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Name: 20181019_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 19, 2018
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Alex Jones discusses election fraud in upcoming midterm elections, accusing Democrats of registering non-citizens to vote and using early voting ballots for fraudulent purposes. He criticizes Twitter's double standards on free speech while emphasizing its importance. He believes Twitter and Facebook's censorship of accounts from left-wing, pro-drug legalization websites is election meddling by these corporations. Jones also talks about the United Nations' invasion of Mexico and warns of a globalist operation to undermine national borders and sovereignty. He urges listeners to share articles and videos from Infowars.com. Daniel Greenfield discusses the current state of the Supreme Court and politics surrounding recent events, particularly the Kavanaugh hearings. The caller, Zach from Kentucky, shares his own experience with voter fraud-like incidents involving mail-in ballots and raises concerns about potential abuse in election processes.

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It is the 18th day.
That's right.
You're now 18 days out from the unbelievably historic and critical
Midterm elections that are a referendum on nationalism versus globalism.
But really what they're attached of is can the Democrats get enough illegal aliens to vote?
In the past that had not been the issue.
They were just having Democrats and people they hired like homeless go out and vote off of the voter registration rolls of people who'd recently died in obituaries.
They would take the obituaries and line those up, and that's the famous thing Democrats are well known for and have been caught literally tens of thousands of times doing.
And then all the Project Veritas underground video showing all of it.
But now, in Texas and other areas, it's in the Washington Times, it's in the Houston Chronicle, Texas Democrats openly ask non-citizens to register to vote, and they run the voter registration operations.
Now that's out of Houston and Austin and other cities they've been caught.
And this is official.
And they've also caught Democrats using early voting ballots that you can mail in to engage in the massive coordinated fraud.
And that's just what's going on in Texas that we've caught them doing.
As the investigators say, they estimate that they might bust one group
For maybe 1% of the fraud they're engaging in.
So, it's probably for every group you bust, a hundred other groups out there operating conservatively, and then you only bust the group that you do bust for a tiny percentage of what they're doing as well.
But remember, the Democrats are trying to kill logic.
They're all over the news saying it's insane, Trump's insane, Alex Jones is insane.
No one is trying to vote illegally.
It doesn't exist.
And no one wants illegal aliens to vote.
And illegal aliens aren't voting.
And no one's voting in the names of dead people.
Even though it's a joke that more dead people vote in Chicago than living.
LBJ got into Congress, famously stuffing ballot boxes in Texas.
It's a fact.
But the death of logic is that they will then tell you on the news
Mainstream media and leftist media that they're registering illegals to vote, that a whole bunch of Democrat-controlled states have legalized illegal aliens voting in many cities and counties.
So they're mainlining it with one arm and then telling you out of the other side of their mouth it's not happening.
It's incredible.
Now, the big news today, the big news today is this.
We've known this, it's been clear, that they've been hyping that Trump and myself and others are wanting to carry out violence or provocateur violence against the media.
Well, they actually provocateur violence against us.
And building up towards the election, it's clear the pre-programming has been massive.
Like a PR rollout for the Super Bowl or...
You know, a new Hanes underwear commercial.
I mean, you know when a new flavor of Coca-Cola is coming out, because the ads are everywhere.
Well, they're hyping that there's going to be terror attacks against the media, and that it's conservatives and Christians and libertarians and nationalists' fault, and mainly Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
And so we've all got to be shut down, and we've all got to be arrested, and then they lie about what we've said.
Well, now they've gone into total overdrive.
Saying that the attacks on the media are imminent, that Trump wants to get journalists murdered and killed.
And 18 days out, I'm more sure than ever, they are getting ready to false flag universities, schools, government buildings, media complex systems.
And that's why they want us off the air and censored before they pull it so that there's no countervailing narrative of questioning who benefits and who has a history of doing it and who's been hyping it's imminent.
Western Europe has already banned free speech, and an iron curtain of censorship is descending down over the UK.
They're set to pass rules, not a law, that if you criticize Islam or gays, you'll get six months in prison.
We know we're only about a year or two behind what's happening in the UK.
CNN and many others are calling for InfoWars to be shut down, taken off the web.
Slate Magazine has a professor and others saying, go beyond censorship.
Brainwash young people against InfoWars.
Psychologically inoculate them with lies so they don't actually hear what we have to say.
We are the most hated news source in the world by globalists.
It is so critical that you go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for the free newsletter so we can be in contact with you and so the censors can't bully their way in and block us being able to engage in free open dialogue as a society.
That is critical to this fight.
We will prevail if you take action and I know you
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
This is a Red Alert.
This is a red alert.
This is an emergency alert coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin.
18 days out for the most historic election in world history.
I've been saying that for two years since Trump became president-elect, almost two years ago.
And now even the Council on Foreign Relations and the Financial Times of London and Atlantic Monthly admit that it is a referendum on nationalism versus globalism.
It's a referendum on can we stop massive coordinated election fraud from battleground states across the country.
Now, international and national polls show that Texas is about 20% more Republican than it is a Democrat.
And folks know that Republicans and conservatives tend to vote more than liberals.
So why do they see Texas as a potential blue state?
Because of election fraud.
And because they're cheating, we're going to have to work harder.
I've got the Washington Times, you name it, all reporting on Democrats publicly
Registering illegal aliens to vote.
Now illegal aliens voting has not been a big deal.
It's usually folks voting the names of dead folks.
Usually homeless people they bust around to do it.
That's well known.
But they're telling illegals that it's okay and that it's their right now.
And they have to make it official because the average illegal doesn't want to commit a crime actually on average.
They're just here illegally.
They're a little bit scared of being picked up.
And so the extent of their criminal activity is generally just wanting a better life.
But the Democrats are going to induct them into this brainwashing and into this corruption, and more and more of the illegals are voting.
And many cities, like San Francisco, let illegal aliens vote in local elections.
This is treason!
But you let sanctuary cities break the law, they're going to go all the way.
So coming up, Texas Democrats ask non-citizens to register to vote.
It's mainstream news!
And we've got news out of Fort Worth, out of Dallas, and out of Houston, where they're busting Democrats on the payroll of the Democratic Party in Battleground, Texas, going in and filling out absentee ballots of old people who they know they're in a nursing home, or they know they've got Alzheimer's, and they've got a list of them, and they go through and they fill them out,
They get them mailed to them, they fill them out, and they mail them back in.
So this is just an incredible time to be alive, obviously.
The really big news is that the Democrats are now, and the deep state, the corporate media, and the Hollywood scum that's perched on top of us, feeding off of us, has now gone from
A parroting drumbeat of Alex Jones and President Trump are organizing people to kill mainstream media.
Oh, we're victims.
Oh my gosh.
If you criticize us or call us liars, you're trying to get us killed.
It's gone from a steady drumbeat to a banging crescendo to now a cacophony that sounds like a thousand railway trains, you know, rumbling back past your house in the dead of night blowing their whistles.
And what does that tell me?
I'm not a rocket scientist like Neil Armstrong.
But I know when I see a big giant corporate alignment chirping the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again that they know something's coming.
It's called basic deduction, my dear Watson.
And that they have a history of staging events against themselves.
They have a history of
Hyping it, they have a history of then blaming innocent groups they want to enslave, or take rights away with it, and they are desperate cornered rats right now, and that they are preparing to allow terror attacks, to provocateur terror attacks, or to carry them out whole cloth, and then drop Alex Jones, Infowars, or Donald Trump paraphernalia at the scene.
That's a 2 plus 2 equals 4 deduction?
There's no doubt, 18 days out, that they've got a bunch of different projects from, I'd say, truck bombs, to mass shooters, to poisoning, that they've got a long line of different scenarios ready, with the bombs loaded on the trucks, with the chemical and biological weapons loaded up in the basements, with the shooters
With their cartridges prepared?
With their magazines fixed?
Think about that.
Is there any doubt?
Meanwhile, what do they do?
Every day, until I can't even track it anymore, they say, 25th Amendment, remove the President on every major news channel.
It was Mika Brzezinski and others yesterday.
Today, it's Rosie O'Donnell saying, use the military to kill the President and to attack the White House.
Well, right after Trump got elected, Atlantic Monthly reported that they were preparing a Pentagon plan with stay-behind networks, not the whole Pentagon, but Democrat cells, operatives, just like the Justice Department, to overthrow the President, not just with the 25th Amendment, but with a military coup d'etat.
So you think about that, ladies and gentlemen.
Media false flag imminent?
Establishment trying to kick Infowars off the internet before a big event.
That's from back in August.
And you know, I knew they were going to take us off the internet and ban us when there were thousands of articles a day some days, hundreds every day, and every local news station, even where I live, and family all over the country saying, you're on the news every night saying you're a white supremacist, and that you bully children, and that you did all these terrible things, and that you want violence, and that you want to kill the media, and blah blah blah.
And I said, it's preparing to ban me a few months before the election, and then if Congress doesn't act, and if the President doesn't act immediately, they will then remove every other libertarian, every conservative, every Christian, every nationalist, every common sense person.
And you notice, exactly as I said, it's now happened.
Because I know giant PR rollouts when I see it!
Good Lord!
It's like Poland in 1940.
Hitler masked a couple million troops on their border and kept saying, we're not gonna attack as they lined up all the heavy artillery and troops.
I mean, you know when you're about to get your ass invaded.
And I told everybody, it isn't about Alex Jones, they're coming for you!
Everybody kind of, oh, we better not say too much to defend Alex.
We'll get censored.
And then they just, every day, a couple thousand more conservatives, some with millions of followers, some with hundreds of thousands.
Every day, thousands and thousands of Twitter and Facebook sites.
Everyone I know has had their's banned.
Even just basic stuff that's Christian or pro-military or pro-gun.
It's all gone!
They're going to take it all!
Because they're getting ready to blow up federal buildings and shoot up schools and blame it on us.
And they're going to wind the mob up to come and grab us out of our houses and drag us off and have the police capitulate to their Strong Cities Initiative and literally have you in control, which they've openly announced they're planning.
And you go, my God, that's an insane scenario.
I know.
They're insane.
They're out of control.
It's unbelievable.
And now, gentlemanly,
David Knight and his Real News Twitter account with hundreds of thousands of followers.
He has that Libertarian, it's huge as well, but they'll probably try to get that.
He said that's when Twitter began.
The genteel David Knight did a satire reading an article out of BabylonBee.com about Hillary Clinton being only 50% Reptoid.
We don't push the Reptoid conspiracy.
He certainly doesn't.
And BuzzFeed reported it.
Even though we said it was satire, and someone else's satire, and it was removed.
That's how they operate.
But don't worry, they're removing anybody that warns of the dangers of STDs and unprotected sex now.
So everything is bug-chasing San Francisco.
The insane San Francisco culture of the most nihilistic people is now in control.
And if you look where 95% of the tech's based, it's in San Francisco.
So the mental illness of San Francisco is now being projected onto everyone.
David Knight and Paul Joseph Watson straight ahead on the other side.
Spread the live links.
Override the censors.
You know, it's been said that a lot of people miss the forest for the trees.
And I'm one of those people.
I just want to tell the viewers and listeners of InfoWars that you've changed the world.
And the globalists want to shut down InfoWars because it's a place where we can come together and share ideas and where we have culture, where we have kinship, where we are able to interface and realize how similar we really are.
It's a place where we know that we're not alone.
And that's why they filed fake lawsuits against us and written hundreds of thousands of fake news stories that have been syndicated across the world.
It's why they've got HBO and Showtime shows with characters based on me that do horrible, evil, racist things.
But that said, I wanted to just celebrate the fact that, yeah, we're under attack now, and we'll be under attack in the future.
But the globalists are trying to punish Infowars for what you did, what I did, what others did in the past.
So they're literally fighting a past war, like generals always do, instead of fighting the new war.
So, at so many levels, they're already winning when I debate them, or I confront them, or I try to counter their lies.
They can only disrupt.
And it's important to say where they're lying, but to move on with our truths and the things that we're saying that they're trying to silence.
They tell all these lies because they want us to then debate them for our honor.
But they're dishonorable.
They've been proven to be liars.
Our answer is, you're a pack of liars.
Here's my idea.
Here's what I'm promoting, that you don't want to be heard.
And that's what's happening at InfoWars.com from 8 a.m.
past 10 o'clock at night, every night now, with live broadcast.
Our election coverage, David Knight, Owen Schroyer, myself, and so many others, bringing you true, truth-based information that comes from research and historical understanding and proven sources, not from globalist talking points and disinformation.
But in closing, it takes a lot of money to carry out this fight.
And they're trying to shut down our payment processors right now.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Leading a frontal assault on the lives of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, we're only 18 days out from the historic midterm elections, and David Knight joins us from the other studio.
I am Pindar, the Reptoid Ruler of Earth, and I've taken all the info so that it will be politically correct now.
Again, thank you for joining me.
Now, the reason I have David Knight here today with me
Is that he has been banned off of Twitter with his successful program that was being transmitted there, titled, The Real News with David Knight.
Now because of that, we need to get into the reason it happened.
Mr. Knight read from a satire article, Babylonbee.com, Hillary Clinton's release of DNA test results proving she's only half lizard.
And Mr. Knight made a joke comparing it to Elizabeth Warren!
And well, he's now gotten banned.
We're going to pull that clip up a little bit later for you, but this affront happened in the last 24 hours.
Joining us is David Knight, still broadcasting on hundreds of radio and TV stations, and of course at infowars.com forward slash show.
Though Soros and I are working hard to stop that.
And we can make jokes about this all day, but there's a large stack of news articles here where they say Alex Jones and InfoWars are still on Twitter despite the ban!
We've got MSN reporting breathlessly on that.
Get him off, get everything off.
But now you can't even make a joke, David.
Perhaps we'll all be arrested for what we're doing now.
Or is it that you know who is in command by who you can't criticize?
Is it actually that David Icke could be correct?
And that I am actually a real reptoid, 14 trillion years old from the planet Pindarius,
And that Hillary is one of my hatchlings of true royal lineage, and that's why you're not allowed to criticize her.
What do you think, Mr. Knight?
Well, I think if we could show that she was at least 0.09% reptilian DNA, then she would qualify, just like Elizabeth Warren qualifies for being a Cherokee.
But no, Alex, you know, when we look at the Elizabeth Warren thing, it should have been considered to be satire.
And I thought it was perfect that the Babylon Bee did that story, saying that after looking at Elizabeth Warren's thing, Hillary had her own DNA test.
And she said, those conservatives are lying.
I'm not 100% reptilian DNA, I'm only 50%.
Now what the Daily Beast did was really reprehensible on a number of levels.
They came out yesterday at 5.26pm, Eastern Standard Time.
They came out and said Alex Jones and his InfoWars outlaw were permanently banned from Twitter in September.
The move seemed to be a death blow for InfoWars.
Just weeks before, they'd been kicked off of platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
Now, of course, they don't mention the fact that YouTube and Facebook and Apple were colluding.
They did it within hours of each other.
All of them doing it at the same time.
And then, of course, they also colluded with the press.
And we saw this pattern happen again last week.
We had another 800 alternative media sites that were shut down.
Facebook and Twitter within hours of each other.
The press had already been notified.
The press already had their stories ready to run just like they did with us.
So they're wringing their hands of the Daily Beast saying, well, they should be down, but they're still up.
How are they still up?
How are they still communicating with people?
And how do we get them off of the remaining social media sites?
And so they then cite me.
They said, in fact, two months after Jones and InfoWars were supposedly shunned, a number of accounts remained live and tweeting.
On Tuesday, the Twitter account for InfoWars, Real News Show, with host David Knight, promoted Knight's claim that Hillary Clinton is quote, 50% reptilian DNA.
So they put that out there as if I'm taking that seriously.
No, it is a satire.
Elizabeth Warren's claims are satire.
But Alex, the real amazing thing about this to me is that it was the Daily Beast that was attacking Danny Williams when he was asking a real question of Bill Clinton.
And that was, please take a DNA test so I can know who my father is.
You've paid Highway Patrol in Arkansas.
Every Christmas they would deliver cash to my mother.
My mother, who's black, says that you are my father.
I look like you.
I'm lighter skinned than my sister.
Can I please have some closure on this?
Will you please take a DNA test, either put this to rest and show that it's not true, or then to let me know that I've got a father and welcome me into the family?
And he was vilified, vilified by the press there in that press conference, especially by this reporter from the Daily Beast.
She was so bad, Alex, you remember that, it was live-streamed here on InfoWars.
I, at one point, attacked her instead of talking to Danny Williams.
I said, how dare you treat him like this?
And she said, who are you?
I said, I'm David Knight from InfoWars.
And she goes, oh, InfoWars.
And this is the Daily Beast that's shutting us down.
And let's expand on this.
Let's expand.
They're like, how dare they be able to communicate because they want to be able to lie about us and say that we want violence and that we want to attack the press while they call for blowing up the White House while Rosie O'Donnell calls for the military to take Trump out at the White House while they say hashtag
Republicans, while they say kidnap, baron, trump, and raping, while they say all of this insane crap, they want to silence us everywhere.
And then when you read and say it's a satire article, because I've seen the video, we're going to play it later, and you joke about a satire article and make jokes, they then misrepresent that we're saying that we believe reptoids are running things, when that's not what we've said, that's not what we do.
Just like they say that I say that there's Martian moon bases with slave children.
I've offered a million dollars.
This is a gore mask.
From Star Trek.
This is not real.
It's a joke.
And everybody knows that.
They'll probably say, in fact the last time I did this like five years ago, they said, Jones thinks lizards are real and dressed up like one on the show.
Because they think their own readers don't get satire.
This is the incredible mental illness.
Of what these people are doing.
And it just gets more and more and more insane, David.
And, again, do you agree with me that ahead of the midterms, they're planning something really, really big?
That they're everywhere saying Trump's going to cause violence?
Here's one right here.
I mean, just today, there's just tons of these saying that Trump's going to get a bunch of people killed.
Trump wants the media dead.
Vox editor Trump hopes his supporters will murder journalists.
I mean, this is incredible.
They're the ones calling for violence, David.
Well, Alex, you know, they could be laying the foundation for that, but let me tell you something.
They have overthrown our government and our foundation and our constitution and our individual rights if we allow them to get away with shutting down the free press and free speech.
Free speech is separate from the freedom of the press.
It's bad enough to take away the freedom of the press, but what they're doing on social media is taking away the ability of people
To read the press and then comment on what they agree with and what they disagree with.
And that's what they're taking down.
And they understand that satire... I honestly don't think they're that stupid.
I honestly don't think that Twitter is that stupid.
They did it within a couple of hours of this... No, they know it's a fraud, David, and again...
Twitter's used more than telephones now in many areas.
As you know, the head of Penn and Teller came out and said that it's more powerful in the courts now.
So they silence us and then they demonize us and they defame us and we don't have a way to respond back or post legal notices or challenge their lies.
And they are abusing their authority.
Big Tech's out of control.
Even the head of Google now admits they're censoring people and says, yeah, we're helping China.
He told Congress in a letter last week, censorship can help the government.
It's a good service we're offering.
Yeah, and we can use this outside of China as well.
And then we saw the good sensor document that was in Breitbart saying that we're not going to follow the model that has been historically in America where we have a free marketplace and free speech.
We're going to follow the European idea that we're going to have dignity instead of liberty.
Well, that's not a European idea, really.
That's a B.F.
Skinner behavioral modification idea.
He wrote the book Beyond Freedom and Dignity.
That's really where they're going.
They're trying to modify our behavior.
That's right, and they take your popular Twitter account down, very genteel professional show you have, and then lie about you and say you believe space aliens run things, and that Hillary's really a reptoid, and engage in fake news fraud against you when they silence you.
That is the criminal activity we're dealing with.
There are a lot of people out there on television, radio, and on the internet, and print, telling you that they've got the answers.
They know how the world really works.
The funny thing is, nobody tries to shut them down.
Nobody tries to keep them quiet.
Because they're like a bunch of brainwashed, lobotomized monkeys running around, not knowing what they're really doing.
But in full wars, now Hillary Clinton and George Soros and the Democratic Party and the EU and the CHICOMS, they want us shut down.
Because you see, I actually read the Chinese Communist Establishment Party newspapers.
I actually read the Council on Foreign Relations bi-monthly publication of Foreign Affairs.
I've actually read hundreds and hundreds of books written by people like David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, so I know their larger game plan.
I know the operation they're carrying out against humanity.
And so, because I have their number, they want me shut down.
You've seen massive
Corporate demonization and lies about us, and you've seen the attempts to take our sponsors away, and to be able to take our banking away, so we can't even process orders.
This is a concerted, un-American, cartel, mafia operation.
And now, as we enter the middle of October 2018, it has intensified.
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InfoWars is in your hands.
InfoWars has always been in your hands, and we were the number one media organization in the world after Drudge Report, when it came to video and audio, number one in the election of Trump.
And so they shadow banned us, and they took our sponsors, and they wouldn't let us advertise, and they strangled us.
And still, because of you getting the word out, we were dominated.
And so now they're coming after our ability at InfoWarsTore.com to even have credit card processing.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Eighteen days.
Judgment Day.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
Or you're mine.
So, David Knight has the David Knight Show, that's what we're calling it now.
Stations like that better.
From 8 to 11, 8 a.m.
And I love how when they say, ban Alex Jones, he's done all these horrible things, and then lie about what I've done, then didn't they try to extend it to, well, David Knight, or Owen Schroyer, or Paul Watson, or anybody that's affiliated with InfoWars, they're banned too!
Oh, but we're not censoring.
Oh, we're private companies.
And then their own documents come out admitting Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple are all coordinating together.
And so now Sundar, who had his head of global privacy lie to Congress three weeks ago and say, there's no dragonfly, there's no plan to censor, we're not censoring here.
Sundar's like, yes, we are censoring everyone.
And we're helping China and it is good value.
We will help you here in America censor.
It is very good.
I mean, these are quotes.
Type it in.
Google CEO admits to China's censorship and says it has great attributes for here.
Oh, we know!
Sundar, slayer of the First Amendment.
Sundar came to America and conquered them.
So now, David Knight, who has a very family show, cerebral, 9 million people were downloading it every month on iTunes.
That was all just, you're not allowed to do that, it's delisted.
And of course, Apple just put up an index for people so that they would go and get our streams from there.
They were using us, not the other way around.
So, Paul Watson's coming up here to comment on this and more, but let's be very clear.
We build the content.
And, like Drudge has warned over and over again, you send everything to Facebook and Twitter, and it becomes the platform, and then it can curate the reality at once.
And then it can lie about you and tie your hands behind your back.
Like at a boxing match, you're tied up on a post, your legs are bound, you got a gag in your mouth, and then the trendies and the skinny jeans can walk up and boom, boom, boom, boom, punch you, and everybody goes, whoa, how awesome you are!
It's unbelievable.
And we've let them just run on and run on and run on because historically people never recognize the new tyranny.
They always remember the last tyranny.
Hitler in his little clown outfit or Stalin or Mao or Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro.
They always remember the last caricature.
You know, a third world dictator in an army uniform.
That's not what they look like.
They look like Tim Cook.
They look like Barack Obama.
They look like Sundar Pachauri.
Little smiling, non-threatening dudes.
Kind of like in the first Despicable Me.
I love the little Bill Gates type guy.
He's kind of a little nerd, but he's totally horrible and evil.
Oh, I'm liberal.
I'm trying to go kill you.
That's exactly who they are.
And they're deadly dangerous.
And they've already raped this country.
And they're trying to stop our nation coming back.
These people are sick.
Now, finishing with David Knight and Paul Watson's taking over, here is the clip from, what, a day ago that got David Knight banned on, you know, we started, what, 14 months ago, the Real News with David Knight.
Got a couple hundred thousand followers, whatever.
Just a place to say, here's David Knight, here's where he can tweet, send out links, communicate.
You know, you could have some twisted argument to get me off air and then, you know, misrepresent, but David, there's nothing there.
So again, they silenced him, they banned him, they banned you being able to communicate with him.
And then they lie about him and say he believes reptoids are running things.
One of their favorite things they use on me.
That's David Icke.
And I mean, these people are pretty soulless.
They might as well be reptoids.
The point is, is that it doesn't matter.
Even if he wanted to just say on Twitter, I believe Hillary's half alien, that'd be his right.
And of course, all the other groups can do that and leave it alone.
No, it's that it's funny.
And then we're making fun of Elizabeth Warren and her fake Native American claims.
And it was satirical.
He was reading off another satirical article, Babylonbee.com, which says in the first line, this is satire!
And we have it on screen!
But again, they don't show when they ban you.
And then the Daily Beast, Soros-funded, lies, because these are lie machines who work in concert to murder the truth.
So here is what got David Knight banned.
Let's talk a little bit about Hillary Clinton, because there's all of this news about Elizabeth Warren's ancestries coming out.
There was some breaking news from Babylon Bee, the satire site.
And they said shortly after Elizabeth Warren released a DNA test that may not show that she is 1,024th Native American, the failed presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed her DNA test that conclusively proved that she is only 50% reptilian.
Test conducted by a renowned DNA expert showed that only 50% of her blood comes from reptilian humanoids from space bent on destroying humanity.
Many Washington insiders have claimed that she was 100% reptilian.
But these claims have now been shown to be a hoax.
Uh, Babylon Bee quotes Hillary Clinton saying on an interview Sunday, I'm happy to announce that I am only half reptile.
I hope my critics will think twice before calling me a space reptile now, since that's only half true.
I'm only part lizard person, thank you very much.
Well, that's not the worst thing that's been said about Hillary Clinton.
That would be a step up for her actually, to be a reptilian space lizard.
So he says it's satire, he says it'd be a step up for her.
They've had to update it and apologize.
Hey, we're a satire site, but everybody's getting really upset about this.
Yeah, people are now being banned for covering your satire and saying it's satire, and then lying and saying you didn't say it's satire.
But I never even satirically said that there were Martian colleagues with slave children on them.
They just made it up.
And why not?
Because if they can silence you,
Then they can say whatever they want about you.
That's the other equation of censorship.
David, you'll be back tomorrow where people can't censor you for now.
8am to 11am.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
And that's why it's so critical every listener has to email their friends and family daily and say,
First Amendment's under attack.
Here's what they don't want you to hear.
Text message friends and family in our articles.
The live feeds.
Infowars.com forward slash show or the pages we posted.
Say what the topic, the top topic is so people understand.
This is urgent.
They're trying to shut us down ahead of the election and only by listeners spreading the word, signing up for our free newsletter and then sending that email on at Infowars.com forward slash newsletter.
Only by doing that will we get around the censors, David.
Absolutely, Alex.
And you know, we're talking about DNA.
As I said before, the serious question about DNA was shut down at that press conference by the Daily Beast when Danny Williams wanted to know if Bill Clinton would take a DNA test to verify or to deny his paternity.
But of course, let's talk a little bit about the DNA of the Daily Beast.
It was just a few days ago that we pointed out that Chelsea Clinton sits on the board of the company that owns the Daily Beast, and she's been rewarded with $6.6 million for doing so.
So I guess that makes Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton part of the DNA of the Daily Beast.
It's their ancestors, you know, the parent and the grandmother.
of the Daily Beast.
But Alex, I want to say something about Twitter, because you know we've had this situation with Farrakhan coming out and saying Jews are, he's not anti-Semitic, he's anti-termite, and they said, well that doesn't violate our rules because he didn't say that about any specific person.
They're saying that I violated the rules because I had targeted harassment of a specific person.
In other words, Hillary Clinton and, you know, being a reptile.
A public figure.
They're now saying it's bullying.
She calls me a dark heart and the worst person in the world, but then I can't say anything bad about her.
And she's serious about that.
But let me, you know, when we had this statement, this interview with Wired Magazine that Jack Dorsey had talking about Twitter, CEO of Twitter.
And he said, oh, all that stuff about us being the free speech wing of the Free Speech Party, that was just a joke.
No, they've become a joke themselves.
But then he went on to say, a lot of people come to Twitter, they don't actually see an app or service.
What that kind of looks like is a public square.
And they have the same sort of expectations of a public square.
And that is what we have to make sure they get right.
Also, make sure that everyone feels safe in that public square.
So he uses the term public square three times.
When he testified before Congress, he used the term public square five times.
Alex, we have a Supreme Court decision.
That says, 1946 Marsh vs. Alabama, that if you are in the public square, even if it is privately owned, they can't stop your speech in the public square.
We've let a Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, kill tens of millions of babies, but we ignore this Supreme Court decision that would protect us from having the public square killed by Joe Biden.
Well, there's no doubt that they operate and they have liability protection because they are a public square.
Then they jump back and say they're publishers and censor us.
If Congress just acts and the President acts, it's over for them.
But whatever you do, folks, they can't stop you.
Word of mouth on local stations, TV, radio, Internet, telling people tune in to the Alex Jones Show, tune in to David Knight.
He won't be back tomorrow, that's Saturday, but I am coming in addition to Saturday.
He'll be back Monday, 8 a.m.
Thank you, David Knight.
Paul Watson, straight ahead.
So now, we got Matt Bracken.
He's a former Navy SEAL.
This is a man who's been in war zone environments.
He can tell you what to do.
So I want to roll this video with just a little bit of audio.
And Matt, if you could just comment over what this guy does right, and what he does wrong, and what you should do if you're confronted with this situation.
Alright guys, let's roll the video.
Go ahead, Matt.
First, I would never second-guess the guy because it's easy to say, well, don't be there, you know?
See this mob three blocks back and make a U-turn.
But let's just say it starts with where he is.
Stopping to get out of the car?
Don't do it.
That could have been a fatal thing right there because if a big guy body checks the door, you just broke your ankle or shin.
Now you can't even drive.
So right there, that's a big mistake.
But I mean, I'm not going to second-guess.
The guy looks like a brave old stud.
Guy probably turns out to be, you know, a Vietnam-era war hero.
And he just doesn't back down to mobs.
You know, he sees communists, he wants to fight.
I can appreciate that.
But a few tactics that you can use is, first of all, if you have the choice, get a car with a little bit higher suspension.
You know, going from like a 5-inch ground clearance to an 8 or 10-inch ground clearance means you're going to drive over people and not get stuck.
It's gross, but it's true.
And once you get a little bit of clear space ahead of you, if you gun it like he did, this is good.
Gunning it and stopping, gunning it and stopping it, and also weaving.
Uh, making the car go, like, lurching side to side makes people afraid to run right up to the sides because you've just been doing, like, S-turns down the street.
But once you've cleared the zone, you know, you're going to pro- if you've had people thumping on you, get a few blocks away, just like it was a shooting, and you were the good guy, you're gonna- you want to be the first to call 911.
If somebody takes your picture and you assume it's going to happen, if the police come to your house, it's a hit and run.
If you get three blocks away and you call 911 and describe the scene just like a good shooting, it puts you way ahead of the game legally.
And then what you need to do once you're talking to the police, I was in fear for my life.
What's today?
I was in fear for my life.
What did you have for breakfast?
I was in fear for my life.
You repeat that until you're lawyered up, and then you shut up and let the lawyer talk.
But what you have to stick with, just like a shooting, I was in fear for my life.
Even if you drove over people, you stick with that.
So don't flee the scene, park a few blocks away in safety, call 911, explain the situation, then you're the good guy because you called it in.
And you explained that you were in a life-or-death situation.
They were pounding on your car, breaking windows.
You thought they would kill you.
That's a reasonable assertion.
And in Portland, it might not fly, but it's better than fleeing the scene, then getting arrested as a hit-and-run later.
Because they will have your license.
Yeah, that totally makes sense, everything you said.
And I like the weaving and just going away a few blocks.
And I will make this point.
When this story came out, they said no one had called the cops on either side at that time.
So the news had already figured out that nobody had called the cops.
That guy, I totally agree.
Call the cops.
Get it on record that you were the first one to call.
Therefore, you have something at least to fall back on.
I totally agree.
You would be within your rights to drive over those guys.
Because five or six guys in their 20s can put you to the ground.
Once you're on the ground, it's skull stomping time.
And that is a fatal attack.
You're either going to be brain damaged, disfigured, or dead.
So you cannot go to the ground in a mob.
Don't get out of the car.
Use the car for the weapon.
But then don't do a hit and run and try to get away.
Assume the police will get your license.
So be the first to call 911 and be the good guy.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Please don't forget, ladies and gentlemen, that we're having an NPC meme contest.
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All right, let's go to Paul Joseph Watson for this segment and the next.
Wow, Paul!
So much happening, so much going on.
We really called it three months ago when we said this demonization campaign of Infowars is to set the precedent with us because they know once it's been a big story, once one man dies, it's a national tragedy.
A million die, it's a statistic, as Stalin said.
They made it all about me in a referendum on free speech, lied about it, took us off, and now it's thousands of sites a day off Twitter, Facebook, Google.
Total delisting.
New York Times said, yeah, we're banning anybody.
Good job, Twitter, that shows an NPC meme.
It's dehumanizing.
I mean, they have gone into TurboVille, and Sundar says, you bet we're censoring the head of Google, and it'll help America.
He went to the Senate and he sent them a letter and he said, we're standing by to help you censor.
It's got a lot of attributes to it.
I mean, they have really taken their pants off here.
They've really showed us their big old purple booty.
Well, of course, and the irony here is that these same websites that got culled recently in this purge of, you know, pages with millions of followers, there was some on the right, but a lot on the left.
One of those pages, and you've probably seen the story up on Infowars.com, literally wrote article after article a couple of months ago when we got purged, celebrating.
Reverb press I'm talking about.
The headlines were literally, YouTube finally flushed Alex Jones for hate speech and the tinfoil hat brigade is melting down.
Conspiracy creep finally got what he deserved.
Alex Jones is finished on Facebook and the internet is rejoicing.
So it was all this kind of
Yes, go girl, you slay kind of ridiculous sophomoric headlines celebrating the purging of InfoWars.
Well, guess what?
Reverb Press has now been banned by Facebook and Twitter.
Oh, but they get the platform to whine about it on BuzzFeed.
And BuzzFeed says how bad it is.
The same BuzzFeed with Charlie Wazell, who lobbied to have InfoWars banned as well, along with, obviously, Oliver Darcy of CNN.
So yeah, we defended these people, now they're banned, now they're given mainstream platforms to whine about it.
The irony is strong here, but here's the good news Alex, because we've got such proud, such forthright, such an activist audience, if you go on Alexa.com and look at Infowars traffic, now the concern was always, yes we're going to get a big spike out of this because of the media attention, but for how long are we going to maintain it?
Well if you go on Alexa,
Search rankings, which is not always accurate, but it is generally speaking.
We've maintained that level.
So we were down at about 4,500 originally back in July.
Shot up to 2,500 around that level and it's maintained at that level over the past two months or so since we got mega banned on everything.
Now that's probably not going to stay right there but we do have an activist audience which is engaged.
As you said, sending out the emails, sending the text messages to keep us at that level.
To the point where they lose, it's the Streisand effect, it's backfired on them.
But the point is that social media censorship, Alex, they whine all day about cyberbullying, okay?
This is a form of corporate cyberbullying.
Social media is the global public square.
You take someone away from that, you remove their right to that, you're basically removing them from the global brain.
You're choking their ability to participate in the public square.
Thousands of people were fired after all these mostly left-wing libertarian, you know, pro-drug legalization, anti-war websites got banned off Facebook and Twitter, in coordination once again.
So this wasn't
One website enforcing its terms of service.
This was big tech corporate giants, monopolists, colluding with each other in election meddling.
That is the key.
They whine all day about the NPC meme being election meddling because it's bots.
Even though it's clearly not bots, it's individuals creating these accounts.
The election meddling is solely on the part of Facebook and Twitter because they're so desperately afraid of this meme.
But it should be considered corporate cyberbullying.
Thousands of people lost their livelihoods because of these bans.
This actually ruins people's lives now.
It's not just, oh, you can go and start your own media platform, or, oh, it's just a private company.
No, these massive corporations are ruining people's lives, laying off thousands of people.
And now they get to go on BuzzFeed and whine about it, having celebrated in repeated articles InfoWars getting banned.
So it's kind of ironic.
Well, you're absolutely right, Paul.
And if you go to Right Wing Watch and the Southern Poverty Law Center and Media Matters, all funded by Soros, they're going, well, we got PayPal and other payment processors.
We've scanned their servers and we know it's this company.
Harass them.
Have them shut down.
He's a Nazi.
So they lie about me and defame me.
Then they harass us so that our listeners can't buy product from us.
And they go, oh, but it's a private company.
No, they're trying to shut us down, just like they've been trying to shut America down.
And they're so pissed.
Paul, that the country is coming back from the dead and they get more desperate by the minute as Trump is able to restore the republic and his nationalist candidates win in Germany, in Sweden, in Denmark, in Greece, in Italy, in Brazil, all over the world.
They are really scared.
Oh, completely.
The Brazil thing's completely out of control.
Bolsonaro's gonna win.
The ironic thing about all this, though, is that Right Wing Watch, which continuously lobbies for everything to shut us down, whether it be mail servers or, you know, payment processors, you go on their YouTube channel, they literally steal entire videos from people without commentary.
It's clearly not fair use.
Re-upload them to their own channel.
Do they get copyright strikes from YouTube?
It may be worth pointing that out to YouTube, that they're blatantly violating copyright, but then again, Alex, their channel has about 30,000 subscribers and nobody watches it anyway.
I was about to say, I don't want to censor them, plus we don't need to.
They want to remove us because they can't compete with the truth.
These are literal handlebar mustache, you know, villains, like Dick Dastardly from cartoons when we were kids.
I mean, they are literally like villains with bombs to blow up the First Amendment.
Well someone tweeted about this earlier where you know David Knight was talking about the Daily Beast article goes up and literally what an hour later the account disappears.
They make the comparison.
It's like the kid, the snivelling kid that tattles on everybody that nobody liked at school.
It's like the kid at the end of the class who reminds the teacher that the homework is due when the teacher's forgotten about it.
It's like, how could you even think that devoting an entire article to this is even worth it?
But that's the attitude.
But again, the Supreme Court is going to hear a case.
You probably saw this story yesterday, Alex.
This is a big case.
This is CNBC.
We posted it on InfoWars yesterday.
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could determine whether users can challenge social media companies on free speech grounds.
This is Manhattan Community Access Corporation versus HALAC.
Censors on whether a private operator or a public access television network is considered a state actor which can be sued for First Amendment violations.
So that's going to have broader implications for whether Facebook, Twitter and Google are considered publishers.
So if that goes our way in the Supreme Court, which is obviously now balanced in favour of logic and sanity, that could be a massive, massive case.
And let's be clear, we already have all the cases where they say they're a public commons, so they don't have publisher liability under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and a bunch of other laws, and then subsections of laws that Obama passed, the Telecommunications Act in 2008, 2009, and 2017.
And so, they're not supposed to take stuff off unless it's illegal.
By them curating, as they do, they now open themselves up as publishers and lose
The third party liability waiver they had.
I know.
I run InfoWars.
That's how we can have comments.
If somebody goes there and threatens to murder somebody, it's not my fault.
I'm a third party.
I have to remove it.
I have to respond to subpoenas, but I'm not liable.
Please don't forget that as successful as you've been and as I've been at educating people and as our guests have been, and I'm talking to the audience because you really are the heart of this operation, Soros and Hillary and the rest of them are trying to destroy InfoWars to punish us for what happened in 2016.
And they have put us through the wringer and in some ways we've become stronger and in some ways weaker.
And now they're harassing whoever we have as payment processors.
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Thank you very much for your support.
If you are receiving this transition, you are the resistance.
So, there is something in history that historians call the slippery slope.
You see the thing about a slippery slope is you're at the top of a water slide, and you start to go, and it's slow at first, but then all of a sudden...
And see, in historical times, the last few years, it's the blink of an eye.
It's a twinkle in the eye, actually.
And now, we're about a third of the way down the slide, and boy, things are picking up.
We're seeing more censorship the last three months than we've seen since the Civil War in America.
I mean, Tipper Gore wanted to put labels on things that had adult language, which
Well, is that the point where they've banned 1500?
Is that the point now, Alex, with the banning of the memes?
Which, by the way, to explain it, which I did in my video briefly,
But this is when it accelerated.
This study came out, Oxford College London.
They found that the most effectively spread memes originated out of the Donald subreddit and 4chan.
The entire purpose of this study was how do we create filters that can detect hateful memes.
So everyone freaks out about the EU planning to ban memes.
Twitter's already doing it based off of this study.
Which again goes to the point that the left can't meme, so they simply want to ban memes altogether.
There's an article today out of RT.
UK researchers link consumption of junk memes to teen obesity.
They've literally taken a meme of a fat Asian kid saying, free food, count me in, and are blaming that for childhood obesity.
Nothing to do with... Let's be clear, what they really want to ban
is people communicating and making jokes.
I mean, this is the most incredible authoritarianism ever, where they call Kermit the Frog jokes racist, because they say it is, it's banned.
I mean, I don't ever see them winning this.
Yeah, they want to stop people communicating through the medium of satire because that's the most difficult thing to ban.
If you outright use certain banned words and hateful phrases against people, they can point to that and in their own... But like you do on Twitter, you'll show some horrible thing they didn't say.
Oh, look how wonderful it is this leftist is calling for killing people.
Well, their computer doesn't know how to stop that because it agrees.
It's set to let the left do that.
Plus, the double standards are just flagrant.
They said they banned real news because it targeted individuals.
Well, when it doesn't target individuals, look at Sarah Jung.
She called white people, you know, dumbass effers.
She said she liked to be mean to old white men.
She said subhuman goblins that live in holes in the ground.
She was rewarded with a verified tick.
Candace Owens tweets out the exact same things.
Changes white people to Jewish.
Instantly suspended lockdown.
There was a pro-life account on Twitter, Alex, that put out an article four years ago by a molecular biologist and microbiologist that said the rise of STDs, the rise of syphilis, was because gay people were having more and more unprotected sex.
This was by a doctor.
It was an article, four years old.
Your account has been locked.
Meanwhile, we've got virulent hatred every day.
They lock your account now for four-year-old tweets.
Sarah Jong didn't get locked down or anything.
She didn't even have to delete the tweets.
They're still up there.
She gets rewarded with a verified tick.
She gets a cushy job at the New York Times.
Here's the other thing, though.
You go on Google Trends, compare Soy Boy, which we kind of popularized at the end of last year, to NPC Meme.
The NPC Meme is already twice as popular as the Soy Boy Meme, which was pretty big, has ever been.
And aren't you noticing that as they try to suppress the memes, it only makes them get bigger?
So I'm going to do a few more minutes with you.
I think I got to go, Paul.
We have another special guest joining us.
We're back in 60 seconds.
I want to get your prediction for the midterms and what you gut level think.
It's coming, because what meme will be the meme that finally breaks them?
I think it could be MPC.
Because it's the classic archetype, like THX1138, Brave New World, the Apple ad from the 80s of the grey-faced automatons.
I mean, it goes back to Metropolis.
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Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
So, there's something called an MPC meme that is now arguably the biggest meme in internet history.
And you talk to older folks, they don't know what a meme is.
A meme is like
2,000 years ago they would draw little pictures on the walls, graffiti in Rome, and it was like the newspaper of the people.
People would write in chalk, they'd write in paint, and then there would be jokes that the public would pick up.
A lot of them didn't even make sense.
It's like in China, Winnie the Pooh is associated with the dictator because in Chinese, they think he kind of sounds like this, oh dear my honey.
They think he kind of sounds, you know, to them listening to Chinese, he sounds like, oh, Christopher Wobben.
So that's the way it's described.
So they ban, you get put in prison, you know, if you try to email somebody wanting to put it, okay?
Or Taiwan flags.
I mean, that's in the news.
So that's a meme.
It just means a symbol.
It could be an inside joke.
It could be anything.
And the left, for whatever reason, has not been successful memeing.
It just doesn't work.
Because they're so authoritarian.
They're so monolithic.
So it just doesn't translate.
And it's a fact.
And so I say, I salute...
You know, hail 4chan, and you know, hail the great memers, and the Donald subreddit, because that's what this is all about, free speech, and we salute you.
So they want to try to attack reality, they want to try to attack communication, they want to try to say the OK sign.
Everything's going to be A-OK.
You saw in Jell-O commercials and 7-Up commercials.
They can't deal with it.
But now the MPC meme from THX1138, the 1984 Apple commercial, everywhere, is people with shaved heads in grey uniforms.
That is the archetypal future governmental tyranny plan that the globalists just so happen to plan.
So the idea of letting SJWs know you're programmed, you're in a shell, letting them see that they're really conformist,
Overrides some of their programming and that's why the New York Times gleefully said, thank God, two days ago, Twitter is banning anybody that does this.
So now just showing groups of colorless bots, which what we're being turned into under globalism, that's actually the plan of the corporate globalist system is to get rid of all culture, all individualism, all real diversity.
They are so scared of it.
So, here is the 1984 ad from 1984, the most viewed ad in history, hands down.
This is the most popular, most powerful ad that launched Apple to its trillion dollar supremacy yearly.
But now, what they claimed they were fighting, they've become.
So they launched the NPC meme as a, in 1984,
Saying no to the PC oppression.
And no to the way it was controlled.
But they actually launched their own system that was even more internal and cloistered.
But will it be banned?
Here it is.
Today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Conventions.
We have created for the first time in all history... Look at those NPCs.
Grey uniforms.
Grey skin.
Shaved heads.
Here comes the goddess.
Orange pants.
Stomping forward with a club.
With a...
Like a female Thor, the sledgehammer.
Right in the face of Tim Cook!
On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh.
And you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984.
Except now it is, and Tim Cook's leading it.
Paul Watson, how profound is that, and where do you at a gut level see all this ending?
Well, there's also a funny comparison.
Do you remember the Zuckerberg photo where he's walking down the aisle towards a platform to give a speech and they're all wearing the virtual reality headsets?
They changed that to be all NPCs as well.
That was a good one.
But it's even more archetypal than 1984, Alex, or THX 1136.
It goes back even further than that.
In fact, I was going to put this in my video and forgot to do it entirely because it was like 2 a.m.
YouTube crashed and I had to get up there quickly.
Plato's Allegory of the Cave, you look at the beginning of that, you look at the myopic, drooling...
You know, individuals who can only see what's in front of them, can't see what's going on in the real world outside.
Those are NPCs!
They can probably find the video right now, Plato's Allegory of the Cave, on YouTube.
Go and look at the start of that video.
This was the archetype for the NPC.
So it literally goes back right to the dawn of philosophy, Greek philosophy, that this NPC meme originated, Alex.
So that's why it strikes such an authentic chord when people see it.
And it also intersects
With the walk-away movement, which is obviously based around leftists awakening from the fact that they're just being exploited as human shields for Democrats who just expect them to vote for them again and again and again.
They banned the founder of that off Facebook as well for a while, as you remember, he was on the show.
So it's due to the intersection with the walk-away movement.
You know, it was Candace Owens that said the other day, they see Plato's algorithm, the K,
If you wind that on a bit where it's just four of them sat in a row looking at the shadows projected on the wall, you'll see how similar it is to the NPC meme.
It's near the start.
But Candace Owens said the other day, you know, Democrats need 85% of the black vote to win.
They have to get at least 85%.
So if they take away just 20% of that, they're in a complete bind.
They're finished.
So that's how this NPC meme intersects with the walk away movement, which is why they're so terrified about it.
You know, you had.
Salon.com New Yorker Guardian before the election saying that, I mean this is what Salon.com said in an article arguing that memes should be censored.
Quote, the political meme has become the centerpiece of disinformation campaigns and the ability of memes to communicate ideology is boundless.
These are the same websites Alex that banned their own comment sections because studies came out showing that people trust the veracity of the article based more on the comments than the text of the article itself.
They're trying to end individual human contact so they can create false consensus.
Just like Panasonic had human blinkers help people concentrate in open offices, people said, no, they're not blinkers, they're blinders.
So they're literally trying to train us to be like horses that draw corporate carriages.
Yeah, there's Plato's Allegory of the Cave.
Again, find that image at the start of that video where they're all sat together watching the shadows.
That is the quintessential NPC.
Then, of course, you had the New York Times yesterday come out and admit that memes can escape the internet, see the underbelly and morph into the actual tools of influence.
It's partly understanding the mechanics of modern politics.
So, they openly state that memes swing elections, basically.
Maybe we can even compete with Google algorithms, which can swing millions of votes on election day, but that's not election meddling.
So they admit that it can swing elections, and the left can't meme because they're so petrified of offending anyone, they're constantly walking on eggshells, so they're not good at comedy.
They're afraid of it because it's an ancient human language from the time of drawing on cave walls.
To now, and we're communicating outside of their controlled paradigm, and they're threatened by it, and that's why just communicating and making art and being engaged and being involved is victory.
Paul Joseph Watson, incredible job.
We really appreciate you.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Take care.
I think we're gonna win.
What about you, Paul?
I think the mid-term polls are now narrowing to a great extent.
There's a lot more positivity, obviously.
Massive victories, massive embarrassments, massive own goals with the Stormy Daniels situation, with Elizabeth Warren.
So it's getting really tight.
And a lot more people are a lot more positive over the past few weeks.
So it's looking a lot better.
They've got the opposite of the Midas touch.
I say they've got the caca touch right now, the Democrats.
Yeah, they're very confident, but I'm starting to see signs that it's slipping away.
Even if you looked at the responses to Elizabeth Warren's tweets when she went on that Twitter rampage and had to change subjects halfway through because she was getting crushed in her own tweet thread.
Democrats were in there saying, what in holy hell are you doing?
Shut up about this.
Yeah, one-tenth of one percent ain't Native American, lady.
Paul Watson, great job.
All right, coming up, we've got one of the most famous journalists you've never heard about.
We're good.
It's Christmas, it's Black Friday, it's all unrolled into one right now.
Support the InfoWar and help fund us against all these attacks.
Thank you all for your support.
We'll be right back.
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We've got a statement now with regard to PayPal and reports that it has ended its relationship with InfoWars.
PayPal joining the slew of tech companies that have severed ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, hitting his InfoWars where it hurts, by no longer allowing the site to use the payment processor.
PayPal is the latest company to sever ties with Jones after YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
Last month, the website called Right Wing Watch posted a report highlighting PayPal's continued business relationship with InfoWars, and the Washington Post also noted how business on the InfoWars stores was booming.
PayPal is the latest big tech company to cut ties with far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, stealing a blow to when a founder Alex
It actually fuels the Trump base because they do feel like they're being silenced.
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all booted Jones off their platforms.
PayPal on Thursday night informed InfoWars, which runs an online storefront that sells survival gear and herbal supplements, that it has 10 business days to find a new payment processor.
You can't pick one person and say, well, we don't like what he's been saying.
He's out.
We have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in.
And you just can't do that.
Jones hit back on his website saying the InfoWarsStore.com site had no political content, and the move emphasizes how the decision was a broader attack on the InfoWars platform.
A PayPal spokesperson says, quote, we undertook an extensive review of the InfoWars sites and found instances that promoted hate, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, and bullying policies.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Cynthia Farahat is our guest for the Balance of the Hours.
She's a very, very famous, courageous journalist from Egypt.
She now lives here in the United States.
A lot of you have probably heard of her.
We can roll in the background for TV viewers to her Fox News appearances.
When Obama and Hillary funded the Arab Spring and that larger plan six, seven years ago, and the takedown of Libya and all of it, she was there.
Her brother got tortured.
She had to flee the country.
Just incredible.
So, Cynthia?
Farahat is the website.
That's Cynthia F-A-R-A-H-A-T dot com.
And I won't go over her whole bio, but I wanted to get her back on the show because she's been a caller.
I'm like, wow, I mean, I know who you are.
Just to give her expert view on
What's happening in Saudi Arabia, and what's happening in Syria, and what's happening with Sharia law that Maxine Waters just came out and promoted, and all the rest of it.
And what's happening with these radical elements of Islam, and where does she see it going, and what is the alliance with the left?
Because she's really the expert.
I just want to try to give her the floor here.
It's great to see you there on Skype, and thank you for joining us.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
You're the expert.
So much is happening in the Middle East, the crossroads of the planet, Europe, Asia, Africa, the whole crossroads of energy.
What would you want to tackle first as a real expert to give people an understanding of what's going on?
Let's start with the Saudi journalist situation because this has a lot of different dimensions and facades to it that most mainstream media is not interested in it.
So, for example, there's a lot been said.
He's been portrayed as a journalist, and he is a journalist, but he's also a lot of other things.
Let me give you an example.
These are the facts.
These are not my opinions.
The fact is, he's a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The fact is he was a friend of Osama Bin Laden and this was also mentioned in the book The Looming Tower and others.
The fact is that he was a close associate to Al Qaeda.
The fact is that he was working for
Saudi intelligence and he was an advisor to the head of Saudi intelligence Torki al-Faisal even after he left the intelligence agency which he interestingly did a few months before 9-11.
So this is what we know about this man.
So here's another question.
How is someone who's affiliated with Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden and an active member in the Muslim Brotherhood allowed to work in the Washington Post?
Why would the Washington Post hire an affiliate of Osama Bin Laden?
That's a question that I would like to see answered and I know it will never be answered anytime soon.
So that's what we know.
Another thing also that we know is that Prince Salman, two of his aides,
One security guard and another as an advisor were pictured entering the Saudi embassy the day that Khashoggi went missing.
So maybe because of what he might know about 9-11, his ties to Al-Qaeda can have damning information that can hurt the Saudi government.
Another question, would the Prince Salman do something like that?
Unfortunately, yes.
Unfortunately, Arab regimes have shown us consistently that they lack the ability to think long term, the ability to control themselves.
They do not understand the concept of consequences and 9-11 is a perfect example of that.
And so, unfortunately, yes, I do believe that Prince Salman would do something like that.
Well, certainly, my issue is, why do it in plain view, and then see the leftist, globalist media that's trying to undermine Trump jump on it and blame Trump?
We know there's a 9-11 connection in Saudi Arabia.
We know there's a cover-up.
But this new prince, this new leader...
I don't trust Saudi Arabia.
I think Trump's been playing with fire with it.
But I do want to get them to stop supporting al Qaeda and ISIS.
And it looks like they've at least done that at some levels.
But you are the expert, I know, on this and pioneered that Obama was funding the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood, that basically is like Sinn Féin and the IRA.
They're the good cop, bad cop.
They're the good cop and the bad cop.
So I understand, you know, what's going on here.
But larger geopolitical, when I see CNN, The Washington Post, that's kind of the leftist arm of the CIA.
Trying to embarrass Trump with this?
I think there's something bigger going on here.
You know, they are using anything against President Trump.
Even everything good that he has done is being pinned that it's bad.
So there's no winning with these people.
They blamed him for hurricanes and for weather disasters.
So these people are constantly going to behave like this.
This actually did hurt not only
The attempt to modernize Saudi Arabia, but it also hurt the enemies of Prince Salman himself, which is the Muslim Brotherhood.
This happened under Erdogan's nose.
Erdogan is the most prominent leader in the Muslim Brotherhood right now, and his country has been a hub for Brotherhood terrorists from across the globe, including the United States chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood, where they go there and they have their meetings,
And all the subversive plans and tactics and terrorist plots.
That's my next question.
I'm banned off Twitter, Facebook, all these things.
They lie about why I'm banned.
But then I see ISIS groups, Al-Qaeda groups, Muslim Brotherhood, all of them recruiting, getting money, saying kill people.
They're allowed to have preachers, Islamic preachers say kill people in England at public squares.
If I said that I'd be arrested and I should.
Why is the left allied so much with radical Islam?
They're both totalitarians.
It's the enemy is my friend kind of thing.
Leftists are arrogant.
They think they can play with fire and not get burned.
History proves them wrong.
Leftists in Iran try to do the same thing with the mullahs over there.
Oh yeah, and then they literally hung their heads on sticks and marched with their heads, with the leftists' heads on sticks.
Let's come back with that, because you know your history.
1979, 78, the left had the real power, because they were mad that Mozadek had been kicked out the Shah was in.
So they get rid of one problem, bringing something 50 times worse.
And then as soon as they, because the left didn't want to kill people, so they used radical jihadists to carry out the murder, even though they were a minority.
And as soon as they got in, they killed them instantly.
And which is the same thing over and over again.
Cynthia Farahat is our guest, CynthiaFarahat.com, an amazing journalist of incredible courage.
She doesn't want to talk about herself, but when we come back, I want to get into the Iranian Islamic Revolution of 79, and then fast forward to the left, trying to use this to break down Europe's borders right now.
Stay with us.
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Yeah, you know what?
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Yeah, that's fine.
No matter what the globalists want to do, no matter what politicians want to do, this country is going to make it!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones!
Cynthia Farhat's our guest.
We've got some really big news here.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Mexico deploys officers to its southern border to block migrants headed for the U.S.
Trump has said, if you don't stop those people, we'll cut off the billions in aid, he told Honduras.
He told Guatemala they're trying to stop it but once you've got tens of thousands of people UN funded coming in it's hard but Mexico already understands this.
Mexico gives you six months to a year hard labor if you come across their southern border because as bad as Mexico is it's at the top of third world countries for GDP and things like that you know there's a middle class in Mexico.
And they understand that, so there you go.
The translation, Mexico is building Trump's wall.
The Mexican government has reinforced security at its southern border with Guatemala with 2,000 persons, way more than that, a caravan of Hondurans expected to try to enter the country.
That's just the first group.
And head for the United States according to local reports.
So the U.N.'
's opening up migration routes, just like they've done out of the Middle East and Africa, into Europe as part of this globalist plan.
And Cynthia Farahat can speak to that award-winning journalist, again, inside the Arab Spring, inside the leftist CIA takedown of nations, backing ISIS, Al Qaeda-type groups.
Kidnapping and slaving women, slavery being brought back to North Africa, many other areas.
Just unbelievable evil with the left backing it.
So you got cut off talking about the 1979 Islamic Shiite revolution that the left opened the door for into Iran and then go from there.
So in 1990, 1979, the mullahs of Iran perpetrated the Islamic revolution.
It did not and it could have not happened without leftist agitators and activists, communists and socialists, that thought that they have, they related to the totalitarianism of Islamists and thought that they could have an alliance and then work jointly or maybe they were thinking they could defeat the Islamists and take over.
But of course, months after
The Islamic Revolution, they took all these leftists, including the military generals among them, decapitated them, put their heads on sticks and marched with them down the streets.
It's so arrogant and so ignorant to think that they can work with the hounds of hell who are Islamists and they can defeat them.
In this equation, the most brutal and the most vicious is the one that's always going to win.
And trust me, Islamists are so much better at being evil than leftists are.
Why is that from your experience?
Why they are allying together?
I think because they relate to the totalitarianism of Islamists.
And Marxists, when you read Karl Marx and Engels' literature, you will see that they believe in relying on what they call the rag classes.
To become agitators and engage in crime.
Like the Antifa group, for example.
In Marxist ideology, they view them as the dispensable rag class that can create agitation.
They do not have much to lose.
They can get violent.
And then they are very easy to get rid of afterwards.
They're very dispensable.
But the difference between people like what Marx called the rag classes and people like Islamists, is Islamists are ideologues.
Islamists are the only enemy that wins whether they live or die.
So it's a cult.
That's why it fits into the left.
And now the left thinks it's so sexy, so cool, promotes it, allows it to continue, allows it to grow.
And then now we see Christians, conservatives, nationalists being censored everywhere.
Where do you see this big clash of civilizations going and then getting back into Saudi Arabia and what's happening there?
Where do you see this going?
Look Alex, we are going to win.
People who believe in reason, who believe in human rights, who believe in the values of the American Constitution.
We are going to win.
We can lose little battles, but we will win the war.
And let me give you a little example.
When I was completely banned in Egypt in 2008, someone from Egyptian intelligence was pretty
They had to change the people who were listening in and recordings because they bugged my house and they bugged my office and they bugged everything.
So the people who were listening to report on what I say were getting turned to my side.
Could you believe that?
They were getting turned.
Oh, I believe it.
I know exactly.
So, so of course that shows you how powerful our ideas are.
And, uh, they are never- Exactly!
Freedom really works!
It's really cool!
We don't want to live under a leftist Soviet Union, or a communist China, or a collapsed Venezuela, or some Islamic hellhole.
I mean, again, Venezuela on average had more money in the 1950s than the U.S.
citizen did.
Same thing with Argentina.
Now they're hellholes.
Because of socialism.
And it's the ideology.
It doesn't work.
So, the way socialism and globalism and communism and Islamic fascism works is, it wants us silenced and shut down because it can't compete.
Just like Twitter and Facebook and Google.
Please continue and then we'll get your take on the massive censorship you see by big tech giants.
That's the same thing that Third World Hell holds due to dissidents and people who believe in freedom of speech and values that are expressed very beautifully in the U.S.
This is an attack against the American Constitution.
This is an attack against American values and against everything America stands for and that it defines its greatness.
This is not just an attack against you.
So this is the war we are at.
It's a war of ideas.
And they can engage in this behavior, but it backlashed because now you are going to become mainstream.
And I want you to remember me, Alex, when this happens.
That's what they're doing to you right now is going to end up being one of the best things that ever happened to you in your career.
Because that is a morality test for every individual who stands for any decent value.
To stand with you or they are against, they are on the side of this savagery.
So that is a defining moment in American history and a defining moment for anyone with an ounce, an iota of integrity or moral courage.
So when I called your show, you said this is Fight Club now.
Your show is becoming Intellectual Fight Club.
So this is what's happening.
We are going to win.
We can lose little battles, but that's not going, that's not sustainable.
I have seen it.
When they banned my book, guess what happened?
People were buying it like drugs.
It was, everybody wanted it until completely sold out.
So we are going to win and the values that they banned and the book that they banned.
Now I write it.
Everything in mainstream media in Egypt, and it's celebrated, and it's becoming mainstream.
And this is... So you're helping cause, I know this, I'm sure this is up front, a major reformation with your book and other books.
When we come back, we'll talk about those.
But the particular book that they tried to ban, tell folks the name of that.
A desecration of a heavenly religion because that is the name of the bill in Egypt that they use to punish dissidents and people who are against blasphemy laws.
Desecration of a heavenly religion available at CynthiaFarhat.com.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com.
Spread that link.
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The mind control and the manipulation.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Cynthia Farahat is our guest, one of the top journalists in the world.
Incredible courage as she can speak to the whole Khashoggi situation, who they admit was involved in intelligence operations.
Washington Post means leftist intelligence operations.
So I heard it was to cover up 9-11 information.
I'm not sure.
We'll get her expert take in a moment.
And then, ladies and gentlemen, when we go into the fourth hour, I've got a bunch of video and a bunch of articles that I haven't gotten to that I'm going to get to since Mother Breaking News.
It's on newswars.com and infowars.com.
What she said is true.
They had the staged Arab Spring to try to radicalize and have a leftist breakdown of the European border and a larger globalist plan.
When that failed,
If we fail, it's going to be really bad in a new dark age and a real authoritarianism.
That's why I need your financial support.
I'm trying to launch new shows.
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We have one.
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You need to get the orders in now to provision us into the new year, so thank you all for your support.
You've really been coming through.
So much so we're going to have to end these specials very soon because a lot of these are about to sell out.
I'll have some new specials on what's left.
So thank you.
But get your Christmas shopping done now.
Now Cynthia Farahat, CynthiaFarahat.com is her website.
She's here with us for this segment.
I got her a little bit late.
Maybe she'll do five minutes in the next hour.
But I really respect her and appreciate her.
I'm going to stop asking questions.
You wanted to get more into Saudi Arabia and this current firestorm over this one reporter.
And I'm saying, you're a reporter, I'm a reporter.
We're valuable and I support free speech, but what's really behind this and what are the other players and angles?
Well, I do that.
Unfortunately, Prince Salman could have been involved.
I believe that the way to go further is to, we have to make sure that this never happens again.
And the way we do that is there has to be punishment against
Turning your embassy into a slaughterhouse.
Because if this passes, every third world hellhole will be turning their embassies into slaughterhouses for dissidents who enter there for whatever reason.
So that's a very, very dangerous precedent that it happened.
The second thing, if I was advising President Trump, the thing I would be focusing on the most is to make sure that one of the very dangerous princes right now
Who is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran does not become the next king of Saudi Arabia because they already started talking about putting him there and that is Prince Ahmad bin Abdulaziz and he's residing in London right now and he is the most dangerous, he's among the most dangerous princes who are eligible to become the next
Kings of Saudi Arabia.
So it has to be a priority that this man does not get to this level.
The other safe option is we have the brother of the Prince Salman, Khalid bin Salman, who was the Saudi Arabia's ambassador in the US.
That is a good, he is a moderate.
He's been in the United States.
He's more familiar with Western ideas than his brother.
I think that's a good alternative to Prince Oman.
And the United States should not be fighting Turkey's battles.
Erdogan, right now, he's a little coward, and he keeps releasing some information to the press, hoping that America fights his battles and punishes Saudi Arabia on his behalf.
So while I agree that this was a terrible crime and there needs to be a punishment, it should not be done in a way that would serve Erdogan.
And I think Trump, when he said, let us learn what happened, only a few days into it, the media demonized him like he was backing what Saudi Arabia did, implying he wants members of the press to be killed is just asinine.
They're the ones constantly calling for him to be killed, or be removed from office, or for the military to come after him, or for the White House to be blown up.
I'm gonna play some of those new clips in the next hour once you're gone, but I mean, I'm just calling, like I see it, isn't about 98% of calls for violence in Europe, and also in the United States, by the left?
Of course!
Of course!
And they're wasting our time with the Kavanaugh Inquisition, and they're wasting our time with some porn actress and her creepy lawyer.
And instead of focusing on real issues, I have released an incredibly disturbing report, a peer-reviewed report, about Islamists with ties to terrorists that lobby Congress.
Not a single mainstream media outlet was interested in covering that atrocity.
We're heading to the midterms.
How is that not a priority?
How about calling your congressional nominee and telling them a pledge that you are not going to meet with Islamists and operatives of al-Qaeda?
The webmaster for Osama bin Laden, for God's sake!
Was lobbying on the Hill and he lobbies on the Hill every year in an event called Muslim Advocacy Day.
So we're having some national security disasters and they're wasting our time on Pocahontas and the porn actress and all this vulgar garbage.
It's circuses.
Let me ask you this question then.
What happens if there's another big terror attack and Trump's actually been trying to secure the borders and trying to vet people from these seven failed countries where they don't even have real passports?
What is the left going to do if there's another big terror attack?
I mean, take Iran.
We know they've got real Hezbollah sleeper cells here.
They've bragged about that.
What happens if that happens and then they've been trying to block stopping it?
That is a possibility, of course.
Especially that the Muslim Brotherhood operatives who founded al-Qaeda and ISIS and al-Jamal al-Islami and the vast majority of terrorist group has a very strong presence in America and they're very powerful here.
So that's definitely a possibility.
And of course they're going to, leftists will blame it on President Trump.
And it is a real threat.
And there was a terrorist among the Islamists who were lobbying Congress.
A man involved in the murder and injury of 506 people.
So, is that a threat?
Are we under threats of terrorism?
Of course we are!
Well, you brought up a lot of really stunning points.
We've only got five minutes left when we go this little short break, and I appreciate you staying over a little bit, but I got you on late.
When we come back in like two minutes, I'll give you the full five minutes.
What else is on your radar screen?
What else do you want to warn people about as one of the main leading experts on the radical Islamic leftist metastasization?
My priority is to stop them from having this access to lawmakers.
That is the most urgent situation right now because they have been bragging about influencing United States policy.
Exactly, and if you look at Germany and Sweden and everywhere where it's parliamentary, where you can get 5-10% Muslim but they all vote the same, that's a swing vote and so they're very powerful and smart politically because they vote monolithically and that's why there's such a danger.
We'll talk about that and how to stop it straight ahead because let me tell you, we'll play the clip of Sharia law.
We've got a statement now with regard to PayPal and reports that it has ended its relationship with InfoWars.
PayPal joining the slew of tech companies that have severed ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, hitting his InfoWars where it hurts, by no longer allowing the site to use the payment processor.
PayPal is the latest company to sever ties with Jones after YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Last month, the website called Right Wing Watch posted a report highlighting PayPal's continued business relationship with InfoWars, and the Washington Post also noted how business on the InfoWars stores was booming.
PayPal is the latest big tech company to cut ties with far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, stealing a blow to one of founder Alex Jones.
And we're also standing up
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all booted Jones off their platforms.
PayPal on Thursday night informed InfoWars, which runs an online storefront that sells survival gear and herbal supplements, that it has 10 business days to find a new payment processor.
You can't pick one person and say, well, we don't like what he's been saying.
He's out.
We have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in.
And you just can't do that.
Jones hit back on his website saying the InfoWarsStore.com site had no political content, and the move emphasizes how the decision was a broader attack on the InfoWars platform.
A PayPal spokesperson says, quote, we undertook an extensive review of the InfoWars sites and found instances that promoted hate.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
And bullying policies.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
It was important to recognize what's really going on on these anti-Sharia laws.
They're motivated by anti-Muslim bigotry, plain and simple.
Sharia equals Islam and Muslims and a vote against one is a vote against another.
I said it.
Thank you.
Sending out an S.O.S.
and she's sending out an S.O.S.
Cynthia Farahat, investigative journalist, one of the most famous in the world, who helped expose the fact that Obama and Hillary funded the Arab Spring.
She's saying the big S.O.S.
is this.
ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden's webmaster.
They're openly on Capitol Hill.
They're lobbying.
They're bragging what idiots we are.
And if you look at Europe, the way they've lobbied, the way they've become that key vote, that key swing vote that votes as a bloc.
This is really the real threat, not the physical terrorism.
That's the good cop, bad cop scenario.
This is the real heart of it.
So break down your emergency report.
Tell folks where they can find it, because this is critical.
They can find it on my website and they can also find it on my official Facebook page.
This report has damning evidence to the support of many congressional members to some of the world's most brutal and vicious Islamists.
And that is actually much more dangerous than physical terror, because they influence policies that can result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, as we have seen with the so-called Arab Spring.
In this report, you are going to see Senator Cory Booker taking a selfie with Osama Bin Laden's webmaster.
And I'm not the one who's making this allegation against him.
That's the United States government.
The United States government accused him of operating a mirror website for Al-Qaeda and Mr. Cory Booker is taking a selfie with this man.
So what do you think this message, what kind of message did this send to
Terrorists worldwide, to moderate Muslims worldwide, to victims of Islamic terrorism worldwide, that a potential next president of the United States is taking selfies with al-Qaeda operatives.
What does that... Can it get more dangerous than this, Alex?
It's incredibly important, and again, people can go to Cynthia Farahat, CynthiaFarahat.com, and find Islamicists with direct ties to terrorists, lobby Congress.
And so basically, you've got lobbyists for ISIS and Al-Qaeda running wild, running free on Capitol Hill.
Simply insane.
People need to go get the report.
They need to share it.
They need to get it out.
And that's why they fear Infowars, is they fear our audience.
Audience, you're not the caboose.
You're the engine.
You're the whole train.
You're the track.
You're the planet.
When you move, nothing can stop you.
If you don't take action, we're screwed.
We've got a minute left.
You're awesome giving us this time.
People can find your books at CynthiaFarahat.com.
Again, we salute your courage.
Please come back on a regular basis.
In the last 60 seconds, other points.
I would like to thank your audience.
When I called for an InfoWars, I was overwhelmed
With messages of love, prayers and kindness and support.
So you have great audience, Alex.
They are incredible, aren't they?
I mean, they are.
They are.
They are the victory.
Oh, my God.
They're amazing.
I've been on shows across the world and you by far have the best audience.
I've never I've never had that experience before.
And another thing, I love your products, too.
I'm on Brain Force right now and Secret 12.
And your product is amazing.
Your audience is amazing.
You're doing great work.
And that's why they're targeting you.
Well, you're amazing.
And we just thank God you're there as well.
And we look forward to speaking to you soon.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
You bet.
We got huge, when I say huge breaking news, it's such insane news.
I don't even know what to say at this point.
We'll cover it when we come back.
But when she talks about the audience, it really is true.
I don't just keep saying how great you are.
You understand you are the best.
It's true!
I mean, InfoWars, you are InfoWars.
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He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Chaos is hanging around.
Put your ear to the ground.
And shut it from the sound.
The death machine ain't slowing down.
It's gaining power.
Senator Warren's family has long told stories that they have some Native American heritage.
Now some people don't believe that and his name is Donald Trump.
Breaking news this morning.
Senator Elizabeth Warren has released results of a DNA test showing she does have Native American ancestry.
Massachusetts Senator and possible presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren released results of a DNA test she says proves she has some Native American heritage.
Strong evidence that she has Native American heritage.
DNA analysis proves she has Native American heritage.
Elizabeth Warren can now officially say that she is part Native American.
It's past time to separate politics from fact.
And the fact is, the people calling Warren a liar just don't have a leg to stand on.
President Trump, who calls her Pocahontas, has suggested he would pay a million dollars to a charity if she took a DNA test to prove her heritage.
When told of the test results today, here's what President Trump said.
Who cares?
Who cares?
Who cares?
Who cares?
You care!
You care!
You're literally the only person who cares!
I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you're an Indian, you know.
Donald Trump promised he'd donate $1 million to charity if Senator Elizabeth Warren could prove she had Native American ancestry.
Well, the DNA results are in!
She is!
She's one tenth of one percent.
Elizabeth Warren took the test.
Now he says he's not going to pay the million dollars.
When confronted about his million dollar pledge this afternoon, he chickened out.
The president is scoffing at the results.
How much?
One, one thousand?
Do you owe her an apology?
No, I don't.
I owe her.
She owes the country an apology.
We don't have to wait for the president's DNA.
He is 100% douche.
Elizabeth Warren taking the bait.
Now, the president likes to call my mom a liar.
What do the facts say?
The facts suggest that you could absolutely have a Native American ancestry in your pedigree.
This is absolute pure bull.
Don't believe the crap you see from these people.
The fake news.
I'm an Indian outlaw.
Half Cherokee and Choctaw.
My baby, she's a Chippewa.
She's a one-of-a-kind.
Elizabeth Warren is whiter than your average white person.
My papa had high cheekbones like all of the Indians do.
Ay yi!
What an embarrassment.
Pocahontas is on the warpath!
They call her Pocahontas.
What does Warren translate into Cherokee as?
Spreading bull?
Cherokee people!
Cherokee tribe!
If Senator Warren sets the standard, you too could claim a minority preference.
But I knew my father's family didn't like that she was part Cherokee and part Delaware.
So my parents had to elope.
The other children
Most white Americans have more Native American blood than Senator Warren.
She's potentially 1,000th and 24th Indian, which is 0.09%.
I never asked my mom for documentation when she talked about our Native American heritage.
The university actually celebrated her as the first minority woman to receive tenure.
Warren posed as a victim because on the left, victimhood is power.
Warren is trying to play the victim.
I'm 13% victim.
I'm 21% victim.
Order now and find out if your friends should be more sympathetic towards you, DNA and me.
Are you in?
Hell f***ing yes I'm in.
Waging war on corruption.
Waging war on victimhood.
Projecting and achieving planetary victory.
Alright, now that's some good news, and hilarious, and everything they do blows up in their face, but they're still in control of the banks and the media, and the chi-coms and the EU.
And they are trying to destroy those of us that stick our little heads up above the parapet.
I don't normally do this, but more and more, let me just tell the crew now, they do a great job putting up with me.
Can we get a portable mic ready and get a camera aimed over here at these maps?
Because I'm going to give a presentation when we come back from break about the real crisis.
And it's been weighing on me to cover this, but then I just don't come up with words to describe how insane it is.
This is a key to really everything.
You guys print me some of the articles that I know I've had you print four times the last five, six days and I've never covered.
I've mentioned it but never covered it.
It's even the New York Times.
Austria and Hungary and Italy pulling out of the UN refugee compact.
Yes, the UN runs worldwide.
Who comes into your borders?
But now they have announced the invasion of the U.S.
This came in just minutes ago, like 10 minutes ago.
It's stunning.
It's on Infowars.com.
I'm going to cover it when we come back.
Look, I already knew this, you already knew this, but to see it all over the news, and I was back in the coffee room getting some iced tea during the break, and I saw it on Fox News too, so I'm like, reading it?
And then it's on Fox News, like it's no big deal.
And I'm not even attacking Fox News, but they're like...
The United Nations is directing the refugee columns coming towards the United States.
Mexico, under U.S.
pressure, has agreed to stop them.
But the U.N.
is pledging to build refugee centers in Mexico and help those migrate into the United States.
We're under U.N.
This is how you take people down!
They're the ones advertising with collapsing Latin America and globalist policies and communist policies that did it to do this!
So they can then set up globalism here!
Instead of having free market capitalism down there, they'd be just as rich as we were!
But they never got a chance, did they?
Look, I don't want to see Latin America sink into hell.
I'm just not going with them!
But at least they're not Islamic.
That's the golden lining, the silver lining, I guess.
Help me, I just don't know what to do anymore.
I mean, it really does take your breath away.
If it doesn't take your breath away that we're under U.N.
invasion, and then the President's fighting it, and the media's attacking him, and we're under Chai Com, the chips, most of the chips in your refrigerator, your washing machine, your car, have Chai Com spy chips tracking and stealing data, and I mean, it's like, I'm not a fascist!
Facebook and Google and YouTube and Apple are.
They're the ones that dare all this.
If Trump sends the army in to take their ass out, he's not the fascist.
It's called self-defense.
And, oh, meanwhile, they're saying, oh, use the military against Trump, you're saying.
Because they're planning all this, folks.
You see those big migrant waves?
In fact, pull up next segment, the famous snake stuff, you know, the video that got us banned on Twitter or whatever.
I want to show the European Union leading in the millions as well.
We've seen this before!
They build an army, and they march it in, and the media says do it, do it, and then once those corridors are open, it's over!
The wages go down!
Your pension funds go down!
Giant sunkings down!
That Ross Perot talked about!
Now listen, they were paying $50 an hour on average in Canada.
We were paid on average about $25.
Now as soon as we got rid of those tariffs and controls, they dropped down to about $30.
We dropped down to about $15.
So it didn't build them up, it didn't build us up.
It was a giant sucking sound.
It's been done other places.
Let me show you 20 minutes of graphs and science here.
I'm a self-made guy at $10 billion.
Now, Mexico paid about $2 an hour.
This is 1993.
Now, if they went from 50 to 30, we went from, you know, 25 to 15, it's not going to raise Mexico to lower us.
It's not going to raise Canada.
It's a sucking sound.
You get rid of civilization, you get rid of that, then none.
Well, but the left's all, oh, minimum wage, minimum wage.
How about free market drives up all the wages, which you see happening?
And the Federal Reserve is like, oh god, let's raise interest rates, let's stop wages going up.
Because they can't have a free market.
The big bankers want a controlled one they rig to vertically integrate and consolidate.
But hey, if people are too stupid to take liberty and prosperity in their hands, you get what you deserve.
Sheryl Sandberg, the representative from Facebook, literally sounds like the most authoritarian big brother, I call her big mother now, that I've ever heard.
It was just so creepy to hear her talking about the tactics and how serious they are about trying to remove quote-unquote fake news.
And what's interesting about these hearings is that these hearings are our own congressmen and women who have sold out to the globalists, primarily
Mostly Democrats, but also Republicans, just like Marco Rubio, essentially pressuring social media big tech to do their bidding for them, acting as censors or authoritarian-type regimes and saying that if you don't, we'll take you over.
We are focused, as I know you are, on the upcoming U.S.
midterms and on elections around the world.
Our efforts in recent elections from Germany to Italy to Mexico to the Alabama special Senate election show us that the investments we are making are yielding results.
Right there!
She's admitting to the fact that social media plays a major role in our elections and she's actually talking about how in other countries they're using their tools, algorithms, AI, shadow banning to influence elections in other countries.
But don't worry, she's doing it on behalf of Big Brother, Big Authoritarian Government, and she'll take commands from the Democrat globalists that are in office.
I mean, if that doesn't creep you out, I don't know what does, Alex.
And it's in the WikiLeaks and everywhere else that they're interfacing with the executives in real time and taking bad Hillary results out, you name it.
Any populist, any nationalist, they're all being removed and being force-fed from Brazil to Germany.
They're trying to stop populist candidates, trying to stop the will of the people.
This is truly an authoritarian group of criminals.
Let's continue.
We're getting better at finding and stopping our opponents.
From financially motivated troll farms to sophisticated military intelligence operations.
We don't have access to the intelligence government have access to.
So we don't always know exactly who is behind these attacks or their motives.
And that's why we will continue working closely with law enforcement.
Chairman Burr, I want to thank you for your leadership.
Vice Chairman Warner, I want to thank you for your white paper, which has so many ideas on how we can work together to strengthen our defense.
Let's stop again.
The fact that she's talking about how they're trying to prevent porn interference in our elections, but she's demonstrating and talking about how they, Facebook, are taking it upon themselves to then meddle in elections and give the result that
Our government officials in the Democrat Party or the globalist movers and shakers want them to make.
So she's actually admitting that by preventing foreign interference from Russians or whatever else, she's going to take it upon herself as a Facebook executive to make sure that they get the results that the globalists want.
We're also going to require people running large pages with large audiences in the United States to go through an authorization process and confirm their identity.
Okay, so this is exactly what I said was going to happen when you had me on right after InfoWars and Alex Jones' YouTube and Facebook pages got pulled from my intelligence source that was saying that this is all the plan and they're going to roll out this government-issued ID verification program for social media and they're already starting it now on Facebook, but only for pages that have large followings.
That's what she's announcing here.
To watch them admitting it all, Millie, that's what's crazy, is to watch how they have their own corporate speak and it's all out in the open.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You are either with the Republic or against it.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
What was it like for you?
Because we haven't talked about this ever on TV or off.
What was it like for you when he won?
It was horrible.
I was away by myself in Boston about to shoot a TV show and I said to my therapist, do you think it's wrong for me to go alone?
It's election night and what if he wins?
And she said, you know, Rosie, you've got to stop it.
Always the negative tapes in your head.
No one's saying it's going to win.
You go there, you do your job.
I went there and I started, I actually got physically sick.
I got physically sick that night and I thought to myself, this cannot be happening.
Because when he got the nomination, I thought, well, we just gotta wait till election day.
That's all I have to do is hold on till then.
And then that he won, you know, it took me a good year to compose myself to be in public again.
I took a year out of the spotlight.
I'm sure you would have wanted to be proven wrong, but the first thing he did was pass the Muslim ban.
He came into office and did all the things that you probably knew about him.
When he was elected, what I wrote on Twitter was, we should impose martial law until we make sure that the Russians weren't involved in the final tallies of the votes.
And Bob Mueller has indicted 13 Russians for election meddling.
And people were like, martial law?
What's wrong with you?
You're a lunatic!
He wants to send the military to the border.
I would have sent the military to the White House to get him.
I just saw live footage, you just saw live footage if you're a TV viewer, if you're a radio listener, from RT, because our traitorous media won't show this.
That was bigger masses of people pouring across the Mexico border than what we even saw in the famous footage in the last few years of the giant columns of people pouring into Europe.
I mean, it is unbelievable.
Now, the live feeds cut out.
But we streamed it live 10 minutes ago.
We're gonna go back into that and get that.
And I'm rarely speechless.
But to see Rosie O'Donnell and them, like, how dare we have troops on the border?
We should just let the UN come in and announce everybody we're going into America and then pay to have these images, just like they did with Islamists out of the Middle East and North Africa, pouring into Europe to open up those migration lanes for the globalist invasion.
I mean, this is world government.
So about 20 minutes ago I said, coming up, incredible article
About how it's even the Associated Press and Reuters that the UN is running this.
And I mean, I know you know that.
I know I know that.
But it's outrageous!
Can we show the snake footage?
The famous footage of the giant columns coming in.
Yeah, there it is.
This is even bigger and worse than that.
This is totally collapsing everything.
So I'm so flabbergasted right now.
And I want to nail this so that we can then take the live feed video and post it so we can get it out to people and warn people.
This is insane.
The globalists are literally collapsing the collapsing world, third world system into the West.
This is World War 4.
This is the attack.
This is the plan.
Thousands of U.S.-bound migrants stormed Guatemala-Mexico border under U.N.
Look at these headlines.
I added under U.N.
That's RT.
Look at Fox News.
U.S.-Mexico agree on plan to handle migrant caravan from Central America.
But it just broke through into Mexico out of Guatemala.
And it goes on to say the United Nations is going to establish UN camps on the Guatemalan border to bring everybody in and then force them over the border.
Just today the Mexican government, and it's a very important step, requested the intervention of the UN, the Office of the High Commissioner of Refugees, to help Mexico recover any asylum claims for the members of the caravan.
It says the UN is setting up
Refugee centers on the border with the United States' southern country, Mexico.
Hungary pulls out of the UN Global Migration Agreement.
So does Austria.
This is what they do.
They advertise.
They pay.
They bring the people in.
They bust the gates open.
And then the liberals, the socialists, the globalists, the leftists, they feed and fund off all these people who never get jobs and are totally personless, who then if they want, they give them one order, they burn everything down.
One hell of a way to sabotage civilization.
So we're going to get that footage again, because it was live.
It was just like 10 minutes ago, 15 minutes ago, and I said I'd give a presentation describing the invasion routes, and we'll do that.
Coming up, the start of the next segment.
But at certain points, it's like I almost can't even sit here and talk about this on air.
I mean, my God, the Democrats, the globalists, they're part of this UN, UNESCO, Soros, world government plan to implode the third world, flood everything, weaponize the populations that are brought here.
This is how the globalists are taking over.
They don't want middle classes.
They don't want anything.
They want to collapse everything.
And now they're desperate trying to accelerate their plan.
Yeah, the footage has now been archived.
So let's fade up the audio and roll some of this.
This is unbelievable.
And then they break through the Mexican border.
This is the same footage we've got out of Europe where they knock the fences down and climb over.
And then the fences are broken.
And then if Hungary or Austria try to stop this, if they try to stop them, then the UN says under the EU they're going to send in the military.
This is a 30-minute video of these thousands and thousands and thousands of people brought in by Soros, staged in Honduras, in Nicaragua, in San Salvador.
You can fade it back up.
And then they, boom, march them up to show everybody else, hey, it's open, blow off the gates, come in.
And again, it's not that these people are bad, it's that they're being run by the globalists.
Notice they've all got their national flags.
They've got flags, they're coming El Norte, and they've got their flags of their country because they've been taught to hate America and be nationalistic, and they've got their flags.
We're coming with our flags!
We're coming to your gates!
We're gonna blow your gates off!
We're coming!
Yeah, fast forward.
This is 30-something minutes.
Let's skip halfway ahead.
You will see them break the gates.
This is unbelievable.
Oh my God.
It's starting.
Oh, fade the audio up.
Climbing over the fence.
It's beginning.
And then pretty soon, they tear it all down.
Oh my God.
Back it up a minute.
Oh my Lord.
We're going to come back and cover this.
Good God.
Back it up more.
Because when we come back from break, we're going to have this for everybody.
If you're a TV viewer, you've got to see this.
This is why they want us off Twitter and Facebook.
They are getting ready for this, and they do not want anybody covering this.
This is classic, primitive Rome falling.
This is, this is absolutely, totally directed by Soros and the UN.
Clear and present military attack.
Our 2,000 plus mile southern border, undefended.
You got Mexico with its border, its wall.
And this is making Mexico, an already failed state, completely collapse with people tearing down the fences.
If you're a radio listener, this is dramatic footage.
You will not see this anywhere in U.S.
You can bet your bottom dollar on that.
This is incredible.
Good God, the gates just fell.
And they're not waving American flags, as you can see.
And there's all sorts of Islamists that have infiltrated from all over the world, pouring into Mexico.
And Mexico will arrest you if you get off the train lines.
The train lines.
That's right up the train lines.
And if Trump tries to check who the kids are, who anybody is, he's a Nazi.
This is the invasion.
This is the traitorous activity.
This is America under attack, 18 days out.
Takes a lot of money to fight a war.
Takes a lot of money to take on Soros.
Love it.
And I want to win this thing.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
This is the most dramatic
Impacting thing I've ever seen.
It was incredible in the last five years seeing millions of Islamists just pour in, brought in by UN troops, marching by the millions into Europe, people thrown out of their houses, total welfare given to them to incentivize Africa and the Islamic nations of the Middle East to just completely invade.
And moderate regimes were taken down to open up the borders of Europe to carry this out.
Only Russia stood against it.
And now, this just happened the last 20 minutes, I was watching the live RT feed in there, and we took it.
And we've got the footage for you that I want to back up to the moment for TV viewers, and I'll narrate for radio listeners.
When this happened, just 20-30 minutes ago, it's the Mexican border, it's tens of thousands of invaders from all over the world, hundreds of Islamists have already been caught.
I've got headlines here, ISIS Al-Qaeda members.
And they shake down the gates, they shake down the wall, and they break in and they pour in, en masse, with our own media saying, how dare Trump try to stop this?
No borders, no walls.
You come here, everything's free, everything's wonderful.
But once they bring him in in Europe...
90% don't get jobs, they get on welfare, and now they're alone, and they're controlled by the leftist, by the globalist, by the Democrats, by the UN.
So here's the big announcement.
I just watched, on October 19th, 2018, the beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution, part two.
You just watched, and if you can, cue it right up to the point that I break down the, yeah, let's roll it from here for TV viewers.
You just watch a UN-sponsored, created media advertised zone where for a year they've been mashing migrant caravans together to blow open a migration route and to embolden people to flood up the rail lines to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California and flood in waving their flags.
Of the Middle East and of Latin America and saying we demand everything.
I've got articles stacked up today wearing gold watches and thousand dollar phones and $200 skinny jeans, bitching for more in Europe.
Pitching all over everything.
And there it is!
Promised free welfare, promised women, promised jobs, promised everything by Soros and the corporate media and Stephen Colbert and traitors!
You are witnessing on your TV screen the UN attack, the globalist attack on America!
And you're looking at the Democratic Party, mainstream news, registering illegal aliens to vote.
That's in the Washington Times today from right here in Texas.
And look at the directors in their NGO outfits, waving everybody in.
And waving those foreign flags.
Look at that amount of people.
That's over 10,000 people in one wave.
That's Soros bending America over.
And putting our head in the guillotine.
Look at that, that lone armored vehicle that was supposedly going to stop the power of a mass of people, and the Mexican government collapsing into corruption, and then Trump valiantly trying to stop it, as now, 800 miles away, now marches tens of thousands of people behind them, pouring in the most dramatic footage ever.
That's what a 21st century U.N.
invasion, Sixth Generational Warfare looks like.
That's what it looks like, ladies and gentlemen.
And then the footage cuts, and reportedly it's just still flowing and flowing and flowing and flowing.
Looks like way more than 10,000.
But that's the tip of the spear.
That's the tip.
Look at it.
Flowing and flowing and flowing and flowing.
El Norte.
And then nothing's gonna be good enough.
So think about it.
You're not an army in uniforms.
Though the message is white people are bad, but let's get to the country that they set up because it's so good.
And so the message is get up there.
And anybody that opposes you is opposing children!
Maybe 1 out of 50 people's a child there?
But it won't matter, the news will show the few children and say, don't stop any of them!
They're children!
Let them all through, because they're holding children up like human shields.
It was earlier in the video, and I was watching it live, holding children up at the fences.
Open the fences!
We have children!
We're fleeing where we came from!
We're fleeing the failures in the hell that our ancestors have created!
And we're bringing it to visit it on you because of your hospitality and your open arms.
And how dare your president and how dare your border patrol say he'll do anything.
So the left is abolish ICE!
Abolish ICE!
Dox their houses!
Kill them!
Kill Scalise!
Kill Rand Paul!
Kill Trump!
Kill Alex Jones!
Dox them!
Abolish ICE!
No defenses!
Everyone come!
As the left always invites in their Islamic killers, as they always invite in their destroyers, they're just begging to be annihilated.
The most dramatic footage I've ever seen of the collapsing Latin America and the zombie apocalypse, as you see that within ten days of people not having food, most of them become mass murderers or cannibals, and you see
People, a lot of them, obese.
They're not even starving in their third world countries.
Pouring in, demanding their piece of that pie, even though they're not waving American flags, they're waving their flags!
Because they're conquerors!
And they've been told, you're here and you're gonna conquer America!
You're gonna take it over!
You're gonna stand up to Donald Trump, because George Soros wants to mount America's head on the wall!
Because they have a plan to do it in Europe, and a plan to do it here, and a plan to do it everywhere else.
And it's all happening right now.
All those voters ready to be registered to take your guns, and take your pension fund, and take your bank account, and raise taxes on you, and George Soros is exempt from taxes because Texas Democrats asked non-citizens to register to vote.
You don't say illegal aliens, because that's politically incorrect.
The Washington Times doesn't want to get banned on Twitter, so they use the language they're told.
The Texas Democrat Party asked non-citizens registered to vote, sending out applications to immigrants with a box citizenship already checked.
Like Obama said in 2016, oh, if you live here, if you got here, you could vote.
According to a new complaint filed Tuesday, Thursday, asking prosecutors to see what laws may have been broken.
Gee, I wonder what laws just got broken in that footage.
Keep rolling it.
The Public Interest Legal Foundation alerted district attorneys and the Federal Justice Department to the pre-checked applications and also included a signed affidavit from a man who said some of the relatives who aren't citizens received the mailing.
This is how the Texas Democratic Party is inviting foreign influence in an election, in a federal election cycle, and it goes on from there.
You know, we have
A guest host joining us who always does a great job, Joel Gilbert, but I'm really tempted to commandeer this next hour because how could I just sit here like this is just more news when we just watched the southern border of Mexico collapse under the UN invasion test run by the UN!
Here's Fox News!
The U.N.
is establishing refugee camps on the southern border of Mexico in Guatemala to open up migration routes
Saying there's no right to sovereignty or nation states, only the U.N.
How about the U.N.
has its gates knocked down and a couple million people go live in that building in New York?
Oh no, that would never happen.
How about the Vatican that has 200 foot walls and the Pope says open Italy up?
Oh no, he won't do that.
No, you are going to let the third world in to be organized to destroy you.
The most incredible footage ever at InfoWars.com.
And we're taking these live feeds and updating them to the site.
And that's why they want to censor us 18 days out.
Because if you think this is bad, let me tell you, the next 18 days, they've launched the UN attack.
The US is now under UN invasion.
UN directed collapse of the border.
Red alert.
The United States is now under UN invasion.
We need 200,000 troops.
Mobilize now.
You know, it's been said that a lot of people miss the forest for the trees.
And I'm one of those people.
I just want to tell the viewers and listeners of InfoWars that you've changed the world.
And the globalists want to shut down InfoWars because it's a place where we can come together and share ideas and where we have culture, where we have kinship, where we are able to interface and realize how similar we really are.
It's a place where we know that we're not alone.
And that's why they filed fake lawsuits against us and written hundreds of thousands of fake news stories that have been syndicated across the world.
It's why they've got HBO and Showtime shows with characters based on me that do horrible, evil, racist things.
But that said, I wanted to just celebrate the fact that, yeah, we're under attack now, and we'll be under attack in the future.
But the globalists are trying to punish Infowars for what you did, what I did, what others did in the past.
So they're literally fighting a past war, like generals always do, instead of fighting the new war.
So, at so many levels, they're already winning when I debate them, or I confront them, or I try to counter their lies.
They can only disrupt.
And it's important to say where they're lying, but to move on with our truths and the things that we're saying that they're trying to silence.
They tell all these lies because they want us to then debate them for our honor.
But they're dishonorable.
They've been proven to be liars.
Our answer is, you're a pack of liars.
Here's my idea.
Here's what I'm promoting, that you don't want to be hurt.
And that's what's happening at InfoWars.com from 8 a.m.
past 10 o'clock at night, every night now, with live broadcast.
Our election coverage, David Knight, Owen Schroyer, myself, and so many others, bringing you true, truth-based information that comes from research and historical understanding and proven sources, not from globalist talking points and disinformation.
But in closing, it takes a lot of money to carry out this fight.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
October 19th, 2018, the year that the UN, the day that the UN officially
Declared war on America and invaded us with an illegal alien army that they staged down in Honduras that now marched through Guatemala and tens of thousands just blew a giant hole through the Mexican southern fence defense of their nation.
Imagine you walked into Mexico or flew into Mexico and you tried to waltz through their customs and said, I'm going to Cancun without showing you my passport.
They'd take you to jail and knock your teeth out.
But if they don't even know who you are and you're just walking in, well, they just climbed over the fences.
They just invaded the raw energy UN run.
And even Fox News says, oh, the UN is directing this group.
The U.N.
is in control of it.
The U.N.
will establish refugee centers on the Guatemala border for the further invasion of North America.
We just witnessed the invasion of North America officially begin.
They'd already tested opening the border to Mexico.
They'd already tested letting the biggest group coming in now is Chinese women here to have babies and make them citizens and be anchor babies.
Because we're schmucks.
They take our openness and use it against us.
But now, the image of, it's gotta be over 10,000, pouring across and just hours of the footage, building up to the last 30 minutes of footage, it happened at the start of this hour, just pouring through as far as the eye could see, behind and in front,
Just vitriolically like images archetypally of city gates being blown off and barbarian hordes pouring into Rome.
And this is 18 days out from the election.
You call it a Democratic voter drive, it's in the Washington Times, you name it, they've confirmed Democrats are doing mailers to illegal aliens, to register them as voters, and then when they do that, they give them absentee ballots and fill them out for them.
I mean, it is just a criminal takeover.
And Trump was just a shield against this.
And Americans have been trained to hate themselves and sovereignty so much,
Will they even notice this?
You know, you go back to Time Magazine six months ago, and the giant hoax that, look at the little Hispanic girl.
Didn't matter if her mother had come across the border illegally over and over again.
Lord knows what she was doing.
Her own husband said it was dangerous.
Came across 100 miles of desert.
She shows up.
No one knows who her mom is.
Her mom says it's her mom.
They never separate them.
They lie.
And they show Trump looking down the little girl.
Not the barbarism of the coyotes, the smugglers.
Not all the rape and murder of women and children.
No, no, no.
It's projected on Trump of a lying enemy.
Time Magazine.
And then that's the opening salvo of the war.
Let us do this.
Don't stop anybody.
Don't stop anybody.
Or you are mean little kids.
Think about that.
Think about that.
Capital switchboard.
Everyone needs to call the capital switchboard.
This is an invasion and they've trained us to accept it and now they're going to collapse the third world and the West.
That's the UN World Government Plan.
You know the enemy's plan, you know how they're doing it, 21st century warfare, using huge third world populations that have been de-industrialized, enslaved, dumbed down, controlled, and their media all tells them, because they're all run by the IMF and World Bank and the globalists, now's your time to come into Europe!
Over 10 million, the last five years.
Same footage!
Europe, just like here.
Go ahead and show Europe.
Radio listeners.
Huge columns flooding in.
And once they get there, the rape, the murder.
Because that's what they were doing when they came from.
Because there wasn't civilization there.
And they get there.
And they're signed up to vote by the liberals, and they're the swing vote.
There's the Democratic Party voter registration drive happening live right now on the border of Mexico and Guatemala, on the border of Central America and North America, happening now.
And then they go to the little hotel owned by the old Italian man.
Your hotel is over.
We're moving African migrants in here.
No payment.
And then the police sit back and smile and look down at him because this is our plan and we've been paid to be the traitors and we're gonna do it!
Capitol Switchboard, 202-224-3121.
Call your local offices.
They're out there campaigning.
Go to their campaign events.
Get in their faces.
Say, how dare you do this, you monster?
How dare you have a wall around your house?
We have a video of Nancy Pelosi and everybody else with their walls.
White House Switchboard, 202-456-1414.
I don't give numbers out very often, do I?
Call the White House.
Go to the Trump rally in Houston for Ted Cruz coming up.
Make this the issue, because Trump's on target!
But my God, it's gonna take...
Major border surveillance.
This is UN-directed.
And it's expensive to grab these people and to find out who they are.
They don't have paperwork and ship them back.
And they're trying to just overflow us so we capitulate and we give up.
This is a military attack!
Now, we've actually got a video here, don't we?
Showing Democrats, this is from Dummycrats, that Diamond and Silk are putting out, Dummycrats, showing how Democrats have all these walls around their houses and how they live in the widest areas, but they want your orders open.
I mean, my God, folks, the media kept saying 2,000.
I knew it would be way bigger because I saw what happened in Europe.
They'd bring them in 50,000 at a time, and then they'd take them to villages of 100, 200 people and say, 1,000 now live here, and it's literal hell!
Because they're not given jobs.
They're not given a future.
They're just there to be a political time bomb offered a bunch of free stuff.
You're witnessing reality.
This isn't a science fiction movie.
This isn't Soylent Green.
It's not THX 1138.
This is UN invasion, but it's not Blue Helmets.
The good old boys always said, if I see Blue Helmets, I'll... No.
It's a bunch of people already sucked dry by the globalists, already sucked dry by the UN, that always live in armored fortresses, and have third world people trimming the grass with scissors like slaves, and check slavery, and everything else they do.
And then once they've sucked the country dry, they then exploit it as the next domino to take down your country!
And the only country standing against it before was Russia, now it's the United States.
And this is the reality.
God help everyone because this is it.
This is the main attack on America.
Let's go to that Diamond and Silk piece.
When it comes to the tolerant left, they will tolerate just about anything, even their own hypocrisy.
Publicly, they are all against building a wall for our borders.
But take a look at their estates, while their houses are tucked away behind their picket fences and gates.
We will not build a wall.
You can put that wall up.
It's physically possible.
Then why don't we put up a wall with the Canadian border?
There's a lot of foreigners over there too.
To put a wall there is too, in my view, ineffective, too expensive, almost immoral.
We can't just put walls up all around America.
So there's Democrats.
Why don't you show the Vatican?
Folks, conservatives keep joking around being too nice about this.
This isn't a joke.
They're not environmental wackos.
They're not leftist wackos.
They are globalists and they mean business.
They're not playing games.
They know how to conquer.
They've got six plus billion people.
Falling apart, collapsing, and they're going to use them as weapons against you and your family, period.
If you're a radio listener, now's the time to take this live feed and email it to everybody, and text message it to everybody, and take action!
America has been invaded!
And I'm gonna tell you, we don't have the crew.
I want to cover Trump coming to Texas.
I want to have people constantly covering the open border.
We don't have it.
If I had the funds, I would put five reporters on the border.
I would have five reporters following Trump everywhere.
We've got two reporters doing it.
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Get it all.
Oh my gosh.
Joel Gilbert's coming up, but I'm gonna have to.
I mean, this is so incredible.
We are literally watching collapsed Mexico have the even worse Central America collapse into it.
It is a living hell, and it's all being directed by George Soros and the UN, and it's in the news it is!
We are under UN invasion!
We are under invasion!
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It's been watered down.
We didn't do that.
You think I would metaphysically tell you something that is the very best I can get?
I'd rather go to hell than do that.
I will only give you the maximum best info, the maximum truth, the maximum product, because I want that goodwill!
What I do to you, I do to myself.
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I feel so good, I feel so numb, yeah!
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been on air 23 years and I've never seen anything like it.
It's even worse than the implosion of Europe and the Middle East pouring in our UN direction.
We have just witnessed a giant U.N.
army smash Mexican defenses and overrun their wall and gates, flying the Honduran, the Guatemalan, the Brazilian, the Venezuelan flags, screaming, we are coming to take the North!
With the leftist and the UN directing it, it's in Fox News AP that the UN is in full command, directing them and marching them at the United States.
Holy Toledo, Batman!
This is unbelievable.
I'm going to post these live videos to Infowars.com, and when I say you better email them and you better text them and you better get them out, you better tell folks about the station we're watching or listening to.
They just show a little girl who was never taken from her mom, who her mom brought her over 100 miles of deadly desert and should be arrested, coming in illegally, never even separated to show Trump over the little girl.
That's the calling card.
You don't stop open borders.
The left says, we want ICE abolished.
We don't want any border.
My God, we need a moat with alligators.
We need a 100-foot wall.
We need helicopters.
I mean, this is the United Nations.
It'd be one thing if a bioweapon got released, or there was a plague, or everyone's starving down there, and then they came north, it'd be a big enough problem.
But we'd treat it humanitarian.
This is United Nations-directed!
Everywhere they go, they live behind big walls.
They have slaves trimming their yards, literally with scissors.
Sex slavery, all of it, and it's the admitted UN plan to smash national sovereignty with the 10 million Islamists they brought in already into Europe and red carpeted them everything free.
And now they've got, I mean they kept saying 2,000, I looked at the numbers, it's tens of thousands.
And this is just the phalanx.
The attack formation breaking down the walls, breaking down the border, breaking down the gate, flooding in.
Thousands of U.S.
bound illegals stormed Guatemala-Mexico border under U.N.
So let you know you heard it here first.
This is UN-directed publicly.
It's an invasion.
The United States has already been invaded by the United Nations in probing attacks.
This is the next big push.
Europe, Hungary, Austria have declared emergencies, manned their troops, fortified fences because a wave, even bigger, started hitting this month as well.
Good God!
And the same demoralizers are teaching your five-year-old son they're a girl, and your five-year-old daughter they're a boy.
This is psychological warfare, big tech, the big banks, the UN.
This is the robber baron war.
They don't want a first country status.
They don't want middle classes.
They don't want a first world.
They want slaves and elites.
And there is the giant beginning army marching in with pride to seize the wealth of the North.
To seize the wealth of the UN, the real colonizers have now reversed the colonization and said, you will colonize the North, but you're not going to colonize anything.
Once you get here, you'll be put in a squalor and controlled as a weapon system of the Democrats, indoctrinated and prepared for political control and conquest.
This is the new war.
This is the 21st century attack.
This is
The United Nations invasion of North America with Mexican defenses completely smashed.
Saying that they would send troops down to stop it.
Unless the United States invades Mexico, this will intensify.
Or, we must mobilize the Army, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, the local police departments, everything, and start cracking down on this invasion.
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You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
The United Nations has officially invaded Mexico and has an army marching north of tens of thousands.
The other attacks were probes.
Even Fox News, CNN admit, oh, it's a UN run.
The UN Refugee High Court says that there are no borders except at the UN.
There are no walls except the UN and Nancy Pelosi's house.
And it's coming out of the Washington Times, you name it.
Even in Texas, they are sending voter registration and absentee ballots to illegal aliens.
Citizen is already checked for them.
And they are voting Democrat en masse.
So Mexico deployed officers to its southern border to block migrants.
Head of the U.S., they overran, pulled the gates down, and flooded in an incredibly dramatic footage.
This is not... See, everything's been a build-up.
Like first they banned me, then they banned everybody.
Or first they, you know, have smaller migrant caravans and getting on the trains and coming up and Mexico turns a blind eye and now it's tens of thousands, UN-controlled, organized officially.
This is the takeover operation.
And again, they just think now, well go to sleep, it's no big deal.
This is the UN
This is George Soros.
This is the UN Refugee Councils and all these other groups.
Here it is, Fox News.
and Mexican officials have agreed on a plan to handle the approaching migrant caravan making their way up from Central America.
A senior administration official told Fox News.
Under the deal, which was developed over the course of several months, Mexico requested the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees establish shelters along the southern border with Central America, which of course they double-crossed, massed their force, and invaded.
Mexican Ambassador to the U.S.
Geronimo Gutierrez elaborated on the request.
And it goes on, UN to establish shelters at Mexico's southern border.
And that was all the feint.
Now the invasion tearing down the gates begins.
I mean, you are witnessing it.
And then the footage, when they stream up the road for a mile, well over 10,000 people, and then the feed cuts.
And I looked, almost no coverage in the United States of this incredibly dramatic footage.
And then as soon as they get here, chip on the shoulder.
What do you call it when gates are knocked down on a border with people screaming, waving their nation's flags?
You call it an enemy army.
But because the UN uses giant third world populations and little girls as their fronts, you're supposed to stand down and slit your family's own throat.
Just like the censorship, just like all the tyranny, just like them saying Trump's getting ready to be violent to the media when they're the ones calling for violence.
Eighteen days out, they're pulling out the stops.
And Joel Gilbert, investigative journalist, best-selling documentary filmmaker,
He got mailed, in Spanish, an absentee ballot.
So, it's on like Donkey Kong.
And he's going to show you right now.
Texas, they're busting Democrats voting on names of dead people everywhere, or people in nursing homes.
They've got databases.
They mean business.
They're getting indicted, but they don't care.
Because they're a bunch of losers, and this is their victory.
Their consciousness is if they could mount America's head on the wall,
They could finally be somebody.
And, of course, all these idiots being used by Soros and the globalists in the UN.
Look at that footage.
Put that on the front screen, please.
It's unspeakable.
And now this will be shown all over the world and it will be invade, invade, invade, invade, invade.
Just like communism or globalism takes over a country, sucks it dry, then exploits it as the next domino to take over the next country.
That is the doctrine of the globalists.
The ultra-rich using communism and third-world populations as their army.
And it just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
If you're a radio listener, you've got to go to Infowars.com.
But more importantly, you've got to grab these live feeds and email them and text them.
Did you hear?
America got invaded!
You are now the modern Paul Revere.
But instead of saying, to arms, to arms, the Redcoats are coming, to arms, to arms, the British are coming, wanteth by land, to it by sea, to information warfare now!
They censored and made these bold moves because they're going for broke!
They're going to stage the false flags!
They're going to have Andy Fagota, members of Congress and the Supreme Court, and kill their families!
They'll just be the cover!
They're here about to see the real revolution!
A hundred years after the Bolshevik Resolution!
A hundred years after the Baltic Revolution, you're about to see the very same globalist bankers and their great-grandchildren making their move on America and the world.
This is it.
It's happening.
It's real.
You're seeing it happen.
Oh, Mexico works for the UN.
We're just gonna mask this group here and we'll work with them.
And as soon as Trump says, I'm sending troops, they go, we can't mass the group anymore.
We've got tens of thousands.
Launch the attack!
And of course it wasn't 2,000, it's tens of thousands.
And tens of thousands more with those gates blown wide open.
All of it military precision.
All of it carried out exactly as we knew they'd do it.
All of it on Infowars.com right now.
So you heard it here first, but God forbid anybody tweet it out, you might get banned on Twitter.
You'll get banned later!
Or Facebook!
You saw the real invasion.
October 19th, 2018.
18 days out from the election.
You saw the beginning.
You saw way beyond what's happened to Europe.
Because most of the migrants have to get through Turkey and other areas and it's not totally open.
But Latin America is open.
One continuous land bridge straight into El Norte and the left waiting to take them in and take hammers and chip both their shoulders and radicalize them into an anti-white ideology and lower the wages and sack the country just like Venezuela.
Joining us is Joel Gilbert.
Joel, I cannot hype enough that this is our darkest hour.
This is the real deal.
This is Soros revenge.
This is the UN's revenge.
It's Juncker's revenge.
It is the globalist operation writ large.
And I don't know how we get people to understand how serious this is, but I will tell you, it doesn't mean I'm going to save the world myself, but we're going to the border now.
And we're going to face this, because this is our country under total assault.
Well, I got a big shock in the mail just two days ago.
I get a mail-in ballot.
Vote by mail.
Vota por correo.
Bolota oficial.
Official ballot.
I didn't ask for a mail-in ballot.
And when you open it up, you've got a ballot that's half in Spanish.
It says right here, Bolota Oficial.
The Loto Oficial and half the thing is in Spanish.
The thing is designed for Spanish speakers as well as English speakers.
And I didn't even ask, I didn't ask for this.
So you can imagine that they're mailing out millions and millions of these ballots all over the state.
And that probably happens everywhere in the country.
And this is a program that the Democrats have been pushing is vote by mail, vote in advance.
And they've been registering illegals for some time.
There's a clip called, I call it, Early Vote.
Maybe we can show that from my There's No Place Like Utopia film.
Go ahead and roll that.
If illegal immigrants vote, yes, they do vote.
They do, yes.
How's that possible?
Well, it's very easy.
You go to these supermarkets and you see these people that are registering people to vote and they can't even speak English.
And they sign them up to register to vote.
They get mail-in ballots.
And then they just mail them back off.
There's no way of tracking them.
Here in Illinois, we've got early vote.
And in a lot of the states, in Ohio, Florida, Nevada, and Colorado, you do it on your own time, and it's really convenient.
We're recruiting and training Latino organizers.
We're holding Latino voter registration drives across America.
We will transform this nation.
This is a... It's all over the news that illegals are getting early ballots and they're voting.
I mean, they finally did it.
That's it, right there.
All you gotta do is mail it in, there's no way to track them.
Imagine all these illegals, let's say 10, 15, 20 people live in a house, and they get 10 or 20 of these in the mail.
And people just fill them out.
There's no way to track it.
So this is the way that their Democrats are manipulating the system.
Imagine if you have a child in a school and they bring in 20 people that don't speak English.
How's that going to work out?
Well, and we can show the footage.
It's a giant Democrat voter registration drive.
A giant U.N.-run invasion.
And we either grow up to say no to it or we're done.
Did you hear?
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You've seen massive corporate demonization and lies about us, and you've seen the attempts to take our sponsors away, and to be able to take our banking away, so we can't even process orders.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Infowars.com is tomorrow's news.
Today, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I never thought I'd see it, but an invasion force even bigger than the insane videos we've seen out of Europe that was also UN run, where they advertise everything's free, free welfare, women, housing.
They mass people on the border, they blow the border open, and the UN brings you in.
Tens of thousands, it's gotta be tens of thousands, just crushed the border defenses in Mexico, raging forward, waving their foreign flags that they would conquer the United States, publicly run, it's in the news, by the UN.
And then you have the Democratic Party saying, how dare we even have ICE.
No borders, no nothing.
You must open your country up.
You must let us have your children.
You must let us run your life.
This is a 21st century takeover.
And it's all over, even mainstream news, that everyone's being mailed in Spanish ballots that are already checked citizen, they never even asked for, that they registered in some dead person's name, that you fill out and send back.
So this is the country's darkest hour.
Trump was just an emergency beachhead to try to stop this and we need that wall.
We need that because the third world's collapsing and the very UN and others that have helped exacerbate that are now organizing these poor, ignorant folks with an average, you know, third grade degree to come into the country.
So the president
Most declare a national emergency.
If you don't think your border collapsing is a national emergency, it is.
Our southern border's already collapsed.
The President's tried to stabilize it, and enemies within have tried to block it.
If you don't think this is a national emergency, you're insane.
And so, it's under the Constitution that the President and the military control the borders.
We need a good 100,000 troops on the border now.
And we need to organize the county and city police with emergency funding and everybody involved in infrastructure and we have to ship every single person back.
Because this is a PR stunt, a propaganda stunt.
Just like Europe to show it and they have the UN and the Democrats shoot videos, look at my house, look at my bitches, you know, I'm raping, I'm doing this.
That's what the Islamists do.
And everybody else sees that in the third world and comes in.
They're almost all military-age men.
So just as Europe, this was organized there.
And the mass raping and all of it is just going to intensify.
So you have to understand, ladies and gentlemen, the lawless, hellhole scariness of the worst third-world countries and the most poor people now pouring in promised by UN propaganda and Hollywood propaganda that this was all going to happen, and now it's here.
And now it's going to happen.
The carjackings, the rapes, the murders, the bombings, the collapsed countries.
This is 21st century warfare.
This is the attempt to take America down.
This is it!
Hours and hours and hours of footage of giant columns of people, bigger than what slammed into Europe, organized by Soros, because he doesn't think we have the will or the strength to say no.
And he thinks that all of you just think this is entertainment.
So you're not going to call talk radio?
It'll just be like, oh, did you see the migrants?
Oh, yeah.
Is Trump right to build a wall?
I don't know.
I don't want anybody to talk bad about me.
I don't really like Trump.
I mean, even though you secretly do.
You're crazy if you don't realize what this is.
This is the Silicon Valley censorship plan.
This is the globalist program.
This is the assault.
This is the war.
This is it.
It's here!
35 million illegal aliens in this country.
A million plus illegal a year.
Ellis Island, you came in three months to six months quarantined to make sure you didn't have any diseases.
Meanwhile, we're told you just got open your border.
Typhus exploding.
Bubonic plague exploding.
All sorts of other diseases.
We've now got leprosy spreading again, and scabies, and fleas, and ticks, and bed bugs.
And it doesn't matter though.
Oh, I've got my Honduran flag.
I've got my Guatemalan flag.
I've got my Venezuelan flag.
I'm gonna come up there and I'm gonna go to Trump rallies and wave them and say, we hate Trump and we hate America, but dammit, we love your welfare and give us everything right now!
Phil Gilbert's going to take over, but I'm going to be honest with you.
I was supposed to go pick my girls up from school today.
I told them I'd take them to an early dinner.
Oh, Daddy, please, please say you will.
But I almost... they have no future if I don't stay here, do they?
I mean, I need to be on the phone.
I need to be calling Congress.
I need to be freaking out.
I need to be text messaging Tucker Carlson.
I need to be... This is the UN invasion of America!
Everything else was a probe!
You know it!
You've seen it!
It's outrageous!
They think we're in a coma!
Realize what's happening!
Realize the U.N.
Realize the U.N.
Realize how they operate.
With giant masses of starving people they control.
And they're not trying to bring them here to help them.
It's cold-blooded and it's shit!
So I want you to call Congress.
I put the number out earlier.
And I want you to call Capitol Hill.
I want you to call Talk Radio.
And I want you to say, go to InfoWars.com, go to RT.com, go see the footage.
This is almost nowhere!
This is a UN invasion!
It's run by the U.N.
The U.N.
says they're doing it.
The Democratic Party's involved.
And at a certain point, it's a lot easier than just blocking that southern border to arrest Nancy Pelosi and Michael Moore and all the people saying kill Trump, arrest him, send the military in.
They're the ones directing it.
The Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the U.N., the Rockefellers.
Trump ought to march the U.S.
military into the U.N.
and shut it down and kick all those traitors out of there and say, we know we're under foreign globalist attack because the U.N.
was shut up by robber barons to take over the world and take over America.
The U.N.
is done!
Soros is done or we're done!
Now you choose the side.
Or get down on your damn knees to political correctness that doesn't mean crap.
You think being censored or attacked by globalist traitors and all these yes-men that don't even get power out of selling people out?
They're the biggest schmuck, chump, sucker, douchebags the planet ever saw and ever will see.
When freedom fells, the best men rot in filthy jails.
And those that try to appease appease are hung by those they tried to please.
Good God, we're in a crisis.
Government wants more people on food stamps and welfare.
Venezuela's collapsing, causing a chain reaction of seven nations to El Norte.
And it's here.
And even if you were a migrant that just got here and has prosperity, this will bring down your prosperity like a black hole.
So everyone already here better understand, you're about to watch the prosperity go bye-bye, right as Trump was trying to reboot it for everybody.
And I'll say it again.
I'm going to up our game in the fight.
We need your prayers.
We need your support.
We need you to thank the stations that are carrying us.
I thank those stations.
I thank you listeners.
And we need you to buy product at InfoWareStore.com because they wanted to shut us down and others ahead of what's happening.
But you're going to redouble your efforts, and you have.
Send the links at InfoWars.com of the live feeds of the War Room coming up, and this live feed, and the videos of this live show.
We're going to archive that the U.N.
invasion of North America and the United States has officially begun, and it's officially run by them, and this is it!
We have to make this the number one story and Trump has to move.
He seems to do something big on the border before.
I know he's going to put 50,000 troops after the election.
The UN's got spies in your administration!
They've already launched the attack!
America is under UN invasion!
Break your conditioning!
Get involved or die!
Joel Gilbert in the War Room straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones and this is the InfoWar!
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