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Name: 20180906_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 6, 2018
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In a recent broadcast, Alex Jones discusses the state of politics and media in the United States, highlighting attempts by the left to discredit him and conservatives through hearings and smear campaigns. He accuses them of paying disruptors to create chaos at their events, mentions his own experience with the media, and addresses the New York Times article suggesting they are "the resistance." Jones claims that they want to remove President Trump from office using tactics such as the 25th Amendment and warns that this escalates into open political warfare. He shares his experiences dealing with threats related to ongoing investigation into Russian collusion, stating he will not be silenced and plans to expose the truth behind these tactics. Additionally, Jones discusses Facebook's actions regarding transparency in advertising and authorization processes for large pages, criticizes demonetization and banning of InfoWars on major platforms like YouTube and Facebook, talks about upcoming hearings with Senator Warner and potential changes in America once Trump is out, encourages listeners to get involved in politics by pushing InfoWars, shares his views on corruption and establishment's attempts to control information while discussing various products such as tax debt settlement books, water filtration systems, and detoxifying supplements. Throughout the segment, Jones criticizes Washington politicians, media, and Hollywood for trying to silence opposing opinions and remove President Trump from office.

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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
The swamp was absolutely horrified in D.C.
They've had 11 hearings that I know of where they lie about yours truly and the First Amendment, and then call for the banning of conservatives, nationalists, and patriots across the board.
So I went and spoke at the press conference.
I went where the press goes to speak to the different senators so I could face my accusers, and the corporate media spun it like I was being disruptive.
Meanwhile, we have video and photos on Infowars.com
Of George Soros groups, known people that work for Soros, paying the disruptors cash in the parking lot and then video and photos of the disruptors, which is well known.
I caught a leftist Soros Bloomberg funded group 17 years ago.
No, 18 years ago.
It was in 2000.
Paying $400 to two young black men.
To go in and act like gangbangers in front of the Texas legislature.
And we caught him.
There was an ethics committee hearing about it.
Hena Hose, the head of the committee, got in trouble for it.
So I show up when I was in the front of USA Today concerning Jack Dorsey making the personal decision not to ban me and Dorsey denying it.
The main topic of the hearings, quote, fake news and censorship,
And the media acts like I'm weird even showing up.
That's the level of their deception.
Now, the big news obviously is Trump says snakes are everywhere.
And clearly, this fake New York Times situation is a composite of different leakers written by a professional writer.
At the New York Times.
It is a thing of fiction.
They are not the resistance.
We are the resistance.
Trump is the proud, daring lion amongst the hyenas.
He's helped turn the country around to a 4.6% growth rate projected.
Now currently 4.2, but the new number is going to be 4.6.
Even the Federal Reserve says.
He's proven they were artificially suppressing us.
And so he's surrounded by traitors.
He's surrounded by cowards because the deep state, FBI, and leftist CIA is harassing and bullying and threatening everyone using serious Cold War spy tactics.
And believe me, I know.
I had stuff happen in D.C.
and this is the big takeaway.
That is directly out of a spy novel, and I'm talking to lawyers, a bunch of other people about what I'm gonna do.
It'll either be today or tomorrow I talk about it for my own safety, but it is next level.
But Mueller is planning to try to frame me, indict me, and then I believe kill me ahead of
Them being able to actually have their kangaroo trial.
That's their plan.
They've already tried to kill Stone twice.
So, this is big league, folks.
It doesn't get any more big league than this.
And when they saw that they're totally blind politically, that I could show up anywhere I want and take over.
When they saw how they've taken me and built me into Godzilla.
To frighten the left with, that now when I show up, I am Godzilla!
And so now they're in full panic mode, ladies and gentlemen.
And this is total political warfare, where they're saying, kill conservative leaders, kill the president, kill their families, kill everybody.
They're the ones coming after us, they're the ones that want violence, and 61 days out,
What did we tell you they'd do?
What does this resistance article in the New York Times owned by the Mexican Kingpin say?
Oh yeah, you're the resistance.
You got the courts, you got Hollywood, you got the big banks, you got the chi-coms, you got all the media, all the establishment media, demonizing this great president.
And what do they say?
They say 25th Amendment, and what do you have Bernstein and Woodward and all of them are saying?
Remove him!
Remove him!
Remove him!
He's doing a terrible job!
The more they do this, the more we love him.
So they just ratchet up now into open political warfare and stuff you wouldn't believe.
They're going around threatening everyone associated with Trump with prison if they don't start lying about the president.
And they're saying, we're going to get you and your family when we take Trump out of you don't.
They're using terrorism.
So if you want to see this mission continue, and if you understand they want to shut us down for a reason, then you need to financially support us.
And I want to thank you all.
I'm not shaming anybody.
I'm thanking you for so far supporting us.
But you cannot put money into something that is more aggressive against tyranny and satanist and anti-human filth.
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Win, win, win, win, win.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
What we've done.
So when you tell me about some anonymous source, within the administration, probably who's failing, and probably here for all the wrong reasons, no.
And the New York Times is failing.
If I weren't here, I believe the New York Times probably wouldn't even exist.
And someday, when I'm not president, which hopefully will be in about six and a half years from now,
The New York Times and CNN and all of these phony media outlets will be out of business, folks.
They'll be out of business, because there'll be nothing to write and there'll be nothing of interest.
So, nobody has done what this administration has done.
And I agree, it's different from an agenda which is much different than ours, and it's certainly not your agenda, that I can tell you.
It's about open borders.
It's about letting people flee into our country.
It's about a disaster and crime for our country.
So they don't like Donald Trump and I don't like them because they're very dishonest people.
Remember this also about the New York Times.
When I won, they were forced to apologize to their subscribers.
They wrote a letter of apology.
It was the first time anybody's ever done it because they covered the election incorrectly.
So if the failing New York Times has an anonymous editorial, can you believe it?
Meaning gutless.
A gutless editorial.
We're doing a great job.
The poll numbers are through the roof.
Our poll numbers are great.
And guess what?
Nobody is going to come close to beating me in 2020 because of what we've done.
We've done more than anybody ever thought possible in it's not even two years.
So thank you very much.
Now only 61 days to the most important election in world history.
And I look at Trump, that bull, that lion, surrounded by all the hyenas and all the liars and all the scum like Hillary Clinton.
And Robert Mueller, dishonorable, evil, wicked people with so many crimes, so many wars, so many child kidnapping rings, so much narcotics trafficking under their belt.
And you see Trump out there with all his morals and all his strength.
He's acting like a North Star to bring this country back.
And they put out all these lies and all this propaganda to try to turn you against him as they push for the 25th Amendment to be implemented to remove him now before the midterms.
Because Kavanaugh is going to get confirmed.
And there's gonna be a huge red wave despite the election fraud.
And all the people voting in the names of dead people.
And they're now in full panic mode!
But I gotta tell ya, I can't talk about it yet.
But undoubtedly, the most insane thing happened to me yesterday that is like nothing you've ever seen in a movie.
Concerning Russiagate.
But I already knew what they were doing to everybody's families around Trump and the intimidation and the threats, but it is just unbelievable.
And I've got calls into law firms, I've got a bunch of other stuff going on, but believe me, if Mueller thinks that I'm not going to release all this, he's got another thing coming.
You guys are crazy.
And it shows that they are going for broke.
They are mad dog.
I mean, that guy on screen, if you're a TV viewer, delivered uranium to the Russians for Hillary to do uranium transfers of 25% of our uranium.
And then he tells us that Trump's a Russian agent.
And because they're the globalists that sold the country out, and because they're the outside power that hates flyover country, that says America was never great, will never be great, because they want the economy to plunge, Bill Maher, you've heard them.
Because of that, they've got to say, we're all Russian agents, so they have a way to overthrow Trump, overthrow the 2016 election, and have federally, globally controlled elections, where we never have real elections again.
America was on its deathbed, ladies and gentlemen.
So despite all the epic stuff that happened yesterday at the hearings, and the Rubio situation, and me confronting the head CNN thought police officer, Oliver Darcy, who admittedly goes around and runs the banning of major sites like Infowars and others.
Off of major platforms.
He sat there to my face and said, none of that's happening.
So let's pull up 10 or 15 of the articles here, where he was calling for me to not have my book published and calling for folks to take me down off Twitter and saying, look, he's violating your rules, take him down.
And then him getting credit for it.
And he sat there right into the camera and said, nope, no one's taking you off.
I'm not involved.
The total disrespect for the truth, total arrogance, total inversion of reality.
So that's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, they've had 11 hearings that I know of.
I'm always finding new ones in the last year and a half, saying I'm a Russian agent, I'm a racist, I'm fake news, that I say nobody died at Parkland in Florida, never said that.
You know, they can, out of context, twist that on the Sandy Hook.
So what are they going to do?
They're going to frame me for being a Russian.
And that's what they're planning to do.
100% confirmed.
They tried to do it to me yesterday.
And I was just poleaxed.
I mean, I couldn't believe the nature of it.
And the folks that did this, they don't think I'm not going to go public?
I mean, oh yeah, let that fuse be lit.
You don't know when that's going to go sky high, do you?
Probably in the next three hours.
So, like I said, I don't know how this is all going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you got one.
Because D.C.
is full of a bunch of cowards and a bunch of followers and a bunch of people intimidated by thugs on top.
And Trump's been watching it all his life and sick of it.
And he thought he could go turn the country around.
Wouldn't be hard because they were artificially bleeding it on purpose, that's admitted.
If you had the courage.
The hard part is the courage to be attacked.
But if you can just get in there and follow basic Americana free market, we'll be the richest country in the world like we always were.
We got the right stuff.
I got something.
And it's super bad.
I got something that tells me what to do.
So, we're here.
This is the fight for America.
This is the globalist attack.
This is going on.
Everyone should choose a side.
Most people that serve the system, near the top, do it out of abject fear.
They do it because they're threatened into it.
They do it because they live lives of fear and insecurity.
And it's all done in the name of the country, but what they really mean is, it's done in the name of the corrupt organizations and groups
That have hijacked this nation.
And they have total disdain for you and your family.
It's like the Oliver Darcy guy, who has some of the most evil, but not evil in a powerful way, like the most pathetic, dishonest eyes.
They just ooze betrayal and weakness and just a very effeminate type of evil.
But it's not effeminate, it has that twistedness when it's in a man's eyes.
Just someone totally turned over to deception, going, I never said take you off, no one ever took you off, you've not been taken off anything.
Just that enjoyment, like Marco Rubio said, you don't exist, I don't know who you are.
As if denying I exist gives him some power, that's what they do.
Only other person that looks more evil is Brian Stalter.
And then you ask, why do they hire these guys?
Because that's who they are!
The executives like it!
And that's who wants to dominate you and run your life.
We come back, I'm gonna get to the fake New York Times article.
People say, who is the source?
It's a composite made up by the New York Times, as I said last night.
Man, it's just a bunch of cowards who've been in and out of the administration who get threatened by Mueller and everybody, and their wives get threatened, and so they roll over like dogs and show their bellies.
Well, there are a few Texans left in this country, baby, and I'm not rolling over to nothing.
In fact, I just put the accelerator down to ramming speed.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight, you better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Fortune favors the bold, and the fortune I seek is liberty from my family and your family.
I am so honored to stand with President Trump.
The stamina, the energy, how smart he is.
And then you read the news and it's he's weak, he's stupid, he's racist, he's bad.
He hates Southerners.
But no tapes of any of it.
All complete garbage.
And the lies get more elaborate, more insane, more out of control.
And here's the takeaway.
We're 61 days out.
They know they're going to lose the midterms.
All the internal polls show it.
They've got bots that can track it all.
Not the fake polls.
And they know the Democratic Party has lost the people.
A total political realignment's happened.
Normally when that happens, then the new one party splits into a couple more.
Or into a second party.
When they know that, they want to ban the election, hold new ones that are staged, and then split the Democratic Party into two new parties.
A Communist wing and a Socialist wing.
That's what you see happening with the Democratic Party right now and all these Socialist and Communist winning primaries.
And they admit in their white papers they're doing this.
People say, how does he know all this?
Because I actually read this instead of watching football and baseball.
I'm not saying you're bad if you want to watch football.
I'm not saying you don't.
I kind of want to go down and see a Houston Astros game or whatever.
The point is, is that I can't do it because we're in a total war.
So, I cannot hype enough to you.
I don't have words to describe to you how dire the situation is.
This country's on an emergency operating table.
Our hearts stopped.
You, the listeners of this broadcast, InfoWars, President Trump, DrudgeReport.com, are the literal defibrillators that started the heart back.
And they said, oh, you're dead.
Well, now we're sewed up.
We're walking around.
We're on a walker.
But we can get a lot better.
And they're like, no, no, no, lay back down, lay back down.
And they want to have you lay down and inject you with a lethal injection, ladies and gentlemen.
They want the control.
We have the audiotapes of them saying bitter clingers and they hate Christians and saying it publicly.
We have them cheering, America was never great, it'll never be great.
We have them saying they want a depression.
We have Silicon Valley that I told you 10 years ago is building giant bunkers in New Zealand.
And they had the media attack me 10 years ago.
Jones claims the elite are moving to New Zealand and building bunkers.
I was told it by a gentleman who builds dams around the world, who's very rich.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
Who said they're planning something big, they're doing major projects that are $50 million, $100 million, $200 million projects in New Zealand.
For in case of a societal complete breakdown.
Of course, they're engineering it!
Next Decade's News today, Bloomberg this week.
The super-rich of Silicon Valley have a doomsday escape plan.
Exactly what I told you!
That's why they want me off the air, folks.
Not because I'm fake news, but because I'm real news.
And they realize that I can go anywhere I want and take over the media.
And they can't stand it.
And they know that our numbers went up when they banned us.
They can't stand that.
And so I'm telling you, they're making their move on me, because they're making their move on you.
If you want to pull up the article from like eight, nine years ago, and there's more, just type in, um, Hollywood elite moving to New Zealand.
Or James Cameron moves to New Zealand, uh, to avoid bioweapon release.
That's the real reason.
See, there's a leftist global plan that once they collapse the third world and scare the first world enough, they're going to let in enough to create political division.
About 100 million in Europe, 100 million in the U.S.
Then they're going to build giant walls.
Trump isn't part of this because he's doing it early to stop the crisis.
They're going to build the walls later.
Bring in total biometric control and a police state to counter the collapsing third world.
And then they're going to release a bioweapon that's going to wipe out
The first round, two or three billion people, and then once they get a real hyper police state in after that, then they'll deliver the true super weapons.
And then they will retire to their labyrinthine palaces while we kill each other.
But they've got to have automated
Military forces and drone forces to carry out suppression and mop-ups for some computer models they've got that human directed forces and by that people directed for a pro-human future would be able to basically understand the plan even once it was launched and then run a countervailing system that would then remove the planetary cleansing operation that they are preparing.
So, the real reason I'm verboten is because there is a planetary cleansing operation prepared to reduce world population by 99%.
They tell university students 80% but you're part of the elite 20% they're going to save the earth because you're an environmentalist, you're anti-human, you're anti-god, you'll be part of the priest class.
Because, you know, they don't tell them it's 99%, they can do the math knowing they're going to be killed as well.
They tell low-level folks at the first entry level we're going to kill 80%.
Then at higher levels, they say, well, it's actually 90%.
And then at the highest levels, they say 99%, except one level above that, the final level, because there's always a hidden level, they say, actually, our God tells us we must transcend humans and merge the silicon, and that humans are actually a curse to the universe, and that our God will only let us ascend to Godhood once the human race has been completely eradicated.
And that is, they believe, the interdimensional transmission they're receiving.
Of course, we are in deep space.
That does sound quite like a plan, doesn't it?
But regardless, that's what they believe, and they're building the plan for Lucifer, and Lucifer plans to kill, steal, and destroy, and if God doesn't intervene, there will not be any flesh spared.
So, you need to understand that they are going to kill you and your family for sure.
If they have their way.
And you have to understand that... Why is Elon Musk having his company destroyed and sabotaged?
They have the ability to have people in their... I knew this six months ago, but now it's confirmed.
Blowing up stuff in his plant.
Because he's been in these meetings and said, I don't want to be part of it.
He's come out and told you.
Beware those that worship AI gods.
They plan to get rid of everybody by 2050.
It's a nightmare plan.
Oh my God, humanity, please wake up.
And now his company is to be destroyed.
They're like, hey dude, we let you in the club and you said no.
Now we're going to slowly destroy you, and discredit you everywhere, and that's why you see them doing that.
That's how it works.
And so, at the end of the day, none of these globalists are going to make it out of this.
Whatever it is they're building will kill everybody in the end.
There won't be one Luciferian person left, if they succeed this program, standing there in this system, supposedly going to merge with some silicon god in a sin, and they're going to be deceived, of course, in the end.
That's how it works.
And that's it.
You're not living in a science fiction book.
You're living on a planet in deep space, baby.
Orbiting a standard sun.
And you're living in the future.
And it's here.
And you're facing a satanic interdimensional attack.
There was some bad news recently for extreme right-wing conspiracy theorist and bath salts spokesmodel Alex Jones.
Because it looks like his website InfoWars just lost their war on info.
I think Alex Jones is disgusting.
I think the things he says are awful.
He makes me physically sick.
With that being said, he does have the ear of the president, and he has six million people that listen to him, and I would like people out there to know that there is a segment of the population that's drawn to this.
We have a problem in this country, and I would like him to be exposed.
Alex Jones promotes conspiracy theories and foments hatred of media.
I don't like giving people like Alex Jones a platform.
He's one of those guys who believes Bigfoot was responsible for 9-11.
I heard that on Alex Jones, so it's true!
Yesterday, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Spotify all erased most of the posts and videos on their services from Alex Jones.
So, if
We're out of there.
Alex Jones' YouTube channel posted a video that was seen by 2.3 million subscribers alleging that these were merely, that these were actors and not real students who had experienced the most horrific thing anyone could possibly imagine.
David Hogg, a day after the event,
Started working for the Democratic Party in Soros, flying around on private jets, being anti-gun spokesperson.
I said he's a PR man, and that he was an actor at the school, part of the drama club, so he's well-spoken, and he's been chosen to be anti-gun.
I said I believe people died, and I believe he's a real student.
But they misrepresented and said that I bullied him and said that nobody died, even though he's a public figure.
I would have a right to say that.
I didn't say that.
When Alex Jones posted the video you described saying that the survivors of the Parkland massacre were crisis actors, that violated our harassment policy.
We have a specific policy that says if you say a well-documented violent attack happened and you use the name or image of survivors or victims of that attack, that is a malicious attack and it violates our policy.
I did not post a video doing that.
It was all over the news.
They had to remove all the strikes.
They were putting strikes on videos that I put up showing what I'd said that I didn't say it.
And you got your asses kicked because I had InfoWars.com and I had NewsWars.com and I was able to counter and show what I said.
But this isn't about Alex Jones.
This is about freedom and our access to information from the sources we as individuals trust and like.
Our reporter in the courtroom said that Jones' attorney told the judge today his client's comments are political speech and commentary and not defamatory.
I take a lot of flack for coming on your show and representing you.
There are a lot of people angry at me.
You know, good friends, family... Well, like you said, CNN's not calling anymore.
And I say, well, you know, tell me, if you hate this guy so much, show me what the problem is.
And they'll send me a link to the New York Times, or they'll send me a link to some other article saying, paraphrasing what you said.
And I said, yeah, but now bring me to the original source.
And when I go find it, I say, well, that's not really what was said here.
Well, then, you know, then there's this back pedal.
It's like, well, he's enabling such speech, or he's encouraging it.
Well, it's easy to dismiss concerns about Big Tech's actions, all coordinated, it seems, to shut down Jones, because, of course, he's the media's poster child for conspiracy theories.
Court hearings will resume today in lawsuits against radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
From Infowars.
I know we're supposed to think that Alex Jones is way more radical than like Bill Maher, Michelle Wolf, or Rosie O'Donnell.
But he's got a point of view and CNN is trying to squelch his point of view.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat him, prevent him from speaking.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Watch me!
Watch me!
I got it!
Watch me!
I got it!
I got something that makes me wanna shout!
I got something that tells me what it's all about!
I got soul, and I'm super bad!
And I'm super bad.
I got something.
Now I got a move that tells me what to do.
Sometimes I do.
Now I got a move that tells me what to do.
Sometimes I feel so nice.
I want to try myself with you.
I got something.
I'm super bad.
Super bad.
Roger Stone in the house.
We'll be right back with him in a moment.
I'm going to say this again.
I'm going to say it very, very slowly because I know the audience gets it.
What horrifies the bureaucrats seeing in the New York Times is Obama openly set up a CIA office in the last Defense Authorization Act.
I know you're like, Alex, you say this every day.
I know.
For two years.
Because that's how they're funding and doing all this and they're using spies training reporters how to intimidate and threaten people and then they've got a rogue group in the FBI and Justice Department running around terrorizing everyone and we're gonna get to that and they're going and threatening people that they need to set up me and Roger Stone or they're gonna go to prison.
They have gone into criminal
And they're doing things so criminal, it's like when a bank robber gets caught and he grabs a little girl and puts a gun to their head.
I mean, they're at the gun to the head thing going, get back!
Get back!
Get back!
And there's Trump, totally confident, kicking butt, economy coming back, all these great things.
And they are saying, remove him.
And this is meant to make him totally paranoid, this fake New York Times piece.
Yes, obviously it's Nikki Haley as one of the main sources and one of his former lawyers, but it's a composite.
Professionally written by the New York Times as Inesh D'Souza.
And others have said.
The Kingpin-owned New York Times is not the resistance.
We're the resistance.
We're the ones being deplatformed.
We're the ones under siege.
Trump's the one under attack.
And you just crack the door to letting us in.
And everything gets better.
Because baby, we believe in America.
I'm in the cult of America.
And you can feel it.
She's in a lot of trouble right now.
And so I, I'm not scared at all.
I've got a mentally know that whatever happens, God's gonna take care of my children.
You get to the point where you got to tell your kids, like I took them to school this morning.
Someday your daddy's not going to be here.
You just need to be good people and be strong and stick up for each other.
Do what's right.
We've come to that point.
You're already starting to say bye to your kids.
You know how close we are to midnight, folks.
But you know what?
It makes me want to do it even more, because we're facing true, unadulterated, pure evil.
That has a will to dominance.
You know what?
I have a will to be free.
And the stuff going on behind the scenes, I'm going to reveal soon, is beyond anything you've ever heard of in the Soviet Union.
And the fact that these people get away with this in impunity makes me love Trump even more, and love you even more, and what we've done together is so beautiful.
I was in the halls of Congress, and they have these professional agitators that have been caught being paid by Soros, and the Democrats disrupt everything.
And they'll come over, and you go, oh God, here comes a zombie.
Because they could be black, they could be white, they could be Hispanic.
They look like somebody sucked their soul out.
The Romans are always hanging at their side.
They'll just scream out stupid stuff.
And then you try to talk to them.
They can't even talk.
And then you see everybody else groveling to the political class.
And it's like, everyone's afraid of this.
This is what's hijacked our country.
This is shameful.
This is dishonorable.
We have a pack of criminals in Washington.
And they have the nerve then.
To say that Trump's a liar and Trump doesn't stand for anything?
All Trump's done is deliver on what he said he would do.
He's neurotic about it!
They wanted Trump out by last December.
They failed.
They want him out in the next 61 days.
They admit it.
25th Amendment.
It's all in this fake New York Times piece.
Meant to make Trump paranoid.
Meant to make him go crazy.
I watched him bounding around on C-SPAN last night.
He's totally energized.
He's a fighter like me.
Like Roger Stone.
Roger and I have never been more alive.
Trump's never been more alive.
Look at him.
That's a lion right there on your screen.
I am so thankful to God and my ancestors that I'm an honorable person and that I knew in my gut to line up with that guy right there.
And I tell you, wherever this train's going, I'm on it.
And everybody knows it.
And Trump's gaining in the polls, even the fake ones.
We're breaking their corrupt will right now, and you're about to see their maximum push.
But I think if the Democrats in Deep State get their hands on a nuke, they're going to try to nuke Trump.
I think more and more that's what they're going to do.
Or crash the stock market.
Because they want to crash it before they kill him or remove him or drug him.
They could give him something to make him, you know, have a heart attack too.
I just pray for President Trump.
Pray for Infowars.
Pray for Roger Stone.
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But I can tell you, watching the cowardice of other people, not our audience, but the cowardice of other people.
In the political system, trying to keep their heads down.
We're losing everything because we kept our heads down.
And thank God we got somebody like Trump to champion it.
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And I want to thank you all for your support.
I would see our supporters.
They had light in their eyes.
No matter what color they were, they had a spirit of goodness.
And I'd see the enemy, and they were either these demonic power gods, who were like crippled by their lust for power,
Or they were like zombies and it's just such an epic time.
So Roger, I know you've been going through massive insanity and just major political assaults, Gestapo tactics, you name it.
But let's talk about Trump right now.
Just as we're about to go to break.
Clearly, as you predicted a year ago, they're doing 25th Amendment.
They're everywhere saying it.
They're making their move.
Do you agree?
It's a classic example yet again of InfoWars having tomorrow's news today.
We've been talking here at InfoWars about the 25th Amendment play by the Deep State and the two-party duopoly.
The President, based on some early bad advice from his son-in-law and others, has put a number of Deep State quizlings right inside his administration.
And it's possible, if this New York Times editorial isn't a total fraud, that it was written by Elaine Chao, for example, the red Chinese operative who was married to the Senate majority leader and who was the longest serving member of the George W. Bush cabinet.
Why you would appoint such a person is an odd question.
Or maybe it's John Huntsman, who openly trashed Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, but currently serves as our ambassador to, you guessed, Russia.
No, I think that the soft coup is in full gear now.
This is why they're going after you, it's why they're going after me, but we're not important.
It's Donald Trump they're going after, and this bullet is aimed at his head.
I say, rhetorically.
And let's hope it's just rhetorically, because these people are hysterical, and there's no limits to what they might do.
We're going to come back and get into how Trump should strike back and what he should do, but even a lot of globalists say, don't remove Trump, it'll blow up in their face.
But I think they're so crazy, they're going to try to do it.
It's entirely possible, Alex.
They're like cornered rats now.
With millions of new jobs and record economic growth, they see the handwriting on the wall and they're desperate to remove Trump before he totally revives the country.
That's right.
They've been running us in the ground by design.
Now we've got the wheel partially away.
Everybody can see we're steering out of the thunderstorm into beautiful blue skies and they are pissed to turn us back into hell.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
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Coming up the next hour, I got some of the amazing HD highlights of the press conferences and confronting the head of CNN, Secret Police Operations, who engages in thought crime detection and eradication.
That means the First Amendment.
Amazing stuff coming up next hour.
A bunch of clips I haven't gotten to.
A ton of other news, but
They're intensifying their lies.
Roger, we were talking this morning how it's all been scripted the last few weeks with just Amorosa, and then this, and then that.
Just one fake thing after the next, and then we discover, okay, the witnesses say they didn't tell Bob Woodward this, but by then we're on to the next lie, so it's just such a crescendo, and you can see how it's all the same script.
He's incompetent.
He's a moron.
He hates Southerners.
He hates black people.
He's a fake.
But then if he's such an idiot, how'd he get elected and then how have things turned around?
It's the same New York Times that told us that there was a 98% chance Hillary was going to win for two years.
Yeah, you can see this as an orchestrated campaign to dominate the news cycle.
So you had three days of Amorosa, five days of John McCain, which is kind of like, you know, at the beach with Bernie.
Then you had the Woodward thing, but that didn't stay up there very long because it got knocked down so quickly.
So now we have the phony New York Times anonymous editorial.
By the way, I have an editorial coming up at Stone Cold Truth.
It's anonymous, but it's from a senior official at the Clinton Foundation who says that Hillary held the women down while Bill raped them.
It's just as credible as the New York Times.
It's anonymous, of course, but we stand by it.
This is such transparent BS that it's almost laughable if the mainstream media didn't pick up this stuff and run with it like a pack of rabid dogs.
And that's the thing, is that the rabidness is just accelerating with 61 days left to total cuckoo land, where the stuff they're doing to me that I'll be able to cover soon, I'm checking with lawyers,
Is so insane and so obvious and so over the top.
I am a Russians here bag of money.
I mean it's getting cuckoo land.
You know the thing that's that's interesting though Alex and I was thinking about this last night is President Trump has had a number of really historic firsts but he has never once.
Going to the American people with an Oval Office address, something that's been very effectively used by all of his predecessors.
Oh, I've been saying this.
He needs to be doing them every week until the election.
Well, he needs to do one now.
He needs to take action, declassify all of the FISA warrant material, would be an excellent start, and then go to the American people and explain why he's doing this.
It would get the far left and the Democrats and the deep staters on defense as opposed to offense.
They've got a track record of lies and criminality that he has the keys to exposing.
He needs to do it, and then take his case right to the American people.
Like Reagan, he's a great communicator.
He speaks the people's language, but he should avail himself of the bully pulpit, and he should do a televised address to the nation.
The time has come.
I totally agree with you, Roger, and
Again, words cannot describe how critical this moment and juncture in history is.
You've accurately predicted with precision how they'd roll out what, when they'd roll it out.
With 61 days left, what are you expecting to do with all of the talking heads saying, remove him, both parties remove him, and Nikki Haley behind the scenes working against him, and Pence going and parading around at McCain's funeral.
I'm not trying to attack Pence, I hope he's a good guy, but it looks like he's hedging his bets.
I mean, it's so obvious that all of this is a load of garbage.
Well, you know, the most disturbing part about this was our recognition that the takedown of InfoWars was the precursor to all of this.
The last thing they want is us out there every day, every night, pounding away at their phony narrative.
So that's why you could tell when they moved on us, when one fateful day they suddenly removed InfoWars from virtually every viable social media platform,
That this was related to something big, that the big event was coming.
Now we see precisely what it is.
The attempted takedown of the president in a 25th Amendment coup.
When you have voices as diverse as Steve Schmidt,
And Andrew Cuomo, or pardon me, Chris Cuomo, all on the same message.
Republicans and Democrats must get together and realize the Trump presidency is a national crisis and remove him.
No, the national crisis was what was left to us by the Bush-Clinton-Obama combine that ran this country into the ground.
That's the crisis.
Trump is cleaning up their mess.
And now the takedown of Infowars was integral because they don't want us out there with the clarion call.
They realize that you're a modern-day Paul Revere, Alex.
They've got to shut you up because you're going to tip everybody off as to what is coming.
That's why they have been so spectacularly unsuccessful in their attempts to silence us.
You try to shut Alex Jones up, he's just going to yell louder.
Don't you get it?
Well, here's the thing, and I'm not bragging because I don't want to intentionally make these very wicked criminal individuals that lie about WMDs and kill millions and fund Arab Springs and are trying to break our families up.
I mean, the ruling establishment is very, very cold-blooded.
But when I went in there and in front row stared in Mark Warner's face, who we know is behind the censorship with Obama,
In the executive orders, you name it, he looked genuinely scared of me.
And when I was around everybody else, they just, it was like in the Senate and the House, they'd have doors open just pointing like Godzilla had just come out of the ocean.
And it shows really how pathetic they are, because everyone else just worships these senators and worships these people.
Little Marco Rubio comes out with his big giant Ferengi ears.
And says, oh, who are you?
I didn't even get in his press conference.
We were waiting in the hall to interview him.
That's what you do.
And then he says, I don't know who you are.
I swear to God, I don't.
Saying, I don't matter.
Everyone sees through this.
It shows how insane they are.
And then coming up next hour, I have a CNBC clip where I'm ranting about authoritarianism and how they're shutting down the independent media and they cut the live feed.
So this is all coming up in the next hour, Roger, but it is just a hysterical time for these people.
You know, I think a serious question here would be, is Marco Rubio literally the only person on planet Earth who doesn't know who Alex Jones is?
I mean, I know you were very upset about this, almost despondent that he doesn't know who you are, Alex.
I mean, what cave does this guy live in?
To not recognize what's going on to conservative and Republican voices on the Internet, Marco Rubio is allegedly a conservative Republican.
He seemed oblivious to the entire issue of Internet censorship and obsessed only with how the Russians and the Chinese may be censoring people.
I can't even figure out what planet this guy is on or how anybody can be this detached from reality.
In that video, he has even less hair than I thought he had.
Well, in some of the articles they claim that I assaulted him.
All I did was barely pat him on the arm.
When he first walks over, I said,
You were talking about China and censorship.
Thank you.
Hey, let's get into some of the other stuff.
He just starts laughing at me and wouldn't even answer my question about conservatives being deplatformed.
Doesn't he get what a popular subject that is and that that would endear him to his audience?
Well, and Jack Posobiec from, you know, One America News tells me he was sweating profusely.
So clearly you put this guy on the spot.
He's a lightweight, as you know.
I would predict you right now he doesn't fill out this Senate term.
If the Republicans are successful in electing a governor in Florida, I think Rubio will leave the Senate to cash in on his deep state connections.
But to say that he doesn't know who you are and to refuse to engage you in a respectful debate on the legitimate issue of Internet censorship just shows you what a pussy he is.
Well, let's be clear.
I was in the front page of a bunch of papers everywhere about Jack Dorsey saying he didn't ban me, but that he also didn't give the order not to ban me.
The hearings were partially about me.
He knows full well who I am.
They were talking about me in the hearing an hour before.
So he's sitting there saying, I'm not going to respond to you.
It's another form of censorship.
I mean, I'm saying, hey, let's fight censorship.
I don't know who you are.
So it's very Orwellian.
Yeah, he's the little lord fronthroy of American politics.
I mean, he is so very precious and so very fragile.
He's also, as you have to admit, much shorter than you thought he would be, which is why the president called him Lil' Marco.
Well, it's not bad that he's short.
I mean, it's just that he's so arrogant.
We'll be right back with... I've had enough to hear with him, if you want to know the truth.
I'm only like 5'11 and a hunch over, so I'm about 5'6".
I'm actually 4 feet tall.
The truth is...
I like Marco Rubio, and I wanted to be friendly and actually try to get him to talk about censorship, but that didn't happen.
Said he acts like a tough guy.
Remember, we've got big sales that are about to end.
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We're about to sell out of some of them.
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Stay with us.
We're- Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped.
I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.
Record low unemployment and a record high stock market.
The Trump economy is red hot.
Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.
They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.
Now Kim Jong-un says President Trump will pay dearly for those words.
North Korea now committing to complete denuclearization.
I mean, it's truly remarkable what he's doing.
He has done more than any president in recent history, certainly in the last half century.
He's not a politician.
He's one of us.
Never, ever, ever give up.
Relish the opportunity to be an outsider.
Embrace that label, because it's the outsiders who change the world.
It'll make a real and lasting difference.
Treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation.
Three American hostages are back home.
I am asking all citizens to embrace this renewal of the American spirit.
Seize this moment, believe in yourselves, believe in your future, and believe once more in America.
I will fight for you with every breath in my body,
And I will never, ever let you down.
The forgotten man and the forgotten woman.
You're not forgotten anymore.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Just like the NFL's down 40-something percent, but they don't stop because it's in their own New York, San Francisco, insane asylum bubbles.
We want to see some guy that made 80 million dollars as a spoiled brat running around, pee-peeing on the American flag.
Going back to Roger Stone, we got a really funny Marco Rubio intro next segment, but I almost can't have fun here, because yeah, we had a big victory lap, as you called me last night and said, wow, great job.
I wanted to go confront my accusers, and they couldn't believe it.
They looked horrified, and now they're even more horrified that they don't get, as they kick us off cyberspace, we just go take over the third dimension, like the Infowars army we've launched.
It's totally peaceful, saying get information out, wake people up.
They're really starting to get scared, I think, Roger.
Well, and that's why Owen Schreier and I are going to set up a GoFundMe for our new bullhorn fund.
In other words, we want members of the InfoWars Army to be armed with multiple bullhorns to make sure their voices are heard.
It is an excellent example of grassroots activism.
You saw the way a bunch of bratty punks who were paid by the Democrats busted up a judicial hearing based on their deep commitment to transparency, except for transparency when it comes to Hillary Clinton's missing 33,000 emails.
In that case, they
They don't like transparency quite so much.
Here's what I don't think they understand, Alex, and that is that people like us and David Knight and Owen and so many others there at InfoWars, we're not in this for the money or the glory or the or the, you know, the acclaim.
We're in it for the fight.
If we wanted to do this for money,
We'd be on the mainstream media side of things.
It'd be much easier to make a living.
You would get more coverage.
You would get the fawning coverage of the fake New York Times and the failing Washington Post.
We're in this for the fight.
And when people go to the Infowars.com store and they buy one of our great products or a t-shirt, or they buy one of my books, that money's not going in our pockets.
That money's going back into Infowars for additional people and legal fees.
And let's explain.
We have an instinct, a spirit, to not want to be slaves.
Sure, money's fine.
But we're not trying to get more powerful in the corrupt, stagnant system.
We're trying to change that system.
And here's the good news.
Thanks to the listeners and everybody's support, we're doing it, Roger.
Well, that's what was so aggravating last week when NBC said, Roger Stone keeps talking about being indicted by Mueller because he's seeking publicity and he wants to raise money to line his pockets.
They were the ones saying it!
I mean, if 12 people who worked for you went to the grand jury, if CNN reported that Mueller's going through all your banking records, what would you think?
It's absurd.
So when you get out ahead of it, these people say, act like you're trying to profiteer on the system.
Well, that's the thing.
It's just double speak.
CNN will say, ban Alex Jones and all other conservatives and go ahead and put them in prison.
And they'll have three senators say it.
And then they'll have Oliver Darcy, the very guy spearheading it, go on TV and say, no one's taking Alex Jones off.
He's insane.
I mean, it's like, what are they doing?
They lie segment to segment.
It's Kafka-esque.
That Darcy guy did not do well yesterday.
I thought that you exposed him as the fraud that he really is.
It was a total Mr. Jones goes to Washington moment and I gotta congratulate you because you had the courage to go right there into the lion's den and confront the face of evil.
I mean, did you see Dick Blumenthal from Connecticut?
The dead eyes?
The guy who lies about his non-existent Vietnam service?
These people are zombies and worse.
You're right, we've got some of the little Marco Rubio coming up, and then I've got a boil down of talking to the Twitter CEO, trying to get questions to him, and of course talking to the man that looks like a possum that just climbed out of the carcass of a dead cow.
When I said that to him, he said, oh, you already said that before, like, oh, you were watching.
That's what you look like.
I mean, the possum coming out of the end of a dead cow, I've seen it before.
They have a look on their face like they've done something wrong.
We'll be right back.
You've got some evil eyes, boy.
So if you want to see this mission continue, and if you understand they want to shut us down for a reason, then you need to financially support us.
And I want to thank you all.
I'm not shaming anybody.
I'm thanking you for so far supporting us.
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Bone broth, I'm about to cut that special this week.
InfoWarsTore.com, InfoWarsLife.com.
I really appreciate you standing with us, but we need massive capital infusions so I can energize to take on Soros and Hillary.
I need it!
You know about authoritarian regimes.
They're lying about me and they're trying to de-platform me.
26 companies working in concert violating the Sherman Antitrust Act.
And now, Senator Warner and Senator Wyden have said, quote, there's thousands of sites worse than Alex Jones.
So, we're becoming like Cuba, we're becoming like Vietnam, we're becoming like China.
So regardless of what people think about me or the straw men, should I have a First Amendment or should these companies be able to violate the whole Safe Harbor Act and all that and then ban conservatives en masse?
I don't know anything about your site, man.
To get the employee at YouTube on tape admitting that they do it?
I mean, you must be a threat if they call you out by name.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
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Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones
There's a guy on the radio.
His name is Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Time to stop submitting to this parody!
It's time to realize that we're being enslaved!
I heard that on Alex Jones!
InfoWars went even further.
InfoWars, it's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
We are in an information war, and we are losing that war.
Nobody can dispute the fact that InfoWars... InfoWars.com!
InfoWars comes to mind.
Right now the war is the InfoWars.
You watch InfoWars?
You are receiving this transmission.
You are the Resistance.
Well, there you go.
Marco Rubio, they have this arrogant thing they do where Oliver Darcy of CNN that nobody watches and listens to, but his main job is getting conservative, libertarian, pro-Trump media off the internet.
He admits that.
To our face, he just said, no, that's not true.
No one's taking you off.
I've never called for you to be censored.
And there's hundreds of tweets and dozens of articles and dozens of newscasts where he sits up there with Stelter pushing it.
We're going to put some of those clips together.
Why would Marco Rubio,
He comes out of the door where the press waits for senators to come out.
I didn't interrupt his conference.
I started asking him questions.
He ignored me, started talking to them.
So I started interjecting.
He's talking about Chinese censorship.
What about happening here?
So he goes, man, I don't know who you are.
I don't know who you are.
He goes, I swear to G-O-D, I don't know who you are.
And everybody's like, this is ridiculous.
What is the point of that, Roger Stone?
That's elitism.
That's an elitist snub, which I think backfired very badly on him.
I mean, I guarantee you in his home state of Florida, Alex, not only do people know who you are, but we have millions, literally millions of loyal listeners.
I can't go out in public without being mobbed.
Not only by libtards who want to fight, but by patriots who want to come up and shake my hand.
And invariably, a majority of them say, oh, you know Alex Jones.
Tell Alex Jones we love him.
Tell Alex Jones to keep fighting.
Tell Alex Jones we're with him.
It happens every single day.
That's what keeps me going, is for my children's future, is for everyone.
One person that goes, F you, get out of here.
As I was getting on the plane, somebody says, get out of DC, Alex, get out of here.
Some lady did.
But for that person, 30, 40 people said, stay strong.
Keep it up.
We know they're lying about you.
And I say, you do?
And they go, of course we do.
We love you.
Keep it up.
I mean, I'm getting real love now from the persecution.
Not just, hey, we like you, buddy.
So I think they realize, though, they've turned us into martyrs, Roger.
I think that's why they might try to actually physically get us.
Sorry about that background noise from the Stone family dogs.
It reminds me, yesterday, Alex, I was coming out of a restaurant, I'm at the beach with my family, and there was a woman wearing a t-shirt that said, my dog would be a better president.
And I said to her, yeah, than Hillary Clinton.
She was very offended.
Oh my gosh.
I tell you, why are they so angry Trump's in when everything's going so well?
Why do they fundamentally think their identity was tied up in that witch Hillary?
It really is extraordinary.
You wonder how people can be committed to the inexorable decline of the country.
I love that clip where Barack Obama is doing like a town meeting and he says, folks, those jobs aren't coming back.
And does that guy, I'm not going to mention his name, speaking of Donald Trump, does he think he has some magic wand?
No, Mr. Former President.
Cutting regulation and cutting taxes creates jobs.
Jack Kennedy knew it.
Ronald Reagan knew it.
Donald Trump knows it.
The only person who doesn't seem to know it is you, Barry.
In fact, we've got that magic wand clip.
We'll play it in a moment.
Because he's like saying, those jobs aren't coming back.
Well, yeah, because if China's got a couple hundred percent tariff on us, of course we're not going to be able to have any, you know, jobs here.
I mean, it's one-sided.
And Trump says that's stopping.
Yeah, look, they are really, I've never seen this kind of hysteria.
It's surprising that, you know, that they launched this assault in the doldrums of late summer, but you've seen their trajectory.
Omarosa, McCain, Woodward, now the phony New York Times, you know, editorial.
The New York Times is owned by Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire.
When he's not owning the New York Times, he's the single largest donor to the Clinton Foundation.
So why would we assume that anything, a single word, written at the New York Times is actually true?
All the news that's fit to print, embellished with a left-wing tint.
Well, it's more than that.
I mean, Carlos Slim got $5 billion in federal money over eight years for Obama phones.
I mean, he made literally
Five billion dollars.
They said the profit was three billion dollars.
So of course he launders it back through the foundation of the New York Times.
And as you know, the New York Times has had people on me for six months, Roger, and they can't even cook up anything.
So now they just put out false reports that our traffic is down by half, which is not true.
I mean, these people are complete liars.
And I know everybody knows that, but folks, you have to understand.
They write giant articles now with just the most fantastical fiction, and I'm even reading it going, gosh, I can't believe they lie this much.
This is so complex.
But they write all this complex stuff to make it sound real.
You know, I think a lot of people may not recognize that even inside these news organizations, like the New York Times and the Washington Post and others,
There are some honest people that work there.
There are some real reporters who are unbiased and trying to do their job.
And they're frustrated by editors who cut their stuff, who delete their stuff, who reject their stuff when they try to do an objective job.
So even those news organizations are not monolithically dishonest.
No, I agree, but the people that are total liars, they're put to the top of the food chain.
Oh, there's no question.
Those are the editors, that's management, and that's where good reporting gets killed.
But the woman who's working on a hatch job from the New York Times about you, she's hated by New York Times reporters.
I have at least four conversations with current New York Times reporters who have no respect for this woman, who think she's a knife artist who lies, who think that she brings discredit to their entire publication.
I responded to her questions about you.
I'm waiting to see how she attempts to twist what I have said about you.
By the way, I don't think she can find the proof that you're a Russian spy because it doesn't exist.
Doesn't mean they're not trying, boy.
This brings this bizarre narrative.
How long has Alex Jones been on the payroll of RT, of Russia Today?
Well, that's an easy question.
How about never?
How about never?
They're such liars.
It's extraordinary.
And now they're actually trying to set me up.
Let's play this clip that you mentioned.
Here's that famous magic wand statement.
And when somebody says, like the person you just mentioned, who I'm not going to advertise for, that he's going to bring all these jobs back.
Well, how exactly are you going to do that?
What are you going to do?
There's no answer to it.
He just says, well, I'm going to negotiate a better deal.
What, how exactly are you going to negotiate that?
What magic wand do you have?
And usually the answer is, he doesn't have an answer.
That's enough.
And that's the lie right there in closing, Roger.
Trump laid out his whole plans and exactly how it would work and had top economists agree with him, but Paul Krugman of the New York Times said he'd eat his hat if it ever hit 3%.
Yeah, I know.
The president, with the help of Larry Kudlow and Steve Moore, great economists at Heritage, had the most dynamic economic program of all the candidates, and now he's implemented it, and it's working!
Come on, America!
Come back from the dead, and you are, I love you!
RogerStoneColdTruth.com and BullWars.com.
Keep it up, you're awesome.
We'll be back with critical intel, straight ahead.
Lincoln was elected to unite a country and stop slavery.
Democrats smeared him, went to war against him, assassinated him.
Now, their target is Trump.
America was never great!
Slavery, genocide, and war!
Donald Trump wins the presidency!
So help me God.
They say he's killing America.
There will be a vote to impeach.
They say he's a racist.
This was a white-lash.
And a fascist.
Who are the real racists?
Northern Democrats had conspired together with Southern Democrats to take away the fruit of other people's labor.
Who are the real fascists?
You're exposed to Russia!
Both Mussolini and Hitler set up and ran welfare states.
This was done by the do-gooders, the liberals, the people who wanted to improve society.
Which party attacks our free speech?
How dare you speak against the people?
Our religious liberty and our personal safety.
A nation dies when its people are not free.
We too must fight for freedom.
Regardless of the price we pay.
An end in terror is preferable to a terror with no end.
The stakes could not be higher.
We're talking about America, the greatest nation on earth.
Lincoln saved America for the first time.
It's now up to us to save America a second time.
Dinesh D'Souza is with us.
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He's also a number one New York Times best-selling author of Death of a Nation.
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His film has been in the top ten as it opened.
He's had one film that's been number one.
This is a big hoax that's been exposed, and if it gets out, I think it could win the midterms.
Hey, it's Alex.
It's great to be on the show.
And yes, Death of a Nation, it's in a thousand theaters right now.
It's doing really well.
There's a book of the same title that's in the bookstores.
You know, a lot of people focus on fake news and what this movie and book deal with are fake scholarship, fake history.
Fake narratives about America that I debunk in the film.
The reason I titled this movie Death of a Nation, it's a reference to Birth of a Nation, which was the movie that Woodrow Wilson, a progressive Democrat, showed in the White House, to his cabinet.
And the hero of that movie, I kid you not, is the Ku Klux Klan.
So essentially what the progressives were saying, what the title of that movie means, is we don't like the founding
The birth of a nation is right now.
We the progressives are starting America all over again.
And the unifying principle, our unifying principle of the Democratic Party is bigotry.
The left has been flinging these charges of racism and fascism.
They've been doing it at Trump.
They've been doing it at the right more generally.
And all of this is based on a historical claim.
I think so.
Just go to deathofanationmovie.com, put in your zip code, boom, it'll tell you where it's playing.
Go see it with your family and friends.
I'd appreciate it.
And you're putting fuel in my rocket to get this message out much more widely and powerfully.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, if you just joined me, I could sit here and revel in how much fun it was to storm
The swamp in the Senate and the House and then to watch corporate media act like it was so bad that I came and talked to cameras and that I waited in the hallway and talked to Rubio and how uncouth and evil and bad that is.
You go to any of these hearings they have Soros paid goons on record screaming and yelling at every hearing and then they don't arrest those people they just take them out.
The police told me if you go in there and do a disruption you'll be arrested and I said I'm not
Wanting to give you the images of me being arrested.
I was saved from Antifa at the RNC by the state police that led me out when they attacked me.
The news runs that everywhere like I'm being arrested.
And they're like, you really aren't going to do it?
We'll let you in.
And I said, yeah, dude, I just told you.
Why do I want to be in there when I can be out here with 50 news cameras, which I was.
Yeah, there's the photo you see most times about me.
The Antifa just attacked me and they grabbed me and drugged me out of the attacking crowd that was also attacking police.
That turns into I'm being arrested.
They run that everywhere.
Jones kicked off the internet.
He should be in jail.
Absolutely everywhere, continually.
And here's an example.
Republicans were mad at Twitter for banning Alex Jones.
Then they met him.
That's a Slate article.
And it goes, he's mean and crude.
He disrupted Congress.
He was mean to Rubio and broke into a press conference.
Uh, no, I was waiting for him to come out the door.
That's where they come out the door.
That's what everybody does.
I went over and confronted him about the censorship, and he was very rude.
But that turns into, I'm this wild rule breaker.
They even have articles, should Jones be banned from government buildings?
They are professional disruptors.
I didn't break any rules.
And I need to be banned.
See, third dimensional banning.
Look, man caught paying off Kavanaugh protesters, works for Soros funded organization, is a lawyer, and it's him handing out wads of cash to women that then go in and yell and scream, you're killing me, you're killing me, Kavanaugh's murdering me!
All of it right there.
Their names, who they are,
That's disrupting.
Not me.
And the point is, is that if somebody's really been wrong, like Laura Loomer, who they're banning everywhere, and then she goes and says, stop banning me in a committee hearing, that's up to her to put herself at risk.
I support it.
But these are all paid professionals, and then the media acts like I was disrupting?
When they're the ones that do it professionally, again, everything they do is a fraud.
But then, Oliver Darcy, this low-energy weasel who gets like a hundred retweets when he tweets, who's the head of media operations and coverage for CNN, which means you've got to really be a deceptive weasel.
You can read articles on Infowars.com with
Hundreds of his tweets saying, ban me, and policing here, and policing there, and saying, he violated your terms here, where are you taking him off?
He violated your terms there, and when he says it, he's CNN, it makes it so, because he's God.
Even though they have no viewers, and are totally disrespected, and hated in the Kings of Fake News.
So then I kept saying, you've called for me to be banned, and he goes, no I didn't, no I didn't, no I didn't, that's not true.
It's this arrogance, this spirit of disrespecting you.
And so he's celebrated me being taken off all these platforms, and he goes around trying to get me off Twitter, but then to my camera, he's not gonna admit he's censoring.
He goes, no I'm not, thinking you have no memory.
That's evil.
Here's some of the HD footage.
Look at this right here, the guy that goes around policing and calling for censorship and then claims that Trump's wrong, there's no censorship of conservatives or patriots.
You are incredibly shameful.
How are you doing, Alex?
You're just a, look at you, look, look, look, you are literally an anti-American, anti-free speech coward.
You're gonna go down to History Books at the Criminal News Network.
This is one of the main, this is one of the main people right here.
Who thinks you have no memory?
Who sits there and lobbies people to take other news off, claiming they're fake when CNN is the fakest WMD?
Gulf Arab State Dictatorship funded.
Hey, come on over here, Drew.
I want to get this down, too.
This is unbelievable.
I was literally saying I don't see the criminal news network here, but indeed we do.
Right there at the front of the line of the trough.
To try to get in there and try to shut down conservative libertarian speech.
And of course, he comes from the loins of Glenn Beck.
I mean, look at those eyes, folks.
If you want to see the eyes of a rat.
Look at the camera.
Look at those eyes.
Look at that slobbering of the system.
And the criminals at CNN, all their war mongering and death and all their fake news.
And then running around trying to police the internet.
We're good to go.
Alex, you know, I'd say, so I've known Oliver quite a long time.
Good to see you again, Oliver.
Good to see you, Chuck.
Good to see you.
You know, he's from Fresno, and he knows that.
Because, you know, in Fresno, we actually believe in free speech.
And here he is censoring people and doing an organized sin.
He's policing it.
He's the Thought Police.
That is the Thought Police.
Beforehand, he worked for a stretch bag.
And of course, I and many other people in the conservative movement helped him get his career along.
And now he's decided that now that he works for CNN, he's going to go and try and shut down Voices.
Look, I mean, he's even more evil looking in person.
Think about the decisions that you make.
Do you have anything else you'd like to say, Alex?
You are a dishonorable liar who would never even dare have me on your little tiny shows when you and Stelter called me a virus.
You are a virus to America and freedom.
You are authoritarianism.
Just look in those eyes.
The hunger to silence America.
The hunger to extinguish the First Amendment.
The hunger to the scene.
But he can't do it because the fire of liberty is not going to be knocked out.
I don't want you to know, I'm starting to come up here a lot.
We're going to be seeing a lot of each other.
That's good.
Just so you know.
Always good to see you.
Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Oh no, you don't talk back to mere slaves.
You just act.
Calling everybody's sponsors to get them to dump you.
Working with Media Matters and the Nazi collaborator George Soros.
Smiling like a possum that climbed out of the rear end of a dead cow.
You used that one several times.
It's what you look like.
You need to come up with something.
You look like a possum that got caught doing some really nasty stuff.
You're a public figure, too.
If I go to Twitter and say, he's bullying me, I'm only trying to be platform everywhere and celebrating it, and then insulting my viewers a week later saying no one's doing it.
How dumb do you think your viewers are?
They have no memory, like Dari?
Finding Nemo?
She can't respond.
All you do is deceive.
Your job is to be a disruptor.
This is not a... Are you saying the left isn't trying to be platform conservative?
This is not a... I'm not doing an interview with you.
There you go.
Just look at it.
Look at that person.
He can't defend it.
Full video on InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
Big news straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Thanks for holding.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to play a few of these clips from yesterday.
I'm going to get into the breaking news.
But here I am on some of the feeds in front of more than 50 news cameras.
And I am laying out the reason I came to D.C., the reason I came to Washington, because they're not letting me face my accusers.
And then they had another area where I was getting into the censorship, and they cut the feed.
That clip's coming up next, but first this clip.
This is the 11th hearing that they've had in the last year and a half where I'm one of the main focuses and I have not ever been called to testify when they say outrageous, slanderous, defamatory things when they've had in the House Intelligence Committee, Senate Intelligence Committee, and others.
They'll have people point-blank from the CIA, you name it, who are leftists, say Alex Jones works for the Russians.
That is an outrageous lie beyond Joseph McCarthy, anything he ever did.
But when McCarthy did it,
The people got to come in and got to confront the committee and say, you have no decency, how dare you act like this.
This is a hundred times worse than anything Joseph McCarthy ever did, and it's a shame.
Mr. Jones, today's, this morning's hearing is specifically about preventing election manipulation.
This afternoon's hearing is- Sure, sure, you're sure, yeah, yeah.
But every time they have these meetings, they bring up info wars, they claim they're taking info wars down to stop election meddling.
Obama established-
With an executive order.
He established with an executive order before he left office a special office that deals with foreign propaganda.
What it's really been used is to target domestic populist popular groups.
The real election meddling is by Facebook and Google and others that are shadow banning people, that are outright banning people, and they're blocking conservatives involved in their own First Amendment political speech.
There is a giant crackdown that even the New York Times calls it a crackdown on conservatives and a plan to de-platform conservatives from the internet.
To date.
And then that feed got cut out.
And here's another example of where they cut the live feed.
CNBC cuts Alex Jones' live feed as capital as he rants about being silenced by dangerous authoritarianism.
That's a Raw Story article.
And what's shocking is Raw Story calls me a libertarian, which is accurate and is somewhat positive.
Good, I hope the left wakes up.
The fact they're coming after everybody's free speech.
So the good news is I'm seeing more and more support from Republicans, Libertarians, people like Drudge Report, Tucker Carlson, they've always been supporting.
But now I'm seeing some of the leftist publications getting what's going on that I'm saying at these hearings.
Because the Republicans, a lot of them, are just as bad as the Democrats when it comes to this censorship garbage.
So let's go ahead where they cut the feed.
You just heard the opening bells here at the NYC.
Let's send it back down to Carl.
To Julia, actually, in the halls there.
I don't
This is the 11th hearing that they've had in the last year and a half where I'm one of the main focuses and I have not ever been called to testify when they say outrageous, slanderous, defamatory things when they've had in the House Intelligence Committee, Senate Intelligence Committee, and others.
They'll have people point blank.
From the CIA, you name it, who are leftists, say Alex Jones works for the Russians.
That is an outrageous lie beyond Joseph McCarthy and anything he ever did.
But when McCarthy did it, the people got to come in and got to confront the committee and say, you have no decency, how dare you act like this.
This is a hundred times worse than anything Joseph McCarthy ever did, and it's a shame.
Mr. Jones, today's, this morning's hearing is specifically about preventing election manipulation.
This afternoon's hearing is... Sure, sure, yeah, yeah, but every time they have these meetings, they bring up InfoWars, they claim they're taking InfoWars down to stop election meddling.
Obama established...
With an executive order.
He established with an executive order before he left office a special office that deals with foreign propaganda.
What it's really been used is to target domestic populist popular groups.
The real election meddling is by Facebook and Google and others that are shadow banning people, that are outright banning people, and they're blocking conservatives involved in their own First Amendment political speech.
There is a giant crackdown that even the New York Times calls it a crackdown on conservatives and a plan to de-platform conservatives from the internet.
Alex Jones there talking to our Julia Boorstin about efforts to get him de-platformed from various social media outlets.
Gives you a sense of just how complicated the question's going to be here regarding First Amendment rights, the ability to speak... Alright, so let's stop right there.
That was... I mean, the headlines cut it short, but in a way, they were being seeded, so...
It's up to interpretation.
I think CNBC is one of the better channels out there, by the way, when it gets to news.
I mean, they've got their own leftist slant, but something like CNN or MSNBC, my gosh.
But notice that their reporter goes, of course there's de-platforming of Alex Jones.
Well, the CNN reporter that quarterbacked, that commanded, that field-martialed, me being taken off and was lauded for it by the left,
To my face said, nobody's taking you off, and I've never called for you to be removed.
That's all that comes out of your rat-like mouth.
All right, I've got to get into the world news when we come back.
But here's the deal.
They're going after the president with 60 days left, 61 days left.
They're coming after me, and it takes a lot to shock me.
Some stuff happened yesterday that I'm not at liberty to talk about yet before I left DC that was so bizarre and so ham-fisted that it just boggles the mind.
I mean, Mueller is trying to frame me right now.
Because everybody knows I'm not connected to the Russians.
Everybody knows I love America.
Everybody knows that about Trump.
This is ridiculous.
But they're planning to remove Trump before the election.
And they even admit that in all these New York Times articles and stuff.
They're making their move, man.
They're the danger.
And it's our fault if we don't stop them.
I'm not sure how we do it, but the president needs to start having emergency Oval Office addresses.
Maybe he should announce one Friday and have it Monday night.
I don't know why he hasn't had an Oval Office address yet.
You know, boom.
Talk to the American people.
He does it out on the road, all the rest of it.
He needs that presidential deal.
And just lay the cards on the table and say, if you like recovery, you like freedom, whatever, I'm here.
If you want to be run on the ground by these crooks, then go with them.
Now, here's the deal.
Most talk show hosts plug every segment.
I plug maybe once or twice an hour.
I need to be funded.
As you know, the enemy is suing me and coming after me.
And we're winning, but it costs a lot of money.
And they're trying to shut me down.
And I want to expand their face.
I want to hire more reporters in different cities.
I want to launch more shows.
I want to go 20, 24 hours a day live.
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I think what Google and what others are doing, if you look at what's going on at Twitter, if you look at what's going on in Facebook, they better be careful because you can't do that to people.
You can't do it.
We have tremendous, we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in and you just can't do that.
So I think that Google and Twitter and Facebook
They're really treading on very, very troubled territory, and they have to be careful.
It's not fair to large portions of the population.
Until you guys... I'll tell you this.
I'd give us a 60-40 chance we win the midterms, and you guys get totally devastated and indicted for this, because the quarter's not being given now.
You guys pushed too far.
You went after Trump's family, all of it.
When you're involved with the Russians, everything else.
But even if you were to steal the election to get through, I've looked at every possible destination along your planned permutations in your entire operation.
And I haven't even laughed because I know you don't like it.
Because I can, you know, act just like the enemy.
But the point is, is that you guys think you're going to execute this.
You're not going to execute crap.
And the globalists know I don't just make statements on air that aren't true or that aren't backed up.
You are facing hammer war.
You are bringing down the gates.
You think taking down these controls is destroying us?
You are removing gates that we don't remove because we know who we are.
But once you remove the gates, once you let us in,
We will visit judgment on you politically, economically, culturally, lawfully.
That's why you're so scared of my voice.
Because you know it's judgment.
It's judgment day.
Judgment day cometh.
Judgment day is so close.
And justice is good.
Justice is right.
We just want to have our families and live and have prosperity, but you've got to control the prosperity.
You will.
You lesser things will never run our lives.
So now, you have summoned us to destroy you politically.
You have gone to the altar, and you've prayed on gods, ancient gods.
You've summoned the Titans, and they will arrive.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Well, Millie Weaver, one of our intrepid roving reporters, has been on fire with her great cameraman, producer, and husband, Gavin Winch.
She's going to be on next hour, riding shotgun with me.
We're going to be taking your phone calls on what do you make of what's happening in this country.
InfoWars was number one on Twitter yesterday.
Alex Jones was.
Number one topic in the country.
Number one on Google.
And the videos we shot got millions and millions of views.
So despite all the censorship,
And the rumors of my death being greatly exaggerated, it didn't happen, did it?
Now what is that an example of?
Owen Schroyer had the idea of an InfoWars Army and Information War.
For people to peacefully go out in public and legally and lawfully, unfurl banners at sporting events, unfurl banners over interstate highways, put up stickers and handbills in legal and lawful areas.
The website's now up.
One word.
You can go there, send us your email so we can send you alerts, email us back, show us video of what you do, and we'll put it on the broadcast.
You want to fight 60 days out for the election?
You want to know what you can do?
I had a whole bunch of families learn that I was at the committee hearings, even though I announced it that morning, show up and were hugging me and saying, what can we do?
You're so great.
And I told them, you're great.
You're awesome.
You're amazing.
You get involved, because here's something that's really central to all of this and understanding.
It's a Kit Daniels article that's at newswars.com.
It's a Kit Daniels article that is at infowars.com.
Nike popularity drops.
34% as Generation Z rejects Kaepernick ad campaign.
Now, why is this the key to everything?
I'll tell you why.
Because you've seen the NFL lose almost half its viewers the last three years.
You've seen Hollywood lose about 38% of its viewers the last three, four years.
You've seen every major corporate media outlet lose 25% of its audience year after year, except for a few shows on MSNBC and Fox and ABC.
But in general, they've all declined massively.
But Nike popularity drops 34% as Gen Z rejects Kaepernick ad campaign.
Why is that so important?
Their stock dropped $3.7 million.
Then it dropped even more.
And why?
Because the idea that he sacrificed everything is not true.
He was having a bad football season.
He'd become scared of contact.
He had become what they call a little bitch and
He couldn't take it anymore so he got basically hired by Soros and others to be this PR person to go out and create racial strife and division in this country and start kneeling during the National Anthem, which is your First Amendment if you're not on the team.
You know, can I work at Baskin-Robbins and say that I'm going to wear a black shirt instead of a pink shirt or whatever it is?
You work there, it's part of your contract, put your hand over your heart, stamp the National Anthem.
That's the way it is.
It's a corporation.
So you got the very same left saying, ban all conservative speech, shut us up, shut us down, take us off the internet, do this to us, do that to us.
But then when Kaepernick wants to take a knee, and becomes incredibly unpopular, and the NFL loses all this money, they say, oh, don't violate his First Amendment.
Fine, I say you go ahead and kneel.
I will never watch another NFL game anyways, because I know it's a bunch of propaganda, it's globalist, it's just part of Hollywood.
But it's really exploitive because Nike's known for having some of the worst factories in the world.
They're nothing compared to Apple, but they're bad.
And they're known for being exploitive, and they're known for targeting black youth with $300 to $400 worthless tennis shoes that are seen as status symbols.
And so they're exploitive of people.
They're exploitive of black people.
And so of course they're then going to hold up Kaepernick.
Who looks Native American to me, he doesn't even look black, but whatever.
They're gonna hold this guy and his racist, Islamist girlfriend up.
As God.
But the good news is, no one wants to hear it and no one wants to see it, and in one week.
Popularity drops in all these different indexes.
Their stocks plunge.
They're absolutely hated.
And now they're associated with the dying NFL.
The worst political move you could make.
But therein lies the paradox.
Why have you saw the NFL go down almost 40%?
Some polls 45% or more.
In three years, would you then associate yourself with what blew a hole in the bottom of the NFL boat and began the end of the franchise?
The NFL was almost twice the size of baseball.
Now it's a little bit bigger than baseball.
By next year, it'll be smaller than baseball.
The NBA, you know, to say, we're not doing this, because they're smart.
That's a growing franchise.
They're like, no.
People want to come drink beer and eat hot dogs and watch a basketball game.
They do not want to hear a bunch of politics.
So, this is a paradox.
But the corporate globalists are bigger than the NFL.
They're bigger than ratings.
They don't care if it hurts the NFL.
They don't care if it hurts Hollywood.
It's about domination of America and world domination and the Chai Coms taking over.
And so, they're breaking eggs to make omelets.
They know this is destructive.
But they want to get enough people racially charged with basically brown KKK type activity
All run out of the special office that Van Jones is still in, the diversity office.
They need to shut that office down.
Trump needs to go after it.
I've talked to people that work there.
There's gonna be some undercover videos coming out of there soon.
And it is like a KKK rally, but it's black and Hispanic and Asian.
And you don't get the job there unless you are F white this, F white that.
Whites are scum, whites are inbred, whites are idiots.
And I had
Hispanic ladies come up to me, and white ladies, and white dudes, and go, F.U.
Nazi in D.C.
outside the hearings.
It's on video.
You ought to find those and play those.
Those were epic videos from the live feed.
See if Duke can grab those.
It's right towards the end of the live feed before we left the Senate.
And they're like, F you Nazi!
And I'm like, well actually, I believe in Martin Luther King, I believe judge people on what they stand for.
Oh right, you know, your mother's married, you know, to her brother, you, you, you, you white scum.
And just, I mean, it was like KKK stuff on steroids.
And I'm sitting there, and they're just spewing all this racism at me.
And I didn't dislike them because they were Hispanic, because I had great Hispanic fans coming, wonderful people, I was hugging all over them.
I had like 10 groups of Hispanic folks come up and love on me, but there were these ladies that were kind of dressed like MS-13, all thugged out, and they were just saying, you know, get out of here pilgrim, you're trash, we hate you, you're subhuman, and it's all the same stuff the New York Times writer was saying.
That's what they've done.
That's what the globalists have created.
So that's what this is targeting to create these people.
The Brown KKK.
To go out and push this narrative and put up giant billboards of this guy like an icon because he says America sucks and he says there's all this division because they're trying to counteract that Trump is trying to bring the country together.
And it's a sign of the establishment's desperation.
So in that paradox lies the victory that
We're winning.
People are coming together.
Double the number of black Americans are supporting Trump.
Double the number of Hispanic Americans in just a year and a half.
It's a landslide.
That's why they go, well, maybe Southerners don't like Northerners.
Let's reignite that and say that Trump hates Southerners, which is absolute balderdash.
But again, they're just trying everything they can to try to divide us, but it's not working.
So, here's the moral story.
They're destroying themselves.
They're the ones losing.
They're the ones going down.
They're the ones having to shut us down and ban us off platforms because we're too popular.
No one wants to hear this.
No one wants to see this, except really stupid people.
It's pathetic.
And almost all the white people I know aren't becoming more racist because of all this racist stuff.
They're seeing through it.
But so are, quote, most minorities, because they already figure out we're the majority now.
We want free market.
We want American pie.
We want to just... We're getting it.
We're in the club.
They don't want you to take your birthright.
The political elite are scared of you getting into America and getting into freedom, because if you do, it's over for them.
Now, we're going to come back.
I'm gonna give the number out.
It's 877-789-2539.
First-time callers, let's get Harmon in here to take the calls.
Specifically on the countdown to them trying to remove Trump.
And specifically them saying, use 25th Amendment as we said they would.
And all these fake stories they're publishing.
What are they going to do next with 60 days left?
What are they going to... This is the question.
What are they going to pull next to destabilize things?
What's the next lie?
How do we counter it?
How bad do you think it's going to get?
I know what they're planning to do to me.
Arrest me as a Russian agent.
Tried to do it yesterday.
All these other company heads and all these other people know this and they won't say it.
So I'm here.
Stop the hammering.
Stop the hammering out there.
Who's got a hammer?
Where is it?
Where's the hammer?
Is it on the... Go up on the other floor.
Somebody go up there and stop the hammering.
Stop the hammering.
Call f***ing Phil Griffin.
I don't care who the f*** you have to call.
Stop the hammering!
Hammering, hammering.
And all these fools, and all these traitors don't get it.
Now it's being taken away because they demand control of the streets, control the schools, control your bank account.
It just f***ing sucks.
It f***ing sucks to be out here with this out of control s***.
Control the churches, control the food you eat, control the vaccines they put in your body, control the internet, control of everything.
They're here.
Any f***ing thing can come into my ear at any moment.
That's what I know.
Anybody can get into my f***ing ear at any time.
Our supplements, our products, our t-shirts, all of it is Choose Your Own Adventure.
At Infowarshore.com, standing with America, standing against the Chai-coms in Hollywood, standing for victory and winning.
Thanks to you.
We'll be back.
I'll go down to the g***** floor myself and stop it.
Keep the g***** commercial break going.
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Check it out right now at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
It's the InfoWars official app.
Take them on the globalist at point-blank range.
And with your help spreading it, and with your help downloading it, we are unstoppable.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
You've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
You know, on Tuesday, I told you I was gonna drop some bombshells.
Can we get the possum off the screen?
He's starting to make me want to throw up.
On Tuesday, I told you, you'll want to tune in on Wednesday, because we're going to have some big news.
Folks know I don't hype.
I just give you the facts.
You're going to want to tune into the show tomorrow.
Because I've decided, come hell or high water, I'm going to release the information on air.
That will not be national news.
They will shut this down.
Believe me, the order's going to go out.
Do not cover this.
But they're making their move on this country.
There's no doubt now.
The stuff they've been pulling is so over the top.
Trump has to remove that special office that the Clintons left behind with Obama at the Justice Department.
And he's got to clean that CIA office out that Obama set up that intersects with the media because, man, these people are engaged in terrorism.
I mean, it is down low nasty.
I mean, I'm like, wow.
That just happened.
They mean business.
They mean business bad.
You know, most people get threatened like this, and they just look for who they can bow down to.
And I don't even think of myself as the toughest guy around.
People do this stuff to me, man.
It makes me get angry.
And it makes me want to fight.
Because I know this, I'm not going to run and hide in some ditch and have somebody have their way with me at their appointed time.
They're coming after me, they're going to have it right now.
Right out in front of God and country and everybody else.
You want to bang heads with me, let's do it.
And it's not because I'm looking for trouble.
I'm a nice person.
Man, you people are bad.
You know what?
Everybody can smell it's the end of your days.
Like, let's come in with
Cut you down from Johnny Cash.
And then we'll crossfade into mother.
So I think those two things bisect nicely.
Then I'll take your phone calls and Millie Weaver is going to be joining us as well.
But this country has just got a bunch of cowards in it.
And it's got a bunch of yes men in it.
They just look for the biggest, globalist butt they can stick their nose in.
That's what they do.
They just run around looking for the biggest butt they can brown nose.
And if something was big and great and free and the best thing in the world, well then, by all means, stick your nose in there.
But sticking your nose in the globalists that want to destroy America and love the chi-coms and have sold the country out and don't want prosperity and don't like family, like we're groveling to the worst cancer this planet's ever seen?
No, no, no.
The globalist will to dominate and enslave us is their greatest strength.
But it's also their greatest weakness, just like they destroyed Hollywood, the NFL, Nike, the Democratic Party, the Republican establishment, even though they know it's unpopular!
They want to force their will on us, and just like Kaepernick killed the NFL, he's now killing Nike, everything they turn to in this new season we're entering is going to fail.
Everything we do is going to bear fruit if we're willing to follow it through, but for those of us that were first to hit,
Those of us that were first to come in as the probes, we're gonna have to pay the piper.
And I, quite frankly, at a spiritual level, am super happy.
And I almost feel guilty.
I'm like, what about your kids and everything else?
But then my spirit says, their only chance is full commitment.
The only chance we've got.
We do that, we win.
We fail, we're all dead.
So if you want to see this mission continue, and if you understand they want to shut us down for a reason, then you need to financially support us.
And I want to thank you all.
I'm not shaming anybody.
I'm thanking you for so far supporting us.
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InfoWarsTore.com, InfoWarsLife.com.
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I need it!
You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later, gotta cut you down.
Sooner or later, gotta cut you down.
Go tell that long-tongue liar.
Go and tell that midnight rider.
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the backbiter.
Tell him that God's gonna cut him down.
Tell him that God's gonna cut him down.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
What do you think the globalists are thinking when they say don't listen to Alex Jones?
I mean if they knew the Streisand effect they'd be fools.
They don't have a choice.
And sometimes they succeed in places like China.
They do want to bang heads, folks.
They can't help it.
Because they know you're better than them.
And their whole will is to bring you down.
So why are you sleeping?
Why are you about to bow down to these people?
Why would you give in to fear?
It's the animated contest that energizes the soul.
I'm going to start taking your calls throughout the hour.
Millie Weaver's joining us.
We've got some insane clips that really haven't gotten the attention like the tens of millions of views of our other adventures and travails.
They're in the swamp yesterday with our invasion of the swamp, which the media spun.
Look at this uncouth brigand.
He came in and messed up the decorum and talked in front of a press conference and everyone pointed their cameras at him.
And they go, no wonder he's been banned!
Meanwhile, they've got their own paid people in the committees screaming and yelling and being drug out.
No Trump!
Meanwhile, I'm going to show you footage of these super racist Hispanic ladies saying horrible things about white people, which is not the average Hispanic person.
It just shows who the left are.
Crazy people!
They have paid protesters that go in and get drug out and then they say, the hearings are partially about me.
I was talked about in the hearings, of course, and all the other hearings, you've seen the clips.
I'm bad for showing up at a hearing attacking me and talking to the press because I argue with people.
But they're good when they're paid by Jordan Soros to actually disrupt the committee, which I didn't do.
The cops, about three minutes into the press conference, though, said, come in here.
Who are you, Alex Jones?
Oh, yeah, OK.
Oh, all right.
We just wanted to know.
We've never seen the media cover somebody like this.
I'm like, yeah, they're here because I told them I was coming.
And then later, the cops found out, and they're like, wow.
But I made the decision that if they didn't let me have that press conference, then I was going to go in the committee room.
And I basically told the head cop that.
I said, listen, man, they're talking about me in the hearing.
I go, he goes, who are you?
I go, I'm Alex Jones.
He goes, you're Alex Jones?
And I said, yes, I'm Alex Jones.
They're having these hearings about me and everybody else.
They just deplatformed me.
Have you heard about that?
The guy gets, he goes, oh, you're the guy that took, oh, you, oh, Alex Jones.
Like, yeah, dude.
He goes, oh, well, go ahead.
You're not going to disrupt the committee though, right?
I go, no, man, I don't want to be arrested.
Have you seen the photos of me with the state police holding me?
He goes, yeah, did you get arrested?
I said, no, Antifa attacked me.
And then they took me out of the crowd, and that's all the media shows.
Believe me, I'm not going to disrupt the committee.
As long as I get to go out there.
To the press conference outside.
He goes, well, by all means, go ahead.
I just want to know what the hell is going on.
And I was never planning to disrupt the thing.
But when I told him I wasn't going to, at that point, even if they shut me down outside, I wasn't going to do it because I told him I wasn't.
The difference is, I wasn't buses of people arriving that we've got video and photos of on Infowars.com and being paid cash money by known lawyers that work for Soros, good detective work, to go in and disrupt things.
And to create the illusion
That there's people against this Supreme Court nominee.
Go see the video, go see the photos on InfoWars.com.
It is incredible.
Okay, I'm going to go to Jeremiah and Tim and Bob and a bunch of others here in just a moment.
Please just briefly understand, just like our information's game-changing, the supplements we have
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But you see the attack we're under.
You see how they're trying to bankrupt us.
And I let it stand or fall with what you do, whether they're able to shut down Infowars.
But right now, you've come through, but just enough.
And I'd like to have some extra money in the gas tank to hire more crew and really fight back.
Because I just want to fight back.
I just want to win.
I want to defeat these people, and I can't do it without you.
So, InfoWarsTore.com or 888-253-3139.
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We've got I Am The Resistance shirts, mfullwarsstore.com, mfullwarslife.com.
Okay, who should we go to first?
Tim in Montreal, Canada, or no, Tim in Montana.
My eyes are reading wrong.
Jeremiah in Virginia, Bob in Tennessee.
But let's go to Bob in Tennessee first.
Go ahead, Bob.
Thanks for calling.
Yes, Eric.
I'm so proud of you yesterday confronting Rubio.
I'll make a quick point about the free speech and their attack on Trump.
I was military, Air Force pilot, and the platform internet, the utility, was developed by the military and DOD and used for air and other communications long before it was released in the mainstream.
These folks have no right, obviously, to monopolize and then regulate a publicly paid-for utility called the Internet.
They can't do that.
They have no rights to that.
And by the way, what you said is 100% fact.
It's in the federal law.
And the reporters, when I would tell them about the different laws and subsections, didn't even know that it was built by DARPA and Google and all these companies agreed, under federal law, to leave it as an open commons.
Yes, sir.
But to Dorsey's credit, he said that during the hearing.
Go ahead.
Or Jack Dorsey.
Go ahead.
No, I hate to interrupt you.
By the way, I loved your conversation with Rubio yesterday.
The next point, this is on Russian collusion.
I know this is a dead horse, but real quick.
My thought on this is real simple.
One is, there's no such statute as collusion, but if there was, tell me.
Did JFK not collude with Khrushchev to prevent a nuclear exchange, World War III?
And in doing so, wasn't that not his duty to collude with Khrushchev and do exactly that?
Well, presidents are their own branch of government.
They're allowed to talk to whoever they want.
Then if we disagree, we impeach him over it.
But yes, it's his duty, once president-elect, to start talking to all the major powers.
So the whole concept on its face is ridiculous.
This is the largest nuclear power in the world.
Of course we need to collude, or talk, or speak, or work with the Russians.
Come on, it's ridiculous.
Brother, the Democrats are in bed with the CHICOMS.
They're scared it's going to come out.
So they're projecting onto us what they are, traitors.
And so that's why they're actively investigating me and trying to set me up.
Wait till I get into it.
With the Russians.
I mean, it's now reached that point where they're asking dozens of people about Russians and me, they have New York Times people asking me, and then now they've gone to the next level.
I mean, we're talking stings, ladies and gentlemen.
We have now reached the level of people with suitcases of cash.
Yes, I'm not kidding.
We'll be back, stay with us.
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
First, I just want to mention, if people just go and try the products, they will be ordering all the time.
I've ordered several of the products over and over because it's amazing.
In particular, Silver Bullet.
As soon as I start to feel like I get a little sick, you know, maybe like a little raspiness in my throat, I drop some Silver Bullet and it like
I'll still feel a little sick, but it won't last as long.
And I just ordered the body, the alpha power, and the pollen block.
What are champions made of?
Here's a man who can show you.
AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, the mainstream corporate media is mindless.
They take whatever they're told on the face.
Like, you could name a barn, Black Barn.
But then the barn's red.
Or you could name a fish, Green Fish, and the fish is blue.
Or you could name a river, dry river, and it's really always flowing.
So they're like, oh, it's a foreign interference internet meeting.
But I could see what it was going to be.
They had all these other things called that last year, where it would be about me and banning us and Jones as a Russian agent and all this crap.
And so I knew to go to it.
And sure enough, it was about censoring the web.
Millie Weaver's been all over the country.
Trump rallies, you name it.
We'll take calls with her coming up in the next segment with Tim and everybody else that's patiently holding.
But you were making some great points during the break about following the hearings that we were at yourself and what you took away from that, Millie.
Well, Alex, I really thought that, you know, the mainstream media did a lot of coverage on the Kavanaugh hearing yesterday, which is mainly what I was watching and following.
So I just assumed that this social media hearing was going to be about addressing social media and how they've been censoring conservatives.
But no, when I actually sat down and watched the hearing this morning, come to find out this is all about censoring people and whether or not Facebook and Twitter is going to comply with the Democrats and globalists demanding that they act as their authoritarian tools to censor their political opposition.
That's right, that's all the Democrats did was sit there and say, we can censor you, we can ban you, we can take your companies over if you don't do what we say.
And now I know the rock and the hard place, why suddenly Dorsey, who's been somewhat pro-censorship, is suddenly no, no, no, because he now gets there about to take him over.
And what we saw was kind of a black and white night and day between Twitter and Facebook.
Now, both were being pressured by the Democrats in Congress to essentially do their bidding and start removing political opponents and conservatives off of Facebook or Twitter.
But what was interesting was that Sheryl Sandberg, the representative from Facebook,
Literally sounds like the most authoritarian big brother, I call her big mother now, that I've ever heard.
It was just so creepy to hear her talking about the tactics and how serious they are about trying to remove quote-unquote fake news.
Well, we all know fake news is just as arbitrary.
Well that's right, they also said the same thing about, your Skype's breaking up for a moment, about quote, hate speeches, whatever they want, and they were really coming after Jack Dorsey, threatening, well you're selling opiates on there, we could federalize you right away.
So clearly, I only found that Senator Cotton got it right, in the Senate, when he brought up, hey, you don't even let our own military work with Google, you don't even, Google's moved to China, and notice Google wasn't there, very conspicuously that Google is completely globalist.
Yeah, Google was a no-show, essentially.
But what's interesting is that Jack Dorsey actually stated on the record that his parents are Republican and Democrat, so he grew up in a household that was a little bit more open to political idea, and he kind of sees Twitter as something being like that along those lines.
He mentioned that it's a neutral public forum, which is key.
He said it's a commons, which is the law.
I gotta say, not just because he kept us on Twitter, but because I'm not defending some of his censorship, but what he was saying was true, that we're at public commons like a park.
I mean, he was actually saying what the law is.
Well, what it is, is he knows that he doesn't want to lose his Section 203 immunities under the Communications Act, which grants him the right to be able to have content posted by third parties and not be liable for it.
To not be sued over slander or something.
He gets the setup.
He gets the setup.
Because the Democrats admit they plan to get in and take the internet over.
Exactly, and the thing with Facebook and Zuckerberg, Ted Cruz was trying to get him to pin down whether he was going to take the opinion or the position of a neutral public forum or as a political person expressing their own political bias because they know that if they take a stance in either of those directions, then they're not going to be able to try and straddle and do the globalist bidding by being authoritarians.
Because essentially you can't try and ban conservatives and then try and say you're a neutral public forum, see, but they don't want to go the political bias route because they don't want to be investigated for campaign financing for the Democrats by essentially allowing Democrat public opinion to take over social media, their campaign.
And it's already happened and the investigations have started and InfoWars' greatest work
Longwooddrugsreport.com's greatest work in the last year has been forcing this out in the open.
Now the debate has started, but Millie, what you said is critical.
Google didn't show up because they're multinational, they've already moved to China, they're super arrogant.
Congress, if they were smart, instead of sitting there doing, you know, when somebody interrupted one of the hearings, one of the congressmen did his auctioneer.
Instead, they should have just had a Google assistant there, sitting there, and then asked Google assistant questions.
Exactly, and what's interesting about these hearings is that these hearings are our own congressmen and women who have sold out to the globalists, primarily mostly Democrats, but also Republicans just like Marco Rubio, essentially pressuring social media big tech to do their bidding for them, acting as censors or authoritarian type regimes and saying that if you don't, we'll take you over.
Yeah, they're threatening to split them up, but what they're threatening is we'll split you up and control social media so that we can act as authoritarians if you're not going to do it for us.
That's not really what Trump had in mind when he's talking about splitting up big tech, but we're seeing that it's a double-edged sword here because if the Democrats were to be in power and were to be regulating
And let me break this down for people.
You just said it perfectly clear, but I'll say it again and again and again.
People go, Alex, aren't you a libertarian?
You don't want regulation.
The First Amendment is a positive regulation saying you cannot infringe on it.
It's there.
So we need to have that enforced by the Republicans and Libertarians and Conservatives leaving a vacuum.
The CHICOMS, the authoritarian EU, the Democrats.
With Senator Warner's thing he put out six weeks ago saying, we're going to federalize Google and Facebook because you won't censor, and Twitter.
And only Twitter said, no, we're not doing that.
I can't believe I'm defending Twitter, but this pack of people, they are the best right now.
And they have that survey, that internal survey that came out where 22% of Twitter says ban Alex Jones and Twitter employees.
It's 70 plus percent of Apple.
So Apple is authoritarian and you're right.
Senator Warren and Obama behind the scenes have shedded up with big tech to ban me and then ban everybody else.
And so it's not regulation, it's Trump not letting them discriminate and not letting them come in and ban people for their political views.
It's the opposite of regulation.
It's stopping regulations.
Exactly, and what I will say is that I pulled a couple clips and put them aside, maybe the producers can play them for us when we come back on the other side of this break, of Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook, because some of the things that she says in this hearing on public record are so authoritarian, it literally sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie.
She sounds like that big alien insect queen from the series V. It's just beyond creepy, Alex.
No, you're right.
When we come back from break, we'll play those and then take calls.
Because I was sitting in the hearing room when she would say this, Stephanie.
It's like, we will look at that, we are scanning that, and we'll ban all of that.
We are in control.
Yes, we're using psychological algorithms to control them.
And you're just like, my God.
These people have created a whole new communication system.
We've all opted into it, and now they're selectively kicking us out and saying, oh, and we're going to kick you off the internet completely.
And we've got your banking records.
And we're tracking what you're doing in real time.
And you will submit.
And we've got Antifa on the street ready to hit you in the head with a club or bike lock or stab you.
If you dare say no, then you become prominent and speak out.
We'll just indict you as a Russian.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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And that's why you've been on the team, supporting us, praying for us, and spreading the word.
You are the Infowar.
And now, because of their intensifying censorship, it's more important than ever
We're good.
I don't know.
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You are the resistance to globalism.
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And many others are across the world.
We are the future.
We are the renaissance.
And we are winning.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Millie Weaver, InfoWars.com roving reporter.
We're going to go to your phone calls here in a few minutes, but she was covering and following the hearings in D.C.
and how Orwellian they were.
Set up these clips we're about to play of the head spokesperson of Facebook, Zuckerberg's minion.
I'm Facebook's chief operating officer.
And basically during the hearing yesterday where they were talking about foreign interference on social media and how that plays out with our elections, she goes on the most tyrannical authoritarian tirade and power trip.
It's pretty amazing to see.
So we pulled a couple of clips from this eight hour long hearing for you guys.
These are just little minute excerpts.
I wanted to go to clip number two first where she goes on her power trip and basically says,
Well, you know what, let the clip speak for itself.
Here it is.
Our efforts in recent elections from Germany to Italy to Mexico to the Alabama Special Senate election show us that the investments we are making are yielding results.
Right there, she's admitting to the fact that social media plays a major role in our elections and she's actually talking about how in other countries they're using their tools, algorithms, AI, shadow banning, to influence elections in other countries.
But don't worry, she's doing it on behalf of Big Brother, Big Authoritarian Government, and she'll take commands from the Democrat globalists that are in office.
I mean, if that doesn't creep you out, I don't know what does, Alex.
And it's in the WikiLeaks and everywhere else that they're interfacing with the executives in real time and taking bad Hillary results out, you name it.
Any populist, any nationalist, they're all being removed and being force-fed from Brazil to Germany.
They're trying to stop populist candidates, trying to stop the will of the people.
This is truly an authoritarian group of criminals.
Let's continue.
We cannot stop interference by ourselves.
We're working with outside experts, industry, partners, and governments, including law enforcement.
Hit pause again.
We cannot stop interference with their plan, which is getting our guns, breaking up our families, doing all this.
And prevent abuse.
We're getting better at finding and stopping our opponents, from financially motivated troll farms to sophisticated military intelligence operations.
We don't have access to the intelligence government have access to.
So we don't always know exactly who is behind these attacks or their motives.
And that's why we will continue working closely with law enforcement.
Chairman Burr, I want to thank you for your leadership.
Vice Chairman Warner, I want to thank you for your white paper, which has so many ideas on how we can work together to strengthen our defense.
Let's stop again.
That's the white paper he put out six weeks ago calling for me to be banned and calling for crushing conservatives.
And then Senator Wyden and Senator Murphy said that's not enough.
So that's him with a white paper threatening to federalize Google, Facebook, Apple, if they don't start censoring.
And then two weeks later, two weeks later to the day.
Today's the 6th.
It was on the 6th of last month, the 6th of August, now the 6th of September,
That they de-platformed our 5 million views on our own channels on YouTube, our 5 million followers on Facebook, our 16 million people subscribed on our iTunes.
All of it, blown away.
Because of his paper, and what he wrote, and when you've researched it, it's horrifying, as Millie Weaver was just saying, to watch them admitting it all, Millie, that's what's crazy, is to watch how they have their own corporate speak, and it's all out in the open.
Exactly, and the fact that she's talking about how they're trying to prevent foreign interference in our elections, but she's demonstrating and talking about how they, Facebook, are taking it upon themselves to then meddle in elections and give the result that our government officials in the Democrat Party or the globalist movers and shakers want them to make.
So she's actually admitting that by preventing foreign interference from Russians or whatever else, she's going to take it upon herself as a Facebook executive to make sure that they get the results that the globalists want.
I mean, that's so scary right there, and everyone in America should be terrified that we're hearing this go down.
In history, in hearings before Congress right now.
Another thing that's really telling and terrifying is that remember how I told you Alex how Facebook was planning to start implementing government issued ID verification programs on their platforms?
Well she actually announces that but she announces that they're going to be starting with people who have large pages and large followings.
And that's what clip number one is about.
It's her announcing it.
They get financially tied into your bank account.
That's the Chinese social score, or known in the Book of Revelations as the Mark of the Beast, because hypothetically, you could totally control populations with that.
And again, Millie Weaver's on fire right now.
We're going to go to your calls next segment, and the next segment after that.
But this is what's happened.
This is such a critical time.
This is their takeover.
And we know they want to ban Christians, conservatives, nationalists, free market folks.
This is their evil.
Takeover, like Mark Zuckerberg said, thank God our users are so stupid, they're such dumb F's.
So, we told you this was coming, now it's been announced.
They're fusing everything in to turn you off.
You'll all just submit, but they're always going to raise the bar of how you've got to submit to this system of pure evil.
So let's go ahead and go to that clip.
... incentives to create it, and we're limiting the distribution it gets on Facebook.
We demote articles rated by third-party fact-checkers as false.
Start over again.
This is so important.
Southern Poverty Law Center, half-billion dollars offshore, works for Soros, Soros Media Matters, total criminal organization on record that admits they lie and sabotage, CNN and other criminal system, criminal news network.
And again, though we use third parties.
Well, hell, I can go start some third party and say this lady is a, you know, child molester.
Doesn't mean she's a child molester.
I can say she was, you know, Mother Teresa, too, with a third party site.
That's not true either.
Instead, she's just a corporate witch.
But this is what we see is these cold-blooded monsters using technology against people and building this digital gulag that Matt Drudge warned of.
Let's continue.
We're getting rid of the economic incentives to create it, and we're limiting the distribution it gets on Facebook.
We demote articles rated by third-party fact-checkers as false.
We warn people who have shared them or who are about to share them, and we show them related articles to give them more facts.
We've also taken strong steps.
So we warn you, we watch what you're about to do in real time with AI and real people watching.
Oh, looking over your shoulder.
You're only going to make that phone call?
We're not going to send that letter?
Like, like, authoritarian regimes read your letters?
And then we financially don't let you, you know, advertise if you do that.
And then we ban you.
So again, she is just admitting flagrant authoritarianism.
And more facts.
We've also taken strong steps to prevent abuse and increase transparency in advertising.
Today on Facebook, you can go to any page and see all the ads that page is running, even if they wouldn't be shown to you.
For political and issue ads, you can also see who paid for the ads, how much was spent, and the demographics of the people who saw them.
We're also going to require people running large pages with large audiences in the United States to go through an authorization process and confirm their identity.
Boom, there you have it.
These steps won't stop everyone who's trying to gain the seat.
Okay, so this is exactly what I said was going to happen when you had me on right after InfoWars and Alex Jones' YouTube and Facebook pages got pulled from my intelligence source that was saying that this is all the plan and they're going to roll out this government-issued ID verification program for social media and they're already starting it now on Facebook, but only for pages that have large followings.
That's what she's announcing here.
And by the way, I wasn't mad at you, it's just YouTube, because it's such a, it's an eight hour clip, we can't download it and play it on the computer, our system won't do it.
So they're having to like, start and stop, and it's just, YouTube drives me crazy.
But we're playing this, and just, she makes me physically sick.
Just a corporate vampire, up there engaging in serious crime in front of everyone.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Regrets, I've had a few.
Alright, I got 20 phone calls that I want to go to, and we've got Anthony Cumia coming up to host the next hour, so let's take these calls, Millie Weaver.
But watching these hearings, and watching Senator Warner and his just authoritarian evil, and how these globalists that have sold the country out, then project onto all of us and Trump that we're Russian agents, it's sick.
And they've got Mueller 100% planning to frame me for Russia.
It's like framing me for being the Loch Ness Monster.
But they mean business, and that's how they plan to go after thousands of Americans.
They plan a whole reign of terror in America, just disappearing and arresting people once Trump's out, saying, you're with the Russians when they're the globalists that hate America.
Billy, we're going to calls.
I want you to ride shotgun with me a little bit the next hour that Anthony Comey is taking over.
We're going to go Jeremiah and Tim and Todd here in a moment.
This has gotten so epic, I don't even know what to say.
I mean, I just, it's all happening.
And imagine if we had more people like Trump in Congress.
We have so few.
Well, you know, Alex, I wonder if part of the reason the NFL ratings have dropped by 10% actually has to do with how interesting all of this political action and political hearings and debates and stuff has ramped up.
I mean, the hearings between the Kavanaugh hearings and then this Twitter, social media, Facebook hearing.
This stuff is just whip out the popcorn.
It is so interesting to watch.
And yes, some of it is infuriating to watch when you're just watching blatant liars and corrupt swamp creatures spewing their lies.
But at the same time, it's also very interesting and it's a fight for our country, really.
And so the Nike stuff is really kind of overshadowed in a lot of ways by what's going on in these hearings right now.
Well sure, and that's a 34% drop in popularity of Nike.
Billions of dollars, 3.7 billion lost just in one day.
And that's 10% drop just in the last few weeks from the NFL from the 30% drop in the two years before.
So we're almost at 40% drop.
I just think people are sick of it all, Millie, but I agree.
People are getting into politics and that's so much more interesting when it's real and it's not just two parties acting like they're opposing each other.
We're in time of major change.
Okay, let's go to who's up first here.
Is it Todd?
Is it Tim?
Is it Jeremiah?
Is it Clinton?
Let's go ahead and go to Jeremiah in Virginia.
You're on the air, Jeremiah.
Thanks for calling.
What's going on, Alex?
Crazy days, my friend.
I know.
I get you.
What I want to say is first is that I'm a Lyft driver, and I play your show all the time.
The InfoWars app is awesome, man.
I drive all the time, and people ask, what am I listening to?
And I tell them, Alex Jones.
You ever hear about it?
And some people have.
Some people haven't.
And I push it, Alex.
I do.
And that's what I'm trying to say as well, is that everybody needs to push this.
Not just you.
Not just your crew.
Everybody needs to get involved.
And, you know, back when King George, we were fighting against King George, we became together as a country.
Uh, we just, we came together and we became those Minutemen and we gotta rise up again and become those Minutemen again.
And so we all have to get involved.
And thanks to you and the crew, it's all.
Right now, because they know they're losing control.
And if you go to DC and go into those meeting rooms and look at the establishment, they are pathetic little lawyer peacocks of corruption that just want to sit up there on their little pedestal.
And you realize how pathetic they are.
God bless you.
Anything else, Jeremiah?
Yeah, I wanted to say also, I mean, Mark Warner is just, Senator, I'm in Virginia, he was my governor, and even then he wasn't a great governor.
And so I don't know, I didn't vote for him, I don't know how he got into the Senate, but it's just, man, what he's trying to do is come after you and come after the President.
They have no gain.
They have nothing to go after the President with.
Back when Clinton and Obama, think of all the things Obama and Hillary was doing, and yet they're still not in prison yet.
And yet they're trying to dig and find this information on Trump, and they got nothing.
They can't do anything.
And the thing is, Alex, is that you know how they shut you down?
If they try anything to shut down the president even more, even just when they shut down his Twitter, everybody blew up.
It's just like you said, if you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you've ever been.
And that's exactly what's going to happen to Trump.
And they can't do it.
That's even why Hayden and Panetta said, you can't get rid of Trump with an economy like this.
Don't do it.
It's even more dangerous than him.
But a bunch of them can't stop.
That's a great point.
Milly, thank you, Jeremiah.
That's a great point, though, that I've been trying to make, that even smarter members of the establishment go.
Listen, you can't take this guy out now.
What are you thinking?
There's going to be an even bigger reaction to that.
All right.
All right, Millie's having a problem with her Skype.
That's what was happening earlier that made me angry.
We're going to go back to her in just a minute as soon as it catches back up.
Let's go ahead and go to Todd in Arizona.
You're on the air with Millie Weaver and Alex Jones.
Thank you for calling, sir.
I think that the intelligence organizations have agents that are embedded in other parts of the government and also that they pay money to people in industry and in the media.
I was hoping that Trump could start to dismantle some of that government secrecy and bring transparency by
We're good to go.
That would help level the playing field.
You've got a bunch of leftists that have been in intelligence agencies that are called stay-behind networks.
So they're in the government sabotaging what Trump does.
So I think what you're getting at is how do we expose them and how do we get them to stop what they're doing and emboldening all this criminal activity.
That's a great point, Todd.
Thank you.
Millie, you were making another point.
Is your Skype back?
Go ahead.
Well, I was just going to touch on what he just said here, and really when it comes down to draining the swamp, it's just going to be a matter of exposing who these people are because it's a reality in a game that's played where a lot of times you don't know who the leakers are, you don't know necessarily who some of these swamp creatures are until it's too late, but it'll be a matter of exposing them and then doing whatever you can to either vote them out of office
Or elect officials who can appoint people in their cabinet who are going to be legitimate.
It's so dirty in Washington, though.
Here's the deal.
The New York Times is famous for fake sources.
Nikki Haley, Huntsman, yeah, they're all talking trash.
They're all swamp creatures.
They all stabbed the president in the back, behind his back, just like McMaster did.
But this New York Times thing is all the famous talking points.
You can see it's been professionally written as a talking point blueprint for the rest of fake news, just as the drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, 60 days out.
All right, let's take another phone call here as we go to break.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Montana.
You're on the air, Tim.
Thanks for holding.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I just wanted to say I am fully animated.
President Trump's going to be landing here in Billings in just a few short hours.
I'm on the phone with the tip of the spear.
Life couldn't get any better.
I mean, if you want tomorrow's news today, listen to you.
Two years ago, about this time of year, when President Trump was campaigning, you had said, we win either way.
If he gets in office and enacts his policies, we win.
And if he doesn't win, he's going to expose the corruption.
We get, I mean, we've gotten double the pot.
I mean, he won.
He's exposing the corruption.
If they move against him, there's going to be an insurrection the likes of the world has never seen.
I love his new tweet.
I didn't see this from yesterday.
I'm dreading the swamp and the swamp is trying to fight back.
Don't worry, we will win.
It's true.
I mean, it's so epic.
So I tend to get negative and get down.
But thanks to you, Chris.
Thanks to all the listeners.
Thanks to Millie and this great group putting up with me.
I think we're going to make it through it.
I think you're absolutely right.
And I think if you were listening this time last year, I was saying the polls are fake.
Trump's going to win.
Remember that?
Oh yeah.
My wife, the night of the election, she said, you know he's not going to win.
I said, you know what?
We'll see.
I said, that's not what I hear.
I said, I think he's going to win.
Well, I voted for him, but he's not going to win.
I said, we'll see.
I said, I think I think people are being misled.
You were spot on.
You know, I felt I felt like ever since I found you several years ago with an interview with Dave Mustaine, I felt like all of a sudden I've got this brother in arms that understands the world the same way I understand it.
And we're shoulder to shoulder, you know, on the on the line, getting ready to, you know, just take the truth to people.
And, you know, it's
I just, and I try to tell people this all the time, social media is satanic.
It isolates the human spirit under the guise of... Oh, even the former head of Facebook, Sean Parker, said it's designed to make you depressed under their control.
So break free!
Go to your own public meetings.
Go to Congress yourself.
You know, go in the hearings yourself.
Talk to the news cameras yourself.
Do your own streams.
You're leaders.
You are the answer.
God bless you.
We'll come back.
Thanks, Tim and Montana.
We'll come back with more calls.
There's a paradox he made me think of that I had in my mind and it left me, but there's a real paradox here that we need to talk about.
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Go ahead.
Alex, last night I was on with Laura Ingram and I had done the Alex Jones Show yesterday.
I'd done the War Room.
She's not on until 9.40 Central.
That's 10.40 Eastern.
I was exhausted.
I popped two Brain Force Plus and I was good as new.
I mean, it really is mentally stabilized, mentally energizing.
Tonight, I'm on with Tucker Carlson.
Same thing.
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Believe me.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Eric in Montana says drain the swamp before the midterms.
I agree.
Trump has to strike back hard.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Chris says Trump needs a game plan.
I mean he needs to be addressing the nation say every Wednesday night and just laying it out not just in tweets.
He needs to fire up his notes, get in there, do 30 minutes,
And have five or six people come in and sit down from business or life or teachers or military and talk to them about what they want unscripted and just say, what do you want?
You want prosperity and freedom or you want this evil?
But man, the swamp is fighting back so hard right now.
And when they take Trump out of their successful, they plan to take everything else out.
They're going to end it all.
All right, let's go ahead and
Talk to Eric in Montana.
You're on the air with Millie Weaver.
Go ahead.
Hello, sir.
I've got my Trump shirt on, getting ready to go see him here in a couple hours.
And I just wanted to say that if the criminals do not go to jail, the swamp will never be drained.
That's right.
And the criminals are so emboldened and so arrogant.
If there is no justice, then the corruption will keep going and going and going forever.
Well, how does he drain the swamp?
He's fighting hard right now, and he thought if he turned the economy back on, people would get behind him, which they have partially, but that's only made the swamp fight harder, knowing their time is almost over.
It's like you said, I mean, no quarters are being given.
I mean, he gave them a chance.
They're not taking it.
It's time to use the justice system, and if there is no rule of law, you know, if these special people have their own
Just a system that protects them instead of serves the rest of us, then there is no justice.
God bless you, Eric.
I appreciate your call.
Milly, you want to comment before we go to Chris?
Yeah, you know, when Trump's when we read Trump's tweet about draining the swamp, I just visualized Trump running around like Ghostbusters trying to fight the swamp creatures and then fighting back just like in the Ghostbusters movie.
We need to do like a little take on it like Swamp Busters or something because it's just it's
Washington is so inundated with these swamp creatures.
It's just so slimy and grimy.
He needs to go in there with like a roto-rooter or something.
It's gonna be a big task and he needs our help as well.
He can't just do it on his own.
Well, you know, they just intimidate other people who aren't even inherently evil.
They just threaten them, the people that work in D.C., and they just roll over and try to play both sides.
We've just raised a generation of yes-men, and we've got to bring back the old leadership, the old classic men that do what's right, women that do what's right.
We're doing it together, like you said.
Chris in Tennessee, go ahead, you're on the air.
Anthony Comey is coming up.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going?
Man, I had an epic day yesterday, but it got crowned off with some unbelievable stuff I can't get into yet, so just stay tuned for that.
But the Swamp is launching its counteroffensive like Jeb Dietrich at the Battle of the Bulge.
Oh man, I look up to you so much.
So I guess real quick, I have a two-part question, but just to say first, I've been raised on you, Alex.
My dad was big into you.
We buy your products, even lately.
I love the Brain Force Plus.
Love it all, man.
And I guess my main question is, when it comes to Trump and then the censorship you guys are facing, which is outrageous, I was wondering, you announced you're going on Rogan.
I was wondering what we can expect from that.
And the first part is, what's your game plan you're going to try to get across on that platform as far as the censorship and Trump's removal?
And the second part of the question is, do you think YouTube will ban Joe?
Do you think they'll remove that video?
No, I mean, I think they know that'll be too obvious, because Joe has one of the biggest shows for terrestrial TV, radio, you name it.
And when I was on, like, 45 million viewers, that was the biggest podcast he ever had up until that date.
And he's had a few that were bigger now.
So we're going to see what happens.
It's in late September.
We haven't nailed down the exact date.
But that's going to be coming up.
But stay there, Chris, when you get a final comment, along with Millie, before we hand the baton to Anthony Cumia, who has really wound
I want to finish up with you and all the other callers.
Boy, there's Matthew and Lance and Robert and Ethan and everybody else and Dan and Larry and Joan.
I want to try to get to you, but the problem is time.
We'll be right back.
We may be able to get to some more.
Let me talk to Anthony Cunha of Compound Medium.
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I need it!
All right, Anthony Cooming up, Compound Media.
Banned from Terrestrial Radio because he's number one.
Banned from XM because he's number one.
Because he wasn't a... He said it was wrong to kill cops.
He said people shooting cops in the back of the head are animals.
And then he got banned.
They're like, oh, you're being racist.
I don't care if you're white or black.
If you shoot anybody in the back of the head, you're worse than animals.
It's like calling MS-13 animals.
They go, how dare you?
They're God's children.
I don't care if it's the KKK killing somebody or MS-13.
You know, they're animals.
Or worse than animals.
But he's taking over here in just a minute.
I wanted to finish up with Chris.
I mean, Chris was getting into a Trump game plan.
Millie, what do you think Trump should do with 60 days left here?
Well, I think he really needs to desperately drain the swamp, and it's not going to be easy.
But if he doesn't do it, the swamp's going to start to drain him and the people around him.
I mean, I don't know if you noticed this.
I'm sure everyone else has noticed that there seems to be an unequal application of the law and justice, where anyone who's a Democrat or globalist
By the way, all he says in 2003, he was working at the White House, that
Roe v. Wade wasn't settled yet.
Well, it wasn't settled at that time.
Since then, they've had it all litigated out.
It's been settled, at least at that point.
And then the other one was him, you know, talking about how they make race the only thing for an applicant.
He said it ought to be a wide spectrum of things, which I think we all agree with.
So even these secret documents they leaked, you know, why doesn't Trump release all the stuff on Hillary and just get it out of the way?
I agree.
You drain the swamp by releasing all the documents on Hillary, on the former head of the FBI, on Mueller.