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Name: 20180925_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 25, 2018
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Alex Jones discusses the increasing hostility from the left towards prominent Republicans and InfoWars. He highlights how they are calling for violence and attempts to control the narrative by suppressing opposition. Jones encourages listeners to stand up for free speech, support InfoWars financially, and spread their articles and videos. Additionally, he talks about the discovery of quail eggs helping alleviate seasonal distress symptoms, and the development of Pollen Block, a natural remedy for seasonal distress. The former vocalist of Glenn Danzig's band, Mikhael Graves, had his shows at next month's music festival in Edmonton cancelled for tweeting Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson. This serves as another example of the implementation of a "de facto communist Chinese social credit score" in the West, according to Jones. He also discusses how conservatives are being banned from platforms like PayPal and Visa, leading to a situation where they cannot eat at restaurants or use certain platforms without being targeted by social justice warriors.

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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
42 days until the most historic election in world history.
Nationalism versus globalism, up for referendum.
You know the Democrats are already fighting dirty, and now.
Trump derangement syndrome has gone into thermonuclear meltdown.
It's Chernobyl and Fukushima and Three Mile Island all rolled into one.
They've got prominent Democrats, prominent groups on Twitter saying murder Mike Pence, murder Trump, murder Ted Cruz, murder ICE, murder police, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, burn, death, kill!
Headline, Dems pursuing, quote, destruction of America to stop Kavanaugh.
Those are the announcements.
That's the story up on NewsWars.com.
It is getting absolutely insane as we watch the death throes of these criminals and the minions that their entire ideology is the reflected glory of believing that they have captured and shackled the will of the West.
And that it is their slave, and that they will absorb it, they will eat it, and somehow then become greater men than those they had conquered.
But great men do not seek power.
They only rise up once things become incredibly dark and there's no more denial.
But the time for resistance is here.
Those of us being persecuted by the globalists,
...are extremely honored, because it means we are over the target.
It is September 25th, 2018, on this Global Tuesday Worldwide Transmission.
And you are in the war, like everybody else just as important.
As I am, or Matt Drudge, or President Trump, with your leadership, at point-blank range, going against the bullying, going against the peer pressure, going against the social conditioning, and telling the truth, and driving through the enemy line for touchdown after touchdown, as we begin to demoralize the enemy, not by suppressing them,
But by winning, their will is now being fully broken.
The death throes we witness now are the true sign that humanity is about to be coming back up.
Does that mean we're offering some type of utopia?
What it does mean is that the dystopia of the globalists, where they want to demoralize us and dominate us and control us... No!
Our will to fight is back, and we are strong, and we are persecuted because we're telling the truth.
Go to DrudgeReport.com.
At least 10 minutes ago, the two top stories on DrudgeReport.com are these incredible reports.
Video, Ted Cruz and his wife hounded from restaurant by angry leftist mob.
That was the first article this morning by Steve Watson.
Not capable, but also a reclusive brother.
Just as capable as Paul.
I wish we could get Steve back on air.
Founder of group that harassed Ted Cruz tweeted about dead cops assassinating Mike Pence.
He's also known as Snake Man or Pencil Neck.
He's a professor that leads the terrorist organization.
Leftist group that harassed Ted Cruz vows, you are not safe, we will find you.
And then it gets worse.
The leftist group again calls for the resistance, the rising up, and killing.
Mike Pence, everyone else, top resistance member, admits he gets paid by higher-ups to show the division.
And of course, what is in
The WikiLeaks.
What's in their own documents?
There's top professors in psychological warfare telling Hillary, three months out, we're losing the public's attention.
They don't believe us.
We need to expand culture war.
We need to expand cultural division.
What is that?
Old against young.
Black against white.
White against black.
Vice versa.
Male against female.
Female against male.
North against south.
Just mindless idiocy.
We should be unified by liberty and freedom and true justice and a free market that is our path to Valhalla, nirvana, and heaven all rolled into one.
Stay with us.
Critical Transmission straight ahead.
Well, the moment of truth is here.
George Soros now is taking control of PayPal and he's banned us.
They're trying to shut down our final payment processors and end InfoWars.
We've got to reach this point.
And listen, I knew fighting the globalists, there'd be a price to pay.
And I did it because I knew what horrible individuals they were.
And I was willing to sacrifice myself, my name, my treasure, on the altar of having a better future like our forebears did.
But I don't want to go down without a real fight.
Because I'm going to keep swinging until the end.
But if you, the listeners, really awaken and financially support us like never before with the payment systems we have left at InfoWarsTore.com, it is going to allow us to really hold the line like the Alamo until we either win or we're defeated.
So in the words of the great founder of Texas, and that wasn't Houston, that was Colonel Travis, victory or death, we are going to win if you take action.
We're going to win if you support us.
But it's now all in your hands.
T-minus 42 days.
Countdown to the referendum on nationalism and free market versus globalism.
Crony capitalists allied with communists and the psychological warfare system of the technocrats who believe they have humanity caught in a trance.
My God, the Jungle Book believes that we are their dinner.
But many of us are breaking the trance.
And humanity's soul is rising, thanks to God.
Thanks to all your actions, and thanks to all of your prayers.
It is September 25th, 2018, on this Tuesday Worldwide Broadcast.
Paul Joseph Watson is joining us, coming up with huge news.
He's also hosting the fourth hour.
And then I've cleared the decks to take phone calls throughout the day.
Trump derangement syndrome has gone into its final meltdown.
They are frothing and calling for death and violence everywhere.
They are bullying.
They are intimidating.
They are trying to be alphas and make us submit to them.
They are fully intending to steal the 2018 election.
There will be a massive red wave, but they have built a seawall
Of election fraud and people voting in the names of dead people and so much more.
I'm not saying that you, as a conservative or as a Christian, should look at people who've recently died on the death rolls, and then if you're in cities or states that don't have voter ID laws run by Democrats, to go vote.
Because those systems are already going to be fraudulent anyways, no matter what.
You don't want to lower yourself to their area.
You want to go knock on a hundred doors yourself.
You want to call in to talk radio yourself.
You want to call in to C-SPAN yourself.
You want to go speak at the city council yourself.
You want to get involved and stand up against this mafia operation, and that's how we're going to win.
And in the cyber war against the globalists and those that keep our country suppressed under Chai Com control, you intensify your operations, spreading articles, spreading videos, spreading links.
You're going to get demonized.
You're going to get attacked.
They're going to hit you with Pavlovian conditioning.
They're going to even ban you.
It doesn't matter.
Again, most folks I know that are so-called in the Liberty Movement or the Patriot Movement, who are prominent, have kind of backed off under the censorship and have self-censored themselves, hoping that they can just keep those platforms because it's all they have.
We're going to lose everything if people have those attitudes.
But the good news is the general public isn't acting like that.
But I've seen a crap ton of cowardice out there.
I've not seen it by Gavin McGinnis.
I've not seen it by Stephen Crowder.
I've not seen it by people like Anthony Cumia and many, many others.
But we have all seen really saddening levels of people not just not standing up for free speech now and keeping their heads down, but also versus signaling against info wars during all this and saying, oh, Jones had it coming to him.
That's what the globalists are betting on.
And when you do that, Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are going to push you, and they're going to make it prominent.
See, part of silencing me on these platforms is that then they can go out and trot out the lie on a post.
Like Facebook promotes and is in a partnership with the video producers at Snapchat, and they put out every week huge lies about me.
About Sandy Hook, about how I'm harassing people, how I went up to poor Hispanic Native American ladies for no reason and called them Brown Ku Klux Klan and they edit the video and edit out ten instances where they call me a monkey four times.
They say my mother's married to her brother.
She calls me, you know, a subhuman white person that I should go back to Europe and a pilgrim.
So I said, my goodness, you're Brown KKK.
Well, instead, it cuts her going, I'm a veteran, and then me saying, Brown KKK, and then them playing sad music.
That's the criminal fraud of the fake news engines.
The New York Times, Washington Post, Facebook, all of them just opening up on me with just hellish demonization.
People say, well, you should have submitted to them.
I'm trying to change the world.
I'm in a war.
Do you think George Washington was trying to win popularity contests in British newspapers?
They were saying George Washington was a rapist, and George Washington was a murderer, and George Washington was a thief, and George Washington was a wimp, and George Washington was going to lose.
But when he ended up defeating the British Empire that nobody else had defeated, and then when he refused to be king,
They tried to make him king.
Others wouldn't stand for that.
To quote, thank God for the renegades.
Need to play that today.
Steve Voss, what a great guy.
And when he refused to be king, the King of England had a proclamation and said, today, George Washington is the greatest man alive on earth.
And when George Washington died in the UK,
They had their flags at half-mast and respected him.
Because they all knew it was all crap.
It was all lies.
And he persevered through it.
And that goes back to the Teddy Roosevelt clip.
The Teddy Roosevelt quote.
Maybe you guys can put it on screen because I can't get it perfectly right.
It isn't about the skeptic.
It isn't about the critic who just sits there with their thumb in their rear end.
Attacking and lying about greater men that actually get in the arena.
It's about those that are in the arena.
Those that know the hard-won battles and even the battles you lose.
You win because you took action and you stood for something.
And so thank God we'll never be with the timid people who sit up there in a peanut gallery and point out how the strong have stumbled.
It's not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strongman stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who's actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs, who comes up short again and again and again.
Because there is no effort without error and shortcoming, but who does actually strive to do the deeds, who knows the great enthusiasms, oh do I know them, and the great devotions, oh do I know them, and who spends himself in a worthy cause, what a worthy cause, free market America, Christian values, not being captured by globalists and technocrats and radical Islam, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement.
And who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly.
So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
True words never spoken.
That's my credo.
I've never been more alive.
I've never felt better.
I've never been stronger.
I've never been more on fire.
I am so fulfilled I can't even handle it!
And you know how the enemy gets me though?
When I see Hillary and how devoted to evil, and narcissism, and mental illness, and corruption, and Soros, and all the minions, and everyone fighting for her because she was supposed to be the queen, to run us further into the ground, and to see them in this sick cult devoting themselves to a fraud, and to her evil husband, and all the wars, and all the corruption, and stealing the Haitian money,
The fact that they're idle is so obviously fallen and twisted and pathetic, and the antithesis of goodness, and the antithesis of courage, and the opposite of everything good!
When I see the howling left, driving by always like cowards in their cars, going, F you, Jones, go to hell!
Where's your family?
Because, you know, they try to take my kids away, and they still say I don't have my kids.
It isn't true.
And I think about how low they are.
And when the left sees me with my family, my great looking kids, my great wife, they walk over and they go, F your family, right to our face.
Because they hate family.
And they hate strength.
And they hate will.
And it doesn't get to me that they're trying to make me feel alone or bad, or that I feel like I'm surrounded, because I'm not.
For every person that attacks me, 50 people wave at me or shake my hand, literally.
Even in places like Austin.
It's that they're so twisted.
They're so fallen.
They're so gone!
That all I want for them is to have the same thing we've had in open, free society.
The opposite of what Soros is building.
That's why he calls it open society.
He means you're open for him to rape you.
He wants Europe's borders totally open.
The Dalai Lama says it's an Islamic invasion.
It should be stopped.
Soros challenges Hungary laws.
The European Rights Court.
Think about that.
Because he's been trying to overthrow their government.
He's had his evil butt thrown out of there.
So I take it as a complete honor that one of the most monstrous men alive on Earth hates my guts.
And is set out to destroy me.
Because that means I'm right over the target like a heat-seeking missile.
I'm honing in.
He's looking for me.
I'm looking for him.
And in the information war, when we collide, it will be oblivion for him.
And Valhalla for me.
A Valkyrie smile on InfoWars.
Not on that worm!
That's an enemy of humanity in progress!
And he is already fallen!
But soon, he will fall into the pit!
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Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
Hey, brother.
Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for your products and everything that you're doing to try to save the country.
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It's amazing.
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Not so fast, InfoWars.
Apple banned your app.
I helped, too!
Oh, Oliver.
I hate free speech, too!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Top stories on DrugsReport.com right now.
Leftist group that harassed Ted Cruz vows you are not safe, we will find you.
The leader of the group, a professor, has tweeted that they need to kill cops and assassinate Mike Pence.
Of course, the man known as Snake Neck has been praised and promoted, not gotten in trouble.
Now here's the beginning of the video where they come over and start hounding him and again they say, guilty until proven innocent.
Guilty until proven innocent.
Guilty until proven innocent.
That's what they're saying.
I believe them.
I believe.
I believe.
You cannot question these Democratic Party operatives.
If a woman accuses you of something a thousand years ago, you get sent to the gas chamber.
So this is what happened last night in D.C.
For radio listeners, go to Infowars.com or DrudgeReport.com and Paul Watson will give us an analysis in a moment.
Here it is.
I'd love to talk with you about Brett Kavanaugh tonight.
I'm a constituent.
I'd love to know what your vote is going to be tonight.
I know that you're very close friends with Mr. Kavanaugh.
Do you believe survivors, sir?
Please don't touch me.
Do you believe in survivors?
We believe survivors!
We believe survivors!
Senator, I have a right to know what your position is on Brett Kavanaugh.
God bless you, ma'am.
Bless you as well.
I really appreciate you.
I'm a survivor of sexual assault, ma'am.
I believe all survivors.
There are now three people who have come forward and who have said that Brett Kavanaugh has attacked them.
I know that you're close friends with him.
Would you talk to him about that?
Would you talk to him about his position?
We believe survivors!
We believe survivors!
Of course, the left, all they can do is chant the same mindless garbage over and over again.
Now, that's the first clip put out by these people.
The next clip is them hounding them out of the restaurant.
Paul Joseph Watson joins us.
We'll get the second clip in a moment.
But clearly, Paul, Trump derangement syndrome has gone into high gear, A. B, I went up to
Oliver Darcy of CNN, who's been publicly getting us deplatformed.
He's at a public place.
He's a public figure in his job capacity.
I just simply said, how dare you get me deplatformed?
That's very Nazi-like.
I was banned off Twitter for that.
So I can't talk to public figures in public.
But if you hound people and say, by the way, you're not safe anywhere, that's coming up, Twitter leaves you up.
Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.com.
Thanks for joining us.
Well, this is the thing, Alex.
This is targeted harassment, clearly.
When Trump put out that executive order over the weekend promising executive action against big tech, Business Insider, and they do this every single time, all these mainstream media outlets, always say, there's no evidence that Twitter discriminates against conservatives.
Okay, so you were permanently banned from Twitter for essentially being rude to a CNN reporter, okay?
That happened
They called it targeted harassment.
I was suspended for 12 hours on Twitter for posting a video of what was a news event.
I wasn't even advocating it.
I merely described what happened in the video.
You being mean to a CNN reporter.
Boo hoo.
This group
Go and harass Ted Cruz and his wife in their private family time.
Chase them out of the restaurant.
Post it on Twitter.
They then post, quote, you are not safe.
We will find you.
We will take from you the peace you've taken from so many others.
And let's be clear, that's on the Twitter account where they uploaded the video.
So this is them now adding, we're stalking you.
In the same thread, they openly doxxed Gavin McInnes, put out his phone number.
I spoke to Cassandra Fairbanks over at Gateway Pundit.
Gavin McInnes is getting death threats, has been getting death threats all morning, all afternoon.
His family's been getting death threats because this group put his phone number on the same thread that went viral on Twitter of them engaging in targeted harassment against Ted Cruz and his wife, of them engaging in targeted harassment against other politicians by saying, we're going to find you, we're going to get you.
And doxing Gavin McKins, three clear violations of Twitter's rules.
You were suspended for being rude to a CNN reporter.
What is going to happen to this account?
Add to this, Alex, the background of their Twitter account is the Antifa flag.
Antifa has been designated by the DHS and the FBI as a domestic terror organisation.
Link in the Infowars article to the Politico article which explains that.
Okay, on top of this,
The founder of this group, a guy called Isaacson, Professor Mike Isaacson, who we've spoken about before, Mr Peznik himself,
He has tweets that are still active on Twitter where he literally encourages people to assassinate Mike Pence.
This is the founder of this group that harassed Ted Cruz and his wife last night.
He has tweets saying we should kill white people.
He has tweets celebrating the deaths of police officers.
This is all still on Twitter.
He's not been suspended.
None of the tweets have been removed.
James Woods got locked out of his Twitter account for posting a satirical meme.
This guy encourages the assassination of the Vice President.
He's the founder of this group that harassed Ted Cruz last night.
Still on Twitter.
No action whatsoever.
So give me a break when they claim, oh, there's no evidence of discrimination against conservatives.
Yes, there is.
Every single frigging day.
And this is another example of that.
Let's talk about Snake Man.
For years he's been saying kill cops, kill everybody.
He's a professor.
I mean, I think people need to go peacefully confront this guy and the school there in New York.
Because Snake Man really is, in my view, organizing domestic terrorism.
I mean, just randomly kill cops?
Well, I've embedded his tweets.
He said, my jobs programme, kill all white people born before 1962.
They made him remove that one.
They didn't make him remove this one.
Quote, reminder that if Trump does end up winning this stupid thing, bear in mind this is on election day.
Reminder that if Trump, this is a quote, quote, reminder that if Trump does end up winning this stupid thing, to assassinate Mike Pence first.
That tweet is still active on Twitter.
He was not forced to delete it like James Woods.
He was not locked out of his account for that tweet.
He's got like weird poetry, Alex, where he fantasizes about Donald Trump hanging by his toes.
He literally tweeted on June 16th last year, quote, kill cops first.
He tweeted off the pigs one day after the murder of five police officers in Dallas.
And let me add this, I have to make a major correction.
His real name is not Snake Man.
I forgot.
I think you dubbed him Chicken Neck.
I mean, he is the literal human chicken.
Pez Neck.
Yes, Pez Neck.
Yes, and he embraced that insult.
He loves it.
He also tweeted on May 12th, 2017, quote, kill your local politicians before they kill you.
That tweet is still active on Twitter.
Didn't get forcibly deleted.
Meanwhile, Twitter claimed that I said use battle rifles on the media, which was not true.
Yeah, and you're banned forever.
Oh, but there's no double standard, Alex.
There's no discrimination against conservatives.
Complete and utter BS time and time again.
These tweets are still active.
They've been up for almost 12 hours at this point.
Gavin McInnes's phone is blowing up with death threats.
You know, wakey-wakey, Jack.
What time is it in San Francisco right now?
No action whatsoever.
Oh, Dorsey, they all love it.
They love it.
In fact, I know we know the inside baseball.
He wanted to get rid of me the whole time.
As soon as I got in Rubio's face, he said, oh, now the Republicans will support getting rid of Alex.
He wanted to do it the whole time.
He was just dangling it out there like he was hanging me over an alligator pit.
Oh, precisely.
And then you've got the other story, which is this Krasenstein fellow who's been caught on tape admitting that higher-ups pay him for his tweets.
He always tweets at Donald Trump and appears towards the top of Trump's Twitter thread to, quote, sow the division.
So CNN constantly bangs on about Trump sowing division in America.
Here you've got a top member of the resistance admitting that he's paid by higher-ups to do exactly that.
Will CNN report on it?
Don't hold your breath.
Both your stories top of DrudgeReport.com.
Paul Joseph Watson, you're going to go now because you've got big reports coming out.
I'm going to come back and play that clip you talked about and play your video where the lead singer, former lead singer of the Misfits, has now been banned from a major festival for daring to tweet stuff about you and I. But of course there's no censorship going on at all.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
We've got a statement now with regard to PayPal and reports that it has ended its relationship with InfoWars.
PayPal joining the slew of tech companies that have severed ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, hitting his InfoWars where it hurts, by no longer allowing the site to use the payment processor.
PayPal is the latest company to sever ties with Jones after YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Last month, a website called Right Wing Watch posted a report highlighting PayPal's continued business relationship with InfoWars, and the Washington Post also noted how business on the InfoWars stores was booming.
PayPal is the latest big tech company to cut ties with far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, stealing a blow to when a founder, Alex Jones,
And we're also standing up
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all booted Jones off their platforms.
PayPal on Thursday night informed InfoWars, which runs an online storefront that sells survival gear and herbal supplements, that it has 10 business days to find a new payment processor.
You can't pick one person and say, well, we don't like what he's been saying.
He's out.
We have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in.
And you just can't do that.
Jones hit back on his website saying the InfoWarsStore.com site had no political content, and the move emphasizes how the decision was a broader attack on the InfoWars platform.
A PayPal spokesperson says, quote, we undertook an extensive review of the InfoWars sites and found instances that promoted hate, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, and bullying policies.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
You know, I love Glenn Danzig's voice, but... Raquel Graves is a...
Great talent of his own.
Been listening to this since high school.
I want to hear you scream.
My wife loves this song.
It's fun to drive through the hill country.
The big full moons rising up behind the hills.
Of course, the kids aren't in the car with you, and you press down that accelerator.
Well, guess what?
He, of course, after Glenn Danzig, left the Misfits, was the lead singer for a long time, with hundreds of great songs, and he was one of the headliners at a major festival in England, but the left cancelled him.
Because, well, he tweeted Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, and this just illustrates how they're waging war on people's free speech.
It is the Chinese social score system where you can't travel, you can't have bank accounts, anything.
And then they also always build straw men that we're Nazis.
You know, when they doxed Gavin McGinnis and gave out his cell phone number, so he's getting all these debt threats, he's joining this next segment.
When they doxed him, the very same group that just confronted and threatened Ted Cruz and his wife, and said, we're going to get you, we know where you are.
When they did that, they also said, oh, and tell Gab McGinnis you love white genocide.
Because that's a trigger word for the left, because they're pushing white genocide.
All these professors are saying, when you get rid of the white race, it's inherently evil.
That's what Tucker Carlson pointed out last night was they're saying if a woman says that you sexually assaulted her, you are guilty.
You're not innocent until proven guilty under Western jurisprudence.
You are guilty.
And that piece is coming up in a moment as well.
But it's just amazing.
If you're white, you're guilty.
If you're a man, you're guilty.
This is authoritarianism.
And you've got that different Democrat Congresswoman saying, if you're a man, sit down and shut up.
You're inherently bad.
How freakazoid is all this?
But, oh, if you're women that Bill Clinton settled lawsuits with for rape, or you're Hillary Clinton that was famous for representing child molesters, what she chose to do out of college and brag that she knew they were guilty of raping little girls until their cervixes were smashed out, that's okay.
Or if you want to fund radical jihad taking over, that's okay as well, but we're going to get Mr. Graves on the broadcast, but here's Paul Joseph Watson's piece on it.
Yet another example of Communist China's social credit score arriving in the West.
Mikhail Graves, former vocalist of the iconic punk band The Misfits, had his sold-out shows at next month's Up and Downtown music festival in Edmonton cancelled.
Did he commit a grave crime?
Is he the latest victim of the Me Too movement?
Did he fall terribly ill?
No, he retweeted Paul Joseph Watson.
That's right, Graves' shows were cancelled because he retweeted yours truly.
Info Wars, Breitbart and Defended.
Wait for it, wait for it.
He defended free speech.
The festival's artistic director, the guy who cancelled him, Brent Oliver, said this.
It's the support of Alex Jones.
If you go in through his tweets and replies, he's tweeting at Hillary Clinton calling her a criminal.
He's retweeting some British right-wing dude that I don't even want to know his name.
That's me.
It's all again, it's so close to the son of guys like Richard Spencer, President of the White Nationalist Think Tank National Policy Institute, that I just don't feel comfortable with it!
I should also be clear, Oliver says, this is not about politics.
Oh yeah, right.
I understand conservative politics, but this is not conservative politics.
To me, this is alt-right hate, and that was the feeling of the board and contrary to our policy, so we removed him.
But wait, neither I or Alex Jones are alt-right.
I make videos attacking the alt-right.
So yes, it is about politics, and yes, you cancelled his gigs because he's a conservative and you're an intolerant moron.
This is what Mikhail Graves, the singer, said.
Sounds pretty hateful to me.
So once again, we see conservatives being socially and financially punished because of their political beliefs.
Because God forbid should any celebrity stray out of line and be allowed to hold diverse opinions.
No, they must be punished!
You know, a similar thing happened to the American tennis player, Tennis Sandgren, who was also subjected to a media inquisition
Merely for following some right-wingers on Twitter.
Thou shall not attempt to deviate from our monoculture.
Thou shall not be allowed to express independent thought.
Because we're so tolerant, so progressive.
Listen, I've lost count of the amount of people who tell me, either in person or online, both celebrities and non-celebrities, in journalism, in Hollywood, in sports, in business, how they're all terrified.
of letting slip their conservative political beliefs because they know they'd be hounded out of their careers.
This is the de facto communist Chinese social credit score being implemented in the West.
Conservatives, libertarians being socially ostracized, financially sabotaged, and having their careers jeopardized simply for daring to think for themselves.
Being refused financial services, being refused bank accounts for engaging in hate.
What constitutes hate?
Anything that challenges far-left progressive dogma.
This is where we're at.
This is the culmination of contrived moral panic and frenzied political hysteria.
If you want to support the Misfits vocalist Mikael Graves, he's playing at an alternate venue in Edmonton, one that actually supports diversity of thought, God forbid.
Details are in the description.
Oh, and if you didn't know, this is my second channel that you watch.
Alright, so there you go.
That's part of Paul Watson's report.
So the former lead singer of the Misfits, banned from a major music festival for retweeting Alex Jones and Paul Watson because we're all Nazis!
Even though anybody that knows, knows Nazis don't like us.
Because they want to own the right wing.
No, Liberty owns the right wing.
So get that through your stinking heads.
I hate black racists, white racists, all you idiots.
But it doesn't mean I'll kiss your butt if you're a brown racist trying to get in my face.
I'll tell you I think you're a piece of crap.
And it's brown racists that a bunch of white controllers and university professors are pushing.
Now, I didn't make a deal out of this because I don't want to change my phone number, but my wife has now demanded it.
Because she sits there in real time while it's ringing with women going, oh baby, you got me pregnant.
Oh, oh baby, let's meet again tonight.
Oh, or the death threats.
I got doxxed three days ago.
I've had hundreds of threatening phone calls, hundreds of calls that they're going to come after me, fake women calling up saying, oh, you know, you had sex with me in D.C., baby.
You know, meet me here.
I mean, it's they're trying to create some nexus point, I think, to make fake claims or something.
So I got doxxed.
I guess three, four days ago they, and you know it's mainstream news reporters have done it, they gave out my number.
I had to get rid of my last number a year ago.
So it's a nightmare to load everybody's numbers back in there and then let everybody know your new number.
But yes, I got docs too, so I'm just going to go ahead and announce it because I've got to get a new phone.
In fact, I have to go down there I guess today and get a new number.
It's just a total hassle.
But that's the Trump derangement syndrome and the crazy town that they've gone into.
And that shows they're being directed.
That Gavin and I both got doxxed at the same time, basically.
That the same group that's run by this New York professor saying kill everybody, and he's saying kill the president, kill Pence, he's not getting in trouble.
And then you have top resistance member admits he gets paid by higher-ups to sow the division.
We have Gavin McGinnis right now.
We're going to go to break.
And come back and talk to him.
Now, people are like, well, you better back down.
You're getting persecuted.
No, we're over the target.
We're winning.
My God, our forebears had to fight and die to create this country.
I feel kind of like a wimp that I just have to be demonized and doxed and denied banking services and unpersoned on the internet.
But remember, that's the precursor to real tyranny.
And so while you still can use PayPal for other eight business days at InfoWarsStore.com and InfoWarsLife.com, go there and get X2, the special must-end-a-day
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We've got a statement now with regard to PayPal and reports that it has ended its relationship with InfoWars.
PayPal joining the slew of tech companies that have severed ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, hitting his InfoWars where it hurts, by no longer allowing the site to use the payment processor.
PayPal is the latest company to sever ties with Jones after YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Last month, the website called Right Wing Watch posted a report highlighting PayPal's continued business relationship with InfoWars, and the Washington Post also noted how business on the InfoWars stores was booming.
PayPal is the latest big tech company to cut ties with far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, stealing a blow to one of founder Alex Jones.
It actually fuels the Trump base because they do feel like they're being silenced.
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all booted Jones off their platforms.
PayPal on Thursday night informed InfoWars, which runs an online storefront that sells survival gear and herbal supplements, that it has 10 business days to find a new payment processor.
You can't pick one person and say, well, we don't like what he's been saying.
He's out.
We have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in.
And you just can't do that.
Jones hit back on his website saying the InfoWarsStore.com site had no political content and the move emphasizes how the decision was a broader attack on the InfoWars platform.
A PayPal spokesperson says, quote, we undertook an extensive review of the InfoWars sites and found instances that promoted hate.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech and bullying policies.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Trump derangement syndrome has gone into meltdown.
42 days out from the historic election.
When I went to the free Alex Jones rally that they had this weekend, when I got out of the car, leftists were driving by going, F you.
They actually came, but they wouldn't get out of their cars.
They would just drive around and say, F you, we're going to get you.
They're throwing coffee on everybody.
They're attacking people.
But it's the same in Europe.
If you're a nationalist, it's white people attacking you, saying you're a racist.
Leftist group that harassed Ted Cruz vows, you're not safe, we will find you.
The founder, known as Chicken Neck, of the group is a professor that harassed Ted Cruz, tweeted about dead cops assassinating Mike Pence.
And then coming up, top resistance leader, that Twitter top pins under every Trump tweet, admits he gets paid to show the division.
Gavin McGinnis just got doxxed.
I got doxxed three and a half days ago, and I'm getting calls like, you're a piece of filth, you're a racist, hope you die.
They also have fake women calling up.
You know, saying, oh, you know, it was great having sex with you in D.C.
Let's hook up again.
So I think they're trying to set up that nexus point, hoping I'll talk to these women and they can say I raped them or something.
So that's what they're doing with the doxxing.
Gavin, what would you call of CRTV?
Get off my line.
You've been banned off Twitter.
You're being deplatformed, just like I am.
We're in quite a club.
A, why do you think they're getting so brazen and then arrogantly saying at Google no one's being censored on the web who's conservative?
It's like saying Hitler wasn't a Nazi or that, you know,
No, the sky isn't blue.
And then why do you think they're accelerating?
And it seems to be this particular group that's coordinating this particular Antifa group.
Well, I think we're living in a monarchy, in a sense.
And Google and all these social media companies are the kings and the queens.
And us peasants are starting to rise up.
So the king has decreed that we must be banished and taken down.
I don't know.
Invent a salt tax.
Invent a grass tax.
Invent a social media tax.
We need to get rid of these peons.
They're becoming troublesome.
And you look at things like when Google was caught in that meeting saying, you know, we hate Trump and we're going to change the way
Americans think that that's the Kings you're looking at the monarchy.
They're having a meeting in the Royal Palace.
They face no retribution for that because they're in control and I think right now we're slowly realizing that these Kings and Queens hold way more power than we thought they did and and I just cannot get over the irony of you
Being attacked when the name of your company is InfoWars.
You've been saying there's a war on information for years and here you are being shut down.
I mean, is anyone else seeing the madness of this?
And I even read in some of the Twitter and Facebook meetings that have come out, and even the New York Times goes, we're in an information war.
We've got to stop these pro-Trump people.
And Hillary says, you've got to shut down all the fake news or we're going to lose the midterms.
And then they play dumb.
They define us as fake news, as hate.
They wave a magic wand and then have the nerve to say they're not censoring us.
It's unbelievable.
Well, you wouldn't believe some of these prank calls I got.
I had no idea how radical they are.
I don't get any of the sexy ladies stuff, but I do get a lot of old-timey Russian speeches.
And then I get old-timey messages going, Communism will win!
Capitalism will fail!
Give up!
Like real propaganda type stuff that sounds like it's on a bullhorn.
And then, this is very telling, I got these messages where the guy goes, look at you, you inbred piece of white trash.
White people are filth.
This is a white person saying it, by the way.
You know, you guys are a bunch of cave people.
The Egyptians had advanced ways to deal with their dead.
Well, you guys live with your dead in caves.
He's saying you guys, but he's clearly white!
It's crazy, and the kind of hatred and eugenics and pro-genocide these people are talking about.
It's literally what you hear from the KKK, but flipped.
I don't want to say this, we're on radio and TV, but what you said off-air, repeat the family version of, aha, you white guys have little ding-dongs, us black guys got huge ones, and it's white guys saying it.
Yeah, he said, it's not our fault that your women love us.
It's not our fault that they want a phallus that exceeds three inches.
I'm using fancier talk than him.
And it's clearly a white guy.
And what I say to that is, A, I don't talk about white nationalism or white anything.
I'm an ideas guy.
I care about the West.
And I love black conservatives who want to shut down the government.
But B, isn't it bizarre that a white person is talking these black power tropes?
Like, imagine a black person talking about white supremacy.
You'd put him in a mental institution.
Well you know why?
I talked to some insiders in DC.
Van Jones is still covertly in charge of that diversity office that Obama set up.
And it's actually the weirdest, craziest, twisted communist black power crap from the 60s and 70s.
That's what's being taught to all the young white professors.
So that's why they're like saying all that.
Yeah, that white cave person thing, you hear that in a lot of rap songs, Ice Cube does it, it's a big sort of... Remember the lady at the New York Times, the Asian lady, she said, you white people are subhuman goblins living in caves.
And I won't give them that!
It is true that Egypt was more advanced with body disposal a quarter of a million years ago.
But, I mean, I'm not even thinking in terms of what's better, Africa or Europe.
I just want freedom!
And you're hearing the most racist crap!
Who cares?
Who cares what the cave people did to their dead?
I don't care if they had sex with them.
But, uh, you know what I started doing, Alex?
I started answering the phone.
and talking to these people and of course you want to do a show where you keep that phone number and every day they can call in and you just talk to them oh my gosh I'm gonna keep my number and put it out public and we'll have a show that's not on radio because it'll be filled with profanity and I'll just let them call up and death threat me
I did and the first thing they do is they're starstruck and they can't believe it's real.
It's like they're talking to Elton John or something and they start stuttering and then they would just yell F you and hang up.
But the few that would talk for a second, I'd say, what is your issue here?
And they'd say, white genocide is awesome.
I love white genocide.
And I go, all right, why would I care?
I don't talk outside of South Africa.
I don't really talk about white genocide.
It's not on my top five talking points.
And then they would want to be friends after and I realized and I,
I sent one of your producers the quintessential example of these prank callers.
Christian Chia Kulis, I think his name is.
And they're just very pro-communist, loser pothead millennials who want free stuff because work is hard and they need a thousand bucks to fix their car so they can get back on Uber.
But you're right, when I've been around the BuzzFeed writers and people, they're almost half apologetic and admit they're mercenaries, and then they think we're really cool because we're free, they get talking points, but then they still have to go back and engage in all this.
And I noticed a few times, as Mike Cernovich said, if you just pat them on the head and act like you like them, they'll actually write halfway nice articles.
But here's the deal, I'm not going to be fake and pat them on the head to get them to be nice to me.
Cernovich is bad for doing that, but they are literally a rest to development.
And what is up with the weird soy boy face?
Because I can't even make it.
It's like this... I mean, what is that thing they all do?
It's like a sign of their weirdness.
You know, I was talking to Mercedes Carrera.
She's an adult film star who's remarkably astute when it comes to these sort of social patterns.
And her contention is, and it sounds very Alex Jones-y, that with birth control there's extra estrogen in the water and everything.
But it's also, it changes the way we behave.
Women who are on birth control behave like they're in the first trimester of pregnancy.
And those women, they don't want an alpha male who's going to have sex with them.
They want a sibling.
Or someone who's going to be warm and safe around them and not a threat.
And so I think these men start mimicking what these birth-controlled girls want, and they want basically like a sibling.
So they become these sexless sort of, hey guys, let's go to, let's go to Six Flags!
Hey, everything's great!
I'm a drone!
I'm a drone!
I'm your best pal!
Let's be friends!
Gee, Jenser, want to go for a stroll?
Want to go have coffee?
Imagine what women would run, like, hi, wanna go out?
Being a punk anarchist kid in the 80s, I remember we'd go to these workshops and some feminist with dreads named Penny would be at the anarchist bookstore talking about women's rights.
And I remember at the young age of 18, when she was done, she'd walk out and some dude on a motorbike would show up with a leather vest, who didn't give a crap about what she was talking about all day, and she'd just hop on the back of his bike and rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
And I realize these women, they may say they want allies, but they don't currently want allies.
They only want power over young women to control them in the power of femininity.
And exactly, I mean, I know a lot of guys in politics, as you do, and they tell me the stories about these Democrat consultant women who literally beg conservatives to treat them like pigs, slap them around.
They love it.
They have a fetish for it.
It's sick.
It is depraved.
And you can't wear a MAGA hat in New York.
You can't go to a bar.
You also have to run from women, because it's like being the Beatles.
Women are obsessed with guys in MAGA hats.
It has to be late at night.
No one can see them.
But I talk to other Proud Boys who wear MAGA hats, and they go, it's insane!
The women maul me!
And I think it's because they don't like the mess they created.
They castrated an entire generation, and then they go, where's your balls?
And these kids go, well, you took them!
They're right there in your purse!
Can I have him back?
You created a mess.
When we come back, I want to play a few of these clips, because we can joke about this all day.
Trump derangement syndrome just keeps going up and up.
I asked you like two years ago, when is peak insanity?
And I want to ask, what's going to happen if they lose the midterms?
Which, unless there's successful election fraud, I think they're going to lose.
People are predicting this blue wave and all this.
I don't agree with that.
I mean, that's not what I'm seeing.
The Trump effect is, a lot of folks won't tell you in polls they're going to vote Trump.
Gavin McGinnis of CRTV, get off my lawn.
I'm Alex Jones of InfoWars.com, the most banned broadcast in the world.
For a good reason.
We love freedom and we are the antidote to tyranny.
Alex in Michigan.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex Jones.
Good to talk to you again, sir.
We are Alex Jones.
We're Julian Assange.
Thanks for exposing the Skynet program launching in China where the, you know, the robots are taking over.
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No brother, you're doing a great job.
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CRTV.com is the amazing operation they got.
Everybody from The Great One, Mike Levin, to Eric Bolling, to Gab McGinnis, to Steven Crowder, to you name it.
Glad they're out there.
Glad we're out here.
Glad DrugReport.com's out there.
Thank God for him.
Get Off My Lawn is his show on there.
And this shorter segment, I want to get into Tommy Robinson.
You're going to visit him.
He could be in jail as early as tomorrow.
Again, we'll talk about that next segment, what a patriot he is and what he's facing.
But you were talking about during the break the threat of me being taken off PayPal, Jihad Watch being banned by Visa.
I mean, this is Mark of the Beast level, total control level stuff.
I mean, this is the authoritarianism of this.
And you made another good point on top of that about airlines.
So speak to that.
Well, my understanding is that Delta refuses to transport ICE guys that have a detainee that are taking back an illegal immigrant.
So that's an example of a group not allowed on an airline.
If I was to go to a comedy club, I guarantee you in New York, I'd be tapped on the shoulder and asked to leave.
Ted Cruz and all these other conservatives can't eat at restaurants.
We can't use Visa.
We can't go on these platforms.
So it used to sound crazy to say soon utilities
We'll be denied.
But I guarantee you, hotels are next.
And soon after that, it's going to be providers, cell phone providers.
The social justice warriors have gone mainstream, and they are fascists.
They are socio-fascists.
And they have their paramilitary wing, the Antifa, and they are out there to enforce tyranny.
We're really living in a dictatorship.
And let's be clear, you're right, they're the new royalty.
Big tech, with big media, with the Hollywood, with now the airlines and transportation, saying we're going to deny service to the government, we're going to have a resistance that doesn't even follow the law and tries to block the president.
This is really their own form of corporate
Martial law to block Trump.
I mean, we have the rogue government and the rogue corporations.
76% of the kids don't even have parents with them.
So we get their ID, try to fly them back to where they're from, and the airlines won't even do it.
And you know, the crazy part about all this is we have the king.
We have the King Trump is in the castle with his armor on him.
We go, King Trump, can you do something about this?
And he goes, I'm killing as many as I can.
He's got his sword out.
I'll get to you.
This is insanity.
And we go, we're over here, too.
It's nuts, King.
I mean, he's draining the swamp.
I agree.
You've only killed 10,000 of the enemy.
Get up off your ass and do more, Trump.
I thought after the election that the insanity would stop, but it's just been ramped up 100%.
That was my question.
How crazy does it go?
Because I asked you two years ago, what is peak SJW insanity?
And it's only getting more insane.
I'm going to put plywood on my windows after the midterms, and I'm going to be on a boat with my family.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and these beta males and these lunatics, the ones we saw dancing in front of Mike Pence's house like he cares who dances, these lunatics are going to pop a gasket.
You thought the first election was bad.
There's going to be literally riots, fire on the streets.
It's going to look like Ferguson all over again with Antifa stabbing fire hoses.
You don't want to be downtown when Trump gets reelected, when Trump gets reelected.
Gavin, what is your gut level prediction?
I mean, I think if there's a fair election, we're going to have a red wave.
What do you think?
I think that after the meltdown, they've got to calm down, right?
You know, like when you take video games away from your kids, they have that hysterical sort of ten minutes where they can't believe what's happened.
And then eventually you'll see them, they sort of dry their eyes and they're drawing a picture or reading a magazine.
Like, surely!
The temper tantrum has to have an expiration date on it.
How long can you deny reality for?
I mean, they're at the point now where they want to impeach Pence because they're so sure that Trump is done for.
It's like a crazy ex-girlfriend who boils your bunnies.
It'd be okay if Hillary was like Wonder Woman and was a good person and free market and everybody loved her and then she lost, we're bummed out.
Hillary's this monster demon, she loses, and they act like it's the end of the world!
Just a month ago, that Nazi collaborator, anti-American, gun-grabbing, anti-Christian piece of filth, George Soros, bought an even bigger interest in PayPal.
But sure enough, they just told us today that we're going to be banned in 10 days because we're hateful.
I think?
But without you, they will win.
And Soros and Obama and Hillary see the shutdown of InfoWars as a referendum on breaking the American spirit.
So let's not let these jerks do it.
I'm committed to the end, but I want to win.
So please support InfoWars.com today.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, Gavin McGinnis, one of the top stars over at CRTV.com is with us.
I'm Alex Jones with the most panned broadcast in the world, InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
And he's about to fly to London, England to talk to Tommy Robinson.
Who is set to have another hearing.
He was already released for two and a half months for contempt of court covering a mass Islamic pedophile ring hearing that he had first exposed ten years ago.
So he's just there saying it's happening and no judge, no jury looked at any evidence.
The judges said you go right to prison.
He lost 30-something pounds.
And Gab McGinnis has got some great points on this, but he thinks he's going to be sent back to prison.
I'll be talking to Tommy this afternoon, and so a lot more on that front.
So tell us what's coming up with that, because hey, you're getting doxxed, you're getting banned on Twitter, you're getting attacked, I'm getting attacked, but at least we're not getting sent to prison like you do in the UK if you talk about how part of radical Islam is the keeping of young girls as sex slaves.
That's done all over the world in Islamic countries.
It is very possible that on Thursday, Tommy Robinson is sentenced to death for blaspheming Islam.
That is who is in control in that country.
Oh look, I got a call.
Shall I answer it?
Go ahead.
Yeah, this could be one of the... Hello?
Hey man, what's going on?
Can you screenshot who it was that posted your number?
I'm actually a fan.
I just called to let you know what's on here.
Oh, okay.
I'm on InfoWars.
I thought it would be an enemy.
You know, the enemies are a lot more interesting than the fans.
I don't like... The fans want selfies and they want to say you rock.
And since this went mainstream, I'm getting a lot of compliments.
That's not as interesting as these commies saying, uh, capitalism is doomed.
But anyway, sorry to go back to Tommy.
No, but now that your phone's public, I mean, right now, everybody call in who wants to death threat us.
There's the phone.
Or you want to tell us how our wee-wees are small and how you're anti-racist because you said it.
So any weird white soy boys that have half-inch wee-wees, they're mad that we have seven-inch ones, you can call in right now because that's literally what they call you about, right?
They're obsessed with their tiny soy pee-pees.
Yeah, they keep talking about black people and sex and penises and stuff.
It's depraved.
It's always a mirror with the left.
Every time they get really vitriolic, you get to see inside their mind and you realize, you are the racist, sexist, homophobe, blah blah blah.
Well did you hear another professor got fired out in California for saying that women do not have genitalia.
Men's genitalia.
What's a gynecologist supposed to do when he's presented with male genitalia?
And this woman says, all right, what should I do here?
And he's got to say, well, you have some serious issues, because that looks a lot like a penis.
Did you hear in the UK they have men coming with beards, in fact, one article, quite large male genitals, and they order the nurses.
This isn't sexual assault, though.
Made up 36 years ago, Kavanaugh falls on a bed.
That's rape.
But when they go to the National Health Service and they get up in stirrups, they've ordered the female nurses and male nurses to do pap smears on men's genitals.
Of course, it's impossible.
Men don't have a cervix, but this is the new mental illness.
You know, in 1984, O'Brien just wants him to say, 2 plus 2 equals whatever I want.
But in this world, we have to literally have a man get up in stirrups and say, do my pap smear.
Uh, your ovaries are doing really badly.
I can't find them.
They look like VADS deferens.
But anyway, let me get back to Tommy.
Tommy Robinson!
So, uh, contempt of court is usually a slap on the wrist.
It's basically jaywalking in Britain.
He was thrown away for 13 months in solitary confinement, but if he gets sent- and now he's being re-sentenced.
I have no idea why you get to retry someone, but they're doing that.
If he is sent to prison on Thursday, he will be killed beyond a shadow of a doubt.
So that would be the death sentence for contempt of court, whereas the previous worst thing
They had for contempt of court in Britain was something like a 400 pound fine that the guy refused to pay and they said forget about it.
So you're essentially seeing a man get sentenced to death for a crime as bad as jaywalking and the truth of it is it comes down to blaspheming Islam.
Now, you can say whatever you want about Christianity.
You can have Jesus decapitated and dance around in Trafalgar Square.
No one cares.
But you say something bad about Islam in Britain or you make a pedophile uncomfortable, boom, death penalty.
And if people watch the video they're watching on TV when he got arrested for just covering the trial outside, which everybody else was doing, the police look like they're so satisfied.
They're just relishing it.
And the judge came to the window and laughed and giggled and pointed.
I mean, these people are the scum of the earth.
When the left gets the police power, look out, you get Mao Zedong.
Isn't that the monarchy in a nutshell?
The king, well the some magistrate looking down from the top tower of the castle, looking down at the plebes, getting arrested for defying the king, and smiling?
How did we go back in time?
Do we gotta break out the pitchforks again?
This is serious, because the problem with conservatives and libertarians like us is we're tough, we like a fight, so every level of tyranny, we just get used to it and fight it.
But it is getting really high level.
I mean, it's getting to the point where they basically declared martial law on the deep state against Trump, and so what does he do to block them when they're totally mutinous?
Well, you know, you and I can take it.
We're tough.
They're going after families now.
They're going after kids.
This drag queen's reading to kids isn't just a colorful person reading a book.
The agenda there is, I can't take on Alex and Gavin.
They fight back too much.
Let me go for a four-year-old, and I'll spread my propaganda on a child, my Marxist crap on them.
And they're not a worthy adversary.
That's much simpler for them.
They really have no morals.
By the way, these aren't good-looking drag queens.
Why do all the ones they push on kids weigh 400 pounds and dressed up in monster Halloween costumes?
When I was a kid, I was scared of clowns.
These are the most satanic-looking clowns I've ever seen.
They are clowns.
I never knew how to... I mean, I live in New York City.
There's drag queens everywhere.
And you'd be at a party and there's a drag queen there.
And I've even heard gay people say, I don't know how to talk to them.
Like, are you still your character?
Can we talk about the weather?
Or does everything have to be in character?
It's like being at a Halloween party and Frankenstein is always going... Like, when do we talk about anything but...
Well, I mean, these people look like hideous clowns.
I don't dislike somebody, a man that wants to dress like a woman or, it's funny, as an adult, wants to take chemicals to change whatever.
They always say, oh, you're anti-LGBT because you don't want three-year-olds having obese people in clown outfits.
I mean, that would scare the hell out of me when I was three years old, Gavin.
It scares me now!
I mean, look at that!
Holy hell!
That looks like one of the creatures from Power Rangers, one of the demons that goes, ah, Power Rangers, I will destroy you!
Power Rangers!
Sorry, go ahead.
This talk about gay and straight is a talk about sexuality.
I don't want you talking to my three-year-old about sexuality.
Pro, against, gay, straight, any of that stuff.
Why are they talking about sex?
The gay march isn't I'm proud of my...
My heritage, my culture, I'm proud of the fact that gays are good at design and fashion and organizing furniture in your house.
The Gay Pride Parade is about sex.
I'm proud of the sex I have.
And this drag queen thing is inextricably linked to sexuality.
And you don't take your three-year-old to a Gay Pride Parade!
I don't take my children, my toddlers, to anything sexual.
Not even a rom-com.
It's none of their business.
It's not their world.
Well, listen, they had these big tranny events last year and this year in Austin, the Drag Queen Festivals, and it's three-year-olds walking up and putting money in fat men's g-strings, shaking their asses in kids' face.
If I went to a strip bar and I saw an adult there with a three-year-old putting money in a woman's g-string,
I'd be just as offended.
This is sexual, uh, sexualization of children.
These people are amazingly twisted!
Look at the set of standards we have to live up to and the set of standards they don't have to live up to.
Kavanaugh may have had a rude sexual encounter in high school 34 years ago.
Let's pillory him and charge him with rape for the rest of his life.
He's the rapist.
Then you have their world where they've got rapists all over the place.
You've got Mika Rhodes, Luke Kuhn in Antifa, multiple sexual assaults, this guy, the progressive punk, he's a serial rapist.
And they just go, well, you know, sexuality is fluid, who knows what's going on with that story.
They let themselves literally get away with murder, and we can't fart without capitulating, without these apologies that sound like they're from BDSM, where they say, what I did was inexcusable and unforgivable!
It's clown work.
Well, yeah, it's like the left pushes 50 shades of grey that can get people into really dangerous lifestyles.
And so they're into all this weird mutilation, you name it.
But then, oh my God, Kavanaugh rolled around on a bed.
Even if it's true, it's the end of the world.
It's insanity is what it is.
Well, the big picture here is obviously they're not playing fair.
They're moving the goalposts, so let's stop playing.
They don't want to discuss things.
The right is so naive when they go, well, if we could just get the truth to them.
We could convince them.
I've been dealing with these guys on the phone for the past 24 hours talking to them.
All they want to do is scream epithets and try to hurt your feelings.
There's no interest.
I'll tell you why.
Because it's like 1D.
You're just this object for them to LARP on.
It's not real world.
Gavin McGinnis, CRTV.com.
Another one of the evil deplorables is being censored.
At a human level, I am not pleased by being demonized by every major globalist publication in the world, by all the censorship, all the banning, all the demonization, all the attacks.
But at a gut level, at a spiritual level, I know that I've been effective telling the truth and I'm proud of what I've done.
But I'm even more importantly proud of what you the listeners and viewers have done.
The reason the globalists and the communist Chinese, the authoritarian EU, and all these tyrannical corporations and the America-hating Hollywood are targeting Infowars is because they see it as the spirit of Americana.
Not just because of me, but because of you.
It's a place where they see victory for humanity.
A place where they see you in power.
A place where they see you taking control of your destiny.
I've had more than 30 major tech companies in the last six weeks ban me off all their platforms.
And now I've had credit card companies and PayPal and everybody else do it as well.
And then horrible, monstrous, war criminal Nazi collaborators like George Soros openly celebrating what they've done.
People say, hey, you're starting to really lose in the world.
No, I'm not.
I came to expose the corrupt system.
I came to try to change all this, just like you did.
I love God.
And so I have pure confidence at the end of the day that the reason I'm under such unmitigated, such unprecedented, incredible attack is because I'm telling the truth.
And because I am accurately getting into the real issues that the globalists don't want discussed.
We have trailblazed, we have chronicled on every major front
All the major issues of our day.
And not because we were the smartest people around, but because we were actually willing to cover what the facts showed, despite the fact we'd be demonized and attacked.
You see, that's why more people don't tell the truth.
It's because they know that when they do tell the truth, they get persecuted.
But when everybody sells out to persecution, you have stagnation, you have tyranny.
So I'm betting on you.
I believe in you.
And I believe that if you are given the real information, or at least pointed out that there's other information out there, that you'll make the right decision.
And that's what's happened here.
So, yes, they are taking away our advertising capability.
They're taking away our banking capability.
They're doing everything they can to shut us down.
But while we still do have banking,
We can hold out for months and months without your support, but I'd like to know and have an idea how far out, like the Alamo, that you want us to basically hold out.
Because I'm gonna go to the end, but I'm using how much support we get right now as a gauge of just how committed you are.
And I'm not bitching at you, I'm not complaining.
I'm just simply saying, if you like what you've seen so far, we're now right up to the thick of the battle.
We're right up to the third act here.
We're right up to the crucible.
And now is the time to really pick which side you're on.
So, InfoWareStore.com has credit card payment.
We still have PayPal for now.
You can get great supplements, great books, great videos, great water filtration, non-GMO heirloom seeds, high-quality organic coffee.
It's all there.
You can get Patriot Points.
You can get free shipping.
There's so many great deals.
But regardless,
Whatever you do, just check out the site today and realize, without you financially supporting us, they took our sponsors a long time ago, we're not gonna be here.
They see M4s as a symbol.
They believe they can shut us down, they will demoralize you, and that humanity's awakening will fail.
I think that they're wrong, and I think you're going to take action.
So pray for us, spread the word, spread the articles, the videos, and visit InfoWarsTour.com, and we will weather the storm and come out on the other side.
But without you, we will be defeated, we will be shut down.
So our fate is now up to you.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Alright, Gavin McGinnis of CRTV.com's got to go.
He's got to jump on an airplane and go interview Tommy Robinson before he could be back in prison tomorrow.
Yes, he got out because the judge didn't even hear evidence.
Within one hour, he was sent directly to prison, two and a half months.
And so, you know, we're having fun talking about being doxed, being demonized, being attacked, because we're cheery about it.
But this is really very, very serious.
And you were saying some really great things about Tommy during the break, so we got distracted
You know, on to people calling your doxxed phone.
Let's spend some time, a few minutes here on Tommy.
Well, the thing about Tommy is when you see him and you hear about him, you go, oh, it must be like Braveheart to meet him.
He must be this sullen warrior like Bill the Butcher who just sits there and goes, your name's Amsterdam?
I'm New York.
But he's not like that at all.
He's a giggly little elf who's constantly laughing and playing pranks and stealing your beer.
And giggling!
The guy is constantly giggling.
Now, someone messes with him and he just knocks them out instantly with a perfect left hook.
But the person himself is just such an enjoyable, fun guy whose kids adore him.
He's always making them laugh.
And the fact that they are going to murder him because he's not politically correct just shows how sinister the state can be.
And that's a canary in a coal mine, by the way.
We're not far from that.
And the Islamists say they're going to kill him in prison, and they did starve him.
He did lose 35 pounds.
When I saw him come out of jail, and he went on Tucker Carlson, he was trying to get on my show, but they'd taken his phone so he didn't have my number anymore, or he would have already been on, and he's since been on.
He looked like he had that prisoner of war look to him in only two and a half months, so I'm really worried about this.
I haven't talked to him much since he got out, but if he's lost his humor and they broke him and he's sad now or just mean, that will make me real mad.
I'm gonna blow a gasket.
And I'm glad you brought up the whole thing about, oh, we've been banned and they did this to our social media.
Meanwhile, we had 620,000 men die in the Civil War.
Tommy is a real hero.
The Civil War, on both sides, they're the real heroes.
They really understand sacrifice.
We're just inconvenienced.
We can afford to laugh at it.
But I think it's important, and I'm glad you did this, to separate Tommy from us and say that this is another level here.
He will be killed.
They threw boiling water on him the previous time he was incarcerated, and he managed to deke it out and take the guy down.
And there's a video of him taking on nine Antifa guys, and he's a little guy, they're big guys, they're just true villains.
And all that Antifa will attack women, they'll attack children, and they're proud of it.
They just have no honor, Gavin.
There's something missing.
I've never seen one of them punch someone dead in the face straight on.
It's always from behind.
It's always through a crowd.
There's no honor there.
There's no chivalry.
And one thing I wanted to mention earlier, by the way, 50% of these texts I'm getting are white genocide, white genocide, genocide, genocide, genocide.
And I thought it was ironic because, first of all, genocide is a very rare and bizarre thing.
It's very esoteric.
I've never met anyone who wants genocide.
We had it with Milosevic, I guess.
We had ethnic cleansing in the Bosnian War.
And we had it with Pol Pot and obviously Hitler and Stalin, but it is very esoteric.
And the only time you really see it is with socialists.
So isn't that ironic that all these socialists are talking about genocide, meanwhile they're the ones with the genocide all over the history books.
They should be apologizing to us!
It really is incredible, and you see them with metal batons trying to kill people, and then they get their ass knocked out, and then Twitter takes down the video saying, we're bullies.
No, you're bullies getting put on your asses, and you can't stand it.
Gavin McGinnis, thank you so much for spending time with us.
Just lastly, I'm going to play this clip and get your take.
Or is that your job?
I have several businesses, but you know, the Resistance is a really good group of people.
It's spread throughout the country, probably throughout the world.
I mean, it's just kind of... It's just what I enjoy spending my time doing.
And, of course, we get paid, you know?
Of course, those higher-ups pay us.
So you're paying for this?
It's not just something you do because of your love of country?
Yeah, I mean, people pay us.
They want us to help sow the division and to take over Trump's Twitter feed.
When he makes a post, they want our tweets to be up there.
They don't want other people, like Trump supporters, to be seen in that.
And that's why they got rid of InfoWars comments that had thousands on every article, also based in San Francisco.
The whole commenting system we were using, that was taken away because they don't want you to be able to meet, they don't want you to be able to talk, they don't want you to have any reassurance that other people think like you.
They want you isolated and alone, just like Sean Parker said at Facebook, their job was to isolate you, make you alone, and then have fake liberal bots that are your friends that slowly radicalize you, Gavin.
Well, you've been saying this forever, and it was called a conspiracy theory.
But all a conspiracy means is that people are conspiring.
And now it's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that people are conspiring.
This guy is admitting he gets money from up top.
That implies sorrows to me.
I've had nothing but hassle since I criticized Soros.
Ezra Levan has had nothing but lawfare since he criticized Soros.
Me too.
You've had nothing but problems since you brought up these people conspiring, and conspiracy theories just used as a negative term now, and they shut you down.
You say, hey, are you guys conspiring?
No, and you're shut down for asking.
Hmm, that seems unusual, doesn't it?
And then they have big tech meeting in secret to continue it.
It's incredible.
Well, we'll be watching CRTV.com and we'll obviously play some clips here.
When you talk to Tommy, he'll probably be on with us today or tomorrow as well.
Got the big court case tomorrow.
Be safe, Gab McGinnis.
Thank you, sir.
Thanks for having me.
You bet.
I tell you, these are just crazy times.
And we are separating here the level Tommy's at with the level we're at.
But we're quickly going into that level of persecution.
And I'm not happy about that.
They talk about, they go low, we go high.
They've already gone to the very, very bottom, ladies and gentlemen.
These are not liberals, these are authoritarian monsters.
Now listen, we do have two specials, three specials up at the same time right now.
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I always enjoy that bloop in their face.
And they're trying to shut us down.
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Stay with us.
Okay, so I have a gift here from the folks at InfoWarsStore.com.
They wanted to thank me for getting the InfoWars t-shirts on the Rangers game for millions of people at sea.
So they just brought me a gift.
I don't even know what this is.
Wait a second.
I got it!
It's a Trump-Medusa shirt!
Look at that, guys!
I got the Trump-Medusa shirt!
What's that?
There's more in there?
It's a George Washington!
I was not expecting this, really.
Look at that one.
That'll trigger somebody real good.
Oh, yeah.
Wow, wow.
I'm like a kid on Christmas today.
I want to thank the folks at Infowarsstore.com.
This is amazing.
I was not expecting this!
Over a dozen CIA agents may have been killed as a result of Hillary Clinton's leaked emails.
The FBI is denying that, sort of, but the story is still fluid and confusing, and for some reason a lot of people don't seem that interested in finding out what actually happened.
Look, the Deep State doesn't want to do a damage assessment, they don't want to grapple with this, because to do so would undermine the fiction that what Hillary did caused no damage and deserved no prosecution.
The former Secretary of State's carelessness allowed a Chinese state-owned company to gain access to her emails, giving them the ability to read her messages in real time.
Even worse, the FBI was reportedly warned about this by the intel communities, Inspector General, but did nothing in response.
It's almost like there were, like, folks at the top of the FBI that just weren't interested in anything that made Hillary look bad.
And the fact that this information was discovered, then turned over to the FBI, and the FBI counterintelligence office, including Mr. Peter Strzok, apparently took no interest in it, is shocking.
One of the top officials who was alerted to the problem was none other than anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok.
It is time to hold people accountable.
It is time to perform an actual investigation.
As a result of this massive intelligence leak, China was able to discover the identities and capture some 20 CIA agents.
This was a sophisticated intelligence operation in which they were able to generate what is called a courtesy copy of every incoming and outgoing email that Hillary received in her mansion in upstate New York, told actually in the bathroom of her mansion.
You had dozens of CIA and American sources and operatives in China killed and imprisoned by the Chinese government because they got access to those top secret files.
One agent was actually shot and killed right in front of a Chinese government building in an apparent message designed to intimidate Washington.
It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.
Because you'd be in jail.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, there's a reason they want InfoWars off the air, and it's because I've studied geopolitical systems since I was 10 years old, because I just was attracted to it and got into history books and learned how they operate.
And I'm able to make predictions that are spot on over and over again.
Everybody knows that.
And I can see pre-programming.
But these predictions weren't hard.
Last Tuesday, I did a live feed here, we put the clip up on Real.Video and on Infowars.com, and it had the headline that Alex Jones predicts Democrats are going to roll out more women, specifically three more after four.
And I said one will be the weekend before the vote, and then one will be two days before the vote, and then another will be the night before the vote.
Well, they've now, Anna Vetti said last night it'll be 48 hours.
That'd be the night before the vote.
So, a 100% perfect prediction.
And I go into how I know it's fake and all the rest of it takes hours.
That's what knowledge is, what wisdom is.
It's just so much, it'd take all day to explain it.
But a lot of it's, they didn't bring out the stuff six, seven weeks ago.
They waited to the last minute.
It's meant to fall apart, doesn't matter.
The next fraud covers the last fraud.
But it's unraveling even faster.
The seedy weirdo lawyer, Anna Vetti, locks Twitter, admits Kavanaugh accuser might not appear.
This other one, he said, we're going to get into the definition of intercourse, of penetration, all these tantalizing points.
Meanwhile, Kavanaugh's come out and said, I didn't have sex till in the middle of college.
We're going to play a powerful clip here in a moment also from Tucker Carlson with the interview and more.
But this whole thing is unraveling very quick.
Mike Adams has another big report.
Christine Blasey Ford's letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein revealed to be a total fake.
Contains 14 glaring errors that could only be committed by a poorly educated writer.
So we're going to get into all of that as well.
But this is a five minute clip.
We're going to post it to Infowars.com.
I probably won't play all of it.
But here I am, last Tuesday, I guess that was the 19th, laying out exactly the exact, because I could just, I know how they operate.
It's like, I even asked them, how do you always know this stuff?
It's like, you just, you just get the feel for these turds.
Because you know phonies when you see it, and then you think, well, how have they done it in the past, and how will they try to cover the last fraud or the next fraud?
Here it is.
And so mark my words,
There are more women who are either going to see this in the news and figure out that they went to the same town and the same school, the same area as Kavanaugh, that are going to have the memories, the snowball, the mockingbird effect, but they're not going to need to do that because they're getting contacted just like the Sun came up this morning by the Washington Post, the New York Times, BuzzFeed, ThinkProgress, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, Media Matters.
All of them are using data mining and are hounding and calling every woman in that town where Kavanaugh grew up.
We'll be going over that here today.
So how do you respond to that?
You have to data mine.
The Republicans have to.
Legally and lawfully, and they have to contact because a bunch of the women are going to go, yeah, I got called six weeks ago within days of him being the nominee.
They were really, really pushy.
I remember Brett being a great guy.
They've obviously already contacted him.
They got 65 women saying he's a real sport.
But I guarantee you they've been contacted by the Democrats.
You roll them out, it's game over.
This woman has all the tell-tale signs of doing this for political gain.
And if you know how they operate, they go through Democratic Party databases they've got of super activists, professors, operatives like this lady.
And then they put out feelers to anyone that they can cross-reference that was the same age, lived in the same town as their target.
I've gotten calls from dozens of former high school associates who didn't even really know me, may have talked to me, may have been in class with me, saying, hey, do you remember me?
And I'm like, I barely do.
The New York Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed is calling me.
And then when I told them nothing but nice stuff, they called back and said, well, we'll do a big profile on you if you tell us something.
And then closer associates that have actually worked around me, they start threatening them.
Well, you're going to be in this piece.
It's going to be very damaging to you unless you tell us.
And so what they do is they then have law firms and media contact everyone in the database and say, wow, you went to school with Brett Kavanaugh, didn't you?
And they lead them.
Or you went to school with Alex Jones.
I heard he was a pretty bad guy.
And if they say, oh, no, he's a great guy, we'll go, well, thanks a lot.
Oh, yeah, Brett Kavanaugh, he's terrible.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I went to school with him?
Yeah, you didn't know that?
Yeah, since you're in the school annual, and you were two years younger than him, and... You see how that works?
See how that works?
And then now you're like, yeah, I remember.
You know the Democrats are calling every woman that grew up in the same town as Kavanaugh, and they're contacting with databases of anybody that is a Hillary Clinton-loving, man-hating leftist like this man-hating leftist professor who's expunged her social records, covering all this up.
They sit on it for six weeks until he's days out from confirmation vote next week, and then they drop this.
Ladies and gentlemen, you know they've contacted a whole slew of women.
And I know their pattern.
They're going to release one lady, let her get hit by the barbed wire, let it be criticized, and then, boom, release another woman, and then another woman.
And they're all going to be former Democratic Party operatives.
They're all going to be the pussy hat wearers.
They're all going to be the same very cut.
And the key to Congress is getting ahead of this and demanding an investigation into who contacted them and swearing them in under oath and demanding discovery.
You heard here first, there will be more women in the next week and a half that come out ahead of the confirmation vote next week.
And if the Republicans blink and have a bunch of show trial hearings and a bunch of virtue signaling, like
Different White House officials are now saying Kavanaugh will not get confirmed.
And there will be women coming forward and accusing every nominee that Trump brings forward.
This is the strategy.
This is how they create the snowball effect.
The Democrats also come after me and Trump and others.
We've confirmed it.
They've admitted it.
Media Matters a year ago leaked a document where they battle plan it.
George Soros funds it.
They will run a database of everybody you went to college with, high school with, or worked with.
They have databases now.
And they have groups that go back at your annuals, get the names, and then run those through if you went to school pre-internet.
So how do you respond to that?
You have to data mine.
The Republicans have to.
Legally and lawfully, and they have to contact, because a bunch of the women are going to go, yeah!
I got calls six weeks ago and then days ago... Okay, that's good.
And by the way, whoever grabbed from me from Hours on Tuesday and put this together did a great job.
What I'm really looking for, and this was great, I want the clips, I remember saying it, that they'll bring it out the weekend before the next woman, and then about three days before the final vote they'll have another, and then they'll have another the night of the day of the vote.
So I know I said specifically what they're doing, but still, it's good enough what we got there.
So, people need to learn.
I don't just say this stuff, okay?
I live this.
This is all I do.
I dream about this at night.
All I do is study.
I am totally immersed.
And we know their operations.
Now when I come back, very powerful Tucker Carlson point.
He's the smartest guy on Fox News.
Hannity's great and very dynamic and wonderful and everything, but Tucker is the smartest person on Fox News.
He just goes right to the heart that no one else is pointing out except us.
Where's the due process?
Where's the innocent until proven guilty?
The mantra by the Democrats, with me or anybody else, is we sue you, you're guilty.
We have a Russia investigation.
You're guilty.
A woman says 36 years ago you did something.
None of it adds up.
None of the witnesses say you're telling the truth.
It doesn't matter!
Your life is ruined, Kavanaugh, because I'm a psychology professor with horrible ratings that everyone hates, who was a huge party tart in school, and there's no evidence I ever met you, but I say you are going to be destroyed!
I say it!
Your life's over!
I rule Earth!
My name's Ford!
We've got a statement now with regard to PayPal and reports that it has ended its relationship with InfoWars.
PayPal joining a slew of tech companies that have severed ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, hitting his InfoWars where it hurts, by no longer allowing the site to use the payment processor.
PayPal is the latest company to sever ties with Jones after YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Last month, the website called Right Wing Watch posted a report highlighting PayPal's continued business relationship with InfoWars, and the Washington Post also noted how business on the InfoWars stores was booming.
PayPal is the latest big tech company to cut ties with far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, stealing a blow to one of founder Alex Jones.
It actually fuels the Trump base because they do feel like they're being silenced.
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all booted Jones off their platforms.
PayPal on Thursday night informed InfoWars, which runs an online storefront that sells survival gear and herbal supplements, that it has 10 business days to find a new payment processor.
You can't pick one person and say, well, we don't like what he's been saying.
He's out.
We have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in.
And you just can't do that.
Jones hit back on his website saying the InfoWarsStore.com site had no political content, and the move emphasizes how the decision was a broader attack on the InfoWars platform.
A PayPal spokesperson says, quote, we undertook an extensive review of the InfoWars sites and found instances that promoted hate, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, and bullying policies.
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Go ahead.
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I'd done the War Room.
She's not on until 9.40 Central.
That's 10.40 Eastern.
I was exhausted.
I popped two Brain Force Plus and I was good as new.
I mean, it really is mentally stabilizing, mentally energizing.
Tonight I'm on with Tucker Carlson.
The same thing.
I'm gonna put in a
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I'm gonna go on the Tucker tonight.
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I wasted a lot of money in old hoods, believe me.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I told you that Trump was going to win the 2016 election.
I told you that the New York Times algorithm that said 98% chance Hillary was going to win until election day was as phony as a plastic banana that met a $3 bill that had lunch with the Easter Bunny at the tea party in Alice in Wonderland.
And the tablecloth was Obama's birth certificate.
That's fake.
So, pulling back from all this, we can sit here and be very positive about everything, but I knew how hysterical they were the last three months.
And when they were saying, Hillary 100% is invincible.
She will be president.
There were a whole bunch of big bot companies.
That can track with AI what you're saying and what you're doing in your text messages and your private messages on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.
And they had experts culling all that.
They also had all these real surveys going on by tech companies of their own people.
And then real polls.
The polls you see on the news are usually skewed by whoever pays for them.
There's Phoney's $3 bill.
As I just said.
But you know they do real polls.
They do internal polls.
And they showed Trump with a 15-point lead.
He dipped to like a 5-point lead on the first debate.
And I talked to folks that had seen the polls.
And I'm not at liberty to get into it, but I'm just going to stop right there.
And that's when I went crazy.
And Drudge linked to it, all of it, and said, Trump, you better get aggressive, buddy, or you're done.
Whoever talked him into being nice to her at the first debate,
Not a good idea.
He came out, said, you need to go to prison, you're a piece of filth.
Here's the women, you know, you raped Bill Clinton.
Back to 15 points.
Here's the problem.
They've got illegals and people voting the names of dead folks everywhere in what, like, 30-something states where Democrats had control.
They're scared because Republicans have control of the majority of states now and are reversing that and bringing in voter motor ID.
You gotta have a driver's license.
Of course you gotta have a driver's license.
The Democrats are saying let illegals vote.
Let people vote.
In fact, I never played this last week.
Pull it up.
Democrats in speeches say vote early and vote often.
Bill Clinton talked about that.
So did Obama.
So I want to be 100% clear.
I go to the mall.
And I like to go to a more working-class slash middle-class mall because there's these malls in Austin that are like just too fancy for me.
I like going to the old-fashioned Barton Creek Mall where it's, you know, 110 degrees.
Kind of walk the kids around, get some exercise, go eat, you know, go shopping a little bit.
I get mobbed by Hispanics.
The conservative families, the liberal families, the guys with tattoos and gold chains, mobbed!
I mean, love me!
Because they want America, they want free market, they want success, and they get being mavericks.
Hispanics are my biggest fans.
In Austin.
I've experienced it all over Texas.
I'm in a little big town, I walk into some barbecue place, I'm just mobbed by the Hispanic folks.
Because they're Americans and they smell BS.
Now, the leftist Hispanics being brainwashed at campuses, not so much.
That's everybody going there.
But black folks, white people, you name it.
But if I go to a university area or a upper middle class or rich white area,
I'm going to a birthday party with one of my daughters, and it's a mansion.
And I'm pulling up, and I'm gonna like, a car will pull by in a Mercedes and go, F you Alex Jones!
And it's like a $150,000 Mercedes.
And my girls are with me, this happened a few weeks ago, and I don't say anything, I just go, say something like, you!
And it's always some rich woman, some rich, and I'm not putting white people down, but let me tell you, the jerks are rich white people, okay?
80% of the Democrat, 80% of Congress, the money is Democrats.
There's this idea that conservatives have the money.
No, they don't.
No, they don't.
I'm not doing class envy here.
The middle class is mainly conservative, but the rich people, they game everything.
They want government control.
They're the jerks.
And man, you look at all these professors and everyone, nine times out of ten, it's some weird, whack job, liberal, white dude or woman.
Up there preaching the opposite of Martin Luther King.
Here's Martin Luther King.
Here is Hillary Rodham Clinton.
She's over here with sexual and racial divide, and Martin Luther King's over here.
Well, I'm right here.
The left is over here.
And it's a fact.
You're not with Martin Luther King.
And that's just a fact, so you better get used to that.
So, Trump is going to win.
You're going to win.
Unless the fraud is of such a magnitude and they get into computers, but they caught them stealing, what was it?
I always get it flipped.
They caught Hillary stealing five states.
And Homeland Security at the local level caught them trying to steal six others.
They said Homeland Security computers are breaking into state computers in live time trying to flip votes.
So here's the deal.
The red wave is real.
Trump is going to win.
You're going to win.
We're going to win.
Unless the fraud is just off the charts.
So don't worry even if they steal it.
We have the hearts and minds.
I've seen it.
I go to Barton Creek Mall.
Go to the Cheesecake Factory, and like, 10 waiters come over, black, white, Hispanic, all loving me, wanting photos and autographs.
You know, I heard the show last week, it was great.
And then a Hispanic family buys me dinner.
And I'm like, no, no, no, don't do it.
Oh, no, we already did it.
Stop it.
And then I go outside, and it's all this.
Then I see some deranged-looking white woman with a kid, looks like they're on Prozac.
She's like, look at her.
And it's like, you're one out of a hundred, lady!
You're losing!
I'm a public figure.
I'm a bellwether.
I can tell you.
It's not conservatism, it's free market.
It's people wanting to not be played off.
People are sick of racism.
They're sick of the left pushing it constantly.
You'd have to be an idiot not to see what they're doing.
It's backfired on you.
So keep pushing!
Keep pressuring people!
Let's play a few minutes of Tucker Carlson, though, laying all this out.
Whatever happened to guilty until proven innocent in the Soviet Union?
We know that's a bad thing.
We're innocent until proven guilty.
Whatever happened to us waking up to that?
Here it is.
Well, good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Brett Kavanaugh just finished speaking with Martha McCallum.
He pushed back pretty aggressively against attacks on his personal integrity and his decency, and he denied completely all of the sexual allegations against him.
In doing that, he at times provided a level of information about his personal life that would have been unthinkable just days ago.
Through all these years that are in question, you were a virgin.
That's correct.
Never had sexual intercourse with anyone in high school?
And through what years in college, since we're probing into your personal life here?
Many years.
Many years after.
I'll leave it at that.
Many years after.
Not your conventional interview.
He was asked repeatedly by Martha, again, about the accusations against him.
His wife sat by him as he denied all of them.
I'm not going to let false accusations drive us out of this process and we're looking for a fair process where I can be heard defending my integrity, my lifelong record.
Nobody expected anything like this when that confirmation process started.
We're gonna have more from Martha's interview with Brett Kavanaugh and his wife Martha herself will join us on the set a little bit later in the show to tell us what it was like in that room.
But first we typically open this hour by talking to someone we disagree with.
We believe in straightforward debate on this show.
Americans have been talking through their differences for more than 200 years and it's worked pretty well.
We think all of us reach wiser conclusions when both sides have their say, when everybody gets
But tonight we want to pause for a minute.
We'll invite guests on later in the hour.
First though, it's worth considering what we've learned from the debate over Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.
This feels like a turning point, something entirely new in the life of this country.
We certainly had bitter and partisan debates over judicial nominations before a lot of them.
Robert Bork in 87, Clarence Thomas four years later, there are many others.
Shortly after being re-elected president in 1936, Franklin Roosevelt tried to take over the entire judicial branch of government.
We're good to go.
Yet some of this we have not seen before.
It's entirely new.
Never in our lifetimes have sitting members of Congress attacked our justice system as they now are.
Lawmakers haven't mocked the idea of due process, or called for the collective punishment of American citizens, or declared that the burden of proof is on the accused rather than the accuser.
All of that is happening right now in Washington and more.
It's not just Brett Kavanaugh who's under assault.
Elected officials have announced they no longer believe in our Western understanding of justice.
We're going to hit pause.
We're going to come back and play this with the Democrats saying, look, if a woman accuses you, you go to prison.
No judge, no jury.
You're just going to prison.
I mean, this is a power grab.
Meanwhile, the same Democrats support radical Islam, literally wholesale enslaving women.
Third Hour, you can open the phones up as well, stay with us, spread the links.
Alex in Michigan.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex Jones.
Good to talk to you again, sir.
We are Alex Jones.
We're Julian Assange.
Thanks for exposing the Skynet program launching in China, where the, you know, the robots are taking over.
Julian Assange is talking about it now.
We are the resistance.
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They're so cold-blooded.
I know, it's like, why can't they just, you know, let us be and have us run our own lives?
You know, people talk about, you know, states' rights.
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Right now at infowarsstore.com.
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You are receiving this transmission.
You are the resistance.
Another world.
Another time.
In the age of wonder.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Guilty until proven innocent.
That is the New Democrat credo.
If you're a man, shut up!
This is our big open free society.
Creating a vacuum for authoritarians to come in and say because they're a woman or whatever that all due process is thrown out the window.
Here's Tucker Carlson breaking it down.
The accuser.
All of that is happening right now in Washington and more.
As much as Brett Kavanaugh who's under assault, elected officials have announced they no longer believe in our Western understanding of justice.
There's no precedent for that here.
It's stunning.
You should pay close attention to what's happening because it could affect all of us.
The shift began late last week with these remarks from Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono.
I just want to say to the men of this country, just shut up and step up.
Do the right thing for a change.
Not only do women like Dr. Ford, who bravely comes forward, need to be heard, but they need to be believed.
So there you have it.
All men are guilty.
Not because they've been proved guilty, but because they are men.
They are inherently guilty, by their nature.
All women must be believed.
Not because we can show they're telling the truth, but because they are female.
Evidence is irrelevant in both cases.
All that matters is DNA.
All of us are condemned or redeemed at birth, and there's nothing any of us can do to change that.
It's baked in the cake.
Hit pause real quick.
That's what she said.
Where'd I hear that?
Like Hitler?
That's what I mean.
The left knows racism works with dumbed-down people.
And so they're double-crossing the entire social compact in America and worldwide.
They are literally promoting just outrageous crap.
Don't look at somebody about who they are and what they do.
Look at what sex they are, what color they are.
It's outrageous!
But they're betting you're idiots.
I'm betting
Trump is betting, Matt Drudge is betting, Patriots are betting, Tucker Carlson is betting that you're not like that.
Let's continue.
No living U.S.
Senator has ever said anything like that in public.
Yet none of Herono's Democratic colleagues recoiled or even scolded her or suggested she was wrong.
They seemed to agree with what she said.
Herono herself did not issue an apology or a clarification.
She kept going.
Here she is from over the weekend.
Doesn't Kavanaugh have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else in America?
I put his denial in the context of everything that I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases.
Well give her credit for directness.
According to Senator Hirono, Brett Kavanaugh is not protected by the United States Constitution.
He does not enjoy the presumption of innocence.
Kavanaugh is guilty because his opponents say he is guilty.
That is Senator Hirono's position.
She is proud of it.
We're going to come back and play more of this and when we put this up on Infowars.com on our own streams, the full thing.
You understand, they lie about what I say about Sandy Hook, or they lie about, then they sue me, now they know they're gonna lose those lawsuits, so now they just want me off the air, and want our payment processor shut down.
But just the suit, then becomes the reality.
And I talk to CBS, I talk to the New York Times, I say, I believe it happened, here's videos of me three years ago saying it, but the public questioned it, here's the anomalies, we have a right to do that, they never publish it.
And they go, now that Jones is being sued, he says it happened.
Just like they say that I say, get your battle rifles ready.
I won't even say it or they'll put it out on air, but you can say that I say attack the media.
Never said that.
Again, they aren't following any rules, folks.
No chivalry, no decorum, no civilization.
They're a lawless group.
These globalists are, the mainstream media, of just
Words cannot describe how big the stakes are for the future of humanity right now.
InfoWars is being openly targeted by the Democratic Party, leftist CIA operatives, the corrupt Justice Department, and the entire Soros crime syndicate.
People say, why would you start a fight with them?
Because they were already dominating and running America into the ground.
And I knew we had no future if we didn't do this.
So we've already had incredible success.
But if you will simply realize how epic this is, and understand how real this fight is, and why we've been made the main target,
And if you financially support us, and if you spread the word about our articles and videos, InfoWars.com, we won't just continue to stand up against these brutal scumbags.
We'll win.
We have huge sales at InfoWarsStore.com right now.
And we're still able to operate the shopping cart and get stuff shipped out to you, despite the fact that we're trying to block our commerce, and you're right, to the market.
But if you don't stand up and support us financially, Soros and Globus may win.
This is InfoWars Darkness Hour.
We need your support.
I'm counting on you.
50,000 unstoppable watts!
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
I'm gonna give the number out next segment and take your calls, but I want right now to air part of the speech I gave at the Free Alex Jones rally that was taking place this Saturday.
Here it is, transmitting worldwide.
So you folks are awesome to come out here, this whole impromptu thing is great, but let's free America and free the world and free the internet!
Yesterday, Trump put out the leaked version of the executive orders to start busting up Big Tech and the Communist Party's operations.
And the Communist Chinese, allied with the globalists, have literally taken control of much of this country and shut us industrially down.
But President Trump is reversing all of that.
And that's why Big Tech, that's why Big Tech isn't just censoring me.
They're censoring all of you and tens of millions of others in America and billions of people worldwide.
Because Google and Facebook and Twitter and Apple have always been evil.
This cover is the excuse for all the evil they do.
Google has always been evil.
And now the head of Google lied and said they don't censor conservatives.
That is a total lie!
And everyone knows that they do it.
So here's the good news.
We have the undercover video.
We have their emails.
We have their own head people admitting it.
We have them lying.
We have them refusing to go before Congress.
Google has refused to work with the U.S.
military with its AI program, but officially works with the government of China.
Because they love... And it's not that our government's perfect, but compared to the communist Chinese, good God.
They killed 110 million of their own people.
That's five times what Hitler killed.
And they think we're a bunch of idiots.
They think that we don't understand what's happening.
They think they're gonna lie.
They play this semantical game.
They go, we don't censor Christians.
We don't censor conservatives.
We don't censor libertarians.
We don't censor anybody who says, but we censor hate.
So then they define conservatism and nationalism as hate, and that's how they play this game.
The truth is, Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, their terms of service say you can't be a Christian or conservative or nationalist or patriot, and they are criminal frauds, and their entire operation is going down.
Let me tell you something.
Since the 70s, the globalists have moved all our jobs to China.
They've moved it all there to exploit the planet.
But China doesn't have raw materials.
Their supply lines are cut off.
And these executive orders that Trump is about to execute cut off China, and cut off the EU, and cut off Big Tech!
They brought America down to the last minute, and they had all their followers and their collaborators and their leftists raised with the malest brainwashing and propaganda on these universities.
They thought they had America!
But just like every time it's happened, it doesn't get better until the last minute of the last hour.
And now the sleeping giants of humanity, not just here, but from areas of Europe to South America to Asia, are waking up to the authoritarian globalists!
Just because the arrogant criminals at Google and Facebook and Twitter have already gotten away with censorship and spying on you and working with China to arrest dissidents doesn't mean they'll get away with it forever!
And by confronting them, we got them to move early with the censorship they were planning after the election!
And after we got them to move early, they've now been exposed, and they've now been caught lying, and there's no way they'll ever reverse course!
So look, I'm glad that all you guys had this free Alex Jones rally, and that's awesome, and I'm glad you're out here.
You notice the antifa scum funded by the left isn't here.
Because their terrorist funding, my sorrows, has come out.
And all over the country, when they come out and attack people, even in blue cities like Austin, they're getting their asses arrested because they are terrorist criminals!
They're the terrorist criminals that want to tell us we don't have free speech, and they want to assault women and children.
Well, guess what, assholes?
You thought you defeated America?
All you did was wake her up!
They think they can censor you?
They think they can censor me?
They think that the intimidation that works on their slaves works on us.
All it does is motivate us to take action and that's what we're doing here today.
So remember, the globalist head of
Google says they're not censoring any conservatives.
We have its own promotional video two years ago when they lost the election, 20 months ago, admitting that, don't worry, we'll hand it back to the Democrats after this.
We'll stop Trump.
And we have all their internal documents and all their admissions.
And that's why that arrogant person who's allied with China, helping set up censorship search engines to round up political dissidents,
They'd love to do that here, and it's what they're building here, and it's what they're doing here.
But their own employees were told this week, and they leaked it, you must erase off your personal computers everything about our secret Dragonfly program with China for a worldwide censorship program.
And their own employees alerted the media.
So the beginning of the end has begun.
Google and Facebook and Twitter, traitors in our government, created an NSA system to spy on us.
But they knew there were checks and balances.
So they transferred it to private consortiums, then they moved it to China.
To set up operations against America!
What do you think the last 24 years have been is the beginning of the end?
China will have its raw materials completely cut off within six months!
fleets are now surrounding it!
We already had deals with Russia!
China and the Communists are going down!
America holds all the cards.
And the quizlings inside the Democratic Party and inside the corporate media and inside Hollywood better get ready to lose, lose, lose!
Because America is getting ready to win, win, win!
And like President Trump says, you're gonna get so sick of winning, and winning, and winning, and winning, you're gonna say, my God, I'm getting sick of this winning, and I'm gonna say, sorry, just get ready for more winning!
The dirty, murdering leftists in Hollywood, the pedophile devil worshippers allied with the evil communist Chinese.
They think they'll break America's will.
They think because they censor us on their platforms, it'll make us go away.
It's just gonna make us hit the streets!
Well, I want to encourage every one of you to realize, don't look for Alex Jones to lead you, or Donald Trump to lead you.
You keep doing your videos on your own platforms, and the enemy's platforms, and you confront their systems, and you get in their face, and you expose them when they go, oh, Alex Jones is mean.
He questioned public events.
Oh, Alex Jones is bad.
That's them projecting.
They're the ones working with authoritarian regimes like the EU and the Communist Chinese that have killed over 100 million of their own poor, sweet people.
They're the leftist media that funded the Arab Spring that killed over 2 million people and brought total tyranny to a bunch of our allies in the Middle East.
They're the cold-blooded criminals that want to use their power of super tech to oppress humanity!
And monsters like Tim Cook
With the slave factories at Foxconn, and Apple, and all the rest of these people think we're their slaves.
They think that we are going to submit to them, but the truth is you have awoken, and nothing's going to stop you, and the enemy knows it.
So as long as you stay the course.
As long as you take action, as long as you stand up to all the power-tripping little weirdo professors and all the scum that have been promised that they'll have the spoils of what's left of America, as long as you do that, you are unstoppable!
All these leftists and authoritarians try to intimidate us because they're cowards.
They think cozying up under the establishment gives them power.
They think that when we get censored and attacked, that makes us give up.
We're trying to change the world.
We expected to have this fight happen.
We expected to be persecuted.
We expected to be attacked.
And guess what?
Here's the good news.
A lot of people in history fight tyranny, and they don't see results in their lifetimes.
But you know what?
We're seeing results right now!
Master of results right now ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you Alex!
Thank you!
It is an honor and a pleasure to stand up against these scum.
This is what's going on in this country.
There is this intense scrutiny, this fine-toothed cone, where they go through every facet of a, I don't even want to say conservative, of a non-liberal's life.
You knew the guy who organized Charlottesville.
Ergo, you killed Heather Heyer.
So you have to be terrorized.
Your family's social life has to be affected.
If you're not 100% with the liberal cause...
Even as the liberal cause drifts off into satellite town and has things like infinite gender and children are sexual beings and the president is a white supremacist Nazi, even as they start saying that crazy radical stuff, if you're not with this crazy satellite, then you're a Nazi who's going to start World War III and we have to terrorize you.
If you work at Purdue Pharmaceuticals,
You should be a pariah.
If anyone's gonna be a pariah, it should be someone involved in Big Pharma.
Someone whose job actually does lead to deaths.
And these bad guys that they have, these so-called racists and Nazis, whatever, like Richard Spencer.
But even him, his beliefs don't lead to deaths.
I mean, can't you be mad at actual bad guys?
I think Charlottesville has been pinned to me quite a bit.
And I was very adamant from the beginning, I don't want anything to do with this.
Now, Jason Kessler, he's the guy who organized it.
Jason Kessler kept trying to join my group, the Proud Boys.
He went to two different things.
Showed up, he seemed nice.
We did our little ritual and then both times we started to smell a rat, kicked him out.
He called me regularly, was very friendly, and said, I'm just a guy who likes statues.
Me too.
I also think statues shouldn't be torn down.
So we bonded on that.
I said, are you alright?
He said, no.
Absolutely not.
Lied about it.
And the Charlottesville thing was pushed as a let's stop taking statues down thing.
I smelled a rat anyway.
I said, you know what, Jason?
I don't trust you.
You're out of the Proud Boys.
You've got nothing to do with us.
And this is like two months before.
I said, we're not going.
Anyone who goes is evil.
I disavow, disavow, disavow.
And I'm convinced in retrospect that Charlottesville is a fake thing.
It was set up by Soros lackeys to discredit the right, to get rid of people that were near the edge, like Milo, Yiannopoulos, and Lauren Southern, to get us in there and mix us with the Nazis, who hate us by the way, and then discredit us all and we'll be done.
And I do believe a lot of those guys with tiki torches were real guys.
When they were saying blood and so on, all that Nazi stuff, I believe they believed that.
I think a lot of them are autistic weirdos.
I think whoever set that up got fired.
It didn't turn out.
We only got one death.
We didn't want that.
We wanted total and utter chaos.
Much more racism.
It didn't go on.
But they still cling to that one Heather Heyer death.
And by the way, also, this was the worst they got, right?
It took all this maniacal planning, and lies, and deception, and pretending it's about statues, and they managed to scrounge up what?
200 guys?
What is the population of America?
What are we at, like 360 million?
You basically are showing us a threat that is not even close to as dangerous as elevators.
Your enemy, even in your worst case scenario, even if we ignore my theory that it was a fake rally, even all that, you're still in the elevator, measles, spiders kind of an area of danger.
Whereas, Big Pharma,
40,000 a year!
36,000 a year, to be specific.
That's 115 people a day dying from opioids.
115 a day.
Yet those guys aren't pariahs.
No, the mythical Nazi, that's the pariah.
If you are obsessed with chasing Nazis and white supremacists, you are essentially a Bigfoot chaser.
Bigfoot is not a thing.
It's a strange thing to set up because what you're doing is you're setting up this scrutiny machine where everyone has a fine-tooth comb.
And I think what's happening now with the right is we're going, okay, let me just pick up this giant fine-tooth comb and go through Hollywood.
Oh, wow, it's Rape Central over there.
You guys are disgusting animals.
Looks like you're not so sanctimonious after all, are you?
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You know there's so much incredibly vital news breaking at NewsWars.com and Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and DrugsReport.com for that matter that I can't even keep track of it but I'm gonna try now in this segment and then open the phones up and take your calls because those are so amazing.
But Faith Goldie is this super good-looking, super smart, awesome, libertarian, conservative lady in Toronto.
And she's been with the Rebel, and she's been with the newspapers, and she's been censored up there, and they're so scared of her.
Because she's super smart, super good-looking.
They claim they love women in the left.
No, no.
They want to control women.
And so, I've looked at the polls.
She's number 2, number 3, and number 4 out of more than 10 candidates.
And they know if she gets up on stage, Toronto will be charmed by her and she'll win.
So what does the left do in this climate of total censorship?
She's number three in polls on average.
They've got, what, five other candidates up there on stage who are, you know, so boring and make you want to commit suicide.
I don't want to commit suicide.
That's a joke.
It's a turn of phrase.
They'll probably kill me today and say I want to commit suicide.
No, I never commit suicide.
And they drag her off and manhandle her, the police do.
And of course, it totally backfired.
But I love how they try to suppress this.
They got five other candidates up there.
She's in second or third place, depending on the poll.
And I just, it's incredible.
So, go ahead bullies, you try to censor, I'm sure Twitter will ban her probably today in unison.
It's not going to work.
All over the world they're trying to block this.
And I want women in Congress.
I don't care what color they are.
I don't care how good looking they are.
I care about their brain and if they stand for freedom.
But, she's sexy, okay?
The fact that she's good looking and into liberty and has courage.
I mean, I'm married, you know, and I love my wife.
She's sexy and smart, too.
But, I mean, this has got my alarm bells going off here pretty bad.
I want to get her on the show.
I knew who she was.
In fact, I wanted her on before, but we're going to get her on.
But this has blown up in their face.
This is so beautiful.
This is what it's... When they censor you, just use it against them.
Here is the clip.
The story is by Adon Salazar.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Get it out to everybody.
Toronto police dragged pro-Trump Merrill Kennedy off the debate stage, despite the fact that she's number three in major polls, and despite the fact that they had thousands and thousands, 5,000 plus, sign a petition for her to be there.
Here it is.
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Let's just say it, they're completely threatened by her.
They're completely threatened because she's smart, she's sexy, everything.
Let's play the full clip though, because when she first walks up...
She says, oh, I must have missed my invitation.
She's so gentlemanly, lady-like, they don't care.
So, I'm going to play from the very beginning with the text and everything, guys.
Because it's got some key points.
Here it is.
Good morning, sir.
I must have missed my invitation mail.
My name is Faith Wilson.
Oh, get her out of here!
There's supposed to be enough hormones in the water that you don't look like that.
You're not supposed to see women look like women anymore.
Get that goddess out of here!
We own that now!
Get her out of here!
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
Let Faith speak!
We don't want her strutting around up there with all her star appeal.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
Get that winner off the stage!
If you let that horse run, she'll win!
God, she's a winner!
Good Lord!
You know, if she was a leftist, they'd have her up there.
She couldn't even talk with those legs.
And the police just manhandle her up.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Happy birthday, Mr. President.
You gotta love it.
And so the cop's like, everybody that runs gets to be up there.
She's like, I did run.
I'm number three in the polls.
He's like, what?
So there you go.
She'd be the mayor of Toronto.
It'd kick off a sensation all across the Western world of hot libertarian chicks running for office.
Can't let that happen.
So what do the little globalist tyrants do?
What do the little Lilliputians do?
What do the little Morlocks do?
They say no Eloy are allowed to run.
So again, I love the fact.
I want to roll it from the beginning.
The full video, with the text, all of it.
Three is going to be the charm.
That full video.
And I can't tweet it because I'm banned on Twitter.
But maybe I'll get Paul Watson to tweet it.
It's in Adan Salazar's article, Toronto Police Drag Pro Trump.
Merrill Kennedy off the stage.
Here it is.
ArtsVote held a public debate for Mayor of Toronto.
Faith Goldie is currently in third, highest polling candidate for Toronto Mayor.
So why was she not invited to the debate?
Good morning.
Sorry, I must have missed my invitation mail.
My name is Faith Goldie.
To the Wolf Whistle, they say it's ramped, so I'm gonna do it.
Nothing sexier than a rebel.
And by the way, she can be four and a half feet tall and weigh 200 pounds.
I still love her.
That's leprechaun bait right there.
I love it.
A woman standing up against tyranny.
And she's already, she'd be the winner.
She's already third place.
God, they're so scared of her.
But they're like, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You will not have her.
We can beat these people and we're just going to get more involved and more engaged.
And even if she doesn't win this round, she'll win the next round.
This is amazing.
You see the cop there asking for his phone number.
Who can blame him?
All right.
I'm going to come back and open the phones up and get into a bunch of the news we haven't hit yet.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Remember, we're the most banned transmission in the world for a reason.
Because we've got the globalist number.
By the way, Steve Voss, we used to air Thank God for the Renegades all the time, and I haven't aired it in years.
Can we download the whole Thank God for the Renegades?
Because I actually saw the George Washington t-shirt that was designed for us by a highly decorated Navy SEAL who was a
Major leader in the Navy SEALs and the most elite SEAL team.
I'm not going to say who made it.
They designed this shirt for us.
We've had it for like a month and I hadn't seen someone wearing it.
And I saw someone wearing it.
It does not do justice to what's at InfoWarsTore.com.
The InfoWars George Washington shirt.
Did you forget George Washington was like in four wars?
From the time he was like 16 years old, before he beat the British.
So this is him in his colonial militia uniform, with a hatchet and a musket.
And from the historical animals, that's what it was like.
A killing machine.
Very gentlemanly person, but a killing machine.
And very lucky too, they said, like, dozens and dozens of battles, nobody could shoot him.
He'd have holes all through his clothes, you name it.
George Washington, the original Patriot t-shirt, is badass.
Got a little colonial flag on the back of Tiny Info Wars, so you don't get mugged.
We're attacked by the left because they don't know who George Washington is.
But, uh, it's there, folks.
The Spirit of 1776.
It's really what I'd call that shirt.
But it's at m4short.com.
But I just want to, uh, let you know that that's there and, uh, so much more.
But I'll give you the number.
I'll give you the number now.
It's 877-789-ALEX.
We'll be right back.
On this global transmission, 42 days out.
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The real drama can be found here in Leilani Estates.
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We've got a statement now with regard to PayPal and reports that it has ended its relationship with InfoWars.
PayPal joining the slew of tech companies that have severed ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, hitting his InfoWars where it hurts, by no longer allowing the site to use the payment processor.
PayPal is the latest company to sever ties with Jones after YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Last month, a website called Right Wing Watch posted a report highlighting PayPal's continued business relationship with InfoWars, and the Washington Post also noted how business on the InfoWars stores was booming.
PayPal is the latest big tech company to cut ties with far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, stealing a blow to one of founder Alex Jones' revenue sources.
This is of course coming at a time when many, at least reports out there, of possible censorship of conservative voices and other people in the media has come to light as well.
So Contessa is certainly a story that we're following very closely.
It actually fuels the Trump base because they do feel like they're being silenced.
And we're also standing up
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all booted Jones off their platforms.
PayPal on Thursday night informed InfoWars, which runs an online storefront that sells survival gear and herbal supplements, that it has 10 business days to find a new payment processor.
You can't pick one person and say, well, we don't like what he's been saying.
He's out.
We have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in.
And you just can't do that.
Jones hit back on his website saying the InfoWarsStore.com site had no political content, and the move emphasizes how the decision was a broader attack on the InfoWars platform.
A PayPal spokesperson says, quote, we undertook an extensive review of the InfoWars sites and found instances that promoted hate, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, hate speech, and bullying policies.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From Nazareth he came with a ragtag band to bring a revolution
Wise men follow Jesus Christ, and they follow George Washington.
Far ahead of their time.
Steve Voss hasn't played this in years.
Let's roll this whole thing out.
Lord knows where we'd be.
When it comes to egos, Renegades are mine.
These dishonorable people give us the crown of Renegade.
They cast it down.
They don't want it.
They laid their bodies down on a bloody war.
It's like he laid cards down.
Because of the spirit, how could they not?
Free today.
Thank God for the Renegades and the lives we lead.
Far ahead of their time without the Renegades.
Renegades of mine.
Like Donald Trump and Matt Grudge.
And like you, the listeners.
And the stations that pick us up.
Roll it out.
This is to all the renegades.
Where are the renegades in the world today?
Who are the renegades?
Remember playing this 20 years ago.
Saying, who are you?
We'll defeat the globalists.
We'll return the republic.
We're almost there.
The seeds.
They're so blind, they don't know that we act for this.
We want this.
If I have to give my life for this, I am honored.
I'm ready.
They take that as suicidal or fatalist.
I'm so alive that I don't even fear death.
Renegades are mine.
Enemies of the corrupt Babylonian system.
Steve Voss.
Alright, I'm gonna go to your phone calls now.
You know, we can talk about the good news, because we can turn things around, but the truth is, we're pretty far down the rat hole right now.
But spirit is what drives flush.
And studies actually show this.
And what I'm about to tell you, and then go to your calls, is another key of destiny.
That's why the enemy hates this broadcast.
And you know that.
See, I don't just say this is a key to destiny.
This is a key of destiny.
There are many keys to destiny.
I'd write a book called The Keys of Destiny.
I had dreams about that.
But the point is,
They've shown in so many studies, it'll make your head spin, that countervailing, if you have will and you have soul and if you are infertile and you haven't had your ovaries cut out, you can still have kids.
If you focus on it and really try.
In many cases, that your will affects it.
Because your will reaches out to God, and to the universe, and it makes things happen.
It's not like you just delusionally think you can build whatever, then it happens.
Like Oprah says, you have to have the basics, but then you can do it.
But it has to be for good as well.
Or it can be for evil.
But we don't even look into those areas.
It's called black magic.
But, all the research shows,
That what we believe and what we stand for helps manifest.
We're made in the image of God.
Little g. And so that's why they try to dumb us down.
That's why they try to demoralize us.
That's why they try to attack us.
That's why they try to tell us we're pathetic and we're no good and the best plan for the world is a post-human future.
Is because
Yes, our fertility's dropped 50%.
Yes, the sperm are down 85 to 96%, depending on the study in every Western country.
And yes, we know what's causing it, the electromagnetic radiation from the cell phones, the glyphosates are the two big causal effects in the main research.
But they've also got studies that if you're passionately in love, and if you start eating organic, and if you even get away from this stuff for even a month or two, your body can bounce back.
And that's a metaphor.
For they may get us down to where no flesh is spared and we're all sterile, which is the gloveless plant.
In a satanic program, the destruction of humanity is the ticket, or their key, to this thing they've been promised by this entity.
Over the space-time continuum, manipulating them.
And they try all day, the big tech heads, the big globalists, the royalty, just to get in these big rooms and all, just an interface with this stuff and try to get the messages.
Which has all fallen!
God's not going to give you messages about taking over, but just about the general universe.
But these dark entities, the devil and his legions, they're going to give you bad transmissions.
And again, even if you don't believe in that, the globalists don't.
None of them are atheists.
They are on their knees.
for temporal power on this planet.
They have turned themselves over.
They do rituals of the most wicked things you can imagine to shear their conscience and cut them off from God so they can be full, wholly owned vessels of the ancient fallen spirit, the off-world entity known as Lucifer the Devil.
This alien force.
This discombobulated, disconnected spirit.
And of course, Tolkien told you, that's why the Lord of the Rings rings so true, because it's this disembodied fallen angel, willing to do all these horrible things to have power on this planet, and it's seeking to get a body.
And that's what the beast is, and the computers, and it'll be in the computers.
Walking around.
It will interface.
It will consciously possess.
The devil's son is not a person.
There'll be the devil on earth as a person, but that's only the front.
It will be the devil interfacing with the computers.
The devil will possess the computers.
That's the plan.
The whore of Babylon.
The system.
The false prophet rides, and the Antichrist, a man given power to rule the earth, possessed by the devil.
But the devil will possess the machines, and the beast will be one with Lucifer.
You can already see the beginnings of it.
Two thousand years ago prophesied, now the warning.
You think God would put us in this position and not give us a transmission?
And we're meant to go through this because nothing good is free.
You have to make the choice.
You make it past this plane of existence, you're going to look back on this and say, my God, it's so pathetic that so many people got lost because not everybody's meant to go to the next level.
Do you think your spirit that's so ancient, put into your mother's womb before you're ever conceived, God knew before you were ever in your mother's womb.
Do you think God likes the fact that he's going to lose a lot of you?
God doesn't like that.
You are a new entity.
You are an entire universe in yourself.
You have choice.
And so God loves you so much in your free will, and God cries and weeps over every child he loses.
My point is, as U.S.
fertility rate drops to all-time lows, cuts in half since the 50s, that's the bad news.
But the good news is we are able to regenerate.
And when we spiritually realign, that can regenerate our bodies and everything else, and the enemy knows that.
We have unlimited power, but only through God and His Son, Jesus Christ.
And that name, the enemy hates above all others.
Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth.
Say the name.
What are champions made of?
Here's a man who can show you.
AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
InfoWarsStore.com is simply the best!
InfoWarsStore.com beats out all the rest!
888-253-3139 888-253-3139 888-253-3139 is the InfoWarsStore hotline!
888-253-3139 888-253-3139 888-253-3139 That's InfoWarsStore.com
Riding shotgun with me is Rufio Panman, on Facebook for now, at RufioPanmanPB, and Instagram, Rufio underscore Panman.
Listen, we don't have a choice.
Think about how bad the globalists are.
If they get control, that's what we should be worrying about.
It's not a sacrifice we're making.
You know, we can trick ourselves and say, oh, we're making these sacrifices.
The real sacrifice would be letting real tyranny come in, because they want to break America's back and teach us a lesson.
Get into just your background, your life, type of Americana guy that never got politically involved until he saw women and children getting beaten up.
Well, you know, I've always been pretty patriotic.
You know, I grew up on country music.
You know, I've always just kind of been very passive and kind of a shy person.
And it wasn't until recently after Trump got elected, obviously, where everything started to get crazy.
And I started seeing people getting attacked in the streets for wearing a Trump hat.
And I just knew that that wasn't something I could stand for.
I didn't want to see that come to my city.
I didn't want to see, you know, my future children have to deal with that.
So I started getting involved and that's when I met Proud Boys, Gavin McGinnis' group that he created back in 2016.
And it's, ever since then, it's just been a, you know, been a huge learning experience and just seeing what's really happening.
You know, once you kind of test the waters, you start to see what's under the surface and it's, it's really ugly when you start to, you know, see what's under the surface.
A lot of evil stuff going on and uh... Leftist cities, leftist police defending people that attack women and children.
Yeah, exactly.
You know, it doesn't really get any worse than that.
But hopefully, you know, we'll cross our fingers and hope it doesn't get worse than that and kind of get a handle on it.
But again, you know, that requires a lot of support from other people other than just us.
Go and support your fellow patriots and their businesses.
If you know somebody who's a, you know, loves America and they're running a business, go support their business.
Because right now, business is being attacked and it's on a grand scale.
All over the nation.
But I'll tell you right now, when you have, when our boys are out there, when our proud boys are out there strong, it's the strongest feeling.
It's almost palpable, the energy of the freedom, the American spirit running through the streets.
And I think that once they start to see
You know, these quote-unquote casualties happen around them.
It's extremely intimidating to see the, you know, the American spirit and raw force like that.
And, you know, that's what we have going for us.
And as long as we can keep that going, we can be extremely effective.
It's all organic.
And all of this stuff, none of this stuff is scripted out.
It's a bunch of rats.
Attacking people's free speech.
I just, it's so, I keep saying this, I just can't imagine being a bunch of men and going out and trying to target somebody in a wheelchair or a woman.
I just, I mean, I would never kill myself, but if I was like that, I would kill myself.
We'll be right back.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm taking calls for two segments.
I want to get to as many as I can.
And Paul Watson is taking over from London, England with a loaded
Alex, it's an honor to talk to you.
Good to talk to you, brother.
I'd like to mention that Matt Bracken and Mike Adams seem to be on the same page about what President Trump needs to do, and I think we need to embrace it every day that we're not going to get through this with half measures.
We have to declare a national emergency and stop worrying about SCOTUS appointments and elections.
They're not going to matter in the national emergency scenario.
Well, the Democrats and the Deep State are ignoring the laws.
They say they're trying to kill the President, 25th Amendment.
They say that they're in mutiny.
So that's a form of martial law by private corporate groups with the chi-comps.
So it is illegal.
And so I don't like martial law.
They've already put us into it.
So I agree.
Here's the problem.
Even the idea that he'd fire Rosenstein, they'd plunge the stock market.
So Trump's got to be very, very careful how he moves on this.
I mean, I guess he could nationalize it completely and jack it up to whatever he wanted, but the point is, they've brought us here.
It's like, no one wants a war, but they're bringing us here, so what do we do?
Well, it's a little like the knife fight in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Who are you going to be?
The guy that's challenging Butch, and then Butch goes around the rules.
There are no rules in a knife fight, but we keep thinking there are rules, and the deep state doesn't play by the rules, so we keep losing.
We have to undermine the swamp to drain it.
We can't... I understand, but you get becoming the swamp by trying to, you know, fight it that way, but I get what you're saying is...
Marshall Law just means the laws aren't being followed.
Well, they've already put us into Marshall Law.
Obama signed executive orders putting us in one.
Trump should rescind it.
I think he should have national addresses.
He hasn't done it yet.
And just point this out and ask us what we think.
I think that enough.
Just the idea of him releasing classified documents showing what traitors they are has already made them crap their britches.
But I'm very judicious about this.
But more and more, the point is it's not radical to say Trump should arrest all these people and have martial law selectively because they already did it.
They're already rogue.
So yes, that is now legitimate if he does it.
I don't know if it's the best move, and that's a gut level.
I think the best move is having a discussion about it to show these people in the power structure where they've brought us.
We can talk all day.
They're always going to double down on threatening, crashing the stock market, and things of that nature.
But that's actually an opportunity, I think, to fix things.
If they go that route, we can get rid of the Federal Reserve Act, we can get rid of the Federal Reserve controlled by Europe.
But here's the deal.
Don't you know Trump's already talked about this a year and a half ago?
Here's the issue.
Bringing the economy back is first and foremost.
Defeating the CHICOM, sucking hundreds of billions out of us is key.
The Federal Reserve's working against him.
I cannot disagree with you, and it makes me sick that we've now reached this point.
I just don't know.
The President's going to have to lead it from the front.
If he gives a state of the emergency State of the Union to the people and says all this, I will back the President as long as there's court trials for the people once they're arrested and as long as he can be able to round them up within a month.
But yes, I think a civil emergency
CNN, MSNBC, all work for Globalist, for Soros.
And if the U.S.
military went in and took those over, I mean, I think that's the right response at this level.
They're trying to overthrow the country.
They're openly saying they're going to kill the president.
They're openly saying they're going to shut down free press.
I think if he seizes the tech giants and all the rest of it, then we're in language control after a 30-day emergency.
It's just a very dangerous place.
But I think we're going there.
I appreciate your call.
I think we're already going there, brother.
I mean, they're the ones saying 25th Amendment, martial law.
We're not going to let Deep State do this.
And I know Trump isn't either.
But you've got to imagine people like Phil Mudd and Mueller.
They've had decades of doing whatever they want criminally.
So they just think they're invincible.
And they don't get there's a new sheriff in town.
Like, we are committed.
And I've got to say, 90% of the military is on Trump's side.
The public's on Trump's side.
We have to explain though, they brought us to martial law, they brought us to mutiny, they brought us to civil war.
So if we can't fix it and the government's just saying no to the president, outside of things they're rogue!
So it is a civil emergency.
We're already in one and I don't think the president knows what to do right now.
I'm gonna leave it to him.
I'm not gonna sit here and call for this.
And it's not because I'm afraid to say it.
I had Mike Adams' article, I said it should be entertained, because that's where they've taken us.
But I don't think we are metaphysically at that point right now.
I think it's up to the President, the Commander-in-Chief, to decide those points.
And I think it's very frightening that we've reached this point.
But I'm not going to lie to you that this is on the table.
I had a lot of people call me and stuff and say, my God, this is crazy the way you're talking about it.
And I said, they've already done it.
You mean to show you where they've done it?
What do you do to a belligerent group of criminals on the CHICOM TIT doing this?
I mean, that's where we are!
Nobody wanted to fight Hitler in 1940, but the son of a bitch kept doing all this crap.
You know, you get to a point where you don't like it, but you got to do it.
I want to warn the left with fantasies of violence and all this stuff.
Let me tell you something.
I've looked at every possible angle down this road.
Every one of them is particularly bad for you.
And I don't have any wish to hurt leftists.
I don't need that existential victory over you to feel big.
I'm just saying, stop now.
Warning, warning.
You need to stop right now.
Because once the gloves are off, man, I mean, once the veneer peels back and we grow our fangs, man, you're gonna, I mean, it's not gonna be pretty.
You people that are fighting us want to dominate us because we have the spirit and the will.
Do you understand that we can be a thousand times more vicious than you ever imagined?
The Christians and the Patriots and the Conservatives are killing machines.
That's why we're so restrained.
You are really letting the genie out of the bottle and I feel sorry for you.
Because there's not going to be a rock you're going to be able to hide under.
This isn't going to be like past wars.
Judgment Day.
Oh, we got so many great calls here.
Ryan in Kentucky.
Ryan, thanks for holding her on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
I'm doing pretty good, brother.
How are you doing?
Good, man.
Appreciate you guys having me on.
I want to talk to you about this PayPal scandal.
What's your game plan here?
You got people overtaking all these other banks, and it's a big monopoly.
Oh yeah, PayPal's already bought almost all the other payment processors.
They're trying to shut us down right now.
I mean, so, what am I supposed to do?
It just shows the Nazis wouldn't let Jews buy or sell.
So, this is the first thing they did.
When the Bolsheviks took over in 1917, first thing they did was kill banking, take over the trains and the telephones.
So it's here.
So what do we do?
I don't know.
What do we do?
So you've got all these articles coming out by the Amazon stock.
It's skyrocketing.
So it's just a game plan to get them there.
What are you doing for the people that are releasing all these articles about you stating, oh, typical InfoWars, typical Alex Jones.
Buy my stuff now because you can't in the future.
How do we go about getting it?
What do you have to say to those people?
Well, I mean, look, Jeff Bezos can sell all the vitamins in the world, and then I sell them, I'm a bad guy.
So they're always going to go, oh look, he funds himself, how dirty, oh my god, that's bad.
I mean, it's just, none of it, no one even reads it, no one even buys it.
It's the corporates believing they have a cover for what they're doing, so they see all the propaganda and they go, oh, people are buying it.
It's having the opposite effect.
I mean, it shows
What they want to do to you.
It shows how they want to shut all of you down from commerce.
And they believe, because they're a bunch of followers, that if they intimidate you by hurting me, that that'll make you get in line.
I'm betting on you and think it just makes you mad.
And by the way, people have been really supporting us.
We were shadow banned for over a year.
Having trouble raising money because we're still trying to focus on their platforms.
Now that we're focusing on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com, we're doing pretty darn good.
Now, a big winner could come and they've got a lot of dirty tricks.
We need more support now than ever.
But all I've got is the truth.
I mean, I can just sit here and tell you right now, I appreciate everybody's support.
And people should get X2, they should get Super Metal Vitality.
It's the final batch of that.
40% off Brain Force.
Amazingly tropic.
And just sign up for AutoShip.
And, you know, the fact is they're going to go after all the other payment processors.
There's a big stuff about to happen with executive orders, and I can tell you that.
And there's big stuff happening on the law front in the next 48 hours.
So, look for that.
So, they're really forcing their hand.
I know the White House and Congress is very concerned about this.
The NRA is very concerned about this.
He's already tried this on the NRA.
And so all I can say is, my friend, just keep spreading the articles and the videos.
Because the number one thing they want is to not have you 42 days out from the election spreading Infowars.com and Newswars.com articles.
So you've got to get more specific on these people, state to state, who are going to be going in for this midterm.
Because it's going to mean a lot to a lot of people.
When you say get specific, get specific about what?
Okay, most average Joes don't get in and find their facts, dig their facts for state-to-state reps and votes.
So, and it's not right to expect them to go blindly vote Republican down the board.
Hammer these people while you can because I'm telling you next they're going to come after your domain.
Well, sure.
Look, I'm not worried about me.
I keep trying to put that message out.
I'll be here as long as God wants me to be here.
People know the establishment doesn't want Trump in, and they don't want Republicans in, and they want Blue Bloods in.
We've got a statement now with regard to PayPal and reports that it has ended its relationship with InfoWars.
PayPal joining the slew of tech companies that have severed ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, hitting his InfoWars where it hurts, by no longer allowing the site to use the payment processor.
PayPal is the latest company to sever ties with Jones after YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Last month, a website called Right Wing Watch posted a report highlighting PayPal's continued business relationship with InfoWars, and the Washington Post also noted how business on the InfoWars stores was booming.
PayPal is the latest big tech company to cut ties with far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, stealing a blow to one of founder Alex Jones.
It actually fuels the Trump base because they do feel like they're being silenced.
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all booted Jones off their platforms.
PayPal on Thursday night informed InfoWars, which runs an online storefront that sells survival gear and herbal supplements, that it has 10 business days to find a new payment processor.
You can't pick one person and say, well, we don't like what he's been saying.
He's out.
We have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in.
And you just can't do that.
Jones hit back on his website saying the InfoWarsStore.com site had no political content and the move emphasizes how the decision was a broader attack on the InfoWars platform.
A PayPal spokesperson says, quote, we undertook an extensive review of the InfoWars sites and found instances that promoted hate.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech.
Hate speech and bullying policies.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Alex Jones, the cure to fake news.
Coming to you live from Austin, Texas.
This entire high-tech spy grid of AI being built is Lucifer, who cannot approach omnipresence, attempting to create an artificial omnipresence.
But really, it's not an omnipresence, it's a control grid to make you follow the orders they give so that they can have an omnipresence of falsehood with no free will.
Because there is no omnipresence with free will.
God has created separate universes so that he would no longer be omnipresent.
He still has the omnipresence but chooses to wall it off by releasing the free will.
That's a complex system, but you can figure it out, I'm sure.
We're taking phone calls.
Paul Watson's coming up in the next segment.
He's loaded for bear.
He's got the former lead singer of the Misfits on, who's been banned from a big festival in England for daring to promote Infowars.com.
Right now, let's go to Bethany in PA, then Judy in Florida.
Bethany in PA, thank you for holding so much today.
Hey Alex Jones, how are you?
I am peachy king.
I just want to plug your bodies real quick, if I could.
It is the
Best anti-inflammatory pain reliever I have ever taken.
I was in a car accident five years ago, had severe neck pain, was taking over-the-counter medicine, had doctors prescribe things to me.
Nothing worked except for this.
I still have little tinges of pain, but I have never had such, I've never felt like this before my accident.
So thank you so much for your quality product.
Well, thank you.
Turmeric, and when it's concentrated, hundreds of times stronger than it normally is, in the root form from India, is a known anti-inflammatory.
So that's what I'm saying is, turmeric, especially bodies, it's 95% curcumin oil, the strongest out there, it works better for me with a pin in my leg and a torn Achilles and all sorts of injuries.
It works better for me and for my wife, who has a hip that hurts from tennis, and an elbow, than Advil.
I'm not comparing it to Advil, I'm just saying, yes, it's amazing.
What happened when you took bodies?
Um, it's, you know, it's natural and stuff.
It took about a week and a half for me to actually start to feel the pressure in my neck start to just basically release and go away.
I'm able to... And by the way, that's key.
It's not like Advil that hits in three hours.
It's a natural anti-inflammatory, so it takes about a week generally for it to really kick in.
Yeah, I had limited head movement.
I couldn't really turn my head all the way to the left of my shoulder.
I'm now able to move my head from side to side without having this intense pain that I had from the accident.
It's been a miracle, honestly, for me.
Well, it's the power of what God gave us through Mother Nature.
Bethany, what else is on your mind today?
I just wanted to talk about the censorship that you guys are under.
I mean, you obviously know it's backfiring in the space big time.
I mean, I have had three of your stickers right on the back of my car plastered for everybody to see for three years.
I've had absolutely no reaction until you were banned simultaneously from Facebook, YouTube, all of that.
I have had such hostility towards me from the people in my community now that they know what InfoWars is because of the false narrative that they're giving on the mainstream news.
I've had people giving me dirty looks, flipping me off, cutting me off in the road.
I actually had somebody road rage against me because they saw my bumper stickers.
They rolled down their window and started yelling at me about how I'm a racist.
And again, InfoWars has been like Trump, a new target, so you're getting what the left's thinking, so they're manifesting on you what they're already thinking.
So they see InfoWars as a trigger, and that shows the type of bizarre race-baiting brainwashing that they have engineered into their own people.
Very, very sad.
What's even more sad is they think that because they are yelling at me and screaming at me and all these profanities, they think that I'm going to do what, you know, the old, right, what they say I does.
That I'm going to start fighting with them back.
And that's just the opposite of what I do.
I actually sit there and encourage them to talk to me instead of screaming.
Why are you upset?
Why do you disagree?
And what do they do once you do that?
They scream louder.
Because they don't have an answer.
They're just mad at InfoWars because of the truth.
And they are sticking their head in the sand like a bunch of ostriches.
Well, they're seeing you as one-dimensional, not as a person, and it's their time to be hateful.
It's their time to be a... You're a bad person, because the media said you were a Nazi when they were funded by George Soros, the Nazi collaborator.
Bethany, great points.
God bless you.
Thanks for the support.
We'll be back with more calls in Paul Joseph Watson from Herbogenic Majesty's London.
Just a month ago, that Nazi collaborator, anti-American, gun-grabbing, anti-Christian piece of filth, George Soros, bought an even bigger interest in PayPal.
But sure enough, they just told us today that we're going to be banned in 10 days because we're taking.
Because we don't support radical Islam and open borders and the rest of it.
Ladies and gentlemen, now more than ever, you supporting InfoWars is changing the world.
And yeah, they're getting rid of PayPal, but we have other ways to process your credit cards.
Your financial support of us is literally buying war bonds in a 21st century war for humanity.
So I want to commend you.
I want to thank you.
We've got great products you already need.
But without you, they will win.
And Soros and Obama and Hillary see the shutdown of Infowars as a referendum on breaking the American spirit.
So let's not let these jerks do it.
I'm committed to the end, but I want to win.
So please support InfowarsStore.com today.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Look, we got loaded phone lines, but Paul Watson's ready to take over.
He's got the former Misfits frontman on, who's been banned from a festival for sharing tweet Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones articles from Infowars.com, so that's coming up.
So I apologize to Judy and Lindsay and everybody else.
Get their number and stuff.
Tomorrow, we'll actually call them and get them on if they can do it.
But that's the problem with having 20 phone lines.
We get 10 callers on, we can't get the rest.
But this is the fourth hour of Paul Joseph Watson.
Please don't forget, tomorrow, on Wednesday, we're going to go from 8 a.m.
until midnight.
So that's 16 hours, ladies and gentlemen.
Stand with Trump.
Stand with him for war.
Stand with free speech.
Stand with America.
Against the tanks of censorship, the tanks of peer pressure, the tanks of oppression, it is all coming up.
And you can share the live links at Infowars.com forward slash show.
You can still get the Android app downloaded millions of times.
We launched six weeks ago, a week before our banning.
The Apple app, if you still have it on your phone, is there, but millions downloaded it and then they banned it.
So that's there as well.
But whatever you do, realize they don't want this broadcast for a reason.
We'll show you Antifa saying, kill Trump, kill his family, running Ted Cruz out.
DrudgeReport.com, link to it right now.
We'll show you it and predict things over and over again.
Like I said, three accusers will now be walked out against him.
Last Tuesday, Kavanaugh, it's all coming up.
And finally, people are like, man, you're not making a bigger deal out of this PayPal banning.
I can be like Ember Palpatine and go, help me, I'm weak, help me.
Look, they've already taken most our sponsors.
They already kicked us off being able to advertise with our own money online.
They've already tried to take my children, had the whole media sit there and put lies there to get to the jury to try to take my kids.
They've already done so much it makes me fight them harder.
So it's not that I want you to financially support us because I'm a victim.
I want you to financially support us because, A, we're fighting the globalists and really having a big effect, and B, just as important, these are great, great products.
Just like our information's game-changing?
X2, the last run of it.
Still the special's up at 25% off.
I don't know if we'll ever get X2 again because the contract's broken.
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40% off.
40% off Secret 12.
Your financial support.
They said we have 10 business days on PayPal as our payment processor.
And so, you know, you can still get in there and use PayPal, dump your wallet on us, support us, and then cancel that PayPal.
George Soros has bought a controlling Android 7 a month ago.
People said, well, why did you attack Soros for buying it?
I didn't know until I looked it up.
I said, I bet Soros is involved.
Oh, Soros bought PayPal a month ago.
Okay, now I see.
Oh, Soros bought into Facebook.
He bought into Twitter.
Boom, it happens.
There are other payment processors.
They'll go after those.
The point is, I expect to be attacked.
I don't want to be out in the street and have someone left to shoot me or whatever, but if that happens, I'm doing what I'm supposed to do.
I'm where I need to be.
And so, I think we're going to win.
So sorry to the other callers, Lauren, George, Gerald, Nicole, Gator, Lindsey, Judy, Skyler, Nelson, Danny, Tristan, Eric, we'll get to all of you tomorrow, I promise.
If you want to give us your number, we'll call you back, put you in front of the line tomorrow, and we'll take calls tomorrow.
But I want Paul to be able to take over right now.
I'm not a Netflix show.
I'm a real guy being demonized by the whole globalist system to be an example to others.
If you stand up to us, we'll destroy you.
Well, you're a day late and a dollar short, globalist.
We already rebooted America, rebooted nationalism, exposed globalism, and so everything else that happens to me is gravy.
I don't want to die, but
I've already fulfilled my purpose.
I intend to keep going on and on and on.
And I'm sure that's in God's plan.
I certainly hope.
So pray for us.
Spread the articles.
Spread the videos.
Financial support is a great product you need.
It is a 360 win.
Whatever you do, be part of history now.
All right.
Speaking of history now, we've got 50 minutes left in this transmission.
Then the War Room with Owen Schroeder and Roger Stone and others coming up.
Spread those live links.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
And now, Paul Joseph Watson.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, we've got a new story breaking at this hour, which has the potential to be the funniest story of the entire year.
Creepy porn lawyer Michael Aventi, who of course is a lawyer for Stormy Daniels, he basically came out with some claims a couple of days ago that there was a third Kavanaugh accuser.
He said he was 100... she said... he said she was 100% credible.
Those were his words, 100% credible.
Along with that came these salacious tales of alcohol-fuelled gang-rape sessions that Kavanaugh, the Virgin, apparently engaged in during his younger days.
Well now, mysteriously, just as of today, Michael Avanti locks account after admitting Kavanaugh accuser might not come forward.
Now if these rumours flying around Twitter are true, and again it's unconfirmed but this is very much front and centre of Twitter right now,
It appears that creepy porn lawyer Michael Aventy may have been trolled by a member of 4chan posing as a Kavanaugh victim, claiming that these gang rapes had happened and it was all complete nonsense.
Again, this is unconfirmed as of this hour, but he's locked down his Twitter account
There's the headline out of Breitbart.
Attorney Michael Venti said his client might now not come forward against Brett Kavanaugh, and then locked his Twitter public profile from view.
Why might she not come forward?
Well, if you go on my Twitter profile, I retweeted a post from somebody who said, quote, it's because he was embarrassed by a 4chan prank.
The woman who had him blaring about a new Kavanaugh accuser and rape gangs was the girlfriend of a 4chan guy.
When she went dark he realised this big reveal was a hoax and he was going to look like a punk.
So it could actually be the case that this mysterious third accuser who came forward with all these salacious tales of alcohol-fueled gang rape sessions
It's completely made up out of thin air.
And let me add this, Paul.
We have Jimmy Kimmel saying, cut Kavanaugh's wee-wee off.
These are the same folks, you know, that called Trump Putin's, you know what, holster.
I mean, if we were doing this, we would be arrested.
Here's the clip of Kimmel.
Kavanaugh gets confirmed to the Supreme Court.
Well, in return, we get to cut that pesky penis of his off in front of everyone.
That's not good?
I thought I had a solution there for a minute.
Paul Watson, go ahead and take over.
Yeah, so now the third accuser appears to be a 4chan troll.