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Name: 20181005_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 5, 2018
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The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics, including the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, censorship, election fraud, nationalism versus globalism, and potential attacks on freedom of speech. It also promotes products available on InfowarsStore.com. The show covers the lack of support from Clyde Lewis and George Norrie when Jones was banned from their shows, as well as Brett Kavanaugh's hearing and the surrounding controversy, including calls for violence against Republicans. Additionally, it delves into the increase in young people turning to secularism and relying on science for spiritual answers, the rise of Satanic temples, and secret societies controlling government through rituals, symbols, and occult practices. The episode features interviews with Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, and Joel Gilbert, who share their perspectives on the Kavanaugh hearings and other political events. Alex Jones encourages listeners to financially support InfoWars and spread the word about their articles and videos in order to stand up against powerful forces seeking to manipulate truth and reality.

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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We are 32 days out from this incredibly historic election.
And just about 20 minutes ago, the Senate voted 51 to 49.
Wasn't a flake.
And voted to send it to a final vote.
So did one other Democrat joining that establishment Republican.
And so now, 30 hours roughly from now, about 5.45 tomorrow, Eastern Time, it will go to the full vote and InfoWars will be live.
I'll be here starting at about 3 o'clock Central.
Right through to the vote, right around four o'clock central.
There obviously will be some major fireworks.
We're going to have reporters on the ground.
I'm just going to leave it at that, in D.C.
So look for live coverage from InfoWars tomorrow.
But tomorrow's news today, barring a terror attack, we've already seen riots and attacks, barring a truck bomb, barring a mass shooting,
You're going to see Kavanaugh confirmed along these lines, 51-49, and you won't even need the Vice President to come in and override a deadlock, a stalemate, a tie.
This is a big deal.
Trump has not failed at anything so far.
He's had nothing but hard fought
Success, and this will break their will to a great extent.
That's why Soros groups have pledged that they're going to take direct action.
That's a CIA term for violence.
They're going to take direct action in D.C., perhaps emergency campaign to stop Brett Kavanaugh.
And they're the ones engaged in information warfare using black propaganda.
That's the craft names of that.
It means deception, lies.
We use white propaganda, the truth.
Propaganda just means your political views, promoting things you stand for, like the Second Amendment.
I don't lie about the Second Amendment to promote it.
I don't lie about free markets to promote it.
I don't lie about America to promote it.
I don't lie about this show to promote it.
The enemy though, they are in darkness.
And now there's a bunch of new articles out today
Saying that I am a terrorist.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
The new headlines are that I am a information terrorist.
And so now they've expanded on past that.
In Wired Magazine.
Look at this.
I'm now a terrorist.
Here's your headline.
Brett Kavanaugh, the information terrorist, trying to reshape America.
So now that they've silenced me on both of these platforms, they can move on to say I'm a terrorist and need to be arrested.
Of course, you've still got Tucker Carlson in mainstream news telling the truth.
They're gunning for him.
Never even got to this yesterday.
Only time we're not tomorrow's news today is when I'm covering myself.
I'm usually two or three days behind, you know, when Tim Cook attacks me or whatever, because I'm not focused on me, but I have to do it because we're in the center of the fight.
Look at this.
Free speech evaporating in this country.
Tucker Carlson breaks down Google's censorship of InfoWars and internal documents they got saying that I'm the number one enemy.
Project Veritas already got video of it, but why do you think vice presidents at Google are saying Alex Jones is the enemy and now these are even higher level documents?
Why am I the enemy?
Because I'm not insane?
That's the only reason that I can't be bought.
The Chi-Coms are merging with Apple and Google and have put spy tech in everything for a foreign takeover and information warfare.
And all you crazy people out there that hate my guts and have sided with the Chi-Coms, you're frickin' nuts.
You are the biggest dumbasses I've ever seen, okay?
You'll see who laughs last.
You'll see.
Just a month ago, that Nazi collaborator, anti-American, gun-grabbing, anti-Christian piece of filth, George Soros, bought an even bigger interest in PayPal.
But sure enough, they just told us today that we're going to be banned in 10 days because we're hateful.
Because we don't support radical Islam and open borders and the rest of it.
Ladies and gentlemen, now more than ever, you supporting Infowars is changing the world.
And yeah, they're getting rid of PayPal.
We have other ways to process your credit cards.
Your financial support of us is literally buying war bonds in the 21st century war for humanity.
So I want to commend you.
I want to thank you.
We got great products you already need.
But without you, they will win.
And Soros and Obama and Hillary see the shutdown of InfoWars as a referendum on breaking the American spirit.
So let's not let these jerks do it.
I'm committed to the end, but I want to win.
So please support InfoWarsStore.com today.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
32 days ladies and gentlemen, 32 days for the most historic election in world history.
The referendum on nationalism and freedom versus globalism.
And I think it's going to be a big fat juicy red wave, except we're up against a huge seawall of election fraud.
So hold on to your seats.
Feel free to bite your fingernails, because this is a cliffhanger of cliffhangers with so much on the table.
I got friends, family, love the Super Bowl, love the World Series, they get really excited about it, they get butterflies, they get upset, and I'm just sorry!
Sports cannot compete with my family's future, your family's future, the Qaikom globalist ally with the unelected EU, trying to destroy our country, destroy our prosperity, and bring in world government and take our free speech.
This is real warfare.
This is 21st century, 6th generational warfare.
Now, we are 32 days out.
And you notice everything that you only heard here about Chinese spy chips in the Google phones, dialing into everything in your house, stealing your data.
No iPhones should be allowed within a mile of the Pentagon, within a mile of government facilities.
They have little receiver transmitters, transceivers.
Can you notice, people thought I was like a space alien covering this last decade, that China's buying up Hollywood, China's buying up the debt, China's got traitors in our government, they plan a takeover, an industrial economic takeover, because the CFR was writing books every month about it, and publishing magazines about it, and drooling over it, and rubbing their hands together like villains do in criminology, not just in movies.
Where the villain's got you hung up by your arms and brags how his evil plan's gonna work before he kills you.
And that's what they did.
And now their evil plan is out in the open, so we'll see what happens.
But all the fools, when all this comes out, we're gonna remember who you are, that aided and abetted this, and you're going to pay.
And then those of you that just tacitly supported it, you and your families are gonna be remembered as the traitorous scum you are.
So keep laughing!
Just keep laughing!
You think I'm stupid going up against the system when the system's evil?
And sold out to pure corruption?
I call that sanity!
Not heroics.
Now, we're not just 32 days out, obviously.
Just about 30 minutes ago, to be precise, they passed in the Senate, 51 to 49,
Along party lines with one Democrat voting to send it to a final vote tomorrow and barring some type of really big staged event or chicanery, that means they've got the votes and don't even need the tiebreaker of the Vice President, Mr. Pence.
So this is quite a time to be alive right now.
And the Democrats are announcing all these plans for violence, for attacks.
300 plus of them got arrested for screaming and hitting and blocking things.
Notice Marco Rubio walked out over to the cameras we had rolling and I said, hey, talk about censorship in America, not just in China.
And he just starts being rude.
So I got back in his face in a polite way.
The media all called for me to be totally banned from the Capitol, banned from the Senate office buildings, and said, see how bad he is?
Now Republicans see why we've banned him.
I behaved on a scale of 1 to 10 like a 3.
The Democrats are behaving like a 9 right now.
I said, hey, I'm your friend.
I appreciate you talking about China being a threat.
Will you do something about censorship to conservatives?
He's like, I don't know who you are.
And I said, fine.
Will you just?
I was very polite.
You can pull up hundreds and hundreds of articles saying Jones assaults Rubio, Jones gets in his face, Jones interrupts a press conference, Jones interrupts him.
I was there at the press conference.
He came out a side door.
They don't show the full footage.
I walked over to him.
Then the cameras came over.
And then he ignored me.
But the point is, I was there to get stuff done.
I was there because they were talking about me in the hearings.
I don't just show up at every one of these hearings like Amy Schumer and these Hollywood folks for no reason.
I could show up there right now and it'd be a three ring circus.
It might hurt Kavanaugh.
I'm not there.
See, because I sit back and I think about what's best for the country.
And I need to go to that place in front of a hundred news cameras, literally that day, and talk about the censorship in America and put it front and center for the president.
Do you think I think I'm going to win this lawsuit against PayPal?
Let me just tell you right now, I don't think we are.
We're on the right, but it doesn't matter.
The lawsuit's been given to the President, and it details what's wrong and what we think the White House should do.
And, believe me, you're going to see action on all of it.
Because the NRA knows they're having their banking targeted as well.
So, let me just tell you about something.
You Democrats think one step.
You don't even play checkers.
I think beyond Chesh, about what's right to do, and I'm willing to sacrifice my name, my blood, my treasure, everything,
Because there's no future anyway if we don't do it.
But they're always thinking, oh look, Jones is in trouble.
Jones is being attacked.
Yeah, that's what I intend to do.
I intend to engage these people.
Because I believe that we're gonna have some victories.
But even in my destruction, if that's what God wants, will be a spectacle to draw attention to what's happening and we will win.
And that's why I was banned six weeks ago.
from the internet in most areas, was because I'm ringing the alarm.
And if you've got a watchman on the parapet who's going to ring the alarm, you send up your operatives before your main invasion to grab them by the mouth and shove a knife into their spine, or into their throat, or into their kidneys.
And so I've already gotten the alarm out, though.
I already blew the horn.
I already rung the bell.
And now they're stabbing the living hell out of me politically.
But that's okay!
Because guess what?
I already raised the alarm.
You, the audience.
You raised the alarm.
You're beautiful.
You realize the victory we've had?
Now, there's many other alarms that need to be raised, and I want to stay on the fire as long as possible.
But let me tell you something.
Politically, I'm like a fighter race that's got a hundred airplanes on the side of my plane that I've shot down and defeated thanks to your support.
And you've done the same thing.
So guess what?
I get blown up in this fight, baby!
I'm not a loser!
I'm a winner!
And I want people to understand that because I don't want them, if they're successful, in destroying InfoWars.
I don't want you... Guys, cue up the Vice President saying that Google better stop Operation Dragonfly.
I'm here to defeat them.
I'm here because I believe in you.
So I don't want them turning it into a propaganda victory if they set me up or put me in prison or kill me or whatever because, you know, they're in full attack right now.
This is a war, people!
And you know what?
If your granddaddy didn't come home from World War II, your dad
Or your mom doesn't think Grandpa was a loser because he died.
He was a hero.
See that?
You have to take it away from them that being demonized and attacked by enemies of good is a failure.
It's what you expect!
And that's why I don't want callers to call in and say, oh, you're doing a great job.
We love you.
I love you.
We already know that.
I'm doing the bare minimum.
I'm not facing prison like Tommy Robinson.
I didn't get beat up and six of my ribs broken like Rand Paul or Congressman Scalise.
They want to take us there.
I'm doing what you're supposed to do when a bunch of authoritarians come down on you.
So we'll get to the Democrats planning violence.
If this vote passes, they're saying violence to block it.
Soros is in full attack mode up on his hind legs.
But let's go to the vice president warning Google.
Here it is.
As we gather here, a new consensus on China is rising across America.
More business leaders are thinking beyond the next quarter, and thinking twice before diving in to the Chinese market if it means turning over their intellectual property or abetting Beijing's oppression.
But more must follow suit.
For example, Google should immediately end development
There's a consensus rising.
And you see, I got corrected last night by a very smart individual.
They said, Jones, you're not the guy hitting the barbed wire.
They said, we see you as the test pilot.
We know.
You already carry the consensus.
We all know.
You're willing to hit it and break the ice.
Keep it up.
That's the attack.
You know what I said?
I said, yes sir.
Blasey Ford and others, it's all just disintegrating.
It just, it always disintegrated.
And then it's worse than we thought.
She's a globetrotter.
Costa Rica, New Zealand.
She trains people, reportedly, as a psychologist, of course, that works in strange DARPA programs with her whole family and the CIA about how to get around lie detectors.
Gee, wonder who trains people for that.
Here's a flashback.
Christine Ford is questioned about her fear of flying.
And her boyfriend, former boyfriend, said she was never afraid of flights.
And I sat there and saw her train her friend how to take a polygraph test.
Here it is.
May I ask, Dr. Ford, how did you get to Washington?
In an airplane.
I ask that because it's been reported by the press that you would not submit to an interview with the committee because of your fear of flying.
Is that true?
Well, I was hoping that they would come to me, but then I realized that was an unrealistic request.
That was certainly what I was hoping was to avoid having to get on an airplane, but...
I eventually was able to get up the gumption with the help of some friends and get on the plane.
I also saw on your CV that you list the following interests of surf travel and you in parentheses put Hawaii, Costa Rica, South Pacific Islands and French Polynesia.
Have you been all to those places?
By airplane?
Oh, but she couldn't fly the week before.
She was afraid.
I'm afraid.
I'm a little baby.
I work in implanted memories at a DARPA facility and do stuff for the Defense Language School and everything, but I, my whole family's in the CIA, and I level, but I'm a sweet little lady.
Oh, you make me talk like a baby.
So, continuing.
Here she is.
Ford explains why she decided to take a polygraph test, and now they've had the FBI guy on Fox.
We've got the clip.
He gave her two questions.
You give someone 20-plus questions if it's a real one, and still it's not conclusive.
A real polygraph has over 100 questions.
After she put together the statement and then you interviewed her, these are the two questions you asked.
Is any part of your statement false?
She said no.
Did you make up any part of your statement?
Her answer was no.
I don't know a lot about polygraph tests, but to me reading this from the outside it seemed that I would expect many more questions.
Is this standard to just have the two?
It is.
And, um, you know, especially when you do victims.
It's very rare in law enforcement.
I spent most of my, obviously, my career in working with the FBI.
You don't normally give polygraph tests to victims.
You represent victims, okay?
And you believe them unless you have some corroborating evidence that there's something about this person's allegations that you found some corroborate that you don't believe.
But she got two.
Let's continue.
I was happy to undergo the polygraph test, although I found it extremely stressful.
Much longer than I anticipated.
I told my whole life story, I felt like it, but I endured it.
It was fine.
Have you ever taken any other polygraphs in your life?
Have you ever had discussions with anyone besides your attorney on how to take a polygraph?
Oh no, she just knows about mind control, not about polygraphs!
Just any sort of tips or anything like that.
No, no.
No, I was scared of the test itself.
Oh, she's scared!
Hit pause.
She's like, I'm scared!
I'm scared I can't fly!
I can't in my little shell!
But the reviews in college said she's the worst, she's vindictive, she's lazy, she's horrible, she's into group hypnosis, brainwashing.
But she's a scared little girl!
I mean, who do you think they're gonna get to go up and say this?
A mind control doctor hooked into DARPA, the whole family's in the CIA.
I rest my case.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Oh, guess what's happening in Brazil?
He was already in first place in most polls.
But after he got stabbed and barely survived, he's leading by huge double-digit margins.
Set to be the George Washington of Brazil.
Second Amendment, everything.
Oh my goodness.
George Soros and the globalists are really, really, really scared right now.
Let's continue here.
You've got Trump even in skewed Gallup polls and others.
Rasmussen, you name it, at 51 up from 45 just a few weeks ago.
Yes, that's blown up in their face, the whole Kavanaugh witch hunt.
And the added gravy of Soros-funded harpies.
That no man would want to get within a thousand feet of, running around, screaming and yelling at everyone, saying, you're a rapist.
They played the clip yesterday of Mitch McConnell in the airport, and they're screaming, rapist, rapist, rapist!
See, now he's a rapist.
Oh, and here's another article on drudgereport.com.
Make them scared.
Site post sex claims against male students that aren't true.
Remember the New York Times last year?
Had a couple of op-eds saying, it's time to lie.
Of course, they'd always lied, but they were saying, oh, Trump's so bad, let's all lie!
As if you weren't lying before calling all conservatives Nazis.
Some failed idiot ideology that destroyed Europe.
It's like saying I'm in the Tooth Fairy Union or something.
I'm in the Americana prosperity and freedom movement.
That's what I want.
I want you to be free and smart and empowered because I don't want a bunch of losers around me.
I'm not a globalist that wants a bunch of losers so I feel bigger than you.
See, seeing you not doing well makes me feel bad.
It bombs my high.
I'm high on life.
So, Trump's on the same bandwidth.
He's on the same frequency.
And now you've got Kelly Paul coming out and saying, listen Cory Booker, stop calling for people to hook cost folks.
My husband had six ribs broken and his lung punctured.
Scalise got shot.
We have been terrorized.
We have lived in fear.
I sleep with a gun.
By my bedside.
And what did I say a month ago when Twitter lied and said we're suspending Jones for calling for violence against the media?
I said, if you're a member of Congress or their family being doxxed by Antifa or ICE, they're calling for coming to your house and killing you.
Since then, it's been all over the news.
But then they were, we had PIs and other groups giving us intel on what they were planning.
Now it's all over the news.
Can you get next month's news today?
They were calling for violence then, too, publicly, but nothing like now.
It's just exponential on the Richter scale.
And they said, oh no, Jones wants to kill reporters with battle rifles, but never showed the clip.
And I go back to that a lot because of this.
Think of the corruption and the evil to have every major broadcast, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, in unison say, Jones says, go out and kill reporters.
When it's their people calling for violence, and I said, you better have a battle rifle next to your bed.
Because if Antifa comes to your house with shotguns or with rifles, you don't want a handgun.
You need to be able to have a riot shotgun, 15, 18 round shotgun.
That's what I personally got.
It's an instant access safe right there.
Riot shotgun, baby.
And then just get ready to go to Valhalla or wherever it is you rats go, you come to my house.
You know, I got the shotgun, so I don't kill people through the walls.
Those idiots have all got AK-47s and 223s.
That's not good for houses.
I guess they don't care about kids.
The point is, obviously, that's who they target.
I said, you better have your rifles by your beds!
And it was so true, and it was a warning to Congress, and to federal officers to protect yourselves, that's why they took me off, because it was the truth, and it was compelling, and I showed clips of 15 or 16 different people outside the White House saying, we're going to kill the Republicans, we're coming to your houses to kill you!
I showed Antifa saying we're going to come and we're going to kill you!
And now what does Senator Paul's wife say?
They say they're coming to kill me.
They already tried to kill Scalise.
They call us and death threat us.
I sleep with a gun beside me.
This is out of control.
Democrats, stop calling for violence!
And how do they respond?
They respond with more calls for violence.
All I said is what's common sense.
If you don't have... They've got affordable shotguns that hold 12 shells now.
If you don't have that by your bed, you are insane.
Because they will hit at night.
And believe me, they have got not just the meth heads you see, that's the decoys.
They've got real terror groups.
Hezbollah and MS-13 work for the Democrats and the Deep State as auxiliary killers.
It's a breakaway group of leftists in the CIA, just like they used the mafia in the invasion of Sicily and then Italy in World War II.
They use these subgroups, the trash of the planet Earth,
Is who's really going to be coming.
I'm going to say it again.
MS-13 is going to target Congress.
So the Democrats call them God's children and defend them.
MS-13, MS-13 have already been given their hit list.
And who else did I just tell you have been given their hit list?
Obama made a deal and Hezbollah has real sleeper cells, not like Al-Qaeda.
Hezbollah is the military of Iran and the Democrats are so insane they've allowed the infiltration and exfiltration back and forth of Iranian National Guard operating in Hezbollah networks in every city with a list
Each Hezbollah member has a list of at least three houses they're supposed to hit.
I'm going to release all this right now.
Even most of the FBI doesn't know this.
But 32 days out, I'm going to let you know.
They have warmed up ready, MS-13 and Hezbollah, for you and your family.
If you're a governor, a state legislator, a conservative pastor, I'm telling you, I have to raise the alarm now.
This is why they're trying to shut me down.
That you have to be ready.
Notice what they banned me for, and then had to lie about it, was the warning.
And now, Soros-funded MoveOn.org threatens direct action in D.C., preps emergency campaign to stop Brett Kavanaugh.
They say they're going to shut things down, they're going to get violent, and Antifa is all over Twitter.
They're allowed to go on there.
Jack Dorsey lets them go on and say, we're coming to your house to kill you.
We're going to kill the president.
We're going to kill the vice president.
We're going to kill this hit list of vice members.
We're going to kill all these members of Congress.
We're going to kill the conservative Supreme Court.
We're going to kill talk show host.
We're going to kill Sean Hannity.
We're going to kill Mike Levin.
We're going to kill, kill, kill, kill, kill.
Won't even say who else's names they say, you can probably imagine.
There's legal reasons I don't.
And if you don't think they don't want to kill you, remember Larry Grathwald, Green Beret.
They tried to recruit him into Weather Underground.
He got into the highest levels.
They would sit around and talk about all these plans in the 70s.
Well, now they had Obama in charge for eight years and they've got the whole thing to stay behind networks in place.
And, look, a lot of them have been rolled up.
I can tell you that because they know it now, so I can tell you, I know from high-level sources, a lot of these people fell down and hit their heads lately.
That's another reason the Democrats were so scared.
You know, MS-13 and the Hezbollah groups and then some of the other hit groups the Democrats had hired, they all got scared and blew the whistle.
Those that didn't, well, they're sleeping.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
By the way, the things I covered earlier, I've mentioned a little bit before, and Soros' group, Media Matters, you know, said, oh, how ridiculous.
Jones claims that the Democrats are working with MS-13.
The Democrats, one trillion percent, have been caught all over the Southwest working with the coyote smugglers, with drug gangs, you name it.
I mean, what do you think Democrats do?
Give me a break and grow up.
And that's why they've been protecting MS-13 and saying they're God's children and say how dare Trump talk bad about MS-13 who mainly targets Hispanics and kills people in satanic sacrifices to take their energy.
Now if you're a new listener you think that sounds insane.
Just type in MS-13 conducts ritual murders and then you can read about it how they get they believe satanic power from it.
And the younger the better.
And then the thousands of men in camouflage, many of them armed on horseback, coming across the country.
This is globalism collapsing nation-states.
This is the assault we're under.
This is their plan.
And now it's come out, what we already told you years ago, that Apple is implanting wireless chips that break into everything, in your home, in your business, in the government.
And then Google cars drive around with antennas
And they scoop up the data and work with Google and work with Apple in tandem to data mine the information.
And of course, that's now come out in mainstream news that the AI project, as I told you months ago, in China with the Chinese military, it's not just Apple.
Google is involved.
And so is Facebook.
And they're all doing it.
And Tim Cook has bragged.
That's why I call him the most evil man in the world.
The most dangerous man in the world.
Because he's a little non-assuming, non-threatening, you know, trendy engineer who is in all these speeches saying, we want censorship.
We want to make the world like China.
We're going to curate
Anybody we disagree with.
Oh that has five stars and a couple million downloads and their apps number one in news.
So you're gonna take care of that and get rid of what's number one.
And us in a contract paying to have the app placed.
Paying to have it approved.
Already got dozens of other apps in my name.
Three apps that we built over the years.
This one was great.
Infowars official.
You delete it and then say, well, because, you know, it's just horrible, it's evil.
Really, I don't run slave factories in China.
I'm not aiding and abetting all this stuff, but see, you make me the bad guy.
So this full video is up on Infowars.com.
You know all this, but Apple employees and Google employees don't.
They're starting to wake up.
The White House is awake.
The Pentagon's really awake.
And this is real modern espionage.
This is real election meddling.
This is real takedown of this country.
And now the President's talking about it, and very close to action.
And his issue is, he's calling these guys to the White House in a few weeks.
Why not just start indicting these people?
And don't think Trump won't do it, just because it hadn't been done before.
It's outrageous!
These people are crazy!
They've gotten away with bloody murder, so that's why Cook thinks
He's got a normalcy bias that he just thinks all this is normal.
He's going to get away with this forever.
No, you're not, buddy!
So it is a honor.
I'm going to play it in a moment.
It is a honor to be banned and to be attacked and to have him lead the charge to have me banned.
Because that means I'm over the target.
We got a bunch of special guests and a ton.
Again, it's going to the full vote tomorrow.
I think Kavanaugh is going to get in.
It went 51-49.
You're going to see the same party lines again.
We have the vice president, if we need it, as a tiebreaker.
That means we've got two extra votes right now.
They're planning violence.
They're pledging violence.
Second hour, we're going to do that with Clyde Lewis coming up and more.
But first, let's air part of this critical video.
Tim Cook is the most dangerous man in the world.
It's on InfoWars.com.
We have been banned because of our criticism of this.
This is the big issue.
And this is what I need your help getting, taking the article on InfoWars.com and posting it on your site and getting it out to everyone.
Here it is.
I'm here to do two different things.
Number one, I have a message to Tim Cook, the head of Apple, the largest corporation in the world.
And number two, I have a warning to the world.
Under careful consideration in the last few years, I privately came to the understanding and analysis that Tim Cook is the most dangerous living person on this planet.
Tim Cook
is a clear and present danger to free societies and free peoples everywhere.
I'm first going to give the world a very serious warning about Tim Cook and about Apple, and then I've got some words for Mr. Cook.
Now, how did I come to the understanding that Tim Cook is such a classical tyrant?
I came to that understanding from his own speeches and his own statements that I'm about to show you here in a moment.
Both the articles and the video and where you can find it in context.
So it was that realization
That Tim Cook and his cohorts are really seriously bad actors using leftist camouflage to carry out their operations that made me make the decision to really declare war on the authoritarianism of Apple and Google starting about three months ago.
And within one month of that happening,
Those groups worked in concert to basically cauterize InfoWars, that they see as a disease, from the rest of the Internet.
But in truth, we were simply trying to raise the alarm.
So they're using Infowars as the straw man or as the first domino, the scapegoat, the test case to do this.
But this affects every man, woman and child on this planet.
Not just people in China or the United States.
Now let's first start looking at an interview he gave last weekend to Vice News.
And then remember, I'm unable to go on YouTube
How did you decide to ban Alex Jones?
What users want from us, and what we've always provided them, is a curated platform.
We think that what the user wants is someone that does review these apps.
Someone that does review the podcast.
Someone that, on like Apple News, where a human is selecting the top stories.
And that's what we do.
We don't take a political stand.
We're not leaning one way or the other.
You can tell that from the stuff on the App Store and in podcasts, etc.
You'll see everything from very conservative to very liberal.
And that's the way I think it should be.
But at what point were you like, okay, that's it, Alex Jones has to go?
You know, I don't want to get into a singular kind of event, but I think there's enough there.
That reasonable people could agree that if you're going to curate, that that should be all.
Now in a moment I'm going to get to Cook publicly making statements, giving speeches, calling for governments to implement more censorship, and helping China carry out draconian controls against their oppressed people.
But let's look at the million-dollar word he used, curate.
If you look at the definition, it means that an expert of knowledge decides what you will see, what you will eat, what you will smell, what you will do.
A controlled virtual reality.
A museum.
So he's saying he's a curator.
He's not censoring when he cuts somebody off from the marketplace.
No, no, no.
He's taking a bad apple out of the bunch to save the rest of the apples.
That's what Hitler said.
In fact, Hitler famously saw himself as an architect of society and as a curator and wanted to build a new Berlin, the capital of the world, that was a giant museum worshiping Nazism.
And he saw himself and Albert Speer as the top.
But we're not really talking about curation here, are we?
We're talking about another C word, and that word is cauterize.
When you believe that there's a disease in the body politic of globalism and Tim Cook's authoritarianism, where he's officially moved to China, we'll get to that in a moment,
If you see someone as a disease, you cauterize it with a big, hot, burning metal object into the wound to kill the infection.
We'll be right back, and liberty is the disease, individualism, you name it.
How dare Cook say I'm the bad guy?
This Congress has championed the unwinding of campaign finance laws to give billionaires outside influence over our politics.
Systematically attacked voting rights to make it harder for young people and minorities and the poor to vote.
Handed out tax cuts without regard to deficits.
Slashed the safety net wherever it could.
Cast dozens of votes to take away health insurance from ordinary Americans.
Embraced wild conspiracy theories.
Those surrounding Benghazi, for my birth certificate.
Cut it off.
I mean, all of that is a lie.
Benghazi happened.
The stand-down happened.
A bunch of people got killed.
They used a security force that Hillary was already in control of to come attack the base.
We have Chris Tonto-Piranto on.
Earlier this week, he got suspended on Twitter for countering that clip and saying, no, it happened.
My buddies were there.
I lost friends.
Everybody knows what happened.
But how dare him say that Benghazi is a conspiracy theory, just hoping we're stupid.
What do you think's going on here, and how did you respond on Twitter that got censored?
The response was, hey if Benghazi is a conspiracy theory, let's do this then and tell me if it's conspiracy theory after this, or conspiracy.
Let's put you on the roof.
And I said, let's put your ass, cowardly ass, on the roof and shoot AK-47s and RPGs and lob mortars at you for 13 hours while you left, while you didn't send in your support.
Basically, I just said, what happened that night?
I was asked on Fox, you know, how do you feel when he said Benghazi was a conspiracy?
Well, how do you think I feel?
I was left behind by Barack Obama.
The team was left behind.
13 hours, 4 on.
We lost people.
They died.
We continued to fight.
We tried to save people.
We saved over, including mine, count my lives and the team's lives, we saved over 30 people's lives.
Then we come home and then we're called liars.
And the story spun out of control.
It was after 8 months of being called a liar, seeing him spin it, that finally it's out of control.
So how do you think I'm going to feel when you say that?
How do you feel right now?
Well, I want to reach through the screen and choke him.
Does that mean I want to kill the former president?
Makes my blood boil because it's just disgusting.
And it means that he doesn't care.
He doesn't care anything about it.
Yeah, why can't he embrace you guys and say, sorry, things broke down?
Because they know they ordered the stand down.
You don't stand down 13 hours.
That is what, Alex, that is what I said to him when I came back from Yemen.
I said, if you guys behind closed doors talking to my CIA personnel, my leadership in the CIA, if you could just tell me you're sorry, you don't even need to make it public.
Just tell me you're sorry and I will go away and I'll go back to work.
They couldn't even do that.
That's narcissism, brother.
That's pride talking.
And that's evil.
That's the devil.
That's what we're up against.
And if you want to quote me on that or use that as a talking point, fine.
But as people are seeing now, essentially that is what we're up against right now.
It's just pure evil.
Pure evil.
Western Europe has already banned free speech, and an iron curtain of censorship is descending down over the UK.
They're set to pass rules, not a law, that if you criticize Islam or gays, you'll get six months in prison.
We know we're only about a year or two behind what's happening in the UK.
CNN and many others are calling for InfoWars to be shut down, taken off the web.
Slate Magazine has a professor and others saying, go beyond censorship.
Brainwash young people against InfoWars.
Psychologically inoculate them with lies, so they don't actually hear what we have to say.
We are the most hated news source in the world by globalists.
It is so critical that you go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for the free newsletter so we can be in contact with you and so the censors can't bully their way in and block us being able to engage in free open dialogue as a society.
That is critical to this fight.
We will prevail if you take action and I know you will.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I know you loved me a long time ago.
And even now when
You still won't hear my love But darling this time Let your memories die When you hold me tonight
Welcome back, Alex Jones here, 32 days out.
You can just feel the energy.
Evil is in major death throes.
That doesn't mean that there's some perfect utopia and evil still won't be around, but we go through cycles.
Everyone knows this.
Historians, political scientists, we go through cycles.
And we are in the bottom, hopefully, of the decadence and are going to start our way back up.
And the globalists are trying to suppress that hunger worldwide for freedom and for justice.
But the spirit's rising.
Now, I'm not going to get to this full video report because I've got so much to get to and a bunch of special guests, but it's mooey important.
If you're a listener and you're like, wow, Alex Jones, you know, talking about spy chips and the Apple phones and China and Google and AI and working with China, but not the U.S.
government and all the censorship and Tim Cook promoting censorship.
And now the president and vice president are talking about how it's all really China.
Now the Democrats are in bed with the Chai comms because it's the truth.
But if you cover it, Michael Savage four years ago wrote a book.
About China taking over the U.S.
China didn't find out until it was about to ship to the stores.
And no one would take the book.
Now see, most people shut up when that happens.
Michael Savage didn't shut up.
I don't shut up either.
And again, it's not because I'm some hero.
I'm not gonna sit here and have the chi-coms take control of what I do.
You try to shut me up, I know that's where I gotta go.
So I'll play a few more minutes of this, and I think it's really powerful at the end, but it's got all the documents, all the articles, all the proof, all the video clips.
Just get this article out, Alex Jones, Tim Cook's the most dangerous living person on the planet, because I've got a stack of news here where Google and Apple engineers, you name it, are coming out and saying, we're leaving the company, they're evil, they're doing stuff far worse than you know, they were waiting for our leadership.
Your leadership.
So call Congress.
Call the White House.
Call Talk Radio.
Get the buzz going.
It's the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek.
That they got spy chips.
They got the lawsuits against Apple for this.
As patriots, we don't go looking for trouble.
But listen, Big Dog's gotta get off the porch here.
Or Tim Cook's gonna steal your birthright.
I don't care what Tim Cook does to me, as long as at the end of the day, that little piece of crap knows he messed with the wrong people.
We gotta protect our children and our future from people like him.
And we're gonna do it.
Everybody else just better get out of the way.
Here's the deal.
We've got the will.
We've got the birthright.
We've got the strength.
We don't need to run anything.
We already got it.
But good people forget that when you stand down, it only lets the evil run things.
So I'm telling good men and women of every race, color, and creed, if you love God, you love justice, you got God.
You got the birthright.
So stand up, and stop acting like they run the show, and stop letting them guilt you into bowing down.
They don't have a conscience.
They know you've got a conscience, and they're trying to program that conscience.
So become aware of that.
How dare them tell you you're a bad person when you're not, and they know full well they're consciously evil.
Stop caring what they say and do the opposite.
Get in their face.
You think I care when they have some event calling for my censorship?
Called the fake news of, you know, Alex Jones and Donald Trump and their rhetoric and how to shut them down.
And I march into the middle of that and a couple hundred people are booing and hissing and spitting on me.
You think I care what a bunch of brainwashed slaves think?
They look like a bunch of escaped people out of a mental institution.
I felt sorry for them actually.
You think I care those cowards put those little, you know what, eating grins on their faces like they're confident?
They're not confident!
They're the bottom of the barrel!
They're the devil's rejects!
They come from bad people!
But you know what?
They think if they suppress us, they'll finally be somebody.
And if you let them run your life, and if you let them control your life, you deserve what they do to you.
You know, I'm not going to get to the rest of the Cook thing.
It's a very important video.
I haven't gotten to all the clips and things that are in it yet.
It's on Infowars.com.
David Knight played it earlier with his great transmission, 8am to 11am, and I'll get to more of it later.
We've got Clyde Lewis coming up, really smart cookie who protected the Ryerson attack years ago, has the articles to prove it.
He's been saying he believes something like the anthrax attack would come very, very soon.
And boy, as it comes, we'll look into that next hour.
But let me just read you a few of these headlines here, just to add to the whole Tim Cook thing.
91% of Apple contributions went to Democrats.
Tim Cook says, oh, we have conservatives, we have liberals, we curate.
Oh, you show us the weekly standard neocons?
The Trotskyites?
OK, thank you, Tim Cook.
See, Tim Cook has the nerve to tell you.
He's gonna show you.
You know, we even had a link to the RSS feed on Infowars.com for years.
And millions of people subscribed to that.
On iPhones or any other Apple device, they have a hard code now as a test of banning URLs.
That's the next level.
Where you try to click on it, since we removed the link to it, on Mac devices, and it won't even let you go to our RSS feed.
It takes you to Google, I mean, to Apple News.
Same thing.
And they're all in bed together and they're a group of arrogant people put in charge because they'll carry out criminal racketeering.
And so I keep going back to that because we're in a war with the CHICOMS and the EU.
But they couldn't wipe their rear ends if it wasn't for DARPA and the globalists that built the system that has now been handed over to them to bring down the country.
Oh, but Tim Cook says he doesn't collude with the government.
But there's Tim Cook with Zuckerberg and Obama and Eric Schmidt and all the rest of the dastardly folks.
All toasting their technocracy over here in your family.
Well, a lot of other people got arrogant and thought they'd dominate the West, the Holy Grail, the New Atlantis.
Just because you hijacked the New Atlantis' technology, dumbass Cook, doesn't mean you are that.
So we'll see what happens to you, son.
Get ready.
Because you'll always be a little devil-worshipping hunchback.
And I say it's open season on your lives.
In a peaceful way.
What is it that Thuttle said to him said?
They're all drowned in lakes of their own lies.
Now, look at these headlines.
Man who's been arrested for doxing GOP Senators allegedly threatened to also do to their children.
Oh, that's always a leprous thing.
They're all planning this violence.
There's all these arrests.
Amy Schumer that literally all of her shows and movies fail.
She's a total joke.
All Hollywood scum stomping around.
Don't even know how to
Take over media operations, because they're all too stupid to get in front of the cameras and talk.
So they always do some little stunt, a mindless chant.
Because they're followers!
Next hour is coming up.
We'll also take calls.
Today with Clyde Lewis is on with us.
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But whatever you do, tell people about that local radio station, or TV station, or cable station, because this is the most censored broadcast in the world.
They've all heard my name, so tell them, tune in!
For months and months and months, CNN, BuzzFeed and others lobbied to have Alex Jones removed from social media.
He was removed from basically all the major social media platforms apart from Twitter.
And then they said, oh, you're not being banned.
You still have a platform on Twitter.
You still have an app in the App Store.
Banned by Twitter, banned by the App Store.
Oh, but you still have a website.
You still have InfoWars Store.
You still have a shopfront.
And then what do we see?
Washington Post.
Oh my god, traffic to Alex Jones' InfoWars store has increased by 50%!
Maybe now we should look at that all the way down the line.
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That's InfoWarsStore.com.
You are receiving this transmission.
You are the Resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, he hosts one of the biggest syndicated radio shows in the country, Ground Zero, comes on right before George Noron, the Premier Radio Network.
And Clyde Lewis has arrived in shotgun with us for two hours, we're going to cover the waterfront.
The reason I wanted to get him on is
I remember him predicting that there'd be another Anthrax or Ryacin.
I always say it wrong.
Ryacin attack, Ryacin, and Ryacin.
And now you've seen that happen.
And then I remember McAfee, when he escaped Belize, saying Hezbollah's being snuck in, there's thousands of them, they're cooking up massive factories of ricin, and I didn't think he was lying, but two years later it came out, Hezbollah, 4,000 plus Hezbollah, ricin.
I mean, rice in folks is deadly neurotoxin, obviously, because you can grow it, I guess, on rice.
And anybody can basically make it.
The problem is you'll probably kill yourself in the process.
He has been really hammering that he thinks there'd be a bio-attack.
Even when I was on with him like a month ago, he said it a couple times, and he's a smart cookie, so we're gonna get his take on that, because that kind of blipped on the radar.
And in my experience, when a terror attack's real, it gets no attention.
When it's hyper-provocateured, then it's absolutely promoted from the rooftops everywhere, and there's always some legislation they're trying to pass.
But we'll get...
Plot Lewis' expert take on that.
He's a syndicate radio host, author, researcher, filmmaker, actor.
Very, very, very accomplished guy.
He'll be joining us coming up for two hours here today, and then I'm trying to get the guy on we had on like a month ago who got banned off of, when his books hit number one, got banned off Amazon for misogyny.
It wasn't even misogyny, it's just how to act like a man.
Maybe a little bit of an extreme version of it.
A lot of women like that, actually.
That's what they want.
But the point is, a lot of women don't like that.
He now got banned off PayPal, and now he's just shutting down.
He's just going off the air.
So that's where they want this to go.
And it's very, very dangerous.
That's why I sued PayPal.
The idiot New York Times and others are like, it's his only payment processor.
He'll be shut down.
There's hundreds.
Here's the problem.
PayPal strategically has bought up most of them.
And they got a big deal going through where they'll have almost all of them.
So that's when we were like, whoa, we've got to bring this to the president's attention.
So in my briefings that are going to the president,
This weekend, the briefings will be done from a top law firm, and it's packaged in with our lawsuit to show we're serious, and then some other ideas from some other law firms.
The President takes that serious.
And you know, it's also in hundreds of newspapers, so that will get some attention.
So, all the left and everybody's like, ah ha ha, you're suing in San Francisco, you're gonna lose, we're gonna ban you conservatives, we're gonna run you in the ground, we're gonna totally shut you all down.
Just keep laughing.
Because the lawsuit is to draw attention, dumbasses.
And I'm not talking to our radio listeners or TV viewers.
Because these leftists just don't get it.
They don't get me spending my own money to educate people to say no to the corrupt system.
Because I'm not a conservative.
I'm a libertarian, renaissance patriot who loves Jesus Christ.
And I want justice.
And I love little black kids, little brown kids, little white kids.
I love everybody.
And I just want to have a future.
And I see Trump being attacked by every side because he is the president trying to be the president.
Does that mean he's perfect?
But you know a man by his enemies.
And let me tell you, Trump's got the enemies, he's got the pedigree politically, and I'm totally behind it.
And that's why they know that I've got to be destroyed.
Because see, they know they really can't intimidate me.
But see, they want to intimidate you.
They want you.
I can't tell you how many other talk show hosts I know.
Didn't come running like a Clyde Lewis or George Norrie to get me on when I got banned, but were regular guests who just won't even talk to us.
Oh my God, that's the instinct of slaves.
You might as well stick your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye.
If you've got that instinct, man, North Korea is the place for you.
God, don't you get it?
You've got to have the instinct to say no to this.
You know what happened?
Facebook threatened to ban him if he had me on.
I heard about it inside baseball.
He said, oh, I want Alex Jones back on because of that.
That's the instinct to save the country and the world.
We'll be back.
Imagine 20 years ago if I would have told you that in 2018 a Nazi collaborator, George Soros, would be in control of our media, our government, and that anybody that criticized him would be banned from the internet and even banned from commerce and being able to process credit cards.
Well, Soros bought control of PayPal last month.
And even though we've been working with PayPal for 20 years, they banned us.
With the magic word, hate speech.
Now, if I was a Nazi collaborator, like Soros, it'd be okay.
That's how crazy all this is.
So they're betting that you're just gonna put up with the abuse, like conservatives always do, and just go away.
But the biggest thing you can do is call Congress, call the White House, call Talk Radio.
Make a big deal out of this, because other conservatives are next.
It's already happening.
And, with our regular credit card processes we have at InfoWarsTore.com, get in there and get some of the amazing products we've got.
So you can't lose.
You get great products while you're funding the information war at InfoWarsTore.com.
You can let that old Nazi collaborator Soros tell you you can shove it up as you know what.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Why aren't you brave enough to talk to us and exchange with us?
Don't you wave your hand at me!
I wave my hand at you!
When I grow up, you and I grow up!
How dare you talk to women that way!
How dare you!
Senator, do you believe women?
Senator, being in the legal field, do you think this is gonna be the new norm when appointing a Supreme Court Justice, ma'am?
I don't know, man, it could be.
I mean, people are here right now and there's a lot of stuff going on.
And this, we got a particular case.
Well, we got to operate based on the information we have available to us, you know?
But now, the way everybody's reacting to this now, you know, every Supreme Court Justice hearing coming forth that's going to be going on after this.
Well, we had one a few months ago and it didn't work out that way.
You know, they're all different.
This particular case touches on them.
It also touches on an issue that's very sensitive and obviously very important in this country.
And it needs to be handled in an appropriate way.
So if there's a single shred of corroborating evidence... But you said handled in an appropriate way.
How should it have been better?
The gathering of information.
I mean, we make decisions based on information.
We've now interviewed over 150 people over two decades.
Not a single one has corroborated any of this.
If there had been a single shred of corroboration, I'd be the first one out there.
I'm still reading through the documents.
I agree with Marco Rubio there.
If there's not a shred of evidence, if there was, then great.
But if you're a radio listener, you can hear it.
A team of yours can hear it and see it.
There are these anti-man, hyped-up, Soros-funded women screaming and howling like there's an island of medusas or something or harpies fighting over the one eye.
And the way they're going, F you to Orrin Hatch, we bleeped it out.
And then he just says, you'll grow up while they're saying F you.
And they go, how dare you speak to a woman as such?
They're like going back to
Ancient England or something where, you know, the total chivalry of not even speaking to a woman unless spoken to or whatever.
They're going back to this, I guess, even Elizabethan.
We're open the door for me, and I wear white gloves, and you do what I say.
But no, no, no.
They're just screaming harpies, F you, F that.
You know, rape, rape, rape.
And then he's like, grow up!
How dare you!
The polls show it.
This has backfired on them big time.
Clyde Lewis joins us for the balance of the next two hours of Ground Zero Radio, weeknights.
Right before coast-to-coast AM comes on and so I guess that's Like 10 o'clock at night.
I've been on there many times listen to it many many times And so Clyde Lewis is here ground zero media org while he's still there at Clyde Lewis there on Twitter But I wanted to get him back on to talk about
Currently what's going on, the hysteria, 51 to 49 for cloture, left the Senate.
They're going to vote tomorrow at around 5 o'clock Eastern.
We're going to be here covering it in an internet-only transmission.
We'll send it out on satellites to radio and TV, but it's going to be commercial-free, basically.
So we'll have some promos with the fur up in the back.
We're going to have this live coverage an hour before the vote.
Right through the vote, we're going to have crew on the ground in D.C.
with live feeds.
So be ready for all of that tomorrow as well at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com live coverage.
But Clyde, this segment, let's get into the general climate.
The Democrats calling for civil emergency, COG, you're an expert on that.
And then I want to next segment get into your prediction of Rison, your prediction of a bio attack you've written about, you've talked about, and why you thought it was about to happen and has now happened, and what you think's going on there.
Great to have you with us.
It's great to be here, Alex.
Thank you so much for the opportunity.
Well, let's dive into it.
I mean, what is your take on Kavanaugh?
What is your take on just the hysteria, the calls for violence against Republicans?
I mean, I know you're kind of like I am, kind of a nonpartisan guy, but this is really scary.
Yeah, it is really scary.
And I was actually last night talking about something called the Satan Bomb.
And what I talk about is the idea of this country leaving its morals aside and literally just throwing itself on the altar of evil for the sake of putting forward an agenda.
And this is how desperate people are.
It's really sad to see this.
I had said that the Arch of Baal, which was this Palmyra arch that was 3D printed by a digital archaeology company, had been erected on the day before the Judicial Senate hearings.
No, no.
This group decided they wanted to make a replica of it.
They wanted to tour it.
They put it all over.
They first sent it to New York.
They sent it to Trafalgar Square.
After it was erected in Trafalgar Square in England, someone decided to erect a demon called Pazuzu, which of course is a familiar demon to those people who see the movie The Exorcist.
They erected Pazuzu on the Queen's Library just down the street from this arch.
And I was thinking to myself, how peculiar is it that they do this?
This is some sort of
Priestcraft or black magic that's being done to... And I totally agree.
Let me just stop you there because I know we're going to go here.
But the globalists are obsessed with ancient Babylonian Assyrian occultism.
And when you talk about that particular demon, they translated that in Ghostbusters into Zuul.
And that's actually the one that they're worshipping in the movie.
And they make a joke and it brings your destruction and it brings world destruction.
And they envision Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and so that's what pops up.
But that's what these globalists are into.
And it's funny you raise that because you've had the major witchcraft events with thousands of witches trying to kill Trump and even Hollywood involved.
So they really believe they're getting empowered by something.
Well, and you were the pioneer, actually, with actually revealing the horned owl of the Bohemian Grove, which, of course, is a representation of Moloch.
And Moloch, of course, is also another way of describing the horned god Baal.
And what Baal represents
Yes, we are.
Let's be clear, when the Jews got captured in different captivities by the Assyrians and then by the Babylonians and others...
They then later adopted some of this, at least some classes in it, and so that's where you get all of this Babylon mystery religion coming into Christianity, coming into Europe.
I mean, that's just the archaeological history of that.
So Ghostbusters seems like a funny movie, but what they're actually showing you, you know, in an archetype, is actually what the devil worshippers are into.
Right, and so when you have an arch being set up before the testimony given with Fort Cavanaugh and you know that everything they're talking about has to do with sexual perversion, abortion, all of these things, baby killing, I mean it all seems to come together and what's interesting is one of the first
Uh, points that were made was, uh, I think it was, uh, White House, Sheldon Whitehouse said, somebody effectively said, do you know what the devil's triangle is?
And of course, we all know that there's this place out in Bermuda or whatever, but, uh, no, they were referring to what would be a, a sexual menage a trois, if you will.
And I just thought, wow, that seals it right there.
They're talking about all of this, including, uh, some sort of perversion.
Sex match.
Yes, sex magic.
It's exactly what it is.
It is sex magic.
And what is even more frightening is that the the Ricin attacks also has a sort of a cult significance as when Ricin was sent to the president, sent to Ted Cruz's office, it was done on a day where the moon had entered into
We're good to go.
All right.
33% of the population of the U.S.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
You could accept the fact that this city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.
What do you mean, biblical?
What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor.
Real wrath of God type stuff.
Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies.
Rivers and seas boiling.
Forty years of darkness.
Earthquakes, volcanoes.
The dead rising from the grave.
Human sacrifice.
Dogs and cats living together.
Mass hysteria!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Nimble little minx, ain't you?
We better go full stream.
Aim for the flat top!
Weren't so hard?
We neutralized it!
You know what that means?
A complete particle reversal!
And we have the tools, we have the talent!
It's Miller time!
Ray, this looks extraordinarily bad.
Oh, no.
Now we're showing you this, and we're going to pull up the part I had on YouTube over there, where it shows the archway, and it's an acrylic archway in Ghostbusters, and then it shows the pyramid behind it.
And if you go to Syria, that's what they actually built.
And this was a gateway they believed that the devil came through.
And they called it Zuzu or Zuul.
So you go see Ghostbusters, you're like, oh it's a movie, it's made up, what is this?
I'm going to come in there, I'm going to pull it up myself, it's alright.
But I didn't even know Clyde Lewis would, there it is, would go to this.
Now let's pull up the Arch, the Democrats just rebuilt again.
Because when you understand they're crazy, they believe they're getting this evil power, and they see Kavanaugh that's anti-abortion and Trump and all this pro-human stuff, that's why they're flipping out, that's why they're going crazy.
And so it's very astute that you brought this up.
Because look, I'm not into the occult.
I don't believe in all this stuff.
They do.
Like Soros is admittedly into all this spirit cooking and Aleister Crowley stuff.
Clyde, I'm glad you brought all this up, because this is really central, and we can make jokes about it, and I make jokes about it, but it's not funny.
They're at Bohemian Grove, Republican, a lot of the Republican leadership, not anymore, more and more they don't go, are there worshiping, you know, they call it an owl, call it a bull, doesn't matter, there's a platform where they burn a kid and they say, this is mowling.
And they go, oh, you're an idiot, Jones.
Moloch is a bull.
It doesn't matter.
They call it an owl.
It doesn't matter.
The point is, they take it deadly serious.
I've been there.
I've covered it.
When I went to Bohemian Grove in 2000, I didn't believe it was actually going to happen.
I thought it was made up.
But it was real.
And they were taking it deadly serious.
So, Clyde Lewis, I want to get into all the other big subjects next segment.
But this segment, what's driving this occultism?
Because it's real.
I mean, and occultism is expanding.
What do you think's behind it?
Well, there have been a lot of polls lately that have said that a lot of young people today are more into secularism.
They're looking to science to find the answers to a lot of spiritual questions.
And this is something that I think is quite disturbing because what this is, is we have failed in a lot of ways, I think.
We have failed in teaching our children a lot of things regarding spirituality, teaching our children a lot of things that put them in a position to be believers in God or at least having a spiritual sense.
But the spiritual sense is completely destroyed and this is something they're grooming generations
I think so.
We're good.
Who was a fiction writer, but he said, since he was a Fabian socialist, he said, that's the agenda.
The agenda is going to be winning over the young people, having them fight for this, and doing so by grooming them and changing their views on everything from government to religion.
And, again, they're erecting satanic temples all over the country, they're doing all this.
They go, oh, satanists, we're just into libertarianism and human empowerment.
But that's not what real satanism is.
Real satanism is about total domination over reality and making other people submit to your will.
It's not about empowering individuals' wills.
Well, I mean, you've got a number of different, uh, I guess you could call them groups of Satanists.
You have Levan Satanists, which say... Yeah, you've got people claiming they're Satanists that really aren't.
They're trying to act, like, shocking.
But, well, tell me what you think a real Satanist is versus a Luciferian.
Well, Luciferians are kind of Illuminati-type individuals who are looking for knowledge, and they use Lucifer as the symbol for knowledge and enlightenment.
When you're looking at Satan, however, the Fallen One, there are people who use Satan as an icon of, basically, atheism, saying, well, I don't believe in God or the devil, and so they call themselves Satanists, for lack of a better term.
But they really are secularists and hedonists and nihilists.
But when you look at somebody who is actually atheistic,
You look at a number of religious organizations that call themselves like the Temple of Set, or you talk about the Satanic Temple, those who are crucial in bringing forward these statues of Baphomet in the public square.
Uh, and of course, the Arch of Baal, where they tell you, oh, the Arch of Baal is a representation of peace and freedom, when in reality it's a representation of sexual orgies, promiscuity, and, uh, baby killing.
And, uh, this is exactly, uh, what they brought up during the whole Kavanaugh forward.
It's all about abortion, it's all about baby killing, it's all about sex, it's all about
We're good.
I totally agree.
Let's come back into the hard subject.
I like Trump.
He's a good guy.
His energy's positive.
He's trying to fix things.
He's trying to give Christians freedom.
But Kavanaugh's a Bush minion and a Karl Rove minion and they're all skull and bones.
And you get into that area of the East Coast, the rest of it, Kavanaugh's got a pretty good voting record.
But I'm going to be honest here.
Devil's Triangle is not a drinking game, it is menage a trois.
So, let's look at it.
What's really going on with Kavanaugh?
Could he be the ultimate Trojan horse?
We'll be right back.
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It's Alex Jones, live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide from the InfoWars.com studios.
Are you a god?
Then... Alright, we just joined us.
I did not mean to get into the occult today, I did not mean to get into all this, but Clyde Lewis is a big, syndicated host, probably what, 400 stations?
Correct me if I'm wrong, right before George Norwood every night on Premier Radio Network.
Heard him for years, been on his show.
And I know he predicted ricin attacks.
They can be grown on castor beans, I also read they can grow it on rice.
But the point is, and then it happened.
And then he gets into how it's part of a larger occult ritual.
Who was a crazy guy when I was a kid, poisoned the treaty oak they signed the Texas Constitution on with a bunch of poison because he thought he'd get satanic power out of it.
I don't believe in this stuff.
These crazies do.
And occultic activities are exploding.
Now I think Brett Kavanaugh overall has a really good, strict, constructionist, constitutional
And so I don't think he's a bad guy.
And I don't want to have even wars with the old establishment because the libertarian renaissance movement is defeating them.
I want to just move past it.
The Clinton Stay Behind Network, though, is still there with Soros.
That's why I'm at war with them because they're still in power to a certain extent.
But, you hear about Devil's Triangle, that is a drinking gang, the creator of it said.
And so when I brought up the Kavanaugh thing, it's the Democrats invoking that.
But I think it's fair to also bring up Skull and Bones, the Bushes, the fact that Kavanaugh was brought in under Bush, and that's why Trump brought him in thinking, well he's got a pretty good voting record as a conservative, he'll back the president.
But the Republican Blue Bloods like him too.
And then even that they went after.
But I think they miscalculated because people know who Kavanaugh is.
So I think Kavanaugh is a good guy.
I think he'll be confirmed tomorrow.
I back that.
But Clyde Lewis, also pulling back from this, though, there are some people out there saying, hey, you know, wait up here.
He's got neocon connections.
Well, it doesn't matter now.
I mean, we know the Democrats don't want him.
So that's a positive thing.
But what do you think?
Well, I think that, you know, we ought to always say to ourselves that it's not about
It's not about the worst of two evils or the best of two evils.
We always seem to deal with evil and I guess it's the intent or what is eventually going to happen with this.
I would say that it certainly, if he does get confirmed, which I think he will too, I think it's going to put a lot of pressure on him to be
He's going to be ever mindful of how he's going to be looking over his shoulder.
He's going to be having to play the game, so to speak.
And that's what really worries me is that the game will have to be played and certain compromises will have to be made.
Now, this will be, you know, this will be done because that's how it's done in Washington.
I mean, if the government has something happen that's peculiar or weird, it's because they planned it that way.
And that is something that I think a lot of people need to understand.
It was FDR that said that.
He said, well, if it happens in government, you know, it's because we planned it.
And it just seems to me that this seems, it seems to me that things seem to be going as planned.
And it just seems like a very interesting plan, bit by bit, play by play.
See, I see patterns.
And I'm like you.
I believe this, that it's not what I believe as far as the occult is concerned.
It's what they believe.
And so if they believe it, and they practice it, and they like their little medieval dramas with worshipping owls and jumping around naked in front of an owl in the Bohemian Grove, and if they like their little arches, and if they like their little demonic hand signs, and if they like their Twilight language like Devil's Triangle and other things, you know that there are people
I think?
And I've seen that all the time.
I see it all the time.
Of course, my exposure, some of my first exposure to it was from Spy Magazine and from you.
So, I mean, the triggering of the Bohemian Grove meme is certainly right here and now.
Now, I don't know, is Kavanaugh a bonesman?
I didn't really know if he was or if he wasn't.
No, no, I don't think he's a bonesman.
I just think it's reasonable
As some listeners, you know, have said, hey, you know, look, Roger Stone wrote articles about him, you know, 80-something days ago saying, look out, you know, we want Barrett, not him.
The point is, he's got a pretty good voting record.
Let me ask you this, and I'm going to play a clip actually from The Good Shepherd, about Skull & Bones, that Robert De Niro produced, that Matt Damon's in.
It was actually a pretty accurate movie.
Why do you think the establishment hates Trump so much?
Because he's not part of that system.
It was like what Newt Gingrich says.
He hasn't gone through the rituals.
He hasn't gone through the hazing process.
He was a man who does his own thing, who sets his own rules.
He doesn't bow or answer to any secret societal mayhem.
He may know of it, but he certainly doesn't know how to deal with it, I don't think, as much as the others do.
They know how to deal with the secret handshakes and hand signs and symbols.
You know, it's funny because... He just blows past all that.
His secret sign is the economy doing well.
Well yeah, I mean, if you read any postmodern philosophy, like by Jean Baudrillard who said that we're living in times where symbols mean more than reality itself.
And it's because consciously and subconsciously we respond to these symbols.
That's why, you know, you can take a swastika into the Eastern world and they'll see it as a symbol of peace.
Actually, this is wired into our DNA, these symbols and signs.
And so if you see them and you're aware of them, it basically sends red flags.
If you don't know about them, it still sends red flags because cellular, on a cellular level, the body and the mind and the soul responds to ancient symbolism.
That's right.
Let's explain that.
These evil groups have taken over every major power symbol and turned it around for their control.
So why does Chelsea Clinton hundreds of times photo with upside-down crosses?
Why do they do this?
Why are they into these dark forces?
Because they're going against the countervailing wisdom and force of humanity to succeed and empower and be loving.
They want to countervail that and control it, so they have to try to hijack it
And then do really wicked things, they believe, to destroy their soul.
They don't know that's happening.
So they get closer to being, like, anti-human.
I mean, that's really what's happening.
And once they're done, people like Bill Clinton and Hillary are these robots, people that I know that know them, they're just these hateful, unhappy robots that just go around grasping like zombies.
I mean, it's horrible.
But they believe that's enlightenment.
Well, I heard a definition once of what a monster is, and it's a very simple description.
A monster is a human being who doesn't care.
And that's how you become a monster.
You just become... you don't care.
And what is the whole purpose of the cremation of care?
We release from ourselves any responsibility.
We release from ourselves any care of the world.
You're getting rid of the conscience in a black magic ritual to take the metaphysical reap what you sow law of the universe and pass it on to a child, which is the very essence of hardcore black magic.
And the definition of a vampire is a vampire that robs you not only of your blood, but of your virtue.
And that is what is at stake here.
And of your seed.
Because it's one thing to suck somebody's blood, or their money or their power, but if you kill their kids, if you take their line, now that's real power.
It's the idea that if you can eliminate progeny.
I mean, what was the whole purpose of the Garden of Eden?
The Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit, it was, we want to corrupt the DNA of mankind because we look at them as abnormal monkeys.
And that's the true satanic ritual.
Clyde Lewis is so smart.
We'll be right back with him.
We'll get into more political stuff and take your calls next hour.
But thegroundzeromedia.org, amazing, at Clyde Lewis at Twitter.
You can tune in to him tonight, obviously 10 o'clock central, right before George Norie.
So we'll be right back.
On the other side, though, to get more into this, and a clip from Inside Skull & Bones via Hollywood.
Let's go to MAGA Titan.
Sorry, I cut you short here, MAGA Titan.
You got 60 seconds.
Go ahead.
They're trying to censor humanity's great awakening.
The calm before the storm, we concede to the population.
The mind control and the manipulation.
They're lying to the TV of your favorite station, just so they can get paid off the death of a nation.
But this is the rebirth, and you heard it from Jones first.
Feeling like Indiana Jones with a cold curse.
Revolution with no course, instead freedom in America's force.
Trying to free humanity from this devilish force.
Fake lips walking dead like a devilish course.
They ask, have I seen the enemy?
I say yes, of course.
So take this red pill and get informed.
And now I welcome you to the InfoWars.
That's MAGA Titan.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
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It's Alex Jones.
Alright, we're going to open the phones up next hour.
Broadcasting worldwide from the InfoWars.com studios.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live with Clyde Lewis.
Next hour we're going to open the phones up on Brett Kavanaugh.
Will he be confirmed?
What do you think about the occult?
All of it.
But here's the thing.
The hidden exists.
The establishment being involved and obsessed with the occult is a fact.
And so why is that?
I think Clyde Lewis put his finger on it earlier.
We're going to go to him in a moment.
It's on our DNA.
Our ancient species, our incredible background, all the things we've been through.
Obviously the mainline history we're given is not the truth.
It's like everything else we're told is a lie.
And so this is some language, some system that we, through ancestral memories, that they've proven are real.
In all major developed species, the enemy has our owner's manual, they have our program.
They are not more advanced than us, they're not better than us, but they're older than us or have a longer memory.
And so they are able to manipulate us through the archetypes.
And that's really the secret, and they don't want you to become aware of that.
Well, I want you to become aware of that.
So we're going to be talking about McLeod Lewis here, and then we'll next hour get into all the big current, you know, temporal, provable topics, but he brought us into the whole occult area today, and we're going to play a clip from a film that came out over a decade ago, The Good Shepherd, with Matt Damon, produced by Robert De Niro, directed by Robert De Niro, that from people that I know that have been in Skull & Bones, and Charlotte Isserby, who's
Father and others were in it and released the secret documents to Anthony Sutton.
This is just the beginning.
So we'll show you inside a ritual of Skull and Bones here in a moment.
Then ABC News caught a little bit of footage from outside where death equals death, murder equals death, devil equals death.
And like simulating murder.
And that's just kind of training the young ones for the real thing later.
So it's more like a nursery school or an outer temple.
Of course any real Skull and Bones members or higher levels are probably killing people at about age 12.
This is more wimpy blue bloods are brought in to be trained before they go to the next level.
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I don't think so.
They're psychopathic, or at least sociopathic, and they have given themselves over to the programming.
So you and I look at it and it looks like a bunch of gibberish because we're dialed into the whole universe.
So I wouldn't say it's a good thing that a lot of folks are susceptible to the programming, but we have to learn what these symbols are, and what their antecedents are, to then see them and understand the larger attack that's taking place.
And there's not just evil in the universe.
Most of these symbols were ours, given by our Creator.
We're made the image of, by the way.
That's a big deal.
That's a little clue right there.
These are symbols, like the star, the pentacle, that's given to us.
So it doesn't mean it's even evil.
It's been expropriated, and then the system has hijacked it as a counterfeiter.
Like the Bible says that the devil's a counterfeiter.
So let's look at Clyde Lewis' take on that.
Into the next hour, and take your calls.
We'll give the number out in a moment.
But first, here's a clip from The Good Shepherd.
Now, what I'm about to read is actually in a movie called A Good Shepherd, just like the other ones we're going into.
And the ceremony they do, as you can see here in the scene, they're wrestling butt naked in mud.
Okay, they're wrestling butt naked in mud while other members in this group.
They start pissing on them and laughing Okay, and you see here in the scene Matt Damon gets upset.
He walks out because he just got humiliated Now one might watch this movie and think it's part of the movie.
It's you know, it's not something they that they really do It's just an act or whatever, but that's further from and that's an internet clip.
We got with someone's commentary But but the point is you can find the clip out there without without that if you want
But the reason I play that is, it's all about humiliation at that level.
Submitting, telling them all your hopes, all your dreams, and then later you try to clear yourself out so you can be possessed in a coffin, you know, after ten guys have, you know, done a gangbang on you.
And then after they've done that, then you're on to the next level.
Clyde Lewis, why do you think this is going on?
Again, why is there this obsession with this?
Well, there's power in sex magic, and some of the groups that are well-known, like the O.T.O.
and other groups, of course they practice sex magic.
There's a lot of power in the orgasm.
There's a lot of power in bringing that forward.
In fact, if you want a sigil to be energized, usually people who are magicians or wizards or whomever, they'll tell you that the best way to power up a sigil or a symbol
I'm not sure.
You've seen, like I say, the robbing of virtue.
Young people, young women, young men becoming sexual objects.
We know the Franklin scandal.
We know the situation where those boys were harmed.
We know the stories of boys that are brought to the Bohemian Grove for this type of thing.
I mean, trafficking and pedophilia, all of this is a part of it.
And it's beyond the pizza gate.
It's beyond that.
It's all it's all of that.
But, you know, we become specific and that's where the media has their heydays because you become specific in one area and they say, well, it's not happening here.
But what they exclude is it's happening in a lot of places and we see a lot of it being revealed and hinted at.
We're good to go.
You know, we hear the women, but soon I think the next one will be the hysteria regarding children who may have said they've been harmed.
But have you noticed that most of the big players are never identified?
And in the double standard we have, you know, Kavanaugh being under the microscope, but never do we ever go back and say, well, maybe we should put Clinton, Bill Clinton, to the fire and all the others who participate in the sexual rituals of Bohemian Grove.
And again, to be clear, Bohemian Grove, from my own research, is just kind of an outer court to see if you like it, to test you out.
I mean, do you have any idea from your research, like, who the different occult groups are?
I mean, we know the things they're into, but it just, it turns into like a labyrinth of mental illness.
Well, I mean, in the beginning, if you remember going back in history, they had the Martinists, and the Martinists had no morals whatsoever.
They were the secret society that did just that.
It was sexual magic and things of that nature.
Aleister Crowley, of course, was a sex magic provocateur, and he would raise from
Exactly, it's an avatar!
If you have an avatar, you get abused and have sex with.
Let's go to Jason in New Mexico.
Fire away.
Hey, I just came out as a transsexual gay toad.
I'm not going to have you slander my people before I run for office as a Democrat.
I know that's right, but really, we should contribute to you guys because I've been given for years and I've seen the production value just skyrocket.
I mean, your graphics team, just the content in general, everything is going great.
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And I waste a lot of money on, you know, you go to one of these big box stores, you buy a piece of crap, and the psychologist throw away $10.
You throw $10 at that toothpaste, guarantee it won't be a waste.
Especially if you love your kids, why would you give them fluoride?
Yeah, just go look.
You know, here's what I would say to the audience.
If you're not using super blue fluoride toothpaste, go home and look at the toothpaste that you're using, and on the back of it, it will say, harmful if swallowed.
Contact poison control for 0.01% of fluoride.
0.01, harmful if swallowed.
They put that in the water.
Yep, that's if you love the kids, though.
Hey, I'm not telling you how to spend your money.
Yeah, you know what?
Good point.
If you don't love your kids, just keep giving them the fluoride.
Yeah, that's fine.
No matter what the globalists want to do, no matter what politicians want to do, this country is going to make it!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, Clyde Lewis, big syndicated radio host, obviously, on the Premier Radio Network, comes on every night right before George Noria at 10 p.m.
It's blowing me away with the occultism of the globalists and what they're into.
And exactly, if you go back to the Jacobins, there was a whole left-hand path.
To imitate our revolution, but it was about a nine-day work week and enslaving everyone, but not telling the public it was slavery.
It's kind of the modern model of liberalism, where they know we're all liberal at heart and want to have open, free societies, and, you know, even if we're conservative, you know, we care about freedom.
They say they're all those virtuous things, but they're not.
And then they're all about... Lenin said this, and Anton LaVey said this, you'll have machines and avatars that work for you, and it'll be nothing but pure pleasure.
But then when they get control, all they produce is pure hell.
Where do you think we are at this point in history, Clyde Lewis?
Well, we are on the verge of pushing ourselves to the precipice of a new evolution.
It's the new age, they call it.
It's the golden age.
And they said in the golden age there would be a new man, and the new man would then lead us.
And, you know, if you want to talk in religious Christian parlance, the new man that they're talking about, of course, is the Antichrist.
And what's interesting about Baal
And what's interesting about the rule of Baal, the rule of Baal is quite simply, and the resurrection of Baal is quite simply, the resurrection of the spirit of the Antichrist.
So when they bring the arch to Washington DC Mall and they erect it, they say it's about freedom and liberty.
No, it's about the Antichrist and what the Antichrist stands for.
And I've noticed that there have been so many stories as of late
We're good.
Of course, most Christians, if they're awake, know that this is simply some signs of the times that need to be addressed.
If not, this is certainly a counterfeit attempt at trying to nudge God into the apocalypse.
And the most cynical thing mankind can do is to fake his own prophecies and also to fake his own second coming.
So, if this is going on, that is the most diabolical thing I think the elite can do, is to actually fool people into believing that the power relies in mankind and their ability to become more like machines, rather than becoming more human.
I'm just sitting back here, Clyde, trying to figure this out myself because I just want prosperity and a good future and to build a great future for humanity.
But like you said, it's programmed into us something from before.
And obviously, I don't think humans in our current form originate from this planet.
You've got the way they distort the Bible and the way the preacher is twisted or whatever, but you've got the previous creation the Bible talks about.
I believe the Bible's real.
I just believe the interpretations get twisted of men.
But the globalists are, like, clearly trying to suppress humans becoming something.
The fluoride, the vaccines, attacking families, attacking high IQs, attacking real spiritual connections.
I mean, I think we probably agree, they're trying to suppress something.
So A, is that true?
B, what is it?
What they're doing is they're certainly concerned about consciousness.
They're looking into things like panpsychism and they're wondering, why is it that we have the type of consciousness we have?
What is it that makes us who we are?
They're tapping into the brain, they're looking into the DNA, they're using DNA and they're using brain signals to try and determine how the algorithms
It's almost like the planet is a laboratory for an advanced species, and lower-level aliens have gotten an advanced species, but kept it in a baby state to try to test it in a war game to, like, beat it somewhere else.
And I'm not even, I'm not saying I believe that, just that a gut-level extension, the Bible, all the eschatology, all the archetypes, it seems that's what it is.
Well, I've been covering lately the stories that have been coming out of science lately about what is known as synthetic intelligence, where they are now determining that many of the relationships now, if you want to go here, here's what, this is something even more peculiar.
Sure, AI was already here.
Let's talk about it straight ahead.
Well, the moment of truth is here.
George Soros now is taking control of PayPal and these pandas are trying to shut down our final payment processors and end InfoWars.
We're going to reach this point.
And listen, I knew fighting the globalists, there'd be a price to pay.
And I did it because I knew what horrible individuals they were.
And I was willing to sacrifice myself, my name, my treasure on the altar of having a better future like our forebears did.
But I don't want to go down with a real fight because I'm going to keep swinging until the end.
But if you, the listeners, really awaken and financially support us like never before with the payment systems we have left at InfoWareStore.com, it is going to allow us to really hold the line like the Alamo.
Until we either win or we're defeated.
So in the words of the great founder of Texas, and that wasn't Houston, that was Colonel Travis, victory or death, we are going to win if you take action.
We're going to win if you support us.
But it's now all in your hands.
You've got to have an ace in the hole
Well, I love getting Clyde Lewis on, because I had no idea where this would go.
I mean, I wanted to bring up Kavanaugh, and I wanted to bring up, you know, he predicted a Rison attack, and then we got into the occult and the globalist, which is absolutely true.
We're getting into AI and all this, and
You know, people like Tim Cook, the owner or the head of Apple, biggest corporation in the world.
There's a video on Infowars.com titled Tim Cook, most dangerous man in the world.
Because he's the guy getting all the other tech to go censorship.
He's in China helping censor things.
So is Google.
Thank God the Pentagon and others are waking up to this.
But, Floyd Lewis, it does seem like it's all happened before.
And like we're out here in the middle of this galaxy, out in the boondocks.
And that everything that globalists do is a scientific mad scientist test.
No matter what country it is or group, they're building towards something larger.
And like you said, it's in a
Internet of the mind broadcast, in that there's this knowledge of evil, the Bible talks about the mystery of evil, where the evil works together, it's being directed.
And so this doesn't disagree with the Bible, it confirms it, and then you look at the globalists all obsessed with the occult, and then obsessed with building this AI system, but the AI system, like you said, is already there.
It's telling them what to build, with tentacles and nodes,
Like, Palantir's to watch everything we're doing.
So we're building something, an artificial, limited omnipresence on this planet, in their own words, to then direct human development to build something next.
And it's teaching us we should die and fall away, and this next thing is the future, which obviously would be like an enemy transmission, that you're scum, you're crap, this thing's coming, lay down and die, but build it for me first.
I mean, people think about science fiction, a bunch of flying saucers landing, like Mars Attacks.
But no, that's not the way this happens.
It's like the Bible says, it's interdimensional.
Well, and you look at what the future holds.
I mean, you're talking about the singularity where computers become smarter than humans.
I mean, the closest thing we have to the singularity right now is the blockchain, which is a ledger that continues to grow and grow and grow and grow.
And what it developed was a way to actually get humans to make it grow bigger, and that was cryptocurrency.
The thing about cryptocurrency is that you make money
I think so.
We have a social credit system that's going to be employed, brought to us by China.
Google right now is doing something called Operation Dragonfly, which they're preparing us for a social credit system.
What this is, is it's full spectrum control, Alex.
That is the end game.
We're good.
Yeah, I mean, we become, and a lot of people don't know this, but the nanoparticles have already been released, and we have them in our bodies.
We just don't know we have them.
It's binary, just like they told us in the Singularity movie, or what it was called with Johnny Depp, like, oh, he's the good AI, and he's in the atmosphere now.
Right, and so, you know, pretty much everything from the blade of grass you stand on to your animals to even what's inside of you is going to be marked and catalogued with your own little number called your social credit score.
But we can't cure cancer, and by the way, it's way up.
We're killing you.
We have all this, but we can't cure it.
Well it's not good for business and they said so.
The Wall Street and my wife just went through breast cancer surgery and we did a show called the Cancer Cash Cow and what we talked about was that you know Wall Street actually came out and said well we found a cure for hepatitis and it wasn't good for business and and so we got to keep a lid on any cures for cancer.
And in the meantime, they have enough money to create biomarker drugs and biomarker biological weapons that they can release on everybody and kill certain groups of the population based on their DNA.
Things like 23andMe and Ancestry, that's all about collecting DNA that they can use against us in the future using biological weapons and eliminating certain members of the population.
Sure, and it's been confirmed.
Those groups reportedly don't give you your real DNA breakdown.
They just create a scrambled thing and then add in some things you're not even to create the PSYOP.
And again, nothing against being part African.
That's great, that's wonderful.
But now they've done genetic testing in Asia and all over and it's not actually what they say.
Everybody 100% from one area.
Please add 6% Africa into those tests.
And again, it's a lie.
And nothing against being part African, it's that they're not telling us who we really are.
Clearly three different groups on the planet, interrelated, but in some like weird sports game or something that somebody set up.
What they're doing right now is they're taking that DNA information, they're shipping it to the Republic of Georgia at a place called the Lugar Center, and they're concocting some biological package.
No, you're right.
They've been going for race-specific bioweapons that Dick Cheney talked about, but they need a giant spectrum of blood and tissue samples to index it, to come up with one that they can specifically use against certain groups.
Right, and so they're taking it to this center called the Lugar Center and they're synthesizing it at this center.
The Russians are angry about it because what they're doing is they're putting all of this biological pathogen in mosquitoes and other insects.
They're releasing them.
And that's Bill Gates.
I'm glad you bring this up.
What is up with Bill Gates?
Well, Bill Gates knows that one of the best carriers of pathogen is a mosquito.
In fact, at a TED Talk, he released them to people and he said, hey, be lucky it doesn't have a typhoid or typhus in it.
And then we have the outbreak of typhoid and typhus in Los Angeles with the fleas.
With rats.
And of course, and rats.
And we have all the other problems with people coming over the border bringing diseases.
There is a war against civilization.
Well, and they're going to use what they, like what Kevin Kissinger said with his document in 1974.
We've got to make it look natural.
We have to bring about some sort of a famine, some sort of a crisis where we're lacking in resources.
In the meantime, we're gathering the resources and leaving the peasants to starve and fight over a crust of bread.
In the meantime, they're sick, they're divided, and they're easy to conquer in that regard.
And so that's why I was determined... No, I totally agree.
So let me ask you this.
And I want to come back and take calls.
What do we do, Cly?
Because I'm not just kissing your butt.
You really are one of the people I know that's really dialed in full spectrum.
Like, you're reminding me of stuff I forgot about.
Like, world government bioweapon labs the Rockefellers run, Coal Springs Harbor built in Georgia, Russians threatening to attack the facility.
This is real.
I mean, it's what I mean.
It's just like, crazy town!
Like, whoa!
We're on this planet, and like, there's this race, like, who's supposed to get control?
Because something else comes after it, and I can't get the average man I know to quit going
Football, and I'm tough, and women just want to get collagen injections in their lips, and like the whole future's just racing ahead of us.
The globalists have decided they've already, like you said, put binary nanotech weapons in all of us to kill our asses.
H1N1s, ten years ago they admitted was a bio-tracker weapon.
If it's a binary for the next one, that's in major medical literature.
It's like they're putting in vaccines, nano-flu, that down the road they give you another flu and it kills 99%.
We're on the edge of total extermination, and the average dumbass goes, oh, you better shut up, they'll ban you off Facebook.
Well, yeah, I mean, the culling process is underway.
I have to genocide when you're getting, you know, drugs from your doctors that are killing you.
And then, not only that, but we have these pathogens that, you know, if it was a Middle Eastern country developing these pathogens in a rogue lab, we'd be bombing them tomorrow.
Here in the United States we do it, and no one cares.
We do it in the Republic of Georgia.
Russia gets all stinky about it, and everybody's like, well, what do they know?
Well, they know that the next biological weapons attack is going to be, and I don't understand why nobody is covering this because, you know, what that man did, William Clyde, he attempted a decapitation exercise using ricin.
I could get into that later if you want.
That, you know, we saw it coming and you and I had talked about this gain-of-function exercise.
When that Emirates plane landed in New York on 9-11, it was 9-11 a.m.
when it landed, and those people on that plane were sick, I believe that they were poisoned.
Oh yeah, I was talking about all these aircraft with people deadly sick on them.
Are there really bio-attacks taking place?
And I'm giving the number out when we come back.
Google is developing an app to screen out content that the Chinese government considers too sensitive for its citizens.
Google is helping China silence its political opposition.
China's chilling dictatorship is moving quickly to introduce social scorecards in which all citizens will be monitored 24-7 and ranked on their behavior.
A higher rating means you get benefits like no deposit of renting house or skipping airport security.
Google is planning to launch a censored version of its search engine in China.
There's a quite comprehensive internet censorship system set up, and it's known as the Great Firewall.
It blocks all kinds of information about, you know, political opponents of the ruling Communist Party regime there.
All kinds of things that they're blocking out.
Companies agreed to ban particular sites or search times on topics like human rights, democracy, and free speech.
You know Google's really the CIA.
But it's leftist run now, so it's brought over to China, and it's a civil war inside the intelligence agency.
These are serious people plotting to finagle the searches, which is what Google sells to us as being fair and unbiased.
Google alone could determine the outcome of almost any American election just by altering its search suggestions.
We'd never know what happened.
Google is being accused of hiding negative stories about Hillary and her campaign by changing its algorithm to bury stories like the Clinton body count story.
That's according to website InfoWars.
So Google won't work with the Pentagon on artificial intelligence, but it's officially moved its main operations for AI to China and is merging with the Chinese government, letting them have all the technology.
So they're working on behalf of the fascist Chinese government, sending propaganda to its people to keep them under the control of the government, but we shouldn't worry about the fact that they have a chokehold on all human information in English.
Not a big deal.
I mean, that's a lot you just said there, but I...
So Google always swears that its liberal, anti-Trump views of the top people doesn't affect the search product.
But here is documented proof of some Google executives wanting to tamper with searches as a form of political aptitude.
The Chinese government, let's remember, imprisons dissidents and Christians daily.
They have more than a million Muslims in re-education camps.
But the legitimate election of President Trump somehow conflicts with Google's vaunted values?
Give me a break.
Google was working to get Hillary Clinton elected.
If a Google user types in Clinton body, they get car repair shop results instead of a story that talks about a list of people tied to the Clintons who have died under mysterious circumstances over the last three decades.
A new bombshell development reveals Hillary Clinton's leaked emails were likely responsible for the deaths of up to 20 CIA agents working in China.
Over a dozen CIA agents may have been killed as a result of Hillary Clinton's leaked emails.
The real election meddling is by Facebook and Google and others that are shadow banning people, that are outright banning people, and that are blocking conservatives involved in their own First Amendment political speech.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press, working with big tech.
You're not allowed to get the InfoWars official app on your iPhone?
You're not allowed to watch the Alex Jones Show on YouTube or Twitter or Facebook.
But if you're the Chinese government and you want access to every citizen and all their data and everything they've ever done on an Apple product, good to go, baby.
Good to go.
And the left in America loves it.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
Well, make no mistake.
There's a lot of stuff going on on this planet we don't know about.
And the people that run it are really pissed about the president.
It's not, oh, anger.
There's a fight.
And Trump's turned the oxygen back on to the West.
And the establishment that's been running us down is really pissed off.
Because Trump's promoting a pro-human future.
And saying, we've got secret technology, we're going to unleash the secrets of the universe.
We're going to release all these drugs and treatments they've been suppressing, because you know, that's what they do.
I told you at the inauguration he'd do that.
The New York Times asked me, how did you know what he'd talk about?
I just knew.
Clyde Lewis is our guest.
We're taking your calls.
Next segment, 877-789-2539 on Kavanaugh on AI.
On world government.
On the occult.
And I'll be here tomorrow.
A live feed at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
An hour before the vote.
It's set under law 30 hours after cloture.
Could be earlier.
Could be right up the line.
That's at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
So we'll be up here tomorrow at like 2 o'clock or so.
A few hours before.
We'll be watching it.
We'll go live.
We've got reporters in DC.
For security reasons, I'm not going to say who yet.
Infowars.com, report slash show.
Infowars.com, the main page.
And the power of you, knowing they're trying to block us, going and getting that live feed off Infowars.
Angers Google and Facebook and Apple.
Because you send that link out, it's our feed, it's our system.
Guess how much our bandwidth went up a month just in video streams?
It went from like $50,000 a month to $105,000 in September.
And the crew was like, you want us to stop this, boss?
You want us to quit?
They're taking the player and it's posted on hundreds and hundreds of websites.
It's going everywhere.
People are watching it.
But my God, I said, yeah, that's what we're doing.
Now let's try to get some cheaper bandwidth, but that's why we sell products and doing this.
I mean, you know, when you've got...
A multi-hundred percent increase just in folks on InfoWars.com watching and listening on our streams.
That's exciting, so keep it going, but by the products.
Going back to Clyde Lewis, host of Ground Zero on Premier Radio Networks, 10 to 2 in the morning Central.
Clyde, I want to go to Carl's next segment, but just other big points you want to make about what's happening, the decision humanity has to make, the things we're doing, what you see coming in the future.
Well, the big decision mankind has to make is whether or not they want to be ruled by algorithms and machines.
The reason why I think people are becoming more irritable and aggravated is because they don't realize that they're being controlled by the invisible algorithms on computers.
Oh, all the studies show it's lowering IQ, it's destroying relationships, and it's making us depressed, and it's designed to!
Well, yeah, I mean, you know, the computer's not only reading your mind, it's making choices for you now.
I think we're good to go.
And I'm thinking, are you kidding me?
I mean, he said that during a TED Talk.
And I was like, oh, and then they have the ability to rip open time space itself and bring through it demons or whatever they want to bring through to try and get it to perform the way they want it to.
And it's going to backfire eventually.
And one day we're going to learn that we should not be doing what we're doing and abusing our power.
Well, that's very astute what you said.
And let's say those things interdimensionally aren't there.
They believe they're getting a divine assistance, divine influence, divine... what's the term where you get basically the idea to do some art or literature, the inspiration.
But what type of psychos say we're looking for interdimensional demons to take over and take over the machines and rule us, then that shows they're totally projecting a psychotic view.
Well, it's because they want to hand the power over to what is known as a Synarchy.
The Synarchy has always been the divine rule from the shadows, the hidden hand.
And, you know, man has taken that mantle.
Some of the elite have taken that mantle.
But, of course, now they no longer want the mantle given to themselves.
They want to put the honor back into unknown gods.
Something that was talked about in the Bible is what the Antichrist would do in the future.
And they believe they get power out of planetary suicide.
Pretty much.
I mean, they have no consideration for humankind.
They believe that their calling and election is made sure on some other planet or some other dimension.
And so, therefore, they're willing to take us all with them.
And we have no choice.
And we do have a choice.
We just have to be aware now how it begins.
If you want to know
We're good to go.
Well they said, you know, don't take away our ability to play God.
If you get in our way, we'll kill you.
They've said that before.
They've said things like, look, we're playing God.
Get over it.
We want to play God because we have the power, ability, and knowledge to play God.
And that, of course, is a Luciferian idea.
The Luciferian idea is God doesn't exist, so therefore I'm going to be God.
And that is exactly what Ray Kurzweil, the head of Future Projects for Google, said.
He said, I don't believe in God yet.
And he said, yeah, we may not destroy you, but you'll be like a roach.
We may step on you.
You don't need to destroy God to get rid of God.
You just need to ignore God to get rid of God.
That's one of the things that Joseph Campbell said.
He said, you know why nobody worships Zeus anymore?
It's because we ignored Zeus.
But yet again, you've got people like Macron, the French president, who when Donald Trump spoke out against globalism, he said, I'm willing to take over the reins of power of the UN.
And before he was elected in France, he said, I want to rule France like Jupiter, which of course is the equivalent of Zeus, which is the God above our God.
So Zeus is the Greek, the Roman counterpart, the same God as Jupiter.
He's saying, I am Zeus, these people are crazy!
Yeah, and you look in the Bible, Pergamon is the Satan's seat, and it's the Satan's seat of Jupiter.
We're good
Crazy people that don't know they're already connected to God and they're just delusional they're gonna have all this power when we already have been given all the power by God.
Phone calls on Kavanaugh and so much more but Clyde Lewis straight ahead Infowars.com Newswars.com remember they're working around the clock to stop those sites from getting out when you email them when you tell people
Personally, about InfoWars.com and here's the forbidden show and here's the topics they don't want you to know about.
It's powerful.
It overrides the machines.
It changes the world.
NewsWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com.
Get those links out.
GroundZeroMedia.org, Twitter, at Clyde Lewis.
It's so exciting.
And tomorrow, live coverage from here in Austin and D.C.
of the Kavanaugh vote.
The left's pledging all sorts of violence.
We'll be covering it live and on the scene.
So be sure and join us tomorrow.
We'll be right back.
Good morning.
Sorry, I must have missed my invitation to mail.
My name is Faith Rollins.
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
We cannot allow you to disrupt the show.
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Yes, sir.
We support the police.
We love our officers.
We're the only ones out here actually talking about you guys.
These guys are on the front stand, not letting me over to the main stage.
Yeah, I know, and that's why I was presenting a petition with 5,000 signatures, sir.
So, Faith Goldie is really in third place out of 30 plus people.
That's amazing, and they won't let her come to the debates.
So, she's engaged in real information guerrilla warfare.
FaithForToronto.ca, she's on Twitter, at Faith Goldie.
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
It's a real honor, and I appreciate you helping to spread our message of how much democracy is under siege.
So I'm running for mayor, and Alex, I have to say, there are actually more than 30 candidates, and I have been polling in the top three since the day I announced my bid to become mayor.
In fact, my polling numbers are higher than all 32 people underneath me combined, and yet these folks
These opinion makers and gatekeepers, rather, of the status quo are inviting everyone onto their stage except for me.
What we have to do is just to continue to frankly seek truth and also don't be afraid to sometimes let out what you think.
Every single person I've talked to on this campaign, Alex, says, I'm voting for you.
And everyone I talk to is voting for you.
Don't be afraid to show it from the rooftops.
One of the things that I hear from all of my volunteers is faith.
Your fearlessness is contagious.
Folks have to remember that.
We can all be leaders in our own lives, whether it be around the water cooler,
Our dinner tables and our university classrooms.
Having a brass pair is contagious.
Everything they're doing is to try to stop something like you because you're everything they wish they had.
And that's happening to all conservatives, all nationalists, all over the world.
Twitter, Facebook, Google, as you know, are concertedly trying to stop populist nationalist movements everywhere.
And I have just read
The local paper, you know, saying that you were polling number three out of the six major candidates.
I had no idea that there were 30 plus total.
That is amazing.
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Alright, I'm going to go right to your phone calls here in a few minutes, but Clyde Lewis really is breaking down amazing information here today.
And I want to ask him,
This global awakening we see, I think, is in response, like Newtonian physics, to the huge oppression that's here.
But what do you think, spend a few minutes, we're gonna go to calls, people can do to not get down about this?
Because, I mean, I think knowing it's happening is positive, even though a lot of it's negative.
So I'm not here trying to, years ago I was told by folks,
Affiliated with the Globalist off-record.
Oh, Jones, thanks a lot.
You're just demoralizing people for it.
Ha ha ha.
They'd rather you not be awake, but if you're gonna be awake, they think it scares people.
No, I think, if I get a call, my neighbor goes, hey, your house is on fire, your car's on fire outside.
I go, thanks, Bob, and I run out and try to put it out.
I'm not, like, pissed I know the bad news, but I believe in humanity, and I believe if they know this stuff, they'll do something.
So I don't want to just sit up here and go, oh my god, there's interdimensional evil and all this stuff.
The good news is it's a test.
I think we know what's happening.
I think evil's freaking out because it realizes we're waking up.
Or maybe I'm wrong, but isn't it best to know, period?
Well, it's best to know, and it's also best to have the dialogue.
I mean, the most valuable thing about what you do, and what I do, and several other shows like yours and mine do, is we develop the dialogue that is completely ignored.
I've always said that it's exclusion that will do us in.
Anything that's excluded, they'll exclude.
The media will exclude certain things so people don't know about it.
But the truth is, is that the snicker factor on a lot of this is gone, because as clich├ęd as it may sound, we are living now in the future.
And the way things are with the computers,
We're good to go.
Life is worth living.
You've got to say to yourself, my life has meaning.
I have to go out and I have to do this for my kids and my grandkids.
And you have to stop thinking that it's not going to affect you.
It's going to affect you.
And even though we talk about the internet of things, we talk about technology, people say, well, I'll go live off the grid somewhere in the forest.
You're still going to be affected because if they're going to be spraying that smart dust everywhere, they're going to know where you're going.
You think that test they did on the phones the other day was just because to inform you that there's going to be an actual emergency?
They did a lot with those phones.
They were able to know where you were, they were able to track everywhere, and they took over the phone and they took it over for just a few seconds to see and run data on all of it.
And a lot of people, in fact here in the Northwest where I'm at, a lot of their phones didn't work for a good two minutes.
Claude, expand on that.
Why do you think they're attacking InfoWars so much?
Well, they're attacking InfoWars because of the fact that you did a no-no, Alex.
You basically spoke against the state.
And it's actually been an American thing to actually
I think?
No, you go to a court of law and you carry it out.
Hell, we tried the Nazis in a court of law.
We tried Saddam Hussein in a court of law.
Everybody deserves a trial, a due process.
But then when it comes to Kavanaugh, everybody's like going, Oh my God, no due process, no due process.
Well, you should have thought of that.
Back when we were trampling all over the Constitution with regards to due process, First Amendment rights, Second Amendment rights, there are amendments beyond the First and Second Amendment, and people need to understand that.
Search and seizure, incrimination with the Fifth Amendment, the idea that
We deserve due process, a jury of our peers, and not expensive bails in jail.
These things are unconstitutional, but yet we let them slide, and we need to be very, very aware of how they abuse their power, and we need to stop it.
That's why InfoWars was shut down, because you talk about abuse of power all the time, you put it to test, and people don't like to be questioned when their power is being questioned or undermined.
So how does humanity win?
I mean, what's the number one thing you'd say, Clyde?
Now, this is going to sound cliche, but love, tolerance, understanding, realizing we're all human beings, realizing that we all bleed red and we all smell the same in the bathroom every day.
We need to remember that, you know, being human beings, we're also fragile and we're not as tough as we think we are.
And the only way we can be tough is to think, learn, use critical thinking, throw away our
I think?
They're getting clean water, and they're out of pain.
Those are the three things that governments have failed to do for the people.
If we can bring forward great food, nutritious food, clean water, and keeping people out of pain, we will have a successful world.
So we need to do that for everyone, and we need to take that into our own hands and make that happen.
Clyde, I want to go to some phone calls now.
Here in this segment, and maybe a little bit the next hour I gotta go, but you're on tonight, 10 o'clock.
How many, is it 400?
How many stations are you on?
Well, uh, 300.
So yeah, 300 stations.
So things have gone up and down, but I know you're like, on a whole bunch of stations, so congratulations on that.
Thank you.
We're gonna go to phone calls now.
This segment, the next, do one more little segment with Clyde, hold him over a little bit, because I got him on late.
We got Tom in London, we got Bill in Wisconsin, we got Jeremy in California.
We've got Stephan in Pennsylvania.
We've got Jim in Georgia.
Let's go to Mike in New York first.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Awesome, guys.
What an honor to speak to you both.
I love both you guys.
Clyde, your show is amazing.
I'm going to get to the point.
Today you mentioned about MS-13 in America.
You guys are both missing the big point.
MS-13's biggest ally
In Mexico is the Los Zetas.
We trained the Los Zetas in North Carolina under Bill Clinton in Fort Bragg, North Carolina in the 90s.
We've been arming them.
We've been funding them.
Fast and furious.
And the whole, when El Chapo Guzman got captured, it was a whole plot to kind of ignite a big war in Mexico.
And now they're coming across the border.
They're coming in droves.
They're cannibals.
You can look it up.
They put people into mollies and eat them.
I know it sounds crazy.
No, it's not crazy.
Not crazy.
Did you know that MS-13, the majority of MS-13, are Satan worshippers?
They're also worshippers of Santa Muerte.
So yes, they are.
Let me throw this in.
When I said earlier that the Democrats are using MS-13 as their hit army, it's been confirmed all over the country.
I read newspapers all day.
MS-13, it's caught with Democrats smuggling people, running drugs, and when they get caught, the gang kills the young teenagers that are doing the hits.
So the Democrats are using it as their plausible deniability hit army.
And Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah.
This is high level, but it's also in the news.
Like, we reported on the Hezbollah Stay Behind Networks here six months before anybody else did, which is one thing that pissed the establishment off.
I just do my research.
And so, exactly.
Clyde, again, they do satanic rituals for the power of the children they kill.
This is who the Democrats are.
It's all voodoo crap.
They eat human flesh, Alex.
They've been known to eat human flesh ritualistically.
They've been known to eat human hearts as well.
It's a sick and... Just like ISIS.
Yes, just like ISIS.
They're devil worshippers.
No, caller, you're right.
We do know.
And we do know that they're working with the very cartel that the leftist CIA put in charge.
Believe me, that's what I'm saying.
Obama has a stay-behind network of CIA.
They're using the different Mexican cartels and MS-13 in Hezbollah as their army.
That's why I warned people.
I didn't just say that.
If you notice, I don't just say stuff for effect.
They've got the hit teams ready with 32 days out.
So God bless you, Mike.
I'm glad you're informed.
Sounds like Mike was probably in the military.
The military is knocking them down like bowling pins right now.
Trump's been taking them out for 20 months, and they are pissed.
There's not many of them left, but they've got the teams ready, and they're targeting members of Congress and the Supreme Court.
Get ready.
We'll be back with more calls with Clyde Lewis from Ground Zero.
He's The Amazing Lucas.
Every one of his videos is really good, really informative.
And he's a champion bodybuilder and a whole bunch of other stuff.
And he's The Amazing Lucas on Instagram, at I'm The Amazing Lucas, YouTube The Amazing Lucas.
And he just got involved in the last year or so because of all the stuff that he has seen.
So it's great to have you here with us.
Thank you for having me.
Man, I tell you, what would you call the state of the nation right now?
What would you call that?
A hysterical, and it's manufactured hysteria.
That's exactly what it is.
Because everything from Maxine Waters, like, that's real.
When it comes to the mom, and the thing is, many people were focusing on what she was saying, but if you really go back in time, they've always been saying some off-the-wall things.
The only difference is, now people are cheering.
And once you add Tommy Loring and water thrown in her face, it's only a matter of time that water becomes acid.
When do they stop her?
How far does this go?
They won't stop.
They absolutely won't stop.
Because what they won't allow to happen is a review of what happened in 2016.
And I don't think a lot of people understand that.
What we're seeing is just, it's the tipping point.
And while they're figuring out and re-strategizing right now, this is a time that we need to consolidate.
To steal the American dream, it's so cold-blooded.
It absolutely is.
The thing is, what the left touches, they destroy.
And for people who don't believe that, you can look at the black community, everything from separating fathers with the welfare, to putting Planned Parenthoods in the communities, to presently, right now, seeing voter IDs, it's racist, it's racist.
It's like, we all know that's not the case.
You want the votes from the legals.
But what the frightening part is, what should be alarming to people right now, is that they have their eyes on America.
That should be the frightening part, because guess what?
That affects you, that affects me.
That affects me, that affects everyone.
And that's why you need to pick up and fight.
And I'm not saying incite the violence, but you need to fight.
And, you know, no pun intended, but it is an information war.
And it's true!
I mean, what you said is everything they touch turns to crap.
Why in the world would we want these people running things?
TheAmazingLucas, at IAmTheAmazingLucas on Twitter, be sure to follow him.
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We got loaded phone lines and Joel Gilbert's coming up and I may be able to twist Clyde Lewis's arm for me ten minutes to the next hour.
Take more of these.
We're gonna go to him.
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So, again, very, very exciting.
I want to go back to calls to Clyde Lewis here, who's on fire today.
Let's talk to Pastor Sam in Oklahoma.
I want to talk about Kavanaugh, Trojan Horse, The Good Shepherd, and Devil Worship.
You're on the air with the Ground Zero host, Clyde Lewis.
Clyde Lewis, I love the title of your book.
I'm going to have to look at that.
I myself am an unabashed and admitted anti-transubstantiationalist.
It's probably the only point upon which Alex and I disagree, and I'm glad he's open to a little lightly debate on that from time to time.
I do believe that Kavanaugh is a Trojan horse, because he's a transubstantiationalist, because he came out of a university.
I'm not as sophisticated as you, and I mean that.
Define your definition of a trans... whatever.
A transubstantiationalist.
You know, this is the Catholic rite, and it's really easy to just point the finger across the aisle, but the problem is that Catholicism... But there's this thing online that I'm Catholic.
I don't think it's Catholics, but sir, I'm not Catholic.
I know you're not Catholic, but... But how can I be something if I don't even know what the name is?
I mean, I'm learning about it now, but just... Everybody's a little bit Catholic, and this is the abominable rite of the Catholic Communion, where the cookie is blessed,
The priest commands Jesus to come down out of heaven and inhabit that host or that cookie, that death.
Oh, you're talking about it becoming the real body and the blood and the flesh.
Okay, I know about that.
In fact, I remember now.
Let's get Clyde Lewis to take on this because we're getting in.
The whole reason why I called my book Transhuman Substantiation is the sacrament of transhumanism.
It's the idea of taking that wafer, or taking that leap into getting the chip, or taking that leap into becoming more of a machine.
Oh, I get it!
Oh, that's really smart!
You jump into the machine, you upload your consciousness, you're really dying, but just like the wafer or whatever, in a twisted way, you believe you're becoming this new creature when you're really dying.
Like, I mean, when you eat the wafer, you drink the wine, you're becoming, according to Catholicism, you're drinking the blood and eating the body of Christ.
It turns into, literally, the body and blood of Christ.
If you take the... But Christ really said, just do this to remember me.
He wasn't saying it's literal.
Well, I mean, that's what Catholics talk about, is the literal transubstantiation.
But just the idea of the transubstantiation of accepting, let's just say, a cookie, okay, on a computer, what you're doing is you're actually, I mean, every little bit moves you closer to becoming a transhumanist.
Closer to becoming more... We're all being walked into being cyborgs.
Pretty much.
I mean, you know, that's what Elon Musk said when he was smoking that blunt on Joe Rogan.
He said, every day, you know, we find ourselves becoming more like the Borg.
And it's exactly what we are.
We're becoming more like the Borg.
We're losing our humanity.
We're rejecting Jesus Christ.
We're rejecting
Hi Clyde, hi Alex, how are you guys doing today?
Oh, that's good.
So, I heard you guys talking about the cult and AI, and I just wanted to kind of tie in the 5G element to that, because I think that extra-dimensional kind of shadow... Oh yeah, beyond the smart dust, it's just 5G blasting and you can't escape it.
Right, because for some reason these types of species, they cluster around ionization and the way that we are operating right now in our world, we use explosive radiating technology which ionizes the entire atmosphere and ions positively charge the unraveled DNA.
So what I think they're trying to do with the 5G, they're trying to suppress the human residence, which is the natural residence that our DNA uses to kind of send messages.
Well, we're literally building giant DNA cutting human killing machines.
And to cut us off from our ancestral spirit and to cut us away from God.
And we're building the weapon system to kill ourselves.
Yeah, the 5G system, I mean the FCC is requiring it.
They're pushing communities to say you have 60 to 90 days to give us your decision on whether or not we want to put antennas every five feet in your community.
We're going to give you 60 to 90 days to decide whether or not you want CCTV cameras everywhere.
You know, they were saying in order for this whole system to work, they have to install one trillion sensors around the world by 2020.
How are they going to do that?
They're going to be able to drop it everywhere.
And this is clearly a warfare takeover.
Yeah, well, it's to basically, as the caller says, to cloud our thinking and to cloud our connection.
Which they admit, clouds your thinking, breaks your DNA.
And then you look at
Ford, Dr. Ford, she's an expert in microwave radiation to implant false memories.
Yeah, and you know, her background is she has a family, you know, in the CIA.
But who can make that up?
That she works at Stanford in erasing memories and false memories.
I mean, what?
It's quite coincidental, is it not?
It's like, that's what I was talking about, meaningful coincidences and synchronicities.
And then you get that sinking feeling, you know, that something feels like deja vu, or it feels like, why does this not surprise me?
It's because it's just the way government operates.
And you can see the cold overtones, the dark archetypes.
I mean, Carl Jung explained this
Hi Alex and hi Clyde.
I'm calling you from the capital
Of surveillance and CCTV and 5G test areas.
You're calling us from airstrip one!
That's right, exactly.
I usually point out my correct predictions I've made in the past, but I mean a year ago I predicted that Trump would be gone by last week and he's still there.
I remember you called, you failed again.
No, I failed once.
And I think that they put back the time.
I think a lot of things came out.
I think they were planning to get rid of him over the summer, before September.
Well, give us your Kavanaugh predictions.
I remember when you called, you had a few predictions came true, you had some that came not true.
Well, the Kavanaugh one is... I'm not 100% sure if they'll actually be voting him on.
It depends who is the best strategist.
Because Kavanaugh on the court will vastly benefit Democrats electorally.
I mean, people are saying the opposite.
People are saying that it's going to energize Republicans.
But I think the opposite is true.
And I actually think that the Democrats have it in their hand and they're going to play their haunted mansion card and mansion.
And so he's in whatever mansion does is what happens, because
And I think that the Machiavellian conversations going on behind the scenes are to do with making sure that Kavanaugh is put on the court.
Uh, and that's a part of an establishment plan to discredit the institution.
So they wanted to put Trump in and then... Well, I'm predicting Kavanaugh gets in.
Let me tell you, the Democrats power-grabbing, that's just raw idiocy.
So I don't think there's a larger sophisticated, there's a larger sophisticated global plan for the technocracy.
But the inner-fightings of the low-level minions, I don't think are that sophisticated.
Let me get Clyde Lewis' take.
Thanks, Tom.
Well, I mean, you're seeing it.
I mean, I can see where he's coming from with his idea of the predictions.
We're looking at pressure.
And, of course, he's under a lot of pressure.
And when he gets, you know, put into the position, there'll be a lot of pressure on him for the rest of his career.
And, of course, when you're under that kind of pressure, you make decisions that aren't necessarily wise.
Or you make decisions based on, you see what happened with Flake.
Yeah, come back.
We'll take a few more calls from Clyde Lewis.
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Go ahead.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
I'm Alex Jones.
Clyde Lewis rides a shotgun with us.
We really appreciate him being on with us.
We're taking your phone calls.
This segment and the next and then the 15 after.
In comes the great patriot and a great researcher.
Who will be getting into so many subjects here today, Joel Gilbert.
There's no doubt we're being manipulated, and they don't want us to become conscious of that.
That's what we're talking about here today.
Clyde, you got caught off by the break, but you've heard the caller predicting all this about Kavanaugh.
I've noticed there's sophisticated master plans on top, and Trump definitely is disrupting that.
Doesn't mean he's perfect, but he's trying to disrupt that.
Disagree, if you want.
But the idea that Kavanaugh knows he's part of a scam and all this, I don't think that's what's going on here.
Well, most of the time I get the feeling that Trump is an accidental tourist.
He has the attitude of an accidental tourist.
He's there, he's president, he does a lot of great work in the background, people criticize him and kick him around, and sometimes he just accidentally does something where everyone's going, wow, you know, that's a move we never thought would happen from President Trump.
And, uh, he constantly surprises us in that regard.
And, uh, you know, that makes for an interesting, uh, it makes for an interesting, uh, administration.
I mean, others see it as, you know, kind of, uh, clownishness and whatever.
Cavett, on the other hand, this took a lot of, uh, this took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get him in the position he's in right now, regardless of how you feel about whether or not he is guilty or not guilty or that he did what he did or what have you.
The thing to realize is that once he's there, once he's put in the position,
He will always have to be looking over his shoulder.
He will always be the man that you will always suspect may have been or may have been that guy.
And I think that puts a lot of pressure on him to sometimes, I think, knuckle under to some of the desires of the left.
Yes, we are.
Uh, it just goes along with what I've been saying towards this final blow event or whatever it may be.
I mean, I said that, uh, I should have said and specified, but I didn't because I thought that, you know, a full-on biological attack would be what we'd see.
We only got part of that with the ricin attack.
It was only a, it was a biological attack.
But it was similar to what happened with anthrax.
And I had mentioned over and over again, there was something that I had looked at from the Project for the New American Century and how it was written that a biological attack is very effective if you want to change things politically.
And what's interesting is that in 1984,
We're good to go.
Which would be a way to do this, or I never thought it would be used to actually try and thwart the decision of Kavanaugh.
So, this may be a trial run.
This may be a trial run to an even bigger one, where they want to use a biological weapon or some sort of biological attack to thwart the vote in November.
And this would be something that would be even worse.
Well, that was my next question.
We'll take a few calls and let you get out of here, because you've got your own show tonight.
Clearly Soros, the Democrats, the Globos are saying we're in an emergency.
We're going to attack everybody.
The death threats are off the chart.
Hundreds and hundreds of arrests yesterday and today.
They're saying civil emergency.
We're not going to back down.
They are ramped up to crazy towns.
When we come back, just briefly, because I want to go to calls.
What do you think the deep state, the corrupt elements of it, what are their...
What is the shadow government, the corrupt shadow government, what are they going to pull next?
The Clyde Lewis.
Then we've got, obviously, another guest host coming up who's got a lot loaded up.
Joel Gilbert, Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
I cannot stress to you, the entire Gloveless program must have shut down Infowars.
Why is that?
I'm not quite sure, but just spread the links.
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It's Alex Jones.
Well, we have a lot of guests on, and a lot of them are amazing, but let me tell you, Clyde Lewis is impressive.
And I'll be honest, I've listened to his show probably a hundred times, but these days with four children and the rest of it by like ten at night, I tune in sometimes when I'm not driving around, but I should really listen to his podcast or subscribe to it because he does a great job.
Just like InfoWars does a pretty damn good job, so without you word-of-mouth spreading us, we're gonna get shut down.
They bet that's gonna happen.
We'll see, but...
Your points are really on target.
We'll take a few calls before you leave us here at this segment, but let me ask this question.
You predicted the Ryerson attack and a lot more.
What do you think the corrupt elements of the shadow government of the deep state, in your crystal ball, what's up their sleeve studying history?
Putting us on a war footing before the holidays or during the holidays, a war footing meaning that we could be, once again, saber-rattling, brinkmanship, something that would certainly keep us on our toes.
We have some players that most certainly could make their moves, whether it be Russia or China, or of course Iran is always there in the background as something to consider.
Maybe even some very shaky ground with North Korea.
I would say, though, that North Korea and Iran are probably the least of my worries.
I think the relationship we have with Russia is still going to be in the crosshairs of the liberal globalist elite, trying to vilify any relationship we may have with Russia, while China is still lurking in the background as the ideal government for the New World Order, and that a brinkmanship of some kind will happen.
We've had many close calls in the China Sea as of late, and I'm thinking they could only get more and more testy
...between China and the United States because of the fact that they need to put Donald Trump through the war footing wringer.
They need to see how he will... Exactly!
We'll go back to you in a moment.
We'll go back to you in a moment.
That's critically key there.
It is.
Literally, historically, they always do these same patterns.
Here is one of the senators, one of the deciding votes right now, saying how she's going to vote.
Here it is.
Susan Collins.
...of a justice to the United States Supreme Court.
I have begun my floor remarks explaining my decision with a recognition of the solemn nature and the importance of the occasion.
But today, we have come to the conclusion of a confirmation process that has become so dysfunctional, it looks more like a caricature of a gutter-level political campaign than a solemn occasion.
The president nominated Brett Kavanaugh on July 9th.
Within moments of that announcement, special interest groups raced to be the first to oppose him, including one organization that didn't even bother to fill in the judge's name on its pre-written press release.
Yeah, they just put four names.
They simply wrote,
That they opposed Donald Trump's nomination of XX to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Guys, when she endorses Kavanaugh, let me know and fed it up.
We don't need to hear any more of this.
We can see where she's going.
Clyde, don't you agree she's about to endorse Kavanaugh?
Of course, I think Kavanaugh will be confirmed.
I think it's a given that he'll be confirmed.
Once again, it was the media that kept us on the edge of the sea because I think that when you're dealing with the liberal media, they don't want you to give away the entire story yet.
But we were saying like days ago, I had
I had said on my program, I go, they'll come to the decision on Wednesday.
We will have that test going over the phones.
It may, they may have the vote immediately.
But then I didn't realize that they would probably do a day to announce it.
And then they would do the vote.
I was predicting the vote would be on Friday, but they're moving in Saturday.
So I was off in my days, my days predictions of what was happening.
But yeah,
And I would say that after the confirmation, I tell my listeners to be prepared for anything.
And what I mean by this is... Oh, I agree.
I think the Democrats may go super ape.
Oh yeah, this will go supernova, especially where I live because, you know, I've had to plan my life around riots in downtown.
I've had flashbangs going off near my studios.
It gets really ugly here in Portland.
Yeah, it gets really ugly because we're literally a liberal city.
I call you a classical liberal, I've been listening to you for over a decade.
The new liberals, they're not liberal, they're very fascist.
Well, and that's why I call them neoliberals.
We have neocons and neoliberals.
Neocons are fascists and neoliberals are fascists.
Like you say, being a classic libertarian or someone who's willing to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal has always been what most Americans are.
But it turns out to be liberal, it's a bad thing, and being very extreme on the conservative side is a bad thing.
So keep yourself in the middle or at least somewhere where you have values and morals.
But that's what's scary.
If you really tune into InfoWars and hear our guest, we're like Americana, Free Will, Martin Luther King.
They project that we're this other thing we're not, but on the extreme right and left, those are the crazy people and then they're saying I'm an extreme right winger and alt-right when the alt-right hates me.
Well, it's because they don't know how to deal with you unless they label you.
That's the biggest problem I have is because I've kept myself in a pretty balanced state and there are plenty of people out there who say, oh, Clyde Lewis is a liberal or Clyde Lewis is a conservative.
You don't know what I am and I really don't care about being liberal or conservative.
All I care about is humanity and getting the word out there.
It's called objective journalism and having objectivity and having critical analysis of what is going on.
And it may step on toes, and the truth will set you free, but it'll piss you off in the process.
Get with that program and understand that.
People ask me what I am.
I just want progress to be free.
And then I look at the left everywhere trying to shut down free speech.
I was like, if the right wing was doing that, I'd be at war with them.
Let's take a call here with Clyde Lewis.
Let's go ahead and talk to George in Toronto, Canada.
George, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi, thank you for the call, and my question is very quick and simple.
I believe what you're talking about, a lot of the things, is the Book of Eve.
It's been mentioned briefly in scriptures in the past, and there's a lot of scriptures in the Bible.
Actually, a lot of scriptures that have been removed from the Bible over time to get to the watered-down version.
Well, that's admitted that half the Bible's been cut out, yeah.
Apocrypha, yes.
Could the Vatican and all these perverse Satanists that we have today that we are constantly battling and doing war against Alex Jones and every other patriot, could they be worshipping out of the Book of Eve?
I wouldn't know that they're worshipping out of any apocrypha.
I know that the Catholic Church does use the Book of Maccabees occasionally.
But the thing is, is that a well-rounded education in all religion would be something I would encourage.
Rather than saying you know something about the Quran, read something about the Quran.
We need a classical education.
Which they're moving away from.
Yes, have a well-rounded education.
And also with the occult.
I mean, that doesn't mean you have to go and play in the occult.
I was about to say, just because you read some satanic book of child sacrifice doesn't mean you're killing kids.
When I was like 13, I was buying at the mall Mein Kampf because I wanted to know what Hitler wrote.
The woman asked me, are you a Nazi?
And I said, no lady, I'm gonna read what Hitler wrote.
Doesn't mean I like Hitler.
Well, I mean, George Lucas watched Triumph of the Wills to get ideas of how he could depict the stormtroopers in Darth Vader and Star Wars.
That doesn't make him a Nazi.
Well exactly, but that's like the idea that if I read, like take Louis Farrakhan, I don't know who this woman has to say, but I've interviewed him, people say, why do you endorse Louis Farrakhan?
I don't endorse everything, I think the point is I'm interviewing Louis Farrakhan, like the idea you can't interview me, like I'm so evil, because they don't want you to kill your audience.
Oh my god, that was the question, they say, well you want to interview Alex Jones, that's going to put you in a situation, you support Alex Jones, he's your boy, I go, Alex Jones is a colleague,
I don't always agree with what he says, but I respect his right to say it, and I respect the fact that he's taken a very small public access television show and turned it into one of the biggest media centers in the world to bring about the speaking against state.
And you cannot deny that, but of course the media wants to attack that.
And it just really irritates me that, you know, the media does some very, very shady things, and no one calls them on it, and they should be called on it all the time, I think.
Clyde, I really appreciate all the time today.
Obviously, you're at GroundZeroMedia.org.
GroundZeroMedia.org, thank you so much for having us on.
I look forward to coming back on with you very, very soon, and thank you for a very powerful two-plus hours.
Thank you and remember my book, Transhuman Substantiation, now at Amazon.
Just type in Clyde Lewis, you'll see all the books I'm offering.
I would like to get a lot of people to read the book because it certainly spans three years of how we've ignored how innovations are getting out of hand and we need to have a debate on how we can take care of this.
I can't wait to read it myself.
Thank you, Clyde.
Okay, Joel Gilbert's loaded for bear, and then the war room of everything coming up in about 45 minutes.
So much happening.
Sorry to the rest of the callers.
I try my best.
Wendy and Jim and everybody.
When you call back in, just the next few days, say, hey, I didn't get on air.
We'll put you at the front of the line.
Tomorrow, I'm going to come in a few hours before the vote, and we're going to have live coverage at InfoWars.com.
I'll answer, I'll answer.
I don't like the fact that he is putting kids in cage.
That's not, that's not, that's inhumane.
If you ask me, it's not right.
I don't like the fact that he's separating families.
I don't think you would have liked to be separated whenever you were younger.
You know what I'm saying?
And I have a strong bond with my mom.
I would have never pictured myself being separated by my mom.
I would have never, I know, you know, I know the feeling that the kids have.
And it's sad.
Every time I watch the news, there's even more kids being caged up.
That's not right.
Dogs are caged up, not humans.
So are you talking about the issue of people being deported that are here illegally?
No, I'm not saying that, and I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying that he shouldn't cage up kids who have families who support them and love them, you know what I'm saying?
I don't think it's right for him to be separating children at such a young age, you know?
So are you talking about the issue where you had all the Times and a bunch of these articles talking about how kids were being separated from their family at the border?
Yeah, I think that's really inhumane.
I don't think it's right.
Did you hear about how the little girl who was pictured on Time Magazine crying, that her parents came out and said that that was fake because they were with her the whole time and she was just kind of having a little temper tantrum?
And they took that picture and they lied and said that she was a child that was being taken from her family when she never was.
Did you hear about that?
All right, that's one, right?
That's one.
That's one person who lied.
That's one person who lied.
That's not just not all of them.
That's not all of them.
That's not all of them.
You can get out of here.
You can get out of here.
You can get out of here.
I'm not in your space.
You're in my space.
Can I say something?
If you guys don't care, I'm an immigrant.
I'm from Argentina.
I came here the right way.
You have to understand that.
They're down in America.
Look what one of them did to my daughter.
So what happened?
Can you tell us?
Yeah, this is Port DUI in Jonesboro and an illegal hit her head on doing over a hundred mile an hour and had three of his kids in his car and my grandson was with my daughter.
My daughter died.
I don't ever get to see my daughter again.
He left the country.
It's a sorry sheriff we got.
Let him walk right out of the hospital, right out of the county, and he's gone.
He's in Mexico.
Our country is so sorry they won't go to Mexico and get nobody, but they'll allow him to come here.
So you're really upset because you lost your daughter to the illegal immigration issue?
On his fourth DUI.
He was on probation for his third DUI.
How would you feel?
Is this your grandbaby?
This is one of them.
Yeah, I got seven of them.
Well, I'm sorry for your loss.
That's horrible.
Well, there ain't nothing that nobody can say to make me feel any better.
We were permanently separated, not just for a week or a month.
I was at home when I got the phone call from the hospital.
He was hit head-on by a repeat illegal alien criminal.
Known gang member came in the back and he fired the gun and struck my son in the arm.
Trying to get away, he drove over my son's body.
He backed up, driving over him a second time.
Rear end is estimated 62 mile an hour.
He strangled him and let him go to see if he was breathing.
Strangled him over and over and over until death.
And he dragged Matthew a quarter of a mile to his death.
He rear-ended her, killing her.
He went to a field and put Josh out and the gasoline on him and lit him on fire.
Previously deported about a year and a half to two years before.
This man wasn't supposed to be here.
My separation.
My separation.
My separation.
My separation.
My separation.
My separation.
My separation is permanent.
Our separation is permanent.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Joel Gilbert coming to you from the People's Republic of California guest hosting this hour.
Let's go right to Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch.
We want to talk about the Kavanaugh hearings and the circus around this entire
Larry, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you, my good friend.
Nice to see you.
Great to have you here today.
Larry, look, so many things have been happening in this process.
To me, one of the most amazing spectacles is we see Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell have suddenly become Republicans and conservative Republicans.
What things stand out to you from what you've observed so far?
I'm very impressed with Lindsey Graham.
Obviously, I've differed with him in the past.
He was a bobsy twin of John McCain, which was not helpful.
He believes that every war is worth fighting.
But on the other hand,
He took a strong stand.
I admire what he did.
Unquestionably, Joel, he perhaps is the best order in Congress.
He's extremely bright, thinks like a trial lawyer, and he did a great service to the nation by coming to the defense of Judge Kavanaugh.
And even though I've had reservations about Judge Kavanaugh and his views on the Fourth Amendment and mass surveillance, really, it's too late to have another nominee, and I'm quite pleased that it now appears that he's going to be confirmed as we speak.
Senator Susan Collins from Maine is endorsing it, and that pretty much locks it up.
Okay, tell me, why did the Republicans even agree in the first place to interview Ms.
Blasey Ford when she had no corroborating witnesses?
She could not even give a time or a date or a location for this allegation.
Isn't there an evidentiary threshold you have to meet before they would agree to put on this extra hearing?
Well, there should be, but you know, the silver lining in this whole sad affair, no pun intended, is that the radical elements of the Me Too movement have been discredited.
The radical elements of the left, which foment sexual division, sexist division, racial division, are being discredited, as we speak.
And the fall of the Me Too movement, going out of control, running wild, are basically the fall of men, because we have rolled over
We accept these allegations.
We don't do anything about it when they're proven to be false.
We don't push back.
And it just got worse.
But finally, and this gets back to Lindsey Graham, there's been pushback.
It's about time there's been pushback.
Because while there are valid cases, such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacek and others, frankly, in my opinion, most of them are not.
And they're trumped up, you know, by people that are disgruntled that their life didn't turn out the way they wanted or want their 15 minutes of fame.
With the creepy porn lawyer, Avenatti, or something to that effect.
So, that's the way I see this thing right now.
The fact that this even went forward the way it did was because men basically have been rolling over to these false allegations and dignifying it in an inappropriate way.
Now you even have the leftist law professor, Gershowitz, saying that if this had been a Muslim appointee of the Supreme Court, there wouldn't have been this kind of reaction because you would have had all these leftist groups claiming that
There was anti-Muslim racism involved.
I mean, this is what we've come to in this country.
And we're in a witch hunt right now.
But hopefully this will put a chink into the side of these radical feminists who think they control everything and dictate their radical views to others.
Well, what I'm also taking away from this is if Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is not looking too good, she cannot even lift her head, it seems like, she mumbles, if she retires, passes away suddenly, or is deemed incapacitated, is this only a prelude for what the left will do if Trump tries to replace her seat with a conservative woman, for example?
Will nominees even be afraid?
It may be.
On the other hand, Joe, everything's been dumbed down, you know, because what Clinton went through with the impeachment, Bill Clinton, you know, dumbed the body of Pauli Tick.
Pauli Tick down.
If you're going to be any kind of a public official, if you're going to be Larry Klayman, if you're going to be Joel Gilbert, if you're going to be Alex Jones, you're going to be attacked.
And you have to accept that and look at what our founding fathers went through.
They risked their lives.
They pledged their honor and their fortunes to build a new nation.
We can certainly withstand this if we have the courage to stand up and do that.
And we have to do that.
And I'm afraid, Joel, that, yes, it's going to get worse.
And the violence in the streets that have been fomented by the left is going to increase.
And I don't want to see it.
I'm doing everything I can at Freedom Watch to stop that with our citizens going to juries and everything else.
But I do believe that we are potentially headed for a violent civil war between left and right.
And when it is triggered with regard to the right, OK, and I don't condone it and I advocate against it, but you're going to have people out in the streets that really know how to take care of business.
And we'll be taking calls this and next segment.
It's 877-789-2539.
Our guest right now is Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and currently has Freedom Watch.
Larry, how despicable
A stunt, was it?
And will Dianne Feinstein be held accountable for actually having this allegation in her office since July, and then simply waiting until the confirmation process was over to then present it?
How despicable was that, and is that something that the Judiciary Committee will hold her accountable for?
It's beyond despicable.
It's not just Dianne Feinstein.
It's Chuck Schumer.
It's, you know, a lot of them on that committee.
We saw how disgraceful and how vile and how dishonest they are.
The Democratic Party has become a party of communists and radical feminists, radical pro-Islam, radical illegal immigrants.
I mean, you name it.
It's become a repository for every radical person and group in this country.
And, you know, I take a nonpartisan view and approach
Freedom Watch.
So I'm not advocating you to vote for them, because I can't do that as the head of a public interest group.
But I'll tell you something, the Democratic Party, they've become bullshit.
And we have a big threat.
Now in terms of Dianne Feinstein and her antics, and everybody else in that committee, they won't be held accountable.
And as much as I like what Lindsey Graham said, he always prefaces it by saying she's a nice person, you know, or that person's a nice person, they're my friends.
You know what?
You're going to stand up for the American people.
They're not
Don't say they're nice people.
These people are not nice people.
And they shouldn't be your friends.
Get rid of this Senate club.
When I ran for the Senate, I said, I don't want to be a part of that club.
I want to take a club to the Senate.
And I hope we do that going forward.
Okay, we've got about a minute left with Larry.
Again, keep calling in.
It's 877-789-2539.
Larry, should Dr. Blasey Ford be investigated by the FBI to see if these allegations were possibly completely fabricated and wasting the time of the committee?
Your opinion.
I'm not sure.
The Bible says thou shalt not bear false witness.
That's maybe the worst violation of the Ten Commandments, Joel.
And it's about time we started to force what God actually bequeathed to us in terms of morality, ethics, and respect for His legal system.
Okay, Larry, thank you very much.
We're running out of time for this segment.
Keep calling in 877-789-ALEX.
We'll be back after the break on the Alex Jones Show.
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