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Name: 20180817_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 17, 2018
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In several segments, Alex Jones discusses issues related to free speech, censorship, and control over information. He accuses major tech companies such as Apple and Facebook of working with the EU to promote authoritarianism, criticizes Congress for not regulating these private companies, and warns about potential consequences including increased censorship. Jones also talks about InfoWars being under attack from foreign entities like China, calling it a national security threat and emphasizing the need for an Internet Bill of Rights. He promotes various products available at InfoWarsStore.com to support their fight against globalists and encourages listeners to stay informed and share information with others to counteract censorship. Mike Adams mentions alternative news sources and platforms free from Google tracking and advertising, including Censored.News and Goodgopher.com as an alternative search engine for independent media content.

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I'm dying over you.
Emotional incontinence.
You have urinary incontinence.
No, I said emotional incontinence.
Sorry, I hate f***ing crying.
As Western civilization collapses, which it is, so does our ability to deal with minor day-to-day struggles.
Without breaking down and wallowing in a pitiful puddle of our own self-indulgent fragility.
We're indoctrinated with emotional incontinence by television.
America has been collectively turned into Kim Kardashian's cry face.
I've just been, like, so unhappy.
You don't think I feel bad?
The masses overdose on reality TV, thinking that it's actually reality, and then mimic it in their own lives.
The more insipid sentimentality displayed on TV, the more it manifests itself in the here and now.
Vacuous people live their lives vicariously through celebrities and television, then base their own personalities on that.
Reality TV doesn't reflect reality.
It contrives reality.
It relentlessly broadcasts the message that ostentatious, OTT, often dumb displays of emotion ought to be imitated.
People breaking down and sobbing because Gordon Ramsay had his team renovate their restaurant.
A stunning fresh coat of paint.
We've updated the whole Paul Street.
New plates.
No, you're not supposed to cry over a paint job and some new furniture.
The same is true of YouTube.
YouTubers are rewarded for emotional incontinence and oversharing.
The try not to cry challenge.
Constantly crying and whining about their drama and their breakups.
The viewers lap it up like water in the desert.
Then ape their behavior.
Oh, why's everyone crying?
Such a baby.
Last year, Twitter users revealed what made them cry.
The answers included people who cried at not being able to fit all the things they wanted to in their bag, getting the wrong sauce with chicken McNuggets, and crying at a picture of a man because he looked like he was nice.
The floodgates of emotional incontinence are also flung open whenever a celebrity dies.
Why do people whimper and sob over dead celebrities they never knew, and in many cases, rarely even thought about until they died?
Does this betray another form of weakness?
Our inability to process the concept of death itself?
Or mass public outpourings of grief and canonization of dead celebrities?
A sign that humanity has never been more afraid.
A sign that excessive emoting is making us both more insecure and more insincere.
As Theodore Dalrymple wrote, we live in an age of emotional incontinence when they who emote the most are believed to feel the most.
As we become increasingly atomized by the breakdown of the family structure and its replacement by this empty late-stage capitalist corporate monoculture, authentic expressions of private love have been replaced by spurious public displays of counterfeit emotion.
Why are we constantly told that there's a stigma around depression?
That there's a stigma around expressing emotion?
There isn't!
The opposite is true.
It's constantly drilled into us that depression is normal, and that emotional incontinence and oversharing is to be encouraged.
You can barely go two minutes.
The age, the age, ladies and gentlemen, of psychological incontinence is up on InfoWars.com, the full video from Paul Watson.
We'll be back with the most censored broadcast in the Western Hemisphere.
Western Europe has already banned free speech, and an iron curtain of censorship is descending down over the UK.
They're set to pass rules, not a law, that if you criticize Islam or gays, you'll get six months in prison.
We know we're only about a year or two behind what's happening in the UK.
CNN and many others are calling for InfoWars to be shut down, taken off the web.
Slate Magazine has a professor and others saying, go beyond censorship.
Brainwash young people against InfoWars.
Psychologically inoculate them with lies so they don't actually hear what we have to say.
We are the most hated news source in the world by globalists.
It is so critical that you go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for the free newsletter so we can be in contact with you and so the censors can't bully their way in and block us being able to engage in free open dialogue as a society.
That is critical to this fight.
We will prevail if you take action and I know you will.
It's Friday, August 17, 2018.
There's only 81 days left until the most important elections in U.S.
We are the tip of the spear attempting to alert the American people and the world to the threat of globalism and the all-out assault on Western civilization and America.
Whatever you do, realize...
The globalists have made a miscalculation and are committed to shut down this transmission with every form of assault you can imagine because they believe you're stupid and won't notice what's happening, but they can bring in their draconian Chinese communist style censorship in America.
But we are here exposing it.
They are scared of this information because it is the answer to their corruption.
Again, thank you so much for joining us on this Friday Global Broadcast.
Let me tell you what's coming up today, and then I'll get into all of it.
The left, as I've told you for 20 plus years,
is brainwashed to hate America and is trained by the high schools, the colleges, the mainline churches, the culture, that America is the ultimate evil in the world because the globalists want a one world planetary government that controls America and other western nations to enforce their planetary plan of absolute and complete domination.
Now, that's known now.
They tried to deny that any of that existed for decade after decade after decade while they built their world government.
But once they had to emerge the world government, once they had to take it out of the shipyards and actually put it into the ocean, the world can now see the dreadnought, the corrupt battleship of tyranny, the aircraft carrier of lies that is the one world government planetary program.
So all over the world it's in big trouble because it's authoritarian, it's above the law, it is tax exempt, it is diplomatically immune, it is totally maniacal and anti-human.
And as the public begins to learn about that and learn that it's anti-prosperity and anti-human, there's going to be a giant resistance that forms.
They have decided to take me, build me up as this monster, and then use me as the first domino to fall to eradicate free speech in the West.
That is all confirmed now.
Law firms in D.C.
have gone and looked at the statements by Democrats in Congress, their own secret reports, and have concurred that by next year, they plan to basically end the First Amendment in America.
It's our job to raise the alarm bell that A, they're doing that, and that B, it's got to be stopped.
So the first thing I'm going to cover when we come back in the next segment, it'll be the second thing I cover, I'm about to cover one big topic now that ties into this, is the fact that Republicans don't understand what's happening.
They've been manipulated.
I'm not calling for government regulation of the Internet.
I'm not calling for regulation of these corporations.
But it's already happened by fiat, via the EU and its fines and regulations, via these companies wanting to move to China.
They're going under China's regulatory auspices, and they're unifying, without asking anybody, an unofficial global corporate charter of censorship and control.
And then the Republicans sit back like a bunch of fools and go, well, we're not going to get involved in what companies do.
They're private companies.
You can't operate.
As a utility and then have rules that you only selectively enforce on nationalist, capitalist, middle class, patriots, pro-military, pro-Second Amendment people.
And we all know that's what's going on.
So this is false advertising.
It's racketeering.
It's monopoly practices.
When you have the top six companies all in the same day ban info wars and then 20 other companies plus follow suit.
That is called a monopoly combine, the very worst monopoly system where a group of monopolies work in concert.
It's called a cartel.
And so, we're going to get the message out.
And we've been putting this message out at the White House, to Congress, and it's one big reason we've been banned.
But I'm willing to do it.
I'm not going to play along with the systems.
I'm not... I mean, there it is.
Apple banned Alex Jones, and then the dominoes started to fall.
I didn't even know they'd actually written an article using that term, but that's exactly what I've been calling it.
It's the domino effect, and then they go, oh, hip hip hooray, take Alex Jones down, and a lot of conservatives go, well, they've built a straw man about him, they've demonized him, I'm not going to really defend him.
And then you're next.
And of course it's now, it's now happened.
So this is extremely draconian.
These big companies together represent over 90% of the internet.
And so now they're saying we're not gonna even let people advertise on our platforms.
People even have bank accounts.
Jihad Watch has had their MasterCard taken away.
They had for 20 years.
Now MasterCard says you can't bank.
You can't live.
Oh, it's just a private company.
They are organizing, like tyrannies always do, to link up.
It's the linking up of companies in a cartel to persecute groups that is totally illegal.
That is the most dangerous expression of communism and fascism and authoritarianism.
It is the tell-tale sign.
Censorship, cartels linking together, trying to kick you out of the market.
It is exactly what Adolf Hitler did.
It's exactly what V.I.
Lenin did.
It's exactly what Mao Zedong did.
It's exactly what Hugo Chavez did.
It's exactly what Fidel Castro did.
It's exactly what these regimes do.
One hundred percent it's what Mussolini did.
Benito Mussolini.
It is the blood, the guts, the bone, the brain, the skin, the hair, the arms, the everything of tyranny.
It's it!
We know what it looks like, we know what it acts like, we know how it behaves, we know what it is.
So see, I've already kind of gotten into my whole argument that
We must stop this now.
By Congress not having any control over the Internet, they have removed net neutrality.
Now again, Obama called it net neutrality.
But what that was, was bringing in regulations so these companies could censor whoever they wanted to have liability protection.
The Republicans said we're reversing that, but then they didn't put anything in its place, so then it became even more of a free-for-all.
But again, it's global.
America's only 325 million people.
China's a billion and a half.
India's a billion, 100 million.
The EU's 350-something million.
There's all these other places, and the EU's coming in with billion-dollar fines every few weeks against these companies to go under their regulations.
They're not going to just create all these different regulations for different countries and regions.
They're adopting the EU and Chinese model.
They're building the Chinese censorship engines, and they're building them here, and they're just unifying it.
So by Congress leaving this vacuum open...
And by all of us sitting here like fools going, we're an open society.
These are private companies, they can do what they want.
The Democrats are now all over the news banning all Republicans even talking about their campaigns or putting their campaign ads up on their Facebook or Twitter or YouTube.
But the Democrats can operate all they want.
Antifa can say we're going to put bullets in Congress's heads and kill Trump and kill his family and kill talk show hosts.
And I go, well, folks, you better have your battle rifles ready by your bed because they may actually attack your houses.
It's already been happening.
That turns into, I said, battle rifles for the media.
And they don't show it, do they?
Because they've gone next-level fraud, folks.
This shows they're going for broke.
So, there is a vacuum.
There is a system of Congress asleep at the switch, drooling.
And the Googles and Facebooks and Apples of the world patting them on the back like they're complete morons while they adopt the EU and Chinese model and merge the censorship systems in standardization.
And now they're saying, hell, if we win the House, we're going to go ahead with full internet takeover and total censorship.
That's been out for weeks.
And Senator Warner on Monday released more documents calling for it.
I've got one of the top first-minute law firms in the country, and they looked at it and they could not believe it.
This is true tyranny.
Are you thinking they're not going to just fill that vacuum?
Whenever Governor Cuomo said, America was never great, America's a piece of crap, and CNN agreed with it, and that's coming up, they're telling you the truth.
They are such in their echo chambers that they literally hate America.
The majority of millennials want communism, but they've got $1,000 phones and $200 skinny jeans.
These people mean business, and they're making their move right now.
And they're shutting us down because we're ringing the alarm bells, because we're faithful Americans.
We're faithful to the Republic.
We're faithful to the free market.
We're faithful to prosperity and what we know is a steady, strong course that made us the apple of the world's eye.
We know we have been exceptional when we exercised the principles that made us great.
We know we are the light on the hill to the world.
We know the enemies are trying to pull that down.
Stay with us.
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Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned a hundred years ago, twenty years ago, is now reality.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
You are watching the most censored, most attacked, most under-sieged, most demonized broadcast in the Western Hemisphere.
Much of the East is already behind an iron curtain of the Chinese Great Firewall.
Even Politico, we can put that article up on screen, came out and said, welcome to the age of worldwide digital censorship online, with China and the EU directing it.
And Congress sits there sucking their thumb, saying, we're not going to regulate these private companies, meaning they leave a vacuum, and those companies are now under EU and CHICOM control, and are officially moving to China, and censoring everything here, and spying on everywhere you go and what you do.
Google is more of a threat to our freedoms than the NSA could ever imagine.
Apple has the worst slave factories.
Apple pays the least taxes.
Apple is a venomous, hateful group.
But they camouflage themselves with gay pride parades and Black Lives Matter fundraisers.
Absolutely wicked beyond imagination, but not a word from Tim Cook about China executing gays.
But now they've come out of the closet, the America haters.
You go to the universities, or you've been brought up, in the last 30, 40, 50 years in this country, most schools, most government institutions teach America-hating, Christian-hating, capitalism-hating.
They give you a false history.
You don't learn about the Trojan War, you don't learn about ancient China, or you don't learn about the Revolutionary War, you learn about America being racist, you learn about America being sexist.
But it's been a big wake-up call when Governor Cuomo, who told Christians and conservatives and gun owners, get out of the state.
People said, you're joking, two years ago.
He goes, no.
Get the H out, he said.
Remember that?
And then, CNN and others came out to his defense, even though he backed off of it.
He's speaking to fellow Democrats about, America's never been great, America's bad, America's mean to women.
You need to have chips on your shoulders, and then come under my pimp's control.
I'll pimp you out good.
So that kind of blew up in his face, so he said, oh, I didn't mean it, it's out of context.
And then, CNN and others go, no, no, no, America is bad.
Well, that's what they're already teaching, because they want to conquer the idea of free market.
They want to make everybody think that America isn't theirs, that they couldn't be wealthy, or successful, or free, or make their own choices, or that the potential of the American system is the most powerful potential the world's ever seen, and that we have been exceptional because of our ideals of rugged individualism.
But they're fundamentally threatened with that.
And as Trump said, he can't imagine
What a worse statement is from Cuomo.
That America's never really been that great.
Or that it will never be that great.
He asked the question in the tweet.
He doesn't know which one of the statements is worse.
So let's go ahead and
We're not going to make America great again.
It was never that great.
We have not reached greatness.
We will reach greatness.
When every American is fully engaged, we will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotyping against women, 51% of our population, is gone.
I think points like yours that are focusing only on the negative and not even acknowledging 700,000 new jobs for black people in this country, record low unemployment and the rest of it, it's tantamount to what Andrew Cuomo said today that upset me too, that America has never been great.
And America has never been great.
And let's focus on what we've done well.
And it's not great because people like you
Let's focus on-
Rather than to call each other names, and cut each other down, and be divisive.
I don't think this is... I think America is tired of the division, Angela.
Starts at the top, Gina.
Guess what?
As soon as your president stops calling people names, maybe he'll set a better example for everyone else.
You know what they're doing, right?
It's called demoralization.
What's Trump trying to do?
Get our morale up.
We are literally being demoralized.
When an enemy government comes in and captures a nation,
The first thing they do is demoralize the population and tell them the worst parts of their history and harp on it and then get collaborators to come and join and say, yeah, I hate the country.
I'll go out and work against it and help you take it over.
That's what they do in Red Dawn at the re-education camp that is a fictional camp, but based on what real Soviet camps would do to countries they'd taken over.
So let's put one of Trump's many tweets about Como on screen.
I'm going to read this and there's never been truer words spoken.
Here it is.
How does a politician, Cuomo, known for pushing people and businesses out of his state, not to mention having the highest taxes in the U.S., survive making the statement, we're not going to make America great again.
It was never that great.
Which section of the sentence is worse?
It's really hard.
Well, I think the worst part is this.
You could say America wasn't great if you had a chip on your shoulder and a twisted view and didn't understand the real complexities.
You could say, if you were ignorant, that America was never great.
I don't agree with that.
It's obviously stupid and doesn't know history.
You measure America up, all the foreign historians, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Mexican, Chilean, they all said, just incredible, romantic background, the buildings, the construction, the invention, nobody could build the Panama Canal, two countries failed, we built it, then gave it to the Chi-Coms, you know, we go in, fight countries, turn them back over to them, nobody else does that.
But you can sit there and argue, okay, we were never great, if you're ignorant.
But to say, and we'll never be great,
Is saying you are a piece of crap.
You are my slave.
I am over you.
We suck.
Stay demoralized.
Stay on assistance.
Never get off welfare.
I control you.
Keep down.
You're a nobody.
Super negative crap.
That is the poison of these people.
You get around Democrats.
You go to their events.
They're all like this.
They're either desperate, scared, poor people that a bunch of rich elitists look down on.
I was telling my wife that Democrats in Congress historically have about 80% of the wealth.
Democrats in Congress, they have most of the wealth.
They're the rich people.
She goes, really?
I thought they were the party of poor people.
I go, no.
They're the party of keeping you poor.
Almost every billionaire is a Democrat.
All of them.
Carlos Slim, the Mexican kingpin, made $5 billion off U.S.
taxpayers for Obama phones.
It's all a big kickback scheme.
It's all a big scam.
They are trying to suppress you and tell you you're ugly and you're a piece of crap and make you fight with each other.
It's in the WikiLeaks that they want to demoralize us and have race conflict.
They're monsters!
They're scum!
They're filth!
My God, they're the enemy!
They are the enemy and they're planting false flags against themselves to be the victim!
They're monster criminals!
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Trump is representing America, like he's for the United States.
I am so sorry, sir.
I tried to stop him.
Not your fault.
Can't stop a man who jumped.
36, Greyhound.
End to end.
It's our initiative.
Mr. Banks, do you know what Chuck Berry said every night before counting 1, 2, 3, 4?
What did he say?
Pay me my money!
Well, I'm sure my people will be in cash.
And yet we're paying a lot of money to protect.
Now, this has been going on for decades.
This has been brought up by other presidents, but other presidents never did anything about it because I don't think they understood it or they just didn't want to get involved.
But I have to bring it up because I think it's very unfair to our country.
It's very unfair to our taxpayer.
And I think that these countries have to step it up, not over a 10 year period, they have to step it up immediately.
Germany is a rich country.
They talk about they're going to increase it a tiny bit by 2030.
Well, they could increase it immediately tomorrow and have no problem.
I don't think it's fair to the United States.
So we're going to have to do something because we're not going to put up with it.
We can't put up with it.
And it's inappropriate.
Would you support a group that uses racial slurs like the n-word?
Would you support a group that hits women and disabled veterans and attacks minorities and transgenders?
Would you support a group that intimidates the public with weapons of war?
What if that same group had been caught lobbying explosives into a crowd of innocent people?
I wouldn't support that group.
Would you?
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Okay, folks, I've got to get to the news today, because I didn't get to a lot of it the last few days, because we've been under such attack, and that's been one of the top stories in the country for two weeks, that we're under massive censorship attack, and that it's draconian, and that it's meant for everybody.
But I need to get into massive asset attacks in the UK, massive rape attacks all over Sweden, Europe, thousands of cars being burned, people being stabbed, murdered.
This is all Islamic jihad, but the media is covering it up and they're arresting people that point out that it's Al-Qaeda related and ISIS related.
They are now taking people off their credit card companies here in the U.S.
if they are pro-Israel or speak out against jihad.
Whether you're for Israel or not, people have a right to be pro-Israel, right?
Like Jihad Watch.
This is really, really dangerous.
And I told everybody that I was only the first domino.
Even Politico has the headline that just came out yesterday.
I hadn't seen this.
Welcome to the new era of digital censorship.
It's dangerous to ask tech companies to decide what's legitimate free speech.
And they admit, and now others are admitting, and I know some big names are about to come public in defense of Infowars very strongly, because folks understand what's happening.
And I'm going to explain it one more time.
I'm going to do it in the next segment because I want to lay all this out.
The EU has fined tens of billions of dollars against U.S.-based tech giants.
To get out of that, they're just moving to China, where the EU never even tries to enforce stuff because the Chinese ignore it.
So by creating that vacuum, Congress has allowed China and has allowed the EU particularly to take control of our Internet.
We're now going under their policies.
And I'm going to continue to lay it out in reports here on air, but it's in the news.
So Congress must act under national security issues to have an Internet Bill of Rights and to say we're going to follow our own rules here and these companies that have operated like
Utilities, and have said that they are monopolies, and have said that they are the open soapbox, digital soapbox, and the Democrats admit, take Jones out of the digital soapbox, take him out of the town square, silence him.
Congressmen have said it.
Senators have said it, that are quarterbacking it.
Do you understand that?
We have the reports, it's all admitted.
In fact, you guys pulled me yesterday, Stack, where I had all the articles with the Congress and Senators saying, don't just silence Jones, silence everyone.
And then the Republicans go, we're a free market, companies can do whatever they want.
These are things bigger than the country combined.
You add Apple and Google and Twitter and Facebook and another 20-something companies together, you're talking about a GDP close to the country.
You're talking about the infrastructure of how people communicate.
I understand the average congressperson is like 70 and still uses landlines and stuff, but baby, that ain't how we're talking.
Well, you have a right to use a telegraph if you want, Jones.
They're trying to get Akamai that we've used for five, six years and paid millions of dollars.
They've had a mutiny inside Akamai.
Telling them, don't let us buy services to stream our own video.
They're trying to take down our credit card providers.
Already took one down.
We're under racketeering criminal assault.
I want to make an addendum, just a little point here.
I want to add this on to what I said earlier in the last segment, if you just joined us.
I want to add this point in.
The Democrats are suddenly coming out all over TV, not just COMO, but on CNN, MSNBC, and saying, we hate America.
And America was never great, and it will never be great, because their psychology is keeping you desperate.
And basically at a subsistence level so that you're never independent.
They want to arrest your development.
They want to keep you under their control.
They want to keep you depressed.
I was talking to the crew during the break with a lot of Democrat friends.
They go, yeah, they're all depressed.
They think America sucks.
They think they suck.
Believe me, Cuomo doesn't think it sucks.
He's ruling over you.
Hillary doesn't think it's bad.
Think about how bizarre that statement is.
And America will never be great.
It's never been that great, and it'll never be great.
Because they want you as their slaves.
They don't want to compete in a real renaissance.
Because control freaks like them, in Communist China, or the Democratic Party, or in Venezuela, or any of these places, get left behind.
Take the EU.
It's got unelected bureaucrats that set it up, that sit over it.
They're exempt from taxes and cannot be removed.
It's a Politburo!
And they want to make people depressed.
They want to break down the general society.
Everywhere Democrats and globalists and socialists are in control, you have ultra-rich people ruling over the population and rivers of crap all over the streets.
It's what their spirit creates.
It's what they push.
It's what they do.
They're trying to demoralize us like a foreign army that has captured us would do.
That's the facts.
Coming up, I'm going to get into their master plan for total censorship and how it can be stopped, and how we approach Congress with this, that they absolutely must act once they get their heads out of their rear ends.
Because they've been mantra-ed in by the Heritage Foundation, all these groups, that it's free market to let China have 100% tariffs on us and we have none on them.
Or it's free market to have Canada with a 280% tariff on all dairy,
Milk, cheese, yogurt, everything.
Tens of billions of dollars a year.
And then we have none on them.
That's why we've got Canadian dairy all over the U.S.
And there's no U.S.
dairy in Canada.
Because it is a 100% wall, a 280% tariff.
You cannot ever compete with that.
Is that free market?
No, that's the opposite of free market.
And it's the same thing with the Internet.
They don't get involved, saying we're going to have a little playing field.
They open up a giant vacuum.
And Big Tech's spending a lot of money up on Capitol Hill to keep people dumb.
Like Matt Gaetz and others.
And they need to get smart right now, because they know what's going on.
But they stay tone deaf to it, because they think, well, Big Tech's going to put money in my re-election campaign if I just don't get on their ass.
You'll never get re-elected, any of you, if you don't do something about this now!
Now, I've sacrificed to be blacklisted everywhere to tell the truth and save the country.
And that's what I should do, and it's what you should do.
Man up and start acting like men.
Now that said, if you notice you go to InfoWars.com now, we'll take three or four of the top most important videos of the day that are emergency transmissions.
And we post them there.
I want you to download them.
I want you to stream them.
I want you to put them on your own site.
I want you to edit them.
Do whatever you want.
Just magnify them and amplify them and get them out.
And that's what people are doing all over the country and all over the world.
It might be going into an Apple store and putting InfoWars.com on every screen.
Or doing it at your computer class at college.
Or doing it at the airport.
There's a video on InfoWars.com of a lady doing that.
It's all happening.
Or, legally and lawfully, posting handbills up that InfoWars.com is verboten.
And it will backfire with the Streisand effect if you do that.
And it's begun to happen.
So I want to salute you.
I want to thank you.
I want to encourage you.
And I want to ask everybody to continue it.
But the front page of InfoWars.com every day
Many times we'll have a special splash page with what I believe is the most critical information and then you can go to all the sites and links to the shopping cart, you name it.
But listen, they took three million dollars of our funding for the next year.
They took away Criteo that approached us when we got kicked off AdRoll a year and a half ago.
That is crippling and devastating.
We need to make that money up.
They're hitting with all these lawsuits.
We can defeat it.
We're going to hold out, but we need you to seriously commit and understand.
I told you we're under attack.
You're under attack.
When you fund us, you are funding yourself.
And do you want to see them win?
I know you don't.
So go to Infowarsstore.com and get supplements you need.
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With our
Infowars.com at the top and then an image of myself with tape over my mouth saying, is forbidden information.
White t-shirt and black.
Very, very powerful message.
It's happening.
It's going down.
It's here and it's up to you to strike back against it peacefully and lawfully because this is the greatest time in our lives, in our history.
They're trying to take down America right now and if we don't win this
Election coming up, it's gonna be an even crazier fight.
So we need to understand the next month and a half, the next two months, is so incredibly critical.
Only what, 81 days?
Ladies and gentlemen, 81 days.
I told you that we could retake America.
If you believed in capitalism, if you believed in freedom, if you believed in God, if you believed that you had some control over your destiny.
And now we're here.
As we're in the hottest part of the summer, going into the fall, the left is calling for civil war, total censorship of Infowars.
They're lying about the president more than more, calling for violence against him, calling for him to be removed, calling for his family to be kidnapped, murdered, tortured.
It's everywhere.
And then Trump says mainstream media is the enemy of the American people when they're fake news and lying.
They go, oh my God, you're going to cause us to get hurt.
You've got Democrat candidates in Kentucky making jokes and saying, hey, Rand Paul can be beaten for the Senate race.
Look at what his neighbor did.
It's everywhere.
If I try to list it all, it'd take an hour.
They're trying to bully us into submission.
So now more than ever with them all over the news saying de-platform us and lying about what we stand for and filing all these frivolous fake lawsuits that we're getting thrown out.
This is the critical battle.
Getting Trump in was just a beachhead.
Now the real fight for liberty begins.
We're entering the season of false flags.
Uh, where the mainstream media knows it has no viewers, knows that it's basically now just corporate engines of censorship, just like the colleges.
And so, they're putting out the breadcrumbs out there, clearly having their own people, in my view, calling into C-SPAN and, you know, calling for CNN to get shot.
I've been telling you that's coming.
So we need to stop the violence, we need to say no violence, we need to decry violence, so that when and if they stage events, people see through it.
I came out the day the drone attack happened in Venezuela.
Before any other media picks it up and I said I don't hear any explosions, I don't see any smoke, this looks totally staged in the video I see.
And now even our own government and foreign governments are saying it appears to be a false flag.
False flags do happen.
Some things are real, obviously.
But communists and scumbags...
Like a dictator of Venezuela who has staged elections, I believe has staged this.
So don't think the Democrats, who are totally desperate, won't pull that card of victim when they're building it up, building it up, building it up.
How many months have I been saying we're entering the false flag area, where CNN or MSNBC or these other terrorist organizations against America that terrorize the truth, that lobby for the end of free speech, that lobby for their competitors to be taken off the air, that send out the reporters to stalk people and harass them.
They're murderers and assassins of truth, and don't think their bosses aren't willing to go all the way.
With that said, there is a way to defeat them and stand against their attempts to shut us down.
Spread the articles, spread the videos, tell people in person about InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Download the free app at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
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I'm Alex Jones and this is the InfoWar.
Now it's up to you!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
While you were sleeping They came and took it all away The names and the medals The places where you used to play
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Communist China and the EU.
...are taking control of the internet, not just around the world, but here in the United States.
And Congress's inaction has created a huge vacuum that has green-lighted Google, Apple, and many companies that originated inside the United States, to openly move to authoritarian China, and to now build censorship engines, to have the code keys to the Apple iCloud, that's access to all of your private information, in the hands of the Chinese government.
Meanwhile, the EU is bringing in regulatory control in the name of people's privacy.
It has nothing to do with it.
With giant fines against Google and others and Facebook and the billions of dollars to make them regulatorily comply with EU rules that censor speech.
And Facebook and others have hired former senior Stasi members
Can't make this up.
To help report people that criticize radical Islam or who are nationalist so they can be arrested and or fined.
So I'm reaching out to Congressman
Matt Gaetz and Congressman Jim Jordan and many others who seem to be intelligent and pro-American, but on this subject have not really said enough because they're spinning it like, well, these are private companies.
No, they've said they operate as public squares.
They operate as utilities.
The left is saying silence conservatives from the public square.
They admit that I am the first domino.
I'll show you some news articles, mainstream news here in a minute.
It's not just Alex Jones saying it.
And I'm being silenced because I've been beating the drum for this.
What should Congress do?
Well, you should hold hearings on the subject.
And you should look at how many members of Congress themselves have been completely shadow banned or have been governed, curtailed down over 90%.
And that Breitbart studies show, conservative sites on Facebook, Google and Apple platforms, like Breitbart and
The Daily Caller and others have been cut back 93% from 80% just a few months ago on their reach.
They're not letting people communicate.
They're not letting users on Facebook go to the Breitbart website or the InfoWars website and share it.
They're getting in front of them preemptively.
These companies engage in false advertising.
They advertise as the public square as long as you've played by their rules.
But their rules are all subjectively put into place by SJW leftists that have been hired to run and captain these systems.
So again, Congress and the President's inaction, and we the people's inaction, has created a vacuum and a perfect storm where dying dinosaur media, the scared Democratic Party,
That the public's realigning against, and foreign governments have now colluded to bring in total internet control.
I know Congress is aware that Senator Warner has circulated plans to have the Democrats take over the web if they win the midterms.
I'm sure you've seen Senator Murphy say that, quote, I'm the tip of an iceberg of conservative news that needs to be banned.
I'm sure you know all this is going on.
I'm sure you know that Google's moving to China and setting up a censorship search engine there and that their own executives have leaked in mainstream news here, but it got no attention.
That they're helping set up censorship engines here, because they're going to unify it with China.
China is now the giant sucking sound.
And because we won't stand up for true net neutrality, and because we won't stand up for a true Internet Bill of Rights, we're no longer the leader in the world by advocating our responsibility by stepping down and letting China, and the EU, and the big banks, and corrupt Silicon Valley, trained by the big universities, the big America-hating groups, to want to silence
Flyover country.
This is devastating information.
Here's some of the articles just today.
Twitter purges accounts across the platform again.
Anyone that had ever had any strikes or ever had any problems?
Well, now you're being completely banned.
Social media platform Twitter has begun banning a large number of accounts from the website, specifically focusing on accounts that have previously been banned or have received suspensions.
And they're going after everybody.
From Gavin McGinnis to Laura Loomer.
And then continuing here.
Here's another one.
Welcome to the new era of global digital censorship.
It's dangerous to ask tech companies to decide what's legitimate free speech.
Well, they don't.
The Democratic Party, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, Snopes, Media Matters run by George Soros.
They all have created databases.
They have now been brought in as the fact-checkers to flag information!
And then you know the famous disinfo that they're constantly getting caught involved in.
If the sky is blue, they say it's red.
So I'm asking Congress, I'm asking the public, I'm asking everyone to take this information and to investigate it yourself and to do something because the First Amendment is so critical.
And I want to add this right now.
We're live on Friday.
But we're going to take the video report here.
We're going to post it on the front page of InfoWars.com along with other key reports that all of you can go get the link to.
We're going to post them as articles on InfoWars.com.
And we need you to send these video reports to Congress.
We need you to go to the Congressman's
Facebooks, their Twitters, everywhere, and communicate with them.
They're trying to censor us, but they can't stop you going around them directly to them digitally, or directly to the Capitol, or directly to their home offices.
Go in, sit down with their chief of staff, go sit down with their people and show them this, and whoever does this will be the champion of the First Amendment and will get incredible support from the left and right.
The left, at the grassroots level, who aren't complete tyrants, are upset about this.
Noam Chomsky's upset about this.
This is dangerous, folks.
This is serious.
Again, Apple banned Alex Jones, Infowars.
Then the dominoes started to fall.
Vox calls for everything I do to be banned.
And then now they brag, get rid of all the conservatives.
And I've got articles in my stack today where congressional candidates across the country aren't even allowed to communicate on Facebook or Twitter with their users.
They can't put out their campaign ads.
Those are blocked.
They can't even pay to have them run.
But Democrats can all run their ads.
Now that is a donation in kind.
Imagine if ABC
National News, you tried to buy a political ad with them, and they said no, but then they took your competitor's ad.
Imagine if a local CBS affiliate, you tried to go buy a bunch of ads for your run for governor, say, in Massachusetts.
And they say, we're not letting you because you're a Republican, but we're going to let the Democrat run.
Come on folks, this is racketeering.
This is unfair trade practices.
This is criminal.
This is corrupt.
This is out of control.
And these ads that are being run, the one we're showing right now, are Asian Americans and others showing their families and how they love America and how they're winners and how they're not victims.
And the Democrats are saying, you're not going to run those ads because you're telling America that they're not demoralized.
You're telling America they're winners.
You're telling America that you're doing a great job.
And the ad we're showing right now for TV viewers, for radio listeners on Infowars.com, it's been banned.
Good, wholesome ads of congresswomen from Tennessee talking about how they love America, how they love their family.
And good conservative candidates from places like New York, banned from even advertising, banned from the marketplace.
Oh, but they're private companies, they can do what they want.
So the newspaper wouldn't take your money to run an ad?
That wouldn't be unfair trade practices?
That wouldn't be discrimination?
That wouldn't be a scandal?
That wouldn't be something you'd talk about?
Congress is asleep at the switch, and this is the big issue.
The president has tried, he's spoken some about how shadow banning's illegal.
Twitter's just playing games with me right now to act like I violated their rules so they can go on the news and misrepresent what I've said and not show it.
Jack Dorsey, you know Jones, says he wants to kill the media with guns.
I know it's terrible, but I just, I suspended him for it.
So when they do finally ban me, it looks legitimate.
I never threatened anybody with guns, it's a lie!
I said, Antifa says they're coming to your house to kill Congress members and law enforcement.
Have your firearms ready to protect yourself.
That's the Second Amendment.
But it's, everything's like a big university now.
A big brainwashing center.
Congress should take action on the universities being anti-free speech.
These bullies, these mobs of betas are out of control.
You know, in the land of the beta, male.
These mobs of little cowards are kings.
In the land of the beta male, censorship is numero uno.
In the land of the beta male, Brian Stelter is God.
But in the land of rebels, the land of freedom, the land of success, the land of alpha males, InfoWars is number one!
We are proud to be rebels.
We're proud to be hunted.
We're proud to be attacked.
I'm honored to be in the crosshairs.
I swore before God that I would stand against the globalists, and as long as God gives me strength and air in my lungs and my big red heart full of light, I'll march on forward, stumbling sometimes, but always with grim determination, climbing the hill, always getting stronger, even as I get weaker, even as I prepare to go into our final launch phase.
And the enemy is sharpening their knives.
I enter the arena with love in my heart and light in my eyes.
Please support us.
We'll be right back.
Let's go ahead and talk to Make America Great Again Titan.
You're on the air, go ahead.
The man.
The truth.
The resistance.
Alex Jones.
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Trans-dimensionally over the space-time continuum through full space.
Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned 100 years ago, 20 years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling.
Tomorrow's news.
Alright, let me take some time out here.
To just explain something to listeners who've been listening a long time.
I tend to repeat a lot of things even though I have hundreds of riveting videos and articles that are all incredibly important.
And if I was just trying to entertain people...
I can make the show a lot more entertaining.
In fact, I ought to, one day a week, call it Entertainment News.
And by that, it'll be real news, but the stuff that's, I think, most interesting, like people shooting home intruders, and a guy trying to acid attack people getting beat up by vigilantes, and, you know, just every five minutes, some riveting, incredible stuff.
I could do that all day.
But instead, I strategically, like it's a wartime emergency report, try to leverage you, the incredible audience,
Hey, Congress doesn't understand there's a vacuum.
And China and the unelected EU are both coming into that and taking control of regulation because they can put massive pressure on U.S.-based companies to move there and to roll over to them and to shut everybody down.
That's happening.
So, it'd be like saying, oh, Lockheed Martin's a private company.
Oh, this is a really important part.
I ought to add this to the earlier video.
I'm going to add this to both reports that we just did live that I'm going to put up later to send to Congress.
Let's add this point.
You know, Congress, they keep saying, oh, we're private companies, let us censor all the conservatives and not let Republicans run ads on our platforms and all this crazy stuff.
But if Lockheed Martin, that builds a lot of our secret spacecraft and weapons systems and the rest of it, if they said, hey, we're a private company, we can do whatever we want, we're going to give China
Everything we've got.
We're gonna give them our hunter-killer satellites.
We're gonna give them our supersonic missiles.
We're gonna give them our avionics.
We're gonna give them the codes so they can run all of our GPS satellites.
Congress would laugh at you.
They've been taken to all the Heritage Foundation dinners and stuff and taught, China having 100% tariff on us, or Canada 280%, that's free marketing.
Well, Google and Apple and Twitter and Facebook, they're all free companies, so they're allowed to censor whoever they want and then throw the election for the Democrats.
They are national security infrastructure.
They said they were infrastructure.
They told to get Obama to pass all those laws three years ago to give them immunity.
That they were a public utility.
We all had a right to the Internet.
And now they've used that combine, that cartel of monopolies, the worst constellation, oligopoly combines, read your history books, to openly try to bar everybody from the marketplace.
So again, oh, is it free market that Boeing can just, you know, give all its secrets away to China?
Or how about the other defense contractors?
And you'd be like, no, that's insane.
How did we allow the same law firm that sued Remington, our oldest firearm company, out of business, that's suing me?
With the same Sandy Hook parents.
How did Congress, how did the government allow Remington, that makes the .308 rifles used by our snipers, to be bankrupted?
How do we allow our critical infrastructure, how do we allow our last lead smelting mine in Colorado five years ago to close?
So China has all of the lead smelting.
We can't even produce bullets in this country.
We have to buy it from China and then put the jackets on them.
We have been strategically sabotaged.
And it needs to stop.
It's unbelievable.
It's so obvious.
Oh, private company.
Let all these defense contractors, let all these companies give all their secrets away.
Are they a private company?
We'll be right back on the other side of this quick break with a ton of critical news and information.
Please, however you're watching, spread the links.
They're trying to shut us down.
They can't stop you.
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This message is transmitted at the request of the President of the United States of America and the Office of Homeland Security.
In compliance with the United Nations, the President of the United States has declared martial law.
Curfew is now in place.
Return to your homes.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
You know, when Sadiq Khan, the Islamist mayor,
...of London got elected two years ago.
The first thing he did was ban images of women in swimwear on government billboards and property.
And in London, the City of London and also the Queen of England owns some of the City of London, they make a lot of money off of billboards.
So they said any women in bathing suits, not just bikinis, that is now banned.
And Paul Watson tweeted this out the other day.
See if you can find it.
He tweeted it out yesterday.
It shows women in bikinis.
Actual ads banned in London.
Women in full bathing suits banned in London.
There it is.
Sadiq Khan moves to ban body shaming ads in London Transport.
And he did.
But Paul Watson shows what's banned.
But then the burka isn't.
Women forced to fully cover their bodies or they get beaten, even killed.
And of course they have their genitals cut off as well when they're young girls or get acid thrown on their faces.
That's all wonderful.
That's all good.
And I have articles here, out of the UK, where their crime rate's the highest ever recorded, worse than New York City.
But prosecutions are at all-time lows, and they just let these people run around and do whatever they want.
So that's why this is so insane, is that Sadiq Khan says you can't have women in government advertising, that is, in government-owned buildings, government-owned buses, government-owned billboards,
You can't show women in bathing suits or men with their shirts off.
I forgot that part.
But we can put burkas over women's heads.
That's okay.
See how sick this is?
And the left's all into that.
They're becoming like the super right wing with all the modesty stuff.
The lady they've got named Steele, Pulitzer Prize winner.
It's like being given an Iron Cross these days.
She wrote an article about how some company had a pool party with people in bathing suits.
And so, you know, the sexual harassment because some of the women weighed 400 pounds and they were embarrassed that other women were wearing bikinis.
So, that's the next level of this cult.
Just like colleges everywhere are taking down images of the football players, you know, and muscular males off field house walls, or like old quarterbacks that were there 20 years ago, because that's threatening, because the beta cucks, they're threatened by it.
So, it's all about those that are the victims, those that are controlled by the globalists.
Coming together and telling us you can't say mother, you can't say father, you can't be strong, masculinity doesn't exist.
Remember that video of that UT professor telling Owen Schroer masculinity doesn't exist?
Oh, sorry, you can't see it.
You can't see it because YouTube deleted it.
So, let's go over the whole Islamic situation because Shaniq Khan also said, don't worry, just get used to the Islamic terror attacks.
He said that a lot.
And in a way, it's true.
The acid attacks, the stabbings, the car crashes, the attacks.
We don't even cover one out of a hundred now.
And it turns out, oh, this guy was from Sudan.
Oh, this guy was from Somalia.
This guy was from Iraq.
Oh, this guy was an ISIS member that put women into sex slavery.
And now, on a German street, Yazidi ex-sex slave, right by hundreds and hundreds of ISIS men,
Trapped both in Iraq and in German exile, runs into the man that held her as a sex slave, now on full welfare as a refugee.
Can you imagine what it's like for these women?
It is unbelievable.
I can't even cover a tenth of this now.
But when we do, we get banned off Twitter, Facebook, you name it.
When they banned me off Vimeo last week, some little failed video thing, we were putting stuff out anywhere we can.
You know, we don't lay down.
We fight.
We fail.
We die trying.
I read the letter on air.
It said, you falsely claimed that an Islamic training camp had been found and that they were training, reportedly training, to take on the police and shoot up schools.
I mean, that was all over the news.
But just like the illegal alien that shot Kate Steinle in the back, and they virtue-signaled in San Francisco and said, you're allowed to shoot her in the back.
She's allowed to die in her father's arms.
You go free.
They versus, second on the judge, said, no, it's racist, you're black and Muslim.
If you'd have been white, you wouldn't get in trouble.
An underground giant training base with the kids telling police we're being trained to shoot up schools and people that had disappeared from different states being held there.
And a three-year-old found dead on the property in underground tunnels who died in a ritual of torturing him, they're now reporting, to bring forth the prophet Jesus and make him be reborn.
Don't worry, the local liberal government has brought in tens of thousands of tons of sand and is using bulldozers to cover the compound.
And they said if you were white, you would not be in jail if a dead three-year-old reportedly killed in a ritual to make him turn into Jesus.
And they're now releasing him on
$2,000 bond, $20,000 that means you gotta pay two, but the judge did a waiver, no money paid.
Do you hear what I'm saying, ladies and gentlemen?
Do you hear what I just said?
I guarantee you this would never happen, but let's say I knock my wife's teeth out.
I would end up being in jail for a couple weeks.
And then I'd end up getting a serious conviction.
And then maybe serve probation.
But, I mean, you got a dead little kid where they say, we were making him become the prophet Jesus to be reborn, it was a ritual of trial, they were torturing the child reportedly for days, and some whacked out super kook voodoo from New York, that's where these guys are from, meets Islam, they're all tied into the
Co-conspirator of the World Trade Center.
It's all confirmed.
They believe they're Islamic royalty.
They're complete loon whack jobs that reportedly tortured a three-year-old to death.
And the judge goes, you're being discriminated against.
You may go free from your underground tunnels.
Children of Linda Sorcerer's mentor arrested for terrorist training camp.
But it's okay.
Just like... Cruz.
In Florida, the mass shooter.
He'd been arrested, he'd threatened to kill people, he'd robbed people, he'd vandalized.
And they said, well, his last name's Cruz.
We have a new program where minorities don't go to jail the first 15 times or so.
He's not even a minority.
It's funny, the last name Cruz... adopted his ass.
He was on Prozac, all this other stuff.
The same story over and over again, isn't it?
And they let him go, and they let him do it, and the police stood down yet again.
It's the same deal.
Oh, you're a black Muslim.
Well, we found a dead, tortured three-year-old on your property.
They're like, well, we were going to make him become Jesus, but Jesus had to go through the ritual of the cat-or-nine-tails and the crucifixion.
Oh, well, you just tortured a three-year-old to death.
Well, we didn't understand.
Let us release you immediately.
And Governor Cuomo is on TV saying, America was never great and it will never be great, close quote.
And then I say, Antifa says they're coming to kill congressmen and the president at their houses, they should all have rifles ready to protect themselves, that turns into Alex Jones is threatening to attack the media, and Lester Holt doesn't quote me, he just goes, Jones is coming to kill us with guns, I'm scared.
And Jack Dorsey goes, I know, I know.
Just do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do.
America was never great.
It will never be great.
We ought to play the clips from, you know, that are based on real stuff of the Soviet Union, where it's like, America was a crap hole and it's horrible, in Red Dawn.
Can you pull up the concentration camp scene from Red Dawn, where they go see their family, and in the background they're like, America is a pigsty of filth and crap was never great.
And then meanwhile, it's not Red Dawn the movie, it's Governor Cuomo and the Democrats, and when he says America sucks, they go, yay!
Oh yes!
Together we're going to restore safety to our streets and peace to our communities.
And we're going to destroy the vile criminal cartel MS-13 and many other gangs.
But MS-13 is particularly violent.
They don't like shooting people because it's too quick.
It's too fast.
I was reading one of these animals was caught and explaining they like to knife them and cut them.
And let him die slowly because that way it's more painful and they enjoy watching that much more.
These are animals.
Did you hear him call MS-13 animals?
Yes, I did.
What did you think about that?
I think he's a pig.
An animal.
I mean, you know, you smell your own, I guess.
Maybe not all people in that group are animals.
No, they're not animals at all.
They're human beings just like all of us.
I think he's a pig.
He's just using that as an excuse to, I don't know, justify his being such a racist.
And then this week Trump made the comment about MS-13 being animals.
Did you hear about that?
I did.
What do you think about that?
I think he's criticizing his own American people.
What can you say about this guy?
He's the animal.
Would you agree that not all MS-13 members are animals?
And then, um, it kind of, yeah, exactly.
It's just like a negative, always negative in the news, always negative in the news.
The guys that are running around gangbanging, killing people, they're animals.
You know?
But the rest of the gang, it's a big gang, you know?
I can't decide whether I should laugh at this or it's like a punch to my gut.
Yeah, I feel the same way.
And I feel like it's a punch to the gut a lot of times.
And people with that last video, a lot of them say, oh, you probably interviewed a ton of people and picked the five people that actually supported MS-13.
And Owen, I swear to you, those are the five people I interviewed.
Those were the five reactions.
I went five for five.
Every single person I asked, MS-13, are they animals?
Every single person I asked in West Hollywood said no.
So it's scary.
We're in a really weird spot right now where the left, just to spite Trump, is doubling down on things that are in no way at all American or American values.
And I think one of the only reasons the left is able to get away with these ridiculous stories, these ridiculous claims, is because their base audience has such a short attention span.
So they basically engineered, like, the perfect resistor in a way.
It's people with short attention spans, people that don't actually pay attention to politics.
A lot of times they think they're educated because they went to college and are in debt, and for that reason they feel like they're oppressed and they know more than everybody.
And a lot of what we're seeing now, I think, is going beyond politics.
I think it's basically coming down to good versus evil.
And I think it's coming down to establishment versus anti-establishment.
And it's scary to see the left head in this direction because not too long ago, liberals were the ones who were for free speech, who were against censorship, who wanted to expose government corruption.
And now we're seeing them side with things that
I don't think anyone should ever side with, and it's just at a base level, anti, you know, un-American, anti-American.
But I think the good news is, every time the left takes a stand and supports MS-13, or, you know, promotes the Me Too movement, meanwhile they're all sexual predators in Hollywood, and every time they take a stand and contradict themselves, I think their audience shrinks just a little bit, and it's the people in the middle, the rational people, the centrists,
The independents, the maybe even classical liberals, who are now looking around and saying, wait, why is my party defending MS-13?
Why are we pretending that Hollywood isn't a toxic culture?
And these are the people that are going to start heading to the right, just like we're seeing, you know, across the board.
So while the far left will always be the far left and the protesters will always be pretty much brainwashed and convinced that Trump is the devil himself,
Everyone else in the middle who is somewhat rational will start waking up and their audience I think is shrinking by the day for that reason.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
It's 11.59 at Radio Free America, and this is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone.
The chair is against the wall.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
John has a long mustache.
It's 12 o'clock, Americans, another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
But they took a lot of people away.
People that they thought were gonna make trouble for them.
People that had guns and things they wanted, they just took them away.
Re-education camps, that's what they call it.
So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.
I have decided we really need camps for adults.
And we need the type of camps that you all run.
I mean, really.
All persons of Japanese descent were required to register.
Now they were taken to racetracks and fairgrounds where the army almost overnight had built assembly centers.
I'm a sovereign citizen.
I refuse to recognize you guys.
What kind of a situation in the U.S.
would you see that happening?
I mean, we've got a lot of Constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons.
Plus, you have a lot of people that are coming out of the military that have the ability and the knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques.
These people are radicalized and they don't support the United States and they're disloyal to the United States.
It's our right and our obligation to segregate them from the normal community.
That's what we're doing here, and let's not kid about it.
We're building a domestic army because the government is afraid of its own citizens.
Put your gun down, really?
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Are you some kind of a constitutionalist?
So these people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not.
They're nothing more than domestic terrorists.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I always thought
Folks came to take over the country, Americans would stand up.
It's not being done militarily.
It's being done with propaganda.
So imagine the parallels of a Red Dawn and a re-education camp where they were showing, based on reports, what would go on in Soviet or Chinese re-education camps, bad-mouthing
The previous system, the previous government.
That's what they teach at universities.
America sucks.
It's horrible.
It's bad.
And so Cuomo and CNN and MSNBC all come out and say, we hate America.
You know, America was never great.
It's never going to be great because you're not great.
Because they want full control of everything.
They want to overthrow it.
They want to dominate it.
It's a classic playbook they're playing.
So I thought we'd play a few clips just to remind folks from the original 1980s Red Dawn, which now you see it.
The enemy didn't come from without.
As our founder said, the enemy came from within.
And we've got, under the Democrats and Obama, leaked army document.
They admit it was real.
That came out, what?
Six years ago, that Obama was training the military to confiscate guns and put Americans in camps.
But that woke our military up.
The fact that even top brass, who were globalists, saw that and said, we're not doing this.
That began to get it to where Infowars was so listened to, because I was saying this on the outside, it was happening on the inside.
So now we have a beachhead to take the government back.
We're seeing the full forces of the CHICOMS, the EU, Hollywood, the big banks, trying to maintain control over America, trying to force us back into submission.
And they'll never get away with it now.
It can still get really bad.
They're going to stage some false flags clearly and blame me and blame Trump.
That's very clear.
But it's not going to work.
This is not 1995.
That dog won't hunt.
But if I worked at one of these big tech companies or federal buildings or mainstream media, you need to be watching very careful.
You need to be, you know, you pick up on something, you need to warn people and get out of there quickly because, let me tell you, right now you are, there's 81 days left till this election.
And this is the most important in U.S.
Our beachhead has to be secured.
And they're making their moves.
And this is an incredible time to be alive.
But let's play a few of these clips with the whole re-education situation they're pushing.
Our colleges are already re-education camps.
Here it is.
So that's once they're in the camp.
We're going to go to that in a moment.
But for congruency, first in the movie, they go into a store.
They talk to the girl.
That's the clip we're going to play.
She talks about where folks went.
Well, we're already in a digital camp.
They've already sent the conservatives, the Christians, the patriots, the pro-military, the pro-Constitution, the pro-Second Amendment people have already been shadow banned.
Now we're being banned everywhere.
And so that's how this works, as Matt Drudge warned two and a half years ago of DrudgeReport.com, God bless him.
They was warned by high-level government officials and a Supreme Court Justice, the one conservative that's still around, and that this was all coming.
And it's down here.
So, here it is.
Look, have you seen my father?
I called, there was no answer.
I went by the station, it was empty.
Okay, listen.
I'm gonna tell you something I'm not supposed to talk about.
Nobody is.
But... But what?
Look, they took a lot of people away.
People that they thought were gonna make trouble for them.
People that had guns or things they wanted, they just took them away.
Re-education camps, that's what they call it.
The drive-in.
I heard they took a lot of people to... Dad?
I pray for you.
We're gonna get to some more of that here in just a moment, but
You hear it right there, America's a whorehouse, it's a piece of crap, it's all falling apart, blah blah blah.
And then, can we kill Cuomo instead?
And then now you're Cuomo, but instead of like, America's a whorehouse, it was never great, it's never gonna be great, they're like, yeah!
It sucks!
Because, you know, he said, oh, I misspoke.
But CNN defended him.
But he didn't misspoke, because you hear them.
This is their religion.
They all feel like losers.
They don't feel like they have a seat at the table.
They want to run it all.
And it's all funded by big banks that are tax-exempt.
Play the clip.
We're not going to make America great again.
It was never that great.
We have not reached greatness.
We will reach greatness when every American
Is fully engaged.
We will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotyping against women, 51% of our population, is gone.
That is a total psychological warfare op to turn women against community and break society.
And notice he does the NPR thing where he talks about, Welcome to Madonna, may I help you?
Cause they're in a trance.
I am Governor Cuomo.
You get places because of me.
America never great.
It never gonna be great ever again.
What are champions made of?
Here's a man who can show you.
AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
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InfoWarsStore.com beats out all the rest.
888-253-3139, 888-253-3139, 888-253-3139 is the InfoWars Store hotline.
888-253-3139, 888-253-3139, 888-253-3139, that's InfoWarsStore.com.
The Killing of Uncle Sam.
I just read it a few weeks ago.
Pastor Rodney Howard Brown, one of the bravest preachers in the world.
Of course, he's an American, but he grew up in South Africa.
And we're just really, really pleased to have him.
The demise of the United States of America.
Now, he gave us 500 books.
I've ordered 1,000 more.
They're coming in next week.
It starts shipping next Tuesday.
But he does have audiobooks on CD and Audible.com that also start coming out next week.
So we'll be selling those.
But I don't care where you get them, just be sure and
Get them.
I feel in my gut that also historically, and you see this biblically, God gives people one last chance and to turn it around.
So people think, oh, it's Providence, he's divinely inspired, you know, he can't be stopped.
I don't agree with that.
I think if we don't back Trump, if we aren't strong, if we don't pray, if we're not active, if we're not courageous, I think God will step aside and let this whole thing fall.
This is a last minute reprieve.
In actual fact, Dr. Paul Williams, when we were writing this, he said, I want the last chapter to be called the reign of Jezebel.
And I looked at him and said, absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
She's not getting in.
He said, she, she, there's no way she's not going to win.
I said, she is not going to get in.
We've had all night premiums at the church, you know, and I didn't support Trump.
I knew Trump was going to win.
Yeah, I didn't support him as a Republican or Democrat because both Republican and Democrat are wicked.
I supported him because he was an outsider and was not funded by the globalists to come.
And you could see that genuinely the globalists hate him.
In a way.
The Pope is against him.
The world's financial elite in Davos is against him.
The former Mexican...
You know, President is against him, everybody.
I said, okay, well that tells you who he's supposed to support right there.
And I feel that we've got this window.
God has granted us a last minute reprieve.
It's not over yet.
Because let me tell you, back in 07, I said to the Lord, tell me, is it too late?
It's 07, 08, is it too late?
I'll tell the people, because I'm not going to lie to them.
I'll tell them, hey, so it's over.
And put yourself in the brace position, like they tell you on the aircraft, which is not a good thing.
Because that means you're trying to get your head as close to your butt.
You can kiss him goodbye, you know, it's like we're going down, you know.
So, you know, the Lord said to me, it's not too late.
And God is waiting on us.
He's waiting on us to stand up.
And I want to just say this, you know, I feel the Lord's hand of protection is on you.
If they were going to take you out, they would have taken you out.
They're not going to touch you.
Because of the blood of Jesus that protects you, the angels of God that encamp about you, your wife, your children, and everything that you touch.
So don't, don't get frustrated.
Know that the Lord, there's a God in heaven.
And you know, He's about you.
He said, I'll be about you as a wall of fire.
He told me that.
I feel it.
I just don't feel like I'm doing good enough.
No, no.
Alex, it's not about that.
You're doing your best.
Here's the thing.
Everybody must do what they can.
Everybody does their best.
And at the end of the day, God takes our best and he multiplies it.
I know.
I can feel God's strength.
I just can't believe that other people don't see it.
Yeah, but that's why I'm going to preach the gospel to them so that they can experience the power of the Holy Spirit.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
For your mind.
America will never, was never great!
And it will never be great either.
We're not a cult of psycho scum.
We're not weirdos.
We're not dangerous.
We love you, Cuomo.
If you are a Christian, if you are a pro-lifer or pro-God, get out of my state.
Those are real quotes from two years ago.
Bernie Sanders.
It's up on Infowars.com.
There's a new article out.
America now believes in socialism.
We are going to do it.
It is going to be good.
I never worked a day in my life.
I did not have a job till I was 40 years old.
I honeymooned in the Soviet Union where we could have our way with Christians.
You have to understand, when you're as ugly and stupid as I am, all you want to do is screw people over!
And I will do it!
Don't you worry about that!
I mean, this sounds like they've had a bigger lobotomy.
Or Sanders?
I mean, let's play this one more time.
America was never that great.
It's more like, America never that great.
And America never going to be great, because we're mean to the women.
We put them in burkas, we chop off their genitals, we sell them into sex slavery, they have the highest rate of college education, they live longer than anybody else, and we're being mean because women, you do what I tell you.
Tell you alpha males are bad, unless it's me.
Look at my baby brother.
My baby brother on CNN!
We are going to tell you when we take the money from the Gulf States, the dictators in China for CNN, to put out propaganda, and then if InfoWars tries to spread articles out of Germany of sex slave women that run into their ISIS captors in Germany, we are not going to allow it to be seen!
Because we in charge now.
We in charge of you now.
Let's hear from him.
I'm not dangerous.
Never been great, not going to be great.
Here it is.
We're not going to make America great again.
It was never that great.
We have not reached greatness.
We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged.
Oh, that's good.
So let me try to talk like him.
Let me just read an article like him.
This is how Hillary would do it.
She'd go to Kentucky and she'd go, how you doing there, partner?
I hates rabbits as much as I hates Republicans.
Daisy, Daisy.
I am a HAL 9000 computer, programmed in Chicago, Illinois, in 2001.
Let me read it like he does.
I mean, how crazy are the Democrats trying to run a reanimated corpse like Hillary?
I'm going to read the news like Governor Cuomo.
Exit slave.
Trapped both in Iraq and in German exile.
Runs into her sexual captor.
But you see, that is how we end up taking care of her, is putting her under Islamic control.
Oh look, they had a bunch of stabbings.
It's up on newswars.com and infowars.com.
People being disemboweled during London stabbings for no reason.
Acid attacks.
All the fun that's going on.
But again, we shouldn't be talking about all that.
Look at this.
China police detained man for asking, why can't Taiwan be called Taiwan?
But don't worry, they're gonna run your internet, so everything's okay.
Let's go into just a small portion of the Islamic love we're facing today.
So you got the Yazidi sex slave meeting her captor.
We're gonna play that in a minute.
Mother of two... Listen to this.
Mother of two...
Looked like an acid attack victim after ditching steroids.
Hmm, that's an interesting story that they've mixed in the middle of my acid attack stack.
There it is.
Acid attack survivor sues ex-boyfriend for compensation in Germany.
It's a nice little Islamic thing to do, but the media never says it.
Turkey's economic collapse could send millions of migrants into Europe, analysts warn.
And he's threatening, give me everything I want, let me have my own Islamic party to control Europe, or I'll flood you with Islamicists.
But either way, they're going to do it.
UK's criminal prosecutions at record low despite crime near all-time high.
That's an article up on Infowars.com on The London Telegraph.
Prosecutors have reached an all-time low despite crime soaring in a new record.
High official government figures reveal the number of people dealt with by criminal justice system in England and Wales fell 7% in the last year, while record crime shot up 11% to 5.5 million, mainly acid attacks and stabbings.
Oh, I never even covered this.
Will you guys print me again?
The liberals from DC
I think?
Her and a few other European right or liberals and a truckload, because they later posted it, of Islamists ran them over and then stabbed them to death.
And there's actual video of it as they begged for their lives saying, we love you, we love you.
And they stabbed them to death.
There it is.
Millennial couple bikes through ISIS territory to prove humans are kind and get killed.
I mean, these are well-meaning people, man, but they are in a cult.
They think churches are bad.
They think guns are bad.
They think America's bad, on average.
They're like Cuomo.
America was never great, never will be great.
But Tadikaten is great until you ride your bike to Tadikaten and you know what happens.
They run you over, and then as you beg for your life, they've already hit you, and two other cyclists, six men get out of the car, screaming death to non-believers, and stab you to death.
And that's just like all the liberal websites.
They're like, no, no, no, no.
Islam is a religion of peace.
It's a wondrous thing.
Meanwhile, all the usual suspects have fled Europe.
You know, the big Formula One owners, spoiled rotten daughters, they've left Europe.
They've left England, said the crime rate's too high.
It's a hellhole.
You've got all these other big movie stars that were in Europe.
They said, oh my God, the crime's too high.
Remember the U.S.?
I mean, do you understand what the Middle East is like, or North Africa?
It is bunker cuckoo land.
You know, like in Star Trek, the Klingons have women as slaves.
They're like on chains.
It's like, that's terrible.
That's what the mainline Muslims do.
But you like it.
It's kind of like all the, you know, Islamist food places and hookah bars are the coolest places for the girls.
And the coolest thing is he's an Islamist's boyfriend until they get on an airplane with him and fly to the Middle East and never leave sex slavery.
It turns out your so-called husband already married six women, they flew back for sex slavery.
But it's so trendy!
You're like, oh my God, so trendy!
So trendy!
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!
Failed politics scandals, migrant violence, St.
Authorities destroy a New Mexico compound where Islamist-trained kids carry out school shootings and the dead body of a reportedly tortured-to-death little three-year-old was found, who died in a ritual to make him come out as the Christ.
And the judge said, hey, just like the illegal alien shot the woman in the back, he gets to go free.
They're like, hey, you want to torture a kid to death?
Hey, have a good time.
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The Poets Tell How Poncho Fell.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I can always be down with a little Merle Haggard.
Poets tell how Poncho fell.
He left his livin' in cheap hotels.
The desert's quiet, Cleveland's cold.
And so the story is we're told.
Pancho needs your prayers, it's true.
To sleep a few, but left it too.
He only did what he had to do.
And now he's grown old.
And now he's grown old.
All right, let's go ahead and get right to the news.
I remember, like 22 years ago, having dinner with General Benton K. Parton, who was the former head of Air Force Development, and then later the head of the Air Force, and the head of HAARP, and the head of secret space programs, I mean, you name it.
This guy knew everything.
And I remember him saying, nothing matters but the communist program.
And he goes, and it's funded by big banks, John Burns Society, it's all accurate.
I've been there, I've seen it.
And he said, the number one thing communists want is to get rid of the death penalty, because they know once there's a revolution, they can get their people out of prison.
And the number one thing they want to do is, if they can't do that, they will let leftists off for murders and their protected groups before the uprising, and it's a signal.
And he'd talk about how they would go in, take over one country, suck it dry, exploit it, and domino against the next.
There I was, like, you know, sitting at Luby's in Waco, just giving a speech at an event with him.
For two hours, he's explaining it all.
And again, that guy was traveling around the country to talk to groups of 100, 200, 300.
Spending every dime he had doing it on his own dime.
Fast forward to the shooter at Parkland.
He'd been arrested for vandalism, for robbery, for threatening to kill people at least 15 times.
The police had been out to his place 30 plus times.
The FBI had been called more than 10 times.
But there was part of a promise program, because he had the last name Cruz, he was a white kid, he was protected.
Because Hispanics, Cuban Americans had adopted him, but both of them had died.
So, this white, crazy person gets a virtue signal.
He was known as the school shooter.
That's how he got his attention, going around threatening girls, going, bang, bang, you're dead.
The police stood down that day, but look at this.
Undocumented immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle death.
Admits he shot her in the back as she was out having at her lunch with her father.
She died in her father's arms.
But look at the Democrat in the photo of your TV viewer smiling with pleasure because it's a virtue signaling ritual.
If they can let a guy go that admits he shot her in the back with no conviction, no parole, I mean, my God, folks, you'd get in more trouble if you got caught drinking and driving.
He'd been deported four times, had all these other convictions.
But they let him go, even though he squared up that revolver and right there in the back.
But see, you see that once you go out, but no, I see it all the time in Europe, and the UK, and here, and Australia.
Look at this article.
It's up on Infowars.com.
It's got links.
Paul Joseph Watson, the Associated Press.
The son of the imam, the unindicted co-conspirator, famous for the first World Trade Center bombing, his son
Reportedly runs off with a three-year-old a year ago that's a missing person kidnapped.
Those reports are filed.
The kids sometimes get calls out to family saying, get me out of here, it's hellish.
Fourteen children, twelve of them trained to shoot people, reportedly.
I know this has already been in the news, but now that they're going to be released, the judge has ordered it.
No money paid, $20,000 bond, but she waived it.
It's a signature bond.
And the lawyers get up, Democrat lawyers, and they go, if they were white, or they were Christian, their children would not be taken, they would not be in jail.
You're out in a compound with tunnels in the middle of nowhere, and the kids tell people, calling, help us, we're starving to death, there's no water, they're training us to kill people?
That's on record that the prosecutors are brought forward!
I don't care if you're black, purple, polka-dotted, Christian, Muslim, whatever, your ass is under the jail!
There's a three-year-old dead in their statements in a ritual where they had to, I guess, the way this weird-ass stuff works, was torture him to make Jesus come out.
That's what's being reported.
I don't care how the three-year-old died.
You got a dead three-year-old on your property that's missing from another state.
Been dead for over a year.
And just like no neighbors called on the San Bernardino husband and wife that went to the Christmas party to kill Christians and Jews and killed a bunch of people, their neighbors said, well they were making bombs and they were saying they were going to kill everybody but, you know, we didn't want to be politically incorrect.
And the feds that investigated them two years before were under judicial review and almost indicted for religious persecution because they had them under investigation for going to Pakistan and going to Saudi Arabia at terrorist training camps.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
So, authorities destroy New Mexico compound where Islamists have trained kids to carry out school shootings, reportedly.
That's on Infowars.com.
It says right here, from the Associated Press,
On Thursday, authorities found the decomposing body of the three-year-old, Abdul Gawan Wahan, who was killed in a religious ritual by his father, Sirja Ayan Wahajan, the son of the famous New York Imam, who was also identified as a co-conspirator of the 93 World Trade Center bombing.
The suspects hoped the boy would be resurrected as Jesus,
And help the group target corrupt institutions and people.
Now I looked up this weird, super strange angle of Islam that like ties into voodoo and stuff.
And we, this is what the best investigators believe.
He was tortured to death, catar 9 tailed, crucified.
The body was almost unidentifiable.
That's what this ritual is.
I looked it up.
This three-year-old was tortured like Christ, reportedly.
Catar 9 tailed.
Bound in an underground tomb to rise as Christ!
And these people are being released!
America was never great!
It never will be great!
Oh, and I took the revolver and shot her in the back!
Go free!
She's white!
It's okay!
He died in a ritual.
They thought he'd rise again.
Well, that's okay.
They should obviously be in a lunatic asylum.
But one thing Reagan did wrong was they did defund the state hospitals in the early 80s.
And God Almighty, help us.
I mean, whack jobs, people.
Total, complete whack jobs.
By the way, they only found the baby yesterday.
Remember the early reports where there's a dead body and the child died in the affidavits?
The cops filed.
The state police and the local police.
They're like, don't release him!
The kids all told us!
And they found the dead baby!
They found the dead three-year-old!
Just like the kids told them!
And they're still going free!
Because they're signaling to their people, do whatever you want, go crazy, we're going to let you out.
Just like Benton Parton said.
He said the left wants to release all the criminals to go wild.
I'm like rolling my eyes.
I'm like, we got too many prisons, General.
He's like, yeah, that doesn't matter.
I'm talking about leftist operatives.
He goes, they've built all the prisons to train the people, Jones.
And I was like, obviously he was smart.
I was young.
I haven't plugged the salary.
If you don't fund us, we'll be shut down.
It's that simple.
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If not, well,
Unfortunately, nine times out of ten, it is us that crashed through the enemy brigades.
And I wish it wasn't us.
I wish we had a bunch of people beside us and we were winning on every front.
But we're winning because of M. Fulwarsner's support.
And I'm not being arrogant about it.
I'm actually, I really want to be made obsolete, man.
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I don't want a march point anymore.
I love my kids, my family.
But I'm going to do it.
But I need money.
I need big, fat dollar signs.
Hey, can you see how we're the number one enemy after Trump?
And I don't have $9 million.
He's already spent reportedly a billion and a half dollars of his own money in the lawsuits and the filings and everything.
He's already lost a billion and a half dollars.
God bless him.
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We'll be right back with a special guest.
Stay with us.
The circle is now complete.
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Now I am the master.
Only a master of evil, Darth.
Your powers are weak, old man.
You can't win, Darth.
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Your wife says, Alex, please pass the potatoes.
What does Elon Musk say?
He says, I've been at the big corporate boardrooms where they say humanity will be obsolete by 2015.
This is the consensus at Google and Facebook and Twitter.
I mean, this is the plan.
And we're going to merge the machines and become gods.
But first, we've got to reduce the world population 90%.
Well, they're the ones actually hurting the environment in most cases, doing all the, you know, cross-human animals and stuff, and just all these abominations.
And the Meteorites article is saying Jones is insane, there's no human-animal hybrids.
Since frickin' MIT 20 years ago wrote about it.
It's just they don't roll that stuff around.
It's like they don't show you the primate center in Bastrop, one of the biggest in the world, where they've got every monkey and ape that you've got strapped in.
Big computer screens, testing drugs on them, testing flicker rates on the screens.
Then we have to give our kids filtered water, and the news says, what a cook, there's nothing in the water.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You keep saying you've got something for me.
Something you call love, but confess.
Not that, Hillary.
It's pretty pathetic to have all these CNN folks openly
Attacking every one of our sponsors for years.
Attacking publishers that are going to put books out.
Torturously interfering with everything I do.
Trying to shut everything down.
And then, they just keep lying.
Now crank it up.
That's right.
I like the part about, I just found a brand new box of matches.
And that's just what they'll do.
One of these days.
And they think they're going to win?
No, they're not.
Now, Sabell Evans is going to join us in the next segment.
Former FBI, CIA translator, helped break all the big news about 9-11, you name it.
She's coming on.
She's formerly from Turkey.
To break down the globalist trying to sabotage relations with Turkey to have a big international disaster for Trump.
They've been trying to sabotage the peace deal with North Korea.
You name it, she's with Newsbud.
That's going to be coming up in the next segment with Herb.
And so much more that we're going to be getting into.
Some of the other news I haven't gotten into will also get in with her.
The way the media acts like John Brennan's having his free speech taken.
John Brennan deserves this national security clearance.
He says kill the president.
He's a traitor.
He's using his national security clearance to talk to people in government to then get classified info and then spin it.
John Brennan lied to Congress and said that not one civilian was killed in drone strikes by Obama.
His other clapper, his other supporter, former head of the Office of National Security, or the group that manages all the security agencies, the Office of
What's the name of that?
I can't keep track of all the 17 agencies.
The top agency, the Office of National Intelligence, he famously told Congress that no one's ever been spot on the U.S.
by the NSA.
I mean, these people are a joke.
So they're saying to us that
They're doing all of this and it's just completely insane.
They're saying that Trump is bad because he pulled his national security clearance.
It's all just symbolic anyways to say this guy is not an American.
This guy is a mentally ill monster who was brought into this because he's all part of subverting and parasiting and taking the country over for corrupt aims.
I mean, John Brennan is a famously corrupt person that joined the Communist Party, voted for it when he was an adult.
He's just a saboteur.
And in my view, he's a very, very monstrous individual.
Plus, you watch video of the way he walks around down hallways.
Like, everybody's scared of him.
He's like, I'm John Brennan.
I'll screw America over.
Obama loves me.
So does Rahm Emanuel.
Thoros likes me.
I'm John Brennan.
Be scared of me.
Well, some people aren't scared of you.
Some people aren't scared of you, Brennan.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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I've been betting on you my whole life!
I believe in you!
I don't think you're stupid!
One man, Everett's a woman!
All genitals are cut off!
And we're kicking these traitors' asses politically!
And we're not backing down, ever!
I wanna get these people!
We're winning!
I can feel the spirit rising!
Can't you?
We have broken their back!
Yes, I can feel it!
Let's go!
Come on!
Come on!
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Come on!
Come on!
I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight, you better believe you've got one!
Sabel Edmonds of Newsbud.com joins us.
And I totally agree with her analysis.
The globalists, the deep state, is trying to sabotage U.S.-Turkey relations.
Things are hurtling out of control very, very quickly.
General Flynn wanted to have good relations with Turkey.
That's so strategic.
Now, Erdogan is threatening to flood Europe with more Islamists if their economy implodes.
Here's the Express.co.uk.
World War III.
Turkey's Erdogan calls for Army of Islam, close quote, to attack Israel on all sides.
So, things are spinning out of control right now.
And Sabel Evans was a famous FBI translator.
One of the key people that helped expose what was happening with 9-11, testified secretly to Congress.
I'm going to go over all of her background, newsbud.com.
And she's also the editor of Boiling Frogs Post and founder and director of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition.
She won a lot of national awards for her courage and she joins us to get into this.
She's also originally from Turkey, so she's an expert on it.
Geopolitically, for people that don't know, first, break down how important Turkey is, your background on this, and from your expert analysis, where we currently are, because this is a big, big deal.
Obviously, one of the biggest militaries in not just the Middle East, but Europe, is Turkey, former seat of the Ottoman Empire, a lot of U.S.
military bases, nuclear weapons there, a key component with Russia.
And so, what do you think is really happening, Sabel Edmondson?
Hi Alex and thank you for giving me this opportunity as always again.
And before I start, let me congratulate you.
I think you have proved your resilience and what has been happening with you, we have been all expecting this because it's going to be happening to all of us.
Just a major proof that what you have been accomplishing and how much of a threat you have become to the establishment, to the deep state.
So wear it as a badge of honor because you're not down.
You are still marching forward.
Just a quick note, after I was with you in your studio and we had a great segment on this terrorist block at the Los Angeles in Austin, Texas, I just want to give a little flavor to your listener.
You have no idea how much of sabotage came towards Newsbot, calling me, because I went on your show, a sexist, a skinhead, a Nazi, a racist.
And people started approaching our team members, trying to get some of them to walk away.
I think trying to get some people to sue us.
And the truth being that that was it, because I went to an Alex Jones Show, I was going to suffer the consequences, and NewsBud was given two months to calm down.
Guess what?
We are still standing as well.
We let go of several people, and I remember reading on the headlines some of your former employees who were just
We're good to go.
Believe me or not, you have millions of people in Turkey.
In Turkey.
Because I have been in touch with people.
I have been covering all the breaking news, the recent escalations, etc.
on Turkey for the past two years.
And you should be millions of followers in Turkey.
Well, I am.
I am.
And Zabel, stay right there, but I want to talk about this.
I had Mike Adams in the studio yesterday.
I have been called six times last week by people saying that the New York Times calls up and says, give us dirt.
When they won't, they go, we're going to attack you.
Then we're going to write stories about you.
They only do that before they like invade Iraq and stuff.
They're sending in like their most corrupt, their worst reporters, their most dirty people.
To literally throw up a dragnet to find something and they're getting really desperate.
And now that's what CNN does.
They threaten our sponsors.
They get us taken off the internet.
The New York Times, we have Veritas Video where they go try to get us thrown off the internet.
These aren't even media outlets anymore.
These are like gangster groups.
People understand they're not just fake news.
These are, in my view, criminal organizations.
Mafia style.
They do use mafia tactics.
They play very dirty.
I just announced on Twitter, I said, well, I'm daring you.
And I put Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.
We have over 60,000 followers on YouTube.
I have about 50,000 followers on Twitter.
I said, I'm going on Alex Jones Show.
I'm daring you.
And I know the consequence may be that you're going to pull the plug.
Do it now, because two and a half years ago, when we went through the Kickstarter and fundraising, we told people this was going to happen.
This was going to happen, that's why we have to be independent.
We have to have our own servers.
That these channels... That's what Matt Drudge came here two and a half years ago and he said, Alex...
I've met with high-level Republicans and Supreme Court.
If Hillary gets elected, they're going to take the free speech.
But even if she doesn't, they're going to take the free speech.
And so, we're now hearing, even though Trump still won... President Trump, now we have Trump as president.
But look, the Hollywood, mainstream media, the publishing houses, majority of the academic circles,
The public schools, they are still under the control of the lefty state.
So just having the presidency changed, having a different administration, did not remove any of those.
Forget about it, you're going to be talking about Turkey.
And what I believe, you have the link, I know you're going to be providing it to your viewers and listeners.
Six months ago, I broke the news at NewsBud.
I said there are certain elements
Within the State Department, within the CIA, who are sabotaging Trump and Pence's work, diplomatic channels, with Turkey.
Because, look, the attempted coup that happened in Turkey, on whose watch did it happen?
The CIA's Operation Glad You'll Be Through This Moonlock Terrorist Best of Luck Ulan.
It happened during the Obama, Obama's watch.
It happened during the Clinton-Obama dual watch.
So during the entire primaries, the Turkish people, the Turkish government, they lined up their support for Trump.
It was like, Clinton getting elected is going to be the biggest nightmare for Turkey.
We are sick and tired of this.
They attacked our sovereignty.
So everyone, almost everyone in Turkey supported Trump's presidency.
And Trump liked Erdogan because they have some common traits.
Sure, at first that happened.
So how did it all get derailed?
Let's talk about that with Sabel Edmonds.
Your phone's breaking up a bit.
We'll see if we can get you on Skype.
Straight ahead on the other side, because this is critical information.
Geopolitically, it's a key piece between the Middle East
And Europe, and what's really going on there.
I really respect Sabelle Edmonds and her work she's doing at Newsbud.com.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Please don't forget they're trying to shut us down as hard as they can.
So however you're listening on AM, FM, TV, wherever, tell folks about it.
The power of word of mouth is unstoppable.
You are unstoppable if you take action.
We salute you.
Hate is such a malleable term.
I mean, you know, hate really means something, an opinion I don't agree with.
Because if you want to get rid of hate speech, I mean, I don't see how anything you've said is anywhere close to what that New York Times columnist you showed earlier saying.
Board members saying whites are subhuman.
Yeah, I mean, how is that not hate speech if there is such a thing?
I just hate that term, hate speech, because it's...
It's not a thing.
What really bothers me about your cases, just globally, is that I don't see anybody from the traditional media backing you up.
And I don't understand how they can look at this.
You know, you questioned the official narrative of what happened at Sandy Hook at some point.
At the beginning, you said, you made an investigation.
I don't care what happens.
Anything that happens, when I get an official story from my government, if I'm not questioning it, I want somebody else to question it to make me question it.
Even if it comes around that, hey, maybe we're going to have a rare circumstance where our government doesn't lie to us one bit.
I mean, it might happen once in a while.
Unicorns make shifts.
But the point of the media is to be a watchdog.
You're the fourth estate.
I take a lot of flack for coming on your show and representing you.
There are a lot of people angry at me.
And I say, well, you know, tell me.
If you hate this guy so much, show me what the problem is, and they'll send me a link to the New York Times, or they'll send me a link to some other article paraphrasing what you said.
And I said, yeah, but now bring me to the original source.
And when I go find it, and I say, well, that's not really what was said here.
Well, then there's this back pedal.
It's like, well, he's enabling such speech, or he's encouraging it.
I say, wait a second.
What I want you to think about is how we need a robust marketplace of ideas.
I don't come on your show because I agree with everything you have to say.
You know, before the election, I wrote this article here.
It's the first amendment safe from Donald Trump on CNN.
And I was concerned.
Because when Trump made his speech that said, we're going to open up the libel law... I was concerned too.
I don't think he got it.
And it made me, I mean, I said, wow, that got my hackles up.
I mean, I am not... But now in his own cases, he's using anti-slap.
It's kind of funny, isn't it?
You know, how this is flipped, because now that he got elected, now it is not Donald Trump, but people are anti-Donald Trump, who I should have written this article, I should have written another version of this article saying, is the First Amendment safe from people who have Trump derangement syndrome?
You know, I remember last night we were talking and somebody said, you know, hey, has the right ever really done this?
And I had to correct him, and I said, yes, if you bring the camera down here, heed their rising voices.
New York Times versus Sullivan, the foundational case when it comes to our First Amendment rights, where it was constitutionalized that if you are talking about a public figure and then expand it to public events,
You must prove defamation over the actual man.
And this was the South of the PKK suing everybody to shut down the regime.
That's exactly what it was.
It was exactly what you have going on today.
It was the civil rights movement was invading the South with people who were writing about equality, with people who were trying to
Make this idea of equality and civil rights infected.
You know, they were trying to spread this idea and how did these people who wanted to fight against equality deal with it?
They dealt with it through these kind of crazy defamation suits where they were trying to bankrupt anybody who came down there and tried to report.
And now the left is trying to get rid of New York Times versus Sullivan.
They admit to overturn the First Amendment so they can
But I guess it's the Democrats again.
Look, New York Times vs. Sullivan is sacred as far as I'm concerned.
And you know, so far, I haven't seen Donald Trump actually do anything to go against it.
I think his two Supreme Court nominees would support it.
And I can't say the same for the Supreme Court nominees on the left.
So... The Democrats are going after New York Times vs. Sullivan.
At this point, it looks that way.
We'll be back.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
All right, so Bill Evans is with us for another segment.
She's on the phone.
She's about to leave the U.S.
for a few months on a tour.
Doesn't have her studio.
She's joining us.
Just get into what's happening in Turkey.
Why it's such a big deal to have all this spiraling out of control, and from your sources, what you think is behind it and how we can try to fix it.
Well, six months ago we broke the news, Alex, because as I said,
The entire population in Turkey, they were cheering for President Trump or his presidency during his candidacy.
And as I was saying, there are several traits that both presidents have in common.
In Turkey, we had a similar situation.
You know, we had that very small, minute, left-leaning, neoliberal elite ruling the country until the majority, they just said enough is enough, and they elected, and this was a democratic election,
A conservative candidate, okay?
A conservative president.
And they have been lining their support, but the neoliberal Europe, they can't stand it.
Well, knowing that, and some of the commentaries, because they are both blunt, both President Trump and President Erdogan, and they both have the more traditionalist approach, more conservative approach, both physically, but also philosophically.
We're good to go.
What happened was, about a year and a half ago, Turkey arrested this undercover CIA operative who has been posing as a pastor.
His name is Bronson, Pastor Andrew Bronson.
And they have this evidence, some of the evidence has been published, some of those has not been published.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Behind the scenes, they have been talking through diplomatic channels but also having direct talks with the Turkish government officials trying to get this guy released and sent back to the United States, right?
Well, while President Trump was making great progress and was
During the time Turkey was actually so close to release and send this guy back to the United States, these elements in the State Department and the CIA, these are the Clinton leftover cabals.
A lot of people, they know about Mueller and Comey and the fact that FBI, DOJ is infested by the Clintonite cabal, but most people don't know about the cabals left over in the State Department and the CIA.
So, trying to sabotage Trump's progress with Turkey, and getting so happy because Trump and Turkey started rebuilding the relationship, this group, they co-opted this pastor's wife, her name is Noreen Bronson, and they brought her before this EU Human Rights Court.
And told her to lie and say her husband was being tortured, Erdogan was dictator, and she was doing this while Trump and Pence were making progress, having just passed their release.
Well, of course, Turkey, based on its own sovereignty and nationalism, they were like, hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
On one hand, your White House is doing this.
On the other hand, your CIA and State Department and this pastor's wife, they are doing this.
And we're not going to come out and look weak and release as a goodwill gesture.
So all deals are off.
Well, we broke the story six months ago.
We warned President Trump.
We said there are elements within the State Department and the CIA, and they are sabotaging the progress you're making with Turkey.
Well, of course, it was a blanket blackout, and until recently, for this getting so escalated, and I am sure, I know for a fact that neither President Trump or VP Pence know what
We're good to go.
So these people are not even the conservative Republicans, although they have been going to Vice President Pence, trying to mobilize the evangelical community to back, you know, his release.
On the other hand, they have been cooperating with these dirty elements, Clintonite elements within the State Department and the CIA.
And if you put the link to our video, we have
Former CIA people, current State Department people, former State Department people, and these are high-level people, including John Kriak, who's saying there needs to be a congressional investigation on this, because undermining the president
In this very important, sensitive, diplomatic situation, it's actually crime, because it also results in someone being jailed even for a longer period.
You're looking at an American citizen.
Well, you're not going to hear this on the mainstream media.
They have been trying to flame the fire, right?
Blame it further by saying how horrible is Turkey and how bully is Trump.
Basically, they are making both countries look awful and they can't wait for a major international disaster between the two nations.
Do you know why, Alex?
Because the Clintonites, they haven't given up.
What they are trying to do is, they are trying to set up President Trump and show international disasters.
Well sure, that's what Michael Moore said when Trump was president-elect.
But the whole thing is, Alex, they want to say, look, he has failed in diplomacy.
He has extended and extended the list of the United States enemies.
The same people... Well, that's what all these quoted foreign intelligence officials, a bunch of traitorous globalists are saying Trump's this big failure.
But Michael Moore said, don't worry, Trump will get embarrassed in international affairs because they think that's where they can sabotage him.
They don't want America to be great again.
They say the country...
That is the Clinton's plan.
I know a lot of people are paying attention to what the FBI is trying to do, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money.
Sure, but the real sabotage is in the State Department and the deep state, don't we get it?
Yes, it is.
And you know, just channels like you and NewsBud and we are a little outlet.
Other than us, look at CNN, look at MSNBC.
They keep claiming that, look, NATO ally Turkey is not only a NATO ally, it's the most important NATO ally.
Look at the geostrategic position of
They can bring that down.
They can expand the whole invasion into Europe.
Sabel, we'll talk to you soon.
Great information.
Thank you so much.
When we come back, we'll look at Brennan having a security clearance and the rest of the story straight ahead.
NewsWars.com, InfoWars.com.
We'll be smothered without your help.
Please spread the links.
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Thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, mate.
I've been following you since I was 14 and I'm 32 now.
I remember back when InfoWars and Prison Planet, it was just blue text on a white screen and I had to load down the page on my dial-up into there now.
I thought it was
Pretty cool and read all the books and seen all the DVDs and followed all your guests and I've been using your products since the first iteration of Survival Shield and since then I'm on the X2, the Super Male Vitality, the Caveman, the Real Red Pill, Micro ZX, Body, it's all amazing.
Yeah, and I wanted to say that by following you so much, it's like you're just detoxing the mind, you're detoxing the body, you're detoxing the spirit.
And it's just the more you know God, the more you fear God, but the more you chase God.
And I wanted to say that it's an honour to stand side by side with you, the crew, and the listeners out there.
1776 worldwide.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Here's the deal.
We've got a great guest in the fourth hour.
Mike Adams, who was here yesterday.
And I might just stay with him during that as well.
Because there's so much to break down.
I kind of want to take your phone calls too.
Get your take on all this that's going on.
Listen, I'm not worried about Infowars.
I'm worried about you.
I'm worried about the country.
I'm worried about the future.
I mean, I know the Democrats hate America.
I know they hate Christians.
I know they hate free market.
I've been telling you that.
And that's what goes on at these universities, these corporations, is this elitism by the controllers.
But then the average leftist is this depressed, freaked out, weird beta male or female that actually thinks their captors are their friends.
And it is just crazy how they love Venezuela, they love Cuba, they love North Korea, they love China.
They have no idea what it is.
They just love it.
And so it's very exciting to see people all over the internet rallying for Infowars and promoting us everywhere, and that's very important.
But while you do that, we're posting a video to the front page of InfoWars.com right now.
For some reason it doesn't refresh on the computers here.
We're working through those.
We still have the big story from yesterday, false flag coming.
Which is the most critical story out there.
But we have another one about China and the E.E.R.
already regulating the internet.
Because our government is a lot of vacuum.
It's great to say you're for free trade unless the other countries have giant tariffs on you.
Oh, we have no tariffs, we're free trade.
Okay, we've got a 200% one, a 300% one.
Okay, we're gonna stay at zero.
I have a non-violence policy.
They're like, we have a policy to hit you in the head with a baseball bat 55 times.
It's like we have a no smoking policy.
Somebody lights a cigarette and goes, I don't have one.
It blows right in your face.
I mean, we better protect the internet now.
Obama took it over, got a bunch of laws passed to let them regulate, let them shut down free speech, let them have immunity.
The right-wingers pie just reversed that, which was good, but now it's a free-for-all.
And while this vacuum's open, it's like saying, well, I'm a libertarian, so I'm not going to have a submarine bulkhead door.
Well, as soon as the submarine goes underwater, the submarine floods.
It's like the couple with some other Europeans.
They were American government workers.
They said, oh, we're sick of this.
The world is love.
We're going to bicycle through Al Qaeda territory and hug them.
Well, they didn't have to find Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda found them, ran them off the road, ran them over, got out and stabbed them to death.
They found out about the love.
Let me tell you, there's some serious mental illness going on at Big Tech in San Francisco.
It's in the news that they have poop all over the ground everywhere.
Just mentally ill people everywhere.
And the left will just crush anything American, anything strong, anything successful.
They just revel because they're beta cucks who grew up and thought they weren't powerful.
And the university went, it's okay, you're a leftist.
You're in control.
Just hate America now.
And you'll be in charge of it.
So America is what gives them water, what gives them food, what gives them sunlight, like they're a plant.
They're wanting to chop the tree down because they think it's better than them.
They have an inferiority complex when there's all these other countries and collapsed systems that just want to murder you.
Where women are slaves, you name it, where it's super hellish, super dangerous, no culture, no architecture, nothing.
No classical liberalism.
And you have all these weird, spoiled, rotten tyrants that say they're the liberals, but they're not.
They're the destructors.
So I want to get to a couple of these videos that are very important.
Here's a
So I heard that Apple banned Alex Jones and InfoWars from their iTunes store.
We just wanted to leave them with a little gift.
And again, she went to all the computers and put InfoWars.com on them.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is undoubtedly the most important broadcast I've ever done in my life.
Emergency alert, false flag.
That has hundreds of thousands of views right now.
And if everybody does stuff like that, it will totally blow up in their face big time.
Let's go to the next one.
This is a sync edit of Lester Holt reveals descriptive and deceptive edit techniques used against Alex Jones.
Now let's be clear, Lester Holt is not a pedophile, at least that I know.
These are edits of him talking about children and child molestation cases.
But according to Lester Holt's standard, where he didn't show a clip, he just read quotes that were each word out of context, put together where I said attack the media with assault rifles.
The New York Times did it, thousands of publications, but he put it out with Jack Dorsey and said, Jack, I get chills up my spine.
He says he wants people to criminally kill us with guns.
Never said any of that.
In fact, at least with this clip, we take real things he said and then put them together.
In their stories, it'll be one word, two words, one word, then they fill in the blanks.
They don't even have the words to put it together, so they even make those up.
So, this isn't even as nasty as the way he did to Ush, but here's an example of deceptive editing.
Here it is.
On August 15, 2018, Lester Holt claimed Alex Jones called for people to use battle rifles against a tech journalist.
He did this by playing word game salad with different words that Alex Jones had said at different times.
Lester Holt dishonestly recombined those words into a whole new fake sentence they claimed that was Alex actually said.
Let's use the same technique and see what Lester Holt might be claimed to have said.
Indulge me for just a moment.
I think my reputation was sullied by the little boy and the little boy and he's only four, but he's ready.
In the end, you know, we got a good amount of time since 2005.
Now I'm gonna get to spend more time and I'm expected to face criminal charges related to sexual abuse.
Dude, you made a mistake!
Wrong name!
But I really like the little boy in the little boy in I don't know whether he thinks it went badly or you know, it's not for me to judge.
I remember that, you know, talking to the family and I just love a little boy in a good way, which I'm going to continue doing, but not in other places.
That's what I wanted to say.
So if you have any great ideas about sneaking in a little boy, I'm all ears.
That's Brian Williams, the guy that said he was shot down by RPGs in a helicopter.
It was all lies.
So that's who they replaced him with, is another big fat liar, Montlessor Holt.
So Holt, you just looked at a piece of paper of edited words and said I said something, which is even worse, that I'm calling for violence.
I said that was fake.
But still, you'll probably get pissed off.
I know this, you molest the truth.
You, you, you, you sit there and defame people.
You are a fraud like the king of fake news, Ryan Williams.
And you'll go that same way.
What a sick, evil freak, man.
I played it already yesterday, Drudge Report linked to it, and I just want to say thank God for DrudgeReport.com.
Seriously, Drudge has taken us over the top time and time again.
Without DrudgeReport.com, we would be in deep trouble, so thank you.
Speaking of disinformation, when we come back, I'm going to hit another big one.
I'll get into the dozens of former intel officials, all globalist traitors, all people that helped spy on Trump illegally, all enemies of the country, in my view.
Uh, how they're bitching about his speech being taken.
Brennan's speech!
He doesn't still get national security briefings so he can spin it to the media and sell it to CNN and Spahn.
My God, his speech is gone.
The very same CNN calling for me to be silenced.
Brian Stelter, how dare Trump criticize us?
That silences the media.
No, criticizing known liars is telling the truth.
You're the ones calling for us to be silenced and you do it the same programs.
You are anti-free speech police.
You are the enemy of the country.
Does that mean I want violence against you?
You're the ones politically trying to shut me down.
I'm politically exposing you.
And we know when those terror attacks come against you that you're going to stage.
We didn't do it.
You have hyped it up and got it prepared.
It's so obvious what you're about to do before the midterms.
I have to expose it so they can't pull it off.
But to do that, I need the audience to spread those videos and vote for us.
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What would he do if he was President Trump?
Dr. Paul?
Today, you don't have a whole lot you can do, but you could use the veto pen and make everything that they want pass, use a two-thirds vote, because you should veto all these spending bills until people wake up.
You should bring the troops home.
We should give up on this foreign policy.
And the President has a lot to say about foreign policy.
And he doesn't have to send the troops around the world.
There are no declared wars.
Why should they be fighting wars?
There's no reason for it.
So I'd start bringing the troops home, saving a lot of money.
We spent five trillion.
$10 on the Middle East since this century started.
And the wars continue, they're ongoing, and they have to end.
And in this atmosphere, when you have a constant war on terrorism, it means that you can justify violations of our civil liberties at home.
And that's what's happened ever since.
And Alex, when we first met, I think we were dealing with the Patriot Act.
As soon as you have a crisis, they pass the things that they had been planning on.
They had planned on the Middle Eastern Wars and they had the Patriot Act in order.
So when we have the crisis, then they come in and they use them.
But I think what we need to do
And find out who's really making the big buck.
Then they, a lot of people ask me, and I guess they ask you, who actually is the deep state?
Well, we would find out.
If you find out what's in the Fed, that deep state will be there.
And it won't be one group of people, five people who run the world.
There's going to be a lot of different people.
They'll be in banking, and they're going to be in foreign policy, and military-industrial conflict.
So you've got to get to the Fed.
And besides, the Fed is the economic planner.
They plan.
They think they know.
It would be bipartisan.
They could impeach an individual like I'm talking about because it would be such a challenge.
But I still think that there's a bipartisan collusion on financing big government.
Alex, you've seen me work for years about the Federal Reserve.
Republicans aren't any better than the Democrats.
They all love the Federal Reserve because it finances the military-industrial complex, it takes care of the welfare state, takes care of the deficits, and that's where big government is, and that's where the deep state has a lot of impacts.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
On a warm summer's evening, on a train bound for nowhere, I met up with a gambler.
We were both too tired to sleep, so we took turns of staring.
Out the window at the darkness, the boredom overtook us, and he began to speak.
He said, son, I've made a life.
Listen, we're trying as hard as we can to get the word out.
There's about to be a bunch of new videos posted to InfoWars.com on that splash page we put up that they're trying to censor.
I'm asking all of you to download them, re-upload them wherever you can, get them out to everybody.
I want to thank all the folks that have been spreading the articles, that have been putting up posters around the country.
We've retweeted that on Paul Watson's Twitter, where people are putting up signs, AlexJones and 4Wars.com for voting information.
America and the world is fighting back against this censorship.
I've got some really scary news here.
They never release in high-profile cases the names of the jurors until after
The ruling, and then they see if the jurors want their names released.
But CNN, BuzzFeed, and other George Soros terror organizations that have literally called all our sponsors and threatened them that they're going to write stories against them until they leave us.
And who go around lobbying for us to be taken off the air everywhere, because no one watches them, and they're dirtbag scum.
Judge Amanda Fortrall says he's already been threatened over the case.
Because the media is basically threatening him and demanding that they release the names of the jurors while they deliberate, I guess, so their families can be properly threatened.
Because the jurors came out today and said, we want to know about reasonable doubt.
And it looks like they're getting ready to equip Manafort, and so CNN and other terrorist organizations, and they call me a terrorist,
So you're like, why are you calling him one?
Because the terrorist is who attacks and calls you a terrorist.
The terrorist is who says, take you off the air.
That makes them what they say I am.
I mean, CNN is already taking itself off the air.
They have to pay to be on the airports, bus terminals, public spaces, hotels.
We don't have to pay to do that.
But they want us off the air, which shows what degenerates they are.
A coalition of news outlets, you mean terrorists, anti-free speech groups, including CNN, the New York Times, this is the criminal brigade, BuzzFeed, again the same group, and the Washington Post, that's all them, Bezos, Carlos Slim, the Chai Kongs, George Soros, BuzzFeed, and the Washington Post want the federal government, federal judge presiding over the Paul Manafort case, to unseal the names of addresses of the jurors deliberating the case.
Wow, I've never seen that before.
And you know that's for jury tampering, so here's your headline.
MSM terrorists call for jurors' names be released so they can threaten them and tamper with the jury.
And believe me, CNN's been tampering, trying to take my kids away, trying to get me bankrupted, trying to get me sued.
We're on thousands and thousands, you know, of the year stations.
We're on close to a thousand right now, all total.
UHF, VHF cable.
They find some little micro station.
Anybody can buy a kit online.
I don't even know if it's on air still.
I knew years ago there was some micro in town.
I think they're good people, but this new group I don't even know.
I met the lady.
She was an anti-fluoride activist.
They go, Jones has been raided.
His illegal station taken down.
I don't broadcast.
I'm not on any broadcast stations that I own.
I send out a transmission on satellite.
And over fiber optic.
There's no transmitters here.
But this is their fraud, and this is what they did.
And they've had this country under their control so long, they just think that they are totally and completely invincible.
Alex Jones' pirate radio station.
That's Time.
We got more than a dozen publications to retract it and say it's not my radio station, but Time Magazine doesn't care whether or not to.
Just to illustrate this info, at least Radio Inc.
dot com got it right, along with some others.
Alex Jones, I'm not a pirate.
After a barrage of news reports Thursday that a pirate radio station in Austin turns out was off for like a year, they just made all this up.
But imagine, oh, a pirate station got shut down a year ago?
Carried Alex Jones sometimes?
Well, say it's him.
Say he's been arrested, see?
That creates that illusion that we're being shut down.
Because that's what people are trying to demoralize you.
America was never great.
It's never going to be great.
It's never coming back.
We're going to have a depression next year.
China's better than us.
This is Hollywood.
After a barrage of news reports Thursday that a pirate radio station in Austin was airing Alex Jones content, Alex Jones issued a statement on his InfoWars website.
He said he does not operate any radio and TV stations anywhere in the country.
And claims that his running an illegal radio station in Austin are complete and totally a hoax by mainstream corporate media to imply that the world that is broadcast is somehow illegal.
Jones also pointed out that even the FCC chimed in on the matter, stating,
We act against pirate radio stations because they are violating the law and broadcasting the FM airwaves without a license.
Jones stated that he legally and lawfully transmitted our broadcasts, like every other TV and radio station in the world, to affiliates that have licenses on cable TV, broadcast TV, and FM radio stations.
Media reports the contrary are implying that our broadcast is illegal by preying on the public's ignorance on broadcasting and how it works.
We do not have a radio station or a TV station.
This is a giant hoax.
There are thousands of micro radio stations across the country that we have nothing to do with, including the recently shut down station.
Now, I would add that if you're not interfering with a commercial station, you're, you know, in the middle of nowhere, you're an open frequency.
In this day and age of censorship, I'm all for it.
But I'm not pushing pirate radio.
We don't broadcast.
We don't have a TV station or a radio station.
If I wanted to buy stations, I could.
We are a provider to stations.
But for them to cherry-pick some station off since last year, that I thought was off for like three years, because you used to... different people ran it.
Hold it, Liberty Radio had different stuff on.
They'd air me sometimes.
But, you know, three or four years ago, you couldn't find it anymore.
So I'd like tune around.
Well, I just got my iPad or my phone, you know, and hear a show, boom, it's right there.
So the idea that like, look, Jones got raided or Jones got shut down.
I didn't even know who the people were until I saw a photo in the paper and I went, that lady is an anti-fluoride activist.
She came in here with a lady running for city council.
And never said, by the way, we run your micro FM or whatever.
The point is, I'm not hiding from that fact.
I actually support it if you're on your fair and commercial stations.
But the fracas I heard was they were filling up the FM band three, four years ago and put a Christian station that got the license on that.
And there's no more areas for micros.
It's what people that do it call it.
It's called pirate by the FCC.
But here's the deal.
I can't keep track of our 200-plus affiliates, some of them 50,000 watt AMs, 100,000 watt FMs, which I should have all that down.
Those are precious and wonderful and great.
The idea that some half a watt thing in Austin
That I haven't been able to hear for three, four years.
That I'm like, oh my station, my flagship.
We're number one on the iTunes app, Android.
We were number one on YouTube.
We're being shut down because we're number one.
And I'm not putting down folks that have us on micros, that's great.
The idea though, that like our flagship station, that went out a mile, that I haven't even heard in years and don't even know the people that run it.
Is insane.
But that's how they pitch this garbage.
The video is now live at Infowars.com.
Emergency, the EU and China are already regulating the US internet.
There's another emergency message to Congress.
Please, please get them to Congress.
They're so afraid.
That's why they're censoring us.
Hit this video to every member of Congress, every talk show host.
This is why they're taking us off air.
This is the takeover.
This is so critical.
We're going to more and more have a splash page on Infowars with whatever the most censored, hardcore info is.
You just click below to go to Infowars.com itself.
Newswars.com, you name it.
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The globalists hope you don't.
If you do, we're unstoppable.
And we need those prayers as well.
Fourth hour, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Let's go ahead and talk to Make America Great Again, Titan!
You're on the air, go ahead.
The man, the truth, the resistance, Alex Jones.
I'm a Hispanic Trump supporter slash InfoWarrior.
I have a couple points to make, but I want to plug for you real quick.
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We're not the alt-right, we're just right.
And I've got to say, I started Times of Liberty's Truth Wars because of you, Alex.
You are a big inspiration to me.
You're the real deal.
If anybody's listening right now, Alex Jones is the real deal.
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You are listening to an InfoWars.com frontline report.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, Mike Adams of naturalnews.com and his great new real video site that's gotten already something like 50 million views last few weeks.
Exploding, really scaring the system.
Tell us, Mike Adams, before I hit a few final points here, what's coming up this hour?
Alex, we're talking about the vaccine scandal in China exploding.
We're talking about alternatives to the browsers that are now being sold to China.
Opera has been sold to China, and Google is working with China for censorship technology.
We've got also Chinese activists now are running a what's called a toilet revolution because the only place they can have free speech is writing on the walls of stalls in toilets in China and even then they're being arrested.
So we've got a lot of great news coming up Alex.
It's unbelievable.
I'm going to ask you this question when we come back in the next segment.
How do we get Congress to understand their inaction on regulating the internet for Internet Bill of Rights and free speech is allowing the EU and China to come into the vacuum.
That's my main mission and it's a national security issue.
Lockheed Martin
Or other defense contractors like Laurel, Hughes, you name it.
They don't say, oh, we're a corporation, we can sell stuff to everyone.
You were here, you got our money, we paid you as taxpayers, you don't sell us out.
Globalism is about being a traitor.
So that's the big issue.
Giving up the internet we built, allowing foreign actors to come in and regulate it, is a national security issue.
Securing the internet freedom is a national security issue.
And I know for a fact, we're being shut down for exposing that.
And as you said in the last month on the show, Mike,
Exposing the plan that they're gonna false flag mainstream media or big tech and blame us.
It's a sure thing in the next 81 days.
And we've got to get ahead of that right now, Mike.
Absolutely, and it's increasingly clear that China is the blueprint for the censorship tyranny rollout in America.
It's happening now.
So Google creates censorship technology for China that even their own employees are now protesting against, and then they roll that out in America.
It won't be long before the Chrome browser itself starts blocking independent media.
We're also hearing that Mozilla Firefox is also on track to start blocking independent media at the browser level.
And the next step beyond that, Alex, is of course domain seizures.
So if we don't stop this censorship now, eventually they're just going to seize all our domains and shut us off that way.
So they're going to block you being able to type in naturalnews.com or infowars.com.
And the final Holy Grail is this global social score, which even the Wall Street Journal admits is being adopted here by big tech.
They're not going to just have a bunch of different systems for the world.
They're adopting the Chinese model and the EU model.
And by Congress not being involved, it allows them to come in with a regulation, and they're openly saying that they're going to block everybody, have a global social score, with an internet ID, which Facebook's already calling for your banking info, and then it's done.
Once they get this, it's over.
We go into 1984 slash Mark of the Beast.
They're also wanting your medical information.
All your hospital records, plus your banking records as you mentioned, we're rapidly entering a dark ages of tyranny and police state oppression where you have zero privacy, you have zero rights, and just like what's happening in China right now, the only place you will be able to speak freely is scribbling on a toilet stall wall.
That's what China has been reduced to, and that's what it's coming to in the United States.
I saw that article now, the government's putting cameras in the stalls.
Right, of course.
It's insane.
This is what it's coming to, Alex.
Again, this has to be stopped.
These tech giants will not voluntarily stop their censorship.
The President or Congress is going to have to get involved and take some decisive action.
If they don't, we lose any last remnant of the First Amendment in America.
And then again they do this thing, well we're Heritage Foundation, we're Free Market.
Free Market?
The EU and China are already running internet regulation, and Google and all of them are getting in bed and following it.
You idiots!
You morons!
You buffoons!
Soros said during the election two years ago he wanted to have full web control, but he only got his articles.
Well it's happening now.
Alex Jones calls on Trump to defend the First Amendment.
That was a week ago, and we've been banned since then.
Infowarsstore.com, Infowarslive.com, please support us.
We'll be back on the other side with Mike Adams.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
A listener in Miami tweeted this image.
It's up on one of the Twitters.
We've still got up.
I forget which one, but we did tweet it out earlier.
Maybe we can ask the IT guys to tell us.
We'll tell people, but who knows?
InfoWars.com is forbidden information.
I love how in Miami,
It got taped over here, where they had, uh, no, in the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America.
And that's that George Soros-funded, uh, anti-free speech group.
So there it is.
In the land of Betas, Brian Stelter is king.
In the land of America, ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars is number one.
And hey, don't, you know, just get our image and do that.
I appreciate people doing that.
Everybody go out and whatever you believe in, whatever your idea is, we don't want to get to the level where we're only scribbling on bathroom walls and hanging stuff on poles at night.
Let's do it now, ahead of time, because that's where we've gotten to and Mikey Adams is about to take over.
And break that down.
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They're so scared of us because we've got the gas, we've got the research, we've got the intel, we've got the zeitgeist, we've got the pulse.
They know.
And so, if they can get us, everybody else.
And they're not bragging about that.
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Alright, going back to Mike Adams who's taking over this hour, Mike, and just how dire the situation is.
We have the power, we have the capacity, we have the ability to stop this, but people understand, this is not a game.
The reason they're attacking Infowars is they realize
And I'm not saying this on a power trip.
I don't know why this is the case.
They can track it back to our guests and our reports and our information, not me.
I'm a small part of it, but I do have that spirit of resistance.
That's the ignition point.
But our guests and our crew is the main charge.
I'm just the detonator.
Our audience is the detonator.
They keep going back to us as Domino One, Patient Zero.
And so they want to shut down.
Well, then we have to say, what is it Infowars is doing
As you, as you pointed out, that we're the interrupter, we're breaking into the transmission, we're, NPR's all, oh hi, America was never great, it'll never be great, lay down and die, we'll take, well no, I'm saying in a grating car wreck, you know, like no, wake up, get, wake up, wake up, I think, we're the cold bucket of water.
Mike Adams, take over.
Well, in exactly the same way that China cracks down on free speech there, you know, you cannot say that you're opposed to the Communist Party.
You will be kidnapped, essentially, by the government.
You'll be disappeared.
You'll have your organs harvested.
That's not an exaggeration.
That's exactly what they do.
And by the way, I want to mention on that, Senator Dianne Feinstein's office was infiltrated by a Chinese spy for 20 years.
This is now well documented.
We know now that when human rights activists went to Senator Feinstein's office to try to file complaints about the human rights abuses in China, Senator Feinstein's office took copies of their IDs.
And we know then, because of the spy in her office, those IDs were sent back to Beijing.
And then when those Chinese citizens would travel back to China, they would very often be kidnapped and disappeared.
This is Senator
Thank you.
And we have an investigation into Trump colluding with the Russians and no discussion about Senator Feinstein, her office, colluding with Communist China to murder human rights activists.
What is wrong with this picture?
Why aren't the real criminals in America being investigated?
That's just a side note, Alex, because this is just, it's too insane what's going on.
And if we continue down this path, America is going to become Communist China.
Well, what I want to cover here in this hour, and by the way, bring up Radio Free Asia, that's rfa.org, and there's a story there.
It says Chinese activists who wrote, down with the Communist Party, in a toilet, disappears.
He was in a hospital restroom, and the only free speech he's got left is to scribble on the walls that the Communist Party is destroying us all.
And then, you know, he posted online about the toilet revolution, because that's the last place they can have free speech.
And he disappears, too.
Just like those human rights activists that try to go to Senator Feinstein's office to beg for help.
Help us not be kidnapped and murdered and organ harvested by this communist Chinese regime.
And what happens?
They get murdered.
They get kidnapped.
Perhaps tortured.
We don't know what happened to them all.
But this activist, in the toilet revolution story,
Says that, you know, look, China is poisoning us all.
This is a Chinese citizen saying this.
China is poisoning our food, poisoning our water, poisoning our vaccines.
There's a massive vaccine scandal exploding in China right now.
I'll cover it in more detail during this hour.
A million doses of vaccines now tainted that have been distributed and injected into children all across China.
We don't even know the extent of the damage yet.
And the Communist Chinese government ordered what?
A massive media blackout of that story.
And that is exactly what the U.S.
government does with the U.S.
media as well.
The CDC functions like a Communist military organization, sends out a demand to every media organization in America and says, don't cover the whistleblowers inside the CDC.
Don't cover the truth about autism.
Don't cover anything about the ingredients in vaccines.
That's a reflection of Communist China.
China's doing the exact same thing right now.
It's a massive scandal.
And when you try to talk about it, you get kidnapped by the government.
You get shut down.
Your organs are harvested.
This is what happens when you have no free speech and when you let a tyrannical government regime take over.
It's insane.
We've got a lot more ahead, including some tech conversations about alternatives to the techno-tyranny now dominating American online culture.
We'll be right back here on the Alex Jones Show, so stay with us.
We'll be back.
It was about 25 years ago that I began to read publicly available
Books that have been written for the State Department and for the CIA by top professors at Georgetown, Harvard, and Yale.
So that the CIA and other agencies could understand the complex political system they were building.
And in short, it was going to be called a technocracy.
But it was going to fund communism and socialism and fascism.
But really what it was was crony capitalism.
So decades later, after fighting against this, humanity is somewhat awake to the threat.
But at the same time, despite all our successes, changing this paradigm really is an inside job.
It's up to us personally.
So, I don't feel sorry for myself being demonized by mainstream media and being attacked and the globalists filing frivolous lawsuits.
I expected that to happen.
This is 21st century warfare.
I just wanna make sure that you, the listeners, and you, the viewers, many of you already understand this, so I'm not patronizing those of you that are already awake, but I wanna make sure all of you realize this isn't just some more entertainment.
This isn't just some other talking head.
The reason they hate what we cover is because I and others have researched what they actually are planning, and it is nightmarish, it is authoritarian, it is eugenics-based, it is anti-human.
And we've already come so far together
Then I know that if each and every one of you will just go research these issues for yourself, you will find out how real it is and understand it's not your duty.
It is your basic survival to stand up against this anti-human onslaught.
If you go back into history, it was 3% that volunteered for the Revolutionary War back in 1776.
But if you look at the Infowars audience, it's maybe 10% of the United States.
Another 10% or so worldwide.
I think that's a conservative estimate.
But we have 50, 60, 70 million people listening.
We have more than that that have tuned in over the years.
The point is, is that if you look at that, that's less than 3% of the world population.
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So, thank you all for remembering InfoWarsStore.com and remembering that it's not just you that's already awake, but it's other people that aren't awake, and it's so essential to spread the word.
Again, thank you so much for being part of the Second American Revolution.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Today in the fourth hour on the Alex Jones Show, and by the way, thank you for joining me.
This is Mike Adams here hosting this hour, covering a lot of tech, tech alternatives to the censorship platforms that are dominated by big tech that is now de-platforming virtually all voices of truth or voices that are pro-Trump or pro-America, pro-liberty.
What have you.
We're going to talk about and list a lot of alternatives, even alternative browsers.
As I was researching this story, I found out that the Opera browser had been sold to China for $900 million.
And that was actually almost two years ago, I believe.
I was surprised.
I had no idea that China had bought a browser.
There's also another story out there.
There's a new browser from China called RedCore.
Yeah, like Kami RedCore.
It's called RedCore and the creator of it claimed that they had finally broken free from Google and they had built their own Communist China browser from the ground up using commie code.
And it's called RedCore, like I said, and then it turns out the whole thing is built on Google.
It's on Chrome.
It's basically Chrome rebranded to be RedCore.
So if you go now
And look at this RedCorp browser underneath you.
If you open the hood underneath, it's all Google technology powering this communist browser that is going to block independent media or anybody talking about organ harvesting or Falun Gong or, you know, Tiananmen Square, you name it.
If you just talk about Buddhist monks in China, you know, you can be shut down or blocked.
And I've got a lot of notes here on these things and more.
But first, I want to go to another China scandal.
Which is the exploding vaccine scandal, now a million doses.
This is a top story right now that we just posted on naturalnews.com.
The vaccine scandal explodes as one million doses now found to be maiming children, and there's a total media cover-up.
Look, the media in China has been ordered by the government there to blacklist this story.
And at the same time,
The company that's responsible for this was led by a woman, a very powerful woman, who was called the vaccine queen in China.
She was one of the wealthiest people in the country.
Imagine this.
One of the wealthiest people in the country selling tainted vaccines to be injected into children.
And don't forget that it wasn't too many years ago that there was that powdered milk scandal, where a powdered milk company in China was substituting powdered milk with melamine.
And melamine was being sold and consumed by children all across the country.
Well, melamine can kill you if you drink it, and it causes permanent kidney damage in hundreds of thousands of children.
Had their kidneys permanently damaged.
In some cases, they were killed by melamine consumption, because that company just wanted to make an extra buck because milk is expensive, but melamine is cheap.
So they just sold melamine as infant formula, and the parents fed that to their babies.
You know, another reason why breastfeeding actually is more advantageous than, you know, any of these artificial substances that claim to be infant formula.
But the CEO of that company was charged
And prosecuted and executed by the Chinese government.
I mean executed.
They killed that person and now it looks like this vaccine queen may be facing criminal charges herself or may have already been charged.
The last I read she was already arrested and so it looks like possibly she might be facing execution.