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Name: 20180924_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 24, 2018
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In a recent episode of the Alex Jones Show on InfoWars, host Alex Jones announced that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had resigned after reports emerged that he had considered taping Trump. According to sources from Bloomberg, Rosenstein verbally resigned to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. The resignation came after Trump acquired documents and emails revealing a conspiracy between Rosenstein and other members of the deep state to overthrow the president. Jones argued that Trump now has the opportunity to expose all the wrongdoing committed by this cabal and bring them to justice. Jones discussed the removal of deep state operatives who were planning to sabotage the President's administration by spying on him illegally. He claims that globalists are trying to censor and discredit his show because he reveals their plans. He mentions the deadlock between the globalist elites who have stolen trillions of dollars and lost political power as humanity awakens, leading to censorship, social disorder, and race war. The host also talks about the possible mass arrests and military tribunals for deep state traitors. InfoWars promotes various products and services, such as Survival Shield X2, Protovite, Private Internet Access, and the ProPure Whole House Water Filtration System. The show also encourages listeners to support InfoWars financially and spread their message in order to counteract perceived censorship by payment processors trying to suppress free speech. They promote several health supplements offered by Infowars Life, such as MycoZX Plus, which combats internal yeast. The speaker discusses Project Veritas' latest exposé on the deep state, resulting in two individuals losing their jobs at the Justice Department after being caught on tape discussing their resistance against the Trump administration. Alex Jones believes that Trump has turned a corner in the battle against the deep state and urges listeners to support InfoWars financially.

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43 days left.
43 until the most historic election.
Undoubtedly hands down in world history.
It's Monday the 24th day of September 2018.
I'm your host Alex Jones and this is the InfoWar.
We're going to be here live for the next four hours.
In the War Room with Owen Schroyer and Roger Stone is coming up ladies and gentlemen.
Rod Rosenstein is on his way to the White House.
Mainstream media says to either be fired or resign.
Well, look, he got caught trying to overthrow the president working with others.
And now because he's no longer useful to the deep state, they are preparing to throw him overboard because Trump has told the entire swamp that if they don't get loyal immediately to the Republic and stop the attempts for the 25th Amendment and for basically martial law in this country,
Even Politico and even McClatchy.
In fact, we give you the stack that's in the podcast room from last night.
They even called it a nightmare scenario, end of the world scenario, civil emergency.
And that's really the big takeaway, is the Democrats are enjoying their third term of Obama right now in their minds.
They call Hillary the president, all over television.
And they've got their bureaucrats taking orders from Hillary and Obama, and Obama is operating under executive orders that put a civil emergency in place right before he left office.
And that's in all the documents.
That's what's so incredible about all of this.
And so, Mike Adams is joining us in the third hour,
He made the point under the Constitution, and under executive orders that are already there, that Trump could basically arrest thousands of members of the deep state who are trying to overthrow the election.
You see, they're the ones that have brought us to the point of civil emergency and saying they want a bigger civil emergency, that they want 25th Amendment.
We don't want martial law.
I don't want martial law.
And I don't want to say I'm going to debate it with Mike, but I'm going to discuss the different angles of it.
But because of the climate,
That we are in in this country, and because of how dangerous things have gotten, and because of the criminal elements that are operating as if Trump's illegitimate, and as if they're their own government, we have two parallel governments operating at the federal level, and that is insanely dangerous.
You have Obama and John Kerry following Trump around, a day behind him around the world, trying to derail the diplomacy, and the detente, and the
Actions of the United States because they're globalist working against this country.
So what does the president do at the point that they're trying to organize the FBI, the Justice Department, the CIA to overthrow the president and go after President Trump supporters?
What do you do when you're faced with a multinational globalist Chinese communist funded group of traitors?
What would George Washington do with all of this ongoing treason that is unfolding?
So I don't want to escalate this into open tanks on the streets.
That's the most extreme form of martial law.
We're under a civil emergency.
Obama declared one.
Trump never rescinded it, and I never thought of that.
I knew about the emergency Obama put in, and we're the first to talk about it, and it's why they want us banned, because we're pointing out real politique, how things really work, the deep state.
Now it's being picked up by Hannity and Limbaugh and, you know, obviously Tucker Carlson and others, because it's true.
We cover the hard subjects that others are afraid to cover.
We hit the barbed wire, and we're respected for that.
By the President.
And by others.
And we've been thanked for that.
And the globalists have my phones tapped.
The deep state.
They know.
That's why they want me destroyed.
They know I have the will.
To stand up and tell the truth, and I have the will to cover the things that have got to be done, even if it destroys me.
Because in the long run, that will end up saving everybody else.
I'll be destroyed anyways, if they win.
So I'm doing that.
That's why they have their disinfo operatives and mainstream media, and the corporate system, and the people posing as patriots, constantly lying about me, demonizing me, and then Google and YouTube promote all those lies.
And then block all of our info because this is an exercise in shutting us down and then defaming us and destroying us to try to undermine the president.
I mean, that's the reality.
That's the reality of what's happening.
Western Europe has already banned free speech, and an iron curtain of censorship is descending down over the UK.
They're set to pass rules, not a law, that if you criticize Islam or gays, you'll get six months in prison.
We know we're only about a year or two behind what's happening in the UK.
CNN and many others are calling for InfoWars to be shut down, taken off the web.
Slate Magazine has a professor and others saying, go beyond censorship.
Brainwash young people against InfoWars.
Psychologically inoculate them with lies so they don't actually hear what we have to say.
We are the most hated news source in the world by globalists.
It is so critical that you go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for the free newsletter so we can be in contact with you and so the censors can't bully their way in and block us being able to engage in free open dialogue as a society.
That is critical to this fight.
We will prevail if you take action and I know
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Hussein Obama.
Trump has been enjoying his third term in office, according to the Deep State.
They've been ignoring everything Trump tries to do, but Trump has wrested control of much of the federal apparatus away from them, and so you see the country coming back from the dead, horrifying the globalists because they know they've been suppressing us by design.
This just broke minutes ago.
It's on Infowars.com and Newswars.com, and of course DrudgeReport.com as we speak.
Rosenstein resigns and we have him walking towards the White House literally just two minutes ago.
We'll roll some of that here in just a moment.
Rosenstein resigns after reports he considered taping Trump.
Sources say that from Bloomberg, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the official in charge of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, has verbally resigned to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, according to one person familiar with the matter.
And why are they in trouble?
Trump has the notes.
He has the documents.
He has the emails, the text messages between this cabal, before he got into office, when he was the nominee, when he was president-elect, right through.
He now has the entire spy grid apparatchik.
And he is able to now know all the things they did.
So they have been hoisted on their own spear.
They've fallen into the pit of their own making.
The resignation was delivered to Kelly late last week, but it's unclear whether Rosenstein is planning to follow through with a formal resignation.
Ah, very deceptive.
See how they operate?
The person said they wanted to trick Trump into saying, fine, you're gone.
Ah, very skillful.
Very snake-like.
A second person said that Rosenstein isn't expected to be in the job after Monday.
Ladies and gentlemen, the move comes after reports that Rosenstein suggested to colleagues this year
That he would secretly record conversations with President Donald Trump.
Rosenstein was heading to the White House late Monday morning amid media reports that he is expected to be fired.
And let's roll some of Fox News just minutes ago as he was walking to the White House to resign.
Here it is.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, what have I been saying since January 20th?
2017, when the President was sworn in.
And why did they get rid of our YouTube channel with billions of views, and millions of views that day?
Because I laid out in a speech, surrounded by people after the inauguration, in the middle of the street, that the President must declassify the illegal spying on him and his campaign, and the RNC.
And that he must remove the deep state operatives that were planning to try to sabotage his administration.
Because they'd said they were spying on him illegally.
They'd said they were going to undermine and block him.
They said they were circulating COG plans when he was president-elect, of how they were going to do it.
And then I've studied how they've done this in other countries, and how our own deep state works, and I laid it out.
And that's why they want us off the air.
Because we're on target.
Not because we're fake news, but because when the globalists tune in, they go, my God, it's like this man shits in on our briefing rooms.
How does he know all this?
Well, has the average globalist even read Tragedy and Hope by Carl Quigley, one of your top operatives, or the four books by Zbigniew Brzezinski, where he talked about world government plan?
He's one of the top advisors.
Or Kissinger's books?
They say it all!
You're the reason your world government's in trouble.
You're the reason it's falling apart, not me!
You thought you'd set up a private, dictatorial world government?
And that you would just deny it existed and then once it went totally operational with world armies and world taxes and world courts?
And once you tried to dissolve western borders and collapse us into the third world, which is all part of the admitted plan?
That people would put up with that?
I believed in humanity.
I believed that when people learned about this, they would get upset and say no.
Now here's the stalemate.
Here's the deadlock.
Here's the Mexican standoff.
Here is the catch-22 we're in.
These globalists with fiat banking have stolen trillions and trillions of dollars for themselves and saddled us with fake fiat debt.
They've got unlimited wealth, but they don't have political power anymore.
As humanity awakens.
And so, they're doubling down with censorship.
And with social disorder.
And with race war, in their own admissions.
How do we know?
It's in the WikiLeaks!
But it's in the Ph.D.
Social science is that you guys use class warfare.
That's classic Marxism.
Mega bankers?
People 170 years ago were leaving the plantations.
So the British crown funded communism, it's all on record, as a way to get serfs to go, go back to a commune!
They'd already been on that!
That sounded like where they were supposed to go back to!
This time the politicians will run you!
Everyone will share everything!
Rabo Sierra.
So, we've got Elizabeth Warren saying time to use 25th Amendment.
We've got Al Green, Articles of Impeachment, 25th Amendment, everything else.
And you've even got CNN saying, remember, the 25th Amendment requires political apocalypse.
Now what's that mean?
Ladies and gentlemen, that's martial law.
That's civil emergency.
And I've talked hundreds of times about the executive orders Obama put into place before he left office, and how it was a deep state coup, and I laid out the entire blueprint, but it wasn't until I saw Mike Adams' article that it all clicked.
When I first talked to him about it, then I saw it, I thought it was extreme.
And from a perspective, it is.
Emergency report.
Trump planning mass arrest.
Military tribunals for deep state traitors.
It's on Infowars.com.
It's gone viral.
Get it out there, buddy.
But it's because they've already said they're going to counterman the president.
They're already ignoring his orders.
That is martial law.
When regular rule of law is suspended,
Even by the Congress and the President, it's martial law.
What about when it's the deep state, rogue groups in the CIA and the Justice Department trying to normalize it on television, saying, we're ignoring him, we're doing what we want, we're the resistance?
What is that?
That is martial law by a rogue group in the government, not even martial law during a meteor strike, or a super volcano, or a category 9.2 earthquake.
And there's civil unrest.
You declare martial law in those areas.
This is political, bureaucratic martial law.
And what did Lindsey Graham on Fox News and CNN, Sunday night, call it, we're going to play that clip coming up.
He said, we have a political, bureaucratic coup, countermanding the rule of law, ruling over much of the federal government in the country, outside of law.
That's a quote.
That's martial law.
These crazy people put us into a parallel martial law system and Obama is a mile from the White House running his own operation.
They've got big tech taking all the orders to ban everybody from James Woods to Alex Jones.
Right, James Woods just got suspended.
It's on!
And I have specifically had the White House and the President thank me recently for the fact that I'm covering the hard topics no one else will to hit the bar bar.
So to all the disinfo operatives and people out there that claim I'm
Somehow not with the President and all that.
You see that disinfo pushed by YouTube and the big media.
Everything else we say is shadow banned.
It's because they don't want you to hear what the President wants you to hear.
The President's been on my show.
I talk to the President.
I'm a real person.
I'm not some anonymous person.
You understand?
They think you're a goldfish!
I've been betting on you my whole life!
I believe in you!
I don't think you're stupid!
One man separates a woman!
All genitals are cut off!
And we're checking these traitors' asses politically!
And we're not backing down on her!
I wanna get these people!
We're winning!
I can feel the spirit rising!
Can't you?
We have broken their back!
Yes, I can feel it!
Let's go!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
Vengeance is coming!
Fire is coming!
The real revolution against you is coming!
And you will burn in hell!
Right now is Massive Rampage Force!
Go ahead.
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Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again.
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
Go to Infowarsstore.com right now and help fund the Infowars.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
While you were sleeping, they came and took it all away.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here, worldwide.
Broadcasting on hundreds of TV stations, radio stations across the country.
And at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com with our own audio and video feeds.
But everywhere else we are being blocked.
We are being completely banned.
Not just shadow banned.
And now it's happening to James Woods.
Now it's happening to every other prominent person you can imagine.
Only 43 days out from the election.
The good news is Trump
Pressuring Rosenstein to resign, because now Bloomberg's usually pretty accurate even though they're globalists.
They're business news.
I found them to be a lot more accurate than, you know, kind of your mainstream ABC or CBS or NBC or CNN.
And they're saying that he has already resigned verbally, but of course they were trying to trick the president into announcing it early so he could then deny it.
It's total rat-like behavior.
And Trump has the Trump cards, pun intended,
In that he has McCabe, he has Comey, he has all their text messages.
These people are very, very arrogant.
But now they're saying he expects to be fired.
With that disgusting, again, possum-like smirk that he has that's so unbelievable.
Remember, he changed the succession in the Justice Department from the Deputy Attorney General to the Inspector General, the watchdog, to just low-level political operatives of the Bushes and the Clintons.
He is an arrogant little monster.
And then they used the corporate media to bludgeon the president over the head to say, how dare you never remove him, never remove Mueller.
Let him do giant fishing expeditions.
Let him go after people's taxes 15 years ago.
Let him go after girlfriends that you gave money to 15 years ago.
Nothing to do with Russia.
Let us raid your lawyers.
Meanwhile, Hillary committed crimes that are mind-boggling.
This is the arrogant mental illness
...of the Clinton-Bush dynasty and their little stay-behind operatives that they left behind inside the government via Obama's executive orders, believing that they were actually still in charge.
So they all walked around cockily and they went on TV, Brennan and all the rest of them, and said, we're still in charge, the government's not going to do what this guy says, the government's going to kill the president, seven ways to Sunday to take him down, we're in charge.
But the arrogance is now evaporating.
But remember,
Six presidents have been shot.
I'm going from memory.
We can look that up.
How many presidents have been shot?
Six presidents have been shot.
How many have been assassinated?
I'm going from memory.
Woodrow Wilson probably got poisoned, but he'd be a fourth.
There have been 30 attempts to kill an incumbent or former president or a president-elect have been made since the 1800s.
Four sitting presidents have been killed.
All of them by gunshot.
Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy.
That's four.
I'm going from memory.
I guess one of them died from an infection, that's right, from the bullet wounds, so technically he died from it as well.
So, their only option now
Because the Senate gets it.
Trump is now using his constitutional power.
He's got all the emails, all the text.
And suddenly the Senate goes, we know you got a whole bunch of other women lined up as political operatives.
Every one of these stories has already fallen apart.
We're going to go ahead with the vote on Friday.
And so all the bluster, all the bravado, all the chutzpah, all of it, is now beginning
To completely evaporate.
And they don't know what to do.
All their smirking and all their con manning and all their arrogance, all their confidence games are evaporating right now.
So very, very, very good things are taking place.
But let's not think we're out of the woods yet.
They're going to try to engage in massive election fraud.
Undoubtedly, they are trying to kill Trump right now.
There is no telling what these crooks are going to do.
And they've gone to Google and Facebook and Twitter.
All these things were set up in covert conjunction with In-Q-Tel and the CIA.
That's on record.
And that group believes they're all taking orders from Obama and Hillary, and as it becomes apparent that President Trump is about to become president for real, get ready.
You know, the president, I told you a month ago, was going to have executive orders against big tech.
I told you he was going to go after Facebook for discrimination.
It happened a week after I told you.
I told you he's got executive orders coming on banking.
I have that directly from people who talked to the President.
I told you that they believe 4.8% growth rate in the economy a month before it happened because I know the individual that had dinner with Kudlow in New York.
He's the chief advisor.
You think I just make this stuff up?
And I'm telling you right now, we just turned the page.
We just went to the top of the mountain.
Now, we're not over the hump yet, but we are about to go over the hump.
You can feel it.
The enemy is absolutely in panic mode, but I'm telling you, they're desperate criminals that have had power for decades, and I would be surprised if they don't wheel a giant truck bomb into the White House while the President's there and just kill everybody in it if they can.
In fact, if I was the President, because we have the deep state in its own form of martial law, I would be
Locking down streets five blocks around the White House, and I would have armored personnel carriers out there with big guns ready to stop armored trucks filled with explosives.
And I would put more missile batteries, I'd just put missile batteries out in the open.
They already got them in D.C., but they need missile batteries out in the open now with loyal troops, loyal operators, not the normal chain of command, because
Believe me, they'll try to fly an airplane into the White House as well.
Or they'll try to shoot down Air Force One.
I know Trump's out front like George Washington at all these rallies and everything, and God bless him, but I'm telling you, the next 43 days they are going to try to kill Donald, John, Trump, just as sure as the sun came up.
They aren't shutting me down and engaging in mass censorship and doing this to millions of other conservatives because they're playing games.
They are making their move and they want us shut down when they kill him.
That's why he's got to move on the Justice Department now.
And Mike Adams is right.
They've already brought us into martial law.
They've already brought us into civil emergencies.
They've already tried the 25th Amendment four times we know of and failed.
That's four failed coup attempts by these crazy people who've been squatting on this country and selling us out to the shycoms for decades.
And so what does the president do?
When you're met with a home intruder, what do you do?
When you're met with criminals gang raping your country, what do you do?
There are no half measures with wild criminals.
And the minute he begins to use his power, they begin resigning like the little cowards they are!
Take all their security clearances!
Fire them!
Pull their asses into court!
You need to make these little bastards have the fear of God before they make a move that plunges us into total civil war!
We'll be right back!
Well, Eric Bolling is here in studio for our Bare Knuckles match.
He already beat me up during the break, so he wins.
No, but seriously, uh, censored, demonized for no reason like everybody else that's effective.
We'll talk about what it's like to be out of FOX, but more importantly, launching something truly free on CRTV with a politically incorrect name, AMERICA.
So it's good to have you here.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you very much.
We ran into each other at Trump Hotel.
I was leaving, you were coming back.
I think you were coming back from your little tiff with Marco Rubio, if I'm not mistaken.
And I caught you at the bottom of the stairs, and I said, hey, Alex Jones, let's talk a little bit.
I refresh your memory that about five years ago, you and I had a Twitter war.
I think we were going to fight on the corner.
And I said, I'll tell you what, Jones, I'll meet you on the corner of Park and Lex at 4 o'clock today.
And you're like, OK, I'll be there.
There's no corner of Park and Lex.
I just want to point that out.
How can we, less than two years in, not be thanking our lucky stars like Trump is a giant leprechaun that craps buckets of gold?
Well, he is doing very well in the economy.
He's doing well in security.
When was the last time we heard from him?
But just say it.
He's a giant leprechaun the size of King Kong that sprays fountains of gold out of his ass.
Well, that's your assessment of him.
I think he's a brilliant businessman who brought that to Washington, D.C.
There's a number that's floating around here.
I will tell you, never in my lifetime have I seen growth rates exceed unemployment rate by this wide of a mark.
It's just insane.
When you're 3.9% unemployment and 4.2% growth, that is
Perfect perfection in the economy.
It's fully employed and a robust growing economy.
The guy's doing, he's doing everything right on the economy and on security.
Is he rough?
Is he vulgar?
Is he rough around the edges?
Is he a bulldozer, not a scalpel?
True, yes.
But I'll take the other two.
Well, you need a wrecking ball to get rid of the globalists.
But if you look at all those graphs that his chief economic advisor put out two days ago, he gets elected and they all go straight up, showing that we were artificially being suppressed.
I mean, the Federal Reserve printed five and a half trillion dollars for Obama, nothing for Trump.
Well, people say, oh, is he real?
If he doesn't do this, his name is mud.
If he does it, he's bigger than George Washington.
He'll be on the money 500 years from now on Mars.
Look, so all these people that when they're afraid of him and they're worried he's going to get too big and this whole new Trump form of conservatism is growing in Washington, D.C., they all push back.
They all start to say he's losing his facilities.
He's losing his mind.
The man is sharp as a tack.
I was about to say, Trump's called me like at 10 o'clock at night.
I'm like tired.
He's like smooth, like he's a voice actor that never made a mistake.
And it's like also, I'm like, I said a five-minute conversation and he didn't mumble one time.
I'm like, this is a senile person?
You didn't nap?
Dude, I don't sleep much.
I'm joking.
Now, you're a pretty muscular guy.
I'm a little bit afraid over here.
Parking Lex.
That's right.
We'll do the Twitter video.
You want to trade punches?
Which video?
We'll do a Twitter video.
We'll trade punches.
I bet you'll break my arm.
You want to do it?
You're a hot shot.
Pretty tough guy over there.
I'm telling you, he's in good shape.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you who we have coming up here on this historic broadcast.
Every day in the next 43 is incredibly historic.
We're in an amazing time right now.
James O'Keefe with all the big coups they've just scored against the globalists.
Showing all these different government employees doxing people, using their federal databases, harassing patriots at their homes, using the stolen information for stalking, talking about how they're sabotaging, bringing the economy back, trying to stop the Trump agenda of Make America Great Again.
He is going to be joining us, Roger Stone, on the word that Rosenstein covertly resigned, and now thinks he's going to be fired.
We're going to make heads or tails out of that.
Matt Bracken's joining us, Mike Adams in studio, dealing with the fact that, yes, Obama thinks he's in his third term.
And they're operating with the deep state, like he's still in office.
That's why he shadows the president around, because Trump hasn't rescinded, he rescinded TPP, he rescinded a bunch of other stuff, but he hasn't rescinded the emergency Obama put in place.
We're going to read you the U.S.
Code, the executive orders, and what the president needs to do next.
Isn't it funny what you hear on this broadcast ends up being what the president does?
Why is that?
Because I go to the scholarly research, I go to the facts, and I put into the ether, I inject into the bloodstream, the antidote to the globalist poison.
And I put out the leading policy to counter stuff like this that has been already written into policy that they're not telling Trump.
And he's super smart, but he hasn't been studying globalism and COG and the New World Order like I have and Joel Skousen have for decades.
And Skousen's right.
That's Trump's blind spot.
He has great instincts.
But he doesn't get the full issue.
Also, Paul wrote this article.
This is for the President.
This is for Tucker Carlson.
This is for the folks in D.C.
that asked for this last week.
You're gonna have, all week long, a series of articles.
This is the first one.
From Paul Joseph Watson.
Big Tech has defined conservatism as hate speech.
That's their game.
Conservatism is against their terms of service.
And then they go, oh, we don't ban conservatives, we ban hate speech.
So it's a game they play, and we have the admissions, we have the links to it, we have all the facts.
Very important article if you want to defeat the globalists, and you want to see good policy now out of the Justice Department taking action for antitrust and cartel behavior, civil rights violations by these groups working in concert, and you don't think we don't have moles inside these meetings?
All of these major companies were set up by the U.S.
government with private interest.
So there are people inside all of these.
Zuckerberg, Darcy, all of them are being closely watched.
Does that mean the groups watching them are perfect?
Power corruption.
But these people are rogue globalists 110%.
Please get this article out.
You are the power of the broadcast now with the shadow banning.
And I know you get demonized on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and blocked.
And if you attack me, they promote you everywhere.
Oh, and push your videos.
Because that's how the Pavlovian conditioning works.
You have to go through the pain and through the ridicule like I've done to win.
And we are going to win.
You don't think George Washington wasn't demonized and lied about during the Revolutionary War?
It's just like they tried to undermine Trump, but he's broken through that.
So, that's all coming up.
Rosenstein, they're reporting, really resigned Friday.
But then, again, it's all deception with them.
They think Trump's an idiot.
So, they wouldn't announce it.
And Bloomberg says they don't know why.
It's because they wanted to trick Trump into announcing he was gone to then act like Trump had gotten rid of him because they've already set it up that if he got rid of Rosenstein, he was sabotaging the fake Mueller probe.
The Mueller probe.
So again, they're playing some serious games.
We're watching it right now.
We'll give you the latest as it unfolds here today.
But this is an incredible time to be alive.
And we're seeing amazing things happening.
Listen, I don't like being persecuted.
I don't like being demonized.
I don't like being the most banned person in the free world or what was free.
But if I have to do it to change things, I will do it.
And that's the example I'm trying to give.
I'm not trying to work within the system when the system's been taken over by criminals.
I'm trying to take our republic back and get our constitutional system back in place.
And not that it's perfect, but it's light years better than rogue, out-of-control corporations and bureaucracies and people like Rosenstein and McCabe acting like they're God.
And finally, Trump
Is moving against them with all these secret documents that prove they're criminals and they don't know what to do.
So again, now is the time to be strong, now is the time to be focused, and now is the time to be praying for President Trump, and please pray for Infowars.
And again, I stuck my neck out there because I believe in you.
I believe that if we expose world government, the tyrants, and what they were doing, that you would respond.
That, yes, those of us that stuck our necks out would be targeted, but the globalists believe by persecuting us that'll scare you away.
Yeah, it'll scare the cowards away.
But it will only activate the real men and women out there.
And you are the real men and women.
This broadcast, the audience of activists that listen, no matter if you're old or young, black, white, Hispanic, you name it.
Whether you're from Cuba, whether you're from Russia, whether you're from Brazil, or whether you're from Germany.
Whether you're from Mexico or whether you're from Canada, if you love liberty and you love freedom, and you believe in people's basic freedom, then we are brothers and sisters.
And these elitists are superpower mad because they don't have innate power, and they have seized control of our nation.
Now, that said, you'd think I'd be making a big deal out of the fact that PayPal, one of the biggest payment processors in the world, who's buying up most of the other payment processors, that's another antitrust issue, they're making global consolidations with Soros right now, one of the largest global payment processors, and I believe it's an antitrust violation, and I believe that they should be broken up because of that, and that this big deal they've got coming up at the end of the month should be stopped.
I'll get to that more later.
And yes, this is literal Mark of the Beast.
You have big banking cartels, big media cartels, IT cartels, tech cartels, with a global social score, deplatforming someone and now saying you can't even have banking.
Imagine what Hitler would have done with technology like that.
This is illegal.
And we are going to be forced to take action on this one.
It's so discriminatory.
It's so incredibly serious.
And it affects everyone.
So, we still have PayPal for another eight working days, they say.
They could cancel at any time.
And we have other payment processing systems there on the site you can choose from.
The New York Times, and people are like, he's crippled, he's going down, all his payment processing is shut down.
I don't know if they want fake victories or whether they're that stupid, but clearly they're going to go after all of it.
And the injunctions and the lawsuits and all that are obviously coming.
They're going to go after everybody next.
This is already happening to Jihad Watch, and David Horowitz, and everybody else.
And we stood up for Wikileaks when they had their PayPal blocked, and then there was a big operation launched against Visa, MasterCard, and others, and they had to back off.
People need to rally behind InfoWars, and the best way to do it is financially, and by word of mouth, spreading InfoWars.com forward slash show.
And telling people, find out why it's verboten.
Find out why they want it shut down.
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Okay, it still is.
It still is 25% off.
So, take advantage of that at InfoWarsStore.com and send a strong message to the globalists that you're going to back the First Amendment.
Without you, we will be shut down.
Without you, we would already be gone.
InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsLife.com, or 888-253-3139.
However you're listening to the show, tell people to tune in now.
We'll be right back.
Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia.
We're all moving on.
Your regime has become more and more irrelevant.
In London on Saturday, 20,000 people attended a rally to free political prisoner Tommy Robinson.
And those 20,000 people supported Brexit.
In May, another 10,000 people marched in support of free speech.
They too support Brexit.
17.4 million people voted for Brexit.
They still support Brexit.
The majority of the people want the government to get on with Brexit.
You people entertain UK Ramoners.
The modern day devil, George Soros, a foreigner kicked out of his own country.
An open borders billionaire who openly fights democracy.
He openly pays MEPs to dance to his tune.
You're all suffering from DDD, Democracy Deficit Disorder.
And that's why we're marching again in London.
On the 23rd of June.
We want our country back.
Don't cut me off.
No, you're going too fast.
One minute.
Two now.
No, you're going... Could I just ask...
Can you listen, because I think we both speak English, so we can be very clear.
What I was trying to do was help you communicate.
You are going far too fast for the interpreter.
Yeah, but do you know I'm not speaking to all of them in here.
I'm speaking to the UK.
I'm speaking to Mrs May.
I wasn't sent here to talk to any of you.
I was sent here to defend the British people!
Can I just... Colleagues, please.
Please, just a little bit of quiet, please.
Most of you understand English.
English is the language of the world.
Janice Atkinson is an amazing member of the EU Parliament.
It's ceremonial.
But they voted a lot of things, and if the permanent bureaucracy likes it, they then go along with it.
But more and more, they're shutting down the nationalist, patriot movements within it that are using the Parliament as a bully pulpit to expose the authoritarian nature of the EU that was actually hatched by Adolf Hitler.
JaniceAtkinson.co.uk, the people just joined us, the amazing footage of them silencing you and other nationalists just from your speech, saying, you speak to us, not to your country.
Just next level, and you tie that in with people trying to pull out all over Europe, you tie that in to the GDPR, you tie that in to Article 13, Article 11, that even leftist media says, ends free speech as we know it.
I mean, they are really panicking.
What's going on over there right now?
You know, Alex, we might have got rid of Soviet communism, but we've really got Euro-communism.
And it's alive and well with centralized state control.
And no free speech is allowed unless it's a
Approved by the dear leaders.
Because actually, we took the brick out of the wall for Brexit.
And what we've seen is that the edifice is now coming down.
So, across Poland, across Hungary, in Italy, in Austria, the people are revolting.
They're actually voting in the populist leaders.
So, the equivalent of Brexit in Italy.
My good friend, Matteo Salvini, is now the Interior Minister.
And he's shutting down mosques and he's sending home imams and he is rejecting 500,000 immigrants.
They're doing this exactly the same with my friends who are in the Freedom Party for Austria.
And of course over in Poland and Hungary, they're saying that they're not going to accept the migrants that could be imposed upon us.
So what's actually happening is that you are seeing a fight, a very existential threat to their actual federalist being.
So they've got
But again, there's no free speech unless it's approved by the dear leaders.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones.
Well, the Washington Times is reporting that Rosenstein did resign last week, so has Bloomberg, but did it verbally.
Now they're trying to make Trump basically firing.
A lot of chicanery going on.
Noel Francisco, the solicitor general,
is slated to take it over.
That's been reported by the Washington Times.
Dow drops to session lows and reports that Rod Rosenstein has resigned at CNBC.
So joining us is Roger Stone.
Notice, Roger, as you said back when Trump first got in office, declassify all the illegal spying.
That will destroy these criminals and their arrogance and text messages bragging about their plan to remove the president.
Trump even threatening to release that.
And now has the Inspector General overseeing what they are going to release.
Finally he took the gloves off and finally they are going to their knees.
That is my view on this and I think it's now time for Trump to move big time ahead of the election.
Don't listen to mainstream media.
Act bold and we will see this country saved.
What do you think?
You know, Alex, I agree with you.
I think it's a seminal moment now where the president not only needs to act, but then he needs to go to the American people and explain precisely what he's doing and why he's doing it.
I was not pleased that he ordered the declassification of the FISA documents, which really document the efforts to illegally and unconstitutionally spy
Uh, and then he demurred because he would be because of an argument by Rod Rosenstein.
That such declassification would harm our national security and would expose our sources and methods.
The only thing it's going to expose, Alex, is the criminal activity of the Obama gang and the cabal at the Justice Department that includes Rosenstein and Mr. Mueller.
The President should not be dissuaded
It's very interesting that even in sending it to the Inspector General, he still said, at the end of the day, I'll decide what I'm going to do about these releases.
So he reserved the power unto himself.
I'm not certain that Noel Francisco, the Solicitor General, is next in line.
I believe that Rosenstein and Reince Priebus, the first White House Chief of Staff, plotted and may have got the President to sign off on a plan to change that.
I'm looking for some clarification.
But the president can change that plan whenever he wants.
Now expanding on that, there's also some newspapers reporting that Rosenstein's actually taking part in cabinet meetings right now and thought he'd be fired but wasn't.
And Bloomberg and others are reporting that he resigned on Friday.
It looks like they're trying to create a bunch of confusion to make the president fire him so they can then act like he's covering up the Mueller probe.
Yeah, I think that it may be what they're up to.
Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, others have taken that point of view, that this is a provocation.
They're not saying that Rosenstein shouldn't be fired.
I think what they're saying is he should be fired after the election, a few short weeks from now, so that the mainstream media cannot create some Saturday Night Massacre type frenzy, particularly in the wake of this
This is a new thing, Alex, where any woman can come forward and claim sexual assault.
She doesn't have to have witnesses, corroboration, contemporaneous noting of it.
She just can just say it.
And because she's a woman, we have to believe her.
Because she's a woman, we have to view her as credible.
Now the second woman has come forward.
Her claim seems to be even weaker than the first one.
And let's go back to this.
The media is now reporting on keg parties that happened 36 years ago at a high school, 35 years ago at a college, and all the witnesses that both women put forward say this is totally made up, we were never even at a party, this is insane.
But I predicted last week that they would start bringing for more women at the end to cover up for the last fake claim.
I think you were exactly on the money with that prediction, and we see it unfolding before our very eyes.
Notice that this woman wasn't sure six days ago that it was Kavanaugh.
And then after intense conversation with Senate Democrat staffers, now she's sure it was Kavanaugh.
You know, Ronan Farrow, who I think did a great job in exposing the Weinstein scandal,
Well, that's right, Roger.
I'm now seeing major talking points in the corporate media that if someone says something, the accused is guilty.
In Western jurisprudence, and in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, everything, you are innocent until proven guilty.
And if there's a statute of limitations, you can't even look at it because it's famous that people make things up against famous people many decades later.
And then, when all the person's witnesses actually say the opposite, you're called impeached.
You are discredited.
Yeah, it's really incredible.
There are actually some talking heads saying, well, Kavanaugh should just now withdraw.
Under no circumstances should he do so.
If he withdraws, Alex, people will read into that that he's guilty, that he's done something wrong.
And isn't it good news that the Republican leadership is saying, we think this is all politically motivated now?
They've gone from prostrating themselves and gesticulating on the ground in a supine position to now saying this is a bunch of political crap, we're going to confirm him, we're moving forward, dead ahead?
It's an improvement.
Remember when Anita Hill made these similar charges against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas?
She was subjected to the withering cross-examination by Senator Arlen Specter and her case essentially fell apart.
Then the liberals said, Specter will pay a terrible price for this at the polls.
He was re-elected.
One senator with guts right now could change history, but instead the Senate majority on judiciary says the questioning of Ms.
Ford, the first witness, will be conducted by a female Senate staffer.
A lack of courage, in my view.
Think about that.
Women are equal to men.
Women can do anything men can do.
And so, women are in a man's world, or men are in a woman's world, but now only a woman can talk to her.
She gets to make these accusations that have already fallen completely apart, and then only a woman can question her.
Oh, so see, this is the left trying to have chivalry, but also not having chivalry.
So they jump back and forth.
Well, it's also the cowardice of certain career politicians who don't want to risk a backlash back in their home states because they were tough in questioning a woman.
Some senator simply needs to say, Ms.
Ford, is there a witness to anything you're telling us?
Do you have any corroboration whatsoever?
Did you note it in a book?
Did you tell one of your girlfriends at the time?
That's right, Roger.
I want to shift gears briefly.
You're going to be joining us again on The War Room today.
We have a special
A broadcast that's going to go from 8 a.m.
to midnight on Wednesday.
Stand with Trump.
Stand with Infowar.
Stand with free speech.
Stand with victory.
It's going to be a special broadcast we're going to be doing because we're being banned off PayPal.
They're trying to take our payment processing completely away.
That would shut us down if they're able to do it, listeners.
So please financially support us at InfowarStore.com while you still can.
And stock up on the great books, t-shirts, and videos that, I guess if they're successful shutting us down, they'll be real collector's items.
But you know, I'm going down swinging.
And I think our destruction will be an example to many, many others.
But we are in a real battle for our lives here.
James Woods has been banned now.
Everybody's getting banned.
This is total evil.
But just very briefly, Roger,
I think this signals Trump taking the gloves off.
Him saying he'll declassify this stuff, which is still going to get declassified.
It's just being reviewed by the Inspector General there at the Justice Department.
I think Trump has really turned the corner, and I sense victory.
And you see them caving in right now, and Rosenstein caving in, because Trump is finally acting like the President when it comes to standing up to the deep state.
I think you're again, you're right, Alex.
I think that if Rosenstein didn't resign today, he's going to get fired.
It may not be today.
Maybe it's two weeks from now, but I think his number is up.
What's funny is seeing the NBC's and the others try to say, oh, no, he was only joking.
No, he was not joking.
He talked about wearing a wire to entrap the president of the United States to remove him under the 25th
But you were the first person 20 months ago to predict what was already going on, and now it's all confirmed.
Because they're all a bunch of yes-men cowards, of the deep state, carrying out crimes for the Bushes and the Clintons for 20 years.
And they believe they own this country and the people, and they all thought they'd bring Trump down, but now it's blown up in their face, and now the real battle's been joined.
But I think Trump is now in the maximum physical danger, Roger.
I agree once again, and let's face it, the silencing of Infowars was always part of their plan.
Shutting Alex Jones up, getting him off of social media, shutting him down, is a key part of their takedown plan for the president.
That's the real canary in the coal mine.
God bless you, Roger Stone.
Coming up, James O'Keefe with more, then Mike Adams, then Matt Bracken.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Tomorrow's News Today, the most banned broadcast in the world.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, Bloomberg, AP, everyone reported an hour ago that Rosenstein resigned on Friday, but was summoned to the White House, and then we began hearing 30 minutes later that, well, he hadn't really resigned or it wasn't being accepted.
Well, now Rosenstein has not resigned, still U.S.
Deputy Attorney General.
There's a Reuters headline, there's AP on screen breaking White House.
Trump, Rosenstein spoke Monday, will meet Thursday at White House amid uncertainty about Deputy AG's fate.
So it looks like they tried to get the president to jump the gun to get rid of him.
They reportedly told Kelly he was resigning.
Now the media tried to spin it that Trump's getting rid of him to say that he's purging the Mueller probe.
The Mueller probe has fallen flat on its face.
And what, gotten people convicted of not paying taxes 15 years ago?
Or raided people over payments to girlfriends decades ago?
It is incredible.
What we have is a permanent deep state.
Obama signed all these executive orders for the CIA, Defense Department, FBI, and Justice Department, we're going to James O'Keefe here in about 10 seconds, to basically be the resistance and stay behind.
But it's not just in words they're doing it.
Obama moved in down the street from the White House.
Hillary and others and Brennan are saying, hold on, don't follow what the president says.
Resist him.
And so they basically have a parallel government operating, a rogue government.
And we've known this for a long time, and now we know Rosenstein and others want to use the 25th Amendment to remove the president, which even CNN calls a political apocalypse.
Well, James O'Keefe joins us for this segment and the next Project Veritas.
With some of their biggest bombshells yet.
He can only do two segments.
So after he leaves, I'm going to play the boil-downs that he's going to be talking about here.
Or we're live now.
Cut him in later in the post when we re-upload this to the web.
But this is a big deal.
And your investigation couldn't come at a better time.
Just like you exposed election fraud in 2016 and other big issues.
So how does your investigation, before we get into the details of the next segment, fit in really perfectly?
But I want you to elaborate.
On this whole rogue deep state, now out in the open and Democrats cheering it on MSNBC saying, rogue state, kill Trump!
I mean this really looks like they've jumped the shark, James.
Well, Alex, it's great to be with you here, and I do have some breaking news.
This happened like minutes ago.
I got a statement from the Justice Department.
Sarah Flores, Director of Public Affairs, says, quote,
Two individuals we caught on tape no longer have jobs in the federal government.
So when people talk about draining the swamp, Project Veritas actually, to some small way, has actually drained part of the swamp.
The communist at GAO, self-described communist,
Is out of a job, and now Alison Raybar is out of a job at the Justice Department, Alex, after these four individuals we caught on tape talking about resisting, resisting the Trump administration, resisting the will of the people, talking about how they can't get fired for anything!
Is what Alison Raybar said, resisting inside the Justice Department, saying she has colleagues doing so.
So Alex, this is about the separation of powers.
It's about equal justice under the law.
It's about subverting the will of the people and replacing the Constitution with political whim.
This is about a lot of things, but of all the things it's about, it personifies, it puts a face to the name of who these deep state bureaucratic operators, who they are.
Well, that's right.
Again, you've got them on tape, different ones, talking about doxing people, going to their homes, how they work inside the government to sabotage the Trump agenda.
I mean, these people are frightening in just how arrogant they are.
Very arrogant, a lot of hubris.
In fact, the State Department official, Alex, said, you know, it's impossible to fire a federal employee.
And the face this guy makes, I'm assuming you're going to pull that video up here shortly.
The amount of arrogance, the greed, and they're using the rules of our government, a.k.a.
you can't get fired, civil service reform is not happening, so no one can ever get fired.
These guys probably didn't get fired.
They probably resigned after being put in a room and interrogated by their leadership.
You can't get fired for anything being a federal government employee.
Let's come back and talk about how we drain the swamp with James O'Keefe and what the next shoe to drop is.
Straight ahead with James O'Keefe back in 60 seconds.
Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
Hey, brother.
Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
Hey, hey.
Um, I just want to say thanks for your products and everything that you're doing to try to save the country.
Um, I mean, I've tried your Secret 12, Super Male, Anthroplex, the Silver Bullet, Biome Defense, Micro ZX.
I mean, it's all good stuff.
Um, Secret 12, if everybody would just drop their energy drinks and get some Secret 12, um, take a shot of that.
That's the thing about Secret 12.
Just a half a dropper has way more energy.
People ask, why is it sweet?
Real organic B12 is sweet.
And exactly.
When I'm super tired, I go, hey, why am I drinking coffee at 10 at night if I'm going on some show like Coast to Coast?
Secret 12, 30 minutes later, massive energy.
It's amazing.
Yeah, that stuff will wake you up.
And the clarity of mind that comes along with that is just amazing.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
And I point that out because we have the deep state, we have the bureaucracy out of control.
And it believes it runs things, not the Congress, not the President.
And now we see on display Rod Rosenstein and these text messages, and we're going to have 25th Amendment, and we're going to ignore the President, and we're going to do whatever we want.
And then you have James O'Keefe with all these undercover videos at ProjectVeritas.com.
They're up on Infowars.com.
He's with us for this segment.
And when we come back next segment, I'm going to play some of the highlights of this, but he's breaking it down.
Again, perfect timing with Trump battling the deep state and rogue government.
Literally saying they're taking their orders from Hillary and Obama.
They call her Madam President still.
Just the arrogance, the attitude, the videos you have of them saying, we're never going to get fired.
We're part of the Socialist and Communist Party.
We're going to take over America.
And then you look at how wimpy they are, but...
Still, they're in charge, they live off our tax money, and so it's the arrogance, it's the chicken-neckness, it's the stupidness of them, but then it makes me feel stupid.
How do we ever let this much scum run our lives, James O'Keefe?
Well, Alex, you know, this is why maybe we need civil service reform, because the Deep State is not just the director of the intelligence agency and Rosenstein and whoever else, it's also millions of foot soldiers, thousands and thousands of these people that we've caught on tape.
This is just a small cross-sampling of them, and yes, if you look at these tapes, what's remarkable is, I mean, the guy that we released Thursday, this self-described communist inside a government auditor's office,
He says, what I do is explicitly prohibited, I'm hungover, I don't even go to work, I spend my time, this is what he says on the tape, I spend my time electing democratic socialists and I lied on my forms to the federal government, but nothing will ever happen to me because there's no oversight, nobody will care, it's impossible to get fired.
This is what he is, there he is right there, Nate Sumeraney, an auditor at GAO.
So it's just, these are what they call the democratic socialists of America, a lot of them are federal employees.
This is not a conspiracy theory.
This is videotape.
And by the way, the man you're looking at right there, that man right there, he has been shown the door at GAO.
While they may not be able to, quote, fire him, they have removed him from the building.
This is like a Greek tragedy.
They can't fire the people, so they just have to take them away from their computer systems.
So, this is just a few of many, many things dropping at Project Veritas, but we're getting the results, we're drawing blood, and we're getting some serious reactions.
You know, isn't this a form of racketeering and organized crime that you've got the Democratic Socialists of America hooked in with Sanders, all of them, and they've got thousands of people just in that one cult or syndicate, in my view, operating in government, obviously being directed, because you've got all these videos at different offices, different agencies, they're all saying the exact same things.
They're getting programmed by a central big brain.
Yeah, well, Alex, there is a conspiracy law.
I don't have it in front of me, but we sent it out to our mailing list.
There is a conspiracy to defraud the U.S.
It's a federal felony.
And it carries time in prison.
And our lawyers have informed us that these Democratic Socialist federal workers, these deep state people, could be in violation of that federal statute.
And don't take my word for it.
The State Department, Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, has reacted to these videos.
So has the Justice Department, so is Health and Human Services, and so is the Government Accountability Office.
Everyone's taking this very seriously.
To get two federal workers to effectively lose their jobs is a very big deal in this country.
And you did it in just... It's very hard to do.
And you did it just in one week.
In three days.
We've got a couple more coming here.
We have the Kavanaugh distraction happening over the last two and a half weeks, which is making our jobs difficult to break through the news cycle.
But we are getting the reactions from government, and obviously there's more to come.
You broke news last year and this year at New York Times, YouTube, Google, where they say Alex Jones is our number one enemy.
And I bring myself up because now they're taking our PayPal away.
That's gone in eight business days.
They're saying they want, they have Democrats in congressional hearings saying they want me off the air.
Now James Woods has been taken off Twitter.
They're persecuting everyone I know that's a libertarian, a Christian, a patriot.
People I know that are just Christians and just share Bible verses are being kicked off Twitter who've been on for years.
There is a giant purge going on and it really is cartels in a conspiracy against our free speech.
And again, this ties into this arrogance of government, the bureaucracies, the Democrats in Congress, and big tech.
And Hollywood all ganged up on America, but still America's coming back from the dead.
Can you speak to other investigations just into the big tech situations?
Are the presidents now really paying attention to that?
And what do you think should be done?
Well, I saw the executive order or the discussion of the executive order from Trump, and I think that's interesting.
I don't know what the solutions are, whether it's antitrust legislation or an executive order.
Alex, I would, in previous segments with you, I've said that we just need to expose it.
We need to illuminate it.
We need to outrage people.
I am concerned that
That they're doing this in public now and maybe we don't need the hidden camera exposés in general, but I still think that the engineers, to get the engineers to admit like we did with those Twitter engineers, to admit how they ban you and why they ban you.
I know James Woods was removed and the thinking was because, you know, he's influencing an election.
That's what citizens do!
They're trying some campaign finance law saying we can't have political views.
But if we get them to admit, Alex, in the way that Project Veritas often does, the motivations more explicitly and inflammatory... They just say, we hate veterans, we hate Alex Jones, we hate the American flag.
On video.
Or just that we cannot allow Republicans to win office, therefore we have to remove... By the way, that's not a conspiracy.
You have it on video.
It's a foreshadowing to what we have coming out.
We have sources on the inside.
The difference is, I don't want to release documentation
We're good.
And there he is dancing with typical arrogance of a Project Veritas target.
So, we have to get the visual confirmation because the media holds us to a higher standard.
They will not believe me if I just report what a source told me.
I have to actually catch the source.
Oh, and they always say you selectively edit even though you put out hours of it.
But they know they're liars.
Bob Woodward, who wrote the book Fear, takes his quotes from anonymous sources who relay other quotes from other anonymous sources months after the incidents in question, and then he puts that information in quotation marks.
If that is not selective editing...
Then what is?
I mean, it's a third standard they hold us to, Alex, but we have to live up to that standard.
We have to.
We have to show the American people the reality of what these people are saying and doing.
The deep state stuff is drawing blood.
The deep state stuff is effective.
And I've had multiple reporters, Alex, from Washington Post, New York Times, privately email me and say, how the heck did you get these guys to talk?
So they're quietly impressed.
By the things that we're exposing, I just wish that they would do their jobs.
Well, there's no doubt they've whipped themselves in government and in media into a criminal frenzy when Hillary lost.
And I think they're going to lose in this midterm coming up.
If they do lose, what do you expect them to do?
I don't think they're going to give up.
I think they're going to get even crazier.
I think that there is, as everyone's talking about on Twitter right now, I think there's a
There's this cabal in New York, Los Angeles and D.C.
and they're all talking to each other.
But if you go to anywhere outside of these major cities and talk to private citizens and women suburban voters, which I travel constantly, I interact with these people as you do, people are outraged.
By the crap and the character assassination and the innuendo and just the lack of truth in media.
CNN's been holding town halls and panicking when all the women say Kavanaugh's innocent, even liberals.
People are just fed up, it's so obvious.
People are fed up by a lot and our country is entering a strange
Strange territory.
It's an inflection point in American history for sure.
Sometimes my point is that it just takes those small visual examples.
reality for people to say wait a second is that how these people behave they think they can't get fired for anything my tax dollars at work I mean we've got some big things coming Alex not not just on the deep state here maybe tomorrow we have to see what happens with these Kavanaugh hearings because the media is so... I can't wait please join us when you do we'll all be watching at projectveritas.com thank you James O'Keefe
Alex Jones was quite the spectacle today.
The most relevant part of this so far has been an interaction that Marco Rubio had while talking to reporters with Alex Jones.
You know, look, part of this I think you could argue and say, why are you guys giving him any attention for this nonsense?
But I think there's a point to this that's important.
Here is this sort of spectacle.
Marco Rubio is doing an interview and Alex Jones bumbles up to him.
Our interview was cut short because he was confronted by Alex Jones and InfoWars right here in the hallway.
I think Facebook now, I think it's important for them not to comply with any efforts to sort of go after freedom.
What about the Democrats purging conservatives?
She's not answering.
Just that the Republicans are acting like it isn't happening.
Thank God Trump is.
That's weird.
Oh yeah, it's really weird.
There's no purge of conservatives.
There's no shadow banning.
Are you concerned about bias in social media?
Are you concerned about bias in social media?
Well, I think the bigger bias is against freedom of expression.
Everybody should be... There's a... Look, I support going after... Is that a heckler?
Is that a pressagaggle?
Look at this guy.
He's saying that I don't exist.
I just don't know who you are, man.
I don't read your website.
And they demonize me in these fair hearings.
And then he plays dumb.
Infowars.com, you know what it is.
Oh, well.
Just Google.
Just Facebook.
That's why you're getting elected.
Do they need to be regulated?
Like, do they need to be regulated?
Marco Rubio.
Little frat boy here.
Who are you?
Yeah, sure.
I swear to God, I don't know who you are, man.
You better hope you can do platforming.
Tens of millions of views.
You're not going to silence me.
You're not going to silence America.
You are literally like a little gangster thug.
There are people in this country... Rubio just threatened to physically take care of me.
There are people who feel that they are being silenced.
He tells you China's the problem, which it is, but they're taking our free speech right now.
Social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter... There goes Rubio.
Do you believe that these platforms need to be regulated like a public utility and how do you go about doing that?
Well, I prefer not to.
I prefer competition take care of that.
But obviously, we're going to watch closely to make sure that these tools that are being used... I mean, one thing is to say we're going to go after foreign interference, design, and so on.
But it's already going on here.
Another thing is to say we're going to go after free speech.
The Democrats are raping the Republicans.
Because at some point someone has to make a determination.
What's the difference between, you know, misinformation from abroad and differences of opinion within the United States?
It's a very fine line, and that's something we need to be careful about.
We don't overreach in that direction.
But then he doesn't know about InfoWars being banned.
He doesn't know about the top news story in the country.
I wonder why Rubio got so mad at me and threatened me physically.
Poor Rubio.
Oh, yeah.
Look at this little frat boy.
So cool.
Back to your bathhouse.
Compromise at the bathhouses.
There goes Rubio, a little punk.
So, I mean, a couple things on that.
First of all, how on earth can this maniac get that close to Marco Rubio for that long?
I don't like Rubio.
I don't agree with his politics.
But with that said, when he said, I'm not going to arrest you, I'm going to handle it myself.
I mean, you're not going to get arrested.
I'll take care of it myself.
Okay, go ahead.
There's got to be some sort of security there that's stopping him from actually... I mean, look, he should... He's a member of the press.
He's insane.
He is insane.
He is an absolute security risk.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live, raw, and unfiltered.
It's the Alex Jones Show!
Alright, coming up in the next two segments, I'm going to open the phones up on Kavanaugh, and this circus, and on Rosenstein, and the fact that they said he resigned all over the news, and that he tried to resign, but Trump wouldn't let him.
Ha ha ha!
Yeah, I'm not going to let you be in the driver's seat there, buddy.
So you can then try to spin it.
And they're so scared of these secret documents coming out.
They're so scared of them all together scheming to take over the government, how it belongs to them.
Because see, now that Hillary was out...
They'd always worked under her.
But now that Hillary was gone, if they could take down Trump, they could be in charge through whatever puppet they put in.
Rosenstein could be in charge completely, finally.
He'd finally not just be a little corrupt, you know, guy out of a mafia district known for his corruption, known for his evil.
He could actually be a real boy, and he could be in charge.
Mike Adams is coming up in the next hour.
With his powerful article, Emergency Report Trump Planning Mass Arrest Military Tribunals for Deep State Traders.
I want to have this reposted to the top of Infowars.com.
I'm not calling for martial law.
I'm not calling
For it, but we're already under it.
We're going to detail it, and I'm going to explain it in the next hour.
Obama declared an emergency that's still in place.
Trump must undo that emergency bare minimum.
And he's moving in that direction to the globalist horror.
Now the toll-free number to join us on this Monday edition is 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539.
Let's do first-time callers or folks that called in last week that were on hold and couldn't get in.
It's on the honor system.
And the other big story is up on Infowars.com.
Big Tech has defined conservatism as hate speech.
I worked with Paul on this article over the weekend.
It came out today.
My headline was
Big Tech says that conservatism violates terms of service.
But again, they just define it as hate speech and say, oh, it's hate speech.
It's a game.
It's like they used to go, oh, Alex Jones is wrong.
We're calling for global governance, not government.
Think about that.
Well, governance means the same thing as government.
So that's what these guys do.
They think you're stupid, they think you're idiots, and they just can't believe all the things that they've gotten away with.
And I do want to get to some Project Veritas videos that I mentioned as well, but we'll also just in post and upload that live video to MFullWars.com.
We'll add those boildowns you guys did that are so important to that last video.
You know,
I tend to harp on the Democrats secretly planning 25th Amendment overthrow of Trump 20 months ago, and then putting it in policy papers.
You know, before they even said it, I knew what they'd try, because I'd studied deep state operations.
And then about a month after I said it, in January, they started saying it in February of last year.
And now, this year, they say it publicly.
And they say, we're not following what he says, Hillary's our president and Obama's the co-pilot.
You've seen those statements.
So just the belligerence of these con artists, from the corrupt congressmen and women down to the bureaucrats who think they can't be fired, they believe they are invincible.
And that's why they've gotten so out of control.
And it's like Thomas Jefferson said, when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
And the media always spins that like, oh, Jones wants to kill all the cops.
Jones doesn't want a government.
No, I want a limited constitutional government that protects our liberties and freedoms, not a rogue one run by arrogant SOBs like Rosenstein
Who have no business being near the levers of power.
Bunch of crazy lawyers, who can prosecute anybody they want, who are paid off by criminals, who rub elbows with all the gangsters, and they just get this God complex.
And they just get away with so much, that they then think, well the media and everybody else, the Republicans and Democrats, they don't like...
Trump, so we're gonna wear a wire and I'm gonna set him up, 25th Amendment.
We'll just get rid of him.
When they were pushing all that internally, it was all over the news, do it this year.
They really tried this.
And you know what?
They're still trying it.
But it's being discredited right now because the economy's come back, because Trump has stood the test and people know the truth.
So I'm the low-hanging fruit.
They've been unable to get rid of Trump.
You know, there's articles out on Infowars.com where they're threatening to kill Kavanaugh's family and kill the Trump family and all the rest of it.
But because of you standing with us, we're still on the air.
And we've gained more AM and FM stations.
And we've gained more TV stations.
But they don't want us being able to spread things virally on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter.
So they've created this illusion that, oh, if you promote our stuff, you get banned.
You're going to get banned anyways, but that's not even the truth.
I've done dozens of big YouTube interviews with other talk show hosts that haven't been taken down.
How about prior constraint?
I could be Charlie Manson.
You could still interview me like 60 Minutes did.
Are they going to get taken off the air because they interviewed Charlie Manson?
I'm not Charlie Manson.
They want me shut off the air so they can build straw men and demonize me, and that's why
If you want InfoWars to survive in this fight, which is such a critical, integral part to it, and don't want them to win, you've got to tell everybody you know about InfoWars.com forward slash show.
InfoWars.com forward slash app.
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Because we're saying things that scare the globalists because we're on target and we know how to beat them.
And so far, we've been winning.
Thanks to you.
Only because of you and God's grace.
And I'm very thankful to you and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
But now they're going after our payment processors.
And PayPal has even quoted the New York Times saying they're our only payment processor.
Is that just how dumb these bureaucrats are and these corporate people are and everything else?
And then they celebrate the newspaper.
He'll be bankrupt!
He can't buy or sell!
Oh, it's a private company!
Oh, in China you can't get on airplanes or buy or sell if they don't like you, the government.
Now it's coming here.
It's total Mark of the Beast to control you not having access to bank accounts and life!
The good news is PayPal's based in San Francisco.
There are a lot of other folks.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
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It's Alex Jones.
We are back live, about to go to your phone calls.
And we have several other big guests joining us coming up.
Mike Adams with the most important issue that you can possibly cover.
I've talked to a few people involved with the Trump operation during the breaks, and I've talked to Roger Stone on-air and off-air, and the best thinking we have is that Rosenstein got really spooked by the fact that they were about to release the secret text between McCabe and he and others, where they were planning, going back to the time Trump got in, to sabotage him and remove him from office.
So Rosenstein then said, told Kelly, that he was going to resign
On Friday.
That's what Rosenstein told Bloomberg.
But then when nothing happened and Trump didn't announce it, Trump knew they were trying to set him up.
Trump listened to Hannity and others.
Not that he couldn't get rid of Rosenstein, but they wanted to pick the time to get rid of Rosenstein.
And the New York Times article was accurate that Rosenstein wanted all that.
That's been admitted.
But they wanted to throw him overboard to again act like Trump's trying to block the Mueller probe before they release some new damning information that'll be cooked up.
And now McCabe, even though it's admitted that Rosenstein did not get fired, and isn't leaving because he couldn't trick Trump into it, is that he's panicking over Rosenstein ouster.
I'm deeply concerned.
Mueller probe at risk.
So he's still going with the previous script, even though that is not what's happened now.
So that's up on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Owen had the idea to launch something like a month ago called InfoWars Army.
They had the ManCow Army in Chicago.
And that doesn't mean military operations like the media has already said.
Some people go, oh, they'll false flag you.
They're going to false flag us anyways.
I can't get out of bed in the morning because somebody might try to set me up?
That's why everybody has inaction out there.
We've got a whole breakdown and videos explaining it and more on the site, but it's about citizen activism with 43 days out from the election and going to ballgames and unfurling Infowars.com banners or interstate highways or...
Calling into C-SPAN or jumping in front of live TV cameras in public squares where it's legal and lawful.
Whatever stunt you can do that's legal and safe, following local and federal laws, go out and do it.
We'll air it here and it'll help affect the election and change things.
And so we've already seen some citizens go to Trump events and do it.
And we've already seen some of those things unfold, free Alex Jones rallies, you name it.
And then Owen and Dew went to a Rangers game behind home plate.
Right when Owen decided to put the Trump mask on and jump up behind home plate, the guy hits a home run.
Talk about the Trump effect.
This is not made up.
It's crazy.
That's coming up next hour.
Because we have the stuff with the Rangers, but...
I don't think so.
And so I was already down here working on Saturday, and I didn't want to be the center of attention at it, but I saw hundreds of people out there, and I thought, well, my God, I better get down there.
And it was great.
It was a powerful speech that obviously the censors don't want you to see, but here's a boil down of some of that that happened Saturday.
Free Alex Jones!
Free Alex Jones!
Free Alex Jones!
Free Alex Jones!
So one more time.
One more time.
Alex Jones is listening.
We all thank Alex Jones.
Let's give him one more live Alex Jones battle call right here for the entire city of Austin to hear.
The answer to 1984 is...
Fellow Congressman Davy Crockett once said, you may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas!
Free Alex Jones!
Free Alex Jones!
Free Alex Jones!
You're doing a great job.
Keep it up.
It's important that you keep doing what you're doing.
They're really attacking you because you're being successful.
They say in the Air Force, you're over the target.
You start taking flak, you're taking flak because you're over the target.
Keep it up, Alex.
Hey, Gay Frogs are real.
We're here for Alex Jones.
We're all Alex Jones.
This isn't about Alex Jones or Donald Trump.
This is about the truth.
We're here to support the truth.
We're here to support our future.
And we're here to support everyone else for their free speech.
That's it.
We're here.
We're out here.
I came from Tampa, Florida.
Drove 18 hours because I had to be a part of this.
Thank you, Joey Gibson.
Thank you, InfoWars.
Thank you, everybody.
We all love you, Alex Jones.
And I noticed the other day, I heard you say the word love.
You love us.
Keep that.
We're not hearing any love from the left.
We need to keep talking about love and how we're the love party.
There's only two things in life, two emotions, love and fear.
Everything else stems from that.
So let's not be about any fear.
Let's keep up the love, Alex.
We love you.
Keep it up, man.
If you could say one thing to Alex Jones, what would it be?
Open up an Infowars store in Austin.
Like a physical store.
Do not underestimate how important it is that you guys came out here today.
Whether it's Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, or wherever it may be.
So thank you so much for coming out here today.
It means so much to us.
So, God, I just ask that you touch everybody here today.
Touch them in their hearts, lift them up, lift their spirits, get them out of their sleep so they can go out and preach your word, preach your message, so that we can truly change this country and bring this country straight back to God.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
You folks are awesome to come out here.
This whole impromptu thing is great.
But let's free America and free the world and free the internet.
They thought they had America.
But just like every time it's happened, it doesn't get better until the last minute of the last hour.
And now the sleeping giants of humanity, not just here, but from areas of Europe to South America to Asia, are waking up to the authoritarian gobbler.
Just because the arrogant criminals at Google and Facebook and Twitter have already gotten away with censorship and spying on you and working with China to arrest dissidents doesn't mean they'll get away with it forever!
And by confronting them, we got them to move early with the censorship they were planning after the election!
And after we got them to move early, they've now been exposed, and they've now been caught lying, and there's no way they'll ever reverse course.
So look, I'm glad that all you guys had this free Alex Jones Rally, and that's awesome, and I'm glad you're out here.
You notice the antifa scum funded by the left isn't here.
Because their terrorist funding by Soros has come out, and all over the country, when they come out and attack people, even in blue cities like Austin, they're getting their asses arrested because they are terrorist criminals!
They're the terrorist criminals that want to tell us we don't have free speech, and they want to assault women and children.
Well, guess what, ass****?
You thought you defeated America?
All you did was wake her up!
I don't know how all this is going to end, but if they want to fight, they've got to believe they've got one!
I'm going to go back to the studio.
I'm going to write a report to the Congress and the President on how to take down Putin.
God bless you.
That's a powerful piece they put together.
It was a nice impromptu rally.
A few hundred folks showed up.
I'm very, very honored.
And we should have some bigger rallies for free speech.
We're going to have one coming up in D.C.
the walk away right before the election.
We're going to have more.
We have to put our skin in the game.
So I commend everybody.
They just announced this thing a few days before it happened.
So it's a nice crowd here in Austin.
And the antifa scum didn't show up.
All right.
Your phone calls.
I promise.
On the other side of this break.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
You are our only hope now, listeners.
Total censorship, total attack.
If you spread the links, we win.
If you don't, we will fail.
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Let's go to Jason in New Mexico.
Fire away.
Thank you for taking my call.
Shout out to you, the crew, and all those that work behind the scenes.
And I would tell everybody to commit to the super blue toothpaste and the Survival Shield X2 so you don't turn into a transsexual, gay toad, and run as a... Hey!
Hey, I just came out as a transsexual gay toad.
I'm not gonna have you slander my people before I run for office as a Democrat.
I know that's right, but really we should contribute to you guys because I've been given for years and I've seen the production value just skyrocket.
I mean your graphics team, just the content in general, everything is going great and at the same time there's no better organization that I could give my dollars to to see it at work on a daily basis.
Well, and we appreciate you, Jason, and that's why we try to give you the best products.
You know, we just don't put something out there and say, hey, please buy it.
We do the research and then actually put out the best possible product.
In the five years of my support, I have never bought a bad product, and I waste a lot of money on, you know, you go to one of these big box stores, you buy a piece of crap, and it's like, oh, I just throw away $10.
You throw $10 at that toothpaste, guarantee it won't be a waste, especially if you love your kids.
Why would you give them fluoride?
Yeah, yeah, just go look.
You know, here's what I would say to the audience.
If you're not using super blue fluoride toothpaste, go home and look at the toothpaste that you're using, and on the back of it, it will say, harmful if swallowed.
Contact poison control for 0.01% of fluoride.
0.01% harmful if swallowed.
They put that in the water.
Yep, that's if you love the kids, though.
Hey, I'm not telling you how to spend your money.
Yeah, you know what?
Good point.
If you don't love your kids, just keep giving them the fluoride.
Yeah, that's fine.
No matter what the globalists want to do, no matter what politicians want to do, this country is going to make it!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
When I was summoned from Montgomery, I had my guitar on my back, when a stranger stopped beside me in an antique Cadillac.
He was dressed like 1950, half drunk and hollow-eyed.
He said it's a long walk to Nashville, would you like to ride?
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
I'm going to write your phone calls for this segment and the next.
We'll continue with phone calls when Mike Adams joins us with the most important information we could possibly cover.
So please, please stay with us.
Because I'm sacrificing my name, my family, my treasure for all this because I believe in you.
And we've seen things begin to turn around, but we're in the middle of the fight now and we need your support more than ever.
So thank you.
And so do our local stations.
You just don't know how important it is to call and thank those program directors, and call and thank those sponsors, or if you're a business, become a sponsor.
Now's the time to get your skin in the game, or never do it.
Because they're coming for your family, they're coming for your freedom, they're coming for your wallet, they're coming for your religious freedom, they're coming for everything.
And I want to just say this here, before I go to the calls, and I'm going to them.
The globalists make these jokes, and they go, look, Jones is getting defeated, Jones is getting banned.
You're the ones engaged in un-American activities, not me.
You're the pathetic authoritarians, not me.
Oh, look, Jones, PayPal's banning him in 10 business days.
That was Friday.
Oh, Jones will go bankrupt now.
We'll kick him off the air.
You don't think in this marathon over 20-something years, 24 years on air, that a big part of me doesn't want to get knocked out of the game?
It's like I've been in overtime for 10 years.
But my spirit doesn't want to lose.
So nothing they do to me does anything to me.
It's not like I'm doing this for money or whatever.
I'm doing it because they're bad people and have to be opposed.
So if you support us, if you spread the word about the broadcast, if stations pick us up, if we're able to countervail this horrible cancer that's come to America of globalism and liberalism, of this leftist ideology, then great!
But if I get destroyed in the process of doing what's right, that's what you gotta do to be close to God.
And that's not some goody-two-shoes Pharisees-type statement, oh, I'm so great, I'm so good.
It means I can't be with the devil-worshipping pedophiles of Hollywood and the mass-murdering shycombs.
I mean, these people have got so much evil under their belt that my spirit recoils.
And when you recoil from the evil, you fight globalism.
See, the recoiling is the resistance.
That's all it is.
It's like somebody walks in and goes, we got dinner for you.
And they pull out a rotten dead dog and put it on the table and it stinks.
And it's got, you're like, I'm not going to eat that.
I don't even want to fight him.
He's go, eat it, eat it, eat it.
That's what I feel like spiritually.
It's like vomiting.
Only the last few months, when I think about the globalists, or I see something they've done that's bad, I'll actually, I've never had in my whole life, I go vomit.
I actually, this has happened lately.
Pat Riley was training me, lifting weights, just like a couple weeks ago.
I'm not in great shape, I was working out, or it wasn't that I was tired, and Hillary was on screen and saying something, and I literally started to throw up.
Because it's just my body saying, get her out, get her away, get her away, get her away, get her away.
So that's how I describe it.
It's like you go, you're chained up, and they're like, we're going to feed you more, we're going to give you poison vaccines, we're going to give you GMO, we're going to give you world government, we're going to tell your young son he's a girl and your daughter she's a boy.
And it's like, you're a bunch of pervert criminals!
Look how far you've already gotten away with it!
What the hell!
You think I'm worried about being banned?
You think I'm worried about being demonized?
No, I'm worried about them winning.
But what's sad is to be banned off all these platforms, and then to watch mainstream media attack me, mainstream media lie about me, and then to watch it affect good people, and then to watch them get the so-called liberty movement.
Because if you talk bad about Alex Jones on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, why suddenly nothing gets banned?
Why you get promoted?
You were nobody before, but now you're somebody.
To watch the weird ego of these people get manipulated is frightening.
So I'm doing this because it's the right thing and I'm proud of what I've done.
But they're coming at us because we do know how to beat them.
We do have their number.
So I'm just trying to point out again, we talk about COG and martial law and overthrowing the president.
Remember, you heard all that here first.
It's all over the news now.
That's why we're banned.
They don't want us to tell you the next step and the next step as we watch them.
Why, frankly, Infowars and our whole crew and our guests and everything we do is a national asset.
And it's a human asset.
We are pro-human.
We believe in humanity.
And they know that if you have the choice of picking humanity and a human future versus a globalist, transhumanist robot future, you'll pick humanity.
So they just want to remove us from the marketplace because they know you want what we're doing.
There's so many losers that want to feel like they're winners, that they will then attack InfoWars or do that because they think finally they're being accepted, finally they're part of the power structure.
No, you're losing your soul.
And I mourn for you, not that you lie about me and attack me, but that you've made the wrong decision.
All right, let's go to your phone calls.
We got Jessica and Miles and Mark and Matthew and Eric.
Anne and David and Duncan and Eddie and Kamal and David.
Who's been holding the longest here?
Is it Anne?
Is it Jessica?
We'll go to Jessica and then Anne first.
So we'll go to Jessica in Florida.
Jessica, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey, thanks for having me.
Thank you for calling.
You know, I was calling because I have encountered a lot of
Political propaganda in my daughter's school.
And she's in a charter school down here.
It's only about 100 kids in K-8, and they are plugging Times for Kids and Scholastic.
And these articles are over the top.
I mean, we're talking gun control with Emma Gonzalez in there.
We're talking even the principal's husband I'm friends with on Facebook, and he posts things about support for the DSA.
It blows me away.
We actually just lost our math teacher for 7th and 8th grade so that we could pay for a security officer because the state of Florida is now requiring that.
And it just blows me away that the propaganda that's in classes, it's really where the censorship starts, is to train these kids in the way that they think so that as they become college students,
Or, you know, further along, that they've already been brainwashed to think that way.
Oh, the social engineers, the leftists are making their move, and Austin next year.
Is going to tell boys and girls, don't say boys and girls, that's a new dirty word.
Imagine in a science fiction book, in 2018, in Texas, you can't say boy or girls in elementary.
They are literally going to screw over kids, that I'm a girl, I'm a boy, I'm bad.
The child abuse, the sexual abuse, the pervertedness of it, and we just, but we just, oh we're liberal, we're gonna do what you say, and it's all a scientific program,
To take over society.
I've been told, don't criticize transhumanism, don't criticize open borders, don't criticize Islam.
Because that's globalism.
And that's their plan.
The sexualization is another thing.
They are now, strongly this year, implementing their dress code.
So I have my 12-year-old coming home telling me, oh, you know, I got in trouble because my shorts are too short.
We're 12!
You know, and who, why are our girls
That's the pervertedness of the school.
They take all of our Christian inclinations and twist them to then make children feel dirty when they're 10 or 11 years old.
And it's all... Let me tell you something.
Public schools have a lot of good people and everything else, but a good portion, a large minority, are perverts.
And the religion of government and the left is pedophilia.
And so that's how they get it going, is they want to tell your kids about what sex they are.
They want to tell your kids they're perverts.
They want to push Prozac and Ritalin on your kids.
To vampirically F your kids over.
That's their, they get power and currency from their force by hurting children.
Is that clear?
I absolutely agree.
And they're the only ones, it's the adults that are planting the spot in these kids.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ma'am.
They started death education in 2000.
By 2003 even, even ABC
2020 did a special, it was 2020 ABC, that tripled suicides.
You start teaching kids, don't take your shoelace and put it around your neck and hang it in the stall, and all of a sudden little girls went and did it!
Right, yeah, well it's just like the war on drugs, you know, or bullying, you know, bullying awareness in schools.
Why are we not focusing on the positive opposite, about building friendships, building kindness?
Oh, most public schools don't let you play dodgeball or tag or even shake hands or hug people, exactly, no.
It's psychological warfare, preying on your children and hiring the very, all these women accusing Kavanaugh are psychologists.
God bless you, Jessica.
Listen, your children will rebel against it.
Generation Z is totally waking up, but just let them know the truth.
They trust you, their mother, not them.
Right now is Massive Rampage Force!
Go ahead.
Alex, last night I was on with Laura Ingram and I had done the Alex Jones Show yesterday.
I'd done The War Room.
She's not on until 9.40 Central.
That's 10.40 Eastern.
I was exhausted.
I popped two Brain Force Plus and I was good as new.
I mean, it really is mentally stabilized, mentally energizing.
Tonight, I'm on with Tucker Carlson.
Same thing.
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I'm going to go on the Tucker tonight.
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That's so fast, InfoWars.
Apple banned your app.
I helped, too!
Oh, Oliver.
I hate free speech, too!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
We hate free speech!
You are receiving this transmission.
You are the resistance.
He's going the distance!
He's going for speed!
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, let's go back to your phone calls now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ann in California.
Ann, thanks for calling in on this Monday edition.
Thank you.
Yeah, hi Alex, can you hear me?
I can, thanks for calling.
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm not only in California, I'm in San Francisco, California.
Wow, so you're in the big tech censorship, pro-China, pro-communism command base.
That's right, and I own a house cleaning company, a high-end house cleaning company.
And the interesting thing is, is that I've been into every one of these, like, techies.
And I have their keys as well, but that's beside the point.
I just wanted one... No, no, I'd love to hear that off record.
Um... No, it's interesting.
It's interesting.
It's interesting.
You got plenty of time.
I mean, you called in about Infowars Army and, and, and Band and all the rest of it, but from what I know about these big tech heads, the little liberal fake front of a wimpy guy is a camouflage for something very predatory.
It is, it is.
I actually have the account to clean, like Facebook has a corporate suite in the Infinity Tower.
And I go, when they entertain people, I have that cleaning account.
So by me stepping up, and let me just thank you for red-pilling me, because I was a crazy-ass liberal until I heard Alex Jones and your show, and David Knight and Owen Schroer.
But the first and most pertinent thing is that I
I have done nothing, like, publicly.
My Twitter account is shut down.
I want to be part of the InfoWars army.
I was one of the first responders.
And Owen Schroyer says, to hook up with other people, go on Twitter and find someone in your area.
I want one other conservative, just one other person who's willing to take... I'm also an artist, so I've created some political pieces.
To go and go with me, just one person in the Bay Area.
Well that's why they want to use social media control is not let us get together to show I don't want to get you in trouble and you kind of mentioned a lot of what the work you're doing they may come after you but I don't want you to get the specifics it's just how can people you know they're trying to block email or how can people you know get a hold of you if they want to come do something with you?
Well, OK, I went on.
I just think that this is a very important point.
I'm going to lose my business, but I have a little rental income and that's fine.
You've stepped up to the plate.
But it's not just you.
It's it's patriotism, patriots throughout history who have literally laid their life down in order for us to have these freedoms.
Some of, I think, the most active individuals are going to be the people like myself, who were very, very liberal, and then get red-pilled.
And I want to be clear.
I think it's because you're still liberal, you're not a leftist.
I keep saying liberal.
There's liberal and there's leftists.
The leftists are not liberals.
So I keep using the term liberal should be leftist.
I'm the one that's at fault.
Have you seen PragerU's breakdown of liberal versus leftist?
I haven't, but I... Well, it's liberals that built this country.
It's not leftists, and that's how they've confused it.
So I'm not correcting you, I'm correcting myself.
Okay, well, I was a leftist, extreme leftist.
My daughter, who's a major Bay Area social justice warrior, said she'd never talk to me again if I voted for Trump.
So, yeah, there's things to lose here.
I got to hear this then.
I want to hear about your daughter.
I want to talk to you more.
We got to take more calls.
The callers are amazing.
Anne, stay there.
I'm going to come right back to you in 60 seconds.
Then we're going to go to George, David, everybody.
And then, Mike Adams is coming in this hour, into the next hour, with Matt Bracken, and I want to get his take on this, but we're already under martial law for the Stay Behind Network.
I don't want martial law, but how does Trump stop a deep state that's already launched a civil emergency?
We'll talk about it all straight ahead.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You keep saying you've got something for me Something you call love, but confess
Alright, coming up next segment, Mike Adams has said emergency report, Trump planning mass arrest, military tribunals for deep state traders.
It's not that we brought us to that point, that's, they're trying to overthrow the government.
So how do you respond to, these aren't like regular bank robbers or regular child molesters, these are people in the FBI, in the CIA, in the Congress, in the media, that are planning total insurrection.
So how do you counter that?
I'm an expert on martial law.
Clinton was trying to gear it up.
I learned about it from federal employees and people, so that's why I was worried about it.
People go, oh God, Jones used to be against martial law, now he loves it.
No, I don't.
Obama put us under it.
It's coming up next segment.
Anne, in California, you were saying that you work in and around Silicon Valley and see these people.
You're talking about your daughters at SJW.
And that she'd never talk to you again if she knew that you were going to vote for Trump since you recently woke up.
Does she know what's going on?
Because I mean, Trump's a classical liberal, not a leftist.
Trump's all about freedom and openness and largesse.
I mean, does she know that you've taken the red pill?
Nobody does.
Nobody does.
But I'm ready to come out of the closet.
I'm ready, like I said, I have some rental income.
I'm ready to forfeit my, it's called Hannah's High End House Cleaning.
Oh ma'am, I'm not gonna get you in trouble.
We're going to delete that, delay that.
Well, it is as bad as you say.
My daughter, she lives in Oakland, California, and Oakland is a whole lot worse.
San Francisco's recently, the hotels have stomped on the homeless, so they forced the politicians to move the homeless out of the main tourist area.
But Alex, I was in Union Square in San Francisco, which is a major tourist destination, and I was ready to get on our subway BART.
And there was a person just shooting up a hypodermic needle.
And the police officer, I just witnessed the police officer say, OK, buddy, move it along, move it along.
You know, not here.
But there was no arrest or whatever.
And, you know, probably they're opening up safe injection sites.
Leftist cities are vampiric centers for pedophilia, heroin addicts, just death.
And they're leftist areas to feed on all this and then use all the social service money.
To make the politicians rich.
And, God bless you, I appreciate your call.
Go to Infowarsarmy.com, send your email.
All you gotta do is go put up a sign in public, or do something legal and lawful, and we'd love to try to work with you.
I'm planning some prize money, too, because that made people so excited in 2016.
So we'll see what happens.
And I understand your excitement.
But, let's be careful not to dox you.
Because, you know, these folks can really come after you, so there's a power in anonymity.
There's a power in being public, too, but there's a power in anonymity.
Okay, we've got David and Kamal and Eddie and Duncan and David and George and Eric and Matthew and Mark and Miles and Chuck.
Who should we go to next?
Who's been holding the longest here?
I guess that'd be Eddie in Ohio.
Eddie, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, I got a question.
When Rosenstein walked up to the White House like he did earlier, how come they just don't arrest him?
They know he's a traitor.
Well, here's the deal.
They know that there's the illusion that he's this Justice Department person that the media worships.
So they know Rosenstein already tried to quit to trick Trump into firing him.
And so they're playing these super weird games right now.
And so I think Trump did the right thing, going, oh no, you're my buddy!
You know, you resigned, the whole corporate media said you were gone, then you spun it that I fired you.
It just shows the disarray of these people.
You know, you ever heard the term
You can't con an honest man, because they don't listen to scams.
And that's how Trump is.
None of it even works on him.
He instantly sees through it.
And so that's why all these lesser men say Trump's this idiot.
No, because these people couldn't wipe their own white asses if it wasn't for being part of the establishment.
Yeah, but the two sets of laws has got to stop.
Somebody, if he doesn't take a stand, I've called the White House and I've told that lady that answers the phone that we got his back.
Listen, Trump knows.
Trump knows.
Trump knows.
That's why he's about to release the documents.
They panicked.
He gave them a week not to release them and now they're already freaking out.
He has
He has them dead to rights.
These criminals are so arrogant, it's their mental illness, that they thought they ruled America.
Even though their witch queen Hillary was gone and Obama was gone, they had stay-behind networks and funding through the Justice Department, CIA, and through the Board of Governors of the FCC.
So they believe they've got political power.
Trump's showing they don't have real power to all the stay-behind networks right now.
And don't worry, it's not just Project Veritas.
As I told the New York Times a month ago, there's new video of big tech admitting censorship coming out.
And it's not just Veritas that's doing it now.
Patriots, now that they've pulled this on Trump the last few months, there's been a total release.
And I'll go ahead and let them know because they already know.
Trump has now released the military and the patriots that are in the intelligence agencies on these people.
So, they're all being recorded, they're all being taped, they're all being set up right now.
And like, you get around a conservative or a patriot, we're all about doing nothing wrong.
You get around a leftist, their religion is being dirty and talking crap.
You wonder how they can be so arrogant, like, oh, screw everyone over!
Oh, F America!
You're like, God, what the hell?
That's who these people are.
Imagine the worst people you know giving power.
And so all you got to do is go tape them.
We've got enough poison politically to destroy their whole system.
Do we want to have to use it?
And we probably are going to.
So don't worry.
The lethal injection for the Democrats
The needles are already loaded up, man, politically.
So you want to see them burn?
We don't want to make this messy.
But if they want to mess, they're going to get one.
Obama and all these cokeheads.
I mean, you know, Obama having sex with 10 dudes a day and like all the cocaine he uses.
A total addict, a total mental patient.
And he can barely talk now, like Bill Clinton, another child rapist.
I mean, Obama doesn't rape kids, I'm told.
He just likes 10 dudes a day, which is fine.
The point is, the cocaine and the drugs Obama takes, he's fried.
And so he's just to the end of his rope, you know?
How that works.
Alex, can I tell you one quick story?
Yes, Eddie, go ahead.
I have your pocket Constitution.
Should I carry it with me?
And I highlighted the emoluments section in it, and I gave it to my boss at work, and she literally stood up in a meeting, took the Constitution and threw it up against the wall and said, Trump shouldn't be allowed to own his own businesses while he's the president.
And I just thought that was crazy and I wanted to tell you.
Did you say, hey, Hillary got billions of dollars trading favors while the head of the State Department with her foundation.
That's OK?
Or stealing billions from the Haitians?
Or Bono keeps 99% of the African aid money?
I mean, if I was running an African aid charity and I took any money for it, I'd feel bad.
Sure, you've got to pay for the charity.
I mean, it might even be half the expenses.
If I was at dinner on an African charity or anything else, and I was paying for dinner off the charity, I'd feel bad.
I mean, what a jerk, man!
But they hold him up like he's God.
What do you say to that?
Oh man, I said the same thing to her.
I said, you let all these criminals steal.
And she's just a big lib.
You understand, they feel their personal power through the media and the system.
Because they have something spiritually missing.
They just, thank God you get it.
Because seriously, none of us are perfect.
But we get justice.
We get fraud.
We get where we are in the universe and we see it.
These people don't get it.
They're lost.
We'll be right back with Mike Adams with the biggest news ever.
43 days out from the election.
This is why they banned us.
You don't want to stop this information.
At a human level, I am not
I'm pleased by being demonized by every major globalist publication in the world.
By all the censorship, all the banning, all the demonization, all the attacks.
But at a gut level, a spiritual level, I know that I've been effective telling the truth and I'm proud of what I've done.
But I'm even more importantly proud of what you the listeners and viewers have done.
The reason the globalists and the communist Chinese, the authoritarian EU, and all these tyrannical corporations and the America-hating Hollywood are targeting Infowars is because they see it as the spirit of Americana.
Not just because of me, but because of you.
It's a place where they see victory for humanity.
A place where they see you in power.
A place where they see you taking control of your destiny.
I've had more than 30 major tech companies in the last six weeks ban me off all their platforms.
And now I've had credit card companies and PayPal and everybody else do it as well.
And then horrible, monstrous, war criminal Nazi collaborators like George Soros openly celebrating what they've done.
People say, hey, you're starting to really lose in the world.
No, I'm not.
I came to expose the corrupt system.
I came to try to change all this, just like you did.
I love God.
And so I have pure confidence at the end of the day that the reason I'm under such unmitigated, such unprecedented, incredible attack is because I'm telling the truth.
And because I am accurately getting into the real issues that the globalists don't want discussed.
We have trailblazed, we have chronicled on every major front
All the major issues of our day.
And not because we were the smartest people around, but because we were actually willing to cover what the facts showed, despite the fact we'd be demonized and attacked.
You see, that's why more people don't tell the truth.
It's because they know that when they do tell the truth, they get persecuted.
But when everybody sells out to persecution, you have stagnation, you have tyranny.
So I'm betting on you.
I believe in you.
And I believe that if you are given the real information, or at least pointed out that there's other information out there, that you'll make the right decision.
And that's what's happened here.
So, yes, they are taking away our advertising capability.
They're taking away our banking capability.
They are doing everything they can to shut us down.
But while we still do have banking,
We can hold out for months and months without your support, but I'd like to know and have an idea how far out, like the Alamo, that you want us to basically hold out.
Because I'm gonna go to the end, but I'm using how much support we get right now as a gauge of just how committed you are.
And I'm not bitching at you, I'm not complaining.
I'm just simply saying, if you like what you've seen so far, we're now right up to the thick of the battle.
We're right up to the third act here.
We're right up to the crucible.
And now is the time to really pick which side you're on.
So, InfoWareStore.com has credit card payment.
We still have PayPal for now.
You can get great supplements, great books, great videos, great water filtration, non-GMO heirloom seeds, high-quality organic coffee.
It's all there.
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There's so many great deals.
But regardless,
Whatever you do, just check out the site today and realize, without you financially supporting us, they took our sponsors a long time ago, we're not gonna be here.
They see M4 as a symbol.
They believe they can shut us down, they will demoralize you, and that humanity's awakening will fail.
I think that they're wrong, and I think you're going to take action.
So pray for us, spread the word, spread the articles, the videos, and visit InfoWarsTore.com, and we will weather the storm and come out on the other side.
But without you, we will be defeated, we will be shut down.
So our fate is now up to you.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Mike Adams and I are going to be co-hosting Into the Next Hour with former Navy SEAL and counterterrorism expert Matt Bracken joins us, but we're going to commandeer part of that hour.
He's ready for that.
It's okay.
So I want to continue with your calls.
We're going to finish this before I go back to your calls.
So please be patient.
I want to hear from you.
This is out of NBC News.
It's out of Daily Caller.
Kavanaugh vows last-minute character assassinations will not force him to withdraw.
And that's key.
In America and in jurisprudence after the Magna Carta, but also in Judaic Old Testament law, not Talmudic, but the earlier stuff that I actually agree with, Old Testament things and New Testament, you are innocent until proven guilty.
Well, also, both women's witnesses have instantly said none of it's true.
That's called impeached.
But we're told, oh no, go ahead with this.
So, this is a big moment for America, because as Mike Adams said in his emergency report that came out yesterday that's gone viral, Kavanaugh is needed for the real majority, because we can't trust one of those members.
If Trump, and they're pulling a bunch of stuff and trying to get him out of there during an emergency, Trump needs Kavanaugh, who is a strict constructionist, and who has said he backs the co-equal executive.
Which I back that as well, and I want to be clear.
I'm an expert on martial law, continuity of government, national emergencies, civil emergencies, War Powers Act 33, National Security Act 47, because I learned that Obama was planning to use it, but also so was Bill Clinton.
The difference is they signed executive orders, we're going to cover those in a moment, sheeting power to bureaucracies to block Trump.
And so, I knew they had executive orders, I knew they had to stay behind network, I knew they were trying 25th Amendment, which everything you heard us say 20 months ago is now all over the news.
Tomorrow's news today, next year's news today.
That's why they want to span.
But, when Mike Adams had the headline, I talked to him the day he was writing it, I think it was Friday or Saturday, it came out on Sunday.
Emergency report, Trump planning mass arrest, military tribunals for deep state traitors.
And I went, and it made me click, I went, wait a minute.
We're already in a civil emergency.
Trump's the only president since the War Powers Act who hasn't declared a yearly emergency to get around things.
He used his executive power to kill TPP and they called him a dictator.
Well, why'd they give him that power?
They gave it to Obama.
By Obama, his last four years, he had been made a dictator.
For all intents and purposes.
A rubber stamp for the globalists.
Trump taking control freaked him out so bad because if he realized his power it was over, he could shut down the emergency, restore the republic as he said at the inauguration, and step back towards Washington 2.0 and even greater.
The greatest president in a first term.
So destiny's happening and I'm getting chills.
So they're going to spin this that we're calling for martial law, but I like the fact that you said it up front, because if you're already under civil emergency,
They're already under national emergency with all the Brennan and Clapper and Mudd calling for 25th amendment and we learned Roses he's trying it.
How do you counter a rogue cancer that's outside of law?
That's martial law.
Martial law is outside of regular law.
That's the definition.
That's the full definition of martial law.
Outside of the national laws of a country, generally meaning military rule.
Well, they're trying to get the bureaucracy, the Praetorian Guard, the FBI and CIA, to counterman the president, to overthrow him.
So how do you respond?
I think Trump taking the safety off on the constitutional assault weapon, and I mean that as an allegory, not literal,
And in saying, I'll release all the secret documents that you're treason, the big dog just got off the porch.
So we're not calling for martial law.
We're under a form of it in their own admissions under Obama's executive orders.
We'll cover next segment.
I want to give the big 35,000 foot view here because Mike,
Rarely have I had such a quantum jump.
At first going, what, what?
Then I, you told me, then I read your article, I was like, of course, that's true.
We sound extreme saying martial law?
They're the ones saying 25th Amendment.
They're the ones saying remove.
They're the ones saying kill his family, kill us, take our banking away, take us down.
We're simply responding as the duly elected government to a rogue op with Chai Com and
Junker EU tyranny!
So what are we supposed to do?
When they rise to this level, if we don't rise to meet it, we have become derelict in duty.
And Alex, it's crucial to understand that the context of this potential martial law would be also in response to the mass chaos, uprising, and violence committed by the left.
Which is in the Wikileaks, which is in the, exactly.
Right, so, in fact, I've said to people in the last 12 hours who have questioned me on this, I said, there will come a time, probably, very soon in America when the left declares total war.
Bloodshed on the streets is what they want.
Hit lists, where they want to come out and kill people.
Did you see the latest on VJ Media?
Where they said, kill the ICE, kill the Congress, kill their dogs, print me that.
And this is on major sites on Facebook and Twitter, not being taken down.
They are girding for war!
Yes, yes.
And I believe there will come a time where the average American person will beg for a form of temporary martial law simply to restore some peace and stability in the city.
I have all the clips of CNN and MSNBC say, we want a civil emergency, they want race riots.
So we're derelict in duty if we don't counter this unconstitutional, illegal, multinational corporate attack.
Understand, this is right out of the rules for radicals, is to cause massive chaos, and they've got a hit list, Alex, and you're on the hit list, and I'm on the hit list, but I believe that they have the home addresses and they want to go out and murder all prominent conservatives, such as... Oh, notice what I got banned on Twitter for.
It was when I said, they've got your name and number if you're in Congress or you're a patriot.
Which, I don't want to get into the details of this for obvious reasons, but we know.
We know.
We know.
And what's interesting, this is from Independent Sources.
Well, I got news.
You notice Antifa hasn't been showing up in Austin anymore.
I heard some bad things happen.
I heard people fell down.
That can happen from time to time.
It wasn't me.
They pissed off SEAL Team 6.
Well, I tell you what, what I find fascinating is I did this story with Independent Research.
You know, you and I have independent, different sources, and yet when you combine our reporting and our investigations, they
Support each other in the big picture of what's happening.
This is why, Alex, this is why the Kavanaugh issue is so critical.
If Kavanaugh does not get confirmed, then Trump doesn't have the backup support of this additional Supreme Court jurist to support his exerting... They've done the calculus that he is checkmate.
That's right.
That's right.
And so this is not about Roe vs. Wade.
This resistance against Kavanaugh is about allowing the deep state to continue to overthrow America.
And I agree.
And I'm jumping in because you're so on target.
This is just so epic what's happening.
We're about to go to break.
I'll give you the forum and come back.
We'll get the executive orders, the proof of what the Stay Behind Network they set up.
I think the Rosenstein thing is he said he was going to resign, that's confirmed.
He tried to trick Trump into saying he was gone to say Trump made it up.
Trump is really smart.
They're playing high-level games right now.
In fact, Rosenstein leaving the scene is really part of the unraveling of this threat of the deep state, combined with the declassification documents that, of course, the FBI and the DOJ are slow-walking with redactions, which defies the presidential order to release them in unredacted form.
And by the way, when those documents come out, Alex, it is just, it's like dominoes falling at that point.
Because I've talked to folks that have seen them.
It is McCabe and all of them going, F him, he's a moron, ha ha ha.
These arrogant SOBs, I mean, they are F'd.
They are.
I mean, history is now unfolding by the hour, and this will be the single greatest event that any of us have ever lived through in the history of this country.
Mike, I can't get hyped big enough for the show.
I know.
I get on here and I say, oh, earth-changing, incredible, incredible.
If you knew what they were doing to me right now, imagine what they're doing to Kavanaugh, imagine what they're doing to Trump.
What you get people say, oh my God, we better back off.
No, I'm a man.
Right, right, right.
Let me guess, Mike.
You're not afraid.
You've never been more alive.
Not afraid.
I'm here for the Republic.
I'm here to defend freedom.
I'm here to expose these deep state traitors.
Because America is a bigger idea than any of us individually.
That's right.
We'll be right back.
I initially asked Jim Acosta about his support of the hashtag free press movement where essentially he's criticizing President Trump for criticizing the mainstream media.
On the same time he's pushing hashtag free press, free journalism, he's advocating, CNN is advocating for Infowars to be banned and shut down off of social media platforms.
So he can't have a double standard there where he's advocating for free press and then at the same time he's campaigning for other news organizations to be censored.
Hey Jim Acosta, what do you think about Alex Jones being banned?
Is that okay?
I don't really have a comment, I'm sorry.
Well given that they had hashtag free press as a fellow journalist...
I'm not going to do anything attractive.
As a fellow journalist, you know, hashtag free press was trending.
Are you concerned at all?
I certainly support freedom of the press.
I support freedom of speech.
I certainly don't like what we've seen over the last couple of years.
The president attacking the press.
I think that that's really put a spotlight on the importance of a free press, and I think anybody who, you know, responsibly exercises that right to free speech, right of freedom of the press, that ought to be respected.
You know, listen, everybody has a right to free speech, everybody has a right to freedom of the press, but I also think that you have to be responsible in exercising that right, and what you say, and what you print, what you publish, and what you report on.
CNN was calling for Infowars to be banned.
Don't you think that's kind of hypocritical though?
But don't you think as a federal news organization you shouldn't be calling for other news to be banned?
We deal with the truth, we deal with the facts, and I would recommend that you guys do the same thing, in my personal opinion.
But don't you think it's better to just counter people rather than ban them and censor them?
Ma'am, I've answered your question, and I'm saying it as respectful as I can.
My sense of it is that we have to deal with the truth, we have to deal with the facts, and if you're in that space, if you're dealing with the truth and the facts, then you really have nothing to worry about.
So are you okay with news being censored?
You're okay with media organizations being censored online?
You're okay with that?
As a fellow journalist, that doesn't scare you?
Because what if the pendulum swings the other way, Jim?
What if it swings the other way?
You guys are calling fake news to other platforms!
Remember that!
Essentially, Jim Acosta noticed when he says, oh well, we can't compare CNN to InfoWars.
You know what?
Maybe we can't.
Because InfoWars has not had to make nearly as many retractions for fake news as CNN.
And in fact, Paul Joseph Watson, one of our star reporters, actually has 200,000 more followers on Twitter than Jim Acosta does.
Look at that.
Everybody else is just like yellow or clear.
That's because it's been denatured.
It's been watered down.
We didn't do that.
You think I would metaphysically tell you something, but this is the very best I can get.
I'd rather go to hell than do that.
I will only give you the maximum best info, the maximum truth, the maximum product, because I want that good will!
What I do to you, I do to myself.
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You ever seen fish oil look like that?
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
All right, Mike Adams is here.
He wrote the critical report up on Infowars.com and NaturalNews.com.
He's got a new one I was going to get to as well.
Emergency report.
Trump planning mass arrest, military tribunals for deep state traders.
Now, people go, oh my god, that's tyranny.
Apple and Google worked with China rounding up political dissidents.
They're now censoring us.
The left is hitting people that go to conservative prayer events, and they have bike locks, and the local police are defending it in blue cities.
Globalism's here.
We have a rogue group trying to overthrow the president.
That's the danger.
George Washington would go after them instantly.
So we're not calling for martial law.
We're already under a civil emergency that Obama invoked.
You've got the executive orders in your article.
So let's explain this.
We're not calling for martial law.
We're saying
The Democrats have a dual government parallel operating.
They now admit this.
And think how far we've come, Mike, that now this is out in the open.
But what do we do now?
What does Trump do now?
And 43 days out, with him going after Rosenstein and all the chicanery and all the games.
There's epic stuff behind the scenes going on.
What do we do?
What should we be looking for?
Well, it's clear that we are right now all suffering under, really, Obama's deep state martial law in many different forms.
For example, you even described this a couple of weeks ago about digital martial law.
The fact that virtually all Trump supporters are de-platformed, where we have this online book burning, these online restrictions by Google and Facebook and Apple, that's a form of digital martial law.
There's an economic martial law in place where you've been de-platformed now by PayPal last week.
Economic sabotage.
These companies, by the way, I believe, I'm convinced, are taking orders from Obama's leftover CIA or deep state people.
They're answering to Obama.
Obama's still running.
The Obama regime, even though he's out of the White House.
And so we are living under many, many different forms of martial law and speech police and thought police and so on.
So the question is not, do you want martial law?
They believe that's the framework of why they've done it legally.
They say it.
We're the resistance.
We Obama.
Hillary's our president.
We're fighting.
Well, right, but they're actually fighting to destroy America.
That's in the Veritas videos.
They're like, we're going to sabotage fixing Veterans Affairs.
We're going to sabotage the economy coming back.
See, James O'Keefe and Project Veritas has just confirmed everything else that I researched and that you've been talking about.
The deep state, remember when we were teased about, oh, they said there's no deep state.
Well, they give it different names.
A steady state, the regular state, whatever.
It's a deep state system.
They are working to undermine and ultimately overthrow President Trump.
Let's be clear.
I get too close to the problem.
When you were telling me martial law, Trump needs a counter.
I was like, well, that's true.
They're the ones saying we're in a civil emergency.
They're going to remove Trump from the Fifth Amendment.
They already did it.
It's like, they already went to that level.
The only way to counter it is that, and Trump has the authority as an elected president.
And as I point out... You can't just sit there and let them pull off race riots and murder.
Well, the thing is, Trump has already planned all of this, and this is what really shocked me about going through the Federal Register and looking at the executive orders.
And there's one from December 26th of 2017.
You know, I can tell you something really can confirm what you're saying.
Okay, yeah, bring it in, because I want to hear it.
Executive Order 13818.
Now, you know as well as I do, Alex, that the title of the executive order has no legal bearing, right?
It's what's written in the executive order.
Same way that a law passed in the Senate, the title could be made-up fiction.
It could be called the Saving Happy Children Act, but it's actually about abortions or something, right?
The title doesn't mean anything.
New Freedom Initiative, it's meant to put advocates on drugs.
Exactly, or the Patriot Act, to spy on all Americans, right?
Well, the Blocking of Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption is the title of this executive order, and in it, it specifically outlines and describes what are the exact crimes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
In corruption, where they have acted on behalf of a government official responsible for or complicit in corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, this is Trump's language here, and corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources or bribery.
Who extracted natural resources and engaged in bribery?
Uranium One, Hillary Clinton, Robert Stamp by Barack Obama, involving none other than James Comey and Robert Mueller.
So you can see what Trump's executive orders are setting up.
And then in that same order, actually earlier, Trump says, I therefore determine that these serious human rights abuses and corruption around the world constitute, quote, an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy and economy of the United States.
And what he was doing was cutting off their foreign funding.
Well, yeah, I mean, look, Obama committed massive international money laundering and fraud.
With the Muslim Brotherhood, like $200 million at least.
See, this, yeah, oh, it was tens of billions of dollars in cash and gold, remember, that he gave to the Iranian regime, flew in on the cargo planes with the pallets of cash, plus he, in order to do that- CNN, Bragdy was doing it!
They funded bringing down our allies and blowing up churches and- These are massive international frauds- He's literally a jihadi.
Obama is going to be named, I believe.
I believe that Obama is going to be arrested.
Did you notice how he was a stuttering mess in his latest speeches?
No, I didn't.
I didn't see his latest speeches.
He could hardly even talk.
Well, I don't doubt it, because he knows what's going down.
Because he's like Rosenstein, another nobody who believed his con game would go on forever.
See, well, they got caught.
They tried to carry out a coup, and they got caught.
And it's due to the work of many, many people, including you, Alex.
We should have started that.
The point is, they've got martial law they believe in place.
Another government outside Trump, it's fraudulent.
Their chutzpah and arrogance has run out.
And now they've been caught, so I agree.
What happens next?
They go full chaos after the documents come out and the arrests begin.
The left will go full chaos.
Now, until then, they're going to try to block Kavanaugh because they can't have a Supreme Court that sides with the executive emergency powers declarations that Trump will invoke once these declassified documents are fully released.
By the way, we know who their street army is.
It's just like in these Veritas videos.
It's these Democratic National Socialist people who were putting these on employees' doors last night about free housing.
They have got an army of commies now coming out of the woodwork.
And the thing is, these commies and these Antifa people, you and I know that they are tactically inept, that they are pathetic weaklings, but in their minds, they think they're superheroes.
They think they're ninjas.
And they think they can pull this off, so they will try it.
And they will be defeated so rapidly.
But it will shock them.
I mean, don't they know that they've already all been basically laced?
Well, they're brainwashed by their people to thinking that Trump is a national lobbyist.
I don't think I'm invincible.
I've already decided, like Patrick Henry, I don't want to die, but give me liberty, give me death, I'm ready to die.
I don't want to.
They think that there's no threat, we're only going to win.
They don't understand we're already committed all the way.
All our energy, all our political stuff is only a shadow of what we would do once the physical war started.
Well, and plus, on the side of Trump and on the side of America, you have law enforcement, you have oath keepers, you have veterans, active duty and retired veterans, and you've got citizens who are pro-Second Amendment and pro-Trump.
But they think they're going to have the national media in command and control.
It doesn't matter because Obama signed an executive order in 2012 that gives the president the ability to seize national power.
If he knows he has that power.
He knows.
He's got to know at this point.
But look, Obama signed a series of executive orders planning on handing a dictatorship to Hillary Clinton.
And so these extraordinary orders give power to the president, whoever that president may be.
And that's the key.
Explain that when we come back.
Obama set up martial law provisions before he left.
Because they knew Hillary was going to start a race war.
Then Trump comes in.
They just keep going with the plan.
Well, right.
I mean, Obama thinks that he's still president.
And the deep state thinks that they still answer to Obama.
But Trump has the ability to declassify and release all these documents, as he has ordered.
And the defiance of that release is the last desperate ploy of this deep state.
And let's be clear, we don't want martial law.
The Democrats in deep state put us into it.
But if somebody comes up with a club,
In a fight, you get a club as well.
We're not looking for this.
We wanted to fix things, but... Yeah, we want liberty, we want the restoration of this constitutional republic, and I've even suggested that after Trump saves America and arrests these deep state traitors and cleans out the swamp, that he set a date for his own resignation to step aside and go down in history as the greatest hero to save America since George Washington himself.
Because that'd be even better than serving two terms.
Stick that down into absolute prime.
Oh my god, that's beautiful.
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He's made it more popular, I think, to be openly racist.
Because this president, I will quote, quote Steve Schmitt, is a stone-cold racist.
They must be really hitting this tone hard right now.
That's the talking point.
Yeah, yeah.
So this is the... Trump's just signed a thing that'll save millions of people!
The economy's coming back!
All the numbers say the Republicans are gonna win Congress in the midterms!
Oh my god, the giant blue wave, now a red wave, the historic Trump's dominating!
The Obama administration is being exposed for all the illegal activity and the abuse of power!
It must be racist!
MS-13 can't torture little girls to death for Satan!
You said Valerie Jarrett looks like the central casting for Planet of the Apes!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Look, I know we got loaded phone lines.
We're going to take phone calls 20-30 minutes to the next hour and then Matt Bracken is joining us.
Mike Adams will be here and take your phone calls when we start the next hour.
Most people being banned off PayPal and having all our sponsorship taken and they don't even let us sponsor on the web now.
I mean, this is an example of big cartels coming together to shut us down.
It's totally illegal.
We'd just be plugging every segment.
Like, go to InfoWarsTore.com.
We can still use PayPal and payment processing and get the products, get the t-shirts, get the books.
Look, if you don't know by this point...
That Infowars is real, and that Infowars cares about America and freedom, and we're just telling you like it is.
I was never against the government.
I didn't like globalist government.
Now we got a beachhead.
I'm all about the Constitution, and we have these provisions for a reason.
Obama put martial law in.
Trump came in.
Nobody told him.
Rosenstein didn't tell him.
It's even in the news.
They're trying to use a civil emergency to kick Trump out.
I don't like to tell the enemy what's going on, but they lie so much, all I do is tell the truth.
I mean literally, I'm neurotic about it.
You know, they're in the news.
The New York Times is like, oh, Jones is being defeated.
His audience is down 50%.
Oh, his revenue is down.
Well, that's not true.
But then it's not the other thing.
Alex Jones is winning the info war.
They're crushing us, reaching new people.
Our hardcore original audience has come back, and our hardcore audience is bigger than ever.
And it's kind of like the Spartans, that's what really matters.
So, you are the national asset, the national treasure, and I'm not just saying it.
We're under attack first because, baby, you're it.
They're scared of you.
Whether you're a white woman or a black woman, Hispanic, I love you all.
I went out to my rally, that's why they hate our rallies, it was like half folks weren't white.
I love it.
Jesus, I just want humanity to survive.
What I'm telling you right now is,
The law firms don't want me to talk about it at this point.
And we have cases that could be won, and I have to file suit this week.
And it's going to cost a lot battling these people toe-to-toe.
But believe me, by the end of the week, you'll see it in the news.
So it's an expression.
Do I sue them to stop this?
I'm taking our payment processor, which is literally Mark of the Beast, global Chinese social score control?
Or do I just move forward?
It's a catch, but at a certain point, I got to start suing.
And again, that's not a panacea.
It's just all I can do.
But we need major funds to fight these people.
Because just like they banned James Woods this weekend, they're banning everybody else.
This is going to get more and more obvious.
You're like, well then that'll destroy them.
They think they're about to take over!
They're doing like a bank robber gets caught robbing, he grabs a little kid and goes, I'll blow her head off!
I'll blow her head off!
We're now at the... I'll blow her head off!
We'll kill Barron Trump!
We'll kill the cops!
Remember, like, Obama's last year?
They were, like, shooting cops in the back of the head?
Cops aren't perfect!
I don't like corrupt cops, but I don't hate cops!
They were just... CNN's like, well, five cops got shot in Dallas and four in Louisiana.
Well, you know, they deserve it, because cops are bad.
They need to go under Loretta Lynch's Strong Cities Initiative and the U.N.
And I remember used to hear old-timers, even 20 years ago,
The UN will take over the police under the Memorandum 7277, which is a real memorandum, but I never thought they'd try it!
Again, we're in epic times, and X2 is a deep-earth crystal source of iodine.
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We don't just have PayPal, but to watch the New York Times go, we took his only payment processor, he'll be bankrupt.
I'm just like, my lawyers are like, mine won't even say you have other processors, but it's just like playing this game.
They're the censors!
They're the monsters!
They help China censor!
They're pigs!
And Soros bought a big piece of their operation just a month ago, and they're involved with China and this big merger with one of the main global processors.
I'm not just saying this because they're going after me.
I didn't look it up until the other day.
Trump should block that as antitrust!
These people are craven criminals, arrogant SOBs.
I'll tell you a little secret.
Two weeks ago, PayPal tried to get us to give us all their business.
And I said, there's something, they said they want all of our processors and all of our internals.
And I said, and Tim says, I feel weird.
And I said, yeah, it's a setup.
Don't do it.
And of course it was.
They wanted it all to blast it and give that blueprint.
So again, people are like, oh my God, you may lose.
We're all going to lose.
I'm not worried about me.
Okay, I'm worried about all of us together, but InfoWarsTore.com, InfoWarsLife.com, go there.
Get a t-shirt, get some coffee, get some supplements, do it today.
Show that before they ban us on PayPal and all the rest of it, we've got money to operate more.
We'll operate right through the election, but I tell you, they took all our processing, they already took all our sponsors, you know, we'll be shut down, but that's okay.
People get killed in wars, ships burn, you know, armies get defeated, but we keep fighting.
It's not about me, ladies and gentlemen, it's about the war.
But, I'll tell you this, we're like a ship that's already devastated the enemy.
But then there's a calm, and I'm out there alone, and all of a sudden, a whole armada comes around the island, and they're starting to fire at me, and their cannonballs are getting closer and closer.
A few of them have hit the ship, and there's no wind.
You're asking, how are they being propelled by the globalists?
You are the wind.
And if we see major financial support in your prayers and everything, that will get our sails going so that we'll live to fight another day.
But I've already, the media's like, Jones wants to die, so he's ready to die.
No, I said I'm willing to die.
Like, give me liberty or give me death or victory or death.
As Colonel Travis said, it doesn't mean I want to, but if you're willing to go all the way, you have to be ready for that.
It's not some power trip.
It's actually, at this level, it's kind of like getting up in the morning or going to sleep at night.
Like, I'm not scared.
My God, you know, life has a lot more pain than that, seeing your children go through stuff or whatever.
I don't fear death anymore.
It's a real transition.
But I do fear not living to my full potential.
But I am totally, like plants rely on the sun or sails and ships rely on wind.
You are Infowars.
So Mike, I'm ranting there.
I just hope folks financially support us because we're in such a historic, critical time.
That I just don't even know people realize how epic this is.
Well, it just reminds me of the Revolutionary War when, you know, they're fighting the largest army and military might in the world.
Never defeated.
And just a ragtag bunch of people who didn't have the funding of the British Empire, they didn't have all the technology and they had the will.
They had their spirit.
Probably until the very end, it looked like they couldn't win, but they just kept at it, and they had that slogan that I've heard from my buddies in the Navy SEALs and others who just say, never, ever, ever surrender to any enemy.
You keep fighting until the last breath, and guess what?
You win, usually.
When you have that attitude, and you keep fighting, and you're fighting for truth, and you're fighting for America, the real country, you've got to understand,
These anti-American forces that are fighting to destroy America, they don't believe in anything.
They don't believe in God.
They don't believe in free market economies.
Can you imagine how horrible it would be to not have a belief and not soul?
I know.
They are like little, just chaotic gremlin demons running around, destroy, kill, murder babies, everything.
This is their slogan.
Oh, power, power, power!
Because nothing quenches them.
Honor would fill them in one second.
But they have no souls.
I mean, they have no spirit.
I mean, some of them may actually be soulless, for all we know.
They certainly act that way.
But, you see, because we are about transparency and truth, and we're about this country and the vision of what our forefathers fought for, and what the framers put in place, this brilliant system, in the history of the world, no country has ever been as astonishingly dedicated to liberty and freedom as America.
And that's why all these forces want to control it.
Because it's not perfect, but there's a destiny.
Well, Obama worked eight years to destroy America from within.
And then Trump has only gotten 10% control and it's all turned around.
That's why they're so panicked right now.
And that's why they have to silence voices like yours or mine because if people simply ponder simple truths, it's a revolution.
The only way to keep the American people controlled and hating their own country is to keep them constantly brainwashed by CNN.
Can you imagine the demoralization when he goes to Chile or Brazil or South Africa and says you can't have a car or air conditioning?
Right, right.
He's literally flying around in jumbo jets, telling you demoralize... I'm trendy!
I'm your God Obama!
You can have nothing!
I'm liberal!
Well, the insanity is off the charts at this point, as we know, but getting back to practical matters here, number one, we need to support the confirmation of Kavanaugh for all the reasons we've been discussing here.
And have you asked your viewers and listeners to call their senator and, you know, call Capital Switchboard number.
It's a 202 number.
Call them.
Let's pull it up.
I mean, I've said people should take action.
But we've got to tell them.
They're going to roll out even more women.
Oh, of course they are!
Of course they are!
It's crazy!
They say all these witnesses and they call the witnesses and they go, it's not true!
Yeah, right.
No, this is complete fiction.
All these accusations against Kavanaugh are totally political.
Trump is right about that.
They're complete fiction.
And the Democrats think they still run the Senate!
That's right.
Let me give the number out since you mentioned it.
This is their water loop.
We get Kavanaugh in and win these midterms.
Let's talk about what they do in the tech calls if we win this.
Call them right now, folks.
This is epic time to be alive.
Your calls loaded up straight ahead.
Hour number four.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
All right, we're taking your phone calls with Mike Adams for a few segments, and then Owen Schroer is going to pop in about the InfoWars Army starting to really get some purchase, starting to really connect, starting to have some big effects.
Thanks to all of you out there.
We've got some highlights of that.
And then Matt Bracken coming up about the whole martial law situation.
But folks have been holding really patiently.
It is a problem, because we can take like 30, 40 calls at a time, but then even if I take a bunch, everybody has to hold, and then people always get hung up on.
Illegal voting, midterms, Alex Jones battling censorship.
That's a new caller.
Mike, Trump's next move, 2020 election, media circus, Ellison.
We've got Chris in Missouri, Russia, Kavanaugh, China, Iran, Matthew.
Kavanaugh, Me Too movement, weaponized.
Matthew's been holding a long time in Arizona.
Matthew, you're on the air with Mike Adams.
Go ahead.
This is the first time that I get to say thank you, Alex Jones.
You are a part of history, no matter what's going at you, man.
All you guys are, Mike Adams.
But yeah, I mean, Alex, you are just like Trump.
You're a part of history, man.
Well, I want to be a part of history for the right, but yeah, I mean, I'm not bowing down, so I appreciate your support, brother.
Okay, so what I just want to say real quick, man, is we've been talking about how the Me Too movements and stuff can be weaponized in certain stuff.
This is the perfect example of how weaponized they have used this with the Trump or Kavanaugh's nomination because now we have to be so delicate to handle this situation.
Dude, I know for a fact
Old girlfriends, once I got divorced, all got contacted, which means they've got FBI or NSA databases.
Women I went out with, like, three times have been called.
They have got my phone records.
And they're like, yeah, he was a total gentleman.
Boy, I wish he'd still go out with me.
I mean, I'm not bragging, but I'm nice to women.
And they've all gotten calls.
Do you imagine what it's like for Kavanaugh?
I mean, they target every woman that went to any university or any school or any town, and then of course it's a bunch of psychology professors, you know, that are leftists and hate men.
Well, the problem with all this, Alex, is, of course, it's a complete abandonment of due process.
Where's the evidence?
Where are the collaborating witnesses?
And where is the right to cross-examine this woman, Christine Blasey Ford?
She needs to be cross-examined.
There are so many holes in her story, it's absurd.
But to convict Kavanaugh without any due process and any shred of evidence, it's so un-American, it's unacceptable.
We should reject all of these claims.
Guilty until proven innocent.
You're innocent until proven guilty.
I see Kavanaugh's lawyer and others like, we need to believe women, period, or you're against women.
You're a person just like a man.
Men lie, women lie.
I'm not putting up with this crap.
And plus, all their witnesses say it's not true.
Anything else, Matthew?
Yeah, I just was, uh, I've been putting hashtag not you too lately just to tell people, like, I mean, it's just ridiculous.
And it just shows you how crazy it is in front of our eyes.
Dude, I have seen stuff, I'm not going to say on air, when I was single for about a year, that was like the weirdest stuff at parties and stuff.
And it's like a fetish or something.
Where these liberal women come over.
You'll be like at a party sitting there drinking beer and they go, I was raped a year ago.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
Yes, I'm afraid you'll take me in the back room.
And you're like, okay, I'll see you later.
I mean, thank you for the call, Matthew.
What's going on?
Well, I don't know.
I mean, it's got to be part of this culture of self-victimization, which is what's taught to children in college.
That's how you're somebody.
Taught to college.
Right, right.
You're not supposed to be a T. Like I said, at a Halloween party, I was wearing a captain's hat, and I had people come over and say, are you a Nazi?
And it was a captain hat with an anchor on it.
No, there's... I think Michael Savage has a new book about the mass hysteria.
This is all mass hysteria.
You notice that the things that liberals are afraid of are things that aren't real.
Global warming.
They think Nazis are running around America all day long.
They think that... Yeah, America kicked Hitler's ass.
Yeah, exactly.
And we did that with a military and a conservative movement to protect America against foreign invaders.
I say it's time to protect America again, and this whole culture of victimization needs to collapse and fail.
Succeeding as an individual is a good thing.
That's how America became a country, a strong country.
Mike, stay there.
I want to come back and get more calls, but you're right.
I mean, because again, your bold statement about Trump needs to declare martial law, the left has said we're in a civil emergency.
They say martial law, remove him.
How does he counter an illegal rogue group?
You don't do that playing patty cake.
No, and he's arrested.
And so it takes courage to say what you said, because it's true.
We'll be back.
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Thank you!
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, Mike Adams.
Everybody knows InfoWars is not about hype.
It's why we're demonized.
It's why they want to shut us down.
It's why they're trying to, you know, get rid of us.
The Democrats admitted COG, 25th Amendment, removed the president, civil emergency, national emergency.
We've got CNN, ABC News, all of it pushing it.
So when you put out your article pointing out the executive orders that exist that Obama put in, we're under an emergency.
Trump bare minimum, he should declare another emergency to get rid of that.
That's how the law works.
And just like, remember they called him, in fact guys type this into a search engine, Trump acting dictatorially pulling out of TPP.
Remember that?
In like the 23rd of January, you know, two days into office.
Two and a half days in office, he pulls out of the Pacific Partnership that was totally authoritarian, written by the globalists.
They said, oh, you're a dictator.
Well, why'd you give the president the power to unilaterally do that?
Because you thought you'd always have a Hillary or an Obama or somebody else, you know, a lapdog, sociopath, crazy person like him.
So we're not saying we want martial law.
We're saying they've already brought us to that level.
Well, remember, every government official and member of the military and police and so on swears an oath to defend America against enemies both foreign and domestic.
Well, these are the domestic enemies that you've been warned about.
The deep state, under Obama, they're the domestic enemies.
And it is not only a legitimate exercise of power, but I believe our duty, Alex, and Trump's duty to excise this... But that's it!
If you've got them saying, we're going to overthrow you, we don't care about elections,
What do you do when you've got cancer?
It's like, I don't want martial law, but they already say we're under it.
Well, we're right.
I mean, look, even Trump said this is a cancer on society, the deep state.
The deep state must be destroyed if America is to be saved.
And that's worth repeating.
Look, America has no future if we don't defeat the deep state.
It's a bunch of spoiled, crazy bureaucrats on the Chinese payroll who are brought up to hate America.
And with a communist background, by the way, look at John Brennan, even James Comey has a questionable background.
All of them, by the way, people think, you go look it up, they bragged they're communist.
They do, they do.
And so, even, you know, former Soviet Union spies, you know, bragged about how do you take over a country like America?
You do it by infiltrating from the inside, and then you take over the culture.
And then you point your finger at the patriots and say they're the commies.
There was a guy, Besmianev, I believe, he came to the United States and gave all these lectures about how the Soviets would do it.
That plan has practically been carried out, 90% accomplished, under Obama.
If you look at the 50-something communist plans to bring down America, it's all been done.
Yeah, Uri is his name.
Uri Besmianev.
He's the guy who did these lectures.
So, you know, most Americans don't know what's happening.
And the media is mostly theater.
They're telling you that this opposition to Kavanaugh is about Roe vs. Wade.
It has nothing to do with Roe vs. Wade.
That's just the story they tell the protestors.
It has to do with Trump having control of the Supreme Court.
That's what it's all about, Alex.
And I want to be clear.
Russia got colonized by the globalists, the bankers, and then they use it as an exploitation army to take us over.
They've already been under the leftist system.
We are, we are under siege.
This is what you have to understand.
This is why I went ahead, I know I went out on a limb to say this, Alex, and I took some criticism.
I don't care.
We are under siege.
This is not a time to be meek.
I'm not going to be like those rhinos in Washington.
We have foreign powers in control of Democrats trying to cause a civil war.
And so if we don't say stop it, and if we're not tough, they're going to push.
And this is, this is why we have to lose our support.
There have been no hit pieces though.
Guys, type in Alex Jones in Ant News.
Not since this morning, maybe now, about you, because they don't want this getting traction.
No, they don't.
They don't.
They tend to focus on your things from the past.
They don't want to talk about things that are happening right now.
Because Obama is in meetings with Hillary.
Yeah, click news guys.
Obama is in meetings with Hillary and they're telling everybody we're the legitimate government.
Trump's illegitimate.
They don't want us to point out that they're illegitimate.
And that Trump has the power.
The power is in the executive branch right now.
Trump is not only the CEO of the entire executive branch of government, he is the commander-in-chief of the military.
And again, everybody's scared of power.
So am I.
The rogue state already has it and says they're operating under a civil emergency in the executive orders of Obama.
Do you understand?
Obama is in the middle of his third term.
Yes, yes.
And it's about exercising power in the interest of giving the country back to the people is a good thing.
Exercising power to strip...
Liberties and rights away from the people is a bad thing.
So it's not about is power good or bad, it's how power is used.
Obama used power to take away our liberties and to destroy our country from within.
You can't censor big tech if they want to censor.
The First Amendment says you can't do it.
It's a law that points out the rights you have.
It's not a law that's taking rights.
And Big Tech and the fake news media, Washington Post and so on, they are not operating independently.
They are colluding and they're being given orders of what to do.
Which is a cartel.
Look, it's a deep state.
Do you think it's a coincidence that you were banned and deplatformed by 12 companies in the same 36-hour window?
They all received orders.
And now it's 90.
Is it really?
PayPal, all this.
Let's go to some phone calls.
You guys have really been trappers.
I appreciate you.
It's been a long the longest here.
Miles in Michigan's been a long time.
Duncan in Idaho.
Mike in Minnesota.