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Name: 20181026_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 26, 2018
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Alex Jones discusses topics such as censorship, Trump's interview with young black conservatives, the pipe bomb situation, and midterm elections on his radio show. He promotes InfoWars Life products that address health issues and high medical costs in the US. He encourages listeners to stay informed and participate in local politics while also promoting financial support for InfoWars at 4Wars4.com.

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Leading a frontal assault on the lives of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
They have forensics investigators that can take the smallest speck and turn it into real evidence.
And that's what they've been doing since they found that first attempted bomb at George Soros' house earlier this week.
And the other issue here is that it appears to me that this is not a sophisticated bomb maker.
If you're going to send out a dozen or more
Oh, he didn't do a poor job at all, and I've been saying this over and over again, if the globalists and their minions get smart,
They will go out and they will pose as conservatives, as nationalists, and they will take one for the team, and they will stage these events and blame us for it.
You've got this van, we'll show TV viewers HD images of these, that are posted to InfoWars.com, with this van in Florida festooned over every square inch of the windows, except for the front windshield.
With pro-Trump, pro-America, pro-Pence information.
And you know when they get into his laptop, he's going to visit DrudgeReport.com, he's going to visit InfoWars.com, he's going to listen to Rush Limbaugh, he's going to watch Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, just wait 11 days out from this incredibly
Historic election.
And remember, we saw them pre-programming everywhere that Republicans are going to get violent, but Trump and Alex Jones are going to cause shootings and bombings of Democrats.
And then magically, the kingpin, leading the globalist invasion of America, the open borders, George Soros, hierarchically, he gets the first fake bomb.
And I have the police commissioner, NYPD, saying the package bombs are not bombs.
In fact, the ones New York got don't even have powder in them.
They are fake.
They are fake.
They are fake.
And this whole thing, there it is, pipe bomb and powdered liberty, CNN, we're harmless.
That's all confirmed by the police commissioner.
But it's only in InfoWars.com and DrugsReport.com and National Review and a few places.
So, again, it's the perfect Patsy.
I even said on Monday, they'll bust him in a van with Trump stickers all over it.
I said that!
I said it!
I mean, we just... Because it's central scripting, ladies and gentlemen!
This is the most insane crap I've ever seen, ladies and gentlemen.
And now they've got it loaded on the back of a record.
Being driven to the FBI offices there in Florida.
This is just incredible.
This is in South Florida.
He's in custody in connection with the mailing of pipe bombs.
Notice that Boing Boing and Bloomberg and all of them and CNN keep calling it pipe bombs.
No, they're not pipe bombs.
This bottle of honor roll fish and krill oil is not a bomb.
Like bring in one of the fake bombs we made with road flares and egg timers on them.
Those look more real and are more dangerous than these fake bombs.
Because you could light one of these road flares and burn down a building with them.
So technically it's not a bomb, but it's an incendiary device.
So the bombs we made in five minutes yesterday are more real than that fake bomb.
So just think about how insane this is.
And how right on time, 14 days out Soros, 13 days out the Clintons, Obama, all these poor little victims that have been calling for violence and calling for, you know, killing members of Congress and calling for killing Trump.
The Democrats' New York Times articles about killing Trump.
Phil Mudd goes on CNN and says we're going to kill Trump.
And then magically they all keep saying Trump's going to get us killed.
And then magically this happens right on time.
Fake bombs get mailed out.
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We have a video.
The police commissioner of New York City says this was not a group of bombs that were mailed.
Repeat, these were not bombs.
These were inert powder inside plastic casings with shards of glass with wire sticking out of it to cause fear.
And it's been totally blamed on Trump, on Infowars, on anyone criticizing Soros and all of his criminal activities that are legendary.
President Trump is set to speak on this in just mere minutes.
Again, in South Florida, people called in the suspicious white van with hundreds of pro-Trump, pro-America stickers on it.
He reportedly is a Caucasian male.
His name has not been released yet, ladies and gentlemen.
But right on time, we have all the images of who's guilty.
That's right, by extension.
Crosshairs on Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump stickers.
Mike Pence stickers.
It goes on and on from there.
And now, he has been grabbed off the street and we're all seeing the white van.
So we hear for months and months and months that
Trump is going to cause violence, and that Trump is an evil person that wants the media to be attacked when he points out that they're lying about him.
When they call him a Nazi, or they call him Hitler, or they say he hates all Mexicans, or all these incredible lies, if he dare defend himself, usually even a joking man her back, calling, well, that's a fake news reporter.
You know, Mr. Acosta is a fake reporter.
They go, oh my God, you want me to die?
You want to kill us?
We're like, that's disproportionate.
If all we do is respond back to you, and then it's the end of the world, and then real riots and gets mailed out to the president, and to the vice president, and to Ted Cruz, and a bunch of other people, and then that's all swept under the rug, and there's almost no news coverage of it, and then this gets huge wall-to-wall coverage, not the 50,000 legal aliens marching towards the U.S.
or riding in on flatback trailers.
Not what's happening with China threatening war with the U.S., not getting into what's happening with the stock market, none of it.
It's all, ladies and gentlemen, these fake bombs.
But again, I have a stack of news here admitting pipe bombs and powder delivered to CNN were harmless.
New York City Police Headquarters told the Associated Press on Monday.
So I'm going to say it again.
No bombs were mailed.
Hoax bombs were mailed.
But you look at the rest of the news, it's bombs, bombs, bomber, bomber in custody, bomber in South Florida, bomber in a white van, bomber had right-wing Trump stickers on his car.
That's not a bomber.
If you mail real bombs to people and any of them detonate, you're a bomber.
If you mail fake bombs to people, you're a hoaxer.
Got him!
Mega bomber!
Suspect in custody!
Trump to go live!
That's DrudgeReport.com headline.
We have the live feeds posted at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com as well.
So, who called this the entire time?
The pre-programming?
That, wait, there's going to be violence right before the election, and the media and the Democrats will be targeted, and it is talk radio and Alex Jones and Matt Drudge and Donald Trump and the Republican Party's fault.
And the Republicans are calling for violence when we weren't calling for violence.
It's the Democrats.
So they were having a problem with all their violence and jobs not mobs.
Jobs not open borders and collapsing civilization.
So what happens?
Well, the game changer happens.
The Game Changer happens.
Magically, the bombs get mailed out.
They're fake bombs.
The car, the truck, the van looks like something out of Central Casting.
A white creeper van with every window except the windshield covered with dishonest media.
CNN sucks.
I mean, this looks like this was produced.
At a Hollywood lot.
These aren't old peeling stickers.
These aren't stickers over other stickers.
This doesn't look like any van we've ever seen, you know, where it's a real Patriot with a bunch of stickers.
Native Americans for Trump.
My president is Donald Trump.
I am Donald Trump and I approve of this message.
Crosshairs on Michael Moore.
Crosshairs on Van Jones.
Crosshairs on all these people so they can be the victims.
Soccer recruits for Trump.
So every group out there can now be demonized because they're associated with the fake bombs that the establishment, corporate, collaborator media is still saying are real.
Let's put again on screen there, you can see if you're a TV viewer, like this is the O.J.
Simpson Chase or something.
The wrecker with the creeper van loaded in the back.
And then soon, we'll learn what was on his laptop.
And well, the number one news site in the world's drudge report.
Everybody visits it.
It'll be there.
Fox News, the biggest TV network in the world.
It'll be on there.
And you know InfoWars.com and Alex Jones will be there.
There aren't many computers in America that haven't visited InfoWars.com.
There aren't many cell phones where people have it visiting InfoWars.com.
And so guilt by extension, you see?
Just like the op-ed by Alexander Soros the day after his daddy got mailed that little five-inch fake firecracker, he said it's the rhetoric of the Republicans and Trump that's causing this.
When he funds Antifa, we have the documents January of this year to cause violence and to try to create, quote, a civil emergency.
Alexander Soros now runs the whole situation for daddy.
He's taken over.
He runs the Political Action Committee.
He's hundreds of millions a year doled out in America alone.
And man, you see, you criticize him.
You criticize anything he's ever done.
It's your fault.
And we're waiting for President Trump to come out any minute now and speak.
But boy, Colbert was confident.
He said, we've got who the bomber is.
It's Make America Great Again.
And they put that hat on Theodore Kaczynski, the unibomber who just so happened to work for the CIA
For 30 years.
That's LA Times.
Google search engine, Theodore Kaczynski, Unabomber, CIA.
And of course it turned out that whole deal was staged as well by another leftist, Theodore Kaczynski, who was willing to take the blame for a larger project.
And as the MO emerges,
This person's either going to be a mentally ill patsy they've set up, or he's going to be a hardcore leftist with university ties who recently has become a conservative, kind of like all the white supremacist leaders that led Charlottesville.
Their parents worked for Obama, worked for Hillary, all of them a year before worked for Obama or Hillary, and basically it's just like a liberal
Theater club that go out and pose as Nazis.
Total theater.
Just like in the Alexander Soros documents where they wanted martial law in Maryland, triggering race war, it talks about doing the event and acting and what they're allowed to burn and what the police have been told they're going to target.
And then you've got the van out of Central Casting right on time with the person willing to go to prison.
To frame America and frame Trump for fake bombs.
The whole thing, the timing, the whole nine yards, it's staged.
Now that's my best approximation and they wanted me censored and off the air before.
They staged all this, but they haven't.
We're on hundreds of stations, and we're huge at InfoWars.com, but you have to go to InfoWars.com and get the live feeds that break down the fact.
Let's go to InfoWars.com.
Just the front page.
They can grab the feed and email it and text it and send it out to everyone they know.
So if you go to InfoWars.com front page, show me real quick please, crew.
I will direct people to the proper headline for the live show.
It says, watch live.
Scroll down a bit, please.
To the main feed area above that.
And then, through the scroller, click it a few times.
Rightwards says Migrant Caravan.
Thank you.
Click it again, please.
Click it again, please.
Click it again, please.
Looks like we didn't send out a live feed link.
But, it'll be there.
Oh, we need to hit refresh.
Watch live.
And it'll be right there and you can send that link out to everyone.
As soon as the president goes live, we'll go right to it.
What else will the deep state pull with only 11 days out?
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Here we are!
Only 11 days out, ladies and gentlemen, from this historic election.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We have breaking news.
Turns out the gentleman, the suspect in the white van festooned with the Trump stickers, had lived in...
New York City, recently gone to Florida.
The vehicle's covered in Seminole Native American tribal stickers.
The name of the company on the van is tied to Native Americans, but they're saying he's a white male who was known to law enforcement for making threats, but again, nothing had been done.
Just like we saw the threats being made supposedly there in Parkland, but nothing was done.
Over and over again, and now right on time, 14 days out, now 11 days out, on Hillary Clinton's birthday today, we have this unfolding.
So let's go ahead and go to this breaking news on Fox News.
Just to recap, the suspect has been identified to Fox News as a white male in his 50s, former New Yorker, and now residing in Florida.
And someone who has a prior history with law enforcement, who's known to them, has a history of what are called terroristic threats.
I want to just drill down on that for a moment so people understand what that really involves.
Terroristic threats under the law means that you are threatening to commit an act of violence against an individual
First and foremost, my message today is that New Yorkers are safe.
There are no current credible threats to any individuals, organizations, or locations here in New York City.
New Yorkers are safe, but everyone, all 8.6 million residents, and the millions of visitors who come here every year, should always remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings.
That is the New York Police Commissioner, Pipe Bomb and Powder
Delivered to CNN were harmless.
All other bombs had no explosives in them.
They were not bombs.
You know, you've driven out in the desert and you've seen those tourist traps that'll have a fake Tyrannosaurus Rex, a fake Stegosaurus, a fake Triceratops, and you get out with your kid and you run around them out there, and then you go in some five and dime place and maybe buy a soda and a candy bar with your parents before you get back on the road to Death Valley.
Those aren't real dinosaurs.
So, if you run your car into one and die, a dinosaur didn't kill you, you ran into concrete and died.
Well, if a bomb isn't a bomb and won't even smoke, it's not a bomb.
Here's another example.
You've seen those steakhouses where they'll have a cow, a plastic cow, up on top of the building for attention, so you know there's beef there?
That's not really a cow.
That's not a real cow.
Okay, we have the suspect here, ladies and gentlemen.
They were calling him a white male, but he does look like he has some Native American or at least Hispanic in him.
Suspect, mail bomber, identified as Cesar Altier.
Am I pronouncing that right?
And this is out of the Daily Mail.
Again, I'm not reporting that that's who this is.
I'm reporting on the Daily Mail.
Altair Sayoc was taken into custody on Friday morning in Plantation, Florida, in connection with the bombs.
The suspect is a mail-bombing spree targeting critics of President Donald Trump.
A mail-bombing spree.
It was not a bomb.
I'm going to say that again.
Will you guys give me a wide shot here in the studio?
That is a bronze recreation of a famous statue of the battle, what was it, Gallipoli?
I'm going from memory teleprompter three here.
It was also the Battle of Marathon, so many.
For the Battle of 300.
That is not a real Spartan soldier right there.
That is a recreation.
I know you're saying, yes Alex, we know that that is not a real Spartan soldier.
We understand from 3,000 years ago.
I know you know that, but I'm trying to explain to Democrats and CNN and everybody else that we don't buy your hoax.
That these fake bombs were real bombs.
And I don't buy any of the rest of your story.
I mean, you've got this guy, they're calling a white male.
And if you showed that picture to a thousand people, they would say he looks Hispanic or Native American, which is fine.
I'm not trying to blame some group on race here.
I'm saying none of this adds up.
The van looks fake.
The timing.
The fact that the media hypes there's gonna be all this violence against Democrats, and it's coming, it's coming, and it's Trump's fault, it's Alex Jones' fault, it's the free press's fault.
Then fake bombs get mailed out.
His van looks like something out of Central Casting.
And now this happens.
They're calling him a white male, and I guess he could identify as white.
And now we've got photos of him coming out at Blacks for Trump and other rallies.
I don't think we know what's really going on here, but I'll tell you this.
If you had all this pre-programming by the Democrats that the Republicans were going to kill him, and there was no proof of it, and then magically it happens, and the guy sends out fake bombs to the perfect list of globalists,
When it could only help them, 14 days out from the election when this started, we're now 11 days out, this guy is the biggest idiot on the planet, and is a total moron, and can't find his ass with both hands, to save his life, or this whole thing's fake.
And do you think somebody like this would have the perfect white van with all the stickers covering every window perfectly, so that when this happened it would have the iconography of Trump?
I mean, this is as phony as anything I've ever seen in my life.
It's more phony than a plastic banana.
It's more phony than Obama's birth certificate.
It is more phony than Hillary saying she has a clean bill of health.
This is unbelievable and we're here waiting for Trump to come out and we will cover it all.
Suspect was known to authorities and they let it happen again just like the Boston bombing they were known and had been allowed to go to Eastern Europe and to the stands and to
All of this happens.
What do you think's happening?
We're gonna come back, get to Trump,
Soon as he goes live, and then we'll open the phones up and take your calls throughout the broadcast today.
I took a lot of calls from military and law enforcement and EOD people yesterday.
I got to almost all of you.
Four or five were left at the end of the show.
You can call back in.
That's great.
But law enforcement, military, EOD, also detectives, give me your angle on this and what you think's happening and why none of this adds up, in my view, unless it's a false flag stage Patsy event.
And I haven't said, I bet they find some crazy with Trump stickers all over it and InfoWars stickers.
Thank God, none of those.
And in the next few days.
I said that on Monday.
So what do you think's going on?
I'll give that number out when we come back.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
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Oh, Oliver.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And as we speak, the president was set to talk to a black leadership conference of amazing folks like Candace Owens and others.
And that conference is just now starting.
So let's go ahead and go to it right now.
Here is the president coming out and beginning to make comments.
White House.
He is at a youth black conference leadership conference, but expected, according to his own Twitter feed, to begin with comments about the suspicious packages investigation.
Let's watch.
What a group!
What a group!
Thank you very much.
What a great honor to have you.
Thank you.
It is a great, great honor to have you in the White House.
Thank you very much.
I call this, as you know, this is Young Black Leadership and it's the summit and to have you here is truly my privilege.
And we're going to have a lot of fun, we're going to talk, we're going to meet.
Before I do, I'd like to begin, and you are leaders, you're real leaders, I'd like to begin today's remarks by providing an update on the packages and devices that have been mailed to high-profile figures throughout our country and a media organization.
I am pleased to inform you that law enforcement has apprehended
The suspect and taken him into custody.
It's an incredible job by law enforcement.
We've carried out a far reaching federal, state and local investigation to find the person or persons responsible for these events.
These terrorizing acts are despicable and have no place in our country.
I've instructed authorities to spare no resource or expense in finding those responsible and bringing them to swift and certain justice.
And we will prosecute them, him, her, whoever it may be, to the fullest extent of the law.
We must never allow political violence to take root in America.
Cannot let it happen.
And I'm committed to doing everything in my power as president to stop it.
Let's just stop it.
That was role violence.
Stop it now.
About the threats of murdering your son.
I have just concluded a briefing with the Department of Justice following the apprehension of the suspect.
I want to applaud the FBI, Secret Service, the Department of Justice, the U.S.
Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York.
And we don't know what happened yet, but he was known in New York and made threats.
So why was he allowed to do that?
It's the same crap all the time.
It's because people just accept this and they won't indict anybody now.
The bottom line is that Americans must unify.
And we must show the world that we are united together in peace and love and harmony as fellow American citizens.
There is no country like our country.
And every day we are showing the world just how truly great we are.
So, you are really very special people.
I wanted to say that before our little talk.
And I appreciate the time you've given me.
And, boy, one day, one of you is going to be standing.
It could be three or four of you, actually.
But you're going to be standing right here.
You're going to be standing right here.
I have no doubt.
I have no doubt.
Who in this room, who in this room wants to be president someday?
So it's an ambitious group.
It's an ambitious group.
That's great.
Anyway, thank you all very much.
I really appreciate it.
For the media, thank you very much.
I thought I'd do that, and we feel very strongly.
Again, congratulations to all law enforcement.
We have the best in the world, and they just showed it.
Thank you very much.
And let's be clear, a lot of times the police do try to stop people making threats, who look like they're credible, but the grand juries won't indict them.
Now to the subject at hand.
And it is my great honor to be with so many brilliant, and that's what you are, brilliant, courageous, patriotic, and proud Americans.
By the way, guys, I know we have a satellite feed of this.
Let's go to our satellite feed.
I just went to the Fox feed.
With an extraordinary confidence in... Because Trump's a few minutes actually ahead here.
The great, great future of our country.
Each of you is taking part.
Thank you so much, Candace.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, man.
Each of you represents the future of our nation.
You know that.
You are not afraid to stand up for your beliefs or stand against injustice.
You refuse to be told by the same failed voices how to think or what to believe.
You understand that.
This is live right now.
You see what's happening with our country, how great it is, and how well, how well different groups of people are doing.
I mean, nobody would believe this.
The Democrats are very nervous, I will tell you.
They're very... They're, you know, supposed to be automatic.
They do nothing for you, and that was supposed to be automatic.
Not anymore.
Not anymore, right?
But you're not intimidated by the forces of political correctness because you embrace your own right to free thought and to free speech.
History is fashioned by those like you who step up to the plate and get into the game and get the Grand Slam home run.
I was going to say home run.
Let's go for the Grand Slam home run.
That's what you're doing, man.
That's what you're doing.
I can live with that.
Alright, let's stop right here.
I wanted to actually carry part of the Young Black Leadership Conference today, because I know a lot of people that are there, including one of our reporters, but it got overshadowed, obviously, by the whole pipe bomb.
Sorry, see, I'm doing it myself.
It's not a pipe bomb.
The police commissioner says it's not a pipe bomb.
It's fake.
There is no powder.
It's not real.
The fake bomb hoax.
The fake bomb hoax.
The fake bomb hoax.
And so when we come back, we're gonna get into all that, but this is gigantic breaking news.
Cesar Sayoc, the alleged mail bomber, had Trump stickers all over his vehicle, but on Twitter, he only follows 32 people, many of whom are left-wingers like Lena Dunham, Barack Obama, and Jimmy Kimmel.
That's what I said.
Another... This is what I feared, and I've said it on air.
If the left gets smart, and they're willing to take one for their evil team, they will start going out and staging events in our name.
But, thanks to the internet, and thanks to things being documented, we know their histories.
Like the four leaders of the alt-right, white nationalist bumbos.
And it's like, you didn't even wait five years since you were top leftist leaders working directly for Hillary and Bill?
Some of you wait six months or a year and then you pop up to try to lead this white supremacist army of BS?
We see through you!
And Charlottesville was the first big one when I started puckering a little bit.
So you got a Native American, it's now confirmed Seminole Nation, who was known to them and made threats reportedly in New York protected, and who's a Democrat.
He's a registered Democrat.
That's the breaking news when we come back.
Oh my God.
He is, it says who he is, on his fricking LinkedIn.
God, they wouldn't even get rid of that.
They don't need to.
Does it matter?
You could have pictures of him kissing Hillary Clinton.
They'd say it was my fault or Trump's fault.
This is getting crazy.
This is like minute by minute is insane.
We got a bunch of law enforcement and military callers.
We'll talk to you next segment straight ahead, but this is crazy.
Whatever you do, get past the censors.
Send out the links.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Well, Clyde Lewis, big syndicated radio host, obviously, on the Premier Radio Network, comes on every night right before George Story at 10 p.m.
It's blowing me away with the occultism of the globalists and what they're into.
And exactly, if you go back to the Jacobins, there was a whole left-hand path.
Lennon said this, and Anton LaVey said this, you'll have machines and avatars that work for you, and there'll be nothing but pure pleasure.
But then when they get control, all they produce is pure hell.
Where do you think we are at this point in history, Clyde Lewis?
Well, the big decision mankind has to make is whether or not they want to be ruled by algorithms and machines.
The reason why I think people are becoming more irritable and aggravated is because they don't realize that they're being controlled by the invisible algorithms on computers.
All the studies show it's lowering IQ, it's destroying relationships, and it's making us depressed, and it's designed to.
Well, yeah, I mean, you know, the computer's not only reading your mind, it's making choices for you now.
And as much as it advances, you realize that it looks... Machines, when they get enough intelligence, they'll realize just how much of a threat we are.
They know that we can turn them off.
And so just unleashing them the way they do and not having control of them is something that Elon Musk told us about.
I mean, hell, they've got the D-Wave computer now that has a heartbeat for crying out loud.
And Jordy Rose, the man who put Kindred together, said, well, guess what we have, guys?
We have a computer that is literally capable of opening up
We're good to go.
And it's going to backfire eventually, and one day we're going to learn that we should not be doing what we're doing and abusing our power.
We are living now in the future, and the way things are with the computers and tech, everything's going to go by so quickly.
In fact, do you think time slips by so quickly now with the expediency and the innovations we have?
Things are going to speed by a hell of a lot faster, and that's why we have to act now.
It's not about feeling sorry for ourselves and say, oh, what was me?
What are we going to do now?
Life is worth living.
You gotta save yourself.
My life has meaning.
I have to go out and I have to do this for my kids and my grandkids.
And you have to stop thinking that it's not going to affect you.
It's going to affect you.
So, how does humanity win?
I mean, what's the number one thing you say, Clyde?
This is going to sound cliché, but love, tolerance, understanding, realizing we're all human beings, realizing that we all bleed red and we all smell the same in the bathroom every day.
We need to remember that, you know, being human beings, we're all so fragile and we're not as tough as we think we are.
The only way we can be tough is to think, learn, use critical thinking, throw away our confirmation biases and understand that there are as many people out there with different opinions that make it
They're getting clean water, and they're out of pain.
Those are the three things that governments have failed to do for the people.
If we can bring forward great food, nutritious food, clean water, and keeping people out of pain, we will have a successful world.
So we need to do that for everyone, and we need to take that into our own hands and make that happen.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, to be clear, I don't think we know who Caesar Altair Sayoc is.
It's confirmed that he's part of the Seminole Nation, Native American.
And just like Michael Zimmerman was, I would not say Caucasian, they would whiten his face for the news.
We now later learn, through orders from the Justice Department, to make him look more white.
But let's put on screen what the actual police mugshot of him looks like.
But notice they're saying a white male, even though he's a member of the Seminole Nation, all this.
I'm not blaming Native Americans.
I'm not blaming anybody.
It just shows how they manipulate everything.
It's not real bombs.
There was no explosive in it.
That's the police commissioner of New York.
That's all confirmed.
So, this was a bombing hoax.
This was done right before the campaign.
You've got this white van that doesn't have a bunch of stickers by themselves on it.
It looks like somebody took a bunch of memes and put it together at a print shop or a graphic shop and then seamlessly do it.
It looks like something directly out of Hollywood.
It looks very, very scripted.
So you have the timing, you have the Democrats pre-programming that they're going to be attacked ahead of the elections and that it's Trump's fault because he's calling for violence against them when he's not.
Now if you go to his Facebook that we're showing, they haven't taken that down yet, and it is all a bunch of pro-Trump stuff.
No Alex Jones stuff, that's interesting.
Do a CTRL-F search Alex Jones on that, guys.
Do a text search, CTRL-F Alex Jones.
Hope I'm not on there.
But the point is, is that Caesar
And it's spelled a little bit different there than what the police have put out.
It's Caesar A-L-T-I-E-R Shayok.
On there, there's an I at the end of it, of the Altier, Altier I or something.
But the point is, we don't know at this point.
I'm reporting on what's mainstream news.
I'm reporting on what is on, reportedly, his Facebook.
They have blocked his Twitter.
We were able to grab parts of it.
And again, we don't know how accurate this is because this is in the flow of information at the moment.
But Cesar Sayoc, the alleged mail bomber, had Trump stickers all over his vehicle.
But on Twitter, he only follows 32 people.
Many of whom are left-wingers like Lena Dunham, Barack Obama, and Jimmy Kimmel.
And then now they're reporting he's a registered Democrat.
I don't think so.
We're just reporting on what's being broken down.
But look!
For when they're done with his face, he will be white as the side, you know, of a milk truck and he will probably have a Hitler mustache and Trump forever tattoos all over him.
So, I mean, even this print from the news, it's been whitened compared to the digital mugshot that we can also
We're good to go.
We should get Matt Bracken to pop back in on the show, but I do want to open the phone system up, guys, so I can see who the callers are there.
That would be stupendous, so that I can start going to some of the military and law enforcement callers that have called in to the broadcast today, and we will take your calls.
But again, if you just tuned in...
The massive pre-programming that we saw in the last year saying Trump's going to cause violence.
Alex Jones is going to cause violence.
Trump's calling for killing the media.
Trump says, hey CNN's lying about me hating Mexicans.
You want to kill the media!
Well no I don't.
Well don't question us, it causes violence.
So Alex Jones wants to use battle rifles.
He told his listeners to kill us.
It's not true.
There is no video.
So they wouldn't be doing that if they weren't planning to attack themselves.
And now someone with a dubious background, we're told he's a white guy, we're told he sent real bombs, the police say they're not real bombs, they're fake bombs, the media still goes with the fact that they're real bombs.
He'd reportedly been in trouble before for making threats, but there was no indictments.
He was known to law enforcement.
And so, here we go.
I said there would be something like this, bombings or shootings, or attempted ones, of Democrats ahead of the election.
I guess two weeks out it would start.
This is the October surprise, historically, in late October, this is when incumbents start wars to stay in.
Trump hasn't done that.
And those that aren't in power stage violent events against themselves.
Half the episodes on House of Cards were that, because everyone knows that goes on.
Then I sit here and point out that all these Democrats have written autobiographies admitting that they would throw bricks through their own windows to get elected to the, you know, City Council.
You throw bricks through your window to get elected to City Council and blame your enemy.
You bomb yourself to get into Congress.
You stage mass shootings to get into the presidency of your Democrat.
But we caught them using their Islamist scripts to blame Trump last year in Vegas.
So that story went away, didn't it?
The multiple shooters, the witnesses.
I was told by the FBI, hostage rescue team, that they went into the room, that his body was already cold, that there was Islamic paraphernalia and anti-paraphernalia.
They thought he was a gun dealer and a gun deal gone bad.
All of that came out.
Then I was shown footage out of Florida and I had to sign an NDAA to even see it and I can't tell you what was on it.
But let me tell you.
He was a leftist.
He was a gun runner.
He was a spook.
And he went in there when the Saudi Arabians were in town.
He thought for a gun deal and they used him because they couldn't fly weapons in for the Saudi Arabian military convention.
10,000 members of the Saudi military were there.
And they had that guy that had sold them weapons before come to the event.
He sold weapons right there in Nevada and in Florida.
That's where Southcom and CENTCOM and all that stuff has different headquarters and bases.
And we don't know exactly what happened, but we know the official story is not true.
And you notice, a year later, you don't hear jack about this.
We're going to start the next hour.
And go right to Kyle, and Steve, and Ken, and Steven, and Phil, and Shane, and Derek, and Joe.
And if any of you guys were on hold yesterday, let me know so I'll go to you first, because I ended the show with about five of you guys on hold.
I apologize, but that was just the end of the show.
So, here's where we are.
It's admitted these weren't real bombs, but the media keeps going and saying they are.
That's huge.
This guy looks like he's out of Central Casting with his white van, with professional plastering all over it, like somebody overdid it from Hollywood, because there's not time to have old stickers and things covered up, and you know, no, no, no.
This has all been done to stick out like a sore thumb, and to be a perfect billboard on the news, in the media.
And the timing's perfect, and the pre-programming's perfect.
And so, this stinks to high heaven to me.
We will break it all down in the next hour with your phone calls and more, and we'll look at what this is distracting us from.
The open borders, the caravan, Trump's executive orders, the attempts to plunge the stock market, and everything else.
In fact, where is the Dow Jones right now?
And finally for this hour, they wanted to silence us and try to restrict us on social media and other systems ahead of the last few weeks, so that we couldn't be on air
When all of this incredible information broke loose.
So that we couldn't respond in live time and do what we've done in other events and basically sabotage their PSYOP that they run off these false flags.
And this is a false flag completely.
I mean, there's no doubt that this is staged.
It's like when you see an infomercial, or you see bad actors, you go, that isn't real, that's actors.
You just look at this, it's fake.
Now, do we know the whole story?
No, but it's fake.
It's like biting into a plastic banana.
It's not a real banana.
Or a plastic orange or a plastic strawberry.
Do you know the type of plastic it is?
Do you know who made it?
But it's not real!
It's like I see all over the news they're opening sex brothels with robot dolls.
You're like, how do you know it's a robot?
Well, it looks like one and they say it is.
Well, who made it then if it's not a real woman?
You see?
It's these games they play.
That said, we've got great products, and your support of us makes it all possible, and InfoWars is a national treasure, and I appreciate all your support and your prayers.
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Your excitement about America, your excitement about this broadcast is what brought the country and the world back from the brink.
But the globalists now want to target
Where the resistance came from, so that we're not pesky in the future.
I want to be troublesome and pesky.
I want to keep going.
I want to make them do the ultimate, not just destroy us financially.
I want to push all the way.
I've committed to do that.
I've prayed for that.
And I've been told that's going to happen.
But you've got to back us.
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I physically will.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I want to go to the part of Paul Watson's report.
Hot bomb rollout doesn't pass the smell test.
There's another report by John Bowne.
And I'm going to come back in the next segment and go to your phone calls, law enforcement, military, to give us your expert take on what you're witnessing.
But the president says it's unfortunate that bomb stuff, slowing Republican momentum, going into midterms.
I mean, you have a real riots in being mailed to Republicans.
The media doesn't even cover it.
You've got real Congressmen being shot.
You've got real people having their ribs broken.
You've got real ICE being killed.
You've got real caravans invading.
And then, meanwhile, all these globalists get mailed fake bombs.
That's the scandal.
And now they catch some guy who has a mixed Democrat-Republican background, who they say is a white guy, and he's not.
And he's got, like, some central casting van with these perfect wraps all over it of pro-Trump stuff.
It's just incredible.
And I see this as a beta test, 14 days out, now 11 days out, to see how America would buy into this.
And so I think if we buy this and we don't expose it's a false flag,
Uh, I think they got the big truck bombs loaded, the mass shooters ready.
So, get ready for phase two, everybody.
Here's part of Paul Watson's report.
All political violence is horrendous.
And unlike some on the left who have either ignored or advocated far-left Antifa violence, I denounce all political violence.
And yes, far-right extremism and far-right violence exists, and it's a problem.
And yes, it could very well turn out to be that the male bomber is in fact a MAGA bomber, a Trump supporter trying to exact
Political revenge against Trump's perceived enemies.
But to simply ask questions about a major news event that could have a massive impact on elections that are less than three weeks away isn't to engage in conspiracy theories.
Until investigators nail down for certain the identity and the motive of the bomber.
Everything is a theory.
So here are a few questions.
Why would a Trump supporter engage in a campaign of domestic terrorism that could only have the effect of making Trump look bad?
Why would a Trump supporter engage in a campaign of domestic terrorism that would distract from the migrant caravan, a winning political issue for Trump?
Why would a Trump supporter engage in a campaign of domestic terrorism right off the back of Trump securing a major political victory in securing the nomination of Kavanaugh?
Why would a Trump supporter engage in a campaign of domestic terrorism when polls showed that the race for Congress was starting to narrow in favor of Republicans?
The package sent to former Vice President Joe Biden in Delaware wasn't delivered because of postage due.
Who would go to the trouble and risk of building a mail bomb?
And then forget to add the right postage.
And why did the bomber attach postage to a package that was delivered by a courier?
Why would the mail bomber put what looked like timers on the bombs when he had no idea when they'd be delivered?
Whoever this guy is, I think it's safe to say he's not the brightest.
We'll probably be caught very quickly.
Why were the bombs apparently hoax devices that were never intended to explode?
If the culprit intended to cause harm, why was the powder found inside the package sent to CNN deemed harmless?
Does this suggest that the motive was merely to send a political message and not to harm anyone?
Why were the bombs fitted with a cheap digital display clock?
That doesn't even have an alarm, which would be a necessity to trigger a bomb.
Why is there a joke version of the ISIS flag attached to the device sent to CNN?
Why did the bombs have wires attached to both ends?
According to this former bomb disposal officer, proper pipe bombs don't have wires connected to both ends.
That's dumb.
Why were the timers so big when that's completely unnecessary and why weren't they placed inside the pipe bomb?
Why were these bombs made to look so hokey that even law enforcement officials are now describing them as Hollywood-style hoaxes?
Why was Debbie Wasserman Schultz named on one of the packages as the return address?
Does this suggest the bomber may in fact be a progressive?
Angered at the DNC's treatment of Bernie Sanders.
If the media really cares about condemning political violence, why have they spent the past two years either ignoring or tacitly endorsing Antifa-led political violence?
If the media cares about condemning political violence,
Why did they all but ignore the bomb threats against Trump and the riots sent to Don Jr.
and the Pentagon?
If the New York Times really cares about toning down the rhetoric, why did they just publish a short story depicting the assassination of President Trump?
Alright, we'll be back with your phone calls in T-minus 60.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Trump mulls executive order to block all migrants at the border and just stop letting them come in and claim amnesty or claim that they are refugees from political or religious oppression if they don't do it the official proper way.
And that's the way to just end the flood and the fact that the border has already been collapsed with the giant illegal alien invasion openly run by the UN, marching towards the United States.
Other news at Infowars.com is so incredibly critical right now.
They have a man arrested for bomb package campaign, but it's a fake bomb, the New York police and FBI say.
They say there's no real powder in it.
Former Secret Service agent says identity of mail bomber is going to surprise people.
Well, now we know it's a supposed Trump supporter, but all we know is that there are Trump stickers all over the vehicle right out of central casting.
And even CNN analysts have had to admit that the false flag theory is one that holds water and has to be looked at.
There's also new video of Hillary next to Donna Shalala, two ringwraith witches, looking like she's about to die having another coughing fit on her birthday, ladies and gentlemen.
So coming up, CNN analyst admits false flag mail bomb theory is possible.
Here's the deal, and I'm going to your calls right now.
You have all the pre-programming.
That's gone on saying that Trump and Republicans are going to cause violence against the media, and then they lie and say that Trump is calling for violence on the media when he's not.
And they say I'm calling for violence when we're not.
They're saying it's imminent, it's coming.
And then it starts, when they're the ones really pushing violence, hoping we get violent back, trying to pick a fight.
And then magically, some guy who's got a year and a half of M.O.
being a Trump supporter, but his Twitter is Democrat-supporting, and he's got different aliases and different names, but it's him on the Twitter and him on the Facebook.
It's like there's two different identities.
When you see stuff like that, it is very, very, very suspicious.
One name is Cesar... ...Al-Ta'ari Rondazzo.
And then he has this other name,
That's different that they're saying is his official name.
So what do you think about that?
He is Cesar Altari Rondazzo and it's him on Facebook and all these videos at Trump rallies.
And then his official name released by the police is Cesar Altair Sayoc.
So it gets weirder and weirder.
Pipe bomb and powder delivered to CNN were harmless.
But you're not seeing that in a lot of news.
Trump, unfortunate that bomb stuff slowing Republican momentum going into midterms.
Yeah, unfortunate.
In a 3 a.m.
tweet, Trump claims he's being blamed for mail bombs.
Boston Globe basically attacks Trump like he's crazy.
They're all over the news saying it's Trump's fault.
George Soros' son wrote an op-ed.
I mean, that's what I love.
Trump can say the sky's blue and they say he's lying.
I'm taking your calls now.
Because law enforcement and military, people that have worked in EOD, but now it's expanded to larger detective skillset, really give us a lot of interesting perspective into what's really going on here.
So we're going to go to Kyle, we're going to go to Eb, we're going to go to Kevin, we're going to go to Steve, we're going to go to Ken, we're going to go to Vox, we're going to go to Phil, Shane, Joe, and others.
Who should we go to first?
We haven't talked to anybody from the Israeli Defense Force, Border Security Explosives, yet.
So let's talk to Phil in Illinois.
Thanks for calling in on the air.
Hey, Shalom Aleichem.
I wanted to bring up a couple of points.
I saw the x-ray of the device.
I saw no capacitors.
I saw no circuit board.
So I know for a fact there was no triggering circuit.
And so it's fake, it's a $3 bill.
So it's fake, which law enforcement's already saying, but it's not getting any attention.
You know, the fact is, on top of that they reported Rison being sent, what happened with that story?
Well, they're acting like it's the end of the world, the biggest story ever, and it's all built on the hoax that these are real bombs.
And they're not real bombs.
Or designed to blow.
That's my point.
They were designed to instill fear.
It's not like a suicide or a genuine pipe bomb.
And the fact of the matter is, it's hokey pokey because there's no real postmarks on them.
You know, and usually there's a chain of custody from the time you drop it off.
You show ID at the post office.
What do you think about the pre-programming of the media saying Trump's calling for violence when he's not?
Oh, we're going to get killed?
I mean, to me, the pre-programming, that's what really makes this so suspect.
And then the timing.
And the American people have such small-term, short-term memories.
That's the point.
They don't remember 9-11 and Steven Hatfield.
Right after 9-11, we had the anthrax scares.
And that was genuine anthrax.
And this is genuine Ryerson, but this isn't genuine.
Which, again, the whole thing's based on a fraud.
The van looks like it's out of Central Casting.
None of it adds up.
They're calling him a white guy.
He's not.
This is crazy.
Thank you so much, Phil.
Okay, Kyle from Pennsylvania says Army.
Says bomb suspect, something not adding up.
Thanks for calling, Kyle, from Pennsylvania.
Hey, Alex, it's a pleasure.
This looks to me, the guy looks to me not as a Trump supporter, but as somebody
Trying to intimidate or imitate a Trump supporter.
It would be like if I knew nothing of Star Wars, but I went out and got a truck with a lightsaber and Darth Vader.
Well, that's it.
I mean, the truck, if you're a real Star Wars fan, it's going to look old.
There's going to be some new, some old.
This is brand new, central casting, perfectly wrapped.
Looks like it's never even been rained on.
Well, I guarantee you that if he's been to Trump events in the past, he's some sort of asset where that fan can be seen.
On TV.
Look at what these people represent.
This is horrible.
No, I agree.
He's some type of deep state plant MS-13 operative.
We know the Democrats are working on MS-13 and they're willing to take one for the team.
He's got all these different identities.
And that's what my crew was calling him is the long con.
Because he's got two different identities we know of.
One's liberal, one's conservative.
One's on Twitter, one's on Facebook.
And then this just all comes out of central casting.
And I think the fact that this has broken, literally, Friday at noon, it shows signs of a failed attempt at propaganda.
Because I could see this being something that was supposed to be like the DC sniper.
13 days of fear, 14 days, and they released it, and people weren't buying it.
No, I agree, they could have wound it up to like a day before the election and it's a Trump guy, but instead they put it on a Friday when they can flush it.
Yeah, don't go to the polls, there could be bombs, and just people didn't buy it.
People said, this doesn't make sense.
This looks to me like nothing, and so they just had to dump it.
I think you'll be able to tell a lot by Monday or Tuesday morning.
If this is still on front pages, if this is still news, then hey, it might just be a gift to the Democrats.
But if it goes away as quickly as it came, you know for a fact that they don't want a hard look at this guy.
Man, that's why I love taking calls from military and police.
You guys are really smart.
And that's exactly what I'm seeing here.
And I'm not just seeing what I want to see.
How obvious is this?
That they hype up that we're going to do violence against them when they're the ones doing violence.
They're losing their butt with the immigrant caravan and all this.
And now, right on time, here comes this central casting gleaming van with brand new wraps on it.
And all of this, it's just, it's so fake!
I would go back and look at the 2016 election, and let's see if this guy isn't showing up at some of these events where provocateurs were sending, that we know were there, from the leaked emails.
I wouldn't be surprised if this guy had a few tussles under his belt back in 2016.
Somebody who's been used for a long amount of time with the opposition.
And now they're flushing him down the commode.
I mean, who knows?
Who knows what's going to happen?
All I know is it's fake.
Any other observations?
This is the Hail Mary.
If this doesn't get them what they need for bad visuals and propaganda against Trump, then nothing will.
But if it does turn out to be legit,
And then this guy is just some knucklehead Trump supporter.
Obviously he's not the standard bearer for Trump supporters.
And he's not going to have a gleaming white vehicle.
He makes all these mistakes with the bombs where it's so obvious to get caught.
Then his gleaming perfect white vehicle right on time.
And then again, what real Trump supporter would make Hillary and...
You know what a globalist is, right?
You know what a globalist is.
A globalist
Is a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly, not caring about our country so much.
And you know what?
We can't have that.
You know, they have a word.
It sort of became old-fashioned.
It's called a nationalist.
And I say, really?
We're not supposed to use that word.
You know what I am?
I'm a nationalist, okay?
I'm a nationalist.
Use that word.
I'm a nationalist.
Use that word.
Did I just hear him say we're a country?
Oh my god.
Let's talk about that word tonight.
It is a favorite of the alt-right and is loaded with nativists and racial undertones.
And globalists, well, globalists have been used as a slur.
Trump says, nationalism.
They'll go, mmm.
Trump says, make America great again.
And it's like you're in junior high and the cool kids are trying to make you feel like
You're stupid and you're not in the cool club.
Like you're three years old.
Like, do you want to stick your finger in the light socket?
Do you want to eat out of the dog bowl?
Like you're talking to an 18-month-old.
I mean, if anybody in this world is a dumbass d***head, it's him.
God, what an un-American piece of filth.
Mommy, Daddy, did you hear?
Two boy penguins, two gay penguins, they had a baby!
That's what's being taught in all the public schools in the Western world today.
And a giant hoax story launched three days ago that two male penguins have an egg and that they are incubating it.
And ignorant people think, oh, that means fertilizing it.
It turns out they stole it from the mother and father.
And are sitting on it.
Gay penguins named Sven and Magic are set to raise their first chick.
After aquarium staff noticed the pair were more than just friends.
Thousands of articles are teaching school kids about it.
Oh, they had an egg together.
No, they didn't.
They stole the egg.
But then they talk about
How they're taking care of it and how sweet it is.
And then they use scientific terms of keeping the egg warm to make it sound like they actually had the egg and to deceive people.
Special friends.
And now the couple are expecting their first egg hatchling.
Same-sex penguin couple incubate egg at Sydney Aquarium.
That doesn't mean that they fertilize the egg.
That's a male and female bird.
No, no, no.
They incubate, meaning they're sitting on it.
A light bulb can do that.
But here's the key to it all, Daily Mail.
There's always the rest of the story.
Two male penguins who want to be parents themselves tried to adopt a chick while its mother and father weren't looking in Denmark.
Oh, they kidnapped it!
How sweet!
The parents disappeared and the kid was simply kidnapped.
That's what the zoo's saying.
Isn't that beautiful?
Look, they're kissing, as all species of birds do, especially of their siblings.
But that's gay!
Two, two, two, two, two penguins cuddling up next to each other, as all penguin species do, is gay!
So they can show kids this and go, look kids, they're gay!
And the two men had a baby!
No, they stole the baby!
But see, the other penguins that actually had the egg, they're not good!
The ones that can't have an egg, so all the penguins die, they're the good ones to reduce population!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And it all crashes down And you break your crown And you put your finger But there's no one around Just want one thing Just to play the king But the castles crumble And you're left with just a name Where's your crown, king?
Well, we're taking amazing phone calls from law enforcement and current and former military, and we're going to have Dr. Steve Pachinik pop back in.
We're going to get Matt Bracken to pop back in, but I'm not going to keep them too long.
I'm going to skip their quick comments and get back to calls, because your calls are amazing.
They're bringing up so many points, a lot of which I'd thought about but not articulated.
That's why this is so crazy, is you look at something and you say, well, how do you know it's fake?
It's like, where do you start?
You don't know exactly what's going on, but none of it adds up.
It's ridiculous.
And why would a Trump supporter bomb and do this?
And then it's not real bombs.
And then they're all pre-programming that it's coming and it's imminent and when it comes it's our fault.
And they're of course blaming Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge and myself and President Trump.
And there's no talk of Scalise, no talk of Rand Paul, no talk of the ICE people getting killed, no talk of cops that are murdered.
You know, five cops get shot, there's hardly any coverage by Black Lives Matter.
And then this, nobody gets hurt, it's fake bombs, it's like the end of the world and the Democrats are going to win now?
It's ridiculous!
It's ridiculous!
It's like you've got suicide bombings every day.
Sometimes 500, 1,000 dead.
Usually it's a couple dozen dead a day in the Middle East.
There's just bombings everywhere.
Sometimes on Ramadan starts, they all go crazy and it's a couple thousand dead.
There's been thousands dead in one day before.
Little blip in the news.
This Khashoggi guy, because he's obviously intelligence on the left, and that's come out, he gets killed, it's like the end of the world.
And I'm not saying it's a good thing.
But it's all done for PR reasons.
And you know when it's PR.
Fourteen days out, all the people under major heat, the caravan exposing their invasion plan, polls showing major red wave surge that could get us over the blue seawall,
And boom, this hits.
And now, notice that it's brand new stickers, it's not bleached out in the Florida sun.
It looks like a brand new Ferrari in the showroom.
I mean, it's a brand new white van, brand new wraps, all perfectly done.
All clean so the cameras can pick it all up and see what it is.
It's like this Easter egg of disinfo.
With all the crosshairs on Hillary, crosshairs on Michael Moore, crosshairs on Van Jones, making all the real enemies of America victims.
And crosshairs on Soros.
Just like his son says, just like the op-eds say, it's all flawlessly coming together right before the midterms.
That's like when I saw Hillary Clinton town hall event.
And I was walking by my house one night back in 2016, about a month before the election.
I went, God, that's not even 35 millimeter.
That's 80 millimeter digital equivalent.
I was like,
It looked so perfect.
You see like dust in the air.
And they said it was a live event.
And the cuts were so perfect.
And the flashbulbs.
And I was like, Stanley Kubrick couldn't make something this good.
It's obviously fake!
And I said, that's fake!
After the election it came out that that exact town hall had been shot months before with actors.
And that they brought in major directors and that there was some huge, it was like a $10 million budget, if memory serves, for a $10 million budget.
So you know when you see slick.
You know when you see real.
And you've got this perfect vehicle with perfect wraps, none of it's damaged in the Florida sun.
Let me tell you, you park in the Florida sun a wrap like that,
For a day, it's going to have bubbles.
It's not going to look like that.
This was in a warehouse, waiting.
Oh, try in South Florida, Liberalville, not the panhandle that's conservative, you try parking that outside.
Let me tell you something.
I didn't make a big deal about this, but in 2016, I had a Trump sticker on my car, and a Hillary for President.
Guess what happened to my car?
Not once, but twice.
I had my tires knifed, and then I had a window knocked out and keyed.
How the hell was that driving around in South Florida, the equivalent of Austin, Texas, and not being attacked?
You know, I thought, because I don't go to leftist areas, that I could go to the grocery store, you know, go to the, you know, whatever, and not, no, no, no.
I barely drove around for two weeks and had to take the sticker off, which I didn't like doing.
Alright, I'm going to go to your calls.
I apologize.
Your calls are amazing.
So I'm going to just as fast as I can, because all these callers, those last two were amazing.
We're just going to go to everybody when we come back, because this is only three minutes to break.
And when we come back, I'm going to go directly to you.
It's just, this is insane.
Again, why would a Trump supporter do something like this?
And of course, they're not gonna cook up some real truck with a bunch of old stickers on it.
Some new, some old.
Everybody knows the right-winger vehicles that you see with a hundred bumper stickers on them.
Some of them look like they're, you know, old.
Some are brand new.
Yeah, I remember the guy had a couple Trump stickers and his truck just got torched.
Are you kidding, folks?
If you put stickers in years past against Save Our Springs, that's the environmental group that steals all the land for developers, they'll slash your tires so quick it'll make your head spin.
So again, they will burn your vehicle up if you've got two stickers on your car.
They will smash the windows out.
How in the world in South Florida was this guy driving around?
We're going to go to break and come back.
And I'm telling you, just as big as Dallas.
This is a test, like I said on Monday, to see if we buy into it and if it hurts Republicans and Poles, which it's doing, for real, it's so ridiculous, then they may do the big one.
Truck bomb.
Or mass shooting.
So just get ready.
And the left's gotten smart enough to find operatives they've got, informants, patsies, you name it, who are willing and ready to go to prison to bring down this country.
And they finally got, like the Muslims have suicide bombers.
It's the equivalent.
They're political bombers who are willing to do false flags and even take the blame to burn us!
What conservative in the universe would send pipe bombs to Hillary Clinton?
And let me tell you, if they were going to do it, they wouldn't send fake ones.
That's not how conservatives operate.
We're going to break.
I don't want any violence.
I hope Hillary can, you know, live a long life to end up going to federal prison.
Lock her up.
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Leo Zegami is somebody who has broken hundreds of stories years before they come out.
He's got the exclusive leozegami.com that Alexander Soros, now taking the mantle over from his father, formed shadow government with Obama.
Leo Zegami, obviously this is critical information.
People need to listen very, very, very carefully.
The National Democratic Redistricting Committee has been shaped by the Soros as a new toy for the political relaunch of Obama and Michelle Obama, so the Obamas.
This motto they have is also quite meaningful.
The political system is rigged.
They have rigged it.
Of course it's rigged.
But by them, not by us.
And instead, they are from... Look, notice that.
They're calling themselves the resistance.
Everything we've said, they're now becoming that, then banning me to then step in as the body snatcher into the body.
This is really ridiculous.
I think that people should check out Alexander Soros as the new, really, puppet master of this new world order, because he's arriving from an experience as chairman, of course, of the Open Society.
Yes, we're good to go.
That we were never going to get rid of Soros.
Father, son, this family is going to continue pushing their New World Order and their democratic, progressive, liberal ways, and of course, in support of Pope Francis.
The words that were published on Twitter on the 22nd of September by Alexander Soros are very revealing.
He says, it was great to welcome President Barack Obama back into my home.
...this week and introduce him on behalf of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.
He says, my home!
So what is his home?
The Democratic Party?
Is the Democratic Party the party of George Soros, Alexander Soros?
Or is it the party of the United States of America?
So this is really revealing to the people, once and for all, who are the puppet masters here, who are pulling the strings.
We got documents earlier this year in January that Alexander Soros was funding.
Anybody can type this in.
Leaked documents show Obama was planning martial law in Maryland in 2015, is the headline.
And it's all their own documents, how they fund Antifa, how they do it.
Antifa is allowed to dox people, threaten to kill people, harass people in restaurants.
Twitter won't take them down.
I confront a CNN reporter who's having me censored, I get banned on Twitter.
So it shows the power of Antifa because Alexander Soros funds it.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Friday, October 26, 2018.
Eleven days.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
I just talked to Roger Stone.
I'm gonna get him to pop in.
He's an expert on Florida politics.
He says MSNBC's trying to tie Arrested Bomber to Infowars.
He's just now watching.
Man Arrested worked for Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida, casino owners and multi-million dollar funders of Democratic Party operatives.
And then, man, the magic van, all perfect and clean.
The big nice wrap.
Looks like it's brand new.
We're taking your phone calls right now.
Alright, Eagle Eye.
Well, there's so many.
Red collars here.
Daniel, Ken, Aaron, Vox, Jack, Shane.
Let's just go from who's been holding the longest through the next person.
Try to move here quickly, because you know I can babble.
Let's talk to Shane in Florida.
EOD, Ordinance Disposal.
Shane, what's your take on this?
Alex, look, man, this is a script.
You know how they operate.
It's a suspense thriller with a mind-screwed ending.
It's an emotional psyop.
You know, where's all the heated emotion on both sides right now?
It's the caravan.
I think they're going to try to hit the caravan, and they're going to try to blame it on a nationalist, a Trump supporter, because what's the ultimate goal?
To try to delegitimize Trump, try to make him out to be evil, and try to generate a blue wave for the midterms.
That's right, and timing is everything, and as one of my crews said, Connor, this is made-for-TV stuff.
I mean, this is just central casting, central programming, how they find the van, how it's rolled out, the helicopters, everything.
The fake bombs, it's incredible.
I'm down in South Florida, man.
I got a bunch of, uh, you know, 1776, uh, Don't Tread On Me stickers on the back of my Jeep.
And I gotta replace them every month or two because, you know, they're always peeling off.
Like you said, that looks like a screenshot that's straight out of the factory.
If they want to catch this guy to see when they made those stickers, it won't be hard.
You know, this is Hollywood in the making.
They won't do it.
They won't do it.
Because it was fabricated at some Hollywood production site.
It's ridiculous.
But what the Democrats don't have any facts right now, they just run it on emotions.
So they're just trying to connect this patching just, you know, to an event to try to divert our attention off the migrant caravan.
And I honestly think that they're going to try to hit the caravan in order to make
Trump, look, because what has Trump been running on?
We're going to build a wall.
We can't allow these immigrants.
What did Trump just do?
Mattis is now employing troops down to the border.
I think it's going to be a rogue military member or something like that.
And you already said it.
Owen hit on it yesterday.
They got the bombs already in the trucks.
I don't put it past them.
I don't put it past them.
The good news is, if you look at all the comments everywhere, no one is buying that this is real.
The whole thing's so fake.
And now this guy, and they call him white?
It's fake bombs.
He's not white.
Every level is BS.
And he worked for the tribal government that is the casinos.
I mean, which are total...
100% Democrats.
I hear you.
Look at the timing.
Shane, thank you for the great call.
A lot of great points there.
Okay, who's been holding the next longest?
Let's talk to Ken, who was part of the Bomb Threat Response Force.
In what group?
Ken, what did you do?
And give us your view on this.
Yes, I was a Fire Chief trained in Bomb Threat Response in South Carolina by the Air Force EOD.
And you're going to get slammed now for calling a hoax a hoax, and I'm going to give you empirical evidence right from the Post Office itself.
These were not bombs.
They didn't have a triggering device, they didn't have a propellant or an incendiary, and they didn't have a detonator.
That's not a bomb.
If you want to call these pipe bombs, they ain't pipe bombs, they're hype bombs.
They're bull.
And the signs are clear.
I sent Rob Due a link to the U.S.
Post Office poster number 84.
That's POS84.pdf and look at the picture if you can put up on the screen of all the telltale signs that it was a suspect package to begin with.
Excess postage that was not cancelled by the post office so that it would make for sure it would go through the mail but it wasn't even sent by the postal service.
Printed out big labels so that the address, even though there's misspellings in the name, the address is clear so that they make it to the right location.
And the other one right out of the manual
No, I understand.
The labels are fake.
They're not bombs.
I understand.
Look, law enforcement has said there was no explosive.
There's not even a detonator.
Alex, it's going to blow your mind.
Get the crew to do the search for suspect package USPS poster and put poster number 84 up on the screen for everybody to see.
You could overlay that manila envelope right over their example of a suspect package.
These were decoys, Alex.
They were never intended to blow up.
You called it from day one.
They were made that you could see them across the room.
In fact, if I was the fire chief in charge of that scene, I wouldn't have evacuated the building in a hurry because I don't look at it as a decoy device.
It was just a diversion and that there's some other explosive device somewhere else that's real and that these were made to get us to go into the usual protocols.
And let's be clear, you're trained in this, we're putting up the official poster where they train people in the post office and you're right.
Just like the Navy SEALs try to sneak fake bombs through things for training and the military and the ATF does it, you're right.
This looks like it was someone trained in how to put a decoy in to see if people trained in class would catch it.
Which again,
Hooks into our friends at the DOJ, controlled by the Clintons.
And don't tell me that reporter that posted it, criminally negligent, posted that picture of the suspect device, didn't know how to identify a suspect package when he works at a major news outlet like that.
I mean, that's total bull.
And we know that these devices all arrived at the same time.
This, this seminal guy, Sayyaf, could not have hit all these locations at the same time.
Obviously he's got help.
So, I might be the bomber, apparently.
I'm glad I sold my white van that I used for work years ago.
No, but I think you hit the nail on the head here, Ken.
Hold on, Ken.
You're right.
I said that if we buy into this, gut level, there's something bigger coming.
And you're saying you think that as well?
Yes, sir.
This is all a decoy.
This is... Steve Pacino is going to cover it in a minute.
When they want you to look at your left, at the left hand, look at the left hand, look at the left hand, check the right hand and hope you're not too late.
Because the blow, the punch is coming from the right hand.
And all of this, that Florida suspect, I cannot believe the president bought into it, but there's always a push to find the guilty party.
What they're doing is they're putting pressure on him like he's guilty.
And so if he says, I think this is bull, of course he knows it's bull.
Then they're going to attack him and go after him.
So he's trying to just tamp it down.
But I agree, once we agree it's the right wing,
Once they get us seeing the Lepus victims and buying that narrative, then the big attack comes.
You can see the build-up.
That's why they want me shut down.
They don't want people to know what's going on, so they don't hear this debate when they pull this crap off.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call, Ken.
Another amazing caller.
Let's do one more call before we go to break here.
Steve in Indiana.
Thank you for holding Air Force DOD bombing suspect topic.
Go ahead, please.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
I called in yesterday about this whole thing and this just added fuel to the fire of what I was thinking.
It finally came to my mind what I was thinking yesterday.
All of this is so perfect.
Like you said about the van and the guy and the rhetoric and the bombs and all of this.
Back when I was doing EOD work, we didn't investigate like a detective would, but we did a lot of intelligence work.
And this is what we would call an orgy of evidence.
It's like too perfect.
It's too perfect.
There's too much stuff here.
They didn't leave anything to be, you know, like, gee, what about this?
Or where, you know, we would expect to maybe find this, but we don't see that.
Everything lines up perfectly.
And it's, it's too perfect.
It's like, like you've been saying, it's like scripted.
You know, it's like somebody went through the check boxes and went, okay, we've got
The guy that looks white but isn't really white.
We got the bombs that look like bombs, but they're overdone and they look ridiculous.
Stay there.
I want to come back and have you finish.
Roger Stone's popping in for like five minutes on the Seminole gangster connection and the massive Democratic funding by the casinos.
A little bit more calls, but stay there.
Yeah, it's like when I saw the Hillary so-called live town hall.
I said, that's not live.
Those are actors and that's shot in the highest definition I've ever seen.
And then of course it was layered because we all know what we're seeing.
We're not stupid if we're conscious.
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Go ahead.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The preacher man says it's the end of time.
The preacher man says it's the end of time.
In the Mississippi River she's a gold drive.
Well, we're taking your phone calls.
Roger Stone's popping in for like five minutes via phone.
Matt Brack in one segment.
Steve McChinney's probably gonna pop in.
He's gotta get back to his house.
He's in Florida.
And we will give you their expert takes on this.
But this whole thing is too perfect.
That's what it's called, an orgy of evidence.
Just like with the
The situation you saw with Vegas.
Oh, it's all him, but then there's all this other evidence around that they don't want you to look at.
And suddenly that story gets shut down.
But not this one.
They're hyping it like it's the end of the world and Trump and Republicans are violent.
And we're sorry we called for violence, which we didn't do.
And then the big event comes.
You can see it.
I mean, they don't go on every news channel.
I mean, every major news channel from CBS to ABC to CNN to MSNBC.
To PBS, to NPR.
I mean, my wife listens to NPR.
She doesn't believe it, but that's what she's listening to, you know, for news.
She said, she said, honey, you're on every news segment saying you're saying kill people, but you didn't say that.
And I'm like, yeah, they're getting ready to set me up.
This is months ago.
And sure enough, I'm not even making myself the topic.
It's all over the news.
Roger Stone just saw it on MSNBC that I'm causing this because I said George Soros was a Nazi.
He said he helped round people up on 60 Minutes!
So now because he got mailed a fake firecracker, these fake road flare bombs we made,
Are more dangerous, because you actually can light these and do something, than the crap that got sent.
So, something big is about to happen.
They don't go on every channel and say that Trump and Alex Jones are calling for violence, when we're not, for no reason.
They're setting us up.
So, how do we handle this?
How do we respond?
Go ahead and finish up, Steve.
I appreciate you holding.
You're making some great points.
Go ahead.
Former Air Force DOD bomb expert.
Yeah, I think the best way to handle it, Alex, I was thinking about this over the break, is we need to talk to people.
This whole thing was made for a culture that was raised on TV.
You know, they're looking at this stuff and they see the same stuff they see on TV and they go, oh my gosh, it's like, that's just like that CSI episode that I saw.
We need to talk to them and explain to them how fake this really is and what it's doing and how it's manipulating them.
To try to get them to vote a certain way, or to choose a certain party, or whatever.
You know, it's trying to get their attention off of what's really important.
And it's the things that you've been talking about for years.
That the globalists are taking over, that they're trying to steal our liberty, they're trying to take our free speech, they're trying to take our guns, and we... to get people to understand
That this is really happening.
This is not a dream.
This is not some conspiracy theory.
This is real.
It's real.
That's right.
Remember, Trump had only been in office a few weeks, and somebody was defacing Jewish centers and knocking over hundreds of Jewish tombstones.
And Trump talked to federal law enforcement, and they said, yeah, we have a suspect.
It's the left doing it themselves.
So he said on the news, on Fox and Friends, I think somebody, some leftist is doing this to blame me.
They said, oh my God, how dare he?
So we had to do a special
Early State of the Union to say, oh, and I believe that there's anti-Semitism and you shouldn't deface Jewish centers.
And then it turned out a month later that it was a leftist Jewish man doing it to blame Trump.
Did that get any coverage?
It was in the New Jersey papers.
But no other Drudge Report linked to it.
We talked about it.
But that's what I mean.
No one remembers when it comes out later it's them.
The Air Force Academy.
Someone's putting on the vending machines, no N-words allowed, and it was a black leftist!
I mean, like, 95%... When are there poop swastikas that someone really did it?
I mean, when does someone really burn a cross in a yard now?
Or burn down a black church?
Every time they catch the left doing it to be the victims.
God bless you, Steve, I appreciate your call.
Amazing callers.
And we're gonna go to...
Kevin next, and then Eagle Eye, and just in the order you called him, we'll go to all these great people.
Vox is actually next.
And then we'll go to Eagle Eye, and then Kevin, and others.
But I wanted to bring Roger Stone on for just five minutes, because he's watching MSNBC, he saw this, and he's also an expert on the political groups and constellations and makeup of Florida, and he has something to say about the Patsy, the identified
Bomber here, you know, the new Tim McVeigh, the new Lee Harvey Oswald, the new Sirhan Sirhan.
Suspect Mel Bomber identified as Cesar Altier Cyock and he worked for the tribal government of the Seminoles.
So what is your first observations of this, Roger Stone?
Well, Alex, obviously all of this breaking news coming very quickly in order to try to get the American people to rush to a judgment that these
Uh, bombs were placed by some rabid Trump supporter.
The mainstream media has turned up some photographs that appear to show him at a MAGA rally, and we're told that his van or his car had Trump bumper stickers.
However, it is interesting to me that he works as an employee for the Seminole Indian tribe
Of Florida.
These are mega, mega wealthy casino owners and heavy, heavy funders, multi-million dollar funders over the years of Democratic Party operations.
I find that to be an interesting anomaly.
Why would someone like that employ some rabbit Trump supporter?
It's illogical.
And it may be the thread that those who are trying to unravel what has really happened here should pull out.
But look at the timing.
Look at the pre-programming.
We've been predicting this was coming.
This is incredibly synthetic, Roger.
Well, and this guy looks to me like he's set up by a Patsy.
Let me note that, as far as I understand, he is in the custody right now of Broward County Democratic Sheriff Scott Israel.
Who was somewhat controversial earlier this year in his advocacy of taking away our Second Amendment rights.
And they're the same ones that admittedly stood down and let happen what happened.
And have been, oh isn't it funny?
Everything magically happens in that trusted county.
It is very ironic that—and we await a report from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which I had hoped would be out before this election, but it is undisputed that the operation was bungled at Parkland School, where we had these tragic shootings.
This is a partisan elected Democrat, who I actually know, and the reputed bomber, the alleged bomber, is in his custody.
I'd like to know more about who made the arrest.
Exactly, who had the tip and who found this van that's all perfect and brand new with all these perfect stickers on it?
Wow, I hadn't put two and two together, Roger.
Broward County, the leftist stand-down sheriff.
That's where you live.
I know up front you'd kind of, you know, been a little bit supportive because your son is a deputy there, but then you had to admit later, now it looks like a stand-down.
Wow, this really stinks to high heaven now, Roger.
Yeah, I didn't like the prior Republican sheriff because he turned out to be corrupt in all honesty, so therefore I will vote for honesty over corruption.
But in this case, I find this suspicious.
Who found this guy?
Who apprehended him?
Was it the FBI?
Or was he apprehended by the Broward County Sheriff's Office and turned over to the FBI or reported to the FBI?
Let's remember, we interviewed three students the first two days and had local newscasts where people be filming the news doing interviews on their iPhones or droids.
We're good to go.
I don't know what happened.
They spun that, that I said no one died, and they were crisis actors.
There is no video of that.
I didn't say that.
You didn't say that?
I didn't say that.
None of us said that.
We said there was a stand down, which turned out to be true, Roger.
Well, we also reported that for some odd reason, the Secret Service visited this high school, pardon me, the FBI visited this high school weeks before.
Under what regimen do the FBI inspect local high schools?
By appointing a Blue Ribbon Commission under the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Rick Scott has essentially stopped any public comment about Parkland as everyone awaits the results of that report.
Sure, stay there, stay there.
I'm going to go to Eagle Eye and I'm going to go to Kevin and Matt and everybody else like Vox and those that have been holding along us right after you leave.
But five more minutes.
Trump is saying this is hurting the red wave.
I agree.
Is Trump wrong to come out?
I mean, I think he's right to come out and say, oh, yeah, it's terrible, whoever did this.
But he should also add, thank God they were fake bombs.
It wasn't like Scalise got shot by a real bullet.
I think he, but I think he thinks, oh, they'll get political points for that.
No, they're all blaming him and me and you everywhere.
So when we come back in two minutes, you said you saw MSNBC blaming me.
I've got stacks of articles here saying I'm to blame.
And it's just incredible.
We'll be back.
Third hour.
Your calls.
Roger Stone, Matt Bracken and more.
Whatever you do, share those live links.
You know what a globalist is, right?
You know what a globalist is.
A globalist!
Is a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly, not caring about our country so much.
And you know what?
We can't have that.
You know, they have a word.
It sort of became old-fashioned.
It's called a nationalist.
And I say, really, we're not supposed to use that word.
You know what I am?
I'm a nationalist, okay?
I'm a nationalist.
Use that word.
Use that word.
I'm a nationalist.
Use that word.
Did I just hear him say word country?
Oh my god.
Let's talk about that word tonight.
It is a favorite of the alt-right and is loaded with nativists and racial undertones.
And globalists, well, globalists have been used as a slur.
Trump says nationalism.
They'll go, mmm.
Trump says make America great again.
And it's like you're in junior high and the cool kids are trying to make you feel like
You're stupid and you're not in the cool club.
Like you're three years old.
Like, do you want to stick your finger in the light socket?
Do you want to eat out of the dog bowl?
Like you're talking to an 18-month-old.
I mean, if anybody in this world is a dumbass d**khead, it's him.
God, what an un-American piece of filth.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
If you like to gamble, I'll tell you how to play.
You win some, lose some.
Well, Broward County, a lot of busy beavers down there politically.
That's where Roger Stones lived for many years in between New York.
And his son's a deputy right there in Broward County.
And there was a police stand down, not by his son, but by others, ordered by the sheriff, who now busted this guy that works for the tribal government, the casinos, Cesar Altier Sayoc.
And Roger was held over to get into what he thinks Trump should say and do, but he just dropped a bombshell.
Roger, repeat for listeners what you just told me that's hiding in plain view.
Has anybody heard about this guy in Trumpian politics in your area?
I mean, I have reached out through my network.
I've spoken to many, many of the local grassroots Trump's groups in South Florida, including in Miami, many friends in the Proud Boys, many friends in the Americans for Trump.
We had a great rally in Pompano Beach the night before last.
We had a great rally at the
We're good to go.
Who arrested him?
How did we learn about him?
What have we really got on him?
Where did it come from?
I think the president is in a position to get a better command of the facts than anyone.
And despite the fact that his FBI director is a deep skater who looked more comfortable behind the — as a croupier in Atlantic City, you know, he had to get some hard answers.
The FBI director who, when he learned about leaking by the FBI and their misuse by Obama, said, well, we're going to have sensitivity training to solve that problem.
That guy.
But that's big news that you're like one of the big kingpins of Republican politics in the state, but particularly in that county, and no one has ever heard or seen of this guy.
And then he's got a Twitter account that loves Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
This whole thing smells bad.
Like you said, this whole Trumpmobile, Colbert saying, oh, it's the MAGA bomber, and magically it is.
I mean, this thing is so synthetic, Roger.
It does appear to be contrived.
I think it's important to note that here in Florida, there's a real dichotomy between the Trump movement, grassroots amateurs, well-meaning patriots, people who were brought to the process to save their country because they couldn't stand what was happening and they saw in Trump somebody with the guts to change things, and the local Republican structure
Deeply committed to either Jeb Bush and now Marco Rubio, who largely went through the motions of pretending to be for candidate Trump but sat on their hands.
The Trump community is big and it is vibrant and it is active and it's very net-based and they're very communicative and they turn out in huge numbers.
None of those people so far that I have been able to network to have heard of this individual.
Well, that's another giant indicator.
Roger Stone, we've got a minute left.
Anything else you think you should add?
You know, what this shows me is that the polls the Democrats are looking at must have shown that this was moving post-Kavanaugh and after the spasms of violence that have been promulgated by the Democratic Party away from them.
Yeah, their thug bully, their thug bully persona is hurting them, so magically now we're the bad guys.
Andrew Cuomo calling for the New York Police Department to investigate the Proud Boys when video shows that it was Antifa who threw the first bottles and drew first blood.
I think people see through that as raw political chicanery and, you know, that is not working for them.
So now they bring this forward, 20 seconds.
Do you agree though that if this trial balloon goes well, they may activate the real false flag?
Uh, look, I think they are capable of any potential act of violence.
They have done it before.
They have done it again.
The deep state realizes that Donald Trump is a threat to their country.
That's right, and they want to stop him now.
Great points, Roger.
We'll talk to you more during the War Room today, 3 o'clock Central.
Phone calls and Matt Bracken straight ahead.
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From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
So, we were 14 days out, and then the arch controllers of globalism, who are running all these criminal activities, get mailed fake pipe bombs.
The police commissioner in New York said at the FBI, no real powder, no real detonator.
It's fake.
Not even a smoke bomb.
These fake bombs we made as a joke that are road flares could actually burn something up if you lit them.
So these are more dangerous than the fake bomb that they put out that absolutely has no danger that now 12 people have been mailed so they can all be victims in the news.
Simply insane to see all of this unfolding.
And now this individual works for the Seminole Nation, the Casinos, that are 100% Democrat, anti-Republican in that state.
You've got the Sheriff Israel of Coward County that ordered the stand down during the Valentine's Day massacre there at Parkland.
Where this guy gets picked up somewhere, the media gets called to then see the van and then to have the OJ Simpson ride in hysteria on the back of the wrecker.
You've got the timing, you've got the MO, you've got it all.
This is just insane.
We'll be talking to Matt Bracken here in a few minutes.
I'm going through
Law enforcement, military, EOD people.
You've been making a lot of great points.
We'll take a few of your calls and go to Bracken and continue with calls with Bracken.
Can't wait to get his take here in just a moment.
Longest holding so far would be Kevin and then Vox.
Kevin in New Hampshire, a Marine or former Marine on the topic.
What's your view on this?
Well, my first point to make, Alex, is my question to the left and the media is how stupid do you think we are?
All the timing of all this, the very first story that
I saw, as far as all these bomb threats, was the one about George Soros doing that at a salon.
It's like, okay, time out.
I call bullshit.
Sorry, I only swear on your fire station, but I call BS right there.
Because George Soros, he has a friggin' pattern of behavior behind all of this.
I mean, it was you guys that leaked the documents that they staged the Baltimore riots.
This man has short sold a pound back in 92 and boasts about it, saying,
I know I'm taking money out of the British taxpayers' pockets, but if I think about that, how do I make a profit?
This guy's a Nazi collaborator.
He was behind the Arab Spring Revolt.
He was behind Ukraine.
It's a pattern.
And he brags he's involved.
And by the way, I don't listen to it, but families all told me, and every local news show
I believe my point, and I even tell people that, well, of course all the narratives are going to pipe that up because the guy owns Media Matters for America.
They oversee all of our media.
Of course he's going to control the narrative.
You know, if you can lead a horse to water, you can't make him drink.
It's just ridiculous.
Something is stinking here.
I think Trump's made a mistake here being... I'm glad he's saying we've caught the guy, whatever, but he should be saying it's suspicious, like he did about the Jewish Center attacks, because he's walking into them staging something bigger, I think.
A good way to keep up-to-date on all these attacks is a page and website I found.
They've got right-wing watch out there, while far-left watch has just popped up, and you can see
The violence just every day coming out of... No, I agree.
We should be following Left Wing Watch every day with a little report that shows all their incredible violence.
God bless you.
Thank you, Kevin.
We're gonna go to Vox.
And we're gonna go to everybody else who's patiently holding interspersed with Matt Bracken.
But to FBI detainees, mail-bomb suspects, he's his white van with pro-Trump posters.
They're gonna hold a press conference coming up very soon that we'll be carrying some of.
So stay with us, everybody.
That's set for about 15 minutes from now.
I'm sure it's...
Remember, the FBI and the Justice Department at the top is a bunch of Clinton and globalist operatives.
That's why this country's in so much trouble, but we'll see what happens.
Matt Brockham, we called this, we predicted this, and you've been on top of it, you know, Monday saying it's fake bombs.
That was confirmed the next day, or you said the day it happened, I guess that was Wednesday you said it was fake, and then the next day it was confirmed.
What are you seeing now with this whole situation and this individual?
Yeah, it's another twist that it's Scott Israel in Broward County that's got the guy in custody.
So it'll be interesting to see what kind of lawyers are in there talking to him.
If there's an arraignment, I expect him to come out
If he could, he'd be wearing a MAGA hat and he'll be yelling, I love Trump, to go along with all the stickers on the windows of his van, which all appear to have been put on recently.
You know, if you actually had those stickers on your van, Broward County, you know, for the last couple of months, your car, your van would have been torched.
I mean, keyed, torched, spray painted.
So this is, this is part of the setup.
And it's where Congressman Deutch is, who's the leader of the anti-free speech movement, even worse than Pelosi.
Yeah, those window stickers were obviously put on to be shown today, you know, to go along with the narrative.
I expected an arraignment.
He's going to yell, I love Trump, you know, Heil Trump, Trump forever.
It's all part of it.
If you go back in his social media, I heard on the radio that...
His Twitter only goes back to 2016, which is when Trump was elected.
And I have knowledge of infiltration of the right into the left and the left into the right by people scrubbing their social media and then waiting and then coming back as the opposite so that they can either infiltrate Redneck Revolt or Redneck Revolt infiltrate the Proud Boys, for example, because both sides are trying to get people inside of the other camp
Well, sure, that's well known.
No, exactly.
And people commit suicide for their political views.
If he's willing to take one for the team, he mails it, he knows he's going to get caught, he does this all without even being directed.
The problem is all the pre-programming that this was coming by media shows me that he was being directed.
It's very possible he was being directed, but on what level, you know, it remains to be seen.
He might think that he scrubbed his social media, but there might be ways to go in and find old social media.
Whether or not that will be coming out... I agree.
Why do you think now he's got three different aliases?
I mean, it's him in videos on Facebook, it's him on Twitter.
He's like a liberal, he's a conservative, but it's him.
I mean, he just looks like some operative.
Who would be playing both sides?
Somebody that's doing this has a false flag.
I mean, the van is so over the top.
The last thing that a guy is going to do is make a van that looks like that while he's dropping off pipe bombs, supposed pipe bombs.
You know, it's completely bogus.
Oh, and by the way, we've now learned that MSNBC is blaming me for this, and they are saying that this guy tweeted InfoWars.
Are there any InfoWars stickers on that van?
It seems unlikely that he'd missed that.
But, um, maybe he only asked for all the Republican stickers he could find.
Of course, you know, if you sign up as, get on their, their donation list, they'll send you all the stickers you want.
Some of them might not even be stickers.
He might have actually, you know, taped some, uh, uh... Well, no, let me tell you, Matt, I can tell, it's a wrap.
Somebody made a big Photoshop file of that, and that was professionally wrapped.
Okay, yeah, let's see, that's not stickers, right.
Yeah, and that's amazing, so it's part of the, look, Trump on a tank.
It's so bogus, I think that people are going to see it as a false flag.
And crosshairs on the Democrats to make them heroes.
It's so obviously over the top.
If he was a little bit more subtle, it would probably work better.
But, you know, it's hard to get somebody like this to be able to regulate, you know, the subtlety or irony level.
But I'm expecting next, in the surveillance videos where he's dropping off the packages, he'll be wearing a MAGA hat and a MAGA shirt.
You know, I think that's what we'll see next.
And I think it won't work.
I think it just adds to the false flag narrative.
You're not on CNN.
They'll play it straight.
But normal Americans are hip to false flags.
Trump's worried it could hurt the red wave.
We're going to come back and take calls from Vox, and we're going to take calls from Eagle Eye, and Jack, and Aaron, and Matt, and Garrett, and everybody else.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Here's an announcement.
War Room 3 to 6 is going to be covering this.
Tonight, 8 to 10, we'll do live election coverage.
We'll have the latest.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Some of our radio and TV stations do cover our live election coverage and breaking news coverage that goes right through the election.
And for about a week after, we're going to launch a new show, 7 to 10, central weeknights.
Matt Bracken, former Navy SEAL, ordinance expert, best-selling author, is riding shotgun for this segment.
A little bit more of the next.
We've got a press conference from the FBI.
Supposedly come up in about 10 minutes.
We'll see what they have to say.
If there's anything new there, we'll cover some of that.
We're taking calls from former ordinance experts or current ordinance experts, people that work for the military or the police.
They've all been making really, really great points and in unison aren't buying what's happening.
But I'll say this.
We're getting a bunch of calls saying, hey, we live in Florida.
And you can't have thick tent on vans or anything, which I know Florida has even stronger laws than Texas, because I've been driving through Florida before, and you know folks have had problems from Texas there with darker tent.
This guy had all the windows except the windshield covered in perfect wraps.
That fit exactly into it, except for the two front windows, side windows, and the windshield.
And again, some of these are perfect wraps.
This whole thing just looks ridiculous.
So you get your car vandalized, any of this, it's just the whole thing looks synthetic.
Matt, I want to go to Vox and their callers and get your take on what they have to say.
We're 11 days out.
We knew this was coming.
The media hyping that we were going to cause violence against them, their number one story for six months, was so obvious that they were pre-programming.
And I'm really concerned that they're just beta testing with this, and if we buy this, and if this looks successful, they're going to pull a real false flag, not one with fake bombs.
Yeah, there's no way this is having the intended effect.
My wife, I already voted by mail.
My wife voted today, and it's the same story they're talking about on local radio.
She had to wait more than an hour, where normally, you know, you walk in for a midterm election, you're in and out in a minute.
And people are saying they haven't seen anything like this in 30 years, including the 2016 presidential election.
And it's all people that are pissed off that are Republicans.
So I think that this is, you know, this is so obvious.
You know, those wraps in the windows, the guy didn't make that at home.
He had to go to a printer that has a big, you know, large format machine.
He might have done the work on his computer, but a printer had to create those.
And the FBI, I'm sure, knows who printed them and when.
If they were created, you know, in the last two weeks, it's going to look pretty obvious that it was part of the entire hoax pipe bomb scheme.
Not something organic that the guy's been putting on year over year.
We've all seen these campers and vans covered with stickers.
They're one on top of the other, they're faded, they're peeling because they go on as the guy gets struck by a new bumper sticker to stick on top.
This is deliberate.
This was professionally printed.
Well it is, but let's expand on that.
Why would any Trump supporter, conservatives, libertarians, Christians, we're not into violence offensively.
That's not in the EMO, other than the fake Oklahoma City, which again was Holder and the rest of them, we know.
Why on earth would you, when we're winning, send this to Hillary and Bill and Obama and Holder and Soros and make them victims?
It's the worst thing you could do!
It's a false flag, including the van.
I think that he intended to be caught.
Part of the reason for his fake bombs not even having any gunpowder, for example,
Is so that in court, in trial, he can claim he never had any intention or capability of harming anybody.
That it was just a stunt.
Exactly, and all he gets is six months in a lunatic asylum.
He did it in Broward County, where they have this whole thing, if you're a quota minority, you can commit all these crimes, and they let you go.
That's the missing link that Sheriff Israel of Coward County is in command.
You know, they're going to, they'll know who is in and out in terms of lawyers.
And if it's, you know, an ACLU lawyer or the, you know, the firm that represented the Kavanaugh accusers, you know, we'll know the fix is in there.
But I think that the guy's going to come out to the arraignment and he's going to be shouting, you know, you know, God bless Trump.
I love Trump, Trump forever.
Yeah, it's all part of it for the next 12 days, but I think it's going to have the reverse effect.
The van is so obviously a bogus part of a false alarm.
Well, I'll say this.
Nobody I know buys that this whole thing's real, and now this just gets more ridiculous.
Let's go to Vox in New York.
I'm here with Matt Brack and Alex Jones.
You're an aerospace engineer on the bombings.
What do you think about not just the fake bombing and the fake bombs, but now this?
Well, the thing I wanted to point out about these fake bombs being a political event, orchestrated for maximum political effect, is that it took them over three days to definitively declare these things fake.
I mean, upon first glance, Alex, any competent intelligent agent or bomb experts would say, nope, no way.
I mean, the LED thing, the dollar store LED device with a 1.5 volt watch battery doesn't have the kind of
I mean, I certainly hope not.
I mean, these guys are really dumb.
Or they deliberately held this information for maximum political effect, which the latter, I think, is definitely the case, to give the Don Lemons and the Wolf Blitzes time to milk it, which is what they've been doing these last three days.
Sure, it's a cheesy October surprise, and if this is the best they got, I mean, it's pretty bad, actually.
No, I agree, it's a really cheesy October surprise, and that's why I'm really concerned that this is a distraction from something bigger, Matt, like you said, and I want to get Vox's take first, an attack on that caravan that just like
James Woods and you and I predicted they wouldn't be on foot.
They got trucks bringing them up right on time a few days before to claim some militia right winger shoots these folks.
What do you think, Vox?
Well, I'll tell you what I do think, that obviously it's staged, that one too, and it's this Saul Alinsky, Jean Sharp technique of sort of roping your target, being Trump, into an untenable media position by having pregnant women and children up front, and then what, the guards have to either physically restrain them or shoot them or something with rubber bullets or something?
So, this is a way to sort of, like, an attempt, not a, it's not going to be a successful one, but to sort of rope Trump in, and this is Olenski, Gene Sharp.
And that's why they've said, no, I agree, Olenski, and you can't have borders, no borders, no wall, no USA at all.
And the good news is, Lou Dobbs, James Woods, it's not just Alex Jones now, it's Rush Limbaugh all saying this is a false flag, this is a stunt, it's fake, and everyone agrees.
I think that's the real moment we've crossed here, Vox.
Is that now, and I like to say I'm becoming obsolete in a way, and that's why they've said all the news, the Republican Party has now been Alex Jones-icized.
Well, no, you just meant reality.
It's not me.
People are now having common sense.
It's safer to say it now.
Vox, great points.
Thank you.
Matt, comments on that.
Yeah, the mainstream media is just catching up to where we've been for years.
There's no doubt that they're milking the fake pseudo-bombs.
They're still carrying these things out in that containment truck, blocking off New York City traffic like it's a plutonium device.
They evacuated the CNN building like it was a truck bomb.
The thing would, even if it was full of gunpowder, it wouldn't blow up a broom closet.
You know, not inside a closet.
If you held it in your hand, it might have had a few of your fingers get scalded.
I mean, it's just pure crap!
Yeah, to evacuate buildings over it and then to have, you know, the helicopter views of, you know, six blocks of New York, you know, cordoned off with crime tape and cop cars.
And Cuomo calling out the National Guard and breathlessly.
It's so obvious, the breathless and the mayor of New York saying, these are real, these are dangerous, these are scary, they're real, they're real.
You protest too much, buddy.
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Washington Post.
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Tomorrow's news today.
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Today, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
All right, Eagle Eye's been a trooper and been holding, but we can take 20 calls at a time, so you kind of have to if you get in.
And then we're going to go to everybody else that's holding.
Matt Bracken's here.
We're going to have the press conference.
I really want to hear what Sheriff Israel says, because that's a dangerous, sneaky, bad guy.
Parkland happened, but not the way they said it did.
You know, you got David Hogg in two videos saying he was at home when it happened, and then he wrote an hour to it, and then he's in a closet saying it's happening now.
I mean, you know, just some weird stuff, man, and they don't want it questioned.
And now this?
Maybe we'll have a, you know, an event like this that's all weird every month or so, and it'll always be in his county.
But, Carla Ray of an ABC affiliate, WFTV, reporting, I just obtained a 2002 arrest affidavit related to Caesar.
Seiko making a bomb threat.
It states he called Florida Power and Light and said it would be worse than September 11th.
And he got the report right there.
And law enforcement says he was known to them in Florida and New York for making threats.
You know, I mean, if I call up and said, if you turn my lights off, it'll be worse than September 11th, I should be arrested.
That's a terroristic threat.
Why are these people always allowed to do this?
People like death threat me, and I've called the police, and they can't do anything.
They go, oh, grand jury won't indict him.
People saying, I'm gonna kill you.
Well, we don't think it's a credible threat.
Okay, fine, whatever.
Matt Brackins with us here, riding shotgun.
Let's go to Eagle Eye, Army Intelligence.
Talks about the third missing component from Tennessee.
What's your view on this situation?
Well, I believe that strategically that this is the most important time frame for the Democrats and the globalists to try to take back some sort of control because of the election.
It's all about the election.
They're going to do anything that they can to distract, to intimidate, to fear, to threaten, to use terrorism to their advantage to try to affect voter turnout or whatever the case may be.
Uh, yeah.
I don't know.
Now, that being said, you know, this could potentially be the time frame that they would have another 9-11 type event or something like that, but I don't believe that that's going to be allowed to happen.
In my personal opinion, this is all about fear.
This is all about keeping people away from the polls.
Eagle Eye, I want to be clear.
I agree, because they don't have full command and control anymore, and they know they're being watched.
They know the public's wearing a false flag, so they're not willing to pull off an Oklahoma City like they did before.
Thank you, Eagle Eye.
Amazing points.
Anything else?
Just God bless you, and keep praying.
I believe the veterans need to step up, take family members that are afraid, especially the elderly.
Anybody that's afraid of going out to vote, we've got family members that are veterans, such as myself, that are willing to take you out there and escort you.
Don't be afraid.
Get out and vote.
Vote early.
Don't wait until Election Day.
It's key to vote early.
Eagle Eye, you're absolutely right, and let me expand on that.
My family has said, watch out when you go vote, have you voted yet?
And everybody knows about Antifa, and they're out at parks with guns, not even letting people have conservative marches.
I mean, this is where I live.
This is going on, and it is intimidating conservative voters.
We see record numbers turning out, but especially women, older folks, I agree.
We need sons, daughters, even if you've got family that's five states away, you need to vote early where you're at, and get on a damn airplane, excuse my French, and get them to the polls.
Matt Bracken?
I think that these Democrat schemes, if you want to call them that, they would have worked ten years ago.
And as we've been discussing in other shows, the liberals are still living in that world.
They're in their insulated bubble.
Going back to Dan Rather and the fake memo gate, that would have flown.
That used to work.
But now when they pull these tricks, especially coming after Kavanaugh,
Americans have seen what the Democrats are capable of.
When Trump at rallies says, you know, the Democrats are going to turn our country into Venezuela, it's not just hyperbole.
People see it.
They see Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, and they see a Cesar Chavez and a Maduro, you know, that would... Oh, no, these are crazy, crazy power trippers.
I totally, I totally agree.
People now know how dangerous these folks are.
People that haven't voted in years are voting.
They usually have under 30% turnout in Florida.
It's over 60% and it's running heavily Republican because people know that this is a make-or-break election.
You know, even this fake bomb plot, I think it's going to backfire because it's so clumsy.
There might be some real idiot liberals, the real NPC meme face people might actually accept it at face value, but the rest of us see a false flag.
Well, exactly.
If they busted him, and the thing wasn't festooned with professional sticker, it's just all fake as hell.
And then they're openly saying, we're gonna get killed, Trump's killing us, and then it magically happens, and then it's fake bombs.
They wouldn't even mail themselves real bombs.
I mean, it just shows how stupid they think we are.
All right, let's go to some more callers here with Matt Bracken.
Who's up next here?
We got Matt in Texas.
He's been on the longest.
Jack in Canada.
Jack, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, once again, tomorrow's news today on InfoWars.com.
Yeah, you nailed it right on the head there, Alex.
Well, let's be clear though, brother.
It's not hard when they're on every channel saying Trump and Alex Jones are going to bomb us and shoot us with no evidence of it, and then it pops up right on time.
I mean, it's not hard.
It's not hard.
But the thing is, is you've got lots of people out there that actually believe in television.
That's all they know.
They've been raised on television.
Anything and everything that they've ever known has been on television.
Like in the movie Network.
I mean... Tell them what to think.
Tell them what to say.
And they eat it up.
And when they censor you and you can't counterpoint anything, then people regurgitate the fake news.
Like here in Canada.
All our news agencies regurgitate all the fake news from the United States and repackage it.
And sells it to us.
I mean, they don't even mention about the caravan going on.
Don't even mention about the connection with Adnan Khashoggi and his, I don't know if it's his brother or his cousin.
And then you have the Khashoggi who got killed, who had links to ISIS, right?
It just goes on and on and on.
I mean, you see this thing with the van.
You know what?
When I saw that van, I went, wait a second, that is just too obvious.
And for some weird reason, it reminded me of Las Vegas.
I don't know why, but it just had that weird feel that it was just a Las Vegas-y thing about it.
Oh, and notice, since we didn't buy Las Vegas, they shut that down real quick.
Thank you for the call, Jack.
Great points.
Go ahead.
Oh, he's gone.
Sorry, I let you go too quick.
Matt, I want to come back and just have you briefly, and I'll let you go, give us what the negative is, though, because I agree with this show's, they admit, with exit polls and people that have been polled, that there's record numbers of Republicans turning out.
They're turning out in the midterm like it is a general election every four years, but this is every two.
So, A, what might they pull in the next three and a half days to stop this, and B,
How could they grab victory from the jaws of defeat?
And then what do they do when they lose big time, which all the numbers show?
Because this is not a regular election.
This is a political once in a three generation political realignment is what's happening right now.
We're going to go to break.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, the last caller was saying it's it's like a Hollywood show.
But you know what?
People are hip to that, too.
Look at the movie shooter based on point of impact.
The whole idea of Patsy's and black and false flags.
It's mainstream now.
You know, people, when they see that van, they laugh.
So I don't think it's going to have the effect.
They're still living in the old days when they could manipulate us.
We now are hip to false flags.
We know this is a sign up.
And they couldn't help but make it all be perfectly wrapped and clean and popping, clearly in a production instead of like an old sticker or something.
Because that would take something old.
That would take some work.
It's easy to get a new van and plaster all this on it.
It's so lazy.
Yeah, it's just too pat.
It's the Acme Bomb Factory.
All right, I want to just real quick on the other side, boom, boom, boom, what should we be looking at on our six?
What happens if they lose big, which I believe they will unless there's massive election fraud, all the numbers show it.
We are at ten and a half days from destiny.
Stay with us.
Matt Bracken's our guest.
More people coming up.
I'll host in the fourth hour or two with Nick Megas joining us, and I will get to every caller that's on the board.
Stay with us.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
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Good morning.
Sorry, I must have missed my invitation mail.
My name is Faith Holdings.
Let Faith Speak!
Let Faith Speak!
Let Faith Speak!
Let Faith Speak!
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
We cannot allow you to just walk across the stage.
Thank you.
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Yes, sir.
We support the police.
We love our officers.
We're the only ones out here actually talking about you guys.
He's got your auntie's phone scan, not letting me over the main stage.
Yeah, I know, and that's why I was presenting a petition with 5,000 signatures, sir.
So, Faith Goldie is really in third place out of 30 plus people.
That's amazing and they won't let her come to the debates.
So, she's engaged in real information guerrilla warfare.
She's on Twitter at Faith Goldie.
Thanks for having me on Alex.
It's a real honor and I appreciate you helping to spread our message of how much democracy is under siege.
So I'm running for mayor and Alex, I have to say, there are actually more than 30 candidates and I have been polling in the top three since the day I announced my bid to become mayor.
In fact, my polling numbers are higher than all 32 people underneath me combined.
And yet these folks
These opinion makers and gatekeepers, rather, of the status quo are inviting everyone onto their stage except for me.
What we have to do is just to continue to frankly seek truth and also don't be afraid to sometimes let out what you think.
Every single person I've talked to on this campaign, Alex, says, I'm voting for you.
And everyone I talk to is voting for you.
Don't be afraid to show it from the rooftops.
One of the things that I hear from all of my volunteers is faith.
Your fearlessness is contagious.
Folks have to remember that.
We can all be leaders in our own lives, whether it be around the water cooler,
Our dinner tables and our university classrooms.
Having a brass pair is contagious.
Everything they're doing is to try to stop something like you because you're everything they wish they had.
And that's happening to all conservatives, all nationalists, all over the world.
Twitter, Facebook, Google, as you know, are concertedly trying to stop populist nationalist movements everywhere.
And I have just read
The local paper, you know, saying that you were polling number three out of the six major candidates.
I had no idea that there were 30 plus total.
That is amazing.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You know folks, let's listen to a little bit of George Strait here, but I'm not making this about us.
We are under attack all over the news right now, but that's okay.
We do what happened.
And maybe I'll cover that more tomorrow.
I'm gonna go live at 3 p.m.
tomorrow, and I'm gonna broadcast as long as we need to on the election, on the stage terror, on all of it.
And you can know this, if a big truck bomb goes off, or nerve gas gets released, or somebody shoots up a government building, or a CNN headquarters,
You just go to Infowars.com, and within 30 minutes of it happening, I'll be on air.
Know that.
If I have to broadcast 24 hours a day, we're gonna be here.
They try to censor us and block us, we'll just work twice as hard.
But that's why, during a crisis, we always post an article and send it out to everybody that has the Droid and Apple app, because even though we had millions and millions of people that got on it in a month when they banned us,
You still have it on your phone.
So you get the alerts.
So it's key for you to then email and text message everybody you know, saying, hey, we're broadcasting the truth of the enemy that the globalists want censored because we are the real voice of America.
The globalists actually recognize that and are trying to stop us.
Now, I didn't see it.
Everybody's calling about it.
And I guess Trump's live on C-SPAN.
And he's interviewing young black conservatives and our own Will Johnson's there talking about Infowars and Infowars censorship.
So that'll be coming up later too.
And we're trying to make it front and center for the president to talk about that and to understand that censorship is the key.
And I know he understands that we've got to really push that through the next level.
But here's some of the articles.
They call it the Alex Jonesification.
Of the right wing?
No, it's not that, it's the common sense.
Here's another one, Weekly Standard.
The children of Alex Jones.
Oh my God, the evil Candace Owens.
She dare questions the motive of these bombings and how they're fake.
I mean, that's just common sense.
So they're all over the news freaking out that we dare to be questioning things.
What do you expect them to pull next, Matt, because people aren't buying this?
I don't think that there's going to be any kind of a directive that goes down, you know, that's passed down.
This is again at that, like, insect hive pheromone level.
But, you know, I think the panic is setting in as they realize there's no blue wave and it might even be a red wave.
So I think that... Hold on, we're going to come right back to you.
They've started the press conference 19 minutes late.
Stay there, Matt Bracken and callers.
Let's see what Sessions is saying.
A Hollywood actor and at least seven high-ranking current and former political leaders in the Democratic Party.
This is utterly unacceptable.
Political violence or the threat of violence is antithetical to our vigorous system of self-government.
It is a threat.
So we never see Sessions until it's butt-kissing Democrats?
No, no, we agree.
We're not for violence.
They're the ones that are.
Please know that from the beginning, this investigative team has made this matter a top priority, focusing their great talents... We're going to go back to this in a minute.
I can't listen to it.
Yes, it's illegal.
We have a law.
Violence is wrong.
It's major and you know I can't believe
Yeah, they rolled Sessions out for this.
Where's he been?
Is he on life support somewhere?
Oh, he's like a blue moon.
He like pops up once a year.
I think we could possibly see a lone actor with a gun do another Scalise-type operation, or instead of yelling at somebody in a restaurant, it could be a gun.
But the most effect, that would just be out of anger and counterproductive to the left.
But the most effective thing would be a shooting against a liberal crowd with right-wing literature left.
See, the good thing about the fake pipe bomb is it happened, you know, two weeks out.
If just four or five days before an election a liberal crowd is shot up and right-wing literature is left, you know, that's going to be more effective.
Now, the only saving grace here is
Thanks to Infowars and writers like me with my novels, people are way hipper to the false flag today, and they just aren't going to accept it.
No, I totally agree, but let me raise this point.
What about all his priors, that he was known for all these bomb threats?
Here it is, a mail bomb sender, Caesar Priors.
91, theft.
94, domestic violence.
03, bomb threat.
04, illegal ID.
04, controlled substance.
04, evidence tampering.
09, foreclosure.
09, operating without a license.
13, theft.
13, battery.
14, theft.
15, prohibition violation.
Plus, many traffic and drug arrests.
This guy is the perfect, patsy, shut-up guy, promised to deal by Coward County Mafia.
I mean, this guy fits the M.O.
Yeah, he's perfect.
A lot will be determined by what happens with his social media history.
If they can recover his old social media, and it's 180 degrees out from his newly established social media, that'll be a clue right there.
But if all of this happened in the last month,
Then it'll look more like somebody got a handle on him and is just out and out using him.
He might have enough priors to send him away and he's willing to do anything.
They might have caught him in the middle of another scam and they've offered him a way out of it.
All right, thank you so much, Matt Bracken.
We'll talk to you again very soon.
I'm going to host a little bit in the next hour to go to Greg and Matt and Aaron and Jeff and Garrett.
I'll get to all of you and then we have a special guest joining us.
But right now, Director Wray is out here.
Let's hear what he has to say from the FBI.
Questions about his background or about his motive?
What I can say is that this was a nationwide investigation of enormous scope.
And of the greatest importance.
Our investigation ranged from New York... The greatest importance!
...to Delaware, to Maryland, to the District of Columbia, to Florida, to California.
And as it always does, the FBI responded with every resource we've got, including our Joint Terrorism Task Forces, our Counterterrorism Division, and our world-renowned experts at the FBI lab... World-renowned experts?
But, and I really can't underscore this enough, we did not act alone.
The FBI Crime Lab is famous for framing people.
It is full of leftists.
A threat of this scope and of this magnitude requires all of us working... I can't listen, turn it off.
A threat of this scope and this magnitude... Can we queue up the police commissioner saying there was no real powder in the bombs?
These were not bombs!
We put these joke road flares together because they're more dangerous than a road flare.
If you lit one, you could burn a building down.
These are more dangerous than the crap, the crap, the crap that was mailed out.
This is, and he sits up there, this is the gravest danger, like a nuclear weapon's missing or something.
I mean, just all of it.
He should be up there saying, no one's in danger, these are fake, like the New York Commissioner did.
Or like, but no!
Or other FBI agents that have been all over Fox News saying this is fake.
He's up there.
This is the greatest threat.
This is deadly dangerous.
Oh my God.
It's the worst thing we've ever seen in our life.
Here, let's hear more of this garbage.
It's known as energetic material, which is essentially potential explosives and material that give off heat and energy through a reaction to heat shock.
They're now having to explain there was no powder, but it had potentially energetic material.
I want to focus for a moment on the amazing work of our folks at the FBI lab.
And then look, this guy looks like he's an MS-13 member.
They uncovered a latent fingerprint from one of the envelopes containing an IED that had been sent to Congresswoman Maxine Waters.
It was not an IED.
This fingerprint is that of Cesar Sayoc.
Turn it off.
Just turn it off.
I'm gonna go to break.
Come back right back with your calls.
Ending this hour, don't forget, free shipping store-wide, 50% off, biggest sale ever, without your purchases, without your support, we will not be able to continue.
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Your excitement about America, your excitement about this broadcast is what brought the country and the world back from the brink.
But the globalists now want to target where the resistance came from, so that we're not pesky in the future.
I want to be troublesome and pesky.
I want to keep going.
I want to make them do the ultimate, not just destroy us financially.
I want to push all the way.
I've committed to do that.
I've prayed for that.
And I've been told that's going to happen.
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You are receiving this transmission.
You are the resistance.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, even CNN had analysts on saying the false flag theory could be real.
I mean, obviously, who stands to gain?
People get caught all the time doing things politically to themselves to blame their enemy.
That's as old as humanity.
But there's literally hundreds of articles out saying I'm a horrible, mean person and I'm bad.
But the good news is most people, even some of the crew, are more socially liberal, but they're patriots.
You know, they like to show.
I don't think people will be total right-wingers to work here.
And they're like, oh yeah, none of my liberal friends
You know, buy into any of this.
They just say it all looks fake.
People just know synthetic when they see it.
To quote Dick Carlson, they smell it.
And it's happening.
All right, we got Greg, Tommy, Matt, Aaron, Jeff, and Garrett.
I'll get to these before the amazing, and I mean amazing, guest joins us, Dr. Nick Begich.
Right now, who's been holding the longest here?
Aaron in Florida!
Yes sir, thank you for taking my call.
I've been listening now for the last hour and a half, maybe two hours, and all the guys ahead of me have made fantastic points, kind of stole my thunder, so I won't waste a lot of your time.
I want to let you know that there are supporters out here, millions and millions of us.
You know, we believe, we're smart, we understand what's going on, we see what's going on.
We're putting two and two together.
Um, we thank you for what you're doing.
And just a quick shout out to the Oath Keepers who are also working in North Florida, helping people get recovered from the hurricane.
I mean, I wish I had more, but you know, the former callers have covered everything very well.
So thank you very much.
Keep up what you're doing.
No, no.
Thank you, brother.
I know you got to go, Aaron, but real quick, just your approximation of this, of what everybody seems to think is a hoax.
Do you think this is a win for the Democrats or a loss?
I think it's a massive loss.
I think it's going to drive Republicans out through the polls.
You can already see it in Florida early voting.
I think this is the dumbest thing they've ever tried to come up with.
And a previous caller said, yes, this is all Hollywood.
They're targeting
People who sit on the couch and do nothing but watch TV.
This is a made-for-TV event.
Great points, Aaron.
And, you know, here is Politico and all of them, New York Times, the Alex Jonesification of the right is now complete.
Rush Limbaugh, all these other people, Lou Dobbs are saying the evidence is clear, it's a staged event.
They don't know what to do.
Yes, it's right.
We don't trust you guys anymore, and we know your history.
So get ready.
We're not idiots.
All right, let's talk to Greg in Iowa.
He says he trains police and law enforcement.
He's police, Army, Navy, Marines on explosives.
Greg, thanks for holding.
What's your take on this?
Absolute training.
Absolute fake.
We made stuff in training that looked more real than this, and you could tell
That this was made.
I mean, seriously, you can't just send something through the mail like that and not get picked up by the scanners, get picked up by the train staff, especially after 9-11.
A canine dog gets sent in after a call of explosives or a suspicious package.
It doesn't need a state-of-the-art
A dog can pick out explosives.
Well, here's an example.
I tried to ship jelly in my check-in bags, and because a thing of jelly, grape jelly I got in Omaha, might have been an explosive, they took it.
And there was a letter in my bag.
And again, they think couriers brought this, though.
And then, oh, that's another question.
This guy's the new Speedy Gonzales.
How did he deliver it magically, in some cases hand-delivered, to all these locations simultaneously?
Yeah, right.
Um, it's just, it's just laughable.
And in New York, with all the cameras, all the CCTVs they've got going on, one of my head instructors at my... Right, don't hang up!
You're not going to wait anymore.
60 seconds, we're going to come back.
One of your head instructors told you what.
Stay there.
And then, who do you think's behind this, then?
What were they thinking?
Why is it so ham-fisted?
And why do they hype these terror attacks for coming against the left?
I mean, it's so scripted.
It's so ridiculously fake.
We'll be right back.
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Thank you!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Bombscare shows that Alex Jones's legacy is more conspiracy theories and more conspiracy theorists.
That's the weekly standard.
The Fresno Bee, The Associated Press, Mother Jones, Pathos, The New York Times.
They're all saying, I'm gone.
I don't exist anymore.
They defeated me.
I'm off air.
But I gave birth to Rush Limbaugh and Candace Owens.
No, I didn't.
This audience, you, I, Matt Drudge, people just covering real news, we made it safe for other people to cover reality and question and not just believe false narratives were given over and over again.
But it's the weirdest thing, it's like,
The local paper, like every day, has articles, Alex Jones is gone now.
Alex Jones was defeated.
You see, the truth is, Alex Jones and this great audience, we got Trump elected.
And the truth is, the country's coming back.
And the truth is, we did amazing things.
And you are heroes, as an audience, for taking action.
And we've done heroic work here, this great crew.
We're not going to let everybody see how competent and how smart and what winners we are.
They have to rebrand us as the failures.
But now you see Rush Limbaugh.
And everyone else.
They must be taken off the air.
Because now they're like Alex Jones.
And well, we took him off.
So now we take everyone else off.
We can't let them question us.
We can't let them do that.
It's un-American to have speech.
Look at this.
The children of Alex Jones.
Candace Owens and Rush Limbaugh.
The condescension of that.
False flag theory on pipe bombs.
They're not bombs.
The police say they're fake.
Zooms from right-wing fringe to mainstream.
New York Times.
Oh, no!
It came from Alex Jones!
Oh, no!
Hans Blix!
Oh, no!
Come on in, Hans Blix.
Redrops him into the shark tank.
I love, though, the one line, because it's true.
The Alex Jonesification of the right is now complete.
And I'm far from gone, and they know that.
And it's not about a power trip.
But when people are trying to destroy you, and they've done everything they can to silence you, but the people stand by you, and you come through the storm battered but stronger.
Battle-hardened is the word.
And just to see everything they're doing.
We're going to win this thing.
I don't know how hard it's going to be or how long it's going to go, but I used to say, I don't know how this is going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you got one.
And now I can tell you, I don't know how it's going to end, but we're going to win.
And I can really, at a gut level, tell you that.
When Trump got elected that night, I was processing what we were going to have to go through, and I was shaken.
But now, two years into the fight, I'm still shaken, but we're gonna win, and that really is what matters.
That's a funny thing from that night.
I've aged some, haven't I?
But that's good, that's my struggle.
I expect to age hard.
I'm not trying to sit here and be a little pretty boy.
I expect to spend my entire soul and will on the fight for a greater future for everybody, because we are the future.
All right, Greg in Iowa, thanks for holding while I was ranting.
You were making some great points about this whole thing saying it's just, well you heard the earlier caller that trained Post Office, he was saying it's literally the template of what a fake package looks like they're trained to discover.
So it was meant to instantly be noticed once it even got to the mailroom at CNN.
Right, exactly.
How did it even get through the mail system, if it even in doubt went through the mail system?
See, in the military, we would even work with Hollywood, Camp Pendleton, Fort Irwin, other places.
They would help us make our urban warfare places with fake IEDs.
As an urban warfare instructor teaching house-to-house, room-to-room combat, they would make missiles, fake blood, fake wounds.
I think so.
But when you think it's a fake, it may be real.
Pennsylvania still can't account for 700 pounds of demolitionist grade explosive.
400 blasting capsules were stolen out of Lancaster County.
So, yes, this looks like a training device that is fake as a $3 bill.
And so that shows it wasn't a lone kook that didn't know what he was doing building it.
It came from people involved in the system.
God bless you, I appreciate your call.
Really, really great points from these callers here.
And it's the timing, it's the pre-programming that trumps violent, Alex Jones is violent, we're going to get the media killed.
That's your biggest tell.
Because we weren't doing that.
And they were saying on every channel to get you ready for this point.
Alright Alex, I just wanted to thank you guys for all that you're doing on InfoWars and commend you for everything you guys are doing in the fight against globalization.
I wanted to talk today about two different things.
I wanted to talk about how this is obviously way too good to be true.
You guys know that.
And how society has become extremely numb to all of these negative things that we're force-fed with a fire hose every single day by the mainstream media.
Obviously, it's too good to be true.
You guys have been saying it for the last three days.
I see this happening
Uh, more and more as times go on, but people are becoming numb and number and number to it.
I'm a college student and I went to class a couple days ago and one of our professors said, what happened today?
And then someone said, Oh, there were bomb threats to all these high level individuals.
Well, the high level individuals were never affected and no one died and no one was injured.
So what ended up happening was.
Nobody in class commented.
He's like, would anyone like to give their opinion?
And not a single individual said that they were interested in giving their opinion because everyone's so numb to hearing all of the negative that comes out of the media.
And again, the bombs weren't even bombs.
They were fake.
All it is, is it's a giant, it's a giant hoax for people to believe that there's something negative that's going to happen.
Now, I believe that the worst thing that could happen is that they go to one of the major polling sites and actually touch a bomb off and kill or maim a lot of people or send someone who's extremely crazy to actually shoot up one of these polling stations.
Oh, I'm telling you, we're 11 days out and I just...
Pray to get through this election, because you just know they're not going to stop.
And I think this is a test to see how people buy it.
Thank you so much, Garrett.
All right, we got Jeff, Matt, and Tommy on the line.
But you know, Dr. Nick Baggage is an amazing guy.
He's got a full slate of things to cover.
And I said I'd get to every call an hour ago, but those were new calls that got on early, except for Matt.
I'm going to go live tomorrow at 3 p.m.
at Infowars.com.
We're going to put it out on the satellite as well.
So 3 p.m.
tomorrow central, you can tune in.
If Matt, we get Matt's number, I'll call Matt back tomorrow, Tommy and Jeff, but I know they don't care about this, but all of them get a free t-shirt, get their address, get their name, ask what they want, and we'll send them a free t-shirt for holding.
So I promise to get to everybody.
It's just impossible and I'm not going to take the rest of Dr. Nick Begich, researcher, scientist, his brother, former U.S.
Senator, set to be the next governor, and his dad, famous congressman, really smart scientist, has exposed all the Big Brother systems and more.
He's going to be coming on to give his perspective on all of this.
And then in about 45 minutes, we're going to have the War Room with Owen Schroer, myself, I'm probably going to be popping in, and of course Roger Stone and many others, and your calls.
In fact, if Matt and Tommy and Jeff want to get their numbers to us, we will call them and get them on the War Room first.
But regardless, free t-shirts.
And that's something I never really plugged.
It gets the word out and is really a key part of the fight, is the great shirts.
The best shirts we've ever produced on so many great topics at infowarestore.com.
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We are literally in your hands, and I think we're in good hands, like the Allstate ad, with you.
So thank you all for your support.
Please stay with us.
Senator Warren's family has long told stories that they have some Native American heritage.
Now some people don't believe that and his name is Donald Trump.
Breaking news this morning, Senator Elizabeth Warren has released results of a DNA test showing she does have Native American ancestry.
Massachusetts Senator and possible presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren released results of a DNA test she says proves she has some Native American heritage.
Strong evidence that she has Native American heritage.
DNA analysis proves she has Native American heritage.
Elizabeth Warren can now officially say that she is part Native American.
It's past time to separate politics from fact.
And the fact is, the people calling Warren a liar just don't have a leg to stand on.
President Trump, who calls her Pocahontas, has suggested he would pay a million dollars to a charity if she took a DNA test to prove her heritage.
When told of the test results today, here's what President Trump said.
Who cares?
Who cares?
Who cares?
Who cares?
You care!
You care!
You're literally the only person who cares!
I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test that it shows you're an Indian.
Donald Trump promised he'd donate $1 million to charity if Senator Elizabeth Warren could prove she had Native American ancestry.
Well, the DNA results are in!
Yes, she is!
Even though Elizabeth Warren took the test, now he says he's not going to pay the million dollars.
When confronted about his million dollar pledge this afternoon, he chickened out.
The president is scoffing at the results.
How much?
1, 1,000?
Do you owe her an apology?
What about the money?
I owe her.
She owes the country an apology.
We don't have to wait for the president's DNA.
He is 100% douche.
Elizabeth Warren taking the bait.
Now, the president likes to call my mom a liar.
What do the facts say?
The facts suggest that you could absolutely have a Native American ancestry in your pedigree.
This is absolute pure bull.
Don't believe the crap you see from these people.
The fake news.
I'm an Indian outlaw.
Half Cherokee and Choctaw.
My baby, she's a Chippewa.
Oh, she's a one-of-a-kind.
Elizabeth Warren is whiter than your average white person.
My papa had high cheekbones like all of the Indians do.
Ay yi yi.
That's an embarrassment.
Pocahontas is on the warpath!
They call her Pocahontas.
What does Warren translate into Cherokee as?
Spreading bull?
Cherokee people!
Cherokee tribe!
If Senator Warren sets the standard, you too could claim a minority preference.
But I knew my father's family didn't like that she was part Cherokee and part Delaware.
So my parents had to allow it.
Most white Americans have more Native American blood than Senator Warren.
She's potentially 1,000th and 24th Indian, which is 0.09%.
I never asked my mom for documentation when she talked about our Native American heritage.
The university actually celebrated her as the first minority woman to receive tenure.
Warren posed as a victim because on the left, victimhood is power.
Warren is trying to play the victim.
I'm 13% victim.
I'm 21% victim.
Order now and find out if your friends should be more sympathetic towards you, DNA and me.
Are you in?
Hell f***ing yes I'm in.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You're listening to the antidote for fake news.
It's Alex Jones.
And welcome back to InfoWars.com.
This is Dr. Nick Begich, and I'm standing in for the last hour of today's broadcast.
What a week!
You know, I mean, come on.
Really, the fake bombs, the whole movement on the midterms.
This is probably the most important midterm in the last 50 years.
I mean, if you think about what's happening right now,
In terms of mainstream media and what's been happening and shutting down the voice of conservatives throughout the country.
In fact, as really a globalist attack on the idea that nationalism matters and I think it does.
I'm glad to hear somebody
It's not about globalism.
Sure, it's about sharing information, cooperating where you share values and common interests, but it's not the way it's been running.
And certainly, America was never intended
I think?
Sits today.
We're at the top of the world.
We cover the northern hemisphere so easily in terms of our strategic position.
UPS FedEx based or international hubs here because it's about equal distance going across the globe into the entire northern hemisphere of the planet.
When you look at strategic bases in Alaska, there's another reason Alaska is critically important to the defense of all of the northern hemisphere.
When you think of Europe,
We don't need to be based in Europe anymore.
When you think about where America can reach the world, I mean in terms of our strategic bases, we have Guam on the far side of the Pacific, gives us access to Asia.
We have Hawaii in the middle Pacific, gives us access to everything within the Pacific region.
If you look on the screen right now are some of the major military bases in Alaska and these don't include a number of stations listing posts and other posts scattered around the state.
When you think about
I don't know.
Aside from the police we have stationed around the world.
A rethink of all of this is what's underway right now.
And because of all this bomb discussion, there are also some major issues being missed that I want to cover in this segment.
Have nothing to do with terrorism, have nothing to do with bombing, but has everything to do with things that actually affect us.
Every single day, but I want to get back in Into the midterms as we look at what's what's shaping up as as the most important Election of our history and I would not trust these polls.
I mean remember when Trump Was winning and the polls were saying he's 12 points behind.
He's 10 points behind He was ahead
The polls are not accurate anymore.