away, that's a double action beyond what Korn and Lewandowski did.
So like you said, Paul, they used six frames like it was the Subruder film.
We have the footage.
I'm gonna show it one more time.
Now, again, let's show it to you.
This is unedited video recorded on the DVRs in there.
Put it back on screen for TV viewers.
Radio listeners, I'm gonna describe it.
Okay, there it is, not zoomed in.
Now, they call this an edit.
Zoom in on it.
Zoom in.
This is live time.
We're zooming in.
All we're doing is zooming in.
And look, I know you know that.
But notice it's misdirection.
How they always change the subject.
Paul, this is unbelievable, isn't it?
Well, the original that you're playing now looks even worse than the one I posted.
Listen, Vice News put out this article about an hour ago.
It said, quote, So again,
What I've said to the media who've asked me about this, the video is not sped up.
They initially ran with this fake story that it was sped up.
Then they said, oh, it's not sped up, but maybe there's some digital artifact problems in there.
Yeah, because I ran it through like three different programs and re-uploaded it to Twitter.
OK, that's not doctoring.
Doctoring is when you change the footage deliberately, which I didn't do, to change the meaning of the footage.
This does not change anything.
Okay, I did not distort the video, as Brian Stelter of CNN claims.
Even BuzzFeed journalists are now semi-defending me on this.
The media invented a conspiracy theory to distract from Acosta's behavior.
Sarah Sanders was perfectly correct in posting this video, which is genuine, and it proves her point that Acosta placed his hands on the woman to overpower her.
Doesn't mean it was assault, but it was an issue.
But he did overpower- It was a controversy, which they're now trying to distract from with this conspiracy theory.
You're right, Paul.
He overpowered a woman.
That's the correct term.
And so what I think you should do is put out another tweet that shows the unedited, unblown-up in front, and then the blown-up rolling right after.
Not even side-by-side.
But there's the InfoWars edit, there's the C-SPAN original.
And yes, in HD that we have, it's much clearer that he actually pushes her down pretty damn hard.
No, I'm going to make a video about this tonight.
I've been tweeting about it all day.
And yeah, compare it to how they reacted to the Lewandowski thing, which was based on six frames.
And there's another thing going around today, Alex, which we're also getting hit on.
The mainstream media, after the shooting earlier today, hundreds of verified Twitter accounts, Sky News, ABC News reported, eyewitnesses say the shooter was Middle Eastern, OK?
That was the first thing I woke up to in the media this morning.
So now we're being attacked.
Laura Loomer's being attacked, everyone's being attacked because we quoted mainstream media reports saying the shooter was initially, they thought, Middle Eastern.
So they put out the fake news, we quote them, and then we get blamed for it by them and by all their sycophants.
Again, it's the same thing over and over again, Alex.
Oh, they're getting ready to take you off Twitter and YouTube, brother.
They are, like they do about me, making up something that you didn't do.
I never said kill the media with battle rifles.
I said, if Antifa comes to your house, the first time they come, they just dox you.
The next time they come, they're violent.
Have a firearm to protect yourself.
Nothing to do with media.
And they did this because they're making their move.
What about big picture, Paul?
Where 900 targets to be hit by Antifa, Tucker Carlson cracking in his door saying, we know where you sleep, we know your kids are here.
The same guy that runs this Antifa group is the one you've written about, known as Pez Dispenser.
I mean, this is everything I predicted.
They're so scared about Sessions being removed.
Oh no, the professor had violent threats encouraging the assassination of Trump administration officials on Twitter for months and months and months.
They did absolutely nothing about it.
This smash racism DC group is known for doxing people over and over again.
All that happened before was that they got a few tweets deleted.
Finally, last night their entire account was suspended.
But these groups have been on Twitter for years promoting this doxing, harassment, targeting of individuals and basically nothing's done.
A new group just pops up whenever they get caught.
So yeah, it's just another distraction from all that, from the violent mobs that are actually out on the street harassing and targeting people.
Tucker Carlson with his wife and four kids who were potentially in the house.
Absolute disgrace.
The only update on that is that Stephen Colbert, one of your favorite people, has actually tweeted that targeting Tucker Carlson's home and terrorizing his family is an act of monstrous cowardice.
So at least he sees sense, unlike a lot of other people who actually applauded this.
Oh yeah, in fact, Pencil Neck has put out an article basically praising Mike.
Mike Isaacson is very, very happy right now.
Yeah, I mean, you know, I get death threats every day on Twitter, or at least violent threats, or at least, you know, why don't you just kill yourself?
It's just par for the course at this point.
The vast majority of it does come from the far left, some comes from the far right, and we denounce it, we distance ourselves from those people.
When the far left engage in this, they're embraced.
You know, they made apologies for by the left and by the right.
Stay there.
I want to ask you big picture about Sessions is more, one more segment.
Then I'm going to open the phones up and a bunch of other big guests with Inside Intel coming up today.
But folks, this is the most grave situation ever.
It's very positive.
We're taking the country back.
Good things are happening, but now the enemy's gonna come in and try to steal our victory.
It's on, ladies and gentlemen.
Trump's taking the gloves off, whatever you do.
We're the most banned broadcast in the world for a reason.
We can save this country with your help.
Just tell folks at the local station you're listening to.
Mommy, Daddy, did you hear?
Two boy penguins, two gay penguins, they had a baby!
That's what's being taught in all the public schools in the Western world today, in a giant hoax story launched three days ago.
That two male penguins have an egg and that they are incubating it.
And ignorant people think, oh, that means fertilizing it.
It turns out they stole it from the mother and father.
I don't know.
Taking care of it and how sweet it is.
And then they use scientific terms of keeping the egg warm to make it sound like they actually had the egg and to deceive people.
Special friends.
And now the couple are expecting their first egg hatchling.
Same-sex penguin couple incubate egg at Sydney Aquarium.
That doesn't mean that they fertilize the egg.
That's a male and female bird.
No, no, no.
They incubate, meaning they're sitting on it.
A light bulb can do that.
But here's the key to it all, Daily Mail.
There's always the rest of the story.
Gay penguin couple snatched chick after its parents left it to go for a swim at Danish Zoo.
Two male penguins who want to be parents themselves tried to adopt a chick while its mother and father weren't looking in Denmark.
Oh, they kidnapped it!
How sweet!
The parents disappeared and the kid was simply kidnapped.
That's what the zoo's saying.
Isn't that beautiful?
Oh, and look.
They're kissing, as all species of birds do, especially of their siblings.
But that's gay!
Two, two, two, two, two penguins cuddling up next to each other, as all penguin species do, is gay!
So they can show kids this and go, look kids, they're gay!
And the two men had a baby!
No, they stole the baby!
But see, the other penguins that actually had the egg, they're not good!
The ones that can't have an egg, so all the penguins die, they're the good ones to reduce population!
You are receiving this transmission.
You are the resistance.
Paul Watson, things are so incredible.
I was hoping to be able to take, you know, four or five days off for Thanksgiving.
The crew certainly needs it, they deserve it.
But we all know, now that Trump has removed Sessions that for whatever reason was involved in incredible dereliction of duty, the level of criminality,
It's gone now and they're put in at least the next two months until he's got to get confirmed.
This is Matthew Whitaker.
This has hit the doomsday button for the left, for Soros, the deep state.
You've got the former Attorney General saying, get out there Antifa, get out there MoveOn.org.
And now we're going to see all sorts of doxing and harassment.
We tracked a guy who came here that works for Brian Stelter, has been around here for quite a while.
They have CNN people stalking me, not for the purposes of a documentary.
They've got something big planned, Paul.
Well, this has been part of the revenge attack against everybody who helped Trump over the past two years.
Clearly, they've targeted everyone in some form or another, whether that's character-wise or whether it's actual, you know, inciting physical violence against people.
So at this point, I don't know what's coming next, Alex.
I mean, this whole Mueller thing, they know it's baseless.
They know there's nothing there whatsoever.
So they're petrified about it going away, but it is going to go away.
Like with the whole Roger Stone thing.
We were talking about Dan A. Williams.
You remember right around that time, early October, when this whole Wikileaks Assange Podesta leak was about to come out.
None of us knew anything about it.
We were talking about Dan A. Williams.
I went back on the emails and checked it.
Not a single reference to it.
In fact, you even did a show when Assange originally planned to release some info and he didn't.
And you were bashing him.
So we were actually briefly anti-Assange for a while when all that was going down, right before the Podesta leaks.
So it's all absolute nonsense.
All this is part of a revenge attack by the left against everybody, every single person who helped get Trump elected.
And they're just not going to stop.
You think winning the House is going to satisfy them for a while?
It's only made them even more angry because they failed in thinking this blue wave was going to happen when it didn't.
So now they know that Trump's chances of re-election in 2020 have been boosted by this recent midterm result.
And that's why they're getting even more irate, even more vicious.
That's right.
And Paul, now that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who, you know, looks like a 90-year-old lady in a nursing home, nothing against her, is very, very sad, but when you see her in public, she doesn't look like she knows what planet she's on.
She just broke three ribs.
And so, that's really got to scare them.
And this is just coming in.
The bulldog.
Super respected.
Acting AG Matthew Whitaker will not recuse himself from Russia probe and won't approve presidential subpoena.
So Trump looks like he has a real American now.
And not that traitor Mueller.
They are in absolute crap their pants mode at this point.
Well, I've said it from the start, Alex.
I mean, to be honest, I lost interest in this whole Mueller thing months and months ago, because they clearly had no evidence whatsoever.
They were going after apartments that Trump had rented out to Russian people in the 80s and stuff like that, trying to claim that was some kind of collusion.
Absolute scrape-in-the-barrel nonsense.
You know, now they're talking about getting Don Jr.
Again, that whole meeting that he went to, I remember.
No, they admit there's no collusion with Russians.
Hillary Clinton and Fusion GPS who paid for that dossier which came from Russians.
They were the ones who colluded with Russians.
Paul, I know you want to take some time off, so do I, but how do you... I know you don't even sleep right now.
This is just such an ins... What would you call in 30 seconds this point of history we're in right now?
I mean, I hope everyone dials it down and, you know, cooler heads prevail.
But it's, you know, it's very acerbic.
It's very monumental time to be alive.
Things are changing very quickly.
You can get a mass shooting in the news.
It's disappeared like 12 hours later.
The news is absolutely crazy.
Everything's sped up, unlike that doctored video.
So, yeah, it's going to be interesting going forward, but we'll continue to battle on.
I have another guest who's really a smart cookie popping in for just a segment and a half, Paul.
We're back in 60 seconds, but this is just in.
Acosta now officially is saying he didn't even touch her and that we basically created a whole cartoon and that it's all fake.
That's right.
Now he's saying he didn't even touch her.
You need to support independent media that's under attack.
We're under attack by these globalists as you know and your support's been amazing.
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Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, we've got a guest coming up here in just a few minutes, who came out, and just lovingly, nicely,
pointed out that QAnon was saying a lot of things in the midterm of the QAnon thing, the fantasy, that really weren't true and ridiculous and so much of what they said hadn't come true.
We're just supposed to trust this little secret bot though, not somebody that we know publicly.
But now that Sessions is out and now that you see the deep state war about to blow up and you're about to see Mueller get in some big trouble, boy, what's QAnon gonna do then?
But I've learned, like in Nigerian scams, I've had friends, I've had some distant family that were like bragging, hey, I'm getting a million dollars from Nigeria from Prince Bubu.
And you tell them, no, no, that's a famous scam.
First you give them a thousand, because you're going to get 20,000.
Then they go, oh, Prince of Bubu can talk to you now on the phone, but they need 20,000, and then you get the million.
And about the time you get the, you know, 20,000, you never get the million.
But some folks get ratcheted up to 100,000, because they don't want to admit they got taken.
And people get mad, man.
People are like, shut up, you're just mad that I've got this deal and I know Prince of Booboo.
And then it happened to me again recently, another Nigerian scam.
It had been over 10 years since somebody in my family got sucked into Nigerian stuff and they're still mad at me.
They still do not believe that it was a scam and they got $6,000.
I almost give up at this point.
I just don't know what to do.
I'm not going to give up fighting, but giving up on people that don't get how the scam works.
They get you on a little bit, and then you're invested, and then you never get out of it.
It's like fake college degrees.
Most college degrees are worthless now, 90 plus percent.
But people just get a second one, or a third one, or a fourth one, or a fifth one, because once they've got their arm in the wood chipper, you can't get it out.
And it's like abusive relationships, that's what happens, or abuse of the government, or socialism.
If we just had pure communism, it would suddenly be free.
For all you socialists that wonder why you're so unhappy.
It's because you're domesticated.
But that is all a side issue.
Two AG sessions, and our next guest has a lot of info, and he's a really smart guy.
And so he's going to be popping in with us, and we have several other guests today, and I'm going to open the phones up as well.
We're going to have Michael Graves and Owen Schroer in studio, Matt Bracken's coming up, but this is such a huge time.
The left is launching Civil War officially, but getting back to, in the Civil War, the mainstream media, the corporate media, the collaborator media, the globalist media, is going to get that much worse.
So if you're a radio listener, you've always seen this on the news.
You can go to Infowars.com and go to Paul Watts' Twitter to see it for yourself.
But now Acosta denies touching White House intern despite video evidence.
He's saying that we totally faked the video.
Even Fox News is saying it's doctored to deceive.
And all Paul Watson did was download it, blow it up, zoom in.
On him, pushing her arm down and pulling the mic away from her.
She's trying to get it away.
President says that's enough, he won't stop.
Just like anybody else at any public event.
You ever been to a place where you ask questions to a speaker?
When your time's up, you don't get the mic?
Up, they come and get it.
So he pushes her arm down, pushes the hand back.
He says, we're lies, it's all fake.
And there's other camera angles of this.
It's just, and the whole corporate media, Fox News, CNN, they're all together.
Paul Watson's a liar.
Alex Jones is a liar.
Acosta did nothing.
It's all fake.
Sarah Sanders is bad.
Trump's bad.
This is disgraceful.
So Paul, I wanted you to have a chance to respond to them now saying, it's not just doctored.
He didn't touch her.
And then while you're talking, just roll our C-SPAN unedited video.
Don't even blow it up.
Just show people over and over again for TV viewers the unedited C-SPAN.
Here it is.
Go ahead, Paul.
Yeah, he clearly touched her.
She went to get the microphone, that's her job.
He reached across her with his left arm and forced her arm down to resist or to restrain her or to overpower her.
It wasn't assault, it wasn't battery.
I mean, it wasn't much better than what Corey Lewandowski did, which he got, I think he got charged with battery for that, of course demonised by the mainstream media.
Based on six frames of video evidence, I might add,
This video was not edited.
They've got video editing experts.
There's one with the Telegraph who says there are discrepancies between the C-SPAN version and the version which Sarah Sanders tweeted.
Yeah, because it's been run through like three different programs then re-uploaded, okay?
Nothing was doctored.
Nothing was changed.
I posted screenshots from the video editing program showing nothing was sped up.
There are little wavy lines on the track on Sony Vegas Pro 15.
If a clip is sped up, those are not there because it was not sped up.
I did not speed it up.
I did not doctor it.
So they created a huge conspiracy, which some of them are now even trying to back away from.
First it was, oh, fake doctored video sped up.
Now it's, oh, debate rages.
So they're trying to walk it back a little bit.
But look at her!
She's trying to grab it away and he's shoving her down and pulling it away.
And we're showing unedited HD footage.
Now let's blow it up for TV viewers again.
And let's go in slow motion.
Blow it up in slow motion, please.
Yeah, watch his left wrist and his left hand.
It clearly comes down to restrain her, to stop her from getting, from retrieving the microphone, okay?
That happened.
No matter how many stupid claims he can claim about, like little frames that are different because it's been re-uploaded and downloaded six times, that doesn't change the fact that what you're seeing is him physically resisting having a physical confrontation with a woman, okay?
It happened.
We're going to put this, what you just said out in HD, right now to the world.
Jim Acosta is literally 1984 level now, telling us 2 plus 2 doesn't equal 4, telling us that our own eyes are lies.
They've been caught red-handed in the corporate media, though.
It's all behind this, and you might get banned from Twitter now.
That's their goal, saying you're fake.
Jim Acosta wasn't even there, actually.
That's fake video, too.
Paul, let's keep tracking Antifa.
The fact that the leader of the group that went after Cruz and after Tucker Carlson
That's called for killing police Mike Pence and others.
That's pretty big news.
This is pretty incredible.
Great job, Paul Joseph Watson.
Alright, thanks Alex.
Okay, I appreciate our guest holding.
He's only got this segment and the next.
And again, he is Zachary Claywan.
He's a former Army veteran, officer, patriot, knows a lot of inside intel.
I've talked to a lot of generals and other people and former CIA Black Ops commanders, but he's fun to get on because he's just a smart guy and he knows a lot of these folks.
And he's given me a lot of stuff that turned out to be very, very accurate in the past.
But he was the guy trying to be nice to QAnon, but saying,
You know, it's kind of like some of these fake Bitcoin companies.
They're not all fake, but some of them are like, oh, trust this secret bot.
It turns out to be a total Ponzi scheme.
And so now they said, trust the plan, Trump will never fire Sessions.
Sessions is good, Mueller's good.
I can assure you, I've talked to high-level people, they hate Sessions and they hate Mueller and know it's all crap.
So now, what is QAnon going to do?
This has all happened and then shifting gears away from that, I hope we all learn about this anonymous bot stuff and trust the experts and trust, you know, foggy oracles, instead of people whose names are public and folks that are public.
Zachary, then we'll move on in the next segment to the big enchilada.
How big this is that Sessions was going to be canned.
You texted me last week, said the word is he's going down.
And then what comes out of this now and this new guy they've got.
But boy, I tell you, you and I are certainly vindicated.
Without question, Ed.
It's a pleasure to be back on to the Q movement with all sincerity.
It seemed very appealing.
But now we have our full transparency on what occurred here.
And I just you know their whole movement was trust a plan trust.
Sessions, of course, last year there was a clear line drawn in the sand when I stated on your show on InfoWars that Bannon would be gone, Tillerson would be gone, Haley would be gone and Sessions would be gone in succession.
And they looked at that as sort of the line in the sand.
Obviously today what's occurring and it's no coincidence that the new Attorney General, an individual that the QAnon movement, surprisingly since they're all mighty and all-knowing, did not know was coming, argued two years ago that Hillary Clinton should be criminally charged and he will go through with it.
And it makes no coincidence, make no mistake, this happened today after the midterms because it was going to go one way or another and it went one way and so did we.
I don't know where these QAnon individuals are going to go now or look to for information, but I find it very coincidental that during its phenomenon, during its rise to fame, InfoWars, a hub of information and alternative media, gets deplatformed.
So I would look to who was really behind that movement and how sophisticated the PSYOP was, because it was quite sophisticated.
And believe me, these people are not our friends.
Well, notice, just like CNN and everybody else was attacking us, so was the foggy, all-powerful, all-Lord Q. I was going to be arrested.
You're going to be arrested.
Trump loves Sessions.
Sessions will be there.
It's all about to happen.
Always the sealed indictments.
Always, for a year and a half, going to happen.
But the people that have drunk the Kool-Aid, the Nigerian Prince Scam Kool-Aid, they're just going to double down, Zach.
Let's talk about the future when we come back.
If the Deep State and Robert Mueller and his allies now in the Democratic House succeed in destroying me, who will be next?
You see, I've been targeted because I stood up for America, because I stood up for our president and his reform agenda.
And now I have no choice but to appeal to you.
I am very grateful for all those Americans who have stepped forward to help me so far in this extraordinary legal struggle.
But now I need your help as never before.
Please go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
Help me stand up for America.
Because if they get Roger Stone, you may be next.
The real truth can be found at InfoWars.com, StoneColdTruth.com, NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Chase the Patriot from California.
Paul Alex.
Chase, welcome to the airwaves.
This is Chase the Patriot from the front lines of California.
So, I took your reporter challenge on YouTube, Chase the Patriot.
I've been filing reports every single day, but I've noticed a trend.
And there's this false confidence of the Democrats again, the same thing we saw in the 2016 election.
So it's up to us
I don't know.
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So it's a really great way to spread the word and exercise free speech in the third dimension.
Hey, and one more suggestion on that.
You know, a lot of us have, we might have, I don't want to give away anything, but some of us might have a concealed carry, and I would like to see a button-up shirt long enough that I can wear untucked so I can still carry on my hip a pistol, and that's something if you put like a little American flag on the armband.
Oh, it's total genius.
The Info Wars, the Info Wars concealed carry shirt for men and women.
Kind of like a cargo shirt, or like a bowling shirt, or like a...
A utility shirt, and it's got an American flag, it's black, and it's got that, you know, it's not tapered, it kind of flanks out.
That's perfect.
Yeah, and you know, something you can wear to the office and nobody really knows what's going on.
It just looks like a normal shirt they got from the mall.
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It'll say Infowars.com on the inside.
We need to branch out.
We've got so many great t-shirts.
So many for men and women.
Ball caps.
I don't even promote them anymore.
We've got the best shirts we've ever had, and that's something I never even talk about.
So thanks for calling Chase.
God bless you.
Right now is Massive Rampage Force!
Go ahead.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Here comes the night.
Antifa thinks we're scared of the dark.
George Soros thinks we're scared of the dark.
We live in the dark.
We were born in the dark.
Now the globalists are about to meet a real fight.
Trump is releasing a titan.
A junkyard dog.
A demolition man with a huge wrecking ball right at the deep state.
Get ready, because you could see Trump assassinated within days.
You could see a nuke go off.
You could see Libertarian conservative leaders wiped out, because the enemy is preparing to launch an attack.
But we're ready!
We're ready.
But we could fall in this fight.
I'm going to get more into that with Zach in a moment, because Zach, off the record, is a super smart dude.
He'll come on the air.
I really appreciate him coming on.
Zachary Lee Claywon.
Zach, the QAnon thing buried.
I don't want to fight with it, but clearly it was an op.
We were very sad to tell people yet again about Nigerian scams being fake or other things like that being fake.
They don't listen.
They don't want to listen once you're invested in a lie.
But now this guy, acting AG, says Hillary should be indicted.
Yeah, exactly.
Also, a former U.S.
attorney, Matthew Whitaker, enough evidence to have a special prosecutor investigate Clinton Foundation.
No kidding.
So now they are so scared.
What does this signify?
And from your intel and your sources at the highest levels of CENTCOM, because I know some of the same people, what is about to happen next?
Uh, we're in it right now.
Like you said, something very, very serious could occur in the next couple of days as a retaliation because what we have with the new appointment of Attorney General Mike, Matt G. Whitaker, um,
Signifies a lot.
And what you also have to understand is one day after this, Jim Mattis also releases a major statement.
This is at a Freebeak, and I think they released it today.
They just released this this morning.
They gave an official report.
Defense Secretary Mattis is to stay on at the Pentagon.
He says, despite of what the media was saying, I have no desire to leave the Trump administration.
So he's dealt
Pulling down his efforts, we now have Whitaker as the AG, and he, as he stated two years ago, they will launch an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.
So this is Fort Hood.
This is Benghazi.
This is Gaddafi.
This is Vegas.
This is a whole lot of things, and it symbolizes a lot of things.
Obviously, the timing is immediately following the midterms, and this was on schedule, planned, and politically precise.
And of course, I don't want to get into inside baseball, but that stuff where he said Mattis is bad, Trump did all that, The Globalist actually bought it, and obviously, just like a Godfather movie or something, Trump has sent people over to find out who really the traitors are, and now he knows the whole blueprint, the whole map, and I'm not bragging, now Trump knows that my blueprint I already gave him is exactly on target.
And so now what's happening is literally what I say now is taken at the highest levels because I spend all my time doing this and I'm not afraid to tell the president and tell the public and tell others even though they want to silence me.
So folks need to understand, I'm not bragging when I say this, they want us off air because I know exactly what I'm talking about.
Here's George Soros' media matters.
The Infowars White House pipeline is alive and well.
That's right, it never went away, fools.
But here's the problem, Zach, and I know you're expert in paramilitary stuff.
I was told by high-level folks...
But I can also see the shape of it, that if they're getting ready to really launch a bunch of violence or take the president out, they're going to try to take everybody out, a few thousand top people if they make their move.
So if Trump gets killed, God forbid, they're going to move everybody else that same day, pretty much simultaneously.
And they're just sending antifa to everybody's houses first, so they can set them up for the teams they're going to use.
Do you have any intel on that?
And other than Hezbollah groups hooked into some of the globalist deep state and MS-13, some of the type of hit teams they're going to be using?
The timing is classic when you look at the caravan approaching the country, the appointment of these individuals, the solidifying of what the plan, the true plan is moving forward in the Second American Revolution.
We have to be looking for anything.
I believe the deplatforming of yourself was part of this attack.
I believe these Antifa groups are obviously paid and provocatory.
There's at the at the at root levels.
But yes, we do have to look out for the obvious terror threats that are already present.
And whether it be Islamic, whether it be lone, you know, lone gunmen, because like your guest said earlier, Paul Watson, within 10, you know, we just had a shooting in California, and it's not even news now.
It's gone.
So it's going to come from from many different angles.
But internally, what I could really get at is that's going to continue to occur.
And when you have the appointing of
Matt Whitaker, followed by the solidifying of the White House with Jim Mattis, all at the same time following after McCain's death, the midterms, the Awan brothers.
There's information that's not like, you know, gonna come out in the next few days or weeks.
It's already out, really, but truly what was going on with the Awan brothers and the true investigation into the Clinton Foundation, what we have is the whole shebang.
This is it.
We're in it, and they are capable of anything because their lives are literally on the line, as they should be.
And the good news is here, we're in deep crap.
That's forced everybody to choose which side they're on.
I wish we weren't in this situation, but you're going to now see some of the best people who aren't cowards come forward, and we're about to see a real fight for this country.
But folks, you better choose a side.
There is no middle of the road here.
That's where you get run over.
Everybody better get on their knees before God and ask which side you're on in all this.
It's that simple.
Because, clearly, Trump tried to tell the deep state, keep your money, your stolen money, just stop it.
We're not going to destroy America, we're not going to do all this horrible stuff.
We're willing to get rid of all your globalism, just stop trying to run America in the ground.
Let's just make a deal.
They wouldn't do it.
So now, the gloves come off, and that's why they're so scared.
And you can believe, behind the scenes, Trump is about to turn the dogs loose.
We're in full effect right now.
We called this out a year ago.
This is not a shot in the dark.
This is very calculated.
When I said Bannon will be gone, Tillerson will be gone, Haley will be gone, and Sessions will be gone.
That's on purpose.
Certain things need to be fleshed out.
Certain people need to be pushed to certain points to see what
Yeah, QAnon was 100% wrong.
You've been 100% right and so have I. And I said we have a lot of the same sources.
And because there was a plan to fix this peacefully, there was a plan to fix this the other way.
They were internal.
They were internal.
At one point, when it comes to that encryption and that sort of modality that they were using for that sort of psychological operation, they were saying things that were obviously inside baseball, meaning even our opponent within the deeps, they understand certain things that the general public doesn't, but the way they were manipulating
Truly, you know, free thinkers and truly people of, I would say, you know, what would be your listening base, was very sophisticated.
Well, Q was a target to take down InfoWars.
Q was a target to kill the human intelligence of the public working with the military and others.
It was meant to just confuse everything and fry everything and make everybody kind of pacify and sit down and everything's fine, go to sleep, don't be involved, you know, keep sessions in.
Because everything Antifa and Soros and all of them is, keep sessions in.
Q, keep sessions in.
CNN, keep sessions in.
ABC, keep sessions in.
And now, I don't know how they put... To attack you is to attack you and dox you and do certain things within their, you know, supposed, you know, areas of operation.
They essentially attack you in my likeness.
Well, Zachary, you've been proven right.
God bless you.
Appreciate you coming on.
Straight ahead, I'm gonna open the phones up, cover all the latest news, but...
What's happening is so incredibly dangerous, I don't have words to describe it.
It almost feels weird even being on the air talking about this.
This is the most insane it's ever been in my 23 years.
And it's about to get a lot crazier.
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I helped, too!
Ah, Oliver.
I hate free speech, too!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You know... I was growing up...
Both my grandmothers were not arrogant people.
They were very humble.
They were also very smart.
And their voices would get real low when I was a little kid.
No, your ancestors are, right?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Both my grandmothers told me that the Republic was going to be in threat.
And that once again, we would have to sacrifice to save it.
You hear this when you're like 8, 9, 10 years old.
You think, this is really weird.
My grandmother doesn't usually look like this.
Their eyes on fire.
They said, you'll learn the secrets later when you get older.
But you've got to grow and you've got to learn those for yourself.
And now, at 45 years old, and all the things we see happening, and how epic this struggle is, it's not embarrassing to hear about my ancestors.
Now I've become, begin to become their peer.
And all of you have incredible backgrounds, even if you lost track of it.
The fact that you're alive means your ancestors went through amazing struggles.
And there's been good in the universe, and there's been bad in the universe, and we've been traveling on twin tracks into the future together.
It's been a long battle.
And I get really guilty, and I feel incredible weight on me.
And believe me, I don't want to.
I don't want to have a conscience that's so big sometimes.
I think sociopaths, it must be really easy for them, because I'm not doing enough.
I'm not fighting hard enough.
I know how the enemy's bad.
I haven't found the way to defeat them.
But God says, it takes time, relax.
You've already done good, just keep it up.
Just hold the line.
And then the election came and went.
Such pressure that I had to beat them, we had to stop them.
And they got a small victory, but it didn't matter.
Because they had to do so many evil things to get it.
But it woke up a lot of people.
So at a spiritual level, as I said, even before the election, last Sunday, last Monday, I said,
We're winning, but we're losing.
But in the long term, we're winning the war.
And Trump's going to make his move.
And now that Trump has fired Sessions, who is obviously scared and compromised, whatever they've got on him.
And now he's gone.
And now they've got somebody that's on record and he's already coming out.
Saying the new Attorney General, saying he will not recuse himself on the fake Russiagate.
He will not accept congressional subpoenas.
No one ever does that.
Separate powers.
All this crap.
They are so scared right now that he would indict Hillary Clinton.
The arrogance of the enemy is now clear.
And then you look at how the Attorney General, the former Attorney General Eric Holder, is running Antifa and MoveOn.org and putting out press releases.
Get out there at 900 sites.
Get out there and go to people's houses and intimidate them.
Do you think going to Tucker Carlson's house
I know Tucker's got the big wasp hair and the nice suit and the gold watch his dad gave him, but I mean, you know people like Tucker Carlson.
There's a lot more going on there than meets the eye.
And if you think, we'll play this video in a minute, there's a bunch of these.
If you think intimidating and threatening people's families makes them back off, it's the opposite scumbags.
Now that's it.
We've not won this war yet.
If you take action, we will.
There's an article on Infowars.com.
It's the live feed.
Let's put it back up.
Thanks for doing that.
Watch live.
Soros activates 900 antivitara cells.
Leader of group calls for killing of police and Republicans.
Red alert.
Now, everything I said there's true.
Earlier, I showed their press release.
I showed Holder.
I showed MoveOn.org.
I showed the leader of it that sent the people to the House, the professor, saying all this.
What is their response to that?
I mean, if I was on the radio and on TV telling people, go and kill the Vice President, it's one thing if I was some crazy dude, you know, in some house saying it, you send the Secret Service, you get a mental evaluation.
You see if you've got the means to do it.
If you're powerful, and you say kill the Vice President or kill the President, you get SWAT teamed.
And I mean in an hour.
Or somebody's gonna get fired.
So how did they have this unnatural position to do all this?
Because they've had the Attorney General!
So, a lot of people got sick of Antifa pointing guns at us and threatening us.
And a little birdie told me that Antifa ran into some problems here.
We haven't seen a lot of them out in Austin since then.
But the whole point is, you guys are in a man's world.
And Antifa though is only the cannon fodder, the minions that go out so they can set somebody up when the deep state sends the real killers.
That's what I keep trying to explain to people.
The fact that they have deployed these folks and they're going to now go out to 900 targets, which is exactly what I said.
I said a thousand to 2000 targets.
Because that's about as much as anybody's ever tried to kill in one day when you do a political operation like this.
So I'm going to tell you, if you're a prominent conservative or Christian or libertarian leader, if you're a Christian conservative leader who's never even been political but they know privately from their spies and reading your email, they have computers that do profiles, that you'd stand up in an emergency, you may not even know you'd do that.
They've got AI that says you will.
Maybe it's right, maybe it's wrong.
They're going to kill you.
So a lot of you out there who are prominent billionaires, successful people, who've never really been in the arena, but they've got your profile, they got a hit team coming to kill you.
Because they got people inside your organization, just like the Nazis would do, ready to take over your company.
They also want that money.
They're going to use this political upheaval to get control of that infrastructure.
They want full control.
Now just like authoritarians always do, once they get full control it always falls apart because they don't want to run things anymore.
They just wanted the control.
So you become Venezuela.
Or North Korea.
So, I don't have words right now to describe to you how incredibly serious this situation is.
This is it.
This is the attempt to kill the country 240 years later.
And you're like, oh, America, it's not perfect.
Have you studied what they're going to bring in?
People ought to be on their knees to God begging we aren't defeated here.
And I don't know what we're supposed to do at this point.
I've already laid it all out.
The president's taking action against them.
The amount of traitors in the media and everywhere else, it's a problem.
And maybe the country isn't even meant to be reprieved.
All I know is I cannot stand down and go along with this.
And I really feel sorry for people that serve the system, because the system you're bringing in is meant to destroy your own family and your own future.
You know, they keep telling me that, hey, Alex, you might want to plug products.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
How's it going today?
Do you know how to find your home?
The context of protests are fascism and racism.
You follow me?
That's what I'm saying.
Yeah, ideology that has led to thousands of people dying by the hands of the police, to trans women being murdered in the streets.
No policies?
Well, we might need to know.
We know where you sleep at night.
Mail bombs!
Mail bombs!
Mail bombs!
We know where you sleep at night!
Mail bombs!
Mail bombs!
We know where you sleep at night!
By the way, we got video coming up.
The View.
Those harpies.
View co-hosts say White House female aide committed battery against Acosta.
She shouldn't have touched him.
Well, wait!
That's all fake video where she tries to get the mic back when he won't give it up and he shoves her arm down and grabs it away from her.
Didn't happen.
It's fake video.
The InfoWars has like, you know, Industrial Light and Magic or Pixar.
We just made it all.
It's fake.
At first, there was no altercation.
He didn't even touch her, he says.
But again, we uploaded it, so it was a little bit gray, because it was re-uploaded, and that, they say, is fake.
They're all over the news.
Fox News, CNN.
Ban Infowars.
Ban Paul Watson.
He's fake!
Media lies, claims.
Acosta Video is doctored.
Press invents bizarre conspiracy theory to distract from Acosta's behavior.
That's a great article by Paul Joseph Watson, but writer accused, reporter accused of fabricating Acosta incident, or Acosta manhandling woman.
No, let's just change Paul's.
I'm actually the head of Infowars.
I'm the editor.
I can even change headlines.
Let's change Paul's headline.
Here's the headline I want.
Reporter accused of doctoring Acosta, overpowering woman, at White House briefing, stands his ground.
Video was not edited, was C-SPAN original, only zoomed in, so that you could see the manhandling clearer.
Side-by-side videos show media involved in giant oaths.
But wait!
He says it never happened, but Whoopi Goldberg and the other liars, they say she assaulted him!
Oh my God, these people are unbelievable.
But here's the problem.
We have a new Attorney General.
We have two months.
Until they seek that Democrat House that's gonna go on.
If you thought we've seen a witch hunt, baby, the new name of the Congress is gonna be Salem Witch Trials.
And they're gonna go crazy.
We got two months to clean out the executive branch, to start acting like it's the executive branch, and to start going after the crooks.
And I think there's going to be criminal investigations, which we have them open and shut.
Mueller delivering uranium.
Hillary getting 30-something million to give 20% of our uranium.
The Chi-Com deals, the illegal servers, the smuggling kids out of Haiti.
I mean, they're in one of these people.
Mueller should be investigated for running Epstein's aircraft for that subgroup in the FBI.
Not the whole FBI, but the subgroup that would then have Epstein and world leaders having sex with little kids.
Reportedly, old Muller didn't get his old Diggly Dong involved in it, but his old Diggly Dong, but he sure as hell shot the video.
That's what he does in his off time.
Got some private production things like, Muller's a killer, aren't you scared?
Oh no, I'm fighting because he is.
The only way to go up against this is head on, baby.
Rocket fuel.
I'm like humongous and Mad Max.
I may not make it out of this, but I'm like, I'm turning the nitrous oxide on and
Or I'm like the guy on the front of the Humongous's truck, where they like finally get down with the bolt cutters and they have to unlock.
Like, I'm not saying I'm the titan, but I'm like a little baby titan.
And we gonna clash the titans when they release the Kraken.
Because that's what I'm doing here.
I mean, if I don't resist Mueller and other horrible people, I feel like I'm going to hell.
It's like torture.
I mean, look at these arrogant people strutting in front of the media like they're badass.
They'll deal with the electorate.
They'll deal with the election of Trump.
They'll deal with the 4.8% economy.
They'll deal with taking care of the veterans.
They'll deal with the real show, America.
I'm Robert Mueller III.
I'm married to the family that helped kill Kennedy.
Why, we kill people.
We're really scary.
Yeah, there are other folks that do that, too, Mueller.
That's easy.
Killing people is like taking a crap.
Or having sex.
Anybody can do it.
But only patriots can go through their fear against the deep state and not join the power structure to make a better world.
And that's why you fear us.
Because we don't have fear.
We only have fear of letting you run things.
Stick with the plan.
Stick with Mueller.
Stick with Sessions.
Why, they're jolly old pals with Trump.
Meanwhile, I talk to high-level people, they're like, no, they're horrible.
What does it matter?
There was a message board on 4chan that was doxing Alex Jones and people.
Because I'm the bad guy.
I'm going to prison.
I'm the one that doesn't like NAFTA and GATT.
I'm the one that doesn't want TPP.
I'm the one defending the Second Amendment.
I'm the one defending free market.
I'm the, oh, I'm the bad man.
But the no one knows who they are.
They're the good guys.
Because no one criticizes the shadowy guys.
With no credibility, no name, no nothing.
The Peter Strzok's of the world there on the 4chan and 8chan board.
Oh yeah, that's Skew-It-On right there on screen.
There he is.
I bet he sucked a couple of diggly-dongs last night.
Anyways, the point is, I just like to say diggly-dong.
Look at that, man.
That is Jezebel Spirit right there.
You know, I don't think women can really be what you call bitches, female dogs.
But old Strzok, that's... It's men that act like bitches.
Nothing weirder than a guy acting all Nelly.
Like, it's the worst traits of a man, the worst traits of a woman.
And then Diggly Dongs around.
Peter, Diggly Dong, Strzok.
And the Diggly Dong crew.
And it's all sycophantic, they all just worship each other and they say, Oh, you hijacked America, we worship you!
And of course they hate one thing more than anything, the military.
Because those people that are actually willing to go fight and die and be in bad conditions and kill people, they don't want to be able to do that, but they would never do it.
They just walk around all day as a bunch of dirty lawyers, kissing each other's butts all day, and setting people up, and screwing over clients.
It's going to go on forever.
Let me get the number out.
We're going to take a couple of calls.
We've got some great people coming in to join us here in studio.
The A.G.
is gone!
Ding dong, the witch is dead!
The witch, oh witch!
The witch, witch, witch!
Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!
He just flew away with those little ears.
So do Osprey.
They had him like in a grand dragon outfit?
I think that's probably what they had.
Little Diggly Dong time.
There you go, Diggly Dong.
Now that's edited video.
That's not real.
Oh, by the way, Daria made a great point.
They constantly put up edited video, deceptive stuff.
Time Magazine, Newsweek, Trump lording over a little girl that cried.
Wasn't a real photo.
Little girl wasn't taken from her parents.
Hadn't had food in over a day because her horrible mother uses her as a human shield to go through with what her husband admitted was some weird clandestine operation.
We can only guess why she smuggles up from Central America once a year using her kid as a shield.
Gee, I wonder what mommy's doing.
It's not her that's bad, it's Trump that's bad!
That's fake!
That's doctored!
That's manufactured!
But Paul Watson uploads video and it gets a shade grayer because it's been up, downloaded, uploaded.
And Paul doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to video.
And my lord, look at that woman, a sultacosta!
Well, you heard it on
You heard it on CNN.
Good people right there.
How dare us get caught in that fake video.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
Here's the number to join us.
We'll take a few segments, a few calls throughout the next hour.
What's your take on all this?
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
Remember, Antifa's been activated, 900 sites they're going to target, more people's houses, more harassment, more everything.
And you know, I'm not scared of Antifa, they're just the useful idiots that are going to get set up and sent to supermax prisons later if the globalists are successful.
They're sending assassination teams.
Poor, stupid Antifa are just the patsies.
The decoys.
We're gonna go to break.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I'm almost embarrassed to focus on news that's about InfoWars if it's a distraction.
There's a form of alchemy where you can take their distraction and use it not as a teaching moment, but just as an example of what congenital liars these people are and how their tactics work, and then have it boomerang back on them.
Plus, if we don't defeat each lie as it comes at us, it scores and then we fall.
And I kind of have this attitude of not caring what they do to me.
And that's a balance, but man, now they're saying that the woman, that when he wouldn't give the microphone back, that Jim Acosta was assaulted by the woman.
First they said he didn't grab it away and push her and grab it away, because he pushes her away and then grabs it away and grabs it away again.
Now they're saying she assaulted him is what the video shows, and they show the exact video.
It's like, it's like this.
It's like a 1984.
O'Brien, the inner party member, is torturing one of their propagandists, Winston Smith, just because they're jealous of him and he's smart.
He's actually a smart guy, so they want to kill him.
It's a, it's a form of human sacrifice.
He explains it to Winston.
He's like, it's because you are smart and really cool, dude.
We're going to torch the hell out of you.
Make you brain dead.
We're sick people.
We're not making a world that's better, Winston.
We're making a world that's worse.
That's the whole eugenicist globalist operation.
So he holds up two fingers that were torturing him for like six months.
And he finally sees whatever O'Brien wants.
You see 10, you see 20.
And he goes, oh, I get it now.
I'm totally insane.
He goes, yes, now your mission is complete.
We'll let you drink some gin and watch TV for a while.
Then we're going to burn you up and kill you.
He says, thank you.
And that's what this is.
This is all an exercise of, he pushes her away, he pulls back.
We're not saying it's assault, according to Democrats it is.
We show the footage, and they say it's fake!
Well now they've gone, oh my God, the public hasn't bought that.
So it's not just the view, it's coming in that, okay, she assaulted him!
And then they show the exact footage,
Thinking you have no memory, minute to minute to minute.
And with five women on the scene, they create this artificial consensus idea that all five women, they're authority figures, they're on TV, they say now he, she should be fired.
She assaulted him.
It costs us making a big scene, won't go away.
It's her job to get the mic.
She reaches for it, he grabs it away, pushes her back.
I mean, according to Democrats, this is like gang raping, what he did.
This is like murdering.
I'm not saying it is, it's still uncouth and unorderly and bad.
But this is how they operate, and this is the subject we're talking about, so the new Attorney General and all the huge things that are happening.
Let's go ahead and play the clip of The View here in a moment, because this is ridiculous.
Here it is.
When I saw that, I mean, I learned very early on that what I saw was a battery, not by Jim Acosta, but by the young White House aide.
When you are holding something, if I may, if you're holding something and you snatch this from me, this cup is now an extension of me.
And that means you've battered me.
You've assaulted me.
So you're blaming the woman in this?
So the footage isn't fake now?
No, it's her attacking.
Oh, mom!
2 plus 2 equals what?
I'm telling you what the law is.
I'm telling you what the law is.
You better arrest her.
I mean, you better go arrest her for battery.
Stop Megan, go ahead.
I think what's terrible is that the White House... We need to arrest her.
So, ABC The View calls... That's your real headline.
ABC News The View calls for the arrest of woman manhandled by Acosta.
Change the headline, please.
ABC News The View, ABC's The View calls for arrest of White House aide manhandled by creepy Jim Acosta.
So now the footage is real, not fake, but
It's an assault by her.
Yeah, these women really care about women's rights, just like Hillary does.
That's why she represented rapists and pedophiles.
You need to support independent media that's under attack.
We're under attack by these globalists, as you know, and your support's been amazing.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
We have pulled Excalibur.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Born and bred to take on tyranny.
Sworn to avenge.
Held to pay.
Alright, we're taking your phone calls.
We've got great, amazing guests in this video coming up.
You don't want to miss.
So much more is going on, but if you just joined us, I just played The View.
And other channels are saying this.
They're not saying that Jim Acosta didn't assault the White House aide when she tried to get the microphone back.
They're now saying she assaulted him and are calling for her arrest.
Man, these people have reached next level BS.
That's up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Let's talk to a caller on this subject.
Let's talk to Brandon in Georgia.
Again, we got all this huge stuff happening, but so illustrative that we show HD video, we zoom in on it to show it up close, and they say that's hoaxing when everyone in the world could see ten different camera angles of the same thing.
What are they thinking, Brandon?
Hey, uh, so...
I don't know what they're thinking, but I know Jim Acosta is the reason that I do the InfoWars Army.
And, uh, oh, it's my first time calling.
If I'm a little... It's alright, Brad.
It's cause I'm nervous.
No, I was on this subject, and I saw you want to talk about Jim Acosta and CNN.
But, I mean, why do they tell lies like this?
What is the point?
Acosta should have said, hey, she grabbed at me.
It was reflex to push back at her.
The reason we're doing it is they said that Corey Lewandowski basically murdered a woman by barely pushing her hand away when she grabbed it.
It's not a big deal.
It's okay.
You guys got a little bit of a thing.
The point is, by their yardstick, this is like dropping hydrogen bombs on babies.
And so now they said, we lied about it, but now they're saying, no, she needs to be arrested.
Arrest the woman when the man overpowers them.
That's the view.
I appreciate your call, Brandon.
God bless you.
I understand you're nervous.
It's okay, we'll let you call back.
Alright, let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Illinois.
You're on the air, go ahead.
We've got a new acting Attorney General and the Deep State has launched 900 Antifa groups, swearing to go to people's houses and intimidate them.
Antifa, again, is just a cover group for the Deep State and actual assassination teams the Deep State is looking at actually using.
But the real assassination teams are watching those teams, so this could be a very explosive moment in history, my friend.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, truth, there's truth in their error.
Truth mixed with error is still error.
So first of all, with this QAnon thing, those of us who were kind of sucked in by it need to have the humility to understand that we need to learn from this.
I mean, that's sort of my opinion on that.
And on the other thing, do you think, I think this Acosta thing, you're trying to keep this in the news cycle, you know, is a big distraction.
Basically, from all the stuff that's going on and all, you know, and Trump going on offense so aggressively.
Oh, I totally agree.
The whole show should be Trump's on offense, his new AG, who is he, what has he said, why are they sending out 900 Antifa teams to harass people, when I've already predicted that's the precursor for the real physical attacks, which means they may be preparing to kill the President.
Correct, I agree with that.
And, you know, is there a way to juxtapose the video of Lewandowski
With the ACOSTA video and sort of push that out there, you know, because whenever they act completely ridiculous, you know, it's obviously acceptable.
And then now that they're kind of trying to flip the script and charge this woman with assault on ACOSTA, I mean, it's just... The good news is I really think the same people that are left in this world are not buying any of this, you know?
Well that's it, and I'm not even mad at The View, I'm ashamed as an American that we have a show with like 8 million viewers or whatever, 5 million viewers, depending on the day, saying this woman assaulted him.
We're not even saying that he assaulted her, we're just saying that he's lying, he did push on her, and he did grab at her.
It's just, there's no, again, they will drop women like an old shoe.
These so-called feminists do not care about women.
They want to control you.
I care about women.
I care about men.
I care about black people, white people, everybody.
I love everybody.
I mean, I don't like virtue signal.
I got three daughters.
I saw the media put out reports saying Jones says his daughters can't have professional jobs.
Never said that.
I hope my daughters become rocket scientists for the president.
But this is what they project on us.
God bless you, Chris.
Good points.
We're in a civil war right now, okay?
And I said this on air, not just from my own research, but from Intel, that the Antifa groups publicly work for Soros and work for Holder and the Deep State, and that they want them to get demonized, actually.
They don't know they're part of this, to go out to people's houses and identify them so they can later kill who they want and blame Antifa.
If they decide to decapitate Trump.
And so, the fact that they're now doing this and going to everybody's houses and by tonight, because these cowards always show up at night, 900 targets.
They're hitting 900 targets directed by MoveOn.org, who's the main funder of that, you guessed it, Mr. Rotten Face, George Soros.
So it's on, folks.
This is it.
Trump's dropping the hammer.
Everybody wanted it.
You got it.
And Sessions is gone.
And we were right.
He was bad.
Deal with it.
Obviously, they're going to try to infiltrate our movement.
Obviously, they're going to try to discredit the real patriots.
And they did it with QAnon.
So don't listen to the next magic bot that doesn't have skin in the game, that hasn't been around 20 years, that has no track record.
All we've got is a track record of delivering.
And it's not about being up here going, oh look, we delivered, we're right, we're so smart.
It's about, dude, they're trying to destroy us because we're sending the truthful signal.
We're broadcasting the coordinates of victory.
And if people just get that, it's over for them.
If our talking points go mainstream, which is starting to happen, it's over!
For the globalists.
Mega banks, tax exempt, with diplomatic immunity and all the rest of us are poor.
And the elites say we're obsolete?
That doesn't sound like a very good sales plan.
You're all scum, you're idiots, we're gonna steal your money and then kill you.
My political ideology is not trying to be part of the elite.
Because you're not elite.
I get around these globalists, I feel empty inside.
I get around average real people, I feel strong.
So, it's a pleasure.
It's like Tony Montana, when they say, okay, we'll get you a green card if you kill this communist, he goes, I'll kill a communist for free.
And he does.
And I'm the same way.
It's like, this is a pleasure.
I mean, it's a pleasure to die for freedom.
I don't want to die.
I want to live forever.
The point is, it's a pleasure.
You give me a green card, I'll carve him up real nice.
See the difference?
I want to defeat them.
I kill the commons for fun.
For a green card, I'm going to carve him up real nice.
Let's take another phone call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chuck in Arkansas.
Chuck, thanks for calling.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I'm a big fan.
First time caller.
God bless.
And since we got a new AG, how about if we have some new policy?
A second special counsel to finally go after all of the criminal behavior by the Democrats.
Oh, I say go on the total.
I said this.
Trump must go on a total warpath, a total crusade.
They did it with all made-up crap.
They are the real colluders.
They're the real foreign influence.
They're the censors.
Go thermonuclear!
You have the executive!
Annihilate or be annihilated!
Well, he should also go after special tech or high tech with all the meddling they did in this election.
And all the deplatforming.
I mean, just, we've got two months before they bring in the new crew.
Oh, don't worry.
They're activating their terror teams because Trump's taking the gloves off, brother.
That's what I'm saying.
Everybody better get ready.
Do you think he's going to do that?
He's going to do it all and more.
I hope so.
He gave them the path of backing off and getting out of the way.
Now they've chosen the path of pain.
Now they've chosen the path of war.
And guess what?
Those that know war don't want war.
But when war comes, we wage war.
War is now coming into orbit.
Mars is here.
Stay with us.
Thank you, Chuck.
God bless.
Stay with us.
You have the idea for this.
We delivered 100,000 signatures a year and a half ago to the
It had a massive, massive effect and got it moving on the censorship.
But you have the idea of, this is a model others have used, it's a handwritten letter, they sign their name, they can print off a copy for free, they mail that, or if they don't, we mail it for them.
So either it's two letters go out every time we do it, or one.
We're going to send one out regardless.
With the postage paid in an individual letter, one million of these to flood the White House.
I think we're going to send about $100,000 to Trump Tower in New York.
And it is almost a form of harassment, but we love the president.
We're doing him a favor.
I'm going to hammer the White House with a million of these.
I'm not playing games.
One million.
And I know you'll do it.
We did it last time.
Got 100,000 signatures in a week.
Then we printed them off, and we mailed them, and it showed up, and it was a big fiasco.
I don't like doing this.
I have to do it.
He's going to be knee-deep in these things.
If you take action, write Trump.com, sign your name on the letter to the President that we will mail for you directly to the President.
President Trump must understand the importance of putting a stop to this mass censorship of the service by big tech and initiate antitrust actions to end this racketeering collusion by the big tech giants desperate to take back America.
I've already had top law firms write him three briefings.
I've already had them delivered.
I already know that he picked up on, wait, if the EU and the UN are already regulating our internet because we haven't put regulations on saying there is no regulation, then we've allowed them to come in tacitly or by fiat.
We're good to go.
Remove those protections.
It's allowed those to come in so they can come in with fines and regulations to bring our tech DARPA CIA command operation under their control.
That's what this is all about.
Make no mistake, that's what all these institutions are.
And so we're demanding the president retake control of U.S.
hardware in this modern fight, right?
Again, we know exactly where to hit the enemy.
Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise.
That's why they hate us.
We're loyal to America, we know what we're doing, and the enemy is completely and absolutely scared.
So go to RightTrump.com today, ladies and gentlemen.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, you know, Amy Owens-Troyer is riding shotgun with us.
And Michael Graves.
I've been a big fan of him for decades.
Former Misfits lead singer.
And has sold out shows across the world.
Got cancelled in England because he dared tweet Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones tweets.
He's riding shotgun with us.
You guys are doing a flag laying ceremony this weekend.
But out of the gates.
I was literally during the break didn't even talk to you guys.
Front and center.
All this stuff going on.
Antifa going to folks' houses.
Soros saying go to everybody's houses.
900 of them.
They're talking about violence.
Killing Republicans.
Killing Trump.
They're so scared of this new AG.
You've got Ginsburg breaking her ribs.
And so they say she could be gone in a month or two.
I mean, she looks like the Crypt Keeper.
Just everything it seems is accelerating.
It's like a quickening.
What would you call it?
I think exactly.
It's a quickening.
I mean, for people that have been paying attention, like myself, we've seen that this is all culminating exactly as you've said it would culminate.
It's been building to this, and it's dangerous out there.
It's crazy out there.
I don't even feel like I should also... It's so crazy, I feel like I can't even be on air.
It feels weird to even talk about it, like it's about action.
No, I agree Alex, but a certain level, I'm not surprised by any of it.
I mean, if you light a stick of dynamite, it's gonna blow up.
I mean, you know, so this was inevitably gonna happen at some point in time.
I'm just honestly stunned.
I mean, we've seen the lengths that the fake news would go to.
We've seen the lengths that the left will go to to lie and deceive.
This is truly next level.
I mean, this is beyond... They say we faked the video of Acosta!
That's what I'm saying.
So you're basically, at this point, assuming that
You can play the same video, the exact same video twice, and say, see?
That one's doctored.
It's literally the same video.
And I don't know if they're that stupid on The View.
I don't know if they assume their audience is that stupid.
I don't know what it is.
Michael, what's going on?
You're a showman.
You're a smart guy at the top of your game.
What is this attempt just to see?
It's like a mind control test.
It's look at the left hand as the right hand is doing something else.
The left and the progressives that are paying attention to this, they clearly see what reality is and what happened with Jim Acosta.
But then you have all their other minions, these crazy women on the view say,
Now it was, it was Jim Acosta that got, that got, uh, you know, uh, roughed up.
And then everyone on the left goes, yeah, that's what happened, I seen it, yeah!
And it's the same video, they were just saying it's fake.
I, yeah!
Meanwhile, they're about to activate their...
Antifa thugs or whoever else.
I mean you can put whatever name you want on it.
Violent leftists.
They're about to activate them.
We saw it at Tucker Carlson's last night.
It's only gonna get worse.
So behind the scenes...
They're up here trying to protect their corrupt establishment government, and they've got these people so brainwashed, they don't even understand how they're literally foot soldiers of the most criminal cabal in world history.
The world has shrunk thanks to technology.
These are the greatest criminals in world history, Alex.
Mueller, the Clintons, the Obama administration's crimes.
These are the biggest criminals, George Soros, in world history.
People ask, why is it so crazy?
Michael, because they keep getting away with it, and if you read like crime books or historical criminology, a psycho may kill 10-15 people and do it all perfectly, but then he wants to start getting caught, so he starts sending letters.
He starts getting drunk while he's killing people.
He starts, then finally gets caught with three dead bodies in the back of the car.
They've gotten to the point where it's just insane, like, they fund these huge caravans, they're smashing the borders, and then they go, no, no caravan exists.
Again, what's happened is all of these people that have been put in this bubble, and again, why InfoWars is being taken off the map in silence, so that stream, that reality, that stream of consciousness, the truth that you need for your eyes to be open and see, those people are shut away from it.
They're taken away from the light.
They don't want that confirmation.
They're taken away from the truth.
They exactly want to show you two of the same videos and say one's a lie and have you think you're crazy.
They don't want anybody there to like say no you're right that's the same video.
But this is like I mean this is really a spiritual battle Alex.
I don't know how else to explain this.
I even had a friend of mine send me a text like now you guys are editing videos to make people look bad and I'm just like
How do you fall for this?
There is a spiritual frequency right now between good and evil and you're tuned in to either one.
You cannot miss it anymore.
There's no middle ground.
You're either on the frequency of good or you're on the frequency of evil.
There's no middle ground.
There's no open spaces.
It's all clear.
Or versus good and evil, how about sane insane?
That's just one element of the frequency.
Of course it's all a distraction for what's going on behind the scenes.
They don't want people to know that behind the scenes Trump is actually trying to put a bunch of child traffickers in jail that have been running governments.
He's been doing it.
You just had actually a bust here in Texas.
They arrested 75 people.
They saved 5 victims.
The mainstream media goes, oh, Trump claims they're busting, even though they're up like a thousand percent.
There is no child trafficking.
Michael Graves, let me ask you this.
What do you think the globalists, their minions, do next?
They seem so scared now.
We've got a new AG, two months until they try to confirm him.
Trump's got to move now, but they are so scared.
Gut level, what do you think they're going to pull next?
Because they've already gone to
Level 11, like spinal tapping crazy.
I think the rats are cornered.
They know that they're cornered.
And it's absolutely terrifying, Alex, what happened to Tucker Carlson this morning.
They were trying to bust in the door.
Can you imagine that?
But think about this.
I'd go crazy.
That's what I'm saying.
The same response.
He has kids.
The same response.
Honestly, in that situation, the same response is to shoot those people.
And I'm sorry, and they're going to say on Media Matters that I'm calling for violence.
No, I'm not!
If someone comes to your house and is threatening your family, it is a human instinct to kill!
Well, they're all around knocking down part of the door, saying, we know where you sleep, and it's his wife alone.
The night before, reportedly, it's in the news, but they've talked about it before, their kids were alone there.
They went out to dinner.
What if your kids are alone?
There's like 40 people banging on your windows and saying, we're going to get you, we know you're in there.
I mean, the normal thing is either hide or attack.
Well, they're just going to keep doing it, Alex.
What would have happened if Tucker was there and the guy tries to knock his door down and Tucker would have kicked his ass?
But see, that's what they want.
They want someone to shoot one of these kids.
So what you're saying, Michael, is they're going to escalate.
I mean look, they're saying that Paul Joseph Watson's edited this video.
When clearly, anyone that has eyes can see that it isn't.
So now when it escalates to violence, they're kicking in someone's door and someone's defending themselves or some sort of confrontation on the street and it goes down.
What do you think they're going to say?
They're going to blame us.
They're going to blame the Patriots.
Because all they have to do is say, oh yeah, this phone is green.
And they go, yeah, the phone's green!
And they believe it.
That's like, you've got a huge, long, blue hair.
You don't.
No, I heard it on CNN.
Michael Graves has long blue hair.
It's true!
CNN said so!
And CNN also said you must kill people with blue hair, so now I know what to do.
You should be locked up.
This is the sad part and this is why the restraint conservatives have and Republicans have is so key, Alex.
I mean, they already tried to kill Steve Scalise and other Republicans in the base program.
Broke Rand Paul's ribs.
Yeah, Rand Paul's been attacked multiple times.
Threw hot coffee on me.
They confront these people in restaurants.
They are pushing.
They are pushing for someone to fire the first shot.
Thank God conservatives have restraint.
Thank God we aren't retaliating with the actual force that we should be retaliating with.
We'll be back, ladies and gentlemen.
Right now, it's just American vs. Globalist.
This country's under attack.
Michael Graves is our guest.
We also have Owen Schroer in here in the studio with us.
So much more coming up.
Matt Bracken as well, and your phone calls.
Whatever you do, share these live links.
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on in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
How's it going?
America is for President Trump and Alex Jones.
Anything else, any other person, Hispanic, who wants to consider themselves an American or anything other than a real Jesus Christ believer is a fake and is a terrorist.
So what I'm bringing on to you, brother, is may God bless you.
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Let's go to Jason in New Mexico.
Fire away.
Thank you for taking my call.
Shout out to you, the crew, and all those that work behind the scenes.
And I would tell everybody to commit to the super blue toothpaste and the Survival Shield X2 so you don't turn into a transsexual, gay, toad, and run as a Democrat.
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I know that's right, but really, we should contribute to you guys because I've been given for years and I've seen the production value just skyrocket.
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Yep, that's if you love the kids though, hey, I'm not telling you how to spend their money.
Yeah, you know what, good point.
If you don't love your kids, just keep giving them the fluoride.
Yeah, that's fine.
No matter what the globalists want to do, no matter what politicians want to do, this country is going to make it!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
We've got the new acting Attorney General for at least two months.
He's already said, day one, that he is not going to recuse himself from the fake Russiagate investigation, as if he's involved in it.
And he's not going to take congressional subpoenas of the President because it's a separation of powers.
And he says Hillary should be indicted from all the evidence he's seen.
Meanwhile, the InfoWars White House pipeline is alive and well, says Media Matters.
You type in InfoWars.com, Alex Jones, Paul Watson, it's on every channel.
Again, it's the boldness to say that we put a fake video out of Jim Acosta, which is a distraction from everything, but then it's how bold they are to simultaneously say that we put out a fake video, but then to also have other channels, like you said, The View, saying that, oh, actually, she assaulted him.
This, this is really weird.
This is, this is bizarre.
Let's get into the Attorney General and then go to some calls, but also this.
What do you think the method here is?
It's just, they just lie?
Well, I think that as spirits of good are rising, the spirit of evil is going to lash out.
And that's basically what you're seeing, Alex.
I mean, as the demons are getting exposed, they're exposing themselves as demons.
I mean, nobody in their right mind watches that video of Jim Acosta and says, oh my gosh, he just got battered by that young girl who weighs like, what, 90 pounds?
I mean, give me a break.
And it's her job!
He won't give the mic back.
You're supposed to take it.
You can tell, like, her face.
She's stunned.
Here's the issue.
They first... It's the 1984 deal.
They're saying it's fake.
Now they're playing it, saying it's real.
But let's remember, Jim Acosta has been acting like a petulant child during these White House briefings for almost two years.
So he's been trying to get banned.
He's been intentionally acting like a jackass to try to get banned.
So he finally got what he wanted, acting like an immature jackass, and Trump finally did what he had to do and ban him.
But you notice how small Jim Acosta is?
He'll hit that woman trying to grab the microphone, but when Trump steps away from the podium, he folds like a cheap tent.
Oh, that's part of the video, too.
Like, he's so scared of Trump, when Trump starts walking towards him, he, like, hides.
Yeah, he folds like a cheap tent.
But the 90-year-old girl... For radio listeners, they can't see all this.
Let's play the unedited HD from C-SPAN and off our satellite.
For TV viewers, radio listeners, obviously you've seen it all, but here it is.
I want to challenge you on one of the statements that you made in the tail end of the campaign in the midterms.
Here we go.
Well, if you don't mind, Mr. President, that this caravan was an invasion.
I consider it to be an invasion.
As you know, Mr. President, the caravan was not an invasion.
It's a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the U.S.
Thank you for telling me that.
Why did you characterize it as such?
We're good to go.
You know why we need the people, Daji?
Because we have hundreds of companies moving in.
We need the people.
But your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls and so on.
Well, that's true.
But they weren't actors.
They're not going to be doing that.
They weren't actors.
No, it's true.
Do you think they were actors?
They weren't actors.
They didn't come from Hollywood.
These were people, this was an actual...
You know, it happened a few days ago.
And, uh... They're hundreds of miles away, though.
They're hundreds and hundreds of miles away.
They're waving foreign flags, attacking police.
Throwing rocks at helicopters, saying that they're coming to take us down.
Hit pause real quick.
Back this up 10 seconds.
I want you to make that point.
It's the same gaslighting, though.
No, he never touched the girl.
She assaulted him now.
It's all on video, the opposite.
And now, there's no migrant caravan.
There's no... I mean, what is... These people, you know what it is?
They're crazy.
Jim Acosta believes he controls reality, and that's why CNN, everybody hates him.
Because they are the gold standard of fake news, Mr. Graves.
Lies, lies, lies.
Just lies.
That whole exchange was just lies.
It's not an invasion.
It's a migrant caravan.
It's not coming.
It's hundreds of miles away.
Yeah, they're not climbing fences.
My fist isn't coming.
They're not climbing walls.
There's just video showing them climbing walls.
They're not throwing rocks at helicopters.
They're just throwing rocks at helicopters.
And police.
And police and saying that they're coming.
To confront the police, and they want in.
They don't want to be Americans.
They don't want to come in here.
Because they were handpicked by the UN and Soros at those camps.
So, here's what CNN's doing.
No one watches them.
They're being disruptive.
So if Acosta goes, the sky's not blue at high noon, we all debate it with him.
I think that's their final deal.
But the problem is, as long as they're at the White House briefings, they can keep doing this.
Well, that's why Trump finally gave him the boot.
Long overdue.
Long overdue.
And then Fox News, can we queue that up?
I keep going back to this, not because it's about us, it's the top story, not the mass shooting, not the AG fired.
I go out there, the top story in the country is that we faked this video!
On my children, we did not!
Paul Watson put a clip up and zoomed in on it, which is normal!
But that's not, I don't even care about me!
What Twilight Zone episode am I in, where we're at the center of the top news again, and they're saying something that openly happened didn't happen, and then here's even Fox News acting like we made it up.
Here it is.
They're all defending Acosta.
To the super clown Jim Acosta.
Now here's the good part.
Yeah, I think it's a misstep on the part of the White House to claim that Jim Acosta was laying his hands on this young intern who tried to take the mic away.
The contact was very incidental.
I also think it was a misstep for Sarah Sanders to tweet out a doctored video put out by InfoWars, the Alex Jones conspiracy site, that kind of made it look more aggressive than it was.
The conspiracy site, as he spreads a conspiracy about a doctored video.
That's what you get on Fox News.
That's why people are waking up to who Fox News really is.
They never cared about you being the one.
But it's the defending, Acosta, like you said, is this rabid clown who runs around all day everywhere doing this, and then now the girl's the bad person.
My mind is blown.
I know that we're going to break here, but this is all over the news.
This is the top story.
Meanwhile, again, the truth is, it's demonstrable that
That violence is happening.
We are on the cusp.
Like you said, there's 900 people have been doxxed.
Their addresses are out there.
These people are being activated.
They're activating.
They're being activated and they're coming for us.
But let's be clear, as they want to sit here and point the finger saying, you doctored this video, you're the worst, you're fake news.
They all willingly went along with fake rape allegations.
Three women came out and admitted they made up rape allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.
They've said nothing.
And all three were literally interviewed and said, don't indict me.
I mean, he's a Republican.
He's bad.
It's a tactic to, in front of his wife and kids, say he raped the living hell out of me.
On days like these, Alex, I just sit back and I say, God's in charge.
There's nothing I can do.
No, I agree.
But here's the answer.
Acosta and all these people have gotten away with lying so long that they think it's going to work again.
And since the lie doesn't work, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again that doesn't work.
Now they're just getting... So let me ask you this, Michael.
How far does it go?
As far as we'll let them go, but I think that they're going to go as far as they can.
They're going to jail.
They know the crimes that they've committed.
They know at the highest levels.
That's what Ted Nugent said yesterday.
He said we gotta not get violent, we gotta get aggressive and back in their face right now.
I truly believe that we could avoid a hot war in the near future if the police would actually do their job.
Every person that showed up at Tucker Carlson's house last night should have been in jail for at least 24 hours.
Every single one of them.
Every single one.
Yeah, because they said you're not safe, they knocked the door in.
This is dangerous.
Of course they're gonna do it again.
They don't face jail, they face... Let me ask the cops this.
What would happen to you if you're at work and your wife's there and 40 punks, a gang, show up to threaten your wife?
What would you do?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're going to take your calls.
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Apple banned your app.
I helped, too!
Ah, Oliver.
I hate free speech, too!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Gentlemen, we have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
We're on a mission.
You know, I kind of picked up the way you said, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies.
Kind of picked up a little bit of a ministry thing or was I just imagining it?
Ol' Al, he's a piece of work.
I love that you have that sense, Alex.
It's one of the things that is remarkable about you.
The way that you, you know, when you're coming back from the breaks and you jump on the music and you use those lyrics and make it relevant to what's happening.
It's amazing.
Well, you guys are amazing.
I want to go to calls in the next hour.
Matt Bracken, former Navy SEAL, counterterrorism expert, has predicted a lot of this is going to be joining us.
We'll ride shotgun with him.
But I want to be clear.
I got called by the FBI after Vegas.
And they said, how did you say Sunday night?
I think they're bringing in Al Qaeda and ISIS forces, and I think they'll attack a concert or a big event at, say, 10 o'clock at night.
I said, let me be honest with you, I just said that, it just came to me.
And they said, okay, well now we're going to tell you that the guy had ISIS and Al Qaeda paraphernalia in the room, and it was an arms deal, and there were Saudis in the country, and they used this as a way to get weapons.
He was already basically working for the CIA.
They didn't go all the way the rest of the way.
Then the CIA came and gave me a visit, and they told me the rest of the story.
That's how that works, you get different pieces.
See, I'm not on air saying that to act cool.
This happened.
And it's the same thing here.
It's like, God's not going to put us in a position and not have somewhere the truth comes out.
And it's not just me.
Soros has overthrown more than 20 countries.
Five or six just the last five, six years.
He has a blueprint.
He brags that he overthrew Ukraine.
He caused riots.
He had people shoot police.
He did it.
He overthrew it.
And so now he's funding through his son Alexander is kind of taking over these riot groups and they're attacking and they're saying we're going to go dox houses and then we're going to kill people.
And then I know from other sources, they're just the cover for real teams because if they're going to try to kill Trump, they're not going to leave Sean Hannity and Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson and Matt Grudge around.
They're not going to have these little meth heads in the decoys.
They're the guy they blame.
But the real teams are warmed up and ready.
The fact that they ordered this morning, with Eric Holder involved, 900 teams to go dox everybody's house, that should create the smoke, which means they are close to trying to kill the President.
Now, I didn't just say this now.
The video I did three months ago, where they said Jones doesn't get battle rivals from the press, never said it, never played it.
It was a message to the President, 25 minutes long, laying all this out.
And now I look back on it, from my sources and everything else, that's what scared him.
95% of it is what they've said and what they've done.
The other 5% is the ether, and it is like Oracle level, because I say it, and it's what happens hours before it happens.
So I don't know what's going on here, but it scares them.
What do you guys think?
Well, I think, actually, I'm glad that you brought up Ukraine, because I think that's actually a key situation to learn about.
Well, Soros overthrows governments!
But that's what they're about to do here.
I mean, let's not forget,
There were, there were quote-unquote shootouts.
It wasn't really a shootout, but they had people getting sniped, basically, and they said, oh, where is this coming from?
And then all of a sudden, these two groups started fighting and fighting and fighting, and it turns out it was just some provocateur sitting on top of a building just shooting people.
That's what Soros is going to do here next.
And he's got his Antifa groups lined up.
So he'll say, oh, the right will say, oh, it's Antifa.
And he'll have the Patriots over here, and they'll say, oh, it's the Patriots.
So they can have a Patriots sell and claim they came out because of Antifa.
And then they'll have some guys, you know, standing off in a tower with a rifle mowing everybody down.
That's what Soros is about.
Putting it out there that, okay, anything coming from this outlet or anybody, anything associated with it is not true.
And then my mind goes to all of the news and information that's come out, even in mainstream media, about what's happening in China and the credit scores and all of the concentration camps, the re-education camps that they're putting people in.
Everybody here, well not everybody, you know the leftists, the progressives.
Slow down, say that again.
They announce social scores and start putting people in concentration camps and it's even in our news.
All over the news, all over the news.
And then you have all these leftists, these progressives who hardly know that the sky is blue, don't know that there's anything else happening in the world, are
Being the foot soldiers to usher this thousand years of darkness into this country and they have no idea that
When the guillotine starts to fall, we'll be the first, you know, few waves to be taken.
And then, they're next.
They don't understand that.
They don't understand it because they're... They don't get how hard people fought to create a beachhead of freedom.
They have no idea.
They have no idea.
Well, they never studied the French Revolution.
I forget the exact quote, but it's, you know, the guillotine lusts for blood.
You know, that once the guillotine starts working, doesn't matter whose blood, it just wants the blood.
Well, here's the deal.
They bash the West all day because we are the folks that ended slavery.
We're the folks that actually were women got the right to vote.
We're people that put women on a pedestal.
And we have a conscience so they can manipulate our conscience to feel like, well, yeah, we're not perfect.
When meanwhile, it's pure barbarism and the left funding the Arab state, the Muslim state, all this.
It's just insane.
I want to go to phone calls here.
Ladies and gentlemen, the country is in a civil war.
It is in a civil emergency.
It's under attack from every angle.
The press is under attack.
Free speech is under attack.
But the good news is, we're actually winning because God's not going to sit here and leave us without the tools to deal with it.
We have free will.
And you look at Trump.
It's not about getting down on my knees to Trump.
I've been persecuted for supporting Trump.
I know how he's been persecuted.
I know what he's really done.
He's just trying to get better trade deals and empower us, make us believe in each other and come together.
And they're saying that's bad.
And if we reject this, it's God giving us a choice.
If we reject it, like you said, thousand years of darkness.
Michael Graves.
Owen and I were talking and I had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau a couple months ago when I was in Europe.
And we were talking about the feeling that... My mother said, oh, I've been to the Coliseum, I've been to other places where hundreds of thousands died.
She said visiting Auschwitz and places like that, literally she couldn't breathe and had to get out.
I had a panic attack and I had to... I didn't even know that.
I had a panic attack and I had to leave.
I was weeping and crying.
I went into one of the intakes and there were just piles of shoes and hair and pictures of children and just normal people that were going about their lives.
And then George Soros came along and all the evil.
It's the same evil.
It's the same evil that rears its head throughout human history.
And what's happened in this country to a lot of the people that are out there pushing against us is that part of history, that part of the world is gone.
And so they can't use that.
They don't use that in their campaign.
And it's worse than that.
They say we're the Nazis.
Right, but that's the thing, they have no idea what Nazis are.
You know, you talk about World War II, you talk about any of it, any example of totalitarian, authoritarian evil, and it's like, it's the same thing as watching Netflix to them.
It's just fake.
It doesn't really happen.
Well, you know, there's also the super ultra right-wing lies and hates Israel and hates Jews and says, you know, I work for them.
My grandfather was in North Africa in the Army Air Corps, and then he did his missions, and then he was an officer in the Army, and my other grandfather was in the Army Air Corps in Europe as well.
I talked to all the other guys that used to come to our ranch.
They're all dead now, these World War II vets.
I always asked for World War II stories they wouldn't tell me, but the few times they did,
They were like, man, you're talking about miles of starving and dead people.
Dead bodies everywhere.
Huge forced labor camps.
Dead people piled up.
We had to bury them with bulldozers.
There were blackbirds everywhere eating people.
There were dead babies everywhere.
Super hot women would come out and like flash their breasts at you in a fur coat and pull a machine gun out and try to kill you.
It was cuckoo land.
And then I see the Nazis saying, oh no, Hitler wasn't bad.
He didn't kill anybody.
Dude, 30 plus million Russians died.
22 million Germans.
Millions of Jews.
Millions of Poles.
Almost a million Americans.
Yes, a million Brits.
Yes, World War II happened.
It did.
It happened.
Not too long ago.
Stop denying it.
Right, not too long ago.
Our grandparents remember.
Many of them fought, even.
But you know, Alex, it almost seems trivial at this point, and we'll talk about it on the other side, but there's still mass genocide going on in this country every day.
It's called abortion.
Oh, tell us right now, I almost forgot.
You guys have a great demonstration, a couple of them coming up.
Tell us about that.
So this Saturday, we're doing a flag lay at a cemetery here in Texas.
It's the Texas State Cemetery, 909 Navasota Street in Austin, Texas.
Michael will be there.
It's the Marines' birthday.
We're going to do a flag lay on the veterans' graves.
Then after that, we're going to the Planned Parenthood here in South Austin on Ben White Boulevard.
It's the biggest Planned Parenthood in Austin.
And I'm having a stop government funding of abortion rally outside of that Planned Parenthood.
I have people traveling from all over the states to be- We've been talking about this for a while.
I'm going to come out.
Tell folks again.
This Saturday, the Stop Government Funding of Abortion Rally at the South Planned Parenthood on Ben White Boulevard.
We're going to be there at 1 o'clock.
1 o'clock this Saturday.
Stop Government Funding of Abortion Rally.
And where do people go on Infowars.com?
Well, we're going to come up with specifics for folks.
Stay with us.
Fourth Hour, Matt Bracken and both these great guys straight ahead.
And we'll talk about Ted Nugent, too, on the other side.
Stay with us.
Three words.
Energized quantum state.
Two words.
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You are receiving this transmission.
You are the resistance.
He aligns himself with the truth.
It is time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Michael Graves was in my studio!
There he is!
Hey, I actually bought your 50s album.
What's the name of that?
I love it.
It was called the Project 1950s.
I love the punk variant on that.
I got a couple of songs that kind of go between the original and the new ones, a little effect.
I got to go to calls.
You guys are awesome.
I apologize for making you hold.
We got the former head of the Misfits, his own super popular band right here.
But I wanted to say something briefly about Ted Nugent.
And, but I said I'd go to your calls, we'll go to them now, but I'm going to briefly say at the start of the deal, because I admire renegades, and I admire people that have paid a serious price for what they've done.
And you know it's cost him over a hundred million dollars since Obama got in, where he was banned in the major sports stadiums everywhere by three cartels that run it.
And he's happy to do that.
He feels better.
But I don't want to hear people say you can't make sacrifices.
And on this road to liberty and freedom, people made a lot of sacrifices.
A lot of folks go, well I better put my head down and kiss ass.
Well then you'll sell everything.
So we'll talk about it next segment.
But right now, Jim in Canada, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
I love you Jim, I won't hold it against you.
You got the same first name as Jim Acosta.
Oh, it's, um, yeah, unfortunate.
It's a joke.
I got the same name as Alexander Soros.
I'm going to have to congratulate you guys on getting that deep fake into the C-SPAN video feed there.
How you managed to pull that off, oh my god, I have no idea.
We're better than Industrial Light and Mad Gadget.
We hijacked satellite feeds and edited them in live time.
Yeah, that's going to be the talk news tonight.
Canadian conspires with Alex Jones to hijack video feeds.
That's it.
New topic, new headline.
Canada's going to come hunting for me now, I'm sure.
So what's on your mind?
Is it migrant caravan?
Migrant caravan, yeah, I was thinking that, and then I started thinking a bunch of other things, but now I'm thinking about how words and violence, and wasn't World War I started over a apparent besmirching of a woman's honor, which allegedly never happened, but wasn't found out until after the husband... And it started with a false flag on a Lusitania, and a British intelligence assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
Yeah, yeah.
So it started with a bunch of fake BS.
They used a big line of BS to push a narrative so that they could go out and do crazy stuff.
And then they did the same thing repeatedly over and over and over again.
So that's why they don't quit, because it's been working!
Well, it's because people lack critical thinking and common sense, and I think that's why the media is so terrified of you and the work that all of your employees do, is you guys think critically about it.
Does this make sense?