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Name: 20181016_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 16, 2018
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, he discusses a wide range of topics including transgender rights, political figures, healthcare reform, censorship, online monopolies, and the globalist elite's agenda. He also promotes various products such as Heart and Body Extract, Diamond Gusset Jeans, Liberty HealthShare, and Patriot Blend Coffee. Infowars is currently facing opposition from several groups including the Democratic Party, leftist CIA operatives, and George Soros' crime syndicate. Jones urges his supporters to financially and verbally support them during this challenging time. He also talks about recent legal battles related to free speech and censorship in Canada and how major self-help authors have been banned from Amazon.

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Do you owe her an apology?
No, I don't.
I owe her.
She owes the country an apology.
What's her percentage?
I don't have the exact number.
Tell me, when you have the percentage, tell me what the percentage is.
What about the money that you told her you would... You mean if she gets the nomination in a debate where I was going to have her tested?
I'll only do it if I can test her personally.
Okay, that will not be something I enjoy doing either.
It's now only 21 days from this incredible election and the globalists are like an insane
beehive drunk on PCP, stinging each other, running around in insane circles.
And their mad desire for power and control as all of it slips through their fingers.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be here for the next four hours.
Nolan Schroer comes in with The War Room.
And we'll be back tonight with coverage right through to election night and for a whole week after.
8 to 10 o'clock central with the most censored broadcast in the world expanding its transmission with the referendum on President Trump and nationalism that is the midterm elections.
You can watch the band live 2018 midterm election coverage, why they're shutting us down, why they're shutting down thousands of other prominent conservatives all across the country, all across the world.
Is so they can try to stop the populist uprising that is taking place, that is happening.
Obviously, Elizabeth Warren's lie that she's a Native American has blown up in her face spectacularly.
We'll cover that coming up.
The Cherokee Nation and others coming out saying this is absolute fraud.
The average white person, it turns out, in North America has ten times The native blood of Elizabeth Warren.
She has 1.023 thousandths.
In fact, she's one of the whitest people in America.
Simply amazing.
But then she calls that a victory.
And then there's not even a chain of custody.
On who sent in the little swab of her cheek cells.
That's why Trump said, I'll have to get that myself, which he's not looking forward to.
She then claimed that was some type of, you know, a veiled creepy assault on her.
No, he's saying he doesn't want to get near your stinking mouth.
So, if you're a TV viewer, you can see on screen the results of Elizabeth Warren's DNA results.
Yes, it's two saltine crackers, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't know, she's whiter than a saltine cracker, if you ask me.
You know, that's a good point.
Most, quote, white people really don't have white skin.
A couple of my children do have, a couple of my daughters do have porcelain skin.
My youngest daughter has completely porcelain skin.
So I guess you could say white skinned.
Most white people have kind of a cracker complexion.
It's kind of light brown and white and creamy and got spots all over it like a cracker.
It's kind of true.
My skin kind of looks like a cracker.
I don't get any sun, just kind of little spots all over me, like the surface of a cracker.
I actually want to endear that name.
I actually like it.
But here's the deal.
Elizabeth Warren is the definition of a cracker ass because she's made an ass out of herself and she is a cracker head and she literally is such an idiot that she doesn't understand that when you release your DNA test and the average white person has 10 times more Native American blood than you do, you don't even have half a drop in the mathematic equations.
We did this yesterday out of 192 ounces of blood.
If you do the calculations, like half a drop is what she has to use the blood scale.
Okay, let's get serious when we come back.
I'm gonna break down the true diabolic nature of the transhumanist movement that's vanguard is the transsexual movement.
And again, the people that are caught up in it are just the victims of it.
But I'll give you the bigger endgame and how this is the key to everything and why they're pushing it so hard.
Western Europe has already banned free speech, and an iron curtain of censorship is descending down over the UK.
They're set to pass rules, not a law, that if you criticize Islam or gays, you'll get six months in prison.
We know we're only about a year or two behind what's happening in the UK.
CNN and many others are calling for InfoWars to be shut down, taken off the web.
Slate Magazine has a professor and others saying, go beyond censorship.
Brainwash young people against InfoWars.
Psychologically inoculate them with lies so they don't actually hear what we have to say.
We are the most hated news source in the world by globalists.
It is so critical that you go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for the free newsletter so we can be in contact with you and so the censors can't bully their way in and block us being able to engage in free open dialogue as a society.
That is critical to this fight.
We will prevail if you take action and I know you will.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Mommy, Daddy!
Did you hear?
Two boy penguins!
Two gay penguins!
They had a baby!
That's what's being taught in all the public schools in the Western world today.
In a giant hoax story launched three days ago, That two male penguins have an egg and that they are incubating it and ignorant people think, oh, that means fertilizing it.
It turns out they stole it from the mother and father and are sitting on it.
Is it that classic where you have the heterosexual families having their children taken so that gay families can have children because they don't biologically procreate?
And there's big, big scandals of that, but we're just supposed to be here and be harvested by the upper class, gay and lesbians.
And they say, oh, that's homophobic.
You know, what the globalists are doing is using our open, free society against us.
If someone is gay, if you use that term, or homosexual, or heterosexual, as long as they don't Target children or target other people's rights.
That's not my business.
I'm a libertarian.
But when you try to sexualize children and turn LGBT into LGBT-P, pedophile, you are part of the larger Hollywood globalist, totally wicked, transhumanist agenda.
And at the bottom of the hour, I'm going to break down the news behind the news, the rest of the story, and what they do not want you to know.
A documentary needs to be made about this because this is an all-out assault, not on Christian values, but the very biology of humans and other species on this planet to create an artificial system.
And they're preparing the public that you can't say that engineered humanoids don't have the same rights as you.
In fact, they're going to have more rights than you.
And that's what it is when high school, all over the country, the new high school track champions are men who call themselves girls, they grow their hair out, they don't lower their testosterone, they have men's bones, men's organs, they have more blood, everything, and then when they beat the girls in every case, They go, yay!
Hip hip hooray!
So the new ruling class in sports or anywhere will be men shaming their women.
This is really men taking over the feminine space.
That's what they put out in Pink News with this individual.
It says, a non-binary person, I and the whole community really need your help.
And this is how they get humanity to turn loose of their humanity.
And to become forcibly sterilized.
So this is mind control right out of the Tavistock Institute.
We're going to be looking at all of this coming up.
But just imagine if I showed up at a Pop Warner Football League with six or seven-year-olds and I said, I identify as a six-year-old boy and I'm going to be a running back and I'm going to run over your kids.
And we go, absolutely, you identify as a six-year-old running back on Pop Warner Football.
Remember a couple years ago, Chris Cuomo, he came out and the president, then candidate, and others were saying, man, this is crazy to say that you want 10 and 11 year old girls to have full grown men who are transgendered They're still a man's body, man's DNA.
They don't have the mitochondrial DNA that women have.
It's a man that identifies as a woman coming into the shower with your underage girls.
See, anybody else would get arrested and spend 20 years in prison.
But if you say it's liberal and it's trendy, well, Chris Cuomo said, you and your parents are bigoted if your young daughter doesn't want to see a woman's genitals.
A woman's penis, is what he said.
You're like, wait a minute, a woman's penis?
And it's all about getting you to accept 2 plus 2 equals whatever they say.
It's about waging war on reality.
It has nothing to do with men who've wanted to be effeminate throughout all of history.
It has nothing to do with the fact that male and females are close in many ways and have different things about us, but also similar things.
It isn't about being an open society.
It's about a tyranny of the transhumanist taking over civilization.
And as I always say, I'll get to it, then I start covering it immediately, but I'm going To get to all of this, and I'm going to lay it all out and exactly what's happening with it and where it's going to go, like I've done with every other major subject.
So that's going to happen at the bottom of the hour.
There's a lot of delicious irony taking place.
Stormy Daniels, the exploitive, in my view, deceptive harpy, Raised 500 plus thousand dollars on her GoFundMe account, and now it's been thrown out.
And it turns out that's going to be the amount of money, or close to it, that she has to pay in legal fees to the president.
President rips.
Horseface storming.
Powerful photo on DrudgeReport.com.
Here's from the president at Real Donald Trump.
Federal judge throws out Stormy Daniels lawsuit versus Trump.
Trump is entitled to full legal fees.
At Fox News.
Great, now I can go after her horse face and her third-rate lawyer in the great state of Texas.
She will confirm the letter she signed.
She knows nothing about me.
A total con.
That's right, he's going to have the law firm of Jones down in Houston Go after them in the full Texas anti-slap provision, where Trump will get the full amount.
So, let me translate that to leftists.
The money you gave to spider eyes, her lawyer, and a horse face, Stormy Daniels, will all be going to President Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States.
So, get ready for that.
And there is more delicious irony.
Again, I'll get to more of this later.
And sure, is it important as geopolitical events or communist China or censorship?
But it's something that captures the public mind of injustice and fraud.
Pocahontas had a hoax article in the Boston Globe for her launch of the 2020 presidential run.
She admits that.
And it turns out that she's 1 slash 1024th American Indian.
It's so low that they had to use another genetic sample out of Latin America hoping to have some connection because it turns out that the average white person in North America has 10 times the Native American blood that she does.
It turns out she's one of the purest Caucasians walking the face of terra firma.
She is a true crackerhead, in the sweetest and dearest terms.
And the fact that they want Trump to apologize is absolutely ridiculous and pay up to her when he'd have to do the test himself, as he said, swab her cheek and then send it in.
And quite frankly, I think it would probably come in higher than that.
Most people have, you know, part of one percent.
A little smattering, but no, not her.
She is a thoroughbred cracker.
And so you've got the tribe coming out saying she's a liar, that she claimed a connection to the Cherokees out of Oklahoma and Texas, and it's simply amazing.
But they're trying to spin that, that, oh look, it's the proof!
She has 0 slash 1 dash 023, my God!
You got more Native American blood if you look at one!
I mean, this is unbelievable.
And they try to spin that as if we've got egg on our face.
I mean, if it came back that she was 13% or 16%, depending on the different tribes, they accept that.
If she was 13% or 16%, I'd say, whoa, Trump, get her tested again, make sure, pay up, he'd pay up.
But it's not true!
She's one of the whitest people ever known!
Since we migrated to this continent!
192 ounces of blood in the average person.
She's a blood sucker, there's probably more in her.
And if you calculate it down to just drops of blood as a primitive calculation, it's less than half a drop of blood.
She has half a drop of blood!
Half a drop!
Half a drop!
Think about that!
That is unbelievable.
I'm something like 6.5% from family records.
I wouldn't call myself that of an American.
Imagine her.
She's 1 to the 1023,000th.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones show.
He's going the distance!
He's going for speed.
She's all alone, all alone in a time of need.
Because he's racing and pacing and plotting a course.
He's fighting and biting and riding on his horse.
He's going the distance.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
So, it took me about five, six days to figure out what I thought was probably going on with the Khashoggi journalist from the Washington Post, dual citizen with Saudi Arabia, being killed a week and a half ago in Turkey at the embassy of Saudi Arabia.
And I simply said, why would you kill somebody in plain view?
Why would you do it out in the open?
Why would you do it knowing it's being tracked and documented?
Unless A, he had something you were so desperate to get, you were green-lighted to do it.
Or B, which I think is more probable, a rogue group in the intelligence agencies connected to Turkey, NATO and others was doing it to embarrass Saudi Arabia and derail the peace deal that Trump's been trying to set up.
And that would be a rogue group.
And I was the first to say that on Friday.
I had Jacques on Sunday saying the same thing.
You notice the President came out and said it yesterday morning.
Now Saudi Arabia has officially said that.
And here's the deal.
All it does is hurt Saudi Arabia to have this happen.
And strengthen Turkey and Iran's hand.
Why in the world would they do that?
I'm no fan of Saudi Arabia.
I just research it coldly, and come up with what I think the best approximation is.
It does not mean that that's the case.
But it means I first said it, and our guests first said it, and now you see it on the news, and the President's saying it.
So next week's news today, yet again.
And that's why they want us censored.
And listen.
This isn't just some afterthought.
If you're listening to us on local radio stations or watching on local TV or cable, if you're listening to us on Global Shortwave, if you're watching us on satellite, if you're watching us at Infowars.com or Newswars.com, do you understand the entire Clinton-Soros combine is throwing everything it's got, cutting off our sponsors, cutting off our ability to even advertise on third-party sites, suing us for frivolous lawsuits.
We've gotten a lot of them thrown out, but more came.
And just doing all this.
We're not giving up.
We're in a war, but you're in the war with us.
So please remember our track record and why they've got Paid AstroTurf groups posing as patriots attacking us while they've got the Southern Primary Law Center and the ADL and Media Matters and all the other constellation of leprous groups constantly lying about Infowars, constantly pushing to get us off the air.
Because they don't want us here breaking these big stories that time and time again turn out to be accurate, countervailing their official story.
Oh, and I almost forgot.
What was the biggest reason I thought this looked like a false flag or a self-inflicted wound or an inside job by groups that wanted to embarrass Trump and the Saudi king and the reformer prince that's trying to free women and other things like that?
It's not just that it didn't make sense and didn't benefit them, kibono.
It's that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, all of them, in unison, were saying it was Saudi Arabia for sure, and that Trump was helping kill journalists, and that the whole peace deal was over, and that this was going to help Iran.
And that Iran's good.
Right when Trump has his sanctions about to go in.
Right when we're about to probably free the people of that country who want to have their own secular, open society.
Instead of turning the Middle East over to radical Islamicists like Obama and Hillary have been doing for the last 10 years.
So think about that.
I say last 10, they've still got their networks in place over there.
They still have their own shadow diplomacy.
They're still trying to counter-man what the President's doing.
So, there's a big report on Infowars.com that our own Greg Reese has put out that's excellent.
1776, coming to Iran.
It's powerful.
And it's got the President and his comments about regime change.
And it's important.
1776, Iran.
Trump signals support for Iranian populist movement.
It's a very professional report, better than what you'd see on Vice or HBO.
You need to go get that report to understand that there are secular Iranians, that that's the majority of them, that half their population is 28 or younger, and that they love America, and that the leftist CIA helped put the Ayatollah Khomeini in power in 1979, and this has all been a setup, and Trump is trying to reverse that right now.
And he's getting Saudi Arabia reform, he's doing it all, and the globalists are panicking.
But the big tell that the Saudi Arabian king or the Saudi Arabian crown prince did not give these orders is it's against their own interest and the whole media was ready to jump on it and the Khashoggi guy obviously working at the Washington Post and all his connections is heavily connected to the intelligence community which is not one monolithic group.
So the whole thing stinks Like a New York landfill to high heaven.
We're going to go to break.
We come back.
I'm going to get into the totally wicked, sinister plan to take over all of society and make human life completely corporately controlled.
And just like Terminator seeds, no seeds can produce new seeds that produce new plants.
The end of the life cycle.
The absolute globalist takeover plan.
In fact, print me the breakdown on the Terminator seed.
It ties into all of this.
They want everything to be made in artificial wombs.
Artificiality, though, must be accepted and worshipped and praised and set up above all others.
This is the transhumanist plot from Julian Huxley, the first general, the first Director General of UNESCO.
Prepare to learn the key.
To one of the main pillars of their operation.
Now... We're going to break!
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Yeah, you know what?
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind Remember
25 years ago Monsanto came out with field trials of the Terminator seat
for cotton and soybeans and many other plants.
(upbeat music)
And when that plant goes through its life cycle, it doesn't produce seeds that can produce another plant.
You have to go back to The company, the biotech company, to be able to get seeds that again only germinate and only produce another plant one time.
And of course then they stacked other genetic traits like pesticide into them so that bugs wouldn't eat them.
But said it's safe for you to eat the pesticide.
Kind of like they said glyphosate is safe to drink as well.
Same company.
Now that's old technology from the early 1990s.
And if you're going to ask, why are you starting a discussion on transgenderism with the Terminator seed?
Well, because I've read the textbooks in the 50s and 60s.
That were produced then about the plan to promote the end of the family, the end of the nuclear family, and to promote homosexualism, and then to promote non-gender, and to have literally shaved heads and gray uniforms.
And that this would start in the elementary schools and then move up, beginning with confusing the sexuality of children, and that finally when you were done, people would be asexual, meaning they do not want to have sex, period.
Now we can make jokes like folks on Twitter have done about this, and show the fake alien autopsy from Roswell.
Will you guys put that back up for me?
Thank you.
But notice there's no gender of that gray alien.
Now that's fiction.
But right next to it is not fiction.
There's a video we're going to play here in just a moment.
From Pink News of the non-binary person.
And this thing needs your help to spread its word.
So it's come to your planet.
And it needs your help and it needs you to spread what it's doing to your children to teach them that they're not a boy or girl and to rob them of their most basic identity before they ever even really came of age and had a choice in the new transhumanist world if they wanted to become a cyborg.
And that's all this is.
First they say, hey, be nice to drag queens.
I'm not against... I'm not a hater.
I'm an open, you know, a libertarian guy.
I just stay away from kids, whether you're heterosexual or homosexual.
And then it's, oh, what about adults getting taxpayer money to have their genitals cut off?
Well, no, I don't want to pay for that.
Or your nose job, or your facelift, or your boob job.
Oh, but you have to pay for mine, because I'm a man that thinks I'm a woman.
And you're a hater if you don't.
And so all over the country, billions of dollars have been paid for that.
See, and it just never ends, does it?
So once they get you at that point, this is all psychological warfare.
Tavistock Institute developed plans.
The people that are buying into it just have identity crises and want attention.
They see the media giving them attention.
They have the highest rates of suicide, the highest rates of drug abuse, the highest rates of HIV.
I feel very, very sorry for these followers who get sucked up into the murder system of San Francisco and New York City and just get spit out.
It's really, really sick.
Now, let me give you the big picture here.
If you're going to sell a population on becoming cyborgs or taking brain chips or getting genetic therapies that change what you are, and if you're the globalist and you're setting up a eugenic society run by Julian Huxley, the head of UNESCO, the first Director General of the UN, 1946.
He'd been the head of the World Eugenic Society.
With Margaret Sanger, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Cold Springs Harbor, IBM.
And this is what they cooked up.
This is their plan.
It's just like you have the male and female area target.
Well, they're now adding a sexless area.
They're just adding the option.
But with children, it's not the option.
They nudge them into it.
So, this is the sterilization, the atomization, the isolation of the whole human family.
And it starts with, oh, be nice to the guy that wants a sex change.
And then, oh, in Canada and the UK and now here, don't say you're a mother or father.
And don't have your children say they're boys and girls.
That could hurt other people who aren't boys and girls.
So now, you even having an identity, so the leftist anti-human priest class normally adopts a kid or takes it from a heterosexual family.
I've seen the reports, the news items.
It's usually a gay man and a lesbian woman who operate as a family beard.
They'll have children they adopt.
They then tell them, you're really something else.
You're really a girl.
You're really a boy.
You ready for your sex change?
You ready at age five to start taking your hormone replacement?
And really all it is is child abuse.
Really all it is is mad scientist crap.
But that's what's been set up.
So then the poor children are in school and they don't even know what to do.
They're just being told by authority figures That boys and girls don't exist anymore and people that are identifying as boys and girls, well, they shouldn't say it because it's hurtful.
It's bad, you see.
So it's not just except all the new cases where you hear, oh, the men are gay.
Three men love each other.
BBC News.
They want to splice their DNA into a baby.
Well, that's not a human.
A sperm and an egg combined.
There's a whole other set of DNA in the egg.
But see, that's how you put replicants on the street.
You go and you produce a new humanoid out of the big biotech labs.
People used to fight seeds.
They used to fight genetically engineered mosquitoes.
Forget that!
For 40 years they've had humanoids in test tubes that are chimeras.
Part human, part animal.
The media makes jokes about that every time I say it.
Because they don't want to have a debate about it now.
They want to mainline the idea first.
That you can have men, who look like they're even taking testosterone on top of it, that look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, beating women in high school wrestling, high school running, high school baseball, high school everything.
And you got men out there running the women over, winning every championship.
But the women, you've got these women sitting up there on the block with the man who looks like he's like six foot
two, giant legs, big chest, big arms, big shoulders, twice the size of the women.
And he's got male genitals hanging down between his legs, and he's got high testosterone, and he and others argue in the news articles I was reading this morning, oh, we shouldn't even have to suppress our testosterone, we identify as women.
That's like saying I identify as an NFL quarterback.
So I just show up at the Dallas Cowboys and say, get out of the way, quarterback.
I'm the quarterback now.
Or if I showed up, and I'm going to do this, I'm going to find a little league field or something, and I'm going to show up with cameras, and I'm going to say, I identify as a nine-year-old softball player.
And I'm going to get up here, and I'm going to slam those balls on the field and ram them into children, you name it.
And when people say, "Hey, you're a bully," I'm going to say, "How dare you?
I'm a nine-year-old boy."
They've got stuff in England now where 50-something-year-old big, fat, male perverts with wigs go to preschools
and actually are part of preschool with little kids and play with them.
And the schools do it as all part of this sickness.
And you take the three- and four-year-olds in to, quote, "see drag queens," and it's
actually people dressed up in Power Ranger monster outfits and demon outfits that would
scare any child, scariest clowns I've ever seen, like Pennywise, dancing around going,
"You're not a girl, you're not a boy, you're a boo-boo, touch your booty, booby-booby."
I mean, all of this insane sexualization, and then they just do all of this to just
totally run over everyone to accept all of this.
(upbeat music)
When all it's designed to do is lay the foundation and the path for the real transhumanism that Julian Huxley's talked about.
You know his brother Aldous Huxley, he broke Brave New World in 1932, the actual plan.
There are a lot of people out there on television, radio, and on the internet, and print, telling you that they've got the answers.
They know how the world really works.
The funny thing is, nobody tries to shut them down.
Nobody tries to keep them quiet.
Because they're like a bunch of brainwashed, lobotomized monkeys running around, not knowing what they're really doing.
But in full wars, now Hillary Clinton and George Soros and the Democratic Party and the EU and the CHICOMS, they want us shut down.
Because you see, I actually read the Chinese Communist Establishment Party newspapers.
I actually read the Council on Foreign Relations bimonthly publication of Foreign Affairs.
I've actually read hundreds and hundreds of books written by people like David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, so I know their larger game plan.
I know the operation they're carrying out against humanity.
And so, because I have their number, they want me shut down.
Now you've seen massive Corporate demonization and lies about us, and you've seen the attempts to take our sponsors away, and to be able to take our banking away, so we can't even process orders.
This is a concerted, un-American, cartel, mafia operation.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
So, you go back 60 years ago, Hitler had given eugenics a bad name.
And so the World Eugenics Society and Eugenics Quarterly became Transhumanism Quarterly.
And it's like, oh, we're going to empower humanity.
Humanity is going to change.
But everything they're bringing in is about control and about infertility and has Trojan horses in it.
And if you doubt me, just search engine, first babies to be born with five daddies or five mommies.
They've already made the embryos that don't have female or don't have male DNA in them.
Again, those aren't humans.
The genetic engineers are on record.
They are humanoids, and they're just preparing to roll them out publicly.
So, continuing here, how do you get people to normalize this?
You know, I've thought about a stunt where I go out to a little league field and say, if I was a five-year-old, you gotta let me play baseball, or whatever, or popcorn, or football.
But we could also put an ad in the paper for a women's arm wrestling contest with a prize of, say, $3,000.
And then it's at a local bar, whatever, and we videotape it, and then you have all the contestants, and at the end, I come out with purple hair and makeup, and I beat the woman.
And I say, I identify as a woman, and then I keep the prize for myself.
And I'm gonna do it.
We'll start booking it now, no one will even figure out what it is.
The only problem is, what if another man stronger than me comes and identifies as a woman?
And that's the key.
Sports, they're saying, I have the articles right here, will soon be all male that identifies as female.
And so you'll end up having entire transgender football teams of men, basketball teams, you name it, golf.
Men are better at everything except shooting and archery.
Women are better at having babies.
How magical is that?
I can't do that.
And then you read about transgender wrestler Mac Biggs identifies as a male.
He just won the Texas state girl's title.
It's a girl that identifies as a male that takes testosterone.
Won it twice, which no one can use testosterone in the NFL or the Olympics, but in the Olympics now, if you say you're transgender, baby, you can.
And again, because, oh, we've got to prove we're open and we're nice.
This is nothing but cheating.
But again, this is just the cover story.
If they can get you to accept a girl taking testosterone that thinks she's James Dean, and then they can go in and beat up other girls, or all these track meets in Texas and Connecticut and New York, we've got the videos, we've been rolling some of them, where you'll see a man racing and beating The girls winning every race, winning the state championships, well of course they do!
Because it's a man!
More blood, more bone, more muscle, more testosterone!
It's incredible.
But again, that's only one level.
Everybody makes jokes about this.
It isn't funny.
The entire government is behind this.
The entire multinational system.
Go read Brave New World by Julian Huxley.
Julian Huxley's brother, Aldous Huxley, his brother ran the UN, Julian Huxley, and he wrote it in 32.
People said, how did so much of this come true by the 60s?
And he said, because it's a real plan of the World Eugenics Society and my brother.
His brother envisioned this plan.
In the 20s.
It was in print and a world bestseller by 1933.
In 1961, months before his death, Aldous Huxley, part of the most elite, super smart families in England, related to Charles Darwin, you name it, said, this is actually a master plan that we intend to be fully rolled out past the year 2020.
Brave New World Revisited is non-fiction, where he spills the beans and says this is a plan.
Now, how do I know this then?
How do you know what's going to happen next?
It's frightening, because they tell you, your planet will serve us well.
Aliens don't come from outer space, folks.
They've already made tens of thousands of human-animal chimeras.
In petri dishes.
They've already put them in test tubes, and they've already given birth to them, gestating in cows, 25 years ago.
It was in major genetic engineering quarterly publications.
And four years ago, it was in MIT quarterly, that there are thousands of gestating humanoids inside animals across the United States.
There it is!
Human animal chimeras are gestating on U.S.
research firms.
And see, no...
Note that they're telling you, oh, this just started, but it didn't.
But the point is, it's here.
So we make jokes about Roswell and aliens and sexless creatures and the gray aliens of the future.
And people that are into that stuff say it's time-traveling humanoids coming back from the future because something has made them where they can't reproduce and they're trying to get original human DNA to relaunch the species.
And I used to hear that and think that's crazy science fiction, but now you see where the globalists are taking us.
Wow, is that true?
Because they're making it so fashionable to be a sterilized humanoid who's asexual.
Our planet will serve us well.
See, I don't believe in aliens.
I'm simply making the parallels here to how the real aliens are here.
You take a human and you make them part cow so they can grow large humanoids up inside utero of cows.
What is that?
It's an alien.
It's not of this world.
It's artificially created.
It's new.
Think about that.
Let's get to the other key points, just the daily propaganda we see out there.
Gay penguins named Sven and Magic are set to raise their first chick.
At their aquarium, staff noticed the pair were more than just friends.
Thousands of articles are teaching school kids about it.
Oh, they had an egg together.
No, they didn't.
They stole the egg.
But then they talk about how they're taking care of it and how sweet it is and then they use scientific terms of keeping the egg warm to make it sound like they actually had the egg and to deceive people.
Special friends and now the couple are expecting their first egg hatchling.
Same-sex penguin couple incubate egg at Sydney Aquarium.
That doesn't mean that they Fertilize the egg?
That's a male and female bird.
No, no, no.
They incubate, meaning they're sitting on it.
A light bulb can do that.
But here's the key to it all, Daily Mail.
There's always the rest of the story.
Gay penguin couple snatch chick after its parents left it to go for a swim at Danish Zoo.
Two male penguins who want to be parents themselves tried to adopt a chick while its mother and father weren't looking in Denmark.
Oh, they kidnapped it!
How sweet!
Well, it'd be okay if they maybe taught the little egg how to not reproduce in the future.
That'd be even sweeter.
But that's what we teach our children.
Penguins wouldn't do that.
That would commit suicide to the species.
The parents disappeared and the kid was simply kidnapped.
That's what the zoo's saying.
Isn't that beautiful?
Oh, and look, they're kissing, as all species of birds do, especially of their siblings.
But that's gay!
Two, two, two, two, two penguins cuddling up next to each other, as all penguin species do, is gay!
So they can show kids this and go, look kids, they're gay!
And the two men had a baby!
No, they stole the baby!
But see, the other penguins that actually had the egg, they're not good!
The ones that can't have an egg, so all the penguins die, they're the good ones to reduce population!
Biological Male Wins World Championship in Women's Cycling!
And that's the new news.
We now know that Lance Armstrong is set to announce today at 4 o'clock in a world-exclusive press conference that yes, ladies and gentlemen, he's already halfway there, having one of his testicles removed from cancer.
He's going to have it all removed and he's going to re-enter to be the world champion yet again, but this time in women's cycling.
No testosterone needed, even though the World Cycling Federation is now saying, actually, if he identifies as a woman, he's then allowed to take testosterone.
The rules don't apply.
So he'll return with growth hormone and testosterone and blood doping, but he is going to have a clean shave, and he's going to have his genitalia, what's left of it, removed.
I support it because I'm not a transphobe.
Lance Armstrong, ladies and gentlemen, world-exclusive to become a female, even though he'll still be a biological male.
He will now re-enter, and probably some experts believe me, the new Women's World Cycling Champion.
Hell, he's a cheater before.
Why not cheat now?
Actually, I wouldn't mess with Lance Armstrong.
I've run into him a few times, like a bike trail.
He looks like he's not trying to act tough.
He looks like he's pretty psycho.
So, I'm just joking, Lance.
I mean, you are a cheater, but I know the whole sport's cheating.
They're all cheating.
My point is just go all the way and brace the only cheating that's legal.
Say you're a woman, not a Superman.
Obviously got extra chromosomes.
There's no chromosomal disorders Armstrong's got.
A higher uptake of oxygen than anybody else on Earth.
Should have been an astronaut.
But you couldn't make a hundred million dollars.
We get it, Lance.
Okay, there you go.
That's the truth.
We can joke about it all day.
They're tarting your children.
Big Tech's robbing your...
Personal life.
They're robbing your children now.
It's a scientific plan.
And we should know it's a plan and say no to it.
And everyone should be outraged.
It's not about being nice.
It's about standing up to the sexualization of your children by globalist attempt to wreck their future and wreck their life and steal their male and female identity.
Steal their entire birthright.
This is a weapon system we've been targeted with.
It must be rejected!
Please don't forget that as successful as you've been and as I've been at
educating people and as our guests have been, I'm talking to the audience because
you really are the heart of this operation, Soros and Hillary and the rest
of them are trying to destroy InfoWars to punish us for what happened in
And they have put us through the wringer and in some ways we've become stronger and in some ways weaker.
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Thank you very much for your support.
If you are receiving this transmission you are the resistance
(upbeat music)
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
So, this just in.
Men, identifying as women, with testosterone pumping through their veins and genitals, dangling between their legs, in every sport in the world are now winning world championships.
At the Olympic level, at the national level, at the high school level, at the collegiate level, they're winning everywhere.
Biological male wins world championship in women's cycling.
Let's put a shot of this six foot four Ombre up there with the little ladies look like you know
cable or elves next to him and It's okay though. See he's not going to go into the cycling
world and go up against Lance Armstrong type dudes no he's going to do it Rachel McKinnon a
professor at the College of Charleston won the woman's sprint 35 39 age bracket at the 2018 UCI
Masters track cycling world championships in Los Angeles, California
McKenna representing Canada's bested Carolyn Van No, you were allowed in because the globalists have an agenda to dehumanize people.
They're the women that won, not you!
gold? No, you were allowed in because the globalists have an agenda to dehumanize
people. The first place is Caroline van Herkernelsen of the Netherlands and
second place is American cyclist Jennifer Wagner. They're the women that
won, not you. But again, they want everyone to submit to the mental illness
because then you'll submit to everything. In fact, pull up the articles.
It's happened in the U.S.
and the U.K.
and places like San Francisco and London that, because they want lawsuits, men, in the case of England, beard, huge genitals, tattoos all over him, comes in drunk.
She said he appeared to be inebriated.
He's like, I want you to do a pap smear on my cervix!
It went so far as getting him up in the stirrups and the nurse was like, you have a, you have male genitals.
And last time I heard she'd been suspended and I believe fired because you aren't playing along with the magic world.
It'd be like if I walked in to a barber shop and I said, I want you to, uh, I want you to Trim my eyebrows or something and they're like, well how about trimming your beard?
I'm like, it doesn't exist.
I don't have a beard.
I mean, I can't even think of analogies that are crazy enough.
But we've got to do it.
We've got to do it.
We get busy in the news.
I've got to just crash soccer games, football games.
What's going right now?
I guess the fall's here.
So we need to find out where people They are playing football, where they have Pop Warner going, and I'm going to get full football gear, everything, from an athletic supply house.
I'm serious.
And I'm going to charge onto the field, and I'm going to demand that they enroll me, and I'm going to demand that they let me play the six-year-olds.
And then I'm going to get out there as a linebacker, and I'm going to run through that line, just blast past those six-year-olds.
I'm gonna be like, I'm in a vulture, and I'm gonna just tackle that six-year-old.
I'm gonna stick him, like, boom!
Helmet right in.
And I'm like, yeah, yeah!
And they're gonna go, wow, you're an incredible six-year-old.
You're gonna be a famous football player.
I'm like, yeah, I know.
They're like, damn, that's a nice beard you've got.
I go, I know, six-year-olds have those now.
But I identify as that.
So this is just total leftist child abuse in my view.
Going on an absolutely massive scale.
And the left's just turning their children over to all this.
I guess you've got here one of the drag queens.
It's story time for the kids.
This one is not particularly hideous.
Like the ones that wear demon outfits.
But you do have the...
Consummate Obese Lady in a Clown Outfit.
Just the creep factor of all of this.
I mean, this is on cue with a ventriloquist doll being up there as the creepiest thing in the known universe.
Alright, let me segue out of these nightmare waters.
But just remember, that's what all these stunts are about.
It's what it's all about.
And it's shit.
So, by all intents and purposes, Well, there's one more point I didn't make.
You know, you've got this new NPC meme showing the video game term of somebody that's a non-player being put over the faces of liberals everywhere.
It's really triggering them because that's what they are, is shaved heads, soulless, THX1138s.
It's really hard to have the energy at the end of the day to still get to the gym or to go for a run or go to the park or heck, even take your dog for a walk.
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I still have that energy.
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You are listening to an Infowars.com Frontline Report.
(upbeat music)
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
We have a lot of really serious geopolitical news we're going to be getting into.
We've also got a northbound migrant group that the UN has organized, doubles in size, enters Guatemala, and I'm going to be covering that.
In fact, will you guys pull me out of yesterday and Sunday stack when I get to that at the bottom of the hour, remind me?
I want to show AP, Reuters, you name it, because it's unbelievable until you realize it's really happening, that the UN globally runs who is allowed to come into our countries under the UN Charter and under UNESCO.
That's the whole global government body that decides the global standards.
The US led the way pulling out of that last year.
Now Hungary, Austria, and a bunch of others are pulling out, but Guatemala San Salvador, Nicaragua and others are U.N.
staging zones because the U.S.
won't let unvetted people in anymore to create giant caravans and give them money and to get Mexico to agree to let them come up the train lines and ride the trains for free.
To then smash into the U.S.
border and become leftist voters and get all the anchor babies and all the freebies.
This is systematic U.N.
Warfare against the U.S.
And the good news is, I used to tell people ten years ago, hey, you know, since George Herbert Walker Bush left office, he was the guy that did it, we've been under this compact with the State Department to let the U.N.
run who can come in.
They tell us who comes in.
They run the migrant and refugee program.
People are like, oh yeah, the U.N.' 's running it.
No, it really was.
And Trump pulled out last year.
And now as we have a debate about this, and as people have debates all over the world and go, you mean in Brazil they're like, the U.N.
says after Venezuela collapsed, we've got to let them all in and pay for everything?
Brazil's saying they're going to pull out.
Everyone wants to run their own country.
Since when does the U.N.
decide who can come into your country and who can do what?
So that's coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Northbound migrant group doubles in size, enters Guatemala.
Tens of thousands of people.
Was 3,000, now it's doubled.
By the time it gets here, they think it's going to be as many as 30,000 people to break open those lanes like they did out of Africa, like they did out of the Middle East, through Turkey, through Bosnia, Herzegovina, through other areas of Macedonia, Albania.
And again, you want to help folks, but you have to understand, they're being forged into weapons when they get here.
That's coming up.
UN begs EU states to take in stranded migrants.
There you go.
So it's very, very exciting to see that unfolding.
I'll tell you what's also very, very exciting.
The hilarity of Elizabeth Warren.
And now this is blown up in her face.
It turns out the Boston Globe, being the fraud that they are, said that she was 132nd.
So eight generations back, somebody had a little bit of Native American blood.
Turns out it's ten generations back, and it's one to the one thousandth and twenty-three.
Or one thousandth and twenty-fourth.
So, ladies and gentlemen, I mean, if you look at a Native American, you're going to get more than that.
Out of 192 ounces of blood in the body, that's half a drop.
So, this is joke level.
In fact, she's so white, I think the test may have made a mistake and missed some Native blood.
Because the average person in North America, according to 23andMe, has 1.6% Native American.
This lady has not even one point.
She has 1 divided by 1,200... No, 1,024.
I can't even get that out of my mouth.
That's one thousandth.
One and one twenty-fourth thousandth.
Makes my head spin, ladies and gentlemen.
But it doesn't matter.
With fuzzy math, she's 100% Apache.
She's 100% rattlesnake Apache clan.
The dreaded Elizabeth Warren.
Big Chief want'em, taxpayers want'em.
Me make'em dance on fire ants.
Me make'em pay.
Me Big Chief.
Me high cheekbones.
Me your And as I said yesterday, we really need Trump to take a DNA test.
fact that she's multicultural and I saw CNN this morning going, "Oh, she ought to be so
proud that she's multi-ethnic.
Oh, it's so incredible."
And the evil Trump making fun of it with his amazing racism.
And as I said yesterday, we really need Trump to take a DNA test.
I bet he's got more Native American in him than even Elizabeth Warren does because you
know they're very politically correct with these things.
They call Asian one thing and Native American another when it's the exact same thing.
That's why most tests say they don't test for Native American, they test for Asian, African, and, of course, Anglo.
Because those are the three groups.
There's Asian, there's African, and there's Caucasian.
That's it, ladies and gentlemen.
That's it.
That's the groups.
And so they run up against that and it turns out she's one of the whitest people ever.
So even though Trump's dad is from Germany and his mom is from Scotland and their ancestors are quote pure Scots and pure Germans, I guarantee you there was Asiatic, we know, invasion into all of Europe and an interbreeding period.
That's why they can test somebody in Northern Europe And they find Asian blood in them.
Russians, on high levels, especially as you go east, of Asian blood, which is the exact same thing as Native American.
I mean, if you look at a Tibetan, a Tibetan woman, look at a Tibetan woman, look at an old Tibetan woman, and then look at a Native American, a real Native American woman, you can't tell the difference!
Because it's the same people!
They went over the North Pole!
You know how close Asia is from Canada?
It's right there!
Always think of the world going long-wise, around the equator.
That's the long way.
Not over the top.
Why do you think in a nuclear war, we fire nuclear missiles over the North Pole at Russia and China?
Because they're right there.
Right there.
You don't shoot them around the world.
You shoot over.
Can we show people the globe, please?
Document cam shot if you want over here.
One of the maps in here has got Russia and Canada and the U.S.
And that's where they came across is the Bering Strait between what's Alaska and Russia today.
That's why they have Eskimos, what you call Inuit, in northern Russia.
They've got the very same people right there.
Yeah, maybe we can zoom in way back there.
You can see that right there.
But that's the Bering Strait.
Maybe type in for people the Bering Strait so they can see it.
Yeah, that's the United States.
So just zoom on over to the corner over there.
We'll do it later.
Just type in, View of the Earth from the North Pole.
It's a classic shot.
But, in fact, the UN symbol is a shot from the top of the planet.
So, it doesn't matter.
I'll do it on my phone.
Just go to Search Engine.
And you go to it.
And you just simply type in North Pole Map.
North Pole map.
Okay, good.
Now that's the Bering Strait right there.
And as sea levels go up and down during ice ages, humans are able to cross right across there.
But also during the winter months or even fall months or other times, you can generally cross when there is an ice barrier between the two, regardless.
Can you guys zoom out now from the Bering Strait, please?
You have Russia there on the right.
and you've got the United States there on the left.
Or they had it backwards from either world view.
So there you go!
And so that's what's going on here.
Now, I know I've digressed and I need to stop.
You know, it's kind of a disease I have.
The radio show is much better if I just don't look at what they have on screen.
Because that's what constantly makes me hiccup, hiccup, hiccup, hiccup, hiccup.
Which is fine.
This is how I set this up.
But I want to go back to the old days, sometimes where I just turn the TVs off.
They can just have a heyday in there with whatever they want, instead of me looking at what they're doing on screen.
Because so many people are listening on radio, and they have no idea what I'm even talking about.
Infowars.com forward slash show if you want to see it all.
When we come back I'll actually get to it all and I'm gonna not add anything on screen except what's in my document cams.
For the rest of the day.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
And then he talks to the fathers and mothers and they go, yeah, the police won't help us.
Our daughters are sold to sex slavery.
And then it comes out nine, ten years after he talks about it, it's happening in every town.
And in many areas, the police are involved.
And the government, and then the Asian men organizing, the Muslim men organizing the girls for sex.
You got the white guys coming in, others having sex with them.
This is the known pedophilia of the UK.
It's the religion of the elite over there.
And so they tried to mentally destroy him.
And Tommy, just wherever you want to take this interview, you're in control now.
So basically, these gangs were operating freely for 30 years.
And our country witnessed the conspiracy of silence from police leaders, community leaders, religious leaders.
...to facilitate this rape and what's come out in the reports is the reason, the reason why the police didn't act, the reason why social services, the organisations put in to protect children, the reason why they allowed.
They actually allowed when you read the reports.
They allowed gangs of men, Muslim men, to come and pick the children up from care homes, sit outside in their car picking 12 year old children up, take them away for three or four days and drop them back in a dishevelled state.
And no one fought justice or no one fought to do something.
Anyone in a position of power who tried to whistleblow and identify these problems was quickly sidelined, fired and targeted.
So the level of rape The level of abuse, this isn't just sexual gratification for the men doing it.
They are literally doing everything they can to destroy the victim, to torture the victim.
They are, and this has gone on, I think there's in every single town, city in the UK that has an Islamic community, there are these rapist ones.
And the word used in Britain is grooming, which sounds like something cute, doesn't it?
Well, you're grooming your dog.
This is actually a rape jihad by an invading army.
Now, what these men do to some of these victims, if I just talk to you about some of the cities... In one of the cities in the north of England, they took a young 12-year-old girl and they stuck a claw... When they got her pregnant through repeated rapes, they took her to a field and they put a claw hammer up inside her to give her an abortion.
They have taken young girls and put their tongues on tables and put nails through them.
They have branded young 11-year-old children where they've heated up iron rods with the letter M and they've scalded it on their bum because that 11-year-old girl was the property of Mohammed.
Now, during all of this, families whose children have become victims have gone to the police, they've gone to the authorities, they've cried and they've begged for help.
Rather than getting help.
These stories, when you read them, finally, when we first started talking about this a decade ago, we were branded as extremists and racists and people simply did not want to believe it.
Now we have government reports and government investigations that show and expose the truth in all of this.
We've had young fathers.
Two of their daughters are in a house with a dozen Muslim men.
Their daughters are 12 and 13 years old.
The fathers have got together and they've gone to get their girls back.
The police have turned up.
They arrested the dads.
They leave the girls.
This isn't Netflix.
It isn't movies.
This is a real hero.
This is a guy they've tried to kill.
This is a guy tortured in prison repeatedly.
This is a guy that lost his house.
His wife and children facing an assault attack.
This is a real man right here.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
We are only 21 days out from the make it or break it election.
I tell you, if the Democrats win back the House or Senate, they are going to go crazy.
We all know that.
They're going to go crazy regardless.
But we need a political realignment against these people.
They are psychological warfare criminals.
They are a ruthless, out-of-control group that has traitorously allied with the Communist Chinese and foreign banks.
And they're trying to break this country's spirit.
And I'm very proud of how President Trump is trying to restore this nation's spirit.
And to see our country come back from the dead is beautiful.
But it makes the hard-won victories we've had over the last few years that much more sweet and that much more special.
And I want to defend them.
And we have some amazing news I'm going to get to here in just a moment, dealing with Hillary Clinton.
But first, we're going to give the number out.
I'm going to take your calls into the next hour when Faith Goldie, who is in number third place out of 30-plus candidates, they won't let her be in public debates.
They won't let her advertise on radio or TV.
She's a nationalist.
She's a Christian.
She's a patriot.
She's been demonized.
She's been lied about.
And now she is set to potentially win.
But again, the authoritarianism of the left in Toronto is not letting her even participate or even buy ads.
It just shows how they are going completely tyrannical with the censorship, with the sexualization of children, with going after the conservatives and libertarians and Christians bank accounts and our ability to buy and sell with communist Chinese style net censorship and the head of Google telling Congress last Friday in a letter that censorship is useful and what we're doing in China is good and there's a lot of attributes to censorship.
They're just hiding it in plain view.
It is a psychological warfare tactic.
So the toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX.
First-time callers or folks that have been on hold before, I want to get to you.
I want to know about what you think they're going to pull 21 days out.
What you make of all the crazy stuff happening in Saudi Arabia.
What you think about Stormy Daniels has to pay Trump's legal fees?
That means leftists that raised her $500,000 on her GoFundMe, that that's all going to Trump?
Incredible information.
See how much it is to defend a real defamation suit and actually beat it?
Half a million clamps.
That's what they use against Trump and myself and others.
And they always misrepresent what we've said to sue us.
But once you actually get into court, then something else daunts.
But when they're forced to drop their suit or it's thrown out, you see nothing in the news.
You see nothing.
In fact, you always see in the news, Alex Jones had his kids taken away.
Alex Jones doesn't have his children.
It's not true.
Alex Jones says there's slave colonies with children on it on Mars.
One million dollar reward if you can find me saying that.
Never said it.
Nothing like it.
One million dollar reward if you've got me, myself, saying that no one died at Parkland.
Never said that.
One million dollars if you can find me saying use battle rifles on the media.
Think, and I know you know this, but let it sink in for a second.
Every news channel in the country, national news, from ABC to NBC to CNN to even Fox News reported that I said, get battle rifles and go kill the media.
They didn't show a quote.
They didn't show a video.
But what the New York Times showed was battle rifles and quotes, and then later, media.
Ten minutes later, I talked about the media.
And look, I know you've already heard this, but think about how evil they are!
Think about how evil they are!
They'll do anything!
Well, yeah, they tell you your young son isn't a boy, and then try to confuse him and have him cut his genitals off.
That's beyond a pedophile cult!
But they take our good nature and tell us we're bad if we don't accept it.
Hollywood and the globalists and all of this are cancer!
They're killing us!
Now this story just went live on Infowars.com.
We're going to cover it, go to your calls when we come back.
It's been a crash.
Hillary Clinton's black ambulance.
Our headline says van, I'm having it changed to ambulance.
It is an ambulance.
We first broke the ambulance a month before the election.
Two weeks later, people saw the ambulance here falling down.
We'll play that when we come back.
Hillary Clinton's black van wrecks on way to fundraiser.
Clinton and aide Uma Abedin emerge from vehicle unscathed.
So, the real headline is Hillary Clinton has crashed in her ambulance.
Hillary Clinton has crashed in her ambulance with Uma Abedin.
And horse-faced libs melt down over Trump's Stormy Daniels barb.
So, we'll get to more of that coming up and take your phone calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX.
7 7 7 8 9 Alex 8 7 7 7 8 9 2 5 3 9 but isn't it just beautiful now Stormy
Daniels and her weirdo lawyer have to pay the attorney's fees for suing Trump
That's just beautiful.
And now it's come out that the lawyer that she has kept half the money he raised for Beto.
By the way, Beto is everywhere.
Every billboards, radio, TV, the internet just force-fed hundreds of millions of dollars, both legal and illegal, have been raised to try to force him into the state of Texas.
If he wins this election fraud, nobody outside of blue mental patient areas like Austin, Texas, no one is voting for Beto except people that have very, very low IQs.
And all these groupthink folks.
That we'll be covering when we come back in the next segment and take your phone calls.
Please remember that we are aggressively defending the Republic, we're aggressively defending the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and most importantly, we're winning.
Nationalism is taking hold everywhere, common sense is happening, people are turning against the UN, turning against globalism and recognizing it as the clear and present danger it is.
But wars are costly, and they're dangerous, and they're expensive.
And InfoWars is barreling through, ramming through enemy territory like a tank.
But we got some black smoke coming out from under the canopy, and a couple rocket holes on the side, and, you know, our gas tank got machine gunned.
So, I need to be able to pit stop and expand.
I mean, right now, they've battled us to a standstill.
I'll let the enemy know the truth.
My only weapon is the truth.
You know, they'd lie and say, we're great, or this or that.
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Good morning.
Sorry, I must have missed my invitation to the mail.
My name is Faith Moulding.
Moulding Choice!
Let Faith Speak!
Let Faith speak!
Thank you. I'm so sorry. We cannot allow you to disrupt this process. Thank you. Thank you.
You should be in a new chair.
Let Faith speak! Let Faith speak!
And then we're going to move anyone who violates this law to the police station.
Let Faith speak!
Yes, sir.
We support the police.
We love our officers.
We're the only ones out here actually talking about you guys.
These guys are obviously farts here and not letting me over to the main stage.
Yeah, I know, and that's why I was presenting a petition with 5,000 signatures, sir.
So, Faith Goldie is really in third place out of 30 plus people.
That's amazing and they won't let her come to the debates.
So, she's engaged in real information guerrilla warfare.
FaithForToronto.ca, she's on Twitter, at Faith Goldie.
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
It's a real honor, and I appreciate you helping to spread our message of how much democracy is under siege.
So I'm running for mayor, and Alex, I have to say, there are actually more than 30 candidates, and I have been polling in the top three since the day I announced my bid to become mayor.
In fact, my polling numbers are higher than all 32 people underneath me combined, and yet these folks These opinion makers and gatekeepers, rather, of the status quo are inviting everyone onto their stage except for me.
What we have to do is just to continue to frankly seek truth and also don't be afraid to sometimes let out what you think.
Every single person I've talked to on this campaign, Alex, says, I'm voting for you.
And everyone I talk to is voting for you.
Don't be afraid to show it from the rooftops.
One of the things that I hear from all of my volunteers is faith.
Your fearlessness is contagious.
Folks have to remember that.
We can all be leaders in our own lives, whether it be around the water cooler, Our dinner tables and our university classrooms.
Having a brass pair is contagious.
Everything they're doing is to try to stop something like you because you're everything they wish they had.
And that's happening to all conservatives, all nationalists, all over the world.
Twitter, Facebook, Google, as you know, are concertedly trying to stop populist nationalist movements everywhere.
And I have just read The local paper, you know, saying that you were polling number three out of the six major candidates.
I had no idea that there were 30 plus total.
That is amazing!
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
(upbeat music)
He aligns himself with the truth, but it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
It was three months before the election in 2016, and the Secret Service personally told me that Hillary Clinton
drives around in a black van that's really an ambulance.
She's got a wheelchair that goes down a ramp.
It's since been photographed and documented.
And that she's having convulsions from a brain tumor every 45 minutes roughly.
Millie Weaver and Gavin Winch caught her in Cleveland, Ohio for over an hour in a tent with emergency crews running in with stretchers.
She then didn't give her speech and emerged very, very ill.
Two weeks later, she fell down on 9-11 and got into the black ambulance, or they picked her up and threw her in.
The Secret Service said, like, a side of beef.
Well, there's been a new development.
We're going to play the audio and video right now for radio and TV listeners.
The article is live at Infowars.com.
Hillary Clinton's black ambulance wrecks on way to fundraiser.
Clinton and her girlfriend, Uma Abedin, Emerged from vehicle unscathed.
And what's incredible when you watch this footage is, they're just driving around in what appears to be a parking garage and for no reason just run into a pylon.
So is she having a convulsion in the back?
Or is this what she would have done to the economy further if she'd gotten into office?
here it is.
And then hear the rats crawl out of it, Hillary.
at Hillary.
(upbeat music)
She can barely even walk, look at her.
Stumbling around with coke-bottled glasses like a vampire.
Like Nosferatu doesn't have very good sight.
I smell children's blood.
Can I start a war?
That's her.
Let's watch that one more time because that's what I call solid country gold.
Here it is.
I could watch that all day long.
Then she emerges like a rat out of an aqueduct.
Look at her.
Stop looking around her Stormtripper outfit.
She's got like an ember, palpatine black trench coat on.
Like a bad case of herpes, this won't go away.
There's the original article.
Hillary's gurning hospital bed on standby at Clinton rally.
Worse than that, she was in the tent, they were running around like it was a three alarm fire.
Now, let's get to the next thing here.
Let's just roll all the times we have her on tape, even recently, falling down and stumbling around, because they say it's a conspiracy theory.
There you go, your TV viewer.
There she is in India.
Because again, she only tracks according to smell.
That's how a lot of vampire bats operate, though.
I mean, that's called satire, ladies and gentlemen.
She's far worse than a vampire bat.
So here she goes, boom!
That's the commander-in-chief right there.
That's what the left fawns after and worships.
Here she is falling down behind another podium.
But again, Matt Drudge was the first person, like, Ten years ago, or longer, he's like, where's Hillary?
And why does she look like hell?
And he'd show before and after photos, and I'm like, oh, you're crazy!
Why, she's the stuff of energy!
She's got incredible stamina!
It's Trump that's delusional!
It's Trump that has dementia!
It's Trump that's a loser!
It's Trump that can't get anything done!
So there you go.
Actually, I think Nosferatu's more appealing, don't you, than actually Hillary.
It's the German actor that played the original Masferatu who had too much humanity in his eyes.
There's a deadness to Hillary's eyes.
The only thing that's animated is the maw, the mouth.
Now, if they would have had the vampire smile, he would have been far more scary like this.
I'm going to stop doing my best Woody Woodpecker there.
And prepare to go to your phone calls.
Lily and Joe and Dino and Marshall and Mr. Grinch.
You're a bad one, Mr. Grinch.
George, Joseph, Vic, Doug, Jason, Suzette, and many others.
Your phone calls, we will go to those.
Oh my goodness, there's another article up on InfoWars.com.
The left is outraged after calling Trump a rapist and Kavanaugh a rapist and everyone a rapist.
You're a rapist.
They're a rapist.
Everywhere a rapist rapist.
He's a rapist.
You're a rapist.
Everybody's a rapist.
With a rape, rape here and a rape, rape there.
Here a rape, there a rape.
Everywhere a rape, rape.
Instead of this giant Islamic raping all over the Middle East, all over Europe, 90% of the rapes being Islamic in Germany and Sweden, all of it covered up.
Massive Islamic sex slavery of women, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, all the rest of it.
Nothing is ever said.
But everybody who never had an accusation of rape in their life for 30, 40, 50 years, the minute somebody who's a political operative rolls out and says that somebody sexually assaulted him, well, hell, it must be true.
So that's why a lot of people have been pointing out that Matt Damon raped them.
Even though it's not true, you better listen to him.
So now they're extra mad.
The article's from Jamie White on NewsWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You need to get this out.
And you know, it's funny how I'm synced with Trump.
I have said to my wife, I don't find Stormy Daniels attractive.
She kinda looks like a Frankenstein, or... Well, I mean, how have I described... How have I described Webster Hubble's illegitimate daughter with Hillary Clinton?
Mr. Ed.
Hello, Wilbur!
A horse is a horse, of course, of course.
That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Stormy Daniels.
So, we should probably go out to break with the intro to Mr. Ed.
So let's get that queued up.
If you can't do it in three minutes, I understand.
I know I'm throwing this at you.
This was not planned.
We'll get to that.
But in more insanity, after we take calls, Northbound migrant group doubles in size enters Guatemala.
And a bunch of economic news and a bunch of other news that's on Infowars.com and Newswars.com that I have not yet gotten to.
Separately, though.
And probably most importantly.
Have you told neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, employees, bosses about newswars.com?
Infowars.com's great, but it's censored and blocked more than other sites.
Newswars.com, for now, is easier to share on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and places, and it won't get you blocked or banned.
So I say use Newswars.
We're going to launch some new sites soon, too, that aren't exactly affiliated with us, so it'll be easier to spread the word as well.
But have you spread NewsWars.com today?
Have you spread InfoWars.com forward slash show?
Because listen, I know you're informed and you're awesome, but the power of you, word of mouth, spreading the word about InfoWars, is the reason we've changed the world together.
So please, don't think of yourself as the caboose.
Don't think of yourself as the engine.
Don't think of yourself as the passenger cars.
Think of yourself as the entire train.
All of us together don't operate without the other.
It's called symbiosis.
Non-zero some game.
Total 360 win.
And so we are all living together.
We're all in this together.
Don't care what color you are or where you came from or what your sexual preference is as long as it's consensual and it's not a minor.
But what matters is that you love God and you want justice.
And the globalists are at war with that.
So whatever you do, tell people about every station that you're listening to, local websites, however you came across this, spread the word.
It can overpower the AI and the globalists.
We can beat their whole plan to sexualize children.
We can beat their whole planet world government.
We can beat their whole GMO takeover plan, their forced inoculation plan, their open border Islamification plan.
And we are beating it!
And we are rebooting Americana worldwide.
And then don't forget, Without your financial support, we're gone.
You've really been coming through.
Because they've been trying to take our merchant accounts, and they've gotten rid of five of six, but we've gotten some backups now.
Don't want to let the enemy know, but cut one hydra head off, ten more grow.
It doesn't matter.
The point is, you never know.
You need to get the books, the t-shirts, the films.
Don't wait.
The fight is so intense now.
Go to m4restore.com for the biggest sale ever.
Free shipping and all the next three sales rolling into one.
Black Friday.
Cyber Monday.
Oh yeah, I'm sorry, we gotta go to this.
We've got to go out with Stormy Daniels.
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That's a fast info, Woz.
Apple banned your rap.
I helped too!
Oh, Oliver.
I hate free speech too!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
And all these other company heads and all these other people know this and they won't say it.
So I'm here Stop the hammering.
Stop the hammering out there.
Who's got a hammer?
Where is it?
Where's the hammer?
Is it on the... Go up on the other floor.
Somebody go up there and stop the hammering.
Stop the hammering!
Call f***ing Phil Griffin.
I don't care who the f*** you have to call.
Stop the hammering!
Hammering, hammering.
And all these fools, and all these traitors don't get it.
Now it's being taken away because they demand control of the streets, control the schools, control your bank account.
It just f***ing sucks.
It f***ing sucks to be out here with this out of control s***.
Control the churches, control the food you eat, control the vaccines they put in your body, control the internet, control of everything.
They're here.
Any f***ing thing can come into my ear at any moment.
That's what I know.
Anybody can get into my f***ing ear at any time.
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Thanks to you.
We'll be back.
I'll go down to the g***** floor myself and stop it.
Keep the g***** commercial break going.
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Then it fell apart.
I'm gonna go to your calls, but I gotta tell you, I don't just sit up here like the left does and declare everything a victory when it's not, but the Stormy Daniels defamation suit being thrown out and then the $500,000 raised on her GoFundMe account having to be paid to Donald Trump is incredible irony.
It's really delicious justice and revenge served cold.
But I wouldn't even call it revenge.
It's just the right thing happening.
So God works in mysterious ways and certainly that is apropos of that.
So that is hilarious justice.
And then you've got Warren going, I've got you!
I've got an eighth generation family member that may have had some Native American blood.
I might be one half of one percent!
When the average American's 1.6, and then it turns out she's one tiny fraction of a percentage point.
In fact, it's so incredible, she's one of the whitest people in America.
She is certifiable cracker, to the point you could put her on the side of a saltines box.
I mean, you talk about redonkulous, this is delicious show.
Everything was going so great, they would stand in line for this for Hillary, Madam President, for Stormy Daniels, for Pocahontas, and then they're dumb enough when they get the DNA results to go, Well, we'll just say you're less than 1%, but that you're right.
And then it turns out it's like a tiny thousandth fraction, and she's like, so white, I find it hard to believe.
In fact, I think they should retest her.
I mean, most people have got 1.6.
I'm 6%, Native American at least.
And that's just on my grandfather's side.
I've never... I was tested for a DNA test, but it wasn't the right type.
It was a medical test.
I didn't understand what I was signing on for when I was at the doctor's office.
They said, hey, you want to do this genetic test and get your DNA results?
And it was like my medical background, not my... I wasn't paying attention.
I just checked the box and they sent the blood off.
She's from the tribe of Dances with Soros.
That's right.
So there's a lot of serious news out there, but it really is hilarious.
And then to watch Stephen Colbert and others, the videos are on Infowars.com, go out and laugh at Trump when this woman they're even reporting is one of the whitest people in the United States.
I mean, you go to East Texas, there's so many people, you know, intermarried with Native Americans.
I mean, you look at everybody.
Most people have dark hair and they've got dark skin and people are handsome.
And then you ask them, are you part Native American?
Yeah, my great-grandma and then my dad's grandfather was part.
I mean, you don't even know in East Texas where my dad's from.
It's so many Native American blood out there.
You go to a public event, most of the people have dark hair and they've got tan skin.
Because they all intermarried with the Native Americans.
Most of the Native Americans didn't get killed by being shot, they died from disease.
And most people that brought their wives in on wagon trains, the wives usually died.
Things were so rough.
And then you married a Native American woman.
So again, this whole Hollywood version of you're just killing the engines and it's all happened.
It was total war.
See, I said I'd take your calls and I'm not doing it, am I?
I'm not doing it.
I'm a bad person.
Joe in New Jersey.
We're going to go to him in a minute.
Steve wants to talk about New York.
Antifa violence that's been blamed on the Proud Boys.
The video shows Antifa attack them.
We've got midterm elections, violence at the polls across the USA.
Let's go to Marshall in Delaware first because, yeah, I'm expecting fireworks, unfortunately, with wound-up crazed leftist polling places in Antifa trying to intimidate people.
What's your angle on this, Marshall?
Hey, Alex.
Well, Warren, she's really off the reservation with her tweet storm today, isn't she?
Oh, she threw a big fit.
She had a total meltdown, didn't she?
I think you had a caller last week, I believe, who was warning people not to wear groups of red at the polls to be targets.
And, um, my sentiment is kind of, like, on the same lines as this.
Um, see, I don't think that they can... You also said last week that they can't run their standard type of false flags anymore, because too many people have it all figured out.
So what I'm thinking is, they're going to try to have some kind of organic disturbance, and they have... Because if you remember during the campaigns, the left made, like, a quasi-alliance with the Islamists.
And then, I think they're trying to desensitize us to this antifa and make them look so pathetic up front.
we let our guard down and then their heavy hitters come in behind that.
No I know for a fact sir, the Democrats are contracting with Hezbollah, with MS-13 and
other criminal groups.
That's been confirmed.
You are absolutely right.
Antifa is only the decoy cover.
And you had Ed Klein on I think a few months ago who got into the FBI investigations that
these Antifa leaders were actually flying to Syria and Iraq to meet with ISIS leaders
and to train you guys.
Oh yeah, that's been in mainstream news that they were training with the Kurds too.
So my thing is stay vigilant, especially on election day because...
They look fat, stupid, and pathetic, but I don't think these are, like you said, these are not the real... It's just like that funny 1980s movie with Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd, Spies Like Us.
That's actually how you do it.
You send the idiots out as the smoke screen, hoping they get caught with fake papers on them, so the real guys never get busted.
And that's exactly how these people operate.
And you know what?
There's people like the congressional shooter, they really do believe That we're all Nazis and white supremacists, but they truly believe they're fighting... Oh, he... Rand Paul broke his silence, as you know, I'm sure, Friday.
He said, listen, they didn't want us to say this, but they've sat on it for a year, and I'm going to tell you, he was screaming, you're murdering me, my health care!
So they say, getting rid of Obamacare murders people, which isn't true, so he's allowed to kill you because you're trying to murder him, see?
There's actually a movie on Netflix, it is pure propaganda, but if you know that watching it, You can dissect it.
It's called Winter on Fire.
It was about the Ukrainian revolution.
And it shows exactly what Soros Operandi is.
They even had the same yellow and black signs out there in Ukraine.
The whole works.
And they dress people up who you don't know if they're neutrals or what.
And they just start randomly attacking people.
So there's so much chaos and confusion.
You gotta bring in the heavy hitters on the police force.
And then you got riots happening.
And they start shooting people in the streets.
It's just a bad climate right now, and I just don't want people to think that, oh, I'll be okay because these fat, stupid antifa people, like you said, no, that's not what it's going to be.
No, they're 100% the decoy.
And that's why I told people, when they banned me on Twitter, I said, they're doxing Congress, they're doxing judges, they're doxing federal law enforcement, in their own words, to come kill you, you better be ready.
Because the night they attack is when they're going to go after everybody at once.
And that's what they banned me for, saying that I was calling for violence.
Because, see, they don't want us warning people.
And notice, what they ban you for is what they don't want to hear.
So it's almost like a heat-seeking missile goes after the heat.
Whatever they're trying to ban, we know is coffin nails to them.
That's what you always say, Alex.
The more flack you get, the more you know you're over the target, right?
So keep at it.
One more thing before I go, Alex.
To all your listeners, One of the best things I did in terms of expanding my knowledge of political knowledge and how the world works was buy that book, Tragedy and Hope, that you have.
It is unbelievable the revelations that I learned from this book.
It's so hard to digest.
You can't read it all the way through, a little bit at a time, then go look at more stuff on the internet to back it all up.
I mean, it is just...
Well sure, absolutely.
Thanks for the call.
We sell Tragedy and Hope.
It was only a thousand were printed for the CIA and the State Department and then Patriots got prints of it and they were allowed to print and there were lawsuits over it.
But this is 1,100 pages, curl quickly, written in the 60s.
Georgetown political professor, Bill and Hillary Clinton's mentor and You read that book, it describes how they do it, because the CIA and others were like, we're left-wing, but we're right-wing, we fund fascists, but we also fund communists.
Who are we?
What are we?
And it describes how they create a synthetic consensus and control the entire paradigm.
It's got a 100% review at Infowarsstore.com.
They do not want you to have this baby on your bookshelf, and I agree.
It took me, the first time I read it, a year.
Because it's very heady, very technical.
And then the next time I tried to read it, I just scanned through the bibliography to key areas.
But it is world government, the total plan, break up the family, how they control both political parties, everything.
And Donald Trump is dynamiting the entire situation.
Well, I took one call, but he was a great call.
I'm going to come back and go to more of your calls and then Faith Goldie's popping in for two segments and I'll continue with calls right through this hour.
We're going to come back and go to Jason and Suzette and Mr. Grinch and Steve and Joe and a bunch of others, Lily on the other side.
I got cut off of the Mr. Ed piece.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Hillary Clinton went down to New York to get some more money she could steal.
That's when she ran into a big ol' pylon, driving her own ambulance.
The devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a... You gotta love it, Hillary Clinton's riding around in an ambulance, running into walls like an idiot.
Footage is up on Infowars.com.
...playing it hot, and the devil jumped up on a hickory stump and said, boy, let me tell you what... It's hard to turn off old Charlie Daniels, isn't it?
Okay, let's go back to your phone calls.
I'm going to go to Steve when Faith Goldie's on with us, because he was talking about antifa attacking folks in New York.
It's on video.
They attacked the Proud Boys and the police have arrested the Proud Boys.
Of course, in a globalist city, the crime is always defending yourself.
Never forget that.
And we've got so many other callers here.
I want to talk to Jason, too, about the South American migrant caravan, how that's a U.N.
We have the proof.
But right now, let's go to Lily in New Jersey, then we'll go to Joe and Steve.
Lily, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
My name is Lily.
Listen, I have information on Rothschild.
He's in China right now setting up a new global currency that is paperless.
He's planning on collapsing the United States currency as well as China's.
And when that happens, the only alternative he's going to have to spend money is to get
the RFID check.
Well, I know they want the Casual Society.
I know they're kicking people off.
Which Rothschild?
Lord Rothschild?
I mean, there's a bunch of Rothschilds, but I know the Rothschilds are setting up a global carbon tax.
They are trying to set up a global cashless currency as well.
They're the ones, the Rothschild family, Lorne Rothschild's the head of that one.
Yeah, well I know who the players are, ma'am.
Well listen, send me an article to ShowTips and then PollWars.com.
I'd like to see that.
I mean, I know they're trying to bring in a casual society.
They control everything you do, they track everything you do, you name it.
Okay, let's go ahead and go to Joe in New Jersey.
Joe, we're 21 days out from the midterms.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, brother.
Hey, it's funny, I'll follow up after what she said.
You know, I think the little things they're doing, like the Elizabeth Warren stuff, the Sorority Daniel stuff, they're keeping people at bay and having everybody talk about it, which they should, you know, they can talk about it.
But, you know, what are they doing really behind the scenes?
I just noticed BlackRock today just announced they had a little over $24 billion in institutional outflows.
And that's the biggest asset management company in the world.
No one's talking about this.
All these countries are buying gold.
There's so many problems in the financial institutions that no one's talking about.
No, you're right.
We're sitting on top of a giant bomb, and Trump's just trying to get nationalism back in place.
and stabilize things because Hillary was already planning to implode the economy,
have race riots, you name it, and bring in total control.
Trump's trying to stabilize an already melting down system and I agree the globalists
are taking all this liquidity and this ballooning fiat economy and buying real assets. So
what do you think that indicates, Joe?
I think, you know, I don't know if it's going to be during the time of the midterms but I think
right around or before the next presidential election they're going to they're going to try
and hammer this economy down, blame it on Trump. Everybody needs to own some type of gold and
silver because that's a that's a that's the real form of money and buy get real assets if you can.
I mean...
You know, people need to understand that you can't be held captive to these cryptos or to this paper money.
Brother, I agree.
Culturally good things are happening in America and I love the fact that Trump's gotten so much done but it's a miracle and we're sitting on top a time bomb or it's like the cartoon where you have hundreds of dishes and plates and you're balancing it and you're having to jump rope at the same time and once it all comes crashing down it's gonna be insane.
I'm just trying to be optimistic to try to hopefully get as many people right with God as possible beforehand but I I agree.
Everybody better be prepared economically, physically with food, water, firearms, you name it, because just because Trump got in and other nationalists got in, they're trying to hedge something off at the pass that I think is basically impossible to stop.
But we can have a soft landing.
Is that what you're saying here, Joe?
I think we could if people were prepared, you know, because people need to understand also that, you know, Impoverishing people with bad health through food and everything else is one thing, but then you take away their money, and you impoverish them for money?
I mean, you're doomed.
If you're prepared, guns, ammo, gold... No, listen, you're totally right.
My instinct in my gut is to defensively just, you know, split and move my kids to the most remote area possible.
The problem is we have to offensively change that.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The boys tell how Pancho fell and left his living in a cheap hotel.
The desert's quiet, Cleveland's cold, so the story ends we're told.
Pancho needs your prayers, it's true, to save a few.
And now he's grown old.
You know, you read about in history books in the old Soviet Union or in authoritarian countries that people that were popular, that were populist, Couldn't run, or would be blocked from advertising, or blocked from publishing books, or blocked from being able to travel, or blocked from being able to be in debates, and how some authoritarian countries have elections, like Iran, but they select who can run, the mullahs.
So, Faith Goldie is a successful radio and TV host, and she's a researcher and a journalist, and there's 30-plus people running in Toronto, Canada.
And so she runs and she's in third place.
She's smart, great looking, set to be in first place.
They won't let her be in the debates.
She still shows up.
They haul her off the stage.
We'll show that video from three weeks ago.
Now they won't even let her advertise.
And that's the next low.
So a lot of people say, oh, humanity will just wake up.
Well, if they try censorship and we don't stand up and say no, they win.
Yeah, the Streisand effect is in effect sometimes, but not always, especially when there's a mass of censorship going on and people stop caring.
There's a big article out today from RT, no more dissident voices succumb to Facebook and Twitter demands or get banned.
But even if you do, you're banned.
Thousands of conservative sites.
Hundreds and hundreds a day in the last week.
Some with millions of followers.
Big mainline groups are all being banned.
Because they didn't stand up for Faith Goldie.
They didn't stand up for Alex Jones.
They didn't stand up for...
Mr. Robinson over in England, Tommy Robinson, is going to be coming on very, very soon.
They didn't.
So now, notice I was in literally hundreds of thousands of articles when I got banned, and it caused an explosion of readership and viewership.
But it's hard for outreach.
Yeah, core people are there, but it's hard for outreach.
But for other people, there are major self-help authors and folks that are anti-modern third-way feminism.
They've been just banned off Amazon.
Their payment processor's taken.
They've just shut down and given up.
So this is critical.
Don't think just because we've been winning the culture war for a little while that we've won the whole war.
Because we won a battle doesn't mean we've won the war.
If we don't recognize the big attacks here.
So we'll get to the clip of you three weeks ago being thrown out of the debate where you were number three in all the polls.
But Faith, there's been even bigger developments.
Apparently your money isn't any good and not in a good way.
You aren't allowed.
You are verboten.
You are unpersoned.
Tell us the latest development in the mayoral race in Toronto.
Well, it's a pleasure to be back here, Alex.
So, new development.
We're not allowed to advertise.
It might be illegal, but we're being told that, well, the law and standard fair elections, free expression, just doesn't apply to nationalists, just doesn't apply to free speechers, doesn't apply to anyone who has two brain cells to rub together on the right side of the spectrum.
For the past probably month and a half, we've been in talks with one of the two biggest media conglomerates here north of the 49th, someone called Bell Media.
And they have a regular TV show station that is mandatorily carried throughout all the city.
And so we thought this is a great place To advertise our tough on crime, easy on taxpayer sort of message.
Very milquetoast, innocuous, innocent, almost adorable sort of advertisement that we put together.
We had a contract.
We signed it.
Alex, I cut them a certified check to the tune of $13,125.
Everything was good to go.
Then 48 hours to go time.
twenty five or sorry, thirteen thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars.
Everything was good to go.
Then 48 hours to go time.
We get this Orwellian call from a Bell Media sales representative
who says we can't advertise your ads anymore.
We're not going to run them.
I said, okay, fine.
Give me the reason why.
Well, we can't.
Your money's not good here.
They don't give us any sort of reason.
Kaibosh our ads.
Send us back our money.
And of course, we know that there is a host of Legal structures basically and various statutes that we can appeal to that basically say this is against the law here in Canada.
If you afford advertising to one political campaign, you have to do it to all of them.
So long as they can pay, so long as they're legitimate candidates, you have to do that.
We have the same law here.
It's fair play.
So the fact that they took other people's ads but not yours is a clear violation.
That's exactly right.
The media is playing judge and jury.
The unelected media is playing judge and jury of who Canadians, in this case, can listen to when it comes to what is a valid political opinion.
Now, what we decided to do was not roll over, but stand up.
And so what we decided to do was take these guys to court.
So we filed a lawsuit.
Yesterday was our first day in court, and today we get the ruling.
The Ontario Superior Court Justice says that while he has the jurisdiction to rule on this, that he's, quote, decided not to exercise that jurisdiction in this particular case.
And then goes on to give a diatribe of my political opinions.
When I asked my legal counsel, why is this happening?
Is it fair to cite prejudice?
They said, absolutely.
You are being targeted now by the legal system.
And I'm being very, very choosy about which words I'm using.
Not the justice system, but the legal system right now is edging you out of even being able to proceed within the courts.
I put $50,000 of donors' money down to retain the top legal team in the country, and even they were swatted away by these Marxists, frankly.
Anti-free speech.
Just monsters.
Let's be clear.
Can you guys do a document cam shot?
And there's actual real articles that show this in computer algorithms.
Censorship's kind of gone along like this over the years, and now it's gone straight up.
This is exponential.
This is hundreds of times, and it's not just here, it's all over the world, the left, the corporatists, whatever you want to call them, the power structure, posing as liberals.
They are banning everyone.
They are acting en masse in a total swarm.
I mean, we've been banned off advertising on any platform online.
And then people said, oh, well, that's Alex Jones.
And then they do it to everybody else.
It's now...
Thousands of Facebook and Twitter sites on the same days, at the same time, they have lists just every day.
800 this day, 1000 that day, 900 that day.
Some have 2.5 million followers.
And now they don't even call it racist.
They go, Spam!
We decide this is frivolous because nationalism is frivolous.
This is a scandal!
Absolutely, and you're 100% right to say that it's completely become exponential and on all fronts.
Our campaign, despite our determination, motivation, and high levels of energy, has been assaulted on all fronts.
Banned from debates.
Banned from television.
And now we've been banned from the courts.
I mean, what legitimate course of just recourse is there?
What legitimate action can we take now?
You actually have to think about it.
We've tried using our words.
We've tried using our arguments.
We've tried using the structure of the law.
What else is there at this point?
I don't believe in violence.
I want to go about things peacefully.
I just want to run a legitimate campaign and participate in democracy and let the good people of this city determine for themselves who has the best vision for this city.
A sanctuary city, by the way.
Higher taxes than ever.
Higher murder rate than New York City.
Gun crime up.
200% in the past year alone.
Illegal migrants.
Needles crapping all over the place.
You're becoming the East Coast San Francisco.
That's 100% right.
And our politicians are the reason for those changes.
The people never consented to this.
We were never asked.
And so I'm out here trying to be a voice of the people.
And I'm very humbled and honored that so many people see me as just that.
But the thing is, is that... That's why you're being banned, is because you're smart, you're effective.
My God.
You're not using a teleprompter.
I mean, in the U.S., you could run for president if you were a U.S.
I mean, you're smart, you're good-looking, you're well-spoken.
They're scared of you.
Because if you ended up becoming mayor, you'd fix the city.
And in a few years, they'd have a real Canadian, you know, prime minister who's a sexy woman.
The left is scared of that.
I'm not.
I like it.
Thanks, Alex.
I appreciate that.
But you're 100% right.
Look, censorship happens when powerful people feel threatened.
That's exactly what's happened.
Look, we're a little mayoral race here in Toronto, and we've got Justin Trudeau's puppeteers now weighing in on my candidacy.
There's a lot more... Stay there.
Let's talk about that.
And you're smart.
You said exponential.
I could have just said that word.
That's what I was breaking down.
It's just going straight up.
It's exponential.
It's logarithmic.
And when we come back, we're going to ask, where do they go next, and how do we respond?
Because I'm telling you folks, this is the main assault.
They're not playing games.
They're coming for everybody.
It was just so creepy to hear her talking about the tactics and how serious they are about trying to remove quote-unquote fake news.
And what's interesting about these hearings is that these hearings are our own congressmen and women who have sold out to the globalists, primarily Mostly Democrats, but also Republicans, just like Marco Rubio, essentially pressuring social media big tech to do their bidding for them, acting as censors or authoritarian type regimes and saying that if you don't, we'll take you over.
We are focused, as I know you are, on the upcoming U.S.
midterms and on elections around the world.
Our efforts in recent elections from Germany to Italy to Mexico to the Alabama special Senate election show us that the investments we are making are yielding results.
Right there!
She's admitting to the fact that social media plays a major role in our elections and she's actually talking about how in other countries they're using their tools, algorithms, AI, shadow banning to influence elections in other countries.
But don't worry, she's doing it on behalf of Big Brother, Big Authoritarian Government, and she'll take commands from the Democrat globalists that are in office.
I mean, if that doesn't creep you out, I don't know what does, Alex.
And it's in the WikiLeaks and everywhere else that they're interfacing with the executives in real time and taking bad Hillary results out, you name it.
Any populist, any nationalist, they're all being removed and being force-fed from Brazil to Germany.
They're trying to stop populist candidates, trying to stop the will of the people.
This is truly an authoritarian group of criminals.
Let's continue.
We're getting better at finding and stopping our opponents.
From financially motivated troll farms to sophisticated military intelligence operations.
We don't have access to the intelligence government have access to.
So we don't always know exactly who is behind these attacks or their motives.
And that's why we will continue working closely with law enforcement.
Chairman Burr, I want to thank you for your leadership.
Vice Chairman Warner, I want to thank you for your white paper, which has so many ideas on how we can work together to strengthen our defense.
Let's stop again.
The fact that she's talking about how they're trying to prevent foreign interference in our elections, but she's demonstrating and talking about how they, Facebook, are taking it upon themselves to then meddle in elections.
And give the result that our government officials in the Democrat Party or the globalist movers and shakers want them to make.
So she's actually admitting that by preventing foreign interference from Russians or whatever else, she's going to take it upon herself as a Facebook executive to make sure that they get the results that the globalists want.
We're also going to require people running large pages with large audiences in the United States to go through an authorization process and confirm their identity.
Okay, so this is exactly what I said was going to happen when you had me on right after InfoWars and Alex Jones' YouTube and Facebook pages got pulled from my intelligence source that was saying that this is all the plan and they're going to roll out this government issued ID verification program for social
media and they're already starting it now on Facebook but only for pages that
have large followings that's what she's announcing here. To watch them
admitting it all Millie it's that's what's crazy is to watch how they have
their own corporate speak and it's all out in the open.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, but you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I must have missed my invitation mail.
Let faith speak! Let faith speak! Let faith speak! Let faith speak! Let faith speak! Let
faith speak! Let faith speak! Let faith speak! Let faith speak! Let faith speak! Let faith
speak! Let faith speak! Let faith speak! Let faith speak!
Let faith speak! Let faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
We cannot allow you to just walk past the fence.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, this is the whole culture of the authoritarian left.
They want to shut down free speech.
They want to shut down competition.
They want to have reg systems.
They should all be voted out.
But see, they know you're trying to vote them out.
So, Faith Goldie, running for Mayor of Toronto, I want to take a few calls that tie into what you're dealing with, but what's coming next?
Because you were talking about that, this exponential acceleration, and now your own Prime Minister's crew is now commenting on you.
Yeah, well, I think what comes next is, first of all, their pool of who they decide to prey on expands.
You know, this is a classic case of first they came for.
First they came for Faith Goldie, and next, who are they coming for in this country?
And besides that, I think that full unpersonning is what's in store.
Keep in mind, I've already been banned from places like PayPal, Patreon, and now I'm being censored from a legitimate democratic process.
So I think what would be, I think, becoming of any sort of political institution in America, I have tremendous more hope in the interim and near term than I do for Canada, at least for a couple more years.
President Donald Trump has to begin regulating some of these online monopolies at the very least.
As public utilities so that they cannot discriminate against people based on their their political ideology, which is to say, you know, it doesn't matter if you're right, left or center, your taps are still going to turn on and your toilet still going to flush.
It should be the same for the Internet, because I'll tell you right now, the mainstream media, there is no hope or future for right wingers and nationalists and common sense conservatives.
On those streams.
Our only hope is through the true democratization of data in the Internet.
If we lose that battle and we see Google moving more and more towards essentially becoming the puppets of the Chinese as opposed to, you know, even the puppets of the Pentagon, never mind the actual American people.
We will lose this war, which you are so accurate to point out.
This is war.
Yes, we are winning battles here, there and everywhere, and I'm actually very optimistic about how well the nationalistic movement is doing across the entire Western world.
However, it is precisely because of our success that our enemies have now become sensitive to our ambitions and our abilities to succeed even more.
Because, of course, as it was with Nigel Farage Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen to a lesser degree.
These nationalistic messages, once they get any oxygen, they spread like wildfire because the common person has said, we've tried it your way, socialist, and it doesn't work.
Our lives are far worse off for it.
And so the only way we can get out and let people know that, hey, our guys are running, hey, there's an alternative out there, is really through the internet.
And so I feel very fortunate that I do have somewhat of a platform and a... I don't even want to say it out loud because God forbid that they do the same thing to me, Alex, that they've done to you.
Kick me out of Twitter and the rest of it.
Well that's the plan and they're just setting the precedent so they'll get to you.
And that's why we have to act against these groups.
We also have to create our own systems to counter it.
But when we do that, like Gab.com and Infowars, they try to actually physically shut down our sites themselves.
A new NPC meme, Crash SJW Programming, strikes fear into libs and it shows the video game
image of a non-player or a conformist.
And if you look at it, it's right out of THX 1138 that will come out of break and play
and then go to some phone calls.
But I mean, this is really who they are.
They are a bunch of followers run by big mega corporations that work with authoritarian
China and others to literally kill dissidents.
And so we ask, why are they being so tyrannical?
Because they've got it around the world and they're making their move on us.
And the compact, the cultural and spiritual agreement, the social compact that the West
had was let people be free, let them be open, have a level playing field that will create
And it does.
But now we're having the renaissance and culture stolen by the new authoritarians who don't play by the rules.
And we're sitting here being abused by them.
We've come from this egalitarian, open society, and they are destroying us because we're not standing up against them.
This is why I love the NPC meme, to be honest.
I think it's pretty cool to be able to talk about the NPC meme with Alex Jones right now.
I have to say I feel very privileged at this moment.
But look, humans have gone from the Western world, which was home to, never mind the Reformation, but the Renaissance, the peak of all arts, philosophy, even mathematics, culture, trade, commerce.
Just civilization has now essentially begun to breed these human automatons who are unable to use basic tenets of free speech and critical thinking, let alone to be creative in the process, let alone to stir any sort of inspiration in the soul of man while doing so.
So that's why I think the NPC meme is just so salient for those who have been, you know, for lack of a better term, red-pilled, who have emerged from the matrix of This chorus, this socialist chorus that is rammed down our throats from every pulpit in academia, media and what have you.
And I got into a little bit of a debate last night when I was trying to make my way into another one of the debates I wasn't invited to.
And talking to this soy boy and this absolute cat lady, It was like two NPC memes.
These people are just regurgitating old tropes and are completely lifeless and spiritless and don't understand the depths to which their arguments are nonsensical.
But this is the thing is that because we have brought, we've taken free speech out of the equation, these people are not equipped to engage with our arguments and that's why they have to censor us.
They don't have another option.
Well, that's right.
And there's an exponential envy if you're a moron, idiot in the system that got three degrees that are worthless.
It's not your fault.
It's Faith Goldie's fault.
It's Donald Trump's fault.
And so if they can just pull us down, then they could be somebody.
So our mere existence is what sends them into fits of rage.
Right, absolutely.
And that's why I pray for this continual illumination of conscience for so many folks, because of course, these NPCs and really the ringleaders who are at the top, right, who are leading these sheep to the slaughter, they are so effective in deploying the Saul Alinsky textbook rules for radicals, this business of ridicule being man's most potent weapon.
Labeling you all sorts of evils under the sun and same goes for me, that's for certain.
But people have to wake up and realize they're only calling us those names because they don't want you to hear our actual message.
We're going to take phone calls with fake Goldie straight ahead and look at NYPD looks to charge nine proud boys with assault in Manhattan for fighting back against people attacking them with bottles and fists.
The ultimate crime.
standing up against a pencil neck professor who wants to kill you with a bottle over your head.
Did you hear?
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You've seen massive corporate demonization and lies about us, and you've seen the attempts to take our sponsors away, and to be able to take our banking away, so we can't even process orders.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Hey, listen, I'm not complaining.
I knew we were up against a bunch of knuckle-dragging tyrants and authoritarians funded by big, giant, mega-corporations with people worth hundreds of billions running them that are above the law and work with authoritarian China.
But they've banned us from online advertising almost everywhere.
They've tried to ban us from using computer programs.
They've had George Soros and Hillary Clinton funding groups sue me.
They've paid people to tell huge lies.
Gone after and gotten five of our payment processors.
And then they harass the ones we've got left, trying to shut Infowars down.
We know we're dealing with bad people, and we're not going to roll over to them.
You know, the average slave of the political system gets nothing from it.
But they feel like they're part of the power structure.
They know we're not Nazis.
They know we're not all these things they call us.
They want power and their followers, not trailblazers.
And the West has been so free and so open, we've allowed mainly weird, crazy leftists, cat ladies and other people that have real problems with folks.
I think it's people that have cats.
I got cats.
To go out, and the stereotype's real though, to go out and literally try to take over society.
So they've taken our tolerance as a way to try to attack us because we've lost our instinct to fight back.
That's why.
They're not letting Faith Goldie run her ad.
You're about to see the censored ad right now.
I'm gonna run it for a few weeks here on air just because they're trying to stop us in an act of defiance.
Because whatever they're trying to ban, you better believe, is the answer to what they're doing.
And it is the wholesomeness of her ad.
It's like Members of Congress and stuff running for re-election where it's a mom going, here's my son and my daughter and here's our horse ranch and we go to church on Sunday and believe in America.
That's banned on Twitter.
Because it is wholesome.
It's not a five-year-old getting a sex change.
Or, you know, all the stuff the globalists are into.
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It's all going now.
So bodies, ultimate turmeric formula, you name it, get it today.
So, Faith, I want to get to a few calls while you're with us.
Ties into Antifa and what they're doing, but We're about to see your banned ad.
I had the idea while you were on.
I'm like, let's get this banned ad.
So where can people, not just watching live on TV or listening on radio, where can people find the banned... Did you hear about the lady running for mayor who was in the lead but they won't let her be part of it now?
How they're rigging the Toronto election?
That's really the narrative here.
So where do we find, so we can all distribute this to the four winds of the universe, where do we find the banned Faith Goldie Toronto mayoral ad?
Well, we're going to break it here on your program for the very first time, Alex.
And following that, you can find it on my YouTube channel, YouTube.com slash Faith J, like Julia Goldie.
And on my Twitter, at Faith Goldie.
I'll have it on Facebook.
I'm going to be blasting it absolutely everywhere, baby.
All right.
We're excited.
So we'll clip this out right now, then and get it on what we have left of Twitter and InfoWars.com.
But here it is.
My name's Faith Goldie and I want your vote for Toronto Mayor.
It's time to take back our streets.
Under John Tory, illegal guns and gangs have skyrocketed out of control.
He stripped our police of the tools they need to prevent crime.
And now, our city's murder rate is higher than New York.
As Mayor, my top priority will be fighting crime.
And I will get our city moving again.
That means an advocate for drivers who will fix our dilapidated roads and clear up congestion.
I'm the only candidate who will put the taxpayer first.
As mayor, I will conduct a line-by-line audit of the budget and cut the fat where it needs to be cut.
I want fewer bureaucrats, but better results.
For a tough-on-crime, easy-on-taxpayer Toronto, vote for me, Faith Goldie, on October 22nd.
And let's bring back Toronto the good.
So, that's faithfortoronto.ca.
They can't stop you overpowering their censorship.
And believe me, they're scared of it, like they're scared of you, listeners.
Very powerful.
I want to take a call here from a listener who wants to talk about Antifa attacking people in New York.
Because the final frontier, Faith, is like Tommy Robinson being put in prison for reporting on Islamic pedophile rings.
They were confirmed to be real.
The final frontier is this Daily Beast article.
NYPD looks to charge nine Proud Boys with assault for Manhattan fight.
But then the surveillance video shows them actually being attacked with bottles first by Antifa.
Let's play that clip.
Here it is. So again, obviously for radio listeners, you can't see that, but for TV
viewers, we are able to see what really happened.
Thank you.
Okay, Faith, so what do you make of this final frontier?
You can see this, you're not a radio listener, and just keep rolling that footage, folks.
The surveillance camera of Antifa throwing bottles at people, attacking people, and then when folks defend themselves, the police charge them.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
This has become the standard, though.
I have been attacked physically by Antifa, and I was actually escorted by my father at the time, over the age of 60, who had himself kicked, knocked down to the ground, etc.
And my only advice to him was, Dad, don't you dare defend yourself.
Otherwise, it's you and me who are going to jail.
It's become expected among people on the right, especially those who find themselves in protest situations or in any sort of a frontline situation with Antifa, that they are going to become violent and that we are not allowed to defend ourselves.
Because if we do, we are inevitably the ones who have to face the full force of the law.
Look, we've identified people who have attacked the crap out of me, frankly.
And they still haven't been arrested.
With respect to the Proud Boys, though, I don't even know what to say there.
I mean, I hung out with Proud Boys.
I know them.
They are not what the mainstream media says that they are.
These are patriots.
These are guys who love the West.
And Antifa, on the other hand, hates the West, hates borders.
Hates, hates legal migrants.
Hates everything about the way that the West was formed.
Hates free markets.
Hates private property.
They hate God.
They hate, you know, the innocence of children.
And they're so entitled, they think they have a reason to hit you.
And then in blue cities, the police come running to worship them.
Because they are the enlightened ones.
They are the anointed ones, even though they all look like meth-head devil worshippers that got run over.
So, Steve in West Virginia, you have a point about this.
Go ahead.
Yes, go ahead.
Hi, Alex Jones.
It's very great to be on.
Thank you so much for what you're doing.
And just double with Faith Goldie.
Goldie, I'm a subscriber on YouTube.
I hope they come out.
I hope that you win.
They cannot shut you up.
For real quick, Alex, both of you, thank you.
You're both part of my redpilling.
Three years ago, I was a complete leftist automaton, and everyone was fine with that.
Everyone was fine with that.
I could be as loud as crazy as I wanted to be to jump off of the golden point.
But now, now, I just get so enraged when I see these videos.
I've been following Gavin for a long time, following the Proud Boys.
I'm not a member, but I firmly Support what all of you are about.
And when I see these videos, the first thing I see is somebody gets their hat knocked off after a speech.
Just a speech.
People getting together.
Oh, that's a good point.
Antifa came to the bar where they gave the speech to attack them.
Attack them.
So you come looking for a fight.
You attack somebody and the NYPD says, we're charging you.
Right, exactly.
And so there's an absolute double standard here.
Three weeks before our midterm elections, all we hear about, what have we heard about since our president came down that escalator almost three years ago, or over three years ago, when the campaign ramped up, what have all we heard about nothing but far-right groups are what to watch, nothing but extremist right-wing violence?
98% of it's the left.
And look, the Proud Boys are getting arrested because they got testosterone and they beat their ass.
As you can see in the footage, the meth head, skinny jean guys with legs the size of toothpicks can't stand, you know, people actually standing up against them and that's what they can't deal with.
God bless you.
Faith Goldie, please come back again very soon.
We salute you.
You are awesome.
Love you guys as well.
God bless all the viewers of InfoWars.
Bye, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
Thank you so much.
Our websites are all linked on InfoWars.com.
Get them out.
Final segment of this hour, your call straight ahead.
And then, Paul Watson from London, England, straight ahead.
Whatever you do, remember, the skinny jeans meth heads hate it when you spread NewsWards.com.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We're going to jam in a bunch of calls in this segment and the next.
And then Paul Joseph Watson takes over from Her Majesty's London, England.
Big article up on Infowars.com.
Everything Trump is touching is now turning to solid gold.
BBC suggests October is Trump's most successful month ever.
Now that's right, you got Kavanaugh in.
You got all these peace deals coming through.
You got the economy surging.
You've got lawsuits being thrown out against him.
We've got it coming out that Elizabeth Warren is the whitest person in America.
I mean, she literally has like one, one, twenty-third thousands, one thousand something, twenty-third percent Native American.
It's just getting insane.
I haven't gotten into the UN takeover of our country, so I'll do that briefly before Paul takes over, but right now let's go to your phone calls.
Who is up next here?
So many phone calls, so many great callers.
Dino in Michigan's been holding a long time.
Mr. Grinch has been holding a long time.
In fact, we'll get into this now.
Jason, in Michigan, you're on the air about the so-called migrant caravan that the UN runs.
And I have mainstream news here.
The UN runs it, and all over Europe countries are pulling out, saying the UN doesn't run them anymore, and Trump did it last year.
Again, I would tell people ten years ago the UN ran our migration control.
They didn't believe it.
But our borders are now under our control again.
Same thing in Europe.
What do you make of this?
Well, I think we've got to not only look at the UN, but also what's happening with China and Russia's influence in the region, and the movement of governments towards socialism.
If you look at Mexico going socialist, Brazil going socialist, nobody in South America really likes us.
So if you take a look at what China and Russia, their contracts and various agreements they've been making with these various countries, we basically can't go to the other side of Cuba right now.
We have three little islands that the Dutch have off the coast of Venezuela.
Venezuela is becoming like the epicenter for this whole new conflagration and the deep state.
No, you're right.
Venezuela is totally collapsing into all of Latin America, all of South America, Central America, into the North.
It's a big crisis.
So what I'm wondering is what do you think about why we are keeping that so quiet and Fox and CNN are on the same point?
And then in, uh, you know, this whole thing with Venezuela started in 2015.
Because it's a real national security crisis and Venezuela and communism failing and open borders makes their open borders look bad.
Trump doesn't want to scare people and doesn't know what to do other than an invasion of Venezuela to stabilize their economy so it doesn't collapse.
Go ahead.
If you, if you look at the, um, Military practices taking place between, like, China, Russia, Venezuela down there, and the military build-ups on the Brazilian border and the Colombian border, and all the things that the deep state does with Colombia, the only state down there friendly to us right now, which is really not in control of the Trump and the Patriots.
And then if you look at what Canada is potentially going to sell us out to Russians, and they're so close, they could come through the Arctic Channel.
So we're kind of getting squeezed from both sides in a vice clamp, just like you're nuts out there, Alex.
on the line every day getting squeezed in a clamp and then you're stacking books on them.
That's what's happening in South America. They're emptying all these camps,
sending them up towards the border. And in the meantime, we're still on this against...
Well, there's no doubt that the UN says, and Soros says they're using giant waves of desperate migrants
as weapons against Western countries with the Arab Spring and the collapse into Europe.
And yes, America is in a war against the globalists.
I wouldn't really lump Russia in as a major player in that.
China is the engine of globalism right now.
I appreciate your call.
But we're definitely not in a normal time.
You're absolutely right about what you say.
God bless you.
Okay, let's take another call here.
Let's talk to Jeremiah in Kentucky.
Jeremiah, you're on the air, then Suzette.
Go ahead, Jeremiah.
Hey, Mr. Jones.
I want to say God bless you.
I'm a former veteran, been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, former pastor.
I was at the EKU Trump rally.
I made a video, posted it on Facebook of just me walking through the crowd up left.
Uh, with a army hat on that had a campaign badge on there where I deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq.
Not only did I get spit at, but I got flipped off at.
Um, it was a great rally.
I mean, uh, there was a lot of Trump supporters, but it was just a, Kind of depressing just to see the lack of respect.
Oh, the left of these universities has created total America-hating, and they'll be white and say they hate white people.
They're just brainwashed crazies.
Tell us your Facebook so we can see this video.
Jeremiah Johnson, Richmond, Kentucky.
I posted a video.
I even did a screenshot of me getting flipped off.
So we'll search engine Jeremiah Johnson, Facebook.com, and then what's the name of the video?
I just posted a video saying this is what the left looks like.
You're wearing an Army hat.
You're not saying anything.
You're being peaceful.
You're smiling, giving a thumbs up.
And I was spit at.
You don't understand, they have cultural envy.
So they're imagining if they could just make you do what they wanted, they would be like in Beverly Hills or something, like the Beverly Hillbillies.
And so that's why they're so dangerous.
We have just grown these spoiled, snot-nosed, hateful people.
And they're in the corporations, and they're in law enforcement, and they're in the schools, and they're just there waging war on us.
And we have chivalry, so we don't wage war on them.
They're like zombies.
What else happened on your video?
Well, on the video, I go through and capture the whole crowd.
I've got to say, I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't a bigger crowd because they had put all this out all over Facebook that there was going to be buses and there was going to be like 3,600 people rallying against Trump.
If you can see from the video, that was all the left.
Listen, I want to see this.
We're having trouble finding it.
Just send a link to ShowTipsAtInfoWars.com and you'll see it.
If not during the war room today, you'll see it during our nightly coverage right through the election.
And for a week after the election, we're going to be, what is it, 8 to 10 p.m.
And that means the Ted Cruz veto debate tonight.
I'm going to be here covering it live with Harrison Smith and others.
8 to 10 tonight.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Thank God you called in and thank God you took action, Jeremiah.
Thank you.
And I mean that.
Everything you do changes the world.
Every little bit is changing the world.
Many hands make light work.
So very, very exciting.
Keep it up.
Let's go to... I said next was Suzette.
Then we'll go to JR and RJ and a bunch of others.
Boy, I love taking calls.
We're gonna take more of them.
Suzette in Nevada.
Thanks for holding her on the air worldwide.
Thank you, Alex, for taking my call, and thank you so much for red-pilling me back in 96 with the Endgame.
And then I went crazy because I was fluoridated, and thank God for Survival Shield, I went from a Bernie delegate to a strong supporter.
I never could understand his immigration policy.
I actually thought he was naive, but I see now that he's part of the Warlocks and the Witches.
But long story short, this midterm election is so important.
Once this red tsunami comes, then President Trump will finally have the support he needs to do the rest of his campaign promises.
End Citizens United, etc, etc.
We really need to make sure we have good exit poll volunteers, so they can't claim 12,000 votes from a place where only 9,000 people showed up and 7,000 said they voted red.
Well, that's right.
I mean, watching Hillary steal the nomination from Bernie, for all his problems, he wasn't Hillary.
And, you know, watching that happen, we've got to know that.
I think the Republicans are going to win if it wasn't for fraud.
What does your gut tell you?
Well, from the inside, I'd say that Bernie was in on the whole campaign.
It almost seemed like he was reading Jill Stein's speeches.
I mean, we may have had a third-party female president.
if she hadn't been just butted out.
In Nevada here, the person that ran her campaign headquarters had a barbecue and he was a gold
Hillary campaigner.
So they had all the Hillary people infiltrating Jill Stein's business.
It's totally rigged.
they did everywhere else. I literally tried to sign the friggin petition at DMV
and they told me you don't need to, Jill's already got enough signatures yet
she never got on the ballot. I signed it anyway.
I know, it's totally rigged and Bernie stood down regardless of his views I disagree with.
He would have probably been a better president than Hillary.
But he stood down and went along with that fraud.
We didn't, though.
When the Republicans tried to steal the nomination from Trump, we didn't put up with it.
And that's why we've got Trump in there right now.
God bless you, Suzette.
Great to hear your voice.
We're going to go to break.
Come back.
We'll do one more segment and take a few more calls.
And then Paul Watson takes over.
It's just profound though, and I'm looking at mainstream news admitting that all these European countries are pulling out of the UN compact to control their borders.
The UN was in control of most of the world's borders.
Just waking up to that shows how far down the rat hole we were.
Whatever you do, remember, this is the most censored broadcast in the world for a reason.
We know how to defeat the globalists and have a new human century.
Whatever you do, tell people to tune in to the 4th Hour on email, Facebook, Twitter, and by word of mouth right now.
And you are unstoppable.
And don't forget, free shipping store-wide at Infowarsstore.com, and 50% off, biggest
sale ever.
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They wanted to thank me for getting the InfoWars t-shirts on the Rangers game for millions of people to see, so they just brought me a gift.
I don't even know what this is.
Let's see what's going on.
Wait a second.
I got it!
It's a Trump-Aduza shirt!
Look at that, guys!
I got the Trump Medusa shirt!
What's that?
There's more in there?
It's a George Washington!
I was not expecting this, really.
Look at that one.
That'll trigger somebody real good.
Oh yeah.
Wow, wow.
I'm like a kid on Christmas today.
I want to thank the folks at Infowarsstore.com.
This is amazing.
I was not expecting this.
Go ahead.
Alex, last night I was on with Laura Ingram, and I had done the Alex Jones Show yesterday.
I'd done the War Room.
She's not on until 9.40 Central.
That's 10.40 Eastern.
I was exhausted.
I popped two Brain Force Plus, and I was good as new.
I mean, it really is mentally stabilizing, mentally energizing.
Tonight, I'm on with Tucker Carlson.
Same thing.
I'm gonna put in a full day here at InfoWars.
I'm gonna go on the Tucker tonight.
Thank goodness for this great product.
This is my all-time favorite because it's so effective and it doesn't give you that jacked-up energy drink feeling, you know?
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It's the best mineral-vitamin combination I have found and I've tried them all.
I wasted a lot of money on old boots, believe me.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You know, every millisecond I'm on air, in the back of my mind,
is saying, "You're not doing a good enough job, you're not doing a good enough job, you're not doing a good enough job."
Everybody overuses the term epic, but we're in epic times.
I mean, we're on a planet in space.
We've got tyrannical governments.
That are way worse than Hitler in what they've actually done evil.
And Hitler was a really bad guy.
And we've got all these weird, spoiled, rotten leftists that follow this corporate propaganda to attack people that really want freedom and justice?
And they're funded and run by a real Nazi collaborator?
It's crazy!
It's crazy!
And I'm just in awe.
I mean, it's so obvious that everybody should vote Republican.
It's so obvious that they're not perfect with the Democrats or cancer.
It's so obvious that these people will stop at nothing.
And I've paid such a price for what I've stood for that it makes it that much more important we win.
But I'll say this, I'm glad I paid this price because being a slave to these people is a million times worse.
And when you experience their lies, when you experience their evil, when you experience their fraud, when you experience their bullying, and you know that they know it's a lie, that they manufactured it, and then you watch them grandstanding how good they are all day, you just say to yourself, I feel like a sack of garbage.
I mean, I feel good at many levels too, but the fact that these people could dominate us, When there's such known creeps, but here it is.
The average person's really busy, you're working hard, and you're not political, so you just kind of don't know what the truth is.
But let me tell you, I do this full-time.
And I'd give my right arm to stop these people.
I'd give more than that.
Because we just gotta get them off our backs.
It's just, I mean, we have enough problems as it is, trying to be good.
If you're a good person, we may not make it and blow the planet up.
If we had a bunch of people that mean well, we still all are sinners.
But when you've got conscious sinners trying to be as evil as they can, with no qualms or no basement, no level they won't sink to, they're not the problem.
It's those of us that aren't pure evil, we're the problem.
So I'm just saying.
The only reason this crap's been allowed is because we haven't done enough.
And the first thing we gotta do is stop caring what our neighbors and our friends and our family think if they're weak-minded.
If you know you're doing the right thing, and people are giving you a bunch of crap, and you're sailing into headwinds, you're doing the right thing.
If you've got the system patting you on the back, you got a problem.
Man, we got so many great callers here.
Mario says the Democrats are pushing super hard to vote.
Let's hear from him real quick.
Mario, thanks for calling.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, it's everywhere.
Vote, vote, vote.
Vote, vote, vote.
I mean, they're making their main push.
I'm in L.A., so you know it's real bad out here.
Being in Trump's support out here, it's real hard.
You know, I was actually on the Jimmy Kimmel Show one time, and they come, you know, they do interviews off the street of Hollywood Boulevard.
Back in the Super Tuesday, before Trump was elected.
And, uh, they actually, like, had me, like, I was voting for Trump, but they twisted and edited my words and made it seem like I didn't know what I was doing.
Wait, mainstream media deceptively edited?
Yeah, Jimmy Kimmel.
And now that video, like, you can't even find it anymore.
It's banned everywhere.
I tried to look it up.
It was on the news, but they took it down.
And, uh... Because they don't want to empower people and show that you were a winner.
And the fact that I was Hispanic, I was Hispanic, and now they're saying that I voted for him.
They tried to flip it on me, so they aired it on the show, but then soon after it kind of, you know, they took it down.
So what do you think is going to happen?
I think, oh, and then, well, over here, I mean, uh, when you watch basic cable in L.A.
Stay there, because I see in the comment you say they are losing.
I want to hear this from Mario.
Real quick, we come back, Paul Watson takes over, and Mr. Grinch, and oh my gosh, a few others.
I mean, but Paul Watson's here.
He's ready to take over, and people love listening to Paul.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, tomorrow's news today, Paul Joseph Watson coming up on the other side.
Stay with us.
Look at that.
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Waging War on Corruption is now in effect.
It's Alex Jones.
Paul Joseph Watson from England coming up here in just a few minutes.
Mario in California was talking about being Hispanic American and openly supporting Trump.
That's like being anti-pedophilia at a NAMBLA convention.
So Mario, finish your point because I see on the screen it says Democrats pushing super hard to vote.
They are losing.
I agree they're losing, but if we feel too confident they could win.
Yeah, every commercial out here, like during any show or any game you're watching, they're demonizing any people in Congress supporting them.
And they're promoting all the people, like every commercial every Democrat's promoting.
Their campaigns get promoted.
Frontline, you know?
I never see any campaign for Republicans.
And I just think it's wrong bias out here, you know?
Especially out here in L.A.
Well, you know that 80% of the money in Congress Democrats have.
People always think that Republicans are rich.
Almost all the billionaires in the world are socialists because they don't pay taxes and they want to control you.
And so they get the tax money.
So it's sick.
Mario, you're awesome.
God bless you.
Let's talk to the Grinch.
Mr. Grinch in Washington, D.C.
You're a bad man, Mr. Grinch.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Thank you for taking my call.
My background is, well, I started listening to you in 2006 when you went on Ed Schultz's radio show in Seattle.
I remember that show, yes.
Yeah, it was, uh, it cracked my mind open.
Anyway, I hadn't been using my brain much except for, uh, well, anyway, but, uh, so I've been a member of the Prison Planet Forum since, uh, 2007, I think.
And that's where, uh, that's where the name Mr. Grinch comes from.
What's on your mind today, Mr. Grinch?
I wanted to talk to you about using your Prison Planet Forum, or maybe setting up a different forum, for an alternate social media network.
We need to do that.
It's just, it takes money, it takes time, and it takes energy.
I think you could do it with the Prison Planet Forum, just by setting up a separate section, and making it so the people, like the Chernoviches and such, Would be on there and there would be no replies allowed.
So they wouldn't, so you wouldn't have to, you know, so basically they would, they would be their own moderators.
And then people were allowed to private message them back.
And if they felt like it, they could, you know, repost the private messages if they were good enough.
No, we're definitely looking at that, Mr. Grinch.
Good to hear from you.
I appreciate your call.
All right.
I took a lot of calls today.
I'm proud of that.
I'm getting better than I used to be.
A little bit better than I used to be, because I'm alive.
We love you, and America's alive.
The world's alive.
We're 21 days out from this historic election.
So much is happening.
We're trying to build a pro-human future.
Paul Joseph Watson, now, for the next 50 minutes, takes over the global broadcast.
And then, tonight, 8 to 10, Central Time, InfoWars coverage of the referendum on nationalism on Trump, live election coverage and the Beto O'Rourke Ted Cruz debate.
We'll be covering it all and again, we'll send out notifications to the folks that downloaded the app on the iPhone and the Droid.
We're banned on iPhone, but you can still, if you have it, you've got it.
If not, just email everybody and tell them tonight, 8 o'clock Central, see the banned coverage of the Beto O'Rourke, Ted Cruz debate, such a critical Senate seat.
They think if they win that, they'll be able to impeach Trump.
We'll see.
But now, let's go to Paul Joseph Watson.
Paul, take it away.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, we're going to be talking about a lot of issues today.
We're probably going to touch on the Stormy Daniels horseface controversy.
Again, Trump the master of distraction.
Once again, having the media in a tailspin over that little meme that he's launched.
We're also going to get into, obviously, the Elizabeth Warren fallout from her one in a thousand DNA blood sample of her being actually Native American.
That continues to cause huge embarrassment, a massive own goal.
Everybody agrees.
There you see, I just tweeted earlier, the left Says that calling Stormy Daniels horseface, as Donald Trump did in a tweet today, is vile body shaming.
The same left that constantly, on a daily basis, calls Donald Trump fat and says that he has a small penis.
Double standards once again.
Talking about double standards on Twitter, this is huge.
You've probably heard of the NPC meme.
We had an article up on Infowars.com about it yesterday.
I've got a video coming out about the NPC meme later on tonight.
And it's basically freaking the holy hell out of the left.
They're absolutely in a tailspin about what to do about this.
Twitter is now banning accounts and banning memes that feature this meme, the NPC meme.
Now, for people who don't understand what it is, It means non-playable characters.
It's a video game term.
So you obviously know, you know, characters in video games who aren't controlled by humans, they're controlled by the AI.
And even though the AI is getting really good now, you watch these NPC video game characters, all their actions are predetermined by their coding.
That's why they appear robot-like, formulaic.
They repeat the same movements over and over again.
In fact, the example I give Even in Grand Theft Auto, which is obviously a very recent game, very highly thought of, the human characters walking around this city, they walk around the same block over and over again.
They repeat the same movement because they're AI computer-controlled characters.
They get to the end of one street, immediately turn back, walk to the other end of the street and back over and over again.
So they've got the same movements, They've got the same responses.
If you try and talk to them in video games, they'll say the same things over and over again.
They're basically walking cliches, repeating the same glib mantras.
And what does that possibly remind you of?
Does it remind you of late night comedians who all share the same opinions and tell the same jokes on a nightly basis, as you see in that meme?
Does it remind you of Celebrities who all hold the same safe opinions that will not threaten their careers in the 18 to 35 demographic.
Does it remind you of the leftist mob protesters who go out on the street and chant the same slogans over and over and over again and when challenged as We had Millie Weaver in that video from yesterday.
That was up on InfoWars.com.
When challenged, they either get angry or they just scatter and disperse, because they cannot break their coding.
They are NPCs.
That's why they're triggered by this meme, because it's mostly true.
Now Twitter Is banning accounts that have this NPC meme as their avatar, banning the memes, despite the fact that obviously we've had Donald Trump orange memes, Donald Trump Cheeto memes for the past two plus years.
They're not being banned again.
Once again, the whole narrative about this social media censorship was There's no evidence they're discriminating against Conservatives.
There's no evidence they're discriminating against people with a political viewpoint, when that's exactly what they're doing with this NPC meme.
Now again, I've got a video on this coming out later.
They're now claiming, the Left, that this is dehumanising.
Why are they claiming it's dehumanising?
Because Twitter, as if it wasn't censorious enough, recently just introduced a new rule that says if you dehumanise someone, If you compare them to animals, if you discriminate against them based on their political beliefs, if they're an identifiable group, which is one of the identifiable groups that they designate is political beliefs, that is dehumanising, that is a bannable offence.
Now the left can call us Nazis, they can call us white supremacists, they can call us Russian bots, all day long And that's not dehumanising.
But if you dare post a funny meme with this NPC face in it, then you'll be gone.
And they're actually banning accounts right now.
So a big video coming up on that later again.
They're so triggered by this.
It's the same with the Soyboys meme.
On the one hand, they claim, oh, this is just a playground insult.
This is just beneath us.
Like, we shouldn't even give this any attention.
Yet article after article after article, you see one right there, how the NPC meme tries to dehumanize SJWs.
They're using that word so people on Twitter get banned for posting it, but all these accounts are just respawning.
So it's not working.
Well the whole point is how the left's been dehumanized and made to be robots like THX 1138.
Is THX 1138 going to be banned because it looks like one of these memes?