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Name: 20180813_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 13, 2018
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Alex Jones accuses major tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple of attempting to silence conservative voices by deplatforming and censoring his program, InfoWars. He believes these actions are part of a larger effort to control information flow leading up to the US election, and that these companies hold too much power due to their monopoly on advertising and web searches. Jones claims that these tech giants work with the Chinese Communist Party and Democratic Party to suppress dissenting opinions, and vows to continue fighting against this censorship. He also discusses issues related to political debate, immigration fraud, campaign finance laws, endorsement of candidates by terrorist organizations, ties between certain candidates and terrorism, potential for another large- scale terrorist attack, and the quality of InfoWars products.

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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Something wicked this way comes.
We are two months and 25 days out from
The most important election in U.S.
history, undoubtedly.
Getting Trump in was only the beachhead.
This is holding the beach and going inland.
Anyone associated with the return of the Republic, the return of Americana, and the free market dream, in reality, is under unprecedented attack.
Have you got a TV or radio, Lesnar?
More and more, that's the only place you can find us, so God bless you.
Please spread the word.
When we come back, I have a stat from just today of the services.
And we've talked to lawyers.
Clearly, these are all antitrust issues.
These are all very, very actionable.
But they're doing it en masse.
Believing if hundreds of them hit us, that's what it takes to run a technology operation, a multimedia operation, that they'll just get away with it because something big is about to happen and it's not going to matter anymore.
We've got a very good idea what that big thing is and it's in multiple letters we got when they do tell us why they're canceling us off services.
This will be exclusive.
These companies blacklisting us are new ones to the 20 plus that have already done it.
They tell us what we're not allowed to say.
They said it's fake news, there are no Islamic training camps, no one is trying to kill police officers, no one is trying to overthrow Trump.
That is now not to be discussed because they want us with our feet flat and asleep when the civil unrest hits.
It's unbelievable.
Doesn't matter how real it is.
We need to break down what is this big event.
Because it's not just the Islamic training camps being activated to carry out terror attacks across the country.
It's not just Hezbollah that I first broke, saying that they'll strike with terror groups inside the U.S.
And a week later they came out and said, yes, we'll do that.
They're planning
To accelerate the censorship, which is already happening.
To engage in all sorts of serious election fraud.
To foment serious civil unrest all over the country.
They've already been caught doing.
Antifa beating up NBC reporters yesterday in D.C.
And NBC covered it up.
People were able to film it.
They're building towards something huge.
And they've radicalized the General Democrat to
Do mutinous things.
Remember just four months ago, Google reinstated the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube and said, okay, he didn't say those things.
We had people that weren't trained properly.
I told you days before that they had a mutiny inside Apple, inside Google, inside YouTube, inside all these platforms.
And now that mutiny is admitted.
So we have the leftist SJW trained class from the universities
Trained in Maoist philosophy nationwide by design by the big banks that funded it.
Same ones that put Mao in.
It was a Western funded operation.
And they are intending to become very lawless and just escalate their saboteur operations.
And that means lying about the president, lying about me, doing anything you can imagine.
So this is it, ladies and gentlemen.
Make no mistake, it's all about to come down in the next two months, 20-something days, and it's just gonna get more and more out of control.
And the left has said, go out, hashtag hunt Republicans.
Republicans have been shot, they have been beaten.
And I've been told in corporate letters, I'm gonna show you, you don't talk about that.
Oh, and I've also been told through the grapevine,
You know all hell broke loose the last two weeks against me.
Whistleblowers inside.
Google went public and said we're building a search engine censorship in China, in the U.S., and we're planning to use it in the U.S.
And then Apple's moving to China.
It's all happening.
We've been sold out.
We are kept afloat only by your loyal patronage, and that's why we need you to go to the site now.
If you're not in the market for one of our greatest nutraceuticals, please consider a contribution.
$25, $50, $100, $250, or even $500 would be a godsend to our important work here to beat back the globalists and to destroy their campaign of censorship in which they want to strangle our First Amendment rights.
Have you heard?
InfoWars is getting banned across the internet.
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
They're all censoring us.
I need you to share these links to the videos and the websites and the stories at InfoWars.com immediately.
And remember, if you can hear my voice, you are the revolution.
We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
In the last two weeks,
You have seen a total concerted global effort by all the top tech giants openly working with the Chinese Communist, Democratic Party and major law firms to absolutely demonize yours truly and build me into a total monster to then be de-platformed in a giant concerted racketeering operation.
To set the precedent to do it to everybody else.
And since it began two weeks ago, it's happening to thousands and thousands of mainline Second Amendment sites, pro-veterans groups, pro-Trump groups.
Gab McGinnis, the list goes on and on.
Laura Loomer.
Now the banning's coming in so fast that they use my banning as just the smoke screen, though that it's happening to Alex.
One man dies.
It's a tragedy.
A million die.
It's a statistic.
Joseph Stalin.
And I'm going to list not just Vimeo, but a bunch of others that totally banned us today and read you their letters on air of why they say they're doing it.
And it's unbelievable.
But I'm not going to get into Infowars till the bottom of the hour.
I'm going to wait, and I'm going to go through these letters that I have blacked out.
They're emails and numbers.
I'm not like they are, where they dox everybody.
And it's incredible.
We have letters from Google and their general counsel.
We have letters from Vimeo, and we have letters from other groups I'm going to break on air coming up.
And it's all unified.
It's all concerted.
And you know my crime.
You know my crime.
China had basically merged with the U.S.
under globalism.
That's official.
Council on Foreign Relations reported that.
All 50 state-run universities were almost completely CHICOM-run.
That's even Foreign Affairs had to admit that.
Because Trump's in now.
They're going, oh, we're loyal.
We're loyal to America, sir.
So it's coming out.
Look at Drudge just today.
probes sell a Mexican radio near L.A.
for ties to Beijing propaganda.
Oh, it's everywhere.
Google woos partners for China expansion.
Google whistleblowers went public two weeks ago and said, we're preparing a total censorship system here.
That was really what they said.
The intercept went with the fact that they're building the total censorship system for China in the US, but they're already doing it here and they're incrementally turning it on.
Google, Facebook, and Apple have 93% of the total coverage of the Internet in their own numbers.
They are worth three trillion dollars combined with their subsidiary companies.
All the other major ad companies are going bankrupt or being susumed into Google for a total monopoly of advertising.
And they're always doing what the
What the monopolists do, they're shutting down everyone.
It's not just me.
I'm going to explain this again.
At the bottom of the hour, I'm going to show you documents.
These big companies, the top four tech companies, I should add Amazon to that, control 93% of the advertising, the marketing, the web searches, everything!
And now they're using me as the example
To go after everyone.
And it's happening.
And the corporate media is covering it.
Saying, oh, we're just getting rid of hate speech.
And they give examples in these letters of the hate speech.
You claim there's Muslim training camps training to shoot up schools and police.
That's Associated Press.
You claim transgender liberal groups are sexualizing children.
It's their own admission.
So, they are all consolidating the entire market.
They're all grossly overvalued.
They're teetering because of their too-big-to-fail nature.
It makes them tend to fall apart.
It's an oxymoron, but it's a paradox.
And even Mainline News admits that Google is involved in total censorship of everything.
They're teaching China how to do it.
They're running China's censorship.
They got called out.
Print me the original Intercept article, please.
It came out two weeks ago.
I read this on air over the weekend again, but it's transcripts.
I'm going to go to the C-SPAN's archive with the dates and actually get the video, because all of it's archived now.
It's so powerful.
And they say on there, the congressman is going, you are now merged with the communist Chinese that are rounding up their dissidents, and they're using your own system to do it, and you are now aiding and abetting against America, and you better stop it.
And they say they stopped it in 2010.
They never stopped.
And so you've got this system, the gulag of Google, or the blinders of Google, the goggles of Google, it's here.
And they were going to make their move in 2017 when Hillary was in, but she didn't get in.
So now they've been trying to still launch it for a year and a half, and they've decided, Katie, bar the door, the Republican Congress doesn't know exactly what's going on.
Trump's figured some of it out, but not completely.
And so they are making their move with hundreds of billions equivalent of advertising to block all conservatives so only globalist messages can get out, to let the Chai-coms come in, to set the precedent for total censorship, and then tortious interference and economic sabotage, and going after our servers, and they just kicked us off another big ad platform after Google, after we kicked off AdBlade last year.
So, this is a real 21st century war, and here's the big announcement.
We're going to cover next segment.
There is a big event coming.
They're trying to sabotage the economy and implode the recovery.
And the economy has major problems.
Trump's trying to fix it, like an emergency engineer, you know, in Star Trek.
Scotty, can you get me more power?
We got gremlins in the reactor trying to blow it up, ladies and gentlemen, and
They're gearing up civil unrest, and murder squads, and promoting it everywhere, and full-page ads saying, uprise, overthrow Trump.
And I go, look, full-page ads in the New York Times, and they go, Jones is lying, no one's attacking, lay down, lay down.
I mean, this is military tactics, ladies and gentlemen.
And the unified scripting of mainstream media lying about me, the president, is unbelievable.
So, we have to discuss what the big event is.
You can feel it, you can see it, but they wouldn't be making bold moves.
Not just against me, but against others.
If they didn't know, they were about to lose their whole globalist plan over America.
And China has said they're behind it.
It's treason.
The people who have signed on to this are just the worst type of mercenaries.
But they're worse than that.
They've got some weird, trained hatred of America that they were taught in the colleges.
And they just can't get over it.
They just can't stop.
So I'm going to say this right now.
Beyond InfoWars.
People better spread the word.
They better call In The Talk Radio, C-SPAN.
They better call Congress.
They better call the White House.
They better go to events and tell Trump, hey, they're getting ready to try to take you out.
He knows that, obviously, but this country is under siege from within and from without.
All these sellouts like Omarosa and everybody else that are just absolutely going along with the system.
We're going to go over it all today.
And I'm going to get into Strzok finally being fired, and the Amorosa tapes, and we're going to get into all of it.
But you have to understand, the things that are happening absolutely mean they don't want me to have viral reach on Facebook, and on Google, and on YouTube.
You type in my name, there's hundreds and hundreds of videos and articles that are negative before you find anything positive.
They are burying not just us but Trump in the country and the economy.
These are real enemies against the nation and it is a true shaddening event that we've reached this point.
But bottom line is it would have been worse if we went along with Hillary.
It would have happened quicker.
And at least now we're putting up a fight here.
It's better to die on our feet than live on our knees as slaves as everybody knows.
So I'm not even worried about Infowars or me.
I'm worried about you and your family because let me tell you something.
They're getting ready for a violent overthrow, and they're gonna shut everything down, and they're crazy enough, the left is, they're gonna start a civil war.
And they're going to have some stupid cover story for it, so get ready.
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Patrick, in the great nation of Australia, you're on the air worldwide.
Thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, mate.
I've been following you since I was 14, and I'm 32 now.
I remember back when InfoWars and Prison Planet, it was just blue text on a white screen, and I had to load down the page on my dial-up internet, and I thought it was
Pretty cool and read all the books and seen all the DVDs and followed all your guests and I've been using your products since the first iteration of Survival Shield and since then I'm on the X2, the Super Male Vitality, the Caveman, the Real Red Pill, Micro ZX, Body, it's all amazing.
Yeah, and I wanted to say that by following you so much, it's like you're just detoxing the mind, you're detoxing the body, you're detoxing the spirit.
And it's just the more you know God, the more you fear God, but the more you chase God.
And I wanted to say that it's an honor to stand side by side with you, the crew, and the listeners out there, 1776 worldwide.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You know, Mark Zuckerberg publicly bragged that he's going to hold the hands of all other online web publishers, website owners, like you hold somebody's hand in hospice.
He's going to kill you.
He's going to kill your independence.
He's going to create one corporate hive mind.
And you know what?
He's pretty much got it.
He's got two and a half billion users.
And he's linked arms with Tim Cook, who funds and runs the most oppressive factories in the world.
And they use Apple iCloud systems to help round up dissidents.
And have gays arrested and sent for organ harvesting.
But he's the big gay activist, so it's okay.
As long as he is doing it.
When a gay guy supports gays being rounded up and killed, like Tim Cook does through his death machine, Apple, then it's cute and funny.
So I'm going to give you the big news in the next segment, the evil coming this way, but I wanted to get to this first, because when I show you these documents from major platforms banning us, they say that we lie and claim there's Islamic training camps preparing to kill police, even though it's in the Associated Press, and that we claim there's a plan to overthrow the president, even though there's full page ads the New York Times saying do it, and articles saying the case for rioting, and that I'm a danger.
And then I got told something this morning, and I got told something by another individual over the weekend about Jack Dorsey, that I'm going to be revealing next segment, that's actually positive.
And folks know, I don't hold back what I say to stay on platforms.
So, I've said I don't know what Jack Dorsey's doing, leaving me on, everybody else is kicking me off.
And then I got some phone calls telling me about it.
And I almost don't want to say it, because I don't want to get Jack Dorsey in more trouble with people.
I know some folks that have had dinner privately with Dorsey.
I know some folks that actually talked to him about two years ago, and then again a year ago, and then six months ago.
And they said, no.
Well, I asked both parties, I said, how much of this can I say?
And they said, well, don't you say where it was and who it was.
And then I was told specifically what I could say.
But if you say what both of them told me, it kind of gives you too big a picture.
So I have to, I'm not even ready to say all this.
I need to write this down.
Let me just say this, everybody better hold on to their hat and strap yourselves in.
That's all I'm saying.
I'm getting chills right now, so hard I can't even... I'm not even worried about Infowars, quite frankly, even though we're a key outpost and critical to support, and God bless you all for doing it.
This is really happening.
You know, it's like when you drive out in the four-way stop or the red light.
This has happened to me once, and I've seen it a few other times.
You see somebody drive out, and then you go, oh my God, that person just ran a red light.
And it's like it slows down.
And then you see, you know, a little kid fly out the back of a station wagon.
When I was a kid, I saw that.
Well, they died later.
They didn't die that day.
And then I saw Corvette flip, and a guy's head get cut off, pulled over and gave aid.
There's fire ants all over everywhere, because the Corvette spun through all the mud.
There's fire ants.
It was just insane.
And other people are still alive with blood spraying everywhere.
And it's like this slow motion thing, where, I mean, I'm sitting here, and I'm next to go, and I watch this family in a station wagon roll out.
That's the allegory.
And I look over and there's a Mack truck doing 60, and I'm just like, oh my God.
And now everything's slow motion, and I'm like... And the average leftist is like, yeah, yeah, bring everybody down, kill Trump, murder, death!
And I'm just sitting here going, whoa!
I mean, let me tell you, I'm not bored.
I'm scared for this country.
I'm scared for Trump.
I'm scared for you.
I'm scared for my kids.
And the spirit of evil that's been poured out by all the people that are anti-Trump, the way they've been crazed, and the way they're like this brown shirt army, and what liars they are.
And I can tell you, Jack Dorsey's actually scared of it.
Dorsey's a big mainline liberal, and they've had some big censorship over there, but he's almost like a captain on a ship of just leftist insanity and mutiny, and he doesn't like fascism, and he's seen a lot of it in his own people.
And the stuff on Twitter, if they could ever take me down for what I say, my God.
I mean, Twitter is a leftist frothing lynch mob.
So, but whatever, that's free speech.
But what isn't free speech is this video shot at the rally in D.C.
Citizen journalist asked leftist progressives outside the White House at a rally what they would do
If they could basically take control of the country.
They all talk about killing the president.
So, The Daily Caller has a big article.
It's also up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Let's go ahead and go to that tape.
Hey guys, my name is Benny Johnson.
I'm here at the counter-protest, the Unite the Right, in Washington, D.C., in Lafayette Square.
We are asking people what they would do if President Trump were to show up at this march.
Some of the answers have been pretty stunning.
Here they are.
What would you do if Donald Trump showed up after Trump?
Murder him?
Murder him for the people?
How about you, man?
I'll tell Trump to get on the floor and scrub those toilets himself, because he doesn't know how to clean.
He needs to learn.
He needs to learn how to clean?
Scrub some toilets?
Murder him.
I mean, yo, he's America's Caesar in 17th decade, so you got to take him down.
If it came down to it and it was a group effort,
We'd have to do him like a daffy.
Like a daffy?
What would you do if Donald Trump showed up?
Yeah, I don't know.
I might wild out.
You'd wild out?
Pause real quick.
This is the new America.
These are zombie TV heads, low nutrition, full of vaccines.
They all look just... Kill!
Kill him!
And that's not cherry picking.
And they don't want you to see that.
And that's why they're banning and blocking every major conservative Facebook account you can imagine, YouTube, Google's banning, because they're getting ready for the big event.
Let's go back to it.
They've got millions of people amped up to burn down every city in the U.S.
And he's got his knife right there.
And it's the lawlessness and the police standing down in blue cities, and it'll be, Mr. President, you must go.
And this is literally run by the Communist Chinese and big foreign banks, who think we're so weak and our people are so stupid that they would do this, and that the executive branch would let CNN and MSNBC push for all conservatives to be silenced and deplatformed, and then point their finger at Trump and say that he's the one calling for violence.
That he's the one doing all this by speaking back to them.
Let's continue.
You better stay away.
Not that.
How about you?
What would you do?
I would just smack him.
Smack him?
I would smack the shit out of him, son.
Like that?
Like for real.
How about you, sir?
I'd smack him too.
It'd be like a pimp slap.
Pimp slap?
Not a pimp slap.
If the President showed up this March, what would you do, sir?
Beat his ass.
Beat his ass?
If Trump showed up today, what would you do, sir?
I'd throw the f***ing bell at him.
You'd throw a bell at him?
Alright, we'll be right back.
This is The Rise of the Lazy, Dumb, Stupid People.
I've got a big announcement here, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm very, very excited about it.
You saw...
Dan Rather come out and, you know, demonize me and attack what we're doing here at InfoWars and call us fake news.
But, you know, he's the fake news.
And he also recently came out and said that Trump is mean like a Wolverine.
So earlier this week, I said, hey, let's put out Trump as a Wolverine, mean like a Wolverine, InfoWars.com.
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And we went to the RNC, and a third of the people were wearing it.
It was the chants.
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The year is 1995, and InfoWars launches the last of America's counter-globalist probes.
In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems and returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Transdimensionally, over the space-time continuum, through full space.
Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned a hundred years ago, twenty years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling!
Tomorrow's news, today.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, but you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
So, InfoWars has been punished for pointing out that Apple, Google, and others are officially helping China censor their own media and oppress their own people while owning and running slave factories, in the case of Apple particularly.
Amazon is allied with China for a lot of their cheap goods, but Alibaba is China's answer to that, so I wouldn't even put Bezos in the Chinese Chi-Com camp.
But he's certainly not in the pro-America camp, he is in the opportunist camp.
But Tim Cook is unbelievable.
He runs the biggest company in world history, a trillion dollars.
It's all based in China, he's officially moved there, and then he lectures the world
How I need to be taken down and blacklisted because I involve in hate speech and fake news.
So I'm gonna give you the big announcements here on the latest censorship, and attacks, and tortious interference, and economic sabotage we're going through, but it's all over the news without me telling you about it, that 90 plus percent of the internet, and of web searches, and of web traffic, and sales, and advertising is on just three platforms, and then a few dozen of their subsidiaries.
And that they're now making their move
Monopolistically everywhere, not just against us, and not just against conservatives or nationalists, against everybody.
I mean, even Newsweek says, who controls the internet?
Facebook and Google dominance could cause the death of the web.
That's Barry Diller.
He owns Newsweek now.
And he's always mad, wanting them to carry newspapers and TV.
He wants a partnership with them, instead of them screwing him over.
So he's been calling for me to be shut down for a while.
And he said earlier this year, by 2019, the web will be paid.
No more free web.
The new head of News Corps said that four and a half months ago in the Wall Street Journal, in a big article about me.
And then that was a subscription article, you want to read the derivative, it's, hold on to your tinfoil hat, Alex Jones is about to be banned off YouTube.
And voila!
There you go!
On the left, oh my gosh, this is such a juicy, wonderful celebration.
So, let's go over the new big breaking news.
Number one, Google and Apple are the two big giants working together.
Cook's at the top.
When he gave the order Saturday night, Sunday, they all lined up and I was gone.
And then all the other companies struggling to survive that just operate like a few little feeder fish following a great white shark or a whale shark or a killer whale.
They're just hoping for tidbits, and they let them straggle along like a fig leaf over the fact that they are a monopoly.
I mean, they're tiny compared to it, but they just kind of, oh look, Congress ran a monopoly, there's still these 10 or 15 little companies we haven't bought up that we let go out and organize advertisers and then, you know, bring them to us in our market.
And of course the market's all rigged, the prices are going up, the quality's going down, but it doesn't matter!
And then everyone grovels.
Tim Cook says, hey, I run slave factories.
They kill gays in China.
I don't say a damn word, even though I'm the big gay activist.
He says, I'm a total monopolist kingpin, totally ruthless, allied with the biggest mass murderers in history, but I'm on a high and mighty Alex Jones's band.
And almost everybody else pisses their pants and rolls over, except for Matt Drudge,
And Jack Dorsey.
And a few other people.
And then howling mobs call for their heads.
Yeah, life and death and apples forbid the city.
Even just a few years ago...
The news will report on China, and the suicide vans, and the mobile execution vans, and the suicide nets, and the forced abortions, and the 18-hour workdays, and people living in 100-square-foot apartments, and shipping containers, and how they forced drug them.
But not anymore!
Even though China's even worse now because the media's learned to line up and all that's coming here.
And that's why they said silence me.
But ahead of that, they've got a big event coming.
They've got a big event coming and we're going to talk about that in the second hour and have some special guests joining us.
What is the big event?
We already know with their projected operations what that constellation of attacks is.
And we know the general shape of it from their past operations, what they've done in other countries, and from the pre-programming we've seen in news and in pop culture.
And I can give you a very good approximation of over-the-horizon radar, what's incoming.
And baby, you get ready.
Because they're gonna come over those mountains.
You want to use this science fiction analogy?
It's like that movie Extinction.
Keeps telling them they're coming, and all of a sudden, points up in the sky, and then here it comes.
Incoming, man.
The attack ships.
And I've already got a telescope.
I can see them coming in with their burners on, coming into the atmosphere.
And they're going to go, Jones really believes aliens are attacking.
It's an allegory.
But it might as well be.
These are super tech companies tracking everything you do, spying on you in real time, bragging they're doing it, telling you to go to hell.
And Trump's tried to do something about it, but he's surrounded by the swamp.
He just doesn't get why they don't just root for the country, because it's in the way of their consolidation.
They're bringing the Chinese control here.
They're allied with it.
They're married to it.
They've merged with it.
It's a corporate merger with the Communist Party of China, and America doesn't fit into that.
Under globalism, that's admitted.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
It's everywhere.
So they're making their move on us right now, and on you.
And it's here.
So I'll go to break and I promise I'll come back into the latest bannings and just how big this is because this isn't banning us off Apple or banning us off YouTube or Google.
This is banning us from commerce itself, which is the last thing.
You ship people first to a ghetto, so people forget about them, you can get control, find out who the leaders are, kind of arrest them.
Get the sheep ready for the trains.
Get the people ready to be taken to the wolves.
It's been done all over the world.
It's been done over and over again.
It's a formulae.
So we're in a digital ghetto right now.
And now people like myself and Laura Loomer and Gavin McGinnis and others are being totally shut down ahead of the lawsuits and the attacks and the death threats and all of it.
It's all being prepared.
People say, well then why did you not go along with it?
I can't go along with trillion-dollar tax-exempt corporations.
And Tim Cook up there going, I'm gay, I'm gay, so it's okay that China kills gays.
And just the incredible hypocrisy of all of this.
It's unbelievable, and it's in my blood.
I can't go along with this situation.
And I know you can't either, and believe me, it's better to stand up to it than be on your knees.
And Tim Cook said last week, we're watching his app, it's number one.
We're watching it, we'll probably take it down.
We're watching him.
You think I'm scared of you, man?
I'm scared of being somebody like you, a heartless, soulless vampire.
Cultural, spiritual vampire that's only into himself and rationalizes all the stuff you do and then prances around in front of everybody how you're this high and mighty guy with the New York Times owned by another corrupt kingpin
One of your colleagues, Carlos Slim, saying, oh, Apple is known to be the leader in the high road.
They're the worst.
They're the worst.
But they've got this whole liberal facade they're wrapped up in.
So it's like, oh, but it's all right.
It's all right.
So we'll get into that news.
My letter to Tim Cook, and that's up on Twitter at RealAlexJones for now.
And I'll give you my take on Jack Dorsey when I've been told about him by people that know him and have had dinner with him and what he really said to them.
You know, does he really mean it?
I don't know.
He's showing some signs he does.
So is he having his Road to Damascus moment?
Who knows?
We knew it was coming.
The whole thing was formulaic.
First demonize InfoWars, lie about us, build a strawman, then sue us to add credibility to that, then have a few fake strikes on YouTube and Facebook with nebulous terms like bullying children and Islamophobia.
And then voila.
I think?
To then go mass flag us in the community guidelines, which again is something out of 1984 or a Kafka novel, where you don't even know what you've supposedly done.
You can't face your accuser.
Then you get defamed by the claims of the big tech giants when they ban you.
Make no mistake, this is being set up to create a precedent in their own words for you, nationalists, conservatives, libertarians, Christians, people that stand up to the New York Times editorial board member saying whites are subhuman and should be extincted.
This is the agenda they're pushing that is being funded by Communist China.
Out of everything I've broken down so far, that's the key.
Apple has officially moved to China and is letting the government basically run Apple.
And that, of course, is iTunes.
Google is building a huge censorship search engine for them, and whistleblowers from inside Google say they're preparing to use it here in America.
In fact, they're beta testing different parts of the censorship system for China on American conservatives, nationalists, and Trump supporters.
The bigger issue is, they don't like InfoWars exposing the fact in great detail.
The Communist China owns our debt, owns and controls Hollywood now, is involved in massive domestic propaganda operations, and is working with the Democratic Party and with the EU and others to try to block the Trump agenda.
They even talk about this at Davos.
So this is 21st century warfare.
It's happening right now, and it's designed to silence the American people and other populist movements around the world who are trying to struggle free from this corporate totalitarianism.
This now becomes the last battle of the Civil War.
You know, Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair, and Alex Jones, which has now been taken off of Facebook, thank God.
The number one thing you can do past standing up to this and getting informed and informing others is to simply
Go to InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Subscribe to the free podcast.
Just click on the link.
Whatever you're subscribing your podcast in, it'll pop up there.
It's also critical to go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter and give us your email so that we can stay in contact with you and send you videos.
We're good to go.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
I was never trying to win a popularity contest.
I've been trying to get Americans and others to think outside the box and realize what's happening.
We've been very successful.
I've expected to be attacked.
I didn't know we'd be the very tip of the spear, but it's happened.
So now, Infowars is the banner of free speech, the renaissance in Western culture and civilization.
And it's more important than ever that folks realize that the dominoes are beginning to fall against your cherished free speech, and you'll lose everything else if you don't stand up for it now.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
So, the cold-blooded technocrats that run the big internet global grid want a world government.
They want to merge with China.
They're anti-nation state and so that's the real deep state and it's continuing on in its mission to merge the planet under a conformist eugenics based world government designed to reduce population.
And everybody's supposed to just watch football and baseball and reality TV and not know what's going on and just move on into the future with this austerity-based anti-human system.
And Trump and some nationalists come along and say we don't want that and the whole power structure goes into complete insane overdrive to keep their agenda going.
Now DrugsReport.com's had a link up for two days and it was accurate until this moment.
Bans don't seem to be lessening reach of Alex Jones Infowars.
Well, actually we're getting like five times the traffic we normally do and millions of signups for everything from the apps to our free podcast at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
That way you can actually go get it yourself or find the live feeds and then tell folks about here's the verboten info.
That's the real chain reaction power.
But if you go back to February of 2017 after Trump had gotten into office, they were pissed.
AdRoll, one of the big companies that works with Google, that we were bringing in about $4 million a year, thank you, with, and the media goes, oh look, he made $4 million!
It's not bad to make money, but we brought that in to fund the operation, outside advertising.
We were banned for hate speech.
They didn't say what the hate speech was, they just said the products were hateful.
They were water filtration, air filtration, high quality supplements.
And so we were probably spending $500,000 and the product cost 50% of what it was.
We're making a couple million dollars to put back into the operation from that.
And that was a lot of the extra money we had to hopefully expand.
They took it away.
We had some big sales and got a lot of it back, but then they took a bunch of other sponsors away.
And so this is just the continuing thing.
Well, they've hit over 20 of our platforms.
Just in the last week and a half, and I'm going to show you the latest Document Cam Shot, please.
Now, we took these out in a Word document from the emails, so I'm not going to show you the sensitive stuff.
And some of these we blacked out, but Document Cam Shot, this is Credio.
So, they reached out to us, and they were one of the groups that advertises on Drudge.
I mean, they're like an ad agency.
Others do as well.
And they said, hey, we see this happen to you, we're libertarians, and we'd like your business.
So we went and spent something that's over a half million dollars with them.
Didn't bring in as much as AdRoll, but like three million.
And if you had all the costs in, you know, a million and a half bucks or something to fund things.
Sounds like a lot.
It's not when you got 60-something full-time crew, 20-something contractors, satellite uplinks, equipment, bandwidth, all of it.
Our bandwidth costs millions a year.
And our mission is to get the word out.
We make money doing it.
On top of that, great, we take care of our families.
But the mission is to fight the globalists.
Don't sell out.
Don't ever compromise, as you've seen.
Try to deliver a rebirth of the country.
And so, they sent us the message.
August 10th, you can see.
We got this on Friday.
We saw it yesterday.
Hi, Garrett.
I hope your week is going well.
I'm Ty's manager and I'm reaching out on his behalf as he is currently out of the office.
I'm writing to let you know that we've been instructed by our General Counsel, that's their lawyer, to pause the Credio campaigns for InfoWars store effectively immediately.
This decision has been reached and it has come to our attention that your site is in violation of our advertising guidelines.
Of course, they don't tell you what those are.
Water filters, air filters, highest rated supplements.
If you have further questions, please let me know.
Thank you, Darren.
Senior Account Strategy, Mid-Market US.
So, it gets better.
We've got some more of these.
We've got the complaints sent to the server companies to shut us down.
And some people even add their names, like Adam Flanders.
And says this is hate, this is bigot, this is evil.
They say recently Apple, Google, Facebook all removed it.
That's like saying Germany invaded France, so why not invade more countries?
Content due to the fact that it constitutes hate speech.
No judge, no jury.
Tim Cook, that runs slave factories in China, doesn't say a word about them executing gays.
He says so, so Tim Cook, this horrible, immoral person, who's put the iCloud keys in China, national security violation, working with Google to censor the Chinese people and Americans, this horrible, immoral monster, says, and so the dominoes fall, and so a company that sought us out, and we knew who they were,
Says our General Counsel says.
And then, again, you read that these are the things going out to our servers.
These are the things going out to the companies.
Logs are evidence of abuse.
There's the evidence.
We exist.
This is an abuse report regarding your client Infowars.com, which publishes hateful material targeting minorities and other protected groups, which is right out of SJW.
No proof, no nothing.
But even if we did, it's a right to exist.
Recently, Google, Apple, and Facebook removed all their content due to hate speech.
Please discontinue your contract with this client.
And they've kicked me off of LinkedIn, so I guess if they bankrupt me, I can't get a job at McDonald's.
This has put me in a ghetto.
And they go through the same thing.
These are the type of complaints that come into the server companies, and into others,
This is the type of harassment.
Here's Google's letter came over the weekend and it says they're breaking all ties with us and it says signed by the representative and no one signed it.
And then here's the really interesting one I'll get to when we come back.
Vimeo, just one of many places we were streaming, they say that it came to their attention that we're saying that we're criticizing China
Racist caricatures of Chinese.
Where's the proof?
What does that even mean?
No, I'm talking about China taking over our country.
Unsupported claims of Islamic training camps.
I was showing Associated Press.
Across the U.S.
there's suggestions that fifth-column enemy will engage in low-intensity warfare, including the assassination of police officers.
CNN said, well, you know, the police deserve what's happening because they're bad people.
Remember that?
In light of the above, we have removed public access to your account, blah blah blah.
So I'll get more into that when we come back.
Meanwhile, here's the terrorist training camps, training for mass shootings at schools, you name it.
Linda Sorcerer linked to father of New Mexico Jihad, who allegedly trained kids to shoot up schools, on and on and on.
So, first their artillery softens us up, and says we're fake news, and they sue us and all this to add credibility to it, and then they just remove us everywhere, and then defame us
Defame us with their claims that we've done all these things we haven't done.
And that's how they carry it out.
And then Tim Cook sells off in the sunset and brings Chinese Communist style censorship here in the United States.
Now how do you counter this, obviously?
You get serious folks and you make a commitment to spread the articles, the videos, the podcasts, the links to everybody you know.
They can't stop human people power.
They can't stop you taking action and supporting us financially.
Go to infowarstore.com.
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Stand up for free speech.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com or InfoWarsLife.com today and purchase the products to get products you need and to symbiotically support the broadcast so that we can have to sue probably even exist.
These are going after everything.
Our right to exist, our right to contract, our right to bank, our right to advertise, our right to live.
I mean, this is unpersonning 1984, baby.
We are beyond the electronic ghetto now.
We're going into the gulag.
And it's happening to a bunch of other people, but we're the focal point.
We're the test.
So, you need the products at InfoWarsTore.com.
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You can do that, but we're doing it.
But we need to see a lot of capital come in to make up the loss of the millions of dollars it takes to fund this that they just took.
And that they're trying to use so that they can sue us out of existence.
You are our shield, our sword.
You are everything.
We need people to commit now to go to Infowarsstore.com and send a strong message to these tyrants.
Let's go ahead and talk to Make America Great Again, Titan.
You're on the air, go ahead.
The man, the truth, the resistance, Alex Jones.
I am a Hispanic Trump supporter slash InfoWarrior.
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And I've gotta say, I started Titans of Liberty's Truth Wars because of you, Alex.
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If anybody's listening right now, Alex Jones is the real deal.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
When I grow up, I want to live in a free country and a free world.
When I grow up, I want to defeat the kingpins.
And to show how weak they are, they're afraid of us.
They're on the wrong side of history.
They're making their move.
They bet against you.
They're betting against me.
We now take you live.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, I gotta tell you right now, I feel good to be the tip of the spear and have the enemy coming down on me like this, but that's just my soul saying I'm doing the right thing.
Then I pull back,
To the 35,000 foot level, and you know what this all says, and I'm going to open the phones up this hour and get your take on this specific issue.
Do you agree that this signifies the mass censorship that the big event's coming?
What is the big event or group of big events that lead towards the overthrow of Trump?
And the march against nationalists and populists worldwide.
They're banning free speech in France.
They're banning it in Brazil because nationalist patriots are set to win.
They're banning it in Germany because patriots are set to win.
They are just absolutely out of control.
They're totally ruthless.
They're allied with the most autocratic, evil, cold-blooded groups.
Apple's had a long-term plan to censor the web along with Google.
They're now officially
Struck camp in the U.S.
and moved to China.
And the fact that I've been ringing the alarm bell is why they're after me.
But they have decided to shut the country down.
They have decided to shut the West down because it gets in the way of their centralized control.
And all their medical experiments and playing God and believing they're going to merge with Silicon and live forever.
Tim Cook's not going to live forever.
Zuckerberg's not going to live forever.
But these guys are worth hundreds of billions of dollars and they've married themselves to the soulless communist Chinese.
And they believe they can do whatever they want.
They have this weird mentally ill operating system that while China's killing gay people and following God and Christians, if Tim Cook poses with a rainbow flag with his boyfriend, everything's okay.
Everyone goes, but he's got a rainbow and slave factories.
So when we come back, I'm going to read a message
to Mr. Cook.
It's on Infowars.com.
And I'm just asking listeners this.
I love you.
You're awesome.
Paul's put at the bottom of every article.
I'm going to ask the other folks to do this.
A link.
You know, handwritten, not just a link, oh, share here, but a link to Facebook, to Twitter, to YouTube.
If everyone in America that has a YouTube account did a video about how this was wrong, they'd have to back off.
But you have to understand, folks, I have worked so hard in this and been so dedicated that I don't want to be taken out of the game and I'm going 110%.
I can't quit.
But you have to understand, I'm going to fight 110% to stay on the air and everything, and I think we can if you help us.
But if we get knocked out, I'm just upset for the country and the world, because they're going after everybody already.
So, we are the main promontory as the enemy attacks, and we're right up front and under the main attack.
And I appreciate your prayers, but I pray a long time ago on air, and I meant it, that we be lifted up like a standard against the globalists, and that we be given the information and the words and the stamina to wake people up against the evil, anti-human, mark of the beast, one world government, Chinese social score plan that's now here.
And it's happened.
We've worked with others like Drudge and other patriots, and you really learn who's good and who's bad.
Tucker Carlson's good, and Michael Savage is good,
A few others are good.
Laura Ingram, Matt Drudge, so far Jack Dorsey.
And it's going to be a one hell of an adventure.
I mean, that's the thing.
This is one hell of an adventure.
Flying around in private jet airplanes and owning slave factories doesn't sound too fun to me.
Fighting the guys that own the slave factories.
That sounds really exciting.
I feel good when I do that.
Don't you?
Hey, how would you like to take InfoWars with you wherever you go?
Well, now you can do just that with the new official InfoWars app.
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It's the InfoWars official app, taken on the globalist at point-blank range.
And with your help spreading it, and with your help downloading it, we are unstoppable.
Hey, have you heard?
InfoWars is getting banned across the internet.
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, they're all censoring us.
I need you to share these links to the videos and the websites and the stories at InfoWars.com immediately.
And remember, if you can hear my voice, you are the revolution.
Aborted babies incinerated to eat UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
That is the secret of Soylent Green.
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The Federal Court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, Big Bilderberg Group Company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So, enjoy the flavor!
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death penalties and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient would it be better not to lay off the those 10 teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs but that's called the death panel uh and you're not supposed to have that discussion they told me to uh to say that they were sorry but that you had become unreliable
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way!
The scoops are on their way!
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We gotta stop them!
Come on!
It is our secret code, Soylent Green.
Soylent Green is people!
Global government is based on dumbing you down, sucking you dry, and then blowing you out the air duct.
Well, I'm just glad I'm on the good side of history.
Not a perfect person, but I'm not out to F over little people.
I'm not out to trip, you know, autistic kids.
Saw that when I was out shopping with my daughter this weekend.
I actually saw some kids being mean to an autistic kid.
Tried to trip him.
I felt like going over and saying something to him.
That'd be bullying.
All right.
Yes, their attempt to censor us because we'd already been shadow banned on Google and YouTube and other platforms, like Apple, didn't do anything.
Other than blow up in their face and send us the highest traffic we've ever had times five last week.
It's still huge.
At newswars.com and infowars.com.
And make our apps number one on the internet and everything else.
But, they hit us with something, just like they hit us last year, getting rid of AdRoll, when it was bringing in $4 million, after costs and advertising and product, a couple million dollars to fund things.
I mean, that was basically the discretionary budget to expand.
And basic TV switchers that work right are like $50,000, you know.
I mean, the equipment's expensive.
Crew, everything, insurance, everything we do here.
We couldn't have an operation one-third as big in New York or L.A.
The expense is lower here.
But Credio banned us.
They said, oh, our general counsel said you violated our terms.
Folks, we sell water filters, air filters, and supplements.
We never ran ads with the t-shirts, any of it.
Because we tried years ago, as Obama, as a joker, on Apple's platform, and they banned us, and they said, that's racist.
We're also selling a George Bush Joker shirt.
It's anything they want to say is bad, is banned.
We always knew it was coming.
They've done it in Europe.
It's here.
I told you a few years ago, we're a few years away from being arrested if you criticize radical Islam.
It's here.
Vimeo, some dying third-rate video streaming service, this is some backup who approached us years ago to put stuff on their platform.
Sent us a letter, and I'm going to cover it next segment, and said, you said there's Muslim training camps, that's not true.
And you made fun of Chinese people.
What, the ones getting killed in the death camps?
Or committing suicide at Tim Cook's factories?
And it's this new American celebration of getting me off the air.
Drudge has an excellent article linked, Rise of Corporate Censorship, that I forgot to read this weekend.
I forgot to read it on air.
I did read it.
From Spiked.
We'll talk about going against the grain.
One of thousands of articles pro-ban Alex Jones.
One just saying this is dangerous.
Please print that for me, again.
You'd think Noam Chomsky coming out Saturday and saying this is very, very dangerous, me being banned by Monopoly's.
You'd think that'd be anywhere.
But good for Noam Chomsky.
At least he stands up for what he believes in.
He said he disagrees with me.
You mean the straw man they built about me?
So here's the big issue and the reason I'm going to open the phones up on this one issue.
Do you agree with me that all this massive censorship would be used against others?
And of course it's now happened.
Do you agree they're getting ready for civil unrest, which they're already doing, and are going to make their move on Trump in the midterms?
And is it election fraud?
Is it mass shootings of their facilities?
Is it false flags against CNN?
Or against Google or Apple or something?
To then be blamed on us?
And then I've been silenced on most platforms so I can't even speak out?
And so it's been legitimized?
What they're gonna say about me?
Because let me tell you, I figured out their tricks.
And they can wind up some mentally ill people and just not stop them.
And then direct them where they want.
The same folks that lie about WMDs.
The same people that lie about the Arab Spring and fund that whole thing.
These people are monsters.
And they mean business.
We need folks to take action and understand.
Right now we're winning because you spread the articles, you spread the videos, you went and got the apps, you went and signed up for the free podcast so we can get to you no matter what they try.
The free email, InfoWars.com forward slash email to get news alerts and videos they're trying to keep from people getting.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter, they took down WebChimp, the big company that people use to follow all the email rules.
They're doing it to us on so many fronts, and now they took us off Vimeo, saying we're bad to Chinese people because we don't kill them in slave factories or report them like Google does, so they can be arrested.
I mean, that's in mainstream news, but almost no one picks it up, though.
We're saying, see?
This is the sellout.
This is globalism.
And they don't want that catching hold like it did in the election, or like it's done worldwide.
They've tracked it back to this broadcast.
And yes, this is the broadcast, along with Drudge, that sent us over the top.
But I almost don't want to say that.
It's not like I'm beating my chest here.
I'm saying, look, we did the fighting.
We took action.
We're taking the heat.
We're your champions.
And they're trying to destroy us right now.
People say, well, why don't you roll over?
I'm more afraid of what happens if we roll over than they take over than what happens to me if I fight them but we still beat them.
Get that?
I care about my children.
I care about you.
I'm not a sociopath like Tim Cook.
Probably a psychopath.
Or Zuckerberg.
I'm going to read you some quotes when we come back of him saying worse stuff than calling his users that trust him dumb F's.
He says, all you other websites are going to die and I'm going to hold your hand like hospice when you die.
And I guess if your big monopoly can't kill me, you gotta go pure monopoly and go after my sponsors and my advertising platform where I can't go in the marketplace and sell multivitamin fruit punch for adults and children.
Oh my God, I'm so evil.
Or fish oil, the highest quality.
Or air filtration or water filtration.
So, listen, belly up, folks.
To the bar here, and I know you've been buying the products, but commit.
Sign up for AutoShip every 15 days, every month, every two months, every three months, every nine months, you can sign up.
And it just auto-ships and goes through.
And that'll let me budget and know what I need to do.
I gotta make up on top of all the other lawsuits and everything else like five million dollars here pretty quick to know if we can go to our next launch phase or whether I have to announce their beatings.
Together we're going to restore safety to our streets and peace to our communities.
And we're going to destroy the vile criminal cartel MS-13 and many other gangs.
But MS-13 is particularly violent.
They don't like shooting people because it's too quick.
It's too fast.
I was reading one of these animals was caught and explaining they like to knife him and cut him.
And let him die slowly because that way it's more painful and they enjoy watching that much more.
These are animals.
Did you hear him call MS-13 animals?
Yes, I did.
What did you think about that?
I think he's a pig.
An animal.
I mean, you know, you smell your own, I guess.
Maybe not all people in that group are animals.
No, they're not animals at all.
They're human beings just like all of us.
I think he's a pig.
He's just using that as an excuse to, I don't know, justify his being such a racist.
And then this week Trump made the comment about MS-13 being animals.
Did you hear about that?
I did.
What do you think about that?
I think he's criticizing his own American people.
What can you say about this guy?
He's the animal.
Would you agree that not all MS-13 members are animals?
And then, um, it kind of, yeah, exactly.
It's just like a negative, always negative in the news, always negative in the news.
The guys that are running around gangbanging, killing people, they're animals.
You know?
But the rest of the gang, it's a big gang, you know?
I can't decide whether I should laugh at this or it's like a punch to my gut.
Yeah, I feel the same way.
And I feel like it's a punch to the gut a lot of times.
And people with that last video, a lot of them say, oh, you probably interviewed a ton of people and picked the five people that actually supported MS-13.
And Owen, I swear to you, those are the five people I interviewed.
Those were the five reactions.
I went five for five.
Every single person I asked, MS-13, are they animals?
Every single person I asked in West Hollywood said no.
So it's scary.
We're in a really weird spot right now where the left, just to spite Trump, is doubling down on things that are in no way at all American or American values.
And I think one of the only reasons the left is able to get away with these ridiculous stories, these ridiculous claims, is because their base audience has such a short attention span.
So they basically engineered, like, the perfect resistor in a way.
It's people with short attention spans, people that don't actually pay attention to politics.
A lot of times they think they're educated because they went to college and are in debt, and for that reason they feel like they're oppressed and they know more than everybody.
And a lot of what we're seeing now, I think, is going beyond politics.
I think it's basically coming down to good versus evil.
And I think it's coming down to establishment versus anti-establishment.
And it's scary to see the left head in this direction because not too long ago, liberals were the ones who were for free speech, who were against censorship, who wanted to expose government corruption.
And now we're seeing them side with things that
I don't think anyone should ever side with, and it's just at a base level, anti, you know, un-American, anti-American.
But I think the good news is, every time the left takes a stand and supports MS-13, or, you know, promotes the Me Too movement, meanwhile they're all sexual predators in Hollywood, and every time they take a stand and contradict themselves, I think their audience shrinks just a little bit, and it's the people in the middle, the rational people, the centrists,
The independents, the maybe even classical liberals, who are now looking around and saying, wait, why is my party defending MS-13?
Why are we pretending that Hollywood isn't a toxic culture?
And these are the people that are going to start heading to the right, just like we're seeing, you know, across the board.
So while the far left will always be the far left and the protesters will always be pretty much brainwashed and convinced that Trump is the devil himself,
Everyone else in the middle who is somewhat rational will start waking up and their audience I think is shrinking by the day for that reason.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small.
Okay, so Google is officially moving to China.
Wall Street Journal's reporting they're running censorship search engines.
They're building it here.
They're testing it on Americans.
They're already censoring everybody.
Mexican radio to beam Chinese propaganda into the United States.
This is just what's happening.
But that's okay, because we have our little good buddy, Tim Cook.
The head of Apple and its Foxcom Laboratories and all the horrible things they're doing.
The New York Times says he is the moral high ground.
So, the big event, a bunch of big events, stock market crash, civil insurrection, assassination attempts on Trump, fake n-word tapes.
The left is going into overdrive right now.
I played videos earlier of Antifa at the White House.
Dozens of people saying we're going to kill Trump.
They wouldn't be doing the type of deplatforming and torturous interference and things they're doing to Infowars right now and to all these other conservatives, nationalists and patriots unless they had a big event planned.
And let me tell you, I've got from inside sources
Why Guilfoyle left, what they're doing to Hannity, what they're doing to Carlson, what they're doing to Ingram.
They are this close to being removed.
And they're just looking for dirt, looking for reasons not to have the Fox audience leave them.
But they'd already hurt them so bad when they ran off some of the other hosts with twisted and exaggerated things.
And there's nothing on Carlson and Hannity, they're such family men, or on Ingram.
They don't know what to do.
They ran Matt Drudge out of there a long time ago saying you can't show pro-life stuff.
So Fox is owned by globalists.
But they lost half their viewers a year and a half ago going after Trump, so they backed off to get their viewers back and they just don't know what to do.
But once they make their move, they're going to make their move.
The big event.
Here's the toll-free number.
They still can't keep you from calling in.
They tried to ban our comments, tried to take away our email to you.
I mean, it's insane, folks.
We now know we weren't a test case.
They're going after everybody else.
What an incredible time to be alive.
On this subject, what is the big event?
Do you think I'm right?
How do we counter this?
Great to hear first-time callers, but everybody's welcome to call in.
Just have a good phone and be ready.
To give us your point, we'll move to the next person.
Now let's get to this article Paul Joseph Watson put out with some of my tweets.
Alex Jones calls on Tim Cook.
Alex Jones calls out Tim Cook.
So I'm calling Tim Cook out.
Everything they're doing in China will come to America.
InfoWars founder blasts Apple CEO hypocrisy.
Alex Jones has blasted CEO Tim Cook for spearheading Big Tech's ban of InfoWars, calling Cook a hypocrite who is trying to bring communist Chinese internet censorship to America.
Last week it was reported that Tim Cook personally made the call to ban InfoWars podcast.
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg then immediately followed suit.
After learning of Cook's decision, Infowars founder Jones slammed Cook in a series of tweets today at Real Alex Jones for now, it's still there, calling him the same guy who contracts with the oppressive regime in China and Foxconn factories at which mistreated workers
Commit suicide at the highest rate in the world.
A reference to employees who build Apple products laboring under intolerable nightmare conditions.
Tim Cook is proud of the fact that he orchestrated big tech silencing of Infowars and the media celebrated him.
This is the same guy who contracts with the oppressive regime in China at Foxconn factories in which mistreats its workers commit mass suicide.
Moral high ground?
No, you don't have it.
Cook also styles himself as a gay rights activist, yet moves Apple to China, a country that bans LGBT marches and discriminates against gays, including executing them, Jones added.
Cook also styles himself as a gay rights activist.
But again, that's what he does.
I go on.
In the arbitrary silencing of info wars, Cook is bringing communist Chinese style web control to America, while Google simultaneously is building a censorship version of its search engine in China.
Everything they do in China will eventually come to America.
Mark my words, it already is.
Warren Jones.
He then turned his attention to Mark Zuckerberg, who reportedly said privately that he doesn't care about publishers, before warning them, I'll be holding your hands when you're dying business, like in a hospice.
These are the thugs we are allowing to control the public discourse, and so-called liberals celebrate it.
Bizarre, said Jones.
He finished by announcing that InfoWars will be launching a meme contest based around ridiculing Cook and that details will follow.
We'll be launching a meme contest based on Cook and the rampant hypocrisy.
Satire is the best way to ridicule corrupt authoritarian corporate bullies who have amassed way too much power over free speech until they ban that too.
Which they have been trying to stop memes because their AI computers have trouble seeing it, understanding it, and blocking it.
You're the geniuses out there.
Tweet him at RealAlexJones.
Email him to ShowTips.
We're going to post him on Infowars.com and retweet him on my Twitter and at Paul's at Prison Planet.
How do you show Tim Cook?
Hi, I'm Tim Cook.
I run the richest company in the world and I pay Chinese slave laborers, you know, a dollar a day.
Or, I'm Tim Cook.
I've moved Apple to China and given your iCloud keys to their government, and now I'm bringing Chinese censorship here to America and working with Google to do it.
I mean, it's crazy.
Hi, I'm Tim Cook.
The New York Times says, quote, I lead the moral high ground.
That Apple, via Tim Cook, leads the moral high ground.
So, hi, I'm Tim Cook.
Our company pays zero taxes in China.
And we run slave factories, but I'm helping shut down free speech in America.
That makes me liberal.
I mean, I don't know the angle or how you say it, but this guy needs to be dealt with because he's a monster.
He's an absolute monster.
Hi, I'm Tim Cook.
I'm gay, but I don't say a word to China, even though I'm the biggest company in China, about how they execute gays.
I mean,
It was a restaurant.
I have the article all covered.
I forgot to give it to you guys to print.
It's like KXAN, a popular restaurant.
And the governor went there and ate dinner.
And so they took a photo and posted it on Facebook.
And now there's been months of protesting and saying, shut it down.
And how dare you, the gay community, so upset that you let the governor eat in there?
I mean, this is the craziness.
If some governor's done nothing to you, you don't care about China killing, or Islamists throwing gays off buildings.
No, no, no!
The governor is pro-God and pro-Trump, and so, boy, you're letting him eat in there!
So I've got that article.
This is the wild-eyedness.
But whatever you do, get that article.
Alex Jones calls out Tim Cook.
Everything you're doing in China will come to America.
It already is.
And send that to everybody you know that's got an iPhone.
Everybody you know that has Apple devices.
Everybody you know.
And just say, hey, did you know slaves built your phone?
Hey, did you know that they're spying on everything you do?
Hey, did you know the Chinese government runs Apple?
Because that's what Cook wants to shut down.
He thinks he's better than you, he thinks he's smarter than you, and he hates America.
The President of the United States is racist.
He's a punk.
He's a dog.
He's a pig.
And he can suck my f**king d**k. He's a con, a bullsh** artist, a mutt.
Kiss my motherf**king ass, you bitch, punk, d**k sucker.
The President of the United States
He's not only unfit to be president.
In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage, he's unfit to be human.
This is CNN.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
Donald J Trump is President of the United States.
Brandon, please, lay out what you said and then also how they're attacking you and, you know, their ridiculous disinfo.
Because when people walk away from the Democrats, and in capitals across the country and in D.C., come together and hug each other, left and right, for a future of America and the Antifa shows up and there's only a half dozen of them, it is going to be
Martin Luther King level, I have a dream stuff.
I mean, I just know destiny when I hear it.
I think you should tell people your millennium level idea.
I mean, it's like one of those ideas that you only hear a few times in a lifetime and usually people ignore it.
This is history.
That's why there's just so please tell folks the idea you came up with.
Yeah, you got it, Alex.
You know, a lot of what's coming out of the left right now is this narrative that my campaign is Russian bots, which is absolutely ridiculous.
Of course, we have real people giving testimonials for the WalkAway campaign.
But it sort of sparked an idea in my mind, since there's going to be a lot of naysayers out there who are going to try to dismiss this campaign and what's happening with WalkAway as bots and as not real.
I thought to myself, you know, what we really need to do
And listen, if you're not walking away from the Democrat Party, that's fine.
But I think that at this point, people should at least be willing to say, I'm walking away from the hatefulness.
I'm walking away from the divisiveness.
I'm walking away from the violent rhetoric and the division.
So this is what I want to do.
I want to, in the fall, have an amazing demonstration organization nationwide where we do a nationwide march on Washington.
I want it to be the biggest, most incredible and most powerful march this nation has ever seen.
You need to be flooded, folks.
And believe me, I know at a gut level what's going to work and what's not.
So if people fund this, I couldn't see a better place for people to do it.
So I'm pledging $10,000 that we'll donate right after the show to the account.
I want it online.
I want people to see that happen.
So please make sure that happens.
There are two ways that people can donate.
I've set up a GoFundMe and I've set up a Patreon account.
Both of these things are accessible if they go to walkawaycampaign.com and click on sponsorship.
The GoFundMe is great if you're somebody who's just able to make a one-time donation of any amount.
We appreciate anything that you can do.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you so much.
I had a feeling that you would be somebody who would be very enthusiastic about this and I feel exactly the same way you do.
It was my idea, but I also thought to myself, this is something that really possibly not only has the potential to do a lot of healing, but possibly even preventing a civil war.
And you're just saying, just walk away.
Like, it means don't fight.
It means just don't be under this cult control.
Oh, this is divinely inspired.
I'm telling you, I know the zeitgeist when I'm close to it, and I am now in the center of it.
Oh, ooh.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The circle is now complete.
When I left you, I was but a learner.
Now I am the master.
Only a master of evil, Darth.
Your power's a weak old man.
You can't win, Darth.
If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
We are number one trending app in news.
Number one
Click on that for a larger image, please.
Number one trending.
Guess what we are total out of thousands of news apps?
We are number three total in the world surpassing CNN and Fox News.
Broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
You know,
There have been a lot of authoritarians come and go.
They always follow the same pattern.
In the Bible, in the final book, John the Revelator has a vision on the Isle of Patmos.
Of a future with like giant insects that drop bombs and mountains of fire and world system with 20 foot high images that are holograms and speak of the world government and the one religion and if you don't serve that one world government you cannot buy or sell and that there's basically a mark that's your digital fingerprint of your face or your hand you can buy nor sell with it.
And it's here.
We knew this was going on with the payment processors at InfoWareStore.com.
And they tried this with the NRA, and lawyers got involved.
It is complete racketeering, total tortious interference.
When these groups then say, you can't have access to the marketplace, you can't spend money, you can't whatever, especially when, get this, they say our supplements are drugs and are illegal.
Even though we sell the exact same stuff that Amazon and then they own Whole Foods sells, some of the products that we sell at Amazon, and again I criticize Amazon, we have to be there to control the market or they can sell counterfeits on there, so I don't plug that we're on Amazon normally.
It's a small business for us to fund things.
They took away the choice.
Amazon choice.
So implying it's, you know, not good or something.
There it is.
Amazon seems to have quietly stopped recommending Alex Jones products.
Well, that's nothing.
Look what just came in.
Credio, where we bring in gross $3 million a year, $3,100,000.
After advertising, after cost, maybe a million, $1,200,000 to fund things.
That's nothing.
But it's critical that last bit of money we need to expand.
Just like they banned us off AdRoll last year.
That cost us like $4 million.
And so we went somewhere else.
Now, this just came in.
Document Cam, please.
One of our main shopping carts.
They say... It says right here that you are selling pseudo-pharmaceutical products.
So, I'm selling many of the exact same products, Bio, PQQ, CoQ10, but just in really high quality,
Turmeric has the highest 95% curcumin level you can get out of any organic factory.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
But they sell this on Amazon.
They sell this everywhere.
Pseudo-pharmaceutical products.
See, it's not hate now.
You just defined it as pseudo.
Oh, you're hateful, you're bad.
Oh, you're racist, you're bad.
Oh, you're... No, now it's pseudo.
Pharmaceutical products cannot be sold through Shopify payments.
And then it just goes on, right there, saying, you're shut down.
Every hour it's coming in, and they're hitting the servers with false reports of child porn, racism, violence, all total lies.
That's where we are as a country, that's where we are as a culture, that's where we are.
Ahead of the big event.
And they also think you're a bunch of cowards.
Hey, rip Alex Jones apart in front of everyone, and everyone will bow to us like Communist China.
China, we learned five years ago, was creating a global social score, working with Google and Apple, where everything you do with your purchases is what you say in the real world, what people report on you, what goes on goes in a social score, and then if you drop down to three stars, you can fly on planes, buses, or anything.
11 million flights already banned.
So, people thought Black Mirror two years ago.
They kept saying, watch Black Mirror, watch Black Mirror, you're talking about Black Mirror.
We broke it five years ago at InfoWars.com.
Pull it up!
Chinese developing social score, mark of the beast for total control, InfoWars.com.
It was three years before it was any mainstream news.
We broke the smart TVs listening and watching you.
We broke the smart phones tracking and watching you 20 years ago.
We broke it all.
Because we do the research.
Coming to America, China introduces credit score for obedient citizens.
That's 2015.
Yeah, that's not the first one.
There was one in 2014.
But that article is the second one to ever report it in the world.
We're first and second, baby!
And by the way, I'm proud that I'm not a sellout.
I'm proud I'm on the right side of history.
I'm proud to be persecuted.
Because China is the most murderous authoritarian system.
It's killed five times what Hitler killed.
And they are openly, with Apple officially based there, Google never left.
They're using same censorship here.
They're state-run.
This is an enemy attack.
And I'm an American patriot.
We got Trump in.
Things started turning around.
They're trying to stop him turning it around.
Trump's totally surrounded.
What does he do about Apple and Google?
I don't know.
But man, now they're saying, hey, you can't go to InfoWars.com and comment, discuss us, bans us.
Alex can't send you an email.
WebChimp says we banned it, so we get another system.
You can't take credit card orders.
You can't spend your money on InfoWars.com and buy anything we say.
But again, we have multiple payment processors.
That was done with just one of them.
But they're all piling on.
All just, Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!
They're a Nazi!
Take them down!
They're a Nazi!
Nazi, Nazi!
You know, like the Nazis did.
Not let people involved in commerce.
Not let people be involved.
This is what they're doing.
This is their plan.
This is their operation.
This is their program.
This is really happening.
This is it.
Everything we talked about.
This is 50,000 times the censorship ever seen in this country.
And it's in Europe.
They're arresting people.
They talked about arresting the former mayor of London, a liberal nationalist, because he said, it looks like, you know, these women are in beekeeper suits or whatever, or like they're about to rob a bank.
With the men walking behind them with canes, telling them where to go.
And if a woman gets caught kissing even her husband in public, she can be executed.
Where are the feminists?
So, we told you five years ago there's a global social score being set up by Apple, China, and Google, and now Bloomberg tells you it's here!
This is it!
And I'm being dehumanized!
I'm being deplatformed, literally!
In the old Soviet Union, if you were a Christian or a nationalist, first you didn't have a job, then you couldn't buy stuff at the store, then you couldn't grow stuff, then they'd rape your wife, kill your daughter, and ship you to a gulag.
This is like the bona fide evil, baby!
This isn't some facsimile.
It's not a side issue.
It's not whatever.
So, whileinfowarstore.com is still up.
While you can still even buy products from us, you might want to, while the website's still up, you might want to say, hey, this is America, this is a guy that stood up for the globalists, this is a guy that stood up for the Second Amendment, and Christianity, and property rights, and he's under attack.
Infowars.com, even if they shut us down, Information War, you can hang up banners in your town about what's happening, you can call and talk radio, you can run for office, you can go talk to your city council about what's happening.
Every little bit changes this.
You can go
To Apple stores and hand out flyers outside of them.
You can go and wake people up.
You can go talk about peacefully what's happening ahead of the big event.
I believe they're going to attack fake news institutions and some of these tech giants.
They're preparing to attack themselves.
We already predicted this.
They're going to blame me and they're going to say that legitimizes the total reign of terror.
They'll then probably kill the president and we're going to go into a true dark age of hell.
So, this is their plan.
They're moving.
They're getting ready.
They wouldn't be dropping the hammer if they weren't serious.
Stay with us.
Emergency transmission.
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The circle is now complete.
When I left you, I was but a learner.
Now I am the master.
Only a master of evil, Darth.
Your powers are weak, old man.
You can't win, Darth.
If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
We are number one trending app in news.
Number one.
Click on that for a larger image, please.
Number one trending.
Guess what we are total out of thousands of news apps?
We are number three total in the world surpassing CNN and Fox News.
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And with your help spreading it, and with your help downloading it, we are unstoppable.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
We're breaking the conditioning!
InfoWars comes to mind.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones.
Google is being accused of hiding negative stories about Hillary and her campaign by teaching its algorithm to bury stories like the Clinton body count story.
That's according to website InfoWars.
It's confirmed there are at least two shooters with fully automatic weapons.
Dr. Martin Luther King has been shot to death in Memphis, Tennessee.
King was shot from the back and the front.
It was almost as if there were plants imploding.
It just pancaked.
It took the babies out of incubators and left the children to die on the front floor.
I think this is a national security imperative.
We have clear things that we do not understand how they work.
Operating in areas that we can't control.
Is this global governance at last?
Is it one world?
The central bank is in charge.
Israel claims the attack was accidental.
But some former U.S.
naval officers say it was on purpose.
They describe the day's action as part of a continuing cover-up.
Russian intelligence compiled a dossier on Mr. Trump during visits to Moscow.
Russian scum!
Denied everything.
He called it all fake news.
And he accused CNN of being fake news.
This is a national emergency.
If they kill Trump or remove Trump, it will cause a massive civil war in this country.
This is a clean-the-high-level election.
We are at war with Russia.
Are you aware that Mr. Stone also stated publicly that he was in direct communication with Julian Assange and Wikileaks?
The White House and the President are citing InfoWars.
If they can shut us down, you're next.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex.
By the way, I'm not kissing Matt Drudge's butt, but he deserves it.
He is the most pro-America, pro-West, pro-freedom icon who raised the alarm first.
He's been dead on and without him we would have already not gotten Trump elected.
We'd already be done with Hillary in full command and literal persecution.
They're announcing mass roundup plans, you name it, once they get Trump out.
He's linked.
Noam Chomsky says big tech wrong.
And Paul Watson's got his article coming out soon about us kicked off of Criteo, online advertising.
That's the same one that is an ad agency that advertisers are used to on Drudge.
They go get the advertisers and bring them there.
So, they're going after everybody, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't know if Drudge still uses them, but...
We got kicked off AdRoll.
That's what we went to.
And Paul should have the article any minute for an update for everybody about this happening.
But now they've gotten one of our payment processors down and one of our shopping carts shut down.
That was our backup shopping cart.
So this is just, again, you're in live time witnessing them making their move against anybody that's patriotic.
And I'm going to say this because here's the deal.
I'm not an Israelophile.
I'm not an Anglophile.
I'm an Americanophile.
I mean, I'm into Americana.
But I've had a lot of great Jewish friends and a lot of great, you know, really smart people have done great things for me.
I've also had, you know, leftists that be Jewish do mean things to me, but it's like a black guy's mean to me.
Do I blame all blacks that they're mean or white guys mean to me?
Do I blame all whites?
But this whole Israel thing is like this bellwether of attacking Israel, and I'm noticing everybody being taken off the air is not against Israel's right to exist.
I mean, if you let the radical Islamists take over Israel, the Palestinians, they'd be killing each other forever.
It'd be another destroyed area.
I mean, Israel is civilization in the Middle East.
Just like Gaddafi.
I'm not a total fan of Gaddafi, but he worked with the West and was building up Africa, and they blew that up.
I mean, it's like, why blow up civilization?
And I'm telling you, man, they're trying to get rid of Netanyahu, Trump, everybody, because Soros documents came out in the WikiLeaks.
He wants to get rid of Israel completely, and they just have this plan to turn the whole planet over to third world populations and drive everything down to absolute squalor.
And I'm only throwing that in because this is an anti-Israel system.
And then I notice when I talk about China taking over the web or all this stuff, people just in the comments on YouTube go, shut up Israel scum!
And I'm like, I've never even been to Israel.
I'm not anti-Israel.
And I've been, you know, people used to attack me saying I was anti-Israel.
They had the ADL say I'm anti-Semitic in the Southern Bribery Law Center.
It's all just craziness.
I'm for everybody.
If you're a Muslim, if you've got brown skin, white skin, if you want black skin, you want freedom, I'm into you.
But if you're not into me, then I'm not into you.
And so I just want to add this point in here.
That the average American Jew now is a Jew-hating, crazy leftist.
And I'll say that about the average American, too.
Just black, white, doesn't matter.
Like, what's so bad about America?
Why does everybody want to get here if it's so bad?
And everything that made the country great is dying right now.
Trump is like trying to restore it, and you see how angry they are.
And Bill Maher is a great example, running around
How he doesn't believe in God, how much he loves suicide, how he wants everybody to die, how he loves abortion, how he loves assisted suicide, you know, and how much he wants America to implode so that we get rid of Trump, because he's worth a hundred million dollars.
All right, I'm gonna start the next hour and go right to your phone calls.
Will you guys launch the call board in here for me?
Just launch that for me so I can see the callers.
Thank you.
And what else is going on while all this is happening?
You've got Amorosa?
Omarosa illegally taping stuff in the Situation Room.
You know, when she's getting fired, running around doing all her reality TV drama queen crap.
Trump says they're going to retaliate.
She begged for her job, had tears in her eyes.
Stormy Daniels.
Confirmed for Celebrity Big Brother?
This is all just liars, in my view, that go say and do all this so they can get the establishment to give them their ten minutes of fame.
It's sick!
And then she says, the headline is, she heard the n-word tape.
And then lo and oh, she knew someone that heard the n-word tape.
Meanwhile, they've got Adobe software they developed three years ago.
They got a lot of other software too that 100% can beat voice print analysis, where if you get 30 seconds of someone recorded clearly...
If you had me talking about how InfoWars has been banned, and how we're under attack, and how, you know, Tim Cook's out of control, and, you know, looking at the big moral authority when he's covering his monstrous activities as this big Chinese Chi-Com king penny with a sellout of the country, you could take that and have me say Mary Poppins flew into my bedroom last night flying a purple carpet with six dolphins pulling her named Snap, Papple, and Glooblet.
That's total gibberish, but you could have me say all that
With that program.
And they put it on the market for some testing and pulled it back from reviewers because it was so dangerous and could break voice print.
We did videos on it a couple years ago, but those have all been deleted by... you guessed it.
Old YouTube.
So you gotta go to Infowars.com.
You gotta go there, where we're now, every day, taking our most powerful clips, and we're gonna create an area on the site that's basically banned videos of the day.
And then everyone's free to air for your TV station, your radio show, your own podcast, your own YouTube, your own Facebook, to take it, edit it, whatever you want with it, and say, here's the verboten information.
Give your analysis of it.
They're gonna try to say you can't do that, but you can.
They're trying to de-platform my voice from the web.
How many times did I tell you that was coming?
And they have technology where they can voice print my voice, and then ban my voice being heard on their platforms.
But let's see if we can push them to that point.
But that's what they're doing, testing it in China.
And testing it over here, and it's been announced.
So this is it.
Fight the bully, save the internet, save InfoWars, super special.
We already have the sale going because all the sensors are shit, but they're trying to take our payment processors.
They've taken one.
They are taking everything from us.
We've got IT scrambling around the clock just to keep the websites up, just to deal with the false complaints, just to deal with this.
And listen, I'm not bitching.
I wasn't looking for an easy way here.
I wanted to change the world, but we're in a fight now.
This is your fight.
This isn't Fortnite.
This isn't Pac-Man.
This isn't Zelda.
This isn't World of Warcraft, baby.
This is third dimension warfare for the planet's future and humans' future on terra firma.
And we're here fighting for the Renaissance and a pro-human future where we believe in your free will.
And we're here fighting hard.
We're energized by God's spirit.
And we feel good that we're under enemy attack.
That means we're directly over the target.
And I'm bombs away, bombs away.
It's like, what are we gonna attack the most for?
Chemicals in the water, breaking up the family, world government, Apple, Google, moving to China, oppressing their people, bringing censorship here, already implementing it, 93%, already strangling us down to nothing, no one knowing, this is incremental, I've got to go in, I've got to point out the chi-coms, I've got to point out the globalists, I've got to point it in, and the more I go to that, it's just total fire!
And I just steer into it.
Because that's how you win.
And they're blowing holes in our wings and we're on fire.
We're just boom, boom, boom.
We have unlimited truth bombs.
We're just drop, drop, drop, drop, drop.
And we fly back over, turn back in.
And we're just like, they're just coming at us.
We try to take my kids out of the woodwork.
It's like Agent Smith, demon possession.
People on the street see me and just act normal.
And it doesn't make me scared.
It's like, okay, God's real.
Jesus is real.
We got a whole future.
We got to do this.
God, Mark of the Beast, it's all happening.
We got to fight for what's right.
God's real.
Revelations is real.
Thank God we know.
Thank God we know Jesus.
Thank God we know the truth.
Thank God we're taking action.
Thank God!
As bad as it gets, thank God!
Thank God!
Whatever you do, spread the link, spread the articles.
InfoWars is the future.
It is your freedom.
It is the truth.
But we need your support and we need you to buy products so we can hold on in sight.
Look at that.
Everybody else is just like yellow or clear.
That's because it's been denatured.
It's been watered down.
We didn't do that.
I would metaphysically tell you something, but this is the very best I can get.
I'd rather go to hell than do that.
I will only give you the maximum best info, the maximum truth, the maximum product, because I want that goodwill!
What I do to you, I do to myself.
Don't you get the big secret?
You ever seen fish oil look like that?
No, you've never seen that, have you?
And this little jewel right here is solid.
Look it up.
Find out.
How even the FDA and the government admits fish oil is incredible.
The number one thing anybody can do for themselves is take good fish oil or krill oil.
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AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139, AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
AAA-253-3139 is the InfoWars store hotline!
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That's InfoWarsStore.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Stand up and be counted for what you're about to see.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
Rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, the other night, the devil dropped by.
And I slammed the door in his face.
Crank up this part right here.
Boy, the devil's pretty.
But it's only skin deep.
The devil, like a big old snake, says, look into my eyes.
And I looked.
I said, no.
For what you're about to receive... God gives us everything we need.
Not you.
You distort everything.
Hang on to the good times.
We have been running on everything our ancestors built with their will, their goodwill, and their strength.
And the bell is about to rock if we salute you.
You can feel the pro-human energy coming back in the world, and it's spiritual, and nothing can stop it.
Gonna win, folks.
Our spirit is a trillion times stronger than the enemy's.
The problem is most people get captured in this globalist paradigm.
You know, I'm very positive because the enemy is attacking us and I know I've been dead on about my analysis.
And I opened the phones up and I said I specifically want to know about the big event, though we shouldn't be too confident they're going to launch major stuff, I believe false flags against themselves, to be the victims and to legitimize all this censorship, and they're going for broke and they're desperate.
And I see the callers are all over the
Matt, it's fine.
Support from a fan, support from a fan.
What the new move of the Dems is, that's the kind of question I want.
I want to hear what you're saying.
Complaints about Facebook, Marcus, censorship, and what's next.
It's people saying they've been censored and I get it.
We're going to go to everybody, but bam, bam, bam.
And people are saying, man, they're trying to ban your payment processors in R. They're shutting down everything you've got, all this.
Why are you so happy?
Because we've got
I don't know, five times our record traffic.
And it isn't about me getting that traffic.
It shows you get what's happening.
And just look at Matt Drudge, how great he is.
I mean, for two days, Drudge probably wasn't listening.
Or would have been up there.
Noam Chomsky came out and said, this is very dangerous, monopolies.
And, you know, he's the big guru of the left.
No one would pick it up because they know it's powerful.
Well, Drudge just linked to it.
That's a very, very important article.
And during a break earlier, I wrote a little comment.
I'm going to add to the article, an update.
That's going to get added very, very soon.
But that's on DrudgeReport.com.
And you know, I'm going to feel good here because they haven't run a year and a half demonization program against drugs, but they've done some demonization.
But I feel good knowing there's people like Drudge out there.
I mean, I feel good seeing Tucker Carlson knock it out of the park and being so accurate.
And Sean Hannity now, way more awake than he used to be.
And Lou Dobbs, and Laura Ingram.
And to know that's still there, and we're still strong enough as people that are awake to have that.
But then I learn the behind the scenes of how they're trying to take them all off the air, and how they're harassing them, and what they're going through, and how it's all intensifying.
And how everybody's getting harassed, and everybody's getting messed with, and everybody's getting... I mean, this is bad folks.
And so, I want to ask you when we come back, what's the big event?
We all know they're going to try to overthrow Trump.
Economically, they're trying to crash things they admit.
They're trying to start big wars.
It's only, there's an article on Infowars.com by Steve Watson out of Politico about how only Rand Paul's keeping him from launching war with Iran.
Iran's begging for it.
That'll trigger terror squads all over.
It's just, we're in an incredibly volatile time.
And so I'm getting all excited knowing I'm over the target.
But at the same time then, I gotta think, now wait a minute.
They wouldn't be pulling this unless they got something big planned.
So we need to have a brainstorm in 60 seconds on this.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
If they're able to bring down Infowars.
Newswars, Newswars, Newswars!
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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
I love this part.
You'll fire musket, but I'll run you through.
And when you're waiting for the next attack, you better stand.
There's no turning back.
The bugle sounds, the charge begins!
But on this battlefield, no one wins but our children when you're defeated.
You'll take my life, but I'll take yours too.
You'll find your musket, but I'll run you through!
You'll take my life, but I'll take yours, too!
You'll find your musket, but I'll run you through!
So when you're waiting for the next attack, You better stand, there's no turning back!
The field was served, the charge begins!
By all this battlefield, no one wins!
The smell of muskets, smoking horses,
A certain death, where all the ancestors lie, but live forever.
Alright, let's get to your phone calls right now, if you just joined us.
We have major espionage by the mainstream media and the globalists and chi-coms with their made-for-TV operatives begging and slithering in and causing all the... I mean, I was told we had Roger Stone on with other sources.
about this lady who's now recorded things and violated federal law and it was like oh my god reportedly she was involved in the sucking off of Haiti and just the democratic operative everything but Trump has a sweet spot for charismatic good-looking women black women included because he's so racist let me tell you and it's not like he wants to try to have sex with them it's just that you know yeah yeah he likes women and he like he wants a bunch of women in his cabinet
And that's just the way it is.
And he put searches out.
That's why he had Kelly.
Kelly first got in a year ago.
Kelly's like, we want black applicants.
We know there are blacks out there.
Why aren't you applying?
We know there are blacks out there that are up to snuff and who have the requirements.
Remember that?
It's like we put ads out until lately and no black folks put in for him because, you know, the Tea Party's racist and Alex Jones is racist.
It's totally made up!
So, Trump's like trying to do all this and then of course they got to her.
And she reportedly started trouble and did all sorts of sabotage from the beginning.
And they just called her in and they're like, you know, what ish?
You're probably... But see, a lot of these folks
That were originally liberals.
I don't care whether they are Stormy Daniels or this lady or anybody.
They want the attention of mainstream news.
They think when they walk out on The View.
The View shot in a studio with like rotting walls and a bunch of people look like they're half dead.
It's like you're like in the Crypt Keeper tomb or something.
That's what I'm saying.
They have nothing to offer.
They are nothing.
It's all a joke.
But most people go, Oh my God, Hollywood.
Oh my God, a director's house.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
And it's just pathetic to watch people line up like Tom Arnold and tell all these lies.
And, and, you know, I never even played the clip last week.
I should have played it with Rosie O'Donnell on TV, like last Monday, like eight, nine days ago.
And she's on CNN, and she goes, no one is real at his rallies.
It's all fake.
He's unpopular.
They're all actors.
Now, they're always saying I'm saying everybody's actors, and I deserve to be taken off the air for it when I'm not.
But they just caught ABC News, I covered it over the weekend, with actors in a piece where people in Trump hats kick people with impeach shirts out.
When in reality, that's them!
And they know everybody's getting turned off by their bullying, so they just produce... That's coming up too a lot of time.
I just got so much fake videos.
That's what I'm telling you.
They got something big planned.
Something big's coming.
They don't want me questioning mass shootings.
They don't want me questioning terror attacks.
They're trying to just desperately... You know how... I mean, I don't want to win these lawsuits.
I don't have time to mess with it.
We're in too big a war right now.
That's not what we're... I'm gonna have to file some emergency injunctions.
And I've said, get the lawyers, file the suits right now.
I mean, I have to do it now.
It's survival.
Trying to take our payment processors, everything right now.
Servers, the sites are barely hanging on.
And again, the issue is something big's coming.
They don't want us on air to question it when it goes down.
Everyone knows it.
2 plus 2 equals 4.
What is it?
We need citizens with cameras all the time.
We need people ready to upload all the time to multiple sources.
You see a terror attack, go get video.
Something happens, you get there.
But I'm telling you, they are planning something big to legitimize all this and take down America's recovery.
And all I want to do is beat them.
I'm not worried about me.
That's my biggest problem, is that we're a key outpost in this, and I need your financial help.
While the shopping carts are still up, and while you still want the great products, because the shopping carts will be up, it's the payment process.
As your payment goes through, it'll be good.
Then we'll have to do some lawsuits, injunctions.
You'll have to mail it in for a while.
We're already ready for that.
Try to operate.
But it's that bad, folks.
Torturous interference, racketeering, mafia tactics, beyond what they did to blacks in the South in the 50s and 60s.
They are trying to suppress us and grind us into the ground and drive us into the ground.
And I got such a fighting spirit that I'm actually in euphoria right now.
It's not a good... It's a positive I have, but it's also not a positive.
So, because I know I'm over the target right now, so I'm drooling.
Because I want to take the target out, but I need you to realize they're cutting us up really bad right now.
And it's the euphoria being cut up.
And these crazy maniacs don't know it's going to happen to everybody else right after it does.
The Google rollouts, the censorship, it's all here.
So, we have a super sale going, InfoWareStore.com.
We have the best fish oil, the best krill oil, the best
Honor rolls, the concentrated fish oils that are good for your kids' brains, and the others are good for everything.
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Just who the hell knows.
These are all amazing products.
Just all in today.
Go in there and make some big orders.
Infowarstore.com to give me a gauge of how much you're going to support us into this.
And it's not like a challenge.
We're like, oh, you better.
I'm trying to like gauge here.
We're like, we are literally being bombarded.
And I'm like, well, do people get it?
Do they know this is the time to support?
This is the time to pray for us, too.
That's the most important thing.
And to share the articles and the videos.
And then, you know, they just sent us a letter saying your 35,000 videos will be deleted.
I've got the date right here.
I think it's the end of the month.
And it's like, that gets to me though, because I love those videos.
I love those articles.
I love the work we put in and how they kept growing and, you know, millions of people watching them every day.
And just, it's just, they're going to burn it all.
Burn it.
Just like China does to the Christians.
After they take all their organs and suck their blood out.
They take the fat and put it in collagen for women's injections.
God, I mean, how do we think we're not cursed when we're doing that?
And Tim Cook, though, he's virtue signaling.
Alex is hateful.
He's bad.
He reported on us moving to China.
Shut him up.
But I'm seeing articles about universities with Chinese agents caught, and Chinese radio transmitters beaming Chinese Communist propaganda into Chinese Americans in Southern California, and Chinese caught, you know, printing notes, and, you know, they counterfeit our money.
They don't just supply the world with their currency for other countries.
They're also printing the notes so they can, you know, they're the biggest counterfeiters on the planet.
And, you know, 5 million Chinese women have come here the last 10 years to have their babies for free and have it all paid for.
We're a giant joke.
And Trump's trying to just put up a basic negotiation, so they use lubrication.
They're like, no dude, we're using sandpaper.
Because the whole religion is hating America, because the devil sees it as the seeds of the revolution against the system of the Mark of the Beast.
And we were a Christian nation, and because we were a Christian nation, we are now marked for death.
I said I'd go to your calls, we'll come back and go right to them, or they can come punch me in the face and we have a guest joining us.
I just don't know what to do anymore.
It's just such an insane time.
I'll probably end up taking over the fourth hour, but Celente has a lot to say too.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
I haven't even told the Jack Dorsey story.
I got a call Saturday and I got a call this morning and they're like, listen, unless Jack Dorsey's a really good liar, he's an introvert, he's really shy, he's really smart, and he is a liberal.
And he believes in original liberal ideas, but he is scared of the burn the conservatives, beat everybody up, take their speech too.
And he legitimately is scared.
And so I got one call this weekend and I said, did Dorsey tell you to call me?
No, you just need to know.
And then I got another call.
And then I put a call in to some of our White House sources, and they haven't called me back in a few days.
So, there's a lot going on, ladies and gentlemen, and I don't know.
I just know I'm gonna try to be true to God and the truth, and this is one hell of a time.
And InfoWars may be shut down any time.
They are battling to shut us down right now.
They may send who knows who in here.
Remember the old days of the Internet, when we communicated with each other directly email to email?
You've got mail.
But then Google came along and said, we've got Gmail.
Why, it's free.
But, of course, we read what you say and what you do.
And then now, more and more, these big globalist companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, if they don't like you, they simply ban you.
And, of course, if you're a conservative, they just list you as a Nazi.
That's right, the entire Republican Party of California.
Ladies and gentlemen, these platforms were useful for us to reach each other while they were still somewhat open and free.
But the big monopoly companies only did this to consolidate the market.
Now they're using that monopoly power, like all monopolies do, to abuse the general public.
That's why it's more important than ever that you visit NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com themselves so the globalists can't censor you as easily.
But just as important is email.
We need to be able to talk to you directly.
That's why it's critical that you go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for a free newsletter.
Also under every article
At Infowars.com and Newswars.com, you can see the little sign-up box.
It's absolutely free.
And that way, no matter what happens, we can send you articles, videos, special coupon codes for the shopping cart, you name it.
It is now absolutely essential, according to all the internet experts I talked to, that everybody start going back more and more to independent email so that we can bypass the censorship in case the globalists are able to overthrow Trump.
Set off a nuke, launch a new war, release a virus on the web that cripples the normal systems.
There's a hundred different scenarios, but email is basically like the shortwave or Morse code of communications.
Just like our military still uses Morse code, it still uses email.
Shortwave is our emergency backup.
We have to have the emergency backup on the internet, and that is email.
In fact, one idea I've had is if you don't want to have any spam, you can create a new email that you only share with InfoWars so I can communicate directly with you.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter to sign up for the free newsletter, or you can simply go to the bottom of each page, each article on InfoWars.com, and there's a signup box right there.
Look, I was always
Thank you.
We're all pulling for the same mission.
Americana, lower taxes, Second Amendment, religious freedom, family values, and it's happening.
But we aren't able to communicate with each other person to person, peer to peer, on these platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, all of it.
More and more that's being censored.
The shadow bans have gone to outright bans.
And yes, we're going to try to reform these institutions.
We're going to try to break them up.
That's the whole process starting with congressional hearings in Congress right now.
But during this long, hard battle, it's more important than ever that patrons, Christians, nationalists, people that are populist, not just here in the U.S., but all over the world, be able to communicate with each other and realize the importance of email.
I personally get sick of email and how it gets full of spam, especially with my older email addresses.
That's why, with Friends and Family, I have private email that only Friends and Family have.
I again suggest that everybody go to mfulwars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for the free newsletter so we can send you direct videos, direct articles, and bypass the system.
And yes, send you special coupon codes and other deals that are the very best we offer from mfulwarsstore.com.
Again, my friends, thank you for joining us in the InfoWar.
We're winning thanks to you.
God bless.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, we're back live.
The article just went live on InfoWars.com by Paul Joseph Watson, showing screenshots detailing what I told you earlier.
Ad platform caves to mob outrage, bans InfoWars.
So, honesty is my only policy.
And so, their hits against us only made us bigger thanks to Drudge and others, and thanks to you.
But taking away the second ad platform in a year and a half, they took away AdRoll before, is a crippling blow.
of course.
So Paul Watson's article is up on Infowars.com right now.
We're going to go to your calls.
I apologize for making you hold 30 minutes.
I had a lot to cover.
Laurel Embers popping in for a segment about these Islamists running and them assaulting her.
It's on video.
We're going to show the video and then Facebook banned her.
So that's all coming up.
Right now let's go to Carter in Texas.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
What do you make of this epic time?
Do you agree with me that the fact that they would do stuff this bold shows they're getting ready to do something big?
Alex, I agree with you 100%.
You've been spot on for years.
You told us about 9-11 and I think what we're going to see here is I believe that we're going to see more school shootings because they've got to distract us from what's going on with the battle that's going on right now at an international scale.
We're seeing people all over the world
Uh, rising up and exposing things.
I mean, we've had the do-true affair in the heart of this and, uh, over there in Belgium.
No, you're right.
I was told by Google and Vimeo and others, you claim there's Muslims planning mass shootings.
That's completely confirmed.
It's the true stuff.
Like when Congress said Paul Watson lied and said a Muslim ran over folks in New York.
It was true!
Yeah, there's, there's Muslim camps all, there's extremist Islamic camps all over across
America, the United States, and Canada.
I mean, this has been exposed for years now and nothing has been done about it during the Obama administration.
They've been flooding through Mexico, but Alex... No, I totally agree.
So, we got CHICOM radio stations, 50,000 watts beaming into the U.S.
CHICOM operatives, clearly Cook and Google think they're gonna win.
They've moved.
They're taking us down because we're reporting that.
Exactly, and they can't have you exposing that the satanic system that's being created is losing power right now.
And they're desperate to maintain their power so that they can, they've been trying to institute the Antichrist, the beast system, the false prophet.
Listen, listen, you people don't believe the Bible, you're absolutely right, Carter.
China's creating a global social score with Apple and Google, now coming to the US, where if you don't serve them and say what they want, you're not allowed to have a job, I've been kicked off LinkedIn, you can have no banking, you starve to death in China now.
They are literally bringing this here, and it's being hailed by the left.
God bless you.
I mean, that's so sensational, you can't even describe it.
It's total control.
Thank you, Carter.
Who's up next here?
Marcus in Texas.
Another call from Tejas.
Marcus, you're on the air.
God bless you.
Yeah, I just want to say, I work at a paintball shop in Louisville, Texas.
And I run the door at this paintball shop.
And I've got a microphone in my hand.
And when the lobby gets nice and full, I like to just flip the microphone on and say, Alex Jones is being censored.
You're next.
Alex Jones is being censored.
You're next.
No, I got in a little bit of trouble, but I think it's worth it.
I think everybody needs to get out there.
They need to start screaming about it.
They need to start getting pissed off.
Excuse me.
I'm a little mad.
Brother, I am too.
We got trillion dollar companies out loud in China that sends Christians to have their organs taken and kills gays for no reason.
We got weird gay activists like Tim Cook saying it's okay.
Yeah, and how long have you been saying, how long have you been saying this is coming?
How long have we been asking for Frank's help?
Matt Drudge met with top government officials and they said if Hillary wins, the internet's going to be banned.
It's all happening.
They don't care that Hillary lost.
They're going ahead with it.
And I want to tell you what's next.
What's next is they are going to do a false flag, and they need you off the air.
Because what happened last time, whenever you thought that, basically you called Vegas.
And that's one of many things.
I called Vegas that day.
I said they're going to shoot up a rock and roll event or something, probably like 10 at night, to get people leaving.
What happened?
I literally just grabbed this out of the ether.
I can't explain it because it's all data, but then there's something.
Something extra, a little bit of six cents there.
But everybody's been saying, I think they're going to hit their own facility.
CNN, MSNBC, Google, Apple.
They're going to hit them and then blame us.
I think that's what they're going to do.
They will.
They will hit facilities just like the weird YouTube lady who was the first woman, the first woman mass shooter.
But I was down there, I was down there.
No, I agree.
That was a trial run to get all their people scared and to have the security drills going so it's all compartmentalized when they do it for real.
Yep, exactly.
Set the president so that the policy within the company can be set so that everybody knows how to act.
But, we've got, I went down there during the Bill Clinton protest and I met Owen.
I've added Owen on Twitter.
Owen added me on Twitter.
I made a report.
I sent it to Owen.
I'm gonna make a bunch more reports and I think a lot of the other info works.
One more thing I have to ask.
You remember how you were talking about, and I know there's a lot more important things going on, but if you still want to do the art department... Brother, I do that because people love art.
They love a piece of quality.
It goes up in value.
We can put out limited stuff, fund our operation.
So yes, I do want to do that.
I have at least 10 anti-globalist songs that are very good.
Send it to us.
I want to do it all.
Right now, we're just...
I'm watching that show Pacific from what I've read and talked to folks in the Pacific conflict.
It was very accurate.
And I kind of got like Japanese soldiers trying to ban at me right now, but I'm kind of waiting.
I'm gone from expansion mode to just hold the fort mode, but I hear you.
God bless you, Marcus.
Let's do one more.
Plan to make a difference, censorship, false flags.
Let's go to Jeffrey and we'll go to others as well.
Love you all.
Jeffrey in New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, can you hear everybody?
Yes, sir.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, red alert.
You are absolutely on target.
It's huge.
And we need to stop it before it happens.
If it happens, I think it'll be too late.
If the false flags start to happen, I think it'll be too late.
Because they have all sorts of technology.
The geospatial information that they have with Google, the direct energy weapons, the scalar wave weapons, the non-lethal riot control weapons.
Well, that's why they were so confident.
They did the handover to the Chi-Coms, and they thought Hillary would get in, but Patriots blocked it.
And then they openly tried to intimidate cops by killing them everywhere.
That only made the cops wake up and join America.
Let me tell you something.
They don't have full control of these agencies, though, man.
A lot of the folks are Patriots in there.
That's why they're scared right now.
Well, they don't, but a lot of these agencies aren't even in control of the United States military.
Oh, I totally agree.
Let me tell you.
That's why the globalists hate the military so much.
The average military man and woman is still loyal to the country.
That's why they can't crack that group.
That's why they're so pissed right now.
What do you think?
I agree.
I agree.
Thanks for giving me a platform.
Thank you, brother.
Thank you for putting up with my crap.
I tell you, man, let me tell you, I mean, the censorship is unbelievable.
They're trying to shut us down right now.
Everything we're doing is under attack.
Pray for InfoWars.
That's the most important thing you can do.
We'll be back with Laura Loomer, who just got banned as well.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
This is it, boys and girls.
Ta-ta-ta with the Glove Brothers.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You are watching Apple and Google move to China and admit they're censoring Chinese and Americans.
You are witnessing Soros' plan to overthrow Europe, Israel, the U.S., and literally create a third world hellstorm happen.
You are witnessing Operation Chaos in full swing.
Laura Lemmers with us for this segment.
Part of the next, I'll get to all the callers that are holding about the big event and what they're planning.
But you've got the Democrats looking at demographically 1.8 billion Muslims.
I can't go to any of their countries and live.
Nothing against the Muslims, they just want to kill me.
That's a fact.
And the big third rail of San Francisco and big tech is, don't talk about the Muslims.
I was told by a New York Times reporter in an off-record meeting a year ago, this isn't really about a report.
Leave the Muslims alone, or you'll be destroyed.
I'm like, what?
They're good people.
The person telling me this was Jewish.
And I'm going, mm-hmm.
Can I go move to Saudi Arabia or anywhere?
Or anywhere there was a non-radical Muslim, they've been overthrown?
I mean, what's the game plan?
Just there.
It's good, Alex.
It's loving.
You need to go along with it and we'll leave you alone.
Well, I'm not leaving you alone.
Then I got told, leave Soros alone for being a Nazi collaborator.
Thank God D'Souza's film at the end exposes all that.
And it's just like, these people are crazy.
And so I love the Muslims.
Most Muslims are being killed by other Muslims.
I just want to live in peace.
But Laura Loomer has had her finger on the pulse as an independent investigative journalist with a lot of courage, going out there and ferreting out what happened.
And all over the country, especially in Michigan and New York and other areas, they have Islamists as set to win.
Everybody's focusing on the socialist Alexandria Cortez, and my god, that woman's as dumb as a box of rocks.
These Islamists are so smart.
And so she goes in, just like Democrats go in and hit people in the head with bi-clocks, she didn't do that.
She goes into the event last night.
Facebook bans her for it.
We've still got the Twitter we'll play whenever she's ready.
And she starts trying to talk.
So these women, who are in bed with Linda Sorcerer, who's got her family with the Muslim training camps, are about to attack the schools reportedly.
And she's calling for jihad to overthrow Trump.
And she's asking real questions, a woman by herself, with men grabbing on her and women grabbing on her and all this.
And then she gets deleted off Facebook, showing you where Zuckerberg is.
There's about to be three billion Muslims.
And Europe says, and the EU says, and the UN says that's the replacement.
Well, okay.
But I'm not the food, is the issue.
So, joining us is...
Laura Loomer, let's illuminate the truth with her website.
She's still on Twitter for now.
Talk about Jack Dorsey.
She's getting mad.
I don't think Jack Dorsey's the hero here, but my God, he's got rid of a lot of folks, but Laura Loomer's still there.
Laura, thanks for coming on with us.
Boil down who the players are, what's happening, and the fact that the media really is working hard to cover this up.
Thanks so much for having me, Alex.
Yeah, so there are currently 90 Muslims who are running for office, running for Congress here.
In the United States across the country during the 2018 midterms, several of those candidates include
We're good to go.
And he lost his election for governor, thanks to me and my investigation.
But it's really concerning because, as you mentioned, a lot of these candidates are campaigning with Linda Sarsour and they've been endorsed by CARE, which is the Council on American Islamic Relief.
And we're going to talk about that, but let me just go back in and wrap it up because you brought something up central.
We're not tooting our horn.
The reason you're getting banned and I'm getting banned and others, we're effective and you've been credited with doing the original reports that finally got out nationally and exposed.
These people are like involved in all this stuff.
So you're like one lone woman by yourself and then now Facebook Zuckerberg comes in to ban you.
Yeah, so I went to Ilhan's event the other night here in Minnesota where I am right now investigating jihad on the ground.
And Rashida was there for this joint campaign event, and I started asking them.
I said, why did you guys vote against legislation that would have made FGM a felony?
Why did you guys vote against legislation that would have stopped insurance payments to the family members of terrorists?
Why did you marry your brother, Ilhan?
She married her brother to commit immigration fraud, of course.
Why do you guys hate Jews?
Why do you hate Israel so much?
Is Hamas a terrorist organization?
Why are you campaigning with Linda Sarsour, who called for jihad against President Trump?
Important questions that the American people deserve answers to that the mainstream media will never ask people like Linda Sarsour or any of these Muslim candidates running for office because they're too scared of being labeled as Islamophobes, as racists, as bigots.
You name it, right?
But what I want to know, when did it become illegal in the United States to ask a Muslim a question or to criticize a jihadi?
Oh, ask Tommy Robinson then after two and a half months in solitary confinement losing 40 pounds or me.
They're taking our payment processors, our email, our comments.
We are under unmitigated attack right now.
Yeah, I know, and so less than eight hours after I posted the video, I got a message from Facebook saying that my Facebook was unpublished and I'm not going to be able to post anything for 30 days.
So I got a 30-day ban, which of course is a way to silence conservatives like yourself and myself.
They're doing it to everyone ahead of the midterms, and I like Trump.
But let me tell you, I've gotten messages to him, and I know for a fact he knows this.
He met with Tim Cook days after I got this.
I mean, Trump needs to get on this, man.
They are stealing the election now.
They're giving billions in campaign contributions to the Democrats.
Because if you block conservatives, it's the same as an ad for them.
I mean, Trump needs to get it together right now.
Yeah, I agree.
And I also think that Brad Parscale, who's going to be working on Trump's campaign as his campaign manager, really needs to
You know, start calling for congressional action on this as well, because this is exactly what you said, Alex.
It's the Democrats' way.
It's Big Tech's way to shut down conservatives ahead of the midterms in order to influence American politics in the election.
I mean, you want to talk about collusion.
Forget about the Russians, all right?
There's nothing to see there.
The real collusion is Big Tech companies literally taking the side of the Democrats who are campaigning with jihadis.
Linda Sarsour, she said that her mentor and her favorite person is the father of the jihadi who was just arrested in New Mexico for training 11 kids who he kidnapped and starved to be school shooters.
Oh listen, I mean she is the worst of the worst and Soros made her the head of the Women's March and the Democrats love her.
This is a sick nightmare and meanwhile you know Vimeo banned us saying we made it up.
I have the letter, there are no training camps, there's nothing happening.
Yeah, and the media is doing a total blackout on this story.
They're calling it school shooters.
I'm sorry, but there's a really big difference between school shootings... Imaginative Christians, or a devil cult, or a Jewish group, or a Buddhist group had 12 kids training for school shootings.
They'd say, you know, out at this camp of X they were training, you tell people the cult.
Every group's got cults.
No, it's Islamic, and I'm told I'm banned because I made this up!
I did not make up Niagara Falls or the sun coming up, Laura.
Well, I mean, I'll just give you another example of these companies making Muslim a word that you cannot say on social media.
No, no, I agree.
I've even been told in all these strikes and stuff, you know, do not talk about Muslims.
Well, why can't I talk about it?
Because I don't want my daughters growing up under this, damn it.
Listen to this, so in India two weeks ago, eight Muslim men gang raped a goat, a pregnant goat, and the goat ended up dying.
This was news in India.
It caused outrage in India.
I released that story and I put it on my Facebook, and they said that I violated the constitution by posting facts about a news story.
We have gang rapes up 90 plus percent, Islamists in Europe, no coverage.
But if a goat gets raped, it's big news.
Well, yeah, but you're not even allowed to report on the bestiality that's being carried out by jihadis.
So, I mean, it's a serious issue.
I got the Vimeo note right here, banned, and it says that I made fun of Chinese people.
That's not true.
And claims of Islamic training camps unsupported in the U.S.
Hey, I showed Fox News and AP.
And a fifth-column enemy with low-intensity warfare, including assassination of police officers.
CNN said Black Lives Matter.
Killing police was good.
Yeah, it's wild.
It's communist-style censorship here in America.
It's Donald Trump.
Well, yeah, Laura Loomer's with us.
It's like saying you're banned for saying, again, the sun is yellow.
We'll be right back with your calls and Laura Loomer.
Stay with us.
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The President of the United States is racist.
He's a punk.
He's a dog.
He's a pig.
And he can suck my f***ing d***.
He's a con, a bullsh** artist, a mutt.
Kiss my motherf***ing ass, you bitch, punk, d*** sucker.
The President of the United States
He's not only unfit to be president.
In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage, he's unfit to be human.
This is CNN.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The answer to tyranny.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I think back, reading the history books, not bragging, but genetics is amazing on my ancestors.
Both sides of the family I never got into on air, really.
And they're just bigger, larger-than-life people.
The generals, and the captains, and the colonels, and the patriots.
The inventors and the pastors.
Now, look at that.
I say, how are they so great?
They weren't that great.
It was the times they lived in and what they decided to do to make sure that their shadow wasn't taller than their soul.
Let's turn this up for a moment.
I'm going to show you some powerful information.
This is the time, ladies and gentlemen.
The dark forces of the globalists are attempting to take over the planet right now.
Evil believes you're weak, believes it can capture you and dominate you.
Now is the time to realize the power of individualism and what you can do.
Because the big event's coming.
I'll ask Laura Loomer what it is in a moment.
Alright, we're back live here, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got this footage that we're going to get to.
Laura, describe this footage that they call hateful, they call evil.
They banned this woman, you said, running unopposed.
She's now a congresswoman.
And so, wow, it's the first Muslim woman.
They don't let Muslim women run for office in the Middle East.
But I love the little, they know how to manipulate America, though.
And so they fund it, they put it in.
All these men are there.
You're there by yourself.
Describe this footage.
Yeah, so I confronted these socialist leftist candidates who are Muslims, who are tied to terror organizations like CARE and Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, and I asked them to explain themselves.
I wanted to know why they're campaigning with Linda Sarsour, who's calling for jihad against Trump, why they're voting against legislation to criminalize FGM, why they're endangering our national security, and if they would admit that.
Hamas was a terrorist organization.
I was doing what the mainstream media should be doing, right?
But they're not.
And so then I posted this video and Facebook, like I said, gave me a 30-day ban almost immediately.
And not to mention, the Muslim candidate assaulted me.
We should roll some of this video and audio.
The audio is kind of choppy, but again, describe where you were and when this happened.
I was in Minnesota at Ilan Omar's campaign event, which was at a Palestinian restaurant here in Minnesota.
And I was just surrounded by Somalians and Palestinians and I was probably the only Jew there.
Well, let me add this point.
They don't let Palestinians, and that's just a made-up group of people that actually study the demographics, they don't let them in to Saudi Arabia or into Egypt or anywhere because you let them run things, all they do is then kill each other.
It's like whatever this group is, it's people that just came in to that area of Israel
They're constantly trying to kill Israelis.
They're constantly trying to kill them.
Laura Loomer's Skype is breaking up.
She's in Minnesota right now.
We'll go back to her as soon as it comes back.
And again, I'm not against Muslims or any other group.
They will not take Palestinians in Jordan.
They will not take them in Egypt.
They will not take them in Syria.
They will not take them in Saudi Arabia.
Because, literally, it is just a political group.
You know, it's kind of like the cliché that
It just doesn't even matter anymore.
This is totally insane.
Laura, your Skype's back.
You were saying you did have a lot of courage going in in Minnesota that is basically Somali and Palestinian run.
You go in there as a woman.
Tell us what happened.
Well, I went in there and I confronted them and, like I said, I was assaulted.
You can see Rashida Khalid, the candidate, she assaulted me on camera and tried to steal my cell phone.
And I just love the arrogance.
She is running unopposed.
She just won the primary.
You're there.
And so all, it's just, oh, it's all of it's so fake.
Here, let's, oh my God.
Let's, let's go ahead and roll this video from the start.
Go ahead and roll it.
Hi, my name is Laura Loomer.
I just have a question for you.
I was wondering if, since you're now going to become the first... I know my hands are cold, it's so cold in here.
I was wondering, congratulations on your primary.
Since you're going to be the first Palestinian Muslim... I'm so sorry.
Are you willing to... No, I can tell.
I actually like you a lot.
Are you like her?
Rashida, are you willing to admit as a congresswoman that Hamas is a terrorist organization?
I really need to know that if this woman is going to be elected to Congress, it's a serious question.
I heard about her.
No, I heard she like stalks us and stuff.
What about your Jewish constituents?
And why are you campaigning with Linda Sarsour who called for jihad against President Trump?
What about justice for little girls, Ilan?
You voted against legislation that would have made SDM a felony!
Why is she so hateful against Israel?
Are they going to recognize the United States' decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?
She married her brother.
Ilan, why did you marry your brother?
Ilan Amar married her brother.
She committed immigration fraud so that her brother could get a green card.
That's up to the government.
Yeah, and the government has decided that immigration fraud is a crime and incest is illegal in the United States of America.
It is a violation of campaign finance
Your campaign funds to pay for your divorce from your brother.
CARE is recognized as a designated terrorist organization in United Arab Emirates.
Both of these candidates have been endorsed by CARE, a terrorist organization.
The federal government found during the Holy Land Foundation trial that CARE had ties to terrorism.
They were funding Hamas, which Rashida, candidate for Congress, supports.
She needs to decide whether she's an American or a Muslim first.
Is she a Palestinian or is she an American first?
All right, and then they got the stuff going.
All that happened in the background.
Ladies and gentlemen, I can't go to any of those countries as a Christian and hand out Bibles.
I can't run for office.
And under Sharia law, they don't respect, in their own admissions, our law.
They say it supersedes it.
So, it's here.
And we're going to have a lot of Muslim radical jihadis and people elected to things now.
It's just very sad.
But again, their husbands and people let them out without the burqas.
Yeah, no, that's exactly what's happening and it's a complete infiltration of our government.
You know, Kurt, what I want to know is why is it that the Democrat Party is campaigning with people like Linda Sarsour, who has called for jihad against President Trump?
The Democratic Party says it's mean to talk about MS-13 torturing five-year-old girls to death.
Well, you know what?
Are they going to say it's mean when terrorists decide to ram another plane into a building and they kill another 3,000 or 6,000 Americans?
Because that's where we're headed, Alex.
We're going to have another 9-11 if people don't get their act together and wake up and understand.
Well, that's my next question.
Let me ask you this.
They're gearing up for a big event.
I think a false flag on themselves, censoring everybody.
They're openly saying overthrow Trump.
This is Aldo Crescendo.
What do you think?
Do you think I'm right a big event's coming or big events?
And if I'm right, what is it?
I do agree.
I think that there's going to be some type of assassination attempt or some type of terror attack on a grand scale.
And it's going to be very tragic, and it's going to probably be very bloody, and it's going to be very bad.
But, you know, we've been warning people, Alex.
That's why we've been shut down.
That's why we've been banned.
We've been telling people the truth.
We've been warning them about this subversion and infiltration of jihadis in our United
No, I agree.
Why do you think I got banned on two platforms for saying they found Muslim training camps that were going to attack schools and kill cops?
That's Associated Press.
They're banning me for that.
That, on two different platforms.
Who's giving the orders that we don't give that warning?
Well, exactly, and that's why this is such an unholy alliance, Alex.
You have the alliance with the communists, right?
These Marxist candidates, these extreme left-wingers with the Islamic jihadis, okay?
And this is what's going to... This is their goal.
They have this... It's called a red-green alliance, and they want this red-green alliance to take over and overthrow America, alright?
And we need to fight back against it, because if you heard, if you listened to my video, you have Linda Sarsour, you have Rashida, you have Keith, you have Ilan, and what are they all saying?
We need to fight, fight back against this.
Well, I was about to say, why didn't they run some Islamic person that didn't have a background of all this?
They, like, run the worst people.
I guess they're proud of it, and they think we're that dumb.
Well, because they're proud of it, and the media just doesn't cover it.
I mean, look, Alex, I was in Michigan, alright, and I did a full-blown expose on Abdul El-Sayed, alright?
He literally held a fundraiser with a 1993 co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing.
Who's now connected to the New Mexico thing.
And look, I'm exposing this by myself.
I'm on the ground.
I'm a woman.
I'm Jewish.
I'm American.
I'm here by myself.
And I'm doing this, and the mainstream media needs to step up.
They're asleep at the switch being politically correct.
At Laura Loomer on Twitter, website lauraloomer.us.
Thank you so much.
Amazing courage.
We'll be back with your phone calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Make America Great Again, Titan!
You're on the air, go ahead.
The man, the truth, the resistance, Alex Jones.
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So, we figured out how to launch our own radio and TV network.
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They're not just going to try some bold move, trying to de-platform us, take our credit card clearance away, take our comments away, take everything away, unless they were getting ready to make a big move.
I'm taking a ton of your calls this segment and the next.
We're going to everybody, and then Gerald Cilente, the Trends Forecaster, is coming up in the War Room with Owen Schroeder and Roger Stone with big breaking news.
But we're going to go to your calls right now.
Who was I going to go to first here?
Yeah, hi Alex.
First time caller.
Welcome, sir.
Well, quick plug real quick.
Put mom on the bodies.
She had arthritis real bad and everything, and I mean, it's not a cure-all, but the aches have gone.
She had a catch in her right shoulder.
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And so that's just an example of what you're talking about.
And I bought some stickers, but I can't find them right now.
I've resorted to scrawling info wars on the walls of bathroom stalls everywhere I go.
Well, we're in a war, brother.
What do you think is going on here?
What do you think the next big event is?
Well, the left's sacred cows are race and children.
And especially with this whole gun thing.
I agree with the other caller about more school shootings and everything, but
School shootings have kind of become now commonplace.
I'm worried about these detention centers on the border.
You know, the ones with the children there?
Oh, exactly.
Have some wound up crazy PCP head go and attack one of those.
Yeah, I mean, so right there you got the race, you got the immigration, you got the children, you can work the guns in there.
I mean...
Yeah, that could set off a whole plethora of... And again, they're shutting me down and everybody else down right now ahead of this.
Clearly, they're going to make some big move.
And the attacks against the mainstream media, I'm not really sure about.
I mean, I'm sure it'll happen.
I'm sure it's in their deck of cards.
Attacking, like, say, Congress or something might be a little bit too big right now, but I think something like that works everything in with the attacks on the border.
I agree, brother.
One quick thing to ask about Parkland.
Florida has those sunshine laws.
This is something I've never heard you guys bring up.
Florida has those sunshine laws.
And I saw on TV, they were talking about, oh, the sunshine laws.
We could get the tapes and see what happens.
This was like a day before we had that student on talk about that.
I never said the shooting didn't happen until they said I did and said don't question it.
Oh, I wasn't questioning at all, it's just... But the way they say, don't question it, and then lie and say we are, but the police stood down, that's now confirmed, that's been admitted, and Hogg is on three videos saying, I wasn't at school, went there after the shooting, and then he's in a closet going, they're in here, they're after me, I'm here during the shooting, and I, okay, maybe he can like, jump time or something, fine, but those videos are real, that said, and they say, don't question him, he's a public figure.
They want me off Twitter right now and there's porn and everything else on there.
It's just crazy.
So what do you think is happening?
I just want to see those surveillance tapes.
Well, absolutely, but you're not supposed to ask questions, so you're a bad person.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
We'll be right back with more of your phone calls in 60 seconds.
Right now is Massive Rampage Force.
Go ahead.
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It's Alex Jones.
Darryl Salinda is coming up in the next segment.
I'm taking your phone calls right now while we are under shutdown level attack.
Our credit card processors, our comments, our servers, it's just everything.
They are doing this to just test censorship and see if America and Congress and the president will put up with it.
So far, everybody's focused on
People in the White House recording Kelly secretly and all sorts of stuff.
That's all distractions.
They're making their move to shut down political debate ahead of 2018, two and a half months out.
This is the big move.
Bill, purge movies the future.
James, false flag.
We got Greg, complete censorship next.
We'll go to everybody here.
Greg, you're on the air from Florida.
Go ahead.
Holy crow, Alex.
Everything I can do to get in touch with you, I think I have the answer.
And the answer is going after businesses and making them money.
I mean, are you saying the boycotts, the classic fascism of targeting patriots economically is what's coming?
Yeah, like a velvet revolution.
Oh, you're saying that's the counter to all their censorship?
Yes, yes, like I want to get open source, decentralized, like with the GAAB, with everything else, lead gen sites.
No, no, I totally agree.
That's the answer.
And people are kind of doing that here in a small scale as a beta test.
I'm saying, what's their big event?
They wouldn't be engaging in all this censorship and shutdowns unless they didn't want us being in the public square when they launched this thing.
Oh, their big event is totally putting us in the dark, um, and then hitting us, like you said.
It's straight up, you know, from Google, the mothership, um, taking us down.
It is.
God bless you.
Let's go to Bill in Kentucky.
Let's get Bill's take.
He says, Purge the movie's a precursor.
Yeah, the Army wears KKK outfits and goes around and kills black people.
That's not happening.
It's blacks killing blacks on average.
It's terrible.
We want to stop it.
But that's all in leftist cities.
And so I saw the movie.
I reviewed it before I'd seen it.
I read the synopsis.
And it's like all these other hundreds of movies and shows about race war.
I think that's part of the big event they've got coming.
Go ahead, Bill.
Yes, sir.
Alex, go ahead.
Get on with you.
Can't say enough good things about all the products I use.
Thank you.
I don't have time for that.
No, I just wonder, you've always told that the Illuminati kind of gives out hints and stuff through their movies.
You know, the purge just sticks in my mind.
I see it, and it just... Maybe it's not a race war, but it's the same kind of scenario where they make it look like it's a race war to trigger it.
No, I agree.
They send out paramilitary multinationals to kill a bunch of minorities, say whites did it, like they tried in Charlottesville a year ago, and then trigger the whole deal.
Absolutely, and I can see something like that happening, and with the people still, a lot of them still asleep, they wouldn't know what hit them.
Well, I agree with you, because I never said that the government itself staged Charlottesville.
I said the police stood down, you had a bunch of the white supremacists being government operatives, and so they herded them all in to have that crisis, and then somebody died.
They're suing me saying, I said the CIA ran it, and it was all staged.
And I sat back when that happened, and I went,
Wow, they're really scared of me asking that question, so they don't want me to ask that question when it actually happens.
Because I'm not saying it happened in Charlottesville, but I'm actually laying in my bed at night, like really deeply thinking, I've thought exactly what you're saying, before I even saw the Purge movie a month ago.
My father explained it to me, he's a pretty biblical scholar, and he explained to me, he's up in his 80s, I'm 62,
He said the devil works through manipulation, intimidation, and domination.
And if you break what's going on in the world down to the least common denominators of all things, that's what we've had going on for the length of this.
The only way we can fight it is to not be dominated and not let us intimidate us.
Exactly, because here's what happens.
Once you give in to one level of censorship and intimidation and them controlling what you say, then you give in to any of it.
Then you look at all their leftists on Twitter, Facebook, Google.
They can say whatever they want.
What else do you think they might pull?
I think they're openly trying to crash the economy.
I really appreciate Trump, I know he's overwhelmed, but I don't know why he doesn't make a bigger deal about the censorship.
Well, I question myself, you know, President Trump has to know, based on what you've, uh, information that you've made sure he saw and, uh,
I question if there's something that's not being given out that is why all this hasn't already started to, the dominoes haven't started to fall.
I mean, the censorship on their part of it makes sense, like you said before the election, to silence the voice of his base.
But I just don't understand why President Trump hasn't acted.
He's got the power to act.
I think that's it.
I think he drew from a bunch of people that lied to him, and they've got operatives all around him, and he just thinks if he brings the economy back, we'll go, hey, this is great.
It's a crazy time.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call, Bill.
Folks, all I can tell you is we've got censorship thousands of times what's ever happened.
They are trying to shut us down right now.
And that tells me something big's coming.
And you built InfoWars.
You supported InfoWars.
Imagine a world without InfoWars.
And that's the world they're trying to build.
They believe if they can dominate us, they can win the whole ball of wax.