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Name: 20181025_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 25, 2018
3445 lines.

In a recent broadcast, Alex Jones discusses the mail bomb scares in the US, suggesting they are fake and part of a propaganda campaign by Democrats to discredit conservatives. He talks about the upcoming midterm elections, potential consequences for Democrats, patriotism, love for America, and deep state actors in politics while taking calls from listeners. The video also promotes various products available on Infowarsstore.com and infowarslife.com to keep their broadcast running amidst censorship.

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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Thursday, October 25th, 2018.
Now, just 12 days out.
And every day that the Democrats see a red tidal wave coming in, the more cornered
And dangerous these criminals are.
And the more desperate they are, the more dangerous they are.
Everybody better be watching their six right now.
I'm praying to God on your knees for a human awakening and that this great evil finally be defeated.
I've got stacks of your mainline analysts saying that the Democrats win this election
They are still way behind in becoming a regional party on the verge of collapse.
But if they lose this election, they're done.
And you're going to have the blue-blood version of Republicans and the Tea Party populist.
The Democrats have been trying to extinct the Republican Party and wanting to have a new communist wing, a socialist middle, and a
Kind of fake right-wing, purple Democrat version that plays the part of loyal opposition.
But it is an epic moment.
Now, I have talked to FBI agents I know, I've talked to ordinance experts from the Army I know, from the Marine Corps I know, people that have worked for the CIA, people that have both disarmed bombs and people that have been experts at assembling bombs.
I've also talked to a friend of mine who's the former head of a major city bomb squad.
He is in private practice now.
I made a lot of phone calls last night and today.
And they've all said what experts are even on NBC, I couldn't believe it, and even on CNN, and even on Fox Business.
They're saying these aren't real bombs.
Explosives, you know, inside plastic doesn't do anything.
Shards of glass.
These look like
Exactly what bombs look like in Hollywood movies.
These look like props.
And notice who's getting them.
Robert De Niro and all these other Democrats and all these other actors.
Because whoever did this didn't want to actually kill anybody.
And notice none of the bombs ever detonated.
None of them ever exploded.
I could go to the store right now.
And get some road flares, and some black tape, and put an egg timer on it, pull the case off, just have the outside, put an egg timer on it, and wave that around and say, we just got this bomb!
We just got this bomb!
And then, oh wait, oh, another libertarian conservative nationalist got one.
Oh my gosh, it must be the Democrats who sent it.
Let me write a New York op-ed piece how it's Alex Jones and Donald Trump's fault.
And you see the Democrats foaming at the mouth everywhere about killing the president, killing his family, killing talk show hosts, killing Congress.
Scalise deserved it, editor of major publication.
There's so many examples, we become numb to it.
And then right on time, 14 days out, Soros gets one, because he's the kingpin.
He gets the most sympathy.
He's first.
He's taking a lot of heat right now.
And then the Clintons, and then Obama, and it's all hierarchical.
Everybody gets the attention.
It's like getting a medal.
Oh, they've been in combat.
Second day of devices targets Dems critics of Trump.
De Niro gets one.
Cuomo calls in the National Guard.
Oh my gosh.
See, he's declaring an emergency ahead of the election.
He's having mid-press conferences.
Woman holds fake news, fake bombs, signs outside Florida debate.
That's right, and everybody's saying it's fake, including law enforcement, but that's almost getting no attention.
We'll break it all down, play the clips.
They've got the former deputy director of the FBI coming out, saying the motive is the Democrats, plus the bombs are fake.
The bombs are fake.
The bombs are fake.
They wouldn't blow your fingers off.
Your excitement about America, your excitement about this broadcast is what brought the country and the world back from the brink.
The globalists now want to target where the resistance came from, so that we're not pesky in the future.
I want to be troublesome and pesky.
I want to keep going.
I want to make them do the ultimate, not just destroy us financially.
I want to push all the way.
I've committed to do that.
I've prayed for that.
And I've been told that's going to happen.
But you've got to back us.
And I promise you this.
I will give the total sacrifice.
I will never falter.
I will never waver at the spiritual level.
I physically will.
But I give you my commitment, if you financially support us, at FortWorthStore.com, to give you my absolute total commitment.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Twelve days.
No, it's not the twelve days of Christmas, it's the twelve days to the most important election in world history, a referendum on nationalism versus tyranny and globalism.
And just like... pudding pie,
Just like the sun coming up in the morning, do I need to go back and get the clips six months ago, three months ago, a month ago, a week ago, when I said, you watch, I think two weeks before the election, they're going to begin plunging the stock market.
Because they follow patterns.
And they do the same thing because it worked in 2008.
They did the exact same thing two weeks before a general election.
The very same interest.
The private, globalist, European-owned Federal Reserve.
Got a story linked on DrudgeReport.com right now.
Stock market crash.
The Dow has plunged 2,368 points from the peak of the market.
And when they raised interest rates four times, Trump said, stop it.
You didn't do that much during all of Obama.
And the economy's not sured up yet.
Stop it.
And now they've done it eight times, and he's like, stop it!
And they've signaled they're going to do it five more times in the next six months to a year.
Oh, and the European Central Bank, the ECB, that owns much of the Federal Reserve, but that's all secret.
Only the details came out in 1913.
That's the basics we know from 104 years ago.
It's this private multinational consortium.
And now the ECB announced they're not going to print any liquidity into the market.
And the Chinese suddenly are announcing they're cutting liquidity into markets to tank the global market because they believe, who will it hurt?
Because you know what DJT is doing?
He's saying, look,
You got a 50% tariff on us?
We're gonna have one on you.
You got zero?
We got zero.
You got a 280% tariff on our milk and cheese?
Just billions a year?
We'll put one on your butt.
And the fact that they've been raping us and having their way with us forever is completely out of control.
And they have built this whole world government by sucking us dry.
And so, to complete their system, they've got to kick populists out.
And so anywhere, the central banks are still in control, but patriots have been elected from places like Greece, to Italy, to the UK, to the United States, to other areas.
They're trying to kill the markets as well.
Now again, these are big bubbles.
They're out of control.
But see, Trump is letting us ride a bubble that's actually building industry and jobs and confidence.
We were going to have the bubble regardless.
We're not getting out of this now.
The only way to do it is to create such a big economy and have new boom technologies and suppressed medicine and suppressed technological systems and suppressed weapon technologies.
One area I think Trump's getting a little dangerous, but he's lobbying behind the scenes to start showing folks the real weapons we've got that'll start a huge arms race.
And I don't think that's the smart way to get the economy going.
Trump's a little wild when it comes to that, but he's probably smarter than I am.
You know, he only ran for office once and became President of the United States.
He's already changed the world in less than two years.
But these powerful forces are striking back in a big, big, big way.
And that's how I could predict that they were going to start doing false flags against themselves two weeks out.
I'm on record.
Played the clip yesterday.
I said two weeks out is when I think they'll pull it.
It'll start there.
It'll get really crazy.
And I said two weeks out, they'll start plunging the stock market.
Because I've seen what they do.
I know how they operate.
The very same players bombed Oklahoma City and were caught red-handed.
So that's how we know all of this.
Oh, and they're so upset, ladies and gentlemen, that we're tomorrow's news today.
You see, they do pre-programming
At almost a subliminal level, in TV, and in fiction, and in non-fiction, and in print, and on so-called news, to get you ready for what's coming.
Well, I can see the programming.
Anybody could, if you're conscious.
That's the whole secret to this.
Have a memory, be conscious, read some history books, and it'll be like, this is ridiculous!
Why did everybody else see this?
Because people are thinking about their job, their kids, what they do.
They're specialized at
Whatever the particular job is, we're all specialists.
Well, my specialty is not being a specialist.
And studying how globalists and different governments operate, and they've all got different fingerprints, they've got different signatures, the way the left operates, the way classical liberals operate, versus the way conservatives operate, versus the way all these different permutations operate.
And so, let me give you the big news in my view.
They are launching major attacks to shut this economy down, and they think we're stupid and that we'll blame Trump.
I think if they plunge the economy and are able to do that, like Bill Maher and others said they wanted to do, it's going to blow up even worse in their face.
And I think it's going to really fundamentally piss people off to another level.
They're not going to get away with this, even though it looks like they're going to go ahead and try to pull it.
In fact, they are pulling it.
It's bad.
This false flag was done though, and this is the good news, where I kept saying, how are they going to attack the media when the media is in on it and kill their own people and have it believable?
And so they just went with a total hoax of 10 plastic fake bombs off a Hollywood set and instantly
All these former top FBI agents, deputy heads, heads of counter-terrorism, you name it, are all coming out saying, this isn't a real bomb.
The way it got mailed, who it targets, look at the motive.
Look at how they're pre-programming and saying that we're going to attack the media when conservatives aren't.
Look at how they're really the ones pushing all the violence in the left.
And so the good news is, if you go on any mainline newspaper's comment section, 80% of it is, this is a false flag, this is fake, this is ridiculous, this is incredible.
And the way the corporate media, the establishment media jumped on it, and just absolutely drills it in that it's real, and it's the end of the world, and let's call out the National Guard, and we're all dead when no one's died.
They were trial ballooning this to make them all the victims.
Two weeks out, and if we bought it hook, line, and sinker, they were going to stage some really big, real attacks.
And they might even pawn sacrifice and take a few of their own people out who didn't know it was going to happen.
So we're not out of the woods yet, but right now everything they're doing is turning to absolute crap.
And they're the ones calling for violence everywhere, and then trying to say we are.
And then they're blaming me.
They're saying my rhetoric is to blame in hundreds of publications.
You type in Alex Jones bomb, Alex Jones pipe bomb, into Bing, into DuckDuckGo, into Google, and I mean it's hundreds of stories blaming me.
And then saying, oh, and how dare he say the Democrats might be behind it?
How dare he say that bears don't bathroom in the woods?
How dare he say Trump has orange hair?
I mean, I'm saying real things, everybody knows it, common sense default, two weeks out, the bombs aren't real, they're all pity partying, they're all lined up to go and exploit it and yell and scream and freak out and blame everybody, and call for the end of the First Amendment, and Alexander Soros, who's been caught running Antifa nationwide, trying to cause martial law in the documents, talks about how we're full of hate, and how we're going to cause all of this hate and all of this death.
It is ridiculous!
No one is buying this.
No one without the brain.
Only the politicos in the NPR and the CNN and the New York Times bubble chamber.
They're in their little echo chamber, believing their crap.
No one's buying it.
You plunged the economy.
We know you did it.
You're openly bragging you did it.
The Federal Reserve did it.
Foreign Bank, of course.
You stage a big event.
We know it's you.
We know it's you.
You're murdering, lying, scumbag criminals with a long history of it.
So you're done.
America's awake.
It's over.
It's over for you.
We'll be back.
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I think so.
Your excitement about America, your excitement about this broadcast is what brought the country and the world back from the brink.
But the globalists now want to target...
Where the resistance came from, so that we're not pesky in the future.
I want to be troublesome and pesky.
I want to keep going.
I want to make them do the ultimate, not just destroy us financially.
I want to push all the way.
I've committed to do that.
I've prayed for that.
And I've been told that's going to happen.
But you've got to back us, and I promise you this.
I will give the total sacrifice.
I will never falter.
I will never waver at the spiritual level.
I physically will.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are back broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We're about to get into the huge news where former deputy directors of the FBI, former heads of bomb squads, are all coming out saying these bombs didn't detonate, they were meant to scare people, they're not real bombs, they look like fake soft movie sets, you don't build a pipe bomb with BBC, you don't put stickers on them with a political message, because obviously if it's a real bomb it's meant to blow up, you don't want to leave clues, this is insane.
Former FBI assistant director, bomb plot culprit, could be someone who's trying to get the Democrat vote out and incur sympathy.
And make all these demonized figures, who deserve to be demonized, look like the victims.
And then we've got law enforcement official, examiners think mail bomb could have been hoax devices.
What did we say yesterday with Matt Bracken, who's a former ordnance specialist, Navy SEAL, best-selling author?
Those aren't real bombs.
They don't even have caps on the end.
It appears there's not even gunpowder in them, they're saying.
It's a bunch of shards of glass inside a tube that even if you had explosive in it, it would just shove it out the ends with a bunch of smoke, might burn your hand.
But we're not even sure that they had any powder in them.
They're now basically saying they didn't.
Hoax devices!
Now, they've censored myself and thousands of other prominent nationalists, Christians, and conservatives, and just common sense folks, ahead of the midterms, so they could have air superiority on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, you name it.
So that they could put out all these incredible lies, and have us just believe it.
But they can't stop DrugsReport.com.
They can't stop Infowars.com.
Most importantly, they can't stop you.
Going to the sites and getting the articles that they don't want you to see and getting them out.
Like DrudgeReport.com has done.
So what happens to DrudgeReport.com?
I said two weeks ago on air that I would expect DrudgeReport.com, I remember saying it, to be the next target because they already think that they've demonized me enough.
And guess who they blame?
MSNBC suggests mail bomb suspect reads Drudge Report and Fox News.
Ben Collins.
So I thought I'd search engine it this morning and see where else he was being blamed.
So many hits, I didn't even try to look at it.
Then I forgot about it.
That was at 6 a.m.
I get into the office and I see three articles blaming Matt Drudge.
Oh, yeah, it's the number one news site in the world, the second largest site in the world, period.
It's like saying, yeah, he drove by and saw the Capitals, so it's the Capitals' fault.
They're getting it ready for this Patsy.
I'm telling you, they're gearing it up.
Now, the M.O.
from Matt Brackett and others has proven frighteningly accurate, Matt has, and the other sources I have that are off record.
Says that it looks like cat lady brigade level, bottom of the barrel, even for Antifa, thinking they've got to save Hillary and all these people, and that they may have even, with some higher level direction, been tricked into acting alone, and then now we've got to watch out they may kill the ringleader of it, because there's probably at least five people involved, and then plant pro-Trump paraphernalia at the site.
So whoever did this, you better give a press conference and go public.
They're probably already all dead.
I mean, if you look at the different angles of this, if they use low-level patches, which this looks like, they're probably already dead.
And then they're gonna have it lead back with clues.
To some mentally ill person that they'll plant Trump paraphernalia on.
I mean, that's how the M.O.
usually works.
That's one of the major permutations we run into over the years when they run something like this and they're using idiots to carry it out so that they can have plausible deniability.
But the timing and everything shows high-level direction, but they wanted to keep their hands clean, so they used a bunch of bumbling ding-dongs.
So, that's what it looks like to us.
Yeah, here's another CNN.
Former bomb disposal officer on CNN.
Bomb thing that is just silly looking, goes on to say it isn't a real bomb.
I mean, there's so many of these, my head's spinning.
Lou Dobbs comes out, says it's a fake bomb.
Law enforcement comes out, says it's a fake bomb.
We're gonna go through all the people saying that.
And the specifics, and play the videos when we come back from break.
But know this, their Pocahontas DNA thing blew up in their face.
They're totally fake, in my view.
Impeached women who perjured themselves, according to all the witnesses, in front of Congress, trying to shoot down Kavanaugh.
This has all been blowing up in their face.
Because people know they're a pack of lying villains running this.
And so now I just ask, what are they going to do next?
Because these globalists are so out of their minds that they thought Hillary Clinton could win.
And I told you months ago, and again two weeks ago, I've talked to high-level sources that, let's just say, watch Hillary very, very closely.
I mean, we're talking high-level CIA, high-level folks.
And Hillary is running.
And is telling the Democrats, I control the party, and I control the superdelegates, get out of the way.
And that's why you saw them come out in Salon, and in Vanity Fair, and in Atlantic Monthly, and in Politico, and say, we hate you, you're horrible, go away.
About a week after I told you that, three weeks ago, you noticed they all came out and said, stop it, go away.
And then you saw this week, she said she's not going away, and she's gonna run.
That's how crazy she is.
So it's good that she's an idiot, and that Pelosi's an idiot, and Maxine Waters is a senile idiot, but it's also dangerous because these people are crazy and think they're invincible.
So, they're all saying, we hate you, just go away.
Just type in Hillary Clinton, just go away.
Click News.
Hillary Clinton, you're killing us.
She won't go away.
She's an egomaniac, psychotic.
Whose illusions of grandeur came true over and over again.
She's already been co-president in two administrations over four terms.
That's how many years?
That's a long time, baby.
That's 16 years she's been president.
Dear God, Hillary Clinton, please just go!
You can go by truck.
You can go by ship.
You can go by train.
You can go by plane.
You can go by helicopter.
You can go by...
Crunk car!
Just go, go, go!
Whatever you do, go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
But you won't go, go, go!
I wish the Democrats would reform themselves and stop being the We Hate America Party.
But that's who they are.
Alright, start your engines.
There's Politico.
How do we solve a problem like Hillary?
She's a perfect god for you people.
You're an evil, American-hating party.
They are the party that hates America.
They're the invader party.
They're the globalist party.
They kill the party.
They're gone.
They're over.
Or we are.
They go on TV on every channel and say, to say nationalist is the most evil thing in the universe.
They're totally disconnected in their own psychotic university and CNN bubbles.
We'll be back with the critical intel.
Well, Clyde Lewis, big syndicated radio host, obviously, on the Perm Radio Network, comes on every night right before George Story at 10 p.m.
It's blowing me away with the occultism of the globalists and what they're into.
And exactly, if you go back to the Jacobins, there was a whole left-hand path.
Lennon said this, and Anton LaVey said this, you'll have machines and avatars that work for you and there'll be nothing but pure pleasure.
But when they get control, all they produce is pure hell.
Where do you think we are at this point in history, Clyde Lewis?
Well, the big decision mankind has to make is whether or not they want to be ruled by algorithms and machines.
The reason why I think people are becoming more irritable and aggravated is because they don't realize that they're being controlled by the invisible algorithms on computers.
Oh, all the studies show it's lowering IQ, it's destroying relationships, and it's making us depressed, and it's designed to!
Well, yeah, I mean, you know, the computer's not only reading your mind, it's making choices for you now.
And as much as it advances, you realize that it looks... Machines, when they get enough intelligence, they'll realize just how much of a threat we are.
They know that we can turn them on.
And so just unleashing them the way they do and not having control of them is something that Elon Musk told us about.
I mean, hell, they've got the D-Wave computer now that has a heartbeat for crying out loud.
And Jordy Rose, the man who put Kindred together said, well, guess what we have, guys?
We have a computer that is literally capable of opening
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Life is worth living.
You gotta save yourself.
My life has meaning.
I have to go out and I have to do this for my kids and my grandkids.
And you have to stop thinking that it's not going to affect you.
It's going to affect you.
Show, how does humanity win?
I mean, what's the number one thing you say, Clyde?
This is going to sound cliche, but love, tolerance, understanding, realizing we're all human beings, realizing that we all bleed red and we all smell the same in the bathroom every day.
We need to remember that, you know, being human beings, we're also fragile and we're not as tough as we think we are.
The only way we can be tough is to think, learn, use critical thinking, throw away our confirmation biases and understand that there are as many people out there with
I think?
They're getting clean water, and they're out of pain.
Those are the three things that governments have failed to do for the people.
If we can bring forward great food, nutritious food, clean water, and keeping people out of pain, we will have a successful world.
So we need to do that for everyone, and we need to take that into our own hands and make that happen.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, but you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Of course, they're going to be looking at this as a potential terrorist motive, whether it's on one side or the other.
And as you correctly pointed out earlier, this doesn't necessarily mean that someone is espousing some sort of conservative ideology and targeting Democrats.
It could be someone who's trying to get the Democratic vote out and incur sympathy.
So it could go either way.
And that's the former assistant director.
Bomb plot culprit could be someone who's trying to get the Democratic vote out and incur sympathy.
They're going to be looking at this as a potential terrorist motive.
And then, now, the image becomes clearer and clearer.
It is a way to frame conservatives, nationalists, Trump, libertarians.
Yours truly, particularly.
Now I have another clip I want to get to here from NBC News.
We've also got a CNN News saying the same thing.
Because you can get the regular pundits to sit up there and lie, but professionals who are bomb squad experts, who are FBI agents that have been training us, they're not going to get up there and in front of all their colleagues sound like a liar or an idiot.
So they're going to tell you, these aren't real bombs.
None of them went off.
They were meant to scare people.
They had stickers on them that were political messages of who they wanted to frame.
That's what all the MO points at.
Then you have the timing, you have the motive, and you have the people that got mailed the bombs.
George Soros and his son's compound, one of many.
Bill and Hillary Clinton's compound.
Barack Obama.
Eric Holder?
I mean, these people have all been involved in overthrowing governments, and staging events, and lying, and saying that Hillary was shot at, an airplane was shot at on the ground, and they had to run into the bunkers, and none of it was true, and she admits it's a lie.
They're like Brian Williams, but a hundred times worse.
These people will do anything, and so they have the motive, they have the timing, the things are clearly fake, they're inert,
The Hill's reporting woman holds fake news, fake bombs, sign out Florida, governor's debate.
Again, the public gets it and that's the power of you showing up at a governor's debate and holding up a sign because everyone resonates with it and people get it.
You're more important than I am because there's more of you.
Matt Drudge always says any blogger who breaks the real story on a little website or a huge website is just as important as the New York Times if you're out there on the ground telling the truth.
You're just as important, but you're more important because there's more of you than there are of Alex Jones and Matt Drudge.
So go to the Democrat rallies.
Hold up signs.
And if they get violent with you,
Take one for the team.
Show their violence.
Put it out.
They're the violent ones.
We're not.
They're trying to frame us.
The fact that they're violent, they've got illegal alien caravans, UN, Soros funded slamming into us, and the fact that the polls show, even internal polls, that they're going way down, and this could be a huge red wave despite all their election fraud.
They don't know what to do!
Let's go to the NBC piece.
Here it is.
So by our count, nine so far, including two sent to Maxine Waters, one that was found in L.A., one in the Washington, D.C.
center that scans mail for Congress, and we're told by several officials that fortunately
The bombs that we've been able to examine so far appear to have been poorly made.
They apparently contain a number of flaws, which for obvious reasons we won't be specific about.
Now there's no way to know if that was intentional, an attempt to make bombs that looked real, or whether it was simply the result of the bomb maker's mistakes.
It takes time to analyze these devices and to get a good answer on why they didn't work and how they were constructed.
That's not going to come immediately, but they are working at it around the clock.
Now Pete, the hunt is on right now to find whoever the person or persons are who sent this.
So what are investigators doing?
So first of all, you have the bombs themselves analyzed at the FBI lab.
They're looking for traces of evidence, DNA, fibers, hair, anything that would identify who did this.
And they're also looking to trace where the components made from.
At least four of these packages, the ones sent to the Clintons, the Obamas, Eric Holder, Congresswoman Waters, were sent through the mail.
So those packages were postmarked.
And that's important because those marks contain important information that could be used to help figure out not only what city they came from, but perhaps what post office handled them.
And when they know that, they'll look at surveillance video from the date when it's believed they were sent.
Well, except these weren't sent in the mail.
They were hand-delivered.
Now I've got a whole article at Infowars.com and Newswars.com that it's critical everybody send out from Newswars.com.
That gets around the censors better than the dreaded Infowars.com.
Law enforcement official examiners think mail bombs could have been hoax devices made to look like bombs seen in movies or TV but not meant to explode.
And then it's got other experts on CNN and all over having to admit it.
So this is clearly with the motive and the background and the timing about making people that are part of the establishment and anti-Trump look like victims so they can say criticism of them is causing violence, which was the pre-programming of all the corporate establishment globalist media for months and months blaming Trump and myself.
And sure enough, ladies and gentlemen,
I have a stack of news here blaming Trump and yours truly.
When we come back, we'll go over it and play some more of the clips.
Lou Dobbs has also come out and said that the suspicious packages are fake.
And then he's talked to experts that tell him they're clearly fake.
And that's exactly what Matt Bracken and other experts have told us.
But these stories on NewsWars.com
And PrisonPlanet.com are absolutely essential to get out to everyone you know.
They are all over NPR.
I was listening to NPR at 6 a.m.
this morning monitoring enemy transmissions and I was listening to it driving into work at like 945 and
And they kept saying, the crazy Republicans say it's a false flag, but they're behind it.
Trump's behind it.
He's the one calling for violence.
No, you're the ones calling for violence.
We have new articles out today in the New York Times, writing op-eds, fantasizing about Trump's assassination.
It's every day, everywhere, where if you try to categorize all the examples of them calling for violence, it makes your head spin.
Then they lie about me and say that I say go kill the media with battle rifles.
Queue up that Lester Holt for later.
I want to play that.
I didn't use the Lester Holt.
It's just the one clip we pulled in.
It was just all over the news.
Every channel.
Jones says kill the media.
And Ryan Stelter would shake his head and Cuomo would shake his head.
Why is this man allowed on air?
And no one's asking.
They just said Alex Jones says kill them!
Show the video!
Show it you lying garbage!
You criminal!
Excuse me, I just... You know, if I tell you somebody said something, I play the clip, don't I?
Or I show the article.
They don't do that!
I've offered a $1 million reward, if you can find it!
They can't!
What does that tell you?
These people are suspect of everything.
They are the scum of the earth!
And they think you're morons.
I'm gonna stop right there.
I haven't even plugged.
Once an hour on average now, because I'm so focused on the news, and then, you know, a few weeks out.
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I am in your hands.
Sheryl Sandberg, the representative from Facebook, literally sounds like the most authoritarian big brother, I call her big mother now, that I've ever heard.
It was just so creepy to hear her talking about the tactics and how serious they are about trying to remove quote-unquote fake news.
And what's interesting about these hearings is that these hearings are our own congressmen
We are focused, as I know you are, on the upcoming U.S.
midterms and on elections around the world.
Our efforts in recent elections from Germany to Italy to Mexico to the Alabama special Senate election show us that the investments we are making are yielding results.
Right there!
She's admitting to the fact that social media plays a major role in our elections and she's actually talking about how in other countries they're using their tools, algorithms, AI, shadow banning to influence elections in other countries.
But don't worry, she's doing it on behalf of Big Brother, Big Authoritarian Government, and she'll take commands from the Democrat globalists that are in office.
I mean, if that doesn't creep you out, I don't know what does, Alex.
And it's in the WikiLeaks and everywhere else that they're interfacing with the executives in real time and taking bad Hillary results out, you name it.
Any populist, any nationalist, they're all being removed and being force-fed from Brazil to Germany.
They're trying to stop populist candidates, trying to stop the will of the people.
This is truly an authoritarian group of criminals.
Let's continue.
We're getting better at finding and stopping our opponents.
From financially motivated troll farms to sophisticated military intelligence operations.
We don't have access to the intelligence government have access to.
So we don't always know exactly who is behind these attacks or their motives.
And that's why we will continue working closely with law enforcement.
Chairman Burr, I want to thank you for your leadership.
Vice Chairman Warner, I want to thank you for your white paper, which has so many ideas on how we can work together to strengthen our defense.
Let's stop again.
The fact that she's talking about how they're trying to prevent foreign interference in our elections, but she's demonstrating and talking about how they, Facebook, are taking it upon themselves to then meddle in elections.
And give the result that our government officials in the Democrat Party or the globalist movers and shakers want them to make.
So she's actually admitting that by preventing foreign interference from Russians or whatever else, she's going to take it upon herself as a Facebook executive to make sure that they get the results that the globalists want.
We're also going to require people running large pages with large audiences in the United States to go through an authorization process and confirm their identity.
Okay, so this is exactly what I said was going to happen when you had me on right after InfoWars and Alex Jones' YouTube and Facebook pages got pulled from my intelligence source that was saying that this is all the plan and they're going to roll out
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
With midterms rapidly approaching, bearing down on us, a lot of Democrats are on edge.
Especially today, because a serial bomber has sent explosive devices to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, major Democratic donor George Soros, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Maxine Waters, and CNN.
Authorities don't have a suspect yet, but based on the intended targets, they have released this sketch.
Make America Great Again.
So we specifically predicted that when they launch their false flags, be they duds or be they real, that they would blame CNN because that's been who Trump's been mainly focused on.
It's all out of the central casting and now former deputy director of the FBI has come out and said they're the prime suspect, the left staging this against themselves to get sympathy.
Like Trump said, remember his first emergency State of the Union?
It wasn't even a regular State of the Union.
He'd been in office two weeks.
He came out and said, I'm not anti-Semitic and I condemn the attacks on Jewish centers.
Because he'd said weeks before, well, I'm told by sources it's probably staged.
Well, they knew who the suspect was.
They busted him a week after the speech.
The young leftist Jewish guy was running around, pushing over gravestones, defacing Jewish centers.
To make Trump look anti-semitic, which is just asinine.
It's insane.
The left calls me anti-semitic.
I am anti-leftist Jew.
I'm anti-leftist Chinese.
I'm anti-leftist English.
I'm anti-leftist Mexican.
I am really sick of leftists, yes.
But I'm not against Jews.
Jews are diverse people, just like every other group.
There's some Chinese I don't like, there's some Chinese I love.
There are some Texans, you know, black-white, that I love.
There are some I don't love.
And I can tell you, I don't like Soros who helped round up fellow Jews, and the fact that he doesn't believe Israel should exist and wants to destroy Israel.
And for that, I'm called anti-Semitic.
But let me digress.
I kind of went down a rabbit trail there.
We have MSNBC saying that the mail bomb suspect reads Drudge Report and Fox Finish.
Just like after Oklahoma City they blamed talk radio.
This is all out of central casting just like we predicted.
Because they keep saying, we're going to be attacked and it's Trump and Alex Jones' fault.
Hollywood blames bombs on Trump, make America great again, radicalized, more domestic terrorists than ISIS.
This from the Weather Underground inspired Hollywood.
Right-wing pundits are already spinning Clinton-Obama bomb hoax conspiracy.
Chief amongst them, Alex Jones.
The Observer.
Alex Jones has taken over the Republican Party.
The Alex Jones-ization of the right is now complete.
Patheos finally gets it right.
Yes, people are reality-based now.
I go to a Trump rally, 90% are rabid fans, and I'm fans of them.
Yes, we already beat you culturally.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
The circle is now complete.
But I intend to go on fighting you.
But it is good to know that we've got a lot of hurdles to cross, but
Awakening the Giant, that part of the mission, I've already completed that mission thanks to God's graces and the listeners and viewers that built the platform for us to do it.
You did it, listeners.
You are in the arena.
Just like a woman working in a factory putting together bombs or sewing together uniforms is helping the men win the war back in World War II or Vietnam or whatever the case was.
You supporting me, whether you be a man or a woman, is absolute tip of the spear.
Fox News channels Alex Jones, calls bombs false flag.
Oh, I haven't gotten to that video clip.
Let's grab that one.
There's so many I forget.
Right-wing commentators have already decided that the explosive packages are a false flag.
Trump allies insist bomb threats against Clinton, Obama, CNN are pure BS.
False flag.
There's literally hundreds of these articles.
Trump lovers are already claiming explosive devices sent to Obama, Clinton, CNN are false flags.
Well, you're already blaming us, and you have the motive and the history.
Alex Jones, bombs-liberty Democrats are a false flag, trillion percent.
And it goes on and on and on.
And then I've got the articles where they blame me.
I've got a whole stack of those, we'll get to later, where they blame me and say my rhetoric, from Mother Jones to MSNBC to CNN, I've got a whole stack of those saying it's my fault.
It's my fault.
It's my fault all this is happening.
After all, Jim Carrey said so.
How experts trace a homemade bomb to its source.
And the first line is... People have caused hatred towards George Soros, Holocaust survivor, hero.
And then you've got the Nazi Alex Jones who talked bad about him and President Trump.
First line of the article, it's Alex Jones and Donald Trump.
It's all our fault.
Right there, you see that?
But here they are a few months ago, getting you all ready, lying about me.
Saying that I was calling for violence.
Getting the ground laid.
You can see the whole PR campaign.
Here it is.
Twitter's CEO is standing by the company's decision to put InfoWars' Alex Jones on a seven-day suspension.
This comes after Jones urged his Twitter followers to ready their battle rifles, as he put it, against the media in a video posted to the site.
Alex Jones on Twitter posted this week what essentially is a video calling for people to get their battle rifles ready against the media.
People need to have their battle rifles and everything ready, their bedsides.
You gotta be ready.
Saying it's time to act, it's gotta be done now.
Move criminally against people.
It's time politically, and economically, and judiciously, and legally, and criminally, to move against these people.
It's got to be done now.
I said a chill up my spine.
How about yours?
It did.
I mean, there's a number of actions that we believe help a call to incitement to violence, and those are the things that we need to...
That's been in the news.
If you are in law enforcement, you've been doxed, or Congress, you should be ready.
But they turned that into, I'm inciting violence.
No, you are, Jack Dorsey!
We're taking action on it.
Now is the time to act on the mainstream media.
And he says, get the battle rifles ready.
I didn't say that!
That incites violence.
Free speech does not protect inciting violence.
This is an emergency message to President Trump, to Congress, and to anyone that supports free speech in this country.
The Democratic Party is now calling for all Republicans, all patriots, including the President, to be deplatformed from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, you name it.
And Jones is hardly their only target, that's for sure.
Virtually every day, the big tech companies censor someone else whose political opinions they disagree with.
Facebook censored our free speech.
And shame on the ones that don't even see that we have been censored.
This is a new, super political class that operate as a judiciary.
And as the police, and as the prison guards, to control our lives.
This is classical authoritarianism.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
You've taken action against him in this instance.
What is it?
Can you tell us what it is?
I believe we put him in a timeout.
Alex Jones is not an 8th grader who got busted smoking in the bathroom.
Like, it's just not.
I mean, he's a guy who is, you know... Or someone who is... ...pulling alt-right conspiracy theories and... It's actually... ...and saying amazing things.
That's right.
This is what caused the ban and not everything that Alex Jones has done before.
Seems minor compared to the implications of someone suggesting a call to arms against a particular group, in this case, the media.
I didn't say use weapons on the media.
I don't want them to have weapons used on them.
That'll make them victims.
I'm worried they're gonna false flag and stage something on themselves.
And then they're gonna send antifa out to all our houses, which they're doxing everybody, saying they are.
And I said, defensively, be prepared to defend yourself.
And they say, that is inciting violence.
No, it's not.
It's gonna chill up my spine.
I'm getting chills right now.
He said, come with the battle rifles, engage in criminal activity.
And I said, use the judicial system legally and lawfully, and go after them criminally.
They have got to get a lid on this.
And the idea of martyrdom, it's also probably interesting, but it will be interesting to see who rallies around his cause.
Let's remember, Donald Trump has appeared on his show.
The president also entering the fray today.
He said, quote, And we're also standing up
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Trump's election and Alex Jones' popularity are merely symptoms of a corrupt and failed status quo.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
You can't stop them from knowing that.
But this isn't about Alex Jones.
This is about freedom.
Mr. President, you don't want to look like you're after the press and the First Amendment.
You're letting them butcher the press and the First Amendment.
Oh, but you don't want to look authoritarian and stand up to them.
They're authoritarian.
They're in clear and present danger.
Do something about it!
That was my message to Trump interspersed.
We had to play that message that freaked him out so bad.
It was like 35 minutes and I just laid out all the proof, their statements, their plans, and I said, do something!
And they know the president listens.
Especially when you magnify the message and get it to him.
Because you are the resistance.
Don't forget, free shipping storewide and 50% off on all the supplements.
It ends this Sunday because the special's gotta end.
We're selling all the products.
The big special is about to end.
That's critical.
You laughed at me.
You've been in love with something else your whole life.
And this is a love affair.
And so, I'm not gonna get in bed with you.
Because you don't love the spirit of justice.
You love your father the devil.
You love death more than life.
So you go with your father forever.
And that's hell.
Separation from God.
You'll never, never defeat the human spirit!
You'll never defeat God!
You'll never win!
Never ever!
And this is where we get tested, so rejoice to God Almighty!
We're having an earthquake!
No, it's Alex Jones, and he's super pissed!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones!
All right, Matt Bracken is a smart dude, former Navy SEAL, munitions expert, best-selling author, and what he said yesterday on the show was the first person to start saying that these bombs look fake.
None of them went off.
It looks like it is a total hoax.
Well, now you've got the former Deputy Director of the FBI, Assistant Deputy Director, you've got all these other bomb experts, even on CNN, MSNBC, NBC saying this all looks fake.
So next segment, he's going to be joining us.
There's Matt Bracken right there getting ready.
And we're going to go through this and then get his take on what's next, because I agree with him.
Especially in hindsight now, 48 hours into this fiasco starting, no one
I know believes this.
I had liberal women come up to me in an art supply place with my daughters last night and say, hey, we used to be big liberals and we still are socially, but you're right.
This is so fake.
You know, we saw them setting you up, saying you were going to cause violence and now it's happening.
I mean, it's the pre-programming.
Trump's going to kill us.
Alex is going to kill us.
And then they all get mailed these plastic bombs that don't even have caps on them.
They're not even saying there's explosive in it.
And it's just ridiculous.
And it's all these politicos.
But don't worry, it's also how they're blaming Matt Drudge on MSNBC.
See, because they've been hitting me really hard, they're going to move on now to their real targets.
Sure, I'm big.
And we're effective because the audience is patriots and you can get messages to the president, you can punch through.
But they really don't like Matt Drudge.
Can you imagine having the number two biggest website in the world, the largest news site in the world?
And even though places like the New York Times admit half their traffic's from drudge, they still hate him.
And they lobby all over the news to have him shut down, saying, he links to stories, that's a campaign donation.
Well, I almost agree with him.
I know he's being fair.
I'm not telling Drudge what to do.
You've got the Washington Post, the New York Times, all these places that are attacking Drudge.
And I've made the point, that's really high road when he links to them even though they're trying to destroy him.
But, whatever.
The point is, is that
They're now moving on to their other targets, Trump and Drudge.
Trump and Drudge.
Because you couldn't have Trump without Drudge.
And everything they see as underpinning Trump is being hacked away, hacked away, hacked away.
And really the big news I'm going to cover in the third hour after Matt Bracken leaves us is the stock market plunging and how they admit, the Democrats admit they wanted to plunge it.
And the Federal Reserve that's private and foreign-owned, 80% of it, is trying to raise interest rates to do it.
And now it's working.
And the left's like, how dare you say we shouldn't?
Raise interest rates.
Shut up!
We'll show you!
This economy's not going to be long-lived.
You know, that's a powerful compilation we ought to put together, not just of...
Not just of, uh, Bill Maher saying we need to have a depression to punish Trump and punish his supporters.
As long as the good times are rolling and they see anti-globalist policies, you know, bringing back some jobs to America, some oxygen back to the room.
We've got to get all the clips of the last two years, because things started getting better right when he got elected.
You can see the graphs, where just boom, confidence is going down like this, and then suddenly it's like boom, boom, goes up.
And they're trying to put the brakes on that right now.
And it's so powerful, all the clips that I've seen, we played them here and there, but you'll have an economic person on there like, well, the economy's up, that's Obama's, or, well, it's up a little bit in the first quarter, but it'll go back down, and then about a year later, well, he's only had one quarter of growth, and the expert goes, well, actually, it's been four quarters of growth.
You can just see them cheerleading and cheerleading and cheerleading and now getting excited, oh, will this hurt him?
And the Chinese stopped dumping stimulus into their stock market, which theirs is way down more than ours, which drug us down some.
And the European Central Bank, privately owned, it's cut that as well.
So they're doing everything to try to put the dampers on this.
And to me, that's a huge scandal.
Yeah, the whole thing's a bubble anyways, but when they're trying to pop the bubble to hurt us and to make us think Trump did it, that's called economic terrorism, isn't it?
It's really hard to have the energy at the end of the day to still get to the gym or to go for a run or go to the park or heck, even take your dog for a walk.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
When some police guy says, you know, they appeared viable, the mainstream media runs that as, they were viable bombs.
Well, yeah, they appeared on the outside like it could be, but as soon as you peel them apart, they're a joke.
So just as you said, they're now admitting they're basically dummy bombs.
And so this fits into the narrative that all these top Democrats get mailed this to change the narrative.
The Democrats now, ladies and gentlemen,
Have openly come out and blamed Trump for the hoax pipe bombs, and they have come out and blamed me, and I already covered those articles earlier.
All right, that's from a clip last night.
There's also clips up on Infowars.com in the second hour of the show, when former Navy SEAL, ordinance expert, best-selling author Matt Bracken of EnemiesFarmDomestic.com joined us.
But now we have the former FBI assistant director
Bomb plot culprit.
Evidence points towards being someone who's trying to get the Democratic vote out and incur sympathy.
That's the MO.
That's the history.
The bombs appear to be fake.
That's CNN, MSNBC.
Every bomb expert they have on says they appear to be fake.
They appear to be just to create fear.
So it's a bomb scare.
It's a bomb scare.
Most bomb attacks are bomb scares.
Someone mails in a fake bomb, or they act like they're assembling a bomb to get attention, and then get kicked out of school, and then, you know, sue people about it.
So this is what goes on over and over again.
But now we've got Lou Dobbs talking about it, and we've got law enforcement officials, examiners.
I think mail bombs were hoax devices.
Well, Matt Bracken said that yesterday.
But meanwhile, if you question that,
MSNBC, CNN, NPR say you're the worst person on earth.
My God.
You know, even though none of these ten devices blew up, which we're glad they didn't, but it's like throwing fake poop down at somebody at a party.
It's like a gag.
But don't worry though, they're blaming us out of the gates and saying my rhetoric against Soros in Newsweek and Mother Jones and everywhere, it's my fault!
But simultaneously, I need to just take the blame, and so does Matt Drudge, and so does the President.
And the President says, it's the media calling for my assassination.
It's the media calling for violence.
So, this is a mess.
And I agree with Bracken that the wheels are coming off.
Everything they're doing is falling apart, because here's the deal.
They're not in control anymore.
They're not able to stage an Oklahoma City and then control the event.
They're somewhat out of power now, and as Trump is able to get more control over the Justice Department, less and less can they run a sophisticated operation.
So, this has really blown up in their face, but they're going ahead with it.
Matt Bracken, you predicted so much of what's already unfolded.
What are the latest observations, and what do you expect for them to pull next?
One thing to keep in mind is the FBI, the task force, so it's FBI, ATF, Secret Service,
Oh, yeah.
So that the guy would probably have to plead guilty to not get a life sentence.
As opposed to going through court and him saying it wasn't me, it was my brother.
He could already be under surveillance.
You think that's why the former police commissioner of New York said that he thinks they'll be busted within two days?
Yeah, busted or they already know who it is within two days, but they may want to watch him to see who he's contacting, to see who he's calling, to see if anybody visits him before they make an arrest.
So we might not know for a couple days after they know who it is.
But the thing about this that it's obviously a pseudo bomb or a hoax bomb.
You can tell because it's come out today.
They were just plastic.
And a plastic pipe bomb is a joke.
A pipe bomb works because it contains the pressure of a low-power, not even explosive, but a combustible material like gunpowder, which is not truly an explosive unless it's contained.
Putting it inside of a steel pipe means that it causes the gas expands and eventually the pressure causes the steel to rupture in an explosive fashion.
But doing it inside of a cardboard tube obviously wouldn't work the same way, or a PVC tube.
possibly to get it under the 13 ounces so that it could be dropped in mailboxes, you know, hypothetically.
But the thing is made to look like a bomb, not to act like a bomb.
The little digital clock on the outside is a Hollywood touch.
The purpose of a mail bomb is to have it open when it's, have it detonate when it's opened.
So typically they're going to like have a string tied inside of a box.
In the old days they would have the string around the box.
Sure, you can have a mousetrap.
You can have something like a mousetrap.
So the initiator would be a physical initiator that works not on a timer, you know, where it's just going to go off in a mail truck and blow up a bunch of letters.
It's going to work when somebody opens the package.
This is the opposite of that.
All of these packages were made to look exactly the same.
So once one of them was found, all of them would be found and segregated out.
If this was a real bomber, each package would look different.
They'd have small print.
They wouldn't have, you know, the large computer-generated font that you can see across the room.
You know, these were all made to be identified.
You know, it's clearly a hoax meant to support the Democrats.
They're calling it the MAGA bomber on liberal media.
On CNN this morning, I saw the
The banner across the bottom said, National Manhunt for Serial Bomber.
Well, this is obviously BS, because to be a bomber, something has to explode.
They're hunting for a serial fake bomber or hoax bomber, but they're still playing this as a bomber.
We're good to go.
I asked, what are they going to do if they want violence against themselves, but they know they're in on it, are they going to stage some synthetic thing?
I asked you that.
And you said, well, I think they'll just get crazy and shoot into a stadium, you know, arcing it in or out of a hotel again, or, you know, blah, blah, blah.
But now we see, I mean, now we see that it's literally
Like a gag at a party or something, but instead it's a mean-spirited bomb, and it's all these different targets of the Liberty Movement who we are politically exposing, and now this makes them get the grandstand and say, see, First Amendment causes violence, but it turns out the whole thing's a hoax.
Fake bombs, it's not a bomber, they're calling it a bomber.
So what does that M.O.
mean to you about suspects and about what they're going to pull next?
Yeah, it's somebody that doesn't have the guts or the wherewithal or even own a gun.
So it's somebody that went and they bought enough of the same materials.
I don't know if all the bombs look like the one that we already saw.
But they're going to be able to say, you know, who bought that type of PVC?
Who bought those digital clocks?
It's unlikely that somebody in their house would have nine old digital clocks that they could hook up.
So if somebody went out and bought, you know, off of eBay nine digital clocks, the FBI already knows who they are.
And the same thing with the PVC, although that's a little bit more generic.
I'm not sure what's on the end.
I thought for a while that was galvanizing.
But the big thing is, this was not mailed through the mail, and so they're going to be able to find out who delivered this.
So whoever did this was reckless and a complete moron.
Right, and somebody, a pro-Antifa guy, some Bill Ayers type, might have urged one of the real morons to do this and either convince them that they wouldn't be caught, or to take one for the team, you'll be famous.
It's hard to figure out until they catch the guy, but I agree with Candace Owens.
99% this is a leftist doing a false flag against the conservatives.
And I agree with that.
And Antifa is so stupid and so degenerate and allowed to call for violence all over Twitter by Jack Dorsey, who probably is an Antifa member.
He probably is out there on the crap-filled streets of San Francisco himself in skinny jeans.
He looks like a meth head, so he probably is.
But he protects Antifa.
When will they get smart enough to have someone take one for the team, hate to give them ideas, and actually say they're a right-wing Trump supporter?
That's next-level pawn sacrifice, if they figure it out.
And the question is, are they preparing to roll out the person that knew they would be caught in pawn sacrifice to blame myself, Trump, and others?
We'll be right back to talk about the next level of this.
With Matt Bracken, and what he thinks the Democrats might pull next, straight ahead on the other side of this break.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
Let's talk a little bit about Hillary Clinton, because there's all of this news about Elizabeth Warren's ancestries coming out.
There was some breaking news from Babylon B, the satire site.
And they said shortly after Elizabeth Warren released a DNA test that may not show that she is 1,024th Native American, the failed presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed her DNA test that conclusively proved that she is only 50% reptilian.
It does show that only 50% of her blood comes from reptilian humanoids from space spent on destroying humanity.
Babylon Bee quotes Hillary Clinton saying on an interview Sunday, Well, that's not the worst thing that's been said about Hillary Clinton.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am Pindar, the Reptoid Ruler of Earth, and I've taken over InfoWall so that it will be politically correct now.
Mr. Knight read from a satire article, BabylonBee.com, Hillary Clinton's release of DNA test results proving she's only half lizard.
And Mr. Knight made a joke comparing it to Elizabeth Warren, and well, he's now gotten banned.
Joining us is David Knight, still broadcasting on hundreds of radio and TV stations, and of course at Infowars.com for its last show.
Though Soros and I are working hard to stop that.
But now you can't even make a joke, David!
Perhaps we'll all be arrested for what we're doing now.
Or is it that you know who's in command by who you can't criticize?
Is it actually that David Icke could be correct, and that I am actually
A real reptoid, 14 trillion years old from the planet Pandarius, and that Hillary is one of my hatchlings of true royal lineage, and that's why you're not allowed to criticize her.
What do you think, Mr. Knight?
Well, I think if we could show that she was at least 0.09% reptilian DNA, then she would qualify, just like Elizabeth Warren qualifies for being a Cherokee.
But no, Alex, you know, we look at the Elizabeth Warren thing, it was, it should have been considered to be satire.
And I thought it was perfect that the Babylon Bee did that story, saying that after looking at Elizabeth Warren's thing, Hillary had her own DNA test.
And she said, those conservatives are lying.
I'm not 100% reptilian DNA.
I'm only 50%.
Now, what the Daily Beast did was really reprehensible on a number of levels.
They came out yesterday at 5.26 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time.
They came out and said Alex Jones and his InfoWars outlaw were permanently banned from Twitter in September.
The move seemed to be a death blow for InfoWars.
Just weeks before, they'd been kicked off of platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
Now, of course, they don't mention the fact that YouTube and Facebook and Apple were colluding.
They did it within hours of each other.
All of them doing it at the same time.
And then, of course, they also colluded with the press.
And we saw this pattern happen again last week.
So they're wringing their hands of the Daily Beast saying, well, they should be down, but they're still up.
How are they still up?
How are they still communicating with people?
And how do we get them off of the remaining social media sites?
And so they then cite me.
They said, in fact, two months after Jones and InfoWars were supposedly shunned, a number of accounts remained live and tweeting.
On Tuesday, the Twitter account for InfoWars, Real News Show, with host David Knight, promoted Knight's claim that Hillary Clinton is quote, 50% reptilian DNA.
So they put that out there as if I'm taking that seriously.
No, it is a satire.
Elizabeth Warren's claims are satire.
And you joke about a satire article and make jokes.
They then misrepresent that we're saying that we believe reptoids are running things when that's not what we've said, that's not what we do.
This is a gore mask.
From Star Trek.
This is not real.
It's a joke and everybody knows that.
They'll probably say, in fact the last time I did this like five years ago, they said Jones thinks lizards are real and dressed up like one on the show because they think their own readers don't get satire.
This is the incredible mental illness of what these people are doing and it just gets more and more and more insane, David.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back!
This is the most censored, the most demonized, the most lied-about broadcast in the world for a good reason.
We know what we're talking about.
We have the guests on that are experts who've been proven right over and over again.
Our job is easy.
Just do research, tell the truth, be honest, but be fearless.
And that's why InfoWars is on over 250 radio stations, over 350 TV stations, over 100 cable stations and growing.
So yes, they blocked us on social media, and that hurts our outreach, but you, with your email and with word of mouth, have taken it over the top, and I'm not bragging, it's very buoying though to go to the Trump rally in Houston, and 90% of people came up yelling and screaming and hugging me, of every race, color, and creed, and thanking me.
I was thanking them.
These are my brothers and sisters.
And I wasn't doing it to virtue signal, but when families of black folks were coming over, and I just couldn't help when they wanted to hug me, hugging them and everything, because it was so good to break the will of the globalists and how they want to turn us against each other.
So, very exciting things.
Now, we're having some positive stuff go on, but I want to ask Matt again.
Everything the globalists are doing is falling apart.
But they're not going to give up.
That's the one thing is the tenacity of Hillary and others.
She's planning to still run.
I told you that first.
It's now confirmed.
I mean, she's crazy.
That may change, but currently she's planning.
They're telling Democrats just don't even try.
I'm going to get it.
So with all these bad things happening to them, what are they planning to do next?
Well, I think it's plunge the stock market, plunge U.S.
Treasuries, which China and the EU are openly trying to do with the Federal Reserve.
What does the President do?
I think it's time for him to go after the private run for private Federal Reserve and use his real power through Congress to put pressure on them to stop the interest rate hikes.
They've already had eight of them.
And to stop announcing, they say, five more at least the next year.
And, you know, to signal, hey, you've done enough.
Because clearly, they're trying to kill this market.
We'll get Matt Brackett's take on that.
But first, let me give you the big news.
Megyn Kelly is out at NBC just 48 hours after a blackface scandal.
May walk away with $69 million in payout from her five-year contract.
This woman is a corrupt lawyer in my view.
A liar.
I told her I believe Sandy Hook happened.
She edited the tape where it didn't look like that.
And I'll just let everybody know that she's obviously going to get litigated against.
And this whole Sandy Hook thing out of Connecticut.
So you went to the jury and everybody sees that and the deception and we've got not much more time to follow on her but and I just want to remind well I'm gonna get I'm gonna get to that cuz you know she really is is amazing and here's the thing she made the point that if it's Halloween I mean like Tropic Thunder you know you got a white guy playing a black guy or vice versa the idea that you're being racist it's all the intention I actually agree with her on that statement but here's the point
They use that to get rid of her, just like they use sexual harassment they've covered up forever to get rid of all those other people at NBC.
And they get rid of people at CBS.
So it's just funny to see her destroyed in the jaws of her own political correctness, where they eat their own.
The false flag, all of it, is to distract from the economy, to distract from the Democrats pushing for that, to distract from the caravan.
Do you agree with that, Matt Bracken, former Navy SEAL, ordinance expert, best-selling author of folks who joined us, enemiesfiredomestic.com?
Do you agree with what I just said?
And then at gut level, instinct level, your sources, 12 days out, let's not get too cocky here.
What else should we be worried about?
Just a comment on Megan Kelly.
I can relate that also to what's happening with Curt Schilling.
He was the 2004 Red Sox World Series hero, and for PC reasons he's disinvited because he's considered Islamophobic for posting a cartoon on social media.
So he's being unpersoned by his own organization, the Red Sox.
However, more and more people are seeing this as the loony left.
Going further and further out towards, you know, crazy PC world.
And I think that more and more moderate liberals are peeling away and getting red-pilled by this.
I'm hopeful that while their craziness is cranking up in intensity, they're losing membership.
And we might see that reflected in the midterms.
But as far as what we're going to see next, I think that the bomb hoax is going to be a fizzle, especially if it turns out to be a liberal doing a false flag.
No, I agree.
And my fear is they're going to go from fake to real.
But what do you think about my point?
They don't have command and control anymore.
That's why they're going with hoaxes.
That's all they've got.
Now, at a much bigger level, we've seen Soros, you know, over decades, willing to crash economies, you know, trash currencies, to, you know, to destabilize countries.
Oh, he's always had a hard-on for the U.S.
Well, we're the main enemy.
For him, we're the main enemy.
The globalists cannot permit to exist any successful, affluent nations.
They need to bring every successful nation down to the median, which will be incompetent, balkanized, tribal, low IQ, unsuccessful serfs.
And then they'll be the elite masters of all.
And they have to get rid of the good examples.
That's why Sweden, Germany, America are our primary targets in this.
But, you know, I think that people are seeing it for what it is, and that's, I think, a lot thanks to InfoWars and Matt Drudge and a few others.
You know, my first novel that I wrote in 2003
Excuse me.
It starts with a false flag.
It's a false flag novel.
And in that one, the shooter that allegedly shoots into a football stadium is a deranged, semi-nuts, homeless veteran.
And he's shot by the SWAT team.
So he can't defend himself.
The clues are all left in his trailer.
You know, he didn't do the shooting, but he's set up to be the shooter.
So, it could possibly be that when they find the bomber, it's at the end of a chase and a shootout in a fiery crash.
And inside of the car, you know, will be some right winger.
Can't rule that out.
Just want to put it out there.
Oh, that's exactly... I mean, everybody knows that it's like the shooter with Mark Wahlberg is a very real-type scenario.
Yeah, Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter was the novel.
The novel's a lot better than the movie, actually.
But, yeah, they would like to do that, but I don't think it's really possible.
I just put it out as a hypothesis in case that does happen.
You know, if the guy is killed in a shootout and his body is burned, I won't accept that he really was the right person.
Well, I'll say this.
It may have just been low-level anti-fuck getting with the false flag narrative out of New York and doing, and even a certain professor I think of.
We're not going to show him.
And I'm just saying that's kind of the M.O.
of these people.
And then now the globalists can't help but jump on it to use it.
But then if it turns out to be a patsy false flag, whoever did this I think is in danger, not from us, but from the globalists who now have gone with the narrative and are going to try to find out who it is.
And before the FBI can get to them, kill them.
And plant more right-wing material on them.
And let's not forget about the caravan.
The caravan's only on the back burner.
But as more and more of them get put on in buses and on flatbed trucks,
Their goal is to get to the border before the midterms, no mistake about that.
And it won't take all 14 or 20,000, just a couple thousand, mostly, you know, as many women and children as possible, storming the border in a visible place so that our troops are tear gassing them, or... And then it's the new Kent State, and then we have a civil emergency, and then Antifa has their excuse to start burning buildings and trying to trigger African Americans having riots, which we know from Alexander Soros' own group, the plan is to get blacks to riot.
I don't think that's going to work with the caravan.
That won't work with the caravan.
No, no, I agree.
Blacks are against it, too.
Well, let's talk more about the caravan when we come back.
I'm going to give the number out for law enforcement and former military with expertise in EOD, unscreened, as long as you're calling in on the subject.
Tell us what you think about this.
Tell us what you think as experts.
Only law enforcement and EOD military personnel.
Straight ahead, I'll give the number out.
Stand by.
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I popped two Brain Force Plus, and I was good as new.
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Tonight, I'm on with Tucker Carlson.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well CNN famously, a whole bunch of times, would put under me, KKK leader.
But then they were doing a promo for another show coming up.
But they would put it up like it was me.
And they've done it again.
Search Intensifies Manhunter Serial Bomber Going After Trump's Targets.
So if Trump says to the news, saying we want to kill the president, he's a Nazi, we want to overthrow him, and then he says you're liars, you're fake news, well then, if somebody mails a, or delivers a fake bomb to them, oh, they're just these poor little victims.
This is insanely
Obvious and ridiculous.
So, did the false flag, I think it's fair to say that, everybody from Lou Dobbs, the former Deputy Director of the FBI to, you know, you name it, are coming out and saying that.
Where do they go next?
We'll talk to Matt Bracken for one more segment.
And then, we have former head of CIA Psychological Operations, State Department Operations.
He doesn't want me to even say all that, but he was the former head of it.
Change the regimes of at least nine countries.
I mean, he's been in the deepest of the deep.
One of the co-founders of Delta Force.
He's a psychiatrist, a lot of other stuff.
Dr. Steve Pchenik, very interesting guy, is going to be joining us coming up last 30 minutes to the next hour.
That's as soon as he can get back to his house to give his take.
I don't even know his take yet.
That's always interesting on this.
I've got a sneaking suspicion what it's going to be and the type of psychological boobs that he thinks are behind it.
We'll look at all that, but I want to in the next segment and then for a few seconds before he joins us, you don't have to worry.
I'll get to your calls quickly because it's just going to be law enforcement, EOD, former military EOD.
People specifically.
Not to say who you are or even where you're calling from if you don't want, but just your take.
Because you've got all these other EOD experts, even on CNN, MSNBC, NBC.
They can't get them to lie.
They're like, this is plastic.
It doesn't have caps on it.
There's wires on both ends.
They have stickers on them.
They weren't meant to blow up.
This is psychological.
And then we go, we already said that.
They're like, how dare you say bombing isn't real?
I'm worried whoever's doing this might mail a real bomb to some innocent mail carrier and blow up somebody to say, sheesh, somebody's dead.
I think the fact that this has been such a hoax, they may kill somebody to just give it that stinky aftertaste to try to sting us, making the point this is fake.
That's kind of a gut level deal.
I hate to give them ideas, but I've just got to put this out.
We'll get Matt Bracken's take on that in a minute, but first, I say this, and I say this, and I say this, and I just wanna slow down on all the things we talk about, and remember, we're being shut down, and we're being blocked, and they're trying to attack us because we're telling the truth and we're effective.
And without you listening on radio, watching on TV, watching on the internet, looking at Infowars.com, Newswars.com, without you, we're nothing.
So I haven't always, you know, just said you're the resistance to make you feel good.
You are the resistance of the globalists.
They call themselves the resistance?
We haven't taken the whole country back.
We haven't defeated globalism.
We're still just the resistance.
Believe me.
When we're not, and I say, well, we've basically defeated the globalists, but there's pockets of them, I've got to then say, we've got to be tolerant.
We've got to be open.
We're now in power.
We're not in power.
We don't control the media.
We don't control the big banks, the foreign corporations, the chi-coms.
We have limited control.
Of the executive and the legislative and now the judiciary, but only because it got so obvious and so bad that people trained that swore oaths with this country finally said, okay, we've got to actually stop the Democrats that are cancer and cut them out.
And it's still not clear whether we're going to survive the surgery as a country.
So we're in a massive hundred hour operation here.
And our heart rate came back a little bit.
And so they're trying to pile on plunging the stock market to kill us.
The show.
Those interviews with Matt Bracken yesterday, laying out how the bombs are fake, and now it's all confirmed.
Those are gold.
The articles that Paul Watson's written, that I've written, that others have put out, that Kit Daniels and Don Salazar and Jamie White and the rest of the crew, get them out!
And they censor InfoWars a lot.
NewsWars is the one to get out.
It's not as censored.
We're going to start launching more sites, too, so they've got to ban each one, and then a month later there's a new one.
You know, the tactics we're going to use, but NewsWars.com, InfoWars.com.
Word of mouth though now, people are more ready to listen to InfoWars than ever.
Hey, you've heard of InfoWars?
Yeah, it's all over the news and it's evil.
Well, why don't you find out what it's actually saying?
Because it's forbidden.
It's verboten.
You are the ambassadors.
You are the brain.
You are the heart.
You are the will.
You are the entire system of resistance.
So, do that please and don't forget.
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I think so.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, on what they think about the bomb, what they think about all these bombs, what they think about the timing, the motive, and so much more.
But Matt, in the time we have left, thanks for coming on with us.
What are you really worried about?
Now that they're cornered rats, I agree with you, what are they going to pull next?
Well, I've got a few more things about the bomb that just occurred to me.
By showing the addresses, the big labels, the fonts, they've made it very easy for copycats.
They've basically provided something that will look like it came from this bomber that anybody can generate at home and send from anywhere.
So they're kind of encouraging copycats that way.
I think it was a mistake to show so much right off the bat.
That picture, I think, gave away too much information.
It just helps copycats.
That actual hoax bomb there with the wires at each end, and the fact that it was PVC and had no black powder, tells me that it's not somebody even capable of making a real bomb like you suggested, you know, to show that they're serious.
I don't think that the person that made that could make a real bomb, or they would have packed black powder in it, even with no initiation method, just so that it would be reported that they had black powder, explosive
an explosive potential.
The way they are, they have no explosive potential.
If somebody was really trying to make an effective hoax, they would have put black powder into them, even with no ability to detonate them.
So I think that they are encouraging copycats, and we could potentially see a real bomb, but it won't be from this bomber.
Not this time.
This bomber's done, and I think they'll be arrested.
And so if it was just somebody responding, like you said, to the political pheromones to do this to false flag Republicans, how embarrassing will that be to the Democrats?
It'll be devastating if it turns out to be a left-winger.
But on the other hand, if it's a more elaborate plot than we know and they've got some patsy stashed away to die in a SWAT shootout, then who knows?
But I don't think that's very likely.
In fact, I think that's very unlikely.
What about the economic angle?
I mean, the Federal Reserve admits they're trying to, quote, make the economy stop overheating.
When it's far from overheating, we're trying to recover.
I don't think that they can do anything in this time frame.
I don't think that there's some button they could push without really giving away their game, you know.
With big moves in the stock market, bond market.
But, you know, this is a reminder.
Anybody watching InfoWars that has not read Griffin's Creature from Jekyll Island, it's must reading.
If you want to understand the economy of our country, you have to read Creature from Jekyll Island.
Gotta get rid of that private fellow reserve.
We'll talk about the stock market crash.
Take your phone calls and more straight ahead.
Thank you, Matt Bracken.
Appreciate you joining us.
EnemiesFireDomestic.com is a great site.
Ours is NewsWars.com.
Spread those links.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
So, we're in an information war, and you've got 10 Democrats who keep saying Republicans are gonna kill them, I'm gonna kill them, Trump's gonna kill them, while they're calling for violence against us.
Suddenly getting sent these dummy bombs, and you've got
All these different law enforcement groups and EOD specialists saying they appear to be fake or not effective bombs.
So, why would somebody mail something like this?
You've got the former Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI, going on Fox News, saying Culbert could be someone who was trying to get a Democratic vote out to incur sympathy.
We haven't got the motive, it's all there.
So, what happens next?
So, I wanted to open the phones up for people that have worked in law enforcement or military, in and around ordinance and the bomb squad and the EOD.
The toll free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
We're not screening your calls, just that, you know, you say you're law enforcement or current law or former military, because I've got a lot of guys I talk to that are current or former and they obviously can't come on air with their names who they are.
So instead,
We'll just open the phones up, it's always informative, and we'll do that right now with Steve, Spencer, Jeff, Devon, and others.
Let's go ahead and go to Spencer first in North Carolina, says they're former EOD, and those are the folks that handle ordinance and its disposal, and with the Marine Corps.
So, formerly with the Marine Corps.
So, what do you think about all this?
Well, I believe basically what you're saying is true, as far as the reason behind it.
Um, but when I was in the Marine Corps, I specialized in IEDs, and to a trained eye, you can tell just by looking at these devices.
And slow down, because a lot of folks aren't an improvised explosive device expert like you, so walk us through that.
Yeah, so, you know, there's basic, there's four basic parts to an IED, um, and it just looks like these pictures.
They look fake.
They look juvenile.
They're definitely JV.
They don't look like they were made to go off.
It looks like they're made to be obviously spotted.
There's like no doubt.
And so because of your experience, they try to bury IEDs or put it in a milk carton or make it look like garbage or look like an old tire.
But instead, these packages, all of it's meant to stand out.
You would never build it like that if you really wanted it to design as functioned or function as designed.
It's just it doesn't make any sense.
This was definitely a cry for attention.
What about the fact that it's thin plastic, now they're saying probably not even PVC, with no caps, with some glass, and they're not even sure it even had black powder in it.
I mean, a lot of experts are saying this wouldn't even probably detonate or do anything.
No, I mean, it doesn't look like it.
And the thing, yeah, you wouldn't want to use PVC or something like that.
You would want for there to be a lot of pressure inside so that the overpressure creates the biggest blast possible.
So yes, to put it inside of something soft like that doesn't make any sense.
You know, the Democrats are this pathetic now, because they did all this pre-hype, and I'm asking your opinion, you're a smart guy, because different angles are important.
They hype that Trump and I are going to get them killed, and we're going to bomb them and shoot them, and then lie and say that we're calling for bombing and shooting, all over the news, and so I go, 2 plus 2 equals, clearly they're going to stage something and blame me.
But then, 14 days out, we're now 12 days out,
This ham-fisted idiocy.
The whole media jumps on it.
They're foaming at the mouth.
It's so obvious they're trying to pander for sympathy.
So is this what Hillary is reduced to?
Because she's still in charge of the Democrats.
So I would, you know, defer that she's probably, or infer that she's in charge.
What's your take on that?
Because A, there's so much forensic evidence this is going to lead back to somebody.
Is it a patsy they're setting up?
Or why is this so badly done?
Yeah, I mean, I believe it's either a patsy, so whether they're wittingly involved or they were lied to and tricked into it.
But I mean, I don't really think the Democrats are stooped to any level.
I think they've always been this low of a level.
They're just revealing it now.
Oh, I totally forgot.
I should have covered this two segments ago.
Oh, my God.
It was huge breaking news.
The creepy porn lawyer and the lady he represented, the Senate has referred them for criminal investigation for perjury and lying to federal law enforcement.
So I should have covered that.
I'm sorry.
It's here in my innumerable stack.
So we'll cover that.
We'll start the next hour briefly.
I'll continue with calls.
Thank you so much.
Anything else, Spencer?
Oh, yeah.
Actually, this is off topic, but I wanted to see what your thoughts were on the Gitmo
Well I want to be clear.
I like due process and I think that setting those camps up and shipping people to them.
A lot of times under Obama it became a training camp for double agents and that's been confirmed.
You think it's getting prepped for some of the high-level demons?
But then, you know, whoever the Q people are, they say, I'm a bad guy.
So it really makes it hard to gauge or believe.
But these folks know what we want to hear.
I really think that if Hillary and Soros and others
I mean, I'm hoping.
I'm hoping it's really being set up for that.
It's just so hard to see what people are doing.
Yeah, because I know I heard about the sealed indictments, and I was just wondering what your thoughts were on it.
Well, you know, I mean, from what I know, Trump is really pissed at the Justice Department, sitting on their butt.
And so you hear about these sealed indictments and all the rest of it.
And again, it's like fortune cookies or lottery tickets.
People want it to be true.
And I just don't think that is the case.
All right.
Thank you.
I appreciate your call.
That doesn't mean Trump isn't going to try to lock him up.
After all, we have the Hillary shirt.
Hillary for prison.
And we want them to pay.
It's just that Trump's doing everything very, very transparently.
Because he's under the gun.
And so I just really don't put a lot of stock in that stuff.
But we'll see.
Thank you.
Okay, Steve in Indiana, then Jeff and Devin and others.
Steve in Indiana, former Air Force EOD, Ordinance and Ordinance Disposal.
What is your take on this?
Well, Alex, I started hearing this, I was getting alerts on my phone.
And as soon as I started seeing the alerts, and it was very, very
Uh, the very beginnings of it.
They didn't even know what they had yet.
And I was, I was thinking back to what you said a couple of weeks ago, how they were going to start setting you guys up.
You know, they were already softening the ground.
And I didn't even have to see these things to know that it was going to be amateur hour.
And it totally is.
These things look so fake.
It's absolutely astounding that they even put those things out there.
But it's like Balazi Ford.
How fake does that bug-eyed demon look?
I mean, that's what I'm saying.
It's crazy.
It's just, I don't even know what they're thinking.
It's like we're dealing with retards.
I don't know what is going on, but it's so transparent.
I mean, anybody that's ever dealt with any kind of improvised explosive device would look at that.
That is not anything that you would ever use in any situation.
It was so ridiculous that when I actually saw pictures of it, I was like, you've got to be kidding me!
Well, as somebody that professionally dealt with bombs, tell us, Telltale, what you see about these devices.
First off, it was mailed through the mail.
I can't remember the guy's name that you have on the former SEAL.
Matt Bracken.
Yeah, Matt Bracken.
You do this so that when somebody opens it, it makes contact or it, you know, something like you were saying, like a mousetrap type of device, like a cock striker, something like that would happen.
Most likely it'd be like if you had two pieces of aluminum foil, you'd slide it apart, it'd break contact or it would make contact and then it would go off.
You're not going to put a clock on there.
Why would you put a clock on there?
That's ridiculous.
It was absolutely ludicrous.
That whole thing is so ridiculous.
It's not even... It's funny.
It's not even... Steven, the third hour is about to start.
Any other points you want to add, or you ready to go?
No, I'm good.
That's all I want... God bless you, Steve.
Great points.
All right.
Jeff, Devin, T-Man, and others, your calls straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
Whatever you do, spread those live links.
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Oh, I love Keith Whitley.
Let's listen to a little bit of this, then go right back to the calls.
Best line right here.
That's such a good point when the devil gives up on you.
You can feel it.
Look at that 1980s there.
Actually, George Strait was a big fan of dragging himself to death.
Alright, enough of Keith Whitley.
Good stuff, though.
You know, I don't get up here and say positive news if I don't think things are positive.
I'm not one of these globalist cheerleaders.
In fact, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, I got accused of being gloom and doom and negative.
Well, I was believing in you that if bad things were happening, and I told you they were happening, and you checked it out and found out they were, that you're like me, you'd want to do something about it.
And that's the case.
You have.
I bet on you because I bet on me.
I believe in myself.
I believe in you.
But I gotta tell you, no one is buying these hoax pipe bombs, and it just shows the desperation, and it just shows the craziness of these people, just like the old Kavanaugh fakeness.
He's raping women on boats, and in Colorado, none of it's true.
Now, criminal investigation from the Senate to the Justice Department on
Horseface's lawyer and the other woman whose family and everybody else said, you know, she's really bad news and there's restraining orders, the rest of it, and that they made false statements.
That means they've lined it up and proven it.
So, we're not out of the woods, but we're awake now and fighting so things are better.
That's it.
Resistance is victory.
So let's go back to these great callers.
Jeff and Devin and Steve and Riley and Steve and T-Man.
We're talking to folks that are former military, current military, current law enforcement, former EOD.
That's Ordinance Handling and Disposal.
Who's been holding the longest here?
Talking to Jeff in Indiana.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
How you doing today, Alex?
I mean, I'm getting blamed for these fake bombs, but other than that, I'm doing all right.
If it wasn't for the seriousness of these bombs, it would almost be comical, you know?
It's pretty disgusting.
But we've got to remember, though, October 31st, that's when the demonic Democrats, their holiday's coming up.
Will they pull a real flag this time?
Hopefully not, you know.
It's kind of, hopefully we'll... Well, exactly.
My gut tells me we're not out of the woods with 12 days left.
I think they're going to pull some serious crap.
Yeah, those bombs are almost, if it wasn't such a serious thing, they're almost laughable.
It's unreal, you know?
I've been calling around to my local politicians, and they believe the same thing, that these bombs are totally fake, and it's pretty bad here.
Well, that's what I'm hearing from everybody.
I mean, no one is buying this.
I mean, it's not just Lou Dobbs and former Deputy FBI Directors and bomb disposal experts on CNN, MSNBC, NBC.
They're all saying this is ridiculous.
But again, maybe this isn't ham-fisted.
Maybe we make fun of this, because that dis-identifies Democrats as victims, and then the big attack comes.
I don't know, but I'm certainly paying attention.
Same with me here.
One more thing about the southern border.
General Maddox put down troops at the border, but I've been calling all around again from my politicians, and why not put a strategic FOB, if you will, forward operating base
About three, four hundred miles inside of Mexico to do triage to these people to get them back, you know, either to their countries or actually give them a golden ticket to come to America, you know?
Well, that's a great point.
Yeah, like, oh, you claim you're great, you got a degree, you're not a criminal, whatever, you really are a political dissident.
Yeah, they could set up one of those and the hobbits there at the bases could do that.
But will Mexico allow that?
I think the answer is no, because Mexico's really been involved in all this.
Well, see, Mexico was already invaded by these immigrants going across their borders.
We are just doing it for humanitarian reasons.
Well, I totally agree.
No, no, you're right.
When they allowed that invasion force to pour across as the vanguard for all the others behind it, they opened the gate for our national security to go in there and clean up house.
And it won't be the first time we've marched into Mexico's shitty.
And if the Mexican military wants a fight, they're going to get one.
But I don't want to go to that point.
But this is a real war.
This is strategic.
And if Trump calls for it, I back it.
Your excitement about America, your excitement about this broadcast is what brought the country and the world back from the brink.
But the globalists now want to target...
Where the resistance came from, so that we're not pesky in the future.
I want to be troublesome and pesky.
I want to keep going.
I want to make them do the ultimate, not just destroy us financially.
I want to push all the way.
I've committed to do that.
I've prayed for that.
And I've been told that's going to happen.
But you've got to back us, and I promise you this.
I will give the total sacrifice.
I will never falter.
I will never waver at the spiritual level.
I physically will.
But I give you my commitment, if you financially support us, at FullWorthStore.com, to give you my absolute total commitment.
Twelve days, my friend.
Well, Dave, it's on now.
This is the heart of 1776.
You're a white male!
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host, Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag
It's the American flag!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
Okay, so we've got former assistant deputy directors of the FBI on Fox News, CNN saying it's fake bombs, not even real.
You've got all these EOD experts, even on CNN, saying it's all fake.
And of course you've got the Democrats being mailed these bombs, and it's not gone to the Postal Service, and people are saying this is a way to just get attention, this is a way to make yourself look like a victim.
And I've questioned it.
I've said, wow, look at the timing.
You say that I'm calling for violence.
Trump's calling for violence.
You don't have any examples of that, but the left is really calling for violence.
A New York Times article out today about fantasizing about the assassination of Trump.
Rosie O'Donnell says, uh, martial law, use the military to kill the president.
Phil Mudd says it on CNN, former deputy director of the CIA.
I mean, these people get mailed these devices, it turns out they're fake devices, and it's all over the news that, oh my God, Trump's got to be impeached.
You know, his hateful rhetoric's causing it.
Anybody could mail themselves something, or have it delivered, and say they're a victim.
And it starts in the hierarchy of the Democrats.
George Soros, the Clintons, Obama, right down.
I mean, take this package that got mailed to me today.
Document Cam, shot, please.
I mean, right here.
What is this?
They were telling me.
I mean, did a Democrat mail this to me?
Because it says Alex Jones.
Hillary Clinton, 50 Dark Heart Lane, Globalist California, 90666.
How in the hell do they have our real address?
Gosh, that even looks more real than what they mailed.
And of course, just like CNN did.
We're not going to treat this like it's a real bomb.
Let's just get right in here.
Wow, that looks a lot more real.
Whoa, Hillary's face is on it.
That means she sent it.
They put right-wing stuff on there, whatever that means, the right-wing Senate.
Hillary sent this, her picture's on it.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
It's ticking.
Actually, I got another package that was just sent to you.
This was just dropped off by a Mr. Hodgkinson, or something, Mr. Hodgkinson, I don't know, he said he just got released from a penitentiary, but yeah, so Alex.
Hey, did you hear?
The creepy porn lawyer and one of the accusers of Kavanaugh is under criminal investigation for indictment.
Oh, really?
Well, maybe he sent that, then, to distract from that, maybe.
Oh, no, no.
No one would ever send something to their political enemy or send it to themselves to then be the victim.
Wait, is that a Hillary Clinton head on there?
She did it!
Then it's obviously her.
We're anti-Hillary.
We're right-wing Christians.
Oh, my gosh.
Clearly, Democrats just sent me this bomb.
Oh my gosh, what is this?
They just dynamite.
Twin dynamites here in Austin.
We've been sent dynamite.
Hold on Alex, hold on.
No, no.
In fact, whoever sent this is a bomber.
Doesn't matter it's fake.
Doesn't matter it's satire.
Doesn't matter it didn't really happen.
The clock is ticking.
There's a clock.
Hillary's picture's on it.
These aren't road flares.
These are TNT dynamite.
This is a bomber.
A major bombing attack.
Alex, I got a box here.
Because they're calling it a bombing.
Hold on, be quiet, dude.
This is serious.
They're calling it a bombing.
They're calling it a bombing that people got mailed fake bombs.
So this is a bombing too.
Hillary Clinton tried to bomb Infowars.
Sorry dude, go ahead.
Well, I got this box here and it's from Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
From Fraud Florida?
Well, we're gonna open that in a moment.
Let me open this one first.
Okay, Owen, you were sent this to Alex Jones.
Hold on, Alex.
Look at what the... This is to Alex Jones, but from Soros Headquarters.
Alex, read that.
What is that?
Soros Headquarters, 666 Hale Highway, Bathamette, New York.
Oh my gosh!
And look at this!
This actually came in the priority mail!
This is an official priority mail box.
Clearly official.
I mean, look at how... I mean, Alex...
This is amazing.
This was just dropped off by the mail.
George Soros sent me a bomb.
This was just dropped off by the mail.
Let's look in it now.
Or somebody in his house did.
I don't know.
This just got dropped off by the mail.
This is totally satire.
Oh my God.
Okay, whoa.
I'm not even worried about it.
Oh my gosh.
Oh, another bomb?
Oh my gosh.
And look, it's got a microchip on it.
It's got some circuitry.
It's counting down here.
Oh, it says bomb.
It even says bomb!
Oh no!
It says bomb on it.
I'm really scared.
Oh, George Soros is on it!
Oh my God!
Oh George Soros, it's his fault!
Is it about to go off?
Hold on, what's going on here?
Get down!
You know, you know, you know, hold on.
Listen, we joke about this, but this is what they're saying that I'm guilty, Trump's guilty, we're all guilty of these fake bombs, so these are real too.
We got Hillary Meldous a bomb, because there are pictures on it.
Uh, mine's ticking.
Dr. McCabe, shot please.
Yours is ticking as well?
It's ticking.
This one says bomb, what does that mean?
Okay, dude, let's go back to Rob Dew.
News Director at Infowars and newswars.com.
Tell me what you got.
There's another Priority Mail box.
Priority Mail, Debbie Wasserman Schultz return address, which, you know, and I open it up.
Why don't you come on in here, Owen, stay with us.
Come on in here where we have the mic.
I want to show this in the studio.
Oh, it's another bomb.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz sent you a bomb.
She's got her face on it.
She looks a little horrified.
Hold on, we got a broadcast from the road.
Everybody get out of the office!
Everybody get out of the office!
Folks, we have that.
No, seriously, Rob, come on in here.
You know what?
Oh, it says there's five minutes until it detonates.
It's all right.
Come on in here with Owen and share mics.
Because I want to be like Mr. Baker.
Now let's show all these.
My God, this is national news.
Not a hoax or anything.
You know, just an innocent gopher.
Nothing to worry about.
Let me just show you this.
Oh my God, it's Debbie Wasserman Schultz, cross-eyed.
Well, that's definitely her.
That's a real picture of her.
So that's left wing.
Folks, this is the rhetoric of Soros and Schultz and Hillary, you know, saying we're all evil and fake news.
This caused someone who's their supporter to send us these bombs that are set to detonate.
This one's set to detonate at 510 today.
This one's set to detonate in about 30 seconds.
This one's set, this just says bomb.
No, Alex, I'm willing to report, at least, I'm willing to report it.
I have no evidence, but I'm willing to report that it was actually someone that was on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate list this morning doing research that read that Infowars is the bad guy, so they came and dropped off these.
These are clear bombs.
I mean, just look at this.
These are vindications.
High circuitry here.
Very complex.
I mean, this is not the work of an expert.
It'll take weeks until after the election to figure out what Democrat sent us this, but we've got clues here.
Those look deadly.
I mean, if you look at this, this is clearly like, I mean, somebody very sophisticated did that.
She is beautiful though.
I mean, if the face blew off that, that's a paper cut right there.
Well, these are actually much more dangerous than road flares.
You could actually burn a building down.
The others were inert.
They admit they're fake.
And of course, this is satire.
I'm going to come back with all the serious former Navy bombing expert, Air Force civil engineer bombing topic, marine bombing topic, law enforcement, police officers next, Devin, and then Curtis and Team Man.
We're going to get to all of you before former head of CIA psychological operations, seriously, Steve Patrick, joins us.
But this has been satire before they said we put out a fake bomb hoax.
No, it's the Democrats that have been caught that did that.
And they're the ones, and we're just illustrating, how anybody could just deliver crap like this, and then say it's real, but all the experts say it's not, and they're still breathlessly doing this.
This is their false flag.
This is ridiculous.
Oh, these aren't real?
These aren't real?
No, no.
No, this is a bombing.
Didn't you see CNN?
Yeah, just a... Exactly, a bombing happened.
Nobody's been... No, this is a bombing.
And why don't we... We should be like Jayco on CNN, when he said he was in the Gulf War getting bombed.
He wasn't.
Or the babies in incubators.
Yeah, yeah.
It's a bombing!
It's a real bomb!
Boom, boom, boom!
Alright, alright, stop it guys.
This was all satire before they say we're serious.
Just like Hillary's ever going to really be president.
That's meant for you.
I gotta get serious with these EOD people, who I appreciate holding.
It was my idea to do this this morning, but it's... Good job, gentlemen.
That was satire to illustrate, why are we listening to these liars' crap?
They're known liars, they stand to gain, the bombs are fake, this is absolute horse manure, and this is what they come up with now?
I mean, this is like Keystone Cop crap.
Laurel and Hardy are now running the Democratic Party and no one's buying it.
Because America's awake.
You thought you'd intimidated us.
No, we were asleep.
All you did was wake us up.
I promise we're taking all your calls.
T-Man, Ethan, Curtis, Greg, Devin, Steve, Riley, Steven, everybody.
Straight ahead.
Whatever you do, spread the link.
Your excitement about America, your excitement about this broadcast is what brought the country and the world back from the brink.
But the globalists now want to target where the resistance came from, so that we're not pesky in the future.
I want to be troublesome and pesky.
I want to keep going.
I want to make them do the ultimate, not just destroy us financially.
I want to push all the way.
I've committed to do that.
I've prayed for that.
And I've been told that's going to happen.
But you've got to back us.
And I promise you this.
I will give the total sacrifice.
I will never falter.
I will never waver at the spiritual level.
I physically will.
But I give you my commitment, if you financially support us, then fullrestore.com to give you my absolute total commitment.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Folks, you'll see the fake media come out and say that we seriously called it a fake bomb threat on ourselves.
No, that's what the Democrats, all evidence points towards, have done.
We're not saying that on your screen.
The fourth bomb that was delivered here, it's a Apple bomb, from George Soros, is real.
I mean, it really is some wires and an apple and...
Yes sir, thank you very much for having me on Alex.
What's your take on all this?
You know, I'm kind of like you sometimes, where there's just so many different avenues you can take this, so I had to kind of focus my thinking.
And from an investigator standpoint, thinking about the bombs themselves, it's just ridiculous.
The bombs are so poorly made, and they were sent to so many different people.
Getting into the psychology of whoever sent them, it just, prima facie to me, it just
It's pretty obvious.
And explain that.
Who benefits is almost always the key, and then you check it out and it leads down that, and that's where you're at.
Key Bono, who benefits, who has the motive, who has the history, who's pre-hyping their victims while they're calling for violence, and then it's dud bombs, none of them go off, all the experts say they look like they're fake, and then they're grandstanding about it 12 days from an election.
So if I had to take a guess, my best educated guess, it just looks like it benefits Democrats and they can gather sympathy from this.
They can make themselves look like victims and they can get a lot out of this.
I don't think people realize how
The tool that this can be for them moving forward.
And what I really wanted to tell you about, Alex, this is the second part of my thinking, and I think you'll really find this interesting if you haven't already maybe thought about this yourself.
You see, I'm from Missouri.
The second thing that really, this dawned on me a couple days ago.
I was thinking about the, you know, how you're being demonized, InfoWars, Patriots in general.
I thought about the MIAC report.
You remember that?
Oh, that we got from federal marshals that literally was teaching them that veterans are the number one enemy.
They said there will be IEDs, we're going to have a war with the militia, and they were saying radical Islam doesn't exist, it's all Christians, and veterans were the number one enemy.
They were telling us police officers, you know, here in Missouri, that, you know, Ron Paul stickers, you know, target these people, and we were like, what?
They were saying, Ron Paul, get out of the Fed stickers are a code to kill cops.
Yeah, and to this day, there is still some sense of that out there for some officers.
It's just ridiculous, but that was one of the first things that popped into my head, and you mention all the time things like the Oklahoma City bombing, and it all ties in.
This has been going on for a very long time.
Oh, this is a leftist narrative to frame Americans as terrorists when the right-wing terrorists don't exist other than McVeigh, and that was fake!
And it's the left.
I mean, Obama sat at the feet of the weathermen.
They have the history.
Previous activity is the greatest indicator of what?
Future behavior.
And that's the psychology we're dealing with.
Yeah, CSE got the MIAC report pulled up.
And like I said, just being from Missouri, that's something that kind of hit home for me personally, but it should.
Well, by the way, it was going out to everybody.
It was just Missouri got its version written by the Southern Primary Law Center and ADL, so you guys got it out to us.
Well, God bless you, Devin.
Amazing points.
Anything else?
No, no, just want to say that I'm, thank you very much for having me on and God bless you guys.
God bless you.
Don't thank me.
I thank you.
You know, I used to buy into the anti-cop stuff a little bit, just because I'm a constitutionalist and it could be a danger if they were bad.
And the cops aren't perfect, but on average they're more awake, and the military's more awake than anybody, and that's why the left hates them.
That's why they want to control you.
And it's why they hate us.
They just hate this country.
And law enforcement and the military represent the nation, and that's where the power is at the end of the day, and they want to control you.
But their attempt to turn the military against America backfired.
It backfired spectacularly.
Some cops still buy into it, but, you know, that's their problem.
There's always gonna be idiots.
Oh, we got so many good callers here who's been holding along us now.
Let's talk about bombings, former Navy.
Steven, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, brother.
What do you think about this situation?
Oh, man, this is the this is just out of the playbook.
You know, it's something that I think we've seen this in the past.
And I tell you, amigo, this is this is something else.
Those bombs, they look like toys that you can purchase at the Walmart or something.
Except for the one with the picture on it and the writing on it.
You know, that had to be... Oh yeah, a bomb's gonna blow up.
You don't put writing on it to frame people.
But again, if you put Hillary's picture on a bomb, she must be behind it.
We could mail ourselves fake bombs and then say Hillary did it with the same amount of credibility.
The cops would be here in ten minutes to arrest us.
They would see right through it.
The bomb that was removed from the building right by here was a serious bomb.
No, this is the real thing, said de Blasio.
Again, when people start saying, out of the blue, without being questioned, this is real, this is real, what does that tell you?
Oh man, that just tells me that there's a bigger thing behind it.
If you walked on a car lot that you think is a new car lot, and let's say you were buying a Ford Explorer, and you walk in and the guy goes, this is a Ford Explorer.
It's new.
It's new, but I can give you a discount.
You'd start thinking, that's a car that's already been wrecked or something, and you'd do a search and find out he was lying.
At a new car lot, they wouldn't say, oh by the way, this is new, would they?
They wouldn't say, oh, by the way, this is a real bomb.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, you know, and I don't know if you were like this as a kid, but, you know, we used to blow up a lot of M-80s and stuff, and man, those would do a lot more damage than what these so-called bombs are capable of.
Oh, let me tell you, it was about 10 years ago, I put a bunch of, just for fun, a bunch of those mortars in an Imperial Walker that I'd had since I was a kid.
I literally got out of storage.
I blew it up.
It was like 35 years old, 40 years old.
And I was 50 feet away and a piece of plastic hit me between the eyes and cut me.
And I said, whoa, I better not do this again.
You know, and me and my buddies, we used to, you know, get like a milk carton or a plastic milk jug and, you know, break some firecrackers and put the powder inside there.
We all did it!
Candy, you know?
And now, look at America.
Back then you took guns to school.
Kids could have dynamite.
We didn't have bombers back then.
Because we didn't have communists.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
More calls straight ahead.
From the former head of psychological operations for... Somebody's joining us.
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You laughed at me.
You've been in love with something else your whole life.
And this is a love affair.
And so, I'm not gonna get in bed with you.
Because you don't love the spirit of justice.
You love your father the devil.
You love death more than life.
So you go with your father forever.
And that's hell.
Separation from God.
No, it's Alex Jones, and he's super pissed!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm going to host it in the next hour with Roger Stone joining us.
We've got T-Man, Ethan, Curtis, Randy, Greg, Shane, Garrett, Steve, Riley.
And I said, if you're EOD, current, former law enforcement, military, they've all made incredible points.
We'll get to your calls throughout this 30 minutes and then Dr. Steve Buchenek leaves us into the next hour with Roger.
But this will be the group of calls we can get to because I don't want to leave people holding.
But I promise I'll get to all of you.
I respect your time.
Please stay there.
Please don't forget.
We're kicking the globalist ass.
I just plugged once an hour.
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And the fact that they haven't destroyed us,
And really, core audience, we've just gotten stronger.
Our outreach has gotten hammered.
And I'm not bragging, you know the good news, the video's on the site.
I was totally ineffective at the Trump rally, first one I went to, because I was mobbed.
90% of people acted like I was Elvis Presley.
And again, that shows we launched the Trump movement, Americana's back, no matter what happens to Trump.
So be positive.
That said, though, Dr. Steve Pachinick ran psychological operations for the State Department, another three-letter agency, best-selling author, researcher, co-wrote Tom Clancy's book, stevepachinick.com, and I'm trying to get him to come in studio.
He offered years ago, and then I asked him lately, and he makes little jokes, because we never met in person, but he's been on air with me for 17 years now, and we've broken hundreds of major stories.
And so, Dr. Steve, good to have you here with us.
I don't know your view yet.
I haven't looked.
What do you make of...
Of these ridiculous pipe bombs?
Well, I don't make anything except whoever thought of it or whoever did it or didn't do it or created it has just backfired an entire system that it's not going to work.
Whatever was intended to do threat or intimidation, all it did was to jack up what we did, what we call our readiness alert.
So the police, the FBI,
The post office, they're all doing a great job.
And what it's showing to America, quite frankly, on the positive side, is the fact that we do have a national security that is domestic.
It's not only external.
So homeland security is doing well.
Miss Nielsen did an excellent job.
The military is doing fine.
General Mattis, the Secretary of Defense, Mattis.
Has waived the right for our active military soldiers to go down to the border.
Now that's very unusual because for the first time we're using real live full-time soldiers on the border.
But that is constitutional!
It is constitutional if it's used for support.
And Mattis is a very strict constitutionalist, as is ironically Trump.
And so both individuals understood very clearly we need a support system on the border, behind the great guys in ICE and everybody else who's fighting down there, FBI and all the others.
But quite frankly, it is totally, you know, inappropriate for a group of individuals, no matter where they come from, to come to the United States and expect us to take them in with the nonsensical story that they are refugees or they're in, you know, danger of some type of political or economic disaster.
Now, I'm an example of a Cuban born in Cuba, came to the United States,
My father was a physician.
It took us six years to get a visa just to come here so that we could spend one year alone, so that my father could pass the board exams in order to stay here in the United States.
At the same time, he was drafted into the Army, and I was informed that I would be drafted, and I was, and I was happy to serve.
Those are the conditions under which you come to the United States legally.
There is no other approach.
Yeah, you don't message some Soros, U.N., anti-America leftist base, get brainwashed and given money to come in here waving foreign flags and screaming, America's Nazi.
Soros is a buffoon.
I, you know, the good part he had done in the Soviet Union when he brought in Sakharov.
I give him credit for that.
I was in the Soviet Union when we were working against the Soviets.
He took out dissidents, but eventually became too old, too entitled, too narcissistic, and much of a buffoon.
And it came back to haunt him, his background, having worked with the Nazis and having tried, you know, trying to make something of himself.
When he's really not relevant to the United States.
No, I agree.
But his money is a big problem.
So you're mainly focused on the illegal alien invasion.
I'm glad you want to go there.
But take the pipe bombs.
I know they're not a big deal, but the fact that the media jumped on it, they went with it, it's admittedly, even all the experts on mainstream TV admit they're fake now.
It's totally backfired.
Why is everything
The leftist twisted, they're not even leftists, just the whole Hillary thing that's still halfway attached to our country, just everything it does turns to pure crap.
I mean, as a psychiatrist, as a psych warfare expert, as a military officer, as everything you've done, why is suddenly everything they're doing turning to pure garbage?
I've never seen anything like it.
Well, it's not suddenly that they're turning to garbage.
It's been that it's always been garbage.
I mean, one of the things that we have to look back is that Hillary... No, I agree, but the public sees it as garbage.
That's different.
Well, no, no, no.
Well, that's the perception and the manipulation of the press.
But I've got to say, you know, I've got to defend and sometimes the press.
I'll give you an example.
The New York Times just went after Jeff Zucker for having made comments about the fact that he implicated the president as the source of dissension within the United States.
If you look at Maureen Dowd's article on Zucker, she says he's the worst, absolutely the worst CEO that any network has ever had at any time.
Frank Brunei, I mean, I don't know these individuals, but he went after Jared Kushner three days ago in an article that mimicked exactly what we've been saying for years.
Get rid of Jared Kushner.
So there are those within the system who are really speaking out now.
Do we blame everybody with a broad stroke?
It's the same way the Alex Jones Show goes.
They can say whatever they want about Alex Jones, but the truth of the matter is Alex Jones, the persona, the total
The ambiance of what you are and who you are, it's more than you as a person, will exist and continue.
Believe me.
There's no way... No, I know that.
And it's not about me.
You're right, it's this persona.
It's this paradox.
They built me into Godzilla, and then now I'm ten times bigger.
Roger Stone said something very interesting, which I still quote, and I think he hit it right on the head.
Roger said, look, what we're in the process of is measuring to what degree our systems can tolerate dissension within a cyber nation or an Internet, a binary system.
You happen to be the measuring stick.
And you're a very effective measuring stick because you don't give up.
You have a great sense of humor.
It's not about you, but you've collected a group of people.
And let me tell you, Austin, Texas was not the center of the world 20 years ago.
Now, thanks to you and the Jim Baker Association and all the Bushes and all, Austin has become a major center
Of learning, of, you know, intelligence, and that didn't happen by chance.
Who talks about New York nowadays?
Who talks about Cornell or Harvard?
That's exactly what happened.
I said it would move.
Right to the South, I said it would be Texas, it would be Florida, it would be New Mexico, Oklahoma.
Basically, we are now the power.
The Northeast is finished, the West Coast is finished.
I mean, it's replete with homeless.
When the New York Times... Well, stay there.
Let's talk about this.
And we're not pleased that's the case, but before we can have renewal, we've got to face the facts.
But what if they flee here and turn us into that?
That's another problem.
And your call's coming up.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, I promise all these amazing callers that are holding, I'm gonna take over Roger Stone's time, part of it next hour, go right to your calls, then host with Roger Stone, Ethan, right through Riley, and we're gonna go to all of you, but here's a few crazy clips.
...of Democrats.
It's a small smattering calling for violence and now saying nationalism and the existence of the country is dirty.
I asked Rob Duke to put together a compilation in the last two days of them saying Trump is evil for saying nationalism.
He had a 14-minute clip.
The average person was like 20 seconds.
I said cut it down.
He cut it down to six minutes.
We never even aired the thing.
It's too depressing to watch.
But this is them trying to demoralize us saying we don't even have a country.
Well, what do we have?
Who sticks up for our interest, our culture?
This is why they're going to lose.
They're telling us that America doesn't exist and that we're the bad guys.
Here's a few of the clips.
I'm angry.
Yes, I am outraged.
I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
For when he was elected, what I wrote on Twitter was, we should impose martial law until we make sure that the Russians weren't involved in the final tallies of the votes.
And Bob Mueller has indicted 13 Russians for election meddling.
And people were like, martial law?
What's wrong with you?
You're a lunatic!
He wants to send the military to the border, so... I want to send the military to the White House to get him.
We're not gonna make America great again.
It was never that great.
We have not reached greatness.
We will reach greatness.
Wow, you're a piece of crap.
I'm a nationalist.
Use that word.
We're going to talk about that word tonight.
It is a favorite of the alt-right.
I'd shut him down.
He goes on to demonize it.
The bubbles they live in and the gaslighting they're trying to do, Dr. Steve Pchenik, is like something out of a Kurt Vonnegut novel of just a grand felonry.
And I just wonder where they're going to go next trying to suppress the recovery, trying to suppress the country, and trying to do this.
What do you as a psychiatrist
Well, number one, you have to understand every one of those individuals from Madonna to Andrew Cuomo never served in our country.
So you have to understand that most of the people, most of the actors, the politicians,
On the left or whatever.
I mean, she's an idiot.
I've seen her at Warner Books.
She's not very bright.
She's I don't find her a great entertainer, but they're all self-made personas.
I mean, you have Andrew Cuomo.
Do you really his mother?
I happen to know his mother and she was very lovely.
I needed her in Zimbabwe, but you're talking about the grandson of a mafioso.
Cuomo has never really done anything other than to be a corrupt politician in New York State.
I came out of New York State.
If you were to say anything about the Cuomo family, you'd know the next word is mafia.
He never served.
He never had any nationality.
He never made his bones like Grandpa.
No, that's exactly right.
So what you have here are the pretenders.
These aren't people of action.
You and I are action.
You either do it or you don't do it.
Lady, Madonna is nothing but self-aggrandizement and narcissism.
Rosianne, nothing but narcissism, grandiosity.
Como, grandiosity, narcissism.
Not one day that they ever decide to say, there's the mayor, another piece of
Insignificant nothing!
He doesn't do anything in New York.
He hasn't built a business.
He married a former lesbian.
Sure, so let me raise this point to you.
What person, because America that produced George Washington, Martin Luther King, who was a great person, Martin Luther King Jr., for the courage he had in his oratory and the things he did, and people like
People like Neil Armstrong, and they say America isn't great.
I mean, that is... What is this leftist thing of telling us we suck all day, and then telling us... It's just that... What's wrong with these people?
Well, what's wrong is the fact that they're not in touch with reality.
They don't work every day.
They don't have to hustle every day to make a living.
They don't go on the highway and drive trucks.
Where we have the greatest number of truck drivers.
They don't build bridges.
They haven't created anything that's concrete.
What they are, and I've said it from day one, these are processed people.
These are people who are in process, never having to account for anything.
Even though Madonna produces a record, she's not relevant.
And the time of relevancy is very short for most of these people.
So when they come to the end of their life, they basically say some absurdities
To which they have no involvement.
They've never served our country.
They never went overseas to represent America.
They never had to fight anybody and say, I'm an American.
They never had to really create a strategy.
And by the way, President Trump recognizes this.
He says, before I ever heard on the news, I was told this.
I was born into a great country.
I did great.
I love this nation.
But all over the world, America's amazing.
You know, I like Scotland, but you know, it's not even as good as the U.S.
And I love the people.
And I haven't served, but now I'm going to serve by being demonized and being lied about and working 18 hours a day.
And he is.
He's the Commander-in-Chief.
And Trump is serving now.
He is in the firing line.
But he respects that and he gets that.
And now, at 72, for the last four years, since he's 68, he has been serving.
That's it.
Now you hit it on the head, and I agree with you.
He has served our country, and he's still serving it.
And he understood where the problem was.
He's lost $2 billion in this fight.
That's serving.
Well, but it's not only that.
You have to remember from the very time, and I remember 42nd Street when he built the hotel.
He did it.
How he did it is not relevant.
When we... I had kids in New York, they wanted to know... Well, what is the word?
Because let's be honest, he's not mafia, but how did Fred Trump and then him do things in cities that nobody else could do?
I heard behind the scenes Fred Trump would beat the hell out of... I mean, not with thugs, I heard Fred Trump would take on like three, four guys himself, and that was just basically, they respected him so much.
Well, that's the point.
You know, when you're in the business of creation, when you're in the business of building, you can't be a nice guy.
This is not about being the nice guy.
This is about the person who says, get it done.
We have X amount of time, X amount of materials.
Get it done on the time.
That's what I'm saying.
How could Trump push the mafia out in areas of New York nobody else could?
I don't know whether he pushed them out or he co-opted them.
What he basically did in the construction... Well, sure, he did what nobody else could do.
That's because he understood how to work with them.
If you have the mafia or you have any other group of individuals, it doesn't matter what you call them, as long as you utilize them, as long as you understand what the quid pro quo is and you can work with them, that works.
Corruption is an innate aspect of any system.
Whether they want more or less, that's up to Trump or that's up to the builder.
But the reality is you're not pristine in this world.
You can't come out of self-righteous and suddenly say, oh, I'm above this all.
Even Zucker, who was the one who said something about Trump, the guy was the worst manager of NBC.
He had the worst ratings in the history of NBC, yet he was given 30 billion, a million dollars to leave.
Now he takes over CNN, a dead entity.
I was on CNN 25 years ago when it was first started and we were working up in Northwest Washington.
It was barely a studio.
So it became an entity under Ted Turner.
But guys like Turner, guys exactly like Trump and others, they build, they create.
That's what we're about.
And even Turner has told CNN to stop trying to sabotage America.
He says it's embarrassing.
It is embarrassing.
And Ted Turner's no fool.
He's up in Montana.
He raises beefalo.
He created a restaurant chain.
In other words, those of us who belong to America understand that the essence of America is the right for us to make mistakes.
Not to succeed, but to make mistakes.
Go to Russia and see if you can make mistakes.
Go to France and see what a disaster it was when I told you Macron would be a disaster when he came in.
Well, let me put it this way.
Trump understands Powell.
Powell is a very serious man from Chevy Chase, Maryland.
He understands that
Increasing the interest rates by 25 basis points is going to have a certain effect.
But Trump put him in there so he could have a guy to work off of.
The economy is doing well.
The reason there was a pullback is that the uncertainty that's coming in repeatedly and the noise
That's in the background, is creating all kinds of problems.
But there is a real problem.
Facebook is not doing well.
Twitter has to improve its performance.
Square has to improve its performance.
The head of Square and... Hold on, let's do five more minutes.
We gotta take a break.
And if you look at the algorithms, what they even admit, the censorship Big Tech did,
And not even taking campaign money from conservatives this cycle.
They're killing themselves with the censorship.
It's conservatives and nationalists and businesses that actually empower Twitter and Facebook.
They've killed us so they can be big and they're bringing the whole economy down.
Meanwhile, we're doing better than ever thanks to Lizard's support.
But what I really want to do is reach new people.
So share the live link.
Share the articles.
You are unstoppable when you get excited and take action.
Hour number four, two minutes away.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com frontline report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Steve McKinnick, we're five more minutes, and then I promise, even though these calls are all great, I took like eight or nine of them, but I spent like five minutes apiece with them earlier, and then we had a guest on, so while you've been holding, I'm going to you after the break.
And then Riley and Steve and everybody else who want to write to you.
And then Roger Stone's loaded for berries coming up, former head of the Trump campaign.
Mueller's been breathing down his neck with made-up stuff, obsessing on me.
But the word is, because I know nothing's there, that it's all about to be derailed very, very soon.
Dr. Pachinic, getting into the economy, we have an article on DrudgeReport.com with the 2,000-plus points that have been lost.
So far this year and all the cheerleading by the Federal Reserve, everybody, to drive down things.
If they're successful doing that, I don't think the public's gonna blame Trump.
I think this is a very dangerous game that some of the deep state's playing.
What do you think?
Well, what's really going on, remember, the stock market is really six months ahead of where the news is.
The uncertainty right now regarding the election, that is one of the major drives for the pullback.
The concern is, quite frankly, the market does not want Democrats.
Forget the notion who they are.
The market will not tolerate Democrats coming into any position.
The market doesn't like Venezuelanization.
And the market is basically saying what I'm saying and what you're saying.
We're going to have Republicans in Florida.
We have DeSantis over Gillum.
Gillum has been indicted and investigated by the FBI.
DeSantis is a gentleman who went to Harvard, Yale, poor Italian family, and then ended up to be jagged in the seals.
Then we have Rick Scott, the former governor against Bill Nelson.
So you're predicting a red wave, but there's uncertainty until that happens.
But just like when Trump got elected, the stock market went straight up.
You're saying if that happens, the uncertainty will be out.
That will go away and the markets will climb within 12 days.
I predict that there will be Republicans everywhere that Trump went in, including Montana.
When you have John Tester, whom I know is ineffectual, one of the most corrupt senators in this country, has the most amount of graft that's been given by Washington, and he goes around making believe he's a fat farmer, when in fact he got a degree in music at MSU or at university.
Sure, sure.
In the time we have, what about Avenatti, the little porn lawyer, and the other people?
I mean, now they're basically set to be indicted with Senate criminal investigations.
I mean, it looks like the wheels are coming off of the Democrats.
And it's all turning around.
Mueller will be out.
Mueller's had a history that's so replete with problems.
If I were Roger Stone, I would not worry about it because Mueller could be indicted for one of a hundred things, whether it's 9-11, whether it's, you know... When did he get compromised?
He is so compromised.
That's why they put him there.
And Trump knows that.
Mueller knows that.
He's thoroughly an ineffectual.
He was.
He went to St.
Paul's, went to Princeton.
He did the walk, but he couldn't do anything else.
He was ineffectual.
I must say, though, in Vietnam, he was quite a brave soldier.
But after that, he compromised his entire integrity.
So we got 60 seconds left.
What does the deep state leftists do when we have a red wave and everything falls in on them?
Do they get even crazier?
They will try to attempt, basically, there be self-immolation.
In other words, what they will do is self-destruct.
By the time the election comes around, you will see the Clintons out, you will see Cory Booker out, you will see a whole bunch of these Democrats who are flawed.
And you're saying from your sources, because I agree from my own research, the analytics show a red wave unless election fraud's so bad.
That's correct.
And I would say the Republicans will storm over this country and the economy will come back.
And I'm not whistling Dixie.
I'm just saying it from the obvious place where I'm here in Florida, and I see what happens when we have no state taxes, we have Republicans in a certain area, we're doing exceedingly well.
Sure, and from the South and from Texas and the Midwest, America can grow back and heal itself.
Dr. C. Pachinik, God bless you.
We'll be right back with phone calls and Roger Stone.
Thank you.
Your excitement about America, your excitement about this broadcast is what brought the country and the world back from the brink.
But the globalists now want to target where the resistance came from, so that we're not pesky in the future.
I want to be troublesome and pesky.
I want to keep going.
I want to make them do the ultimate, not just destroy us financially.
I want to push all the way.
I've committed to do that.
I've prayed for that.
And I've been told that's going to happen.
But you've got to back us, and I promise you this.
I will give the total sacrifice.
I will never falter.
I will never waver at the spiritual level.
I physically will.
But I give you my commitment, if you financially support us, thenfullwarrestore.com to give you my absolute total commitment.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
We got 20 phone lines.
We actually have like a thousand digitally, but we put 20 on the board, so it's always the guilty paradox.
I'll take like 10 calls an hour, but then there's 20 more.
So I appreciate you holding while Pchenik was on for much of an hour.
What a smart guy, man.
That guy, the longer I'm alive and remember all the stuff he said, the smarter I know he is.
People used to have him on like 18 years ago.
He's CFR.
He was the head of the CIA psychological operations.
What are you, are you selling out to him?
Those are the patriots.
It's the leftists and the globalists.
You want people on the inside.
You want to take America back.
You want to win.
We're not always just going to sit out here on the outside.
I'm trying to explain that to people.
Now, Republicans totally take over.
They should split into two parties, and if I see any hanky-panky, I'm going to go after everybody.
But right now, the Democrats say you're bad if you believe in America, and they hate free market, and they hate wealth for average people.
They're the enemy!
And I see Trump fighting as hard as he can.
Is he perfect?
But I'm... People are like, well, you're anti-government.
Why do you love Trump so... I'm not anti-government!
I'm anti... people that want to destroy the Republic.
I like seeing nations become Christian and promote wholesomeness and goodness and have children like Russia.
Stand against radical Islam.
I like seeing that happen in Italy.
And here, you think I want to see these countries... I like seeing Brazil set to elect a guy more right-wing than Trump.
So Roger Stone's coming up.
I'm going to take your phone calls right now.
I really appreciate it.
Ethan, everybody else holding, but I'm going to have to move quick because I don't want you to hold anymore.
Ethan, in the great state of Texas, you're on the air.
EOD, Ordinance Disposal, 10 years.
Give us your take on the bombs and the bomber, even though no bombing happened.
What is your view on this?
Well, I was thinking about it, I saw a tweet today, well actually it was from a couple days ago, Hillary Clinton, October 22nd, whatever you choose to do, do something.
Within two weeks before the election, we don't have a moment to lose.
Next day, Soros gets bombed, and then the next day after that.
My idea is that these are all the DSA kind of people that the Veritas exposed,
Because if you look at the map, they're all over the country all at the exact same time.
There's no way this is one single guy making this.
This is some coordinated effort.
And doesn't it fit Antifa perfectly?
They're willing to go up on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of followers, university professors, and say, kill Pence, kill Trump, kill Jones, and they don't get in trouble.
Doesn't that just embolden them to do this?
Of course, and that gives them the...because when Antifa does their main attack next, the American public will be A, desensitized, and so the next attack will be everybody will say, oh no, more fake bombs, and then the next one's going to be a real one that actually does hurt something, and then the CNN will come out and say, oh, thank God for Antifa, they're defending us because we got the bombs first, and now Antifa's on our side.
They're our great defenders of American freedom.
But, um, looking at the ABC put out, um, I'm looking at the picture right now.
They put up the picture of the x-ray that, uh, whomever, you know, the bomb squad put out.
And it's 100% a fake thing.
There's no blasting cap.
There's no batteries.
If you look at the picture of the, um, of the clock, they didn't even remove the film that has the fake numbers on top of it.
So it says 1135, and you can see numbers underneath.
There's no way this thing is, uh... Well, plus it's not gonna blow up when it's a light, it's not even a PVC pipe now, it's like just plastic.
So they created a fiction and then mailed it to actors who could then bitch and complain how they're poor victims while they call for violence.
And so, I mean, look, I'm no bomb maker, but I know, you know, you get the pipe, you put in the best powder you can get, you don't want black powder, you want regular accelerant powder, modern white powder.
You pack it in, you put projectiles in it, and then you screw the caps on as tightly as possible with a wire going through that's got two, you know, two points that connect so that when the clock ticks, it sends an electric charge through that detonates the powder.
I mean, and it doesn't have any of that.
In fact, they're even admitting now there's not even powder in the damn thing.
Alex, that description right there is probably what, you know, majority of people, that's not even accurate.
Because you have to have something that'll detonate.
You need a primary, like a blasting cap.
Wires heating up will not be hot.
I was about to say, you gotta have wires heating up going to a cap.
Yeah, exactly.
And then there's nothing exposed here.
The red wire on one side and the black wire on one side, that's just somebody watching a movie and thinking they're gonna rig something.
So it's, I look at a picture, and another thing real fast.
The picture that they put out of, it's pulled out on the desk with the Clorox container right there.
That looks like somebody pulled it out of the package.
I took a picture and apparently it wasn't that much of a threat that they needed to run away as fast as they can.
I'm like, ah, I got to take a picture real fast and get it super fast.
No, exactly.
A real bomb you're scared of.
None of them went off.
It's totally fake.
God bless you.
Good to hear from you, Ethan.
Great points.
Okay, this has been holding the longest now.
Steve in Michigan, as a former Marine or Marine, wants to talk about bombing.
Go ahead.
What's your view on this?
Hi, Alex.
Doing a great job.
Appreciate everything you do.
Appreciate you.
We're going to do our parts.
The first thing I was thinking was this nonsense called Mass Good.
What that tells us is that this is a organized act of desperation.
So that tells us a red tsunami is coming.
No, I agree.
This is really desperate and really pathetic.
And it shows they don't have command and control anymore.
So they came up with something like this.
The thing that bothers me is that when those things happen, what we saw overseas is that they would have traffic opportunities, which start to pick up.
So the small things would happen.
Senator Cruz and his wife, things would happen.
Well, exactly, and we see violence against nationalistic conservatives and just common sense people exponentially going up.
So let me ask the question.
Twelve days out, gut level, first approximation, like Trump says.
The deepest thing I ever did was become shallow.
Well, that's very Zen, what he said.
Your first approximation is your full subconscious, a hundred times on average more powerful than conscious.
So your first approximation is what's going to happen.
What is your first approximation of what they're going to try in the next 12 days?
Well, they're punching the wrong dog.
I think, and by dog, I mean all of us.
I think they're going to try the small things.
I think they're going to go after
Um, the mom with the MAGA hats, I think those are the people... So you think just low-intensity voter intimidation and rage?
That spike, I think that's going to pick up dramatically.
God bless you, Steve.
Yeah, go ahead.
Go ahead.
The people, the 17 people that still watch CNN, um, it just blows my mind how little respect CNN and MSNBC
All these other people are hot for their viewers because these things are, they're stupid.
These are the things that when we would see them on the road, we would ignore them.
We'd say, okay, well, what else is going on?
They put this out there to draw our attention.
So what else is going on?
They don't want us to see.
And that's my concern is if they're using classic, you know, Islamic, that's exactly what I was saying yesterday.
You see little fake pipe bombs, that's a distraction.
It's that pile over there on the side of the road that's about to shoot that, you know, projectile weapon at you.
So God bless you, Steve.
So yeah, we're not out of the woods yet, folks.
12 days out.
We got to be really focusing.
They're trying economic collapse.
They are trying the whole collapse of our borders.
They're pulling this to make themselves victims, to cast themselves as victims.
They're really sophisticated before something really big hits.
But I don't know.
I don't want to be smarter than they are.
I have to get down on their mindset sometimes.
I have to imagine I've got two brain tumors and I'm totally evil.
And I'm a handmaiden for child molesters like Hillary Clinton.
I've got to get in her mindset and it's not a pretty place.
That's when I really come up with my good ideas, though.
I've got to go sit in a room for, like, five hours and just really think about scum and how they operate and, like, get in their mindset.
And it's... I'll be honest, it's one of the places I've failed.
I just... I don't like it.
I can do it really good.
But I have to get in the enemy mindset, and I don't like it.
But... I think I have to do it.
And it's... I feel sorry for myself, but I'm not looking forward to it.
I have to really get in their mindset.
What are they going to do next?
I just think they repeat themselves.
I think it's a truck bomb on a major media outlet, a fake media outlet, and, uh, blaming us.
I think they're gonna roll a truck bomb in.
That's just my, just, my subconscious says, roll a truck bomb in.
And we're trying to stop that right now.
But I think they've got the truck bombs loaded.
Hell, they may blow up ten truck bombs.
Senator Warren's family has long told stories that they have some Native American heritage.
Now some people don't believe that and his name is Donald Trump.
Breaking news this morning, Senator Elizabeth Warren has released results of a DNA test showing she does have Native American ancestry.
Massachusetts Senator and possible presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren released results of a DNA test she says proves she has some Native American heritage.
Strong evidence that she has Native American heritage.
DNA analysis proves she has Native American heritage.
Elizabeth Warren can now officially say that she is part Native American.
It's past time to separate politics from fact.
And the fact is, the people calling Warren a liar just don't have a leg to stand on.
President Trump, who calls her Pocahontas, has suggested he would pay a million dollars to a charity if she took a DNA test to prove her heritage.
When told of the test results today, here's what President Trump said.
Who cares?
Who cares?
Who cares?
Who cares?
You care!
You care!
You're literally the only person who cares!
I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you're an Indian, you know.
Donald Trump promised he'd donate $1 million to charity if Senator Elizabeth Warren could prove she had Native American ancestry.
Well, the DNA results are in!
Yes, he is!
Even though Elizabeth Warren took the test, now he says he's not going to pay the million dollars.
When confronted about his million dollar pledge this afternoon, he chickened out.
The president is scoffing at the results.
How much?
Do you owe her an apology?
No, I don't have to.
What about the money that you owe her?
She owes the country an apology.
We don't have to wait for the president's DNA.
He is 100% douche.
Elizabeth Warren taking the bait.
Now, the president likes to call my mom a liar.
What do the facts say?
The facts suggest that you could absolutely have a Native American ancestor in your pedigree.
This is absolute pure bull.
Don't believe the crap you see from these people to fake news.
I'm an Indian outlaw.
Half Cherokee and Choctaw.
My baby, she's a Chippewa.
She's a one-of-a-kind.
Elizabeth Warren is whiter than your average white person.
My papa had high cheekbones like all of the Indians do.
What an embarrassment.
Pocahontas is on the warpath.
They call her Pocahontas.
What does Warren translate into Cherokee as?
Spreading bull?
If Senator Warren sets the standard, you too could claim a minority preference.
But I knew my father's family didn't like that she was part Cherokee and part Delaware.
So my parents had to elope.
Most white Americans have more Native American blood than Senator Warren.
She's potentially 1,000th and 24th Indian, which is 0.09%.
I never asked my mom for documentation when she talked about our Native American heritage.
The university actually celebrated her as the first minority woman to receive tenure.
Warren posed as a victim because on the left, victimhood is power.
Warren is trying to play the victim.
I'm 13% victim.
I'm 21% victim.
Order now and find out if your friends should be more sympathetic towards you, DNA and me.
Are you in?
Hell f***ing yes I'm in.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
You know, I was thinking today before I go back to your calls and Roger Stone's taking over.
I was thinking about what do I stand for?
You know, I'm not suicidal.
I love life.
But if I had to walk into a furnace that I knew was going to be turned on and was going to burn me to death in five minutes for my children and for your children, I would do it.