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Name: 20180829_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 29, 2018
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A group of individuals are planning a rally or event to defend free speech and combat online censorship, emphasizing the use of physical protests and alternative communication channels. The proposed event may involve various conservative figures. In this broadcast, Alex Jones and David Knight discuss how the US government is creating a war with Iran to justify its military budget and how major platforms such as YouTube and Facebook are censoring alternative media sources in an attempt to control information and suppress dissenting viewpoints. Roger Stone announces that President Trump has taken action against obstacles to declassifying government documents, which may result in increased violence from the left.

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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
President Trump, we are almost to the halfway mark, and by all accounts, you've got to double down.
It's blatantly obvious to most Americans that Congress isn't a bipartisan democracy.
Congress is actually two corporacratic wolves fighting over what's for dinner.
We see their culture of corruption, cronyism, and incompetence at work.
People say it's because the Democratic Party, of which you're a leader, has no message.
Your only message is anti-Trump.
No, that isn't true.
First of all, let me just say, these are four races we would never have chosen to go into.
They were chosen by Donald Trump.
Please God, let Nancy Pelosi continue to be the voice of the Democratic Party for the midterm elections, because it's the best thing that the Republicans could possibly have.
And all we need to do is take her words, put it on television, and play it over and over again.
The Democrats are already circulating a list of 100 potential investigations of the Trump presidency to fuel the frenzy in their base.
Axios reports that some of the investigations, based on requests for inquiries made by Democrats while in the minority, include President Trump's tax returns, Trump family business, and whether they comply with the Constitution's emoluments clause, including the Chinese trademark grant to the Trump organization.
Trump's dealing with Russia, including the president's preparation for his meeting with Vladimir Putin, the payment to Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels and James Comey's firing, the same monotone nothing burger investigations that have attempted to suck all of the air out of the first two years of the Trump presidency, but failed.
Made in America is back.
Now, some people would say, Made in the USA.
I personally don't care.
The fact is, we're back.
We have 400,000 new manufacturing jobs.
Our opponent said that could never happen.
It has happened, and we're going to develop a lot more in a very short period of time.
So, Made in the USA, Made in America, it's back.
We all know they are simply trying to distract from the potential firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FISA rat Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who have stalled on a motherlode of investigations that could force a seismic shift in the District of Criminals.
Congress is now split into two camps, pro-America and pro-Deep State.
The threat of Sessions' firing brought the Deep State defenders out of the woodwork.
Bizarrely, there are people in this body now talking like the Attorney General will be fired, should be fired.
I'm not sure how to interpret the comments of the last couple of hours, but I guess I would just like to say as a member of the Judiciary Committee and as a member of this body, I find it really difficult to envision any circumstance where I would vote to confirm a successor to Jeff Sessions if he is fired because he's executing his job.
We're still there?
Would you try to help him with that?
With firing Jeff Sessions?
No, because he would have a nightmare on his hands in politics.
It's very, very different in politics, Anna, than it is in business.
If Jeff Sessions was the general counsel for the Trump Organization, it's a totally different set of personnel decisions than if Jeff Sessions is his cabinet member.
And there are those that have begun to grow a spine.
I think there will come a time, sooner rather than later, where it will be time to have a new face and a fresh voice at the Department of Justice.
Replacing him before the election, to me, would be a non-starter.
But the idea of having a new Attorney General in the first term of President Trump's administration, I think is very likely.
I understand the President inherited a system that likes to give no one anything.
I often say that the most highly classified thing there is anywhere in Washington is embarrassment.
This Attorney General unfortunately has been disengaged for his entire tenure as Attorney General with the exception of his work on bringing down the gangs and enforcing our immigration law.
They have allowed all the crimes against Trump, all the crimes against America, all the illegal spying, all the illegal warrants, all the fake Russiagate garbage.
They've indicted three members of the House to try to win the election for stuff that's not even criminal.
Flying their daughter's pet rabbit, buying members of the staff dinner on campaign funds, totally normal.
When Obama laundered $84 million, it's all unfolding.
As evidence on Hillary continues to pile up, like it recently did after Judicial Watch uncovered even more fumbling with our national security, it is abundantly clear there isn't any justice being... That's right.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Patrick, in the great nation of Australia, you're on the air worldwide.
Thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, mate.
I've been following you since I was 14, and I'm 32 now.
I remember back when InfoWars and Prison Planet, it was just blue text on a white screen, and I had to load down the page on my dial-up internet, and I thought it was pretty cool, and read all the books, and seen all the DVDs, and followed all your guests.
And I've been using your product since the first iteration of Survival Shield.
And since then, I'm on the X2, the Super Male Vitality, the Caveman, the Real Red Pill, Micro ZX Body.
It's all amazing.
Yeah, and I wanted to say that by following you so much, it's like you're just detoxing the mind, you're detoxing the body, you're detoxing the spirit.
Thank you, brother.
And it's just the more you know God, the more you fear God, but the more you chase God.
And I wanted to say that it's an honor to stand side by side
You, the crew, and the listeners out there.
1770 is worldwide.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
You probably heard recently many of the biggest tech companies joined in a coordinated effort to censor content from broadcaster Alex Jones.
They're never gonna remove him.
That's crazy.
That's too far.
This isn't about Alex Jones.
This is about freedom.
Trump's election and Alex Jones' popularity are merely symptoms of a corrupt and failed status quo.
You have about 800 million followers.
That's why you're banned.
Media censorship!
Virtually every day, the big tech companies censor someone else whose political opinions they disagree with.
Facebook censored our free speech.
And shame on the ones that don't even see that we have been censored.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
They've broken their algorithm to try to steal this election.
And now they're down to the last corners of the internet.
Oh no, conservatives can speak to one another.
We must shut it off.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
You can't stop them from knowing that.
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas.
resistance against a global corporate combine.
Empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big mega banks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt to overcome subversion paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
And now when the
The Megaton hits us of the total takeover.
We try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
Total Internet of Things integration, global social score, complete command and control system.
It is the virtual reality AI weapon system.
Now attacking the United States with traitors inside the major security agencies, blocking Trump's resistance of the program, and attempting to stop us from removing the tentacles of the Chai Com slash Big Tech hanging combine emergency situation.
I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this information and have been battering, ramming it out as much as I can.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception, where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children and is against these wars, and so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones!
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and is being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this key will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission!
Now break free!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
69 days.
69 days.
Huge breaking news coming up.
But first, this is why they hate us.
This is why they want to shut us down.
Certainly for some, Alex Jones can be scary and abrasive.
But if you can get through all that to explore what he has been saying, to see for yourself what it is that the establishment wants to hide from you, then the information you find could be life-changing.
He predicted 9-11.
And if there was an outside threat like a Bin Laden, who was a known CIS in the 80s, he's the boogeyman they need in this Orwellian phony system.
He exposed the cremation of care ceremony at Bohemian Grove.
Babylon Mystery Religion Ceremony!
He educated us about the relationship between the Third Reich and modern globalism.
Prison planet dominated by a ruthless gang of control freaks.
He helped reveal the so-called Bilderberg Group et al.
And most of you are a bunch of stinkin' parasites!
He was the loudest voice reporting on the union between the Communist Chinese and Silicon Valley.
They falsely edited him.
They lie about his reporting of Sandy Hook.
They lie that he pushed a child down in a viral video.
And now he is being deplatformed by Facebook, Apple, and Google.
Private companies are being harassed and encouraged to stop doing business with him.
And then we get hit and say, you don't want to use our software.
YouTubers are being censored for talking about him.
We just got taken down by YouTube.
They just killed our stream.
And some Americans are actually celebrating this.
This is America in 2018.
Will you sit by and allow liberty and freedom to be taken away right before your eyes?
Will you do nothing?
While history is being recorded, will you sit and do nothing?
Or will you do your own research, discover the truth, and stand for freedom?
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I'm standing in this briefing room right now.
There is no government official here.
But I'll say that the press is not the enemy of the people.
But I'll say that the press is not the enemy of the people.
The press is not the enemy of the people.
The press is not the enemy of the people.
They came in peace.
Maybe we should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue like these folks who chant CNN sucks and fake news.
Maybe we should go out, all journalists should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue and chant we're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
This is CNN.
And this is The InfoWar.
Paul Watson has done something very, very special that he and I worked on yesterday that he hammered out this morning.
And if you want to win the war against the globalists, if you want to defeat the New World Order, you want to flood every talk show with this, you want to flood the White House, you want to flood every member of Congress and every member of your state legislature, it is now being reported by Politico the President is looking at Sherman Antitrust Act Section 2.
Unfair trade practices, discrimination, racketeering.
Oh, and I forgot.
Lying to Congress.
They had the presidents and vice presidents of the tech companies say that no one's being shadow banned.
We have executives from those companies caught on tape saying it is.
And I'm told more tapes are coming out.
That everyone held back so they could lie to Congress?
The report's on InfoWars.com.
Oh, and it's coffin nails to tyranny.
The social media purge of conservatives is a giant election meddling scheme.
If you want to defeat the globalists, you go to InfoWars.com and you hammer this report out to the four corners of this planet.
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Let's go ahead and talk to Make America Great Again, Titan!
You're on the air, go ahead.
The man, the truth, the resistance, Alex Jones.
I am a Hispanic Trump supporter slash InfoWarrior.
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And how people can go against the true resistance.
They're going to learn soon that they're on the wrong side of history.
And that's why we're the right.
We're not the alt-right, we're just right.
And I've got to say, I started Titans of Liberty's Truth Wars because of you, Alex.
You are a big inspiration to me.
You're the real deal.
If anybody's listening right now, Alex Jones is the real deal.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
69 days, ladies and gentlemen.
69 days until the most important election in world history.
The planet is at a crossroads.
It is undoubted.
The globals are trying to shut this nation down.
We are struggling as hard as we can to expose their operations.
It is a neck-and-neck battle, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, coming up next segment,
I am going to get into information that is just staggeringly important to the future of this country and to winning these midterms and the fact that the Democrats are trying to manipulate the outcome of the election.
And I'm going to go through the fact that we should be rejoicing that it's an amazing, amazing time to be alive right now in that
Trump is awake to the censorship, to the total attack on our free civilization, and is fighting back, and you're fighting back, in this broadcast, and DrudgeReport.com.
This broadcast, our audience who are activists, and DrudgeReport.com, we're the only group, in a prominent way, in the last year, showing how Infowars was being set up for takedown, and that everybody else will be taken down right after us, which is now happening.
So thank God for that, and our prayers are definitely being answered, but God helps those that help themselves.
So thank you all.
We're not over the hump yet, but we are rolling this bowler up, and you can see the top.
I mean, this is a big, big deal.
The main article I'm going to read is on Infowars.com.
The Social Media Person of the Conservatives is a Giant Election Meddling Scheme.
Now I know you know that.
The public is slow to pick up on this, and it's massive, it's coordinated, and they've all perjured themselves to Congress because we have the WikiLeaks with Facebook and Google colluding for Hillary, and saying they delivered the election to her.
And then we have them lying about shadowbanning and lying about everything else, and they're still doing it.
And now the CEO of Google is refusing to testify.
So that's all coming up.
But first, I didn't get to this yesterday, so I want to air it now because it's important.
It's Mark Penn, political strategist.
And Polster warned Silicon Valley censorship could have big influence on the elections.
And you're like, that's Tucker Carlson.
You're like, Alex, we know this.
I know, but the president, Washington Tucker Carlson, is having an effect, and now the media is trying to spin it, the controlled media, that Trump's crazy.
That's the CNN headline yesterday.
Trump conspiracy theory thinks the news is gamed, and Google manipulates search results.
The first 20, 30, 40 pages are nothing but anti-Trump, anti-Alex Jones, anti-America, anti-French, telling us the economy isn't good, you name it.
I mean, it's crazy.
And the president is absolutely right about this in a big way.
They're just debunking Donald Trump's latest conspiracy theory on Google.
Even CNN reporters that have called for me and everybody else to be banned, that they don't agree with, then the same reporter the next day writes articles saying, we're insane, it doesn't exist.
They just change the subject back onto
Is it true?
Is it happening?
Remember all the years?
Oh, there's no world government.
Oh, there's no plan to break up the family.
There's no plan to do this and that.
And then you'd have all their documents, all their admissions.
You'd have them at UN meetings admitting it, EU meetings.
It's crazy.
I mean, this is like going to the zoo and you see an elephant and you go, there's an elephant.
And your parents go, no, you're a conspiracy theorist.
It's like, well, that's big ears.
That's a trunk.
It's gray.
It's walking around.
It's big.
That looks like a tiger over there.
It's got black and orange stripes and weighs a thousand pounds or whatever.
And you're like, nope.
Nope, it's not a tiger.
Go ahead and climb in there and grab by the tail and see what happens.
But I want to play this Tucker Carlson piece right now really uninterrupted because it's so important.
Here it is.
I'm fascinated by the Alex Jones story because it was Alex Jones.
Almost no conservatives rose to his defense because the idea was, well, Alex Jones, ew, yuck.
But it's not really about Alex Jones, is it?
It's about the idea that companies can make it impossible for your voice to be heard.
Is that a precedent we should be comfortable with?
Well, I really think you have to be worried about Big Tech becoming Big Brother.
Because these used to be neutral platforms that said, we're open to free expression, that's our core value.
And now they've said, well, not so much.
With particularly Facebook hiring 10,000 new censors on top of another 10,000, and having roving censoring bots looking for content.
Look, I never read Alex Jones.
But here's somebody with millions of followers, publicly accountable for his speech,
Operating within Supreme Court standards, yanked from the media.
That's a surprise to me.
That says that these platforms are no longer as open as they presented themselves to be.
And it's not just him.
There are many like him who've been yanked.
Lesser known, but still.
So this has political implications.
You ran and managed campaigns for so long.
This must have occurred.
A lot of our political debate takes place on social media platforms.
So if they clamp down on one side of the debate, why wouldn't that influence an election's outcome?
Well obviously it could have a big influence on elections.
Increasingly because where people turn for their news is that they look at the news feeds that are run by the major social media companies.
And so they're more powerful than any TV station, more powerful than Fox.
Right, because of the amount of time that people spend, and it's a funnel.
So if you're not at the top, you don't get seen.
And so, in the past, they had some neutral ways of doing this, but now they've increasingly applied still more mysterious algorithms, plus individual censors.
And remember, they're private platforms, they say, so they're not actually subject to the First Amendment, unless we get some legislation here that says free speech is an Internet right.
Totally meaningless.
If I own a toll road, I can't say anyone of a certain race can't drive on my toll road.
And so, they're not actually fully private companies.
We have a public interest, I would say, in keeping them free and open.
Why aren't, if you cared about the integrity of our elections, why isn't Congress acting?
I don't know why Congress isn't acting.
Part of it is because to stand up to a social media company means you could have 5 million people on your doorstep the next day.
So I think there's been a lot of intimidation in Congress instead of bipartisan agreement that, hey, we cannot have this kind of regulation of speech where whoever runs one of the big platforms can pick out speech, which speech goes and which speech doesn't.
When they've been exempted from the libel laws, when they've been set up as open platforms, and they now become media companies instead.
And that's exactly what's happened.
They become media companies that take ads on the media that they run, and they have editors and algorithms and bots that run it.
I really believe that 10 years from now, this segment, what you just said, will be seen as prescient.
I mean, I think it's a big story that's being ignored by virtually everyone for reasons I don't fully understand.
Maybe you're right, it's cowardice, but it shouldn't be.
Mark Penn is a former top strategist for the Clintons, and he's a classical liberal.
You heard him say, Jones is held to the standard, you can take him to court.
But he's being selectively hit, and it's setting the precedent where they have their cake and eat it too.
They say they're a big
The platform, like Commons, they say they're a monopoly.
They're giving that protection under federal law.
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Safe Harbor, DMCA, a bunch of other things.
I know I live under it with InfoWars.com.
We're commoners on InfoWars.
I'm not liable for what they say.
So, they're now though having their cake and eating it too.
And they're having all these former Democrats come in and censor and control.
Then what they do is they build a straw man of what I've said that, ooh, it's this Alex Jones, yuck, he's a bad guy.
And then smother the real Alex Jones so I can't respond to what they're doing.
And as Tucker said, what you just heard was pure Veritas.
That's what's going on and it can deliver 5 million votes easily to the Democrats and steal these elections for the illegal aliens, folks voting on the names of dead people.
This is the 2018 issue.
If Trump doesn't get on top of this, we're gonna lose.
Hey, have you heard?
InfoWars is getting banned across the internet.
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
They're all censoring us.
I need you to share these links to the videos and the websites and the stories at InfoWars.com immediately.
And remember, if you can hear my voice, you are the revolution.
The year is 1995, and InfoWars launches the last of America's counter-globalist probes.
In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems and returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Transdimensionally, over the space-time continuum, through full space.
Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned a hundred years ago, twenty years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling.
Tomorrow's news, today.
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He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Chaos is hanging around.
A tree to the ground.
Shut up from the sound.
The death machine ain't slowing down.
It's gaining power.
All right.
There's a way to beat the globalists, but people have to be serious.
They have to be adults.
They have to know what's going on.
And they have to understand the true criminal nature of the Democrats and the foreign corporations and the communist Chinese that empower them.
These are the most psychotic, sociopathic, vicious, hateful, dishonorable, dishonest,
Truly wicked people who hate America and hate your family and just viciously have a total will to dominate and run your life.
They are eugenicists to destroy the family, to make you totally depressed, to take everything away from you and then put you into a virtual reality where they can steal your soul.
They are completely turned over to what can only be called the devil.
Whether you believe in that as a spiritual force or an archetype, it's real.
It's going on.
They're setting up a world government plan.
They're bringing in a one world government, Mark of the Beast, with digital control, where if you don't play by their rules, you have a world social score and then you are devalued on that social score until you starve to death on the street and everyone else shuns you through peer pressure and you starve to death.
That is now being announced by Facebook, that they are launching the Communist Chinese social score.
I was the first person in modern history, on a wide scale, who was prominent, to be shadow banned, and to have the Western governments promote it as a good thing, and then to be completely de-personed.
First they demonized me, to set the precedent, to build a straw man to get you to go along with it, so that you would shun me,
And then as soon as, within a week and a half, of people not raising a big alarm, except for Matt Drudge and Tucker Carlson and the President, it happened to tens of thousands of prominent people, and now it's being reported millions of conservatives, libertarians, nationalists.
You can't say something pro-Trump.
You can't say something pro-gun.
You can't say something pro-America.
Ninth Circuit's ruled you can't wear American flags in public schools on the West Coast.
They mean business across every level.
So, they're here.
The mark of the beast is now here.
World government is now here in your face.
With a scientific, one-world system, using a digital mark of your internet ID that will be biometrically based on face scans and hand scans,
Mark of the head, mark of the hand.
2,000 years later, coming true.
No one can deny it.
Prophecy is being fulfilled.
And it also says the church will fall away and will accept the mark of the beast.
Most people will accept the mark of the beast because they'll believe, you know, that it isn't actually happening.
Because the churches aren't churches.
They've been federalized.
They've been globalized.
They've been put under 501c3, so they won't tell you.
In fact, I predict soon, the people will be taking communion and giving to the offering plate with a hand scan.
Mark my words, within two years, you will see people... In fact, I bet it's already going on.
I never thought of that.
Search engine.
Church takes digital payments with biometrics.
That people will go into church and go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Have to put down their hand or have a face scan to buy or sell.
Facebook is using face scanning for a decade now all over the country to tie it into your bank account to control everything.
The driverless cars.
Robots making hamburgers.
Robots, you know, killing lionfish in the Mediterranean.
Killing lionfish in the Caribbean.
Robots doing everything.
This is the program.
This is the operation.
Oh, there it is!
Three ways churches can use biometrics to increase security.
Oh, okay, I'm sorry.
They've got them to get in the door and they've got them to make their payments.
So, sure enough, I guess they're giving their offering plates up with that system.
So that's what's going on here, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what's happening.
And everything you do is already tracked.
And it's beyond Big Brother.
Now you can have world leaders in the future projected 20, 30, 50 feet high in town's commons as giant holograms speaking to you and telling you about the world government.
The Bible says there'll be 20 and 30 foot holograms in the world capitals, in Jerusalem, in Rome, in other areas of the world leader and the beast
This logo creature, that's described like a machine, basically like Megatron, that's how the Bible describes it, this big metal angel creature, will be projected everywhere in the world at the same time, and will tell you to submit.
It'll have all the high technology, life extension, it'll have everything.
You've just got to get down and worship it, and accept its politics, and do what it says, and it's going to watch you omnipresently, artificially with the tech, to make sure you submit.
And if you don't submit, well, you'll be downgraded.
And at first, it'll be easy to get a five-star.
You don't have to do much.
But soon, it'll be more and more and more, and then very few will have five stars.
It'll be totally coveted.
The new Hollywood power.
Even world leaders won't have five stars.
Oh, the people that do will be like Dalai Lama-like people.
Oh, you want that five-star, don't you?
Because if you don't have it, you'll be cut off from the entertainment, jobs, everything.
This is their system!
And we've been warned thousands of years ago.
If you read Ezekiel, and you read Daniel, and you read Revelation, all written within 3,000 years of themselves.
Ezekiel says these big rings of fire come down and land, and these dudes with blue helmets on, that's how it's described in the Hebrew, come off, and they tell him, they say, take this, and then they take this thing they're told, and then it downloads all the information into them, and they all said the same thing.
World government, marks in the hands, marks in the head, don't take it.
Once you all get rigged up to this, it's going to start exterminating everybody.
Well, let's just say the Bible's not true.
I'm not saying that, but just for the sake of argument, what is it then?
Because it's being built.
Now, let me just throw this in here.
For now, you can still go to InfoWarsTore.com if they're trying to take our payment processors and bankrupt us and shut us down and sue us into oblivion with fake lawsuits.
We first broke the social credit scores five years ago.
You can still go to InfoWarsTore.com though.
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They're now listening more than ever.
The ridicule, the demonization, the fake news attacks every day aren't slowing us down.
And so we just want to be strong through the finish, whatever God's plan is.
And that means capital to continue on and expand.
Because if we don't expand, we'll be contracting and then they're winning.
And we're neck and neck whether they're going to win right now.
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The special will end within days.
We knew it was coming.
The whole thing was formulaic.
First demonize InfoWars, lie about us, build a strawman, then sue us to add credibility to that, then have a few fake strikes on YouTube and Facebook with nebulous terms like bullying children and Islamophobia.
I think?
To then go mass flag us in the community guidelines, which again is something out of 1984 or a Kafka novel, where you don't even know what you've supposedly done.
You can't face your accuser.
Then you get defamed by the claims of the big tech giants when they ban you.
Make no mistake, this is being set up to create a precedent in their own words for you, nationalists, conservatives, libertarians, Christians, people that stand up to the New York Times editorial board member saying whites are subhuman and should be extincted.
This is the agenda they're pushing that is being funded by Communist China.
Out of everything I've broken down so far, that's the key.
Apple has officially moved to China and is letting the government basically run Apple.
And that, of course, is iTunes.
Google is building a huge censorship search engine for them, and whistleblowers from inside Google say they're preparing to use it here in America.
In fact, they're beta testing different parts of the censorship system for China on American conservatives, nationalists, and Trump supporters.
The bigger issue is, they don't like InfoWars exposing the fact in great detail.
The Communist China owns our debt, owns and controls Hollywood now, is involved in massive domestic propaganda operations, and is working with the Democratic Party and with the EU and others to try to block the Trump agenda.
They even talk about this at Davos.
So this is 21st century warfare.
It's happening right now, and it's designed to silence the American people and other populist movements around the world who are trying to struggle free from this corporate totalitarianism.
This now becomes the last battle of the Civil War.
You know, Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair, and Alex Jones, which has now been taken off Facebook, thank God.
The number one thing you can do past standing up to this and getting informed and informing others is to simply
Go to Infowars.com forward slash show.
Subscribe to the free podcast.
Just click on the link.
Whatever you're subscribing your podcast in, it'll pop up there.
It's also critical to go to Infowars.com forward slash newsletter and give us your email so that we can stay in contact with you and send you videos and articles on our own platform that are being censored so you can get them out to others.
But whatever you do, tell folks about Infowars.com forward slash show.
How they can download the free Android and iPhone apps.
How they can then reach out to others with the information and point out, this is the verboten info.
This is what they don't want you to see.
You're an adult.
You deserve to hear what all the hubbub's about.
You deserve to hear what the establishment is so desperate to silence so you can make your own decision.
Tomorrow's News Today.
I was never trying to win a popularity contest.
I've been trying to get Americans and others to think outside the box and realize what's happening.
We've been very successful.
I've expected to be attacked.
I didn't know we'd be the very tip of the spear, but it's happened.
So now, Infowars is the banner of free speech, the renaissance in Western culture and civilization.
And it's more important than ever that folks realize that the dominoes are beginning to fall against your cherished free speech, and you'll lose everything else if you don't stand up for it now.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I don't like to speak ill of the dead, but I've been on air for 24 years.
Been on the radio for 23.
And I have been following John McCain's evil career.
The open borders, the gun control, the lying, the swindling SNLs, the funding ISIS-Al Qaeda, covering up for the Clintons.
Just a monstrous person.
And he's everything wrong with this country.
Horrible blue-blood neocon of the very worst ilk.
His father, his grandfather, horrible corrupt people, all involved in big swindling scandals.
McCain comes from a crime family.
I know his last name isn't, you know, Capone, but it's unbelievable.
And they just, during the break, I was back in the break room, and, getting a glass of water, and they had him from 2012 going, when you malign someone and say bad things about them, it's wrong, you should never do it.
He was always there to make sure corruption could continue on.
And he'd cuss at people and tell them to go to hell and all these things, and that's not the real reason he was a bad guy.
The guy was famously an out-of-control egomaniac tyrant.
Who would then say, remember a couple years ago, he said to Rand Paul, you're a Russian agent because you're not voting to expand war in Ukraine.
He said, I called that senator to be investigated as a Russian agent.
I mean, give me a break, McCain.
You covered up for Hillary.
You covered up for her and Uranium One and Mueller with the tarmac meetings.
You people are sick freaks!
And then the Democrats always hated him before, until they started worshipping Obama publicly.
They didn't realize he was a shill for them all along.
And I am just so sick of everyone fawning after him, and like, oh, saying great things about him.
It's a lie.
So McCain's spirit has gone wherever it's gone.
I'm not glad he died.
I don't wish any ill upon him.
But man, it's getting really, really sick.
You know, when the whole mainstream media and the whole culture in Hollywood worships you, you know you're a bad guy.
What did Christ say?
All those that hate me love death.
And if you love me, the world's gonna hate you.
That doesn't mean I'm on some high horse, that I'm some preacher, I'm some Pharisee telling you, you know, if you've done this or that, you're going to hell.
God judges the heart.
I'm simply talking about good and evil and the fact that if you're trying to be a good person and really help other people and really tell the truth, instead of just virtue signaling like these monsters do, the world will come after you.
So if the world loves you, you know you're doing bad.
If the establishment, when we talk about the world, we mean Bill Clinton, Peter Strzok, Harvey Weinstein, Queen Elizabeth II.
Well, I mean, when those folks like you, and everything's beautiful and everything's nice and you're all around these other fake people, you're losing your soul.
Now, I do want to take the calls again today.
I'm going to be doing that coming up later in the next hour.
And I do have a ton of clips and news that I haven't even gotten to yet that is of extreme importance.
I've been hammering for several months internet censorship ahead of the midterms.
I've been hammering it because I believe it was the central issue and no one was really talking about it.
Thanks, and I keep going back to this because it's so critical, to DrudgeReport.com and you, the audience, and I mean that equally to Matt Drudge and to the audience.
Thank you all.
We really appreciate you being smart, having common sense, standing up for yourself and us, and having self-preservation instincts.
So thank God you're not cowards as well.
So it is this audience, it is this crew in this building, it is you the supporters of this broadcast, it's our local AM and FM stations, UHF, VHF, and cable.
You are the reason we were able to punch this story out.
I was deplatformed for it.
I was the first person on a large scale, unpersoned.
And I'm quite frankly not glad it happened, but I'm proud it happened.
Because I'm so effective and you're so effective, and we're so effective together, this happened.
And now, it is the big story.
I said I'd get to it this segment last, but I went into some other issues.
I got into McCain this segment.
I will, start of the next hour, get into this huge group of incredibly positive news.
Trump is looking at Sherman Antitrust Act Section 2.
He's looking at tech giants' perjury to Congress.
He's also looking at the WikiLeaks and their own admissions that they're working with the Democrats and quote that Facebook and Twitter are quote owned by the Democratic Party.
Those are statements that they're owned by them.
And that's them talking to each other.
Oh, you know, you own us.
You know, we're 100 percent behind you.
We already saw the censorship two years ago.
Almost two years ago.
We already saw that and witnessed it all.
And so, people have to understand that it's on.
And so, you've done a great job, but if you really want to get this to every talk show host you know, and just fill the inbox of Congress, go to your congressman or woman's meetings when they're back in the district, which many of them are right now campaigning, and hand them this report, and say, listen, I know you get handed a lot of stuff, but whoever stands up for this is going to save the country, win the midterms, and be a hero.
That Matt Gaetz briefed right before he had those hearings and I said if you green light and say you're just private companies do whatever you want they're going to totally start censoring right after.
Gaetz didn't listen.
Now he says he's wrong and I'll leave it at that.
That's good.
But I mean Gaetz would have been presidential material if he would have been the champion up front
And then Trump picking it up, he'd just be movie star level, which is great.
These guys don't listen.
Daddy's a billionaire, you know, Gates is a smart guy, but Daddy kind of got him a seat and everything.
And so he doesn't need to listen to, you know, Jones from Texas when, you know, Roger Stone briefs him on stuff or we get him information.
Now, I'm not being arrogant, I just want to win.
Now Gates is like, you're right, I was wrong.
Well, good Gates, I'm glad you know that now.
So they got more hearings coming up next month.
Don't play patty cake with these trillion dollar companies.
They are absolutely gutting this country up one side and down the other, and engage in racketeering, and Sherman Antitrust Act violations, and unfair trade practices, and fraud, and discrimination, and just anything.
I mean, I've had top law firms look at it.
With all their own admissions, and Senator Warner, Mark Warner, and Senator Wyden, and Senator Murphy's admissions in this stay-behind office, you know like the office of the post office?
Pretty big, huh?
Obama set up an office under the Defense Authorization Act 2017, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, named after the former senator, not the current one, and they lay the whole plan to shut everybody down and take over!
People keep asking, Jones, how do you, I have the Pentagon call me up, and others, they say, Jones, how are you continually, how do you know all this?
And I'm like, they're writing white papers, they're writing white papers.
Do all you people just pretend you do research?
I talked to generals, I talked to former CIA section chiefs, I'm not bragging, and like, I know more than they do.
You know why?
Because they're taking care of their grandkids and their kids or they're playing golf and they just kind of, you know, bitch and complain and watch Fox News.
Man, I'm not doing that, okay?
Matt Drudge isn't doing that.
Matt Drudge has been running his own operations for 20-something years.
He's built it himself.
He knows how things work.
So do I. Matt Drudge has all the sources in the Supreme Court, the White House, foreign governments.
Matt Drudge is a world traveler.
I'll leave it at that.
And let me tell you, I don't want to be the only one up here with Matt Drudge that knows all this.
He knows!
It's very frustrating.
Breitbart's starting to get it with their computer scientists and top folks.
A lot of lawyers are getting it.
You heard former head Clinton strategist earlier with Tucker Carlson going, no, this is a total takeover.
They're going to steal the election.
Republicans ought to be really concerned.
I mean, they can deliver with just a couple days of Facebook turnover Democrats, five million extra votes.
And that's to counter the huge Republican red wave tsunami.
They're panicked by that.
The red wave's coming in.
So they're trying to totally up the censorship, and you know, double voting and everything else, to counter that.
And it's not going to work.
But Trump had a huge wave in 2016.
But they had such election fraud and stole at least six states that the wave almost hit the seawall and almost didn't go over, but some did.
And just that little bit turned the country back around.
So, and by the way, the left all brags how they control everything.
So it's on.
And now that Trump's spotlighted it, they go, oh, that's insane.
It's a conspiracy theory.
It's crazy.
So the article's on Infowars.com.
Get out to everybody.
The social media purge of conservatives is a giant election meddling scheme.
We're going to add a few of my videos that I've been breaking this down on as well into that.
We have an emergency briefing with the president from Saturday.
That's probably good to add that on Twitter.
But, I mean, look, it's up to you to get this out.
The President's getting it, and others are getting it.
We have to get a crash course in this now.
What does Speedy Gonzales say?
What does Speedy Gonzales say?
I can't remember now.
He says, Andele, Andele, Andele, Andele, Arriba, Arriba, Arriba, Arriba, Arriba, Andele, Andele, Andele, Arriba, Arriba, Arriba.
It's not fun to do that.
But most of the Republicans are like, I am Slobo Gonzalez, I do not know.
Infowarstore.com, get some great t-shirts, get some of the great supplements, help fund the operation, stick your thumb in the eye of Soros and that pig demon Hillary.
Please support us, we need the support.
Infowarstore.com, but whatever you do, spread the word.
And so you guys, I'll tell you this.
I'd give us a 60-40 chance we win the midterms and you guys get totally devastated and indicted for this because the quarter's not being given now.
You guys pushed too far.
You went after Trump's family, all of it.
When you're involved with the Russians, everything else.
But even if you were to steal the election to get through, I've looked at every possible destination along your planned permutations in your entire operation.
And I haven't even laughed because I know you don't like it because I can, you know, act just like the enemy.
But the point is, is that you guys think you're going to execute this.
You're not going to execute crap.
And the globalists know I don't just make statements on air that aren't true or that aren't backed up.
You are facing hammer war.
You are bringing down the gates.
You think taking down these controls is destroying us?
You are removing
That's why you're so scared of my voice.
Because you know it's judgment.
It's judgment day.
Judgment day cometh.
Judgment day is so close.
And justice is good.
Justice is right.
We just want to have our families and live and have prosperity, but you've got to control the prosperity.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
I'll take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
Ramping speed, baby!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
Full power!
You're listening to Alex Jones.
I know that might not sound good to somebody, but that sounds good to my ears right there.
Alright, let's get serious here.
I don't really know how to put it or say it.
But a lot of people think this is all a virtual reality deal, and now even top bankers and globalists, they say, oh, there's some outside force that's making everything a virtual reality, and it's simulation.
And that the different telescopes and different systems they've got that measure dark matter, there's NASA papers, you name it, saying that indeed there's a power source much greater than what we see in our own matter.
Holding this universe together, the whole Big Bang Theory and the rest of it, is just that theory.
It's kind of like Total Recall.
He goes in to plug in, he's having a boring life.
It's a Philip K. Dick, it's based on a Philip K. Dick book, isn't it?
And then all of a sudden he's...
A secret agent and he's killing all these guys and taking these people out and saving Mars and activating the ancient reactors to terraform it and... Is he crazy or is it real?
You don't know.
But to be sitting here and putting out the reports that I know go to the President, he goes to his lawyers that don't want to tell him all this because they're scared.
They go, yes sir, that's true, Sherman Antitrust Act, Section 2, unfair trade practices, racketeering, election violations, Federal Elections Commission, billions of dollars of funding is what the big tech is doing by blocking all conservatives and all people basically communicating with each other.
It violates the First Amendment, violates civil rights.
It's amazing.
And then I just kind of sit back and go, is this even real?
I'm on a planet orbiting a sun.
I go out too long.
It burns my skin.
I can see meteors at night.
Uh, there's all this incredible, beautiful stuff all around our world.
My children, my wife, the audience, this operation.
I mean, are you real?
And you know what, we are the third dimension, and God says this is a third dimensional simulation, but done with RNA, with DNA, that it's a spiritual experience manifesting a real virtual reality that's so real it's actually third dimensional.
The planet's real, our bodies are real, but there is a spirit within us, and the globalists know that.
And they know our spirit broadcasts the ideas and the thoughts and the dreams we have, so they put out evil broadcasts trying to get us to resonate with that, to then buy into the nightmare, to then manifest hell on earth.
Because that's what these demons, these creatures, these marooned spirits want.
And that's what the Bible says, that's what every other culture says, and that's what the globalists believe.
None of the globalists, and I've run into a lot of them, Hollywood, you damn it, none of them are atheists.
They are all either Luciferian or Satanist, or into the occult, or they believe in the Earth being seeded by aliens, and those aliens are inter-dimensionally communicating with them, and they believe they have to reduce world population as a sacrifice to ascend to the heavens, a.k.a.
what we've seen going on with 2001 Space Odyssey.
And so, the Mark of the Beast is here, world government's here, and it's a simulation, but it's not.
But it's been proven.
It's all held together, artificially, by a much more powerful force.
And it's here for us to experience consciousness and free will.
Because if you're God, the one thing you don't have is something separate from you that's conscious as its own little universe in its mind.
And that's us.
That's our spirits, our own little universes.
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Discover trends and global developments years before they happen, right here on the Alex Jones Show!
Every human soul is its own universe, with unlimited potential.
God creating independent, sentient creatures with souls, with spirits, that are able to have the choice of free will, built in the image of God as little creators, not big creators.
That is the ultimate power of the Supreme Being and would be the logical move would be to create something completely new that had its own free will but in an embryonic level to then experience the universe for itself.
Probably even in a way where the Creator experienced the universe through the processes to rediscover that.
But then you have to ask the question that my ten-year-old daughter
About two weeks ago, at the dinner table, he looked at me and said, Dad, but if there was nothing, there would be nothing.
So what was there before God?
I remember when I was a young child, right through until I was a teenager, and I stopped having the dream.
Almost every night I had this dream, amongst others.
I have lots of dreams every night.
Hundreds and hundreds.
The whole world, whole times, whole lifetimes, some of them.
Whole families, peoples.
It just goes on and on.
It's incredible.
I mean, who says that world isn't more real than this world?
And those are the crystal visions.
I'll keep my visions to myself, as one line from a rock song says.
But think about that.
God is all-powerful.
God is all-encompassing, timeless, and endless.
But then we are independent, sentient creatures who are able to have free will or subvert our free will and hand it over to these other fallen, failed creatures that decided not to go through the hierarchy, not to ascend through the long, arduous process, but decided to just try to rule their fallen third and second dimension positions.
And they want to kill, they want to destroy, they want to mutate, they want to hurt, they want to hurt innocence, they want to hurt children because that's the image of purity and potential.
As Gandhi said, each person's soul is the seed of the universe.
That's another way of saying we are all our own universe of potential of what we can do in this universe that is only a launch pad for the unlimited developments and unlimited discoveries and unlimited love
That we can have together with other sentient, conscious, eternal, everlasting spirits.
And that's the whole of everything.
And the enemy is constantly trying to keep you, as one of my producers said, he made a great point, up in the cerebral distractions and fear-based system of the day, so that you're not aware of the greater universe,
And so that you can basically be locked into the Madison Avenue and the TV and the Hollywood and the whole Times Square artificiality that they're trying to suck us in.
There's that famous Zuckerberg photo from a few years ago that Drudge always posts that has the Facebook employees all dutifully sitting bent over.
Subhumans, with VR goggles on, virtual reality, hunched over their keyboards, looking at the virtual reality that Zuckerberg is projecting them into, making them submit to, making them excel in his own little ugly universe that he controls where he can play God, and he walks bipedally through that crowd.
Thank you search engine, just Zuckerberg, auditorium, virtual reality, it'll come up.
But that photo tells a trillion words.
It's all very funny to them.
This is the great goal.
And all the studies show, and all the tech heads even admit, because they've got to tell you metaphysically, this is hurting you, it's depressing you, it's dumbing you down, it's destroying your creativity, it's sapping you, it's draining you.
But still, you can't help it.
But then we inject into the matrix,
Here daily, trying to reach you, and they were arrogant and tried to spin what we said and did and tried to turn it around against us, but it didn't work.
So finally they said, ban him completely.
Send him to the Phantom Zone.
And let it be a lesson to all the rest of them.
You shut up about the topics Alex Jones covers or we will destroy you.
We will tell elaborate lies and frauds about you every day.
We will come after your family.
We will bankrupt you.
We will destroy you if you don't submit to us.
Well, that's slavery and that doesn't intimidate me.
But the average empty person, so scared of death, so scared, trying to hold on to everything,
Be scared because in their spirit, they know they've made the wrong decisions.
But then the system has control of their cerebral cortex and only one small part of their consciousness.
And it's saying, you feel that fear?
You feel that you're not fulfilled?
Follow us deeper down the pit, down the black hole.
We will give you fulfillment, but you've got to take our hand.
And they get scarier and scarier and scarier and they say, you're scared of Trump.
If you're scared of Alex Jones, come deeper with us.
And they're like, I'm even more scared.
I know, I know, but trust us.
Just keep holding on to my hand until everything you are and everything you've ever been is under my control.
Give me your consciousness.
Give me your creativity.
Give me your dreams and your heart and your soul and your fears and everything you are.
And believe as I believe and say as I say and repeat what I am.
Replicate me.
Join with my consciousness and subvert yourself to me.
And I will give you the stars.
I will give you fulfillment.
I know you follow me long and things only get worse.
But that is for only so long.
Once, once you're in the deeper water, it will be blessed.
At the heart of a dead star forever.
is destroying the will and the consciousness that you are and keeping you from exercising your free will and going through the fear and going through the challenges and then as soon as you do that you're so fulfilled you're like oh my god how did I not see this earlier and then you aren't depressed because you're not part of the system you're depressed because you know you're losing your family and you're losing people you cared about and when they look at you and manifest that hatred and that evil
It hurts your feelings, because you care about them and they smile back at you and you watch them through progression, go from being depressed, sad people, to running that demonic, smiling, jack-o'-lantern face, joker face, of just, ha ha ha, I'm in charge, and it feels good, and I'm doing what I want, and I'm in make-believe land, and whoo, yeah!
Ah, they're gone.
Their soul was consumed.
Destroyed forever.
Blown out the airlock.
They thought they were rising.
They were falling.
And the average person going into this
Lower dimensional overwrite thinks that it's an exhilarating feeling as they're falling, falling away from God, falling into a black hole.
And they're like, whoa, this is quite a feeling as they fall.
And as they get closer and closer to their oblivion, there's a satanic euphoria that overtakes them.
And then they are disintegrated.
And many of them are walking around who are completely gone.
Husk, through which evil light shines through.
Unconscious of how twisted and evil they are.
I saw a Democrat today on TV while I was working out, and he didn't say his name, and I said, that guy looks like the biggest psychopathic evil person I've ever seen.
And Pat Riley was working me out, and he goes, yeah, I bet it's a Democrat.
And then we pulled it up.
It was the California Attorney General.
I go, oh my God.
I mean, he just flames evil and fraud and totally being turned over.
I mean, it's an avatar.
It's off-world crap that's in that guy.
And you know it.
And then you look up his record.
He wants everything free for illegal aliens to bankrupt the country.
He's an actual agent against humanity.
Twitter's CEO is standing by the company's decision to put InfoWars' Alex Jones on a seven-day suspension.
This comes after Jones urged his Twitter followers to ready their battle rifles, as he put it, against the media in a video posted to the site.
Alex Jones on Twitter posted this week what essentially is a video calling for people to get their battle rifles ready against the media.
People need to have their battle rifles and everything ready, their backsides.
You gotta be ready.
Saying it's time to act, it's gotta be done now.
Move criminally against people.
It's time politically, and economically, and judiciously, and legally, and criminally, to move against these people.
It's got to be done now.
Sent a chill up my spine.
How about yours?
I mean, there's a number of actions that we believe
It did.
Now is the time to act on the mainstream media, and he says get the battle rifles ready.
I didn't say that!
That incites violence.
Free speech does not protect inciting violence.
This is an emergency message to President Trump, to Congress, and to anyone that supports free speech in this country.
The Democratic Party is now calling for all Republicans, all patriots, including the President, to be deplatformed from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, you name it.
And Jones is hardly their only target, that's for sure.
Virtually every day, the big tech companies censor someone else whose political opinions they disagree with.
Facebook censored our free speech and shame on the ones that don't even see that we have been censored.
This is a new super
A political class that operate as a judiciary and as the police and as the prison guards to control our lives.
This is classical authoritarianism.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
You've taken action against him in this instance.
What is it?
Can you tell us what it is?
I believe we put him in a time out.
Alex Jones is not an 8th grader who got busted smoking in the bathroom.
Like, it's just not.
I mean, he's a guy who is, you know, fueling alt-right conspiracy theories, and it's actually amazing that this is what caused the ban, and not everything that Alex Jones has done before.
Seems minor compared to the implications of someone suggesting a call to arms against a particular group, in this case, the media.
I didn't say use weapons on the media.
I don't want them to have weapons used on them.
That'll make them victims.
I'm worried they're going to false flag and stage something on themselves.
And then they're going to send antifa out to all our houses, which they're doxing everybody saying they are.
And I said defensively, be prepared to defend yourself.
And they say that is inciting violence.
No, it's not.
Send a chill up my spine.
I'm getting chills right now.
He said, come with the battle rifles, engage in criminal activity.
And I said, use the judicial system legally and lawfully, and go after them criminally.
They have got to get a lid on this.
And the idea of martyrdom, it's also probably interesting, but it will be interesting to see who rallies around his cause.
Let's remember, Donald Trump has appeared on his show.
And we're also standing up
To social media censorship.
That's the new thing.
Trump's election and Alex Jones' popularity are merely symptoms of a corrupt and failed status quo.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
You can't stop them from knowing that.
But this isn't about Alex Jones.
This is about freedom.
Mr. President, you don't want to look like you're after the press of the First Amendment.
You're letting them butcher the press of the First Amendment.
Oh, but you don't want to look authoritarian and stand up to them.
They're authoritarian.
They're a clear and present danger.
Do something about it!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You probably heard recently many of the biggest tech companies joined in a coordinated effort to censor content from broadcaster Alex Jones.
They're never gonna remove him.
That's crazy.
That's too far.
This isn't about Alex Jones.
This is about freedom.
Trump's election and Alex Jones' popularity are merely symptoms of a corrupt and failed status quo.
You have about 800 million followers.
That's why you're banned.
Media censorship!
Virtually every day, the big tech companies censor someone else whose political opinions they disagree with.
Facebook censored our free speech.
And shame on the ones that don't even see that we have been censored.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
They've broken their algorithm to try to steal this election.
And now they're down to the last corners of the internet.
Oh no, conservatives can speak to one another.
We must shut it off.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
You can't stop them knowing that.
69 days, ladies and gentlemen, from the most important election in world history.
A referendum on the return of America, the return of the Republic.
All the enemies, foreign and domestic, are lined up, giving their full energy, their full hate, their full will, and their quest to control your hearts and minds.
I'm honored to be here.
But I gotta tell ya, I'm beyond on the edge of my seat.
I am in the arena, fighting as hard as I can.
Stumbling, but having victory thanks to your support.
We're all in this together.
I've told you that I intend to open the phones up more.
And I tend to go to your calls quicker and get to more of them.
The problem is we can take up to 100 phone calls at once.
So we'll get like 20 of you on the line and I'll end up getting to 10 of you.
But I'm going to try to go to as many people as I can on this one subject.
And I want to give folks a chance to call in as first-time callers.
So, first-time callers, on the subject of, what does Trump need to do to stop the internet censorship?
What would you like to see him do?
What do you expect him to do?
And what are you going to do to make sure that buzz gets going to Congress, to talk radio, at city council meetings, PTA meetings, I don't care where you can have a forum, Lions Club, your Masonic Club, your Catholic Church,
Buddhist temple, whatever the case is, if you don't want to be under radical Islam, if you don't want to be under globalism, if you like prosperity and you want America and you like the success and you like Trump and you like yourself, you need to get involved.
So what are you going to do?
I want to hear what Trump needs to do, what I need to do, what you need to do.
I want to hear ideas.
Every little bit counts.
You know, I saw an article in some publication this morning.
It was about Reddit.
And it was talking about, maybe it was Slate or something, look it up, but it was, this is one place Alex Jones won't be banned.
And it showed a subreddit about cars with InfoWars bumper stickers on them.
And the left is just saying, gosh, we can't stop people doing this on the street.
Absolutely, nobody can stop you from printing off a poster that says InfoWars.com, forbidden information.
In fact, I'll tweet that out next segment, we'll find those posters and tweet them out at Real Alex Jones.
No one can stop you from, in your own printer, going to Kinko's, printing them up color, printing up a thousand of those, going out at night, sticking them on poles everywhere, where everybody else puts stuff up, and there'll be a big event the next day.
The news is like, Alex Jones is all over town!
It's fun to do that!
I'm willing to sacrifice my life for this.
Let's have some fun with it.
And InfoWars is now the standard of free speech.
It's now the example.
It's now the world leader in it.
That's because of you.
It isn't about credit, but I want you to get it in your head.
It's not Alex Jones.
It's not even this great crew.
We're part of it.
With you.
You, the millions of listeners, is who they fear.
That's why they want us shut down.
Because it's a place for you to talk and get more information and to come together.
It's a place where you're validated.
It's a place where you get aid and sucker.
It's a place where you get people that aid and abet you.
It's a place where you have family.
It's a place where you know you're not alone when you're pressured and attacked and demonized and persecuted.
It makes me feel so good knowing you're out there when they lie about me and do terrible things on a daily basis because I know we're in this together and I love you and I appreciate you.
So, the toll-free number to join us, which is 69 Days Out.
As long as you get to my topic of what should Trump do, how should we counter it, what are you going to do, what should I do, you can get into it.
False flags clearly are coming to blame us.
They've got that all pre-programmed, saying we're about to attack them and we're not, lying about us.
How do we counter that?
Let's get to that first big topic, then you can throw something else out, but I want to give each person a minute.
I want to comment for 30 seconds and move to the next person.
And I used to be good at taking calls, and I've gotten a little bit better, but everybody knows that I'm long-winded.
Now, that number, 877-789-2539, and I apologize when you get on the line, we'll probably never get to everybody because of the phone system.
One time in a two-hour show,
It was a Sunday show.
We had 20, was it 3 or 4 thousand calls.
So we have a digital system, we can see it.
And a lot of folks were calling back, but I mean, nobody gets calls like this.
But the problem is, is that I can never get to them, and the folks that will be on hold kind of fall asleep, and then, so that's why we want to move through your calls quickly.
I think I'm going to start doing something where I maybe take 6, 7 calls, get them on the board, close the phone system again so you can't call, take those, reopen it, that way it's all fresh, and nobody ever holds board in 30 minutes.
That's what I like to do.
Now, I've been talking about it.
I haven't gotten to the report yet.
I will briefly do it when we come back, and then I'll go to your calls.
The social media purge of conservatives is a giant election meddling scheme.
Why am I harping on this?
Because we've got the president's here.
Congress is moving.
I have Kudlow coming up next segment saying they're looking at all the options.
I know little folks, little, little birds that had dinner with Kudlow in New York five days ago.
And I'll just stop there.
So let me just tell you.
I'm not about access, I'm not about Hollywood, I'm not about being in D.C., I'm not about being close to the power.
I want to build my own thing.
But they try to block me on the Internet, and I'm like, you didn't know I can just get on the telephone?
Or I can make a few calls?
Any member of Congress that's a Republican I want who isn't a globalist?
I mean, if I have to call people and send them stuff by courier, I will.
And guess what?
When I do it personally, it's much better than me just on air talking about it.
So now, more and more,
I'm going home at night after the kids go to bed at like 8, 9 o'clock or I'm letting them watch a movie and I go into my office and I got 10 people every night I call.
Different people.
And I call them and I have a talk with them.
And I say, you got 600 radio stations.
I really need you to do this for yourself and your family.
You got 500 radio stations.
You got 300 radio stations.
You're a congressman.
Do what you need to do.
Well, they're big tech, they got a lot of money, and I'm not sure, you know, really, I mean... You got the one that's gotta do it!
Why can't you see this?
Do it!
The games are over!
And if I gotta step into the leadership role here when nobody else will, I've just been trying to, like, warn people like Paul Revere, and then no one wants to become George Washington.
Well, if I gotta be George Washington, I will!
But we got a George Washington, don't we?
He's called Donald John Trump.
So I need Paul Reveres to get the message out.
And I love you and I appreciate you.
That said, our problems are basically solved if you flood us with money.
And we've got just enough coming in to barely expand with the lawsuits and the crap.
And we're winning, but we need fuel in the war.
We need ammo.
So commit.
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A total 360 win.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Yeah, I think Google is really taking advantage of a lot of people and I think that's a very serious thing and it's a very serious charge.
I think what Google and what others are doing, if you look at what's going on at Twitter, if you look at what's going on in Facebook, they better be careful because you can't do that to people.
You can't do it.
We have tremendous, we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in and you just can't do that.
So I think that Google and Twitter and Facebook
They're really treading on very, very troubled territory, and they have to be careful.
It's not fair to large portions of the population.
Thank you very much, everybody.
It is discriminatory.
It violates the Sherman Antitrust Act, and I'm at Bloomberg Articles, CNBC, they're all, I'm gonna go to these in a moment, and your phone call is admitting
That the tech giants have been illegally spying on people.
They've been discriminating on your income, your race, your religion.
They have it all.
And then they admit in their own sales perspectives that they're specifically charging you what they think you'll pay for.
I mean, a cheeseburger ought to be a cheeseburger.
Water burger, and you're a white guy, and a double cheeseburger should be $5, and if you're a black guy, it should be $5.
If you're a woman, it should be $5.
But see, that's not how it works.
Amazon and others have been caught, mainly, well, some of the big travel companies, remember?
And I noticed this years ago, like, if I bought first class on something, the next time I went back to that, it was like way more, and I learned to clear cookies, and then it'd be like half the price.
I'm like, $15,000 first class to England?
I paid like $3,000 about six months ago.
And it's like, clear the cookies, you know, it's $4,000.
I'm like, well, I guess I'll pay for that because my back's hurting or whatever.
The point is, is that... And then sure enough, it was in the news, they're gaming it.
So these big tech companies are screwing people over seven ways from Sunday.
And if they can get the left to all support censorship and what they're doing in the name of fighting Republicans, they love it because they can really then just screw everyone over.
We ought to all come together under free speech and under equal opportunity.
Which is what the Republicans all got passed through Congress and the Democrats then run around and take advantage of it.
You know, my grandfather, my grandmother, they supported desegregation.
She was a school teacher.
He was a county tax assessor.
They were Republicans in East Texas.
That's like the South.
And they had people threaten them and get mad at them.
But it was like they were trying to build people up.
They were trying to believe in what Martin Luther King talked about.
Not a day we're told Republicans are Nazis because people don't have a memory of five years ago or a month ago.
I mean, CNN, I went to CNN yesterday and I got articles where all the top Google searches were CNN saying Trump's crazy, there's no tech censorship, Google doesn't censorship.
They were, CNN was calling for all of us to be banned, getting us banned, and then days later saying we're crazy, no one's banning us.
CNN, I have a memory.
But more importantly, I then showed in a special broadcast of yours on Infowars.com and RealAlexJones on Twitter, all these CNN articles, like 20 of them, saying censor them, take them off the air, don't stop with Alex Jones.
And then the very same reporter that said, take me off, said Trump's crazy, it's not happening.
That is beyond dastardly.
That's, I think it's stupid.
But see, they're trying to break your will.
They're trying to train you to accept anything and everything.
So now the headlines are everywhere.
Wall Street Journal, New York Times, even the Washington Times.
Is Trump right about conservatives being censored and discriminated against?
Is Bill Clinton a rapist?
Is the Pacific Ocean west of California?
I mean, this is getting downright ridiculous.
They're censoring and shadow banning and total banning across the board.
They've been lobbying for it.
They have all these Democrat House and Senate members saying, Jones is only the tip of the iceberg.
Ban them all!
I want thousands of sites banned!
Senator Wyden, Senator Murphy, Senator Warner, who run the thing!
And then these arrogant people at Google won't even send their CEO to Congress when he's subpoenaed.
So they think you're a bunch of idiots in Congress.
They think our listeners are idiots.
They think we're all... No, we're not idiots.
We're not idiots, Zuckerberg.
And we're sick of it!
And I'm tired of you lying about what I said and what I did.
Their favorite thing is I'm transphobic.
I'm a libertarian.
I'm not against anybody, as long as they're not hurting kids.
What you want to do in your own life, you do.
Everyone knows.
That's what I've always said.
It's who I am.
They have headlines all over the place.
Jones hates the LGBT.
And you know what I've noticed?
I'm going to do a special report on this, and maybe even a documentary.
It's when I criticize pedophilia in the Catholic Church and sexualization of kids by any group, heterosexual, homosexual, I get called homophobic by these publications.
And so, what they're really saying is, the core of the LGBT is run by the P.
And then you add the P at the end.
Because what happens is...
Just like they said, I said, kill members of the media.
Never said it.
Fake headlines.
Or anything I do, they turn around.
It's when I criticize sexualization of children, and I say, I don't care if it's in the quote, you know, education, whatever, having drag queens, or trans, or straight.
Imagine if straight guys came.
So we're gonna teach your three-year-olds their sex might be different, and talk to them about sex.
You go, no way, pervert!
Like some dude, like, hi, at the park.
I'd like to talk to your five-year-old daughter about, uh,
Her sexuality, maybe she really thinks she identifies as a 20-year-old woman would like to, you know, date me.
You'd call the police.
But if you say, oh, it's diversity training, then you're not, oh, well, absolutely.
If you want to have, you know, a
A group of men in women's clothing come in and tell kids, you are a girl, but you could be a boy.
You're a boy, you could be a girl.
I mean, how crazy is this?
And then they go, Jones was being transphobic again.
And so, I mean, that's really, people are, people are figuring this out.
There's PubMed studies, pedophilia in the gay movement.
I mean,
If gay people, I won't use homosexuals, heterosexuals, it's a scientific term, but I'll use the term you want, it used to mean just a happy day.
If you aren't for pedophilia, then stop lying when I stand up for children and abuse people, and say I'm attacking you, and I'm not even thinking about what you're doing in your bedroom.
I got my own life, like, I'm all, oh my god, people are doing something, and then you project onto me all of this, it's pure crud.
We'll go to break and come back, but, and I promise, go to your calls right through the next hour.
We're gonna go to Willie and Barrett and Kevin and Caleb and Matt and Brian and Joe and Matthew and Wes and a bunch of others when we come back.
But the good news is the president's moving against these folks.
Real things are happening and it's because of you getting the word out.
And I want to salute all of you.
And it's not about thanking people, but you need to know you've done a good job.
You spread the word.
Keep doing it.
We're going over the top here.
Thanks to you.
Thanks to DrudgeReport.com.
Thanks to NewsWars.com.
Thanks to Infowars.com.
And the globalists know, time and time again, we're the ones that analyze the real globalist operation, expose it,
And be able to, you know, basically defeat the globalist.
Now, before I go to break and come back with your calls, listen, without you, we're going to be shut down.
It's that simple.
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I popped two Brain Force Plus and I was good as new.
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Tonight, I'm on with Tucker Carlson.
Same thing.
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And so you guys, I'll tell you this.
I'd give us a 60-40 chance we win the midterms and you guys get totally devastated and indicted for this.
Because the quarter's not being given now.
You guys pushed too far.
You went after Trump's family, all of it.
When you're involved with the Russians, everything else.
But even if you were to steal the election and get through, I've looked at every possible destination along your planned permutations in your entire operation.
And I haven't even laughed because I know you don't like it because I can, you know, I just like to get on me.
But the point is, is that you guys think you're going to execute this.
You're not going to execute crap.
And the globalists know I don't just make statements on air that aren't true or that aren't backed up.
You are facing hammer war.
You are bringing down the gates.
You think taking down these controls is destroying us?
You are removing
Judgment on you politically, economically, culturally, lawfully.
That's why you're so scared of my voice.
Because you know it's judgment.
It's Judgment Day.
Judgment Day cometh.
Judgment Day is so close.
And justice is good.
Justice is right.
We just want to have our families and live and have prosperity, but you've got to control the prosperity.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
So the globalists want to sabotage the 2018 elections and try to put populism back on its heels.
Nice try.
Populism's exploding worldwide.
The globalists are being thrown out across Europe, Latin America, you name it.
They're striking back hard.
We need a decisive victory now to really demoralize the enemy.
Key article on Infowars.com.
I'm begging everybody to get out to everyone they know.
See what we talk about?
How we push it over the top?
Whoever's going to link to this, it's critical you get it out there because the social media purge of conservatives is a giant election meddling scheme.
Paul Joseph Watson, when it goes through the examples, the admissions, the banning, how they're doing it, how to stop them, what the president needs to do, and you notice now,
We've got petitions at WhiteHouse.gov.
Bring attention to this.
The tens of thousands just signed since yesterday.
Since Paul Watson put up, it's critical.
I've retweeted it at RealAlexJones.
Please get that out.
Meanwhile, Trump, Facebook, Twitter, Google are treading on very, very troubled territory.
Thin ice.
And they have to be careful.
How Trump could hurt Google.
Unfair trade practices.
Sherman Antitrust Act Section 2.
Lying to Congress.
Market rigging.
Everything I told you.
Everything I told you.
The Federal Trade Commission.
Word for word what I told you.
Next week's news today.
I'm not bragging.
I'm just saying, you think I just play around and act like I know what I'm talking about?
I already knew all this, but I checked with three different law firms and other groups.
Mike Adams is hosting the fourth hour.
He wrote a report to the President as well.
We got to him.
White House probes Google after Trump accuses it of bias.
Yahoo News.
Accuses it?
It's a joke how biased it is.
Go look at the search results.
They got caught in the WikiLeaks doing it.
Now it's 100 times worse.
A thousand times.
It's everything censored.
Rights group urged no censored Google search for China.
Major rights group AP reports, oh, remember this was getting no attention until we covered it.
We'll get more into that.
We should all be worried about Google's power.
New York Post.
Senators criticize Google's CEO for declining to testify.
Subpoena has asked.
Dozens at Facebook unite to challenge its intolerant liberal culture.
It's a bunch of liberal bullies.
Study affirms Google search results lean left.
Rolled it daily.
Facebook engineers stunning admission.
We tear down posters welcoming Trump supporters.
Trump Google news story.
CNN claiming Google isn't rigged.
It's the top feed.
Our online media companies are suppressing conservative speech.
Trump is doing everything he said he'd do.
Thank God for Trump.
Now, starting now and right through the next hour, your calls intersperse a lot of the breaking news.
MSNBC, CNN defend Antifa, claim Trump rationalizes and urges violence when they're the violent ones.
And they also say Antifa is black, so saying they're bad is racist, though they're almost all meth-head white young people or professors.
Our crowds protesting them are way more diverse than theirs, so it's just next-level brainwashing.
Right now, it's gonna be Willie, Erica, Barrett, Michael, Kevin.
Who's been holding the longest out of those folks?
Let's go to Willie in Texas.
Willie, thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, brother.
Everything that you're doing, thanks to the crew.
And I just wanted to tell you, you know, the products are great.
Been using them for a while.
Everyone should give them a shot that's on the fence.
They're great stuff.
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Put it on on your way to where you're going.
Take it off when you get there if you're worried about it.
Well, that's a smart thing because the left could key you or whatever.
If you don't care, that's fine.
In conservative areas, you'll get lunch bought for you.
Other areas, you might get attacked.
In fact, we're going to come out with magnetized bumper stickers very soon at cost.
So folks, you can do that.
Put a big old one on the side of your car and then just take it off when you get there and reach hundreds and hundreds of people, if not thousands, on a longer trip.
Great idea.
I drive into a major downtown city every day.
I notice 9.5 cars don't have bumper stickers, and the ones that do are for opposing viewpoints, and so we have to have our message out there amongst everyone just as much.
I would love to drive into town and see Trump stickers and InfoWars stickers and Gateway Pundits stickers.
I make stickers—or, sorry, magnets—for everything at this point, for different news outlets for people to check out, and I change it on the back of my car like I change my tie.
Whatever I feel like that day or the magnet that I put on.
And so it would be great if people would do this.
It's a real-world way to spread the message.
You won't be censored.
And you can be careful of your car, you know, all at the same time.
Well, that's right.
I saw a Slate article today.
The one place where Alex Jones will never be banned.
And they're very upset that all over the country you see Infowars.com.
Bumper stickers and and reddit's got a whole subreddit on it so HillaryForPrison, InfoWars.com, InfoWars, ForbiddenInformation and by the way that's an old bumper sticker boy is it not ForbiddenInformation now so that's a that's a fun article they absolutely can't stand what people are doing god bless you Willie great points okay we're gonna now go to Erica
That's my wife's name.
Erica in Virginia.
Erica, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi, thanks for having me, Alex.
I had a question about is it possible for Trump to get like an executive order for Facebook and Google and YouTube to basically abide by the First Amendment and not
You know, censorship, everybody.
Here's what needs to happen.
They need to have Congress informed and be briefed with the info we've sent the President and Congress.
And they call them in and they go, really?
You're not censoring?
Here's your own WikiLeaks.
Here's your own admissions.
Here's your own search results.
Here's the studies.
Stop lying.
Stop perjuring yourself and scare the love of God into these people.
That they should stop doing it and stop lying about it.
They're doing it.
They admit they're doing it.
But they've been lying to Congress the last few years.
And so, yeah, he can do executive orders, Sherman Antitrust.
We need to have an Internet Bill of Rights passed.
We need real net neutrality.
Because Obama passed laws allowing this.
They then repealed them, but then it left it as a wild, wild west.
Big Tech took that as a thing to just continue on.
So again, we don't want regulation, but then letting them regulate by fiat, letting the EU do these billion dollar fines of Facebook and others to make them do what the EU wants, creates a power vacuum.
We need law saying no foreign manipulation.
They claim it's Russian.
The Russians can't even put their shoes on, you know, compared to like the EU and their censorship over here and Google.
I'm not putting the Russians down.
They're just not competent like these global star at this stuff, at Deception.
Congress needs to wake up now and realize this is a popular issue with the constituency and something that's the whole future of them stopping the globalists throwing them out of office.
But hey, isn't the good news now?
It's the big central issue.
You and I and all of us together forced this out, Erica.
Yep, been working hard to.
My other thing was, is it true about, I had read something about China was actually the ones that got into the Hillary Clinton emails.
And there was no Russian, well I know there was no Russian collusion at all.
Well look, we know from the download that's been admitted that it was downloaded onto thumb drives.
It wasn't done to the Russians, it was done by people inside the government.
Thanks Erika, I appreciate your call.
These are all great calls, I'm trying to move through everybody here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Barrett in California.
Barrett in California addressing fixing net censorship.
I mean, it just shows how authoritarian the left is.
This should blow up in their face, just politically, that everywhere they already tried to fix the election for Hillary, it failed, they got caught, and now they've quadrupled down.
What do you think we should do, Barrett?
Well, you know, the director of the CIA, William Colby, testified publicly in the 70s that they had hundreds of journalists that were employed by the CIA.
We're good to go.
In the tech industry and everything, and even recently, people like Ken Delanyan, who was with the LA Times, now he's with MSNBC, they found that he was sending his stories to the CIA for their approval, and basically just signing his name to whatever he wrote.
Yeah, yeah, wasn't he the guy that even went after the web that exposed the CIA drug dealing?
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
And there's others, like the former editor of the main German daily newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, he wrote an entire book called Journalists for Hire, which is about his firsthand knowledge of the CIA bribing journalists and
Giving them articles and the journalist would just sign their name to it.
And he died of a heart attack soon after publishing that book.
Well sir, I'm so glad, I'm so glad that you brought this up and thanks for the call.
Has everybody heard me harping?
Obama set up a new Operation Mockingbird that you mentioned exposed by Frank Church's committee in the 1970s.
When we come back, I'll break all this down.
And yes, it's leftist foundations that plug into the CIA.
It's only one small part of it.
I'm not saying that the CIA is good.
I'm saying it's a small part of it, who then do this.
And Obama set up an office before he left full of these people to shut down U.S.
free press.
And yes, they're paying thousands of fake journalists to attack me and Trump.
This is a CIA operation.
Gregory, thanks for holding her on the air.
Can I make a plug real quick about bodies?
Like, it really did help.
I had, like, a real bad pain in my ear.
I thought it was an ear infection, and it turned out to be a joint pain called TMJ.
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We set out to find the best concentrated system of it in the world.
Have you heard?
InfoWars is getting banned across the internet.
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
They're all censoring us.
I need you to share these links to the videos and the websites and the stories at InfoWars.com immediately.
And remember, if you can hear my voice, you are the revolution.
Receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Alex Jones here, back live, and we just had a really smart caller, Barrett in California, call in.
We're going to continue with calls throughout the hour with Ben Garrison, the top editorial cartoonist, political cartoonist in the world, hands down.
So proud to have him on, joining us here in just a moment.
But the caller called in and said, well, what about CIA, Operation Mockingbird, the hearings they had in the 70s, Frank Church Committee?
People would be naive and I think this is going on.
It's way beyond that.
The CIA is just the oldest and biggest intelligence agency since the 1947 National Security Act.
It's small potatoes.
The big tax-free foundations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, the Annenberg Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, they are creating the anti-family, confuse your children's sexual orientation or preference, they don't know who they are or sexual identity.
It's all depopulation.
And so yes, everything you see through UNESCO, the UN, that's all robber barons out of the UK and the US and Germany that set all this up for the modern eugenics world.
And so, when you have Google and Facebook and Twitter meeting with the Democratic Party and meeting with Senator Warner and meeting with Senator Murphy saying we're going to not just censor Alex Jones, but thousands of other sites,
This is their plan.
This is their program.
And so, the caller really punched my button, because Obama, before leaving office, in the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, established, in the defense spending bill, $611 million, a large portion for domestic propaganda and ways to work with the quote, mainstream media, to shut down alternative media or fake news.
That means us, you.
And so, the CIA publicly is at the heart, that's why they had hearings last year in the Armed Services Committee of the House and Senate, where they would say, we're working with the Board of Governors, the FCC, we're working with trusted media, we're working with the CIA, to shut down fake news, and they listed InfoWars.
And said we were Russians with no evidence.
They don't call me to these hearings, they act like I don't exist, they don't call me, either they don't call you,
They just say because you want free market and the Second Amendment and Christianity and America and support Trump, you're a foreign agent.
When they're the globalists that say America was never great, America will never be great.
When they're the ones in bed with the chi-coms and opening the borders and saying free health care for illegal aliens that'll bankrupt the nation, they're the globalists, they're the enemy.
So I'm gonna put it on screen again like I do every day for a year and a half.
For TV viewers, all the articles with the video clips were dim lawmakers demand censoring InfoWars.
In the last year and a half.
And now they've banned us off the platforms as they demanded.
The Democrats have taken the vacuum that Trump isn't in there stopping their regulation and their bullying.
We need a regulation saying you don't regulate.
And now Trump's moving on antitrust, you name it.
Thank God to the Audience and Drudge Report and Ben Garrison and everybody else making this a top issue.
So I'm explaining it again.
The CIA is tasked, along with other federal agencies, with organizing media and doling out money
To the New York Times, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, you name it.
This is on record to lie about me and Trump and to never put out positive news.
And the president needs, with executive order, to shut it down.
They're like, sir, they say it's to fight the Russians.
They'll say you shut down... It's bull!
Have hearings!
Show what these criminals are doing!
We have the behind-the-scenes video of Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and the New York Times going, oh, we censor any American flags, any veterans, any rednecks, anything Alex Jones, anything Trump.
It has nothing to do with Russians.
Last week they had the quote secret telecom big tech meeting with over 20 companies, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft at Twitter headquarters to decide how to
Handle the elections.
That means panic and how to get their story straight about what they were already doing to the elections.
Because Trump woke up.
You guys didn't have a sleepwalk into it.
We rung the alarm bell.
We got totally banned because of it.
But it's worth it!
We're winning!
We're staring the death of freedom in the eyes.
All that we need to do is fight back and understand we will win because right and history's on our side.
So get on board, folks.
As they say in Full Metal Jacket, come on in for the big win!
Barrett, we'll come back to you and other callers, but we're going to Mr. Garrett.
Just stay with us.
Mr. Garrett's straight ahead.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Ben Garrison is our guest, riding shotgun with collars.
And of course, if you don't know who Ben Garrison is, you're hiding under a rock.
And notice what they came out with this year, and how they said, we must ban memes in the EU.
And Facebook must just completely ban them, unless they're pre-approved, because AI doesn't know a joke.
They can teach AI,
to restrict an InfoWars.com URL or a DrudgeReport.com URL.
And they can get AI to sit there and block comments.
But AI, let's pull up the Ben Garrison Monopoly board piece from a few weeks ago if we can.
How does AI looking at a smiling Zuckerberg and a smiling Chinese dictator and smiling Deep State
And smiling Google, censoring the internet, and censoring conservatives, and other conservatives, and nationalists around the world.
What does that look like to AI?
All AI can do is read Ben Garrison.
And we know they admit they, with the algorithm, try to block it just because of that, but it's not enough.
Because everybody else can then share it.
Plus, they can demonize an Alex Jones.
You can see me in the jail right there, hate speech.
And then try to block my URL or have folks scared to share it because they'll get bad feedback.
But what about Ben Garrison?
Everyone knows it's free speech.
It's a picture.
It makes sense.
Why not?
You know, it's banned in China.
It's funny.
Google's helped build a censorship search engine there to make fun of the dictator as Winnie the Pooh.
For whatever the reasons, I guess the way he talks in Chinese sounds like, Hello, Mr. Christopher Wobben.
I guess he lisp in the Chinese, and so the Chinese think it's funny, Christopher Wobben.
And so they're not allowed to make jokes about it.
See how that works?
You don't talk bad about him.
He's a very important person in the Hundred Acre Wood.
So, Ben Garrison of GRR Graphics, GRR Graphics dot com, at GRR Graphics, on Twitter for now, joins us.
We had Barrett I want to go to, and I want to take calls while you're here, you're a smart guy, you can cover the field with us, but the demonization, the insanity, the censorship,
Why do you think it's gone into overdrive?
I mean, I think it's for the midterms.
And what do you think Trump should do?
I mean, I'm pretty excited now that they're talking about antitrust.
They're talking about racketeering.
Everything we sent to him in policy reports, he's noticed exactly what he's doing.
Because we had top law firms do it.
Ben, great to have you back since you visited us a few months ago in Texas.
Yeah, it was great to see you down in Texas.
And I'm really happy you picked up on the Winnie the Pooh.
You know that he was trying to, that Z was trying to ban Winnie the Pooh in China because it was used as a meme or kind of a coded image representing Z. And it was like, I thought it was hilarious.
Well, if Z doesn't like it, then we have to, I'm going to start putting Winnie the Pooh pins on him every time I draw him.
That's the way it's going to be.
But, you're right.
I mean, it's a collusive monopoly now with the social media.
You know, we've seen what's been going on.
They've weaponized the Justice Department.
We've got a two-tier Justice Department, where the left gets off and the conservatives get prosecuted.
They pretty much weaponized journalism, and they've weaponized education and universities against conservatives.
And now, what are they weaponizing now?
Well, it's social media.
Because social media is the new town square.
And so they have to make sure that conservative voices are banned.
And what they want, really, is what Xi has, a Chinese-style censored internet, where we have to toe the line, the leftist, politically correct line, and get our social credits.
This is not going to lead to a good end, I guarantee you that.
Pretty soon we're not going to be able to get on planes because we have a low social credit.
Which, and that's happening in China now, they can't board trains if their social standing is too low.
So we have to kind of...
I hope Trump can somehow nip this in the bud before it gets too addressed.
This is the big issue, because this is the mark of the beast, even if you're not a Christian.
We already have universities saying, if you ever are pro-Trump, or like Alex Jones, you're being banned from admission.
Lawyers are filing lawsuits over this.
This is happening, and people say, well I'll just won't visit Infowars.com or support Trump.
No, it's always going to be more.
Once you give in to this, it's over.
They're making their move, and as you said, Apple and Google have moved to China and are helping
Censor things and round up political dissidents there.
That shows they'll do that here.
It shows there's no limit to these people worth trillions of dollars.
These companies, they are such villains.
Well, they certainly are.
And, you know, we saw this last year start when they banned Andrew Anglin and his Daily Stormer site.
Now, I despise Andrew Anglin.
And I don't like Nazis, and most Americans don't.
So they started with an easy target.
Okay, we're not going to allow him access to PayPal, we're not going to take his site off of GoDaddy, we're going to harass him and kick him off everywhere we find.
This is the whole crux of the matter.
We have to protect even unpopular speech.
I think he should pay the consequences if he's doing things illegally.
Just having fun with his, you know... He has a right to his free speech, just like my wife.
We gotta let him have his free speech, because now what they're doing, since they successfully got rid of all the Nazis, they're starting to label conservatives as Nazis, and then we get kicked off too.
That's their plan.
Well, that's been the admitted plan.
We have to protect even unpopular speech such as that, to protect free speech.
I'll give you one example that this has been going on for a while.
I mean, there was a very good movie made after World War II.
It was called The Best Years of Our Lives.
A very good movie.
Very well done.
But there was a scene that ruined it.
And that scene was when the sailor with no hands, he had hooks, was talking to a guy at the soda fountain.
And the soda fountain guy told him, well, it's too bad you had to lose your hands for nothing because we should have let those Germans defeat the
Thank you.
But you don't all of a sudden go over the counter and punch him out, because that negates what you were fighting World War II for.
Because that's what the Nazis do.
That's what Antifa does.
So that's kind of set the theme.
It's like, if you've got something that's very unpopular, oh, let's just punch him out.
And Hollywood kind of sets that tone.
Well, this guy's saying something unpopular, free sale, punch him out, violence.
And so that's kind of like developed into the Antifa today.
All they have to do is
You know, affix the label of Nazi or fascist on you and then you're going to get kicked off the internet, physically assaulted.
And folks know that's going on.
I think we're now well past that, and you're right.
This is about banning all conservatives, all nationalists, all libertarians.
The dinosaur media that I see behind you on that calendar knew it was dying, knew it was falling apart, and the truth meteors, comments are coming in politically to take them out.
And so you have a perfect storm of mainstream media with dying political clash.
With foreign funding and then with what Obama set up with this whole CIA group to counter domestic propaganda, I mean to shut us down, engaged in all this and they're now coming in mass doing this.
And so I think that's really the big issue here and we just have to get Trump mobilized and everybody else to take action.
I want to read you something really short here that Jack Dorsey tweeted out a couple weeks ago.
We're committing Twitter to help increase the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation and to hold ourselves publicly accountable towards progress.
We want a vibrant and healthy public conversation.
Well, who, you know, who decides what that healthy is?
That sounds like 1984.
We want to be inclusive of all perspective, inclusive, that's an SJW word, inclusive of all perspectives,
It's all subjective.
It's a psychological dictatorship.
Well, it's always some kind of vague utopia, you know?
If you just follow us and give in to the deep state, we're gonna lead you to the dystopia, and now they're gonna lead us to the abattoirs, what they want.
Jack Dorsey Utopia!
Jack Dorsey Utopia!
Let me just say this now though, ladies and gentlemen, we are running several specials right now, new specials, that are the biggest we've ever done.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You are either with the Republic or against it.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, now we got loaded phone lines.
You get a chance to talk to me and Ben Garrison.
We're talking about the censorship.
And you know, I hear Ben Garrison.
He's a smart guy.
He's a great graphics designer.
He's undoubtedly the most successful current...
Modern cartoonists, political cartoonists in the world, and most of you have seen this stuff everywhere, they have real trouble censoring, it makes them mad.
And so that's why the EU and others want laws pre-controlling memes, where you have to go through a censor before it's allowed.
I mean, this is what they're asking Facebook to do.
And a lot of what Facebook's doing, censorship-wise, is to get in line with the EU.
And so Trump's like, well, we don't regulate, you're a private company.
That's what Congressman Matt Gaetz was saying.
But the foreign countries are already regulating the web.
It's global, so they're standardizing here.
We're going under Chinese control.
Their standards.
We're going under EU control.
So, what does the President do?
Well, let's queue up Kudlow.
Was asked, are you going to do something?
And he said, yeah, we're looking at it.
Well, I can tell you, it's in the news.
The President has said, you're on thin ice.
We're coming after you.
Here's Kudlow.
We'll let you know.
We're taking a look at it.
We'll let you know.
So, this is really a good thing, Ben.
I mean, it's in the news today.
The President's looking at antitrust, Sherman Act 2.
This is what they're doing, what these tech giants are doing, is illegal.
And I get they were the new thing, the golden boys, they can do whatever they want.
They're now subverting the whole thing.
Top Democrats have come out and admitted this could steal the election for the Democrats.
What do we need to do?
I get you're a nice guy, so you're like, liberals, don't censor.
That's what America's about.
Now stop it.
They don't care.
They're authoritarians.
The average leftist wants me in prison.
They scream and go, F you Russian agent.
That's like calling me a Martian agent.
But they believe it, Ben, so I think we've kind of crossed the Rubicon here.
Yeah, but they don't scream about Hillary in her private server and the Chinese having all the secrets hacked and immediately going into their email depository.
I mean, I have a feeling she's probably got paid off for that, too.
I mean, Hillary is just about money, and that's her modus operandi, selling out her country for cash.
But you don't hear any of the liberal media or the leftist, you know, deep state propaganda organs complaining about that.
It's always with the same Russia, Russia, Russia narrative, which has been disproven.
And even the thing with, who was it, Lanny Davis, the lawyer for Cohen, and saying that he has proof that Trump had advanced knowledge, and then later on he backed off and said he didn't?
Well, CNN didn't retract the story, did they?
They doubled down and still pretended it was true.
It's like they layer lies upon lies, and they lie about the lies, and put whoppers on top of the lies, and you know, it's just gotten
Crazy, and they can't stand it that nobody's paying attention to them because they're totally discredited.
So instead, people are going to alternative media on the internet, and then I've got to shut that down.
And the UN is getting involved too.
So it's a challenge for us to really stand up against this now before it starts getting worse, because it will get worse if we don't do something about it now.
Uh, you know, if Trump can break up this collusive monopoly and introduce something, maybe an Internet Bill of Rights, I don't know.
But I don't trust government getting their grapple hooks into the Internet either, because, you know, once another Obama gets into office, they will use that
I know, that's why it has to be like a Bill of Rights.
You can have regulations saying, like the First Amendment, Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the exercise thereof, or the freedom of the press, or the right to assemble, position the government for redress of grievances.
That's a law that says you can't make laws, these people are free to do this.
So we need the First Amendment Act for the Internet, that's what it's called, the First Amendment Act, saying unless it's illegal, like anything else,
You don't have regulatory power over it.
If it's a third-party posting, you can have your terms of service and remove it, but only for reasons that violate law.
You can't then interpret and project onto it whatever you want.
That if Alex Jones says, I don't want transsexuals teaching three-year-olds that they're a different sex, that is sexualizing children.
Not that I hate
Men in drag and clown outfits, that's what it is.
It's that I don't want heterosexuals, homosexuals, anybody sexualizing kids.
They go, oh, you don't like transsexuals.
No, I'm a libertarian.
I don't like you involved with the kids.
Stop it.
So they change the subject.
And then they go, oh, you're off Twitter, you're off Facebook.
You bullied transsexuals because they're public figures, but they're so special and protected, they get access to your children.
So then I ask, is it L-G-B-T-P?
Because, you know, every time I say, leave the kids alone, stop sexualizing them, by heterosexuals, the Catholic Church, any of these groups, they say, oh, you're being LGBT-phobic, and I'm saying, if you're adults doing things in your own bedroom, I'm not phobic.
Okay, give me a break.
It's an obsession that you think I'm obsessed with what you're doing in your bedroom.
It's boring.
The point is, is that it's the sexualization of children, so they change the subject.
You see what I'm saying?
Yeah, it's almost completely, well it is completely ludicrous if it weren't so serious what this is all leading to.
So, you know, we all have to start pushing back as hard as we can and don't give up and everybody get on board and use your free speech.
I mean, if this was the Second Amendment, if they had control over that, we'd all have our guns gone by now.
So we have to make sure that we all keep speaking out loudly.
I agree.
As long as we have the Second Amendment, people stand up for it.
If people don't fight for the first, we're going to lose everything.
So let me ask you that question.
I agree, I don't want government involved.
But let's quantify that.
Well, I think over the second, if we lose the second, we lose everything.
But we're going to start to lose it anyway.
But the guns, I mean, that is the cornerstone.
If they get rid of our guns, it's over.
And they're not going to take mine.
I don't disagree with you, but I believe the founders were right.
Free speech and the right to assemble is the right to communicate the message to keep the guns.
So the two go together.
That's why the first and second, like a horse and carriage, you can argue what's the horse, what's the carriage.
I mean, I think they're both equally co-equal.
But they're going after Ben Garrison, they're going after our free speech.
So what I'm asking you is, if the UN and the EU and the CHICOMS are already coming up with regulations, because we've left a vacuum, don't we need regulations saying we have free speech in America?
It's not a regulation for laws that oppress, it's the opposite.
Well, we should be able to, I think we should be able to sue these guys who have all these billions of dollars when they start stepping on our free speech.
But they say that they're like the phone company.
You know, they don't regulate the content.
You can't sue us.
But then they do regulate the content.
So they can't have it both ways.
So they jump back and forth.
They bend the law and bend free speech however they like to match their ends.
And their end is always the same.
It's always the collective totalitarian society that they're in charge of.
And able to take away more freedom and liberty from us until we're nothing but just miserable serfs.
And then that's when the great culling will begin and they'll just end up... You know, I say this and I get laughed at by a lot of my lefty friends, but they're going to end up killing us.
They want a massive, you know, depopulation.
Well, you got half the public basically not working.
Trump's trying to change that.
And now they hate us and they're being trained that we are the food.
And they say within 10 days, 95% of people become cannibals.
Within about 5 days, most people become thieves.
So yeah, no, if a meteorite hit and blew out everything, within 15 days, there'll be roving vans running around eating their fellow humans.
We'll be right back with your phone calls from Ben Garrison.
Barrett had some good points.
I'm going to go back to him on media manipulation.
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Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it going to take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Put him on pause again.
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not going to just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
Go to Infowarsstore.com right now and help fund the InfoWars.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright folks, we are back live, kind of in a Batman theme today, because I sent a clip I wanted of Batman, specifically this morning, so we're going to show it on TV right now off my phone.
Because if it happens on my phone, it just magically gets out everywhere.
I was thinking about doing a trolling operation where Soros text messaged me, good job Jones, keep it up, and like a split second of it being seen, it's like top news story all over the world.
And I'm saying that because I'm going to do that troll, and people are going to believe it, that I'm going to be able to go back to this and point it out.
I'm going to do one with Trump, too.
I'm going to wait like a month or something, though.
I'm going to troll the hell out of it.
We'll go back to Ben Garrison and phone calls here in a moment.
Let me pull it up in text messages here.
This is the specific one that I want.
I mean, if it is the same one, it doesn't sound like the same one.
Batman original TV theme.
There must be like a bunch that say that then, because it's not the same one.
Or I'm going crazy.
I'm just going crazy.
I know that first one I heard wasn't it, which is whatever.
I don't care.
Just remove them all out of the machine then.
Okay, doesn't matter.
What I do want then, is you were out of town a few weeks ago Daria.
I want those ones I sent of the specific outro music.
We'll just do this on air, because that's the best place to do everything now.
I'll start paying my bills on air.
Trimming my fingernails on air.
Brushing my teeth on air.
It'll all be fine.
Seriously though, we ought to be rejoicing more that they've been trying to hide the censorship like we're complete morons for years.
It's been getting worse and worse and now finally it's being exposed.
Ben Garrison, undoubtedly the top cartoon, political cartoonist in the world.
And what other cartoonists are popular now?
Really not a lot.
I mean, he's really prolific.
Billions and billions of people have seen his work.
He exposes it all.
At a gut level, where would you say we are right now, 69 days out from this midterm?
Do you agree that it's one of the most important elections ever?
Yeah, this is critical, but they're really pulling out all stops at this point to try to turn the tide because it's been going against them as people have been waking up en masse.
What Trump is doing is not just nationalism and America first, he's also de-globalizing the system and they can't stand that because that's like he's tearing back the so-called progress that they've been making for decades, unimpeded and unencumbered.
So here is this kind of a rogue president coming in and he's destroying their sandcastle, kicking it out.
What he's doing is, of course, that's one of the reasons I like Trump, because I think we should decentralize a lot of things.
We need to decentralize our banking system.
We need to decentralize the Internet.
We need to bring government back into the hands of people.
Decentralize the education, everything.
When you get more power to the local people, then the people have more power.
And that sort of ties in with Brexit, when Britain saw what was going on.
Well, wait a minute, we're paying all these taxes, but we don't have any representation.
We have oligarchs in Brussels deciding what's good for us, and they've had enough of that.
And so America needs to have enough of that, too, and start getting our government back and our Internet back, too, that Obama tried to give away.
Well, if folks are wondering why InfoWars is under such attack, nine times out of ten, we're the only broadcast that exposes what's really going on, and then it comes out later, and the globalists can track that back.
Yeah, we get ridiculed, we get demonized, we get attacked.
Some weak-minded people
Are going to sit there and see me being demonized and think, oh, he's losing.
Well, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were being demonized by the Redcoats.
You're being demonized by the system.
That's a badge of courage.
We're not trying to win a popularity contest with Hollywood or the Democrats or the Blue Blood Republicans.
And folks need to get that.
I know most our audience understands that, but some people just don't get it.
Some folks, you know, that you and I've talked to are like, Jones, you're a joke.
You know, you get made fun of everywhere.
Well, if you're not getting attacked and made fun of by the power structure, you're not over the target.
You know, people that have quietly done little things behind the scenes or whatever, that are great, and some of it's bold, they don't get what it's like to be in the arena when you're a public figure and your name's hanging out there, or you were already very successful, I know your whole story, you know, in major publications.
And so you became, you know, a little more libertarian, a little more pro-Americana.
Yeah, I did not get off to a good start, Alex, because when the trolls went after my cartoons and started defacing them, I just, I lost it.
It's funny, I look back at that time where I wanted to sue everybody and I wanted to, you know, I would get so angry, white hot mad all day and I, you know, I was walking around with in a state of fear and anger and that's a terrible combination of emotional state to be in.
But now I look back and I see these people, you know, defacing my cartoons and I kind of chuckle.
It doesn't bother me in the slightest.
I wish, if anything, that ordeal taught me some grace, you know, and I didn't have much when I started out.
I mean, I just,
You know, when I had the troll attack that went on for years, I would do anything to make it stop.
But now it's like, you know, hey, I don't care.
Have fun with it.
But that's only because we work so hard to get my name out there that people know the difference between the real me and the troll me.
Yeah, let's be clear.
They put swastikas on stuff.
It's the same crap they do to me.
They put stuff on there you didn't do and then try to blame you to get you banned.
It's just like Mike Cernovich.
They now take a video where his daughter's in the background, comes in on a live broadcast, and she's real cute, and then they cut audio in of him torturing her to try to get him SWAT teamed.
It's what they do, folks.
Well, when they start doing what they did to me a couple days ago, I can't prove it, it was censorship.
But boy, it sure felt like it when that plug got pulled and I was dark, and they wouldn't give me an answer for nine hours, and then when they finally did, they said it was my fault.
And I go, what?
You know, the site was working fine.
Now it's something wrong with my... Well, yeah, I talked about this.
They later said, oh, you had too much traffic, yeah.
Well, that's what they said, finally.
But we've had a lot of traffic before, and we haven't been shut down.
But the good thing about this, Alex, is we've had so many people wanting to help.
And that is so encouraging to me.
I have so much email I haven't been able to answer at all.
People wanting to help, both sending me donations and technical advice.
So we have some plans now to try to solve this problem so it won't happen again.
But I had kind of like, maybe I felt sort of like what you must have felt like when they, you know, suddenly and kind of collusively pulled the plug on you.
It's like, wow, they really have lost the argument if they're doing that.
If they're so afraid of what you're saying, that just shows that they're on the wrong side of history, that's for sure.
Well then I love how they denied that it's happening after they launch it.
They're now saying, no one censored me.
Nothing happened.
No conservatives, no libertarians are being censored.
And we were already shadow banned, 95% plus.
So once they completely banned me, I mean, but here's the problem.
They're now trying to block videos other people upload that I put up.
So they're literally trying to censor everybody else and make sure I'm not there while they lie about me.
We'll come right back and I promise.
Mike Louisiana and others, I'll go to your calls.
I was good the last hour, got a guest on, but I'm going to go to your phone calls with Mr. Garrison.
Speaking of money, if we don't get funding, they'll shut us down.
And we are neck and neck right now with not being able to even expand, as everybody knows.
So I want to launch the new shows, I want to launch the new studio, I want to get on more TV stations, radio stations.
I want to launch a lot of other new things, our own kind of YouTube platform.
We already had planned, now we're accelerating it.
That's going to cost millions of dollars over the next year.
They took our Criteo advertising campaign that was bringing in $3 million a year total, about a million and a half profit, to fund things.
I want to say profit to fund the operation.
So we need to be in the black.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I had to do it, even though they banned me and demonized me.
Without exception.
I couldn't back down.
Couldn't do it.
I did.
So much more.
I did it my way.
I sure did.
Globals don't like that very much.
Let's go back to Ben Garrison.
I was a bad boy.
I did good with calls up front.
I've hogged the time.
This segment, one more with him.
We'll take some phone calls right now.
Barrett called back.
He's been home for 40-something minutes.
You brought up the CIA and Operation Monkey Bear, which is all admitted.
Obama set up this office of countering propaganda.
Saying that all these domestic right-wing groups are Russians, and the CIA is separate, this sub-office of Democrats, just like they have a sub-office in the Justice Department.
This cancer is running this against me and everybody else, and Big Tech's taking orders from them.
So that's what I'm saying, Barrett, go ahead, great point.
Yeah, the original act was the Smith-Month Act, which was passed in 1948 that allowed for propaganda, but there were two senators, one in the 70s, one in the 80s, that they put restrictions on it that made sure that that propaganda wasn't disseminated to the US.
Yes, and Obama took those off two years ago.
Exactly, and so now we basically have the US Ministry of Truth, our own propaganda center,
And Rex Tillerson did a good thing in September.
He actually withheld funding for what's called the Global Engagement Center.
And as a result, a lot of the people that work there quit.
So I think that's something else that they need to do is to make sure that that funding is withheld from the Global Engagement Center.
And that they, you know, not be allowed to expand their operations because, like you said, you could open source all of Google's search algorithms, do everything, but they'll still get their tentacles into it if they can.
Well, and they started getting around this again with George W., where they would put fake stories in the foreign press and have them leak back here.
But now it is the CIA and foundation funding with Soros and Media Matters literally interfaced in your Google, in your Facebook, in your Twitter.
We're all colluding.
And so we talk about censorship.
No wonder they're laughing at Trump and us.
We're just getting around to admitting there's censorship.
It's our own government rogue, the Democrats still in power, acting like Trump never got in, waging war against the population.
It is sin-sational.
Let's put the Zero Hedge articles up, folks, and the InfoWars articles from a year and a half ago.
This is the entire kahuna.
The CIA is working against Trump.
Not the whole CIA.
There's like 37 angry Democrats have a cabal, their own office, in the Justice Department doing this.
There is a CIA office Obama created working against Trump and the free press.
That's the headline.
I mean, you cannot make this up!
And I deal with it!
These aren't Wall Street Journal and New York Times reporters.
These are CIA!
Weird SJW Foundation people.
They're literally on my ass, 24-7, lying.
And they follow me around everywhere.
And they hate my guts, man.
They're ideologues.
Weird, crazy, chip on their shoulder, crazy leftist.
People say, oh my God, are you scared?
I'm only scared they're going to win for you and your family.
I love it.
Are you kidding?
I want to take on these people.
I want to be at the front of the line.
I want to be in the war, baby.
You can't get me out of this.
But I want to win.
I'm not scared of them, but I'm scared of losing.
Ben, can you imagine, maybe in your great gravitas,
You should do a limited edition poster with us or something, but we also put it out viral.
How do you describe that there's stay-behind networks in the Justice Department, in the bureaucracy of the CIA, and the Board of Governors of the FCC admitting they want to ban all conservatives and steal the election?
That is so criminal!
Well, that's another reason to start breaking them up.
I mean, the FBI and the CIA are so politicized, we need to do what Kennedy wanted to do, is start atomizing them and start, you know, removing them from their... You know, there's kind of a subtle difference between the deep state and the shadow government.
You hear that all the time.
Well, the deep state can be epitomized by people like, you know, Rose Stroke, who's there as a career
Doing things that are good for the country.
Oh, look at this smarmy guy.
I mean, come on.
I mean, that's that's the deep state face.
Gollum doesn't look this evil from Lord of the Rings.
Well, and then the shadow government is something a little bit different.
And I think of the shadow government, I think more of like, you know, what you were talking about with all the foundations and the Bilderberg and the CFR.
People who are also unelected.
Yeah, they're the ones in charge and then the deep state pulls the levers.
You just said it.
Yeah, that's a pretty good way of putting it.
But the caller you just had on made some really good points.
And boy, it's one thing what they did to you, Alex, is that one thing that may be a little bit positive of it is they've laid their cards on the table.
And those cards are ugly.
And that they really made their intentions clear.
And if they're going to go to a Chinese-style internet with false reputation scores, I mean, where's that going to lead?
Pretty soon, it's going to be, well...
You know, you didn't properly worship Satan, so you're going to get a lot of points taken off your score.
Well, that's it.
They make it sound reasonable up front, and then next it's this, this, and that.
I want to go to Michaels.
They've got a great idea.
Coordinated free speech rallies.
They kick us out of the fourth dimension, or silicon dimension.
We go absolutely wild politically, not violently, in the third dimension.
And then put it online as well.
They can't stop us all.
Michael, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Listen, I had an idea.
I was wondering what you thought about it.
What if you get guys like Gavin McGinnis, Brandon Tatum, Michael Savage, Colter, Milo,
Just a bunch of people all together.
Maybe even Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.
Maybe even just get as many people together and show that we're going to stand up against this.
That's a smart thing.
Conservatives tend to be rogue on their own, you know, kind of owly.
That's how I am.
I mean, I'm very reclusive personally.
I go out to eat here and there, but I'm not into, you know,
Running around at events.
Trying to get all those folks to come out together would be hard, but everybody should hold their own.
People that want to work together should come together.
I agree.
We need to march on Google.
We need to march on Facebook.
We need to march on all these groups and say we know what you're doing.
Instead of D.C.
they ignore you there.
We need to march in San Francisco.
We need to march in Berkeley.
We need to march in Seattle.
We need to march everywhere and show the Antifa come out and try to stop us from calling for free speech.
I think it's a great idea, Michael.
That's the best idea yet.
I was even thinking maybe you could call it, you know, Free Conservative Speech Rally or something.
How about just defend the First Amendment, you know, say Free Speech Rally.
It's for everybody.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
By the way, send Michael a free t-shirt of his choice.
Let's get his name and number or, you know, his email.
Michael, you had the best idea.
We need to hit the streets.
Go ahead, Michael.
Yeah, I would love to see, I mean, I would be willing to travel as far as I need to to be part of that because we all have to stand up against this.
We can't.
And we need to do it soon.
No, I agree.
We need to do it soon.
We need to do it soon because we're 69 days out.
God bless you, Michael.
Put him on hold.
I have this rule, if you hold more than an hour, you get a free t-shirt, but in terms of this whole situation.
But Michael, thank you, God bless you.
Ben Garrison, I think that's the key here, is put out memes because the AI has trouble blocking those, they admit that, so you're the solution, and also marching is the solution, lawsuits are the solution, calling Congress for them to take action is the solution.
What do you think the number one solution is?
Take action, period.
I like to march for one thing.
Of course, the mainstream media would not show that on any of their outlets.
But all the little folks would livestream, making them big folks.
It's like whack-a-mole.
They can't get us all.
That's right.
Now, of course, you know, if they shut down my free speech, I can't really do much out here in the boonies.
I guess I still have free speech, but I'd go outside and talk to a tree or something.
But let's be clear.
Memes are so king, and you're the king of those, because yours is the best work.
Because you could just send it to me or anybody else.
They could ban your Facebook or Twitter.
You could just send it to a list of a hundred people.
Ben Garrison cartoons.
Look, they fear the meme.
They've looked at numbers.
And they know, even if they shut the web down, people could put out their own memes and own posters.
And in a shutdown thing, those are like gold.
Right now there's so much info.
People are like, oh, I don't care.
But more and more, it's precious.
You see, Ben?
Ben, have you looked it up?
The EU says they fear one thing, memes.
And they talk about you.
Do you understand that, brother?
The AI doesn't get jokes.
It doesn't know how to block you, man.
They don't get, you know, what they don't get is a distillation of verbal metaphors into visual metaphors.
And that's one thing they fear, because that's something, it's like Hillary going after Pepe the Frog.
I mean, come on, why was she so afraid of a frog, of a cartoon frog?
That really made her look bad, but her worry was,
Maybe founded in a little bit because that frog, that one, you know, which, you know, Matt Fury will sue you now if you use it, but that one had played a very critical part in the election, didn't it?
Because he really humiliated her.
The key is iconography.
We must use the weapon systems of peace now.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
But I do know about tyranny.
Actually, I do know all about science books and history.
That's why they hate me.
I'm bragging.
Hey, I like that where they add little rainbow colors.
It's, like, light bright.
What a wonderful world it would be.
Ben Garrison, the number one hands-down political cartoonist in the world.
And in the old days, stuff was just in newspapers and populations were lower, so you could say the greatest editorial cartoonist of all time.
That goes back to Rome and ancient China when they had that.
I've got, like, 30 more phone calls, and I apologize for not getting to everybody, but I appreciate you trying to get in.
Let's go to Jesse Nex in Idaho.
Jesse, you're on the air.
Alex, how are you doing today?
Good, brother.
Hey, so I noticed that one of your viewpoints or your main viewpoint has been a false flag for the silencing.
I kind of feel like a false flag might play into Trump's narrative of strengthening the borders and the Second Amendment.
But one thing I did notice is that just before the silencing, Trump had come out about releasing a lot of the redacted information in the memos.
My question to you is, do you think that
They might be going in defense mode in preparation for something big coming to the White House that would be devastating to the Democrats?
They know Trump's getting ready to declassify everything.
They know the economy's coming back.
They don't want people talking about that.
And so they want to censor everybody and use my censoring as a smoke screen while we all debate Alex Jones.
Instead, they're basically censoring everybody else.
So, yeah, no, that's exactly what's going on.
And I told everybody this three weeks ago, and now it's happened.
Yeah, definitely.
And, you know, it's not just the big guys that are being silenced, too.
It's just small people like me that share your guys' information.
I've been banned off of just little sites and stuff like that.
And they're trying to teach you.
Hey, you sit down and you shut up, Jesse, but don't stop.
Do it even more because you're winning.
Call into C-SPAN.
Call into other talk shows.
Knock on doors.
Hand out flyers.
Start your own website.
Cover local news.
Build your own internet.
Because, again, mainstream internet is like 90% of it, like Matt Drudge warned.
We have to pull it back like 10 years ago.
80% of the web was individual websites.
We have to go back to that, Jesse.
God bless you.
What do you think they're clamping down on?
I think it's the midterms.
I mean, they admit in their own memos they're doing this to try to make sure the Democrats win.
They're scared.
Yeah, they're trying to do that, all right.
The thing about the media is they're...
Well, one thing is I've noticed that they're starting to leverage toward the media's trying to push a war with Iran.
That's very dangerous.
They couldn't get Hillary in to start a war with Russia, so now they're trying to justify the $700 billion annual budget on the military with a war with Iran.
That's a side issue maybe, but here's the deal, Alex.
I was talking to my
87-year-old mom the other day, and she says, I wish we could go back to old days with Walter Cronkite.
Now, he was so reliable, and you could believe what he told you, and I kind of like, uh, no, he sat at the right hand of Satan.
And Walter Cronkite actually, he wanted, he presented himself as a man you can trust, but what he wanted... He wanted world government and population reduction.
I had to explain it to her.
I said they wanted Americans to yield their sovereignty.
That has never changed.
The mainstream media, the legacy media, the deep state propaganda media, they still want to erode the sovereignty of citizens of the United States and replace it
With a globalist system.
And that has not changed.
And Trump really threw a monkey wrench into their plans.
And they're going to be driving hard to the hoop to stop him.
And the globalist system they're bringing in... Whatever it takes.
They miss the days of Walter Cronkite when they could get a kind, grandfatherly man with a nice, mellifluous voice to tell you what's true, while he sat there and spouted out the lies.
But nobody realized it back then, did they?
Now we have an internet where we can find the truth, so now they have to shut that down.
You just reminded me, we have the clip somewhere, we can dig it out of our computers, where Walter Cronkite says, there are those that claim that world government is the work of Satan.
Well, then I'm happy to sit here at the right hand of Satan.
Thank you, David Rockefeller.
Ben, let's talk soon, because I got a bunch of stuff I want to do with you.
I know you've been busy, I've been busy, but you're just great work.
We salute the work you're doing.
People can find you at your great website that's up on Graphic.
Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
Hey, brother.
Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
I just want to say thanks for your products and everything that you're doing to try to save the country.
I mean, I've tried your Secret 12, Super Male, Anthroplex, the Silver Bullet, Biome Defense, Micro ZX.
I mean, that's all good stuff.
Secret 12, if everybody would just drop their energy drinks and get some Secret 12, take a shot of that.
That's the thing about Secret 12.
Just a half a dropper has way more energy.
People ask, why is it sweet?
Real organic B12 is sweet.
And exactly.
When I'm super tired, I go, hey, why am I drinking coffee at 10 at night if I'm going on some show like Coast to Coast?
Secret 12, 30 minutes later, massive energy.
It's amazing.
Yeah, that stuff will wake you up.
And the clarity of mind that comes along with that is just amazing.
Well, I think I see another side.
Maybe you're stuck by the light that shines.
And I look over now, through the door, and I still belong to no one else.
Maybe I hold you to blame for all the
By the way, Ben Garrison just reminded me of something.
Walter Cronkite on C-SPAN said, there are those that say world government's the work of Satan, so I'm glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.
He was with David Rockefeller.
This is a world government that takes your rights, takes your freedoms, where corporations are tax exempt, but you're not, and there's a total panopticonic internet that controls every action you are involved in.
And then penalizes you if you don't go along with what their worldview is, which means one-child policies, no-child policies, you name it.
See, once you agree to the world social score that sounds reasonable, oh, I just gotta do whatever MSNBC says?
Then it's more, more, more.
It's social control.
So, I'm going to ride shotgun, and we're going to have to start the next segment, that video for you, but anybody can pull it up until YouTube deletes it.
Just type in to YouTube.com, the good old folks there, Cronkite, glad to sit at the right hand of Satan.
It's one minute, five seconds long.
The larger one, join me, I'm glad to sit at the right hand of Satan, 1.3K views, that means 10 billion views.
And there's another one, join me at the right hand of Satan, that actually has him introducing Hillary Clinton with her on the screen saying she is Satan.
And see, I've got all these videos of them admitting world government, how they're going to get rid of the family, everything.
And so it's funny that he raised that because it made me remember something I hadn't covered in years and years and years and years.
Now Mike Adams is going to be hosting this hour.
Roger Stone has a big breaking news announcement here and then he is going to be gone because he had oral surgery yesterday and he is in a lot of pain.
We appreciate him coming on.
Obviously this is such big news that he wouldn't be here unless it was an emergency breaking news.
So Roger, thank you for joining us today.
Great to be here, Alex.
I apologize if I'm slurring my words a little bit.
I haven't been hitting the moonshine.
I'm still getting over the anesthetic, but this is important, and I had to make the show.
Tell us the big breaking news, my friend.
Well, on Monday, I joined the Alex Jones Show, and we broke down an action plan for the President of the United States.
Now, the President has moved on the very first step of our plan, which is to discharge White House Counsel Don McGahn.
Now, Don McGahn is the John Dean of this administration.
Don McGahn sat for 30 hours of interviews with Robert Mueller in his gumshoes.
Don McGahn, I can now report, has been the greatest single obstacle to the termination of Jeff Sessions, the greatest single obstacle to the declassification of all the government documents regarding the illegal FISA warrants, Hillary Clinton's emails,
The emails that Huma Abedin forwarded to Anthony Weiner.
Don McGahn has been an establishment quizzling inside the walls of the Trump White House.
And now the president announced by a tweet that McGahn would be leaving in the fall.
Well, to me, we're in the fall.
It'll be September 1st here momentarily.
And I think this is vitally important.
But what was disturbing most of all was Chuck Grassley, who I have great admiration for, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, taking a tweet and saying, oh, I hope this isn't true.
I hope the president is not going to discharge McGahn.
Now, Alex.
The White House staff, the White House Council, serves at the pleasure of the President of the United States, not the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
In fact, even suggesting who the President should and should not hire, should and should not fire, is a violation of the separation of powers provided for in our U.S.
Well sure, next we're going to hear Congress say, we want to pass a law that you can't fire McGahn.
And as you said on Monday, fire McGahn.
Then fire four deep in the Justice Department.
Then antitrust moves.
And that's all being announced by the President.
And it's not just that we're advising him.
We've gone to top law firms.
We do real research.
We had Mike Adams write a report to the President.
I know it got to him.
That made, reportedly, somebody at the White House go really ape.
Trump's finally said, resign if you want.
He knows the truth.
He's decided to go into a war footing with the news they're planning to indict his son.
And now even the former head of the CIA and NSA, Hayden, says, back off, Mueller.
Back off, Brennan.
Trump has all the power.
He has the people.
The economy's growing.
We're going to lose this.
And you know, Trump's told people last night at the prayer dinner, buckle up for violence, the left's coming.
So I think Trump gets it now and realizes these folks didn't want prosperity.
They don't want trillions more in the stock market.
They want control of America.
And so now he has put on the armor.
Of God, and they are now crapping their collective drawers.
Rogers, I mean, this is a... I mean, why is it Word for Word we're advising is now happening?
Because we did our research, and yes, we were able to talk to the President through sources.
But I mean, it's all happening, it's manifesting.
This is epic, Stone!
Well, and additionally troubling was yesterday when the Senate Majority Leader came out and urged the President not to fire Jeff Sessions.
Now, while it is true that the U.S.
Senate has confirmation authority, who the President appoints or fires is none of Senator McConnell's business.
In fact, Mr. President, not only should you appoint a new Attorney General, but you should order him to look into the Chinese business dealings of Senator McConnell and his wife.
Who is, unfortunately, a member of the Trump Cabinet.
The longest serving member of the George W. Bush Cabinet now serves as Transportation Secretary.
But doesn't this signal, Roger, that Trump is getting ready to start politically chopping heads off?
The fact that he's got the White House Chief Counsel going, the fact that he says he's taking the gloves off, that it's illegal, that they're on thin ice with Google.
I mean, people better know Trump means business now.
Well, it's like an ocean liner.
You know, it takes some time to turn.
Let's recognize the president is completely surrounded by advisors who have urged him not to take action.
Not to do anything about internet censorship.
Not to do anything about a runaway Justice Department that is under the control of the Obama administration.
Not to do anything about the stunning criminal Rod Rosenstein.
The president, I think, finally recognizes that his survival, the survival of his presidency is at stake.
But Alex, it took the president doing a Google search on himself to figure out what's going on at Google, to figure out that all of the searches... As he said, there's nothing about 4.6 growth rate.
There's nothing about... It's all negative crap!
3.2 million new jobs.
I might even be low.
It may be 3.4.
I'm a little woozy.
But compare that with the massive job loss of Barack Obama.
In two years, the president has cut the deficit virtually in half from around $900 billion to around $5 billion and change.
That's progress.
But you won't find that if you do a Google search.
I know.
In closing, Mike Adams is coming up, Roger, but I mean this is so epic.
People overuse the word epic.
This is so crazy.
That they always act like they want to work with him, and then they stab him in the back, and then all these career politicians are cowards around him, but his instincts are right.
I think what you're saying is, this signifies, as you said on Monday, just three days ago, two days ago, he is getting ready to move, and boy, are they getting scared.
What do you make of swamp creatures like Clapper and Hayden saying, leave him alone, oh my god, he's got the power, you went too far, stop, stop.
I think they realize now that they're in trouble if he takes action.
Well, and a terrific piece by Peter Schweitzer at Breitbart, I think late last week.
Clapper, Brennan, Hayden, these guys make multi-millions of dollars out of having their security clearance because it gives them an enormous bank of knowledge about what's going around the world.
So they're moving to protect their derrieres financially, and I think they recognize that Donald Trump is a man that you can push only so far.
If I were Brennan, I would face up to the fact that he's going to be wearing an orange jumpsuit for most of the rest of his life.
Because he has crossed a patriot.
No, Brennan.
We've got to go further.
Stay there.
I'm going to have Mike Adams take over and question you when we come back for one more segment.
Mike's got his own to cover.
But, ladies and gentlemen, this is an epic time to be alive.
This is incredible.
Mike Adams, nationalnews.com takes over with Roger Stone.
But I want to ask Roger, via Mike Adams, this question.
How soon does he start firing?
We have Graham, we have Grassley saying go ahead and fire Sessions.
How long until the firings happen?
How does Deep State strike back straight ahead?
Lincoln was elected to unite a country and stop slavery.
Democrats smeared him.
They went to war against him.
Assassinated him.
Now, their target is Trump.
America was never good!
Slavery, genocide, and war!
Donald Trump wins the presidency.
So help me God.
They say he's killing America.
There will be a vote to impeach.
They say he's a racist.
This was a white lash.
And a fascist.
Who are the real racists?
Northern Democrats had conspired together with Southern Democrats to take away the fruit of other people's labor.
Who are the real fascists?
Both Mussolini and Hitler set up and ran welfare states.
This was done by the do-gooders, the liberals, the people who wanted to improve society.
Which party attacks our free speech?
Why do you speak against the villa?
Our religious liberty and our personal safety.
A nation dies when its people are not free.
We too must fight for freedom.
Regardless of the price we pay.
An end in terror is preferable to a terror with no end.
The stakes could not be higher.
We're talking about America, the greatest nation on earth.
Lincoln saved America for the first time.
It's now up to us to save America a second time.
Dinesh D'Souza is with us.
He is the number two biggest filmmaker in history, and that's being a Hollywood outsider.
He's also a number one New York Times best-selling author of Death of a Nation.
You can find all that at bigliebook.com.
His film has been in the top ten as it opened.