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Name: 20181001_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 1, 2018
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In his monologue, Alex Jones discusses the US election and free speech attempts, praises the USMCA, criticizes its opposition, mentions China's interference in elections, Kanye West's efforts to help black people get out of prison, promotes health products at InfoWars store, and talks about migrant weaponization and an internet platform to decentralize the internet. He also discusses a fish oil formula for kids that supports heart, joint, cognitive, and brain health.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're now only 36 days out.
36 days out from this historic election and the attempts to shut down sovereignty, the attempts to shut down free speech have obviously gone beyond overdrive into just a frothing, complete and total hysteria.
But there will always be a major backlash to any of these type of actions and we'll be here quarterbacking the resistance against this tyranny and not ever compromising because that's our job.
Now the president has been speaking at length in a press conference.
We're going to come back and air it from the beginning about the renegotiation of NAFTA.
Some patriot groups are spinning it as if the president has betrayed us.
That's always a tactic used.
A lot of the so-called opposition to globalism is really loyal opposition.
And it always says every move by those of us actually taking back the country and the world is some type of, you know, scam or betrayal.
But you know Trump's for real because the globalists are trying to destroy him.
And because trillions of dollars of money is now coming back into the United States.
And when Trump lowered corporate income taxes from 40% to 15%, China went from 15% to 0% to counter that and has announced other tax cuts.
China has lower taxes than we have in this country and they're communist.
How is that?
Because they're not communist.
They are a corporate fascist system using communist tactics on low-level populations.
So, we have Trump signing it.
We have a stock market soaring because it means we're not going to have one-sided deals anymore.
Look at Trump's renegotiation with China, who has a $900 billion trade deficit if you add intellectual property in.
And everything the president's done has just clawed back some of the jobs and some of the money and at least start negotiations.
And we hold all the cards, because it's been a one-way street.
And so China is having to capitulate, but Trump isn't just getting a little bit back from them, he's getting a very large pound of flesh back.
So Trump is hailing that historic trade deal.
Canada refused for over a month to be part of it.
Trudeau ran his mouth.
Now he's been forced to the table.
They've agreed on the skeleton of the agreement.
And now we're going to negotiate each piece of trade as it comes along, not transfer unilateral power to a bunch of lobbyists, a bunch of law firms in Mexico City, New York, D.C., Toronto, Ottawa, London, England.
That's what these guys really hate, is they like to shell off Western nations in one-sided deals, because that's where all the wealth's been.
Well, most of the wealth already got sold off.
So we've got pretty close to rock bottom, and so thank God Trump came along at that time to start reversing this, because they were telling us about austerity, and how fun it is, and how cool it is, and look at pretty boy Trudeau, you know, his daddy was the Canadian Prime Minister, so everything's okay, just bend over, he'll take good care of you.
Dow jumps more than 250 points after the U.S.
and Canada secured deal to replace NAFTA.
So I will be, again, playing the President's comments that are still ongoing.
I'm going to back it up from the beginning.
When we come back.
And then, you knew it was coming.
They're moving away from more made-up sex assault stories from CIA officers to... Oh, he perjured himself
Someone at Yale says 34 years ago someone got in Kavanaugh's face so he threw beer in their face.
So now, and you saw Saturday Night Live, at least I did, it was all about how Kavanaugh is a drunk.
So now they've moved over to the fact that he's supposedly a drunk.
And, you know, 30 years ago, 35 years ago, drank a beer.
It's incredible.
So we'll be looking at all of that straight ahead.
It's an amazing time to be alive, and it's great to be fighting back and winning.
Stay with us.
Just a month ago, that Nazi collaborator, anti-American, gun-grabbing, anti-Christian piece of filth, George Soros, bought an even bigger interest in PayPal.
But sure enough, they just told us today that we're going to be banned in 10 days because we're hateful.
Because we don't support radical Islam and open borders and the rest of it.
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And yeah, they're getting rid of PayPal, but we have other ways to process your credit cards.
Your financial support of us is literally buying war bonds in the 21st century war for humanity.
So I want to commend you.
I want to thank you.
We've got great products you already need.
But without you, they will win.
And Soros and Obama and Hillary see the shutdown of InfoWars as a referendum on breaking the American spirit.
So let's not let these jerks do it.
I'm committed to the end, but I want to win.
So please support InfoWars4.com today.
It's Monday, October 1st, 2018.
We're coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas with only 36 days left until the most historic election in world history.
A referendum on nationalism and self-determination and free market versus globalism.
Crony capitalism allied with authoritarian states suppressing the world population.
Just minutes ago, the President signed a renegotiated deal with Mexico and Canada.
Canada had promised to never sign the agreement and never cut their tariffs that were as high as 280% when the U.S.
had no tariffs on them.
But, under pressure from the biggest economy in the world still, little Trudeau fell to his knees.
Now the deal is basically to create a level playing field with Mexico and Canada, cutting out the law firms and the lobbyists, and that's why they want Trump dead, and letting the actual free trade create incredible dynamos for all the populations of North America.
You've seen him renegotiate all these deals, pull us out of the TPP, renegotiate deals with China,
And the announcement that America is back for business has happened, and it's very, very exciting.
It doesn't mean this deal will be perfect.
It doesn't mean it'll all get executed absolutely perfectly.
But I trust the President will now see what unfolds.
Dow jumps more than 250 points after the U.S.
and Canada secure a deal to replace NAFTA.
Stocks rose sharply Monday as investors cheered news of Canada joining a trade deal.
The biggest risk in the market is a trade war, and we've dialed that down a bit, said Mike Bailey, Director of FBB Capital Partners.
America is now open for business.
For real business, not the D.C.
and New York scumbag lobbyists that have been selling this country out.
One-sided deals with the E.U., one-sided deals with the chi-coms, one-sided deals with Mexico and Canada.
Everyone laughing at us.
Because the globalists under the Rockefellers have a public policy of de-industrialization of the United States and Western Europe to bring us to heel like dogs.
And they have sold off our wealth and made trillions of dollars and we're going to accelerate and shut down all industrial activities in the United States.
But that attempt
Has blown up in their face and America is back.
I want to go to some of the ongoing speech of the President.
We're going to go back to the beginning of it, 15 minutes ago.
And then the signing.
And then we're going to dig into it some.
And then the bad news, which we knew was coming.
Kavanaugh was a heavy drinker, often belligerent at Yale.
But there's never any reports of it.
North Carolina professor says, well, someone who claims to know him from Yale says someone got in Kavanaugh's face and got arrested.
Oh, not Kavanaugh!
There's no arrest records.
I don't care if someone got in Kavanaugh's face and he broke their job.
They started it.
But none of this holds water, does it, ladies and gentlemen?
But now you see Nadler and the rest of the scumbags of the Democratic Party are saying, oh,
He claimed he never passed out in high school or college.
But what if they find someone that says they did?
He says, she says!
There's no statute of limitations anymore.
Of course there is.
And there's no innocent until proven guilty.
And there's no, look at somebody's record, look at the Democrats' record of being a bunch of lying scumbags.
No, no, no!
Now it's perjury!
Even though the former prosecutor, or current prosecutor that questioned
Ford says, and we've got a big article on Infowars.com, we're gonna go over it, all the time she changed her story, it's flabbergasting.
But let's go to the President from the Rose Garden just a little while ago on NAFTA.
This is so incredibly exciting.
It's really great to see everybody on this beautiful, beautiful day in Washington, D.C.
Some people say the swamp, but I will not say that today.
I refuse.
This is too important, what we're doing.
One of the most important deals, and the most important trade deal we've ever made by far.
I want to thank Senator Joni Ernst for being here.
Joni, thank you very much.
Of Iowa, and I'll be there very soon.
We'll be doing something very important in Iowa.
But this is maybe more important than all of it put together, right Joni?
So I want to thank you for being here.
Congressman Holding, Congressman Rowe,
Congressman Newhouse and Congressman Meadows, thank you all for being here.
We very much appreciate it.
You've been very instrumental.
Thank you.
I'm thrilled to speak to the American people to share truly historic news for our nation and indeed for the world.
I want to thank Vice President Pence for joining us this morning.
It's my great honor to announce that we have successfully completed negotiations on a brand new deal to terminate and replace NAFTA and the NAFTA trade agreements with an incredible new US-Mexico-Canada agreement called USMCA.
Sort of just works.
That'll be the name, I guess, that 99% of the time we'll be hearing.
Has a good ring to it.
I have long contended that NAFTA was perhaps the worst trade deal ever made.
Since NAFTA's adoption, the United States racked up trade deficits totaling more than $2 trillion.
And it's a much higher number than that.
With Canada and Mexico, it lost
Vast amounts of money.
And lost 4.1 million manufacturing jobs and one in four auto jobs.
Lost about 25% of our auto jobs, even more than that.
Throughout the campaign, I promised to renegotiate NAFTA, and today we have kept that promise.
But for 25 years as a civilian, as a businessman, I used to say, how could anybody have signed a deal like NAFTA?
And I watched New England and so many other places where I was, just the factories were leaving, the jobs were leaving, people were being fired, and we can't have that.
So we have negotiated this new agreement based on the principle of fairness and reciprocity.
To me, it's the most important word in trade, because we've been treated so unfairly by so many nations all over the world, and we're changing that.
We just signed a much better deal with South Korea.
We had a horrible, horrible deal, and we just signed that at United Nations, and that's worked out well, and they're happy, we're happy.
It's good for jobs, good for a lot of things.
When that deal was signed, they said 250,000 jobs.
Will be given by signing this transaction and they were right.
I've said it before.
They were right.
250,000 jobs to South Korea, not to the United States.
So that's changed and very much for the better.
And this one is a brand new deal.
The agreement will govern nearly 1.2 trillion in trade, which makes it the biggest trade deal in the United States history.
I want to congratulate U.S.
Trade Representative Bob Lighthizer, who has worked... Nobody understands how hard he's worked.
No matter when you called him, he was in the office, or he was in somebody else's office doing the same thing.
Hey, Bob Lighthizer is great.
I've heard it for years.
I said, if I ever do this, I want to get Lighthizer to represent us, because he felt the way I did.
And the entire team at the USTR standing behind me and some right here in the audience.
I want to thank you all.
Fantastic job.
We're going to go to break in a moment.
He gets in the real meat and potatoes when we come back and how this is different.
And I've got a breakdown of the agreement that I'm going to be going over here.
But just understand this.
Before it was 100% one-sided, designed to de-industrialize the U.S., transfer our wealth into multinational corporations and the globalists.
And now Merkel and the Chai Khans and all of them are crapping their britches because we still hold all the cards.
Not for long, but we still held the cards.
And now Trump is playing the cards and winning, winning, winning.
That's why the Democrats and the state of California is waging war on America, because they are wholly owned subsidiaries of globalists and your enemy.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, if you're looking on screen here on television, they've had Brett Kavanaugh release his personal calendars going back to 1981.
Well, Trump is beginning to release his personal calendars.
If you're a TV viewer, you can see that.
It's starting with the month of July.
2018, going back a few months, it says winning, winning, winning, winning, winning, winning, winning, winning, winning, winning, I mean winning every day of the week.
But it is in different fonts, so there's different styles to that.
We're not sure if that's some type of racist white supremacist code or something.
Like why is it cursive versus more of a conservative font later?
The Democrats are looking closely into that right now.
We're sure there's probably some type of code there.
But Trump says everything's A-OK and we're going to really fix the economy.
Then he makes an OK sign like, boy, we have really good chocolate cake at one of my resorts.
I enjoyed it.
Like the chef says, try the veal.
Everybody knows if a chef does the okay sign and then goes, uh, it's really good.
But that's probably white supremacist too.
So let me just apologize.
All communication that is not Democrats or Hollywood is racist.
Getting serious.
Trump is winning.
See, there you go, there's the white, the three fingers is the W and the O is power.
So, I told you, it's the total proof.
Everyone's making it, including Obama, which proves he's a white supremacist as well.
Let's get serious.
Dow Jones Industrial Average jumps more than 250 points after U.S.
Accounts Secure, they deal to replace NAFTA.
I have more remarks of the President made just minutes ago, coming up.
But I want to get to a few clips first.
I have so many new clips, but I want to tie this all together right now.
Trump slams China for election meddling.
We'll get to that in a moment.
But first, Trump at UN.
Reject global governance.
That means global government.
Think about how far we've come as the Liberty Movement, as Infowars.
Popularizing the truth of a corporate world government.
That's why they hate Infowars so much.
That's why they want us shut down.
Because we've been pointing out that it's China meddling in the election.
Now they're getting caught.
Now there's mainstream news articles.
InfoWars, next year's news today.
But I've played this clip a lot since last week and I'll play it again.
This is why Merkel is absolutely panicking.
Merkel fights for globalism.
Warns Trump against destroying the United Nations.
The day after Trump won, they had the New York Times saying, what is globalism?
And they said, Alex Jones invented the term.
It does not exist.
No, it's just what David Rockefeller called the system 50 years ago.
They were building.
But they said, Alex Jones is evil.
It doesn't exist.
They were the laughingstock.
So the New York Times and others said, let's just get Jones off the air.
Everything else from here is gravy.
And I want to keep fighting.
We've got some more big, you know, humps to get over here, but you guys are devastated.
So, you understand, I'm a winner no matter what.
I've done all this to expose you because you're authoritarian scum.
You think you control reality.
You don't.
I'm trying to change the world.
I'm not trying to coexist in your corrupt system where you don't let us coexist.
But let's get back to the President.
Here it is.
Never surrender America's sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy.
America is governed by Americans.
We reject the ideology of globalism and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.
Around the world, responsible nations must defend against threats to sovereignty, not just from global governments, but also from other new forms of coercion and domination.
And that'd be big tech.
So big tech is up next, because they're bigger than any government combined, and they are just acting like they're gods.
So we'll see how that goes for them.
Then of course there's this clip.
Trump slams China for election meddling, and then the media acted like they were dumb.
Hollywood is now controlled by the Communist Chinese.
That's mainstream news.
Wall Street Journal, New York Times.
You heard it here from me first ten years ago.
I had it directly from high-level Hollywood sources.
They were buying up all the major production houses.
Now they own the debt.
They have 98% of the rare earth minerals.
They have the major shipping lanes.
They're threatening to attack us constantly.
They're taking control of all 50 public universities.
That's even the Washington Post.
And now we force that out in the open too!
That's why we are Prasada Nangrata with the Globalist.
But here it is.
China running propaganda ads on our own free press.
The Hill reports that on top of having radio stations in Mexico beaming propaganda into the U.S.,
On top of that, they're now putting full-page and four-page spreads in major newspapers in places like Iowa, saying, don't have a trade war with Communist China, let China have high tariffs on the U.S., your president's a bad person, and the Chinese government's paying for that.
But they deny that that's election meddling.
Huge spreads in newspapers saying your president is wrong, and that's not election meddling.
Imagine if the Russians were doing that.
Labaroff notes, that's the Russian Foreign Minister, that Trump blamed China, not Russia, for U.S.
election meddling.
Reuters, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Labaroff took pleasure, pointing out on Friday that U.S.
President Donald Trump this week accused China, not Russia, of interfering in the U.S.
He goes on to say the President has never blamed us, but here he is not blaming us again because the last thing we do is get involved in people's internal affairs.
But China does, and see how sweet that is that I've paid such a price and InfoWars has paid such a price to point out that it's China taking over the big banks, taking over Hollywood, taking over the universities, funding the real troops on the ground.
For the takedown of America, and the sabotage of our country, and the sexualization of children, because they know it will sabotage a nation.
China is funding it all, working with the big megabanks, with the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgans, who've all bet against this country.
But Trump is coming in and taking control of those institutions, and now turning them against China, and they are flipping out, and all the people that bet against America, and that sold this country out, show their hatred of the nation, and their vitriol,
As California and the Democrats and all their organs are at true war with this country, doing everything they can to sabotage this republic.
California and its lawyers literally bombard the rest of the country with criminal activity, shucking the other states dry.
And the most beautiful thing you could ever see is the mass exodus out of California.
The total exodus out of California, and it's soon to collapse, it'll be reorganized, and be brought back to the United States.
But right now, California metaphysically is about to fall off of the ocean, and politically and spiritually has fallen off of the ocean, and wait till I get to some news on that.
We're having a big California street show in San Francisco where people defecate into each other's mouths and bleed all over the place and urinate each other's faces.
And don't worry, I have the San Francisco Chronicle.
Children are taken to watch as their school field trips... Oh, it's in the newspaper!
Piles of feces everywhere, just crapping on each other.
Because this is what psychotic devil worship creates.
It's all coming up.
More of the President's speech, I promise.
And then, oh, a special banned video I did.
It's all coming up.
Keep sharing those leaks.
Person to person.
This Congress has championed the unwinding of campaign finance laws to give billionaires outside influence over our politics.
Systematically attacked voting rights to make it harder for young people and minorities and the poor to vote.
Handed out tax cuts without regard to deficits.
Slash the safety net wherever it could.
Cast dozens of votes to take away health insurance from ordinary Americans.
Embrace wild conspiracy theories, like those surrounding Benghazi.
Or my birth certificate.
Cut it off.
I mean, all of that is a lie.
Benghazi happened, the stand down happened, a bunch of people got killed.
They used a security force that Hillary was already in control of to come attack the base.
We have Chris Tonto-Piranto on.
Earlier this week he got suspended on Twitter for countering that clip and saying, no, it happened.
My buddies were there, I lost friends, everybody knows what happened.
But how dare him say that Benghazi is a conspiracy theory, just hoping we're stupid.
What do you think is going on here and how did you respond on Twitter that got censored?
Well, the response was, hey, Benghazi is a conspiracy theory, let's do this then and tell me if it's conspiracy theory after this, or conspiracy.
Let's put you on the roof.
And I said, let's put your ass, cowardly ass, on the roof and shoot AK-47s and RPGs and lob mortars at you for 13 hours while you left, while you didn't send in your support.
Basically, I just said, what happened that night?
I was asked on Fox, you know, how do you feel when he said Benghazi was a conspiracy?
Well, how do you think I feel?
I was left behind by Barack Obama.
The team was left behind.
13 hours for our own.
We lost people.
They died.
We continued to fight.
We tried to save people.
We saved over, including mine, counting my life and the team's lives, we saved over 30 people's lives.
Then we come home and then we're called liars.
And the story spun out of control.
It was after eight months of being called a liar, seeing him spin it, that finally it's out of control.
So how do you think I'm going to feel when you say that?
How do you feel right now?
Well, I want to reach through the screen and choke him.
Does that mean I want to kill the former president?
Makes my blood boil because it's just disgusting.
And it means that he doesn't care.
He doesn't care anything about it.
Yeah, why can't he embrace you guys and say, sorry, things broke down?
Because they know they ordered the stand down.
You don't stand down 13 hours.
That is what, Alex, that is what I said to him when I came back from Yemen.
I said, if you guys behind closed doors talking to my CIA personnel, my leadership of the CIA, if you could just tell me you're sorry, you don't even need to make it public.
Just tell me you're sorry and I will go away and I'll go back to work.
They couldn't even do that.
That's narcissism, brother.
That's pride talking.
And that's evil.
That's the devil.
That's what we're up against.
And if you want to quote me on that or use that as a talking point, fine.
But as people are seeing now, essentially that is what we're up against right now.
It's just pure evil.
Pure evil.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Infowars.com is tomorrow's news.
Today, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Regrettably, we found that China has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election.
Coming up in November.
If you're watching on television,
You can see the incredibly arrogant communist Chinese ambassador who knows full well they bought up Hollywood.
He knows full well they bought the national debt.
He knows full well they made deals with the CFR to deindustrialize the country.
It's the whole plan of world government.
Full page articles by David Rockefeller, dozens of times praising Mao Zedong, praising world government, praising the upcoming Chinese century, praising making it impossible to operate inside the U.S.
And now it's all over the news that China is buying off the leadership of major colleges, and buying off the heads of major media, and deeply involved in espionage against this country.
But oh, the CHICOM ambassador that represents a country that's killed five times what Hitler did under the communists in their nation, he rolled his eyes.
In fact, let's just play that clip of the president one more time, it's so delicious.
Regrettably, we found that China has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election.
Coming up in November.
Against my administration.
They do not want me or us to win because I am the first president ever to challenge China on trade.
And we are winning on trade.
We are winning at every level.
Thank God we finally got a president that was for the country.
And is just trying to make fair deals with these people.
I mean, China is the most bloodthirsty, evil country ever imagined.
And the biggest group of people coming here are Chinese women who are married.
And they come here and their babies are had here and they're citizens and they get free birth and free welfare and they're middle class and wealthy Chinese doing it like we're idiots.
You go to China, you want anything free?
They'll put you in a forced labor camp.
China has been killing
CIA officers and assets since Trump got in 20 months ago en masse.
They've been vaporizing people's brain cells with microwave guns at the U.S.
Embassy where we're having to close the U.S.
Embassy in China.
We are at war with China!
We've been at war with China.
We've been at war with the Council on Foreign Relations.
We've been at war with Hollywood.
They are the enemy!
Hollywood, the CFR, the left, the big New York banks, the scumbag DC law firms, the stay-behind networks and the CIA.
They are at war with you.
They are hired and trained to hate this country.
They are hired and trained to hate your family.
They are hired and trained to hate your success.
They are hired and trained to suck you dry.
The litmus test is how enthusiastically you hate this nation.
And they hate black people more than anybody.
They want to keep them incredibly poor, totally controlled in inner cities, so the left can activate folks to burn down cities whenever they want them to.
Just like they bring in uneducated North African populations into Europe and don't let them get jobs or anything and make them stay in squalor so they politically control them as a political weapon.
That's how this works.
And you get the secret Obama recordings, and the Hillary recordings, and the WikiLeaks and itch.
Black people can't have cars and air conditioning.
Hell, Obama said that in public before, too.
We gotta keep them on our system.
We gotta keep them under our control.
We gotta keep them in prison longer.
That's all the Democrats did that.
And then Kanye West tries to do something about it, tries to get black people out of prison, and he's anti-black now!
Because he's trying to take action and actually DO something!
He's the bad guy!
So they cut most of his appearance at Saturday Night Live.
Thought it was live.
Not when Kanye's there.
So they cut most of the performance because he wouldn't take the Make America Great Again hat off.
How dare him do that!
Because they're gonna bring America down.
Because the Chi-Coms were chosen as the perfect little murdering babies to be given everything because they were good little authoritarians.
When we upload these live clips to video at Infowars.com, I'll put more Trump's full speech up there.
I've got some of the clips coming up, but I need to get to the Kavanaugh situation, which is out of control, and then some good news.
I've got some really good news.
Father of the Web reveals plan to take back Internet from Big Tech Centralized Control Fast Company.
And no, it's not Al Gore.
It's the real inventor of the Internet.
One of the guys who's recognized as being the key mover in it all 40 years ago.
Father of the World Wide Web launches platform which aims to radically decentralize the Web.
He says Big Tech is authoritarian, is dangerous,
And is robbing you of your freedom, and now working to censor the web, and he has a plan he's been quietly working on for years that launches in a month.
And it's all coming up, and it's a similar plan that we've had other experts on, like McAfee and others, that have called for something similar.
But this is going to have giant, big backing, and already Google and Facebook and others don't want to allow you to have this.
Of course.
Of course they don't.
Because they've stolen the internet.
So get ready, ladies and gentlemen.
It's quite a time to be alive now.
Remember, the Globalists are doing everything they can to shut down this broadcast.
They're doing everything they can to keep you from having free speech.
And the biggest form of speech you've got is financial.
When you support a certain company, or withdraw certain support from a company, or support a certain statesman, but don't support a certain scumbag politician, that changes the world.
And that's why they're trying to take our financing away.
It's why they're trying to take
are self-funding, selling you high-quality products at InfoWarsTore.com.
That's why on the 4th, PayPal withdraws our merchant banking.
We have backups, but the enemy's going after those as well.
So, I will tell you, tomorrow is the last day that we're gonna allow PayPal, and then I'm gonna remove it, so I'm not gonna give them a chance for any funds that come in for them to take them.
So, if you want to support InfoWars and have a PayPal wallet,
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I had a sneaking suspicion Soros was involved and I searched his name and turned out he bought a large interest in it one month before this happened.
And the same thing happened at Facebook, you name it.
So again, the last day is tomorrow.
They say it is Thursday, but I'm not going to give it that long.
We're removing PayPal tomorrow at midnight central.
At InfoWarsStore.com.
We have other credit card systems and things you can use there as well.
But the enemy's targeting those as well.
So please visit InfoWarsStore.com and InfoWarsLife.com today.
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We'll be back, too, because I didn't have time to tell you about our newest product.
I'll spend a little bit of time on that and then get into the latest on Cavanaugh.
It is, as we expected, unbelievably criminal.
Google is developing an app to screen out content that the Chinese government considers too sensitive for its citizens.
Google is helping China silence its political opposition.
China's chilling dictatorship is moving quickly to introduce social scorecards in which all citizens will be monitored 24-7 and ranked on their behavior.
A high rating means you get benefits like no deposit of renting a house or skipping airport security.
But a low score means you can't rent a car or apply for visas.
The Chinese government expects to make this system mandatory in 2020.
Google is planning to launch a censored version of its search engine in China.
The Chinese government, as people probably know, has a quite comprehensive internet censorship system set up and it's known as the Great Firewall.
It blocks all kinds of information about, you know, political opponents of the ruling Communist Party regime there.
All kinds of things that they're blocking out.
Companies agreed to ban particular sites or search times on topics like human rights, democracy, and free speech.
You know Google's really the CIA.
But it's leftist run now, so it's run over to China, and it's a civil war inside the intelligence agency.
These are serious people plotting to finagle the searches, which is what Google sells to us as being fair and unbiased.
Google alone could determine the outcome of almost any American election just by altering its search suggestions.
We'd never know what happened.
Well, Google is being accused of hiding negative stories about Hillary and her campaign by changing its algorithm to bury stories like the Clinton body count story.
That's according to website InfoWars.
So Google won't work with the Pentagon on artificial intelligence, but it's officially moved its main operations for AI to China and is merging with the Chinese government, letting them have all the technology.
So they're working on behalf of the fascist Chinese government, sending propaganda to its people to keep them under the control of the government, but we shouldn't worry about the fact that they have a chokehold on all human information in English.
Not a big deal.
I mean, that's a lot you just said there, but I...
And it's all true!
So Google always swears that its liberal, anti-Trump views of the top people doesn't affect the search product.
But here is documented proof of some Google executives wanting to tamper with searches as a form of political activism.
The Chinese government, let's remember, imprisons dissidents and Christians daily.
They have more than a million Muslims in re-education camps.
But the legitimate election of President Trump somehow conflicts with Google's vaunted values?
Give me a break.
Google was working to get Hillary Clinton elected.
If a Google user types in Clinton body, they get car repair shop results instead of a story that talks about a list of people tied to the Clintons who have died under mysterious circumstances over the last three decades.
A new bombshell development reveals Hillary Clinton's leaked
Over a dozen CIA agents may have been killed as a result of Hillary Clinton's leaked emails.
Working with Big Tech.
You're not allowed to get the InfoWars official app on your iPhone.
You're not allowed to watch the Alex Jones Show on YouTube or Twitter or Facebook.
But if you're the Chinese government and you want access to every citizen and all their data and everything they've ever done on an Apple product, good to go, baby.
Good to go.
And the left in America loves it.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Faith Goldie is a patriot, a Trump supporter, a constitutionalist, a libertarian, who lives in Canada.
And she is number three in major polls out of six people running for mayor, but they don't let her attend any of the televised debates, because she's good-looking and well-spoken and popular, because they know she'll win.
So she just took over the live event, and they've had a lot of trouble memory-holing that.
So she's going to be joining us for 30 minutes or longer, the start of the next hour.
And Kevin Jackson, formerly with Fox News, fired for saying that
Dr. Ford is a lying opportunist, in his opinion.
In fact, the New York Times said you can't even question, you can't even question whether her testimony was credible now.
You can question Kavanaugh, but just, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Women are in a man's world, but it's beyond chivalry.
They're just, anything they say is true, even if they are the recruiting officer for the CIA at her college, and her dad and grandfather are in the CIA, and her brother, and that Baker Hostetler that first cooked up the fake Russiagate dossier.
It doesn't matter, ladies and gentlemen, because she's a stuttering, bumbling blueblood.
And so we've got to just bow down before her and it doesn't matter her whole story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.
We have to bow to her.
And there have been some shocking new developments on that front we're going to get to here in just a moment.
Hashtag kill Kavanaugh is the top search term on Twitter.
And the left's defending it.
And they let the main Antifa group that says they're going to kill the President and the Vice President publicly, and who said they're going to kill people that work at the restaurant that served Ted Cruz.
They are allowed to operate on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of followers.
We are not.
Again, this is the just absolute authoritarianism and the arrogance of big tech helping crush people in China, crush people in the Middle East, crush people in authoritarian EU, and now crushing Americans.
And I went to this event that was called Understanding the Rhetoric of Donald Trump and Alex Jones this weekend.
Shitty sponsored, sponsored by Walmart, blocked off streets in front of the Capitol, big stage.
About a hundred drooling leftists showed up to it.
Looked like a collection of people that escaped a mental institution.
I looked at Charlie Weasel and others from BuzzFeed that he openly works for Soros and helps run the censorship and he helps go find anything where I'm on the web and not just on the platform from platforms but anybody else even tries to talk positively they're taken down.
He has a little magic wand he just sat there just like a retarded nobleman like
Smiling, and I knew, I said, somebody's going to put this on YouTube, and somebody did, it had over 100,000 views, and I just know it was where Zell went and, in a little database, and had it removed.
Because that's who they admit does it, it's the selected worst fake news out there, BuzzFeed, is like knighted, like the Southern Poverty Law Center.
And media matters.
And then he brags that he runs around and polices and he has the magic wand and says, this is fake news.
Jones coming to an event named after him and we're defaming him and bullharding us.
That won't be seen on YouTube.
We'll have it deleted.
And they said the terms of service of the YouTube channel that had it were removed.
Isn't that just special?
That's a side issue.
But at the bottom of the next hour, or the last segment at least, if I hold Goldie over, we will get to the 10 minutes of when I went in there and bullhorned him, and then the police came, and then I bullhorned him across the street, and it doesn't matter because we have the video on mfulwhores.com, and it's going viral to the four winds.
But I forgot the name of the YouTube site
That said Terms of Service.
Which one was it?
Just because I wanted to mention it.
Because they dared, you know, they dared in America engage in free speech.
So I did a screenshot of it.
Yes, it's General Shepard.
You could go
And so I was reading about the guy, he's had like 20 accounts and they keep deleting him and people know General Shepard so they search that and then he gets like 50,000 subscribers in a couple days and then they delete that.
It's just so authoritarian that I, it's true that if you put out pro Alex Jones stuff, in most cases they will delete your channel.
Even though our stuff's all free to air, everybody can use it.
That's the authoritarianism of not just, oh, it's their private platform, they can do what they want.
They have big dying media working with the Democratic Party, calling for us to be removed, and then they lie and slander and defame you, and then remove your channel, and then if someone else gets a video of a public event, and how newsworthy is that?
An event about me, slandering me, and I show up to it,
And then they remove it.
I mean, just the incredible dirtbaggery of that.
But I'll talk about it more when I play it coming up.
And again, it said it violated their community standards.
The Democrats can come shouting everybody's face and take over events and getting Ted Cruz's face and run him out of private restaurants, which I say is wrong to do.
But I go to a public taxpayer-funded event on the closed-down streets of Austin with my name on it.
And I tell them, you're lying about me on this, you're lying about me on that, and it is memory hold because the new royalty is so arrogant.
Well, pride goeth before a fall.
So, we're going to be airing that coming up.
And then again, the father of the web reveals plan to take back internet from big tech, centralized control, and the incredible censorship happening.
That is Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.
I know liberals, Al Gore said he did it, no involvement at all.
So that is going to be coming up, and as I said, the latest on Kavanaugh, which is pretty spectacular.
But I wanted to first
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Now coming up, we've got the latest on Kavanaugh and how they're now going after him for perjury with no evidence and so much more.
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Not so fast, InfoWars.
Apple banned your app.
I helped, too.
Ah, Oliver.
I hate free speech too!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Well, Faith Golding is fighting back against the censorship.
It's taking place by mainstream media and is taking action against the globalist attempt to shut down dissent.
We're going to be talking to her coming up in the next segment.
Very, very exciting what she's doing.
Up in Toronto, Canada, running for mayor.
But I wanted to keep celebrating what Trump did last week in front of the UN, calling out China for meddling in the election, which they're publicly doing, and calling out globalism and big tech and all these big power brokers as the real enemy of humanity and the real authoritarianism.
Because that's really the big threat.
And they think America and the West, that's always been in opposition to authoritarianism, is out of the game.
We're not out of the game.
We're getting back in the game.
And the reason I've been censored, and shut down, and silenced overall, is that I've been pointing out the China connection.
And the system doesn't want that.
So here is a report, again, pointing out we've now got a president of the United States of America who gets it, and that's why the globalists are so scared.
Is like the hottest industry there is.
If you look at what happened with steel, we're charging a 25% tariff for the dumpers.
They dump massive amounts of steel.
They want to put the steel companies out of business.
And after they're out of business, they'll come in and charge five times more than you ever thought possible.
Steel is opening up a minimum of eight plants.
Nucor is opening up plants.
And these are big plants, $750 million and a billion dollar plants in some cases.
So what's happening with the steel industry is very exciting to me.
And globalism is about slavery.
And our great president, in his incredible courage, just a few days ago, pointed out that globalism and global governance is a world government system of oppression, and that it is slavery.
And that's what world corporate government is.
Where they're above the law, they pay no taxes, they have diplomatic immunity, they can do whatever they want.
And they think you and I have to just roll over to whatever they're doing.
Each of us here today is the emissary of a distinct culture, a rich history, and a people bound together by ties of memory, tradition, and the values that make our homelands like nowhere else on Earth.
That is why America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control, and domination.
I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions.
The United States will not tell you how to live, or work, or worship.
We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return.
Merkel, the story's up on Infowars.com, the video, Breitbart London.
Merkel fights for globalism, warns Trump against destroying the UN that the Rockefellers set up.
Global governance, close quote, a form of coercion and domination that responsible nations must defend against, Trump said during a speech.
That is matrix breaking.
So let me tell you something right now.
I'm very proud to be persecuted.
Yeah, a lot of people have an instinct to roll over and be slaves and kiss ass and do all this.
I don't!
And the trailblazers have an instinct to stand up for what's right.
And it's been those people in history that have ignited everything that's allowed us to get to this point.
So I stand on their shoulders and in a hat tip to them and in respect to them.
Mr. Trump, what's left in your life?
You're 33 years old.
You're worth all this money.
You say you didn't say that you want to be worth a billion dollars.
No, I really don't.
I just want to keep busy and keep active and be interested in what I do.
And that's all there is to life as far as I'm concerned.
I really am not looking to make tremendous amounts of money.
I'm looking to enjoy my life.
And if that happens to go with it, that's fabulous.
Whether they be black, white, old, young, where they came from, who they were, the fact that they believed in freedom, that they stood up, whether they're Martin Luther King, or Donald, John Trump, or Kanye West.
Imagine 20 years ago, if I would have told you that in 2018, a Nazi collaborator, George Soros, would be in control of our media, our government, and that anybody that criticized him would be banned from the internet, and even banned from commerce, and being able to process credit cards.
Well, Soros bought control of PayPal last month.
And even though we've been working with PayPal for 20 years, they banned us.
But the magic word?
Hate speech.
Now, if I was a Nazi collaborator, like Soros, it'd be okay.
That's how crazy all this is.
So they're betting that you're just going to put up with the abuse, like conservatives always do, and just go away.
But the biggest thing you can do is call Congress, call the White House, call talk radio.
Make a big deal out of this, because other conservatives are next.
It's already happening.
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You can let that old Nazi collaborator Soros tell you you can shove it up as you know what.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Faith Goldie's our guest.
She's born in Toronto, Canada, running for mayor up there, been a national TV and radio host, you name it, a lot of folks know who she is.
FaithForToronto.ca, she's on Twitter, at Faith Goldie.
I think it's best for her to introduce for the audience what happened to her last week and we appreciate her coming on the broadcast and why she then basically crashed the mayoral event.
But I looked at the polls, there's six people running, she is in the middle of the pack, the others are against basic freedoms I guess is why the system is force-feeding her.
I'm seeing this internet censorship of libertarians and conservatives and everybody now really segue into newspapers, into mayoral events, into everything.
Where in Canada especially, they're trying to arrest people for their political speech now.
So a real iron curtain descending across the world.
But I love what Faith did.
She ended up stealing the show in more ways than one.
So Faith, thanks for joining us.
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
It's a real honor, and I appreciate you helping to spread our message of how much democracy is under siege.
So I saw just last week you played some of the clips of what's been happening here north of the 49th in Toronto.
So I'm running for mayor, and Alex, I have to say, there are actually more than 30 candidates, and I have been polling in the top three since the day I announced my bid to become mayor.
In fact, my polling numbers are higher than all 32 people underneath me combined.
And yet these folks, these opinion makers and gatekeepers, rather, of the status quo are inviting everyone onto their stage except for me.
Because my message tilts at windmills.
It's no nonsense.
It puts public safety above political correctness, and it questions the professional politicians and political elite that would sooner turn our city into an Agenda 21 playground for criminals, where we now have a higher murder rate than New York City's.
So our very first debate was about all things about the topic of the arts.
Okay, this is something that liberal fancy pants care about, but Joe Sixpack at home, frankly, doesn't give a damn about, because he can't afford his house, he can't afford his taxes, he's worried that his kids are going to get shot up by spray bullets in the parking lot, he's worried that his dog is going to be stepping on, you know, these injection needles in the middle of the park, but they have to talk about, you know, the arts fancy pants stuff going on downtown.
So, I thought that this was a bit of an injustice, and so while I maybe wasn't invited, that wouldn't stop me
A tax-paying, freedom-loving citizen of this once-great city from getting up on top of that stage, and that's exactly what I did.
As you can see there, I made a little quip about how I must have lost my invitation in the mail, and introduced myself as Faith Gouldian.
Automatically, the liberal sheep in the audience began bawling at me and booing me, and really what I wanted to do was show that they weren't just censoring me, but indeed
The 5,000 people's names who I had brought on that signatures on that petition that you see me handling to the little leprechaun troll who was hosting the debate.
And then police quickly escorted me off.
But as they did so, I reminded them that we are indeed the only campaign that's looking to work with our police and empower them to keep our streets safe again.
Because in this era of political correctness, regrettably, we've said that everything that the cops do is racist, and so these guys have become handcuffed while our criminals are able to walk free in this city.
And what this has now done, Alex, is this has created the first domino, and now a tsunami of events.
Shortly after I was dragged off stage by that police officer and the security guards, and by the way, I'm pretty sure that they're new voters now for the Faith Goldie campaign after hearing what we're about.
Shortly after that, we had our paid-for ads banned from TV.
These were very milquetoast, sensible ads.
Then thereafter, this morning, we were supposed to go to another debate, which we weren't invited to, but the whole debate has now been cancelled because they're so afraid of us.
And Alex, I'm going to break some news right here for you.
Three of our top accounts that have been supporters of us, or even if not supporters, just free speech advocates who have helped shed some light on what we have now been enduring, this almost collusive
Well, that's because if we get a smart, pro-free market type
Pro-Trump, beautiful, smart woman, and that sends shockwaves across the world.
They're everything they...
Everything they're doing is to try to stop something like you because you're everything they wish they had.
And that's happening to all conservatives, all nationalists, all over the world.
Twitter, Facebook, Google, as you know, are concertedly trying to stop populist nationalist movements everywhere.
And I had just read the local paper, you know, saying that you were polling number three out of the six major candidates.
I had no idea that there were 30 plus total.
That is amazing.
Yeah, it's quite insane.
But look, we know what this is all about, Alex.
You are very much the godfather of this new surge against freedom lovers.
Censorship happens when powerful people feel threatened.
And now, with the democratization of data, with the boom of things like InfoWars and other alternative media, they have lost their stranglehold on the narrative.
And people are starting to come to you and say, hold on a second.
We tried it your way, globalists.
We tried it your way, Marxists, and the status quo just isn't working for us.
We want our old freedoms back.
We want fair elections back.
We want to be part of the democratic election process again.
And, well, the guys in power don't like it.
And here's the crazy part, is that it's essentially leading to a Streisand effect, wherein they think that they're censoring me, but now I think we've got over 8,000 names on our little petition.
They're not just censoring me, they're censoring
Thousands of people who are with this campaign and tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, perhaps, who are watching this.
I mean, that one little clip that we did of us just walking across stage has, I think, well over at least a quarter of a million views already.
And so our movement is growing.
The more that they try to silence us,
The more people are starting to pay attention because they're saying, what is this forbidden fruit?
Well, I'll tell you, it's not the forbidden fruit of evil and lies.
The forbidden fruit in today's culture of death and lies is truth itself.
And you know, you were saying just before the break, Alex,
You know, you wear it as a badge of honor that we're being persecuted.
Well, I'm a Christian woman and I'm devout.
And you know, Jesus said, blessed are they that are persecuted for my name's sake, for theirs shall be the kingdom of heaven.
And that's what we're all about here, baby, on the Faith Goldie campaign.
We're about capital T truth.
We're about justice.
And we're about that for all people in this city who want in on this freedom train.
And that's what makes us so dangerous.
You should be the winner out of nowhere, number 3 against 30 plus other candidates, and they won't let you on the stage.
How outrageously authoritarian is that?
And it shows they were so arrogant before, but now with populism and Brexit and Trump and from Brazil to areas of Asia, nationals candidates are in the lead, so they're getting stabbed, they're getting shot, they're getting blown up.
They're not just getting censored.
This is all over the world.
The left, allied with the CHICOMS and with the EU and with big tech, are taking the gloves off.
Don't they know historically that blows up in their face?
But look, here's the thing, Alex, is that these people have been preconditioned.
Because we have removed things like free speech from the public space, free speech from our universities, etc.
What happens when your mouth and your mind stop working?
Because, of course, without free speech, there's no such thing as critical reasoning.
So you got no mouth, you got no voice, you got no brain, you got no more critical reasoning.
All that's left are fists.
And as we saw with the presidential candidate in Brazil, knives are now coming out.
I mean, people who meet me on the streets who are part of these
We're good to go.
Florida elections are always competitive, and this is a guy who, although he's much too liberal for Florida, I think he's got huge problems with how he's governed Tallahassee.
He is an articulate spokesman for those far-left views, and he's a charismatic candidate.
I watched those Democrat debates, and none of that was my cup of tea, but he performed better than the other people there.
So we've got to work hard to make sure that we continue Florida going in a good direction.
Let's build off the success we've had on Governor Scott.
The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state.
Monkey this up?
What does that mean to you?
Well, I'll try to be articulate, Chris, and simply say that that kind of vitriol, and he's apparently given up the whistle, they've gone to the bullhorn with these kinds of tactics, but they're not going to work.
We tried this one time, Donald Trump, this is a page from his playbook, basically tried to divide this country and my state, and I want them to know that Florida voters are smarter than that, that we are going to reject the politics of separation.
Will Johnson is kind of the undercover agent out on the West Coast.
Very powerful indeed.
Unite America First is where you can find a lot of his content.
But were you banned, Will?
Or were you just put in timeout on Facebook?
We'll get into why in a second.
But what is your current status?
I believe it's on Facebook where they're censoring you now?
Yes, I've been banned for 30 days because I said black people are not monkeys.
So it's bad if you say monkey even though you're not talking about black people, but then if you say black people are not monkeys, that's even worse and you get banned.
And I was just making a point that the gentleman in Florida making a statement about monkeying around, the same statement Obama said, the same statement Chuck Schumer said, the same statement Dianne Feinstein said, but because he said it, he's a Republican, it's racist.
Do they really believe he said that to signal to white people that, hey, this is a racist, anti-black candidate?
Do you think they really believe that?
No, they don't believe that.
They're just using this as a tactic to attack him, to attack any Republicans who try to demonize them as racist white people trying to run for position in any political position across the nation.
I mean, seriously, they are trying to, they pick anything and everything to try to demonize someone.
And when they sent me the thing and Facebook's banning me, they just said, you've been banned for this video.
And they said, if you do anything like this again, we're going to permanently ban you.
So my question is, is what is that, what statement
It caused me to get banned because I said black people are not monkeys or because I was talking about evolution where they say man came from monkeys.
Which one is it?
You know they always say that black people can't be racist so I said okay so can I call somebody a monkey?
Did you just call me a monkey?
You get the monkey pass!
Me as a black male... Me as a black male, I'm giving you the monkey pass.
I can say, can I act like a monkey too?
Can I go... Shut down InfoWars!
Shut it down!
They tell us we evolved from monkeys, right?
They try to tell us we evolved from monkeys.
Just totally ludicrous.
But then they say, if you say you're a monkey, you have to get banned and you're a racist.
I get so many attacks simply because I support the president and he's a white man.
But he's the president of the United States.
I voted for him.
Most of us voted for him.
We should not have to do that.
And it's crazy that they're doing that to us.
I'm a monkey!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
You know, I'm sitting here listening and looking at Faith Goldie and just admiring everything she does.
Her eloquence makes me feel good to know there's other smart people out there taking action.
But at the same time, I catch myself getting angry.
Because this is real authoritarianism.
This is real oppression.
This is real censorship.
And it's by the left, in universities all over the world, and right here in my own nation, and now spreading out to the city councils, and the legislatures, and the capitals.
Where if you, where if you even criticize radical Islam, or anything else, the system censors you, and then jails you, and it just goes on from there.
And then I was reading earlier, we'll get to some of it later, about the city festivals they're having in San Francisco that children are taken to, where people defecate in each other's mouths, and cut each other, and bleed all over the streets, and how beautiful it is, and how they're teaching us about consent, because they're the moral good people that crap in each other's mouths.
Now I'm sorry to be talking to the audience like that, and having a nice, young, beautiful woman here, talking like that in front of her, but that's what's in the San Francisco Chronicle today.
Like, it's somewhere in my stack.
I'll never find it.
Please print it for me again.
And that's their moral leadership, this culture of, we're gonna kill your babies, but Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist because we say so with no proof.
And then, oh, and this lady, smart and successful TV and radio host, and with no funding or no establishment behind her,
She's number three in all the polls.
My God, she'll win.
My God, they'll take back power from us.
My God, we don't want a good, Christian, hard-working, smart woman as mayor who will actually turn the crime-ridden city around.
No, we want the hellish places like Toronto and San Francisco and Detroit.
What is it, Faith Golding?
We'll play the video in a moment with audio of you.
Basically grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat.
What is it about the left that they destroy everything they touch?
Because every blue city in the world and every blue country, socialist country if you call it blue, used to be called red, is a hellhole.
They take beautiful good places and within a decade create abject nightmares.
What is it about these people?
Well, I think right at its core is the fact that they are motivated, frankly, by the forces of evil.
But quite outside of that, in order to move forward with their socialist, that's really what it is at the end of the day, agenda, they have to create crises so that whatever expanse of government can offer the solutions.
So what that has led to is a complete attack on the things that have made the West a healthy body.
That includes our moral civic consensus, our family structure, simple things that have helped to keep the West great.
Well, mom and dad aren't together anymore.
My house is in shambles.
We don't know what's right and wrong anymore.
We've got big billboards of rap stars with their you-know-whatsits hanging out right over top of schools where they're teaching these kids all sorts of perverse ideas before they can barely even spell library.
Well, then come on, mom and daddy state.
Help create a solution for us.
So what they do is they run completely counter to all the things that have made the West great, which are really a foundation on
Frankly, Christian tenants, things like personal responsibility, equality of opportunity, and freedom.
And so I think that's why we see such a pushback.
And I will say that the reason why they have become so much more militant
about just engaging their agenda and achieving it is because the stakes couldn't be higher.
Right now, for instance, in my jurisdiction, Toronto has become a sanctuary city to our self-professed feminist Prime Minister's crazy open borders policy, an undemocratic open borders policy.
And they're shipping in these people by the thousands into Toronto shelters while our guys who, you know, have been taxpayers, who might have an addiction, might have a mental health issue, are left to struggle on the streets.
So, you know, my Toronto first mentality and very bold, you know,
Gut level.
What would you call this point in history we've reached, and where do you think we're going?
I mean, I don't care what they do or what they say or what they do to me.
I'm not going to stop.
And the media spun this falsely, saying that Alex Jones is ready to die.
Alex Jones says he's close to God, cryptic statements.
In an interview I did, and
The individual was saying, how far will you fight?
Will you ever back down?
And I was saying, give me liberty or give me death, Patrick Henry.
Didn't mean Patrick Henry was going to commit suicide.
I would never commit suicide.
What I was saying is, the more I get persecuted, the more I'm doing right, the closer I get to God.
It makes me feel good at a spiritual level to be awake and to not be a zombie like so many people are.
As my consciousness and my awakening intensifies, it's a good thing.
And then I'm ready to go all the way, just like
Christians would not renounce Christ in Rome and got thrown to the lions.
I'm saying I'm not going to renounce my faith.
Doesn't mean I'm a Bible thumper either and in everybody's face saying I'm a perfect person.
It means I love God, I love justice, I want to be close to Christ, I want to stand up for unborn children.
I want to promote the right to self-defense.
I know capitalism is the best system.
I don't want our children being sexualized.
It's simple.
And these globalists and all these freaks want control of our lives.
It's their world.
It's their universe.
And they twist and lie everything I say, everything I do.
When I say
I'm willing to die for this.
It means just what I said.
I don't want to die, but I'm willing to die.
I'm never going to back down.
I'm never going to give in.
I'm never going to submit to these weird globalists and all of the satanic crap they're into.
Yeah, you know, you asked me what would you call this juncture of our history.
I recall that Spengler talked about the seasons of civilization, and I do think that we're really in the fall right now.
There seems to be this chill that is coming.
But we, of course, are going to be the last blossoms.
That give the onlookers some sort of hope of what was once was and what could be.
And I'm right there with you, Alex.
You know, as a woman of largely Greek heritage, Molon Lave is imprinted in my heart and soul.
I've got a fire burning in my belly and I'm going to pursue truth and follow the facts wherever they lead.
I don't care if it makes people
We're going to be a lot more uncomfortable in this snowball of lies as opposed to one that's led by the torch of truth.
And Alex, can I give you some free advertising right now?
So Alex, you know how you said that you think that we're spirited and bright people that are part of our campaign?
I'll say that the entire Felix and Upper Echelon of our campaign is heavily on brain force and a lot of our guys are on healthy male vitality as well.
So there's some free advertising for you guys.
Well I tell you, I've seen your work and it's amazing and I am sold.
I want you to be the mayor of Toronto because I've been there before and then I came back a few years ago and it has really gotten crappy and looks like San Francisco.
We're going to open the phones up and we're going to talk to Faith Goldie who's going to win in Toronto unless there's election fraud and I think them keeping her off the stage even though she's number three out of a field of 30 plus has already blown up in their face.
But what can we do down here in the US, analysts in Canada, to make sure these censors aren't able to stop this amazing...
The Real Red Pill Plus, ladies and gentlemen.
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Get the Real Red Pill Plus at InfoWarStore.com.
Riding shotgun with me is Rufio Panman.
On Facebook for now, at RufioPanmanPB.
And Instagram, Rufio underscore Panman.
Listen, we don't have a choice.
Think about how bad the Globalist are.
If they get control, that's what we should be worrying about.
It's not a sacrifice we're making.
You know, we can trick ourselves and say, oh, we're making these sacrifices.
The real sacrifice would be letting real tyranny come in.
Because they want to break America's back and teach us a lesson.
Get into just your background, your life, type of Americana guy that never got politically involved until he saw women and children getting beaten up.
Well, you know, I've always been pretty patriotic.
You know, I grew up on country music.
You know, I've always just kind of been very passive and kind of a shy person.
And it wasn't until recently after Trump got elected, obviously, where everything started to get crazy.
And I started seeing people getting attacked in the streets for wearing a Trump hat.
And I just knew that that wasn't something I could stand for.
I didn't want to see that come to my city.
I didn't want to see, you know, my future children have to deal with that.
So I started getting involved and that's when I met Proud Boys, Gavin McGinnis' group that he created back in 2016.
And it's, ever since then, it's just been a, you know, been a huge learning experience and just seeing what's really happening.
You know, once you kind of test the waters, you start to see what's under the surface and it's, it's really ugly when you start to, you know, see what's under the surface.
A lot of evil stuff going on and uh... Leftist cities, leftist police defending people that attack women and children.
Yeah, exactly.
You know, it doesn't really get any worse than that.
But hopefully, you know, we'll cross our fingers and hope it doesn't get worse than that and kind of get a handle on it.
But again, you know, that requires a lot of support from other people other than just us.
Go and support your fellow patriots and their businesses.
If you know somebody who's a, you know, loves America and they're running a business, go support their business.
Because right now, business is being attacked and it's on a grand scale.
All over the nation.
But I'll tell you right now, when you have, when our boys are out there, when our proud boys are out there strong, it's the strongest feeling.
It's almost palpable, the energy of the freedom, the American spirit running through the streets.
And I think that once they start to see
You know, these quote-unquote casualties happen around them.
It's extremely intimidating to see the, you know, the American spirit and raw force like that.
And, you know, that's what we have going for us.
And as long as we can keep that going, we can be extremely effective.
It's all organic.
And all this stuff, none of this stuff is scripted out.
It's a bunch of rats.
Attacking people's free speech.
I just, it's so, I keep saying this, I did not imagine being a bunch of men and going out and trying to target somebody in a wheelchair or a woman.
I just, I mean, I would never kill myself, but if I was like that, I would kill myself.
We'll be right back.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
So Faith Goldie is really in third place out of 30 plus people.
That's amazing and they won't let her come to the debates.
So she's engaged in real information guerrilla warfare and we're so excited about that.
We've already rolled the video for TV viewers, but for radio listeners, let me play it with audio.
This is her last week at the city-sponsored mayoral candidate event, and here are all these other people up there who are behind her in the polls, but she's not there.
Here it is.
And this morning, ArtsVote held the first public debate for mayor of Toronto.
Faith Goldie is currently in third highest polling candidate for Toronto mayor.
So why was she not invited to the debate?
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
And she delivers 5,000 signatures of people that want her to the debate.
Here come the police to drag her out.
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Now, they had an event called the rhetoric of Donald Trump and Alex Jones this weekend.
Taxpayer paid for, shut down downtown on a big stage.
I went there.
And they were just shocked that I actually showed up and they were smiling and smirking and it was it was so enjoyable.
They're openly discussing at the event how to shut conservatives off the internet.
So that's the leftist answer.
All the world is that they're fact-checkers including Charlie Weasel of BuzzFeed, totally discredited.
He sits there and waves a magic wand and contacts media, contacts tech giants to have media removed.
So he believes he is God, Faith Goldie, and they smile.
They're so proud to be the modern authoritarians.
Well, that's the thing, and when you dig just beneath the surface of any of our enemies, the ones who are leading the charge, you realize that a lot of them are sick, twisted, and evil people.
Look no further than one of the co-founders of the SPLC, who's quick to label everyone a racist and a Nazi.
I'm pretty sure that he was
Doing sexually lewd things to his stepdaughter.
You come here to Toronto and there's people who are leading the charge against me who are in bed with the most radical elements of the jihadist movement here in Toronto.
Our own mayor, who will be outgoing come October 22nd,
He's campaigning at mosques that have called for unbelievers to be slayed one by one and for the, quote, filth of the Jew to be eliminated from their presence.
By the way, one of these mosques is where the Danforth shooter in Toronto's Greektown, where his family attends.
So, these people are the sorts of evils that they try to accuse us of being, but this is the sort of world of subversion and censorship that we now live in, where what is truth is made to look like a lie, what is right is made to look like it's wrong and racist.
And what we have to do is just to continue to, frankly, seek truth.
And also, don't be afraid to sometimes let out what you think.
Every single person I've talked to on this campaign, Alex, says, I'm voting for you.
And everyone I talk to is voting for you.
Don't be afraid to show it from the rooftops.
One of the things that I hear from all of my volunteers is faith.
Your fearlessness is contagious.
Folks have to remember that we can all be leaders in our own lives, whether it be around the water cooler, our dinner tables, and our university classrooms.
Having a brass pair is contagious, and people love that.
And we have to remember also that our enemies, the guys at the top, are evil, but the majority of the flock are honestly soy boys.
When I see my guys lined up beside, say, the incumbents,
Guys along the same strip of sidewalk.
They're just so low energy, our enemies.
They just look so lame.
They're losers.
They don't even know why they're there.
They're human automatons.
Just someone flipped a switch and they started marching.
Whereas our guys, they're fighting for truth.
They're fighting for justice.
And there's nothing that animates the human soul, especially in a time of darkness.
Like knowing that you are part of the light and you are part of the change that this world so desperately needs.
So I'd encourage all of your audience, first of all, if you're in Toronto, come out to the ballot box.
Help spread our word because God knows the mainstream media is not letting us get a word in edgewise.
And for everyone else, let our campaign inspire you.
I see life as a series of doors, and most of them are able to be opened.
It's just a matter of timing.
So find the time in your life to help, you know, so-called red pill your friends about what's happening.
Oh, listen, I'm totally sold.
I was already familiar with your great work, but you are so eloquent, teleprompter-free, so on target.
Toronto needs a mayor like you.
They need a prime minister like you, and that's, again,
Smart, good looking, great background up against them.
That's why they won't let you on the stage because you're too effective, you're too on target.
And you know, you were talking during the break about you guys are going to pull fluoride out if you get in.
Harvard studies admit it causes cancer.
I mean, they are so horrified of you.
In closing, you were also, don't give us any inside baseball, but you were saying you guys have got a lot of third dimensional information warfare ready for them.
Alex, we're on to 4D Chess over here.
Our opponents do not have plays for the sort of war games.
We are going to be unleashing on them every day until October 22nd, E-Day.
So it's energizing you, they're trying to suppress you.
It's not making you submit.
It's not demoralizing you.
And that's what they don't get.
It's that we came to change the world.
We're not coming to try to be their minions or get a slot in their system.
We're coming to try to fundamentally change the world.
That's exactly right.
They don't understand that we just get bigger numbers and more energized in our mission every single time they try to shut us down because what we know that signals is that we're more powerful and more on track than even perhaps we had any inclination of.
So it's all fantastic.
And you know, there's this, there's this, I think it's a Japanese warfare Aikido.
You take the negative energy that your opponent gives to you and you use it back to destroy them and that's exactly what we intend to do.
Oh my gosh, I am so sold.
Faith Goldie, you said you'll come back next week for 45 minutes or so and take calls?
We'll talk to you soon.
Thank you so much.
God bless you, Alex.
Thank you, my friend.
Well, thank you.
Well, I tell you, that is so exciting that she's got energy, she's got all of that will, she's smart, she's good-looking, and they are so scared of those long legs and that brain all together in one package, because they claim they want powerful women.
They do not want powerful women.
They want to control and make women victims, not victorious like Faith Goldie.
So I'm completely sold.
I've been following her for a couple years and the fact they're trying to suppress so many people is really making men and women like her rise up every race, color, and creed.
And it is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
So they can't have her on the stage because, well, they can't deal with it.
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Please stay with us.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Coming to you from the former United States of America from deep in the heart of Texas.
It's Alex Jones.
You know, I'm in a war.
Against scumbag child molesters and devil worshippers.
They know who I am and I know who they are.
And they've made a bet that you're a bunch of cowards, you're gonna roll over.
You know, Faith Golding was on earlier.
A strong, sharp, focused woman.
She was talking about how she's Greek.
The whole true story, not mythology, of the 300 holding off 100,000.
She was talking about how she's not gonna submit!
And how she's not gonna roll over!
And how that makes her stronger!
Then I know all these men, who would come on this show as guests, even though on average they weren't that popular of guests.
And as soon as, six weeks ago, we got blackballed by the big corporate systems.
Those men are like, hey, we're not going to come on the show anymore.
We're afraid of getting banned ourselves.
Well, you might as well go move to North Korea or Venezuela.
Because you are disgraceful cowards.
I'm serious.
I think I'm going to start reading out their names on air.
As if I even need these people on the show.
The listeners don't even tune in for them.
I've been trying to build up other people.
But thank God there's women like Faith Goldie.
Thank God that makes me feel good.
But it disgusts me how cowardly men are.
All they think about is looking cool to other men and playing it safe so they get a bigger house and a bigger cigarette boat so they can strut around.
But if an enemy army ever came over to the hill, they'd roll up and show their bellies!
Because they were raised by cowards and they're cowards.
And I love how those men always got the act going, how big and tough they are.
They all strut around and stick their chest out.
But when the rubber meets the road, they piss their britches and crap their drawers.
And we are hitting the bottom of the cycle right now, with a bunch of damn cowards everywhere.
But I tell you, it's good to know there's people that aren't cowards like Matt Drudge, and like Sean Hannity, and like Tucker Carlson, and like President Trump, and you.
But you watch people turn and run when the real censorship comes in and try to virtue signal to it, it makes me sick.
I know people that have even been host of this show, who've hosted years and years ago.
I was scrolling through and saw a video, I watched part of it, where they were implying I wanted troops and military on the streets, and that I wanted martial law, when I said the Democrats want to create a civil emergency martial law, Obama put one in effect, what are we going to do when they try to launch full-scale martial law, and then Trump responds to it, they're going to call that martial law, when they've already brought us into martial law.
We're the ones that exposed the global government.
We exposed the false flags.
We exposed the whole program.
Our listeners did.
And built the platform into the future for Trump to ride in on.
And thank God, he's done what he said he'd do.
Providence is coming back one more time for America.
And make no mistake, this is it.
It's real.
And it's not that I don't like criticism by people.
It hurts me.
How if you go on YouTube or you go on Facebook or Twitter and you talk trash about me, they will promote that.
And so you're getting this fiat currency of promotion that you think is empowering you and all you've done is not even taken a piece of silver to sell out the truth and to misrepresent in the compendium what I said and what Mike Adams said.
Mike Adams had to say Trump should declare martial law to get your attention.
Because martial law isn't just tanks in the streets, like Tiananmen Square, running over people and shooting them.
It's a continuum.
It's when the normal rule of law is suspended while they're trying to overturn the 2016 election.
They're ignoring due process.
They're ignoring innocent until proven guilty.
They're ignoring the whole jurisprudence of this country.
Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and Google are all letting the left organize violent attacks and crime and kill teams and death threats.
And everything else, they have brought us into a civil emergency.
CNN, MSNBC, Shea, we're in a civil emergency.
We need a national emergency, which they've already got in place, to remove the president.
What do you think the 25th Amendment is?
It's martial law.
It's political Armageddon.
And they have brought us on a Richter scale of martial law, 1 to 10, to about a 7.
And they're trying to push it to an 8 or a 9.
Folks, a 10 is all of us being put in re-education camps, which they've actually called for under Obama in the U.S.
Army Manual, and which Hillary pushed.
Yeah, it's crazy.
So we are 2 minutes to midnight.
36 days out.
And am I pissed?
Am I angry?
You better believe I am, because I'm focused and I'm awake!
And I see the public, to a great extent, asleep.
Not realizing the magnitude of what we're facing.
Everybody I know has been suspended or banned from Twitter, Facebook, Google, you name it.
They're calling for world IDs to ban you from buying and selling if big tech doesn't like you.
That is literal Mark of the Beast authoritarianism that should not scare, but motivate everyone to say not just no, but hell no.
Now I said I'd get to this segment.
But it's not ready, and that's fine.
Sometime today or tomorrow, I'll err.
The footage we've got that's not shaky of what we shot down there this weekend at the event that was titled, The Rhetoric of Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
And I'm not pissed.
It was a last-minute deal.
Owen had the idea to call me at 8 a.m.
in the morning.
I'm glad the guy that didn't even have a regular camera guy showed up, you know, down there to do it.
And they were pushing him.
He had a long lens.
But Owen shot HD on his camera.
We have that.
So we're going to finally air that for you.
The issue is that it's just not ready right now.
That's fine.
So maybe it'll air tomorrow or the next day.
But the point is, is that we have the highlights of Owen down there after I left wearing a MAGA hat in the midst of these crazy people.
So we will air that because we have that ready.
And we have a guest joining us.
Fox News contributor fired over using pejorative to describe Kavanaugh accusers on Twitter.
He called them skanks, which he damn well has a right to do.
I mean, I wouldn't call that woman a skank.
She looks like a crazy person.
Escaped from the state hospital.
But, I mean, so do most psychologists and psychiatrists.
Of course, turns out she doesn't even have her doctorate.
She calls herself a doctor.
It came out in the news that she never did the residency for it, but it's par for the course for these people.
I mean... All I can say is, heaven help us.
And then after he leaves us, I will get to the good news, that the father of the Internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has given several interviews over the weekend saying we have serious authoritarianism.
He's a U.S.
citizen now, lives in Boston, MIT, invented the Internet, as we know it.
And he says, no, the big companies are authoritarian, they're dangerous, they're the number one threat to humanity, and he's got a plan to bring them down.
But it'll take you
We're actually doing a little bit of work.
It'll be great though once you do it.
And don't worry, we're going to beat Facebook, we're going to beat Twitter, we're going to beat Google, we're going to beat every damn one of them.
We're going to break the back of the communist chai-coms, we're going to free China, and we're going to go to the stars together.
Whether you're from Africa, whether you're from China, whether you're from Russia, whether you're from Mexico, whether you're from the US or Canada, whether you're from Brazil, whether you're from Uganda.
If we can make it past the globalists, we're going to do it together.
So, that's all coming up in the next hour.
Kevin Jackson joins us first from KJRadio.com.
Remember, they're doing everything they can.
They're sitting in a drill.
The full power of Soros, the Democrats, Hillary was supposed to win.
They blame me for...
Her not winning because you took action?
And I wouldn't go back.
I'm glad.
My whole life, I would have been willing to die.
Doesn't mean I want to die.
Doesn't mean I'm violent.
Doesn't mean I'm going to commit suicide.
The opposite.
I'm saying, I would be willing to die.
Give me liberty or give me death.
Victory or death.
Whether it's Colonel Travis or whether it's Patrick Henry.
Get it?
Liberty or death.
See, they hate the fact that I'm committed to death.
I'm committed unto death.
For life.
So they spin it, Jones is about to kill himself.
No, it's the opposite.
I said, I love life so much, I'm willing to give mine up if you come after me.
If the enemy strikes me down, that's their issue.
I had a guy spitting on me and hitting me in the head and licking my face and I just said, I just looked down.
When it happened, man, it wasn't because I was afraid of him.
I was ready for him to do whatever he wanted to to show that he was the assaulter in the dirt bag to win.
And of course, that's why then they went and took the videos off YouTube so you couldn't see them.
But we're going to show the band video coming up next hour.
Stay with us.
We've got a statement now with regard to PayPal and reports that it has ended its relationship with InfoWars.
PayPal joining the slew of tech companies that have severed ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, hitting his InfoWars where it hurts, by no longer allowing the site to use the payment processor.
PayPal is the latest company to sever ties with Jones after YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Last month, the website called Right Wing Watch posted a report highlighting PayPal's continued business relationship with InfoWars, and the Washington Post also noted how business on the InfoWars stores was booming.
PayPal is the latest big tech company to cut ties with far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, stealing a blow to when a founder, Alex
It actually fuels the Trump base because they do feel like they're being silenced.
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all booted Jones off their platforms.
PayPal on Thursday night informed InfoWars, which runs an online storefront that sells survival gear and herbal supplements, that it has 10 business days to find a new payment processor.
You can't pick one person and say, well, we don't like what he's been saying.
He's out.
We have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in.
And you just can't do that.
Jones hit back on his website saying the InfoWarsStore.com site had no political content, and the move emphasizes how the decision was a broader attack on the InfoWars platform.
A PayPal spokesperson says, quote, we undertook an extensive review of the InfoWars sites and found instances that promoted hate, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, and bullying policies.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
I burn with desire Each time my heart fans the fire Through that old flame That burns inside of me She cried when I left her Now I cry to forgive her Oh, how foolish I was
Let's look at the Kavanaugh psy-op and then we'll talk to former Fox News contributor that dared question Lord and Savior, Dr. Ford.
I wanted Amy Coney Barrett.
Beautiful woman, great judge, a constitutionalist, a patriot.
But don't think Trump's going to try her next if Kavanaugh fails.
I think we're on a razor's edge right now.
There are going to be women saying that she gang raped them with fire hoses, folks.
So the Democrats aren't going to stop.
That's why they're death-threatening everybody, you know, at the restaurant.
We're crusade now.
I mean, I deal with these people.
They are mad dog.
Mad Dog, they'll do anything because their religion is dominating the American people.
We believe survivors!
We believe survivors!
We believe survivors!
And then when the Republicans talk to her, she... Then they go, we're sorry, we're sorry.
You're right.
Kavanaugh, we'll have Kavanaugh executed, okay?
Got him right here.
Last night, an anonymous woman called the switchboard and was put through it.
She says she saw her daughter raped by him.
She wouldn't say where she was or what year, but that's a fourth person!
It's an allegation of misconduct.
We should underscore that it is an anonymous allegation.
This is unlike the other three allegations that we have been discussing throughout the course of today.
So I guess they might just randomly call the Capitol switchboard and say, I raped somebody.
In fact, I thought about calling the Capitol Switchboard myself and going, hello, my name's Alex, but I'm not going to tell you who I am or where I am.
Brett Kavanaugh gang raped me with 14 elves.
Yes, it was 49 years ago.
And Brett Kavanaugh, he also flayed my skin and pulled my fingernails out with pliers.
And then he had an electric drill and he drilled my kneecaps.
Yes, ma'am.
We're very sorry.
Now, this is anonymous.
I'm not going to tell you where or when.
Just, okay, Kavanaugh's evil.
Anonymous accuser says Kavanaugh drilled their kneecaps with a Black & Decker drill.
I think when you really look at it all, it's not going to change any of the Democrats' minds.
They're obstructionists.
They're actually con artists, because they know how quality this man is, and they've destroyed a man's reputation, and they want to destroy it even more.
And I think people are going to see that in the midterms.
What they've done to this family, what they've done to these children, these beautiful children of his, and what they've done to his wife.
And they know it's a big, fat, con job.
I forgot about the fifth one they've already withdrawn, because it was total fraud.
That's right.
There was another anonymous that was put forward also by Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat Senator from Rhode Island.
And this was a guy who had heard that some girl had been assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh.
He did it anonymously.
They figured out who this guy was.
And as soon as his name was released, he said, no, no, no, I take it back.
I was mistaken.
Primary impact was in the initial four years after the event.
I struggled academically.
I struggled very much in Chapel Hill and in college.
She's sitting there with the deep state top lawyer.
For McCabe and Comey and all of them.
I mean, I just can't.
They're just relishing.
And when she talks, the women are all looking at her and shaking their heads like, oh, you poor baby.
Oh my God, you've been through so much.
And they're just relishing this.
And then she sycophantically smiles and looks up at Feinstein like, am I pleasing you?
And it's just all this victimology.
That's what everyone is into.
This is how you destroy a country right here.
Meanwhile, China executes you if you're gay.
Well, the moment of truth is here.
George Soros now is taking control of PayPal and he's banned us.
They're trying to shut down our final payment processors and end InfoWars.
We've now reached this point.
And listen, I knew fighting the globalists, there'd be a price to pay.
And I did it because I knew what horrible individuals they were.
And I was willing to sacrifice myself, my name, my treasure, on the altar of having a better future like our forebears did.
But I don't want to go down without a real fight.
Because I'm going to keep swinging until the end.
But if you, the listeners, really awaken and financially support us like never before with the payment systems we have left at InfoWarsTore.com, it is going to allow us to really hold the line like the Alamo until we either win or we're defeated.
So in the words of the great founder of Texas, and that wasn't Houston, that was Colonel Travis, victory or death, we are going to win if you take action.
We're going to win if you support us.
But it's now all in your hands.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, as you know, last week, the New York Times had a pullout for a few hours saying, do you think the testimony of Dr. Ford, turns out she never even did a residency, so she's not a doctor, that Dr. Ford
And I said, hell no, I don't believe her.
Her dad and grandfather were both high-level CIA.
Her brother is.
She comes out of the law firm.
Her family does.
Baker Hostetler that cooked up the fake Pissgate dossier.
That's now all come out.
And then you've got her story.
You've got the prosecutor saying none of it adds up, giving a whole list of her saying it doesn't add up.
And then you've got Kavanaugh beating people up and raping people on boats.
Not true.
And attacking people in Colorado.
Not true.
I don't know if I'd call her a skank, because, you know, in a way, there's something attractive about a wild woman at least.
But, you know, he's got a right to say that.
Kevin Jackson.
Well, I didn't know who Kevin Jackson was until I saw him on Skype.
Oh, I've seen that guy over at Fox and listened to his... I heard him on the radio and read articles.
He's a really smart guy.
I'm like, wow, that Kevin Jackson got fired?
Kevin Jackson's a former Fox contributor as of this weekend.
Fired for his tweets about Barrett Kavanaugh's accusers.
He is a best-selling author and a syndicated radio host.
BleedingBlueMovie.com, which I've heard all about.
So he's joining us now.
And, you know, it's like the eyes don't ever connect names.
They're like, oh yeah, I love that guy.
So he's on with us at least till 45 after we're going to air this piece.
They had a city-sponsored event saying I'm fake and should be taken off the air called The Rhetoric of Donald Trump and Alex Jones and How to Stop Fake News.
So I showed up and they all had the police take me away, but whatever.
The police were apologizing for it, but it's still just crazy.
So that's coming up the last segment.
We're going to cover the whole Kavanaugh situation because we knew it was coming.
A, the free speech attacks, but B, now it's perjury investigation.
Because somebody at Yale said a guy got in his face and he threw beer on him.
And then that guy got arrested.
There's not even a record of this.
But notice, he never got arrested.
Who knows if it's even true.
I mean, I saw Brett Kavanaugh at Yale 34 years ago, you know, having sex with a donkey.
I mean, it's not true, but I guess I can say it.
So, Kevin Jackson, thanks for joining us.
This is just getting absolutely out of control.
Hello, my name is Peggy.
That's right.
And I tell you, so Fox chopped your head off for calling these women skanks.
Well what I said, and I don't have the actual tweet, I don't really care because I still stand by the notion that there is such a thing as a skank.
And there are skanks that are men.
There are skanks that are women.
There are dogs that are men.
There are dogs that are women.
I mean, pick your terminology.
I mean, Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a Trump-effectless you-know-what.
And Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a TWAT.
I'll just spell it because I don't know who your audience is going to here, Alex.
But, you know, look, Fox has a right to do whatever they want to do.
And they reacted.
But what I will tell you are guys like you and me who are out there, you know, trying to spread the truth and talk about things in reality.
There's a reason why we've got a level of popularity that other people don't have.
And the fact that I'm not afraid to say what I wanted to say about them and worry about the consequences certainly doesn't make me a sellout for all of the black people that call me that pretty much every day.
No, it's the opposite of a sellout.
Same thing with Kanye West.
The opposite of a sellout, them trying to bully him not to support Trump or myself at Saturday Night Live.
No, you know what, that was a great thing.
And I've been doing this thing around college campuses called the Kanye effect.
And what it was, Alex, if you want to talk about that for just a bit, Kanye liked Donald Trump before he became president.
He said in an interview, he goes, look, rappers, hip hop guys made rhymes looking for ways to put Trump into their rhymes, including Snoop Dogg.
But the minute that Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, suddenly you got to abandon your friend.
And that weighed on him so much that I think it ended up putting him in some sort of rehab.
Because he was thinking about all the money that he could lose.
Look, I just lost a pretty fat contract with Fox.
But I'll tell you this, I still stand true to who I am.
And that's the problem.
Let me ask you this.
At a gut level, aren't you even feeling better about yourself?
Aren't you feeling more like a man?
Because when I get persecuted, I'm not looking for trouble.
I love being successful.
Monetary support, but at the same time not if I have to give up my soul I wish I could answer yes to that Alex, but I've always felt like a man from the moment I hit manhood And you know and maybe it has to do with having a lot of black belts in the you know the the disposition I know you feel like a man.
I'm saying Did did getting knocked down a little bit for telling the truth make you feel good in a ways what I'm saying it
It did in a way because I knew I was standing on principle and it felt good to get, you know, my loyal fans were like, Kevin, way to go and thanks for doing that.
But I'll tell you, to answer your question in that regard, I got up the next day and I tweeted to the leftists that if you think you measure me by Fox, you picked the wrong Negro.
I'm a free range Negro and I've always thought for myself and this is not going to do anything for me except strengthen my resolve to wake up every day kicking your asses.
And that's essentially what I did.
Every single day I wake up, that's my first tweet of the morning, is how bad I'm gonna kick the butts of the left, and then I go on with my normal day.
So that's where I stand, being deplatformed, going after our credit card processors, death threats, all of it.
It's like, that proves you're as bad as I thought!
Now I gotta fight even harder!
We know, Alex, to your point of what they did to you.
I mean, I look at what happened to me as minor, honestly, in comparison to the attack that's on you.
And I'm not saying that because I'm on your show.
I've admired your work.
Obviously, they've tried to demonize you and make you sort of this alt-right crazy guy, conspiracy theorist.
But it isn't too much conspiracy when stuff starts to happen and it's correct.
Now, in my case, it was a targeted attack.
They said, we're going to get rid of Jackson.
He won't be on Fox.
And everybody's like, enjoy unemployment.
These clowns don't even realize we work for ourselves.
And you know what?
The majority of the people that are going to support us will continue to support us.
So kudos to you.
And I hope, man, you know, look, the first thing that happened, a lot of people were like, Kevin, you got to call Alex and you guys partner up on something.
You know, look, I'm game for anything that's going to get the truth out there that is going to be reality.
And I want to make sure that there are no more black kids growing up afraid to speak their mind.
I think your instinct is key here.
That we need to get all the real talent being censored somehow together, at least on some projects, because the power of all of us, we've been taken off the air, not because we're not popular, like Tucker Carlson said, but because we are popular.
Well, look, I'm a management consultant by training.
And I mean, my degrees are engineering, computer science and math, electrical engineering.
And when I got out of that, I went into management consulting.
And the first thing that I noticed when I got out of that and came to doing this was the risk.
And I told people, I said, look, Google, Facebook, Twitter, all these social media platforms, they hate us.
They're going to cut off our windpipe at some point.
And we're seeing that happen.
So I started a thing called Tea Party Community dot org, which was to combat Facebook.
And here's what I don't like about the conservative movement, Alex.
And it's not so much true for your fans because they're they're rabid, you know, Alex Jones supporters.
But the average conservative, unfortunately, is a wishy washy pansy.
They're too passive and they love to get liberal approval.
You're exactly right.
And so, here I've got 200,000 people on this site, and it should be 20 million.
And I just want people to think about how fast we would grow, what would happen if we had to... If Donald Trump started tweeting it?
I mean, think about the power, Alex, of you having 20 million people behind you, not having to worry about advertisers, not having to worry about anything, because you've got 20 million people that are ready to respond to whatever it is, the call of duty that is for that day.
What could we do?
What if it was 60 million?
Look, we'd own politics if we had a fraction of what the left have with respect to social media, because we have truth on our side.
I want to hear about this.
I want to hear about the inventor of the internet, not Al Gore, the real guy, saying the same thing you're saying.
We'll talk about that, not this segment, but the next segment.
The next segment, I want to get into what you think about the election, Kavanaugh, gut level, where you think this is going, where you think the left's going to go next, because here's the thing.
They are just ramping everything up, because before they were arrogant and really thought Hillary was going to win.
We lost some of that arrogance when Trump won, and now they're totally panicked, so they're now a dangerous enemy.
So I don't want to underestimate them.
When we come back, we'll talk to Kevin Jackson, KJRadio.com, Fox News contributor, really smart guy, banned for pointing out that he thinks these people are totally full of crap, which is his right to do, plus they've been proven to be full of BS.
But again, they want to have their rhetoric, kill Trump, kill his family, kill everybody.
We're not saying that.
That's not free speech.
We're being banned and kicked off the air for telling the truth that these people are a pack of liars.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
33% of the population of the U.S.
That's two out of every three people you're looking at.
carry staph aureus bacteria in their nose.
Two out of every hundred actually carry MRSA, which is a methicillin-resistant staph.
Now what you're talking about is the bacteria that actually kills more people than aids.
And so what we do is we work really hard, did massive amounts of research, and we found that our gel, your gel,
As a first line of defense, it's amazing.
If you put that on a wound, it will actually put an invisible cover on that wound that will last up to three days.
And it will kill MRSA and regular staph, E. coli, Candida, Aspergillus niger, in minutes.
So the big deal here is that you can have a kid that gets a scratch on a soccer field
And ends up dead or ends up losing a leg because they got a MRSA, a methicillin-resistant bacteria, from that soccer field.
It's happening in schools, in workout gyms, in the office, on handrails, on telephones, in subways.
And this gel that you have access to is the first line of defense for everybody to be able to just gel up and not have to worry about that bacteria.
You gel it up and you don't worry about it because we have heal rates of about half the normal time and you actually have something now in your house where you can easily take care of it.
I think the key is it's super strong and it lasts a long time because explain why the super silver wound gel dressing from Infowarslife.com that we've probably labeled from your top of the line, your top selling product nationwide, why is it so special?
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And many of the others do, many of the others do bioaccumulate.
Yeah, oh yeah.
The over-the-counter, which is what you have available to your people, is so strong that it has direct claims on killing MRSA.
You have one of the only products in the U.S.
that can, like, make a direct claim on mitigation of a sunburn.
You can put it on a bug bite and it'll stop the itch in about, probably, three or four minutes.
You can put it on any type of burn.
What a blessing to have something that you have in your house right now.
You don't have to go to the doctor to get this.
So hospitals last year had 94,000 life-threatening infections that were caused in the hospitals and they had no antibiotics that would work against them.
That's why they're going back to the silver products, because our silver is proven to kill those.
I mean, the two most heinous bugs are Methicillin-resistant Staph, and one called BRE.
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Nobody wants to say it, but it will kill you.
And so the cool part is, this gel kills it in minutes.
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And the bottom line is you guys get years and years and years and years and years and years and years of dozens of peer-reviewed studies.
You finally found out the perfect silver, the most effective, and it's available at InfoWarsTore.com and you helped save the country.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Kevin Jackson's our guest.
Fox News former contributor got fired for, well I'll read some of the quotes here, but here's the issue.
It's all selective.
Libertarians, nationalists, conservatives, we can't say anything.
But the left, major antifa groups with hundreds of thousands of followers can say, don't just kill Ted Cruz or Vice President Pence.
Led by this New York City professor, leading groups in D.C.
We need to kill the staff.
We need to, is what those Twitter accounts from Antifa were saying, kill the staff for serving Ted Cruz.
And this is happening all over the country.
Where there was a case in the news, there was a gay owner of the most popular restaurant in Houston.
And the governor was down there and they took a picture and put it on Twitter of famous people and Facebook that have been there.
They protested so bad the owners got rid of all their social media and may just close the restaurant now.
The restaurant may close.
This is bizarre bullying, and it's getting crazier and crazier.
So I want to ask Kevin Jackson, before we get into Kavanaugh, what do you think peak Trump derangement syndrome will look like?
Because it's getting crazier and wilder, and their wish to persecute people and censor people is so authoritarian.
A. How bad will it get?
And B. How big will the backlash be?
I think you're going to see somebody get killed.
And eventually the left is going to finally wake up and start seeing just how crazy they are.
Look, it's already starting in academia.
You got professors that said, we have raised a bunch of feral animals here and we can't handle it.
So you have groups like.
I can't recall the name now, but there's a group of professors that formed that said, we've gone too far.
You know, we let this political correctness, this snowflake generation take it to a level that's untenable.
And so they're chasing him out.
Remember the professor that they wanted to have only blacks on campus day at Evergreen College?
And this white professor didn't get the word.
So he's on campus.
They chased him off that college and he never went back.
So that's the type of thing you're seeing.
And look, we're talking about name-calling.
Look, there's nobody on the planet that gets called worse names than a black conservative.
I could give you 50 without even breaking a sweat.
And I'll clean one up for you.
I get called Coon Butt Negro, in a different way.
Step and Fetch and Uncle Tom Cooler the Man, Opera Thomas, Rush Limbaugh wannabe, all kinds of things.
And they get worse than that.
Well we've all seen the ICE footage.
There'll be like 30 officers and two or three happen to be black.
And the white people are screaming N-word at them.
And then the left goes, well that's okay as long as they work for the government.
As if if you work for the government now you deserve to be called that if you're anybody.
No, let me tell you, it's okay.
It's funny, I was talking about this the other day, Alex, and it's okay to call, for a white person to call a black man the N-word, as long as you're directing at a conservative.
Blacks allow it, and white leftists will allow it.
The tolerance of that side of the aisle is ridiculous, and that's why when people ask me, what do you do?
I tell you, I will get in your grill, I will fight you back in a New York minute.
I'm trained to fight for that reason, and it's a sad state of affairs that I've had to train four boys
Three of whom are men now, to fight just to stand up for what they believe in.
But it's going to take more beatings and finally killings, I think, with us being the victims.
And then finally, we start fighting back and then it starts happening to them.
And I think once that occurs, when we start whooping that butt, then you're going to see guys going, okay, you better leave him alone.
I was about to say, they banned Proud Boys off Twitter, calling them Nazis when they're the opposite.
Because they go out in 10 to 1 when these anti-fug, meth-head white guys come over with clubs, with extendable batons, and try to kill them.
They fight back and knock them out, and the left calls that bullying.
If I try to hit you in the head with a device that could kill you, and then I take you out, you're a bully.
So, they got their Twitter accounts banned for that video right there.
Well, let me tell you, I'm going to be kicked off Twitter because if I'm ever in one of those situations, you don't watch me go to jail, but I will have taken out about 10 or 15 of those thugs.
Because the thing is, they don't want you to fight.
That's what they want.
They want to beat us down verbally and then they want to beat us down physically.
And Alex, let's face it, over the past few decades, man, would we exist if the Republican Party, if the conservative movement was doing what it's supposed to be doing?
I mean, look, man, I don't know what you like to do.
I got better things to do.
I love to go out and hike.
I love to go fishing.
I don't want to be doing this all the time.
I don't want to go out to a restaurant with my family and people walk over and go, F you Nazi, and knock my drink over in my face.
And so I look at why are we doing this?
It takes some guts, dude, to get up in the morning, go face these people face to face, and I'm not doing it for myself.
I could, you either.
We could go into obscurity, never be bothered again, for the most part, and they would be happy they got rid of us.
But we do it because this country means something, and the fact that we have children, grandchildren, and I see what's going on in the world.
And we know, I was about to say, it's going to get a lot worse.
That's the thing is, they say they want to imprison conservatives.
They say they want to break up families.
I mean, they're really villainous.
Think about it, Alex.
They want to break up families because we don't want to bring illegals into our country.
They want to put us in jail because we use the wrong pronoun in California.
I mean, when you ask me how ridiculous can it get, I will tell you, whatever we are right now, wait a day.
It'll get even more ridiculous.
Well, I was talking about that.
Let me raise this to you.
Am I going to even read this on air?
San Francisco Chronicle.
It talks about people cutting themselves and crapping on themselves at the official parades they bring children to and how fun it is to see the naked people.
Why is San Francisco covered in human feces?
There's the Guardian.
Americans flee blue states in the hundreds of thousands due to high taxes, leaving fewer to pay the Democrats tab.
That's red state.
And Folsom Street Fair stresses consent amid leather BDSM.
And it says they will teach us consent and stop the Republican rapists by cutting themselves and crapping on each other.
And I'm not even going to read all the stuff it says here, but I mean, it's like these, this is what happened when we got rid of the lunatic asylums.
Well, think about it.
In New York, you have people like de Blasio, who now says it's no, they don't even outlaw people defecating and pissing in public.
I mean, you can just do it right there.
It used to be they, I forget what they called it, but they had, it was a nuisance thing.
Public indecency.
Yeah, so now it's no big deal.
So they have people running around with naked paint, which, you know, look, I'm a dude.
I've seen some of these girls.
They're hot.
But would you want your kids to see that?
Well, exactly.
That's the thing is go do it in a private place.
Don't be running around the middle of the street.
I mean, in town square, you know, in the busiest places in New York.
So this is what we're dealing with.
They want to tell us that, you know, I look at teaching little kids how to put condoms on and all these other things, and then they get mad.
Oh, yeah.
The World Boy Scout Conference and they handed out 100,000 condoms to even six-year-olds.
What the hell is that?
You send your son to a Boy Scout convention and they're going to give him condoms?
Well, it's no longer the Boy Scouts anymore.
It can be the Any Scouts.
So, look, there is no limit.
And I'm telling folks, forget about the Muslims.
Forget about the illegals coming over.
The worst part of what's going on in this country right now is the leftists.
And the leftists have essentially made us shut up.
We don't get to talk about anything.
They're the number one threat.
They are the threat.
Yeah, they are the threat.
These are the people that have been training us for decades.
How to shut our mouths, grin and bear it, take what they want to push to us, whatever that agenda is, and we gladly capitulate.
Well, you know what?
It's time we stand up.
Yeah, because now they've got all the big companies organized to censor everybody, and they used me as the first domino, and now it's everybody else.
We'll come back then and get into Kavanaugh and ask our guest, how does he think we win this?
Because I have children, he's got children.
How do we deal with this?
I think the answer is,
Growing a backbone.
President Trump calling for a new investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server.
A new bombshell development reveals Hillary Clinton's leaked emails were likely responsible for the deaths of up to 20 CIA agents working in China.
Over a dozen CIA agents may have been killed as a result of Hillary Clinton's leaked emails.
The FBI is denying that, sort of, but the story is still fluid and confusing, and for some reason a lot of people don't seem that interested in finding out what actually happened.
Look, the Deep State doesn't want to do a damage assessment, they don't want to grapple with this, because to do so would undermine the fiction that what Hillary did caused no damage and deserved no prosecution.
The former Secretary of State's carelessness allowed a Chinese state-owned company to gain access to her emails, giving them the ability to read her messages in real time.
Even worse, the FBI was reportedly warned about this by the intel communities, Inspector General, but did nothing in response.
It's almost like there were, like, folks at the top of the FBI that just weren't interested in anything that made Hillary look bad.
And the fact that this information was discovered, then turned over to the FBI, and the FBI counterintelligence office, including Mr. Peter Strzok, apparently took no interest in it.
It's shocking.
One of the top officials who was alerted to the problem was none other than anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok, who decided to ignore the warning.
Texas Representative Louie Gohmert of the House Judiciary Committee explained that this news would have damaged Clinton's chances in the election, and so agents like Peter Strzok decided to cover it up.
It is time to hold people accountable.
It is time to perform an actual investigation into Hillary's breach of protocol and her facilitating this cyber attack on our country.
What the heck were the Clintons doing?
Why have there been no substantive prosecutions in this case at all?
The reason I think at this point is pretty obvious.
As a result of this massive intelligence leak, China was able to discover the identities and capture some 20 CIA agents who were then either tortured or murdered.
This was a sophisticated intelligence operation in which they were able to generate what is called a courtesy copy of every incoming and outgoing email that Hillary received in her mansion in upstate New York.
I'm told actually in the bathroom of her mansion.
You had dozens of CIA and American sources and operatives in China killed and imprisoned by the Chinese government because they got access to those top secret files.
One agent was actually shot and killed right in front of a Chinese government building in an apparent message designed to intimidate Washington.
It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.
Because you'd be in jail.
Hey guys, my name is Savannah Hernandez, and if you're always on the go like me, then you're not always tied to your computer or TV.
So we just released our free InfoWars official app.
The InfoWars official app includes all of our live broadcasts, like War Room with Owen Troyer, Real News with David Knight, and the holy grail of podcasts and radio, the Alex Jones Show.
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So what are you waiting for?
Not so fast, InfoWars.
Apple banned your app.
I helped, too!
Ah, Oliver.
I hate free speech, too!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones.
Kevin Jackson was on Fox for years and has his own syndicated radio show, the GCN Radio Network.
And then magically, he gets kicked off for talking bad about our Lord and Savior, Dr. Ford.
He called these women skanks.
They all look like a bunch of crazy, bug-eyed professors to me.
So they're not even in the skank category.
They're like crazy, bug-eyed professors.
But whatever you want to call them, you know, the cat's meow, or I think she's a liar, or I think she's telling the truth, it's called the First Amendment.
And again, the articles on NewsWars.com, InfoWars.com, Kit Daniels has written about it, the former or current prosecutor that grilled her, list a whole big
I think so.
So, uh, the White House on Monday reportedly prevented the FBI to interview anyone deemed appropriate in its investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh amid security that the security of the administration was limiting the scope.
So see, once the witch hunt starts, everybody's a Russian except Hillary in bed with the Russians.
Lindsey Graham vows full-scale probe into Dems' handling of Ford Kavanaugh allegations.
Hashtag kill Kavanaugh tops list of Twitter hashtags.
House could investigate Kavanaugh he's confirmed Nadler says.
I mean you knew you just you just fed the Lions there folks they're just gonna get more hungry now.
Meanwhile you've got the Antifa saying kill teams need to kill the conservative leadership that dovetails with the hashtag
Kill Kavanaugh.
So, here's the prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, highlights massive inconsistencies in Christine Foer's testimony.
That article's up on InfoWars.com.
But that doesn't matter, because all these politicians, these Republican cowards, other than people like Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump on this issue, all the others just want a virtue signal.
And they all want to play it safe.
So if Kavanaugh doesn't get confirmed, well, let's just get your take on Kavanaugh in general.
Again, you got banned off Fox News as a contributor.
You got fired for saying you don't believe these women.
How dare you have an opinion, even though none of the witnesses say these women's stories are true?
These women are lying through their teeth.
And let me tell you, if you watch, excuse me, if you've seen a, if anybody in your family has ever been a victim of sexual abuse in any way, a friend, and you watch that testimony of lying Ford, I call it the Ford farce,
Then you know she's lying.
Nobody talks about, well, how do you know that that was the guy?
And you start talking about epinephrine and your hippocampus and stuff like that.
You say, I'll never forget those eyes.
I'll never forget that breath.
I'll never forget the pressure that he put on me as he was doing this or that.
You start talking about the things that physically happened.
You don't talk about neoprenephrine and all these other crappy things he's talking about.
That was somebody describing what somebody said to her and she's trying to explain to you what was going on in your brain.
No, that's exactly true, because the things that were done to me, the few times I got mugged, or one time some guy for no reason at a party grabbed me in the kitchen and put a knife in my throat.
I remember him snarling at me, telling me he was going to kill me.
And the way he smelled in his cologne, I could still smell it.
I didn't talk about my hippocampus.
And you know what the defense is?
Well, she's a psychologist.
I mean, that's what she's going to go to.
I don't care who you are.
There's a human factor in fear.
And you don't talk about it the way she did.
And she didn't remember how she got there, how she left, but then the couches and the mu... She remembered everything but witnesses.
Look, Alex, again, I'm not even going to... For me, it's nonsense even to get into the details of what she said.
She's lying.
It's 36 years.
All the witnesses say the opposite.
It's political.
She's a huge Hillary worshipper who is the recruitment officer at her college for the CIA.
Connect the dots with everybody involved in this case from the attorneys, how Feinstein leaked it, how they got to all the information leading up to saying Kavanaugh is this guy.
And then ask yourself this about Kavanaugh.
We've all gone to college, gone to high school with guys, gone to college.
Why is there no history of this dude?
Did he just suddenly end the pathology of being a serial rapist?
Or was he never it?
So, for me, if we buy into this and allow ourselves to keep asking ourselves questions about this, we buy into their farce.
And so, the only thing we can do is what I did, which is to fight back, to call her what she is, to call women like her what they are.
My sister one time told me about a girlfriend who borrowed my sister's pregnancy test where she tested positive so she could go to four dudes she was having sex with to get money for an abortion.
Now that's the kind of skanky stuff that women do that people don't want to talk about.
Alex, everybody, any guy over the age of 25 years old... Any guy that's been out with a lot of women knows about gold diggers and skanks.
You better believe they do.
And when they ask Snoop Dogg about, you know, and I'll just say B's and H's, he said, and they ask him, would you want your daughter to be called that?
He says, no, but don't tell me that I don't know what a B or an H is because I'm around them.
So, look, we can pretend that the lexicon hurts our feelings and stuff like that.
The left weren't, their feelings weren't hurt with what I said.
They, women in the left call, have you ever watched Rich Housewives of anywhere?
They call themselves stuff that's far worse than anything I've ever said, and certainly far worse than- Well, here's an example.
Rosie O'Donnell came out and called, and there's no proof of it.
Lindsey Graham, you know, you closeted all these names.
And the left all praises it.
It's like another mean lesbian.
And I'm not against women that like women.
The point is that she's just a stereotypical mean lesbian.
But why is the left allowed to, like you said, white people call black people the n-word, and to the left it's okay.
It's sick!
It is sick, but again, we allow it because we aren't fighting back.
And look, how many people do you know, Alex, honest to God, who talk the talk but don't walk the walk?
These are people that say, yeah, man, I'm in the fight.
And then you say, OK, here's what the fight requires.
It requires you to donate.
It requires you to press.
Oh, I know a bunch of talk show hosts that begged to come on the show.
And as soon as I got banned everywhere, they thought, oh, I can't come on your show.
I might get banned, which it doesn't hurt.
I don't need them for the show that they're such cowards.
It is what hurts me.
Let me say something about that.
You're the first TV broadcast that I've done, and I got asked by a lot of people to come on.
I did no media after that, because they were all like, Kevin, come on and tell your story to bash Fox.
But it was funny.
I said, the first show I want to do, and it turned out that your producer contacted me, I said, I want to do Alex Jones.
Because I couldn't do that show before.
I want people to understand that I'm not afraid to go on and have people go, oh, there's Kevin on Alex Jones, bring it!
You know, look, my story's my story.
It'll be the same wherever I go, but I wanted to make it your show for this reason.
And again, they build straw men about me that aren't true, then tell everybody not to come on the show, just like they'll build straw men about you.
But even though I was Charlie Manson, you're allowed to go on what shows you want.
They even threaten people, don't interview Jones or we'll ban you because he's so bad.
Well, wait.
I mean, Ayatollah Khomeini was interviewed by 60 Minutes.
What is this new thing where you better not talk to somebody?
Because they want to build a straw man and lie about what I said and not have you hear the real one.
That's why I hate being censored.
It's not that I'm not on those platforms.
It's that now that I'm not on those platforms, they can tell the most outrageous, crazy lies, and I can't respond.
But here's the good news, and I think from my perspective, and possibly for yours as well, people know who I am.
They say, you know, Kevin's a principled guy.
I didn't go try to hammer Fox after they let me go.
That's their prerogative.
They can do what they want to do.
But I plan on making myself bigger than anything they possibly thought I could be.
And that's going to be our revenge, Alex.
In the long run, is we will put these dudes, we were going to put their lights out.
I don't know how, but I know we have the capability.
I totally agree.
I want you to come back on the next week if you can and talk about the documentary, Bleeding Blue.
But spend a few minutes on that right now, or 45 seconds on Bleeding Blue, the documentary.
So I made this film because a friend of mine wanted me to bridge the gap between police and the black community and end the violence to some degree.
We were going to do a book and I told him I'll do a movie.
So we'll put my little bit of fortune I had into it.
Alex, I swear to you, best documentary you'll ever see.
This movie is spectacular.
And if you can't get to a location because we're going to try to expand it, check it out.
Get the DVD.
We're putting them up today.
It's pre-orders, but we're going to put them up.
Get BleedingBlueMovie.com and I want to have you back up next week with clips, a full hour on BleedingBlueMovie.com because it's so important.
It doesn't mean police are perfect, it means the globalists want to overthrow our local government and install their new system and then the police will be bad.
Kevin Jackson, thank you so much and God bless.
Thanks Alex.
Thank you.
Alex, speaking of food, I do have to mention to you that on Monday night, I was invited out to dinner by a New York Times reporter, and he said that it was on him, which meant it was on Carlos Slim.
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We're talking sleep for 12 hours when I hit a porterhouse.
Yeah, it's called the food coma.
But you can avoid the negative effects with carnivore.
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
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Well, let me just say something, Victor.
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It's not a Silver Bullet, but it's the closest thing you're going to find to a Silver Bullet.
For months and months and months, CNN, BuzzFeed and others lobbied to have Alex Jones removed from social media.
He was removed from basically all the major social media platforms apart from Twitter.
And then they said, oh, you're not being banned.
You still have a platform on Twitter.
You still have an app in the App Store.
Banned by Twitter, banned by the App Store.
Oh, but you still have a website.
You still have InfoWars Store.
You still have a shopfront.
And then what do we see?
Washington Post.
Oh my god, traffic to Alex Jones' InfoWars store has increased by 50%.
Maybe now we should look at that all the way down the line.
They literally want to sabotage people's right to commerce.
They will not stop, which is why we need your support right now by getting the products at InfoWarsStore.com.
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We're only funded by you, by getting the products at infootballstore.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
I want to just say that I get so angry at the globalists that sometimes I'm a little bit negative on air and I apologize for that.
But we're really making major headway here with globalism being exposed and what's happening.
And this crew, this whole office and everybody gets as much credit as I get or as you get.
We're all in this together.
And the producers of this show, Daria and the rest of the folks, Faith Goldie, Kevin Jackson, Gavin McGinnis hosting the fourth hour.
...are doing a kick-butt job, so we're very, very thankful for all of you.
I just watched them smirking and buzzfeed and all these anti-free speech groups that are the anti-free speech police, bragging how they're censoring conservatives all over the news.
Then they have congressional hearings and Google and Facebook and Twitter deny it's happening when we have Project Veritas videos admitting it.
Then they had a big city event.
Paid for with taxpayer money, blocking off Congress Street, the main street downtown, with a big stage, with almost no attendees, to hear the piss-feed fake news king who openly brags he censors InfoWars and goes around and manages that, Charlie Weasel.
Smiling and laughing about how they were censoring conservatives because we're fake because they said so.
It's so authoritarian, it's so sick.
So I want to air this footage because it was going viral on YouTube on fan channels and they banned those fan channels.
So they're going to have an event called the Fake News of Alex Jones and Donald Trump.
And then they're going to ban us when we show up, even responding.
But guess what, jerks?
We have mfulworsh.com with videos all posted.
I looked at our servers this morning.
300 plus thousand viewers on our video feed.
So, you fail again.
America is awake!
I feel sorry for you.
I feel sorry for you and your mental illness.
I feel sorry for your mental illness.
How long were you in the state hospital?
I know you were in the state hospital.
There you go.
Go ahead and assault me.
Go ahead.
That's what you do.
Assault me right now.
He's attacking.
He's hit me in the eye with it.
You scratched my car.
Imagine how mad it makes him that we're here, that we exist.
I hobbled because my Achilles is gone.
I've been waiting to have surgery.
It's going to be seven weeks off my legs.
Oh, this is where I get slandered and lied about so they can build a straw man?
It's an event named after me and they're asking me to please leave.
This state dossier are the lies about WMDs and the New York Times.
These are the people that get people killed right here.
These are the lapdogs of the corporate press and Google that works with Communist China censoring people and we're here to cover it.
We're here.
You want to lie about me and have an event about me and then slander and defame me?
And then you guys can edit my videos and put them up and not let me put the real videos I put up?
Like they did on Twitter?
When I said Antifa is doxing members of Congress, and Congress should be prepared to protect themselves?
So you edited the tape and said that I should attack the press?
These people are lying scum!
These are the people that helped Hitler, helped Stalin come to power.
These are the authoritarian bootlickers of the establishment.
You have these events, I'm here to expose this fraud.
I'm here, just like in Congress has hearings about me, I go there.
And I get in their face and I expose the truth and that's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to stand for what I really said.
Not what you people edit.
It's George Soros that's your main funder who is a Nazi collaborator.
But you guys call everybody a Nazi all day long and then try to suppress people's speech.
You are the modern book burners.
These people are up here
To sell their agenda.
The point is, the point is, is that this is the reality.
Yes, no, you're here lying about me.
You're here never letting me face my accusers and hoping you can shut down the truth, which is the opposite.
We have four times the traffic we ever had.
Hundreds and hundreds of new stations.
We're exploding.
You are failing.
We have the eternal documents of the plans, and they're all coming out.
And that's the good news here.
That's the good news is that America is awake.
Listen to him boo!
America is back!
America's awake!
That's the trigger!
Like a vampire, the sun comes up!
And we're exposing the censorship of Google and Apple.
He's got a lot of six-figures.
He's got a couple of them now.
It's all going to get broken up.
Why do you need the megaphone?
Because he's got about a hundred-figures.
We're good to go.
You have the nerve to call this a non-partisan event, when these are all partisans up here in absolute love.
So understand, ladies and gentlemen, America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
You can't kill free speech!
You can't kill free speech!
You can't kill free speech!
You're having an event for my name, because these losers can't draw a crowd!
You want to come here and you're called an anti-Alex Jones and act on a free speech?
Hey, hey, weasel, where's hell?
You go around policing to get my videos taken down, so don't sit there and act like when I talk over a fascist like you that I'm a bad person!
You're a bootlicker in the establishment and a shameful person and disgrace to this country!
You are a winner!
America's winning!
America's back!
And there's nothing you can do.
So there you go.
All of you guys are big tough bullies, aren't you?
I'll get you all right now.
All a bunch of big old bad boys, aren't you?
There you go!
You're an average mentally ill Democrat!
Sir, we know you got about a Saturday IQ to these people playing on you.
I feel sorry for you.
I feel sorry for you and your mental illness.
I feel sorry for your mental illness.
How long were you in the state hospital?
I know you were in the state hospital.
There you go.
Go ahead and assault me.
Go ahead.
That's what you do.
He's attacking me right now.
He's attacking me.
He's hit me in the eye with it.
You scratched my car and he has to pay for it.
I am here in defiance of your tyranny.
We're only growing stronger.
So you understand if you look at a real American, you understand what it's all about.
We're good.
All of you are hereby put on notice that you engage in criminal activity and sedition against this republic.
The answer to your tyranny, the answer to your 1984 system, is 1776!
You are broken.
Your system is broken.
You have taken America's kindness for a weakness.
Many of you are simply followers.
Many of you have reflected glory from your God, Hillary, the fallen witch.
You miscalculated!
Fake news cannot survive while the real news is there.
Now begin to experience true information warfare using truth and action and courage and focus and daring.
So prepare yourselves.
You've declared war on the First Amendment.
You've declared war on free speech.
We now take the challenge, not to censor like you do, but to stand against you and to fight even harder for our birthright that you are trying to steal!
Alright, that's good.
The full video has been up on InfoWars.com, so good job the crew though.
We got Gavin McGinnis coming up in the fourth hour.
Call people on the phone.
Text them.
Say, hey, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Gavin McGinnis is on fire.
He's getting banned everywhere, too.
Tune into this Patriot coming up in the next hour.
He also has a show on CRTV.
Get up on my lawn with Gavin McGinnis.
So Gavin McGinnis coming up.
Don't forget, we have the new product, Happies, with all the herbs that are key.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Hello, folks!
Welcome to InfoWars!
My name is Gavin McInnes.
Not McGinnis.
It's a hard C. Why is that so hard for people to say?
Even Siri calls me McGinnis sometimes.
Come on, robots!
Get it together!
C. One time I was getting called for, uh, I wasn't paying my bills because I'm McKinnis and Scottish people are cheap.
You've heard of Scrooge McDuck.
And she said, hello, is this, uh,
Kevin... Kevin... Kevi... Ma... Ma... Signs?
And I go, lady, it's phonetic!
Do you know what phonetic means?
And she goes, do you know what about to have your phone cut off means?
She was a worthy adversary.
I believe she was a woman of color and we were, we were matched.
We should have started dating after that.
Would have had a challenging marriage.
Welcome back to InfoWars.
I host the show Get Off My Lawn and CRTV Tonight.
Both shows are on CRTV.com.
It's on pretty much every night.
I just got back from London, England with Tommy Robinson.
Tommy is part of a judicial catastrophe over there where he is being charged with contempt of court because he embarrassed some Muslim pedophiles.
And he also embarrassed the state.
And that is the worst crime you can do there.
So they are trying him in the highest court of the land, the Old Bailey.
That's where they try rapists, murderers.
It's the Supreme Court of Britain.
You don't get higher than that.
So the day we were there,
The day we were there for Tommy's trial, there was also the Westminster guy.
That was the guy who drove the truck across London Bridge and killed, I believe, eight people.
That was being tried that day.
A rapist who raped 30 women, I believe.
A serial rapist.
He was being tried that day.
And then, of course, Tommy.
For contempt of court.
Contempt of court.
Because he harassed these Muslim pedophiles when they're on the way to court.
And that might affect the jury.
Even though they have DNA on these guys.
And they're looking at 30 years.
What are you doing there?
Clearing your throat?
What are you, Baba Booey?
We're doing a... You know how many people watch this show?
I didn't know Baba Booey did that, but no, I just... How did you not know Baba Booey did that?
That's how they joke about him all the time.
They go... True, I did hear that, yeah.
But, just ate something weird.
You had a hot dog.
I was with you for lunch.
What's weird about a hot dog?
It's the most normal food available.
I wasn't trying to... Next to an apple.
What are the most normal foods on earth?
A hamburger, a hot dog, an apple, stick of gum?
I mean, that's basically the top five.
You had one of these exotic hot dogs?
I think the bun.
Was it the sriracha?
Did you have sriracha sauce?
I did.
So you're a wimp.
You can't handle spicy sauce, even though you're half Puerto Rican.
I want all the Puerto Ricans watching the show.
To recognize that they are dealing with a Puerto Rican man who can't handle spice.
I believe that's like a Scotsman who can't handle his whiskey.
You're gonna be excommunicated.
You're gonna have to move over to 100% to the Japanese side.
I hope not.
You know what I would do if I were you?
I would find another Japanese Puerto Rican guy, and you guys run at each other at about 100 miles an hour until you smash, and then there's a Japanese guy and a Puerto Rican guy.
Physically, you think that's possible?
I believe that's the way the atoms would work.
Well, as a mathematician, half.
I'd say that that's impossible.
Oh, wow.
You are half Japanese.
Turning Japanese.
I think he's turning Japanese.
I really think so.
That song's banned now.
So yeah, that was a fascinating miscarriage of justice.
It's fascinating going down there and seeing the vitriol that the middle class, the media class gets from
...has towards the working class.
Like, we see it here too, right?
We have Stephen Colbert and all the late-night guests, and you can tell they have nothing but contempt for the plumbers and electricians and the tradesmen of America, the Trump people in America.
But there, it's much more deep-seated and much more vitriolic.
Be back in a moment.
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Are the misfits... Are the misfits punk?
I don't know.
I think it's very easy to delineate hardcore and punk.
Quintessential punk band being the Sex Pistols, the Green Hair, the Tartan Pants, got it.
Quintessential hardcore band being Minor Threat, you know, the sweatpants, the champion sweatshirts, the sneakers, the shaved head.
Hardcore is American punk.
And what they did was they stripped it down.
And they made a faster, cheaper, easier version.
That's what Americans do.
You say color, C-O-L-O-U-R, we just say color.
But the misfits?
They seem more Sex Pistols-y than Minor Threat-y.
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Well, if I don't like it, though, I'm not going to say it sucks.
I'll just say maybe it was me, could be psychosomatic, didn't do nothing for me.
But I have a feeling it will do something because I'm very sensitive to drugs.
That's why I can't smoke pot anymore.
It's too intense!
My God, have you tried what the kids are smoking these days?
I don't know how Alex Jones survived on Joe Rogan, man.
Last time I tried Marijuana, I was like a narc.
I had to lie down on a cold cement floor, shirtless.
And the only reason I didn't call 911 is because the idea of being in a gurney and going down the elevator and getting... I was at work at the time.
And being put on an ambulance, it just sounded like too much to bear.
But if I was at a hospital, I definitely would have buzzed the buzzer.
You know that thing they have in the restroom where you can push it if you faint?
Anyway, enough blethering, McInnes.
Let's have some substance on the show.
Did anyone else see 60 Minutes last night?
A. Mess.
It was a perfect example of geriatric boomer propaganda.
I turned in to the boss here at InfoWars, Alex Jones.
I got real conspiratorial towards the end.
And it was everything that's wrong with modern media.
It's everything that's wrong with paid media.
And you have to understand, when you see an establishment news show like 60 Minutes, you are watching propaganda.
And what's worse, I don't believe these journalists care.
I think, you see this with talk show hosts too, you get to a certain echelon in your career, like Howard Stern, and you're good for money.
And you've already made your mark in society.
You've already cut your teeth, cut your chops.
You've already made your mark.
And so what they really care about at that point in their career is dinner parties.
I want to go to the right dinner parties.
I want the show to continue.
I want to help out with fundraising, get more money in and stuff.
I got two divorces I got to pay for.
I want to get the money in.
I don't want to anger any advertisers.
And I just really want to go to the Hamptons.
I really want to go to this party at the Hamptons.
This is the top one.
The Les Moonves one, I guess.
And then my wife also wants to go to this one and this one.
That's their priorities.
And you see it so clearly in the news.
There's no ambition, there's no curiosity.
It's not thorough.
So I'm kind of obsessed with the opioid crisis and I think it's amazing we don't hear about it.
And I know why we don't hear about it because inevitably when you're watching right and left news, by the way, Fox News or CNN, they cut to a commercial and they say, ask your doctor about xyloflex.
Side effects include diarrhea, dizziness.
Basically, the side effects are the same as going on a four-day coke and heroin booze bender.
Dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, nausea?
Sounds like you got a little too wasted that weekend.
And I think they don't report on Big Pharma because they don't want to lose big advertisers.
And a lot of these stations, especially Fox News, it seems like their only advertiser is pharmaceutical companies.
Anyway, so they go, we're going to tackle the opioid crisis, and you go,
Well, that's amazing, 60 Minutes.
I thought you guys were a bunch of geriatric liberal dinosaurs.
You were actually going to do some real reporting and talk about the 40,000 people a year who die of opioid overdoses.
115 a day.
So it starts out, they have the black guy doing it.
And it's produced by Ira Rosen.
Ira Rosen.
Ira Rosen.
What does that mean?
He says, you know, more people died last year from opioid addiction than they died in Vietnam.
That's one of the opening lines.
Now, I don't want to trivialize opioid addiction, but a wrong fact is a wrong fact.
There's no alternative facts.
And 60,000 guys died in Vietnam.
Not 40,000.
So, you're already off on the wrong foot.
But anyway, I'm watching it, and we all know the real story, right?
With the oxy problem.
We've got one guy
The Slacker.
What's his name?
Richard Slacker?
The Slacker family.
One family getting the lion's share of the profits from this addiction.
And they are Purdue Pharmaceuticals, and they gave doctors financial incentives to over-prescribe Oxycontin.
Now, I don't know if you've ever done heroin, but let me just explain.
If you did a large booger of heroin, right?
Like, uh, say, like, take your smallest tooth and divide that by four.
That's a terrible one.
Why did I get so bad at analogies?
I used to be the analogy king!
Maybe, like, uh, did I say Sackler?
Oh, sorry.
All right, how about this?
A diamond earring.
A little tiny stud.
Diamond earring.
Say you did that much heroin.
Just snorted it.
You would be projectile vomiting your guts out, which wouldn't feel bad because you're on heroin, and then you would be
Dead to the world for about five hours, four hours.
You'd just be like, hey, man, well, that'd be like you were shot with a tranquilizer dart.
Now, one of these oxy pills is about 10 times the dosage of that.
And these doctors were prescribing up to 60 a day.
There is no way you could do 60 pills a day and not die.
I don't care how high you give them to a junkie in the Lower East Side and he would O.D.
That is a death sentence.
Anyway, so is it Richard Sackler?
Richard Sackler, Purdue Pharmaceuticals.
Not only do they make Oxy and incentivize doctors to over-prescribe, but their defense is, we're just one.
There's tons of people making this.
There's all these generics out there.
And then we find out, oh, you're making the generics too.
But it gets worse.
They are also, they also are pushing for the patent, for the trademark, for the opioid blocker.
Now, how Superman 3 can we get?
You are creating the addiction and you're also trademarking the cure.
Not the band.
The way to stop being an opioid addict.
To stop being a junkie.
Isn't that every comic book you've ever read?
Oh, they're gonna make the whole world addicted and then they're gonna get a cure and they're gonna be the ones with the cure!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
This is real life villainry.
And 60 Minutes decides to totally ignore
All of that.
No Sackler.
No Purdue.
No generic.
No trademark in the cure.
None of that is in it at all!
So what they do is they talk about this other company that was making them, and they make the other company look bad.
Not that bad, sorry.
They make pretty good.
The company just goes, we're sorry, we were just doing it.
We were just making it.
We didn't give it to people.
We're just a pharmaceutical company.
So not only are you not putting Purdue in, but you're making pharmaceutical companies look innocent.
And the guy in the forefront of the story was this Dr. Schmidt or something like that, and he was way over the top.
He's looking at a life sentence.
He was the guy giving the 60 pills a day, but he was making, I think, 6,000 a day.
They put it all on him.
So now, your brain, if you're not curious, if you're one of the many incurious 60 Minutes watchers, you go, oh, I see what the opioid epidemic is.
Nothing to do with the Sacklers.
It's corrupt doctors.
Greedy doctors killing people.
Now, when we come back, I will explain why I think 60 Minutes took this angle, and it is remarkably sinister.
I get blamed for every conspiracy theory that some crazy person made up.
I said I do not agree with you that the U.S.
government, someone inside the government, had knowledge of the terror attack prior to the attack.
No really, all over Twitter yesterday, mainline leftist sites celebrated and said America deserved it.
Reality winner had a top-secret security clearance and was helping ISIS.
There are so many, the average professor at UT down the street
Loves 9-11 and says America deserved it.
There were elements in our government allied with radical Islam that helped them carry out the attack!
Just like the terrorists are covering up New Mexico!
Alex, you can argue whether or not America deserved it or not.
I don't think- I don't think America deserved it!
I'm saying the left is cheerleading it!
Wasn't your theory, Alex, your theory was not only did America not deserve it, but the United States government knew about the attack prior to the attack and decided to stand down.
A very different theory.
I don't
To overthrow our allies in Egypt, you name it.
And I think that elements let this happen, like PNAC wrote, to let there be an attack, to end up taking our liberties away.
And I've got FBI was warned about flight schools.
That's CBS News.
FBI knew Al-Qaeda pilots were training in the U.S.
in order to stand down.
ABC News.
State Department lapses aided 9-11 hijackers.
Then they have the airlift of evil, flying tens of thousands of Al-Qaeda fighters out.
Our military was ordered to do it.
I don't blame our military.
Oh, you hate our military?
No, I love our military.
The Bin Laden family was whisked out of the United States by President Bush himself right after the 9-11 attack and they went back to Saudi Arabia, correct?
That's right.
When you had the World Trade Center go, people were put into planes that were friends, family, girlfriends, and they were put into planes and they were sent back for the most part to Saudi Arabia.
All I'm saying is there is a radical Islamic alliance with the left
And there are people in the government working to protect Islam.
They got this imam that's connected to dozens of bombings.
After six months, he's being released from British prison next week.
You said some things that I agree with.
I believe radical Islam is the greatest threat to the United States, our freedom, maybe even the globe.
I'll agree with that.
Maybe the left's bigger though.
Well, I think the one on the left is a different type of threat, and it's a longer-term threat where, you know, radical Islam could, you know, kill a lot of people real fast.
And the left, it's going to take a while for them to take over and take away our liberties and freedoms.
But I think we can deal with a straight-on attack like radical Islam.
It's the left creeping around.
I don't like them either.
I'm on board with that.
Well, this is video on screen of them saying Building 7 has already fallen.
Have you seen that video?
And it's right behind her.
Well, I can't hear her.
Do you want me to play it for you?
Well, I'd like to hear her say it's already fallen.
And by the way, you know, Alex, anyone could throw a video of the picture behind it as the news person.
Well, she's saying Building 7 has fallen.
They put the story out beforehand.
Now, more on the latest building collapse in New York.
You might have heard a few moments ago I was talking about the Salomon Brothers building collapsing.
And indeed it has.
Jane, what more can you tell us about the Salomon Brothers building and its collapse?
Well, only really what you already know.
Details are very, very sketchy.
We are getting information now that one of the other buildings, Building 7, in the World Trade Center complex is on fire and has either collapsed or is collapsing.
It was almost as if it were a planned implosion.
It just pancaked.
Well, pancaking almost like a precision implosion.
It's reminiscent of those pictures we've all seen too much on television before when a building was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
That was Les Boys, Les Garcons, Beastie.
In English it's called the Beastie Boys.
Did the folks at home hear that?
I can hear it.
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I remember Aunt Coulter saying when she does the auto versions of her book, she could just race through it because she wrote the book.
But she goes, I get stuck on these Muslim names for half the thing.
So I'd be saying, and of course, after the arrests of Muhammad,
It's like this guy with the Mohammed video.
And then, of course, they arrested Nassula Bakli Nassula, who, if your name's Bakli Nassula, why wouldn't your dad name you Nassula?
Hi, this is, I'm Gavin McInnis.
This is my son, McInnis McInnis, and my daughter, McInnis McInnis McInnis.
I really want to nail it home.
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Crazy town!
I know famous people in Hollywood and before Trump I hung out with them before I was stumped.
They're all taking B12.
They're all injecting it.
It was the hot thing.
This was B16, I guess, before Trump was elected.
But I even tried it and I thought, isn't it weird how trusting I am that I'm letting this celebrity inject me with a syringe?
This could be poison for all I know.
And then they dumped me because of Trump.
And I'm like, I trusted you with my life.
You could have given me AIDS.
And now you don't trust me?
Anyway, that's neither here nor there.
Later on, I want to talk about this footage that you guys got with Owen Schreier and some black guy saying America was never great.
I can't wait to see that footage.
It was just, that argument is so tedious!
You know what they mean when they say that?
America was never great?
They mean America was never perfect.
Great is a relative term, and America was always the greatest.
Yes, we had slavery.
We were late to the slavery game.
It was a terrible, horrible thing, and we lost 620,000 men fighting over that.
But that's the worst it gets.
Go compare America to every other country at any time in history, and you know what you'll see?
And by the way, when Trump says he wants to make America great again, he doesn't mean slavery.
He means the 80s.
He means mullets, he means jet skis, he means chicks in bikinis that say Budweiser on them, and those big sort of puffy white weightlifter socks they used to wear with their kids.
Remember those days?
You had no idea if they had cankles or not because you couldn't see their ankles!
I gotta get back to my Alex Jones!
Uh, theory here.
So, everything I told you at 60 Minutes and their opioid segment was totally factual, right?
From now on, from this part of the show going forward, this is all my personal theory.
These are not facts.
These are things I believe to be true.
Here's what I believe happened.
Ira Rosen is the producer of that opioid segment.
He's also the guy that did the fluff piece on 60 Minutes about the NSA.
Remember that?
I think it was a couple years ago?
And it was a government-sponsored 60 Minutes piece about, guess what?
How wonderful the government is, and how awesome the NSA are, and how hard they're working for our safety, and how they never invade anyone's private conversation.
Oh no, and they show us on their computers how they never go near anything private.
And 60 Minutes had no other angle whatsoever.
It was just, NSA is awesome.
And that was clearly the government saying, look, we'll give you unfettered access to our stuff.
Also, I suspect some other benefit, like financial or maybe tax breaks, or maybe we won't include you in this, you know, media parameter.
Who knows what the kickbacks were for that segment, but it was nothing but Stalinist propaganda.
All right?
So we've established it.
I should have said this part is factual too.
I haven't got to the theory yet.
So that's Ira Rosen.
Doing propaganda on behalf of the government.
What if the Sackler, or some institution, they're big philanthropists, they run the Met here in New York, and MoMA, and all the... It's clearly the women, right?
The wives and the daughters, they go, I don't want to do the pharmaceutical stuff, I want to, like, pay for paintings.
Okay, you run MoMA, and sweetheart, you run the Met.
Okay, I love that, I love her.
So they're good at philanthropy, so they have these organizations.
Like Open Foundation, like Soros has.
There's a foundation and a foundation manager.
So I'm assuming there is a Sackler-Purdue Pharmaceutical linked benefit charity, whatever company, that went to CBS and said, look, we've got to discuss this opioid crisis and I want to help you.
I want to help you either financially or invite everyone to the cool dinner party.
Something's in it for 60 minutes.
I don't know what.
Let's say $10 million, right?
And CBS likes that because it keeps 60 Minutes afloat for another year.